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Bill Martinez Live, a syndicated conservative talk radio show across America and around the world via radio and the world-wide web. Our mission is to keep you informed of what’s happening in your world. And to present a forum that allows us to talk about the two things we have been told to never talk about Politics and Religion. Experience demonstrates that if done in earnest and truth, both subjects should reinforce and advance our culture in a positive way. The lie is that these are mutually exclusive and in conflict. In the absence of fact, opinion rules. It seems that the one who is loudest wins the argument. No it just means they are loud and wrong. Our culture has been bombarded more by opinion than fact, and my question is, “How’s that working for you, and all of us?” As Ronald Reagan has said, “Facts are stubborn things.” My Hope and prayer is that together we can advance the cause of truth in one another, our families, our communities, our country and the world. No doubt this is a lofty goal and I need your help to engage in the facts, and keep me accountable. Welcome to the conversation and please know that I need your input and participation. Let’s hear you on the radio.


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