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"va volk rehab" Discussed on Order of Man: Protect | Provide | Preside

"Our left looked over there with with my friend Matt and he saw her put another error owner and eventually we got the thing done but that was a disappointment but it was good that we tractor we are out there for quite a while trying to find her I honestly didn't think we would but we didn't give up could and continued to improve as far as my bo I shot the white nitric a usually shoot the Rx one the only reason I didn't shoot that that is because it's in the shop getting restrung took a lot longer than I thought so I switched bows to the White Knight tricks I use the spot Har- Fast Eddie site which is is it operates like a single pane double pin technically but it does operate like a single pin site and Yeah I poll seventy pounds draw weight I don't know what else you wanna use as far as what I brought this was a tree hon a white tail hunt so I was hunting from tree stands and tripod I binoculars and that's it it's all I bring and the bow of course scenarios that's all I bring because I don't want a bunch of stuff out there so I'll talk later when I do a spot doc hunt in in Arizona at the beginning of next year we can talk more about the load out there all right Chris Rice he says he is working on becoming an adirondack forty six or climbing all forty six high peaks would you ever consider coming to the high peaks and doing an order of man hike sure sounds awesome I would love to do that so Chris if you WanNa give me some details like let's take a look at it and maybe some of the next year but I think that's worth pursuing anything look I'm all about putting often difficult situations and demanding situations and pushing yourself physically mentally emotionally so this is something that would certainly do that and I would be interested in seeing what options are available and what that would look like all right Dylan dextra decks trays Dylan dexterous he says have you considered doing seventy five heart for those of you do not seventy-five heart is this is Andy for Cilla a friend of mine his his his program for building up mental and emotional resilience and grit and fortitude. I'm going to butcher this probably a little bit but I believe it's too at workouts per day it's so much water I don't know what the intake is maybe it's a gallon of water I don't know what it is it's sticking to your diet it's reading believe ten pages of a book every single day for seventy five days I think I got all of them I think you have to take a progress picture you don't need a post it but you need to take it I think those were the qualifications I've considered doing it but quite frankly my own program that I use it's called the twelve week battle planner to ninety day that battle plan designed to push you in the right direction so I think what Andy's doing is amazing an excellent and I can see that certainly helped a ton of people but again I use the battle planner something I've been using for in different forms in iterations for five almost five years now and it's worked well and I've accomplished a lot physically mentally emotionally and so that's the program that will continue to use but pay seventy five heart is thing than us it obviously it's proven to work and and he's got some great some great information so check it out Luke Davis I'm starting school for Business Marketing a the vocal says Volk Rehab I really va Volk Rehab. I really don't know specifically what he's referring to but we'll be done less than three years for a bachelors degree I've been wanting to buy and own land for years do I pull the trigger and hope work will be nearby the growing area or key paying a thousand and rent a month and wait till I finish school and see where it takes me so there's so many variables to this equation in thinking about owning land if you end up getting work somewhere else that land is not going to be used like you can't rent it now you can't maybe you can lease it out I don't know how much land you're buying but it just becomes this yes technically an asset but it's just sitting over here in the side in his being utilized I think if you were going to buy a home for example and maybe there's home on this land you're looking at that could be potentially turned into a rental then that might be something worth considering but I tend to lean more towards your schooling get it done I don't know that tying yourself into a bunch of land if you don't know what your goal and objective is and you don't know where you'll be might be a misstep but if if you've always wanted land and there's a right piece that comes up and you know you'll have it forever and want it forever regardless of where you end up then maybe it's worth considering I I would just say be smart just be smart make a good choice make a good decision do what's in your best interests don't get emotionally wrapped up in this thing because sometimes that's what happens you know this piece of land comes up and we envision ourselves hunting on it or envisioned ourselves you know raising kids on it or whatever whatever your thing is and we get so emotional invested in it that we end up making decisions that aren't prudent wise so step back for a minute ask yourself this is emotionally charged or this is a prudent reasonable logical decision and then make your decision from there all right Christopher Campbell what is your view on unions and why I am union labor and I know a lot of people do not agree with organize unions frankly I don't like unions I think initially probably started for good reasons but I think that unions have become the bully I think unions raise prices artificially for consumers which ends up hurting industry and commerce and I think that it's expensive I think that union dues don't end up being utilized in a way that's most effective for the union I I think it's a form of socialism in Hawaii and that there's some fat cat sitting at the top skimming off the your your resources and your money their bargaining but they're using you as a bargaining chip so there's probably a lot of union guys who listen to this podcast and if that's working for you then by all means great but generally speaking and look I'll be the first to tell you I'm I'm limited with my knowledge with unions but again I think they artificially inflate prices they they bully they shut down free trade and commerce and they don't let the market dictated I am somebody who believes in free free gets in a capitalistic way of operating economics so I think unions are at direct odds with that many times now some people will say well you know that they they help their union members by collective bargaining well okay there's there's laws and there's regulations and rules in place and so I don't it is necessary as it once was that's that's my take so I hope it works for you I hope it's working well I would just say be wary and I think every employee would have the right to decide whether they're part of the union or not and I don't think that if they decide not to be part of the union that they should be blacklisted or called out the way that they are it's definitely bullying tactics there and I and I just I don't agree with it all right brandon deem order man low pro trucker hats maybe Athletic Mesh with a Hook and loop you know to support the cause they had a great one for my I ask but after nightshift this is all I've got thanks for doing what you do income together like this yeah I've got a little different hat here obviously so this is a constant debate whether I should wear a flat brim or a curve Brim Lope profile or whatever it's like the topic of debate it's really it's really interesting actually because a lot of the times the guys that say you should men don't wear flats for as long as I think you're doing generally what it means to be a man then you get to call yourself as far as hats we do have a new hat that's into becoming out in I would say the next couple of weeks it's called the ranger hat it is a baseball hat a baseball cap so stay tuned for that and we've got some other plans as well always new merchandise check it out store dot org dot com thanks brandon appreciate it all right Jon Boden does okay here we go here's another one does having facial hair such as bushy beard have a negative effect on people's perception of you I would answer this very simply for some people yes some people don't like it for other people I agree nobody even alluded to the fact that that's the case that would be like me saying if somebody who I'm talking to blue shirt on out of the blue randomly to say well having a blue shirt on doesn't make you a man that sounds idiotic because it is so some people have a negative perception and other people have positive perception and some people that doesn't matter either way I his next couple of questions such as future employment dealing with financial institutions government agencies or the public in general what about whatever your mannerisms the way that you present yourself to the public is saying something about you so you just have to ask yourself in the situation in your in is a beard or is this shirt or is this hair or is it tattoo or piercings or whatever your thing is is going to move me closer to my objective or move me further away from my objective Mcginn whatever that is just make your decisions based on that if having a beard is acceptable and you WanNa have a beard by all means rocket if you don't like beers or and or it doesn't fit your current objectives maybe you're in the military or law enforcement and you're required to shave then by all means do that it really doesn't matter but I think that your style and when I stay style and talking about hair on your head facial hair close manners the way you communicate tone inflection speech vocabulary some guys like to swear a lot that might help them in certain circumstances and might hinder them in certain circumstances so you is your style and your presence the way that you present yourself as as a tool that's all it is and again a lot of guys will say well real men don't care about that that's not true everybody cares about that there isn't a single person who does not care about the way will deliberately and intentionally wear clothes and maybe even not do proper hygiene because they want to signify to the world that they don't care which actually means that they do care so everyone cares and you should you should be conscious about the way that you're presenting yourself and putting your all right Dwayne classen excuse me at what point or milestone or quote unquote Aha moment during your rebuild did your wife finally.

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