About the show

Desperate Reality is a REAL reality show on radio - a grass routes creation of the New Orleans Mission and the Giving Hope Retreat, that rescues people LIVE on WWL. Their purpose is to provide immediate help to homeless or people in desperate situations, who are willing to dig deep & make tough changes in their lives. Johnny Lonardo, "Johnny L", is the host. And, he has sympathy & empathy, because he's walked a mile in their shoes. After losing everything he thought defined him...after living without hope and without God...he dramatically changed through the mercy and grace of God. Through his faith in Jesus Christ, Johnny learned to "Let Go and Let God." Since his re-birth as a Christian, Johnny has helped rescue people off the streets, bringing many into his own home. Today, Johnny is the Director of the Giving Hope Retreat and works closely with his long-time friend, New Orleans Mission Executive Director David Bottner. Together they are instruments of God who give those who are lost hope & direction.