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Competition, Transparency and Social Proof: Will Ainsworth

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Competition, Transparency and Social Proof: Will Ainsworth

"Rather than putting a range or a process like most agents do and that once again the detracts or attracts boss to the property. This is law of it's real. It's facts as evidence that there varies eibar at the with the process on these property at X.. And then that will do two things. Boswell say great value in ten to the time well they want and Dole can really see the true value of the property. And that's why does love these prices. 'cause I can say exactly at any given time how the market is a foaming based stone. The current beat that they've got you listening to elevate the official podcast openly agent for real estate industry. Sales Professionals Company manages and leaders Litas each episode. We bring you the best minds in business in real estate to help you least more sell more. Elevate your results to connect with all things elite. The agent including the latest news coaching and beaches subscribe at our website elite agent dot com. Hey Hey we're back. The back of their code of the elevate. PODCAST on market woods from elite. Agent Samantha McLean editor of elite agent. When we say we're back with knots? It's not really weeds back back. Oh is in Geelong which is a long way from high. It was a bit of a plane. And Wrong Carteret uh-huh plane annalong contract year because Donald and to make me. It was fun anyway. It was for the property management lending retreat and Yeah in Enj- along so and there's property managers have a good time so you got sign but in the middle of like a hey positions and networking and stuff like that is Super Fun Activities Tributaries. I'm anxious squeezing. A podcast with will is worth from the graduate. Now I remember will Ainsworth name very well. Because we're the McGraw awards. A few months ago up off rocked up had had the the ALMANAC jacket on. I'll tell you what it was. Almost felt like every other reward was will ainsworth the team from garage along their on stage a lot which is what made me go seek him out. Actually because I was Cajun I well. The region's haven't haven't done so badly this year is everyone saying. The market's down the east coast of being a bit soft but the regions and there's some regional centers have been doing really well JR along. He's one of those areas Jason. They've had a lot of investment from the Victorian government around the university and stuff like that. Yeah so we'll Ainsworth. And he's tame basically he's placed in the talk talk to percents of industry professionals number of sales in Victoria and he has an impressive auction clearance rate of ninety percent. Now that's also little bit unusual for regional malaria because traditionally the regions are not auctioneers demo probably trade areas but basically we'll has coughed himself out a name for for being the top actiony in that region easel so good local little moving extra part of that auctioneering activity that he doesn't he well he does. He's an innovator. And and and as we've seen is very pro tech trends of kind of sprung up the last twelve months and one of them is not just the train to online auction nearing but trained into doing deals online and he uses a tool called. I've been negotiation to to do his tools so basically sitting listing presentation with will and he laid out private trading negotiation option and he'll explain the benefits of each one to the person that listing with. But I guess having those options and being muster of those options is what allows him to convert those listing. I'm picking the right one for the moment and the type of client that you working with. Yeah exactly and basically so we talked about all of them and we talked about. He's approach to auction and things like that but I guess what was really interesting too. About what a really dug into the stuff with over negotiation. Because he's given us a case study of how this all works so basically compared to something traditional I've been a level of transparency that he's not I wouldn't call it a day but it's probably the easiest way to be able to get get you hit around it from what I've been told in the beginning it is because if you think about it so basically whatever. The current bts on the open negotiation platform is what you see on real estate. They'll come to the year so you know how h property has. The price on real estate will become beat on earth. Negotiation is what people say route. So it's not like you can sort of be over under quitting or anything like that it's just like the ultimate depresses the process. He also in transparency. And then it's really interesting. The way that the deals get wrapped up and of course go guys do all of this on the podcast as well and it's quite an exciting process. Where during negotiations during the last little beat the auction? We'll go over to the vendors house and they'll be able to see him in action on the fine advise and stuff like that real time while this is going on so and Super Nice Guy Excellent excellent. What do you think the big takeaway from this podcast audience? Well I think so. We'll have built an amazing team and amazing team culture and he's he's been an innovator in a regional area so I think number one is you know even though people might say well. My market's different. I think wheels kind of proof that best best practice works anywhere also. The thing is to try new things so we'll be trying different things with vendors and making sure that you know he's he's always playing with a straight bet with these vendors. which is you know something? That's so important in real estate and the other thing I think that is really interesting about will is. He's approached to work life balance so like he was quite often with me towards the end about how you can really let real estate. Can She me but being the CO director the business and leading payment people that he's growing and that sounds looking always on target. Very always on bit will is big advocate for looking after yourself as well. I'm sure they were GONNA be tons of takeaways on this particular episode definitely so we have two things actually so number one is we have the usual show nights and the transcript and we have action God for this one. There's a special link to a case study with will on how he uses negotiation which is Which is pretty interesting so if you're on the fence about looking at some of these online platforms that's a really good wants to download? So you get the links to that as well plus all of that that little value bombs and things like that that will along the way and there was a lot of them so so the case study will be in the in the post that's accompanying the actual podcast. So they're also have the short Lincoln the action God's Always be with you. That's it and and as usual all the other links to anything else that that will mention in the podcast will be in the night and to get China. ELEVATE DOT COM excellent. Sounds like this is going to be a great one to listen to a really like the idea of having the yeah so the easy differentiation between three different selling models on really looking forward to listening please get onto it. Let's get on the welcome to the podcast cast. Will I thank you for having me. It's awesome to be here in Jhelum. Lovely sunny weather. We're having people could say that it's actually glutton on so you cleaned up at the McGraw awards this year. I was there and I kept saying you in between getting up on stage. So firstly. Congratulations thanks very much. It's nice to be recognized amongst the pretty good brand well yet. I some of the somebody would've given out. The franchise awarded just really reflective of specifically with his competitive like grow. Yeah so tell me I mean you know we're in a regional area of Geelong but tell me what does it take to be one of the best offices in network wake Mike mcgraff. It's a really good question. A lot of hard work. I guess is the simple Ansa. But it's built up over a long sustained period of time. We haven't just woken at one die. I am vain where we are now. Say It's about having a great team around you and creating a culture where everyone wants to work hard for themselves and and the business and that just reflects in everything we do from day to day. Yeah and so tell me a little bit about the office in Geelong how big is it. How many have what's the tame look like yet so we've got about forty two staff? I think it is at loss. Can't spread property management siles admin accounting etc.. And we've just ticked off and on one hundred and seventy properties under management. We do have a target We did have a target by two thousand twenty two thousand so I will well and truly say that which is nice and we've got a bad eyesight siles paper with a host of assistance and help them so it's a pretty big time now. Yeah absolutely a Muslim market like here in Geelong because there's a lot of talk about the market paying not say thank granted lost twelve months but in some agents here. It's been quite good. Yeah Yeah Jalaun definitely did experience a little bit of a deep when nobody needed. But we tend to follow the Melvin market by I sort of twelve months so we can always look for a forecast on hedge along will perform. But we definitely don't have the really the peaks in Charleston the sparks at Sei Melbourne Auburn in Sydney heff but Jones just steadily grind. Ever since I've been in real estate so it's a great market Attila's about how you got into real estate. How long have you been in? Probably the most romantic story but I pretty much had nothing else to do. So that's the short of it and my dad said You you talk a lot of sheet. So you'd be good at selling houses. Hey he just said you should charriol aside so I got my trip. He forced me to do that. And then two weeks later he got me a job in a local firm and before on on your does kind of half Jason at it and just build a career from the so that was about fifteen years ago started and I'll have pain at a number of offices in Geelong but settled settled very well in what was Wri Wad now McGraw and of vain there about seven years. Now Yeah and you've recently sporting to the businesses. Well Yea yes so a couple. Five years ago I thought it was time to take the next step in and board into the business and it's been thoroughly enjoyable because it's bank business. I WANNA visit. The real estate is agenda really. Tolkien Chase I've had to learn a lot about myself and how to run a business so it's been great. Yeah and you still list and sell as well like personally as well as yea running out of the business they had he says yeah so the fortunate thing is there are three of us so we definitely have areas of the business that we focus on in Montes differently leasing and sailing and running the sales team. So that's Kinda my baby the other two after die also at least in cell but they look after mall property management. They're running die tonight of the business. Yes but I would say eighty to ninety percent die jobs still leasing and sailing which is what I love how many listings would j carried anyone time at the moment. I've got thirty which is a lot more than I usually do. Say I would usually average around sort of fifteen to maybe twenty but It's just been a phenomenal last couple of months. Where we've just listed Eliza twenty properties in September? I think I'm up to ten now this month. A businesses all of sudden. Just gone to the next level again so I would usually really carry fifteen to twenty. Yeah it's it differently in my main thing. Isn't it the the more my main Jimmy get the momentum yet the more the more as I say the mobile cards you got out the most sold seek more clients that are out there talking about you and who by hopefully just mainstay econ of disciples which is A. It's great because the the amount of hard work you do to push that be balled up to actually start rolling down the hill guy. Momentum is is really hot and challenging but once you get going he still have to K- K. pushing the that's the thing is a lot of agents that a successful race only laurels and stay at the same at the same level for year after year. And I can't name tight the next extent it's just a matter of continuing on. Yeah and so. What was the one of the things that he did in the early days to get that bowl really rolling? Because I'm sure that yeah. Yeah the the main challenges we're hearing for agents at the moment is that you know they finding it difficult to no end take an extra team member on and you know what was some of the things he did early in your career Korea. What some of the things that? If let's say if you could travel in a time machine back today that you would do more quickly. It's a really good question There's not one thing it's a whole choice of things but the Diaz dotted backing real estate. It's a long story but go out of your sight for little while. So let's just say that on the data back. I got an assistant from Taiwan and knew that was the most important thing because I knew my time needs to be spent on prospecting listing and selling in negotiating so the moment put into that and have someone else do all the can work the better odds bay so he's taking that late and just knowing that there's really no plan bay. That was the first thing that I did too. And she'll that the things went well but it's just doing the one basinas every single day to make sure that all the clients that you have consistently happy and the prospecting reminds regardless of how much show had little business you. Have you have to have that Tom. And you die where no matter how crazy you die is going that you put aside to do. What got you where you are which is prospecting and talking to people who are thinking of selling? Yeah and so that would be the core activity for you now is still just talking to people in you database about in market that day houses yet. It's really at my philosophy's just helping people that that's all we're doing so on calling someone who might not be selling for five years. He's telling them about how the market is telling him about. Recent siles providing them information so that the world is full of information. That's free but people die. I Watt sold yesterday unless I tell them so. It's a bad the spade of letting people knives so that on not telling him stuff that I already known on the Voice of Information and as I say bay the real aside agent before I need that real estate agent. Yeah it's kind of a why to isn't it because you know things myself but then they may sell above or below what you I thought they would someone like He. That's around. This area would be out of sight. Well that one sold for fifteen thousand above what we thought it would because the story behind the style alleys. Absolutely right Sam The sole process is one thing but it's how many Beatles did you have waited the bar come from the people let me stat. What's the demographic and the story behind the style of a lot of people locked to he? Yeah absolutely what about auctions in Shillong is a big auction market. Yeah Yeah and that's actually probably should have answered that earlier that the why I've kind of got ahead at one stage. was I work in an area coach waist which has about four thousand homes. That's who are sort of predominately. Emily do most of my business in back in about two thousand seven no-one deductions then and I wanted to create a point of difference and private sale. was what what everyone did. So thoughtful Lavar can get him auctions underway and bay that person if you WANNA sell your house in a guten prime gripe process that you come to me and so I sort of forged ahead with that auction process and that's really what leverage my business to the next level where people kind to wanted to auction it properly and an now naughty five percent of properties along waster auction. I'm not saying that is attributed for me. But I was just doing something when everyone else was doing something I was doing kind of the opposite. Yeah that's what I've always wanted to do because as divy squeaked moist agents will decide and if you can make a point of difference that Avenue Queen team that we don't look the sign than I want to be that person that people to a different process yeah. I'm a big fan of that as a marketing tactic. Because then you can. You can easily say against other agents will arm the number one ocean agent in this area because there is nobody else corrects about funding. And if you if you the only one that's definitely number one yeah absolutely and technology also plays a big role in your business too so I know in terms of you. You know private trading and auction you guys use to accord. I've been negotiation as well. It's just where people can put bits on property as I understand using an APP can can you explain to me how that works business so pretty much. Was it two thousand seven Assad to doing auctions and now everyone does auction so then always looking for that next point the difference in it also came at a time where the banks under the Royal Commission looked into the banking industry. It was very difficult for a lot of Blasi. Get Finance and in a timely laundly MENA so I was doing lots of auctions where I had ample buys but no Beatles because I couldn't actually be under an unconditional process. I I found that a little bit of a silly Adt Com because people that wanted to buy the hyman compete. But they couldn't Judah that reason so I've been guy allows all buys regardless of their terms if the vendor chooses to accept those terms to compete for the property so it's essentially an auction where the competition is there which competition in. My opinion always always drives the hottest process but it also allows boys who can't beat it at a traditional auction to compete Sei mobilize competitive environment Maine's a hi processing assured us by some time so in essence that's what I've been. Negotiating is but I only do something that benefits vandals and boys and May and so from the the boys point of view it's a completely transparent process like a normal auctioneers where the buys can say at any given on the current beat him and he beat his era and have comfort around where the value of the property laws ONS as opposed to private silo. trae where it's a bit of cloak and dagger put your best offering an envelope. I'm not telling you what the thirties under the table. What do I NEETU Pie? Walk can't tell you that to me. That's I mean real estate agents. Don't have the pissed trustworthy. Niger as it is so I don't want people to it. Not Engage in buying a property. They feel I can't know what to pay so as I said. The auction process allows competition which allows us to buy what I think is a fair value and social proof. Guys show someone's prepared to pay then unprepared to all the other laws were paid to pilot a week more and hence why you say eight hundred thousand two hundred grand reserve because that's the true test of the market. Yeah so with open negotiation. How does it work in mark? I just how does it work in the wild. Yeah okay. It's a really good question. So essentially I've been negotiation is a hybrid of Private Silence Treaty and Auction and the private style pod is it allows conditional additional buyers to compete for the property will be involved in the process and the auction parties. It's basically a competitive environment. Where all the buys compared to find the eventual sale process so in principle it is at the time People come in and get qualified to beat so putting a starting price. It doesn't have to be what uh I think it's worth it just to stop like would they. With the normal auction in that. Have to get qualified to beat Se. They saw any often terms and contract and their signing off on their terms and conditions and the vandals Decided happy with that said Baas terms and conditions and then they were qualified beata and that the current deed is always is the advertise price. So that's probably the cato. It is that if the current beatty's law within what value is then you attract laws to the property and then you work out from there and then as the price goes up then the interest drop off. Lock any no motion when you get to the pinnacle of across point is anyone until you left left once you get to a prostate. The owner is relatively comfortable with then. You can do what we call the final beating stage which is kind of locked the auction. But it's done invite the APP so it's like going once going twice a year yet so as much as I don't like the side as it's almost like the guy where it can't stand to atone lawn but at that time law and that's when it starts not where it ends like Ebay so at six PM on Tuesday not all the beat is wherever they are in the will. I just need an Internet connection and a an iphone or an ped- die can say the current beat and HBO has two minutes to base the previous speed and once newbies my too many clock race dots so that you can go on for as long as the market continues to go on. Everything subject to the vandals reserved normal auction. So they've Indo has comfort that it doesn't doesn't may be reserved I just don't sell so older. Buys can say all the beads at any given time and it's a completely transparent process so fa mi asks. Let's works for the by because I know what to pay. It works for the Vandal. Because I can say where the value of the property the Bauza Stein into tap out so to speak because the council and beat is always the advertise price and for the agent. It allows us to determine Exactly how many beauties you've got and way there will at at any given tom say let's say property comes on the market gets listed on real estate dot com that your to mind Oklahoma you with the price that initially goes into open negotiation association and then as people start putting bidding process. She goes up. You like live on the portal. Yes so every time somebody searching for a property happening they can see whatever the current crises. Wow that's pretty amazing. People must love that all do and that's what I said. He's rather than putting Ryan Ryan or a process like most I do and that once again other detracts or retract spa the property. DC's law it's real. It's faxes evidence that there is a Eh with us on this property at X.. And then that will do one of two things will say great value in ten to the time I want and Van Dole can really say the true value of the property. And that's why does love these prices. Because I can say exactly at any given time. How the market is how it's performing homing by stolen the current beat they've got yeah and then I suppose like let's say things aren't performing exactly the way that you would want them to before we get to the point money in which I want to come back to? That sounds quite exciting actually very so. Let's say we're awake into this. And the price isn't quite what the vendor thought it might be. What what? Tj then is it just you go back and have normal conversations about marketing and stuff like that yes so it's a matter of trying to rectify issues bay and typically properties selling or getting interest. It's based on the presentation fossil marketing and we look at the marketing and make sure we comfortable with everything that has been addressed. Does the property pretty little space. And then I suppose the third one is with the price point and that's once again the conversations. We have not as confrontational as I usually with a normal auction auctioned Has Vince they part of it. I can say at any given time how it's going so usually the first to actually address it not us. And it's it's more of a partnership the sheep prices rather than agent visits vin diesel. Does that make sense. Yeah often I think. The problem agents face particularly in a market going down is his win. They go the vendor to give them feedback to say actually look we had six papal through the open for inspection and you know. They think they're saying saying it's around. This thinking around that is often caused the vindicate ago will hang on a second agents saying is not what we you believe. But then what I'm guessing is that when everything's out in the open air transport like as transparent get those conversations probably l.. Listen last year I absolutely As I said it's very much the vandal can save what's going on and the The Times are different prices. This is well because it's not a matter of just letting ause eating and then asking them on the way out what did you do you like it or not and I say I will think of what I think about it. These prices the the the property can sale at anytime and so what that does is it. Actually Mike Spas Mike Decisions on the run so if a by wilkes at from an Ivanhoe time I remind them. Do you realize property concealed tomorrow onto these these prices. Do you have interest at six hundred thousand one of the beauties. No we done. Okay thank you. The indoor indoor can say that that creates agency to yes we do great. We're GONNA have to come inside. We'll get you qualified to be on time because if it sells tomorrow the people that can actually a in this process a qualified abuse. So it's very much a black and white is not a guy. Do you want to buy the property at these condor. Beat more or do you not and as I said. It's a much different darlow with the Baya and most auction campaigns. All the whole inference fiction every person that's come through the campaign could be fifty one hundred and awesome all. You're going to the auction tomorrow. You're going to be the auction tomorrow. What you thinking and maybe one or two? I've gained a lot of trust with us. We'll be there will everyone else says. I'm not sure we'll see how we go had. I realized that to the Vandal. They're all going to say how that guy that allow lavender's sleep very well and not fully auction. Yeah whereas with this Mr Mrs Van Dole we have five qualified bidders way now sitting at seven hundred thousand you'll reserve X.. Or we have have to do is get an extra fifty to reserve. But that's my job and I'll be doing that for you. It's a much more comfortable easy conversation to have and Dia with you and not having to co fifty one hundred people on calling the fog pitas that we have to say your way that the property is going to final beating stage tomorrow it seeks seeks. Is there anything else we can help. You is actually go to gooding tonight connection. That's it that's it so remember back. When Abe IFA started like Levin is is pointing to the prime too and I remember I had a very different to a property? Obviously but I had it on Ebay for about a week and nothing really happened into until about an hour before the deadline. In which case you know like I did. CAIN space of like one hour. Is that what happens to really simplify tonight. Yes or no as Yvonne Yvonne it said Ah the property can sell it on the could sail at anytime I think the beads would have come in Alia. Yeah right so this process even though the final beating stages typically sit four weeks out from when it goes to mock normal auction campaign the K.. To these is that final beating stage can be brought forward at any time so it's a very flexible people prices way. If you have enough pitas and you have enough buys wake into the final beating stash tomorrow morning at night I am. So you're not leaving the buys hanging out there at risk he's GonNa fons another property going on the property. You're maximizing the Beatles that you've got and you're not leaving as sitting out there hoping that you find any other the beaches it because you've already got them that saved. The property starts to get cold. Wave not getting anymore boise through the property more inquiry. That's the time we can stop. Oh Yeah and that's where your skill is. An agent comes into no inches sort of hit that button to say that we're going to because then it's playing yes so some some stats behind project doing these. So I looked at my previous tensile. Ten thousand devour negotiation. I was averaging thirty two days on market the the normal processes are now everything sixteen dies will knock it all right literally. Half an averaging four point three Betas pay property whereas averaging one point seven Betas property under the normal auction prices and on getting. 'twas the boss room properties on open arms so the numbers are more than double less than half whichever stat you WANNA look at. It's very compelling machine. It's not hard to get hateful to let sidebars to appreciate the prices on the like you know like when you said you have to get them. Qualify them get Getting sign up also thinking i. That's another step bit. How easy is it to get by to actually? Just get in there and get qualified. It's takes me about five minutes. It's just a matter of getting the baud download. The APP will go I to a browser and just open up the website and all I do is on the property depending beating. Now the painting Beatty's just the number I wanNA start at and I pray submit it and all that does is allow May to the fact that I wanNA become a qualified beata and then we bring out the paperwork which is all away feeling. Is that normal date house. You would feel a normal contract attract except for the process. Yeah so vegetables nine. Their address solicit The deposit this settlement and any conditions. I WanNa beat on the yeah. That's it's a pretty seamless process. I'm thinking too. It's probably a good way to qualify buys for other properties that you might have listened to while we have sold a lot of properties off market judges Jewish prices as well because we have Sipho beat his own a property. We have all the details. We know what Tim's meeting under and we know what prostate be too so then when I go to win a prize of the following week Consi- off now got full buys lift Iva and you can say the stats. I've been negotiation has a pdf that you can print off that shows. We're all the Beatles were process. was they names or anything and off salt plenty of property off market knowing that I'll have gone to me down that one and then yet in terms as well so once again it's a pretty compelling process. So what would you say to agency still liking is there are still. Some affidavit is sort of thinking I need to hold all this information to myself like to get people to come to May say the the the only people that will succeeded. I've been Geyeshan. Arana's real estate agents status but real estate agents. That is actually not a lot more of these more work involved in these processes because I just mentioned signing applies it. I've been himes Paparazzi. Call will. It's all done online just does itself. It's actually quite the contrary so it does take take time but once you master that it's quite an easy prices so all we do is add another ten minutes to the end of our behinds. For those saw knup's we then get duckie Sauna Organiz to send that documentary Vando for them to saw off site with with Khan admitted caught. Same prices Tailing the boss got off when they died telling them they've got process when these for them. Yeah I can I can definitely say that what about other sorts of technology like you just mentioned docu signs if I was to ask you apart from my for negotiation obviously jockey sign have bigger role has technology played where we use. What's at every every single campaign when we saw when I saw policing I asked the vein does having got Can't and then because I have a tame of full including including me. We are all part of that WHATSAPP group and all the correspondence. That's not worthy of final guys in there. So there's a ton online if there's two of indoors wanting to state one's nautile there's a divorce or there's a disabled style with three kids that are all I can say at any given time what's going on we and we put audio messages in thereafter Ivan. himes so they can. He had the time's gone and proofing the marketing as well. It's all done and because on running around so busy doing leasing and sailing negotiating. I WANNA keep a tab on what's going on with campaigns as well so at the end of the dial can just go through the WHATSAPP group and say exactly what happened that day. That'd be control freaks a lot to say what's going on at any given time. I think thinking so we. I use facebook instagram and link Dean for a lot of L. Promotions as well so I can't say we sell a lot of property via that we have sold them but it's it it's more of a passive tool getting people interested in the property and wave. We do a lot of marketing as via facebook. And he's criminal side mock doc it updates in reps at the end of h Saturday. I'll give a mock it up. I don't have that dies progressed. How many numbers? We've had the what I've seen That was different to the previous Waco in that I think the the buying or selling community would lock tonight. Yeah and do you do anything special in terms of marketing acting the process of negotiation auctions. Like when you're in a listing presentation how do you explain that to pretty much how I have with you on very much case studies. Let's talk about what we've done prior and showing them these stories and every probably going to probably solve one within a few hundred meters of that says usually bringing out the most relevant property to to this but it's also on thinking I'm going to get a listing in the next six months getting that Klein involved in the process before for they're actually going to list and I've been negotiating you can become what we call an observer so you can go into negotiation and follow a campaign and see how it's tracking and you can watch the final beating stage so we in the past would invite a potential van door to watch an auction on doing. This is kind of the same. We're just asking them to watch the campaign and then once I say it in real off if they're if they're slightly skeptical of the process and I say how much we get above Brazil. Aw It basically answers any questions. I probably have and does every campaign ridiculously well some properties we get at one. Peter in and this process is very flexible in the fact that Eva by wants to come in on the first. I've been hiring and just take it off the market. They can choose to do that so it doesn't have have to go to the final beating staged I can putting across at the vandals happy with that process. We can just press a button and sell it to them as a soul. And it's done it's because it's an auction there's no cooling off period so it takes once again the benefit even if it sold Diwan to a viable product. Sil- negotiation is still Doina cooling-off period. which is quite good? Well so that gives you multiple points of discounts in the market. Like just trying to mentally calculate them in my head but I'm not. I'm not a guide to this. There's ample yeah and I've had some people of the regeneration sil- paper wine understand in the sixties and above want to engage in this process so I sold a property way. Three beat is on the property. Were seventy five live eighty six and ninety five and all be under the negotiation process and they actually loved it because I didn't have to turn to the property to a live auction and standing in front of a crowd of people and and put the hand up inside these on the by for these property and shy vice assault properties to sports people by this process. WHO DIDN'T WANNA go to the auction and reveal that they have the by the probably I could see in the comfort of their time they anonymous and buy the property so once again not that we would know this but I imagine it'd be a lot of people out there that don't WanNa stand in front of a crowd of one hundred people and show them who they are how much they've got to spend? Yes I can remind anonymous. Shoot I want Eh. Yeah I look at auctions a quite confronting for a lot of painful fun fun if you notice series beater by if you really want the place in yes actually raising a sweaty palms the easiest thing today. Yeah it's locked at a normal auction. You've got fifteen minutes to the vandal. And the agent to say say what's actually going on under negotiation. That pretty much is just drawn out for for the van door to say Mike educated any full decisions as its tracking racking along so much more God it along the way and I can say and Mike as a saint for decisions about their reserved. I bring it down and I put it up and I can say how many Beatles they've got so when we go to the final beating psych. We've got four bidders we're GONNA get competition only got two so we're on goods and beat them so why don't we possibly negotiate. Check with Hospita. So the tactic and the process we're going via is based on real facts. which is all of Indo? Wants to say okay so tell me about the final beating stage. Tell me about landing the plane. What happens in yeah? It's really exciting. So we tend to go to Alvin time and we plug my ipad into a screen and I get the puck. Cohen says like the book. Yeah pretty much. Yeah so we all sit around and white until six. PM Whiting contacting. James Nike Contract and influence a EH whilst way Whitey that two. Can't Dan Montaigne contacting. The beat is just to make sure everything's GonNa run smoothly and then at six pm we Kana sitting back. And I just want you guys on now way at May as the agent has the ability to pull. Is that two minute clock at anytime and the reason I would do that easy. If we looking like. Someone's not going to beat can pull that clock and bring that Baya in front of the vendola not unless Baker but I can see what I'm saying and I can watch me negotiate now now. You can't do that with an election. The vein does usually stuck inside with the e to the wall China. What's going on out there and has no power and now they're just hoping we didn't? Yeah yeah through the kids. Now I'm auctioneers say. I love auctions wrong but these prices allows may still do miles nearing. It's just in a different format. So can you imagine if an auction it pulls an auction and walked over to the second hospital and in front of everyone said how you need to put another another ten thousand and tried to negotiate with them. It just wouldn't work. Yeah with these I can contact the second and awesome to put in another bead Telam Lem reasons why that I modified gotten that. It's on bigger blocks. And I thought oh are different orientation. Whatever the negotiations and indoor can watch me and listen to my dog so that allows the vandal? Once again feel more comfort around the fact that ED paying may two or three percent to get the best outcome. I'm showing them along with that two to three percent that at that time if I can get an extra five ten twenty thousand out of that Buyoya. That's may painful awesome. Yeah absolutely it's it's well it is definitely. I think the way to prove your worth isn't was as an agent or is any Jomaa's like Tell me finding make me laugh. Yes yes Yeah yeah if they can see you in action. Yeah and I mean you can imagine with the private treaty When you contact the van door it's all done via fine you contact of enormous? I got you an extra ten count. You gave me twenty now. That wouldn't pay twenty will go back and do it again. That Kant he the conversation Thomason. You've had that kind of the the tone how hard you push didn't push back on the personality of the by the con- Braille of that. Yeah these once again. I can sit there Aaron. Wash it all and that case eyeing but they can make much more informed decisions by stone those conversations. I'm having Yep so some folks so sorta state a few years ago online auctions would never were like they were quite a few different online auction. Tools were available But none of them seem to take off until now this you know. There's a few of them like open. It's really working for you. Do see that is the way the future I do. I off vandals. All options on not wanted just Ramdan. That's right and say you must do these oil for Private Silo Treaty Auction And take them through the pros and cons of all three and then I'll let them make the decision. I God them. Because they're asking me for my expertise and I say this. This is what I recommend for your property. However you'll have indoor ye can tell me what you like to do when I take them through all the three campaigns probably ID to ninety percent of them side? Lots to do negotiation rushing. Because I can say the reasons why if the other off got some live the real welcomes going at the moment. I've got a couple of privacy is going the mind and say I'm not just going down on that Bought as Sadie works for the ball and it works. The vendola works for the agent. That is a win win. Yeah no one loses surprises his. Everyone wins so as long as everyone's doing that on pretty comfortable. That suggest process for them. Yeah absolutely and so what is next. Few say you cleaned up at the awards. What are your goals for the next month's personally my goals to along what I'm already doing as far as As a as a salesperson ONA build some more team members Iran me and build those team members up to be good real estate agents in their own rot in must've alteration and wisdom. I'm SORTA start really getting trade and interested in watching and helping other agents growed. Uh so that's that's a real K to to my business for me. Real estate is always about and everyone that knows me about work and life and the balancing between the to work on Fridays. On Sundays off had a history of mental illness. And I've got a young family and so so for me. I keep saying in my head pretty much every day that it's a marathon not a sprint and so I've built top incrementally and to me that's the widest Stein. A A good healthy career in real estate you can make you can ride a million dollars one year but if you're out two hundred thousand or you're not in the guy in the following that's a really silly why to look at real estate right. Say to me. It's building up from you on year but not doubling tripling building up and maintaining healthy lost all that my family can actually remember those around down the track. So that's what I'm about. So what does performing at your peak look like few like you just mentioned work life balance which is a really a big topic in the real estate industry like what does the typical dialogue like. Va so you ought to get into the office about I thirty and I would these final beating sizes as we do tend to be after our say that does take a bit more of Montana during the week. But because I'm an auction any not doing many auctions on Saturdays so I'm sort of giving anti-king taking on either way but the typical would look like thirty come in. I'd have a with mating with Montaigne. Talk about what we're GONNA do that. Die What we didn't do. The following day said everyone only prices and why we go so I would typically do some prospecting in the morning and then have i. I sort of average two to three reprisals. Di Do those in the afternoon and then I would try behind by six thirty if possible. Who dials savings is much better than I can? Keep before you'll do something with the kids and that's pretty much my day some days along but some days I might finish it five and then I'll go for the sake of saying I would to sixty awake. Yvonne finished my where can have had a productive. Dial Mama today yeah. Absolutely what advice would you give to younger agents getting into the business hey hustle hustle hustle. Linda Linda Sinai. The word no is probably the mice. Anita laws would in real estate Tell you how many people have won an appraisal on fraud. I enough said No. And they've said I will do Monday. You Must Control Your Disney and your calendar there are. There are probably ten percent extenuating circumstances that you must do certain things and I understand that. I'm not just know everything but you must be smart with your time. And if you don't control your Dari other people will and you'll be pulled from the france-inter and you wanted productive mentally physically. You just want it is about and sitting your calendar for important important meetings such as prospecting prospecting is more important than appraisal because you only got that appraisal because he prospected yet so if you're not prospecting for two hours there's a day you'll I'm not saying I'm not a matter of two hours. A day also demanded Kohl's off a bad have productive during that time. Have you got what you wanted to get involves a new. I would sit Tom Lawns. Because then that creates habits and one size habits is set. They'll they'll say if you career and you'll just two hours eighty chance. Toss him and does ideas a day. I can't do that and I would never do that. He's Shane Yeah he's a machine and right. That's amazing that he can do that. I can't and I don't want to do that so so I would to my strengths and that's just being productive in the time that I've got that that's how my Diane Wake Works. Yeah I agree with you. I think is the Lord diminishing returns to you can be productive like in your in the state of your highest productivity rather for like twenty seven tonight. Yeah and there's you know as people side is. I am managing energy and in the morning I'm usually pretty productive on the phone and then launch and you start to get lethargic then you're out in the fresh air and you're at people's house you tend to be more in a jaws. Just moving around and hang around. People say worked his strengths. If you'll not if you're the opposite then do your points in the morning. I don't follow what everyone does. Just do what works for you and just we've often duplicate what other good ideas do but then molded into what works for your personality and your marketing you business. Yeah absolutely said. Thank you for being so generous with your your knowledge. Today it's been rising to Selena about how you take properties to block it in in all those different ways. If there was one thing that you would like people to remember from listening to this interview with you what would it be. It is exactly what we sort of finished on his that Real Estate Korean. If you look at it if you come into real estate at twenty three he retired thirty five. Sorry fifty dollars. It'd be NAS is to to look at that time lawn and and make sure that you enjoy that doesn't get to the end of it and might you. Might I be wealthy. You maybe not but and not have enjoyed that career. Because that's you lost that that's fifty Senate aloft gone so make sure that when you're in dire today you are smelling arises. You breathing fresh air. When you're at Saad and just running around lucky hitless chill so often size to just take you on build incrementally and and you sustain that type plenty of time off? I do. We've got a caravan so we go a long way. Kane's got little holidays to look forward to. It's kind of like when you're at school and you look forward. Oh to the holidays. If three or four weeks away you can push today so you take as much off as early as you can give yourself somebody forward type. Yeah even if it's a message on fraud afternoon just something that you feeling about. It offers wayside with their kids. Is that you just doing something for yourself. Yeah amazing relying twit twist thank you. Thanks to connect with all things elite agent including the latest news coaching and features subscribe L. Websites elite agent dot com.

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Ep. 188: Yvon Chouinard on Belonging to Nature

MeatEater Podcast

2:03:04 hr | 1 year ago

Ep. 188: Yvon Chouinard on Belonging to Nature

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This is the media podcast coming at you. Shirtless severely vote bidding in my case underwear listening to meat eater podcast. You can't predict anything presented by on X. Hunt creators of the most comprehensive digital digital mapping system for hunters download the hunt APP from the I tunes or Google play store nowhere you stand with Annex Mr Schneider on the drive over. I was asking you about how how I've heard. Your name pronounced so many ways over the years and you laid it out for me. How would have been pronounced where you grew up. We'll miss it yeah. This is the audio project. My Name Is Evil Schwinn I but because I hear even just for normal normal Wriggle American pronunciation your OFAN Yvonne Hoya Yeah in fact as a route in Yosemite. Call Cooney are Lord Cunard coon yard that sounds like a place down in Mississippi Louisiana. That's it's you is me so oven not Yvonne Yvonne Yvonne Yvonne Yvonne. I Dunno whatever whatever you want. I feel like you get to call you. Get to make the call it'd be in your name and everything candidate b. But trayvon in your mom the same. which were you saying that your your mother has the same name was it? Here's why veal N N E which is even I'm Yvonne. It's like a slightly more masculine version right. Yeah you grew up. You grew up in a French in speaking household right. Oh yeah as in Lisbon Maine and all French Guineans and everybody in that town spoke French this still the case today no. I don't think so no television. Everybody's speaking the same language now so yeah. I mean I went to grammar school there and and it was all french-speaking. We see you went to grammar school. What do you mean like elementary school. Elementary Entry School yeah you know is run by nuns and stuff really and I was there till seven and then then we we sold everything that we had an immigration to Canada to California and so it was five of us in a car everything we own and drove cross country's. Kinda like Grapes of Wrath thing into wash tubbs hanging off side of the truck Rockin. Well you know I mean my mother had put up a canned vegetables and stuff to eat because we couldn't eat in restaurants and stuff so we'll go the money yeah. We didn't have any money so and I remember my me and my first lesson about philanthropy. I remember at least we were going by the Navajo or Hopi reservation on route sixty six. This is on your your Westwood Immigration. Yeah Yeah this is one thousand nine hundred forty six or something and World War ripping away. I've just done yeah yeah just done and maybe it was forty forty five so anyway yeah there was there was some hope he or Navajo woman in her Hogan on the side of the road and my mother are filled so sorry for she got out and gave her her canned corn that she had put up Sarah Yeah from bagging main yeah yeah back in Maine yeah so I mean at seven years old kind of stuck to me yeah and you had quite a few older older siblings right yeah. They were all much older than me. My youngest sister was eight years older than me then I I another sister is like ten years older than had a brother like twelve years older yeah eighty now how many your siblings gone yeah. Everybody's yeah I read somewhere that when you were a kid in Maine maybe because the the French Canadian. I'll let you tell me why but you're kidding. Main aspiration to be a for trapper was that because like the currier Dubois AH the French Canadian for history or yeah well. It's in my DNA. I mean you know French skin and ah even in California I read all these books about fur trappers and stuff and I wanted to be a fur trapper is started out practising on gophers. I got to be pretty good on gophers. You know there's a lot to it. It's it's you don't just stick a trap home and expect to catch a gopher. You got to be wildly. You Know No. Have you ever heard with gophers. a member. I don't know if this is true or not but one of my mentors and as a kid Congo hunting and fishing mentors guy eugene growers and he he insisted that all you need to get rid of gophers take gum Wrigley's dammit man big elite. You know no no big league chew but remember when you're a kid who was like two kinds of stick gum like the long. There's the big Red Red and then there was like oh juicy fruit. Jesse remember that yeah. They still make that anyway native he was insistent that you stick a juicy for stick juicy fruit down in there gopher be dead. I don't know I couldn't resist juicy fruit and somehow Gamal up and ultimate atomic bomb for gophers. Take your settling tortune. Philo a settling gas in torture that next level yes level so if you WanNa do that you never made. It never became for trapper. Apropos was the first line of was I kind of line of work. You wound up into someone was telling me one of the guys you work with was telling me that when you need to introduce yourself to people hope this is true though when you introduce yourself people who don't know who you are the law say that you're a blacksmith well yeah yeah. I mean I start. That's my craft is black meeting and you know I was drafted into the army in nineteen sixty two and I put down my occupation blacksmith so they sent me to Nike Guided Missile School title. Can you imagine what am I supposed to do hand for the missile. You get your drafted drafted yeah. I was drafted in sixty two. I tried everything I get out of. The yeah tried everything the intention that you'd go the Vietnam now there was no Vietnam. There was no career house. Get drafted. They had a draft. Everybody had to go in the military between Korea and Vietnam. Yeah Yeah because the Vietnam draft and kick into way later five or sixty six or something. That's right yeah so you're drafted or not. Were you not I had no idea yeah I had just started my business making climbing gear lacks moving adding it on and and I felt pretty resentful about being drafted for two years and I tried everything to get out of the draft and and and I heard the judge Japanese during World War Two got their draft by drinking soya sauce a whole bunch of choice which elevates your high your blood pressure like crazy and so the day I was report the draft board. I drank a whole bunch of soy sauce such a buzz on and and the way that the way that politicians now get out out of it when you hear about how they got they usually have the force of their father you said to buy soya sauce had him isis but I got but they put me on a train to Fort Ord and I got so sick on trade. I just picked it all up and I I couldn't stand another ball of say sauce so the thing you have to south South Korea sent me to Korea for a year and that was yeah and my job in Korea was I cause so much trouble I wouldn't salute officers who wouldn't wear a hat and a and I and finally my company commanders a Shard. We have inspection Saturday morning just get lost and so I started started climbing and career at that time. You couldn't wear civilian clothes. She had to wear military clothes all the time but I ran across some crin climbers and they kept some civilian clothes for me an end goff climbing and and I made a whole bunch of first ascents career in fact I'm. I guess I'm famous. Korea versus sense climbing there hadn't taken off off yet well yeah it had but all the climbs had been done by the Japanese during the occupation and and the Koreans were happy just just to repeat clients like we did one climb and I said Hey how many times you've done this climb about seventy five times seventy five times. Why don't you do new routes was why because perfectly fine climb yeah so. I kind of introduced them to doing new things and so we did some pretty serious clemson. Yeah you know what a question you'd be able to uniquely. I uniquely suited to answer for me. Being that you grew up in Maine and you're a blacksmith thousand New Brunswick one time Oh yeah and the guy was telling me that larch which maybe they call Tamarack out there burn so hot that you can use it for forage work in the absence. It's a coal really I never heard that never heard that so loud people that and they're like. I don't know about that but you said like you burn. You can warp the door on your stove. You've really you don't know about this so talk to me about how you got into cell making the climbing equipment the how that fell under like how that was a blacksmith thing well. I mean is this just not made out of like forged iron anymore right no they don't use piton and stuff anymore but in those days well. I I learned to climb you know through Falcons to you. You know get hawks Irene and stuff like that and you got to back up on that one yeah Balkany Falkiner yeah well. That was my first when I was twelve to sixteen or so I got into a fall Corie club and in California in California yes in fact we started a club costs southern. California faulkners association and I was a secretary at twelve years old and yeah so we used to climb the hawks and stuff like that. We Learn to repel as slowly. I learned to get the chicks so yeah. We're kind of birds after well I I was. I wasn't interested in Falcons. I was interested in short wing hawks like Goshawks Cooper's Hawk doc system and use them to hunt for what well the Goshawk at hunt on rabbits and coots Yup Yup. We had some flooded. ALFALFA fields there in San Fernando Valley and the coup had hard time taken off in those fields and so I'd get coots him actually pretty good yet you get a bad rap doc had sex yeah that's right so yeah from Falcons got into climbing and I got into some climbers from the Sierra Club in l. a. and hence and started climbing. I've placed called talkies rock out of La and then slowly into Yosemite and at that time all the gear was made and Europe as the Europeans attitude towards climbing where you conquer the mountains you know and you make them safer for the next for the next group so they would take they would make these soft steel piton and leave him in place for the next party. Make it easier and we didn't believe in that we were brought up with John Muir Amerson and throw and kind of the the head so you know we make the throat connection. It seems like throw he would've had a hard time climbing a ladder scenes. Probably we have but he had a good philosophy and and so you know we didn't want to leave any traces behind and so we made there was an old blacksmith who's climbing. Yosemite as John Solidly and he made pizzas out of Mali Ford Axles which is kind of chromium malignant chromium vanadium or something steal on out of afford Axel Yeah Molly Ford actual which is is really good steel instead of iron because and Yosemite there's lots of incipient cracks are not clean cracks and so if you try to pound in iron piton it just bends over and so he made a steal and so when I started these things weren't available at all all he just made him for himself and so I I got myself a forge an annual book on blacks meeting meeting and went down to the junkyard got piece of harvest or blade which happened to be Chrome Molybdenum Steel made my first batons and they work great I could pound them into incipient cracks and that could take them out or the sauce steel as you couldn't take takeout glued conformed shape that could form the shape and you try to take him out and then the head would break off him and he just quickly explain a piton on a metal spike you pounding rocks and then you clip into it for protection narrow loop on the end yeah hey you put a clipper care beer to it and so I made a better piton and so I made for myself and we were on the cutting edge of of big wall climbing uh-huh seventy in those days and in fact the cutting edge rock climbing worldwide really and so we need the cleanser were doing you had to have have these things and so I made some for myself and friends and then presumed friends of friends make a to an hour and I'm selling them for three bucks a piece. He's yeah. What year is this nine hundred fifty seven? Nelson no sooner equipment right yeah yeah so yeah. That's how I became lax and that's how I got into UH business. Did you the equipment like gradually. Is it true that it became black diamond yeah eventually we. I I sold it to the employees who renamed her black diamond and now is in the as late eighties yeah and at that time you oh you were back. You were hurry Patagonia Patagonian. I couldn't run to companies an and also I saw climbing going in a direction. I didn't uh like was direction sport climbing sport climbing. I didn't like sport climbing. I didn't like because I don't. I don't really really understand what that means. Sport climbing is indoor climbing. It's it's it's climbing where there's no risk involved you you put in bolts and you know every fifteen feet and clip into him and and you know defacing the rock and it and hey you know everybody's using chalk. I've never used shock in my life for you. Keep your hands right and when you use chalk it leaves a mark mark and so when you go do climb that someone has used chalk you know exactly we're put your hands and feet so it answers all the questions. James and I don't like I don't like anybody. Tell me what to do and I don't like to tell anybody else what to do and it just pisses me off to have somebody's somebody's say put your hand right here and the disappointment was enough that you didn't want to be in the business anymore. Yeah Yeah but I can see that that's not a sustainable philosophy because I'm sure that people wear your clothes the do shit you wouldn't want them to do so you could be like why don't like we're jackets. Let's have gone anymore because evil people wear jackets when it's cold yeah well. I gotTa just disregard it and that's what I'm saying. It'll little better push you out of a lot out of a lot of businesses yeah. No that's okay. It's just I didn't want to. I thought I just time to get out of the game. Yeah I mean you can imagine with with any sport. You know. There's a deterioration. It's just a matter of time now before you're going to have how glass fibers going down your fishing line so that you can sit there on your boat and watch your TV screen and watch the fist. Take your take your Bait. That's net yeah. You're fishing methods I you I don't WanNa. Use The word regressed but you try to constantly simplify understand. He tried to constantly simplify your fishing. Yeah I mean I taught a class. Yes I just came back from teaching a class with the crow Indian kids but three years ago I taught a class and on behind river for in I cut a branch off a will put a horse hair line on the end and I mean the only synthetic thing was the leader and I put a soft hackle. Fly On wall airline braided yeah now I'm twisted. It's eighteen strands a white stallion alien tail because US white style because it's transparent no and you've got to use a male you gotta use stallion because mayor's piss on their tail and this weakens the fibres there right the piss grows the fiber yes so you start out with eighteen strands and and you taper down to three strands and and so I put a fly on I walked out and say hey kids. You don't have to pay as six hundred dollars a day like all these dudes going down with a guide you can do this and I walked out caught a fish yeah. I mean did you make that leader or not. I did and it was given to me by this old Italian guy who who taught me ten Kara fishing he he lives in a valley where they've been doing it since the sixteenth century isn't ten Kara fishing basically you're you're just fishing a fly on a cane pole yeah no real and it should it's just where do you store the line nine km polarize the damn long you lined is goes down to the but they've got a ten foot pole. You've got ten foot line now. I have a twenty foot line whereas all that line live is not unreal. It's just I put to paper clips on on the handle in wrapping wrap it around around and then you just off you just offload line as you need it yeah and it's really simple method of fishing but what I I spent a whole a year fishing would basically one fly and most of it was with this this method of no real and what what I discovered. Is that who the fly what's. The most important is that the color is A. Desai's is at the action. Is that the style Allah fly you know what's the most important and I I came to the conclusion that the most important thing is the action of the fly. I mean trout are predators hitters. If you take a if you take a toy miles and draw it across the room in front of a cat right neil and you slowly in the cat goes news. Pranzi is watching it watching and you stop it then. Give it a twitch. That's when pounces right. I mean just like Grizzlies. Grizzlies love it. When you run right so trout the same thing he wanted to get that instant reaction from a non thinking reaction and so the most vulnerable part of the insects life is when they're emerging going up to the surface he said the most vulnerable part yeah they're they're vulnerable to trout because they're trying to bus out of their carapace and and fly away and sometimes you get trapped in to get one leg trapped in a and and data you're imitating with these simple flies and and and these tend car roger really sensitive like in the old days like in the fifteenth century or so they would make a poll out of a certain would and then they use a different kind of would for the last four and a half so that they could do that twiss down they could give action to the fly to fly alive like a cat is you don't jumping around the surface and stuff and modern fly rod you can't do that? They're so stiff. They're meant to cast one hundred feet because it's you know fly-fishing such a macho thing that everybody wants to cast one hundred feet whereas trout they're right in front of you onto your boots. Yeah Anna so I find that I catch I way more fish with that style of fishing than I do with a regular Rod. How do you reconcile want to return to fish him with the crow kids but how do you reconcile a loathing for technology with with being company that people would say as a technical apparel company right like you guys popularize the rise you popularized. Kathleen you popularized synthetic fleece and synthetics yeah but then I feel like why are you not in a position where you're proselytizing the attributes of Buckskin and be your will. You know what I mean like. I want to say this because I'm not I don't mean this as a I don't mean this as a unfold Papa Haughey's impactful of well so am I so I'm not warning as A. I'm not pointing out like it to illustrate some way in which you've got something something wrong because I struggle with all my hypocrisies all the time but I'm just curious you know how how you do view because your company is if people gave a list of words and people could pick words that they would that they would draw a line between Patagonia and words. If you put innovative on on the list people would be highly likely to connect Patagonia to innovation. They're connected to advancement. They're connected to technical right. They wouldn't connect it to anachronistic yeah. No you're right I mean I I've got chemists from. Mit workin working for me and you know we made a commitment by twenty twenty five to us no fossil fuels and which means our Paul uh-huh even recycled no I will use recycled recycled or we're working on making nylons salons and polyesters plants so kind of reverse engineering INS and I mean it's highly highly technical technical in my own personal life. I lead a really simple life yeah. You told me don't like a phone. You don't have a phone. I don't know I don't and I mean I got to sing zing against electrics and I'll somebody's working on a computer whatever her trying to show I mean I'll walk in the room. The computer pewter crashes. I got I got my old man was was a tradesman he he could build a whole house himself and and he used to play tricks on me like it'd be working on a car and say hey come on over here had had come over and he grabbed my hand and grabs bar plugging just shit myself and stick stick a screw writer in a light socket and grabbed my hand and oh no kidding yeah. No I got this version against electricity. I know a really and and I just I I have nothing to do with zero and so it's my life real simple but it's also it's getting hard. It's getting hard to travel. If you don't have a cell phone you know they'll cancel a flight flight. They cancelled flight. You know right yeah. One of the first benefits I realized one cell phones came out was it wasn't and so hard to find your friends and you're out drinking because he uses had the pick of bar and everyone had to stick to it. No matter what was going on rose you couldn't vitam when it also became you can go to another bar. I did destroy the whole night that was like Ozzy. The first you know these people might be on to something when I got my first cell phone and Iceland you can get an APP or hitting up on girl in a bar and they'll tell you whether she's a cuzner. The I recently had a guy right in we have people right in with a lot of questions and I don't even see your fractional but one guy wrote in and he said that if you could wave a magic wand which is like any question begins that way so if you could wave a magic wand and make excel phones not only make cell phones go away but make it that they had never existed. Would you do it and the ad that that that part that you made it. They never even existed. I would do it the having them. Just go away now. I know we'll be tough because then I'd be like it was hard to find your friends. You become a martyr yeah. They never existed because I was I liked. I just feel like I did better in life. When things are different you know when you go down and use the card catalogue at the library. I used to be a really good researcher better at libraries than people. What's this place you under to use the computer out of town. I got another question for you and then we're GonNa get into the grow what you do for we get too far little follow up question. Oh go ahead. I WanNa know what the single fly was that it's a pheasant tail and Partridge Chris Soft hackle and it's one of the oldest flies ever I mean as you can tell entirely with pheasants tail almost oh six F for the hackel which is a partridge. Oh I got you yeah and it's very simple imitates. Every may fly imitates. Every cat is fly the and I've used it bone fit for bonefish and it's the best born fish fly ever used what size for bonefish. Oh Oh about a eight or tended depends you know and I I wait a minute but you know what bonefish what's. What's what's happening. In bonefish you know they they learn from mistakes as opposed to humans you know and now they've been hit up so much that any flash day see they freak out and so you know you're throwing out crazy charlie or whatever and all this flash and silver. Hook and everything and you give it a stripping the bone blow up out of there s a flash rush and so I try these it's a braun fly in a tight on a brown hook and I use longer hackles and so the hackles kind of go in you know in and out like a like a jellyfish chur or so and and so it's really a Tri del come from twenty feet away to hit that fly and so you know I spent a whole year with that fly in different sizes and I caught Atlantic Salmon it caught steelhead. I caught bonefish. Cut California perch caught all kinds of stuff that fly and at the end of the year. I had caught not as many fish as I ever catch. That really didn't suffer on the vision and he I I had I learned deep knowledge about that. Fly to me as kind of like by deep knowledge I mean you know these navigators that that conceal across these Polynesian ever ever give sail across the Pacific would no compass sexton or electronic nothing they gotta get a deep knowledge about what is going on then if you ask them well. How do you know that going on. How do you know the turn here. They can explain it to you. It's down deep and and I I I learned some things about using the action of the fly that I can't even describe to you. Sometimes it's just an innate feeling when you hear about the Polynesian navigators and things they know deep down a thing I always wonder about is what the attrition was like. That's interesting. You've been overwhelming men. You know like the people that were you know they're finding you know when they were colonizing like the Hawaiian islands and other places where you're colonizing places that are a thousand miles away. How many how many young like how many young groups took off and never nothing well. It'd be fascinating to know man but things like the using birds and then like I also think like a cloud formations identify you know will you look at clouds and tell they had broken up in a certain way or formed in a certain way passing overland yeah but man the people that must have been lost at sea while you no the the ultimate is when it's cloudy. It's clouded over. They can't see the sky. There's nothing going on can't there's no wins and in the lower themselves off the side and try to feel the current third testicles yeah minor Ted. I guess technically Minar Yanni to listen you know tarbuck fishing with the crow a little bit that's like a it's an educational thing you do right yeah. I I do that as you or is it as as your company or are you and your company the same thing no no. I just do it personally and I. I've been teaching this simple method of fishing to women and children. I won't teach guys because guys just especially if they already know how to fish. Is there hopeless they they won't listen at all does two kinds of guys you tell them okay cast forty five degrees downstream swing give a little twitches isn't if you don't get anything take two steps down does the guys that will stay in one place all day and expect a different result some time and then the other ones that take ten steps they will not take two steps and children take two steps. Women take two steps. We're being told what to do. I know I know but I I love teaching kids and I can see that I have taught me but kids. It's frustrating Australian oaks they snag you'd snag everything and lose all the stuff not if you keep it simple not get rid of that real and I I mean this yeah they have a twenty foot line and a simple fly and and as long as they get the line in the water and the lion straightens out and they give a little twisty catch a fish why the crow off just because I have a friend there who works with the crow nation there and it's really it's a tribe that has a lot of problems and the kids. I mean the kids that we had on this last group. last couple of days heading left a house we ask them. When was the last time we went outside. They just looked blanked at us and is it. I don't know they just they live on air. This one of the best rivers in America they have all this wildland land they just sit there and watch television and play the game boys and they're all from broken families and the kids at your instructing yeah yeah. I mean there's some some really really sad. Stories really sad stories. Is that like the disassociation with wildlife disassociation with nature that you see there. Oh it's it's far more than your average white man and in New York City. Oh Yeah I mean yeah. Do you feel that when you take people fishing. Do you feel like you when you when you go there and and take kids fishing on the crow reservation. Do you feel like it winds up being being an isolated thing in their life or do you feel that it that you have you ever have you had it where people were kind of like. Turn something on them and you feel that they might go onto. I've heard from their parents the ones that had parents or the grandmother whatever whoever's raising them that it it did have a big effect on them yeah not to become fishermen per se because you know they're not Fishman Buffalo Hunters. You know they never fish. They probably don't even like to eat fish but you know I like. Let me give you example. I had an eight year old boy. This is three years ago. Everybody caught fish and for no reason whatsoever. He did not catch a fish. He was just having a bad day. You know I have bad days like that where he just just can't catch a fish and so I took him under my wing and we walked over to another spot and Bam he catches a fifteen inch Aram. Ram Bill beautiful on a ten car. I mean and I said what do you want to do this. How long killer great you yeah. They don't play with your Fish Lake. We do they want to eat it and so and then he catches a sixteen inch. Brown and we kill that it catches his seventeen inch rainbow. I mean huge rainbow so now he's on fire yeah any said. I don't want to kill this one. I said well how many is in your family at five. Hey don't WANNA kill it. I want to release it. I said well PICA. You're not only a great fishermen. You agree agree conservationists so we put his fish on a branch. You Know Tom Sawyer Style and walked back to the car and cars and everybody was waiting. They're the end of the day he shows up at the biggest fish of all and he had a grin from ear to ear is transfer transform his is life. Maybe I don't know did you teach your kids. The fish yeah do like to fish yeah yeah and my son Hunch Aunts and my daughter doesn't hunt but my son hunts and he doesn't you know he's he was aboard hunter for a while shooting bores with the errol's barrels bow and Arrow and then got too easy so then he went to a spear what he does he drives them into the ocean into the surf and then goes after him so the spirit too easy so then he went and just with a knife and he couldn't find a hunting knife one day and he he got a kitchen shit would have a Hilton it you know and he he went in to get. This bore does hand pretty good yeah. He he cut ten is on his two small fingers. I was a big his back hunting boating. You live between Wyoming and California yeah I yeah I spent half the year and looming heftier in California. Do you view those states as being you know I view being almost a polar extremes. Oh absolutely I mean. Wyoming is the most regressive rednecks state in the country. I mean they don't even bother voting there arth unless you because there's nobody to vote for their onto conservative. Republicans are going to win every time you know I liked the thought governor mead what he did some good stuff man like that guy. He's a climate denier. He is total climate denier fire. He believes you know the future. Wyoming coal and he's you know he's he's he's lost in the last century and I mean Wyoming but you enjoy being there yeah but the thing that pisses me off about Wyoming and Utah is that there's no stream access laws bill to homeowner owns to the middle of the river and it forces you to float to rivers. You can't even put an anchor down. I agree with you about this part of the Wyoming criticism. That's horrible and there's no catch and release in Wyoming. It's a catch and kill allstate. It's what do you mean by that. You mean that there's no you mean like whereas you mean there's no areas where it's illegal to retain in a fish no like no designated catch-and-release water. Distri Max. This thing is a problem. That's the worst thing there is. I mean the D. Idea that you know the landowner owns all this rain that comes down off the out of the sky and and his horrible and nobody protests especially the deficient guides have got a good deal gone because they got a drift boat. I'll spend the whole summer I I will not fish out of a drift boat and so I walk everywhere and and I won't see another Guy Walking. They're all paying six hundred dollars a day to float down and and stare at a bobber and with with an infant the end and I mean it's told deterioration of the art of fly fishing. It's awful. Why don't you just bap north a little bit and set up shop in Montana where we have fantastic stream access laws such that's where I spend most of my time. That's that's why he's on this road trip now. Do people burn the state down. If you took away stream access laws here man people are used to it people. Try People try to these landowners. You know it's it's just the American thing or you home said it'll piece of land and put a fence around it not to keep anything in but to keep everything out you know yeah. I mean you know compare that with Sweden. We're you know first of all. Sweden is is no road within eight hundred meters the coast line so you don't have the thing like going on Malibu. You can't even see the ocean because all the houses and then you're allowed to go on any private property to pick berries to hunt or whatever as long as you're respectful and nobody objects it you know Scotland they have almost it's almost most the opposite of what we have because Scotland they have right to roam. You can go anywhere you want. which this you know something some nice about that yeah from the perspective of someone who doesn't own property but what they really want what they did that make it not a utopia is it? The landowner owns the wildlife so they have they have. They're basically cockeyed from what we are. COMP- completely sideways from how we approach it yeah these days a lot of workplaces offer some pretty. Nice Perks get snagged station fifteen flavors of soda water even Insurance Walls Nice to have a handful of trail mix. That's not enough to subsist on a neither. Is Your Workplace Life Insurance. This is where policy genius comes in policy. Genius is the easy way to shop for Life Insurance Online minutes. You can compare a quote from top insurers to find the right amount of coverage at the best possible price. The policy genius team can look at Your Work Place Life Insurance Policy and help you decide what else you might need and maybe what you don't in. 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Get it on apple music tune out on spotify you might have heard of them before on the TV show yellowstone featuring featuring Kevin Costner on paramount network but you don't know who does band is. That's okay because now you do. They recently opened for the stones at soldier field. They're selling out shows all all across the country. They got like some spiritual connections to meet or to go grab a hobby the album for yourself today and use the Code Meat Eater Twenty meter to zero zero and you get twenty percents off an order on the band's website. That's mediator twenty all caps Whiskey Myers Dot Com rock and roll. I always knew I always knew about your company. and I became interested in you a little bit long long time ago where I was in Patagonia the region. I can't remember he was some dude in Houston down. There and had worked worked for your company at some point in time. He's telling me that you like to haunt in grown up doing some hunting yeah. I remember thinking like that can't be true. I don't know why I thought that but it does surprise me no man he was insistent and I a couple years ago you came and you went to the backcountry hundreds and angers rendezvous and they have an event told a story at this about getting charged by a bear and you got up and told some stories and I realized that you know when someone you can tell when someone's talking about wildlife and talk about hunting and talk about fishing. There's a way that you can tell that it's very real for them and that it's not as drawing from isolated things that happen but from a life of immersion. I don't know how you just tell I can just tell multi who can tell you told interesting story. I would like if you re shared it talking about something that happened with your daughter in a road kill deer hunting story. This is a story. It's like a child raising story. Whatever I raised my kids to respect life and like in the sixty nine oil spill and California there was all these birds on the beach curry and oil and they're you know they were GonNa die and people going around poking them with sticks and stuff and I had me and my kids are go out and pull their heads off you know take them out of their misery and it was a foregone conclusion they were dead. Oh yeah nothing you can do for and then you know like one of the biggest lessons. I taught my kids one day. My wife comes home and said somebody just hit a sage grouse gross on the road and bad. I packed by kids in a car and off. We went and got that. Seychelles brought back. I showed them how to clean in it and we cooked it ate it and then I showed him how to tie a fly with the feathers and then we went out and caught some fish feathers and so they know not to waste anything and also D- While Game Hensel Oh my daughter when she was a teenager her and her her brother and another girl were going to a party they were dressed to the nines and their party clothes and stuff and and they hit a deer and the thing was still alive and so the first lesson is put it out of its misery so they're trying to break his neck with their party close on so so using the birds strategy yeah and and so the thing finally dies so the the next lesson is you don't waste the meat so they're trying to stuff at near car and California's illegal pickup roadkill in Montana yeah. I think California's L. Foreign to California. I think my right Yanni I don't know check me they are or did they're fixing to or did legalize road kill in California -fornia. You'll lose their loosening restrictions. Oregon also in Montana recently yeah. Do we grew up eating roadkill deals like there's a little all system you you just yeah. They give you the permit yeah so anyway. The the the China stuff it in their car hit a highway a patrolman and he's doing this poor. Dear is is suffering and he's still alive. We're trying to take it down to the Patagonia has a wildlife you know we we bring in injured raptors and stuff and under campus yeah and and so the guy says no it's illegal you had to leave it here and so so. I mean that's another lesson I told them that through your teeth but we also have this this Raptor Center and we have illegal licensed to get roadkill so when the highway patrol runs across the Road Kildee they call us and we go pick it up and and so that's what happened and then in the end I end up with the back straps anyway. You know what's interesting. I just found out your day is I got a friend Mitch Petri in a we are taxing the day that's when you send a message on your phone and he was out fishing he doesn't in Minnesota and he's fishing for Blue Gills for Rehab for Rafter Rehabilitation Center were apparently they got some very finicky finicky ospreys and Bald Eagles while they gotta feed them fish they own yeah you gotta go out and get them. He's like their particular sales. Those are delicious. Yeah he'll bring he'll bring yeah. He goes out and gets them. They like those fresh blue do if passed a B three ninety five or to go into effect in twenty twenty one so we gotta get hardcore behind that man the last time we know we've gotten into two. We've got into two initiatives. They're trying to ban they're trying to ban traveling on public land in Montana that was the bummer and we need to get real vocal about legalizing roadkill in California. I feel like we need to burn some political estimated twenty thousand deer hit on California roadways annually yeah of course you on ninety nine percent of the people kill what would have no idea what to do it written. The people eat roadkill aren't people that hit the people that come in behind him. We weren't told the story but you just got a road. Kill Moose someone else is it what the hell kind of person moves and doesn't want Craig. Matthews is stop for free roadkill bird for the further feathers for flies with Dan O'Brien. You know the Buffalo Ranch and he called US ghouls when you when you moved out to California where young kid you became a diver. This true yeah was spear fishermen free diver and in those days we made all our own stuff you know made a weight waste bill out of ammunition and built from the salvaged from the army store at meltdown my own lead batteries and put weight scenario then make make a little quick releasing out of door hinge mean to get your belt often her yeah and we made everything and there is no wet suits or Dr seuss there wasn't anything that time no and so I'd go to the army store and bought a flight suit route and these flights are will complete you know soon and it has wires in it because you know the plug it in but but that's okay so would wear wool to dive and we we had fins and and we had mask but we had to make our own spear guns and stuff and in those days the lot limit on lobsters pictures I think was ten lobsters and five abalone and I was diving around Malibu and every time we'd get our limit rejoin soon just for personal use or commercially okay personally. He's in. I got a fourteen pound lobster. One time believe big one yeah. That's a big Enna's US huge I mean it took all my strength to hang onto it. I mean these things are strong because I got a wrestling match one one time out in the channel Channel Islands. I don't know how big it was but I was astounded by obey was yeah. It was like intimidating. You feel the power of it. When you grab like you feel like it's poll in trying to work its tail. You know fourteen pounds but it was interesting Do you still do that now. No tool for it and didn't I mean I I've had some I had a friend who had shallow water. Blackout had to pull his head out of the water and then I lost a friend who got he was a novice diver and he got tangled up into. Kelp may drown so I you know I I know my limits and what I can do what I can't do. I got kind of irregular heartbeat saying which were as awesome so I know I stopped but I used to hold my breath for almost three minutes was good and I practice in high school in math class nothing nothing else to do. That's for sure I didn't let school getting where my education occasion Mark Twain when you I read did you ever read. We know the writer Nick Palm Garden Yeah. He profiled you yeah. I never understood what he meant. He's talking about how you apparently tell me he was describing you as isolationist isolationist he used that. I couldn't really tell is just political isolation. I don't know about trade deals heels and stuff. Oh Yeah yeah explain that to me well. I'm I'm not for this globalism business and I think I think we're going to have to hunker down and work locally. Did this whole thing of globalizing gene. We're you know I I went to New Zealand forty nine years ago. I was guiding doing some mountain guiding there and I just went last year again and you know what they've totally lost their culture. Whatever culture they had which is an English kind of English culture now subways everywhere McDonnell's their grocery stores have all the same brands except for their accent and their you know their honesty and stuff. It's more likely to wear Romeo boots than Americans and you know when I flew there. It's a long plane ride to get off feel like you're like you drove down the road. I know yeah I was yeah when I go that far. I want to get out and someone's got feathers in their hair man except for the occasional our has a tattoo on their face yeah yeah but it was really a discipline to see. I've traveled all over the world and cultures are being lost everywhere and and so that's the part of isolate. That's the part when you say isolationism. You don't mean you don't mean an America first agenda but you mean a way that you don't want the world. The shrink so much yeah it's it's a late nature lows diversity nate nate and humans love control and centralization we try to everything tries to pull to the center which is wrong. Nature's always are trying to make new species fling things all over the place and dynamic and and we're trying to pull it all together the other and it's absolutely wrong and it's I I. I told Nick the thought is the ended American Empire. But how is that linked well. I think the country can't be governed. Oh I see it can't be governed and best we can achieve now is compromise. Compromise never solves the problem. You know it's it's it's leaves both sides feeling cheated and it doesn't solve the problem it cuts the baby in half and that's we have a constitution as completely obsolete where you have two senators from. Rhode Island or have the same power as two senators from California which which is a sixth largest economy in the world now California's should you know should be its own country as far as I'm concerned and I would vote for but Nick Baumgartner says you also cry at Fourth of July Parades Yeah I do. I don't cry at funerals. I've had enough near death experiences. it seems like natural. I don't cry at Funeral Fourth of July parades. Do you cry forth to live prayed because you have no earnings of stirrings of patriotism or because you feel like something in America has been lost. Now I see I see the little girls out there. twirling their batons and Shit shouldn't cry. I mean I just read this book by Wade Davis about the early attempts at Mount Everest in the twenty s I'm in brilliant book and it talks about it introduces each character in the book as to what they did in World War One and and that war was so hideous. I'm taking if I was in that war. I'd run away. I mean lining these people up wave after wave after wave and keep and you can't break ranks you can't you gotta be a straight line and off you go and you get mowed down by these. German machine guns. You've got officers who believe in calvary and swords going against machine guns and one wave gets totally mowed down in here. He sent another way in another way. I'd be out of. They're so fast I mean that's an age thing I was. I had this conversation yesterday. I was with my friend mark in Dan he was he came to my bachelor party. which is up at we have a little shack in Alaska in a neighbor up? There wanted me to hit a tree that was undercut by the tide and it was free. It was gonNA crush stuff when treatment is big spruce went so he and be climb up and knocked top. You couldn't tip it yet. Knock the top. Take it down and chunks and I used to do that professionally. Yeah a bit a topper in Grad school resin not not not for the timber industry residential and I got away from it became a writer and climb back up in that entry and the minute I got. I knew I didn't belong anymore. In the tree was terrified when I used to like I used to like when you knocked the top. Are that tree. Nothing started welcome back and forth. I loved it. I was aware that you could die or whatever or you can make mistakes and they had real consequences. I didn't care it was very enjoyable but then it went up in that tree we knocked at top out and when I got my feet on the ground my friend Marcus talking about it. He's like I remember. He got down from that tree. You said I will never go up and do that ever again. Because whatever never was I liked about it don't and that got us talking about with soldiers and we were talking about the day invasions but besides physical fitness the reason you like send eighteen and nineteen year olds up that beach which is because they'll go dudes like me. We'll be like oh man. I don't know that's right. Let's head back trek figure better way yeah but but those kids who likes strong and they'll do it has all testosterone and just like I think it's beyond that it just I mean besides whatever like sacrifice issues God and country. It's just like a kind of a little a bit of inability to a little bit of an inability to run all the scenarios out to their conclusion and think about the X. No use to like to climb you have that you have. I mean you have many friends that died mountains right yeah the death star to effect you well next time no not really did you like how do you view it. You know well well. The last I mean we're I really I was an avalanche in in Tibet in my later years of you've expedition climbing and and as I was with my friend Rick Ridgeway and some friends and so who wrote out this avalanche and one of the guys was kids explain what that means to ride out an avalanche. I don't really know what well you get cotton avalanche and get get carried down of all wrote it out like not yeah using any particular strategy does being pushed by it about a thousand feet and and one one one of the guys who was killed broke his neck and the other guy had broken back ridgway had some some injuries. I had a concussion Russian and and at that time you know I had kids and stuff and that that basically did I'm in. I the root for you yeah. Did you have to retrieve your friends body. No we bury him right there. I mean clamours are not the kind of people that would call in helicopters and pay for a first class ticket to take the body back to you know we just built a CAIRN and put them in maintenace. That's where he is today. Yeah yeah so what year was that. I don't know I can't remember but you had children yeah. I guess so yeah that got me thinking twice about it but as far as friends being killed before it didn't slow me down at all emme climbing is you can't take danger away from claiming otherwise it's not claiming it's it's a you. They're going to have climbing in the. Olympics is going to be a no wristing risk from climate. It's not climbing. It's it's it's it belongs in the sport pages whereas climbing doesn't belong in the sport pages. It's it's different thing nonstandard that loses its soul doesn't it. Oh yeah absolutely yeah and you. Do you do it to prove yourself. You do it to better yourself. You know I've been known to say you know those this going to be on my gravestone that these guys going to pan you know eighty eighty five thousand dollars for guide to be guided up. Everest and you know Sherpa in front of with a three foot rope pulling in one behind pushing and carrying extra oxygen and then they get an Conga line two hundred and fifty people and yeah and it's I mean it's and I say look you know the purpose of climbing like heiress or something. It's defects effect some sort of personal and physical gain but when you compromised process away so badly that you know you're an asshole and you start out your asshole when you get back. That's going to be home but when you when you grow love Santen often we had a guy on one time we went to he he dedicated his life to wildlife and hunting and riding about hunting and he talked about the pain of seen people as he put it pissing in the Cathedral federal me like you grow to like this. There's something you grow to like so much and it and it and it works and when you see versions ends of it that you don't like you could feel like the whole thing out destroyed or you or you struggle to create a new vocabulary. You know like like I don't understand why in my personal this is my personal world with with sport climbing and climbing would be like canned hunts. Okay I just to me it. Resembles agriculture resembles resembles. It was a form of livestock husbandry and it pains me not so much that it goes on okay. It doesn't pay me that it goes on so much unless there's issues with disease things that can happen but it pains me that it's disgust as hunting and not livestock husbandry because I feel like it taints the thing I like. It doesn't make me not like it. It doesn't make me not like what I like right. It doesn't make me like I'm going to quit a version Asian of it. That means a great deal to me because there's there are versions of it that are an abomination you follow him saying so to lose like there's something to you if you love something a certain way five fishing surfing climbing if you love it away it makes sense to you when you see versions of the don't reflect your particular understanding. Why does it make. Why does it taint it in your head? Do you mean like 'cause. It's still like you still have what means something to you well. It'd be like it'd be like if I said I love my wife and I really and I like the and I respect the institution of marriage. You've been married to the same person you hold him life so if I hear that most marriages end end in divorce I'm not like will screw it now. I'M GONNA go run around and my wife yeah well. You know every sport every institution I think deteriorates he he you know when when basketball players are all seven and a half feet tall raise the basket yeah my my my high school not just remember like the Middle College Basketball Player and he says he can't watch a game on someone dunks. He has a turn it off and he says he he doesn't watch games and very long. You have to purify the sport or or whether it has to be you know. I mean in Jackson Hole. We've got this so-called elk refuge. None of the feeding grounds yeah. It's it's a feeding ground. It's a it's a stockyard and the last manager that things had shut down because we're GONNA have wasting disease as and and and they're you know the animals are so close together. It's no different than a stockyard. They're going to be passing diseases among each other. Well it's happening. We've got wasting wasting disease in deer now and one one came in grand teton right yeah mule deer with more than one and so and then you have have you know the hunters are they have some buffalo hunts in that refuse and Y- it you know they drive around Tissue Buffalo in Buffalo is heading there so it's a it's a kind of hunting. Huntington gives hunting a bad name on that the actually go with the ranger warden to do animal selection but I don't know if they view as hunting. I think it's a doc coal but they think is hunting. Yeah they use that. They use the language of it around their mark. Maguire was telling me about this guy. He knows we actually wrote what a book this guy and he used to be an elk hunter and he you know he got to easy form so he decided to hunt elk with a spirit so he's the legal states well. That's what he does and you know you read about. The Indians the own all Indians who used to live in San Francisco Bay and they had a paradise amid had all they could possibly possibly I'm in the bay was just full oysters they had every waterfowl and they had deer everywhere and the way they hunted they just puttick Eric Dier Cape on themselves and walk up to and put musk all over walk up to deer pocket to turn and then you know shoot him with a short bow. I think that's pretty cool and that's that's the way in every sport. It's it should be going simple direction rather than more and more complex and have you have you done much. Did you big a much. I shot deer yeah and I don't anymore because I've got friends like Craig Matthews. I've got two freezers jam packed. I don't the heat store bought beef and stuff like eight all game but I I I. I have done a lot of pheasant hunting but I find pheasant really boring. It's just a carrier for some strong sauces and so and I'm not too interested in shooting another pheasant because I I hunt because I like to eat eat the product and and and plus some eat all the stuff that my hunting friends don't eat like to deliver the tongue and all that stuff. That's the part. I really love more details when I saw you speak at the deal. If I remember bright you were talking about a good way to learn how to wing. Shoot is a red ryder bb. Yeah lefty create out me that and that you learn how you learn about lead and stuff because you're looking down the when you're looking down the barrel over the top of the barrel you wind up catching the glint that yeah you can see the bb and you learn learn what those things when they come out of a barrel yeah. I did that a few years ago because I was never taught wing shooting you know I learned my own and so left he told me but that he used to be a any Oakley for Remington arms and he believe really yeah the fly caster yeah so he was he was go to these circuses and stuff and he would throw aspirin in the air air and he was shooting aspirin with a twenty two and then you know he's a real showman so he'd take a take a. Washer and throw Washer near and shoot through the hole in the Washer and of course people would say wait a minute. How do we know you shot. They pass it with masking tape. No it put a one cent stamp when they had sent stamps. Put a one staff and they're throwing here. Shoot right through the whole. I said Jesus left behind. How did you ever do that so it's easy says you. WanNa be a good shot. Get yourself a Red Ryder. BB Gun and and get to where the light is just right and take two sites off and have somebody throw up some beer cans and and on you'll see the shooting behind Ken every time and uh and you don't you can't aim you know it's gotta be instinctive of and so I did I got I used to have a red ryder but I went out to stone drugs Jackson. Wyoming and bought another red writer and I had my wife's shoes short a big impre- soon I was getting to our three beer cans and that was it. I'm GonNa go home is afternoon. The throw some Lacroix Kanter Mike Mike he'll sit there for a long you know he'll sit there and our time lob and BB's into cans you know and you know he sees that he's Arkham earns how to aim high. I remember doing that a lot breath. Hey check this out. Meet better meet and take your favorite road trip snack to the next love with four five zero. Five teacher Rone's four or five. Oh five meets needs was founded by train chef butcher. 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If you want to experience some of the world's greatest pheasant hunting and I know you do need to grab your gear and get to the land great faces and great places South Dakota millions of acres of land hundreds of thousands of birds and don't forget about the super friendly people and famous South Dakota Hospitality South Dakota's. That's the word know how to roll out the blaze orange carpet for hunters. That's why pheasant hunters from across the globe choose the hunting South Dakota when they say great places they aren't kid hid pheasant hunting and South Dakota means trek across stunning environments that are rich with roosters farm fields thickly vegetated conservation plots. Get your draws cool. Elise Wetlands Grasslands you name. South Dakota has got it. Then there are the birds most years see harvested bird counts reach or exceed zied one million pheasants. That has a lot of smoke pheasant. It's no wonder everyone from new hunters pro athletes and even vice presidents have have hunted in Soda Start Planning Yourselves Code. Hunt today request a free South Dakota hunting packet by visiting hunt in S. D. The DOT com forward slash podcast. That's hunt in. SD DOT com slash podcast you get locked up in Arizona one time when thrown in jail for eighteen days just for wandering turnaround wondering about aimlessly with no apparent means of support. That was a crime in those days but how did the whole. How did the whole Exchange Start Oh how was it obvious that you were wandering around with. No apparent means the support. It's kind of what they get ramble. Foreign Rambo one right. He's just walking down the road. They bring in Jay eligible for wandering around. Look at them well. I was hitchhiking back from I got you from the East Coast and here's a long story but I I this friend of mine. I got on a freight train and it wasn't aware it was November. November is freezing cold and all the boxcars are locked but we got on a on a Gondola with with cars. I they were transporting gps to his jeep wagons so we found one wagon. That was wasn't locked so we crawled into this thing and and we ended up in. Winslow Arizona was a railroad bowl with a flashlight. It is and to solve I said. How did you ever find US says cheesy? I just look for foggy windows windows so so we go to the front of the judge and you know. I was hanging judge thing as well. Oh you know you're being charged with one about him. See No parent music support and how do you plead so we'll wait a minute. If I plead innocent what's GonNa happen well. We're GONNA lock you up and you're GONNA have to get an attorney and and you know you're going to be here for for a while too. We have a trial and you know what if we plead guilty well. We're going to check you out with the FBI and if you're clean you know I don't know maybe maybe a day or two in. We'll let you go okay guilty. Okay eighteen days eighteen days show. Shikha couldn't believe but you know the thought of ever calling our parents and or anything like that never enter our minds. I mean it was a different era than you know. Older young teens US spy eighteen and no now it's close to twenty because yeah and then you know we got thrown. Ronin another jail. We got thrown in grants who Mexico for Hitchhiking and and it's a long story but we finally got home and my friend was drafted. Got Home to a draft notice and then a few weeks later I got drafted to this kind of when you spend so much time messing around but then simultaneously like build this big ass super valuable company Do you feel life's about work or do. You feel that life's about play. I know when I was a little kid. I could play baseball as you know as well as any kid but when it came time to game with people watching I couldn't do anything I'd clutch up and I learned early on that. Do you invent your own games and you can always be aware like Mike Kid went to my son went to school in the near Jackson the one room schoolhouse and two days a week that bring in a ex-marine Green. Pe Instructor and his idea was okay kids lineup on this line. Let's you can run the FASCES. Let's see who can jump the for Bruce and my kid. You know he's like me. Just go into Mahatma Gandhi. I mean what doc does is American way produces one winner and a bunch of losers and and so like you know when when so that led me to a life of nature and how has always I was living Burbank owes going down to the river gigging being frogs and catching crawdads and I was probably doing that in high school prom. I didn't have any girlfriends and yeah so that led me to a whole life. I I've given toxic commencement things that he ah universities and stuff where I get. I I got a whole bunch of of honorary degrees and stuff and so I tell kids look life is a lot easier if you break the rules than if you try to conform to it's it's a lot more fun and it's a lot easier and that's the way I've always run my company so I never wanted to be a businessman and so I decided to do it on my own terms in a way aid that I didn't have to go to work every day and didn't have to Hack Lake one of these business people that you know these grease ball businessmen that I did not respect and so it led to a method of doing business that is different than anybody else and I. I'm surprised that it works. It works unbelievably well and did that surprising busy. Did you have a feeling like no shit word. Yeah that's it that's exactly and over and Oregon. I see that reinforce every time you know like for instance couple years ago one of my employees now. I got like three thousand employees. One of them just said hey on black Friday. Let's give all our revenue away. I said okay why not revenue. Yeah wholesales hear anything. We not let now like earning the whole revenue so I said okay. Let's do it end the year before we had done like two and a half million dollars in black Friday so well we did it and we advertise it on social media a few days before and then the word got out and buy three and afternoon. Somebody called me and said he were up to six million. That's a really young and then by six. We're up to ten million. I said WHO'LL HOLY I didn't expect that but I know curious and but what happened is that sixty percent of our sales to people who never bought from us before and you in in business. You can't believe leave how difficult it is to get a new customer. You know you can spend five million dollars for twenty second ad on the Super Bowl and you will not get get to publicity that we got from this and or the new customers it was unbelievable and then I then we thought our sales is gonNA. Go way down. After Black Fraserburgh already bought the ship yeah just kept climbing and climbing and climate has been climbing ever since so you know I believe in Karma I really do believe in it and you're speaking Yanni now man on their Karma man back to Nick Palm Garden. He's a good writer yeah. I really love pieces. He writes he writes about of mammoth lakes great pieces about skiing and things yeah he said had. He said you come across where he's talking about. Not About Business Tom About just your lifelong quest to keep wild places wild right save while places. He said that you seem quote. Deeply disheartened. Perhaps even defeated does that. Did he hit right or do you think he missed the mark there well. I think I've you know done climbs on every continent including Antarctica ah I've been all over the world. I've been to Africa budget. I see nothing but deterioration everywhere in the world everywhere. I don't see were anything is getting better than what it used to be and that's where I feel defeated I think and and do you think do you think it's a nonstop. -able slide now nature's there's. GonNa take care of it in the long long game no probably sooner than we think. I mean I think these new diseases uses and stuff. They're coming up. It's were Petri dish and we've exceeded nutrients and route our way out as a species. I think you know if you think that okay. We're a special species that you know. God made us his own in and worst were better than anything in nature all of that stuff finding good but I don't believe that I think that we're just species and that every species she just goes in and out of evolution and extinction and and I think runaway out I mean imagine if we had a serious situation states right now the way people are having to live in Syria bombed out town uh-huh how many of us would survive that how many of us could drink water out of this. You know sewer practically we'd all be dead. We're devolving as a species pretty quickly and I'm very pessimistic about that but it doesn't bother me because I have this had a two door just here for a short time shorter than would hope probably and that's just what it is. I've had enough near death experiences. Were I've got. I've got over the the other side and and come back and realize that you know it's not so bad out there. I actually went yeah. He read about these near where people actually die and then they come back resent coming back because it's so peaceful and nice over there so I just accepted it. There's a little bit of a risk with fatalism because it becomes infectious for other people younger people I made the mistake of telling my kids that the earth's having even like midlife crisis because in four billion years the Sahil burnout and some people say the Earth's been solidified for four billion years so my we're halfway done and months go by in my kid says when the Sun Burns out and everyone's dead who can drive us to the cemetery and he's been targeted as an master. I realized that there's there's I view points. There are viewpoints and perspectives that are often just best kept within a bumper sticker said dude the rapture happens can. I have you know I agree. They're too young to understand but you know you get these. Greta Sern Burg's in all from Sweden who gets up fourteen years old in front of parliament in London London just reason the riot act and she's not sitting around being depressed. She's kicking ass and that's well we gotta do. I mean you know there's there's no difference between somebody says Oh. It's all over. Don't bother and somebody that says or everything's GonNa be Great. Don't bother doing anything either way. Nothing gets done so I mean we have. The biggest crisis humankind has ever had excludable climate change and to overwhelming to grapple with most people don't know what to to do well because you look and you like to a woman graph with 'cause. You like okay no matter what whatever we do. There's still China. There's still India yeah but so it's like what I learned you know mom. Claiming is is conquerors of the useless. Why why climate is nothing up there. I mean it's the same thing you wanna be fighting for the sake of fighting. We're not GonNa win but you gotta fight and so. I'm a happy person knowing that I'm doing everything I possibly can. I just change change this last year. I changed the mission statement of our company to where it's simply says we're in business to save our home planet and so we had to sit down and say okay as a business or as one employee out of three thousand. What does that mean to me that my company I work for has made this commitment so how does that affect my job and so every one of us has to say the same thing if you really believe that global warming is happening. You have to ask yourself. What what can I do. What should I be doing because it's world war. Three is like you know the Japanese is burned just bomb on Pearl Harbor. You got a mobilize the whole country the whole world in doing this at yet. People are just going around well. Well you know I'm just one person I don't know what to do and so as a company we sat down and said okay. Here's what it means. The best assuming we can do because we use a lot of natural resources is work on changing agriculture going back to a regenerative organic style all of agriculture so we're working on developing a new certification that goes beyond organic to where recaptures agriculture captures carbon and then you know the other thing we can do is save work on saving while lands that capture a lot of carbon especially late swamps and like. I'm working on seven hundred and fifty thousand Acre Park the tip of South America. That's all peat bogs and stuff like that and captures more carbon than anywhere and then the other thing is to get rid of this evil government. Were this next election. We are going to be up front and and center in fighting those assholes and it's all those climate deniers in the government. Did they know it's happening but they're evil in that. They're choosing not to do anything about it for the sake of profit and staying power that's evil when you're doing something you know is wrong. Evil has so we're going to be as a company with this new Michigan and that's what we're going to be doing and what we've already started like who we've been growing cotton organically for years in all our clothing. We're only use organically grown cotton well. That doesn't do the world any good. All it does is use a space that should be grown for food and stuff jeff and but an and every time they plow in between the releases all the carbon we've captured so so now we started a program in India. We're growing it regionally and organically started with one hundred and fifty farmers small farmers and we talked him into growing cotton without tilling and using cover crops compost new using chick peas and Tomb Rick and and plus we give them an extra ten percent for their cotton so there are so they're making more money than ever made and it's they're small. They're like Acre Acre and a half and It's really a successful to get rid of the bugs with lights at night and they go around squashing them. I guess I don't know you don't you can do it on a small scale which is cool because it employs people. One of the problems of the world is we need to employ people will. What are they going to be doing. All all can't be working on computers all day long. So many people want to be small farmers and yet they have to compete with his agribusiness agribusiness so next year we've got six hundred fifty farmers growing cotton regionally and we're. GonNa GONNA be making products that so that's that's my answer to global warming is his you know. That's not a defeated man dance. The solution to depression is action action simple slow as you're act and then you don't get depressed. We've got young. Gotti follow operas. I'm with you. I feel like when you say like that new mission statement when you say the the home planet I feel like really that segues right into save and because it's not really the planet like Steve said I think in the long run the planet will shake and Shrug shoulders and and it won't think twice about who's been here and what but if we want a place to live as a species for a long time to come we should we should be thinking about how to secure that yeah well. That's why we added her home planet yeah he just say the Planet Home Planet and but I guess my my point is a lot of people don't connect the two because I've I've been saying that for a long time. Everybody's always talking about saving the planet that doesn't mean eighty to anybody but when you say home planet and you connected to yeah you have to have a place to live it kind of hits a little harder well I can tell you we're not going to be called ising Mars in fact. We're wasting so much money in trying to go to Mars that we should be using to do some good here. You know I I wanNA start doing some t shirts making fun of in fact my daughter who's got a rice humor just like I due says hey let's do a teaser is fuck Mars. That's it I love it like like I understand. I understand the impulse to explore other planets and I think that it's the same impulse that quickly after the African diaspora the quickly pushed our species to all six continents right just like curiosity so it moves in the fact that is moved into the celestial lest deal space doesn't surprise me and it's hard for me to condemn by love it. When you do press people so like you suppress people on what are we really get out of planetary exploration space exploration that are as be like you know the Teflon on your egg pan all that money into eggs? We'd have a hell lot better pain. It's yeah the derivative outcomes any else jaanus. I'm asking you man. You know you got every right. I just know that you like. I don't know if you have any if you had any Karma observations or anything. Oh No I don't either he. He likes. Keep quiet about that. You know who doesn't believe in Karma who's WHO's a deary Cormac McCarthy. Yeah you'RE CORMAC mccarthyesque person. He's pretty severe Carmen. Those books man evil pays off as aw he's depressing guy. Oh Man Yeah it'd be real curious. If if I could have a conversation with one person on this planet it would be calm Corey McCarthy. He's kind of a hermit yeah yeah. I don't know you know I was there anything you were Diana. Talk about that. I didn't ask you about I don't want. I mean want to drag it out where y'all to get back to meeting to go on you know. I got part of a a company called Patagonia Provision Yup and and I own forty nine percent of a Bison ranch over in South Dakota along with Dan O'Brien he wrote Buffalo for the broken heart. Yes right and so or no they'll call yeah. That's one book yeah okay he's. He's written several books but that's most famous and so he does it all naturally Liam alone and harvest them in the field shoot him with copper bullet right in brain and they drop the the other one's just continue grazing and we butcher them right there in a tractor trailer and so it's a really natural process and snows buffalo have a choice of eating off three hundred different grasses and Forbes and while flowers and things like that so they're getting a really very diet so we wanted to test them as to the nutrient retreatment content of that meat compared to somebody who takes their bison and tastes them to the stockyard in Colorado and feed them on GMO corn soybean. I don't think you can do that. Can you know you can't think that isn't there a thing where you can't they don't it's not green finished yeah. No that's a lot of ranchers. Do the green finish them. Yeah I thought okay go on. I thought there was so oma that the Growers Association had certain things where when you see meet labeled them when you see like Bison sold it carried with it certain parameters I know oh now you can feed them anything you want and so we I'm really interested in in micro nutrients your your gut biomed and all that stuff so we we did a test and ours is well the the ones that are finish on grain have told percent fat most of his Omega Six fat. which is the bad fat you know if you take a petri dish and you put? Omega you put cancer cells in every put Omega six fat it grows the cancer cells like crazy easy and so as twelve percent fat and Omega six fat ours is three percent fat mostly Omega Three Omega Three will shrink shrink tumors and plus the potassium and calcium and the forty forty five minerals that are that they've identified that essential for your health are all in our buffalo and they're not in. You are what you eat you know hen. When you're eating grass fed beef. You're getting way more nutrients than if you're eating grain fed beef and like you know I have a woman who works for me who used to work for sunset magazine and and yeah these everybody's still around around yes around needs to have chicken. Sir feral and they had you know Bright Orange yolks real firm whites and they decided this years ago they decided to test nutrients compared to organics nine times more vitamin D. I mean it's just or Hanoch doesn't have that. I mean you can find anything. Organic doesn't mean Shit no it. It doesn't mean anything in fact yeah rattlesnake Venom Lorden yeah I mean chickens are omnivores. Chickens are dinosaur little dinosaurs. If they were bigger are they would eat you if you stumbled and fell to chicken chicken main heels you know of this whole world so they need to eat those stink bugs and worms and stuff like that so if they do that the nutrients so those eggs is off the chart because when you're feeding just green whether it's organic or not they're not getting the proper diet and so we've been working with a guy. Ucla who wrote a book called the Mind Gut connection in our good bile is so depleted compared to hunter gatherers that it's only about thirty percent of what it should be you know hunter gathers have heard this one tribe in Africa. That's still hunter hunter gatherers they have between eighty and one hundred thousand different things to eat and they like this you know just you know picking this and that and and and when you sit down with a steak a baked potato salad. This guy says you're starving starving yourself. If you eat spinach as opposed to Kale you're getting different nutrients and it all comes from the starting to realize like liquor grapes okay yeah wine grapes go ahead in Central Valley in California grow Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes and he get eight hundred dollars tonne and makes you know plonk wine two hundred miles further north you get up to thirty thousand dollars a tonne same grape so what's the difference. It's all about the longer growing season and the longer a great matures better wine at Mace quick maturity in a hot climate makes shit wine all these polyphenyls make taste her missing and I know of a guy who's bought a farm in Italy and had eight hundred year old olive trees ner and so he tested the olive oil from those trees and it's so fool of polyphenols and that's what's really good for your gut. That's what's so good about the military Diana's all these polyphenols and olive oil it is off the chart compared to younger and that's because the longer the roots Damore nutrients you get new and you know modern wheat has roots like eight inches deep and we've been working with wheat call currency. That's a perennial Daniel wheat. The roots go down fifteen feet and we tested nutrients and that off the chart compared to normal thing I struggle with this and I and like you're speaking to me because I like a highly very diet and we actually have a gut biologist or there's a doctor that specializes and stuff and she wants some shit samples off in Johnny so much so many weird things need so much wild game and I'm looking forward to getting that back but then the thing I think about is now no one when now that I know so many families were the real wealthy and their food obsessed and everything they eat is so carefully carefully selected and their children aren't allowed to eat this and that process then they can't have sugar and shit and never had a pop and all they eat is Kale all day. I I don't see them spinning off these amazing physical specimens but then you have people who are coming out of like you have people who are coming out at intercity broken homes who wind up becoming professional athletes who are the most physically capable bull powerful individuals you've ever seen or that you go or do people like the incan empire where they ate potatoes and the accomplishments accomplishments there and impoverished people plains. Indian tribes eight three things and when you talk when you read about the US cavalry discussing the way that like at the battle of the little bighorn the way that those people move through through their ranks like a wolf through sheep like I feel it and I hear it I'm like and I and I think about it but then it has never see when you look at the population in general. I never see where you have really wealthy. People who have the luxury of food choice that they're like so much tougher and shit well like in fact. I often see that they seem weak. Their kids are riddled with allergies. You know what I mean so I want to believe it but when I look I don't see it. This is puzzling to me like I'd love to say Fuck Yeah Yeah but I I it's like I. It's hard for me to grasp you know the US military is is really worried right now because they can't get anybody to sign up for the military who can pass a physical sent the that's not because of best not because of how deep the roots on we are dust because what they're doing what they're doing. They're doing physically well. It's it's the number one because they're rejecting seventy something percent of people who want to be in the military. This isn't a draft where you get every loser physical fitness well number one is allergies number. One causes allergies because these kids have never played in the dirt and they're they're allergic to all kinds food. Allergy can't have that in the military numbers to causes diabetes which is food based food based number obesity. It's it's all based on food and you know they got to spend two hundred and fifty million dollars in the next couple of years trying to get people to join the military yeah eh but it's I talked to this professor. Ucla Henry Mahr Imran Meyer and I said well what can you do about building up your gut by on because all these immune diseases that we're getting from Parkinson's. LS and everything it's it's all on your gut and he said well forget about probiotics. You can do is headed as very diet as you possibly can be agrees. No and you know that's what I do when I walk by Wild Rose Bush. I've always Papa John went in because I eat dandelions eight. You know whatever and I try to do that as much as I can and he said that's the best thing to do and then eat eat meat but a small amount and she says well you know. I don't know what else to say but he did say ten years from now. We'll be looking back and say I can't believe we used to prescribe antibiotics pretty. I've been pretty sick and laying in a hospital. You're you'RE GONNA be making them. Fortunately you're shit pills. Don't WANNA give yeah. I I don't mean I don't mean to trivialize what you're saying but it just like I try so hard to make make sense but than I imagine like if you went to went and got the kids out of the swankiest most philosophy riddled private school in La and then went and got a bunch of hard farmers kids out of Nebraska those hard farmers kids kick the shit out of those so it's like I just always is puzzling to man but but I do Yvonne saying is that those hog farmer kids might be getting more of what he's saying is good than those other days lot lot more dirt yeah. They're getting more nutrients. You know they're getting exercise. Stanford University did a study in two thousand thirteen. This studied organic vegetables in are getting fficials. They just went to supermarket and Got Organic Carrots and archaic cares. They found no difference in nutrients trees. That's the thing that people don't understand like. I think that there's a big misnomer around what the hell organic means. That's right you could do like you could have a hydroponics establishment in only what it needs to become something that resembles the shape of a carrot and be organic. That's right hydroponics. Our can be organic and all you're doing inbetween crops as you're adding liquid fertilizer and you know just few soil minutes. You're not replacing all those micronutrients WPRO nutrients that we're only discovering how important they are and whereas regenerative organic uses is cover crops and compost so in between crops. You're replacing that and so if you go to supermarket you taste occurred this organic a and one that's not organic and they seem to have the same nutrients if one tastes better than the other the one that tastes better has way more nutrients. It's a wild strawberry. That's quarter inch across. Some yesterday has more nutrients than this gigantic hydroponic league organically organically grown strawberry. It's it's there's a direct correlation between taste and total nutrients yeah man when you grow your own care at at home and eat them not even the same thing man exactly should come up with member talking about like when you're doing a canned hunt as you come up with different word for there should be a different word from when you make when you grow a care for tomatoes you can say that for cucumbers strawberries the strawberries that we get in our garden yeah. I mean they blow your mouth off. You know you go to the store and they're hard and flavourless. Tell you what's wrong with the world. I'll tell you one anecdote what's wrong with the world please. When I was living in Seattle I identified this little slope in my yard in port in a back up and say you just transformed what you had. What was there there when you got there because that's part of it right but like your house was set up for like fancy urban landscaping yeah. There's there's like we had the kind of place where you get like a lot and they build the house. They overbuilt a lot so bad like the house took up a lot that they were in the house would have been in violation of having too many non permeable surfaces so they had to put in a permeable driveway breath in order to have it not exceed non permeable surface status because there's a whole lot of rain. I don't know if you've heard comes down and Seattle known anyhow. Oh I put in port in strawberries and whatever it is. I don't know man about why I mean. There's some this thing was like. You couldn't keep up with the strawberries. He's in here best. Robberies eight tons of them couldn't keep up with them and they were dislike. I was like man he's GonNa Crack in the foundation on this house how these strawberries and we sold that house there not too long sold and my neighbor like man. Those New People took out the strawberries. He's now like I just can't picture. I mean God bless them. The first thing about them through the great people probably broken down side of the road probably jump out and help you but it's hard to imagine like the the view that like like Oh. Here's the thing you can eat and it's just growing here. I wish it wasn't there. I wish I was there wasn't some things there air. That made like a great thing to eat now. I like these things more than likely because who doesn't like a strawberry bowed rather just go down to whole foods and visor tasteless the world would be better if those berries were not growing there but yeah we used to have weeping willow man we had a weeping willow on yard on a beach when I grow grow up as a kid in mosque rats Dan under it because they had root structure and bullheads would like back into the Muskrat dens and lay eggs and everything in the world and I remember the old man getting sicker rake in the leaves and got rid of that reaping willow and there's not on my lake which was ringed by weeping weeping willows. There's one one there's one we will know about and it sits in front of a kid when I was growing up who was named Justin Russell in his phone number of six six nine five when Willis left there or I mean thank you very much for coming on. I wanted to have you on for long long time. Yeah well anytime I'm I'm just down the road and you know you got better fishing here but we can walk around in Wyoming. We can walk our streams my kidman. I can probably walk on right now. Thank you again

California Patagonia writer Maine Montana Yvonne Yvonne Yvonne Yvonne Yv US Zoro Dot com Minar Yanni America Yosemite Malibu Yvonne Hoya Wyoming Lisbon Maine trayvon Canada S. C. H. N. E. E.
Enflamme ep#13 Les relations entre chrtiens sont-elles importantes?


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Enflamme ep#13 Les relations entre chrtiens sont-elles importantes?

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Mr Lovely Sicheng Benedict US Sola Hundi Seung Ki Lasagna Seville Haapala Mu Situation Isa Phisit Yvonne Yvonne Nasal Donald Donald Marcy Casino Avic Shek Facility Oscar Apple Oklahoma Fabu LOUISVILLE Tony Plenty Kiki Tae Sela coon
Episode 16 | Tracy O'Malley - Part 2

Tiff Talks Podcast

53:26 min | 2 months ago

Episode 16 | Tracy O'Malley - Part 2

"Welcome back to. Tiff talks podcast. I am so excited you graves. We had to cut it a little short of the first episode with tracy o'malley the levy india grams expert. And we have a special street. Were you with part to man. Is it juicy. I'm so excited to dive into party but before ideal you guys probably listen to part one. Stop everything to do it right now. Listen to part one part two will make a lot of sense but hey guys. I don't wanna give you guys any longer. Listen apart wide. I'm excited diamond. Sleds go to with tracy. O'malley your ideogram expert. I love every single bit. I wanna go back a little bit too because of the fact that like you said a lot of corporate corporate teams will do this or teams in general network marketing Just any space. That you're working with a group of people. Very very healthy to identify their strengths or weaknesses understand personalities now going into that realm. I have done it with our team teams. I should say and that's where like you don't want to attach them to a member but you want to understand them as a number and because yeah you said something in the beginning that you're like a list of this and you you're telling me attach myself to a number and you know we can become like an instant obsessed with it if you have a like compulsive obsessive behavior you know and sometimes i can do that all admitted for example like now i'm labled because when i did this is a one and now i'm like i'm a perfectionist. Make so much sense. But at the same time. I'm also like organiz bit disorganized. I do two hundred projects at wes. That's just how function. But i i had heard you a one point save Threes are like. I might be going on a tangent. Here through threes are like When you tell them that they have goal they make like a rake and the answer. It's it's like a drug and we need to hear these you're feeding the that's a part of me too. I feel like if i'm if i don't have some sort of like something. That is a rank advancement or a bonus or something to show for my art work. I'm almost innocence. Like all right. Can beating myself up a little bit. But it's you had said something so powerful that it really hit me wanna acknowledge the smaller things of how you did that. For example what did you do for somebody else to help you get that rink or what did you do. Email in acknowledge that are the compassionate heart into having focused on that area. Not so maybe egotistical in the area of three. It's not even egotistical so much as a core wound usually for three early on there was the messaging. I mean if three is born an achiever and then how it gets expressed. A lot of it has to do with the environment. They're put in plus a childhood belief that we be attached to it. So you know. I think an achiever is born kind of that way. And then if you have parents that are grade driven sports driven appearance driven you know that gets expressed like hyperactivity and then whatever belief back to my story of hearing the day i was born the belief that i was ingrained in i was already eight already had eight tendencies and hyper next level. Eight with that story right. And so this is next level leader or ship kinda shit to be able to understand and i piss a lot of threes off because i won't feed the beast. I won't like. I will praise them because they need it. But not for the thing that will keep them in an unhealthy cycle. And i don't want them to continue to move the finish line and not celebrate. I want them to continue to move the finish line and leave. Pack a path of wreckage destroy relationships and burn out their bodies and their hearts. Because they're just all about achieving. But what i will do for a three is preserved energy and their heart and it pisses them off because they want me to feed the the cycle right. If you're good leader you're not feeding the thing that keeps them stuck in the dark right same thing with choose. I won't praise them for being so helpful for other people. I actually praised twos. My son is a two. I praise him for going and doing something by himself for himself or speaking up for what he needs because that keeps them in the healthiest form of his. Any graham. type my daughter. She's a seven. I am not going to praise her for her. Visionary all over the place stuff even though i love that about her yeah. I'm not gonna praised. Especially if i know she's teetering on not so healthy. But when i see her take time and build a container of quiet and alone time so she can actually operate from a genuine place for that visionary spirit that's a whole nother thing so you have to understand the framework and the compass. That is the any graham. This isn't a label. it's just a compass to let you know where you navigate on this path for you and if you don't understand that and you're just like i'm an eight fuck you. This is who i like. That doesn't help anybody right. It's not a weapon to say. You know what. I'm an eight. Fuck you or urinate. You're an asshole right and it's also not used to be like as a wall like this is just who i am deal with it. Don't even bother if that's kind of your operating system because it's pointless if you're willing to use this entire thing as a compass you growing all the time and understanding where you go when you're stressed not to beat yourself up but when i notice i'm in my stress not stress number. I can look at it now. Because i use this as a compass with so much love and compassion. I very rarely will go into like the internal battle on myself. Because if you understand that who's driving this whole thing is a beautiful little child. That's inside of you. would you ever beat them. Up emotionally or physically or verbally. No of course you wouldn't and if you want that inner child that's running this whole show to trust and believe that you've got their back. Then you better speak kindly to them and honestly mamas and dads out there. If you are a parent the most important child. You're ever going to raise the one inside of you because that is the one dictating the kind mom or dad. You show up as it's the it's dictating the kind of leader you are and the reason i am hands down. One of the best mothers i've ever met is because little t comes first. They love that he does every single day. And when i catch myself on. I could cry just singing about her. Because at four years old she was carrying the weight of the world. She was protecting everyone and nobody had her back. Why would i beat that beautiful thing up again when she goes into an unhealthy pattern. It's her trying trying to stay safe. So the only way to keep a really safe and nurtured and loved and confident is to sit her on my lap so to speak and say listen. I know you're scared. I know this is what we used to have to do to stay safe. But we don't have to do this anymore. And i got you. And i got us and we're gonna do great things with all of this. I'm not one of those that believes everything happens for a reason because a lot of really horrible things happened to innocent kids and animals. And i'm not like. I'm not going to say that but i do believe this everything that does happen for whatever reason there is we can use it to do something very beautiful in this world with whether it's in our own homes and our businesses in our communities. Whatever yeah or we can remain a stay stuck. And i you know what if god calls me home tomorrow. My god honestly. I have used every single hard. A piece of crap that has ever happened and all the good stuff to for something beautiful in this world. So if i'm called tomorrow. I feel really good about it. Not only that. I had broken the cycles. Not just with me. But with my legacy. That's following me. And that is the legacy i wanna leave at. They'll get lots of money to but like it's it's the integrity and the character and confidence and self love and self honoring that they they only have because they've watched me model it and the unwavering in that the last decade so this is how you use graham in love that I am crying literally. And the i mean. There is so much that i was going to about to. The awareness of understanding wet healthy and unhealthy is in how we can tap into that and also at identifying or stress number. But i wanna talk about this little girl. Because i started crying. Our stories are very similar. And sometimes it's hard to tap into that little girl because it is scary in a four year old girl by myself with a single mother. That's my story. Mom did the best that she could. I love her for what she was able to do. A lot of compassion for single mothers. They're they're always going to have a spot in my heart and for a long time. They angered resentment around it. It was a we never had a stable home. She was trying to find the her perfect man and so for me. It was always moving. It was never stable And then always m not shooting me. My mom any means. But i know she was doing the best that she created in. Always looking for other figure for me and you just walk something That just really hit her. Because i can. I can feel you and we relate so much in that area. And i just remember nights alone i would. I'm a self sooner so this would never happen. I would never cry. In the only reason. I was able to cry as because they went to personal development course It was called choice university in. It's just strictly cue for weeks and then we went into a leadership program for six months after so when you talk about this little girl inside of you and in know for guys out there as well there's that little boy inside of you that sometimes we don't know how to access or talk to it you know. I really am crying. Because i've done a lot of the work. Get to be able to feel this emotion. You know i had from age of sixteen Raise myself moved out when in figured out the world you know i had to teach myself how to become a woman to this day of. Never done a drug you know. There's things that. I had to learn the hard way so going back to that little girl. I never got to enjoy the youth. You know and i had to sometimes be my own mother and in really identifying how to tap into that little girl i would really love for you to share with everyone. You know how how we can do that. And how we can bring the healthy side of us out as well. There are a thank you for being so transparent. I know that that's takes a lot of courage and bravery and i feel you and i. I'm a self su there too not just with unhealthy stuff but even in the most beautiful ways and i've just recently in the last few years allowed people to be there for me at forty nine years old so You know when. I realized that little t was driving. All of this and i realized that you know when we say things like i want you to know when i talked to people like i zero judgment toward anyone is zero judgement towards my parents. They did do the best they could. They they are and were great people and we have to be careful when we say that because a lot of times i want you to imagine that four year old version of yourself especially if you grew up in a hard situation like i did and you did where there was neglect. It is what it is. Your mom's still a good person but you were neglected. You abandoned emotionally from time to time. And it doesn't make mama bad person but we have to be careful when we put that narrative on it because if you put that beautiful four year old next to you and you're saying that shit you're basically looking at her and saying your feelings about this. Do not matter and when i understood that my parents could have done the best they could and they did. They are great people and they didn't give that little girl the container or the space to feel what she needed to feel all her life and that doesn't make them bad people but in order for you to really heal. You have to bring that child up on your lap so to speak and not especially the more assertive aggressive types. Like when i. I want you to picture me in my anus in my aggressiveness. Everything was about protection. And like i'll be damned if you hurt me. Because i'll kill you right and how i pictured this was that beautiful little girl of me and i keep the picture close by. I showed it to you. And until i could really feel her. This is a really great advice. Especially if you have a hard time tapping into it. That picture was the lockscreen on my phone for three years. Because your phone's always with you and we're never triggered sitting at our desk looking at the computer it's usually when we're out and about in our phones always with us so this same picture was a pattern interrupt a pause button for me before i would go into my eight zone and start like blowing shit up. It's like okay little. T what are you really scared about. And so when. I pictured how i used to operate as like taking that four year old and shoving her behind my back to protect her although yes i did protect her temporarily and we dodged a bullet so to speak. But when you do that to anybody just handle shit for them. What that did is basically leaves. Little t scared all the time everything. She didn't see what was coming. She doesn't know what to be afraid of shoes. So she's afraid of everything right and so by bringing her into the conversation so that that thing on my phone when i would feel triggered even just in my body or emotionally or then in my mind. I'm a body person. I then my heart and my thinking when i would just tap that lock screen and see that beautiful beautiful innocent face. I would just as she standing right next to me. What are you really scared of little girl. What are you really scared of. I've got us but tell me what you're afraid of. And the more that you do that the more that she trusts you and she doesn't have to act out in some of the unhealthier thing that we do and when you do act out you understand that it's really just a beautiful four year old that scared out of her mind and you're going to speak kindness to her and not beat the shit out of her like she was back however many years ago emotionally physically whatever and so little teeny are. Bff's and very rarely. Does she get triggered anymore because she knows mama. Tease got her back all the time. Because i've proven it through consistency through really hard paint like the last two years of my life have been the most painful in my life and not for one second. Has she ever felt like mama. Tea doesn't have her back. And so we don't have to go into the unhealthy parts of our aid zone. We can use all the gifts and the superpowers of the And that's how this really begins but you have to be unconditionally. Committed to bringing that little child in you into the situation at all times in if i'm out in public and do field triggered a lot of times back home in chicago where all the started writing on a lot of times. I'll do what i did as a four year old. I will excuse myself. Go to the bathroom. Sit on the toilet close on all by myself and rock myself. I have a four year old on my lap her. It's all going to be okay. It's all gonna be okay and you can really. He'll you don't need anybody else present to do this work. That's the beautiful thing. 'cause my dad died a decade ago. I can't have these conversations. And if i was reliant on him being present to heal. I'm fucked and my mom is still emotionally neglectful and abandoned. She's i haven't spoken to her in three years if i needed her to heal. I'm fucked the beautiful thing is. This is all for you to do. The bad thing is it's all for hugh who just going to say. It's a blessing curse. It's all a gift if you choose to look at it that way. Yes absolutely in out of the narrative that they did the best they could and and i have a lot to grieve over. Innocence lodged should out a four year. Old where most forty year olds had to figure shit out. You read that stuff and not just in mind set all you mindset. Junkies makes sense of all this made sense. All of this is a nine year old. I really did. But if we don't bring the grieving part and feel it ruin the head part you're just kicking the can down the street and it's going to keep showing up. Saint packaged different wrapping. Paper i will suggest this if you haven't watched the movie inside out. It's a kids movie. This one had me in the fetal position crying in a good way. I realized you know for me. I have no problem. Go into anger. I feel very comfortable there. It feels very productive. Ml all the things but sadness. I judged as week this and pain. I wouldn't go there because it was too unpredictable. I didn't know like that. No no no people get hurt me. If i go to sadness but we have to feel the feeling so you know understanding things at a mindset level like if you don't go through the stages of grief for things it should have gone away that they should have or whatever like you gotta grieve you've gotta grieve and feel it in order to get to acceptance which is where transformation happens. That is the place. Transfer me shouldn't happens. This is incredible that a lot of the times. It's it's shows up as a sign of weakness in and for those india grams out there. Like what numbers would you say are in this category when it comes to learning that it's okay to cry. Were actually into a podcast. Like cry like you need. Because i was a big part of of how tiff talks. Came about is age twenty six. I finally was able to cry and let it out and grieve in so now waterworks. Just so i can fill everyone's energy. I'm vary ethic when it comes to you know just feeling in embracing that and at times. It's very overwhelming. Because it's not how i was raised brought up. You know so what. What kind of advice key. And you give to people to actually be able for those of you who are sell souders or you know who think that. It's not okay to cry. Or yvonne yvonne ability It's gorgeous when you allow it and is there anything that you can help people with with being able to tap into that space. Yeah and i'll say this for all types because like my six friend. She has no problem going to sadness. She feels very comfortable there because she can kind of isolate and be by herself in that and she likes that that gives her certainty right where she has a harder. Time with hang girl. Because that's very explosive unpredictable for the certainty seekers at might not be a really good thing to be around sometimes right so for all types like if you watch that movie inside out. There's going to be one of those emotions that you have a hard time with. And what i will say to you is all of them are required for you to be the healthiest version of yourself. Whether it's a mom a dad a leader a man woman the best version of yourself requires all of it. And i still don't love sadness. Let me tell you. But i do know this that the only way to heal and to transform which if you read my bio at the beginning i'm obsessed with transformation so in order to really be obsessed with transformation and not just love it but walk the freaking talk that meant tracy had to be sad but when you bring that little girl or boy into it and she's free to feel it doesn't stay that long. I'm not in sadness very long. Sometimes it's longer than i would like it to be but it's still not very long same with the anger my anger now seconds if that if that. But it's only when you bring that little kid into the picture and give him or her freedom to express themselves because the only reason you can't express yourself is because you're putting a little child behind you and saying your your voice doesn't matter how does that feel like when i realized that's what i was doing that not on my mother fucking watch our mind doing that. So that's why she feels all the things today so if you're okay tell him that beautiful child their feelings don't matter than otherwise learn how to feel yes. I love that so many nuggets in so excited for everyone to hear this episode. Unlike fast Edit this minutes out of my goodness. I love that. Thank you so much You know. I really want to go back to the awareness healthy versus unhealthy. I think that's very important for businesses teams all of that marketing really understanding when he start going into that unhealthy side win. Can we catch that winking. We because i know it's like it's kind of like a trigger response. If you think about it you know when me. Or what can you disdain. We can do to be able to be more aware of when we're going to the unhealthy side while this is why it's so important to have your type because if you're working off a map a roadmap if you have the wrong coordinates here you're screwing yourself right. The only reason this works the way it works. And as well as it works as if you're typed properly that's why if you want to know for sure have a guide period now once you know your types accurate and you feel really good about it whether it's by yourself or with somebody else each number this is where the self awareness of yourself. That's why i encourage you not to rush into figuring out your team and your family and all that like no yourself. In and out. I and so when i recognize when i looked at where i went under stress so an eight goes to the unhealthier part of the five so all of a sudden i turn into the investigator and when i see the unhealthy patterns of afa. I've when i see those behaviors myself that's almost like siri saying. Hey lady took a wrong turn when you plug in your gps coordinates and you're using those apps on your phone to drive like if you just look at it as like series telling you of course are you calling her a bitch. No of course not. You're saying thanks siri. I'll take the next turn here. And so that's how. I like used the stress and growth numbers but you have to be typed properly so when i start to see my unhealthy five where i isolate where i build cases against people so i can kill them basically or you know. I start hoarding energy and shutting down. I used to beat myself up for that. Because i didn't understand it's so opposite of me like what the hell is stronger. All of a sudden isn't hiding really used to judge myself so harshly so understanding. That's where an eight goes up under stress. I can have compassion. Because i know it's a little t she's afraid of something. What are you afraid of where to build a case against what what. What reinforcements do you need to feel safe. And when you're looking at it like that it's way easier to to just take the next turning it back on your soul path. Now here's the other part is your growth number and this is the part that you know this is why just saying i'm an eight doesn't serve me. I mean i'm still when an aids the healthiest is still great. Don't get me wrong. I mean think. Martin luther king right healthy aid but the reason why he was next level. Great same with mother. Teresa martin luther king mother teresa eights donald trump. Also an eight okay so you see the dynamics regardless politically what you think. Just you see like the behaviors. But the reason martin luther king mother theresa our next level rate is because not only were there at the highest level of eight. They really tapped into their growth number. And that's why i am great. This is why. I am the best. At what i do is because not only am i the healthiest eight. I know but my growth number is the healthy too which is the helper and this is where i have to stretch myself. Could let me tell you. Compassion empathy does not come natural to me. The more aggressive stuff does so. This is the other beautiful parkview. Really want to be the best version of yourself knowing your growth number when you're typed properly and to keep aiming towards that healthy quality so the helpers compassion empathetic service driven care deeply able to read what other people need not just for our own protection. But because that's what we feel good at doing and so a lot of people sell themselves. Short is were there like. This doesn't feel an alignment for an eight. And when will yeah bitch because you're going into your growth number. It's not gonna feel comfortable like if you've ever done squats for the first time. That does not feel good. at first. you can't get up off the toilet the next day but it hurts so good. So does your growth number. It's not going to feel good at first meal. Leading into compassionate empathy goes against everything. My eight wants to tell me. But to grow into the best version of me. Like mother. Theresa and martin luther king i have to lean into compassion empathy. Even when it doesn't feel an alignment right so the biggest nugget than from knowing your any graham is to not actually focus on the number focused on what your weakness is in capitalize on. That is is. What i'm hearing is a big time. Well your weakness and understand with compassion. Like why you go there not to beat the crap out of yourself because that doesn't serve like you're just beating a child ups though stop right. It's kind of like doing time late. Work where you look at your time line and then you you kinda come up above it and say okay yes. This was awful in trust me. There's definitely things that are just unacceptable abuse sexual abuse any of that. There's just no excuse for it in. It's very difficult to find the compassion in whatnot in that. I mean even situations like that. I've coached a lot of women. Unfortunately you get to the step out of that. He'll look at it and say that person was so disgusting we evil in sick. You know that. I have a lot of compassion because of where where that's all they know you know or whatever it is so i think that was really powerful because really understanding how to step out of your time. Languages leg was the first time he didn't experience love. You know mine was four. It was being left alone and or getting my mom was tired for example spanked me before in the middle of the night and i threw up and i that wasn't love because i was talking attorneys to sleep with my mom. So those are things that you can step on him compassionate for her for you know she didn't know what to do in that moment she was hired in a lot of your parents can understand that i mean it's it's definitely apparent being apparently a whole nother chapter in job in itself and this is like twenty years ago was my first dive into personal development because my own daughter turned four and it was very triggering because i had so much rage for four year old daughter who is like a free spirit. Seven beautiful the most amazing child and i was filled with rage. Because little t was inside of me saying how the hell does this bitch get a life like this and i had to live the one that i did quite honestly and the other thing i want to say about compassion is i am the most compassionate person i know and for a long time the reason i had a hard time with it is because that and me felt like if i gave people compassion that got them off the hook and i have compact. I mean when. I said the last two years of my life were really hard. I've had some horrible things happen to me. And i have nothing but compassion for every single person involved in that not because i'm letting them off the hook or making excuses for them like they'll have their consequences and their stuff. I may never see it. But you know i look at every single human being even the most vile even the most vile and try to look for the four year old in them and realized that for somebody to do something as horrible as the things. That have happened to me too. There has to be a four year old in there. That is so damn broken and it doesn't excuse them. It doesn't let anybody off the hook. Trust me. I'm still eight and can kill a motherfucker. Passion will win every time because the compassion that we're able to freely give other people only helps us. Yeah doesn't let anybody off the hook and the more that you're able to go into that the better for you and that little girl or little boy that lives inside of you and so even when people are salty and assholes. I try to picture what i look at them. I'm like i wonder what they look like. When they were four. I really do. And i mean that. Not an passive aggressive kind of tom. But i really really really really do you know be. None of us are born evil. We really are now now. And that's where you you go back in. That's where you can find the compassion in someone that just like you said you know turns into that based off of how they were raised or whatever they were around in reality. I wanted to ask you an absolutely understand. If you don't wanna share ask anything only had mentioned the last two years in. I just know this is going to be so You don't have to see memes or anything but what can you share with all of us. That did happen in the last two year in how you conquered in overcame all of these things that happened to you because i know that you could move the masses with this story. Just have a feeling. This may intuitive so. I really want to see if there's anything that you can share with us so that we can obviously see how the tools go to work smart question. This is why it is so important that you do get healthy so you can trust your intuitive voice and ask a hard question because most people wouldn't have had the balls to ask me because it's hard and the thing is is if you know who i am and if you've been following the i have never dropped off the face of the earth in the last two years i've shown up not just online as whoever i am but as a coach as a mother as a friend as as a person as a human two years ago almost to it's like eighteen months i would say is been the hardest. The first thing that happened was my only protector. That i had as a child passed away and is a member of my family and when i was sexually assaulted when i was ten he was the one that found me and he's always taking care of me and always protected me and i was very special to him and it was well known that i was kind of his favorite and not everybody in my family really liked that and so once he died on a lot of those family members have been absolutely horrible to me like horrible and the again i just look at their four year old version. I'm like of course of course but they don't know the four year old. That lived through what i did that. This beautiful uncle of mine kept safe and we him leaving. I knew he was going. And i was okay with that but i knew the vultures would come out. Losing him wasn't the hard part. I already knew that that was coming. I have a beautiful relationship with him and his eternal life but the vultures were coming in. They came in hot and like my own. Stepmother is disowned me For whatever reasons that she has. And that's painful i mean she was. The only connection had to map my dad who passed away a decade ago Disowning children and being horrible to my children after that I was assaulted and had to deal with that. And had to do what i would have liked to have done when i was ten and used my voice to speak up about that and that was really hard and to explain that to my children and and to show them what courage looks like when i didn't speak up at ten and seventeen when it happened to me and to navigate that process and relive it over and over and over and over to do the right thing. That was the right thing for me. I'm not saying that everybody needs to speak up for whatever reasons i didn't but for me to be able to do that today and still be a coach and still be a business owner and still be mother. After that a long lost sister comes out of the woodwork. That my dad had had before. I was born and guess what the same family that has disowned. Me has loved on her and little t was like. Are you fucking kidding me. Like i had to live through the hard parts. You get to show up and experience all the beauty. It's not her fault. it's not her fault at all and then right after that. One of the most influential women in my life dropped dead like that. No warning and that was just within a four-month period in the last eighteen months so i have had to use every tool that i am talking about today. Little t has it on my lap constantly for eighteen months getting so much love you know building. Three businesses to who in the last three years bringing new exposure to me is not easy little tease. Like you know. We like to fly under the radar. Here this is really scary and having to navigate that and you know when you do something outside of your network marketing company. People say shit. That's not fun. After i have served so many beautifully that weren't financially linked to me when i gave my all and traveled over forty fucking cities and one year. You're gonna shit cause. I'm building a life that i have worked her four really. You think that's fun. That's painful or people questioning my motives. Are you kidding me. Like really painful stuff and not once. Have i acted out in aggression. Always with love and compassion. Always through all those fucking things that i just listed off in the last eighteen months i have never not responded with love and compassion and it doesn't let any of those fuckers off the hook it doesn't they they will get what's coming to them if that's god's plan i'm not god. My job is to be the very best me. I can be an throwing shade and being an asshole won't serve that so regardless of who has done some really painful things to me in the last eighteen months. I am walking my talk. And i have used the framework of the any graham to navigate all of that all of it dot as powerful. Because like you said even going back to the beginning of any grammy get to be patient with the process listening to that recent story. It sounds like you really tapped into that side of really being patient compassionate still when you erlich lion the experts. Why an expert. I'm telling you that any mike condolences. I'm indefinitely he. I'm sure he's we know he's still with you. We know that speech eternal life i am. I don't know if you've ever here's the really cool part of the story like even you know him passing away literally. Three weeks later is when the assault happened. It was almost like when it happened. That ten year old part of me was like overseeing and my uncle and i could never have a conversation about the incident when i was ten it was never talked about and i didn't know why there was a block around that but because he had gone to the other side in his eternal life when this second thing has happened three weeks after he passed away. It'll have next level healing. So you know. I don't know why it happened. Obviously but i do know again. I've used something. So god awful and painful for such big healing not just for me and little t but every person i touch because i do understand how hard stuff can be. But it's through that experience at greater healing came that without that horrible experience. I don't have this feeling that i have today. You know what you choose to do with it. And i've had to grieve all of it. It's not just like okay. I'm gonna use the green hood. And oh i've had to feel all of it all mental lot. We're all equipped incapable you and you know if some if no one in this this powerful to me when this happened to me i just wanna say. I'm sorry on behalf of all of them because i know they will never see it to you. Know so i'm i'm sorr- on their behalf and you obviously have so much to give to the world you know we're so blessed to have you here on jeff talks and like you said i think the hardest part in all of this is allowing god to go to work and be patient with his team and to know that it's always going to come back. It's always like you get to let go and let god and really allow that process to work and is there anything that you want to say. Not before i ask you My last few questions. I will say this girl. You have a very strong intuition and you need to keep trusting. It really really do the fact that you even just followed up with that because i'm holding this little note that says divine trust. That is on my computer because it's one thing to trust if you're like me. I trusted until things didn't go my way and then i would take over right and that's kind of how we play god right like even you saying sorry for those people that's beautiful. I appreciate that. But i believe that even those experiences for those people they can use it for something beautiful. They don't have to say sorry to me but the real faith comes in divinely trusting. That's why like. I don't need their saris. I don't need any way to apologize for them. Because i divinely trust that god will use that for something beautiful. Not just through me but through then if they choose to honor that so divinely. Trusting is a whole different level than just trusting. And when you can fully surrender to the expectation of what things look like and how it goes. That's when the real magic can happen now. I am very intuitive to. I very clearly see as a nine year old. I knew i would be doing this. Not any but like this kind of work. And if i had been attached to how that looked which kind of was because i was like a causing wreckage everywhere went but once i surrendered decade ago. God use me all that stuff. And i have no attachment to how it looks. I know attach into how it looks definitely wouldn't have picked network marketing kidding me. That's not what i meant. God but okay here does like seriously. That was the conversation. I was like really. I have no social network on the single mom that went to rehab really. Build a business with me okay. Two years later. I'm a millionaire pay. That's divine trust. Same thing with my children divinely trusting that. I have made amends. Not just through my words but the way that i live so that i can break the cycle had divinely. Trust that just walking my talk moving forward even at the ages of fourteen and fifteen that i do enough damage and even the damage that i did do. They have used for something beautiful because they have chosen that because they've watched me do it your shoulder by the way you can now. They are so different so different. You can just tell from instagram. And if you like if you listen to my podcast interview. Both of them individually like they could not be more different and their experience of me is very different. I love that because it's like going back to god. I'm grateful we get out of this conversation. some very open about macy we are sent like you said your children are completely different because they are gifts to you in what we get to learn moving forward and you will get those little those little things. 'cause i it's it's uber special on. I just seen what you've done in. It's it's incredible. She's seven and she's this free spirit that she taught me how to play and to like think anything's possible where the little girl was like. No nothing's possible. Unless i am controlling it right so she gave me that gift. And then you know having a very sensitive empathetic very strong man. That i've raised like i can see that. A sensitive strongman does exist a man that can feel emotions and express emotions and be the straw. He his the strongest man i know. And he's twenty three years old and he's my kid like that because i only had very aggressive men in my life. It were amazing. And they're beautiful. They're very protective of me. But they didn't give me a safe place to be emotional. Son has shown me that that is strength. That is what strong men can do. And the fact that. I'm raising one a awesome. Really cool mazing jill much. They love that. So i'm going to go up and ask you a couple of questions off topic. I know and like these. We're going to go into what is tracy's biggest fear vulnerability Being in love. It's the most vulnerable thing that i can do. And i mean i didn't. I didn't date for seven years after rehab a huge. It's not because i was busy building an empire. There is a lot of like to repeat the past on so this last year allowing myself to feel. That is the scariest freaking thing. I've ever done and i'm doing it but it's scary everyday everyday. I'm like fuck this. i don't wanna do it. Every day i lean into. I deserve to be loved. Yeah absolutely. I think great multiple everything because we have a lot of entrepreneurs that listen. Listen in a lot of the times. They don't understand the roller coaster of an entrepreneur. What would you say is the hardest part of entrepreneurship and then also what tool can you give everyone in staying. The course you know. I think that a lot of times. Entrepreneurship is glorified. It's like the bali and butterflies shit and although there is that element of choice and freedom that can come with resilience and into nasty You have to be in it for the long you like. They're really it doesn't go to sleep. It isn't for everyone if you aren't willing to show up every day even when you've been assaulted and all the things showed up every single day even through all of that not because i have this like god complex but because i am a business owner and people do depend on me and and the people that look up to me and that i guide whether it's my children are clients like they will do what i do. Not what i say to do so even through pain we can still show up. Doesn't mean i'm showing up like on stage in front of twenty thousand people during that. No but i still show up every day in some form passionate about what i'm here to do and if you can't wake up every day even through the hard things whether it's in your business or personal life then don't do it really because you're gonna end up beating you yourself up and letting people down and i know that's probably not the answer you want but this is not for the faint of heart. It is a roller coaster ride. You've heard the last ten years of my life although there's a lot of glory you don't know he don't know the glory without the story behind it and behind every success there is a lot of crap that happened that they kept showing up. No what you. It doesn't mean. We bypass feelings. I will say that a lot of times. Entrepreneurship will just power through power through power through and not take time to celebrate. Feel the pain like again going back to inside out. You've gotta feel all the things feel all the things and keep you know no matter how much asking to just get back up. Yes i love that and it goes back to before glory there is gonna be all of the guts you get embraced the guts before the glory and where you see your true strengths and you're never give up mentality. Nobody can take that from you now in. It's so empowering a love it. And i think that a lot of people tend to give up before. They're even tapping into what they get to experience on the other side note. I did a the other day. This is a really good thing and this is the has helped me. Do this like knowing when i'm kind of irritable like because i've let little t play so much you know in the last decade that when i'm in work mode which i love what i do i could literally do it all day long but when i'm in work ma not playing enough and she's like hey lady yo. We need to play. So i had cleared out my day on wednesday and i went snowboarding all by myself and i loved it and i've been. I didn't start snowboarding till i was forty. And i'm an athlete but i could not get the shredding and carving thing because of all sorts of reasons so for nine years i've been terrible but i show up and kept getting back on the board and even though i had fallen crash hurt and all the things i still kept showing up every day and this last week i went all by myself. I'm like i'm going to get it today. And nine years in the making. I did it and i was so seriously. It was a happy one of the happiest moments of my life because i stuck with something nine years no matter how terrible i was. How willing are you to be terrible at something that you're passionate about. And if being an entrepreneur or a business owner or whatever servicer product you provide. if you're passionate about it are you gonna let fallen down a mountain nine nine years in a row. Stop you know you got. Don't quit before the miracle ham. I this is so this is literally like it's not scary. I'm just like. I hope you are connected i posted about. I think you just recently posted about it. i said i was going to play hooky Bernie sanders in the back of luggage from. Yeah just sitting. His main hooky go snowboarding. They wanted to get better. So here's what happened very long story short finally have been really doing diligent of carving. I was like great. Got it and then it was my husband following weekend. He thought i graduated. Why did graduate doing incredible now on. I didn't give up and just run after like it's hard and i'm like got this then. He took me to a new terrain and then he. I said i didn't really like it. Was a little flattened. Would stop on your board starts ray. I was like. I was carpeting but then when i look down it was like falling to my death of. I don't know if i'm ready to be on quarters like this right now. I need to be on an open mountain while he goes well. Why don't you come with me on the next one and the video to everyone. I should still uploaded still embarrassed about it. But it was thousand feet straight down in fresh powder like i know i can do this. I was ready. I had to have a drink. Because i was terrified at the time and I start going down. I'm like this is great. I fall will done k. A week. I can't get up ten ten feet of snow and i'm five two so halfway down. I mean i was skating like in my husband just laughing at me. And i'm getting more and more anger ray. Now it's coming out of my eyeballs. i'm crying. i'm crying on a mountain from snowboarding. Nuts never happened except for breaking may tell them the first time but other than that. Why am i crying in the no amount right. Now get up startling back down in it. Gets to a point where i start. Have to tack down snow rate so deep. And he's just laughing and i'm like you're a genius. You're an absolute genius. And he's like video of me now like what are you video. We be not with my big helmet like everything and packing down the snow. He's making fun of me. He's like look at shifts from the sandbox away and falling down again. I just got so tired of waiting there. And he was not linking their heels. Look now she's making snow angels. And i'm just getting warmed Set then i had the p. on top of it thirty minutes later after that granted this took an entire hour to get down that mountain and he didn't help me. I think he wants because it was so bad but he didn't help me get down. You didn't pat me down or anything. And i got like i just screamed it go. I'm so proud of you and i to money There's no more fun left me. I can't use my legs anymore. Done the second run nitin get. You didn't give up. You went down the mountain. Yeah now less than for me you guys did. Just keep showing up. And if it's something like if if you being an entrepreneurs everything you want then there's no giving up you know giving up no matter how much you get your ask your day's gonna frigging hurt your near us rated mad and sad and people are gonna say shit and like really. How bad do you want it bad. Do you want people say by the way it drives me. I like i like to prove a point to a fall. And i get to work on that but it's it's almost like watch me. I'm going to accomplish this. A fuels might by air. There's nothing better than doing your own fire with proven yourself that you can do something because you didn't give up. Yeah it's like. Ra grab the popcorn going. Be fun last question. What is one thing that nobody knows about you. A pretty open book That nobody knows it can be weird. It could be anything. Oh you know what. I have a secret desire. I'm not a good dancer. However before i die i will take irish dancing lessons. You know. like the little loggers flowing a book. I literally i get goose bumps up and down my body watching them dance. It's and because irish. Because it's my heritage and i'm crying. That is something i've always desired to do and probably should do it before i get too old. I'm still almost fifty going down a mountain on a snowboard. So but that's on my list. I think only told one or two people but most people would know. Because the only way i used to dance before with some meritas since i retired at the house but i would really love. I love that. You very epic episode. I am so excited. I know i will have you back. And we're going to have lots of questions to ask these hearts you and three later. absolute honor to have you on and i am just grateful. Your heart strict. Will remiss your integrity in your ability honors all mine. I want to acknowledge you for for life threatening. Thank you so much debate This was tossed. And i cannot wait to see. Would you guys say about this. Episode was the.

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Episode 62 Will the new Clubhouse App Help your Beauty Business?

Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

40:39 min | 2 months ago

Episode 62 Will the new Clubhouse App Help your Beauty Business?

"Growing their beauty business doesn't have to be overwhelming. It's all about mastering a few key strategies and systems to save you time. Welcome to booty marketing simplified podcast dedicated to helping you on your entrepreneurial journey. I'm your host april niece. I'm a permanent cosmetic artists that built my six year business while only working three days a week and raising twin toddlers. I'm here to tell you the is possible for you to with a background in marketing. It's my mission to help. Women worldwide debt more prophets while pursuing their passion and purpose. Let's transform your beauty business for more income and less stress starting right now low. Hello everyone we are talking about clubhouse. Have you heard about the new ac card clubhouse and are you wondering what is it all about. Do we really need another shiny object distraction. Is this something. I need to be on for my beauty business while today. We're talking about it. And then he hind the scenes and breakdown for you and give you all. The information can also talk about the updates with baseball end. How ads are changing. And all of that and i have to say when i first heard about this app i was just like i don't know you know i mean in some. I have my own in two different worlds. I have my foot in the beauty world. And i have the other foot in marketing wrong and so this came out in may of last year may twenty twenty and i was like. I don't know if i should jump on it and finally there was a lot of buys in october. A lot of people in my marketing world. You know these other groups were saying you have to get on it. And i kind of hesitated in hesitated. Because i'm not one to jump on. I didn't jump on snapchat in i did. Maybe a few talks in. it just wasn't for me. I'm just a little bit. Like i don't know if i want to take on another thing so i was a little hesitant at first but when i started hearing more about how people were using it for their business and when i experienced it myself on like this is something i can get behind and has to have an iphone or an eye pad to be able to download the app so i have an android own but i have ipad so able to do it that way. Let me just quickly tell you about the facebook ad changes. Because i really important even if you don't run facebook ads so what happened is apple has changed their rules so apple. The company has changed their rules and they're just keeping their security tight in it has to do with apple. Ios and they changed the privacy settings. So what that means is that facebook would get data from apple users. Which by the way apple iphone is. I think it's like four to one in terms of more people have i phones than had android. So it's four to one so if you know that means you're collecting a lot of data on our clients on ss well on our client. So if you're running ads. On facebook or instagram platform you will not be able to track the conversions. So has changed those privacy settings so what that means is that the ads are going to will likely. You'll probably see you might have already seen this fit. The cost is going to go up. Well we knew that was going to happen because supply and demand so we knew the cost would go up but also you might see. The ads are a bit less effective and news. This is gonna continue to happen. We've seen it with facebook. We've seen our business pages get less reach. We've seen this happen on instagram. Where instagram feed is pretty much dead now. And it's all about stories instagram stories. Or now this instagram reels. Because they're trying to compete with tiktok and so they're trying to do the next thing so if you're like i need one more thing that's the same thing that keeps happening on these other platforms facebook instagram. Where we're used to getting client. So this is why. It's also a great opportunity to get in on the clubhouse app because it's new into can really build a following that clubhouse app is still in its infancy. Okay so i let me tell you about the clubhouse out it is an audio only platform so i think of it like an old ronaldo show like a calling. The great thing about that is you. Don't have to worry about how you look or gotten steph on your shirt or any of that you can just fine you only. You can listen to it while you're multitasking. If you're you know cooking or doing the dishes or walk the or anything like that he just listen. Kind of like you would a podcast. But great thing is you can ask questions so you can get real time feedback and there's no emojis or typing bubbles or really no way to even chime in on the conversation unless you raise your hand to ask a question in to get in on the conversation so you guys are following me that this is an audio only platform okay. So that is a little tricky because we did it. Professionals are visual. We want to show our work. But this also gives you a chance to show your expertise walk you through some key things you need to know about the platform and kind of how to navigate your way around the platforms etiquette. And a bit of the like mostly. Do's and don'ts pitches with the key things you should now and lingo and so forth but later will break down all kind of go behind the scenes on my strategy. On how i plan on using this because if you now one of the things that i teach is leveraged marketing techniques leveraged meaning that you get a bigger return on investment a bigger. Roi for your time. So that's why. I always love video because video can be multi-purpose into shorter audio clips or instagram or stories. You can put on youtube. If you want input on your website you can keep the transcript and turn it into a blog post for seo. I mean there's so much that you can do with it. So i'm all about finding ways to maximize my time so i wanted to figure out strategy small about having a planned. Just jump into something without knowing how it's gonna work for your business otherwise is just another shining object and i will say that this app has what they call a sticky factor. It's very sticky. Meaning that people are very excited and spend hours on the app right so it's new it's sticky ending kinda go down a rabbit hole and get distracted and you're like wow. I just spent so many hours on that app. I had no idea so. Let's talk about again. It's an audio only app. We don't want to get on an app just to get followers. Obviously attention is you know when you get attention to your brand and that's going to bring you bring awareness and that can be good but it's getting the right type of followers right. I heard that story of you know there is an instagram influence. Or who had two million followers and she couldn't sell to t shirts for thirteen dollars right. So followers do not equal prophets. Or i should say. Popularity doesn't always prophets. It has to have a plan on how you plan on following up with people how you working this into your business or just becomes one more thing so again. How does this relate to clubhouse were. Here's the thing it's not reported. Meaning that if you're not on the platform live it's on so if you miss it while now there are some people that are like if you heard the other night eat on. Musk was on. I tuned in ten thirty pacific. It was glad that i lived on the west coast to hear it. I two in the room filled up like that because they only allow right now. There's a cap of six thousand people in a room. There were i. Think ten overflow rooms so about that about sixty thousand. People live to union to listen to him. I mean it's all around the world that still salat for that time of night and everything that was happening warning in you can't buy it was super fascinating and some people did record it in uploaded it onto youtube. And i've heard those things technically if you're not there live you miss it. It goes away so what this creates is a little bit of foam right fear of missing out because people think oh. I wanna hear what's happening. I wanna hear what's going on. I want to hear the latest greatest tidbits that type of thing. So let's start from the beginning on my ipad. you. I get on the app. The app looks like so you. Just you know there are two different clubhouse you want the one with this guy that has recorded up insists. Now it's this Right here it's kind of a black and white guy aren't who have you know reggae hair type of thing. That's the app that you want your download the app first of all and if somebody is in your network. They will get a notification that they can have an invite. They can approve you to the app. What you wanna do. Is you want your name. So you'll know just like instagram. Like your business name might have gone away right. So you wanna use your real name but you could also use like for example minus april. Meese at unity marketing. That's what mine is unique marketing. April fiji marketing. You can have your name. Karen bats at uk pm. You or no pay be pro. She could have it like that right or she could just have it. Karen betts karen betts. But you want to secure your name. Okay so then after you down the app register your name in. Everyone again needs to do that. And then you can join a room. You can follow people or you can follow clubs. You guys understand following people everybody's argument but anyways when you follow people you'll get notifications when they start a room when they're a speaker. Sometimes if they've joined as a listener you'll get notifications sometimes when you are following them they can. It's called like p. i. n. g. They can bring you into a room or notify you that a room is open. Like hey come over here and kind of send you a little alarm or notification. So that's when you're following people you guys kinda get that right okay and so then there's also you can have a room is a group of people with a topic and there are different types of rooms so there are qna most before using the app. There's also a resource roundtable. This is kind of like a panel of experts or basically where. You're not really taking questions. You're listening to people. Have this discussion on a certain topic. That's mostly what it was at the beginning or yvonne yvonne masks in turned into a so. Then there's this thing called popcorn style where everybody is. Just kinda talking. I'd love that can kinda crazy. Yes it's just for apple users or ipad. Okay now there's also clubs clubs are now popping up you have to host a few rooms before you can start a club and then you can follow a room. You can follow a or you can put the invitation on your calendar to be reminded of the room topic and join or you can follow a club and get the notifications for that club will walk you through a few things so when we're on at and hopefully you'll be able to see this but i just want to also explain that the groups are kind of just think like you have pm you group saying this as facebook right you have mommy and me groups you have so many different topics like star wars and beyond right and they're gonna swat tips. They're just you know it's a great place hupa corroborate. It's a great place who actually have access and learn from people that you might never have gotten in the room with before might never have been able to ask you this question. Like for example. I was in a room last night. And it was the creator of sham. Wow do you guys remember sham. While it was on info -mercial chamois. I wanted to say it was like eight. It's this towel that you could use to clean everything shamrock. You remember sam. While so. I know i'm not alone. But she sold like eight billion dollars worth of sham while so obviously you know she did well. She was super fascinating and she just had son jihad a lot of great insight on it takes to run seven figure eight figure over business right and i could have raised my hand. Possibly ask her a question. I was just listening in that group. But this is the way. There's also these groups were there collaborations that are happening. So for example you can hit your business and there might be. Investors might be people that say yes. I'll share that with my audience. It's one of those if you've ever been to the networking groups like Be an eye or something like that where there were somebody gets on stage and they say i have this to offer and i'm looking for somebody to partner with that would also spread the word about my business. I just wanna tell you that there are rooms and also you can have a room be open so anybody can join. You can have a room be closed. Where just be were actually sorry the next would be social so it would just go out to your social network or you can have it be closed and that's kind of has a walk sign on it. Now be like a private chat type of thing so and so we think that one you have these rooms you can. Also if you're joining these. Dan clubs can also host private rooms. So when you're part of a cloud might get an invitation to a private room. that's just for their members. Maybe there's a special. They're doing maybe either something that's coming out soon. They just to tell a few people about i know he. Martin has an exciting announcement coming out soon for any areola artists than That's really exciting. That she would just tell people in private club all right so then the other thing is you can see a calendar of upcoming rooms and think of it like events right who's hosting them and what the topic is and then there's a direct link so you can add it to your calendar so this is an easy way. If there's really something that you want to listen to you you can schedule that. An into you Because remember once it's gone time. I know it's hard if you're busy with a bunch of clients. How are you going to schedule this in or we're going to talk about that strategy in just a moment so i find like a smaller room. Listen and just strict to learn and start to connect with people and decide that you know if this platform kind get the flow of the platform the beginning. Let me start with that anybody. That has a little a little asterik by their name. They call it the green bean green dots by their name. Mccain that is called the green bean. I don't know why they call it. Looks like a little star to me a little asterik that means they're the moderator so those are the ones that are speaking they call it on stage called the people that are kind of above all of these names and then there's like a line that those are the people that are on stage and have a microphone. Meaning they can actually anew themselves in say something everybody that's below that line is in. The audience is just listening to cannot speak when you first join the app. You get this little party hat emoji. A little confetti party hat emoji and that shows that your new to clubhouse and it's fun like that because you see people that have a new little hat and you know that. They're kinda just learning their way around the platform. So then you also will see when you join a room. There's a little like peace out hand and says leave quietly so you can lead. You can just exit the room. That makes perfect sense right. You'll also see that. There's this little hand raised little cartoon hand here that little cartoon hand. That's if you wanted to ask a question you would push that little button and then the moderator anybody who has a little green star can green you up to the room it can bring up to the platform stage okay and you can ask your question so then your microphone gets turned on now. Sometimes that little hand will be graded out meaning you cannot raise your hand and that is because the moderator has turned off the feature for raising hands meaning the hand raising could be distracting. So maybe they're just gonna do it in the resource roundtable panel of experts style. And they're not gonna take many questions they can turn it on or off so they might turn it off for a while. They're getting a lot of questions or a lot of people are on stage and they'll turn it off in an alternate back on. You'll just push that button into a raise your hand in you'll go up to the stage where your microphone is automatically turned on so listen. Don't do this when you're going to the restroom or i don't know anything else or if there's too much background noise like or just the minute you get on stage. Make sure you mute yourself. It's not an automatic mute. And i see that a lot of people are like you know getting on stage in the background noise. Their kids crying dogs going wild and kinda messes up the flow of the platform. You want call yourself out that way. Okay so mute yourself when you first get called up on stage if you've raised your hand hopefully that's making sense so far when a moderator calls on you so they'll say okay who has a question melba you have a question and then you're gonna click the little microphone button and you're gonna unmuted yourself and you're gonna get your thirty second intro right like i always like to say your name. I who you help in your business so just like i introduced the podcast. My name is april knees. I help beauty. Professionals that are struggling to get consistent client flow become the go-to standout six figure professional. Earning up to fifty percent more increased income with amplify methods. Like that's a little bit longer so you might just shorten it in just a minute. Melba business is this. Is the name of it located here and my question. Is you want to say my question is your is always going to say your name. My question is then go into the back story because you give them the question first so they can start to think how they're going to answer you before you give them the long story and then there's no clarity so i think you guys follow me on that so make sure you same. My question is and then you're gonna give your question now. they're also. You're not just heard this yesterday. Who trying to make this platform accessible to the blind and death and the way they're doing that is there are people that are actually transcribing it and so the etiquette for this moving forward. Not everybody's doing this yet. That is to say this. Is april when you start or my name is april. And then when you're finished speaking after you ask your question toward a little bit of your story for reference. Then you say. I'm done speaking so that they know okay you're done. Speaking in the next person would say their name and so they know we're kind of people are coming and going in the conversation so that's just a little extra thing you don't need to remember all of these things that i'm just gonna walk through a few things now. The next thing is plus signed the plus sign is the call that pinging somebody into the room that means if you click on that you can add people right so you'll see your people you can scroll through. And say hey. This is a great room. I think you should be in. And you'll click on their name and they will get a notification. Hey come join. This room came. Those are the basic things when you first look at the screen. You click on a person's name for example. Here's if you've ever heard of the speaker hoards orbs riley so if i click on her profile you just get a mini version of that profile. I you can follow her hand. You can follow her. You can swipe up to see her full profile and you can go all the way down and at the bottom. You're going to see her instagram. There is no messenger or way to contact anybody on this app directly so you have to message them through instagram or twitter. I don't use twitter so much. I have twitter. But i don't really use it so i don't wanna get a lot of messages in that kind of mrs people so i only even though i have twitter. I only put my instagram or mayor. So they will be. Mu right on instagram. So it's kind of interesting how this is that might change in the future but right now that's how it is if they if you want to connect with somebody you have to make sure and if you want people to connect with you which i'm sure you do you wanna make sure that you have your instagram. And now even if you don't have an instagram or you haven't kept up with it at least make sure that even if you don't have any pictures still put your name on there and we'll talk about your bio in a bit but here's the thing it's one of those things where i've heard like major business professionals when i say that i mean like have a lots of accomplishments in terms of business and business experience right and they have said to other people. Listen shoot me a gm. Or i'm going to reach out to you on instagram. Messaging messager yelm. I'm going to. Dm you and i'm going to help you. And i'm going to help you with this or i've seen people get a lot of right now. It's like there's this great generosity it can't explain it is so great. I know those aren't vast vocabulary for you but you're with me on that i'm sure okay. So here's the thing you'll see profile you can follow them if you click on the face profile right there also. Sometimes you'll see like bobble with a stark there and you can click on that and that will show you people that they are friends with so maybe you follow. Let's say you follow hereon. Bats anyone to see who karen betts is following or people. She might be friends with it. You might also want to follow so you can follow that right to the. Hey you can also when you click on a room you can get click a little bell that will give you a notification when something is happening right all right so i think i talked about the plus sign was hanging people into the room where you can say. Hey come join me in this room now. One of the things is if someone is speaking they will have this like golden ring around their kind of flashing a little bit. Highly is right here in the middle. You got gold ring. That's kind of flashing around her name. That means she is speaking. She is the speaker right now. She's speaking right now and then the speakers you see how they have the microphone right beside their name. When they are clapping they will hit the microphone on and off. And that's just like they like somebody says something great that they agree with. It's of just like this. I know this is like you're like this is all too much. You don't need you know a lot of this. You'll just kind of pick it up as it goes. The main thing is when you start to follow people just like with facebook and just like any of these social platforms that algorithm will see who you were following people clubs rooms and it will start to show you more of that content. Okay so if you click on the little circle which is up top. That's for this is mine for example. See april it marketing and it tells you followers humming people. You're falling your bio. Is there if you want to edit. You can click to edit it. You can click the little year. Go back to see this little gear here. At the taught you can click that gear. And here's where you can turn on your notifications so you can turn it on to frequently notified infrequently get notified. If you don't want to get all the things you can get trending rooms when you click on interest it will show you all of these clubs and different subjects that you can follow. I mean i'm telling you hanging out identity hustle hustle one of my favorite ones. Because it's like entrepreneurship fe. Lie languages it goes on and on right so you can click on those in annual find grooms and more things for that right so you can follow certain interests and again the algorithm will start to see what you're interested in and it will start to show you more and more things now. The other thing is and you can change your photo. You can change your bio change all of that information. So one of the things is if you're looking at this is called the room so i'm in this room. There's a button here. Call all rooms so you put on all rooms. This is where you can. Scroll like other rooms that are happening right. And then you can even go down and hit explore and it will show you even more rooms okay so to kind of expose you to more runs. The point is that when you see all of these different rooms this is what's called the hallway so you can be listening in one room in kind of walking the hallway so this fee now if you use the platform in just swipe left now. Here's where you'll start to see some rooms that are there. Okay if you push this button right here this green button that will actually you can add yourself to the room but if you click it with people like in a chat. This would be if i click that button. That would mean. I'm gonna start a private room with them. So there is karen bats right. There are maya i would be starting a private room if i clicked that green button. So you don't want that green but that's just that you swipe left you can see who's been on the platform that's in your community it's creepy. They can see like when you were just last on it soon. You're on it. Maybe what room. you're in like. i can see. Sarah is in this room. The secret to identifying i join her in that room there is this room. It was called freaks. Come out at night or or cheating on your husband room or something like that. If your friends see that you're in that room might not be a good idea. Okay saying there's ways that people can see these things it's not completely private. The conversation goes away but people might screenshot. that said. Just be careful where you go. I'm gonna. I'm gonna totally be honest with you guys. I saw that and curiosity. I was like what kind of room is that. It was the i wanted to say. It was like the first day i was on the platform. And i clicked on it and i was like what and then they were like. Oh april's in the room. I was like oh my gosh leave. Leave leave oh my gosh life this is the truth the truth okay so yes probably just curious about this platform so all right. Yeah those rooms. You're gonna to see me mostly in the marketing room. You're gonna see me in the pm you rooms. That's where a when i have time. Okay there's a little bell for notifications you can see. It will tell you upcoming rooms that you can join. Then you can click the little bell or member you can click the little bell and that will give you a notification of when that room is okay it will send you a reminder that room all right and that's i think that's one of those things when you click that bell that would be following the speakers you can follow all the speakers in the room you can also click the bow for following somebody and it will give you options. You want to follow them. You can say always sometimes or never ever it's called never ever meaning get notifications. Get an alert to win. They are on stage. You so you can say. Always get a notification when karen betts is speaking sometimes get a notification or never ever get a notification. Good always say always so. You'll get an alert when they're on stage right and some people were on his platform wine. I when i learned something. I dive into it. I kind of binge it and learn it for a moment and then i'm going to back off right and so the time i've been on i've seen people that have been on it. I don't know twenty four hours. And i'm thinking today sleep probably in the same thing in me but anyways so you might want to turn some of the alerts off so not everybody sees. You're not seeing all of the alarms and so forth right. And then the other thing is you're gonna see your profile in that top corner that will circle. You'll click on that and that's how you can edit your bio and again all do a whole nother video on that. There's lots of emojis that people like to use for their bio. But again you can set your notifications and so forth and click your interest like we said all those great things you can listen to around. Go in the hallway all the things that we just talked about and also when you swipe left to see the room sometimes there's also you'll see nettie like a telephone pad at the bottom. It's kind of the same swiping left. Basically now the next thing is this magnifying glass. The little magnifying glass is the search right. It's to look for people dislike. We've had in other things right and the magnifying glass. You can look for friends you can search you know you could put in april me right and you can follow people or clubs. Search names inserts of people but when my name comes at the first line of my bio comes up. So what's really important. Is you want that first line. If your bio to be the first ones who three four five six six words that you want somebody to know about you. So i think that's important to know then you can also see when you put that you can see a ruined directory of the rooms that those people are in so say i clicked on myself. I can see what rooms. I'm a member of right. What rooms Sorry that's clubs on the number of and you can also contact people in those things. All right now you'll hear moderators say things. Like i'm going to reset the room when they say i'm going to reset that room. That doesn't mean they're gonna kick you off. It just means that people are coming and going like sometimes. I'll go into one room. I'll be there for five minutes. I'm like man. Let me go check another. And then i'll check another room and we go back to that of then. You're popping in an outright eight and so some of these rooms will go on for hours. In fact i think one room went on for. I think the record is twenty. Four days straight. They had new moderators. That kept coming in and getting keeping the room going. So i tried to set a record or something but i think that was at the beginning now. People are trying to. Nobody's got time for that time for that seriously so the shortening it right and what that means is since people are coming and going the moderator will say i'm going to reset the room to reset the room kind of just to say hey for those of you. That are just joining us. I'm here with karen. Bats mickey martin and we're talking for pmu and beauty business owners about how to level up your skills your marketing your mindset and they'll just kinda give a little lay so if you have any questions go ahead and hit the little hand sign and if you have a question for one of us or any of the speakers make sure when you come to the stage you hit your mute for your microphone and they'll also say if they're good moderator make sure you go ahead and hit that plus sign and ping your friends to the room because we want to have as many people here as possible. That's just kind of like little soundbite of like resetting the room right and and you want that and you kinda kinda. Give the rules for the room so that people are not speaking over each other right single. Say call on you when i call on you. Try to limit your response to two minutes. So it's not too long in that type of thing. Okay let's see. I think i've covered most of the things i talked about. The explore button. I talked about rooms can pop up spontaneously. There's also i told you about the closed room which has a law on it. And so there's one thing to know that moderators are the only ones that can pull people up on stage and then they can also push them back down into the audience they can new them they can do kind of a lot of things if you start a room and your moderator kind of go over that probably in another video you could leave the room but anybody that's a moderator has the same power so they could take over the room so you kind of want to be careful who you're partnering with for moderating because they could start calling all kinds of people on stage and then then it kinda gets out of order. I like a room that has like a regiment but like a real flow to it at work since not everybody's talking to each other and so those are some of the things. So here's one of the things. I wanna tell you that what i love about it is. It's real candid conversations. It's not overly produced like we see in this world right where things are glossy it's natural conversations there's not going to be a replay and so just like you see tiktok. Broke away from you. Know the curated type of reels and they're going for more of a authentic that i feel like people are just creating more of the authentic right doesn't matter if somebody has like a glossy bio they wanna know like art. Can you help me. Are you know are genuine are. Do you really know what you're talking about not type of thing and so. I think that it's again. People are just looking for more of that real authentic raw type of conversations and connections and collaborations that are happening and so again you know you could get into a room with top business owners and ask them questions or might be. There's a lot of celebrities that are on the platform. That's that's important to you on but you're able to get proximity to people that you to get proximate to core. They just speaking for myself. Maybe and then also it's physically in my opinion impossible to fake it like it's you authentically on there right. It's nobody faking their photos. There's no one there's no way to stay boost your numbers right now or straight up lying about what you've accomplished. Maybe people could put lies in their bio but when they get on this stage people are gonna know like are they real or not right so i think there are some people that are claiming to be like could trillionaires in their bio. And they're probably not. But i think their character will show. They are all right so you might be asking. Do i need to be on this app. Do i have the capacity on my plate. Like can i take on one more thing but ask yourself. Do you see the value in building a global network of connections for your business. Now you might be thinking. I just want to target the people in my local town while eventually there will be those groups and the great thing is it's early so i mean. Imagine if you were getting on instagram. Five years ago. it's that type of it. You know early nece exposure and so it's a great way to kind of build yourself on the platform and build an authentic tribe so also but it is more global than local right now. But it doesn't mean. I'm gonna tell you i'm into another video telling you a strategy on heideman forward for local even if somebody you know. I've heard people by the way heard if people being invitations. I've also heard of people buying old iphones not necessarily in like hooking it up but just getting old iphone. Just download the app. I don't know exactly how that would work. If you're not on network. I know the fomo. It's real right once many gets i heard about it. I think in like october. And then i just slept awesome when i decided at one eight and i was like so. Here's the other thing to ask yourself questions like is this for you and your business like i said i don't want you to chase a lotta shiny objects. I always say that to my clients. You have to figure out a plan for how to work in your business. How you plan on maximizing in monetize it. What's your strategy for following up with people connections and so forth but do you feel comfortable and confident showing up in engaging in these conversations. Because i know what you just spending so much time learning. I think there's a value in learning in listening. But i want you to take action on it right. 'cause learning just morning sake is not as good as taking action so and then also is your business focused on building relationships or are you wanting to demonstrate or are you wanting to position yourself as an expert so it's the platform is very good for those things so if you are wanting to position yourself as an expert in permanent makeup for your town and i would get on it. Yeah i i think that that's what i really love about the platform and that was just a lot of connections clebrations that are happening and i believe so strongly in fact. That's one of the core concepts of the amplify method. That i teach to all my students is leveraging the audience of other authority referral partners in other strategic alliances. Right to really build your network. And so because they have trust in you are actually leveraging their trust and so you're able to kind of build your bigger network okay. Hopefully that all makes sense you guys. I'm pretty active on the platform. If you're active on the platform you get more invites. The more active. You are so okay guys. Thank you so much as always guys. Thanks so much. Thank you for listening to another episode of the beauty marketing. Simplify podcasts and if you enjoy today's episode we would love to hear from you. Make sure you subscribe download and also leave us a review. Let us know any topics that you would like to hear about and also definitely refer it to a friend thank you again for joining us on signing off. This is grit and grace hugs and high fine you next week.

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E5:P1: Hidden in the Hay

Diary of a Nation

49:02 min | 6 months ago

E5:P1: Hidden in the Hay

"Anchor, you know that heavy thing either boaters used to more their vessels. In the podcasting world anchor is a platform for content creators, my friend Tom turned me onto anchor. It solves the pain points for podcasters and three. Anchor gives you the tools to record and edit your audio and then publisher content to the popular podcast directories like spotify and apple plus a bunch of others. They also give you a basic website to direct listeners to your episodes and you can monetize your content from day one. Download the free anchor APP or go to Anchor Dot F. am to get started. Be advised the following episode contains content that may not be appropriate for all audiences. I don't know what happened to me, but I'm unable to cry and I'd want to. I used to be able to cry when I heard good music conduit anymore. I can't cry. This is diary of a nation. I'm your host Christina Slotnick. My podcast explores the human experience in an effort to help us better understand one another. Holocaust survivor coty Preston was born in Transylvania in nineteen, thirty nine at the start of World War. Two today she lives in an eighteenth century farmhouse on fifty acres in rural New Hampshire. When she was five she spent three months hiding from the. Nazis. Barn. Twenty eight members of her family and fifty kindergarten classmates were not as fortunate. All seventy eight were exterminated at Auschwitz. COTY. It's an absolute honor to be with you today. Thank you I have a real hard time with Auschwitz. I have not been there I. Once in Poland I had ticket to go to outfits on the on the on the train and I chickened out because I was on my own. And I couldn't. I couldn't do it and I've still got to do it because I have to do it for my family and I haven't been able to do it yet. You know we have no graves we have no markers. Just. Gone. There's a German word for it furnished Dong, which is a very strong to make nothing you're not to reduce to nothing Nick Dong. And that's what happened to my family and it's so sad. I imagine today that this interview will be the most consequential episode that I will ever record and I. Thank you for welcoming me into your home and for being open to discussing the Holocaust as I told you earlier. I. Was born in Germany to a German mother in an American soldier. My husband's family is Jewish and I converted to Judaism myself. So I have a particular interest in helping you share your story. Let's start at the beginning you were born I was born in a small town called Niger Veyron, which is now called arrived there because it's no Romania. and. I had a very happy, very wary of childhood my parents for those days where considered the rich my mother had a very big fashion business champlain, forty girls, and it. You know she was making dresses for all the rich people from the whole area. My father had a a fish business. He was wholesaling fish. There were big. Big Crates wouldn't create in the river where we were at that went through the town and he wholesale these live carp everywhere and we always had a cop swimming and now bath I remember that I remember going up to this carp and talking to it. I was about four and saying will come so sorry we're going to eat you but you're going to stay so good was trying to chair it up. and. I had a wonderful childhood. I had everything that a child could desire. My parents had on me. When I was born, they were considered older parents. My mother was thirty and my father was a forty when I was born and I was an only child and. They spoiled rotten. I. Had the most incredible room and beautiful clothes an every conceivable toy in the world. And it was a wonderful childhood and you know everybody in the house was always trying to please me and I would be trotted out to my mother's customers and shown how and wearing beautiful dress system. My hair was always don up and that was always could seeing with these ladies and they were always patting me on the head telling me how beautiful I am and how what a lucky. Little girl I am I was very lucky little girl and I adored my father I was my daddy's little girl. He was the pivotal character in my life. He was tall and handsome and dark, and he would throw me up in the air and catch me and he would sit with me for hours on the balcony teaching mail about the stars every constellation I still know every constellation in Hungarian? That hasn't changed. And he was very kind man for those days. You know children weren't supposed to be converse with they were told to do go here. Go there. Do this do that he was always explaining things to me he was always telling me why I should be doing something and he would give me money when I went for walks and wanted to make sure that I gave it to the poor and I would say to him. Of what if they don't need it and he says, no, no no, you don't understand if somebody's begging you, you are supposed to be good and give it to them because here. But by the grace of God, go you just because your parents are rich it doesn't mean that beggar is not as good as you are that beggar is like you except he has no luck and he doesn't have a daddy like you have. And this has taught me a lot. He was a very kind man and he shouldn't have he shouldn't have been. For being a drew. I mean why? Why? Never mind you know it's hard for me to understand it. It was hard for me to understand then it's hard for me to understand now, and then my beautiful live very slowly started to unravel at first I was taken to visit the local church by one of the maids. To see the the little display, the Christmas display and I still baby Jesus. I stuck him under the Mike coat and went home with Jesus because it was a different looking doll I had those but not that one and my mother takes my coat off and she says Oh my God, they're going to say the juice stealing Jesus you better go back there and apologize. So I was dragged back to that church and there was this very tall. Gaunt looking priest with a huge nose like to Cam. And he waved his bony finger at me and told me that I would go to hell for stealing Jesus and I should never steal. Anything especially church and you know I was terrified I never ever wanted to be near a church I mean churches send you to hell. You know the whole analogy was pretty scary and then my parents decided that this point that I was an out of control for an half year old and they got me a governess. Flight Line, which is means miss in German. That's what I called her. She was an Australian lady with the ban on her head and the very, very thin mouth. She had lips like like a mail box you know. Very, very strict. She never smiled and she made my life absolute hell and my parents kept saying, yeah. But froylan knows and and she knows how to bring up a young lady and you'll have to be a young lady from a good family. They all have to have a governor and you know in their sort of. Ignorance, they decided that I needed to belay defied. So hair was line who in all fairness in a mere six months managed to teach made to read, write and speak German. So, you can imagine the regime was very strict and table manners like I had to have a hard boiled egg under each armpit. So I I wouldn't flap my wings at the table. and. Then I had to have a ruler at the back of the chair which tied around my neck and around my waist for posture and it worked I. Still have good posture and I wasn't allowed to eat on the street and you know to this day every time I'm on the street I'm eating I'm rebelling define eighty one years old and I'm rebelling against foiling. I hate to throw line and I kept complaining and they said Oh. No, no Freud Line is good. She knows best Blah Blah. And then things started to change you know people always say to me well, why did the juice agreed to go to the camps? It wasn't quite like that at all it was a slow erosion of your liberty. They started taking things away from people. I people couldn't go to college anymore if you were Jewish, then you couldn't go to high school then you. Could only go to Jewish school. I wasn't allowed to sit on my favorite bench at the park because that wasn't a Jew bench they they designate the benches were Jews were allowed to sit and they weren't allowed to sit anywhere else. I wasn't allowed to go to the local swimming pool with my father anymore because I would contaminate it. I was a Jew. And my very first experience of real antisemitism was my mother was walking with me. She said to me I have a present for you and she brought this beautiful yellow star which she sold onto my coat and she says from now on when you go outside, you'll have to wear the star and I was so happy about it. You little girls like shiny things and here we are going down the road holding hands and I'm skipping like Oh kids do with going to buy some pastries and the man comes opposite and he stops and looks at me and I look at him. You know sort of expecting him to say something Nice about my beautiful star I'm surprised of. And he looks at me and spits in my face and the SPITS runs down from my face onto my star and I look up at my mother horrified the man hates stars never thinking that it's it's me and then my mother who normally would protect me takes me by the hand she shook his mansion drags me hold and she says, we'll talk when we get home and then we get home and. She says no darling it's not the star issue he hates and I said. But why says because you're a Jew I said okay. But if I don't have the star, he won't know Ahmadou she says, but you have to wear the star because it's the law you can't go out without the Star I was very confused and that's the first time that I experienced through through antisemitism of course by this time. Another law started coming into into being that no woman under the age of forty five was allowed to work for a Jewish family. and. So all the girls who worked for my mother, the maids were gone, and of course, white line left, which made me. So happy she used to read Grimm's fairy tissues to scare me to death struggle Peter that owns for that too I remember that. With a little boy who are does fingers cut off because his nails were too long and the little girl who got burnt up because she played with matches, all those used to scare me to death and you know they didn't have the intended effect on me because I played with matches I read that book I also sucked my thumb yet I read that book. My Childhood Dachshund chewed some of those pages but you know it just goes to show you that children were not sort of as as people they were thought of things to corral and to and to and to make obey. The grownups old stories were frightening. They were not nurturing stories will gary stories. What were your parents full names? My father was Ernest Ruben. and My mother was Gabriela and her maiden name was bought sock, which is a weird sort of Hungarian Romanian name. Your mother had twin boys and a girl before. She all three died prematurely anywhere. So I wanted as an. Wanted and not only that I was very lucky because had those children survived I wouldn't be alive today because she couldn't have saved for really how could she say for Children in that barn? Who would have taken four right you know what I mean. I was very lucky to be an only child at that point. So then things started getting getting worse they started bringing in laws against Jews all over the place and the Hungarian authorities were very clever because they made everybody registered with the police saying they wanted to protect us so still to speak and everybody very very nicely and willingly went to the police station and told them where they lived. How many people at. CETERA. Then they started calling up the juice for what they called work details. So my father had to go away and build roads somewhere. And then They build a ghetto they took a poor part of town and they put up great big wall surrounded with barbed wire and they decided that all the Jews had to go and live in the ghetto. And of course, they had no problem rounding everybody up because they knew where everybody lived and at this point my father came home and. I remember looking out the window. There was a lot of screaming and yelling, and there were people in the street. There were soldiers with guns and bayonets and whips, and they were whipping these people onto carts and onto trucks and. Herding them together into this ghetto. What age were you at that time as a almost five? And I remember. My father and mother saying goodbye and my mother was sobbing and then I kind of sort of one my way between them and because they were crying I was crying. and. But I, didn't realize that it wouldn't be like Oh. You Know My dad is going away on a business trip I thought he'd come back and bring me presents like he always did but the atmosphere was very sad and then suddenly after all the noise though was silence I, look out the window and there are dogs and cats running around because people were taken so fast they didn't have time to play pets with friends or neighbors, and there were all these pills and then the dogcatcher came with a long stick with a round. Of whole on it, and he was hooking all these poor animals since throwing them into the back of a truck and that really upset me almost more than think taking the people away because as a child that's what you identify with the pets. And then we were left alone mother and I and she she said to me if anybody comes you have to hide under the bed you're not supposed to make any noise because people are trying to find you and the reason she didn't have to go to the ghetto although she had converted to Judaism. She was not Jewish by blood and it is Jews by blood that they wanted not so much religious part of it anybody who had. Any Jewish blood even if you had one grandparent who was a Jew were supposed to go to the ghetto because they wanted to radically eight the race. The Jewish race, it was not a religious thing you were in kindergarten at one point. Tell me about the fifty two children while I was in kindergarten for a very short while my parents decided that I should find out a little bit about my Jewish heritage because they were very secular. And in this can the gun there were fifty two kids. And only tool for survived. Only to talk to each of fifty two children. Yes. Let's sit with that for just a moment. It's awful. Yes. Little children little children had nothing who did nothing and you know basically when they killed the six million at least two, million of them were under eighteen. Two million I. Didn't know that and yes off a lot of children, Jews had lots of children because it was amidst that to have a child you know and and they they they killed everybody. We'll talk about your life after the Holocaust later in the interview. But briefly you were in touch with that one other kindergartner I- Mentor in London she to escape by being hidden by their made in an attic apparently, and I met her in London years and years. Later, I was at a cocktail party and were standing there with their drinks you know and I suddenly heard a voice that sounded like me. And I thought wait a minute. That's a Hungarian accent. So I walked up to her and I started talking to her and Sunday. We realize with the other one was and we fell on each other sobbing it was an amazing historical. Moment for me it was it was unbelievable. We're holding each other you know and the oldest English people were looking down their noses at us because you don't make public displays like that in London, not in a proper cocktail party but we didn't care and she she was a wonderful woman she was actually. A A doctor. But unfortunately, she had breast cancer and died soon after we met. You had cancer two, oh. Yeah. I had something called metastatic small cell cancer and it was totally totally fatal. It was staged for and that was fifteen years ago what? Was Everywhere Oh okay. Hit are already metastasized and abandoned. It started with little growth under my Chin and it had gone everywhere and they never found the primary but I don't know why I survived because I'm here. Thank. God. You did. Well, the thing is that every time I go for my checkups every year I apologize for upsetting the statistics. You know they keep saying to me you you were supposed to diet. It's Lori. Describe the local collaboration that enabled the Holocaust. it was the Hungarian soldiers and civilians who helped because I men who was in charge of exterminating the Hungarian Jewish Society Adolf Eichmann by this time, they were losing the war, but he still wanted to make sure those Sangari and deported they last transport and he came to Hungary with only two hundred Nazi Nazi officials and those two hundred and Aikman managed to round up and kill three quarters of a million Jews in three months time because of the local collaboration because of the neighbors and the soldiers and the local police they gleefully. Contributed whatever they could to the persecution of your own people, your own our neighbors own communities, and the same thing happened in Yugoslavia. You saw that happening Bosnia you know they see they killed their neighbors. You know it was a question of Oh I'm GonNa take his apartment. So I, better tell them where he is you know if he's hiding, let's get rid of him. So I can have this and I can have that and it wasn't as if juice were rich, they weren't rich I mean the Hungarian Jews were very assimilated and okay my parents were considered well off but it's not like we didn't even have a car it's not like we were. Rich like in today's concept but people were considered a better off because they were educated and they were embarrassed and they try to better themselves and they were not reliant on society. So they were hated for it and also every society has to look down on somebody to make them feel better. It's like the politics today you know we we have today unfortunately, a president who manages to arouse the worst instincts in the lowest of the low, the poorest who live in shacks are the ones his biggest supporters because he tells them you better than those black and Brown people you're going to be rich because they're going to be. The threat of and you have every right to Lord, over them and people buy into this they did very dangerous and that's what that's what the Nazis did. You were eventually taken to live with a farmer, your family new op that they were all deported to. Auschwitz. By this time, I was hidden a milkmaid who used to bring our milk came to see my mother and set to her waist, your child and my mother Sus. I'm hiding her don't don't make any noise she says, no, no. No letter come to my farm she'll be much safer there. There's nobody there and you know you can't hide her here. Everybody knows where you are letter come to my house. This woman was very grateful to my mother because she was an orphan and my mother made her a wedding dress when she got married a few years before the some by this time, her husband was away in the army somewhere and she took me on her in her car art and we went all the way to her. Farm. And when we got there, I sort of expected to go to her house. But to my surprise, she stopped in front of this little bar. That had to Stolz one for the Horse in one for the cow and she made me go upstairs on this rickety stairs to this little bond attic area that was full of Hay and she said you're going to have to live here and I said but why I don't want to live here I want to go to your house she says, no, no no, you don't understand people want to kill. You don't have to hide here and if anybody comes, you'll have to make yourself. Very, small and not make any noise at all. This was a Christian peasant Elizabeth Elizabeth. She was a simple Christian peasant girl who who, who did the right thing. In those days but she didn't buy into the persecution obviously well, she paid some price to. Keeping you know she will in terms of being. A child who ran sad. Yeah. But she could have been killed. which would be worse. Yes. But they came to look for me and they you know they were slapping her around saying where's the Jew we have information that you're hiding a Jew and just since there's no Julia go look at my house. You think they figure that out because I found out later one of my mother's go who worked for her figured out that I wasn't at home and that my mother was inside the enough so I must be. Somewhere else and she saw my mother go with toys. From. The House and she she put two and two together and told the police she kept her mouth shut. released. She did not and when the Communists came, they made my mother Rehire her but that's okay I peed in her T. Only. Do Their mind having of the movie the help. By anyway. So we yes, people came to her home looking for you looking for me and they didn't find me they ransacked her house they throw everything around, and then as they were leaving, one of them stopped outside the bond. So wait a minute. Let's look at. You might be this. So they came judging these stairs three of them wearing the green. Uniforms with a black feathers in their hats, their bayonets, and they started poking the bayonet solo over the hey, looking for me and I scooted under the eaves and pulled the hey over my head and made myself really really small and I remember my heart was beating. So loud I was worried that they would hear it. It sounded like a drum to me. And I was holding my breath and they came closer and closer I opened one I and I look and this big black boots standing next to me and the bayonet comes down an inch from my face and get stuck in the would then he pulls out and they leave. and. I couldn't stand up for a whole day. My legs were like water and Elizabeth came and she she tried to comfort me and she held me and I remember she sang to me and she was very sweet and she was shocked herself. But I expected them to come back all the time. But now I was very quiet. I didn't complain about being hidden or anything you were five when you're in the adding. Yeah. How. Many months were you in there three months Three months totally alone. How did you summon the courage as such a young person because I think when there's a crisis, you kind of rise to the occasion because you know I raised four sons and I don't think they sat still five minutes. But then again, little girls are a bit more of a bit more biddable. You tell a little girl. Now you have to be quiet and sit here for a few minutes. They'll do it not like a boy probably won't, and I was also told that they would try to kill me which at first I didn't believe. But after the episode where the Mayo Net, believe me I I was I I believe they wanted to kill me because I realized the dying means having a big knife in your head 'cause I thought of it as a big knife and before they started taking the people to Auschwitz my mother managed to smuggle my father out of the ghetto. She paid off some people and. He was going to escape across the border to Romania. Where they went rounding them up yet and He decided to come and visit me before he left. He told my mother look I don't want the child to feel I'm abandoning her I love her she needs to she needs to to know that and I'm going to go and say goodbye to her and my mother begged him don't do that. It's dangerous says no no, it's fine. I'll go at night and he walked all the way to that village at night than they caught him outside the village or a outside, the bon, the bon entrance because. They knew they knew that he would be there. And this woman who told the police about my mother hiding may also made sure that my mother was arrested and tortured. The child dead and they tortured my mother and she never told me what they did to her. She says it was far too humiliating. She never never told me but it changed her. She stopped laughing allot your. No she used to be a very happy person and after this, she became very monroe's for years she she never had that belly laugh that used to have. She she was touched by this. But she never told them where I was very obviously, and then they took all the older juice to Auschwitz. And my father was there with with a friend from town and they stole a piece of bread because they were starving and they were found out and the commander decided to make an example of them. So they took the two men and this was quite cold. It was I think in the springtime accounts remember they stripped them naked than they beat them half to death breaking bones, and then put each of them in a dog Kennel in the middle of the Appel plots, which was a great big field where all the prisoners to. Had to line up every morning to be counted. and. They wanted to make an example to show everybody what happens if you steal anything. and. If you disobey and they took my father two days the night to die. and. That as a child made me very, very bitter. I wanted revenge. I spent the first few years after that sinking of what I would do to somebody who did this to my father I had visions of horrendous tortures I would subject. This boasts until I would I would skin them alive I, would burn them, I would torture them I would make them pay and I was so full of hatred so full of rage. For years and you know it took me fifty years to stop hating. I don't hate anymore I don't forgive because I don't have the right to forgive somebody else's death. but. I kind of emptied my soul of the hatred because when you're sold is full of hatred, there's no room for anything else and I filled it with love and basically people say to me. So what's your religion now? I said well, love. I Love I love and I'm a I'm a very happy person believe it or not this spite everything because I choose not to be a victim I'm not a victim Mama survivor. Have you cried all of your tears yet for the Holocaust I have and you know when my husband died almost a year and a half ago I have not been able to shed a single tear I have none left. Even. For other people I count crying more. I don't know what happened to me. I'm unable to cry and I'd want to. I used to be able to cry when I heard good music conduit anymore. Back in the attic touted you play. What did you wear to ask the time? Well, basically, I wasn't allowed to leave the ethic so and I wasn't allowed to have too many toys in case they they found them. So I played with little stones. You know I was making game south of it. She made me some. Dolls out of Hay. And I played with spiders, there were big black spiders at used to scare me and slowly being bored and being alone I made friends with them. They didn't bite and I caught one of them and I tied the string to his leg and I lead him around and he was my bet then the leg came off and I felt so guilty I may my friend he crawled away somewhere that were mice there too. But I could never catch them. They were they were too quick for me. What did you eat? She brought me food every day. I. Drank a lot of milk and I ate lots of potatoes and you know she would bring me food whatever she had after my mother came to get me when the war broke out. And I was you know she comes and she says Oh God the war is is broken out. Everybody was happy about the war and I said why what happened she says Oh the Russians will come and they'll be very nice and they're not going to kill the Jews and we can go home and everything will be wonderful and we said a tearful goodbye to Elizabeth I still remember her standing at the end of the road waving her handkerchief at those and we went home and I was very happy to be home except there was no electricity, no heating and no food we had no food at all mother found a few potatoes in the basement which she cooked in very imaginative waste. And that was all and we would go out in the woods and forage around for mushrooms and things but there was nothing to eat and the war was raging. There was an air raid every couple of hours and everybody would run down to the cellar. and. Then when the air raid was over, we've come back upstairs and up and down and up and down, and at one point we stopped going to the seller because. We just watched the war from the window. There was nothing we could do even even if we had been in the cellar had we had taken direct, we would have died and I remember watching from the window and there was a horse and caught going Pasta House. and. With somebody's belongings and suddenly the horse drops in front of our house and the guy gets off the cart and starts kicking the horse to make him get up. The horse was definitely dead. So this guy eventually realized this and he unhooked his cart and started pulling it away by hand and left this horse. And within minutes, doors and windows open and people ran out with with dishes and with knives, and they started skimming this horse. And it was cold and I remember they pulled this the skin off there was steam coming out of this animal and people were hacking away at this animal and everybody was running eating bits of this horses even the bones to make soup and we were all eating this and it tasted very good because we were starving and you know it was it was amazing because. I've I wouldn't eat a horse now I I had two horses myself hair. They died of old age I. Love Horses. It's like eating your dog you don't eat your animals. But when you're hungry, you'll eat anything and you know when I speak in schools I explained to children that hunger is not like Oh, I'd like a sandwich it's not like that gnaws at your stomach it you have a headache you're you're hurt. Hunger hurts it smells weird. You smell different your breath smells. Your mouth is dry and all you can sink of his food food. It's it's very, very compelling. That's all you can think of and the war was raging and the bombs were falling and then they. The Russian army started coming across the river we overlook the river and they were coming down the frozen and bank meant across the frozen river up on this side, and they were being machine gunned. And as they were machine gun, they sort of fell where they were and it started building like a big wall of corpses. You couldn't see the river anymore and when the last lot came over the top I. Don't know whether the people on this side stop shooting ran away or ran out of bullets but they were shooting anymore and we were under Russian occupation. While they were not warm and fuzzy. There were not very nice. They were raping the women they were stealing everything they could get. And they had to obsessions. One was women and one was wristwatches. They all wanted wristwatches and I still remember they were yelling the way Barish now, which means give me a woman and Divi chess give me a watch and they would have. WRISTWATCH US up and down their arms. You could actually get away from getting murdered. If you the risk watched to trade for your life, my mother made the full swollen are Bosserman she hid most of the local women there and they were all scouring there and scads, and we were still starving very hungry. And Then my mother decided to take things into her and she she decided to go and talk to the local commander and she made herself look old. She was a young woman pretty young woman. So she blackened her teeth and put some chalk in her hair and Andrew some lines on her face and she. Put. A pillow on on her back under a long grey dress and Scott scrunched over with a scarf pretending to be a very old woman like somebody who was so old she's trembling when she walks and she walked to the local commander to her surprise this was a young woman. By this time the Russians lost so many people that they were. Advancing young women and men into high positions. And this young woman was the local commander in my mother through the interpreter. Told her listen I'm a dressmaker come to my house and I will make you a beautiful dress that uniform doesn't do anything for you and this young woman came to our house and I remember my mother taking drape of one of the windows still had one and she made address for her and a woman was delighted and suddenly we had food we had so much food. We had even had a piece of chocolate and all the women in the hidey-hole were eating eating eating eating and I'm picking all kinds of materials. So my mother could make dresses because she started bringing the other soldier girls. And it was all very well, but we still couldn't go out. So my mother said to her listen, we need a god of some sort and then they sent us a guard. They sent us to actually his name was Yvonne. He couldn't have been more than seventeen told pretty young boy with blonde hair and he had the site kick and older fat gentleman who was playing their accordion the whole time and these guys were very drunk all the time they drank anything. They could lay their Hanson Co colon and maths, and they were constantly drinking and they were very happy I. Love The because they were very nice to me. They taught me Russian songs and dances and when you know they were happy drunks, two kinds of drunks. These were the happy kind that we're taking potshots at moldings on the sea lane. And when it got very cold, they would burn are antique furniture in the Stove and then one day Yvonne Yvonne brought my mother, a gift goose liver, which was a big delicacy. And he took this goose liver that had a bit of blood on its tail and decided to clean it up and wash it for my mother and tank had running water where he came from, he washed it in the toilet. which wasn't quite cleaning up. So pulled the chain and the liver goes away and he shoots the toilet. He's so angry that was Yvonne but he was Nice we you know I. Liked Him. And and then one day he brought me an orange. Never. Forget I was sick in bed and he brought me this this parcel of white paper and I opened it up and I remember this orange was like the rising sun and that wonderful odor. I've never seen an orange before because in those days, they didn't import fruit you ate what grew. And this orange was like magic and then my mother opened it up and gave me bits of it and then she candidate the rest and she only let me have it when I was sick and I wanted to be sickled the time. So I could eat the orange and to this day I always have an orange in my house. It gives me a feeling of security. It's amazing how what you can you can live through as a child if you have to and resilient you know I. Don't think I'm I'm. Particularly screwed up. I managed to live a normal life after that how it was almost self therapy took a long time. It's trying to teach myself not to hate. The deliberate choice met a choice. Yes. That's a choice I think. I was lucky. I was very lucky because I was bullied in in school in Romania too because I was Hungarian to the Romanians. Remain into the Hungarians and I, was a Jew to all. So everybody picked on me and plus I was a smarty boots and I always knew everything. So they picked on me and I remember walking home one day with two long. BEC- details you know. And one of the boys cut off one of my braids and I remember picking up the braid off of the ground and walking home crying with this. Braid in my hand. And out of nowhere and old man came up to me I have no idea we was and I think he was my therapist because he stopped ministers little girls stop crying 'cause if you're cry they win if somebody does something to you and you cry, you become a victim, don't cry don't cry. You will be fine cut off the other break and your hair will look pretty and it will grow back and remember as long as you don't cry and you're strong, you can do it. and. It almost turned a switch. That's when I started healing. Let's talk about the casino operator who eventually became your stepfather When the people started coming back from the camps. By this time, the Russian soldiers left and some survivors were coming back and my mother came to cement. You says, your Daddy's going to come home. We're going to the train station and he's going to be there and she dressed me up and washed me and she looked. Very. Pretty, and we both ran to the railway station early evening train comes in and long big train comes in and people start coming off the strain and my mother is holding up a picture of my father a photograph of my father. Did you know this man? Did you know this man? Have you seen this man and people come off the train and they scare me because they look like? Goes, say you can't tell if they're men or women are in rags they have no hair. They smell they have. They have sores all over the shuffle and and they sort of walk past me like ghosts and. I don't like them I'm scared of them and I hold my mother's hand and we will come crying, and then my mother says, don't worry. He'll be on the next train two more trains. Daddy's not going to forget to come home he will be here. So we go the next day and still no daddy and my mother starts taking these people home to our house. She takes them and she gives some baths and she gives the man my father's close until the women, her own clothes and these people start telling us stories about the camps. And Its horror stories and I'm not supposed to listen. But of course, hide behind a slow fund listen to every word and. Getting very scared I think Oh, my goodness. This is this is what they did to my Daddy. He's not coming. There's something wrong. The daddy isn't here. That maybe they heard Daddy and I was horrified. and. Still we go back for the last train and we hold the picture and the man comes up to my mother and says, don't wait for him. He's dead and she says, what do you mean? He's dead he says I saw him I he was dead. and My mother says, who are you anyway, how do you know me and he says, don't you know me it was a friend of the family who had the casino and hotel in town but my parents used to go and play cards every Sunday night. And she didn't recognize him. It was in such bad shape. He was dead and he was telling us about how he and his family, his wife and child. Dita, who was eleven years old were taken to Auschwitz and when they got off the train data and the mother was sent to one side and he was sent to the other and he said to one of the Gods, where are they going and the God pointed to a chimney that was smoking and this is. going. He didn't understand that that point know nobody could believe this could happen a crematorium acrimony Tori I'm how could any of this happened I mean the most civilized nation in the world I mean we were all in all and that. Of. The German Culture I. Mean We were all listening to beautiful music little reading Schiller and Goethe and and speaking German and loving it and how can this huge society this huge intellectual? Wonderful Cultured. Society do this we didn't believe that nobody believed it. And then he eventually got into into the other side of the ghetto and he started to realize what happened to his family and he was very broken and the commander of the camp heard that he was a violinist as well. So they broke all his fingers. And they didn't set them. So I remember he had hands like claws and that scared me as a child because you know it's scary. But he was he was. A broken man and he come came to our house and my mother gave him some clothes and he was telling us. and. I. Found out from him how my father died. We never told my mother. He didn't want her to know there was no need for her to suffer with that letter saying he just died of an illness or something that he wasn't beaten to death in La died in a dog. Kennel. Told it to me much much later when I was a young teen, his wife and daughter were murdered. Test Yeah Dita Dita was eleven years old. She was a lovely little girl. You know she used to want to be an actress she she was a good student and she could play three or four musical instruments and she was very happy little girl and yet they gassed her as soon as she arrived around her mother. Because she was a Jew. and. This little girl Soto became my sister I knew more about her than anybody because because her father was always talking about her, he ended up staying with us and he married my mother and we cobbled together a sort of family out of two broken wants it wasn't. I wouldn't say it was a love match. It was mainly a comfort match, but he was very good to me I. Was Very lucky to have him in my life because although he wasn't my Daddy, he was my stepfather and I wasn't his daughter I wasn't data, but we had a very good relationship and he told me so much about this little girl I knew what she used to like to eat and what she's saying and how she danced and I I sort of felt that she was my alter ego. He Got Alzheimer's disease here in America and on his deathbed, he held my hand called me Dita and I was so grateful that I was able to give him that last comfort he died sinking his daughter was holding his hand. And that that was that was an achievement as far as I was concerned I, it's something good that I could do. And all my life I had a certain amount of guilt because I felt that I've taken her life taken her daddy and she has no life and I have a life and how come you know the survivor guilt and that makes you very ambitious because you feel that if you survive, you have to make life count. This interview is being published in three parts part to takes a look at copies life as she emigrates to Israel at age eleven and eventually becomes a highly successful fashion designer encountering Christian Dior and Harry Winston along the way. You have a compelling story or you know someone I should interview drop me a line at diary of nation at gmail.com. Please tell a friend to listen to. That's how we grow our audience and continue podcasting. Find Diary of a nation through your favorite podcast APP follow us on Facebook instagram and twitter at diary of a nation.

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The Past Lives Podcast Ep87  Yvonne Kason

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The Past Lives Podcast Ep87 Yvonne Kason

"This is the past lies. PODCAST episode eighty seven. I'm your host. Simon bound near the cost is to investigate evidence. Demonstrate Survival arrival of the human soul. We would past life memories near death experiences. Spirit communication and other incredible phenomena. There is a pass lives. Paul Oh cost Patriots campaign you sign up to the two dollars. You'll get a bonus episode every month members of the five dollars. Here get a bonus episode. Every week the education extended versions of the free one hour episodes. And of course the back catalogue you get over thirty episodes. You can become a patron by going to the Patriots Dot com forward slash slice podcast or click on the button on my home page at past lives hypnosis. Dot Co dot UK. There's a past US lives podcast facebook group. If you'd like to join you be very welcome this week. Mike asked is Yvonne case on. She's a board member of the International Association for Near Death. Studies Studies a member of the American Center for the integration of spiritually transformative. Experiences and co-founder of the spirituality in healthcare network on in this episode. We talk about her new book. Touched by the light exploring spiritually transformative experiences. Vaughan thank you very much for coming on the podcast and giving us your time. Thank you so much for having me. I wanted to Tokyo about your book but in the email you sent me something rarely co why I want to ask you about it and to do indeed in two thousand and three. Could you just tell us everything that happened there. Yes I had five near death experiences over the course of my life but the most recent one happened in two thousand and three and what happened in that near death. Experience is I had a slip and fall accident on black ice in winter I fell back and I hit my head on rock and I have AH suffered a serious head injury what they call a traumatic brain injury with a brain hemorrhage and I instantly died and what I experienced experienced inwardly. I mean there was excruciating pain when I hit my head but in an instant my spirit was whisked out of my body by a force greater than myself itself and I found myself rushing rapidly rapidly upwards through the dark evening sky through a dark expansive space and then I within seconds gender so I found myself being welcomed into this realm filled with light and I was being welcomed into this realm by two beings of light so they were beings whose bodies seemed to be made of light and these were two beings that I recognized immediately. They were a great saints from my spiritual tradition Yoga Nanda and Bob and they were welcoming me. telepathically words seemed to be or understanding seemed to be flowing between us they were welcoming me into this realm of light and they explained to me mentally. You're telepathically that. I had died side. That my work in that incarnation of Dr Yvonne case on was now finished and the feeling was of incredible. Originally incredible celebration. It was like a graduation party or a birthday party was being celebrated and my honor in the light because I had graduated from that experience that grade that school of being a Karnataka in that particular life this Doctor Fund case on I felt complete acceptance. Complete unconditional love. There was no life review. Although on one of my other near death experiences variances early on I'd had a life review but this time there was no life review at all Instead there was a sense that sort of a knowing and understanding understanding with such intense profound love that everybody makes mistakes is part of their soul learning and just as you don't reprimand a child who kraals or stumbles. When he's learning to walk there was no need to reprimand me for any mistakes? I might have done along the path. It was just all understood with love as part of my soul's growing journey and in this light in this love in this blessed in this ecstasy I events seemed to to go deeper into a round that I can only call sheer. Thought where massive amounts of information seemed it seemed I was somehow capable to absorb and assimilate assimilate a vast amount of information all at once not like how we here on earth learn one thing after the other after the other. It was a huge. You Jim on information all coming in at once like a huge off experience and in this realm of pure fought as the vast amount of information flowing in at once I was able to perceive. Remember recall integrate. Great my many past lives and it it to me the experience would be like I had glimpses of some of my past lives while I was still will embody and they were like having pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. So I'd had various pieces before but now in this all haw experienced in in this realm of pure thought or pure consciousness. It was like all the jigsaw puzzle. Pieces were put together perfectly so they all fit class other pieces that I've not. I've been aware of and I could see the whole picture now. I could see my soul's journey and how it made sense over these many incarnations nations my various experiences. How they all forget fit together perfectly? And why life as Dr Yvonne. Que Son had had that particular tip reform that it had it was like. Aw this all made sense to me in this big Aha experience and it it was. It felt there like past present and future. Some help all coexisted that that you were able able to tap into it just like when we tap into our memories here on earth we can remember the past or we can remember today or we can remember five years ago in Dr Memory. We can tap into it. It was there it was I could perceive it at the same time so that there's this awareness of preceding receiving past present and future at the same time and how they were all connected It was profound. It was beautiful so I was in his State of pure consciousness. Just feeling bless ecstasy. It's very hard to put words and then for what I call timeless time because also the passage of time did not seem to pass the same way that it does here on the Earth plane it it seems itself. They're like time could bend in. It could move. You can either jump forward in time or you could even go backwards in time that that that time. I'm somehow past differently on the other side. And then after this period of timeless time that I'm unable to quantify suddenly sadly the beams of light that I had seen welcoming me into the light appeared again in their light bodies and then they telepathically communicated today. You you may now choose either to return to the body of obeyed to further serve serve the divine there and or to return to the maimed injured body and it felt to me like my brain like my mind is not what responded to this choice. It felt to me like the choice came out of my heart as if my heart had a voice and I was feeling such love such bliss that the best I can describe it is if anyone has ever been just so totally completely in love that you're just almost drunk with that feeling of love. That's how I fell and when you're in that state of profound love it's not your intellect that responsive to your heart that response so from the center of my heart from that place that it was just expanded in profound love. My heart responded. Oh please guide me. What is the higher choice? I want to do. God's will and lovingly so beautifully so sweet like gentle caress how a thought can have gentleness sweetness I do not know but somehow the fought did it was so gentleness sweet the thought was telepathically communicated indicated to me. You may choose and implied on. That was that they were both good choices but again and my heart responded. Oh please guide me. What is the higher choice? And then mentally it was communicated back to nate. It will be more difficult but to return to the main body. So that was the injured body of Dr Von case on and again my heart in this expanse of state of joy and love without thought instantly. Responded I accept and it was faster than the speed of thought it was between the thought I and the thought except is as with a gasp of air. I suddenly started breathing life into my dad or unconscious body that was on the ground so it was I ooh gasp aveer except and so for the first few minutes as I was starting to breathe life into my cold old body. It was like waking up in an ice cube waking up in my previously dead body. I felt outdoors in winter. So I I guess my body temperature dropped quite a bit after I I either died or lost consciousness and when I woke up by just it literally early felt like waking up in an ice few but what I could perceive with my eyes. I opened my physical. Is I guess my third I was wide open and my spiritual life was wide open. I could see both roms at the same time I as I was gasping life back into my body I could could see the physical world around me and my friend who had been there was rushing over to me. Now I guess she'd rushed looking for help and she saw me starting to breathe again. Yvonne Yvonne are you all right so I could see your. I could hear but at the same time. As if the two rounds were superimposed upon each other I could also the realm of light and I could also see the two saints the two beings of light who had welcomed me into the white light round that they also now now. It seems escorted me back into my physical body and as I lay there slowly. Slowly the image of the white light realm started fading fading eating fading fading so it became less than less clear until finally it just became a little spot light in my consciousness. That is still there to this day and then I was back I was back in the injured body of Dr Von Case on which is me I now call Hami version. Two point zero after my death experience. That was my near death. Experience in two thousand and three when you met these great saints. Believe by that time you would've research Experiences and see people manet meets the sale of individuals During the experience that it might be but they presented to that person because that's the best way to get a message. Golsen is no actually those saints. Are there to that. Tho- come to you not at all not at all not at all. The everything was happening by a power greater than myself so I was experiencing at. I never had the feeling I was creating it whether it was the divine higher. How manifesting in that form or whether it truly was The spirits of these grade sates only the divine with no that for sure so I I couldn't possibly answer that question but this all happened so suddenly and so unexpectedly. I had been researching near death. Experiences experiences since nineteen seventy nine that when I was in a medical resident completing my medical residency I had a near death. Experience in Nineteen seventy-nine as well but that your death experience was very different from the one I had two thousand three. I have yet another near death. Experience in nineteen ninety five. It was different from the other two and then looking back on my life as I re researched more and more about near death experiences and saw how very they are and how different they can be one for another from another even within the same person. My three adult near death experiences each was completely different from the other and this was the only one who had beings of light like this I realized is that I'd also had two near death experiences as a child but as a child I didn't have any barometer to judge you you know what is considered normal or what is considered parent or a mall. This was just my experience going out of body twice when I was near death as a child It never dawned on me that it was anything unusual but I now realize I had two near death experiences. The child one at five when I was almost hit by a train. And I'll just tell you that when briefly so you can see how different it was from the ones in my adult life. Why is that? I was traveling with my parents in Europe. We ruptured Switzerland. We were standing at a train station waiting for train and As a young the child this was very exciting to me. I was five years old. It was the summer before kindergarten and I was just looking around the train station just watching and I saw station attendant a jump off the platform and jump onto the tracks and then climbed up onto the next platform and as a young child. I thought Oh that looks like fun. So I immediately lean forward to jumped onto the tracks and I was going to climb onto the next platform then. Suddenly it was like time stood still. It was as if the motion picture of my life froze at a particular frame and my spirit left my body and suddenly I was out of body and it. It was as if time was still proceeding in my spirit. But that my physical body was frozen. Just leaping off the platform and I could see from my vantage inch point above. I remember realizing. Oh there's a train coming into the station I'm about to be hit by a train. And there was no fear I was feeling completely peaceful it was simply an observation then. Suddenly it's as if the motion picture of my life started rolling again and a hand reached out from the platform and grabbed me really quickly and pulled me back onto the platform and then the plex electronic will them right in front of me so I was not hit by the train. Now of course my parents scolded me Blah Blah Blah. But it never dawned on me as a child that this was paranormal in fact as a five-year-old how I understood that was I thought I could fly why I remember when I started kindergarten. A few weeks after this incident had happened and made some new friends in kindergarten. And I remember clearly you telling one of my new friends I can fly and this new friend said Oh no you can't and I said I can't up to you because I have this clear memory of what I I thought was flying as a five year old and so I remember climbing on the front. Sit By my Garden Gate Front of my house and jumping off with my arms outstretched done. I was planning to fly down the street a little bit to throw my show my friend that I could fly but of course I tumbled right down to the ground when I when I jumped and I still remember this so clearly because my reaction was I was confused. I could not figure out why. Hi couldn't fly. So as a five-year-old it never dawned on me. This was a near death experience but it was an out of body experience which I now know is in your death experience experienced as a kid I thought it meant I could fly. I had yet another near death experience. I now realize when I was eleven years old when I was eleven years old I was involved in a very serious car accident with my entire family A.. Several of us were quite seriously injured. Net car accident. It was before the a day of seatbelts and I had a very serious head injury in that in that car accident and I was in fact unconscious for three days as a result of the head injury for that car accident when I was eleven but all my life I've always had the very clear memory of floating voting above the accident scene of my spirit being above the accident scene of seeing my father laying on the roadside and my father. He was actually calling hauling out for me because they hadn't find found my body at The rescuers at the car accident scene. He was calling out my daughter my daughter my daughter and it's almost as if my soul heard that or something why was hovering above the accident scene above my father and then my next memory of that accident. I was unconscious unconscious all this time. My physical body was unconscious but my next memory is when they had taken by ambulance to the local hospital emergency department search and I always remember and I still remember to this day floating above my body. It was as if I was up by the ceiling. Somehow at the ceiling had become transparent is parent and I was looking down and I could see. My little body was just turned eleven. So just a little bit over ten and I was lying. Hang on an examining table and there were two men sort of huddled over me. I assumed they were doctors. And I remember seeing the top view of those a big round surgical lamps that they have an operating rooms and emergency rooms the metallic chrome sort of disc shaped lamps. I was looking at one from the top down down perspective now as an eleven-year-old I had no idea what an emergency room or operating room lamp looked like and now I'm trained as a medical doctor so I we do know that. That's what an emergency room lamp looks like but I was viewing it from the top down perspective and then again I had the clear your memory of when I woke up from my coma about three days later I had very clear memories of Waking Up in my dad and my first few moments now Out It never dawned on me as an eleven year old that this was anything unusual or anything paranormal and even though as an adult I a`research near death. Experience says it never occurred to need these were near death experiences because they were both out of body type of near death experiences whereas my adult near death experiences were all white light mystical types of near death experiences. Now I know from my research. These are two big categories of near death. Experience says the other category courses the distressing near death experience so my childhood near death experiences were. We're both out of body type near death experiences now the after effect of my eleven year old near death experiences also very fascinating because has for a year. Afterwards I was able to see ghosts I could see wraith like spirits in my bedroom at night and I remember being telling my parents I thought my h- The house was frightened with haunted and I think my parents thought you know maybe I was distressed. Distress dropped set. Because we'd have the car accident so they started ignored what I said but I was seeing ghosts and I insist in on sleeping in my bedroom. The bedroom with my younger brother and sister rather than sleeping in my own bedroom because I felt safer at night when I could see the ghosts around me when there were other people in the room at fortunately leave. That went away after a year. But now that I've been researching near death experiences as an adult. I realize this is a very common after fact two people. We've had near death experiences that they find themselves more psychically open after words so to me. That was a clear after fat. After my eleven year world near death experience I have linked up with audible so that you can get a free audiobook download on a thirty day. Free trial many of the guests have been on the past like podcast have books available on audible including Dr Ebony Alexander Daughter Benny Sartori and Wendy Rose Williams uh-huh to download your free audiobook today go to audible trial dot com forward slash past lives. podcast the and that kind of leads us onto your book. Doesn't Nick on the bookies touched by the light exploring spiritually transformative experiences. Yes well I I have to tell you a little bit but about one more near death experience to lead us into the book so you know so I am a medical doctor and when I was in my medical training I had a very unusual. Meditation Nation Related Experience and these experiences. That I'm GonNa tell you. Now that happened in my medical training is what propelled me as a medical doctor to to start researching diverse types of spiritual experiences. There people are having today it because I started having these experiences experiences I now wonder if perhaps my childhood end ease might have made me susceptible to these experiences as I was older perhaps they they did but anyway when I was in medical school in my last year of medical school and preparing for my final exams I took a meditation course and I I took this meditation course not because I was trying to have some spiritual experiences but because it was advertised that would help you study better. Be less nervous on exams exams and get better marks on your exams so wanting to do well on my medical exams. I took this meditation course and I started meditating regularly twice today and I found that I loved meditating. It came very naturally to me and so I was meditating about an hour in the morning hour in the evening. Well up in December of nineteen seventy six. When I was in my last year of medical school I all of a sudden had a profound experience when I was meditating? We're I heard a loud inner roaring noise. I roar the roar of a waterfalls allowed inner roaring noise and I heard felt this Russia of energy. Go Up my body and spine and then my consciousness popped out of body again but this time expanded expanded to fill a vast space and I was transformed into a like a force field of love and I remember when this happened and I stayed in this expansive state date of love for about two hours until my meditation ended. And when this happened I was so naive I was such a new new comer to meditation. Meditation I thought Oh this is what happens to everybody when they meditate. No wonder people love to meditate and I was sort of embarrassed embarrassed to tell people that had taken me several months a meditation to finally get my technique right so that I had it experienced that I I presumed that everybody was having when they meditated but then I discovered afterwards I was not able to replicate this experience in my subsequent meditations meditations and so eventually after a few weeks later I asked one of my senior meditation teachers. You know what was I doing wrong with my technique. Why was I why not having that incredible experience of energy and expansion and love every time that I meditated and I remember this person looked in the drop their John said why act that happened to you so that was my first clue that that doesn't happen to everybody? Every time they meditate and so he told me. Well you know the the only thing I could think of. That even sounds a little bit like Yvonne would be a Koumba leany awakening but oh no. He said that couldn't possibly have been a Kunda. leany the awakening because you know first off. You're too young. And you've not been meditating long enough and it only happens to you know masters in the Himalayas. You've been meditating for years and years and years. Here's and if you'd had Kunda lean awakening. You would instantly be transformed into a genius or are enlightened instantly I I now know all of that is incorrect correct. But at the time I knew no better so I didn't know what this was. That had happened to me but something unusual that happened to me so that was in my last year of Medical Medical School. Then when I was finishing my medical residency about three years later is when I had my first adult near death. Experience and to put put it very In a capsule format I had been assigned to work in northern Ontario in winter with some remote native Indian Communities Ladies and I had been assigned that day to fly on a net evac so a medical evacuation in a small airplane to take a critically. Ill native Indian woman from from the small hospital where I was working to a major center. That was a few hundred miles away that had more advanced medical equipment to look after her Deteriorating rerating medical condition anyway that particular airplane was a twin propeller aeroplane called a Piper Aztec. We flew into bad bad weather into a a winter storm. Evidently by the inquest later they discovered the air filters probably froze over on both of the That propeller engines enhance the motor stopped and the plane crashed so as the plane was coming down to the ground. People ask me wonder. Maybe we'll you miss a plane crash. No you will not miss it. Because there's incredibly credible turbulence is the plane was going down so it was just violent turbulence of the plane going down down and being buffeted by the strong winds of the storm and I could see that we were crashing down to the ground and both propellers in stock and my instant reaction was panic onic in fear of instantly inside of me roses panic if yours I saw we were crashing to the ground and from my heart my heart just just cried out inwardly. Wrigley God help. I'M GONNA die. I didn't say out loud. It was inside in my head. God help I'm GonNa die and it seems that that the cry for help was what started my near death experience my near death. What I now know is near death experience? I didn't know it at the time is is that instantly. The force field of peace started descending upon me and I felt like literally it was pushing all of the fear out of my being and I heard an inner voice. I've never heard an inner voice this before prior to that day and I heard an inner voice say in my mind be still and and no I am God and with you now and always and this powerful mystical vibration of peace And safety terminated permeated. The plane had crashed yet. The pilot violet then through great heroism managed to guide the freefalling plane to sort of a semi guided crash landing onto the surface professor of a frozen lake and we risque sitting across the ice. It looked like we were going to be all right but we were skidding rapidly to a patch of open water and the plane came to a stop right at the edge of the open water and as soon as the weight of the plane settled it broke through the ice and it started to sink so we had to get out of that plane very quickly while the plane was sinking. We were all wearing heavy winter clothes. I was wearing bring heavy winter boots and a winter parka and once the plane sunk and I was in the water. These heavy clothes were just weighing me. Down in the water like lead weights was sub zero weather with the strong wind storm and the voice in my head said Swim To shore as I looked around me that there was a a large expanse of water may be two hundred three hundred yards separating me from the the closest land which was an island and there was water with a fast moving strong current separating me from that land looking away from land to the Open Lake. There was ice but we didn't know how thick the ice was or whether or not it could support our weight. The pilot started shouting. Try to get on the Ice Dragon on the nice so I ignored the voice in my head. Something mistake I would not do today. Hopefully ignored the voice in my head and I started trying to get on the ice but I could not get on the ice. I kicked and kicked struggled and struggled and every time I even got my arms length of wait on the ice. The ice beneath my arms would break in sync into the the water and the voice repeated swim to shore. You know again and again I struggled to get on the ice. I was getting more tired. I was getting getting more coal a third time. The voice repeated swim to shore so finally with the third time I surrendered to that what I now realize. It's higher guidance. Your inner wisdom and I started swimming to shore now. It was a very long and very difficult swim and I went under several times in the courses swimming to shore carrying lake water in my lungs. But then I would kick kick kick with all might and try to bring my boss South up to surface and continue swimming again to try to get to shore somewhere in the process of swimming to shore is where my near death. Experience deepened. Once again I heard a roaring sound so like the roaring waterfalls or the rushing of wings and I found myself perhaps when he feet above my body looking down and and it was interesting because it wasn't quite as straightforward as that I was it's it I was the two places at once. It was the best I can compare it to is like a split split screen TV where you have a big image and the smaller Mahler image so in the smaller image there were still a bit of my consciousness that was in my body because my body was still alive and my body was still struggling to swim to shore four but the big screen the big image. The the bulk of my consciousness was was now out of my body body twenty or so feet above my body and then my consciousness rose higher and I rose into this place that was filled with light. Eight and filled with love. Many people talk about the light and yes it was filled with light but the most profound part of the experience for me was the love into hands her. Affect unconditional love born tense love than I've ever experienced experienced in my life for an instant. When I was in that White White Ram I could see a face made of light and then it sort of shit faded? Back into the sort sort of soft nebulous light. That was around me and nothing was spoken. I didn't hear any words. Nothing was explained to me. I didn't see any beings means but I just knew things somehow in my soul while I was in this realm of light I knew what I was experiencing was the love of the higher power and this higher power was not at all like I had been taught taught to think it to be like I've been raised in a Protestant Christian home and so my concept of God was sort of of an old man with a long white beard sitting on a throne up there in heaven who judges us. You know. We've been good. We've been bad and this was not at all what I was experiencing. I was experiencing experiencing a vast cosmic intelligence underlying the universe that was profoundly loving uh in nature that is what was I was experiencing the higher power to be basking in that love. I was watching being in a very very detached manner as my body finally did manage to swim to shore and then we were rescued by a heroic mckerrow wisdom by two helicopter. Pilots who brought us to the closest hospital and I was put on a stretcher and I was wheeled into the emergency Subaru and I remember watching the nurses trying to take my temperature because I was near drowning and near frozen to death on basically unconscious conscious and they were tried to take my temperature with the regular standard hospital thermometer and I remember watching from above and one of the nurses puzzled looking at her thermometer because she was not able to get a temperature reading on me because my body was so cold that was below the bottom reading of her thermometer and I could feel my consciousness floating further and further away from my body now and I knew that I was dying and that was fine with me because I I knew somehow in this realm of light that me what I think of this me I would live on whether my body lived or died. Uh So I had no fear of dying at all. In fact I welcomed it then. Suddenly I heard a voice say boy could I use a taught bass and I was surprised to see that it came out of my physical body that my physical body had spoken those words but I my spirit had not thought of saying that at interestingly enough that is exactly what my body needed my body needed to he put in a hot bath to warm up otherwise I was dying quickly of Hypothermia and then the nurses looked at each other when I said that I guess they didn't realize the sort of paranormal that it came out of my mouth and they said Gee maybe that would help them and they will this down to the physiotherapy departments and they put our bodies into the hot whirlpool baths and it was there in the hot whirlpool bath. When I was being reheated that I finally felt my consciousness? Free enter my body and what that was like was I heard a whooshing noise again and it felt like I would imagine a genie being abruptly sucked into a tiny bottle that I was in this big expansive space above and then suddenly with so I was being sucked back into the tiny confines of my physical body and then I remember rubbing frozen hands against my legs in that hot water saying I'm back I'm back. I'm GonNa Live GonNa live now that experience. Shane me profoundly. Changed me profoundly this I was in my medical residency residency. I was still completing my training as a medical doctor. It completely completely removed my fear of death it. It completely changed my concept of the higher power to a much more universal all loving form somehow absolutely Lee New after this experience all the world's religions all the different spiritual paths are all like different trails up a mountain that once you get to the peak you reach the Zane peak. It's this one same higher power that's at the top people are just looking at it from different angles or climbing by slightly different routes at Andt but another strange thing happened to me a few weeks after this near death. Experience is that I had what I now realize. Was My my psychic awakening. I was driving home from work that night and I was going to visit a friend on my way home from work I was stopped at a stop light with my car. And all of a sudden in my mind's eye I got this clear luminous visual image of my friend's brain rain covered in poss- I never ever ever had this sort of a cleric notes a clairvoyant vision that I'd never had an experience like that before. And how I knew. It was my friend's brain. I do not know how. But somehow I knew intuitively and to me as a medical doctor after. This was a very clear image from meningitis. I absolutely knew that the message was meningitis and when I arrived over her at my friend's house that evening shortly after that I asked her how she was feeling and she told me she was feeling ill and had this very strange headache. Well wouldn't wouldn't you know it later on that night. She was taken to the hospital and she was confirmed as having a type of meningitis. So after that day I started having more and other types of psychic experiences so all of this happened to me when I was a young doctor so this propelled me as a medical student is a resident and now as a young doctor to start researching diverse types of spiritual and paranormal experiences. That are happening to people today. And because I I was told. My experience was not a coon Delaney awakening. I thought well I guess I should research Kunda leany awakening. See what that is so at least I know what that is my near Mike Experience in the plane crash when I started talking to my medical colleagues everybody had a hypothesis of some sort of a medical explanation so so sort of hallucination. A hallucination brought on by a low blood sugar or a hallucination brought on by an electrolyte balance and and that just did not resonate with my soul because this was such a profoundly positive and transformative experience this the spiritual experience I had in the plane crash the the best explanation I was able to find. I also went to somebody. Let me say here. WHO claimed to be an expert on your death experiences at this time and I asked and if my the experience in the plane crash was perhaps a near death experience so this person who it turns out did not know that much about near death? Experiences said to me well how did you see a tunnel with the light at the end and I went. Well no I did not and this is well you ever clinically dead. During your experience Branson I went. Well no I was never clinically dead. So he said well then it was not a near death experience so okay it was not a near death experience. I didn't know what it was. Well a friend of mine. A doctor friend of mine who was very very religious listened to my story and he said to May we gone. I think you had a mystical experience. And soon as he said those words it was like my heart could come to peace my heartfelt com. Finally I had a word that I could haul whole my experience that felt right so for many many years I called the experience that I had in my plane crash rush my mystical experience that I had in the plane crash because I had been told it was not a near death experience now now I know now that I've been researching their death experiences for forty years that you can indeed have a near death experience that starts when you're facing death breath and you don't have to be clinically dead to have a near death experience and also many people have near death. Experiences do not see a tunnel so it was a full-blown near death experience. So this launched me is searched striving to understand what was happening to me so I was researching Kunda leany any experiences. I was researching near death experiences now. I started researching mystical experiences of all times all types because of my psychic the awakening. I started researching psychic awakenings of all types so a diversity of spiritually transformative experiences. So I I was doing this for many years privately that my private interest outside of my medical practice but over these years more and more patients started in coming to see me in my medical practice in Toronto Canada. They heard through the grapevine or through a friend of somehow that there was this doctor in Toronto that you could speak to who would not automatically judge your spiritual or paranormal experiences as crazy. Because she'd had some too so more and more people started coming and sharing their experiences with me so that more and more I became specialized because I had to because people were coming to talk to me about their spiritual and paranormal experiences. So in nineteen ninety at all came together gather. I had what I call up calling experience where spirit made it very clear to me that it was time for me to come out of the closet now because I was in the closet about my near death experience for almost ten years because nobody validated or understood it but I saw I was distressed dressed but how badly might patients in people who were talking to. We're being treated. They were being pathologist. They were being told they were hallucinating. Sometimes sometimes they were being put on psychiatric medications. Sometimes they were given given electroshock therapy that that even there after churches they were being told that their spiritual experiences says were work of the Devil and and I was appalled at this happening because I knew these experiences were real and there is a literature that talks about diverse spiritually spiritually transformative experiences. Just modern medicine psychology and the West in general are not familiar with that letter literature so I knew it was time time for me to come out of the closet and start speaking about the fact that I had a near death experience that I knew near death. Experiences were real. They were not hallucinations. They were not signs of mental illness and then that ultimately led me to start writing books which leads me ultimately to to my current buck touched by the light exploring spiritually transformative experiences. So in this book I share Basically what I've learned from forty years of researching diverse types of spiritually transformative formative experiences the many different types of mystical experiences. The nanny turps types of psychic phenomenon including past life recall which many any many people have come to me talk about Many varieties of near death experiences and about Spiritual Energy Kunda lean awakening and I a US hundreds of case stories of people who come to me and told me about their stories and the reason. I'm doing that the reason I'm sharing it in my book touched by delight is I feel at this point in my life. I WanNa pass on what I have learned. I want people to not have to go through the struggle in hardship that I had to go through having to stay in the closet. Not even having a word to accurately describe what had happened to me being afraid to talk talk about it because everyone would think I was crazy that they can find a word in my book to act to accurately describe what type of a peak spiritual ritual experience. They're having and they can see that. Many many people are having these experiences at. I also give guidance in terms of how how to better integrate some of these experiences into your life and how to deal with some of the inner work that becomes necessary once we had had a spiritual awakening. It seems I call it. Psycho spiritual house cleaning. Seems to be very necessary after we've had a spiritual awakening of some type. Think it's like the light shines center inner house in all the little shadow issues that we've not worked on come up and they need to be healed and dealt with so talk about that quite a bit and finally I talk about what I have found over the years to be the strongest method in addition to embracing your psychological article work to help you move forward on your spiritual path which is to meditate. So I have a whole chapter in this book dedicated a to meditation. which I feel from my personal experience is the key to spiritual deepening the chapters in your book? The model of consciousness under Laney and spiritually transformative experiences. UNCON- Delaney isn't something we'd have already covered on this `cost could you give us an idea of what this is all about. Yes though there's another category of experience that is happening to the people that is way more common than I had imagined which is Called in Yoga. It's called a Kunda leany awakening and in English week. Perhaps call it a spiritual energy awakening and I think that this is what is alluded to in some of the different spiritual traditions ends. They talk about the Holy Ghost the holy win the Holy Spirit the Duma fire you go in different spiritual traditions and they talk about some sort sort of spiritual energy than certain circumstances gets activated and I think most of us if people are like I was before I started having having these experiences I heard the Holy Spirit that I really had no clue what it was and I really didn't think it had anything to do with you and me here on Earth Leeann in you know twenty nineteen So it was fascinating to me to discover that I in fact had awakened spiritual energy in me and after after that initial experience. I told you about the energy rising up my spine. I've had recurrent experiences of energy rising up my spine and recurrent aren't Mr Call experiences related to it. An inner sounds related to the shockers. which are the energy centers that are related to the spiritual energy so so many many people came to see me in my office telling me about symptoms of having had some sort of spiritual troll energy awakening so the traditional symptoms that classic symptoms of a Cooley or spiritual energy awakening our ark of energy rising up the body or spine? classically is going up the spine This may be associated with an inner sound it may be an inner roaring sound and inner rushing sand Some people call like the rushing of the wind other people here here sounds more like the tinkling of bells ringing of a gong. Own Sound Some people have is associated with inexperience of light or luminosity. They may experience the energy like liquid light flying up there spine or they may feel their consciousness Become a sphere of light so energy light and sound and then it classically culminates may be immediately or sometime afterwards with a mystical experience of some type or some sort of psychic experience. Psychic opening and once people have had their first experience of this energy awakening it it continues. This is very interesting thing about this phenomenon. On that people continue to get intermittent experiences of energy rushing their spine or they might have intermittent experiences of feeling energy rushing in their arms or energy rushing in their legs they might have a experiences of energies swirling around announced shock ripped points. The shocker points are these energy centers that are said to lie along the astral spine which is superimposed on the physical spine so people will will. Sometimes feel energy swirls in their third eye center in their forehead or crown of their head they may feel pushing sensations sensations like the energy is trying to expand their consciousness larger than the size of their head so there are many physical symptoms that people have have with a Kunda linear spiritual energy awakening but people also have spiritual symptoms which is the spiritual experiences. I told you about about paranormal symptoms. Various sorts of psychic awakenings but interestingly in my research and in my clinical experience counseling counseling patients. I find that no matter. What type of spiritually transformative experience people have I? I that is their so called spiritual awakening experience whether their first experiences a Kunda leany awakening or their first experience is a near death experience or their first experiences perhaps a mystical experience. That happens when they're meditating or if the first experiences a psychic experience like spontaneous past past life recall when they travel somewhere in. It appears that they've lived there. On a past incarnation that regardless of what type of spiritually transformative experiences their first one. They're awakening experience that they then start opening and having similar sorts of after facts which makes them more open to repeat it and other sorts of spiritual experiences so many of them grow up go on to become multiple S. St experiencers having multiple and many types of spiritual experiences. And I've as interested to read about the Kunda leany such such network in some of the things they came up with. That was fascinating results. That came from. Yeah I wasn't. I was one of the founders of Mukunda leany research network and very involved in their research project Unfortunately that that particular organization has gone dormant now But recently I become come involved with Cooney Illini Research Foundation and were continuing to do research to see if we can better quantify and better understand this thing that's not very well known in the West About Kunda leany spiritual energy awakening things you say. The statistics show the APL having stet's STA's tend to undergo more than one type of experience. Yes that's exactly what I was saying earlier on that regardless of what was your first I type of St that it seems to be starting opening and other types of S. t. e.'s can occur so if you look at me he is an example just using me as a case example it seems that my first S. t. e. was a near death experiences a child but then as I got older I had a coup Illini awakening and then I went and had more near death experiences than I had a psychic awakening. And then I've had more mystical experiences. Some of whom that I share in the book and I share all of that not to make me special not at all but just to use it as a case example example so that other people realize this can happen to you too and I've seen this happening to other people who've seen me as patients that they start opening too many you different kinds of of spiritual experiences I'll give you another example which fits into the theme of your show past life recall in approximately nineteen ninety three and this is something actually I have not written about my books yet. So you're getting a little sneak. Crack Preview into Yvonne case on life and her spiritual awakening is nineteen. Ninety three. I remember the very day it happened. And the instant that had happened is aw I was married at the time and very very devoted to my marriage and I had absolutely no even remote thought of ever ever being unfaithful for me marriage was for life and I had gone to a conference on Kundu leany Nanan had been in California and I met somebody there Aneta man there and I felt incredible love for this man. I felt my soul felt like Oh my goodness thank God I found bound you. It felt like my soul had been looking for him for thousands of years and I was so puzzled. How could I feel such a strong feeling of love towards somebody I just met when I absolutely had no intention of of ever being unfaithful to my husband and ah I remember? I was flying home on the plane from that conference and I was crying. I was really confused by this. How could I feel such intense love for somebody I just met when I love my husband dearly and I was very very committed and faithful in our marriage and I remember praying to God to help me with that that that I just didn't know how to handle what was happening to me and it was literally like Adore in my consciousness opened? I all the sudden I pat. I popped into a visionary experience where I was seeing one the past lives and I saw a past life where I won't go into the details of the past life where I had been married to this man Dan that I'd met at the conference in California and that he had gone off promising to return but something happened and and he never returned so I was waiting for them as loyal wife and this past like waiting waiting waiting and then there were some incident. Happened some marauders or some bandits or something and I ended up. Be Killed in that incarnation and my last thought on dying I remembered my last spot. Spot undying was. Where are you calling out to my beloved husband of that? Incarnation where are you. That was my dying thought. So when I met him this incarnation. My Heart's must've remembered at some unconscious level and was thank God I found. You was coming out of my heart so that happened to me. Spontaneously a spontaneous past like memory happened to me in nineteen ninety-three and when this opened in my consciousness it over the next subsequent years over the next ten years it was like I would go to would meet people or go to specific locations and all of a sudden it was like this capacity in my consciousness had open then all of a sudden I would perceive past lives. I would know the life that I had there. I know the issues had with people in those lives and so this is a new phenomenon. A new psychic phenomenon. That's been happening to me. Independent and unrelated to what my initial waning experiences were my initial waking experience near death experience whom the Weenie awakening mystical experience clairvoyance had nothing to do with past lives. So I'm just sharing this with an effort example for you Simon that that this can happen to people that suddenly they develop. New Sorts is spiritually transformative experiences. When they're on the spiritual path path of transformation? It's such amazing stuff and how this came together for you. 'cause in the boat that's not what you say. Mystical will kind of spiritual experiences but then you talk about. UFO encounters as being a spiritually transformative experience and to me. That doesn't doesn't quite fit with the other stuff but it does affect people like that. Yes you know I had to include include UFO encounters because for some people. It is a powerful spiritually transformative experiences. I have to say here that I'm not An expert on U of O experiences. Not at all but I have researched a little bit. And I think that there's more than one kind of UFL encounter. I think that there some people you know they're seeing spaceships in the sky that they're actually may be beings that live on other planets and our dimension of reality that maybe maybe they're more evolved than us and maybe they do visit our planet so that may be one type of UFO encounter. But what I'm talking about in my book is it's a different kind and I include it with psychic Synon- because there are other people who have What they can best be described as a UFO type abduction experience where they feel they been taken to another other place or dimension and perhaps taught some lessons or undergone examination and then they they seem to come come back into their body and there may be a gap of time or sometimes they even. It's the opposite. They come back to an earlier earlier. Time that there's there's an incongruence with the time and The memory of what happened on the other side may be at first repressed best and then later on they might regain the memory through hypnosis or sometimes it comes up spontaneously through flashbacks but these people people who had the second type of encounter find themselves afterwards much more psychically open so justice justice somebody who had a psychic awakening as their first experience or me. When I had my opening that I just told you about rice started recalling in past lives that was wide open after that opened up like I was seeing lots and lots and lots and lots of past lives after that opened up it slowed down after awhile but at first it was like blasted that channel of perception open so similarly these people have this this other type of UFO encounter counter where it seems like they were taken somewhere many many times find themselves very psychically open afterwards? So it dawned on me as a researcher observing this phenomenon why would they be psychically opened. It would make sense that there was some some sort of psychic opening. That happened some sort of psychic experience. So I've come to believe that they may be trans dimensional experiences so actually beings or entities that do exist but not on our particular dimension dimension the Trans Dimensional and that somehow this trans dimensional contact What it does to the person who's gone trans dimensional dimensional is that makes them more psychically open And so that's why I included. I included that type of UFO encounter as a type height of spiritually transformative experience as similarly eight people who had that sort of trans dimensional encounter. You're may also have a spiritual awakening related to that. I mean I yes. They often have a sort of a traumatic reaction in a certain degree of a stress reaction post traumatic stress but with time I've seen cases where the individuals have come to the place of spiritual growth around that. It's been a prod for spiritual growth in that individual that they they realize these are part of God's creatures to this is part of God's creation and perhaps you know like you take your cat to your vet for your shot for the shots. What's in? Your cat is screaming and feels traumatized but you realize as the owner that the shots are for your cats own good so to the cat. The cat feels. It's like it's been abducted and this is a huge trauma right so so one can also look that that that with time some UFO Experienced teachers realize that they weren't really hurts. You know that that that in fact there were some spiritual lessons perhaps that were learned. Maybe they didn't understand it. Maybe they fry. It frightened them but as part of their own spiritual growth they actually start praying for for these beings wherever they may exist in the cosmos as part of the creatures in the universe that require prayer as well so I'm just schering that as examples of ways that UFO encounters They're they could be spiritual awakenings for people opening them to further either spiritual as well as further psychic experiences as well. I've always thought of a spiritually transformative experiences. Something that's really dramatic matic in your life. Something really big but do you feel that actually but can be really quite subtle. Yes they can be both the ones that are those really powerful ones. I have a mountain peak on the cover of my touched by the light. Those are the ones they change your life. Dramatically like my near death doc. Experience in the plane crash that was a S. t. e. peak so in my books. I also call actually call them steps. I put a P. S. t. e. peaks those peak peak. Experiences can change your life around completely but many people have S. t. e.'s that are more subtle and You know for example. Some of my past life memories. I wouldn't call them peaks but they've been instrumental in me coming coming to a deeper understanding of myself spiritually a deeper understanding of myself. Psychologically they've been helpful In need having an expanded view of the soul lessons were all learning life after life so their growth promoting but not with the same sort of intensity is some of those powerful peak experiences. And can you just quickly tell us bullets. A prepaid is it. Shocked pats awakening shocked to cut away. Yeah that that according to the Yoga tradition It's called called shocked pot and in English we would call let maybe transmission of the Holy Spirit transmission of the Holy Ghost host the pentecost as as occurred to the disciples but this is by direct transmission from a highly realized. Saint so that An example of this in the in the Christian Bible. It's been documented that that Jesus when Jesus cast I think a seven demons out of Mary Magdalene now. We really don't know what that means. Were they seven illnesses. Were they We really don't know. But by his his presence Bhai his energy or by his touch he was able to heal her to cleanse. Her of something could even have been mental illness. We don't know what the seventy minutes means then. There are other cases that he healed people by the attached. So that's the transmission of spiritual energy and it is sad that a a highly realized saint such as Jesus or Krishna or the Buddha or some highly realized goose can even transmit a mystical experience. The sense of touch in my book I give one case example. Parham Mahan say Yoga. None did I had a very highly God realized Guru Swami Shri Cook Dishwasher who after Yoga Nanda had had been a disciple at his Ashram for many years but had not been able to reach a an expansive of state of mystical Somali is. It's called in Yoga. His gouden touched him and transmitted to him a profound down. Profound experience of cosmic consciousness mystical communion which lasted for quite some period of time. So that transmission that spiritual transmission transmission in Yoga is called shocked. Ikat so The book we're talking about is touched by the light exploring spurt Berkshire transformative experiences. But you had a book before as well was called follow the shows. Is that a good one to read before touched by the light would did you just say you can read them in either order I would say Come to touched by the light. Touched by the light is a updated expanded not version but I included much of farther shores in touched by the light so farther shores was my understanding twenty years ago because it was written in two thousand and touched by. The light is my understanding today. So my recommendation recommendation is Touched by the light touched by the light you can get it on Amazon. Can you get it other places as well well Yeah there should be us through some booksellers you can order it through Amazon. It's available in print it's available on kindle and you can Google my name Yvonne case on my last name is spelled K. A. S. O. N. First Name Yvonne Y. V. O. N. N. E.. And you'll probably pick up a bunch of links where you can buy not quite sure which booksellers or selling it in the UK but there are some that are fantastic. Well thank you for coming onto the cost of being a guest is being fascinating thank you. It's great talking with you. Sign a case. That was a really great interview. I really enjoyed that. So don't forget if you'd like to support the podcast. Oh cost you can do so three patron if you sign up to the two dollar t you get bonus episode every month and on the five year you get access to weekly bonus episodes the occasional occasionally extended episodes in the groin back. That's look visit. The homepage of my website past lives hypnosis dot co dot UK and Click on the become patron button or go to patriots dot com forward slash past lives. podcast focused is on Youtube. There's no video is just the audio but that is another way you can access the episodes if you want to and if you enjoy the podcast be sure to subscribe on Apple podcasts. spotify over your favorite podcast APP to make sure that you don't miss south any episodes and thanks for listening. MM-HMM

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Good One: A Podcast About Jokes

1:07:28 hr | 10 months ago

Yvonne Orji's Autopay

"I it feels good like when you're first year the latest summer anthem. And I to share it with your friends who know you're always first to everything well. Here's a new I for you. Samsung Galaxy five gene, yes, five G. now on galaxy, helping you one of the first on the five G., so you can be first to even more like streaming with virtually no lack. Reverse to tell your friends what show to watch. Yes, another I, they'll think galaxy five gene now available galaxy s twenty five G., and as seventy one five G. feels good to be I with Samsung five used vary, and require optical networking connection factors. Who'd frequency bandwidth congestion carrier for availability? took a podcast about jokes. I'm your host vulture senior editor Jesse Fox. Each episode comedian comes on play Click on their gifts, and then discuss how they wrote it and how it fits into what they're trying to do with their comedy. Today's guest is avant orgy. To prepare to interview people I usually listen to and read other interviews. They've done you get a sense of what they let you talk about. And also what they get asked about over and over in doing so I sometimes get to see phenomenon I always love which is when the interviewer talks to the person is that they are the character they plan on TV, show or movie. They'll be like I can't believe you cheated on Derek and the interview will be like sorry. I bring this up because this happened so much to avant, who is best known for playing molly on insecure was just wrapped up its fourth season. I get it. The role is iconic, but I think an equally big factors. How unknown she was before getting. The role should even have an agent yet. But little do people know avant has performing stand up, since two thousand six, and was even hand picked by Chris Rock to open forum in two thousand seventeen with new HBO. Special Mama made it of honors ready to show people who the real person behind the character is. Behind her stand up, which is so good, it's joyous in filled with hyper specific ridgely drawn characters. The special also includes documentary footage of avant returning to Nigeria the country where she was born in briefly, raised before moving to Maryland at age six. Using documentary footage has been trained in. Stand up recently, but it really really works here. Vons impression of her family members are so funny, but it's another level to then meet those people and see how spot on she is. The joke of she to focus on is about a pivotal life changing moment the moment when she realized well I'll let her tell it so here is avant orgy. And but I can't front y'all I am living my best black life right now. I got a chance to do something I really didn't think I'd be able to do. I I enrolled in auto pain. Now you got to be real confidence that you'll find. The hotel you want your take win on the twelfth. It did not always use the way. I'm nine years I. I used to have team talks. Everybody Huddle in huddled at. All right is Friday account as looking. We've got forty seven dollars. Make the weekend all right. So. Let's here's what we're going to do Friday. We can go to Paula but no GUAC okay. Get that mind. The way is looking. You can put seven on puppy Levin right break three. You got. You know how this is going to. Go to sleep, feeling good about your choices decisions. You forget that there was one one pending. You go to sleep. You wake up to these alerts. Negative thirty five. You call the Bank Matt Hello. The These overdraft fees. Trick of the enemy. That's what they are. Not The one that got put my life. I rebuke them. Anybody here, I'll review through overdraft me. Release the Freedom Ball doping. For your. Children's Children's children. Know it is. 'cause you know when you know when you're dating before you'd be like you might have found out. What his greatest glorious. Not Me, I'm like I'm sorry. You on auto, pay or Where are we in our life? So I'm here with you comedian behind the joke? You just heard Yvonne Orgy. Thank you so much for joining me. Thank you for having me. Before we dive into the joke itself I wanted to hear more about the sort of truth behind it I believe around two thousand nine. He moved to New York. To really try to make an entertainment. And then you got insecure in two thousand and fifteen, so can you. Can you describe sorta what your financial low was or your financial struggles at the beginning of your career? What did that feel like well? How low is low because that's where I was like? I have I have friends who were like or any money and men I. Turn around, and you're like. Yes. I think. I'm just GONNA spend a month in. Thailand I'm like wait. Wait wait, you say you have. No money is very different than what I say. I have no money and no I was broke. But how did you get the Thailand? was. Spirit air given dollar tickets that I don't know about. And so that wasn't that wasn't my testimony. Mind was literally light If anything costs above five dollars, I might not make it. and it was, and so there was many years of. Sacrificing dream while getting attempt job, and then being like I'm happy in this temp job, because while I can eat and pay my rent I'm not fulfils as an artist, so I quit, and then it's like Oh Dang I'm now broke. Those is the thing song and finally I decided to lean into. You know what? Girl you're just GONNA have to struggle for a little bit, but it will all be worth it because you know this is the you know. Sometimes, there's there's you just gotTa. Go through the fire to grow through the fire. You just have to go through. And you know I've found myself at probably one of my lowest points in. New, York and I wanted to Bros Pizza. Which if you're in New York. Feeds the homeless artists 'cause if the dollar slides feeds the and then if you WANNA, get rule fans, you can get a can of soda for seventy five cents, two dollars and seventy five cents all you need for a meal and I. I was living in like far. Rockaway Queens and I didn't have enough money to get the pizza and soda and have like round trip subway fare, and I was just like. You don't have seven dollars. I'm grown with two degrees in Sallie. Mae is out. You're trying to get all my money Like a very low point, and it was in that moment that guide like deposited on me like all of his plans for me and I just remember being like this sounds really good. Sir I. I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me house ever what I. Really would have liked better in this moment is food. And so know to get to the point. Then I think wait. When did I signed on to automate two thousand? Ninety. Comfortably Nineteen against to a point where like yeah, you could take all this money and I won't even know. That was I think I've made it like I. Think me I've made it. Can you walk me through that decision you know? How did it feel when you're when you saw? That was an option and you're like what was the decision, but you're like yeah I. Think I can pull this off well. Here's the thing like even when I'd now live in La. You know there are some bills that got you right like. I remember my Geico Bill. They were like you can save X. amount of dollars on your bill if you sign up for auto pay. But you got to find a chicote right, so it was like I signed up for it, but like they would take the money out like say like the fifteenth and via. I'VE GOTTA get off pay on the fourteen and so pan. Grace of like three days to pay the bill, and it's like I know I'll have it in three days, and then like I would pay it, and then get back on all the pace. I can still save the money, so it was just like all things, wasn't it was I was like I? Was a double Dutch ing on auto-pay wasn't comfortably on it. And then I'll never forget like I bought my home in twenty nineteen and to get my bank loan. They were like we'll give you this great rate. If you agreed to have your mortgage on auto, pay and I was like. My mortgage lightweight omitted like that was the moment that was when I was like. Oh Caesar, big girl bills like wait. You just want to take it out every month like at the same time. Like okay I think then in that moment I was like you I've made it like my bill. My mortgages on auto pay. There's nothing anyone else can say to me. were. You surprised at how sort of powerful that felt to make that decision. I think I think it was because here's the thing I'm not so far removed from the I couldn't afford two dollars. Worth of pizza. said not understand the magnitude of that moment like Yo God. Being entertainment wasn't even a dream that I had for my so. And, then you gave it to me and now you're not only just giving me that dream. You're giving me the like all the the bells and whistles that come with fulfilling that dream and I think it always. GETS ME IN AWE. As just like. How how did we get here? Because I remember when we weren't here, 'cause that wasn't so long ago and the magnet were here now tumbling. What it is, it's very. It's humbling, you know there's a Israel Houten has a song. Like who am I that you a mindful of me Who am I that you care from? Analyze the those words like. Who I'm like, I'm not that spent like who am I that you would think the give me this life, and not just the financial thing of the slide, but just this life. Where like I am literally, my ancestors while others drains like who. How did I get here and I'm grateful, yeah? When did you realize you wanted to talk about it on stage, you know. What did you see in this that he thought? Oh, there might be something funny here because I mean. Listen you hang around any artists any amount of time you know the struggle is real. Right and you know for a lot of those. We've all gotten got by that. One bill that we forgot was on auto pay. We've all gotten got like. The overdraft fees had. I didn't know I. Forgot I I missed out on a date. You know like you just you know you got sloppy. You forgot you. Forgot like there was a payment panic because you know when you're when you're counting every penny, you're like an accountant. You're just wait. I know this okay. The check came okay. I put it in. It's GonNa, take about two or three days to clear in the bed, and then and then you're making. You're making plans for when it when it Clare's. Sometimes you get a little results like okay wackadoo this because I know it's going to go do three days. Forget like Monday's a holiday. I didn't a camper. That or something happens, and we've all you know. We've all been there. When that overdraft be kind of sneaks up on us, and that's what I knew I for me. It wasn't so much like everyone's going to get this joke for me. It was just. Just like oh I know this feeling, and if anybody, even if you don't know this feeling, you know somebody who's had this feeling like it. That was when I was like more than the funny of it. Because in the moment isn't. There's nothing funny about it, but it's just the ability of lie Yo. We have go. Yes, understood, we have been that that is liberty and justice for all to be able to. To be able to just like roam around our finances freely and. Take take it on the twelfth. Whenever yeah the thirteenth? Whatever the second sure it'll be there? My that is, that is a privilege. And an honor, so then once you. You know there's something there that is. Say compelling to you know, how do you? How do you sort of evolving ideas? How do you actually right? You know what is writing? Look like I think for Comedians. It can mean different things. How do you sort of then like actually? Let me think about what I would say on stage sort of capture this feeling. Well, you know I think. Based on the trajectory of my of my career, saying you know. I just did something that I didn't think I'd be able to do. The audience expecting Oh, my Gosh. She just booked the role with insert like super super. Stir here own, my Gosh! She just landed deal here like they're expecting something grandiose and for me. It's the twist of the plateau is is this is something big? Big For me because when you come from like I can afford to dollar pizza like my bills on auto. Pay Like that's A. that's a big win. That's a win but it's also a win that like anybody who's not an entertainment can have, and so it's like writing that joke of like I'm Gonna I'm GonNa. Show them my right hand, but I'm GONNA give them left instead. And that's when I knew like okay. There's something here and the audience is like it's the the thing they weren't expecting is what makes them laugh, but then the reality of the thing they got is also what makes them laugh, so you're kinda getting the w laughter of the realization, then the understanding of light. You'll know that is a big moment. No, no, that is, she's right though you know. Do, is, is that a thing? Will you like write it down or type it up or is it sort of like you have an idea thing? You'll start saying it on stage and sort of go from there I. write everything down if if if it's not if a job is not renown in my notes then I'd I lose it like I I? Write everything. Everything Down Verbatim Mike normally a seed will come to me. I'll get in the shower out acted out like shout like my bills, probably the root cause. I'm like acting it out in the shower. My okay walking that go, and then I go out and like I'm like dripping, trying to get the towel around me. Grab my phone. I got like it all out. And then I look at. It might not ask long then edited, and then when I get into a place where I like I'll Catholic drop it in conversation to see just how like how it works. 'cause you never wanted to know like you're testing on them, but it just like a man. You know what I did today. Iro Not pay. Vera, how how do you feel like your soulmate you know, and then it's like you talk, and then you see like the things that you say over and over again that get a reaction. You like okay well. There's something there. There's something there and that has to stay. Everything else can be worked. I've heard different COMEDIANS talk about how they'll bring it up, but it feels like bringing up in conversations such a specific of your process. So how when was this sort of joke than ridden ridden when you were working on the special? Are you sort of always working on jokes? Even sort of when you're maybe focusing more on acting. Yeah I mean I think whenever you whenever a funny joke calms I. Write it Down Because I. Never know what I'm using it for. I don't know if it's a throwaway. Script I. Don't know if it's for the stage. I just write it down and let's see where we can go from here. Oh interesting all right so I want to take a closer. Look at joke and sort of walk through it, and you could talk to me how things came together. Sort of what you like about different parts, so the joke starts with the framing of like I'm living my best black life sort of gets big applause. Why frame it with that? Instead of maybe start meeting with of the buildup? So like what did you like about I? Establishing this idea of talking about how great, but my life is right now. Yeah, because it's. It's Kinda just like that moment of I'm on stage. I'm filling HBO. This is a big moment for me. I have on my second movie writing a book. It's like all the things that are happening I've just bought my first home. I'm happy I'm happy I'm happy. I'm happy I'm living my best black lives. And the audience I mean most people want to see people that. They recognize as growing to. You know to to celebrate their wins right. Most people are like for me. I think a lot of people with a lot of my fans. Look at me like men. If Yvonne can do it like I, can do and which I'm like heck. Yeah. 'cause I'm I'm I'm no respecter of God is no respecter person like. If. You've got a dream. If you know he gave it to you you working towards like I will see you on the stage soon, Mike, Whatever your stages and so it's that moment of like bringing the audience in and having them celebrate this moment with me, and so that's the setup, and then it's like man in addition like part of living my best black live I got to do something that like I thought was so unattainable I thought was so far beyond me like I couldn't even you know, and it's just like what what is it so like? For you now they're like. Tell us more tells more. We WanNa know and then it's like Auto Veda like what? Yeah. It's like like what they're like. Yeah, that is great eggs. It's a surprise element of data. She just built is built us up so high, and you know anything about it and I think that's also would add my related -bility. For. Someone could be like manages this something I anything I could be able to do this i. what I read it in the private jet like? Big and that's beautiful, and that's like aspirational, but like half the people in your audience or like when we were going to do that right and it just like it. None of it's alienating because they get. That's your truth. That's your I haven't had a chance to do that I. IF I. Did I probably would have said no sage. But in that moment it's like Yo I'm giving you this thing. That was so big, but here's here's the catch you can do it. And so you know even like the reaction from you know online and the tweets in the. Like man what we received that auto pay blessing girl I. was like. Spirit of auto-pay. You know if you were like. OUTSCA, receive it, and I think the the the related billy of that is. That's an attainable goal. It's still a goal, but it's like Oh when I attain that goal I can. I can feel good about my accomplishments, and where I am, and it's tangible I. Just it may take me a little bit to get there, but I can I can have had that to my vision board, and as an accomplishment 'cause sometimes you do things and you're like Oh man I got I got no, but I think me putting it in the special. Yoyo. No, that's something to celebrate. FIT After you say auto pay, there is like this sort of big chair and you start dancing, and it made me think about you know i. a lot of Comedians say a lot of Comedians. A lot of material comes from sort of anger or frustration, and like and inside the joke, there might have been sort of past versions of frustration and but like. The joke is framed from the position of joy, and I think a lot of your comedy is. What is that what what attracts you to having sort of a joyous persona or coming to that way to your audience? I mean for me, I mean my my name means Archer of happiness so Yvonne. Jimmy's archer happened his daughter for King Strong Oak I know that my my purpose is to literally shoot and inject joy into the Airways whatever that is. And so my framing is is one of like. Yo I want when you leave here that you had a good time, you mean it's not that we won't talk about different things. It's like no, but we'll talk about different things, but. Like you, said the framing and will be positive because I I'm optimistic even when I talk about dating, and it's like I'm seeing. I. Up Guys I'm so happy, and this is like even if it's a struggle, but. Here's. Here's what I'm happy about. I'm happy about my growth. I'm happy that I now know what I want I'm happy that my vision board is updated and I won't settle for less also. It's kind of that like you can look at the same situation one or two ways I choose to look at it through lens of joy into Lens of hope, and you know the the audacity of hope. Yeah you, so the joke continues, and you have one line then to sort of explain about why such a big deal and you sort of. Do this phone call and say it's on the twelfth, said just take it then. which is sort of like set into sort of different tone than you're presenting standup you? It's much more conversational. Is that partly sort of how it evolves? In that you're you're these jokes evolving from you talking to people sort of how do the phrasing of that moment that sort of like just take then with the little swoop of your arm you do. How did that sort of come together? Because for me I was like that's that's power for me I'm like Yo. The power of that moment is you're talking to somebody and they're like Yo Command. Would you like us to put this on auto pay? Yeah, when you want it. The twelve tests kid like it doesn't matter like whatever date. Date you choose I'll have it like that is a freedom that is, that is the the luxury and I say you know I was like auto. Pay is not for the faint of heart. It's for the gay flea employees like you can't just be Willy Nilly out here like yes, but let me check this box. 'cause then I talked about the flip side when you when you unknowingly enrolling auto pay, and it's like I check the box. No on check it. Please don't want this like like way. You're not ready for it, you. It's the last thing you know that you want because you know a lot of people who are trying to you know Y-, you know, make ends need or trying to stay afloat. If like now we gotta get creative. It's like we don't want to be delinquent our bills, but we gotta get creative with how we pay our bills, and sometimes we have to prioritize. Prioritize and you know if you talked to any artists at any point you know, remember those beginning moments at, and it's just like it was not easy, and so it's like I wanna be an upstanding citizen. I want. My name to like means something I want my credit score did not be shot, and so it's, but it's just like at the same time like. this. This wasn't an over extension at the time, but now because of so many events have happened like Yo. I'm in over my head and. Oh okay I I. I really gotta get creative. This is where my acting comes into place I wish one is more important is in my spirit bill, or is it you know like or is it? Do I eat today like what? What do I need most? Because then like? If I do get the call. That I got the job, my phone turned off. That's not going to help. Help me, but then if I, can you know but then if I can eat three meals a day? That's also not going to help me, so you know I feel like the the the conversation of being able to be like you wanted on the twelfth. It doesn't matter to me because whenever you on it. I got it for you. And that's that was the empowerment of that moment. as you're talking about, you're talking about sort of the internal debate of what can we do? It's how how what can we pay for and in the joke itself you? Create a scene of it as sort of a huddle that you have with yourself, just sort of saying that instead of explaining to me like you just did you create a little seed of you huddling with essentially multiple versions of you? It's like a team. That's all you. How did you come to sort of framing it that way? Oppose sort of telling people what it's like you sort of created this image of multiple us. Looking at the looking at the charts and being like Oh, I think we can do outlay but Nakagawa. Yeah, because it was I remember when I was a PA I my roommate and I. We'd always you want to. Was One of those things like you got like ten bucks you could. You could get like a meal and you could split it and you can that be lunch and dinner. But then once they start adding a Guatemala. That's taking me over like nonpartisan like you gotTa sacrifice you. You can't be out here trying to eat lavishly because AAA with GUAC lavish eighty. Oh, when you're on the grind and so it's just like. Hey, listen, we have conserve you want. You'RE GONNA. Get your basic needs met, but let's not get crazy. That's movie. Calm down, and so that's what that is. That huddle is like when you. You know like okay. You're trying to just get over the hump. Because you know you've got some things coming out and it was just like okay we can. We can put gas, but we're not that we're getting to our nation home. Okay anything else is again is extra as that huddle that me showing you that kind of conversation that I have with multiple versions of myself. It's like. This is what. What it took for me to get on this platform this stage that you see me on the plotting meow like without telling you like. It was large. It fight. Yo, this is these are. Mental debates that I have with myself, and sometimes you know you can look at your favorite celebrity and be like man. They were overnight success. Oh, it was a long night. If you think that you know and so showing you the process of the negotiations. I had to have it lets you know that like this moment means that much more to me because I remember this other moment. In general throughout the special, you'll set up premises, and you'll do scenes or act outs. Instead of telling the audience you'll, you'll perform it. in other jokes allows you to do a lot of very specific characters. Or sometimes it's your your family, members or people from back home. What do you like about that style? How did that style evolve to be? More performed live to be sort of more character oriented. You know I think the beauty about you know my my style of comedy. Is that like I? Get to use every aspect of me right I. get to use the Nigerian aspect of. The african-american aspect of me. I get to use the performer. Actress the aspect of music. Comedian, so it's really just me being able to be like I, like acting and I like comedy and I don't have to choose which one I am right now because I can be both so in this moment I'm going to X. Y., and Z., and so when we went to Manchuria to do this, the woman on the street segment. I didn't know what they would say. That was script that all. And so a really no, we didn't go in with a plan. You just like walking around I knew that, versus like with the with the directions bid, that came from asking directions of like Nigerians in America and just been like they don't know how to get anywhere. So then I wonder if Nigerians in Nigeria do thing and it was like bless accent well, and I was like you can't even. Even make this up. They do the same thing. It's like it doesn't matter where they are doesn't matter if they've lived in America for so long, it's like bears, still Nigerian at heart, and so that's why I was like Oh. You know I knew that going to Nigeria I. wanted to highlight some things that I would say on stage as well as like talk to my parents and just. The punctuation of those clips I was like man I it kind of brought to life like it's one thing to hear me say, and then it's another it into like see it Yeah, and I think that Kinda just like kind of put the exclamation point on like to hit home on some of the the bids. If you ask my jurors that. that the tonight it would be the most frustrating experience of your life. You would still be on your way here. She'd be like excuse. Me taught me how to get the hell with the year. Your they go. How would? I wore the. So, what does this move? Through GPS was going on. What the? Poking okay, here's what you want to do. You want to go all the way down. Just go down down down down down down. The way to the end of road I the end of the streets. Of Sign Best. Both sides stop. Quiz. A. Day. Yes, how do I get to? Know most of the names. And you go straight down. You turn right. Turn left and to just keep on grants, so there's many rights I left pretty much. Okay. When I get to the BUSTA, now stopped. I O mentioned on on that moment. When you talk about how the gave directions, and then you have them, do exactly I couldn't believe it the fact I was like maybe she went there and then reverse engineer I as a person who thinks about this stuff I was. I was going to ask you about 'cause fascinating because like. either. She planned this reverse engineered, or she truly is like I mean like I mean I guess it's correct, which is sort of you? It's an observation. Of like talk to get people to actually say that is, there's been a lot of documentary footage and especially, but nothing. Where was like literally like people talk like this? And then you have a person talking like that it was. I imagine in that moment when it happened. Really like Oh, this is great. Oh, yeah, it was perfect because I was just like I, really was like. Wow, he literally said my joke verbatim like I can't like and I had that job before that was that was. The crazy thing is like I. had that joke? And then he was I guess. Stop sign you. Stop and I was like he did not he. was like. Did we get it like in my mind I was like. Please tell me we got it. We were feeling on the street. It was like high tides base. We had to cameras going like. It better be clear that there was there better be no out of `focusness. Did we get that like it was like a moment of triumph and it was just like a moment of life. Man I love evil. And we can't be helped. It was as we can't help ourselves. Well my my favorite part was like the little kids who were just like no. We use Google maps. I was like look look at the generational gap. It was like the truly like wrote to Tag. wrote the joke out again. You'd be like then a little kid. Can go now I, I loved I was like. Oh this is the generation and. I was like so you don't even know she was like. No, you can just put it in your phone I was like. I'm not mad at you. 'cause that have been my answer and I. Do that next time because he got me lost. Your Dad got me lost. So so the joke continues. The last part is the the have this rebuke of. Overdraft fees. What how did that come to you? It's a very. It's an interesting. To give that audience you you. You address the audience directly in you as a sort of. I don't know what you'd call it, but you sort of rebuke this four generations that. Problem well, yeah, because because here's the thing so. I started saying like overdraft fees of the trick of the enemy and. When the review, if 'cause the the reality is if you think about the system, right? You, are you know you have one dollar lasts or even sixty cents less than what the vendor or the merchant was taken out your bank flow to the sixty cents, and then charges you thirty two dollars or thirty five mountains. You like on what offenses that make like if I didn't have. The sixties ends now like you. I I'm in debt to you. Thirty five dollars like why am I not in the sixties and can I just make up to you? What I? I didn't have you know or like. Just don't let it go through. You know whatever like just don't let like whatever it is, but then, and then like God forbid you had two things coming or three things coming out at the same time, and you know your shorts now you're like thirty five times three and it's like that's such a system I mean we. We accepted it because you're like well, that's just had the banks are, but y'all. That's a system of. Of oppression is the word, but it's definitely not as. To help people out of debt that are already very close to the deadline you, so it's just like this is whack, and systematically this is wack and the people that it affects the most. It's it's it's it can be crippling, and because then 'cause they are like if I do get a check instead of me starting at a good level, I'm starting at a deficit because not gonNA. Pay My dad's like Atlanta. You know to the banks, and and now I'm short again, so it's like the cycle of poverty to be honest, it's like a it's like condemn you continuing the cycle of poverty, and so that rebuke was me lying you I rebuke the overdraft fees that rebuke it because it's like now from your chosen like they will know the blessing of never have A. They will know the blessing of auto-pay because. Because that means that's one less thing. They have to worry about You know a lot of my audience. especially in that moment were were African Americans, and it's like that's one less thing. They have to worry about ads. Young black kids. They can just start at not at the deficit, but they can start above in life. Yes, yes, it is and I think the audience. We received that we. That because you know it is, it's a setback So! The joke ends with you. Bring it up with dating. You say you know you should ask if. Was that always? There was partly to sort of transition to dating material wasn't more like I need something sort of connect these things. No, you know. That was a tag i. kind of made up on the spot. Oh, because I was like in my mind thinking like y'all it's funny. I mean obviously I know where my said is going, but I just was like Oh. This transition. It was like Oh. You know what back in the day they can. Find out what his credit score is and I'm like bummed that like credit one thing, but like where are you on auto? Pay Like how confident are you with your finances? If you're comedy your finances and hopefully your credit score will match that level of confidence in your your bill paying. Suave nece in general when you're putting it all together, and you talked about how it was a pretty short time line to sort of make thing between different projects you had. How do you think about how these things are ordered? How do you sort of approach it as a single set? Yes, well for me I, knew that the beginning like I kinda wanted to move from like. getting to know me so like this is me. This is my world. This is the Nigerian. This've it lie before I go into. Other aspects of me, I gotta lay the foundation with like who I am, and what this means so that you can understand my perspective on all these other jokes right, so it was very much like. Let me introduce you to my world. And then it was like is what Nigerians do. This is my purview, my perspective, being both Nigerian and American, and so I'm going to look at things. you know with this kind of bird's eye view even if it's like what it looks like for the plate taboo, what it looks like you know for Nigerians with education, and like why you know jobs, specifically that group of people are so. So like gun-ho of being that those lawyers and engineers 'cause like my Momma won't even let me play with somebody who doesn't make straight as you know, and like we're only in third grade, so it's kind of like. Let you giving you a little bit of like insight into your. Like Herman's head backdated. was that show like giving a little bit of insight into my world, and then on my all right? Let's have some fun you know. Hopefully it's fun all the way, but it's just like education over Now. Let's apply everything we just learned to like playing games. With different groups of people going on dates, you know. Make a vision board. And then I knew that like the setup of like haggling in the beginning was like my call back to you know if I got kidnapped and my parents, and knowing that like I would enter my set with being you know the single woman, and what that looks like culturally you know spiritually et Cetera, and then knowing that like I. I would take you from one place that you thought I. Left you and apply it back to the other thing because the reality is I, can't stop being all of these things that I just told you I was yeah. We talked about it before. which is part of that? Is You mix in this documentary footage of visiting your family in France and Nigeria. You explain at the top of the special why you wanted to do which is sort of no way I could do a special about my life without showing you my life and I wanted to ask a little bit more about that you know what one what do you think it does for the home audience you know? What does it offer them? But even beyond that it's like you know. Why did you want the audience like? Why do you want the audience to know more of you? Why? What about yourself? As an artist? You're like there's a deeper understanding they can get if I do this. And why is that important for you? You know I think that. Most comedians you can tell like. What you're going to get from a Dave, but actually maybe maybe you can't ever tell what you're gonNA, give Dave develop though, but you know that you're GonNa get brilliant. Watched his. A forty six they came out and it was so impassioned. I don't even know can call it a comedy special. I think it's like extended tedtalk a very necessary, but it's like, but it's exactly what we needed but you know that Dave is going to see the world from like turning it on its head like you've had enough experience with him to know that he has his very like. Incredibly dark, but also like funny sense of humor. And Awful, not even dark but like. Inquisitive. He will make you think he's never gonNA. Give you a joke like open-handed. You're going to have to come to come up to his level You know that you know Trevor Noah is going to like apply being South African as well as being like like understanding the political. Movements of both in South Africa and in America. You know you without a comic letting. You know that they're teaching you about them. You're learning about them with every show you go to, and so for me it I recognize that a lot of people came to know me through a character I play Mali on insecure. But I was doing comedy long before I was molly, and so this was kind of music having to reintroduce a fan base. Who didn't know me as this and so. Before I before I get into my groove. It's like it's like when you come to school the first day you're like. Hey, class, you know. We're GONNA, take role by the way my name is. Professor Orgy. Couple of these know about me that that syllabus this year. We're going to get quizzed on the thirteenth in. Any questions gray, and now we can get into the lesson plan right, and so it was kind of like that way of me. Saying like Oh. This is who I this. Who Yvonne is and I know you love Molly, maybe not this season, but you Rockwood Yvonne Yvonne Pretty Dope in her own way. Let me show you and that was and but at the same time it's like. Going back home and showing my parents, that was my way of being like I'm going to have the Mike for an hour. I know that you all don't get the opportunity to to have a say you know you just use. Listen to me. You may shake. Your hand does not through. You know like you know or I have an issue with that or whatever so I'm like. Let me give my parents the time that they deserve to to to air their grievances to cosign or not and those are some of the most special moments for me in this project because it was like Oh. I get to show the world like who I am through my parents. Because they helped. Make me this way. and you know for the most are we all have whatever relationship we have with our parents, whether it's tumultuous whether it's loving whether it's tender whether they're moments of like highs and lows in, it's like yeah, that's that's also relatable number across a seven seas, and all the continents. You understand this Mon, these moments that I'm having with my parents, and they're having with me, We'll be right back with more of an orgy. I feels good like when you first get your hands on the leader sneaker drop. Yes, well, here's a new I for you. Samsung Galaxy Five G., yes, five G. now and galaxy, helping you be one of the first on five G., so you can be first to even more like being the first of your friends to pose donate K with the first eight K. on boxing. Video of your new kicks. Thinking man, I really looks good. Like really good galaxy, five G. now available on Galaxy s twenty five G. feels good to be I with Samson five speeds vary and require optical networking connection factors include frequency bandwidth congestion. See carrier for availability. And we're back with Avante orgy. An audio medium, but I want to talk for a second about the visuals of the special specifically, I often complained about staying up special sets. Your set I loved. Is Clearly African inspired, and then, of course your outfit, which is everything? I, heard you talk about you went as far as hiring an African graphic designer to make your. Yeah, I WANNA talk about why sort of how you can't decisions, but also what things like this? What those visual elementary your outfit in the set do in sort of helping you communicate who who you are as we as we were talking about. How do those elements help? In the sort of big picture of you're GonNa, get who Yvonne is. Yeah, no I like for me I am I. Think if I wasn't doing comedy if I wasn't doing acting I, probably would be a marketer. Because I know I know when I've been marketed to and I'm like Oh God. Yeah, they got me. I'm of course. You are buying these chips and I don't need, but I gotta taste it. They fuse two different flavors together. I gotta try it. You know I saw the commercial for it and for visually my aesthetic like I. Know when I might you know? Don't book by its cover. I'm like Nah I do 'cause I'm like. Does it look good I'll take it. You know and I'll. I'll open the first base. It could be on my album. Cover covers great, and so for me I watch a lot of specials before before I, went into production on my own and I was like yeah I. Don't want to do like. The curtain. No I don't WanNA. Do. You know I like I wanna feel like everything is is part of. Something else like if we're talking Africa I WANNA. Feel like even the set reminds me of Africa without like. You know a caricature. Because then there's also like well. What is Africa? You know what I mean like what is what is that and so when I took the trip home to Nigeria? So before we actually went on the trip, I like look at some of my favorite My photographers or you know like just people that knew captured. The African faces feels countries like I. Just I would like. I would go on their instagram just for inspiration and I knew I wanted something. That cetera but it wasn't until I went to Nigeria and I saw this restaurant squad. Laura, and I was I loved the the. It's like a it's like a high end. Shopping but it's also like an art exhibit, and then at the restaurant at the bath, so it's like it's a beautiful mess. Let you spend the whole day. There and I saw I saw. The the entryway is as redgate and it was like it's. It's iron on top of iron, and was just like it made square in made like a square design, and I was like Oh. Man I love that I love the iron I loved the hard because I'm a Tomboy by nature I grew up with three older brothers, and I'm like I love the steel, hard nature of this, but I also love the pattern, and so the designer, Tom. He was phenomenal and I sent him A. A picture, but I was like. How do we make it our own? And he was wise enough to be like wool. Let's let's take inspiration. Create a different pattern, and then where you will actually be because the stages large, but where the camera will actually focus lead that be where the design like interfaces and Intersex because that's what you're gonNA see the most onscreen, and he was right and what I love about HBO is that they? They respected the vision because I didn't realize how expensive backdrops or I did it I was like I want that. And obviously we have budgets and They were like wall to have that made. It's going to be x amount of douse of dollars. I was like oh well. I was I. don't know anybody like in a like a a wilder shop or something like. How do we make this work? And so then there was this notion of like Wilkin. We put it on a sheet and then just. Put a picture on a and print it out and if you know me I'm super anal in a lot of different ways very specific and I was like. Will we be able to get like through that? Though I wanted to be able to shine through and really have the three div fact, and and they were like no, because the sheet is just, it is like the light has to be on the sheet already. How's that don't like this I was like I. Really don't like this. And so it was like a thing that by the grace, of God they went back to Hbo Hbo gave us. Leeway in the budget to make it happen. because I was like I again I thought if I only get one of these, hopefully I'll get more, but if only get one of these I want it to be done as excellently and perfectly as possible. If this is my one shot, and so that's how the state came back. Because I was like you know what says Africa I. Don't know, but like this pattern said to me strength and said to me. Me, L. Different and then I was just like again. I'm very specific. I had the theme song created by an artist named mid low, because I always liked to come out on stage with high energy, and you know most of the songs I like one of the songs that used on tour with ti in Jay's brim out to which I was graciously towed. Whose budget is going to pay for that and I was like you're not wrong and so. You know Swiss beads. One of those producers that love that had like the upbeat songs than just made. You want to dance and I was like. I need like a Swiss be high kind of song and mid low, and the producer Mike Bombs. They created the my mind made things song and Israel was like great. We can use that. And because I knew because I told Chris Robinson our director that I wanted to actually make a music video when I came out, and he does music videos for Drake and Chris Brown and everybody. I was like as things are getting comedy special, but it's really a documentary music video in comedy special. And then for me my. Is Always something that I am very very specific about I? Did like thirteen twelve thirteen city tour before we actually shot the special and every city was different I knew that I I liked black. I knew that I wanted like you know the shorts, or if if I'm doing heels than his boots, or if I do sneakers than it's like these like Iraq sent the whatever it is, it has to make a statement and every comedian. Every black comedian pays homage to Eddie Murphy's delirious Red Jumpsuit. It's like a leather like a moment it was it was a fashion moment. It was a comedy moment. It was like connick and I was like. Why am I doing? Read. But like I will get Laura. WHO's? So I was like. Let me get as many Africans as possible at to. To further division, because for me, if like. If I win, we all win. So who can pull up at the same time because I don't ever answer something, not believing it's not to be a moment. I know if I do something I want to do it so well. That becomes a moment, and Laurent literally created that outfit. Overnight fluids from La to DC landed to me at three forty, five got on a five PM playing back to La and I hit the stage at seven o'clock like it was a crunch time. Our situation and I would always say. Even, if my jokes bomb, my outfit better be the bomb, so that's my. That's my thing like the hopefully. These jokes make it, but if they bomb. My Office be tight though. So, you've you've told the? Of how he started doing comedy in almost every interview you've done it's. It's one of the great comedy sort of origin stories. which is you two thousand six? You asked to enter Miss Nigeria in America pageant last minute. You're asked. What's your talent going to be? You didn't have a talent. Let until the next part of it, so then what happens? So, I didn't have a talent, and so I prayed because at that point I. had you know this I was twenty? Maybe twenty two at this point and I became a born again Christian in college freshman year when I was seventeen. So I you know been developing this like relationship with with God and this was probably one of the first time that like he was making a demand me in a way that I was. Oh, I got it. Listen to him also like I can't just. Pray and like. Like let go like he wants me to do something. That's uncomfortable. Wait I didn't realize that that's how this relationship was going to work. So anyway I prayed, and I heard always buried. Say do comedy and I was like. What are you talking about? Like no, that's not even a thing that I wanted like. How does? Not Do also my funny I don't want to find out like it was. There are so many there were so many. Marks that came up with that one comment that I was like immediately I knew this has to be God because I wouldn't be fighting it so much because if it was like me I'd like. Let's do it, but because I was. Definitely, not me, not hold on. Hey, guys, let's another team, huddle guys. God has gone crazy. I don't know where he went, but he's clearly out to lunch and I again I heard birds say. What else do you have? And it was at that moment. Where might? I hate my back being up against the wall I really I I hate not having any options a do because I'm just like you know as a major in women's so resourceful. It's like you know like you saw in the market scene. It's like okay, you know we'll figure it out like all of those people are entrepreneurs, all of those people in the market like they are creating. And, so for me I'm like I. This is this is my heritage like I will always have an answer and net moments like I don't have an answer. I don't even have anything. The battle God with and I knew like. Girl if you say you go to Bible study in church like you do was the point. If you're not gonNA, listen to him and I was like. You're right and so. I just said Yeah and I've started writing down. What I thought was funny. Growing up with this dual lands as a Niger in an American I mean my audience. There was very Nigerians I was like well. This is the sweet spot and then I was like well. This is not real because I can't perform to only Nigerians like I'm in America. There's there. Americans and Nigerians and then I ended up the DC's fought funniest college student competition, and because I was getting my masters at the time and then I ended up winning for GW which was definitely not Niger in audience, and it was like well. Okay God one more test and it was just like what else do I have to do to tell you like? This is what I want you to do, but it was just so foreign to me, and it felt so. Different than anything I could have ever imagined that I really was like I need assurance that that I heard right because at that point like it was kind of fun getting the feedback, it was kind of fun like having the audience like laugh at something I said sounds like I was kinda getting addicted to that, and then I was like. Oh, but what if this is what I'm supposed to do? And it was. I've spoken to a lot of comedians some who may or may not be religious, but I think you know a lot of them would admit to a certain sort of a lot of them would admit to a sort of spiritual feeling that comes from performing standup that comes from the connection to the audience. You know you. You clearly are getting and giving a lot of energy when you perform. Does it at this point. Does it feel spiritual for you? Would you characterize it that way you know? There is an out of body experience that happens like before I jump on the stage I'm hot mess like my nerves or shy like I still get nervous. I'm like. Is there a way I can back out? And then there's something about when I. My name called if like Nobu, this is showtime. This is your moment like anything else you like it really is an out of body experience like I. Remember Opening for Chris Rock on his total blackout tour and we did Atlanta. We did new. York the Mess Square Garden in theater as well as the Dobie theater. Then then we did Barclay Center now. Barclays was the last show I did for him. All the other show like Atlanta I definitely was like this is my moment I don't know if I'll get another one. 'cause like we haven't gone the other day. And I was like I gotTa make Atlanta. Great and then he called me to do the Elliott new. York shows and again it was like Oh my God. These were the Oscars, so it was like the the gravity of the moment was like poof. And I I felt like every night. Like you know this better, the other something about sixteen thousand people watching me. That was my best performance I have no idea I like that should have been the one I was the most nervous that, but it was something about like you. All of everything else was practiced to get you to this moment. You Bet you bet not mess up and it was like yes, so yes, so and I got all the stage, and it felt like I was never even on that stage. It felt like somebody took over, and that's what it felt like. I did to tapes at the at the for the company. Special were people don't know I had those boots on? I had sprained my leg. By leg during my tour, and so after like the seven o'clock show I'm like hurting, but I'm like you got you never let them see you sweat Yvonne and I'm I'm trying to be focused I'm nervous, because I'm like there's so many lights, and then there's like thirteen cameras, so you know it's like it's my first special like this so I'm just like. Oh, my gosh, there's so much going on. That the seven o'clock shops like this, this can't be the this can't be the special. No and then I. Remember like you'll. You got one more shot this this. This is what you use. Oh everybody on this dream. You got one more shot. Get Right. They went back. My my my ankle was getting swollen. They wrap me up in tape up at some bio. Freeze on! Put those boots back. Back on and for the next sixty minutes. You are not in pain. You are not going to mess up. You're going to give them a show. And it was like that I got on the stage after the second show and I was like Oh. Yeah, that's my special guys. That's my. I was so pumped because it was like I literally again. The same feeling of being Barclay isn't like. Feeling like something came over me. It was a it was confidence, but it was also like I knew like my face was like kicking in like holy. Spirit was like I won't. We didn't come this far just to get this far. Bu, we got work to do. Yeah, you know the special. It's called Mama. I made it and you know there is something of as as you mentioned that sort of. It's a proof that. You know the when God said. Do Comedy Push you sort of in that direction. For you. There's like well. This is what it worked at. You know you made it. Their sort of there is there. You're correct. Be Pushing this direction. You're looking back at this journey. Do. You think about one. Why was it right for you? And also? But why were you the right person to be pushed in this journey? Man? That is a question that is who you are. You are in the spirit brother. You know it's so interesting because I think that. God puts purposes on people before they know it right. It's kind of like a I. Don't know if your listeners are Bible, but like December of Gideon Right. It's like the angel comes getting calls him a mighty warrior Gideon's. Like what are you talking about? Mighty warrior I am the lowest and least okay. My the clan we have been getting. beat up. It's not me I think you. You got the wrong number, and it's in that moment videos like who is what is happening me and I heard td jakes. Gideon had been praying for who got called him to be like he was the answer to the prayer that he was pray and he didn't know that. He was like. Please don't do this to me. Please make me the answer like you send somebody else and so many times like it's so funny. That I was born holding my mom's Iud in my hand so technically I wasn't even supposed to be year. My mom was like I'm done, and then it's like I. Come Out I'm holding the ID then they named me archer of happiness, and then they're like and then for like. Twenty years of my life. They believe I want to be a doctor. But then God is like I'm going to make you a healer. The not do a scalpel, but through humor. And it's it's so. Crazy. 'cause I'm I'm like. ME. Home me. You know really like I got to be like you me. You thought this much about my life that you literally made me the answer. For some and then, and then even for the special to be coming out in such a time as this where there's so much upheaval, there's some there's there is a need for a moment of black joy, because black bodies have been so oppressed. There's so much there's so much in the history of this country and. And just. The upheaval. That's happening anger like yeah, so in this moment where you think this might be the worst time for your special. Come Out I'm going to actually make it the best time. And it's like Oh, you I apologize forever thinking I know more than you I i. I'm sorry. You know and so when you say why meet it's it's still me fulfilling the purpose, and not just like. Hey, guys, let me make you laugh, but like Hey, guys, let me bring a moment of Healey, we are hurting, and if in this moment we can all take a collective timeout. To be, there's still joy that exists within our suffering. There is still hope that exists within our suffering. There is still progress. That can happen and is still celebrations that we will have despite what the world may tell us that we can't have and so to your question, it's like. I don't I'm not questioning anymore. Like I questioned because I'm in awe, but I also know ally. If this is my portion in it is. This is my job. I got a job to do. I'm getting emotional those. What Second So? That's on means it's time for our final segment which is laughing round. It's like a lightning round, but because it's comedy, it's a round. So short questions later questions I promise, you Do you ever favorite? Joke like a street. A favorite joke. Chris Rock. says. Excuse me I was wondering. Is it possible? Everytime yeah. Do you have a joke that you kept on trying, but never worked, and but you think maybe the audience was wrong, and you'll always think it's funny. You South Ryan. man if I did I had it out of my memory, actually no way there was a joke that I thought was funny, and it was it was. It was not and actually use it one time at a request from a friend and the audience. Let me know like no. You lied to me I thought it was funny I've. Never again I won't say. I wouldn't use that dope again. Won't even say what it is. Not? Even. At the top of the season of insecure, my colleague harassed ranked every man on insecure for those who haven't read it. Number one was L-, Thug Yoda number two was jared number three years Andrew, and in last place beyond Scott Foley as a slave owner du Nord was dro. Did you see this list? What what do you think about? What did you think about it? What do you think about it? I saw this list was. Comic. Gold at it's fine I was just like who is this magical humid that has gone through the trouble of breaking all of them and I love the criteria and then was like. Let me go back on his one criteria because also. We had this one guy in the scene. Yeah no I saw I saw I think, but Yoda is perfect, because the as number one he is, he's he's been consistent throughout all four seasons. He is like I. Think this visa. I'm not afraid to be myself I will never use. Words. He's great. And how do you feel about you? Drill being last place, Josephine. Eve. Joe's definitely be the last lady I am. I agree She gets the award for getting right absolutely. She'll be very pleased. There's a last question which is barely a question which is this interview is taking place before the finale of insecure has aired, but we'll. The interview will come out after it has aired so without telling me what happens. What is your answer to how you felt about what you learned? What happens does that make? Way What. Reverse psychology or trying to tell you what happened. Yes all right, so let me try explained against. This interview as you know, it's happening before the finale airs and press has not seen it, but the interview will come out after the finale aired so everyone listening will have watched the finale, so to those people these future us. What do you, WanNa say about the finale? What would your reaction to be? What do you feel like? You want to communicate to these people I will say we needed everything that happen. This season in order to get us to this moment. Perfect! Perfect. Perfect bag to this. Thank you so much for your time. Thank you so much for answers. Is this was fantastic? Thank you. God, bless you have a great day. That's it for another episode of. The Simpsons. Clip was courtesy of Hbo Watch Mama made it and insecure. HBO! Max Follow on social. Media Ashgabat Oregon. Good one is produced myself Gilani Carter. Are Chong and Cumulus Alison got freakish ended our themes though. Writer Abune Right. The shown apple podcast. I've stars. Yvonne comments questions were laughing round suggestions a good one podcast dot com, or tweet us at one podcast. I'm Jesse David. Boxing me at Jesse David. Good one! That's the production of culture and the Bach of media podcast network. Back next week with Hossan Menage. Have a good one.

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Unlearning: Being Undeserving

Jesus and Jollof

1:13:02 hr | 8 months ago

Unlearning: Being Undeserving

"We are back. I. Miss You. was. Like. We're life like you. That was like six months ago. The longest. We've gone not seen each other in life years. Yeah. You came to the special favorite twenty nine was the last time I laid. Eyes on you ask. Why in the world shut down and? And now we're recording is a closet. GotTa do what we gotta do. The beat the streets the. Way that I don't know that's not necessarily founded without like, i. feel like that's what it felt like. So excited to Yvonne and we will accept it. Well, here's the thing you can't see love it right now but Lori lobby is the only one who's who's locks are thriving and nourishing. In the spending I was like loved you gotTa. Listen you know apparently not. Being is good for my hair growth. It apparently, my follicles really enjoy when I don't have to do with wish. Your third book is going to be called. We hold on. Let me let me think attacked manual. Called the. People. The. Manual. So we have a lots to talk about. Because since the last time we posted an episode. Somebody, on this podcast wins and became A. Emmy. Nominee Ted actress extraordinaire will who the? Who Now me? Let me, tell you Yvonne. So. So they went on nominated Ha. Rights for this award. This prestigous. I think it was called. Outstanding. Supporting actress does something like that something like that outside wasn't actress in the enemy I was me had me. You. Know. What first of all outstanding sounds like an person road? Standing. So I'm now the Emmy nominated Emoji poussin respect behind the bay life you'll be. Own. We gotta thoughts on the vexed so we have to make our. Budget is destroy one. There will be sponsored again. These are you listening? You got pup- you. Tell ourselves. How does it feel to be emmy nominated way we can't just stop the episode Andy How have you? We have your readiness love on. Jesus. Angelo. Is. Just Now, we can begin the head this'll, but we also need your. Hand proverbial. I up. You know what's funny is funny because I'm never prepared. I'm always shocked by it and I'm like Oh. Oh Yeah. You are correct. This is why you have to write the firefighter. Because you cannot be afraid w read. That's what I'm saying. Okay. So what today's proverb a had a great us if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. I feel like I had this before. I've had I've had just in life in general. Nobody's heard yes. Though all the other ones nobody has had I remember what is the one about burning down? So almost how we're done to village? Yes okay. Yes. We find another one. Deep in your well of proverbs because. Let me find another one. Okay. Another one. Okay. Me Why. You wish to move mountains tomorrow. You must start by lifting stones today. Hey, look at the head you. I believe you use. You went impossible with was no mile. What was regula every day because you to your moving mountains things. You must stop by listen stowed today. Yes. You know that is that is the blessing of Abraham because I think so many people want to get to the mountaintop, but they're they're they're looking at their pebbles like you know just what these this nonsense. But. The Bible says despise not the days of what humble beginnings. And so a mountain begins as just milestones in pebbles. That people who WanNa do great things and there is A. Great start with something small. This. Because what they don't realize is something great starts with mentoring the young lady a young man in your neighborhood don't think great starts with just being nicely your neighbor. You know what something great stats with where a blessed mask so that other people So. Archie you people. Seven months to get together because that's what my book comes out and I need to do a tour if people would not stop me. Okay. So I need to wear masks. Thank you. Look at the same plug, we have not been two minutes in. We need. This I'm already not stolen by some people now. Seven March second your book drops smart second cooked to professional troublemaker the fear. came. On is now available for preorder come on, you get your books so it's coming up. Twenty one that's everywhere everywhere you go get your books everywhere at any way every way. So yes, we must people. So yeah walk on people is been a isn't a couple of weeks well, kerm while car well, come soon the house on. Who you make, it sound like, what was that beyond his clothing line has? Dairy on. Yes. How Jesus is your loss? Opening up the door for you and say comedy comedy shoes you l.. Kerm. Where you hook. SURPRI here. I didn't know you. If I knew you are coming out with, I've cooked food meanwhile, you have a whole. podcast episode because there's a lot happening in our lives that we must share with. July. People have in fact. So. Much has happened I mean what are we want to do? You WanNa talk about that stop? Let's let's let's just. Finish because honestly we dropped the last episode the day after it was announced, we would like by the way we have not. Guide. This major issue. So yes. Okay. Okay. Okay. So tell us how did you learn that you nominated for an emmy awards you you're going to find out how much of a goat I am so the money of you know. We're excited, but we were are X.. Temp because we have been in this position on for the last four years from now, we have been let down so many times and so. I think Jay hit a couple of US I've been were like you know. Let's just hope and pray. Fast Brain I'm fascinating I pray. And so. We will watch it live. A couple of us were texting back and forth eases name. And the voice was going back for like. You. You path it he said was nobody wanted nonetheless she was in the middle of a meeting. Being the boss, she was having staff the clock in the morning eight. So can you imagine me? I'll relate to every meeting. Say I was like Yo. How you have on a full meeting in o'clock in the morning on a Tuesday but that's why she's building an empire and I'm in a closet. In violence going to be sitting in her closet to bring people denies audio that you want. You guys are welcome. Hodson I'm switching from Areola but. The sound is going to be amazing. So anyway. So he's got the nomination. So we are all thrilled and then came the insecure nomination. So I mean we've never been nominated. So we're like for best comedy right or best comedy series, outstanding comedy series, outstanding and so we were just like I was losing my mind I was like Whoa we hear is official and you know it's one thing. It's one thing. When like? It's something especially when everybody can be recognized because that means they thought the was great. They thought that. They thought that like some of. The whole, the series as a whole was shot and so we realized. Huge and then I was waiting patiently. Okay. Over there were announced my name and then no, it went blank the screen when. Like, okay goodbye and God bless way. What do you mean what you mean? So basically they only they only announced like the. Six major categories live, and then everything else you gotta go find yourself. So as I'm going to my computer. I was already on my computer I was like you know exiting out of the livestream to go and see the individual categories, my own rings, and it's my publicist. Sam, with special PR and she was like Oh my God i. Happy. Issues like this is such. A big moment I was like I know like the show got nominated. He's the guy she was like you too. I was like I know I'm just happy to part of the ensemble is so she's like now if I, you got like like, what are you talking about? She's like Eight. When I tell you. I. Could not believe it. So I went to the screen 'cause you know the Nigerian has the fact check because. You just screaming anyhow and then only be like. Somebody. So, I went to the thing and that's saw my name and I I lost it I started jumping up and down I cried I was naked 'cause I you know am I robot on When nothing on the title no one telling you all this information what's come on because Yvonne so I'm like who knows what my days looking like? Get avihou coffee von so I accepted anyone is then enrolled. Don't make it anyhow just in a row, but as you make it on any. Okay. Vago Bath. For every. NASA. Yes. It can you imagine they the? The audacity of hope You're. Hope volume two. I. I'm pretty sure she screams the said. I think you were about to do something like live. 'cause you. And then later on the I was like Oh lovey was in the middle of a meeting. Because, I was on. The phone revive in another meeting. Was a wholly back. Me nominee this. Way We did it. It was I when I tell you, I was so full like flowers or coming in that day from people why didn't even know have my address like? No. I was like everyday how? And then it was like crazy. My League at bow showed up with a bottle with the whole FAM-. Like it was it was so much love Debbie Brown like I can't remember. and. Then I was like this one is it 'cause I don't so bags like literally from. Eight thirty when we find out found out to like seven thirty PM. I was just on the phone on on emails answering the door. It was crazy and I was like I want to be said people love to but I don't have this. And pig, and then you positive of video of you tell your parents on history. What is your Mama say headed by cracking up your first of all I gotta give out the J. J. called me first of all day called me mad happy. He was like Yo yet. Numbers just went up kid and I was like. Well, in this quarantine, the number I looking very interesting because. Everybody's numbers alone. My lower is. In. will be multiplier. Man. Because I, I definitely had they call my manager like so what does that mean? They should actually be because right now people are still treated me like I don't have they'll have that title by. But Jay was like Jay was like Yo. Have you have you call your mommy and I was like no, not yet he was like under no circumstance. Can you not call your parents and not Videotape it. So I was like you're right. You're right. You're right. So I, WANNA mind you. My House got about eighteen, thousand, eight, hundred. Eighteen levels. Because the the anyway. So I was like know I do need to record it. So I'm heading up the the cares the goal the goal find as the Lou weather's the roommate extraordinaire is making cheese in the kitchen. Might she not there? Okay. So now I'm like I'm reading like still in my bathrobe so I'm running running running up and she in the shower. So now we had had a situation go down and the and the last time I went to her and it was like banging on her door she was in a shower so. I. When I knock on her door again, she happened to be this showers I busted and she was like is everything. Okay we good good. Indoors, take the shower I was you'll be good. I just got nominated for an emmy she was like what congratulations? But can I go finish wash about body? You Right. But I was I was at a time crunch because if a it's like a nine hour time difference I I, know my parents. You. Know because I was working from home she writes for good girls I'm like Oh Dang. She wants to be in the shower she went to be on the zoom calling for like five hours I can't wait. So I wanNA tell you I said up every electronic device I had in my house. I had an IPAD. I had to burner. 'cause I had to do it all what's that and I realized WHATSAPP? Can that you video chat from your computer? Stuck so I was like, okay I got a call them record them of that but then my mama goes. So she's all exactly what I love was they both had their mask on 'cause I've been getting on. Parents Listen I was like I'm not losing you to corona out man I don't care what twenty twenty got in store. I. With long life will he satisfy us and that's what I'm saying AMAS? So anyway, so they answer halo. I was like Oh my God they're so cute so that I just got nominated for Emmy, my dad was. He at my lackey I don't know what that was act. He was excited nonetheless, I was here for it. So. Then my mom got row reckless. She was like, wow, an emmy, not even small ones. I don't know what he's about to say out of her mouth, but I can't let it come back because I don't know what the small ones she'd go. Neymar as you don't realize. Lie. Because, I don't have no editing software and I was like, I need to post this ad I can't be editing out whatever you say so. Thankfully. She didn't talk. We're reckless but she was she was so proud she was she was so happy and both of them were, and then when they hit me with that, we are so proud of you girl all the tug and be left tears hot hostages as. Hearts tears. Scolding scorching tears. I mean. I I had I had to cut it real quick because you always going to see a crash. You know what he saying I can't see income and. Song cry was going to be that song. Yes it's true. But. It was just a beautiful moment when I tell you like. I felt loved on so many levels like here's a crazy thing and I can't like i. here's the crazy thing. I was writing a book. I was planning a comedy special. Comedy tour while we were shooting insecure. And this was the first season, I got my own episodes. So it was like the worst of. Everything I was I- y'all got I literally don't know if I was in my body to seize it. Yeah. And then to have this season where we get nominated I yeah I was like it was the best season yet like honestly it was so complex. So layer y'all looks bomb the office was hitting. The cinematography was Hayden, the storyline was complex I was like I feel insecure growing up. John deserved our earned it man i. It was it was real. It was real. The moly. Hey, was real and I appreciate it. You know I appreciate jaw for. Keeping my name in your mouth you'll say. Maybe that's what helped tilt the voter. They've why? Why did he? Thought Black lives matter what's going on. Life. was. Over here, coming from Mali's neck, you're neck. So in a celebration of. Your Emmy nomination. So on Emi Nights, even the new virtual I realized that we will always be. What's without the people? What that is? So I should be is close of kin you wear it's on special occasions birthdays Tuesday you know wedding. But. You. Don't mind you as an extra one regular. We went actually be for no reason just because we still being extra that day. So you know wedding like my wedding, my girls wore gold at my traditional so. Since we must wait actually I beat for Yvonne's Ame nights regime we were sitting there. Ashley be will be a hand. What's what what nomination thinking boy orange. And Meat Pie gold. You know me by. Is. By God is a club Banger okay we can do. We can do goats to orange goats to orienting off oil orange oil ranch's yes. What about I showed you a forty year old green. Green. Green with a call whites. I never liked you. or or we wear team Brown Chain Chamber I'm you know what? Has Lefty cast. She's no longer available. You know. Do we wear? Wearing wearing Martina blacks. Multi now. La Vets respect yourself. Wait Way. Wait what about Indo, mean? Domain Tan in time. Car Wrecks. Dot Com. Yes. All. Green Palm wine cream. Pound wine cream on way me law green in fact. Always. twit planting yellow planty. Visas ripe. Right. It's good. Ripe Planting I. Yes. Yes. I'm like I'm who did this whole thing is just making me hungry Jesse read hey. Do Weights digested just read you're not fair. You don't play fair. Weights Fanta Orange. County. Right now wear orange. Currently wearing finds out. Marge. Wait wait we have another one which hold on hold on hold on and interlocking. Lucky Rhode Black. You are. Somebody. You know just? Stick Brown is this. or no there soon, stick. Brown in their suit spices Brown. or or or? The SUI AD newspaper. Black White. Issue I Christians crazy right now. Is. A black and white I. IF YOU'RE IF YOU'RE SU- is not served with a side order of ink, it's not real. Real you can't get on a proper paper you must get it from US newspaper from the side of the road otherwise is not salad. You people ever here making shipping A. Brownie and salmon for your for your towel to soak up the no, it must be got the a newspaper from twenty years ago. Not Good. It's not good tracks I. Think half the taste of the is probably the ink is any is actually mostly inc what if that is the the? Thing that will protect some. Maybe you know built in defense to covert. Don't guarantee I can just. Today. I want to I want to have a mass made out of the descent, the aroma from that's locked into the newspaper. Newspaper or the leaf. Hey leave. The. Leave they used for is in my mind. I called the due to hand over. We didn't even talk about beans. Brown breeze be or bees read you know it depends depends on who makes it As what are your whites guiding? One. What I? Hey you know what? lovey goodbye. Groundnuts with. Its yes. I can't be groundnuts hey now and then. With a guy else's in fact mentor and fly Green. Green nine possible agreed. Soup I eagle. RAFFLING issue. So yes, all of this. What color win runs the united because. Evolves every. Has Nobody else up for an award for anything. We're just as evil as emmy nights if you don't get gas you. Like this that I don't know what you're doing your friends cycle you have done something wrong in your pass live at is coming back to haunt you. If your friends don't pretend like a hundred and something people were not nominated for a emmy than. Exactly. Why would we act like they were down there? That's fine but nights. Guess a book puff of nights just make sure. You know must also kicked out some. Kennedy watching the EMMYS. Not Eating the rice. But can I just say I gotta say this I gotTa go on record saying this. This is I go front twenty twenty and know is the year of clarity and I have I have gotten all the clarifications that I need. However, this is trash I want to be celebrates. Re Person. I was still starting these holes if you think my was i. what you want to wear like Oh Garfield t shirt said I up on issue. On this owes. I'm getting red carpets from somewhere. Yes, and I was going to if we will be like, Hey, why Yvonne standing up to the whole thing? Oh, you must see how it's. First of all, why not? Why not dress up for it lie I'm also upset that we have been in quarantine for five months and American these years let's say down because by now we should be out in about in had this under control. So people can be out for EMI stuff, but people wouldn't sit down and wear masks and behave. So we can return to our lives instead now we have everything which. Honestly. I was like you'll can't we still gather. The theater is big. It can just be a nominees only know plus once every every. You. Know every other see I feel like we could have done this Hour no man is just two blocks block hot too high man everybody get a Cobra test like the day every day leading up to the emmy or Y'all can do what Perry did it create a bubble an emmy bubble where? Our job but. We're going to start working. So they start working in July. He created a bubble on the Tyler Perry studios in the rule is for people who are coming on set. The corinthian like a week before they got private jet in once they're in they came we. So there's a whole bubble that he instituted. That's like anybody who's in is self contained and they're good. They should've done that for hours like nominees Jasa, at the Kodak for two weeks, well with a hotel across the way for two weeks, and then everybody can come celebrate for the night listing. League. Can't can we just have the emmys that Talapity Studio 'cause plainly companies were shoot he he figured it out our recording. y'All Noah he's not going to do is not working out here he said. This is how we all going get bamboozled by Jesus bamboozle by Tyler. Only do cut it. There's GONNA come out. And Watch it because top Perry said me, we don't stop work in my the way my Jesus set up in the way these winds is coming in the he said you have not because you plan not. Okay. How was really about us if you. were. The have nots. Period and figuring it out the man is figuring it out while you're over there laughing and then wakes he was like who's laughing now I'm still working on good how Ya doing. Homework some occurred myself as hustle is then man will host so. He should Yasha really done on the Perry. You guys together at first of all I'm supposed to be shooting in. Atlanta Talaqan bar your private jet to come back to La for these. The EMMYS please on if you're listening to pay please can you send your private jets? One of them you have to specify because you know he doesn't have one. Okay. The good ones are very. They want for the nominated actually. Send that please because I need to be in Los Angeles I need to Los Angeles with this thing because see. Well this is amazing. How amazing so But it feels what I was saying. It feels so good that the whole crew is. Getting recognized because it ain't no funding home, you can't get none and again I recognize that that was said. THREE TO TRAIN In this context. If feels so good to be able to celebrate with ISA with J. With the whole crew Krugman. It's epic is out of the Writers Yay we over here room for all the black folks ruined for everybody black but enough about me. Let's talk about this troublemaker in front of me. That's that's way Fanta. Orange. And drifting gold they'll do is like a half. And as you. Say ooh. Buddy rolling. Roach your song. She knows this is this is the body will of. You almost married for one year. You minded when your second book is coming out and it's going to be number one on the New York Times best last. Name. We are claiming that you believe Fox prey on fast abides in why won't they be at. Your purity number one with pre sales. Alone you end we clements. Yeah. People I'm exciting. Giancarlo Quarantine as Yvonne was created eight comedy specials in. Sure you're a jerk. Five comedy specials in being emmy nominated. Finishing my book my second book. So last week announced that it is now officially out for preorder it, it's called professional troublemaker firefighter manual. So you Ju- Warriors I need your health go go he ordered this book because we want number one. New York Times bestseller last time I was number five. Know about one this time they get candidate and you will get it. You receive you asking each receive and. said. Is it available on your on your website? Can we go to jail yells yells you can go to Novi Dot, Org. Professional Troublemaker Book Dot, com, or any way that books are sold Hamas, John, Barnes and noble independent bookstores. Any way you want go collected because I want them to be like Ha. Shows arrive this amazing book. Way these Hamas on H. A. has. How long is on? Your baffoon no we gotta we gotta we will allow deeds we'll be wearing professional troublemaker a tie. You'd have to come out with the t shirts but I'm doing. The is is happening professional. Make God? Yes. Should we not be professional troublemakers? Why should we not you know sick rattle enrolled the system Choubey not and it is the book is dedicated to my grandmother. So throughout the book you tell stories about her because there's no professional troublemakers like older, Nigel women. Trouble making is extract. So the book is dedicated her is the best thing I've done so far I'm super proud of it I'm super proud of it I started a couple of. Chapters Oh. My God is the main offensive line leaking is impressed by nothing. Why are you leaving my legal Nice Person Molly Super Nice but you also objected we'll tell you something is trash. So I was half prepare myself to be here. Love this is not that good. Do do better not be like you're right fling you write league call was like Joe semi more chapters. This is amazing I said Oh my God Approve all my goodness. She is shady as you are because that's how you are with the obvious. I it doesn't sound like you love. Is Not allies. You. please. Don't don't have. Don't have a lot to know how to. How to know your Nigerian, we all know how to issue but. We, all live each other. We would just be like meeting. Each. Other than lighter. excited. excited. Also, when we're when we're complementing each other, it sounds like you know what you'd probably like to me I. Look at you. Yesterday. Coming off today doing something with your life finally. Maybe lifetime's. Yes. We're not defense to ask the question. You don't want the answer to. Like don't ask us the question the you no, we will not give you the answer you want to hear. That's it. Yeah it's we're on learning how to be fake. I don't even think we have to learn anybody I don't actually think we have to. Think, we got that part, right. Of all the things that Came out the womb knowing that that was something. New To. Actually have them we do we do. This Oh march second. So Spring of Twenty, twenty, one years Yale's you know oh so I, have my New York Times list just I'm GONNA. I'm GonNa have the ready. I'm just going to go at the I don't know what do you get the New York? Times. Isn't that the? Well, now some of us get it online. Who is New Standard at this point? Wish. New Stat. Newsstand I don't know I just get it online but this one, I'll go find a new stanford. You'll get a new be like okay. Findings are we GONNA say the post office, but the way Ed. Where your president is trying to do the post office, I don't know if you're still be existing much. Actually here at Gillette people listen we go register boats because. please. Okay. You know what? While we're talking about on learning, which is the season. Let us unlearn this notion that there are perfect candidates. A man, yes, talk about it. Let us unlearn the notion that in a country of three, hundred, thirty, million people. Then any two people will be perfect yet for that many people yet. Let us unlearn this notion that our vote doesn't matter because here is what we have to know and learn our fellow. Jalopy Warriors you saying I go vote. Is basically a vote for the incumbent, and if you don't know what the incumbent is, the current situation that we're facing right now the Koren's. Baastad. What did what did? What did Michelle Obama today? It is what it is. She said Donald Trump is not the right person to run this country I said Anti. Michelle. has brought the buzz like the. She said I will you in fact I'm not gonNA use in combat. I'm going to say his name Y'all. She said his name Brianna. Taylor. His name like we say, stay their name Sandra Bland. Say His name. Donald. Trump that may I'm saying his name you we need you to vote please because. Like to set up if you'd be WANNA see US lives next year ever in ever. We need to get this out of office. So we can have a leader in place that can lead us through pandemics that will get a good plan. So we don't have to sit in the house for a year. Okay. All right. If we said earlier if if you WANNA watch content only created Jobs Bowel could tell up Perry all uncle tyler. Then, we be here because you know what come out if we are in the current situation, instead y'all seizing five that part that part. You know because we can't them to everybody's at home wear masks and the commander in. In I don't even want to call it a chief. In Whatever If he is still tell you that hydro chloroquine is a team to get rid of this. This corona virus listen you won't be secure season for for about five years basically. Okay. So we thought we ought bright people at this point if you want to ever be outside without people side I. If you want to see your favorite movies, the sequels to your favorite shows anything. Please behavior life and votes and vote and vote correctly because France because. I. To, you say you're going to vote for Nisei Nigerians. Nigerians that. I know it's being correct on this one. There's a lot of conservative Nigerians that I'm like listen. We just believe in risk mitigation. That is voting is like Yvonne said, there's no two people who are perfect who will serve this country perfectly right. But we have to reduce risk that is where we're at. Okay. You know you're just five questions to ask yourself. Foil. Can Depress I want to vote for presidency can read. That's that's question about one. Okay and they re down rights. Yes. Yes. That's a good question. They read rights. To. Can they conjugate verbs while correct? Addendum to talk about one. SCHRAMM. When they talk. Do they make coherent sense. That's good. That's good. Yeah. Okay and Do. They incite violence against people of color. Acts Okay. That's a great just. Violence today today, encourage or incite condone violence against people of Color. and. And why do their spouse does their spouse like them? Or does she always bank to their hand away when they try to hold their hand? Yes. You know if you just whatever and size, you can come up weeks when you when you think about okay I, want to pull what did he say? Can they read our rights just? Read and write simple if they have failed them fest mock. then. There's no problem then you was different. Because everyone over here talking about them. You know why can't you just got both for the lesser of two evils then? Yes. Everyone is evil. Yes. We all want US saved by grace also, people would be saying stuff like you know I'm just not as far by them go watch your tedtalk beasts buyers that. Go Go was golden. Go listen to our freaking podcasts gory the devotion of the prisoners leave the country. I'm not as. Okay are we are we at the point where he's these ask for? Are we even at this where we had the buck on points we're like below, but we're in the fire. On. Don't don't don't don't don't don't insult the bottom of the parts don't insult because. I can understand. Insulted. But there's this particular parts of the bottom. That's like, okay this one is to chart. Chart is too much at this point. I re- I saw a mean. America I think we're really overdoing it with this whole notion of anybody can grow up to be president. You've got too far. You went too far. We should've talked with that anybody should phrases. And this whole do I wanna grab a beer with? No you're not grabbing the beer with the president. You can't get past secret service. So Stop Saab it. Thank you. That's it. Guys I mean? I don't know what else to say this I sent you know if you can sign up to be a poll worker because again most poll workers are senior citizens and we can't have them compromise in the in the era of Corona. That means young people who are at home who know how to wear masks we go need you to your apartment this we all being asked to do our part. Okay. Just a big if we're GONNA collect else. Because like Levy said, we cannot get to the mountain top. If you don't even status the first pebble of voting. Carre juicy, full sample you see full stack. You brought it right back just like that just were brought it right back. In my book is coming out next year to yes, it is. By J two Jason Greece to she saw. Yes we're GONNA have some announcements about that coming up very soon as. When I tell you Lord I I was like I don't know if this will give birth feels like but there's a central junior who only have one children. A I do love you I I hail you the fact that you have brought at your second one, and this is why you can't be jealous of your friends. You know when? When lovey whereas at you know what she's supposed to have to don't worry. I'm I'm still in chapter one supposed to have. A mess over Miami nominated. My Emmy nominated know what I'm saying is you have to highlight your friends and you have to. Well. Lobby you are wordsmith in when the small things that I have read from this my friend even your black is king review I said, this is my friend had she's at Mit I try and. What's she's not as humble we'll see. I you try I tried. I was over here. Someone was s to be I was like you know. I was over here. Talk about some I'm I'm all right. The book myself because you know you know people don't respect. Their own rhymes I'm a write the book myself. You know what? I'm saying because I I won't be we soon. At this point. The right this book for me. This is okay I'm. Writers exist for reason, those of us who are writers like known to be writers, of course, have ghostwriters because again it's like buying your favorite apple. Somebody, else they which destroys your life but. Everybody else was not a writer reason why they use riders writing the. Final book is really tough, but I am so excited I'm actually writing it and I'm actually excited I'm still writing it because there's so much add now I feel like God, bamboozle me with all the stuff that happened in quarantine. You got put this in the book. So that's that's what's causing a little bit of a shit is that I was like, Oh, I, have more things to say here's thing you. Must recognize his. Globe doesn't stop. You will always have more that you can add to the book. On you have to put the period in walkaway. Full Stop Yes but I also think that where where the book coming out next year I mean also to the book coming out this could have been. Problematic with corona happening. Right that. got pushed it for a reason. So glorify him but I also think that we're all kinda currently being bamboozled by Jesus right now. Regardless. Of who you. And so I think next year is actually the best time for the book to come out I'm excited about that Oh. Yeah. For sure because imagine again had your book come out this you you've been like mad. A. For the greater. Good. So when it comes out, it's about to be here we. Listen are we about to have a hers and Hers Book, Why not? Why Nice? Profession troublemaker after they read bamboozle by Jesus by come on, you can't see Levy and Abbas right now we're back and forth. Like the big video. Like the hypnotized. hypnotized yacht. That's what this was. LEARY's so yeah, that's big. Things are hopping and even though it might be rough outside. I feel like everyone is the people who I'm seeing right now are doubling down on their gifts. And they're using this quiet time. This divine time Debbie talks about to really figure out what they WANNA. Do do that thing without the madness of run around that we usually do that's how we got the genius brain. That is jealous who decided in quarantine he was going to have a conversation. Between J Lawrence you know that concept is genius giants go on Jay. Ellison instagram watch that also now grow on events instagram because she's a conversation with molly and when I tell you, I watched that we time today because she just dropped it today. Is Genius, ethic it is. It is. It was so much fun when I saw Jay driver. You. Know J.. One I would. Put me in coach goes. I was like, what is it I was like is this is a series. A. Should be mad dope and I was like the concept is brilliant like imagined having a conversation with classic character will Smith talking to fresh France? Yes. Carrie Washington talking to Olivia Poke Bra. Talking to Michael Kay let's go right like Walter White Bryan, Cranston just I would watch that. All Day we're not talking. All Day on day so he got them cook in. I'm I'm I'm I'm grateful to be part of the the Beta testing of the project. So yeah. So Molly was stone shaded Yvonne Yvonne to back a little bit back a little bit I think. Bobby. Shady I like. My. Special said. No the bedrooms while she was like, what's what's black twitter is that? Is that a group group. But. That's why had to give her with the shady. Book of All I'm judging John You lied. Molly like I'm I guess I'm judging you to. Listen, let's go. Here trump and half fire da DA. Da Da. Top Five rappers all. Okay Yeah I think I think right now people are creating amazing content like. People are taking this. The sit down to be like you'll let me let me be really. And she'll be hard though by Levy remember when we thought this was only last for two weeks. We. Oh my God that was. that. Was Cute. Thought emissions would make sense that what we thought. Americans would make sense we really did y'all remember when we were like, wow, this is crazy. We gotta really be in our house for fourteen days. That's crazy. With later. No our lives. Please okay. I don't I do not understand but you'll did you see this rolling stone article yellow this rolling stone article that read all of America it. Oh did I not know Isa posted it, and then I read it your hold on I. I'll tell you exactly what's called. And it's called the unraveling of America. Rolling Stone Dot Com, it was written. By some cat and Canada. When I tell you, he dragged America so effortlessly do not deserve to be dragged I mean but it was it was a reading it was reading and a reading but. It was it was it was actually a do better manual and can't be mad because he he went all the way from like America as a superpower he went up. He was like we gave America their props look at all the dope innovation look at all the things and then he was like. And then. Look at how America treats their people of Color. and. Dry. GAW aside. Osma stops. You know what's about you know what somebody's talking about your momma you can't fight. Planes. Waken defender you. Know Watch mouth. You. Mama beat you I. I mean if I. Deserve that a little bit. America is we deserve to be drag like we really shown on skits in this quarantine I'll indus- gets out here because we have shown that we are so selfish as a people we are just unable to. Deal with short under stress for longer greatness men, and we just we're just brats but you know what? It's not even fair because America's a group project that nobody asks for. America's. You know what? Because there are some people that do know how to play Nice with others that will stay up to make sure the volcano erupts way supposed to. Grade at the science fairs that you don't just get honorable mess. I'm sorry I'm sorry. You Right. y'All are going to make you. But you don't say it's like this is really teaching us how. Selfish we are. Yeah. But also how like but the American dream is high key built on selfishness? It's it's built on individualism, which is a blessing because you need individualism for you to be like, Hey, I see that you're doing this but. What if there's a version to do it like this, and then you have the the free public to be to try that out. But in a matter of protecting your neighbor you are, you are still supposed to be your neighbor's keeper even in your individualism and if we all individually wore masks, we would be protecting the collective whole. How close today in Ruhan China they're already back to normal. That's the place where the things started and they're already back to normal because they've put stuff into place. That made sense. We are the useless people who were not the most populous country. In the world we've had one, hundred, sixty, thousand people die from coronavirus. Comparison. The Vietnam War fifty thousand Americans died Miami multiyear war. In six months of Krona, we've lost one, hundred, sixty, thousand, three times the amount that we lost the Vietnam War. We have failed as a country. Honestly, by thing, most countries are group project that no one ask for right. Well, other countries Larne listen. Okay we need this. This figure it out together. We are good. America is the kid who was like I wanted now doesn't study refuses NF bullies a kid who tries to get the a Mel America's the kid is like actually my parents will pay for me to get into college. Yes. What? Even, if I don't get this a like I'm I'm good anyway or I can just go work with my dad. Company. That's that's the problem. Switching gear speaking of problems. I have own deed on this documentary called the business of drugs. Okay. Yes and wash it my God in Heaven Yo Yo. Anybody from here on out that calls Africa. Any country in Africa Africa as a continent the most corrupt continent on the earth is lying I'm calling you out on site. We have the box Yo when you see how The government. Was So instrumental when you see how pharmaceutical companies were legally able to. Infuse drugs into. Not only America. But then the world over. My, God in heaven like Yo and the crazy part is. Prescription drugs are gateway drug. To. Heroin. Sure. That's why they also will like they considered like biking they can only give you vicadin based on certain like yet been crazy pain because by could indicate. A narcotic light in the in the market. This man legally to. So like every episode, I, think it was like six but like one goes to opioids. Goes to canvas and yours okay anything about. Cannabis. It is really not set up for people of color to be to benefit and prosper from the cannabis industry. Billion dollar industry. But in order for you to get into, you know how much capital you have to have. Upfront girl it's all a scam. It is all a scam against like Brown people and that is why we do our part in there. Maybe one day like I don't know. Funding Island. The idea they're like brew black. We're going to have an. On Islands. So there was brexit and others blacks it. That's it was brexit. Blacks. We need. We need blackouts exit. We will bring we to all the things that we brought include Spices Fried Chicken in yon saying Go. Can we just talk about how? Lib. blacks it would be like what would be on the island so like? Blackest be official anthem. Already. Seeped are all we Li- Is Lake My guy that that video by the way is so hey. COMES ON SCREEN My mind when she starts doing the grind. I. Lost My I'm jumped off the couch now reside Yemi Gig Damn. Pepper then with everything including Soviet spies but yes, move forever. Oh, the little boy. Fun fact is going to church with him. I used to like he's come to the nursery where I used to always like I. Know I know that kid you grown up when he started rapping like Jay Z. I. Moved forever. My Jam is less than. I had to have to rewatch because there are moments where I'm just like chuck being. tried. Weight. Okay. Wait since this is the season this other thing we we have to learn, we have to unlearn negative negatively and cancel culture. Because the way people were over here trying to I. Don't care how you feel about beyond say I don't care I really actually honestly do not care because so many people spend their time Karen about beyond say women, can you care about you and your balance? Hey. Can you care about your found you care about you and it can care this much about wearing the gosh darn mask about that keep. So I I really don't care how people feel about it doesn't matter but key we all agree the amount of work that people got the amount of sign that people got the amount of digital see even just the extras I'm like y'all I never seen this many extras in a music video compilation. Yeah. So y'all start talking about is she doing dance or is she doing I don't know what she's what she's doing is helping the unemployment curve. Biaz they had a thousand people employed on video and people still have stuff to say it was basically I mean I already wrote about it but it's like Joe beyond say has really studied. All the different aspects that she was showing in the videos like as an African housing here be like. Respect. Okay. Like she really showed reverence for all the different cultures dishes she showcase that that woman to her research and wanting to be on sales teaches you is. You are smart by surround yourself with really smart people. Say Puts together amazing teams that can then help produce amazing work. So even outside of her own ideas. Curly. She's also surrounded by people who are visionaries in their own, right. And people need to be learned from nats from that beyond teaching everybody collaborate with people give credit a better for it. All of the So okay. So that album will be the theme song for blacks. It won't be our official uniform. Okay okay I mean. We can wear the drama lodging office black, panther a really good. I'm. I really enjoy. About you, I thought you were GONNA say sneakers. But I mean we're gonNA wear sneakers with them. Okay. We'll wear sneakers with them but a fire ran leather outfit. Only, love who has lost weight doing quarantine we'll want to have had on. Yasser, out. Me while the reservoirs I'm like, no, I wanted to Cape I want to what is dip uti you want to Rapa. Alaba. y'All. Hoodie 'cause you know they the society has tried to negative is the Hoodie, gets advise buys. I said it's. Gone. Tomorrow. Negative is the Hoodie imagine if we all had the ZIP up hoodie with fist. On it but when we get hot okay the leather. Wilson. Island. A summer wardrobe and that should be if this black we don't even winner. Now they had. gained. bloodlibel and hey, all the black people ski don't come from me I. I. Hear You lappy key to yeah I'll be the one by the firepit with the high cocoa with the hot cocoa into nice boots on and a turtleneck looking sexy. Even look exactly I've even looks by the fireplace I would not be on the ski. No I will post on the ski you I'll see you sleep. You. Take a nice movie a nice follow shoe. It's an instant. Won't be official INSTAGRAM FILTER OF. Blacks it. Paris, that filter his Hands in like get your skin looking. Amazing. I I try to minimize my filter used though because I want I don't want to be lying to people like that. But you know what I'm saying for blacks. If you're not gonNA need to be nationally censored by Jesus know is GonNa be the parents but we're gonNA call it Melanin. Magic Go, no Pixie dust picks he does like Let's go I. Mean we've been talking about black people sixty years jump saying like. Where would the island be? Would it be close to tie like Thailand no god gets close to Africa. Be Closer to West Coast Africa okay. Hold on the West Coast I, know all the South African listeners is going to be, but that's not fair but His own show his. Co. Get your own podcast. I guess. You can create your own fake this Leo. I'm loving this, and we would only show. We would only show movies with black leads. Because strong because by not. I'm GonNa link in the show notes the pulse I wrote about black six years ago because we had this whole conversation about it because you know what I mean things black people created in this country y'all. The surgeon. The Harvey later a black person created that. So we take now with us. Bro We take Maggie Cubes Hey Auntie Maggie. We're taking blues, but we can take bill we cannot take not. Go Yeah we're GONNA. Not Take any glare products if I, my own fine. So we can we can take we can take. Of course, we take an industry seasons or whatnot. We can't say noodles we do that one week but we take. We can take into me not really. Yeah we can take the rice we can just can't take like certain. pastas. Who? Also. We're GONNA take every drumbeat ever created drum. Music will be so bland. Yeah, hold on. Is. Blacks are GONNA. Be Sold Dope that we will snatch out of culture all dope things that we created so much so that we might get colonized again. You'd be. Everywhere there. We're GONNA take everything so much so that Columbus will get resurrected just to come of discoveries is true Mike but we already here like so we will now node the plans that they'd be have come on ourselves for I know the plans I have for you say it. Plans to not the seaview a second time. Somebody I. Can nuts. Yes, I will miss you is man I I know. We've miss you guys like We have some exciting things coming up with season Joel. Off. Word where I don't know what they area but I feel like just saying when we say that been no happy and we'd be like we're like. But because we got all, we don't know what they are but because we are who we are. Of. Those things that been as they were correct. We must claim then you know has that's how we do it and we would the next time we're talking. You imagine we have news. So this started, that's what we are on learning being. Or not being bashful unlearn. Not Pumping ourselves a right because I think. So many of us are so humble to the part of the no, it's okay. It's. Do Yvonne are you and I really that? I'm just I'm just saying for everybody saying this is. Not The pair by deals but you know what I I was challenged. I was challenged recently. I was challenged recently on. Learning how to receive. Because you know I I love the says God loves a cheerful giver and I love giving I love giving I love being and not because I'm trying to get anything return just I generally like like I remember one time. We were shopping one time love and you saw this jacket you like and I think it was red. And she had gone. She had left and I was like I'm getting her 'cause I, just I was. Put in the car she. Did and that was what does this? Is Hanging in the side of the right now. But like I love that I. I love being a giver and I was challenged because somebody was like, why don't you receive? As. Of giving. An ally. and. So I I use this concierge service for gifts Angle. Tell what brandon is 'cause needing information any debt continue yes. So I used and the young lady who helps me she's amazing. Her name is Jen and I called her back to back for gifts for friends and she was like, okay. But this is the last time I will process gifts with be because you have budding for yourself. She's like I've looked at your profile and literally everything you've done for somebody else I was like. I unconsciously I will and you know you tell yourself like I'm good I don't even if I need something I, get it but like I never like I'm getting them really nice gifts and for whatever reason I'm not getting myself. Of Really, nice gifts. And it's just it's just this thing and I don't know if it's like you know our parents were always martyrs of you know I just know I want to make sure I go to her house to Cook for her and Oh she sick and then when they're sick 'cause they know I'm okay. All right. You don't have to come I'm fine meals like well, who will who will look strong friend who and we don't realize how we show up for ourselves how we are training other people to show up for us. Word, nice, that's true. That's how and so that's that's my work and and it sounds. So it does sound. So selfish right to learn to receive like I I think it was my league we were. We were talking one time and it was just like. Think he complimented. Pop and she was like, why can't you just thank you. See you see sixty we just. Beginning. You live jams. because. Your initial instinct is that the flag and it's not that you don't think who is really well is bose my thing. Let me tell. You. I'm busy you like I was I was going say I. Regret until she look Nice, thank you. I'm fine today you're right. Why wouldn't that? Look, Nice, I might not child of. Five From, the tribe. And? So that is that is what we must learn to unlearn is this notion that we don't deserve word word because you are deserving as is even if you do nothing else. Which is why we must claim all the good things that we want because we are receiving this in this. Yes, we are receiving. And Love Utah me this you talked me was that you. Molly you. taught me your. Thank you enough Y'all right. Yes because sometimes when people give to us and we receive, we feel like we need to give back or we need to do something we need to you. We need to work for it or we need to be more deserving of just why can't we just let people love us why can't we just let people love US Have you beloved Janis Meditate on that Yanni's go think on that one. Just why can't we let people love us and then no, you should get your Marianne uses let me the view is that. Barrio Mario. Love Ambert section. So me your. looseness. Let Me Years I love is supposed to go man this stuff w people. Tell us. Thank you. You're welcome. Walkout. Notes let us know what am I doing in this quarantine. On learning what what color do you think we should wear for Evonne an emmy nights you know give us is it's bread on Yon Habu. You've vote utilize tell us what colors are waiting for Emmy nights way we should actually have a poll we should have a poll, and then once once they tell us, we should put our top three and. Into a pool and be like, okay we way moines orange. Joel embiid. Meat Pie. Good. What are we do is we are Brown. What are we doing? Had Never, liked lovey. And then what kind of structure should it be lovey cheekbone chic. Chic. Sequel and high. You know it shouldn't be Yvonne Clavicle you. Know Right Right. What part of the body do we? Sure it's Cool of life. Yeah. The. Arms or the Cheapo I'll tell you love you. She won't you won't do. This is my weapon. People getting buttocks injecting injunction themselves. Thoughts, but you just get. Feelers apparently a lot who are doing cheap fillers now to get these to cheekbones I said. Wow. So that's why act buddy all of the sudden he's looking sculpted. Okay. On time on. You should. You should. You should line tell people that you had Yeah, I got. Yes and then and then somebody we got. Let's tell you how to make money off about using. Yvonne. Is it true Nigerian? Truly. Looting. Yes. Yes cheekbones did you tell them both thinking we get an investment but? True. You bogere I'm like, how can you? ME. She. wrote me and be like an so you see this busy Biden. Meanwhile Evan's like. The fake chillers get this thing I'll wait before we go. I got shut out who let me save you some money right now let me save your and I don't know there's a war for everybody, but this definitely worked for me. Out to Felicia Leatherwood. For putting me on. Put me on. That's not. So she you know I wear my hair short she she was the first person to cut it in Corinthian, and then Mary came in shape the up. But I was like Yo, how do I get my curls pop? Do you know what she used on? Me Is the little. The twist call. Lovey. Lovey. Just relax. Let me just let. Me The plane. There's this I think black owned company I think is L. RC I gotTA, figure out what to stand for L.. But then secrets weapon that brought on the side. was regular call activator. Think is world of wonder, a world of curls or something Carl activates seventy nine hundred top like this. When I tell you my calls while Paul Penn Hey, the Popovich was so and then it was soft, not a Gel. So it leaves. Anti. My fossey was looking like four eight. Okay. Oh Yeah in fact. I'm going to try. Listen I love Lovey, I'm not playing. You know I don't know what Y'all ready I was like, Oh what did you use on my signing Siamese Chinese? Chinese I need. All of this winning I was winning just regular call. I love you what happened. She's very active when you wave. Death. Old Raleigh. When your hand goes like this. Wow ask. The mealy rock is. Okay. On teams official we're efficiently. Does. May Well we're full is because we're duties. Didn't help us get it I. Mean Regimen got it but I'm like. Really. Took me two minutes figure out. This is also why needs to Tiktok because I know I'm not I'm not I can't. I can't talk I cannot talk like this is also I, say if you need to do a night serum. On. So. Likely, if you need ice cream at this point, requirements dot state take. Oh Yeah. Less. It's anyway people love you guys. This last. One. Yes, we got a lot going on you. You can follow us on our Hindi Vedra have count. I am at Lovey. He's background on his com, and of course, as June Las Angeles Yays Yea let's I am Yvonne Haji Haji. Away, I was supposed to take one minute rap name is okay. New retin-a they called me Ami Ma they call me Emmy Ma. I cannot. Friend Wallet. Okay. So he's a go when I got nominated. He literally said a list of like things that started with emi like it was a whole threat and he was just like Yo, your new rap named Hammy Ma. And that was over like a Oh. Check to onto I got the goal. Coming now bold come through with the irony nominations. Good vibrations. That's common rat. That's what. You. Find is an everlasting goods I'm telling you she's everlasting goes. On that? No Let. Up Look that up? Know Hey I'm always bya mix and my heart some say why Me Ma Islam going, mind? Why am as well but Emmy Mas where I'm going? Hey, I'm flowing you mean Owen. Hey y'all tell us what name you prefer for Yvonne's rapper named to be. Is it Wimax? 'EM, me Ma. and Ma I mean stripping name is always going to be chocolate testimony word word you know 'cause that was real I'm not offering front I was like Jesus you guys had my husband real quick because what got me feeling myself and I'm like he he needs to experience we need to do. We. have. To discover such as I'm like. What does the these Stanford. We. This out. Operate from my friend I'M GONNA be alright properties. been robbed. All bamboos.

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ALN - Brent Morin and Jason Collings

About Last Night

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ALN - Brent Morin and Jason Collings

"Hey this is Cleveland Brown and Y'all listening to the about last night podcast. God cast your. TV must be broken. Just can't actually I'm not kidding. You Bowl what. Hey Brad. What's up Adam? Dude you know would just feeling real jail you look good you feel good when you look and feel good you pod. Good Darn Right. And what's the best way that we can pod good put Koi CBD abd in your body. So great I'm so glad that these guys jumped on the sponsors. CBD Oil is the hottest thing in health right now. You Watch the news every day. There's a new study about how. How could this stuff? The benefits of we're one press conference away from trump being lack. This is why my biggest taste show Koi humidity oil. And then if you don't know what it is it's not we. That's a big misconception. It's an oil derived from an industrial hemp. Plant that has no psychoactive effects. So you get the medical benefits from the hemp plant plant without getting the high man. It's a great natural alternative to over the counter pharmaceutical drugs. Now there's a lot of uses for CBD oil creams James Tinctures vapes Gumy's which Koi all provides I folk with dummies. Every morning starts my day off with a very relaxed chill meditative you've just feel dialed in. There's gotta be something these dummies that also gives you brain extra level of coherent. NECE that the word because you probably Jimmy you make up words. You took a gummy before you said that. That's for sure and I do the same thing but I have the the oils I take the oil. I put it in my tea and then in. I'm good to go for your day. Is it from being married. I mean I don't know what it is a great though I'm T- because it makes you feel good oil Koisumi. ACP All makes me feel even better. They all sorts of flavors they got we got peppermint God lemon lime they got blue raspberry they got all these all these different things. There the fruity pebbles of CBD people use it to for pain anxiety inflammation. My mom uses the Koi topical creams for this and she told me she's like I don't hurt like I heard before. That's a great slogan like that is so honest and real and that's coming from a Jewish mom and as you said they don't they don't lie they don't lie. Hi this stuff works so well. I'm scared the lotion on me. Because I think it might cure my dwarf and then what the Fuck am I gonNA joke about. Well of course. All these products are manufactured in the USA. One hundred percent natural oil the best tasting product on the market as attested to the flavors. We've tried to bunch people come to us all the time to make Yo. Can we sponsor we haven't found the one we liked until now and they're America's number one trusted CBD brand all the products of THC free and it's a family owned and operated company. And if you want to fuck with Koi which you should because we do and we can't talk about how much we love their products enough. The Gumy's the tinctures the creams the tinctures that drops do put a couple of jobs before I go to bed and it also makes it easier to drink coffee. Coffee gives me a little bit of anxiety calms me down so I love that. If you want to go to Koi we see bd dot com right now but in Promo about last night all one word all caps for twenty percent off any retail order from the website Koi. CBD Dot Com Promo Code About last night for twenty twenty percents off the order. Start feeling good start living good looking good start dwarfing good start to orphan good. The official DWARF SPONSOR KOI. Coy is the official sponsor. DWARVES can I say that. I'm pretty sure you've got pro war out bringing up the next meeting now. Enjoy a brand new episode of the last night. PODCAST with Brad Williams Adam rate this weekend I'm going to be in Omaha. Nebraska at the funny bone baby getting some of that Turkey et Cetera Song. But it should be. I'm going to be at the funny bone in Omaha. Nebraska November twenty ninth and November thirtieth. Two shows. Each night cannot wait. Get Your ticket to Adam Ray. COMEDY DOT COM first time there. I want to see all the alien fans Corolla fans fans of whatever whatever dude clips online instagram fans fans of the heat according to Jim if it goes that far back Omaha funny bone on this Friday and Saturday. Tickets Adam comedy dot com and the next weekend I cannot wait. I'm coming back to Arizona. Baby get some of that. CACTUS love doing on the new copper blues live and the Tempe Improv December fifth through the eighth all that ticket info at Adam rate comedy dot com Brad Williams next next weekend is going to be at downtown comedy works in Denver. Colorado the fifth through the seven SUCC- brand denver tickets Brad Williams comedy Dot Com. And I think that's it for the tour date Info for now I'm in DC coming up. I'm in fucking Arizona again for a show with Frank Caliendo Bryan callen. But all that ticket ATAMAN COMEDY DOT COM and Brad Williams comedy dot Com. Today's episode Oh we one episode away from five hundred. Is the episode four ninety nine baby and it's getting a little Get a little sappy dude. faulk almost five hundred episodes cannot truly believe it. Brad Williams names will be around for two more episodes this next week and then of course the best of which will not leave you without in twenty nineteen always some of my favorite episodes to put together the best of alien part one and two but today's episode four ninety nine and it would only be fitting to have an alien hall of Famer someone who's done this show over ten times you guys love them. You need them you want and you got them for episode four ninety nine. It's bread more in the Great Brenton along with the Great Jason Cowlings who's been a guest based on the alien podcast remember the school high. Yeah I was his episode so good Jason is a beast crusher on the road open for Brent headlines on his own joins us for episode four ninety nine Sony laughs from top to bottom. I can't wait to hear it. You'RE GONNA need a lot of tissue for this one. Not For that perv but to wipe the tears of laughter away from in your face because this one is just fucking giggle. Fast Man Follow Brent on twitter at Brent Morin Follow Jason Adjacent collings atom. Ray Comedy Ed Brad. Red Williams comic at Allen. podcast about last night podcast. Jameel DOT COM. You're Alan of feedback concerns questions but guess what what we really want. Because what I've been doing is doing the Atom Ray merged giveaway in twenty nine thousand nine hundred trying to spread that holiday. Cheer email us about last night potter. jimoh DOT COM. Wait at the POD. Hey get into it why you love it your favorite apps and I'm GonNa send you guys from shirts. Some hats. Some hoodies. Courtesy of me. Adam I'm Ray for the Atom Ray Holiday Merch giveaway all right about last night potter Jimoh Dot Com hit me up and and I'll respond read a bunch of these on the bonus episode on Thursday. Okay so get those in ASEP. My album read the room available on Itunes spotify Google play Amazon all that bullshit and the songs for the people. My debut comedy music album is going to be available for preorder on Friday and I cannot wait songs for the people available for preorder Friday November twenty ninth it'll be out everywhere December thirteenth. So go get it right now. This Friday rather songs for the people preorder that shit again. Five hundred episodes we are nearing the end. And then the POD will keep on Truckin into a two thousand twenty and beyond with a new brand a new A new scheme but still all the same fun and laughs so stay on board episode five motor next week of course with Dana. Carvey can't wait to drop that so much fun coming coming. You guys is a way so hope you're having a great holiday season. Have a great Thanksgiving wherever you go and take a break take a breather. Stick step back and enjoy the people in your life because life is precious man and with all the ups and downs. You just gotTa take a minute and be grateful for the things you got because a lot of people got it way worse you know now. They've got the tour. Dates twitter handles emerged info out of the way. Sit back relax and enjoy a brand new episode of the about last night. podcast with the one and only brand Marin Jason cowlings Alex well the wheat and so it's time to the battle. I aww down onto the threes. No matter what time is it you boys hardy nails pisses me off. Aw How are you doing listen to be on this yeah I pushed off this Weird Control Bolshevism. It's so clean to take make sure. Now there's another one ready a why I don't know that now prove it to you. So annoying show sweet as in you know by the way I go at the end and feel like walking master like that's got to be like the interest song like a Disney our show Disney. Oh the music video. Here's where because the song is so clean and there's no real life profanity so the music video you'd have to have like I mean we choreographed Graft says dances like some weird shit. Like you know maybe get homeless guys that did you ever have guys creeping around your like your your recess situation situation absolutely around my current holidays. Sure guy lived in the bushes and on the other side of the fence from the field and he'd always just like lean up against the fence and watch US play and it's like every now and then I was like should we ask him play. We shall we ask them to play sweetest kid we do. Maybe he's got a great foot. Do Jesse Been Slack. Kick mets going slowly. There's nothing under the Jack. It's frustrating how do you hit. This said is I listened to the singing of the Improv. What angry I've ever seen? He calls me and he says I gotta I'm doing this. It was Frankie Valli and that was fourteen Frankie Valli in the the Clint Eastwood Movie For Jersey You Boys Yeah I'm on a shortlist that happens with When they think you could do Broadway shortlist shortlist? But I'm not famous enough so you've been a handful of those sorry. Let's let's get the car but I hold on well. Well let's play Brent has it gotten at Bingo but this is the thing that pissed me off in. This is what we're getting to is what he's talking about his. I never really listened to that to Frankie Valli Alley. What he's trying to do I can't do it and I was thinking like? This is something that I was going to have to go to New York in front of Clint Eastwood and people I was GonNa have to sing. Like Frankie Valli which by the way also my Irish outweighs my Italian so it doesn't you could be in the the fuck and Frankie Valli crew the what do they call themselves for the first. Four Seasons Frankie Valli and four sources season yes the for like but you're talion looking enough right there Italians and the thing is they were just just hit me on voice and I called him being like I feel so insecure. Because I can't hit thank God. I'm doing dishes by the yard work and I go. Somebody hit this lack of me. I put the the with this shit. All we can do an exercise and he just doesn't as he's washed I go. I'm so sick of you. The secret to it. A small testicles. Don't well cow because I've got a good. He's got that too. You're not allowed to have both the boys sing like a premed. You're doing it. Don't the chicken getting molested. We say that in two thousand nine because yeah because you were touching his way that come on. That was a good job dad and that was the Dako good. Dad's I'm the APPRO. Try Walk like a man. Do I have your last. We save you. Lebron takes off for like for the guy who everyone and thinks should have the highest boy I do not. I don't actually own different shows. I'm trying to be honest beyond that may no I can't. I don't bet that got it. That's okay you know what you did you built. Yes that's okay because it gets insecure insecure. And it's going to get him. Try it you'll see how I in the words in the words of DJ collided. On hot ones. I I'm not just because I'm Stopping doesn't mean I'm quitting. Then that's and that's a poor wisdom. Where's my falsetto camp? This one right just just as much as you possibly Clint Eastwood and spilt. We're GonNa do it God. Damnit walk like a minutes. WHOA screaming you sound commands and see? I can't talk too much shit definitely sound all I can. News brought home a little. Wow Watch watch watch this is how much tried it and I got to give you credit. ooh That's a better sh sh shushing. I'm just thinking because I know it's GonNa Happen. Here's here's me now. What is it like a man who we this is be thinking I gotta go in and Atalay Woah Ho Ho doing all this hard on me? Yeah Dig Deep Wjr. You'd better deliver after this. No but I'm really GONNA try like I'm being honest going to be so bad. As right back she what God let me go on and on and aw Shit you don't find don't help back on a ski mountaineer. Though they took it all correct baby. I don't know how me talk. You know All right we just lost Britain. You can't fuck and do that in. I have a deeper voice could chick I gotta I gotTa Watch. I think that we're we're. We're sorry we're sorry. You're driving pain for the rent just made so many accidents happen so in Ari also. So maybe you won't be in this new school but you will be in Merry Christmas. Whatever commuting November twenty whatever I say Merry Christmas the Hanukkah? No you have a day to a hate this Guy Hayes on the fantastic guy who's in Andrew Tribeca show plays the the older brother. Yeah here's the key evernote. Is that the name of our show. Sounds like we don't give a shit. It sounds like you forgot I said what do you meany goes when somebody asks me. What's the name of the show you're doing and he was like Mary happy? Whatever and it's like Oh man you're right? It's so hard not to sound like you don't give yeah whatever it's usually connected to some negative connotation sounds like there was a meeting and there was like worrying and call this show. Mary Dahbi whatever album working actors. bitching about working is he was bringing right slave family. Get so mad too when you tell them you on. This show called Mary. How what? What's the name of it Mary? Happy whatever whatever we need the dramatic this is why eating in Frankie Valli. We get it. You're a working. It premieres November twenty eighth. Yes audience giving the Irish man on no way the day after the average shmelts the only seven hundred forty million Sebastian's in that he's a comedian. So we could talk about that. He's real funny. Way Irishman Do you ever touched the muscle. That isn't working together. We cuddle. Well oh I look. There's a lot there's a lot to talk race does this do WanNa talk about this dynamic. Because it's GONNA be on a new podcast if you start to talk about it now. Is there a title for the PODCAST. The line Mary happy pod. Whatever hilarious? All the lion's den whatever yes I don't really Lyons denies that where's that. Come from Jason Colleagues more and Todd guests. We're launching coaching. The lions stand with burnt. Morning Jason After thanksgiving. We'll try. We'll have you locked. We're GONNA have Kenny loggins. I know my God at all the credible news. which hit would you have him Saying I that's that's the hit. Not People know about corner corner the Winnie the Pooh theme song. Yes that's any law and walk along under branches. Leader you sing. Why did I think the one in the booth theme song was just pooping Eh up? Yeah I believe he's all I think about when I think is I have a Oh that's a good poop voice. Here's here's what it's hey man did. Did you say that voice say who bear trying. You're supportive and then you say poop poop voice Larry Fukuda Google. I felt myself do the bad version. I thought add a good one paw tried to get boy that was the ultimate Clooney boop. Thanks for or notice your most Leroy Leroy from forgotten. The there's supposed Jewish kid. Leroy was like walking. Gra Leroy's in one hundred Acre Hood and Ooh he runs he down out there now. It's this yours. Having my brother is a piece of shit he doesn't know life based on real people take some crank head the Guy Ooh that it should have been. Hi Sorry I'm I'm putting a lot of these voices two year physical. Everyone just looks He does voice. I just had to apologize because when I heard that I went and looked right at you and you felt it well that I'm wearing orange so you think it was always raspy. Yeah Oh like everything was you sound like. You're young Michael. Cain who just found out he had cancer Yeah that's a good one and actually had the process. I'm just thinking always sounded like some shit happening. Talk about people they do. The PU voices that Bob Pool is fucking Gravitas. honeys gone ice hikes. He's no pants. Christopher Robin's back at school can't hang pants on because this is how does it now. We're going to do this again now. Rabbits everybody's doing the best po openly go brown. Did it like an hour and a half or no but really the real clue. I'll do pct. By the way we're going to use. Replaces honey addiction for Marlboro lowlights. Yeah so he's just E or we don't think your Delasin ship Leroy there's some shit. Yeah he goes Chris. Ah clearly with meth addiction. And what about the kangaroo. ruined ruined NASC- Aaron Karen it's Kanga A-a-a-and Room. They're hopping slut in my man. I don't give a shit about a kangaroo and have a daughter Oh back yeah everybody everybody though the real whole bother okay here. We go gravitas to ABC. I find some music pull picture the real shit. Yeah don't don't don't help yourself itself of fights you crash into me. Okay here we go. WHO's by the tree? The Hunter's Gone Pants Oak. Doc Pants over go ahead. I who bombed them. You're out you fuck you. I'm going to hold it. Okay that's I'd like to get next to my Mike All Right now. This is Atom doing his best Pu not as laundry is an audition bother. Yeah you're doing real poo are going to be one of those actors that they gave me. Oh bother but I'm decide You'RE GONNA add some up top. Oh bother might be the button or what I start with Greg. Winter Nineteen ninety-six. Ticket just passed away. He always pretty But I'd taken up painting. Piglet came in one day never forget it look right at the painting that said inside. It's is side. There's no how tough it's no honey around beautiful shift and I looked great piglet and said Bob a bad power gravitas thing. That bothered me is I was so so in your story I know but it shifts to carry Asia ship ship sounded. There's another massageenvy. Yeah the news that gave you hope for a better tomorrow. I'm going to say I liked that. I liked that in the at it. Well you're doing doing a number one same same song your song. It's called ice crystals by the way takes it just sounds like the American beauty with the paper all right. I'm going to set up one part of the scene. Okay positive for second for the Audience Picture Poo by by the tree. honeys Gone Yours and nightmare. `Tigers Bitch you're doing this very Christopher walken. I haven't done I haven't done other. Yes auto trade. There's some wind like the leaves and changing. Who's always been alone? Nobody talks about it. WHO's been alone? He's always got his friends back. They fuck up left and right so picture me as pope sounds gutter. He's trying to get into the charter. Obama is the line but just picture put it closer to the thing Wow all right wasn't straight redeem. Almost most were British towards the end. I got my own track. That was really great. I got my own way real quick. What was all the painting? And he's trying to get shit. He was trying to take a shower and he's dealt with all the honey problems that he has no pants right. So he's pulling shutdown and it's no bother moments and he's trying to let the piglet letter men because the piglet was always in his fucking place was and so he's just like what he wants to say you fuck it. I hate my life but what he says Oh side never looked at it like dat. He's internalizing some dealership. Appreciate that bothers. Fuck this shit that song. It's so great. But it's gotTa Brad's going to recognize the. Oh Veritas. Veritas Rumbling Tumbler. What does that what? What is his drop the MIC? Push back corner loggins. That's the way guess. Who was the background singer on the song in the Bass player on all along mark? Maguire my uncle for real shut the fuck up. Our right got ties to poo poo. Hey I've been to the house. Pooh corner Bro. Yeah that's pretty fucking cool. Man is Dan in the hundred hundred Acre Wood. So music's in your bones sin bones POPs. POPs had a hit single that charted in nineteen seventy called. What friends wow how Dan was called feather upbeat song about hurry up become robbery everybody? Everybody needs them friends that one. Yes I got it. Wish ooh not a feather on the back of my seat. That's clothes. Yeah that sounds heels like that's that's where it should clough back in have shown the has on Yvonne Yvonne Kazman Dad. My Dad and my uncle in that wasn't longer than other doc. What's on all this explaining his voice? My Dad. This is a monster amazing. This all wonder the song that plays right after the part in the movie. Where would it go? We'll never make it to the competition time and they go. Hey you want to win the Bego they pull off like we'll helping we'll have to drive a thousand and miles in twenty four hours road trip member. I also just him and his twin brother coming out of the womb doing this. There's cameras for this just picture the dancing describing to that song and twins too. So we're doing it to this shit to the OB. Jesus and everybody going ooh Slash Mas. Yeah because you had the same umbilical cord together together and go to work but then you jump rope. Nurses Double Dutch. AH LIVES OUT MUSIC VIDEO. Ah My dad said I'm out of here. Well that got person you've ever seen lessons never I don't you didn't know I've never. I've never taken a lesson it'd be and you had ever taken a singing lesson. Wow that's crazy and I haven't. I'm the worst so you have. What are those lessons here with me? You're too low on those coaches survey up here. Please with me right here on getting known shit while you're putting so much let's do this. This'll be the let's all do l.. Start the note and then we all go find it. You know what I have the highest will you can get higher but I have the highest sounding voice so let's You start the first note and all match octaves and see if we can find it of the lesson so be like this like you do one of those and then we'll nope see we can do it come on trumpet. Yeah we'll just you know whatever that thing's going to go this way again. Let's start with Brad. Ah just hello All right now just on the road the group now group. Are you start higher. Notice I've been to the way this is what the Beach Boys I. This is how they it came up. All the beach. Exists exists losses. Mind that wrote everything. Brian Wilson Wilson. Yeah Yeah and then Pet sounds and then the lead singer Zinger He still wears a hat. That says the beach boys to everywhere he goes. Even I met their manager. He's got all the Song Mata. Yeah let's do it. Or what are we off a movie. You start higher than you've been so bad. Thank you some guy outside going like this I get over here. Thank you all of what people that never we. Were talking about needing a new judge Austin. It's your brother having timberlake the sound. You've been looking at listen to this. Aw I know we're GONNA end with girl. Who Do you think the first one to put? Ah the girl like in the bag. Oh yeah visit. They're not wrong. Do that no white girl. I'll do that again. Watch heart do it again. Girl girl girl. I used to test me a bit about. Put that word the song so you knew what the song was about anyways. Girl Carla the thing we do on the road sometimes. We you know Jason's our headliner. We treat the fucking show like he gets standing ovations to. Yeah and the one thing that we do and we do this sometimes too. Yeah we love the Dean Martin aspect after the show is kind of wrap. Oh yeah jump on the Goddamn keys and you do this shit. And he started doing this like John Legend. We Love Them. We love sexiest man alive. He's Button Jason can sing like John Legend and then he started improvising being legs. Doesn't it always sound. I'm like he's about to throw up and just said on he does after every go ahead. You're alarm in love with you. The honeymoon ooh the infatuation times we love okay. Ugly argue with a beautiful sounding heightened and more and more like let me just wholesome. He knows all lyrics we rise and we fall also maybe we should take it. How did I take it slow? Who Good I know? That's amazing. Shit Shit more on the white get any growth that voice. I literally. I'm looking at him and the key basically being like I was joking but I wasn't I was like you know and then screams. He gets mad. I don't like it but then after the show you Google play that song. It's John Legend but he's singing like John Legend. I make one comedy and he says that and the next thing you know he's as the whole fucking song Be Standing the life we talked about you. Why don't you do your own bit about this? Sound like an reggae gay glasses throwing up. No Jason Mera's marriage bears and competent marriage. There is an idiot. I met him once because you could sing. Do you get compared to Tony Danza. Dance Singer here your buddy of mine. Who Does Bras like you got some springsteen in you and I guess because you see that our data day yeah maybe some stress and see how you're asking me my opinion? Who Do you somebody who took voice voice lessons? Yeah Ferrari Dionne Warwick Nice. I get that all the time was her head there. We found. I always. I always had this thing. I didn't have voice lessons but I was around so I always was aware of different sounding. Voices Yeah like I'm not you know I'm gonNA sing but Like Broadway will always be. I'm GonNa make this song because you you know. I don't know lyrics. No but I'll make Broadway song right now. Broadway's constantly over enunciating talking. They have been back once upon a time. I never knew who I was always had a time too far so so here I am. I've never been this way but there is something more to say but who the hell in my well. What the Hell L. Ima- a Broadway Broadway show Brian? which is how words? Yes yeah. That's and then the Jason Erazo is It's a marriage mayors was you who spoke the words that picky seems to me. Oh things are gonNA happen naturally happened naturally. Naturally that's pretty assault disgusted. Why can't watch white women celebrate and they sing because because they do what I do natural they always have to go? Woo drawing the worst of all time. There's no them singing. John Clouds you drawn grass youtube video singing and then he drawing as you're doing Actually every fan of about last night take one of these fucking white girl. Singers that is between the ages of twenty four to thirty two on any of these voice shows. Yeah who does hand motions and draw a picture in your programme my wrong. Yeah Doc. Deborah Oh Kelly Clarkson he's got a I can't do the fucking broader. I don't think he could do it. Do it the Bronco. Well that's for Brcko. What's The fucking celebrating? What I call runs runs? Sorry who are you doing barest. You got well. I had a question. Okay that was on the show so happy whatever ever. You told me you got to do something I think you said. You wrote a theme song or a song for the show they let me. Yes play other instruments I like. Ah Here's Jason. When you were ten would if I was like I was molested at six chasing ten piano the store owner and he told me it's fucking Brent? Has Harry Happy Whatever comes at number twenty thousand Fox theme song. We're promoting your TV show. This guy worked with Dennis Quaid. Okay the fact that your friends of them real quick is bonkers. That guy is a Goddamn legend. I want to say. I was at the comedy store and watched Tam watched watched you see him. Show up to see you unexpectedly. Yeah that was cool then watched then shook his hand. That was cool. Didn't Wash Oh shit then watched him. I watched it then but a couple of days later then I saw him watch. You can watch it watch. Watch they do that then. I watched him watch you in the back of the original room fucking not. Nobody's about to see. It was so cool. Because I'm like you. You told me that like yeah. We've built some report on set. He definitely we got a good vibe. He respects me. is an actor. But Dude we can attest to this when somebody who look up to seize you in your element. Yeah it's truly fulfilling on a level you can't explain. I know is laugh so much because it sounds like he fell. Dude he was he looks like it was far out of the hand was bellowed over. Just like Anderson. Yeah but that's also APEC Dude. He was he was crying and he rip. Yeah Rib nine hundred. How old is he sixty sixty five? Just just got engaged to like a twenty six year old farmer. I made away anyways. WanNa Talk Shit and then you look at the damage. He's across going on Friday and loved you and then I want to know from a because you guys were still well into production. What because you told me think the next day how he was bragging everybody about like I told you what he said he goes? You're sick sick man and I thought that was old school terminology. Yeah Man I actually brought this up when we did like a press. I've never done like a real press. Junket for something. Yeah I mean. It's Dennis Quaid I keep forgetting. I'm doing a show with them. But it's like where they citizen chairs like this and then they have entertainment tonight and access high when everybody comes in and it's behind our heads accidentally dressed the same you know. Oh I saw that post. And it's like typical meat which is a holiday flannel fine with it. But he kept saying he's a sixth man and I finally was like I. I don't even know if this is a comment. He has had a thing with my standup where he goes. Have you seen him. Do stand up he would say to a DIS and everybody. Yeah in front Amigos sick man and I thought thanks and then I realized I brought it up in the interview process like forty in a row and I said by the way he's sick of good thing or is it a bad because the FDA gonna be a great thing. So I was like. Oh he likes what I do I could say anything in your life is like I've seen a little thing bomb. I she goes wide. You dress like him. I said I didn't mean and on purpose she goes to your hands are moving too much. Thanks mom and she goes. Why are you so much? WJR little smaller than him so much littler than because my seats further back and then she would say. Don't get in the way of his face. You keep putting your hand stand in front of his face during the interviews. He's a movie star. Your mom back. Yeah yeah whole area. This isn't one by the way one minute clip she saw a lot of critique for our Mrs this is the same mother that comes to mind. I love funny but she comes to my house and says I have very inconvenient fridge. I don't even know how to answer. The question was that Al Gore Film Slack. I will say this though the thing. Dennis Quaid Dennis Quaid and the sharks. He has his own ban. Yes we connected we connected musically and the thing is like I. I don't know how to read music. I've never had a lesson. I don't know how to play somebody else's stuff but I've been things where I have to sing all the time or do those particular things but if you ask me to notes notes or lyrics it's not my thing so I was always constantly trying to write stuff for the show but rightfully so. I'm a comedian that they don't don't understand can do that. So there's one episode where I have to play something that they're they're Composer who composed all the music for modern family. So he's like perfect for this show but I can't. I can't put my fingers in this place so they had mike episode which it was so embarrassing to me so fucking like the Muslim bears have meant since I started stand up. Was Two hundred people at Netflix. Watching me not be able to get through the song of of the one they wrote for this particular episode. Read the music. Because I couldn't move my hands away. He wanted I. It has to be youtube video. I sat in my bathroom at my place. Muktar thirty nine hours trying to figure it out and for some reason. I can't do that but I could write you a symphony not fucking play. Somebody else's shit. But I could right you a simple and Dennis to his credit. He defended me cool so much that it actually was more embarrassing. Because I was they were like you're gonNA mind the playing no now now. He's not miming a plane. He could do it. The guitars out of tune. That a tune give me the Qatar print. You doing great. It's fine. Wow and he was just there to help me because he does is that you hear a song in your head going when Quaid has your back. You're going to do anything wrong. He came to me in his own way because multi-candidate never done you know and so in his own way comedic Lee. He felt out of place and then see me. It was the first time he saw me insecure. Oh Shit so he he really had my back. 'cause I had his back to me. I was like Oh we're going to be best friends on the show. We're going to dress alike next. Mother fucking episode. I had to play song. That goes over a montage. That is the song that I did write for the show. I just didn't tell some anybody I said I'm sick of this shit. They didn't listen to me. I'm just GonNa fucking play like my God damn song during the run through for so I did that and I made everybody cry. Dennis said who wrote that and I said I wrote that fucking shit good. So the instrumental and the lyrics. I wrote them motherfucker episode seven. And that's the song I wrote. That's awesome and then the fucking creator of the show is unbelievable writer literally said. Where did you work with? Gabriel one that I went. No that's MOTHERF Arkansas. Yeah and I was like I just didn't want to go through that vetting process. I just wanted. I embarrassed myself so much in the in the thing that pisses me off the most is and it's not their fault. But the craters in the show everybody coming up going. It's okay it's like. Don't don't feel the pressure off musician. Oh Aw ooh look we know somebody that knows Selena we can get him. I just stay with me. They sent me the next shit and they wanted me to prove. I'm not. I'm not gonNA play anything that these fucking people do good for. You even said I said and honestly haven't Dennis like play your shit like he was a motherfucker occur who was awesome even told me that there's been instances instances where he I mean you can just tell you can tell right away that he's just like a what do you. What was the advice I asked You I was like? Has he said anything because he's obviously sixty five but he's worked so much and on Dope Shit and been the lead so many things I see some perspective about I thought as a thirty three year old man trying to have a perspective and a conversation with him I naively always preach issues. Talon Alan equals longevity. And they always think that there's luck in our business that doesn't need to like it just happens for people you might fall into a situation but that talent in my mind needs needs to back that up. Yeah you could trick people for years. But you'd better back that motherfucker up. I told him that thinking that would be Sunday goes. No that sounded he says longevity in this business is the ability to realize that. You're not shit at that time and you you need to adjust in just the ability to fuck and be aware that you're not the shit and you need to adjust and you need to know. You're not great. He was like when you think you're great. You're done in this business. I'm finished like an I. Listen to the shareholding humbleness. He's the motherfucker my advice about. How do I do this thing? And this like he wasn't like if we had a movie star that WHO's never done a multi cam which is completely different acting right. We had somebody like that. Who easily could have been motherfucker going? It's your fault. Yeah yeah if we had somebody like that. This show would not work but he came in and he was like. I don't know everything so I'm GonNa like lane himself and he constantly kept saying and honestly when you watch the show. It's like November twenty. It's on the look out damn movie star and he nails it but he asked questions. I was so cool to watch. The guy like that. WHO's at the helm takes the lead and let him know like? Hey I got no ego about it. Yeah then no one can have an ego on that because I never did a great coolest guy. Great you won't work in this and the cast is pretty Stacked yeah that's unbelievable. The same person cast modern family. Cast our show Jeff Newburgh. He's fucking awesome. You got to reunite with your bridget from adaptable yeah Mit. I don't think she gives two shits about acting but you know kind of somewhat convinced her to convince her I think her coming aboard is how oh I got the Goddamn job but I got the job additioning. And they're really questioning me as the lead of the show because I I didn't even process how heavy I would be in this. Show macy for people out there. It's like a meet. The parents on the Ben Stiller and Dennis Quaid. Robert Deniro care. I'm coming in trying trying to convince them the Mary's daughter and he doesn't give him permission and the episode. It's me trying to changes mind. Will he's trying to get rid of me. So it becomes part of that so it under I understandably we now know why they were really hesitant of giving me the lead movies. Yeah But one of the things they were trying to figure out is like is there or anything. Because my natural New England fucking sarcasm as I come off sarcastic nerve. Is there anything with him. Being sweet and my age and Rachel I sit any unbeatable clip. That's all I said. He'd asshole so the clips they sent. Bridget was in them and they couldn't find a love interest. Never like what about her will and it was. Aaron Kaplan our producer. who was like? Well she's at MIT. She's not acting right now which she still Liz and he goes. I'll deal with it. And that's what. He does a convinced her. And then she tweeted. Thank you Brent. But really thank you bridget rigid wow and the like what is she studying a mit. What what what what kind of advancements in human evolution are you stopping from happening getting her out of MIT yeah? It's it's something that sounds like a dinosaur but it's like something science. She was one paper away from bringing dinosaurs. Bullshit she's always a lab she always says. Oh I was in the lab and there's something with chemical bullshit bullshit every time I see him like we need Dr. Yeah you know that right. We didn't need more. Can you know but it's more fun. It's more fun playing house. She didn't make more than me. Hey Bravo sorry. So that was not your interim I will. We'll say this though like honestly The great thing with bridge. She's like with. I hate what I watch and I hate when I Z.. Female actresses that are the love interest. Try Okay there's more. That's even as a comedian. Sitcom actor. Yeah I hate the pushing of the fucking joke. Yeah he doesn't do that listens and she plays the axe and the women in the show as she still to me. This is the best role she's ever done. It's awesome. I promise you if you go and she would pass if you go past three episodes OUGHTA know alley. METALLICA was in high school musical right and she was high school. It's out there on the thing. It's a great poster. She played my first love interest. Whatever anyway the lack like the understanding that you're going to be the person that you know I mean? Think about it bridget. Menlo is coming from Good Luck Charlie. And then come into the fucking lion's den podcast but coming into fucking on dateable with me crystalise Rick glassman. WHO's Andy? Kaufman as Ron funches. Who is you now? He loves HE LOVES HIMSELF ANYWAY AND LOVES CHRIS WHO has one thousand nine phones and then you know fucking thirty thirty chargers as if he runs his own. Fuck in God damned bubble gum. You'll hear midfield. It's you know it's like he's the person that's stealing all your credit card information. That's that movie. Jeff I said I'M UNCUT GEM either way shock I love it. I love him to death but imagine this girl. Having to come into people like you have your Andy Kaufman ask with Rick. WHO's off the spectrum on the spectrum by the way just found out he's got a podcast? You Got Ron Ron funches. WHO's an assassin with? One liners. Folks you have fucking Chris. WHO's this Jim Carey physically? And then you with substance Stinson. Real talent is what you're trying to say but no rudy orgeon this burden whereas my daughter say Nice having to come in and be a part of that whole experience. Yeah she was like fucking daughter's got it and she did things over so goddamn brilliant without pushing and I hate saying that. Because it's such a Vince Vaughn thing but it actually makes sense like you didn't push he didn't push but it's true and so having her in the show like she gets to do something that we never got to do. which is we never ran? Lines on dateable on dateable was an improvised jamboree on live television. which was it was about the bit and the joke the Bill Lawrence let all these kids loose on live television? That's it wasn't about the the story at that point it was about keeping this shit on the air and it was about the funniest shit and I I would put that show up against any other motherfucking multi ever in the last per second I will put data show. I wasn't allowed freedom to to improvise. which was such a fucking problem for me in the beginning? Because that's why. Oh I think you hire me right. Ganic laid is the reason show gets picked up. You hire me to fall in say shit that no one run do. Do you fall out on the show. I didn't a pilot on Your Business Card Brent more and I fall and I say honestly Tucker Crawley who wrote the show They said Tucker Carlson for minute. Talk across. I'm telling you the best thing I've ever been a part of for real truly truly like I've never ran lines bridget in my life and we really wanted to run lines and the good and you gave a shit about everybody and you went from like having the ego of a comedian to being like I hope I didn't disrespect his writing fucking great also great great so I would say this though. Turn off the Irishman. Get past the a pilot is a pilot every pilots pilot. It's a good show like that. There's somebody for everybody in this mother and deeper you get into it it like it will make you cry. Wow It really gets you some holiday heart also. Who doesn't like a good holiday yeah? Jd like the holidays. I'm sorry I was. I bothering your hairline. I we move on G. You WanNa wear this hat. My head hurt. I love the holidays. Yeah but I. It's also like bittersweet for me because my kids are grown up out of the house. Now Oh yeah I love it for the kids. It's like I loved it as a kid and then when I was a kid anymore or whatever and then it got weird. When my dad passed away I was because he he loved Christmas and Thanksgiving but then I then luckily luckily I had my kids so I could experience that with them right now that they're out of the house? It's just the time now not putting Christmas tree presents under the tree form and waking up in the morning I I miss a lot of that stuff. Yeah reminisce about it. And it's Nice Nice memories you have kids again and you can come over and I like all joking like having these I didn't understand that kind of thing like I left home eighteen. Yeah and my dad is like my hero the way your dad is your hero but I remember when James moved out. Yeah wasn't James Mildest. Yeah and thirty now by the way but he moved out and he calls me. Just yeah. That's a tough one and he was taking a walk because he wanted to man up with his somebody who's just call me like emotional being in front of him I didn't I didn't want him to feel bad and it was do that car driving down the street with all this stuff on top of it I imagine with that was when he called me and it made me call my dad after that I was like oh I don't even think about that there. Is that dad where you because with you and your dad you left left across the country right. That's what my son did. He moved away. It wasn't like my my my youngest lives in downtown La. I could see him every day. If I yeah but my my oldest moved to Arkansas. He loved being to do right Daddy. Lo he opened some small businesses out there with another buddy awesome good news like you'd better better get ready for the business that he went into the industry and they got some bad precedent effective business. so He's coming back. Was it flourishing before that. Yeah well well you get to have Christmas again man. Maybe you have room. Anybody could be there. I don't know AH ship. Nobody's there AIRBNB. You need the air. We'll see light and and fireworks in the corner. I did yes. God Damn Grace Gift is from the peanut gallery. Good one to Fortune's cut out some of the shit. I think about the non canonical. It's all good and it's honest and it's real estate. You're about advocate. You totally left this whole conversation. You're already looking over here for submarine. You told you more than two like a stroller. What babies do the? I don't know I don't know I got. What were you looking at him seeing? What sort of baby dates? Thank you you can't have brain doesn't move fast enough. You go you like fucking what is the. What does the Stroller do baby bitch? That's what it is one of the littlewoods the woods the crib yeah. You can't smoke in here. Who Thug as she won tickets? See this shit. Is this the show. By the way I would love of Vegas residency at ninety. Oh I live long enough to get a one I. I don't even need a week or a month. Give me on nights one night or one night or he's GonNa have a residency when he moves there. If if I'm looking you're looking hardy a hard look at look what you pay for out here wrong. She left a one bedroom. He's acting totally finding he. You already left us in the beginning of the conversation. And what's happened when he rents is happening. Why what's going on? You got to have a power. This is a big deal moving to Vegas where we've been bad because for the amount of money that you can get a really small house in in Los Angeles you can get a palatial estate in Vegas the amount of money in an RV here by sixteen different like Pink Berry Franchises Inches in Vegas. Two bedroom here. What have we then? I see your instagram later. If you open a pink Sir promoted desperation yeah this is double thumbs. Up is such contrasting emotional like please let it work out. I think you'RE GONNA SHORT SLEEVED COLLARED SHIRT WITH IT. Says everyone loves topic. Yeah so I think for our family. We're GONNA move. You know what they could open sixteen pink berries getting out of that. The number of thought about this Alpha. Somebody's told me like five and I go. What about at sixteen and no one's GonNa do that business plan in your pocket? What's happening here? One opening where you know. You WANNA open five. What are you crazy? Do Sixteen Oh man count go on Yeah but you you guys before I actually had. PTSD see from there. Oh I enjoy yeah me too. I think would be fun though because the off the Strip the house again. We're love going to listen and listen I'm GonNa love living in the real world is not. It's it was not a little but the idea the idea of of Jason and then you come down. That's not bad way. I have slipped. I want that in my own life that Bragg welcome and then I do WanNa fucking thing. Yeah Panda Dogs Everywhere. CAHUENGA dogs chows. The new breed that he's working sixteen pink Berries Genetically Die Chow Chow Dogs in China. That are panda. Go Panda dog money man for real. Yeah because about thirteen granted Half an appearance fee for you know to be honest with you. I am so underpaid so much money but I'm gonNA blank check out your house actually think it would cost me fifteen just to get in. They would probably cost me. Forty two getty it gets here and it ends up being the most violent animal or it hasn't USA does this doc. It's there and then it does Handa and didn't even dammit you didn't even name. It's thirty three no pandas what I wanted and I have a panda have room the dining room dining pandas ace. I've got a lot of pandas in there now I do think. That's a great idea for investment bamboo. Luke advertisement I think panda's I know you could beat me up but it's like deep down I can get you get that. I think pan is a the navy rugby for a beer beer beer hand just called panda but you got a big payment and the commercials of this right so is a panda. And it's always somebody like at a bar or some sort of situation with those drinking and fun and someone always looks up and just goes holy. Shit Panda Panda drinking a beer and he just goes hell. Oh yeah voice yeah. Let's start a beer but it's okay. So he goes this. Is that a panda guys. He's talking about the beer. Obviously he's not talking about the fact that there's a right actual. Oh Panda at a bar. Goes also deepest fucking things like. It'd be a divorce or just see. No I've been cheating and then that guy and the girl leaves and it's it's like I'm taking your son and then it's like Oh shit. Is that a panda. And then you look over a whole campaign of that. Oh Yeah I'm fucking your mom says that a panda bear shit in. Yeah that's a face. Where's the camera guys? You know. I own a brewery right through. Yeah Brewery in San Diego. We could do this. How much does it cost? You had some shady tawny own up in a lot of things illegal. I don't WanNa say Vegas Yeah I got I gotta run away from from some shit. That doesn't even know how to disappear. Kino's magic smoke bombs disappeared would imagine school that was we both looked at him both ready for some shit the hat we both went up. Wow I dunno math. What did you talk was that trail to hold you do it to the guys just office them see? He's grabbing his thumb. Yeah he takes it off he takes telling you I. I don't know my mom bought me at Seattle Magic Book and you basically when you turn the pages from the body you'll be a Virgin Samantha. Madam Ashi believed in me. When did you lose your eighteen? I'll be moving blooming to Jocelyn name my best friend from back home. Oh No yeah dude and I made a cartoon about high school girlfriend right. What's the What's a movie we're selling? Charlie's angels. What what now? We lost that one in Vegas through that the table where she part of the happy the mad at Chris Movie. Yeah yes marine. Are doing a holiday Christmas money that will be sold over the holiday holiday. So good dude and we pull it up. Yeah put now. While he's polling Brent Seventeen for you how about you twenty really. Yeah sorry well kill you but let's talk about this. Did you have an opportunity earlier and use wait until I waited. I want a pussy. Tonight's performance of I was scared of Pussy. We'll be played Brent. Morin is not David it more. What's the opening number and I was scared of Pussy the opening number? Yeah bumbling from the holiday uh-huh bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-ba Orchestra where I was only sixteen. When I got the techs told me that she wanted to fuck me next? I said no backed into my friend and then I realized that I don't want to have sex yet. Tom Bumba mom too scared of what happens. Wins in their bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-ba there is their teeth. Really really good. I tried to find their go. Yeah you got to cut out the scared now. That is what it was so scared of. Women are scared of women. I was so I liked it. I had a twenty one year old in nineteen year old girlfriend at the same time. Yeah you sound terrified women. Yeah hoping to second mention sex. I girlfriend in the companion really backed into my friend's car in the parking lot because she the nineteen year old sorority girl goes I WanNa take you for Jim. I needed a motel tonight. I'll pay for it and I saw the techs on my shitty flip phone and I backed into my friends because I was so scared. Never told my friends who are in the car that was driving home. And they didn't know that I was so scared and I completely avoided her and basically what I basically should have did was go to the motel go like I should have been okay with that. Shug motel seven triples that we did have a number in Juneau rolling up to the door places the Jays yours was what what age fifteen. Okay Sam Dude was an accident. I mean you accidentally had really weird. Tripped tripped in foul ups. Scared the shit out of me honestly and I didn't have sex again for like three years or something. Okay Damn Dude. I know two other fifteen year olds that had Sex at that as Jason Fake and Jesse Mosaic. Those three JAS degrees all right. Don't boy they sound dude. He wore a wife beater. He looked like he was twenty eight in the seventh grade. He had a little bit of a go. D- kind of a mullet the cartoon characters that confused me because I was like that would chicks do one day. I'm just walking around like this. And they're like Jesse walks like this and he had like big shoes. I remember and jeans didn't feel like Popeye character was dude. He was not real but everyone was like Joe decimals. And then you see more granted. He smoked cigarettes wrassling. My buddies who who was would smoke cigarettes with them in the parking lot and I was like fuck into it. Is You really haven't sex. Did he told all these stories in the parking lot and I WANNA be a part of that policy to here but I never could be. Let's call them. What was it like seconds still? Haven't done it what's it like. Why was the accident? No it wasn't an accident around but I was I. I didn't WanNa do it as much as I was acting like. I wanted to I just because she was older than me. How old she was eighteen? I think yeah yeah for the seventeen or eighteen at that time was into it more than I was but I wanted to be cool so I was Ed. Of course. You're the king of what freshman year in high school. Fifteen so a see. That's a senior right senior. My thought process at the time she got a car sales. Like maybe he'll give me ride home from fighting. You're the shift. Yeah this this is adverse avarice two mile bus ride for walkers. I guess that will change my life forever. It'll make the better for you go. I wasn't used to call you are skies is the Marlboro hackers. His parents had the ones that earned. That's the place you could drink underage. Yes that's the guy you're talking about. I know that person and they had sex guy in middle no score high school that looked like a grown grown again Jesse mosaic. Who is yours to Tony? G Christina's ally Bom. That's fucking gotTA fight physical fight with the vice principal and we all watch into the guy punched me in the face so art because I was talking to him and I was smarter than him and it was pissing him off and we're in P. E. and I'm like I said your what is your brother's named Traum trombone and AH he goes great. But it's okay tells me you haven't sexy clown says measles your clown and when you mother's a clown and then it's actually he hit me so fucking hard but it was one of these reactions I hit and I immediately went boom. Hit him back and that moment you're like Oh oops turn around and I just hit an. I hit him so harder than I thought anyone can ever get hit and he just went off. uh-huh ran after me and I was not one thousand football the coach through the football at his feet and tripped him up. And then I then I made for hero cousins my cousins in the Mafia. To kill you. If you got a cop he'll beat up your dad. They say I was a two time gold glove to get paid like When I was doing stand up at Marshall's And I remember 'cause on the wall I was going back. He goes box. I've never boxed to my God damn life I just say that is so that image and pain because I realized I got nothing here. I gotTa do whatever whatever the hell early comedy shows you somewhere right now in the world. Jesse Mosaic Tony. Jaa and Chris Jerry's dairies there hanging good for harmonising somewhere you're harmonizing harmonising somewhere. And they're all just so out of shape. Actually I saw I saw was ribs to within within king. He also wore a wife Beater Tony. Jeez he played professional baseball son. Tony Shit that is what you're saying is cardio. We can't fight him he can go for a while. Have you guys been. What have you been doing on the road when you hang out? No you're like you like you like to get out and explore the city do you Your stories stories are always fun to watch because we have a tradition every when we do weekends together at the last night of the week and we'll do a cigar. We'll find local. That's that's awesome. Hey Go and usually bring whoever from the staff of whatever club or who doesn't wasn't crazy and mostly we just go out and explore right. Yep Yeah we're we're big into I'd like you can only ripeness shit you do so you might as well be out yet but Do Stuff I get the local opener. He he falsely before you. I don't know how to work my God. Damn phone doesn't want you to post a video. Yeah it was at the Celtics one. We talk about. How bad had you aren't social media? Actually the voice of that Celtics That's unbelievable right. Yeah you're joking like Oh man that's real and it's so good let's go to. We are the heart of the sweat. The pounding of the knows how to do it. I'm doing you don't have a team to do it too. I know but like I haven't done voiceovers voiceovers great band. I like how I do this and I remember you doing because you would do the the tbs CONAN oh yeah trousers. I remember we had just take eight. The podcast and I was sitting with you. I think doing tonight and Conan tonight and Conan Conan remember. You're reading the thing 'cause you just get in it. And Ron ship run funches on the show and he sir and I was like oh I was just send out like that. And you're like Oh yeah and that was like having the podcast studio. Ah I was able to do it. Yeah there but I really was looking at it being like this is in Oregon and I didn't know I didn't know until I saw it but it looks so many. Appreciate the shit that he does with the voice said it looks good. He's not in the video cook. Yeah but guess what. Your Voice is because Dude I matches I pay so much more attention to that stuff. Not just us from doing it inside your voice matches perfectly and it's the shot. He sent me one. That was like a day said. Here's the one we did for the Bruins and there was a guy who sounded like the the most man guy at that and I was like I sound like a boy. I can't sync Frankie Frankie Frankie. Frankie Frankie Valli but I was like I can't be well you don't need to register that's natural enough. That's not pushing it found. Can you do a hype video but as the Voice of the kid and your act. who doesn't have any shoes okay? Okay yes play. That song did for the the one with that. We did with. Yeah and what special special is this kid on so people have well. He's the voice over. He should be the voice over for like a local soccer club because he's a British orphan. Okay yeah yeah unless I video. Manchester Unite I'll never know my my father never thought about my mom. You've never had any body. Don't need shoes. I see smell. What was the arsenal? Yeah go what's it gets. Hit by a season ticket back for Arsenal home games in away games and ED paid one point five percents. Apr Don't forget your shoes commercial ever uh-huh by a season ticket package now and maybe you'll get some shoes. Debbie the guy gives up. There's even watching it he goes. This is so I'm mad at us. This that's great. Great you guys you guys the winds a podcast. Start the lion's den line standing okay. So the New Year Yeah. Mary Manziel Mary happy. Whatever comes out on Thanksgiving and I gotTA say two men? The show looks great. It's a killer passion it's net flix. Yeah you're working. You always want to be working right and you want to take the compliment. I can't take it but the way you're also putting this like your arm under a work in he did take aim and everyone always says. And Brad's the best about it. About like saying when you love love when your buddies are doing cool shit and get to be on some and you're the leader in it like it's awesome. Yeah you should feel very proud and I'm sure you crushed it and seeing the way quaid was watching you only spoke to me like Oh cool. He already loves them. LOVES THEM EVEN MORE SHOULD BE PROUD. One hundred percent of cooler right. I can't take combat like any comic that you've always both of you have been so complimentary of my shit always privately not on Shit. No never publicly well you you're doing shit and San Diego we didn't Wanna discuss other things Really a lot of the time. It's going to be put into this podcast where we want to have honest tennis cross to man. He has a two of the funniest people on Planet Earth. And also think about to like. It's it's great that you're recognizing and like and this is one brand asked me to do about last last night like it was. We were hanging out so much. We start recognizing like oh we probably do something else with this chemistry in this the ease with the The amount of funding funding bill already. So easy yeah well. It's official. Yeah this is four ninety nine ninety. Nine hundred episodes does an accomplishment so one of those school high ah Yeah Martial Arts inabilities Brad thank you. You're one of the first guys to actually bring me out on the road and your name again. We and we had a blinds allowed to say that because used to make things and do Y- opener gets like green room as got me. I don't even think you remember when what did I do. You were in. We were Tommy. T's I think yeah. Tommy Thompson pleasanton Rancho Cordova opening. Obviously I had remembered the flip cameras. Remember flip cameras. Oh I left my flip camera in the Green Room when I went on stage. That's right I get offstage. She's good set high five. He goes onstage. I pick up my flip and it's got a new video I push play and it's a bean. And by the way an impressive the hands up to his face and he goes. That's what you get for leaving your camera. I'm pretty funny the first time I met him only wearing tidy whiteness. Oh yeah first time I ever met him was on. Yeah that's the best way to meet them. Yeah brand everybody's dressed except for breath. This is me leaving even whatever you want. Yeah he's anybody else also decided out more like scared. It the the people that we've mentioned the criterion. The people are going to hear insecure. Are they gonNA hippie up. I thought Gee I've met. I know his last name back as a baseball player. How many Tony Baseball players are there in twenty quyen? It was Tony Gwynn. I'm the same same age as Tony. gwynn blind Puckett Kirby Puckett. Yeah Hey black guys look I hope. I hope he doesn't hear this. I want terrifying terrifying Chris. Oh Cool Koppelman fifteen. Wrap it up. That's the best thing coming soon Mary. Happy Whatever November twentieth flicks stand up instagram and twitter's whereas where can people find your Your shows and you're in B. R. E. N. T. MRI and you know and Jason Collins J. O.. C. Jason Collins Eh Jason. Do your social media in Falsetto Jason. Cowley what's your instagram. The Grand Jason. Jason Karla Jay Z.. A. Against a good day we it happens. You know what you we. Just tell them that. A A in view back podcast. We'll be right right back. Hey everybody it's me Tony Danza. Thanks for listening to the about last night. Podcast we've read Williams it Adam rape boy. There are a lot of fun. Want subscribe on I tunes to this podcast. Give them a five star ratings of this midget you can feel good about themselves a couple minutes. Also get on your iphone or Android I android and get the podcast APP. You can also listen to it on stitcher or about last night. podcast dot com where you can hear past episodes with great debts like Lisa. Coup drill Paul Kevin Neal and sagging dion. Coal Krista Leah Adam Devine Michael McDonald's Julia White but Friedman Stevo Harland Williams uh-huh Tom Arnold Ron funches glassman Blake Anderson on his home decimate Peluso Joey McIntyre and many many more. I'm Tony Okay. So thanks for listening to the about last night. podcast goodnight. That's it right. Got It sweet boy. I suppose good that booth by the way we're kind of Kate. Who is it Hannukah Willow? Nice me what's up dog. This is your paled bugs. Bunny honey. I've got a question for you. Do you know who has the head. Elmer FUDD and the body of Foghorn Leghorn why. That's Adam rain bread Williams ain't I a stinker.

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E143 - How to focus on the right problems for collective productivity - with Ishan Galapathy

Zo Routh Leadership Podcast

42:51 min | 1 year ago

E143 - How to focus on the right problems for collective productivity - with Ishan Galapathy

"Zoe Wrath and thanks for tuning into the show. You're awesome. I just wanted to know how much I appreciate you. This is the show about people stuff in leadership and my overwhelming core objective is to help you shift your perspective so that you can become a more wise and compassionate leader. Yes it's grand plans. I have for you my dear listener and if you feel so compelled I invite you to exercise some Karma reward points by leaving me and the podcast a review and a rating at this dot com slash. Zoe rate this podcast dot com slash. Zoe I know it's out of your way. And I totally appreciate the effort and energy that goes into every single rating and review and it does help get the word out about the podcast so if you love what I publish and put out there and the guests that are invite on. It helped me out. It'd be awesome. Well let's talk about some problems and challenges that you might have. Do you have too much new plate. Are you looking for ways to cut costs and boost productivity? Which business isn't do you have twenty-six projects on the go at once? Can you believe it? You may have more or less than that but probably too many. Today's expert guest Yvonne Gala Path. He shares his approach to solving these chronic workplace stressors. So a little. Bit about each sean before we get into it. He is an operational excellence expert and affects his the lingo. He's worked for years. Nearly two decades with multinationals such as Kellogg's Arnovitz he has a really strong manufacturing background in his last corporate role he was responsible for operational excellence in the Asia Pacific for Kellogg's and was part of the global team that developed it's global supply chain excellence program and at the end of the interview. We explored a whole bunch of different things around with that means cultural differentiation. Point of view. He's got a lot to offer and a lot of deep insight. He has like x-ray vision when it comes to seeing productivity opportunities in business. So let's get into it. Wow we have an amazing dental and who? I absolutely adore. And think is fabulous. Name is Yvonne Yvonne. Walk into the show or thank you very much. You're look forward to this podcast. That's good well. First of all. Yvonne is Beautiful Name and you have a funny accent so you got to tell my listeners and knee where where are you accents from? Yeah so popular. Mistake people might because of the name is of course. The looks is to ask on. Which part of India are you from? And my answer is it's not part of India so it's on trump's relentless I love Sri Lanka. It's beautiful it is and is on pretty much On his bread in Sri Lanka and came here to do my Undergrad but was twenty five years ago. I think they're about you and me. Both mating come here for an Undergrad. But we don't lose their accents even though I've been here for twenty four odd years too so there you go ozzy's who sound funny. That's US do very true. I do get picked every now and then people ask me all have you lived around the UK for a while. At least. Because I think I have a little bit of people tell me that. Have a little bit of a British accent. And I think that's because I lent English from outages in Sri Lanka which is part of the Commonwealth and I think the teachers have lent English from the British. So I think that's where that's where the accent come from. Okay there you go very global. And that's probably a great wonderful segue into your work as a global specialist in collective productivity. You've worked in manufacturing which I'd have endless questions about because I've never done any work in manufacturing and have questions about collective productivity before we get into that. I've been asking my guess recently about this question. Leadership how do you define it? And when did you realize you had the capacity or ability to do it while right you? Don't you don't sound with us more questions. Do I'll tell you My intro into a leadership role which I didn't know the timing but Like everything else. In retrospect so I studied mechanics at university. What metrics BECCA trainings? It's a combination of mechanical engineering and Electronics and engineering. So I guess the robotics and the automation the worlds of as we know today. Yeah the automation and the will of digital about the late ninety so we didn't call it digital but the subject matter is called metrics so here are the student who finished the first Undergrad degree and then joined this company which was manufacturing aluminium windows and doors the most sophisticated piece of kit they had was an electric drop soul and the kind of thing that way that person standing in a six meter long aluminum extrusion and they're cutting that the sound that Probably cheever's that's industry joins after studying robotics but they had a hundred and fifty people in this business. I joined as a process engineer trying to help the operations manager to improve productivity in this factory. What a didn't realize is I had the the role of trying to work with those two hundred people to tell them how to improve productivity and they have been doing this for couple of decades and almost the new kid on the block having to tell them how to do better. How did that go? I people. Tell me that I'm a good people's I business and I think I used that as my sixth sense and I just would with the people on the factory floor understanding their frustrations and trying to find a way of improving their problems. So I was successful in that. Rove which actually became my go-to methodology of improving productivity and and as I progressed in my career. You know my last role was with global multinational Kellogg's at food giant. I was looking off to all of Asia Pacific. Seven factories almost seventeen zones. I think of my mind. I had no direct reports but I had to work. It's applaud directors and trying to influence them and again. I used that basic fundamental way of working in leadership. He's how do you go with that mentality of helping a team so that they can improve and if you can do that without without the direct management control. You're doing that through influence to me. That's the ultimately she'd easier. You're helping your team through influence. And they're doing it because they can see that it's going to help them. Okay lovely and so was it a cumulative gradual coming into that CAPAC- like you had some practice in your first job. Or was there a moment we crystallize going? I guess I'm doing leadership now but was it for you yeah It probably wasn't in that first role because he does a process engineer and I was pretty much doing. You're doing stuff and I didn't realize the It was leadership at the time. But what I did get from that first role was plenty of opportunities to grow with the business and I was kind of like a big fish more point so I have big opportunities work on projects. You know big factory relocations. I had to do that and I think it's in mind next. Move our realized what leaders she sees because I joined this company that was in. Fm CG gaining. Food's highly automated but also highly unionized. As will that so now you have days combination of you're trying to help teams but all these other influential points that don't say on the surface so the first day joined this other company they go on strike great way to start absolutely but then I realized that the reasons why obviously there was A space negotiations going on but the power. The people had I guess. And then how'd you dealing those Circumstances I think that was my intro into lady she base that it's not what it seems on the surface but there's a lotta politics and Repti- and things that happen below the iceberg model to use a cliche. I love that cliche. It's a classic from systems thinking point of view which is a process engineer. You totally get and I love that you point to one of the things I'm passionate about is the people stuff. And it's often that people stuff that gets in the way of productivity. But I'd like to hear from the Horse's mouth is a collective productivity expert. What are the barriers to productivity? That occur in teams. You've pointed to one. You got like these politics that you talked about like you have unions. And in some cases there's some conflict in terms of interpersonal engagement. Going there so re one. What are the top three. Let's say there are top three barriers to collective productivity One the the other things. Oh we find ease organizations businesses teams whatever size you up. Everyone tries to too much death. No shortage of strategy plans and our don't think with all the NBA's and dog executive programs and conferences I don't think executives or leaders struggled today to develop plans but what they struggle with. Ease overloading detained. And therefore the rubber doesn't hit the road and you don't get traction. There might be only one or two people whose pulling the weight of the team. And then you feel Loughborough why bother or that one or two individuals leave so all the burdening your systems overburdening. The team resources is one that I can think of a remember working. Just decide for a moment this other business. I recently worked with when they initially engaged with me. They said Ali Shah this Assing the the engagement with me is is the twenty six project on our list and I was lucky because I never think. The concepts are introduced as a project. Of course I come in go. But it's introducing a way of thinking it's a program to continually improve the business to continually keep working with your teams so on top of everything else you're working on the fundamental processes we are implementing in Your Business. The company is a project so Yeah so I'll find the one of issues so plus for a second. So that's how they started with you. This is product number twenty six. Maybe should be the topmost priority. So how did they shift? And how did you get them to shift to reconsider and reprioritize firstly To ask for time to explain what this is about. And I think it's trying to get the key stakeholders to forget ten thousand at least a thousand feet high. Because they'll all enrolled inclined to move is business forward so to be able to say. Look give me all the projects that you're working on and let's see where they fit intense of priority. All I to show them that my way of thinking is almost like working with the Fest Principles so that any of the other projects that work on could be worked through the way that I'm thinking and also to show that look not all twenty six needs to be worked on right now. You know there are different stages that you need to start the project you know how you. What's the implication of one project to the other so to give them that thinking off? Look business doesn't need to revolve around twelve month. Fiscal Kennedy yet. The businesses go on for longer. So let's plan this out in a systematic way so to give them the understanding of what I've got to share with them east pretty much as you said the systems thinking all way of thinking so that any of the other projects can be implemented through. Okay we'll come back to the way of thinking and first principles and I cut you off and we were talking about obstacles to productivity. So we've talked about people dynamics. We've talked about over-burdening people. What's the third one? I have to say problem solving capability because people look at me. Well Death no shortage of problems in capability. Because we do that every day. From the moment we walk in from nine o'clock Metaphorically speaking You know ninety fine the moment we go off. That's what we do but that's the problem. The problem is that people feel the type of problems that they solve actually helps to move the business poll. That's solving lot of the day today. Chaotic problems not the problems that they should be working on to move the business forward. So I see you know the. Ceo's that Managing Director Solving the problems that their leaders should be solving. I see that the lead is holding the problems that the middle management should be solving in middle managers us all the problems that the teams should be sold wing so the whole business. He's running Yeah so if you just look how do you a? Identify what the problems are because in my world Sorry to the engineering thinking he He's a why see the world through Very much structured approach so. How do you identify and classify different types of problems? And how do you develop the capability within the So that they get Soul So that they there are teams will win the day today and you try to minimize the chaos. And how do you get some of your other key? People trained capability to to really move the business forward. So I just want to ask a couple of clarifying question. So sounds like everybody's navel-gazing downwards and one of the challenges may not what might be might be prompt solving skills but it also sounds like problem. Solving selection and that people are getting too granular in terms of what they're trying to solve. How do you teach them to do? Problem selection better. Is it through your first principles in terms of knowing what to work on so yes. I was trained. I guess working with the multinationals whenever you saw problems is always to treat each one of them as a business case. It's almost like a you know. How do you go to firstly justifying what Business Casey? So why this. Why now always asking those two questions? Because they have so many problems that we can solve in business. There's no business that walked into where there's plenty of resources so everyone's struggling for resources. So how do you identify those problems and go why this why now? So for example been always with Kellogg's I always had the view of so I'll belong to the regional head office so I was one of those corporate overheads and if I couldn't help each business unit to stay ahead of inflation and if I couldn't find a way of recovering all my travel 'cause then I became the bid into the business. Oh I had the view of always Unashamedly to look at everything to on a basis of dollars and yes. They're all the other improvements from safety etc about fundamentally how do you look at? What is the benefit to the business? And I'll do prioritize accordingly so Yet so to give the teams. How do you identify what these problems are? What's the purpose? Why now on unless you can answer those questions? And until you have the answers to those questions D Don't go forward and collectively the business so when I say collectively from a business organization what the leadership taking so they should be the ones who think your name to these problems that needs to be solved. So that's kind of the way on advocates and later on if we have time you can talk about what these different types of problems. Because I did touch on it few times. Well let's talk about it. Now Roy no time like the present. What kinds of problems are these? The ones that affect your business and our natural business cases right so imagine Trying to draw two axes but into killer aren't gonNA end up with the four talks obviously in four quadrants. Yes Solo on the on the horizontal axes if you said to the left The problems that an individual souls and to the right out of the problems that teams should be solving frontal cross functional teams as an. That's your x axis and then the vertical axes and on the bottom are reactive problems. So it kind of locked win to resolve this problem. So that the horizontal axis who solves the problem? The vertical axis becomes a window of the problems or win. The problems become apparent so bottom is reactive and obviously The top. We'll be proactive. So let's go around the the four types and wouldn't you travel? What don't you like you know you go through an airport? Do Yep and I think we'd be fair to assume that most of your listeners would also be traveling through airports and it's kind of an easy example. He fought pecan ego right so let's use Not that I'm an expert in aviation but as a user and as a regular traveler of US examples on each of these tops and to bring to life so the bottom right which are the problems that teams need to be solved on a reactive basis. I call these the teen problems. And these are the ones that just basically pop up without any notice and these are the Celtic problems that most refer to as we solve problems everyday. Oh I was thinking more like Susan Hates Fred and they're not talking those problems as they follow as well and I and I remember when I was working for a another manufacturer I was working looking after this line. That was almost like killing me too long. And guess what? When I was working with the team on end of the line I will get a call from the other. Sango commissions broken down and if I walked to the other end somebody else would call me saying look I want to talk about. You know my overtime for this Saturday and then I would go there and somebody else would call and say look. I can't work with this Mary. Right next to me. And except for so all of those things. Yeah that on a day to day basis. Okay so there you listed like I wanted to manage over time and then I've got personality conflict or you know so and so's absent or on sick leave or something like that. Is that the kind of team type stuff or is it more mechanical as well. We'll mechanical WHOA so I said I'll use the aviation industry so just imagine This pug fog like I don't know plug but I understand. Okay we got. Yep You got fog so that comes with little notice and when that comes in now you gotTa team problem because the how you deal with At imagine with all the The flight cancellations and connecting flights. So unless you have systems processes team capability of these are the problems. We are walking into so imagine if it was a shift. Changeover at the airport How do you put systems in place so the incoming shaved better know exactly what they're walking into what the situation is and how to deal with it? So it's that level of problem solving which can be on out by putting systems in place to minimize that level of disruption dry so in manufacturing. Yeah typically it's the breakdowns that how you react to it and you know who you need to call etc. I love this as an example. Because I think you've pointed to is what I often see as the people problems underneath. Some of that are the systems problems that drive the people problems so coming back to the fog and the airport staff. Say for example. Why do they have people? Problem is because the system's broken down and all of a sudden everybody's under stress and trying to deliver and they have a crappy problem solving system that you're sort of looting to then that adds to the stress so they get crankier and all of a sudden they have calms breakdown blaming and chaos absolutely and you often see sometimes at their long queues and still at the airport. So you got longer queues. And then there might be a shorter queue online booking or backdrop off and sometimes you do see at an asset napleton certain airlines. That might be lock a supervisor. Who Walks in and basically redirects customers to some of those short accuse or trying to move long accused and then there are instances where that doesn't happen so I get frustrated because I'm the person Busey's all the inefficiencies in process as all the way from when I'm getting petrol to my car and the supermarket or with the airport I applaud and congratulate win. People take the initiative. And that's the team thinking you know winning the reactive mode but unless businesses find ways to look at home any of those problems occur on a regular basis. And how do you put systems in place to basically minimize the disruption when it happens next? So that's a way of reducing. The update today kills and there are businesses who pretty much have minimize all of that so that it doesn't come as a surprise. I love that so creating systems to troubleshoot. Problems is one aspect of that. But it's not just chaos. You know that I mean that's what you're talking about reactive teams. That's the reactive chaos phase. What about dumb proactive teams? I'm looking at your quadrant model here. So that's where my brain's gone to. I'm not sure if that's the right way. You want to unpack. Well I WANNA go clockwise Unless you go into still in the reactive yet still reactive looking at the individuals. These problems that that only an individual can solve by so So let's stay with aviation so imagine the plane docks at the gate and just have unbuckled Standing up and the door doesn't open simply because the airbridge has broken down and it doesn't stop the play. Yeah I love that scenario not okay And so somebody has to call yet. Maintenance plant the flashing lights on the top and saint right so only an individual with whatever the knowledge required to fix that can result that you know I call. These are disruptive problems again reactive but individuals can solve of course teams can put something in place to minimize intellect. Take the edge off while this is happening. But they're at the Ministry of individual who can solve these problems to the like the trigger point if you like so. That's assistant problem. But the trigger to solving it is the individual picks up the phone. Is that what you're saying there? Well I don't think of it as solving that's just reacting so the phone east to basically reacting saying. I need you right now. I'm here. Yep these in. In my manufacturing days these were exactly The machine breakdown scenarios and not that any production manager hate because it's usually Sunday night startups. I don't know what it is. Something not not ups. Machines just don't want to collaborate and do their part but you don't have people to simple to you but but it just breakdowns The only way out of this although scenarios is to go one up so if we just go into the proactive quadrant zoe sue with individuals. So I guess there's not a lot you can do in the bottom because they are reactive problems but if you think about the bottom half as your day to day chaos the top half becomes. How do you proactively reduce the problem? So that you can get ahead that the analogy of my thinking so over time you could analyze in terms of you know the top three problems or the top three disruptive problems and it could be look package council number three could be the main culprit off the top breakdowns for the last six months. For whatever reason so you could proactively get an individual to say? Can you look at this because I can say on average baggage coastal number three has been breaking down for twenty minutes every week you know bought far? That's the highest compared to the others have look at it and there may be issues of other. I'm making this up as we go. So it could be worn out. Bearings on a worn out motor and that individual could fix it and therefore you could argue saying. Will you have proactively? Lou? That said that problem and reduced it so one take but you can take a step further. You can locate slow if that problem occurred on baggage cousin with toy. What fixed do we need to retain proactively? So it doesn't happen on any of the other ones so again. Now you're into the systems or the process to be able to say well. Let's fix the whole the whole system. Okay awesome I love the idea of practically fixing chronic problems. I was just thinking about my own team and we've had a couple of chronic problems pop up again. It's like our password sharing mechanism broken down so I get emails in the middle of meetings. I can't log onto certain such like so that's a it's a reactive systems problem reactive individual problem as well as reactive t problem and this. Proactiv solution. Finding it would be an easy fix. I'm pretty sure. Yeah just just used Zoe one-two-three as possible. And then also don't tell brought okay. So we've been an individual and proactive. And what's the name of that box? Technical problems technical problems all right so we got one last the proactive team. When what's that one about? That one's about complex problems and so you're to proactively you're solving the. And then you need teams to solve these. In my time at all the multinationals and in my time in the last five years as an entrepreneur helping businesses to improve productivity. That's the spies are working. Because that's the part that's going to help. Businesses to reduce costs improve productivity efficiency. Also help them to unpack unlock more capacity to do the work. So let me give you a quick example in our aviation scenario about ten years ago so if you were to catch a flight the only way you could bold any fly would be through the four door. Yeah do you remember those days? Yeah I'm trying to remember. I remember a time where you couldn't board through the back but I guess so No no more than ten fifteen years ago so so the concept of rear door boating is somewhat knew in with Aviation I'm sure they'll be an aviation expert listening to this podcast. Who Tell us exactly when the answer but I think from this point that would have been a point where the The airline would have struggled for capacity for capacity to grow the business and they will be looking at solutions. All do we buy more planes Do we add more gates to the airport. All of which are valid options of solving the problem of. How do we improve capacity for this business? So what we want to share with businesses that many ways to improve capacity or productivity as is as is to look at when in this scenario the aircraft when he's the aircraft adding value to the airline win. Is it not so clear? Distinction between value add non value. Add is what you look for. And that's exactly what I look through any process so clearly passengers pay money to stay up in the air not to stay on the ground in airline right so the only way to add more value to get the plane back up in the air as soon as possible now the concepts not not will. I remember reading a study with southwest airlines in the US and at one point they actually benched mock a pitstop in a Formula One. As a way of saying look yes a fast way of turning around a Bagel pitstops servicing. And doing whether in getting it back on track. How do we benchmark against that? An airline turning around at the gate. No way you're GONNA do that under ten seconds maybe enough with today's thinking but that gives I guess the perspective off. Look we need to solve the problem of? How do you turn a plane around in less than whatever we do right now? So it's half and how do we do it in twenty minutes if it's twenty minutes fifteen minutes? That's not a problem. You can solve with one person. So the reason why you need eighteen and typically. It's a cross functional team of Engineers Margrethe's and HR people than union and Workers. But somebody has to lead this project to say look. Our aim is to reduce the turnaround of an airline chrome. Let's stick in thirty minutes To whatever we can use it look if we can get twenty minutes that means you know annualized with the number of aircrafts regard. How many more segments can we do? And what would be the increased capacity for the airline analogy and that example is exactly how I think through and how I share with my clients. If you're looking at the growing the business and most of my clients actually have the problem of. They are growing but they haven't got enough capacity so help them unlock. Some of these hidden. Growth opportunities are work with them to identify these complex problems and That's a team behind it and I'll share with you. What is the methodology to solve such a problem? I love it. That's pretty exciting stuff. I mean I can see that. That's your superpower. I can imagine you walking around. And you kind of alluded to a little bit earlier walking around with x Ray Vision wherever you go. There's productivity losses right there. I'm curious what are your in your day to day environment. Like what are the systems that you come across that had the biggest potential for productivity improvements or described in a different way? The ones that you're taking the most they could see could be easily fixed with this. Approach can be the tiniest thing as and I'll be ordering a coffee at a cafe and you know like the sugar and the Soviets At the wrong end you know once you go through. So I'm the guy who just walked moves all that sugar in everything to the right then and business and you're you're welcome fixed for you but you actually do that. Actually pick up and move their stuff. Era I having one instance It'll be easier. And he felt that the the the floor for the rest of the passion. Just why would you have it? He added I order he and moved on there. And that's where I needed so I mean that's that's a little one. I'm one of the other things. That really frustrates me and Zoe always the businesses and I'm going to be a little technical now. Have you heard this phrase called Industry Full Industry Four Point Zero? Is they said download that you have come across no dry? So apparently we're in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Fourth Industrial Revolution. I'm with you on that. Yep Okay Okay so And it seems like you know in the in the world that are living manufacturing logistics this quite common terminology or something new that businesses interested in and of course these technological shifts as states what I get frustrated with ease Businesses Luke full technological solutions as a civil bullet because we all under a lot of pressure to reduce costs. So we go down this path of putting in technology when all what we need these actually to streamline the process and work with the people and what really frustrates me is that you can go down the technology hub. Businesses often don't get the full return on investment simply because the fundamentals on there so there is no shortcut to Let's fix these gaps but you can move the sugar to the right end of the counter. You can't move the guy yes I think. I think it's an way to go about thinking about work. It's looking for where the friction points is one way to do that. But I think there's also the the higher level that you looking at and having having been able to do problem selection and asking. It's almost like a question asking skill you know. How can we get more value out of the plane? Is the question asking scale a problem selection skill? And that's a really important questions quite different than Oh my God. The fan belts broken again. How do we fix that? Yeah I love it. But teams and businesses when they say shall be very good at you know. Donate you to come and teach US problems because I you know big good and we do that every day. There's been those reactive problems. That's why this your is solving the problems of the leadership team because they don't get enough time just the right problems. Oh I hear that. All the time leaders don't the CEO's don't have enough time to do the big picture thinking which I have a program. That's a solution to that. Which means get them out of the office and into a place where they can actually do that big picture thinking and do the big big question asking you got another book coming out. You've written one book already called Hidden Growth Opportunity and you've got a really great way. Paper chaos excellence. Can People get that? Somehow your White Paper. Yeah absolutely an easel would love to provide your listeners with a digital copy it's on my homepage of my side so I'm just I'm just realized It it's one of those names. That's nothing to be easy to shop on on a podcast it's SEAN GALA PUPPY DOT COM. Is the website safe? You go there on the home page. There's a place that you can because he does. We'll definitely put a link in the podcast notes. So at Yvonne Gallup Kathy which is J. L. A. P. A. T. H. Y. dot com. People can get your lovely white paper. Which as I understand. It is the precursor to your second book. Rising above chaos correct. Yes so When people read the White Paper there will still realize that out. Got Manufacturing Terminology and it's very much written for the manufacturing sector however it won't be too difficult to look at it from any industry aspect and look at how we can relate or how can employ to any sector the second book unrelenting rising above chaos ease very much froma industry agnostic point of view and to help organizations come out of his day to day cares. And what are the things we need to put in to? At least stop getting teams to Work Betta. Think there is a lot of focus on individual productivity. You know days a good friend of yours and mine Democrat of the line so who helped people and do good work of helping the Individual Productivity Davies. The Tim Ferriss off the world who invoked about the full hour week workweek. These are the individual people who helped with individual productivity but I want to look at collectively as teams. How do we improve productivity and get the team out of the days nichols wonderful? And when is that book coming out you'll have to make a declaration and you can really do. Well I'm going to mark may end of May this year. Twenty twenty awesome. That's great well. I look forward to that book coming out and getting into the hands of people because I think collected productivity is an issue that all leaders face is. How can we as a group work better together to produce results matter and a never been more needed? And if you can convey your superpower your x Ray Superpower define those efficiencies and productivity gains than. That's awesome. Sean. Thank you so much for coming on and sharing your wisdom with me and everybody. Who's listening you're very welcome So Yeah Yeah. The photo catching up when we Crossbars next well. That was a really cool interview. I love interviewing guests who have different operating brain systems than mine are totally valued the systematic logical analytical brain. That Sean brings to the table and I could totally do some heavy skills in my workplace. The key takeaways from me were built a business case for the problems that you want solve and that helps you. Distinguish which problems are worth solving. I think that's just brilliant and the other piece was create systems to handle the reactive the recurring reactive problems and it just made so much sense. It's like instead of having to solve this recurring problem all the time in reactive mode. How about we create a system to handle it so there is no drama speaking of drama if you have people stuff dramas in your workplace. That's my specialty. That's where I can help and I do that. Through masterclasses to help people deal with a trickier people stuff like difficult. Conversations like building better culture. So that's you and you want to have a chat about what I can do to help you. Reduce THE DRAMA AND BILL. Better people stuff in Your Business. Go to contact page and send me an email or email me directly zoey. At INNER COMPASS DOT COM. You love to hear from you and love to help solve your people stuff problems. In the meantime live well lead well.

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Malcolm Nance - Throwback

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Malcolm Nance - Throwback

"They get the perfect background music for your business in the world's biggest catalog with over fifty million songs soundtrack. Your brand lets you search by song or artist just like you're used to play whatever you want and schedule it for whenever you want. It's fully licensed legal for your business right. Now you can try soundtrack free for thirty days. Just go to. Www dot soundtrack. Your brand dot com and get started. Its background music that works. Donald trump has been under. Kgb surveillance since one thousand nine hundred seventy seven. Cynthia married to yvonne yvonne. Us father was the reporting person to check intelligence. Donald trump. All of this is passed onto the kgb which goes into a dose a or older. That's mark donald. J trump from one thousand nine hundred seventy seven until suddenly. Donald trump meets the foreign minister of russia new york city and wants to go to moscow to proposed building a trump tower moscow in the soviet union. So now that guy that's on his typewriter reports that back to moscow moscow's foreign ministry gets a copy and the other administrators. The kgb gets a copy and they go get to me the donald trump file this guy. We've been collecting against them since. Nineteen seventy seven. Look at this guy narcissistic greedy manipulable. And now you do. Is you assign a small team of two or three intelligence officers to do it. Young baby spies like vladimir. Putin malcolm nancy's a thirty six year veteran of the navy who ascended to the highest levels and fought in combat in multiple countries and learned all about counterterrorism tactic. Spying everything this is some super soldier. Super spy super man. Ish he's brilliant. He's toffees deeply patriotic. He's written a book about the way. Trump has betrayed america and the way. Russia has lured him in called the plot to betray america. We talk about being a soldier being a fighter and what it is that russia has over trump. It's not what you think. It's malcolm nance on tour. Show malcolm what is your favourite gun. That's a loaded question but don't cheer my favourite gun. That's very strange question. But it's funny. It's one of those strange questions. I actually have an answer to your an expert in all sorts of things. I am actually a gun collector and i collect a whole series of what i call clone weapons. These are weapons. I would have carried or did carry. When i was operating in the middle east so i have very you know. They're all special operations configured rifles. And i also have a collection of special operation sniper rifles so my favorite. It's like asking what your favorite child is but there you know there are. There are weapons that have different different capabilities. And the ones you know. There are highly collectible weapons and firearms and then there are those that you you really would practice on and i would say the one that i'm that is probably the most collectible In my inventory is a special operations issue naval special warfare issue so it was kind that were issued to the seal team. Full kit except for the suppressor in except for the silencer and that say It's called the mark levin mud zero and it's a sniper rifle That was standard issue throughout the entire afghan war Semiautomatic looks like an ar fifteen. But it's a much bigger bullet and it's very very rare that they have the actual kit. Kit is the actual case exactly as its issue to a seal team member everything. That's inside it. With the exception of the suppressor because the suppressor is a completely different ball of wax that you have to apply to the government to get and so the optics in there. You know the documentation right down to the toolkit and cleaning rod and everything including all the paperwork so it is a government issue weapon that i happen to get on the open market. They only have a couple of these every once in a while high. Did you get as a soldier. Not very high. I mean you know high relative because there are in most services. There are two branches right. There's officer which is when you go to university and you get a commission in your know battlefield leader and you go from like lieutenant into general and then enlisted. Enlisted is when you start from private or seaman and you work up to sergeant major but within the navy. We actually have three differentiated sections. We have officers. we have enlisted. And then we have chiefs and the navy has this category chief because it required people who were technical experts on ships or systems and who would be the corporate knowledge of ship right officers. Come and go right. They rise up and rank they go off to other commands enlisted people that come and go left and right but chiefs are usually the lifers and those three ranks from e seven eight and nine which is chief senior chief and master chief. They are in the navy. God's word when they make chief they have an entire two-month initiation process or you're educated and then you have a special highly interesting ceremony where they initiate you into the brotherhood of chief. So there's a creed for the chiefs. We wear khaki uniform like the officers but a different hat. Insignia that specifies. A chief you and i was a senior chief petty officer out of the three. So have chief senior chief master chief. My dad was a master chief which is as high as you can go. In the enlisted ranks. My brother was a senior chief of dr atomic. Submarines my dad worked in boiler systems. Back starting back in the fifties so we have a few chiefs in our family but being a chief is a global brotherhood. And i mean. I am obligated. You know someone who is a chief and can prove to me that he's a navy chief and he asked me a question straight up. I am obligated to give him a straight up answer and this is where sort of my claim to fame. Came came in When i was at msnbc I was the terrorism. Analyst is still him and they brought me on as a military member former military member to talk about how donald trump was insulting the gold star families and i was on camera with name Steve cortez who is a conservative talker and he insulted zero khan and And his wife in front of me. And i went to a place that you generally do not see right. I went right back to the very moment that i was still in the navy and a senior chief petty officer and i turned on him and i gave him the full blast of what any poured dumb stupid soldier. Who came across me and did a mistake would get and i just chewed him out on national tv and the funny thing is. There's this little technique we use when we're really angry. We put our left hand on our hip and our right hand comes out into a flat. Palmed like i'm gonna slap you and bends at the elbow and that's called the blade hand and that means you're really angry and you are serving it to him right. I didn't even know i was doing that. I had chiefs around the world right to me and said you did it right. You were blade handing that. I was like what and they were here like. Yes right right on chief. You went full senior chief on that guy and i said well i just was not going to allow a family that had sacrificed their son for us to be insulted in front of me. And so the chief world for anyone who knows chiefs or was in the navy. It's different from like sergeant majors. I mean all chiefs are revered and feared and we have our own little spaces on ships in that commands called the goat locker because in the old days navy. They all had like those little wispy beards at the chin kung fu beards and they would live in a place near where the goats were stored. Right the old goats locker so all spaces for chiefs where you were what. You can't come into you just can't walk into it. You have to have permission officers have to have permission to come into. It is called the goat locker. I even have a goat locker in my house. So are you also a spy. Well i'm naval intelligence. I was as a matter of fact. And i us naval intelligence euphemistically to sort of stay away from where i really was. But now that. I'm i'm out and about everyone knows I was a naval cryptology. A codebreaker that's what cryptology is is the study of breaking codes and the cryptologic field is the field that since oh really formally organized just before world war two where we studied. Let me give it to you. I can't tell you what we do in the modern world. But i'm gonna tell you what we did in world war two so if you watch the battle of midway movie the old one not the new one You will understand that. We intercept japanese communications for example back then that were being broadcast or put out by morse code we would intercept that and those messages could in plain voice and so we would understand it. So we'd have a japanese linguist. Listen to it and then if it was encoded it was sent in morse code or some other machine And then cryptology would actually work that code backwards and break the code. Which of course would come out into japanese and then cryptologic linguist which is like what i was would translate and interpret and determine the intelligence value of that. So that's how it was done. That's how we actually won the battle of midway a team of Communications intercept operators were collecting japanese naval codes and a brilliant team including led by a guy who used to play poker with japan's naval commander yamamoto when he was a liaison officer in japan. Who was fluent japanese name Commander rochefort Actually broke the code of the japanese navy. Prior to midway the j twenty five coat and they could they could read the japanese orders so whether go and they said the japanese fleet which has now disappeared is northwest of midway island. They are going to invade midway with an amphibious fleet. And there are six japanese aircraft carriers out there and they don't know where we are and so we snuck up on them knowing precisely where they were bombed them and sank five out of six of the japanese carrier. Can you talk about. Can you name some of the battles that we might have heard of that. You've been a party. Yeah there's a few you know. I you know in my world and this goes back to the words spy by the way we use it euphemistically because anyone who's an intelligence collector technically buying and i am on the board of the international spy museum in washington. So yes some of the operations. That i was involved in you might have known about I was in beirut in one thousand nine hundred eighty three before the marine barracks bombing killed two hundred and forty three marines. I was there for the as a matter of fact i arrived that the day before the american embassy was bombed and they killed all of the cia staff in that bombing. Nine cia officers. And that day. I mean i was nineteen years old and i became one of the only five people still left in the country. That could speak arabic and me and a couple of marine cryptology were. us intelligence collection capability in lebanon. That day you know and you're just like good morning We don't know what's going on in this country. Everybody got killed now. You need to start collecting and getting us information. So beirut of the first american embassy bombing the second american embassy bombing all the hostages that were taken in lebanon seventy six western hostages collected against tried to isolate fine them. Twa forty seven hijacking. I was deeply deeply involved in that that loss that resulted in the loss of a navy. Sailor robert dean them Then going on the war the mini wars. We had with iran in one eighty eight. I was actually in the naval battle. A missile battle called the battle of siri island Where we literally blew up an oil platform got into a ship to ship missile battle with an iranian missile boat which almost got us the missile missed us by a hundred and fifty feet and then we sank ever living heck out of him and then we shut down an airplane that came out to attack us and all of this happened to spend a few hours but these were public things. You just don't know what's going on in the background. I mean there's constant intelligence collection to predict an identify what the enemies doing You know i was involved deeply in the first gulf war Did all sorts of operations in the first gulf war. I mean i went was on ships. And then i went ashore with explosive. Ordinance disposal teams Enemy missile batteries and sensitive intelligence. I went into iraq and did a bunch of stuff by the way. That's how we talk about stuff that we're not gonna talk about budget stuff. I did some things i did them. There i am curious here as best as you can. Perhaps one of your hairiest war stories that you can tell We were telling more stories earlier today. Harry is a is a relative term. Because we've now been in combat for very long time. And when i retired from the military i just became an intelligence an intelligence subcontractor which means that i did very similar jobs for agencies on contract That were very hairy And i'm going to tell you the funniest one which is going to be in one of my memoirs when they were story because it was the most dangerous thing i did in iraq and I dealt only with iraqis. And so i had an iraqi group that were working for me. They were intelligent subcontractors. We were doing things that we did. Not want americans around right american around bad so i was the only american and they and i'm african american so i i don't blend in as well. I'm just more explainable. Like i might be sudanese. Or i might be somebody else who is just there and trapped there whatever and we operated out of a safe house in west baghdad and we drove around. My my ride was not armored. Humvee my ride was a bmw. Seven thirty five. I and just blacked out windows. And you know there were hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of bmw's that came down from turkey Right after iraq opened up so we could roll around clandestinely. you know. And wasn't armored. It was just a regular bmw. But you know we kept that engine tuned upright and You know we had a driver who was smart enough to know when it was dr at time to drive up and down the sidewalks when it was time to escape and we were just packed with guns. I mean you know we were. We were rolling around with everyone had submachine guns or a squad automatic weapon or something like that so one night. I was safe files. And i have next to me. The radio system for all the facilities where either guarding or watching and in the middle of the night i might. It's all in arabic right. So it was like blah blah blah blah. Right and then. I would always wake up when something out of the ordinary was happening right. And i'm hearing the arabic and the arabic like call the chief. Call the chief because they called me chief right and so i go. I wake up and i instantly and i immediately dressed. I don't. I don't wait because you know you never know it could be a battle or something. Finally get on the radio. And i go. What's going on and they were like. There's a problem out at six and site. Six was a complex of safe houses. We were guarding. That belonged to somebody else that were not in the green zone. Okay they were somewhere else and somewhere else was the rest of iraq right and that's dangerous so i'm like what's going on. And they said there's a problem at sites six. And i said what's going on and they said i don't know but they turn on all the flood lights and i was like floodlights. Are you out of your mind right every terrorist in the country. It's one in the morning is coming for us right. Turn off the floodlights. They said they can't. They're scared right. And i'm like what do you mean scared so i said okay we're gonna q. F we're gonna reaction force over there in are like to bmw's there's eight of us. So i get all the squad that i'm with up and including guys who liked to fight. I had two guys really liked to fight and one of them was an iraqi national bodybuilder bodybuilding champion and it was just amazing and the funny thing is. He liked that little tiny h k. You know This tiny submachine gun. They called the rabbit. You know and five k. For those of you who are experts out there and it's a tiny little submachine gun that you can barely conceal in us in a suitcase or on your arm and he just loved that gun but it was scored out like thirty bullets and a few seconds. So we jump into our vehicles. And i'm like this. Is the most dangerous thing i have ever done was to get into to blackout unmarked. Bmw's in baghdad in the middle of the night in two thousand four which was the beginning of the wave of uncertainty while qaeda could just go wherever they please and they would just walk up to you at ice cream and shoot you in the back of the head. They owned that place right. And then you had. Saddam fedayeen commandos which were saddam's terrorist forces that were eighty percent of the terrorists. We're fighting and so i'm mike. This is dangerous. we're in the car we strapped. And if there's a bradley you know a us army checkpoint with a bradley armored vehicle we are going to get vape is d- they are not going to ask us for our passes or if we work for you know some agency they're gonna hose us down with thirty millimeter chain gun and then they'll go. Oh this guy was. Us too bad. So fortunately we made our way to the site. And there was no checkpoints. I was just praying to god. I mean i turn on an infrared strobe. I put one on the roof of the car. And i thought oh my god some of these al qaeda guys have infrared detectors. So they're going to know we're blue forces so they're going to kill us to off just dangerous finally roll into the site and all. The guards are away from their posts and at the front gate under floodlights. It's like a giant neon sign. That says please kill all of us right now right here and i'm like shoes on right. What's going on here right. And they were like chief chief big and like what big problem and he goes. Stupidest thing does seem. I said what is does gene cheese gene. I said are you telling me that you are seeing genies goes yes. Chief does gene gene there. And i'm like you. I just walked through baghdad in the middle of the night. And you're telling me your site has been illuminated. Because you're seeing ephron genie's goethe genie's like genies the spirit from the koran who grant you three wishes the they believe them. Because they are part of the chronic tradition genie's between spirits and men they interact with men they marry women and have sex with them and have jeannie babies and they were thoroughly convinced that they had seen jeans and they all abandoned their posts. And we're standing under the floodlights to ward off the genie's so i was just like okay that's it i go up and i'm like where you show me often genie's okay and i'm really angry. I mean this is literally the most dangerous thing i've done in my life was leave a safe house at night and you didn't have a helicopter gunships on your side and in fact the helicopter gunships should have shot our asses on our way over there if they had been seeing us with guns. They don't ask questions in iraq they just kill and they take me to the top of the roof and they said they saw them over there they saw over there and so i go up there and i go. I think the guy is just gone. He takes me up he leaves. Wait around so i go. How have night vision right. So i let my eyes adjust and then you know about ten minutes. I'm listening. I'm watching. And i'm like what the how and they said that they had seen That they had seen his red eyes or something like that and he was floating in the air. And i was like so i put my nods on right night vision goggles and i look out there and i'm like there's nothing out. There is nothing out here. And i have. My rifle has an illuminated or on it which will flood you with infrared light. And you can't see it. It's in the infrared spectrum. So i wash over with my infrared. And i don't see anything at all and then after a minute. Or so. A tiny light flickered over there. And if you had your just visual you wouldn't have seen it right. it's just night and phyliss it. He know what someone's got night vision goggles on over there. And i go out there and i said here's what i'm gonna do. I put on my laser and the only way you can see that laser is if you have night vision goggles on and it's a boom pencil beam of high intensity laser light and i put it right on that right and suddenly the light moves because he sees that i see him and he's got night observation devices on because he sees my laser on him and then i go black. I turn everything off. And i go army or marines real quietly. I just go army or marines. You don't whisper because whispers carry too far. And i knew i said some one of our people are out here. On top of our buildings and somehow people saw them and confused night-vision with glowing eyes and so after a few minutes just sitting there. Nothing then he goes army. I'm like god damn it. I said my people think you're effing genie's i said genie's like three wishes genius because they saw you're not and they were wearing a gilly suit a camouflage suit that makes you look like bush's i go. I'm going to leave now and you going to shift your post. We're going to give you fifteen minutes. You can just walk out. Nobody sees you. No one's going to know which direction you went. But you need to move off this and then i hear them start giggling. 'cause they're laughing that my my iraqi guards genie's right and i. It's storming out. The steps pompous murph. Curious like sealy's marching. There's no gene up that they're like all. I watch if there's gina there too. There's jean and i'm like i couldn't convince them i'm like we're all sleeping here. No one's leaving this site until daylight. Okay because you think. I'm going to go back to my house and get vaporized by a c. One thirty gunship or accidentally run into an al qaeda ambush. Not leaving here. I'm sleeping on the ground right in front of this place. Turn off the floodlights. So thousand incredible story and i know you were scared in that story. Can you tell a story. That's not funny where you actually really were scared. Oh yeah what happened all the time. I mean we accidentally ran into an ambush that was not us and that was scary and that was like oh i gotta take a piss right now. Scary it's called fear pissed by the way what we call it. Which is why we have little containers with us in the car all the time so we were in the karate district of baghdad and i was running a two car team and there were only five of us and i was in the lead car in the rear. So and and we so we put two iraqis in the front seat of each car. So that's four. And i was the fifth because i was the principal and i'm armed because there's no such thing as not being armed in baghdad. I'm the fifth gun on this movement. And i can't remember what we were doing. We were going through. Kuroda and crowd is always getting zapped right Suicide bombers and everything. They blew up a mall. There that killed like eight hundred people at one time and there was a a high profile western security contractor convoy in front of us have three vehicles and their armored and there was this one section of colorado. I always thought was sketchy. Because they have arches they have arched sidewalks which means there are path sort of like scaffolding only stone and they have arches in them for two years. I was just like i. Just don't get those right. Why did they need those there. And it was just stylistic but it gives you the right it gives you hard cover and those two vehicles for about ten car lengths ahead of us when traffic was moving like five miles per hour and then we hear you know heavy machine-gun. Pk a machine gun. Go off and start blasting away on the lead vehicle. A convoy coming from above. And then we saw ak got men with ak47's in both sides. Hosing this convoy down. Hosing it down. And they're trying to get through just driving into traffic and smashing cars in front of them. They're getting hit. And you're going to lose your armor integrity at some point. And then i was like i was about to to everybody on the radio standby arabic and tougher right. This is not us right. it's not us. It's not our game because you know you don't know how many guns are out there. And we had a guy can say his name but he was a young soccer player really good soccer player and for that few seconds. I'm evaluating how many guns are going off. And we're all loading we're locking and loading when i'm telling the driver. Hey don't don't don't touch your guns we're gonna we're gonna either back out of here we're going to smash away out or we're going to just pretend we're not here right and what's going on up. There is them you know and The guy or soccer player. You know He is the squad automatic weapon. That's a light. Us machine gun and he wasn't having it he saw somebody evaluated as a danger and he dismounted he just he got out and so the rear car was doors open and dismounting which is our signed for mutual defense right so we i'm like oh we're doing this. This is a good. So i go. Okay dismount. this dismount right. Which is the order and you say it in english. So there's no confusion in the arabic to get get out. Get out of the car right. We're moving either. We're going to ban in the car or we're gonna fight and in this thing it was. We're gonna fight because he went left to this wall after he had dismounted and he had seen two of these guys who were doing the ambush in the arches and these guys are from baghdad. So they know. Those arches and ali just Or the driver of the squad guy. He went over to that wall and with a squad automatic weapon. He just hose two guys down. He broke the ambush right there and then we saw like you know you know. What do we call a catalytic right battle forward. And that means just keep pushing forward move to the next arch and By breaking the by killing those two It broke the ambush. And then the armored vehicles saw pathway out and they pushed a car out of their way and armored suburbans and they smashed into the car in trove it out of the way and all three cars got out of the ambush and so when the pk a machine guy saw two of his two of his four guys go down just lost fifty percent strength. They decided there was something happening down there that they couldn't do deal with and there was time to go. So that broke the assault on the americans who were in those we have. The company was called control. Risk and i almost contract them and we later went to them. We were like hey see the skinny little iraqi soccer player. Yeah he broke your assault yesterday and they will go on your way and that was that you know. They were just jerks but it was just phenomenal. 'cause he was behind me he could see something i couldn't see and he's forcing me to get out of my protection and now black guy with an m for iraqis with h k submachine guns. We looked like something right. We're not just you know guys on the street who were riding in their. Bmw's now we're bringing the target to us and so take a big piss after that you talk about guys who really liked to fight are you there. You a guy who loves to fight no no. That's not my job. My job there was to collect in that. Us forces couldn't collect using people that us forces shouldn't be seen with right. You don't want to come out with if you got an entire organization of iraqis right the minute they see an american you're compromised and that says oh those guys are something they're special and it's not like iraqi army because we weren't riding around in armored vehicles we were you know in bmw's and you don't know you don't know if the guy who's on the street corners al qaeda's reconnaissance man you know when he's he sees the safehouse you turn into and then the next night a suicide bomb truck pulls up in front of you. I mean one of our neighbors was not one of our neighbors we had. We live near a sally. Who was the guy who conned us into the iraq war And we were a couple of blocks away from him in in the In the heart. Thea district of baghdad. And somebody went to go. Get this guy right. That's that's what we call it when they send a suicide bomber and the bomber prematurely detonated because they keep a separate trigger team away from you. So that if you get frightened they're going to blow that vehicle anyway. So the bomber was supposed to wait for a convoy with chalabi in it. The convoy came and it turned left in front of him and the bomb or got scared. So the bomber didn't go off as mark so that he would be next to the challenge convoy but it was very heavily populated neighborhood. So there's two down the block or two guys with the actual detonator and they're watching you so if you chicken out they they blow your vehicle and you your martyr anyway. So he chickened out and turned left and he went into our neighborhood which was a shopping district and the trigger just blew the vehicle and his torso the rear part of his torso landed on our doorstep. And i've a photograph in my in my book and the terrorists iraq which was an analysis of every terrorist group that was operating in iraq. I had done while. I was in iraq. I've a photograph of somebody getting ready to put a sheet over it and we had to use like shovel to roll that guy out of there but those things are terrifying for second. I wanted to your your book about trump before we get to that. Can you describe it. The mentality that usc let me tell you about something. That's really cool. That will help you learn a lot really fast. Because it's hard to find time to read and to know what to read but reading is critical to our growth. And i've got an app that can help and it's pretty awesome blink east. That's right blink. Est it gives you the key takeaways from all sorts of nonfiction books it condenses them into fifteen minute bites that you can read or listen to so you can chow down big ideas in lots of books really fast. 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For more information barack obama's presidential memoir a promised land is available anywhere books are sold soldier has to have. I mean i know that you you train for everything so no you train the mind to be ready to go and to be selfless and to be you know mercenary and ready to kill and like what is the mindset that you that you want people to have well you know. That's really sort of what they're trying to instill in you if you're a marine or your army. I was navy and But you know. I was not a seal by the way i'm on spy. And so you really have to have a mindset in your head anyway and then what you do is you emulate the people that you're around so i worked around a lot of seals a lot of special operations personnel right joint special operations a lot of cia officers Paramilitary people because our job. There was to acquire information assets and resources that other westerners didn't want westerners around you wanted only iraqis to handle so if you wanted to follow an an saddam fedayeen general us americans to do that right you use iraqis use a bunch of iraq. So that they never see the same guys twice. And that you have to have a point of contact for that and so i just think i had a natural mindset for this and that mindset was. I'm not getting hurt. My guys are not getting hurt. Anybody gets in our way getting hurt and you know it's a very positive mindset and i'd seen that in you know i've worked with these guys in a really aggressive mindset. Hey blackout the fear the fear. You're not afraid unless you're naturally afraid person doing your job right. You've got to really sort of choke it down in those. It was only that. I've had more surprise in that ambush and more worry for the convoy in front of me i was like. Oh that's not going to be good. They're gonna if they keep shooting on. These guys are going to be hurting. Then i look back and they're like this guy is dismounting. And i'm like what. Now you get a little tickle you know and then you start going. Oh that's not going to be good but if you don't do something you're now committed and it could be worse. I mean you you that flash of you all dead in the car with your guns on your lap goes through your head. So you're more attuned to just taking action but my job was to be off the radar. It was not to be engaging the enemy was not. I mean i had resources and assets in people that we liaise with if i needed to bring a hellfire missile down. I had the number on the phone. You know but they will send their own reconnaissance out or task a helicopter or satellite. And then they'll like. Yeah thanks man's down by boom. The building blows up and it's just like nobody saw me. I'm not here. Was the difference between being a good soldier and being a great soldier. What let me talk more about the people that i know Because i knew people in the intelligence community. And we're talking again this world we're in is sort of like you know. This isn't cryptologic collection. I did you know special operations cryptology And you might recall. We lost one. This year was a legacy person from my world. chief Shannon kent senior chief as she was promoted to and she was doing human intelligence as a navy cryptology arabic interpreter in syria Alongside of special operations special operations officer and interpreter and a A defense intelligence agency human intelligence officer but the really great ones. Don't get killed. Or if they do it's gods will the is really it. Depends if you're a door. Kicker like jay sock operators that's that's national mission units right rangers delta silty six or any special forces oda or any seal platoon. Your job is to break things and your break them. Good and on the intelligence collection side. Our job is to collect data so that we can send those you know the the right the pipe hitters. We call send them in to go. Do the you know out of the dark knight sort of thing but we operate in environments where we can't be defenseless. The people who i saw were really good. Let's put those two worlds. I knew special operations soldiers. I know some you know guys now. Even our director at the spy. Museum dan cole. Who was a army special operations. Human intelligence guy who took over human intelligence and special ops for the seals and went to afghanistan and he did all sorts of crazy crazy dangerous stuff. Those guys are really relatively soft spoken. They are not the you know route rura. Let's kill everybody. They're very well educated and they understood the environment they were operating and And they emulated some of the great people in global intelligence one of my my role model is a guy by the name of You know sir. Richard burton not the actor. It was a he was an english. He was an english master of languages in the late eighteen hundreds and he spoke twenty eight different languages Started out in. India mastered arabic to a doctorate level fluency and then master dirty street arabic and like ten dialects and he was the first person to actually the first englishman to infiltrate to go to mecca as a muslim and he saw himself as a muslim so he didn't have a problem with it but every muslim there was ready to kill them if they had found out that he was english and he went in and i mean he he inspected the kaaba the were any measured the meteorite. That's held inside there. And he went pretending to be a syrian doctor and so he also practiced medicine on all the hajjis. Who were there. And he's very popular whereas you know. Lawrence of arabia was just a liaison officer attached there who spoke arabic who he also managed to pass himself off as a blonde haired syria. There's a couple of other wartime questions. That i wanna get into. Your book is extraordinary taught to betray america. Third in a trilogy and you lay out with almost lawyer. Like precision the relationship between trump and russia. And when you finish reading this you're like yes. He has been controlled not just by putin by russian oligarchs for many decades and as we spoke on this before the first thing that one does when you want to try to get somebody to portray something it's to see what is your financial point and there is some level at which we can say how we give you this amount of money and they'll say okay. I'll give you up. I'll give you my mother at that amount of money and that is what so we we. There's a there's a popular notion that there's some compromise that there's some video or some secret putin has but your arguments know putin has said you can make this amount of money while we're gonna let you do a moscow trump hotel and you're gonna make a ton of money and because of that trump has been like yes. I do whatever you want. Well it goes deeper than that and actually within the intelligence community. We do that. We by people. I've been on operations where it's it's sort of a joke. A euphemistic joke. But i've actually heard this phrase. I'm going to start putting gold bars on the table and you tell me when you can't carry it out right and then you start you know for what we call. Crown jewels indulgence. Just stuff where. You're buying everything in that government safe and i didn't believe in that actually for a very long time to one day. I saw crown jewels intelligence. And i thought did he use a back how to move the goal because because it was as i was looking at this information which was which saved thousands of people in in and stop a war. I looked at it. And i thought that's a backhoe that guy probably got a ton of gold up and sworn in as a us citizen on the spot and extracted at the end of the operation and probably owns half of west hollywood and then i thought it would be worth it. That's sometimes how we do it. Usually especially you're talking about the russians you talking about people but with characters like donald trump they the russians targeted for very long time under the kgb they targeted conservatives they targeted conservative because they wanted people who were self serving and avaricious and who had no ideological links to them and that would give them greater credibility and so as i spell out in the book. Donald trump has been under kgb surveillance since one thousand nine hundred seventy seven. He's married to ivana right. Says she came from the old czech republic. that's correct there was communists. Check washing ham. Paying attention to him at actually agency is the stv. That was the subordinate check. Intelligence agency that reported directly to the and of course their collective job in warsaw pact intelligence that was russia's version of nato was to turn westerners who would come and visit your country turn them into spies and then send them back to the west to collect intelligence. Four years you're nothing. He's a spy no no no. I'm i'm just spelling out. What the russian intelligence did with the subordinate agencies. Ivanka's father was the reporting person to check intelligence. Donald trump and the way we know this is the guardian and a german paper along with a check. Newspaper did extensive record collection and they have the written records and reports from one thousand nine hundred seventy seven and nineteen eighty eight and they have all have all the reporting and in fact. There's one where they knew where they knew. Donald trump was considering running for president in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight because evonne had discussed it with her father over the phone. The phones had what we call one hundred percent coverage which means that when when that phone rings from new york city tapes are rolling in a couple of offices always they collected every word that was ever said between yvonne and her father or donald and whoever in that country and so they had extensive amount of information about them. When you build that database. Now you get to build a profile of this person not just what you see not just what you hear you get to cross reference known intelligence that comes from a source. That doesn't think you know it which is like listening to your phone calls. And since i come from the signals intelligence world. Nsa big believer in what we call first person collection. If you tell me everything you're not lying to me because you don't know i'm the third person on the caw either. Tell the other person the truth or you're going to tell the other person alive. But either way i'm going to know both ends of that and then i can exploit you and we can turn that over to other agencies like the cia or whatever so if the check intelligence or collecting on him. They have enormous thousands of hours or of data collection and reports. That are coming from the father who is being very loyal. Otherwise he's gonna get in trouble with the kgb. And all of this is passed onto the kgb which goes into a dossier or folder or safe. That's mark donald. J trump from nineteen seventy seven until suddenly donald trump goes meets the foreign minister of russia in new york city and wants to go to moscow to propose building trump tower moscow in the soviet union so now that guy gets on his typewriter reports that back to moscow moscow's foreign ministry gets a copy and the other ministry the kgb gets a copy and they go get to me the donald trump file and they go this guy. We've been collecting against him since. Nineteen seventy seven. Look at this guy. Narcissistic greedy manipulable. And now what you do. Is you assign a small team of two or three intelligence officers. You know human intelligence officer to do it young baby spies. Usually you wanna get them working on it. Young babies spies like vladimir putin. Who is now you know who's in west germany east germany and his job is to manipulate people become spies but sometimes you don't want him to become spies you're going to let them do what they're doing and keep talking so that you can get another perspective on your enemies and so donald trump initially became essentially a source without him knowing or what we call an unwitting asset. He doesn't know that they're doing this. But then fast forward. He's taking all this money. When russia the soviet union collapsed is russia opens up and the solutions liquidate every government asset. Which is everything from. Every cow was owned by the government. Every taxi every trash can every every apartment in the country was owned by the government. And they all made up falls deeds. Sold them for like you know. A penny on a dollar and then became billionaires in every asset in that country was privatized in a matter of a couple of years and whoever owned those pieces of paper where the owners of them and could resell them for billions. That's what vladimir putin did. To the city of saint petersburg russia also known as leningrad and putin did it using his kgb friends and family and the best the way that he really did it was he reigned in the full time professional soviet makia using kgb tactics to the point where he could go to them and say listen. We're not gonna kill all of you us going. You know you going to war with the kgb is no fun we're going to give you a solid twenty percent. Let you do whatever you want. But you're gonna work for us so there's not. It's not that putin has a stick or a secret. it's that he has a massive carrot. That trump wants more. I think it's a combination of things. I think that putin now. What i'm doing is i'm giving you an idea of how putin became rich. And how all of that. Rich money started flowing to the trump organization because all those dirty russians who were stealing assets had literally dump trucks full of us and european cash and it had the longer it somewhere so they did it by laundering by buying real estate. All over the world. I was just in the village. The town of baden baden germany which was a traditional town for the czars in the eighteen. Hundreds the russians over the last twenty years of coming in essentially bought that city. They were every house that used to belong to. A russian nobility has been bought by an oligarch you know and they they like but they have to spend their money somewhere because it's all illicit so he started buying properties all over the united states in new york city and in miami and in mar-a-lago and all these other places and that's where donald trump fell in love with their money. He knew there was money there before when he wanted. That trump tower one one point. Oh project but now. He's seeing no soviet ideology. Just rich capitalists with boatloads of money and hot women who will get naked in a second that moves you up to the miss universe pageant in twenty fourteen where trump was now introduced to hot women who wanna get naked and then he sat down with the twelve richest oligarchs of russia including a personal representative of putin for two hour private meeting and when he walked out his entire the first thing he said was trump tower is going to be built which would yield him three billion dollars in profit and then he who knows what they promised him. But you have to understand from that minute on his entire worldview right up till this morning with whatever he tweeted was moscow worldview. He was the. It's like vladimir. Putin is now spy master and chief of russia who owns russia who controls the entire oligarchy and every dollar in russia crafted a pair of rose colored lenses for donald trump and using those oligarchs. Metaphorically put them on his eyes at miss universe and so now. Donald trump only sees the world through their tint in that ten always benefits moscow. He only speaks favorably of moscow. Who always it's if you have a bookie in urine debt. Do you ever insult your bookie. No but he but he's not well but he's not in debt to them is he. Well well make more money. In fact our reporting shows that deutsche bank all the loans he got from deutsche bank were underwritten by by oligarchs in moscow. That's one of the most revelatory moments in the book for me that it's a moment when he one of the six moments when he declared bankruptcy and no legitimate land or no american li bank will lend him and deutsche bank comes in and helps him out and you're like burbank is propped up by russian. Wasn't that they came in to help him. All loans have to be underwritten. It wasn't like. Hey you're a swing and guy let's just give you four hundred and sixty million dollars. Someone guaranteed that loan right now. You have to start wondering was that loan guaranteed because someone had been monitoring him and saw him as a national asset that they could use to continue laundering money. Or were they setting him up to where they would under the where they would use him at some future date in american politics and years saying at this point he has gone from unwitting asset to a witting asset. And i start the book off with the very day that he became a winning asset july. Twenty seven twenty sixteen. Which was the day. he said russia. If you're listening. I want you to release all thirty. Three thousand of hillary clinton's emails. The he knew in the mullahs report. Validates every word that i've written in the last three years three books. And they where he do. He was operations being carrying out in his interest and that he stood to benefit from those operations by russia and five hours later. Russian intelligence started attempts to intrude on hillary clinton's server which was never ever hacked is an extraordinary book and especially for folks who really want to understand what's really going on between trump and russia should absolutely read this. There's two more points that i would like because you have a just gigantic wealth of information in one thing that used to do. Perhaps you still do is teach people how to survive being a prisoner of there. Just in case anybody who's listening should ever have the misfortune of becoming a pow. What are the what are the points that you would like them to know how to survive that situation. Well first off if they're your listeners. And they're not in the military and they're not what we categorizes high risk of capture. They won't be a pow There's technical terms three categories of detention. And i'll give you examples of each If you're a civilian and isis comes in a raid through your village and you're in west africa and they take you. You are now a terrorist hostage okay. Same thing is if there's a guy the seven eleven he does what we call the panic hostage-taking and like give me chocolates or i will kill everybody in this store you know. That's a panicked hostage by the way we usually just shoot at that point or you know it's hard to negotiate Terrorists on the other hand. There's a certain subset of behaviors. You had better be trained on before you become a hostage in a terrorist situation because opening your mouth in the first hours of that or days of that is very bad. You never to have that discussion with a terrorist because they are hyped up and they have an agenda and they will kill you because they require generally required a show that they exercise power and control. And that's what we call when they just shoot a hostage is just like well. Listen and i. I was actually the chief of training for the us davies terrorists and hostage survival program and we actually would have these scenarios where students would just be stupid and they were just like. Excuse me sir. And i'm like oh you like to talk you like to talk is sir. I think that we need water in here. And it's like the first five minutes of the abduction. And i'm like bring this one to me on your knees right and then you know. I opened the door and this actually happened. Everything we taught actually happened. And i was simulating the execution of poor robert dean steam and we would say do any of you want a warship named after you and they were like oh yeah that'd be cool i go the only way you're getting a warship named after you is you do something stupid and you get your brains blown out. Why we're dean steven didn't do anything stupid. He was identified as a us navy servicemember. He was bought out and he was executed. But we teach the next person that opens your mouth. You're bringing yourself to the attention of the terrorist. Captor you're gonna get shot so that's terrorist hostage so the next thing saying nothing if you ask direct questions sent answer the questions and before threatened them in the eye unless he unless are generally want you to look down but if they ask you a question if you look in the are what's going to happen is what we call reverse stockholm syndrome where they will affiliate with you and see you as a human if you're constantly looking down look down until they tell to look up and if you look down your an object and they package you as an object they tie you up to where it's easier to just kill you constantly want to try to find opportunities after the first day or so to show yourself as a human like sir any less water sir i need and if they slap you take it as a victory because it's it shows your your they will themselves think about your humanity after laying hands on you so there's a whole school you have to go to in order to survive that and iran that school we also ran the prisoner of war school and that was your military pilot or you're a seal or a marine scout sniper helicopter pilot whatever and you have the risk of being shot down behind enemy lines and captured and that it follows the geneva convention and we teach you all that and we teach you. It's going to be bad when you're captured. That's what they're going to beat you with rifle butts and to take that and just roll along with it and then eventually they'll hand you off to a prisoner facility and then they'll bring in the interrogators and and teach you how to survive all that then. The third category is even more dangerous. This is where you're visiting moscow and you're an ex marine and you've been chatting with men on v. Contact young hot russian soldiers and sailors and the next time you visit moscow A married american men by the way and visit moscow. When you're going to go talk to some of your contacts the fsba russian security stops you at the airport. Puts a hood over your head hog ties. You throws you into the back of a police van. You're in a situation called hostile government detention and that is they suspect. You're a spy and the scenario spelled out has just happened this year to a former marine conservative Who was meeting men on v. Contact and was talking about how he admires. Russia and blah blah blah and. They didn't know whether he was. They didn't know whether it was seduction. Or whether it was tim trying to manipulate people so the minute he landed in moscow they threw his. You know through him right into the back of a truck and they are holding him in captivity. The united states gives them something and funny thing is donald trump has never opened his mouth about this guy and he's not an intelligence asset because we don't work the way that this guy worked We don't just jump onto a plane and take vacations in moscow. Right off from dubai. That's ridiculous he wasn't back backstopped in any way he had no system. No support structure wasn't an intelligence collector intelligent subcontractor but in russia's estimation i need something from donald trump. I will place a little pressure on the united states and we will hold this guy until you know. Maria boutin is on an airplane and flown out of the country. Remember her the nra spy why she so she's now a hero over there but if this guy gets suddenly released it will show you that it was a for tat exchange and they take innocent people all the time and say you are spy. You're doing you're spying here for your spy agencies and you're just like came here for rose and no charles in moscow. Only a spy would look for turtles. Look we have pictures of american spies giving judo's and it's just like okay. It's a lie but it's a lie designed to pressure the us government and the iran does it with iranian american citizens. All the time turkey did it with an american priest You know and russia does it. So that type of detention is neither category. Do we do it. Why would we do that. The only people are people who are spies right because one. We don't have the manpower to ways. Just to snatch the average russian off the street and russia to pressure russia may know why bother you. Want to pressure russia. Slow down there. Import gucci's i mean you know you know tells. Bmw slow the production line. They'll be very mad. Tell me about nine. Eleven for you. yeah nine. Eleven wasn't the greatest day of my life I had been teaching counter-terrorism actually. I've been running this class. This classified program where where we teach people to survive al qaeda and we simulated al qaeda while we were there. And i had gotten out of the navy just six six months earlier. I had that warning been visiting. I had been taking someone who is going to start working for us to capitol hill and i was at Third in pennsylvania southeast and so was about eight in the morning we got there and we re ordering coffees and a friend of mine had called me from san diego and she was talking to me. And you know that spidey sense. Why don't have a spidey sense. I you know. I used to work for nasa listening sense. And i can list. It's called listening through where you can just mentally start filtering out things that are being said. I filtered out the woman asking me for money. Filtered out my friend Was on the phone. And i might ear. We call it shifting. My ear shifted to the television and the words. The first words i heard was well. It appears that a plane hit the building. And there's a fire but we don't know how big it was. Thought what i looked to the right and you see the smoke from the first tower and my first thought was really a clear day. It's a really clear day. And i just thought that's strange and the woman's like star sir you you know five ninety five. I paid her in these. Two coffees will come back into. I took the two coffees. I put them on the table. And i turned around and the guy on. Tv says there's reports of multiple hijackings and in my school. We taught hijacking survival. And i thought nine states skyjackings that doesn't happen as guns. And then i thought no you can bring knives and i thought knives. They'll beat the living. F out you. You know so i was standing there and i put the two coffees on the table. And i'm watching the monitor. And i actually walked up to it and sat looked at it carefully. You know my my. My intel mind was kicking into gear. And then that's when the second plane flies in from the right and goes right through the building and in that instance. I dropped my hand. My mobile phone and i speed dialed instantly. This guy who was my deputy at the terrorism survival school and this guy is now san diego three hours behind. So it's like eight thirty so it's five thirty in the morning right. And i knew what was happening. In that instance airliners as cruise missiles or call era aircraft is weapon system terrorist attack. And i was like these cruise missiles it's qaeda they're getting back at us for this hour keeley cruise missile attack. We did in nineteen eighty eight right and they're using civil airliners cruise missiles and they've got to fly them. They've got to be flying them. You know and my speed dial goes onto this friend of mine who was who had taken over for me at the terrorism school. And if there's any one thing i learned was if there's a terrorist attack call someone who is nowhere near the terrorist attack because you will not phones will jam up you will not get an objective view. And he's in san diego little that i know four guys out of san diego where hijacking another aircraft that is now flying over pennsylvania and so i call him his name's brad and i don't know what to say. I mean i'm not too often. I'm nothing founded. But in this instance. And i knew after the uss cole incident. Where i call them at four in the morning He put his phone on speaker phone on speaker. So i knew to wait for it to go to voicemail. And all i could say for the message because he would hear it and all i could do was shout. Cnn get up get up. Get up get up. And he was just like and he picks up twenty goes. Now come and i'm like set up. Cnn cnn cnn cnn. That's all. I can say what shut up. Cnn he goes up. He turns on cnn. And he's like what the fuck is happening. I get up. Get your shit on goto the skiff. That's are classified facility. Get on intel link right which is our intelligence and i said everyone's going to be calling you all right now. It's about nine ish. I get my two coffees. My friend i go. We gotta go back to the office. We gotta go to new york and she's like why are we going to new york i go. This is the greatest act of terrorism in american history. If not history now. We have no idea that what's going to happen next. I'm just thinking billings gonna have fire or they're gonna have to put it out. It's gonna be terrible and as we're driving down independence boulevard. We stop at the intersection. Where the lincoln memorial is to my right. And i'm looking at arlington cemetery. And i'm listening to npr. And as i'm listening. I see an airplane. Come from the west. And it goes to the marine corps headquarters and the sheraton up near what was known as the navy and expect. Then it's since been dismantled. And i said oh look i sit there rerouting the planes to come from the west and not over memorial bridge right and just as i said that i go okay. It's gonna start. I'm thinking yeah. It's going to bank right over crystal city and go into reagan and the plane just kept going down down down and fireball into the building and i went to the pentagon into the pentagon and i i will never forget what i said that instant my mind went into a global map of the united states starting on the east coast and expanding to the west coast and it went new york pentagon and i said we're under attack rounder nationwide attack. I said hold on. And i jammed it on the floor. Went through the light went right to the crash site. Got out of the car and people are starting to stream out of the pentagon and the whole side of the d. Ring the d ring at the helicopter pad is on fire right and this is before the building collapsed. It just had impact and people are starting to come out like it's like a fire drill like there's a fire there and so i start running out. In the first injured people started coming out. And i saw this woman completely covered dos with a baby and the baby was dust was covered in dust and trained as an emt and one of the things that i learned was crying baby. Good silent baby bad right and so a bunch of people around in the baby was wailing and crying baby. Good okay. i'm gonna keep moving. And as i went down towards the crash site. I said you have to look for what we call point of sanity. And so i started looking around and then i saw this tree and at the tree was where a group of people were bringing wounded people out of the deering right next to the crash site so long story very short. I saw the person who is my personal hero. I mean i've seen a lot of stuff in my entire career in even in wars before. And after i think this person is just the most here rogue person i ever saw and it was a a an woman army uniform. She had her skirt was running around in stockings and she was creating triage there. And then i see the secretary of defense rumsfeld. Come over and she points to a stretcher and him in a couple of other guys are putting a person on a stretcher and they're bringing it over to her and i said oh this an army doctor and i said hey. I'm a senior chief in civilian clothes. What can i do for you. What what do you need done she goes. I need to get these people mobilized. We're to start moving. People out of that building were injured out of that building. And i said okay. I see a marine sergeant and a marine corporal walking towards marine headquarters. And i go get over here. And i go. I need you to form up here into. Rose get their ties off. Backpacks off hats off. We're going to go start stretcher. Teams and those two marines went over there and marines do right they start barking orders and they started people started forming up in the hundreds in lines and i was like hat's off coats off backpacks off rings off right and i said teams of five. Move over here grab a stretcher head to the d ring door and so you know i got that done and we started getting the teams to start moving people out of the building and i found out that the person who is running the triage was a was a was an army. Colonel called lieutenant. Colonel patty who rojo and i found her over at the hilo pad staring into the fire and she was looking for victims around the site and i thought no i saw that plane fly in there and there are jet pieces everywhere around us in next to her leg to to as i was looking down to her left. My right was a six foot disc with the letters in red white and blue of the letter c. from american airlines and then the alert that there was a fourth airplane was coming so that was essentially my nine eleven day and every year. I have pretty solid post traumatic stress on that day. Thanks to malcolm for a great interview and thanks to you for listening. Toray show gives you fuel to power your dreams because you can use your dreams like a rocket ship to blast you into a life. You never imagined you can make your dreams a reality and this show can help. I'm on twitter at tora on instagram. Toray show please leave a review on. I tunes it does help and tell your friends about the show toray shows written by me toray produced by jackie garafolo. Our editor is ryan woodhall. Our photographers are chuck. Marcus in to covington and were distributed by d. c. p. entertainment and we will be back next wednesday with another amazing guest because the man can't shut us down cast powers some of the world's best podcasts. Here's a show. We recommend we're good. Mom's bad choices podcasts. To black single moms living in l. a. The valley to be exact that we keep it one hundred real an unfiltered every wednesday. This is not your average mom. Show no is mommy hacks or complaining about how our kids just hit their sixty month milestone. This is grown folks. Talk that's right. 'cause mama gotta have a life to nothing is off limits as we discuss mental health sex motherhood dating culture and are sometimes bad choices with a range of guests from social activist porn star parents. This is a judgement free zone for moms women and anyone looking for their tribe. Join us your host erica. And mula of good mom's bad choices. Podcast every wednesday on all podcast platforms immense.

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Ep 175: How Beauty Companies Build Their Brands & Stores

Fat Mascara

58:26 min | 1 year ago

Ep 175: How Beauty Companies Build Their Brands & Stores

"Hello Hi welcome to ask our back in our regularly scheduled old seats on Jazz. I'm just I'm back. I'm back with my back against the wall. Mafioso feels better here. I like to have like a whole lay of how could you we're back to the door. That would make me crazy. I don't know I'm used to this fungus way. it's all good thanks. How are you feeling Mama to be feeling great. You're great. Thank you just very very thirsty. Oh Okay I see for that beauty knowledge. We've got an awesome. Show an awesome show today. We're talking about ready fall florals. I don't know if you guys a follow me personally on instagram. I do a lot of fragrance content and like I didn't realize allies it it. I've just been feeling florals like over and over and over again that there's something in the air then we're GonNa talk about your Girl v Victoria Beckham she finally Lee dropped her her new beauty line her makeup line and it's her own our girl. It's your girl. If I remember I you were friends with her at that event and I did take a picture of the two of view. It's you saw that photo somewhere my phone. Oh my God we'll do a flat not talk to her. I don't know but it seems like you to hit it off like she. She was like literally just Iraq doc with Jazz and all the other editors picture and shoot she this great white shirt on all my God okay remember so and then our guest okay. I'm excited about our guest. Christopher skinner the founder of schoolhouse. This is like a secret sauce episode. This is the beauty beauty job that you might not know about he's going to peel back the curtain and and let us know what goes on behind the scenes with beauty brands how they get marketed and what I'm really interested in is how they get sold in retail like that experience that you have in retail l. This is the guy that makes that for all the other brands more or less. He's great. He's tastic. Okay you ready to get started. Let's do hey guys. Here's a question when's the last time you washed your pillowcase. Oh case Yikes. I know gross okay. If you guys pause to think maybe it's been a little bit. You need a still von pillowcase. Your pillow case is basically a breeding ground for bacteria. Sorry and the cell phone pillow cases are woven with natural silver that illuminates that acne causing bacteria to promote clear skin and also their blended with before you think it's like hard metallic their blended with subpoena cotton which as you know as the softest most comfy cotton you can find so surprised they're super soft and silky like a regular sheet. You would have no idea there was silver in and there and then I mean I'm not saying washing less often but she can cause. They're silver yeah. It's just like a nice you know gives you peace of mind it does and Sylvan is giving our listeners twenty percent off just visit Silvana home dot com. That's L. V. O. N. Home Dot Com and enter the Promo Code Fat Mascara. That's twenty percent off its Sylvan home dot com with the Code Fat Mascara. Hey guys it's jess okay big news. Sephora beauty insider community. Have you checked it out yet. Okay so I've discovered it and I've gone into an absolute like rabbit hole of chatting with other people checking up people's look. CD You can take a picture and upload your your own is a very exciting even chat with brands. Get exclusive invites to events. I mean this is a beauty wonderland online. I cannot believe I didn't discover it sooner. Sooner so do yourself a favor if you're crazy about beauty or even if you're a beauty newby head over to Sephora dot com slash community you can get started in that. PD insider community today and I will see you there so I I was having a little meeting with Frederic Malle as you do as one does you know he's the I forgot what he likes to himself. He's a fragrance creator. He works with all the best perfumers to let them do whatever the hell the librarian or use this word before. We're talking a conductor of all of the different. Yes for fewer. We were talking about how some brands Iran are trying to go younger with their fragrances and they do it wrong and he's like honestly cool young girls. They want the heritage thing and we're like well. You know what is that in perfume. It's flowers Lauer's. Lake flowers got a weird old fussy connotation a couple years ago look in early. August like you'd never would say like I'm wearing a floral no it was all those kind of they call them like Oz Oz Ozanich fragrances or as onic. OPON icy yeah they kind of like water air and now and then you'd it had a moment big this tall skin sense. Oh Yeah Muskie's Incense Charles were not really wearing florals I think so but everything's everything's changing this fall. There are so many florals launching but they're not like they're not basic or grandmotherly like so many good ones so I wanted to talk about this. What's what's one that has captivated you get to start. You get to start okay but I might say the same one as you a sorry. That's okay so on overlap it was Frederick's. It was rose rose and queer. I never I never had leather in French. Qua- quizzes E. U. I R. Right once again Jenny Jess what turned the French for you on a beauty podcast tests French people will give us and and write it phonetically. Basically it's Rosen leather but it's queer eye when he says it's okay so this is a rose fragrance but like no other rose fragrance. I've ever smelled because it's sort of Hugh they reconstituted arose with synthetics in this way that plays up the peppery greenness of the Rose and they threw in some leather to make it bad ass and you put it on and at first if you want to try it in the store give it a minute league is is a big fragrance to start not like there's a big sillage behind you insp- but it just it's different than something you've smelled but the dry down on this one. It's just gorgeous ones. It sinks into my skin. I'm really into that one. What are you okay so I to emceeing these floors. Everywhere Nour's has a brand new fragrance agrements called audacious. Yes that's all about like a big fat. Floral and ours is kind of like the cool girl brand you know but they they have like sandalwood but mix. Tr Flower which is I want to say they said this is their first fragrance but my immediately came to mind was the body glow of the tr our Tehran sorry. I'm a teacher Dina I believe of it's like a white tropical. It's a very strong in a good way. It feels like you walked into some sexy sexy garden and you're like an island. Probably you know exactly france-soir is is private. has actually thing by the way yes the and cry. White White Right Frangipani which is another beautiful white flour with that like South Pacific vibe now one that I have been enjoying is. I just got the new Tom Ford drop. It's called met metallic metallic Mattel okay. The bottle is like metabolic. It is Meta League. and it's got like what I love about. This one is if you're someone that you feel like in two minds like you want something that feels more like a skin sent like I don't WanNa be too obtrusive like this is not that knock your socks off boom wearing a white floral ly dynasty Nour's ars or the Frederic Malle right this has it starts out with florals and has a lot of white florals which I really like has heliotrope Leo trope. It has yes when we say white florals in case. You're a beauty newbie yeah. This is like a perfumer term for Gardenia. Tuba rose I might be and what's when you just said Heliotrope I think heliotrope. I think that's a white flour. They're like very true. Floral sense that are very heavy right to you said to like bill kind of knock. Tuck your socks off and they really are just unapologetically little Alex sometimes yeah glamorous. Okay Sam Moore. Yes you cannot be a wallflower and think you're going to wear a white with guard. You are Dina to okay. I'm like I made me big white florals yes but this is tempered with a certain coziness. Yes it has like an umbrella in it. Which I think is just another word for amber it. Has It's one that smells like creamy. It smells awesome woody notes and then drives down to something that just really invalids you almost like I don't WanNa use the word Kashmir because everyone associated that with Donna Karen Kashmir missed I but it is kind of that like I wish the motion she's making. There's circular hug going on the woman running for president. Marianne Williamson circles does invalid who good energy and light and love the show and so it's really it. It's a floral. I think if you're not quite ready to go whole Hog Stiletto Lake Flora Yeah we gave a lot of fall ones. I WANNA wrap it out with wrap it up with one more that actually didn't come out fault came out earlier but you were wearing it the other day and I stopped. Oh and it was what is that. How could I not mention. I don't know why don't you mention it. Okay it's called. It's by chloe and it's called no mad and I remember you and I were both in that like a meeting together. We learn about the new khloe fragrance. This is a little wild. Let's not brand. Dan Brand new but it was like for them more. Why would like you know the original chloe's very rose very sweet very lights sweeter floor goody goody. You know this eat more of like it was a girl out in the desert on a motorcycle ads correctly because I was feeling she was it was like a cool girl. it has is this is why. I think that you liked it. It has FRISIA and we never really slow Frisia willow not since like maybe bath and body works back in the day right and that's a different. I'm not dissing seeing it but it's a different thing when you're getting it in a splash versus when you know the great minds that you know Khloe and cody are coming out with something that is really a very fine fragrance Frisia so you have your region more delicate than the other florals were yeah yeah and then it also has oak moss which makes it a little. I think thing that commercial I know they weren't being literal but a little more dusty a little more raw little moorlands blowing the Moroccan yeah yeah you you can. I'm sure like they sell this. This is quite get Sephora. You have to try and it's also kind of fresh smell. Say That and Tom Ford or like your baby steps into the yells and then and you can sort of graduate to the Frederick and then go and go all in with the yeah yeah. Are you guys into floors. Let us know what your favorite floral. Fragrances are police. TM US thanks bye. If you remember many episodes ago we talked about the Victoria Tori Beckham we talked some skin care she did once yeah remember that skin-care vaguely and then we talked about her line for Estee Lauder very well done collaboration. I think the skin care was in another country but the you know we were crazy about the Victoria Beckham for Estee Lauder collection from about two two years ago right yeah. I was like this is a woman who knows makeup yeah and I still have a little stub of one of those pencils. Well both Jeninites separately had private appointments now Jimmy Victoria Begnaud Nobo- went to her place. Oh we were talking about yeah. We were talking the we met her at the Estee Lauder launch but for this launch yeah we met with one of the creators of the products one of the creators of the products Sarah Creole years. She walked us through the line. We had to keep tip top secret until now okay. It's dropped so I brought a lot of the products here today to talk about Shall we call this like the the drop to Drop A. Are you making New York. Are you guys. It's your favorite fat. Mascara segment the drive to what do you think what do you think of the line creamy delicious. The textures are phenomenal already with is right so there's all is yeah. I do think it's interesting that she came out with something that she you know. I like it when a brand feels clear what think Torii backup. I'm not thinking of a red lip. I'm not thinking of like not anymore like a Tan bronze until I die HOAGIES Hackley her friend Charlotte so these products are creamy everything his smudge abol the cajal liner is we're going to talk about that and my God. I wish you could see. I wish you could feel this. It is like butter. It's like how it sensual it sent. Shaw essential and sexual an pencil the David Mallett scout massage. Oh thrall go on sensual eventual eyeliner eyeliner the component trie like this kind of it's a it's a fake corn. Don't worry I too was like it's not real horn right. It's a fake horn but it has the heft heft and the sophistication of real horn. Here is the coolest thing I just WanNa touch on this positive for a second. There is no plastic used in this line. I don't know how they did. Oh Yeah Yeah. This was my favorite thing about every palate even the is that a cream shadow in a pot it's like many last and recyclable materials but yet feels very rich and I said are you telling me I could take this apart and recycle it and she said absolutely but you're not going to because honestly this little. I shadow compacts credit. Cards is yeah you could put your debit card plastic. Honestly it's so well done. It's really well done. I know that they're making a big push with this line for clean the cardboard but it just doesn't I don't lead with the clean lead with the Glenmore the Glenmore and the just the texture so one thing that I was quite inspired by as these eye shadows which you said there cream but there I understand why there are cream their powdery thing that has such such as creamy fit like it's. It's so easy to blend on my bed so I'll go when she Sarah is showing me the products that Victoria herself uses says I it was so rich and dramatic on the I and I thought what am I doing that. I feel like this is inspired. Me You know I know you put on our instagram the other day AH shadow she try. I know that this is like your baby. Step your foray back into shadow as an adult but for me I'd like eye shadow but I like the boring wearing colors so I really want to step it up and I wanNA show up with like this is what vp does all the time she wears a Shimmery gunmetal shadow or like arrives at out to the corners fabulous. I think you know what's fabulous about Victoria. Beckham issues unapologetically glamorous. I know I just had to be careful about catching my face because I feel like if I do. I shadow look worried. It's going to transfer because I'm such a Klutz but if I'm GonNa try it definitely try. It'd be prime it and then maybe what I'm GonNa do. I and I want you guys to see these. If you try them. Please tell us how you're using them a smudge brush and like just pack into the lash line probably have to prime so it doesn't the lid luster yeah the ones that are the larders yeah and I don't expect it to I might turn off the draw. When since I'm like pregnant you're like is up here uh-huh seriously. It's like the big earings when you've gained. He's at the belly. I want everything up and I wanted to appoint of distraction. When will this will do it. It's a great line. I think she did it well. I'm really excited to see what composers like what comes next because they feel like it's very thought out so if she did is she did it well. What are we going to get next. I like the idea like remember Pat McGrath. She started out with like to start with is I think she started with is litter and that organiser yeah yeah yeah those disappeared real quick so not exactly the most environmentally friendly commits learning inning. It's all a learning it so Victoria Beckham beauty out now. Give it a try if you see just around. She's she is on her is is on my eyes and let me know what you think of the new look. I'll put mine on our instagram to its sponsor appreciation time. I'm Jen Jess. Let's talk about Tasha Hasha so you guys you. You Must Natacha these are time time-tested Japanese beauty rituals. They're cleaned formulas or anchored in Japanese green tea rice and algae such beautiful. It's really beautiful. It's your favorite products. I love Camelia. Cleansing oil takes up all my makeup grime. I'm into the dewey skin cream and guess what what they're going to give you guys. A free travel sized dewey skin cream with orders. There's of seventy five dollars or more just go to touch dot com and use the code fat. Mascara and you'll get free dewey skin cream with the seventy five dollar order. Thank you Tasha very nice. Hey guys it's just from fat Mascara here. I am so happy that we're heading into fall not only do I love the Chris cold weather but I'm all about fall all close bring on the leopard prints. Bring on those yummy autumnal colors. I am here for it but I am not going to be spending my whole savings on a brand new wardrobe. I'm just going to sign sign up for our Dash Haberdasher. Lets you create a virtual closet and then you can select three items at a time and they'll send you the clothes he can run them as often as you like swap swap them in and out and the whole thing's only fifty nine dollars plus. If you fall in love with something you can buy it for a discounted price which is really nice so head over to hammer dash dot com sign up today and there are no commitments and you can cancel at any time but this is a really different kind suited for us we are here with. Christopher skinner the founder of Schoolhouse Schoolhouse Agency that specializes in beauty and they handle everything from strategy to design to create a production to the environmental design. They really do it all so schoolhouses worked with mega brands like Pat McGrath. Can you get pat on our podcast. They put a call into mother locks Yvonne Yvonne Kevin Kwan loads more and full disclosure guys. He's also my really good friend. All welcome Krill really thanks for having me. I'm so happy you're here because I've been able to like you know admiring what you do and like seeing what you do from the start but I even ask you questions like about your business because it's so cool that you're really bringing a lot of the brands and products to life in a way that you know consumer boomer see and it just this kind of like a hidden industry but you're kind of like the wizard behind yeah when I always like Oh. We worked with schoolhouse a quite a few You guys are really hot right now but you started this company when I think people are GonNa die to note. When you're in your twenties yes late twenties late twenties? I love the caveat yes so just take us back a little bit. What did you do before starting this mega company before your thirtieth birthday okay so so I think we have to go back back back because I fell in love with beauty like growing up in the south going to ECKERD's getting like you know poor strips and all of that stuff I just like became obsessed with it was doing theater and ended up needing to make an extra like little bit of money and got a job at Sephora and Sephora was like five or six years in the US so it had like red carpets that we had to vacuum every night eight cases where make it gets so dirty yes and do you remember so before when they came in the US everyone beauty. Oh Jeez okay. This is a Sephora. Oh Gee we had to wear white gloves remember. This is the leave. It was one glove. Yes it was one white glove and that's how you would present product. I mean this is like I Love I absolutely love. This is kind of Mickey Mouse Slash Michael Jackson. I know very different. Sephora I mean and you know like a very very French and and I absolutely love it and I was you know kind of gave over my life to it but I was was like stocking shelves like cleaning and then they moved me to New York because they didn't know what else to do with me. In Georgia and I ended up leaving I spacing hey apothecary. Which is where I met Jess. Do you know that I didn't realize that you came to New York with Sephora realized that like a store manager at that point now I because because I never was great at sales like I was always like making up windows and like dressing the store cool but but like visual merchandising store design sewer experience. This was like not anything anyone talked about like it's not like Chris went to school for visual merchandising and you just you just frigging God in did it before yeah it took in New York and it took them and but again like store experience was nothing like it is now and they didn't know what to do with me so I left for spacing K. when it was coming to the the US was here that took me to London which is where I met you US and then before school house I was at fresh overseeing global design. Zayn inexperienced job at fresh fresh was I mean fresh is like has a special place in my heart. It's ex boyfriend girlfriend that you stalk on instagram. Even no you know with them anymore. but it was a huge you know it was when we grew at. Sephora we launched in Asia rerouted all of our stores in the US we launch launch back into Europe. It was a huge push for the brand and and honestly it was still very entrepreneurial like it. It was myself. Levin Lena a few other kind of VP's trying and do it all now it's totally different and so we really you know that was what kind of got me to a place where I had relationships and could feel like I could could start something on my own and and survive so when you were at fresh where you visual merchandising like building out stores yes so so did you put the sinks in the stores. Yes it's all that was pretty novel. Bull Yeah and those those actually the. I think that we found for fresh. That's in Union Square was actually in an old boy scouts like a bathroom kind of changing space and it's actually from London we've fluid over from London and that's what's in Union Square. Go by. That's that's it's words from very fabulous so now you're not just doing store. Experience schoolhouse does a lot of stuff on your website. It says you do brand re positioning and brand refresh. We wanted to talk talk about this because we feel like a lot of people just think. Oh you know Pat McGrath dude ourself urban decay as like. Let's build our little thing where all the testers are going to be but really. They're coming mean to people like you so. Let's let's talk about. Can you mean example of a brand. You've worked with where you've held them. Refresh yeah of course well. I mean I think like ultimately what we do. Every day is just kind of bring out stories from founders from brands. we bring them out through campaigns. We bring them out through social. We bring them out through stores and so it's really just kind of writing the book of that brand in all of the execution that we do and so. I think a great example and one that you know is super closest Cabinet Kwan. You know amazing makeup artist what was so special about. Kevin is that he we had this ability to touch pros and non pros alike you know he would could really speak to anyone and there's incredible stories about him being on the street showing someone how to do a perfect lipper perfect is in so when. Kevin passed away the brand sort of lost that Muzak needed for a little bit yeah and so some people didn't even know that who he was or that that he passed away yeah and so we see that's really a great opportunity. Where you go in and say okay we will not you now create this brand to hold onto the past? We're going to sort of take the energy that Kevin brought every day and manifest for the future and so that is kind of it's not so much or reposition. It's just kind of a rearticulating of the same thing but for today's customer with that involve making new products or suggesting to the company. Maybe you should should make this product. Yeah I mean I think it's I think the best projects that we do. It's allowing people to think a little differently. You know even founders. I think it's hard as a founder myself to kind of get out what your vision is and you sort of need people around you that can understand it and sort of say back to you and so that's what we do a law. You know we sort of a therapist. I really honestly because you don't really see. I feel that way at times to like you. Don't see yourself. Even even you know how it's even a I don't know if I'm being to Canada but like with our podcast like I'm always asking for people for feedback or what do you think of this or you know because because we're in it it's so hard to see how other bird's eye view exactly and I I do think you should not everything should be like. Oh how other people view me but you still need to know kind of what you're seeing off edgy and every that my mom's friend and I think beauty as incredible as it is to be beauty right now now. It's it's a very antiquated industry. You know it's how do you mean it. You know I think it's rested on its laurels for a really long time. We've had key players driving industry for for many years and we got a little safe. You know we had a launch on January. We had a launch in March launch and September whereas now paddle on something on a random Tuesday and it's a drop everyone goes crazy. I mean that kind of mentality is very new for this industry and that's kind of the exciting part of it in the scary part of it you you know we're sort of in this revolution time so let me talk to you about how the process this is really big picture and awesome and abstract but like okay. Let's say you meet with the founder and they're like. I don't know look tired and I know you guys do way more than the look but you know what does that process like Ju Backpedal and state will who are you. Do you make mood boards. What what is it like to work with schoolhouse yeah yeah. I mean it's a lot of listening I mean I think the best ideas is for brand building. Come out of the soul of that brand. I think beauty often looks elsewhere for inspiration. You know we hear a lot of All these people are doing that and these people are doing that. We have to do that again. I mean like let's be honest about the Fanta- launch with foundation now everyone's launching with fifty shades you know that it's it's this sort of metoo usage but yes yes the following verses the leading and and I think that's it. It's it's challenging aging because retailer sort of set it up that way. You know you have the big. Sephora an old tows that you know you go in and it's ten things that are new and every month you go in in something new so there is a challenge that the industry creates for itself in a way but we try to spend a lot of time really talking to that brand versus versus looking outside of the brand for inspiration because a lot of it is baked in either the brand and the person you know in one of the founding impulses that just kind of has to be rubbed in a new way to resonate again who should do like image consulting to feel like this is all very you know the this whole conversation is. It's not just about beauty. It's about like okay who are you and what are you trying to say. so when I think about visuals and and you know how a brand manifest our cultures become so much more visual especially because of instagram and beauty everything in agendas showed me earlier before the podcast a sunscreen scream that she is that we're talking about. No solid striped okay so yes. She showed me the solid and striped sunscreen. It's so it's made for instagram a lot of the skin care right now in a you can't do this kind of European spa line. You know just little tiny print. Everything is Punchy Punchy Punchy. What are the big trends that you're you're seeing well. It's funny because it really depends what of like region you're looking at. because what we're finding is we're doing a lot of work with brands and being born and bred in China and in actually in China that European look. That's not popular in North America is actually what people are after finally want this sort sort of scaled back minimalistic because as a culture they see that as luxury you know that's because there are you know learning from the European way of doing things in in North America. We've sort of like blown all of that up and it's just total maximalism everywhere you go and so it's interesting to see the waves of change and and I zinc you know as our own culture like we're going to start to find that will back away. Yes Sir anything you and you have brand founders in your office at the like we want to maybe bring some products. They like like we're thinking neon alphabetical and Malaysia. What trends are you Kinda like all right. We think moving them away. Yeah I mean I think I mean. The pink. Thing is like the elephant in the room. I mean yeah I mean. It's it's gotten out of hand. You know even for us. I mean we find ourselves like drawn to it in the work that we're doing and then we're like shooting into. Thanks I know I remember. We tried to make Gen Z. Yellow happen. Oh that never happened on that. Blush Pink and we're all trying to change the tone like no. Oh it's page. It's rose gold. No it's it's definitely you know the millennial. The has to go overdone when anything else that you're just like can we. I'm not I mean I think when you look at all the logo redesigns and it's just Saint Laurent Balenciaga. It's interesting because you you you. You find that sort of like redone redesign happening everywhere yeah okay. Let's so that's what we're talking about brands and what they look like on instagram. There's a lot of talk right now about in-store in store experience it takes a lot of people to get people into a store to experience beauty first hand especially with all these direct to consumer brands so retail isn't dead obviously obviously because your your agency exist. Can you tell us the nuts and bolts of it like do you actually build shelves and display units or like. What are you doing in store to make a brand. Come alive yeah. I mean I think there is a lot of heavy lifting on brands today to get people off their asses and into a store and as much as online you think or yeah relevant if they're not direct to consumer yeah if exactly and I think the the biggest thing that we we tried to do sort of say. Why is this as a destination you know why is someone going to seek this space out and then potentially comeback again and ultimately like each brand has to sort of figure hear that out on its own but that's really where we start? I mean what I what I've started saying. All of these meetings is no one's GonNa. Come back to look at your beautifully designed table like they're not come back. They're gonNA come back because they met surely and surely gave them an amazing experience or they got to do this crazy thing that they want to bring their friends and do with their friends or you know. They were captured in a way that they. WanNa share with their mother father. You know the design aspect and the Peter Marino approach where it's just like make the most expensive some beautiful store out. There and people looks like a leather motorcycle. Dude okay might know this one that that I it no one's shock-and-awe shock-and-awe in terms of like look how much we spent on this now which I think like you now. You see these pop ups or you. Just literally can't spend that amount of money doing it. Well like what's the the store experience. We're like. That's cool. I mean I think obviously the glossies are doing it while because they're they're reinventing their brand based upon location you know amount. Miami looks so different from New York look so different from La but at the same time there's a through line and there's like a sense of community that they're creating their and you know I think the brands is that allow that flexibility you know that Old Paradigm of luxury equals consistency and brand building is kind of falling apart and it's more about luxury as the personalization not just like you're getting something monogrammed but it's the personalization of that experience for you where you're at I want to e stop the other in the upper west side and they were saying how I've I've been to like you know handful use up stores in my life but they were saying how they're all adopted to the location that they're in. That was pretty cool. I mean you saw is it is definitely east. We've I've not worked with them nor had the opportunity but you know that that's an interesting one because from a design Zayn perspective they really reinvented every time but when you get in there there's really not a lot happening. I mean you kind of have to be like a design snob to WANNA go there. Dark clubby yeah like experience really have never not had a nice experience in retail I I have. I just don't talk about them but I I really. I don't know I think what you're saying before like they had a great conversation with suzy or whatever her name was and I know that you you guys aren't like staffers but I think so much about it is like the staff. Oh my it's the training I will never forget. Interrupts your flow. I Echo Joe Genaro village all of this on the podcast so if I have I apologize the best retail experience I ever had was in. SELFRIDGE's and I wasn't really wearing a lot of makeup. I had like a little bit of makeup and this was crowded this when the glittering jumps in front of me like a bandit like scary and she's like you are are gorgeous but in the sense awful okay like I was not offended she was like I really think that if we cover you know I can help you with those circles. She goes because your green eyes are amazing so it was a bit of a Neg- but it was also like shit. How does she have to help me. I bought like a hundred dollars worth lemass KWA cosmetics that day. I was just like killing time because it was like I felt like she targeted something. She saw something is not right. Ain't you guys are looking at me like this one no. I I mean and she is she. Put me in her chair and it was just like I needed a break from the world. I needed to be like spoken to. I had that exact not without when Moscow but I had the exact. Same thing happened to me recently at Neiman Marcus. I said Hudson yards woman her name. Is Nora even remember her name. Her name is North snaky and she worked. She literally worked off this tiny little elements. Lummus Tester Unit and I walked by and she goes. You're not toning. You're not toning sit in my chair. You're not toning you you and I are toning today and so and she has her. I mean Nora was like in my boyfriend was there and he was like you are toning something about. Ah Thirty but then she's talking to us. Come on the show you the spa then she shows this. I've spent like an hour and a half but you can't go train every employee who works in the ninety S. We can't do that but we do think about the culture sure of the store when we're working with them when we work with Luxy ton- we kind of helped create like a flagship concept and then we did a few of them not the same idea but differentiated appreciated and the first thing we said was look. We're going to build a beautiful store. It's going to being bring provence to life but we have to change the store culture because you're walking working in first of all everyone's in black like who walks on prevents like in all black off and prevents like a place where you go to like escape and have of like relaxation and casual so like golden light yeah golden a so like that has to come through culture like we have to make people feel like they've walked into into a cafe. That's been here two hundred years. Would you like come up with guidelines. Four stores like employees should wear this and when they greet they don't say hello. How May I help you they say. How are you doing in casual so yeah? I mean if source have like when you get a new retail job. Are you going to get a list of like. Here's how you greet people. Here's what you wear. Oh absolutely I mean what is it called called the brand guidelines. I mean it's like a retail guideline. It's it's an every store has their own kind of Lingam sure I'm not. I'm not sure if you've talked about like the Sephora Lingo is all theatrical like they called her displays Gondolas Gondolas all the all the staff member called cast the floor is called a stage like every store so you learned that in that process but some brands aren't as like adapt to you know they're just again like looking everywhere to l. saying okay everyone and retailers black will just do the same versus saying like how can we allow this uniform this expression bring the brand life. You're talking about like communication and and with that comes the sounds you know little stodgy dodgy like tone of voice brand tone of voice what is that I was just chatting with some people the other day and they all worked at different brands and they were saying like damn like glossier dropping glossy again but they got it right because they spoke to people in a way that like a brand wasn't speaking to them before hey do gray a and b. What other brands do you feel like. You really liked their voice so I think this is a great topic. beings we have a podcast uh-huh because writers this is really like to me is is where. I can hook into a bit more. I can't build store in China but like yeah I mean I the sort of concept of like the real girl the race and I mean we thankfully it subsided but we've heard that so much like we want to be the real girl we wanNA talk to her. That's all we heard first of all actually as an aside we have like an industry have to stop talking about our consumers consumers as her like. It's just gotten so out of hand those correct your clients now but I I try you know at least in the verbiage that we we use when we talk about consumers then they so we have to talk to talk about them as them as they I mean male beauty men's beauty men as part of beauty the you know they're the audience is wider. It's greater it's a bigger even beyond just and female and so I think as an industry we have to start thinking thinking that way setting that precedent in trend for heritage brand for new brands but as an aside going back to the tone of voice I mean each each brand has to really figure out and find out where that comes to play a great example one of our first clients Dr Dennis Gross Skin Care. I mean one of my favorite product doc lines out there but when we met with them it was during the rise of like Sunday Riley Drunk Caliphate Glossy and you know they're like well shit like Dennis and this is not a real girl play like what are we going to do and so funny and so we had that challenge and right now we're seeing thing is like pendulum swing back where all of a sudden if you had great product you weren't good enough you know and so these clinical brands were suffering because they're zero like how are we cool. How are we hit like can use neon to and so we really worked sort of figure out like we'll dennis like you talk to people every single day so you have this ability to take your research and real life and bring it together and that's where his voice came from and it's not you know highbrow marketing speak. It's it's his his speak but it's his voice so each brand has to figure that out and when you say voice that means both the words you read on their website and the words read on the package right. I mean obviously what what else oh what I mean. When you think about voice and you know now if you start reading copy everywhere there's the voice and then there's the tone the voice is the brand you know this is? My voice is is Chris Skinner's voice but my tone will change if I'm being serious playful if I've had ten drinks if I've had no drinks and so the same is for a brand Chris Chris can change back in twenty brands voice changes like if you read back pack for a brand versus instagram captions Asians it should feel like the same brand totally different tone because it's different situation got it that makes that's really interesting speaking of switching based on where you are you mentioned. China and I know you do work internationally. What have you found her. Some of the differences in the way people buy and shop for beauty in different countries. Oh my God the Social Channels Kicked Hawk Doc in China is the craziest thing I have experienced and we're working with a cool brand that I could talk about called perfect diary. It's actually one of the growing the one of the top growing brands local to China selling to Chinese customers so they you know there are people out there that are representing them has influencers in varying regions but what's what's interesting about. China is they have different social channels depending upon the region of which you live your mourn you grow up Etcetera Audra and then there's different influencers for those different regions so you can be like a tier one city influence or you can be a tier two city influence her that kind of level of community connection action tearing is really interesting. Wait till like waybill which is like Chinese twitter. Whatever is different than tick tock like you would have would be on talk and justice in a different city and she'd be on like we've? Oh Oh yeah I mean th channel sort of trend in different in different places and what about like in Europe and other places around the world. Is there anything that stands out she was like Oh my God the beauty customer in Russia you have. I'm learning a lot about the beauty customer in India right now she she he they them and you know there's definitely a lot of desire for outrageous experience like outrageous experience and beauty arranges experience agreeance and marketing. It's kind of like there's a daring quality for brands to be super disruptive and the more disruptive you are the more impact you make and the more successful return brand. That's been really disruptive India or like a type of thing that they might just go nuts over yeah so I i. I know this brand called Mike Lamb. They did this crazy launch where they got the number one influence her and they staged this fake arrest arrest of this huge influencer basically had the number one. Paparazzi on site to capture it posted on their channels then they had the influence or go quiet for day all of their people and then they released their marketing campaign which was all through basically like jail photos news of this influence area staffer. Do that look gorgeous. No matter where you are I mean and so you think about stuff like that helped altitude too but you know it was like number nineteen on twitter internationally. It was number one in India. I mean it was so disruptive and it just created energy the and that is what the feed off. I mean need my lamb. That name probably wouldn't fly in the United States under Kendall. Jenner has like her mom say something about you know my daughter struggled and then it was like Tasmania like teasing coulter came for them yeah so I think sticking your neck out. Here is riskier yeah yeah because we're more litigious or something but but it's exciting to see him as an agency. You're like hell. Ya are has been raised school. How disruption level is like outrageous and of course everyone wants to do something different until they see something different and then they wanna do something the same so. It's it's nice to see a brand. WanNa do something different and do do something very well. Put very well. Put Okay so you work with a lot of brand founders. I know you're a founder yourself but for these beauty brand founders. What do you think did you notice a commonality. There must be something where like like why Dennis Gruesome Pat McGrath. What's the is there. Is there any relying oh a definite a sense of crazy you you know. I just have jared Blandino. I mean there is definitely a sense of crazy. You really have to be fearless. So you have to hold your convictions. You I mean the ones that really survive the grind of it. are you know come out superstrong for strong more in touch with themselves than ever before. I mean that is what I have seen from founders that and having worked with you know the Nikki Canard's eleven eleven Lena's afresh I mean these are really powerful. People not powerful authoritatively though they haven't authority but just you know they walk in the room and you turn to look at at them and you want to talk to them. Do you think a lot of them. That's an innate like inborn or do you think a lot of them are fake it so you make it. I think it really depends I mean I'm like a die reporter friend. I'm curious because I feel like a lot of there are so many founders but they can't all be like it's kind of. We're talking about this once. Introvert extrovert like the can't be these like extroverted. You know my idea is the best idea kind of thing. I just don't believe that they're all like that unless I'm not there. I mean if they're they're all people even for myself. I am a die-hard integrate so even doing things like this you. It takes a level all of the evening a quiet evening. Are you kidding me by twelve. Step regimen waiting for me. I mean I'm an have yeah I think definitely it takes all clients and nothing magical about it but I even introverts really except the introverted as qualities themselves got you and we have a lot of listeners who are the dream of creating their own brands and we also have a lot of brand founders. you know listening. Do you have any tips. I know that that sounds very broad like we make a million dollars with our skincare brand. Yeah yeah I mean things over and over again like Oh like you. Come back to the office and you're like guys. He wants to do a frigging like shit again. We need another one of these. I mean I say do it. Go for it. I mean we as this as an industry. We're already talking about fatigue with customers. You know we're seeing things happening in the color space. You know versus last year. Got Sales are down and colored. It is rough but but honestly we're not. It's just it's another bump in the entire ride eight and a we have to have more founders more thinkers people that want to challenge the status quo going out there and really doing and I think do it. The way you feel feel in your heart is the right way to do it that and ultimately if you work at a brand if you WANNA create a brand following that instinct following I got following. What you feel is right will always make you stand out. I mean those look at the founders that we have out there a lot of them if they had stock to repeated or done people told them they should do they. They might not be where they are today. Graf Pat McGrath yeah. You mentioned your twelve step. Can we hear about the twelve step and some of the other products or use. You must get to try everything yes but I have a I am committed to my cleanser. It is the notorious B. Say h a cleansing GEL. I had to discover that. It's facing K. Oh yes I did the nets horribly say H. A. Y. First of all I love a Gel cleanser just like feels on my face the as are just enough for a light expoliation so I like nick have a glow. GotTa Wear Sunscreen that I love that product I mean I will hunt that product down but outside of that I mean I love you know the Lemaire world. I've been trying to versed skincare brand that just launched in target. you know. I stay packaging. It's cute right yeah. I mean I think that actually describe the packaging for people who can't see okay so packaging designed today is basically pick a color and make the entire entire package that right so pop on Instagram or shelly solid Pale yellow a solid moss green solid willowy blue Larry community yeah this idea of mixed the cap with another cut. No it's like all one color and when it's still that same thing that was because of the drunk elephant of the world older what that was like Oh. I want the orange one. I want the blue one. Yeah I mean I think I think no disrespect drunk elephant but they did not have been color in this industry. I mean we all sort of say they act like they did but like Ola Henriksson was using color forever their incredible brands. I think what drunk elephant did is exactly we were just talking about. They went with what they felt was right for them. You know they brought like the theatricality of makeup merchandising and experience into skin care and yeah and so it just made it fun the playfulness which was for yeah I mean it's funny like we would always have these conversations of you. Go to color and it's so exciting in engaging you go to skin care and nobody's over there and it's not anymore anymore now. It's totally flipped drunk elephant law. They didn't invent color. They did take that risk to sort of say like we don't have to act serious to be taken seriously you know and that sort of broke open this new way of thinking that has been really refreshing rushing honestly back to your skincare be fabulous skin. Tokyu tried. I we like your cleanser. What else do you so some things that I'm totally hooked on. I mean I've been losing sugar lip balm forever love. Oh yeah fresh sugar lip balm Lualaba neither thirteen. That is my die hard that we you smelled like when you walked Tin Yeah. Oh that's good thank you. I love that one. They made it in collaboration with Colette so in Paris so it's kind of a beautiful story. You're still exists. Oh I remember remember when this is cool seventy two it was like I had like Eliza Angelique. You know I have to say beauty section want want I mean it's not robust navy yeah in that real bust. Yes nicely pick up a course it. Though oh that's true that's true all right just shopping shopping call that and I need to be there for that. I think I got like a Notebook Postcard Book Yeah Anything Plain and simple. I know it's like you're glamorous but you have a practicality. I feel comfortable trouble saying this because they're good. They're old friends but like that. Combo that tension between those two is what makes you so special lights we just now in on my brand. Yes freedom from the stone boring but glamorous kidding kidding. I'm kidding. Okay yeah those die hard outside of that. I'm just a product junkie. Whore like everybody else straps oops you know now. Don't ask why I have a question for you so I when I was growing up there. Was this little machine gene that would like sock black heads out of your but it went away when I got it never worked but now I have heard that there is a new field has a new one and I tried a- and it works really good on those weird plugging things under your lower lip. No they're like not black heads but it's kind of like yeah. It works good on those an an actual black head. I couldn't get it to extract but it's actually really fun. Yeah I just get on there a poor lupone the extractor silver loop and rock it back and forth and work its way don't drag though press progress rock. Preston rock but I I heard that that machine was back and I was hoping it was. I don't know if this is what you heard of but I know Rodin fields just launched. Okay cool off to try that. Would you ever do any like coverage products Gillick. Do you ever do like a concealed. Definitely was used in the cosmetics conceal her for hourglass conceals a great conceal. That's beautiful. I know the cosmic says good too because it lost last longtime. It seemed a little yeah. Yeah and clink actually really has really great. I like complexion stuff. That works well for my skin the skin so globally right now. What's the lotion that you're wearing. I mean well right now. I'm trying to Lamar moisturizing. Gel Okay very nice very nice but I mean also. I've been running around all day. sledding Jess Foam Barks doesn't like our little so I like it but I am glowing because getting we wrap it up. We should end it Chris. Thank you so much for having me. It's time to raise a launch by the time you guys listening to this. I think it's going to be fall right yet. You just had your birthday so it's definitely burning up there. What does that mean. What are you reading one two. It's the most wonderful time uh-huh girl. You're talking about a candidate in China. Hi Pumpkin okay listen. You guys know I love nest candles. I am not being paid by scandals. How this's Hashtag had not spawn just absolutely nuts about them. They really have a great throw even when they're not live and when they are lit it's like suddenly feels like your apartments a lot more expensive totally like. I value up Laura Slatkin and I are definitely like your war for you. Basically have an upper east side townhouse exactly exactly couldn't have said it better so so the Pumpkin Pie Candle pumpkins very polarizing people hate it or they love it. I really like Pumpkin. I like it. I'm not like crazy. Pumpkin Oreos and stuff but the Pumpkin shy is so sophisticated and it's so mouth-watering in its orange. You feel like you've done something festive. I I have to start like I wanna be a decorating person but I'm not I gotta get their starting table. scaping loved to have like a Pumpkin on my house like picture a witch Zhou Oh good service candle so start with the candle a mixture fouls feel cozy and warm unless you're spending more time indoors got thrown little gnat flags or whatever it just feels like all is right with the world when you get yourself a fifty dollars. I was like they make me these two. Oh I love it. You have one foot and fall is love my foot back in summer enough already. You're supposed to wear sunscreen all year round okay. Do we not learn that from the skin. Can we did. We did but I know a little viral trend happening. This hot girl summer besides talk girl summer did you notice solid and striped sunscreens on instagram every Ed truly the most instagram -able sunscreen brand scene at the end of the summer. I just a lot of cool girls popping this on their like blanket before they took a picture so I was like I gotta get let me some of that actually a fashion brand and the online and truly just the packaging alone. I was like this is cool looking packaging but I ran out of Elta. MD Not on the honeymoon because we're using so much of it that's my usual so I also had taxes under three ounces. The face sunscreen broad spectrum thirty from solid stripe it has is that serum light quality. Let me try that. I haven't tried this yeah. It's really nice. Oh that's nice did eric like it because it has like it's a kind of Tan. I don't know why the color is Tan but shears out its shares. Here's out it. You do look a little glow e when you have it on. I that's why we didn't vote but like in a nice way not a mike away. I have to tell you they know their audience because this is very glowing skin game. I mean you just look like you should be in the Rivera but it's not shimmery and honestly it the it the finished you can put makeup on top. It's like it. Has that sheer serum from quality that I look for in a facial sunscreen so okay. I have one more question yes. What is hot girl summer. It's a song oh it's yes yes by our producer writing and making these Meghan Michelle's mega thus talion right no the these dallying I was right okay meghani stallion yeah and that's another friends on. Do you hear this song. I didn't hear this song. It was kind of like we're if I'm not listening to the Radio Radio spotify like charting it was like I don't listen to the charges. See everybody talking about hot girl summer. I saw it but I thought it was like an instant thing like it's lit or away. The MOM has landed your mom vibes. They're coming through got used to go somewhere and it was always like a girl looking hot like in a bathing suit. Yeah no no living your best life. It could be co opted dying. She's dying hard. No that head was is going back and forth left to right sounds like if you want but no it came from a song. Do you really listen to spotify like the top trend. I'll do it like once a week or whatever just to stay up on whatever everybody else listening to. I feel like we're GONNA magazine. I got to know what's going on. I kinda liked the song now so I don't know all right. You know what yeah I gotTA. I gotTa Cheka Justice Hot. Girl summer is officially over. She's getting her Pumpkin candle somewhere. I was so not hot. You're always oh. Thank you okay bye guys his thanks for listening that Mascara is produced by our friends that will media you can check out our website at miscarriage dot com for episode recaps product recommendations nations and discount codes and if you wanNA reach us directly email us at INFO at fat Mascara Dot Com where you can follow us on social at fat. Mascara shoot us a DM and we'd love love if you went over to itunes and rating how many stars five five please.

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Yvonne Senat Jones Interview

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Yvonne Senat Jones Interview

"Right over here in the afternoon with a cadre. Get your name yet. Yanni senate Such a good shot. It's yvonne sinai joan old. That's that's interesting. Yeah it's like yvette. If you've ever seen how they spell that. Because it's also french from haiti. So it's the kind of sister. Name of yvette. it's yvonne. Or maybe i done wrong. It's learning things every day. But i i mean that's still that's a unique name me man a good way. It's like another somebody chris. There's so many jennifer's. There's a lot of yvonne's that is to idea appreciate that yvonne Yvonne or g right now is the comedian on. She's getting you know wonderfully bagan famous which is awesome. So she's handling the name pretty well right now. So i'll i'll be there. I mean at this point here. Kind of getting big mean i mean is that there are so many independent actresses out there. Somebody else's out there. You are a have been involved in bigger projects with a well known studios in well known directors. And i think that's kind of an amazing achievement for you. That's i mean that's recent excess. Thank you yes now. it it it's definitely. The trajectory is definitely headed in the right direction. And i'm very very grateful Because you know. I've been in this for awhile now. So it's just really a great place to be to kind of see the fruits of all the labor. Exactly what are probably the biggest for those listening in. The i mean for those who probably would know the most You had a guest appearance on the oroville and then there recently a you had or you were involved in a series by tyler. Perry called a ruthless and in also disney plus his original movie sneakers sneaker rela which is a different take on cinderella. Yes so you got the money and you got mickey mouse money. They definitely have that they do. Knowing can call those two businesses broken any way. No everything. I hear about our tyler. Perry in his big mansion wide or is kingdom are dumb. It is it's an That's a great way to put it. I actually said that to the kingdom. Because you know you you drive around through it to get from one building to the other and it's just stages and huge just grounds. You know there's a hospital there there's a there's a jail. They're just things that they had. Because yeah there's a jail not actually. There's been rumors of tyler. Perry working on a vaccine. And you're he's got enough money in a his own city type zone city. Yeah i think there's going to be like some Like some work back there as far as like a highway or something that goes through so You know there's always like hearsay. But what is huge And it's it's really just such a testament to his Persistence you know like he. He was in a car like homeless. You know and in that car got stolen so his home was stolen. You know and not too. Many people have experienced that and deathly many people. Then turn that into a billion dollar business so so much love for him. While i eat knows zone. I and the cow. I mean the fact of making his films on a small budget and connect with the is is fans either on the big screen or recently with a bt plus i mean meow regardless of where yet to say bauer is films or television shows easy great businessmen i. I have nothing. But respect for the guy a with the empire that he's made and all the production like just the giving work to more black actors actresses production people Seeing us independent actors and actresses go on one of his films or one of his television shows. Later get into something. Even bigger like probably. Yeah probably recently with mcconnell brooks which is in know too much about until. I saw him in a fall from grace. And now he's in mortal kombat which that's that was a dream. That's awesome no he. He's known for leveraging his name for you if you don't have a quote unquote name yet you know. He doesn't need. He doesn't look at the resume honestly to he doesn't wait to have. Some people came in and became series regulars and they didn't even have an agent. It was like their first credit. He just looks at the talent. And then because you end up on a project now you have that acclaim and you had that name. And then that just. He's launched so many careers he's yeah that's a great great guy. Great great man. Yeah no. I'm just really happy for him. And i mean is guy at the sub. I think there is like one video. He put in where he Does shows all the scripts. he's like. yeah. I got all worked out. He's got sixteen scripts sixteen films easy. This man writes like crazy. I heard when he was doing via the stage show. He would run whenever he was off stage he was writing and then he would come back on us media so he he doesn't have off switch except when he goes on those yacht vacations. They'll small little vacations. Then that's is off switch. But i hear it. He he writes then too. So i guess that's how you create a business like that works at business third on way so i mean it all depends on what what is it that. What's your vision for your own company. Which does his comedy tyler. Perry studios and i mean it's really empowering He's doing as far as just giving more black actors and actresses work. Because that's the whole thing going on in. Hollywood is that there is not enough representation and especially in the oscars the black actors and actresses. They usually get sidelined for only like the slave type movies I just. I'm just really happy to hopefully see some change in that. I have no idea because they keep saying will change and then the next year happens. It's the same thing again As even last year the only i think the only black actor or actress that got a big recognition at the oscars was the woman who played a harriet. Yes yes I can't think of her name. She has an incredible voice because she started on broadway. Yeah she's she is incredible. I mean i. i guess i'm optimistic. I get the optimistic optimism. I mean it's good to be hopeful. If things are changing. I do i i mean why. Have this in the i do. Things are changing for the better. I like to look at both sides. Because i don't want to be too optimistic to being ignorant and then i don't want to feel like just all doom and gloom and nothing's ever gonna get better exactly. Yeah i agree with you. That balance is so important. And i think it's important to acknowledge like you said those areas that definitely need deep deep improvement because if they're not acknowledged how will the improvement ever calm so. I'm really just grateful that personally. I started to see a lot a lot more roles specifically actually for letting us which is the first time i've ever seen that in the industry as its own category because to be honest i feel like it is its own hybrid category. Because you look you know. Usually for me. I look black but my culture as far as my upbringing has been heavily latino and And so it does give you a different kind of just perspective on life background in everything in so i've started to notice that actually coming in a lot more on voiceover auditions as well as on On some of the bigger networks. Oh i'm grateful to see that that You know diversity is actually starting to expand more to reach more of us. Yeah no. I'm i'm always man. The fact that you went from tyler. Perry did disney. That's or actually. Before i even get between taliban disney you're beginning roll like what were the type of productions start out with. I'm assuming breakout role was Was robin crawford. Bobby brown story because that was the first time i made it to major network as more than just a co star I had actually just quit my job of fifteen years. And i just really felt like it. Was that time to to try it out not try to acting. I had been acting but try to do it without having My nine to five. So i started driving uber actually but then within a month i booked bobby brown so then i was in atlanta film. Not and of course. I had to come back to uber. It was done But for sure that for me was good confirmation that i was headed in the right direction. And it actually got me. Seen by robby reed. Who is an incredible award winning casting director the award-winning director. And then it also got me seen by By pierre who is a huge casting director on the east coast so any was on eighty so all my people so it was really just the best kind of win. I would say for that time of my career. I don't know many years ago that was os about like four years ago five years ago. Yeah roy colder graduated from the having a driver uber and to acting. I bet well i mean some people have a great experience stubbing in newburgh but i mean at some point. Hopefully you haven't had those experience. Rieti pick up leggings go. We just had a good party. Dropping soft chucky cheese. I have i did have a couple of really heavy partygoers but thankfully because i drove. I'm pretty much stopped driving at like ten pm. So i always like i usually would take people to the party's when they're nice and sober and happy and that would let the other. Male drivers handled the grownups and all that jazz but fourth of july. Actually tricked me because people start daydream game for three. They were drunks all over the so. I wrapped it up early for the fourth. I described because there was a period where was in. Oh it was. A newborn was left. But i had fears that i would drive with some very scary people as like a few people on coke. No i 'cause that's the thing is i i i. I like being around people. I love people. I'm not one of those One zero very i mean. I grew up antisocial because of my autism. Bud mean in recent years. I've become more social just that encounters every once in a while. Just someone very disturbing by There are requests from me a new. I've never met before. I actually had people ask for drugs from me. I don't look like a crackhead. I'm sorry it's not jack dylan. Yeah yeah no. I think i always tell people. Because a lotta ladies to ask me like girl how is it and honestly would i did is i would do the morning route routine and so i would be up by if i was if i was good five. Am and we'll thirty am. And then i'd be outed or by five so i could take people to the airports which was pretty much. The people who needed rides at five in the morning it was kind of too early in the morning for it to be any leftovers from the club. It's five in the morning so it was usually business people who were going or nurses who were getting off of the night shift or something. So i do that and then i wrap it up in the afternoon so i think that really avoided it because i did over a thousand rides on lift on up really. Could you know how they show you and the five star on On both of them one. I've got a four point. Nine five star which is so annoying. Quick who did it there. Ya the worst experience but definitely it was two years. I work for two years. It wasn't until i booked series regular Last the twenty nineteen that i was able to transition in it was just our production company ends my acting that worked our financial. You know what we were bringing in you know. I mean every left driver. I came across it. They're all very kind. And i mean they do have a great diverse hiring and the seeing all wonderful faces just to mean sometimes even connecting or at least egger know about what i do and talking about what. Yeah i agree with you. I feel like. I met a lot of great people in uber. And i actually got to see. Learn about a lot of things. I didn't know certain kind of jobs i didn't know existed and some it was. I can't complain about the experience to be honest. I'm very grateful that i had that option. Because as we know in this kind of field you need to have flexibility it's it's very challenging to to pursue it because you know you might get booked into atlanta for a month starting monday and what kind of a day job will release support that. I always give great Athletes to people who are doing a nine to five or four doing restaurant or something that does require our commitment and still getting into additions. Because if it's a challenge and and honestly did that to for several years. I was blessed to have really great managers at t mobile. Who would know. Say okay just take the night shift. And i had great. A co workers would cover for me so you have that combo. It's such a particular industry there is. I will say there was only one time. It was just a one lady who loved cats just talked about cats all the time and dislike the the scientific theory of cats. I need you. what's your kenny. Oh i love the way of per and you pet them all the treats and you know i just love cats. i advocate. Do you have a copy. I think that was she was. She was still pleasant. But you know you get those now young two young gone from getting to your beginning and then i mean i his breakout role and of course after that or early What timeframe this was in. But then you're on the orrville as a guest. That was such a dream. Come true to be honest they now. It's not every girl. Dream necessarily to wear a cross static face mask and putting this armor. But i think it is for a lot of girls To be honest. Because i grew up watching star trek with my dad and he would like record the monday chess and i actually a big action hero kinda person because i was watch tv with my dad so was usually thinks getting blown up for martial arts or something so a saifi was big and yeah the rebels One of the modern day kind of star treks and to be the leader out the all female rebel armies. Like i. yes please. So seth such a great writer and he was so super friendly on set everybody was so welcoming. It was an incredible experience. It was super hot though chase. It was like one of the hottest days of the hair glued on your face. So it's all late sweating underneath. And then we were in the gulf section of the wbz's lot and i had this huge so it was uncomfortable physically that was the only downside if there was a downside. Your are good. When you're being an actor and actress said i mean i'm sure there's those environments where you will Acting people think that acting as you say you're lions in that said i. I'm sure though. That's not the case especially in you about action. Roles there's a lot of actors and actresses that that'd be fed for being an action star after going through some type of training and then you know in your case of wearing are on the hot sun. I'm sure you were glad to take all that often. You probably took a shower after that they have to peel the mass off of your face Bit by bit with a crash so they get alcohol in a popsicle stick and it takes it took an hour and a half to put it on and then it takes about an hour and a ha- just to piece by piece peel off. So i like men those actors who are doing that no day in and day out because of their characters major props to them now for those who don't know about you know what which episode particular you're in end do do you know which season or off season two. I have to double check on that. That's a really good question But i believe it was their Their season two. That i was in and had to check on the actual episode number but it is available if you if you pull it up. If people have the orrville season to like yeah started on the new season right now filming coca kinda got in the way. But i know that i saw a numb variety that they're trying to get the ball rolling on filming gun view. Do you think that you'll be back for season. Three would be open to. I mean nothing happened to make. So that's all. I mean the if you have us f farland's contact. And 'cause that's the thing this is the year where supposedly we get all these vaccines and there's there's the bring hope that by the fall we can start going back to normal or this new normal. Yes yes yeah. How do you even 'cause you you filmed actually during covid. I mean with ruthless that was open and sneaker sneaker rela was that also during coven influence in nova and we end of october in all through november early december is when we were in toronto filming and Yes tyler perry eat. He was the he was like the Maverick honestly he was kind of the groundbreaker when it came to cove it he was one of the first producers started really making a big strides in figuring out how it was going to work and it makes sense he had so many productions that are all his and he also recognized that black people were getting hit with it in adversely hired numbers so he really felt a need to protect his cast and crew so he was speaking with the governor. The mayor was speaking with all these medical know. Medical people in their field professional sees me and figured out the best way to do it and then he hit a variety. You know pretty much gave them the pdf of how. He was going to work so that they could try to implement it to all within the entertainment industry so incredibly safe on his lot. We had to quarantine before we got there at our own homes than he did. A private plane of just the actors to sending out there after we don't even tested negative. Then we're got out there. Were tested again. Bay sanitize all of our suitcases than we had corn team to make sure that we were all the everyone tested negative again. We got there and then no one was allowed into anyone's house. We stayed on his base because they had the base housing. It used to be you know a military compound so we stayed in those houses for two weeks amid the other thing is. He's one of the only people who can shoot a series in two weeks. He was already doing that before. Code so hollywood like where we need six months. How are we going to work. And all of the tyler. People were like a wish in two weeks. So it's gonna work our. I mean he's got all that money. I'm sure he's probably the all that stuff i mean for. All i never tell opinion may have a vaccine like he may actually be criminal that got up. Well i know that if he if he did have even definitely the the wanted to be confused for then we for the people so he might be one of the first to get it. Villas proactive as he is he might be one of the first by the great way for succeed itself but yet i felt i felt incredibly safe there. You got tested. You always have to wear masks. Anyone who's working with you had to wear a mask and a face shield so all the crew. Mr perry had this kind of dark later like because you could hear the sound of the breathing. It was like a mass that went over his head his glass in the front. And you see if you look it up. It's not black and white but you could see his face but it was a full almost space helmet that he had with a tube and you could hear it like the were Of the of the air unit on his hip. So you come and he'd be speaking to us. He had this light. Dark vader like mask on all the time so everybody was very very safe on the set in really paid attention to the rules. That is good to now. I've been reading a bauer a certain productions of big oil production Batman and. I think there was one with the rock. And there's reports. They all got cohen during election wide though thankfully i think robert patterson he got a cure while he was loaded he Quarantine and then. I think it was something. There was a solution to your. But basically we're in the middle of finishing the batman and had to delay because robert patterson couple crew members coburn. And i think even with a dwayne johnson he was working on a film. A forgot which he got kelvin. I think he's better now too though it's interesting. How filmmakers cast members how they're trying to work around Know that He's found the formula for that house. They you mentioned everybody. Ramos has go into the filming what what is ruthless about. So when you're in the scene is the only time you take massgov as soon as you are. Associates cut you. Put your masks back on. So it is kind of a best case not kisner but like the best possible solution. I would say to continue working because you're kind of banking on everybody's been tested negative. We're testing three times a week. nobody is is visiting each other's houses you know. And so. and then we're also social distancing when we eat so it's that's pretty much the the the best option to actually continue the scenes together and you had an incredibly high success rate where you know at least for production nobody. Nobody contracted covid We did have somebody who quarantined and then once they hit been tested negative several times than they did join us for the last part of filming but they never actually were there with us like it was it was discovered before we started filming in then Thankfully they were covered in. Were able to film with us. So he has an incredible success rate on that same with nicaragua we. They really stayed paid attention to protocols on that set to so i've been really blessed to to be on set set. You know we did not although back home and call it quits nash. For those. who don't know what what is rootless abou- for childcare reside series that you're on will ruthless. Pretty much edgy. Hist icon darkest thriller like series. That mister peres ever done which is why a lot of fans really really love it. We have a really great ruthless fan base. Who enjoy the divergence from his norm. So we are. I'm i play the role of tally and ruthless ruthless. Because ruth is the lead in. She's my best friend. Who i invited into this group that we initially thought was the nice religious group that you know we could to care. Daughters can thrive in and come to find out. It's actually a colts. Figured it out. I and all of a sudden. I realized how dangerous it is. We need to escape with our daughters. And then it's like all hell breaks loose because it's incredibly hard to leave any numbness or perry cliffhangers all over the place. Fbi's end you don't know who's on the good side who's on the bad side you can trust so every week is just such a such a great. You know suspense of what's going to happen next. And we have some incredible actors really great actors who just play their parts really well so we wrapped up by season one and it is a huge cliffhanger on that one. A huge surprise people like. When's the next season so we don season two weeks one hundred percent sure on when the release status but we did get cleared. Kurt season too. So that's exciting. I mean not as exciting and like a couple of scenes. If you're talking about the the team. I don't I haven't seen ruthless yet. But i have seen some behind the scenes shots in your was towel appearance on the other actors. I look outside by at maybe. That's just the tense but I mean i was seeing some of the kovin safety procedures you're talking about. I was actually seeing some those in the the images there under instagram. And yeah i. I mean i've seen a few retirees films And the other thing. I am and seen a ruthless yet but i want to but something i know. It's also am a lot of his films. He has scenes. Were a lot of the guys in the films. They take their shirts off. And they're like muscular and you mentioned also mentioned also religious group and that's another thing is he loves going to church which ami now. That's good for him. E's visa christian. He believes in jesus and now no. I'm not i'm not. I see where he's coming from though and again with him as a business expertise is. I'll i'll tell you the last movie i ever saw in theatres for combing. That was emma. Emma's that Yeah with anna taylor joy. That was the beat the end times. It was up the very beginning of the movie. Aware there was a guy and he took his shirt off. He was butt naked and yet must know the movies rated pg or so's you don't see as junk or anything but he's backside where yeah you see always packs all that and there's a there's a lady in her fifties or sixties right behind me going. I had that. And i you're alike. Does women in their in their fifties and sixties does gossiping about these twenty year old muscular men that they wish they could well. You know. I think you hit the nail on the head like you said he's an incredible businessman. And so you give the people what they want. His market is on like so heavily female and because he's been in the business for a while. Some of those women yes. They're in their forties now And he does have a young man base too early but we know who's families and so he gives the women what they wanted. Because yes. I definitely heard feedback from a lot of my male friends. Who dishes for the roles in shaping where they just basically say we'll he's expecting models and it's funny. When i went to the audition room for for the first time. I just remember thinking. These are some of the most gorgeous men women i've ever seen in my life now that he knows what it's the same as hollywood. The pretty faces right but on his end it just happens to be the pretty men. Yeah no i still distill shots Meant on the bed with their shirts. Off big muscles on stab lot of a lot of Pg thirteen or are loves. Definitely not on like said Adult content warming. There's lots of men of their shirts often show on their junk. it does have adult content. Uruguay hundred or all. You don't have to be the wall knock out. That's the thing is like. I guess it's just a random thought when you think about like actors and actresses doing romantic scenes with actors or actresses that are not there a husband or wife or their. You know there's a yeah. Like i wonder like how do they even go through that. Like okay your character is supposed to have a sexual intercourse with this character. Who is but in real. Life is not really eurodif is the you know it is the One of the kind of situations that most people don't have to deal with you know baidu in so it's very important as a woman and thankfully sag after the union is very very supportive of of all the actors as far as what they're comfortable with because you just you know. Some people are completely comfortable with with You know full nudity. Partial nudity and end complete intimate scene. Some people completely comfortable with that and there's no judgment on their course but some people are not and so it's important for the actors to really have that button their mind. How that conversation with themselves. What am i comfortable with. Not just sony. But what am i comfortable with being out there for her. I don't think After think about end until after something's been shot and not necessarily the the explicit scenes and things like that but just seems general soak. It is a very specific issue to our entertainment industry. So obviously like you have to make sure you're comfortable with it because the union really protects you when it comes to. Hey i'm not comfortable with this. I don't wanna body doubles. Pretend that i'm comfortable with us. You know there's a lot of things that It's important that we now is actors so on that side i would say me personally. I actually don't have any intimate scenes. However i have had to kiss another actor and you know and i i am married and so with something that that i think will. Transparency with your partner with your spouse is very important. I told him how. I told my husband like this today went. This is what i did today. You talked about it. And i think you kiss someone. Well he has been darn it right. He knew that he knew who he married cinematographer. So he's hundred but do have conversations about what it is that i feel comfortable with it and we can collaborate missy like you know. Are you comfortable with that and thankfully you know we usually. I'm more conservative than he is. So it all works out but i just think it's important for the actor to make sure that they are comfortable with whatever it is that they have agreed to and then because you realize once you agree to once you sign the form and everything. Bennett's important to to stay true to that so then in production can move forward as well so it is a it's it's own thing for sure. Yeah i know some things. The thing about one more thing. Because i do wanna get to. Arrow sneaker ella. There's one scene. I actually the in particular concern. I guess it got very popular or went when people think of the film thing i just said the name with the macabre brooks are organised. And i'm not sure like attala. Perria make sure each of his productions. There's going to be that that one character is going to say that that signature role people are gonna remember from time to time but when people think about fall from grace. There is one line in that movie that has gone very popular. And that's with the macabre sitting on the bed with his feet in front of the camera and a cigarette. And there's like beer like a few beer bottles. This is the part. Were playing making the supposed other upset. And as she walks away. He's like ashtray ashtray and adding the other word. I don't curse that's weird heaven but we don't really curse either me. Hey don't do that insurance okay when you actually look out. Does that happen. After the end of the production everybody just has a church ceremony or ceremony. And then and then talavera becomes the pastor and now we all have the you know if you want to participate you can. He has a prayer before Before you start filming every every filming day but if you and it's just a quick like prayer came you know that we have a blessed day and everything but if you want to participate you canucks you. Don't you don't but no. There's no like reverend tyler. Perry man that would suck if he hired someone and that person said yeah. I'm atheist you'd be like get off. Get off my stage. No that no. No no no. I you know as long as everybody can respect. Everybody's which. I just think all of his movies. There's there's that one line that one scene that always you always just think for a lot and what that movie that was a scene that gun so popular And it'd be funny if lake were his looked at them like that. That's our i forgot the characters name. But when he knew be mole comment were he puts his feet up. And then you know the third line that would be planning actually here too. I think does smoke cigars. So i mean the you never know. They may reference. Yeah now with a sneaker elders something interesting about this winds oh disney plus original fill minutes a different take on cinderella. One i find interesting. Is that A full black cast and you play the non of the protagonists here but the director is white. Now there is some sort of thing that people get consum- people get concerned with those technic- productions when you have an all black cast. The director person writing the script is not black on submit always had i mean guide. Kathryn bigelow for example director. Detroit in duns mazing meeting job working with black actors and actresses. But i guess people get those thoughts are thought i mean but there have been some films in the past that were they would have a predominantly black cast revered have claimed black actors the actresses in the leading role by the white director. They win just think The white director that they have or just only think of stereotypes types for those actors and actresses like you're either gangster hip hop artists. And the us these like david slayings and all that and somebody looks at sneaker ellen on imdb and they see the director the will be like oh is this just as cinderella. But we're going to. Yeah i mean wh what would you say for those who might have that concern with the director. Not also being black. It's valid concern. It is a valid concern because there have been moments like that in the past that we've seen not necessarily had the best results. Because of but what i can say is that i'm really grateful that this is not the same situation. And the reason for that is. Because liz allen who is the director was has always from the beginning been very open to the feedback of not just for team of producers which is wonderful. It's an all female team of producers. And within that team of producers. Is rachel watanabe batton. Who is black but as well. There's also Liz has been very very open to To the feedback from her cast. So the all black cast. Has you know given feedback as well to make sure. Because it's our baby to right. And so liz. Allen has been incredibly open because she understands. You know there's going to be a difference between the cultures. she's experienced in the culture that we are experiencing so i have seen so many scenes and so many Because you don't get to see a lot. It's disney right. So you're pretty and it was coded so you pretty much only there when it's your turn to their seen beautiful beautiful scenes that are just so authentic to the black experience and i think if anything. That's the word i would use that. It's very authentic movie. Why because liz and the beautiful producers of this all female team. It's been a collaboration. And i think the disconnect on other movies has been that you have somebody there who does not necessarily have the experience of the culture because of their background. But they're also not open to to hearing from people who have had that experience and that's where the issue comes so you know to dissuade anybody who might have that thought. They'll know once they watched it that it's like oh yeah. This is a movie with black characters but it's also it's also Not kind of. I don't know what the best word is to use. it's not pandering. it's not pandering to us. It's just showing us in a really beautiful way and the the musical side of it. Let me tell you chase these. I call them kids even though we're not much different names but neither of the kids. I'm like y'all have been working your butts off. because it's the musical. So they had to dance practice muse now on in practice and they have to perform in the dancer touch it before over and over and over again for all the takes it is a feet is is what it came out to period excited for twenty twenty. One is potential release date and i. I just know it's going to be so beautiful. But that's a really. It's a really great question chase because it's very true and as we're moving into this time when diversity is hopefully going to produce more features and more series. It's really important that that those people in the director's chair if they just don't have that cultural experience than they're open to hearing from people who have well i believe that doesn as try. I mean i think over time disney has i mean they had their. They had their history. But over time i think disney is you know wanting to be more open to different types of diversity. I mean even some their big as success recently Like black panther and guide soul came out recently and they. They're even working on some other types of production like a Lat lastra and dragon a peter pan. That's be the original. Peter pan story origin story hitting with angelina jolie. To that looked really interesting. Has lack the peter pan in the sister. They're black so armee I have faith that it's not going to be like Leprechaun in the hood for example. If you wanna really much back to no pretty vocal about it so if it is that they're gonna find out pretty quickly. And i think that hopefully will give will be a cautionary tale to any producers moving forward. Let's get an input year. Let's get some black producers. Let's get some black director than we need. Some people in very tight circle around art director. So it so that it doesn't come off that way. I mean i'm always hoping. I mean all studios did kind of learn learn improve. I'm not saying laid disney's all battered their purple. But just add. I mean. I've seen even with third the disney plus shows in movies that they have right now lake e even with the movies that don't particularly star black actors or actresses a Making sure that even just the environment looks a diverse released and more Types of actor characters going around army or know around as well. And that's a i mean that's something where you see a studio from what you know from their history and their long history bad they are willing to change for the better than i mean. Keep on learning. I mean people will make mistakes and they've had one last year. But i i like to know i like to as you say be balanced stone be too. Don't be too optimistic. And that's just what i feel about. We're disney's gone with the you know having diversity. Now that's the thing is i also army regarding the you talk married sneak guerrillas an musical. I have not seen a trailer for the felton. And i guess that's where you said tenley fall. Twenty twenty one will release disney plus or maybe there is still trying to figure that out be so they just finished filming actually mike earlier this month. So that's the reason. It's been a very long process because all the work that went into it. So yeah i i don't win. The trailer will come out. But i do know they just like some of the people just got back into like a week and a half ago or two weeks ago yeah more. I'm looking forward to it when it when it comes around. I mean the idea lab sneaker realm so i mean besides having an all black cast. I assume it's a take on cinderella in in modern days. I mean how they are kind of agenda reversal on this where you have the godfather you have instead of you know. Cinderella being the girl that comes from kind of meager means Dot is actually being played as as l. and that's chosen jacobs character. So that's the guy and then my daughter lexi underwood who plays she plays of the princess role because our We are. We are sneaker empire thanks to the championships of our basketball player. A king who is Who's john salley. So he's retired and now we have a huge sneaker empire and so we're kind of the royal family Out here so it was. It was great. I love the switching on that. And like i said the the dancing the acting Singing i don't know if you've heard chosen. If anybody hits youtube we were all blown away in the waiting in our little waiting area when we pulled up his youtube like this guy has skilled and lexi sounds stunning. So it's gonna be great. I'm very excited very excited. Very magical disney. You're probably can't say too much darker considering the yom nurtured yet. I'm not trying again. The thing i will say is that did have you Were you were someone singing or did he not have that role no no. I'm not going to be one of the people singing in it but but mainly it's the it's kind of high school musical situation where the main singers and dancers are all the ts. You know what i mean. So i play the mom and i have some great scenes but most of the singing and dancing and things like that happen with the l. and and all the people in the teen world circa while having wrap up kazadi rabah ashore Minutes i to stay at just amazing talking to you too so wonderful. You're talking to an image of you. I mean you you fall in london. Are i mean you want. I know there's a person by a voice later. It's i mean you could be talking to tyler. Perry might have that technology. He probably won't want an talk to me. So i mean i am might not see your wonderful. I was very excited to talk to you. Thanks for adjusting. We had to reschedule a couple of times. You know. I really appreciate you know what you say on your page. That's very you've definitely made a stance of anti-racism and that's not an easy stance to take in your In your position. And so i have a lot of respect for that. And she was tyler. Perry would to It and remember. I was like okay. It's a podcast right. Because i wanted to sneak it by workout ahead of time and just have it be no visual. So the fancy little photo you see but beautiful. I mean you could be with no makeup on. I still think you're pretty as i think the same. You look like a homeless person yano about me so with all the the roles that you got right now are just are a up at the age. You're in your mid thirties too. So i mean it's much say turkey awhile me still. I mean they're still kit. Nate number where i mean. We'll we'll probably be another. What would probably product that. You're a another big product that you would want aim for. Would you probably work with marvel word star wars definitely vision board. That's definitely what. I actually say that to myself one workout and like number one on the call sheep for wool series number one on the call. Seamer movie i mean you gotta say it's actually believe that it could happen. You know what. I mean because those kind of things seem so unbelievable. But somebody's gotta do it. So who knows is definitely on the on. The vision board You know and my cousin just told me that black panther is potentially coming out with like asking me. Disney's coming out with the potential black panther series. So that's exciting. Didn't go for it. I mean you you. You have worked with disney sarmiento does give you some credentials like if you were to work with them on another project. Something on the scale or you never know. I mean bids. A big franchise comes back because they also had disney owns a lot of properties or whether it's mobile star wars whatever or or with tyler. Perry you Numidian fell as you want to be. Like media's Since early one lots of thinking he should do superheroes in fact. I ran a thank you card to him like. Hey once ready to do superheroes like among boardman i want. Yeah i wanna see in marvel wage. That would that would be a very interesting. I mean i've seen i've seen him in. In other roles outside of his company by there was one balch accelerate. He had a small role. End by thanking was grim. I was F. a. christopher de christopher nolan christopher. Ju bisoli vice you. Yeah you will. Yeah yeah. I don't wanna keep you from your other knowledge. I'm gonna you want. I discovered and wrap this up. 'cause i have my podcast coasts. Like texting me. Where do people yeah people. Find your work. Well they can definitely look me up on all of the platforms Twitter not too big on twitter instagram for sure yvonne sinatra and. Yeah and then on my own webpage so Around there but instead i'm actually pretty good at responding to people to be honest so yeah yeah much case you're fabulous talk to you have such a great time And yeah i really appreciate you reaching out this be on a a all different platforms any any guessing megan Also on base dot com. Suspense wasn't Inside turn to responsibly. For put in a little video clips of this on off on instagram. And i in a tiktok okay i. That's my fast talk. Radio talk nearly when the oscars song is playing down. Okay fine. I make my cousin nick. My wife Okay i'm gone.

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Democracy Now! 2019-12-05 Thursday

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Democracy Now! 2019-12-05 Thursday

"Hi I'm Amy Goodman. If you're tuning in right now democracy now is probably your source for news you can trust. Democracy now is independent. Which means we're funded by you not the oil gas and coal companies when we're covering climate change or the weapons manufacturers when we cover warren piece if you everyone who tunes into this podcast may just just one ten dollar donation right now? We could cover operating costs for twenty twenty the most critical election year. The United States has seen in decades. I think the the media can be the greatest force for peace on earth. That's how we come to understand each other. If you feel the same way make your tax deductible donation today by visiting us a democracy now dot org have a wonderful holiday season happy new year and thank you so much. I'm from Stockholm Sweden. This is democracy now. We have gone from the the United States government's war on whistleblowers to now a war on journalism with the Indictment Julian assange for what even the government government itself admits that was work related to journalism. And this I think is dangerous. Dangerous thing world-famous. NSA whistle blower. Edward snowden warns of a growing war on journalism. That last night's right livelihood awards here in Stockholm Sweden more than sixty ears after sharing documents with journalists revealing how the United States has built the system of mass surveillance to every phone call text and an email of every person on earth. Snow join the award ceremony via the video stream from Moscow Russia where he's lived in political exile exile since two thousand thirteen. Then we hear from another right Livelihood Award winner. This year's I'm Manawatu Heidar. She's resisted assisted the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara for more than three decades. Let's put an end to this. Injustice former book won Miss Kidd forced to highway people. Let them choose it as Medicare for all and three college become key issues of the US twenty twenty presidential race Sweden's prescribing welfare state which is supported by both the countries liberals and conservatives all that more coming welcome to democracy now democracy now dot Org the Warren Peace Report. I'm Amy Goodman. We're broadcasting from Stockholm Sweden. The House Judiciary Committee held an eight and a half hour televised impeachment hearing on Wednesday featuring four law experts speaking talking about the constitutional nature of impeachment. The hearing opened a second phase of the impeachment inquiry into how president trump withheld military aid from Ukraine in order to pressure the Ukrainian president to investigate his political rivals. The Biden's on Wednesday legal experts debated whether this conduct met the constitutional national definition of impeachment. Three constitutional scholars invited to testify by the Democrat said. His conduct was a textbook. Example of an impeachable offense offense. This is University of North Carolina law professor. Michael Gerhardt what we're talking about is not impeachable. The nothing is impeachable. This is precisely the misconduct that the framers created. The constitution include impeachment to protect against the one constitutional scholar invited by the Republicans disputed that trump's actions were sufficient grounds for impeachment. This is George Washington University law professor. Jonathan Turley. I'm concerned about lowering impeachment standards to fit a positive evidence and an abundance offensive anger. I believe this impeachment not only fails to satisfy the standard of past. impeachments would create a dangerous precedent for future impeachments. appeasements house speaker. Nancy Pelosi is slated to give a public statement about the status of the house impeachment inquiry today at nine nine am eastern time. California Republican Congressman Devin newness has sued. CNN for over four hundred million dollars after CNN published Bush two story detailing how newness that chair of the House. Intelligence Committee traveled to Vienna and met with former Ukrainian prosecutor to discuss digging up dirt on the Biden's last year. Newness claims this report is false. CNN had repeatedly asked Nunez to comment on the story before it was published. But he refused to do so. The report implicates newness and the trump administration's broader effort to pressure Ukraine to investigate trump's political rivals the Biden's which is the the center of the ongoing impeachment inquiry in London president. Donald Trump abruptly cancelled scheduled news conference and left. The NATO summit saw early after a video went viral showing other world leaders mocking him in the video. which has been viewed millions of times Canadian? Prime Minister Justin Justin Trudeau. French President Emmanuel Macron and the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Ruta and others are seen smiling laughing is they appear to discuss trump's lengthy lengthy press conference and how even his closest officials are often surprised by trump seemingly erratic behavior. The private conversation was caught on a hot hot mic then posted online by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation a new analysis says global greenhouse gas emissions are projected projected to hit a record high in two thousand nineteen. It's the latest study to highlight. The world's failure to take dramatic action needed to avert the most catastrophic impacts of climate change. The analysis comes amidst the opening week of the UN climate summit in Madrid. Spain known as cop twenty-five among the sponsors of this year's summit is an Diese Spain's biggest corporate greenhouse-gas polluter the electric utility provider emits about sixty million tons in some carbon each year the company has received an exhibition space inside the conference in exchange for two point two million dollars in sponsorship money democracy. Now we'll be broadcasting live from cop twenty five beginning tomorrow. That's Friday and all next week tune in in Columbia tens of thousands of people poured into the streets across Columbia Wednesday for a national strike in just two weeks. The demonstrations extractions began as a protest against corruption economic inequality and the killing of indigenous and community leaders. Many are now calling for the ouster president. Yvonne Yvonne Duke as right wing government. This is honey camello in the streets of Boga Tom Lament in my life. I never have seen the march of this. This magnitude and Columbia from students indigenous people trade union organisations people from the health system environmentalists. I think there is a national outcry. Cry And I think that is evident in this moment and fourteen days later to see this square filled with people. In France workers across across the country are on strike today as a protest against French. President Emmanuel macron's pension plan. The strikes have power lies transport and the capital Paris and other major French cities. The residents whose commutes have been disrupted are still expressing support for the strike. The strike is is really for our pensions and I think we still need to fight for it even more so as a civil servant and we're pretty much impacted. In Spain. A hand grenade was thrown over the walls of a migrant the grinch children's shelter in the capital Madrid and the latest attack against the young unaccompanied migrants. The grenade did not explode until the bomb squad carried carried out a controlled explosion and no injuries have been reported right wing. Politicians have repeatedly criticized the shelter in a mob attack. Some of the shelters children the club's last month in India twenty-three-year-old rape survivor wis assaulted and set on fire by her ledge rapists while she was on her way to to her court hearing in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh the to allege rapists and three other men have been arrested on suspicion of setting her on fire she filed a lawsuit against the two men in March. She's now in the hospital. In critical condition. The attack comes less than two weeks. After India was rocked by another case in the southern city of Hyderabad in which a twenty seven year old woman was raped and set on fire. Sparking widespread protests against violence against women in India in Afghanistan. Gunmen killed the head of Japanese aid. Agency and five other people Wednesday in an attack in the eastern city of Jalalabad. Tetsu Nakimora Kamara was the head of the agency peace Japan medical services. He had recently received honorary Afghan citizenship for his decades of humanitarian. Rian work in Afghanistan. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack. The Taliban spokesperson said the Afghan Taliban was not involved attorney. General William bars threatening communities. Who are critical of police brutality? Saying they have to be more deferential to the police or risk losing using police presence in their neighborhoods entirely bars comments at Washington. DC awards ceremony for policing sparked immediate criticism Benita Gupta a former head of the Justice Department civil rights. Division said quote the idea that the attorney general of the United States. The Nation's chief law enforcement officer her is recommending abandoning communities as retribution for pushing for police reform or criticizing policing practices is profoundly dangerous. Yes and irresponsible. She said Florida neighborhood. Watch Vigilante George. Zimmerman has filed a one hundred million dollar lawsuit against the family of Trayvon Martin. The seventeen year old unarmed African American teenager Zimmerman shot and killed in two thousand twelve delve Zimmerman Killed Martin while the teenager which returning from a neighborhood store with skittles and drink Zimmerman was acquitted of homicide. Charges are just in two thousand thirteen. His acquittal sparked nationwide protests over violence against African American teenagers at the hands of police in Vigilantes Zimmerman and has now sued trayvon Martin's parents their lawyer various members of the Prosecution and the Florida Department of law enforcement. For Defamation and quote malicious is prosecution in Arizona the Tucson City Council has voted unanimously to join Pima County and taking partner lawsuit aimed at halting the construction of trump's border wall in three sensitive environmental areas the Organ Pipe Practice National Monument the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge and the San Pedro Riparian National National Conservation area. The trump administration waved a slew of environmental laws in order to speed up construction and the protected areas which are also sacred lines Tana Odom people and other indigenous communities men at Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts. Students are calling on the university to reverse. Its its decision to deny tenure to larger Garcia Pena. who had been the only Latino in a tenure track position at Harvard on Monday? Dozens of Harvard rich students held a sit in a university hall and support of Garcia-pena into demand. Harvard created dedicated. Ethnic Studies Department over. Three thousand students have signed a petition calling on Harvard to reverse its decision and offer Garcia tenure tenure and. There's just some of the headlines. This is democracy now democracy now DOT ORG the Warren Peace report I naming goodman broadcasting from Stockholm Sweden. The Right Livelihood Award celebrated their fortieth anniversary last night at the historic stark circus arena in Stockholm Sweden. Were more than a thousand people gathered to celebrate this year's four laureates Swedish climate activists have to tune betty. The Chinese women's rights lawyer Wjr and my Brazilian indigenous leader Davi Carbonell Wa and the Yanomami who Kara Association. He helped form and the Sahrawi human rights later Menaka Heidar who was challenged Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara for decades the right livelihood award. It's known as the alternative Nobel Prize over the past four decades it's been given to grassroots leaders and activists around the globe among them the world famous NSA whistle blower lower Edward Snowden. Who won the award five years ago in two thousand thirteen at snowden shared a trove of secret documents about how the United States hates reveal? The government was pursuing the means to collect every single phone call text message and email in an unprecedented system of global mass surveillance. What's after sharing? The documents with reporters snowden was charged in the US for violating the espionage act and other laws as has he fled Hong Kong attempting to get political exile in Latin America snowden became stranded in transit in the Moscow Russia Russia airport after the. US revoked his passport. He has lived in political exile in Moscow Russia. Ever since last night I I interviewed Ed Snowden during the right livelihood awards ceremony here in Stockholm in front of a live audience of a thousand. He spoke via video video from Moscow where he's lived in exile since two thousand thirteen. It was something like six years ago that this young twenty nine year. Old Computer Geek NSA contractor decided to change change his life. That young man was you you were in Hawaii an NSA subcontractor explain why you made the decision. Can you did to turn what seemed like an idyllic life upside down and leave your country. The United States. It was not an easy decision when I think anyone would rather avoid but there's a question that we all face when when we come into contact with things that call into question our deepest leafs. I was always very much an agent of government long before I worked for them. Because I believe everything that I heard that I read from official sources because it to me. It seemed that they had no reason to lie to us. But through my time in government as I moved to more and more senior senior positions in worked more closely with each of the systems I began to see more evidence that the private truths of government was actually doing was these things were very different than the publicly presented versions of of it and nowhere. Was this more clear than in what I witnessed in the creation. The system of global mass surveillance. This is a system that I wrote eventually. Eventually to journalist by the name Laura Poitras was totally indiscriminate and far beyond even the very loose restrictions of American law and I think international standards that. We've come to accept regarding surveillance. This was a new system that saw everything that you did and did not care or bear any regard whatsoever to the difference between those suspected of crimes. Those who had done nothing wrong. This is the system the first system in history the bore witness to everything every border. You Cross every purchase. You make every call you dial every cell phone tower you pass friends you keep article you write sites you visit in subject line. You type was now in the hands of a system whose reach reach is unlimited but who safeguards were not and I felt despite what the loss that this was something that the public autism so tonight and as you can hear here here in the auditorium in stock calm and if we could hear that applause around the world it would be thunderous. People are deeply deeply concerned about what you reveal to the world two of the journalists one Pulitzer Prizes for working on that with view receiving the information. And putting it out to the World Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras but now you cannot go back to your own country though you are hailed as a hero hero by so many five years ago. The Right Livelihood Foundation Foundation worked hard for you to come to Sweden until this day. Not a single. European government has come forward to offer the protection against extradition to the United States. Can you explain what you face in the United States. What you've been charged charged with and what that means to you? Certainly no question by any legal expert or even political opinion maker face in the United States is an extraordinary process of what I believe internationally as well recognized as persecution rather within prosecution the potential sentence and the likely sentence for telling the truth which the government does not contest. What happened and here is that I would die in prison? And yet despite that and despite the threats that it those in Europe who have offered me support and government have faced when they tried to cross that line and officially protect me which I think is something that we all regret and we would like to see change in the future when we look at that dynamic when we look at this current status quo the fear fear consumes even the allies of the people and government of the United States. When it comes to standing for for protecting people who tell the truth? I think everyone who looks at this realizes this is an extraordinary moment in our history. One of the core pillars of the modern system of the world the institutional standards and structures that the United added states itself designed. It is now actively working to pose is those institutions insulate their critics critics. And I think that's a very dangerous thing and this is the thing it's not about me doesn't matter what happens to me. I've done my part I've Said said my piece. I could be the best person on earth. I could be the worst person in history and it's not gonNa make a difference to your tomorrow. But what will he's if people can tell the truth to the public about the most material facts and programs and policies that affect our lives every day do you currently have Julian assigned should a maximum security prison in England facing one hundred seventy five years for espionage in the United States. You have Chelsea same manning back in jail in the United States. You concerned that you won't face a fair trial in the United States can you. We're spawned in all of these cases you all among the most famous whistle blowers in the world. When when you look at my case and the manning case but before me when you look at the Ellsberg case going all the way back to the nineteen seventies ah there are all derived from the same law under which Julian assange who it should be? Clear owes no allegiance to the United States. He's not a US citizen. He's simply glee a publisher working news. They've been charged under this espionage. ACT This is a special law that absolutely rules out any kind of fair fair trial going back to one thousand nine hundred seventy s when Ellsberg tried to tell the jury why. He did what he did his lawyer. You're asked him Mister Ellsberg. Why did you copy the Pentagon papers? which was the secret history of the? US's true involvement in in the Vietnam War. The prosecutor for the government said objection. This is not something. The jury's allowed to hear and the judge agreed with it he silenced Ellsberg and he silenced our ability to hear why these things were done and for the jury to consider not only. Was this legal. But was it moral and this I think is the sad history of the United States government's relationship to the press in and blast decade. They have been more and more concerned but what is legal. Then what is moral. And what began with Ellsberg is an extraordinary eric case against a lone individual which challenge the government's involvement in the war which challenged by a new generation of whistleblower like Chelsea Manning who revealed torture and war crimes indefinite detention on the part of the United States. Government in places like Iraq and Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay in Cuba My own involvement in the revelation of global mass surveillance and in every case we were charged under this same same law that forbids the jury to consider if this was something that did more good for the public to know than it did harm armed to the government in terms of inconvenience or theoretical risks of investigative journalism in a free society. And this is where we get to this crucial crucial part in this story. We moved from an individual and exceptional case that was not repeated for decades and decades in the ellsberg instance to something that under the Obama Administration. He charged more sources of journalism using this special law than all other presidents in the United States history history of the United States combine and now under the trump administration. We have taken one more step. We have gone from the United States government's war on whistleblowers whistle blowers to now a war on journalism with the indictments Julian assange for what even the government itself admits was work related to journalism. And this I think is a dangerous dangerous thing not just for us not just for Julian assange but for the world world and the future if we allow developed democracies to imprison their political critics and dissidents to people who call into question the legality propriety the morality of their policies and the prosecution of their wars we will embolden olden the most authoritarian regimes on earth. And we will be the ones who are children question when they asked how the world that they were Uh inheriting came to be. That's two thousand fourteen right livelihood. Laureate an essay whistle blower Edward snowden wouldn't speaking from Moscow at last night's right livelihood awards here in Stockholm Sweden. He couldn't join us because he's in political exile As he faces espionage charges in the United States coming up. We'll speak to one of this year's winners that's Sahara. Human Rights leader Manatt not too high. Dr Who's led a decades long peaceful campaign to resist the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara. Often called Africa's last colony. Stay with us Trudging through the midst. mm-hmm following the creeks erasing them liason. List two thing reading reading Rawson died from telling go from Scattered rays from the UH in the chain with the ink of a ghost by the Argentine Swedish folk singer Sakon Sakon solace singing last night at the right livelihood awards ceremony in Stockholm Sweden. To see the whole ceremony. You can go to democracy. We now dot Org yes. This is democracy now democracy now DOT ORG the Warren Peace Report. I'm Amy Goodman. We're broadcasting from open channel in Stockholm Sweden Sweden where democracy now broadcasts every weekday. But we turn now to one of the winners of this year's right livelihood award this Sahara Human Rights leader Manatt to Heidar for over three decades high has led a peaceful campaign to resist. The Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara often called Africa's last colony Morocco go is occupied Western Sahara small region just south of Morocco in North West Africa since nineteen seventy five in defiance of the United Nations nations and the international community thousands of been tortured imprisoned killed and disappeared while resisting the occupation peaceful protesters led by women. Men are routinely beaten in the streets. Despite this violent repression I'm an to Heidar has led countless hunger strikes and demonstrations and unflinchingly documented commended the abuses against the Saharawi people for more than thirty years. She's a former political prisoner who was jailed for four years in a secret prison. And and granting her the award the Right Livelihood Award Foundation cited her quote steadfast non-violent action despite imprisonment and torture in pursuit of justice listen self determination for the people of Western Sahara. I sat down with MANAWATU. Hi Dr just before. She won the right Livelihood Award and I began by asking her to explain what's happening and occupied Western Sahara Duardo Let's see I would want to let them. We know about this situation of my people people. It's the people of his bed. His separated one under Moroccan occupation Q.. Patient and the other one aimed so high we camps they live in difficult conditions was and it while I I come from the occupied territory. Under Moroccan occupation Western Sahara is an ex colony is ex-spanish last colony in Africa. Since seventy five is occupied by by the Kingdom of Morocco. This has been a tragedy for us led to a lot of suffering privation of our rights rides torture disappearance lab arbitrary detention the deprivation of social economic cultural political glides. I have spent four years of my life. I bounded prison a secret prison without without having had a trial. Nothing good luck. Billiard is during that old period was cut from the outside world no connection with with my own family but my case is not unique. One zooms on it is similar to dousing hundreds of Sir. My Land Men and women in Western Sahara obsolete is your territory where international observers or not welcome it is forbidden to them to have access to Western Saharan leased. When and they are delegations of journalists? Alamo civil society is resolve the military. They are expelled from Western Saharan days ago. Parliamentary at parliamentarian delegation from the Basque Country Countries in in Spain couldn't get out of the plane and they were expelled to the Canary Islands male. Co Mental but at the same time develops your Saturday presser. We're talking about mail violation about repressing repressions. But we must also also talk about our resistance determination. We are determined to continue our peaceful old struggled to make sure that our alleviates rights to freedom and independence are fulfilled an act to. Can you tell us your personal in all story where you were born where you grew up and then what happened to you just we three. I was born C Komo in the south of Marocco of ASCA model in a county that unfortunately I have never seen a ought to. Today I grew up in Western Sahara in the occupied territories. On this I grew up on does do bombs in a situation of war and then explain what happened to you how you became active when you were first imprisoned alleged to canzone when it was fifteen years old. I started to understand that there was a war on Komo started to understand that my people was separated in to two territories. That's funny I started to understand that part of my family is it. It was in refugee can also they had to free for their life common from Ben on more Tudela because since affair all of suffering grew being being me. I wonder what I could do to help my people in when I was seventeen. More comparable Citius young. I really understood the situation on on on casual Komo and by started to commit myself for the struggle for my people and time. It wasn't possible old to be an activist publicly zoo infasang. This had to so I was being discreet. I was hiding myself. Just like all my compatriots dogs. I was studying in high school and when I turned twenty Comisiones Osceola Zini Commission of UN. Of the AH the previous African organization Pawsox al-always going to visit on Western Sahara's the it was eighty seven a referendum voice to be organized together with other students we took the decision organization and in Guangzhou organized big demonstration on massage. To make sure that I'll equity message would be heard to make sure that our voices will be. We heard to people that we wear here in Western Sahara that we wanted our freedom that were against Moroccan occupation and also share to bow help. Our parents are robbers who had disappeared since a lot of one. Seventy six six before. The arrival of this commission Malka the Moroccan Jose Government of Victory Kidnapping connecting and I was victim of this crime against humanity. I was twenty years old surveyed on this. You won't day and my is where bounded byles. Okay I wasn't a secret. Prison lecturer tortured Maginot imagined. It's a tiny me doing four years not seeing anything hedley media shock over. Imagine being humiliated position psychology collage psychological physical torture US sexual violence attempt against my alive. I had no connections. What so ever to the outside world more no contact with my family no sentences no new trial nothing and so how ultimately were you freed community catava tones in ninety-one ninety-one Gaza thing thanks? Jen didn't cease agreement. That was signed talk by Marocco that was also Fox the occupying power and the Polisario Front on the Fed which is represented very presented from et Cetera. We- People Pamela says that these agreement the ceasefire was included for the bean. Liberation of political detainees and Wa- prisoners exchange of prisoners and thanks to that lever. I was liberated together with a group of Saturday. We got three hundred twenty. Four people captors and among them seventy four women on now all wanted to rule of soft key- Coney. The we know that that more than five hundred Sahara we are still. We still don't know where they are. They are still the victims of disappearance. So how long have you been imprisoned and was for that one time or were you picked up again on an all. GTO Z.. Donavan on I was detained again in your firearm and spent a month in in prison. He is actually because of my opinion once. We were liberated. Was it that you're was it your sauteed where I saw. We had left a smooth Chris. Clausen gone to find the big prison and open sky. Prison Oswego police in Western Sahara. So the police was after us the White House we stelvio they would ask about different question. We couldn't travel abrode design. Personally I spent his without having traveling documents. Two Thousand and five things to the intervention of the State Department the American State Department. Ideally after the visit of an American delegation on in dot this delegation me other activists is on is and by. The way has learned that. I didn't have any passports in that. That was the case of other intervened in a few months after that anymore. Moroccan thirties gave me trouble documentaries on walkway but a month after that L.. MONTALVA on plenary. They beat me in the middle of the street in more aspect. They they arrested me is Sola Buzz than those foxy and and on wrong roussel's option of forcing accusations forth charges version. The MAHO car broken statue urge ordered my arrest and I was sent to prison geographic and not hope hope and I was wrong on a trial with another group of Human Rights Defenders City. o'cl financed bad. Santa after the Intifada was launched the series of over one L. peaceful demonstration for the independence of these Saharawi people. It was thanks also to us. As human rights defenders succeeded his a how to make the situation of the Sahara we known this situation of Wa. Our occupation. See we manage to me. How Eh voices heard and and so how? We left a situation of terror that Morocco had kept upon them him the Disney during the glass on him twenty years thirty years. It's thanks to us that the high we follow peaceful struggle to demand their rights without without using violence so with Malcolm we can disturb the Moroccan government so if we arrested gain because they wanted to scare other Sahara and they wanted to make sure that they would be as many protesters they they were at the time when we were in Western Sahara when we were in Lyon we activists like Sultana Haya who had her. I Gouge doubt by Moroccan. Moroccan police Meena Bali who was beaten in a demonstration along with Sultana and others are women particularly targeted. And how are they dealt with. We had video of them being sexually abused in the street by the security forces. We continue detailer taller. More or less. As seed earlier my case is not unique Sutan Mariah a young CETERA. We- woman sacrificed one of and the only crimes she committed. Was that this author. She demanded Dominic purcell the right of independence for her people's same thing for me. I'm barely and today. We have another woman a young said I we who has two children and she is imprisoned today. She was sentenced to six months in prison listened because she protested against a force trial a against her cousin. Those are we women of victims victims of repression. They are courageous women. They are determined. We are exception in the Arabic. RIBIC muscling world because we are respected within our society DOS death we are in the struggle nothing stops and the set i. We had a woman of La La Vista it is seen as the spine of the Pacific resistance the driving force of the struggle sheet. The software is an has been present in the struggle in the occupied territories in the refugee camps sitting. God the bill and it has a lot of value nippy Occidental Glove pond the Western countries must acknowledge this. What are you demanding? Now may my bill. I'm calling upon the international community Dassanayake. That should apply international low. The United Nations should be coherent with their values the reason why they were funded satanic et cetera calls the injustice against her US happens because some international autopay powers are acting act with complicity. So my message is let's is put an end to our sufferings as far as let's put an end to this injustice body loudwar. Let's give voice to highway people. Let them choose their future. A A massage and my message earlier sickly for everything with the morning therefore issues that the situation is serious. Serious we need to avoid war because youngster highway today do not believe in a peaceful struggle anymore you saw the minds around then. The terrorists all random if ally more nervous paid needs to guarantee our rights. We are the people that deserves to be free in our because of our values we we are courageous. People not determined people. We have conducted a peaceful struggle since the ceasefire during twenty eight years. Now purpose will people that respect other religions some epithelial layer tolerant people who coexist we believe in coexistence we believe in democracy in equality between genders. Soon what Motari. We have a moderate form of Islam. I suppose think that legality at Soi up Nikki international law should be applied as soon as possible the U. N. special l'envoi to Western Sahara hearst. Colour quit his post in May the UN has taken a step back clearly in resolving the conflicts. What prospects are there for a resolution exact two more executive blake? That's why I'm concerned that's one worries me. Most of all your personal clue form of. They won't be shots. Envoy Hans Connell also made sure that things started to go forward in that is also. The case of the American Freakin for us is that they managed to make sure that negotiations. We the stood way down but they didn't get the support staff that was if we saw did Mondiale they didn't have support all all of the international community states and France Gall. Pablo Franz is our big problem in the block. Because they don't they blocked the peace process in Western Sahara in Atlanta allows you some more dimond deliverance. One Me News shows to get a greater mandate one so that demeanor so can monitor human rights Jewish. Why more Leonardo's Zinni girl really urge the United Nation Talk to nominate as soon as possible. Another special was saying Voi- to start negotiations again to make shoes. Who's that we find a peaceful solution? The Polisario Front is holding its Fifteenth Congress us on December Twenty First Nineteen through twenty first the first under its new president. Brahim Gali the leadership. Your ship has accused Morocco of blocking solution to the conflict and says it's reviewing the ceasefire That has been in effect and that all options are on the table. Do you think there's a policy. The possibility the Polisario will pick up arms return to war. And what would this mean. Milos hubbub unfortunately in Puerto. Civil over. Slowly Sell Your Front is under the Fisher House. You're young generations. La La pressure under the pressure. Bodily Zhen contravenes yield are do not believe to use a false alarm peacefeul fool fighting more peaceful struggle anymore. He's the reason why can fly to say that measures should be taken to avoid Ding Ding. And you wore. We're now in Sweden which was poised to recognize the Saharan government until Morocco blocked the grand opening of the famous famous Swedish company Kia and then Sweden backed down. How unusual is this? Yes and how does Morocco influence these kinds of decisions. What did that mean to you? We are now news avant usual Sia do not power the Purple Suede. We've always been supported by the Swedish people in by the Swedish government Aw Lachey do swift was it says. Swedish attitude is a friendly one. I can't hide that. I'm very disappointed in all my compatriots are disappointed. It because after the decision of the Swedish parliament in two thousand twelve a decision to recognize the Arabs had I we democratic republic. Look what happened. The Poverty Swedish government didn't stopped the decision of the parliament to never reconized. These I we republic after precious from Miracle Sissay all under my Lee Majdal assiette and that was detrimental to the image of Sweden if I more similar who Pity to see a democratic country like Sweden said L. of Allante keeping away to the pressure of an occupying power or the the extreme solicit Harry and not supporting the victim of the Sahara with people cannot buy a suspect notch caring about the low not respecting the will of the Swedish people because the parliament represents the voice of the Swedish people on the phone. And that was my message today. That's right livelihood laureates Sahara human rights leader not to Heidar. She was celebrated Wednesday night for for decades of resistance against the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara goody democracy now dot org to see our hour long documentary four days in occupied Western Sahara Africa's last colony when we come back is Medicare for all in free college and become key issues of the US. Twenty twenty presidential race we'll look at Sweden's thriving welfare states date. Stay with us. It all starts squibb. One everything comes gruesome it all starts with moon style style with F. They come from no it all Bluestar father do you ooh. That's Norwegian songwriter. vocalist guitarist Anna Brune performing one at the right livelihood awards ceremony Wednesday night here in Stockholm to see all the performances and all the speeches of the right livelihood laureates go to democracy now dot org. This is democracy now democracy now dot Org Org the Warren piece reports. I made me Goodman. We're broadcasting from Stockholm Sweden from the open channel as Democratic presidential candidates debate medicare for all and making public higher education free. We turn now to look at how Sweden has built one of the world's most extensive social welfare systems here in Sweden. Healthcare costs are largely subsidized by the state daycare and preschool programs or mostly free. Higher Education is free. Public transportation is subsidized for many users. Look at how Sweden doesn't we're joined by. Makoto involve he's Swedish author and journalist focusing on economic issues. That's then Scott Dog Planet. A Stockholm daily his most most recent book is titled. Who should pay for welfare? McCall welcome to democracy now great to have you with us so we just have a few minutes here to explain a lot of issues that I think are very misunderstood in the United States. You've lived in the US. You live here in Sweden talk about Medicare for all talk about your healthcare system. How is it paid for the so? It's almost entirely paid for by Texas. I don't know that scares a lot of you guys about The thing is we pay for me at least as I pay almost equivalent in healthcare Texas. Then you would pay via your employer for health insurance but also get by. That is that I don't I don't have any copayments. Do talk about. It's the maximum co payment for healthcare in Sweden. A few hundred dollars a year. Explain your own personal l. situation what happened with your daughter. Yeah that's happened a few years ago before we moved to the US. She got ill and she had a brain tumor fortunately not a deadly deadly one You could operate on by one of the best soldiers in Europe Russia. She was twelve. She got excellent care. Afterwards we status Zeta family at the hospital with her for a week and she then had follow up cares for several years she had to go to Dr every every few months and and we paid nothing for that. 'cause she should she's a child until eight. You don't pay anything for healthcare so then you come to the United States in your shock and what happened there. What she needed for some reason she needed to go to hospital in ambulance the and they asked? What healthcare company do you have an from Sweden editor smaller? One that wasn't covered at I had to pay with a credit card to get to the hospital. So you're watching the presidential debates every corporate network attornal Ists who host one of these debates. They usually ask questions about healthcare and they say. Are you going to raise taxes. Talk about how the Swedish people feel about this because you're talking about an issue that Unites Nights people across the political spectrum sweet. Yeah nobody don't even the most conservative parties would like to get rid of this system and I think there are two reasons for that one is that or to misconceptions exceptions also in the. US One is that it costs us a lot of money in terms of taxes. Yes it does. We pay way high taxes in Sweden than in the US but we're ways lower lower expenses for copayments healthcare health insurance daycare saving for college. And we don't need to bother about that so the higher taxes for most people is more than offset by lower costs for other stuff. So you say this Sweden far more competitive while the US says says No. This is much too expensive. Say It's too expensive not to do this. I would say at least it would make a company more competitive to make sure that everybody who is smart enough has pass access to the best education and everybody who needs healthcare gets that inspired because then they would be able to be be part of the workforce instead of worrying about about health and everybody else in the West need to compete with a better Meta companies in China in India. And the best way to do that is not north with the unhealthy under educated population. Talk about school. You have Bernie Sanders and some others trucking back free college. We you have free college so we don't pay any Jewish for any university in Sweden and even the best ones that could compete in a global level. You can't have an attrition which means that not everybody who is has the grades to join these universes can do it and they obviously then takes jobs in our global accompanies and helps them compete on a global scale and talk about overall welfare the issue. And what you think are the greatest misconceptions about Sweden. Well sometimes sometimes they describe Sweden as the paradise that everything was perfect in Sweden. It doesn't you need to to understand that. Not Everything doesn't work perfectly but there is a different different. You don't need to worry too much about money. Everybody can send their kids to daycare. Because it's affordable. Nobody needs to work a wheel. I go bankrupt if I get sick doc because healthcare is almost free. And if you're smart enough and started hard enough in high school you will be able to to go to university answer questions here like why I should rich kids go to school for free. That is a debate. That is not easy. Some people would say that. Why should they about two we? We decided I guess. Basically it's the only way to to make it simple. Everybody has access to the basic part of welfare as we see it rather other than chicken green company. Because let's open up all kinds of cheating. Well I wanNA thank you so much for joining us. Mikhail turn Swedish author and journalist focusing on focusing racing on economic issues. That Svenska Dagbladet a Stockholm daily. And that does it for our show If you want to see our three days of coverage from here here in Stockholm Sweden go to democracy now dot org special thanks to Stockholm's open channel Stockholm's only independent grassroots noncommercial. TV Station committed to free speech. Speech the Youth Nick Cannon Carries Democracy now four times per day and we WanNa thank our crew here Lars Erik Neiman. Who is the chair of the open? I'm channel Larry. Berger Peter Karlsson Nia hook felt can fear stunt and Jacobi Evanston special. Thanks to our democracy now team here in Stockholm John Hamilton. Dennis Moynihan Trina Niger Libby. Rainy near May shake and back in New York the whole team including Robbie Karen hunting sued tuning Friday as we begin our live coverage breach from Madrid Spain for the UN climate summit will be there for the next week tune into democracy now dot org democracy. See Now dot O._R._G.. Is here because of all of you. We thank you so much. I made me Goodman. Thanks so much for joining us from Stockholm Sweden.

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Passing Shot meets... Marcus Willis on making memories at Wimbledon 2016, what it's really like on the Futures circuit and THAT match with Roger Federer on Centre Court

The Passing Shot Tennis Podcast

1:04:43 hr | 3 weeks ago

Passing Shot meets... Marcus Willis on making memories at Wimbledon 2016, what it's really like on the Futures circuit and THAT match with Roger Federer on Centre Court

"Hello ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the passing shot. Joe and kim the tennis podcast i fans on today's edition of passing shop meets we chat. With britain's marcus willis on his career in tenants including his memorable run wimbledon his thoughts on british tennis. And what. It's like to love. Roger federer on center court came another edition of passing shop. Meets our second this season. I'm really excited for not just because we had technical difficulties last week. But i genuinely feel the as kind of british fans. Our guest today has given us one of the most memorable runs out of grand slam in recent times. I mean as set aside for me for british fans. I think this is a what the stakes cut of phone. Distant memory and for anyone who doesn't have a clear what we're talking about wimbledon two thousand and sixteen so almost five years ago now and it was indeed a very magical story for for british fans. And we'll be delving into that During the course of this podcast so like to extend a very warm. Welcome to our special guests for this evening's episode. Which is marcus willis mockus. Thank you so much for taking the time to join us here at the passing shot. Welcome onto the show. We're very pleased to have you here. How you doing today. i'm very well. Thank you and thanks for having me on fantastic and how. How if you been finding the latest lockdown. Have you been saying safe. You you with your family at the moment. I'm home at the moment. Trying to keep virtually of being on a few runs and stuff like that but looking forward to the course opening on monday of already people wanting to hit so yeah looking forward to get back out la great. Yeah so we're kind of opening up gradually isn't it and just yeah. I think i've been doing well trying to keep for as possible as well on a different scale. Not but i'm sure. I'm not sure about that. Well i'm not a former professional athlete. So many of our listeners will be british. A british podcast. I think that's safe to say they will be quite familiar with with yourself. And your time on the tour. Especially that wimbledon ron as we mentioned but we do have quite overseas listeners. And perhaps as a on say familiar with yourself so perhaps before we we go into a detail perhaps you could just give us a bit of info but how you go into the school. How did she start playing tennis when you when you were younger mom. She play bevan's in Level when she was younger she had trading on a wednesday. So i used to off to school going sort of watch our and then i'd have a little hit in my spare time. I started playing badminton Of that so six years old Devi trials very badminton player the age and then my coach times dodging many tennis lessons on a pick battleground at old fell in love with a sport instantly and it came to a stage well the involvement in training twice a week and then tennis training twice a week at my parents said look you can pick with a system. There's only twenty four hours a day. So that was quite. Yeah quite an easy decision. I'm chose tennis Eight nine years old and the yet gradually got better but the the style. I wasn't obviously very good. And then i live from accountancy and then ended up paying for great britain unto fourteen and mia here. I say just kind of talking about your kind of genius. Days in how that transition don't kind of in in senior tennis was quite quite seamless. It sounds like you got kind of sort of young age kind of went through the british tennis pathway. To success in kind of did that solvency missy kind of transition up into. I guess kind of level tournaments as you're getting older into a teenager kind of got played county by county event under under eleven or under twelve cool to find out that was a a really good rushing coach. There who who is watching his plan actually beat me and he said to. My parents Good coaching and then me. Nicole flees namus on victim coach. We spent seven years at bisham abbey together but that rushing cut. She was strict. But fun at the same time. So we will have very right hogs Gradually better And then by the time i'll sixteen on top of international junichi nuts. Because i wanted to trying as high as canada junior while ranking semi i got saddam hussein in the wild number one in the uk junius I did pretty well pretty well. The gradually our from county level to to national top sixteen in the country Saying then the life of britain onto fulton under sixteen top three in the country so obviously by eighteen number one. Yeah yeah. I can't tell you wouldn't sorta click go will when i got a lot better. I think training twenty twenty five hours a week so that helps those not actual defining point where backing by it was this year the Stunning being everyone out of nowhere was very economy You'll kind of success. I guess the in the chefs in china junior level reaching number fourteen in the rankings was always kind of fuel ambition to kind of take that into kind of the senior Kind of see again in terms of your like an atp wild ranking how kind of how you can get and you know what was i. I guess what was that. Jump like from junior to senior tennis. What was the was. Did it feel any different. Did you feel like you had to train even more or did you feel that your ability was kind of was going to be able to take you places. Ironically i may y i i qualify profile on seventeen from there. I thought i was still genius. I thought okay. This is the line. I did not see microphone. No again about twenty twenty three years old so it was a bit of a shock. Fa may think it was learning curve. When you're a junior you right protected. We stayed in the Fifth avenue plan the uso. Judy sponsors he got bonus contract. You don't pay a penny for anything and then you you're nineteen twenty years old and you're in the middle of romania poking your hotel Gang lost on a train so it was a big shock actually growing up rather than tennis ability such. I think there's a lot more players in the men's game than junius a lot more solid. Good place So you conradi judy. As you can get away with a with a adachi match every now and again Because know much better than someone outside the hundred as geneva in matt everyone could play well so it took me a lot longer to get the nod hopeful on and i was aiming for a lot more than i shaved. It could have been a lot worse as well as quite a good perspective. Yeah i think oh say what you say about jeannie plays. It's almost like perhaps the top genius nowadays should be more education around the realities of the second because not all of them are going to make it. And i mean. Do you think that's something that could be introduced on the tool now for genius. Absolutely i think the route which is often at a time of every offer on the i'm with my ranking was scheduled to american college on a full scholarship and i think more and more players realizing that's probably the route to go because i The worst case scenario is yet degree of it. Be applying tons of matches with a team. Environment you'll playing very good And you have time to mature in full years. You come out twenty two years old and as category as a number plates doing. Now they're coming out having improved Feeling confident match tight They've got they've got some money behind them. Probably i'm guessing because i haven't spent much less four years And i think more and more players. I mean even author ferry even nori at the time was was number ten in the while genius and he went to college so i think a long object is unless my ideas gregor dmitrov. Unless you're winning challenges sixteen seventeen. I think it's a really really could jump applies to go but that that wasn't an option. When i was growing up it was seem to be college. If you guys at college. You're gonna give up me guy crazy not going to university again. Drink to whatever that was how saved the but it wasn't not a soul. I suppose it's good that perceptions have changed some more on. I think it has become. I guess more viable mainstream option. The more you get of players coming out of that system and having more success on the tour i guess it. It boosts the credibility of as well and i mean for much of your career. Marcus you kind of on on the futures circuit futures tour level would be for business. He pops all very familiar with with the futures level of sport would be your kind of typical season on tour. How many of these events would have been kind of uk based how how much time was spent abroad. We know what was a typical schedule for why. It's changed really every year. Though there were a couple of years where the uk hosted twenty five tournaments twenty five plus so. He didn't have to travel by mouth. Pitchers really good. Actually we had some lows a highly ranked players between two to four hundred mile other years. When i started off number five or six had to travel. I am to play twenty plus tournaments some sixteen seventeen due to injury some years. I got a got a few more But typically unique to play. Multiple elements is the point. Cad bay points on reward or a lot lower so you need to be for a year. You're going gonna play five ready. Good totalmente five. Ready bad ones the rest average. So you need to accumulate as many points as you can When when you had the challenger nike pay the points. A pretty rewarding. Say you'll see a lot of players in the top hundred really have very good weeks the whole year and the rest of the time the second round but the That's enough it's more water. So let's get from the just the challenges you need unique to Matches it's interesting. Because i think was my kind of perception of that. Futures level is that it is part of that pathway kind of upwards. And i i was just kind of wondering if you know what's the sort of makeup of the you know that sort of level is young and up and coming people trying to make the playoffs and if if you don't then you have to figure out why yourself kind of what happens acts or is there that sort of those players who you know. They just love playing tennis and are just happy to kind of you know exist at this kind of level and try make it work because as much as possible even though you know it might not be as sustainable because you know the ranking points in probably the prize money as well is is not is not enough on its own while you're absolutely right. Yeah that they've the it's not enough on its own. That's why players do a lot of that play. French and german league matches thou hunt for private sponsors. Play money events outside in the federation to try and keep financially floats as the question about Sort of ages place Mostly young but he did get some clarity thirty one zero two there. You know there are few plan. Take take a while to get that right through. Some people die trying such But mainly it's it's the young players so of seventeen. Eighteen year olds plus between that and twenty four twenty five a lot of players if they haven't made it by twenty three twenty four twenty five actually cool day because yeah as you said the money's not there and it's it's a tough life. You were people with very very hard. I'm actually the level of tennis is pretty good out there. So people feel like trying to push wall trump a hill as such so Yeah you tend to get a few youngsters and a few older guys. Obviously some in between that. They'll have some money behind the private sponsorship or something like that. And how did you find it with with regards to you making a living like did you have to play those like french and german leagues or other things were you. Were you doing to kind of make ends meet if if he liked for one of the best better phrase. Play french league every year for ten years of really strong But at least the things you have to do ma that's five matches You go and get paid well and that's it sort of keeps you for the rest of the The british tolls the prize. Money tournaments when scarring so other tempt. Those i was very lucky. Twenty three years old. Who came and said on. I believe in you potential some money behind me to use the lap jump from one thousand in the well to three engine twenty in just over a year so it really is important to have one and you'll backing and there are tons of who are slipping under the right all it. Just don't have the opportunity in analysis. Blessed not without without i wouldn't have been Out the janney half so it's really up situation and de feel like cab. Even these players quite young and south like a lot of expectation a lot of pressure as not aware that kind of private comes sponsors. No such a thing in such a young cheap kind of a young age. But you know at that level. Even though it's sort of it might be the crowds might be very minimal. It sounds like the expectation and the pressure is still is so very real and you know it is a sort of flight or fight kind of situation. It feels like say it's it's it's more competitive than probably high and low energy pays a lot of players in the top hundred dempsey. That went very hot but happy to be Obviously tight the top ten. Assad guys a ruthless on. But yeah as you say you're fighting fighting for the same thing. It says a of survival of the fittest. Isn't it so you get these of rieti some very competitive mattress. You see in qualifying. See some cheating. You see some gains Off stuff out there. That's not pleasant. It feels like is a wild away from the cameras and it feels like it feels a little bit more like the wild west of you know of of the tennis. Well it feels like you know you see on. Social media feels like players can get away or they feel like any way they can get away with a lot more than say on the atp too aware you know. There's a camera. It feels like as a camera pretty much everywhere as a result of that field like it it did feel. Does it feel like the wild west soul. You know when you're playing it. Carnot yeah at every late was different from. When i went to france. i they Three hundred people watching but most of the weeks. Yeah that's amount stock walking pasta Bugs trying to pick tennis through offense. That's the reality of it and that's one of the reasons as money next has no money to give anyone. They're not selling anything so Yeah it was every every tournament every experience. I'll i'll look through my history matches no remember. Something's not sold A slight difference but most of the time. Yeah you're paying for a nobody. Apart from other players or a few really mad tennis the local would be that. It's it's lovely to have people you know. Yeah it's always been a bit self conscious if it's just me in the crowd but i'm sure you've got many interesting stories to tell from from all the features events and just what you described illnesses pushing water uphill trying to kind of exist. I guess on the tool but is there any like support provided by the it In terms of your mental health. Not just kind of financial support. But is there anything that when you were on the tool that was kind of provided to help with your missions whilst china survive on the circuit or have you seen anything that come in in more recent years with more focus on mental health app to go negative here pushing walter l. but there's absolutely nothing stogie dugout part of the reason on the i stopped. It's lonely out there and if you don't make any money off enjoying anymore then it's really with if you know what i mean. So that People that radius Playas will try and travel with other of just so you got something to do. Someone straighttalk goal which was was ready traveling with brits radio fun yeah it was just going to mention that because i feel like if you do just sort of play singles it. Could you feel quite lonely. And i might feel like you're such a living a code existence and licking at kind of your your titles in a lot of them come in the doubles arena playing with a lot of other kind of british tennis players as well as like dan met hers. Lewis burton josh poodle. Johnny and i think don evans well at one point you know. What was this attraction. Appear to you. That sort of you know. I to enjoy being young this toll and playing with my send maybe we. It was doubles few this way that you could live out a bit more in a more in a more funding joyful kind of environment versus kind of the singles doubles israeli gift from a young age. I've always been better at being lefty liking. Come to the net often lot better and actually some weeks when you'd australian singles. You get confidence from winning doubles I think one annoying single startles in the rest of so the study doubles titles Something like that but doubles yeah. I you're playing half the field. It's half the size of the Naturally better at it I enjoyed actually enjoy the singles matches. More 'cause he they're in a fight by yourself and it's very character building. I just Yeah i was just better doubles. I found a lot easier it. It helped my game a lot. More six rail obama big built guy. nopd shire on the net. So yeah it just. Yeah just suit- suited me more. But but actually. I had a choice to play doubles for the rest of my life and in the lower. Ranks at tennessee Money and they basically half the points for for winning nasa to actually make a living out of it. You gotta be top twenty three in the world to make a good living An overseeing the sacrifice it takes so yeah and i've been a black state enjoyed singles more. But i'll just froze them as good at it. I think that's probably quite tree for a lot of places you know we We speak we speak fabric about doubles or on the podcast and we had to one of our one of the top female placed on on last year. And yeah i should quite good insight into why she chose to specialize in doubles. But like you said it's it's eighty when you get to the top echelon. It can make ends me as world. Virginia william hill. America's number one sportsbook is now here and we have a special twenty twenty one offered to help you bet on all your favorite sports risk free. Download the william hill sportsbook. At when you sign up you can get started with a risk. Free bed of up to two thousand twenty one dollars. Use promo code radio terms and conditions apply when he one plus on gambling problem or chat or confidential toll free hotline at one eight eight eight five three two three five zero zero to make an interesting with william hill. Sportsbook i mean. Let's kind of move onto your epic kind of i guess fairytale. Everyone throw the out there. Marcus about wimbledon. Two thousand sixteen so low of our listeners will remember. You'll run into the second round playing roach ephedra on center coal but actually began quote way before before the main championships. I believe you were in the pre qualifying events. Is that correct. And you weren't actually even supposed to be in. That is that right. Yeah i saw. I did And the cat was going to really strong out become fully and i was ranked seven seven to the time i normally cows around a thousand but every mile in this dog came back for this year. i wouldn't go in had skulk clayton's flight nocco council from turkey. Wow he was at the end of a singles. Career added sorta turning just to have a swing and a flag. Oh cancelled neath Whatever but i was office actually lost person into that that match i hadn't had bought on cross plank german league matches and doing some some mini right. Coaching model club Obviously staying fit and hitting bulls a rail preparation for women. I mean what was your. What was your ambition. Got gotta gauge. That prequalify just made the car. Was it kind of just taking it. One match till i'm just seeing it. Where where it sounds like your expectations were at minimum very minimum. And did that. I guess that take the pressure off things. Up prequalify twice three full. I believe. I didn't think that was anyone. That aren't gonna bait Options yeah happy to get in and get him. So i'm but i'll be be bambridge. i'm mara and jeff shoals breaks a prequalify so not annoys his door. School didn't lose a set up like a continue playing pretty well. I was really happy to be women. The i wasn't surprised bit animal before so it wasn't a huge shock to anyone because i hadn't people knew i was still playing implying while it's just around the total tom. Yeah of course. I see moving onto the actual qualifying draw. I think people may be realized this. And i suppose as any becomes significant of late. But you've actually be. Andre rip levin daniel medvedev i believe in in not qualifying. I mean what was like play sugita. First round hood qualified. The last three years in a Joel round y'all got through him ripley on you with a very promising young step again. He very young. Quite technically tactically naive at the time didn't really lock coming to the net. So abate hidden straights so three and four four five something like that but but that was actually at the time i thought yeah. This is comfortable out up. Going experience He hated every minute of he was going nuts. Sounds like the replay. I i grew up with. 'cause i've seen him play when he was a bit more naive. I think you see life years ago. Usa putin and yeah he did have a temper him. And you definitely. I think has matured over the seasons but he was a very fiery character. I think probably around that that time you played him yet. Also i've got. I've got good hands up into the net Him at first few games he was hitting the ball so hard. And i said to my friend. So i'm gonna play this for a moment in your sites in the bachelor. Just use my hands. it also and just really gave him. Some radio could stuff to deal with and yeah played into my hands. A little bit and oslo franco Medvedev again research on him Seen it being developed a couple of times but alive why and again young so yeah and in my head loss ryan qualies but also taking 'em out shut solomon in las ron qualities of aslan address. Up him in full sets five one down straight who and his tennis was incredible on. All right this is at me. And i managed to hang back in in the set and get to breakpoint back Five four ended up losing the sets but in my head also raw match now And what. I won the second set as a broken. They went completely ballistic. That's i started believing buddy end. The was six three five to seven in the full. Not chugged norfolk game and then on dial to love it. Fly fool From the stage of being down that feeling to them being five to felt like a completely different match the match talking about kind of reap levin and medvedev. When you were playing them then did you think you know. Obviously they were kind of up and coming up and coming players. Did you think that they were going to be future. Top ten is in on the atp tool when you when you were playing. The moti thing that that wasn't going to be achievable based on on what they they shared you on the tennis cool. No neither i knew how. Well i was playing on you. How they were and how young they are. They still have a lot to learn. But i wasn't surprised at twelve months often will three of the guys. I played Fifty the and. I wasn't surprised so like i'm fully aware of how. What else flagging. how good they were But when you're plan that while you sort of just ride the wave and and manage it. It's it's a nice problem to have yet to go fakes on the match at the time of noon. I mean moving. Into the main draw you had bronchitis first round but just looking at the rule of did you say oh it could be federal around to if i can get through this match like was that you added pressure. We just did that kind of propelled forward because you beat ranker's and oversee first ever victory grandma. I i'm playing a senior grandson. But how did that affect you. When he saw looking ahead in the draw a shoulder at the beginning but to be honest it was such a whirlwind The media started kicking off a bit. So i was just enjoying it. Went to practice. I in the restaurant is just really quite simple heads by so i'd say no i won't didn't inspire me to win a lot of play brian. Kosovo six two six thousand four saying he was number one the wealth of my age incredibly complex. I believe talk win but but really not i wasn't. I wasn't a winning just united. The chancellor federa off the match on seventeen when i was walking off and i looked stolen so the school board fetters. Ninety one hundred remember crap have an issue here. What was it like just in that kind of match. I mean you've spoken about how much you enjoy playing with. Fans coming from the futures level where it could literally be. Cut a ban on that dog all the way to kind of wimbledon championships. Lots of tennis fans around you kind of cheering and cheering you on what. What was i was that feeling. Light to really have kind of the british crowd with you in such a such in a massive capacity is best. Buy career now shop to won't town cool. It was just a people looking over from the balcony tion. Six day in the atmosphere was yeah. I was so shocked at how supportive and how loud it was and then it completely relaxed We're gonna a policy today an Meringue cats and he was he was doing breathing. Nixon the colder Said tomat- get it now and a. Yeah bright first game and i mean it was quite i. It's a bright point issues but it was quite a comfy win three three and fool Applied well don't get me wrong. I think brand has had its best day. But when you got Thrive i always veteran team events. Those people that are pick one game up something. I've always always enjoyed digging something. I've found tough to emulate when you by yourself but yeah outdoor a fantastic was. That's interesting you talk about. The impact overcrowded. Because you know with the gang on and events having either partial crowds or no crowd. And i think we're seeing have kind of an effect on players particularly per game and the you know the energy they can bring to the cool because you know there are some players out there you feed off off the crowd and it sounds like it. Sounds like you're what players and it was just cut if if you will play today in terms of the no crowds and you know as you feed off. The energy is has that become more of a challenge. Now do you think in terms of the impact of the pandemic has had on tennis. I think i'm probably in quite a majority. The plate prefer playing in front of crowds But when they told him it's you don't have the option c. You didn't get the With no people that are enough. Place him terrible matches two people before. It's not landau is just something. I enjoy more unnaturally. When i was running that way thing that magazine tennis at and it's a sunny day. Diane you got the crowd behind you and your opponents than i mean everything. Just stars aligned in luck cooler fate. Whatever you want the the everything just fell into place that day. And i. I took every single chance i had But yeah i mean there are. There are some carrots you rafters would have the sidewalk right if non was barito but the guy is so rare so rare and you say you say play without crowds. A sloppy someplace laterally. Struggled molin normal for sure can compete change even just if there is a few people that you know it can affect how into the match. The the few feed crimes zero. Oh i mean going on to the second round with federal oversee the media. Would it be massively hyping up like you were saying. I suppose your request seduced fees must have gone three in the day before. How did you find juggling all that. Because the normally wouldn't be dealing with so many requests and having students fees like did she not enjoyable. Was it kind of putting you off a bear or was he just kind of again just taking his of the whole experience exactly. I was taking everything out that in. Luckily i had agent during that time. An old friend of mine who was at the time managed. All my stuff is as soon as i thought i had that help. So that was a huge. Like some really ready embody but advice. That rebound sort of saying no Roll cost is about interviews because automated that five hours. Have i said yes to everything Am amedeo still still big but it was. It was positive stuff and was willing to all these running period lead. The students lost a federal. The next one that we went on finishing holly willoughby's thing on on the tv that. But after that i mean i i was absolutely exhausted for two weeks riding on that cloud riding on adrenaline completely disc- on that on that match with federal i mean stepping out. Kind of the stuff of dreams for british play came slam on grass against the best girls. Schools are all time. okay. I mean he lost that first set to love. Will you kind of thinking at the end of that. Say oh this is no gang a tool. Well we kind of just got nothing. Today's and just going to give you know how we failing especially like us. As much started off there was concern. Because i wanted to twenty one and twenty points for set i had gained points every one of my status gains in either one on his maybe to I just wasn't playing the big points on on the on the Deciding point so. I a veteran be when i had john guy for not too much Solids concerned actually. I'm playing pretty well. And i'm six lockdown but actually as soon as about game i i sympathize things a bit. I stopped going facility shots on big points and in the end i had opportunities in the data to break in state step ahead but it wasn't to be but yet you don't have to react when you're out there on cool. My my shoulder was stiffening up the trainer on six loving. You had thinking time there. But that's no way thinking gone tell you. That's what was your game plan going into. The match of cb probably never played like federal before great civil. Now what were your. What was what we're kind of your taxes. What was going through your head in terms of how to make life difficult for him you know. We have seen him. I think there's been a few times where he has been kind of trouble again earlier. Rounds i'm obviously take you about two that that. Follow the hundred dollar amounts choice. It took him five. Actually so i mean like did you kind of looking back those situations in china seek inspiration from there were you what were you kind of. What was going through your head in terms of how how you gonna make your life difficult for him. And his first round against penta. He looks struggling with his lower back especially on the low back end. Plan oversee to to hit that hard. I think he had an injection date before any. Yeah he matched everything through. Emmett will stop but it was. It was actually to talk is back on keep impact that colin are very much them bullying and really give them not no rhythm as much as possible. I thought it yeah. I think i think the game plan was good. I think he's better than a simple as that on the day off of needed. Glad ten hidden as plant a full on and it would have happened. it does happen sometimes the tactically. Ivanka is four his back home and this is before he did all that work on his gun before we paid than if you remember twenty seventeen Rafa you can forget it. But his back anna significantly improve then. I was lucky enough to plan before. So i quite most of my muslim world came from his backhand side admits a few back. Kansal come into his background. Not quite as strong on the pass back then Probably even now to be honest but again you'd you keep playing the same sort of back on a stops running around on your toes so you do have to keep him on. Do have to to make some up an tight risks. That was mine. that was tactic. Yeah you talk about mixing it up. I think for fans the the moment. Everyone kind of remembers. Was that that point that you loved him into that and then you loved him and the crowd went absolutely ecstatic. I think it was kind of the tournament. Can you could you cut. It took a seri- that that point because it was you know i was watching it last week and it was just so it was perfectly worked and i thought he must be. He must be pretty happy with himself. Cut a loped. Lobbed federal railroad said cool. Yeah what was how. Can you describe that feeling. Us just went to lockdown lost my serve from having gained point so i think it was when that happens i was right in the middle of focusing on my friends will jay tau. I apply very hansie so too much device. Look i was playing around a drop shot lob keeping keeping him on his toes but she. It's the way like to not treat play. And on your wilson gonna Trading with him playing pac pacman tennis. I was going to have to really be small and yet that's what i did. I mixed him up that point. He he didn't really have a rate of waller's doing early in the match saw othello had while i was really struggling. Massaging out in seconds The they close the roof. It was found a bit damp Often over about three times now i. i think that's playing federal as well. He makes you feel like you rubbish. But now you had great point. It goes shot the tournament. On the sean tower like tennis logs poces drop schultz's that tell everyone always feel like lobster like a staple of that law. I remember the ad debar. Lob with the the davis cup vitals be such a such seems to be such a You know fad favor. I think about british fads and yeah i just it was just such a you know just a well constructed point and to see it happen. It was society It was very very very pleased to say. Just kind of talking about Match kind of went on. And you know. I it was less. I kind of writing was on the wall and you were kind of staring defeat and when you're kind of coming to the net and going handshake with federal. Did you have any kind of moments with empty words. Fear because he was quite quick. I think to get off the court and you kind of have your your moment you. What did you have any sort of shed. Conversations is as a as a gentleman. And i've seen him the last couple of years and we share. That many ways comes in us. How i am marcus doing about that. No it doesn't but not he. He's yes super ugly guy. Obviously let me have my moment. That went cab on the field. His four I could. I felt like. I could otherwise. I was disappointed but he might spirits So so nice to me and really didn't have to do that. And i mean it was the remarkable toward the whole run three for you and apart from kind of going on holiday and phil you know meeting them the next day and do we media. What was kind of the i. Guess the tight comb from wimbledon twenty-sixth. Did it give you the belief that actually you you can compete with the best. Don't all that you do gotta to be playing challenger in an atp events or will you kind of i guess thinking a bit more pessimistically or perhaps realistically that okay. This is great. If i had a great and i you know load more price on a and you know points per. It's probably going to go back to what i was doing before leading. What was your perspective. Afterwards to build two weeks already. Work everything out out at a dot myself to a challenger ranking. I play plenty of challenges a few years before nazi played. Adp maasai. so i'd had a taste rostock to make money at the game Yeah although i could push lawmakers My house completely Back but i wanna play the told on Dropping set ninety p had lost in three sets from a breakout Some whatever was certainly there some. I mean adapting company wants you know train. A top academy also steinheim. Yeah i think. I'd had enough looking back and at the yes how i felt. Okay guy forbid and yes. It's caught. i was so torn in my head. Because he thinks it's never gonna get not hang but but of course. I thought it one of my playing tennis. I was the Automate absolutely gutted Was because i didn't make men's wimbledon out so close twice radiating clients and really wanted that day out just decide played when it's on. It's amazing so. I think i was happy with that Didn't get guy too much of that. And i believe i have. The level had some good matches. But you need a lot more than that on the toy Going after thirty weeks a year and training fulltime academy so. I think i wanted to do that. It's interesting you talk about that. 'cause recent put costs we speak about dominate team won the usa. You know big fast time grandson law season he feels. He's on a bit of a down at the moment and it's interesting that it's like if a lot of players it's like they've realized that dream realized there i'm bishen and once they've done that and they then look forward They assume near you kind of perspective and is interesting. The someplace i think kind of all ready to kind of reach new heights and want to achieve that. But there are other plays wetterau carnival. Actually it's more It has a different perspective. Going there and interesting to us To hear from you about the fact the you said you didn't feel that your heart was was quite a even though you felt like you had the the ability and was it was that kind of your. Was that kind of coming from that kind of the idea of like the tour and not wanting to guy sat around the world and what was. What was that really coming coming from. I don't know i. I look back and think about my actions not not how i felt I didn't really really push on Tournaments had a couple of injuries. Actually the probably three back a bit. I think every player has a law career but the dominic teams is probably a lot better than mine. My list actually. Eight fifty grabbed guys very quickly. Dominic thiem liz I'm struggling with much of a bit. But i'm still a mexican. He'll getting back again. It's just dip in this career and all the talk guys have had it when when you have when you're low ranked and sometimes it i guess and that's life. I've got no regrets until ready. I'm back and think oh. I wish i did that because i didn't want to. For whatever reason i as i i clearly didn't so i think i think i had enough of being time scraping the barrel But yeah i think yeah. I don rows ready most face. But it wasn't consisting so that sounds like me and my my day job marcus. I have days where. I just gotta be buffeted so i can understand where you're coming from. I think it's not true. You and flow of human emotion. As well and i think we will kind of a similar age. She and i think i mean for me. I haven't been traveling around the world my career but as she got older. You just kind of wouldn't always to be a bit more settled sometimes as well and you just changed knee. What you kind of valley more exact malatya had such a crazy life Nicole she feel guilty. Some people can't alma you'll talent. I'll be doing this knock Get fired up but economist full sound. So unless you're around at twenty four seven and you owns. It doesn't already. How because you know ones that anyone else's shoes so it's Every few years people change change what they want a. I'll be doing it since i was sixteen. So i'm sort of ready to move on now. I still love playing tennis. Get me wrong I don't need to make money and to debate. What really where. I wanna be is talk to top ten in the world doubles and realistically that will take up last two three years. And that's losing forty grand a year. And i'm just not willing to do that is one of those things. With all the best case scenario you did have a prey. Epic doubles win wimbledon twenty seventeen. Next year he played the doubles with with j clarke that year. And you beat mma who an yuga in the second round in five sets. And i think what they were the defending champions at the time. I believe. that's probably the second best. Mockery a cool three everyone. It'd be drinking all day and it was like davis cup again. Yeah i could speak Was was. We should never have really been john's considering how experience i manage a seconds oldman together so we would say that some of them around on the outside cool pulled through that and then yeah they were six. Wrap against dawson. I think it was one of the west of scams seen and followed by obama. Who and they by. Two vocation dumped Five one off in the second thinking hold on a minute basically set and then from set three. We just play ten after both of us and and Unfairly them nearly beat them afford zoe at la. Forty five in the four three matchpoints. So yeah i mean we. We will be fighting currently well and then they got pretty nervous and again. The atmosphere is just electric. I mean accommodate my luck two years in a row out so not so about mr so on just lost As well so. I was down on any qualified c. As in a row that would have been really good. I mean the atmosphere of three bit. Saturday versus sedco completely different party atmosphere pins in the strawberries and cream. It was a bit more. Did you feel it was a bit more raucous kind of outside. Yeah it was like it was seventeen. It was like seventeen brand case. It was up on sensor every much. More well-behaved online respectful Cycles but very good experience for the better when you win isn't it. Yeah i mean at least you said he fell in the final round of qualifying for the singles. Are you was hoping you live a wildcard into the into the manger after your kind of exploits of the previous year or we don't get your hopes up too high for that. Oh yeah of course also on all south gossip. But i didn't get one but osa grateful. has to give you anything to On a bit of adultery shoulder. Probably what i should have done was was restaurant up until the grass odd play. Dennis could loss to alex minore in three sets in surbiton so as playing really good tennis. Yes Futures in spain lost the round on the clay at probably shouldn't play. That told matt in hindsight. 'cause you have other plans james he just didn't plateau and wimbledon walkouts. Maybe that would have been a small swath guy ansett but Again get anything. I was naturally disappointed. Because i thought i had a chance but in the same white great for the qualities on one match away from doing it again i think it would sweet to have qualified again to then say actually now that to be here which which are probably made up for the double so yeah happy. Happy ending the following year. Prequels implant donovan. Second round so that great seven six minutes day. It sounds like you've played a lot of players he got onto to bigger and better things you know the seasons. I mean that's kind of your career kind of progressed. And you're kind of getting towards a point where i guess you kind of realizing actually i need to kind of move on with my life. Was there it was kind of flash. Maybe when that happened or was he saw something that was building up in a period of time. And i think particularly with the you know the pandemic hitting all season you that was that kind of reset business with the toll to that. Give you a different perspective. What was kind of your thoughts in terms of realizing that. There's going to be life off the tennis and that was approaching for you. Yes depend on. I didn't help. i think. I didn't want to feel the way i did. And i think those money continue doing it. Because i do love lying matches. But it's just very unrewarding an grace by four weeks out there. I think picked up about fifty arrest prizemoney to the tournaments Still like cokie. This is rubbish. I'd say it changing. Yeah it's very difficult with a with a situation with with covid with the amount of tournaments going on And yeah it's a distance as something that the situation socks on volks in the app to quit. And i can try and help other people in that game now. I'd like to be taught coach. And and how about get something out of that. And that's where my lifestyle yeah we. We've had a little of our listeners. Asking what's your next next stage. We had to ropy. Learn asking us on twitter. You're going to attempt to become a coach for well for a player on the atp or wgn or are you going to be doing. Coaching qualifications will sounds. Like you've already done a bit of coaching pre-bus correct yeah biz involves Now i'm gonna qualification soon. Just decided that in iowa in half the the dream job that off got something to fall back on tennis wise Be coaching sixty hours. A week on my fate. Until i'm fifty years old now. I'd love to work with top player. On how young says chief. That dreams On local think coaches is molin. Just tennis. I think you can really help people. Molin that Yes now it's just get through my qualifications And see what options i put up. I'm going to be very proactive in and we're ongoing That's that's my to planet longtime who knows. It's either really make any long-term plants because they never seem to planning so he has a wise maeve. I was just going to add talking about kind of your career. In the fact you've come up you've gone you've gone through like almost the whole system really talking about kind of under twelve and under fourteen etc seventy feels that you can as a coach at valley more in a i guess to the take that genius inside of the game where you know what it's light to kind of go from that sort of protected environment a eat a being out in. You're having to cut of a hotel. Kobe should cut a full yourself. Say yeah it's it's it's really because i think we've coaching is a little different ways. I guess you couldn't complain. I guess we see all of them as a fan but yeah feels of junior. Tennis is something the it could be. It could be a opportunity particularly. We've kind of pretend to get involved in voted off. Got as he out up under experienced at in future challenges junior gain. I can give it a good advice. Things welcoming knockin also. Look at the coulda done better and help people that way. You can help people on so many different. Thanks for your success in your failures. Nothing is important to realize what they saw and and learn you play a lot learn. What's going to get them. Tikki non how to get the best out of them On hell but nothing could help your love. You know the full team. Blase each with with dunia. Tennis and i've gotten a lot with with getting kids into tennis with begin coaching. Bob shaw can learn all excited. Great not another chapter in your life in tennis. And i mean obviously you speed sway can go about your experiences in things that you would perhaps want to change on the top. Is there like one thing that if you could the inch onto the tour maybe within british tennis is a setup for young one thing that maybe you wish that wish you'd been able to make he had been around when when you were kind of starting out in your career while i think what will happen. Things are going things the things that people are very much willing to help you. It's winning when you're not doing so well. I think if our young growing up as a as a kid. I was nine. Nineteen twenty when i lost one sunday and also left la nothing tons of plasma. What say the site. I think he actually like a heat. A human connection with somebody molin Someone to sort of check of the day want you next plan so the of life assistance is such and you might not wanna play tennis. But he didn't think they've got a system now where you know. They help you with different qualifications. They lucky strikes. But that's only come in really recent. And i think you just need to have people looking out for the for the individual Rob just you right near out. Yvonne yvonne flexible convey about is but i think addressing that i think they now yesterday that giving the under eighteen winner of nationals women colleagues out. I think i should have happened a long time ago. But it's happening. Now i think taking big strides food. And i'm gonna trying get in there and and help. How many plants like. That's fantastic. And i believe marcus that you have set up a podcast. Is that correct. You're you're getting into the podcasting game as well and is that. Is that connected with your kind of decision to try and help others with that. Jd in tennessee is it. what's the name of what's the. What's the seremet that you've kind of created for torment a day. Australian subbed Fantastic tennis coach. up hill. It's something we decided the. Stop the us lockdown. Let's just talk about tennis and something that's actually kicked off lot. We've had few guests on the call. A big mac listeners. Now something that. I will do for the future and and see where it takes us enjoy talking about tennis we enjoy you know different people's views on stuff aid. No matter how extreme they on how ronald they are good to hit. Perspectives of stuff Yeah started off as just a and now. we've go. Yeah it's got a decent enough backing in getting of emails from people who have already enjoying it. It's much of its tennis. General Chris and it's just it's so sometimes you just have a waffle recall. We just talk. Obviously tennis spoke. Yeah you now. You mentioned kristoff. Got to ask a year ago cheeses and onion all neither. Oh ready salted only. We're only when you were brought. I've never eaten them in england. I really is quiet. For some reason. On holiday takes nicer people agree with me. But maybe it's just because you need the because you to so in england. What's the name of the podcast for all our listeners. Want you talking about okay and his own kind of made. Spotify google fantastic. Well we'll put a link in the eight for this episode. So listeners can have a listen as well and we actually talking gallison's. We've got a couple of listener questions. If that's okay say you sort of. I guess kind of covered this but we've question from lynch pin one of our regular listeners. She said did you. Enjoy all the fame Did you miss the attention. When you got back to regulatory life was it a relief and then she's ps hillary's famous in my eyes. Love that wimbledon's say much him. She's a willis No i shut. They was good. It was all positive story. But it says apothecary. Jews Yourself gaurav a million pounds to celebrity big brother down straightaway. i'd already done like Behind closed doors. I very much enjoy the run on jolo But you know quite normal life as well and we a list question from tom bryant to ask very plain and simple. Who is the funniest person on tour. Nick career. not even a question. I love him to fit. So i mean. I think he's great for tennis Very smart with some of his decision. Sometimes but i think it's really refreshing. And i think waste of tennis. I think Young kids look up to him and and probably play because Behind cousos lovely. Gaza and he has a lot of as well. It's just the people. Forget ca big. He doesn't really have a so Every time he plays. I watch i like goran growing up. Like allow lot margaret. Are you a fan of the underarm. then Team your fan will not out at age in the rose So often people just going to come down your throat all nice. Okay do twice. But i don't think it's something that will see regularly use match You might be able to catch one one point out But out what pay off the wrong person why we saw with all about it. And i think i'm just going to be. Gambling can have an adverse effect. Yeah yeah So marcus it's been fantastic. Thank you so much for your time. And you mentioned a what crisp right but we do have one more kind of food and drink related question which we always ask our guests as we all. Quiet british podcasts. We both love our off t on the passing show. Say we have a pulsing short brief bold. We'd like to add your name to it but we need to ask you very important question and that is how do you take your tea or if you are teetering kurtulus tool like. Do you have a favorite type of tea houses. Yeah i'll be doing some work on a building site my cousin recently and and people bring tease out. So i just haven't hilda's just build a sugar And not some of or three men tale of tried all the all the bullets By coffee mama oatmeal flat white man myself. Ooh i get tight. Rope flat right If i'm having it's It's a note. No suga love equally. Bill a stay of your shitty yes i take. I take milk anymore. I have to say like broke. Standard t and me. I was very intolerant. So i stopped and then i just never went back to it because i just saw actually not saying. I am very much on the bill. Bill t no sugar that is definitely writer Con cont beta came have big arguments quite often. I feel they didn't make the podcast but yeah we we always have not head. Exactly gonna say marcus. It's been absolutely fantastic. Giving you a time to us and coming onto the sharing kind of talking about you'll kind of career in tennis. It's been really insightful. Really fascinating talking about kind of you. Will you will junior career and you'll stories at wimbledon really fantastic insight is what is kind of fuel plans for the future just very quickly for our listeners. Who want to get bit more. Marcus williams kind of social media kind of instagram or twitter. Can you let us know where you'll Listeners arlington's even can confine g. will bom ninety w. i l. nine zero nickname. I got when i was younger. Because i used to have a say a few paul big bomb people to well bob very very very job was always wondering that. Say okay right of land. Something needs today okay. So he's not on on instagram and twitter. We'll ninety nine zero stuff will listeners. We'll put a link to that In description as long along with his. Podcast what you talking about willis but yeah. I think that wraps it up for this episode of passing short meets listeners. We've really enjoyed kind of listening to this. I remember to subscribe to the passing shot to keep up to date on all of the tennis. This season. the on apple podcasts. Spotify over costs costs books. Ciccio wherever you listen to your podcast. Make sure to subscribe to the passing show. And if you have been enjoying listening to us on apple podcast make sure to leave us a rating and comment and you can follow us on social media. We are on twitter. Instagram and facebook ads passing short. Get on get in touch with us on their give us a like a follow. Subscribe if you haven't already and he likes to get in touch by email you can say passing shot pot. Go dot com. Yes and finally. Marcus willis thank you for coming on for our latest edition of possi show meets. It's been really great having you on talking talking tennis with you. Thank you very much for having me. It's been a really nice in some of the sub sometimes ego on anita the was like play roger federer. And that's it and that's what that's what you win with. It was nice having job of things. Arrays and yeah this is we will be back later. I think next week back on the tour back with a tour. Catch up on the miami hype you join us for that one. But in the meantime thanks for listening. And we'll see you again soon. Jinyu william hill. America's number one sportsbook is now here and we have a special twenty twenty one offered to help you bet on all your favorite sports risk free. Download the william hill sportsbook. At when you sign up you can get started with a risk. Free bed of up to two thousand twenty one dollars. Use promo code radio. Alrea terms and conditions apply twenty one plus on gambling problem. Call text or chat or confidential and toll free helpline at one eight eight eight blocks two three five zero zero to make it interesting with william hill sportsbook.

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2020 Best of Lige-Bastogne-Lige


1:14:47 hr | 1 year ago

2020 Best of Lige-Bastogne-Lige

"All RIGHT EVERYBODY. Welcome back to the move. Podcast brought to you. By patrolling Tequila. We buried clearly. Have a couple of patrols. Today we're talking about the edge best only as and as we all know. Unfortunately we're not talking about the twenty twenty Liz best only as at least not yet talk that A lot of these spring classics will be held a very compact and condensed cycling season. In the fall we can touch on that a little bit later I'm also as always sitting beside somewhere else in Austin Texas J. B. Hager J. B. H. a. k. j. h. and the newly bearded one east of us in Greenville. Look at the GREYBEARD on Mr Hincapie. Thanks for pointing that outlets YEP and somewhere farther east Mr Johan Bruyneel the Real J. B. You doing on the man and never sleeps the man who never sleeps we for the listener and viewer. At home we have. We're on a group text. That's how advanced we are and we'll start talking about you. Know what time should we do this? And and what should we talk about what what been to just show? We covered by the way this year. Today we're covering today covering nineteen eighty seven one by Marina Argentine for his third time in the world champion's Jersey and two thousand nine which is worn by Andy Slick but we'll be going back and forth on stuff and I just look at my watch. I don't know about you guys but I look at my watch like it's you know it's nine o'clock. I'm doing the math in my head. Like what time is it in Spain where he is like? Does this guy not sleep you on? What is wrong? That's that's how dedicated and passionate about well. You always have been and so that's nice to see that that hasn't changed. Hey before we jump into it a little bit of a housekeeping here before we get to the housekeeping and talk about our supporters As we've said the last few weeks you know we still just continue to live in this time where it's to me. It's just so uncertain. You know where we are as a as a not just a country but as a society with regards to testing all the different types of testing antibody testing testing for the virus. Vaccinations stay at home. Orders social distancing all of the things and so it's you know but But it just is what it is and so We're all adapting as best. We can you know I'm I know I'm Using this time to just kind of double down on my health and wellness and then also learn new things which I won't bore you all with but just Reading a lot and and and doing stuff that I guess I've always wanted to do or learn about It's been cool. You know and as my good buddy. Dan Buettner said on the show on the forward a couple of weeks ago. You know. I think this provides us as a society a real opportunity to hit reset right. And if you think about life you know at me almost fifty years old you. Just don't many chances to hit reset and so I I wouldn't I wouldn't waste you know it's a funky time but if you can hit reset for yourself for your family for community you know why not. This might be your only shot and so and with with regards to cycling. We talk about it on the show every week you know. Probably also an opportunity for the Peleton hit reset -ironically. I got a message from one of the top pros last night. wanted to to to go on about how best to sort of re engage reemerged re Restart the cycling season and and do they put their foot down now anyways I. I'm glad that they're starting to be these questions. But it is a chance for a reset for them so before we jump into nineteen eighty seven. Lia's best only a little bit of business today. Show is brought to you by amp human by the way both these companies. We'll talk about our our Companies that we have invested in it next ventures My two partners Conquer Mel strong great great team there. We love these brands impune. We talked about them last summer. Aside from having just an incredible ip their initial product is the PR lotion in. You know. We talked about it on the show. A lot of guys in this sport today use it. Nobody nineteen eighty-seven seven used in. Nobody in two thousand nine used it but today this PR lotion. The buffer tactic acid. Absolutely works I mean you you I. I heard I was like come on. That can't work and as I tested it and pushed it and got into it man it it. It's just a it's a difference maker. It's a game changer. And so for our listeners. About a free five. Pack Worth Twenty Bucks all you gotTa do is pay the five bucks shipping free fightbacks the open this little box. Here you get five pack in there rub it on thirty minutes before you go right or wrong or go to the gym or whatever it is. You're doing I'm telling you complete game changer. Go to human dot com slash the move to get your free samples today. Show is also brought about power dot another great investment of Rs and in a company that I just say it all time This this is it man. Look at my face and I have a big head so you see it's small. My head is getting smaller George. Because I'm getting leaner and fitter and I'm coming for you with the heat of a thousand suns. I think agree with your head getting cleaner. I think we need to side-by-side arrogant of you right now in the view last month when we're really were six ago last site each other in Mexico or would that two months ago already. I'd like to see the comparison to perhaps you can do oppose for that show. Yeah Yeah I was very prosperous. Okay as your as your as Your Weirdo. Fans called me prosperous now. I will tell you as I continue to get back on instagram. And kinda show my new look. Your fans have come to my side. And here's what I'm going to get to power. Here's what they're saying. You know what they say. George they say you look less progress. This is a thing this this is this is this has the makings of a new. T. Shirt like it right and so this this anyways but since I've been training so hard I gotta say I'm almost fifty and just get aches and pains and you know what else I've been doing. Besides riding a bunch is running a bunch so the ankles don't work the same. The hips don't work the same. The low backers the power dot is a game changer. Normally I'd have it in my backpack on the road traveling all over for a whole variety of reasons. Now just sit at home. And and work on my. You know my aches and pains in my old age but Truly a game changer. One update on power dot a free thirty day at home trial so I mean why not right. Give it a shot. Give it a go Feel the difference for yourself. Go TO POWER DOT DOT COM. Use the code not slash them a bit. Use The code the move to try it out come in for George Aright. Let's jump in the best only I just before we talk and I opened it up to you guys. I just wanted to point out one thing as I as we soar set so it sounds like an on beck. Sounds like it's eighty miles down and eighty miles back from liaised best on it's forty five miles the raises one hundred and sixty miles or just gives you a sense for you. Basically shoot down to best on and then it's just they literally ride back to find every single hill that they could possibly find and you'll see it as we watch this coverage it is one of the hardest one day races on the map on the calendar and again we get the cool opportunity to see the difference to see to cycling to see cycling from the late eighties and see cycling in the two thousands completely different sport. Johan quick question Did you raise the nineteen eighty seven? Lia's best only edge or as you people in Flanders Call it the luck best luck. Buster Malcolm Look. Yeah I did. It was actually my first year of professional Nineteen eighty-seven and I was you know it wasn't a very small team of the burden. Sponsor was a bank from the edge though we got We invite and so as rookie. Of course I didn't. I didn't finish the race but I have a very interesting story about a race is won by Argentine world champion and early in the race for me. Those guys were like no idols. Eight hundred eighteen world champion Special Jersey At some point I knew I was nervous. I kind of touched his back wheel and we both went down. I made him fall and he was. He was like gone it off. I got my my Verbal aggression from Marino was. Of course he was the big favourite. You had one already. You got well. He was a very cranky guy he was cranking none no. He was cranky. Okay well you know again of I mean I can understand. There's this rookie guy. He's you know he's all out of his out of out of his league. And then you know your eyes on the fragrance I would be frustrated frustrated to oh I would have been some kind of pissed. I just quit my my Marino Argentine story quickly when I was first year as a pro on Motorola. He started yelling at me and a race and he didn't you know I was I was he. He he and he started calling. Bishop thought I was Andy Bishop and a little asshole. I'm I'm twenty twenty one years I turn around and I called him fondriest. What an asshole. I mean this guy multiple time this guy a future hall of Famer. I'm nobody I turned it. I mean what a little trick was ninety to ninety. This was either. Yeah it was either late night. It might have been late ninety two now. It might have been torched. It was probably tour. The Med ninety three nonetheless walk. You know it was because then we came back Intro fail like Walia and we were in the breakaway together which You know the very fortunate to have one. But he he He sat up in the sprint. He didn't want to be. I swear to God. He didn't want to be seen in the picture so myself. Leonardo Sierra from Venezuela some other dude. What's that de la Santa and Argentine forming up the road anyways? He's a legend and I was a little asshole. That's the takeaway. So let's let's let's jump in one thousand nine hundred seven again like we say every week. Just look it I. I love watching this old footage. Look at the bikes. Look at the speed there. Going these hills and you'll see the difference from two thousand nine Look at the equipment. Look at the clothing. It's just it's just completely different. Let's not forget. We have a special guest. Dan Guests talk about this race. So after after we have two guests today so after nine hundred eighty seven. We'll have guessed number one and then after nine we'll have guests number two property. Johan for making a call and getting this footage like if you've watched footage from the eighties on youtube you can barely tell what's going on. This is like the commercial grade footage from the broadcast. It's it's really impressive. You know what I watched J. B. I'm glad you said that you know what I watched from the eighties. The other day top gun. No no I always when I'm talking to the kids. I don't know why but growing up in the eighties there was there. Was this commercial for this. You Silly Board game called operation and at some point in the commercial. You're just laughing at some point in the commercial like the fucking creepy as voice of all time comes is it takes varies daddy. And do you remember that commercial? That's why say it to the kids all like especially my little ones and like dead Europe freak your creep like what is an. I pulled it up on Youtube and I watched this commercial and sure enough at the end. This this this weird voice. It takes very steady hand very steady hand to me now. I Fang Operation Iraqi doctors game. That does sound creepy. I do remember that. Don't bring that up to the kids right now. You should show your kids so all right. Let's jump in. Here is nineteen eighty-seven all right here. We go. We jump right into the nineteen eighty-seven Lau best in Ocala. See that there that's the Flemish pronunciation. Of course we all mostly know it as the edge. I only hear about seventy kilometers to go again. You just see the difference in cycling through the car see the equipment look at these images. Gert Janta on the left. I mean if if people who watch cycle and in the eighties nineties he was he was like he was like Like he was in Motley crue and somewhere in this race is Johan Bruyneel dirt. Girl was one of my heroes. I know still watch him talk. He was one of the Taller riders. And now this was a Rockstar on the mountain. loved watching him growing up. This is this is Anderson Guys who have been in Flanders a few weeks before and now they're in the final Nowadays also really not the nuts nuts thinkable anymore but the media even any car in sprinter phones. The Wolf is one of my one of my heroes and here. This is already This further in the race so you have argued in a climb that still to this day features very prominently a Labrador is arguably the most famous one. And we're you know. Most people tend to think that the race is going to be decided. The all Stephen Roach Anthony said we have This month your one of your brothers. Where on the French national champion kit jobs with a male forty years old at that age or years old Robert Miller interesting story so this is This is good selection of strongest guys. Or Sir this is already far this strictly on our talking Seemingly at least but will see later on that. It's this is not the ace up. Radio is making no very heart attack and you you you were telling us a second. Ago Creek. Had One quickey on had one tour finders just just the week before or two weeks for before. Yes yes it was. This is Steven Rochon. Bridging up the could on so these are the two strongest riders on the Labor already gathering flesh on the Wednesday before so feeders. Before the special near you have dinner with the Chaser so basically you know out of the race. George George Sorry. We stepped on your there. What were you gonNA say George while? I just thought it was really interesting to see how easily a Roach Bridge on crime. Read right boss. The current world champion Time Marine Argentina. And you could tell. He was on an incredible day. That bad day in as we'll find out later on that year would best year ever hit yet? Argentina's even even dropping from the chaser. So you would say right Roach Strong who's that's the writers going for the same scenario a little bit like without the nineteen Amicable racine also brickley all Was obviously very strong. Roach is best year ever And so now they're going to get defined of the race to the finish this at this is the Which was usually the last flying men by the way how? How good did Stephen Roach look on a bike? Look I mean he in that generation look at this. I mean completely efficient. I mean there's nothing. Wasted their viewers are home? Watch leaving the rewind that because you could save the the downshifting he puts Inter Europe down below. And we're back. What the big chain ring and does the jagged pronouncing the watch. Sorry the ruptured. So here we have. This is the finish. Oh argan incomes out of nothing from behind and being the least strong writer hoagies five comes back and wins the sprint than Wentz for the third time in a row which is unbelievable it because he was just a wily Fox. I mean he knew how to do things like that. We watched a bit more indepth coverage earlier on in last date. Argentine dropped like four times narrow one day and he never gave up a comeback catching up with TUNA MUSIC. Own wins the whole thing. Comes the Roach Post race interview? Stephen Roach it won't happen in that final today. What happened Argentine. Come from the bike in the winter. Spent after being away quick. You didn't seen him before dawn on nothing. I just say that I say one of the mainers that aligned so that was too big deception. I understand everything. That's the big deception as he said. But we will ask our our special guest today. Is Mr Stephen Roach? The last person to win the triple crown and cycling for those. Who Don't know at is the Jiro. The tour in the world championships and in many ways may never happen again. The sport is just so different. Now probably if I make a prediction is just won't happen again. We have sleeping. We have Steven joining us now. Saw Your you know your performance in your interview? You're incredibly incredibly disappointed. And I guess you could still remember. Thank you for joining US Stephen Than And welcome to the move out of me on the John. You know it's amazing. It's still long ago but the memories are so vivid in my mind. You know. There's certain raises you. You win or lose you you you forget this one. I will never forget the one the one that got away. You know like I I one one or two one day races like the world. Championships are festival on our Senate last time women alias Muster years but have been for me you know. What a capitalized. Oh nomo one tours never WANNA be classic whereas an incredible so at nightmares tonight so Stephen. He was because Argentine was dropped. Quite a few times in your mind. If you think back and you're in your mind he was gone. He was never coming back. Well Yeah for me. Add on our only two guys left the race damn but to understand all that's gonNA flush like little bit three or four days before because there was a seven second power sneeze second toward a neon second or third year. Low the HYPE PLACES ON OFFEND YOU. Second or third again. Nfl on days before US might be four years. I started my practice for everybody. Five came to my room with your great guy you know but second hair second. I Arthur place here as there is no big deal. You know we want you to have to win so you have to be prepared to to lose to win. That's good. I'm good tightly. Get so I ended up them into finally at the club to going to him. A mind got to be prepared to lose to win. Normally I would have written Weizer line but this day you tactics be prepared to lose to win and I thought about everybody else. Wow I guess I guess even you bet you second beginning of that season but at the end of the season I guess the Boifava didn't say the same. I didn't have the same speech anymore right after winning world championships in was a different story. Well it's different story okay but you know the US. Every time. I wrote it generally up there. No place in the champions and it was definitely a race of one reason. Made more was not just might A. M My coaching from aided by five with this new technique Progress lose to win at all was On the G. A. Incestual on three days earlier I was flying over the Saudi quick alarm joke on a few guys and Happens those as doesn't show happens again today Leaving it all. Let's do it together you attack. I won't right after you attack. You know you don't write off to me. We do it together. Ever wins wins so we said Okay and then I was just talking. If you times and I noticed curriculum was GONNA thoughtless on driving up pushes somebody else to catching time. When cloudy way nobody chased and then I realized there's something else going on you know so I realize that maybe I've been Kinda. Claudius spoken somebody else in the group to maybe the same kind of scenario storylines equity the same deal but Junked auto tactic even the great to see you. You look great and it's been a long time. I can't remember the last time I saw you but just for reference for our viewers know today's technology. We're getting up to minute. Time splits known exactly. Who's coming up are ahead or how far behind in that particular day. When did you was your last hand split and did you have literally no idea that? He was actually coaching. It's SURENA meters ago. I'm a big. I'm not to be found it all up to the race. Radios will be you know. Hutton ended in Tomorrow for cuts without one day and a given thinking raceway. But we've got a time. Check out about thirty five forty seconds down with the laws and the last five K. We slowed up. We basically stopped on the road. So thirty five forty second in a Miller on the guys chasing. I enjoy the gap very quickly and when you turn around the team cars you couldn't feeder writers and you couldn't see my team director shouting Renault. Hey Guys Hey Guy Mutlu guys coming back from behind was race over it was neon cricket on if I was going on he could win and he knew if he led me off. I would win so we ran great sprinters basically could come off the wheel a real win. It's even its exact. Last week we covered Amstel Gold Race from twenty nine thousand nine hundred and it's basically exactly what happened right. You had Allah Felipe and Google Song in the front with you. Know the minute plus with three kilometers to go in their minds that like okay. This is why some one of us is GonNa win whoever wins this up sprint and of course behind. They're going as fast. They can't but still nobody could have believed. It's the same but that's you know for the listener. The viewer at home. This is what happens when those two leaders play cat and mouse game. And you're going you know twenty five thirty kilometers an hour and behind you. They're going basically twice as fast if not faster you know they can come back and and I. It's a as we sit at home as fans and watch how. How did that happen? But I'm telling you when you're going again twice as fast but you know with with the tactic of being prepared to lose in order to win. That's what happens right and I mean you you you know they come back well when you have guys in the same level or no real fast sprintone. A group at U. Tennis McKay May Beckham Indus Them. So would have a right to hard than I won't win so after looking. Hainan calculating hostile guys come behind US locally afford to go but either way if I ride heart win so best. Tactic is no ride. My own level hope to come back but starting obstacle race the Stephen Will. We'll let you go. I just have one final question because I remarked when we were just watching the race and I told the audience I said just just watch him on the bike. I mean this is look everybody else and then look at him like the. The efficiency smoothness the beauty of that. Does it still looks like that when you go out and peddle around looking at some guys on the bike today? Say Gee where I gotTa Whitefish Brush. But I'm not like you know I was perfect guys Mike Tyson for better or whatever but it bites us now are all done are a special all-rounders right is at instead of bikes to climb better sprint. Better kind of time try better whatever and sometimes some look incredibly awkward advice but I must say I was looking at those as something other than the legs you know and the important thing is to get going forward as fast you can and the is today pushing out some. What's you know? It's absolutely amazing. That's amazing to watch the GUYS AT PUTTING OUT TODAY. And it's down to the Adopted the power buddy. I agree one little remarking stain before a was a writer for the dance but at one refunders which is you know completely different race for all the viewers and the listeners. Who Don't know you the mall and I was telling Stephen would be on the show and they're an interesting story a think you will remember that also you know When there was off your amateur right and he was beating Latin. That guy was Stephen Roach Buddy with Chris by the way no couple Slavic and then later on winner of the frown sent directly in World Championships. In one of the best all-round writers were also. That was an interesting interesting detail. I got to know yesterday. Added no that one by his nominee. That's my tank famous numbers but very public finishers. Remember distracted never saw a titan. Four never saw have eighty-four and strike with a with Derek and Could you know what happened to? You is looking under Ryan side and going on to find a straight off on the inside but I forgot the condoms very quickly. I want to go directly border up and down but I held him off to sprint's but Mike Tyson. I've got an Irish guy was lost the Mola's the Belgium coming but all the fans around them so familiar have discharged from me. I'm one of my best memories ever of any race. Awesome even thank you Lance Russell number you and I as the tour I was at tight about five casing Yoko. You caught me on the stage. So Okay Jerry's all you know but I remember that very well you know. I forgot all about that. I tell everybody every week. I don't remember any of these things I don't know what's wrong with me. But you're right into Minta I believe. Yeah Binda type of five to go and This is my my claim. Summer arms and we were trying to is here and You'll beat me and also anyway but always on the other side Lance. Thank you also for your win the World Championships in Norway. Because if you haven't won that German detected in urine would have been a second guy third guy to run the zero two on the world's but on the world is that here in the tour Masecond of the world. Thank you we had a deal. You know I like cookie on. I honored my into the deal. So Anyhow you're right you're right the triple crown. Thanks they gag is again. That's two lads. We've got called leads are. Let's jump into two thousand nine fouls it's amazing to me. These these these slightly older former pros this idea of zoom outside in the wind tunnel having a glass of wine on your balcony clearly stephen out in his garden. It's Johan what do they say to you when you call them up and you say we're going to do it on zoom. Are they like what? What the fuck is zoom they know. Do they know that there's a gave? I gave Season Stephen. Express course Fifteen minutes before the show. Yeah clearly clearly. So let's let's all make a pledge to stay on top of technology as we age and will make a pledge to have Johann text. Andy and make sure he's not in his. You know out in his garage like working on his seventy two. Mustang. While it's running. Let's jump into nine all right here. We are in two thousand nine. Lia's best only thirty five kilometers to go. You'll want to bring us up to speed on. What the Hell. We're watching here and again notice the difference twenty two years. This is the the bottom of the ladder. So you know always the same same Breaking point in the race this breakaway And you know you have the the bunch of fall the favorites that we mean whether what a big a big Tom now. Great Weather So this is this is a French wider at the French writer from the breakaway on Basically we'll see a and again just the difference in speed For a variety of reasons equipment training probably some payment. You know some better payment but And also the thing that I think is so inch. Look at look at the size of this. The they're calling it a Pelivan look at the size of that group. You never would unlock. Do you. Never would've seen a group that size twenty years before that it was it was sort of every man for himself at that point. Well also just really whether dependent on turns in how big the group is at the bottom of liberty when this this day was obviously a really nice day and you know. I'm not sure which way the winds were coming but makes a big difference in terms of the size of the group a later on in the race. Yeah this clearly a one of the the the edges and interesting it starts to be US get towards the end of the Spring Season. So you can have. You could have a seventy degree day or you can have a day with snow. I mean it's really in you. Just gotTa pick them from year to year but boy Labrador. It's obviously look steep. It is steep steep as it looks. Man It it it it It is it's A narrow and look at this. I mean it's in by the way the tourists come through here quite a few times as well. This is An event that's also owned by the company that that owns The Tour de France. Oh released you'll bear who feature prominently here in a few K. I believe has a hotel at the bottom of it or had at some point two million with his area. That is some east from there from this. This is this is from Fox walks so you see already here with guy is getting away from the Group of favorites and going to the breakaway who already has One writer of sexual bunk Grown so it's clear. That sucks of bunk was definitely focusing on this Vehicle see later in the race that they have confidence in either. I'm in a situation like that. You want to have on your is that on us. The more numbers we can have in the front the better. So if you're not able to go with the main selections try to get ahead of a main selection. Best would be gathered doing here. So you receive Groezinger Against the other one is equally Martinez. these guys are basically. What's what remains from an early breakaway. And then one guy comes from the from the bunch basically waiting now. What's going to happen in the year? This is about the moment against the breakaway sparked. Look at this Philipsburg talking on an amazing amazing power something amazing. Let's do the do the breakaway in basic? You look at it. I've personally been on the wheel when not deliver is doing these sorts of efforts in training. I can tell you what it is pretty pretty amazing bird one minute power. This guy has actually spoke to believe this morning. There are new. We're GONNA do this race. Amass what he was thinking he was actually trying to get a bit ahead of the group before the the Atty say the roof which was a new climb that year also focal Russia. Russia about this I that would set name. But he's looking bagging. He thought it was a bit of nervous movie. Got Ahead got some help from the motorbikes as all the balance due any story five six. Put an amazing right. But you'll see here what happens once our boy andy goes. We'll obviously this kind of attack is is you know he. Ep relaxed confidence. No otherwise you would have waited until Laroche before and we will see why the wrong when when the Excitement in the strongest dire grace to sin. So you know this is basically under normal circumstances I would say jill bear gone you know. This is the winning move as easy rider with the motorbikes day. Exactly I mean. He is literally being sucked along. This is the bottom of that flying levels of full form. Which is the second last brashear from set up one of the guys from the breakaway? Look at the time difference. I mean you see when nine thirty seconds so this replay of craft row just to go back to delete believed intention whereas there there was derived his own pace about guns. Then want to deal with the favorites. Don't he wanted to write his own pace hill? Here you see this is this is sucks. Ivanka eating out so basically said a really hard temple. Look at this forty five seconds at the bottom. Mary's writing his face now and and socks Ivanka basically setting up the the attack grow of their leader for that day on. Schlick looks like he looks. Yeah how many times he has a few times correct once once or twice and again as we said last couple weeks Belgium course split into two parts the Flanders region and then the lone ranger in which which comes from this. These are his his streets so imagine his his morale in basically the hometown boy. And here. We Go. That's the that's the move that winning moves on shutouts to move that's the that's the patrol and again talking about Rochelle. He looks on a bike looking and each slack. This here's here. He is on the Radio. He just said something on the radio which is probably telling his guys guys common. GimMe Little lead out. Just look at them like the firemen were there is. The later was amazing to the. If you see that in full attack mode ever dropping everybody talking on the radio warning the guys from you to give him a hat. That's that's that's incredible. Well we can ask him about it here in a minute. Look at look at the look at the screen on the right. Look I mean he is absolutely flying at this point? What a year for him. This was this was a bike we had with Stephen Roach and eighty seven. This was this was probably the best year of his career. Yes this a lot. You can see this. It's the same thing of combination of you. Know being smooth on the bike and then an amazing power amazing power that they were on the. You know it's always funny when you have guys that have siblings and forever we race. I'll remember in two thousand five. I believe that actually George Up. It was bobby who told me that you know we. We saw race with Frank. Slack and frank was a contender and a threat to us. And I remember. I think it was to Georgia. We were there and and all of a sudden Franken and his team they bring his brother. The Sky. Andy. Schlick I said. What did the little brother you had to give him? A spot on the team. Just because frank was here and Bobby says now now the the they say he was just new to the Peleton now by all accounts like this kid is is twice as good as his brother and in ended up being true. But you know it's one of those you're like what now about twice as good brank is featured prominently in this rates as well. Invincib- finishing up five or ten but when incredible Partners ordinal brothers said they have. I don't know of in History Cycling. We've seen Brothers bats successful in the sport. He saw an eighty seven. You saw the even though and Mark Medio. Those to walk it's we. Let's yeah they'll show brothers the twins? I'm sorry George I was when I was thinking twice as good I was just thinking about how bad I was going to kick your ass when next time we race. I'm sorry it just it's becoming part of my psyche but sorry y'all go back to what we're watching so here here. We get to the top of that flying. But you know this is. This is accurate there. The King of the mountains but afterwards it goes on a little bit further which is You know when we when we think about the thousand nine eight minutes we will sign. Up is the same spot. So I'm GonNa go almost twenty five seconds back in less than a calendar on their analysis. Money the moment where Gibert arch like Andy Catches up. Believe he actually says to LE-. Let's let's go together. Amendments work together leapt One of the best writers in the world especially in these times raises said he can only hang onto wilbur hundred meters that he yawn. Yeah he's really. Any waiting was informed by the radio by motorbike in. Indiana is through and is going to say come on. Let's go together. You know we go this not for nothing. Speaking of Joe Bear and how he he. These are his home roads. A obviously from Luxembourg is not very far from here either so this is not just similar terrain but and you've seen a few Luxembourg flags on the side of the road. This is this is kind of his backyard to these guys. All know the course really well obviously being from there perhaps a slight advantage but they all all the guys all the top favorites. No all these plans really really well while to this. Is Jason obviously very important to have? He made similar all the Saxo Bank riders on their Position as also Franck Slacken there. At least three or four. Koksal Bach riders. You even did this guy. He Yvonne Yvonne off Saturday Saturday even up to but he is always he always makes these moves like what is he thinking like. You just just like literally like what is going to his mind while he had one goal raise the week before so. I think he's still hasn't done a confidence in trying to get back. I still wonder what he was thinking. Really so smooth look at this executive out on a cruise already dropped as you Barry Without even without even frying really was just another seat. And by the way while we're at it I mean just one of the nicest guys you'll see it when we talked to a second but andy was just he was always so kind and respectful and just a great kid. Really just a cool dude. This is this. Is the last flying. Go silent if you look at the bottom. He has one minute THIRTY SECOND ONE THIRTY FIVE YEAR. You'll see how of strong. Us because in the back is going to be a tax from all all kinds of different riders and on the top. He's only losing fifteen seconds. This is like a one point three kilometer. Climb up the panel going in there. But isn't it yawn? I mean obviously you know you're able to ride it a consistent hard effort yes. The attacks are much much faster. But there's always those moments where the it just slows up there. In fact going a lot slower so on average you know it's it's a net netted a fifteen second loss but still looking at me. I mean he's able to maintain his effort gauges absolutely. But you only thing you have to have in mind is that ninety is already basically wealth thirteen kilometers on his own year. When you get to the bottom you have the fatigue of those you know off the effort to make that and from the back you get the you know. Hussein getting fresh riders me but look look at these facts at the numbers. It's a numbers game too. You can see in this group although it's a big or bigger sized group there's not many of the same team together so it was probably not much cooperation back there behind Andy immediately. You Know Saxo Bank. Is there on the wheel you know? Trying T H he tried. He couldn't he couldn't quite get there. He said up coming back by the way you hit this after. Two hundred forty kilometers. It's at least twelve. Thirteen percent about a kilometer long as a very very painful Beginnings Got Forty Scott Bowen. And the Bee's yeah. What a terrible story. Yeah killed by a driver out on a train ride just a couple of years ago. Almost like George was my genius No I know. Also you have to Bell Evans sitting but look like they're sitting way than you know one of the favorites is GonNa try. Franck snuck is GONNA go see. This is yeah. This is the moment. Not now that gives we see another surge but that moment before there you see you know. He is going faster than them as they were at the time. Now obviously not. But that's how this works if you if you have the stones to go get a minute and a half before the final climb you get to ride your tempos still got to be high But these guys are going to be Kinda Yoyo in a bit and so. That's the Gamble is Fidel and rebelling and Franck readily still racing. Today were already very like all professional thirty five thirty six see how easy. Frank selected on the wheel there. I mean having someone like that on your wheel. Basically have no choice. Whether you're struggling to get back to Andy. You have pride by real sitting there going to help. You can only lose hundred percent of the time about Atlanta. So you've done is raise before talking about how hard that final three kilometer sort of big road stretches to finish. I mean there's this report percent and miss home he here's the thing is it's completely straight and then there's a ninety degree turn of the top and there's the finish if you went and wrote it at the first thirty minutes of your ride you would be like this is the finish. This isn't very hard but as you just said a minute ago after one hundred and fifty miles it feels like outdoors. I mean it's it's a completely you know. Not just one hundred fifty miles but one hundred and fifty miles of intense efforts Attacks the counterattacks. It's very hard and Then again big wide road. It shouldn't be hard if you did it on paper. It's easy but at that point. It's hello heart coming in for the Finnish epic epic way to win it as well well over six and a half hours so when we have fucking but he gets you there in the last who's GonNa come in second and then we go and watch with a big group we will have For third place which is also quite unique for you. See this did not happen in one thousand nine hundred and look at the size of that group. You're on how many guys there. Well you know there's been this. I think there's a piece I mean. If you see that the finish line I think that at least thirty to thirty five riders. I'm just going to say it. I don't like that I like it a lot I raise likely as ought to be manned every man from self coming in one two at a time maybe three at a time. I just I think it ought to be more of a slug fest and I have. I have some ideas on how to fix the situation. No I don't think this day was particularly easy. Even though the group there was fairly big at the end of the these guys are coming in. This is like the cavalry coming around the corner. Here look up big group is. That's too many guys I wanted harder. I want bodies everywhere. Look at his brother. Look at Frank Slack. Cool and Jamie and his other teammate. Quite a few central bankers bide riders of Saxon bumping. Interestingly enough obviously still there screaming for the podium he ended up getting for their bed but after that huge attack with forty gate ago to be election Our top guys with guys. When impresses the day out as well Andy? We just watched the two thousand nine leauge best only as where you completely I mean basically just dominated it looked like different races impressive performance there and George caught you a great scene where you were. You made your your main at your final and been main attack and you were coming through the group in front which you had some teammates and you get on the radio letting them know probably are you can tell us what you said that guys here. I come or what what was said. The tactic that will quite clear. I Yeah I had really comforting today you know. I was absent plan. You know from the beginning. I didn't spend any energy went from you. Know never went in the first came out with the last now at the gates me. You could save a lot of energy to hold the race. Had full of all of the team actually a plan to attack there Madonna. Who was informed but you know the race was long and the coincidence was I think it was the custom. Croon and natural in the phone group but it didn't really do anything for you. Know the guys behind help which was my brother and on who know Tremendous job at. They must first time really. You know we could see. Potentially he pulled over one hundred. Kilometers over of the whole hotpot some from From basically from many Italian in investor until the finish deluded he came back into donated every farther than and it allows pardon. You know the thing about the age that year you know. You're the therese's before where you can. Actually you can analyze your your opponents and you can see you know executive what level. Yeah and the yeah. It was hot list of the of the tree races and hours in one of the shape of my life. What was your. What was your secret sauce that that you can recollect it. You say it's in the best shape of your life. What was the recipe? What what was going on. And what were you doing it just being? Yeah I had. I had a good win. No no injuries. No no no sickness no good training camps and then you know basically I was also really hungry had big win before I can close the year before in a couple of times before it was just missed the podium. Yeah John was always updating the classics. You know that year I'm still. I almost made it. You know I finished. You know the top ten but buddy Colt callback. Then finished second behind. Lebanon's I was kind of you know. Angry pissed off unmotivated at the same time and that combination. If you want to win you bikers. Yeah no doubt that the I mean such a such nominee would say. There's a selection of favorites on on on youth may be it may be. That was note the the usual attack on a sunny. So you basically I think about twenty kilometers on your own which Like the like the an unusual scenario Illinois yet but from the edge. You haven't you know it's only the second time when he did pushing for calm and so it was quite a a new climate and I mean you know it's really fought for my Live you know so so I went up there. You know studied routes a couple of times the befall renton into as well. So am I figured out the down off that will show? Phone was my biggest my biggest scalp because if some some is a team you know all tree write us wait. Organiz behind the catch me back. You know but annuity know that if I go on top of Osho you know with the with the advantage of you know said he said he five forty seconds possibly make it to the bottom to the football stadium and then you know in semi coli. You know everybody. Everybody was cooped than some some energy left like with maintain the Gavin. Even you know a little bit of you know if you have one minute until calls until both the semi colon I mean no other writers they start you know making a plan B you know. What can we do to make second because if you have if you have one minute on top of of Cindy good? That was like my main goal. You know if I make it today. I win the head little bit more. You know so. I was quite confident on the bottom. You know that that I can win. I would win the race on so behind you know. Radio Communication was already quite good so I could hear you know that they were going for the win anymore. Once I you know each one minute then gets basically basically. You're at one minute thirty at the bottom. So basically what you on that on that last line sunny you just. I imagine you just thought okay. I need just manage my efforts or make sure that I don't know that I keep at least one minute at the way that you went on the last line. Let's say I'm actually when I went into sunny. It's tough climb but it's tough climb because you have to fifty in your legs but honestly the real tough climbing which showed you know. It's it's five six seven minutes so if you are you know in the situation with that comfort that I was you know you don't need to maintain the youngest so years you know it's once in a lifetime so basically I went full out. You know I want to will in you know. The minute was not for me at the time that I could say. Okay now I can you know. Maintain Dominion to the top. I just okay. I want to have one one one minute city when one Saudi when I come come to the finish line so the toughest part for me that that day was will show for coined an extra determined the technical downhill. It wasn't technically. It's fast but when you to you guys know turning and you maybe I went sixty five seventy from behind you know easily to treat you can go seventy five eighty and you know then you know you lose time. A new news time very quickly. There was the biggest ended flat out between you know after dominate from Russia. For Call. Until the bottom of off off of Sonny number. Because it's still you know a nine kilometers wide roads and can be open as well so But once I hit the Sunday Kuna was for me. You know you go on in and try to increase your Gavin and make it to the finish. Eddie Georgia good to see you again. It's been a few months last time we're hanging out in Shanghai to December. What's different world at that point zones? I'm glad to see you're still doing well. When you attack there on rotated Belkins. You said that the week before he had gotten caught coming into close innocence goal. Did you have any doubt in your mind one? Did you want somebody to go with you? You saw accelerate and you kinda slow down got into as turned around. Were you hoping that somebody will go with you or your all in no doubt. Let's go and she would have no. I want to go alone and I knew that there was one Guy Independent on. Who had the next to me because like I mentioned before you know you have to raises for your C repairs we ride. Sec disable the shave. The guys actually sounds arrogant. But I knew you know that there's one guy who can follow me at having 'em and you know when I couldn't see him in my wheel and I heard the team that you know he was still looking behind the at different will be follow. I said you know this is really good. This is really would tend to play in. You know I gotta go all in now and I mean I was still a Phillips on. Deputy was out there for a long time so I had no attention to to take him with me. Because I know anew already know if I'd take him to SAMUELA IS MEAL Belgian friendly. You know he can develop something out of nothing Even his cooked so meanwhile scale now going as we try to drop immediately and then tried on my own but somewhere deep down. I knew That year was could stay with me and discipline Andy. The A I think George said he spoke to Gilberto and And by the way that means you'll bear is Gilbert. He's not a pentacle is a real bike rider. And he told George that when you came by he he could only get to actually manage was about one hundred meters on the wheel and that was that was it. Yeah I mean he was already a big champion. At that time you know what shape of cyclists they go up and down and he was. I mean if you go one year Les Diana was different story in maybe year before was different story but actually it was not the not only stop and I also feeding. It's his it's Tom. We raised three towns so every year it years before did kind of the same mistakes you know. He he to to show that these Dan he went. He had texting these hometown. Voice's local fans in public and went on the already on the do but clearly it's not you know ninety nine hundred eighty five anymore that you can win if you're going on so Kelly twenty and maybe also he was in the best shape of his time offset and the a little bit is eleven years ago thirty years ago since the retired also our doing right now. What what we know. What's what's up. Who SAYS EXACTLY? That's what I was going small business. Which is a bike shop Cutting back I love my office day. So I'm chairman of Luxembourg as well since two years or tried to now we recently Wendy to Into the pro series funded year actually have team signed off so Besides that I host events I do some events we IMG and also Do some let's say I mean. A company wide to some private equity recently became lead be more than a pothole debt and for the rest. I mean To keep keep happy at simplicity dates. Oh happy birthday. Yeah and not arrest. I'm lucky I'm I do somewhere for Skoda and defense in some other which is more like P. Our in house to explain races in a my host top the appeal them and yeah. I tried to stay close to the community is still you know love cycling more than I ever did before and try to make a good living all those different things. What do you think's going to happen? Look I mean these. Are these are unprecedented times? We all know that we talked about it every week. On this show We're all The frustrated the naturally like all of us that that That that everything's been put on hold it's for the obvious and best reasons But what if how do you think if you look towards you know? There's there's they've rescheduled the tour. They've rescheduled this classics. That we're now watching old versions of what do you think if you had to predict is going to happen? Do you think we see. Let me just make it? Real simple and clear. Do you think we'll see professional cycling in twenty twenty or or not honestly I don't think so I don't think so I think the most deify refunds you've all of our economy and I don't see a to the France going through you know if I am Numb Leon French Basically meets us from when sitting here. It's older you know. And and now I see what's going on there and see you know two kilometers from here you know Hospital can't take people and people are dying because they can take a taking care of so and you know it's still far away in September August September. But you know come on you know people can go out on the street now And you know we have to wear masks. You know ran publio if we can go closer to me the suit to each other. I can't see how to defense can happen and saying that. I'm you know I don't know how they come with me. Cycling IS GONNA is GonNa be you know in twenty one if we don't have to defense because Katie sponsor sponsor sponsor team. You know put money into team to be on the TV into the front. So Mon tap which. I don't believe that it happens. I believe twenty twenty one. We have really we bet yet. You don't fall for pro cycling for the future of all of you know so I don't see bright the future for now but Yeah I unfortunately thank. You might be Closer to the right answer than the wrong answer and look with a sport And again something. We talk about a lot you know. This is not a the base of this economic base and the structural base of professional cycling is not the roots are not strong. It's it's it's inherently weak Just from It's it's it's one hundred years of being built on much and so yeah we could be facing. I mean there's some talk that there's really two or three maybe four teams that could survive this without a tour. And so now it's it's what we Obviously in France you know it's not going to be up to ASO IS NOT GONNA be up to the teams of the writer. It's going to be up to the president up to the sports minister. There's already talk. You hear from Sports Minister in France that That sports is not a priority. And so that right there tells you wh- where their head lies. And so but gosh I mean it would be a It is what it is right. I was looking things like this is beyond your control. Our control and it just is what it is My belief is you have to take the health and wellbeing of the public as the priority despite the bad news for cycling clearly But I S C different Would to the friends. I mean you know this is I believe To the friends. No it's it's it's the trio cycling Racist WILL WILL FADE BEHIND. Because a lot of you not endorsement deals all sponsors. You know the older to France. A parallel universe To France as a punishable has as a main sponsor a school. well Now to to of Luxembourg Talk Germany at Olin you know so we do. You know the the trio of total France I believe Senior within the two of the will also disappear Other races and smaller the same goes we the teams you know So I still hope for cycling and that the defense will have somehow appearance in two thousand twenty. No it might be a week. It might be some difference. I mean Other options the. I don't believe that East cycling all is an option is an alternative but I hope for the sake of citing that The defense still be have some visibility for teams owns us but on the other hand I also see no. It's maybe time that psyching no can take different phrases and other racist maybe more prioritize in the future that is just all about the to the France and we said at the top of the show. Talk it's we were. We referred to it as a reset. Is this an opportunity for people at home to reset their lives? Their families lives but is it an opportunity for cycling to hit the big reset button. I Yeah I think it'd be casualties. Would it be kind of DC all? That's we don't want to end on that. Let's end on something. How's your brother doing what frank up to? I always liked that dude He's good he's he's writing more than me George is my witness he's basically to Keno skin was wide and he was in top shape. He writes every day. Actually just like a busy man. You know he ever be it now because he said until the confinement I'm GonNa that might be grow. He challenged me. Oh Man I don't go with it I I hate it so are are you. Are you seeing some similarities here? Yeah I see someone on the I mean between. Let's just pretend okay. You have a real brother. Let's pretend Georgia's my brother okay. I'm George your brother has a beard. George has a beard George. Rides like he wrote he trains like he did as a professional sodas. Your brother he's two kilos lighter a your your your brother probably has fans who call you fat. Georgia's fans call me fat. And so it's I'm starting to see a theme here and come with me okay. Because I've decided six weeks ago. Andy I said. Fuck this okay. Fuck this if George and his fans call me fat. I said I'm coming a look at me man. I'm coming back. I'm I'm telling you okay. So don't brother in a roundabout way the nicest thing you've ever said to me. He called me. Your brother Love you too man I will I will I. I will not hesitate. I don't know about you andy. I mean he's your Big Brother. So maybe it's different. I never had a brother but I won't hesitate to put the beat down on my brother. I promise you that which you know actually. I'm a lot stronger than him. You know I'm just a little Shannon was gone looks strong. You know the most important is. I'm looks mother. This is Andy. This is again. This theme is so consistent stronger. Smarter all of these things now. No beard you are me. I am you dude. This has been the best part of my day so far expecting you know anti tell him you know you might beat my beat my bike but if we get into a real fire you have no chance man. Thanks for coming on. It's been great. Thank you for having me. Good luck. Good luck chasing those two little kids around the garden. It's my I will go now. Then we stayed the garden that we have a good spring Luxembourg enough spring like never before we have forty five degrees and some perfect. Thanks Buddy are I. Will that concludes what I guess. Is this unless somebody's unless I've completely fallen hit my head this. This concludes our spring campaign. Season here talking about epic vintages that we liked interesting. Andy's take on. He referred to it as e side going. We're seeing more and more and and I'll just be honest We we at the move and the team that we do have looked at this would do if this. Peleton is forced to essentially stay at home not traveling race and and raise on TV etc race on the open roads you know do they race on some sort of a virtual format. It is something that we've looked at In terms of covering not just on the men's side but the women's side and so. I'm intrigued by this. I everybody knows I'm an outdoor kiddie. Kiddie don't stay inside but In Times like this we gotta gotta find stuff to do and so it's compelling I'm not gonNA I'm not gonNA throw it out just yet. It's not the same as writing outside. But it's IT'S NERVE. The formats had the platform to have our About as real as you can get and you can get some legit work some training in as well. We were talking about earlier if they do have in fact a clear goal where they get a month or two window where they know they're gonNA raise is going to be able to do their work indoors or outdoors and they'll get it done. I think I think that's true jobs. But you know in terms of racing and I think the results of the few races that therapist going on show a theory. You know you cannot go. It's not comfortable. It will never be compared with because he gets down to pure power dynamics obliquely out of the question. When you have these powerful powerful guys they can go up recline. They can climb so it's not like you need to be light the unique if you look for example if I've seen recco even for for no real nobody Question is followed these in his silence. He's just he's nowhere because he is unable to develop our against is like phenomenal. He needs to. He needs to adjust his weight when he does on a setting senior. Instead of saying he needs to doubt efficiency in the Peleton is probably fifty percent of what you have left at the end of the race and clearly. Don't you do not have that factor on racing? Well said well said well time will tell. I mean that's We'll be here to cover covered. Whatever it is I mean our fingers crossed for some live action but if the power is say that's not gonNA happen this year. We'll have to we'll adjust so maybe you should listen to some suggestions off Listeners know maybe you could send not sending a suggestions of what what will get to see. Yeah listen we're just here. We can do shows twenty four hours a day because Johan doesn't sleep we don't care he doesn't care nobody cares. We'll do this shit anytime. Y'All want to send it in an era. Jv On the move it. We do DOT team suggestions and everybody be will be safe be healthy and if you look around and there's a reset button.

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Resenha: DGM - Tragic Separation  (Progressive Power Metal Italiano)

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Resenha: DGM - Tragic Separation (Progressive Power Metal Italiano)

"Was On lies relate to sell the so broadcaster TAD. So Noble, ed. And F the L. Michelle move. Gas On rebel S I get out. There so HE'LL OBAMA TRAGIC, separation. Do GM. John. Lewis. Leaving a frontier rack ally Konta cone days. You play he's fate to swim me live. With a couple of universe with so I gotTA open subway. Jimmy for Progressive Power Metallurgy Hallmark. Sees. EANET Golly, suppose as middle spreads on wheat I Tyler Moose. Term maintain my. New Heavy matter your decision. To, discuss with the same as a GM cabinet thing change directions number. Of Times of. Dreamland does me young hidden places me today's Blaze does Maguire two different shapes. As me said, she framed as we Nafi Momentos meet today's the past is as. Tragic separation. Is New. Evolving. killed. Decimal album do. Scott. As is to develop for multiple fabu Constantine about theory and they are country Lewis Shimomura. Khazal badly, NA little club. E. MC zeal the cow mark bazillion looking to undermine the. Content of DTM got to the meats such. Bundy essential. To bowl follows due to a surplus in. Our sequel albums to. Eat. Talia. Donor. Since fittings she was coming Saturday cone return to heaven deny the. PLA Directly. Just my oldest. albums. What is? As you said to put on Guitar. Do Labyrinth now. Moved in quaint. They said she me to play labyrinth. Power. Metal. Mass to skirt and I tell us the. Most Massively started to S- good lawsuit six of Eight, five at. Real sales got whether A. Scooter my my essential architecture of God's as such thing here. You know with. Mice womb. Stomach. Scott Scotus go return to heaven denied to that God i. Absolutely died you. Plug in Power Matha looking to keep them being Canada eight Khalib Lebron do not vary our. Vinicius. Incredible Avi Pele's scarlet records take Omar the. To. Play those muscles. Replay. W Plug lower metal told me. That these these. Days you've five. Takada. Who by she's that do Airbus she said. One day Attica. Also subset of society there is equally Lewis Moody All. I see. Myself from outside one inevitably going without my zoomed use gray do pro-gay. Thoat Italia. The main silly to key out the twenty fifth. Our divisions divine. Jeff tradition does miseducated skull records. Almost all Muslims in Quincy. Who've visions divined combo the power pregnant matto domain Ma Saddam in. Late. Richie Faulkner to it. Just them g symmetry to provision event? Guys now was essentially Scottsdale when all the heroes are that. As, we said she use Scotus. The twenty fifth hour still making this. UH, as a suave dies collected these apart about or programmatic tell. ME. Who? Had quake had quake do eldredge on although heads crate head quake you just. On the ELDRIDGE. Out you say out the records. Show, combed as Moose. Do I e audio play who else which? Power to mantle you flooding's not kid night. Those. Team. From Bilas. Of Attendance. Elders achieve at. First glance catastrophe you're being renting I e the. As a Saint Che you crack sleep deduce mutant Jesus Scott eldredge mutilation, but there'd be now. What is normally froggy talion an academic medical citizens. King Krill. Aid Cream King Mobile. Kings you could even glossy mustoe pumping salvo simply Caesar with a deuce. Kim Crow. Threes. Sensory records important. Volume as play King crotone. Busts Yoda Plug Manto. Tell you home and let's Say See notes. Earth shake because paddock king crews onto. To this say such. As His sing to the persistence music by taking. A do should as McKee's A. Little Bit. Evil cast also unit. You practices. To scuttle. Put. Put. Bay. Message. Zoo. So he travels to robotically guest as a project yesterday, Posey showboats either. Do this moon. Is metabolized into misers let's fellow. WHO CLIPPED LITTLE SAT on bought out. PP LAB BY. Alpha spiky. Washer the fully no flesh and blood. Disconnect. There's no settlement moose gifts clip Blah Blah sobe. Flesh and blood. Capabilities for. The. Defend wild. To the team. L.. Clipper. Grand Jews don't Selah Booth Leong. Thrashing put my theater met she. MOOS got flushing blood. Classical going to yours as. The as you root coins Scott. Bunda, you get the comedy. On Clippers here. Nor hiding cutting. The Helmet Schaumburg because it'll be to green genetic. Got You Vista. Skull Yogi. Put it some interesting. Now, mom what you mean so much. To talk about in. Um Wisconsin. Medical went through someway. Winked to. Biz. Too happy, immune, to Prague mutant. The Cloudy As. Compete Solo sit dodging Basha signal. superbeing. Rather did. Come. duis bears not boredom is. Sought you. Don't say so you get these. That's okay. E. Puzzles Three's. Tie. into. Your follow the. Game this. The boys. WHO own method? I. Did it. I Tyson. Courts episode dot. com is causes causes lobby she says. To. Kids of Canisius. Gave my in. Getting that. Off By bigamous Cultus. My Portal at Gaza's Be Be commensurable be got cottage seen him super gotTa God, and. Wisconsin and up until someone winter walkout yet. To Work Out Yeovil College Oval won't. Boot. Demise piece. Indicate come with. My. Mother Houma was there was thought is. Zone talion the Malakula modest things I've. Seen. As a follow is okay. Tube security, my spill Stein just. Clipping. VI- Eve. Yvonne Yvonne. Yvonne Shiga Cada. They don't want to say. Shooter topics that show. We weren't. Sure. Put Out Cat. GEIGY shorter. You decide. Just picked more security peg Ma fueled either I. Think they. Need people in. Becker fueled inequality union was born they. Won't days let is. Loose as saying to. They painted books. That is. Kinda at. The president. The few myself. More GONNA wide. COW WATCH GOOD Things in kid. Yes or no put Blair my question is could GM. Car Food the. Poodle Takada L. Scoop to be faith a media laws could just fade. Out. Scott as this booth ups, absolutes of some CAL MO to bowl? Ball. Saul F. Key Urges Halloween digital service. QC for. An. Extra. Words so We stopped Ovar with. Fire Tokens museums the worst damage little inky vinke leaving leaving. Titles musician found. Moving. Onto disc double disc. Novel. I got. To digest falafel. Also call Muslim, estimate the Party get after. Well, we got them. beat. Me Physically alborn key mill thing. Shake. Give Joy to Nada you've. got. US into. This Promise as along the silting sick Muslim thing essentially to jobs didn't show Alberton they'll. Be Some. Some. Good. If you won't possible because the arranger almost west. The one. Tossing. You know say over Los as zing our personal foul cookie. Zana's helpful or is using wintel mal already so Cold Plata machine using busy acquis, stone distension, some of those specimens 'em kind of. Success, so You can put them whiskas, Zola Zimbabwean cleave of. Muscle to be fit I. Think what was the? Film. Those Vegas Ski Investing. If phonology put the suspect. Also, super his influence. something. Quiz late Kaoh. Detach this would be the. Script. Muscle tissue. Even level leading new car level healing. Goodman G.. Days. It was plus the you. Sophie. PUT IT in no. Shit governing. winning. Lock spinks subject this and we shall Dakota and well, would you black him head told the dog. Thing so Black Perogie man those in carrying could you can you? is saying to the loose ib Especially guys Shiga. Log. They shake. The. Problem. Guessing citrus water moves said up. See. Woosh? Dismiss I suppose as most of the. And while the key impetus, fatal Komu foul percenters. Composes so. Hey just. Cod. Coast to the Selwyn which being faith. Tell, discussing, skied to Carrico moving much success publicized. Timothy thousand will take Collado get. On the. Bus, Gomez thinking that that is unusual. About the the Aquino Sake I. Think that's Ziprecruiter. Dot. Com Ki. Moon Bowl. Into just. Doing she got. Vocal. Departmental. Case. Those little plug if I were matter. So can we too? Fat Boy to share you permits. To the way. GotTa Yell Cut. You. Keep you probably. Yes He. Put. All Cocom my school to do. This measure close. The hatches double scanner, but it's kind of thing things I've. Heard. Soda Yellowstone Divas Mice Ellison level you decided to I was shaken up to apple to. Apple to such to through appaled sexual. So Schick a bit. He thinks they're going to be abused. Chiro. SAY DO I be? That is they don't walk. Savior to the show space station message at home in trouble you black Yamato all these you. The. Late to date. But Izing. WAS AS GUITARS GUITAR Kuci Ninety Guitar some grievous. Mistake, cloud swing devices bashes piteous to pellagra. So rain. Rain there's Pacific metal multiple poltical put can I believe the message? Row Row genetically. Collado s guess you'd push quicker. Show Ski. Rounder and Viva, this small new storage. V to. Run. Them. Wisco-. The. Dow Iu clip in the. To on. And other the. Two men this good enjoys beyond. Watch. I should essentially go if they get being sick. I got sick on. Let me. On Sale. Wing to fit into the oval to that was gonNA think elbow secure. Bugsy Haughey talking earlier. Wash commitments whether I. Was My sister My seamless Yanni Pandoo Render, flesh and blood fuzzy an amusement schools remiss morbid. Building. Set a problem the coffee to. Think. Miser citizens concept open approves singer this. To surrender. My civil said no guessing. Civil say Kegoe sidesaddle storm was Caputo cargo. No. This clips escape. This show will hold the ground. With faith got 'em with Mayfield. The. which diplomats at Mahbub Dunkelberg thing she. the cellmates several pull the so doodoo things bogging. Boggling teeth that would. Give acquits gay youth up by the got. My. To See. The. Key. Well. I so much long as it was acquired some heavy mad, they say. If I want to. Ball to. Square miles away to sell the broadcast Aja. So vulnerable head mantle. This L. Michelle was broadcast all without. Though is this I superman thousand and also sight milne, but a foldable full gear.

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Stories Philippines Podcast

18:52 min | 10 months ago


"This episode is sponsored by inker. podcasting is so much fun, and now it's easier than ever to start your own podcast with anger. Everyone is passionate about something for example I love talking about spooky stuff now. Thanks to anchor, you can spread the word about the things you love, and maybe even make some money doing it. Start Your podcast for free with anchor, using the anger APP, or by going to anchor on FM. They'll even distribute your show for you. You'll be heard on spotify apple podcasts and many more of your favorite podcast platforms. Anger also provides tools to allow you to record and edit your show from your computer and even from your phone. And no matter how big or small your audience is, you can make money from your podcast. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place. I using her, and it's been the best podcasting platform I've been a part of so join me start your podcast today by downloading the anchor APP or go to Anchor Dot FM. We all have something to say. Things Zinger. Hi everyone went to what on on a given disciplinary, less two thousand fifteen opium enjoy. Anyone basis while sick. That's in a mental now in the final. Weather. Koi or Way Back Marsh screen to fifteen. Affirm golden diesel NASA on Saturn on. Did this happen Panga. No owner I only know Managua, go. Rent Gentleman that must. Pavilion on again will I now Hong. Bongino Matola Beran WANNA get monotony. Go home putting. Schools Likud done by since our own culpa. The WHO is never seen. A one on you carpet by Kabila. COSC- medalist owner any. Don't. Secure owning I now. Tops in their. Bid Omega. Go Up on unsaddling Arrow. Lennon Diba Send Gabi. Movie ups Go Numb Hattingh be. not, up bossom into. Napa by Shan Young Civil Brunello look which is selling codename by? And and. No no map in Shanghai, but in their homes and Malachite model. File Dona. Leap better known in. Allow onion during you nothing at. Glen along the Nagging Asahi team. Among Mata at. Shannon Motto Angang using a hole. In a box anguish pinto at Sabina Saccharin. They'll discover. ME. Being sent. gags the NS Wonka now he could by high. Moon has. To Look Barra Mikasa By the way guys alum young. As non dial Kaga guiding London Sonya on. So Nab easterner these now who barrow economist at the the whole Nagano bound on Amazon March fifteen Nakamura tumble now Malaya's abundantly Tahoe. But you Salang low level. Cornerstone GonNa allow guaranteed the whole, so Similan but Gug Eileen Cozy School Ledger now Acela who? Every midnight nagging at me narrated out. Support there, that's going on. Now, Badung Stony lampooning MB. Sangha be. Highly more than corn again on. Now in Puna, Donohoe so brands and gentle apples, no. Simple boom main Hussy leap. Halliburton the. New York. Sigo owning -SEGO nonunion. Level then he'll sober up. Novel the Lamma Dini Lola Only. been young similar, no gopher, Sonya. I am young when this whole. pug Is Sonya. ALUMNA Neha bassinet denser, a almost local. So I you not graduate now you can been on graduation. Go on weekends and the host. Hello, La. Barra Aman Yahoo now. He'll alumni in young when diesel. Barrow within. Rap Teluga. Mandela coming. Good shots of. I hope I eunuch Monday Salonen. And guess what was bitterly on. and damaged equality eat that. Boston deeper in third AKO. Satellite. So no mailing. Napa question Amin Amin as a parents and boyfriend. And Namen gummy Sarah Buying Love Amita Mira Tanga your inundated casino. And on college from boyfriend go. No one puts a salmon I mean ornament commute. Kyla if now at Laney. Until one night in Manila. To Buy, you can buy. Your whole may not mean Mustang. Sangam about being morisha modeling Arrow, who? Shaniqua work. Was Been Angola, Laffy may not I'm weeding? Lumumba Shannon by. Doing young tomato. Indica motto as our whole Gwynne to. Me No all it all it Coonawarra. Any junky kick. by La Hoya all. But, the IMBO set foot not initia- Giza Madonna. Computer Games. Boston William be an end corn on the mach number one. In new body quieter naming Ha, Ha, you know what undermines al-anon. Milan Indiana Economic Demand Nike that. The SALONGA I'm not in the. Expedience styling? So you thank you for listening cinema post ahead. It'd be it eating comments. Es, not now. Background, Gabby and travel. From ABC now on, eat the Pampanga. This story is the story of my mother's friend. We are here in abroad. She doesn't believe in US ONE LALLANA NASA. Abernathy me at Muslim country PA. Her story goes like this. She's ahead burst house I'm. You sound on family with four kids. Make us on. Mahjong is helping a din. which is unanimous Hossain markets. Shannon PAVILIONIS! Janka Salmon Young. Younger son, Yana they nurse or more. At first Brennan does show happens in. Molly Ben. You'll! Look at someone about In new models go in. Nagging beyond Salmonella. Benham about the bond, Gherardo metallica shop nappy than. Means Don I'm wondering by Nicole blaming the Luang Ena. So got Selah Egg. Kwan Economic Dr Nap Woman Pero Hindi Marine, goaling lacking gooey. Ma Along Dini any Indian ammon. At Gonzaga barrel lagging. Though Agneta. Kasama, see lesser behind dean. Bug mcadoo or D. A.? M. Mandela's Donen. Anna Guinea now million. He wants a ceiling Leila. At doing among the punishing eaborn Nagy guessing. Lagging dossier be. K. APP on the Selena bag to look. NAP on senior in Yuma Delina an ammonia. May My leads will get. You? A Whole Cup of and then. You won't be a NAP irony the about that scene as good, not nee behind though Kina. Get them the. Means Sent Negative Jasim Marqueed school at in Dana Sila who may. Be in about among a Ariza behind I'm one yeah. Sobbing Knock Wayne Donya behind the swung monopoly. Will Make Kazan mission as one. No owner condition anyway. CBN shine according to one year. Motto Look Again and Bowing Housing. Sign left blocking the media. Walking be. Cup of medicine, though not Napa Salmonella as one though. Bangash Amato log neglect, shining a scene bow left you. At the Kasama Nasal in the D'Amato. Look at. This one. The Greatest? Lamido now, McCarthy on California. But Guess I be doing noon on Kazan mania. You An. Though Latin he suffered a one. Hour on Ya Mooney Hindi, Shia Balata. Almost that donkey. MOINA attack with Saas. How many? Sabatini. Add the. Banging by hustling little young but this. In bussan Ya hung by want a scene. were. Get me it's ignorant ammonia. Can also Sangyang owned by one. Hour, one juice I goal modeling though. Sanga. Though, Dotan Kazan Manuela by. Globus stoning by. May Not BOSTON IBAN at walk. CANEA UNINDO. Not Muddling Aruna. To look. Be Glad. The Ocean Hundi, Marina. Di Legno Downing Tanya. Now faith in New York Osama newsroom see now. Yvonne Yvonne a new. Window by the Hebrew Mouhot. At mambazo. Then newly CIGNA Mamata. Gulu. Donation sobre. At the mining sapper Gaza Crisis Aena. Charleena now. NOGGIN INITIA-. Attaches Josina SNEZANA elite. The might Shauna Garr Owning Lanka's Parramatta. Bulaq ner at Beaumont successor. Minya big light on Bowman. Melissa he got an an title. Young Gallon homeless? Assam Manja at been. By Chinese dossier NASA fighter. In Dido matting in. Osama. Nya Nine an umbrella. CNA said adding a new. Siberia Nanna Guinea known those show. Handguns. Indian shy NATO. To be hanging up in. BOSTON, onion, I'm more someone Yari. Man Muni. I'm big on our. In. flato. Hung somewhat tap was. Amu- ethnic buddied national AMU. been. Penis. BS. And uncle beginning more than mckibben a new European A. Bill Dong Bonan at Union Tame Nugget Luna. Young Pain Penis Genus. Is a silent at Sonya, bugging WANNA map and May Pinkerton. But Science major my bye-bye. I must tell yet Gwen Dole Sinai magazine Young Wendo. Look walk on our data. Sam Means again the AURAS swung. Don't plan to NATO Ecuador now. No, MAP ORLA. Mugging Anako Quinta nie-nieto Ami Macabre. Don't Gyari. Nas I late nineties though it thought pneumonia. Mugabe in. The by lackey. Isaza by not being able to laugh. Dune Gallatin Amanullah Lackey AC- Young. When we see the Levy. Gabby whom SITA. EXCIPIENT Amana laughing here by annual Dow. NBC Laffy. Alan the new. Data. Nick bottom nine when he said. Money's Nassar by in Larry Nylon Goerlitz. Amer. Or A to meet by. Bile among among the laughing. Opened asked us in through. MERRIN shall be between. NASA lagged Nineish. But I mean. Among mangams Lunenburg, young and Numba Glenn. Batter Pioneer CABELA's lung. Unpopular Pizza Hanya gaming site is. LUKSA NEWBURGH at Dimopoulos. By I Don't. My Damato US well, no! that. Muscle Unborn A. Alone. Be Big. Thing Santa Ana though my deletion Mwana. At. By the domes, they own mother. Dunlop Larry. Nassar Protagonista Dallas up asking a Swanson. Must be a long. Time, now you may know who. I have done neither ignorant is on. Bynum made you who meeting all now firebombed by Beaten Mamati. Known in allowing luckily. Unless. What gun next Barron though Ma Swung? Aluminum. Larry UNMODERN DOT batum Miami up with a gun. Afternoon, getting much Manga. Been Enormous Shannon Lennon's dial up with my what is and I'm going up with that one and. MIAMI dojo gotten swung. At my meeting, Laogai Sonya. Italian Amanda Home Garnish at the. Manila Larry now. I know no bia a Osama. NATO no I, don't see. A swollen by. DANYA UNBINDING BYE-BYE! To. But I'm annex. Ibiza Lugar noon I swung. Lying Swung. A set of guiding you and. Even a dog garden among US along. Nadine Lamela now. Is. I knew. At. Young mastermind yeah. BANNING MARINA MOB BY. See New Baby, shine oldest and the. ALUMNA Manati now modeling macgyver the Ma Swung. Bs Dope we ongoing Don disarming there. Has. To Pony adding you. May End up anywhere and medical e Kona Nar honesty to. My. He can Antarctica to sober that. Baton link. Go Khalil A my story and it's. Monari Lamma. Mola Salmon facebook page stoli's Philly been by guests. Or the. Mean Sad. Stories be age by guest. Jamile DOT COM. Method? neon adding description. Undone some similarly. Cinema Manar Story.

NASA Boston NATO Laogai Sonya Manila Napa M. Mandela Kazan Gabby New York Don I Dunlop Larry Managua Hong Look Barra Mikasa opium Shannon Motto Angang spotify Shan Young Civil Brunello Way Back Marsh
Shwing! Featuring: Owens, Baszler, Viking Raiders

After the Bell

1:02:32 hr | 1 year ago

Shwing! Featuring: Owens, Baszler, Viking Raiders

"So following program is original. WWE podcast coming up. I'll be talking with annex t women's champion. Shane obeys ler her two of the toughest men in all of wwe. I'm talking about the Viking raiders and the man who has got the entire. WWE Universe talking. Kevin Owens plus find out what my moment of the week is and one thing I wish I could unsee all that and more starts to wait for it now. What is up everybody? Welcome to after the bell. I am corey grazed. A ton to get to this week as we do every week but before before we go any further on a personal note. I need to address something this past Saturday. During the takeover wargames event. I sent out a tweet. It was an unpopular popular opinion. As I often do with the intention of just stirring up a little controversy maybe have something fun to talk about on TV or here on the show it was was maybe not the most professional way to go about things and it was never meant to offend or disrespect or disparage disparage. Anybody that was never my intention If it was taken as such I apologize deeply. That was not my intention. I would never intentionally 'cause anybody any undue stress especially a CO worker. So I apologize. Okay back to business. It has has been quite a week. started the week off or the weekend off with Friday night smackdown in Chicago which was a blast annex t takeover wargames which was unbelievable. I actually have the pleasure of laying in my hotel room and watching the thing. Start to finish hats off to all of the men and women who who tore the place down. Set the bar extremely high for the weekend as takeover tends to do. But that wasn't next finished that wasn't even the highlight of annexed. He's weakened because they won survivor series. Which I don't think anybody expected to happen especially anybody that has any sort of inside knowledge alleged how the world works? It was a fun surprise to me. It was shocking and dare I say an X. T. stole the entire show oh of survivor series. As a whole. I'm going to say I think survivor series actually exceeded my expectations. I think it was a lot better of a pay per view. Then it had any right to be. It's no secret. I had some doubts and I was a bit skeptical heading into Sunday as to whether or not it was going to be a high quality high energy pay per view but again everyone went out worked their asses off and I think put together an awesome pay per view Got The highlights are so many of course Adam Cole Pete done the NFC Championship match unbelievable. And exte- knew that they had to step their game. It was made eight clear to them internally that this was their big chance to shine and they grab the proverbial brass ring and never looked back. The five on five on five match is as I thought may have had the potential to be a bit of a disaster because you've got fifteen people involved in a match up which is nuts let alone in a structure you're like an elimination match But I was pleasantly surprised across the board. I thought the women nailed it. I thought the guys nailed it talking about stepping up grabbing the brass ring Keith Lee what a star making night for him holding his own nearly knocking off Roman reigns that really cool show of respect at the end. That's it's all about everyone elevating each other at the end of the night. Sure Annex t one the the numbers game the count for the night but Ross stepped up annex t stepped up smackdown stepped up across the board. Everybody went out and showed why the state of wwe is really really good. Right now I personally family had the opportunity to sit ringside in our little corral area during the brock listener Ramos Stereo match. which wow how much fun was? Is that an awesome match I. It's no secret how obsessed I am with brock listener as a competitor. He's one of if not my favorites Ramos Stereo. I've gotten to become friends with ray over over the last couple of years. I have the utmost respect for him and what he's already accomplished and the guys timeless my gut somehow Ramos Stereo continues to get better with age but the moment that stood out most to me and many people was the double six one nine with Ramos. Zero and dominic. I wasn't on headset. I was sitting in the arena like a fan watching and I have to say I think that was the loudest the allstate arena was at any point. Definitely that I was present for All survivor series weekend awesome match. Brock retains but Ramos Terio Man. I can't sing the praises of the sky enough. And how L. Pretty was dominic six one nine. That's like a really weird move to pull off but I guess when Your Dad made it famous you're inclined to learn these things pretty quickly early but that to me was just so much fun. The whole story leading into and coming out of just a feel good moment. Aside from the fact that ray didn't become champion but he is a champion Campione now and we'll get to that a little bit later on the things. I didn't like spectrum really not much. There wasn't a whole lot that I didn't like about anything that went down this weekend but if I were forced to pick one it would be the Intercontinental Championship. The new one now. I'm not wanting to put too much weight into what a title looks like more. So what it represents and the ability to raise a talent stock or the talent stability to make a title more relevant means something I like Nakimora intercontinental champion. I was kind of partial to the old design that to me the traditionalist in me was one of my favorite championships. Dating all the way back. God knows how many years through most of my childhood sure it's been a little little update here and they're a little more modernisation innovation but that general design was pretty iconic to me. I understand you know. It's time to sell new toys. It's Christmas time gotta have new replica. Titles titles wwe shop again. This is probably just me being miserable. Old Kerr going. I don't like it I want the old one back. It's a beautiful championship. I just don't don't like it as the Intercontinental Championship But what can I say. Other than at least it's not giant Nichols on a leather strap like like both sets of tag team. Titles those are the ones that need updated not the intercontinental title Annex T takeover war games this past Saturday in Chicago to say it didn't disappoint. Might be the understatement of the year. My God I still a fan get excited about annex t takeovers because without fail they sometimes steal the weekend some of the best in ring action. You will ever see everybody on the next Hugh Roster cherishes the opportunity to perform at takeover and this weekend was no different. We saw the first ever ever women's wargames match team rea- versus team Shayna. Shane obeys Libya next to women's champion. Who I will talk to later on in the show massive weekend for her last week? Right here on after bill. Rea- Ripley promised brutality. And boy did the ladies deliver. What an awesome match didn't no necessarily what to expect from the fact that the women were going to look to knock it out of the park? They accomplished just that I could go on and on and on but let the footage speak for itself head over to wwe network in case you didn't see takeover wargames check it out right now. There's nothing I can say about it to do it. Any more justice than watching it But elsewhere elsewhere on the carbs stood out to me fin ballor awesome in ring return to annex t fin looked. More aggressive fin looked refreshed. This is the fin. Baylor that I think thank. Everybody grew to love in his first annexed. He run and now. We're getting sort of edge. That Finn himself admitted that he felt he was missing Hats off to Matt Riddle. WHO's also one of my favorites to watch fun match? And then at the end God as high as the women raised the bar. All the guys has were hell bent on matching it topping it and I think they succeeded just as well just a fun. Fun Wargames match for anybody watching thing for anybody that was inside the ring pure hell the last few moments of that match up with the tables exploding all over the ring. Tomasso Champa Adam Cole. You're a couple of damn maniacs but thank you it was fun and as much as everybody's buzzing about all all things wargames one member. In particular the surprise entry still has the whole world buzzing is a former universal champion former the annex t champion amongst many other things. Kevin Owens Kevin how are you man. I'm good how are you. I'm spectacular. Well Hey so you've obviously got the WWe universe and beyond buzzing because you had yourself quite a weekend. What was it like to step back in time time for a night to Annex T? It's actually really hard to put into words and have been trying like right after the show they got All four of us together Media Jackovic Keithly Tomas O.. Two two dot com little post-match thing. I had too much to say and I knew new. I couldn't say at all because I can't put it into words. I can't put my thoughts to whereas just how great it fell to be out there in that environment. So I just kind of said annexed annexed. Don't ever change. That's really what I mean. I love my time there. And I really had a limited amount of time there was only in an xt exte- I guess on an xt television as part of the NASD shows. I was only there for about six months. And then you know if you count the from the moment I got silence started the former center to when I got called up That was ten months so that was a very short amount of time but while I was there I really love my time there and Getting like I only got to do one takeover and big arena like that. It was the first one in Brooklyn so to get to do another one and experience Get the feel for it and obviously Chicago is very kind to be but even without that just being in the ring with those guys and a lot of all my I had known for so long and I had wrestled in a while. It was this man again. I'm like trying to find the words because it feels great as really understating it. But that's the best way I can quit for now. You've been very vocal about your time in an xt not and you've even hinted recently on social media after. I think it was after Shane fired. You some ominous tweets etc.. When when did you find out that this was actually a possibility? Well so the first thing I mean. It's been a constant through throughout the last a few years for any time I hear of anybody at an. Xt getting injured order for some reason. Not being able to make a show or not. You know whether it's a storyline it or not. I always central believes the same tax. which is hey do you need somebody? I'm here And you know we always have that kind of little insider joke okay. So the same thing happened when I heard Gargano was off takeover. I immediately texted him saying I hear I hear Janis out. I'm available and then this time. The answer was while. That's actually a possibility. I'm looking into it all right. And then he called me in the middle of by Europe tour. Are you know last couple of weeks ago and let me know that it was going to happen so it was. I guess I I was sitting on it for about a week and a half. You know we didn't tell anybody. I was shocked as anybody. You know how tough it can be to keep secrets especially within this place. And I I. I'm a staunch. Then especially 'cause that day we didn't take any precautions to try to keep it secret. I was just walking around with these guys and I was just there. I was like I was just another guy so the fact that didn't somehow leak That I was going to be in the matches is this It's a nice surprise because yeah I don't know what it is about our industry and where we worked at makes everybody want to tell everybody everything. That's the work uh-huh. I was absolutely shocked. I was I was laying on my bed hotel room and I actually had certain expectations who was actually going to be so when I heard your your guitar riffs start your music. I was like Whoa. This is cool and you can see it on your face man the excitement I mean I know you're trying to describe it but I think anybody that knows how much respect you have for for this business in front X T. It was painted all over your face. How genuinely excited you were fired up in a translated minute came through the TV so so hats off to that? Now I remember when I walked on the stage that I really like I feel like people say that all the time right always brought me back to this timer. Probably back to that moment but I really mean it when I walked out on the stage. It brought me back to my first annexed show like takeover against C. J. Barker and I remember the entrance of walking out on stage and kind of looking at full sail arena which obviously is a fraction of the size of allstate but like it had the same field the same excitement at the same. I felt the same goosebumps and just The same thrill and you know I said this. This I forget who was telling this to but I didn't get to do wrestlemainia this year. and Dan Awake after Wrestlemainia do smack down at the Bell Centre which is a Montreal. Which is where I'm from in my entire family was there and everything so that was pretty special and I felt like that? Does my rest mania almost inside gets the actual wrestlemainia but and take over really felt like Wrestlemainia like during that day the or even the week leading up to it. I was so so excited and then getting to do it and then when I was in the ring and going through the it was I guess. That's the best way to put. It felt like the for me. This was my Wrestlemainia Wrestlemainia this year. That's how big it was unluckily. Didn't have juice break your nose again like on your first night now but that actually turned out for the best for me. You know we beautiful. Friendship came out of that moment. So but it's funny man to your point before that like such a million years ago and that was actually my first night I ever called a show that takeover with our first night ever uncommon Terry your first night in an xt and it's like while just this life moves so crazy easy fast December. Eleven twenty fourteen. Wow that's that's that's almost what five years God scary very when you think about it of course after Saturday and all the insanity of takeover you competed at survivor series. And then again Monday night on raw delivered a stunner to Seth rollins and I actually personally I have a question for you about your recent usage of the stunner in our industry there are certain. Move that are sacred so to speak Of course stone cold being the man who made the stunner famous and is so closely identified. You got undertaker taker and Kane with the tombstone. That's sort of like a big thing to be able to use that on television. Did you ever have to have a conversation with Steve about that. or how did that work. Oh Yeah Yeah. I had a conversation sation with them years ago. Actually I want to say it was in twenty sixteen. Wow this is the thing people were doing the stunner you know. You'd have the odd guy. Do the stunning random match as a you know kind of just something they were doing that was like nobody was using it as a trademark. But I I had seen guys use a stunner here and there but not to the extent that I felt like it should be used and then everybody at the time and I mean I guess still probably true but I remember just sitting there watching the shows and thinking every everyone does power bombs in some way shape or form and you know my finishing moved up a power bomb. Obviously but I just I was getting annoyed. Not Everybody doing empower bomb but just like at the the fact that every match had something that looked like a power bomb tom so I started thinking. Maybe I need something else. At that time. I was Hilo whatever antagonists. I I don't know you WANNA put it. We could sit here. Yeah well the thing is I don't know but it's even for me like I don't healer the healing face. I feel is kind of an antiquated notion. So even I don't really think that way right but I remember thinking if I were to start doing the stunner some people might love it and some people might really ate it but nobody would be indifferent to it. And it's something that I in. What we do is so valuable is making sure people aren't in different and like I've never really worried about getting think really cheered booed? I just want people to make a lot of the noise because I think that's the best I remember being in the ring with John Cena or getting ready for a massive seen. My I would come out I right and then my music with stop and then there's a couple of seconds of the you know of dead air just to let the anticipation built and then his music would hit. And you're just hit with like two very distinct noises. You got the fans hate on that are onum and the other people that love that are cheering like crazy. And it's just a crazy noise but it's so intense and it's so great the energy because then then you get the people that hate him trying to outdo the people that cheer him and the people that Shurmur China be louder than the guys that are doing and it just becomes as crazy atmosphere. Enrollment Roman had for a long time. Had the same kind of going. So I've always gonNA strive for that kind of reaction of course if a reaction is overwhelmingly a positive. That's great or if you get a lot of heat that's great too but I think being in the middle is not a bad thing. I think it's actually really great and as a special like very a few people I think we'll get to the point. Where there as admired as they are you know decide has pulled the for scene and the same for all rising? That's what I strive for. Polarizing is a very special thing to be in our industry. I think the people that can claim that there are legitimately polarizing. I think are the ones that are that are made for life because nobody will ever not care care one way or another and that's great so the stunner in my head was like that could be a good way for me to try to get there so I i. They went to Steve and I asked him if I could use it and he was very happy that I asked him. You know me giving him the respect of that but sean anything he was happy. That's somebody asked him because he's like you wanNA use your finisher like yes God. It's about time I can't believe nobody's. Nobody's tried this yet like no. I can't believe nobody's come to me and say like us a stunner as a finisher. It's a great finish. Like why not. Why and he was things like some people use it and and means nothing so I was like okay? Well that's great but then you know I tried to go through other channels and was shut down so I wasn't able able to start using it at points even though I kinda snuck it in and one of my matches with Roman what stood up leading to a pretty funny exchange between me and Steve on his podcast later on where he he tried to teach me how to properly. Because I couldn't be Roman with it that might but anyway I've had. I've had Steve's blessing to use it it for a long time and I was just waiting for the right time and you know this year just felt like that was it. So that's what I've been going with and some some people love it. Some people really hate it but again I don't I I'm fine with that indifferent to it. Yeah and I love doing it and it's more and more now to life You know eventually I'd like to start doing it in ways. That are kind of my own but for now now. I'm doing boot BOOT stunner. Just like Steve's to do because I'm still trying to do right by like I don't want it to become my stunner dunner. It's the you know I don't call it the stone call center because I would never a B. Arrogant enough to compare myself to stone cold stunner but I still want people to you know. Look at it as what it's always been. which is food Steiner Benchley? Maybe I'll try to hit it in different ways. That are a bit different in a bit more. My Own You know put my own spin on it but for now I'm perfectly founded this way and the excitement that I decided exciting. That comes from the crowd when I do it or go for it is is telling me that I'm I'm on my way to to do something good with it. So it's been great it's it's been great to be able to use it but more than anything. It's great to have these blessing to know that he's supporting supporting it because he could have upset. No which might have been a little silly because nobody really owns any wrestling moves. Obviously the fact that he was supportive of it you know puts it over the top for me. Sure you're doing stone cold proud with your regular usage of the stunner GonNa ask you before I let you go. I know you got your family to get to. What is his on? Tap in the immediate future for Kevin's what's next. I don't know I the only thing I always worry about and I say worry but I I use the term lightly. It's probably the proper term would probably say the only thing I obsess about constantly is to make sure that whatever I do is relevant and matters and if I you know if I'm being being candidate I feel like more often than not over the past year and a half what I was doing It was on rollers. SMACKDOWN was not necessarily that important or the matter as much as I wish my contribution to the show would would matter so You know everything from last night Confronting Rawlinson having that match them to where we go from here on out. That's all I strive to do is to make sure that whatever I'm involved with on the show as entertaining as it can be an enjoyable people watching it can be and I just WanNa make it count so I guess the answer that you're brushing is it's the same. It's always been for me as I just WanNa make sure everything. I do matters that people keep doing what you're doing. I appreciate it. I don't WanNa keep any longer be safe. You are always welcome here on after the bell. I will I won't see that soon anymore. You're ARAGO log on smackdown. Yeah I guess maybe next pay-per-view yeah. That sounds good but I'm happy to come on here anytime you want me to plenty to say as you're well aware. So I'm all to a multi happy to provide the platform. I appreciate you calling in She is the queen of spades the longest reigning champion in all of WWe the current annex t women's champion champion. Shane Obeys Ler. Shayna how are you. I'm doing awesome. I could Believe that after the last several weeks last weekend in particular awesome. I'm just going to start at the top. You've got a lot to go through. You've been making waves on raw and smackdown and of course on annex t but this past Saturday takeover you took took part in the first ever women's wargames match. How are you feeling leading up to the match up? So I've done like combat sports for a long time so I method place where I kind of ignore it all until it's like. Oh it's going to happen. We're like twenty minutes away and then is what I'm start like. Oh Holy Crap. This is massive and I think like the pressure is always on us at annex t to deliver because it's what the fans expect of us now and I personally start feeling and then we're all back there and the sirens going off you know we're all standing behind the curtain in sirens. Going off in the cage is is dropping and that was like man this just got. That was like a moment so that was pretty cool. I know you felt the pressure to deliver an I assure you. I'm not the only one on the believes that all of you women delivered as you often do in an xt and you continued that momentum to Sunday night in the main event of the survivor series similar situation still feeling the same kind of No pressure until go time it was still Like the show had started. And then I started feeling it because I didn't find out for sure that we remain event until I got there that day. So just getting that news. And it's not just like Oh this is a raw smackdown. Roster debut is a pay per view debut and a main event debut. It was everything you could do to make that a tough situation was thrown into that. The pressure was on from the start of the day. We see three ways always all the time but to have one at the end at the main event on card where you've already seen fifteen people at a time in a matchup definitely test your creativity but you. You guys did a great job. What does it mean to you personally? Annex t now live on USA. You're one of the faces of the brand. You are the face of the Women's division annex. Not what sort of challenges have you faced leading up to this knowing what was at stake at survivor series and even wargames prior to really carve out the niche for an xt. Well I think for a long time people that have followed an x t have known what. NFC is about. I don't know if it's a thing that you can put a a lot of names on it. But it's something different than Ron smackdown. And that's been by design but I think that being on TV and then just having this thing thing that kind of organically happened in the first place with the roster in delayed in Saudi. I think this is our moment. Now we can show. Oh this bigger audience. Exactly what we are. And it's a cool story you hear about all these stories and pro wrestling if you follow it or if you know the history or whatever very tall always cool moments that happened kind of like on accident organically and we're one of those moments so on a personal note you made history twice this weekend as part of the first ever women's war games and also main eventing survivor series and in a way defeated Becky Lynch Asia. which right wrong or indifferent or going to draw a lot of parallels to your good friend Rhonda Rousey how does that affect you professionally and personally is there any? He's sort of friendly rivalry. Or do you compare yourself to Rondo or vice versa I mean we're we're friends so yeah we have some friendly banter here and there about it. Who's done what and all that but it's not Nobody's pretending anybody's cooler than anybody else in this. The four of US became friends being on the reality. Show the ultimate fighter in two thousand thirteen. Rhonda's always kind of been this shooting star through MMA. But I think that's the moment where our it really launched patted her fame in that asset. So we've always had to deal with being associated whether right or wrong our success our failures you know. Just because she's she was more well known than the other. Three of US might have been if anyone talked about us. It was only because of her. It's just something that we had to learn to destroy off and I think the floor of US support of each other. We genuinely take pleasure when one of US gets any success. We don't really talk shop very much so it's not like hey. Did you see anything that I did. Bad it's nothing like that. It's like I can't believe you did that. That's so crazy what's going to happen assets like we're we're kind of like mark for each other so that's that's cool. Yes definitely awesome to have a friend like that in this crazy business. I promise I'm done asking you about your friend. Let's talking about Chenab as ler so. It's time to uh-huh dispel some rumors. I've got a little bit of a new segment we're trying out here and it's Yeah it's it's really really hard hitting serious accusations accusations in such NAM it's calling it. According to Wiki my producer. Tony Bob dug up some dirt. And I just need to know if you know if it's true or not. Originally Shane obeys lawyer wanted to be a high school guidance. Counselor I don't know originally is the right word when I went to college judge. I double majored in religion and adolescent counseling with an emphasis on cult recruitment. I don't know if I always been really interested in how one one human being can be like. Everyone we're going to drink this kool-aid so we're we're we're we can expect to see Shane Baiser Oakland compound. Yeah yeah yeah no but I just that and I guess I I went to school. I went to like a private college but I went to school to kind of study the rehabilitation appoint people gladder. And then I was like this is to hyperfocused. I'm I like hanging out with teenagers. High School Kids High School Guidance Counselor and then in most states right so you have to have like three years of teaching so I would have had to start over and get an education degree so I just I was like that's not I guess that's not what I'm doing. Factor fiction the queen of spades. Nickname is due to your skill at card tricks. That's fact Real I. Yeah Yeah I used to be. I'm not as much anymore I should. I should kind of get back into it but I used to be really into sleight of hand card tricks and When I met my coach Josh Barnett? I met him at an after party of a fight that I had to Costa Rica and I was just like drinking a little bit so I'm just walking looking around the room like doing these card tricks for everyone and I happen to do this. Particular car trick involving the Queen of spades and then as it happened I started training with him and and the first fight that I had with him in my corner he unbeknownst to me told the the announcer to announce me as the queen of spades. So I'm in what would be considered guerrilla waiting there. And I'm like they announced me as the Queen of spades and I look back at him. He's like Oh okay and it kind of stuck interesting. I had absolutely no idea that I figured if any of these things that would be disproven. That would be it so now. You and Nigel. McGuinness can have a trick off Hamdan Orlando way better than I. Okay yeah he's I don't claim to be anything. Amazing but yeah he's better than me factor fiction you nickname signature submission maneuver in mixed martial arts. The swing that's true too. I well actually Josh did. So I finished his girl in It's like a Hammerlock I guess. And it spiral fracture humorous in her arm. And I was really grossed out so they stopped the fight and I go to my corner and I'm like Josh. I'm GONNA be sick. I need water. Because it wasn't it wasn't that I did. It was like the noise. The grossest thing to me I still but it's like a Turkey off. Everyone's thinking about that this week where you're tearing the Turkey uh-huh ruined for everyone but yeah he was going to ask you about it. You need to give it a name. What about the Shayna wing or just call it the showing waiting for sure? I just did it in the interview with is actually kind of a perfect transition into my next question you are or were a certified. EMT Yes I was so before I got on the ultimate fighter I was like having this moment where. MMA if you're not in the AFC is a a lot like pro wrestling where a lot of independents. Yes and You're you're maybe not making very much money but you're putting so much more time then then you know you're worth so much more than you're making the time you have to put. It was at this point where I was like I need to. I guess I need to like doc make a life because I can't I can't I can't live to support your fighting habit. I experienced on the wrestling for many years. I actually was an emt myself in highschool school. Oh cool so I actually. I actually was like had a full-on plan to get on the fire department in my hometown. There are only two women women that had ever made it past the physical test and all that and and I was all in on this but you have to be certified. EMT in order to do that. So so I was an emt for like two months. And then they announced the first female season of the ultimate fighter. And I was like now that I know then I can do it. I'm just going to go white one more shot at this. Why not I can always come back and do this so yeah I can't believe never had this conversation before the parallels eerie I actually before I got signed by? WWe took the city. Firemen's test for Baltimore. I was gonNA join the Fowler. Yeah really really strange. Last one you. I used to bring an electric guitar to the Octagon to the cage. Can you actually play. Yes I can. That was so ever since I started. It'd fighting and Josh. Being my coach Joss is a pro wrestler himself. He wrestled a lot in Japan. He's been doing some more stuff over here as of late but he always was was really big on like bringing the entertainment side to fighting because he's like the real and it's and this holds true for professional wrestling people care way more about the story about a fight than they do about the actual fight you know so He was always like stopping interviews. You Know Shane How do you? How do you see yourself winning this fight? He didn't want the typical like well. I'M GONNA win by knocking on her mission or I'M GONNA I'm GonNa show that women can fight just like like hated stuff. 'cause one hundred other girls are going to say that so he would have me. He'd like stop the entire interview. I'm going to actually get because I'm going to handcuff occasion rudder through in like Atari so just like crazy stuff and he was the one that said Like I played guitar. I love heavy metal. I like rock and roll And he was like. Hey what do you think about Esp Guitars like They're awesome it was like okay cool so I gotta deal done you. You carry a guitar out to the cage. They'll sponsor you with one and at first. I was like the dumbest thing I've ever carry guitar out to a fight. That's so approach. But I ended up doing became his signature. Thing I got this bloody flying V carry my battle axe to the cage. It was off. I was like way way more pro wrestling. When I was a fighter I am now? And now I'm like way Morris fighter crew the it's backwards when but it works yeah. I think it's safe to say that you're You're theatrics in the world. Have led you down the right path here and wwe. I feel like I can talk to you all day but I'm sure you wanNA enjoy your day off and maybe even a little bit of a break this Thanksgiving so Shayna thank you for calling and hanging out. Let's do it again and next time. I see I wanNA chop it up about our our world in the protective services field cleaning up vomit. I'm sure at the two of us. That's mainly what the job is more than I can't remember. I'll talk to you soon. Thank you thank you and I was lucky. Enough to spend a whopping sixteen hours at my home this week. Amidst travel and work and heading to Pittsburgh rigged. Hang out for Thanksgiving so of course. I spent three of those hours watching Monday night raw as I do each and every week. And here's my hot take for the week. Raw was really a freaking good. I think rose is good last night as it's been in quite some time it's nice to not have to worry about the brand versus brand versus brand aspect of all the shows now and rock get back to brass tacks and be Monday night raw and I very much enjoyed it and kicked off the show with Seth rollins recent lightning rod of controversy diversity on. WWE TELEVISION OFF WWE television and We got a glimpse of the new Steph. Or maybe it's the old seth jeff either way. It's the right seth. I loved it to me. Seth Rollins is a very very fun personality to dislike on television. I miss the days of Seth Rollins as part of the authority with JJ security under hunters wing. That's a me was is my favorite. Obviously everybody evolves in WWe. But I think this is fun. It's organic I know. Seth's pissed off off. Feels a certain way not only onscreen offscreen and I love it embrace this. Seth and I talked earlier about how Ramos Stereo was responsible for. One of my favorite moments at survivor series will raise. Momentum continued Monday night as he is our new United States. Champion which is awesome. Everything involving the United States title. Last night was a blast to me from the multi-man matchup the moments with Randy Orton. Aj Jay Styles and it was fun. It was chaotic but in a good way and I'm excited to see ray run with this United States title. The one he never lost just because he got injured last time so This'll be kind of cool. I'm a big fan of all things. Ramos Stereo the same can be said for. Aj Style and can be said for Randy Orton. And shockingly enough something else. I was actually a fan of last night between the hours of Eight. PM and eleven eastern. I liked the Lashley Rousseff Sevillana story last night. There I said it. I've been very critical about it. In recent weeks wasn't sure where it was going but last night it got to where it was going and it was good. I loved it I loved seeing Roussev. Just try to kick Lashley's asked as you would expect to happen when a guy is messed up your marriage or left you you and your wife left you or whatever the hell is going on. I'm still confused as to how we got here. But we're here. It was fun. Let them fight. I'm here for for it. Something else I was here for on the raw side of things. This of course was Sunday at survivor series was the raw tag team champions versus the smackdown tag eighteen champions versus the annex t tag team champions six dudes uber talented. Did Not disappoint but my guests at this. This time emerged. Victorious picked up the loan point for Monday night raw at survivor series. My guests at this time. We're the lone loan. Victors for the red brand. This Sunday at survivor series the current raw tag team champions Eric. I've are the Viking raiders. What's going on guys? They were Back after a long month on the road and You know charging up getting ready to do it again. What does it mean to you you guys to finally get the platform and have time with two top level tag teams like the New Day like the undisputed era and truly get two for the first time? At least to my recollection. Have time and really kind of show the world what you're capable of doing as a tag team. Technically this would be our first time now up on the main roster having a good period of time to put in some work on the ring and It was at survivor series I mean for me it was special to be in there with Kofi who I've known since I a a wrestling training We've had different paths to get where we are now. Being at survivor series wrestling. Him Name was pretty wild for me and to be given that time with literally the two best tag teams the V.. Right now there's enough. Yeah definitely For me it was. It was a special legal to do it at survivor series because survivor series with the very first pay per view. That ever watched the kid. I think it was in like second or third grade. I went to You know one of my buddies and Grade Schools House Watch survivor series and to then have survivors be our platform. Kind of our coming out party. I I if it where where we get that spotlight light where we get that time to like show everybody like. Hey this is exactly who we are. This is what we're capable of this. This is the type of matches that we can put on each every week. was really really special votes. been a long time coming. I mean everybody watched your work in annex t knows and maybe even those who have followed you beyond before. WWE when once upon a time there was a team called the war machine. Yeah I mean we you know as as war-machine machine you know We we went everywhere. We went all over the world and we regularly had the time you know we regularly because they had the opponent so we we toward a house down everywhere we went. If we didn't wouldn't have gotten called back you know back then. It was. If we weren't wrestling we weren't eating so every single night we went out and we stole the show And it it's cool to to be able to bring that flavor and that uh-huh athleticism to To The WWE TAG team division and it was really cool Coming out on survivor series having that moment and and we're actually wearing our old war-machine gear with our war-machine logo and we used our old war machine armor that we wore All over world so that was cool special for us to yeah we. We were that That armor specifically in In World Tag League in Japan You know we wore it on on several real big Matches over in Japan and and you know in the United States. Well I think I think I've already we wear that it at ring of honor. I can't I can't remember. I think we did we did. I'm pretty sure final battle New York City to go every time I pose a question. I have to stop myself because Eric. I have known you so long. I am inclined to refer to you by another name. But you mentioned that when you weren't wrestling when you weren't tearing the house down you didn't eat a lot of people. Don't know that you were in a very severe motorcycle accident a couple years back. How did you have to deal with that Man It was. It was crazy. I've I've got a real good Stories his take on it. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa tell you a little serious and then I'll let him tell you his take on it We had like that morning. I had left my my My job working construction in Texas and I decided that I was gonna be fulltime pro wrestler. I had I had enough savings to like kind of squeak week by If if booking slowdown but I had every weekend booked up for the rest of the year and I was you know I was I was GonNa do it like it had taken forever it it was you know two thousand fourteen. I started wrestling And it was finally at a point where financially I could support myself wrestling but I you know I grinded grinding and grinding. I got there and that morning that I left my job I went out that night. I got a good workout in jumped on my motorcycle and I got in a motorcycle wreck that should would have killed me every literally every the. EMT's the surgeon. Every doctor that I spoke to said I should not have walked away from Iraq and at minimum. I should never have wrestled again Like I completely and totally shattered my left arm. I went up over. My handlebars smashed out a window with my face. Like just completely and totally destroyed destroyed myself that you know major surgery And then I was out for a total of six months and I was back in the ring in wrestling. And I've aren't I would have it kind of looked back. I've never had a real job again. you know. We went on from there to tear up all over Japan all the all the accolades that everyone talks about actually actually started after that accurate. We were just kind of gaining momentum before the accident and then after that like we just set the world on fire so here we are. We're just just got together as a tag team ring of honor just taken off. We haven't killer match with the brisk goes and Philadelphia. I really put ourselves on the map and the rates motorcycle accident. Kim Arrogance motorcycle accident and tries to room wrestling career. So then I a singles push and what does he do. He returns and we're back in a tag team and tries room at wrestling career games. We are in seems like things are going okay. Now when I was when when when I was out like I you know I had about three months of saving and I had about six months of injury with no income. So I you know I went back to like my ultra four days and I was living on twenty dollars a week and you know making it stretch and I had like friends of mine. You know shame Taylor who you who you know. Well Corey You know it was like buying meat. Buy Me dinner twice a week. Just you know come in come into the house with food like he's you know he's my roommate at the time we were going to him every day and he was like buying groceries stories and like I would come home and they they would just be food. They're like you know without without without him without you know Jack Dane like guys like that like I wouldn't have made it career that six month stretch. What's crazy man? I feel like everybody who's lived this life and put in their time has as at least a handful of friends like that where he slept on each other floors in. You scrounged together just to get by just to feed your wrestling habit. will luckily at it worked out for you guys. Yeah so I want to talk a little bit more recently one night in particular that I remember fondly would be the night that talk radio and Hansen would be thrust into the main roster WWe picture. I believe we were in Toronto in Montreal. Somewhere in my Montreal I remember the building I remember the day. I remember being very very excited. As as we mentioned rain I go way way way back Eric. Sorry we're not editing and I'll take my day it's going to happen it's impossible. It's absolutely impossible. It's weird because because people call me Eric and I literally don't understand that they're talking to me like I walk right past them. They're like Yvonne Yvonne only called me Eric which is weird because I've known him for years but like he will only call me Eric. Now and he. And he's Eric Eric Eric Eric. And I'm thirty feet past him and he's like throwing things at me like Eric. Oh that's me that's me. Sorry it's weird. It's it's something I had to learn it from Michael Cole to always refer to people as you referred them on television which is weird. Because I've got so many friends as we all do. We've known for years years and years and years as five six different names and so it's definitely an adjustment process and I had just gotten used to learning to just do row enhance last names. I can handle that but then on that fateful day in Montreal. I seem to recall who shellshocked looking asking individuals walking out of a certain man's office with a thousand yard stare on your face as you had just learned you would be Eric and Ivar Avar the Viking experience. Walk me through. That's why not he start one. I've are you want me to do. You can go go for so like let's let's back up just a in just a little bit. He's four the name task The the process of getting there on Monday is a story into itself so we were at the performance enter. You know we were at annex t and I have we. We had that weekend so I had asked Coach Bloom and you know the the other the other coaches involved like take and I just. Can I go visit Sarah's family this weekend like we don't cater. I'm GonNa cut you off for clarification purposes. Sarah Being Sarah Logan your actual wife not just onscreen character. Yeah Yes yes yes. Yes Sara Sara Logan and my my my wife and I we're going to go visit my in laws and So I and they were like of course. Yeah you're fine so I fly I'm flying to Cincinnati on Friday afternoon or Friday morning and I started getting messages on facebook because I mean the air so. I'm not getting text messages. I'm getting Getting messages from at that. Point from Hanson And and he's saying. Are you getting these text messages now. I'm I'm flying because we're going to run on Monday and I said he's like we're going on day or we're going to Ron Monday. He Goes No. We're going up buddy and the first thing I asked me like because anybody who knows him at all know that everything is a joke everything. It doesn't matter like my motorcycle wreck like every every single area of our lives is a joke and I was like you. Don't don't don't be screwing with me and he's like no dude. Were going up. He said you'll get all the taxes when we come home are when you land. I land hand and I I meet Sarah and her parent that at baggage claim and I said you know had good news. Bad News Good news I you know going up. Spur bad news. I gotTa Fly Home Tomorrow. Good news I'm going on Monday because I didn't have my wrestling gear with me. I was just going for a family vacation so we flew back to either food back to Orlando on Saturday I've aren't I flew out on Sunday on Sunday to get there for Monday and are playing got delayed and then are playing out too late in a plane got delayed. We got stuck overnight in rally. We had to get our bags off the off the plane. Because that's got are all of everything we have. Do we need the wrestling then. their WWe is is scrambling to find US flights to get into Montreal impact and they can't can't find the same flight to tickets on the same flight so they route me through. JFK In him through Laguardia The award is so he went. He went through Laguardia. My flight went through. I landed at like two thirty. PM I vard got stuck doc in Laguardia so then he got stuck and he doesn't land to like let's say four thirty almost five PM. Yeah so so. So he's he's you know we're we're supposed to be at TV at at two. Yup I landed after call time. He landed three or four hours after called. So like we're both he and I are stressing and like as we get I'm standing I'm standing backstage. When when he texts me that he lambs hands? And I you know I talked to one of the production guys. And they're like oh good. Vince was holding the writing meeting to wait. You know to to know that you guys are going to be here. 'cause you're doing tonight so he he's rewriting the show in case you weren't ear so now he is. You know I've heard on the ground. Yeah Verizon the ground okay cool we can go go forward with the script and it's like five o'clock so like the show goes on three hours and they were. They were rewriting the show because he he wasn't sure if we were there or not which is mind blowing to think about? And like nerve wracking. So then we're ringside and and I've are comes out and graphics come on screen and it it's got like a little cartoon biking Guy and it says liking experience. I it says deserters right right yeah because talk about an hour. Yeah the run sheets had deserters I it's as were raiders and then it went like experience. We're watching the screen range and we. We looked at at at hundred H. And we're like is that real or are they messing with us. He just shook his head and I was like like that's real. That's going to be your name. He's like you're going to have to talk to so we went and talked events at this point because it's so late in the day we we've we're not even going to approach the subject of I've are and Eric we've We we need to tackle this Viking experience variance thing. 'cause that would we didn't. We didn't even really know for sure that I've earned Eric were thing but we knew we weren't going to me Hanson row but we knew there were some more vikings names that we're going to have But we just we weren't. We weren't gonNA tackle that. The primary focus was that and this viking experience named and so we were able to catch then as he's going somewhere else there wasn't even in his office it was. It was kind of have been on hallway by the big production meeting area and We we got him. We rail the talk to him and we were able to to plead our case about the name Just sounds like a Disney ride And then we started shooting off other options. Yes which would it was about. We had at least ten names they were given them and then the last one that we gave him was Viking raiders and you Kinda paused on that one and he's like all right well. This is how we're going to introduce you as the Viking experience and if we're not feel L. Matt going forward then maybe we can. We can change something else But then he also could over how he loves the TV show. Vikings and He loves Vikings General and started talking to us about our gear our entrance gear armor an and and all sorts of things like that and liking details from Viking history. And so we felt confident. You like this. He told us that. Like they're working stuff so We were just happy to maybe possibly in the weeks to come get that tag team name change but it was so it was so last minute at that point it might have been six thirty year old dog. I think the show show might have like just about to start. Like main event was probably started already. Yeah so like seven thirty. It was late. I I wonder what would have happened. If we had flown in and landed on time I got there at the time we would have had more input but thank God next week came. And we were the the Viking raiders and so the best sparred about that name too is. I think that people like have have really been mad about that about Viking raiders as a name and and it's it's the funny anything is that that was I've aren't is Like first pitch when we talked when we came to exceed They told us we are GONNA have to change her name. That that war machine wasn't wasn't wasn't gonNa work because of The the anime fighter that tried to kill me. Now if if you it'd be type it into if you type it into Google that's the first that I You can't yeah you can't have kids. who were you know ten? And twelve years old typing in trying to find their favorite wrestler. And that now there's all kinds of different conversations that have to happen so when when when triple h approached us about about a new name you know we. We bounced around a lot of them and we suggested Viking rates and and that was one that we really like because because triple h liked the the the term or the name raiders. And and that's you know he was. E pitch wore raiders there's and he was thinking about different kinds doomsday raiders. I think was another one that he was. He suggested And like he really liked raiders. So we were. Stick the raiders. And we're like what about Viking Raider. That's cool like that. That's who we are. That's that's what we own and And it Kinda just got under the hat and then you know now we came up to the main roster and they you know they changed their name. We're back to the original name that we pitched in annexed east. It's funny our people are so upset about the name change but we literally wear the same gear same outfits and wrestle the same way that we did and then. Xt exte- ring of honor. We haven't changed. Our presentation hasn't changed. They literally just call us by a different name. You sell out how. How dare you all right guys? We'll hey thank you for calling in you guys both have standing. Invite anytime you want to call and talk a little shop. I'm here I'm happy to have you keep doing what you're doing. You overcame this terrible name. Change and you're still okay. Ah Yeah we somehow survived. Be Safe and I've archetype eric away from the motorcycles. Please I do serious thing breath. I'd hate for him to ruin your wrestling career again. Yeah it'd be a third time all right guys be well be safe. I'll talk to you soon. You got what a week it has been. It's time to wind things down a little bit but before we get there. I would be remiss not to shout out my favorite thing. That's happened happened in recent memory. I'M GONNA go further than just this week. It was last Wednesday on but I just cannot stop raving all this time later about the revival versus the undisputed era. What of freaking match tag team wrestling when done properly to me? There's nothing better Dawson and Wilder O'Reilly and fish. Four of the best walking the planet to do it. It was fun. It was ugly when it had to be it was just brutal. It felt like a fight. It felt like a true test for all four guys in the ring. The full sail audience was awesome and I think added to the atmosphere atmosphere with the appreciation for what they are witnessing. Give me more of that please. So hats off respect to both the revival and undisputed era And thank you. Thank you for letting me be a fan again for about twenty minutes on a Wednesday night. It was really really cool. Also want to thank Komo guests today. Shane Obeys Ler. Kevin Owens and the Viking raiders for taking time out of their day to chat. Make sure you follow at after the bell on Instagram. I'm at twitter facebook. Use the Hashtag after the bell. If you want to join the conversation using an android follow beyond spotify stitcher Pandora Google podcasts casts or your podcast of choice so that you never miss an episode and Subscribe at and throw me a five star rating on Apple podcasts. To help spread the word you can follow me at wwe graves. Chances are pretty good. I'll say something stupid but before I leave you a little wisdom this of course from the the great American Poets Henry Rollins one of my personal heroes half of life up the other half is dealing with it. There's some Zen for you I am full of it and I will be back next week with more wisdom more vitriol and more. WWe after the bell loses an original W._W._e.. PODCAST.

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