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Educacin infantil en la industria 4.0.

Salvador Marin

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Educacin infantil en la industria 4.0.

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US Leah co-chair Mighty House Deanna Kennedy Costa vomiting. Kathy
Down In The Dumps And Newly Shingle

Campfire Sht Show

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Down In The Dumps And Newly Shingle

"Come on kids now. Gather round. Rabble ragged. What's that smell with it sound your own. Hit the ground ham fire should show. Counselors Bo hovered am miracle, grow you've you've given me no proof that you can be trusted with this kind of power. Be Big you want me to help split. The cost of your virtual assistant it's all I, want for Hannukah And then you're not going to really probably use that person for anything that we have would data management scraping. Okay. Last week. Update from last week, go to the doctor and get your website My Web is shedding on Oh my God. Thank God. No baby another week another month I mean we. Periods do you have a month? Period. It's more like dot dot dot Shingles. Right now for Real I don't know what's going on. Is it the ants? No. No these painful. Now, there's no answer. How is your aunt situation? It's fine. I got rid of them all once you left they were all gone. Me We're. GonNa come voiced it looks like you're not. You're like. kind of like. Out into the street but the answer carry. Over, five dollars an hour. Three hundred, ask. I, would. Genuinely. Hold. He's three hundred fire. But really before we get into anything, I don't think you have shingles. Some some sort of rash from you? Okay. I think. Last week to restaurants stress rush. Is. Your. Are you still keeping with your healthy diet? Look you're saying I don't look at you look. Absolutely. Beautiful. Too Skinny I think for me personally. I like however you feel. But my version I like best view is when there's little job on the room. Show on the road like you know like, I don't like when you look too skinny. Okay. This is very controlling. But I want you to feel your best you're supposed to say okay, mom. Okay. I'm getting Meryl's Mom. Rail. She'll even right like. Your hair's getting long never cut it short like these weird compliments of like yeah. Yeah. It's really weird how boy I know. Okay. I wanted to talk first about. I have a friend that got dumped in the craziest way really wanted to bring it up blue hop it. Oh, you want us to. We'll tell me the story. So we're GONNA do whole. Let's let's let's do some dump stories. I don't know yet if she would want me to say her name, we never talked about that but she is a friend of mine I'm from My. Days I radio from she's really awesome and beautiful. Finally she's like she has kind of a legend in San Diego and re really like it has a lot to offer and really sweet really into music just a fun fun person and but she has had trouble finding love because I, think she's a little bit older. And I think she's also in like the goth scene or she's in, she's in the. Scenes where it's a lot of younger men but it's also a lot of people that aren't like looking to commit to a fulltime relationship or. You know you're the situations probably hard to to kind of find someone. So I was very excited because she had told me that that over the cortines she was doing like a little bit of dating here and there, and it was like she would find one person for whatever reason it would just be. They would strike out or this person would have a kid that kind of got in the middle so I don't know there's just A. Whole. Lot of mismatches and then she had finally found someone and she was really excited and said like this person is really into me and they're treating me really well and I know and I was so excited because I like she really just seems so happy and I think I think she is lonely I. Think you know 'cause I think especially during this time with everyone. At first, he was taking the all our. Little only a little on and she was very much on the like very corentin side of things. So I think when April May and June while everyone was kind of at least at home with their partner she felt very lonely and so so I was so excited that she had found someone and she was sending me some pictures of him and just was was really cool. So then out of nowhere about two days later after she had proclaimed that they had this great love, he does she proclaim it on social media. Friends, but it's like you know when? I, for a second when you said he sent you a picture of him. I was like it'd be really funny if you got the photo, it was just a picture of an old record player in. The Elliott Smith Song. Yeah totally cured. Over. So I, I'm so excited for her because I think she so worthy of love and just like such a caviar. Yeah we all are but I think some some are piano nobody's more worthy than other I think some people are not worthy of loved people that Abuse Hound dogs okay. He's love they need love and that's probably the problem is they corner parents are given the love and then they have to take control or power. Everyone's worthy of love we just have to you know okay anyway I know you're saying I. Disagree. Every. Say Something Rashes bringing out even more D. do I do you need to have me put lotion on you? Never Know ever never ever ever no I know we're fine my motion. It's fine. Holy. Fuck I just threw up Oh my God come I spent like vomiting is a side effect of shingles. God. This person's shingle mouth because. Okay, really releasing goal. Okay. So so She had we had this great talk and I was like I'm so happy for you. You deserve to be treated gloomy coming it about forty eight hours. Later I, look at my phone and I had a text from her saying I just got dumped. I'm devastated and I'm like, Oh no, I'm so upset for her so. She had said I. Why? Like I don't understand things were going so well and she told me that the reason he gave is that this is one for the books for sure is that he doesn't want to be with her anymore because she eats to healthy and how is how are they supposed to navigate that in the future at restaurants? So. What he doesn't like that she eats so healthy I swear swear my life this is real. He doesn't want to his that's his reason does recent. Exactly. But the reason he gave is that she takes care of herself and eats really healthy like how are they supposed to have that and mind you there are people that are super annoying about their diet buzzkill. VEGANS. Yes. I know. But but like oh no yeah I hear you can still but then like I I know our mutual Vegan friend is like the same way that my friend is here whereas I've gone to restaurants with her like. Unless I was hyper focused on her experience, I would never know because it's like we've sat at restaurants together. We've gone out to lunch. We've had a great time and it's like it's not like she doesn't eat anything. She just chooses a salad or she'll just choose like a health option, right which is awesome and why would you? There's not even a point to talk about that because the truth is that's not his reason right? which sucks so bad because it's like also on top of that fuck you for doing that to sell worse. So fucking stupid. People are so scared to just see. Themselves yet like I don't feel chemistry, all you have to say is like you know what I thought I was into you but I'm finding myself like not feeling that same excitement that I did and I realized I don't really want to work on it. Right? You know what I mean it's it's like blaming them. So now she's got think about like, oh. Maybe my anything is a problem and I talk too much have fucking. psychotic like fucking thing going on in my brain about that. It's like I I know. So it was very mad. Don't hurt other people because your fucking. Pathetic right. Sorry Aga- feel that way I want to wrap him in the I hate that Kinda Shit. Where you can't own like own that it's you or say. For you. Like I had to say that on dates like, yeah I'm not really feeling that. I was looking for your Nice Person. Just I'm not feeling that you know. And then I think I've said the story of and then I still got messages like, are you sure? I'm I'm really sure I'm really the one. Well Go. So I I wanted to talk to you about highlights of dumping people. Okay. y'All PAT also. So, the one that you were talking about was this the girl that like. Like didn't you have someone that It was kind of like the funny girl in the group that everyone was trying to get like a hook you guys up and oh Okay so technically, I would say dumping. Dating Right. Or on a date I us. Doing. Something to dump like. Sometimes relationship that you're like I want to I don't Wanna I don't WanNa know you anymore essentially what you're saying is I. Don't want to know you or I want I don't want to know you in a romantic sense. I. Mean. Do if you're dumping someone are you really like if you're splitting up right we're talking about dumps we're talking about like in the dumps is like I want you gone from my? And that's not okay. So I've had I've had some of those. Yeah I don't know that I've ever been don't. Really Not that I remember Oh my I've been. I've been I've definitely been like a shot down before I even got into a thing. Sure. It's like I was friends with somebody in college and I was like, yeah, you know I kinda made a play like I really like you they're like, yeah no, I don't like I was like Oh shit yeah, and then you're embarrassed and. Rejected as more rejection wasn't a dumb and there wasn't like she didn't give you a reason just just don't see I mean I've been cheated on and that's essentially dumping. So yeah, I've been dumped twice but I had to find it out. That's the only thing. Right? Howard cowards is that you you basically have to dump yourself when you get cheated because they don't they can't. They're not dumping. Yeah. I. Mean. Yeah Yeah cowards but have I dumped Yeah probably no I I don't know. It's I feel like I've lived ten lifetimes I look back on like I don't remember any of my twenties almost that's how I'm getting to that point. Yeah. It's like it's kind of a Blur I don't remember specific things. With you now, but I don't do a lot of like acid or you. I remember like very, very much very vividly things. But have you ever used an excuse like not this one per se but have you ever kind of said like a bullshit thing? Oh probably. I know I've. Yeah. Because there's there's no denying that like I have that like. That Seinfeld in way of me, which is like, oh, she totals or pencil weird. I've got to get rid of this girl I, feel like or Something you always say about me that you don't like is that my eyes are so close together a, no, no, no, no no I just say your eyes are close together. I didn't say I don't like that I think of is you know? No no no. Oh I know I, know I have a really bad moment. I have a really bad moment and I'm GonNa throw it out here for okay I was This is so bad. I feel like a piece of garbage I was dating this flight attendant who I'd met. On a flight from Las Vegas to Amman Jordan. Lebanon to Beirut, to to do work for a week and I was Kinda stressed out because this is probably in the Two Thousand and ten or eleven, and I was just new Beirut was kind of unstable even then you it's completely honest now but like A. Travel there I don't think so I don't think. So because when I was there There's a brand new building, beautiful and wonderful, and then right beside it. A sandwich to is like a building that's been bombed out. Yeah, it was really weird. I've heard like even business people that have to go there they get. You have to have escorted secure on with you just I believe that the true it was just an intense time but I'm glad I did it. The people were actually amazing. The people that I dealt with them. All my findings everyone was really nice and really excited to to meet me. but I'm on a plane and it's like a like a fifteen hour flight I think or maybe not that much but. And I sat at the front seat of this plane and Right in front of me was the jump seat where the flight attendant sits and so this flight attendant was sitting there and I was like, Hey. I was like newly single at the time, and I was like I'm struck up a conversation and see you know. So we start talking or laughing and over the course of ten or twelve hours on this flight we we're just having a great conversation and was great 'cause I was on the plane with my business partner Stephen and he fell asleep over almost the entire trip. So I was just like op. Talking to her and so by the end of it, I just got up and went to the back of the plane when she was in the back and I said Hey I will be crazy not to try to get your information. Is there any way we can keep in touch and she's like sure and then she wrote it down. Man Hundred Delta Airlines Pollen yeah and then. Yeah shortly after she was visiting the states and like a crazy person like. Jumped on a plane and met her in Michigan and We had an awesome time and then we did that for like five months probably back and forth but it was really tough. It was really tough like the long distance. And it got to a point where I can imagine and that's just like. And also not even long distance of. have. Like a set schedule where it's like, okay, she's in Florida but we she works these hours. It's like she's here. She's there and then also when she was home, that was like it was midnight for me in the morning for her constantly off the time and it's really hard but I try to do it and she was a fantastic person that I have no negative thing to say about her she was awesome. But I was a little confused because it was shortly after I had gotten cheated on by longtime five-year girlfriend was devastated I was just trying to get back in new arena. And this was the girl that kind of started that with and. Boy She came to visit me and. This is awful that I'm about to say this but like I'd always thought she was so attractive. And she came and like she just hadn't done her makeup or her hair and she was wearing baggy clothes and I, just kind of looking at her like. she wasn't like airlines, right? Right right and I was like in my mind is like I don't think I'm attracted this person and I feel. Like, utterly so For that because I look back and I'm like are you kidding me? She was gorgeous. What was I talking about I was so fucking and that was something that I needed to deal with my vanity my own bullshit it's like what because she doesn't wear makeup then she's not racing. That's my my fucking issue I had to get over, and luckily I have. But at the time I was just kinda like and I remember feeling like distant and not interested in like and then she did that make her extra interest. Oh no no shows like she was like Oh something's wrong here and it really hurt her feelings and and I think I'll carry that to my grave because we've had conversation since we had broken up and because I was like you know I just don't think this is GonNa work. And part of that was like I felt like I wasn't doing my ex girlfriend and this was getting hard because it was long distance. But ultimately like I was just a piece of garbage at the time I think I was just like I don't want something that's across the world I want something that's right down the street, right? You know and that's so stupid because. I mean, it's stupid because you know the reality is like you want to go out to dinner with the person that you like and not wait for weeks or have it cost you fifteen hundred dollars to go see them or heart of you because of the last experience where you worried about her cheating on you or like no because I really tried to tell myself. Like just because one person did this thing it doesn't mean that every person's GonNa do that thing you can't think like that everyone's GonNa Cheat you can't like Oh, I got cheated on. So now I check all my boyfriend's phones, all my girlfriends phones or be crazy because they didn't do that to you right so you can't act that way. So tell her it was because. She eats to ehlers. Said like Oh. Just I'm just not ready or something, but really like. Wanting to go back with my ex girlfriend and I had been honest about that. It broke her heart truly broke broker heart Oh. I wonder what she's up to now. She's married is she she's happy. Marriage is wonderful. Person I have. Yeah. I can only say good things about her. Yeah anytime, people use excuses I, mean once in Awhile, I think you do get the excuse where people really do want to work on themselves or they just like WanNa be you know what they need time apart but I feel like there's so much. There's so many bullshit excuses. Say when it's actually just like I'm done with you or a lot of times I just think that there's also someone else. Yeah. I think I remember one time when there wasn't someone else but I was I was living in New Jersey and the girl I had been dating for almost again another a different girl but almost five years four years. I could just feel her like she had changed a lot over the years and I was younger and she was younger and and she I dated all through college, her college and. It was a got she was going to Rhode Island, School of design and I was in new. Jersey's is driving up every other weekend. Living in that college world what I was already out of it and I was like you know it was getting old and then she kind of had an air about her at that time I. Don't know that this is true now but at the time a little bit like she's too good for Shit. Yeah and and I think it was like she grew up in a rich house and I think she had a little bit of a chip on her shoulder in that way but I don't think she does anymore. But Anyway, at the time I was I did the ultimate like drop the hammer because I knew it wasn't working and I was like hey. I. I don't think this is working I. Really Wish you the best, but it's just like this is a lot and I can tell that we've grown apart and she's like, okay. All right and then I doubled down I was like. and. I'm moving to California two weeks. That was probably the the biggest like hammer drama she completely shocked oh? Yeah because then. that. Also means that there were some planning. Yeah that I had been talking and planning, and then I got the word that I was going to go and then within that week you know within that week I decided okay. One bring I'm definitely not going to California with this relationship and she was I think she was super devastated to just because she's like wait okay. It's one thing to break up it's another thing to be like you're across the country and that's there's no hope. I think. But again, we grow through it and that's fine and it's all good. That was probably. I mean. That's me though I hope things really close to my chest and I don't know if that's good or bad. But like usually prepare and really your decision is final. Say something kind of because I've already gone through all of the levels of like. Well. Okay. But then what and then what if that, and then what if that thinking of every single like endgame that I can and? And then I go. Okay. No. I, WanNa do this. So then I'm like I making the decision, when are you going to do that to me moving through Japan? Eight months you know. Jam Japan has come up so many times in my life and I still haven't pulled the trigger. So I don't know I. Don't know. I like my life here but boy, it's getting weird here I know. Anyway. When I dumped you believe me it will be on Air I. Please at least for the sake of the PODCAST I promise. Okay. On Air and I'll be like Yep we're done. And I'll say now. I'll be packing up as you're saying, no. How about you tell me about the breakup or the dumps? Did you ever dumped I know that this would surprise you but oh, I always get. I actually have not dumped. because. I've I've. I've probably not paying attention. That's the truth. I swerved a lot of situations like I've had boys like me that I just will get into the relationships. Basically if I get into the relationship stage with someone I love them and I'm like I really like them. So I'm pretty much made an Avatar touched tail. Of another level? No no but I feel. Like if I get into the relationship thing that I'm bought in whereas like. I don't know I. Don't know I also feel like especially in the past I will circle the drain with someone instead of pulling the plug I've had a few relationships that we're dead in the water that grammar. There's one that I mentioned before that we didn't have sex for a whole year and then. Your current one is. Started having sex ago maybe that's what you're noticing out. I. Started to flip her hair and she hurt her hand. So luckily, I don't need that he and for saying. Feet and my wisdom teeth wile but. So. So I think that was one that I should have dumped the person because I really I was like done done and I just I don't know what it is. I just had a hard time pulling the plug on it. Yeah and then yet for a year and then finally even our break-up was like boring and awful where we just like I think he'd knew that it was pretty much but I couldn't muster up the words to say it. So we were just like like I was almost stating things facts I'm like. Well, we're we you're a good person and we do care about each other but couldn't get to the final like. Honestly what had happened was that I should have dumped him but. Like the same week that I think I was going to dump him was when I newly met my current or my most recent ex boyfriend, the one tournament for live I had like met this person and a kind of was like Oh this who this may be an exciting thing and I had gone to a live show and afterwards I went back to this his hotel room but I had slept by truly had slept in. Sleep in his. Irish slept in the bed I did sleep in the bed. touched. My right boom. There was some overlapping cheating I feel bad now. Yeah. We did not make out because I kept saying I have a boyfriend, I have a boyfriend. I presented my right breast. You presented it. I said here it is. You get one. You said you said you get one. You said those words one breaststroke that's what you said. Correct. Oh Man I knew the weirdest thing if a girl said you've you get one breast. Okay. I'm good. Really guy would it be like I'll just wait. Because if I waited right to strengthen I mean what? A what a play right here. I'd rather wait and get the whole thing. Then I'd be like actually here's the whole the whole bucket. I'm plus I'm making lobster dinner. And then I then I kind of knew I think even I did tell the old boyfriend I just said I. Won gracefully touch my boob. No. I didn't say that part I just said I think that there's a new situation that I'm interested in. You can take your leave but no, I always get. She said that I mean I had those situations where they didn't really say that they were doing that. It was totally fine until the the old boyfriend found out that that guy I when Eric the one that was manager for live when when he found out that Eric and I were living together like because. We moved in pretty quickly just. Message me and. I think that's when it hit him because I knew he I think he knew that we were done but I didn't think he knew that I was in like living mode with someone. So he sent me like a really awful like basically like detonated any sort of friendship or anything kind of tax I can't even be hard honestly I have a I have a friend who was dating a girl for a long time and then He brought it up like, Hey I don't know for in the same place she's like. Yeah you're right, and then they were like living together. And she was like, yeah, you're right and then he's like, okay well, let's go ahead and take our. Take our space, and like you find a new place, let's put up and then she stopped coming home a lot of times right? Like immediately like Yep. Okay. Let's break up and then they did finally like within the month like she moved out right and then within like another month or two, she was married what within a month? Yeah. It was like within couple months like to no more no more than three. It was almost like wait a minute how Are you cheating on the Why. Did I bring it up you were. This wasn't working. Feel a distance, but then you weren't saying anything. So then I said it and then you're like, okay yeah, you're right. Okay. I'M GONNA. Go get married like what like a week later like a wedding invitation comes to there. That's see. That's weird. I thought there has to be or the maybe they knew each other or they dated before and it's available. Okay. Click like weird. That is weird I don't think that secondary one I think it was the the. We were already dating while I was. and. That's true and I think some relationships like the one that I had gotten in with Eric was so like things start out so passionate and so that I feel like that would be an example of a relationship that I could have been married in the first four months and we even like, Oh, I think we were in vegas crazy talking about it but. I know. But then those are the ones that telling you I've had that I had that. Just, do it. Those don't aren't sustainable. You've got slow your shit. down. Because otherwise you get and then like two years later you like. I have I have a couple friends who? Met on a trip with friends. Okay. To Vegas they met on a Friday. They were married by Saturday night. I'm not kidding they've been married for fifteen years I think gets killed is crazy. I can't even imagine I can't either I. think that's really sweet and cute I think married for like fifteen or so years I don't know maybe it's more I don't know but I was definitely like wait what? In the days later, two days later you're married I love that stuff you hear from like the World Wars. At the Dance Hall and I love across the room and I said what you'll marry me. We got married that night. That's what my parents were engaged after two weeks of dating. Are You fucking? Oh your mom probably said, you're GonNa get you know my my dad had had crush on my mom and I think he knew he's like we got strike. She didn't even she didn't need to present even a boob. Wow. So but my favorite dumping ever. Jack. Jumped you I mean. Hopefully not be a second time, but he dumped me and he dumped me. So respectfully that I really think I fell over the while he was breaking up with me, I. Like he had just been. I was just a bad girlfriend that time before and. I was not paying enough attention and I was like I was taking an Improv class that it was probably about two blocks from his house and I would go to the class in the never stop over to see him and I think he realized like, what am I doing i? Don't need to be driving over to visit someone that you care about me luckily so much James. I know now I care about him so. I always did I always did I was just distracted and I was kind of that's when the beginning of the TV show tonight and San. Diego. Happened, and so I had all these friends and I just felt like he would come to the taping and I would just ignore him or like shoo him away and I just was like I wasn't I probably was not in the space to be in a relationship but I like I always really loved him. I just Kinda weird about it and I kind of thought I had wrapped around my finger and then one day he just didn't call me for a few days which was really really I can't remember. I was panicking I didn't understand what was happening and then he he invited me over and then he like sat he was crying and he sat me down right across from him and he like held my hand and looked is just like I think I think we should take some time apart and then I remember I didn't know how to process stuff so I just told him that I wished I wished I was a monkey in space just kept saying I wish I was a monkey I was trying to. I. Honestly when I look back. I think it was the first time I was like really genuinely upset because I'm like I'm losing this really good guy and I really love him and I like I didn't know how to get in touch with my emotions. So I just kept on saying. It was a monkey spades getting really mad because I was. Trying to like detach myself from feeling that way. And you have to just say like, okay, it's time to go. Can you please stop saying that your monkey space and then? Walk me to my car and we both like crying so much and. Then, that was a year and then we got back together but but the way that he dumped was honestly so respectful and kind in that. That's really like he did it like a man shoulder you know I should where he likes was right there and didn't he even like the like I still couldn't couldn't process it and I would call him the next week on like just explain it to me one more time and he would be on the phone with me for an hour. He was so patient I guess I did have a situation like that where a girl grows like. This is GonNa work and I was like, okay that's totally fine and by the end the conversation is like, no, you're a great guy. I don't know what I was thinking I'm just confused you just give me a little bit more time and I'm like sure I'll give you some more time. She's you WANNA move into. All the time you need just like Oh my God. You're the guy who dated for like four years. Yeah You have to dumping process. Well, I, know we're talking a lot about dumping, but I'm really excited about the relationship we got into I wanNA talk about that. Yes. Let's do that and then we'll go back to dumping. Yeah we will go back to okay. But but let's talk about the relationship we just got and we have one hundred percent you guys to think because our people are like really good and you've helped us. Like you guys did this for us. I know what you're thinking. We won that award while we didn't. We don't know yet. But what we did get is a partnership. Yeah. A sponsorship with our good friends over at manscaping. US and they said your audience is so awesome John to take this from a dating relationship to now like we want to put our hand Emma Phi and then up and then right onto the right boob. Yeah. We're GONNA put it on the. Yeah. We exclusive. Yes. I would not fucking US another no way I would charge another ball to. Never. Know, we're really excited because manscaping is our new partner and we're excited tell you about their products as we have in the past But this time we've got something new it's the manscaping weed whacker. You can only imagine what the weed whacker takes. Care of I got really scared at first I thought it was going to be for a different area. Of. China. Just of China right now. The weed whacker would be the guys. Like I was thinking the taint lawnmower would be dictated what they just know don't use the weed whacker for your team to use it for your nose and ear hair. which look both had silted back right now I'm trying to look. A little bit of everyone has knows hair everyone but some people have coming out. Yeah. We'll. Some people have like thick dark black hair coming out looks like a the vines at the end of sleeping. Beauty. Yeah But yeah but the weed whacker is electric nose and hair trimmer. Oh. Yeah. Your hair your hair I got that it eases get over this at nine thousand, RPM motor-powered three, sixty degree rotary dual blade system. So it. Off Sounds Fan. So it will get everything that's in there. And I'm excited to try this. Are you really GonNa try it. Yeah. Of course. No be honest. Do you pull out your nose hairs with your fingers? No. Oh, because I've heard guys. There's an. Makes me cry to. Get one little while like a wild hair out there. I mean the problem is like. Yeah ear hairs of the things that bothered me the most. Very. Old Man. I think when I started to see a guy here here's than I just think always going out to get his paper every morning and free at the world I hate it because you know and then I put my ear buds in my apple ear buds right which they're not a sponsor but like Apple ear buds in and then I'm like what I got fucking straight hair. The Wacker Louis Wacker. So you need this and so you you use the Code Campfire when you go to Manscaping Dot Com and you get twenty percents off and then also you can get a replaceable blade every three months to keep your weed whacking time cleaning enjoyable and then You'll like this. You don't have a partner yet because they keep dumping them. But if you do get a partner of seventy, nine percent of partners pulled admitted that long nose hair is a major turnoff. Oh well, I. Don't know why long knows her would be major turn on. I bet somewhere out there you could. Avila. A. When go she's French retaliate lovingly stroke the one hair going down the. throwdown dine head. So that I may climb upon the there's something about like man Hand Hand. Hair. Manhandled. Here. A little bit of it. So please don't completely we'd wackier man I mean W and said, I don't like women with very dark arm hair but I mean to each his own. If. You. have it own it. If you don't want it, we'd whack and people like to date where wolves and I don't. You know that's the deal. Yeah. Man's dot com, and during the Code Campfire and you'll get twenty percent off. That's Pretty Rad. Honestly what I like about this, and this is the last thing I'm going to say. The quality of the product is good. Some of the stuff is like it feels like plastic that you could crush like I. Even have a set of trimmers I'm like this feels like if I dropped to be done. Solid Solid Merrill a branding and graphics expert I feel like you also like they're. Package. Jackson's great. Honestly there. One Pakistan which is the lawnmower three point on everything about I like open. Uh who? Cut the. Everything got really excited like there's all these little pockets and things and what a great package we love. You Man Scape and we love you guys. Thank you so much for helping us get there. Trim ship Yeah Trim it the more I think about it. The more I probably been dumped I just don't realize I was being dumped or that I just didn't register as. Yeah, maybe I have been dumped quite a bit. told you this do that someone of a boyfriend dumped me when I didn't know I was getting dumped and we just had a really nice Mexican food dinner and I still a bunch of toothpicks and then I wrote I love you mean toothpicks on the coffee table and then he came in from the bathroom. In the bathroom and told me that he was breaking. Just like move the. And then I threw up because. We had a lot to eat it. I was so upset and I was like, what about the toothpaste love that he went my God the fact that that's so funny to me that. He went to the bathroom probably to compose himself I. Think he cried to and then he came back you had written. I love you and was like I want to break up like how could you be on such different I know. It is really weird. It's like. Was He listening I? Mean we're you listening. I WANNA. Bring up. You're like I know I love that too. He's like I want to break up our bills moving in together and committing together I. Don't know what I was thinking I was in my young twenty's. The young twenty s now, we wouldn't the roaring twenties as A. I'm really excited to break up with someone in the future. This is exciting right now we WANNA know all about that. Maybe we we keep on saying this but dammit, the next episode I want you to give us an update on your current I don't have. There's no. That's why I keep saying you keep asking there's no. I'm sure that there's something you need to tell us. You have not had s e x I with my the most love and I have is when my puppy Arrow. Down and I just go let's go to bed at eight o'clock. Oh the sexual I'm just saying that's as much excitement. Bullshit. Okay. I'll take really. People. Listeners. Let's listen listen to me. I'm GONNA come back and I'm going to have no more stories for you. So get ready stay tuned. You guys know that Boas bullshitting. We're going to get the truth out of him God. I think I'd be shown to the moon if I was getting some Hanauer. Well, probably I mean but I'm this time of life is weird to like I don't know I know people out there meeting people and like doing it but like I dunno, I content with not can we? We mentioned that your roommate has a hottie girlfriend sure she's so cool I like her she's really really happy basically happy I mean hopefully sticks I mean you don't want to say like they seem really happy and then all of a sudden it doesn't she dumps him because he's No I know she's super supportive of him. They're just nice they're. Really. Cute. She's A cool ass girl I like her super. Cool. Nice for people to be in love Oh yes, and then there's US so. Stein listeners, we'll talk to you soon. This absolute Campfire Shit show was produced by Bohai offered a miracle email. It was edited by both and the theme song was composed and saying by your friendly camp director me PB and J. If you've got a question or you want to be the next Campo the week emails campfires should show at gmail.com say hi to bone marrow on instagram at Campfire Shicho and please don't forget the Rayton views on it. We all kids time to pack up the camp put out the fire. Don't you worry we'll see you soon on another episode. Of the Camp Bash issue. Ext.. Tight.

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If You Understand This Simple Concept, You Can Achieve Anything

Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

03:56 min | 2 years ago

If You Understand This Simple Concept, You Can Achieve Anything

"As Ralph WALDO Emerson said, we're all inventors each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by private chart of which there is no duplicate. We're all lost at sea. We're all on this grand adventure. But the punchline is we have no idea where we're going, and the map that we have is private only to us and it's quite frankly blank, and it's about filling it in. It's about learning where you are. It's about finding guideposts and beginning to build this map only from that what you've done, and so you have to go blindly forward. And the only thing that's going to give you the courage to step into that abyss to step into the truly unknown into the dangerous world before you truly into a sea of infinite peril. The only thing that's going to give you the courage to do that. Is that you can learn that you'll figure it out. It's not going to be easy. It's going to be hard. And at times it is truly going to be life threatening, but that is the nature of life. And as you're out there in the wilderness as you're out there, lost at sea, all you have to do is remember two things. It is an adventure. And ventures are never safe, but the rewards of an adventure or the discovery of something entirely new and to you can do it. You can do it the very fact that you're human gives you the ability to process your surroundings to figure things out to go in and fumble around. You're not going to look good, you're going to drink a ton of ocean water, and it is going to suck and you're going to be vomiting over the sides, and then there's going to be difficult. They're going to be times you're convinced you're going to drown. But if in those moments you stay clear headed and focus on getting better focus on the adventure. You don't worry about the outcome. You just focus on right now in this moment with everything going wrong. What can I learn to calm yourself and remember right there? If you're panicking, you're asking the wrong question. If you're panicking, you're asking questions about how you look. You're asking questions about how this is going to end up if you wanna kill your panic in any moment. Ask yourself right then and there. What kind of what can I learn? His life is nothing but practice. And as long as you keep that in mind, as long as you understand, it's never performance. It's always practice simply opportunity to learn better. Then you can refrain the entire ordeal that you're going through. And his Palo Cuello said, people are capable at any time in their lives of doing what they dream of, but it's only going to come true. Through that process of learning and discovery and putting yourself out there and going into the unknown. But if you never willing to step off because all you can see the problems, all you can see the things that could go wrong. You never get the chance to learn, but the way that humans through engagement is through interacting and if you don't dare to do that, if you don't dare to step out into the unknown to flounder around and look stupid in barris yourself, then you're never gonna grow. If you never glow, then you're never going to make your dreams come true. So if you have that dream locked inside and you know that the only way to get it out is to risk to dare to strive to try to grow to grope to fall to fail. To learn an old succeed as the only way that dreams come true.

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Vomit: What if My Baby Vomits when Eating?

Baby-Led Weaning Made Easy

10:25 min | 6 months ago

Vomit: What if My Baby Vomits when Eating?

"So imperiously vomit do sometimes gosh. Is that a sign that my baby can't tolerate the particular food that I just fed them. We say no more often than not. That's not what it's saying. It may be that the baby's belly is too full of milk. Or perhaps there's an underlying illness so a little bit of vomiting is okay Vomiting every time. Your baby eats. That's definitely not typical. Hey there I've Katie. Ferraro registered Dietitian College do tricia professor and Mama. Seven specializing in baby led meaning here on the baby led. Weaning made easy podcast. I help you strip out the noise and nonsense about feeding the new with the competence and knowledge. You need to give your baby a safe start to solid foods using baby led weaning. A guys welcome back to another episode of the baby led weaning. Made Easy podcast. This is your host Katie Ferraro. I'm a registered. Dietitian and mom of seven specializing in baby led weaning and today. We are talking about vomiting. It's feels weird to say that. But what do I do if my baby vomits? When eating now I know in other podcasts vomit might be a taboo topic but you guys clean up dirty diapers vomit all the time so I know you're fine with it. Maybe you don't clean up vomit all the time but there might be a little bit of comedy when you start Solid Foods. If you're doing baby led weaning but we're gonNA talk about when it's a problem but how more often than not it's usually not a problem so. I like to start each episode with a baby leaning tip of the day. Today's tip a little bit of vomiting is to be expected when you start solid foods. Okay but if your baby is vomiting every time you offer solids please know that. That is not typical and it is something that you should alert. Your pediatrician to the baby's vomiting every single time. They're trying to eat your baby. Six months of age plus exhibiting the other signs of readiness to feed. We need your pediatrician to put you in touch with either a speech language pathologist or occupational therapist who specializes in infant feeding and so sometimes in a few short feeding therapy sessions with a qualified and trained professional. They can identify. If there really is a problem with your baby and if so help you develop a plan exercises interventions to help your baby get beyond that so a little bit of ominous normal but when parents right to me and say my baby's vomiting every single feeding that certainly not typical and I think you should know that from K. So hang tight because we're going to cover when your baby does vomit on food. Let's look at situation when it's nothing to worry about. And then when it is problematic so why do babies vomit? We're talking about vomit related to food intake. This is not oh because your baby has a bug in his sick parents will often ask you know if my baby is actively six. Should I stop solid foods when your baby is sick? You need to know your baby best. I wouldn't encourage you to stop solid foods entirely for days and weeks on end because your baby does need this very valuable and crucial period to learn how to eat. I generally don't offer new allergenic foods when a baby is actively sick because if they're immuno-compromised to begin with their immune barriers and defenses are down potentially allergenic foods may have more of a likelihood to cause a reaction not necessarily a full blown. Nfl LACTIC ALLERGIC reaction. But your baby is going to be prone to having reactions. That might not be typical if they were to try that food under a healthy situation so parents sometimes wonder is vomiting assign that. My baby can't tolerate the food. And you're likely aware that when you start solid foods your baby will gag on foods. Okay gagging a natural and necessary part of learning how to eat. If you're not familiar with gagging or you're confused about the difference between gagging and choking please make sure to go listen to episode number four which is called gagging versus choking. What is the difference and so for some babies when they gag a particularly involved gag? I hate to use the word violent because it has a negative connotation and involved gag but read violent will induce vomiting in some babies. Okay that and I would say I'll just say in my own experience. Having done. Baby led weaning with six of my seven kids. Each kid might vomit three or four times in the six month period when we're trying new foods from six to twelve months of age and some parents are like all my baby's vomiting like three or four times a day. That's not typical. Okay now a few caveats there. If the baby's belly is full of milk and then they have even a slight gag for some babies with the most sensitive gag reflexes reflexes brother that will cause the baby to empty the contents of the stomach and vomit. And somebody's don't care they'll just play with it. Continue eating you and I care or the ones that have to clean it up. But if the baby is repeatedly getting to the point of vomiting. Then they're going to start have negative starting to have negative associations related to feeding. And we don't want that so I would encourage you to wait an hour between milk. Feeds and solid food feeds knowing that some babies meaning longer in order for their stomach to empty to an appropriate level where they could then gag on a little bit of food which is good. It's a good part of learning how to eat but we don't want to have them excessively gagging and their bellies full and then unnecessarily vomiting so no vomiting is not a sign that your baby can't tolerate food. When should you be concerned about vomiting again. If it's every time you feed or more frequently than what you would expect either what you've seen and other children of yours or speaking to friends or colleagues. Certainly let your pediatrician. No Document and the document would it. Looks like I know. That sounds so weird. But that you're differentiating between whether it's spit up or it's vomit. I was working with a mom. The other day who the baby was the actively teething and our babies aren't trying these new foods in a bubble right. There are other things going on in parallel was starting solid foods including teething. This baby was like having a rough go of it with teething but totally fine trying foods. We don't stop solid foods just because the babies teething I hate to break it to you. Teaching is a three year process. You don't stop eating food for three years. You need to make some little modifications and we'll cover that in a separate episode for the Food Tweaks that you do for teething however this baby had a lot of drool going on and a lot of spit up and then as they were eating the food we're eating. We were doing watermelons. It's like a nine month old baby so watermelons a food. I wait a little bit longer on because it has its watery and that's a thin liquid and babies can gag more on that food then other thicker liquids so you know your baby can drink breast milk or formula which is thicker liquid. But I don't do water for babies until they're much older Because IT IS MORE CHALLENGING FOR BABIES TO SWALLOW. Also babies don't need extra water. They get enough water from the formula and breast milk. That you're feeding them. Plus the foods if you live in a really hot environment. That's different but for the most part. I don't add water until the baby is closer to age one but we were doing watermelon. It is a food that babies historically gag moron and this baby had a lot of saliva. A lot of drool in the mom kept saying. Oh the baby's he's throwing up. He's throwing up and I kept saying that's not that's not throw up. That's spit up and that's drool from teething. There's a distinct difference between the otake contents of one's stomach which is vomit versus the translucent drool or mucus thought maybe also had a little bit of a cold too so just differentiate not everything that comes out of. Your baby's mouth looks gross is necessarily vomit. But you should be concerned if your baby is vomiting. Every time they eat if it's happening alongside the other signs of an allergic reactions. Let's say you introduced shellfish all of a sudden. Your baby has patchy red hives again. I don't WanNA freak you out. This is very unlikely to happen. But if your baby did have red. Raised ITCHY HIVES. All over their body difficulty breathing and then started vomiting. That's those things in conjunction would give me an indicator that the babies having an allergic reaction. Now if your baby tried blueberries and a few days later got sick and was vomiting. And there's no other signs associated that it was coming from the food. No no skin stuff. No difficulty breathing. Notaries fussiness vomiting in an isolated situation. Like that is very unlikely to be related to an allergic reaction. We're also concerned about vomiting. If and when it leads to dehydration because of course prolonged loss of fluid it will be problematic right and will require electrolyte replacement. But that doesn't happen as a typical side effect of eating and sometimes parents are confused. Because they'll they'll writing things like I'm freaking out my baby's constipated I'll say hey constipated constipation. Rather is a totally typical and to be expected. Side effect starting solid foods if they write to me and say. Hey my baby's vomiting all the time I said. Well that's a typical not something that we generally see now. How close to feeding solid food. Did you feed the milk? Wait at least an hour do longer than that for some babies. Okay so quick win for you guys. Wait an hour between milk and solid food. Feeding some babies will need a little bit longer but a little bit of vomiting is to be expected if your baby is vomiting more frequently than what I've described. That certainly is something that you would want to contact your pediatrician and talk about you. Guys have more questions about very fascinating. Topics like constipation and vomiting. I teach a weekly online workshop. Called baby led weaning for beginners. It's how to get your baby to try one hundred foods before turning one without you. Having to spoon feed periods or by pouches. I give everyone on that workshop. A copy of my hundred first foods list. So if you're looking for some new foods to work your baby through come check out the free workshop by also host a Q. And A. Session at the end of the workshop. Where I make a point to answer everybody's questions as indepth as you WANNA get about your babies vomit all answer it to the best of viability. You can sign up for the free. Online workshop. Baby led weaning for beginners by going to the show notes. Page for this podcast episode that's BMW podcasts. Dot Com slash two zero. That'll take you to episode twenty. Which is vomiting. What do I do with my baby vomits when eating click the link and get signed up for this week's workshop times and Lancero your questions about vomiting or whatever else. You're curious about when it comes to giving your baby a safe. Start TO SOLID. Foods using baby led weaning by now

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034 How A Milk Free Diet Helped A Toddler's Constipation

Healthy Eating For Kids

24:20 min | 4 months ago

034 How A Milk Free Diet Helped A Toddler's Constipation

"Hello and welcome to kids nutrition podcast. I'm your host by Anti. A, registered paediatric Dietitian based Holly Street. I help you with fussy eating. Guzman protein allergy, and also help you plan your Vegan diets I'm so excited that you tuning into the podcast. Let's dive in to learn all about how to empower your child one bite at a time. It. Is My absolute pleasure to introduce you to one of my lovely clients who worked with me and she was worried about her little one who had persisting constipation who has prescribed motorcycle? There was a history of vomiting and there was history of X. Sma, and of course, poor growth, and very pleased to say that he has caught up in terms of his weight is now in line with his height, and we don't really talk about the micronutrient and nutrient checks that we've done as part of the various consultations. However, it's going to be really lovely I think for you to hear from a mother's perspective how they got on with the management of Dairy Free Diet. If, you would like to work with me. You can book a time to speak with me. Are populated the show and you can apply for a spot on the food allergy program. Now let's get straight into the into. Thank you so much for joining me on kids, nutrition or would. You like to introduce yourself and tell me ended about you and your son. Hi My name's Ivo. I have a two year old someone on your data. We have been evident in the last few years but we come to the UK. Often enough. I look it up on two years ago. He was born prematurely. He was born seven weeks any subject to three weeks. any was he born prematurely? He was born underway to so he was one point full. Kita grams, which was quite smooth for his his age. So yeah, that specify about us. We live in London at the moment in the lockdown period, swelled and Great and we'd mad about. We were just looking, but we. We met around a year ago under a year ago, but nine months ago, she. You want to tell a bit about why you reached out to me. Yes, not you said about nine months ago and what was happening that my son for months was just homes debated. Just couldn't figure out. Handle the high remedies of. Molested Nana eight more. This eight Nesta at it really wasn't changing. I think what retrieve the WHO's the pain that could see him in. He was in excruciating. Pain could seem standing there in describing because he was in pain from the toilet company, so I took him into the doctors. The doctors recommended the multiple for US indicate has flying. And then she explained to a set I was held on. Tights will thinking of biggest for a couple of weeks she was called long as it needs. And then she kind of the fact that he was I think just a one time he was still quite underweight for his age and ugly been aware of this nine that he's been underway from Beth I'm going to try to different things. I've never actually seen anybody about it. Just kind of Donovan things that heightened just hoped that time 'cause a is a big family that he would grow it. them at the mention of. Having to be on motorcycle Haredi long period of time, it was just a cold. It's doesn't really fit with me. The has to be another way that no medicine able to go to the toilet himself, and then also thinking about the fact that How can we just make him on white? We find him up slightly so then I just started to just look online dieticians and to see what. Kind of just came from mine thinking of what more can we do for him to? And I thought maybe the to went hand in hand because he wasn't going to the Toyota. Helping to grow, because maybe the food wasn't going around now. You just come up with all sorts of funny ideas in your head, so yeah, just a line and I came across your name and I think I did like a festival show contact? Colin I. Think I like Joe Vibes Vibes has to do things. Located accident. I booked myself room for improvement of you so. FAB Yet thank you thank you for sharing that started. You're right actually sometimes, if children are constipated, it can definitely affect their appetite, and what was interesting when we mattis use spoke about how he had a history of vomiting as well. That's right. Does. She have little bit more about the yeah, so he would just start for the state, and it'll be very odd just random stages of a project tonight. You wouldn't really know why wouldn't couldn't pin had met. He thought hadn't changed, but he's like the food just sitting probably in his stomach, so it's not coming out one in, but coming out the other end in a strange way. And then he had like some signs of X. coming up on his skin, so just makes jokes things by the vomiting was slightly scared US especially when they're so young and already he smooths. It was a case. He's throwing. In his body house, either to grow if he's not quite any faded his day. And of course when his. Plans not be does cover his show us. His arms is. But I I think you mentioned that it maybe be many warmer or CODA is colder weather. You would see a show up more visibly and then I'll be like trying to pace domino claims and again I. Think 'cause I had asthma growing up. I knew the food has something to do with what. Would swells that something that went to my brain. Yes, and then I guess with all of the symptoms on the fact that he had difficulty to grow. We agree to try and exclusion diet. Yes so the thing that you said that we should try to just go there free. On at first, I was a bit panicked by the idea of day free because son loves milk. Staying at that time with ZIV second, one. If you can't get him to eat food, you least get him to down of milk. I'm quite happy with that, so it was a bit apprehensive. Fast completely. Dairy free and I think the other thing was hadn't realized how many things have varying them, so you gave like an APP, which you can see the list of things that have their in them, and you'd go. Look at this item you put that. Has there any believer? was like we'll do I give this. Was a cup quote actually how much! Dairy is in the products that we just by the counters well Chris. The the thing that seem healthy on the outside because says tomato crystal whatever, but you don't realize that there is some traces of dairy included in them, so yeah, we we When? No no dairy products some it was. It wasn't actually that hard as I thought it was going to be. I think initial seating was hard, but then we decided we'd guy with almond meal of sorry, it's milk. That was the option that we took. An we just. Was We for that would be a hard thing to him to drink. Bachelor took it soup easily It's amazing because he's quite, he can be quite fussy eater so for him to to swap milk's. To do if he doesn't drink mix note, but he took really easily. We makes it with some Otane. There's one that doesn't have milk just a bit flavor and he seems to have taken. He took that really well. And then because you said dairy says that thinking of a case. Was He getting perching from, so he's five close about what can we give him in terms of protein? Not Send. Making sure we had the right now I think the different. Clump base milk little have varying amounts of protein in them, so something took into consideration. Move in what we were buying. breakfast I think have become the biggest sandwich. Of peanut butter because I know that that's like high in protein, so he doesn't have breakfast. It doesn't have peanut butter inside the, but he loves his. poitou peanut butter big speed. Along with the ACO. That's been really eighty, super helpful and I think. There's some of the things that we auditing I would ever change regardless of how his. His diet chains whatever but things. I think they're going to be incorporated into old enough to say he doesn't want to anymore. That yeah that that was that was media and it was a price of. To continue off the woods of so okay. We've grown months of. Dairy House. I helped him. And think did we still will use cold for quite a while? And after maybe about six months, we noticed that he's. He was a lot better. Improved respect to you and you to move. Let's talk about reducing coal. So we reduced think. Like a pack a day or something I would today. again, still no dairy. Because a wanting to wean him off static. My biggest thing was trying to wake him of vehicle. But, still sticking with the Diet said we did lot of. Playing with the mobile cool I think I went up sometimes when I felt that it was a riot to back a pack a day when I wasn't quite sure that it was king in but Don mcgann. Eventually I think we have off the year away now slowly starts introduce der puts in his life, and we have completely removes medical. Stay property in the last two months of thought just tested out here in this lockdown period to see how it was in a of notice that he's. define. and I think we actually started producing the mobile caller a lot earlier. Yeah, maybe even around two or three months from memory and. One of the things I remember you saying was that his he students were improving and I think it probably feels like. When you first described them as being quite hard and palette like. Yeah just a pain is to see him, and that's what really the just make. You really upset to stand there crying. There's nothing you can do. To help that paying going and it no longer being hard, and despite being free. Him Tonight's toilet is in an amazing achievement and the vomiting stone at vomiting compete I. don't even think I think that's stopped pretty much. As soon as we stopped the dairy I. Think it was like an instant and then click of okay. The niche must be working because you do while we just doing this in it's not. Is it really going to work? 'cause it's a tried and everything, but because I don't think I remember the until you mentioned it, 'cause pin so. Long ago, but yeah, yeah, no absolutely and I remember your base. You actually really balance a family. Your tradition of food saw you've got vegetables. You've got rise got loads of finish. To quite a healthy eating family, so it wasn't too difficult. I guess from that perspective to cut out the. Cosmopolitan. Yeah, I would say it. It wasn't too difficult, but at the same time when you're going out, you have to think beyond what's in your home or you go to. All the other thing was when you were in African garment. People like to keep your child thinks. So having to worry about those type of things will make that. He's getting everything when you're not with him because we're typical of his. He's eaten a lot I think that was something else. Had said Grech with He's not gonNA. Get big just because he's eaten the law. It has to be the right time He's eating, so he can eat less and Stupa more weight. I that sending out. Consultation when you overseas and I saw him on the camera and I thought Oh my goodness. So much that that was amazing. And it definitely was something around, not the not the having to eat more trying to force them to eat more trying to force them to eat unhealthy things with you won't say maybe just feed him. Lots of chocolate increase in. A white. But there are other options dislike. He said, doing the more the different types of protein, and the different like just small advice that you given in terms of just things that you see that we can eat in terms like putting on extra butter, extra oil in the food, just to give him a little bit of bolster, energy. Has Been Super Super Helpful. Thank you and we spoke about the plant protein. We've done lose a big tweak things. Think things secondly along the way. Months Seven today. Great and I guess I'll visually he definitely. has grown his gain way, but on the grow shot. You can see that he's done some catch up. Weight Gain, and he's actually increased his weight center on has increased on the way jazz. That's in a highlighting not. He is moving slowly moving in the right direction. Yeah, definitely he is. The biggest way, but you can tell when you look at him. You know what he's come from. You know that he's. A strong I think that's definitely the web to us. He's he's he's he small white? He carries it well. And, letting us because of the food that he needs more open each in different types of things assaulting because he's getting older, he's trying. More different types of heard because it was a favorite he used to the same types of things how to get him to eat. And I think most mothers guide through that, but get to the toddler. Age of you totes doesn't want Z. varying diet getting older legion, so he needs for the the will help him to continue to grow, and I, said to some recently. It's funny how the things that adults that we try to lose weight. Is this things I'm using my son to help him to both rates way? Yes and he's. He's come a long way. He's taken to the changes really well, and it's really nice that you've been able to relax. The Diet I mean it's pretty much normal. Time now assented. Yeah, I would say that it's Stephanie Pretty Much I. Think I just make sure that he's getting everything that he needs. I think it's more about the awareness. Severe tried not to be too fussy about how much he's eating. Sometimes like I said more just make sure it's the type. He to throughout the day, and he's eating regularly, and it's about the variety as well getting him to try, and it's nice to hear. That is more relaxed now isn't about trying. Relax if it were teas- yeah. He's definitely more relaxed about trying new things. There's some. He still went try. He's he dominions. Malcolm will spit them out straight away. I've seen him. Look something and CEO come I have that. Maybe he'll put it in his mouth and spits out snow interested, but then maybe the next day. He will chew a bit more like he did that with tomatoes the other day he can have some of that. It gave him the tumultous. He came back squash tomato the hands he still wanted more I think that some east can Mexi play in this leading play this as like a kite. You want more in your mouth. And it was a funny should be in your mouth, sometimes come to monetize when when bests something new that he also has to learn because nobody probably would've cooked It's in his related to. Cook things in the. It's also good for him to be trying things the in its role and see what you can't really comes to fruits vegetables. He can really feel what the sections are rebel sliughtly over the last nine months or so his, although the cold many might speed like the same. He's added lots of new foods in that time hasn't he's done Rayleigh. Yeah, he's definitely added. especially in terms of fruits and Veg fool especially when we were in, Syria and it was more about. Making sure he had enough food and I think when I moved away from the edge, said we spike about that was about making sure. We're just keep on trying things and being back in the UK is a lot more variety in terms of fruit and vegetables system things a complete new for him. But he said to me well lots of changes for him, but the I mean I think the most exciting change that you've. Tony said You'd been to stop coalitions absolutely amazing, yes, and like I said only painting, since we came couple of months ago, and I just I gave him a couple of times. Let's let's see for just starting to give it to. It was one of the chief wedding to to to look at. It makes a difference and then a days of him. K I think we can do this. I think you're a K. whereas when I tried. To Stop I noticed Tim Riveting, but to be constipated against a new. If this was six months ago, to what the Diet needed to take time, and he's buddy to to really have an effect, but now he's the now in cabinets, which is great for? Not Needing. That's. Did his sleep. Change in anyway I. Always say anything else that you think may have improved as a result of getting on top of this constipation hockey. Now that you mention it. Yeah, he sleep definitely changed in the fact that he does sleep throughout the night. I think that tossing attending which would probably have come from being uncomfortable in his summit via he Stephanie Sleeping Anyway into drink water as opposed to way, too, because he's uncomfortable in the nights year. What message would you like to share with other parents who may be in a similar boat? Perhaps Charles Const to pay. They on needing to announce dog, Mova, goal or something similar. And got you know the? They would like to perhaps move away from the medication rude. Maybe the child doesn't have a reality. They just need to increase fluids and fiber. What would you like to say to the parents in that scenario I think what I would say. That I said before me. If you're somebody that doesn't want to rely on medication, and we know that what we put into. What is what we kind of get out of it, and that's one of the reasons why I wanted to see a Dietitian for son so for me I would recommend that if you do have a child is suffering from constipation just to visit a Dietitian because it. It gives you options I. think that's the biggest thing to me. It gives you options. We were still using coal, so it's been nine months. Who We we let go of it, but those options in the tested tried. It might not have been the day that was a problem. It might have been something else but I think he will winning to to try. Let's see let's see fastest. Eric is not doing. We'll try something else. We did do it like you said we did varying. Diets throughout the month. We've tried different things something to work. Some things you tell doesn't want something. Take a bit longer. But just. Having those options available build 'em medication to me was a massive thing, and it means it's A. Change rather than a a one of 'EM, having to medication Addie, what so a whole family summoning this just you could is something that means you're. Family. You're going through an healthy healthy living in healthy diet, so yeah. I think that's the biggest thing to me. Suggest having a very dire in having the opportunity to talk to threat with somebody not trying to do it alone. I think he's really really helpful to just go through whole day plan from beginning to end. What has your child eaten? And then to see the small tweaks cable? If we add something, hey, we take. K over a long period of time because he's a massive changes in your todman meaty grateful. For the time spent and I think also when got somebody tries to understand not just the food, but the environment that your child is in a slow I think really really helps as well so accompaniment African background the food. The eight might be different from a Mediterranean background, but just trying to work around that so I was really helpful. Brilliant. I'm glad you've had some really good results. That's a great message the fact that It gave you options and you able to try things without being on your own, and you actually had someone to help you through that process. That's that's brilliant. Thank you so much. which sharing your story with us any last messages before we wrap up, it's just as a big. Thank you to yourself. yeah I think it was so long ago. That is become way. Just think as the norm now to eat the way that my child eight Yuma to get how it was almost a reminder speaking to you today you have we've. Had she come I remember the days of my son spend in tears vomited in which what is going on with this child? To come, how far common is is amazing into just goes through that process, back and see how far you've come. Is really good in how far he's come as a child and how much further he can. Be Really Helpful so yeah I consider reading encourage people to try out the I think with Dietitians and take him for granted with quick today to a GPO and not really focus on the system are in taken. Thank you. Thank you and I agree. It is nice to have these review appointments. We've had a few now, but sometimes you know when you're getting closed at one year. Mark is really nice. Do that check because it gives you a chance to reflect and see what's worked. What hasn't worked so that if you ever slipped back into old habits. Things change or Nakas really busy. You consider, look back and sale. We ask when we were doing this or for like this kind of lifestyle that worked and say denies reminds just go back to what works for you and what? What really well for you? That time is that? Yeah, definitely, thank you very much lovely to have you. Thank you for sharing your story and hope it will inspire another family as well.

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The Sarrah Rose Story - Episode 3: PORN

Sex and the Sarrah Rose Story

1:01:38 hr | 10 months ago

The Sarrah Rose Story - Episode 3: PORN

"Ciro rose story by name. Is Glen Klein? Sarah what your story a Glenn said. The story today is porn. Ut's that at the end of our last episode together. So here we go the The big porn talk torrents. Such a hot topic right and one thing that I really really really hate about. What's going on in society right now is porn shaming and the reason. I don't like this. Because porn shaming is sex shaming porn is another aspect of our sexuality and everyone is entitled to their own opinion about it but porn. Cheney is sex shaming and it's just one of those ways at once again we're being shamed for being sexual so yeah. We'll talk about that today. What was what was your first to porn. You know I remember being probably around Fifth Grade and I was out in neighbor's house and it was all girls that lived there and It was Actually a foster home and so all the girls were there foster kids and I was friends with a lot of the Super Fun to be next door to the house. Hold full of girls and so I was having sleep over one night and There was one of the girls pulled out a magazine and I didn't know anything about foreign. I mean I you know this is like pre Internet rate and so She had a magazine and it had just a naked pictures of men and a really. I mean I say it's a car must've been younger than fifth grade. Let's maybe more like third grade And I remember her. Like pointing out their dicks. You know in like the shape of them the size of I specifically remember her saying like. Oh yeah this one's a diamond shape taking back. I'm like a diamond shaped Dick but yet it didn't really do anything for me is a little bit uncomfortable but really. I kinda thought it was more weird than anything in. I was boy crazy like from the time I was like three or four years old so it wasn't like I was not sexual like I was very very attracted to boys like always like. Oh this boy like that boy But actually like looking at the porn just seemed a little bit weird. It wasn't a turn on for me. So yeah I hadn't thought about that experience in a long time things are asking welcome. What was yours. What was your first experience? My first experience was in my friend. Steve's house we route thirteen and he got his dad's eight millimeter films and one was a woman. Deep throwing a guy vomiting and then eating the puke off the guy's cock and the other was a woman fucking a horse. Wow Yeah it fucked me up. I think I don't know maybe doing you say fucks you up like how. How was the experience for you? I enjoyed it. I mean it was. It was sex. I was thirteen. I was fully developed by the time I was ten but I didn't know how to masturbate. Nobody ever told me right. And I'm not a particularly hands on guy very unhandy. Actually I'm the least Andy Man on the planet but that my friend. Steve told me about it at thirteen. He said Yeah. You just go to the shower and you get some soap and you take your business and I said by you never came out and I went home and after about a week. Taking about five showers a day. I figured out I might be able to do this. Not In the shower but I when I was a kid. I would read Xavier. Hollander book the famous Madam from Scandinavia. The Happy Hooker. And she had a scene in her book where she was in a particularly dry period for home sachs live at a. German shepherd comes up to her. Starts Humping your leg and as a full on hard on and she jerks off the German shepherd and then she says in the book it was probably time to It live in her own sex life again but I always found that incredibly erotic and I had a guest on sex and the pews recently. And we're talking about porn and I talked told the story that I just told our audience now and then I told the story about Xavier Hollander and they suggested that because I never been but I found that situation incredibly erotic. I went back to that passage in the book over and over again and they suggested that it may have been because I got turned on as a kid watching horse fucker woman so there was now on. It's just like we were talking about kinks last week. And how kings are developed. Right win comes from early. Sexual experiences said absolutely makes sense. If you were turned on by that was one of your first sexual experiences then the key would have been developed that you carry on. I was actually recently talking with somebody that told me. He dated a woman that the only way that she could orgasm was with her dog looking her pussy and he didn't know this a first so he was dating this woman and she You know they would have sex and she wouldn't come and he he didn't really know what to do or you know what he was doing wrong and then one day. Her dog was there in the room and she invited the dog over in. What let him see this happen us? Like wow and what you know. It turned out that when she was young she had a dog and you know her dog would do out to her and like that was how she learned to have orgasms and as that which is something that she carried with her. So yeah these things absolutely happen. Hold define porn how to find porn Well I mean porn is watching on screen right People having sex. So will you agree? I never even thought about it. Just assume that's what it is either at I. Excuse me and I'm actually looking it up right now. What like Webster's would say would be the definition of pornography. Okay this is good. I like it because obviously porn has been around for a long time. Ride the four screens. So it's not on screen. I mean porn magazines. That's porn also Four non on the ancient caves in an ancient Roman he Egypt and stuff air. Here's the definition from Merriam Webster pornography is the depiction of erotic behavior as in pictures or writing intended to cause sexual excitement food. So even your book would consider porn saying I'm thinking about how much porn I've written or I mean I suppose people could consider our podcast porn right. Yeah I'm sure some people maybe not in a good way. I don't know I think it's a very good way. Why why why generally are men more into porn women generally speaking when you ask me that? Weyermann more into it so I think the men are more into the visual aspect of it. But they're a lot of women who are also into but they're women tend to be more into the written aspect of it right the fifty shades of grey book like why did Really impact so many women which by way of never actually even read up her. Watch the movie. There's much better out there but You know like really describes but really did touch like so many women and it's like I think the their imagination the way a woman read something and experiences. It is different. Men are so visual when it comes to being turned on then. That's one of the things that I work with guys a lot on he no. They're very custom to getting turned on Through porn through fantasy and I helped them get turned on by the sensations in their bodies that way. They're not reliant on outside sources anymore and it's really empowering for them to to find that place in themselves or you know like I can do this. I can get turned on myself. I'm not rely of the else But you know I guess is part of I don't know if it's one of those things that we've been conditioned in these ways or if there's just something natural about it I'm actually not sure why but it definitely does seem to be the case like when I've worked with women. It's never come up like that. They can't get turned on without porn or without fantasy some women watch. Porn some women fantasize. But it's a completely different than men's reliance on those things so it's definitely there for whatever reason one thing that we know. Is that men and women are different. I figured that one out and in the same way that men's Genitalia is on the outside and visual and women on the inside and nod visible. That's kind of how men and women again. Generally are stimulated women are stimulated emotionally eternal internally and men are stimulated by the visual by the look and I think that's why I mean there might be something to that I mean I'm definitely turned on visually to though like it's I mean I see a hot dude and I've turned on or like spy sweatpants. Season like the Token through turn on a second so I've only very visual and I can be turned on without the emotional component of it. So you know. It's not as much as we're different. We're all still very much the same And I think it's more like individual and unique to each person also I think we're all on. I like to look at it that we're all on a spectrum and the spectrum varies in there may be like it may may tend to be the the biggest group of men may tend to be in one part of the spectrum and the biggest group of women may tend to be an other part of the spectrum. But then there's still so much overlap in between as well and I just I found on that trying to put people on a box just does not work. It's not about putting people in a box because part and parcel that any kind of discussion on sexuality or anything else is that Your mileage may vary there. Are General Rules? Generally speaking there are things that you can bank on generally but there's always exceptions and I think one of the things the byproducts of the Internet age whether it be with porn or other images in our ability to communicate is I think men and women that the lines are starting to be blurred between the genders and and a lot of people are freaked out by that and I think that whether it's a good thing or a bad thing it's happening I happen to think as an effective thing. I think that there has been a lot of masculine women out there in pass it have not been able to maximize their experience here on the planet. Same thing with there's a lot of men who have the feminine side that had to be tamped down because you got to be a masculine man and so I think so. I think it's a very positive thing. But these are general precepts. The fact of the matter is there would be like no porn industry. If guys watch porn that we know yet I mean it is that women are becoming are increasing their view of porn. So it's definitely changing but I absolutely think you're right to as far as the the barriers alliance those things are becoming more gray between the genders In so And that goes back to how we create In our brains the pathways to what turns us on sexually and in the past if we were only allowed to be turned on in a certain way. If we were only given permission by society by our spouse whatever to be turned on in a certain way then those would be the you know the pathways that our brain had to our pleasure in turn on men now so many experiences are open and available to us that we can create you know really whatever stories. We want to create and it's actually stood. They've done studies on people that have certain preferences to the type of person that they're attracted to and the more different types of people that a person has sex with the less likely. That person is to actually have a preference so if somebody is only having sex with the same person or the same type of person all the time then they'd be like oh I have this type. This is my type you know. You've heard people talk about their type while those people that don't have type they are you know. Maybe the person that has had a lot of different sexual experiences instead of their brain is able to experience pleasure linked to different types of people more easily than the person who's only had it in this way. That's yeah that's really interesting. I ask my clients all the time. What type of porn they like. And it's very interesting of the guys that have had limited sexual experiences have limited porn tastes and is it been in many different scenarios. They're like pretty much watch anything. I can wash import. Just turn it on and happy about midget porn porn. I haven't watched Nejat port. That'd be interesting right so you haven't watched fifty shades of grey. You haven't watched midget porn. You've got a homework assignment you better come up with a new year's resolution. I exp expanding your Your view I will expand like porn viewing before expand my movie watching just like to me. Sometimes I enjoy movie every now and then like going to the movies and be fine but like if I'm not getting off or making money or choking somebody thin it really doesn't serve my life. I just spent two hours and I could have been training like I just I. I don't have time for it you know. And there's some different priorities in my life. Movie watching is away on the bottom of the list. Upcoming podcast is called time. Suck if you're GONNA LISTEN TO A PODCAST. It should be beneficial and this one. This one certainly is. I keep coming back to the woman with the dog licking your pussy. What what what's going to happen when that dog dies? Well no no no. I think she had gotten another dog. Then you gotTA train the dog. All over again or maybe. Maybe she's training the new dog anticipation like she's got. She's got one in the bullpen. I I don't know maybe maybe maybe dogs just like this. I don't know you. We've all seen the dog that like comes in and go straight for your crotch right like it's it's a pretty common thing with dogs. So maybe that's really what they want. I would love to know the training regimen that goes into that granted. This whole story is hearsay. Because I did not hear this directly from the woman but story story story yes are. Let's let's go to the mailbag right away. Okay because I've got a lot of questions about pornography and if you guys WANNA ask Sarah a question that she will address on this quality. Show you can go to Sarah. At NASA it's Email address is support at tantric. Academician Dot Com support almost gave a wrong address out all right support at Tantric. Activation Dot Com our guys jujitsu wearing jock straps. He's tuna what happened to Jock straps. I mean when I was a kid we used to. We used to wear cops. And I don't think guys we're jock strips anymore. Even I mean Jujitsu. The only sport a dance. I can't talk about like what they're doing other sports. Would you know for a fact for immortal fact? The guys Jujitsu are not wearing a supporter. Yeah I mean I would pretty unlike ninety nine percent. Sure well if you WANNA have a supporter. You have one in zero support at what I did so port at toxic activation dot com all right. So Seth from Council Bluffs Iowa wants to know Jesus Sarah how do I know if I'm addicted to porn or a so addiction is something that occurs when it we have when it's biologically detrimental to slake something like imagine being addicted to heroin like your body has to create an addiction to heroin In order for you to continue doing it because her during heroin will kill you. So watching porn isn't going to kill you. You know your wife May kill you for watching porn Or something like that but it's really not an addiction that occurs drinking too much alcohol. That can kill you. So that's where addictions happen When I hear guys talk about being addicted to sex like you cannot be addicted to sex. Sex is something that we need for our species to continue. So why in the world would your you know craft decree in addiction to sex so porn addiction? Is You know really more of you've created this this dependency on it. And it's like you're not even dependency but you've created this like habituation this desire for it. You know you're going back to over and over. Maybe you feel like you can't stop but really you could stop watching porn right. It's not like with heroin or you're going to you know sleep on the streets if you can't watch porn or you're going to steal from your mother to watch porn right. It's a different type of situation that's happening. So first and foremost like take some control over your life and if you like watching porn just own that you like watching porn and don't blame it on an addiction So that's my stance on that There's porn is fun to watch. You know it's like if you like to watch porn just be like like to fucking watch porn. I really don't like how so many things these days are being trained on addictions. When you know it's like more of just own your life and I think it's a lot of people started owning their lives. Then we'd be in a much better place than we are now than in this victim hood that were like. Oh poor me. There's nothing I can do about it. I'm addicted to it Yes that's standpoint addiction. How much does guilt play into people? We were talking about heroin and alcohol but any kind of obsession specifically porn Well I mean having an obsession is one thing right like you can totally be obsessed with something I remember being obsessed with fucking beanie babies lows kid. There was a new baby. Like go the at the store to buy the fucking beanie baby right you could say like. I was addicted to beanie babies. But now I just really liked talking beanie babies you know. I mean the guilt is definitely a part of it like we have so much guilt around or sexuality that it's like our if I'm watching torn feel guilty about watching porn in. Its ease year to say that. This is an addiction than it is to say that. I like it because I feel guilty about saying that. I like to watch porn and it's really convenient for spouses. You know if they are with a guy and he watches porn. It can make her feel a lot better if she can say well. He has an addiction right. Because now it's a problem one. There's you know there's a term for it. There's a way to label this in. Everyone can just feel a little bit easier once something is labelled so you know if that is the way you want to go about it fine. That's great I really don't care like he's a makes you sleep better at night. If it makes your spouse sleep better at night thinking you have a porn addiction thing you know. Just just go forward but I don't recommend like paying people WANNA money. Sheila help you get over an addiction. That doesn't occur. Now if you WANNA create different outcomes for your life then I can definitely help you. They're like if you want to watch less porn and be more turned on by the sensations in your body men as a sex coach. I can absolutely help help with that. You know but a lot of guys come to me saying they have porn addiction and they wanna work on that in this like all right. Les Changes Put Porn Addiction. Here the door all right. Let's set down and tell what is it that you actually desire for your life or you desiring something different what is it. And we'll get to the root of what those desires actually are in work towards those in the porn. Just you know it takes a back seat. Whatever we focus on is going to grow. That's what's going to expand if you're focusing on. I have this porn addiction. I have this problem with porn than the story of porn is going to grow and grow and grow in your head in your relationships going to become the big thing and if we can just start focusing on something else than torn going to find its rightful place in your life which may be minimized may be put aside altogether whatever that looks like for you as an individual. I have a friend of mine who was gay and was trying for the first half of his life not to be a Christian minister and he was married with kids but he was gay and he tells a story that when he would be on the road he be drawn to a bookstore to the magazine section. And all he wanted to do was to look at guys fitness magazines and he would walk up and down the aisles under the temptation of looking at four. A man's body and invariably he would succumb to that feel awful about it and then once he accepted his true sexuality and realized there was no moral implication for being gay. He said he'd never even thinks about it anymore. And the concept is this. Is that if you make a law over it? You're and you're tempted within anyway. It's going to add power to the law. There is nothing wrong with pornography. It's art. It's images now. It's like any other art. Do you WANNA watch a violent horribly violent slasher movie. Some people are into that. I don't particularly think that's very uplifting but I'd have no problem if somebody's into scary movies or things like that same thing with porn as long as the people that are involved in. It are involved voluntarily and consensually. There's nothing morally wrong with it if you think that you're doing something wrong by watching. Porn Vaca. Byu feel like you're addicted. Because there's an added element of guilt to the attractiveness of what you're into so just know this that there's nothing wrong with viewing images of people having sex not in my opinion And it's also shown that the more access that people have to porn in the society the the less violent crime that there is and there there is a small percentage of men that have been studied. That if they watch violent porn than they It's more likely that they will act out on that but the mass majority of guys that have been studied that watch porn that even if they're watching the violent porn they have been shown that they don't actually act out on it. So would you wanna be aware of the men that that does impact and Those guys need to be seeing Sex Therapist sex coach. Something like that to help them through what you know the things that the underlying issues that are there with those guys but keeping in mind that is it's not the mass majority of men. I want to say something less than five percent of men that watch porn That were shown to have the potential to act on it and of course. No percentage of is okay. We don't want any man acting out But just to lump all men into this category of going to watch violent porn. And you're going to act out. Violently is just not shown to be true so once again porn shaming is sex shaming and there is the argument that It's just not natural for men to have access to porn twenty four seven like they do now and well. Hey what is natural if you actually ask Of illusionary biologists the term of what natural means They'll say that anything that is possible is natural or continually evolving as a species. We can't just say because it's not something that happened fifteen years ago but it happens now. It's not natural evolutionary biologists. They'll show you like we continue to evolve as a species. Things are changing all the time in so if it is possible it is natural in that is blows a lot of people's minds they can't handle is like well. It didn't happen fifty years ago so it's just not natural exactly just not the way. What else were it's. It's not natural to pick up the little square thing and to be able to push some decimals in some digits and then within a couple of hours or maybe even a half an hour have food at your door that that's never happened before up until like ten years ago. I mean it is now. It is natural natural part of our society and so you know it should be like the the boomer generation is Japan's like to say there is called the boomers that you know everything to be as it was like well. It's not and it's never going to go back in for only moving forward. Things are only changing. And so how is it? Impacting our no. That's a question that we can look at in having so much. Access to porn. Definitely is impacting the way our brains experienced sexuality and turn on so in the past experiencing sex was in the body it. Was You know something that happens? The turn on happens inside and now much of it is outward projection and so it definitely is changing. Many guys are recordings finding that. It's a lot more difficult for them to get turned on Being with a woman there reporting feel Having symptoms of erectile dysfunction That they associate with watching so much porn for so long. So is it affecting US absolutely but just to name it and you know. Put it in these Like these boxes isn't isn't true for one and it's not serving so let's look at what is actually happening and more guys than ever are definitely reporting erectile dysfunction In porn how something to do with that. I think it likely does But I think there's more to it as well I think what's going on in society with male shaming is having impact on guys there so many environmental toxins that were not hundred percent. Sure of how. They're impacting a sexually A. There's just like extra estrogen in the water and in the plastics. All of that is impacting guys album. How about the Double Bacon Cheeseburgers Eight? This month I mean exactly. There's like there's definitely is well so What is what is on its blood flow in your cock and so we have to have. The clear can pretty say that again. Sarah can you say that ago so you have to know knows what is a heard on? It was great what what is a hard on. You said it was it was. It was good porn porn moment for me. I'm sure I'm sure for other people. I don't think you're sorry. I'm sorry for misunderstanding. Harlan when there's a blood flow in your cock caucus hard and so if you don't have clear open veins heard the blood flow into then you know that's definitely going to contribute to erectile dysfunction so there's a lot at play besides porn But Porn Ken definitely be part of what's going on here. I actually was a research assistant at that. Groundbreaking study on the effects of pornography on young man with a doctor at Donner steam at the University of Wisconsin Madison. And it's exactly as you said WH- what the study indicated was not. The guys would be more likely to commit violence. But that they are their attitudes were lowered when watching not only violent sexual images violence of any kind however when men young man college age guys when they would watch mutually pleasurable porn it actually lowered their attitude towards violence towards women and so the research bore out that pornography actually a very beneficial thing and as you said societies that have Openness to porn are less violent society and one thing we know is at here in the United States. The Bible Belt exactly mirrors the porn belt more porn is watched south of the Mason Dixon. Line by far than wear a fundamentalist religion Does not have as much sway is. I mean that's amazing. When you think about it yeah and there's a lot of shame those guys have that are watching it you know. They just thought that Shane. Because they masturbate when they're watching porn in to that shaming guilt that they're experiencing really becomes imprinted in them and a part of their sexual experience so a lot of guys walking around with a ton of shame. It tunnel guilt around their sexuality. And that isn't doing any of us any good at all so One of the things. I like to remind guys I've is that what they think about. When they're masturbating becomes imprinted in their brain becomes habitual very much. A part of WHO? They are in so being aware being conscious of the thought you're having during masturbation is they're very important in so what you what you WanNa feel. What are your desires for your sexuality? Do you WanNa feel confident on feel empowered. You want to feel like you're a sex stallion that you're a man on fire. Then those are the traits to embody when you're masturbating. Not Being shut up dirk you know shame closet or whatever you know like embody the man that you really want to go out into the world as because it impacts you. One Hundred Percent James. From Allentown Pennsylvania writes says. Sarah I like porn with scenarios. I have never engaged in personally. Should pursue some of those scenarios in my sex life. Well it depends I mean. Do you have a partner? Doubt wants to do that with you. If so absolutely go for health fun You know there are a lot of women that are into Kink fetishes DSM. Whatever it is that you're you're talking about here But it's all about having a consensual partner one of the big complaints from women when it comes to porn is that guys try and reenact porn in just doesn't It doesn't translate right like in. Maybe she isn't engaged willing participant in this reenactment. Like that's a big thing like You know a woman saying he just spit on me when we were having sex in two herds just comes out of the blue and it's like what the fuck is this all about like. You're just spitting on me in his mind. He's just like in the moment like you know. This is something that has been a fantasy. He's seen it on porn. He's like wanted to do this. And you just like in right so have your partner being engaged in point with you. Make sure you're talking communicating so that way everyone is on the same page with a in. Then yeah do whatever you want but for just watch corn and this is their method of sex education. Then it's not going to get you very far because it doesn't like we see on porn is designed for the screen it's designed for viewing pleasure is designed for entertainment designed specifically to get you off in so you have to realize like it's four a visual experience when you're actually having sex with somebody it's a physical experience. It's an interaction with another human being and it's a different experience that you're having so surreal realizing that porn is there for viewing pleasure. Having sex with somebody is very different experience. And don't expect that you know you see something pouring. Try It on your girl. She's GonNa like it because most of the time she's not women can tell when you're trying out porn moves that you've seen in. Muslims are just turned off by it. Because it's just like all right dude. What are you trying to do here? This isn't this isn't actually intimacy with me. I'm not feeling connected to you. And that's where we want insects right. If we can watch porn by yourself all the time why did we have sex with somebody else because we want intimacy we want connection in so when you're having sex with somebody that needs to be your focus not showing off? You know that you saw on the porn sites although poor can be a good source of some education sexually. Can't it sure to see it yet to see us? Just I mean some some different positions not that people could learn it and other places but yeah you can see some shit that you hadn't thought over and tried no doubt about it I guess how. How effective is it? How how effective is it? Were either men or women to pursue something that heretofore had just been a fantasy cleaner just depends on the person. I think. There's a lot of people out there. That are wanting bigger sexual. Experiences are wanting to expand their sexual capacity in their excited about And then there are plenty of others that have no interest so if somebody if you're that person's excited by that the you need to find a partner that is also cited about it as well the have websites for these things now. I heard like Klay dating sites already. I mean you could find anybody interested in everything and anything. That's for sure. Yeah but but Jamal From Long. Beach wants to know how he can introduce his girlfriend to porn out to do it. How do I introduced girlfriend to porn? He wants to know from. Sarah rose guessing asking like he wants to watch porn with her. Yeah so I just ask her about it. You know. We need to grow up first and foremost and just have conversations about these things. And you know it's like you have an adult vocabulary use. It is so many people are still In their sexual identity is children where they can talk about these things sexually in so just being a mature adult and just ask her. Hey what do you think about porn porn? Is that something that excites you. Interest you You interested in watching it with me. leading her choose the porn You know and if she wants to turn it off. Turn it off I don't know for me personally like while I enjoy watching porn on my own. I don't really like watching porn with somebody that I'm there to have sex with like it doesn't do much for me so we're all different In just expecting her to like exact. Goosing thing that you like might. Ma just not turn her on For me personally. I don't have any judgment against it. It just doesn't excite me like if. I'm there with somebody else. I WANNA be exploring them and not looking at a screen Harrison from Calgary Alberta says Sarah. My wife thinks that when I watch porn I'm cheating on her and that by watching porn. She thinks she is not enough. What do I say to her? Yeah this is common thing for women to experience. I if you look at the women that are in porn they generally have really perfect bodies. Ill look amazing. Super Sexy Super Sexual and women can feel very inferior when they if they're judging themselves against those women that are in porn and so I really think that women have a lot of work to do in themselves and to heal their own self worth To not judge themselves so harshly and to find their own sovereignty and self love belonging all of that within themselves And you know just realize I mean it's with porn but it's even if you were in relationship with is attracted to someone else just because they're attracted to someone else doesn't mean something is wrong with us right. We're humans we have. It's natural for stop desire isn't for attractions and Like you know they're ever relationship. Has its own boundary. And you WANNA make sure you're clear about that But if a woman is like really able to be confident in who she is then a guy watching porn or being attracted to another is going to impact her a lot less so I think that it's important for you to have this conversation with your wife. And if you as a couple of half to become very clear on the boundaries in your relationship because your relationship is specific you San we different than any other relationship and it's just You know rather than you judging her. She judging you in letting it come up in your relationship against each other coming to a consensus and agreement of which what your boundaries are how advisable it is. The guy wants to introduce his girlfriend or wife to pornography. How advisable is it to do a screening of maybe something like fifty shades of grey or something more erotic if you will versus straight are porn kind of introduce them to images like that that have a storyline? Women generally speaking if they are into porn. It's they they WANNA story behind it. They want some emotion again. Generally speaking how affected with abby to Whether it be Harrison's wife and Calgary or dramas girlfriend in In Long Beach to show them some images that might even be in a movie theater. Yeah absolutely do that. See if they get turned on by never shaming her belittling her for her feelings in what she wants and her desires laying her of. What whatever it is. That is true to her. I and then also seeing what work you can do in yourself to become more turned on by the sensations in your own body guys that I work with and generally report back that they watch less and less porn After doing work with me and it is not something that I push at all clearly. You're hearing from me right now. I'm not anti porn and supportive of porn. So I don't ever put this on my mail. Clients that they should not watch porn but just by doing the practices that I give them their so wish more turned on by what's actually happening in their bodies that they just tend to not desire to watch porn anymore. So that's always a possibility for you to look out as well. This is so interesting. Because you've talked about how the sex stellian training man on fire can actually have guys experienced full-body orgasms which is usually has been restricted to the female gender. If you will and guys again more visually stimulated but maybe but maybe as they get more in touch with their bodies as maybe more women are than men. Generally speaking who are sexual. That that the visuals you say maybe not be as critical in their sexual experience yet. They just they just say that they they're so much more satisfied And they feel much better not watching porn. The sexes better and so for them. It's just not even worthwhile to watch porn anymore. Now if the sex billion training gives him to watch football that would be something to Report that's we'll have to ask that question sports after how? How did the sex staley and training for Christmas go? You were doing a great job talking about it Yeah it was so much fine only God and love getting all of the instagram replies from people who is very very interesting and let's see the question that I asked for them to give me a fight name. That was really funny so Needed three years ago. So may producer gave me the name. Sarah fucking rose in so for my fight name. I went with Sarah fisting rose. What were the other good ones? Let's see someone said Serrana source sex. Those cute God remember here is really I was GonNa say this is a good reason to make sure you're following Sarah Jujitsu on instagram cirrhosis. To sue or tantric activation. I'm instagram. You're GonNa WanNa see these folks things like someone it is. Sarah Maher rose against so mayor being opposite of stallion. Those cute Got the Kach. Master rose So wrote in the tonsure terror. That's good one yeah. I thought that one was really cute. let's see had okay. This is another question. What is your Dick name or fantasy? Dick name may my big vanity Banana because it's slightly bended epic Hung Liu Boehner Mountain Donkey Kong a little little than with his name. Vitamin D DISCO DANCER. Boom BOOM BOOM MR butter fingers. Then here these again wish. Fighting a I like to be choked the heartbreaker Sarah Soul stealer rose. Sarah lose her clothes. Rose One Sarah. The dominatrix Rose Sarah the submissive. Super Horny Damn hot. Rose deaths by snooze new. Yeah some cute ones. Come in the SEC. Salient training guys is ongoing. You can start at any time and definitely get started. I mean in. I know the holidays than busy. And everyone's been out all the family stuff going on but I get going with sex training. Don't wait another minute. You seriously don't have time to lose. There is no question about that. I mean get on it. It's nobody's getting any younger exactly right. It's like what the fuck for even though we talked in episode two about doing the show on porn. You were hesitant to do it. Because you're in the middle of reading a book you want to mention that at at another time. We'll revisit the topic. We can never talk enough about porn right. Yeah I mean this is definitely conversation that is ongoing. And so yeah. I started reading Dr David Lays Book. Ethical Porn predicts Actually got to meet David. When I was in Albuquerque in October in you know as happens with the holidays lies in so busy in I got through about half the book and didn't finish it so I'm really excited to get back into. The holidays are over. Finished that up and report back to you all with more information there but David is a an amazing human being. He's also blocked belt in Brazilian Jujitsu PT In he does it with one arm so very very impressive individual a great guy so definitely check out his book. He's a he's definitely someone to watch. I Look I look at hand and the work that he does as someone that I follow personally and really have a lot of Gratitude for him being out there doing this work. What do you mean he? Does it all just one arm? Yeah he has one arm Ho just. Oh He'd literally is just has one arm. I thought you might have meant like to make a point just doing. Here's one arm. How did that happen Jerusalem She now affiliate a maybe watched something once that like a video with maybe two said but I don't remember the he's always I think he was born with that can happen. How where'd you grow up? I rip in Phoenix. So that's where the Kach comes from the way you say cock. It's very sort of western. I is that bad that I love easy. Caulk at least you like it. I love it. I've been in Texas a long time now but lived in New York for five years to been around. Where's your favorite place? You've lived New York. Definitely I'd fucking love it. Yeah it's city is so fine. They named it twice city. They named wise so i. So why are you in Texas of NYC Well family family stuff all right well. That's a good reason is as good as good as any in the and how was your Christmas? Christmas is Great. How Was Yours? It was amazing. It was incredible. Thank you for asking very nonreligious family here in Tampa Florida and It was a good time and Yeah and plus. I just had my sixteenth birthday party on top of that. So I've been on the struggle boss if you know what I'm saying. They're a little bit but it was actually really great. My Both of my grandmothers and my grandfather were all here together for Christmas and my brother and I got to have a photo with the three of them so my grandmother and grandfather on my mom's side have been divorced since before I was born and my grandfather on my dad's side died before I was born and so I'm very fortunate to have grown up with three grandparents But none of them have had you know have been together and so this Christmas all three of them or here together and my brother and I got to get a photo with them all the first time ever in our entire lives that we've gotten a photo with the three grandparents that we have that was really special. Who really was. Do your grandparents not what you do and so Mike Grandmothers do. I don't know if my grandfather does or not I don't talk to him as often as the other two. I'm very close with both my grandmother. And what do they think? They're very supportive of really really proud. I mean would it be fair to say the apple has not fallen far from the tree? Perhaps So it's a completely different world that we live in now than we did when they were my age. And so I they for them like what I do would be completely unfathomable but they just see how strong independent I am. How empowered I am mean. And they've known me my entire life to they know the Sarah. That was a little girl who was just rebellious and independent and had a stubborn streak and was going to do things her way and work so hard and you know so what I do now is like just an expression of bad you know and so I think that they they ages are proud of me being me and they just see how how hard I work and They're just proud that they see a strong empowered woman so our program every week and can be found at sears website at tantric APP activation dot com. Yes a strong empowered woman my grandmother. Who's been dead for Jesus Forty five years? She would grab either her granddaughters or the grandson was marrying into the family and they are the are the the woman that was wearing into the family and my grandmother was as Primp and proper woman as you can possibly imagine but here was the advice that she would give the women coming into marriage. Emma grandparents were together for like sixty years. She said be a lady in the parlor and in the bedroom that was like in the nineteen fifties and Shit. You know and so you know. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree here. I like Pushing the envelope obviously to and even though people may not understand. You may not get it if you're confident In in what you're doing whether it be in your sex life or any other area and you're a decent person and considerate at confident competent Attractive you're probably going to be okay. No doubt about it. Yeah I mean Christmas Eve. I was a candlelight service with my grandmother knew she is a devout Christian like she's loved Jesus her entire life. She wakes up every morning and praise. She Prays Meizhou Craze her whole family. You she's so grateful to be able to be there on Christmas Eve because cheese on ninety five years old and she's very difficult for her to leave the house anymore insys ususally so has so much gratitude and then the then the next day like still like talk and have conversations about everything that I'm doing the work I'm doing with men and helping them. She's just She's like thank you for helping the men. They needed so much help right now. And she's just like she writes. She's super proud of me. And like I remember a few years ago when an Madonna was awarded the woman of the Year award and she gave the most incredible speech that I watch all the time. Just as whenever. I'm feeling like just losing my footing because being a woman in this field trust me I get so much attack in like I look to Madonna for inspiration and my grandmother in Ireland watching this video of Madonna's Acceptance Award and grandmothers just crying. Because she knows how far women have come over the last Hundred Years. She has seen it first. Hand you know to see a woman like Madonna. Who's been around for so long and just like really pushed women forward and then for me her granddaughter to be able to do the work that I do. She's really proud of that. That is so awesome. Will that is the cerro store support at tantric activation dot com for ideas for other topics that you'd like to see Dealt with on the program for questions four Sarah during the mailbag episode or just to reach out support at tantric activation dot com the instagram us Addresses Contract Division as well as a Sarah Rose Jitsu on the instant machine. Thank you for sharing your story being Glenn.

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Warby Parker launches its 2nd product, Microsoft vs.  Slack (Microsoft is winning), and Home Depots DIY website problems

Snacks Daily

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Warby Parker launches its 2nd product, Microsoft vs. Slack (Microsoft is winning), and Home Depots DIY website problems

"This is John this is snacks. Daily is Wednesday November twentieth. We're bringing the best one. Yeah this is the best snacks daily we have ever done. Jack can you hit me with three. We got three stories the first the housing market is up. The Home Depot stock is down looking at how they botched like a diy. I Y situation with their own e commerce shouldn't do do it yourself website building on the second story. Jack what are we got. Microsoft suddenly mentioned that it's slack competitor peddler which is called teams. That is way bigger than slack. Turns out there's an incumbent advantage were jumping into this thing snack style third and final stories the Unicorn of the day worby Parker you probably heard it the war of war. It's actually the Unicorn of UNICORNS and Worby Parker just launched. Its second product not glasses. They're calling it scout and their contact contact. Lenses are snappers before we jump into all that we gotta talk for a second. Here you maybe know. The Winkle Voss Wins Ak the winkle yes you probably saw them in the social -ocial network these are the two giant rowers who Kinda got ripped off by Mark Zuckerberg them together. They're like the size of a tall bill. These two are thoroughbred they tell on you. They win best in show at the Westminster dog absolutely well. It turns out in the time since they've gotten over their like facebook drama. They've been running a cryptocurrency. It's called Gemini. The terms out Gemini just made its first acquisition. It turns out that Jim and I didn't just make its first acquisition. It made a very unique acquisition. You can't make this up. We couldn't wait to share this with I company that the winkle Voss twins acquired has co-founders that are also twins. We couldn't make this up. The sounds like an onion headline this is a company run by twins acquiring another company owned by twin. We're just GONNA leave it there later. Let's Daily we gotta get some rain. Food said Candy. They don't reflect the views of robinhood family informational. Just so we're not recommending made any security. It's not a research report or investment advice. NATTA uproar sale of a security nexus digestible business. News you'll grandma financial LLC member slash SIPC First Story Slack has a problem Microsoft's office. His Communication Service is way bigger than slack. We're talking about a one point one trillion dollar company here Microsoft Verse Eleven Billion Dollars Combination Pack. They're both both battling for your interoffice Banter or as Microsoft likes to put succinctly chat based workspace. So you guys know about slack we heard a psyche slack. Slack is trying to kill email like the purpose of communication with an office with a lot of announcements lot of noises and a lot of stuff. You end up looking now currently use slack but we jumped into this one snack style to check out in test-drive Microsoft slack copycat so we jumped in literally. We downloaded it tried. I'd using it. Here's the only problem I didn't have anyone else to like. mastersoft message with so wasn't effective for the product is called Microsoft teams and Microsoft just issued a blog post I which was a total humble. Okay so the blockposts was about how teams can like work together. The five things to make teams function performing. You know the classic we've got to like improve who've ourselves professionally. Might as well read this. Well embedded in there in the fifth paragraph. WHO's a little bit of a humble break casually dropped there are twenty million users of teams? No big deal. It could've been mic drop. Situation is up fifty four percent since July just a few months Jack where is slack slack had twelve million users as of September so twenty million for Microsoft Microsoft twelve million for sly and get this staggers. This isn't just like people who have heard of teams. We're talking about daily active users. On average twenty million million people use Microsoft's team product. You can imagine what the slack people were slack in each other all yesterday. This is a situation. This stock dropped eight percent and it's down fifty percent from its peak when it direct listed earlier this year. Now snacker Jack and I were curious. We looked in further and there was one interesting element of this. That really confused US bothered us than we thought was fast. Both companies were bragging about these metrics that we don't understand at all. This is like trying to assess a hockey game. But instead of goals you're using the amount of time touchdown stance touchdown touchdown with their foot with the leg so slack commented on yesterday's News for Microsoft and they basically said slack continues to see unmatched engagement on our platform would five billion weekly actions including one billion Mobile Act okay five million and one billion big numbers that sounds great actions. What the heck's and actually they using this as a noun verb is? This is like an adjective. I want a piece of this act knows what they're talking about right then. Microsoft made a statement itself users have performed over two hundred and twenty ninety million open edit or download actions using teams open. Look at it what. What verbs are these again? These action is that a good thing. Is Editing better with an open ourselves better than that conveniently Microsoft and slack. They didn't mention the same metrics so we can't compare them. We have no idea if it's good or bad classic. Move So Jack. What's the takeaway for our buddies over Microsoft and slack Microsoft has the incumbent advantage versus lack? The key here is the bundle Microsoft. Has it well. Microsoft has been offering in that bundle to corporate clients for decades. We're talking like office. Three sixty five business premium. A little bit of this a little bit of email that imagine a company like General Electric which is probably used Microsoft soft office for like fifty years if they were thinking of maybe using slack. They're probably not gonNA 'cause they're already using all these other Microsoft products right so Microsoft is offering this. This product let called teams. Just in case is interested in dabbling in like a new novel communication. But it doesn't actually have to make it that much better than slack because it's customers are already using using ninety percent of its products. I would argue. It doesn't even have to make a product better than it can be inferior to slack's product and it will still win because of the incumbent advantage for our second story Jack and WanNa thanks way. This thing. Home Depot renovated its website redecorated. It's online shopping cart and it looks terrible. Oh two thumbs down out thumbs down that Tim Allen in here to rip this thing apart actually. No we need that chef Gordon Ramsay do we. Third quarter earnings report were announced yesterday for Home Depot. Sales sales rose by three point. Six percent compared to the last year but analysts were expecting a four point seven percent John so the stock ended up falling after all. That drought remembers knackers stock price movements equal expected news minus actual news. Another issue kind of came up here. same-day housing starts which are like the pace of new houses. Being built old. They hit their highest level in the last twelve years right so it's a little in conflict. These two news stories. There were one point three million home construction projects that broke ground. Knock Tober should mean a lot of trips to home depot. Honey one second. Is it a two by four four by two. Yeah so home depot. Oh has no excuse for this missed earnings. In fact it turns out home. Depot's problem was that it wasn't really that good at building technology. Let's address to facts brought up in the home depot earnings report. Okay the first fact over here pros like the people who know what they're doing and they make up forty five percent of sales professional contractors the other fifty five percent of customers customers home depot refers to them as DIY. Customer is a flathead. Is this a diamond head. Is this a phillips head. You're like two screws away from calling task project. It's the people who don't know what they're doing. They make fifty five percent of sales. Go to your young. This didn't make sense. It didn't make sense. In fact number two those professional contractors they shouldn't be shopping on the same home depot website as you. You're harboring like a four pack of Light Bulbs Zehr ordering nails impacts by the million so home depot had an ambitious plan. It said you know what we're going to build our own ECOMMERCE website for the professional home builders and contractors out there who know what they're doing and buying in bulk the the CEO specifically called out in the earnings report one hundred and thirty five thousand professional contractors who deserve a personalized experience when they shop online. Now here's the thing that Jack Jack and thought was kind of funny that personalize website. It isn't actually working out that the company had been boosting expectations for this quarter relying on a personalized allies website for the pros. Totally Ironically homedepot. Wasn't that good at the whole. DIY build your own website set. The project is way behind schedule. It'll eventually boost sales but did not this. So Jack what's the takeaway for our buddies over at Home Depot Home Depot's performance is ruled by an eighty twenty rule. Eighty percent of Home Depot's business depends on the housing market twenty percent. It depends on its actual work kind of now. Give us a little wiggle room on that. Eighty twenty guys but the point here is home depot does well if the housing market is doing. I think we should have measured twice. Cut once on this thing either way. What Home Depot situation is like is picture that like hot dog? Stand outside a baseball stadium if the baseball team's doing well then it's GonNa sell out and it's going to get more hotdogs because more people are going to the Games and they're going to be hungry for doesn't really matter. What kind of hot dogs are? Cooking are the Yankees doing well or Portland so snappers. Let's look at this home. Prices prices are up home. Starts are up home. Depot's sales should be up but the twenty percent of what Home Depot can actually control. It is controlling. Don't diy your own website. Homedepot golic contractor four third and final storage yet. Can you read the letters written on the wall over here. Is that an e. It's an worby. Parker is launching. Its second ever product contact lenses and it's got its own new brand the kowt nicely done full disclosure jacking. Can I have twenty twenty vision. Yeah although my brother Brags that he's twenty fifteen or something also full disclosure. We both get vomiting feeling when someone puts contact on roof. Fingers should not touch either doing that. There's an eyelash my I it. Stand point a wind comes by Jack to get out of that era. Rb Parker. It's nine and a half years old. It's the original gangster of direct to consumer cut out the middleman retail. We've all been at that dinner. You turn to your right Susie starts talking to you. Got A great idea. All right don't guys would just listen up. Just listen. It's the war Parker of blaming. Yes we've all heard at their stores are gorgeous these things are. I don't buy glasses but I've been with people who back last the white ball classes. There they look like libraries. You WanNa get married in their gorgeous. But they're launching a new brand. The new brand is called Scout. My take on that name native American Scouts. Doubts need good vision to like see things so worby is built out a large customer base. That happened to be needing one thing. Glass well they actually need a second thing that turns turns out from their research. Forty percent of customers were also using contact lenses outside. So they're launching these contact lenses. They're pretty much the same as other contact lens except they've got like fancy packaging action since the candy you get it you're gonNA WANNA show this. There's one crucial innovation here. It's a micro vision. The lenses arrive upside down now. That when you open the package backage. They're like ready for you to pluck your finger on it and put it right on your eyeball. Apparently if you're a contact lens user. That's like atypical. So this is actually a pretty good. Apparently contact contact users need to like put it in one hand flip it in the other clean off one side and then put it in there. You don't have to do that with the this is like when they came out with the catch bottle already upside down after that you didn't have to think thank kind of a situation now if you're curious about worby Parker strategy just look at the pricing worby. Parker glasses are ninety five dollars fish on average interesting Jack and I looked into this. The average American is changing their glasses every two year. Okay so a good worby Parker customer only as the company forty two bucks per year on average. But here's the thing with these lens prices. They're doing a three-month supply for one hundred ten dollars which means you'd spend four hundred and forty dollars is annually so a lens customer for rb. Parker makes ten times the revenue of a glasses customer for the pricing reveals the strategy. So Jack what's takeaway for our buddies over worby Parker or because this a holistic offering we're calling it the sequel strat. There's a lot of liberation there. Jack and I stumbled through this thing. prepping they'll sequel. Strategy is when you spin off your first core long-term product with a short term recurring pro. So be it selling glasses like once every two years. Here's now can sell you contact his frequently many times in between and we're seeing this with some of the other worby Parker for other things like Casper Take Casper asper Casper. Sells you a mattress once every like ten year now. They're selling sheets which you'll probably by much more often than every ten year and all birds. They're selling shoes like once every recouple years but in between they're starting to sell your socks because those feet need new socks more than every two years my prediction. Worby Parker is going to change. Its branding to a vision company trail. Just just like Casper did with sleep and birds did with moving feet toes feet company and even all the above Jackie New Whip Takeaways Force over Microsoft slack. Gough has twenty million users way more than slacks twelve month because Microsoft has the incumbent advantage home. Depot should've had awesome quarter considering the housing market is doing great. But Jack and I noticed it botched its new website pro contractors and that's never worby. Parker is launching contact lenses calling it scout. Great Name Scout the fun fact here there used to be. NHL team called the Scouts Really Kansas City. Nowhere nowhere snags. The double fact snack situation right now. This is a very very nice. Mix this one sent in all of our Neil in Denver. Colorado McDonald's is the biggest toy distributor in the world. They're giving out one point. Five Billion Lian Little Toys annually because twenty percent of all their orders are happy meal. Wow now slightly got to clarify here. Jack and I were fact checking this further the last date for which we could verify this. This was twenty thirteen back then. There were one point. Five billion tiny little toys in happy meal and it's a really gorgeous make brings me back actually. Soundings wildly wasteful staggers loved. Having him with us today remember you cannot only follow us on spotify. How does to your daily playlists bonafide where snack daily is at? Check it out. Follow us there. There will keep snapping at the Robin Hood Snacks. podcast you just heard reflect the opinions of only the hosts who are associated persons of Robinhood Financial Llc see and does not reflect the views of robinhood markets inc or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. The podcast is informational. Purposes only is not intended to serve but as a recommendation to buy or sell any security and is not an offer or sale of a security. The podcast is also not a research report and is not intended to serve as the basis of any investment decision Robin Hood Financial L._L._C.. Member Finra S._I._P._C..

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Reye Syndrome

Medical Mysteries

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Reye Syndrome

"This episode contains graphic descriptions of medical afflictions that some people may find disturbing. We advise caution for listeners under thirteen and in one thousand nine hundred seventy three five year old. Tiffany was recovering from chickenpox per doctors orders. There's her mother Terry probably soaked her an oatmeal bath with lukewarm water. For hours then she likely used a cotton ball to gently. Rub Cala Mine Lotion. On every blister she even tucked tiffany into a bed with fresh sheets and pillowcases every night to stop the infection from spreading one evening after sleeping for a couple of hours. Tiffany woke and ran into the bathroom to vomit violently and endlessly for hours in in between bouts she likely wept and clutch to raw throat which burned from the acidity of her stomach guns. The next morning tiffany acted strangely. Strangely she moved around the house. Like Zombie disoriented. Teri immediately called the doctor who prescribed medicine for vomiting. But it didn't help tiffany worsened becoming unresponsive. Again Terry. Called the pediatrician. Who this time agreed to see? Tiffany in in person Terry and her husband. Fred drove to a community clinic in Columbus Ohio. After an examination. The Doctor Transferred Tiffany to a better era quipped hospital. Three and a half hours away on route to the emergency room. Tiffany slipped into a coma and died. Her parents could only watch helplessly as Fred and Terry drove back home that day. Without their daughter anger bubbled in their chests. Sts what had just happened. And why couldn't anyone tell them what had killed. Tiffany when our bodies fail we trust US doctors to diagnose the problem but medicine isn't always an exact science. Sometimes it's a guessing game with life or death stakes this. This is medical mysteries. Apar- cast original. I'm molly and I'm Richard. Every Tuesday will look at the strangest real-life medical cases in history history and the experts who raced against the clock to solve them as we follow. These high intensity stories will explore medical research. That might solve of the puzzle. Then we'll analyze all the evidence and try to find an answer you can find episodes of medical mysteries and all other park has originals for free on spotify or ever. You listen to podcasts to stream medical mysteries for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type medical mysteries in the search search bar at podcast. Were grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook doc and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network this week. We're taking a one episode. Look at Rice Syndrome. A mysterious disease Aziz that killed hundreds of children in the nineteen sixties and Seventies. This week will explore how doctors discovered this ailment and then pieced together. It's causes IOS and treatments starting in nineteen fifty one rafe. Douglas Kenneth Ri- A practicing doctor at the Royal Alexandra. Hospital in Sydney began to notice a growing threat. It started with just a few cases. Frantic parents would arrive at his hospital with sick children. Who displayed the most bizarre symptoms? Some would forcefully vomit for hours until so painful. Convulsions overtook them. Others were so confused. They couldn't articulate clear sentences the majority were comatose upon arrival but no matter the state they arrived in it always ended the same the child would slip into a coma and inevitably die. The parents needed answers. That Ri- couldn't provide hounded this tragedy happen. What should they tell their families? The doctor was was baffled. None of this made sense. He found his first clues during the victims autopsies in spite of their different symptoms. They all had significant swelling of the brain and fatty livers otherwise they were completely healthy with no signs of infection. The inflammation mation or a swelling of the brain is known as encephalitis. The most common cause is a virus such as measles smallpox herpes or West Nile. The body's attempt to fight off the infection leads to brain. Swelling encephalitis generally begins with fever and headache. The symptoms rapidly worsened leading to seizures confusion drowsiness loss of consciousness and even coma all of which were similar to the children's the strange symptoms but when rai looked for additional signs of infection from viruses fungi and even parasites in his patients he found found nothing and even if he had identified a culprit. It wouldn't explain. The fatty livers. Fatty livers can be harmless or extremely dangerous they might be caused by overeating or heavy drinking. But a lifestyle change can address the condition relatively quickly however the risk is greater if it's caused by liver dysfunction to test for the ladder Ri- measured ammonia levels in his patience. Ammonia is a waste product created when the body digests protein in a healthy digestive system. Ammonia will be processed in the liver and then passed as urine. If the MONJA remains a person's body this is a sign of a malfunctioning liver and the byproduct can cause other problems when it's not properly expelled. Elevated Ammonia levels can affect the brain leading to seizures confusion breathing trouble and coma all of which the patients had exhibited and when RAI received the test results he noted the increased ammonia levels. Exactly what he expected that confirmations still left him with little understanding of the conditions root causes and no idea how to treat it. As time passed Risa more and more cases of this mysterious areas ailment it was becoming all the more important that he find a cure and quickly so he shared his findings and frustrations with his colleagues eggs doctors. Graham Morgan in James Barral together they set out to publish a paper on this unknown condition which they dubbed Rise Syndrome Syndrome they pulled charts for every suspected case from the past twelve years they compile data on the twenty one patients. They identified all between in five months and eight years old. The doctors cross-referenced each patient state upon check in lab tests and autopsy results but to see the the complete picture they would need the complete history on each child from before they'd gotten sick at their request. The local health department interviewed the families for more details. The first thing the researchers noticed was that the patients were all recovering from a mild illness such as influenza the flu is easy to catch when an infected person sneezes or coughs the virus travels through the air until it's inhaled or lands on an object. A person who is exposed may begin coughing and sneezing or experience congestion or runny nose. Treatment includes rest just staying hydrated and popping tylenol or aspirin for headache relief. There are four types of the Flu Virus A. B. C. and D. Influenza viruses A and B are the most prevalent and are responsible for flu season each year. Most cases of rice syndrome were preceded by influenza B.. Rise Syndrome was thought to have a season winter to spring the same period as flu season the fact that the conditions both occurred at the same time of year further solidified the link between Rise Syndrome and influenza the first symptoms symptoms of rise syndrome usually appeared after the flu seemed to be over within three days or at most a week then the patient began to experience variance aveer vomiting when a bacterial or viral infection irritates the lining of the stomach or GI tract. Eventually the stomach will purge but although his patience vomited excessively Ri- could not find evidence of infection in the autopsy. Something nothing else was triggering. The regurgitation 's excessive vomiting can exhaust a person. In addition the infected individual cannot retain vitamins or minerals from their food and drink leaving them dehydrated and possibly suffering from nutrient deficiency dehydration is especially dangerous for for infants and children with smaller body mass as they have less fluids stored in their fat and muscles to sustain themselves in addition to vomiting half half of the patients developed what they're researchers called wild delirium with clenched hands. The children would scream and hit their parents and doctors. There's they would become extremely irritated in restless moving suddenly and violently with flexed elbows extended legs and clenched hands. These are all signs of brain inflammation or swelling of the brain eighty percent suffered from seizures. That caused them to arch arch their backs painfully. The majority of these children died the entire process from simple flew to sudden death was horrifying by helpless. Parents watched whether children grew confused vomited in screamed before falling into comas. And Never Waking again and Roy Morgan and Berle's paper was the first to identify the new syndrome. Their nineteen sixty three article published in the Lancet. Detail the symptoms but contained few hints about what caused the illness. Meanwhile at this same time a medical investigator named the George Johnson was noticing. Concerning number of child deaths in North Carolina. Johnson worked for the epidemic intelligence service which today's called all the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There was no way for Johnson to know at the time but he too was investigating Rice Syndrome. Well rise research was ongoing. Johnson was given ten different reports of children who had died from encephalitis. His job was to to find out what was causing the inflammation however his investigations only turned up even more patients. All of their symptoms were the same name. The children would vomit for hours lose. Consciousness and I all of their autopsies revealed swelling of the brain and fatty engorged engorged livers and yet none showed any other signs of infection. After three months spent investigating sixteen cases. Johnson Johnson presented his findings to aboard scientists Dan. He was criticized harshly. He struggled to answer many of their questions because he liked Rye. Why hadn't discovered the cause of this mysterious disease? No one had even worse. Rise Syndrome seemed to be getting more common and more and more cases were reported and eighty percent ended in death by the end of the nineteen sixties reports porting from them all over the world. Same symptoms violent vomiting rain dysfunction seizure coma and death same autopsy results else. Swelling of the brain fatty liver with no indication of infection. Doctors New Rice Syndrome existed but still had no clue you how to treat it or what caused it and while they scratched their heads. Children were dying up next. A new groundbreaking treatment gives patience a fighting chance. I- listeners. There's I'm thrilled to tell you about a new podcast show. I'm hosting with my the dark side of and political scandals partner Kate. They are natural born leaders with with never ending thirst for power through force and deceit. They rise through the ranks towards radicalism. Eliminating anyone who stands in their way and the only thing more inevitable than their rise is the ruin discover the true stories of power greed and deceit in the podcast original original series dictators. Every Tuesday dictators examines the reign of a real life tyrant exploring the unique conditions that allowed them to seize control. Each dictator is analyzed in two part episodes with the first giving insight into the rise to power and the second chronicling the impact of their downfall. Hear more about the men who claim to love their country but were intricately responsible for killing millions of their own people. Oh men such as Prime Minister Benito Mussolini Supreme Leader Kim Jong Hoon and even Julius Caesar himself discover the governments that fell the lives that were destroyed and evil at its highest level. Followed dictators. Free on spotify or wherever you get your podcasts Now back to the story a new disease haunted wanted parents in the nineteen fifties and sixties Dr Rd k Rai identified it symptoms. All of the afflicted children were recovering. I'm from a viral infection. Such as the flu they would grow unresponsive slip into a coma and die with a fatty liver and swollen brain and with more research doctors became familiar with rise syndrome although they still had no idea how to treat it but thanks to media coverage parents learned about the disease and they began to seek out treatment at the first sign of illness for the first time doctors were able to see the cases earlier before it progress to its final stages. This was an opportunity to map out a timeline for this confusing disease. Dr Frederick Lovejoy Joy led a group of physicians from Boston to try to clarify. How Rise Syndrome progressed? They conducted a study of forty patients over over a three year period between nineteen sixty eight and nineteen seventy-one a decade after the first report on Rise Syndrome lovejoy this study identified the conditions five distinct stages in his publication. He detailed case studies onto young women patient. One and patient to he wrote patient. One aged fifteen years old was well until four days prior to admission when she developed the common cold and a sore throat one day prior to admission she complained of being sleepy began to vomit and was treated with composition compromising or pro chlorpromazine is an antipsychotic drug used to treat anxiety and to control. Severe Nausea and vomiting. It's it's unclear. Why lovejoy this medication? Regardless of the treatment lovejoy new his patient had entered the first stage of Rice Indra Drew Stage one began with persistent copious vomiting. It was violent painful and continuous Patients purged for hours expelling food fluids and in most cases blood. It's likely that their throats were worn raw from the acid acid damage to the esophagus. Dehydration would result causing dry mouth fatigue headaches and confusion the second subjects condition addition began differently. Lovejoy explained patient to aged three years old was in good health until one week prior to admission at at which time symptoms of an upper respiratory tract infection occurred. She was treated with aspirin decongestions given orally and sedatives. She was was examined in the emergency room. One day prior to admission where she was noted to be lethargic and difficult to arouse as patience bodies redirected redirected all of their energy into fighting infection. The child grew weaker. Some Rise Syndrome patients weren't able to stand out without support six out of forty patients recovered from stage one but lovejoy didn't know why they'd received identical treatment to the other thirty a four who progressed to the next stages stage two included signs of stupor disorientation and delirium delirium can Han present as a reduced awareness of one surroundings. The child cannot focus on a topic or is withdrawn they may also ramble or have difficulty speaking or recalling words. The most severe symptoms include changes in behavior such as hallucinations. Restlessness agitations or combative behavior delirium can also reverse a child's night. Day Sleep Wake Cycle. These symptoms may have been attributed a bid to the swelling of the brain which increases pressure inside the skull. This intra cranial tension can prevent blood from flowing which deprives the brain of the oxygen it needs to function. This could also explain another stage to signifier hyper reflexive a state in which the reflexes flexes are overreactive or over responsive. Eventually these symptoms gave way to stage three in which patients exhibited decorticate for decayed posture. This man the child was stiff with bent arms clenched fists and legs held street out rigid. This type type of posture often indicates severe brain damage. Some children at this stage remained lucid. There is responded to light but most fell into to a coma. Scientists still don't understand exactly how the human consciousness works while in a coma but they believed the brain is operating at its lowest Actively level in stage four the coma deepened. Patients is no longer responded to light but had large fixed pupils also the two survivors of stage. Four and love joys case study both suffered from permanent brain damage stage five brought seizures loss loss of reflexes respiratory arrest and finally death no patients survived stage five but love joys. Observations is offered hope. Finally doctors had a framework to understand the progression of the disease. It was an important first step in. Identifying rise is syndromes cause and from there finding a cure in the nineteen seventies doctors hypothesized that a prior infection seemed to be the key but the relationship between the two wasn't clear almost all of the patients were sick with the flu or chicken. Pox then seemed to recover before they developed Bri Syndrome adding to the confusion in the United States Rise Syndrome would appear in clusters lusters briefly spiking in certain geographic regions before returning to what's normal rates if the root cause was influenza the clusters made sense. The flu was highly contagious. Therefore the illness would spread through communities so naturally rise would spread in the same clusters but this theory was quickly challenged if influenza caused rise syndrome. Why didn't every child that contracted the flu develop the condition vision? There had to be some other factor. Some researchers believe that pollution or foodborne illness was the culprit. Either of these could could also account for the clusters contaminated air water or food would be limited to a certain region. This theory was also cast aside if environmental factors caused rise syndrome. Why didn't more people have the disease? And why weren't adults getting sick. To complicate matters. Further doctors had varying levels of understanding of the condition while several groundbreaking reports illuminated aspects of this disease. He's the information wasn't always widely disseminated and has different. Physicians acted under different assumptions. They uncovered different at times times seemingly contradictory trends. The Way Rice Syndrome was diagnosed and treated largely differed by region. States like Michigan seemed to have more cases but they're higher numbers may have been due to their more effective reporting often. Treatment was focused largely on stopping the swelling wing of the brain and rightly so as brain inflammation could lead to a speedy death. Some doctors removed portions of their patients skulls. This created room for the swelling brain and also gave physicians a closer look so they could monitor the inflammation. Sometimes they even injected medicine. Addison directly into the brain to reduce the swelling. This surgery was called a decompressing craniotomy and it was very risky at the time but parents and doctors alike were desperate. If they didn't take the gamble. The patients were likely to die. Anyway as an alternative you've some physicians. Hypothesized that liver dysfunction caused inflammation of the brain. They tried treating the lever to prevent the conditions progression in the mid Nineteen Seventies. New Liver Disease Treatments were being discovered exchange transfusions had become popular for newborn babies with Jaundice. UNDIS- a blood disorder often caused by a dysfunctional liver. If the organ wasn't functioning properly a yellow chemical called Bill Rubin would build up turning the baby's skin and is yellow. An exchange transfusion was like a more extreme version of a normal blood transfusion. Doctors would remove toxic. Blood filled with Bill Rubin in replace it with clean blood from a donor and if rise syndrome was caused by a similar sort of liver failure. Perhaps this treatment would cure it as well during a nineteen. Seventy four epidemic twenty-six cases of rice. Hi Syndrome were successfully treated and Cincinnati via exchange transfusions. The procedure was life changing but painful. Small tubes called catheters were inserted directly into a patient's healthy vein. The child's blood was steadily withdrawn in small amounts and replaced I with equal amounts of pre warm donor blood. This process lasted between one and a half to three hours. It was a small price to pay. Hey to save a life but it was still painful and difficult. Many patients were too young to fully understand why they had to undergo torturous procedure. Luckily some doctors theorized there was a better way to address rise syndrome take for example the case of two and a half year year old. Mark a l'argent in the early nineteen seventies mark's mother took him to visit his grandparents in New York state. Where out of nowhere? He developed Tairea followed by violent vomiting that lasted throughout the night in the morning his temperature went through the roof and he was barely conscious. The pediatrician that saw him admitted that she couldn't help mark. He had a rare condition that very few doctors knew how to treat so she referred them to a hospital in Ogdensburg. They drove forty miles to be greeted by. Dr Bernard Muscleman at the emergency room door. Mark was conscious but hallucinating. Picking imaginary things out of the Air Muscleman told Mark's mother that he had rise syndrome a fifty fifty chance of survival and if he lived he would likely suffer brain and liver damage rather than attempt a blood exchange transfusion fusion Muslim and took the simple route and immediately hooked mark up to an IV to replenish his fluids. The doctor monitored his blood levels closely to make sure sure he was staying hydrated that afternoon. Mark slipped into a coma. His mother and father stayed by his side throughout the night. Eight but the next morning marks condition stabilized on the third day. He woke up an eight. A sloppy Joe on the fourth he went home with only a scar from the IV line while mark story had a happy ending. It contradicted everything. Doctors thought they knew about Rice Syndrome. Mark was treated with fluids only fluids no blood exchanges cranial surgeries or medications. Was He an outlier or was there more more to learn about rise syndrome. Further complicating matters. Mark wasn't recovering from any sickness when symptoms began. He went from perfectly healthy to stage one rise syndrome with no prior infection. This led some researchers to wonder if maybe rise syndrome wasn't listen caused by infection at all but by toxins or poisons toxins in these cases are unnatural chemicals added to the environment and they can disrupt the respiratory system resulting in irritation coughing or choking their most dangerous to small children as they have less body mass to absorb foreign substances. In addition their organs haven't matured and are therefore more susceptible to damage worst of all children often lack of fully developed blood brain barrier the structure in the central nervous system that prevents the passage of the chemicals between the bloodstream and the neural tissue. The effects of toxin exposure were very similar to the symptoms of Rise Syndrome toxicity causes causes nausea vomiting diarrhea to support this theory to researchers from Ireland. John Glasgow and J. J.. A Farris reported their findings on a four year old girl who died of Rice Syndrome during topsy. They found moderate swelling of the brain and enlarged yellow liver and swollen kidneys. These were expected in a rise syndrome fatality. What wasn't expected were we're the paint thinners in this four year old stomach after speaking with her parents Glasgow and Ferris learned? There were several automobile paint shops by the family's family's home a full. Toxicology report matched the paint. Thinner founded her stomach to one used at a nearby business. Based on this this evidence Glasgow and Ferris believed that Rise Syndrome was caused by ingesting poisonous toxins not bacterial or viral infection. Further investigation revealed that back in the sixties. Dr Martin Randolph. Head of pathology at Danbury Hospital had reported reported a similar case an eight year old boy had died of rice syndrome. Twenty four hours. After admittance Randolph's toxicology report art revealed small amounts of alcohol in his digestive system. Glasgow and Ferris weren't the first to hypothesize the toxins were to blame Ryan. His colleagues had originally hinted at theory but they dismissed it in favor of a different hypothesis. More specifically they had noted similarities clarity's between rise syndrome and Jamaican vomiting sickness the Jamaican vomiting sickness was first identified in in eighteen seventy five. The symptoms included severe vomiting followed by convulsion. Coma and death children between in two thousand ten years old were the most susceptible to this disease. The mortality rate was about eighty percent in nineteen fifty two before its cause was known own. Autopsies revealed deposits of fat on the liver kidneys and other organs. The similarities to rise syndrome were undeniable but but Jamaican vomiting. Sickness was caused by the ingestion of an unripe. Aki fruit a staple in Caribbean cuisine. When ripe and cooked the fruit is nontoxic however the Unripe Aki contains hypoglycemia a an unusual amino acid it it can be deadly? When ingested for years doctors compared rise syndrome to the Jamaican vomiting disease? Thanks to their similar symptoms but when they analyzed allies urine samples from five syndrome patients in the new haven area. They didn't detect any toxic acids as one would expect from the Jamaican disease. The evidence was conclusive despite superficial similarities. The two syndromes had different causes which left doctors with few leads. Thanks to blood exchange transfusion. They could treat their patients with relative success but they still had little understanding understanding of the elusive condition. And without more information they couldn't avoid painful procedures or the serious risks of permanent liver for and brain damage. The investigation had to continue up next doctors. Find the key to make rice syndrome disappear forever now back to the story. In the early nineteen seventies doctors had found one life saving treatment for deadly Rise Syndrome. A lengthy painful blood exchange transfusion. But Dr Bernard muscleman turned common knowledge on its head when he successfully treated a two and a half year old patient with only fluid in IV's vis vis spurred other researchers to posit and then disprove several possible causes of the condition Caryn stark o of the epidemic epidemic intelligence service now known as the CDC conducted a small study in Phoenix Arizona in December nineteen. Seventy eight. She identified seven children who had been hospitalized with Rice Syndrome. All of the patients had influence at a prior to developing the more dangerous condition stark. Oh knew that ninety. Five percent of all children with rise syndrome were first sick with an ailment like the flu or chicken pox therefore she was convinced the cause lay between the onset of the flu and the start of the severe vomiting. This was a small a window of time between three to five days. What happened during this narrow period to make a mild illness morph into a deadly disease rush stark? Oh examined two groups. The first were the parents of children who developed rise syndrome the second or a control group. The parents of sixteen children who had only contracted the flu. She questioned each set of parents vigorously where their pets in the home home was the child vaccinated. What medication do they give their child during their illness? The groups had many similarities. All the children turn were healthy before they got the flu. All lived in the same area many even went to the same school. The most significant difference between the two groups oops was aspirin. The children that had contracted rise syndrome had taken aspirin more frequently ended higher doses than those who but not many of the latter were given tylenol. Instead in the nineteen sixties and seventies aspirin was the most widely used over the counter the drug to relieve pain and reduce fever bear had developed chewable flavored aspirin tablets. Just for kids. They were sometimes called Candy. Sandy Aspirin because they were so good. It was in every home believed to be the safest and least expensive pain reliever on the marketplace. The active ingredient in aspirin is salicylic acid which is found in willow bark and has been used for thousands of years to relieve pain and and reduce fevers in one thousand. Nine hundred seventy nine stark. Oh wrote to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington to inquire if they had any evidence evidence linking solicit poisoning and rice syndrome. They responded with eleven cases of solicit overdose or poisoning and adolescence. All eleven cases presented deposits of fat in the liver one of the distinguishing signs of Rice Syndrome armed with this data data star goes submitted. A paper on her findings to several medical journals six months later in the spring of nineteen eighty her findings were republished in the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report Stark. Oh recognized that. Her research was lacking in some areas. She tested a small population and the parents who provided her information were stressed and may have unintentionally given inaccurate answers she. She identified all of these shortcomings in her paper while stating that aspirin should be further evaluated as a possible cause of Rise Syndrome in spite of her own reservations. stuccos findings were widely reported upon as soon as national newspapers printed. That aspirin could be related. It Derives Syndrome parent stuck giving it to their kids. Meanwhile the CDC pressed researchers to duplicate stark owes findings linking thinking rise syndrome and aspirin. A neutral team began a study in Michigan during the winter of nineteen eighty to nineteen eighty one but they were shocked to find that there were few cases of Rice Syndrome to study they only identified eighteen occurrences that winter the winter prior had produced eighty three patients. What had caused the drastic decline of rise syndrome? And how would the small sample size affect the validity of the follow up study. In fact this lack of cases provided the clearest evidence of a relationship between rise syndrome and aspirin the condition more or less disappeared overnight as soon as parents stopped giving their children. The Painkiller and the few patients in their study had in fact received aspirin to fight mild illness before they contracted rise syndrome. The disease had peaked in nineteen eighty with five hundred and fifty five cases in nineteen eighty seven. There were only thirty six a decade later. Only two cases were reported today a day. Instances of Rice Syndrome rarely appear in the United States. The disease has just disappeared overall Doctors View Rise Syndrome as a story of triumph but there are still many unanswered questions. We don't fully understand the role aspirin aspirin plays in this disease so it's causes still officially unknown. What we do know is that there was a deadly threat to children and the doctors and researchers from all over the world came together to find a cure after two decades of published papers ongoing research successful and failed procedures and fatalities? They narrowed their focus on one unassuming over the counter drug doug their success rested on collaboration communication and continued efforts to advance their knowledge. But above anything else yes they remembered that anything and everything could be a factor even a simple and seemingly safe chewable found in every bathroom and approved by every doctor thanks to their willingness to question what they knew. Those researchers help save. Countless bliss lives in the past three decades. Thanks for listening to medical mysteries to learn more about rise syndrome. In addition to the many sources sources we used we found keep out of reach of children by Mark Twain l'argent extremely helpful to our research. You can find all episodes facades of medical mysteries and all other podcast originals. For Free on spotify not only does spotify already. Have all of your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals like medical mysteries for free from your phone desktop or or smart speaker to stream medical mysteries on spotify. Just open the APP tap browse and type medical mysteries in the search bar. And don't forget forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at Parkas network. We'll see next time. Medical all mysteries was created by Max Cutler in his apar- cast studios original. It is executive produced by Max Cutler. Sound design by Anthony Vow sick with production assistance by Ron Shapiro Carly Madden Freddie Beckley and Joel Stein. This episode of medical mysteries was written by Brit. Alice us with writing assistance by Maggie. Admire and stars Molly Brandenburg and Richard Rosner. Hi podcast listeners. It's Richard if you love medical mysteries we'd love to hear from you by taking taking a quick survey your feedback will help us. Continue Making your favorite shows better than ever please visit podcast survey dot me slash medical to answer a few short questions. It may seem small but your input really matters. That's podcast survey dot me slash medical. Thank you for your continued support and for listening Hi It's Richard. I can't wait for you to check out a new show. I'm hosting with my the dark side of and political scandals partner. Kate every Tuesday we delve into the minds of some of the world's most infamous and feared leaders in par- cast original series dictators. Join us as we examine the reign of a real-life tyrant exploring the unique conditions that allowed them to seize control. Discover the governments that fell the lives that were destroyed and evil at its highest biased level. Search for dictators in the spotify APP and listened free today.

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CBS11 News Dallas/Fort Worth

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"Thanks for joining us for this CBS eleven news updated is Tuesday October thirteenth here your headlines, Johnson and Johnson is put its corona virus vaccine trial on hold due to an unexplained illness in a study participant and statement the company said in illness during clinical trials is not uncommon and is reasonably expected with such a large number of participants. AstraZeneca had a similar issue earlier this year and has since resumed the overseas portion of its trial pep parents. Listen up a recall on dog food is being expanded sunshine mills adding several more brands to its voluntary recall. This is all over concerns. The product contains a mold byproduct. They may be above acceptable levels. Some of the brands affected champ field in trial and good dog in hunter special just to name a few dogs affected by that talks in maybe sluggish and reluctant to eat vomiting and a yellowish tent the is can also be symptoms you camera. Turn the food for a full refund Amazon. Prime. Day kicked off today, and if you're taking advantage will notice a change when your package arrives Amazon sending boxes with a new design that features a Pumpkin on the side. So you simply draw face on the Pumpkins scan the nearby Qr Code with your phone and the Pumpkin drawing comes to live. Amazon says the experiences a low cost way for people to celebrate in a fun way to reuse boxes. Before recycling them the parade of lights in downtown Fort Worth won't look the same this year because of the pandemic, you can still expect the traditional lights parade but on November twenty second, it will take place inside the Fort Worth Convention Center in front of a virtual audience will be broadcast locally and on facebook floats will be on display along main street over the next two days for photo op that is the latest from CBS eleven the ones protected.

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Rachel Pearson talks about Life with Emetophobia

No Really, I’m Fine

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Rachel Pearson talks about Life with Emetophobia

"Hi Everyone, welcome to this week's episode of no, really I'm fine today we are still carrying on with all current virus special book, of course as time moves on lockdown restrictions ease we all delving into more of the different types of mental health in different types of mental illnesses as upset before anxiety, depression is talked about quite a lot, but there are some of the conditions and. I've not heard of before. The I think definitely needs a have more awareness and betoken about a lot more. Which is why I'm very pleased. Today it's be joined by lady called Rachel Pearson. Who actually has the same name is one of my good friends exact same first name and last name so how to do it will take when Rachel I Massachusetts. Rachel, thank you so much for joining US ordinarily wind today. Thank you for having me and yes. I actually am. SOKAIA died today. does definitely an Rachel. Ye reached out because you wanted to highlight your condition and what you've experienced with MS, photinia yeah, that's right. I think I for a long time. I've wanted to talk about it but I've never really found the by platform to do it on. Of Message, so of different newspapers magazines, and never really had response quite surprised when you message back I'm interested in Thank you for that. No, no needs to find Ma'am I have actually have it once before. One of my friends has experienced it, but he's told me the symptoms of it, and she's never actually named it by name, which is why I didn't know too much, so when you said it by its name so. You want to tell me a little bit about six I'm sure listeners will want to know what it is well. Yes, so basically is quiet 'em. It's not really that uncommon have gone through knowing the symptoms of it, but not nine the name of it so. Basically the specific fire, bia of vomiting now some maple with minute. Even know that I have it. You know they might just be having severe panic tax in warring constantly about themselves while Matang works. They've been around anyone that could give many illness. That could make involvement. Even about the people vomiting, so some people may have it, so layabout themselves, and what mind so much someone else moments nee them all. It could be a mixture that myself. I'm scared of me being sick and other people vomiting around me, so it is quite a. Voss sky live mets fiber. I think is really you know any precise wide site fiber. It took quite long time for me to actually get diagnosis. Mog Narcisse was given to me last year and I've had it for about ten years, so it kind of shows how you can really slip through the gaps with the mets five via when it comes to say new GP a mental health, teams, and so my mental health team, Losch Jarrow or garden to bit more detail about the journey I've gone on with the match fiber, but they actually said to me it was only coming into diagnosing manuals so the books they refer to and giving diagnosis. Put in that manual law share, and even so it was as saw diagnosis, so it hasn't really been given. Legs to stand on yet but I think is in the process of changing. Hopefully, it doesn't matter it. Doesn't really give you much confidence when it's not even in the doctor's manual. It really doesn't I mean I. Think even if you kept sessions, I've seen to raise their eyebrows at it in the. Is that real thing analyzed for many years? I still have sat wondering you know. Is it real thing? I'm so scared vomiting. That is literally changing my life drastically so. Is is quite a difficult one to diagnose so. On you said You you've you've had it for ten years? Yes, so basically when when I was younger in two thousand and two, we moved from south. Africa to the. And Much it was great I was very happy healthy, but unfortunately when we mixed the case, things started to take the ten there were lots of family death sentences, so my dad's mom adults tax shortly after we moved than shortly after that his brother committed suicide, and so I was very young I was about four years old sites me. Know it was. Going on I knew things were wrong, but I was a child I didn't really price any event and the Isai alda. My Mum's mum someone who is very close. diagnosed with liver cancer. Now. Some of the memories I had she had that for about four years we. Off Visit and some memories I have of up into the drain and things like that the so of sticking, my memory is very vivid memories images, and unfortunately she did pass away, and that was the first real experience, I had of bereavement in grace and then. Within a month diagnosed with non Hodgkin's environment, which is a type of non-curable COUNCI so at the age of so ten eleven I was walking down for school seven, who down to witness. My Dad's so of sitting there in hospital having chemo while other children would be going meeting friends in the town's in Kids I was witnessing my dad having Kema. And he was quite well with it as you know. Unfortunately, cancer patient saw one on any. Medication so. That was quite a really difficult. To me as I was growing up. I was a sacred child so I'd never really experienced mentoring, but unfortunately in twenty ten. Madhad was gone through Chemo has said and we went out for dinner. Mom's birthday so on the twenty s the Simba. And we'd light on soulful safe in the site didn't feel quite right. That went dead on. My Dad was in Israel. Immigration Fosters late. My mom was in another sister woke up. Didn't I was failing and Violently sick every way they just wouldn't stop and I was convinced I was going to die absolutely convinced. I was going to die. And Not Hud nobody was. To come help me, so it was the first time I've been public and I didn't know what to do so that so stock may apparently the dioxide remember any of this is. It's weighed with a mess fibers. It's odor so broke myth my memory. I don't remember anything but Party Day off. Jar was fine, but then things started to affect me in school having panic tax. I was ending up in hospital in. Law because I was telling my parents. Something's Brady wrong, undying telling May till so run tests, and then eventually one of the nicest, said Parents would have genuinely shocks because I was acting fine to degree, but then yeah, so it just kept snowballing while I was in school as the is went on. And my mom collapsed in front of me and she was diagnosed with Stage three kidney disease, and then shortly after my sister collapsed diagnosed multiple sclerosis, so that was just oldest. Going on around May and may not be able to process when I was violently sick, so also just clumped into one, and then I became absolutely petrified Friday state to the point. Wouldn't slave mine beds? Are She Scott's dinner? Anyway I didn't WANNA. Hang around without the kids because scared that they would have illnesses that would I could catch and with me. Sick school became a massive issue because I didn't want to go into school because I'll. There's always kids around a public toilets it just of. This massive monster! Just carried on until now. You've experienced a lot of truman though, haven't you? Allow them sadness an unfortunately to move within the family. Do you think that so developed? Because of a ben in Uso perhaps terrified of Ilias yourself out. Definitely I think witnessing as much as I had. In such a short period of time in obey the most important is where. Kids develop friendships and relationships in also it really just changed my perspective on it. All in are so scared. The know whether I've associates. Everything would say come not show how it's all source of come to focus around Beaumont saying in my head, but it definitely applies. It's part because my sister before diagnosed, the prescribes she was. She lamented law, and that was obviously because of. Multiple Sclerosis before she knew, but it was a wise to the point where I would literally be put my finger so hard in my ears to stop myself from hearing it. It was you know I used to get scared when she'd go out whenever my family dinner I think they can come back neck on the sick Everything and you know tried different therapies so. It comes as a child and had amd. Also. Bats die makes era pay. To help the trauma to so of Light Reprogram the way my brain was thinking, but unfortunately didn't hello than I tried to play therapy. 'cause I thought. Wow, cy young, the that might help, but unfortunately again did not help tried hypnotherapy CVT exposure therapy. That's quite common, one yeast for Mexico BIA, but unfortunately the type exposure wasn't enough. It became. Equally difficult, because it's so of involved reading, things about sick. Looking at pictures of people maintain cartoons. Limiting videos news sounds on that just a bit too much at the time, and then I tried neuro linguistic halfway reprogramming, so I gave them A. Good Guy, but unfortunately they didn't work so this was the period of ten ten years. During those therapies aren't doctors in the mail on the deferred anti-anxiety tablet side, fluoxetine Prime Mataz Pain Dies Pam Mirada Param. To see if any of those would help in conjunction with the therapy spot they didn't. So. This is the problem I was finding a Mezza Phya bear in as a family. We were doing everything to find. Some amount saw because I. Think when you have a mets. Fight you just you want it to stop sitting there. You know with all these intrusive. Sick you if you're watching TV in someone vomits on the TV. Are you turning away so quickly? Because this horrific Yukon, look at that, you can't deal with that. E Can't do with people joking by save at stomach, bugs or the have been sick or you don't go near anywhere. Watch on. Veneer Anywhere Journal because I'm so petrified picking something up from them. It you just look for audiences, and unfortunately with it being such a a quiet five year I guess there isn't much out the you, Google Google. A nothing comes up. So my dad, benchley found something cool Belinda, acid and I gave that guy, but unfortunately it didn't give me the answers I. Need it and that was a three day retreat. Y, Y, you let different ways of piping mechanisms. Yoga Tai Chi and actually be in a different way, but unfortunately may that didn't click in some people. It does that for me. It just didn't so then. Professor David Veil on. He's actually a sort of. A lead in defy via, and he works in London and he he's researched into it, and so we hike privately to and see him, and he was the very best fast and give me the diagnosis. Of Meta Five, so that was quite a bright three. Yeah, he. He said to me the the places the best to treat it. Caveat to that. Brings Our T. disorders and trauma and the anxiety disorders residential unit. That was the festival bikes. How many Isley was, so that was nine is lights. It was last year January thing so took a time for the West so furlough time I was able to manage it and find ways to manage it so I think bouncing between the therapies out. Learn different things along the way eventually it just too much and I had a breakdown because I was in at the time. On it just I think it was the contamination of being office. I was scared about using the toilets. I was scared about touching anything. I didn't want to eat anything. Uninjured on well that are derived How I did already diagnosed and I just go to the COPPA and bass out crying because I just did not want to go in south this me. No, I didn't want to be around. People. I was to schedule and eventually mom came and picked me up in phone. Longtime, sick and needed. Find onces a needed to just find the help. His always at that lost straws clutching at shores for. Help and also the. If I can't get help this time round, you know. I was contemplating Ending which is ready, sods looking back at it looking back at that place about but I just think that was no. No onces was not help, and I really needed help. It's interestingly proof so much therapy given the fact that wasn't too much known about certain will have you mentioned before? The father is turning into sort of health books as well so he is almost as if they were just seen what wept definitely I think it is very confusing. The the local mental health teams because I honestly. Dr Believes that people know what the right thing is. Today about this But luckily are found professor and. Found the anxiety disorders residential unit? time of so it took me the whole of twenty nine to. Get into the anxiety disorders residential unit so I went through the J. and was given so. Primary healthcare through the community mental health teams, so that's like online services, thing caption mind, and eventually also sets them. Look a respect that you've done, but they S- isn't enough money. Something more is nothing is changing. Unfortunately I think the problem with the mets. Fiber is a lot of people say oh, I have that. You know when you tell. People I'm scared of being sick scared vomiting. As a bit of a really soon invisible Ryan because a lot of people really don't like vomiting dining as many people that do you? I was a bit. People like. Young. because. It's a nice to experience, but I think that a lot of people say oh, I have that I like being sick so I must have met Siberia but I think the difference is. You can really really not like. But I think it's when you you feel vomiting so much to the point where you don't leave your house. And you don't even show Siphon your on now. Like I'm twenty two years old and I'm so embarrassed to admit this, and it's really scary. The I am but I constantly remind beds I have to sleep in bed. Knicks, mom, because I'm so scared that if I wake optimum sake I'M GONNA die. I. Want to deal with it. You know what we're GONNA. Do a nieces, the case for ten years I've tried shifting between my remain, however him in trying to make my very Place but with a metaphor bid. You're never say because mass away you are you get these intrusive thoughts? You'd get these feelings. That something really terrible. What's going to happen and whether you believe this vomiting leads to other things sides. Whatever the reasons behind it it is is just all consuming, so when people say oh, I have. Is really not quite like that. So when I was fighting for secondary healthcare law, the mental health nurses were actually saying to the life had had an so I was so sit back and take you know I really don't think site because you would be pushing me to get more help. 'CAUSE ILITCH. They Connie my house, so it was, it was a really difficult time inbreeding so confusing because I was begging. The teams happen. Just get annoyed. But eventually off the same professor video, showing the let it's mental. Health same was able to get her secondary house. put on the waiting list. The clinical psychiatrist, unfortunately with mental have teams at the moment that I just sorry stretched Now it comes down to funding. It's such a difficult time because there are so many mental illnesses, but while you're sitting there on the white things just terrorizing and asked for a number of people. People, everything is just a terrorizing around. You're making it dates day, but I for me. I didn't know how I was making nights day I have a lot of good around me and I knew that, but I just reading really needed my thoughts to stall, and that's a scary thing. Sit In, think. Is You just want a new photos to stop? So in the meantime I was just looking for wise I could get the help I needed. While why to see this Akai tryst, so I found a route with the GP code. Patience choice rate, and that's basically what it doesn't matter how condition you can go to whichever have. Provided doctor the notion that you won't for a one off assessment that will be coverage. The funding will be covered so I got that assessment for the Center for anxiety disorders and trauma, which is based at the mostly hospital, a psychologist in July of nine nineteen. Who gave me this? I'm diagnose. It's so once. I got that repeal. It was eventually time. Time see the Mutassim psychiatrist and he agreed with diagnosis completely new the the local mental health teams were not equipped to help with Fai via, and he had had of the anxiety disorders residential unit, so he was strike by. You need to go that like that is the best place fully, but in order to secure funding because this is the thing. While him, saying that I needed to go there, but the only way I could get. Funding was to see psychologist who could say, he could not help me, so always sat I've literally pulling my hair out and I mean literally because when I was so anxious sessile WHO MY HAIR OUT! There Unscom what more do I need to do like I'm desperate for help. How can I get it? Is the problem with the mets of five years. People just start no the pathways to get help on the fact that this is Ben. Gordon with ten years in this is the pathway have been on? It was just exhausting while you're exhausted from releasing slate, because panic, attacks and I. It was just relentless so the waiting to see that Sochua. Socrates was then. Six months, but often just literally ringing them everyday cancellation as consolation. I was. I would say him within a month. And he said to me. Ivanova treated one case of on the pessimism, afraid of themselves being sick, so I don think can benefit Yay, and then off to having all of the answers over the evidence gathered my local C. C.. J. Didn't fund me, so they just refuse to me. They said we don't see why you need. To a specialist unit outside of our area help. by then I was just absolutely distraught. His oth- my one chance to get And allies broke the law over the past ten years because they via I was like I'm not giving up. I saw a cold medical MP and I said please help. A need funding. Can you help me on she luckily so funding the whiteness to the anxiety disorders residential unit, and they have been incredible. It's just so tragically have to go through that process because. People listening who may have may have. This is might not have the chance oh? To to do what you did, and it's just. It's just very frustrating, isn't it? That this isn't on everyone's radar because it's not as clear, you know if he say. Afghans -IETY put pressure while this discharge. The old is this rule. Is this former fan? You know what you do when you say. The affair been sick. It just seems like people like you say people to say Oh. Yeah, I don't like being sequoias huddles. More than you more than you're saying, isn't it? Isn't unfortunately I think this is the thing is is precious time. You know I think what realizes is someone's life that sitting there an you're completely right because I think if it wasn't parents who were telling me you know, just hang on. Hang on to the next appointment. Hang on into. The next has new say we will get there. You know I'm my dad niche. They was writing into the Health Secretary of in the government. He was trying everything because we were that desperate. For the health. And I really do feel for people that sit in. That may be listening the darn. Knowing what to do all a wet turn to or even at start rate a because I think. A lot of these mental illnesses that are so under the radar. There's no clear-cut Pau. You'll find your arm Paul. To getting what you need to Guy, would say to anyone listening. The radio is struggling Is Waiting for is a whitening appointment. Soul is just whiting's that next step in journey to just hang on. Just! Look to that and think about the next step off talking. Think five steps ahead. Just the next one is it comes Amanda with whatever emotions come. Following. It was always frustration. Anger in the amount of as I've cried over it, but. I got to are needed to get to anxiety. Disorders residential unit is a really wonderful place, an ad love to talk more about that and they offer and who they are. I think without then I. Probably wouldn't be here today and Varney so half of my treatment. Because of the pandemic, but even that Haas of treatment has got me sat here today in a much different head space than I was at the beginning of the. A. So you've gone for lots of form of of therapy on the. You mentioned that you were in a retreat where you will was. Watching. People being sick. Didn't work. So how is this form of treatment different to the rest? Then by Seiklay? The anxiety disorders residential unit is Paul of the South London Mawdsley NHS Trust Aminat space that the best that hospital was nine. His Bedlam rings about okay. Yes it was nine as bedlam oldest men's asylum, so going there was quite scary because also. That of ninety minutes than given. You know it was really scary because I've never gone. Over inpatient unit so it's an eighteen bed unit a nice support. Body is more disorder habit disorders. The OCD on the specific barbier vomiting and what they do is, it's basically a structured each week. Start should time type. But more Ning you have to wake up quietly as regards like a great meeting or low people that that is initially the first challenges so being in a room full of people. Actually I had my house in about a year, except to to very few places Sipho me going to this this place an hour away from high staying overnight away from Nakai, said like icon. Even Stein beds, so be staying away from high wife. My parents away from the safety net of high. Was the fest that only because I never thought. That they basically integrate you'll mental illness into every for example me with the mets, five optical of safety and avoidance behaviors. I check expiry dates I will need. Sides Fades alone. Eat Foods. know WHO's cooked it. Awani? Our restaurants also chi-han sizes everywhere I go desa whites cleaning staff, staying mine. And so for me, it was going to completely strange sharing so communal. That for me, was a message itching using the communal cutlery, communal cups plates of living in Uni halls is what is reflected as is living as they really have intensive therapy in the form of CVT and exposure therapy, but their exposure slightly different social may. We were like we started off with just photos, and the psychologists and counsellors at are just so specialized specialist trained the. They know what they're doing when it comes to a misfy. took me away his I'd never experienced therapy like this to the point where we will making sick and literally sound so discussing it was horrific, but we throwing it against wolves or slower and cleaning off, and it was so. But Bay also compassionate and kind in their parts that are. Clean. And that is something I never would have done. They also do something called Compassionate Mind. Therapy any something I've never heard of before going. Is Therapy that's designed to make you compassionate towards yourself, so I think hurlock preventable illnesses ever themselves down Elliott. Feel good old time. Is Really Common. So. Many people sit there and Blaine themselves and I think situations where they could have done something different place in the middle naive Oh, I shouldn't have said that today Oh. Not Wrong then you feel. Our. And it just round round in your head, and it doesn't stop or you know you think about your mental illness anything unto blame for this, if I just on differently older years ago, or if I just had a different Brian, really yourself down on it. Just isn't it teaches you to actually give yourself a break. If I. Follow a massive, but and you sit down as a group Nagar through together a new vice. They just lawns booster on soothing system. For me attend to. To like my mom, my boyfriend's. Constant ratio. Alma Guarantee Sake. I'm Was that food indict? Was that food fine? Did you Tyson that that bit of me before I ate it really. Intrusive! Thoughts that tell me you are basically going style your moments, never gonNA end. This compassionate mind so of therapy it just your little bit and targets the way you'll think cain to boost run soothing system, and it does that three mindfulness practices. That quite weird some. Some of the activities you have to like one of them is a brain activity where you just say smile on your face, and it sounds radioed. You just tell you take five minutes. You just breed with a smile on your face, and it does actually just make you change the way you filth, even if it's first split second, but that's the second the peso whatever can sometimes be oh, you needs when you're having a bad day. It uses soothing rhythm breathing to help you calm yourself down It's not a quick fakes obviously takes a lot. Lot of practice, but that is why they do it so often at the unit because denied that is something is really good to have so been your mental health toolkit when you sometimes just need a five minute staff wife from everyone in everything to brief. How have you been coping in in lockdown? Because of you were saying that you're only halfway through treatment on it's it's the wound is for you already had a toll on you. The fuck about you're not doing often is like the I think it's really weird because the treatment cool sixteen weeks usually. And I finished at the week. Because of the pandemic, we also got sent hard. And the therapist should been redeployed to different services across the hostile. Sorry I one actually. I want to stay in contact with us. And we were handed trout community, mental health teams and saw haven't really had a lot of Sa- pull. It would be very unfair to expect my local community mental health team to know today. Santa's I haven't really dealt with the mets five have before. It has been really really hard I. Mean Fast Week it. It just felt a bit alien. His I was back at high with lows of pages of women. Didn't know what to do with them. I can know the fastest could look at them and I. Had the Michael My bedroom wall, but unfortunately things started to go downhill. and. At first I was ready eight myself up so exciting. Why have I let it slide? Why why have I done this? You know of hard work done eventually made peace and said it is such an unusual situation. You know half of my treatment. I have done amazingly to do I've done. And, it's not the end awoke I back. One day in a will things. The I still can't quite wrap my head around and the way I think will change. Annoy the I have the inmates get through this Oh of journey until I go back. The Houston Confidence Way, no, no, you've got number eight weeks. You know when life does. Get back to normal for everyone. Definitely definitely I mean. It's weird because they're diocese things. Corpora unexpectedly asylum watching TV and someone vomits. You know unexpectedly before I would have to just away, but recently I was watching series. On, you could advantage that. The character was going to vomit and I thought to myself why I have two choices. I can look away Anti-thai or I can just see what happens, and I think for me. Walk tend to choose the auction. Previously never chosen. So I decided to just keep my headphones in, and I was k. you didn't see anything which was kind of the blessing because I don't think aww reacted well to that. I was I. Have Hair. For me, that was a massive achievement number departed myself. That's you to step yet to not go back into old habits well, it's always a good sign. I think for the May. Well. It's been quite hard so hearing when coronavirus came around archer, so thought it was a cold or sleigh top five virus. An MP will start at site. They had vomiting. And diarrhea and that was like a marco. You know that is really scary because I go whoa now. GonNa stop worrying about that get grind bars in begin to. Enjoy it then became more of a problem with BIA. Me and my family. We haven't left the House v ten weeks because MOM's sister on data open shielding so you. On top. Of the public. Dot anew sister quality serious illnesses as well. We've done everything we can to stay inside. We haven't gone anywhere. We've been very lucky to have some friends that. Have done. The necessary things we need to quite to medication and stuff. But. Yeah, it's it's just very bizarre because you come from a unit where they sort of the first week. The they made me discard all of my. On Spectator Hannah's staff, and they had something called the icy de Billy statue. It looks absolutely horrific, because it's just made out of metal and his got knives. Sticking out of it is is really quite a scary looking. They a mannequin. See why they use it an analogy because they they say the people I. See you know when you get the edge to compulsions. And checks and stuff you have this in your head sign. You have to go, do it. You know if you don't do. This is GonNa happen this. Is GonNa Happen? This is GonNa Happen and when you go to anxiety disorders residential unit with a wheel They just walk constructing them back one by one and when the when I told them. I had all these different and always different things that I had the safe with a said. We're GONNA. Try and just get rid of some, and you put your hand jobs in the icy daily, and you just completely yourself of own of safety babies on, so you come from a unit that the telling you only wash your hands if you really need to, because unfortunately, the the people while well. They tend to over wash the hands in quite extreme lengths, and so you leave a place like that and I think the staff at the unit is what it was quite because all of a sudden you've been told you need to wash hands the twenty seconds. You have to walk them every time we go out, so it was quite a way. It's time to so of adjust to that again. Because we regarding out in London and literally touching the train seats, the handles everything. You probably wouldn't want touch. Usually we were going out and touching old Washington hands and then garden to eat something. End Going to our market and grabbing all the free food samples. It was very bizarre, so come out that well didn't to. The world that we have today with everything that's going on Camacho in late. Very contradictory is never supposed people who are helping. You went expectance from bladeless to happen I mean. Does anyone was really when you're twenty twenty? It's very. Very weird time. You said that you've been staying in house number ten weeks. You mentioned you had a boyfriend. Harvey been coping away from him. Yes, Oh, it's! It's been quite difficult I. Mean I'm very lucky, as will just decide that he's extremely supportive. His been by my side throughout a A. Yeah and is very understanding. And he competed understood the as a family. We needed to shoot and so it has been really difficult, so not having that support system. You know Em- person. But, we've been lucky enough to so of have fights time and the technology that we dates died scientology church on we. We've made so I. Not sow died nights, which been really nice, but yeah I did it for two to the dioxin. Say Him properly may be ready. Really Nice keeping you doing so he'll distance books. Yeah, oh. Do you think you'll be staying? Probably, not I think for now until. I get bit worried about the amount of people that are now in. Maintaining social distancing I just. I get a bit a whether I'm just saying pessimistic, but. I just think it's why the risk just yet. Sorry I think that one's going to be put on hold for a while you. No I completely agree I mean scenes from the pitches in the media of you know people flocking to beaches pox. Anything like that is enough for me anyway to give me an exciting one to to go. I'm just ask God and I. Don't know about Uber Suppose. That's the one blessed, and all this is on the best on. Definitely it does make ova. When did you and your way from meet the new say? Siamese been with you this whole journey I met him not eighteen at the beginning of twenty exciting He basically works at the gym, Wisconsin T. Point why I was well enough to so of good relationship where my I was on holiday with my ex. And he said to him, please. Can you not drink excessively because for me, Dr Dre how call them to get to the I. Like it when family members or friends drunk get panicky about it, and so I said to him, please. T did MSD. Invited say while we were on holiday and said some not so nice thing, so actually left my ex. Patna once elected I. About so how? I. Felt and keep it a little blind lemay that my mental illness made him really unhappy and so. Of that to say it is yet. It affected me a lot and I carried it around bailout, so I didn't really want to meet anyone else until I got myself. ETA which is the best fights look at look at life because I think why carry around with you is Paul. View good or bad in you just have to. Join a way to to live with that and I was going to the gym. Lopez me excises always been a really good by getting out of the anger. I feel towards my mental illness. And it makes NATO a little bit at a out cards. The Gym and he started whacking. An eye so if he caught my eye. He's eastern. We just go to thing and found out that he'd been quite law with his mental health on, so he already had understanding of what it was like. It was just a breath of fresh air ready for me to have someone so of undestand and yet we just hey, oh! We've been together happy ever since he's been so supportive. I mean every night for the Pasta of we've been together for about two years now when begins beds when I go radio? Well with immense lowness, I would have to say this manager to him every night like you'll. Hey, you're not gonNA. Leave a funny Jacoby of not going to be sick on my kyw out. Have to say those things to him and he would just stay up every night on questions ratio A. A every single time, and I was really lucky to have someone who didn't look at me like I was unusual. Lock our strange, and just undestood and his family have been so understanding his well like his mom, when I've had panic attacks at his houses in the his supported man an. I'm ready very lucky to have that. Yes, slowly, none no need. The reassurance from him is is so big. That takes awhile does net 'cause I know I I always look for reassurance. Partner is while am in terms of a my failure of it all right and so I. I totally understand where you're coming from without. Have you come in contact with anyone who else who has the same conditions you? So Varney the people that have signed conditions may thirty residential unit and their two lovely ladies. We run very good friends with now and they basically to mandate that way when I go to the unit, which is really lovely and gave me advice on things off, Trautmann and still where two good friends of mine now in throughout lockdown. From Boise. She's been the one plus news every single die, regardless of whether I reply or not, because for me when I'm having a bad day I just so shall my phone in show to everyone and she's been the. It was really interesting to me and find out why. She has led to it because I think, I, said earlier running the. Sought to brought on. The things that trigger inevitable sign and The people that have some things that aren't affects a fact some people next five-year really struggled for example slop. Our teeth when you're brushing your talents guide. That could be too much, so is such board mental illness a no, we touched upon it earlier. But what sort of advice you give to someone than Hughes. Prep struggling during lockdown in perhaps doesn't know that they have a method phobia I think. Piece of advice would be to festival actually Google fiber in just saying if what you're experiencing falls in line with what's online, and if it is I think festival if you own Tj Pero de Ghardaia, J. Inside I think I have this some GP's really really good, and for example goes unit. She went to GP in the first instance and her GPA was the one that told her I. Think you have a massive idea, so it really does vary on Hayes around you in knowledge, pay. Get in touch with your mental health team if they are equipped to today with the medifast, not how give some sessions of therapy guy any fish getting to the point where you know you really need help for, or you've been sitting with it for a long time plays while an you've just known. Something's not right lockup. The exiled to disorders, residential unit or the center of anxiety to control mart manifesto based around London I'm not too sure about. About the other areas of UK, but those two faces the main people say the Messiah Beer Unspecific Bureau vomiting an icon. Help nothing that's just the key messages that there are people that know about this and law the fair that the anxiety disorders residential unit our training other therapists on how to work with a metaphor EUBOEA. There is that it could become until like Larrea. The help could be on its way to you through the therapist. An ulcer to any therapist listening on psychologists psychiatrists. Just maybe if you're interested in finding out more Bassett to get residential, because I'm sure the therapist said about this on really encourage people to get in contact to them will keep hype. Keep strong and north that there is help out A. Funky so much for sharing your story, Rachel do really appreciating in unneighborly. How I thought you continue. If you'll fire, and you know you completed successfully sounds like it's already wet, can so yeah thank you so much. No Worries Iowa. Sorry, just want to think that could be an actual fire. Be a charity that's in the process of being established with Professor David Ville. I'm not sure about that. Though I think it could becoming suggest just keep an eye out, and hopefully that will be one.

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Time to Talk About Naloxone [60 Sec Psych]

"Today on 62nd psych time to talk about naloxone. Naloxone is an opioid antagonist that can save lives when used for opioid overdose. Most of these fatalities are accidental and they can happen when the patient takes just a little more than prescribed maybe to ease their pain or unwittingly combines that opioid with the respiratory suppressant like a benzo or alcohol Now new labeling from the FDA requires Physicians to discuss naloxone with patients or their caregivers whenever they're prescribing opioids. The new guidelines also recommend that we prescribe naloxone to anyone who has a dog ask for opioid overdose. Even if we are prescribing them an opioid, so that would include patients with a history of opioid use disorders a history of opioid overdose. And those are currently using opioids recreationally naloxone can be given IV or IM. But the intranasal route is what we prescribe to outpatients Most states allow you To prescribe naloxone to a family member, even if you've never met or assess the family which makes sense because the antagonist is intended for use on your patient with the antagonist only last 30 to 60 minutes. So the family may need to give multiple doses to keep the patient alive while they await EMS and while naloxone Mage Save a Life the patient may not think the family right away naloxone will usually precipitate opioid withdrawal symptoms, like restlessness agitation. Nausea vomiting woke up at heart rate and sweating. It's rather uncomfortable naloxone was patented in 1961 and approved for opioid overdose in the United States in nineteen seventy one month. I've included exact prescribing directions for the nasal version in the episode notes.

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Episode 122: Does everyone get healthcare in the U.S. when they really need it? (Rebroadcast)

2 Docs Talk

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Episode 122: Does everyone get healthcare in the U.S. when they really need it? (Rebroadcast)

"This podcast is brought to you by Dr Amy Rogers and KENDALL. There's been a lot of debate about healthcare lately that might be understatement of the year, Amy for real it's been a heated opinionated an all out battle about how our healthcare system should work. Yes. But that's over thankfully for a bid seems the last vote in the Senate preve-. Yeah. It is. But there was one point I heard made multiple times in conversations about health care law. And this hospitals are required to provide care for patients. Anyway, we already have universal coverage. Is that true? Yes. And no there is some truth to it. But it's not completely true. So that's what we're gonna talk about today. Hello and welcome to the podcast about healthcare. The science of medicine and everything in between. Okay. So imagine it's back in nineteen eighty five. Started having shortness of breath and pain in your left shoulder. He show up at the ER in your town. And they ask for your insurance card, and you can't produce it because you don't have one you are uninsured at in one thousand nine hundred five they were in the rights to say sorry, if you can't pay we can't provide your medical care will transfer you to the public hospital for charity care. Okay. So where I live. The public hospital is very inconvenient. If I had to transfer from the closest hospital to me to the public hospital that serves my area. It would take about forty five minutes by ambulance. I mean, I'd have to go all the way down to BRAC in central Austin. Yeah. Same for me. It'd have to go down to parkland and down in Dallas and forty five minutes. That's a long time. If you're in labor or having a heart attack without traffic. Yeah. Yeah. It could be a lifetime. Literally, literally. Yeah. So to be clear not all of these patients were transferred or turned away. In fact, emergency room physicians provide the most charity care of any specialty your docs, aren't generally built to turn their back on an emergency. Because of money, I think most people aren't built that way. No, I don't think so, but as with any industry money rules, and even the most charitable of year, docs, may have had their hands type policy. So that led to 'em tala, the emergency, medical treatment and labor act. Yes, this law was passed in nineteen eighty six it addressed the issue of people showing up. In the hospital in the middle of a heart attack and LeBron being transferred because they lacked insurance or some of the way of paying for their medical care. Now, m tala requires that hospitals with emergency department that participate in Medicare must provide a screaming exam and treat emergency medical conditions. It requires this, regardless of the patient's ability to pay also hospitals can't consider insurance status national origin race creed or color in their decision to provide treatment, and it also defines an emergency for this purpose. And a quote, the definition a condition manifesting itself by acute symptoms of sufficient severity, including severe pain such that the absence of immediate medical attention. Could reasonably be expected to result in placing the individual's health or the health of an unborn child in serious jeopardy serious impairment to bodily functions or serious dysfunction of bodily organs. So this house like a great idea. Right. Well, yeah. But it does. Have it's issues how so well primarily it's an unfunded mandate. Bingo. That's okay. If all hospitals to provide this care, the cost would be spread across the board and chaired. Well, yes. But one group kinda gets the shaft here, emergency physicians. Many of these doctors aren't employees of the hospital and they build their services separately. So the simply don't get paid for work they perform under m tala, right? And the American Medical cessation made it back in two thousand three that year docs, provided about one hundred thirty eight thousand dollars per year per yard dock worth of charity care caused him tala and other specialties provide some of the tala cares. But the burden really does fall disproportionately on air docs. Now, they can Bill the patients to be clear, and they do the same as the hospitals do. But that doesn't mean they're going to get paid for their work. Because I mean, these patients can't pay that's the whole point. Well, they're filthy rich doctors, they can take it. Right. That's right. They can cry about all that money. They're losing from there. Second home in the Caribbean. Dear ear friends, we hope you know, we're being extremely sarcastic. There is a general point to be made here, though, we the people pay for this emergency care one way or another the hospitals absorb the cost of tala, and they raise their prices to compensate insurance companies, then raise premiums to cover higher costs of medical care, and the ducks probably charge more for the same reason causing a ripple effect leading to increase insurance premiums suspending that federal mandate from a federal level could actually lower insurance rates the. Medically. Okay. But back to the initial question we were asking hospitals do have to provide emergency coverage. So we don't really need universal coverage. We already have it for emergencies for emergencies. But once the patient is stabilize nobody has to give them any care. Okay. Can you give an illustration of how that would work? Okay. So let's say uninsured individual comes the air with stomach pain and vomiting, and they're dehydrated. Okay. And the course of their workup tumor is found and that's blocking their small bell, and they have cancer. Okay. So they get rehydrated, and they have surgery to remove the bulk of the tumor as pressing on the bows, they feel better they get discharged from the hospital, and now they're stabilized, but they have cancer. Yeah. Which they can't afford treatment. Yeah. So the next year they may get maybe for the next emergency the cancer causes because the tumors growing again, right? Yeah. Well, maybe the patient head Crohn's disease, which is a lifelong illness. Maybe that was what's causing their problem? And again, once they're stabilized they still don't have healthcare for Crohn's disease. Yeah. I mean, you can think of any number of emergencies that would fit the same pattern right goes on. I've seen this so many times. Yeah. And and that's after the emergency. What about before the emergency? Yeah. The person with cancer may have been able to have it detected prior to the emergency. But they just couldn't get any treatment. Yeah. If you can't afford preventive medicine. Yeah. And what about somebody who's having a heart attack? Maybe they could have prevented the heart attack with an affordable medication for high blood pressure. But because they were uninsured. They weren't getting regular care until the emergency came up. So let's take this clearly instead of receiving emergency care to prolong lives. They could have received preventative outpatient care that saved their lives. That's yeah. They should have. Yeah, they should have. And so m TOA is a safety net. But it certainly not the ideal from a medical standpoint, it's also more expensive write a prescription for blood pressure. Medications is a lot cheaper than treatment for a heart attack. And remember those costs end up inflating our insurance premiums. That's a higher cost to all of us. So yes, we have universal coverage for emergencies. But we don't have universal healthcare by any shot. No now, the Affordable Care Act tried to address this by expanding Medicaid expanding in. This case means increasing the income level necessary to qualify for it and also lifting. The other restrictions to qualify for it. So for example before the Affordable Care Act. It was up to individual states. How they wanted to handle low income people adults with underage sixty five who were not disabled and who didn't have children so some states provided them with Medicaid in some didn't. But there was no federal rule governing. Right in our great state of Texas, for example, adults low income adults without children under the age of sixty five who are not disabled are not covered by Medicare and mouthful. In fact, we're going to be talking about Medicaid in following podcast here. Yeah. So a lot of this will go into a little bit more depth. Yeah. Now, some states did expand, Medicaid and met and with that expansion comes the mandate that they provide Medicaid services for everybody based on their income level. But if they didn't expand, Medicaid, they don't have to so even after the Affordable Care Act, for example in Texas, those people certain people don't get Medicaid coverage. So it's complicated. And tricky, but the Affordable Care Act attempted to solve the problem. But they didn't it didn't complete. Solve it more on that later. Yeah. So anyways. So we'll say now universally everybody parents of children with under certain income level do get some Medicaid help. But it's not much. They have to make eighteen percent or less of the federal poverty level. How much does that well by family size? But let's take a single parent with one child the federal poverty level is sixteen thousand two hundred and forty dollars per year and eighteen percent of that two thousand nine hundred twenty three dollars to make less than two hundred fifty dollars a month to call from Medicaid. Yeah. So if you're a working fulltime minimum wage job single parent with one child, and you make eleven hundred sixty dollars a month at that minimum wage job. You would have real to be in real trouble. Something really bad happened to qualify have to happen to you to qualify for Medicaid because you're way over the minimum or the maximum income level there. The the limits are higher for children. But still there are a number of kids in state. That didn't expand Medicaid whose families make too much for Medicaid, but not enough to buy insurance on the exchange. Yeah. So what's our takeaway on this? We don't have universal coverage in the United States until the safety net with a really big mesh size. That's right. Lots of stuff getting through that net. So if you're making the argument that we have in tall us, a we don't need better healthcare policies in the US. You're going to have to come up with a better argument. Yeah. So that's our show for today. We hope you enjoyed it. And can use the information. Well, and if you enjoy to talk, please share show with your friends on Facebook and Twitter or anywhere else. You hang out on social media. And thanks for listening. I've got a craving for French onion soup topless, inventory cheese. Present you got it. That's really bad.

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Glucagon Pharmacology

Real Life Pharmacology - Pharmacology Education for Health Care Professionals

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Glucagon Pharmacology

"Halo welcome back to the real life pharmacology podcast. I am your host Eric Christiansen and I thank you so much for listening today. Always remember go to real life pharmacology.com and not hit the Subscribe button and get your free 31-page PDF on the top 200 drugs. It's a study guide that I put together and is absolutely free to you simply following the podcast we email you when we've got new podcast new content available there. So with that said, let's get into the drug of the day today and I am going to cover glucagon. So glucagon has a couple of different brand names glucagen as well as Bak Simi and the glucagen is an injection. And the Box see me is a newer agent that is actually nasal administration of glucagon. What's glucagon used form? There's a couple of them ball things that it can be used off-label for an alternative to epinephrine in anaphylaxis type situation beta blocker and calcium channel blocker overdose. But by far the most common use that I've seen in clinical practice is for the management of hypoglycemia. So hypoglycemia is generally defined as a blood sugar of less than 70 milligrams per deciliter. With that said you you may have patients experiencing symptoms sometimes, you know a little bit higher than that, for example, think about some of those, you know symptoms of hypoglycemia could be sweating could be dizziness shakiness excessive hunger. Obviously that makes sense fatigue, maybe some a little bit of nausea and vomiting potentially in more serious cases, but we don't always give glucagon for hypoglycemia. We really Reserve that glucagon for situations where we're concerned about oral intake. So if patients are unconscious for example, or if there had been altered Consciousness where maybe we're concerned about them choking or aspirating if we try to do oral intake, so that's that's more of the situation where we're going to you age. Glucagon if we have hypoglycemia, and they're relatively alert with it and they're having no trouble eating. Obviously. That's what we're going to do. First is give glucose by Orleans. They're kind of that cut off line. That's defined by the Ada is less than 54 milligrams per deciliter. So obviously we're going to check that blood sugar and and see where they're at. Most patients who've been diabetic for a while. We'll probably have experienced a hypoglycemic episode. So they know some of the systems when it's coming on and can obviously stop it, you know before it happens or hopefully stop it before we get to the point of needing glucagon. So with that set as we you know, get into the fifties and and potentially lower than that. We're definitely putting that patient more at risk of becoming unconscious because that blood sugar is so low there so few pearls about glucagon mechanistically so glucagon, let's go back actually and let's talk about the the pancreas so pancreas has beta cells and alpha cells beta cells. That's the those are the cells that release celyn and alpha cells in the pancreas are the ones that release glucagon. So what is glucagon do glucagon stimulates glycogen breakdown in the liver? And ultimately causes the release of glucose into the bloodstream. So insulin and glucagon kind of play this back-and-forth role of regulating our blood sugar. So by giving glucagon were going to raise blood sugar. That's obviously what we're trying to do there. So how much does it actually raise blood glucose while assuming we get the the normal dose? It's usually in the the ballpark of 20 milligrams per deciliter. Now, there may be some exceptions to that. Obviously if we give them a glucagon to a patient's that's malnourished. For example, they might not have those glycogen stores in the liver. And so they may not respond. To glucagon there. So it's important to think about some of those clinical things particular in a patient. That's maybe not responding there one the primary adverse effect. Most common adverse effect with glucagon is nausea and vomiting. So now that's obviously an issue. Let's say you have glucagon their blood sugars come up some we can't just walk away and say okay, they're good for the rest of the day. We've got to monitor those patients that we've gotta get glucose into those patients off. Well that can obviously be an issue if glucagon is causing them to be nauseous getting oral intake into them is going to be problematic. So in most circumstances, you're probably going to have to give them IV glucose in patients so that if required glucagon, In that if if patients are non-responsive to glucagon as well. Obviously, that's what we're going to do. Anyway, if they're unconscious and and not responding we're going to call for emergency services and and get them access to Ivy glucose there. So definitely think about that balance of glucose what glucagon does and then obviously the adverse effect that's going to come after we give glucagon or potentially going to come after we give that glucagon. One little myth that that I wanted that have been asked by students and and various things is patience with a high A1C. You know, let's say they got an A1C of 10 or 12. Can they have hypoglycemia? And the answer of course is yes, they certainly can I've seen patients with incredibly variable blood sugar's up in the the four to five hundreds and then down into the you know fifties and less so because the A1C is an average. It doesn't necessarily tell you how long high or how low that patient is going. It's just giving you the the ballpark average so important to remember that with a one see that it doesn't necessarily mean that if a patient has a high A1C they're not going to have hypoglycemia. So with the different forms of glucagon, there is an injection and it does take some time to get that injection ready and see if you've got you know, maybe a husband and wife at home and say the husband gets hypoglycemia. It might take some time for the wife to be able to put that together and also take some technical skills and and training and if they don't have hypoglycemia very often, it's not like, you know, they're doing this every day. So that is important to think about if you were prescribing or dispensing glucagon pen or the excuse me the glucagon injection there. Can they actually do the administration? Is there somebody to do the administration on the the flipside? We do have the nasal Administration which is a little bit easier to do for most people I will say there is a tiny bit of difference in the kinetics. There's a little bit slower on chit chat with nasal Administration compared to I am Administration. I think it's about 13 minutes vs 16 minutes for the the nasal there. So but with that said if it takes you a lot longer to get the injection reconstituted and ready to go than it does for the nasal then you know, that's probably negative negligible too. So can I got to look at a time you've got going on and kind of decide from a patient perspective is glucagon going to be used can it be used effectively and does this, you know patient needs. Or are they you know basically living on their own and and they're not going to be able to administer it anyway, so thinking about those situations educating our patients what to do in a hypoglycemic event, really really important education to to do there and then of course, you know back up to glucagon therapy is Ivy dextrose. So if glucagon fails, we've got to get them to a situation A Health Care institution where we can administer IV dextrose. All right. So let's take a quick break from our sponsor and we'll wrap up with drug interactions. So if you're in the market for pharmacists board certification study material, we've got a growing list of resources at my boss said 101, We've got pharmacotherapy inventory care MTM geriatrics and naplex birth. Damn material there. So go check that out. If you're a nurse nurse practitioner p a med student physician also go check out met at one o one.com store. We got books on page drug interactions case studies. And if you actually check out the audible section or the audible books, you can get your first audible book for free. So I've got a a 10-hour drug interaction book that if you've never tried audible you can go do that for free and all those links are at meded101, All right, so I'm showing up on drug interactions the first two things I think about with glucagon is that balance with insulin? I kind of alluded to it before so insulin can oppose obviously the blood sugar raising effect of glucagon. Okay, so kind of that that yin and yang Situation off Also, you got to think about other agents that might stimulate insulin release. So so fighting areas, you know your Glipizide your Glyburide. It's those being the common examples they're off as far as other drug interactions. Go probably not anything you're going to significantly worry about in an emergency type situation that glucagon would be required for a hypoglycemic event. But there is a possibility to increase Warfarin effects as well as exacerbate some jobs. I adverse effects of anti cholinergics against something that's probably not high on my radar. If a patient needs glucagon. We're more in the mindset of this is an emergency situation. We've got to figure out how to correct that dangerously low blood sugar through using glucagon and or you know get caught. Them glucose whether that be through the the IV or oral in some rare situations where patients may be able to do that after getting glue gun off. Yeah. I think that's going to wrap up the podcast for today. Thank you so much for listening. Hope you picked up a few clinical pearls with the use of of glucagon leave us a rating review off iTunes or wherever you're listening greatly appreciated email the podcast share us with a friend colleague co-worker student. For example, greatly appreciate it to all of you who have done that and help this podcast grow and allow more ears to listen and learn go check out real life pharmacology. Com subscribe and get the free Thirty-One page PDF at no cost to you and we'll keep you updated as to when we've got new podcast episodes available. And of course support our sponsor met a dog. One.com store, and I'm going to sign off for today. Thank you so much for listening, and I hope you have a great rest of your day.

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Dancing with Bipolar

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"Hi this is don this. Is My podcast dancing with bipolar. Yeah I know it's been a minute actually even really know how long it's been because somewhere along the line here. I've lost track of time in all good stuff. I think is Wednesday today twenty. Maybe may I'm only going on this. Because my friend got his stimulus finally news making a big deal about the date otherwise I would have absolutely no idea what day it is at all right now. I don't know exactly how to explain what is going on here. I am not in exact state of reality not exactly in a state of unreality either so things are a little fucked up on my phone went missing a little wild. Like brisk Back and he didn't bring it back. But he brought back this whole lake for can persona themself that I've never seen before that I never ever WanNa see again. It was awful. Maybe I deserved it may be. I don't because I'm not exactly sure what is going on here. So let's just start by saying I did try to get into my doctor's lake weeks ago to get another appointment on. I missed my medical appointment because I was sick and vomiting and it all seemed to snowball from that point on everything just seems to have just kind of Freaking gone crazy so You know I started like detoxing off my meds which I'm completely detox off of now. But tense the wonderful symptom of what is real and what is not real and the fact of not just like no balance. I guess it's a good way to put it. Things are all one way or another. I'm GonNa go and Cook on my House. Because it's his fucking actually. It just bugs me so bad. I mean there's such water damage in here. That is like crazy with an article to try to fix it in over. Fix It in. It's just worse and you know it's just It's just a disaster actually There's this force that may or may not be true. That feels like everything is magnetized. is always being pulled towards one side of the house and seeing a trailer at night. Is it easier? So it's like losing everything to like the corners of the House. man. Maybe maybe it is me because I'm not online meds. Maybe it's really really hard for me to see lake. The difference between what is to be totally medicated in to have no free. Will I guess maybe a good way to put it or to be totally unmedicated into be absolutely fucking psychotic? So I don't know which is worse. They're both pretty bad truthfully but he did help me. Finally get a lock on the door which at least will wake keep most human people out of the House. You know the ones that come through wherever they come up through the fanatic. Do about that a little to nothing I can do about that. If it's real it might not be. I'm not sure so I guess we're still in the middle of this like pandemic thing which I didn't. I've been so hyper focused on this house in like my safety and trying to keep together but not really keeping it together at all That we went to Home Depot last week and it was like to walk in. There was like walking into a different world. All of people with masks on his shit. I totally forgot that we were like in a pandemic. Because I'm so hyper focused on what is going on here and there is still water damage and it could just be shit leaking because the house is just so water wrenched. Maybe there isn't anything else going on in the house you know I just don't know anyway. So Home Depot was like what the remember Olea. That's what's going on to so like everything is just kind of like super confusing Everything super confusing. I'm really Kinda like gripping really tried hard to grip a Go patient which you're probably thought I had gone a patient and it probably should have gone in patient but I haven't gone patient yet I don't know if I want to go back on my not knowing where they're made in what they're made out of inefficiently Keno Chinese Freaking craziness going on in my medicine. I WANNA take that. If it's just GONNA make it you know. I guess what I'm trying to say is like nobody knows how your meds were when you have a mental illness. So there's no determinative factor for them to be able to tell you if they're effective or not and there's no determining factor for the bill to make sure that it is what they say you are getting or not so I mean if I'm getting something that's actually making me like crazier than do i WanNa take that. I don't WanNa take anything that's not supposed to be at all Taken ask me is. Are you feeling better or not feeling better feeling better than what I feeling better than fucking seeing things everywhere? Yeah maybe a little bit but my feeling better all around like everything. Okay League no so I don't know about taking the mud's either. It's like there has to be a happy medium somewhere in between this where I can take something that will make the worst symptoms go away but not create new symptoms. Make me sick. There has to be some kind of ultimatum or of Reagan. Midway point here that you know something can be found. That can work for this because man. I don't know see this is. This is called full blown something. I'm like really depressed. I don't really want to do anything. Eating the problem. Taking a shower is a problem. Getting up to cook. Food is a problem during this. Podcast has been away problem Everything is just hard and then. I'm not sure that like if I go to do anything what's going on here because I'm not believing that there isn't stuff happening here. So my paranoia is amped In I'm scared because of what I think is going on here. Which may be is actually going on here. You know is a kind of terrifying if the scenarios even halfway true so I just don't know you know and then there's brisk who are inside. I'm like I'm terrified that he sold out because this is what. This is the trigger Weeks ago he asked me if I knew somebody and I do know that there's somebody who did meet dirty and wrong in bad all long time and I've been in Arizona and lake avoiding them to the best of my ability has become a skill and when he asked me. If I knew this person lake the fact even knew the name trigger me so hard that I can't even get over it in. That's all these frigging shit in. My head started going on about the people. Consider grossing my house again and you know trying to hurt me or the cats or you know whatever And that's when this all started in then there's been some sketchy things with him getting really mad at me which he would have got really mad at me. Anyway whether this person's name came up knob because they've been being like not okay but it just exacerbated that I wasn't sure that maybe he hadn't sold out to that side that he was part of it playing like double agent against me. You know so. There's a day that I decided to form my house. All crocs Shit so that they can't put like stuff in here and I over phone all over my hands at lake. If you've never used this foam shit. Be careful with the titans sick. A habit Oliver. My hands and my hands are tightening. They feel like they're going to explode incomes over by Bruce Lake gently picks shit away with his oath sharp knife and just cut over. This foam off my hands. I like circulation back in my hands again. You know the next day like he could kill me in you know last night. He was Swedish. Shit in like one of Supernova Today we'll see what happens but I want to believe that he's the one true person can believe in. It's not GONNA be over. Has My back really hope so. So this is me in the middle of something Unmedicated DELUSIONAL. Maybe maybe to lose all not really okay not really not okay but not really okay Thinking it might be time to do some things so scary. I don't WanNa go back onto the full regimen of medication. So got a problem here. Love and Bruce Praying usually that Louis. You're just as my best friend. You know nothing else. But that he's just explaining through this and make it out of this. Dark side recording his huge. Because I've been thinking about this for like two weeks and then just keep slipping time just keeps slipping than Knowsley is weeks. So I'm still alive. I haven't gone impatient yet and It looks like you guys are still listening. Thanks flat appreciate it appreciate. You haven't given up on me had checked anything lately because I've been like not really capable of going online too much concentrating so I haven't checked the website if you guys have been on there. Thank you think official poor finishes up. Now get up right now so that it's there so I don't lose it. Forget about it in all this happy shit be going on. I'M GONNA make it through this whatever. This is I don't know what this is but I'm GonNa make it through this going to be okay so this is dawn. Straightens is my podcast by polaroid. Let's stay alive okay. Leader Hi this historic Serena dancing with bipolar as we all know cove. Nineteen better known as Corona virus has spread throughout the world. There are a few ways to help lower the spread of this respiratory disease however. Wash your hands. Avoid touching your face including mouth nose and eyes cover your coughs and sneezes monitor your symptoms. Consult with your doctor. Stay home and away from other sick people except for medical care. Clean and disinfect high touch surfaces for more information please visit CDC dot Gov Slash S- covid nineteen that's CDC dot Gov Slash Ceo V. I D. Nineteen thank you.

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GSMC Relationship Podcast Episode 257: Post-Abuse Relationships and The Pill

GSMC Relationship Podcast

1:17:18 hr | 5 months ago

GSMC Relationship Podcast Episode 257: Post-Abuse Relationships and The Pill

"Still other search that one true love on the limbo in this crazy world of dating marriage relationships well listen to the golden state media concepts relationship podcast your one stop podcast for everything about. Relationships? Do. Listen? Hello. Thank you so much for tuning into the GMC relationship podcast as always brought to by the MC podcast network. My Name Is Jessica. Cho and I'll be your host today. A lot has developed in the world since our last podcast and I just want to say that I. Hope All of you are doing well. You were staying safe and staying healthy and I know that my own city I'm in the thick of I'm in the middle of Saint Paul so right next door to a lot of protesting, but so far I am so good and just a lot of helicopters all day all all day today, all heard helicopters so hopefully that doesn't get caught in the recording in the background, but other than that hopefully nothing develops, and we have just a great show for you today. I mean. It's always a great show in my opinion, but I'm a little bit bias. But today we're going to talk about. Coming into a new relationship after leaving an abusive one. and. Some ways that you as a partner if you have if you're entering a relationship with somebody, who just lets an abusive relationship, ways to deal with that as their partner, and then we're going to talk about the pill, and in many many many misconceptions I'm no doctor. So this is just research i. have found, and you know done on my own, so keep that in mind. Mind the problem with only listening and never talking so that that is what we're GonNa talk about in the third part of the show, and finally we're GONNA wrap up I'm going to share some of my favorite romantic dinners for you guys so stick around for that because this is the time to start new recipes in detriot new recipes so with that. Let's get in to the show. There's so many topics on abuse that we can go on about it forever and I feel like I've already brought up abuse a lot in my first few podcasts here, but. I feel like every time I start the show. It's always with this really negative topic, but we gotta get. We gotTA. We gotta look into the US and realize what's happening around us so that we can make the best relationship for us and if you think about it, this isn't really a negative topic because we're looking at new horizons, and and trying to better ourselves in better, our relationship. For for what's to come, so we're looking at. Abusive coming out of abusive relationships and entering a new a new healthy, hopefully healthy relationship. And there are just so many different levels of an abusive relationship, because abusiveness can be, it can come in so many different forms. There's physical abuse. There's emotional abuse. Sexual, we've talked about that one on the show. cursive psychological financial. There's just it comes in so so many forms, and a lot of people don't even realize abuse, because it's kind of the most common we know about. Its physical abuse. Their the bruises are there the scars are there, but there's people forget that there's all these other ways of being abusive and harming somebody's life, and essentially being a parasite in a relationship, and just as there's no good timing to leave a relationship and go into another one. There's no good amount. There's no set amount of time that you have to take to in order to heal yourself after leaving an abusive relationship and entering a new one as long as and we've talked about this. You have to be able to feel good about yourself and have that confidence in yourself again, so maybe if you aren't feeling that in, you're looking into entering a new relationship, it's not the best time because. There's going to be traumas. You don't even realize are still stuck with you until you until you do pursue finding love again, and and doing the dating thing and enjoying romance, so the first step you need to take and consider as our. You know you need to ask yourself. Are you ready to experience romance again and get into another relationship because you don't know what's going to happen anything? Anything can be hidden behind a person, and you have to be ready to take on that challenge again. And when you go into a new relationship, and you don't have have your own thoughts and feelings figured out the emotional trauma. It's just going to leave you like it's just going to build up and more more and more will build up on you especially if you enter another abusive relationship. So make sure just to take a minute and reflect and. Seek counseling. It's it's perfectly acceptable because you. You need to find a way to organize those thoughts into overcome them, and if you don't feel comfortable with the idea of seeking counseling or seeing a therapist, find somebody in your life that you can trust and that you can go to especially if things do start to get a little gloomy for you, or if you enter a new relationship, and things aren't going quite as planned. You want to have that third party view. Not necessarily somebody who's going to take sides or take bias, but just to be able to look and assess the situation without actually having the emotional attachment that you will to your partner, it's good to have that third person, not person third party taking keeping caution on the relationship and on you so whether that's counseling whether it's a parent a good friend. Just somebody that you can. You feel comfortable talking to about maybe some very traumatizing things. And just know that you don't have to feel. You have to feel like you need to find somebody, and just as there's no time set that you should have to wait to enter relationship or go you know or that you shouldn't wait. You shouldn't feel the pressure of meeting to find romance because if you start to pressure whether it's pressure from other people or from yourself. Expectations are something set by society, and you need to really consider your own self, and make sure that you're healed enough to start a new relationship, but if you do find that you're ready, you find somebody and you're totally head over heels over them you. Yes, this is going to be great i. want to give it a shot and I mean that's absolutely wonderful you but just try not to go like totally feet first this pool of emotion and relationship an attachment, because if you do that, it's going to kind of be like. Dipping yourself into this hot bubbling oil bat. Of of terrible memories or stress, and you might just feel tired. You might feel like you have to spend time with this new person, and it's going to become very complicated for you, so make sure to just go. Really, go slowly into this new relationship. and. Try if you do start seeing somebody. Make sure that you're not spending all of your time with them and I know it's very tempting especially when we find that person and we just love being around them, it makes us so happy. Just make sure at least that I. You're taking time. You're having your me time you're. You're getting away from them from A. A little for a little while, because that will really be a part of your self healing, and making sure that this relationship doesn't feel toxic to doesn't feel like you're pressured to be with them. are or you need to keep moving forward with this relationship it'll it'll create. Some bridges have room to breathe, which is really important when you're exiting a destructive relationship. And I mean something that I've dealt with. have been in an abusive relationship. It took me. It took me three years five boyfriends until the six one I finally felt comfortable in pursuing like physical touch again because I had been sexually abused. So you have to realize that this is going to take time and. You have to I mean one of my biggest things that helped me was discussing love language with my partner, and he made it clear to me like when he is going to touch me. That's just his way of showing love. He's not trying to start. He's not trying to pursue intercourse at that time. So if that's something you're dealing with, you definitely want to look into just kind of like what what are their signs? What are the ways that they show love and you WanNa be aware of that. Every person is different that not all people are manipulative, and you have to take time to get to them and to rebuild trust where trust should be given. And you know me I'm always preaching communication between you and your partner, so let them know upfront. Just some things that I mean it might not come to right away at my. The the memories might not come to you. It might be painful to remember. It might just be uncomfortable for you to talk about whether it's just awkward or it's. It's really just disturbing to you, but these are things that as you. Graduate to each level with your new partner that brings you closer to whatever views that you were in with your your previous partner. It's good to reflect on the similarities and tell your partner. What isn't working for you? Tell them the things that remind them that. Remind you of those abusive experiences, and then it's likely that they're going to totally understand and they're going to try to make it feel different for to make it feel better for you, and it's different for each thing they might for example if it's. If you experienced like sexual abuse, you might be sensitive, more sensitive and more more uncomfortable with being touched physically, and you can communicate with your partner and save like this really reminds me of that, and whether it's them you know just being a little bit less touchy or less touchy in certain places, or even if it's just them communicating with you, that's not what I'm expecting out of this or if it's financial abuse where they just stop, you know they understand that there's boundaries with financials. There's so many different ways that this can be communicated in reciprocated so just make sure to take that time and discuss with your partner. What does and doesn't work for you? But it is also important to keep in mind that like you. You might see things that will trigger responses, and in your previous abusive relationship, although these were signs that abuse was about to ensue, you should also keep in mind that this person is. Probably very different, and it might not be a sign that they're going to start being abusive. It's it's just them being themselves, so you? It's important to stop living like you are always victim, and that they will always be above you because relationships are very equal, and once you once you understand that, because, although yes, you will always have been a victim. That doesn't mean in every future relationship. You're going to be a victim, so that's important to keep in mind as well. Coming up next. We're going to discuss some ways that you can help a new partner. Interior life who has experienced an abusive relationship and that'll be up after the break, so we will see you shortly. The GMC sex podcast is the show that examines all aspects of sexuality from physical to emotional to spiritual doing our hosts, they discuss age-old questions, common misconceptions and the latest topics surrounding sex. They'll tackle topics about sexuality from the complicated to the hilarious and everything in between TSMC, sex podcast is your show for all of your questions about sex. Even some you might not have thought of yet download the. Sex podcast on Itunes, stitcher, soundcloud, Google, play or anywhere you could find odd gas just tie tim seeing in the search bar. Hi Hello Welcome to the MC relationship podcast. This is Jessica Cho and we just discussed some things to keep in mind when you're entering a new relationship after leaving an abusive one, and now we're going to flip the coin and talk about things that you can do if you're pursuing a relationship with somebody who was previously in an abusive relationship, and that doesn't have to mean that. It was the relationship before you it can be. I mean it can be years before it could be to relationships ago. Keep in mind, a lot of people have different reset times different. Different Times where they take to heal themselves. They can experience one week of healing and be ready to get back out in the dating world. They can experience ten years of healing in abusive relationships can be very traumatic, so one thing to keep in mind is that this person may have not dated in a very long time, or the might have, but just keep in mind that it's different for everybody but also. Also also realize that these relationships are dramatic and that it's going to take time, so if you are friends with somebody and you think you want to pursue a relationship with them or you're. If you're looking to date them worker, whatever it may be, but you, you are aware of this previous abusive relationship jaunt pastor them into a new relationship. Please be patient with them because it's going to take them some time. It's different for everybody so just keep that in mind If you really are serious about this person, you can wait for them to be ready and wait till it's a better time if they seem uncomfortable with the idea of dating. So, let's say you do luckily get into a relationship and you two are just starting out. What are some ways that you can try to be sensitive about this new relationship? You guys have where she or he is coming from an abusive relationship from before, and this can be very tricky tricky to navigate because it takes a lot of patients on your part, you may be doing something that you intend to be good or kind, and they may receive it as. As something that is like they may see it as what was a trigger in that previous partner, and that will be a warning sign to them, even though it seems perfectly normal to you, or you're just trying to do something good. They might get really nervous about it, or it might take them back so just be patient and realize that there. There's definitely some trauma, probably still there and things that seem normal or kind to you are not to them. has this whole other aggressive meaning for them? and. Just keep in mind. It's not you. It's their past. And sometimes there's even cases where the person is just they're so fearful of having this new connection in having a connection with their close to somebody else in they start to rely on somebody else and it takes. They take on that fighter flight mode where their brain is just telling them. It's sending out. Sparks like just end it. Do anything to sabotage this relationship and if they. They start doing that, you know. Sit Down and talk to them and say like why. Why are you trying to do this behavior? And what is worrying you about the relationship? Because that's something and it's so simple just to take take some time. It doesn't have to be a very long and argumentative process. It just takes some time. Sit Down with them and have that discussion. And realized that. Acting out and reacting negatively and showing anger and frustration will most likely kind of put your partner your new partner into the sense of fear and they just they might shut very fast. And they shut down because they're nervous about acting or speaking and doing something that will upset you so if you show that anger especially at first, they're just going to completely. Like, just clear all emotion, not talk barely do anything and just trying to try to stay away from you, and if that happens, you need to show them that either. You're not angry at you, or you're not angry at them. You or just talk it out and try to remain calm and not show those frustrations, because for for people that have been abused. Anger is almost always something that they've experienced, and I want to say that almost almost everybody at some point in their life will experience some sort of abuse in a relationship so this can be for a lot of different relationships as well. and. That part of that communication to is taking time to talk to them about love language as I talked about in the previous part before the break I did mention that it's important to communicate love language so that you can overcome some of those obstacles, so make sure that you are suggesting that the both of you do that, so you can so that both of you can understand the ways that you show love and for them to understand that when you do certain things, it's not. It's not a be a beginning to be manipulative or or be abusive. And with that reassurance, make sure that you're you're checking in on them every so often and just letting them know whether it's. Asking Hey, how's how do you feel about us? And especially? If you're actually committed to one another your girlfriend, boyfriend, or whatever have you you're saying like? Hey, how does the relationship field to to you? And when you say that? Don't just ask that robotically. Actually listen to what they say take. Take her opinion in in stride and just say you want to have that honesty. You WanNa lay out that honesty because relationships. A lot of people have such a hard time talking about it, especially people that have a problem and especially people who come from a problematic relationship and who have been. Essentially punished for speaking out about their own opinion on the relationship, so make sure that you're you're valuing their opinion on how the relationship is, and if there's any changes that you can make, also have patients whether you want to know everything about the previous relationship, or you're not, you really don't care if you know or don't know it. It is vital that you are patient and you. You take the time to actually either let your partner take their time in coming to you and talking about their previous relationship. Because maybe it's something that they're not comfortable at the time with talking about, or maybe it's something that's just awkward for them to talk about. And on the same on the same side of things, make sure that when they do come to talk to about it. There's no time that's too soon or too late. Just let them go at their own pace. Don't try to push it, but when they do come to talk to you make sure that you're listening and try to take in and absorb all the details because it may be something that you can, you can remember throughout your relationship, and if you start doing things that are similar, you can understand why certain actions may trigger your your partner to be nervous to be scared or or just might totally turn them off. And of course with that, remember to understand boundaries remember that certain things may seem to fast to or to too much, and just respecting those boundaries, and understanding that you may seem invasive to them things that aren't invasive to you. There's going to be a time when you either they do. Come around, or it's just something that they completely are against, and that's totally okay. Everybody is different, and if this relationship is going to work for the two of you, you need to respect those boundaries. And this is kind of a weird one, but try to get out of your own head. If you're somebody that usually thinks mostly about themselves and. or You just think highly of yourself. I mean there's not really any problem with that. You argued first priority and I have preached that so much and other and other podcasts, but in these kind of relationships. Yes, you want to maintain that that ven diagram that even equality of yourself. You have your own life. They have their own life, but you come together in a relationship. You also want to keep an eye out for them, and just you know. Take moments to look at your relationship because they may not always say what's on their mind, really think about them, and you know if you have the spare time just like think about what they're thinking. Try to put yourself in their shoes and look out for them. Pay attention to their needs and wants, and you don't always have to appeal to them, and it's not important not going to end your relationship, but it'll really help them in the end, because they are to trying to overcome this this horrible thing that happened to the in the past, and when they're constantly worried about that, and if you don't reciprocate that you were thinking about. About them, even when you're not actively talking to them or or just interacting with them, it can really help bring a sense of security to them to remind them that they are on your mind, so taking little little steps to just show them that you're not the only person you're thinking about. You're not the only person in your head. You are thinking about them as well. So hopefully, if this is something that you need to think about or if you do find yourself in a relationship with somebody who has been in different abusive relationship, hopefully, these tips can help you out, and if you have any more questions, feel free to ask me on Instagram or twitter. I will be there to answer any questions you have. We are going to take a quick break, and we will then talk about the pill and its many misconceptions, so we'll see you very very shortly. Tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts now listen close and here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching. The golden state media concepts podcast network is here nothing less than podcast bliss with endless powers of podcast covered. From News Sports Music, fashion, looking entertainment, fantasy, football, and so much more so stop lurking around. Go straight out to the golden state media concept's podcast network guaranteed Deville that podcast is. Whatever it may be visit, www dot Jesus MC podcast dot com follow us on facebook and twitter and download on Itunes, soundcloud and Google play. Hello Welcome back. we just finish discussing the topic of relationships and starting a new one was somebody, or if you are somebody who has been in a sexually abusive relationship before so now we're going to move on to the pill and what it is, and what are some misconceptions and myths about it? So the pill, otherwise known as oral contraceptives or Birth Control. There are so many rumors that are have always been circulating the pill, and what it does what it does to women what it doesn't do, and how effective it is, and what I do know is that it is a hormonally active pill. That contains one of two things. There's two different types. There's either one that contains the hormones, estrogen and progress drian pro pro Stojan progress to. I'm not a doctor. and there's also ones that contain only progressed Stojan. Now depending on what you are taking as a contraceptive there either. Two percents effective and it can go all the way to ninety nine percents effective, so keep in mind. There is at least one percent chance that you were going to have a little miracle. Baby or that you're going to take other measures to have a little miracle baby. And usually what happens, is you take them for about twenty one days, and then you take one week of sugar pill, or you just don't take them, and then you open up a new package start again and for most people I believe birth control is free, and that totally depends on your health insurance. But there are also other kinds that you just take on every. You have a package of twenty eight of them, and you just keep on taking them every package you get you. Don't take that break. But regardless you have to take them daily and it's recommended to take them at the same time for the best. Way For them to work. And the way that they work. Is They actually thicken? Cervical Mucus, and then blocks sperm penetration so there's a little bit of biology in body science for you. Now when does that? It actually causes periods to be less less long and less heavy so. The pill can also be a wonderful tool for decreasing menstrual cramps and regulating your period. And I've also heard that. Will Prevent Ovarian and endometrial cancer as well and some other infections that can happen in the Philippian tubes now just because. That like a birth control pill, doesn't it does protect against having babies ninety two to ninety nine percent of the time it also does not I will repeat that it does not protect against STD's or t is. And the best way for you to protect one of those is to use a condom use protection and be aware of those things as well. Now unfortunately, taking taking birth control pills can cause some unwanted side effects not with everybody, but these do happen in this come as a form of headache you. It's very troubling to know whether or not it makes you gain or lose weight, and what happens is the pill will make you bloat, so you may appear rounder. Then you actually are, but in actual. You're not taking on any extra fat. You're not you're not. Ruining your diet by taking birth control. It's really just holding water in your stomach and it's it's all water weight. The weight loss can come from the side effects of nausea and a lot of the time. When we have nausea, we have it really badly. We're very. Very prone to that. Might cause vomiting, or if we have nausea, we might just be deterred from eating, so it does have the ability to cause weight loss as well now. It is true that because. Birth control has all these wonderful hormones that I can't pronounce inside it does decrease acne can help a lot of people, a lot of women, especially younger women and teenagers take away some of the red that pops up and the horrible horrible, Whitehead's and black heads that all women deal with at some point in their life. They probably had one so. Birth control can help with acne as well because it has all those hormones going through it. If you have an iron deficiency, you may want to consider adding the pill to your morning routine or night routine because this will also help with that. Now just because you stop taking the pill you in a lot of people, a lot of women experience having their period return in different ways, and at different times A. might be infrequent in the more frequent. It might take a couple of months to return, but just keep in mind that, even though you're period isn't returning you hand, get pregnant right away, and which is great if you if that's what you intend to do, but just because you don't have your period does not mean that you're not able to get pregnant. So some women have different reports of whether or not the the pill has increased or decreased their libido, and having that extra barrier of protection, having having the idea of not getting pregnant on your mind can definitely send women into a higher sex drive just because they're not sitting there worried about the reprecussions of having sex, but on the other hand remember that they're. They're decreasing testosterone. The pill will decrease testosterone. In woman so. It's also totally possible that it is going to decrease your libido and even make it harder to climax. But there's a way that you can get around this little obstacle. You can discuss that with your doctor or with whoever is. Prescribing your birth control, and you can try to find one that does work for you. Instead that will get around that little dip of Libido. But if you do have the idea that you are losing sex drive, just just give it about. Three months ish is about ninety days as the time that you want to take to get into using a new pill before you can really decide on if it's having that effect, or if it's something else in your life. and. You know that being said keep in mind. It may take you a couple of times just to find a pillow that works for you or maybe birth control altogether just does not work for you because every woman is different, and you're going to find maybe that it leads to a lot of nausea for you or for myself, personally it leads to so much bloating and I hate it, but it's different for everybody, and there's always different measures that you can take different contraceptive things that you can use. And those of you that have children or that have a daughter and they're coming to you and saying like hey, mom, Hey, dad, I really like I. Really have bad acne. I need birth control because i. read that that's going to help. Clear it up. I really would not take into account that the they are lying, or they're trying to get control without four four sexual needs instead of. Just for acne, because this is something that will help, it'll help with acne. It'll decrease pain in periods, which any woman listening who has had their period probably totally understands the horrible pain cramps that come with aunt flo every month. It is not fun and another not fun thing about it is the irregularity of it when it's when it comes naturally, it can be the major flow that comes with it, so keep in mind that birth control is used just for like it's for more than just preventing birth. It is also used for different methods that can help, and like I said before low iron iron deficiency. If you need and even I've read that there's. Relation to bone, thickening or no bone thinning I'm so sorry to bone thinning, so those are some ways that I can actually help you and just keep in mind. If you have a daughter who was coming to you in saying like I need to use this. Maybe take into consideration birth control as an away to prevent those symptoms. And the actual effectiveness of birth control. Depend that ninety to ninety nine percent range does depend on what time of day you're taking it not necessarily on the time of day, but if you're taking it. At the same time every day. Your percentages go down the more time. That's missed in between. If you miss a full day, it can go all the way down to I. Think Ninety one percent so keep in mind. That regularity is very important if you want to be preventative. But now we're going to talk about some ways that the pill is not all that it seems so up next after this break. We will talk about that and I will see you very surely. Are. You tired of the same Old News. Are you sick of the seemingly endless political spin negatively? The Diaz Empty America's still beautiful podcast is a weekly podcast covering all the top positive and uplifting news stories we cover story will inspire uplift and remind you love the good in the world tune into the golden date media concepts. America's still beautiful podcast to get all the great and positive news stories of today download the US empty America's still beautiful podcast on itunes. stitcher down cloud, Google play or any. podcast just tight. Just MC in the search bar. Hello Welcome back and thank you for sticking around for this segment of the podcast. We just discussed some ways that birth control is beneficial. Some things you need to know about it, and now we're going to talk about the many misconceptions that surrounded what lies rumors about a billion dollar market. Yes, it is true. There are things that you have heard about the birth control pill contraception that you. have been lied to about or misinformed about now. Keep in mind I have no qualms against the birth control industry I am completely neutral. Here I've personally don't take it and here's why I went to the doctor and I'm actually upset with the doctor, not with birth control, but I went to the doctor, and I have not had a period in three or four years, so they said you need to start taking this, and it'll return now. What actually is happening? I found out later on after one month taking it and hating it so much. I was so bloated it hurt, but later on I found out that. Birth control does yes. It might cause. What is called? Pill bleeds. These are not periods. And unfortunately, when people do take birth control to bring back their period, it starts to disrupt the the signals that are sent from the ovaries and to the brain and back. With hormones of F. S. H.. L. H.. So not only. Are you just getting this pill? Bleed and not an actual period. You're getting it signals miss, send between inside of your body, which is going to cause effects especially later on. But just because you're taking this pill doesn't mean that you're ovulating. And if you're not actually you know if ovulation isn't happening, then it's not an actual period. Because the whole point of it is to shed the uterine lining, and that was you know that was to fertilize an egg? So if that's not happening then this is an actual period. And why why do we? Why are we lied to about this? Well, it's not a lie. People doctors actually believe that that is true because way back in history in the nineteen fifties now F far back Contraceptive contraception was completely illegal leg. It was totally outlawed and what they had to do for women to have that protection was they prescribed birth control under this disguise of being helpful for issues, such as not having periods, so people were taking quote unquote. The guys was that birth control was actually helping. Women have children because they weren't having their period. So, what do they do? They take birth control to get their periods, but in actuality what was happening is doctors were able to prescribe women these pills that they could not otherwise get because it was a legal. Now another another myth about the pillars that it actually makes you gain weight, which is is not necessarily true. Because as I mentioned in the last part, it actually just makes you feel loaded and what's happening is the estrogen just causes? Kinda that cling to water and start to feel bloated, but on the other side. What might happen is the Progestin. That is found in many pills will increase intellectually. Make you feel Hungrier, and that of course will result in weight gain if you do get into those cravings and that's that's so easy to overcome because you can switch to a lower dosage. Now because this is a billion dollar market, the birth control pill. It's been researched so much, and there's so many experts on it and you. There's science to back up and research backup that it is totally safe in. It's not going to cause any birth defects in the future. Keep in mind around one hundred and fifty one million women have reported that they they use the pill. In. This is worldwide. Now just as the pill cannot start fertility again, it can also not stop fertility. It does not cause infertility and fragility is not as quoted by Jessica Ash. You can find on Instagram at. Well. She's an amazing women's nutritionist. She her she quotes. Infertility Not a light switch. It cannot be turned off on and off so long term using the pill. You're not going to be infertile just from that. There are other things that can happen in in your body, but using the pill is not supposed to cause infertility. Also. There's a lot of people out there. That believe that your body needs a break from the hormonal contraception or taking birth control and. This isn't necessarily true. So much as what you should be doing is about around at suggested around every fifteen years. Checking your doctor let them know it's been fifteen years that you've been taking your birth control, and you just want to check and see if it's time to switch over to a different a different kind of different kind of pill, because there are so many different ways informs that the pill can come in. Now although it is a sign in women that when you have your period that means you're healthy, and you are able to have babies and your fertile. It's not unhealthy to use birth control to skip your period. It's like totally safe to use it continuously and periods can be the reason that you should not that you have that sugar pill that you have that seven day period where you do, let yourself. The reason that is is that you can track your fertility, but even though that is an option for many women and they do choose to do that. You know it's not totally necessary. And? This isn't just a one time of year. Yes, if you want, you could skip over your period using birth control for a specific month. If it if you're period happens to land on a week where your vacationing and maybe you WanNa wear cute swimsuit, and you don't want to wear a Tampon because those things can be a pain in the butt sometimes but instead. You can also use it for years on end. It'll be just fine. So yes, it's true that your your period may not return for. God, it could be a couple of months. It could be a couple of weeks, and it might even return in like this weird pattern that you're not used to. After you stop taking birth control, and that is totally common happens to everyone. You shouldn't be worried about it, but just because you don't have your period like I stated before does not mean that you're not fertile. That being said even though you have just stop taking the pill. It doesn't mean that you're it's. It doesn't need that much time to leave your system. It takes approximately a day. One to two days to totally leave your system, so keep that in mind because if you're if you do look to. have sex right after you take the pill and you think it's still in your system. It's most likely not. Just, so don't don't risk that one. There's a reason you're instructed to take it every day and even at similar times. And the pill does not also. It does not start working immediately after you start taking it. It's different for everybody especially based on where you're at with your menstrual cycle, but just keep in mind that you're not going to be immediately protective protected. It's not papa pill instant immunity. Keep that in mind, the want instant immunity. The best way to go is wearing a condom. But. Yeah, keep in! Mind takes a couple of days, and if you are looking, it can take up to a week for protection, and if you're looking to have if you're taking control of for a different condition whether it's acne whether it's. Heavy periods in cramping. Keep in mind. This is going to take up to three months for that to kick into effect, so give the pills sometime because it is not immediate, and it does take time, but they are not all one hundred percent effective like I stated before the lowest percent is around ninety two percent, ninety one percent, and that means you are still going to have that little percentage that keeps you from being protected. Now it is possible that birth control can elevate certain risks of different cancers. Specifically breast, cancer and cervical cancer, but it doesn't directly cause cancer. The pill itself just by taking. It is not an exact you're. You're definitely going to have cancer or your your wrist with having cancer, it can just elevate other things that lead to cancer, so keep in mind. It's not a direct lead to cancer. And finally you cannot use birth control as a way to go through abortion, there is that doesn't work and. Hormonal birth control just doesn't call. It doesn't cancel a baby once once it's there. It's there until you use actual forms of abortion so hopefully, these myths that have been debunked for you guys is helpful in the future and you. Maybe you learn something new, but after the break we're going to come back and talk about issues that arise from only listening and not ever actually talking in a relationship, so we'll have a short break and I will see you very very soon. Are you looking to learn more about the latest trends from the fitness world? Are you confused by all the different trends that are out there? The GS. Mc Fitness podcast is the place for you. The MC fitness podcast is the place to come people all skill and interest levels join us as we explore the latest trends in the fitness world. Does that new exercise really work? Should I try yoga? Whatever your question chances are good. You'll find an answer on the GS MC fitness podcast. and. Hello and welcome back to the relationship podcast. We just finished discussing some of the facts in some of the miss about. Birth control pills and different things that the media has. Bird about what happens when you do, take contraceptive pills so now we're going to get into the art of talking. Yes, we have discussed many times. That communication is key, and it is widely preached and widely respected that you should be a good listener in your relationship, but what if all you're doing is listening and that's what I'd like to talk about is the problems that will arise from just listening in some ways that you can stop just listening. so one thing. Is that communication? Oh, my Gosh! What communication is key? That's right so when you're in a relationship, you need to talk. It's not all about you. Receiving information from a partner, you need to express your own opinions and some issues that can arise is. Your partner feeling like you don't have commitment to the relationship. Maybe they don't feel like you're you're you aren't committed you don't have. You don't have an opinion because you don't feel like. It's worth having an opinion so by always listening and never actually putting in the effort, make your own decisions within the relationship showing and sharing how you feel, it's going to cause a feeling of animosity in your partner, and make them confused and conflicted and thinking okay so clearly. They don't actually care what happens in this relationship. and. There's also times when if you don't communicate your feelings. It's going to just build on itself. All of your negative feelings are going to keep building, and your partner's not going to so for example if your partner is doing something that you dislike, there's something that they keep doing and they don't realize it's a problem. Right and you don't ever mention it because you're thinking. Oh, it's better just not to say anything and let it pass, but it doesn't pass. Because this is who your partner is, and they don't know any better because you're not. You're not communicating with them and telling them that what they're doing is bothering you, so you continue. Continue on in this relationship, and it just builds, and you try to dismiss it, but it still is there on your memory. It still bothers you so a builds and builds and builds and your bottling up all these feelings and one day you just can't take anymore in all of your emotions just explode, and you're suddenly this volcano of anger and aggression and frustration because your partner has been doing this thing that it's so obvious that they shouldn't be doing it to you, but not to your partner. Because clearly then they went have been doing it so at that point, it just completely destroys your relationship. Sometimes couples will experience a break up and. In the end it's because one partner didn't bring up an issue beforehand and they let it go too long until they. Just grew complete animosity towards their partner. And they found things that they hated about them that they probably never would have found if they had just decided to communicate with them in the first place. For example I was seeing somebody for about Oh I think four four or five months and we never had an argument never. Never had any problems he never. Expressed that he was upset with me and never with me. We just had no problems that we ever brought up with each other and one day. He messaged me he actually didn't talk to me for a whole day and then texted me at one in the morning and said. That? He wanted to break up with me and when I asked for a reason, he told me a day. A week, no a week later that it was because I was selfish and I had never felt like I was being selfish in the relationship, and I never felt like I done anything wrong, because what and to this day I, don't know what it was because generally. I was very kind and I was trying to do things for him, so something clearly had bothered him that he never expressed with me and the completely ruined our. Our relationship, but if he had taken the time to communicate with me what he was upset with, I would have taken taken the measures to try to save our relationship by changing. Those things are making amends. So that's another way that you know by only listening all the time. Never actually communicating your feelings, you can not only be impartial to the relationship now you're destroying it, you're you're not. You're adding fuel to a fire. Something else that can happen if you're just constantly listening to your partner and never actually sharing your opinions. You start to become the therapist and you're receiving information, and maybe giving advice here and there, but you're receiving all the information. And you're never sharing your own own issues so when your your partner inevitably will come to you. For consulting or your opinion or You're going to eventually start to feel like a therapist and you're going to feel like the professional, and you're coming from this higher point of view, and not only that kind of change. How you view your relationship, you also lose the you lose the nerve to go to them for problems. Because you're seeing you're seeing yourself now. And perhaps even they're seeing you as the wise, the wise old man, the no all and the all knowing. and. It just creates this feeling of okay now. I can't go to them. I'm supposed to know the most. So by not communicating your feelings. You're also. Cutting off chances in the future to communicate. And it's not only you as a listener that can be. Beauty problem here. It can also create problems in your partner where they begin to take on. This form of feeling like they're more empowered because they have the decision making they have the speech skills in the relationship, and they're the ones running the relationship. They're wearing the pants, so it really destroy the balance of your relationship because you can see yourself on a scale. And even skill where one side, if it dips too much, it becomes obviously becomes uneven unbalanced, and you need to have a balanced scale where both of you are sharing, and you're both targeting and listening, and just understanding that both of you have problems neither of your perfect. And if you don't one of you can, or both of you really can begin to think of yourselves and blow the image of yourself in your own mind out of proportion and start to think of yourself as higher than your partner. When really both of you are generally, you know you we are equals right. An interrelationship you should be equals so. By not communicating, you're completely throwing off the balance of your relationship, which can just totally increase the ego of one of you, and that will definitely start to create a lot of tension between the two of you. Now, there's also issues that arise when your partner ask something of you or Perhaps. They give you specific instructions for something, or they tell you something, and you don't completely understand, but to avoid looking like an idiot to your partner and being seen as somebody who okay you don't understand the simplicity things now it's okay. They asked me to do something and I don't understand and I'm going to let them down, so you want to keep in mind that just by saying I don't totally understand this. This doesn't make sense to me. You can get that information from your partner, and it creates more of an understanding between the two of you creates a bridge so that you and your partner can communicate and really understand each other's thoughts opinions, but if you don't do that, you're going to understand your partner less and less and just be completely confused in your relationship and feel like you don't even know this person. and. This rule doesn't only apply it to in person conversations or over the phone. You really want to consider this texting as well because let's face it. We're in the twentieth. twenty-first all my goodness. We're in the twenty first century. In the twentieth century, everyone that means that most of us are texting our partners by now it's like the number one way to communicate when you're not together or maybe even when you are together, depends on who you are, but if you're texting each other, you still want to be communicating and not just receiving information. You don't want to say yet. uh-huh will your. Your partner, a stunning new paragraphs you want to respond with things that are thoughtful and actually use your voice, even if you're using your thumbs, so those are some problems that will arise most likely if you choose to only listen and never communicate, so we're going to take a quick break, and then coming up after that. I'm going to give you guys my favorite. Dinner Meals dinner dinner recipes for dice romantic dinner in. That's going to be great, because it's quarantine for a lot of people right now, so you can experience some cooking in the kitchen. You can even make them together, so have a good break and we'll be right back. The GMC live than happiness. podcast takes you on a journey of exploration. We'll discuss tried-and-true markets alongside the latest trends of how to best live your life to its fullest and happiest from psychology to meditation science to self help books the GMC. Live in happiness. PODCAST will help you to discover what makes you happy and how you can live live being the best possible download, the GSM life and happiness podcast on itunes stitcher down clough, Google, play, or anywhere you find podcasts, just GMC in the search bar. USA. Hello and welcome back to the relationship. podcasts might name is Jessica, and thank you for sticking around for our very final segment where I'm going to tell you guys about some of my favorite recipes to create and master for April Mantech dinner with your loved one, and there are so many great recipes for you to make especially now with quarantine. You have lots of extra time, and you can be a little bit more adventurous because you're kind of stuck at home and a lot of restaurants are closed. Unfortunately, so here are some that I highly recommend for you to either make four or with your partner. So. Do you ever have those nights where you're like man? On Nina Pizza, and you and your partner are like sitting down. You'RE GONNA watch some TV. You're going to have a a netflix marathon or a Hulu marathon or just sit there in your PJ's. You're just ready to chill well. You're sitting there and you're like I cannot call. Domino's again this week. I cannot call Pizza Hut for the third time this month. Because my waistline is already booming will it's probably not. You're probably just looking fantastic, but there is another way to go about and actually have pizza. That's not super bad for you. And guess what it's a lot more fun to do together now, I'm not. I'm not downing. Order Pizza because pizza delivery perfect, but if you make it together, it is one of the funnest things to create together, and even if you make it for just by yourself, and for your partner. They're going to be so blown away about how. It is and you can buy. Yes, you can buy crust at target at cub foods. Whatever have you but? What about making your own dough? It's so easy. Most people have the ingredients right in their own kitchen, and all you need is active. That's usually what you make with brandon and that kind of thing you use, you can use some sugar. It's about just a teaspoon if you choose not to. It's not a big deal. You do not need sugar to complete this recipe. just use some flour. Technically bread flour would be the best for the situation a little bit of oil. Olive oil has the best. Best taste for this and some salt, a little bit of water, and if you make all those together and I think you just need an oven to heated, four hundred and fifty degrees, it only takes a couple of minutes just to let it sit in the bull. You can, if you WANNA make it a little bit less messy. You can choose and opt to. Bake the bread or bake the cross in the oven for a few minutes before you do at all the toppings on, but okay, let's get to the toppings. Let we are going to do some amazing tomato sauce this is. Regular period tomato, candidate from the store is totally fine. You can add another can of diced tomatoes, and then here's my secret. Okay Ready. This is the Secret Goat's Milk Yogurt. It is so good in pizza. If you add that to the sauce, you're going. Get this Nice Rosaiah sauce, and all my gosh. You're going to just have such a great time with your partner like you get to pick out of your different toppings. You start to learn especially if you're a newer couple, you learn what you like on each other's pizza. which let's face it. That's a really important topic to know about your partner, and you also get an idea of hey. Hey, what do they do they like Pepper Jack. Do like mild Cheddar and it makes for a more thoughtful relationship, especially when one of you does all the grocery shopping, or if you go grocery shopping without your partner you start to get an idea of what they like so and it's also a fun way to experiment with new things on your pizza, and it's just a lot of fun because pizzas such an easy platform for you to just slap anything on it. It doesn't have to be perfect, so that's something you'll really enjoy to make with your partner now we will go from Italy to Japan and try making Sushi together it is. A little bit narrow. It's a lot more difficult than pizza in the way that it requires a little bit more special tools, and you have to be very careful about the grade of Sasha that you are just. The raw fish needs to be edible and from a trusted source. Keep that in mind. There's different places you can go to get those things and the best way that I like to overcome. Overcome that obstacle is BHAI BUYING SMOKED SALMON? That's a great way to still have that that raw texture have a safe grade of RAF like raw fish and not be food poison. So what you can do is get a rolling man. It's a bamboo mat that you use to roll Sushi, or whatever have you and then those are generally pretty inexpensive as well and all you need is seaweed. Just dried seaweed and race, and then you can add whatever you like into the role, but it's really fun, because it's so simple and it makes for. You can start to make your own personalized that you and your partner will enjoy together because it is something that's generally shared. A makes for a very light dinner and it's so romantic. Sushi is such A. It's such intricate food, and it's very delicate, so that'll be something really fun and new for you and your partner to try. Now if you've never tried it. I had not had it until. This past year was my first time trying, but it's really fun to do at home hotpot. If you've never had hotbot before it, is it is this kind of it's so hard to explain you have literally a pot of boiling soup base, and then inside it, and alongside it. You have all these dishes in there things that you're going to put inside of the soup case. This can be meats seafood, different vegetables a lot of time, fish cakes and there's so. So much, you can put inside of it, but it's so delicious, and it's really fun because it's more of a social, it's more of a social experience as opposed to just eating dinner quietly. You have fun because you're actively cooking it. You're putting things in at different times, and you're trying different combinations of sauces and different combinations of foods together just within the same dish and a lot of these things you can actually get at like just an Asian grocery store. If you have an Asian Martin near you. They'll have hotpot, and if you find it as somebody because there is most definitely on fought mix, it takes just the hop pop mix, and then you can pick out whatever ingredients you want. Usually it's you know hardier vegetables sliced. Carrots work great different types of potato. Cabbage corn. especially sweet potatoes, really good in there and sliced lettuce are slice. Slice Lota's. Onion as well and different types of squash are just so fantastic in there. You can also do different such as A really popular one is beef tongue. Shrimp tripe. and things like fish, cakes, fish, balls and Fhu those are just some great things to put in there, and especially the mushrooms you gotTa. Have Your Chautauqua and a moat and naqui mushrooms. They're going to be so good in there, and there's so many different ways to go about the combinations of food that you're eating the different sauces that you can put it in and really anything. Anything can go in there, so that's what makes it such a fun experience for you and your partner. You get to try a lot of new things and experiment a lot of new things, and especially if you've never tried hot pod, it's just such a fun way to actually eat dinner with your partner. It's more of like a social experience as opposed to just a dinner. Now moving not so far away I have one of my favorite things that I like to eat. When I'm abroad is It's Korean barbecue or some KGAB SAL and it's different types of meat that you just throw it on a grill or throw it on a pan whatever works for you and you cut it into very small pieces, and then you wrap it up in a piece of lettuce, such as like a Romain heart that works great there's. Korean red lettuce that works great as well and if you can find it. Parrilla leaves also work great. When you add that on top of the leaf, so do the two leaves. You add a piece of usually. Like something, it's similar to Bacon. It's like a thicker bacon will work just fine, but if you want be very exact, I would go for pork belly, or if you're. A little bit you WanNa. Go on the lighter side. Try Chicken. You can do even seafood in this case. Goes but generally it's a red meat. Like cal me, and then you add that to the lettuce, you can throw in raw garlic Go to John are it's kind of a spicy pepper sauce that comes from Korea as well as. A piece of Kimchi just works great in there and I highly recommend that. If you do this, you do actually cook the Kimchi along with meat because it tastes so great, you ball that up inside the lettuce, and you just shove it in your mouth like a savage and it kind of creates this fun kind of embarrassing eating experience for you and your partner and it's. It's kind of cute, because this is another one where you have to. To actively cook it, and generally what happens is one partner will cook it, and the other one will make the food so they they add the lettuce in everything, and they make the the bundled up of lettuce and meet, and then they make it further partner as well and you just kind of shove it in their face, and it's really cute. It's an intimate way of eating, and it's something different. Try so I highly recommend that as well. And my final recommendation. Is this not so much a recipes such as a suggestion for you and your partner to try out while cooking, but you. What you do essentially is you. Take things from each of your cultural backgrounds. And each of your food preferences, so for example my boyfriend, and I are he is a total meteor eater. I'm a Pesky -tarian that means I only fish and veggies, but no chicken beef. Anything like that and what we do is we take? We take a big bowl like a big mixing bull, and we each pick out vegetables from our fridge and we chop. Chop those up and throw them into the bowl. And then each of us take our on time. Selecting different ingredients ads such as different seasonings, different sauces, and they come from both our cultural backgrounds, and then you mix those together, and you lay them out on hand along with whichever whatever kind of protein you want, oftentimes I'll do whitefish, and then he'll do chicken. And you add those to the Pan and you can see the season those separately, or you can see them them in the bull. Whatever you you you want, and then you bake those Usually we do around twenty five minutes, and then we eat it straight off. The Pan is just a sheet pan recipe. We bring into the table laid out on the. The panel eat straight from the Pan. And it's just a really interesting way to mix the cultures, and it almost creates your relationship in your food, so it's kind of a funny way to look at it, but it is a way for you to bring your relationship to the kitchen and to your mouth, and now you're eating something that both of you. You are enjoying and hopefully it works out well for you. Sometimes, it's a big disaster for the most part, it actually tends to be delicious, and it's a really fun way just to experiment and try these new fusion foods, and you're using the your two cultures together to whatever you come from, or even if you come from the same culture you're using. Using your to taste taste buds together, so it's it's very interesting, and I highly recommend trying that out. If you and your partner wants to cook together, so thank you so much for listening to me. Ramble on about different recipes. You can try out I. Hope that you learn something. Do do get the chance to try them during your stay home experience. That being said I am still. Sitting here inside my home. I have not left in two days and it's been a lot of sirens. A lot of helicopters sounds in just a little bit of yelling so hopefully. Not Too many sirens and helicopters sounds made their way over to the recording, but hopefully you are all staying safe and being happy and healthy as always. and. Be sure to try something new this week. If you are looking into having a new relationship Fisher that you're being safe and careful and cautious, because now not only do we have the pandemic. We also have protesting going on so just be careful about where you're going. And how close you two are getting, because do spread I'm talking about Cova not STD's, but those spreads so be careful and. Thank you for listening to the GMC relationship podcast brought to you by the MC podcast network. I am so thankful for all of those of you who do subscribe, and if you could please write as a review, I would be so so grateful. Also check out our twitter and our instagram and facebook I will be taking any questions in any record and many recommendations from twitter and Instagram, and thank you again, stay home, stay safe and remember to just have a fabulous week. Thank you so much have a great day. You've been listening to the golden state media concepts relationship podcast part of the Golden State. Media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at www dot, Jesus MC podcast dot, com download our podcast on Itunes, stitcher, soundcloud and Google play just type in GS MC to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music throw sports to entertainment and even Weird News. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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1008: Only The Poor or Super Rich Say "Money Can't Buy Happiness" by Sam of Financial Samurai on Buying Experiences

Optimal Finance Daily

07:18 min | 11 months ago

1008: Only The Poor or Super Rich Say "Money Can't Buy Happiness" by Sam of Financial Samurai on Buying Experiences

"This is optimal finance daily episode. One thousand eight only the poor or super-rich say money can't buy happiness by Sam of Financial Samurai Hi dot com and high again welcomed optimal financial daily. My name is Dan and I'm here every single day reading to you from some of the best personal finance blogs on the planet and and I wanNA thank fundraise for their support you know. They're frequently mentioned as a recommended tool in the blogs that I narrate on this show and for good reason fundraise enables you to instantly access high quality polity high potential private market real estate projects from high rises in DC to multifamily apartments in L. A. and each real estate project is carefully vetted and actively Lee managed by fundraisers team of real estate pros. fundraise is the future of real estate investing visit fundraise DOT COM slash o F T. That's F. U. N. D. R.. RISC DOT com slash. Not to have your first three months of fees waived for now. Let's get right to our post as we start optimizing your life serve sir. Only the poor or super-rich same money can't buy happiness by SAM OF FINANCIAL SAMURAI DOT COM. Whoever said money can't buy happiness is either poor or wealthy beyond their wildest dreams? The incessant amount of studies by researchers trying to prove money can't can't buy happiness is simply a result of the researchers own poverty or unhappiness because they are financially mediocre researchers are trying to console themselves. That it's okay. Not being wealthy. Wealthy generally researchers have a higher sense of self because they have more educational training hence it tears them up when they see other lesser beings making more than them meanwhile those who continue to highlight research stating that money can't buy happiness or trying to justify their own financially unspectacular selves as well you see. The financially mediocre are all in cahoots with each other. They've banded together to proclaim that being middle-class regular people is good enough. It probably is good enough for most people but not for these unsatisfied unsatisfied. Folks who think they are smarter and better than everyone else if being middle class or poor was good enough then they leave well enough alone and be happy with their financial mediocrity. It's a hard pill to swallow swallow. They must not everybody can make multiple six figures live in million dollar houses and pay cash for luxury automobiles. That's that's just life and they're trying to bring you down. Don't let them the tricky rich on the flip side. You have the super rich who also say money can't buy happiness genus. They've got all the luxury in the world. With not an ounce of financial worry. He must be nice. Never having to budget during Christmas season it must be nice. Going two thousand dollar ahead charity Gallus and paying two hundred dollars for front row seats to watch the great. It's Hawk Perlman Play Violin. These types of people need to fight for the poor because otherwise they'll be deemed named as greedy the guilt factor. The super rich have is enough to say statements. Such as the rich aren't paying their fair share of taxes. Even if you slapped a ninety nine percent send marginal income tax rate on Warren Buffett. He still will make more than ninety nine percent of the world. Of course it's okay to raise taxes when you have so much wealth. The super rich will lecture surest stop focusing so much on money and just following our dreams. Don't listen to them for one bit. They're just trying to win you over and pretend to be like one of you definitely eh happier with more money. I don't know about you but I'm very happy making more than I did. Ten years ago ten years ago I was worried whether I could afford to get dessert for two on a date now. The cost of a seven layer chocolate cake for eight. Ninety nine doesn't even cross my mind only the five miles. I'll have to run tomorrow instead. Ten years ago I used to stress more at work work because if I ever got fired. My Safety. Net was as thick as sheets of wet Kleenex. Now I'm focused on all the good things at work and I don't worry about facetime issues and workplace politics ticks. Ten years ago I would never be able to consciously by two round trip tickets the day before to celebrate Valentine's week in Hawaii now. I'm excited to go on more last last minute. Adventures because experiences are what matter. Most the reason why money does buy happiness is because once you have money you don't worry about money anymore. All the stress that comes comes with a lack of money melts away. You're not set your friends for shortchanging the pot during a group meal outing. You don't care if you get a flat tire and have to spend two hundred dollars to replace it. You're you're just not worried anymore and that feels fantastic money also allows you to buy fantastic memories. Most would agree that your happiest moments are spent with friends and loved ones if you have money to travel and be with those you care about is that not happiness production it absolutely is. What about all the fun times? You had taking salsa. Lessons is or playing tennis at the club. Not a cheap endeavor but so fun and made possible by money. I got a stupid hundred ten dollars parking ticket the other day as I was dropping my family off off of the Science Museum I was gone for just five minutes in the past. I would have been now. I think to myself whatever on November tenth twenty eighteen I had to take take my son to the Er because he was vomiting too some virus the ER visit cost one hundred dollars copay. I was glad to easily pay to get access to treatment. Another example of how all money reduces stress in an already stressful situation. Money does buy happiness when people start telling you that money can't buy happiness. Take a good hard look at their finances. They're likely telling you this because they don't have much money themselves. They haven't tasted the freedom money buys and if they so happen to be researched. PhD's as well you can forget about their advice right there. If they are super rich then you know they're just trying to blend in and not look selfish. Money can buy happiness because is money buys peace of mind and opportunities for great experiences. Don't be fooled by EGO consoling research and those who espouse. They're just trying to keep you from achieving your financial goals so they can feel better about themselves. Sir You just listened to the post titled only the poor or super-rich say money can't buy happiness by Sam of Financial Samurai Dot Com and thank you again to fund rise for their support you know. It's frequently mentioned in articles from our authors right here on optimal finance daily. Because it's a great tool so come by fundraise dot com slash. FD To have your first three months for free. Private private market. Real estate has historically provided excellent ongoing cash flow even as it supports long-term growth private market assets like these are a strategy for diversifying beyond on public market investments and even other kinds of real estate like publicly traded reits and fundraise is the future of real estate investing the platforms innovations power power and investor. I model by eliminating the bloated costs and middlemen that have traditionally way down real estate investing saving investors time and money unparalleled transparency. And real time. Reporting that you see how the development of specific properties impact your overall portfolio check it out visit fundraise dot com slash O. F. D. that's that's F. U. N. D. R. I S. E. DOT com slash t to have your first three months of fees waived and that's it for today here on optimal finance daily. Thank so much for listening. Of course we've got weekend posts for you coming up so over. The weekend is off to a great start. And I'll see you back here tomorrow. Where your optimal life awaits?

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Mommy Medicine With ER Nurse Shannon Tripp

Mommies Tell All

41:22 min | 2 months ago

Mommy Medicine With ER Nurse Shannon Tripp

"Hey, guys, it's Kelly, and this is jade welcome to Mommy's tell all. Talk. With former pediatric er nurse Shannon trip. She has online courses for MOMS to educate them about medicine and health, and I cannot wait to hear all the tips. She has Brad Hey Carli. How's life over in Nashville? Jade. A Mambi, a Milwaukee Mom. Zombie. Oh. No it's one of those weeks. It's like the weaker everything goes wrong and it's I'm so tired like I was ten minutes before we started podcast I was sitting there going can I do it? Can I do it today? So I poured myself another cup of coffee I think this is my third already and I'm just trying to get by I. Really. AM It was it's I won't judge you if you lay down on the ground and podcast today just to let you know. Go Silent. Better anything just believes ain't fleet. Okay. So this week has been crazy because Evans started feeling stick and so we made them go get. We I made him going. Attest and he went to one of those like you drive in Kobe units or whatever it's called. And so many quarantine. So we didn't Ziam they call them in like five days that those are also like the longest five days when you don't have any help, right? Oh. I was like freaking out. So, they call him and supposedly they call you. Then it's probably like a positive result. So he's like starts panicking and they said, hey, we just wanted you to know that someone forgot to write your birthday down on your Cova test. So you have to come back and Redo we can't test it. which how does that even make sense? I have no idea I think the caller at like one and he's like, okay at four o'clock. I'M GONNA go. To this hospital which is supposed to have like quakers old and but he he said like the test is so bad. He's like I'd rather have thousand shots put in my body then take that Cova test again he's like it's so I heard it touches your brain practically like yeah, he's. He's. A realtor so bad he's like and so he pulls in and I'm texting like how's it going and he pulls in the hospital and like had pulled out because he got so scared to take it again. And he's like I just pulled out of the hospital I'm like why he's like cousin like really freaking. Pullback in. So he goes takes it again and they said two to three days. It's Day. Four. We still have no result it's. been so exhausting and then on top of that, usually I can get help from my mom and dad, and then someone at their store started having symptoms went. GotTa. Cova test her tests came back in like a day and a half negative and. So and then she was feeling she just like went and took like a really long nap and woke up I, really think I just was like super tired or something. And she was totally fine. Her results came back negative and Evans still were still sitting around waiting for this. Dumb. Test to come back and he feeling fine now and it's been I think what? It's been nine days. So I'm just like so tired. So, what's the link that you're supposed to quarantaine? Anyway mean if he's done nine days, he could probably said that if you're showing mild symptoms. So he really he said he was super tired if he'd get up and walk around, he'd be like Oh my gosh. I'm GonNa Faint like I'm so tired he had mild congestion like an little bit of an itchy throat, but it wasn't like the usual symptoms of it being hard debris than lake he had sweats, but he didn't have a fever, but he was just like a better safe than sorry did he do i? Sense of taste or whatever I heard that's one of smell or yeah. Our sense of smell you can't taste anything isn't that one of the more like mild symptoms? No he he losses appetite you make food and it's not eaten. He is eating protein bars. Whatever but because I'm so tired, it's been like bad mom week he's like in the other room and I'm texting him Oh my God Bella just choked. We're eating dinner apologised choked. So I had to like hitter back choose fine but she was really scared and then I put her in the bathtub and then I see something on her leg and there was a tic on her I was just like Oh my God what. WHAT MAKES It's just been like so crazy of she stopped she she wouldn't sleep now she started this thing we're at night. She's just I think it's because she mrs Evans and she's like confused on why there but not there, and so she's just screaming my name I put her down at night and she's just Like she has the double insiders. So scary, it's the craziest sound. Oh my gosh. So the other day I just blew up an air mattress I put it extra bed I took the monitor and with me to her room I just slept on the air mattress for like an hour and then crawled out of her room because I was like you know what? I can't. I don't even know to do with my library now. I have not functioning properly. Yeah. That sounds terrible of sorry. It's just been so crazy but the good part was that Julia. Randomly was like hey I miss you and I wanna come into town could I come for two days unlike yeah and it happened to be like The two days that my mom and dad couldn't come over and help which was like right when she came and it was amazing. I. Mean she literally was here from like seven pm on Monday to six am on. Thursday And she was still working, but it was like so amazing just to have somebody there to talk to like I haven't talked to anybody in. So long. Yeah for real. Cold. This baby hold can you? Can you just talk for a minute because she really needs my attention and I can't give it to her because I'm just slowly wasting away. anti-us. Saying. It's Okay I. Mean. I'm just waiting and waiting for the tax it says. The result is negative like I'm just waiting for that tax. It just isn't coming well, can honestly I feel like he's quarantined long enough that like even beyond. All, you are probably fine. Now I don't know everything I feel like. Every little like county has a different policy on what's correct. So I don't even know. But what I think is funny is that they could tell like we think you're positive but you don't have your birthday on it. So we can't even run the test like how can use young and he was like, what are you talking about us like this doesn't make any sense. And also this is y'all's mistake when he went to the hospital they said so many people are coming in they're saying that the other people in made a mistake in couldn't do the time. Well, I, definitely understand act I worked in a hospital lab when I was a flip bottom assed and if we messed up on the paperwork, we'd have to redraw and then the. Nurses would be mad. The doctor's would be mad. The patient would be mad because they're getting pricked again. But like if you mess up on that staff, they have to have all of that just protocol. So I do get like why they couldn't use it was just invalid but it's still it's it's F. R. Fall and it sucks but for them to say like oxygen, it's not like a back of the mouth swab or like drying your blood it's like A Q tip touching. Reason Five, thousand twenty one why men can't have babies and shouldn't have babies. Because they can't even handle suave up their nose for any like I'm so tired I'm so tired currently I'm like, Oh, you're. Listening to you describe all of symptoms and Mike that sounds like my pregnancy. Get up everyday and do all the things in you do all the things because you have to do. Other things. Pardon me I was like, can you please show me? The. Receipt of aware you. Knew that this isn't just like you pretending to go take the test would really like a week break because a week breakdowns off and he's like they just don't have the results I don't know why. Pictures like every hour takes a picture of his computer where it says like like no results or something like or results not available yet or something and send it to me and I'm like Oh like fabricated. Who did you pay? Put Your name on that I don't WanNa down play because I know it's a serious thing but also at the same time I wanNA, make fun of it. I know I. Just WanNa Make Fun of him. Yes. Really. But I mean I do feel about you know like we facetime with them in his eyes or were like really bloodshot and he did he was very tired but I'm really tired to. What about? ME. But anyway, it's GonNa. Be Interesting today to. Talk to Shannon because she has all medical tips. Maybe she'll have some medical tips for Evan or even for the kids already being around that environment and you know lamb and going back to school so they are going to be. Around million people still like immunity boosting for children we have to ask about. Like I mean I know schools are setting up things to be as safe as possible, but just our children can be safe for in their. School environment also, she she teaches like things such as like what to do if your kids have the gear, babies had a head injury or maybe fell off the bed what you should look for when you should take them into the hospital and also she talks about other things like your child if they're choking which you just went through. So yeah, she and I'm kind of I was watching her videos and there was one that was like for baby and was for a child but Bellas like in the middle of don't like what do I do for like two year oh? Yeah. That's a good kind of back hit or do you do like the? Up Chuck thing whatever that's called not object. But what I liked thrust anymore the thorough us. Shall we get Horon yes. Let's let's take a quick break and let's hear from some of our sponsors. As, we've talked about so much on the show breastfeeding can come with so many different challenges and every moms breastfeeding journey is different. A lot of women experience a dip and supply for a wide variety of reasons I am one of them but up springs muck flow lactation coffee is the perfect. Pick me up for breastfeeding MOMS each serving of milk flow coffee delivers fenugreek and blessed vessel to known breast milk boosting herbs help support the hormones that naturally promote breast milk supply plus a kick. Caffeine. Caffeine that up spring, his mom funded an mom run and they have a mission to empower motherhood at your way. 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It's way harder than I expected like way harder than I expected I tell completely over hills in being a mother and then helping other mothers. So when I had my first baby that's when I graduated and I was a pediatric nurse and I knew that's what I wanted to do forever and ever because I just wanted to take care of babies facts when I was a little girl I I, remember like tiptoeing up until it, you know the nursery in the hospitals when used to be able to see the. tiptoeing up in Maryland being like mom who sat who set leading the chair rocking the baby that's what I WANNA do I grow up I know. So that's that's kind of where my journey started in I became a nurse and I knew I wanted to work with kids and then I found my home in the emergency department. So that's what I've done the last ten years and then alongside of that having four kids in that time as well. That's watch. I. I know some people are like I rose all yours I'm like I might not be done. You guys don't judge me good for you. That's still that's still heavy conversation brigades steadily coming up behind you like with them. The three and I was like this is my last and now I'm like. Maybe. No it's kind of hard to know like your like can I can I love it? Do I want one? It's just hard. It's hard to my body says, no, but my mind and my heart are like, ooh. Save Cana handle another one I want him. Oh, man. Meanwhile, I'm over here like no, no, no no. No. I just gave away all my maternity clothes. House. Anyway. You know all of us have like different gifts, different capacities Todo on, and that's what's so great like we all just get to do what feels best to us in and cheer each other on I. Think it's amazing Oh. Yeah. Hold on. Okay. So I have a question. So being pediatric nurse for so long what is the most important thing for? MOMS to know Medically or maybe the top couple things that. Kids came in and MOMS just did did it wrong or didn't know the answer? Like could you give us a few examples? Yeah totally. That's such. A great question because I think that's what brought me to this place is i. i. have been a pediatric nurse for years and years and years and I would see moms come in and be just Hannah CCT over something that I knew wasn't that big of a deal or the opposite they would come in and their baby would be in the car seat not breathing and blue really they're just acting different and I'm like, oh my gosh so He's touching style you how many times I've saw that like so many times and so as a mother is a nurse I'm just like Whoa like we are not moms because I was already a nurse when I became a mom. So I, it was just kind of like what I knew right? I was thinking all the time every day I'd go to work like MOMS just don't know and it's not their fault. We're just not ever trained to notably went over your when not to worry and nobody tells me and we're just learning as we go you know brain I'd totally and sometimes that's a beautiful thing. But at the same time sometimes we need to go. You know like we we have to be capable of helping our child when they need it, and so an example carly is when my son was about ten months old, he choked on a peppermint candy we were in a restaurant and you can put them in a car seat and we're saying to my friends and he started choking a little over Jack's joking Jack Choking so I go. Over there and he's completely blue. No Eric winner out like nothing and I immediately did what they know how to do and I you know got him out and I did the back lows and it just wasn't working wasn't working wasn't working and finally that ever make candy just like shot across the floor and he took his big breath and just laid on my shoulders and I like. To the ground in the middle restaurants. And aside from self like what if a mom wouldn't have known what to do in that moment? It was like. My purpose and like I, still get I still get chills thinking about it because I'm like I need to show moms what to do in situations like this and I need to help them know when to worry and when not to worry and how to care for their babies because we we deserve to enjoy motherhood and not not make up anxious every day and apart of that isn't avoiding these conversations. It's learning about him and it said becoming empowered and educated to know what to do to help your baby. So that's why I hear. That's why started my social media account just a couple of years ago I never would have imagined. It was where it is now and I just feel obviously super grateful and have so many examples of things that can help moms that I've seen in the ER. jade. You remember that time that. Bella choked when we were at dinner that one time and I flipped over and did back blows and she threw up all over the floor I will never forget that. WAS, so. Scary. It was very scary because. And you never forget those times on my Gosh Yeah and she threw she threw up twice. I felt so bad. I was like, oh my gosh. These people have to clean up my kids throw up but it worked. I do choking question because. Bella, choked on something else the other day. She's only choke those two times in. This is like last week. So I know you have a video that shows what to do an infant jokes and you have one that shows what to do when a child chokes. What was I supposed to do for a two year old and was I supposed to do back blows or was I supposed to do the child version with the thrusts of the hamlet timely? Okay. Yep. So you have you have. So you have back blows and then you have abdominal thrusts and the gold standard that they teach in medicine is that year old year to switch from back backload who the abdominal thrust however. There is some grey area working in that field of how small the child is, and if they can easily be picked up and thrown over your legs, you can do back blows than start with that, and that was kind of like what I say and if they are a little bit too big and you're like, how do I throw them up the Nash? Just kind of you're right just follow your What's the easiest position to get them in to try to get that error to move Gotcha I threw over my leg like I did last time in it it worked but in the so scared obviously, we both were I was like I don't know if that I did that. Watch your video like Oh man like a word. That's Kato and that's why I like to say like whatever you feel whatever you feel like doing. Probably what you should do, there is a gold standard we have to. Learn from, but always follow that Mama got because it's usually right. What was the most common thing that people came in with that? You dealt with with children Oh, man honestly probably head injuries so many head injury. Okay. Yeah. No I feel like head injuries is one of the scarier things as a mom because you know if they fall backwards and they hit their head really hard on the ground and you don't know what to really look for or like. To put your child back down for their NAP or if it was like right before bedtime and it's just one of the scarier things. So I can imagine that would be a very common one for moms come in on because we literally don't WanNa mistake it for nothing when it is something. Yeah that yeah, that's a really good point and it's inevitably going to happen right because are growing dumping in they're falling head injuries. Yeah it's Kinda like that's not really discussion of whether or not it's going to happen. It's when it's going to happen and what we need to watch for. The good news for moms and again like things like this is it's pretty straightforward. Most of the time do you need to wear your do you not and it's pretty straightforward if you know what you're watching for and so that's another. Yeah. That's a fantastic example of like we're not toughest but really you don't have to be a nurse to know this stuff. What would be the things to watch for vomiting or Like yeah. So so there's there's three really big ones to watch for I think starting starting off your brains to kind of taken. Into Consideration Age, and then the mechanism like how high day fell from what they hit, how hard the floor was, and then their response. So how young they were because anybody younger than two is at most risk. So if you have a brand new baby that fell off the onto carpet, you're actually going to be more worried than a five year old who fell off the counter onto the floor is that make sense? Yes. So yes. So you so age is a really big one and then mechanism and then their response. So how they respond right after if the immediately get knocked out if they pass out in their unresponsive fascist, a huge red flag to. Know. That something is wrong and you obviously need to combine winner. Have them seen if they don't though and they cry right away just know immediately okay. They're crying right away like good sign you know and then just love them and just talked to them normal step back and pretend like say to yourself if I didn't know that they hit their head would I be worried about them? That's best advice that I can tell a mom is like step back and pretend they didn't hit their head if they're acting normal than great, you don't need to worry about that but if they're confused or if they like or not responding to you. Okay. Then those are some big red flags persistent. Is. A huge one. Sometimes, babies are kids will vomit once. Or twice. But if they have continued vomiting, that's another big red flag to take them to be seen like thinking. Oh my gosh that happened I would be like super panicked. But try to be called anything really panicking kyle you're going to be so smart it pretty soon and then you're not. To go all the beings. Okay guys. Let's take a break really quick and hear from one of our sponsors. Thirty million women are impacted by weakened or thinning hair. If you're among them, you know you're not alone and other solution you can trust to deliver results. Thousands of women have taken back control of their hair with neutral with many users raving that the supplement not only transformed their hair but restore their confidence to neutral offers to targeted formula for women that are. Clinically. Shown to improve hair growth and thickness with less shedding through all stages of life. No matter. Your stage in life neutral has a solution. 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I have become really passionate about natural and Holistic Karen my home. So I kind of find this balance between the two of them and I love to do everything I can to keep my babies home to help other moms keep their babies home and not have. To go in and see the doctor or to the hospital if they can and so the biggest thing that I think mom sometimes miss is how much power they have in their child's immune system like kids are built strong and we can help them by what we feed them and sometimes it's hard. It's like when my kids don't like this, they don't like this and. That's okay. Kids are still learning and growing, and you have opportunities to keep introducing different foods and things like that. But food is the biggest one. So we don't have to get too much into it but like right now if we can cut out a little bit processed sugar and a little bit more, you know, I mean not saying we dairy are bad but just. Like were whole foods for them that is like their biggest defense and then adding in any supplements that you feel like adding in. But I think that that we have a lot more control over their immune systems than we believe in starts with what we feed them I started giving Bella like a probiotic and a vitamin and some magnesium because she's always constipated Ya know. We're we actually just cut gluten from her diet because I'm gluten free and? That that might start healing her system in the next. Little while I feel like she feel I don't know I personally feel like she. is so much healthier just even adding in supplements and stuff. Yeah. Totally and I talk about supplements and my favorites on my page all the time because I feel very passionate about kids sometimes don't get everything you need. So at adding Joe, Supplement sometimes sure helps a ton and now in this pandemic, we're learning so much more about zinc and vitamin C. and all of these things that are helping actually like treat the corona virus and we're like or do that in our house right now. So things are pretty cool. That's awesome. So you're you have a course first off like where can people find your course in your website and can you tell us a little bit about it? Sure. So my instagram handle I liked to tell everyone moms who just want to learn. I have so many highlights for free to just go and look through and flip through about. Near tonight and fevers and whatever you want him discipline in TV. I have something to hopefully help a lot among, and so that's it Shan as H. A. N. Trip, T R I P P, and then if you want to look into my medical course, I created just for MOMS and parents to know those things that we're not taught when we bring home a newborn baby and that again. SHAN TRIP DOT COM and it'll run you through all the things that are in there and definitely most definitely trip to the doctor in hopefully even some children's lives in the future it's been a really big blessing for me and a lot of MOMS. That's amazing and that's still a main think. It just helps us moms like you were saying able to enjoy mother heard a little bit and not have all the anxieties and worries about all the little things that may be happening or not happening some moms I'm not like we can be a little bit like helicopter MOMS. Especially when it comes to the safety of our children. So being educated and informed and just knowing what to do certain situations is definitely I feel like the best. Advice but like the best. Way. To. Handle those situations. So we aren't panicked and that we can be like tunnel visioned and be able to help our children. Definitely I think that like in the beginning of motherhood. Your kid would get a fever and you're like, oh my gosh, they have a fever and you just immediately you're like they have a fever they have a fever and menu learn are scary they yes they can't. They can't use carriers began. Fevers are not a bad thing. Fevers are actually like incredible. That's a that's your child saying my body knows what it's doing a mom. You know like this is this is doing what it needs to do. Don't worry. You don't have to even worry tell like day three or five or unless I do this and there's just little things to worry or to think about when little things happen to your kids and you don't have to immediately like. You know they're just. Ways to educate yourself so that you can enjoy it and feel a little bit less anxiety and more I. Remember Make Educated Decision I. Remember the scariest moment with Emerson when she was. I WANNA three weeks old. She had toward a call us out of nowhere it just like popped up and so she had what looked like a tumor on her neck and I was nursing her one night and I looked over and it was just there and I was like Oh, my God tanner like. This is this wasn't there today and why is there this big giant lump on her neck and we were so panicked as new parents and we took her to the Er took forever for them to do the ultrasound on her nagging breast get our results. We were there for like eight hours. And we literally I thought my child is dying you know like all these things but ended up just being toward a call us. But that panic feeling is like no other when you go when you experience something for the very first time as a new parent totally it's so true and it happens to all of us and so just I mean, that's what's so great about. Having the gift of intuition you know as a mom because we just aren't. We don't know a lot of things and sometimes that intuition leads you to being and getting them in sooner than later and that's okay. That's definitely like something that I think is just a true gift for for when being among the I don't get any book that tells us how to do it. I'm definitely more of the MOM that doesn't take their kid to the doctor. Your have your babies in your closet. I'm more of like, let's wait and see like you're probably fine. Let me look it. You know that person. I'm not. If you have a cold, you have a cold. We're fine. You'll get through it just we'll just hydrate you. I'm a little bit more relaxed honestly but that toward a call is moment was like it was settled down scary. Oh my gosh I just didn't know. Yeah. We also what can tired moms do to help themselves with their immunity while they're taking care of their children? Oh, my Gosh, such a good question. So sleep. Oh No. No it isn't that. If we have to scratch that one out that really is you know that's so so interesting you ask that because that really is like when you look into whether it's medicine or whether it's holistic care like sleep is a huge one that helps our immune system in. So doing what you can to sleep now, we don't get as much sleep as a lot of other people do in the world but doing what you can to sleep does help and again going back to food like what you're eating in feeding your body and drinking lots of water and taking those. I'm just GONNA. Put a plug in on zinc right now taking extra zinc it's amazing for immune systems and. Zinc linked I mean we're just we really are treating covid patients with Zeke. So right now, if we can just implement that into our homes that helps a lot but the the big ones are food and sleep and stress level just trying to keep your style. Dear. Just, driving mccue our our stress level down a little bit and and you know all those things play into our immune system and I think that sometimes we forget that his mom. So whatever we can do to manage those those systems definitely will help well, I'll try. We probably should be drinking water. This Extra Thousand Cup of coffee today but whenever was a new day whenever I last guests? We had on talked about meditation. So maybe Carley, you could add a little bit of that back in. Definitely thought about that. Time that I have to Oh yes. Because we have all the time in the world to do things. Well. One of the last questions I have it's can you? Lead us some of your like your best tips for caring for your child like maybe your top couple like. Go to do maybe new MOMS. Do you mean as far as keeping them safe and out of the Er or just caring for them? Maybe both. You guys wanted I have a I have a list and I've made and I actually worked with my colleagues on this of ten beings you should try to never do as a mom to keep your kids safe like the most devastating thing that I have learned as any Arner nurse. Yeah. Can you give some of those I can give you some I could also, if you guys have like an email, I could just send you a free pedia for your pizza to download. That would be a malady. Awesome. Okay. Yeah. I mean a couple of them are definitely when we come To. Head injuries like put a helmet on your kids I. Know It's hard in it's inconvenient. Put a helmet on your kids lock your second story windows kids fall out of windows all the time put them in carseats. You know clean your house up so that they don't have choking hazards all over know what to do if your kid. If you're. Watch them in the water I mean even blinds like there's some random things in this list and you're gonNA be like why she put that in there and that's because that is some of the most tragic things that have happened over and over and over again like people kids getting strangled in blinds. But like Blanco like the courts. I have to put those up now because Bella thinks they're so funny and she tries to put him around her neck. Yeah it happens. So now up every time Yup, see carlier already doing it see now you don't even have to be anxious about it because you're already losing. My dog also got trapped in one of those one day. Things are. Really are bad and people don't really realize that but it happens a lot and it's it's enough to pay enough to put it in the top ten. Yeah. That's crazy. Wow. My head just like thinking about all those things now are all my windows upstairs locked GonNa go check right now I don't think minar. Now for sure although our windows are so heavy bill is definitely not strong up in Charlie death isn't strong. Yes I mean just making sure that like the windows aren't open with a screen and your kids are playing upstairs without you know but like that's the whole idea if anybody feels anxious if you guys are feeling anxious about all of these things that can happen to our kids I as moms what we just like. Most, kids grow up healthy and strong. That's usually what happens. Yes. Sometimes bad things happen. It doesn't happen all of the time, but we can do things as moms to help prevent bad things from happening, and then we can also learn his mom so that when bad things do happen we know how to help. So it's not it's not this. It doesn't have to make you feel you doesn't have to be a heavyweight on your shoulders. It really doesn't. There's so many things that we can do to help empower us to just know that we're doing the very best ob for our babies. Can I like that you use the word power because I feel like there are so many things that are obviously out of our control in the world no matter what and sometimes that is just freak accidents. But if we have the tools that we can feel a little bit more prepared and it does make us feel. empowered. As mother's that we're doing the best we can. Exactly right. We all just doing the very best we can. All we can do. Thank you so much Shannon for joining us and one last time. Where can people find you? Sure. So at Shan Trip S. H. A. N. T. R. I p. p. on Instagram and then that's my website is well. Shan. TRIP DOT com. Awesome thank you so much. Shannon guys. It was so good to talk to you. Thank you so much. Band. Not, I wasn't prepared for how many things I know that sounds so dumb because now I'm prepared for them but now I'm like, oh my gosh, there's so many bad things that can happen to your. Yeah I I. Mean. It is very easy to go down that rabbit hole especially when she started talking about like those top ten things and I was like, oh my gosh, like what if that did happen? You know I just think about how devastating a freak accident is but that's why they're freak accident. They don't happen very often. But if we do stuff like educate ourselves like she said that we are more prepared for those situations rate. Or can easily. Prevent them from happening in the first place, which I think is so important because especially as first moms like first time moms when we're on the steep learning curve and we're learning as we go, there are some things that just like fly by us that we would never even think of so to have somebody who's MC made a course or has like a top ten. List just so helpful because it's it's getting the assistance that we you know things we would have never thought of totally, but she didn't you don't have to panic as much. Yeah. We all like she said, we all deserved dislike. Try to enjoy motherhood a little bit more and especially when we care so much about our babies and their safety, it's so hard not to worry Oh. Yeah. Especially nowadays where there's just no. You know we don't have our normal routines and. Things are just changing by the second. We don't know what's the future is so. That's so scary. She is so sweet though she was so nice and kind, and I commend her for being a pediatric Er nurse because. The things that she's probably seen as a mother you know like you don't WanNa see each and all. It's just amazing that she helped so many children and. I have to be so strong to be able to do that because. Yeah I mean, there's nothing sadder than like a sick and then going home and like compartmentalizing your work live from your home life and but. The Lot. Yeah. So I truly commend her she now works. She's now I think she just does. Her course full-time. She lives in Hawaii with children and her spouse, and they just kind of I. Think they home school and is kind of live. A lifestyle that I would envy. My Gosh. I now but everybody really seriously also go check out her instagram cars tons of so many chips as well. Honor this morning and there's tons of stuff. There's even stuff about like, yeah, teething and. Yeah. Like discipline all sorts of things that we didn't really delve into on here as well. So helpful and will be yeah we'll be putting the top ten pdf down below in this show notes. So you can just grab that anytime you want to as well. Yeah. Also up in our facebook group too I feel like all of our listeners who are in the facebook group can find it in there but and if you guys aren't in our facebook group, come join us we would love to have you. Yes a lot of fun. It's it's kind of taken on a life of its own where it's this. Mommy group and everyone help each other and they're super supportive and it's a really fun really fun space to be. So if you guys want to check that out as well. Well, thank you guys so much for listening we seriously. We Love You I. Mean we couldn't do this without you, and if you can please go read our podcast five stars and. He this a nice little comment because it really helps other moms find us and Also. Appreciate. It makes our day. Makes her. Thanks. Thank you guys. We'll talk to you next week. Bye Bye.

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GSMC Health& Wellness Podcast Episode 284: Hangovers

GSMC Health and Wellness Podcast

1:07:23 hr | 6 months ago

GSMC Health& Wellness Podcast Episode 284: Hangovers

"And you want to be healthier. You just don't know what to do all these shows telling you this and that but nothing seems to work will listen close. Golden state media concept has got something great for you the health and wellness podcast dedicated to work. Trent healthy eating habits die and everything about healthy. Living join us in our banters as we help you not just live life to the fullest. Live it to the healthiest Tuning to GSM see health and wellness podcast brought to you by the GMC podcast network. I'm your host Alex. Today we're going to talk about hangovers. So hangovers are something that play. Lots of folks who ingest alcohol. So we're GONNA talk a little bit about it today. What a hangover is what it does to our brains and how to prevent them so I up. What is a hangover? So hangovers actually tend to vary from person to person but typically when we think of hangover symptoms you think about a headache nausea tiredness and hydration dehydration is in fact one of the primary causes of the hangover symptoms so when you have a hangover it can leave you feeling really irreparable. You may be sensitive to lights in my. I have problems concentrating as well. So that is not great if you were not able to spend the rest of your day in bed. It's not great either way but it is particularly problematic if you don't get to grind asleep. It often recuperate. The main cause behind your hang over is ethanol that alcohol. That's in your drinks and it's really a toxic chemical to our bodies and works like a Diuretic so it makes you pee a lot more and that can also lead to you becoming dehydrated. So how do we prevent hangovers? Well to prevent them. Keep Track of what you're drinking and try to stay within the low risk drinking guidelines. You can find those online but to summarize it's by making sure you're not regularly drinking more than fourteen units of alcohol per week. Everyone's threshold for becoming drunk is going to be different. As is their susceptibility to hangovers. So if you do choose to drink those fourteen units of alcohol per week or so. It can really help to spread the drinking out over the week. There's also an APP called drink aware that you can use to keep track of how much you're drinking and if you're trying to cut down it also offer support for that too but it's always just a good idea to keep track of how much you're drinking. You also want to avoid drinking on an empty stomach. Because that is going to increase the likelihood that you're going to have hangover symptoms. Food can help. Slow down the rate of your body absorbing alcohol and can be really helpful in that way buying rounds can make it a little bit harder to control and keep track of how much you drink so they recommend against that you also WanNa drink of course plenty of water or juice between alcoholic drinks to avoid dehydration. But if you're going to be drinking juice you do want to make sure that it is not full of added sugars as well. That can be problematic. So water is really your best. Bet It takes your body about one hour to process each unit of alcohol that you drink so like a beer or a shot or some wine and then you need to consider stopping drinking well before the end of the evening so that process of working its way through your body can really begin before you go to bed and that can also help reduce the chances that you will experience a hangover the next day also drink plenty of water before going to bed and keep some more buyer bed if you've already gotten to this point and you're like great. I was hoping this would help me cure a hangover. We are going to talk about cures for hangovers. As well a little bit later I I really WanNa talk about how they affect the brain so most researchers in regards to studying alcohol. Intoxication generally agree. That hangovers are caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. But they don't necessarily all agree as to which imbalance is directly related to the hangover symptoms. Some think that it's due to a build up of Acetone to hide which is a byproduct from when your body is processing ethanol and it can be ten to thirty times more toxic than just the alcohol itself. Some others think that there may be a link between the conversion of the enzyme in a d plus two N. A. D. H. That's something that happens during alcohol processing. And it can interfere with the cells in your body's other metabolic duties and can also increase hangover symptoms. So both of those theories are held by some but they also have critics so the current research really seems to support the idea that hangovers and the immune system are linked in a caller response fashion and specifically that means there's a link in the production of cytokines so cytokines. These molecules are some of the central Nervous Systems Natural Messengers and they're usually produced to help ward off infections or is an inflammatory response for your immune system so decided kinds produce many of the same symptoms of a hangover and that includes cognitive and physical impairments so research really looks like it's indicating the mayor's an increased level inside a kinds in folks who have a hangover and that was from an article in the Journal of Alcohol. You may have heard folks say in the past that dry mouth thirst. All those hangover symptoms may be the results of dehydration or low blood sugar and some of the symptoms may be related to dehydration but some recent research indicates that dehydration might not have as much to do with the severity of your hangover symptoms so in a recent publication in current drug reviews the researchers found no correlation between an increase invasive precedent and hangover sometimes. So this is really interesting. Because that is a marker for dehydration. So you're able to actually measure it. They've also done research into checking folks. Electrolytes fatty acids and blood glucose levels to see if there was any relationship with those in regards to the severity of a hangover. So other folks also think that drinking liquor before beer will reduce the likelihood of you getting a hangover but that largely unlikely. There hasn't really been researched. It has supported that at this point with certain alcohols like vodka might give you less of a hangover than alcohol that are darker and that is due to the amount of something in the alcohol called congenial. There's which are substances produced during the process of fermentation or the distillation process so during the process of making alcohol. You convert the sugars into alcohol by using different strains of yeast and the yeast converts Amino Acids that are already present in the sugars into being ethyl. Alcohol A. K. Ethanol but ethanol isn't the only thing that is made in the process of fermentation or distillation. Convenors are there too so the amount of congenial that are produced can depend on a host of variables including the original sugar used or carbohydrate used as well as the sources used to make the alcohol like cereal grains or grapes and so on and so forth researchers think that congenial can also give beverages a certain taste and flavor so some manufacturers test for how many engineers are in their products to try to help it have a consistent flavor profile so now we know essentially what containers are but what precisely are they. Well there are a ton of possibilities but some examples are acids alcohols like ice. Oh bugling alcohol that one tends to smell sweet or aldehydes like acid aldehydes and that one has a fruity smell and use in bourbons and rum's in their distillation process and you may also have esters and key tones. In general the more distilled a spirit is the lower the quantity of congenial hours. And that is why when you go and drink alcohol and you ask for top shelf liquor because you feel that it is less likely to give you a headache or a hangover. You may very well be right again. Everyone is different but in general if it is more distilled than it is going to have fewer containers and be less likely to give you a hangover all right. We're going to go on a quick break and when we come back we're going to talk about how hangovers affect brain performance. You really can't underestimate the importance of having the right creative work for your brand or product whether it's a logo a website a book comer or an ad campaign you really need quality designed to make that big difference pop and deliver your overall engagement and success in a competitive market. That's where design crowd comes in design. Crowd has over seven hundred fifty thousand designers from Sydney to San Francisco. Ready to help with awesome creative ideas. They make crowdsourcing work for you. So if you need a logo or you're working on your creative branding. You can go to design crowd dot Com and posted wreath describing the design. You and then. Within about two seven days you'll receive up to over a hundred different designs from designers around the world. Then you pick the best design and approve payment to the designer. So you're only paying for the design that you want it takes a lot of the guesswork out of freelancing and out of crowd sourcing and you don't have to be a huge company like Harvard business school to use design crowd although they have as well you can start a project on design crowd for as little as ninety nine dollars and you can go right now to design crowd dot com forward slash health and wellness for enter the Promo Code Health and wellness on their website. Then our health and wellness listeners will receive one hundred fifty dollars off of your design project. That's design crowd dot com forward slash health and wellness. We're entering that Promo Code Health and wellness. Are you looking to learn more about the latest trends from the fitness world? Are you confused by all the different trends that are out there the GS MC fitness? Podcast is the place for you. The MC fitness podcast is the place to come for people of all skill and interest levels. Join us as we explore the latest trends in the fitness world. Does that new exercise really work. Should I try yoga? Whatever your question. Chances are good. You'll find an answer on the MC fitness podcast Come back for the break. We were introducing the concept of hangovers and explaining what they think causes them right now. So now we're going to talk about how hangovers can affect our brain performance. So some new studies have indicated that hangovers can affect your brains performance. Long after the alcohol has left your bloodstream so they did a new study at the University of bath in the UK and found that hangovers can have serious consequences. When you're trying to perform everyday activities like driving or doing things in the workplace like concentrating or remembering something. These everyday tasks may seem really simple most of the time but if you have a hangover can really mess up your day. So to investigate. How hangovers really impact your cognitive functioning. The authors did a Meta analysis of seven hundred and seventy published papers. I cannot even imagine how long it took them to finish reading. All of these papers gathering all this data so to qualify hangover suffers for the study. You know in order to pick them out and go. These are definitely people who fall under the purview of our study they defined it as folks who had consumed alcohol the night before and had blood alcohol concentrations of less than zero point zero two percent and that indicates that their body has process most alcohol so that was their cutoff. If it was an article they were looking at in which the folks had more than zero point zero two percent out blood alcohol concentration than they did not include those in the study so imagine how many publish papers they looked at in which that was over there limit and then they had to discard those as well researchers refugees so they found in the study that hangovers impaired psychomotor speed short and long term memory as well as sustained attention and that impaired performance reflects poor concentration and focus decreased memory and reduced reaction times for the day after an evening of heavy drinking so the authors also say that for high stakes technical jobs so things that involve heavy machinery or driving long distances and so on they wouldn't like to have some more research conducted as to how hangovers impact those types of jobs and they're on the job performance so studies have found that there may be benefits to moderate alcohol consumption and a new study published in the Journal. Lancet the same one that we mentioned previously in our insides episode The Lancet Journal and this study for alcohol. Consumption found that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption so there are competing studies at this point. They're getting conflicting results. But that's Okay. That's why we do more. Meta analysis studies to look for patterns and check through those variables to see if there's another variable that could account for it. So previous studies have found a protective effect of alcohol in some conditions but the recent article in the Lancet found that the combined health risks that are associated with alcohol increases with any amount of alcohol so their T. L. Dr Study is that they believe. The risks of consuming alcohol vastly outweigh any perceived benefits. Do with this information what you will so now. I WanNa talk more about your brain as it relates to alcohol. Let specifically discuss how it's related to binge drinking so one night of drinking often leads to more than just a hangover. Researchers found that brain damage is present within just twenty four hours of heavy drinking and they are seeing that indicated by the presence of a particular protein and a lot of studies are suggesting that even short term binge drinking can have long term effects so a hangover is often viewed as being a type of brain injury. And I don't mean that like a traumatic brain injury like a blow to the head or something like that but it's an injury to your brain. It is very similar in symptoms to mild concussion nausea headache memory loss difficulty concentrating or be able to withstand loud noise depression and even anxiety sometimes so repeated hangovers can do the same to a young person's brain that repeated concussions do so bench drinking is loosely defined as being four or more drinks at one time for women and five or more for men. Those are the numbers for adult men and women so teenagers brains are even more susceptible to damage and of course they should not be drinking because it is against the law but in addition it can be very damaging to their brains. They're more vulnerable because of their brains are still developing. So how exactly does that happen while when you have a hangover these cells in your brain called micro Leah are activated by alcohol and they can cause inflammation and release those pro inflammatory cytokines? So this can also overall result in brain inflammation so drinking too much can cause our microbiomes the microorganisms that are in our body to send inflammatory compounds to our brains and that can also increase microbial activation. You also get a dopamine surge so they think that one reason why you feel nauseous when you're hung over might be because there's a relationship with dopamine one of those neurotransmitters we've discussed before dopamine is really important for making you feel good but it can also be a vomit trigger. It's actually really fascinating alcohol releases dopamine and therefore you're feeling good but also you may be more likely to get vomiting with your hangover symptoms as well so in that regard. Scientists have found medications that increase dopamine also frequently associated with nausea and vomiting side effects also medications that block dopamine have been found to help reduce nausea. It's kind of weird in a way that something that can make you feel so nice. We'll also make you throw up but That's alcohol for you and that is also dopamine. There is too much of a good thing. You guys over stimulation is also a theory. That is trending right now with the hangover and alcohol. Research Community and that theory is that are neurotransmitters may get thrown off balance. Alcohol is technically considered to be a depressant it depresses the brain. And so our brains sometimes overcompensate and get over stimulated once the alcohol has been metabolize winter. It's been processed through your body. So this over-stimulation might be the result of the neurotransmitters Gaba and glutamate. Glutamate is thought to be the most sensitive to this effect and it causes the most overreaction with your brain Gabba on the other hand help keep your brain actively regulated but after drinking gabba is decreased in amount and sensitivity within your body. And that can lead to your brain being overactive so that over-stimulation is what they think is causing the light and sound sensitivity specifically during a hangover. Where you're GonNa go a quick break and when we come back we're going to talk about why hangovers get worse as we age stay tuned. You really can't underestimate the importance of having the right creative work for your brand your product whether it's a logo a website a book cover or an ad campaign you really need a quality designed to make that big difference pop and deliver your overall engagement and success in a competitive market. That's where design crowd comes. End Design crowd has over seven hundred and fifty thousand designers from Sydney to San Francisco. Ready to help you with awesome creative ideas they make crowdsourcing work frio so if you need a logo or you're working on your creative branding. You can go to design crowd dot com and post the brief describing designing and then within about two seven days. You'll receive up to over a hundred different designs from designers around the world. Then you pick the best design and approve payment to the designer. So you're only paying for the design that you want it takes a lot of the guesswork out of freelancing out of crowd sourcing and you don't have to be a huge company like Harvard business school to use design crowd although they have used it as well you can start a project on design crowd for as little as ninety nine dollars and go right now to design crowd dot com forward slash health and wellness or enter the Promo Code Health and wellness on their website and our health and wellness listeners will receive up to one hundred fifty dollars off of your design project. That's designed crowd dot com forward slash health and wellness. We're entering that Promo Code Health and wellness. Tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts. Listen close and here this out. See there's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searched. The golden state media concepts podcast network is here. Nothing LESS THAN OUR PODCAST. Bliss with endless hours of podcast. Harvard from news sports music fashion looking entertainment fantasy football and so much more so stop flirted around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed to build. That podcast is whatever it may be visit. Www DOT GS MC podcast dot COM. Follow us on facebook and twitter and download on itunes soundcloud and Google play Impact the Brighton. Now we are going to talk about. Why hangovers tend to get worse as we age. So in the scientific community hangovers aren't studied as much as a lot of other issues. And that makes sense when there are more debilitating diseases out there. And most of the time I hangover is going to go away after you have done your hangover cure method whether that be coconut water or eating pizza or whatever it is that you personally do as you are rehydrating. The next day but hangovers can also caused drowsiness. Dizziness and grass row intestinal issues will after the alcohol has been metabolized so scientists are still not entirely sure why certain side effects happen and there's not a large body of research that's growing on it so numerous scientific papers talk about the acute effects of alcohol. Consumption like drunkenness and blood alcohol level and how much it is that is making people pass out or resulting in Vertigo and dizziness. And stuff like that. But that's on the actual inebriation phase whereas the hangover is occurring. Well after that so hangovers are largely neglected overall. An interesting fact though. Is that as we get older? Hangovers tend to get worse. And I've heard a lot of friends over the years. Talk about that where they say. They can't bounce back from drinking wine or whatever. Their beverage of choice is like they did in their early twenties and it turns out. That's true and you can blame that on. A liberal enzyme called D. Hydrogen as it is responsible for jump. Starting the process of breaking down alcohol into that compound called ASA towel too high that we discussed earlier and there is the tall to hide will turn into acetate before it is expelled from the body as carbon dioxide and water. So it's this chemical process of breaking down alcohol that is performed by Dehydrogenation your liver that slows down as we get older because we have fewer enzymes to absorb that Asadollah Hide and turn it into Acetate so they are just kind of bouncing around inside of our livers for Awhile as asa tile to hide and just truly wreaking havoc one study has found that mice tended to be more sensitive to ethanol induced liver damage as they aged as well due to a decrease in those protective enzymes. The impact of alcohol in your body in general gets more pronounced as people get older. The body's just not as resilient as it used to be and it takes a little bit longer to bounce back from hangovers so beyond hangovers. There's also an increased risk of carcinogenic effects with alcohol consumption and that includes a risk of cancer of the Mouth Larynx Fairbanks Esophagus and breast cancer in women. Now it did specifically say in women for that one component but. I'm not sure if the person who was interviewed was saying is strictly happening in women or it has only been studied in women so I'm not actually sure if men are also impacted and just not studied on top of that so now we know alcohol can also be carcinogenic but as we get older. It's riskier to drink alcohol. Not just because of the carcinogens but also because you're more likely to have to take certain medications as you age. A lot of US tend to use more medication as we age and alcohol can interact with a ton of different medications to have various effects so sometimes alcohol can reduce the effectiveness of medication. To do its job. In other cases it's going to exponentially increase the effect of the medication or of the alcohol. So you may feel drowsy with your alcohol. You may feel drowsy with your medication. That's perhaps meant to promote drowsiness. Or has it as a side effect but it can combine together for a market increase. In How drowsy you actually feel. It can also make falls and other types of accidents more likely. I think that there are also sociocultural issues for it as well though so if you are going out and working a lot and you're getting older and really investing in your career you may not be going out to. The bar is much anymore. You may not be as much as you used to when you're younger so because your body doesn't get used to having as much then it's harder for it to handle the hangover and that can be due to anything in your life. Perhaps you've been drinking less because you're trying to deal with a job or your kids or graduate school or tax season and everything else that is just piling on to you as you have all of these adult responsibilities and routines that you really settled into so you just aren't coming up against alcohol as frequently. Perhaps you did when you were younger and now your body is like Whoa. What's this so part of? It is just related to your tolerance at that point too and they think there's another reason why your hangovers. Maybe worse and this one is on perhaps the individual level and that is that a lot of folks try to cure them in strange ways so a recent study found that folks trying the hair of the dog method. I'm sorry I'll but they say that that one is a pure myth. They've not found any scientific evidence that having an alcoholic drink will cure a hangover. They think that events it may just postponed one in a recent article from Wake Forest Baptist Health. Some researchers said that taking a drink the morning after contemporary make you feel better and it's because you putting alcohol back into the system but it doesn't cure your hangover. It just kind of masks the symptoms and tricks you into thinking that you're not going to get any type of headache but these doctors say that you're going to still get a hangover eventually. You're just kind of pushing it off and they say that rest hydration and some insides can help but they won't make the hangover go away. The only thing that's going to be able to do that is just time. And that's because the liver detoxify alcohol in your body at about a rate of wondering per hour and they don't know of anything in science at this point that can speed up that process not drinking coffee. You're taking a shower or anything else. Like that is going to really impact your liver functioning and the timing of your liver processing everything so the good news is you can stop trying to drink raw eggs to cure your hangover all right. We're going to go on a quick break and when we come back we're going to talk about alcohol and Migraines stay tuned the GMC live in happiness. Podcast TAKES YOU ON. A Journey of exploration. We'LL DISCUSS TRIED. And true methods alongside the latest trends of how to live your life to its unhappiest from psychology to meditation science to self help books the Genus. Mc lagged unhappiness podcast. We'll help you to discover what makes you happy and how you can live like being the best possible download the GMC life and happiness. Podcast on Itunes Stitcher soundcloud. Google play or anywhere you bind. Podcast just tie. Gmc in the search bar about why hangovers. Get worse as we age and now we're going to talk about alcohol and Migraines so we normally think of hangovers as being headaches but we also can get alcohol related migraines and they're two different things. Alcohol can also be a migraine trigger but generally they think that it's risk is overstated. According to the American migraine foundation alcohol in general can give you two types of headaches and migraine patients. One is an attack within a few hours and the other one isn't delayed hangover headache. Migraine patients tend to drink less alcohol than most of the population and some population based studies in multiple countries around the world including the US. The Netherlands Japan have found that fewer migraine sufferers consume alcohol. The folks who don't have these headaches and moreover the more alcohol consumed the less likely. The drinker reported migraine and non migraine headaches. So they think that that might be explained. By the fact that migraine sufferers. Give up alcohol since. It's a trigger for their headache attacks and it's not in the other direction. However an Italian study says that a very small percentage of non alcohol consuming females who have migraines have reported that alcohol was a trigger for their migraines so since it's such a small percentage the Italian researchers found that that couldn't explain the large difference in alcohol consumption between Migraines and the General Public. So let's talk about what specifically is causing the headache in alcohol. So red wine is considered by a lot of folks to be the most likely alcoholic drink to trigger a headache in nineteen eighty. Some researchers found that three hundred milliliters or ten ounces of red wine could cause a headache in folks who were drinking red wine and had migraines but they found that vodka with that same alcohol content amount did not trigger migraines so people who are not sensitive to wine and non headache controls did not have headaches triggered so that study suggested that red wine contains something in it that causes migraines and they think that it's not alcohol since the same amount of alcohol was given and that didn't cause the problem so some studies in France and Italy. Think that white wine is the major problem but there are also reports from all over the world that includes spirits sparkling wine and beer. Triggering a headache so it doesn't have to be wine. And even if it is wine it doesn't have to be ingested in huge quantities to produce a headache so folks who experience migraines and are sensitive to wine the time between drinking red wine and developing a headache for them varied between thirty minutes to three hours and at most one or two glasses had to be ingested prior to developing the headache. So they're still trying to figure out precisely what is causing it. Is that the alcohol or is it another component in the drink? And they're having trouble in answering this question because there's a lot of different factors that can go into provoking a Migraine and that can be certain blood alcohol levels or brain alcohol levels degree of brain sensitivity and the presence of other triggers. So this combination can really tell us that there are multiple pathways for headaches to become active. And sometimes you may have multiple causes that are all coming together and really just producing this headache. So if alcohols not directly involved in causing your headache technically then a substance that's in the alcoholic drinks may be responsible for it so there are certain components of alcohol. Like here mean fil. Ethylene Histamine sulphites the one that is in wine that everyone tends to blame the headaches on and very well may be an individual cases too but there's also flavonoids females and these have all been considered to be possible triggers for Migraines and that's because of their presence in alcoholic beverages but studies don't entirely support that they've not had enough evidence to say that these substances cause the Migraines in fact some of the studies have found it to be completely in the negative that these are not causing migraines so histamine is one of the major ones. You may have recognized as well but a lot of food like fish aged cheese meats that have been processed like sausage and Salami vegetables especially those leafy Greens and such have much higher amounts of Histamine than alcoholic drinks do and so a lot of foods including alcohol may release Histamine from bodily sources known as mast cells mast cells are important for mediating your inflammatory response like hypersensitivity to something or having an allergic reaction. So when you're coming up into contact with allergens and irritants then the mast cells. Are there to release the contents of their granules and that goes into the surrounding tissue so one of the substances within the cranial that it can release is histamine. So you're getting a lot more of it in your diet and in your body naturally then you are an ingesting alcohol. Histamine is a very well-known way to provoke a migraine attack. If you are infusing it into your veins however other than having a headache. A lot of symptoms of histamine intolerance aren't characteristic of a true migraine attack. Furthermore antihistamine pharmaceuticals do not prevent. Red Wine headaches. So it's highly unlikely that the Histamine is causing it if the Histamine is associated with it then it would require there to be an additional. 'cause so something would be having to happen in tandem for that to be a big trigger for. I really so. Histamine is not a critical trigger of migraines were red wine hangovers. According to the literature so you can also see that folks have said this about sulfites to you also have a lot higher amounts in many foods compared to one so if you like dried fruits chips soy sauce. Pickles fruit juice whole fruits. That can be used. These all have a ton of SULPHITES IN THEM. So a lot of folks are blaming sulphites for it but that may not be the trigger and if it happens to be in your case by all means continue avoiding sulphites however. I just wanted to mention that for everyone out there because I used to think that it was the sulphites causing the Migraines as well and turns out. That wasn't the trigger and that's important for me in trying to Suss out what is causing my migraines so that I can truly and completely prevent them and also if so fights are what are causing your headaches. Then you might want to also avoid those other types of food that you may not have considered before to behind sulphites. They've also found that sulfites sensitivity provokes asthma types of responses rather than headaches so in this case researchers think that alcohol probably is the trigger of the migraines because your artery sizes increase. It's called Baso dilation. And that means your blood vessels dilating. They think that that could explain the immediate headache that you get when you get these migraines within about thirty minutes but the delayed alcohol induced headache is symptom of a hangover is different. The visa dilation is only really being the trigger of the migraine because with the delayed alcohol induced headache that is happening after the alcohol levels have declined to reach zero in your body. You've already metabolize alcohol at that point. So it's not vase. Dilation that is causing that type of alcohol related headache even if it may be the cause for the Migrants. So what else who'd caused that? They think it might be something happening with your nerve transmitters that are associated with pain control specifically they think that Serotonin might play a role in it so they've done some population surveys and found that illicit and recreational Mike MD maze slash ecstasy both release Serotonin and they also both provoke headaches and a high percentage of folks who use them. So the T. L. D. R. Is they're not quite entirely sure. It may be one thing. It may be another thing. It could possibly be a combination of things the researchers are going to have to continue learning about it so that they can teach us about it all right. We're going to go on another break and when we come back we're going to talk about effective treatments for hangovers. Stay tuned are you tired of the same old news are you sick of the seemingly endless political spin and negatively the Diaz empty. America's still beautiful. Podcast is a weekly news. Podcast covering all the top positive and uplifting you stories we cover stories that will inspire uplift and remind you love the good in the world tune into the golden state media concepts America's still beautiful podcast to get all the great and positive news stories today. Download the Jesus empty. America's still beautiful podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud Google play or anywhere you bond podcast just tight just MC in the search Bar Third. Well come back before the break. We were talking about alcohol induced headaches and alcohol induced migraines so the migraines being a standalone and the alcohol induced hangover headache being a separate type of headache. So now we're going to go ahead and talk about some things that you can do to help out your hangover so if you have had too much alcohol and you are having to deal with the results and not being a hangover. Then you may. Well be googling a bunch of different treatments or just taking your friends advice as to what you should do in order to deal with this. The really wide you're going to need is mostly going to be rest. There was a recent study in the British Medical Journal. The found that there was essentially no scientific evidence that any substance has proven to be effective in preventing or treating a hangover. So doing things like eating a burger. Yes if you eat a burger beforehand. That's going to help you process your alcohol more slowly and therefore also lead to a smaller likelihood of you getting a hangover but that's not actually preventing it. That's just good practice to eat before you drink. So they have not found any types of real cures for a hangover but the author said that there have been very few well-designed scientific studies on the subject. So they think that some of the unproven treatments could still work because they haven't yet tested everything. There's also some evidence that vitamin B. Six can be a little helpful if you take it before you drink so whenever you are drinking and your body is processing the alcohol one of the byproducts is that it takes energy for your liver to go ahead and process alcohol and when that happens it is using up your b. six the energy you're getting from the B. Six really see you have decreased levels of B. Six later on they also found an anti inflammatory drugs called Dolphin namic acid. That's been shown to be helpful when taken during alcohol consumption so that drug is not available in the US but a non steroidal anti inflammatory drug may be helpful too. Because that's what it's doing is trying to prevent inflammation so insides and the toll free namic acid or essentially working by the same mechanism so if you combine alcohol with insides though it can increase the risk of you having stomach bleeding so you should not be taking any type of inside at the same time that you are drinking or that there is alcohol in your system period you can take the end said afterwards for the hangover once Falco Hall has been processed out of your body and you have that alcohol induce headache but you should not be taking them simultaneously. You also want to make sure you say well hydrated have plenty of water. You can do. Gatorade or other types of fitness drinks like powerade and whatnot and those might be better than water alone. But we don't have any scientific proof for that actually as it relates to hangovers. There's also a chemical called N Acetyl Sistine and that can be used to help the talks. The body from that Asadallah hide buildup. That however is also an unproven treatment. So they are not sure yet because they have not studied all of these things but they think that they may work or some of these studies have been conducted in places outside of the US that have access to pharmaceuticals that we do not here. So the one thing that they found maybe helpful is adding some light exercise and that is helpful provided that you stay well hydrated. So it's not going to necessarily cure your hangover or prevented even but it very well may help you out so if you do have a hangover. What can you do about it? They say to avoid more alcohol. All of these researchers have studied this and say that it's only going to push back your headache and prolong your misery. It's also advisable to avoid further dehydration by drinking more fluids. Not Alcohol though fluids. That are good for you so like water. Chicken Soup Gatorade. Whatever works best for you that you know you can keep down with your hangover and that you are going to be able to keep drinking so drinking. Chicken Soup counts as rehydrating. After a long evening that has resulted in a hangover in regards to insides. They say to avoid taking Acetaminophen Tylenol at all costs because your liver is already working really hard to get all the alcohol out of your system or it has already been working really hard to get all the alcohol out of your system and your livers already kind of overworked so if you take. Sita manifesto at that point. You can lead some dangerous swelling of your liver and it can even lead to liver failure so do not take tylenol slash Acetaminophen for your hangovers. That is from Hopkins Medicine Dot Org. So That's information from Johns Hopkins. They say as medical professionals do not do this. It's bad for your liver. Take something different. You also want to avoid those gross recipes that have things like eggs and raw fish and stuff like that and I love raw fish. I love Sushi me as much as the next guy. But that does not mean that. It's going to cure my hangover. So don't put Tabasco and raw eggs and raw fish and everything in a blender together unless it's something you already enjoy eating when you're sober by all means if you want to go ahead and eat this because it's something you normally eat. That's totally different than just trying to make this strange hangover. Cure by tossing a bunch of things in a blender together and calling it a day in addition to it being something that you don't really normally eat in it not working. It's also pr all. We're going to give you some trouble in holding down. If this is not something that you normally eat. Your stomach is very likely not going to enjoy that. So just don't do it are. We're going to go on a quick break and when we come back. We're going to talk about some other tips from Harvard. Health about getting over a hangover MC beauty tips. Podcast hits you at by everything from heritage into skin care products. We'll talk about the latest trends and make up here styles and anti aging remedies and Ole cover all of the newest fashion trends. If you have an interest in or questions about the beauty trends that might work best for you. The golden state media concepts. Ud Tips podcast have got you covered. Download the MVP beauty tips. Podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud Google play or anywhere findbaugh. Gaffe just type. Gmc in the search Bar Before the break we were talking about ways to treat your hangover now. We're going to talk about some steps to help out with it. So we have consulted Johns Hopkins as well as Harvard Health for this as well as the American Migraine Foundation and some scientific studies so scientifically. We have looked through this and seen that not really a cure for a hangover. You just gotTa really waited out and give your body the best chance you can by taking an inside. That's not tylenol not Acetaminophen and also by drinking more fluids so hangovers are really giving us a hard time with our brains but also you can get fatigue. Gastrointestinal symptoms shaking headache nausea etc. You can also get an increase in your blood pressure and you can sweat a lot. Some folks get dizzy. Or they the spins or they get sensitive to light and or sound so the causes of this are just as varied as the symptoms as we discussed earlier today so different symptoms are being caused by different components in what you are drinking one of those main ones is acid aldehydes and that substance can be toxic at high levels but concentrations don't tend to get that high normally so it's not entirely the full explanation. Some folks think that hangovers may be a form of sleep deprivation because your brain activity changes during sleep and alcohol interferes with that. It messes up the hormones that regulate your biological clock and they think that that's why hangovers can sometimes feel like jetlag. Alcohol also can trigger Migraines so some people think they're hung over when they have an alcohol. Induced Migraine like what we talked about earlier. So these hangover start after your blood. Alcohol level begins to decline and some experts say that the worst symptoms occur when the blood alcohol levels reach zero since everyone is also so different in their alcohol tolerance. They find that the key to figuring out whether a hangover is likely has less to do with how much you specifically drank in quantity or volume and more to do with whether you drank too intoxication. So for one person that could be one or two drinks and for another person that could be eight however many it takes to get you to that point of intoxication or neabry. -Ation doesn't matter so much as it matters that you did. Drink to the point of being intoxicated so several studies have also suggested that light and moderate drinkers might be more likely to get hangovers. Then heavy drinkers. There's also been some other evidence that show that people who have a family history of alcoholism may also have worse hangovers though so those seem to be kind of indirect conflict with each other. But it's not necessarily a real conflict. It may just be that these folks who are light and moderate drinkers weren't asked about their family history of alcoholism and perhaps in the study that had the family history of alcoholism. They didn't necessarily ask them how much they drank to get to their point of intoxication to get to the hangover's so it really just depends and that's the importance of these. Meta data studies like the one we discussed earlier today. So researchers. Do you say that some folks end up with drinking problems because they try to drink to get rid of the hangover as well as we learned. That doesn't actually help. All it does is push it off a little bit so you WanNa make sure that you are giving your body the best opportunity possible and just toss out all of those old hangover cures but don't really work. It's probably the rest and the rehydration over time that is really working however and interview that was conducted by Harvard health with Dr Swift. Who is a researcher? Who Works on review papers on hangovers published? A review paper in nineteen ninety eight. Had this to say he actually thinks there might be something to it. Because alcohol and some types of sedatives like Benzodiazepines Aka Valium. And so on those can interact with Gaba receptors on your brain cells. And they've found that some people have withdrawal symptoms from short acting sedatives as they wear off so they think the brain similarly reacts as blood alcohol levels begin to drop so there's been some new research that's indicated that maybe there might be something to it but he says you still should not do it because it just perpetuates the cycle and doesn't allow you to recover so even if there's something to it regarding the Gab Receptors. Then you still should not be doing hair of the dog according to the preeminent researchers in the hangover field. We already really covered drinking fluids. But you WanNa make sure that you are definitely drinking plenty of fluids remember. We're supposed to be getting eight. Eight ounce glasses per day normally. So you're gonNA need to drink a lot more than that since you're already dehydrated. If you're hangover has symptoms associated with vomiting sweating or diarrhea. You may need to drink even more fluids. You want to make sure that you are giving your body the best shot if you have nausea associated with your symptoms that make it difficult to drink anything but you need to still try to get a few sips of water down it can really help out with rehydrating your body and helping to get that hangover processed. In some cases drinking can also lower your blood sugar levels so eating. Some carbs can really help you out. Some of the fatigue and the headache might be from your brain. Not Having enough of its blood glucose so make sure to get some carbs. Your body has its energy stores. People can have toast or juice to gently push those levels back in the direction they should go without. Having to eat a lot of food. Also darker colored liquors tend to have more containers in them. So that means that if the containers are what is causing your headache it can be really important to avoid those. You can drink the clear. Liquids like Vodka in Gen. Mb far less likely to have a hangover. I actually also had a DA agent that to me in a bar a few years back when we were networking an American Academy of Forensic Sciences Conference and she was drinking vodka and we were all asking what each other was drinking. And she's like oh I work for the DA. You should drink vodka if you guys want. Avoid a hangover tomorrow for the conference and I really appreciated her. I've not actually had a hangover myself. But I have seen some really miserable friends with their hangovers. So I pass along that information to them as well so that DA agent. She told me that and Dr Swift backs that up you also are not going to get any special anti hangover powers from drinking caffeine. But it can help with the groggy news component. You tend to get kind of groggy after you've been drinking heavily and then you have a hangover because your body has been depleted that vitamin B. Six remember so you need to give it some more energy so drinking coffee can help with that. Groggy nece caused by the depletion of B. Six and so can vitamin B. Six people found that if you take a total of twelve hundred milligrams of vitamin B. Six before during and just after drinking then it can help you to have fewer hangover symptoms. It's not going to totally prevent it and they do want you to take it before you are at the point of the hangover. You WanNa do it before during and just after you finish drinking not. After the hangover itself this was a small study that was performed and it was published over thirty years ago. There doesn't seem to be any data or any attempts in literature to replicate that study. So they're not entirely sure how useful that is but it may potentially be useful because it has not been entirely refuted. Be careful if you are going to be drinking coffee to perk up with from that groggy nece instead of taking be six because coffee is a diuretic so it can make dehydration worse. Actually I hope is information has been helpful for. Y'All and that's all I have for you today. Thank you for listening to the GSM see health and wellness podcast brought to you by the GSM Z. Podcast network. I'd like to ask that you. Please remember to subscribe to the show and riding. A Nice Review always really helps us. Also if you could please follow us on facebook twitter and instagram. I'd appreciate it. Thank you kindly and have a good night. You've been listening to the golden state media concepts have an well as podcast part of the golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at. Www Dot M. C. podcast dot com or download. Our podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud Google play existed type in Jesus Mc to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music from sports to entertainment and even Weird News. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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175. Work Infants

The Working Experience

1:06:44 hr | 1 year ago

175. Work Infants

"Greetings, ladies and gentlemen. And welcome to another fine episode of the working experience. This episode is brought to you by Spotify. If you are listening to this, you surely enjoy a great podcast, actually, let's say a decent podcast, and I'm sure you love to listen to the latest tunes on Spotify. You can listen to podcasts and music in one place for free. You don't need a premium account. Spotify has a massive catalogue of podcasts on every topic, including the work and experience on Spotify. You can follow your favorite podcasts. So you never miss an episode. Download episodes to listen line wherever you are easily share what you're listening to with your friends via spotify's integrations, with social platforms like Instagram. Simply search for the working experience on the Spotify app or browse podcasts in your library, tab and follow us. So you never miss an episode of the work. Inexperience Spotify is the world's leading music. Streaming service and now can be your go-to for podcasts. Greetings, dear. Dear listeners and welcome to another episode of the working experience, a very warm open arm audio embrace, and a squeeze. This episode is brought to you by my company one circle media, one circle media is a hybrid digital agency in media content creator, we create and design apps, websites, videos, social media, content and physical products. We are artists directors. Designers producers coders editors thinkers makers and creators, who embrace story and creativity from design web and app development animation docs, features TV shows, digital and social media content to physical products for our clients. We create content that builds networks and audiences across multiple platforms, check out our work at one circle digit. Title dot com and one circle brand dot com. If you work for a network studio brands, startup or corporation and are looking for a partner to create media, that will build engage in entertain reach out to me at John at one circle media dot com. I'd love to hear from you. This episode is also brought to you by an app that I created called still believe still believed transforms, a picture in your home into video proof of your child's favorite magical characters with the app parents can catch the magic of the tooth fairy. Leading money under their children's pillow or Santa delivering presents on Christmas Eve in their home. You download the app take a picture in the week, Crete. The magic we utilize feature film visual effects artists to transform your picture into video. Just tell your kids that you have a special app that can detect and capture the tooth fairy. Then present them with the video proof in the morning. The look on their faces is priceless. You're still believe video is create. In minutes, and you can then save it to your phone, and share it on social media. The app is available for the iphone and Android in. It's free to download our aim is to bring joy in wondered to the hearts of children around the world. Check it out at still believe dot CO. Thanks, everyone. And I hope you enjoyed this episode of the working experience, the working experience. Ninety three north is almost at a standstill yet. So rub one out there. This morning's win sleep them. It's no service on end and clear of the closing doors. Leave going to be a few minutes, ma'am. Tran traffic should make make sure Johnny that report. SAT. Harry charlot. Team meeting at Ted Gifty think ball at work. Aches, the dream work here, moving, if and after the meeting, we'll have a breakout session, where am I hot box microwave? If discuss was that now? Neil? Everyone, welcome to another episode of the working spirits podcast. It's medicai- and John welcome everyone, this is. I don't know what this is what are we discussing today? Well, some people. Some people in there romantic life, their personal romantic life enjoy role playing. Right. And sometimes that role playing takes on one person being an infant. There are such things as adult play pens. You know, and this is said with absolutely no judgment at all. It's zero judgment in Matt, you're actually talking, my language. Yeah. Yeah. There are sometimes diapers involved airily. And I mean, there's a niche for everybody. And of course, the internet has has busted all this wide open gutten all these people in touch with each other, which will rain, nothing scars and horrifies, a preteen, boy, like my son's than seen daddy exit, the bedroom in diapers. Yeah. There's some explaining to. That's tough site. Tough sight to see now. That's something you can't unsee. No, no. That's something that when they are forty five, and they've just dug up five bodies from the backyard that comes up. Yeah. Well, I started, you know, some people will like save for college. I have a fun for their psychiatrists a psych fun for them that they can dip into when they needed, probably in their early to mid twenties that should last than well into their sixties. And seventies, you know, I would honestly say that a stable psyche. You know, a strong sense of self and all that, that is that is honestly worth lot more than education. Like I don't care how educated you are a few if you're a right complete. I agree. Yeah. I mean, if you're, you know, I know of somebody, I can think of somebody right now, who graduated from law school, and this person really has not been able to hold a job because of emotional problems. And, and, and this is a weak Norwich. We were just at my son's eighth grade graduate graduation. And I was talking with genie that there's this. There's this woman there actually it's a friend of Ma it's my son's friends mom. And if you look at this woman from her social media profiles, who Rosie everything's going, great measures defend tastic, life loves her husband, or children, when you see her in person. It, it looks like she's going to jump off a bridge. Just a miserable. Just absolutely miss. An as soon as you encounter the complaints. Just start. Roll off the tongue God. There is nothing more soul-sucking than someone who just complains all the time. It's like this. She's, you know, have a little I mean, there are some people who have really just bad problems. Bad lock things and you know they get through life with a smile on their face. You know, I was just down at CVS got treated fine. You know, people are nicer and these cashiers and stuff, I'm sure they have their own problems. I'm sure they have things going on. There's this one guy who works there, every time I see him. Hey, what's going on? How are we end every, you know, inmates shot and everything? And, you know, I'm sure if what's that thing. It's like, if everybody brought their own problems and put him in the. Middle of the pile. You leave with your own problems like it. Once you see everybody else's problems like now. I'll stick with mine. Thanks. Good. I'm fine with what I have. Yeah. Yeah. So well, when I was, I don't know how we got to this, the role playing and then eighth grade graduation. Hey for the eighth grade. Graduation. Do they have like caps and gowns and everything? No. They're just like dressed up, and they get some silly piece of paper that they graduated is this private school or public school. This is public. Yes. See when I went to public school eighth grade. They just told us again out. Any schools over. That's it get out. We don't want to ever see you again. You're a bunch of noxious little twits, gotta you. You're gonna make nothing of yourself on his life. Leave get out, you know, there was a guy knew growing up and. I was friends with these two guys. And we ended up having a disagreement, we weren't really friends anymore. And this one guy ended up for a certain period of time. I don't hopefully he's not still doing this. He ended up being a janitor at the middle school from where we graduated nice. Now what you're doing. You're just confirming what every teacher there said about you. Twenty years. He's absolutely nothing wrong with being a janitor. No. But you don't want to, you know wanna be there front. I mean 'cause I assume they're still teachers there who had taught him. And you know that's a little. Just passing them in the hall nodding their head. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. Well, we're, we're all leading up to this is the this article is called I deeply resent. How we've been infantilized in. No women. I deeply resent. How we've infantilized the workplace a managers manifesto goes viral. Now, apparently this guy Ian sewn wrote a memo on linked him about how people are still kind of forced in into the position of like asking permission to do things that an adult should really not have to ask permission to do particularly as it relates to their children. Like you should not have to ask permission, or justify with your boss to leave early to attend your child's soccer game or play or whatever it is. And apparently. This stemmed from an incident. He had with a boss who I guess he said he didn't wanna fly out on Sunday night, because he has dinner with his family. It was important that he you know, was there for Sunday dinner. It's what they did and his boss got onto him about it. And so, and this post went viral team to connect with a lot of people, and I think it's I spoke about this briefly in our think on it's Monday podcast because the head to go solo. Yeah. Because Manny was so can his feet at some New Hampshire spa young, yet he had to get over his his school year, he'd unwind Zoe dish doubt. I decompress seriously decompress. Well, I. Well, I so a listen, you're gonna do what you gotta do. You gotta go into the mountains, and you've got to unwind. I got to force. I'm sure you I'm sure your daily schedule was Matt would wake up at three fifteen AM. He would run a marathon, then meditate for six hours on a bed of nails. Is this correct? It was more like get out up around nine I don't really know what I did between them and three in the afternoon. But then it was a nap at three. So it was an a definitely never some of you remember the nap in between. I don't really recall. You could just feezing in and out of consciousness. I'm sure Volve watching television. That, that kind of thing. Vises say John had to push a rock uphill and actually do one of these things on his own. He'll never I mean literally with with flip flops. And I was it was like a I was feeling around for the light. Switch in the dark. Yeah. It's, it's just it was a terrible podcast. Yeah, but, but we're back and we'll discuss anyway. So the post goes viral and I think it's prevalent, I see it. I do work for large organizations and it's a nanny state. It's a big brother state where you have to. It's like oh, did you check in? Or did you do every what you've got this layer of management overlooking your every step two? Almost like an we joke about this is like it almost forces you to like, if you need just like a day off. You can't level with your boss or management. Like, look, I'd seen a day for myself or my kids got a soccer game. You've got to come up with some elaborate excuse that you went to the Thai place, and had, you know, massive food poisoning, and you're, you're spewing waste out of every orifice of your body will we'll get to that. Yeah. I mean, he says, I never need to know. You'll be back online after dinner. I mean, the idea that you go home and you eat, this is sort of gets to this always linked world. You know, like when I go home, I, I want worked. I mean I do work at home, like I do I correct papers and things like that for prep the next day. But I don't wanna have to like, go back online and have to answer. You know it's like enough is not NAFTA. And that's because that's because you are not a hustler. That's true. I E mail someone at midnight and timer set a timer. If I don't get a response within two minutes. I've follow up with the call cell, and when they hit decline, I follow that up with a call to the house, exactly. Over some mundane matter. Here's some Monday is join. Is everything. All right. It's did someone die. No, no one died. But how about that Email? I just sent you about tomorrow's meeting. Yeah. Which we already scheduled. I'm just reconfirming the card, right? Life in death. Tim life and death. Get get your head out of your ass in answer. My email. Let's see. I never need to know. You'll be back online after dinner. That's nice. I never need to know why you chose to watch season one of arrested development for the fourth time when you fly to L A, instead of answering emails, you know, I see this all the time in airports, now like people are on the phone, and they're like, I remember this one woman distinctly. This is like a year ago in I, I don't know if I was in Logan airport or somewhere and, you know, I was on vacation. And this woman is on the phone the entire time that were waiting for the flight like forty five minutes, and she's like, really agitated about something, someone didn't schedule something that this and that it went on and on 'til we get onto the flight. And then when we landed, you know, go to the baggage carousel get the bags she's down there. She's on the phone again. She still going with this whole house like, oh my God. Like just you know listening. You got you gotta get the job. Done. But there's this constant need of, of checking in, in this always on hustle culture that you and I continually crap on, on the work and experience. That's just like listen you were not the president of the United States. Now you're not the CEO of Exxon or Berkshire Hathaway, you it can wait. It's none of it can wait until morning. And we've spoken about this. I think now in, in France, it's against the law to E mail your employees after six PM, I have a I described it as a decoration last year in Dublin, I like I was trying to get a local newspaper and there's a little because it's your dinosaur of a human being. Yeah. Well, you know, I like it as a little physical souvenir, but there was a sling, where a guy was awarded something like forty five hundred. Pounds because of an Email incident like his company was emailing him and he sued them any one like they shouldn't have been emailing him after hours and, and all of that, you just wish people like you wish the courts wouldn't have to step in. You wish people would just have more sense to be like, don't Email me at eight o'clock at night about something for, like, just leave me alone. You know what I mean? Like he says, here I never need to know you'll be in late because of dentist appointment. Now I mean if we have something scheduled for nine o'clock, and you happen to schedule a dentist appointment and you knew about this for two months, I might be like, well luck, I mean, this is the time we're meeting like, but, you know, if if there's no meeting, or anything like that. I see. I didn't know workplaces operated like this. I thought it was much more of a free flow, these days because of people working on line and things like that. But I guess not. I mean it depends on where you. You work. I think the yes, you know, like at Patagonia, they could they have the option that if you know, the surf is up, they can just take off the afternoon and go surfing and like for me. But I you know, I run a digital media agency and you know there I mean, Matt you've worked in film, and TV and commercials. If you know if you're on location, everyone's gotta show up at a certain time, you can't be lax days about it. The call time six AM. You're there at a quarter to six you're not there at six three is always kids repeatedly that the number one reason I've seen I saw people get fired of the film industry was they relate. You cannot be late. It just can't and it doesn't matter doesn't matter about the subway to comment. Or if you're, there's traffic, you have to account for that because when you're running net production, you know, have worked on law. Product small productions and also large productions but, like there's a fifty person crew, and there's location fees the insurance and the clients there. If you're fifteen minutes late, and you're a crucial part then you've then pushed that production back fifteen minutes and a production could be a large production could be thousands of dollars in our also you just cost the entire production. Maybe like five grand because Lou little Bobby couldn't get out of bed early enough. No, there's no mercy there. You're not leaving early either like you because thing is like if you're on what happens is, you're not leaving early. But then you're pushed into time and a half and double time. And because, you know, and if it's like two or three people are late it's like a compound effect. It just it just gets out. It goes off rails. Well and the other thing is to if you're late. Or you leave early. Everybody else is doing your work like your grip five grips. Now you have four now the running around trying to cover for you. And it does happen, sometimes and usually people will cover for each other. You know, it's like okay, but if it happens, I this guy got fired off a feature I was working on because he was late repeatedly. And you know, he had a daughter at home and everything, and he was coming up from south jersey, but he was late. There are others. I mean he was he had an attitude about it too. You just got fired because it was like look it wasn't my call the gaffer. He was an electric, and he thought I was the key grip and he talked to me about it. And I was like, look, we keep having to do his work, and you know, and it's also a sign of disrespect like you not. Plus, he's making the gaffer look bad in front of production. There's a little ripple effect got to be there on time, and the but but outside of production when we're working, you know. You know, normal business day tasks or creative stuff, like I could care less when you do that work. If you go to your son or daughter's soccer game and then push that work to later at night. That's fine. Now you could write the pitch deck. Then you can write the script then. I mean there are points where we all have to come together where it makes sense creatively, at the, you know, the start of the project or you know, deliverables all that stuff. It does make sense for us all to come together, so it's not completely lacks days ical, but for the most part, I have trust and respect in, you know, the employee's in the freelancers to get the job done, otherwise frankly, they wouldn't be they're not going to be be them. I'm not going to treat them like little children. I mean you don't have time to do that, it, it sucks up energy and sex time it sets up energy now. I mean when it says Patagonia, expects people to go surfing when the service up I mean, I don't think that's the, that's probably a bit of an extreme statement. I mean, I'm sure when they need to get stuff done. It's not like you know, hey everybody, you know, it's like we've got to get this project. Like I mean, that's you know, it comes down to being an adult in looking at and be like, okay, we have a pretty light workload and the surface off. Let's go surfing, as opposed to oh, we have a deadline at three PM I'm going to instead of addressing that I'm going to run out and go surfing. I mean, I'm sure that doesn't happen now the problem is you have people like me and the prime example is who the surf will not only surfing. But, like I just haven't done any of it. So. When I when I left to my own devices. See what happens is, when you have you ever been sailing, the United Sal? Yep. Okay. So I was taught when we took sailing lessons if the wind gets too strong just let go of the sale and the rudder and just let it go. And then the boat will stop because the sale will go with the wind that's me. I let go of the sale of the rudder. So the boat has stops Driss in circles. That's my, you know, so I need the I need my handheld, basically, I need to be flogged yelled at me deadlines, and the masterclasses, a prime example of that it hasn't gotten done. I've barely written any of it of had many. I had all kinds of time to do it. And I haven't done it. So there you go. I would I would go one step further nine say that the way many works is akin to he's on a sailboat. He burns, the rudder. T- takes out of the water burns, it throws up the full sales and then refuses to do anything else until he crashes into the rock. Right. And then I complain about why exactly come contain about the wind the which way the wind is blowing. I blame everyone else. I don't know how this happened. I worked so hard. I throw that in there how, how hard I work and all the stuff that you don't deserve this. No, for this exactly. So I'm not a good example of any of this. It is funny though. There are always trade-offs, because it says many large companies now operate, like wealthy, socialist states, providing employees with free breakfast, dry-cleaning onsite healthcare climbing walls, further warps, the employee employer relationship, creating the impression that one should live for work and removing many of the traditional excuses for leaving. So, you know, if you're working for a place like I guess, Google, does this and others. They, they provide everything that sounds wonderful. But now you become more and more dependence either financially or psychologically. And you it that is in infantilism nation like we're gonna do for each the parents, feeding you and what you don't realize is when they feed you, they're squeezing the productivity out of you. So you in it's, it's just a time hack rate. So you're going to eat fat. Faster. You don't have to travel a good at your food, and you can be back at your desk. Again grinding on those spreadsheets while. No whereas this more. Obvious and accepted than on film sets. I mean they don't you know they feed you, they feed you. Well, I mean, breakfast and lunch and third meal on law and order was just a friggin extravaganza. Food is unbelievable, but it's to keep you. They're working like you eat bang. You're, you're back at work like they need you grinding twelve hours a day. I mean your average day was twelve hours and that could stretch, they finally capped it at nineteen hours because somebody got killed driving home, one time, it's called the, the something law. Some guy was driving back to New Jersey or something like that, after, like a twenty two hour day and he fell asleep at the wheel and crashed so now than they stepped in and said, you know, it can only be nineteen out, which nineteen hours is still pretty frigging brutal. But and they also have to allot for travel time. Like, if you're outside of a certain radius than. Than they have to put you up, or they have to stop working at a certain time so you can get home, safely and all those are very important safeguards. And but yeah, the food thing it's, you know, most jobs, you Brown bag your lunch. I mean, you don't get fed, and you certainly don't get fed shrimp, Scampi and stuff like that. But it's all just to keep with all all that stuff, too, is like, what I found is, like, whether in your studio, or location, sometimes you do do that, to keep everybody on set. But sometimes it's just not. You could be in the middle of nowhere. You know in you, the, the whole entire production crew could be the first day there. They just don't know where to eat you. It's also a matter convenience to end. It's also could you imagine like going on set and not feeding the crew? There'd be a mutiny now. It's amazing. How people have got? They I was just talking to somebody about the other day like I've tried to point out to people like you do realize on film sense, when people would complain about the food, you know, I'm like most jobs, don't feed you like, why do you think you're entitled to this, and it's a sense of entitlement. Not just for the three square meals, but for drinks and snacks, sewing, crafty, and all that yet it's, it's not just the main meals. No, but I'm like, you know, people who work construction they eat breakfast before they go to work and they bring their lunch. Nobody's giving them food. But they just stare at you like you have three heads. But, you know, the thing is, like with teachers this. Teacher actually said I heard the guy say he goes while, you know, it sucks. Because like after July fourth the summer's pretty much over. And we're back at work, I get ten weeks of vacation over the summer, and most people don't get that, you know, but he he's complaining always complaining. Oh, yeah. Oh I when you get back in September. When you're a teacher the complaining that goes on. It's all summer was, too. Short wasn't long. You rarely hear people say, jeez, I'm so glad I had all that time off I feel great really renewed. All he to complain. And it's like you'll know cleaning is for some people, first of all, it's easy. It's awesome. It's yeah. It's off. And it makes them feel better. Oh, totally totally. Yeah, they're just more yet. And I mean I yet ten days of Christmas, I get a week in April. I got a week in February every weekend, obviously every holiday, I get off and still people complain. So I guess the phrase is water fines finds its own level. Like you just get used to something. It's the same thing too. It's like in the in the first will in America like you hear people use the phrase, I'm literally starving, they come. It's like no, no, no, no. You're not starving. I'll if you've been to third world countries, I'll show you what starving is. Also, you what peop-, you know, people barely living on less than a dollar a day and just sustenance living, just eating like rice, or just whatever it is. You know, they literally could if it's a bad crop or something, they could literally starve, you my friend are not starving. You could go a couple of days without eating and you'd be sure just fine. Yeah. And also, you know. There's always poor people in every society. But poor is relative. I mean, like many people in this country who and I'm not saying that, you know, there are people who really struggle. But a lot of people have cell phones. They have cable television, they have air conditioning. And you know there's like if you go to projects like projects, I mean, it's not great living. I'm not saying there's a lot of issues and the been, but you can get, you know, you can get food stamps and look on the, you know, what people should get food stamps, but you, you can through government is assistance. You know, you could eat your and you can have shelter. I mean there are people who are homeless understand that. And they might be have addiction problems, and that's a whole nother the question. But if you if you're like a family of four in your poor, you know, in the US, you'll pay next to nothing. Taxes, like, literally, you could pay zero and taxes, and then you can get government assistance. You could educate your kids. I mean, again, it's not the greatest education food stamps. It's not the greatest food. I mean, but you can you're not, you know on the savannah starving to death. Yes. So I guess, our frontier, Mr. sewn of forgetting his first name he is the I guess he owns his own company. Now, he owns a digital Leo something or other in much like yours truly, and we're all presidents club Chicago office of wonderman, a digital ad agency. He doesn't want anyone to feel guilty for having a rich sometimes complicated. Life outside of work, nor does he want you to keep making excuses for it to your manager. Well, I'm sure many people appreciate that. And obviously his is, is manifesto as it was described in here on Lincoln really resonated with people, which brings us, though, to our second article, which I believe, is related kind of an offshoot of this is entitled why you should never tell the boss you have food poisoning. So the problem is that some people get treated like infants because they act like infants, even when they're adults in their thirties, forties, and fifties. I e you know, calling in sick with some BS excuse. You know, and this one says, specifically, don't don't do it with food poisoning, which which also is sort of like the chicken and the egg do people feel like they need to make excuses because of the culture their job, or are there managers like God? These people are just a bunch of children. I'm trying to you know what I'm doing. I'm gonna take the counter to this argument mat and I'll tell you what ideal if I have food poisoning I go into work, and I push through it. It's a small office in things can get a little hairy at times. But if I eat something bad. Listen. I'm I'm just going to power through the work day. Yeah. I don't I? Fold like a cheap tent. Yeah. Five a sniff. But it's it's one of those things where if you, you legitimately get food poisoning. It literally will floor you, can you cannot work. You can't work under the conditions but you can also be completely fine after twenty four hours. Yup. It is rather debilitating. I think I had food poisoning. Once about twenty something years ago. And I, I remember having a dream that there were snakes in my stomach, and I woke up and the next thirty six hours for just horrifying. I mean it was I ate at a restaurant in Manhattan. It was kind of a cheap place called DOJ. Oh, which I don't know if it was that, or if it was something else, I was never able to eat there again, because every time I'd walk by and I just remember that and it was pretty bad. It was pretty awful. I I've had I've. Numerous stories but this one pops into my mind. I was with some mutual friends that we were at someone's wedding can't remember who's wedding was. But it specifically remember Mike Mahfoud. She was there and we went pretty hard at the wedding, and then at about three am we went to a diner, which is just a just not a smart idea. And I probably picked the, the worst thing on. It was like a really DIVY kind of diner, not with a lot of turnover. So I decided to get the tuna melt. And I remember just, you know, I was fairly liberated and I remember digging into this thing. And I'm about three quarters of the way through in the night for some reason open the sandwich, or the Sam the top of the bread falls off, and it reveals Brown tuna. It wasn't like the like the tuna was around. But it was like it looks like the mayonnaise had been left out to turn. So I through the, the sandwich, and I get back to the hotel room and within an hour. I am hugging the porcelain. Everything's coming out every orifice just a disaster. I wake up the next morning, just a disaster. It took about twenty four hours to get out of the system. Fully get out of the system will then you feel very depleted. Like, yeah, I literally, my body expelled everything. Yeah. Everything. Well, see it says here. That. So this person was discussing this at some sort of panic or something like that calling in with food poisoning and. Who wrote this article? Top here. Sarah Todd so her friends. Agreed, they would not want to know the particulars of an employee's reasons for missing work trust the people, they manage and are troubled by the idea that workers would feel pressure to disclose the minutia of their bodily ailments, not me. I give full disclosure everything that happens. I'll, I'll give minute to midnight. Yeah. The detailed account of it. Yeah. So this, this dovetails nicely with the infantilism of work. I guess I, I don't know. I mean I understand when you know just just sorry to cut you off. But it really when you get food poisoning, just stay on this topic. It really humbles you write, like fate doesn't matter. Yeah, it doesn't matter if you're rich young, you're old. You're good looking your ugly. Food poisoning really levels that field. There's it's like was that saying is, you know, a, a healthy person wants ten thousand things in a sick person wants one thing you know that one thing is to feel better like or like a cancer patient, wants one thing for a cure. But it's like you are solely focused on how to how can I make this stuff? Yes. Yeah. Everything else fades into the woodwork. It's just like I need to stop vomiting. Like just please, you know are just like people have migraines. They describe it as just like all consuming, like thank God. I've never had that affliction. But, you know, you just I've, I've had migraines before it is. It's brutal. Yeah. I mean, people have it as a chronic condition, and it just comes on, and there's not much you can do about it. So she says they all agree that food poisoning. Something that's way over used suggesting an ominous world in which the average diner must be under near constant attack from armies of raw chicken and bombardments of unwashed lettuce leaves but you know in defensive food poisoning, I just listened to three food recalls a few days ago for plastics and foods, there were stones. Invent one item. A lot of this is a tribute to the automated of it like there's no human quality control. So. Oh stuff. Gets like plastic bits in it and stuff like that. And get this in buyer, beware. You gotta be careful you gotta chew a little bit more. You know, I guess, now I like this, and I do agree with this, and they, it does say that during the summer months rates of food poisoning. Do go up because people are at festivals picnics, work of a hit. You gotta hit that Giro trou- county fairs state fairs. Repeat, wanna cake all kinds of crazy, sausage and peppers. I love that stuff. I now what was that, that festive, I was just gonna say you and I have both been to the San Genero festival, San Genero, and I would go there and literally stuffed the gills with sausage and no-no kings, where that sausage is Ben. Who knows? Nobody knows. And you know what? You know, I could care less give me too. That's right. He's not done so, well, hey at sausages been laying out in the sun. Aw, thanks, three, sir. Do you remember me you and Frank were in London, many years ago when we were in college? Yes. I do you remember that. And we went up to like a sandwich cart, and the guy was getting rid of the stuff. So he just gave us all these sandwiches, who's at the end of the day. And he never that yet to us. They eat kind of funky like they put cucumbers on sandwiches, which is fine. I mean I don't really care, but it was like cucumber bacon and mayo. And he handed us like three sandwiches each and we're just. The Americans just stuffing. I was fine. No problem. Like I'll eat that. I'll eat see I had very few bouts of elements due to food. I just for whatever reason I. Don't don't really get sick. I, I remember the sorry to cut you off. But I remember just from that trip are member specifically were staying at Frank's aunt's flat. It was very nice. Very nice and one night. We came back from the pubs, and we decided to continue to drink around the kitchen table. Do you remember this? Yeah. With the bottle of Absolut from duty-free. Yes. Yeah. And we got into a deep philosophical conversation about the origins of the universe in life, and it was way too taught volume to it was it escalated. Yes. And we were screaming at each other. Yes. And I think I slowly broke out into hives. Due to the alcohol and his aunt. I think came out two or three times to tell us to shut up, and we just we just didn't we were screaming, and then we spilled out into the street do you remember this about six in the morning. I think yet most cigars or yes, some some just another stupid, idiotic male, I think it was to smoke cigars for some dumb. Yeah. I don't know why that was it was it was getting light out. I remember that. And also just to add to the picture, John and I were sharing a bed in the. This apartment and yeah. No woke up at like one of the afternoon. It was that was bad Franks entered. None have good opinion of us know nor should she have Geno. Yeah. So anyway, now it wasn't great. I do you know what I love is, when kids and I've done this, my brother's done it probably I dunno. I assume you AJ have, like we would go to a fair and stuff ourselves with like. Yeah. Rise dough and this and that and then get on a right? And just Pugh. Civil was always throwing up in. And then act surprise writing like oh, I don't know why felt so. Well, you just stuffed you're go with five pounds of fat and grease. Yeah. And then you're going on something that's spinning around at sixty miles an hour. It just. Yeah. I never Yaked on raise. Yeah. I've never done that. I think I threw up. I was actually pretty good. My brother would get on rise. He would he'd always want to go on. And, you know, my parents would be like Paul, you get say none out he's going on. And then occasionally, he would yak I'm sure I act to yeah, you need, like three hot dogs cotton candy funnel cake. And then get on the till to worl-. Right. What the problem is. Never a good idea. No. And it's like the food at these places. I mean, honestly, when I think about it the pounds of hot, dogs and sausages, and chicken, and all it's, it's a wonder that entire towns. Don't get wiped out from e coli because there's no quality control. You know, we'll you don't the thing is the heavily processed stuff like a hot dog. Like you're not going to get sick from that. No, no. You're like an undercooked like sausage, you will you'll get sick from that. But if it's super process like a twinkie you're not gonna get sick from twinkie. It's going to be something that could be like a piece of lettuce that wasn't one or the a worker didn't wash their hands. And you know, make sure sandwich. That's the big no, no. You know what, or dicey are those restaurants? I've been in a couple of them where they, it's a Chinese restaurant these. The really authentic ones and they put up a pot of boiling oil and you're supposed to cook your own food, like they give you right? Scallops and slivers of beef and things like that, that gets very dicey. Because like they're giving you Ross stuff and expecting you to cook it. And that, that I but you know that stuff is like it depends on what it is. You know, like depends on what kind of need it is. Because if you if you slightly undercooked beef, you'll be okay. Yes, you under-cooked chicken. You know you undercooked pork aches. You're in. You're in for treat. Chinatown is always interesting, all of the food that gets cooked to there. And, you know, some of those restaurants, are, you know, it's, it's just so packed together, and, like, I personally never gotten sick. But sometimes I'm kinda surprised considering what I've consumed in Chinatown like one time I got I thought this was the most brilliant thing ever. You could get all this low main- for a dollar from one of those carts in the street and at the time I was like, wow, this is amazing. It's only a dollar now. Hey look back on it. Like this reason that was only a dollar. I'd ever got sick from it. But sometimes I didn't feel the best. You know what I'm saying, right? This, this system was churning away to process that, you know what absolutely did me on one time was. Those, you know, those roasted walnuts peanuts. They have, you know, those cut. Yeah. Those things smells, so bad that likes sticky sweet nasty. Yes, you know what? Of course. I got a bag of them one time. I think I like four and oh my God. It was like getting kicked him a gut. It was just it was so bad. I can't believe people eat them. I just look at it. I'm like, oh my God. Like, you know, and I lied. I've eaten tacos and Tijuana. I no problem, there were like three for a buck. I was like gimme nine of them. Let's go light it up. No problem with that. But then sometimes some particular thing that I think is rather innocuous will kind of throw me for a loop. I don't really know. Why will you know it's funny? We I was in it was in was it not Cancun? Akaba is in Kabo in I was with, with a group of friends in there were six of us, and we all went out to dinner, it was raining, and we all went out to dinner that night we all five of us worth flip flops and one guy wore sneakers, and he, we were giving him crap you know, where like you know, why don't you wearing flip flops because he had to go back and like put on sneakers, because we walked outside, and that was like it was like rivers was like, really raining. He goes in this country, I guarantee that the sewage is being backed up, and it's flowing in the streets. He goes, you guys are all gonna get sick with your flip, and we're like giving them crap of a blah, I kid, you not all five of us got sick. His brother was hospitalized in the head to comeback in the US. Because we, we must have got fecal off. And he was he was pristine and we all got really really sick from it. Wow. Very present. Very good. You know what I would love to do is call into work to tell them I won't be in, because I nine tacos and Tijuana. Listen, I'm not going to be for the rest of the week as I talk os. And now the good news is it only costs me three dollars. The bad news is. I think that any time you can give an excuse with food in interject, the phrase fecal matter. Right. Yeah. And you're like, listen, the doctor tested me. I ingested a certain out of equal matter. And it's just it's not gonna work it out. I gotta work it out. But I'll be okay. Again, I got an open ended. Doctor's note, this is gonna take a while. Yeah. And trust me, you don't want me to be in work right now. But yeah food poisoning. I mean, you know, usually in my job, you just say, I'm taking a sick day. You don't tell them why. Or listen and we're going to we're going to cover this topic intensively in the masterclass we're going to give you molting excuses solid excuses that you can use you can marry to excuses together and, you know, and then just sit at home and in play the plan, X box binge on Netflix. I. I mean it all just comes back to the word for me. Diarrhoea diarrhoea, boom to. It's a magic word. Yeah, that's the go-to word right there. I mean, di- that were diarrhea shuts down, a lot just saying the conversation shutdown work. It can shut down a romantic experience over. Very, very shut. It can shut a trip down. Yeah, it can shut down in event. I am. Yeah. What was I gonna say? Yet. Well, when you use it, you want to make sure you maintain high contact that's capsules just staring at them and say, listen, I had diarrhea and it was terrible. Okay. It was out, usually terrible. We were watching this movie. It was, I think it was called the other woman was with Cameron d is in my son thought that there was essentially the movie is spoil alert. There was a husband who is cheating on his wife and then the wife gets together with two of his mistresses to take him down. And one of the scenes is one of the mistresses Cameron, d as while, he's taken a phone call puts like an exorbitant amount of like X exit ex lax. In his drinks, and then he goes to the bathroom and just kind of like unleashes, and he's got to get a new pair of pants and it's a really funny scene. And so my youngest son was like, oh, let's do that to dad, and I was like I was like that's not even funny. Like if, if you do that, to me, you will put me in the hospital that would like. And he's like laughing in Jeannine him or joking about it there and to the next night, I'm like eating a burger in the sin. They put it in my burger sauce like the ex lax. That's one you Yod. Yod. Tell my son. I will drive you to the orphanage myself. Okay. Oh, I told him I would take him out. I told him I would give to dead legs. He couldn't walk for a week. Yeah. Now she too late this back to. Infantilism nation the deeper problem with the food poisoning excuse beyond the fact that people will know food poisoning as a cover story. It's indicative of the fact that many employees still feel as, if they need to convince their bosses that they're projectile vomiting, like the kid in the exorcists in order to get the occasional day off. Now, I know some people just take mental health days, like in my profession, we have three personal days a year and a year again, I will stress is one hundred and eighty days because that's that's the school year so you can just you need far more than three mental health days. Well, then we get fifteen sick days. And if you don't use your sick days, they roll over into the next year. If you don't use your personal days, they don't so a personal day you just, you know, you don't have to sign anything you just say and really for the sick days. I think if you're out for like, more than three. Three days. They do wanna see a doctor's note, or something like that, which some people could say is kind of infantile, but quite honestly, some people will abuse the system. I mean they'll take two weeks off. So I have I have zero personal days, zero sick days. I just but then again, I can take a day whenever I want or vacation whenever I want. There's always trade-offs there are all it. I don't I don't really I don't really get sick like I don't get sick Ray have to like with the past couple of years. I, I mean maybe once or twice. Well, again, it comes down to the type of job like for your work, your clients. Expect results. They want the project livered on time now if you take two weeks off and they still get their project on what do they care Fono. They don't care. So, but for me it's, it's a set of deliverables that. Yeah. Want at a certain time you deliver. And there you go for me. I have to be in a certain place at a certain time, because I've kids in classes, and I gotta be there like I can't, I mean, if I have an emergency of some happens, and I said to the office like, I really need to get home. You know, they'll have somebody cover my class, no problem. But I can't do that too often that would be unreasonable. I think that's the majority of that working population. Yes. Like I got, you know, my kids, you know, whatever I mean, a lot of times, it's kids kidneys. Get picked up from school or like you know, one of my colleagues he had to his his kid was sick and has his wife teaches, and he just had to go pick it up. And you know, kids in there could be, you know, individuals that take advantage of absolute in the absolute and then screw everyone else with this, this parenting oversight. You know, in my job again, it doesn't really affect me, like I don't really have to take the slack. I mean, occasionally, I've been asked to just go in and watch another class to do anything just sit there. But it rarely affects me. So it's not like you know again, if you're working on a grip crew and one guy's an hour late. Everybody else's trying to cover. Now, if that happens once, and it's because of a real emergency people have sympathy, because it could happen to you. You know in, you would hope that people would, you know, take up for you. But if you're doing that all the time it's like or if you're saying, like, hey, I gotta leave early. It's like, look man. Everybody wants to leave early like, come on. So you know in some jobs, you just punching the clock. I mean, just in their nine you're out at five, you know, and it doesn't matter if you show up at nine or ten or eleven I think, in my brothers job. You know, if you show up at ten they don't care. But, you know, you usually there till then six thirty or seven o'clock if you wanna come in at seven AM you can do that, too. But again, you're also you have to interact with other people like, if you're in it's six AM, you're probably the only one there, when people are not going to be answering your emails, and that, that for me might get a little frustrating because I like to start early. I don't like people, you know, if they drift in at ten o'clock, and they wanna stay till eight I'm like, if I don't that's not my own like that. But I don't work in that type of profession. So I don't really have to deal with it. So folks, my pledge to you is that I will try my best to get these masterclass scripts written. I said, John some kind of half hearted done. One's not really. I like like the term pledge. My pledge my pledge to you. Right. It's like the it's like the pledge of allegiance when you kinda half asset. Yeah. The hands not even on the heart. No, not even saying it now my country because of the my I don't even really remember. The words to it. You know you does off. Yeah. So I'm going to really get up tomorrow and put the pedal to the metal put the bit between Matif and get these written. I'm gonna do it. How about that? You like that. I'm all gung ho I like that. I'd say, don't lock yourself in a room and just don't leave until you have the entire series complete. It now I could start it now, but it's about five thirty in the afternoon, will you don't want to do that? And my ruin unite now. I can't do I'm exhausted right now. I'm just you've got you've got a Netflix series to fall asleep to. Yeah. I drew. Down from New Hampshire today. Those those three hour drive. You must be exhaust. No. I didn't take a map granted, but it was not long. It was like to this is this, what I suggest you go out. And you get to one foot sausage and pepper heroes, right? Yeah. A big bang of potato chips and a fat two liter of coke in settle in for the night on the couch and turn on. You know, maybe some keeping up with the Kardashians or maybe a Netflix series that you can binge and then wolf those heroes down, and the chips and the soda and then just just kind of like Zun just gonna pass out just kind of leaned my head like I'll finish, one hero. The other one will be about half finished, and it's on my chest. Just kind of laying there. Yes. Just kind of. And then when you wake up you have a snack. Yeah. Just going to start digging back into it. You know, on daytime television, you know, the show friends. Yes. Yeah, that was pretty bad. I thought I thought the first season was okay. And then after that I was like, I can't believe it's back on, and it's very popular with kids. It's very it's, it's one that friends and the office to most popular shows on Netflix right now. Yeah. Well, and then friends is on TBS, and it will be on. I'm not hitting you from ten o'clock in the morning until three o'clock in the afternoon. And I wonder is anybody seriously sitting here, just absorb Shing, absolutely God that I mean, more than you would like to know Manny, you honestly, need to check yourself into a clinic if you're sitting there, right, there is a recipe for depression. I don't know what the chicken in the edges, like I don't know if you're depressed. So you sit down and. And just it's, it's a full circle experience or if you're just dirty. I can see it's spiraling like I can see somebody being out of work. Okay. They've you know they get up in the morning. There's some the resume out to make some calls, you know, after like nine in the morning if you've been at it or ten in the morning if you've been doing that for two hours and then you sit down in front of the TV and then okay, I'm just going to watch a couple of episodes, and then the days and weeks progress, you're just there in front of the TV for five hours watching in the time that putting in the time, and then your spouse comes home and realizes they need to file for divorce because yeah, this is what is the way it's going to play out. Yeah. So folks, don't make excuses to your boss about. I'm gonna take this to the other end of the spectrum don't even call him. Just don't show up for work. You're an adult you don't have to do that, right? To just so you don't have to pick up you pick up the phone. You only thing you have to do is watch. Friends from ten AM to three PM every day, whatever the tell you boss, whatever. I don't you know then if you if you really get back into a corner again. What's my magic word diarrhea thing food poisoning anyone questions? You you lash out and you attack. Yup. Start saying, don't you know how much while first of all start off with I worked so hard. I was loved that one. I worked so hard. I do this. I do that sacrifice blah, blah, blah this, and that, you know, it's kind of fun is to have friends on mute on the TV while you're doing this, and you tell while you're lying and spinning your tails, and all of that, and we'll or you can also accuse someone of racism or sexual harassment if they ask him. Hey, it's like, hey Matt why weren't you in the office yesterday? We had, we had a team meeting you could take that as a as an attack on your. Character anyway. Eight on your race. Yeah. Yeah. You can play a lot of cards with that. And I would say I'll just end with this. The reason I wasn't at work was because we were having a team meeting. That would be reason for me to not attend work because we're having a team meeting. All right, folks, so hone your excuses, I would just say from a strategic point of view. I would agree with this food poisoning thing expand your repertoire, get creative. Okay, don't be afraid drain. Your kids related. You are you were a created being, you can spin multiple tales food poisoning is too easy. Let me throw out a few to elderly you era. It your this sorry to cut you off met. You're a storyteller. Yeah. See it like that elderly parent. There's that that's always a good one or, or relative, elderly relative. Yeah. How many EMMY aunt, you have you have a couple could die? Hey, you don't have to have any. Okay. As far as. We know you don't have to have any, it could be just I mean, to get her her meals or whatever it is. You can have an active. This is Matthew helping similar noun. You're helping out in an elderly person you're not calling in sick. You're helping someone else out. I mean my God, what are you a monster? The person is going to, you know, I need to do a wellness check. They could be lying at the bottom of their stairs with a laundry hamper scattered all over the place. All right. I'm gonna write that down for the master class. This is good stuff elderly relative elderly neighbor. You know, kids, always, it's always a crisis mood and you're the only person on earth that could have solved it. Yeah. And you're not an oh, and you can add to the story, you can say, yeah, we went to the doctor, and then we had to go, you know, I hear there and you don't have to document any of this, because you can't because I can't no one's gonna no one's going to question. How can I ask my elderly aunt? For a you know, a doctor's note. I mean that's insane. You know. All right. I'm gonna noodle with some of these excuses here. These are these are pretty good. This is useful information there in. It's endless endless create creativity and just remember and I'll, quote George Costanza here. It's not a lie. If you believe that's right. That's some truth right there. All right, everybody. Tune in next time it was great talking to you. And we look forward to hearing your comments suggestions, concerns and stories. Yes in, please as always Email us, you can even ask us a question in right within the app and send it to us. And we'll, we'll answer it on air and share this with friends and family rate, review us, we love all that stuff on itunes and Google play in Spotify. Art, everybody. Thanks for listening. All right. Thanks, everyone. Thank you, everyone for listening to this. Episode of the working experience. We'd like to think our sponsors, one circle media and the still believe app, the only app that delivers video proof of the tooth, fairy, and Santa by simply taking a picture, download the app at still believe dot CO today in a major kids. And if you work for a studio networks, startup or corporation and are looking for a partner to create media, that will build engage in entertain your audience reach out to me at John at one circle media dot com. I would love to hear from you, and that's it the end the sweet. And until our next audio encounter.

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Ep 21 Measles: The Worst Souvenir

This Podcast Will Kill You

1:17:52 hr | 1 year ago

Ep 21 Measles: The Worst Souvenir

"Right. It begins with a rigor followed by heats and chills during the first day on the second day. There's fever with intense Malays thirst loss of appetite white tongue. Not actually dry, slight cough, heaviness of the head, and is and constant drowsiness. In most cases, a humor distills from the nose, and is the fusion or suffuses of tears being the most certain sign of sickening for measles. More certain indeed than the exam the child sneezes as if it has taken cold the eyelids. Well, there may be vomiting more. Usually there are loose green stools, and there is excessive fruitfulness on the fourth or fifth day small red macula like flea bites begin to appear on the forehead and the rest of the face, which coalesce as they continue to come out in increasing numbers. So as to form resumes. Clusters these MAC? Fillet will be found by the touch to be slightly elevated, although they seem level to the eye on the trunk and limbs to which they gradually extend they are not elevated about the sixth day, the macula begin to Ruffin and scale from the face downwards. And by the eighth day are scarcely discernible anywhere on the ninth day. The whole body is dusted with brand the common people say that the spots. Head quote turned inwards by which they mean that if it had been smallpox they would have remained out longer and have proceeded to seperation or maturation. The rash having this gun in. There is an access of fever attenuated with labored, breathing and cough. The latter being so incessant as to keep the children from sleep day or night. That's awful. It's not great. That sounds really miserable. Yes. That was from Sinden hams account of London measles epidemic. That happened. All the way back in sixteen seventy but it could be an account of what's going on today. It really could actually was very similar in a lot of ways to things that I read in my textbooks about describing measles, including the common people part. Maybe not that part the common people. Hi, I'm Erin. Well, I'm Aaron I'm enough day. And this is this podcast will kill you. And we're obviously talking about measles. If you haven't cut the hint yet. A lot of you asked for it. And we've been wanting to do it. So here it is. Yeah. Thanks for asking everyone. This one is there's a sense of urgency here though, which is very real. Yeah. Why is that Aaron? Well, I mean spoilers there's Musil's mowing on right in the world today. So much Mazel of today. There's a lot that's happening. And I think this is this is a really interesting one to cover because it deals with a lot of different issues that we have sort of skirted around or skirted past may be touched on very briefly here and there in terms of vaccination in terms of how to view historical, epidemics, the light of today. Yeah. Measles is really one. That's going to bring it all home. So I'm excited me too. It's gonna be fun. So speaking of fun. I think it's quarantining. Absolutely. What are we drinking today today? We're drinking a rash decision. The name because for the characteristic measles rash and the poor decision. Making of some people to not backseat their children. Yeah. We said it. Okay. So what's in this drink that we're drinking will we've got vodka? We've got Grenadine we've got ginger liqueur mourn ginger ale up to you. We've got lime juice and Lincoln Bury's. Oh, yeah. If you're in Finland otherwise cherries, if you're not in Finland where Lincoln varies are so abundant whatever small red berry to mimic the spots of the mies. Yeah. And as always will post the full recipe for this corn, teeny along with our placebo Rita are non alcoholic version on our website as well. As all of our social media's this podcast will kill you on Instagram and Facebook, and teepee w k y on Twitter and also someone has someone has started a sub read it called TWA lie which is. Is really thrilling, and we have seen the quarantine is posted there. So whoever's doing that, thank you very much, and you should know that Aaron Welsh checks it all the time in love and. Okay. So measles measles. Should we talk about it? I think that's why we're here. We're going to do that. Right. After this break. Article is an online only furniture company that offers beautiful modern well-made furniture designed with Scandinavian simplicity in mind online, only means article is able to eliminate the layers of traditional retail. So they can keep prices low and quality high and article is serious about shipping. No matter how many items you pick each order is shipped at a flat rate of forty nine dollars. I have this chair. That's the most grownup adult chair that I could ever have dreamed of having its green velvet, and it's so comfortable. I think it's become the official video game chair, which I guess doesn't make it very grown-up. But it's gorgeous and beautiful. And I really love it. I love their lamps election is absolutely incredible. I mean, I have the best lighting I could ever want now. And and it's also available for such an incredible deal. Yeah. It's it's very exciting. It's all very like beautiful beautiful looking. Items, and they're actually really reasonable prices. Article is offering today's listeners fifty dollars off your first purchase of one hundred dollars or more to claim this offer visit article dot com slash this podcast. That's all it takes article dot com slash this podcast. And the discount will be automatically applied at checkout. That's article dot com slash this podcast to get fifty dollars off your first purchase of a hundred dollars or more. All right. Before I dive into the biology of measles. I want for everyone to know that we are going to be doing an entire episode focused on vaccines. Where we'll talk about the history of vaccine development. Well, when I say, we I mean, Erin, well, I don't. I'll talk about how vaccines actually work in your body to give you immunity, and then we'll talk more generally about the status of vaccination across the US and the globe today. We're talking about one disease measles, that's often. A large part of the conversation about vaccines. And we'll talk about why that is. But I'm not gonna talk super broadly about vaccines because I do want to give measles the attention that it deserves specifically if that makes sense makes sense to me. Yeah. So stay tuned people. Yeah. But we will talk about vaccines because vaccines are an important part of the measles story. Yes. Okay. So measles. First of all. It's the virus. It's an ARIN a virus? Which usually I say that means it's scarier than DNA viruses because they mutate in their heart target. But actually turns out measles has like very low antigen diversity. So it hasn't changed. Over its history with humans. We got lucky. Yeah. Very so that means that the vaccines that we developed way back Wim are still affective against the wild circulating virus today. So that's like the best news. I have for you about measles downhill from here. Cool. Got to start off on a high. You know? Okay. So when you get infected with measles the incubation period, which again is that period from when you first get infected until you start showing symptoms last between ten and fourteen days. Okay. Okay. However, you become infectious up to five days before those symptoms start. You know, those are the deadly ones. Those are the way really are. It's it's a very very big deal. And we've talked about it before with the flu and things like that. But in the case of measles, the fact that you're infectious before you have any symptoms is in even bigger deal because the are not of measles, which again is the number of secondary infections that a single infected individual will cause if the entire population is susceptible. For measles that number is between thirteen and eighteen. Yep. One that we know rightly highest one we know. And what this essentially means is that for every single person who's infected on average ninety percent of the people. They come in contact with who are susceptible will become infected with measles that that's a horrifying statistic. Exactly. Yeah. I mean, if you think about smallpox and how like massive of outbreaks smallpox was able to cause the aren't of smallpox is between five and seven and people are terrified if things like Ebola or SARS and the Arnauts of those are like less than two for Abela or between two and three for SARS. And yet measles is this thing that infects almost everyone who comes into contact with an infected individual, do you. Remember what the are not is of the virus? That's in contagion. I don't remember. What it actually is? I remember her listing. I don't know if they ever actually said it because she just was like we need to figure out what the are not is. But I don't remember. Yeah. We'll have to look it up. I remember her writing on the board measles fourteen. Yeah. I think she wrote polio on there, which was like six or seven. Yeah. Anyways. Okay. Let's get worse. Okay. So measles is transmitted airborne not just in respiratory droplets. But actually airborne I told you it gets worse. So what that means? Is that measles can stay the virus infectious measles. Viral particles can stay suspended and alive and infectious in the forking air for up to two hours after an infected person leaves the room. Wait a second. So the out of like, you know, how pig pen in when he's got that cloud of dust around him. So if you were a measles kid, it would just be a cloud of measles. That would stay in the room two hours after he left. Yeah. That's the thing. It stays in the room. And so what happens when there's okay, we have had some measles cases here. Champagne and every time there's a new case public health sends out in alert. And they give you a list of all the places that this person was during the time that they were infectious along with the times that they were there and those times include a two hour window after that person left because the room itself remains infectious gracious. Okay. All right. Let me summarize the things we've learned so far measles is a virus. That if I haven't before I even know I'm sick for five full days. I can be walking around breathing coughing into a room. And once I leave that room for two hours people can walk into it and become infected by the air, which contains my measles. And if those people are susceptible, meaning if they're unvaccinated ninety percent of them will become infected and then for four to five days after my symptoms resolve I'm still infectious. Oh, wow. Yep. I'm just wondering the total amount of time that an individual is infectious. The total amount of time is probably a good two weeks. Okay. So okay. So let's talk about this. Tim's it starts as the name of our future. Spinoff podcast. Would suggest with a fever. And in this case with measles. We're talking about a really high fever often up to a hundred and four hundred and four Fahrenheit, forty degrees celsius. So the virus invades your bronchials. I your bronchials are the tubes in your lungs where the goes, it infects, the epithelial cells, which we've talked about a lot in this podcast because a lot of viruses infect, those epithelial cells, which are the cells that line your bronchials. And so that's why the first set of symptoms that you see after fever are respiratory symptoms. A cough runny nose. You can get conjunctiva. If it moves up into your eye, and then within two to three days of after symptoms begin. You'll often get something called I believe it's cop lick might be cope. Look. Oh, yeah. Cop the? Yeah. I read about the dude. Yeah. Oh, cool. So these are these small white spots in your mouth, and while these spots don't appear in every single case, they are very common manifestation, and there's pretty much nothing else that causes these particular. Types of spots. So they're what we call. You're gonna learn how talk like Dr Pathom onic for a disease path onum onic. It's a really fun word. It basically means that it's a specific symptom that is very specifically characteristic and indicative of a particular disease. So once you see this symptom Copley spots, you can say that kid has measles. Can you spell that? P A T H O G N O monarch. Pathan demonic initially eared word. Yeah. But so other examples we've actually talked about some other diseases that have pathogenic findings rice water stool demonic for what disease. So it's like a dead giveaway of cholera. Exactly. Yeah. It's like dead giveaway. It's like there's nothing else. There's no other diseases that you would see this symptom in essentially, so anyways, that's your vocab word for the day. I love it. So after those cop spots in another few days, you'll break out in a rash. And this is the classic measles rash. It's often called the bucket of paint. Rash? That's how I learned it in class. You explain to me what that means because you suggested them drinking if if someone took a bucket of paint and spilled it over your head. Okay. Because the rash starts up at your hairline. Slowly works its way down across your face over your trunk onto your arm. So it's literally like if you took a bucket of paint like the Gatorade buckets after a football game or something and you dumped it on top. And now you have Gatorade dripping down your face. Okay. So it's like the trajectory exactly of where it's going to pass. They're not that you look like a bucket of paint has been dropped on you. Well, well, it also is that the the rash becomes confluence. And so does pretty much cover your whole body. So it starts out is individual spots. But then those spots kind of merged together. So it does I mean, it doesn't actually look like paint because it's your skin. But you know, right help me visualize. What this what looks like? Yeah. Oh, good. I'm glad. And so that rash that rashes mostly caused actually buy your immune system killing cells that are infected with the virus. So not caused by the virus itself necessarily. Okay, now, in most cases, this rashes kind of one of the final symptoms after a few days of this. Rush. The both the rash and the fever will start to subside, and you'll recover in most cases, but not everyone will recover for every one thousand people infected with measles one or two will die and at least one will develop cute in stuff elitest, which is an infection of your brain that can cause permanent brain damage. You can also get a lot of secondary bacterial infections like pneumonia, which is pretty common after a measles infection because of the damage that measles does to your respiratory tract. But and this part is a really big deal. Measles, also causes suppression of your immune system in general. And not just while you're infected but for weeks or months after infection after you recover, if you recover your immuno-compromised, which means you're more susceptible to infection from other pathogens and not done. It gets even more serious than that. Because recent data has shown that infection with the measles. Virus destroys your immunologic memory. What's so? Yes. This is the part. I was hoping you didn't know. So terrifying. So it destroys your immune system's capacity for memory, and our immune system is essentially built on the fact that we have cells that live for a really long time and provide us with defenses against things we've already been exposed to. That's what immunologic memory is use those wipes that out so anything that you had been previously exposed to. And should be able to fight off. You can't. It's like you had never been exposed by God. Okay. First question. Okay. I have two questions. Okay. The first one is that you said that it destroys the capacity. So does that mean that if you get infected that say with something again, then you will not develop protective antibodies to that you could continue to get reinfected with that. So I that's a really good question. I don't know if it transient Lisa. Suppresses your immune system overall? And then it wipes out all of your memory cells. But I believe after the period of immune suppression. So like after a few weeks or months, you would be able to then mount an immune response. But it's just that it would have it would be like mounting immune response all over again. Like you had never been exposed. But once that once you had been re-exposed to whatever it was then subsequently if you were exposed that you can still build memory. It's just wipes out. It's basically clear that your hard drive. Yep. Starts back in zero at stuff again. Ok yeah. The second question. Yeah. How? Great question. There is a paper on that. But it was getting very in depth technically on the like, this is how these immune, blah, blah, blah's. And I couldn't I couldn't deal with it. So I'll linked to that paper. Yeah. And the other thing is I don't think that it's entirely clear. This is a pretty recent paper. We didn't realize just we knew about the short-term suppression of your immune system. We didn't know until very recently and the way that we actually found this out is looking at long-term, data trends of mortality rates. So I don't think that it's entirely clear. There's mouse models that show that it's possible for measles to wipe out those cells, but it's not a hundred percent clear. How the heck measles is so powerful and destroys your mean system so much. That's amazing. It's it's oh my gosh. So measles infection is not just it can kill you by killing you outright. It's also associated with short term increases in opportunistic, infection and long-term. I'm talking years increased mortality rates due to non measles disease. This is something that makes a lot of. Sense in light of vaccination because what we know is that vaccination with the measles vaccine, not only protects you from measles, but Atta population level, it decreases mortality from non measles diseases for years after vaccination, and the reason that that is what's happening with vaccination is because of how strong the effect of infection with measles is on your immune system. It just destroys it. I think that the the long enjoyed of is that being vaccinated against measles and getting measles naturally and gaining and you need to art not the same thing in any respect whatsoever. -actly being naturally infected will lead you to have adverse health outcomes probably ones that you won't even realize that's needed protects. You exactly they're not even comparible because that's something that I think a lot of people, you know, it's like oh well. Why can't I just let my kid get the chicken pox? Instead of you know, giving him the chicken pox scene or whatever. And in this case, especially with measles. That is not the case vaccination protects you not just from measles. But it protects your immune system and infection with measles wipes your immune system out. So that's it's amazing remark. I had no idea. I'm glad really fun to get to tell you. Yeah. So that is that's measles. That's the virus. That's how it makes. You say. So I've got Erin. So how did we get here? How did we learn how to fight this sucker? It's a good story. Cool Choi take a quick break. Let's do it. But for real get a corn teeny. When was the last time you ate a breakfast that you felt good about not a bowl of sugary cereal. Like, I do every day, but a breakfast it's actually nourishing now you can transform your breakfast. With daily harvest daily harvest delivers carefully sourced. Chef created smoothies. 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Like, I often just forget, I even have it on which is shocking that doesn't happen with bras. I I love it. It's the thing where I'm just like I mean, how many times can I wear a bra without washing it because I wanna wear this every day all day all the time. Try the original true body bra from true in court today with free and easy returns and say fifteen percent now when you go to true and co dot com slash this podcast and enter the code this podcast. That's T R U E A N D C, O dot com slash podcast. the measles virus probably came from something. Like bovine rinderpest. Oh episode. Someday or canine distemper virus, but archaeological evidence isn't really clear on that. We don't really know exactly where it came from. Okay. But what do we know what we know that the Musil's virus would have needed a pretty large population density with sufficient influx of susceptible people in order for it to be sustained make sense the crowd disease. Yeah. But saying pretty large population density, isn't exactly me being precise. So let's let's let's get them precision here. Erin, I mean middle name. Not at all. Okay. But there is some pretty cool math here, actually, a some researchers calculated that the virus has to move to a new host at least twenty six times a year. If it's going to survive in a population interesting that makes sense if it's two two week to week disease. Yeah. Yeah. At a bare minimum. There needs to be twenty six susceptible people in population every year for measles to persist. Okay. But there are a lot of buts. But then those people would have to be in close or frequent enough contact for transmission. And then once infected and hopefully recovered your immune so new -ceptable had come in from somewhere being born whatever basically while in theory, you only need twenty six new hosts, but in practice, you need a whole lot more. So the real the more reasonable estimate was calculated to actually be a population. This includes both susceptible 's and immune okay of two hundred and fifty thousand people. Wow. That's a huge jump up. And so that that's that's for maintenance. Okay. To keep the virus around. Right. Because otherwise, I mean, of course, the virus could could go get into population and sweep through it. No problem of any size. Right. This is for the cyclic outbreaks to happen. Yeah. But yeah, that is that is a pretty big size. So then when? And where did people start to even form settlements that big? Yeah. The authors of this measles book that I read which by the way has a million cool maps so full of information. Holy cow. So so much work on it. Anyway. So they started looking through archaeological records to make a list of possible places where a there'd be enough people and be there would also be agriculture and exposure to domesticated animals because that's probably where the virus came from. And so then they came up with a list and dates for these so-called urban nuclear areas, most of which were in the fertile crescent. But some were also in central and South America and west Africa, but the most likely place where measles was first established was in Sumeria and the Tigris new freeze river valley around three thousand BC. Wow. So it's old. That's a long time ago five thousand years. Yeah. Okay. Cool done. There you go. And that's the maze. Okay. But still were there measles Samaria three thousand BC. Okay. But it wasn't there for long, or at least it wasn't only there for very long measles. Did what does is to spread the virus spread north to southern Europe the rest of the Middle East and east to India China Japan where early writings indicated it was there by like three hundred or eight hundred eighty. As for Africa measles didn't seem to sabotage their the way it did in Europe and Asia, possibly because of lower population density that no possibly because of physical or landscape barriers making pathogen exchange not super frequent or possibly it was there, and we just don't know about it. Because there aren't as many written records. Okay. I dunno distinguishing between measles and smallpox and historical texts is really quite tricky. Make sense. Yeah. I mean physicians didn't often or at least at various points didn't make a distinction between the two, but that would change in the middle ages when measles really came into its own. It's like I need to distinguish myself. Own person my own person. Measles going through its teenage years. Yeah. I mean that side swept beings. The eyeliner I hitting close to home. I know right. Right. Okay. So by the middle ages, which let's say the fifth to fifteenth century measles was fully established throughout the old world. I mean, it was it was there with the population center is big enough. It was there. Although I wonder I read this is a little sign it to myself. I wonder how the black death booboo plague in the fourteenth century how that disrupted the measles epidemic pattern. It probably screws everything up as we saw as we've seen. I just I don't know. I didn't look it up though. Okay. Anyway. So during the middle ages when physicians started to recognize describe measles disease, although the term medals, for instance, was used to refer to the lesions from leprosy. And so it's not fully clear when it switched from being used interchangeably to being reserved just for measles alone. Okay. But the earliest reference that we can say for sure is talking about measles is from the physician Raza's, which was Latin is d- from try to pronounce this Abboud Bacar Mohammed bin Zakaria al-rassi. So he was from close to where Tehran is today. Okay. Not only was he one of the first people to suggest that a fever might be your body's natural defense against disease in like the year nine hundred also wrote a whole treatise on how measles and smallpox different things. And how to tell them apart cool so in nine hundred. Yeah, super cool. That's awesome. Them. All right. So now all of that was just me laying the groundwork for getting to the real part of the story, which is fifteen hundreds onward. So by fifteen hundred which is the end of the middle ages measles was established in pretty much all parts of the old world. But how much of it was actually impacting populations as we've talked about. If you wanna trace historical patterns of disease. You have to rely on some pretty iffy records one of these. Which is absolutely fascinating. I came across is the London bills of mortality, which I think was started to keep track of plague outbreaks. But now, they're golden not just for like statistics and looking backwards in time, but also for ridiculous names for diseases, for instance, in sixteen sixty five which was a play gear three hundred ninety seven people died of quote rising of the lights. Which had to do with lungs possibly crew? Okay. Eighty six people died of king's evil, which is to Bricusse scruffy from the king. Well, this is the whole Royal touched. Right. They didn't cure them. So. And five died of distracted. Driving? It happens. That horse when we're buggies invented. Okay. Anyway. But you should look into it. It's it's it's fascinating. And you'll also see some recognizable ones on their scurvy leprosy smallpox so on and even though these records are incomplete and not super reliable. They can help to paint a picture of some of the disease trends especially year year in London. There were measles deaths every year from sixteen seventy six to the mid eighteen hundreds how which shows that the disease was fully endemic. Yeah. But if you look at the yearly trends, you can also see that there were some years the lot of cases and some with just a few and the interval between these outbreaks shorter and shorter as time went on and the deaths due to measles also grew probably because population was growing probably because crowded conditions nutrition at cetera et cetera. And these also not just variable year to year, but also throughout the year. So it was very seasonal disease. You knew that it was springtime in Europe was on the rise. And then smallpox would follow its steps in the fall. And some researchers have suggested that the measles epidemic in the spring weakened the population and led to a Superintent smallpox epidemic in the fall. Oh my God. Yeah. Oh, dude. Yeah. Oh, it's really. Yeah. Oh my gosh. I love it, flabbergasted. Good work thing. This this season. -ality of measles was viewed as evidence that the origin. Was my asthma bad, air course. But a few people said, no, no, it's it's infected clothing or other agents or the air, and you know, but measles would shown to be contagious conclusively by someone with probably only the best intentions the Scottish physician Francis. Home had a heard about Turkish physicians inoculating and smallpox. I bet I can do that with measles. I tried to get some pus like material from the rash and bumps of his volunteers. But I guess there wasn't really it's a pretty flat. Arash, it's not really. Yep. Hussy situation. So he's like I'll I'll just go for the blood the blood's fine. So he sliced open the most measly section of measles. Measly? Put some cotton balls in there to soak up the blood, and then he sliced open the arms of twelve children and put those blood soaked cotton balls. Oh, my. Well, he ten of the twelve came down with measles. But he was like, oh, no it's much. Milder. It's it's super mild. I I don't know for sure whether it was milder, but they didn't die, and he viewed his experiment as a success. I'm sure he did. It was debated amongst his peers. Okay. Let's let's go back to some of these measles outbreaks though because you say oh an outbreak happened the they're an epidemic happened here. You know, what what numbers really am I talking about? For instance, the great Glasgow epidemic of eighteen eight lead to seven hundred eighty seven measles deaths. Most of which were children out of a population of around one hundred thousand people. Oh my gosh. Which you know compared to the other diseases that we've talked about looks like a relatively small metality rate. But measles did still kill. Yeah. When he was seventy three years old Louis the fourteenth, lost his son, his grandson and his great grandson all within eleven months of each other to measles. Whoa. So his sole surviving. Great grandson would succeed him at the age of five. Whoa. So I don't claim to know anything about French history. But a quick pedia skim tells me that Louis the fifteenth, which is the five year old who didn't die of measles was one of the longest reigning monarchs. And also the one who's excessive spending helped to lead to the collapse of the government and the French revolution. And thus his grandson being beheaded. So so mealy measles thing for the shin. I just wanted someone to written alternate history. Or TV show. What would have happened? If measles didn't wipe out so much of the French Royal line. Wow. I didn't know that Louie. The fourteenth live to be so old seven three. That's old. Yeah. Back then while he he lived. I think if you years beyond that as well. That's just when he lost everyone that sucks by for them. Yeah. But in general measles was viewed in Europe as a moderately deadly disease that killed mostly children. But let's remember a couple of things about that. I there are many other diseases going on at the same time that had horrific mortality rates like plagues, smallpox Burke, yellow, sus, etc. That may have overshadowed measles deaths and second these are populations that have some history of exposure to measles. But what happens when measles gets into a population? That has never experienced before. Can you tell us? I think I'm about to. Accent. So let's go to the new world for another round of Columbian exchange. Guess how many people die? So, you know, those those quaint measles mortality rates of like three to five percent right in percent, whatever or even these days. Oh, yeah. Way lower. Well, those are those are going to seem ridiculous to what I will tell you about the new world, so Caribbean islands and Central American regions where the first hit by measles and other diseases brought over from Europe and Cuba, for instance, may have lost up to two thirds of its entire population. Due to measles in fifteen twenty nine. Oh, two thirds. That's I play status. Yeah. Jesus. I had no idea. I didn't either measles was the leading cause of death in many of these places competing with smallpox typhus mumps influenza Setzer. Wow. Yeah. I mean, the history of measles in the new world reeds pretty much like you'd expect it to just a horrific tragedy the keystone or Francisco Pizarro brings to Nicaragua. And then to Peru as he's on his mission to destroy the Incan empire. And then from there just sort of spreads all throughout South America. Completely unimpeded by anyone or anything. And it also moves north all within the span of a century or so from one Columbus landed, but it's not like it swept through killing an enormous chunk varies populations. And then disappearing it became endemic in many of these regions with more major epidemics happening at irregular intervals killing thousands regularly. So mortality rates they they ranged from sixty percent at the beginning. Then fifty than twenty five and sixteen sort of slowing down or creeping down a bit over time. Right as the immune population built up, right? And obviously, it's hard to separate out the the effects of measles and smallpox all the diseases that were going on at the same time. But measles took much larger toll than I knew. Yeah. It did. Yeah. So measles and smallpox are considered to be. The two big killers of native American populations of the new world with only smallpox outranking measles in the number of deaths caused. Wow. And measles was also an epidemic disease and European settlements in north and Central America, primarily affecting children. But also every now and then getting its grip on a larger proportion of the population. And it seemed for some reason like measles was more severe in the colonies than it was back in Europe. And our good friend cotton Mather, remember him. Why does that name sound familiar smallpox? Oh, I have such a hard time airing with the names and the date something Hotton Mather. We lost our minds over it. I believe any sure it was smallpox anyway. Well, poor cotton lost his wife three children and his made to measles in a span of two weeks to. He has a bunch of found an article that had his diary entries during this time. And it's really heartbreaking. Yeah. He he noticed this big difference. He was like why is it so deadly here back in the back in Europe? This is seen as a routine illness. And probably had to do with the lower population density may be a larger -ceptable population was built up. But yeah, also I wanted to shout out a listener named Meredith who sent us an Email who had some fun cotton Mather tidbits, such as the fact that he may have been an instigator of the Salem witch trials and his father's first name was increase. Fantastic. I remember that. Okay. Over the years from eighteen forty to the early nineteen hundreds the world's population grew tremendously, so almost doubled. And during this time, we see a lot of measles epidemic of two kinds. So the typical cyclic measles outbreaks in debt countries and the epidemic devastation in youth populations. Broadly urban ization increased as transportation, and as did our understanding of how measles spreads. Okay. So does this dude named Peter Ludwig PanAm who is the measles guy? He really set the groundwork for what we understand about measles, or at least what we did going into the twentieth century. How measles moves through population? And so he developed all this information when he was tracking epidemic in the Faroe Islands in eighteen forty six. So in eighteen forty six in the Faroe Islands there were seven thousand. Seven hundred eighty two people living there, okay of those six thousand became infected by measles wall. So that seventy seven percent cry became infected because the population was isolated. They had never had measles. So this this dude PanAm went to those the Faroe Islands to watch the spread of the disease making observations such as incubation period classic symptoms, the time when someone is most infectious so on and he also noticed that all age group seemed to be impacted which wasn't really the case. So he was like, oh this could be because the population has never experienced before. And so on so it was a pretty big conclusion to draw back then and it made a big impact in terms of of understanding future outbreaks and how they differed among different populations. So the final big impact of his report on this ethnic was his complete dismissal of. Asthma as the way it spread. He was like no measles is clearly contagious and the only way to prevent someone from getting infected is to isolate the infectious person the only way as for mortality rates due to measles. They did drop over time. But again, looking just at death due to measles infection during the epidemic is only going to show you the tip of the iceberg. Because of all of these things that we talked about immuno-compromised. Immune system. Forgetful, nece, not really forgetfulness detonation. Really? Yeah. So major cities like London Glasgow would see a few thousand cases of measles every year with a few hundred deaths Iceland, experienced some intense epidemics, for instance, to quote and ice land surgeon during the eighteen forty six epidemic. It would be easier to count the people who escaped the disease than to count those who were affected by it for it. Spared. Very few. Wow. So similar was Hawaii who lost one fifth of its population over the decade between eighteen fifty and eighteen sixty. Whoa. But but also even in places where measles was supposedly endemic like in the US measles could still cause a huge problem during the American civil war over the course of that over two hundred and four thousand troops were killed on the battlefield due to, you know, fighting but over twice that number died of disease, not not measles alone. But just disease can't measles was one of them to camp Musil's seemed to be more severe than regular measles weird. Yeah. And had much deadlier complications, you probably wouldn't die directly for measles. But you'd probably die from it had weaken do and sort of in more foreshadowing of this whole thing some surgeons during the war said that they thought the bulk of all serious illnesses. Nine out of ten cases during the civil war were traceable to measles. Wow. Wow. All right. If you've ever learned the term virgin soil epidemic in a biology or public health class never heard that term now virgin soil epidemic. Now, I haven't it's basically like naive population at okay, Mary. Yeah. But okay, if you've heard either of those terms. It was probably in association with the Fiji measles epidemic of eighteen seventy five which destroyed close to quarter of the entire population of that country. Let's track the sequence of events in September eighteen seventy four the most prominent chief of Fiji king Kako signs over Fiji to be under British rule. Obviously, this was a big deal politically and many discussions had to follow. So that people could figure out how things were going to fall out. Basically how things we're gonna work after Fiji became part of the British empire. So king Kako along with a couple of his sons went to Australia to chat with the governor of Sydney while they're caca about picked up measles. But he recovered before getting back on the ship. But his sons didn't so their illnesses weren't detected until they were well on their way back. Back to Fiji and a doctor on the ship was like, okay. You guys are sick. You're going in an isolation room. But when the HMS Daito arrived at the Fiji and capital on January twelfth eighteen seventy five no yellow quarantine flag was flown. And no notice of measles was made. No over the next ten days after the ship. Got back about sixty nine high up political people from all over Fiji and other nearby islands came to cactus house and other political gatherings were taking place to discuss what it meant that the kingdom of Fiji was no longer. So everyone after this goes their separate ways back to wherever they had come from bringing measles back as a souvenir unexpectedly the worst souvenir within a couple of weeks nearly all of those sixty nine chiefs would be dead and. The epidemic would be unstoppable cases exploded, it just tore through. Oh god. I mean, it was enormously high mortality, and which was probably exacerbated by the breakdown of infrastructure and any medical tension as there just weren't people around to do it. It was also a really bad year weatherwise with lots of hurricanes which meant ruined crops and starvation or the very least poor nutrition, which makes measles more deadly vitamin deficiency. Really bad, very bad. So for two months, the epidemic raged and the rest of the outside world had no idea because all of the harbors were closed to isolate the islands to not allow any more cases in or anywhere cases out at the end of those two months. The world was like how many people died how many in a popular? Of around one hundred fifty thousand people estimated forty thousand forty thousand died of measles. No, one virtually no one was spared and a quarter of the population died. Oh my God. I had no idea. How absolutely devastating measles has been me. Neither. Yeah. So glad we're doing this episode me to on that on that note of the Fiji epidemic. I came across this incredible paper by Dr David ins about this epidemic and also re-examining in light of today in today's political climate in today's educational system. It was just a really eloquent wonderful read, and we will definitely linked to that. Moving on. In the first half of the twentieth century measles was endemic nearly everywhere at least in all places with a population large enough to sustain it and it had its fun during both world wars, of course. But fortunately, the rain of measles was coming to an end, or at least that's the illusion. Okay. Although the mortality rate due to measles had dropped quite a bit in the twentieth century. It was still killing children. So it was still a big priority for vaccine development, enter John enders. So he's he's the reason I suggested the quarantine him enders fame have been so good. Slightly to obscure. Obscure we can make a t shirt. Oh, my God enders fame ender Stamen the with the design of enders game book. Yeah. One hundred percent, but I've mentioned him at least once before on the podcast. I think in the context of polio because he's famous urologist who among other things isolated the polio virus which allowed people to make vaccine Salk and Sabin and one enters the Nobel prize in nineteen fifty four. Okay. That does sound vaguely familiar. Okay. But in that same year so in nineteen fifty four he and another scientist named TC people's isolated the measles virus from an eleven year old boy and having this virus that they could finally isolate they could then measure it to see how much virus was present in particular culture, which made standardization really possible. So anyway, vaccine was just around the corner. Cool. So within six years they have seen. They could test how which they did on. Fifteen hundred developmentally delayed children in New York City. Oh, dear and four thousand children in Nigeria. Oh god. It's like we just never to get it. Right. Do. Dear. I can tell those vaccine trials worked thank God. But fortunately, not that much solace. I know I know and mass vaccination campaign started shortly after in nineteen sixty three. So in the first two years of the campaign over ten million doses were given to kids in the US, but that wasn't enough. And the vaccination effort wasn't equal in all places to for instance, rural and inner city areas had lower rates vaccination. So new initiatives were planned. The target was to get at least ninety to ninety five percent of the population vaccinated because that was the only way to actually break the cycle of outbreaks. Yeah. The year before the vaccine was introduced there were over four hundred eighty one thousand cases of measles in the US within four years that number had dropped by more than half and by nineteen sixty eight there were only twenty two thousand two hundred cases in the US. That's amazing bananas. But then tragedy struck because all the campaign funds for measles were diverted for the rebel vaccine and vaccination rates for measles dropped and as a result. They tripled few years later. Cases tripled interesting. But anyway, I bet I know how they fix that problem though. And I'm are. Yeah. Put it. To put it in the same vaccine. I read that sentence. I was like, but wait a second. Yeah. I want to quickly shout out some of the measurable positive impacts of the measles vaccine in the first eighteen years of its implementation. Okay. So cases averted between nineteen sixty three and nineteen Eighty-one an estimated forty eight point four million cases. Wow. Over almost five thousand lives saved is this in a US alone. Oh, wow. And the net benefits achieved in terms of monetary things. Four point five roughly billion dollars saved. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. International vaccination campaigns were started by the WHO in nineteen seventy four and they were operated on basically a shoestring budget shocking. But but the did get the job while the job done, but they did really a lot of good work and vaccination. Rates were high in some areas. Geographically, variable due to logistical and other reasons, but all in all measles, cases, complications and deaths. Went down, and many researchers said that there was no reason to believe that radicalization is impossible, which brings us appropriately. To the current status of measles and the dumpster fire slash prayed flash. You say Petar? Yeah. That's going on today. So tell me tell me what is happening with measles today. Okay. All right. We'll take a break. Eliminated from the US in the year two thousand what Aaron there's hundreds of cases going on right now in its twenty nineteen. You're right. Right. So elimination means that for more than twelve months. There can't be any continuous disease transmission elimination. Does not mean radicalization. It does not mean that there are zero cases it just means. There's not sustained transmission. Okay. So most of the cases of Musil's that we see in the US begin as imported cases. So someone traveling who's unvaccinated comes back to the US or something like that. Most of the time. However. That wouldn't be an issue if the entire population was immune. But that's not the case. Because we have outbreaks. So basically every time that you see more than three cases in any one place that are linked in the US. It's considered an outbreak. Three cases makes outbreak. I'm fairly sure. That at some point in the last nineteen years, they considered a single case outbreak, but I could be wrong about that. So let's talk about how many cases we've seen in the US the first ten years after elimination. We're going pretty great. Since twenty ten not so much. We've had several years of much much higher than normal cases in two thousand eleven there were two hundred twenty cases in twenty thirteen hundred eighty seven in twenty fourteen we hit an over twenty year high with six hundred and sixty seven confirmed cases across Syria, twenty three different outbreaks. Yeah. Twenty fourteen a huge amount of those outbreaks or huge amount of those cases, I think like three hundred and eighty cases were in one outbreak alone. Where was that outbreak? The twenty fourteen there was three hundred eighty three cases primarily among unvaccinated Amish communities in Ohio, and then we get to twenty fifteen probably the most infamous outbreak in recent days in the US because that's the Disneyland outbreak. Oh, yeah. So. In twenty fifteen. There were a hundred eight cases that year in total a hundred and forty seven of them happened from the Disneyland outbreak. Oh my gosh. The fourteen are not a fourteen right? Exactly. We had eighty six cases in twenty sixteen one hundred twenty twenty seventeen three hundred seventy two last year. But so far as of February fourteenth twenty nineteen. We have already had a hundred twenty seven confirmed cases. And actually, I can tell you. We can up that two hundred twenty nine because two more cases have been reported in Champaign, Illinois that aren't yet up to date on the CDC website. So the CDC website as of February fourteenth says there have been five outbreaks so far. But now, we know there have been six because there are four confirmed cases in champagne, which makes an outbreak. So that means that we are on track to have a banner year for measles yet in new ice. Definitely. So the thing is that we can say that these are happening. These things are happening because of declining vaccination rates. So if you look at the US as a whole the vaccine rates are actually steady at about ninety one percent. However, that's not true across the entire country. There are pockets of the country where vaccination rates are much lower and where vaccination rates are declining. Additionally over the past I think three years there have been declines in the number or the percentage of new kindergarteners entering with vaccine exemptions personal vaccine exemptions. So that means you have more kids going into the public school system. Who are not vaccinated. Right. So. Yeah. So obviously. People who are becoming infected with measles are those who chose whose parents choose to not have them back stated who choose not to be vaccinated, and those who cannot vaccinated or those who don't have access. Yeah. The ones who for health reasons cannot be vaccinated. Do we have any sort of measurable idea of how much they are being impacted by these outbreaks whether what proportion they constitute because presumably these people are immuno-compromised or might be in a way that where they cannot be vaccinated against measles. They get measles. It makes everything worse. Yeah. Yeah. No. That's a really good question. I don't know like I can tell you for sure that the vast vast vast majority of cases in measles outbreaks happened to unvaccinated individuals. So it's not like you got vaccinated in the vaccine just didn't work very well. It's actually a very effective vaccine. It's not one hundred. Sent affective, but it is pretty effective. So there are not stats that I can find on. Why those individuals are not vaccinated whether it's because of me, no compromise or personal exemption religious exemption or lack of access. Okay. So let's zoom out a little bit. And we'll talk about the world. And I'll also address a little bit more about this idea of why some people can't get vaccinated because it's an important part of the story right worldwide. Measles is still huge huge problem. It's a little difficult to get really great numbers. Just like it is for most diseases. It's estimated that only about ten percent of measles cases are actually reported. Wow. That's very low. It's very low. It's surprisingly low but the measles rebel initiative, which is a collaboration between the CDC the WHO the United Nations UNICEF and the American Red Cross they have this big initiative where their goal is to eliminate measles from five out of. The six WHO regions by twenty twenty one year away, by the way. Oh, okay. Yeah. They're not gonna hit their goals. They know it, but they're trying, but they estimate that while in twenty seventeen there were one hundred seventy three thousand cases reported worldwide. It's estimated that seven million people were infected with measles in twenty sixteen for example of sorry. Seven million of million. But but only the ones that were reported were one hundred seventy thousand. Yeah. That was in twenty seventeen. So it was a little bit higher in twenty sixteen. Oh my God. And so it's estimated that ninety thousand children a year die from measles. Again. These are estimated numbers not actual numbers of deaths that we know are confirmed. But that's like two hundred forty six children day. It's major ninety thousand preventable deaths. Yeah. We're talking about ninety thousand human lives that are lost to a disease that we have the ability to prevent it's horrifying that. We have the ability to radically. Yeah. Yeah. We do. 'cause we didn't mention this. But like smallpox, which we did erotic eight measles is a disease of only humans. There's no animal reservoirs to worry about. So if we can radical it from the human population, we erotic eight it period. It's a great target for. Yeah, radicalization. But so let's talk about the vaccine. So in terms of measles. The first thing I can tell you is that the vaccine is safe. It's very safe the rates of adverse events are extremely extremely low and the vast mature. Already of those adverse events are things like fever and excessive crying compared to death encephalitis, which is not that uncommon for infection with measles along with wei-ping out your entire immune system, the MR vaccine is worlds and world safer. Right. It's also very effective. It's not one hundred percent effective. But one dose of the vaccine is about ninety three percent effective against measles and two doses. Which is what's recommended in the US and in the World Health Organization would like to have everyone vaccinated with two doses. It's ninety seven percent effective. So that means that ninety seven percent of people will have immunity to measles after two vaccinations. So because of that because it's not one hundred percent effective. And because of just how contagious measles is. Ideally, you have to have very very high vaccination coverage ninety five percent to. Interrupt transmission, and that is a huge challenge. And that's kind of the challenge behind why? We haven't seen as much decrease in. We've seen a huge decrease in measles. Don't get me wrong. But they have a hard road in front of them for a number of reasons. Number one. So the MR vaccine which again is measles mumps rubella. So it covers three different diseases. But this is a live attenuated vaccine. So what that means is that it's an actual virus three actual viruses, their modified strain of the virus that can replicate just like a real virus would but they do not cause disease. They basically grow these viruses in cell culture until they lose their virulence or they're putting see. So in some ways that makes for a better vaccine because your body responds to it in a way, that's more akin to a real infection. But one of the challenges with the live virus vaccine is that number one. It has to be kept cold because it's a live virus. So when you're trying to go all over the globe. You might not always have access to a refrigerator. So that's challenge. Number one. Number two. You have to give this vaccine via injection, which means you need trained healthcare workers to actually administer that vaccine and you have to job needle into a tiny baby human. And usually they don't like that. So that stressful both for the caregiver and for the infant number three. When the baby is born when AB is born they get antibodies from their mom and their immune system itself is super immature. It's basically non-existent babies are like, they're just kinda useless. So you can't give. A tiny baby human alive virus vaccine because hey, those maternal antibodies that are floating around in their blood. We'll just destroy that virus assuming that the mother has been either exposed or vaccinated to that virus and be the baby wouldn't be able to mount a proper immune response anyways. So you can't give the vaccine to babies until ideally there at least twelve to fifteen months old. But in some cases, when there's outbreaks going on they'll give them our vaccine to babies as young as six months, but then they're going to need a third vaccine because we don't actually think it's that effective at six months. It's kind of one of those better than nothing if there's an outbreak going on. Yeah. Which is tricky that you need that double dose and to time it, right? So if you're part of the WHO mounting this campaign for vaccination. You can't just go to a place vaccinate. You have to be at a place vaccinate for long periods of time. Yep. And also because it's tenu. It'd vaccine and not a killed vaccine. People like you said who are immuno-compromised can't get this vaccine because in those populations it can cause more serious adverse effects. So what that means is that you're always going to have some percentage of the population who cannot get vaccinated because of immuno compromise. And you're always going to have a certain percentage of the population. That's under twelve months. So they can't get back needed either. So in order to hit that ninety five percent, you kind of have to vaccinate everyone who's capable of getting vaccinated right in like, you said the fifth point is that you have to give two of these. I mean, giving one is protecting ninety three percent of the population. So that's pretty good. But ninety seven is better. Oh, yeah. So yeah, it's really challenging. And so I wanna give credit where credit is due. The measles. Rebel initiative has given vaccination to over two billion children since they started in two thousand one and worldwide global vaccination rates are increasing actually across the globe. If you just take a very broad view of it. That's not true everywhere. There's a lot of places where vaccination rates are declining. There are a couple of really big measles. Outbreaks going on right now outside the US as well. So in the Philippines, there have been in the last two months from January to February of twenty nineteen over eleven thousand confirmed cases my God and one hundred eighty nine deaths. What's and in Madagascar right now, there's an output that's been going on since September that the last number ice off from the WHO said over sixty eight thousand cases, and they're estimating nine hundred deaths. There's at least three. Hundred eight eight thousand six eight zero zero zero in Madagascar where plague epidemics had just ravaged the entire population. Yes. Yep. Am I should say to that in recent analyses from the CDC, the vast majority of children in the US who are unvaccinated are also uninsured or under insured? So we have a big problem with access in this country is well, it's I think it's sometimes easy to just blame it on, you know, the Disneyland outbreak. Oh, it's these rich people who are choosing not to vaccinate, but it's not just that in this country or in any country. It's also an access issue and NFL location issue and a miss education issue. Yes. So it's a double whammy we have gotten and would probably continue to get a load of questions from people living in certain pho SAI of outbreaks right now. So. Seattle Vancouver New York. Yeah. And now we have one here where I am people who are vaccinated people's whose kids are vaccinated. Whether there's any concern that they need to have for for their own personal safety or the safety of their children. Basically if you got to 'em are vaccines. You are ninety seven percent sure that your immune. Yeah. And babies like I said in places where there isn't active outbreak going on you can get the vaccine for those children as young as six months. What? Guys. Very relevant much more deadly. I know I really didn't know that it, you know, because the number you always see now is like one to two thousand. That's what it tends to be in current times. So. Not it killed a quarter of the population of Fiji. Good god. Sources. Okay. So I mostly relied on the book called measles and historical geography of a major human viral disease by Andrew cliff. Peter Haggett and Matthew Smallman Rainer. I mentioned this earlier, but an article by David morons called measles in Fiji eighteen seventy five thoughts on the history of emerging infectious diseases and also the Cambridge world history of human disease edited by Kenneth Kibble. Excellent. I had several good articles. This went on non-medical exemptions is by may not there is Jacqueline olive in. Then the also science article on all of the articles and books we will always post along with links whenever we can on our website this podcast will kill you dot com. You can find all of our sources from every single episode there and somebody on Twitter also was making like, a what do you call it like citation friendly source list to on some bibliography website that I didn't know existed. So I'll find that in puzzling to somewhere to great. Yeah. Thank you all for listening. Thanks for requesting this this was a really interesting one for us to get to research. And I think it was it's very timely and relevant. Unfortunately. Yeah. Thank you to blood mobile for providing the music for this episode and all of our episodes eleven and that's all I think us, okay. Okay. Well that case. Wash your hands filthy animals and get vaccinated good. Lease.

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