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"todd todd julie" Discussed on Who? Weekly

"No i would say that's what this family is like. They're just like straining left and right. You're straight instead of your grounded u._s. Strange your estranged poor poor live. I if i had kids my joke then would-be like you're a strange and then we'd laugh about it but then they go to therapy later on and they'd be like well my dad. He's the always say i'm estranged and he thought it was funny but it really messed my head and you're like it was so funny still to this day so lindsay is now at at this point estranged. Okay that was twenty. Seventeen at the end of season five day filmed another season in nashville filled another one a national blah blah cut to last monday. We're here. We're here. We've caught up here. We are so i did. This weird thing you know. Instagram is like weird about timestamps like once you pass a certain point you can't see the actual date posted anymore just as like a vague today's <hes> there's a way to do it. You have to like go through the source code and then copy this weird like a oh this weird piece of this numerical code that translates to time stamp but it's in like a certain language engage and we figured out how to do it. This was published on <hes> eastern time the twelfth of august <hes> five in the afternoon. Okay so oh this is this weird post that comes out of nowhere because the tax evasion story has not made it to the headlines yet so he preemptively breaking the story where it's like ah yes weirdly but he's being vague about it. I thought that this came after the headlines it came before so he posts this thing on his instagram. That's like i've i have never talked about this before but like look we are having some financial trouble and it all started back in two thousand twelve and we had this employee who was shady eighty and didn't like us and this employee has been saying a lot allies to the government regarding taxes regarding our finances and it's all because so then he's a liar or their aligarh. We don't actually know who this employers there liar. We have done nothing but <hes> pay our taxes. We are good citizens. Citizens of the united states like we've never done anything wrong. We're on the map this guy so bad he's trying to hurt our family and then he says he quotes the bible multiple times and then he says you want to express gratitude to everyone who helped places where we are today in our lives we thank you for your support and we'll continue to work every day to earn your respect loyalty and admiration then this weird sign off we covet your prayers todd todd julie and the entire christly clan not counting strange. I guess right right so this is when this is monday night tuesday morning the u._s. Bell we're really press releases to jesus. It's so weird. God says to us so he says as a result of god's say i will be your lawyers all right. I will be your lawyer. Gods like god get a law. All degree get outta here. Some like academic with their big glasses like hunched over an aramaic bible being like a <hes> what it got say. I'm just gonna write that. God said i'm going to be your lawyer and there's not a direct word for this lawyers close enough. There's like a lot of people out here thinking that god's their lawyer. He's he's not you need a lawyer. I'm sorry god god does not have a law. Degree doesn't doesn't have a california bar. God doesn't have time to get the california bar all the actually the. I god too busy okay anyway so he says in this thing. I didn't really say it. He vaguely mentioned said he's like we might get indicted soon but don't worry like pray for us. Everything's okay okay. God's our lawyer okay..

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