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"zang arbor" Discussed on Into America

"Summers ten chance. And i'm almost eighty five. So i came out here and the tender age. When he retired he decided to live out their full time. I've been here twenty years. I was first one in my family to retire here. I met mr pickens back in two thousand eleven. When i wrote a story about sag harbor for the huffington post so i called him back up to talk about the importance of this place. It's history and his experience growing up in the black hamptons. I had an aunt who had a home here. She built in nineteen. Oh eight wow. I came out in live going to camp in the forties. I came to sag harbor. I didn't like camp too. Regimented came out here where i could fish and swim and run and bike and all that stuff. So what would that initial appeal one thousand nine hundred eight. America was a different place but lack folks were finding their way out there. What was the appeal of his bucolic country setting on the water so she liked it and heard about it and came out and bought a little house with outdoor plumbing. Not inside plumbing. We outhouse as school. I was all school but that was how our family i came to sag harbor hundred and thirteen years ago. It's still traveling from new york. Yeah from our home in brooklyn townhouse in brooklyn. The whole family was coming out. My mother would prepare lunch sandwiches and put it in ice. Put it on ice from the icebox. If you didn't ever refrigerate you had an ice box And we would load the car. We had a buick and dan would drive and along trip in those days. You didn't have all these superhighway's for our five hour trip. And they own gas stations. Every you know forty fifty miles and then we'd get to sang harbor and we'd unpack the car and go to the on by then we had our own home in nineteen fifty so we unloaded and began to enjoy the wonders of sag harbor. As a family it was country. Yeah far different. In brooklyn new you went from concrete to sand and dirt and noise to quiet those an enormous difference in the quality of life the space and the clean air and the stars at night in brooklyn. You had smoke coming out of chimneys need. Never saw the stars that here they were clarion clear. You could see beetlejuice. The little dipper in the big debut. See you can see them in new york as you can see matt out here and zang arbor and at one point. I knew all of all of the stars and that was years ago and my mind was a lot sharper for me was great change from brooklyn and i love it. How often would you go out there. Why came out in the summer days. No-one live here year. Round except the shinnecock and montauk at families pretty much but for african american families year round existence wasn't possible man so it was a summer retreat memorial day to labor day and that ninety day period was when you have family and friends come out. And that's how we did sag harbor and then one day in the fifties. Some guy named colin powell showed up from the bronx and we became friends and we both went into service later in our lives and he stayed and did pretty well. He did right from so i think he did call. Okay and what was somebody summer traditions that your family would take party well. We wrote our bikes. We have bb guns. We swam a lot a hit. The beach played baseball to jackie. Robinson just joined the dodgers so all the black kids out here in the indian kids shannon cox. We all playing baseball steinway. Jackie robinson as amazing. There were bicycle races in this kind of thing. But it's very simple nothing to elegant a strategic but fun and then it was some fishing trips. My father by boat and he died to go fishing for portuguese. And this kind of thing and adventure you hide and seek with the kids would say seek. And all the children's games that we brought out from brooklyn and the bronx per johnny on the pony and bring leo. We played those games out here and was fun in the woodland's because you could hide better than you. Canada and tenements brooklyn. Kids had more freedom. You weren't monitored you know twenty four seven and you learn a lot about yourself and your friends. There was more free time more your own time and you learn how to do things and had no experiment. If you didn't feel it you do something in brooklyn you could try it out here and it helps us all to grow into man you know. It sounds like a means to escape the hubbub of the city and city life but in many ways escaping racism and gaze of white folks. We black would come together and be who we are together. Is that accurate. Well removed the racial tension that is omnipresent in america. Where white resentment works. Its way into your daily living here. A community of people who knew each other at converse college together worked together. Lived together in queens or brooklyn or new jersey or connecticut so we did not have the police looking at us with eskin. And saying you know we don't really trust you guys you newcomers. We're going to keep an eye on you. Have that hugh. We did not have the daily tension of the the white power structure looking at us over our shoulder. Monitoring behavior can we were sort of a closed society. Here where are more raising folk ways. Webinars they weren't imposed on us. They were generated by us. Big difference big difference. Why were communities like these harbor safe spaces for black people back back then. The town was which is ninety nine percent white. There were workman in town. The plumbers and the architects. And you know you name it. Gas providers and our relationship became interesting because they needed our money because the war had ended and this town was struggling financially and black folks injected a lot of cash into the society so our relationship was fine but there wasn't much social event intercourse though. Yeah it was. The the african american families all sort of knew each other. They were just twelve at one point. Twelve families here in sag harbor hills but we all know each other including my grade school principal. He was here. Much to my chagrin. Left him in brooklyn. You bought a house right in front of ours. What did it mean to look and see this community. This is burgeoning community of hardworking industrious. Beautiful black people on veteran because you had judges and lawyers and doctors and dennis and you had bus drivers. You had taxi drivers you you know. We didn't have any differentiation. Among the professionals versus non professionals we were friends and family and your title did not matter did.

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