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"usher pedro" Discussed on Rough Translation

"I am not wides you know there is a new law in brazil that gives more government jobs to black brazilians the catch though is this anyone wants one of these jobs has to prove to a panel of judges that he or she qualifies and this is not so easy determined in percent fact if you ask pedro or what color eeas how would you describe that shade to compare to like an actor and garcia fear the cubanborn actor who plays italian gangsters washer singer usher hush andy garcia and usher the rnb singer if you picture these two celebrities in your mind andy garcia and usher pedro believes he has a striking resemblance to both men both men who in america at least would be nowhere near each other on the color we do not eat about that i have a black guys knows a black eyes lips but white guys here any such as pedro sequel sitting old ship was cut beal lots be clear worried their harassed who straight hand or their color is to light one candidate i met said he searched for his skin tone unlucky pedia luke badge and only then decided no it was dark enough i don't know what the judge i mean my nose is not that big so does that mean i'm not black this sounds crazy what are they gonna do in that room are they gonna hold rulers up to people's lips and paint chips to their cheeks.

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