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"tillis tom senator thom" Discussed on Rusted Culture Podcast

"Fresh from the rusted culture podcast. Welcome back to the PODCAST will today folks have got a little bit of a rant to go through? You know it was about three o'clock today there was so much going on that. It's it's just ludicrous. There's so much of this president is doing that disqualifying it's disqualifying to the office of President Today. It's disqualifying for him running. For another term. Of the Office of President in today folks, we learned from experts from a book that associate editor of The Washington Post. WHO's Bob Woodward. In his book he wrote that in a conversation that he had with Donald Trump. Donald. Trump realized then on February seventh that cove it was far worse than the common flu in fact, he called a deadly stuff. In that same conversation with Woodward on February. Seventh Donald Trump said. I wanted to always play it down. Always play down. He wanted to do they had to avoid a panic. So Donald Trump played the threat of the virus down to avoid panic like a stock market panic. Maybe that would basically make him look bad. As if we Americans can't handle the. Truth. In folks, it's all about optics with this president. So it's always about trump's spinning the narrative for his own personal benefit. What's important to him? That's what it's about. Not Wearing masks is still a part of that narrative. We know it's it's an easy thing to do obviously to wear a mask yet donald trump won't embrace it. Trump won't even do what he should do to mitigate the spread of the virus. But he has the gall to say when things get worse the Democrats Democrats are trying to weaponize the virus. Folks. It's. It's a deadly mind games at Donald. Trump is trying to play with Americans. It's a deadly mind game going on right now. And I can tell you that this virus wouldn't have been a game if Joe Biden were president right now we be far better off as a nation if Biden were president at this very moment, we'd be far better off. So it's weird that Donald Trump is is hoping to avoid a stock market panic and he loses the election. And then he said numerous times that you're going to see it fall like never before. If he if he loses the election in that case, a panic has a okay. Will Today Donald Trump also and I want to switch gears here to healthcare for a second Donald Trump said that. As we know he is. Trying to kill Obamacare we don't know how many times I mean countless times. He's been under the hood of Obamacare ripping all sorts of crap out trying to kill it anyway he can. In fact, they still have a lawsuit that's pending right now against obamacare. But I want you to listen to this conversation where North Carolina Republican Senator Thom Tillis, his office gets a call from a constituent of his her name is beverly who is suffering today from cancer and cannot afford to be treated. Have Listen. Started calling lawmakers for guidance and came across a Washington DC staffer. For Senator Thom Tillis frustrated by the lack of empathy veal's started recording. You're saying that if you can't afford it, you can't afford it. You don't you don't get to have it and that includes healthcare. I knew I. CARE. Is something that people need especially if they have cancer. To compare it to address her maybe incredibly angry. You just got to find a way to get it on your own beverly I. Guess That's the way he put it. Most Americans agree that we should join developed nations offering Americans all Americans. A healthcare. Baseline. Option. But tillis Tom Senator Thom. Tillis voted several times to kill the affordable care act with no replacement. It's one thing to vote on something and say, Hey, look what I got over here in my right hand man this healthcare is fantastic. They got nothing. Tell us apologize publicly for what the staffer said but why why I mean why bother? That's how you feel. Thom Tillis Senator Tillis. That's how you feel kill Obamacare and that's how you voted. I don't get. Why would you apologize? I mean that's exactly what your platform is. With. The staffer should've done was told the constituent that Donald Trump. Has Got Great Healthcare Plan. He said he would have in two weeks about a month ago. Empty Promises folks it's all empty promises. Where is that trump healthcare plan? He was going to release months ago where is it was two weeks? Away months ago. Well, in the news today, if that's not enough, remember the aging Carol lawsuit where her lawyers have dress with something on it. Some things on that dress. In e Jean Carroll is claiming that trump raped her years ago in New York Bergdorf Goodman department store changing room. Remember that case. Well Attorney General Bill Bar. Is Planning. On taking that case away from trump's personal lawyers and defending trump on the taxpayer dime. There's something on this dress folks evidently and deposition in DNA sample must have scared the hell out of Donald Trump. So the case right now is delayed again until a federal judge decides if this change Avenger. From Aging Carol, versus, Donald Trump of this change to each carol versus the United States. He'll have to decide if that has any merit. So at best it's a delay tactic. But all I can tell you is there is something on that dress. And sooner or later were all going to find out exactly. What that stain is. Well folks this is interesting last up here. This is kind of interesting. I'm going to throw this out for you to consider. I found this. Just a classic trump move about a week ago. The trump administration said, it was implementing a four-month moratorium on residential evictions. According to a USA. Today. ARTICLE IT I won't go into effect or went into effect last Friday. September. Fifth and will run through December thirty first applying to individuals making less than ninety, nine, thousand dollars a year and who were unable to make housing or rent payments. This is interesting folks because I it doesn't fix darn thing it just kicks the fiction can down the road classic trump I mean he couldn't fix anything I guess if he wanted to. So don't look so surprised about it. Secondly, what could be going on around December thirty first? What we've got an election. And if Donald trump isn't reelected joe. Biden will be sworn in on January twentieth or somewhere there about. so by making the fiction moratorium, only four months. He could've made it three. He could've made it five but by making it only four months, trump will likely sit in office until the moratorium expires on December thirty first, and then let the Evictions Begin for Twenty Days. thereby. Handing Joe Biden as. A possible winner of this presidential election handing Joe Biden a real chaotic mess when he is sworn in with three weeks of victims having taken place..

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