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Sometimes it seems like you need Ninja skills to defeat Lyme disease. Join acupuncturist Mackay Rippey and his producer, Aurora, as they bring you interviews with interesting and informative people who are using their unique skills and knowledge to deal with Lyme and other tick born diseases. My name is Mackay Rippey, I'm an acupuncturist in Clinton, NY (http://www.mackayrippey.com)and the host of Lyme Ninja Radio. I'll never forget the Sunday morning I dragged my sorry-feeling-self to the bathroom and found a perfectly formed bullseye on my left arm. I was lucky, able to return to my acupuncture practice after only few days. It's possible to beat the bacteria that are making you sick. I have and so have many others, but you have to be smarter than Lyme. That's why I created Lyme Ninja Radio. Join us as we talk to some of the most interesting people in the Lyme community.



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#261 - Evan Golub - The Wana App

#261 - Evan Golub - The Wana App

#261 - Evan Golub - The Wana App

Aired 11 months ago