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"timey beach" Discussed on By The Book

"Anyway all right you have served on your face. I can't quite tell what it is here yet. But it's kind of all over here. Yeah i have a mirror in bag. I think you might want. Just just look. Oh god it looks like me. He's been seeing sunscreen. Oh my god yeah. That stuff doesn't work. Does it not work or does it. Just look stupid. Actually don't know the answer to that. Maybe just makes you look so stupid that you don't go in the sun anymore. Maybe i i. You're like one of those old-timey beach movies with the person that has like zinc knows. Oh god but it was my whole face and yeah. I'm just warning everyone else out there. You're putting on a bunch of zinc sunscreen. The mask makes it worse. I believe in mass game. But i mean breathing heavily into your mask on a hot day when that mask comes off i really did look like i had just made out with. It was not good right and it is like truly less breathable. It's a barrier on your skin. Likely like stays there as the barrier. Yeah absolutely did you take any photos. Just out of curiosity from you put on instagram. Did your friend. Sam snap any obviously no look next time. Please for the graham do. It's it's for work mine. Say what did you do after not taking photos of your zinc face. I decided that. Maybe i should stop focusing on my own appearance and maybe focus on my house instead so. I jumped ahead to stop five. I yes the honest home. Yes and for this being the opposite of a housekeeper. I figured the best and easiest things i could do. Were to throw open the windows like all the says bring some fresh air and sunlight and also bring in some local flowers from the great outdoors. And before you know it. This was happening your.

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