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Hosted and developed by independent filmmaker Adam Stolfo, Reel Chat is your quintessential movie reviews podcast. Throughout the course of their fortnightly show, the Reel Chat team give you their thoughts on all things cinema. It’s more than just retrospective opinions and reviews mind you – it’s a round-the-board discussion show with one goal in mind – the entertainment, enjoyment and subjectivity of movies. For their latest season, the team is tackling the Top 100 Greatest Movies as voted for by Empire Magazine’s readership. Reel Chat regular guests and contributors include filmmaker Andrew McCaskill (the cinematography and film score maestro), writer Penny Jelly (our screenplay and streaming queen), as well as ongoing special appearances from Damon Quah, Michael Hadjion, Jesse O’Brien and Matthew O’Neill. If you’re a fan of cinema, Reel Chat is the ultimate resource to hear all about the films you love (or love to hate) in a unique and original platform.



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