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"vermont vermont national guard" Discussed on The Dave Gram Show on WDEV

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"vermont vermont national guard" Discussed on The Dave Gram Show on WDEV

"Hear it you can always go to our podcast. We have an excellent service there where you can listen anytime day or night to pass past segments whole programs really of the day graham show here w._d. E._v. f._m. and a._m. Go to go to the the station's website is w. Devi radio dot com. You can follow the link from there. There's a link right on that homepage to the day graham. Show scroll down on a bit when you get there and you will find a list of our recent programs by topic and guests and figure out what you wanna hear already. I wanna move onto the next segment of our program now in last last week. We had a <hes> <hes> doctor. I'm blanking on the first rower. <hes> come in talk to and talking to us about concerns that have been voiced by critics of a plan to bring thirty five fighter jets to the <hes> vermont air national guard base at the brompton international airport and <hes> at the time i i did try to line up a <hes> someone from the guard to come in and sort of act as a counter and gives both sides of the story that day <hes> couldn't schedule that right off but <hes> <hes> decided that while the thing to do is to get somebody from the guard on on the show <hes> in subsequent days in here. We are on a subsequent day. Hey thursday august the eighth two thousand nineteen and with me this morning's colonel david smith a thirty one year veteran of the vermont vermont national guard and we're gonna be talking with colonel smith about <hes> i i think maybe efforts to allay concerns about <hes> the arrival of the f thirty five's which actually be in a next month so let's let's first start out with just the the outline of the plan year colonel smith thanks. Thanks so much for joining me yeah. Thanks dave <hes>. It's it's a pleasure to be here. I really look forward to updating you in the community on where we are with respect to the f thirty five and so <hes> the the the the planes they made a brief cameo appearance a month or so ago but but <hes> they real officials schedules starts in september right. That's correct yeah. We <hes> we we're. We're just over a month out now. We don't have the exact date solidified but we anticipate mid-september sometime. The.

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