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"wolf abernathy" Discussed on Other Side of Texas

"We've recently within the last year hired a public works director, Jennifer Davidson, and she is at an engineering she is sharp and the county the the commissioners kind of charged her with putting together a comprehensive roads plan for Lubbock Lubbock county has never had one. And you're right j. I mean, where was the master plan it didn't exist. So she has spent the last basically last six months seven months putting together a comprehensive roads plan for Lubbock county what we're looking at. And and when I say comprehensive not just talking to the the roads crews that we have that worked for love county, but also meeting with every single independent school district in Lubbock county, all of them Lubbock, ISD Cooper friendship. Shallow, water Slayton Roosevelt. Idle new deal wolf Abernathy, even because Abernethy school district. You know is in Lubbock county as well portion of it so meeting with all the the independent school districts meeting with all the communities meeting with the chamber of commerce's in in all of our small towns. So what we're looking at is putting the other and asking this question, where's the need? Where do you see? You know, you guys are the ones that are out on the roads, especially the bus driver. Vers of I they're the ones that are out on the roads every single day where our needs where do we see growth happening talking to developers? Also, you know, asking are our developers in town, where are you going to be building in the next, you know, ten fifteen years, and so she has put together, and and it it's not complete yet. But is very close to be completing and through that comprehensive rose plan, then we will have a snapshot be able to look at Lubbock county's needs for the next twenty twenty five years. And so I'm very excited about that. So the answer to your question Jay is we've never had a master plan, but we do now. And so that will give us an opportunity now as we go forward to not just piecemeal a particular road. But look, which which roads are now colle- that need to be upgraded to asphalt which asphalt roads. Need to be upgraded to? From two lanes.

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