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Get the executive privilege, with Slaypedia! Its like having your own business/branding adviser and cheerleader in your back pocket or clutch purse. A true seasoned professional from the Oil and gas sector, former executive, founder of Clutch & Pearls (online women’s personal styling/subscription service), investor of several startups, & founder of IAMrunway clothing. She is a true professional and guru all the way around. She’s transparent about her personal transition to entrepreneurship from corporate America, telling you about all her successes, failures, lessons learned and much more. Packed with real perspective, vital hard to find advice and guidance to focused mindset! Get the real inside scoop, insight and keys from the prettiest shark in the tank. Get ready to hear topics & advice surrounding, “Entrepreneurial Mindset”, “Business Strategy/Advice” & “Marketing/Networking”


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Slaypedia: "The WallStreet Chick"