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Should You Encourage Your Teen Daughter To Dress More Modestly?

Mom and Dad Are Fighting

01:39 min | 2 months ago

Should You Encourage Your Teen Daughter To Dress More Modestly?

"Dear mom and dad my fourteen year. Old daughter has taken addressing rather provocatively. She wears shorts shirts that reveal her belly. Almost daily sometime shows cleavage and often wears jeans and shorts. That i think are way too tight to be flattering or comfortable. I have been quite disciplined and said almost nothing except a comment when it was like twenty degrees below zero and she left the house with the bare stomach because really i'm incredibly conflicted because i absolutely do not want body shame her. I grew up in a house where body shaming was the norm and have struggled with an eating disorder for years. I still do. I am so thrilled. Seems to have a healthy relationship with food and seems comfortable with her body. We are still doing one hundred percent virtual school and she not around boys because of quarantine. So i'm not worried about her being sexually active however i am concerned that she doesn't seem to understand the inappropriate nature of some of her choices. For example she wanted to wear a skin tight ill-fitting so short. You could see your underwear address for a virtual piano festival performance. The judges are all nerdy. Mostly older fuddy-duddies and she knows this so i'm completely puzzled. By her choice she is all around good and seemingly happy kid. Good at school nice manners has seemingly nice group of friends. What should i do. Can i or should i say something and if so how can i keep it body positive. Thanks in advance. Moms seeking modesty. Maybe

Interview With Photographer, Ian Howorth

Photography Radio

05:45 min | 3 months ago

Interview With Photographer, Ian Howorth

"Well hello everyone and welcome to another podcast from frames magazine my name is scott olsen and today. This is a treat. This is going to be so much fun. I am talking with. Ian howarth has been in the new york times. He's been in the guardian. He has spent everywhere. You can possibly imagine and in the second volume of frames magazine. He is one of the photographers. We have had the great joy to feature in the print publication. And an how you doing today. What's life like over in england. I'm very well. Thank you for having me. Yes things are very been very cold here but luckily we're having a bit of a bit of a spell of nicer weather so very grateful. Oh i'm looking forward to that where i live right now. It is minus twenty degrees fahrenheit. I don't know what that is in celsius but it's just a wee bit chilly over here so i'm looking forward to the warm up to in your work is very well known all around the world and certainly to the frames community and i want to jump right in with some notion of early days in and how you became who you are one of the things that you mentioned quite a lot. You were born to a british peruvian mother. You were born in peru and you've said that not being born and raised in central. London has really helped you understand the british sensibility or understand what it's like to be. There talked me about that a little bit. How does that change perspective. Get over into your work. Well i think. I think what really helped was the fact that you know being born and raised in peru and traveling every two years to the uk to visit my to my dad's family. It meant that from a very early age. I was able to kind of just really tell apart the difference in culture and how that translates to to what that meant visually you know but obviously there was. It was more involved than that it was officials. It was the smells being very different. I don't think well. At least back. Then i think in peru In the us. I don't think that smell of rolling tobacco and And bitter ale at with something. That was very common so for me these. These experiences kind of really really became almost cemented. My brain never really went away. So so i always have the every two years as i got older my brain develops they kind of took different meanings obviously lake so when i eventually move to england When i was sixteen. I'd already been coming here for a long time. So so these things were familiar to me but truth be told the alienness of them has never really gone away so whenever i smell that smell again so it's hard to explain it doesn't it doesn't make me feel like it's alien but it reminds me of the feeling that i had when it was once alien to me that makes sense so for me i think in in many ways having this view of of of the uk. That's been very much a part of me from a very young age but hasn't been innately a part of me like someone who was born here as maybe helped me look. Let's the country were live in in in a very different kind of way an office. Very visual person. You know maybe not. Everyone is visual. So i think the marriage between those two things is well. Maybe help me of look hits england in the way that i have. It's it's an interesting distinction. Photographers talk all the time about originality or freshness you know something that calls to their sensibility in thus you know. They point the camera that direction to think of it. As the alien to think of it as as the not common to me Aspect is a fascinating way to think about what we go out shooting for us. Say that you began your career making videos. Tell me about that. Yeah i studied filmmaking at university effectively. And it's something that i didn't pursue immediately after finishing my degree i actually got a pretty normal job. I did that for many years. And it's only when i was maybe twenty eight's that i started really exploring the the idea that i wanted to create something visual and that just manifested itself as making videos now. The time i was mountain biking law imagines thought well what better way to do. Something quickly on turnover. Quickly that making videos of yourself mountain biking so that number me became the process by which i created images at its at them and then deliver something and you know the more. You did it more than you knew how to shoot out of frame how to do this how to do that. And i think from that i think he just developed into a real thrill to to create to create visuals and he just happened to manifest itself as video so as things progressed. I did different things. And i was getting a bit older ourselves. Getting more confident with approaching people and doing things in a collaborative sense so so then kind of like you know Transition into making music videos and and my partner at the time she was a singer so it makes sense to film her. You know her kind of artistic exploits. So i would film her bands kind of rehearsing or whatever or will do a music video and then we up the budget each time new on unsown and so forth but i think what. I ended up discovering the more. I did it. And the more. I gots the more i got involved with with video and filmmaking whilst that the output was very low and also. I've found that much of the time the ideas that you had initially than get watered down the more you got into the project. So there'd be funny shoes that be scheduling issues so by the end of it. You'd have very much a fraction of what you had envisioned initially

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The Insta360 Go 2

Latest In Tech News

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The Insta360 Go 2

"Three sixty they make cameras in other stuff But the go-to is kind of their go to action cameras to two hundred and ninety nine dollars action camera with surprisingly powerful case And yes it it to explain it simply it looks like an oversized tic tac. Eyeball this article conceals from the verge at twenty six point. Five grams in side of your thumb into three sixties. Latest action camera to go to looks like an over sized tic tac eyeball. It's the second generation in the goal. Line up which is into three sixties only nine three sixty degree camera line where the first generation go left a lot to be desired particularly in the image quality department. The two hundred ninety nine dollars go to comes with a new charging case larger sensor and improved image quality making a strong case for a mobile first action camera. It looks looks pretty pretty interesting here. the most notable changes to this tiny camera come in harbor department ago tooth housing component as a new movable lens cover and less slippery tape plastic housing the case as a more active role in the us with a camera becoming a tripod remote external battery in charger all in one. It is slightly larger than the airpods pro case. It has one fourth inch thread for supporting mounting and a usb port for charging the loan camera can run for thirty minutes on a single charge or one hundred fifty minutes while in the case while the case is not waterproof the go to's camera is ipx eight water resistant for us up to thirteen feet underwater in a box. It also includes three camera mounts being a pivot. Stand a hat brim clip independent for wearing around your neck. All these lots utilize a magnet to keep the go-to attached to them a use. The case is more than just a place to store. The cameras pretty interesting invasion into all of the mounts remotes in other accessories. You have to end up buying the action camera. Really add up. So it's great to see a central features such as a tripod being built in to the cameras hardware. Has you can see here. It actually has little tripod. Standing can sit on as well more important than hardware though is image quality which i know you're wondering about with many smartphone. Cameras producing sharp stabilize. Four k sixty fps video in punchy crisp photos. It's absolutely necessary for dedicated cameras outside of our phones to up the game. Pov ultrawide look of the go-to video unique mounting abilities to create different video enough. That i could see myself carrying the go-to around. In addition to iphone according to the author i simply cannot produce a point of view angle like that to go to on my smartphone camera on the phone. The cameras nine. Megapixel photos are crisp full of contrast in highly saturated without looking unrealistic. But the damage on desktop and it begins to look a little bit grainy Sensors lower megapixel count begins to show but the image is certainly usable. It's not perfect. Good enough although the go-to video resolution maxes out at one hundred and forty four p and fifty fps the hundred and twenty degree field of view in saturated color. Science creates an image far more unique than what you get from a phone's camera. When viewed on a small screen. Bulich sharpens Bright colors in lots of contrast there also impressed with just how true-to-life to footage looked in perfect lighting conditions. But when they brought it over to the large screen or laptop the footage. Did it noisier. Also wish video taken at night. Had less grain and noise d'amato smoothing apply to low light images. Either by now they have a couple of views on it and a definitely impressive. They do have video samples images of those you interested in reading the article because he probably listening to podcasts. Going while zor stuff to take a look. Yup there is So article goes on to explain some more stuff about how to mobile app works Using touch controls on wireless earbuds but it is available today starting at two hundred ninety nine dollars so if you're kind of like mobile first vlogger avid social media user posting to social media accounts and instagram such. It might be an interesting thing to take a look at if you kind of been looking for something To sink your teeth into that kind of while did the job decent enough. But you don't have too much money but at the same time. Take a look. Let me know what you think.

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Take the Plunge With Suleika Jaouad


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Take the Plunge With Suleika Jaouad

"Our guest today is to lak- jawad welcomed feber. Thirty five salako here. We are so excited to have you Slake is the author of the instant. Best selling memoir between two kingdoms. She wrote the emmy award winning new york times column life interrupted and her work has appeared in the new york times magazine. The atlantic vogue and npr among others a highly sought after speaker. Her main stage tedtalk was one of the ten most popular twenty nineteen and has nearly four million views. She's also the creator of the isolation journals community creativity project founded during the covid nineteen pandemic to help others convert isolation into artistic solitude over one hundred thousand people from around the world have joined and her book Yes overbook just came out on february ninth. It's wonderful congratulations. Thank you spend so exciting and so overwhelming in a little. I'm so that are for the course. Hannah's book that came out during the pandemic which is just a whole other layer of stuff and it's a memoir which is a whole other layer of stuff layers so many layers to peel back. Well before we really get into it. We we love to ask our guests at the beginning of an interview to share a self care practice that they have in their lives. It can be quite literally anything And so we would love to hear if there's one that's resonating with you right now. I just did it actually before talking chiku and it's A new self care kind of ritual that came about during pandemic and involves thirty five minute screening meditation and then cold water punching other currently although assuming holes nearby frozen could coach our which is why my restricting Yeah l. okay. So i'm so excited. This is what you started with. Because i've been following your cold plunges on your instagram and we already have a question in the document about them so we can just get kate. Kate is very cold. Plunge curious we've had a lot of listeners who have really into us about how Either cold showering cult bathing has helped with insomnia nervous system trauma experiencing things. So can we start from the beginning. Like how did you come into this. What has it done for you in your life. And how do you maintain the practice especially like now that it is twenty two not even twenty degrees. I'm sure it's colder than that where you are very good question that i ask myself. Every time i find myself submerging. My body freezing so I live not far from the great elizabeth gilbert and the first time we had a friend date. We went for a walk. And we pass mccall. She proceeded to rip off her clothes. Jump in the water. So naturally i did the same and it felt so good Especially in this time where you been spending a lot of time out my computer on-scene who calls And it has its way immediately. Resetting are nervous. i'm And so we decided that we're gonna do it every day and because the kind of get more of a ritual and because the best can't stand being cold water for longer be added into screaming meditation and became really interested and but pops and the science behind breathing. So at is what we've done every day until recently just got too damn cold So now i take a cold shower and of jumping in the freezing water. But i think you know. Part of it was My lining to get into meditation on someone who always struggled meditation. I'm incapable of sitting in a chair with my eyes closed for like five minutes and something about the breathing fouts Not just Actions that kind of focusing on the states. You're you're meditating. you're also. Jimmy's pretty strenuous breathing. Exercises and the other piece of it might fat. In this time. Pandemic Really became kind of creative approach to gathering

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Gig workers weigh in on Prop 22 passing

Marketplace Tech with Molly Wood

03:13 min | 7 months ago

Gig workers weigh in on Prop 22 passing

"Voters approved proposition twenty two a ballot measure that says drivers for apps like uber. Lift and instacart will remain independent contractors not employees. Those companies spent nearly two hundred million dollars on a marketing campaign supporting prop twenty two the campaign ads like this one from lift said the measure would actually be good for workers because it comes with a minimum wage and health care benefits for some but if drivers are forced to become employees up to ninety percent of at been striving jobs could disappear to be clear. That's because the gig companies wouldn't hire all those drivers gig drivers in california and around. The country have mixed views on the law. We talked to some of them. Prop twenty two. I voted for. Because i don't want to be an employee doing it as an independent contractor. Make my own hours work when i want to work. I'm glad it wasn't proved one of the best thing about. This is the flexibility of it. And it would've taken away a lot of those like ps. What is con- front of me doing the thing that they said. Do you like having your independence in your ability to choose. your own. Ships were despite if they were required to classify his employees. It doesn't mean you couldn't choose your own chips it's a fallacy. I wish that we could bring both sides to the table. You know because of were treated like employees or we're not paid like employees. Would it be nice for them to set. Maybe a 401k or retirement plan sure but i wasn't really contributing to that in my other job from this outcome. Maybe they are guaranteeing that hey no matter what you're gonna make so much money per rider per hour. Whatever however they figure it out he is going on for so long without any parameters rules any laws and it's just gotten out of hand. You know i i will not get up and start my car for less than twenty dollars. I won't i live in las vegas where it can get to be one hundred and twenty degrees and they want me to go in and shop for somebody and drive you know say five miles and they wanna pay me seven dollars for that. It's like no. I mean no but you know what somebody will. And that's the thing somebody will and they know that so. They don't have to pay more sick. Leave that one would be nice You know. I'm not going to kill myself if i don't get it. And my independence is a lot more than that. That was karen rinky in san antonio. Also sharon going in las vegas mike cole vard in fresno california an evan marquette in los angeles a note on pay prop twenty two requires companies to pay drivers at least one hundred twenty percent of minimum wage. Which in california. In two thousand twenty one would be over fifteen dollars an hour but a study from uc. Berkley says. that number doesn't count for a lot of things. Workers won't be paid for the time they spend driving around in between passengers or reimbursed for things like gas the study says once you add in those and other costs the wage floor would be over five dollars an hour

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California heat wave prompts power shutdowns, fire danger

L.A. Times Morning Briefing

00:37 sec | 8 months ago

California heat wave prompts power shutdowns, fire danger

"A record breaking fall heatwave and Santa Anna winds are heightening fire danger across a swath of southern California the national. Weather. Service has issued a fire weather watch for much of the region and critical conditions are expected through this afternoon. The heat wave has also hiked temperatures ten to twenty degrees above normal while a heat advisory remains in effect through this evening. In fact, several cities hit record daily high temperatures this week including Anaheim at ninety six degrees Wednesday. It's not just the southland either much of northern California is under a red. Flag.

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Storylines from Roland Garros 2020

Beyond The Baseline

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Storylines from Roland Garros 2020

"Everyone John, we're up here in this week's sports illustrated tennis podcast late Wednesday night we have reached the round of four. We've reached the semi. Draws so Jamie and I will talk some tennis from Roland Garros and. We would try to keep it sufficiently general. So the school be absolutely by the time you're listening Jamie how are you? I'm good. How are you from a little little cold but no complaints it's been spin. French Open like no other, it's been an interesting interesting time so far but you know the the good news is Kobe hasn't really become the story, and if we're talking about the chilly weather and not a global pandemic, that's a win in itself. In here, we are at the business end of our second major in four weeks. You're cold or office cold. I think some other players are cold I think joke just cold I've seen a lot of PARKAS. I actually double check the weather temperature today because I said, how cold is it? Really there people are inferred jackets and you know Winter Winter Parkas I think some people look like they're going skiing. Is it really that cold I? Mean you're you have survived many New York winters what's going on? Oh boy I'll say a few things. One of them is that whatever the temperature is it is that an accurate indicator is has that sort of British chill where you're. Just coal to the bones. You know I mean obviously for for athletes it's it's different. You're running around your your body's warming up than stopping as rob pointed out I think some of this is just what people are accustomed to. There's a part of me that doesn't mind it. You know we we played tennis in extreme conditions or extreme heat must failure I think it probably speaks well of the sport that same players that win when it's one hundred twenty degrees or winning when it's forty nine degrees. I would say that I think this has had a bit of an impact, not so much on the level of play but I don't think the caliber of play has dropped because everybody is. Dressed like they're going skiing I think it hasn't changed the mood in the vibe and we've got Novakova did and it's it's just funny how these tournament sort of change as they progress but there there is not been as far as i. can tell a whole lot of Kobe fear doesn't seem to be much of the talk it doesn't come up much in press conferences. Does, players like Daniel Collins shoot it down, but it's been if this is not the French Open that people are used to and I thought at the US Open the apparel manufacturers missed a golden opportunity not to do more with the surface area of these masks. Why not put a? Cough alligator or Nike swoosh mask, and here it's time to show off the winter gear in the Lacoste and Nike. And Adidas Park aware because as soon as the vitamins you've seen like as soon as the players. Get done leaving the court they as a record it Patrick of did it they all put on Ski Jack So It's been a twist on the tournament but again I mean. For the last six months you and I have been talking about. Bubbles and pandemics, and how are we going to get athletes from all over the world? Into into a common spot. And the fact that the talk has been a lot about. Tennis and conditions and scheduling and doubles and singles in wide open draws. And not about players tested positive I think is a good sign. For sure. I wanted to ask you I was reading and piece by CPS ignore and he he said that you know it was about the handshakes in about, of course, how they're really not happening anymore the racket touch. is now has now replaced it, and so I actually thought twenty because in the past few matches, we've actually seen some players after you know after the match in in the t match, he did it and there was some others where you know. They go to the night in a do this very strange hesitant high five or maybe there is a little bit of an embrace and course you sit there and you cringe and you say, oh no, they're touching each other amino they're so close I talk about Kobe and all this What is Of the players talked about the handshake what about you just watching? On my end I feel like You know a lot of after really great matches long matches. It's nice to see two opponents kind of embrace each other or just kind of you know pat each other on the back for for a hard-fought match and we don't see that what what are your thoughts on on just the lack of handshakes in this cova time. Yeah. You see handshakes like if you have. I have this thing where like I'll watch an old movie your you'll cringe and say, no social distance, oh. Yes. This was a bill before March of twenty twenty. So, yeah you see these these. Sort of belly paths or the even the on the shoulder at the you know the net you know I, mean I always loved the handshake I recited would've tennis is nice quirks. You spend hours battling with this opponent, and then the very first person you bake human contact with is that same opponent When Ron Swanson say about handshakes after the for dry and. In three seconds or something like that it's it's great. Now I mean the racket tap is a little bit strange in some players are are not even doing that other players are as as you know, there are have been a couple of exceptions. Dominant team seems to be a a serial offender which probably ultimately speaks well of him and it has has actually gone gone the hand I. He did what after the US Open finally did there were some some contact against Schwartzman I. Don't know I feel at some level you've been. You've been hitting a sweaty tennis ball back and forth for three hours at your opponent is touch. you know none of us are perfectly convicted and our Kobe protocol and the same person who watches groceries is. Also holding the poll on the subway. Think I think we all have a inconsistencies. I have to think if you've been using the same tennis ball as as another opponent and your bodily fluid is getting on that same tennis ball I don't know if you brush palms at the net for a second to is that really so bad but yeah. I mean there are a lot of sort of jarring little twists I mean the lack of a crowd I think has been especially acute here in France especially when French players have taken the court because often the the fans try to impose themselves on the match here Dan. Is it really happening? it'll be interesting to see what stays in what doesn't I mean if I never see another ball kid and all towel again, that's that's probably a good thing It's very strange doing a courtside interviewed a math. It'll be interesting to see I mean I think we're already sort of looking to twenty twenty, one I suspect there will be him shakes at the twenty twenty one Australian Open because the players will of quarantine for two weeks and essentially what what I'm wants the players were there. And test negative in are in this this quarantine situations that they they don't even have to wear masks

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Discussing Minimum Maneuvering Speed

The Finer Points - Aviation Podcast

04:29 min | 9 months ago

Discussing Minimum Maneuvering Speed

"I have one question Jason. What whether you're talking about the G. NS everyone's talking about this determine minimum maneuver speed. You heard about that yeah. Yeah I've heard about it This is the thing that Dan Rider I think I put forward with slight chops rate where There's kind of a lot to talk about their there really is on let me just before we get into the conversation. Let me tell you something that occurs in my life. All the time is that nobody wants to Staal you're playing nobody wants to spend the airplane everybody reads that if you bank in Airplane and your stall speed increases so because this conversation is so prevalent in the community and people are reading this kind of stuff before they come down flying lessons when I get new private students more often than not I mean guessing seven out of ten maybe or at least half of the people I fly. When they start to turn that base leg start picking up speed like so you know where we're at the beam position, they pull the power to idle certainly down at eighty five and you know the whole real point of landing is slowing down progressively as you are on the pattern. But what they do they turn basis sort of push forward presumably out of fear that they're gonNA stall. So we come around the base screaming at like ninety nights and it's just it's never gonNA work. You know you're not gonNA get to speed to be able to land and just feels really weird. And usually when I see that students, we go out to the practice area. We go up and we start drilling into that edge the below we do accelerated stalls so you can feel. How hard you have to pull in a bank with to see bubble. To really get that to happen. Understand, how slow you can actually find as I wanted to uncover the truth because I feel like when people know what the airplane can really do, they won't behave some. You know they will. Exaggerate the countermeasure so much. So I, get a little concern when I hear about minimum I don't know what they're calling a minimum maneuvering speed I guess is that what it is? I get a little concerned that it's kind of that same thing like it's a big band aid on the idea that people don't really understand what's happening and it feels like a really big band aid. Let's just. You know. Hack it at the knees, cut down all the trees. So there's no fire, right like it's just it doesn't It's too much of a reaction on the other side of the coin is, and that is what dancing is look. The reality is if you don't get slow enough to stall, YOU'RE NOT GONNA stall spending lose control the rate so. On that point is is taking I. I don't really recommend IT I. Can probably tell from what I'm saying I prefer to really lift up the Rock and teach people what happens like why it's happening how it happens when it feels like when it's happening when it starts to look like when it's happening I'm just feels like two big abandoned me and maybe in a in a in a you know there's certain things I'm young. Someone talking. But as It lasts as in bigger airplanes. We fly a little bit differently. You know like you put two engines out there you flying in A. In a transport category aircraft something like that we very rarely bank more than twenty degrees at were way in front of the airplane, not putting big g loads on the airplane. Replanning really far out I can see in an airplane that you know that that type of. Abandoned or whatever it is might work. You know that you're never going to lose control the airplane but I think in a light airplane not sure that's going to help the people that are actually losing control the airplane on base to final because when you look at the exit a really happening, you keep hearing me say to people at sea level is like when you when you take that. person who's been learning to people at sea level and put them in an environment where maybe they have four people on board maybe the air is a little thin. There's distractions maybe the passengers are talking air traffic control is talking and they get you know distracted like that women at Houston Hobby Airport crash where she was you know lost control the airplane. and I wonder if some speed on the airspeed indicator is going to help in that

Houston Hobby Airport Dan Rider Jason Staal Replanning
Airbus' Ambitious Hydrogen Plans

Aviation Week's Check 6 Podcast

07:18 min | 9 months ago

Airbus' Ambitious Hydrogen Plans

"I'm happy to welcome with me on the program senior editor, Guy Norris and tier to our France Bureau chief who as you surely know if you read ideation? Gregory is an expert in aerospace technology subjects to. This week, we are going to talk about three aircraft concepts that Abbas presented for the first time. They are very different from each other in many ways, but they do have one thing in common they are supposed to be powered by hydrogen. And Abbas Vision in the transformation of aviation into a greener more sustainable, future exciting ideas but lots of questions too. So let's take a step back I wonder if I can ask you to just walk us through the plans that Abbas. Presented this week. Sure So basically, there are three concept plaints. At the center of the city they called him supplies because none of them will actually be built but three directions that are going to be studied in depth. One of them is looks like turboprop aircraft to wing configuration. I think the maximum. Capacity would be around one hundred passengers. The other one. Sorry. The first one, I mentioned a because it would burn hydrogen in relatively conventional outside rented conventional. Engine turbines. The second concept plane is also conventional Tuban Wing country duration from be powered by two defense number props to defense money hydrogen. Again, capacity is between one, hundred, twenty, two, hundred passengers, and just like the first concept plane the shooting hydrogen attack is located at the rear of the fuselage and the third concept is definitely the most spectacular. It's a blended wing but. Again powered by defense. So often concepts contemplates both hundred ten. Engines but the big difference, the May feature of the sudden is the blend buddy consideration, which means you can much more optimize hide myrow dynamics, and you can also dispute passengers and fuel tanks. I, know much more efficient way in the in. So. Roughly speaking this, all three concepts that are is. Speaking about so we're we're kind of fifteen years right I mean they're talking about enter enter into service in twenty thirty five but already, they're making some very important technology choices you mentioned liquid hydrogen for instance can just walk Ciragan. You know what are the steps that are coming up in between now and twenty, thirty five so between now one, twenty, thirty, five, the and again, twenty thirty five is the plant date for entry to service our first main Maislin if she wishes twenty twenty-five by then they expect to have majored some technology bricks as they. Call them to choose from and they would launch a program in twenty, twenty, seven or twenty, twenty eight. So that would be a food program for the Industrial Program between or twenty degrees and would would be very, very informative for us to follow is the next five years they plan to do several demonstrations. So they will demonstrate that technology bricks such as hydrogen storage, for example, and one of the most demonstration projects is about hydrogen storage and distribution they were stopped on the ground, but they also plan some instructional on the sorry in the era in. which could be quite a spectacular and they plan quite. Surprised by this, they plan to start with gaseous hydrogen storage demonstration before moving to liquid, and as they seem to have made a choice ready for liquid hydrogen meet surprised by the fact, they are going to also test guess. So Guy. Abbas. Seems to be really enthusiastic about this and it's kind of came out of nowhere but it came a bit of as a surprise to me. That's enthusiasm isn't really shared by everyone in an industry particularly in the engine industry they're still seem to be quite some serious reservations about this. So can you tell us what what what you're hearing? Yeah Hi there. It's basically a very is a very interesting time because, of course, the engine manufacturers like the fray manufactures they're all facing this kind of cliff of how do we meet the sustainability targets in really thirty years seems like a long time but but in the aerospace business, it's really not They've got. So they've they've been approaching this idea of whether to adopt the new transformational approach. Mostly based on alternative fuels, which would be dropping into the existing kind of infrastructure, the existing propulsion designs and the existing tube and wing configurations that the framers of loved and developed and perfected for the past fifty years all nor so you can imagine that there is a bit of a shock going on here to how do we suddenly move all of that towards a hydrogen based ecosystem. Of course, the other thing is that they've saying, well, you know we have been that before we've studied this, we started in the nineteen fifties, for example, more based for military type applications again, in the seventy s during the fuel crisis when they the first global fuel crisis and again in the nineties when there was the first glimmers of the emerging environmental issues this time of course, it's different as you both said, you know the there is a driving force has never been there before, and of course, the the French government tying the. Incentive. Package really to sustainability is the big decision making sort of driver on this. So you know the fact that. There's much more urgent need now is is changing the game, but doesn't change the fact that there is seventy years of history of safety and certification and development behind a no operational cycle around kerosene people know how to handle it. They know how to certify it, and this is a whole new ballgame. So why would you know bus get buy in from the other industry participants if that wasn't possible for one reason or another over the past? Several decades well I mean one of the thunder, the reasons that time does move on and technology has improved. They're all ways of coping now as a couple of ways to look at it. One is from a big picture perspective. The big challenge that a lot of them see both in and out of aerospace is the fact that they feed stalking. The actual production of hydrogen has to be done in a sustainable way to make this entire equation balance

Abbas Tuban Wing Senior Editor Guy Norris France Bureau Gregory Ciragan Stalking
Ice Age Temperatures Help Predict Future Warming

60-Second Science

03:18 min | 9 months ago

Ice Age Temperatures Help Predict Future Warming

"How. Much colder wasn't at the peak of the last ice age that's a question. Scientists have been trying to answer for decades, and now they have a new best guess eleven degrees Fahrenheit. That's a lot especially considering it's a global average parts of North America. We're much colder first of all large areas of the northeast were completely under ice. So that would have been pretty chilly wouldn't be living there but even here in the West right where we weren't covered by an ice, she would have been something like twenty degrees. Fahrenheit Lower Jessica tyranny a Paleo climatologist at the University of Arizona tyranny and her colleagues spent years compiling information about. Earth's climate at the height of the last glacial period about twenty thousand years ago. So we obviously don't have to Ramadan in the glacial periods. So we have to instead look for these kinds of standing indicators. One kind of stanton is plankton that lived in the ocean and got preserved in marine sediments. Scientists use these fossils to infer past ocean temperatures by studying changes in the chemistry of their shells and in the kinds of fats and other compounds they produced. Tyranny and her team then combine these data with a climate model to give a full picture of glacial conditions. It's actually technique us every day whether forecasting. What's new is we're using it for the past not the future. So we're actually hind casting if you will rather than forecasting the study is in the journal Nature. The findings suggest that the last ice age was significantly colder than scientists thought and that matters today the reason that. We want to know how cold last ice ages beyond the fact that it's just a cool thing to know. Is that we can actually use it to understand a quantity called climate sensitivity climate sensitivity is a measure of how much the planet warms in response to rising greenhouse gases. In this long ago case, we know how much carbon dioxide concentrations increased between the last ice age in preindustrial period from air bubbles trapped in ancient ice, and now we have tyrannies new results on the temperature difference between glacial and interglacial conditions. Together, these data suggest that low end estimates of climate sensitivity in which greenhouse gases don't cause much warming are unlikely to be correct if we have low climate sensitivity than than, we would be less worried about what all the missions are going to do. And so we can kind of rule those those possibility out know I suppose that's that's not great news.

North America University Of Arizona Jessica
Mint, Outdoor Pots in Winter, and Transplanting in Fall


06:21 min | 9 months ago

Mint, Outdoor Pots in Winter, and Transplanting in Fall

"Where I garden in New Mexico September is a very dry month. Our summer monsoons are over, but it's still super warm and we get about an inch and a half of rain if we're lucky in September which is not a lot and just definitely not enough to keep my tomatoes. Happy. And I don't grow a lot of vegetables as you know, if you're a regular listener to this podcast, but I love homegrown tomatoes and I don't even start harvesting them until August. So September is a very important month for me and getting my watering right I. Grow in containers and I need to make sure they don't succumb to bottom blossom rot which we've spoken about in the past, and that's where my dram rain wand comes in the shower setting on the dram rain wand is the perfect setting to very gently but completely thoroughly soak the potting mix in my container. There is nothing I found that does a better job of watering my tomato Anything else that you really need to water in your garden than a rain wand from dram. So check them out at Rainman DOT COM and you'll be happy and your tomatoes will be happy. Today for our eat drink grow segment we're going to talk about keeping plants in pots throughout the winter either outdoors on their own or with a little bit of protection because sometimes container plants need a little extra help from the people who are growing them. Don't they see oh, that's right. They'd say that the soil in a container whether it's a pot or a box or a trough. Gets about twenty degrees colder around temperature. All right. We need to be thinking about that first of all, always for putting something in a container that we want to live through the winter. That means that that plant needs to be hardy about two zones colder. Than where we are so if you're looking, for example for a small evergreen to put in a pot on your porch and you wanted it to be outside during the winter, you look for an evergreen that's hardy to zones below with if you're in zone six, you would want something that's hardy zone for yeah, and the reason for that is pretty easy to understand if you stop and think about it if you're growing something in a container that route ball has a very limited amount of soil surrounding it to act as insulation maybe two. Inches maybe three if it's a really big container, but as that plant grows the amount of soil insulating the roots become smaller as the roots take up more space in that container, a plant growing in the ground that very same plant growing in the ground has much more soil insulating its root zones. Maybe even some mulch which you've laid down, and if you're growing in containers, you need to make up that difference in some creative way There are a few things going on here in terms of plants making it through the winter in containers. And we just talked on the first one, which is you want the right plan outside in order to make it, and we'll talk in a second about what if you don't have the right plant what if you've got a bunch of roses in pots and you know they're not hardy to zones colder from where you are so So there's that the plant and then there's also the pot itself and trying to prevent that pot from breaking. Yeah and also then there is the matter of if you're think it's marginally hardy trying to protect it. So which should we start? We just touched on the plants and finding the right plant. Let's say you've got the plant in the pot and we'll come back to the material of the pot later. But let's say you have the plant in the pot and you know it's probably not gonNa make it through the winter without a little help from you. There's a couple of things you can do and the simplest thing maybe just to move that pot if you have a part that's Out in the open and you bring that up against the southern wall of your house where it gets direct, Sun all day and that Sun reflects off the wall of the House that could easily keep that pot ten degrees warmer. So that's really simple if you can move your pot to a sheltered location that sunny, it's going to get some reflected heat. That's a really easy thing to do another. Fairly easy thing to do is to put some sort of insulation around the pot. Yes and people have used bubble wrap for that quite successfully This is another great use for the large smart pots if you have a big smart pot. You can put it out. You can then put your pot inside the smart pot and the area in between Your Pot and smart pot outside you stuff with leaves. I love that idea I never thought of that and not only does the smart pot contained the leave so they don't blow all around. You know it keeps it all nice and tidy. That's number one, number two, the smart pots are black, and so they absorb Shuki of. Never. Great idea. So that's a great use for the smart parts and you could use the same smart parts that you plant your potatoes in during the summer and repurpose them to help protect a plant and or potted plant through the winter. When I was working on New York City terraces. This was something I had to deal with all the time and if I had round containers do the bubble ramp thing. I'd rapped the containers in that and then I put something attractive over at like Burlap so that it had didn't look like everything was wrapped in bubble pack and another way you can do this. If you have square containers is cut pieces of that Styrofoam Insulation Board and put them along each side and then wrapped them in burlap or else it's going to be more attractive to look at because not all pots. Of insulation value in and of themselves, right. The material they're made out of makes a big difference that is true and you know even a pot that isn't going to break those often don't have insulation value because the walls are so thin and so adding something extra can make the difference between the plan barely making it and having it come back gangbusters next year.

Styrofoam Insulation Board New Mexico Rainman Dot Com New York City
Loren Kopseng: Bird Strike at Night

There I Was...

05:50 min | 9 months ago

Loren Kopseng: Bird Strike at Night

"Your recently chatting with Marc Baker. Offend of yours and you shared with him some pictures of. You had a bird strike in your beloved. Husky. So do you mind sharing that story with us? We're we're in what we doing how did it happen? We were hunting pheasants in southern South Dakota, a friend of mine, and we hundred up the other short October thirtieth. North here where we live. In five o'clock start to get dark probably five thirty and we got out of this hunting place. So we landed in. Fargo in the dark from southern South Dakota South Appear South Dakota gradually, the town Dallas, and I just came out of a farm. Land Right at this camp where we hunted and I came Outta there I'd feel that Pierre South Dakota way down. So I- plenty of fuel to get to Fargo North Dakota. Dropped my friend off in the dark refueled and started to Bismarck and it was. Also a night ceiling was like A. Twenty, five, hundred, three, thousand feet, which was fine and abused was okay. But my Husky that I had was via foreign the airplane I had replaced the attitude indicator with an electronic one with a decent. Attitude indicator and a ball. So it's basically. A little better than needle airspeed but not much but enough to fly at night if I had to. Actually cost of Fargo heading towards Bismarck North Dakota and I, could see occasionally I was getting a little bit of something. So I put my light on and. I was getting some snow and my airplane doesn't have PTO. Wasn't bad snow but I could see it in the lights and strobes. But I still like it visibility and I was blow the clouds and so I just put her long thirty five hundred feet. Fargo is nine hundred feet above sea level Bismarck in sixteen, Seventy Four. So I'm. Heading west from Fargo North excluded Bismarck North Dakota thirty five hundred feet so roughly fifteen hundred feet above the ground. You know. Easter Bismarck and I've just bad jomon happy trucking along my GPS is working I checked into bismarck approach control. I was squawking the code they gave me and you know just going home all of a sudden. Bo The windshield came in on me and my first reaction was. Airplanes. facture my shop. Why would the windshield break in on me and there was something covering my right I didn't know what it was my glasses. Were smashed my headset. Knocked off it went in the back seat. There was a tremendous amount of cold air hitting. He was about twenty degrees at night. And the bird that hit me I had no idea what it was really came through the front windshield high and took the roof out HUSKIES got plexiglas on the roof to trip that out and then it blew the left windows out. Don't know how but the left window system and yet the the bottom of the flap and cut yet and hit the tail. At, this point in my life I have to, you know bifocals readers so I could see anything. Looking down for a frequency and so lauren cannot partially there for a second. So you just flying back from a nice weekend hunting trip. It's at night snow in a little bit but visibility is good. Just a dark night I presume with overcast. But you're over pretty flat terrain out there North Dakota and it's interesting to me. You didn't hear a loud Bam or the first thing you notice was just your windshield caved in and for a few minutes it sounds like you had no idea why I didn't have any idea. What happened until I got it on the ground other than the windshield came in. I told you the approach control guys I found my headset backseat and cut it up and got it on and told I got a windshield and they were asking me if I wanted to emergency they were voted me about that and I'm trying to fly the airplane and they sure get to see on the ground and I don't Della -mergency please you know slummy fly this thing and so I was able to slow down slightly I didn't WanNa. Definitely wanted to get it on the ground quick but I had a good engine. It was running fine no vibration and control the airplane. I L runs and everything was working right and so I had to airplane from then on it was mainly. So cold in there, it took a big chunk of the top of the airplane out so. I had a tremendous airs, twenty degrees at night. so as immediately, really cold and swansdown helps some. But not much and So I had about twenty five miles to get it to where I live Bismarck. Fortunately, there wasn't any win that night they lit up of a runway for me to one which. Pretty much straight in. I was really glad to get it on the ground and glad they didn't have a serious crossman to deal with or anything else. But I was not able to switch over to our tower frequency or a ground control. But my friends were working in the tower they've been working with me for twenty five miles. And I sold my hey, I can't see that. The frequency. You GotTa land me on approach and taxi me on approach which they did Bismarck's relatively small community in and I knew the tower guy at that time. That was really about it. I got it on the ground and got it our hangar where we got some lights on it, and then I began to see what really happened.

Bismarck Fargo Fargo North Dakota South Dakota Pierre South Dakota Easter Bismarck North Dakota Marc Baker Crossman Fargo North PTO Della -Mergency Lauren Huskies Dallas Wanna
Are There Months When You Shouldn't Eat Raw Oysters?


03:17 min | 11 months ago

Are There Months When You Shouldn't Eat Raw Oysters?

"You know that every month sands? May June July and August? Has the letter are in its name? Don't look it up. Take my word for it. Did you also know there's an old wives tale that you shouldn't eat raw oysters in months without the letter are in it once again. You don't need to look it up. I'M NOT GONNA. Lie To you the logic behind this is that if you eat oysters during these months? Months you could get sick. Sounds like crazy talk right, and perhaps so perhaps not, but if you think about it, the months without an our fall during the summer in the Northern Hemisphere and the truth is that if you eat raw oysters in the summer, you do run the risk of getting violently sick. That's because and let me tell you. This does not come from an old wife. When the weather is warm, bacteria known as Vibrio, vulnificus and Vibrio Para hemolytic. Thrive and these pathogens multiply like nobody's business in warm water, especially in the Gulf of Mexico where there are a lot of voice, tres harvested so eating raw oysters during the summer theoretically could increase your chances of becoming sick, unlike chicken, pork or hamburger, all of which stink to high heaven when they go bad oysters do not so you can't tell when an oyster has turned the corner. They're also usually not rancid to the taste. However, you'll feel the effects about twenty four to forty eight hours after eating and. That's gone bad with Vibrio, chills fever, vomiting diarrhea. You know the drill in some people, high doses of Vibrio can actually be life threatening, especially, the elderly those with compromised immune systems and people who drink too much alcohol, but let's be clear. Infections caused by all Vibrio. Species are rare. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates. There are about eighty thousand vibrio illnesses of all types. Each year in the United States more than half are related to eating contaminated food, the most common strain. Vibrio Para Hema. lickochops is responsible for forty five thousand illnesses annually. Those numbers are a drop in the bucket, compared to sow Manila which the CDC says is responsible for more than one million illnesses each year. Those eating oysters harvested from the Gulf coast where the water typically is warmer than along the east and west coasts should be on guard. That's because Vibrio thrives on the water temperature near sixty eight degrees, Fahrenheit, or twenty degrees Celsius, so if you're going to saddle up to an oyster bar during the summer months, and our concern, whether these slimy suckers are contaminated well, ask the chef. Could from most chefs are reliable and only buy from reputable fisheries and purveyors they trust, or you can just stick to the cold water, east or west coast oysters until the chillier months return in the Gulf.

Gulf CDC Gulf Coast Manila Vomiting Northern Hemisphere United States
Heat will stay stuck on extra high for July in most of US

AP News Radio

00:42 sec | 1 year ago

Heat will stay stuck on extra high for July in most of US

"The heat is on and for most of America it'll stay on through the rest of the month and maybe longer meteorologists say the US is baking death valley was up to a hundred and twenty degrees in many public places people go to cool off may not be open because of the corona virus New York city's giving seniors free air conditioners because of that the National Weather Service says record temperatures will be broken some places in the triple digits for the start of the week most of the country in the nineties by the end of the week but meteorologists are Begada puts it in perspective reminding us that summer when you're cold air mass in January this is a hot air mass and summer we tend to see the heat extremes cominco Julie Walker New York

America United States National Weather Service Begada Julie Walker New York
Heat will stay stuck on extra high for July in most of US

AP News Radio

00:42 sec | 1 year ago

Heat will stay stuck on extra high for July in most of US

"The heat is on and for most of America it'll stay on through the rest of the month and maybe longer meteorologists say the US is baking death valley was up to a hundred and twenty degrees in many public places people go to cool off may not be open because of the corona virus New York city's giving seniors free air conditioners because of that the National Weather Service says record temperatures will be broken some places in the triple digits for the start of the week most of the country in the nineties by the end of the week but meteorologists are Begada puts it in perspective reminding us that summer when you're cold air mass in January this is a hot air mass and summer we tend to see the heat extremes cominco Julie Walker New York

America United States National Weather Service Begada Julie Walker New York
Polar Vortex Brings Rare May Snow, Record Lows To Boston

Weekend Edition Saturday

00:46 sec | 1 year ago

Polar Vortex Brings Rare May Snow, Record Lows To Boston

"It's a tale of two seasons across the U. S. this weekend and PR's Amy held reports arctic air is bringing freezing temperatures and snow to the east central and southern U. S. and the west is getting intense heat is feeling more like March the name from the Dakotas down to Alabama and up the east coast where a polar vortex is bringing freeze warnings and frost advisories in Huntsville Alabama temperatures broke a century old record for cold Massachusetts saw a measurable maybe snow fall for the first time in almost two decades and main went under a winter storm warning meanwhile in the western third of the country is feeling more like summer with temperatures up to twenty degrees above normal and parts of California under an excessive heat

AMY Alabama Massachusetts California Huntsville
Don't believe everything you see

True Mysteries of the Pacific Northwest

04:53 min | 1 year ago

Don't believe everything you see

"Kit K. Crumb at she bill dot com. And I will send you the book. You've vindicated as your choice. But now today don't believe everything you see what each individual may have a different perception of reality. Reality is a fixed factor. Perception of reality is reality. Make sense of that well. For example if two people or skiing mountain witness an avalanche description of the sound and the amount of snow involve will vary but both skiers will agree that it was some avalanche as something pretty big. What about those Pesky little things? We encounter every day for law enforcement. Personal perception is a huge concern. This is why with auto accidents and certain crimes. A police officer will ask the question several times then turn to another witness and asked the same question. They're trying to find out what really happened. Not what was perceived to have happened? The implication is that what you see or don't see may not be reality. I ride a motorcycle and wrote a book Navigating Mountain curves on a motorcycle. Now a bestseller audio fashion. You can get that at my website. It my research for this book. I interviewed a number of police officers. Who responded to the scene of a motorcycle accident? They told me that almost all the drivers of the car involved said they didn't even see the motorcycle. How could that be what I discovered amazed me? It's something called in attentional blindness. This is when a driver encounters. Let's say a four-way stop every day on the way to work it's early. He occasionally encounters another car going in the opposite direction but never one on the right or left so when he glances to the right. He doesn't see the motorcycle but that begs the question. Why not he glances to his right and the motorcycle is they're sitting at the stop sign waiting his turn. Why doesn't he see the motorcycle? The answer is how the brain perceives. What we see truth. What you see is not the real world what it is your brains desk. Guess Reality based on input from your eyeball. Cicadas are quick eye movements. Your brain has to ignore cottage information. Because the I flicked too fast. If the brain kept all data provided by the fast moving your vision would be blurred. So when we scan and intersection our brain prefers to see a series of pictures called. Dixie and in the movement between fixation between the CICADAS. Our brain sees nothing. Of course life is not afflict book so the brain uses the or pictures to guess what happens in between and gathered pre existing data to fill up the space and provide a smooth on blurred image. The answer for accurately seen when you're shirring intersection would be to scan slowly this way. The brain doesn't have to smooth things out doesn't have to create a picture like image that it puts together with the familiar and in the process. Leaving out all the sports cars or motorcycles or any vehicle that hasn't been encountered at that intersection before just as a brain blocks out the blurry it also blocks out what it considers irrelevant with. Something called selective attention in general. We are more likely to notice things that are sexy dangerous. This is why honking the horn. Get your attention for years has implied danger or at least look over here. See me also. The color red has been shown to be an attention getter then there is peripheral blindness. Just twenty degrees off the line of sight and humans lose ninety percent of their vision although clear images are lost. The brain will pick up on the movement in. It's peripheral an example peripheral blindness or the windshield being in your car. Fortunately they are usually located at ten and two so as not to obscure anything when driving straight ahead but anything communist the car from that angle of ten or two will be invisible. Finally there is contrast blindness. It's been determined to contrast is the greatest single factor the acquisition of target. So it would seem that to truly see reality. One would have to slow the scanning process in this way the brain only reports. What is their luck out over the forest meadow in a slow

Officer Kit K. Crumb Shirring Intersection Dixie
Power Off Stall Tips

AviatorCast: Flight Training

03:18 min | 1 year ago

Power Off Stall Tips

"Start something that's a little bit little bit just technical and start to talk about that so having a hard time with my power off stall any tips so the power off stall is also known as the approach to landing stall and I've really tried to rename it myself to make sure that I connect that approach to landing to it because that will tell you everything you need to know about setting up your power off stall. So you're coming into the pattern right. You're going to be landing. You're reducing your power back as you're coming into the pattern power off. That's how we know we are doing a power off stall emulating a landing so you'll typically do this with flaps you will you can either do a straight ahead or you can do it. In a banked turn essentially this one is really easy with the flaps out and most airplanes the the airplane is more docile in the stall. You don't have the left turning. Tendencies that the power on stall we know that if you have that powerful throttle or even partial throttle that you are going to get those left turning tendencies that will pull the one way in power off stall you. Don't really have that so. The airplane is fairly docile. What I do is I get the airplane in. Approach speed Say Sixty to seventy miles per hour in a Cessna. One seventy two. And then all you do. Is you pull the nose up to the horizon? Okay you put the top of the cowling right on the horizon in a one seventy. Two's going to different other airplanes. And then you You hold it there. Until you get the stall indications with the flaps down you're going to get a fairly mild stall You'll feel buffet. You'll hear the stall warning Horn and you may get that momentary drop and as a pilot. You're the one forcing it there right. You're forcing it to that horizon. So all you need to do to recover is relaxed the pressure on the yoke reduce the angle of attack. And then you can get the wing flying again now. The recovery the entire recovery is reducing the angle of attack sue. Get Out of the critical of attack the wing flying again just by doing that. Little Bit of change in your pitch attitude and then adding power in and climbing out of that approach to land install so recently emulating that we've come in we've we've for some reason Become distracted and we got to slow. We got to a stall condition and we really do want to have that power in there to recover. You still can just put that nose right on the horizon. And that's GonNa give you a enough of a of of a climb and then you would want to reduce your flaps by one notch. If you are say at thirty thirty degrees you can even go to twenty degrees in one. Seventy two so couple of different helpful. Things THEIR POWER PITCH UP CLEANUP BASICALLY POWER UP POWER FORWARD PITCH UP CLEAN UP FAST recovery after you've reduced angle of attack and got the wing flying again and then you minimize how much altitude you lose all right. So it's all about that recovery and in there you go.

"twenty  degrees" Discussed on WTMJ 620

WTMJ 620

01:35 min | 1 year ago

"twenty degrees" Discussed on WTMJ 620

"Twenty degrees right now W. T. M. J. CBS news update Mike Bloomberg will be one of these six presidential candidates on the debate stage tonight in Las Vegas and CBS news political analyst Leonard Stein hoard says many on that stage will go after him since he's doing well in polls and has not yet debated them he may not start the attacks on other candidates because he'll want to keep the discussion focused on what he believes is his strength which is beating Donald Trump but trust me he will be prime to defend himself and to push back and even to attack if he has to political analyst Larry Sabato says Bernie Sanders stops the polls have been shooting upwards and most of the others have been coming down they've got to go after Sanders they've got many different ways to do it I don't know which what ways they'll choose probably different ways for each candidate but he's battled to take some incoming flak CBS news update on that WTMJ news time three thirty two from the W. T. M. J. breaking news center Mitchell International Airport will get six hundred thousand dollars in federal funding to rehabilitate the airports primary runway as part of a five hundred and twenty million dollar total funding project to be given to airports across the country the announcement was made earlier today well the deer will be flowing in more Milwaukee parks in twenty twenty the Milwaukee county parks traveling beer gardens will bring records at Milwaukee brewed beer and root beer to two different to worse you can find out more information online at our website at W. T..

Mike Bloomberg Las Vegas Donald Trump Larry Sabato Bernie Sanders Mitchell International Airport Milwaukee W. T. M. J. CBS CBS political analyst Leonard Stein W. T. M. J. Milwaukee county
"twenty  degrees" Discussed on WIBC 93.1FM


02:29 min | 1 year ago

"twenty degrees" Discussed on WIBC 93.1FM

"Our system gloomy one it was the only one for a little walk at the fort there and is willing to forego me everywhere hi pasta holding on right now but they should break up this morning and we should see some sunshine this afternoon key word there sure sure absolutely so anyway I'll show you a live person in town right now and Christmas lights on tree to going to not take him down to a week from Saturday as we'll see some inclement weather coming in again Friday night and Saturday right now some clouds thirty degrees a chilly northwest twenty fourteen miles an hour feels like temperature nineteen degrees so it's a cold morning out there Lafia thirty Kokomo thirty degrees twenty nine back on our green castle thirty four degrees in Richmond also to show me the only put the windchill numbers on the winds here from the north west about ten fifteen twenty three miles an hour in Kokomo are feels like temperature down into the teens and twenties feels like seventeen Kokomo nineteen here and it feels like nineteen degrees back either in green castle saw a cloudy start twenty degrees that noontime also partly sunny thirty one not gonna climb a whole much during the day partly sunny by five o'clock in our temperature about normal thirty four degrees now on radar why would you have a few snow showers again parts of Michigan our next weather maker is down south you can see a little bit of moisture here parts of Oklahoma Arkansas and eventually that is coming our way and should arrive here late tomorrow and tomorrow night so stay with us what time out when our next storm will arrive once a storm does new by little piece of art to hear coming on down on Sunday for the first part of next week and also next week a cold with a quiet week really don't see any big storms coming our way the latest eight day forecast coming up in just a few minutes staff all right thanks Randy in this morning and a much better start I think for our Thursday morning I for sixty five here you're Westford Boulevard on the north side looks good maybe a few cars here in there otherwise you should have a pretty easy going start your morning it's only about five thirty two so we usually don't see a whole lot of volume at this time but that's the usual route eighty think you'll be okay for your morning drive I four sixty five all the way around is in really good shape this morning so if you're coming in for the northside southside or pretty much any side of the city I do think you'll be okay more side included in that will take a couple a look at a couple of cameras here this morning near Michigan rather nine four sixty five no major issues here quite yet volume not too bad either just a little bit further north of that off but he was thirty one just north of main street if you're coming in from say Westfield or even just north of Carmel you have a pretty decent commute in bound as well your site lots a green.

"twenty  degrees" Discussed on News 96.5 WDBO

News 96.5 WDBO

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"twenty degrees" Discussed on News 96.5 WDBO

"In Orlando today. Twenty degrees cooler and one hundred percent rainier today than yesterday. It is now sixty two degrees, and that's pretty much good to be the high temperature for the day. Have reached an agreement in principle to avoid another government shutdown. Congress is being made with this committee. The president may accept this deal from congress, but still use his executive power to try to take some money away from other projects and put them toward a wall. This is a developing story, we're Orlando turns first for breaking news, news ninety six point five WDBO. Good morning. I'm Marsha Taylor. And I'm Rika Peter seven forty nine on Orlando's morning news. With continuing coverage of our top story. Rain, rain and more rain this morning this with a cold front much cooler today, just low sixties for highs down into the forties tonight. But it doesn't last long quickly back into the mid seventies by tomorrow afternoon. From channel nine eyewitness news. I'm meteorologist Brian shields tells you what the president thought of the green new deal. It sounds like a high school term paper that got Alomar and another guy's not a fan of the green new deal is Howard Schultz, the CEO calls the idea. Immoral. Everybody's tell seven fifty ten minutes away from eight o'clock on Orlando's morning news as we check that full five day forecast. Oh, man the weekend is right fair. It's so close brought to you this morning by southeast. He'll appliance warehouse. Hello, tom. Joe? One of those days. Yes. Indeed. We are going to see rain likely across the area this morning and gradually moving out late morning and into the afternoon. Still the clouds will hug us for awhile and keep temperatures cool only fifty and low sixties all day today. Rain moving out giving us a chilly night tonight. Low forty seven that we're back with sun tomorrow, beautiful seventy five what a day Friday we back to well near eighty degrees and heading into the weekend. Rain chances are low temperatures still spring, like eighty degrees on Saturday with just a slight chance for a shower forecast miles earlier in the week where advertising a stronger storm system and closer to us. But now weaker and farther away. So that gets us warmer and drier for the weekend extended five day forecast four times an hour from channel nine I'm chief meteorologist, Tom Terry. Cloudy, rainy, sixty. One now in Saint Cloud at sixty two and Lake Mary, light rain, sixty two Orlando's severe weather station. Safetouch Security triple team traffic..

Orlando Howard Schultz president Congress chief meteorologist Tom Terry Marsha Taylor Rika Peter Brian shields Alomar Saint Cloud Lake Mary Joe executive CEO eighty degrees five day seven fifty ten minutes one hundred percent
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"Let's go to number sixteen. Okay. Number sixteen. So now, if we if we weren't we're now looking at a hundred and twenty degrees, we turned counterclockwise. We're looking right down the length of Nolan's, curls. And if we go another one hundred and twenty degrees, which would by the way, one hundred and twenty degrees is one third of the circle. Okay. A third of three sixty. And if we go with another one hundred and twenty degrees, that's two thirds of the circle. And when we do that we're staring right at the stone equal out all trying. Angle which we're which were drawing now with with. It's a division of the circle by three each of try. That's right. That's right. Yup. So then what we're looking directly at a stone triangle that is an equilateral triangle on the ground. And from that point two hundred and ten feet away. They they even gave these numbers that. That's what they believe the distance to the money pit. But let's go back here a little bit. Now, if we go to one hundred and twenty degrees, and we add ninety degrees to it. 'cause we had ninety degrees in vertical alignment of the galaxy the plane of the galaxy takes his two to ten takes us to to ten if we add forty three point two degrees, which was another degree where the nebula of a Ryan was on zero the Hebrew calendar. If we add those two together, we get two hundred and fifty three point two degrees. Now that is extremely relevant in the template in that. It is an angle of one of the spirals that come off of the nebula of Orion. So it's it's it's a very accurate alignment of of one of the spirals on the year two thousand. Thousand twelve so it's a it's a huge critical number right there within the template. And that's exactly what they're pointing out here that I have. I'm very confident that would be the location of the money pit itself. Now using the best I can do with Google earth. I'm looking right at it. When I zoom in and it's right on the money..

Ryan Nolan twenty degrees ninety degrees two degrees ten feet
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"Twenty degrees in Boston partly sunny at three o'clock. Good afternoon. I'm Laurie Kirby. And here's what's happening this afternoon. The department of public health in Massachusetts is confirming the deaths of two children from the flu. A girl from Middlesex County a boy from Milford. The cases are unrelated. This is the height of flu season. And Dr Paul Sachs at Harvard Medical School has some advice for all of us on when to seek medical attention for ourselves and our children. Well, it's not just medical care. It's also a medical advice, and I think that during the flu season, especially during the peak flu season, if a person gets the sudden onset of chills fever aches along with that flu symptoms like a sore throat runny nose, bad, cough, headache, those those symptoms sort of often or the flu during flu season. And there is flu medicine that you can take. And so often, you know, if someone calls us with that story, we'll we'll just recommend they start to medicine and not even necessarily come in to see the doctor. However, if you start then having shortness of breath or confusion or difficult. Doing your daily activities, then by all means you should seek medical attention. The state DP h says tragically every year there are flu related deaths in Massachusetts that include children, but get your flu shot. Stay home from work. Don't send your child to school. If they have the flu will have more throughout the day. Governor Charlie Baker makes history in Roxbury this afternoon attending services at a mosque at the Islamic society of Boston cultural center, Carl Stevens was there and has this report weekly prayers are every Friday afternoon at this mosque. But for the first time ever, a sitting Republican governor was in attendance to deliver a message and the message from governor Baker was that there's a lot more that unites us than divides us. Everybody's trying to get to the same place. The paths are different but the goal this desire to be better than you were yesterday to be a better person to, sir. I hear it everywhere. I go speaking to reporters afterwards. The governor said it was important for him to accept the invitation of the mosque and to prove that he's the governor of everybody in the Commonwealth from Roxbury Carl Stevens WBZ Boston's NewsRadio services to the Super Bowl. That's where governor Baker is headed next. He's flying to Atlanta tomorrow with three of his friends from his hometown of swamp. Scott mayor Marty Walsh is also going to the game. Both leaders predict the pats will win and patriots fans getting into the spirit of things at Faneuil hall where a rally a pep rally was held Kim Tunnicliffe was there. He care leadership there pompoms and chanted their support for patriots superstar TB.

flu governor Baker Governor Charlie Baker Harvard Medical School Boston Carl Stevens Massachusetts Laurie Kirby patriots Kim Tunnicliffe Middlesex County Faneuil hall Dr Paul Sachs Milford Islamic society of Boston cult Atlanta cough Roxbury
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"My bikes in the garage. The winter. Exactly fun to be riding around in twenty degree weather, but still when I bring the hawk back out in the spring. I'm after call Geico, and you should too, but we're gonna get back to the phones right now back to your calls. And let's talk to David at Andrews Air Force base talking about NFL playoff seeding. David welcome the show. Thank you for your service. Thank you, sir. I just had quick question. If your team has already been eliminated from the playoffs early season. I gun discussion with the. To root for a team. Better terms of getting better player in the job for the way. You know, what this is a debate? Everyone has a lot of times. This is something that came up for me a couple of weeks ago as a jet fan, obviously my team was not going to go anywhere this season. It's a situation where you're not expecting playoff. So some people say, hey, let's just lose out. Get the best possible to me as a sports fan. You never wanna route to lose. I don't care if I'm going to get a better pick. But there's also okay to root for them to lose as long as they played it. That's what I'm at right now with the jets because a couple of weeks ago when they beat the bills people saying, oh, you're crazy. Like you want them to lose? You wanna get the better pick know what to see my team do. Well, I don't want them to just suck. I don't want that first game against the bills where they got absolutely embarrassed. And you're just a joke of a franchise. Yeah. You want a better pick you want to get better. But you also need your team to play better in order for them to gel in order to get more chemistry in order for them to build for next year. And also if your team like the jets are some of these others that have a lot of spending money, you don't wanna look like crap right before you're trying to bring in big name free agents. If you try to bring in a Levy on Ballard, you know, some of these other guys that are going to be big dollar free agents a guy like Kirk cousins last year. The last thing you want is your team to look terrible because I'm going to say, I don't care how much you're paying me. I'm not going there again, I'm not just because they're my team. But look at the jets last year they're on a team that was up for Kirk cousins before they ended up going and drafting Sam darnold, but he looked at the situation said you guys suck. But Minnesota is a team that was in the NFC championship game. They're a team with a great defense. There team was strong receivers a good running back. I think I'm gonna go there. Because even though it might be a little less money. I could actually win there too. So yes, you want a good draft pick. And you want your team to be able to build to the draft. But you don't to just suck either. Because then you don't get any better. And you don't get the big names to come in. Because you look so terrible. Thanks for your call. David. Go a little off topic right now because he's next up, and it's something that's near and dear to my heart. And we're gonna get into a lot more later. So we're gonna jump off the ship a little bit right now. Talk to Tom and Colorado wants to talk about Dana white in the AFC, Tom very Christmas. Welcome to the show when he went talk about data, America's Missy too. What's going on? John Jones tested positive for what like the thousands time. And now, they're moving the flight from Vegas Elway. So he can get sanctioned. What's team is thinking here? I don't understand this. I used to love Dana white now. You sounds like a desperate, man. I'll tell you exactly what his thinking is here thinking is once again if John Jones is not on this card. No one is buying this card, and it sucks. Not. But I'm saying that thinking sucks, but that's exactly what he's thinking. That's exactly why he's doing this. And it's terrible screws. So many people screws any fans that brought tickets and got hotel rooms or making plans to go there all the fighters that are already there this week that have trained and say, okay, their families here. And now they have to completely get out of their mind set of just focusing on weight cuts and on final preparations for the fight announce to figure out how to get their families from Vegas to LA is just terrible for everybody involved except for John Jones. And except for Dana white, and that's all that matters in the end while screwed so many people all that matters is the guy that's gonna make all the money off it, and they got us going to bring the money in the fight. So that's what his thinking is. That if I want to still have a pay per view that actually gets buys right now. Then that's what I gotta do. And it's terrible. I hate that. He's doing this. It's messing up so many people. I mean. I mean half these fighters didn't even know about it happening until they found on social media. They never got a call from the saying, hey, we got this issue. This thinking about doing rural help you work through this. Tell us what you need to you know, have done. We'll move your families will cover the cost of changes for hotels and all this other stuff as far as we've heard so far none of that happened. Most of these guys didn't even know this was being changed until all Sunday read about it on Twitter where with airedale Hawaii and others reporting it, it's just terribly handled by the F C completely botched. And I think he's gonna mess things up big time people still going to buy it because they love to watch John Jones, and the controversy helps the buys probably especially for him. Especially the talking back and forth with him. But still a screw Sony people over the way they're handling this, and we'll get into that more later on like I said right now, let's go back to the NFL talk to Luke Massachusetts about the eagles chances. How's it going, Luke? How about you? Great. You're on CBS sports radio talking all you fans, what could be better for Christmas. Exactly two things. One the eagles. It's really surprising. How they have like such a shot at the playoffs especially the Vikings facing the best. I don't I they have only team they beaten over five hundred is the dolphins and their definition of five hundred. So I think the Vikings have real chance to lose this game. And the eagles will go into the playoffs. I absolutely agree with you. I think the Vikings have a great chance to lose this game. I know they lived Graceland looked great the last two weeks. But right now, they're playing a team in the bears who while they don't technically need it. They're in the playoffs. They have the NFC north. They could just say, you know, what we're just going to rest some guys. Let other guys get healthy and get ready for the playoffs. Problem being Nagy's come out and said, that's not the way we're doing it. They want that to two-seat they want to possibly have some home field. They don't want to have to play that first week their thinking is we're not going to rest guys. Now, we're going to rest next week when we have off because we're gonna win this game and get a by. So the Vikings are coming into a situation that's not ideal for them a couple of weeks ago. You're looking at it saying, you're the bears probably gonna have this wrapped up and they can't do much else. So they're just gonna stick is. No the way the Rams have stumbled over a couple of weeks in the way, the bears of won all these games in a row. They're in a position that this game could mean something so not only the fact that they can knock out the division fall and keep them out of the playoffs. I mean, that's always a great sign factor there. That's something you want to do you could bring pain to the teams in your division. Why not? Just a little cherry on top of the Sunday. But for them this could actually set them up in a much better situation, playoff wise with getting a home game. Maybe not having to play the saints as early as they would've if they're on the road against them gives them a little more breathing room that they could say let's win this game. And then eagles playing Washington. Yeah. They've had some good play in the last couple of weeks from the quarterback for my Johnson. Joshua's played well for them. I mean, no one would expect anything from this guy coming in the fourth guy, the guy who's coming off the street the guy who's you know, was just drafted to go play in the af whatever it is. The new football league is supposed to start in the spring known a predicted. This guy would be in the NFL and possibly winning games. He's had chances last couple of weeks. He's played. Well, they just slipped away at the end of that game last week where he threw that pick against Tennessee. But they were closed. They were in it. It was a tight game. They still have a tough defense. Still. I think the eagles are gonna win their game. They're going to pull that out. And the question just remains. What is Minnesota gonna do against Chicago Chicago's a tough team? Obviously they've won the north there. One of the best teams in the NFC. It's kind of murky on who's going to win the NFC because they all their deficiencies, but they're in the mix. They're gonna play that game to win. I think and that's gonna cost the Vikings. Let's go to Remmy in Ventura Kelly talking about a possible Super Bowl matchup. What's up? Doing my I wanna wish you and the crew and call and miss morale. Even though he ain't dairy Jin spirit. Thank you very much contact with both those guys today for the everything seems to be going well for their Christmases course, follow us on Twitter. You can see that. He got the best gift he could ever give snooze shoes for him is a home run gift. So he's having they got the new LeBron. So he's all good. Hey, listen, I was just gonna throw a little thought, and I'm not high when I say this, but I'm taking the bears Indianapolis Colts in the two before. And what do you think about that all going to the bears and get rid of that jerk dead border back and quarterback? I'm going to get off. Now. God bless you. And I'll talk to you and see what you say. Bye. Thank you. Yeah. You might be a little high. If you think they're gonna get richer Bisky, false falls played great. But Mr. Bisky has done a good job for them. They just drafted him as a topic last year. This is the second year in the league. You might not think he's done great things yet. But he's done enough for them to be in the position they're in. He does enough that defense to get the win that they wanna get. He might not be lining up the world. He might not be, you know, torturing everybody, you might not be putting up big numbers like homes or a golf or an Aaron Rodgers type of quarterback. He is he's a Chicago Bears type quarterback. That is the way the bears have always been very strong defence a tough running game and a quarterback that does enough to win. They're not looking to go out there and put forty fifty points on the board. That's never been that franchises style. They go out there, and they're going to drag you into the mud and beat you up and make you hurt and then they can do just enough to win. And he's done that the big thing for them is that he doesn't make big mistakes as long as he doesn't make those as long as he doesn't cost them games. They're fine with his production. What he's done so far under Nagy. They're fine with the way that he's come along. So I don't think they're going to do that as far as possible Super Bowl matchup. I wanna say it's crazy. But who knows the colts are hot Arison starting one in five there ain't one they have been torturing people and not only are they possibly in the playoffs right now. It's in that are winner take. We're gonna go home game with the titans winner. Take all that game. Could actually end up being for the division. The way that Houston has slipped defenses up some big points. Here the way they lost the Philly last week. If using goes and loses this week against Jacksonville. Which is not a gimme game for them. Even though as bad as Jacksonville has been with how many injuries they have with how bad their defense is given up points people last couple of weeks, they lose that game. One of those teams could actually take the south. And if they get that south division, and they get some home games, the of his good chance anyone to run to the FCC until they get to the patriots, probably because as much as you want to count them out year after year and hope for that demise. Somehow, they still get it done and the bears in the NFC where you know, what it is up for grabs completely every one of those teams, and I'll get into it more later on because we're a break here. But I'll get more in depth later on about how the NFC to me so muddled every one of those teams has a big deficiency that you could point to and say they're not going to win because of this. The bears in the same way. They have a great defense an adequate run game with Cohen, and our those guys make things happen. But if you put pressure on Trubisky, if you get him riled that could be the reason they don't win. Do. They have a chance to get there. Of course with the defense like that you can shut teams down in the postseason playing the cold as a huge advantage for them. I just don't know if I'm gonna pick the colts and the bears off the top of my head to go for the Super Bowl. We come back on and go talk to..

NFC Vikings John Jones eagles NFL Dana white David Chicago Twitter jets Nagy Geico Minnesota Andrews Air Force colts Jacksonville CBS titans
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"Currently have a record low for Monday morning, twenty degrees, which was set October fifteenth of nineteen seventy Sullivan says you'll want to dress warmly before heading to work in school in the morning. Make sure you bundle up and are ready for some very cold. Temperatures Sullivan says we'll warm up starting with highs in the forties tomorrow, then mid fifty s and mostly sunny skies for the rest of the week. Bill course has died cores helped run his grandfather Adolph Coors brewery for decades, including as chairman he helped introduce the recyclable aluminum beer, the late fifty s and grew the golden brewery to one of the largest breweries in the world. Bill course one hundred two in sports a chilly day for players and fans at Bronco stadium. Hi today. In fact, it was the second coldest Broncos home game ever in September or October the temperature at kickoff. Twenty-five degrees. Three degrees shy of the current record of twenty two degrees. That was set on October twelfth nineteen sixty nine. Unfortunately, the Broncos didn't exactly warm up the crowd with their play today quarterback case keenum through this pick with the Broncos down twenty two three in the third quarter. Long snap count keenum. Takes a shotgun. Snap freeman. Rush. Taste throws to the middle of the field. Ball deflected and all balls. Intercepted or wasn't intercept that it is intercepted by the ramps. John Johnson gets his second interception of the season of ball deflected intended for tighter, Bryant Parker. The Rams take over on the L A seven yard line Broncos then scored seventeen points to pull within three points of the Rams, but couldn't get the win. Final score twenty three two three the two and four Broncos head to Arizona to play the cardinals on Thursday. Our next update at ten thirty. I'm Laura hatch on KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM ninety four one FM. Construction projects planned for tonight at York street, and I seventy that was set to closed the ramp from your to westbound, I seventy that price has.

Broncos Sullivan Bill Ball Rams Snap freeman Bronco stadium Adolph Coors Laura hatch cardinals Arizona chairman Bryant Parker John Johnson Twenty-five degrees twenty two degrees twenty degrees Three degrees seven yard
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"Nine seven two four nine nine forty seven forty-seven. Thank you. Appreciate it. We create your donation. Thank you, Ethan, in Bahrain. You're on the blaze. How are you doing? Good. You are things all right. What time is it. It is a seven thirty, five pm. Oh, we're night's show there. Well, okay, we're all over the place. All right. What are you doing in Bahrain? Are you an oil? Well, I yeah, I work at a. I work in well up until today. I worked in Saudi Arabia, oh, at well company. They're no good day. So it's a sighting exciting day for me. Does that mean you're coming back to the US or what are you doing? Yeah, that's right. Yeah. Cool. So what's up back to Oklahoma? Well, yeah, we're gonna call you to task on this global warming thing. You say it doesn't exist, but I have proof. It does when I was growing up and they got up to maybe a hundred thirty days out of the year. But this last eight years I've been here in the Middle East and it's like hundred ten under twenty degrees for hundred as a hundred days out of the year. So obviously forming right. Obviously positive, and there you go nailed it. Thanks for putting us in our place. I mean when you're right, you're right. What are you? Gonna. Do. That's good. Yeah. I think the average in Dallas is eighteen days during the summer that hit one hundred or more. And this year there were eighteen days that hit one hundred or more or more saints. And so you know what the theory is if it's more than usual, it's global warming if it's less than usual, it's global warming game. And if it's about the same as ever global warming. So I say, you know, Joba starting from whether Bill com was on with Jeffy and Christmas morning, and you be excited to know that they rough winter is a common based on, yeah, based on what's been happening right now compared to other years that the way the Atlantic was, and then he talked about some Newfoundland something or other stream loop thing..

Bahrain Saudi Arabia Ethan Middle East Jeffy Oklahoma US Dallas Newfoundland Joba Bill com eighteen days hundred thirty days twenty degrees hundred days eight years
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"You can't keep it at seventy two three four you you have like a fifteen to twenty degrees right that's as good as it can do because i keep mindset at seventy and it's roughly about eighty two degrees in my house dinners freaking out because he's like dad i've got it set on seventy and eighty to know that is that's that's not the a c that's that's it could be but probably it is very prevalent for people to call the ac company and it's just so damn hot your air conditioner can't do it in the afternoon for home six seven i'll i'll turn the whole thing office wait for it to get dark household down that's what i'm doing now i'm turning up to like seventy eight when i leave in the morning right it's going to be there either way and if you leave it low it will just run all day that's what it's been doing because he does yeah okay all right thank you thanks for talking me down by the way it's okay that we talk about this because everybody that lives up north ago you guys have it so good down there you know what it's like you know six months out of the year we can't leave our house they go hey we can't cool our homes down here but that's i think there's an equivalent to a certain extent between winter up north in summer down here because i mean you could do things outside but are you ever looking forward to doing anything outside in the summer in florida i mean other than play golf this morning now but he had to do it early you would have been able to do by nine o'clock you're not playing golf yeah you gotta live who are you hey it's mark in daytona what's up bruschi hey hey mark in daytona howard things doing all right man cool forty bud well all i'm not on the air i just wanted to talk to people off the air too much we gotta talk okay well i just want to wish through happy birthday you know but i also wanted to say that tomorrow's my birthday and a few years back seven eleven started honoring me on my birthday by giving out free slurpee they do free slurpee i just wanna let everybody yeah on several every day you know from seven eleven that seven eleven the whole deal man thank you no i don't think so do you have a live alot drew sir questions i can help you out well not really questions but my my son said can you text the landlord i have it set to eight seventy two and it's eighty one in the house right now yeah you got your low on refrigerant or tell your son look the filter how how clean is the filter the filter so impacted we can't move any air through it and that could be an issue i'll look at that when i get home i change at the first of the month every month but i i did not change it the first of the month this month and it was overactive in june so i'll take a look at that so since we have a professional is it is it out of the question that it's just too hot outside and that it's like ninety degrees outside and it can only cool so much is that an option you were pretty close to john and air conditioner most residential air conditioners are designed to take twenty degrees off the ambient temperature corny degrees so the hundred and five outside should be able to get your house.

twenty degrees eighty two degrees ninety degrees six months
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"And look it used to the democrats made loans available on the tax dollar and colleges it was supposed to be a student aid but the call just said the student has deep pockets so they jacked up tuition to match the increase barring ability then the republicans i'm a republican but i'm not defending my party the republicans took away bankruptcy truth in lending statute of limitations and the student became defenseless e bankruptcies the economic second amendment and i'm a supporter of the second amendment without economic second amendment you remember you remember the housing bubble k it was bad but those people could file bankruptcy they could defend against lending well here's the other thing though why do we even have to have students filed bankruptcy why why can't they just modify their loans down two nil ch well that would be an ideal situation and and that would be an ideal situation but i mean one step at a time i mean we have to be practical about this when when students are able to file bankruptcy then it'll be like credit cards the loan availability will strengthen the tax dollar will no longer be but not everybody wants to file bankruptcy gordon not everybody wants their credit deemed you know they they'd rather have reduced payments or have the principal knocked down so and you don't get taxed on it you'd have to make sure you make those kind of provisions let me move on but you got your websites out let's go to joe long island new york welcome to the program joseph yeah george how you doing july let's it's crazy how fast this year is going is calling way too fast what's going on the first show i was thinking a couple of things the first segment tonight one ones you can check out how things work in the distance yourself you don't need a harvard study for example which you can do is take a place in the destined somewhere live pray about on meditate weather asked for it to be twenty degrees different than the next day or two and then just check the results let's see what happens and see what happens so you people can kinda do this of south they don't have to really enlists the aid of harvard and some things you can't control maybe like the weather you you maybe you can't control that but at the same time i think in some cases this actually works does actually you'll find it actually works if people can pray for a weather change in a distance area and they can check us and all actually change and then the other thing would be refining decision making okay he's talking about activating new genes maybe a more creative gina okay say for example like you see people that never really achieve like muscle mass and then somehow they work out a lot and to have that right and i think with that you know you could probably do that now the areas you know and and get surprising what's this all but i think with that you would want to refine your decision making hey now that i found this out maybe i should consider other alternatives in my approach to things based on hey i can do this there's a lot of common sense involved in this too i mean as we were talking as as we were looking at the example of of youth you can't go back and be twenty years old again i mean that's just not going to happen but you can take care of yourself in prolong your life and make sure that it's comfortable blair in sedona arizona hey blair welcome.

twenty degrees twenty years
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"Degrees here complain when it's twenty degrees when it's cold complained about that was a bloody long winter long winter that winter went all the way up until march just thinking she's never wasn't much did it was it was april i think people do we sit down to how many how many languages did you say the book is translated into forty six do you get to oversee them well i actually have been you know of a few of those i think three or four of those forty six indian languages so i've been very very closely involved with the translation into do and hindy they're not yet published in india those lou honest publishing pakistan but i'm waiting for the hindi to be ready before he published him both together but yeah i you know for me when i wrote the book i did have a feeling that i should actually say translated from the originals by arundhati roy it's a book that's imagined in many languages do you get quite prohibitive that translation lose something that you initially into well surely that's one way of looking at it you know what for me will people who live in translation all the time in because the so many languages floating around your an india has seven hundred eighty languages twenty two fisher and thirty three waiting to be made fisher and so also for me i actually feel i'm not a you know i'm not i feel thrilled about translation i feel even if it can't be exact if it can convey the spirit of what reason not just the message but the you know the the universe that that is being like to me to to to me a book like this which is so so close and specific in some ways to what goes on in india the fact that it actually is something which someone in denmark or estonia england or reads is is is the most beautiful thing about literature you know because literature is in some ways very quiet art you know the active writing and the active reading.

india fisher lou arundhati roy denmark estonia twenty degrees
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"You find out about muscles you didn't know you had so you start you'll get sore and places you didn't know about the physical part of the job doesn't bother frank he loves it he loves the connection to the land being outside and running around all day but owning a farm which is still new to him can be nerve wracking so far this year so good had a knock on wood there last year was you know our first season managing and running everything this being temperatures which sillier than usual and we were freaking out a little bit they had already started a lot of their crops for that season so temperatures got down to just about twenty degrees and we had our first tomatoes and our first onions in the flats and they survived twenty degrees is pretty much the lowest they can possibly go before you know they're done they got lucky really lucky you can't really control it you can try but i mean really you just have to kind of roll with the uncertainty farmers have to deal with the weather with pests and diseases attacking their crops and animals their livelihood is impacted by politics and changing consumer tastes a lot of farming is science and the health of firms affects our health so on today's episode we'll take a look at the challenges facing america small farms from aching bags to plummeting milk prices also some big ideas for saving the farm.

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"Fredo get long three hours you got it you gotta give them a wing gives him everything you've got to nine if you make it twenty degrees outside of that are playing there will not be a person out there not one sixty five degrees in toronto today degreen is that what we chill weirdly enough at sixty five degrees with a wind shear of midas fifty long eighty five ninety nbc sports network gained four capitals and penguins all the capitals their head of the penguins as time poppy who's their best player alexander jomie ski alexander trubisky is their best player but here there's controversy in the series ace's spending of three game for a broken jaw situation oh and they were arguing that shoulder to shoulder at pittsburgh's mayor says how do you break a jaw shoulder to shoulder that's right i just put it pittsburgh's mayor that's a thing that i just did i don't know about single intrigue i yeah i'm intrigued i wanna see the series i wanna see you veg kim can finally get past the pittsburgh pittsburgh penguins and get to a stanley cup by the way that was shoulder to shoulder he hit his shoulder so what if you watch it again if the guy shoulder broke his own jaw observers watch it again you'll see now that one the next one no not there either right here and see here older shoulder is shoulder brazen okay that was not proof in assertive away poppy you intrigue see cc very treat you know the cats they're they're up to two one and tonight they're going to win again that's two three two one and then you know what it's going to happen to choke whole team is.

Fredo toronto degreen alexander trubisky pittsburgh pittsburgh penguins nbc one sixty five degrees sixty five degrees twenty degrees three hours
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"Okay that's good to know so anyway that is where we are waiting for spring to come to the midwest and it's not just a loan it's it's chole everywhere yeah i don't get better yeah i don't know it just keeps getting colder and colder and below freezing we we re winterized when we came north and i was wondering i really have to and i really had to so i know the temperatures across the midwest are twenty degrees below normal so that tells me that we've got some some cold weather is not alone everybody just upset because when we were out in phoenix it was like ninety degrees the day we landed it was one hundred degrees it was great not a cloud in the sky well i shouldn't there was some dustin this guy one storm yeah we had a sandstorm out there and we were eating out an outdoor patio and you sit on my is really bird i said that's not vernon that's sand in your eyes and they said there was pollution i pictured a pollution solution i didn't picture stand burn enough of this you're in the desert all right hey let's see what we got in the rv news everybody this week oh national park this is this is pretty good deal if you're heading to a national park there fees are going to rise five bucks for the day pr fee to get in starting in june cost a little bit more the daily per vehicle or in some cases per person entrance fee at the one hundred seventeen parks that do charge in admission fee will rise by about five bucks and then those price hikes were announced last week.

phoenix dustin one hundred degrees ninety degrees twenty degrees
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"Newsradio ten forty who this was a major richard trust when the product is free then you're the one being sold and and i'm really sorry that this happened but around here we're sharing data with you get more information from radio then i get my representative the data you want the info you need and we have a basic responsibility to protect people's data the radio station that i trust for balanced news coverage this is newsradio ten forty who the three day forecasts has a lot going on to start for sure on saturday blizzard warnings for northwestern iowa winter storm watch we also have a strong thunderstorm line that's going to be moving through early in the morning by saturday afternoon our high which will be at midnight of forty two will drop back into the twenties for the overnight so lots of possibility of snow accumulating for northwestern iowa right up to tomorrow moines we will see snow but not a lot of it on the ground sunday that snow early and thirty five will be the high twenties for the low and then monday we'll have the partly sunny sky with a very cool high of forty five that is the newsradio ten forty who threeday weather from channel thirteen i'm ed wilson at twelve oh six is thirty two degrees twenty degrees with winds blowing north northeast at sixteen miles per hour or current humidity of ninety four percent and snow outside at newsradio ten forty who monday van and bonnie in the morning van harden has the day off emory song and jeff angelo be sitting in the hot seat and we'll have a special guest from iowa state center with us as well monday on vana bani in the morning on newsradio ten forty who from the hi vis studios news radio ten forty who this is coast to coast am broadcasting from the eight forty w h a s studios of iheartmedia in louisville kentucky home of george clooney johnny depp cashes clay and of course the colonel just a name a few and a whole lot of coast to coast lovers as well again connie willis here tonight gordon james johnny not with a conspiracy on the titanic and the olympic hundred and six years ago today it sank mitchell towns as well are featured guest with pictographs really cool tattooed rox i like.

vana bani gordon james johnny george clooney kentucky louisville jeff angelo richard connie willis iheartmedia representative iowa state center van harden bonnie newsradio ed wilson moines iowa ninety four percent thirty two degrees twenty degrees
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"Self avatar and we put a gain factor on movement so imagine that you have to move your right leg and you can move it ten degrees and that's all you can do because when such acne can only move your like ten degrees in vr remove the twenty degrees so we give you an exaggerated sense of what albert endure would call self efficacy the belief that you can do it okay but she is not actually the let the physical leg is not moving at all it depends on how bad the kids habits of some kids can't move their legs at all and the way we solve that is we swap arms and legs we have them together which their physical arm and that moves the virtual legs so they get agency and they get to visualise the leg moving but they don't do the agony for some kids actually can move attend agrees then they move the physical like ten degrees fight they are using it twenty i love it okay so that that's creating the whole noor neuro pattern that's different it's it's no different than what we've done in swimming for a long time is will not a long time but will tie at will conduct a swimmer into a harness and pull them faster than they actually go so than it the brain says oh my god here you go back to i can do that yet okay and there's other sports are doing stuff here as well okay i love this because this is the this is hijacking the brain in a whole new way if you didn't like manipulation at because it it just a loaded term for feels nasty like you're going to trick somebody in general net when we fast where to my industry work we're going to talk about a lot of people are worried about vr so real you know is their potential for advertisers to there as cut yeah the the announcing it that way he analyzing it there cnn's experimentalist yet right manipulating stimuli yet exact okay i so okay so cast is fun because not he i think this is part of the challenge in the field is that if you could literally go anywhere yet and then you're so it feels to me i don't know two thousand twelve issue that it's like this amazing really like is it too early it like you know like.

cnn albert ten degrees twenty degrees
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"Waking up with us at our tv six on lauren casey and i meredith berrigan boy you're going to feel the change in temperature today thing down about twenty degrees lower than we were yesterday yesterday afternoon we got always low 50s nfl good especially with the sunshine today the clouds plus were only going to be in low 30s temperaturewise this morning it's actually a little bit warmer than it was at this point yesterday yesterday we woke up to all that frosts out there a little bit warmer the problem today is we're not going to see the temperatures worn this afternoon 33 of bloomington right now thirty two and montsisi the snow showers moving through their on storm team six radar snow showers not mary poet in here this morning and they really been falling apart as they made their way through indiana as we work our way from richmond up towards lindh winchester there's a few snow showers managed just about it as far as the snow shower activity tiffany currently we'll keep an eye on a furore over here and portions of illinois that may pinwheel through but overall i'm not expecting a major issue from the snow showers just don't be surprised if you see them but would the cloud cover in the north wind look at our temperatures really don't move much at all will holy hover right around the freezing mark here throughout the morning and then barely get above freezing later on this afternoon so break out the heavier coat you're going to need it today you're running the tomorrow's well borner extended forecast in just a little bit but here at 531 is look at traffic with elena martell all right thank it here's a look at ifor 65 a keystone avenue this up on the north side everything is moving up to speed and a few crashes just popped up on our radar that i want to point out to you this one in the downtown area east street at fletcher avenue and we have a south side crash and that is at.

lauren casey bloomington indiana tiffany illinois elena martell richmond twenty degrees