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"twenty  chain" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

04:54 min | Last month

"twenty chain" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

"I got a big scar on the on my left ankle on the outside of my book. That's been there for the last thirty something years. That's crazy n. Sidney win next thick. And god bless my ex wife she recipe she running over city. My foot was on fire. Yeah and i'm looking at my talk. Show that low boy puck warranties odd duck in horizon. He was gone so does he attended. I will get a little. Yeah my brother-in-law darren raymond's at the time was a big guy six. He's already he's always been a big six. You don't want to overly big six six twenty chain. He picks me up. Because at that time i was wearing a buck fifty five city. I i didn't even go to the hospital. He didn't go to the hospital and then go to hospital a distant. There's some old school just didn't do anything and i was laid up before like two or three days now. Back to michael ashore. Michael few days later and there was really nothing that i can do because michael's mother and brothers in the family. They were all hood they were already. They were already to get busy with me. So micro gotta pass on that one. Harvey couldn't do anything. And i healed up and sitting from that day. A notifier work again scheming around full of the craziest story the jumping jack and going show you guys. I'll take a picture of. i'll show it here. I have a burn mark on my ankles. That will never ever go away so she that story since you. I wanna know..

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Start Here

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"twenty chain" Discussed on Start Here

"It will last thing we talk all the time about how regulated the internet should be well. Yesterday we saw one website get wastes stricter which is notable. Since it's the world's biggest porn site porn hub gets billions of us per year. Some of the world's most visited websites period but last week the new york times published a piece examining allegations of sexual abuse being uploaded to the site and also talked to about how hard it was to get a video of yourself off the site once it had been upload last week pornhub announced that from now on he will only allow content to be uploaded by verified users. Even that wasn't good enough. The site makes lots of money. From subscriptions and people started asking visa and mastercard why they were still allowing people to use their products to potentially pay illegal content but when the credit card processor said they were out that is when pornhub announced it will be taking down every video that was uploaded by an unverified user. Millions of files which in some ways is a step that not even twitter or youtube. Have ever taken campos anything you want there but just about anyone can post in fact. Porno says it's being singled out because of its content. Critics say yeah. I mean you literally traffic trafficking intimate potentially exploitative content. You should be held to a higher standard in the meantime also affecting people further down the proverbial poll sex workers who now cannot process payments for their own fully consensual videos. It's actually been sex workers who've been calling from war regulation for years now. They say it's arrived too late on site where the average visit is ten minutes. Twenty nineteen step by the way. We'll see if twenty twenty chains all that staying home a lot. Anyway start tomorrow more all these stories. Abc's dot com or the abc news. App and greg smart speaker the only smart one around feed your brain at curiosity stream demand access to of documentaries award-winning exclusives and original programs. For twenty dollars a year said a binging on mindless entertainment. You can enjoy documentaries. And nonfiction shows like amazing dina. World pump paid disaster street and the history of home with nick. Offerman can watch anywhere on any device. It can cancel anytime and for a limited time. You can get twenty five percent off when you sign up but curiosity stream dot com slash start. That's curiosity stream dot com slash start..

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Monocle 24: The Foreign Desk

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"twenty chain" Discussed on Monocle 24: The Foreign Desk

"That is the best way to deal. Robustly without friends in beijing rather than this rolling exercise in domestic political self-indulgence which is what we often see with the current conservative governor australia. If we go back to where we came in nala ching that relations as you put it out a fifty year low and you wouldn't start from here and so forth but if the current government suddenly walls mindful to take your advice on how to repair relations with china is there a single constructive step they could take right now go three steps and then during this sequence one the only way in which is treading. China relationship will be re stabilized. If it's re stabilized within the framework of a parallel restabilize. Ation of the u. s. china relationship. So much of what is occurring in the canberra namic. Money is occurring consequence of the overall negative trajectory of us china relations if the ministration. They've for his game to re stabilize. Relations with beijing a precondition for that on biden's tot must be the restate allies ation relations with its principal. Allies don't just a him little so countries like canada who been going through the diplomatic chopping mill with china's well over the long hallway matter over a long period of time. Stick to is that if that recite lies action is agree at the level of high diplomacy between beijing and washington. And there is a an agreement to stabilize. Relations with auto canberra's well then that has been agreement between beijing and canberra to then ensure that the outstanding disagreements between governments then dealt with three problematic channels and three the corolla rated to is that beijing and camera agree to both buried advantage in the sand. That is the way in which we get a second breakup. That doesn't occur than the alternative for canberra. On for example. The punitive tariffs being imposed politically driven reasons against trade-in exposed to china is in fact. Take into the world trade organization disputes tribunal. That other join kohl's with trae in that action. As they did with japan when china band railroad exports to japan back in twenty chain so the common cold is had against china on the pod of multiple countries. In not just one. That i think is fullback. Position but in terms of the circuit breaker. Three midges that. I outlined before kevin rudd fan you as always for joining us and that is it for this episode of the foreign desk. We'll be back next week and look out for the foreign desk explainer available every wednesday. The foreign desk was produced by owning. Goffin and chris evans christie also produces the foreign desk. Explain for me andrew miller. Thanks very much for listening until next time goodbye..

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"twenty  chain" Discussed on Between The Lines

Between The Lines

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"twenty chain" Discussed on Between The Lines

"Hello Tom Switzer here and welcome to between the lines. Well, another bad week for some Australian ties indeed relations between camera and Beijing have plunged today worse in arguably half a century and this is after two Australian journalists fluid and a third was charged with endangering security to say China is a nation pumped up on nationalism. Well, that's an understatement. Isn't it? Later on? We'll delve into Chinese nationalism and find out how World War Two helped shape the national psychology on mainland China. But I intelligence. Well, you'd have to be living under a rock not to notice that Australia, is radically different security environment than walls just two years ago. The Prime Minister he's locked into the situation to the nineteen thirties, and in the last six months, we've seen a massive increase to the budgets for defense and our intelligence agencies. Now, the external threats are undeniable. You just think of the rising power of China, but are we at risk of undermining our political freedoms by expanding the powers of security agencies too much. Hell big and powerful. Should we let security agencies get? And what kind of oversight exists to ensure that the intelligence is not collected or used for political purposes? What do you think we'll pay the redwoods is the former official historian and the author of several award winning books. He's most recent one is called law politics and intelligence a law of Robert. Hope. Welcome back to the show painter. Thanks very much tom thanks for having me and just into carol she's a visiting fellow and senior research fellow at the national. Security, college it you good to be with you again just enter right to be thanks Tom. Now let's start with the hope commissions in the seventies and eighties Peter. This is your faces take us back to that time. Why are those commissions so important well between the mid seventies in the mid eighties over ten year period three successive Prime Ministers Whitlam Fraser and Hoke commissioned the same man just as good hope to conduct major inquiries into the intelligence agencies What he set up was not just not just any inquiry into a agency in Asia was the declared one and quite controversial that he set up a whole system for the agencies. Sitting out what each what agencies Australia needed, what each one should do, and what should not do how they should interact with each other, how they should interact with departments with individual ministers with the cabinet and cabinet committees and with the international partners Those we now know is five is and he emphasized a number of things. He particularly emphasized the intelligence system should serve the whole of government and not be unduly influenced as it was when he started by one or two very powerful departments, and towards that end, he said that should be a central coordinating agency which would only be invoked with assessment and he allocated collection assessment and dissemination different agencies. this one would be only concerned with assessment on like the American CIA and with its the independence of its. Assessments guaranteed by legislation. To, be independent from ministerial oh departmental. Precious. and. He said a of other things about the relationships between intelligence and lure enforcement agencies. Keeping Intelligence and policy making separate keeping intelligence and law enforcement separate were among the the basic principles. Okay. So that's the Robert Hope Recommendations are they now under threat from a new model? That's being pushed by Markle Zula. He's the secretary of Home, affairs I mean either growing risk that intelligence will become politicized or what happened was in twenty chain the then Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull May to announcements on the same day which I think pulled in different directions..

Tom Switzer China Australia secretary Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbul Prime Minister Markle Zula Beijing CIA Whitlam Fraser visiting fellow official Peter senior research fellow Asia Hoke
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NewsRadio KFBK

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"twenty chain" Discussed on NewsRadio KFBK

"Twenty chains unbelievable no we're gonna have some fun throughout the night predictions later on in the program here's what's happening trump administration officials in U. S. lawmakers turned up pressure on Iraq's government to keep American personnel in the country safe after a stunning assault on the embassy in Baghdad renewed concerns about the influence of Iran there dozens of Iraqi Shiite militiamen and their supporters reach the compound Tuesday smashing the main door setting fire to reception area as protests raged over U. S. airstrikes over the weekend that killed members of the rand backed militia a president trump accused Iran of orchestrating the attack while defending the airstrikes says in response to an attack that did kill an American contractor will be following this story in the days to come US consumer confidence unexpectedly fell for a fourth straight month while new home sales grew over the past two months at the fastest pace in more than twelve years will what's it all mean to watch let's check in with registered investment adviser Michelle like miss what do you think about this yours first off happy new year to you and your loved ones the listening audience we've entered a decade whether you have a good one or bad one I hope you have a better one in the years to come thanks the so with that out of the way consumer confidence down four times in five months it's kind of interesting yours because normally it's a coincident indicator that is the sort of follow the stock market when stocks go up people feel guy we're stocks go down this box seven going up for quite some time in consumer confidence has been going down four times in the past five months one was interesting point some bullet points of that was it was the fact is that people are worried about their income and this is a time when jobs are plentiful I think what it means is that people have overspent we talk about that auto loan defaults are rising credit card delinquencies are rising I think people are starting to realize you know what Hey may we all were spent here and we can't keep on doing it we're just gonna have to watch that and watch consumer spending in the new year and and my gosh people you know if if you've got a credit card debt please pay a down in the new year as quickly as you can thanks miss we'll talk to you soon president Donald Trump said that phase one of the trade deal with China would be signed on January fifteenth at the White House though there's considerable confusion remaining about the details of the agreement here's businessman and marketeer chukka coppice with us Chuck what do you think of this trade deal with China well I join mesh saying.

Iraq assault Baghdad Iran US Michelle Donald Trump China White House U. S. rand president Chuck
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Newsradio 970 WFLA

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"twenty chain" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"Downtown safety right now there are gonna be more people out than usual Carl's the news radio WFLA looks like a chilly new year's eve for the Tampa Bay area a few clouds left around a lot to clear patches fifty eight degrees make sure to bring a jacket especially going to be out late fifty one degrees for Wednesday morning clear skies chilly start to the day but actually classic early January weather sixty nine degrees for a high temperature in the afternoon lots of sunshine great football weather to for the outback bowl for Thursday fifty five degrees in the morning seventy eight for a high beautiful day a few extra clouds or me to eighty one degrees on Friday with a rain chance north winds ten **** wanted to a like choppy waters I'm news channel HEP to religious Steve Jersey news radio WFLA streaming on your Amazon echo in over two thousand devices via the I heart radio at the gateway to the west good morning good evening wherever you may be across the nation around the world George nori and welcome to coast to coast happy new year those of you on the east and central time zone will be following mountain time and Pacific time we have made another decade one D. twenty chains unbelievable we're gonna have.

Carl George nori Tampa Bay football Steve Jersey Amazon
"twenty  chain" Discussed on The Dave Ramsey Show

The Dave Ramsey Show

01:47 min | 2 years ago

"twenty chain" Discussed on The Dave Ramsey Show

"Keeps you seeing the progress as you go through. I know i've got people with masters degrees who do paper chains like they're in kindergarten and chop up the chain one thousand dollars per lincoln stuff. All you need is something to remind you that you're making progress that you've got traction that you're winning and and so i don't care. I think you'll do it faster. If you do the car i because you're freeing up all that car payment <hes> so women so june from now so what are we got ten months <hes> and it should be. I mean if i hit a couple of big bonuses between now and then 'cause. I'm john nice salary plus commission then it'll be even faster so are you thinking about averaging about two thousand bucks a month. Yes okay so out out of the ten months and you've got fourteen in the car will be seven right by settled. Some of those debts and collections even be faster right because i won't have to settle for the full all now <hes> i. It doesn't matter the point being though no that if you just said okay i've got ten months two thousand dollars and somehow you do that. You know twenty chain links thousand bucks a piece and you knock them off or and you know you got the thing on your refrigerator or if you wanna do it. It's okay either way. It's not gonna save you much. The only difference is how you'd have three months wants of no car payments to attack this with that's the only benefit so whatever three months of car payments is worth it that that's how that's what the advantage you're paying off. The carlier is might be a thousand dollars but probably won't be turned on a car payment yeah. I'm probably doing the car. I still yeah. I get your point but i'm i'm still doing the car i.

lincoln ten months three months one thousand dollars two thousand dollars thousand dollars twenty chain
"twenty  chain" Discussed on AWS Podcast

AWS Podcast

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"twenty chain" Discussed on AWS Podcast

"You may remember Beckett Oedipus reinvent twenty chain. We NASA preview of -ality for is three Bech operations will it is now generally available. This is a really useful feature. If you're storing billions of objects in Emma's Serie, you can use simple APR. List or a few clicks in the console to manage all of those objects. We find it size people about three months of engineering, Tom just having this capability, so lots of really useful capabilities if you're doing anything at scale using his three, this is something you should look at any it snuggle, edge now has a block storage for each computing, workloads. So this is really useful. If you're running EC, two workloads on your debates snuggle, edge, you can now attach multiple persistent block storage volumes for your EC two instances. So this means, now can support by block and object storage options as well. There are different cons of block storage available say have the performance optimizes d you also have the inveigh assist e and the sought estate, depending on the model that you're using you can also use capacity optimized DD volumes as well. Lots of choices they again in the shines depending on your use case suffering example. She doing something light and see sensitive much use to us. Shane Lenny, for example, you might choose the performance SSD. Whereas if you're looking for. More of a capacity situation, you may use the capacity Optima option as will quick update for Amazon. If for windows fall survey in there has support for fall system monitoring with Amazon cloud, which, so what is as you to do each to get bit of visibility into what's going on in your particular, configuration. And it tries to the.

Amazon Bech NASA Beckett Shane Lenny Tom three months twenty chain
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KIIS 102.7

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"twenty chain" Discussed on KIIS 102.7

"Welcome eight c forty halfway point of the biggest song of the week and from here on out the songs only get hotter and hotter like this twenty who do you love the chain smokers featured five seconds of summer. Found cigarettes. We don't eat. Season. Concern. Flip. Are we? Q switched. Stout. When you. You. Rising nine spots to twenty chain smokers in five seconds of summer who do you love five sauce still working on their next album? But they've just released some music that should keep fans. Happy until the new stuff is asking tweeted what he calls the strangest video on his camera him playing rain on guitar while wearing an eye patch after he had had ice surgery. It's posted at eight hundred forty dot com or the our young blood nineteen. Me..

five seconds twenty chain
"twenty  chain" Discussed on KIIS 102.7

KIIS 102.7

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"twenty chain" Discussed on KIIS 102.7

"Welcome ABC forty the halfway point of the biggest song of the week and from here on out only get hotter and hotter. Like this twenty who do you love the chain smokers featured five seconds of summer. Found cigarettes. Don't eat. Season apsis. Nine. Yours. Q switched. Stuttering? Beat obviously a. Rising nine spots to twenty chain smokers in five seconds of summer who do you love five sauce still working on their next album? But they've just released some music that should keep fans. Happy until the new stuff is out Ashton tweeted what he calls the strangest video on his camera of him play pro rain on guitar while wearing an eye patch after he had had ice surgery. It's posted at eight hundred forty dot com. You're the our young blood nineteen. As.

Ashton ABC five seconds twenty chain
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News Radio 810 WGY

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"twenty chain" Discussed on News Radio 810 WGY

"A kid. On is a holographic brain, right? Yeah. But you have some blockbusters only era. And. In eighteen twenty chain. Interested more. So. But I don't want to say the longline got going discovery to begin was like yourself. That's why you saw early on up here. Eighty years old now. And. And tracking. Every all my life. But yeah, you're right about Delgado. How you can put the probe into the brain. And you can also do that with humor and bring them to their knees. Motions? Right. And that sorta lay child. And also Carl young really got going. We'll see behavioral modification will be a requirement in the future. It'll be the idea of homogenising the public and putting them all on an even basis an even queue with brain power. And they may even just allow certain people to have certain brainpower another people that have less. It's it's the it's the idea of how we're going to set this up, but it's going to be in a way that we can have everybody agree on one thing that we will have we won't have division because division is is a stumbling block right now. Yeah. It is. What's going on? I'm still at it. Outdoor have another twenty years centurion on my feet. That'd be great. Wouldn't it? Shooting for that. At all you got twenty more years. That's fantastic. Cuss? Clyde really are. We're under control long. So. And I really don't know what's fine. I know a lot of superficial law superficial. But what really guides them? I really don't know. Well, it's power its power. And they've always wanted and many, you know, organizational, governments and oligarchy is they certainly want puppets. They want control puppets. I mean, we've had or well tell us about it. We've had Huxley tell us about this. Whether it be chemical or government enslavement or philosophical enslavement. These are the things that they want. They want control, and they want they want to be the puppet masters. So. We were at four right away along with animal. Farm animal farm. Another example. Yes. So.

Carl young Delgado Clyde Huxley eighteen twenty chain Eighty years twenty years
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TalkRadio 630 KHOW

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"twenty chain" Discussed on TalkRadio 630 KHOW

"The numbers eight four four larsontax, and you know, that's toll-free because they have clients all over the country. We happen to have them right here in our backyard. What's going on? Helen. I mean, excuse me. Hi, tom. I remember in nursing home facilities. Twenty. They raise the rent, and I found a place that was cheaper. Okay. And then you were gonna move them win twenty seventeen November twenty seven hundred. That's when you wanna turn on him called me and told me it would be detrimental to his house. And that they would keep the rate as it. What? Me an Email saying that it was he would me a life Pontiac rate a life a life long contract. Right. He's he's traveling. All how old is he fifty nine? But he's something. Oh my gosh. Oh my goodness. Well, actually, he just turned sixty. But let then we'll tell you what for enough. So that was November twenty seventeen and I've had a really good twice. And she talked me out of it. Right. I understand. She said, hey, we'll just keep it where it is. Don't move them. Exactly. And it was much nicer, right? Dementia. Easy for him to move. Okay. So what happened what happened twenty chain in nursing home sold? See nothing. He could do nothing. You can do about that. It was sold. But I. Colorado dot south or Tenet. You didn't tell me you signed a brand new lease. I did not have a Ma I have the Email from. Email tom. Wait. Wait, wait. Wait. Wait. Do you have a lease with the same amount? When does that lease expired, the one you're currently under? Contract. No, you actually have a life content dies. If you have pulled on if you have a life contract, then that's it. That's your Prue. I think she was saying month-to-month says she says she has a life contract with the old price in an Email. She has three price. So what I had in. November of twenty seventeen the prior owners set news pain that she would keep us the rate. We love him here. We agreed can and and and and I have some very basic questions in November of two thousand no in October of two thousand seventeen was he under a lease at all. Well, we did the lead in two thousand thirteen was it for ever in two thousand thirteen how long was that leash? You signed in two thousand thirteen. I don't think it ever had an end date. Okay. Well, that's impossible. Then it would be invalid. So so an you signed a forever. Lease in two thousand thirteen was there a price on it? Yeah. What was the price? It's thirty five a month thirty five hundred a month, plus thirty five. Okay. Then here's the deal. If you have a forever. Lease a lifetime. Lease that you signed with no end date in two thousand thirteen for thirty five hundred dollars. Then you are set. Okay. That's it. We don't even have to bother what she said. Why do you even care about the Email? You already have a lifetime. Lease. You told me that in two thousand thirteen you signed a lease that did not have an end date. One hundred percent. Sure now, let's pretend it does have an end date like all Lisa's. Let's pretend it's a one year lease. And then if you don't give notice it continues month to month. Let's pretend that's what happened because I know you're on a month to month, and you slipped and told me that two times, but you want me to believe something else. But here's what you have to do you have to let me know truly what's going on. Or I can't give you accurate information. So you have a month. Here's what I believe happened. You had a month to month? Lease. That's why they contacted you and said we are going to raise the rent because they had a month to month, and they could do that with thirty days notice. So now, you said wait a minute, we're moving so then in November, they say, wait don't move. We're gonna keep it. Right. Where it is. Now, if you have an Email to that effect that is in effect, a you could rely on that if you have an Email. However, you can only rely on that to the extent that that person. Can make that promise if they sell that unless that E mail says and this inert to all of my assigns and successors, then you don't just automatically assign it and Dow if the original lease if the original lease was truly Elise Lisa's don't have to be assigned because there they go with the property, and that's why landlords getting trouble when they sell without changing leases, but mostly says say to our signs or to our successors or two buyers. But in your case, you don't have a leash. You have an Email. So you're limited to the Email. And that owner insincerity said we're going to keep the rent the same. And I'll bet you the owner would continue if they owned the property your question really is this. This is really what your question is. Can you use that Email and impose it on the new landlords? Now, that's illegal. Question that I can't answer. I'll tell you why. Because that would literally have to be have to be gone to court. However, I can tell you this based on not trials and all based on experience. I will tell you that. No, a new landlord will almost never a new owner will almost never inherit any of that almost never unless there is something so special about that E mail that it covers each and every circumstance Steve says, if you're an attorney at law in general, Lisa's, I mean, this is just law. I mean, but, but doesn't it make sense that you can't just obligate future owners in an Email? The only thing I can think of it'd be like equitable stop all where it systems that law. It's not fair. Yeah. That'd be the only thing you can contract. If you go on Colorado got their practice your law. Go ahead Perry. Mason what does this eight? It says all these triumphs, including the termination date and the amount of rent must be honoured side, the new that's right. That's right. That's right. Where's the lease? And where's the lease? Don't you can share the Email? No, it is a modification. It's not a lease. So it's a lease only. It's only a modification of rent your lease must be honored. And you're absolutely right. So what kind of at least did you have what kind of a least tell me. It's going to be honored. What was it? I I can't find it. You know, I tell you what you have if your lease expired it reverted month to month a month to month..

Elise Lisa tom Colorado Helen Tenet Pontiac Prue Dow Perry Mason attorney at law Steve thirty five hundred dollars One hundred percent twenty chain thirty days one year
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Get Up!

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"twenty chain" Discussed on Get Up!

"Career kickoff returns number two back in one thousand nine hundred nine with the falcons I every game against the Rams look. Used to do that. But you ain't everybody. You don't have that speed is only it don't mat twenty chain. Disdain. Disdain more stuff. Guys kick the ball anywhere near him it six career returns for touchdown. Number one nineteen ninety four in verse going back at the Georgia Dome after leaving the fountains and sign this Ma. Bill that we'd go Jeff tour. We know that too. Did. This is my house, and I built this in this is my house. I don't care from boundaries. This will always be my house. Now, let's continue. We will see some of those kind of moments tonight the thirty for thirty on ESPN back to the Super Bowl. Yes. We've been giving you swaggers keys why he thinks the Rams will win the Super Bowl. The first key was Julia Netherland against Roby Coleman, he thinks Nicole Roby Coleman has the edge there, and that's key number one. Now key number two has to do with the coaching side of the situation. And that would be Wade Phillips on the brim side against Josh mcdaniels and the patriots. What is he do against Tom Brady and spears as we get you ready to give us number three. Just other quick key on this number two. Or look here's the deal way wants to dictate what you do simply he gives you a lot of different looks. He gets his best players in positions to make plays to create blocking schemes and put Aaron Donald in consumer on the same side will give any offense ahead especially offense coordinator. What's number three? What we already know. We've talked about this do all year loan in the Super Bowl. It's the. The one game where your special players make plays and usually ends up in the w and obviously that's number nine nine Aaron Donald listen you can contain them for a while. But he's the type of player and I play with one like this in DeMarcus ware where at some point during the game. He's going to make bag breaking play. Is you either go have a third down that you need to get where he's going to scream through and stop you from getting it, you you you're going to give the ball off the Sony Michelle, and it may be three or four your laws to put you in a long yard situation. He dictates the way the game goes, especially in those key moments. We've seen him do it so many times he would we always hear about Bill trying to make you play left handed taking away your best player can Bill neutralize Aaron Donald. It's going to be tough. It's going to be tough. But I think the patriots will be able to neutralize them. I think they'll they're going to throw a lot of bodies atom. They're going through different schemes Adam to slow down to frustrate him. We've seen them do that with JJ watt. Hey, I'm not saying it's going to be easy. But how about this? How about if that makes it could sue the MVP the Super Bowl have that? Frees him up to have a cure or Fowler. Let's not forget everyone for the place in New Orleans things. Right. This is this is a this is a masterful job. The Rams did to protect their key piece. Put a lot of people around him and d woods to tell us history keys for why the patriots a win tomorrow. We didn't mind we'll take a very short break when we come back. Today's special day. You may not know the reason you will next. Get up is brought to you by Gatorade. Thirst quenchers the proven sports fuel. And we hope you will get up with us tomorrow. We have wall to wall coverage of Super Bowl thirty three in plus Cuyler Murray will join the show talking about why he chose football over baseball, and how long until the much anticipated return of LeBron James all that and a whole lot more. When you get up with us on ESPN tomorrow morning starting at eight meanwhile are women's Thursday night. Showcase tonight. Number two, you con in Louisville.

patriots Aaron Donald Rams Bill ESPN Georgia Dome Jeff tour Josh mcdaniels falcons Wade Phillips Tom Brady Nicole Roby Coleman Louisville Gatorade LeBron James Ma Sony Michelle New Orleans DeMarcus ware
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The Projection Booth Podcast

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"Forgotten TV and you're listening to the projection booth the ultimate movie podcast. Just MC right? You've written pretty substantial biographies of so many different directors. And I'm very curious how you decided to go about tackling Ernst Lubitsch as your next subject one on Billy wilder who's living is most famous protege and Admira. And so it seems like an addition little bit shy started in twenty ten so took about nine years. Well, actually, twenty nine that I finished in twenty chain. But I did a lot in between books coming out, and I'm to teach full-time and other things limited always of huge favorite of mine. I guess sorry. Goes back to when I wrote my first book when I was fifteen I started did a book and baseball slang. And I was huge baseball fan. I was reading books on baseball. And I was going to mock you Braves games all the time when the head grid Chaim with Henry Aaron and Warren Spahn grape. And I was even working the ballpark's put myself through school. But I was bothered by the fact, there was no book on baseball slang, and I wanted to read one. So I thought well, okay. All right one. That's kind of an impulsive authors often start from you want to read the book, and then you can't find it. So I began my research, and there had been a faces the guy did on the subject, I got a hold of that. And there was a little pamphlet published in baseball nicknames was long out of print of that. And that was about it since been other books. My book was published in nineteen eighty three years to write it kept me out of trouble in high school wrote it in the summers and college actually came out this called high and inside the complete guide to baseball slang. Couldn't sell it at first, and then my father kept nagging to get it out. So finally in the late seventies. I decided to update it 'cause of needed updating. This lying and nicknames. Keep changing, and I gotta published complete guide to baseball slang. I didn't really like that subtitle because it didn't purports to be complete. It was more competitive of this stuff. I chose most interesting and entertaining. So I changed the title. I did it again and ninety ninety six called. Hainan inside an aid is the guy to the language of baseball. And after that again that some point, you know, this is another thing you learn when you start reading books as there's no end to it. I mean, once you get into subject, you write about your whole life like I'm doing with smells, but limit, you know, for years also his films were hard to find America. And they still are some extent it's gotten better. But in the two thousands in other early two thousand think I started thinking about writing a book about him. There weren't a lot of books films available in DVD in America, or as there was a laser discs. That was good of several films. But a lot were missing. That's been rectified to some extent over. There is a great such from kino Lorber is German tells Muslim five films and a documentary and a lot of classics have come out on DVD. There's still a lot of films have never been released in America, the German films. A lot of them some some popped up on DVD and some on YouTube, even like there's one call coal hills daughters, which I recommend islets delight whole Varian sex far since I on film, that's on YouTube and Cole his daughter's just look at it. You can see don't wanna be a man, and the oyster Princess just wonderful German films. But there's some that have never been released. So an some of the American films oddly enough, they nineteen twenties American films which was fertile period for him. Several of them are. Missing are hard to say a couple of don't exist and Rosetta for many years rose almost impossible to see because Barry pick for Trudgill destroy at enter those restored by the museum amount. Our last year triumphant restoration came out in their just restored forbidden paradise which played it up..

baseball Hainan America Warren Spahn Ernst Lubitsch Billy wilder YouTube Admira Braves kino Lorber Barry Chaim Cole Henry Aaron nineteen eighty three years twenty chain nine years
Gutfeld: The first 500 days of President Trump

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Gutfeld: The first 500 days of President Trump

"Right so you're on your way to valencia have you explained to the passengers what is going on we all know chit underway violence we are waiting to check to make sure that it is safe for the people we have on board we have not explained to these people obviously we will be we keep being transparent as we always do and we will explain visa glenn for the for them and will also remain available to answer to that question so this will not happen in the next hour that maybe at the beginning of the afternoon well thank you very much indeed for that update important you information from on board the aquarius as the project coordinator for msf alice vima thanks for that otherwise explaining they're they're not yet on their way to spain where they'd been given permission to dock at valencia but they're waiting for two boats and navy boat and coast guard boat being sent from italy then all three boats will take three separate loads of the migrants six hundred twenty nine passengers on board the aquarius that moment because as lewis was saying the advice they've got is that it's too dangerous for an overloaded boat to go from where they are just off the sicilian maltese coast all the way to valencia but it looks like the migrants will be disembarking in valencia in some time you're listening to news there reminder of our top headline president trump in north korea leader kim jong un have signed a joint statement at the conclusion of their summit in singapore were hoping to get you more details on that statement and what exactly is in it but mr trump said he was proud of what they've achieved now they have developed a special bond chairman kim said the meeting had been historic and the world will see major change let's get sports headlines now with matthew kenyon sharma belgium one of these stronger teams going to the world cup in russia twenty chain played steph find a warm up game last night was a four one victory over costa rica they looked in really good form but they might.

Valencia Coordinator Lewis Singapore Mr Trump Russia Spain Italy North Korea Kim Jong Un Chairman Matthew Kenyon Sharma Costa Rica Twenty Chain
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"twenty chain" Discussed on Unfilter

"People need to rip off your identity that's what was compromised because they didn't even change the default password on their mongo db database that's what it was yeah and it might not have been mongo db but it was essentially default username and password on the database and so somebody logged in and they just downloaded everything not even includes voter registration information but that is a different system than the vote the vote is a paper tabulated system it is completely disconnected from the voter registration database so we never at risk of the vote boone compromised we were at risk of once again your personal information certain states being leaked which happens way too often you call it a hack when username impasse aren't changed from default i mean it's i mean it's on really hacking it's just like oh well they didn't change the password you know like i'm done with this guy we we can be done with the ceo he's he's obviously just playing to the narrative he sh he better know better or else they're screwed but that doesn't mean that there isn't tasty tasty federal monies and state monies to spend on cyber yep that's florida's getting a lot of money campaign twenty chain florida going together nineteen million dollar federal grant aimed at protecting the state's election system from cyberattack ahead of the november elections governor rick scott ordered the state to apply for the money it's part of a national election protection program president trump approved in march that was an effort to infiltrate the state's election systems head of the twenty sixteen elections but what are you talking about i thought that didn't happen.

boone ceo florida rick scott president nineteen million dollar twenty chain
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"twenty chain" Discussed on The Cycling Podcast

"Bestlooking most handsome cheap bias possibly the man in ninth place the austrian ride riding four patrick conrad well he is riding allies rebellion and in iowa press conference episode we talked about the phenomenon of riding allah's rebel but we neglected to mention who melody was that time ability of course i think finished in between six and ten place in about thirty grand tours in his career very good bosc ride erode frus council for a lot of years finished his career with track with i think forty years old by the time he retired but writing saudia basically means ghosting your way into the top ten without really anyone notes you and i have to say couldn't tell you when i've seen patrick conrad on the on the tv screen or permanent the front but he's always in the days in day also we already did invesco already having skated line is going wrong with five ers jarrow unfortunately it's two pots we'll revisit that issue i think tomorrow but our today lost yet more time while he lost twenty one seconds of slight improvement today yeah well we really ought to wrap it up down your we need to go to our hotel and hopefully it won't be a hotel being interesting the authorities in the last forty eight hours or so we have a peak more peaceful morning tomorrow morning at before we go just a few things to let you know about if you are a friend of the polk cost twenty chain you can listen to our kilometer vero series the latest episode of witch whilst daniels interview chat philosophical philosophical discussion with wayne truth of the mitcham scott team that came out this morning there's an episode every monday wednesday friday of the jiro sign up the cycling pump cough dot com forward slash fringe it's fifteen.

patrick conrad iowa daniels wayne mitcham scott twenty one seconds forty eight hours twenty chain forty years
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"twenty chain" Discussed on Too Embarrassed to Ask

"And everyone should know by the way when i first reached out to joanna this was a while ago after a column ran and they said would you come show to talk about this she was like this is super boring i mean it is really really boring like i i even was bored writing my column but i was somewhat not because this is the one time of the year where i only do like a wireless story one time of year and by the way like inside baseball one of the worst things to have to do as journalists as a tech colonels is to cover wireless plans because dealing with the company's is so hard because many an i'll say this they might be listening i find that many people that work at the companies don't understand the wireless plans because they're so complicated and so your email chains soon turn normally that like widely ten to twenty chain you know whatever you see on your g male right like they quickly turned to like in the hundreds like that's how many times you've been email companies because the have all this fine print and they have all these different plans and they've got grandfathered plans and they don't know what's going on and in some cases you've and ask a question like you'll save wait can you help explain this aspect of the plan or what's the catch here and then jennifer find the literally copy and paste from the awarding that's all of this available on the consumer facing website incentive to go as we've explain here right yellow i know i'm actually asking for right in yeah so we sort of just that i'm not even know apologize for it not don't apologize but let's back it up a little bit we are going to go through what you think the best plans are and what to look out for but what really a lot of things have changed in the past couple of years and what would you say really kicked off.

baseball wireless plans jennifer joanna twenty chain