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Why write a note to myself, when I can pod-journal my thoughts about podcasting?! Subscribe to my free weekly Open The Mic Newsletter at www.circle270media.com. It's chock full of podcast news you may have missed, as well as social media, sales, and audio production tips, as well as insights on how to grow your podcast. Anything that catches my eye that I think you, the Podcaster, should know about. Brett Johnson is the owner and lead consultant at Circle270Media Podcast Consultants. With over 35+ years of experience in Marketing, Content Creation, Audio Production/Recording and Broadcasting, the podcast consultants at Circle270Media strategically bring these strengths together for their business Podcast clients. Email us at podcasts @circle270media.com to set up time to talk more about your new or established business podcast. Me - Brett Johnson Web - http://www.circle270media.com Web - http://www.notetofutureme.com LinkedIn - Circle270Media FB - circle270media Twitter - circle270media



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