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Hello Big Askers and welcome to the Big Ask Podcast! I’m your host Nicole Matthews and this is THE podcast for consumers of humorous and inspiring life stories, energetic entrepreneurs hungry for best practices, and real honest talk about the world we live in today. I love being in the room with dynamic business colleagues, mentors and individuals operating at their highest vibration so the fact that I get to interview these dynamos and share their stories with you is a great honor.<br /> <br /> After 20 years in the special events industry, the last 11 as an entrepreneur, I have continually benefited from asking for help. By leaning on my network and putting my Big Ask out into the world, I have gown The Henley Company, my event, travel and lifestyle management firm, into a global agency, I’ve had the opportunity to work at multiple Olympic, FIFA and Super Bowl programs around the world, and I have written a book called Permission: Stop Competing and Start Creating the Life You Want To Live. The #1 question I get as an entrepreneur, speaker, author and professor is….how did you do it? The answer is always the same….I asked for help! With intention, I have grown my business and more importantly, collected unbelievable life experiences, because I have never been shy about putting my big ask out into the world.<br /> <br /> We are going to have refreshingly candid conversations, we might not always agree and we might come from very different backgrounds, but we are going to be respectful, honest and committed to the motto: real is easier than perfect! No one on the Big Ask Podcast is perfect, regardless of the size of their office, the title on their business card or the notoriety they have achieved. But yet, they have given themselves permission to live their best life. Those are the people I want to invite to the table.<br /> <br /> So I hope you will dedicate the next hour to consuming these stories, meeting fascinating people and feeling motivated to make the Big Ask your life is ready for… I look forward to having you taking a seat at the table and enjoying our time together!<br /> <br /> Stay connected with the Big Ask Podcast on Facebook and Instagram at @BigAskPodcast and be sure to take a minute to share a review or rating so that we can continue to grow our audience.


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