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"yoshiaki kawamura" Discussed on Pool Podcasts

"Don't have the report from that yet. But i expect we'll have it in the next couple of days. Anthony moglen no one an event there had beyond billiards. Beat raymond lenora and tony roma's and yoshiaki kawamura and haley. Marian won the q. City nine ball tour. Stop scotch double. Stop at jack's l'americain billiards in newport tennessee. Congratulations to all of those ladies. And anthony i the gorst for serena smash. They are playing this week as you're listening to this. Maybe you'll be listening to this in watching the match day one was yesterday now. They are at first break. Sports bar in sterling. Virginia yesterday was nine ball Fate or one that thirty two seventeen. I think most people expected him to win. I don't know that they expected him to win by thirteen racks. This one is streamed by roy's basement. It's being streamed live for free on facebook so you can go to facebook. Go to roy's basements page and you can check this out now. Like i say yesterday was nine ball. Today they're playing ten ball. They'll be playing eight ball tomorrow and then one pocket on sunday. So that's probably the biggest thing going on this weekend. In other news the billiard sports network is back in the news this week. They made an announcement that as part of their dinosaurs cup which will take place on may first and second. That's going to be a five thousand dollar added events and they've been announcing players that will be at the event. I saw the announcement of shane going to be there. Laurie john's going to be there so they made the announcement this week. That fatal gore's was to have a ten ball race to twenty exhibition match with shane. Shane van boming. That will be the friday before that event kicks off in news the week before this we received the news that turning stone was going to be cancelled turning stone. I say canceled. My says postponed if you postpone it until the next scheduled tournament than didn't cancel it so that was even more bad news however we had some good news. This time the ocean state nine ball championship is going to happen mike. Douglas sent out a notification that that was going to happen. On june fifth and sixth avenue cookers in providence rhode island. There was also pr from the bf this week. They are hoping to get their schedule going again. They're hoping to get things kicked off with their first big event in austria june seventeenth through the twentieth. We also got a note. That the barry berman memorial spring open nine ball events will take place april twenty fourth and twenty fifth at q..

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