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How Polar Bears Keep Their Cool

A Moment of Science

01:59 min | 1 year ago

How Polar Bears Keep Their Cool

"If you found yourself instantly transported to the freezing Arctic your first concern would be keeping keeping warm. But what about the animals that make their homes on these vast fields of ice and snow. The polar bears need to worry about freezing to death. Actually a polar bears biggest problem is keeping cool not keeping warm thanks to its thick code for its tough hide and a four inch layer of blubber a polar. There is extremely well insulated. Indeed if a resting polar bear is photographed with infrared film. kind of film which can measure the amount of heat escaping being from body. The polar bear won't even show up at all that doesn't mean polar bears are as cold as the surrounding ice their normal body temperatures about the same as hours. It simply means that polar bears retain their body heat very well. In fact a polar bear can rest in a pit of icy snow at temperatures as low as minus thirty four degrees Fahrenheit without needing to burn any extra fat for warmth while this insulation is great for keeping warm. It can lead to some serious overheating as a result. Polar bears don't like to run after their prey chasing seal it only four and a half miles an hour. A polar polar bears temperature climbs to a feverish hundred degrees. It may have to lie on. Its back with its feet in the air to cool down. Polar bears prefer to hunt by waiting anura hole in the ice and letting dinner come to them. It's the best way to conserve energy and keep cool in the Arctic north. This moment of science comes comes from Indiana University. There are thousands more moments of science on our website at a moment of science dot. Org where you can also view videos IOS and sign up for podcasts. I Nya Cassandra.

Arctic Arctic Indiana University thirty four degrees Fahrenheit hundred degrees four inch
An Overview of Some of the New Features in MacOS Big Sur

AppleVis Podcast

19:38 min | 5 months ago

An Overview of Some of the New Features in MacOS Big Sur

"You're listening to this podcast. Hey apple visser's tyler here with the demonstration in walk of some of the new features in macos big sur. If you've been following some of the mainstream tech news regarding the release of big sur you've probably heard a lot by now about the interface redesign and if your voice over wondering of your voice over user. You're probably wondering what does this mean for me. I've been using big sur for a while now and i can say that voiceover works. Generally the same in that the concepts from version to version from catalina to big sur remained constant and the interface design that is often referred to is primarily visual. No one exception to that. I've found is the increased prominence of the actions menu although mac os has had an actions menu for a while. Now it has gained increased prominence in big sur and. I can demonstrate this most immediately. I'm on my desktop. i'm using up aero dropbox alias. Use the down arrow drive volume options available actions available if you use. Irs and ipad os. The that phrase will sound very familiar to you. So i'm gonna access the actions minute with vr command space transmitter two items and use down arrow. Donald oregon children u. And those the only two options in that particular menu. But i'm impressed escape. And if you're using a mac that doesn't have an key press function tab instead drive volume and keep in mind that the show menu action is actually the same menu that you would get to. If you pressed via shift 'em so i can seem a little confusing because you have both the actions menu and the contextual menus and as a general rule i found that in apps that have been on mac os for a long time like finder mail safari etc. The contextual menus generally work as they always have and the actions menus feature most in apps ported from ios and ipad os. Like taps. so good thing about that is like say with the messages app. The actions in the actions menu are the same or similar as the ones in the rotor. On providing a sense of consistency. Once you memorize that keyboard command and normalize it here everyday use moving on one feature on sort of mainstream feature is the revamped notification center and that does change some things for voice over some open. It now with video with construction. It's a new shortcut information center window school area. So i'm gonna vera at it. Which which is greed fear left notifications list notifications less list. And those are the three elements in vacation center. Simon interact with the notifications left with the down arrow time two days ago. Weekly reports available. So that's my screen time notification to go available screen your screen two days and that happens to be the only notification i have currently and to interact with notification. Just press veto command space items and this menu only two items but children you show menu close and close and that's the equivalent of clear or dismiss on i s close screen time so now that notification has been dismissed and for other types notifications like for example messages. You can use that actions menu to reply directly to the message from notification center. So many get out of this notifications list and vr right to the widgets grid. Which here's where things get a little interesting and it seems to be an area where apple could do some work on this. There's much room for improvement. But if i interact with grid calendar calendar weather stocks stock screen time and screen time so if i interact so for example. The weather widget stock other would interact with the shift down in weather. Which at thirty. Nine degrees fahrenheit partly cloudy high of one degrees tonight low of thirty four degrees fahrenheit kinkel cape elizabeth and. That's the only information spite in the wichita. And i can hit the edit which it spun if i stop. Interact out of out. We just grid. And viagra edit button space search. And that's another thing. Why i'm at a notice how when i hit a button with the space. Any element activated in mac. Os big sur. Instead of the classic press announcement in now does the irs style. Double tap sound so. Just keep that in mind. When you're using big sur. But i'm gonna go right image calendar. Calendar luck vir unlabeled images. I don't know exactly what these are. Notes note photos photos. Podcast reminders reminders. Screen time screen time image stocks stocks whether whether which is an which it's grid grid next to track of come to events in meetings so that refers to the calendar which it which apparently is selected but if i stop in iraq whether image stocks and go to stocks for example head. Vr space. If i go back to the widgets grid which is grit in which grid symbol. Price goes on track performance of a simple throughout the day so stocks is displayed description of that. Which is slid but as at the time of recording. I cannot figure out how to add widgets to the notification center. Might be a way. But i'm not sure how it's supposed to work or it could be a bug. I don't know out of which is to get out of that. I'm not right again. Which is grit and this is the second widgets red with the existing widgets. I have added in notification center. Some interact without the schiff down calendar and calendar widget. I'm gonna shift down alan six minus minus button. That's to delete the widget. So if you want to delete a widget you just focus on your existing widgets. Interact with the widget. You want to move and hit minus. So that's basically overview of the notification center again. I think it's an area where apple has some work to do But i think it could be a very useful feature particularly if third party. Developers take advantage of this and add more interactive widgets. So many get out of this with escape finder. And i'm going to demonstrate the control center if us ios. You're probably well into the control center. It's an area where you can configure some basic parameters without needing to dive into settings control center mac. Os has the same objective. And you access it through the menu extras. There is no keystroke as far as out to access control center twice and usa's and veto left siri. Siri siri menu control center. The space application controls dialogue music. We selected a toggle button. Music be selected wifi. That's yeah alex just seems to mispronounce that for whatever reason the do not disturb toggle about to not disturb bluetooth select bluetooth airdrop selected toggle airdrop keyboard spot keyboard brightness screaming screen mirai sixty two point five percent display. That's my display brightness. Apparently sixty two point five percent sixty two point five percent sound volume flatter sixty two point five percent sound toggle airplane audio music play button and notice how these all have actions available so if they go over to airdrop for example your sixty sixty sixty sixty screen keyboard like airdrop selected toggle button options available via space on that will just turn it off. 'cause it's slanted that seemingly implies that it's on but i have a little more granularity. So i can customize it with the actions menu similar to how. If i was using i would use the actions. Rotor to expand controls in center actions to items show details show details on a use that airdrop check check box. Astronaut contacts only selected toggle contacts on everyone toggle button every everyone top and if i wanted to turn our job while check out. Just do that to this box. Or i would simply not even need to go into this action into the show details. I would just the space on that control to disliked it and you can configure. What appears in control center in system preferences just go to dock and menu bar. Somebody get out of control center now finder and there are a bunch of different things that can be configured in control center I'll just give an overview preferences are preferences drive old system preferences system for just talking menu docking menu bar loading many our window docking many bar table. Talking menu are selected down arrow. We many wi fi. We've we've always control center. So that's something that's always in control center and those you'll see that in the table there are a couple of things that remain in the control center that you cannot change. But i'm going to continue going down this table tape bluetooth airdrop do not disturb keyboard. Rightness screen hearing controls display menu are sound menu are in control center. Play menu are in control center now. Playing image is now playing now playing now playing table. Accessibility accessibility shortcut customize accessibility. Show men bar on chat show controls object and show and control center. So any of these things that you'd want to have shown in each either your menu bar or your control center a picture. The menu are being an area where a couple set just a few quick access. Settings are and the control center where you can have a more expansive list of quick settings But of course that's up to you depending on your needs and your use case some closer this finder and that's just basic control center so now onto the new messages app that is. I've found one of the most dramatic changes at least to my use case of mac. Os is the revamped messages app. And what they've done is they've apparent. Apparently rewrote it to catalyst app so much closely parodies the messages app on ios and ipad us open now and hopefully siri will work for me open messages. Alex window and attacks is an ad. Alex in this case. Context is my colleague that i was messaging with earlier. So all veto left to give sense at the interface apps the apps. I'll come back to that in a sec collection messages collection so frana review the contents of my conversation just via ship down arrow and messages collection message. Confetti for fifties group. And that's what. I said at four fifty six pm all left alex. I am not sure what it was. But he worked for fifty five replay. This affects verify. Going okay so. Those are just messages. That i sent and of course to find the most recent message you go to the right alex and that says that he read the message yesterday. So we'll get out of this out. And via left vertical splitter conversations conversations so interact with this and this is just basically a list of conversations and conversations collection selected alex confetti yesterday and for messages for the new messages app. It's instead of a table. It's a collection and in order to activate a conversation. You need to via space on a conversation so just keep that in mind because that was one thing i sort sorta get used to. Is that because it's not a table anymore. I would need to select each conversation if i wanted to send a message someone else. And as an example of how messages. On mac os now parodies messages. Us i focused on. Alex and i'm gonna veto command space and enough six hundred and this actions menu high alerts hide alerts delete delete replay button pin. Just just show on top of everything of other messages. Press press show. Can you show menu jumped in just jump to messages clutching somebody get out of that and via left again alex. That's the verticals. Litter conversations collect search toolbar and the toolbar. Alex alex conversation details conversation details. And that's where if i wanted to share my location or hide alerts for this conversation. It'd be in that view conversation. And that's the all the all the tennis toolbar. So i'm gonna get out with vio. Shift up out in toolbar and over again vertical slip. Alex alex and in messages in the messages collection alex edwards and. I'm focused on a message. And like on iowa i can use actions to react for example so fi activate the options menu with the space copy. Reply it can reply. So that if i was in a group message i could reply to an individual center and that helps keep the conversation tidy because i found when you have a lot of messages sent by a lot of people things can get a little convoluted so you can do that react. You can react press show menu. Which doesn't seem to do anything and jump to the message fields. You'll press react so for react of course heart but you have the heart which is like to love something. Thumbs up thumbs up to like thumbs. Down thumbs down to dislike button to laugh exclamation button exclamation mark question. So that's basically an idea of what you can do with messages and reacting to missiles but there's now something else you can do with The apps button go to that to demonstrate this emoji. I'm aspen button. Emotion message message aspect menu app so that opened a menu down air photos photos. So i wanna send a picture. Stickers me emoji stickers. I've not explored that i don't really know how that works. Number hashtag images. That's i think for trending memes again. Don't use that feature. So i can't speak to it whole lot. Message facts and message effects and that would be for example. If you write happy birthday it will intelligently sound balloons animation of balloons but to see what some of the effects are. I'm just going to select this type of message. The message message a tax is anything and it wants me to type a message. So t's t apps button effect message faxed apps button message. The message affects collection. Select message affects collection selected interacted with that so they love fact. Let's love effect loons button balloons. Effect invisible ink button invisible ink effect. Confetti buttons and fatty effect slam button slam effect button lasers loud celebration but celebration event. I go button effect. Spotlight spotlight effect fireworks. Fireworks gentle button gentle. And i don't know in what context someone would or wouldn't use these other than the balloons for happy birthday. But like they're they're now on the mac and you can also receive messages with full screen effects that people send to you that you can do on your mac. So that's just a basic overview of message is and now to take you to just show you these sounds preferences pain because one thing that mac os spitzer has done. Is they've changed. The system sounds not necessarily voice over. Sounds but sounds for example when you press a key keyboard key when you're not in a text field it will sound a little different Think the best way to demonstrate this. Close the messages window close. We know and notice massachusetts messes as no windows. There's nothing open but the app is still running. So if i press just any lead on the keyboard notice that sounds different from earlier. Versions of mac os because they have done away with the old sounds and put new ones in someone to quit messages now. And show you into sound preferences. Finder open sound preferences references. Sally window toolbar. Sound sound effects selected a tab one of three. That's what i want. In selected selected advice for sound of england. Select alert sounds table alert. Sounds breeze this sound. Br breeze bowel crystal crystal. Funky funky irwin heroine. Jump jump mezzo. Mezzo pebble howell hook plug on sonar soon so new. Me urge submerge. So those are the sounds the new sounds. You can get from big sur. If you've you'll find also please sound effects through alert volume at one hundred mexico's startup. Check box sound on startup. If you're a longtime mac user or if you've had a mac made before twenty sixteen you may be used to the sound. The post sound when the computer turns on Now you can choose because new. Max by default didn't have that But has brought back so you can choose if you want to play. You can check this box interviews. And that's just please side effects that's always just been there so that's an overview of some of the features that i find most important. Obviously there are a lot more changes throughout the that. I cannot cover in one recording. But hopefully that gives you an idea of some of what's new and i hope. He found this useful piece. This apple podcasts. Have been brought to you by the community of alvis dot com for the latest in resources and tips and tricks to get you the best experience from your apple. You dobson apple with dot com.

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Ep. 21: How do sailing stones move?

The How in the World Podcast

12:00 min | 10 months ago

Ep. 21: How do sailing stones move?

"This week's episode answers the question how in the world do big stones in the desert move all by themselves You're listening to the how in the world podcast where we unravel some of the planet's most perplexing questions in just about ten minutes. nope. We're not scientists or scholars. We're just normal people who liked to figure things out sometimes inspiring sometimes informative. Our topics are always fascinating hosted by me, Mark Johnson and my lovely wife me Holly Johnson we do the research so you don't have to. HR is amazing. It absolutely is, and if you didn't believe us after last week's episode about how plants disperse their seeds and really cool and strange ways perhaps, you'll believe us after today's episode on sailing stones but I a disclaimer. Yeah. Let's go ahead and get this out of the way. Holly are not scientists, but we like science an have done a ton of research on this and are providing you with what we believe to be the best information possible if we get it wrong, let us know we may just do a follow. Up on it, and by the way, if you hear thunder, it's because very persistent. Thunderstorm is kind of sneaking past our house. We decided to go ahead and record anyway. So hopefully, it won't cut US off. Yes. Okay. But for some reason every time I, say sailing stones like the title of this episode I, start getting a song in my head. Is there a song called sailing stones? Yeah. Think you're thinking of the little feat song sailing shoes, which was also covered by Robert Palmer and one of my all time favorite bands grass revival. And it was covered by me when I was a musician but I digress okay. Well, that must be what I was thinking of I was thinking it might have been able to dance recital when she was like two but that was something else that was something. Okay. Anyway that things making me crazy. Okay. If you have no idea what we're talking about when we say sailing stones, we're talking about those huge rocks that appear to move by themselves. Huge rocks don't move by themselves. You say, well, these do and we know they do because of the trail they leave behind it's as if someone pushed them along but there's no. Footprints. So we know they moved on their own and the most notable occurrence of this is in Death Valley in California. It's a desert said, the trails they leave behind are really obvious they are, and we've got some cool photos of this in the show notes on our website. But let's talk for minute about where death valley is just to give a little background on this. Yeah. That sounds good. Go for it ominous named Death Valley. Yeah and it's appropriately named to death valley or Death Valley National Park is located on the border of California and Nevada and has within its borders, Sand Dunes Badlands Salt, flats, valleys mountains, and canyons. Pictures of this are truly breathtaking and it became a national park in nineteen ninety four. But the Death Valley National Monument was declared in nineteen thirty three, which was just after the end of the gold and silver boom in that area and boom is kind of a strong word because the golden silver mining in death valley didn't amount to much but borax did or acts, which is a compound deriving from Boron is commonly used as a laundry detergent booster. So you might have seen IT products called twenty mule team Borax, and that product came from death valley and was named after the twenty mule teams that transported out of the valley. I, love. Chemistry by the way. Periodic, table. Moving on Death Valley is also widely recognized as the hottest place on earth with a record temperature recording in nineteen thirteen of get this one, hundred and thirty four degrees Fahrenheit. Now, it's not usually that hot now, but it's still super hot. It's usually closer to one hundred and twenty degrees Fahrenheit. The geography of that area makes it a perfect heat bowl. It's surrounded by mountain ranges which trap the heat that rises off the ground, which by the way is at two, hundred, Eighty, two feet below sea level although that sounds like a really low elevation and it is for comparison purposes. The Dead Sea sits at thirteen hundred feet below sea level. And by the way, the Dead Sea is totally on my bucket list. Yeah. That would be a cool place to go. Okay. Thank you in actually something that Death Valley has in common with the Dead Sea is annual rainfall except in this case, the Dead Sea gets more rain each year by half an edge. Then Death Valley, the receives just to whole inches again, for comparison, will live in Tennessee where the average annual rainfall is more than fifty one and a half inches. Insane, it makes us sound like we live in the rainforest in two, thousand, fifteen, a one, thousand year flood event occurred in the valley they had just over three inches of rain that year. Anyway. We've established that death valley is really hot, really low and really dry I think we've made a case for that. Yes. But we still need to address the question of sailing stones. It's hard to move on because of the amazing history of this area. I mean I could really talk about that for a while longer, but we don't want to get too far off track I. Now I kept getting off on tangents when I was doing my research for this episode there are so many really fascinating stories. To tell, but anyway, let's talk about the moving stones. They are every single bit as fascinating as the rest of the stuff I found, and maybe we can cover the history of death valley in another episode. But for now the stones they range in size from just a few ounces or about the size of a child's fist too many hundreds of pounds and the size of a large microwave. Their occasional change in position in trails provide evidence of their movement but here's the rub nobody has seen the move. There is video. Now though in, it'll be in our show notes manager expectations because it's a time lapse. So you don't see slow smooth movements or anything. This video was taken in two thousand fourteen, and it's the first time since people started studying these rocks in the early nineteen hundreds that their movements were captured. So it's pretty cool and as far as the trails themselves, they can be as long as fifteen hundred feet and depending on whether the rock is smooth or jagged determines its path. The smooth ones are able to move in many different directions in the jagged ones primarily just move in a straight path. The paths themselves are generally three to twelve inches wide and no more than an inch deep, and sometimes the rocks can even turn over which is crazy. These rocks are found in an area of Death Valley called Racetrack. Playa. there are several theories for what makes these rocks move including the good old alien theory. And it's a fun thought aliens or not moving the rocks and the rocks are not magic although people who believe that have stolen them in that sucks. Yeah. People always have to ruin it for other people. What the heck is moving these rocks bigfoot no because he would leave giant bigfoot tracks behind and we said there's no footprints aliens. No they may be abducting us for their own evil purposes, but they're not doing this. So what is moving the stones? Well, brace yourself. I'M GONNA. Tell you ready drum roll. please. It's just nature. Walks. Oh Man I know sorry to disappoint but the nature part is actually pretty cool. The real reason behind the movement of these rocks in Racetrack Playa is a combination of the elements water, wind and ice. And it moves the rocks. We've got those four elements although death valley is really hot winter nights can be quite chilly. Any water that has accumulated on the floor of the Valley during the day freezes at night trapping the rocks in the ice as day breaks temperatures rise the ice formed overnight breaks up pretty quickly. It's only about as thick as a window pane and under the ice remains a layer of water that hasn't frozen as well as the bottom of the rock itself a hang on. So. You're telling me that there are certain times of the year where there's like actually wolf standing water there. Yes. Usually during their quote rainy season Oh. So rains it all sort of collects down in that bowl that is the the floor of the valley and then overnight it freezes the top layer really thin. There's still water underneath the raucous sitting in the water. In the ice and above okay and then as the ice breaks up, wind pushes these ice pieces which still have the rock stuck in them over the ground and the section of the rock that's under the ice digs that path in the earth is it moves like the rudder on a boat. Okay and so that's how they move. That's how they make a path. Interesting and cool. But I wish it was aliens bigfoot because I feel like that would have been more sort of engaging. Yeah. I mean, this is all SCIENC- an interesting but after so many decades of mystery solution seems a little bit like a Debbie Downer. Yeah. I mean a will over a century and this is what we get it. I mean mystery solved. That's cool. Okay. But before we end this episode I wanted to share one fact about death valley that I know you will especially love. Okay what's that Death Valley is Tattoo Wean In addition to the Tunisian desert, Tattoo, weaned from Star Wars. Four a new hope and six the empire strikes back which to us is episodes. One in three was filmed in death valley. Pretty Cool Yes. That is very cool. That makes me want to go watch those two episodes again and look for Death Valley and I'm not sure that I'd be able to distinguish between the two right. But Anyway, we hope you've enjoyed this episode of the how in the world podcast if you have any topics, you'd like us to research. Let us know by simply go to our website and that's how. In the world PODCAST DOT COM and recording yourself asking us a question. If we use your question in a future episode, you may just hear yourself on our podcast. That's right and don't forget to check out our show notes also found at our website for some really cool photos and that video we told you about if you'd like what we're doing here please tell your friends about us and leave us a five star rating subscribe wherever you get your podcasts until next week. Be Safe healthy lookout for sailing stones in stay. Curious my friends. The how in the world podcast is brought to you by hobnail trekking company ever dreamed of setting off on a life changing all inspiring adventure into the mystical Himalayas. hobnail trekking can make that dream come true with full service tracks to epic destinations, consumer, Basecamp, camp the Purna Circuit Gokyo legs and other awesome locations in the Himalayas ignore your bucket list. No longer visit hobnailed trekking co dot com that's hobnail TREKKING CO DOT COM H. O. B. In. L.. Trekking Co. dot. com.

Death Valley Death Valley National Monument Death Valley National Park Dead Sea Holly Johnson Mark Johnson Thunderstorm Robert Palmer TREKKING Trekking Co. Racetrack Playa California Himalayas Purna Circuit Gokyo Sand Dunes Badlands Salt Debbie Downer Tennessee Nevada thirty four degrees Fahrenheit
Heeeere Foodie Foodie Foodie! - Edible Insects Are On The Menu!

Wow In the World

28:10 min | 1 year ago

Heeeere Foodie Foodie Foodie! - Edible Insects Are On The Menu!

"Hey mindy here before we start the show. I've got one quick announcement. If you haven't heard we are heading back on the road with our well. In the world pop up party the laboratory of bad ideas and here's where you can come see us live in the next few months san francisco california on october fifth the athol washington on november second los angeles california on november seventeen new york city on january eleventh the wow win the world pop-up party laboratory of bad ideas is an all new show with new science new games new experiment and new live music from the pop ups tickets going fast so grownups to snag yours visit tinker cast dot com slash events. That's tinker cast dot com slash events also while we're working on some new episodes for season four or sharing some of our favorites from past seasons complete with new house from you yet at the end into each episode you can hear them and to leave us a voicemail with your well. Just call one eight eight eight seven. Wow wow that's one eight eight eight seven wile who knows you might just make it onto next week's episode until ben. Please enjoy one of our favorite episodes season three titled here foodie foodie buddhi foodie edible insects are on the menu here we go the golden age mundane. It sure is lobby. Jeez coming malang not sloppy enough. <hes> okay well. Why don't we just add a cup a bad posture her of table manners and i've clumsy okay. Let's have a taste now it just how ram g i used to make it okay. Let's see if y'all p._a. System on this truck still works. It's not the good old fashioned in style b._v._d. Member barbecue that should do it now. We'll just sit back. Put her talons up and wait for the customers to roll ed what i say reg nearly their partner. What can i am indy. Hey all dress stopped top had on elbow patches. Bob locally sourced avocado dripping down your face well. It's it's not every day that you get to visit the n._p._r. Food truck festival. You've got to make the most of it. You are really pumped up about this. So what food trucks have you tried so far mall bite skyros begin mindy. I've been going for hours who i just got some kale chips from. Please don't kill my vibe. I got some organic legumes from being there eight that i feel like my stomach's about to burst oh by the way what are you guys out here well. I'm so glad you are skyros bashing southern style b._b._q. Says the right there on the truck extra. The b. is for barbecue cooking these lapin jeans or over fifteen minute mini mini y had i had no idea you had a food truck had this bad boy since before. It was even cool to have your own food track. Isn't that right <music> okay. Everything's fine wait a minute mindy. Isn't this just your ice cream truck with a new paint job. Now ah yes so has it been going knock great. How many burgers have you sold today well. Let's see here including this morning <hes> the euro zero zilch nothing. I don't know what the problem woman chiron well. Have you been following the food truck checklist the food truck checklist. Yeah let me see here. I think they set it out and last week's newsletter. Let me just check newsletter yeah the d. league hip. It's all about what's hip and happening. At the moment last week's email l. was all about food trucks and if i'm not mistaken i yes here. We are the four things you need to start your own food truck truck company number one cool name at check outrageous prices for hundred dollars burger shack long long wait times l. I've been waiting all day for my first customer so check. It looks like you have everything checked off. Oh except for one <hes> which is well. It says you've got to have some sort of novelty. Health ingredient like gimmicky health ingredient. You know kale tale. Go gee berries qinhua of that. You do sir do well. What is it many cricket. Cricket's yeah crickets. You see guy rise. The cricket is an insect closely related to the grasshopper. Hill crickets produce a characteristic arrhythmic chirping sound. They know what a cricket is mindy. I just thought you were making burgers. As in sloppy geez not sloppy crickets full oh. What do you think the beam b._b._q. Stands for. I thought you said the extra be was for barbecue. Yeah barbecue would bug burgers quickly be b._b._q. Get right so you're making your burgers out of cricket's. I'm not making my sloppy g burgers out of cricket skyros. Oh i'm making them out of cricket. Powder cricket powder mindy you want in the creek powder garros cricket powder is basically just dried out crickets. All of the juice sucked out of them that have been been crushed into a fine powder and then sprinkled all over your food. I think i just lost my appetite forever. Got a spare bag. Lying around here somewhere says here on the bag carbon friendly alternative to lower or protein powder carbon friendly alternative. Do you mind if if i have a look at that package mindy here covered in cricket powder. It's in my mouth. What does it taste like well. If i had to put it into words words i'd say it's got us slightly nutty earthy quality to it yeah just a hint of rock makoko interesting garage. You're not freaking out nearly as much thought you'd be. Well mindy not that. I think about it. Eating bugs isn't nearly as as weird as it sounds. I mean many people around the world have been eating insects for thousands of years for fine will maybe in some cases for fun fun but also for nutritional and cultural and even environmental reasons environmental reasons well that would make offense yeah yeah look it says right here on this packaging that cricket powder is more sustainable or better for the planet than most other forms of protein like beef for example. Did you know that it takes something like four hundred and fifty gallons of water just to make one quarter pound hamburger regret and like four and a half bath tubs of water just to make one burger. That's crazy. I didn't realize cows were so thirsty. Wait what <hes> no. It's not because the cows are thirsty guy rod. It's because of the water it takes to grow the food that we feed them hub in that food that we feed them takes more water to grow them say a bag of cricket powder tara. Did you know that one third of all the blue grown earth isn't even actually for us what it's for all of the cows and chickens and a pig that we eat and it says here mindy that this cricket powder is rich in vitamins and minerals like iron calcium even vitamin b. twelve exactly well. It looks like you've got all these boxes ticked name. Dick price check wait times and the healthy food novelty. Oh that's not all cairo's according to a study by tiffany. We're from colorado state university. These sloppy geez could it also improve your gut health improve my gut health the millions of little bacteria that live in your gotten help to keep you healthy how i could tell you yes but i'd rather show you. Why do i always get a bad feeling when you say that. I don't know maybe something you ate. Anyhow think there's another bug food truck down the road that used the siem scientific steady as i did for. They're bug recipes. Go check them out. Okay just hang up my apron here. Hey read you the truck for a few minutes while we're gone. Thanks buddy one second. I'll be right down. You've got kicking these doors down. What's the matter guy arose. Can't you handle it no mini. You're the one that can't handle it. I don't think i've seen you use a door. Handle the whole time. I've known you you guess using a door handle without me to cut down on. These steel toed sneakers. Excuse me ganic jim or in this and pink himalayan rocco right well. This is pig himalayan zucchini. How this food trump festivals really taken awesome. The last time i was here i remember when it was just ira glass telling those curry's out of the back of his pickup truck. Welcome to this american rice. Thanks again for joining us. The dish won. The pen. Bang is mightier. You know when i first came across this curry in one thousand nine hundred nine it sure has many look all the heavy hitters are here. There's terry grows. I wonder what she's growing this week. It's sarah caning cereal bar. It's it's so good. Everyone keeps telling me about it. It's on my list. Who is this. It's a bug's life yeah. This looks like the arana's okay. Let's see what they've got on the menu here oh pumpkin spice muffins and the jake milkshakes we each get one or two or three or four or excuse me sir jaw aw i was just hoping to get bogged juice bog brad bug talk la. No that's fine thanks. I'm sorry what's janine name's doug people. Call me bogg bog. Dog dibs owned bugs. I've been cooking bug grow close to thirty years when i started bugs bugs was just slugs and snails. Wow that's actually kind of gross ono jerry girls just over there behind behind. You know i was just never mind. Could i just get one of those pumpkin spice muffins and a multi milkshake. Please go get your job. Well well technically. It's crickets. Those product was produced in a facility that also has grown so excited. They're coming right up the p._g. I ate for breakfast this morning so many you're saying that this guy used the same scientific study to craft left his food truck menu yeah in fact importing sure we just ordered the exact same food items that were used in the scientific study the often the milkshake exact torito's so what was the study about anyway mindy okay so this study was conducted by colorado state university versity with the goal to find out whether insect protein and in particular cricket powder made a difference in the eaters gut health a hey. The researchers took a group of people and put them on a diet that included small on a malt milkshake for guy rose <music> pumpkin spice muffins and milkshakes made using cricket powder enjoy. Thanks very much tagged. You wanna take these to go mindy yeah. Let's walk and talk. Iras reggie's probably gonna need me back at the truck soon the milkshake or the muffin the milkshake shake even know who i am here. Just stick it in my drinking tap that way. I can drink it while i talked to you. I just need to to attach one end to my milkshake and the other to my mouth. Hole seems to be working now. Aegis dick go ahead here. I got a big dog. You got it there. We go now. We can talk aunts lurk ago great. Oh so by the way what happened the people who ate a bug balanced diet right so the researchers had them stay on this food plan or they picked out specifically what they would eat for six weeks. It's good and at the end of the six weeks they gave them a full medical check-up dr style and what did they find mindy. They found the people who were down slurping up those bugs. They had more bacteria than they had before. I aw fit back kyrie fit back curia. What where have i heard that before four oh i know i'll check my bacteria wait. You have a bacteria. Oh yeah it's called b._c. T._r. so you get it like bacteria with none of the vowels that cool. I hope it's so cool mindy for just forty dollars a month thirty dollars a month for just forty dollars a month. I have access to an entire encyclopedic knowledge of bacteria yeah well. I have like sixty seven different frank kinds of bacteria and my belly button care to identify those. I think i'll pass <hes> okay. Let's see here here. It is is bacteria. I type of bacteria that lives in our guts and helps break down our food and suck out the nutrients from them. That's right but not only that guy rise the researchers also found that this bug food plan and also help to reduce the inflammation in their bodies despite right and inflammation is part of your body gets swollen so it turns out that the bug protein is is an all around winner when it comes to healthy meal yeah which makes it even more confusing as to why i haven't sold a single sloppy g. a. wait. I have have an idea for you mindy. What why don't you get reggie to fry one up for me when we get back to the truck and i can give you some feedback you do that anything for science mindy anything for best friendship guy rasi seconds route truck. Hey can i get a sloppy g. For this guy right right okay here at cairo's ready has all ever be all right. Here's your fun and just make sure to keep it wide open and facing being reggie at all times and remember to track the sloppy g with your mindy water you ooh there you go guy roslyn in your very own rickett powder infused loppy g in the half of that sloppy g went over my please. Don't kill my vibe switcher. It's good for later us o k. I think i see what the problem mm-hmm is here. Well mindy. Do you notice anything different about your food truck and all the other food trucks here <hes> <hes> well. I can tell the only one we're a pigeon cooks the food maybe your food is the only one that's airborne. I know look at all. These foodies here mindy for serious extra source from the foothills and is yes. The chickens are actually massaged for like three weeks before being asked to lay their eggs. They want kale chips in organically grown brussel sprouts and picking up what you're putting down diraz. What you're saying is that i need to rebrand exactly mindy. You want to tinker with the way that you're presenting your food to the public yeah. I i get it perfect. I mean this is how you build it. Yeah okay so what you're really saying is that i should serve my sloppy jeez in waffle cones. What what no no. I'm saying that you need to you're not geyer is just the thing we need in my adventure tool kit fear airf- are curated mindy is that a spray paint can yep. It's a four color spray. Paint can kind of like those four color pens. I invented it myself. Hey reg reggie is an amazing beat the artist mural of the pigeon and cargo shorts that appeared on the side of my gingerbread mansion last week. You mean the one that made dennis afraid to come out of his house. Yeah all reggie's handiwork all right reg. Let's put that liberal arts degree to work can rebrand this truck. Want you to think health health nuts about health. You got the thread in <music> nice work. Wow says ethically sourced carbon-neutral cricket burgers yup just like grandma g. force us to make them <hes> mindy mindy. Are you sure this is gonna me how much for one that'll be four hundred dollars. That's a bargain everyone. There's a bargain over here there but i have a question about the calorie content these tricky. It's a little bit of a rise outta here. In what are you doing for the rest of the day hoping you cook cricket. Powders sloppy geez was hoping you'd say that lau house. We'll be right back ups. This message is for you support for this n._p._r. Podcast and the following message for parents come from pinna pinna is the only audio streaming service that combines original podcasts music audiobooks books and more expertly curated for kids three to twelve engage your kids during car time bedtime more after school with entertaining and educational audio content from comedy we to mystery plus everything in between all ad free and screen free visit p. i. n. n. a. dot f._m. To start your free thirty day trial today data to the shell only move hi hi thanks for calling while in the world after the beep get ready to record. I'm indian guy rod. My name is anna nine. I'm doing gas hills. Minnesota are wow is that a minnesota has eleven thousand eight hundred and forty forty two lakes in the state and they had adrian for some dance mom johnno and thomas fingerling linked by many ghairat. It's just matter shown column can kill a hefty florida and mile in the world is <hes> i just i just learned that the first computer mouse <hes> was made of wood fine and the guide rosin reggie hi mindy and guy rise. I'm zoe. We and i live in centennial colorado my well in the world. Is that that most of the plastic trash. The ocean is made a fishing nets and that there is a trash patch. The size of texas in the pacific ocean say hi agree my g force reggie comic fingerling at denny's for me. I love your show. My name is joe march. I live in huntington beach my in the world. Is that that this off. Quick every day but you can feel it. I love your show jimmy and the dead that's true. I do promote good oral hygiene high navien guy my my name is taylor and i'm from evergreen colorado. My while in the world is that hit those cover themselves in mud to protect them kim from the sex. I my name is kristen and i live in lacey washington. My while in the world is at the hottest temperature ever corded ones in the year nineteen thirteen in death valley california at one hundred thirty four degrees fahrenheit also. I'm pretty sure greg of fingerlings. Doing is the smartest person on earth who you're pretty sure. I'm the smartest. Well let me convince you with my extensive. Latin uh-huh vocabulary vise versa status quo cetera hyman gang iraq. My name is carla and i live in barrington new hampshire. My world is that when sharks loser teeth they they keep growing in by mandy guys. Hey thank god my i had been in only and you're my lowering would is that way. 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The Heslington Brain Pt. 2

Unexplained Mysteries

36:04 min | 9 months ago

The Heslington Brain Pt. 2

"When you think about an archeological dig, mummies shattered fragments of relics might come to mind. Treasures from the past that provide insight into ancient civilizations, but in two thousand eight archaeologists made a different kind of discovery they unearthed a human skull from the bottom of deep pit outside the University of York in the United Kingdom. Provided sparse details about the era, it originated from the Iron Age about twenty six hundred years ago, but it sparked far more questions than answers. Inside the skull scientists found human brain tissue that had been mysteriously preserved. The discovery prompted years of research geared towards understanding how the Henson brain could have possibly survived in such preserved state for thousands of years, scientists may not have known it at the time, but they were studying. Perhaps the very first archaeological find that revealed more about humanity's future. Then it's passed. Welcome to unexplained mysteries, a Parkin's to regional I'm your host Molly and I'm your host Richard in life. There's so much we don't know, but in this show we don't take. We don't no for an answer. Every Tuesday and Thursday we investigate the greatest memories of history and life on earth you can find episodes of unexplained mysteries and all other park guest originals for free on spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream, unexplained mysteries for free on spotify, just open the APP and type unexplained mysteries in the search bar. This is our second and final episode on the Hesselink Brain A. A human brain preserved underground for twenty six hundred years last episode we discussed the possible origins of the has linked in brain. Experts hypothesize that the brains owner who we named has might have traveled to Britain from the Arabian Peninsula. At some point, the local celts must have captured, and sacrificed has to their gods they subsequently appear to have hanged him, decapitated him, and then dropped his severed head into the bottom of the pit. This episode will explore how the Hesselink brain avoided the natural decomposition process, the key to the brain survival might have significant implications for the future of science and medicine. We have all that and more coming up, stay with us. Humans have been perfecting the art of preserving bodies for Millennia and they've developed a variety of techniques from Mumbai vacation to oil embalming to smoking. Maybe, some ancient civilization is responsible for the survival of the hesitant and brain. It's rare for human tissue to be preserved for thousands of years without human intervention, but it is possible under rare specific circumstances, perhaps the soil surrounding the hesitant brain kept the tissue intact, or maybe there's something special, even miraculous about the chemical makeup of the Hazelton brain itself. Scientists examined and tested the tissue for over a decade searching for an answer to the brains, most intriguing secret. Why is it still here? Logically? There's no good reason for the hesitant brain to have survived so many years underground typically decomposition begins just minutes after the heart stops beating, and the brain is one of the first Oregon's to decay, because of its extremely high water content about seventy five percent. It's particularly susceptible to an efficient decomposition process called autologous autologous results from the. The hyperactivity of two enzymes, proteinase and phosphorus pacis working in concert, these organic catalysts destroyed the fats and proteins in dead tissue on a molecular level after thirty six to seventy two hours depending on temperature, a Thomas gets way putrefaction, pre existing bacteria inside the body and bacteria from the surrounding environment. Take over the job of breaking down tissue. The body begins to rot. But for whatever reason the has Lincoln brain. Stop Taller assists and putrefaction in their tracks. Something helped it overcome the natural processes that consume the bodies of virtually every living organism on earth. At first many assumed it was due to human intervention. Human civilization has tried to defy death for thousands of years, some of the oldest practitioners of corpse preservation were also the most famously prolific, the ancient Egyptians. The Egyptians believed that life after death could only be possible if a body remained recognizable if it wasn't the spirits that once lived within the deceased their BAA and. Their soul and their lifeforce wouldn't be able to identify and return to them in the afterlife. The Egyptians used a variety of methods to preserve their dead. How thorough embalmers were depended on how much a person or their family could afford? For some of the wealthiest clients, the undertaker removed the brain through the deceased snows and discarded it because of the brains highly fragile state. The embalmer needed to be precise. If left inside the cranial cavity, the brain tissue would rapidly decompose and speed up the decay of the rest of the body, but not all Egyptian. Mummies had their brains removed according to ancient Greek historian data's many could only afford a simple form of preservation that included submerging the dead in nature on a mineral salt that naturally absorbs liquids during Decomposition Natron Helps Soak Up. Up Any putrefying fluids that leak out of the body, this removal of liquid accounts for the smaller sunken bodies of Egyptian mummies, the Heslin Tin Brain did shrink to twenty percent of its former size, suggesting that liquid was somehow removed during its time underground, but strangely enough when researchers examined the Oregon, they saw no indication of nature on or any other absorbent external substance. So if the has Lincoln, brain was artificially preserved, the methods weren't drawn from ancient Egypt. The counts possibly took the brains owner, or has as we've called him prisoner and ultimately sacrificed him. And the appeared of had their own method for preserving bodies or rather a very specific part of the body in the previous code we discussed how Celtic warriors sliced off the heads of their fallen enemies, embalm them, and kept them on display, both in their communities, and in their homes to preserve their macabre trophies. They used Cedar Oil, or a similar substances derived from plants immediately after decapitating an enemy, they covered the head. Head in oil, presumably to prevent microorganisms from entering the tissue. It seems possible that Celtic warriors rode into battle with a healthy supply of oil on hand. The sooner they apply, the embalming liquid, the better their slain enemies would look in the long-term. They'd smell better to Cedar. Oil is known for its sharp woody aroma between two thousand, three and two thousand thirteen archaeologists excavated in Iron Age Celtic settlement in southern France. They found fifty different human skulls that showed signs of oil embalming. One might assume that if anyone preserved the has lynton brain, it would have been the celts as killers, but it wasn't. At least it's unlikely. The skulls unearthed in southern France contain no brain matter. In fact, they contained no soft tissue at all. The discrepancy led researchers to suspect that if the celts were responsible for the Lincoln brains off preservation, they didn't utilize their standard methods. But as it turns out, most experts suspect that the Heslin brain wasn't intentionally preserved by humans at all the most significant piece of evidence driving this hypothesis is the absence of any other soft tissue on the skull. In almost every other instance of successful artificial embalming, preserved soft tissue is accompanied by other soft tissue like skin, muscle or hair. It seems there isn't a single other specimen from the Iron Age or any other ancient time period for that matter where made methods preserved only the brain. The state of the Hudson Brain was incredibly unique. The one way the has lenton brain could have been preserved. Preserved by human hands would be through an embalming process completely unknown to science one in which an undertaker removed all exterior, soft tissue, cartilage, skin hair, and then buried the naked skull underground, but the skull itself shows no signs of scraping or cutting. That would have been necessary for a procedure that extensive in the first comprehensive academic publication about the Heslinga brain host doctoral research fellow. Sonia Connor wrote the following statement. There is no evidence. The disk case is anything other than decapitated head, in which post mortem putrefaction was rapidly inhabited. If that doesn't sound like an explanation to you, that's because it's not. O'Connor in researchers like her couldn't find any concrete reason why the brain didn't decompose. They only understood that it didn't chillingly. She noted that the brain showed no indication of even the earliest stages of decomposition, the ones that began in the first few minutes after death, whatever caused the brain survival certainly wasn't a common occurrence. Coming up. We examine how the hesitant brain compares to the oldest brain matter ever recorded. Hi It's molly. Navigating young adulthood can be a wild ride. Something Social Media Star Addison Ray couldn't do without her mom Sheri Nicole. In their wonderful new podcast original series. Mama knows best. Addison goes to her mom for advice on all things growing up here they are tell you more. Hey Oh I'm addison. I'm her mom Sherry and every Monday on our new show. Mom knows best. We're GONNA get real about all the ups. And all the downs of growing up finding love and going viral, we have a bunch of awesome topic signed up like living with your parents dating during a pandemic and so much more, and since I know best y'all have some advice to share. Okay, but do you really know best is the name of the show all right well? I think we can let them be. The judge of that new episodes of mom knows best every Monday exclusively on spotify so follow, and you can listen for free. Now back to the story. Many ancient cultures developed procedures to embalm their dead. The celts even went to great lengths to preserve decapitated heads, but unfortunately there is no evidence to indicate that human intervention contributed to the Heslinga brain survival. If human hands had nothing to do with it, perhaps fate or chance intervened numerous human bodies, including brains have been preserved under rare naturally occurring conditions of variety of environmental factors can discourage developers. Generally tissue was best preserved with extreme, cold or heat, but each naturally preserved set of ancient human remains tells a different story in one thousand, nine, hundred ninety nine archaeologists found three of history's most naturally well preserved bodies in the Andes mountains on the peak of an historically volcano called you, Jakko, the bodies belong to three Inc. children to around the age of five and one around the age of thirteen they had been preserved in a small icy, cold chamber near the top of the volcano, just like the Henson man. All three children were victims of human sacrifice. However there aren't many other similarities to the Hesselink brain. The brain matter remained intact in all three INC and mummies, but the conditions preserve the rest of their soft tissue as well in pictures. The children almost look asleep. To mention the climate of the region where archaeologists found the hesitant brain doesn't support the theory that it was ever frozen. The lowest yearly average temperature in Heslinga in Britain hovers around thirty four degrees Fahrenheit, so we can confidently rule out extreme cold as an environmental factor that helped preserve has his brain, but perhaps the temperature didn't matter. Between two, thousand nine and two thousand eleven, archaeologists found another group of naturally preserved humans with intact brains in a former lake bed near the Motala stroem river in Sweden like the Heslin brain and the Incan children. The remains are suspected to belong to victims of human sacrifice is, but the brain shared more in common with the Lincoln brain than the mummies found on you, Jakko it was another curious case where some of the brain matter, but no other soft tissue survived the recovered skull, which still contained a small amount of preserved brain tissue survived over. Over eight thousand years more than three times, the age of has these remains are still being studied, but experts have theorized that the brains preservation is related to how rapidly it was placed into the lake after debt and the chemical makeup of the sediment itself. As we discussed last episode, the Heslin ten brain was preserved near an ancient irrigation system. Maybe something in the water preserved it, but unfortunately the case of the Norwegian brains still only had limited applications, the brain tissue found in two thousand fourteen lack the structure and resilience of the Hudson brain. It was mushy and Klay like. In addition the has Lincoln. Brain shows no evidence of spending. Prolonged periods in water experts believe it remained in case in damp soil for the entirety of its time underground meaning, water-based chemical preservation like a lake can likely be eliminated as a contributing factor to the Lenton brain survival, unless hes's water-based grave wasn't as deep as Lake after all bogs are common throughout the region, where has was murdered, and the soil archaeologists found him in was damn. Bogs are characterized by a high content of compacted decomposing plant matter called Pete in a bog. The firm areas of peat are interrupted by fresh water. Sometimes that water is the size of a puddle other times it's as large as a network of ponds. As we mentioned. Last episode, the celts believed water was a gateway to other realms in their culture. Boggs were popular location for human sacrifice yet another unfortunate victim of human sacrifice met their end in a bog about twenty five hundred years ago, nineteen fifty saw the discovery of a remarkably intact male. Male body near the small Danish town of Silkeborg, the ancient individual is now referred to as the tallest man over centuries his body had shrunk, and his skin turned a deep chestnut brown, but an impressive amount of detail remained pristine, his hair, his nails, even the expression on his face, remained visible and recognizable in pictures. His facial expression looks almost pleased. There's a hint of a smile on his lips. The uniquely stagnant water in the Danish bog preserved the toll and man for over two thousand years. The key ingredient in the water may sound familiar. Tannin's the last time you spoke or thought about ten ines, your most likely drinking wine, the same bio-molecules that maintain the Tallin Man's soft tissue, a responsible for elevating flavors in aged wine in a bog, Tannin's come from the SPAG, no moss that grows along the edge of the bodies of freshwater when the water has a high content of Tannin's bacteria can't survive, and a body doesn't decay. The Hesselink brain shares quite a few characteristics with the tallin-bound and other so-called bog bodies. All have soft tissue that have been preserved in relative detail and routine similar tissot. They weren't brittle dry. Tannin's might be a great explanation for the hesitant brain survival. If only it showed any trace of Tannin's or sphagnum during testing, bog bodies are perhaps the most similar to the Hudson brain in terms of their final preserved state, but are remarkable brain doesn't display any chemical markers of a bug curing process, so the search continues between two thousand six and two thousand eleven, archaeologists in Turkey discovered some of the oldest known brain matter ever found, and they unearth the four thousand year old remains. Remains alongside a number of other chart objects, the region has a history of earthquakes which caused scientists to speculate that the victims were buried in a landslide resulting from tectonic shifts shortly after the landslide of fire scorched the area, he would have been crucial to the brains preservation as the fire burned the rubble above the victims, it heeded their bodies just enough to boil the brains inside their cranial cavity without destroying them completely, the fire would have likely consumed any oxygen trapped in the soil. Without oxygen or moisture, the typical decomposition process was stalled the composition of the soil itself also contributed to the tissue preservation. Researchers discovered that the dirt surrounding the remains was high in potassium, magnesium and aluminum. When these elements came into contact with the fatty acids leaking from soft tissue, they combined to generate a soap like material called out of Besir. Atacir is also called corpse wax, and it played an important role in helping these Turkish brains. Keep their shape. The six hundred year old has Lynton brain and the four thousand year. Old Turkish brains share similar circumstances. Archaeologists discovered burnt stones in pits near the hesitant brain, suggesting that the brain could have been subject to extreme heat at some point during or after its burial. In addition in both cases, brain matter accounted for all of the surviving soft tissue. Could the brains found in Turkey? Be the key to understanding the preservation of the has in brain. The answer isn't yes, but it's not know either. When looking at the two sets of brain, tissue, similarities or present, but limited, the has linked Lincoln brain is pink and Tan with a spongy texture like Tofu. The brains found in Turkey could be mistaken for would burned campfire there hollowed out and brittle. The different outcomes suggest different processes, but there are still important parallels to be drawn. Three environmental factors contributed to the Turkish brains preservation, lack of moisture lack of oxygen and the presence of crucial elements in the soil, all three of which may have been critical to the Hesselink brain survival as well first. Let's examine low moisture. We know that the Lenton Brain skull was encased in damp soil. Soil, but the moisture inside the cranial cavity itself may have been decreased prior to burial in the previous episode. We discussed evidence that suggested Hes's severed head was held up for a crowd of spectators to see that step could have drained the skull of internal fluids next oxygen deprivation experts postulate that Hess's killers buried his head so far below the earth's surface in so soon after decapitation that it was exposed to an incredibly limited amount of oxygen, finally the soil composition while the mineral and elemental composition of the dirt, surrounding the Hesselink Brain doesn't appear to be as critical to its preservation as those found in Turkey, it's still helped the soil. The skulls orifices evenly and created a consistent environment for thousands of years. The compacted sediment prevented water from moving through the skull, and kept its contents at a consistent cool temperature that colder temperature likely slowed the activity of putrefying bacteria. It might appear that circumstance just so happen to provide all the right conditions to preserve, both the has linked in brain, and the brains in Turkey, but one question still has yet to be explained. What happened to the rest of the soft tissue? In the case of the Turkish brains? There is a likely explanation. Fire boiled the inside of the cranial cavity, but no other. Other soft tissue without the benefits of heat, the other soft tissue, eventually decomposed as for the Hesselink Brain, the severed head was subject to the same three environmental conditions that lead to preservation lack of internal moisture, lack of oxygen and favorable soil conditions, which led some to wonder whether the Hazelton brain contained a unique set of characteristics that helped defy death, possibly even a mutation. Coming up, scientists unlock the mystery to the has Langton brains preservation now back to the story. Researchers have determined that the Henson brain was not preserved by humans. They found that the environment. The head was buried in contributed to its survival, but it's environment didn't tell the whole story in order to understand how hesitant brain sustained so many years underground experts needed to understand more about the tissue itself around two thousand seventeen, a neurologist at the university. College London was granted access to study the has Lincoln Brain Dr Axel. petzold built his career around research into. Into to specific proteins found in the brain, neuro filaments and Glee Al February acidic, protein abbreviated G F ap both proteins perform important structural roles in the brain. They essentially provide the scaffolding. The gives brain matter. It's shape. Think about the load bearing structure of a skyscraper rebar and concrete is poured first, and all the other elements of the building the windows, the floors, the ceilings, and the elevators are all built using their support, neuro, filaments and G. F. Are the brains rebar and concrete and Dr. petzold theorized that those proteins were. To, the hesitant brains seemingly miraculous reservation, Dr petzold used Immuno Electron microscope to verify his basic hypothesis, neuro filaments and G. F. A. P.. We're both still present in the ancient tissue. He been exposed the brain tissue to antigens when he did, he realized that the brain matter was still able to generate an immune response with this initially promising data in hand, Dr Petzold, and his team began a more ambitious and detailed research process over the course of. Of A year samples from Hesselink in brain and samples from a modern unaltered brain, were observed in a natural state of decomposition, their behavior on a cellular and molecular level were compared the team used sensitive tools like electron microscopes and a Mass Spectrometer, which can be used to identify the molecular weight of compounds with the help of technology. They discerned a few unique details about the neuro filaments and Gif, AP in the has linked in brain tissue. Some parts of the ancient neural proteins were considerably more dense than those found in modern brain tissue Dr. petzold concluded that the proteins must have undergone some kind of change while underground, perhaps from the pressure of the soil above it, further studies on antibody generation showed that not only were the individual ancient proteins more dense than their modern counterparts. The proteins were also grouped together more closely. Tight groups were called aggregates. The unique aggregates of the Henson brain appeared to be the crucial building block that kept its tissue intact for thousands of years. The protein aggregates had allowed the brain to become more resilient in an academic papers, summarizing his findings Dr Penciled wrote this long term data from a unique ancient human brain demonstrates that aggregate formation permits for the preservation of brain proteins from Alenia the proteins appeared to be performing double duty. They continue to uphold the physical structure of the brain, but they also prevented Decay Dr. Dr Petzold also wrote the aggregates from the ancient brain were larger and considerably more resistant to incubation with decompose irs as those from recent human or animal brains. This finding explains why none of the other soft tissue around the has linked in brain survived, the cerebral matter was the only tissue containing the protective neuro filaments and GIF AP without a shield of aggregated data cerebral proteins, all other soft tissue was at the mercy of the enzymes performing decomposition, so Dr Petzold fan the cellular mechanism responsible for the hesitant brains preservation. But although the central question had become more focused, they still weren't sure what it was about. These structural proteins that had prevented them from decomposing, but Dr Petzold and his team had theories. One was genetic mutation has could've carried an unknown genetic anomaly that predisposed his cerebral proteins to bind into aggregates and resisting composition. Unfortunately, the Hesselink in brain tissue is too degraded to allow for the detail genetic analysis needed to confirm the hypothesis. Another possibility they discussed was disease. If genetics didn't change the behavior of these brain proteins, perhaps a neurological malady, dead, but Dr Petzold and other experts agreed that the theory was unlikely. If a neurological disease created the abnormal proteins, they should have been able to see side effects in the existing tissue. Of course, there's always the chance that has suffered from A. A neurological disease that has yet to be discovered as it turned out the cerebral proteins themselves revealed a particularly intriguing detail that suggested a third theory. Neuro filament proteins are most commonly found in the core of the brain, but in the case of the has lenton brain. Scientists found that the proteins were more prevalent in the organs outer layers. This suggested the decomposition was impeded in the exterior tissue before the inner tissue, the order of events led researchers to believe that decomposition could have been stopped by a substance soaking into the brain tissue from the outside sort of like how immersed sponge soaks up. The outside gets wet before the inner core Dr Petzold wrote that the decomposition enzymes quote might have been inhibited by an unknown compound which had diffused from the outside of the brain to the deeper structures. It's difficult to say what exactly this substance might have been, because no trace of it has shown up on any test, but based on the current state of the has Lincoln Brain Dr Petzold theorizes that reservation must have been possible by acidic compound similar to what is known from the soft tissue preservation of the bog bodies. This theory presents a solution that combines the forces of nature and nurture while the unknown acidic solution prevented the initial stages of decomposition. The unique structural proteins gathered into aggregates which allowed it to resist further decay in other words, though the Hesselink Lincoln man wasn't sacrificed in a bag, he had more in common with Thailand. Man Than initially suspected research on the his Lincoln brain is ongoing. Dr Petzold laid the foundation for understanding that completely unique tissue, but the field is still wide open Dr. petzold closed the discussion section of his paper with the following words in summary, our data provided multiple lines of experimental evidence for the long term preservation of human brain. Brain proteins, the existing research provides no complete explanation, but it seems likely the has Lynton. Brain is the result of a very unique individual in a set of very unique circumstances. It is a specimen that may never be replicated. Dr, petzold findings didn't completely unravel the why and how behind the Henson brain and its preservation, but they did uncover something else. That could have immense ramifications in the lives of future humans as the team examined the Henson brain over the course of a year they watched the tight aggregates of proteins unfurl themselves. The lengthy incremental process had only been observed a handful of times. Protein aggregates don't only form in dead brain tissue. They can form in live brain tissue with disastrous results. There a symptom causing component of neurological diseases like creutzfeldt-jacob and Alzheimer's. As Dr Petzold and his team observed the Clinton brain tissue aggregates unfolding. It was as if they were witnessing the brain of an Alzheimer's patient. The unfortunate difference being that the unfolding process occurred as a result of decomposition. Aging. Meaning Dr Pencils Research wasn't able to determine any mechanism that could deconstruct harmful aggregates, but his data is still useful. The knowledge that the damaging aggregates can slowly unfold over the course of a year provides a new timeframe to approach Alzheimer's treatment. It suggests that more long-term treatments might need to be considered attempting to resolve aggregates in live patience is still ongoing and will be a lengthy process. The results of Alzheimer's treatment may be slow in coming. But. The hesitant brains spent twenty six hundred years buried beneath the soil. Its existence has been called a miracle. Maybe one day it'll lead to another miracle for the millions of individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer's each year, and their families maybe has his death means that thousands of people in the future can live fuller lives. Maybe he was sacrificed for a reason. Thanks again for tuning into unexplained mysteries, we will be back Tuesday with a new episode. You can find all episodes of unexplained mysteries, and all other park cast originals for free on spotify not only does spotify already have all of your favorite music? spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy. All of your favorite park cast originals like unexplained mysteries for free from your phone, desktop or smart speaker to stream unexplained mysteries on spotify just open the APP and type unexplained mysteries in the search bar, CNN time and remember never take. We don't no for an answer. Unexplained mysteries was created by Max Cutler and his apar- cast studios. Original executive producers include Max Ron Cutler. Sound designed by Nick Johnson with production assistance by Ron Shapiro, Carleen Madden and Travis Clark. This episode of unexplained mysteries was written by Hannah Macintosh with writing assistance by Maggie Admire and stars Molly Brandenburg and Richard Rosner. High listeners don't forget to check out the fantastic new podcast. Original Series Mama knows best. 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What is Fudge, Part I: The Science, The Curious Name

Ridiculous History

31:02 min | 10 months ago

What is Fudge, Part I: The Science, The Curious Name

"Brought to you by IBM nice days can come with a hidden cost seasonal allergies. Channel is using IBM Watson. Predict local allergy risk up to fifteen days out. Get Allergy insights with Watson on the weather channel APP and whether dot. com brought to you by IBM. Nice days can come with the hidden cost seasonal allergies, so the weather channel is using IBM Watson predict local allergy risk up to fifteen days out. Get Allergy insights with Watson on the weather channel APP, and whether Dot Com ridiculous histories of production of iheartradio. Welcome to the show. Ridiculous historians as always thank you so much for tuning in my name is Ben, this is an interesting one today. I gotta ask. When you hear the word, Fudge, what what do you think of? Inferior chocolate. Super Producer Casey Federal. What about you? I like Fudge, so I'm going to say is a not a superior chocolate per se, but you know it's on equal footing with milk, chocolate, or dark chocolate, or any of the other fine chocolate products. To disagree. My friend I will I will say like I do have experiences of going to like. Hell in Georgia in like getting fudge, they're in. It's just too much is too heavy, and you feel sick for like the rest of the day after you consume it so moderation, but I like I like a little fudge now I. Guess My thing is I'm not by the way I. Just don't know what it is like. It's like it's almost chocolate. It's almost caramel. It's bordering on cake. It's just it occupies this limited space of confections that I just can't quite wrap my head around. Yeah, yeah, that's my take on. Fudge also a fun substitute word for a naughty word. ASPECT OF IT! It's funny we. We were supposed to start recording about a half hour ago, but we ended up just shooting the breeze about multiple things, including the most famous use of fudges occurs word. I think was in the Christmas story. And you're right I like the freeze limited space here because I like maybe like you. Casey I like many people associated. With stuff you'd see in like a country store on a rural road trip next to the pepper jelly, or whatever, and I think most of US associate fudge with chocolate, but it doesn't have to be right. There's maple fudge. There's all kinds of fudge on there. Like a seventies kind of southern rock band called Vanilla Fudge Oh absolutely there is. Anybody that saw. The Tarantino movie once upon a time in Hollywood, the climax of that movie is. No way what Oh man. Semi free. Why don't you babe that that whole? Somebody else's song, but it's their version of I never knew that. And if you go on and look up the live version, it is the most seventies thing you will ever see in your life I love it well. We gotTA. Stop the show for a second because we have to check out vanilla fudge. I can't believe someone beat us to that name. We're going to have to come up with something new for our band, but while we're exploring that we have to tell you I don't know about you guys, but I just found out that I didn't know anything about. Fudge like the history of. The actual origin story in the genesis of it fudge is first off much more recent invention than I thought I. Don't know about you guys, and secondly as we're gonNA find today, Fudge was in its heyday associated not with like. Country Stores or cracker barrels, or whatever, but it was associated instead with a bit of rebellion. Yes, it's true. I didn't realize it was such. A relatively modern invention to I assumed it was like developed on the prairie by the pioneers you know, or even earlier than that. It's just I just assumed. Fudge should always kind of been you know you turn your butter and you'd make your fudge, but that's not the case at all Let's start with a little bit of at Amal Aji Fudge. It wasn't the other way around. Fudge wasn't a word derived from the chocolate thing it was the other way around. Fudge was a verb before it was a confectioner on the seventeenth century. It was something you would use to say. Oh, I'm GonNa Fudge that you know sort of cheat something to the left or the right a little bit like. Maybe you've got some woodworking that you're an just an example and you need to fudge to pieces, so they become flush i. must not a great example, obviously not a carpenter bank, and you think of a better example of fudging something in the physical sense. I, think the woodworking example is good. I think that I. Don't know how accessible this is to our fellow listeners, but I think the three of us have all fudged a little something in production where we maybe don't have the ideal audio we want, but we're like. We could play with this a little bit, so we've been able to to fudge around. You know it's interesting because etymologists now think that fudge came from an older obsolete term. which sounds like fudge with a weird New England accents FA, D G right, exactly FA Digi e with the silent e, which I still don't understand one of the great mysteries through the English language, the silent e, but that's a story for another day. Yeah, the Oxford English Dictionary There's an article on the invention of Fudge on Chow. Hound and they referred to that entry where it describes fudge. Fudge or fad as meaning to fit together, or even the idea of something turning out well the implication, maybe being despite less than ideal circumstances, but the implication is more that it wasn't about a mistake exactly, but we also know that there is at least legend Fudge, Legend Fudge, and about the idea that someone was trying to make a batch of camels as I was saying earlier. Earlier like what is fudge and they ended up with fudge because fudge contains sugar crystals, and that's actually something. That kind of is a no, no in baking for the most part you don't want there to be sugar crystals, because that can give a grainy kind of texture and fudge is sort of the exception to that rule these micro crystals of sugar that give it that firm texture. Texture and they're small enough so that they they do melt in your mouth, and they don't feel weird and sand like on your tongue, but they melt so quickly that it has sort of a smooth consistency and I think that's part of my weirdness with fudge is the consistency. It doesn't act quite like chocolate because the crystals are there. It's a little bigger, so it has more of A. I don't know loopy kind of thing I don't want to Nag Fudge for anybody. Yeah it's It's got almost a paste like consistency. For anyone familiar with? The Middle Eastern North African Food Hulda which is a popular snack. It's like that. That might not be the best comparison, but you're spot on with the weird state importance of these sugar crystals so in a previous episode we. We endeavoured to clumsily teach you how to whistle and guys I. Listen Back to that part is actually it was worth it. It was pretty Larry's. I made my kids do it I held the phone up to her ear during the mouth sounds more, and she just made the most offended face, but then she started laughing uncontrollably. Because it's just it's I know not delay talk about ourselves, but it is simultaneously disgusting and enduring. You know for that one. I think it's okay for us to talk about ourselves this way because we're not saying we did a good job. The I think the fun. Part of that was the brilliant fact that none of the three. Three of US pointed out that. Maybe we shouldn't try to explain how to put fingers in our malls while we were doing it, but but still it's pretty hilarious so now we're going to attempt to teach you the secret to cooking fudge. This is with help from the exploratorium. So now that you've mastered that weird problematic Wolf Whistle. It's time to begin your fudge career. like Moles said you want these crystals to form. Forget all the other stuff you hear about candy. This is not apply to fudge. But. You want them to form a certain time certain temperatures, so if you want to avoid that gross kind of grainy, fudge? It's not so much how you cook it as it is how you cool it, so you'll see a fudge recipe that will call for just in general hall for heating all the ingredients to two hundred and thirty four degrees Fahrenheit. That's what's called the softball stage where you can kinda mold it, and then you allow it to cool. Don't touch it. Allow it to cool to about one hundred and ten degrees Fahrenheit, and then when it hits one ten. That's when you start stirring. and You keep stirring and stirring stirring as the candy becomes thicker and thicker and thicker, and what's happening is every time you stir. You're creating more crystal seeds and you. You get lots of lots tiny ones instead of the big ones and I think that that goes to the texture. You're talking about right. Yeah, it absolutely does, and you know if you start too much, you don't get the crystals at all I. Guess or there so many of them. That doesn't give you the same consistency. Don't stir enough. It becomes grainy and unpleasant, so it really is I. Mean Honestly Fudge. Making is kind of an art. You know you have to really keep an eye on the temperature It's not something that you can just go in. Do without knowing what you're doing. So kudos to all the the fudge stirs the Fudge. Impo I. Don't know what's what's a word for a fudge maker. Fudge Suzy. I like it. Like, but you're AKC, I do think about like you know. The little candy store is on the Boardwalk in Savannah or in Jalan where you can get a free sample you know, and you can see their whole assembly line for like making Fudge pralines or Saltwater Taffy, and all that that's definitely what I think of when I think of this treat. This episode of ridiculous history is brought to you by truth versus Hollywood. You know one thing I'm always curious about is whether when something says based on a true story and a movie you know, how true is the depiction of that story? And if that's your deal to than boy, do we have a podcast recommendation for you? My friends guests. That's right. This comes to us from audio boom, a brand new TV and film podcast, cold truth versus Hollywood. It's hosted by the film lovers David. Chen and Joanna Robinson Yeah David. Enjoying a do a fantastic job of deep diving into well-known films and discussing how similar they actually are to. To the story, there's supposedly depicting the podcast also features interviews with experts, witnesses, people who were involved the time and more, so you can get one of our favorite things about film. The true stories behind them join David Jonah every week as the dive into classic movies and stuff like the social network, or what else y'all so things like Munich, and even American gangster and tons and tons more. This audio boom original podcast releases new episodes, every single Friday, and is available now on your favorite podcast APP while you're listening, be sure to search for and subscribe to truth versus Hollywood and Apple Podcast spotify iheartradio or wherever you listen to podcasts. This episode is brought to you by IBM Today. Every answer matters more than ever before, because whether it's about health, deliveries or finance. Something's just can't wait. That's why IBM's helping businesses manage millions of calls texts and chats with Watson Assistant. It's conversational a I designed to help your customers find the answers. They need faster. No matter the industry. Let's put smart to work with IBM. Dot Com. Slash Watson Assistant to learn more. So yeah like chocolate Cara. Mel's could be seen as being kind the. progenitor. Is that the right word under the CURSOR I guess to? And those have been around. Since the eighteen sixties, we found a recipe in an eighteen seventy cookbook from Maryland very very similar process so totally understand the notion that fudge was created by fudging this caramel recipe, because if you end up with these crystals like we're talking about what you would not want in a sticky chewy kind of Caramel, you end up with a little bit more of a crumbly and substantial kind of like we said Fudgy really for lack of I mean. That's really it's the best word for it because that's kind of what it is really nothing else quite like it, and that's one theory behind it, but we. We really still aren't quite one hundred percent, sure of who truly invented the desirable we do know is where it came from which is a college Vassar University in eight, hundred, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, two or thereabouts. Yeah, be not confused folks. Fudge is marketed in a dishonest way. Fudge is a food of the elite. Okay, it's not. It wasn't a case where somebody was selling produce on the side of the road, and accidentally also made fudge. No, this comes from a storied institution like you said no the earliest origin of it dates back to a document by one emlyn batteries be Hartridge. She wrote a letter describing her encounter with fudge, but. She says this happened while she was attending classes at Vassar in the eighteen eighties eighteen eighty six, but she says there was already fudge employees. There was a store in Baltimore, that was selling it for like forty cents a pound, so we know it originated around that time, but we don't know. Exactly who invented it for a long time, Hartridge was credited with inventing the substance Fudge, but vassar itself disagrees. They have an article in their encyclopedia called Vassar myths and legends that says Essentially Look Emily Hartridge described fudge. That's the first known written account. We have of Fudge, but she in her letter said that she got the instructions to make it from someone else. Else well good on Vassar for trying to set the record straight, and not just you know coopting fudge for themselves, because we know that Vassar has really interesting history when it comes to food, was originally a women's College. Now it's a coed private school that happened in the one, thousand, sixty nine pretty recently was founded in eighteen, sixty one by Matthew Vassar. Very, remarkable architecture There's a pub on the campus called the Mug for short which is the full name is Matthews Mug named after the the owner and founder who is a brewer and Vasseur as many of you will know is located in one of my favorite cities to say out loud in New York poughkeepsie and it's fun to look at because it looks like it would be spelled poof, keep see because it's. K. E., E. P. S. I e., but it's poughkeepsie. It's a good one Cheboygan man myself, but that's just because of our our recent episode. You know what one day forget it one day. Let's just do an episode. Perhaps Listener Mail episode where we just read off weird place names, I. Don't know about you, guys. It's always hilarious to me when we have someone right in, and they're like you know that weird. CACOPHONOUS agglomeration of consonants and vowels that you tried to pronounce is actually pronounced Papa Bolia near like no, there's not a P in there. Those are all Geez anyway, proper names. Another one, in Boston for example, that's you know you'd looks peabody, but they say it's peabody peabody peabody. WHO's to know unless you heard? It spoken unless you grew up in that area, you know our listeners are always super respectful when they correct us and we appreciate that I WANNA do this before we move on. I. Don't know about you case you're you know. Being a nerd I spent. The vast majority of things I learned I learned by reading, which doesn't help with pronunciation, right? So I WANNA. Give a shout out to the person who wrote to us on our. Our our Wolf Whistle episode and said it's pronounced. Boatswain not boats Wayne. So. We'll see you, we hear. You. It was all of us to WHO's eight entry. What that now? I don't accept that? I reject that someone made a horrible mistake. They did, but. What is a living language, but a mix tape of horrible mistakes that we all accepted. The boat job. It's a job that takes place on a boat. The boat out of this boat job. It's yet. It's weird. There's so many maritime traditions you know what I mean and boats ways pronounced boasted and so. There, we have it which. I learned something anyway, speaking of learning back to Poughkeepsie so it's interesting because Vassar has this fascinating history with food and it exists before fudge, we went. Introduce you to one. Ellen Swallow Richards class eighteen seventy. Widely acknowledged as America's first professional female chemist, not the first female chemist, of course, just the first one who had the full time job it and one thing that she is known for today was a book. She wrote called food as a factor in student life. This convinced the Boston School Committee to change its usual policies about it. She was so ahead of her time. You know even I think we've all even. In recent years, I started to understand the link between nutrition and development especially kids right in elementary schools. Middle Schools This goes on when you're in college and she has quote. She went to the women's Congress at the eighteen ninety three Chicago's world fair and raised an excellent point. I want to do the honors. Sure Yeah, and I think it's interesting, too. Because we know, there's a history of college students eating trash. Idea of like Rahman, and and you know kraft macaroni and cheese pervades to this day because it's like a period where you really have a lot of money in your kind of trying legis make it on what you've got so definitely an argument that continues to be part of student life right and she was really ahead of the curve, so she says the following a cow is worth to the state, perhaps one hundred dollars a year, a trained mind, one hundred thousand dollars a year. A nation which so carefully feeds it's cattle should take care of its young men and women with promising brains. In fact, the future of our nation may be said to depend on the feeding of the students now in the schools. Yup Yeah and that's. I mean she makes an excellent point in you. Make an excellent point as well. No, the only thing I am not with you on is that Rahman is amazing cheaper almond, I WanNa thank my college days, and my like my traveling Hobo days for lack of a better word for teaching me. How Amazing Robin is bull sesame oil in that bad boy soft boiled egg. We have course it tastes good I love Robin, but the sodium content is like through the roof, and the noodles are deep, fried and. There's really nothing value in an accent unless you you know, sex it up a little bit and add a little cabbage, a little vegetable or soft boiled egg like you said that is the beauty of Rahman. Though it's very adaptable, but I don't think. Kids in dorms are doing a whole lot of true. Oh, Gosh, yeah, that's true and you make a good point about nutrition I. Just I just have to go to bat for man I miss going out to like a rom in place, but you're right. You're right. Today's episode is brought to you by IBM for businesses around the world. Today isn't a restart. It's a rethink that's why they're partnering. With IBM retailers are keeping their systems up as millions of orders, online call centers are using IBM Watson to manage an influx of customer questions with AI and solutions built on the IBM. Cloud are helping doctors care for patients remotely today. We're rethinking how business moves forward, so let's get to it. Let's put smart to work visit IBM DOT com slash. Slash smart to learn more. Does finding a job feel like the hardest job ever with linked in learning? You can take course like ten ways to stay motivated while job hunting one way is to create a vision board. It'll be there for you. Reminding you y you're looking and what's most important key learning to land your next job? Get this course and thousands more top by industry experts free for one month at Lincoln learning dot com slash trial linked in learning. We're in together. And Richards has this interest in the science of nutrition right now. Historians believe this is partially inspired by some classes. She took with Vassar professor of Astronomy Maria Mitchell. Maria Michele held weekly gatherings for her classes at her own apartment, which was inside the observatory. How cool is that and students really looked forward to this time because they would have kind of a social visit almost a salon, right? They would drink coffee. They would have cookies and snack served, and then they would get to meet Professor Mitchell's friends right? Her fellow intellectuals, who included a quite prominent activists and forward. Thinkers like Elizabeth cady. Cady Stanton and Lucy Stone. Blackwell this was a great opportunity for these kids, but there's a question was were they there because they wanted to learn more about the suffrage movement, and abolition in other progressive policies, or were they there because miss? Mitchell's cookies were better fair than they could get normally. Yes, a good question Vassar has all these great resources like the encyclopedia. We talked about in an very intense archive that. That shows that Hannah Lyman. WHO's The colleges? I? A woman principal really was into this Victorian idea that women are frail and delicate creatures and need to subsists only on biscuits and bland T- I'm you know editorializing? They're a little bit, but the idea. They didn't need any kind of robust flavors or anything or any. You know hearty food. They just needed. The the word is bland nourishment that there was in the. The Archive, an eighteen, sixty six. She wrote this letter to Vassar President and she complained that new students were getting too many packages from a home with unhealthy foods and treats, and she wrote this the short supply, an improper selection of food, during the first months had the effect of exalting eating into a prominent theme of conversation and of perpetuating a habit I had hoped measurably to eradicate love letters, a receiving boxes from home. Yeah so who that's where she was coming from boxes from home by the way is I- Talis is. Pictured as a curse word. Yeah, you know I think a lot of us who are in college now or are planning to go to college or have attended? Know that food is food has always been more than just nutrition. Right food is conversation. Breaking Bread, not for nothing do some of the oldest works of literature talk about the importance of eating together? So these students, these kids, some of the best and brightest in the country weren't content to sit around with you quivalent of just I guess the the plane non spiced food like we all look out, say we all hear that stereotype nowadays about quote, unquote, white people not spicing their food, not only was this happening at Vassar. They had like a scientific. Perceive scientific basis for that I don't know that going too far like they explicitly say Bland Food and lack of spices that you say that. About, it okay, okay, so they said that we're not making that up, but anyway in this fertile cultural soil elicit fudge parties begin so these kids who again are brilliant. They say look if we can't get the kind of cool stuff, we want the kinda sweet want or something then will begin making them for ourselves, and this is very macgyver, and it's as dangerous as that dryer. We were talking about earlier off air. That's an Easter egg for just the three of us. I guess. They would take their their gas lights that they used in their dorms at night, and they would use the gas from the gaslight, or would use spirit lamps from the chemistry lab to heat up these confections, and they would like. Make Fudge basically with the stuff. They could find their room on campus. Yeah, at great like physical peril to themselves and others I. Mean think about it. They're using these very dangerous lake lab items in dorm. That could easily be you know. What if they get into the throes of fudge ecstasy and they're like drew, fudge drunk, and then they knock over a Bunsen burner and the whole place goes up. You know I'm just speculating here. Here, but I surely fudge drunkenness thing, but luckily it didn't happen, but it was controversial activity. These were considered illicit fudge parties. Oh, no, no, no Hold the fudge old the fudge phone. Casey just pointed something out off Mike the case. You feel like you have to. You have to be on air. We want to be transparent you have you have admonished US and quite correctly? You know it's one of those things where we're. We're rounding the thirty minute mark and The ending is nowhere in sight so I. Think we all know what that means I think. It is a a bifurcated podcast that were doing right now and hey, knocking to lie. That is perfectly serendipitous because all three of us. I think are out on vacation next week, so hey, you gotta feed the content monster and I think this one actually is worthy much more so than I realized on the on the onset that there's a lot of stuff wrapped up in fudge, not literally, but just you know historically speaking sometimes literally though I think that's a good point. Yeah, we have so much more fudge to get to. We have so much to sling there. We go, we have. We have so much more fudged unpacked to heat up that. We have not yet begun to fudge. It's true, so we are going to make the supervisor, so please join us for the studying conclusion to this fudge saga on the next episode of Ridiculous History in the meantime huge thanks to producer Casey Bedroom. Alex Williams, who composed our theme and of course Christopher, Haciendas here in spirit. Big Old thanks to. GABE! Who I will I, will title as the Emperor of Fudge. Tangential Wallace Stevens reference and big thanks of courses, always to are pure podcast Eve's Jeffcoat, while you're waiting for part two of our continuing fudge strata. Why not check out her show this date? In history you can also continue the conversation with your favorite or least favorite Cluj recipes on the Internet with the best part of this show, your fellow listeners find us on facebook. Twitter, Instagram, a checkout ridiculous with. FACEBOOK and pro tip, you can find us as individuals if you if you would like to send us. Your best worst fudge buds is true. You can find me exclusively on instagram where I'm at how now Noah Brown and you can find me on twitter at Ben Bullen H, w, you can find me on instagram where I am at Ben Bullen. Who knows maybe I'll try this mashed potato fudge recipe. I found post results you. See next time folks. For more podcasts from iheartradio visit, the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows stuck inside Siesta. Key is the getaway you need right now tonight on MTV getaway to the sun, the Surf Anna sabotage. This season Juliet may be moving onto richer men, but she still caught up in the big drama, and when she exposes Alex's darkest secret Oh baby things are gonna get wild because NCIS too key. Everyone lies in the sun. Don't miss the ESTA key returns tonight at Eight, seven central only on MTV. Never has the world of Golf, more fascinating or more in flux. Thanks to a suddenly newfound appreciation for a sport that millions love, and even more millions of miss watching my new podcast. The shack show hosted by me. Geoff Shackelford will be that. Say space to discuss matters both. Important and totally escapist so as the pro golf towards the East back into business and recreational golfers rekindle their passion for getting outdoors and getting easily aggravated. Maybe minus if you bunker rakes car-sharing, those awkward chest buffs, the shack show will be in your cue ready to offer the sports last independent voices sticking up for what really matters each week. I'll interview a wide array of Gaul, smartest funniest and most compelling minds as we attempt to gauge the state of the game, and sometimes I'll just chime in with a quick take on those inevitable first world golf dramas, so listen and follow the show on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts are wherever you listen to podcasts.

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79. Kenneka Jenkins: Mysterious Death at the Crowne Plaza Chicago OHare Hotel

Reverie True Crime

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79. Kenneka Jenkins: Mysterious Death at the Crowne Plaza Chicago OHare Hotel

"Welcome to pineapple pizza. Podcast where we serve up. Delicious slices of mythology crypto zoology and urban legends. I'm ashley attorney one who doesn't know me that. Well the fact that i'm laughing right now probably horrify. I'm emily i don't like pop fifty fifty and i'm lindsay banished you to the shadow of death. I corrupt you to the netherworld from which no one has come apple podcasts. Stop on by slice a story and a lack coming january twenty twenty one welcome to reverie true crime. I'm your host page. And today i'll be telling you the story of canea jenkins also going to go over some theories about what some people think actually happened the night of canadians disappearance and ultimately her death. Let's get started. Kenneka jenkins was born and raised in chicago illinois to her mom theresa martin by all accounts. She and her mom had an amazing relationship. You can find multiple pictures and videos online of them laughing joking around and just having fun together in two thousand fourteen can nica had just gotten a job at a nursing home in room nine twenty six of the crown plaza chicago o'hare hotel in rosemont connecticut. Jenkins attended a rain roberts. Birthday party with her friends her mom let her borrow her car that evening so she could go to the party. Allegedly thirty six people were in and out of rome. Nine twenty six that night hotel parties have been popular for decades especially among young twenty. Somethings kaneko was nineteen at the time and just wanted to go out and have a great time with people that she believed were her friends. The party kicked off on friday night around eleven thirty on september eighth of two thousand seventeen by the accounts of some people there. They said they didn't see can smoke any weed or partake in any drugs that she was drinking a little alcohol. Her friends were on facebook. Live that night and you can hear can eek assay in the background. I'm not drunk to be completely fair. A lot of us have said that when we are in fact drunk a male acquaintance of others at the party walked in and claimed kaneko was swaying back and forth while giving him a big hug. Witnesses said can nico was not at all herself that night. She seemed upset about something she would be dancing around and then she would go sit by ourself looking really sad some saw wandering the hotel halls with her buddies and surveillance cameras showed as she was stumbling towards the front desk a little after three in the morning after this allegedly buddy new where she went about an hour later her mom was called and she immediately went to the hotel to look for her daughter. The search for caen goes started at five thirty in the morning as a mom. Would theresa went around the whole hotel knocking on every door wanting to know if anyone had seen her daughter or if she was possibly in another room eventually a hotel employee was upset and annoyed about this and called nine one one. The hotel management was very uncooperative. Telling theresa they couldn't show her any of their surveillance footage until kaneko was officially reported missing to authorities. The police were notified and reportedly. They didn't seem to be in a hurry to do anything. The police finally reported her missing on saturday. At one fifteen in the afternoon there appeared to be no sense of urgency. On the police's part at all here are a few of the nine one one calls. That were made that morning summer. From theresa and some are from the hotel employees was on nine one. One resume urgency. Hi i'm coming from dot com slash. Thought chicago hair. i'm actually calling. Because of there was an incident. I guess last night Where lady was mentioned about her daughter going missing in our hotel at the trump plaza We did Mentioned there's actually the police in rosemont half of report about everybody but the only thing they saw we have the guests. The mother of the daughter here the hotel and she's knocking door to door in our deaths from Asking and disturbing our guest What for nine floors. But she's going to every single day. What's your what's she wearing. She's wearing a black sweater male. Or i'm sorry no way I think an american black sweater and what else block setting okay. Do you guys have a report number for the call from the other time I don't have ever burn a hand. Unfortunately yeah i. I don't have a report number. I know them i Assistant general manager so wanted dealt with it during the morning and he has a report but he's done for the day early this morning. Do you remember what time working they were dealing with it the whole day. When i came in a four the police were sears. So all right. I will have somebody had over there. Thank you so much all right. No problem address. You're taking the crown plaza own and for because my daughter came to this party here listening a gathering a brand and Now they say to be on the front of the hotel. She's not able to down now. She's nineteen so you said that this in the crown plaza at o'hare. Yes the nathan when her friends victim Earlier today about four o'clock in the morning 'cause they run the video cameras that they didn't have no cameron but now i came in it was lady. She said that if she if she her music and she he asks me. Did i wanna go upstairs. And we went upstairs on eleventh floor and it was someone came to the wrong and the she said that she did see my daughter there with a group of girls and a couple of guys but She just saw as he was trying to get reception. You know Are you sure you don't mean the crown plaza and roseman yes. Apparently yesterday is unfair to count plaza. Rose my diary okay and heavy spot and you said he spoke with the front. I'm sitting out right in front of the hotel in a parking lot right now and there was that they didn't they haven't seen your daughters that she loved her no different different New the new shift in nathan haven't seen it was they when it just like three or four running and i just see in. She was here. Because i just have to take it works where the hotel it was. That one thirty six. Pm on his head takes this abroad. I do it wasn't him a new group. Like i'm just going to say maybe we don't see maybe she was here at all Skinny jenkin role was a registered game with the friends. Here yeah. I just want to verify. I'm actually just came in myself Probably been on for about forty five minutes. I just want to make sure that you know. Maybe she didn't she didn't get arrested. The covered remember welcome. But it doesn't look. We had any run ins with our last night at all Possible maybe she went to one of her friends houses or you know. She's no exit. Because she had my car she was driving my car. I don't like nobody drive my car because my surely will not pay for no one and Her friends kept calling my phone. I talked to here these data here. Footsie come me like about retirement. Planning to just had surgery at birth folks up the fit breast cancer. So i'm you know sedated medication early and they telling me she. I hear every julie nate you enough of myself to get up and drive out here to look for one. St me my car. I came right out here and came to the hotel natural feature her accent tasty and there was a lady in the lobby and she heard me accident at the front desk. She say it were music cd. Hear she called the one downstairs who report the wrong. And that was the people next door and will not on the door The person said that she'd you see my daughter downstairs and it was like four of them any worse for them and she said my daughter she She was through a friends through franson. Which stands you know. These kids will tell the truth. They she works. They want to say yes game and when they went to get a while she was spending in the lobby the front lobby and then when it came back down she wasn't there anymore. of carbon with them to the one twenty nine assigned adult. She's nineteen years old I mean that's what does he skate. He a new yes. Yes yes no. I remember they told me this. You're nineteen but i'm what i'm saying is that is against the only been gone for a couple of hours us. I don't know maybe she used. She could be somewhere with one of her friends or something because again it is only a couple of hours since you had senior director. Since her friends supposedly hadn't seen her correct about Three to four hours now. They told me it was four o'clock in the money when he called me. I will i guess the the one i are you looking to file a missing persons report then or are you doing. I'm i'm so sorry. I just want to know. Is it possible that they maybe they can look at the camera and see Because they're cynical. I hear an accent. I look at the cameras. A see if these seen how they cameras around them about the Even if i did send an officer would take a little bit in order for us to could be I get the camera footage. Us i pass it onto the detectives division. Okay so we'll get well again again. The only thing. I would suggest maybe just Gave her a couple of hours. You know she could've won. You know she'd go to one our other friends. I mean and who knows what they're saying. You know what i mean. Exactly you could be fan. You could say it. Don't sound right. i'm up here. I've been young for and it's not the right. You don't sound right here. that's why. I came here myself because indian sound like they had been drinking. You know honesty. And i asked them. Dc drink and they say she only one cup you know but okay my daughter eight dorm. She can't even take liquor liquor ever just like. We can't take. We cannot take like we take a diplomatic withdraw. And i'll like one too much alert you know and like xm and then they end up on. I pay herself. I'll be every month to make sure my daughter heads. Above how is she loves football. I don't understand how. Why would she be careful which you all and just go disappear surgery you know. Does she know she nobody well. Then in that case what. I what i what i would recommend. Just you know go home. Relax a little bit give it. Sometimes you could show up of all. We know variable could still be in the room. She she could just be passed out now again you it. Is you drink the night before you get your automate. Whatever else have you so. Just give it a couple of hours. You know maybe yeltsin she'll get a hold of the again you know he does. He know your number theorist smart. Okay well then said you know. Just give her a couple of hours. You know what i mean. They'll give her some time again. Maybe she'd now maybe she went to places maybe she is still in the room. You know just knocking you know to knocked out. You know what i mean. Yes thank you. Okay in the windies. Does it take for me to fail. A report will you. Can you can file it in at at at anytime just Like i said you know just deal. Skip it a little bit of time. You know if you hadn't heard from her by. I wanna say about eleven o'clock then by all means give us a call again you can come to the station and We can help you out from there. Okay i miss because of what it be better for me to come back to the base in shogo and scotland make the report. I think you ought to could try. You can try to file it out in chicago. They may tell you to come here. Says it happened in our town. But i do know that since he i do know that since she lives with The obviously she lives with you in the city. I think that's might actually fall on them or early. They'll be able to take report that they'll get in contact with us. We'll be able to help them out the investigation from there Okay wait doesn't it. Doesn't matter whichever one If i come back down here alcohol becca here but as long as if we be able to see if i come okay i give it to. Tomorrow is twenty four hours after twenty four hours d. The video camera today disobedience. Get him today. Yes we definitely be able to probably s. We definitely be able to get the footage. Okay thank you. I do that okay. Thank you very welcome. Have you to thank you so much. Very welcome bye-bye. I have Invocation freezer throw them start task force six hundred sooner tough both occasions monster to copy a very by the doctor. Eventually they did check their surveillance. Cameras the cops. Watch the entrances and exits of the hotel but didn't discover anything around ten o'clock that night. The police finally found a piece of the puzzle. Kaneko was seen staggering aimlessly through the hotel. We've all the footage shea seen alone in the video but a lot of people strongly believes the video is i'll get into more of that later. She's not seen again until the police found her body. And one of the hotels walk in freezers. An kitchen that was rarely ever used. She was lying face down on her side with one of her shoes off. There were no signs of injuries except a cut on her foot. Kaneko was pronounced deceased that sunday morning. At twelve forty eight. am even after. They left the freezer doors open for two hours. The temperature inside was thirty. Four degrees fahrenheit canada's mom theresa wasn't able to see her daughter until after five pm one kaneko was defrosted. This hotel never used that kitchen and it was under construction. So what was the purpose of the freezer being on in the first place. some speculate. it's because there was a restaurant using space in that hotel. The lights were off in both chambers when she went in or may have been placed in the freezer. The videos we have seen of canonica. Show her by herself wandering around the hotel hallways. She seems completely out of it eventually. Walking through the kitchen and where she goes around the corner is worthy freezers. Were in that particular space. There are no cameras. Don't worry i'll come back to this. The cook county medical examiner's office declared on october. Sixth twenty seventeen that can necas. Death was merely an accident now. I'm going to read to you. What was found in the autopsy report. That was kind of strange. Of course they found cold exposure a found in walk in freezer. Be wischnewsky neveh ski lesions in the stomach ethanol and topamax intoxication. This is where it gets a little strange a ethanol and peripheral blood one. Twelve milligrams be ethanol. Mvp victorious humor one fifty seven milligrams see topamax and peripheral blood. Three thousand milliliters de visibly impaired investigation superficial blunt force injuries. A abrasion of lateral. Right ankle be contusion of posture a lateral right leg. Cerebral edema nonspecific bill. Abate right long. The opinion of the medical examiner says this nineteen year old black female can they get. Jk died of hypothermia due to cold exposure and a walk in freezer ethanol and topamax. Intoxication were significant contributing factors in her death at autopsy. The body was not frozen. The stomach demonstrated wischnewsky lesions and the brain was swollen. The top seed did not reveal any trauma that would have caused or contributed to her death. A superficial scrape was on the right ankle. And a contusion was on the right leg. There was no other evidence of external or internal trauma. The manner of death was determined to be an accident. Now topamax is a medication that is used to treat epilepsy. And kaneko was not prescribed. This medication topamax combined with alcohol can boost the effects of the medicine and the alcohol and some people which can cause the acceleration of hypothermia topamax like alcohol can cause dizziness and paired memory impaired concentration poor coordination confusion and impair judgement. So those two things combined you can only imagine how out of it she was. Kaneko had lesions in her stomach that proved though side effects happen to her the brain swelling that she had was reportedly not related at all to the cause of her death. The police department released a statement that day saying they didn't there was any foul play involved that it was likely an accident but they were still investigating. Kaneko's friends have always had different accounts of what happened. No story has ever been consistent. After kaneko went missing there was a text exchange between two of her friends. One friend text the other that can nico was drunk and missing the friend replied back and said fine kaneko. I can't believe y'all lost her caniggia's mother was told by some of the so called friends that kaneko went downstairs with others but when she went to get her cell phone from one of the hotel rooms they let her go alone. Her friends had her car keys. Witch canada may have given to them but when they looked in her car they said her cell phone was found there which to me is a little strange. Her mother refused to believe any of this because she wanted to know how the hell her daughter had made her way into a freezer by herself. She was barely able to walk from what we see on the surveillance footage without bumping into the walls but she opened steel doors to a freezer and just walked in a well known activist by the name of andrew. Holmes made some mighty big claims after saying the police had let him see the footage and he saw with his own eyes canea going into the kitchen opening the freezer and walking right on in shutting the door after he said it was just an accident waiting to happen. Did anybody force her down. There was anybody on the other side in that room when she got down there. And the answer to that is no theresa. Finally views the footage herself on thursday september fifteenth after the police released them no footage to this day. Even shows kaneko walking into a freezer. Like i said before the hotel manager and employees even said they do not have cameras in that kitchen however there actually is a motion detector camera in the kitchen but it wasn't turned on until after kaneko was found a report from september fourteenth. Twenty seventeen says the police did interview. Twelve people who they said were involved in some way but no one was arrested by october. Seventeen twenty seventeen kaneda's cash was closed. The rosemont police chief said quote while there are many theories rumors and much speculation floating around social media. Regarding the death of miss jenkins none were supported with facts while all weeds and theories were investigated by our department what we have reported throughout the investigation and again. Today are the facts at this time. The rosemont public safety department has closed death investigation of kaneko jenkins and has classified this incident as an accidental death. There's no evidence that indicates any other conclusion in quote kaneko's family ended up filing a fifty million dollar lawsuit against the hotel. The restaurant and private security company s co-defendants. The family's lawyer showed pictures of a freezer door. It clearly showed that the lot button was on the outside however the pitcher was that of the freezer that kaneko inca was found in which was said to have a latch to shut it. But no luck with a white handle in the shape of a circle on the inside which means she could have been able to get out on her own. That is if she wasn't already unconscious or dead before she was possibly placed inside. The lawyer also brought up the fact that the hotel could have locked off that specific kitchen area since they said they didn't use it. The kitchen did have plywood doors with the padlock so it easily could have been locked up so no one without a keen could access it. The crown plaza hotel responded to the lawsuit in a written statement quote. The death of kaneko jenkins was a tragedy. The lawsuit filed this week has no merit and we will vigorously contest it at a press conference today. Held by council for theresa martin. The allegation was raised. There was a possibility that miss janes was locked in the freezer. Numerous media outlets have already disputed. These eroneous claims of anyone locking miss jenkins in the freezer. Referencing the video recorded by motion camera inside the kitchen. In addition the freezer did not lock from the inside or outside and was functioning properly night in question this is just another failed attempt to generate publicity for a frivolous lawsuit end quote. I want to get into some of the theories that people who don't believe she just walked into. The freezer suspect could've happened. These are not facts but merely speculation. The fact alone that the would not even check the surveillance videos immediately when they were told a nineteen year old went missing in their is fishy to a lot of people in itself especially can necas mother. It makes a lot of people think that the hotel is covering up for someone or possibly even gang that severely hurt can inca possibly on accident or purposely killing her adding fuel to the fire. The photos of kaneta that were released to the public were analyzed. Carefully by everyone these pictures. Show kaneko laying in an odd position. Her shirt was pushed up and her pants were pulled down some. You could see a little of the crack of her but and in front. They were almost her pelvic area in videos. You can see her walking and the pants are a little below her belly button but not nearly as low as they are in these photos. Theresa was on the dr oz. Show where he tried to explain. Why can necas close could have been affected by the hypothermia with what is called paradoxical dr oz stated that someone suffering fatal hypothermia may feel a rush of heat when they attempt to undress themselves. He did make a point to say that more than likely. It's not what happened but it's a possibility. There has been no resolution as to why her clothes look that way. The security footage. Why didn't they want to look into it right away. You have a teenage girl missing. While i was there no urgency or care to just look at the footage. What would it have hurt to just do that. People think the workers at the hotel were altering the videos during the time before. The police report was filed. There are people all over youtube that have intricately broken down. These videos analyze them to hell and back much like others have many videos in the past that seemed to be altered. I'll link some of those videos in the show notes and let you be the judge. I do urge you to watch them and even go down the rabbit hole of more of these videos. It's suggested that someone is following canonica before the camera angle changes at some point. She looks lead and at some points. It looks like she's being pulled. It really does look strange. If i'm being honest with all of you about how. I feel and what i think about this situation. Also at every exit and opportunity. She had to get out. She seemed to stumble towards some of them but it looks like someone was pulling at her or leading her not to go down those exits. This is what her body language seems to suggest. Now this theory. About to tell you that i found. I don't necessarily believe but since it is a theory that some insists could have happened. I want to tell you nothing is impossible but this is one that of all. The theories are not sold on something. She was a victim of organ trafficking according to some people at the crown. Plaza hotel is a hotbed for organ. Trafficking organs on the black market can make people a lot of money. And if kaneko was in the wrong place at the wrong time she could have been preyed on and killed for that purpose. Fueling this argument is opposed on one of the necas. Instagram pictures quote. We didn't mean to killer. She had a heart attack whilst we were raping her in quote. I haven't seen this. So i cannot confirm it. This is just floating around online. And i can't say yes. I've seen it and can attest to this being true. This theory suggests that when the hotel was told she was missing. Employees took her body and put her in the freezer until her organs can be collected not that they actually work collected but just that she was being frozen. Another theory is that the hotel owner gave her friends. Two hundred dollars to get kaneko to the hotel so they could collect her organs one. Kaneko sister came out and said there was no way she could have been that door by herself. Let alone blackout drunk. It really made people think there had to be someone else down there with her. I did find instagram comment. Section posted on a website and the website says this could be a real thread and maybe it's shopped. This is just a theory. we don't know for a fact. It doesn't show the picture of the post that this is under shows the comment somebody comments and says don't try and play the victim. The world sees right through. You all hope you guys get life and the death penalty. I have rain roberts. Replies girl comet you don't even know what the fuck you're talking about bitch. I didn't put her in the motherfucking freezer. Dumb mother fucking best. He did since. Y'all wanna know her fucking best friend. Put her in the freezer. 'cause the boy killed his name is bernard rally and after that. She told us not to say anything. Bernard radley has been brought up a lot in these theories. One report says we have identified a third person. Now listed as a person of interest in konica's murder benard radley has been identified as one of the men who was at the party. Radley allegedly help dispose of kaneko's body after she refused to partake in what is now believed to be an unusually creepy hotel. Sex thou- party. We have learned that it was not two hundred dollars but actually two thousand dollars that was offered to iranian an nathe and their friends and in return they offered up kenneka. Kaneko allegedly refused. And that's when the party turned deadly and her body was disposed of this has not been confirmed but a lot of people do believe this in this clip. People say they can hear someone say we about to murder somebody. I can hear we about to somebody. But i can't tell if it says murder and the middle you guys tell me what you think slow you will occur. People even take the organ harvesting theory to bigger assumptions. And i definitely have a hard time with this one. But it's theory so i'll tell you f- time. Selena gomez had a kidney transplant in chicago. It said that she allegedly bought the oregon from the crown plaza though she has posted pictures and said that her best friend was the donor. Many just do not believe it. i want to revisit. The facebook live videos that her friends were posting and multiple times and have listened to so closely and i have heard what people claim. They here as. Well one of the last videos. We see of kaneko alive and room nine twenty. Six people think they heard a female moaning and screaming for help and they turn the music up louder. Kaneko could be seen allegedly by some in the reflection of irene's sunglasses but rumors that she was being sexually assaulted was proven to be unsubstantiated. Here is one of the facebook live videos with enhanced audio. Let's see what you guys here. If anything at all we'll start with put her in the walking once more specifically targeting that sentence next is what many are claiming can cosc- and help me or help me please. Right before the fifty cent look and chick turns up the music what we did was slowed the tempo on this one and tweak the resonance frequency to get it as define ables possible once again targeting to help me only in less is what many have claimed to be someone saying they're raping that girl. Let's hear it again more targeted now at a higher frequency with the tempo slowed according to another theory. Her friends set her up to be right for money. The incident turned fatal then. She was taken to an abandoned in the freezer. This would explain why her clothing appeared to be falling off of her. The only surveillance videos we have been shown are of her walking alone which i tend to lean towards it being altered as we have seen in the case of kendrick johnson and others. It's also my personal belief that the elisa lam video was also altered but who knows skeptics started to flood her friends. Irene roberts and monica shelton's social media pages finally neva had enough and made a post saying. Can y'all please leave me alone bro. We've been best friends since third grade. We did everything together. Literally everything we used to call ourselves the knee twins. We slept together. Eight together broke bread together. That was my ace. It's hurting me. I never thought i would be doing this. We're supposed to be taken trips. We had ship planned out. I'm so sorry. G we are sisters for life. She went on to post bro. All of us was drunk off our shit. I'm not pointing fingers at no body. This shit hurts so bad to know. You is just enjoying yourself with your best friend when i haven't been outside and so long yawning to shut For real. I'm sick of this shit. Y'all just wanna hear yourself talking. Just pray avenue. And all i can to look for her. I never would think some shit like this what happened. It could have been any one of us. I hate that this is even happening. I will never had nothing. Just pray i know he hears us. God we need you right now. This was also posted on twitter. I can't confirm if the post is real or fake but it does look real to me however can't say if it is or it isn't but someone said our rain posted this and deleted it immediately. Afterwards it was an alleged facebook post that was posted to twitter and which irene supposedly says okay so we all ready to get fucked up right but we needed guys at the party and it was my nineteenth so of course. A bitch was gonna get smacked that night but everything was going well until bonne terre s brought all them goddamn boys in the room and they asked us. Was we thoughts. And kaneko said hell. No that's not how i get down and after that everything went left because i knew i had brought the wrong crowd to my party. But we was just gonna turn up and who would expect something like this was going to happen all in one night but nobody was ripe in kaneko during my live video and i only went lob to try to throw a hint. If you don't catch my body language than you wouldn't understand. I was really crying under them. Glasses the whole time so next thing you know me and nico was on snapchat and two boys run. After we done recorded am was trying to keep canonica in. They're talking about. I wanna holler at her and shit. But i'm not gonna lie. She was a little tipsy but wasn't sloppy drunk. I didn't leave from the bathroom until motherfuckers moved around. Would they thirsty ass. But all i can't remember. Is kaneko being behind me and us telling her to enjoy herself and she said she wasn't that drunk and that was that so i turned back around to talk to voluntary about him and his because khanate gang feel comfortable and turn back around five minutes and she was gone. I never walked her out of the room. I never watched her get raped. I didn't set her up. I walked around the whole hotel looking for her. Because i was familiar with the hotel. Because i work there. That's how i was able to get the room for the night. But i couldn't find her and nobody wanted to help so i left it alone. Come to find out. These boys was plotting this shit the whole time on some old. Sp's necas brother had with them boys so after all that shit. I was looking for her for hours. While our other friends sat in these boys face the boys was ready to leave all of a sudden. Next thing you know. I'm bugging like a motherfucker. Because she was my responsibility. Bond terriers had agreed to set us up for two hundred dollars and they were supposed to roba's but ca- nica disappeared. So i think there little scam already done. And they was trying to bail the hotel. That's all i know. I don't know how she got in the freezer. But i have everybody's address trust me. I didn't kill my best friend. Hashtag kaneko world. We may never know what exactly happened. To coninck. jenkins. There are also rumors of mo- nathe and irene. Moving away because of death threats. A hope that someday you somehow kaneko's mother family and real friends have some kind of closure this case bothers me so much and i think about it often. My condolences and prayers to the jenkins family. Thank you so much for listening to this episode. If there ever any updates. Of course. I will definitely do an update episode until next time. Stay safe and take care a love you.

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#29: Hop Storage

hopnology: Hop Growing and Brewing for Craft Beer

37:53 min | 1 year ago

#29: Hop Storage

"James got a whole bunch of hops whereby put them sorry sorry. Just my my first instinct. Was You know I know I know. I know what it was. Yeah Yup Yup well. We're GONNA talk about storage today yes storage and and just general post harvest handling which we know to those those of you selling really only what Hobbes certainly are. Ossete buds that might be something you don't have to deal with in the immediate future but if you have any success at all you're likely going to be able to produce more. Hoff's than your brewers are GonNa want wet so then what let's talk about storage and just quality and speaking of our Aussie Buds so thank you John Anderson in Australia for reaching out cocoa cocoa and and just giving us a virtual high five there for the podcast so far we a few other of our new friends rich neuberger. I'm sure I'm pronouncing your name rich you gene and super duper. Dave Osborne according to him he soon. I love the confidence. Yes well not to be confused with Super Dave Awesome which you know. That's a copyright infringement. Yes yes it is and we have to just say I don't know it's just our friend or Nesta's but as as we started we're looking more and more at our statistics here and we have a a very lopsided number of downloads coming out of Lithuania. I don't know if you've just listened to every episode eight or nine times. What's going on but you got a clue in we're we're we're really big and Lithuania Wayne Eah we are. We are huge Lithuanians again or Estes. You've gotta start writing some of this stuff down and not listening to multiple by big yeah. I I don't know so we we're. We're pleased to see our Lithuanian fan. Base is growing. We need to get some some logo. MERCHANDISE MADE UP I. I don't know how you convert hop -nology to any language really yeah. It's it's not even English. No not really which is fine because I don't speak English so okay so a reminder to everyone. We're still running our our contest. We're taking submissions for those of you who either have a startup hop farm and WANNA get some feedback on how you've gotten things set up or if you're if you want to start something up and you want to kind of frame for us your background and about your land in about what your plans plans are and all that and we will dig into it on the air and talk about what you're doing and try not to embarrass anyone in the process. I I make no such promises okay. If you've listened to long enough you you pretty much know that's the way it rolls but I'm also easy to make fun of so you know pretty easy target for retribution. Noah no comment. I'll jump on some of that later so storage yep so you've harvested. You've dried. You may be okay. That's a little bit yeah so let let's assume that you're not that one guy listening right now guy or girl who has presold everything wet and is just just stripping the binds. You just carry these vines. Oh I to a brewer who's more than happy to pick them and use them right off right off the vine if that if you've made that sale God bless you you can turn off this podcast now and go spend that money. There's nothing we can tell you know. We'd we'd love to have you on the exactly yet so we've got to think about storage and even in the best scenarios where even let's say we're. GonNa talk about deride product right now where you could move at all right and your small and you're really engaged in what's that going to do. That's is going to encourage you to grow more because hey look and I'm having some success and in a very short period of time you're gonNA find out that you you can grow way more than you can pre sell. So what do you do. You've got to be able to store these things and as we've talked ad Ad Nauseam in the past about how easily hop spoil an oxidized. It's about storing them. In a manner that slows down degradation as much as possible without you know going stupid off the cliff with you know crazy storage conditions and so the first thing we we typically do is Belan we squash him. We squash him dry into some sort of a a fabric in the past it was burlap and now it's because that can can actually impart some flavour to the hops. You don't want that so now. It's like woven polyethylene or fake synthetic burlap. That's the industry standard. I'm not saying that's what you have to do. That's the industry standard and we talk about dry here. We're talking and dry hulk own where this talking. Pella ties no anything like that. This is dry down to eight percent. The the formula is in an Instagram Haiku Mike who from about a month and a half ago. Yep Yep of course so yeah dried eight ten percent Holcombe so the idea here. Is this why bail I mean people like Oh man. I got to have a Baylor now. have another fricken piece of equipment. You can do whatever you want but bailing what it does is it. It densify is because we talk four. hops dry hops away around one point three to one point five pounds per cubic foot. That's lighter than cotton. There takes up a whole lot of space. If you're going to get you know thousand pounds to the Acre on the low side I think about that think about how many cubic feet that takes up store so squished even if you squish to one you're gonNA save yourself. You know twice as much space but typically what we found is you you can squish hops dried hops to a point where you actually start breaking the loop. Ulan Gland opened and we don't want that right. We took very good care to make sure we're not fracturing that. Glenn to let oxygen during drying so oh during storage we don't want to break that gland and tons of research done on it and what we found not we. I say we as the hop industry what we found is that pressure compression rates of over like seven to one start to get into loop gland crushing regions. We always stuck ourselves. We stuck to no more than seven to one compression. Think about that so I'm saving saving seven times. The space and let's say you're gonNA take that it and it's not going to store these new garage. You want storm cold old so somewhere around thirty four degrees Fahrenheit or maybe one degree C freezer space and cooler spaces spendy so you wanNA smash this stuff down so you can actually save space so that's densify is the number one reason for for bailing number two reason as as as you squish that stuff stuff and make it denser and denser you use your squeezing out oxygen squeezing out air and it makes it a lot harder for air to infiltrate this center of that bail and cause oxidation damage. That's that's why we bail. I've seen people who have all kinds of creative ways doing if you look back in the in the old days and in England and Germany and the Czech Republic they had basically what amounts to a big looks like a gigantic. I can't exciter press a big screw press and in a hole in the floor where they were they would stick a bag and they just literally sweep dried right hops into this bag and run this plunge down squish them It's not anymore complicated than that and I know we've had people use who's trash compactors as a way to do it log splitters like a hydraulic ram on a log splitter. You know things that are that are very homebrew which is fine for the Eric for the small-scale Hobbyist but if you're going to get into five plus acres you need to start thinking about something more serious and that's where the the Baylor comes in I I would. I would say that how you choose to bail for storage is determined by what you plan to do with those hops. Do you plan to sell because there are some brewers that want whole cone in many bales in gas barrier bags vacuum sealed so that is a very particular setup and once you're set up for it. That's what you do unless you're GONNA add entirely new line to process or to the bail and in store on so if you're GonNa if that's Your Thatcher Niche then you need to be set up for that and there's Baylor's that you can look for to do that but then you're also going to need very bags and and in a vacuum sealer to go right into that as opposed to bailing four Peleton which is something different now you're just identifying for storage and you plan on ripping those bags opened and dumping the hops out and penalizing Tyson later so they're they're kind of two different things and so you got to know which road you're going down so james correct me if I'm wrong but when it comes to Baylor's ehlers you're not gonNA find anything googling hot Baylor. It's not like a wolf harvest or with as an industry standard for this. There's no there's no company out there. Making hop while there is wolf makes a hot baylor okay oops. Wolf makes a hot Baylor thereby twenty five grand but they've got load cells and automatic loaders and all kinds of stuff. They're very very nice Baylor's and because I am such a tight I wad I built my own but I built it based on their design so the Baylor that we built was there. Baylor is a as an electrically preclude driven Ram. It's not hydraulic. It's a motor with a bunch of gear reductions but sends a plunger down just like I talked about those those old timers. Did and does this question for you. I built a hydraulic one because that was the easiest thing for me to do using food safe hydraulic fluid just in case of a drip or something go there but six and a half or seven foot long hydraulic ram that had made an hydraulics place in Nebraska. It was tube steal. I think by the time we were done with it. All in it was single phase a ten horsepower motor but single phase steel and labor. I think queer into it for about forty five hundred dollars pretty reasonable and that thing was way overpowered a nearly destroyed itself a couple of times so I could odile that baby back a little bit but you know when you don't know what you're getting into you tend to overbill but that that was relatively simple and there's lots of drawings you can find out there in pictures and whatnot online is not a lot to it so big Ram and a form that you put a bag in a steel form and you fill it up with hops in your shit and you fill up with hops Inishmaan so you're not filling at all all you're not filling up this long column and doing one press you're doing two three sometimes four fills and squashes hadid it all in there and then you pull a plunger out and hop start to expand again because they're kind of springing so you quick folded flaps over on the bag and you so shut and you're done gets pulled out wade labeled and ready for for storage now you can do. You can do that on a big scale like we were. We're doing which those bales were two foot by two by four foot and weighed about one hundred seventy five hundred eighty pounds or you could build something much smaller like like I said out of a log splitter ram and have these tiny little mini bills but it's it's to your point Greg. It's yeah you can buy a hot baylor out there. They're super spendy. Andy but there's an these this is not rocket science. You could also make one. I don't want to gloss over one thing that you mentioned there. When it comes to storage because we're we're focusing here on the bailing and whatnot but you said Yep and close it up and you label it and you store it labeling. We we could spend hours talking about labelling but it so easy. There are two things that has easy to screw up here. What is just not label. Things and you know what squished hops all the varieties kind of look the same a little bit so label. You're you're in trouble there but I'm I'm telling you right now. If you are going to to go through the PROB the problems of of bailing in wrapping this up and then you go buy stickers or you use masking tape in scribbles something on it and God forbid doesn't stick properly to whatever material your bags are made out of understand how important it is to know what's in that bag point yeah and that's that's. That's an important topic because these bags. Are you know the the industry standards standards polyethylene. Nothing likes to stick to polyethylene so you have to be very careful about what the adhesive is on your label if you're doing printed labels and and then where are they going into for storage because they may not hold up to cold very well and the last thing you want to see is a bunch of labels. Abel's lay on the floor and a cooler and and how do they handle moisture because you're going to be taking these bales. You're going to put them. In store. cold-storage the relative humidity in there can be pretty high a lot of times you'll get dampness and wrinkling and puckering how those labels and they can peel off so that's something very important to think about they there are labels that are made specifically for like the freezer industry for like a a meat packing houses and things like that and those those kind of the adhesives that you're going to look for and actually like. Avery label makes these you can buy them so it's not like some weird exotic thing you've got to go hunting for. I think to your point though we should talk about the label just a little bit in the US. If you have enough hops to bail for processing the things that as a former processor we would need to see and actually the USDA needs to see is a lot number your your grower identification number the variety the harvest date the field if you have a field or some sort of designator and the weight because if we have any issues at all in the processing we'll talk we can talk about processing extensively later on we. We have to be able to show control over the lots. If there's a recall on a product we have to have traceability back to the exact field that came out of and all of that information needs to be on the label and we would collect and monitor that so we knew what hops were going and then what blended batches and all that good stuff so it's not a just a little thing to should be trifled with. I would highly recommend at the if you do nothing else. Get some stencils and some water water soluble ink or something and you know Stencil. CAS on the outside of it for cascade and you know C. H. I. Why is for Chinook or whatever you've got at the very least do that because yeah once they're here in the in the cooler in the labels come off you. I don't know what you got and we have the added complication that we were. We were processing for a bunch of other growers at the same time so we had hops that. Were not not our own that we had to tell apart yup. I have that image by head right now. If that freezer with a bunch of labels on the ground you learn a hard hardway and you don't do it again. You know we've been talking about having dried hops that are being bailed mostly for pre pelleting but what about hops that are dried hops her bailed in the mini bottles for burs that WANNA use holy hops. I I struggled with that because we weren't really tooled up for it and I figured how in the heck am I gonNa do this and as I am want to do from time to time I was perusing the inter-web for pieces of equipment that I could use for things that they were never intendant toys yeah and I found of all things I found on Alibaba a what's called a Rag Baylor are ag and that's exactly what is for you stuff rags on one end and a squishy down with a couple of pneumatic rams and pushes them into the bag and they send them off for whatever they're gonNA do with them. I'm like did make the perfect many Hot Baylor and they were unreasonably inexpensive as as Baylor school and it would make this brick of hops that were probably all I'd say twelve inches is by wide by eight inches tall by probably fourteen inches long and it was the perfect brick that you could get into a barrier bag quickly and vacuum and still hold shape. I just like holy crap. That would be the perfect thing and I just never got around to get one so I would love anybody. Who's GonNa do that. Take pictures because I think it's GonNa Work Awesome mice breakup of brick of hops. Yep and like our couple of customers we we had in Japan. That's all they would use. They wouldn't use pellets. They would only use whole leaf dried holy bricks so there is a market there for him certainly if you're growers out there that have brewers who are using your what hops they might switch over to dry holy. F- without much of an issue when you you start to find that you have more crop than you can sell what without Peleton something keep in mind yet better to plan for that well in advance so so we've got these bailed hops where we gonna put them. I know I started the episode saying that and you had some words of wisdom for me that we won't repeat so you need storage. Well need for you know what I mean yes so if you're going to maintain quality quality of any kind you have to keep these things cold at a lot of people say James. Can I freeze these you can do whatever you want if they're dried properly so if they are in that eight to ten percent and you freeze them. They're likely going to be fine. for for for long periods. The the bigger issue is when they're not dried properly and they're still wet now. I know there's some folks out there that have said Oh I had these wet hops ops frozen in my freezer and I pull him out my usedom and he loved them and they were great. Let me know what breed that is. I won't go there. there are some serious issues that happened to what things when you freeze them and certainly if they're not in the appropriate packaging you will get oxidation happening even though they're frozen that doesn't mean oxidation stops just think about what's in your freezer burned in your own freezers the concept of of what hops all year round. That's a whole nother discussion but I would say yeah. You're you're definitely GONNA WANNA. Keep cold and as you get bigger. That cold room gets bigger. It's something that we struggled with for years. Every year was something new about how we're going to deal with this. before we finally pulled the trigger and bought a cold room but it's those during the growing pains and you don't know how to size that because you've got your handshake agreements and your contracts and your spot purchases and you don't want to build for your maximum yield because that means you sold nothing you don't need that much space right and cooling an empty room is very expensive very much and those rooms. If you're going to do it right I mean the floor has to be insulated so concrete you've got installation onto the concrete and they are not an inexpensive endeavor and then how big do you build it to build it so it's modular and it can become incrementally bigger but it's fine if you can just increase the space with more freezer freezer panels but now you're cooling system may be undersized so you're going to you know it's just a total catch twenty two and that's why so many small growers say. I'm not going to bother with that just because you know it's too complicated deal within and potentially very spendy but it is something that if if one you get into acreage you're going to have to deal with we in Wisconsin really don't have any cold storage facilities around here except for cheese and those are you don't WanNa be putting bales of hops into cold storage with other food because does it will take on the other food will take on the aroma of hops and they don't like that so it's not like we could rent rent space to store these bales until we could get around to him so it was yeah very very touchy. The first obvious obvious place to go is refrigerated. Semi trailer sounds like a great idea. It's temporary you pay for when you need it. It's it sounds great. It sounds great. Those units are meant for transport not for long term storage and as such they have minimal insulation on the walls and the floor and the refrigeration units are not particularly efficient in the guzzle diesel like you wouldn't believe when those diesel missile units go dry a lot of times they get damaged. She got a technician out they have to do all. They're priming and started up again. Meanwhile since it's not well insulated tall suddenly all of those hops are in a an aluminum box in the sun. It gets very hot hot in there very quickly. We use them. We use them for a couple of years but they're not. They're good stopgap measures. I wouldn't they're not long term options similarly to those you have these roll off boxes like twenty foot cargo containers that are refrigerated those are better insulated because they're meant for ocean voyages and you can rent those as well but again pretty spending when you start looking at it and you on spending how much to rent this. I mean for us. We'd have to spend nine hundred dollars a month for a single refrigerated trailer and that doesn't include the diesel so the diesel could be another at farm diesel rates could be another three hundred four hundred dollars and you don't get any of that back. It's like you start looking at the money spent year over year on that and you can say I could take that money right and put it towards an actual physical cooler unit finance it like we've talked earlier in other episodes about how you don't big boy big girl farmers actually pay for stuff and use that money towards the monthly payments on my infrastructure which seems like a better way to go but you're adding it the structure you could see how really quite quickly when you say. I WANNA be a hop grower. I want to expand my operation. How all of these things start to stack on top of each other and infrastructure wise. It has nothing nothing to do with your physical hop yard and we've talked about it before just the the non linear way these things increase in size is in in cost and you just said it when it comes to the freezer space. It's so hard to determine how much of it you need and unless you can very cleverly build something that's modular you go in and you finance something well. Diego big out of the gate so that you've got room later or do you go small on spend as little as possible knowing that you're going to have to potentially rebuild or build a second or third separate room down the road. Those are those are difficult decisions. It depends on your financial financial position and your risk tolerance very much. You know fortunately being in Wisconsin. It gets cold here in winter. If you didn't know it wasn't long long we would have to turn the cooler to the cooler the freezer off because the outside was way colder and it's like okay yeah. Do we want him to freeze the free for the first few years like no. We don't want him to freeze wanted to keep them. You know at thirty four Fahrenheit or whatever and then we're like you mean. I got to put put a space heater on my cooler. what how is this. GonNa work and then when you say the hell with it so we would let him MHM freeze over the winter and just have it open to outside air and same thing with our Finnish pellets. It's like yeah what why go you know. Have them stored in zero degree facility. When it's you know fifteen below in take advantage of what's out there hi it's just a juggle and as I just don't have a good answer I would love to see what people have done. We've helped people build small you know insulated cold boxes inside the facilities of Styrofoam and something called a cool bought which is basically a an external thermostat that you use to hack the thermostat in a wall air conditioner unit to to drop the temperature down keeping around thirty four degrees and those were good for long term storage orig- but they don't overcome large swings in temperature very well so might take three days to come down to temperature and as soon as you open the door temperature shoots back up again again but they work and they're fairly affordable to get into a cold storage but it's the space requirement and it's like well. Do I have the indoor or space for this because the last thing you want is to have space allocated inside of your already precious building space that is only used for short time of year so very very difficult juggling act it gets back to why bailing is so important because you need to minimize the space that these he's hot pillows are taking up. Kudos to you growers who can get him out of your hands. You Know Asap but greg. I want to circle back back to talk more in depth about a comment you made about pre selling and how does that factor into one's decision decision on how to store what to store because you think about it. You're like okay. I'm going to store these hops for you and I'm going to sell them holy. I'm not gonNA worry about politicizing tasing right. How long do I happen for all right but Pella -tising you know reduces the space required by factor of forty which is another reason people pella ties so it's like as opposed to holding onto bales if you can get them pellet is reduced that volume even that much more now now you need to even less cold storage space and all due respect to our our friends in Australia but at least in the US the vast the majority of the ask from the brewers is propelled by far. I mean ninety five percent plus want pellets but but I wanNA know on so. Let's get back to that concept of of what is your pre-sale expectation to know exactly how much you're. GonNa hold because it's not like a brewer says yeah okay. I'll take five hundred pounds. Well who's storing usually you are. Yeah it depends on when they want those five hundred to they want five hundred pounds of once. Would they want five hundred pounds from this harvest one hundred pounds at a time. I'm were more likely it's as needed a why I want. I want to boxes of forty four pounds each now but the rest of them. I'll tell you when I'm ready. That's not only a space concern issue in terms of how you build out your cold storage. It's also a cash flow issue. They're not GonNa pay you until those are in hand and maybe even not then so you sort of have a soft agreement to say yeah. I'll take these but you're going to MR GROWER MS grower. You're going to carry the risk ask of that allocated crop until I feel like taking it yeah because at what point at any point they can turn around and say you know what I think. I'm good but you've only taken eight hundred and fifty pounds of the five hundred told me wanted yeah but I think we're good. You've got three hundred fifty pounds sitting around that you now need to move somewhere. It is a difficult conversation and we've talked about this before about that that handshake relationship and the fact that if that was flipped around and they had taken one hundred fifty pounds and they want some more you say sorry it's gone. What do you mean it's got. I told you I wanted five hundred yeah but I I sold it to someone else. Someone else wants it immediately. I it's a difficult difficult balance to keep their because you do want to move your product when you have the ability to but you also want to build a relationship we talked before about time use efficiency equipment and we talked about. How a harvester. Is it outside. You need it but you're only going to use it for a very short period of time and it's highly specialized as opposed to like a tractor which use a little bit all the time and as like a Swiss army knife based on the things you can plug and play on cold storage orage is like I don't know it's like a Dodo or an Teijin speed. It's like it's like I've. I've got this one off off. Thing over. Here does one thing right while so's James Sodas Harvester yet. No I get it but it's ninety five percent empty space. It costs me how much and look at the cost of the real estate is taken up so I do not fault anybody anybody for trying to get around not having it and we did for years. we beg borrow steal to enjoy we we. We had a very good relationship with one brewer who was willing to hold some of our crop in their freezer. That was the best deal we had. Oh totally but that lasted one year because of your next year. He needed his space for his beer and we had more Hobson could handle now what yep so bill. I never cracked. It never cracked the Zia equation there so to James's point we would love to hear for those of you with some volume how you handle this right and of course if you have very little volume well I mean everyone can put a chest freezer in the garage or in their barn. If you've got enough volume where this this is an actual legitimate concern very curious how you're dealing with this issue because as James said it was probably the number one thing that changed every single season because our volume changed our our pre sales changed it was always a question mark yeah and how we were handling the hot when we first started that we're cramming them dried hops into you know polyethylene green bags and storing them and it really really over air conditioned room because we figured figured something was better than nothing than we changed how we were bailing than they were round bales and in all cylinders and then they were square rectangular bills and it it was a constant moving target. The one thing you don't want to do on your storing is store them in plastic. That doesn't breathe do do not do that. I saw a growers here in Wisconsin that had a they were bailing hops into plastic liners into cardboard boxes. That's what they were putting in their cooler like a how are you getting equilibrium moisture content. Oh they're dry right yeah right and then you find out that they weren't dry because you put them in that cold environment and water starts to condense on the insides of the bag. Are you got rot so don't do that. You WanNa you WanNa put them in something breathable whether you're bailing them or you're just storing them loose. Make sure that you can get guests some air exchange in there to make sure the moisture equilibrium point of whatever temperature. You're storing it this. This topic depressed me. It's like I know I never crammed as well. I never I never could figure it out but it was one of those it was like the last big bite to take on infrastructure to to really make the big time so to speak but I just thought of all that space not being well utilized for the rest of the year agan use for storage I guess but we did star some brewers beer and had a couple of times when they ran out of cooler space so it's I I agree with you. It's a tricky one. We never quite got it right I would I would again. I'd love to hear here's some people I'd love to hear. Some people who've had success with this and or just have some different ideas or ways they've done it. the whole beg borrow and Steal Motif. If was again was the only thing we were success within that. You're not always gonNA find that. I wonder if there's you know we've talked about the fact that you can't really share a Harvester Harvester because he needed at the same time. If you have other local hop growers you know maybe you can get together and share larger storage space. I mean you you always talk about the the fact that we've we've said here you tend to over billed and you look at all this empty space your cooling and it just kind of makes you mad if you feel the money leaking out of your pockets when that happens so maybe that's a situation where we're partnership makes them more sense. We didn't have that opportunity right. That's a good idea yeah. I hadn't considered that but I think you're right. That's a good place where you know. People talk about your growing cooperatives. That would be a good use for one a centralized processing facility. It could be a good use for one as opposed to a communal dryers and communal harvesters never ever worked y'all just need them at the same time that high time use issue but yeah. I I agree with you I am. I had a couple of jokes to make earlier as we were going along and I I felt like this was just too sombre top. You know you you mentioned the round bales in the square bales and also to chime in with what about those trapezoidal bears it but I like the cone yell so those are good ooh Nice York. Make putting your coins into a co so sorry to be a Downer of on this one about about told storage but it say It's a bit of a frigid topic Nice yes that that was brutal chilly chilly reception. I I'm Kinda a cooling off to the whole idea boo that that sounds like an exit strategy for this one. I'm out. Please give us your feedback on this. I would love to get some suggestions because clearly we've got a lot of advice on what didn't work way love to hear some things that have a story in my life so starting to be a doubter.

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2008 Predictions That Failed Spectacularly| 06/11/19

Pat Gray Unleashed

1:38:47 hr | 2 years ago

2008 Predictions That Failed Spectacularly| 06/11/19

"Pat gray is here on the blaze radio network. Joining us here, a Pat gray unleashed. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three also at bat unleashed on Twitter yesterday. We were discussing digital streaming now as opposed to the old blockbuster videos that we used to have to travel to, you know, usually strip mall. And wait in line. Wait in line search for an hour to, to find something decent that we haven't seen as you said it was a hunt. Yeah. It was it was like. And if you found something great that the family was excited about it was like bringing down a fifteen point. Buck. Well lump fat tweets. Sometimes I rewind digital copies of movies after watching them, just for old time sake. Right. That's sweet be kind rewind. Stephen Bingley tweets, we're on vacation and taking my son's golfing. And my youngest asks how many holes are there, in my Jeff best Jeffey voice? I say eighteen it look at me like I'm crazy. We're all their man, we lived there with you. I have to resist all the time because I know I'm just going to get to look like what saved my own family. The well actually two of my family members. Now listen, my wife does not. And so probably thing right. Probably of it. Speaking of eighteen we are now eighteen days away from the opening of twelve score and three years ago, the unfinished promise of unity. This is going to be a great museum and you need to be here and see this, it's going to be incredible. And unlike any museum you've ever set foot in. They've been working on arranging this and putting this together for easily year. Got to be more than that, and everyday that out here doing something else. Yep. Getting ready. And we've got these special tours David Barton, and Glenn are giving them just yesterday. The rope still and Jeffey into leading it to her. That's at two o'clock on July fifth. It's a Friday. There's only one and there's only a few spots on this tour. So go to mercury one dot org for general admission and guided tours June twenty-ninth mercury studios in Irving and running through July seventh. Or you can call nine seven two four nine nine forty seven forty seven or just go to mercuryone dot org. Yeah. It's right there at the page. Mercuryone dot org. The very top little carousel probably the easiest easiest way to do it. All right. Let me tell you about all the fake news porn through your TV with mobile phones, and computers. You might miss them, real news. Like the recent study in the journal cell metabolism. Scientists suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed foods. But what this study showed was that these foods also appear to lead people to overeat. So the bottom line is we need fresh fruits and vegetables in our diet. And that's why I recommend that you start to take field of greens by brickhouse nutrition. 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Now can can full houses and Becky just liver life as she suffered enough effort enough, she lost her job and probably her entire career forever. She lost her reputation, she's been brutally savaged in social media in late night. Talk shows her girls that the paid five hundred thousand dollars to get into the school had to leave USC. No, that was kind of a waste. You know what? Here's maybe the worst part, she and uncle Jesse are no longer even together. Are you for real you? They're not together anymore. They broke up that seems like such a strong marriage. Yeah. I know. And now she's with some old guy, some fifty six year old guy, and he's like, really rich. Right. Yes. Yeah. But, but uncle Jesse probably would have gone onto a really nice music career had sheets had she'd stayed with him and encouraged him a little bit. So now USC is thinking about suing her as well. Can we stop? Of aunt Becky, please. Overkill on the Lori Loughlin thing man. Is it is it just me or is it not kind of ridiculous? What's going on with the? Yeah. I really wanted my daughter to get in. So we paid some extra money. I mean, I know that's a terrible rich people thing where they think they're entitled. But heavy it's hit or miss on celebrity crimes in how they're prosecuted. You know what I mean? Yeah. Like some sometimes nothing happens at all. Not even a slap on the wrist. Right. Other times. It's something that and then other times, just cronies. Yeah. Don't understand it. It's kind of nuts. So that's just my personal plea. Becky, Becky alone. Are you gonna add that bumper sticker to your car? Diarrhea Heff, the biggest one I have. It's all through the back windshield. Did you did you design it on, like Zaza l-, or something like that online made your own? There's only one in existence until I make my t shirts. There's one of. Missile. Call me, not only in my Mr. Twitter and Mr. rob, but, but Mr. Zaza now because I Mr. bumper sticker. Zaza left ever, even heard of Zaza design. What is that? It's just a place where you go to design stuff, and I lead such a sheltered life. I don't know about Zaza l-. So I'm gonna study up on it, though. Should. All right. Mexico is not releasing the names of the people who are funding, these caravans, which kind of hacks me off because who knows I'll, I would guess that there's gonna be some interesting names on that list, like George Soros, for instance, you know, when we were everybody was so mercilessly mocked, because it was innovated that George Soros. Who's one of the people funding these caravans and the left wing media went crazy. Let's, let's see the list, and let's find out if he's on it, but so far Mexican authorities are not releasing the names of the twenty six individuals in editors whose assets were frozen as part of a new probe into migrant caravans and cartel. Linked human smuggling organizations. The investigation was moved into high gear this week after the president put some serious pressure on them. At least with this particular tariff threat that worked in the, the Goshi nation. This one worked, and we don't have to slap that five percent tariff on Mexican products now. On Thursday, Mexico's finance tax secretariat announced the seizure of twenty six accounts, including some from the United Kingdom and the US, which allege allegedly helped fund the northbound migrant caravans largely from Central America. Mostly from Honduras, diplomatic sources consulted by Breitbart, reveal the probe personally, led by UF director santee ago, Nieta Casteel who directly briefs Mexican president over door on things. So I'm kind of keeping my fingers crossed hoping, we're going to see the names of these, but the freeze of their assets came at the same time as Mexican authorities arrested two primary organizers of the caravans who allegedly maintained ties to the US based Pueblo in front terrace from tennis. Mexican authorities claim the organizers would demand money for migrants seeking to illegally, enter the US end sometimes up to thirteen thousand dollars a person. Where are these? They were dirt poor. Where are they getting thirteen thousand dollars to pay these coyotes? I don't even nobody's ever explained that. Are they getting Bank loans from somebody in order to pay coyotes? Doesn't make a lot of sense. Because if you have thirteen thousand dollars cash use it in Honduras, it'll go along way. I'm thinking you'd be pretty well off for awhile. But instead, they seem to be paying these drug cartels and coyotes to get to the United States. So I'm looking up. Pueblos seen frontiers. Yes, I've can't do nearly as well as you. But it looks like they have some nice connections. Let's see. Let's just read this here. PSF's executive director is Imos auto left wing activist who serves as co pastor of the Lincoln United Methodist Church Chicago and president and founder of central scene from terrorists missiles on late, brother, the left wing community organizer Rudy Lozano was the father of the communist party, USA slash young, Communist League activists Pepe. Lozano love peppy. Great. Yeah. So anyhow, yeah. So they're wonderful people, obviously, deep connections, obviously. And usually when you look into this stuff it, usually winds up with communist and socialist. It's interesting how that happens. It's interesting, sir number people can call. It's right there on the no Lincoln people, call that phone number or anytime they wanna call sorry, pick up the phone, so sorry that's interesting. Eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three if you'd like to call in and share your ideas for like two Lincoln, I call anytime talk about, we'll call right now signs you have on Zaza l- the rest of us could make purchase from you. When you talk about the ties I have to communist and socialist. If I want to. Yeah, you fit that on long bumper sticker take up the entire bumper. All right. Zell. So while all of this is going on the Democrats continue to play ignorant and interest asinine that they can't get behind effort to stop this. Flood and we see the videos of it. We, we see what's going on at the border all the time. And they and Chucky Schumer and Pelosi continued to deny that there's even a problem. I mean most of the media is now on board with the fact that the border situation is crisis now. But as far as democratic leadership, they don't seem to understand any of it. Now Schumer's old stance on the phrase undocumented workers. Sounds somewhat similar to somebody who's president today. Listen to this from Chuck Schumer, is this, what Schumer and then twenty eighteen juxtaposed the Trump. Okay. When we use phrases like undocumented workers. We convey a message to the American people that their government is not serious about combating illegal immigration, now, they documented because it's more political. I don't use that word they're illegal immigrants. They came over illegally, some wonderful people. And they've been here for a while. To gotta go out. Amazing. Trump twenty-fifty on that one. I can't believe Schumer was talking about the, the use of the word undocumented, he was forceful, that's on lethal diffic-. I didn't remember that at all. That's amazing amazing considering their stance today. Okay. It's ten years later. The situation is much, much worse. And yet, he's flipped on that. Wow. Wow. Here's Schumer in two thousand nine in his opinion on security at the border versus Trump's opinion today of all else. The American people want their government to be serious about protecting the public young, forcing the rule of law, and creating a rational system of legal immigration that will proactively fit our needs rather than reactively responding to future waves of illegal immigration. But we want an immigration policy. That's fair equitable. But that's going to protect our people at the American people are pleading for is sanity and common sense in our immigration system. Same person right now, that is crazy. Finally, we got Cecchi Schumer in two thousand nine talking about illegal aliens, and how they should be treated, and Donald Trump on immigration more recently, people who enter the United States without our permission are illegal aliens, and illegal aliens, should not be treated. The same as people who entered the US legally, you cannot obtain legal status, or become a citizen of the United States by illegally entering our country. That is mind, numbing. And the reason that this is coming up with Chuck Schumer is because of the weekend when trial one with the Mexico tariff threat Schumer tweeted out. Oh, I guess the president will stop talking about it now. Everything's loved him. He mocked him. Exactly. Yeah. Now that the problem solved. I guess we won't hear anymore about it. What a disingenuous. Dear nut. Remember who you were ten years? I mean it was ten years ago. That's just it's amazing. It's amazing. It's as if there's no record of anything they've ever said before today. I let me introduce you to I don't know recordings both digital and analog. We had it for some. They don't even think they exist. I know. Wow. And you've got a press, now all large part doesn't realize they don't they don't care. It just helps them. They just ignore all of that. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three got some important news of, maybe the worst data breach in US history. One of the largest largest real estate title companies suffered a breach of nearly nine hundred million homeowners files while so your home's title mortgage Bank loans personal info, might be in the hands of identity thieves. So what they do, when they have is they forge your home's title, so it appears you sold it to them. Then they'll get alone from an online lender using your equity and sticky with the payments. And then you don't know anything about this until the late payments start to show up or you get an vixen notice. There's no identity theft program or insurance program. The covers you for this, lifelock is awesome on other forms of ID theft. Not this the first thirty days after breach are critical. So that's why home tied a lock is giving you thirty days of. -tection for free. 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This is why women shouldn't vote. It's a joke I could because I love and are mean that man. So respondents also disagree over what makes up a socialist political system. Universal healthcare is a socialist quality, according to seventy six percent as tuition free education Cording to seventy two percent less than half. Forty six percent said, democratically elected governments were part of a socialist political system. That's why we keep hearing the word democracy. And that's why I keep defending the fact that we're not a democracy because this is how they're sneaking socialism in under the guise of democracy. The findings may play out in the democratic presidential primary were candidates trying to break through the crowded field by defining their visions for America Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren, bowl seen is progressive lawmakers with policy proposals popular on the left. But they're essentially socialist, both of them. Sanders certainly is in. He admits it. Warren claims she's a capitalist. However. Could've fooled me on that one, but isn't that amazing? Fifty five percent of women between eighteen and fifty four would rather live in a socialist nation. I don't understand that. It's, it's amazing. And it's frightening. It is. And I just wonder if they really realize what they're saying when they answer these polls. Yeah, I don't. I don't think so, especially the younger. The, the younger end of that spectrum from eighteen to fifty four, they don't know what socialism is many of them think socialism is some kind of social exchange like social media like being social with other people that go into a party. I think that's what many of them, believe in. We've proven that by asking the question or in the high end they just think it's a utopia. Oh, you mean everybody's happy and has everything they need all? That's beautiful. That's lovely, and I don't know if we'll get to it later but campus reform went out to university of Maryland and, and students trust the, the government of China over President Trump. Yeah, we should get to that now for real crazy have any idea what you're saying. We used to say that well, okay. They haven't seen the fruits of socialism play out like the Soviet Union, and communist China, when they were absolutely just communist and not a communist capitalist hybrid. But you've got Venezuela. He'll playing out before a very is so that should be kind of clue to people on how well, socialism works. It doesn't but guess students were asked. By campus reform, if they trusted the Chinese government over Donald Trump. Here's what they had to say here on campus and about hundred other campuses around America there. Confucius institutes the Chinese government, essentially, partnering with universities to in their words spread the Chinese culture, teaching Mandarin, courses, cultural exchange things like that. Now twenty of these confused institutes around the country, shut down in the past few years, because some people are worried that they could be centers for propaganda from the Chinese government. The Trump administration department offense are saying you're spreading misinformation on campus. The Chinese government saying another not were just teaching culture and history who do be more inclined to trust the Trump administration or the Chinese government Chinese government. In this situation, probably the Chinese government. Jeez. I don't know anything about enough about the Chinese government to know if they have a reputation for honesty or dishonesty, but about Trump that he definitely has repetition for dishonesty. So it wouldn't trust him. I do independent research on my own. The Trump administration is very anti intellectual very anti like university like calling them like liberal propaganda machine. So it's like it's not only every cisa tack against Chinese people, but it's also like an anti intellectual attack. A lot of support our president, obviously lied about country. But I, I, I guess side with the, the Chinese, I don't think it's propaganda. The government currently has about two million people in prison camps in many of the Muslim, simply for their faith. So how can you trust the Chinese government, given the fact that they do that to their own people? I didn't trust. I wouldn't like to how can you trust them at their word in this mission? This is the government that routinely imprisons its own people denies basic human rights, basic, free speech rights. So can we really trust them would be response to those people? I think I would say that. I'm not sure. That's just painful at hurts. It's just painful and fortunately, there's more good. Yeah, there's, there's more, I think closer exchange is always positive, and being afraid of Chinese propaganda. Sounds like absolute both. So. Can we trust the Chinese government when they do fobel their own people? That's a tough question. I wouldn't even know how to answer but give it a shot. Yeah. I'm not a hundred percent. Sure about. Chinese. I don't think it's more so trust towards the Chinese government. I think it's more so trust towards like our school in, like just that. We wouldn't let it to be taken that far do think the institute's should be allowed to stay that the security concerns are valid. I think there should be allowed to stay because cultural thing or you go. Is doing this not like to look out for like are slick the schools and like the like the organization? Benefit not so much ours. A huge, huge advocate for cultural exchange diversity, and making scripture that we all stand world around us, not just in our communities, but others as well as she did understand remorse. Other. Culture. I just think that it's impossible for, like again to spread to campus. You don't the indoctrination is complete seriously. We're in good hands with the next generation. I personally believe how and I think now you understand, how that poll is Evan. Help us. Socialism is spread as far as acceptance in America. Yup. Because these kids have been taught that above all else. Diversity is what we should be worshipping above all else. Diversity and cultural exchange and being accepting of everybody's culture. So if it's Chinese it's gotta be good. It's gotta be good because they're a minority in the United States majority is far as worldwide but it's a minority in the United States. So it's obviously good. And we need to accept everything they send our way. Yeah. I think you got a couple of things working there, there need for inclusion and diversity just like you said and at the same time, they hate everything Trump related. Yeah. No matter what. So there's no chance there. There's no chance there for any kind of commonsense as shocking and horrifying. Man in a happy Tuesday to you. But I mean great things are going on in China right now. In a sermon. The pastor of the Hawaiian mega church shared an experience recently that he had a trip to China, where the church went to train some leaders and on that particular trip, he brought up twenty two Christians from the Hunan province who wrote thirteen hours on a train to attend the leadership training. They sat in a seven hundred square foot hotel room with no air conditioning or couches to sit on. And the pastor lead the gathering. And he asked them if we if we get caught what will happen to me. Well, you'll get deported. They told him in twenty four hours and we'll go to prison for three years for, for meeting as Christians meeting, in a meeting is Christians, okay. But they the, the students at least university of Maryland, trust the Chinese government that would do this to their citizens over President Trump. That's right. Got it. That's right. Shared while they indeed confiscate. Any Christian material people smuggling scripture written on paper in hide it from prison guards. And she said, that's why we memorize it as fast as we can. Because even though they can take the paper away. They can't take what's hidden in your heart. That's amazing. This is what they have to go through in China, Christians to just study the word. And by the way, Muslims in some cases, have it even worse, because they're ending up in, in labor camps in concentration camps, essentially, but China's that great, you know, beacon of how communism can work, right? And I don't want to disparage their culture, I trust their culture, 'cause I trust culture over over anything American anything. I mean obviously American is bad and this Chinese, so it's gotta be good. But there's Christian so. Yeah, yeah, that's right. Right. Let me tell you about the tack pack. It's the premier monthly subscription box for military tactical and second amendment enthusiasts for just forty nine ninety five a month. They ship, you at least one hundred dollars worth of gear from companies like five eleven heck's Meg mission. I tactical RBIs Beck, and America grip to name a few. They ship out a are fifteen parts ADC tools knives cleaning kits in a mix of other tactical gear and apparel, right to you. If you sign up today, you'll get the June tack pack which is worth one hundred and fifteen dollars and comes with US made a are fifteen parts to goodies from breakthrough clean technologies and what's guaranteed, guaranteed to be your new favourite pocket knife, and a lot more. Plus, we go to tech pack dot com. You'll get all of that, the June pack today and you'll get a free soggy multi tool, go to tack pack dot com. Gray unleashed? Just to much tweets cheese. Pat, could you have broken it to us a little slower about aunt Becky and uncle, Jesse apologize? I was was. I should've real you in. Yeah. But you crushing news that maybe throughout their little too quickly left him. Yeah. Or he her. I really don't know the specifics of why the break-up just know they broke up. Okay. Men. She's married to some old guy now. Poor aunt Becky. She twenty twenty five twenty six something he's fifty six years old. These rich, though, don't forget. Yeah. Yes, he is. So she's got that going for does Stu Medare ski tweets looks like someone else really did want jesse's girl. Yes. Airline cow tweets tonight tonight on a very special full house, and Becky is arrested for bribery, and Michelle says you've got it dude. Tonight on a very special full house. All right. So set my VCR for the forward to that. Get your VCR recording on that live in the moment. Coffee love rim. I, he was Mr. Twitter now Mr. Zaza l-, past, like the metric system. There's no way, who to know who he'll be tomorrow. It's very true. That's because I'm just so diverse. I am. So multi talented. Anthony John one seventy one tweets people ask me all the time, like how do these, like dirt poor migrants? Get the money to like pay for these coyotes to smuggle them across the border will like you're just pay for them. You just do. That's all get a kick out of these people who say, how are you gonna pay for it? You just do. It's too. That's all. It's not hard. It's just do. All right of your thirteen thousand dollars to a Coyote, you just pay it. And your dirt poor. You got no food to eat, and people say, well, where are you going to get the money that stupid? I'm just going to okay. I just do is gonna pay him. So easy, man. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety she wants a pay raise, too, by the way. But the notice that why can't you make what everybody else makes wow? A living wage. She makes enough to live in a luxury apartment in DC, and yet she still wants more picnic at one hundred seventy four thousand dollars a year. Now I seventy four thousand a year, and she thinks congress needs a pay raise. First of all, congress can't vote themselves a pay raise. They'll have to vote, some other congress a pay raise. I forget, how long time period is into the next term. It's just the next term. That's that's stupid because, of course, you know, you're going to be there in the next term almost nobody ever loses ones in. Yeah. Though, you know, who is challenging her is a Mark Levin's, Mr. producer, okay? What he tried to get her to the bait over the weekend at a parade walked up to her introduced himself and she just ran away. He would not even give him the time of day. That's great anyhow raping that she she would end up paying his pay raise. So, you know. But I guess Pelosi took it off the table and even going to do that right now. So really? Yeah. So it's over it's against the world, Pat man. She's fighting hard for us, though, she's. Well, I mean, not us but her, she's fighting Hartford self. That's great. And I thought fifty dollars an hour was was what she wanted everyone to have? She does other people. Oh ones. Other people little socialist. Got it right. Understood his fifteen bucks. An hour is what I don't know twenty five thousand dollars a year, something like that twenty to twenty five thousand a year for your asking me thirty calculator. We have to figure it out. But so let's do fifteen times, she's only making one hundred seventy four so which is greater so fifteen times forty thirty one two times fifty to one thousand two hundred dollars. Why isn't that good enough for her good enough district? That's amazing socialist so bad. Oh, by the way, there's another discrimination suit filed against the masterpiece cake. Shop guys poor guy. Jack Phillips, he's the one who would not do a cake for the same sex wedding. And he's been persecuted for it ever since attorneys for a Denver woman grease the pan for yet another legal battle against against him. It's already been burned by a series of civil rights lawsuits. Jack Phillips, of course, this was clear back in two thousand twelve when he refused to bake a wedding cake. For Charlie Craig David Mullins. Because of his religious beliefs, so that case went through the court system and it wound up a year ago in seven two decision in his favor from the supreme court partial kind of in favor of him. The justices didn't rule on the larger issue of whether businesses can invoke religious objections to refuse service to participate in same sex weddings. But it did decide the bakery, owner had been subjected to anti religious bias by state civil rights agency. So I wish it would've taken care of this. I don't know why they didn't but they didn't end. So here he is again. And now autumn Scardino has filed she filed a previous lawsuit against him following her request for a cake. I mean you know, he's not gonna do it. He's already been sued for this. He's already said no to this. And then somebody else comes along does the same exact thing. It's just it's harassment. Now it really is persecution now. So she'll she placed an order the day of the Skoda's ruling. Her order for a cake celebrated her gender transition. Well, so transitioning. I don't know either to female, or from female, I don't know two female to female from a guy. So she's now a woman that's great. Everybody must be forced to celebrate this transition with her. Yes. Whether you agree with it. Or are you not celebrating right now? I'm so excited for her to become a woman instead of a man. I'm just I'm thrilled for her. That I'm having a party in my mind. Yes. What's her name, autumn's, autumn, skirting, skirt Nina I'm going to save the blaze in trouble happy transitioning autumn. Get good. So the second round was dismissed. They disregarded miss Gardena, and the merits of reclaim the newest lawsuit claims Phillips discriminated against Scardino and used deceptive and unfair trade practices. It's cake shop leave him alone. Pm bakes cakes. Stop it. Stop this madness. Please can we stop the madness? The dignity of all citizens on our state needs to be honored masterpiece cake. Shop said before the supreme court, they would serve any bait good to members of the LGBTQ. I eighty two plus community. It was just the religious significance of it being a wedding cake. We don't believe. They've been honest with the public shut up shut up in the complaints, text Scardino attorney site. Testimony in previous court proceedings, Mr. Phillips for himself, and on behalf of masterpiece cake. Shop confirmed that they would happily make the exact same cake request of by MS Scardino and for other customers did they did. He actually say, I will happily, I will happily participate. With my company in somebody's transition to another gender. I don't believe you ever said that. I seriously, this is just plain persecution. Now this is just religious persecution. Go to a different cake, shop they'd be happy to do it for you. Why does this guy have to be forced into bake? This is such insanity shouldn't have to do that. Actually, it used to be that you could you could refuse service. We were we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone anyone. Well, okay. I guess that's certainly doesn't apply anymore. Pretty obviously you can't you can't rec- refuse service to anybody. And if we're good Sout that you're using service to people then then you suffer the consequences in a free market, that's dice the free market, right? Word spreads. That that's how it should work. He's baking cakes and in an area where the clientele is predominantly gay, and he refuses to make them for their weddings, then I guess, word gets out in that community and he goes out of business because people stop shopping, there won't I guess, to move to a community where he's accepted where he is accepted. I don't know man. That's not the case anymore. However, now just it's just not. Maybe he should move out of Colorado. He shouldn't have to. But if you're looking for a realtor. You want to move out of that transition. Then you might you might want to get a hold of the great realtors at real estate agents. I trust dot com. We put together a really good team here because buying and selling, it's really complicated process. 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We'll introduce you to the best agent in your area real estate agents I trust. My second. Gray is least. Also Chick-fil-A despite the fact that they're closed on Sundays, speaking of religious beliefs, and they hate gay people. Right, right. Oh man. Like crazy, man hater's. They don't. They actually what the owner did was support traditional marriage. I don't believe even said anything about same sex couples. So you said traditional marriage, I heard union of hatred. Yeah. Is that what you're? Okay. Okay. But Chick-fil-A has become the third largest restaurant chain. Now despite the fact that they're closed on Sundays fascinated me because of the fact that they're closed on Sunday. Chick-fil-a often targeted by the left is seemingly thriving right now, CNBC reported may eight that the chain is on pace to become the third largest restaurant in sales, this year passing subway, and trailing only McDonald's and Starbucks. Wow. Wow. Amazing. Wouldn't even have guessed a Starbucks. Starbucks was in Saint categories McDonald's. Would you put them in the same? I don't know the being listed a restaurant, I think just as a business just number of third largest restaurant. That's, that's what it says. Okay, doesn't sales Chick-fil-A stands out largely because it's voided any major menu renovations. Like McDonald's and Burger King it just pretty much stick by their menu. What they do best. And that's kind of I dunno chicken sandwiches. What we didn't really delicious milkshakes. Lot of people like the waffle fries. I'm not a huge fan. I usually avoid the fries when I go there. But man, there's no better too concerned, which in the world it can to tasty chicken to tasty said it before we'll say it again, Chick-fil-A will reach number three despite all the controversy and despite the fact that it's closed on Sundays. That's really cool. Chick-fil-a founder Truitt, Kathy decided to close on Sundays in nineteen forty six when he opened the first restaurant in hapeville, Georgia. According to the Chick-fil-A website, having worked seven days a week in restaurants. Open twenty four hours, drew. It saw the importance of closing on Sunday. So that he and his employees could set aside one day to rest and worship if they choose a practice. We uphold today. What a concept, six days, you work and then on the seventh you rest, he come without on his own. No, I heard it. She'll handbook. Yes. But I think he got it from somewhere else. I don't know where I mean. It sounds an interesting. It does. Yeah. But have Google it after the show Google. Despite being open only six of seven days a week, we've been able to consistently generate more sales and competitors who are open every day. And I do think customers appreciate our policy. I know our employees do. Yeah. I think you're right, you're right. That is awesome. Chick-fil-a is a really cool story. Yeah. And you know as much as the left hates their guts, and they're trying to shut him out of certain airports in certain communities. Isn't it San Jose or something? That's trying to keep Tonio was. Right. Antonio and did the same thing. Yeah. Greg Abbott and the legislature stepped in pass a law and said, no, you're a government facility, and you will not be banning businesses based on what is believed in this case a religious intolerance, city council. That's great good. But what a great because of the left hates their guts, and they started at boycott and so- conservatives specifically launched that effort to go to Chick-fil-A remember that a few years ago and people did in droves, and then they found out. Hey, chicken to tasty. I'm gonna go back and they do go all the time I'm still waiting for the, the loan story of a gay individual being treated poorly at a chick fillet restaurant. You have never heard of. It's literally, the only thing that the complaint against them is that they support traditional marriage, right? It's not like oh, there's a system of harassment, every time someone wearing a giver, pride shirt, walks into a chick fillet. You've never heard that never stop it. Also, this is kind of a cool story for Wendy's, which is obviously been passed up by Chick-fil-A since they're not in the top three anymore or four for that matter. According to a an article published on live action Wendy's has adoption on its mind over abortion. They're standing up and promoting adoption over abortion. That's cool. According to the family council, some of the companies that why widely support Planned Parenthood include Aetna Clorox, Deutsche Bank, Mondelez, international Nike, Starbucks United Airlines, and more. This is great in may. Netflix employees, donated at least that's employee's, though, donated at least twenty thousand dollars to Planned Parenthood net flicks announced, it would be reconsidering filming in Georgia as a result of the state's new heartbeat law. All right. Whatever throw Wendy's wonderful kids, a program belonging to the Dave Thomas foundation for adoption children, who belong to a group considered more difficult to place are given a leg up and cheating adoption. That group includes those children who are older have special needs or are part of a sibling group is kids are able to engage with wonderful kids program to find loving homes using evidence based child focus meme methods so Wendy's just kicked off a new initiative in may called the cause cups, which features a snap code that allows customers to donate five dollars to the Dave Thomas foundation for adoption through. A simple end efficient click their smart device. So you just kind of you just on your phone is really cool side of the couple. Yep. That's pretty cool. See that's what it looks like right there on the the cups there. So it's really great. The Wendy's is doing that for people to help them instead of trying to kill more children on imagine that there's another way you can do so news sites. Kill the kid who knew I was the only option. No. If you don't want the child now you do have to carry it for a while. Oh. Always a catch students. The baby comes out, you can give it away to somebody else and Wendy's is helping you with that, that's pretty great. And that's because what? Thomas, right. Adopted himself. Yes. Yeah. Really cool. Seemingly really good guy while he was alive. Yeah. We, we lost him. Is that right? We lost him should Brogan that to a little more, slowly, too, by the way. Dave Thomas, not feeling very well. Is that right? Yeah. He's, he's dead. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. When was the last time you had your ears professionally clean if ever? I mean, if they issue you have some pain, there, just feel plugged up. I hate that feeling there's a great solution though. It's wax Rx. It's physician developed. It's safe technology. It removes wax build up, and then Susan ears with condition formula. Try the wax Rx system. Risk-free today. Just go to use wax Rx dot com. Use the offer code radio at checkout, and they'll ship it to you for free. Finally, it's a great solution for stubborn wax, build up in your ears. Use wax Rx dot com offer code radio. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three at that unleashed on Twitter. Brent outta shape tweets we were as far as the. Campus reform university of Maryland kids. Yeah. They were asked if they trust the Chinese government over Donald Trump. And they all chose. Of course, the Chinese government Brenda shape tweets would anyone be surprised of these Maryland students trusted the Chinese government because they're imprisoning those hateful, bigoted Christians, go. I wouldn't be surprised actually the pickled squirrel tweets. If your school turns out, vapid, people who overuse, the word like then, yes, I am anti university. Whatever. Boston university. We're looking at you too. The Steve forty-two tweets, I personally believe that you a student support China because some US students don't have maps. That verse? Wait for the audience. Good crowd calm down. Kate Bain tweets. I might need a cake made for my marriage with Chick-fil-A is that it's that kind of love. I'll feel your pain. I do feel that kinda love for chick fillet CARA thirty twenty two. I'm curious company, even have the sign. No shirt. No shoes. No service posted anymore. Wouldn't surprise me. If the answer was knows well. Absolutely. So while I haven't either and you don't see we reserve the right to refuse anyone service because they can't. Can't do that, right. So you might as well not waste the sign mean tweets of Helena tweets out, we should all celebrate Pat is Mr. transition, some him and everything like such as you know. You know, I. Transition as soon as I said, I thought I should've said, Mr. segue, okay, a little bit less double entendre. That's nice though, that you know mean tweets villain is willing to celebrate my transition. That's nice. He's slid into that life and everything like such as. Get a lot of references dimiss South Carolina from two thousand seven today. Bob, blah, blah. Love the blah, blah, blah, gender transition cake. Sounds like a cake that turns into a pie after your low at the candles. That'd be a great cake for my liking. Yeah. Way better than cake. On. So you blow out the candles on the cake. Then it turns into a pie you don't get to eat any cake at all. No, it just poof. Both of them cake in. All right. But we look for something fun what my appetite for days. Yes. Americans are unable. Because. People are nations don't about, and I believe that our education like such Africa. Everywhere like such as that. They should our education. Yes. No assault that for Iraqi and the Asian countries. Teacher because those are those are the poor companies countries. I almost said it should help the US. But then I realized no, it's rich, the US to wealthy go south. It's gotta help the South Africa and the Iraq. Yes, you rack as the Iraq the arrests and everywhere like the Iraq. Why would you say the Iran? I don't know. But she was adamant on putting the in front of Iraq's. She meant it. And you know, she meant it because she did it more than once. So. And she did it like every everything like such as and so she didn't win that contest that particular night. She did not. Is surprising crazy, just so the entertainment category, she could have done. It was political. That's what it was. It was all political. All right. Imagine sailing the Mediterranean, ship full of people who you know, have a lot in common with you like their thirst for history, and love of the country. And of course, everybody likes gourmet Italian food, great nightlife or just relaxing by the pool. So this is going to be some kind of cruise, and of course, Glenn will be on it. Telling historical stories Bill O'Reilly stool be there. David Barton rabbi lap and all on a fourteen day adventure. Next spring sailing the eastern Mediterranean, you'll visit Italy go to Venice, good a Carone Croatia or crashing this party, maybe it is possible. We're going, it's possible. It's not likely. Jerusalem, you can go to Athens, all of these great places. This is just a phenomenal. Cruise just fantastic. So if you can bring your kids bring your grandkids and share this amazing experience. Visit come sail away dot com. You can find out all the details on this, and check out the different packages available. It's come sail away dot com. That's come sail away dot com. This is Pat gray unleashed. Just seeing where is Kate Upton now Caitlin Upton. The title. Carolina. Most recently Upton reported herself selling real estate in Brentwood, Los Angeles. She's a real estate agent. How about that? There you go. She did have like we're doing patents Stu, and we, she actually agreed to come on at one point, and then opted not to. She might have discovered some things about the show that involved her. She wasn't as excited as she otherwise would have been wasn't. She doing some kind of she was on some mini. She was doing a. Blog or she was doing a I don't know, internet, internet show. Some sort of, like, yeah. Yeah thought so maybe that didn't work out for too bad, and she was going to get great promotion on patent stews. Come on. Yeah. We would have a hold of her promoted everything like such as she didn't. She didn't opt to do that. So whatever opportunity lost. And now you're out there in LA selling real estate so could takeoff. But oh well, this is kind of weird mysterious large mass was discovered on the moon. Nobody knows what it is. Or from whence? It came oboe large mass of unknown. Material has been discovered on the largest crater on the moon and scientists just don't know what it is. It was. Published April in April study in the journal geophysical research letters, which I never miss an episode. Did you get the shoe phone? Yes, the toaster oven both. When you order the I did researchers believe the mask could contain metal from an asteroid that crashed into the moon, which resulted in the aforementioned, crater known as the lunar south pole Aitken basin. Sure. Right that place. That's what I call it all the time. You see the see the lunar south pole up there, the Aitken basin Imos, pointing out to people. Yeah, there's something up there. We just don't know what it is. Imagine taking a pile of metal five times, larger than the big island of Hawaii, and burying it underground. That's roughly how much unexpected mass they detected. Roughly fifteen hundred and fifty miles in diameter, the lunar south pole stretches across about one fourth of the moon. The moon so Comference is roughly eleven thousand kilometers. So what is that is that fifteen inches is at eight billion miles from here? So nobly to tell so it must be eighteen inches, but probably within it's probably closer to fifteen billion miles. I hate it when he used kilometers, I don't know. What is that? It's probably not. I see this for saying. Yeah. Go ahead. Maybe it's eight thousand miles. There's no excuse. There's no fucks knows it's Daily Mirror. What are you using? Lamad or when you're an American news outlet talks that just pisses me off. Okay. Roughly fifteen hundred and fifty miles they use miles, right there? And then they switched to Columbus this would you do that? It's a frantic some Canadian one second and American for the next paragraph pisses me off me, too. I'm angry too. You know what I noticed on same kind of deal? Sometimes on, on those nature programs in watching with David Attenborough, whose Mr. climate change, and they'll be talking about how it stretches for stretches out for fifteen hundred kilometers. And then he'll say something about forty miles. And it's like, well why? No. What, what if I use that all the time stupid, that's like telling a story and I person and switching to third person? And then back the I know you pick. I know a sister unit his with it the whole story we just asking you to give. Four or five paragraphs man. Can you just stick with it for four or five paragraphs standard measurement? That's all ask from everybody standard measurement now. I'm done. I'm angry green metric is so bad. They had to change it. Change what it's measured by just recently. They figured out that the grams the grams that we've been waiting at wrong our bed. Yeah. I'm sorry, measurement there. We, we've got the wrong thing. So we're, it's all everything's all screwed up. Telling you for a thousand years, just follow America's guide. Right. And everything will be all right world. Then all of a sudden David Attenborough talk about it's a. Seventy degrees. It's so hot that the kangaroos must find shade for the day, seventy degrees. It's nice and cool. What are you talking about? And then I realized, oh, she's talking about talking about celsius. What is that a thousand degrees or eighteen blow? I don't know. No way. There's no way to freak Intel. I mean based on what he is said, I assume it's warm. So maybe it's closer to a thousand degrees eighteen below, but there's no way to tell so stop doing the metric stuff. Well, it was really hot though, wherever these kangaroos work since seventy is apparently, and I don't know, because there's really no way to know. Right. But some people say the internet. Celsius? Yes, one hundred fifty eight degrees Fahrenheit. Holy crap. That's not possible. One hundred fifty eight that's what it said, one hundred fifty eight has ever been a hundred and fifty eight degree reading on earth. No hottest the oddest recorded temperature. Temperature on earth, too. Many words, one hundred thirty four degrees Fahrenheit one fifty so not only is it propaganda. They're lying lying to you to your face. Yeah. And he's lying to these kangaroos faces two pastors. Kangaroo's aren't that? I mean, they wanna they wanna fight you box you in the face. No wonder they're hacked off all the time. Thank one hundred fifty eight I'd be a little irritated too. Yeah. By the way, an asteroid is coming the could wipe us all out. So none of this matter metric won't even metal good. It's about time roughly the width of a football field. It's gonna pass close enough to earth. This year. That it's getting the attention of the European Space Agency, apparently non-citizen doesn't care. Oh, no. Story going to be a metric to okay? So it's worthy of the attention of the European spacing, the NASA just now ever. Where we don't care we're busy. I don't care about making Muslims feel good about themselves. You know, they invented mass. Right. We're telling that all the time, the asteroid is known as this is really catchy two thousand six Q V, eighty nine Slough slips right off the tug. There doesn't it? Well, it's just so fluid. It's one of eight hundred seventy objects on the on the list that's being tracked. Oh, boy, eight hundred seventy objects are being tracked right now. And this tracks all the objects for which non zero impact probability has been detected. So if it's if there's zero chance of it hitting the earth, they don't track it, okay? If there's any chance at all they do. And this asteroid is ranked fourth on the current list. And it's it's this has a one in seven thousand chance of hitting us that seems a little high to me, what in seven thousand that's not, that's not a really good comfort level is not comforting. And I saw another story where it says September Finn is the day that it could hit. Mark your calendars for September fifth. We could be impacted by an asteroid the size of football field. I don't care for that. I don't care for that. I don't care for that. Because September fifth is a day. The twenty nineteen NFL season begins. Well, it's a Thursday. So timber v that could really screw up the season got playing to watch the Packers. The bears I don't have plans to try to live in a fallout shelter until this thing passes. My gosh, follow children would help. I got it slams into us. We're pretty much screwed. But so I looked this up the odds of zoo, one, one in seven thousand chance that we get impact. This here on earth odds of dying in a plane crash one in five million. What odds of winning the lottery one and fourteen million? Oh my gosh. But odds of this asteroid index. We know one thousand. So you might wanna may wanna pay put somebody on this. Don't trust the euro's on this one, please. She's that's kind of scary. So how many days are we from NFL football season then four days in September? Right. We got the thirty one and August. This is Keith math now thirty five plus July. Six yeah, we're sixty six okay. So how many days are left in June? They're six ninety six. This is stop this take off today. Thirty days, eighty five five days, eighty five going with that any five days until the NFL season begins. We're about seventy nine days away from BYU Utah getting together in the holy war. So that's, that's what I mostly focused on. But Green Bay Chicago's another. Yeah, that's another big one that's going to be a big stretch. 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So this use your smartphone, their app and a laser bullet which fits into your gun, and it detects exactly where you're shots land. It's completely safe and it come. With your caliber, specifically's or bullet and the targeting system. So you can start training right away. And right now for Father's Day. Get ten percent off plus free shipping when you use the offer code Pat. It's also available for two twenty three and five fifty six for you air fifteen fans save time save money and you take your skill to the next level, safely and effectively, with I target pro go to, I target pro dot com, offer code Pat. It's Pat gray unleashed on the play. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three and Pat unleashed on Twitter. Looks like Woodstock fifty lost their location. The really what are they called? The something international. They pulled out. And so I just don't think they'd had so many problems with Woodstock fifty. I don't think it's going to happen. What Glenn international Watkins Glen international? Yeah. Pulled their determined. But it's just not gonna happen. It's not. I don't see how it can now two months before the event with eighty axe. And all these people that were planning to go to Watkins Glen gonna change all their plans. Of course. I don't think tickets have gone on sale yet. So maybe they can still pull it off. I don't know. There's eighty bands go into this thing including some that were there at the first Woodstock and I can't heat was one of them, right? Oh, yeah. Why we started seeing the country dating. Baby. Don't you wanna go? Up baby. Oh going players ever net. Four. Play rarely saw. God holes at my saw, I don't know. So do always, okay. Anyway, that's a terrible the country around. Why are they still doing Geico using it? I don't I don't understand it. But it's a terrible song is a terrible band. Can't heat sucked. They weren't good. Neither by the way was the Grateful Dead. Sounds kind of like can't heat. So comes the hate mail, here's a lot. Yeah. There's a lot of pants. Well, they're just so passionate, the ones that there are. Yeah. There would be passionate to, you know, I had tattooed my body with an emblem from band live with regret for the rest of my life. But I digress. Right. And you still follow him around eighty years after the. We're even useful for fifteen twenty minutes. Jerry is Daniel just a heads up in God. We lost him break that to you. Get Wilcox fifteen twenty years ago, I think I was in Houston. Wouldn't Jerry Garcia died, right? Like early Houston. Seems to me anyway, let's go to Jesse in Pennsylvania, hate Jesse. You're on the blaze. Hey Pat, I have a solution for that asteroid? Okay. Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck. You know, they destroyed that one. Getting right back record. Right. Yeah. You want people who know how to do it, right? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Don't go with any of these no bid contracts. We got guys who can do this. Yeah. I mean, they've got a proven drank record of success blowing up asteroids. Of course didn't some of that hits. Or did it did it was it all blown up because in one of them was either deep impact or or what was the other one called asteroid? I don't know what it's called, but. In one of them part of it broke off and still hit us. And I think that was deep impact. Bill in Kansas. You're on the blaze. Doing good. I have a sleep that asteroid if planted to between Los Angeles, and San Francisco, would anybody even noticed? Only if you had loved ones there. Thanks bill. But some of the crazy would be gone from the country. That's that's true. The country having a little less crazy. Up the country. They ask right? Don't. Awful sixties music. I'm sorry, it's just not my favorite because I was nothing. It's not it's not the seven because it's not the greatest avenue. It was it was. Nineties course seventies. Seventies. The ninety sucked in, you know, it crap than not know it, yet, nirvana Pearl. Okay. Okay. I didn't put on that list, the grunge era rated band of all time, Asti it gives the canals best album. Ring gave us better than as best album. How does your garden grow gave us forgotten two's? Best album, Achtung baby. I mean, the nineties is littered with excellent music littered. That's for sure. It is. Littered. By the way, if you wanna see this travesty in action, and you're only hearing it, you can sign up for the blaze, TV, blaze, TV dot com slash pad, and you get a great discount. I think it's like one hundred twenty year but you can get it for eighty nine we found out last week. Yep. Yep. Exactly, though, that, that's a great deal. And you support this conservative cause, and then we don't have to worry about Twitter and YouTube and Facebook banning us. Important update, by the way. Yes. According to Jeffey Jeff Fisher chewing, the fat fame. He's seen every movie it's ever been printed. Small pieces hit us in Armageddon Armageddon. That's what it was. What did I call it? Asteroid. Yeah. It was Armegeddon small pieces hit us in Armageddon. And then one big one deep impact, so we got we got hit both time. I guess that kinda sucks track record. Yeah. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three. Let me tell you about regular Cheryl from Texas sent this to us. I listen to Pat, Keith Jeffey every day at the end Szemberg. I started Kito diet now his chest iced on this yesterday. I the Kito diet, I claimed was hard, but we had a call yesterday said it was great. You just have to do without sugar and carbs on its if that's easy for you. Then the Kito is for you or power anyway, Cheryl, got a lot of help from reduce own and lost sixty five pounds so nice job, Cheryl. You might not lose sixty five. You might you might. But if you want help with overeating ridges on could do that. It contains a and that sends the signal of your brain that your full stop eating. Plus, it's not a stimulant. There's no caffeine in it just. Oh, yeah. A radio dot com or zone dot com. Get thirty percent off and thirty day money back guarantee ridge, zone dot com. Dispatch rate. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three handed pattern leashed on Twitter. So, hey, the Golden State Warriors who I dislike with all the intensity of a billion white-hot burning Suns. What a bunch of liberals from the coach from Steve Kerr all the way down. Just abortion advocates illegal immigrant. Add the kids, they just everything that goes against the American way therefore in there's a team from Canada. Yeah. And then there's a team from Canada. But that's who I want to know missing. But the war, you're staved off elimination last night, one of six zero five in Toronto. So now it's three to go back to Golden State go back to Oakland or wherever they play without Kevin Durant. Oh, yeah. That was again, apparently he blew out his achilles. If something that has start. That's got are so we'll see what happens, but they're on the verge and they stayed that off last night. Let's go to Quincy in Florida. Hey Quincy you're on the blaze. Lingo. Indeed. Hello, indeed. That's why I mean right. Where you're a bingo occurred. Top. Whoa. Radio. Video doesn't play like, you know, whatever blowing up the country to country number days today. They Bill season and Beddoes sweaty tee-shirt. All right. That's why I say going up the country because it was a bingo square why we kept seeing going up the country goes square. All right. Congratulate you what are you gonna take? What are you gonna get from the shop at the blaze dot com? Quincy I'm going to get a pet or lease hoodie, loving choice. All right. Thanks quincy. Hang on. We'll get some info so we can get that to you. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. Or some birth. Strikers. Have kids because, as you know, where to climate crisis and fortunately, they're, they're doing something about it. Okay. Not procreating. Thank you. All of society. Thank you for not procreating a group of people who call themselves birth strikers. Are pledging not to have children in order to save the earth, birth strike appears to be a small, there's no more than three hundred thirty people so far. But the group's members say the trend is growing in at least eighty percent of their membership is female. One member. A musician told CNN that the purpose of birth strike is to prevent an ecological Armageddon by voluntarily reducing the global population, but also to protect a future generation of humans from having to endure, the after-effects of that same ecological Armageddon, including harsher weather, and food insecurity. So these sound like disciples of, you know, those two chicks that, like, rubbed the air and sitting back to the trees and stuff because they said, you don't have kids, you're doing a huge disservice to the earth by having children, but to see and except for she gave birth what a hypocrite right because in for that. That's true woman is the daughter of the woman who said, don't have children Burr. Strikers have decided they can't bring children into a world where scientists predict climate change will bring bigger wildfires. More droughts and. Food shortages for millions of people guess what? They Britain predicament for fifty years, and they've been wrong every single time, but the group claims climate change, which is happening at a nearly negligible rate is responsible for everything from sea level rise to war. Clem change gets worse it. Multiplies other things. It's like dominoes that are falling. It goes beyond sea level rise in storms. It affects food production. Yeah. It's increased food production idiot, warmer. Weather helps produce. Why do they put plants inside a greenhouse? So they'll grow. News for if it snows continually not gonna be any food. Thank you. This reminds me of the ABC I think rush talked about this yesterday. ABC had this teaser promo for climate change that they were trying to scare people with back in two thousand eight and look how wrong this thing was take a look at this age. This is again from two thousand eight try to scare people. Rome fell. And there's. The Mayan civilization disappeared. Nexen. Here amid. Easter Island corrupt collapsed. Are we next? Boy, you see the pollution over New York fan picture some explore coming to Manhattan, saying those ignorant people how on earth could have ever expected to. Earth. Twenty one hundred we're at a crossroads. A water. We're running a sphere really quiet. Running out of any of that fact is. We have a chance to get it right. A chance to move in the right direction. Now that window of opportunity, it's going to be open. Very long one can hold suddenly society will realize that it's on a path, and change very rapidly. Help us into wakeup call to the earth. Send us your vision of the future. Here's their vision of the future, June eighth two thousand fifteen okay? One carton of milk vote, ninety nine dollars. Allen. Over nine dollars ago. And I'm scared tell right now, but I have to get this out if we continue on the business as usual critic, there will be a tipping point that we cannot hurt John tiny over the Clinton more on. All right. Well, there's their vision of the future two thousand fifteen thirteen dollars for a gallon of milk, and nine dollar a gallon gas. I mean, it's almost that price for organic, so close and milk is so close. But sip is laced with gold. Yeah. Gold leaf. All over the carton. Oh my gosh, thirteen game scared. But I got to get this out. Okay. Join person join us for vision of the future elect Barack Obama. That's what that was that was any did peas. And fortunately, we averted all that disaster. Because brock. That's right. That's right. The seas win down you level change and stuff. Yeah, we heal the earth healed, the planet, by the way, this is kind of interesting last year, a complained voice Risley multiple times about the fact that. Who was it that was nominated for the for the radio hall of fame and Glenn wasn't look look at some of the entries from last year, twenty teen? Yeah, see nominees, just some of the inductees inductees. Yeah. Let's look at the duck dis. Now, one of them was Mark Levin. I believe k which we all thought okay? Yep. That makes sense lets you hear gay, Mark Levin. Kid kelly. Okay. Come on. That's okay. But without. You're putting kid Kelly in there. But not that, okay. So those two were inducted by public vote are inductees, by the industry panel where Jonathan brand Meyer. Yeah. Okay. Deserving. Chicago legend really good Jim Kerr, Jim Kerr is rock and roll morning show, Q one, oh, four point three New York. Of course. All right. Mike and Mike. Mike and Mike and Mike, they're not even doing anything. Dr Laura, Dr cheese. Okay. Let's see Nancy Donnellan. Oh, yeah. Sports. Right. Okay. So finally, maybe because we, you know, complained about it, no way what Glenn Beck. All right. Has been nominated for the radio hall of fame. Cool. How about that? He's going to. They have to write. They have to active networks indication ten years, or more. George Noory coast to coast. He's big is good. He's, I mean, everybody thought after our bell left that that program was gonna collapse. No, actually, George Noory is picked up the mantle priest the audience size of that show. He's really good. So George Noory, Glenn Beck of the Glenn Beck program. John tache as she deligence for your life, while he's been doing that for ten years. John tash super nice guy. He's a great guy. He really is good guy. Kim commando from the Kim commando show, she's nominated whatever. All right. Let's see nominees to be voted on by listeners Hollywood Hamilton for the music format on air personality lawn Helton. I'm not familiar with market, Brian absolute legends at one of my favorite, but perhaps my favorite radio team of all time, Mark and Brian from Los Angeles together anymore. But in fact, they wound up, I think disliking each other, which is amazing. You me. You know, we're just right at each other's throats like soon as off, man. Yeah, I can't look at you throwing things at each other. We just put on a happy face for the camera, Pat Ryan Seacrest nine keep lungs, right? Yeah. Absolutely. I would think so. Spoken word on air personality. Joe Madison sucks. Scott slade. I don't know. Yes. He's in. He's news guy in WSB, Atlanta. Okay. I grew up listening to him. He's all right. Never belongs. You think he's really good? Stephanie miller. I don't think I know she's a liberal Waldman. I also I don't think, oh, Stephanie Miller. Yeah. The liberal. No. She doesn't belong. No. Get outta here. Stop it long standing local or regional personalities Bob rivers Seattle. Absolutely. That's a great one. So as Charles Lucca Dera in Boston Harry, Harrison, not that familiar with the New York and Jack Harris from Tampa. Absolutely absolutely belongs. Then you got Angie Martinez in New York, Kevin and bean Preston, Steve. Sarah in Vinnie. Some of the I'm not familiar with. Standing network syndication, twenty years or more Jim Rome. Sure. Epic reckitt. No rack him. Robert Siegel all things considered. That's NPR. I don't listen to Robert Siegel but the probably get in sid. Mark, the sounds of Sinatra can't get enough of the sound. Right. I can't get enough. So that's pretty interesting. Finally, a Glenn has been nominated. And then I think listeners vote on that one. So get online and, and vote for that one. Come on. Clones did you vote in? Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. Let's see prime minister Justin Trudeau has announced that Canada will ban single use plastics. As early as twenty twenty one come on science based review will determine what items are included in the band, but water bottles plastic bags and straws are some of the items that are up for debate. Water bottles. You're going to ban plastic water ball. What are you going to drink water for real Canada? What are you gonna do fast food containers? Cut and swabs, drink stirrers. I don't think we need that we you got spoons, right? I don't know something exotic called a spoon balloon sticks could be banned. According to the CDC. Well, but I mean you know, on the plastic bottle thing maybe he's right about that. Because what? Have you ever seen what happens when you leave a plastic water bottle in a car unattended in the hot sun? Ono's. We got a video, check this out. Okay. Here's what happened outside the most unexpected things can become a fire hazard. Ashley showing us something. You may never have thought we dangerous. I have several of them on me at any given time in my purse in my hand, but a water bottle left in a car in the heat that can be a problem happened to notice him smoke out of the corner of my eye. Worker at an energy company. Saw smoke around center, console looked over noticed that light was being refracted through a water bottle starting to catch the seat on fire. It's wild to burn those spots in the seat, right there. The water bottle back. Find glass for the sunlight making the rays, and the heat, more intense water bottles. Exactly like that light was shining through the driver side window firefighters have a warning for everyone. Although the risk is low extreme heat from a water bottle can cause a fire in combustion, so festive take your water bottle with you. When you get out of the car. Well. So Justin Trudeau just looking out for Canadians. Of course, it doesn't even get warm enough up there. All. But, but I love this is disclosed dot TV had this story that I found. And think somebody might send it to me on Twitter, which always appreciate Keith. But the stock image that they send along with this story cars fixmer earning crazies place, TV right now, which by the way didn't happen. But it's like, wow, we should put that to the test and put a water bottle out on your car. We can do that. And just see if we can burn it down. I'm really I'm really upset with my vehicle right now. So. Yeah, let's do mine. All right. And then walkaway triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three and it, Pat unleashed on Twitter, where the Steve forty-two tweets, I believe that some US Americans don't know kilometers because like there's no way to tell exactly right Steve. It's exactly right. The old razzle-dazzle. A large mass on the moon. I would ask if Jeffey has been there, but we all know there's not a rocket in the world to lift him from earth's gravitational bowl. Yeah. So he's so he's clear. We clear jeopardy's name just on its evidence. It's not the large mass now he's not the one Cipolla franchisee, typically there is a simple conversion from metric to American, you just double it and had ten is that, right? So if you have a metric six pack. Twelve at ten. So now you have twenty two beers in America. I like it. Uh-huh. I'm trying to I'm trying to see if there is a I know there's a trick member, somebody taught us a trick to do. They did. It was something I forgot. It was something like double it. Subtract two or I don't know something like that. And it's not exactly correct. But it's really close close. Yeah, people tweeted at pattern leashless. No. By the way, there are a lot of us that are in pretty continual pain. It just you know, it's a fact of life. And especially as you age, you know, and there's just there's a lot of inflammation in for some reason, and you try everything, possibly can some, some of spend like an average of two thousand dollars a year, combating that pain. And then eventually you just give up. You don't need to do that. It doesn't need to get to that level. Try it relieffactor it works on inflammation, if it does reduce your pain. It's one hundred percent drugfree was created by doctors and they have this great three week. Quick start for just nineteen ninety-five. It's like a dollar a day. Now seventy percent of the people who ordered the three week quickstart go back in order more, because it worked for him, if it doesn't work for you after three weeks, it's not going to just continue if it does work. Then you've, you know, you've found something that's gonna help change your life. Get your life back with relieffactor and their three week quick start just nineteen ninety-five. If you're in pain, what do you have to lose? If you wanna drugfree natural way to ease your pain and get your life back. It's relieffactor dot com. Way. All right. Keep us there is some kind of amazing thing that happened to this tree in our Dallas storm the other. Oh, yeah. We had the storm that was felt like Armageddon some parts of the city on Sunday, because it came to win so quickly, so quick. And it was beautiful before, and after and then just really crazy for a few minutes during the storm. It's so strange just watching on the radar due south right down thirty five from Oklahoma and it just past. And, but when it when it hit this guy had, I guess, on these Tesla's you have this, if you look right here on blaze. TV pet. It's already lost half of its limbs. Right. So the limb limb falls off this giant limb. And then, then the wind really picks up in this, what started out to be a healthy large, happy little tree turned into when all the dust settles watch this. Let's see what's left, just just bare limbs if anything and. It's so sad. Look at look at the just okay. So anyway, said it took it, took it took the tree and stripped, bare looks like a hurricane. Literally looked like a hurricane. It was so intense now. That's nuts. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three also in Utah. There was a little incident was a big incident. They're making a pretty big deal out of it. Utah. Boy was. Was playing in his yard. And a police officer was investigating a crime and pulled his gun on the ten year old. Now, obviously, this is being made out by black lives matter and the N AA CPI to be some big racist incident because it's a white cop in black kid. But here's the report watch the report on this incident in Utah. And woods cross at ten year old boy mistaken by police officer as a wanted suspect held up gun point in his own front yard, the woods cross police department saying the officer did nothing wrong. But the boy's mother is demanding action. That's right. Emily the child's mother, along with black lives matter, the ACP and woman for Mormon women for an ethical government are all calling for an independent investigation, and an attorney here at Christian Jensen is also. Incite. Mormon women for an ethical government are involved in this because what is your deal in this thing because generally speaking Mormon women don't want an ethical, right? But there's this. There's this. Small of more women who do want ethical down for this. Okay. Good. Officer, a pistol pointed pases for second posit. There's the ten year old right there, right day. It's a young man. That kid does not look ten years old. You're correct. I would have never guessed in ten million years, that, that kid is ten years old. I mean. He's pulls up doesn't know what's going on. He's been called to an area where obviously, there's a suspect a crime happened. He thinks okay, maybe this is the suspect and he just for safety polls. His weapon has it at the forty five degree angle. I didn't put it to his head didn't beat the kid didn't shoot him but he pulled his weapon and he had it makes it clear he'd never aimed at the kid as far as I had until now. And I think we watched the different video that explained this where he had his pistol drawn. And when the kid got down, then it was aimed at him for just a nanosecond while the officer was already in position is that makes Mickey shirt. Yes. And, and the, the officers just sorting out, not knowing what he's coming into what's going on. Who this guy is, this does not look like a ten year old boy to me. I, I don't know. I mean he looks pretty mature here. Doesn't he sure does she? When I was watching the video, I was thinking, wait until is everyone coming into the courtroom. Are we waiting for the boy to come in there? He was there. He was. All right. Let's see the rest of this. No way and was telling him you need to put your hands up in the air. Thought the officer many searching for armed and dangerous. Spects described as to Polynesian males according to woods. Cross police, the officers spotted DJ playing in the front yard, a police spokesperson says the officer mistook DJ for one of the suspects people in the gun am I had. Believes the was prejudice on because he is black. She does not want him. Find black lives matter, Utah, those differently. They're calling for the officer to be fired. What a stunning surprise. All right, I've seen it darker black lives matter is calling for him to be fired. What a stunning surprise. I that is unbelievable. That's unbelievable. Let's see the video this to, you know, like the rice. There's did he have a body Cam on him. Do we know that we might change our? Maybe maybe let's see it. But I. Always quick to jump all over these officers. Why did you do this? Why did you do that? Okay. There's bene- crime. He's looking for suspects. He doesn't know what he's getting into that kid doesn't look ten years old. I don't I don't care who you are. That's not. That doesn't look like a ten year old kid. That's amazing. So, but of course, every everybody knows better than the officer right? Blaze, TV dot com slash pet. If you'd like to see for yourself. All right. And thank thankfully, there, there are some Mormon women for ethical government, though. I didn't realize that I'm glad I'm married to a Mormon woman and she hates at the government. Yes, she wants lately. Unethical people in every position governments kind of weird kind of weird. I'm gonna stray him to ask her why. When I get home today. I want to hear the answer love before back tomorrow. Find out.

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Ep 141 - We're Back

The Tiny Meat Gang Podcast

1:12:48 hr | 10 months ago

Ep 141 - We're Back

"What's up? Guys welcome with the TMZ podcast. This is actually today's episode. Today's free episode! But, if you want a the bonus episode that went up today as well. You can find that on our on. That's pay dot com slash tiny gang, and the the free episode will be Ad Free as well on there so and if not thanks and enjoy this one piece piece. Novel over there. Get him back in. Treating a novel. Yeah, sorry. I was reading novels yeah. So we play a song or something like no. Skin. Like we never. We never went on tour. We never left. There's never been a corner God. This is the first time no, it's not. No we had a couple of episodes. Like right as quarantine started back here, we did because. He rolled into one. And you're like afterward. You go yeah I. Think I have it yeah. That was before there was any news coverage in the states. Those before I was like the first I brought it to the states basically. Bro Cody came in here. He kissed kyle on the forehead. And then afterwards goes yeah I have it. On the lips. Kyle did it is so good to see you? Guy Have you been by. Also sorry. I think I have it? Oh, that's cool man. Appreciate that for sure. Man it's. Los Angeles County now like. Seen this wh now like rivals. Some of the biggest states in total cases Oh really yeah, wow, as a as of late yesterday or the day before so shit. Well. Good Job California. You know always number one exactly number one to it. Is TV wagon, guys. We're back in the studio or a bit rusty there we go. It feels good to be back. It does honestly I miss this place. I missed. How fucking hot and Musty as an ear? Yeah, I miss recording in the Nuclear. Fallout Chamber. With our LP tax shield protection behind us, and that's what's important, though is that we're always being protected by these two shields and people who have been here since the beginning of the studio. Know what's behind this fucking phony ass wall. Yeah everyone says it looks like the therapists? Which is which it is? Yeah, exactly. Hi, guys all right. What's up welcome to your online sessions? You know. Can I need to call this? It's not really a call out, but we can just acknowledge it now that recording virtual. was like. We exhibited all the problems of like a conference call. A you would start talking and start talking about I hear you talk, and then we both. was only on the last episode I felt it on a few. Let me. Shut the fuck. I felt like the last episode for some reason. Afterwards I was very conscious of the fact that we both were like Whoa. Sorry you go now, you know you saying something. And then it'd be silent for ten seconds. Amazing sorry, I'm sorry. Bro This because it's fresh in my mind, can I for a quick Sagan all right if you talk if you talk about one again I'm no, no. No I'm kidding I promise I promise promise. Promise I'm not going to talk about excitement for the new season and rule changes for twenty twenty one is GonNa make that season even more excited. Exactly promise I'm not going to talk about the roster changes, and really how you know grizzly be kind of interesting. This year I'm not gonNA talk about that. I'm not like when you say. Can I talk about something because it was just on my mind, I know it's going to be a fun because it's all on. A fall asleep dreaming of my of cars, and because I'm twelve years old. No I I so. Guys some people keep tweeting out US watch that show the floor is lava. Have you seen it now I haven't seen it, but I've seen a bunch of tweets Oh my fucking God. I've never seen a more expensive shitty show. It's crazy. It seems like they spent. Half. A million dollars fifty dollars at the same time, okay? The editing is is at least four steps below a standard youtube? I standard Youtuber. My opinion understands comedic punch in. Some effects here and there and how to this is edited like someone just learned how to be funny. It's so bad. It's overwhelming. The amount of like bad cut INS, AND EFFECTS! Think they're using the light version of of I- movie. That's just standard loaded on a brand new macbook air. Yeah, yeah, and the comedic timing is awful. Like, do is every time someone The obstacles are so cheap and. Cheap. I shouldn't say that officers are not cheap, but the material. Most of it doesn't have any flex. What's the show? What is it? Oh, I thought you know it's basically American. Ninja Warrior with the least athletic people ever. And the inability to work in teams. And, they have to get across a room where it's filled. With red liquid a K. and all the obstacles to pop over are themed in in the way of like science or history. And it's. It's an escape room cover with the water like element. It's really weird like three P like the my a watched episodes. ORLANDS hilarious is three teachers, and you know, of course the only way teachers can get money to compete on a Netflix show called. The floor is lava. And there it's it's so sad because they're thinking. You know we're hoping we'd get some new furniture for the break room and I just know that they're teaching every day in the break room since like a beanbag from nineteen ninety. And A foldout chair! And a broken microwave and they're like well. If we win the game show and it's learning themes, so the kids will love it. That's one of the obstacles in the in the thing we took your. Table from nine the nineteen sixties. That's broken and you have to fix it. and. No fixing this fucking shit. Dude so. The the main thing is that because they're unathletic. The obstacles are just far away enough from each other for example. In the planetarium, que, they have the planet and the Earth is flat. Is a little little bit of humor there okay is a flat platform, the rest of the planets around. Wow, Gotcha, okay so. These round like I. Don't know what is flat, though real thorough. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, we're flatter authors by the way, yeah. Casually by the way, anyways, what are we the only accurate representation of the Earth so? So. They jump onto the shit and the material doesn't flex. There's no like grip and it's covered in the red goop so when they land on it. They just like bump, and they can't get traction and they slip off. Designed for anyone who's not six five to lose okay, so a hold on. Can I ask a question? Yeah, so is the idea behind this. They take smart people who aren't athletic people that like teachers that know how things about history and stuff like that sure and they put them in this course. Now it's random. It's it's they'll. Get, the point like the exactly okay. I don't understand the point of show either. It's just for them to get from one side of the room to the other, so it's why it's just basically an escape room gotcha. Okay, and you know they try to draw you in with you know a mom and her two kids trying to get money for college or teachers in the. It's a weird. The whole like production. It feels like a tim and Eric. Bit like you're waiting for someone to just vomit, Spaghetti. And like you know. To just do something so fucking absurd, because the whole premise and the wage is so bad, I cannot stress enough. HOW AWFUL IT IS! So the joke. Only bit of humor in the whole thing is when they slide off one of the things. The editor takes that impact and he edits it to a song. So okay like Oh man. He really took a spill there. Then they bring in I. Don't know Beethoven or whatever it's like Ben and. Man That's the only it's every time someone eats shit. That's the only bit of humor, and and the cuts extend way too long. You're looking at this bit. Go for at least sixty seconds. Maybe a minute twenty and you're sitting there feeling this. Rapid up! Be I got it. And they're just trying to fill out the show. We this. It's Netflix. Netflix needs. A new reality person in charge of buying the reality. They're all like data all all these shows. That are. It's like what's the package like? What is the point of this show? What's the? What's the hook? What's the line? It's always something that doesn't hold up. Yeah. It's not like tested. Someone comes through and goes like the the to handle one they go. You all these people in a house, but say they can't fuck. Someone's like wow, that's a great concept for like ten minutes and then after that. Kind of want to. Kinda WANNA see him. It was funny for a SEC but. Yeah, so bet you sweaty. Come on. That whole cast started a group only fans. Millions overnight. Mad Famous, are they? Yes, well, that's just goes to show. How much reach Netflix's have! It's incredible. They just need to fucking like. Make a good reality series and I don't mind that you're doing reality TV I think I like these cheap shows like I think it's a good angle. NETFLIX's taking. I just it just seems to be something like stands the test of time like no season two to to animals going to be brutal, yeah! I terms of light. You think it'll be unenjoyable. Yeah, that was going to watch it. I feel like Bro Hours. This crying laughing at that show because. The obstacles that are not it's so it's. When when people in the first episode they had these triplets and they had athleticism. Gym, man. They just don't stop talking. They don't work together and they keep making these bad jokes to each other and it was. It was so overwhelming. If you have anxiety, don't watch that show. It's just like like badgering like the they don't edit the dialogue in a way. That's cohesive. It's gotta get. Get it now give me the out. Don't don't jump. Don't jump Oh. Man looks like she's going to jump down to give it to Joan. That for just thirty minutes straight. And whenever someone had the physical capacity to do the Shit, they just didn't work together, so it's so fucking frustrating. Your Dad just shut the fuck up in the. I. Don't know man, I just basically like a nightmare. Oh, DUDE! I spent house like a bad fever dream I spent an hour getting mad and the only thing that was redeeming was watching this science teacher. Do plus this guy's harmon. goof-ball, but you know I'm sure he's a great I'm sure he's a teacher man, you know. This kind of teacher you want. But. You can aid sit so artem. It was on his first. You Know He. He likes scales across this wall and he. He presses button and rocket comes out of the lava, which is hilarious because it doesn't help him at all. then. He has this scaleback, and then he has to just jump on this earth. And so he makes it, and he's and he's okay all right, and then the other teachers has. To jump over to the moon. She's trying to be nice and basically say I know you're fucking fat, but just you know whatever and you know. You're you're not you're not. A lot for you. So, she's just you know. Just jump over. The money goes well. I've always wanted to go to the moon. I'm like a man I just know famous last words. Yeah, famous last words. Any Bissett so hard dude and he. He slides off that thing I. Go fucking frogs and. He's. The only what song they use. Oh Man I'd forget. It was just summed royalty free. Yeah what's what's poppin brand new? Era and is like cartoons. Oh. Man, the teacher, really biff Burger. Video. fucking mean from the someone sent to the PRP group of that kid doing the tiktok dance, but it's like a one hundred twenty percent fast motion, and they just do cartoon sound effects. They took out the song and it's like. Why am I not remembering that? Led to the thread. Guzman y'all yeah and. I couldn't believe. People tweet at us, you know. You play that thing. Yeah, yeah, definitely got a lot of a lot of mean comments. Last time people pissed off that they couldn't see the bell. Delfi Song or whatever Oh we have to explain. It's because the screen recorder Yeah fucked screen recorder fucked up, so we didn't have all the footage from the screen and we were recording. They had to go through an intern everything in manually, but some she got lost because we were late on. The episodes of the pressure is on to get it out a sap. That's the reason. Yeah, so we. Fix because we're in studio now and. They're. Wrong group. This was. Oh Lee faulk man his knees. Picturing Editing the. Was! No this I'd be laughing. It's not this. It's not actually funny. No, it's not funny at all. Okay, there's no part of it. It's funny. In a whole on lazing John we just want to take a second to remind you of something. Okay, yeah, right, what does that dehydration occurs daily Oh three out of four people, so three out of four of you per four is dehydrated. okay can lead to headaches, dizziness, brain, fog, muscle, fatigue, muscle, cramps, dry skin, and more say hydrated with water alone to drink eight full eight ounce glasses of water a day. Thankfully, there's liquid events too much because it's fucking boring yachters boring. Yes, so more is. Like nothing the yeah. No, it's like making out. It's like what's the point of this. Thankfully. There's what IV the fastest most efficient way to stay hydrated one stick. Of Liquid, IV in sixteen ounces of water hydrates you faster and more efficiently than water alone I actually drink shit every single day. Yeah, because they sent a bunch so I'm like Oh because I, actually have a problem with drinking water I. Suck at it I hate it. That's why like brought it up that I've been actually making a conscious effort. This shit tastes so good. Yeah, I use it as a nice little booster when I'm down. Yeah, it's great. one serving of liquid IV provides the same hydration as drinking two to three bottles of water alone it contains five essential vitamins more vitamin C. than an orange and as much potassium as Benon Ski. It's healthier than sugary sports drinks, no artificial flavors or preservatives and less sugar than apple about the liquid vs available nationwide at target, a whole foods and Kosco or you can get twenty five percents off. You go to liquid IV DOT COM and use a t. m. g. code at checkout. That's twenty five percent off anything you order when he use the Promo Code. TMZ At liquid. IV Dot Com get better hydration today liquid. Ivy Dot Com Promo Code TM G and remember you can also find them at target, whole foods and cost Co.. Two people with two dollars do it. It still is not cringe. It's like mind numbing. It's like Oh my God dude. It's like having A. It's like having your head slammed by a drawer. fucking. That's great. That's such A. Say. It's not even cringe. It's chess bad. Rindge implies some degree of enjoyment. Yeah, no, no some degree of you can sit there and be like. Wow, this is absurd I'm gonNA. Make Fun of this or whatever no, because they fuck it up by the give you this like fucking like like abandoned puppy story between three people and you're like Oh. Fuck like these are like good people, and you just see them eating shit on a shitty obstacle. Course while some guys is narrating, and then they fuck. Make Beethoven comps of them fit, and you're like this fucked up man this. Dude on at least on popular American reality shows they do the heart pulling your heartstrings, and they have all these heartfelt stories, because the people end up succeeding yes. They'll. Show you some story about how you know? Whatever the girl's parents died or something like that? And then she comes onstage in rocks and Simon cows like that was amazing. Yeah, yeah, yeah, and then you're like Oh my God what they should show is then being cocky at the beginning the each shit, and you're like how you fucking idiot knew you weren't GonNa? Get it. Yeah, and then at the end like yeah I was just trying to do this like like. Get a little bit of money from my mom. And then you're like. That's TLC combination? Then you go? I'm a medic. At them for eating dirt, I'm an asshole and then. And then you watch another episode. A works yeah. That's like they did in the Veloce veloce passer movie. The like one of the funniest parts is that. All builds up to this fight at the end. And you find out that the guy he's fighting. It's a big twist. At the end. It turns out his brother. Oh brother, right sudden. It goes to these flashbacks that you've seen before. Okay. The flashbacks last a little bit longer, and the camera will pan out a little bit more. And his brother is always in them, but he's like the rejected the family. The whole, it's the kid and the parents laughing at the table, having a great time, and then it pans out and the Third Br. The second brothers just standing in the kitchen, just staring at them, wishing that he could be there just like. Oh, this is like a bunch of ads. Is Your family dislike you because you're on discord all the time. The best one is there in a car driving. It's from the front and they're all like laughing. Having a great time and the brothers had some emerges from the trunk. You find this out this back story, and then it cuts back to the fight. And the reject just gets brutally murdered. You're looking wait that was. That was the arc. You're like. Wow Yeah? Mad For this guy now I feel even more battering a need to see partout. Gets murdered. Because that's the only way I can get rid like emotional redemption out of this whole thing. He's in the trunk. The trunk yeah gotTA. Watch this movie man, it's so funny. It's so funny can send his knees one more time. I just got back. That's what it sounds like the sounds like when I bust a nut. Yeah man, so the floor is lava. Fuck that show I might have to watch an episode. Here's the thing you're not gonNa Watch it and go. Oh, my God! That was hilarious I was. You'RE NOT GONNA. Feel good. You'RE GONNA. Watch it and just be annoyed. I want to see the bad editing, though yeah. Yeah, no, the the one. The one to get that. Is the triplets. Episode, one okay. Yeah, that that ten minutes is fucking brutal. Oh Man Dude. If you do that with headphones I'll applaud. faulk instead. Did you watch it on your computer a fuck? No, no, no, no, I'm saying just that. It was overwhelming from a set of speakers. That's it with headphones on C. later. I wouldn't find yeah. Yeah and it's just so what I just man. Anyway. But I did I did think about this? The. They need to put that thing in a I. Don't know in the studio lot somewhere and let peop-. People pay thirty bucks each to try it. Oh my God. I would love yeah I do that. That's how angry I got. Do Myself. That's what season two should be. Yeah, every people that fucking hated the show. Yeah, I think everyone. This show sucked and they didn't have team building skills, so I can do it better, and then they make the course really fucking hard, and then all those people each yeah, see that sounds dope. Do you remember that Japanese show? That MSCE. Yeah Yeah Oh my God. Yes, show Dude Those called makes dubbed it over with a like with English. Yeah ever. On. Mexi 'cause yeah, it was. Mostly. Yeah most extreme. Elimination Challenge Yeah. You know this was yeah, they just. They just licensed it yeah! fucking genius move. Oh my God. Dude, the how I built this episode with Haymes. The Guy who did the same thing with power ranger? Yeah, I think we talked about this. That did we. Make sure his name. Right came Sabban yeah. God first of all what Charismatic Dude! Second of all! He did this exact same thing he went to. He went to Japan, saw power rangers where thing. And was like this is brilliant and brought it to the states. Or just license the content and the ability to dubbed over and licensed like to have it exclusively in the states, and they were like chirs never going to work in the states are like. Try it I guess, and then shot all the scenes and. And no, he didn't shoot anything. No, the American I thought they had to capture at least like the American characters. Like like when they're at school and doing different shade down the line, but this is like when it first came out was the first season. Not Incorporate that. I don't think I think it was literally just the Japanese show that they dubbed it over Oh. Okay I think. I would imagine they had to get a couple of scenes to set up the story. Maybe maybe because when you watch that show. The action footage and stuff that was yeah. Yeah, I think that the dialogue between the characters who is like it always felt even when I was like fucking. That young I felt like this is so random. Bam helps like something was off. Yeah, like there'd be this crazy fights them at school. Just like hey, kimberly, how are you? I'm like wait what? I remember that fucking feeling when I watch power rangers unlike wait during school before these this stinks, it pays like I didn't like. I wanted them to be like actually interesting. There was definitely something offputting about it that you couldn't really yeah. I hate this. because. You didn't know it was like you didn't know you'd no concept of what dubbing was. Or like why English voices because they would use the footage of them in the power rangers suit talking to each other right No that that's the part that was always silent. No, because when they're like, it's more fun time. Their heads always seem to like float. So I wonder if they did like some green screen cropping. Or. Like didn't fully like matchup. I mean he had to jump through some hoops to get it to get it on American television because everyone was like this is never going to work. This is so stupid. Twenty thousand seasons later yet guys as of the like from the very first episode. They put it on at like eleven am yeah in the summer. And they gave him like the worst slot or something like that and right away it was like their highest performing chef racking, and then now he's billionaire. From power, Rangers, from just being TV business beast, yeah, he bought out Fox kids at one point like just an incredible episode. Listen to that bro the so you know the Green Ranger from. The original cast. He like went on to become A. A karate instructor. And then. He eventually wants to become an MMA, no way and bro He. Knocked out or something though he. he jason. David Frank J. D. F. Dude. He turned to. Like you remember the green. Ranger's like this cool like outcasts guy, and then you're like wait what the fuck happened. My Hero, who the? Into this dude, it's depressed. The Fuck Adam I was like no. He looks like the bugging smashmouth Guy Dude Yeah. Yeah is made me sad man. Jd Afro. It looks like Mark McGrath twin. No he was looks like my grandfather mark McGrath. McGrath was the angel. You would be the devil. Yeah, we should. We should call back power rangers with Mark. McGrath as the lead good guy, yeah, and JD. F. COMES BACK AS NEMESIS JD F so sick have a fucking acronym kind of kind of is so hard. Yeah! Jd of. GE's destroyer. Ridiculous. Gist domination. A. Was the F. Stand for. Jd F say rjr. Jisr destroyer fantastic. All right, yeah. Has He destroyed his. He destroys things with his just okay. This. Just he doesn't. Destroy, is so then he like he's disease. Scream it out like old school action. Comic book character like destructive. spider-man! Out of his Dick. Okay Yeah. Sh pictured it more like a laser. No, it's just. It's like. Okay comes out really hard. You just kills the VIBE. That's all it is. Is, actual, Superhero Shit, going on, and he just not something and was like what do that sexual assault. That's a fucking felony. What did you just do? On on the Justice Royal. Spider, or whatever? I don't even WANNA revisit that. Let's just leave that where it belongs dude. Anyway. Anyway! Anyway. So what else has been going on? We have a couple of relationship advice today and a lot's been going on. We have hold on. What do you want to get into? Heavy Shit there's there's unleash it. Do this this botched painting restoration Oh. Yeah, let's yeah this. By the way guys on a we talked about. Anger on the last one. I cannot believe that men. There's a fucking delivery service. For nitrous now. Actually so bad! So, funny. When the? When the Nang hits, you be like. Brita, I can't another bought. You forgot you don't read and I just can't see that shit. In Valencia? Spain an art collector reportedly paid a furniture restorer to clean up his copy of. Oh. No, a furniture restoration companies you do. If you do that, you you can't complain after. They fucked it up no man. Know what the fuck. I'm trying to think of an equivalent to that dude is hire a mechanic to fix your Gazebo. It's like a rare painting to right. Does it say how much it was? It's a good question. How much was this? It's like a rare. No, it's a copy though, is it? Says a copy. So funny though. The Immaculate Conception. Look like on the laugh. This is what the guy got back. It's so funny. Man. Oh Man. It looks like some I mean this isn't this. Is I think Wilson from fucking castaway was better than the. We're we're juggling. This is what whip it's feel like. Yeah, I've never done a whiff it. Feels like this. Does it yet? I've never done one. Yeah feels like you allegedly someone who's allegedly done allegedly. No some Nang heads said, let's call them. Yeah. It just feels like you. It's really hard to explain. Just feels like you just. Like other place for thirty seconds. Okay, you're selling aware of what's going on, but you're just like everything's funny like super fucking funny. Okay, and you just blasts office space I don't know I can't really describe it. Yeah, definitely, don't find out yeah. Don't use that as a reason to find out. They're fun, but don't do them, yeah. There was show me the story this morning of this guy, the guy who played Oh, Jesus Fuck Oh Alfalfa. India and the little rascals yeah. He got arrested today for because He. He was caught in a hotel room in Texas. Huffing Duster. Man Like Steve Oh shit. Found him with like a hundred cans of duster in this random hotel room. No Dude that's that's like pressing his buddy from mighty ducks. WHO's like addicted Doodo? Sad, no way that shit is break my heart, dude. ALFALFA. Off Hold on one second I want to talk about stamps dot com real quick. Okay for all of our wait what I was. 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Gee, that stamps dot com enter TMZ. Stay safe my friends. Mighty ducks one is rough. That dude looks bad. Man. Man Oh man. Oh Man, oh, man, offing, Duster! Bam Row! Hambro. He's got two kids Oh. Yeah, how bad bad bad! Very Sad, very weird D- searched the mighty ducks guy I can. Douzaine? Mighty ducks actor Shaun Weiss. Sean waste this one sad to look at this. Look. What are you still look like compared to what it looks like I know. So that's why you shouldn't do. Whip, it's right there. Off Duster rock tune. Yeah, honestly don't and. I think we talked about. Do we talk about this with When Ghana did the fucking wicked, we bring their. We did just started the whole thing I think. The man apparently wait. Where are you telling me this? Yeah, that's a big thing now in studio. Yeah, yeah, all the all the all the rappers are. Sources will not be named, but robbers are doing wip. Its mandate roll around with those with those cans. The pay of what would you call pastry artist canister? The Tattoo Gun for. For whipped cream. Whipped Cream Tadjik. They roll around with those. It's like you know started. It was diamonds and like they're like bus down their custom in Razi roll around doing with it's. So weird I never did them in college and I I always remember the people that did do them. I was like I always felt like I was hanging out with crackheads. When I was around, they would just. Sit on the couch and just. Do it again and then once I once I did them a couple of times I was like I. Get why? You get get stuck because it's like twenty seconds. It's not it's like Oh, a high and then I'm not. It's like the dream drug. You want your high. You're like half an hour. An hour comes, and then you're like okay I don't come over at. Me Man I love the. On that long. I want that fucking NYQUIL effect yet, but I mean like not like relaxed high You mean like yeah, you mean like. Coca so popular. Because it's on now. Coaches to be in everything. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, but I mean like the the like. I guess like the form of its high. And then all of a sudden you're downing. Okay I WANNA. Be High again, but you never want it to keep I. Don't know maybe I'm wrong. To that just gives me this flashback of. Kid I. Know used to Fucking Pedal Nitrous Grad Party. Pretty young and this can meet head. Idiot Dude was there and he. He was fucked up like drunk shit. He's like you got balloons man. Let me get a Carpool. My boys like I. Don't know man. You're pretty fucked up and. He's like come on, Dude! Get an agro, so he's okay. Okay again, give them a few. He's a I'd say all these. This is my hair right now. And everyone told yeah yeah, but keep going. We're like I think everyone was pretty much like I. Don't do that, but the devil in me was like. Could you do it? Though none of them, you know whatever so he does it and yeah. Just I bet you're scared. WHO say. Don't do it, Dude. You're scared what you can't do six. Hey, man, knock it off! That's it who said stop. Dangerous. Laughing matter so yeah, he does it. And like his fucking is like go up into his head, and he's just like wobbling for a second, and I remember having this flash moment like. Killed Dune it is that what I'm witnessing. A little bit like this is Oh God. This is one of those where everyone's like yeah it and then the police show up and I do. I've had to okay. I'm not going to name any names here at all. I'M NOT GONNA name any names re just for everyone's comfort. He recovered like instantly and he did like the Tyson fury equivalent. With getting fucked up, okay like he was, he should have been down for the count and he like red himself. He did itself read standing. Self says it was. That's what I'm talking about baby. It was crazy I need some warzone ref. Standing Selfridge Assam boot up. I was like Yo. This dude is a supercomputer. After that, my buddy was like seriously. Man Like I'm really my buddy. Dude stop introduce you. WAS LIKE My buddy was a yeah. We're done here live. In his car he's. Doing. Who cutting off someone from nitrous. Bro, it's so funny, Dude! You've had enough man. You've had enough. I'm calling you cab. No come on, give me one more. Let me just illegal looking for my brain. Come on! Yeah I've had to to separate occasions one. Pretty pretty recently. where? A friend. Did a whip, it okay, and then passed out Oh, God Like like is ruled into the back of the head completely, and we're all like Oh. My God, no and then. Like that ear and was like what just happened, and we're all like I left I was. Way Too much for me. It's fuck this. Yep, absolutely ask like remove ourselves from that situation. Yeah, and then another time. I I was when they were doing. It's and they just they did so many in a row that their entire like lips and face turn blue. Everything around here was like purple. Look like they were like actually dead. No, because you starve the oxygen and so eventually don't have oxygen like in your fucking head anymore. which is how you get brain-damaged? Yeah Oh. That's how that's out Yeah Bilo way didn't know it's not from video games. Doing both of them, okay yeah. Wow. Wow face blue. Yeah. It's fucking. Geez. Guys definitely don't do. Absolutely don't do one if they're. Not Getting assists. Kidding it so funny to think that cocaine does used to be in like. Tonics. You imagine people stay I'm really sick today the. Housewives just sitting on the fucking washing machine taking tonic. I'm really sick I just doing coke and sitting on a gigantic vibrator all day. Claiming Cola. And another. Man. Man That's crazy. That's just used to be. It used to come and just a little fuzzy little can when you're crashing at the bar, a male co problems. Rate. Again I can't believe that that is real, but mind you. There's there's chemical. It was just a chemical. Yeah, I watched I watched. was a dark like it. Yeah, it was definitely interesting. I felt like there was so much. They definitely had to shortcut. Yeah Yeah. Events, yeah super interesting, yeah I man I. Do I think mark? Ruffalo is acting in that incredible. No, he nailed it to just that. That body state. He yeah, he just has. Just just. Just short taking all of his verbal abuse, right to the. fucking frown he's doing. The soaks it all in I. Just felt that you know and the curmudgeonly just. Like the physical deterioration over the scenes yet beginning, he's Kinda. He's Kinda. limber is young and his. The I can't help you man. Yeah, yeah, by him and the other dude who played the the former. Yeah, I don't know about that accent. Though his accent. Yeah, I can't I couldn't even understand a single turn on subtitles because I was like I don't know what he's saying felt like a meme dude. Yeah Barbara Buyer. I'm out! Yeah. Then again. Man Like farmers in West Virginia Yeah maybe. Maybe. They probably got an accent that day. They're like. We wrong. It was a good movie. Though Yeah Berry I mean just Gary for sure yeah. I. Mean You know when use? Teflon spoons and Shit. Yeah, that's what I use Teflon's. Superbowl, yeah, yeah, I smoke a little. have one every now and it will. Tesla's Morgan on that Tesla Teflon. Tesla. That's the that's going to beat you Lonzo in whatever line? Nice and Pots and pans now there's going to be here jail. They're gonNA. REPURPOSE SPACEX book in. Part Glue. They won't be able to. It's not strong enough for to hold a spaceship together, but it's good enough for hair. Yeah, the. Like that. So we can. That's why spikes his hairs off. And it will show up to the next press conference with JD F. cut a perfect Mohawk with a little bit of green right here. Is the new. It's my racing stripe. We like to call it. It's A. Tesla N-. You've heard a blue origin. La I'm reading this book about Jeff as US okay. He started a space company in late two thousand four SPACEX, thousand, two or something like that it's always been his dream to go to space. The fuck is with these billionaire genius because Lil. fucking space actually dominate everybody. They just want to leave nothing nothing what to do. They want to go to the next thing, yeah! Can Sick yeah anyway. So wild blue origin, working on rockets all this crazy spaceship, and then what happened just went belly up. No, still there still exists us. Yeah, WHOA! WHOA rich he is is that he's going to be the world's first trillionaire. Do you know that in like? It's predicted in like four years. He's going to be a trillionaire. FUCKING LATE STAGE CAPITALISM! Is that she? A trillionaire you fucking kidding me. That's like. What do. You just certain people at that point I like he already is at the point already in two thousand and two, he was a billionaire or something like that that was when the those are the point. Where he opened the space company he had enough money did fund a space company just as a secret? Didn't tell anyone just opened this thing warehouse everything started on rockets just entirely funded by himself in an an Amazon. Dude. Imagined is setting aside like a billion dollars just to work on a passion project of that magnitude. How does that feel guys? Every time you watch the goofy Amazon prime show funding is a fucking space rocket habit. which is good for humanity in a way, the way of just assuming that he doesn't do the worst like what Hilda weapon is. What this blow up kind of good! Yes. The engineers he's we. Can't we talking about we're we're. We're having a Mars expedition. You know what's a lot closer. Foreign Countries. Those are way closer. He's walking around the head of the rocket. Look you put a big payload. He's walking around with an active one. Thing. You. Just toss another thing. We'll just shoot it out. Put in the ocean. I do little. North Korea holding it like a fucking like a Turkey. Put a ninety loo. Drive Which? You. Guys are so lamely right now. Go to. The fuck out here. Shut this whole thing down if I feel like. This thing the for in the rocket put it in the rocket. Yeah, that's that's wild blue origin, well it. Sounds like A. Sounds like a boner pill where all Boehner pills blue. That's a great segue. INTO THE AD. I don't think we do they all blue. I don't know point. Oh you. Blue Balls Anti. Yeah your dicks going to be hard as ice. Probably Viagra making their pill blue to with and then everyone else because that was such a like household name. Oh, my be my baby. Baby size much. y'All get water. Thank you, Bro Wow. Thank you call you WANNA. Pour me up. taught me off a little bit of water. Are you GONNA pound? Whole thing you can have some form of him. Yeah, there, you go. Hydrated. Clip that xbox clip that. AMBRO You can nash it. I've been drinking a lot of water recently. Yeah, yes. It's done nothing I, just. Feel a little bit. Maturing trump? Bro That fucking at rally? When he held the Cup of with one hand I was crying, and it just throws it down. Yeah, I was crying did. What a what a what a FUCKING ABSURD CLIP! It looked like a bit man. Look like a bit just fucking. Do what why are we at imagine getting a? Guys just put aside your political anything. Imagine getting up in front of a fucking stadium a stadium. You're standing on a podium. and. It's just like everything you do is like magic like you just like? That's gotTa Fuck. ooh, that's gotta be a rush. It'd be creating incredible his ability to. Generate! Interest in. Shit like this when there's. Already crazy shit going on the world, people are already what like there's a worldwide pandemic like. Still make an entire stadium. People Cheer over the fact that he can drink water with his right hand. It's it's unbelievable as a not. There's a certain degree of of like people have a talent at people in the media and stuff like that drumming up things, and then convincing you care about it. Oh, man, and the fact that. You've everyone's gotta sit there and report on that Shit. Oh man anyway. To fucking good. That clip was just bizarre. Last year was bizarro world. All this shit after about. Fifty percent capacity, or whatever and how all the K pop stands. Basically went and filled out like a million interest ticket. Interest forms that Oh and like. Way more interest in the rally in there was, so they thought it was going to be this giant thing, and then it wasn't. It's just sake. Some dude was like it's fake news. Look at this clip, and it's like dude painting and he'd. He cuts off the top layer but but his hand. His hand isn't steady, so there's a moment where his hand gives, and you see. A section of the top state is just fucking dead. Laughing I'm like. All right man! It's salt fifty capacity fifty percent capacity. So what yeah, so so exactly exactly so fucking! What? That's going to be a thing. Yeah, it's going to be a thing. Where while they said that I sold fifty percent, but in reality. Bad weather, and all this it's like who. Cares who cares? I don't know how you give that much of a fuck. Some. Dude on Patriots said that were just jealous. Trump because he's taller than us. Yeah, yeah, you nailed it man! He nailed it. That's. What it is. That's it six one or something like that and it just pisses us off upsets me. Next President better be small. Yeah, better be small, yeah! You know. Who's going to be a Putin joke. Good I don't WanNa. Make any jokes about Russia, yeah, I just going to leave that one all the way the fuck alone. Anyway. Catan. I was gonNA, say Shit. Oh man formula no man. I'm going to put the cans back on. You like them on now. I like them off, but I like to. Actually you know alternate back and forth. Cans all canzone. HANDS-OFF CANS ON HANDS ON. Low hanging out with my boys, putting the cans on. You can never go wrong. Putting the cans on the cans on with your boys. Do you WanNa, play this? This job rule. In Greek. Commercial I. Hate this why I hate I really do why I haven't even watched yet. No. No Man Okay it's real. Okay Yeah Right. Yeah, it's real tim just. Slayings ezekie instead. The. Stove. Rose rose. Your Life. Is this old. Comedy. How much is being run down to some of my favorite, they got. The Pot that has got to be. This has to be a bit man or like. He was set up. I. Don't think he knows what he's doing. You know what I mean is interested on a green screen. But what I mean, he still would be able to grasp the concept that it's a commercial. You shouldn't be reading off your phone. I mean what if they've framed it as a you know? For Film and YOU'RE GONNA be playing this character and this is like a pivotal moment in the comedy, and it's supposed to be you know so just. Do like a self tape. You know what I mean. You think gyro got pranked. Some deep state branches. Okay, yeah, maybe this is a deep fake. Yeah, it's not even jar- rod even him Bro there. This and Mike Jones doing the lawyer fucking commercial. This man I haven't seen that one that one hurts now let's see. Our hearts man. I ain't got any humor for this. Shit Dude. I WANNA. See this Bro. Mike Jones. Local commercial hold. Is Super. Bowl commercials along the Jordan this on my job and if the. Situation in these all you gotTA. Do is call my lawyer. Mark! Jones, Louis. March Jones Mark. Jones you don't get you right. Whatever that's right. Columbus, Georgia. If you need legal, help Mark Jones. Is your lawyer Della Mike Earnings Ra probably my situation stories. Lutheran. Oh. God Oh. We felt that at the end. We don't with this. Sells one. Jake right there. I can't believe as real. Yeah that one hurt. That was that one hurt Oh my God. Mark. John is pretty pretty smart though yeah yeah, Mark Jones, because like Mike Jones Mike Johnson Mark Mark John Mark Jones the song my John's. You, WANNA! You WanNa. Know something John's off. Working came across. This wasn't architects. Digest. You want some grade a mind. Fuck cringe sure. This this to felt like a fucking Tim and Eric Bid. I was waiting for the credits to roll I could. Bro. Young. Bre is four years old. Listen to the fucking. This is the weirdest fucking thing, so you guys know if you not familiar architectural digest is a channel where they go celebrities. Holidays talked about this. Yeah, but just in case. You, and you get to witness. Either you know it's a razor thin line. Between where your favorite celebrity is it just a massive dickhead or an endearing person k. and you get to find out by way of their house, you know. This is my sixty thousand dollar whatever the FUCK Yeah bought his hells for like million after sold me I record, and just going to lose in an ever since. Who did we was Aaron Paul? Aaron Paul Yeah. Earn Paul Right yeah, and he was his name to Idaho. We just had to get out of the LA. Couldn't do it so we. We bought this ranch in Idaho just in the middle of the forest, super secluded, really private. We actually had this fire place. Mansell whatever imported from Sweden or something, sadie that eighty thousand dollars and actually the home in this Israel. Is is like several barns that were transferred here yeah, and connected. So rich to be like I like this house, but I want in another place. Move it all. I like this one. I saw I saw this one in Ohio last week, and also there was one more I saw a picture of. In the Alps I liked that one, too. I want them all combined with here. What do you do with that? Do you just like? Cut It up into pieces, a connected to the foundation, not even rich enough to even ask that question. Yeah, that's true doesn't matter to us at all the one. Jeff bezos listening to this laughing yeah! Jeff Basil's puts on podcast and he's like what do poor people like. They're always talking about TV. We should start a TV thing also thinking about him listening to this right now. Yeah, like he definitely has the technology to listen to what we're saying right now. Tapped into this somehow. This is what he's watching through that camera. Yeah! Everyone loves the TMZ PODCAST, but I could see it live, and they'll never know it. By way of my exclusive hacking material that has been produced for me by in house. Developers that no one has a clue of because I've chain them in a basement, and they make absent things for me for my own pleasure. anyways, bro Mr Bays us. If you're listening, give us the chip giving me give me give give give me. I want the night I like to. Go See Jeff Bezos but you know. his last name. All is a double entendre. As meaning in Spanish for so no for kisses. I like to call them. Jeffrey cases. Jeff pesos. Now. Let's call him yeah. Yeah. Jeffrey kisses. That Jeff Jeffrey Cases Yeah Yeah Basically Misdemeanor. NO GONNA, meet this, so bro, so typically you know. Celebrity walked, walks you through the house, and they tell you about this all his mundane and Russia, or or it's endearing, and you're like as a regular person, so you know. According Kardashian did what the rest of them do, and she did it with green, screen. With just still images of her house, no way reading from a script now now watch the. If you're on audio. You'll get the vibe a watch. The fucking pacing on this. This is the craziest Shit I'm just going to let it run for a minute. Okay, this is real. This is real. Man has got four point. Three million views bra just was on one second. What Day was this? So this isn't even quarantine this, is she? Just did it four years ago four years ago. But why didn't he just go to her house? Okay, we're. Just, let a river at you ready. It gets weird. Yeah Hash in. Three rooms in my home when names Molten Lawrence below and I'm the interior designers. We're going to check out eighty seven things in these rooms. First of all. We're going to check out exactly eighty seven things. I said I was going to let it play, but I just got exactly eighty seven. In this house? Now do when you hear that. What do you think they're going to talk about? Eighty seven things pick one that you think they're going to discuss just the tiles in the floor. Okay, what's another? What's another thing? You think you're texture the okay how they designed it. Yeah why they chose it. Enter Frame Donovan Love Fronts. My mirrors are vintage. Belgian Dribble Mirror. Above a light fixture vintage found in parents of not Chappel. Super. His table was custom made for me by an artist in Venice California James. Dewolf made of concrete. What's his voice? Dude? Why? Why is the audio so bad dude? This feels like a fucking QVC. Segment Yeah and Bro how much she doesn't give a fuck, and now he's at living all this shit. This team all has made bag guy in Venice Joan. forty-five would. Refurbish steal I will say she sounds like that all the time. No, she does. She doesn't give a fuck about anything. Ever I know I know that's the mean for her, but I mean the just the juxtaposition of like her reading from the script. And why stable was designed to me? Designed for me from an artist and Venice California. Great next line these star handles are super good for opening the star. Awesome coordinate next line. This kitchen table is made of metal. Our love having sex with older woman. She has the same. Give Grandma some good Dick. It's like the same like saying that was. The architect around. Just. Explaining all the pieces and then just one of them. I love him sexual. This plant. Br. This got this book from my Dad's home. Japanese Greens. Christina crystals made. Why is this stereo? Coming through and both of my ears. I don't know and I don't know why like this is hilarious instead of. This is. Just so like. If, you come in here. You can't film it. You can take pictures of stuff, but don't you fucking dare yeah film anything? Way The tempted a joke. Of this resting online stuff, you nailed one. Tiles on the floor. I love having kids toys everywhere. I. Bronx stainless steel this. Maybe it's funnier. than. It is, but just like. How hyperfocused this shit is, you're like Oh, man. I can't wait to see this house. Grapes Venetians shipped in from Rome. Okay, that's not really what I was thinking. Yeah, yeah, I don't really give them a fucking about the grapes sink head. Do this like shopping with your parents like an eye Kia when they're like. We need a new light for the. This and that and you're like how come on. This is the it's also like how much is missing from the normal series where they actually go to the houses, and they and the people lead them through the shit like this is such A. Fat Attempt at. Hatching together packing it together. You? Know single even mix of a sprite, skulls and company gifted. Meal Nice Nice, sick, flex gifted to Kourtney. Gifted. Who gives a fuck about how how much it was? Gifted to Kourtney. Kourtney Kofu. STEW! With! Make, walk! Here, we go get one more than using art is always on display, even though some of it is out of season heritage. Quirky man. She's so quirky. Bollywood a fucking tea kettle. Oh Man. That's a sick kettle. Maybe I shouldn't say cops right there. Look at that. As his great cringe, but it just it. It killed me. This whole segment killed me, yeah. This is more of this to see if there's anything else in there. From Soon Stick from Suet. Is Still Range. With Red Nobes williams-sonoma spices. Can Serious Williams sonoma spices. Why are you flexing that? That's not even a flex. We can all get there right now? I need the most asinine flexes. Yeah, but there's your stove. Have Red knobs paint them shits yeah. To collect blocking Thomas. Onto jokes. Involve unbelievable I was joking about. Grapes and they actually showed artichokes and porcelain bowl can't fucking believe this. I was fucking kidding and they did it. adhered. Alta jokes and a porcelain bowl. That's how I have that. Now my place. Who did they make this for? Someone suffering in a fucking underdeveloped country. Look at what we have. We have stoves with red GNOMES and food. What a what a weird flags! We have better food than you yeah. Fresh vegetables from the local farmers market. Grapes and Porcelain Kono. Dude I. I promise. You know that they did it wrong. Issue I only watched about a minute of it. I got up to the fucking. What I get to. It was like It was like right around the fuck in sync head. Is Tapped I. How is that a constant design I was at like a major design feature of this House grapes in a porcelain bowl artichoke. Porcelain bowl evening like stay. Forget to win. Whoever they housekeeper forgets to replace him. She's like. Grapes. To imagine the architects and the email you. Oh, yeah, architectural digest is going to do a segment according to sounds like that's really awesome. I'd love to give him the no the designers and handle it. He's like Oh. All right I mean. Really like make the house, but. I guess. Yeah, and he's just highlighting all these fucking things. I picked out these jokes. Contribution to the house. We got me this Kelly. Where slur bowl for my birthday, the kids and I love to pick oranges from our tree. Maple cutting boots custom steel door for the doggy door from the previous owner. It's no way there's a doggy door from the previous owner. That's so interesting. CATOON! Yeah, it really does this. Do refrigerated, be funny. They started just going into like weird. Shit. Just punched up toilet paper from. Back did on the SNL that a parody of this and it was actually kind of funny Beck was doing that Shit like he goes and he was like. Yeah this. IS WHAT WINDOW! Tape the tape on. On. This piece of tape on there. Then it cuts back. Another window there's my neighbors blue car this league of of a thing. This a pile of paper. You guys ever have paper and. Yeah and. That's good because that's really what it is. No, it is what it is. It's just everyone's house. SOME RANDOM SHIT HERE! That I haven't moved for two years. and. That's GONNA. Stay there forever and I don't even know what the fuck it is take. Apple, bills. I love when they come across something. That's really expensive, and they don't know how to explain it without coming across like an asshole. Exactly, this is A. How do say this? Custom steel made by kids, and it's like kind of illegal, but the knife is like so sick and it cuts really cool. Yeah to come to the CELEBS defense. It would be hard to be Aaron Paul and described his fireplace. Really. Proud of that fireplace and you paid a lot of money for it. How do you not describe that like a Dickhead? Yeah, that's. Probably what is Tony imported from Spain. Is. It was a fucking bitch to get here and we finally got it here and I paid so much money I. I have can tell you that. It was imported from Spain right. So what can sue me? That's that's everyone's misinterpreting is tone. Tone is reluctant trying to be an asshole. You know the fucking. He's sitting there quietly like. Can't you guys just ask about like? What her favorite like hiking trail is or something or like about the trees. Maybe we don't know the prompts like You keep picking like. The fucking hardest thing in the room could be them producer being. Tell us about this, so great fireplace tells about this is like Oh. Yeah, you know we like to have marshmallow. No, no, the stone. Like where'd you get it? Yeah? Okay it can. It came from Spain Spain. How did you get it? You know it's. Just. Charter A. Custom Airbus that deals specifically with moving cargo plane. Type of stone because it's like religious and. I related the local government doesn't let you have it unless it's transported by this particular airlines are the only ones sanctioned by the pope. To move this stone. Can we just talk about something? Paper on the fucking table. You want to know about this. is about this I'll fuck. It's an offer hot. Damn, and it's an offer for a new show. I can't talk talk about it, but could you give the fans like a little? What's the fee be I? WanNa, tell the. Tell US angels fees four million dollars. So you're making. I'm not trying to talk about this stuff, but yes, it's sixty four million dollar. Girlfriend keeps trying to bail them out and she's like. Oh, you know it's here. Let's talk about this. This is Aaron's favorite checkerboard that we bought from a local man for ten dollars is a yes. Yes, I love sitting here playing checkers with her in the morning. When we eat, breakfast is such a great view. Did this hiking trail and river come with the property? Like well, not not per se. It had to be built their their custom, but. We we. We did if we made or custom, whatever Yup, and we wanted a custom hiking trail. So we contacted the city and we got our own. But the land people in Utah told us or night. Aho told us that this would have happen anyways through erosion and stuff, so we were just speeding. Up Yeah, so is anyone else allowed to walk on it? No. Oh! Is that by? We pay to have it to beat ourselves God. They're going to that perfect. That's a rat thing, Jaren. As Courtney did it this way. She's like I'm not looking like an asshole. Pick the most boring things in the house. What's your favorite things? I love the artichoke. What else the grape circle now now that I think about it I'm an asshole because I. Watch this and I expect them to be humble. But it's like how can they be I know? How can they be when you're when you everything? You're places richest fauna when it's all, it's absurd. Yeah, you know, and and they kind of fucking. You know this is. This is dateline for celebrity. Possession okay. You know they're. They're chatting it up with the producers like we just want to know about. Your houses is going to be totally cool. Totally just totally calm is just music. It's GonNa, be cool. Little, hang, you know, may maybe we'll film it? Who knows do we'll me like okay? Yeah, for sure come. No come through. And then Aaron Paul goes walking up the driveway. Let them in. And then boom the cameraman come out of the grass. The plants Chris Hansen comes flying in. So. So. So Erin. Tell us more about how you got this car. Why don't you take a seat and then tell us about the scene? This one off. To fucking now. Do your friends know that you import your seats. To your fans know that you import your seats, won't. No I don't really. Well how about you tell them over here? We have a camera here anyway. It's kind of funny. WHAT IF THEY BRING BACK DATELINE WITH SEAN? Evans is the host. All Right Mike. You've made it through our pedophile. Camera Camera there say whatever whatever is working on. Tell what you're working on got twenty seconds. I didn't know. So. Sean I know you follow us on twitter. If you see this, it's just a bit. It's just a bit. We Wanna read this. We want to let's pop in the bonus. Wait let's see. Let's see what this one. I want. To? Set for thirty four degrees Fahrenheit. The Fridge set for thirty four degrees. I'm. GonNa go into that now. What are you doing? Babe of Courtney's is set to thirty four, so we'd set at thirty four. Because he likes her stuff. She likes her grapes cold. And so the ones that are in the fridge down on the counter. Yeah, 'cause she likes grapes. Yeah, four hundred thirty degrees, yeah. Do Ours. Okay, we'll get some artichokes. Or I guess we're going to split in artichoke in the box. See you later.

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270: Our Father-Son Death Valley Trip | Ear Biscuits Ep.270

Ear Biscuits

1:13:02 hr | 3 months ago

270: Our Father-Son Death Valley Trip | Ear Biscuits Ep.270

"I ramble ear. Biscuits is supported by. I robot your holiday wishlist Oh i got something you can add to it. The roomba i seven plus robot vacuum by getting to know you and your home room makes cleaning easier than ever before though roomba is seven plus i know thinking about it link as well because i'm reading about the i. Seven plus robot vacuum is smarter than ever learning wear and when you normally clean and suggesting personalized schedules so you can focus on everything else. Plus it can clean specific messes for you right when they have. We need to get one of these for the creative house yet. We are those dust bunnies driving me. Crazy man yeah and you don't actually do any work yourself. If you're racing out the door and you notice crumbs under the kitchen table you can use the. I robot home app or your google or alexa voice assistant to tell your robot to immediately clear. That spot immediately cleaned that thang to learn more go to i. Robot dot com slash ear biscuits. That's i robot dot com slash ear biscuits for offers and more information. Welcome to ear biscuits. The podcasts were to lifelong friends. Talk about life for a long time. I'm rhett and i'm link at the roundtable dim light and we're ringing in the new year. Happy 2021 it's where we're not recording this in twenty twenty one. I'm just you know just transparency. Still celebrate it. I still believe that it's a happy. Twenty twenty one. Yeah we're gonna make it to twenty for you listener. You're certainly in twenty twenty one or later you could be. It could be years later like an going. It is nice to know that this is as permanent as you saying. You think this is going to be the smithsonian. That's a little was. I agree because when i was saying what does it really mean anymore though to be the smithsonian and that's what we're tackling today new year. What does that shoes. Severe this institution museum. I like the smithsonian shout out to everybody all of the mythical beasts who work at the smithsonian or the national archive and all that type of stuff. Yeah right But today we we got to tell you about our expedition with our boys valley. I as you might have remembered a in my top ten moments of the year. This was one of my. I don't remember what number was it was in the top ten. My favorite things that happened was our trip that we took with the boys me. My boys wore. Maybe me and my boys locking shepherd you and your boys whether names lincoln landau. I think there needs are lincoln in atlanta and To death valley and so we said we would not talk about it at all on that podcast because a number of stories were generated during our short trip that we will now share. I'm so glad that we did it. You know. I gotta say it was my idea. I don't know if that's true. But i'm going to say it was my idea like let's take the boys on a camping trip. I don't recall. So i'll give you credit i was. I was definitely looking for another opportunity to rent a sprinter van and dabble once again in that hashtag van life so i mean that's that's been on my mind a lot and you know christiane went highlight twenty twenty but yeah i wanted to. I wanted to give it like a kid mode test in. I'd only use my you know my my rig. Is that what you would call my. Fj cruiser My i'm jay cruiser. Which i recently invested in no in some work being done on it. I got the rooftop ten. That was all for my solo trip but the thing that i learned my solo trip is that I needed a more efficient way to store things. Especially if i was going to take any other beings with me on a camping trip And i don't know if you notice how proud i was of madrid. I did notice how proud you were of your drawer to drawer and you might think. What do you mean you gotta drawer. I got a drawer like a metal drawer. That in if you're if you look at an suv the back of an suv. You've got the part behind the back. Backseats what would you call that. The the boot is what christie in her family. Call it. But i always call the boot the thing where your boots would go where your feet go in the front of the car. But i think i'm wrong. Act that doesn't make any sense that they call a trunk. A boot was not. I mean it's not a trunk because it's just you know the back of an suv. The back end. There's a drawer that has been made a metal drawer to fit the entire thing fit the so basically it raises the level of the floor up. So you still have all that space. But then there's like a foot deep drawer that covers the whole thing and Not not cheap. It's not cheap. Are you prepared to say how much you paid for one drawer to go into back a year truck. No i'm not it's very. It's a very expensive drawer less less than one thousand dollars. Okay okay okay. So i actually thought it was more than a thousand miles so in by the way i'm sniffing because of a allergy. I waited too long to take my pill today. You know have waited too loud and take today. I hate when i bring allergies to your biscuits. But every once in a while i do so anyway. If it makes your eyes watery can get emotional. This drawer really is. I was excited about time with my sons. But i was most excited about the drawer but like pulling it out over and over again pushing back here so smooth but it's funny. How just one drawer properly spaced can change everything accurately taken really. You didn't see how inefficiently. I had packed everything all my solo trip. Didn't have to worry about because you got to unpack the stuff to get to the stuff behind the stuff and you have to repack it to move and i mean. Is your drawer like even now at this moment still full of stuff so i could go camping. You have a bug out vehicle. Everything except food okay. Food and water but like equipment and like each store is store their permanent lights and ways to start fire and tools and all that stuff all the camping stuff that cooking stuff. It's all in there. See if i owned van you'd be ready to get i'd be i'd have one of those two and also have shower a toilet a sink a burner and a bed inside of a vehicle. But would you have a drawer. But i'd have a lot of but no drawers knows my no big ass drawer. A lot of little drawers can add up the win. big. I don't know how jordan mathworks but no. The van was incredible. I will say. I was envious of the van. I rented different. Van big from a different set of people like t too tall for a drive through. Yeah like you can't get drive through food in this. Could you stand up inside of the van. Do you know. I really didn't invite you in. Do you know the only time. I got into your van the entire time. There's one specific time. Do you remember this when you did number two in my van. No i did not. I was not one of the people who didn't you could tell that i wasn't really chomping at the bit to number two in my van. I didn't new number two in your van. The one time i got in your van was when it was on the way to death valley when we stopped at that gas station in the middle of nowhere basically. It's like it's like a is the only is one of the only things on 395. Like you're going towards mammoth and it was a gas station. That had the subway and we ended up eating subway and it was the first time we eat his way in a while. Yeah we're sitting there in the parking lot eating shout out to the mythical beast who worked at and then he came outside and got a picture with us. yeah he did We take our masks off. We didn't and a good example. A woman came up. Started asking questions about your van and she was less right you. Can you stand up in there. And i was like well let me see. Oh that's you literally never never other bad that like you never went into van need to. He didn't have any. I mean i. It's while it's very big in some senses. It's still it's really like well. There's the bed in the back taking up most of the room and then there's the bathroom in the sink in their seats and i wasn't riding. I was driving my own car. So i didn't feel left out empty to answer your question as a six foot. Seven man which shoes on Meaning a man who was six foot seven which us on. Because i'm six and a half. Oh could not stand up exactly straight in your van. I had to hunt a little bit which is not a problem for me. I'm used to it a lifetime. Hunting has made me used to. So i think it's probably i think it's probably six-foot five six foot six clarence. This is a different van than one. I got before but it's basically the same model. It was one year. Newer is twenty twenty. one or sadi's yeah for real. It was like fresh off the lot kind of thing they may. You know the the couple. Gamy like a thorough tour. But i was like i've already. I've already done this. I've been to utah because you rented it from an individual. Yeah like a private person. Private people put their vans on. This website called outdoorsy There's probably others too but anyway that they gave me the tour and I yeah i got the impression that they they probably had rented out just a couple of times it was. It was very new and very fresh kind of for them. You know it was a very nice man a very very detailed tour. Low little a little too detailed. I mean forty. Five minute tour event. But i i get it. It's like really expensive. An you're letting some stranger use it. I mean you're charging them and they got insurance and all this stuff that that you have to get for it and stuff but still it might be a little nerve racking to to rent out your your mercedes baby but anyway with the death valley because at that time a year i mean it's it's the it was. Let's see was the hottest. It broke the record for hottest place where not on earth on earth the on earth this year it was one hundred thirty one or maybe hundred thirty four degrees fahrenheit. Thank goodness but you know when we went mid seventies during the weekend before thanksgiving yeah. It was like perfect weather. Perfect time to be there and let's see. So what's what's the what's the first story we drive in and we're we're taking some good photos taking some great photos. I've got one photo. That of of the boys and looks like a a band photo you know. None of them are looking at the camera and they're all equally spaced got. We've got some really really good photos that we that we will kiko For the video version because there's like some s right. There's a video version of this on youtube if you haven't been listening and really great photos. I took some three Three sixty photos. At least i haven't seen those. Yeah well. I think i took it. I think i took it of the first nights campsite in did not take anymore which you will learn why it didn't take any of the second and third night campsites and i got some drone footage. Oh snap i got some drone footage if you driving through canyon through titus canyon. Oh is it nice have looked at it yet okay. I'm sure it's nice nice enough. I mean we get there. It's like this time of year and especially in that valley that the sunsets quicks like four thirty in all of the sun goes over the the the the mountain ridge and and it gets really dark really quick. We kinda beat the sunset to get to the first thing we wanted to see which was some sand dunes in the middle. It's just like Standards dunes. I don't know how else to describe it. There's some re. There's like a really tall sand dune at the northern. But we're like right in the middle coming in through Stovepipe wells or yeah and these are the sand dunes that are easy to get to and it shows. There was a lot of people on these sand dunes. So it's like you're in the middle of the desert in in this giant valley and we're talking sand dunes that are hundred fifty two hundred feet high. Maybe some of the some of the Some of the biggest ones. And there's a bigger in other places you can go to do eurico. Dunes are like seven hundred feet tall. What i've heard crazy. Imagine that because he's a giant and it really. Is that kind of thing that i've only seen in movies where you know somebody you'll be in the sahara and just like they're walking up. The ridge of one of those giant sand dunes like through the desert will that exists here in like in. The boys loved it. That was a really good call to like go there first because we were walking out on the sand dunes. It's it's really exhausting. Walking up the news but like everybody had a ball. And you know you really don't know how how. How happy are you know. I affiliate was my mission for my for my kids to have good experience. You know it's like. I'm i'm building a case for van life or at least being an outdoorsy person and i will say that Both of our teenagers expressed some teenage nece about going before the trip before the trip day thinking that i am going to the desert. I don't really understand. Why want me to do this. And they really going to be fun but you know what to their credit. They brought positive attitude. They had a great attitude right and then when we got on those dunes. It's like before we know it. Shepherd we get to the highest dune that we realistically could could could walk to and walk up. Which is one of the highest ones in in that set of dunes and before i knew algorithm shepherd is like halfway down the dune doing like a log roll injures like plumes of dust. Just like yeah coming up. I knew this is going to happen. Because i know shepherd what i didn't know was that it would inspire landau to ultimately try the same thing because you know that's not really. He's not a roll down. I figure out if it was if is a good idea. Second kind of a person. I guess he. He observed shepherd and But you know it. Wore it warms. Your heart is a dad. Seeing your kids barrel rolling and all four of them were doing it. Down this Sandy slope but not the the dad's not dan at the time i'm thinking about my shoulders is this is broad. Shouldered man could just like crumple up in an instant. I just took photos and videos. I was a cinematographer. Did not i was not a roller. It was a cool start and then you know once we were like alarmed with how quickly it was getting really dark where we found the the first place that was that felt. If felt like it it could be like an almost off road You unique kind of a high clearance vehicle to get to a place where it would. It would feel isolated and we could find a campsite not actually not campsite. But just a spot once you get out. Disperse camp disburse game. And once you get out like a mile off the main road. You're allowed to camp anywhere anywhere you want. Designated swaths of land. And i mean it's it's there's a beauty to the desert that you that you see. It's a mindset to kind of appreciating it but as we were driving out there and i had the youngest boys in the van with me. And i'm just like this is what this van was made to do. Boys we're like kind of rollicking over some rocks and like go going through these. These washes with like shear walls. On either side there are some slot canyons. Yeah and we were going through that and As like this is when. I think about what i wanted this trip to be this. This is it. we're gonna find a good spot death valley which now me and you've been to three times. Death valley has it all i. It is a it is an incredible well. It doesn't have trees it doesn't have water. It doesn't have shade. It has everything that you would expect in death valley but just a you understand if you've never been to death valley national park if you are just picturing a giant empty desert well yes that is part of it. But along the sides of the desert there are so many different geological formations and canyons. And just really like the kids were immediately into how cool the geography us right. Yeah arriving through this. I mean it definitely. It feels like something off of a off of a movie set. Like you're you're on a farm world and if you have a regular old car a sedan or whatever you can a lot of this but if you really wanna get away from the sort of touristy spots kind of need a vehicle that can get there and we had been a couple of four and actually we chronicled at least one of those trips with our friend nick and the other people that he does over landing with an offroad and with us when we did the took showers naked in the hot spring springs So yeah it's You know we've done like the the extreme technical off road. Anything in the j you and i both in that so it was. I was with van and the kids in and not a lot of confidence to be able to fix a problem in isolated locations like any mechanical or technical issues. I i didn't. I don't even think about something going wrong because i just want to like be in a place where if something goes wrong i can say is not up to us so that you know. We didn't and the van. The van in the rental agreement would certainly not allowed to. Do we want to minimize new. You're managing the expectations of children and teenagers and they don't like to just stay. Don't want to in the car. You want to get out and do stuff but i will say just because you don't like to think about something going really wrong doesn't mean it won't because it did your biscuits supported by i robot sure enough your holiday wishlist Oh i got something you can add to it. The room by seven plus robot vacuum by getting to know you and your home roomba makes cleaning easier than ever before though roomba seven plus i know about it like as well y- because i'm reading about it the i seven plus robot. Vacuum is smarter than ever learning. Where and when you normally clean and suggesting personalized schedule so you can focus on everything else. Plus it can clean specific messes for you right when they haven't. We need to get one of these for the creative house yet. We are like those. The dust bunnies drive me crazy man. Yeah and you don't want to actually do any work yourself. If you're racing out the door and you notice crumbs under the kitchen table you can use the i robot home app or your google or alexa voice assistant to tell your robot to immediately clean that spot immediately cleaned that hang to learn more good. I robot dot com slash ear biscuits. That's i robot dot com slash ear biscuits for offers and more information so that first night You know the the older boys had camping a tent. And then me and landau. We're gonna sleep in the van and then you shepherd are going to sleep on top of the fj in that in that fancy rooftop and you might ask yourself well. Why did you make the older boys sleep in a tent. Well technically the rooftop. Ten that i got is a three man but if you are a experienced camper you know the three person means to person it does done it. A three person tent comfortable for fall for and when one of the persons is as big as mine person even if the other person is a small shepherds person it still. I mean shepherd and i were basically right next to each other could live comfortably. Gotten another being in there with us anyway in. I mean you technically could have gotten somebody into the van but it would have require moving stuff out. Yeah it will be underneath the bed and like a bump it situation and we also thought this was a good opportunity for our teenage sons to learn how to like set of free content up and break it down. You know what they did it they did it you know i. I gotta give 'em credit. I mean just positive attitudes and it. Just if it was just me and my kids it would have been a lot more challenging. Yeah and i have to think the same the other way right. So as not yet they had had compadres. You're less likely to say and do embarrassing things in luger cool both ways both the kids and the parents when you are co mingled the thing that learned the first night. He hit me like a ton of bricks and we talked about. It is at my previous camping experience with christy. First time we'd ever gone on a camping excursion the two of us and of course you were alone. Both of those which are different than each other are still starkly different than going camping with multiple children. Because you know the amount of time devoted to getting everything right that includes getting everything right for them. I mean just like we barely had time to sit down. I mean we were scrambling to make dinner and like you know you got me over here cooking burgers while you're cooking mac and cheese and other stuff on your said cooking is a is a relative term. Yeah kinda. I kinda got steaks and burgers confused. And i got him my mind. Like i know that if i overcook the burgers. It's kind of like a steak if you overcook the state. They're gonna complain it. You don't want it. Well done and do ground beef grant. Yeah unless it's been pasteurized of dark. But everyone did seem notice that the burgers weren't cooked more of seared tartar. Gosh i didn't mind. I couldn't finish it. Landau was in was horrified. Yeah and sadly okay. I'm not but you know. What i i play strikes and when we were done eating i said you know i. I'll focus on doing some dishes and cleaning up and like i'm i'm back in my in my zone. You know in the cleaning zone. There's a lot of cleaning going on while the older boy you're cleaning to the older boys said you know we're going to of course it's been dark for hours after we were done eating and the older boys said we're gonna we're just gonna go off in like explore. I thought that was a good idea. So so lock in. Lincoln went off. They just walked down the way that we came and there is nothing no one no other civilization or no other sign of human activity within sight really activity of any any any kind. Maybe there are some plants. I'm not many but some and So so they walk off. And then i'm i'm doing the dishes and i'm trying to remember what happened if you told me. Yeah i think. I knew as soon as they left with. My plan was So i come out from finishing the dishes and the younger boys is sitting by the fire and of course. They've got screens out. I'm like boys. Put your screens away. And i was like i'm going to hang out with you guys because you said i'm going to go scare lock in lincoln and i'm gonna get the mcglaughlin tradition of you know trying to give your fellow campers or heart attack shepherd in orlando's is get as big as saucers and you walked off into the darkness and then i'm left. Maybe i'll tell my perspective this story and then you can tell yours so. I'm sitting there at the campfire talking to shepherd and landau. And i'm like i ended up talking about. I don't know how we got on it. But i started talking to them about. I think it's because you're out camping. And you're like there's a level of like a spirit of independence to camping. And when i started talking about you know our friend ben and his his adventurous spirit and the things that he would do in the woods and out in nature and how he fostered stuff that we've shared with you last year on the podcast. Just i was just kind of telling them stories of all the things that he would do in in spire us to do out in the woods on canoes and how his you know how his parents when they were not much older than him would take him in his canoe in dr willing to drop him off now. Much older than our shepherd orlando at the time. Yeah not much older than him like his parents weren't that much older than him. Now said not much older than them. Landau shepherd sounds like. Can you imagine me and mom driving you guys with a canoe. Like to the next town over. And then you're just gonna canoe down the river and then you know half a day half the day later we're gonna pick you back up and they're like they're like super into it and i'm like yeah this. What campaigns all about. You got a fire. You got these kids who are just like expanding their. Their horizons forgetting about their screens. And then all of a sudden. I just heard this blood curdling scream and kerfuffle in the way distance. And i'm like shepherdess. Your dad i think he found the older boys and then we just waited for you to come back and here. The story of what had happened well. I think i've talked about this before. I mean i have a thing for scaring people. It's one of my favorite things and Done it all my life and a family tradition. My dad did it to me And so as soon as they left and they had their headlamps on right and so there's basically we're kind of in this wash so essentially sort of like a shallow canyon and there's only so many play they can go this way or they can go that way they can't. There's not that many places they can go and you can see where they're at because it's so dark and so i could see that they were a long distance away either lights because it's so so flat and there was a little bit of moonlight. There was enough moonlight for me to walk out there without a light in my eyes kind of adjusted to the desert. So i kinda see where. I was going without being too much danger. So as like okay. I'm gonna walk down towards them. And then i'll i could see them in the distance l. They've turned back around another walking back towards the campsite. But they're still many many hundreds of yards away from the campsite some All right one minute. I'm going to kind of get on the side of this path behind this bush and wait for them to come by scare the crap out of him. But then i was like man this. The desert plants are so like sparse and small. And i am like it there shining their headlamp and they see me behind this very sparse. Cactus bush kind of thing. The whole thing is ruined says i. I'm going to move further off of the road. Get down on my belly behind this little like embankment and let them pass and then come up behind them because not only is that you know. They can't see me but it will scare them so much to have something. Come from behind the unknown. The unknown that they've just been in verses the campsite the it makes sense that somebody that we know might be on that side so they come walking they walked. They walked by me and then. Didn't you hear lock say something. Well here's the deal. I had to stand up in start kind of walking towards the road and as i stood after they passed after they passed as i stood up and started taking a couple of steps a sort of heard something in them and then like later. We find out lock was liquid. You hear something and he was like no anyway. So lock is paranoid lot. Lot already scared. He'd been scared the whole time. He's kind of skittish in general. Yeah he scares like the dark and so he's looking over shoulder not seen anything and then stop in. But then i then i get. I walk out into the middle of this basically as dirt road that are walking down and then i start taking more and more steps and then right before i really start running where they're gonna know. I probably get you know ten feet behind them. And i'm gonna let out the lowest most guttural sound that i can make that will sound as on humanist possible just like roy okay and Locked screamed. I don't think lincoln screamed. I didn't hear him scream. I heard lockscreen but then when they tell the story what do they say that they thought locked. It might be bigfoot. Which is what. I which is what i was hoping in lincoln said that he his brain was saying he's super scared but he was thinking if that's not read. I don't know what we're gonna do. Say you know. He kinda had he was he a strategic thinker than me you know. He knows how to play chess right. Yes i was encouraged. That like he didn't he didn't lose his cool a completely but i know he was scared because you know when they tell the story when they came back up in the three of you walked back like they just had this sweaty exasperated wide. I'd like like heart rate. Still pumping kinda vibe. And i could tell. That lincoln was legitimately scared along with like who would listen. It's it's scary. I mean it's not as scary as it was. When i was out there by myself like i told you on the on the Trip but being out there when there's just no point of reference for there's no other people you just feel exposed and you don't know what mysteries lie in the dark. I think one of my favorite things was what happened next in that you know you came back and you told the that story like all three of you told the story from your perspective and then we went on like all of us sitting around the fire. You and i started telling stories kind of building on what i was doing with the stories. I was already telling him. Just telling the story about how we would go camping across the cape fear river and the one time that you Invested by over an hour of disappearing from me and the rest of the friends that we brought camping and like fully committing to like long term leading. Scaring the crap out of us but like lane in the water. Like like Like arnold schwarzenegger is knows. We're above the surface like a gaiter and a longtime telling them that story. it was they. Were you know it was just cool to see our boy so into us telling the stories and i think we ended up telling a few stories that we had written about in the book at the county and i just realized you know what you can't just you can't just write stories in a book and expect your kids to read these stories. Were still new to them. It was the story of my brothers Which in the book of the county. It's like a comic strip. So i don't know how well it's conveyed. But it's the story of my brother in his middle school science fair project which he called birds which did not have a hypothesis or you know any sort of experiment. It just has autism dismembered burn. It was just. I think it was one bird that he had shot And then taken apart and put on his poster board and To just show you the body parts of the birds. It definitely seems like the kind of thing a serial killer would do as a middle school science fair project but my brother is not a serial killer And it was a different time. Even my kids know call. So it's like they got a kick out of that story landau in particular. That was the conversation in which us all landau kind. Check out a little bit. Yeah he's younger. He's he's such a sensitive soul and he turns out he loves birds. So you know when you're when you're adjusting to camping. There were a number of moments. When i kind of had to pull him to the side and say. Hey we're still having a good time. You know he he. He had a number of moments where he bounced back. He was good and it was. It was helpful that like we had the security of the van. Where like we could we could Get snuggled in our blanket and kinda feel more secure but the so the next morning We had to drive out of you know out of the camp site back to the two main area to go and explore and find her next campsite and lock. You know is a lot of the kids these days and kids in california. I think especially on a slightly different schedule. When it comes to getting their driver's permit enlight license. I mean mean who like as soon as we turned fifteen. We got our driver's permit. As soon as we turned sixteen that day. I got my license. You know things a little bit slower and obviously the pandemic has had an effect on this so basically just got his his driver's permit Right before we left and he's not really driven a car without. We haven't really done the thing where you dislike. Let your kid drive when they're fourteen like all as you drive around the neighborhood or something like that. We haven't done that. Don't really have that kind of neighborhood. So he just got his permit some like this is the perfect opportunity for him to drive. You're in the desert. You're on a dirt road There's not any other traffic. I mean in the blog where we went off. Roading jeopardy we you let him drive right but i was in the driver seat still. This is for real. This is giving them one hundred percent control. Yeah we're out there in the middle of nowhere and it's just like dirt roads leading back up to the main road in fact. You told me you were going to do that. And i'm like well. I'm gonna go ahead far enough so that he won't be driving in my dust so far ahead and i do not witness anything that is about to happen this year. I'm going to eat better and spend less time in money at the grocery store. 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I remember doing it as driver and lock was doing that almost immediately right so there's big rocks in this segment. I'm like lock your too far to the right. You're part of the ripe. Come back to the left. He's like. I don't think i am like listen and i actually had sutphin like all right. The only way that this is going to work if you assume that when we are in the car together and we have a different view of driving. I will always be right. Okay dirt during this stage of the relationship. That doesn't mean forever but while you're the pupil and i'm the teacher the only way we can do this just assume that i am my driving experience. No one i'm talking about right. And he actually was like ok. That makes sense. So i was like in. Here's how you can kind of tell where you're out on the road anyway. So we're going along. He's doing great he's doing fine. I'm having to correct him a little bit and kind of get him to move to the center. But i'm trying to be calm and then all of a sudden see another vehicle coming towards us because again. This is a single lane. We're we're going to have to sort of move to the side to let each other pass. I see that the The guy has stopped to let a move to the side to let us go. He's in like a subaru of some kind. We not really super off road but like enough to be out on this dirt road but laka seeing the car and he has come to a stop so that guy thinks that he's saying that we should go. Yeah but by the time. I say let me go. Lock starts to go in sodas. The other guy. It's like what you would typically do on foot with someone all right. We're both going left and we're doing a dance and so playing chicken at this point. What ends up happening is. There's a. there's a little bit yelling from me. It's like saying it's not just go. No he wanted. I'm basically embodying. The process vocally was. I wasn't helping. I'm sure it was helping. And lincoln's in the back seat just kinda smile a little bit so We'll get to the point where it kinda just looks like. We're both just gonna drive past each other. Oh with like one wheel on this dirt sort of embankment on the side. Now you stopped and started. How many times at this point. Four to five. That's awkward man. That's okay it's okay to have one tire or up on this embankment when you're an fj cruiser right. Even though lot was getting so far to the right that i thought he was gonna get high centered. Or whatever the turin when you basically you get stuck in both wheels are on you know and so i was like you. Don't stay left too far to the right. You know slightly calmer than that the other guy is doing the same thing and eventually get past him and then lot gets back in the middle and goes and i kind of and then i'll turn around and look like i think that guy got stuck like he's in not in a off road vehicle and he doesn't seem to be going anywhere so it was like look. I think that guy got stuck stop so lock. Stock has said. Yeah i get. I get in the driver's seat. Put it in reverse a back all the way up to this guy and sure enough he stuck not only is he stuck but three additional vehicles in a row three guys. You're on like an off road trip. Have come out of the mountain. Same place you came from. Yeah are now stopped in in their out talking to this guy and then within the time that i get outta my car they start pushing him off and they get him often the embankment and they help him. I get out of the guy. Said sm- nice things about what. How about your vehicle. And i won't hang. Hey listen i got an even though. Lock is sixteen. I i was like. Hey i got a fifteen year. Old new driver driver the first time. Sorry about that. He's like no problem. they got me. It's great it's it's fine whatever so So then i get back in the car. I drive a little bit. i'm like well. We have a lot of dirt road to go. And i'm like a stopping to listen. Okay let's start over. You know that was something you couldn't anticipate you know it's probably your fault and That was a difficult thing to navigate in your first driving experience. And i don't want you to be nervous and have like a bad taste in your mouth and your first driving experience so listen let me another. Let's recenter. I'm going to calm down a little bit. You calm down a little bit because we were both yelling. Each other we have very similar personalities and the switch so so we switch locked in the driver seat. I get in the passenger seat and the three guys who have helped the subaru are now have come behind us in start right behind us and the lead car is right behind us So lock puts it into gear presses. The gas problem is the gear that he chose was reverse gas. Depressed enough enough for me to yell again. I'm telling you man the moment when you. I mean when -ticipant in going forward and find yourself from averse and knowing there's the guy right behind us block. I said his name three times and he ended up. I don't know if he put it if he just hit the brakes or a just moved back into park either way something. There was a grinding noise. Oh from our car we did not ramda. I mean how. How often would you didn't hit him several feet which is close in a car right. And how often would it have been for is again as i driving experience to be like running this guy off the road and then back into a guy who helped but after that uh point what did you do. He said i don't wanna drive in. Obviously you got your. I'm sorry i got. I got a thirteen year old driver. Here he's getting younger by this this with every mistake i felt for him because i mean where i thought was going to happen. The same thing that happened as we as we drove in which was no other cars but on the way out we have to run against this person coming at us if we got three guys behind us. So did you switch back at that point. Switch back and i drove out drove and We are he actually did not end up driving again. That wasn't by design that was more related to what ended up happening. Which we'll talk about next yes Anyway and i was waiting for you. And i was like why are they not here yet. He gave me permission to tell that story. And i was like listen and as we were driving out we actually had a good conversation. I was like listen man. This kind of thing this is. This is why you do this so you can have a story. I was like your dad can have. This is why you a podcast. One day you you got your. You've got your first driving story right. And and second first and second all star came to and for one. And you're safe. No one got hurt. We can have a laugh about it. You learn something you move on and we actually got to a good place. You catch up with us. I hear the story And then we. We ended up driving all the way out of the valley to bady to refuel. And then we knew there was a ghost town there that we kind of dropped in on a second week some lunch then we went in. We came back into canyon on titus canyon which is One of the more popular drives but again that time of the year not many not that many people. They're great drive the best drive like Again is not is not technical. It's just little it's best to have high clearance but no problem. We saw a guy in a maximum. We did and it's a. It's a one way. Thanks so he is just do not recommend that. Do not scott a lot of wash boarding so this maximum. Your car is shaking as you go but also saw a guy on a bike doing the whole thing. There's there is this guy. And this is where. I got the drone footage. I don't know it probably won't be. I haven't looked at. It probably won't be that impressive but like as you come down out of the mountains and the canyon like you're you're you're you're one of those ice ice road truckers sorta roads in which. There's no obviously there's no guardrail. And there's just a sheer drop into a canyon on one side and his one lane wide in exciting right. I mean we we. We had a good time and then at the end you get into the slot canyon amazed. You're literally driving in a canyon that with the the width of a road and with with straight elizabeth lane of yet right one way. And you're in it's not enforce it like you can never see more than like you know fifteen yards in front of and that's why it's one way because you couldn't that bottleneck yeah your biscuits is supported by hbo. Max you can experience the epic adventure of wonder woman nineteen eighty-four in theaters and on h. b. o. max now streaming at no extra cost to hbo max. Subscribers wonder woman one thousand nine hundred eighty four the year that it all started for us man this year we met. We watch this together. I don't remember seeing wonder woman there but well she she was there. Let's watch hate back plus with hbo. Max stream the grades collection of series movies. And exclusive max originals. All in one place discover something new to watch like the undoing. The flight attendant his dark materials and so much more go to hbo. Max dot com or download the app to sign up and start streaming. Today day wonder woman. Nineteen eighty-four is rated. Pg thirteen wonder woman. Nineteen eighty-four is available to stream on. Hbo max for thirty one days from theatrical premiere so we go through that and you know it was. It was really cool to go with the boys in these for the first part of that trip landau actually was asleep in the back. I don't know how he did. It was so bumpy. Well we were. We were worried you know and like there was a couple of places where lot would be like dad. Dad you 'cause it it's freaks you out because you're like well if iraq falls or if you if you if you don't if you reach down change the radio station if you've got a radio station at that point then you could careen off. All systems are online. When you are doing and lincoln was like. I don't know how landau is doing. S good point. He well he was sleep. That's the miracle of it. All so chef is i got shipped. Sit in the front seat with me. Like i'm like you like steely dan. Because i know shit you know you've been training him on on what listen to. He didn't know them by name. But like we're listening to some some dan. You know it's like i. I really feel like we have this kind of a uncle moment. You know it's like it was cool for all of us to hang out. And incidentally lincoln told me about sleeping over at the house with with lock subsequent to this trip And i was like whoa everything. He told me that he did. He was like well me and lie and read. We ate this and then me and lock and re we washed movie and me and like i was like it. Sounds like you were hanging out with locking read the whole time. I felt a little threatened. You know this is. This is good uncle vibes. We watched we watched Just a heinous horror movie. He told me you know. I i think those that trip really fostered like an extended family type of connection and it was. You know that's just a magic camping that you find yourself around a campfire and you over glamorize it and trust me. There's a lot of stuff. The majority of time is not glamorized. Then you find those moments that you can kind of hold onto like steely dan. Moment when it's like this amazing view and seeing you you guys were way ahead of us. We kinda into the drawn by the time we caught up well and then you just stop at this like a ghost town. There was a place called lead field which is just a place that sprung up when they thought they were gonna be mining lead in it turns out that the place had a post office for like eleven months in three hundred people. Live there and you see and they've got the pictures out there what it used to look like. And they're still like three building standing that you can kind of walk around in the minds or close closed minds are closed but you can walk up to him and looking and they've got him kind of like a supra cough and the kids. The kids were really into this and like us talking about like. What would it have been like to be out here. A hundred and twenty years ago. Yeah it's mining lead. You know i mean we come back and we're like telling all these stories and lilies like i kind of wish kind of wish i would have gone and i was like girl you can go next time but it was. It was cool for her to say that out loud. You know it's like she was definitely not down she yes. She wasn't in. And i mean her and christie were hanging out and it was. It was good for them but so we leave lead filled in like again. It's like you go through that slot canyon at the end of that trip. And then you're like man where we're chasing daylight here. We got to find a place to To camp for the night and again we didn't want to be in the middle of the valley where there's it's there are some like s- pockets a civilization like a gas station in a camp ground and One hotel like a bunch of palm trees. I always say superstring say a resort a risk yeah resorts super nice. The only one they lead in there to develop or maybe the only people willing to do it or and to keep it up but anyway we actually drove past that and you found on the map like we go up this. This canaccord echo canyon. We start going up that on like that High clearance road lot of lot of people camp in there and there was a truck in front of us that was going so slow and like he let us go by and then i'm like man i am. We've been driving day. My shoulders are sore. I am exhausted. I just feel like. I can't steer this thing anymore I i'm feeling every bump in the road it's like. I'm glad we're almost find campsite and with with every every rock we hit in every turn. We tried to make house like man. This is if i didn't know better this. This feels like when. I my first pickup truck and nineteen eighty seven nissan. Pickup had no power steering. That's what this feels like. And then i was like hold on. I think that might be what happened. But we're also we haven't the thing we haven't talked about getting dark on our walkie talkies. Yeah which i. That was having a walkie talkie being able to a big ball over. Like your little boy over talking back and forth to each other like That's the way to go on a off road trip like that. There's lots of checking in and also lots of walkie jokes. Walkie jokes and humor is your look to your left right now. You'll see a big pair of bubis things like that. It's just rocks. But you gotta make those kinds of jokes when boys are squint. A little bit right so you were. I say that because you're on the walk and you're like i'm having trouble steering. i'm tired. i think. I think there might be my power steering. And i'll be honest with you when you said that i was like i just think i just think he must be tired. And he's like there's nothing wrong with that there's nothing wrong with that brand new super nice van his kid and harder by the second. Steer is getting darker by the second and we. You know we're having a pass. All these people camp in then we go slacking going slot canaan because as we found this super cool ama hop out and hop out. And i'm like man. I swear. I've lost power steering. I'm losing power steering and you look under the front and it's like it's. It's something leaking. It's wet under there. That's exactly what it is. And i'm like it's a scary feeling when you're because we had gotten to the point where it's like we felt that isolation because that's where we like to camp and it was just is there's a sinking feeling of this could get bad real quick. You know because it's like it'd be so hard to get a vehicle in here like a tow truck in here to get this thing out and some like we. We can't camp here we got. I gotta get we gotta get this thing back out of here right now if it's leaking power steering before it's all Force bone-dry which potentially do damage to the vehicle. I i got to try to get this thing back out closer to civilization so we turn right back around and go all the way back out and by the time we got back out. I'm like hanging a right onto the paved road. I'm like i'm like trying with all of my might to turn the wheel to get this thing back. This isn't that an eighty seven nissan pickup truck. No it's not and vehicle. I mean we. We drove back down to the valley into to a campground which said it was totally full furnace creek campground. And don't wanna give a shout out to the The camp the rangers. Yeah park rangers. You were at the camp because there were some mythical based mythical beasts. Yeah but the night before we taught like the guy who lives there permanently older guy who was like. Well they didn't show up. You can stay in this while. Lyle love your lyle and then so you know what i can still camp in this thing for tonight you know. I called the owners or texting owners. I told them what was up They were understanding and helped me problem. Solve interns. like what we're gonna do with this thing. They said well since you're situated wet find out the next morning what the best course of action is in colin like the roadside assistance. And get the so that. That night was You know we're actually. We were able to have an actual fire. There would like not with the propane went desire. But i went to the fancy general store which was like a kind of little outdoor mall resort kind of situation in the middle of desert to get this Firewood that costs me. Thirteen dollars a bundle. I got three bundles. We have jim expensive. Would we a good night. that night. the next day we find out that no they can't come out and fix it. This is such a new vehicle. They're gonna have to come to- it to the nearest place. Which is las vegas. And can i say that we you know you talked about our non prowess when it comes to diagnosing the problems but i say between the two of us right about that. We and we thought what had happened was is that the hose to the pump had completely come loose based on the spray pattern of the of the Of the power steering fluid and it turns out. That's what happened to the car. I'll fast forward to win. I'm like well so we arranged for the tow truck to come in and the owner said would is going to get him to thoat back to los angeles. How how three and a half hours from there was four and a half hours four and a half hours and they told the tow truck came from. La picked it up and then went the four and a half hours back and he couldn't be fixed. Because the clamp is a proprietary clamp that you found out very soon after that the the about it online had Issued a recall. Well that's what. I found out weeks later so just to close that loop. Yeah whenever i was returning stuff to the owner that i'd taken out of the van. She was like i got. I just got the notice today. The recall fix that. So you know. i know. I didn't do anything inappropriate. But it made me feel better than like. Hey this is the mercedes problem. Not a link a link but that took most of our day. 'cause we had to drive all the way out to you had to drive me out to the nearest place to rent a car. All the way out of the valley and bring rent a minivan. Bring it all the way in. And so we kind of lost a day but ignificant downgrade in how who'll you seem the rest of the trip. Yeah you went from. Having a van that was so big van life goes to hashtag minivan life yearly differently minivan. Life was not you know. I didn't want to be in pictures with you. And your minivan anymore. I took a picture of the sprinter. Wien being loaded up on the on the video. Oh cool drone footage no drome but i got that on video. I wanna see that. That's cool Last story we had you ought to tell we had enough. We hopped in the minivan as as the sun was setting and we drove to this one. It was called like sunset canyon or something like that and we're we knew it was going to get dark but that didn't mean that. I grabbed a jacket. But it didn't mean that. I grabbed Flashlights or headlamps or anything because we did not do that right but as it was getting dark. It was clear in me and lock. We're actually we kinda got up ahead of you guys. It was and we were walking ahead of everybody and again it was this canyon. Got this like chalky white rock. That's almost like dirt. Meets rock like dirt. That hasn't yet become rock so sedimentary Rock is still very sedimentary. Right and a lot of people are walking out as we're walking in up into this basically slot canyon but you could see that the moon was going to be bright and actually as the sun was going down in the moon was coming up. You could already see your moonshadow pretty crazy. And i was like this is fine. We don't need. We don't need lights this is keep going. I will say when it was all said and done. I'm like landon. What was your favorite thing. He was like via hike because at a certain point we started calling this guy. This is the night hike. We're doing it you know. And we went in a few miles. You get all the way to like you get up against this. Like shear mountain faces. They call it like the federal rescue three-drug cathedral yet read what Rockwall and you unlock had gotten a lot further head. A matter of fact. I convince myself that you guys are going to try to scare the crap out of us and i was not about that but when we got to the cathedral you unlock so we got to the end of the end of the line and like there was a cave. He had to walk through light to get to the final end of the trail. And we could hear. This is so weird. We could hear you guys talking to each other crisp. Like i can make out the words that you were saying and so i wanted to make sure that you were gonna come all the way and you're gonna turn around And so we. I was like i. I yelled as loud as i could. Didn't hear any no response. But you could hear me like there was just talking on acoustic issue where i couldn't get my voice to go to you and i think it might be because you were in this little like cave thing in was coming out of the cave but couldn't get my voice to go into the cave rent. No one will ever know acoustic mistress and acoustic mystery. Acoustic misfit keeps me up. Keeps you up at night. You're thinking about it but then you finally show up and it's pretty cool because it at this point you going to the sheer wall of the cathedral and then you kind of back and kind of go. Go up this Like pyramid of to like this ridge that then we start taking pictures of the kids. Took a silhouette. Peter declares either by the moonlight and it was super cool. And so i'm down below your up a little bit ahead of me Taking a picture of all of the boys up there on the ridge and then we take the pictures and we're like all right. Let's start heading back down and just as we start heading back down there. Some sort of There's a little bit of a kerfuffle like there's something going on there's like some shimmying happening in some grunting as people are coming now starting to come down and the first thing that i hear said is i could tell people were concerned and landau says please. Nobody saying he bad word. And so i'm like oh okay. What is happening. Well apparently he had picked up on a pattern. Which is if things went wrong. There were bad words that were said. Nobody's saying words that upset him. I was like what It turns out what had happened. Was shepherd who let me. Just go on record and say that sheppard is actually has a great track record with keeping up with his phone not so much with my other son But great track record keeping up with his phone and not losing things but shepherd had dropped his relatively new phone that had proceeded to slide down this cliffside. That was probably i mean. We're talking like a forty five degree angle that just kind of went down into the lower part of the red cathedral. I was dark abyss really and we could not see anything and even when we shined our phone lights onto the slow we were like. There's no way that we're gonna find this but felt like the phone has gotta be right there in. So did you say any bad words. I didn't see any bowers. Because landis ought to. Oh it's true. I said one what did i say it I think after looking for about fifteen minutes and like crab walking down that forty five degree slope and of feeling like you don't know what you could tumble into you kinda. You kinda started getting a little bit more grouchy. Well here's a thing. And i'd walked down below because i was down at the bottom. And you're up at the top and the phone was somewhere in the middle as i was walking down this cliffside. I was thinking to myself. Am i going to die trying to find my kids phone and this is he's he's never gonna forgive himself like is he going to wash. Is you're gonna watch his dad tumble off this cliff in the moonlight. My dad's dead because dropped my phone. So that's when. I started to joke with them about that. Yeah again landau. You know it didn't like that. Because i was like all right shepherd here. I am going to find your phone. This might be the last time we talk your wisdom oslo to assist children. But i also felt like i wasn't going to die and i also it wasn't remembering birds. It was it wasn't that was my brother and it wasn't like the end of the cliff. It just dropped off the nothing. It was just the trail so was like right at worst. I'll just be badly injured right. You're not gonna fall into. Oblivion you write all to the trail that where i'm standing but i will as you know scared of heights trying to overcome that and not let anybody know But eventually i was like. I can't see this phone. And i'm afraid i can't if i if i get to a place where i can't get back up. Then we're going to be like calling in the chopper. Assuming there is one and so come back up we go around to the bottom and we get down there and shepherd of course is already climbing up the cliff to try to get his phone. He's might be addicted to screens. That might be what was driving him. he's way up there and i'm a little worried by him and i'm like well i gotta go up there too so i went up there and five minutes past. We ended up finding the phone. I was able to spot it with my light and we got it and we out with only one. Maybe two curse words said in no injuries. Yeah landau was cool with that. He still sit. That's that's the end of that story. He still said my favorite thing was the night hike so you oh you didn't ruin it for him good completely but Yeah that's the catch phrase now. If anything wrong happens first thing he does is okay please. Nobody's saying bad word numeric. You're not gonna wanna hear. Just don't say any bad words in ended up being incredible trip. I'm so glad. I were saying that it was your idea. I'm so glad you had that idea. I wish we had had already done it more. You now kids are the they are but and also wanna go next say. That's the good news. Is that before we went on that trip. I think in locks mind it was like i'm not gonna. I'm not gonna do this again. But by the end he was talking about how good of a time he had had how much he liked being out in nature and then on the way back i drove lock and lincoln and i let them be my dj and boy the musical journey that we went on that started in sort of dad. Music territory. John mayer etc slowly started getting into Some some hip hop that i enjoy then began to transition into Maybe some modern hip hop allah. Twenty-one savage and i about bad word we made up for all the bad words that we had a hell back in the presence of landau we. We went well over the limit if you include what the artists including what if you include. The artists said in the last hour of our tra. My van did not have the capability to connect to my phone and most of the time that but forgotten just point it did not connect to my phone And we we hardly had any radio stations. So the only thing i listened to was how bad my kids in your kid's feet smelled. Yeah like we had to pull over so they could get you know. Shepherd was wearing shoes with no socks and the house like he'll he'll take your shoes off and he gives them the call and i'm not gonna let him do that. My man you got we had to pull over. You could go up to your car. Pull out that drawer and get some socks at us. Like a biohazard. We had a great trip. It's a privilege to have shared it with you on this ear biscuit and great way to kick off the year. You know it's just it's just a good thing to to build on you know is that we can be outdoors. I i still don't know what i wanna do about the van. Like if there's a van in my future i think i'm just going to stay on the rental front. Is this kind of scared me a little bit like something that drastic that required that much towing like i just. I think it was nice to rent it the rental i think the rentals nice is the way to go for one of those yeah. It's not that hard. That's what i'm leaning towards at this point and It was a good trip man and next week we will talk about Assuming it seems like every time we go somewhere or there's a break their stories to tell so we're gonna talk about the holidays. The holiday break from that yeah. I'm assuming that we'll talk about that but hashtag your biscuit. Let us know if you if you want to weigh in on any of this. Oh and i got a i got. I got a recommendation. Get verse of twenty twenty one new wreck. I've found this series on. Hbo max forgive me if you don't have. Hbo max. But i just in you know. Just another reason to get calm is is is one of the meditations. But they have a series. You know about the series no-one. Hbo's got a world of calm and A c- there's a number of episodes but it's basically it's reminiscent of like the the calming nature of watching primitive technology on youtube. Just watching somebody in a process. They have a more meditative. It's much more edited and produced version of that. It's like it's the most calming documentary that you could watch. Intentionally calming documentary. Only watched one episode example. The episode i watched is called among the trees narrated by keanu reeves. Oh and it is a guy who takes one felled tree and turns it into a canoe so like a like a a single tree hall canoe And it's you know he doesn't talk there's no interviews it's just like calming music and footage of him narrator by keanu of him making a kenu how old i mean. How long is this. This episode is is twenty three minutes long so it's super cool to watch. That's the only one i've watched. There's one about snowfall. The birds journey narrated by nicole. Kidman i mean it. Sounds like i'm giving an ad but it's just a really cool idea. Hbo max has been a sponsor. Yeah that's right. The coral city narrated by lucy liu is episode one glassmaker by zoe kravitz narrator by the great beyond narrated by idris elba. Oh this is a good idea. Yeah this is. This is super cool. Ooh horse's tail t. a. l. e. Who's that one kate winslet. Oh boy the gift of chocolate jiang. So this ten episodes on this thing worldcom check out like if it's nice to have to be able to watch something like kind of feed your soul and gives you rest and doesn't just distract you but it is meditative experience. I need to watch that before. I helped my son drive there. You go man or maybe after ordering all right. We'll speak catching next week.

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S3E3 - Abortion of Justice

Pressure Points

1:13:42 hr | 9 months ago

S3E3 - Abortion of Justice

"You guessed it pressure points with your two favorite reporters in the business. I'm D this main man Aj for hitting you with the season three episode three an abortion of justice us on instagram and twitter at points pressure. Let's get to it. You know that intro was way better than the last one I know that's why I made you re record. It is fucking garbage. Yeah, it was. A non quarantine quarantine going still get paid to do nothing you fucking bet it always it's. It's been quite amazing. Oh, but man. We have some announcements. About those so. Which one my personal announcement of the announcement! You want ear pregnant. With a disgusting lovechild. Very sweaty foamy loved. Definitely sweating. That's all my jeans. I mean big. Shout out to a senior Schuyler. Want your name on here, but I appreciate you. Read, no, no, no. Sorry much shaded. homeboy reached out about hooking me up with a vehicle, but didn't pan out, but regardless it's appreciate us to keep your eyes and ears out for that. Go Fund. D Go Fund. Also starting, I mean it's been out for a little bit, but we haven't talked about it I. We've been rolling shit out onto seven. Really Tony told anybody. Yeah, but we got A. Patriae on the link is in the description de would do. We have to tears I deleted one of them. I didn't tell you about it. Did you delete the top one? Leave it on there. Someone else knows. Somebody some child who still their credit card and pay us that much. That's fine I'm not gonna I'm not going to be part of that so. I don't think four twenty a month. Sign up you dollars and twenty cents a month four hundred and twenty dollars month. Sign Up. You get a wonderful slew of. Video. One Our podcast hour fifty one minutes. We were there while. To yeah, we haven't. There's a good chance we didn't edit out are. So it's. CHANCE YOU'RE GONNA, get unreleased content and find out everything about us. So the we put our unreleased pilot episode we were in one room, sitting on a lifetime table, sharing a microphone with a fleece blanket over, yes. Hot was. Always a year ago, like just a little over a year. How Yeah! So that's out? If you want access to it, be a patron. Patron patron shout I. We're supposed to do this at the end because we only have one patron right now. We're GONNA. Shout it out now. Normally it will be at the end of the show, but shadow to Casey make facie, Guy, the men and the first patron. Hooking it up day one. That we posted and he was, there was wonderful, not even subscribed on all the platforms. He was like flies on Shit Man. He was there nobody business? You beginning some behind the scenes stuff we'll be getting some. I'll be writing some stuff on some little goodies. Yeah, if it comes up. If we start making some actual money on that, we'll yeah. We'll start sending stuff out. also I don't even know if you want me to talk about this one, but we do have a youtube link. UPS both of these been in the description in our bio on instagram and twitter, but I'm sure neither like base nobody. Nobody checks. To be off to people did I check the analytics. People checks it. If you find yourself news, probably me. Twice. If you find yourself checking it out. At least just go take a look at it. I. Mean it just clips. Yes, just a little clips from shows, a couple of things that are like behind the scenes clips that we didn't release yet yet. well, it's released now. Yeah check it out. Yeah, and we'll be hopefully doing some more just kinda. Boards some creative stuff I'm thinking. We might produce a good studio tour, and then another episode. The next one will be a a seminar episode. Get those finger flutter. Thing new pops going on. Hate it, but we might do it just for you, and because every Asmar video on the Internet gets fifteen million downloads, or or not downloads else because it. What's the Chili's? So! Let's talk about one last positive thing before this shit, show dumpster, fire, him and episode. Coffee Cream Ale, so we're drinking qudos. Delicious I made Pie for the holiday I age as pie before we recorded hot. Apple Pie. Celebrating Pie Beer Day, I in Beer Day. Do it. Yeah, so what are you? What have you got hit me with him with the big abortion of justice, I'm ready. It's going to be the key word if you can send us how many times we say, abortion or justice will or just virtual high five. All right, so we're going to start off by talking a little bit about covert. We're not going to go deep into. Everybody's heard about obviously everybody's board about and just wanted to not exist. Because nobody's wearing their masks. Numbers are exploding everywhere and you all. Not You all because you're listening to you, probably wear masks because you're not stupid, so so many people not just. They just got bored of it like. so whatever that's besides the point current virus, the handling of this shit. The fact that now we're reporting our numbers to a Shitty company that just so happens to have our in see affiliations on it is shit. Out of ten Portland riots sheds better. Shit checklist of the day. Yeah! I saw a oh I I should've saved it for this bit, but it was a picture from some dude in the Department of Homeland Homeland Defense and he posts what they found on somebody they had scooped up off the street, and it's like a garbage can lid shield and a gas mask and a couple, other tools and stuff and they they were saying. Does this look like somebody who's protesting for peace? This is ridiculous. The response was. To the to the effect of Now looks like they're afraid of what they're going to be having to face and are trying to defend themselves. And, it's the parallels between this and the Hong. Kong protests that are still ongoing by the way are crazy just. Clips of China. China, house we don't mention is we don't mention that cheap here but their videos out there and things of that they just look the exact same the way that they're rolling out are the exact same. It's crazy didn't think that would be happening here, so fuck. The KKK coronavirus exists I'm sorry to break it to you. You're listening. To you fuck the Nazis as well. Fuck the Nazis even though I'm I am communist Nazi I know it sounds intuitive, but if you know how Stalin was. Yeah I'm looking. GonNa Stop I he was a dictator. I love dictator by the way it's like a Dick, potato dictator dictate. It's my favorite exhibits all right, so I had a perfect transition between the covid and the main story, and I don't remember painter, Lau. Hey did me about like else. Yes journalism. So you you? You've probably seen if you've watched the news at all. That isn't Fox thirteen. sorry Fox News Fox thirteen is local, so that's okay, but Fox News fuck him. It's entertainment, not newest. Says Nothing. They don't understand something. A lot of federal agents and local policing agents don't understand is that journalists have rights? We as a people and have a right to know what's going on around us in the country, and in the world, the journalists who are out there have a right to not be immediately shot or incarcerated or anything like that for documenting the events. If you see the is video from the protests, it's always two lines of you know line of protesters and a line of cops, and they're kind of facing off in this in however they do it. It depending on the video on the side. You see people running around a lot. They have white helmets. They run gas masks everywhere printed on their body. It says press or NPR or whatever they're affiliated with. Because, even though the press are highly highly marked, people are still being arrested for no reason journalists who cops walk up to journalists and say who are you and they say? Hey, we're from the press whereas documenting this and then they get arrested. I feel. Much illegal. It's ridiculous, I. I mean I feel like a lot of it is? The. Don't realize it, but at the same time I that a lot of it is they just blatantly don't want people to see what's actually happening on that side. You Scoop up the journalists, and now you can commit crimes exactly really though they're yeah, they're kind of like people won't know about it and if they don't see it so the press and won't see it, and it's ridiculous because there. There are tons of videos out of people recording saying hey, I'm from the press. Here's my my documentation. Here's my ID badge. Here's my name badge. Here's the information and then they just get arrested. It happened on CNN. Minnesota Luckily I. It's it's ridiculous that it happens because we people have a right to know what's going on, and they have certain protections in place. That they I mean as long as they're not slandering anybody. They're not What's it called performing liable performing? That's not the right word they're not. They're basically not lying about stuff and Making people look unnecessarily bad. If they do bad things, it's okay, but like they can't slander. They can't make it up or skew it. They're not supposed to skew it unless then we can. Definitely, because we're not actual journalists, journalists oppress yet. So they have protections, that's that's the point I want to get to. Journalists have protections. They are allowed to report on what they see what they witnessed and what they research so now we're GONNA. Talk About Julian assange. I don't know how to pronounce it in Fr- She's a Frenchman if I remember correctly. He's an really interesting dude. That everybody should know, but nobody freaking noses dude he no, he was Australian and he lived in France at some point something like that. Yeah, he's Australia. He was from Queensland. From remembering correctly so this dude. went to two universities in. Australia never got a degree, but took a whole bunch of courses on journalism cybersecurity whole bunch of stuff like that he is parents split up when he was really young. you know didn't have. He lived in thirty towns by the time he was eight. He moved around a lot. She's not a lot going on for this kid. You know if thirty different places the problem. When I moved like one town one time I think I think I moved six times before I was eight. And that was enough. I can't imagine for hours eight and I was like. This is bullshit. I was done with it. I was passed. Over it. So, you know not a lot going on for this guy. But he rose above he stop cycle. He started working as a journalist, and in a may say I have a better time line. I should have a better time on I two thousand six, he founded wikileaks. It's a website online a lot like wikipedia, but it's just like a source for leaked documents leaked. Documentation files and all sorts of fun stuff, so the thing about leaks, if say anonymous hacked the twitter account, gets a bunch of information. They are allowed to report that and give that to a journalist and that journalist is now allowed to release release. The Information Post the information are released the information. Because, they the journalists themselves didn't hack the information. They are just reporting on what they were given with. Their sources have given them so so they can be in trouble for that kind of thing, so did wikileaks come up strictly because it would be easier to find leaked information on wikileaks rather than we, Kapadia I think they wanted it wasn't just Julian assange. She was just kind of the ringleader him and his associates pretty much just wanted to have a safe online location for more scandalous tie. See so it was kind of like a leaks forum. that. They just titled Wikileaks. Essentially not really, it's it's. It's structured exactly like wikipedia so just articles in pages and lives okay. So, not quite a forum, so he's postseason. Ten spends the next four years traveling the world creating contacts and posting a ton of information. This this is everything from. Every from different governments they do. dropped the information on Kenya police officers committing atrocious crimes I well I'll get into the specifics about what you can find here later, but just just know. They posted a bunch of stuff before two thousand ten, but two thousand and ten is where wikileaks not overstepped their rights. Because they're totally okay to to do this, but they kind of picked a fight that they couldn't win. And that is in April. Two Thousand Ten wikileaks published the classified material about military activity in Iraq and Afghanistan they released war logs, essentially and equipment logs from both of those engagements. Can the the big thing? The Cherry on top was video that was released taken from a helicopter full of us, troops and it was a video. Them opened firing on a group of eighteen civilians including a Reuters. Investigative journalists and their assistant cheese snow reason nobody had weapons. It was clearly marked. You can see who the journalist is. And they opened fire and killed him, and it was completely covered up. Nobody ever heard about it until video leaked. So this is why. Two thousand ten. It was released in two thousand. In a couple of years before our correctly, but this is why things like wikileaks need to exist. Because if they didn't, we never would have learned about that because you. Mark Killed in action by the enemy like we never know about the atrocities that have been happening by our own people. I mean which sucks. I mean it's terrible, but like if it's something that prevents corruption whether it's like it, it's not about political affiliation. It's not about right or left, or whatever none of that this is strictly right or wrong this. These things need to be seen. They need to be released. Disappear. They're they're never gonNA. Show Up. People need to be held accountable for their actions and none of these people would have been none of these soldiers would have been held accountable. Today find out if all the people they shot at were killed word like. As far as I know, they were all killed, but I mean I'm not surprised. I didn't to come out elsewhere deep into it. So that happened in in August of that year. Randomly Swedish police question assange about two separate charges of rape and molestation that pop up against him. He denies them. They don't have any evidence like it's a really. Real. Case essentially. Sorry. Essentially, it was just like to discredit. I'd assume potentially I don't want to. You know I don't want to discredit a rape and molestation charge, but later on, we'll get more into charges, so that happened in August, and at that point, he was basically this. authorities said okay. Yeah. There's not much to this. We're dropping it. You're good to leave the country, because in Europe the whole. Yeah, you're not supposed. You can't leave the country if you're being actively investigated. You're not supposed to, but he was given permission he was like. Yeah, it's good. No problem This happened the next month in December. He was in London doing work and the charges come back up and the Swedish authorities are like no. You gotta come back and he says okay. I'll complain no problem. He turned himself into British police and said okay question me, and this is where it gets. Really convoluted because a lot of things that are happening. The real meat and comes out. He's turned himself into the COPS, two thousand twelve happens, and he's still incarcerated being held for questioning, was he brew Music Rob Before Twenty. He turned himself in Twenty Eleven December December twenty eleven. She's two thousand eleven twenty eleven. Yeah, twenty eleven. That's that's right, so it's been months. where he still being incarcerated for questioning, because the prosecutor doesn't want to investigate him over the phone or video, chat or anything like that and to extradite somebody, it costs a bunch of money and you have all. This documentation paperwork has to happen. She's so there's holding him in the UK may twenty twelve the UK Supreme Court rules that he should be extradited to Sweden. Basically, it's okay. Yeah, no problem we'll send him. Yeah, that makes sense June the so the following month. He is Julian. ASSANGE enters the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and requested political asylum. Pretty much what happened, is he? During this whole time period where everything was getting really screwing being held for now for no reason, essentially, he applied for political, he applied for citizenship in Ecuador basically to to get a level of political protection. Yeah, some kind of some some function. And they don't really go into it, but he pays his bail before he enters the the embassy the Ecuadorian embassy he pays the bail to be released, and it's two hundred forty thousand dollars, and it's released by Earth, paid by supporters of their founders. Are wikileaks friends family? Everybody really pitches in. It's definitely a go fund. And they will go on Julia. Yes, and they pay. He pays his bail. And goes into the. Embassy. Weird thing with embassies is technically. That's Ecuadorian land in that embassy. So technically at this point, he has now jumped bail one of the conditions of his bail as he can't leave the country, so he now spends. In the so it takes a month for the political asylum to actually be approved. Where he's spending his time in the embassy, and it is granted. He gets the citizenship. I don't know if it's right now or later on, but he basically gets the permission. Okay, you can stay in the embassy and will protect you. Oh, there you. He stays there until two thousand sixteen holy Shit Yeah. It's I, spent seven her I I think in total by the end of this. He spent seven years in embassies in the UK. Fun fact the. British police spend talk point five million dollars during this time period to post police outside the door so that if he leaves, he gets arrested waste of taxpayer money entirely though. So at this point, he can't leave the. Embassy because he'll be arrested Sweden again basically drops all the charges. They said Oh we interviewed some more people than we have more evidence. And then he entered the. Asylum got political asylum and said couple years later said we don't really have anything. I You call their bluff. Oopsy, daisy, April man. I think this is April two thousand. April two thousand sixteen. No may two thousand sixteen. The you a an independent UN panel rules that Julian? ASSANGE is being arbitrarily detained basically because he stuck in this embassy, he's being detained by the British government because he can't leave essentially, so they rule that, and at this point this is after snowden. Everybody forgot who snowed in was. Of course we'll talk about it later. It's known. We've mentioned him a few times on the show. Yeah! Nobody knows who Ed Snowden Ed- Eddie. Eddie boy. Will I talk about him a little bit later, but you know he's the guy who worked for the NSA. And then told us that. Wendy NSA are randomly just sifting through thousands and thousands of text messages. If they find a nude, they just pass it around the office. Knows what yeah, it's like chain mail in the NSA and it's your if you don't send. Send this new to ten people or more within the NSA, you'll never find your true love in the NSA the NSA. So. Yeah, it's A. It's a whole mess. He still doing work, he still has internet he still is. Getting information from his contact, nonni on Snowden drew Jillian Julian assange. He's still working actively on wikileaks. It's actually. The best way to get his side of the story is from wikileaks because they have like a blog and a new section where they talk about Oh new stuff coming up. And why is he detained in Ecuador? Right yeah. All right so. Where was I. July. Two Thousand Sixteen wikileaks releases confidential emails from the DNC and the Clinton campaign. If you remember that during the two thousand sixteen. Election there go. On the yeah of emails were released. It was them now. We're onto two thousand seventeen. This is where it starts to pick up a little bit. Two thousand seventeen in May, the Swedish or three drop all investigations into Assange, but a there is a warrant for his. First arrest for failing to appear in court after his bail, but he can't. He got out. They said you have to come to court now. And he said I'm in Ecuador. They said tough shit. You. Need you need to come out? And he's like okay. Walks out immediately gets arrested like what the fuck to that seventeen in December Ecuador grants him citizenship and then the US index assange under seal for military leaks. They. Basically now say oh, because he looked military stuff. That's not okay, even though the are the engagement. Yeah. It didn't really have much of an impact on or I didn't have an impact on the engagement at all. Well whether he released it or not, he should still be protected. Yeah, he should be, but the US is really really good at just discovering changing laws whenever eighteen hundreds so saying. Oh, there's precedent. Jesus. It's like Oh this law back in eighteen, hundred actually didn't apply video yet. No Shit Sherlock. It's because it didn't. It didn't exist at the time. It's It's some complete bullshit, so. Let's see two thousand eighteen. February February Westminster. Magistrate's Court upholds assange arrest warrant for skipping bail because he technically left the country, and that was on the skipping bail charged two thousand and nineteen. This current just so you know this is all current news April. Two Thousand Nineteen assange is arrested at the Ecuadorian embassy for failing to appear in court on behalf of the US authorities what he failed to appear to the in in indictment and indictment for the. for the leaking of military information for military leaks. So they go into the embassy and arrest him, which is a? Big No. No, but they did it because it's the US. Dick Swinging. They were they were all about it or the US didn't technically on it was on behalf of. Okay, I was like the US went in like no not Britain went in the U.. K.. K. Winton, which is still not good, so you know you don't actually get diplomatic immunity for being in technically another country. It's a fucking Shit show so twenty twenty February again, so he? He's been arrested for a while. He is sent to aid prison in the UK. Let's see what was it. I think I have it somewhere. Nope, I guess not. Oh, you know it's. The second I give up UK's Belmarsh prison. That's where he is right now. As far as from the last time I checked which was about a week ago, one hundred seventeen doctors published an open letter that gets published in the Lancet, which is a leading. Medical Review Journal and they title it end, torture and medical neglect of Julian assange. It, basically a call for him to be transferred out of the Belmarsh prison because he's dying, he's dying in prison. He's not getting any medical care he has. He's sick and I'm sure they've just paused the case, too. Because then it's just more that they can cover up if you have the trial. Here's come out the US Watson Yeah. It's okay because he's in the Belmarsh prison and they're basically preventing him from getting the medical care that he should be. But extra an extradition hearing began at the WOOLWICH. Crown Court in London to start the proceedings to extradite him to the US. So they're gonNA get him almost dead in the Belmarsh prison and the transfer him, and then you know. Maybe he'll try to escape and get shot, or she'll make it here and randomly die in a cell alone. He'll probably. He'll Epstein he'll conveniently hang himself. He is even on Suicide Watch. Yeah, so look out in the news for this because. This is currently ongoing, and he's probably going to get killed by the US government, which sucks. It is an abortion of justice. I get I. Get heated about this shit. Because nothing about this is right. You don't get to withhold medical care for somebody who's sick because they're in jail for missing bail. Like the the punishment is not fitting the crime in this case at all, so keep up on this. They're pretty good about keeping it up to date on the wikileaks website, just Google wikileaks you'll be. Don't Google anything, though because Google is trash. So us what is it duck? Oh, yeah, Torque US tour and duck duck. Go if you're GONNA use a eight uses web browser. That's not in tour used duck us tour because without it. There's not a I mean they just don't sell your privacy. People can still look in at you. We get into that at the end of the. SUPERFUND episode so far right guys all right all my. Oh, God, I meant thirty minutes. That's only half my stuff. I'll cut it down. I need a drink. I believe in you. You can do this all right. I need another drink. Rare trait should I- Iraq Mar this on track. That sounded clean maybe. ME. Dr As me, Bro, don't tease me. So I had some notes on the SNOWDEN. LEAKS NSA is being shitty. That's what typed. That's what we should. Damn it. We fucked up. You got to come up with your child. I'm not good at that, and that's your job. So the US is spying on everyone everything including its own allies, which is trash. It's on allies and its own citizens. I mean when when you take into account what their budget is. Is it really that surprising like like an entity that's made for essentially watching the people, and they have an like godforsaken millions billions dollar budget. Of course they're gonNA. Use it to to watch emails to watch your texts to listen phone calls like. That's why we recommend using tour. That's like and signal and signal any any VPN service well not. Not vpn because there were a Chinese base What was IT In Seven in Hong Kong I think so the came out and they release a bunch of information well, they they didn't release a bunch of information. They got caught having logged on all their people. have. Being, no law, regardless I'll give you re pin's yeah everything. You signal US tour, but these. With the NSA, of course, they're going to be listening in with a budget that large. You can call me a fucking conspiracy theorist you can. See! It's all ran by students like all wrap. Aluminum foil around my head. I don't give a shit. We have aluminum alloy walls. But Yeah, just you've got to be cautious about the shit like it's funny because I think back to when I was like. Like fifteen and my parents would like. Be careful with what you put on the Internet. I'm like. Shut the fuck up and. I was like toll on on dumb as fuck, but now seriously if you're gonNA listen to anything. Be careful with what you're. With what you're aren't realizing is actually public, so I'M GONNA. I didn't write this. I'm totally on the fly reporting from your boys, so they used to be a conspiracy theory. I think it was in the sixties and seventies called Operation Dragnet I. DunNo, if that was what we we've talked about relied like to do I've read a little bit about it, but I don't know a ton. We should do a full up. It's great. All these people were saying hey. The government's listening to everything there. Listening to your phone calls. They're intercepting your mail. Pure like It's crazy. They don't have the resources for that. You know how many people it would take to do that. Couple of decades later turns out. They were the entire time I was going to say. And it was the so the term dragnet from what I read is the idea of you just toss out a big wide net and you drag it back. Everything going hatch some things you're gonNA show that all will doing this successful against criminals, instead of showing that it's unethical instead of vitamin, showing that you're violating privacy laws, it's you're tossing out this this crazy thing like. you're accessing Cell Tower essentially well before that. Switching station, yeah, you're accessing a switching postal service. Yeah, YOU'RE NOT GONNA. Catch every single person that's talking like every person in the Mafia. That's talking over the phone about e. you gotta get Slim Jim Like S. Shame advertising where we're sponsored now expert, no, not. If, we get a slim jim sponsorship. We. Also have to get a red bull sponsor. Show point I'm down. Greasy and more extreme. Who Extreme, but you know what the real conspiracy! Theory is your own privacy. It doesn't exist. Eight this. Would you do this? I've been waiting to use that bit for weeks. And now we can delete it because I'm never. No. I'm I'm going to remove it. So Yeah Dragnet, just an easy way of finding a handful of criminals to show that what they're doing is effective. When really it's just, it's on intercepting. So that's trash. They were doing that in the fifties and sixties. Doing now think about the technology that they have now I mean after the. Man This is my least funny episode ever my least. Aj episode. But back after the San Bernardino shootings. Do you remember those back. In two dozen fifteen, hundred thousand fifteen was yeah. I thought that was way longer well. Two Thousand Sixteen ruined my brain. My memory, it's all the aluminum foil you got there. So after the San, Bernardino shootings, the government had reached out to apple, and they were asking for essentially a back door to get into. Any phone that has a lock. Because the lock screens right now. It's basically well that they had at the time. It was basically set up so that if you knew the code, you can get in if you didn't know the code. There was no other like back door. Sneaky way to get in the way to get, and you'd have to brute force exactly time and resource, and the government at the time was pushing to get Mandera open it up. There were like it wasn't just for that phone. They were trying to release it as a full update to to get back door to access any phone that they grabbed. That has a lock on it and it's like I. I get that there are some people that are going to get. That are doing bad shit with their phones I get that. That's the case I talking about me yeah. How do you know I've seen your bread span inside? But I get that they're bad people out there doing bad shit, but when it comes to the majority of things when it comes to the vast majority of people, you're not running into those issues. All it is is, it's just. It's just a sneaky way of of trying to find out ways to to limit information to limit staying informed. To people from. From. Like planning and getting ready in essentially building up just in case they try to do full government takeovers like what's fucking happening right now, but the problem is if they're back doors in this encryption software, and in you know phones and computers and things. There's no way to guarantee that. Just the good guys have access to that now opened a security software that you know the Chinese are going to take advantage of because that's what they do not even the Chinese, just obviously rush fucking hackers, obviously just regular hackers. People find what He. Definitely Chinese, but people would find ways to access those, and then what was once private is now just easily public access, and it's just like you're tearing People's privacy away, get like. It's it's like I said it'll catch some bad guys, but ultimately that's not your business to worry about. When like you're not government like. You should. You should able to feel protected and safe with your own personal belongings with your own ideas with your conversations that are told that your private, but it's really fucking, not when when like I message is actually just logging in fucking tossing your data over to the NSA. It's like ooh. But what about Hillary's emails well guess what you're fucking. Texts are the same shit. They're holding onto it like like. Yeah, they. They found Hillary's emails. Congratulations like it was a fucking shit show, but they're doing the same thing to you and that's what. What matters is stop looking at? It is just big thing. The also will have your information now. They've got your Dick Pics. They've got your teddy fast. They've got you asked me know what you're saying. The girl across the street that you don't want your mom to know you that one time you took a picture of your butthole just because he wanted to see what it was, and then you deleted it. They have that they have that. So how about this in the past month? Have you heard anything about encryption backdoors in the news? The past month. No, of course not. You hear anything twenty-fourth doll you. Were getting. On this topic, but I'm glad this. On this, so it's hot in the room. All the blankets and foam so US senators introduced a lawful access to encrypted data act with a back door mandate June twenty-fourth. It is still in talks of course of course of it because everybody would be pissed. So what's the? This, we're trying to build. What was it they wanted? But. What we talked, we talked about I. Hate this because they just spit out so much fucking information. And remember I definitely. Put out on that one. Oh, God. Sorry. Sorry! Sorry! Sorry for your ears. Back in Faulk you. Late March, they were trying to push for. I think it was browsing history. Access, Bro I'm not surprised. Yeah, it's it's basically. Get a warrant all of your browsing history including your including. Stuff is just given to a file in the. They could reach out to ISP's right exactly, and that's why that's why you need VPN's good vpn more than just off. Get into that. Hong Kong. VPN's had a much larger impact, and then I learned about this dude named Kit Boga he streams I. don't watch streams I, just watch youtube videos, and he has a couple of videos on like digital privacy and stuff like that and again I'll talk about all this stuff. I'm GonNa end this with what you can do, like a step. You can do right now to make yourself and your data more secure, and hopefully prevent you from dying or potentially dying a UK prison of medical neglect. Really though but watches stuff he's really cool. He basically does scam baiting. What's his name? One More Time Kate Borge. K. I. T. B. O. G.. He does I knew I was GONNA. Talk about him. I didn't think it would be this episode. Because I've been watching crazy. He calls like Oh yeah. I knew I recognize his name. Yeah, he has a voice. modulator pretends to be different people and basically strings along scammers to waste their time so they so it's so that they can't get more people the more time. He's on the phone of people that. They have to scam. Exact your grandmother, your grandfather as much as you may hate them. They still shouldn't be fucking scam. They're human beings all right, so let's get back. We'll to do man. I'm excited fired up. Oh, that's what I've got now now we can get into the meat and potatoes the fucking meeting. or Or is it? Some are am SR I asked him. I don't know what stands for. All right so and potatoes. So top, basically, the time line of what's happening with Julian assange. This is totally my theory, but I think it's a pretty valid one. This is obviously away for the US to get back at him for posting their war on the Internet like they're like a butthurt, ex goes. Yeah she holds onto it for how many seven years? Shield onto a for seven years. She screened shot your facebook post about her being a bitch when you were dating seven years later after you guys have been married for three. She's GonNa. Fuck you up She's GonNa. She's GonNa. Lock you away. You're married now. You got a kid. She's going to lock you away and take away your wikileaks now. So this isn't the first time that he ruffled feathers in the US with these leaks, but that was the first time that it really like there's video evidence because you can put out a million, PDF's that have type information about how a civilian caught in the crossfire, but when you have video from the helicopter like this wasn't a handheld video. From amounted device on the Holocaust. It's totally fake. They use the call of duty graphics to kind of looks like that. All right so he should be protected from this he should not be. Obviously, he's incarcerated for skipping bail, but He shouldn't. You read between the lines. He is incarcerated basically because of this because of this thing that they technically can't incarcerate him for We're not even GONNA get into like incarceration, or how fucked up on my prison system is in the US, but just know he's in the. fucked up. Yeah, but I mean there's not nearly as bad as it is here. Yeah, man! He didn't get an. What is it? The Swedish prisons Oh yeah. Oh my God that was. Better than my house. Hoof but it's good, but it's a good thing that's case and if you disagree with that, fuck you, prisons prisons are should be about a rehabilitation, not re not in Yeah reincarceration, so he didn't hack anything. He didn't steal the information. All he did was hit post and there's a lot of stuff that he hadn't posted yet. He's generally really strategic like with the snowden leaks. The information was really was leaked regionally really. Strategically specifically went to certain people for certain information and released it in a way that basically terrorism the reason it should be used. It doesn't undermine those efforts. He just released information that shows how they are violating our rights daily. Basically, that's how he did the WIKI. Leaks Julian. ASSANGE did so. Have you seen anything about Julian assange in the news? Ever? Of course not, he is dying right now. What about the the one hundred seventeen physicians from around the world getting together in publishing a huge informational piece in the Lancet one of the leading medical journals on the planet? Hear anything about that. Of course not no, and this was before the lockdown when all this stuff happened. So, they didn't have covert as a distraction yet. So completely in this goes back to exactly what we were talking about when it comes to cover up. And like these things need to be in place, so the public can see it because. Like. Oh, okay, so everybody's currently talking about your rights as a citizen, your your rights as a human being guess what you're fucking. Rights are like you have a right to know what's going on, and that's what this whole thing is about is you should know. Would I mean if you decide not to? That's on you, but you have a right to ask. You have you have a right to know what's? happening behind the door. It's unethical in. It's wrong for any of this behind the door. Like sneaky bullshit, even be happening. Yeah, I. Know You looked at the time. Because I've been fucking right now. This is Matt I'm excited because I didn't think I would get all rise out of. This I wanted to be a conversation, but I built it as a one way thing because I didn't think that because I'm, too. It's because I'm using this as a coping mechanism over the last four months that I've been locked in my house and I just WanNa blow up on. This is getting my. This is me getting all of my. Quarantine quarantining. All right so I'm going to now get into just I went onto wikileaks. Use it pretty often just because it's fun, but I'll go into what I what what anybody can find on wikileaks? You could go there right now so right here. This was really the first really cool. When information on the power struggle between the Knights of Malta and the pope. So you've probably never heard of the Knights of Malta. Basically, it's a sovereign entity. That is technically separate from the church does not ruled by the churches government kind of like a society, but they work with the church. They were founded in ten, ninety nine, and they they were basically they were involved in the I. Think they were involved in the Crusades that around that time period Crusades Winsford. WHO's around then? Yeah, so they any kind of like church military thing that went on back in the day they had a hand in it, but they they sovereign, they ruled themselves not under the church, but there was a power struggle because dude, matthew fasting he was the prince and grand master, Grand Master, the prince and grand, Miss Prince, and Grand Master of the Knights of Malta, approved the funding to an aid mission to Africa that among its Let's see tens of thousands of dollars of supplies were a couple of condoms and the pope. At the time. You know for a fact that they were sheepskin condoms to Oh. I never that good shit. They were Primo. They were. There bird hide with the I. Still Honor Dior. It's rigged for your pleasure literally they have. No, but they yeah, so they they approve this huge like to Africa and the pope basically said. Fuck you matthew testing. You're fired and he got fired because the pope said so even though they're a separate entity so now then the nights, basically saying. Hey, you can't do that. Fuck you, Pope and the pope. There's there's a a letter from the pope with the signature on it this the previous pope, not the current one. And it just outlines their power struggle. Because now the church wants to still be in control of the nights, even though they are technically separate, and the nights want to get their independence more more so because there's a lot of money going into him that you've never heard of I was that was a fun to read totally worth it and they have documents like scans of documents of this of this information. and audio and videos, and of all these things let's see I've the next one that I found was a US embassy shopping list. It's great. Measured it and I was like I know he's mentioned this before, so. Pretty much, what it was is a contract that said Hey, independent contractors. If, we choose you. We're GONNA. Let up a bunch of people. Bid For filling this out You yet to sign a disclosure You'RE NOT GONNA. Talk about this and. Start bidding essentially. Here's the list of stuff we need. It was like cameras that can be hidden in Thai. Button cameras a tiny recording devices. Bugs pens with cameras in pens with microphones in them like this is a foreign embassy. It was actually staticy. It was a shopping, Blake Dream List for DJ for the studio wonderful record the entire podcast on just on pens. We'll just have a thing of most. Surround sound three hundred sixty points. All Right? Yeah, so obviously! Everybody knows that spying happens in embassies. It's been happening since before the Cold War and. I can guarantee. You is happening in the Ecuadorian. Then belly. In the UK a tip, not pro tip. A brief aside Julian assange conceived one of his children in that embassy, and he is now engaged with that lady, but for hope they I hope he gets out and he's able to be a father. Who as well because they are taking that away from him. All right so obviously spying happens. But an embassy is supposed to be a place that you know you have your representatives. You can go and meet with the government of the area that you're in, and then you also have a safe place for citizens. If something happens if there's a disaster or they get targeted by the government or something happens, you have safe place for your citizens, but now it's base it's they don't even give a shit about that. It's just for spying. Arizona Tire shopping list. It was great. Surprise my favorite part is when I went back to that article when I was writing up my notes that post mysteriously gone gone. Much like this episode. Sure. You listen to a day one well. We've only released two episodes this season. And I guess our second one was our last one was on last. Year this was nice knowing yeah. If if we come out and you hear a voices and we are saying. Is last episode. We're blinking morse. Code helped me, but you can't see it because it's a podcast. Pressure points DNA J. signing off forever. This next part is even saucier. They have dozens of files on exactly how the CIA can get into basically any computer anywhere intercept all your communications collect. All of your data remotely load the information. The the viruses in remotely and they have a Geo location based malware that attacks Wi fi enabled devices, and how they can infect malware on your computer, remotely and untraceable and Just a ton of their hacking tools are just on there so basically what they can do is your phone is out. You have your Wi. Fi enabled, but you're not connected to something. If you go past one of their nodes, it says Oh. Can I connect to this no and during that? Data's transferred and they can now have all the communications on your phone. And he's grand monitor them live Mrs this, why whenever you talk about sensitive material, leave your phone in whether it's house or on airplane mode just. You're better safe than sorry. Take it out of the room now. Even that make sure you're not talking about anything in a room a window. She's on it because they can send a laser and read the vibrations from the window to reconstruct speech you get Alex Jones on this emphasis. Isn't that US? Pressure points with Your Boys Alex. STANDS FOR ALEX show. Now. Crooked Hillary. killed me on that one. God All right all right moving on. You ever heard of stuxnet. No, it's a worm virus that was. A created joint Lee through the US and Israel. We they got together. They said let's fuck up. Let's fuck up Iran. It's interesting because the US can work with Israel to fuck up Iran, but they can't work with Israel and Palestine and the Palestinians to work out the fucking conflict. That's going on over there or Down they created stuxnet, and this is basically how they crippled the nuclear program in Iran Iran was creating what they were learning how to enrich uranium. They were saying it was under the guise of doing creating nuclear power which they were doing. But at the same time there was some solid evidence that they were also trying to create a nuke. which is not good was not good during this time period. Still not good, not good for anybody nukes. Fuck Nukes, even though. I mean it's pretty obvious that the US has nukes. Just hundreds. Yeah, they're like. Oh well. We can have them, but nobody else, yeah. So, they basically put this this for the virus on a thumb stick and put it in the parking lot of the plant where they were reaching the uranium, a worker ran out. Like showed up for work was like Oh thumb stick? No picked it up, brought it into work, and later on halfway through the also God. Here's like I wonder if there's anything on here, that can identify. WHO's it was loaded in? It was and he said no, no, he plugged it in because he was like. I wonder if somebody has a nudes on a thumbs state. He's like I'm sure am. Am I going to get season them titties. I'm sure that that's what happened, so he? Yeah, plug it in. It was empty, said okay. No problem tossed it. was on there a got loaded on needs in tiny file fucking behind a partition and it it's ingenious how it works basically when you have machinery centrifuges and things running you connected to the computer system. You have a bunch of like feedback devices, so this centrifuges running too hot, so let's we're going. It's going to automatically slow down or it's running to fast, so we're going to slow down. We don't want to get damage. stuxnet goes in between those communications and basically sends to the computer everything's fine so over the weeks and months. The centrifuges slowly get more and more wear and tear it to the point where entirely put back their nuclear program by at least fifteen years. They fucking North Korea. Iran, yeah, exactly. Jesus manly, and now you can, you can put a car factory. You put that in a food factory. You can put that anywhere and you can just slowly whittled air. Their entire production in all of their software and ages makes sense with. That concept because I was reading an OS s manual. That was the remember operations secret service on that something like that. I remember office of something something. Basically Secret Service Officers Secret Service they were what the they were. The FBI and the CIA before the FBI, and the CIA during World War Two, they were formed and they dropped in these pamphlets behind enemy lines to resistance fighters in France and somebody picked him up. Employees demanded computers and. They dropped these booklets. Which I have on my computer. It's really cool, and it's basically how to subtly sabotage industry without getting caught and a simple things like There's oil me about metal shavings in it put Sawdust in. If something needs to be lewd, take the Lubov. If something needs to be dry lube, and and if the tiny little things that can yes slowly you're in a work meeting. Ask Dumb questions. It lasts longer than it needs to like. Is Really Smart. It's basically what they did with this virus I mean. Everybody bitches about the people that ask them questions in those meetings, but I mean. Obviously when I'm in office. But. When I'm when I'm at home like fuck that dude. Stop asking. Don't don't ask anything. Just when the like does anybody have any questions? No nobody questions on. Let me go back to watching fucking Avatar watching porn I know you were. At that out. So that one was really cool. The there's files on how the NSA targets world leaders for surveillance. There's a handy guide on how to maintain your cover when traveling through airports with fake ID's. There's a all the human rights violations from Guantanamo Bay and other prisons when that stuff came out around the time of the SNOWDEN, leaks. They were They basically showed that the US was committing war-crimes. On their prisoners and torturing them, and actually showed up I pulled up a movie. That has to do with that now. Obviously Hollywood isn't GonNa like portray things is Grizzly, and as fucked up as it really is, but if you're interested on any of those. Like, The government and the F. B. I. covering things up when it's the government in the FBI originally. Looking into it, watched the report. It's on Amazon. Prime a I think that's the only place that it's on, and that's where. He shut up. or just stream it online. That checkout out after. Having troubles with it. Really. Are! You, Dot Info I fuck if I now. Find it streaming. You need to pay Hollywood like fuck them. They've already got these big budgets anyway. Yes they're failing because a corona virus, but let be fine but yeah. Check out the report. They're going to have to sell their four point five million dollar houses. I know so. It takes a really good stance on What whistle blower shaft to go through what happens with government legislation and the process for? Lawyer involvement it's it's amazing. It's an amazing movie. Definitely. Check it out 'cause it. It goes over. A lot of that sounds good. Yeah, go check it out. Look at it. Watch it believe it next up is everything you need to know about exposing the Global Mass Surveillance Industry, so you know multibillion dollar industry where you just it's dragged its operation dragnet again on a global scale there are some really good information on how Russia spies on every single one of its citizens by mandatory hardware back doors and hardware spying equipment through their ISP's well. That sounds like. Like the US a lot information on a point six billion dollar arms deal dispute between a French company and the United Arab Emirates. This French company stopped paying forty million dollars short and claimed it was because they it was illegal from a new anti-corruption law, and that's corruption. Law came in this started in the eighties. I think it was eighty six. They started their arms deal. They've been paying it the entire time. Forty million short of the three point six billion in two thousand, a new bill came in an anti-corruption bill, and then they said sorry, it's corruption. Even though it was just an arm's dealer, just want. The Yeah 'cause that was on. There were thirty hours of tapes showing a multi billion dollar corruption scandal, involving thirteen presidential appointees. Town didn't hear about that on Fox. This one's current like didn't hear. That teen didn't hear about that on Fucker Carlson. So, yeah, thirteen people that trump appointed for for positions in the government are part of a multibillion dollar scandal, and you don't hear Jack Shit about it. God. There were a Shitload of files I wrote that that's verbatim. Leapt from. Vets in the note seven. It's bold and underlined and an Italian italicized. Did you say and in Italians Italics? Okay? That makes more sense italics. It looks it looks. Yeah basically from Sony. You know the guys who make. Components for your phone, your monitors TV screens. The. Stations Five. We're sponsored by master. Race Slim Jim ps I've read right. Watch out the caffeine free red. Bull Caffeine Caffeine Free Diet Red Bull. I've never helped me do before my coming to a civic near you. I'm sure. They. I. Yeah, it's just as they make your refrigerators that you have to sign in, and you can pull up the P. Hoban year washing machines one of. To be honest if I had a fridge like one of the smart fridges and had a web browser on it. Try It. I'm not too proud to get some eggs. Yeah, I mean hard boil in your eggs. Grab grab. Grab some lube out of the Fridge Mayo nothing like some nice nothing like some nice cold lube and I said Dijon. Thirty four degrees Fahrenheit Lube. Fridge. I like forty I mean I. Don't know what the fuck afraid. Also this is Fahrenheit not sell. She said Fahrenheit. Sorry. Five degrees Celsius Lou era go. Get some get a little drizzle on and just go hand a drizzle and Jizzle. Some boy make your lunch. Yeah, they. Make, now sponsored by porn hub now sponsored by Hamson route. So they yeah, basically a bunch of files were leaked of. Email addresses socials credit card information names addresses. Social Security numbers, name, dresses, socials, emails, names, and addresses, names and addresses social, and some emails hundreds of documents showing the tax evasion strategies that extremely wealthy clients in the US and Europe use. Quotes. Air quotes and he said because their clients the emphasis clients pretty much, if you Catholic church a well, yeah that, too, if you want to make a save podcast and make it not taxable. It has a guide on how to Register Your Business in the Cayman Islands. INTR, I mean. Wow, that's terrible. Yeah, nudge nudge. How dare they? That's awful. Let's set that shit up yeah. They have. A. Couple of videos of war-crimes CIA espionage during the twenty twelve French presidential election. Yeah turns out. We were doing what Russian was doing. Into twelve. Like we not yeah, we did that to the Russian air to the French surprise surprise I found this really interesting, because you definitely haven't heard about this UN n confidential reports, two hundred and seventeen reports about the UN peacekeepers, you know the blue hats guys with the Blue Hats Assay UN on it. Yeah, the peacekeeping actually but. I always talking sexually abusing refugee girls files on. That's two hundred seventeen reports a sexual abuse. Peru using Swiss bank accounts to fraud millions of dollars from the UN. Trafficking and exploitation in the Congo cheeses all from the United Nations you know the thing that's supposed to be the peacekeeper between the countries what? They've been dealing kids the rich. Jeffrey Epstein. If you ex well, if you like diddled kids and abused kids in like hundreds. You'RE GONNA. Enjoy the next up to you. Know Epstein was involved with Massad. No all right well. That's that's another could talk for another time. I don't want to go into that right now, but that's not that a lot of people don't know. If you're into sexual abuse and just regular abusive into sexual I gotcha in the next episode. Tune in Oh God. You don't know how to do. It's GonNa. Be Rough, one beaming rough just how I like. Yeah, they also have confidential. US government and Saudi Arabian cables which are like interoffice communications which you can get a lot of information from because they're just like. Oh, the dude in the office tutors down for me. I'm too lazy to go talk to him. Let's send him this basically an email. I don't WanNa turn and talk to the guy sitting next to me in the office. All Chatham Yeah. It's a lot of it really is boring files. Reports email you know in the. Files this. Is there's always a handful of the sneaky snake, so let's let's get into the fun. Part what you can do right now. I'm GonNa Start with what you shouldn't do, and that's used windows ten in any way, shape or form. Because it automatically collects personal data. If Cortana is installed in your device turns out. You can't have windows ten without it. Jesus Weird. It actually records your key strokes and your devices tagged with a unique advertising ide-. What the? When downloading windows ten, you are authorizing in their terms of service. You are authorizing Microsoft to share any of the above mentioned data with any third party with or without your consent. So. What's what's a good alternative? Lennox Lennox Tales? They have tails protocol, and it's just it's just focused entirely on privacy and safety or you can. You can use any of meant as is A. Common one that a lot of people will use because it's similar to Windows ten. Okay without it being. Like asked, and you can use apple, but I don't suggest it really because they have a lot of problems, just like windows ten, not as bad though they do come with software to in crypts they do have they have pretty good pretty good privacy, but you should avoid this just in general avoid proprietary APPs that is absent are produced by the company who produces the computer. They tend to have more back doors. It's like the the flashlight APP that used to come on iphones. It was technically a third party APP. And it to use it. You had to give it access to your contacts and your SMS and your locations turns out. They were selling that data of. FACEBOOK MESSENGER when it first came out and probably the same way that just sneakier about their language, in the in the terms and conditions, but when they I dropped it, I remember people were like. Do Not fucking. Get Messenger, because it's just selling, gave it access to everything You have to give it access to the files on your phone which Oh you know if I want to send a picture while it gets access to everything, Yeah. Then right on their fucking wall and ask for their phone number. Yeah, and if you're gonNA, use the phone phone, use the signals signal. Yeah, it's safe, no messaging and and encrypted as long as both people have it if they have your phone and you use signal, it's encrypted, so they can't just scan it or log in. You. Make sure you have a good password on there I don't suggest using face ID. She swore even the ice scanner, or even the thumbprint scanner. Those are easy easy to to break. Syria do I. don't even think you should use the pin. You should have a password but people. That's too much work for people to get into their phones. but good you can call through signal, and in which case then your call, we'll be encrypted which. Call the we had the other day. Yeah, playing videogame dark. It was weird. Her sexy alright? For email US Proton Mail. It's free to set up. It's the free plan. It has a gigabyte of data. You're never gonNA. Use it all their emails. It's encrypted end to end as well when it gets sent over the Internet. Your stuff is encrypted even if they're email. If you're sending it to like a g mail, it doesn't become unencrypted until it reaches their client, so can't be intercepted if it's intercepted. It's a jumble of data that has to be on unencrypted, so use Proton Mail, they also you. They also have a free VPN which I'm currently. Currently using right now on the computer to do this, I only vpn four like APPs that. Access the internet or I. Keep the pressure points email open and You can get the Ip through things like that, so this is use a VPN to hide your Ip address or get around censorship on the Internet I use it just yeah, just to hide my ip address from all these services, and how we you know fake. How many instagram followers we have I feel like hide is kind of A. It feels like a sneaky term. I would say it prioritizes those changes. Yeah, they randomize, is it? Yeah so you can't literally send me an email and find out what city were in warehouses for my House I. Don't want that, so that's good I'll tell you if you if you send a message to me. Resend message on on I gede. Ask I'll tell you where he is addressing. You would all up. Sent a little. GPS coordinates. So with VPN's a lot of times. If you're at all on youtube, everybody has VPN sponsorship and they say keep your data safe or secure private, and that's not what a VPN. There's so many things that people can get your information from like. Let's say you use tour, but you were on. You have a bunch of accounts that you have saved on your Google Chrome. If you were to log in with one of those accounts on your tour browser, you have now compromise that tour browser because they now know. Oh well. We have the IP address they logged in. Yeah now we know they're using this to our client, so that entire sessions just fog. Early and then reload session to get a new identity. so if you're going to please do all this stuff, use tour. Get a new email. Create new accounts. It's not that difficult. You probably have a spam email somewhere. Just delete it. I always us. Open source documents or files and software and things like that open sources great, because the source code is online, anybody can look at. Anybody can audit it at any time, so it has a level of safety that it's not the source code isn't just hidden and how who knows how many back doors they're. WHO KNOWS WHY? Google put a microphone in their thermostats? For no reason and no big deal. It was just leftover from prototype that they were going to voice Shafran, so they spent all that money to keep that in there. Yeah, whatever the sound clip from fucking peewee Herman Not Peewee Herman A. I can't deny do that. How can I fucking think of it? What the fuck is that? Steve Steve urkel lawyer. In the studio today by the way everybody. Steve Jesus peewee Herman with us. Sorry I was thinking about jerking off in a movie theater. On the mind of of The Matrix. Neo the. Neo morpheus! PEEWEE HERMAN! What's his name Laurence Fishburne Yeah. Cowboy whatever? Boy Cock, sucker or whatever his name. I don't know so. Yeah, if you're using a VPN is good, but it doesn't keep you completely. Safe tour can be really good at keeping you safe. Obviously, nothing is foolproof especially. If you're already hacked by windows, ten or the CIA PM encrypt everything also. If you want to encrypt your your software using non-proprietary encryption like on this computer here it's an apple computer. I've opted in to encrypt my hard drive requiring a password whenever I download something whenever I locked in after goes to sleep, or whatever that's all well and good, but that's a proprietary file, so we. I don't know if they have a back door since the two thousand fifteen San Bernardino. Since then I don't know if they have that, so I also use aircraft which is an open source. File encrypt and basically what I did was. It's the exact same thing, the exact same type of program as the file vault, except it's open source, and you set the level of encryption you set with. The password is bad thing is. There's no back Doris if you forget your password your. Forgot your password. You Click on it and it just says tough. Shit Turbo Yeah. You have to completely what the drive and get restored. ooh, fuck, and even then it has some cool functions. So it might not help, but yeah it it. You can either create a partition which is kind of like out of the main hard drive that you're using. It's like a secondary hard-drive that you set up. That requires a password, or you can do the entire thing where everything is just encrypted off I like that one. Ought to help me out when I set up by new laptop. Yeah we'll do Lennox Tales. About boy, Ham, egg, and cheese a an English muffins. Make Me Shit. All, right well, you know that was a good episode of the. One. We've had in a couple of couple of months I think well considering a couple months of comeback like lower episodes I'm leaning back in my chair Oh here. I put a link privacy tools dot I o go to that. They have a ton of different software based on. If you want to be super strict on your privacy or just like, let's do something they. They have a bunch of different software files information, education privacy tools dot io, and they have it for every platform. If you want to download these on Lenox, you can. If you want it for anything else, you're good and the thing is like. Don't don't sit there and worry that all you'll. You'll feel like you're. You're being paranoid that Oh like anything. Like it's not a conspiracy theory. It's like these inscriptions. Like to prevent the breach of your privacy, yes. By all means like people are making these to benefit you doing it because. They're fucking nutcases on the corner of. Like the St Jude saying all. The, government's out together Labor. These are real things that are really happening. And, if somebody's going to judge you for for doing this, fuck them. By the way they want to sell their privacy and their data their advertising. And not get a cut. That's fine if if Google just offered me a cut where they said hey, we're making this much money a year on it. We'll give you twenty percent I'd be like okay but BA really. Like as as Tinfoil hat is, this may sound. Like it's all very very very real. God, fucking Damn. Can't even I can't even go on a rant? Thank you twice in one episode Q, but seriously don't just get over this and think Oh. Edina aired like wild people. They're they're stupid. Obviously have something. Were crazy conspiracy theorist, but when it comes to these things, it's very very serious thing that you should take into account. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is just the truth that's just which sounds like Alex. God for you anything you can do to to just keep yourself. About gay frogs. Putting Chemicals in the Tony The frog skate. Is A fucking nutcase all right well. I think that's all. Bush did nine eleven. Birds don't exist quarantines to change out the batteries all right. We'll see you later. Next week. Check out the Patriot and thanks to Patriot supporter Casey MC Facie. Guys.

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Episode 49: When I Go On Vacation I Like To Not Die

Jeather's Random Stuff

1:23:55 hr | 1 year ago

Episode 49: When I Go On Vacation I Like To Not Die

"Sadness Okay Megan keeps smacking a cat and and I'm trying to get a kitty situated in my lap so that's what we're doing right now. So welcome to others random stuff the podcast of random stuff yell at us. I'm Jay Kobe. I'm heather and together. We make a Jaguar. You're so welcome everyone to go. There was a cat seen. We've got got along cats in here three cats and a dog in here right now and some of them don't. Oh four cats and a dog and don't like each other. There's none on the bed no so they're all on the ground literally all surrounding me me. Yes Oh is she. She's hiding so gosh. I'm right in the middle of crossfire is over here so so Megan's got a glass of milk too so you need to keep that away from the cats. She's she's been It's been like a video game over here. It's like mortal mortal Kombat back with cats. It's pretty bad and Katrina has just laying there being good he well. He's afraid of them. That's why yes surrounded rounded by forecast. He's four cats and then there was a fifth somewhere lingering that he knows can kick his ass in any moment yeah heather and I I just finished. If you listen to the last podcast we just finished a week of eating Vegan. We did we we survived. I did cheat and how to have pizza Teriyaki Gawky chicken because my fucking favorites yeah I my husband order with my permission and I couldn't handle it and I and to be fair. I thought you would have been neck act. Deepen the teriyaki chicken but half a p eight and a half a piece. That's pretty that gave strain the rest of the my dog and then there was ten pieces left at the end that my husband told told me I could eat that all of them to my dog. That's a sacrifice was but I did not succeed in the full week of Vegan. I did very well but I did have a half piece of chicken. Hey you know what that's okay. That's okay it's hard. It's so hard you know what's really hard is when you work really hard to prepare a meal and then you dump but all on the ground on the outside of Your House that sucks ass and then you have to eat peanut butter when you really tried. I'm super when you dumped the awesome. Vegan begin meatballs at your best friend made you and then your dog. It's eat them off. The ground. Has the other dog trip you. I mean I was looking at it and was trying to decide if any any of it wasn't touching the ground kind of nachos watchers at the Mariner game yeah it just wasn't that thick where I was able to preserve any of it to eat eat off the concrete yeah. I should have been happier with eds off my concrete because I know we're that's maybe that's why it wasn't always okay with that. 'cause I know where that Shit's been. Then Yeah Yeah for my dogs all over it all just tonight. My husband thought he found major score in the fridge with some the chicken salad and I said yes begin chicken salad. Poor Jeff froze all that chicken salad from our trip did our home I put it all free and and and the Buffalo deb hell yeah that's all in the freezer. Chicken Buffalo dips okay so that yeah vegan Regan was fantastic. I think I'm going to take away a lot of stuff from that where I will try to incorporate more vegetables into my Diet Yup but I fucking miss chicken an eggs. Yeah eggs my biggest thing. I missed that week and I noticed it sat. Don't eat a lot of eggs but I did miss the chicken and I missed the cheese and stuff but I've come to realize that no belt so good this week. I lost five pounds in a week. It's amazing because I was just eating vegetables. Basically no carbs scene and I was trying not to eat a lot of carbs either but I felt really good and I feel like the dairy. is just not good for me so. I'm going to continue to not eat the dairy. You know what your best friend over here really hook you up with the non dairy ship yeah. I well and and some of that stuff I have to be careful also not the day the day all the day a free. Did you know that yeah. I just have to watch out for the soy because they can't eat that either. Luckily Luckily Day has pretty much everything you know. You can get salad dressings you. They don't have sour cream yet. which I think is weird but they have all the different cheeses the actually the pizzas you can get? They have a cheesecake. You can get that soy free. I don't know about that. I haven't tried that one yet. I've figured we might try that one together because I found that amazing cheesecake but it has soya soy. I did take one tiny bite of that and it was really good. I know just like cheese. I know did you guys hear about the Vegan woman who died of cancer no I this is. GonNa seem off topic but trust me. I heard you talking about all you know. Veganism Change Your Life Kinda Anisimov this woman went online claiming that she had cancer and she went Vegan veganism miraculously we cured her cancer and she was so healthy and she's never felt better and then I think like two weeks later. She died of cancer. What kind of cancer I have no idea apparently cancer that vanishes and reappears apparently so I mean that's that's not cured by Vegan. I don't think there's any cancer that's tiered by being being vegan. No I you can promote better health whether you have cancer not by eating correctly and not putting the processes still eat poorly even begin you really can because there's a hell of our junk food. You can eat that. You're eighty million yeah so I notice that while I was begin. Even though my other dietary restrictions would make it so. I couldn't eat that others right right so I personally Salihi accepted the challenge and thought I was just gonna eat peanut butter the whole time but I made a pact with myself that only peanut butter once per day that did go out the window window yesterday. Yeah well 'cause dropped it. That was okay. I work so hard on the sauteed vegetables. Sorry I had the steam then. I saute them Samir oil. I know they sound delicious. I'M GONNA make room for us. You should because you can eat it because there's no soy in it. I know that's good. You just throw it on top nice jasmine rice perfect. I did now no judging here just because everyone knows Wa- maybe not ever all the other Onians. I have a free case fetish with barbecue sauce. Yeah Heather Likes Barbie also jasmine rice no talking fantastic see. I like barbecue sauce. It's not my favorite. I love douse everything you eat and barbecue sauce and or peanut butter. Yes f. one or the other. TERIYAKI sauce is up there too. Oh yeah yeah yeah but not as often because terry oxide thought more expensive. Oh Yeah Interior Casaus has soy in it it it does barbecue not so much and peanut butter has no soy peanut butter. Orleans three ingredients to well. Mine has more than that. My has to wait. I've got Megan's big jar of peanut butter. It's at home and I'm going to bring it to her. Oh I love you. You're all we have is Adams. It's sucks why did bring Your Dad. I gave your data Jeff Chunky but I have a gift creamy for you. I Love I love you too honey. She's not like like my peanut. Peanut butter doesn't have any sugar coating. Nobody lecture peanut butter butter tastes like it tastes like peanuts. No no it doesn't I've eaten just just roasted peanuts from the baseball game or from a trail mix. Hell no that doesn't tasteless jokes. Peanut butter tastes like peanuts were awful as what it tastes like bad peanut as delicious guys all right just and it has no sugar bad peanut butter earned your take and you know what we can do. We can dump like a Half Cup of sugar in that need butter. It's weird because like half of it comes up like is separates and like water the lesson have all those fucking Allen Chang and I totally understand because your mommy that one guard Christmas love Christmas and I tried like hell to be okay with this and I just wasn't. I have realized that you can't once. You're a peanut butter lover like we are. You can't alter this. You cannot give me better like supposedly healthy peanut butter. Expect me to eat that Shit. I'm not going to eat it. You cannot taint the goodness of peanut butter and then expect US stadium in the amount of sugar. You're going after after all. This is minute. It's not that much sugar in the regular peanut butter. I you have to admit that it's not a lot of sugar. I don't know if it's a lot. It's like the last ingredient that means. It's the least amount amount it doesn't mean that it's a lot it's a it's a it doesn't mean it's a small amount though it doesn't matter to me like I don't care. I don't don't care because it's my it's my peanut butter. It's like the ratio is like ninety nine percent peanut butter. One Percent Sugar Megan all that out of your ass. I I don't even care if I say small median how much of their what Kobe versus one I agree with uh-huh Heather's the peanut butter enthusiasts yes and she agrees with pay you whatever peanut butter you want. I'm GONNA eat the stuff without sugar the but you're not telling her. She can eat whatever she she wants because you won't buy her what she wants. That's right because I now shopping now. Her second mom has to provide her with the peanut butter. I'm just going to go live with other. Al Yup you know within reason. I know it's bad for you. All by top Roman thank you that is like eating cardboard. I know it is but she's doing rather cardboard than here bad peanut butter you know this. This is what being the cool second about is I get to buy peanut butter and top Roman and what is this doing to me. She's trying to see what you're doing. What she's a dodgy my loving this right now. She's just keep picking wrote picking gainer up. All I was doing was trying to pet her head off okay. So what are you doing your microphone God. Why don't you scared cat news well. What why is this display but there's some there's some kind of something you need to set on there. I don't know there was like a thing. I just won't touch it. It's like I don't even know like this. I mean I it's. There's something there's something loose and that needs to be fixed because flop. What do I always get this microphone slopping around. I don't know why you always end up at that. Don't even like randomly out and you always get that one I do and then we have half one of three chances and I get the shit ass one every time. It's like the Mayan thing where you have a fifty percent chance and I get a wrong. Oh my God that's so sure what Megan's referring to is the name MIA or Maya spelled the exact same way m. i. a. m. y. and and why would make it easy. Mia can be pronounced or Maya believe it or not and I fell one hundred percent of the time I literally switch it up every other time. I should just do a day just just mia all day long. You should do just the same all day and see what your percentages percentages. How many me's and Mayes do you have a day. I didn't have any today oh I would say. I probably have two to three a week a a week. Probably it's a very popular name at this point guessing my heather's. I have zero unless my niece comes on. How many Jacoby do you have. Oh that's never come through at Bir Megan. The Way Megan spelled only one. I've had I've had other Megan's come through. I know who she's talking about. She was the person remember in Allison Wonderland. You threaten to kill that girl who I did for her. Name is Megan spelled like mine yeah yeah I did. I did threaten the off that girl for you. Why I love it was just going to take her out of commission for the thing that wasn't going to be death. I can't leave you two alone because you're killing people and eating sugared peanut butter. I just can't this pairing murdering people to sugar peanut butter like it's not that that's the reason that's our motive of killing. People is because of sugar trouble. You're getting into sugar peanut butter and killing people and yet I have an open invitation the pull her out of school whenever I want you do because I put you on. The list actually made it on list the third year. You're allowed to pick up up. This is what I'm talking about with schools and doing background checks. They just don't do them ever. WanNa WanNa know the worst thing is they check my background. When I come out perfect that it doesn't matter just put her on the list and put on lists can take you out of school. Also Thor not so perfect. I just want to apologize because I'm eating saltines right now so if you just you're crunching in the middle of this that's me and I'm sorry she's sick back yeah yeah. She doesn't have an upset tummy. She's eating crush zip like that. She has her tummy's not feeling well puking or fucking brains out from days. I got you babe as Oh God sorry. I was trying to be nice little Tummy Komo Tub. This baby's Tummy Tom's upset. I didn't know her as a baby. I knew her as like. Oh God I did. Corrup- pretty early though twelve years old I think pretty much got her. Thank you how their time Ed. Thank you all right well. We got awesome subject that I think we do. Oh we co found we did well. Heather found it and started reading. It and I said No. No no stop reading. We'll save the PODCAST. That's awesome top. We've we've only gone through half of it so I don't know the second half of it on purpose because we'd like to do that. I don't remember what Rudy talked about but we're going through. This article. Recall that we found online called the deadliest tourist attractions in the world. I mean so these these are tourist attractions that people willingly go to tourist attraction. I think of like where we went like trees of mystery or teasing using land or someplace go and Megan. She did some research on Disneyland. How many people died and Disneyland like Fifteen fifteen. People all died and Disneyland which is more than half of the attractions on here. Oh it lists yeah. She went through the list. Not There has been more but Disneyland make the the list. Apparently they paid them off. The Not on the list toddler Disneyland covers out all of the L. Yeah that mouse's Oliver that Shit. I mean if you're a mouse. You're fucking sneaky. Kia so these are places that are considered tourist attractions a popular places where people go on purpose so the random place that people die. This is where people are actually going on purpose cage toby. I WANNA start off with saying when I go on vacation like the not die. I me too Oh. I like to come back same. I don't want the vacation that'd be the end of the road will yeah because then how do you scrapbook that. Shit exactly you can't scrapbook. If you're dead can't scrapbook and if you're dead you can't go on a second vacation. If you're dead either bless you bless you now. Oh you have a token by you don't you. He's done the cat on the cat. I'm sorry cats. It's impossible to not seize. Control looks very concerned the deadliest tourist attractions in the world. We're going to go number. One kept Yosemite National Park's half Dome in California Nya and then everybody talks about seventy yeah you hear about all. This is a tourist attraction. This is a place that is should be on most people's bucket list the sea in their lifetime and I when I hear Timothy I thank Yogi bear me too yeah right and picnic backseat well and that in Yellowstone Park. I always think yellowstone both of them I think of that with. I don't know which one Yogi bear is from but I think of him fondly from both those part I know right. I don't think yellowstone made it on this. Listen I don't I don't think it did so is known for its sequoia trees the granite cliffs and waterfalls but it is home to one of the deadliest tourist attractions in the world the half dome which is a steep treacherous five thousand foot hike sounds like I'm not a fan of hiking hiking. I really don't see anything I mean. I'll do a hike up saddle rock in our area with some friends once in a while just because I wanNA kick ass is I talk to many horror stories of hiking in either dying or getting kidnapped or eaten by a bear or falling into some kind of deliverance is type situation. I believe all of that can happen could hike well. Does it take any comfort knowing that at your best friend has no desire to hike either. Hey you know what hi fi type of animal that was a stretch shouldn't just be a chink hiking no hiking between two thousand five and two thousand fifteen and a half dome was the site of twelve deaths two hundred ninety accidents at one hundred and forty search and rescue missions. That's how many circus search and rescue a hundred and forty it takes an entire day to climb the half dome and in the last four hundred feet is almost vertical and requires the use of cables so you have to have rock climb yeah. This section is known as the death slabs is the microphone in bothering you when the JD somehow somehow I think she needs a case stopping me your microphone. It was being mean to me. I okay so you are to it. The worst GonNa get just oh wow. I don't know if you can help her and she's like having an issue heading now. Okay Megan is GonNa help are putting the I'm like. Oh okay when the half dome gets wet. The hikers can easily slip and fall but the mountain is still dangerous when it's dry as recently as September of Twenty nineteen which is just fucking last month. A hiker died after falling five hundred feet. That's not the right. Is that the right one. I don't know if it's just a seems like it should be up here but I'd AC- nothing to turn up here. It's just is going to be like this. Is this okay. Oh that's not right. That's not right. That's GonNa proper my boobs. Oh my God to Megan. Do you have your phone. Take a picture of heather with the microphone on our BOOBS. I I air okay here. Okay I think this is as good as it's going to get a kitty cat and this is wanting to do something Paula Berry fine with microphones during this evening. Damn microphone wants to. I don't even know it's all right. I'm going to belong to the second one okay. The second thing that is one of the world's deadliest tourist attract. Oh did they fix aw aw thank God fucking mordor sorry Jamie. I'm cooking myself something special for that tonight. Hell yeah second one on the list. This is called the poison garden. It's an England why the fuck would aim may go to a place called the poison garner. It's called the poison guard. What do you think's going to happen there. Do you think they have poisonous plants there. Maybe I mean I'm going to go aww I bet it's Nice Little Cafe Nice Little Cafe. I it's GonNa be full full of stuff that is not in the atom Eve Garden. Why does that no other behind the black and gates okay because they want to hear the black behind the black gates. I think of more door in Lord of the rings the Black Gates Right. I think of a more like all right yeah more and you know it's going to be a bunch of poisonous poisonous thorns from like sleeping beauty yeah so I am the black gates at all in the wick. Garden is a park with plants that can kill you. I'm the owner and the Duchess of Northumberland. Jane Percy wanted attraction to stand out and thought that more people would be interested if they had lethal plants plants. Yeah sign me up for that. I mean she's right so she was right 'cause each year they received eight hundred thousand visitors and how many of those visitors leave there are one hundred types of poisonous killers growing in gardens. No one is allowed to touch the plants but it doesn't stop. Stop the toxic plant fumes from causing visitors to pass out on occasion so if you go in there and you're weak weaker immune system. You're going to pass out for likes smelling. These lands are literally putting poisonous gases into the air and you could pass out and why would you go there on vacation again because it's fun if you want to die. That's the perfect place to go. I mean that just sounds dumb to me. Honestly sounds like a good time. Let's go let's. Let's go see some poisonous plants. Let's let's touch on all over ourselves Polka Polka with the stick. That's the best way to do. Poke the stick on someone talk stick. Bring someone you don't like there. We go all all right right. The next thing on the list is the stairway to heaven in Hawaii doesn't that sound nice no stairway to heaven who they're air stairway to heaven death it. It is actually if you're going to having your dead heaven. So which I've I heard on the Nice Place Nice Heaven on earth. I mean you can't do like anything like you probably still can't like center or anything and Heaven's like you. You can't cuss on having either so like I'm probably not going to heaven on lame like warming party up. They're lame warming party way. We don't you think there's different tiers of Heaven Swearing Heaven where I go. That's a lower tier probably a good hour trailer good person commit trailer Park Heaven Trailer Park Heaven. I can take that's hurry our trailer Heaven Lowest Level of Heaven Trailer Park. Hell's the highest heisel of health well. That's probably true yeah good job job. I always think of Hell I always think of the boys well not quite so was that Little Nicky Little Nicky the movie I know but I always think about Hitler. The pineapple shoved off his ass. That's that's what I think of. Hell Hell. I'm like look how happy everybody is down there and the and the King of their or Satan. He's like Kay Hitler in your little what little made output time for your pineapple up your ass and it's a daily thing and Hitler does knows he has to do this well. I don't know what the hell the Hitler with the Pineapple. I've not seen that movies. Oh you should see it once. It's a little stupid ally like distorted. Adam sandlers declined it really is I totally agree with you mayo him he's just off with Billy Madison and happy Gilmore boy away become before. I think it was okay it wasn't I was my favorite. One of his movies actually water billy Madison Happy Gilmore where my favorite happy happy. Gilmore come on. That's where we got the whole. Get The fucking ball in your home your home now. Hey that's amazing waterboy. Oh boy we got. He spit in a cooler wait. What was the other thing with it waterboy. What is mom always say. Mom always said that's Baba always said yeah. That's what it was. That's what I want. Everything was the devil I sometimes myself that like the coach the coach but like the coach figure hallucination saying when he's singing about how like gatorade is so much better than or sucks it really really sox that to myself like at school and people be like what are you doing so making that girl at school all right listen the hysteria to heaven on the island of A. Wa who is a difficult hiking trail with a total of three thousand nine hundred twenty two steps okay. The site was originally only a naval base. She's flipping in nineteen forties but was decommissioned in the nineteen fifties all right and it was close to the public in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven. There's a reason attracts however why would they reopened the shit they did in the no trespassing signs haven't stopped people from climbing the broken broken and unmaintained stairway. Although it is illegal to climb the stairs police issued one hundred and thirty five tickets to trespassers between June and December twenty winning fourteen and in some cases climbers have been injured on the dangerous hike and some people even plunging to their deaths because they so when you say the no trespassing danger sign you just go. Oh it'll be fine that right. There's no reason for that signed to be there. It's fine. I'm in Hawaii. What could go wrong. It's just like area fifty. One wants no trespassing people with guns. They're just there for they. Don't mean me wait. Wait still go. Is this show a hike up to a volcano so this is not a place where the virgin route sacrifice them so now okay all right just like that kills people all right next one. August okay that Komodo island in Indonesia island sounds like volcanic or we have issues with the seat now now Komodo like Komodo Dragon Komodo Dragon. Those can eat some people so it's a giant lizard with a venomous bite it the dragon it's an entire island full of giant lizards venomous by now. If I'm not mistaken I think the Komodo dragons pretty much. Only habitat on one island in the world is the island. I think they only have one island. They can be on its home to six thousand Komodo dragons and that might be all we have in the world taught the pedestrian. She is popular for Divy and checking out the largest lizard on earth like hey. Let's Polka with a stick up. It seems take down like livestock. That's over a thousand pounds. Yeah wasn't going to do to a hundred fifty pound person so you can visit Komodo National Park which is a maintained park but between nine hundred seventy four and two thousand twelve is twenty four attacks on human jr which isn't that many really isn't that many five of those people died Ole. Oh He's not I mean I'm Kinda. Boo Two kittens they're gonNA. I'M GONNA have to kick some kitty but in a minute the rangers the park do you warn guests to avoid eye contact with the lizards and to go to the bathroom with a partner. What is their desserts waiting for you in the bathroom that you can't can't make eye contact with them. Heather there is five islands for the Komodo dragons and all of them are Indonesia so all of them are in Indonesia. This is just one of them interesting. He is. I mean there's a law growling hitting going on and he wants no part of this all right the next. What did the Colorado River in Colorado so we got another one in our country. Yeah I wouldn't have thought this okay but extreme whitewater. Rafting is is popular on the Colorado River but I would have to be experience it yeah you would hope so. It's very exciting for the thrill seekers but it has a lot of hazards words when the snow melts and the Colorado Mountains of water river becomes more fierce causing fast currents and high water many accidents and injuries juries have occurred in two thousand seven the river claimed twelve lives and just in one year and one year and 'cause one hundred seventy six major injuries all in one year yeah so they don't want anyone going down like rafting unless you have advanced knowledge of water flows and search and rescue training and so we don't do this. I actually have no desire to Whitewater river rafting. I have no desire to do that my teacher why would you have a desire to. I said I have no desire. You have no desire okay. No you get extremely what you have a chance of falling overboard you have a chance to be off and and there could be creatures in there. I mean I don't care if you're in Colorado. I'm sure the crocodiles in there. There's no crocodiles cholera. If I fall in there's crocodiles. I'm sure they're going to morph ORF into that water and get me. There's never just so you know the Komodo Dragon Islands yes. They are volcanic so you've right about them having volcanoes. Oh thank you making i. I thought I would like the dude like that. Also there are no alligators in Colorado. I didn't say alligators. Crocodiles crocodiles knock it all in the United States but there are in Colorado River if I go down in the river. How do you tell if it's a crocodile or alligator. Don't wrote say it don't say it do. You're not going to do the seer layer alligator Pinson. Oh my God. There's actually a way of tale telling them. Apart crocodiles or bigger crocodiles have a non pointy eras. Now alligators have pointy snout and they're a little bit smaller and UH. I was just as disappointed now as I was the last time you told that awful joke burn all I'm GonNa. Tell it to all your friends. Stop it no you you know what she why. Would you do that right now. Doing it the Halloween party Oh. Why would you tell her that she's got to forget. She's drinking wine. Oh gotta do that. Okay next. One will be there. I won't let her do that. She'll I'm not GONNA die. I'm probably going to try to do some weird entertainment style my own alright right. You can come. You can complain about chloe. Okay 'cause you're good at that good at that all right next one and I'm not sure gotta say this. The cliffs of more Clips Amore M. O. H. E. R. and Ireland Mohur are more more. It's like Oh that's that's the that's fancy the how they set where's thor from and the his hammer is called Muneer it. He's he's not from the earth. No he's from another little Gal. His planet Senate anyone as Gerd Odin his dad. We had a learn about this in class like cliffs of more got to learn all about all right so the cliffs of Mo- her I mean say it like that. From now on I like it. People love them for the picturesque risk green fields and gorgeous backdrops of the Atlantic Ocean which would be very pretty but it's located in the South West Region Ireland. The cliffs are extremely dreamily or an incredible sight but there's lots of dangers. There's a combination of powerful winds and there's no barrier rails so so people just get fucking swept away by the wind like tight though like height literally get knocked off the cliff by the winds. They are human kites that don't fly plus. There's rain all the time in Ireland and the rocks are slippery so like you go up there to look at this beautiful view and the wind just fucking knocker asks right off so these are the people that like the head right to the edge whereas I'm not an edge per se. I am like a hanes about ten feet from the edge and be like Oh yeah. It's pretty I don't really ever WANNA. Look over the clift. 'cause I don't WanNa fall. Make you know what I go to cliffs. I liked the not fall I can in stand way back and still take a picture. Oh Fuck Yeah Yeah but you could take a picture from falling and be your last pitcher via the last picture you ever take while you're falling yeah. Take a picture your Selfie of yourself or a picture of your friends still up on the cliffs overlooking go or maybe you'd have time for both depending on how long your fallen old some phones can do the Selfie with the front. Oh Yeah picture thing yeah I don't I would have to figure it out before I fill yeah because I don't know how to get to it while I was. It'd be panicking while you're falling every any reason the panel there's nothing you can do air shoot strapped to you need to figure out there good. Just accept it. Just look. Don't even look down. 'CAUSE you're probably the rock. There is down there right on your head all right yeah. Hopefully it's on your next thing on the list as El Camino del Rey and Spain. I was GONNA say that sounds Spanish. It is yeah so it was initially a path for workers to transport goods but the pathway is only three feet wide and dangles three hundred and thirty feet up along the face of a cliff. How does it sound saying it has earned the nickname king's little pathway because King Alfonso the Ninth Eighth Sorry Thirteenth. I'm trying to Roman numerals here pretty good thirteenth. The cross the walkway in nineteen twenty one all right the path has fallen in disrepair and they closed it to who the public but in many sections only medal railways laugh thrill seekers still try to climb along the pathway because you know that's the thing thing to do. This is the population control in our country ball and diet him. This is what we need the stupid people in the world off themselves shit. They reopened it in two thousand fifteen. Why do they own trolley. The mosquitoes aren't doing enough on their own. May need some more help so the pace the mosquitoes do because natural selection we just need the best wants to survive and the rest of you sorry all right next thing on the less. Soga the Kakoty trail and Papua New Guinea where the fuck is that Papa Guinea Papua New Guinea Guinea Papa nuked any. I'm GONNA pop New Guinea. I'm pretty sure that's how you say from Guinea. I don't say it is a challenging launching in sixty mile trek that take six days pleat Megan's correct so far almost every single one of these fucking things hiking. I'm telling you hiking kills. You guys guys here. This hiking kill hiking kills. Don't hike sixty mile track that takes six days six days six days. How cold is it. During the day. The weather is very very hot and humid that night at drops to freezing so you pack for you have to wear shorts and tank talk and song and then you have to put your Parkas on your laugh because it's freezing cold and that it's hot during the day yeah that's in addition task condition to the hiking climbing and swimming that you have to do on this trail to complete it mosquitoes that carry malaria are all over the place biting you trying to infect you with malaria again population in the water to swim on parts of it. You have to swim them down some rivers and stuff. There's Leeches all over and I don't think I would even attempt this and if that's not enough you can succumb to dehydration turn because obviously you have to carry all your water with you. You can't drink the water there. Why do the Hell do. People think this is fun. I let me go out and brand backpack that I can barely handle with closed for one extreme to the next extreme impossibly dehydrate and have to swim with Leach is is a wait wait wait. There's one more thing God. What else are your hiking. Local natives will attack. You Machete Stares. Does it say how many people have been killed by local. Since two thousand thirteen two people have been killed and seriously and he's having in having serious injuries so literally. You're walking early. People Megan you're dehydrated either hot or freezing. You have leeches. Malaria and people are tacky rocky with machetes and spears the Shia. He's by the way our big old fucking hatchet. There's less people dying or knives literally trying to get murdered then just climbing over a fence and like falling to death so yes pop it. Again is not on our list of places to ever visit. It hasn't made my bucket list. I can't say the fucking name Bucket Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea that you just said it. I'm poppin. A New Guinea over here sounds like something you'd say that that's why I said it that is fucked up next next one. I'm going to have trouble with this word. Good luck. Smyrna beach in Florida is Florida country. That is the home of Florida man. One of the things on this list should just be the state of Florida for this. This is new Smyrna Beach Thomas Ad Okay. You could never swim at this beach because it is absolutely overwhelmed overwhelmed with sharks. I'm assuming if this is Florida. We're talking bull sharks off the shark bite capital of the world memory of myself off will hear sharks and Black Reef. It doesn't white tips on here. I just they have had the highest number of confirm armed Shark Bites in the world and twenty seventeen and twenty or twenty two thousand seven and two thousand eight. They actually still have the record to this day because I still watch shark week in the past as thirty years. They've had forty fatal attacks. Yes sharks but you know why. Would you ever swim limb there well. They actually this Florida tip there. During certain times of the year has the one of the most array of shark species all all in that water and the bull shark right there go up freshwater wow thousands of miles of the Tennessee so you know I don't that's why I don't swim in the ocean. I doubt I also do not swim in the ocean because you never know well. You can't see what's underneath there. There's a lot of deadly thing to be honest Koby. I'd be really sad if someone one of my loved ones got eaten but I get it. You're in their territory. You are they need food and if they think they can make a meal out of you yeah so be. It has already. Have you seen that guy talking about the sharks where like people were getting mad that like eight people were getting eaten by shirt and they're like we just need to cover. All the sharks like Eden as the guy was like you see this whole like wet thing right there. That's their space yummy all this stuff right here that you live on that to your space yep you kill all the sharks and so you don't have the correct ecosystem in the you need a top. Predator to keep everything correct sharpshooter eating all the plastic that gets thrown into the oceans sadly. I think that's mostly the tiger shirt. That's something they can digest anything all right anyway. Mont Blanc in France in France made its in France. It's sixteen thousand four hundred and four feet high hiking shit. That's another hiking piece of shit. It's the highest peak in Europe deadliest peak in France each year. Approximately one hundred climbers die every year a Ari. I'm expecting ever here because you know how many people they dot. Yeah Everest kills a lot every weather conditions frequently and unexpectedly change creating the perfect recipe for disaster they have civil rights storms and avalanches and they have to be cautious about falling rocks and hidden in crevices and powerful winds that can reach sixty miles an hour. You can also die from altitude sickness. Chen quickly become life threatening guess Jeff Howe about oxygen well. That's yeah when you get the altitude sickness. I think that's part of the where you can't breathe. I think so I think so all right so but you know on Mount Everest more than three hundred people have died attempting the summit yeah but not like what is it one hundred twenty owning a year. This was one hundred one hundred deaths a year yet hate and shit on in your phone until we're John what the list put the phone down. I'm just trying to see how many people don't ever phone way down. Can we heather Linda Hitler down. I am reading the list. You need to listen to the list until put it may take your phone. Heather passed to give it to me. Give it give it no no more looking shut up. Its patrols now. There's some reason you know you guys should worry about it. Takes me an hour to look up. I know 'cause your phone sucks. I know all right this next one. It should be obvious to anyone like why would you go here with the name like this. Okay what is death island death road call every house in Bolivia death row death row death row like your prison road death road. Why would you drive on this one of those dangerous roads in the world. Where's where's it again in Bolivia up in over their heads over all right Bolivia. Is that good enough America right South America okay okay there. We go. That's better right and they have a deadly road. It is forty three miles long and reaches elevations of two thousand feet and it is a heart-stopping experience because as guardrails at all. It's like being on a rollercoaster in your car. Okay so fatal vehicle and cycle accidents are as common as is going off the road like on the edge fall off the fucking edge every year. Three hundred people die on the fucking road. That's why it's named debts death road. God they put wooden crosses all along the routes to honor the flow whoa they they have the time to put fucking wooden crosses on the hot rail. Where's the rail way. Crosses be the rail. We probably are by this point they probably probably don't put up a radiologist because they're like well then don't risk take no one's going to want to go on the road anymore because it's not special people die on it then it special care population relation control thing yes control yeah because we have no natural predators other than the -squitoes and bears -squitoes and bears. We're all going to die from and maybe cats you know. I always say that in my house that if Mike Katz decided to overthrow in one overthrow me one day they win. They're like wolves. They've worked on down. Oh God they take me down on a heartbeat IBM mercy. I met their mirth. That's why kicked kiss asses everyday not kick. I kissed their asses every fucking day and please don't kill me. Don't kill me in my sleep tonight. Please just love me all right next one. I'm a nop say this right mount who wash on plank walk in Hawaii China. Oh China Johnnie okay is it walk as in walking or walkers and walkabout. Let me look here. Okay Mount Plank walk okay they tourists find it hard to resist. The challenge of balancing on a shaky wooden board suspended seven thousand feet in the air. Why would you do this again with the fucking being up okay well. China has a lot of the people so they had dudes dudes. Some hikers like to play around and cling to the chain on the cliff with only one hand or stand on the aboard with one leg but one slip can link to a long drop to the valley below so about one hundred people die every year. There's a law in the plank walk and those who survived journey the journey reached the tail list monasteries and enjoy a hot cup of tea or for not having they say you get T- at the way at the monastery and you get to drink with a monk's Wi- a wind eighty wait wine rain is holy to yeah know -mongst drink not that's like someone dying over a cup of starbucks right as I'm as good a starbucks. You know eldest barely teabags. It's probably not good. T- it's like it's Kinda like Seltzer water but not carbonated together again themselves as prime magic t magic does like magic like you're not GonNa die going back there once I share reach. There's probably magic team called die going back all right okay next reward for surviving the Uphill Nagy better be this next time a little surprised at K then Grand Canyon in Arizona. What are you working die by just trying to take a Selfie Alfie on the edge. I've seen it. I've actually read stories about people on the edge of grandma in the Grand Canyon is actually one of the most famous tourist destinations in the US but the most dangerous does this is people hiking down the Grand Canyon. Okay it's two hundred twenty seven miles and it reaches a depth of six thousand ninety three feet at some point so this is people hiking in the fucking Grand Canyon not just taking a selfie off the frigging got like five hundred feet away from the edges were myself we would be so since the mid eighteen hundred seven hundred seventy. Many people have died in the Grand Canyon. Most due to falling over the edges dehydration and plane crashes plane crashes. Thank you know why because they do a tour. Were you do a plane. Were well now. It's like a helicopter tour. I think isn't it helicopters. Helicopters are finicky all right. Yeah Orleans cat. It's GONNA explode. Why why would you tell us that because it looks like that in the movies barely shoot at or it just barely scuffed the edge of something with little little propeller thing all its tail and I hate when they show the helicopter. They've been a couple measure. This show the helicopter dodging gene something and it flies upside down permit. It's that's impossible. A helicopter cannot fly upside down no explodes. It would crush yeah I know but they do the movies have you seen at concerts and stuff. They'll be police helicopters. Sometimes they'll hover like the area and people will shine laser Israelites into the pilots of the helicopter. That's illegal. That's legal. How do you know how easy this crash when that happens yes or imagine you're having a concert wave no laser light around him boom helicopter. You're actually trying to do that trying to like blind. The helicopter games like Oh look. It's coming at me. Oh look it's crashing. Oh I'm dead yeah. Why do that weight the concert over. Oh Yeah it is because the helicopters all cultured as crashed on all of us all right next this is called the Bash bish falls and Massachusetts. I love her United States. I've never heard of this all right well because we're on the other side of the whole it is the highest waterfall in the state. The bish bash falls best in the state right bash bish falls Chevron sections with the largest latest. Sorry last part separated separated by Iraq cascading eighty feet into a pool so you have to hit a rock first before you get to the pool so people like take go and then get the pool so there's a waterfall and a pool. So why do people WANNA DO THEY WANNA jump out the water fucking but but there's a rock getting a barrel yeah. I'm sure the water from the rock. The people don't realize the pool is very shallow a new so they jump off and don't find that out until they hit the fucking ground so in the last hundred years more than twenty. Five people lost their lives because they jump Tom off and either hit their head or they drowned. You think this kind of thing would warrant like a tour guide. Maybe mean like hey. Maybe the SL if you jump you're at risk of death shall well you know what before. I'M GONNA jump off a fricking cliff. I'm going to you see how deep the fucking water is at the bottom yeah but you were. You're Madonna was move. Say there's not a lot of kids or do I. I don't understand wife done that. When you're in your early twenties or late teens yes I would rather normal. You're at neural yes. I'm not gonNA jump off something one hundred feet up without knowing how fricking deep the water water is at the bottom. That's dumb. What are you a worse yeah. Not Everybody is going to be that intelligent about re or thinking the they're gonna see. Their buddy just made it off of there and they're just going to jump no man. No my buddies died at the bottom. I bet I won't exactly healthy. I don't think I will die right heather. The next one K Mount Everest yes and Nepal. I had stumping my phone all right. I know there are three hundred people we'll have died. They're reaching the peak about Azar. Everest every hikers absolute dream right if you're a hiker and you get the top of Mount Everest wrist. That's if you don't die. You made it. I know what the worst thing is about Mel Evers. If you die on Mount Mount Everest you're staying there. You even get your body off their daily. You leave you and then if you're hiking. You have to climb over other people's bodies yeah you do. There's this guy called yellow yellow boots up there yup and everybody sees yellow boots because he's still in his fucking yellow boots dead so for every expedition that goes up yep every group of people that goes up four point three of those people will die. Wa- like so every you Myron a group of twenty we have a chance of dying easily. y'All yeah yeah and I'm GONNA say easily. I'm probably saying we're going to be the ones that die. Because I'm a blade hike it depends and who has will be hiking up going fuck this. This is dumb. I'm not doing this although we'd be breathe. Turn around so in the last sixty years three hundred people have died. Look look that up you did my I don't have my phone anymore so they die from exhaustion altitude to toot sickness unexpected weather and strong winds and avalanche unexpected weather. You mean snow like what else is up. There like how come it doesn't there. They freeze the death because that's what they do and those who perish remain there because it's too dangerous inexpensive to bring the bodies back down. You mentioned those release forms you signed before you hike that. I acknowledge that my body and myself may never return to the mainland yeah. You're just up. I I might stay on the mountain for eternity. Yeah and the bodies don't decompose another frozen. They're frozen solid. Could we bring them back. Maybe like we those bodies and we're GONNA do that. They have the technology the captain America's Shit. Just bring about yeah. Why not get like like What is it like a snowplow. Just go up there and just drive a snow plow on up there just put the beef no-one bud tires on the snow plowing clown just to hike it up my snow blower and just gonNA run on up there and grab those people on through on my little Red Ryder Raga next going to do experiments with them. When I get back a little house hey defrost them and see what happens. Someone who died to early on defrost put them Mike warm. You like heating pads on the shit out of that with a level teeny shock. I'm a perfect I know all all right the next thing Adelaide River in Australia. I think Australia should just be on the list. Yeah I mean I think we should should focus on one area there. The whole al-Shallah just Austrailia is like Florida. It's worse there's a lot of Oregon Housing Shit Yeah and but Australia has the most poisonous and dangerous snakes in the world they most spiders in the world big ass fuck inspired they actually are the home to the most deadly shark attacks and the and they have the magpie swooping they have the fucking bag with me magpie and and poisonous sausages poisonous sausages. I mean there's stuff. That's going for everybody here. There's nobody that's going to survive this so Adelaide delayed river as a hot spot for bird spotting boating and fishing also. It's very large bull sharks. Oh ooh crocodiles and giant saltwater crocodiles is where there's bull sharks there saltwater crocs. Yes crocodile tax aren't common but they do occur in two thousand nine and nine year. Old Boy was attacked while fishing and they have also struck some tour guide boats in the past. Yes there is a notorious Albino crocodile. Oh this is not brutus as he is known as Michael Jackson for yeah there. There's a very famous crocodile named Brutus. He has been the blinds them serious offenses and he is killed a fisherman in two thousand fourteen. His name is Michael Jackson Al Bino Crocodile Michael. These el Nino does Michael. I'm Michael Jackson still live to this day. You think they did not go after Michael Jackson after killing the person you mean you mean crocodile Michael Jackson. I know Michael Jackson's gone. 'cause you know. Michael Jackson named his son blanket. Yes yeah you're. You're arousing thing I've ever heard. Everybody knows everybody knows that generation of South Park now I have ah I didn't learn it from South Park. I learned from South Park Shirt shortly. After I learned for the first time I learned it when we're trying to summon what it prints and what's the third one's name Prince Michael Paris Paris Paris is like the only semi normal one is she. Now I mean like name. None of those kids can be normal okay. She thinks that passing set her father was like like a Colt killed him. We don't know anything about what his his personal lay down now. Nobody knows they just like to make sure that they do and I don't even know what to believe all right the next one it should be obvious that you shouldn't go here the boiling lake and Dominica I mean it sounds like you might get scolded. I think you might die because you're gonNA get boiled all right. This is boiling foiling. Like why the fuck would you mess with that. Shit all right. The boiling lake is a body of water that is too dangerous for swimming is bubbling Greyish Bluewater Water Hovering vapor clouds and you get too close of it. It can be an irreversible mistake it reaches temperatures of one hundred and ninety seven degrees Fahrenheit Holy Shit yeah basically closer. You're going to get to knowing what a fucking lobster and crab Abbeville boil your fucking self in here. Oh my God all right how hot the middle nobody knows because it's too dangerous even go out there and find out the the lake actively boils and why do they allow people to even see this place. I don't know I would have a big old old. This shit a water has to reach a temperature of two hundred and twelve degrees to boil. That's a scientific in fact so this is two hundred and twelve degrees water no all right. Actually people drive life because they think they should go there. Oh let me just stick my foot in Oh. I just got third degree. Burns look at just traveled up the rest of my body because I can't feel my fucking leg. I just fell all in all right next one death valley in California 'cause it's called Death Valley Valley so if you hear the Word Death Valley. Maybe avoid that valley yeah. Maybe not go don't go to the valley says death in it so every year they get over a million visitors. Why two million people go to death valley. They like to death value than nights guys that are filled with sparkling stars and you know probably it lands. Do you know how many places we have in our local area right here where you can see a billion stars hey but not aliens to. I don't know that Shit. I don't spend that much time outside of my house but I know I can see a zillion stars from my house. That's true you really can and if I stayed out there long enough. Did you just wrap him up like prison. That's so she did now. He's unwrapped over the years they've had numerous deaths and just people that just vanish and so they can get up to one hundred and thirty four degrees. Fahrenheit during the day evaporates at night and most people there die from heat stroke or heat exhaustion because it's death fucking valley and has one hundred thirty four degrees the hell well. Would you go there what Dr King Vanish. That's the aliens at yet. There see it's aliens. Area Fifty one's somewhere else their clothes inside the desert. I swear we'll because there's not as much action and they can park their. UFO's there there he liked that part of the baking park on there and have little disturbance and then if there's a person they just as apple or evaporate them. I think they evaporate them. I think so too they I just spray them with or shoot them with some laser poof kidnap ally kidnap. WanNa do some vicious experiments on him yeah or they just kidnap them just Cana Kinda. Oh poke them for an hour. Oh maybe they plant their babies them or that or that excess disturbing okay okay the next thing which is a no-brainer okay. What's this one. They're running of the Bulls in Spain. What why don't don't run. There's problems with Spain. They also do bullfighting there. Were they kill the bowls so off. These bowls are at this point. Yes yes they're they have over ten thousand people that visit this event every year and how many of those ten thousand. Pamplona are these all the ten thousand years moles that run only ten bowls ten ten those are hungry bowl off and believe it or not they suffer lots of injuries from getting hit and trampled Vazza Shah so but since nineteen ten they've only logged fifteen deaths mostly due to goring though shit and in one freak accident victims suffocated in pile up a bowls. I probably people I could happen at football game. That's just people are dumb. I'm sorry K. Don't run with bowls. Set them free and love them. Hug a bull run from it. How many people did you say died in the running of the bully fifteen and that's a long ten. That's over one hundred years. It's like a hundred in ten years. You see that mouth. That was pretty quick. That's look at you. I was rounding up though because it's really one hundred nine years and almost ten irate that's next faces in Hawaii. Ed Courses Hawaii say that word Hamanaka Pie beach the some of the pretty damn good selling nice and knock up so Paul Canuk or short Sandy shores refreshing waters most dangerous places to swim the waves and rip currents uh-huh those rip currents take you right out to the big old sharks they do. Ooh And you can't once you get out there. You get swept out. You can't get back. No it's over and if you WANNA get to the nearest safest shore six miles away she'd she'd have to swim six miles to be able to get back to the shore. That's fucked up and that's going through the Kurds. Yeah that's crazy yeah. I just be floating waiting. Hopefully for coming at you know I know how to make flotation devices out of my close. Oh that's a skill it is that's what I learned. When I became a lifeguard perfect. You just have to blow all utai knots in your pants. You have to go under the water and blow them up with your air and then you make a flotation device is float. That's all I would do. Float and wait for the shark to come in eat me because it's going to it would all right. The next thing is called Angels Angels Landing in Utah another American the other yeah. I was GONNA say. You're on national boy. Do they have to make it sound so nice. I know wait means you death though angels landing and signed into an angel. It is some kind of fourteen hundred foot rock phone formation. We have another hiking thing it's carved into angels lions quite old but the people like to climb up in the view and those are strong and brave enough to complete the trail across steep sandy terrain in and a series of switchback say hey switch backs and they have to cling to change for the last half mile of the trail. Why do you do this for India. It's not doesn't sound fun to me but people are volunteering this. They're not being made dyke by gunpoint to do this. Shit volunteering know that it's got to be some kind of a AH thing where you say yeah. I did that because I don't know why else. You would do that all right the next one. Oh I'm not going to say this right Prior Day Boa Yashem in Brazil. How does that sound Brazil. I learned how to say that fast. Fast furious movies said that has lots of sharks. You see I still would want to visit these speech because I love sharks yeah but in the cage it's a lot of sharks and tiger sharks. Those are the main ones yeah. It's so dangerous that lifeguards do not train on the beach anymore. Oh they used to have to swim one hundred thirty one on the ocean but they now do their drills pool because at shark attacks occur so often they probably were losing lifeguards and they were having a hard time replacing them that could be but or the lifeguards fuck this. I ain't swimming out there. I would want on if I was a lifeguard. The longest hook in the world. I would never go in the ocean. I would just put my huge hook out there and hopefully the person being attacked by the shark can grab it. I could pullman the best I can do guys. I sorry unless I'm going on my law shark cage but I don't have a motorized shark cage yet all right here we go will the U Catan send no tests and Mexico. That's really snazzy does the name that was New Mexico or Mexico just Mexico. They're K. mom Tom that exactly exactly. I told you this before. If for you guys you can't see it. it's an article basically weekly saying how annually there are more deaths due to a cow attacks are to shark touted cows. Kill people were full hind legs. Maybe they kick them. Now also fart. We've already found out on a previous podcast broadcasting. Their parts are lethal. That's how we destroy the entire planet. Yeah Kim probably kill a person with their lethal cows killing people ever ever. That's because it's so normal yeah about an not normal. It's way more normal to get killed by a by a frigging Calvin in a short because where do people live Megan to people live on land or in the ocean about five land five desk caused by sharks annually while horses kill about twenty people year and cows kill about twenty two. Oh yeah you know why because that's occurred on land uh-huh Crocodiles Gobble up a thousand people year crocodile snakes kill snakes are quite fall are there and then if you get to the mosquito skibo deer also caused hundreds of deaths mostly by running out in front of cars yeah yeah. I mean yeah. I understand that sometimes times if you're hunting them they'll get it for big funds. Will you look at how many people can kill by us. We're listening hundreds of Mexico the caves I was just talking about you have to swim through them and there's lots of tight corners that twist and turn and you have to squeeze through these little tight spaces and they can be so deep diffusing seen the divers get lost and can't find their way out so you're diving in here. Why because I don't know why would you dive in there. I don't know now as you want because they have death wishes I treasure or something. There's no fucking treasurer in the case. Someone already would have found it. You're going Loyd in there for nothing all right. The next thing is yellowstone national park yellowstone did make some Yogi Berra's now. Would they be on there because they're repairs attack. I don't think so that's saying why is this on the list of bear attacks or Cougar or the people don't stay on the paths and they wandered too close to the geysers and geothermal waters. Are you going to talk about the zone of death. Hold on some some of the waters around two hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit so people twenty people have died because of these hot springs burned to death so not because of all the millions of animals so I have I seen I have quite a few laughs. Let me just pick which ones we're going to do. You didn't talk or the Debbie. We could do a to continue next week we could. I just have a couple more okay but favor. Let's do this called Victoria Falls. That's close. Isn't it sends Imbaba. That's not close every year. Someone dies Toria falls just one person though year yeah they dropped three hundred fifty five feet under sharp rocks so most of these are caused because of loss the footing and some are due to swim mean. I guess what you swim as a false so as a water flake they drown they drown so tourists their death in the face every time they swim in the Devil's pool of Victoria Falls. The pool allows visitors swim dangerously close to the waterfalls edge wjr in two thousand nine. A tourist guide plunged to his death after rescuing a tourist who was struggling in the pool so basically I don't know for her or him. The last one I'm going to mention is in the Ukraine that Chernobyl tours. The what tourist is this hiking again. No Churn turnout. Well no nuclear disaster site. Oh no I didn't need to know that one thousand nine hundred eighty six. I still don't need to know about a very member this right all years old. It is is the worst nuclear disaster in history. Okay booboo stop. He really doesn't like Lily for some reason. I don't know now the media blast of this 'cause fifty four fatalities but they believe about four thousand people later died because of the radiation exposure to the top ones on our list no yeah and and but they have tours here. I don't know why they have tours but the tourists are not allowed to eat outside touch plants or put items on the ground. Why go there because it's all for radiation and Shit. Why would you go there. Why would you want to go there. My Gosh that's just crazy. When I go on vacation. I like the not we'll have relation to not die from radiation poisoning. Thank you very much moral of the story today. When you go on vacation don't die do not go to any one of these places before we go. Is Something Important Dimension yes. I'm very passionate about what I'm about to tell you okay so there's something in when y'All Stone Park Park called the zone of death which was not mentioned in here when I think it is not mentioned it's not I'll explain its is the yellowstone zone of death is the name given to a five Hundred Square Mile Idaho section of Yellowstone National Park in which as a result of a loophole in the Constitution of the United States a criminal could theoretically get away with any crime up to and including murder in this zone home. Yeah 'cause there's like an area. I think it's like the state's intersect or like there's a gap in between the states and you have to be in like this certain area within the states like legal system to be convicted of a crime and this is outside of both the states that go in the yellow you get someone in there until you don't ask somebody here. You can tell people about a two you can be killed this guy right here like hey the me and yellowstone national park at these core court latitude and longitude coordinates exactly what was his own called zone of des. Yeah I would just say hey even the google map that ship and it says zone of death. Would you still go. Yes what the problem is. As I think fifty percent of the people would still go there like ooh. That sounds cool Zona death. Let's do is dying trying. It's not me it'll literally tell people that you kill someone there but as long as you did it there and you can prove that you were you did it. They're courts. I can't really do anything about it. That's crazy now. I've told you about this before and you said No. That's not real that can't be right. That cannot be right. It's true huge toll killed. I know those Tocado or though who is having a fit so the world of our podcast tonight is when you go on vacation don't die. I mean that's a great advice right. You guys can do it. That's advice for today well. That was a nice podcast today. That was is this next week fiftieth. I believe it is yes. You Ain't number fifty number fifty. If you have anything else to talk about or we could recap. Maybe maybe I don't know the last fifty episodes I mean there are maybe we might be able to get aired yeah. She was supposed to do our friend friend off best friend off the best off. Dom We didn't get that together. I don't know that that's happening. It's probably not unless how about do you other best friends. I do. I have one. That's pretty at my disposal Herron Aaron. How do or Tuesday she's also pretty at my disposal yeah now. How do you feel what these guys competing against your moment. I they probably know more about me than Sydney does okay them so we could potentially have a best friend off. We're going to do that. We need to give Aaron Air Neal's question because she's going to write the question party. She's going to be the neutral party. I I don't know how neutral she has. I know she loves US doors. Megan though exactly so there's a question she writes has to be answered by either us or Megan and her. BFF probably both though I would assume it's going to be both can't be a question about wine. What could be like your favorite drink. A could which ours is pretty open ended because it's white it's mine unless you name specific wine a similar low. That would be our favorite writ. Errands is water it Kobe. He drinks by non alcoholic beverage of choice. His water also had their only drinks to things water and that's it us to say that I'm very religious with my water and wind. That's what I think of. When I think of you heather as religiousness you should everybody everybody should think of that of holiness when they think of me. Do you assign gardens. I only know how to sign bitch. Taco need to know God into you want to do it. I can sign that was Taco Tuesday. Do what consign bit TACO got. It can gain happy hour and soccer day. Sorry I forgot fuck you bitch but I I know and sign language and how many times the teacher assigned and then she'll sign back. Sorry I forgot so infuriating or fuck you bitch. Give me a TACO. Yeah I mean I know how to sign that. She has that is not. That's give me a talking. Uh signed the to a deaf person. They would not understand why they would a little bit because she's trying well if they'd be like what why talkshow this Megan me. I mean I eat. They would think you were crazy. I think I don't know how to sign him really fucking trying because I know how to say Taco Utah Co now happy hour talk out where they'll be someone from China accuser accuser speaking of tornadoes and the Taco and then like nothing at so in from China came up to me and spoke all their Chinese stuff and I Kurt Taco. I give him a fucking TACO. Yeah that's right. It's all the word they could only use they knew or it's not even an English word. It's an Hispanic like like Spanish word. If all they ever said to me was TACO I can go to my maybe not my car. Maybe uh-huh and we go on we give them a fucking talk. Talk Talk. Oh Hi I'm new here. I don't speak English. Can you get me lunch. I can have everything but a TACO and they talk. Oh they talk. They always said talk. Oh there's no reason you can't have a TACO. They don't know you don't speak Chinese. What what can you not. I have died out restructured. I speak Chinese. I don't know way wall Chinese Japan Japan Japanese Japanese okay since jeopardy. I can't say anything to chant Chinese. Let's no I can't either what what is the thing where it's like. If you call like a Chinese person Japanese or vice for role they eat that but if you call them Korean they love it okay but I'm GonNa tell you this Korean like that yeah. They don't WanNa be cau- aw Chinese or Japanese Korean are Hark. Cobian Korean Koreans are hard working people. I've met the Chinese Chinese and the Japanese are obviously one is more. I think all the Asian kick our ass work ethic. It's they don't but not on suicide though they're pretty bad at staying alive because they have a really high stress life because they have to be so perfect that we're Americans Erickson. They are Americans. You know we have a low standard your high-standard seen who like I'm not GonNa say if it's going to be racist. Don't say it. It's not going to be racist okay. I don't WanNa see but yeah so we said six about Korean `unique ACO I said good bye bye yeah we are at our time limit for we're way past it over an hour in three so sorry my bad bad but say Melissa for tuning in Graciosa that's another language and I hope you guys come back after listening to this episode and gave you some great vacation. Education ideas tells what your worst occasion was all. We'd love to hear an absolute added to our own didn't die. It wasn't that bad so hey apparently obviously you're able to tell us about Vaca- show tells the by your vacation and next week is our fiftieth anniversary and we're GonNa try to do the best friend Doc. We'll try the super organized so I don't know but we'll super try megan. Basically it's all on Megan the find the best friend that you have to this because she multiple best friends options here. We just need to figure out which one is. GonNa come and do it. You Tuesday would be afraid to come back with us. Authority probably yeah I mean she. She seemed decide by the end of the weekend a little surprise towards the beginning of it with a few things I like. I saw you like being heather. Oh thank you scared her off a little bit bead heather so you were being heather. I was just being myself of wine in South Park was on a lot to win. I never even got wind wants that weekend. Can you close I was trying to explain the game to you and you did not understand what second glass of wine and there was only two glasses though like we only drink one bottle each night. We drank two bottles on Saturday. I was at the game night yeah. Oh well you know. What can you say now that was within that Sunday. I thought it was something that was something we got chicken. Nuggets at the McDonald's on the guy was like Oh. Are you the one that has eighty nuggets. I'm like shut the fuck up man. We ordered eighty dollars. Stop judging did that in in your last podcast I I mean seriously. We still traumatized by that dude. I no one wants to feel like a you know someone like a Gordon a little nugget. Hor He's no Austin Austin whose US awesome favorite guide. Oh Austin how do I I rams to melt. I know his name. I knew where she was going right like. You guys like veered off. I wasn't sure I didn't staring at this gloss. I Awesome Matt Austin. She hears about Austin Lost Year. I hear about him too much. You're going to need a face to go with this name. May I have a face in my head but it's like take some Disney Channel Star dead now so you're probably close. We got to sign off. We do really we have two dogs. Get home right so peace out. Please and we'll see next time. You'RE GONNA clink.

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103  Just Deserts

Miss Information: A Trivia Podcast

1:13:27 hr | 1 year ago

103 Just Deserts

"<music> hello and welcome to misinformation Trivia podcast for ladies and gents who love Cool Trivia and sticking it to anoint teams that pop quiz where your house. I'm Lauren and I'm Julia. I keep meeting to tell you this by the way when I answer the phone I say hello and every time my my mom's on the other end she'll go hello and welcome to your mother like apparently I say hello the exact same way no matter what I'm saying so I get trolled by my you get here. They're both on speaker. They'll both do it at yeah. My family is a listen to my podcast. Sorry my sister doesn't either so I can talk shit about as much as I want high Julia Hi Lloyd we're eating a delicious snack right now. French snack yes inspiration from a previous episodes yes because of my botched French and my Louise Bourgeois episode and also all the Dick's that we saw Julia decided free episodes today Dick free irate great person free as far as I know you know yeah yeah. I decided it's been awhile since the did some geology geography esque topic s so that knew what we're doing today day are we doing lakes finally not lakes sorry. It's on the list one day one day one day water because you did rivers right the God what Lauren Oceans I did seize did rivers and I said I'm not talking about lakes no and then you continually referenced during only rivers episode that I was talking about lakes and I was not here's the thing I'm so sorry. It's not that I'm not paying attention is that I have. I think I have a mental block in my brain like a physical object in my brain prevents me from understanding the difference between Lincoln River. I don't know what it is. Yeah I mean I know inherently like intellectually in my heart. I know that a lake is a big water and a river is flowing small well. You'll we'll just have to wait until episode. One seventy to cover lakes so far from now all right. You're doing the opposite basically today. I'm doing the opposite today is just desserts. That's very good. That's a very good title road itself. No I really did. I just acknowledging that so ready. Yes what is it desert. <hes> okay it's baron area of landscaper little precipitation occurs and as a result living conditions are pretty hostile for plant an animal life desert's can actually be classified in several different ways <hes> <unk> by the amount of precipitation that falls by the prevailing temperature by the causes of desertification or by their geographical location <hes> thanks to cartoons and movies we often think of desserts as gigantic hot wind swept sand dunes but I was we'll get into desert stone all quite look like that across the world. Only about twenty percent of the Earth's desert is sand varying from only two percent in North America to thirty percent in Australia and more than forty five percent in Central Asia where saying does occur is usually in large quantities in the form of sand sheets or extensive areas of dunes about one third of the land surface of the entire world is Arad meaning to dryer baron to support vegetation or semi arid which is dry but having slightly more rain than an aired region or climate this includes much of the polar regions where a little precipitation occurs which are sometimes called polar desserts or cold desert cy didn't even think of cold desert's now I feel like a full while bugs bunny roadrunner and while he coyote really did a sturdy here so a little bit about weathering processes <hes> desserts usually have large diurnal which is during the day the opposite of Nocturnal <hes> a large diurnal and seasonal temperature range with high daytime temperatures falling sharply at tonight so the diurnal range may fluctuate anywhere between twenty and thirty degrees Celsius. That's between thirty six fifty four degrees Fahrenheit and the rock surface experiences even greater temperature differentials so during the day the skies usually clear and most of the sons radiation reaches the ground but after the sun sets the desert cools quickly by radiating heat back into space so in hot deserts the temperature during daytime can exceed forty five degrees Celsius or one hundred thirteen degrees Fahrenheit in summer and plunge below freezing points at night during winter so such large temperature variations destructive effect on the exposed rocky surfaces of the area these repeated fluctuations put a strain on exposed rock and the flanks of Mountains crack and shatter these fragmented strata so that's a layer or a series of layers of rock in the ground <hes> slide down into the valleys where they continue to break into pieces due to the relentless son by day and chill by night successive strata are exposed to further weathering and the relief of the internal pressure that has built up within the rocks that have been underground for eons. John's can cause them to shatter so expoliation also occurs when the outer surfaces of rock split off into flat flakes which is caused by the stress put on the rock by repeated expansion contractions and that creates fracturing parallel to the original surface and then there's moisture on these services sometime so moisture might be present in the form of do or missed and there is groundwater still within the land that may be drawn to the surface by evaporation so then there was a formation of salt crystals that may dislodge edge rock particles as sand or disintegrate the rocks and as the mountains decay large areas of shattered rock in rebel occur so the process continues in the end products are usually either duster sand so that I never even thought about that. That's where sand comes from in a desert because there isn't any water to create erosion wow I it's temperature fluctuations and it's like toiling wisher yeah so what you are thinking of these big desert's. They just used to be lot rocks. Oh my God they used to be big rocks but now they're tiny rocks. That freaks me out for some reason. Why does that give me like existential Danny Oh boy oh get ready? I'm not ready for this. Wow okay all right so dust in the desert is formed by solidified clay or volcanic deposits it sand results from the fragmentation of harder granitz limestone in sandstone so does the mountains are eroded more and more Spanish created and at high wind speeds sand grains are picked up off the surface and blown along the ground any process newness salty shen so the whirling airborne grains act as sort of a sandblasting mechanism Nissim grinding away solid objects and its path as the kinetic energy of the wind is transferred to the ground the sand eventually ends up in deposited areas known as sand fields or C._N._C.'s or piled up in dunes and there's also the term Erg e. r. g. that's a the vast expanse of sand dunes. Oh so like basically once you have all the sand the sand is gonNA is going to blast up all this other stuff and also turn it to saint so so saying begets more sand basically okay okay all right you on the lookout a thing you do have to watch out for our Sandon dust storms yes yes they're national events that occur in these arid regions were laying is not protected by covering of vegetation so dust storms usually start art in the desert margins and as steady when begins to blow fine particles lying on the exposed ground begin to vibrate and at greater wind speeds some of these particles are lifted into the airstream and when they land they strike other particles that might also oh come into the air and their term starving a chain reaction so these particles removing depending on their size shape and density in one of three possible ways. There's suspension citation and creep sandstorms occur with much less frequency than dust storms and they are often preceded by severe of your dust storms and occur when the wind velocity increases to a point where it can lift heavier particles so these grains of sand that are up to about point five millimeters that's point oh two inches in diameter their jerked into the air but then they fall back to earth and they again the caused these other particles to come up into the air and the process so their weight prevents them from being airborne for long and most only travel a distance of a few meters are yards in the Sandstrom's along the surface of the ground are like a fluid they kind of rise to heights of about a foot off the ground in there have been recordings of sand streams rising as high as two meters that 6'7 office ground so in movies and Steph when you usually movies. I'm just really picturing like mission impossible. That's not a sandstorm. That's a dust storm because since two are <hes> the sand can't really get kit really get all that highlight when you see the A._C.. And pictures in a movies and stuff like the clouds rolling in the Middle East those are usually just storms so what it sounds like is a sandstorm is a a lot like fluid motion of the see where there's like waves and stuff because of the because of the the wind picks it up and because they then displaces the stuff when it lands and it causes other stuff to come up it is it's a sand Daddy. Eh terrifying yeah about what else is scary. What during a sandstorm the wind blown sand particles can become electrically charged so get electrocuted by sand Julia what so typically electric fields like this? They're up to like eighty kilovolts per meter they can produce sparks and cause interference with telecommunications equipment. They're also very unpleasant for humans. They cause headaches nausea so the electric fields are caused caused by the collision between airborne particles by the impacts of salting sand grains landing on the ground so so you're not getting electrocuted but you do feel like you've got the flu you're kind of in like if you're in a magnetic field too long I don maybe that's the t h yeah it. Just it just is very unpleasant for the body to be to be immersed in that yeah well. I mean you know your brain in your heart at the very least run electrical which is again very scary. What did you think about that either? Yeah basically just Takhar me me all right sand. We're talking about saying okay so desserts both hot and cold play part in moderating the earth's temperature. This is because they reflect more of the incoming light in their Albedo is higher than that afforest or the sea so Albedo A. L. B. E. D. O. is the measure of the diffuse reflection of solar irradiation out of the total solar radiation received by an astronomical body such as the planet Earth so Albedo it's dimension lists and measured on a scale from zero corresponding to a black wadi that absorbs all incident radiation to one corresponding to a body that reflects all incident radiation so Steve. I'm sure knows all about they sure yeah he could fill in the gaps here but basically Albedo is an important concept climatology astronomy and environmental management okay so reflects the light and and helps regulate the temperature. The entire earth like these desert's are actually very important. Oh my God they before. I get into some specific desert. I'm going to talk about some common desert landforms forms grape juice off the top of my head their jollies their low-lying areas between mountains are hills canyons also desert feature their narrow valleys with steep sides usually like very like sheer cliffs there <hes> flat regions are called planes wins <hes> there's also the Mesa's so emesa is a steep sided flat topped Mountaineer Hill. It's also sometimes called a table hill or a table mountain and of small Mesa is known as a Butte cry in oasis is a place in the desert. Were water are comes up to the service from deep underground treason plants grow around in a waste in animals come to drink. Eat the plants and find shade F._B._I.. The water in some existing desert oases oases away sees right now. Okay was rain that fell there about twenty thousand years. No what why am I having existential panic. That must be very pure water. I mean it must be it delicious. Oh I'm sure <hes> so pure. The watery is water. You've ever tasted it's twenty thousand years old Mike and in the middle of the desert but hey all right yeah number one ten largest desert <hes> Antarctica Oh yeah Antarctica number one the whole Dang thing is a desert great so that's fourteen million square kilometers about five point five million square miles in article is also also the coldest desert so we haven't done a full episode on an article but we have talked about it a little in some of our previous geography based episodes like episode seven a no mountaintop enough episode twenty-five take to the see an episode forty Crimea Amir River all very good yet. None of those are like one there is one feature of in article that you should know for our purposes today so the McMurdo dry valleys they are a row of largely snow free valleys in Antarctica located within Victoria land west of McMurdo sound the dry valleys experience extremely low humidity and surrounding mountains prevent the flow of ice from nearby glaciers. This region is one of the world's most extreme desert's although no living organisms have been found in the permafrost here and Olympic photosynthetic bacteria have been found living in the relatively moist interiors of rocks and anaerobic bacteria with metabolism based on iron sulfur which live under the Taylor Glacier so the McMurdo dry valleys are basically like the driest biased one of the drives places on her okay and they're in erotica the Arctic oh all right the other side number two largest yeah Alaska Canada Finland Greenland Iceland Norway Russia in Sweden. That's about thirteen million nine hundred eighty five thousand square kilometers or about five point four million square miles. It is predominantly treeless permafrost. That's again permanently frozen underground ice containing Tundra the cultures in the region in the Arctic indigenous peoples have adapted to it's cold and extreme conditions and the word Arctic comes from the Greek word are Tikos which means near the bear or northern so talking about like the Ursa major constellation in the sky that was known as the you know so the bear so our tikos is the closer to the closer to the bear. Oh I was thinking like that's where the bears live closer to the bears but this guy makes yes <hes> yeah moving right along never going to Africa Ooh okay all right. The Sahara desert is the largest hot desert in the world and the third largest desert overall after an article in Arctic. It's area of nine point. Two million square kilometers commodores or three point six million square miles is comparable to the area of China or the United States while the name Sahara is derived from dialectical Arabic word for for Desert Sarah so basically Sahara desert is just like Desert Desert Desert Desert Desert Yucca just like Mississippi river is raise river river. Is it really yeah. Do we learn that in rivers so you doing listen to the podcast. Either I see we did learn that rivers. I remember just dragging you. So the Sahara covers about thirty one percent of all of the continent of Africa it stretches from the Red Sea in the East in the Mediterranean in the north could the Atlantic Ocean in the West where the landscape gradually changes from desert it to coastal plains to the south expounded by the Sahel abandoned of semi arid tropical savanna around the Niger River valley and the Sudan region of sub Saharan Africa so this a Hera is mainly Rocky Hamadeh or stone plateaus as well as Herbs Berg's which are those Sam sees large areas covered with sand dunes for only a minor part but we're talking about sand dunes that are nearly six hundred feet high what wind or rare rainfall shape the desserts features there see and Dunes Kuhn's Junefield's stone Lotos gravel planes dry valleys dry lakes and salt flats. Wow holy cut it's mostly rocky stone plateaus okay so so this this idea of the Sahara as like just a vast expanse like you see movies <hes> of just sand sand dunes isn't accurate okay because of its location. The Sahara has a significant belt of semi permanent sub-tropical warm core high pressure where the the air from upper levels of the troposphere tends to sink toward the ground and the sinking air prevents evaporating water from rising and therefore prevents Addy Biotic Cooling which makes cloud formation extremely difficult to nearly impossible possible so the permanent state of having no clouds makes for unhindered light and thermal radiation so the stability of the atmosphere above the desert prevents any convective overturning making rainfall virtually nonexistent and basically as a result the weather tends to be sunny dry and stable with a minimal chance of rainfall and again. This is the hottest region in the world. The world's highest officially recorded average daily high temperature was forty seven degrees Celsius or one hundred sixteen point six degrees Fahrenheit in a remote. Desert town in the Algerian desert called Buber new basically only Death Valley California rivals at while sanding Graham temperatures are even more extreme so during daytime the Sam temperature is extremely high with the sand alone can reach eighty degrees Celsius or one hundred seventy six degrees Fahrenheit. No that's learn more so you're not talking so when they talk about measuring temperature you're talking about like the air temperature or you also have to worry about like that rocks in the in the sand in the ground be there it's two different front temperatures because obviously like the rocks and the are absorbing the light and making it just like you can't walk on it. You can't take your your animals out. There like animals can't live there because they can't walk on the ground exactly okay so yeah. My Gosh the too high era. I'm surprised I mean maybe we'll get to eventually but I'm surprised that the Mojave desert is the rival in terms of heat. When it's not Australia I was thought of Australia's being hotter hotter than the United States girl talk about all this all right all right all right a little bit more on the Sahara so important cities located in the Sarah include new coach out which is the capital of Mauritania Allahu ed in Algeria Timbuktu in Mali Aga day they in Niger got in Libya and fail jar in chat so for several hundred thousand years the Sahara has alternated between desert and Savannah Grassley and in a forty one thousand year cycle caused by the procession of the Earth's axis as it rotates around the sun and which changes the location of what they call the North African monsoon <hes> the next time that that area is expected to become green is in about fifteen thousand years so if you may get if your head gets frozen in a crowd thanks to seventeen thousand eighty? The Sahara desert won't be like that anymore. Oh that's too bad. <hes> yeah deal with your travel plans now. Also there is an annual ultra-marathon held here in the Sahara desert. ooh How the Marathon Asaba it is a sixth day one hundred fifty six mile trek through the sands considered to be the toughest foot race on you think what why. Why would you do this purpose? These people are like you know what even though the ground is one hundred seventy degrees. I'M GONNA go run run run on the sand. You know they're just Grad students. You know they're just up a bunch of Grad students. Nisa Thrill seekers yeah like I don't WanNa work on my dissertation instead. I'm going to conquer the Saharan Code run run for six days a so stupid. Just live your life. Why do you need to conquer things? Just you know like why can't why do you need to put yourself through horrifying torture just to be like I lived like you know what else makes you live just hanging out on your couch and eating a bowl of ice cream while it's perched on your chest yes if you haven't heard by Lord and I decided the opposite of running a five K. is laying on your couch with a bowl of melted ice cream on your chest while you watch television and you just drinking the melted ice cream from the ball. It is the least amount of effort you could possibly have of the spectrum of Effort Five K. is at one end lying on your couch with multiple of ice cream being tipped gently into your mouth while you watch arrested. Development is on the other yeah so that was Lawrence Corner. Yeah sorry go ahead. These dumb dumbs run through the desert. Keep going in Africa moving on in the next one the Kalahari Kalahari desert. It's large Semi Arid Sandy Savannah in southern Africa extending for nine hundred thousand square kilometers or three hundred fifty thousand square miles it covers much of Botswana and parts of Namibia and regions of South Africa. Kalahari is derived from the swan a word Kagawa meaning great thirst or Kagawa Gotti meaning a waterless place. The Kalahari has vast areas covered by red sand without any permanent surface-water a semi desert with huge tracts of excellent grazing after good rains the Kalahari supports more animals and plants than true desserts such as the Namib Desert to the West there are small amounts of rainfall in the summer temperature is very high the dry season lasts eight months or more in the wet season typically from one month to four months depending on location <hes> and one hook the capital Namibia is actually in the Kalahari Basin. Oh well nearby the Namib Desert so that's a close all desert in southern Africa. The name Namib is of the Quaco go ob origin meaning vast place according to the broadest definition mission than amid stretches for more than two thousand kilometers or one thousand two hundred miles along the Atlantic coasts of Angola Namibia in South Africa extending southward from the Karen John River in Angola through Namibia to the Olifants River in Western Cape South Africa the NIBS CBS northernmost portion which extends two hundred eighty miles from the Angola Namibia border is known as most Zometa S- desert while it southern portion approaches the neighboring Kalahari desert since its endured aired or semi conditions for roughly fifty five to eighty eighty million years. The Namib is considered the oldest desert in the world contain some of the world's driest regions with only western South America's Atacama Desert to challenge it for age in aridity benchmarks so the Namib is almost completely uninhabited but it by humans except for several small settlements in indigenous pastoral groups owing to its antiquity that amid baby home to more endemic species than any other desert in the world. Most of the desert life is arthropods and other small animals that live on little water the larger animals inhabit the northern regions in north near the coast. The cold ocean water is rich in fishery resources and supports populations of Brown. I deals in shore birds which service pray for the skeleton coasts lions so so just so I'm clear Hasso of the African African Desert <hes> so far the Harrah's the biggest so Harris the biggest end the hottest. Yes and Namib is the oldest. Yes like in the world yeah so the Namib Desert is on kind of the western coast the southern part of Africa and then the Kalahari desert is a little more inland. Oh I see okay in southern Namib comprises a vast dunes see with some of the tallest in most spectacular dunes of the world ranging in color from pink to vivid orange and the so sleigh area. Several dunes are nearly a thousand feet high. Oh my God sounds like this is a great place to go. Take pictures. Oh absolutely don't want their influence. Sir <hes> you'll die of thirst but what Oh my God so and something I've noticed through a lot of this is most of the desserts tend to be on more like the left side of a continent okay because I guess that's how the weather works. Oh how's the weather and the geography works works. It's interesting to the weird yeah so <hes> considering like if you're up in Asia together so shirt will cover those together so <hes> the Arabian desert in Asia stretches from Yemen to the Persian Gulf and Oman Jordan and Iraq it occupies most of the Arabian Peninsula with an area of about nine hundred thousand square miles <hes> so just to <hes> refresh the Arabian Peninsula consists of Yemen Oman Qatar Bahrain Kuwait Saudi Arabia and the United United Arab Emirates. The Arabian is the fifth largest desert in the world in the largest in Asia at center is the rebel Collie which in English translates to the Empty Quarter. This is the largest continuous body of sand in the world the guy the Empty Quarter in the desert largest continuous body of sand in the world this extreme environment features everything from red dunes to deadly quicksand quicksand yeah it shows up in the Arabian desert. Oh my God the Arabian desert has a subtropical hot desert climate which is close to that of the Sahara desert and in fact the Arabian desert is an extension of the Sahara over the Arabian Peninsula okay so even though there's like a body of water that separates them it huddled technically part of the same oh same formation so the climate is mainly hot and dry with plenty of sunshine throughout the year the rainfall amount is generally around one hundred millimeters and the driest areas can achieve between thirty and forty millimeters of annual rate so by the way <hes> one millimeter is point three three nine inches so one hundred millimeters is three point nine inches so so the highest they usually get one hundred millimeters and that's three point nine inches of rain to put that enter perspective Rochester gets about thirty four inches of rain annually plus ninety nine inches of snow. Oh man that's. I'm not looking forward to that. I know it's July but still yeah yeah. That's not a Lotta rain. No Oh my God yes so dry alsop tonight about the Gobi desert so that is the large desert in brushland region in Asia it covers parts of northern in northeastern China in also of southern Mongolia. Gobi is a rain shadow dessert. That's formed by the Tibetan plateau blocking precipitation from the Indian Ocean from reaching the Gobi territory much of the Gobi is not sandy but has exposed bare rock and the Gobi is notable in history as part of the Great Mongol Empire are Anna's the location of several important cities along the Silk Road. The Gobi is overall a cold desert with Frost and occasionally snow occurring on its dunes besides being quite far north it is also located on Pluto roughly three to five thousand feet above sea level which contributes to his low temperatures pitchers in average of approximately one hundred ninety four millimeters that seven point six inches of rain falls annually in the Gobi additional moisture reaches parts of the Gobi and winter snows blown by the wind from the Siberian steps and the climate of the Gobi is one of extremes combined with rapid changes of temperature as much as thirty five degrees Celsius or sixty three degrees Fahrenheit in a day wow in the Gobi in Mongolia the first dinosaur eggs I discovered in nineteen twenty three young into deep paleontologists soldiers are still finding important fossils in the surrounding areas. Just quick sidebar of all the different kinds of dinosaurs that have been discovered most have come from just six countries China Argentina the United States Mongolia Canada in England. What so like of the big discoveries they've been like and here's a Toronto source wrecks and here's a velociraptor I dunno understanding shirks? They were I discovered in one of these six countries but paleontologists have had success finding fossils inste- in a couple of other countries like South Africa in Madagascar India sure yeah why only six I don't know about those six zoo was there maybe because these I mean most of the ones I named are very big big so maybe it's like if if they had lived in like China yeah statistically yet. It's a big country. It's about the size of the United States as I mentioned earlier <hes> there's it's not completely full full of people there is land to learn you know dig up and that's true that's true and it all used to be one big landmass panacea if you will oh yes yeah. I'm don't worry I you paid attention that video you. We also have the Syrian desert. It's also known as the Syrian step the drew Damian step or the body. It's a region of of <hes> desert semi-desert instep covering five hundred thousand square kilometers two hundred thousand square miles of the Middle East including parts of south eastern Syria northeastern Jordan northern Saudi Arabia and western Iraq it accounts for eighty five percent of the land area of Jordan and fifty five percent of Syria to the south at borders emerges into the Arabian desert. The Lane is open rocky or gravity fully desert pavement cut with occasional wadis or dry riverbed valley's so the Syrian desert was historically inhabited by Bedouin tribes and many tribes still remain in the region their members living mainly in towns and settlements built near oases. Some Bedouins still maintain in their traditional way of life in the desert. <hes> CEPHEID ICK inscriptions proto Arabic texts written by literate Bedouin are found throughout the Syrian desert in these date from the first century B._C.. To the fourth century eighty. One of the most important ancient settlements in the Syrian desert is Palmira it was I mentioned in the Second Millennium B._C.. The city was an important trading center in Roman times and his people were renowned merchants who took advantage of its strategic position on the Silk Road linking the Far East to the Mediterranean and they <hes> they tax passing caravans <music> establishing colonies on the Silk Road and trading in the rare commodities from the Far East bringing enormous wealth to their city so Palmyra is a very important city from the Syrian and is an unimportance town in New York State Yeah Yeah it's very funny like as we've been learning more about like more ancient history and then seeing like the names and how they've like actually pop up a lot in in the U._S.. It's counties yeah. It's very funny like especially with a lot of the Greek names and stuff like that. There's a ton of those around here in Rochester everywhere UTICA Syracuse Greece Yeah Yeah Webster obviously the ancient city of Webster Okay then Negev Desert. That's any G. E.. It covers more than half of Israel. <hes> it's about four thousand seven hundred square miles in at least fifty five percent of the country's land area it forms an inverted triangle shape who's western side is contiguous with the desert the Sinai peninsula and who's eastern border is the Arab valley. The origin of the word negative is from the Hebrew work denoting dry. The Negev is a rocky desert in its milange of brown rocky dusty mountains interrupted by Wadis those dry riverbeds and deep craters the region's largest city and administrative capital is Beersheba. I am only including this because for some unknown reason it shows up on jeopardy all the Goddamn Tom Really Beersheba no Negev desert yeah. It's always like this. This is the desert of Israel. This is the place where the capital is Beersheba. This is like really I have home. I understand I went through J archive. In this thing showed up like ten times that's crazy. I've never heard of the Negev desert but I can see now being a good again crossword puzzle Yasser and he yeah because of all the vowels in the Weird v at the end <hes> perfect but yeah for maybe maybe one of the writers for jeopardy just really loves that does he loves it. They're like actually from Israel whereas in board lanting's enough people are GonNa WanNa come and see this come to Beersheba Beautiful Beersheba. We're in the middle of a desert doesn't matter nope still beautiful. We'll look at this sand rain sand. Did you mentioned Santa Probably Sant Great then also with your Asia. We have the highlands of Iceland so this is also a desert. It's a sparsely inhabited pluto. The covers most of the interior of Iceland <hes> situated about thirteen hundred sixteen hundred feet above sea level and her mostly in uninhabitable volcanic desert because the water that falls as rain or snow infiltrates so quickly into the ground that is unavailable for plant growth this results largely in the surface of gray ray blacker brown earth lava in volcanic ashes <hes> The highlands can be crossed only during the Icelandic summer in for the rest of the year. The highland roads are closed many large glaciers such as Vatnajokull Lang Yokel and huffed yokel are also part with Iceland highlands. Oh by the way glaciers have names Oh yeah <hes> like bill and yeah Richard exactly yeah okay coming back to America doing both the Americas together so the I n largest is the great basin desert so that's a temperate desert with hot dry summers and snowy winters and it is the largest desert in North America it spans a large part of the State Nevada and extends in Western Utah Eastern California in Idaho the biological logical communities of the Great Basin Desert Very Gordon outshoot from low salty dry lakes up through rolling sage valley's to juniper forests. The significant variation between valleys and peaks has created a variety of habitat niches which has intern led to many small all isolated populations of genetically unique plant an animal species throughout the region. The ecology desert varies across geography <hes> and the Desert Tile ovation location between mountain ranges influences regional climate so the desert formed by the rain shadow of the Sierra Nevada that blocks moisture from the Pacific Ocean and then the rocky mountains create a barrier effect that restricts moisture from the Gulf of Mexico so like all of these a lot of these desert's were created because of the mountains and stuff couldn't couldn't get over to it so different locations in the desert have different amounts of precipitation depending on the strength of these rain shadows and on any given day the weather across the Great Basin Desert is variable. The region is extremely mountainous and the temperatures vary depending on the ovation and <hes> in general temperature decreases three point six degrees Fahrenheit for every one thousand feet gained in elevation so this translates to as much as a thirty degree Fahrenheit or seventeen degrees Celsius difference between mountain tops in Valley floors on the same day at the same time Gosh <hes> so in the heat of the summer difference can be even more pronounced in with some exceptions win generally increases with elevation or altitude and though so they're strong winds are often encountered on the mountaintops in ridges close by the Mojave Desert Matsch's the the driest desert in North America okay. It's located in the southwestern U._S.. Primarily within southeastern California in southern Nevada its boundaries are generally noted by the presence of Joshua trees which are native only to the Mojave Desert and are considered an indicator species and it's believed to support an additional about two thousand species of plants. The central part of the desert is sparsely populated while it's perforate support large communities such as Las Vegas Forman's Caster Palmdale Victorville in Saint George. <hes> Death Valley situated here between the Great Basin and the Mahabe Desserts Death Valley is the hottest driest and Lowest National Park in the United States. It's two hundred eighty two feet below sea level on the afternoon June July tenth nineteen thirteen the United States weather borough recorded a high temperature of one hundred thirty four degrees Fahrenheit <hes> for everyone else that's fifty six point seven degrees Celsius at furnace creek in Death Valley this this temperature stands as the highest ambient air temperature ever recorded at the surface of the earth that is so frigging hot. I can't even imagine it because when we were in Las Vegas we were like Oh i the whole the air feels like open of yes I am. I am an inside of the oven. It was probably like one hundred degrees YEP. I was joking that it was like one hundred twenty but it was probably one hundred to us one hundred twenty and our truth the ballad so but that one hundred thirty six degrees that's out of control so yeah death valley. Let's not go there. Example of G- robin which is a down dropped block of lane between two mountain ranges it is super dry because it sits in the rain shadow of four major mountain ranges so the highest surface temperature ever recorded in death valley was two hundred one point zero degrees Fahrenheit. That's ninety three point nine degrees Celsius on on July Fifteenth Nineteen seventy-two also at Furnace creek the highest ground surface temperature ever recorded on the earth you if you touched that like if you touch ground you would have third degree burns instantaneously Ashley by the wayside note. Can I tell you how much I love the term who range shattering shadow if I had to go into this protection is protection I my name would be. I would be Alice L._S.. Range so oh man I could keep all of my my loose Kimonos and Kardashians. Oh I could really lead into that art teacher life. Oh man I would get a nose piercing and several tattoos choose much cooler than I am now. I love it so yeah this temperature again it was the highest ground surface temperature ever recorded on earth and it was the only recorded surface temperature of above two hundred degrees Fahrenheit Fahrenheit on earth on earth yeah on the Earth on the horror on the whole earth what that's crazy. That's too hot sidebar for our triviality. Brother's death valley serves as the fictional hometown town of W._W._e.. Legend the undertaker. It's funny fictional hometown. Oh the undertaker who hails from Death Valley California you know what wrestling is so quaint. You know it's just so cute acute psych. Oh you guys are just a bunch of boys just clean Games yeah beaten on each other a few more. We've the Sonoran desert that's large parts of South Western U._S.. In Arizona and California in northwestern Mexico Sokoto in Sonora Baja California and Baja California sir the Sonoran desert is the hottest deserted in Mexico because it's so close to the ocean. The SONORAN desert receives more rain than any other desert about ten to fourteen inches a year and because it's desert desert that hey actually gets wet. This desert has about twenty five hundred different native plant species more than any other desert nearby the Chihuahua desert it covers parts of northern Mexico in the southwestern United States it occupies much of West Texas parts of the middle title in lower Rio Grande Valley in the Lower Paco's Valley New Mexico as well as a portion of southeastern Arizona and the central northern portions of the Mexican plateau the to our desert is the third largest desert of the Western Hemisphere and the second largest in North America after the Great Basin Desert. It's mainly rain shutter desert because the two main mountain ranges covering it the Sierra Madre Occidental to the West and the Sierra Madre Oriental to the East Bloc most moisture from the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. There are a few urban areas within the desert largest is Ciudad Juarez Juarez with with almost two million inhabitants as well as Chihuahua Saltillo and toady own and the U._S.. Cities of Albuquerque in El Paso are part of the of the Chihuahua ochre the audit comma desert one of the driest places in the world. It's the Strip of land on the Pacific coast west of the Andes Mountains <hes> that southern Peru in northern she lay the desert os is extreme aridity to a constant temperature inversion due to the cool north flowing humbled ocean current into the presence of the strong Pacific anticyclone. This is the only true desert to receive less precipitation than the polar desert's there are parts of the Atacama desert were no rain has ever been recorded and scientists believe portions of the region have been an extreme desert state for forty million years longer than any any other place on earth yeah no rain there are parts were no rain has ever been following no water at all get but more than one million people live there what wine in a region about sixty miles south of Antofagasta which averages about ten thousand feet in elevation the soil has been compared to that of Mars in NASA does a lot of research on the soil bet. I bet that to the outcome dot com also testing site for the NASA funded Earth Mars cave detection program so like because of the because of how this is situated. It's so high up. They don't get any water really is able to mimic what scientists have have realized is the is the makeup of Mars so they're doing a lot of research down there. Oh my God that's amazing also in South America the Patagonian desert so it is the largest in the in the Americas America's in total. It's also known as the Patagonian steep or the mid-atlantic steep. It is the largest desert in Argentina in eighth largest in the world by area occupying more than two hundred sixty thousand square miles. It's located primarily in Argentina was small parts and she lay bounded by the indies to the West and the Atlantic Ocean to the east in the region of Patagonia in southern Argentina. <hes> it's a large cold winter desert where the temperature rarely exceeds twelve degrees Celsius and averages just three degrees Celsius so that's like never gets warmer than fifty three degrees Fahrenheit and averages about thirty seven degrees Fahrenheit start as bad as the region experiences about seven months of winter and five months of summer and sounds sounds like US frost is not uncommon in the desert but due to the very dry condition around snow is rare. The Andes mountains to the desserts West are the primary reason for the Patagonian desert status since they prevent the westerly flow of moisture from the Southern Pacific from reaching inland and this creates a rain shadow that accounts for the formation of the desert and his wife despite approximately half of the desert being only about two hundred miles from the ocean such a large desert is found in the region and then finally Australia they kind of consider like according to what I've read. They considered like to me one thing the Australian desert so the Australian desert is the number four largest desert in the world. Yeah it's subtropical. It's about two point seven million square kilometers or one million square miles of Australia. That's about eighteen percent of Australian mainland and it's primarily hi Mary the Western plateau in the interior lands of the country now they have split up into a couple of different ones of just talk about from here so the Greek Victoria Dessert is the largest desert on its own in Australia. It's located in Western in South Australia in it consists of many small L. sandhills grassland planes areas with closely packed surfaces of pebbles called desert pavement or Gilbert planes as well as Salt Lake's. It's the part of Australia with the most populous and most healthly indigenous population in eighteen seventy five British explorer or Ernest Giles became the first European across the desert and he named it after the then reigning British Monarch Queen Victoria sure well next you have the Gibson desert which is located in central Western Australia. It's between the saline lake disappointment and Lake McDonald along the tropic of Capricorn south of the Great Sandy Desert in east of the little sandy desert it was named by Explorer Ernest Giles after a member of his party Alfred Gibson who became loss and presumably died in the desert expedition in eighteen seventy four now. They're like no where we're we're GONNA this desert after you another quick sidebar Australia. We haven't talked a lot about Australia like the weird creatures episode or Yeah. Maybe a couple things here there but for for our listeners listeners who were not in Australia show has six states their New South Wales Queensland South Australia Tasmania Victoria and Western Australia and they have to major mainland territories the Australian Capital Territory in the northern territory so these two territories basically function estates except that the Commonwealth parliament has the power to modify or repeal any legislation passed by the territory parliament's so basically going clockwise here so if you started the nine o'clock position of your clock you have Western Australia then going up the Northern Territory Queensland New South Wales Australian Capital Territory <hes> Victoria Tasmania and it has <hes> basically South Australia like the six o'clock position of o'clock from nine o'clock to six o'clock in that or where they are okay so what the heck does grow in the desert because some stuff does oh okay don't stuff has to imagining so plants animals living in the desert needs special adaptation survive in their harsh environment seriously so plants tend to be tough and wiry with small or no leaves water resistant cubicles and often spines to deter <hes> people that are you know plants animals that are gonna eat them sure so some um annual plants Germany bloom and die in the course of a few weeks after rainfall while others <hes> survived for years and have deep root systems able to tap underground moisture many desert plants have reduced the size of their leaves or been in them altogether so CACTI our desert specialists and in most oh species the leaves have been dispersed with in the chlorophyll displaced into the trunks the cellular structure of which has been modified to allow them to store water so when the rainfall is water is rapidly absorbed by the shallow roots and retain to allow them to survive until the next down part which may be months or years away the Sawara CACTI can grow to be over forty feet tall and it is the largest cactus species in the U._S. on the C._R._O.. Is Native to the Sonoran desert in Arizona as well as the Mexican state of Sonora. The swallow blossom is also the state wildflower Arizona. Oh Oh it's scientific name. Carnegie A- Gigantea is given in honor of Andrew Carnegie. WHO's Carnegie Institution established the Desert Botanical Laboratory in Tucson Arizona in one thousand nine three? Oh in nineteen ninety-four swallow national park near Tucson Arizona was they've made it to help protect the species in its habitat so I was have relatively long life span often exceeding one hundred fifty years <hes> they so it starts out it's kind of like a trunk and they might grow their first sidearm. Anytime from seventy I five to one hundred years of age but some never grow any arms. <hes> Saburo without arms is called a spear charm is really cute. Arms developed to increase the plants reproductive capacity as more A._B._C.'s or tips were or reproductive tissue can grow lead to more flowers and fruit Suarez have an intricate root system where a single tap root goes straight down about five feet to access water that store deep underground but most of its roots extend like amazed about three inches under the surface to Oh wow collect rainwater a full grown soir cactus can hold as much as two hundred gallons or seven hundred sixty leaders of water and way more than a ton. Oh how these things these are these big. Boys are hefty Mendy. Moi's another plant is the creosote assault Bush so that's the dominant plant species on Gravelly and occasionally sandy soils in valley areas especially within the desert. It's an Evergreen Shrub that bears Resonance Dark Green Leaves and exhibit to characteristic odor of creosote from which the common name derives as the crease. Oh Bush grows older oldest branches eventually die and the crown splits into several different crowns and this normally happens when the plane is about thirty two ninety years old so eventually the old crown dies and the new one becomes a clone colony from the previous plant composed in many separate stem crowns all from the same seed so the king clone creosote ring is one of the oldest living organisms on earth. Oh I'm freaked out. It has been alive in estimated eleven thousand seven Hundred Years in the central Mojave desert near Present Day Lucerne Valley California this single conal colony plant of L.. Treat CANTATA reaches up to sixty seven feet diameter with an average district with an average diameter of fifty four feet holy cow so basically like this plant grew twelve thousand years ago and then kind of scattered and then it receded. It's like it's a plant clone of itself and it keeps like you know coming back to the Terminator Terminator of plants or something is the term. I guess I don't really understand what terminator is but it sounded good to you. We saw the terminator preview we were we went to see rocket man. It's very good highly recommend but they had the terminator preview. We didn't know what it was and Mulino Vermeer like what is this and then all of a sudden there was Linda Hamilton and all of her like muscular glory and I was like Holy Shit some. It's a terminate its terminator. It looks good. I'm going GonNa go see him anyway. Sorry it's all right Terminator Planting Clone Creosote Ring King Clone Creosote ring while more plant the tumbleweed. Oh Yeah tumbleweed actually isn't one specific plant. It's the above ground part of a number of species of plants that once they're mature and dry detaches from the route or stem and rolls along due to the force of the wind sure these also tended to spur seizes they roll along <hes> so the tumbleweeds association with Western film Genre has led to highly symbolic meaning and visual media <hes> representing locations that are desolate Dryer humorless with fewer no occupants. Yes just kind of funny. There's usually a whistle involved yeah to prove that there's nobody around yeah. Exactly animals adapted the living desserts are called zero. Kohl's that's X.. E. R. O. C. O. L. E._S.. It's from the Greek Zeros for dry and from the Latin cholerae meaning to inhabit animals need to keep cool and finding a food and water survive obviously and so many any of the desert animals are nocturnal. stay in the shade or underground during the heat of the day they tend to be efficient conserving water extracting most of their needs from their food in concentrating their own urine. Some animals remain in a state of dormancy for long periods ready to become active again during the rare rainfall and they then reproduced rapidly conditions favourable before returning to dormancy <hes> so one animal is the Fenick Fox. Oh It's found in the Sahara of North Africa as well as the Sinai peninsula and <hes> the Arabian desert. It's most distinctive feature. It's unusually large ears which also served to dissipate heat. If you've ever seen a picture there guys you can't ever forget them. Its name comes from the Berber Arabic word phonic meaning Fox so again the really double double up the fenick is the small species A._B._C.'s of Canaan the dog family. It's coat ears and kidney functions have adopted the high temperature low water desert environments and also it's hearing is sensitive enough to hear pray moving underground mainly eats insects small mammals birds they have extra for on the souls of their feet to give it traction attraction protected from the Hood Sale Little Guy There desert tortoises <hes> there are two species of tortoise native to them Havi and sooner or desert's of the southwestern U.. S. and northwestern Mexico I the desert tortoise lives about fifty two eighty years it grows slowly and generally has a low reproductive rate spends most of its time in boroughs rock shelters and pallets to regulate body temperature and reduce water loss <hes> and desert tortoises are the most active after seasonal rains and they are inactive boasts of the year which is how they survive yeah in finally camels. There are three surviving species of Chemo. The one-humped dromedary makes up about ninety four percent of the world's camel population and the two humped bactrian camel makes up the remainder. Okay the wild bactrian camel is a separate species in his now critically endangered the dromedary also known as the Arabian camel inhabits the Middle East and Horn of Africa while the BACTRIAN inhabits Central Asia including the historical region of bacteria which was historical Iranian region in Central Asia. <hes> in the critically endangered wild bactrian is found only in remote areas of northwest China Mongolia. Wow so like ninety four percent of the camels are <hes> are the Arabian camel the humpback trine camel is like five point nine percent and then like that lasts like point one percent in our wild bactrian camels and they're mostly domesticated this point yeah right yeah a wild ones ends are the only ones that yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Will you go there. You go wow feel thirsty. Yes for somebody should take a big gulp of water and I feel the Lord above that. We don't live in any of these places. I feel very hyper aware of time and space but that was excellent. I learned a lot thank you. I'm so glad I'm I am waiting in anticipation for what the top the quiz topic is fun to be okay. I'm really hoping that it's what I think it is. Okay okay well. This quizzes called desert rose. It's a quiz on very old plants and things that sting. I was so hoping it was going to be desserts. You know that's the question one basically older than dirt a great brazen bristlecone pine is the oldest known tree in the world. What is the name of this famous tree which is also the same as the longest living figure in the Bible? or a wine bottle capable of holding six leaders question to the astrological sign in Zodiac The sun trains is the sign on average from October twenty third to November twenty second. What is the sign for this thing? That's stings question. Three Great Scott the oldest angiosperms or fruiting plant ever documented died in twenty eleven in Zimbabwe Age two thousand four hundred fifty scientifically this long live native African tree species is than and insomnia digital data but it's also known as the upside down tree or the monkey bread tree by which other common name do we call this kind of tree question for make sure you stay away from the lion's Mane Canon Ball and for for the love God the Ira Ganji or you'll be in a real jam. What kinds of things that sting are they question five? The oldest known living human planted tree in the world is a sacred fig ficus Religio saga called the a giant Sri Mati Bodey planted in two thousand eight B._C. and said to be the southern branch from the tree in India under which Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. This treat is located in what country whose flagged depicts a gold line with sword questions Russian six not only is it cartilages fish which is now a target of a grudge but it's the name of controversial cellular phone surveillance device manufactured by Harris Corporation. What's this thing that stings question? Seven the single angle largest living organism is a clone colony of quaking aspen trees with root system estimated to be more than eighty thousand years old located in South Central Utah Not South Central China. What is the five letter name of this largest oldest in heaviest living organism in the world question eight a real stinging true or false question? The Queen Honeybee does not have a Stinger question nine. Most Americans know that our oldest and biggest trees trees are located in Sequoia National Park California and the President Tree happens to be the oldest known living sequeira. They're dedicated with this moniker in Nineteen twenty-three for which recently deceased person was this tree named in finally question Russian ten one of the few species venomous mammals. The male version of this strange creature has a spur on its hind foot the delivers venom capable of causing severe pain to humans. What is this thing that stings? I'll give you about a minute to think and we back with your answers yeah well. I am disappointed that it's not desserts but I'm feeling okay feeling okay question basically older than dirt a great basin Bristlecone Pine is the oldest known tree in the world. What is the name of this famous mystery which is also the name of the long living figure in the Bible or a wine bottle capable of holding six leaders? That's Miss Methuselah is the foods La. This great basin Bristlecone Pine is estimated to be four thousand eight hundred fifty years old. The METHUSELAH is located. It'd between ninety five hundred ninety eight hundred feet above sea level in the methuselah growth in the ancient bristlecone pine forest within the Inyo National Forest. It's exact location has never been publicly disclosed of course not good because some asshole in nineteen sixty four named Donald Ross curry cut down the second industry in the world which was also bristlecone pine what the hell like. He said he was doing it for science like it was like his science project work and he was working on a project and he cut like too much of the tree and they cut the wikipedia entry is like Donald Ross. Curry is the asphalt to cook the oldest tree in the world johnny yeah from the same vision of course his name would be donald question to the Ashrawi Zodiac. The Sun Transit's the sign on average from October twenty third to November twenty second. What is the sign for this thing that stings a Scorpio is a Scorpio? Scorpio is one of the three water signs the others being cancer and Pisces Cancer I answer according to Allure magazine quote like their celestial spirit animal the Scorpion Scorpio's lie in weight and strike when Lisa expected life is game of chess for these calculating water signs were constantly plotting several steps ahead in order to orchestrate eventual checkmate. This isn't mean their intentions are necessarily nefarious. Scorpio simply know what they want in the aren't afraid to work hard and play the long game to get it they never show their cards and their egg matic nature's what makes them so seductive in beguiling. I was like a allure this little by their description of the Scorpio traits see now. That's sexy. That's what I want you to. A cancers are like you big brown faces. You love food. You like to stay at home hard outer shell of Middle You love to cry. It's like wow guys can't I._B.. During the guy in I._B.. beguiling why do I have to be the mom of the Zodiac Doc. Whatever it's not real anyway please continue question three great Scott that oldest angiosperms or fruiting plant ever documented died in twenty eleven in Zimbabwe at age two thousand four hundred fifty scientifically ugly? This long lived native African streets species is an Indian Sonia digital data but it's also known as the upside down tree or the monkey bread tree by which other common name we call this kind of Tree K.. You said Great Scott so I'm going to go. Oh with Aberdeen Tree. nope the <hes> doyle whole Sir Conan Doyle Trie. NOPE <hes> not Scotland Scott. How Oh Scott Got Scott stapp Scott? It's the it's the creed tree. No I don't know what you can get there. Hey Scott M- I can't think of any SCOTTS. I can Scott Wide Open stuck in my your Scottsdale. I don't know just tell me Scott. STAPP is our wide opening the answer. This tree is the Baobab the Baobab. Why what does it have to Scott Scott? I wasn't going to get there wasn't GonNa get there all right thank you though no that was excellent but I was. I wasn't even close to Scott Bail. Dave tree is really it's really frigging big and really frigging okay. Growth rate is determined by groundwater rainfall and their maximum age seems to be about fifteen hundred years they have traditionally been valued as sources of food water health remedies and places of shelter and are steeped in legend and superstition. It's been reported that nine of the thirteen of Africa's oldest and largest babe trees have died in the past decade. They were between eleven hundred twenty five hundred years old appearing to be victims of climate change scientists speculate that warming temperatures have either killed the trees directly or have made them weaker and more susceptible to drought diseases fire in wind some old pay now question for make sure you stay away from the lion's Mane Canon Ball and for the love of God the Irukandji or you'll be in a real jim what kinds kinds of things that sting are. They jellyfish jellyfish the C. Wasp box jellyfish is the most deadly jellyfish in the world and one of the most deadly creatures on the planet so they have thirteen. They've like fifteen tentacles that make sense about ten feet in length <hes> on each technical there about half a million darts and these microscopic darts are full of venom each one could theoretically kill up to sixty people what what meech one each single one serial killer rate here. Oh my God so the the talk the venomous fast-acting and it may cause cardiovascular arrest within a matter of minutes once a tentacle of the Box Jellyfish and here's the skin it pumps pneumatic assists with venom into the skin causing the sting and agonizing pain which may cause death even before the venom does 'cause it leads shock and basically shut y'all down. Well you die from horrifying pain yeah for the venom ass you yeah don't go in the water where they where are they Australia like that. That region like this is why the Lord did not give us fins. We have to lakes. We are not supposed to go in the see. This is why do not going to see everyone so at least like if you're in the if you're in the ocean and talking about jellyfish is like the C. Wasp Jellyfish. It's kind of large like you could see it. Maybe like Oh gosh. The second-deadliest one in the world is called the IRUKANDJI jellyfish it measures only point two inches of Nas in his nearly transparent. What what it's the size of your pinky finger nail? It's nearly transparent but it's toxin is one hundred times stronger than that of a Cobra plot. That seems like overkill like what are you need that four little guy the question question five the oldest living human planted tree in the world is a sacred fig called the giants Sri Mati Bodey planted in two thousand A._B._C. see and said to be the Southern Branch from the tree in India under which Lord Buddha attained enlightenment the streets located in what country whose flag depicts a gold line with sword is Sri Lanka. It is true long. I pulled that out of nowhere yeah. The giant Sri Tremont Body is two thousand three hundred six years old by the way we also covered Sri Lanka a little bit in the quiz portion of episode forty four. I'm a civilizations question sex not only is it a cartilage in his fish which is now the target of a grudge but it's the name of a controversial controversial cellular phone surveillance vice manufactured by Harris Corporation. What's this thing that's Jing's? Is it a lion fish. No shut up. What is it is it? I don't know what the APP is is an APP APP. Is that what you just said no device device oh shoot cartilage in his fish so like a shark but not it's the target of a grudge collective grudge a collective grudge so <hes> um all of us in Virginia hate that something fish the entire country of Cote d'Ivoire hates that what's a stinging fish singing fish. Why can't think of a sticky fish fish that bite? That's a piranha but that's not it <music>. What is it Stingray Australia? I was so close you were very close. What's what's a fish so dumb? So one hill seaver one thousand six. He wrestled that was only the second recorded death in Australian waters Watterson forty-five race. It was just like really a freak accident. Yeah it's terrible and the other mimics a wireless carrier cell tower in order to force all nearby mobile phones and other so their data devices to connect with it. Oh how stingray okay all right see. I didn't know that yeah and Harris Corporation is here in Rochester. Oh really well. I Know Harris is still in here but yeah question. Seven the single largest living organism is a clone colony of quaking aspen entries with a root system estimated to be more than eighty thousand years old located in South Central Utah Not South Central China. What is the five letter name of this largest oldest and heaviest living organism in the world so it's not it's is an aspen tree? It's at clone colony of quaking Aspen Trees Waking Aspen trees but it has a name name like it was dubbed Cheese is it. Can you give me hint it's five letters D._A._V. I._D.. David moving on its Pando. Oh Yeah No. I wasn't GonNa get it is Latin for ice spread <hes> they also sometimes called this the trembling giant unlike many other colonies the above ground trunks remain connected to each other by single massive subterranean root system. This Kona Colony called Pando encompasses forty three hectares. That's one hundred six acres weighs nearly six thousand metric tonnes and has over forty thousand stems and trunks which die individually and are replaced by new stems growing from its roots the average the age of Pando stems is one hundred thirty years as indicated by tree rings in the roots are eighty thousand years old. Oh my gosh that's amazing Pando. EVERYBODY HANDLE ONES OVER IN UTAH. Oh Panda Oh dumb sorry all right push real stinging true or false question. The Queen Honeybee does not have a Stinger. I'm GONNA say true. It does not have a stinger false. The Queen does does have a but her singer is not barbed so she's able to sing repeatedly without dying. Oh when a regular worker bee stings something it Stinger is ripped from its abdomen so then it dies questionide. Most Americans know that our oldest and biggest trees are located in Sequoia National Park California and the President Trie happens to be the oldest known living's acquire their dedicated with this moniker in Nineteen twenty-three for which recently deceased person was this tree named. I'm going to go out on a limb because today limb. Heo Teddy Roosevelt died in nineteen nineteen right so I'm going to say Teddy Roosevelt. The answer is Warren g harding. Oh Yeah I wasn't going to four and she died in August nineteen. twenty-three in the tree was dedicated dedicated his honor in September nineteen twenty-three the president located in Sequoia National Park is the oldest known living giants equate at approximately three thousand two hundred years of age and as of twenty twelve the volume. It's of its trunk measured at about forty five thousand cubic feet with an additional nine thousand cubic of branches. Oh just Jacinto fricken Josh Norman thank you can live inside of it you could but don't don't please leave. Leave him. The trees alone and finally question ten one of the few species of venomous mammals. The male version of this strange creature has a spur on its hind foot that delivers venom capable love causing severe pain to humans. What is the thing that stings that is a platypus sure is although powerful enough to kill smaller animals like dogs dogs? The Venom is not lethal to humans but the pain is so excruciating that the victim might be incapacitated in for more on Mono Trims and other strange creatures. Please check out episode eight strange creatures is very good yet. She said I sprinkle in all these call vaccine. I'm like here's where you should go. If you WANNA look up that yes and then you yell at me when I do it for my episodes a yellow yellow. You're like oh I see you're. You're a you're if anything I think I say I always say it's very good yet because I think all of our episodes are very good. They're they're all very they're all very good. I just don't remember what episode the The the quiz was that you did Louise Bourgeois and so I think it was elements up so it was it elements check out the elements moments episode that Julia did it was like two weeks ago yeah yeah. It's very good. Thanks thanks everyone excellent. Thank you so much. Sorry I didn't get simpler bail damage. That's your most famous Scott. Scott stapp Scott STAPP came in he sat down and he did not let any other Scott's in. I'm GonNa tell you that right now so I wasn't getting anywhere close anyway. If you WanNa tell me your favorite Scott you can email us at missive about Jimoh dot com you can tweet it us atmos- Info pod you can go to our facebook page misinformation Colon Trivia podcast and you can also. I don't know just head on over to our website triple DUB DUB misinform Faux PAS DOT COM. You can stream us in our upstate in you can find us a pretty much wherever you listen podcasts yeah. We're pretty accessible yeah so thanks so much for listening guys yeah. Thanks are listed no Dixon episode.

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FC 082: My Wokless Life With Red Shirt Bob

FrazlCast - A World of Warcraft Podcast

1:16:36 hr | 2 years ago

FC 082: My Wokless Life With Red Shirt Bob

"I can't believe November's almost over this episode eighty two this was recorded on Thanksgiving Day in USA, while loaded with food, we discussed food tech, podcasting and more. Let's start the gnome train. Welcome to frazzle cast upon cast by a blizzard fan know about world of warcraft and geeky stuff. I promise you, they do talk about the world of warcraft. They just go off the rails sometimes. Hello, internet. It is friendly, the awesome gnome each week in Norway, awesome people from as Roth and beyond. But she's my cuss my alternate transporter to head on over to meet up with this week skits. Well, I don't know what you I've, stuffed its token bounty, and while and thanksgiving in the United States, and it was delicious. And now it's time to podcast. It's the only way to end the great days. The podcast with friends, I am thankful tonight to be joined by Madison of e carrying and thank Macau solutions. Thank you so much for having me on the show tonight, super excited to have you on. And I'm so glad that the times those were worked out, too, because when a am podcasting didn't sound so awesome. When we get home. No, Marty was kinda tired when he did it. Look at the table, a member of the horde with cooked up the lists feast we are joined by Michael height. Hey, Michael, good to see you guys. This is ending outstanding. You know, man, I gotta get all that fine food flowing through me. And I, I'm ready to take part. Thank you for having me on. I forgot what I had you on the phone connection. Oh, yeah. Manda with the restaurant and stuff like that. And then Michael with the food, it's like a matinee heaven. Amazing amazing amazing, and it was funny as we were on, you know, we were on Twitter awhile ago, and Amanda remember wrote like something along the lines of, hey, you know, if you ever need some vegan ideas, you know, hit me up on Twitter, so this is I think this is a little bit of fade here. My friend, too. Absolutely. Oh, but you know what time it is handy. What time is it? It's time to go around the table, great idea. So what do enough to recently, number one thing, I met, you the other day. Meeting a gnome in real life. I shorter expect you were like triple height that I expect you to be. I'm looking over there like seeing the person to. It's that moment I actually was an Kroger yesterday. And there's somebody else they were meeting in a restaurant at the exact same reaction that we did like oh, it's, you know, well, my gosh, you're here, and you're. Really tall. So it was awesome meeting you on our drive down to sunny, Florida, which is where I am now sitting on my parents Belka, ni enjoying the sun before heading back to Northern Ireland and a couple of weeks. Nice have you visited any of the theme parks that are based off of things from the conglomerate of nations that you're from anything perks? No, okay, we're boring. There were the boy who lived down in fort Noah, but what he lived Mark down in Florida. I know it's like number one on my Florida bucket list, that even though I've been to Florida three times a year and a half. I have not gone one year, but maybe next this is maybe this is like a premonition for you to come back. Maybe on time number four. You'll have Harry Potter's very I looked at by priced it for like even just to go for one day in stay over for two nights, and it was costing about eight hundred dollars. I was like, okay let's let's not. Yeah. Insane how expensive theme parks are. I mean and they've only gotten more expensive because I'm thinking like as Disneyland Disney won't always been that expensive. Right. I actually was talking to somebody this the other day couldn't believe when I was looking at the prices and I was wondering have they always been this expensive, because, like, I'm so thankful to my parents. And if they've always been like this crazy expensive for taking me. The Disney when I was a kid is couldn't afford it now. Yeah. I'm the same way it was like LEGO sets. I. That's a weird parallel, but it was theme parks legal sets up by parents bought me as a kid, and I'm like both of those are insanely expensive. Now, you have the five o'clock moment. You're like, what are we gonna do? Are we gonna stay in the park? Are we gonna eat something here or do you like ever so gracefully kind of dip out and then go somewhere else for dinner? Yeah. Have highly played any games at all. Because we've been traveling at my parents hosts in Canada and here for the past almost three months, but we did make some friends in their small town in Ontario, that are, are aging xactly, and like we found out when we were there that the town, they live in has an average population age of eighty so finding other people in their thirties was pretty exciting. Binding out that they are massive board. Game enthusiasts was even better. So we've got to play some really read tabletop games do guys plant. I've tried IB better when the computer tells me when and doing stuff wrong, I don't remember all the rules in typically whenever devoid games, I have let's say family who will realize I messed up, and we'll call me on every single time that it advantageous to them, and I have to be like, I forgot about that really weird rule that if I don't call out Ono and my foot, three times that I that I will, then get your accent pieces fantastic. We have some friends that live near us. They've been trying to get us to play. Catan catanha. I said Erika tan. I haven't played yet currently I've three year old six year old so my board games are typically shoots and ladders, which is probably not up to snuff. So I think if we actually pull this off, I think a little followed conversation with a little knowledge, Catan, I think it'd be much prouder as a, as a key dole to get some good feedback that and I've never played it shocked face. Okay. I've played it once I own it, but I've never pulled it out. Again. There's a lot of rules in that regard. It takes three hours set up like everybody all the rules. So chillier playing this called clank. And it's a turn based card game lay build up your hand by spending your cards at downs kind of confusing, but it's really cool. And you have to go in dungeon and, and collect gold and stuff, if he ever see it pick it up, because it's awesome. Good and play with really patient friends Presley. Okay. Yeah. He's the key overwhelming, part for user. And that is a little bit more forgiving. So that's about it for me, other than my website for geek, herring. My podcast is going life. More all being. Well, let's touch what? And make sure that nothing crazy happens overnight, my co-host, and partnering key crime should be getting everything set up tomorrow. Thank you. I'm always interested. What's the platform handed just because I find I find website design fascinating used WordPress, with a defame. Okay. Nice. That's one. I've never used. Everything's I've used WordPress. And I hear a lot about pre about divvy themes, and WordPress amazingly, customizable. Where'd presses awesome? I'd got all three of my business flash. Hobby websites on it and use divvy for my blog as well. And ten tastic like really easy to use. I should look at things got a few work. I don't have to redo thanks recommendation. Glad to share the divvy lows, I have to make a giant leap away from a Google sites and move on to the world of two thousand and seven and you know. Like, do Google sites even still exist. I know they did the they released a beta the new version of it, but the only thing about it is in the if you look at, like the little black text underneath links it doesn't do the best job of summarizing with the, the explanation of the website to get the kind of like a lot of random ization. But it works. Okay. I think the all this talk of WordPress, maybe a little inspiration to kind of move forward. Great. Absolutely. Michael, what have you been doing in the world other than working with Google sites and eating food, and then messing around with scarlet? Eighteen twenty eight four five six. Let me tell you listen. They're amazing inspiration to us all Mr. Fresno, cast, I, I don't know where I would actually be without you. But I do know that you are a big proponent of squad cast up slowly tweet, you or or touch base. Do you like eleven thirty at night with like handfuls of wires, and like, you know, blood sweat, and tears. You're like, you know. The studio up easier this up where you're at right now is like limit of my knowledge. I'm looking like, I hope I'm giving you rations like I know enough to break things, and that's. The FIS that we've got the episode eighty-two of this show. I like everything like Pauling pieces. Do you and I feel I feel like I swam halfway across shallow right now? And it's it's like decision time, you know, do I go back or do I just keep on going? And I don't really know where things shake out FARs ghost. You'll kick tripod game amazing, interesting ideas. I guess Embiid if mission on the scarlet forums, but, you know, I think you know, this is a nice little cozy place to be. I think this is a little moment is inspire me, but chick this out. All right. As you know, Mike Levin, my co host in the food and fury has been making some fun of me for my leveling. So I have the game just came a little while ago. I am one nineteen pushing forward. So I finished with my with my boy bus Juan de and I do miss him, you know, after the para Cobra commander experience, I was ready to move on, but you don't have to finish that off, and then clean off the dust off the other eleven one ten to need to make their way up. But I've have been playing. Other things I've been I've been cheating on warcraft. I apologize. I mean, we have friends come over with the, you know, the classic any s. Yeah. So it turns out that my wife friend, Michelle and Franken have them over for dinner, and she is a rockstar on paper. Boy, do you guys remember paper. Boy, I sucked at it me feel. I don't think I ever still the end of the first level. Because when you're younger, you would go to the video store, right? Yeah. They existed besides the marvel the existed. So you go to the video store, and you would like maybe your parents would say, okay, you rent a game yet for the weekend. So they remember one time I mistakenly got paper. Boy. And I think about ten minutes of having dogs chased after me and death go after me and not pick it past the first houses. This is terrible. So Michelle comes over doesn't play against a years sits down at the old classic. And. Yes go, and as she goes to the first level I drive makes all the way to the end. And apparently, there's a like a bonus ramp area where she's just like jumping over things doing tricks and things like what is happening right now? She harnessed her inner like eleven year old, I don't know is out of control. So then her husband is there and taking turns play marrow and all of a sudden, we put on contra, holy to the moly. I have not been contra in years. That is a beautiful thing. Come on. Guys say with me up down left, right left, right. Elect there you go. See get thirty lives. And in the beautiful thing is when you come like, dialect, when you continue you still get your thirty lies back. So you keep going going going. It was absolutely amazing experience. So there we were the Ol- thirty nine and forty somethings going back to our any s days. And it was absolutely fantastic. But in the world video game half had one more little thing because today today, obviously is like your thanksgiving, you know, we're switching to black Friday, soon, I texted early, I was on a Twitter, whatever else it was a red at thing. Apparently WalMart, somehow started black Friday whatever a little bit early. What was going on my phone? My dude Diablo three switched for seventeen dollars say my wife like where he think you're going. I gotta go now. She's like, no, no. We'll go after thanks. No, no. It's going to be gone. Trust is going to be done so again, the car check on my phone red lights and looking looking looking. It's like, oh, out of sock out of stock in-stock. So head over the closest WalMart. And there's like six behind the case on the patiently, like getting closer. You don't awkward moment where like you're, you don't want to run. But you do wanna run be kinda wanna be patient like act like you're not. Yeah. So am I kind of do half runner gonna vase skipping around the aisles make my way? They really eight behind the case was fine. And then the moment of truth racist, fifty nine ninety nine brings it up seventeen dollars amazing. Right. If you're in the old land of Nintendo switch and you wanna buy the three for maybe third or fourth time like I did. Then, you know it's a beautiful thing paying seventy dollars for it pick one up for Mike Levin, and it's going to be good a good couple of weeks. I told Tom about your tweet today. But that and he was like, I want it like I need to pick it up. And I was like, Tom, we don't even have an intend to switch. Well. Love the backwards this it's like, man, I won't catch you. But we don't have a hamburger. Maybe that's. Exactly. So we're going back by shopping tomorrow. And who knows it becoming home within the blue if they still have them I assuming they will because we live in retirement country. So maybe like old people don't really play the outlook. You're going to like some dark, dark part of your community where you like your role in and like one night, you kinda like drive them here, but looking in the windows, and like all the elderly, like rock and out the. Every every time we walk you around and somebody's got their phone out. We wonder are they playing book Mungo, and like we're trying to look and see what they're doing. Or are they playing the immortal? If you're retired, or you're living in a retirement community in the retirement proper age. What would you roll? Diablo. What's the one that everybody has ever been mean to higher life? That'd be the bar Burien. I was gonna say, I haven't really walked around and met too many people from the jungle three frogs EMMY. So I guess which under his own try and say, like throwing frogs in me. And I was thinking about the neck Manser, resurrect dead friend. I was thinking that. Okay. Good. Percent. I was like Beckham. Then I wouldn't be the last one alive. Send your hate mail the Fresno, cast another. You got me thinking, we almost cover the work go tonight. But I was like, I don't know if I want to talk about that, that Kentucky article right now, but we're go, there's a talk article in the article, it self has some western authenticity. I'm not gonna say it's right or wrong, but they're interesting thing they said that there's a warcraft go supposedly in development. I'm thinking, okay. Four go comes out, but I still be playing Pokemon go. So it's one of those when the Harry Potter gained comes out, I gotta decide right playbill. Or do I go to one or the other? I have to say, though, Nintendo is an interesting job with Pokemon go and Pokemon go. Let's go to my nephew's switch. And right now, I'm not hitting a switch because I've got plenty to play specially in the XBox, I got Diablo three twenty bucks XBox today. Today had to sale their thoughts on the switch. It's actually a lot of fun. And one they realize you can play with to join con controllers. So I I was on my profile my save game. And my nephew was also playing along and I fighting using one of my Pokemon. So it was it was a lot of fun. And we kind of ended if you're playing games with people in your also playing Pokemon go. I did not get it as far to the transfer area. It's a lot of fun. I wanna see Arcos. I've heard on put him on games. But I think that's the expected that it's not going to be the whole experience. But if pretty cool, and it looked really cool. It sounds kind of trying to pick up on social experience. Right. Maybe you know you mentioned you play with your younger nephew. 'cause like me, having younger kids. I feel like you know, sometimes games we kind of frustrating, you know, just the experience next to somebody in the couch on a couch in the same location playing a game with a concept. I think, you know, I think we would have a lot of fun. My sister was trying to say. Oh. So when you're injured over can y-. Fortnight my nephew's like you can't play for none of this on the same console. And it's just like you can't no you have your own consel raising. How far we've become so isolated not to be multiplayer across the way. But yeah, I've been played a lot of Spiro Bandic Zooey and legacy undercover. I finished the story in the city to now working on the collectibles, and I also started playing incredible 's oh, nice the having a lot of fun with that. I love the Lakers game for so good or into so much fun just to go around and collect stuff. It's, it's fun just like getting there, and I've been trying to stream on twitch mean a lot of fun just like sitting here on a controller. Just like talking with chat, and it's all the perfect game to do it because it's not something that in most scenarios, educated die like if you're not paying attention. Yeah. Really forgiving and I liked it. So talking to somebody, I've never said, I'm good at games I play games, but I've never been good at games while I. I do too. You're supposed to otherwise. They would like you know permits and people would loot your body. So we're, we're okay. We're in good company here if while primer desolate would be awful. My wallet. Spin been dying from all the buying stuff and steam Gog and humble bundle found. They had the Titanic adventure game on kgo games. I bought the entire Teletovic lex-, next Walson Gromit almost saying, I if on steam, if you own it, you theoretically have it forever. Going. Yeah. Now, the cool thing is Walking Dead has been picked up by sky bound, so the final season is going to come out and they're going to bring back all of the Walking Dead games because that's one thing I need to play again. I got through the second season. I never went farther than that in well, workout requests, and working on repsonse such, I got exulted with storms wake, and I did the originals quest, but kept dying, so I've only completed once and you can do it again. I don't even know what that quest is. It's been so long since I've looked into well, it's all the original dragons from. Keep going classic vanilla. But all the ones from vanilla which will be classic. They are incredibly tough. They were harder than they're supposed to be right. I mean, member, you go near a that place called the caverns of time. Right. Wasn't. There was a over there. There was one near did the Elfi little foresty L. I'm, I'm horrid. No. But I don't remember that little forest area. There was like the little thing where people thought you could go to like the dream, but it was never open. Right. It was like a little quarterly thing that didn't really go anywhere and classic union, right? It was kind of near that. The dead town. I'm very clear, apparently lost all my knowledge of geography, but there was there was nothing ever drag over there somewhere. And if you've got to close the portal he kinda eat what? Yes. Yes. Yes. And then I. Read that because now there's no dragging their I know it's kind of sad. That's probably why didn't know what you're talking about him. Like I didn't play classic. So I don't know where I know we're like we're so cool because he played classic. You know what it got a lot better? I'm gonna obviously now hit me on on classic over to Michael height at. Doesn't play classic anymore dot com. I know you we'll check it out, though. I really will. I promise out check it out because there is something about it. You know, I mean, I don't know like it's weird nostalgia weird man. If the nostalgia bucket, it's like, part of you is just like really thrilled with the idea of going back. But, like what's that goofy saying you could go back? You never go home. Let this really depressing. I don't think it, but the idea is, like it's a very different experience, especially knowing what we have currently to go back because when we were playing it, it wasn't like there were two options it because, oh, wait, you could be the new character models and have all this great distance in these add ons at work. Oh, no, no. I don't want that. Let's go left. Let's see this one. So I don't know man. It's going to be different. But I think that, you know, if maybe that'll bring people back that weren't playing or, you know, you'll be able to kind of get like a sort of Radi kinda going, I mean, who knows maybe he could survive like, ten man? You can kind of go move over to the next thing. But I don't know there's a lot of blood twin tiers that, that. You know, Hugh and thirty nine other people accidentally pulling core hound. It's feel with, like Banja Zooey. I'm playing like, oh I see how far games have come since this game on insects before. I mean I it's fun. But I'm like, playing it because I like it or are playing it because it's the stodgy I can't decide I mean I just I okay? So on the switch, I signed up for the old twenty dollars a year. You get to have online access. So I guess you could play Mary, people whatever. So a comes with, like, I don't know fifteen twenty any games, and keep adding, like a new new one or two every month, they can keep you kinda subscribed and the gave us a Zelda the first month and then they gave us like Zelda special edition, the vats nice because you get in and the eight Harka Tanner's, like the second sword a ring, and like the blue flame and all that good stuff. So it's kinda nice gonna get you get you warmed up now. That's the pricing more difficult than you. Remember and also, your mind funny tricks on you because you'll play the game you'll be like popping around doing your thing. And it also you like you know you throw. A bomb somewhere. You Chuck flame somewhere? And you either you totally remember where there was like a hidden staircase or cave or like you're lying to yourself and your mind plays tricks. You bombing the entire wall. And nothing shows up. I don't remember this come on. So that was kind of a different thing experience played a little metro. That is so much harder than I remember, I guess I'm just not a twist you hands. They used to because that was holy moly. If you die in that you go all the way back to the beginning. The stuff but you'll go back to the beginning, whatever the geographical zone that you're in. So, you know if you go down like an elevator you go to that beginning of that zone. But if not, you're, you're going back to collect energy. I don't know the Stahl jer. Yeah. I, I actually played a game of Oregon trail this week. Just to take it like relief are back. Yes. If that doesn't mimic, your trip from like, you know from overseas here hope got. Nobody died. Tom did not die as I was rafting down the Rapids at the end. Unlike? Tall would wanna get to dysenteria. I'm sorry. It was good. You know everybody was alive right up until those Rapids at the end. And then I crashed into rocks and that I crushed coming off, and then it was just me and Bob left. So I don't know who Bob is. But if you don't have character named. Bob did you play? Like a read a redshirt guy, isn't it? Yeah. This case he made it. He normally maybe we started a new life together. They're expendable Bob to the bears. The always makes you wonder did, I truly like this, or is it something that, I just, it's all I knew it at the time, because games have come a long way it just like with cooking, stuff like that. We've come a long way with how he can cook food. Sure, we're in the age where crackpots I went an experiment, a couple years ago and had a wifi crock pot. And the only reason it stopped working was just one day. When I went over to was working I was like, I'm not paying one hundred dollars for new crock pot. So I gotta cheapo crock, but it was kind of interesting don't do that. Have you seen this us no nest? Joke crock pots not quite there, because it wasn't really that useful because I had to ended up having to say Madam, which is the Amazon device. I just don't want to trigger it. I would say star crocked route for so long and like nowadays, I just click on a little bit in it starts. I mean the only thing I don't get it. I don't get a I hit where my my Hugh. Life would flash when dinner's ready. So that was kinda cool education. I don't get that now. Well covers to the other side of the revenue. Or you just like say, hey, mom, when that works down to like thirty seconds to start flickering my lights for me. Okay thing with rock. It's always eight hours of low, so I don't know exactly what it is doing. Yes to one of those like even like leaving it in the crock pot to start his time to get bad. If you don't cook it. So it's an idea that I get the idea, but it's expensive scooper a cheapo crock. But, but Amanda, you had a restaurant, dead a few years ago, I opened my own restaurant. It was a healthy fast food restaurant that was supposed to be like, I don't know if you guys know, deliciously, Ella this, it was before deliciously, Ella, but we had the same idea to have salads and soups and healthy bowls and just provide healthy food to the town reopened. But then we found this really incredible induction. Walk that changed, our entire business model like I didn't changing your entire business model for one piece of equipment. But that's what we did. So it was like this induction, walk. It was basically a rectangle with a like a spa. Fear half sphere. Cut out of it that only got hot when you put the right Pat, on it, and then you in the pan because we had, this amazing induction, walk. We were like oh, let's just do stir fries so changed. I mean that you could keep the temperature stays exactly where you dial it in as long as you have, like a magnetic Potter. It just kind of the it was amazing. It was like the coolest piece of technology when we closed down. It was I was really sad that it had to go away. Take the induction walk. So you could walk away. Ear. If I had a scub-, and I would call it induction, walk nice. Yeah. That was like food technology. We had, what's the state of the art will not even a state of the machine, but a really nice coffee machine lately, soup pots and a gas stove, which is not very common over in Northern Ireland. So, like we had lots of cool things. But that was pinnacle, in terms of food, tech induction, walk again, hope so maybe day, switcher induction walks, which are induction, walk. As we get this. I think it'd be like three times the price of the switch to be honest, and both can some India blow. Yeah. Probably probably depends. If you leave your, your food in the walk long enough. Overtime of dysentery before Boise. Okay. All the ports, Horton like is just going to be eating bed rock. You know, Oregon trail or walk this, this is just not going to be for the best for Bob now. I am Bob. I'll start my new life. My new walk life with redshirt. Bob. That is so cool though. So you so you are doing prior to the, the induction walk and stuff you cooking different kind of food. No, we had an open jet. So we were still working on our business model and, like our layout. And this guy was like he wasn't a rat kind of was a random guy actually architecture. Like have you met Derek? And we were like no. And that we met Derek. He was like induction walks and we were like slow. Some guy with, like a little cheesy mustache used car salesman, cellular shower. Have you seen deduction rock? Accurate. So it changed our entire bits this little, we had wind jet. So we could do that at are beach store. We have a at least old Italian or Mexican restaurant next door, and we use that for our training center. Somebody wanted to repurpose the kitchen there that, that we now use the storage to be a juice bar, so thinking, we would be a beat store and it just bar and he went into as part of the profits. That sounds good. I mean like hippies like beans and juice. So really make sense though nowadays would juice be juice day when wanting vapes. No. Like health people's they still want use. Okay. I always reduce when I'm when I'm out and about traveling, and I'm like, I'm so thirsty. I need you know with the doctrine walk in the wifi crock pot. So that way, we can all work at work the other to make sure amazing. It's gonna make it all work. And Michael you've experimented with, with different food. I have I love. I mean I'm like a weirdo. I want to try and play around with everything possibly can, you know, it's funny because like there's so many things that are out there that you just kinda wanna buy at all. But I think it was like all Brown, whose big thing was, like, if you buy something, it better have more than one purpose, otherwise it just doesn't belong in my cabinet. So like there's so many things that are out there and a Mike, you know, and Sarah, joined, sir show recently and we were talking about waffle irons. And there was a caller that was even more that, that in about convincing his spouse to buy hoffler getting involved in your marriage life man. But the idea is that do so many fun things. We'll off alliance, you could take like things like macaroni and cheese. You can take stuffing from this said, fine holiday, and you could make a what was philophical you could do you could make a waffle so many things, I've fought with that Suvi homemade come Suva's amazing, you know, for you live in a house that has. A kitchen a small as mine have food show, but it's kind of like a like a big joke that I can't my, my wife and I can't really even like almost pass by each other in the kitchen, so small, but like a Suva's cool, 'cause it almost gives you like I guess, it's kind of, like induction away because what happens is you kind of set food to a certain temperature and then it cooks whatever you want the final temperature to be. So like, if you're cooking steak, and you what your states to be like, one hundred thirty four degrees Fahrenheit, or let's, let's go for the vegan, you couldn't carrots or something like that. Then you throw the Rosemary a little butter salt. Pepper it with your carrots. They cook and then you attend to other stuff in your kitchen, and then when to kind of put everything together, then you earn back to the V grab your stuff then you kind of finishing up so it's kinda nice. We're making things happen, when you've limited space, you know what it sounds like silly, but a probe thermometers are like an amazing little tool. You know, people tell you to thermometer. You poke the food you check. And then, like, what do you, do you wait? Twenty minutes check again. Maybe it's too late. So they sell these little thermometer, guys like that bathroom YoM target whatever let's bucks. And then what happened is you get like a thermometer, that you usually magnetically stick it on, like, you know, your oven range. Whatever else. And then there's like a silicon wire that runs down and you take this pro you put it into the food. And then you could set like on a dial. What do you want the final temperature of whatever you're cooking to be? And then when it reaches temperatures beeping so it's like amazing. You go sit in the cash whatever else. And then, you know, when you're ready, you know instead of waiting for the old belly button plastic to Hickey to pop up, then you kinda go that route, and it's kind of fun. Let me tell you what, not to buy have of that think that there's people that want to spend jillion dollars and sixteen thousand knives. How about you just go to Marshall's and you get yourself a decent eight inch chef's knife, and you stop buying garbage, you don't need because I think that one shifts that I really for the majority of people that are cooking. I think starting out, I think that really would say, people some money so they could buy some other fun, little gadgets, so many options so many fun things out there. We said about multiple uses because there's so many things like, hey, this one thing can make your eggs, look like Betty white. White. She thanks Tom. Oh, don't tell anybody thinks he does really cool though with this movie. I mean, there's so many cool things I don't wanna spend Upshur people listen to Fresno careless to. But if you're like if you even like like front, she kind of thing, look, if you're, like poach eggs, that kind of thing you wanna do like holidays, you could take like Saran wrap you take like a little like like a little ball. Right. You brush with voile on the restoring putting the ball crack your tie it up put a little string on it that you can take your spoon the spoon over your water bath, and you could lay like as many eggs you wanna make for poached eggs. And then when you have people over eight radio, you do everything else, you start grabbing your stip it with a with a scissor, and then you port, you just drop in your Betty, white shape. Poached egg, and it's just cooked to perfect temperature. Okay. Tips, turning, what are we dealing turning into like a bed infomercial? I don't know going are out of a food. The food tips thing that I've ever bought them for my kitchen. Only house one use dinosaur shaped sandwich, cutter be totally worth it. Totally one hundred percent worth it coolest thing owned, but it's only when you every which ever had was done shape of be fine with me special moment to tell Amanda that the first she makes cookies or pancake with that thing then it fits those three things that she is raider point, I actually cut my own tortillas and made nachos with it. So it had dinosaur. Nachos actually. You can look it probably does. Fighting over cheese. Wow. With. On my show. Control of my show. Well, you know, someone's gonna be asking, like this is a while podcast back speaking of food. So we started this whole snacks thing, which we don't even know where it's going, but the whole point of that little shitty divvy thing that we're doing what I just said is, it's a food related podcast for work crafts for, for gamers, and you're nice enough to throw the segment onto your show, and we have a little bit of a good time every week. Maybe we'll bug a manned at some point to do the voice over some and our goal is just to like allow gamers, who maybe aren't into cooking or maybe a little bit nervous about food to maybe just up their game. When it comes to snacks because, you know, when you're sitting down, you got the old loading screen on. And there is a battle for Azra about to happen. Do you want the frozen stuff you throw in the microwave which can you can you maybe up the game about the anti whether it'd be like roasted chickpeas? Right. I did there or if you do you know something. Also, we have we've been trying to do some fun stuff. So I think we can tie that food back to war craft in some way, in foods thing to do. Eat while you're eating and you're eating. I totally agree. It's better than eating like rocks or, or Grasser air. Unless you're traveling on the Oregon trail. You've got nothing actually how you get this in Kerry. Good officially get on a podcast. And I got to podcasters here, wouldn't Iraq's Bob, Bob would intervene. I've been dysentery so safely say he didn't Iraq's. And I think Bob with with listened to caring key. Probably would I think everyone should listen to carrying whether you're Iquique or not to be honest 'cause we address like watts of issues coming up in geek them, but also in feminism because, you know, goes play games to, as they say, as we say, powerful because in our country, you know, there's a big shift and a big movement where for a very long time. There's a very small female presence in engineering, and computer science and feels that are heavy in math, and there has been a bit of a push for trying to Rev up the game and have girls be more of a presence in those fields. But I personally still think there's like, there's like a long way you know, there's a there's a big road ahead. So I think that's pretty amazing. What you do. And I think you know any positively moving that direction that I think is incredible, thank you so much. Actually minds me of a news article that we read the other day. And it was saying that this is actually really cool. One hundred percent of women it studying stem, subjects at university level identify as a gamer, it was something like sixty percent of high school, students high school girls who are gamers, want to go into stem. Yeah, so amazing statistics were like girls going into stem. And I think we really just need to encourage them to, to get there. And study the scientists study the maths than VR engineers weird. Weird middle school seems like you know, there's a big discrepancy where for such a long time girls kind of started to kind of plateau, and then for whatever reason, and then now it's now, I think people trying to turn it around. So that's that's amazing. My mom, she became a an accountant in time when when very few, you females were becoming one and they're at a at the congratuations meeting and the person turned to my dad is granted to my dad. No, actually, it's my wife that you need to be congratulating. My mom's been a huge for me, and it's ration- that anybody can can do anything and it's always been. I hate how people want to put people down for, for different things like I the quote, they post on Instagram from the book for today. I'm like the fact that somebody would think that flew today didn't write it because girls don't like that is that, that's infuriating. And, but it's something that so many girls and female defying gamers, that they do come across, like, when we were first starting the show, I had messages coming through to carrying saying, thank you so much for talking about this, because anytime in chat that I say, I'm a girl, they either don't believe me, or I get sexually harassed or. As soon as I pop on voice jot like they're getting verbally abused sexually harassed over voice chat. And I'm like girls. This is not okay. And boys men, we can do better as human beings. Shortly gonna save. You remember was this was probably like a month ago. Wasn't it untorn torn think-tank jewel? Yeah. He was tweeting about this. She was she was a impulsive ongoing raids whatever else. Right. Or the knuckle rate of the call. Whatever. There so you so she was trying to join a group to kinda take down a boss. You come need multiple people, and she met with some guys at the park, and then once they saw that, like a girl that should they weren't even make eye contact with her. They were kinda make say mini me like being rude, and it was like she completely help them. Take down this boss over was even afterwards, they were kind of jerky about it. And it's like it did blows my mind because, in our culture that we have this is not cool stuff that we're doing it wasn't years ago. I mean, now, it's like we just have had enough of like not being cooler, just like we embrace it. But I think like within that small. Qasem like wouldn't that be the place where people kind of looking out for each other and building a better community? But, I guess, like, you know, we still have some room to grow in that regard think, so with being such a marginalized group, and being the outcast like all through most of your life. And now doing that somebody else that doesn't make sense. It's like it's not what underneath my pants that's going to make me a good or bad gamer, at how skilled I am. I could think of in even then it is incredibly immature is that maybe they feel like they aren't a good enough man. If they can't beat something. That is so image turtles have men feeling that way. I'm glad that, that you've started caring watching my niece grow. I'm excited to see where she's gonna go, and I want people to be inspired to not stop doing something just because of gender or anything just do what you're good at what you wanna do do it makes your heart happy, do it makes you what you're passionate about. And screw what people say about you, unless they say, like good job, you're doing really great. And then just doing more of that. But if it's negative just find it actually don't even put your blinders up fighted it'd be like, actually that's really not cool. He said to me there, and this is why and your dick, and let's move forward because we all need to be yelled at appropriately for standing in the poop. To work. I say I've been enjoying the episode I need to catch more of them. I'm so behind on a lot of podcasts on I'm trying to all of them. But, like I have loved the one I was listening to the work of one that one was so cool. And you brought up some awesome points. I think what was cool is even like it brought whole dimension to Harry Potter that Jiechi rolling didn't want beautiful attractive people, kicking wanted people that smarts that intellect. But also people that, that are like, that's awesome. It really shows why it is the one for people that are that are bullied. It's that rallying Vandam that, that I think that we need agree. And I could get totally started on the whole, Johnny Depp argument right here because of that point, you just made but I'm going to turn that back because just into the next episode of key carrying here all my thoughts on that one. Nice I will check the down. What is one bit advice that you would give to Philo contin critter just start doesn't have to be perfect? You can plan for weeks. You can record one hundred episode. And if you're not out there, getting feedback from your audience from the people that you want to connect with its there's no point in doing it. If you're just going to Ford it so get out there start. Get your feedback and it doesn't have to be perfect just hord it because. Yes. For the food. Number. No, I would have to say I agree with everything everything is far as just doing it. I think maybe from the perspective that I think life gets very complicated. And there's so many things that you could set it to do that feel like a half the first of this do that do that. And then to get something creative off the ground could be so overwhelming podcasting or doing any, this is incredible because you could just start with some really basic stuff good. I tunes apply for your, your to be very simple stuff. All these videos on YouTube everything else, and you could go from idea to finish product and just do it without like, you know, seeking out all these people's approval and having meetings and having discussions all these other things. So I think there's a simplicity to it where people maybe just don't realize that. And it's just such an amazing feeling. And when you put it out there, there's that weird freaky feeling of people are gonna hear what I sound like whatever else. But just this idea that you created something and. And it's out there and maybe you don't always hear back feedback on how it is whatever else. But if you have twenty listeners, there's twenty people in a bar that showed up to hear you. So that's incredible. And I think that there's just this overwhelming amazing community. I mean, look at the three of us hanging, our and this is a credible. You know. And like you wouldn't be in these circumstances. If you are doing this stuff, I love it. I'm new. I'm so new. I mean, we started in may even that small time I mean, you know, meeting you guys, I mean, Jonathan Facebook and we start with Pat creed on the Pat gray launch bed were trying to hear what to do. And then I think that kind of got us in the Facebook group this kind of how we hooked up. I think you just have to be willing to ask for help, you know, this stuff. It's not competitive. It's a community. So if you go in it with the right attitude, and you want to help each other out this room for everybody. And I think just maybe the willingness to just just try and you know, makes them friends loan, the way, I think it's it just happened, and it's fun. It's a lot of fun. It really is the community aspect that makes it better. Because like you say. If you're talking to twenty listeners that's when people in a bar, that's twenty friends that you might have that you wouldn't have otherwise it was. So cool is. I don't think I would have met either of you, if it had been for the community to we've been gamers playing well, but it was getting to know you to the community through the podcast and then, like, hey, what's the jet and tonight, if nobody else heard this other than the three of us, it would be as such, I mean, I'm so editing. Hopefully hopefully more than the three of us here. But tonight has been been amazing. I'm laughing, I getting to know both of you more like that. Like I'm learning that I need to get an induction walk now. I mean, we all need induction box, right? Absolutely. It's been so nice. Actually chatting with with you both. Because I know probably we met in person Michael the first time, we've actually had a pop tarts conversation. But I feel like because of Twitter pasta testing and hearing voices in my ears. It's like I know you guys already, but now, we actually got to talk and even better. It's almost it's almost like the guild like really play the game like like meeting real life, but not super awkward with each other guess but I don't know. It's so much fun and guys seriously, if you never podcast before or created something, no one's there to tell you how to do it. That's number one. And number two, it's a rush. It is so cool. When you just send it out of there, and it just goes out there is the moment of, like breathing. But then it gets out there and it's like, oh I just did that. And then you're like a weight, but then I have to do next week or whatever to wherever you do it. But, like, then is this Dr? And as soon as you send it you're gonna you're gonna know if your first episode, if you want to keep going because if you have that feeling I know you will, if you send it out in your in your upload it to whatever service, you're using lips. No whatever else it is. Then you're immediately button clicks and your brain surge going to do next time that is when you know that your dictated and it's so much fun. What I love is show has been an experiment. I mean started off a joke tweet to the bluer clue. News. And now it's like eighty to those later, I, I've had like the blue recluse, but now I've finally have had every member thankful Cal on here and every member of caring. So I need to get Monica on here as well. That might not happen because that's three. I'm for Monica and girl likes to sleep. Okay. I can understand. I I'm asleep by eleven here. I mean she would love to be on. So if you ever decide to record like, not nine pm. She would be all over it. Okay, she's hilarious. Hilarious gal come on Fresno center listener clocks for five AM. We could do this. All I did six AM eastern four spasm. A few months ago and actually was one of the people that motivated be they get a PC and XBox. And now I just preorder kingdom hearts, three because it was like all the stuff. But one thing I wanna make sure before we go. I don't want people to think that the two of you are experts, or the, the two of you are podcasting experts, I want them to also know that you have a history of. Wow. How did you even too well? When I first started dating Tom from the blue recluse. This was back before the blue recluse, even existed he basically told me that he couldn't fate me if I didn't show at least a little bit of interest in. Wow. I mean it's okay, Michael, I see expression there. He said that the him and I said, I'm sorry. I can't do unless you have a beard, so we'd compromised. So I started the character on his account that I played a bit in here like okay this is finer. You're enjoying it yet. It's fine. But that was. Go to like get out luckily that my head. So if it wasn't okay he'd just been like I'm out of here. So that was just over seven years ago, I stopped playing that. But then it was August two thousand fourteen. So just a little over four years. He asked me if I wanted to level award up together, and I was like, what the hell is awarded? That was my first question. Second thought was sure. So there we are leveling up organs were four years ago. And that is how I started. Now, I'm I'm kind of obsessed when I'm, I don't have all the time, but if I'm not subbing. I'm probably leveling, something like zero to twenty learn the lore because I'm a huge fantasy book nerd always have been always will be and learning background story is something I love going through the starters, owns I've gone through almost all the races and just have been like leveling up to twenty when it's still free. If I'm not doing that. I'm reading a book, like the, the big chronicles or just finished the war the agents, it took me like a really long time to do that. Because the author wouldn't be he's not as fun as Christie gold, null, just say that it took me a long time. It's three books. It took a long time and I kept putting down in between books, or halfway between reading one I was like I need a break. It's terrible. I mean it's really cool learning the story, but wow. This is dry textbooks like, yeah, it felt like a textbook times. So that is my main background and I definitely with the more, I learned the lore the more I feel a deeper appreciation to it. And the fact that like Christie golden is really working to create the story as deep into the expansions that excites me because when I learned like this person's here for this, or, like how this modified, this, it really feels like we're looking at, at, at history, it looks like we're looking at something that happened. I agree Christie joining the team officially as a writer is. I think it's one of the best things they've done in years, because for a long time, it was almost like you wouldn't get the full story, if you read the books, you know, I mean, she's she's amazing. I mean. Now that, like you know, she's part of the team kind of building. You feel like the stories happening around you. Even if you're not reading the books necessarily, but back in the towards earlier, part of the lure I feel like you unless you played warcraft three you kinda almost relay rise of the horde, and all that kind of stuff to that really cool background between thrall and that whole thing. And then, you know, black, the whole, you know, slave encampment and all that stuff. But it definitely gave you like a better understanding of both sides. It's very, very cool. It's two and one of the characters that I was loving. I think it's a panda and I was like, I'm gonna learn everything like Pandit rate from starter all the way up and I was like, Tom, I don't understand what's happening. He's like, oh, cataclysm happens, so you're going to actually miss loads and loads of history. Like, oh, okay. And that's when I started on the books that's why I would love, if they could let's go back to these owns pre cata without going back the classic but, like go everything about wrath because it'd be fun to see what chains like someone was telling me wrath licking. Events on never be able to experience wasn't here for athletes getting angry. Now, Michael didn't have that problem. Mr. I've been here from vanilla business. So so jerky. Really does. And I gotta tell you, I gotta take myself down a couple of pedestals here, because when I started out, oh my God, I moved back to New York for grad school, and it has friends that I went to high school. And they're like, oh, get this game warcraft, check it out, 'cause I play craft three but I didn't, you know, whatever. But so we got the game, and I kinda thought that we'd be playing together. So we get in there night, elf hunter, I knowing. The night off hunter. And I remember like getting incredibly frustrating heads up in one direction, I go and the other one and I'm getting my butt destroy bio mobile, six alal-, and it was like. Stupid. So I think I switched from switched away from the hunter because at the time you don't really get a pet like level ten. I think it was. So it was it was so brutal. But I think maybe in the regards, that all, hey, look, I think, in regards to kind of, like how you like to know the law, which I love the story. I just kind of felt like time was going on. When I was younger, I used to rate. Mr. piece Ed I used to be that makes no sense. Frazzle just put a piece on his head. I remember I grew up played with some kids, and we played Dunton dragons, there was this player's handbook, so if you're not familiar dragons, like if you if you run the game you're on the show of US stranger things, there's, like one person that gotta runs the dungeon threat. But then everyone else is kind of a player. So if you're your player, you're not supposed to peek into the dungeon master guide 'cause it's kind of like top secret stuff in there. But you look at this player's handbook and the players, handbook is a lot like work raft. It was like about all the characters they do what their abilities. So I felt like when I playing work raft and guns, this guild Ronin blades on Gil nays back in the day. I kind of felt always like kind of, like not like I was rising to the bright par of my level experience. I kind of feel like I had to learn about all the classes, which terming, total also Hollick. So I think just like this feel like if I could play every character at least a little bit that I I'll play my character better. And I think it's just so much fun to have all and I mean at one point I remember deleting. Fifty six rogue because I was like I, I made this really vile mistake right thought that someone that I saw the skull flame shield and sword was a rogue. I don't why I thought that a roll, we'll have a shield so playing playing playing character had armor made a toilet paper delete delete a level fifty six character vanilla started over again. And I did that kind of thing for a long time. And I think just so much fun to explore different kinds of characters what they do and find your place in a raid, or you know or or where you're useful in a group. And these days, you know, Mike Levin got me involved in a in Peavy P, which I saw for years, this PB terrible who wants to run around and hit each other. It's not a kind of game. I don't even play first person shooters. So he gets me involved, if I love it, and we were both rolling around as a death nights. A shaman for play death knights his blood and it is man, if you're playing it, okay. If you're frayed of tanking I get his lot of pressures attack. But try playing a tank outside of a raid. Oh my goodness. It's amazing. You play a d k or Paladin you go prot or blood man. It is. It's like almost like a little cheat mode it. You go panda. You get your induction walk you get your thirty barrels. Your whole said he's been a lot of fun. And we've been playing a little P playing random battlegrounds and all that kind of thing. And I think like for me, I just love learning and playing and a new class comes out. I wanna play it now I have young kids and hoping to find a little more time to get my eleven other one tends to one twenty but I don't know. Man, I love the story. I think it's so good. I know like our side our side, the hord side has had like the Black Panther experience. And then the, you know, the alliance I'd has gotten like kind of like a cool like pirate shanty kind of thing and I love that there's different stories now 'cause I always wanna play both sides. You know, as I do have a couple alliance one on ten's razzle, so, you know, don't tell anyone. So I think it's just so much fun. And I can't wait to see what they go next to this whole thing. I think both of you brought up making different things. I want a chef class, I know cooking. We need a pen, Dr specialty within dok-shin, walking, basically, like if we can all just be no me or you get those corgi glasses, but they're not Corey classes. There Novi glasses. So was just all know means walking around burning. There take note. That's a good idea. Yes. You may imagine in the game if like like a year from now, like you, also, you're like looting, and also you see, like there's like the walk of slowness or something like I got a I'd have been game amazing. Well, okay. So what would be your item in game if I may went up, but if you had an item in game with your idea, what, what would it be I've never been walk? So I guess we have to be something else, probably I maybe shields. Maybe she'll she'll could be cooking surface. Your induction walk a shield. Totally did just clobber people over the head with it flip. It would hurt. And if you call them to bring up your, your wealth. Above time goes off thing. It's done. Okay field and there's your food is like cooking inside of it. So perfect. I mean, isn't magic food as well. So you don't even carry all of a sudden, my magic induction, walk from food and killed. That guy is perfect. I like so now, warriors and made it will be fighting for the food for raids. I know you don't need to run the risk of fire skull flame shield, right? You know, we already had one till address moment. We don't eat a second, you know. So I am ready in game. I'm going gonna I have a character in game Wolford fish bracket and guard sound I am going to claim is Bradley. Itself here. It's a gnome so that basically is you. I came up to that, that part we were like, oh my God. It's. Fastly spotlessly cements. No, we need to sleep. And then went once I was there. I went over to the vault and saw the follow up seventy six they put in for mecca gone. See that if you just read at your like your character's backstory, may total. And then we all to Arjun dawn, and we are become our Pierce. Yes. Better than gold chair. I was gonna say, let me keep an appropriate. I think that how. Great. Thank you for joining me on Fresno cast, where can we find you on the internet? You can find me personally following Accra on social media, so Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and you can find the show key carrying at carrying on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and our, in our brand new website, geek, airing dot com, which should be up live tomorrow, and it will definitely up by the time, the actual podcast is live, so, yeah. Absolutely. And it's going to have a sweet merch store as well. Oh, I will. Ooh, I will have to buy shirt, I like buying shirts of, like, because it makes the show feel more real. It's whenever you see a thing online on your phone, but then you are wearing, like, wow. This is the real thing. Super cool to and Mike, a working. We find you. It's so funny. The enemy pockets when you find this show, social okay, so you could find food and fury and snacks, Roth Anna recipes and more on our website at food and fury dot com. If you don't feel like you want to listen to the earlier episodes or cringe-worthy, but you just want the recipes they're all up there. We've been documenting all the recipes that we've been doing with the exception of Chicago deep dish pizza, which frazzle on every other been a darn good success. I'm at Twitter at not Michael height. You could find Mike Levin real him. You can find the pterodactyls, Amandus house larva. And if you did gaming. Just like. Me up the other day to ensure before we will get eaten by nine stores for food and fury and snacks headed over to food and fury dot com at not Michael height, and the food and fury show or snacks are us on Twitter. It is. All of the dinosaurs shape. Chips that are now coming sentient those nachos area to dislike, you know what Amanda, this is it. We're coming to get you now. Oh, no choice. Sewri. They're not shows. I'm sure this is absolute nightmare or. Sorry. Did you see that? News, talk to this glass door and just started jumping up and down and pretending to be sore. That. Well, think with the iron forge. This show going. Back in my home of iron forge until we one day. Reclaim number gone. Now it's time for Ono no be back. You there random person take over for me. All that world of warcraft talks, your has made me hungry, and normally, and awesome Jonathan friend, Michael height will now give you your well-fed buff. Holy moly. What? Chaffeur. Those Tara, Tom. Tom, are you? Okay. It's time together your sword, and more. Let's enter the kitchen. Everybody welcome back to food and furious next Roth addition where we live your war for snack each week with a bus. Tell you, their battle for as rough with you mid roasted, boar meat or you conjure tomato coral. We welcome you to the fees. This is next Roth addition episode fourteen Michael height, and we have an amazing treat for you today, but before we get into our snack, I just need to take care of one little thing in game. All right. Well, Pilger's bounty is over and. It's time to do some that awesome black Friday shopping before, which is Val. But man, I'm a little tired after all the side dishes, the Turkey the gravy and all that good stuff either head over to Zola's already get the good before they sell out. So before we get stuck on this week. Let me just take care of couple of quick purchases. But before I go let me just grab a couple of things before I head out. Let's see bit of grab my new preorder of as rough pet battle. Let's go. And Greg does new glasses in case it's a little sunny upset off. I go major portal. Let's do it. Holy puckett. You I choose. You've gotta be kidding me. This whole town is over perky pucks. See see this is what you get for decided to leave your house for black Friday shopping. Maybe something wrong with a pet battles to the pet battles. Well, Hello there in greetings, my friend happy pilgrim's bounty. Holy snacks are off the puck talk. Or maybe it's here. This one. This is the peak ju I'm born to be an as rough pet battle trainer. Maybe you might want to take off the glasses before you make any rash decisions. He's hoard are horrible engineers. Oh man relief. Wait. It's you goes were turkeys. Those are squirrels you sick. Good. Grad, a real Turkey for good measure, parting squirrel. Well, they are trying to take over the world saw to interrupt you to what should been needed to buy this holiday season. These gift set out with the quickness, grab these deals before you too late now. Well, the hookah dull wasn't addition to mecca Walker. Ooh, the polish pendant of edible energy focusing ones tablist, this pendant allows the wearer to draw energy from ordinary food and drink even heal wounds. Who how no tastic I just finished eating holiday dinner. That would be an awesome purchase. Ooh. In the compassionate, critters friend. I can sneak up on the squirrels, and I can barf on them and have them go, like the are you. You can do this stuff. You don't need to have the necklace pay. Let's nut, my no friend. It's the season of giving. So I'm going to give you the gift of. Oh my no nece. You're going to buy me these weight. Stop for frazzled. I'll tell you what don't be a sucker, man. Doing business with Griffin is not a good idea. Even if it's black Friday. Oh, don't be a naysayer do exactly what it say and be saying the truth Fraz for me. You are an awesome Nome. And you only need on going to convince you might let's see what she. I'll take one of the follicle take belong wards Dory. Fraz not belong will ever touch. You seem on DC high quality, happy, black Friday to you. Thanks, my troll friend. All right. I've had enough. Go shop from battlement battled net. What's that who whips don't want to break the fourth wall now? Nobody my friend happy black Friday to you, kick Balon. You can't touch me. Nothing better than the one hand of the snack dessert world that rice, crispy treats. But how about we approve on the quality of life? It's necks and this year we're going to bring you salted Brown butter crispy treats to get started get yourself eight inch square cake pan with two inch sides. Then what you're gonna do is gonna take some wax paper or partial paper, give it a spray with oil press firmly evenly to all the edges and corners. This'll make your job a lot easier later on all this shopping made me hungry. When I think of my little friend here I can't help but think of snap, crackle, and pop, and now for the ingredients, you're gonna need some unsalted butter, a bag marshmallows, sea salt, and Rice, Krispies cereal now this where the magic happens, you can take out a large pot and you start melting your butter for medium low heat, it's gonna melt, then a little, foamy, turn a little clear, golden and finally starts, get Brown and have that nice nutty. Smell, you're gonna keep stirring scraping up any bits from the bottom, as you do do not take your eyes off the pot because. If you get impatient might start to burn a suit as a butter gift on that nice nutty, color, turn off the heat and stirring, those marshmallows that leftover he those marshmallows to mill. If not turn the heat, just a little bit until the marshmallows are nicest move, then you remove the pot from the stove and stir in the salt, and the serial together. Now all this left you to do is take it and spread it out to that prepared pan using special could help these nice and evenly now you have to show all that patients, let a cool in cut into squares a get ready for that gaming session. And if you wanna go heroic, pick you up some of those cocoa pebbles and said of the six cups us normally used three cups of crispy rice cereal, and three cups of the cocoa pebbles having that mixtures gonna give you another layer flavor. And if you wanna go mythic, his some of you wanna go mythic, get yourself a small bag of white chocolate at about three tablespoons of white chocolate chips into the mix as you're melting down, that marshmallow that white chocolates can add another layer of complexity. And good sweet flavor hall, right? My friend grumbles. So I think that's do for food buffo with a little prep time before you, log on, you could this delicious sweet salty, crunchy. Oh, so satisfied stack of the one handed world for dessert, that'll make you wanna skip those package treats and go right for the homemade goods. If you get a chance chicken food and cooking podcast food and fury this week in food, and fury doing in the real deal. Holyfield of eggs, Benedict no deal with bus while d required. You can find this show, social media this recipe and many more food and fury dot com. And if you get a chance give shadow, I tunes you'd if your blood running flu and of course, the big things to the one and only Nome that has hord free cred Fraz -ly for the horn for the alliance for the food at for me for cenex by. Mobile. We is harder sorry about that. Those pterodactyl came in and disrupted the show. Thankfully, a level one twenty master hunter named Chris Pratt tame them. Sadly, redshirt, Bob did it make it. Well, that's been another pack of soda broadcast. I do want to say, I'm thankful to you for listening to the show every week, I get to talk with different people around as Roth and it's always fun to hear what you think of each episode every guest been on the show and every listener to the show means a lot. I hope one day, turn every listener into a guest, I wanna get to know you better. I was on episode twenty five general chat. I had a great time. There were some topics there that I had never been asked about. It was really interesting to kind of think about my history. And I hope it helps somebody definitely listen. If you wanna learn more about me and how my bringing has shaped who I am general. China's a great podcast. And I highly recommend it. That was also on show me, your mic one Twenty-one. We talked about podcasting. I tried to explain to somebody who hadn't played it in a while. While it was a lot of fun now that we've had our fill of desert. It's time to head on out of here. So I am frankly and you can find the show at Fazekas dot com until next week. Be awesome. Oh loser. The may here in. I'm Ben the made then why glasses a hat fate piercings in your nose ears lips on your tongue did the pig X do permanent damage. Wait, wait. Did you do this without my pick ax, illiterate heaven seen the calendar today? It's cranial exists. Day is the day where you walk around with as many cranial accessories as possible. Lies this in a holiday, one, not I mean, there's holidays for Sarbanes pizza without sauce cheese in DOE. And let's not forget national saying they. Ed, I know Jess to celebrate holiday. Hold on a minute. Okay. Well, the lose, grabbing something make sure to check battle pets episode one thirty two green accessory day or we talk about news, from bliss, gone holidays in well, mongo. Magnetized. Okay. We'll have to make a point system based on location. Okay. But oh. Welcome to the Fraz report. Short news report by me, the awesome known about the water warcraft. It is pilgrims bounty. The station executives asked me to talk today and share historical tale, suitable for the whole family. Apparently they haven't education requirement or something for all programming to receive funding from the Kirin tour to allow our station to continue operating. So this week is a good time as any as we all gather around the tables to our take and Alicia food. So eyebrows, the mini legends of folklore, like the tail the G G by factional feast in worse on for nobody tact, anybody for twenty four hours or the Turkey that wiped a rate group. But I said it on the legend of Turkey. Tim Turkey, ten one year he exists, we've all heard about the rumors of cookie Tim, but where did he come from with each holiday event? And while there are chievements to get each one goes toward the what a long strange trip, it's been which I am still working on the exact. Timing of this particular legend is widely. Debated are read threads. Foreign post Twitter debates. They all exist on this subject. Some claim classic others claim wrath and even some claim it's very few claim warlords, regardless years ago, a player was trying to complete the pogo achievement Kirke lurk one where you have to turn Roque of different races into a Turkey. It can be insanely difficult finding the correct combination Roques by their nature still around. It is even harder now especially as the majority of players are no longer dollar as we were in legion. Now we're eating our own factionally align cities. The details of the legend change based on who tells it. But this version is the one my parents told me one year during a pogrom Donte feast at our home and aren't forge. So one pilgrims bounty. This player was trying the hardest to find the last combination, they waited hours which turned into days just searching for that one final road. Finally, to being fired from the work due to failure to show up for days in a row. They're about the logoff at that moment. They got a message from a character named Turkey Tim asking them if they don't need it. Atro- Roque, the player tried to reply, but got the characters off oin message they tried to mail them. And got a message return back the character doesn't exist. They were devastated. However Turkey, Tim replied back at that moment, saying to go to director, the player tried to respond again asking if this with a joke, but got that characters off my message yet again there so angry at the person, whose pranking them that they are about the logoff and just like mellow in there in the anger all evening, but Turkey, Tim replied, once more saying, this is no joke. Hurry out soon the player race director not expecting the final thing. They looked high and low believing that they must be so tired. They're having a dream. They started the Pence, himselves make sure that they weren't dreaming. You know, the cliche that's used a lot of movies and stories and low and behold. The chat, log showed that the messages from Turkey Tim did come through all of a sudden near the starting area. They saw tro Roque. They were strengthening over crying trip. They ranged in blasted that tro rope into a Turkey at the same time that the Chiba pop. Turkey him wave in vanished, he messes, the player has vanished, saying, never forget to do something mazing. Help make your fellow players day players crying enjoy. And they were so happy at that moment, they fell asleep at their keyboard from exhaustion, does ins the tale of Turkey him, and I can verify that the tail is true years ago. When perky Tim message me it was a dwarf rogue, I needed others have told me that ten new the exact cobble they're looking for was gnome rogue when was goblin road cookie. Him is out there. Don't give up, please. Don't forget to go to work, you need money for that. Wow. Sup? Thank you turkeys ham for showing us to be kind to our fellow players. And thank you for showing up when we need you and thank you, dear listener for tuning in each week now it's time for me to go out and do my part or community. This has been the fresh report until next time. Be awesome. Frazzle cast is a fan podcast that covers blizzard games. We are not affiliated with blizzard entertainment views expressed by the hosts and guests are their own some of the art music and sound effects come from bizzare games are owned by blizzard Entertainment, inC. No, copyright infringement is intended. Want more? Awesome is every week visit weekly, awesome dot com weekly podcast to make your week better. Remember to smile and be awesome. This show is brought to you by. To find dragging powered studio dot call.

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Ask A Therapist - Katie Vernoy Returns

Mental Illness Happy Hour

1:43:20 hr | 1 year ago

Ask A Therapist - Katie Vernoy Returns

"Welcome to episode for seventy two with my return guest Therapist Katie Vernola. Paul Gilmartin the mental illness. Happy hour place for honesty. About out. All the battles in our heads from medically diagnosed conditions past traumas and sexual dysfunction to everyday compulsive negative thinking Not Meant to be a substitute for professional mental. Counselling I'm not a therapist. It's not a doctor's office. It's more like a waiting room. That doesn't suck the website for this show in the social media. Handles you can follow me at is mental pod. So that would be mental. pod Dot Com and at metal pod Let me just take a second out and go over my checklist for the show right. My dog is Ready to make a noise that will erupt check self judgment check ready to take myself too seriously. Check unrealistic expectations check loud. Neighbors check imagining all the listeners. Were the one foot out the door check. Fear that I'm going to turn away first-time listeners. Check your vague sense that something's wrong but I just can't see it. Although it's clear to everyone else check clear picture a future me realizing what it was and that it's too late as die alone. An UN air conditioned room with a bare bulb a peppy be fly and a wilted flower on top of a wobbly nightstand check. I want to read a survey this is from the love survey filled out by a woman who calls herself loopy. Whoopi movie fluky booby and then parentheses? Yes I just wanted to hear you say that are you happy. Are you happy she writes. It's Friday night. You've just had a bath or shower so you're all clean you've got fresh. PJ's freshly made bed and absolutely no reason to get up early on Saturday morning. Optional Excellence Extras your favorite person. Plus ingredients to make pancakes tomorrow. I love eating pancakes. I wish you could just remove the desire to take a nap for those two hours after he them the woman that Raised my mom Her name was Mabel and she was originally from Kentucky. Here's here's how old she was. She was born in eighteen. Ninety Ninety six that blows my mind that I had interactions with somebody who also had conversations with people that fought in the civil war. For how fucking crazy is that but anyways she used to make pancakes when I would either be visiting her in in California or she would be visiting us in Chicago and they were buttermilk pancakes and they were really really thin and really brown around and really moist they weren't big in dry and fluffy and I just. Oh I fucking loved them and when I come across somebody somebody who's making pancakes similar to those. It just brings me so much so much. Happiness back actor survey seeing people succeeding at sports and being completely elated. Even if I don't like the sport seeing someone in that state of happiness makes me well up instantly to of your good friends who previously didn't know each other meet through you and really hit it off and become good friends too. That is great one. I sometimes have anxiety when I'm having people over in its two groups of friends or even just two friends that don't know each other. It's just this vague. Gangs Vague Vache. Anxiety that they're not going to get along not that they're going to get into a fight or something but the Just GonNa be awkward or whatever for and Yeah I just love that and then with my bad memory. I'll reintroduce them the next time five five times that were around each other. I had a little bit too much coffee so my my brain is working way faster than my mouth Sitting in a launderette when it's really humid hot and thunder storming outside. That is such an interesting specific perfect one and when I say interesting I mean it does not sound good to me actually. It does sound Kinda good to me except for the doing laundry part. One thing I do not miss about living in an apartment in Chicago is having to take a full laundry basket it out into the winter snow and ice to do monitoring your in a backpackers hostel. You're you're in one of the communal bathrooms brushing your teeth about to go to bed. I think this might be the only love I will ever read. That involves a communal bathroom. you're in the communal bathroom brushing your teeth about to go to bed. A complete strangers makes a point to say good night to you is. They're exiting to go to bed themselves. They didn't need to they do that. They don't even know you. It's very tiny thing but feels very caring. That's a great one. I love the little things I just love the little reminders. That humanity is in a big chaotic ball of people. Trying to fuck you hoof. This is an awesome awesome moment. Filled out by a woman called herself Mary and She writes my mother was in bed dying she had maybe a day or two to live and was comfortably sleeping. Most of the time with morphine injections I was planning coffin. I had arranged for lots of her favourite newspapers and shredder for a soft blanket for her to lie on friends. Were writing notes and collecting pictures to put in with her. I was to put the coffin in the back of my station in wag and drive her to the crematorium certain number of hours after her death so the coffin had to fit her body and my car. Finally she was deeply asleep because I pulled out my sewing tape and measured her dimensions. I was at her shoulders when she popped open. Her eyes. Looked me square in the eye and said measuring me for my coffin. I froze not quite knowing the proper response and feeling if I didn't move maybe I wasn't visible a couple of seconds later. She closed close to rise and went back to work drugged. Sleep for your information. I did have to put a pillow under her knees to make her a little shorter to fit in the car. I'm sure she had a comfy ride. And yes she was in the house for a day after her death so lots of time to talk to the fact that I no longer had a mom. We were very close. Oh so I moved in with her for her last one and a half years and it was the best thing I'd ever done. She talked about all kinds of things. She remembered her childhood. She told her. Secrets grits we laughed and cried. It was a sacred time. Thank you for that. What a what? A great example of of an an awful moment this is a happy moments filled out by a guy who calls them Stefan e and he writes. I cried at my therapy session yesterday. First Time I could cry. Hi in front of another since I was a very small kid. I'm fifty now. That felt good. That just fires me up man when I see somebody or even hear about somebody letting their walls down and let net pain out it just has. It's my favorite thing in the world because I know what it's like on the other side of that to let all that heaviness go. Oh it's such. It's such a backpack of Iraq's to be carrying around. This is an awesome moment filled out by woman who calls herself. Yes she writes. I've called the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. So many times in the last two months that I recognize several of the operators Roseanne Olga and Christine. Thank you for your help. I'm not a fan of Olga. I find her to be a little prickly. I'm so glad I'm so while I'm while I'm sad that you're suffering. I'm so glad that you're reaching ching out for help. That is has just. I don't have words for him. I WanNa tell you guys about a podcast. You're you're probably familiar with it Because the host nor mcnerney has been on this podcast a couple of times and it's called terrible thanks for asking and it's it's an awesome awesome. PODCAST She talks to everyday people about their experiences surviving. The the worst shit that life has to offer and it really it's so heartfelt and you'll laugh you'll cry you'll shit yourself. I Dunno maybe not maybe it will maybe not the flu when you're listening And the episode so aren't always happy but they're always deep and really human and nor is such a great host and she's a great author too so check it out There's one episode in particular. I don't know if it's still available but they interview the family of the late comedian Harris. Whittles who was a great great comedian and sadly overdosed. I think he had twenty nine thirty years old. But that is a great episode. Anyway anyway you can find terrible. Thanks for asking wherever you. Listen to your podcasts. We are also sponsored today by our longtime sponsor better so help dot com online therapy if you've never tried online therapy a give it a shot. It's especially great for people that live live in the boonies where you can't get to therapy or people that just want to do it from the comfort of their own house if you're interested in trying to go to bed or help dot com slash mental. Make sure you include the slash metal part so they know you came from the podcast and then just fill out a questionnaire and if they have a counselor they think is a good fit fit for you though match you up with one and you can experience a free week of counseling to see if online counseling is a good fit for you and you need to be over eighteen. And then this there's one last survey before we get to the interview with Katie and this is an awful some moment filled out by a woman who calls herself Margo. She writes my Mama's always he's lived in her own world. Her observations of social conventions has always been off. What I mean is she does things that are socially unconventional confusing infusing or downright bizarre? Sometimes to make us laugh but usually because she doesn't realize how weird it is she used to take us quote clown bowling unquote which consisted of letting US dress up like clowns smearing lipstick all over our faces and wearing the wacky Pajama combinations. We could find and taking us to the Bowling Alley where we would compete to get the lowest bowling score possible with bumpers up. Of course we've tried to bowl the ball so slowly you'd roll back to us. We'd be screaming laughing the whole time. I was probably ten at the time people are. We stared but we were having a great time so we thought it was great. I have many stories of strange things my mom with lettuce or encourage us to do. But here's the awesome moment. My mom has has struggled with severe mental illness my whole life including eating disorders prescription drug addiction bipolar and more she was in and out of Rehab for the eating disorders throughout my my high school years and it's a long story but things got so bad that she ended up living in homeless shelter through my college years when I graduated. She asked me if it was okay for her to invite her friend friend from the homeless shelter some lady. I'd never met to my graduation. My Mom was always inviting strange characters into our lives ranging from charmingly quirky straight up creepy. I guess this woman had never seen a college graduation before and just wanted to see what the experience was like. That was used to my mom making much stranger request so to be honest. Honest wasn't to fazed by it and told her that it was fine. I'd met many homeless friends before and usually got along with them. Great so they show walk in sit next to my conservative grandparents in boyfriend who had only been dating a couple months at the time to watch me graduate afterwards. We all gathered at my apartment for lunch. Judge has. We're sitting there chat chatting about my plans for the future and all that typical graduation day talk the woman cut in saying to me and my boyfriend. Well we should probably leave you so you too can go have sex right in front of my grandparents and my mom. I try to act as normally as possible considering the circumstances in shock politely. Respond politely responded. No that's all right. This is family time or some shit like that but she wouldn't let let up. She kept bringing it up probably three or four times until everyone finally laughed. Not because of her but just because it was time to leave my grandparents pretended they didn't hear it. My mom didn't help me out at all by telling her to cut it out or anything she just sat there like. It was a part of a normal conversation. I guess the lighting must have felt uncomfortable. Getting in the way of our graduation Sachs which was the last thing on my mind. Maybe she was just really bored and wanted to make everyone uncomfortable comfortable so she could leave either way. I never saw that lady again. Every little thing feels like the end of the world darkness came so quickly I that was so fucking angry making his close to dead as possible. I feel so powerless without the commitment. If there's a word for it it means somebody else felt this. The feeling is so intense. It is a lot more work. I was frightened all the time to feed a child emotional world. Everyone feels pain. Then it is. Is there superficial world. Everyone suffers my sexual addiction. Was the shame my mom that up killing that woman in front of me. My brothers feel that shame in order to build a house. I was being a dick to everybody. We are social being the only way you're GONNA get out is to try to be with people. I grabbed them by their throats and let them down to the floor and watch. The breath leaves their bodies. Maybe some thanks for coming. I'm here with Katie for annoy. WHO's licensed marriage and family therapist? And she's been a guest on the podcast before and here. She is is back answering some listener questions. Sure some questions. I have We're GONNA read a survey. Hey that somebody filled out that to me is like an example of how challenging it must be to be a therapist will hold off on that once very dark uh-huh will hold off on that one for a little bit But in generally what. We're GONNA talk about questions. People have about therapy European the therapeutic relationship and then you and I might be chiming in me from the side of the client you from the side of the therapist pissed about things that people experience or questions that they have and I think my mind is that there is therapist that do really good work. And then there's sometimes sometimes that therapists get it wrong. And so I wanNA hopefully we can have that conversation about kind of how we identify for folks. When they're therapists is not doing it right? Maybe they should find someone else because I really want people to get high quality mental health care when they're seeking therapy. Yeah there's a lot of examples of bad therapists Out there that then. Some people think represent therapy. Yeah and there's asshole baseball players and they don't necessarily represent all of baseball What's the first question? So there's a couple of questions about finding a therapist Arabist. How do you choose a therapist? That's compatible without spending a lot of money visiting different therapists so that's one part and without getting discouraged and another part is how to find a good therapist when you're feeling feeling totally overwhelmed and just making a phone call. Seems like an insurmountable task. So I'll just start with kind of what I think is probably the way how I found my therapists. Maybe how you found therapy and what I think is best when people call me is in truth. Finding a therapist is going to be a personal process. So if you're overwhelmed and making recall is going to be really hard. There are a lot of therapists at this point. Who have online schedulers? So you can even schedule a call you can send them an email. There's a lot of ways that you you can start. You can reach out if you have just that much energy. Obviously getting on the phone is an important part because unless you're willing to make a lot of trips for in person therapy therapy or spend a lot of money online therapy. You're going to have to talk to the person to see if they're going to be a good therapist. I think that's hard because if you're not feeling motivated or monies moneys and objects it can be really difficult to just kind of make the calls do the vetting that kind of stuff. Certainly when people reach out to me I try to match them. I'm so I can help them find the right therapist because oftentimes even just getting a therapist to call back can be hard. I don't know if you had this experience but a lot of people that I've talked a two plus in my own experience therapists don't answer their phone and they also don't get back to people quickly sometimes and that's it's wrong to find somebody to help me with my my fear of rejection. Then so then you call a nobody. I think that sounds like really solid treatment but I think being able to to look at websites and see what your resonating with. I think a lot of people are a lot of therapists are moving more into the idea idea of personal branding and having a social media presence and so there there are people you can find without having to go into an office and meet with them to get a sense of who they are but sometimes you just have to to make the call and talk to them on the phone. See if there's a connection there see if they work with you there and then and and then go from there. I think it's hard I would imagine to some are open to the idea of doing an initial consultation or a brief five minute. Ah Online video chat. Yeah I think there's there's different platforms that people use that sometimes the initial free consultation is phone phone. Sometimes it's video. I know some therapists that will do a free initial in-person console just because they want to make sure it's the right match. I think especially at different price points but yeah of course I mean there's a lot of people that therapists don't want to get involved with a client. That's not going to be a good match either if they can help them. Or if it's a bad fit just feels bad now. I'm not saying every therapist does obviously. There's therapist that keep clients forever and they really aren't a good match but I do know that most of the therapists I talked to. It's like they want to make sure that they're doing the right thing. So it's kind of like a prom date but instead of dancing it's the fetal position. Yeah Oh kind of kind of was I going to say about the trying to find a therapist. Something I've heard our people suggest. NF actually done before is to say to someone. I can't even pick up the phone. Could you help me find a therapist. Pitch due to a trusted friend and that person will not only make an appointment with a therapist but will drive them to and from the therapy appointment. Yes I think think. That's a really good point. I've had several clients where they were really nervous about coming in and they brought their partner or they had a friend bring them. I've had friends reach out to me and say hey you know. Can you see my friend and I think especially for a really good match I would definitely be able to have somebody come in. Do an initial appointment and see if that's going to work and if that's what it's going to take talking to your friend and having come in I think the thing on the therapist side. What is is that each individual has to consent for treatment? And so if you're having a difficult time your friend can't do everything you actually have to say you want want to go to therapy and you have to actually attend but some therapists aren't comfortable like I'm not going to schedule unless your friend gets on the phone and talks to me and so you that may not be the right match. I gotcha but I do. I do appreciate folks actually reaching out to their personal networks and saying I need a therapist. Can you help me because I don't know what to do. I have no energy Let's take a question from a listener. Okay so what does she wish all were what to who I wish. All new clients new prior to the first mental health appointment. So I didn't think about this beforehand. I'm just thinking out loud. Just just Haiti Haiti with these about five minutes ago. She walked in the door. So so I'm going to no particular order. I think the thing that I wish that clients knew before a first appointment with me number one. I'm not scary. I don't I hope my scary Paul. Should they know that you're a terrible person. Deep down inside your very the core. Yes yes I don't think I'm a scary person. I try from scary but I think therapy is this is oftentimes scary. And so my hope and I try to present this to my clients when they call. Is that if it's not working you don't have to pretend it's working thing if I if I'm coming across in a certain way that doesn't work for you let me know and I recognize that. Sometimes we can't answer those questions and we can't say those things in the space that we're n and I just had a conversation with my therapist today that she likes she her mouth dropped. Because I hadn't felt comfortable in like the ten years I've been seeing her. Tell her yeah and I'm a therapist and I know what she's going through so she was like. Whoa okay let's work on that Won't be free continue. What were you not feeling comfortable about well? Basically basically have I disclosed much though basically I I had made a career transition that I'm really happy about but in all of all all of the Times that we make these changes in those kinds of things are self doubt that come up and I turned to her and I said I worry that other people in in influence me too much which and even I may this career transition and I think that you were influential about that. I'm wondering if I took too much from you. She's like what she didn't say it that way she was appropriate. She's like Oh okay like you were trying to people please. Yes yes so is awesome. Yes so it was like I made this Transition Sean. I much happier but it was kind of your idea and so I worry that I'm too influenced by other people even you. That's fantastic so but I hadn't said torso anyway. I know I recognize that. It's not always easy to tell your therapist. Like you're missing the boat here and especially the very beginning beginning but I think for me. That's something that I want my clients to know. Is that if I missing the boat. I want you to tell me because I don't want to be helpful. I think a lot of therapists say that and I think I think a Lotta therapists mean it and some of them don't and some of them get defensive so you really have to feel out the therapist and make sure it's a good match but but that's definitely one thing that therapy doesn't have to be scary very and you don't have to say anything. I think. A lot of people think that therapists have some sort of magic. That makes you say the things that you're not meaning to say they're kind of is that because I mean I know how to make people say stuff like I know how to dig in and identify stuff but my I'm not trying to be tricky. I'm not trying to get them to a place where they're we're GONNA cry or they're going to have this great insight although sometimes those are awesome outcomes. It's more. I'm trying to have the conversation that needs to happen and so any any time that a therapist is making you feel like you have to say something. I think that's a problem because in truth therapy should be about your process and what you WanNa talk talk about. Therapists gives you options open stores. It's up to you which one that you go through a kind of a combination of witness and guide Yes yes yes as opposed to a teacher or a well. They're not a dictator for sure. You haven't been to the right therapy her but there's definitely times when therapists are teachers. I think that that's true and I think there's a lot of time that I even though therapist therapist. There's a lot of time that I give advice and I think there's a lot of supposed to sit on my side of the couch over here but I think it's it's something where too often I think I get the experience or I get the feeling from other people that like. I feel so much like I have to say this thing dying and I've even had conversations with clients where it was clear. They felt like they had to tell me. Because of how I was asking it and as I have grown and matured. I try not to do those things but I think it can be hard because when you're in therapy there's a lot that feels like it needs to be purged out and as therapist. My job is to help you regulate that. How much do you tell? How much do you keep for yourself? I mean it's it's sorting through processing versus keeping appropriate boundaries andries allowing attachment to happen at the right time. And what I mean by that because I just realized I totally like a therapist and total psychobabble right now. But it's like I I want clients is to connect with me pretty quickly but I want them to remain who they are and have their their structure still in place. I want them still to feel like a whole person. And not like this blob. That's now attached to me. And so I think being able to help that person depending on wherever they are in their development of of their sense of who they are and and what they WANNA do and they're healing process. I still want them to maintain their own sense of. This is what I want to accomplish and this is my life and not what I am now in therapy so right and ultimately they are the person paying for it. They are the one Who who calls the shots in terms of this works for me? This doesn't work for me. You're not there to please that person which I know I found myself doing sometimes like I am afraid to bring something up you know. Maybe I had a set-back emotionally or I think it's a combination of fear that they're going to tell me something I don't WanNa hear or there's going to be as some type of feeling that I disappointed them. Not that they would ever express disappointment that the image of of me as kicking ass therapy will. Somehow you know a just have a little bit of a dent in it. which is so egotistical? Yeah I suppose pretty human and I'm not agreeing that your typical sake. I'm just resonating because I definitely have that experience to as a client where I I want to be like the perfect their client. You know. I'm not another therapist. Therapy their own therapist I am. I'm amazing I got insight and all all you need is like fancy interventions and that's going to be great. I came in standing on a bridge and I left with the Nobel Peace Prize. That is the healing alling journey. Yeah I think for me what I find is by clients. Actually tell me that I'm worried that you're going to judge me. I'm worried that if I the share this with you and this is this is the part of the conversation that they recognize that. That is something where you can't fully be present if you haven't shared that however we can't deny that there is an actual relationship in the room. I was joking with a client the other day. I'm like you. You realize you just apologized for venting to your therapist like like. I think it's important to recognize that there is a relationship and that's going to still be in the room to therapists therapists are not perfect. Therapists are not most of the time anymore blank. Slates like we were people sitting in the room and said you're going to have that back and forth with with the therapist and have feelings of they're kind of like a friend or they're kind of like my mom or dad or they're kind of like this person that I really hate or whatever in the moment right and so I think being able to honor the actual relationship which is two people in a room. One person has one role in one. Person has another role as wallows whatever's coming up in the work which I hate you now because you now represent every person that's ever hurt me and then there's kind of each individual kind of being in their space and recognizing that some of the stuff that comes up is going to have nothing to do with you as a client and very much to do with a therapist as a person and and so I guess also one talking about from the client perspective or the therapist perspective. I'm kind of going back and forth so clarify a little bit i. I know that there's times when my own stuff has come in the room as therapist and I know there's times when I've been tired and I've missed things or there's been times when I have put my own Morals or values into the room and I had to really kind of reassess and back out and apologize or at least make it conscious but I think a lot of therapists sometime time. Say they're aware of that and they really process that and sometimes especially I think in a more older school model. We pretended like we didn't have feelings or values like we were going to come in and we're going to be one hundred percent objective objective and give no advice and and all of that and that's just unrealistic and so sometimes I'll have a reaction and my client may respond to who it as though it was about them and in fact it was about me and so I think that's the other thing is recognizing that therapists superhuman that we have we have stop and if something something comes up and it seems like hey what happened there. That didn't feel good to call therapists out on it. Yeah hugely important and any good therapists would want to know. I fired a therapist Years ago and I knew that it was actually a sign that all my previous therapy had worked because I was taking care of myself in making a decision that was working for me because she was very scattered and she would bring her dog into the room without me asking without her asking me and I began to feel resentful bowl and I thought I'm paying for this. This is not that. She's a bad person or a bad therapist. You know we we did some. AMD are that really helped me but it felt like it was time to to move on and Yeah it's it's that's that's what I always say about leaving a therapist is it's a win win because they'll either say you know I'm I'm I had a good time working with you. I wish you all all the best which is a win. Or they'll say you shouldn't leave me such and such which means that you should leave them either way your decision to leave. I don't know. Does that make sense. It does. I'm thinking about some of my clients who left on less than positive terms and kind of the process process. There I think for me was identifying. Is it something that I did as a therapist wasn't helpful. Is it where they were in their process. Is that something logistical lake. The time doesn't work or the money doesn't work. The location doesn't work anymore. Whatever it is so I think there can be some lose in there but I do think that when you feel ready to move Yvonne from a therapist having that conversation with your therapist is important because if they don't bring up really solid reasons why continuing therapy would be a good idea because sometimes and there's there's different times that we think people leave? They finish a specific goal. And it's perfectly fine to leave at that time but therapist or responsible therapists can say. Hey I see these other other areas of growth. Would you like to work on those now. We also have one where it's like you you get through the first theory beginning of therapy. You're starting to feel better and it's like I don't need it anymore. We call that flight into health. It was like I'm fine and now I don't need to come back to therapy again and sometimes there really is a really quick positive thing that you were able able to sort through and you can move on but other times it's like Oh yeah I was just feeling good in. Yeah need to come back to therapy and you know some people returned. Some people. Don't but I think that there's there's definitely the times when there is a a breach or some sort of conflict. That's come up between the client and the therapist and this one is so so new wants to that I can't say that it's one way or the other but I think there's times when being able to work through that conflict with the therapist can be some of the most important work that we do as clients because it's it's having a different type of relationship than we've had with anyone else because you've got somebody that's that's riding this out and has the hopefully emotional intelligence and knowledge and expertise to help you walk through it and then there's times when it's just this is something where it was kind of that one step too far. This therapist really isn't a match anymore more weather. It's where I've grown or it was never a match and I kind of made it work and so so there's no one sh one right answer but I think being able to get what you need is always always a win. What's next question? Okay so this kind of goes into kind of what the therapists are thinking about do therapists ever get mad at you judge. Did you get annoyed by you really like you. I'm plagued by insecurity and curiosity so the short answer is of course and all parents have favorite kids is and but I think that idea is that we're supposed to maintain a very professional relationship. And so there's this boundary that's very different than other relationships ships that we have is therapists. There are definitely times that I get frustrated with clients. I don't know that I've gotten Super Mad at clients have to be honest. There are times that I've blocked out because I'm such a good therapist and never get mad at my clients but I think that there's there's times when I'm frustrated straighted either because we're having a conversation that I know that we've processed something and and this is my own stuff like we've processed it there was insight insight and now the client comes back and it's like a brand new conversation and I'm like what I thought we already talked about this. But that's my own stuff of wanting people to get feel feel better faster get fixed. I think there's times when I have clients who I just really enjoy and really like and there's has always been times in my career and certainly in the people I've supervised and the people I've I've managed to or therapist to whether some of those clients you just wish that you you would have met outside and could have been their friend and that's always hard because it adds some resonance and some positive feeling and the therapeutic relationship relationship but I also have to make sure that I'm not getting overly casual we those clients from like this is so comfortable. Hooray you know but I do think that there are our clients who I know that I'm really helping and that feels positive. There's clients who I get along with really well and that makes me very happy because it's fun and I wouldn't keep them just for that reason. Obviously think some therapists do but I. I do. Make sure that we're still doing positive work. And that they're still progress being made or help being offered but I think there are definitely clients. I like veteran clients who I have a harder time getting along with and the way I talk about it to other therapists is that it's therapist therapist. We walk into rooms and we have conversations that other people would steer clear from and so there are times when it's really hard to be a therapist because we get mad at the perpetrators of my clients because I do see some survivors of childhood trauma and abuse. I get mad at People's bosses when I'm helping people with their work situation and so I feel emotionally involved and I think even with clients that I don't have that initial connection with I get to know them really well and so I I genuinely generally like all of my clients. There are some that I feel more comfortable with and I have more of a resonance with and there are some who I like well enough and I get along well enough that that I can do the work with them and I think that's super helpful but it's interesting being a therapist because we see our clients in these moments. We see so much more than most the people pulling their lives see and so it's it's hard not to have a connection to that person to see them so completely and obviously each person is different when they interact with the therapist but to see that person so completely like it's hard for you not to feel connected and I think that there's there's all kinds of reasons why you know there's times when I'm like okay this this this client maybe needs to move on or that kind of stuff but I see that I'm still helping and I'm still connected. I'm like okay. I can make this work for a little longer. I can do this because of that connection. What how do you handle it when someone is not being honest with themselves about something? Someone's justifying behavior. Sure that is either damaging to themselves or to somebody else. I think it depends on the relationship that I have with them. I think for some of the clients that I've had for for a longer period of time. All use either just a direct confrontation or sarcasm you know sometimes comes across a little snarky or all DU humor like really you think that's going to work for you. You think that's really helping the relationship with that person. I think that takes a long time and I do longer longer term. I still know somebody walks in. They're like hey I think this is healthy for me. I'm like yeah do all right good for like. I'm not going to certainly not to do that. I don't know that would do an incline either. But I think that there's that that knowing that connection that I get longer term where I can say like. Hey are you sure like really. That's that's that's what you're going with with the newer clients with clients that I have a different relationship. oftentimes it becomes a lot of curiosity and this can be the stuff that I think annoys people about therapists. So I'm wondering what do you think about that. Or what is the goal that you're you're pursuing with that behavior and I think the idea behind that is to help the person to kind of try to find the justification Shen and then once there's the justification of this is why I'm doing it sometimes. It just falls apart. People are like I think it would be great to burn all of my bridges and then start over fresh you know and sometimes that actually is what you need to do but but assuming that's not what should be done being able to say okay. Well let's let's look at each one. Let's see let's let's it's sort through. I'm curious what do you think would happen this relationship. If you burn that bridge or what do you think would happen in that relationship and I think being able to break it down into smaller smaller things can be very helpful so that people can actually sort through what's black and white and gray but also if if the thing doesn't doesn't really shake out there like I don't know it seemed like a good idea that that time than they've already created their own insight around it but there's times when I have to say I kind of I call people out on it and there's times I think that clients have not been okay with that you know and maybe I missed. The relationship may be that was intervention prevention that was needed and I planted a seed and the next therapist will pick that up and be able to reap that. I'm grateful to my psychiatrist. Who refused Sixteen years ago to continue working with me if I didn't stop drinking and who knows that might have saved my my life life but he said you know in good conscience. I can't continue to take your money because you're wasting your time coming in here for treatment treatment of depression and then pouring depressants into your mouth at night and that won't that woke me up. That woke me up up and and I think that was responsible of the psychiatrists as well because I think too many of us will want to be of help or WANNA have that client paying us or whatever it is. There's lots of different reasons. I think therapists do that. But I've done that too. I've been I've told people understand that. This is what you feel like cure capable of doing but for example. If you're only coming once a month were just checking in. We're not actually doing therapy. You're not at that point yet. There's progress still to be made read. Here's where you were when we were meeting weekly. Here's where you were when we were meeting every week every other week and now when we're only meeting once a month it's not flying in good conscience. I don't want to waste your money once a month for just checking in Chitchat. -An what's our next question. Okay the next question is how often do I encounter a conflict of interest in my practice. And how do I navigate communicating that with current and potential clients for example. I'm a current client and then a family member someone very close to me reaches out to her and asked to start seeing her. So I've actually had this happen more than once and each time it's been very different but if if there's someone who who wants to work with me and a family member has worked with me before I really have to navigate that because it could be that it was somebody that was very long ago it could have been somebody that was in a different capacity. Like there's there's a lot. There's a whole ethical code about dual relationships so I think it's important. That therapists are really thoughtful about it but like a conflict of interest of like seeing more than one person in the family that kind of stuff. I always make sure that I have a conversation with them about. This is what the deal is. This is how it can impact our therapeutic relationship or. I don't think I'm the only one that can help you. Here's a referral. And so I think there are times when it's been a little bit Muddier for me and I've felt that where I've I've seen more than one person in a family or have expanded out and seem different pieces of the family together together and I think in truth sometimes. It's been the right choice because I had such a rich understanding and information about somebody and sometimes it's been like I have this the person in their friend and then there are other friend than their housemate and like sometimes it can start getting a little too much and I think that part is is something where being able to say. Hey client or hey other client like this is how we're going to handle this and so there's no black and white there although there is like you you can't you can't have sex with your clients you can't go into business with your clients those kinds of things but but the grey areas are if there's going to be a dual relationship like my therapist and I are both therapists in the same community. There's a lot of times where I show up in the same place at my therapist is at you know. And so we navigate. We talk about that but but some of the dual relationships are fine. Some of them really hurt the therapeutic relationship and so for me what I do. Is I really win. Possible really have a deep conversation. Hey how is this going to impact us and even before. I take a client really sorting through. Does it make sense for me to be the person. 'cause I don't know I think that someone what else can be of more help to you. Because of who referred you. What's next question okay? I think that was the last one then. I had an order. Somebody said ask her. Why Freud wasn't funny? I think Freud was hilarious. You just had to you had so you have to smoke a pipe to really get Freud. I think you have to smoke a pipe. You probably have to do coke coke. He prescribed it or we prescribed. Yeah that was the big antidepressant that he thought was fantastic. I don't know I hate like I'm not I don't hate Freud. I think Freud founded the profession but I think it is kinda funny because the whole like sitting behind the couch and the blank slate a lot of people at this point and this is hearsay so I don't have like some sort of specific acidic like citation but he was super shy and so that's why he didn't want the clients to see him. He just wanted to kind of be there in an analyze and be behind the scene gene and and all of that and then you can safely fall asleep when they're not looking at yes you can. Yes you can and so. I'm not sure you know how how much of that is true. But it certainly speaks to some of the stuff that we do is just because Freud didn't like people that's fantastic. I'm going going to read you a survey. There's a survey that people can take on the website. There's actually about a dozen but this one is my first stay in therapy and this one I wanted to read because to me it is an example of how challenging it must be being seeing a therapist on any given day this was filled out by a male on between twenty six and thirty five years old. What brought you to therapy? Childhood abuse and fear of hurting others describe any fears. You had associated with starting therapy. I was afraid my thoughts were legal and I would be judged in ostracized for my thoughts of the fears described to any of them come true yes yes I said I had a fantasy and then in parentheses not that I wanted to act on it just a fantasy of hurting a child in the therapist contacted the FBI. Not The police just jumped right to the top. I don't know if there's a Typo in there. Something in the therapist contacted the F. B. I.. Not The police just just jumped right to the top. I don't know exactly what that means. I lost my job over that one. My dream job. I worked the job I worked ten in years to get was ripped away in a day for having thought As a client. What worked best for you in therapy having a safe place where completely open up and bare my soul and of course? MDR that stuff is the best. And by the best. I mean the worst at the moment and better header weeks later so true. What were your initial impressions of your therapist? Bonnie she was defensive she said right away she was not my friend. She was a therapist. Her boundaries were cold Linda she needed needed to be in charge. Told me in group that I was BP and definitely going to prison eventually. Wow Wow Ken. He was a hippie. He stated Multiple Times. He had never worked with anyone who had issues. Like me was unsure of himself. That should have been a red flag theresa. She never flinched. No matter what I said said she was like a stone. I had no way of knowing if what I was saying was good or bad. She missed her calling as a poker. Maverick Mary she was like the mother mother. I always wanted warm compassionate with strong boundaries. I made my best progress with her. I still go back for tune-ups do you feel. Oh you can be completely honest with your therapist at this time. Yes but the law is still the law and if I did something illegal could not tell her because she would be honor bound to report. Is there anything else you'd like to share with a group of new therapists. I had to compartmentalize my life to survive my childhood breaking down. Those walls was terrifying difficult but I am much healthier now. If I hadn't sought help I would be dead in prison or about to be my best therapist. Just forced me to look at events from all angles including the thoughts and feelings. What you do matters you will save a life at some point you may not even know it? At the time two weeks ago I was in a dark place with my thoughts. I was driving down the road and saw a young female hitchhiker in the middle of nowhere. I reached into my bag of tricks and pulled out some self care. I told myself I was worthwhile. petted my little self on the head and kept driving. Right past her would loot Mary. She may have helped me save a life. Wow Wow wow so. There's a lot that we don't know from what was in there. Obviously this is a survey and there's a lot of different pieces to that. I think you commented that it shows how hard it can be to be a therapist and I think it also shows how hard it can be client. I think there are really dark places that we can all go and I think if we don't share those dark places with anyone and they he does eat at us and they become poisonous to us. I think that's when what this person was talking about can happen. We can do things that we really regret. We can going to places that we didn't think we would or that. We fear that we will because if we don't talk about them we can't develop tools to deal with them. I think there's that's for sure. I think developing tools to deal with them and I'm glad this person was able to go in their bag of tricks and not hurt themselves or the person. I don't know what was going to happen there. I don't know what's going to happen there but it didn't sound good but I think even more so I think when we're alone with these dark places. There's there's a lot that can happen. People that end up in abusive relationships families and ended up in very toxic and abusive to dynamics. oftentimes times. Part of the reason is that they're so isolated and the isolation leads to will this behaviors. Okay and let's step out a little bit further. This is okay. Now this is okay and when there's no grounding with the rest of society or with anyone that can give you some reality testing it can feel more and more okay to do things that are not okay. Yeah that society is determined. Are things that we don't want humans to do. We don't want humans to do so looking at it's killing ourselves hurting other people. You know all kinds of stuff like that. It can make sense when we're alone with those dark places or where were alone in a group of people that are all in that same dark place. Because we're getting validation that what we're doing is normal because this is what our family says and so being able all to share that with the therapist is important but what I heard and what this person was saying. Is that the first therapist and maybe the second therapist well it certainly the person that called hold the FBI. It sounds like there was something pretty intense with what was said. I don't know I'm I wasn't in that therapist shoes. I have no idea why that person I thought they needed to not just notify the police but also notify the FBI where it sounds like the individual thought I had thought and the thought was intense but to lose your job and to have such a dramatic response to this is this is what I'm thinking certainly suggested okay. There's some some darkness there that needs to be addressed but I think it also was. This isn't socially acceptable and the therapist wasn't even able to sit with me with vest and that can be really harmful and so scary for people especially I would imagine that we don't know what the case was because we don't know what were shared but let's say it was something. They shared that they had never acted on in real life that they were not making can plans to do. It was just a recurring fantasy whether it was something that they enjoyed or not. You you know in terms of having the fantasy whether it was intrusive and they hated having it or you know they got high from thinking about it if they weren't planning on on acting out it and they had never acted on it before that therapists was in the wrong bringing the authorities into it correctly. Correct yeah I think I think the thing and this is going back to one of the first questions. which what I hope people know about therapy is mandated reporting and breaking confidentiality? He's actually should be a very small tiny tiny part of what a therapist does. So I'll just kind of laid out really fast so child abuse. We have to report. But if you're an adult and your views as a child we don't have to report that if you're planning to kill someone. I need to warn that person and I need to make sure that you're safe and that kind of stuff but if you've already killed someone I can't report showed you just look at their calendar and you go forward and go no. I know. See any murder on the books. No murders on the backwards. And you go that very few murders very negligible amount. I mean I think that we get into the serial killers and other things I think they're safety issues of the therapists might be looking at and certainly there's if the therapist feels they're endanger there's there's nuance that I I don't want to say like it's black or white here but I think if you have committed a crime as long as it's not against dependent adults adults elders or children it's not reportable so if somebody said I you know five years ago when I was twenty five I pushed a guy off a bridge and killed him and I've never been caught that's not that's not something you have to report now. What if they said? I A pushed a child off a bridge when I was a child. ooh That's a tough one that one I would want to consult on. I'd probably consult with other ethical experts. That kind of thing. My my initial response is probably probably. I would need to do something about that but I don't know what it was and I certainly wouldn't jump to. I've got to call the FBI. What if somebody said? I just really like bridges. I like purchase to. I seem to be obsessed with bridges today. That's like the fourth reference I've made to today and I. I talked about burning bridges. We're both like way deep into bridges right now tonight. I'm going to watch every movie Jeff. Bridges ever made eight. Oh there we go so I think I understand pretty clearly then what is mandated to report. And what what what is it. Someone is in danger. Yes or if a dependent elder or a child was is to be harmed or has ever been harmed when this person was an adult. I think you see that's where the nuance comes in. If you're an adult kind of saying your own story story and it's it's a child who's no longer a child you know killing a child that that I just don't know the answer to but if if if you had been the wrong age when you're younger girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever and you had sex if you're both now adults I wouldn't report that so like there's weird little tiny things that sometimes can be difficult and you know there's certain ages and it's probably different across states but generally nearly as long as there's not a child dependent adult or elder at risk. There wasn't some sort of something that that occurred. That shouldn't have love as far as with that. Those those types of folks most things are not reported. But what if somebody shared. Oh this guy really pisses me off and I think I'm I'm going to kill this guy I would. I would ask so. Are you saying that figuratively or is this something where you've got a plan and can I get in on and can I get a not. No I think it's sorting through. That's the thing where it was like this. The person that is at a guy or Grog have gone okay so when he told this initial therapist if it was a fantasy and there was no plan in no previous behavior. That suggested it might happen. Like there's no report so I think no matter what a therapist should explore with you. Do you actually have a plan to hurt yourself or someone else is there. Is there someone in danger. Can I talk somebody. That's the point of reporting. It's not it's what it sounds like is is just is Thera- plant keeping society safe. Yes what if this. What if this person said Because it sounds from this person's survey like there was a fantasy of abducting and killing girls. We could go there. I don't know but sure. Let's let's let's make the jump. That's what if this person said I've never killed anybody but I will drive around in my car with a rape kit in it and and imagine what it's like I think that's really hard it goes back to. What's the relationship I have with the client? What do I believe is really going to happen? When I was in public mental health I was trained in how to assess for hospitalization Zeeshan? And the thing that stood out to me was. You can't lock someone up because crazy people can be as is nutty as you want. I mean and they didn't say this but like people can believe that you know people are out to get them. They can believe all of these things that is not something that you would report. And it's it's not something that you would involuntarily hospitalize somebody. It's when they're a danger to themselves they're severely neglecting themselves like we call it gross neglect. Or if they're a danger to someone else and that's really the standard that I put across the board and so if somebody has means they've got these fantasies but they're able to identify how they would not continue to not do this and how to decrease the likelihood by getting rid of the rape kit and having some different activities and that there's there's a real plan and we call it a safety plan. It used to be safety contract tracked people like I promise. I won't kill myself or anybody else and that doesn't that's not helpful. What is your actual plan to not do that? But if there was a safety plan that I felt convinced and pretty comfortable that the person was going to continue to keep fighting those things off. I wouldn't report. I can't imagine how difficult on any given day Your your job must must be just my. My hat is a you guys are truly in the trenches and and making a difference. And I'm so grateful I think give me more credit that ID though 'cause because oftentimes the conversations with people in it is facing some of these deep pains Hanes and these deep traumas but these types of decisions that we're talking about there's places and there's definitely specializations and therapists that ended up where they end up. Having to make these decisions. Asians more frequently but most therapists aren't having to make decisions like this on a daily basis. The possibility of having to deal with that just like to me. A police officer for the possibility is is there for that and that to me is is. It's brave and it's and it serves a purpose so take my fucking compliment. I'll okay all right comfortable taking compliments now and I was trying to please you yeah therapists have their own issues shoes on Katie. I love what you what you do and Katie and I actually are going to be putting ourselves elves out there to go speak. We spoke at a conference about what three months ago. Yeah we care. Katie shared the therapist perspective. And I shared the client perspective on what therapists and clients kind of get wrong or right about Therapy and it was such a blast. It was so much fun and I hope we get out there and do it. So if if you're out there and you're looking for speakers and your bar is really low now I thought we did. I thought we did a great job. And we're putting some some video together. So maybe we'll put that up on our on our website a little five minute teaser video. Yeah now gross in myself out. Because I'm sitting here plugging. I was not anticipating doing that. Well I think can that. Can I say one thing so it doesn't feel gross. I think our intention is to try to decrease mental health stigma and to tell people. What therapy really is? I think if we can do it in a way. Hey that's approachable and hopefully funny unlike Freud. If we can do that I think that's. That's that's all. Oh I'm hoping to get out of. It is just being able to raise awareness and help people find therapy and get the most out of the therapy that they find well. I want to win the grammy. So fuck you all right all right if you win a grammy. Do I WANNA grammy Thanksgiving. I love talking to Katie We have not finished editing. The trailer that we were talking about but We'll post it on the website or tweet it out. Her are posted on facebook when we when we finished doing that. Today's episode is sponsored by attitude. If you're looking for comfortable breathable sheets that are sustainable. Attitude is what you WANNA get man. There are made of one hundred percent organic clean bamboo and they are the softest sheets that I've ever ever had and I'm comparing them to high thread count sheets and I just I just love love them. They're anti microbial. They're super soft. One customer even said they feel like you're being cocooned by ZILLION kittens So why not try attitude. 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'cause you guys are so so helpful and filling these out and just go in deep and and whether you're Sharon something positive from your life or something painful Just never never ceases to amaze me. How connected I feel with the things that you fill out? Even if it's something I've never experienced the feelings I feel so familiar whether In it or it was in the past. This is from the love loves survey filled out by a woman who calls herself sloth girl she writes. I love finding money on the ground. Even if it's just a dollar it's like a nice little surprise from the universe. I telling you how lucky you are. I love reading wikipedia articles and missing people unsolved cases. Before I go to sleep weird I I know I don't judge I'm just I love. I love the variety of the surveys. Same survey filled out by women calls herself. This all just started and she writes. I love the way. My Dog's feet smell. They smelt like buttery popcorn from the movie theater. I Love Hugs from my dad. He hugs me just a little too tight but I never tell him because it makes me feel so loved. Oh do I get the dog. The agog smell. I love you know take a nap with Gracie and her feet assuming that she wasn't just walking through poop Gap there. There's just a it's almost like fritos. It's so strange. How we love in the smells most of the smells of our dogs? This is a happy moment filled out by Goblin and she writes. I love when I crawl into bed after work and my girlfriend sleepily opens her arms to me. She's so warm and soft I love describing how some aspect this could have been in the love survey as well I love describing how some aspect of my brain works to a friend and they totally get it. Oh that's the great one. And I love animals choosing to lay on me. Yes yes I love when Gracie lays on me. I don't know if that's I would imagine a dog trainer would say that's not good for keeping you as the Alpha the person but I just love it. I love when my girlfriend lays on me too to. Sometimes I'll I'll just be like. Can you just come lay on top of me just feels it feels so good. And their scientific scientific data that that says that it does create good drugs and our brain. I'm totally paraphrasing. And I a therapist one one time we recommend get fifty pound bags of rice and you can lay them on you. That's a lot of rice to eat. Why would you buy the rice not not eat it? Maybe you cook the rice and lay all of it on you and then you eat your way out of this is from the shame and secret. Secret survey filled out by depressed cat lady. She identifies as Pan Sexual. She's in her thirties and was raised in a stable and safe environment. Sh It's never been sexually abused darcus thoughts all my life. I've been fantasizing about terrible things happening to happening to me or my family when my world crumbled into pieces a couple of years ago. I started doing that a lot when I do that. I feel like I want to have a reason to completely fall apart a solid visible reason. Battling alling with depression is so exhausting. I have a terrible fear of death but in those fantasies a loved one usually dies. It's awful sometimes. I'm so deep in that fantasy that I actually start feeling those emotions and that's when I usually snap out of it and it feels like waking up from a dream darkest secrets when I was thirteen. I dreaded Mondays because on Mondays I had a class where there's one boy was nasty to me. I don't think it would count as bullying but it sure. Felt like that Hoffman. He didn't even say anything he just made faces at me. I was an awfully timid child and if I was sitting on a car on a car on a Sunday hey I I think she meant in a car. I often wished it would crash and even that I would die in the crash that I wouldn't have to go to school on Mondays. I was so a shame to feel that way because it was just two hours a week but I was so relieved when the school year was over and I never had that class with that boy again. I've never told this to anyone. I was a terrible big sister to my little brother who is three years younger than me. I was so jealous of the attention. He got one of my earliest memories. Is when I wanted to sit on my mother's lap but I was not allowed because she had such a big pregnant belly. That's when it started when I was little I trouble handling my bad feelings and once slapped my little brother on the back so that there was a red hand. Mark felt so terrible for doing that but I denied it. I don't my mother. Mother bought it because I feared so much that my mom wouldn't love me if I behaved badly. I've carried that fear with me all my life and mastered the art of people pleasing. I'm trying to learn. I'm trying to learn out of it but it hurts. I did play a lot with my little brother but sometimes I was such a bully. I was always the one deciding what will do at least that grew to control. My emotions stopped acting violently. These days I have a good relationship with my little brother though we we don't see each other very often. We've never had a deep bond as I have with my big brother. I've never really talked about these things with him and I would be terribly fearful to do so uh-huh sexually sexual fantasies most powerful to you. I am deeply submissive and I get to express myself sexually with an amazing partner. My most powerful powerful fantasies include kidnapping being used by multiple dominating sadists being drugged and raped or chase down in the forest schering. These make me feel strong and inspired. I'm okay with all of my kings and I get to live them to. What if anything would you like to say to someone you I haven't been able to? I'm sorry for being horrible to you when we were kids. I wish we could be closer. What if anything do you wish for? I wish I could say what I need kindly but firmly and not get too upset if the other person has some kind of negative emotion about it and just real quickly back to the Sexual fantasies apart. I I try to find a line between saying this and not just saying it too often often but when somebody describes fantasies like she had there's a clear differentiation between somebody like that wanting that to happen in real life and then accusing to do it with the consent departure. Have you shared. These things with others have talked about my childhood with my therapist but I can't remember what her reaction was if there was any. How do you feel after writing these things down crying? Thinking about the hard parts of childhood makes me feel broken. It also feels good good because I'm sort of good lighting myself broken and then I cuddle with my stuff. He's thank you for that. We had a guest Years ago. WHO HAD A? I'm not sure what you call it. A diaper fetish I know there's a name for it that that I'm blanking on right now. But one of her his earliest earliest memories was his little brother getting the attention being breastfed and his little brother was in diapers and something just clicked in his brain and from that point on there was a federal thing of of diapers and being an infant fit by him. It's a it's amazing. The things that are praying and her sexuality will do with things that that hurt or make us anxious this is from the love survey filled out by a woman who calls herself perpetually Chili. She writes I spent one hundred in two thousand dollars on a kettle slash electric water boiler that holds over three leaders. I can activate it remotely or said on a timer so when I wake up or when I get home I have enough hot water freshly boiled for tea coffee OATMEAL OR PASTA. Life literally cannot get any better than this. Yeah I I I love When you get some some new little device that makes your life easier? I had a hand grinder grinder for the longest time for coffee and it was really cool for the first month may be like I'm doing this by hand. I'm Mr Old-timey I'm not using any electricity. And then after my arm getting tired nineteen times in a row. I was like I need to get something electric and now now every time I grind beans in the electrical grinder. I just like thank God for this is from. The Love Survey survey filled out by woman who calls herself hungry and tired she writes. I love driving down curvy wooded roads even it adds even if it adds some time to my drive or go out of my way to drive down these roads instead of more urban roads. There's something calming and free. Maybe because it causes me to focus on my Actual driving and doing less over thinking in my head. Whatever the reason I just love it? That's a great one. There's a shortcut in La so you can take sometimes when traffic is really bad and it takes you through a forest preserve which when you think of L. A.. You never really think of a of a forest preserve and I love. I love that too. It's super curvy. But you're such a feeling of when you just get out of traffic and all of a sudden you're the only person on the road and you're driving through nature. Sure it's it's an amazing feeling. These are some love for a love filled out by a woman who calls herself. T- She writes. It's a love when my dog knows it's time for bed. He lets me get in first and then just cuddle surround me. I love the feeling of a full tank of gas. I loved the way my car drives just after finishing putting air and all the tires I love when I'm home with all the lights off one single candle burning while watching TV easy all those great. Those are great. This is a shame. Secret survey filled out by value calls himself Plato. Although he is identifies his straight. He's in his thirties and he says that he was raised in a slightly dysfunctional environment. I would say it is a lot worse than that and you will probably agree after I read some of this ever been the victim of sexual abuse and stuff happened. But I don't know if it counts announce when I was around four or five my mother told me about Vaginas and I asked her what they looked like so. She showed me hers later. When when I was nine or ten I was curious about breasts and I figured I'd ask her if I could see her breasts when I asked her she said no coldly and it was never brought up again made me spiral into an overwhelming sense of shame? I was so disgusted with myself and I thought my mom saw me as gross I was I was a Christian growing up and throughout the next few years I would ask God for forgiveness for asking to see my mother's breasts it plagued me in the shameful feelings were so strong strong was unbearable. I was aware that incest was wrong. And I thought I had done something horribly wrong and worse that my mother knew sometime later around the same age. My mother touched me and the bathtub. She wiggled my penis around with her finger and said in a teasing voice. Is this your little. Play thing. The the image Burns in my mind and makes me feel like I'm imploding. There's a tightness in my torso and I get the feeling when I think back to it thinking thing about it also makes me so mad. I want to punch a hole in the wall. That is so fucked up and your mother would be most likely in jail if child protective services knew that you know the thing that always ask yourself off. When it's the person empower female and the person who's not in power is male mail is if the genders were reversed? How would I feel about this because a lot of people tend to think that males are impervious to feeling sexual shame or sexual abuse when the other person is female? And there's a lot of myths around that and and what is your mom doing giving you a bath. Around nine or ten the memory has resurfaced sometimes but it came back recently after listening to this podcast later when when I was twelve my mother asked to see my pubic hair and she pushed for me to show her in a teasing way. That is so fucking gross when I said no she said something along along the lines of. Oh you're no fun. I remember feeling really uncomfortable with the situation. I'm not entirely sure if this sounds like sexual abuse it his absolutely sexual abuse you talked about sexual abuse victims and it sounded exactly like me so I suddenly realized I have to confront these things that have made confused in the past. My mother had a lot of control over me growing up whenever I did something I viewed as really bad I would go to her and confess. Because I couldn't handle the guilt. I used to draw sexual pictures I would get really kilty and show them to her and she would throw them out. This lasted into my teens. She also would say controlling things like. Oh so you're just going through your teenage rebellion phase. Whenever I would be defiant in any way whenever sex came up my mother always made sure to tell me to not have have it until marriage it was and still is a giant deal? If a relationship comes up the first thing they ask is if they live together. It made me horrified. Or if I'd of sex present day catch my mom looking at me in ways that make me feel uncomfortable. I catch her eyeing my crotch all the time. Oh Man I'm so sorry that you are experiencing this and I know firsthand a lot of the things that you have experienced against It took me years to be able to give weight to what happened to me as a kid because it wasn't really overt but the the pattern of it was definitely covert sexual abuse and Nobody wants to face that truth when its their parent really anybody but especially when it's a when it's a parent and might in my heart goes out to you man. He's also been physically and emotionally abused. My father was emotionally abusive. If he was in a bad mood he would lose it on us. Kids over nothing he was extremely inconsistent. Sometimes great and loving but sometimes he acted like a selfish baby and would take it out on his kids. A lot of people say I'm stone-faced and I think it's because I was damaged from approaching my dad lovingly and being hurt when he'd snap at me I learned to approach approach with no emotion so I didn't have to feel bad for pissing him off. Most of my memories of my dad growing up are of him in a bad mood my oldest brother eight years. There's older physically abused me almost every day of my childhood up until I was fifteen and he was twenty three he was way bigger than me and stronger than me and he never listened. Listen to me when I said no he would kiss me on the cheek and tell me how cute I was would kick at him and tell him to stop but he wouldn't stop. I have trauma from the vice grips. He would put me in all the time. I was powerless in. It always made me furious. My parents always thought of it as playing so they never intervened eventually thing. I had to tell my mother about it and she spoke to him and he stopped after that we despised each other for a few years and would get into verbal fights earlier earlier this year. I had a dream house in dark room and I felt my brother come up and grabbed me from behind and I woke up in the panic I would get beat up at school. We moved moved around a lot when I was a kid. In first second third and fourth grade were all at different schools. When I was in fifth grade and finally felt like I had friends? They started burning things and they burned a hole in my hat and my mom found it and asked who did it. I didn't tell her initially but I remember her getting mad. I remember getting mad at one of them and decided to tell. My Mom told the school and they all got in trouble in new was mean that confronted me outside after school with sticks and cornered me and beat me up with them. One of them need me in the face. Giving me a bloody lip it turns out my sister and the bully who bloodied my noses. Sister were friends and and she told her and he got in trouble at home. Mom and his mom decided that they wanted us to be friends. So we started hanging hanging out at each other's places he would mock me and talk down to me and he would have dinner without me at his place. He still continued to attack me throughout the next couple of years at at school. Kicking me in the halls punching me pending me to lockers intimidating me. As time went on it gradually stopped. The incident made me a reject checked on the playfield and I spent lots of recesses wandering around alone in if I crossed the group I got in trouble and they'd yell at me fuck off. Man has a lot of shit for a kid to deal with. And it's it's like if we don't process those feelings that they don't go anywhere they we may push him down. But they're still there any positive visited experiences with the abusers positive side each relationship. I have with an abuser. My family I get along with my mom. Great I've talked to her about plenty of things my relationship with my dad these days feel superficial but it's at least pleasant. My brother who wrestled me would always fight back against my parents if he felt they. We're being harsh on me. And that's something I always loved him for. I get along with him find now when he was one of the funniest people I know he makes me laugh harder than anyone else can. And it does complicate the way I view what happened have a hard time thinking of them as abusers since they are my family. I have a hard time coming to terms with the things that happened with my mother because she's so kind and easy to talk to and I get a sense of comfort with her. That is you know. And I don't know. Oh if that's part of her sickness or fats conscious on her part or people that do what she she does. Whether it's part if grooming or who knows who knows where what is going through her brain when she crosses those boundaries Hondris that that she does but I do know that having experienced things like that people have a really really really hard time finding intimate loving relationships. Because I mean if you can't trust your caregiver giver. That's really really hard to trust somebody that is outside your family darkest thoughts i. I can't really turned on by stories about women. Mutating into hermaphrodite animal monsters. I think the word Hermaphrodite is is Considered derogatory and I think the word that people use and should use is intersex and That vet describes somebody who has both male and female genitalia and. I'm not shame you for it. I didn't know until a couple of years ago. As well Gracie the transformation has to be against their will and they have to be scared. Like an American. We're Wolf in London. I'd like the detailed hild violent descriptions about the transformations and the person's thoughts and feelings the stories. Don't even need to have sex in them. The transformation is arousing enough that it can get off on it easily. I've never told anyone that. This is my fetish. I feel like everyone I know would be disgusted dude. I don't think it's disgusting. I I think it's it's human and we all we see we don't choose what turns on you know. All we can choose is what we decided to do with it. And can we express it and away with you know without it being harmful fool to ourselves or somebody else darkest secrets. I used to bully someone in seventh grade. He was smaller than me. And I think I did because I was getting overpowered by my brother so I found some way to have power over someone else would come over and hang out and we go to the park and then I'd push him around and he tried to escape gate but I'd grab him. I would be nice to him and then suddenly attack him. It was satisfying and made me feel powerful but it was fucked up that I did that to him and I wished I didn't only now when I look back. Can I make sense of my motives. I'm addicted to masturbating. And I'm masturbated so much I had to go to the Er because my testicles testicles were in so much pain. I was worried I permanently damaged them after. The doctor told me to stop after the doctor told me to stop masturbating or if I continue masturbating to use lube. But he recommended. I just stopped doing it outright. I lasted ten days and then continued to abuse myself. It hurts so much but I just kept going all of my torso would be in pain. Pene hurt and getting hard would hurt but I keep doing him three to four times a day. I couldn't stop. I started getting twitches when I'd continue to do it. It was unbearable but I'd crawl right back into it. I've since stopped him now about a week into into stopping. I have bruises all over my penis and I'm scared. I will never be the same again. That is not a surprising at all thing for you to be dealing with giving given what you experienced as a kid And there's two books that I recommend. The first is a book by John. Bradshaw who Is An expert Bert on sexual compulsions and shame and it's called healing the shame that binds and another book about the things that you experienced variance to buy. Your mom is a book. I recommend all the time And it's by Kenneth Adams in it's called silently seduced but I really recommend commend that. You get help. There are some great but sadly expensive. the Rehab for sexual addictions But this stuff does not go away on. Its own we. We need to work through the pain sexual fantasies most powerful to you. I have weird taste in porn but I really just want to. I want regular vanilla sex with lots of cuddling and smooching with the girl I like. What if anything would you like to say to someone you haven't been able to? I fantasize about telling off my dad and making him feel terrible because I felt so powerless powerless under him growing up and he has a smugness to him and likes to talk about how well he raised US kids. He's delusional and I feel like he's robbed me of a healthy sense of self worth. I don't tell them these things because I know he would just deny it and it wouldn't progress anything forward. What if anything do you wish for? I wish I could get over my fear of girls whenever I get a waft of intimacy Egypt from the situation. I don't pursue who curls even though I have a really intense sex drive I think my fear of rejection is linked to the issues. I have with my mother that I stated earlier in the survey I will even even get nervous if I have a female cashier at the grocery store I believe in equal rights for women and I know they are just people so I feel terrible than I have such a hard time around them and I don't want to make them feel uncomfortable. It drives me absolutely crazy and makes me want to kill myself. I think about the fact that I'm a virgin constantly. Whenever whenever I hear virgins being mocked furious whenever I watch anything or listen to any song talking about having a girl over or any regular person I I talked to talks about sex I immediately get sad? I get sad thinking about the fact that I've never even got close to having a girlfriend because I just push away way anyone who gets remotely close to me. The simple answer I hear is just to go on tinder but that sounds like way too much for me to handle a mess as I stated at the beginning of the podcast I am not a therapist but I have experienced a lot of things that you have experienced and I think that trying to get into a relationship before you process the trauma that happened to to you is going to be putting the cart before the horses. They say and when I say as they say I mean people from the seven teen treats who made me pancakes have you share. These things with others have shared some things with others. I've had people say the things that I talked about on. This survey are no big deal or nothing compared to what they've been through you know it's not a fucking contest not a contest and it's not up to somebody else to tell us that something was not a big deal because they don't know what it is that we're feeling. How do you feel after writing these things down around relieved in hopeful? Thank you so much for that and thank you so much. I really really hope that You can find some help because you deserve to feel peace and you deserve to fill intimacy. This is from. The love. Survey filled out by a woman called herself as easy she writes. I love when I'm returning being home from a walk with my dog and I- ring the doorbell to be let into the house. My dog intuitively barks at the sound even though we are the ones at the door. He's so Oh hilariously stupid. Maybe he's just polite. This is from the love survey survey filled out by clean laundry queen and she writes. I love it when you cut into an avocado and it's the perfect shade of green. I love making coffee for my husband and myself in the morning. I love it when I write something out and there are no spelling errors. I love making the bed in the morning. I love putting hot sauce on a ton of different food. You'd I love it when I see myself improving. Both mentally and physically allies are great great. This is another shame in secret survey. This is filled up by women who calls herself. I messed up. So bad. She identifies his straight straight. She's in her forties. She was raised in a pretty dysfunctional environment. She was the victim of sexual abuse and reported it. She writes I told my mother years later. It happened when I was four and I told my mother around age eight and she took me to his house and told him what I had admitted to her and he denied then. She sat there visiting with him and left me standing right there in front of him. Oh my God I felt so naked and revictimizes. Has I think anybody would. And then when I was a teen my uncle attempted to assault me and only was able to grope me under my skirt again I told my mother only sooner and she called me a liar and sent me to my room my God then she later told my aunt who admitted to me Who admitted to me that he had done it to one of my cousins also? I never knew if she had told my mother about my cousin. My biggest shame in this is that my daughter was sexually molested from seven to eleven and she tried to tell me but I was so deep in my depression. I couldn't hear what she said and I couldn't help her years later. She told me again and I reported it to the police and he was prosecuted but she suffered because of my illness and my inability eighty to be present for her. You know as much as that is tragic that that happened. It's good that you are are taking ownership of it now and I'm not quite clear by what you mean when you say That I couldn't hear what she said and I couldn't help her. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by that but Again the fact that you are taking ownership of your part in that is is really really great and I would imagine is probably salvaging a relationship chip with your with your daughter. She's also been physically and emotionally abused. I had complete emotional and mental abuse from my mother from his long as I can remember number. She molded me into a perfect victim. And I believe predators could see it in me any positive experiences with the abusers. No I don't remember good memories with Turban. I remember laughing at her and that felt good when she was so grossly absurd like when she would tell me she didn't want my family me and my children bringing people to holidays. Today's and she refused to accept my son's girlfriend's kids as families unless they were married to one of us yet my sister was bringing her live in boyfriend and his son and they were unconditionally accepted. How chaotic darkest thoughts my deepest darkest thoughts came out in dreams? I dreamt ramped once of pounding. My Stepfather's head into a brick wall until it bled and I could feel and smell the blood all over me. Another time I dreamt I was trying out murder and how to hide a body but it wasn't working and I just couldn't get it right so I decided I wouldn't make a good killer darkest secrets. My mother was such a narcissist that I always felt like I had to tell everyone everything incomplete truth or they would believe I was Aligarh just like my mother was always calling me sexual fantasies. Most powerful to you being used for another person's pleasure. What if anything would you like to say to someone someone? You haven't been able to tell my mother I don't want her in my life. I've got tons of fear that she was right about so much of what she said and implied to meet growing up man. What if anything do you wish for? Which for security all the time be it financial or health or physical etcetera? Have you shared these things with others. I'm in therapy and I've shared with my children at the Times. I've apologized for not not being able to be there for them so good that you're in therapy because man man did you experience a lot. Not only as a kid but his an adult. How do you feel after writing these things down? I know this is all healing and allowing the listeners. To hear it while all being anonymous is safe healthy thing. Is there anything you'd like to share with someone who shares your thoughts or experiences us. I hope you can accept yourself. Love yourself because the abuse isn't who you are and you deserve to be safe and at peace so true so true. Thank you for that man you went. You went deep. This is from the love survey is filled out by a woman. Woman Calls Yourself Bug. She writes I love my fiancee. She's the only person I know who likes the same music shows and we love going on trips together. which is something? Yeah I never got to do before being with her when we hug I feel so safe and loved people. I've dated before had thought that I was too needy with physical affection but she she loves all the affection I'd give her in even wants more. We fit together like puzzle pieces when we snuggle her. Smile and laughter brings me so much joy we joke around with each other all the time but we can be serious together to solving problems and taking care of each other she takes mazing care of me to interact act with people for me because I have a lot of social anxiety. She'll surprise me with this special dinner or something small like that and I do the same for her. My fiance is the person I appreciate most in my life and I tried to express that to her whenever possible. We communicate very well to. I don't feel like there was anything I couldn't couldn't talk to her about. I have to be honest. Sometimes it takes me a long time to communicate my feelings but I always eventually let her in because I realized that she is the person and I trust most. I love her so much and I tell her every day. So beautiful at is so beautiful and then finally this is a happy moment filled out by a woman who calls herself never thought I'd be a morning person and she writes it six. Am Am on a Sunday morning in January. And I'm up like a light. I can't waste this most precious hour of the week. My dog doesn't move from his bed but it is follow. Follow me around our room and his tail starts wagging madly when I grabbed his harness because he knows what that signals. We are going for a jog most of the time when we don't go running. This is because we live in densely populated urban area and the streets are almost always filled with things that cause my dog absolutely lose his shit. This includes but is not limited to other dogs children which is especially awkward women and floral print dresses which is especially puzzling mail. Delivery personnel construction workers cats squirrels and birds of any kind. We are working on this training but progress. Progress is slow when it comes if it comes at all. Most of our outdoor experts. Expeditions are total minefield. But not today I checked the weather and do a little happy dance as I put on my running shoes. It's thirty four degrees Fahrenheit and reigning with quote possible Winter Remix remix which means we've hit the TRIFECTA of weekend pre sunrise and shitty weather. We're almost guaranteed to have the streets to ourselves ourselves for once sure enough. It's a frigid soggy ghost town when we step outside my pup looks up at me to ask if he has a good boy I assure him that he is the best boy. And then we're off just a girl in her dog leaping over puddles in unison and full of gratitude for his dark miserable glorious hour of peace. A poem that was awesome. Thank you for that. I hope you guys enjoyed today's Today's episode and thanks is always to the people that fill out the surveys and thanks to my guests and the monthly donors If you guys are ever interested in supporting the show financially we can always use more financial support I always hate asking for it. But you know it's it's a necessary thing to to keep the podcast going You can donate through pay pal or Patriae on but enough of that I'm just really grateful for this kind of community that the podcast helps bring together together. And if you're out there in your feeling stock or or hopeless just remember that you're not alone and there is help out there We just have have to get out of our comfort zone and and look for it and your family might not be the people that you're related to. They might be people in support groups or friends that you just haven't met yet so can never forget. You're not alone. Thanks for listening. Everybody I know now is bizarrely beautiful. Everybody Charlie beautifully wrapped up in some weird ways arly beautiful.

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20 May, 2020  Episode 774  Whats in an Octopus Garden

This Week in Science

2:00:02 hr | 11 months ago

20 May, 2020 Episode 774 Whats in an Octopus Garden

"This is twists this week. In Science. Episode number. Seven hundred seventy four recorded on Wednesday may twentieth twenty twenty. What's in an octopus garden? I everyone I'm Dr Kiki tonight. We will fill your head with Jim. Rats pain and tits but first thanks to the burroughs wellcome fund and our patriots sponsors for their generous support of twists. You can become a part of the Patriot community at patriots dot com slash this week weekend. Science swam disclaimer. The world is close closer than you think perhaps to opening up unlocking and just not staying home but are we ready the answer I can assure you is maybe the best and most likely no yes. We have been social distanced and it has been working. We are washing our hands wearing masks voiding handshakes and distancing in public places but now we have millions of people out of work in a system that heavily relies on workplace health insurance and while the advice from public health officials is sound. If you think you have systems been so your primary physician problem of course is more people lackey primary physician than ever before in the history of this nation. Look it up. That's a fact most likely not everywhere in the world that true but definitely it is happening here in the United States. If we learn no other lessons from this epidemic let at least this be the takeaway employer based healthcare fails in an emergency. It's sort of as if nine one one. Emergency calls only operated during banker's hours at a problem at night too bad. It's not working then. Paramedics only had solar power defibrillators. That would also be a problem. It would make no sense. We'd never do that. It's like a fire extinguisher. That has an automatic shutoff valve detect. Smoke again I keep going. And the thing is it's already been this system for people who get sick and then lose their healthcare. That's already been thing. We need a better way to care for ourselves. Being dependent on sectors of industry that may or may not exist in a crisis. Situation is not the best way to go. Of course. There is only one way to truly avoid crisis dependent situations. That's the two and ending this week in science up next got kind of mine. I WANNA learn everything up with new. Discover happen every day. There's only one place the pilot Knowledge Abbott and good science to you to Justin Blair and everyone out there. Welcome to another episode of this week in science. We're back again to talk about all the science that we WANNA talk about. Because that's what this show is four your weekly talking about science. That's right. Thank you for joining us once again. Oh what do I have for you all tonight? I have stories about pain in the brain. I also have a story of fake. Is this one's for Blair? And we have an interview tonight with a Marine biologist who comes bearing tales of Octopus Gardens will be great justin. What did you bring got five finals? The last three days and a massage the art of my computer with my face late last night. And so we'll see what comes of that. Thank you for your honesty and for joining US tonight. What I'm hearing is just jogging his homework injustice. I brought stories. He hasn't on the bottom line for them in the thing. We'll see we'll see ensure surprise. Surprise Okay Blair. What's in the animal? Oh I have some fungus. I have air right out to fix that. I have bird calls and I. I also bird flu. Finding bird calls bird poop to great things that go great together all right as we jumped into the show. I would love to remind you that if you are not yet subscribed to twists you and find us easily on just about every podcasting platform. That's out there. Look for this week science. We are also on Youtube and facebook. Our website is twist T. W. I s. dot. Org Wis Dot Org. You can find show notes and you can subscribe to our newsletter so much fun stuff there but now it's time for the science and I would love to introduce our guest this evening. Chad King is a marine biologist at the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and we last spoke with Chad. Six years ago about a shipping container. That had been dropped to the bottom of the Monterey Bay and he's since then been involved as pretty cool science most recently some deep sea discoveries related to Octopus octopuses asks welcome to the show. Thanks for joining us again. Thank you guys. Glad to be here. I know I can't believe it's been six years time. Just flies by fact we just got this house in? My kid was four at the time I signed. Now he's ten my daughter's fourteen so this things are going so quickly just like with things in life things it The Office of gone pretty quickly the last six years as well. Yeah last time I was here. I talked about a shipping container. That was dropped. Actually fifteen of them were dropped at the same time in Monterey Bay. They've only found one. But since then I've been lead scientists on our deepsea expeditions over the last several years. And Yeah we had an amazing amazing trip a couple of years ago actually about a year and a half ago. October of twenty eighteen. We've been back several times since so I'm really happy to talk about this tonight. So cool all right. So you've been working in the marine the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. How do you go about doing your job as a lead scientist for these expeditions? Checking out the sanctuary and finding the things that you find number one. We certainly didn't plan on finding these amazing discovery. That's why they call discoveries right Yeah put it on my list number one. No planning planning just go out. There aren't true step. I think we're pretty good at that part right putting off everything and not actually planning things best laid plans you. I was have been part of these expeditions for quite some time. And it was finally put In charge of the logistics in a CO worker. And that's really kind of the bread and butter. Were most of the preparation. occurs not only gathering. All the supplies planning the navigation routes and where you're going to be exploring accounting for all sorts of factors getting the right scientists aboard the right testing equipment Making sure you have backup plan behind. Backup plan behind backup plan because things always go wrong. When you're out at sea number one is weather right. You could be whether out for a couple of days in a row or more so you have to have contingency plans for that equipment can be lost. People get sick all those things happen but you account for it you buffer for it and after doing several cruises kind of being You know the the logistics supervisor if you will or planner my boss finally said hey man. That's the bulk of the work. Go ahead you know you'd be lead scientist so these to sit back and I wouldn't say not do anything. Of course he. He did a lot of the planning but you know he was charged with cruises. So He's put me in charge last few years and it's been a lot of fun. I definitely learned a lot in planning those cruises and I've learned a lot as a as a chief scientist or lead scientists so again all that logistical support. But now everything's kind of on your shoulders and you kind of feel that responsibility for everything. Kinda to go right Not only all the medical forms. People have to fill out the background checks. You know where you're going to be in a poor getting rental trucks getting supply ship across the country. Making sure people get there so as all that behind the scenes stuff that really takes up the majority of the work. I mean really. Ninety five percent of the work is done by the time you get on the boat and when you get on the boat and you do just kind of relax and say whatever happens happens. I've done the best that I can to prepare for this. And so you're on on the boat and then do you then have because you're looking at a very deep or Shen a the ocean The in the Baig it gets really deep. Thousands of feet How do you have submersibles? What are you settling down so back in two thousand eighteen? We had the opportunity. The Office of National Marine Sanctuaries Monterey Bay is one of fourteen national sanctuaries. I hadn't agreement with Ocean Exploration Trust. Which is an outfit run by Dr Ballard and he courses mostly famous for discovering the titanic but many other things around the world and so he has a exploration company called Oak Ocean Expiration Trust. And they have this. Great exploration vessel called the Nautilus and it's equipped with to our overseas. That are tethered together and they can go as deep as four thousand meters so we're talking thirteen thousand feet almost three miles and so we had a ten day or so crews plan with them in October of two thousand eighteen and we went to this extinct volcano that last erupted about nine point eight million years ago about fifty miles off the coast of California and We had explored there with Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute several times since two thousand two and discovered just a great assortment of colorful sponges and corals most of these being long lived in the in in terms of centuries if not millennia or two and that led to the inclusion of the area around Davidson seamount. It was added to Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. It is a marine protected area so that discovery led to that so basically everything on the bottom of the ocean is protected from future exploitation for example. There's some very expensive and rare corals down there like some black corals that could hypothetically be harvested in the future there's valuable minerals like manganese secretes slowly over rock surfaces. That's valuable mineral and those extraction techniques of Deep Sea. Mining are really starting now. They're they're happening in the North Sea in other areas so it is feasible for it to happen here within a certain amount of time so it's all protected now which is fantastic so our job was to explore decency. Malibu further but I had kind of like look. We've seen the main part of the seamount now. Granted we've seen less than one percent of the seamount. It's a fairly large mountain. It's almost eight thousand feet tall and twenty six miles long eight miles wide. We wanted to look maybe not on the mountain itself which is kind of as tall as the Sierra Nevada. We wanted to look out in the foothills like maybe Auburn. And where those places are so he took Dr Ballard's ship and has to RV's the Hercules. That's the main workhorse than the August. That is the one that floats above and can give some contextual views and an act as a clump way so the other thing I to did they go down together. They are they got together and they ones the Hercules is down low and then the argus is up above and they work in conjunction exactly so the argus the little one the civil one access the clump weight and has cameras to look above kind of force for the trees view and then the the Hercules. The yellow one is the bigger one. It's the main workhorse. That's down closer to the bottom of Yo Shen now. It's great about this ship so it's streaming live underwater to the Internet so everybody follows along at Nautilus Live Dot Org. And that's what makes it so incredible that people in their living room and home and kids and students can literally explore with us. And you're talking their experience. I mean that happens. Is that part of your logistical response. Thank goodness that's all I trust. And all those wizards I just have to be careful not to say any bad words while we're exploring stuck at home Is this something you can do right now or are they doing right now? Yeah it's affecting everything in terms of Shipping and Research. And everything like that so in fact we have a crew scheduled for this October. That may be impacted. I've another one in July which is probably going to be canceled But yeah we so. We took this. We went down to this place. Three thousand two hundred meters deep sense over ten thousand feet over two miles exploring kind of the foothills of the Sierra mountains of Davidson seamount. And so we're looking for corals and sponges because one of our jobs at the sanctuary is to characterize our marine resources. Understand what we're protecting. We knew kind of what was on the mountain. We wanted to know what's around the mountain again in those foothills so at the end of this thirty five hour dive so they do let the operations twenty four hours a day seven days a week if you want to. We have three shifts And we keep rotating around the clock. So it gives you a lot Myra time and we came across this one group of octopus mothers brooding their eggs as about twenty of them or so in the last hour of the dive and he said Chad. Which way do you want to go and I said I'd never seen anything like this? Let's go see if we can find some more. So we went down slope to the east and then we started running into just dozens and dozens and dozens of these mothers now. This is an octopus of the genus. Moose Octopus Species Robusta doesn't have a common name and this genus has this very unique brooding posture with very vulnerable essentially upside down with their heads tucked against their eggs and their mouth exposed up above so looks like third their bowl but as we proceeded along here on the audio listeners. Can't see all this but it was just more and more and more. And they were all lined up in these cracks and crevices. There was clearly something attracting the octopus to these features on the sea floor and as we got further and further along. There's a pool of them and look at this. I mean there's over one hundred hundred fifty just in that one shot and as we found this one pool we were able to actually land the RO V and we find a place to park yet and we actually saw shimmering water coming out of the sea floor. Which if you've ever been out on a hot day right the pavement kind of You know the air is shimmering as it raises above and so that was an indication of warmth. Now not only discovering all. These mothers was amazing discovery. The fact that warm water was coming out of the sea floor was something else that blew our minds. This is supposedly a dead volcano right now. This does not suggest volcanic activity but no one's ever seen water come out of this area and so unfortunately we had a temperature. We did not have temperature thermometer accessible RV at the time. So we couldn't measure into the cracks and crevices so it was just an idea a theory that oh it's warm water. We got to come back here. Okay let's pull it. S scheduled will turn it around gift thermometer on there and go back down while we had some technical issues. Rv Long story short we literally scrubbed the rest of the seven eight days. We didn't get back in the that's like again as the chief scientists. I was not responsible for that hardware failing but it just was a gut punch but at the same time. If you asked me what I've rather had seven straight days of kind of mundane this is we expected kind of science versus one day of my God. This is a brand new thing. This is new to science. I'll take the ladder so it's still very very fortunate that this happened and so we weren't able to get back that October and I know that there are people at Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. We got so much publicity because he has a wonderful. Pr Team aboard. I had thirteen or fourteen interviews over satellite phone. It was a national geographic. All these places and they interviewed people at Embar like Dr Bruce Robison and others. Who's our our colleagues and he doubted that there was warm water because again the volcanic activity there. But they couldn't explain they said I maybe it's Hyper Saline Maybe. It's chemical or a gas coming out but I really thought it's gotta be Warm Water. Whilst WOULD IT BE. Shimmery and what's bringing these mothers here so in March. Bbc had an agreement with woods hole and their research vessel Atlantis to go out for a few days to tack onto this other research trip and they were a week long. Live event broadcasts back to the UK Call Blue Planet. Live and they use the Alvin. And that's a submersible human occupied vehicle and that's actually the submersible that went down for all the titanic work with Bob Ballard back in the eighties. the thing had over five thousand dives on it and so. I was invited along to participate in. Actually go into the Alvin and funny story. I did have to kind of ask my wife. Hey Okay whenever died in that and I said no no our. How small is the space that you're getting into the Alvin? This thing is quite large. It's a six foot titanium sphere in the front. That's it that's where we are the rest of all that white material. There is all the brains and and hydraulics and propeller systems and weights. Yeah so we're just three people to pilots susie one pilot and two observers but we had a pilot in training so that was also fun too. Because know how to drive in these not gonNA mess anything up as he. And it's definitely six foot six foot sphere. That's definitely not social distancing in their no not at all I'm I'm five ten and I was hitting the yeah the porthole thing on the top but At least I'm not claustrophobic. It was fantastic. We got to go down and I got. Cd's Mother's face to face on one dive in Davidson seamount quarrels at the summit on another dive. I got to do two dives and we brought temperature thermometer down. We confirmed it was worn. Now this is two miles deep in perpetual darkness under an immense pressure. Right it is cold down there. It's just a freezing about one point six degrees Celsius so like thirty four degrees Fahrenheit. Anyway we got temperatures as high as ten and a half degree Celsius so basically almost nine degrees more. That's like Kinda okay ocean water to go swimming right in the mid fifties. Maybe need a wetsuit for that. I guess But it's really warm to the animals down there so we confirmed warm water. And here's the other thing This was actually the second octopus nursery associated with warm water ever discovered in the world. There was one discovered in Costa Rica back in two thousand ten or twelve and they published a paper on it. It was only a hundred and fifty individuals and we conservatively conservatively estimate. There's minimum one thousand mothers here. They just keep going fields and fields but they didn't have any successful reproduction. No evidence of developing eggs or developing embryos and no hatching and that last slide you showed are basically the first Embryos ever seen hatched and we were there and so I caught on video and got some frank grabs and so we also saw developing embryos as well. So there's something about this site that's different than Costa Rica because oxygen is inversely related to temperature. Costa Rica was a little bit warm at about twelve or thirteen degrees Celsius. So the theory is the oxygen too low for those babies to survive here. Maybe they've hit that that. Goldilocks sweet spot and Here they are lined up again. This is a patch of the sea floor. That's emanating this. This warm water clearly. Something's attracting them to the area. I wonder will we know about seamounts and the not just the warmth but also the nutrients that supposedly come up from the water in the The usually volcanic activity that is occurring underneath a seamount I wonder if there's similar nutrient developed like nutrient production there. It's a really good question. We got water samples. That's right so this the second cruise. We did in October of two thousand nineteen back on the Nautilus. Basically Dr Bob came aboard. Shook my hand and said you gotTa do over so we're GONNA go back out and kind of make up for some lost ship time that we had but at least enabled me to make lemonade out of those lemons and get water. Chemistry experts aboard and to sample said water and so there are some preliminary results. I'm not a geochemists. I can't tell you exactly what those results are except for the oxygen levels but that is a theory. One of the things that they think is going on is. The mountain itself is made of a porous. Volcanic rock right or salt. So they think seawater is just percolating through and then it travels hundreds of meters under sediment caps and can't find a weak spot until it travels maybe a few miles and this is about six seven eight miles away from the seamount and then it finds little conduits volcanic rock and shoots up these week places and because it gets a little closer to the earth's mantle it is warmed right so it's not a volcano ready to wrap it's just slightly warmer area but it also changes the water chemistry so there are a lot of the minerals that are different terms the manganese and the silica the iron levels and all those things so that that could play into this. But there's a lot of other animals to black rock up above and below them but within that zone at band of octopus. You see Anami's we see a snail's little hydroids shrimp so there's definitely a little community associated here. We don't know really much about why they're there either so This is something new. That's going to provide years and years and years of research But really excited about it. Because we're able to go back with the Alvin and confirmed the warm water and the birthing of these hatchlings. We've gone out with embarrass several times and they've sampled some of the animals. We've confirmed the species. Were doing all sorts of Analysis on their diet through tissue sampling. And then we went back out in. October of Twenty nineteen and were able to lay out. Long-term temperature loggers oxygen loggers and water. Samplers that were planning to go pick up the suck Tober so we don't just get a snapshot in time shoving a thermometer in the cracks. You actually have things that are going to be there for twelve months and see that very ability over time that's going to answer a lot of questions There's so much more to talk about this one place. But that's kind of in a in a nutshell and it's it's been fantastic strikes me a little bit as you know kind of You know the the Tigris and Euphrates River Valley. It's like why did people congregate originally in these very lush vegetative places because that's where that's where things could grow that's where they could support their support their lives and their needs and so there's something there there's just a matter of figuring out what it is. There are various species of marine animals. That use warm water to accelerate the development of their eggs skates have been known to do this in volcanic areas near A mid oceanic ridges. And so it's theorized that invertebrates some verbs can do it and it's theorized this octopus basically short-circuiting cheating the system Most deep sea animals take a very long time to grow to reproduce because it's a very low energy environment not much is coming down. They don't move quickly. They don't have high energy tolerance So there was one species of octopus. Not this one but it was tracked by Embar. They were lucky enough to see this female. Lay her eggs so they knew kind of time. Zero the came back time and time and time again. It took her fifty four months. Four and a half years until the baby's hatched I remember. I think we talked about that story. Were like how did that happen? It's incredible and so we don't presume that this species is four and a half years but the giant Pacific Octopus which you guys are probably familiar with of course a very famous large intelligent cephalopod. It's brooding times only three months and that's a massive animal becau- so everything is shallow waters just takes. It's a lot quicker and the marine environment so it's presumed but not confirmed that this octopus probably takes at least a couple years a normal environment. It's possible that this warm waters accelerating that time so the reproductive output of population is going to be higher. But they're also going to reduce the predation pressure that's less opportunity for predators to eat their eggs in so It's an incredible system. We were barely starting to understand what's going on down there. It's going to be many many years to to find out but you know along with the Octopus. The other things because this is only the second place in the world that we found a nursery in the only viable reproductive reproducing. One we wanted to see if there were more than one here. No one's looking at the base of seamounts. Everybody looks at the top of the seaman. Everybody wants to climb the mountain and see the pretty stuff is no one wants to go look in the muddy areas foothills right. It's also easier to look at the stuff toward the top. I mean for people. It's just easier not chosen this area. It was just more like. Where have we not looked? Oh this is absolutely out of the ballpark. It's in the parking lot of the stadium. There might be something interesting there. We need to know if there's oriels in sponges there for our characterization efforts at the sanctuary so again it was serendipity and and everything kind of lining up to do this so I had. We'd found a couple of spots in the map one in particular I thought might have a another octopus nursery and on the way there. That's when we ran into this incredible whale fall. Which is a whale that died at the surface for reasons? We don't know it could have been natural could have been something else disease and May die. Sometimes they float for quite a while in the end can end up on a beach or they can sink right away or after some period of time and again I would encourage people to check this out on Youtube. You can go to Nautilus Live Dot Oregon and just put in whale fall and you'll find it because the audio of us just freaking out just geeking out to the point. Where after forty minutes of going? Oh my gosh. We got comments on the Youtube video on his people to shut up now. There is genuine and interest so we found this animal. This wail now. It's really cool but I've never seen one in person let alone being a part of it. this one still had flesh on its carcass. It's still had the heart tissue there. The order was visible blubber. Was there the Baleen as bailing? Well we think it's probably minke or a a juvenile humpback gray. We're not sure yet And then they scavengers are still there so octopus and ill powder and Grenadier and all these other fishes and crustaceans and they're they're still gobbling up the rest and if you notice there's this fuzzy stuff on the ribs here and immediately. We got super excited because I am not a willful expert. I'm not of several products bird. I'm kind of a generalist. That was a clear indication of something called bone eating worms. Only exactly so we were super excited. We're like Oh God because I know that you know I have a lot of colleagues in Bari. That work on bone eating worms and they discovered them in two thousand and two. It's brand new. Relatively new to science. It is crazy worms that burrow into the bones of Wales. They don't have stomachs but they put these rootlets in. Dissolve the fats and lipids in the bone. Bring him into their body. Were SYMBIOTIC BACTERIA. Actually digested or metabolize. Those lipids and then the carbon extractions the worm then consume so. It's a cool little symbiotic relationship and so we were able to sample some of the loose. A metatarsal bones that you've seen the sediment here there so we didn't have to break off a rib like you know Fred Flintstone style or anything like that Bam Bam exactly the RIB. I worked with a colleague again. The communication equipment on analysts fantastic. So as able to be guided live by these bone eating experts Voting experts on like how to collected how to preserve it how they wanted them and long story short. They picked up the samples and they confirmed. It is a new species of bone eating worm which is from the genus acidic. So we're going to be working on a paper to describe that species now And there's other worms in the in the sediment here that were growing in like the what was left of the blubber from the whale and those haven't been analyzed yet but. I'm hoping that there's some new information coming from there. And and of course the bone from the whale will be sequenced the again. The virus shut everything down right now but once that's analyzed. We'll know the species of this. But there's only seventy five whale falls that have ever been documented in the world. Most of them are just the bones because they've been there for many many years. The typically only have flesh on him for up to a year or two and those bone eating worms for maybe several years pretty much essentially a bone after five to ten years depending on the area so this was estimated to be only four months old since it fell. So it's rare to come across a whale number one but even more rare to come across a relatively fresh fall so it's a remarkable opportunity to see this here but we also will be going back and visiting this in October and it'll give a great twelve months kind of ecological succession snapshot of How? It's changed over a year which is going to contribute a lot to that field. Did you have a guess of how old this was? Did you say yeah exactly? This is not for me. This is people we have a virtual. We have a chat room on the boat where experts only like our scientists that were invited prior Can Chat with us and so we had a couple of wealth all experts saying judging by the depth the size of the animal and how much flesh day were they were guest a meeting around. Four months yeah. The it's the at aquatic marine environment forensics the marine the for forensics experts. Yeah they don't have a full body farm of Wales to know that well though but don't don't these bone whalebone worms have to live on the whale. Their offense all the time and they're just waiting waiting otherwise it's crazy right. Some studies have suggested that. Maybe there's a whale fall every twelve or so miles within shipping lanes. That's not confirmed that's just from from. Dade I kick up from that myself. I mean with with hundreds of thousands of of marine mammals well Wales and millions of marine mammals around the world. They all die at some point. No lot of them do sink. So you know there's the Wata these carcasses out there that are just never obviously discovered by humans. 'cause we barely can see any portion of the seafloor. It's like it's not even not even a possibility. So there are a lot of hopping spots but it is known that they only survive in the bones of animals. I mean it could be cows or alligators. They've done experiments on us. They'll actually get into those animals as well but it's assumed that they're not completely whale dependent. No no it's it's kind of any what not dependent. How do you just how ratings wait around until whale falls? I don't care how if I miss the spot. Not what I think is amazing about him is that they don't live in any adult stage in the water. Clearly they can live in the bones at as an adult For maybe a couple of years three years and in that time. They're probably just pumping out there. Their larvae are gates right. And so I guess they just have to rely on that broadcast spawning and ninety nine point nine nine nine nine. Nine percent of their larvae or progeny are dying and that one in a billion gets lucky. And it's like oh I read into a whalebone incredible that life finds these odd ways of surviving and Friday. Hits your ride on on other breen mammal bones until they get to that it's to be to be to be an active life history Biologist would be a little bit that that would be difficult. How do you track the baby? Doe's attacks Tagum little radio transmitter. I Dunno no no problems so and then and then after that we did Wanna hit that volcanic cone. So it's like okay guys. We gotta go but I had to stay that we had to stay there for three or four hours because I didn't have a marine mammal permit to collect the bones and so I wanted to make sure everything was on the up and up. Everything's being broadcast live. It's not like we can hide. You know it's like it's there who even so even within this was this within the the marine sanctuary. You you have to have a permit to be able to collect even though you're part of the management. Yeah we don't. We don't manage the collection or disturbance or take of marine mammals. That's the National Fisheries Service. That takes care of that another part of Noah so I was able to finally get a hold of the person who gave me verbal authorization in so that was great. Of course I said we just collected it fifteen minutes ago but He's like it's fine. It's it's and it was something that I just recently learned that you have to have this permanent for bones but we're able to get out of there. Oh and by the way we did a three hundred sixty degree orbits. We had extra time. And there's this great three D. Model. That was built by a colleague of mine in a bar so you can actually look at the entire wail and spin it around and rotated And we're going to hopefully get another pass. This October will be able to kind of compare the two and make some volume. Differences calculates bond differences. That that'll be really cool to and waiting for VR experience. If you could we think Wael falls we are talking about that. Actually Sanctuary headquarters. We're going to be investing in some software and really directing a lot of future research to take advantage of getting these stereo images from video because he can process the frame grabs and then put them together with all the fancy software these days. And it's essentially photograph Gary to then create the Wire Mesh overlay the the the photograph so is really really fun stuff. It's great for education and great for science so I wouldn't be surprised if we can do that soon. Actually if you have a headset you can download that model that exists on Sketch. Fab Go to sketch FAB DOT com and just Google Awale fall. And it'll pop up and Yeah you pop on your VR glasses in look around the inside of the rib bones of away. I guess so Some people may want to do so. Sharma and a chat room. is asking. Why haven't why haven't the? Why hasn't this attracted a predators that we'd like to eat these? Oh great question so As far as we know there's probably not a whole lot that's going to prey on. These mother octopuses that are sitting there. I again. I didn't know much about this going into it. So it's been a kind of a crash course of the last year and a half to understand a little bit more the life history of the CEPHALOPODS And so it's generally not too much of a problem. I mean it's not to say that an occasional one might be snacked upon but it's nothing that they are going to bed worrying about every night so De it did you look exposed but sharks and not eating them. Most of the animals down there are over again and not not moving a whole lot so and most of the big predators you think of are are not that deep not not there are some smaller sharks down there but it's it's generally not too much of a problem for them Someone else in the Chat Room Mark F was wondering how long the dives are. So how when you're in when you've got your submersibles that are down looking at stuff. Is this hours days minutes along. Are The dives? So we use the two technologies the Nautilus and embar use remotely operated vehicles But at different lengths of time so the Nautilus is a twenty four seven operation so I plan these dives to be about a day and a half long so we put in you know the. Rv's at time zero and the first shift is four hours. The next shift is four hours ago. Every four hours two different sets of people. Sorry three different sets of people working eight hours a day and twenty four hours a day so we're dives were thirty to thirty five hours the longest. I think they've ever had are six or seven long or day long dives by another outfit and other science company that went out with them the Ambari. Rv The DOC Ricketts. They're restricted. They don't were twenty four seven. They're restricted to ten hour days. So it's whatever signs we can get done in those ten hours and you have to account for how long it takes to descend and to go down two miles. It takes almost three hours and then another three hours to come up. So you've already blown six hours of your day just driving to and from work basically right and they'll be like please let there be something more than the regular signs on the side of the road. Can I see something different? Maybe a new fast food restaurant as I'm going man. That's why twenty four seven operation gives you so much more time per dive or not wasting all that assent in decent times and then the Alvin and other submersibles of course restricted to how long these humans can stand in there and typically. It's eight to ten hour day That submersible descend and ace faster than an Ro v because they use the hundreds of pounds of these iron weights super heavy so they super fast and at the end of the dive they released those weights and then they pop like a cork and so there. You know a send descended faster than an RV. But in the you're you're just with the people there and you're just seeing out of the Porthole but with an RV you have an army of scientists that could be watching online or in the control van all talking conversing in and you having many more is on the science at once and just three people and Stub so even though the sub was an incredible experience in it gives you kind of the force for the trees context. Like it's more it's more spiritual human connection. I I will admit that but when you're talking about pure science and getting the job done the most bang for your buck. Rv's in my experience tend to give you that. Because of those benefits of being down longer you're not risking humans and you have so many other people that can be contributing their expertise to the mission. Now I love I love. I remember all there at once. That's been faster. I have always been curious. And I'm just GONNA ask in this submersible. Is there a bathroom S that there are. There are specialized bottles. Yes yes allies lot. Yeah No. It's they hope that you're only needing the liquid variety right so tell you they have a whole prep sheet of like this is what your diet should be four hours four days before they should not be eating that. Chile Mac night make good choices. You're really nervous right. When you're going out in the first so that can cause tummy problem. I I did not have coffee the two days. Wow yeah the the the the RV brought down the thermostat coffee and they drink it like water. And I I don't understand that. They've adapted I know. Has some people have adapted physiologically a to living in the. Aro vs situation as I guess it's not our V. If there actually are they actually piloting it from when within or is it remotely operated from above the visa remotely operated. No one's in it did the sub. Is I decide. There's a pilot there with sticks and the keyboard and they're looking there hunched over looking through their porthole. And and just driving it. It's IT'S INCREDIBLE I. I really respect those guys because some of the you know one of the guys there over two hundred and seventy dives and it's just like while the amount of redundancy that they have to have in those systems and the pre dive checks and all that this is not something that you can just be Hallier about. Rv's have been lost our vs break. They powered down right so we had to go through this training. Like two hours of training On the understanding the support systems inside the oxygen masks. They had Long-term food supplies in sleeping bags because they said for example. It's possible possible. If you're down there the weather could pick up in an instant right. It's rare they usually ship might have the surface it might have to leave the surface ship. You is not going to be able to get you safely. The there's a certain time they can't get the Fremont in the wind shout and and get you a board without banging thing and dropping it so there are times that I think it's happening. He said two or three times ever in their five thousand dives where they're like okay guys need to spend the night on the seafloor so they camp out in our are also. Sounds really fun I know. And the other thing is like a sleepover to have. This oa-to analyzer. Tells you the oxygen and they wanNA keep it between eighteen and twenty one or twenty percent and I said Oh. Is it a fancy computer system? That delivers oxygen. And he's like. Oh No you saw the Bank of oxygen tanks behind us right and I said yeah he's just go e- eat let a little more in. Its up a little bit okay. We're cool manual prevents a lot of checks. So there's there's more of this these kinds of dives going on than we have spaceships. Being rockets being launched into into orbit and more humans are going beneath the surface of the ocean and they are going into space at this point in time. Maybe that'll change at some point. But did you feel at all like it was going into space? I mean you you look at when you're you using the Roi you're looking at cameras it's remotely operated but in going down in the in the submersible yourself did it feel like I'm I'm like an astronaut but yeah equivalents. It was such a different feeling. You know I I've been a scuba diver my whole life. I A lot of scuba research for the sanctuary and kind of peters out around two hundred meters in this area and I voice. Dovan light down thirty years kind of our Max and go down from zero to hundred meters. Took five minutes not even that a yes about five. Minnesota sends out forty meters a minute and just see the light go from that bright to blue green to a dark blue to then just black absolute blackness out of the port holes and then you realize you're only at two hundred three hundred meters you're going to three thousand thirty two hundred. We were barely off the surface. And it's already dark so then you just have this perpetual darkness dive. You don't feel the descent. You don't feel pressure change. Because you're contained in that sphere one atmosphere of pressure Until they get the sonar blip off the bottom. They know how close they are. They fill the balanced they descend then suddenly. Look out the window and you're seeing stuff. I've only seen recorded or live on a TV screen but it looks the same right. It's still a two dimensional flat screen and then to see it in perspective. I mean that's just something I never thought I would have the opportunity to do and to see these big corals in these octo mom's in these areas where I'm used to kind of had a picture in my brain of what it would look like to be down there. It really was different being down there. It looked totally different terms of scale patchiness in perspective and so it was just an incredible experience I'd I'd love to do it again but I'm happy I got my my died. How you were those octopuses. The mantle is on about a softball twelve inches across smacks. Yeah they're actually pretty pretty small brock. The US and the other thing is that they don't eat after they brewed as well so they kind of waste away. And then they success and die after their eggs hatch same with the males after they may and we see down there they're cruising around and and we've checked them out so it's it's really really cool and at the end of this. Last time I was talking about after the whale fall we did make it up that volcanic cone. It's about two hundred meters tall and we found some venting water with no octopus which was new and itself in find found venting water without octopus. We go further further further. We had forty five minutes left in the dive and we get it to the top. Then we saw lines and lines and lines of octopus and this area was six miles away from the original octopus guard. So now we've confirmed not only a third nursery in the world but a second one at Davidson and so this gives me just the realization. That this there's no way we're lucky enough to run into octopus nurseries onto dives there's no way we're baton thousand so my feeling that gut feeling is that there's just got to be more of these around in their way more common than we initially thought after the first discovery and maybe seamounts and GM logic formations are extremely important to sustaining the population of Octopus. That use this warm water to maybe increase reproduction. So again we want to start finding a third and fourth one at Davidson and then in the future expand that hopefully with colleagues to other seamounts and it's like have you ever looked around the sides of the seamount or the foothills. No let's go. Let's see if we can. We can replicate this at other places so it's been a wild ride and hopefully a few years to come one suggestion Next time one of these trips planned one of these dives is planned with an RV planet to go in like one more. Our first one came in the last hour and last one came in the last forty five minutes. She just make sure you got like a little extra battery pack on the thing just extended a little bit because it seems like the really sweet spot right. We have me and a colleague of mine. Jennifer Brown were sitting at the desk the during the first discovery. And then the second one we were up this and we literally Joking with with one another. It's like well it's the same scenario would happen. We're doing the whole high five and how it was is incredible. But you're right. I mean it's like we should have started dive at this point instead of ending point but yeah we hope to. We barely saw just kind of a sliver of the top of the cone. We have the rest of the Pie To see so. We're we're going back to that place in October. Exploring new Couple of targets. That may have more nurseries. And of course Going pick up the equipment and hopefully revisit the whale but it's a lot to squeeze into a cruise with things going wrong. You never know. So but it's an incredible Point that he's making about how how? How how few people have been able to explore the way things that have gone into space? We can see the Mon. It's not we can see the as half the surface of the moon with the negative. We can send a satellite to look back and get the other half. We can't see the bottom of the sea without going down there and actually didn't realize it got dark quick. That's pretty amazing. It's so it's so fast and I think a lot of people go. Oh you guys have done like forty five dives at Davidson seamount. You guys have seen it all and it's like okay. I'm going to put into context for you. There's this that's a large geographic feature but another place we've been exploring is called Sir Ridge. We doing discovered corals there Back in twenty thirteen or so and we're doing coral translocation experiments because it what happened in the Gulf of Mexico with oil wiping out communities of deep-sea coral. We wanted to see if it was viable to transplant. Branches of coral in concrete hockey. Pucks made on the surface brought him up. Put Him in. Put them out elsewhere and it's been successful it's been great but that features surge itself is about the size of the island of Manhattan and again we've barely seen it even though we've been there on twenty or thirty dives or so and the analogy. I always try to tell people is like imagine you don't know anything about the island of Manhattan or yellowstone or you seventy or any of these national parks and you're dropped from a helicopter in pitch black and all you have is to flashlights. And now they're gonNA drag you along at about one mile an hour about six hours can you? Can you characterize all of Manhattan and as though six hours in that tiny little thin slice of real estate? You saw one or thirty times. You'RE GONNA Miss Chinatown Wall Street. You're going to central park right. So that's what the analogy I try to tell. People is like just because we've been there x number of times we've seen surface area wise. Virtually you know one percent or less of the area so it's pretty incredible But we we take it where we can get. It's expensive research but it works. It's amazing where can people find out more information about the work that's going on? In these videos And and learn more about Octopus Gardens Wail Falls. Yes so I would encourage people to visit even though it's not the sanctuaries website Nautilus Live Dot Org and they have a bunch of videos listed there or you could check out youtube. They have their own. Youtube channel called Nautilus Live Just Google whale fall or octopus garden. You'll see him there. You can also check out our federal website which is Monterey Bay dot Noah Dot Gov and we have a little side website where we put a lot of amazing photography we've collected over the years. It's all free noncommercial use over five thousand underwater images we've taken scuba diving and from Deep Sea Marine Research and that's called Sanctuary Simon or sanctuary sorry sanctuary monitoring dot org and we have an APP called see photo for IOS and Android that that has a lot of those photos as well but that's all free to download and everything like that. So of it's it's been great. Thank you so much for joining us. for to talk all about these discoveries it's it is inspiring to be able to go places that people haven't really gone see things that we haven't seen discover new things and to be reminded that there is still so much mystery on our planet yet defined absolutely. Thank you so much for having me and settled I just a fan of the show guys could have me and Care Kerryon. We will talk more science that it is time for us to move forward into the science part of the show in chat. If you WANNA stick around and talk science with US lease do I do. Yes all right so for just one moment. I would like to tell everybody that. Let's say thank you. Thank you for listening to this week in science. You are the reason that we do what we do that. We're able to do what we do. Bring you science news down to Earth views every single week interviews with scientists and people discovering things on our planet and Beyond and with your help we can continue to do even more. We can bring Sane perspective to a world that is full of misinformation right now and for you for you to be able to help had to twist dot org right now. Click on the Patriae on link and choose your level of support be a part of bringing sanity and science to more people to helping us do more twiss. Thank you for your support. We really didn't do it without you. And we'RE BACK. You're listening to this week science. He He'd you have a covert update for us. I do I have the covert update because we're in the middle of it and it keeps going and it's it's still very serious. The numbers keep rising but the science is hopefully giving us hope for the future moving forward. The World Health Organization covid nineteen situation report for May nineteenth reports four point seven three million confirmed cases and three hundred sixteen thousand one hundred sixty nine deaths. The Johns Hopkins C. S. S. E. Dashboard reports one point five million US cases and ninety two thousand one hundred forty nine deaths as of twelve thirty this afternoon and it struck me this week at the numbers of people that we are beginning to see the. It's it's something that is not comprehensive and it's it's huge twenty thousand people in New York City alone have died from covid. And it's It's mind boggling. And for those of you who may know people who may have lost people. We wish you well. And we know that there's nothing that will ever bring those people back but we hope that their memories bring you comfort and a little bit of joy moving forward. Cova nineteen is being tracked by lots of people. The Atlantic has been responsible for managing the vid tracker and the covid tracker you can go to covert tracking dot com to be able to see their website. It's for the last three months. Been taking the place of the CDC reports they have been tracking state and local reports of cases deaths and tests At the beginning of the COVID nineteen outbreak the CDC decided for some reason not to publish the reports from the states and relied on On places like Johns Hopkins and other trackers to present the information to the public this month of May the CDC finally opened up a national database making pop the data public and as a result. The Atlantic's covid tracker just published a massive fifty five page. Long report. Trying to figure out whether there are any discrepancies between the state reports and the national reports that have just come out from the. Cdc case is confirmed cases and deaths. There was great agreement so between those reports. It's very promising however they did find that there is massive discrepancy between state reports. And what the CDC is reporting that the states have when it comes to testing and there are lots of reasons why and we know that testing has been a problem over the last several months but what they've discovered is that this may lead to this awareness of the discrepancies may now lead to ways that we can track more accurately and hopefully be able to get a real handle on how many people have actually been infected or have Have been diagnosed versus being diagnosed in a hospital. So there's the PTR based tests verses antibody tests So there's a lot of confusion right now Texas today Is possibly it's possible that they have been inflating their A number of tests with antibody reports as as well so the state of Texas may be trying to make it look as though or it could be accidental. That there that they have more tests than they actually do which changes the infection rate versus the death rate. So there are these numbers affect each other and a very important. But something we've been talking about for a while has been the idea of reinfection. The question of whether or not people in be reinfected and a new study has come out from. South Korea South Korea's CDC looked at a over two hundred individuals who came back in spoke with symptoms some of them with symptoms and some of them without symptoms but tested them for reinfection. Doing the PC are based nasal swabs for infection vehicle. Dna was found in these individuals however it was not able to infect human cells. Yes and it's news. Yes and moving on the there. Were also protective. Antibodies found in the blood of all of these individuals. The Big Question. Though is for the individuals there were some hundred and fifty people who came in with symptoms who did not test positive for any other viruses at the time. So the question is they've got the viral DNA. They've got antibodies. They don't they're not infectious. They hadn't they did. They'd actually did contact tracing and found that there had been no new infections from these supposedly reinfected people. Why did they have symptoms? And so this is now the new question. What are the symptoms? What is the cause of the symptoms so the South Koreans are moving forward saying that there is no reinfection which is fantastic but there is something on the salvation of humanity right there because without that? I also saw that just a couple hours ago. A couple of studies were posted about monkeys showing that they might show immunity for reinfection in covid nineteen. So I mean it sounded good. I have one major concern about this though. It's been my concern the entire time. Is that if we find out that you can't be reinfected the anybody's take care of it than I am so scared that people are going to start trying to get ovid so that they can go out and do whatever they want. I am concerned about that. I'm less worried about the idiots of the world at this point I've given up on them. I'm much but this was the thing. There was a possibility that we would not have an immunity to it at all right. There's a virus could only this? This is an incredible news. This is fantastic and Shero in the chat room is asking but they had symptoms which then you start thinking. Is this a virus? That of comes back at you. Like herpes-like Lazlo reinfected. Something like like like like like shingles chickenpox and shingles or you always have it. Sounds like it doesn't. It's not as severe as it's coming back at least because there's protection Has Been built up to it but it could. It could be something that you get sick once and you're going to continually get called from it sort of for a while at least But yeah so lots of questions still to look at their but the big that I I don't know I don't know why everybody else is flying off the seats of this. This was the big question we did not know but it's even work time about her immunity. It's not it was possible. It's not final. It's possible it seems possible but it's not it's not final. This is one study carnal. They looked at you. Know it's a couple hundred people. It's bigger than what's done before they had contact tracing which suggested that there was no infection. But we you know at this is science. There is no proving anything in you know. You can't prove a negative so Barbara. Yes so we always want to collect more data But it's promising puts me mildly encouraged and finally as things start opening up a little bit You might want to go back to the Jim. I would love to go back to my gym. It would be great exercises fabulous. I am tired of my basement You might want to go back to to these places that you have fond memories of but Study published in the Journal of Emerging Infectious Disease. Based on another contact tracing study again in South Korea. They've done amazing work. Contact Tracing in South Korea. It's how they've been able to manage their outbreak. So well They actually recommend minimizing vigorous exercise in enclosed spaces while the threat of the outbreak still lingers because of the fact that the enclosed spaces allow the The viral particles to stay in the air longer. If you are doing vigorous exercise you are potentially more particles into the air and they had several cases of of individuals becoming infected as a result a direct result of JIM related exercise classes. So maybe think twice about those about those gyms and Maybe also think twice about attending church another CDC report Found that among rural Arkan Our consensus are people who live in Arkansas. People who live in Arkansas Ninety two attendees at a church in Arkansas from March sixth to eleventh out of the ninety two thirty five developed Kobe. Nineteen three people died and the The this was a direct result of attending a attending a church sermon And the pastor actually died from this event as well So this this is not a joke. These enclosed spaces bring us together. This they are still a danger. Even though we are opening back up the virus is not gone. These remember that I I'm part of a I've been part of across in for like five years and it is weird that this new normal that we're gonNA have where it wasn't something I really thought about. Certainly during flu season is like oh well I don't you know I wiped down that Barbell. I'M GONNA use 'cause you know. Six people may have used it before me in. The last part of the day is completely different. Now you know feel bad is a close friend. Who's the owner of the gem? She's really struggling with what's going to happen to her business. Because we don't know how long it's going to take for her business to be able to be reopened but on top of that you're going to have people that are her former members or Kurt members. That are going to be concerned about coming to a class knowing until we have that vaccine in herd immunity and people feel confident that it's essentially a radical. They're still going to be that fear of coming to a class because it absolutely right. I read that one study as well as the the choir that spread it the church in Butte County. Recently the Church in Texas. Recently the pasture giving communion It's just these enclosed spaces where people touching breathing and especially the exercising where we're just breathing out just constantly in sweating everywhere and touching bars and high-fiving doing the same pull up rig the barbells and dumbbells and it's like it's a germ factory. I mean let's face it you know and normally were okay. We're fine and I. I don't think I ever got sick from going there for five years. But it's a real concern now because I would want to bring home to my wife or my parents who have a compromised immune systems or anyone else. That's the big thing. It's one thing to be concerned about your health and if you want to risk that that's fine. That's your decision. If you don't want to wear a seatbelt your decision right get ticket or maybe something else happens but you know. Don't expose yourself more than you have to wear a mask when you're in public because that's the consider it to do and it's just really frustrating to still see these people. I'm not trying to get off on a tangent. But just like Oh. My civil liberties are being attacked. Because I have to our to Costco for ten minutes. It's like but are you protesting wearing a seatbelt. I I don't think so so I did people. Did you. Right came mandatory right. There is like more dangerous. I feel like that's people who apparently don't have any other problem in the world. I may if I may look to potential silver lining out of this. It's that I hope that after this people will consider and it will be more socially acceptable for people to wear a mask gotten public if they have the flu or some other illness. That is communicable. That's what this is about right. Is I really hope that people are understanding that? You're wearing the mask for everyone else. You are not wearing yourself so I think that's that's the part of this that I am hoping will continue through to the next phase of our existence. Is that people recognize. Oh I might be contagious with something that could get someone who's elderly or immuno-compromised ill I'm gonNA wear a mask out in public right so you about others and for me it is about me and so. I don't want anybody breathing on me so I love that we have this consensus of selfish people who are willing to put on a mask to make everybody else do it so you don't get a sick. I've got a silver lining were the pandemic carbon emissions seventeen percent decrease in global parmentier oxide emissions which makes this year so far the same as it was way back in anybody gotTA GUESS BACK. Seventeen percent. Global Reduction puts us to the point. Where we were way back teen seventies very close any other guesses. I saw the story what it was six. Your two thousand and six seventeen percents global drop in carbon dioxide emissions exist back to two thousand six. Now two thousand six here at twist. We were breaking stories about the need to drink. Brass tack action to reduce carbon emissions from their current levels. Because that's the only way we were going to save off getting into a situation of global warming so this podcast environmental hoax to reduce carbon emissions. I guess we're in the basement of the UC Davis KTBS radio station. We were actually part of the deep state that went. But it's still it's better than it was. This is professor coin elect at the University of East Anglia and UK. She led the analysis. She said population confinement has led to drastic changes in energy use co two emissions. The these extreme decreases are likely to be temporary though as they do not reflect structural changes in the economic transport or energy systems. So this is this is likely not going to stay so this is an interesting couple of interesting numbers. Emissions from cars alone accounted for almost four forty three percent of the decrease in global missions during the peak the confinement back in April emissions from industry and other and power together accounted for a further forty three percent of that seventeen percent decrease aviation only accounts for three percent of global emissions but is ten percent of the decrease ten percent of the seventeen concerts. One point seven percent overall of that decrease which zinc's at first I thought you know Aviation dropping little more than half. You would think it 'cause it's like not very many play who's getting on planes but of course all the commercial flights and all that sort of still cargo and mail and everything else and still within the country's there's passenger airlines that are still functioning just not the international so much there was an increase in the one sector that we might imagine should show more energy being used which is in residential buildings people staying at home use more power at home which kind of didn't really offset a whole lot because of so many like restaurants and bars and other industries that were being. Shut down so those kind of Who's marginally Mitigated by all of that if I may this is what I in this story. We're all at home. Huge number of people are not driving or traveling for fun and the drop was seventeen percent. It was not actually that large which proves what we already know which is that. It's not individual people changing the way they run their lives that are going to make the large scale changes. We need for climate change. It is fundamental changes in the way we do. These bigger questions how we create electricity. How we ship things. It's it's these question infrastructure questions exactly. It's the stuff that doesn't it isn't influenced by me not going to work. It's influenced by our regulations and our our networks that already exists which is telling us what we already knew even more loud and clear that we have to demand systemic change right so exactly concrete and power generation Or to two monsters of this and one of the things that occurred me. Actually when I was looking at this story was I was thinking about the Boondoggle high speed rail project that we got going on the happening. The idea is that you're reducing carbon emissions on one hand by getting people off the roads ramp. That's not obviously the bigger impacter that whole area in southern California. I used to call the great nothing which Dave now flooded for a sent water down and start growing almonds which in a drought which the almonds used. This is a whole separate rant if the great nothing if we took a great nothing and the money from the rail and just had put solar panels overall windmills solar panels windmills solar panels and just made a concerted effort to have a stayton municipal solar array. This is like no other places ever built that that kind of thing is going to have more of an impact than the high speed rail as fancy as it sounded you know when they came in. And we're seeing the song about the mono rail monorail and how you know Charleston's got one. You should tell you know should have really really Probably diverted that to a better cost. Could've could've WOULDA SHOULDA? It's not the past anymore. We can learn from the past and we can plan for the future and really are in a position now where we are reinforcing ideals and we have choices to make moving forward and so we all play a part in that part of it voting for people who will support efforts to move forward with better. Stay systemic change. That's part of it. Yes no more rants. Got a pain in my brain. What if I could just turn it off? Yes please what if I could. Just just turn off the pain. Make it go away. Well apparently some researchers at Duke University have discovered that. There's a little tiny part of your migdal thing you're middle is supposed to beep response to fear. Response Right. It's anger fear emotion processing and apparently pain. These researchers were following up earlier research looking at general anesthetics. And what they what they do. In the brain Looking neurons let get activated by anesthetics as opposed to suppress and in two thousand. Nineteen this lab from The Duke School Neurobiology Department of Neurology in the School of medicine found that slow ways. Slow Wave Sleep was actually activated by General as the anesthesia. It was it was promoted and though from this they got a clue that they followed with the general anesthesia that it also activated a subset of these inhibitory neurons these neurons that turned other neurons off or slow them down that exist in the central amid delay and they call them the C. E. A. G. A. neurons central amid Dula Activation by general anesthesia. Enc acronym they looked at this in mice and they think that this might also work in people. Don't know for sure yet. But that's what they have to test next but in mice they could use oxygen genetics using light the actually turn the neurons honor off when they wanted to. So they bred these mice to have To use the opted genetics on they were Able to then turn off or turn on the C. E. A. G. A. Neurons in the middle and when they get when they give mice a pain stimulus normally mice. Get these behaviors of that trying to fix the discomfort so licking their paws or grooming. And they start doing behaviors that herself soothing to suppress the pain and win a activated the neurons in the amid della. Those behaviors completely stopped in the mice. The researcher said it was very much like a switch on off. Turn on the pain. Turn off the pain in so they were able to do that. Using using light moving forward they also discovered which I find really interesting The discovered that another low dose anesthetic. Ketamine it also activates the Aga Center and if they turned off those neurons for this eeg under then. Ketamine wouldn't work so ketamine response only works with these particular neurons in the Middle. So what the researchers nextstep to do is to look at these neurons and figure out what genes are active there. What are in a is getting transcribed and translated to see if there is a particular target burn drug so that we can openly create a very strong like a drug that works just on pain that doesn't work on any other centers of the brain. That doesn't it's not like opiates not like any other pain. Reducers pain relievers but specifically targets those neurons and like switch. We'll be able to turn pain on will not on off this question. Just he's turning off pain and numbing the same No I don't think so numbing reduces all sensation so if your number an area you're not able to feel anything so it's not paying if it's if you're like if you go get cain going to the dentist and they. Novacaine you didn't was cited your mouth also dripping slurpy out of the side of your mouth because your your lips don't work anymore. So you're all you with. That numbing affects much more than just the pain centers right so this could be a pretty big deal in terms of pain relief besides the fact that it could be instantaneous. And all this other stuff being able to reduce pain without numbing is would be a big deal. Irksome huge deal members weirdly. There's a weird place. My brain just went. Turn it off. No no no no no no because I want to know when my coffees too hot and you know yeah but important good back to be getting the world but if you could just turn off just paint presumably you could be awake for surgery and thinking will feel. It has all tears praying. I was not Alec Birth. What if without because you get an epidural? There's numbing that goes on just turned off. Hey I could yeah you could still. You would be able to feel yup you you would feel it would just be the pain that would be good. Yeah Wow God and makes some interesting reality. Tv for people who have watched me stick a knife through my hand. That feels interesting. Oh that old trick. Anybody can do that now. Mine was an illusion credit for not having actually don't point walking on coals. You know the whole thing. I I think it's very interesting in the back to the amid della and pain though the idea that there could be this little bundle of neurons in an area that we associate with emotions and there is a certain physicality to the emotions that we feel so Fear and anger and I. I kind of see that being associated with pain very closely so it kind of makes sense that it all lies in the same place I don't know but it's I think it's very end and maybe this also Has Some implications for help. The CBO's work and our belief in certain painkilling remedies that do or don't work see revolution. If this works for chronic pain you know people who live with every day. I mean I can't you know. My worst day of pain may have lasted like a day or two and people live with that for years. I don't wish that on anyone. So hopefully this develops into something. Help those people. I would be curious. This is going crazy far but I read areas. If over time your body would adjust took over my lifetime. I've I've taken certain pain meds like a started on a leave in I had to kind of switch to Ibuprofen the switched So you know I'm thinking you know you're you're kind of starts. We talked about this on the we talk about this on the show. And Yeah that's me too heavy. Very careful with the brain took a long time. Pretty much all of evolution. Get the brains that we have. It's it's not something that Trifu. It's yeah there's also the whole blood brain barrier and getting drugs into the brain and all that kind of thing you know. There's a whole bunch of issues to deal with moving forward but it's you know this isn't going to be like tomorrow but there is this. It's interesting this is an area That we can even start considering we start drilling down into the little details right. This particular area may be a switch. We can use that switch you know. I think it's you know it's worry about the other details as we come to them but this is a great direction for this research. If you just tuned in you are listening to this week in science and if you're interested in a twist shirt or Mug or other item of twists merchandise Larry. We face masks. They are still under review Bisazza. There are six designs that I've made but none of them are in the shop yet. All right well you can head to twist. T. W. I S. Dot Org Twist Dot Org and click on the Zaza Link to browse our store. Hey I think it's time for Blair's animal corner smile Ted giant pandas. Yup I have a story about fungus on twitter. Wait what know fun guys on Twitter? Guys it all well. In this case a new kind of Fungus was discovered via twitter. This is a publication from the University of Copenhagen Denmark and at a biologist and associate professor at their National Natural History Museum. Anna Sophia Lira was scrolling through twitter and she saw a photo of American millipedes. There's the animal of this story and she was looking really closely at this millipedes picture and noticed some tiny dots that looked familiar. They looked like and these. This particular type of fun guy until this moment had never been found on American millipedes. So what did they do? They ran down to the museum and they started digging. So the National Natural History Museum in Denmark in Copenhagen. It's huge they have What is what of the world's largest and Toma logical collections with more than three point five million in mounted insects And at least that many call Preserved insects and land animals speciments. About one hundred thousand known species are represented at that museum and so they were able to kind of look through that four. Some more millipedes that mate have this fungus on it and they discovered several specimens of the same fungus on preserved. American millipedes. You re lead. I'm looking at this picture. Millipedes right now and I only looking at this. I'm not a millipedes expert. Obviously but I would not notice a little dot of fungus. Somebody was really bored looking at images on twitter. And I'm I am. I am impressed that it that it went as far as to find a fungus and yes study. This college is obvious. Of course that the fungus that has never been before been documented. This is an unknown species of Lonzo. Bonilla's fungus is in order of tiny bazaar and largely unknown fungal parasites. That ATTACK INSECTS MILLIPEDES. And so says it was a new species discovered on twitter. It's now official. Latin name is Troglav. Macy's twitter I and as far as they can tell. This is the first time a new species has been discovered on twitter which I thought I remembered stuff that we've talked about before on the show of species being discovered on twitter but it I know they're saying period new species discovered on twitter so and I couldn't I I don. I spent some time digging. I didn't see anything else so I believe them. But that kind of shows you the importance of social media science channels. There's there's a whole science communication twitter world out there where people are sharing the research with each other and there's an amazing opportunity to kind of tap into other people's knowledge that could live across the world or maybe just down the street but you can't physically see them in this moment so especially now. It's time that a can of connectivity is so important for this sort of thing and so This shows you how you could use social media to help discover new things in science but also secondarily. How important museum collections are presents again. Specimens had a fungus on them that they can still identify. That's that's bonkers three. So it's yeah it's very cool. This particular fungus sucks nutrition from their host by piercing their outer shell using a special suction structure and the other half protrudes so that little dot that she discovered that she saw that picture was just the latter half of the fungus poking out thanks twitter and board scientists. Yeah so Speaking of twitter. Let's talk about tweeter birds so this is a study from Kyoto. University and this was published in current biology late last week. This is looking at how birds alarm calls could impact other species. And I think we've talked to fairmount on the show about how some animals will listen into other animals. Communications be able to tip off potential behavior but this is looking specifically at a Japanese tits and coal tits little birds And how the call of the Japanese Ted is specifically could mean one particular type of Predator and how that Colt could be listening to that and responding in like so In particular is looking at their alarm call for a snake and really it started as a study just looking at the Japanese tits alarm calls but as they were doing this study in the wild they recognize that the coal tits were often approaching the experimental area when they played these calls so they decided to loop this other species in NC how their responses worked out And so they are positing that actually. The call is so specific that it it causes the birds to mentally retrieve an image of snakes in their berate. So how did they decide this? I always get so fascinated by experimental methods for these sorts of things So what they did is they would play the alarm call and then they see how these choltitz would respond and they did that by having a stick on a rope nearby and they would either move it put unquote like a snake or they would glided across or up a tree or they would swing it or pivoted in a way that was not snake light at all or not moving at all and so when they played these snakes. Specific wording calls the stick that was moved to mimic a snake. The colts would Approach in inspect the stick. Like what's going on here but when the stick was moved kind of in a rocking or pivoting motion. They didn't approach at all. And so there it would appear that specifically they're hearing like hey there's hysteric and they're looking around for something that looks like a state they don't see something that looks like a snake so that's that's the idea here. I think that there's there's a lot of studying to be done from this point. Forward to kind of hone in on this a little bit more But it's a very interesting start to see how they contextualized the alarm calls of different in full agreement with northern prefect in the chat room. Who saying I mean. Isn't that what you call a word a sound that generates image in the brain totally? That's the word is more than that but I imagine that I mean this is another. This is cross species in. So we're talking about you know an American understanding the French word right. Yeah you know. This is the equivalent of understanding different language. And I think we is a was a snake. Wouldn't you elma dog? You get gets excited when I say. Treat so -actly so it's an it's important enough that they kind of are queuing into it properly. Yeah I wonder the difference between different species. So they're looking at these tit species this one particular species of bird that is pretty social when it comes down to it. I mean they you know they deal with the they. They often travel in flocks the Paris minor The or the Para Paris ater and you know these different these different birds travel in flocks often mixed flocks. I mean when you look here. The related birds are Chicken and you'll often find them in flocks with Bush tits and other kinds of birds They'll be nearby trees where you might have Benches or Spero's so I do. These are all very vocal animals. Also so I wonder if the type of communication the animal does is important and also how social they are generally and whether or not they integrate with other species on a regular basis. I'm also very confused as to why they approach the stick some predatory alarm call. This is not getting so they played this alarm call and these cultists approach the experiment area. Maybe they get out they gotTA check it out. None of this is their president. No they are predated upon by snakes. Maybe you're still learn the word so the other the other part of it Is maybe you know. Maybe less word because I've heard about this being across like maybe South American Monkeys taking cues from bird calls this. Maybe it's the tonality like you learn your environment. What a another species sounds like when they're relaxed and you get to learn when they just are freaked out by some. You don't really necessarily have to have what you're saying. They really had the picture of a snake in. They were thinking snake when. And that's what they were. That's what they were reacting to initiate. So there yeah. There could also be a the checking. Maybe they're not checking on the Predator. Maybe they are checking to see if there the predators ray is in danger. So is this species. That's calling out. Is that one. That's similar to them. Is it one that they would? You know. Want to pay attention to? Yeah or maybe it's helpful to know exactly where the bird the Predator is have you ever I mean. Have you seen smaller birds? Attacking Hawks and the gone birding. There's the Sh sound that you do to attract birds which is apparently like a credit call and you make the Sound and the birds are supposed to come to you. We'll make you but that's my. They might want to identify. Exactly where you are is most of the time you know the snake is hidden and so nobody knows where this naked once our this naked bears where I don't go is the burgess looking for you know. Just they don't know exactly where it is but they're search image suddenly expands and is trying to focus in on something. That looks like a snake which could be that stick or whatever and that's they go they look around and go. Oh that might be the OH. That's not a snake just like if you were to. Y'All fire or you know look at that thing and and you kinda look around and it's something. Looks like what the object was they described? I are driving for the country and I. I should my kids. Hey look and they look. There's a big bale of Hay. I'm the search images for that. Bale of Hay. Yes this boy. Do anything else. Miss it I don't see the bailiff paper about birds eavesdropping and responding. I think it's fantastic speaking of eavesdropping. Sometimes don't you wish you just had like an extra I you could leave hanging around till they keep an eye on things you're not around or maybe you know you need a new. I and that would be really nice Well some researchers have developed a new artificial. I write publishing this week in nature. Researchers from the Hong Kong University of Science and technology have developed a new synthetic. I've all that is pretty much like better than our. I accept that it's lower resolution now but it won't be someday this I. It's it's an incredible piece of engineering. The I had historically efforts to create synthetic is have made light sensing structures on flat sheets. Now this I created at a specifically curved structure in which the light channels of for the sensors are formed as the entire structure is formed and so historically has been a flat sheet. And they've had to put the light sensors kind of apart from each other because then they curved it and you have to take curve flat sheet. Things get folded and bent and left out. If you've ever tried to fold a piece of of black fabric into a curve. You understand the the difficulty here. But in starting from the beginning on the structure they were able to put a really really high number of light sensors into the structure so that effectively there are Orders of magnitude more sensors in this artificial I then there are Retinal cells in the human eye. The problem is the wires that attached to these sensors. The wires are so big. Each wire connects with several of the censors at once and so the resolution ends up being limited and they have been able to use a very specific magnetic technique to take little tiny wires and try and connect them to a a larger number of these light sensors to increase the resolution but that manufacturing method is. Mary isn't very easy at It the researcher lead researcher said it's like doing doing a very technical magnetic surgery And so this I the exciting part of it. Because of the the way that it is shaped the materials that they have used and the high density array of photo sensors that are involved the The I is able to. Let's see it. Yes so the. The resolution is only about ten by the photo sensor arrays only about ten by ten pixels so the light detecting region is only about two millimeters wide. But we see if I can find the The four hundred sixty million light sensors earth square centimeter would allow the eye to detect light faster than a human eye. The sensors are faster detecting light in about thirty to forty milliseconds as opposed to forty to one hundred fifty milliseconds and The device can also see in dim light about as well as the human is so it would also the speed at. Which are I takes to get used to being in dim light conditions? This artificial. I wouldn't have to have to deal with that. So if they can figure out the manufacturing make it a little bit easier with materials may be aren't as expensive as they are. This particular design The potential is People are saying maybe on the In a decade or so we might be. Seeing artificial is synthetic is in use in in the human population love it or at least in robots maybe our robots will have is. Don't love that I want my is a shirt fail. Have to start wearing glasses now. So I'll take those ten years so I know you came in here for the highest definition. Tv You could find. And I got one for you. It's a magnitude by a resolution than the four K. The only thing is you're gonNA need better is with every purchase of this new big-screen high high high definition television. You sign up for a new pair is well. That's why the prices so big we're going to be put new is in so you can actually see better than than real life. It's yeah I'm ready to throw these in the garbage for some some robot out. One hundred percent on board nearsighted can't see color mess can't be some Pro Mata we'll take them yeah. I mean seriously better. Faster stronger the is will have it and Finally really for my news for today. really pretty interesting study had neuro scientists around the globe looking at Brain Scans a group. This is published again in nature. This week a group had seventy teams around the world. All look at the same set of Brain. Scans to test the same hypotheses about what would happen to the brains that they were looking at in particular situations. There is a set of seven height seven different hypotheses. And what do you think agreements or no agreement? Mcgregor yeah you're reproducible results. And it didn't come down to the software that they were using it. Basically came down to human decisions The teams there were a couple of results that amid like eighty six or ninety percent of the teams seemed to get pretty much in common but that was two out of seven of the hypotheses all the rest of them were differing results. Different percentages supported or did not support the different hypotheses and it all came down to humans. It came down to yeah to the decisions that were made on methodology on statistics on how to analyze on So many things and though this study it's not this goes along with the. Fm is study that where they looked at a dead fish in an effort. Fm machine years back and found brain activity in a dead fish That was supposedly. The popular media decided to interpret it as Showing that F Mariah right that they didn't work very well not Zombie fish with that memorized at work very well. But that's not what that's not exactly what it showed it show that there was variability in the software fixed. Some of that stuff now and this study is getting at the crux of the problem. That a lot of a lot of researchers start their studies without actual hypotheses start collecting data and then form their hypotheses later. So these kind of ad hoc hypotheses that come along you also have things like peace hacking in the statistics to to support certain Support certain hypotheses and the researchers suggest that A lot of these. These studies that potentially do depend a lot on human error. Human induced introduced. Error reregistered. And that you should have a lot of the underlying decisions about a an analytics and data and your hypotheses set out before you even embark on the study and there are a few places that you can actually go to reregister your studies as a scientist that can help with reproducing. The results I Blair witch got. I have a story about Penguin poop. And how the fumes drove scientists mad. I mean it's stinky but yes so In the Arctic the King Penguins living huge colonies and we now know that their poop creates a huge amount of nitrous. Oxide which we also know as laughing gas So you know they kind of noticed that when you would spend a lot of time around. These penguin colonies that they would start to get some kind of weird impacts. They would get headaches. They would search feel Kinda loopy They would search a feel ill and so looking at what was happening there. The Coupe was actually interacting with the soil. And the soil. Bacteria converted the nitrogen in their nitrogen Reached Diet of fish and Krill and turned into nitrous oxide. He's these King Penguin. Colonies are just saturated. It's oxide so they're gonna ask that colony now. You think you're craps funny yes exactly. Ed's No different scientific implications that I think are very funny. Their drastically different so one is just being very silly and something that now people who study penguins have to be aware of a but is so on one side nitrous. Oxide is a heat trapping gas and so this less likely to have an impact on the ecosystem as a whole but could have impacts on that specific ecosystem that little microcosm could actually it could change some of their The thermodynamics happening there but the other thing. That's very interesting is that Nitrous oxide is emitted by nitrogen. Fertilizers that we use in agriculture. And so you could actually learn something about fertilizers and optimal conditions for soil bacteria for agriculture rooms looking at the bacteria in the Antarctic Penguin. Yes all because some people studying penguins went I feel silly at. I have a headache and I think I'm GONNA bark getting enough oxygen but it wasn't as funny as as people thinking. Well no we're laughing thing is if they had those symptoms and they hadn't consulted a doctor could have come up with a completely different result. Really No yes yes. Why what was I saying? We have more people in the United States. The without a primary care physician than we've ever had in history of this country which I'm presuming to be true. You can look. There's a new study that analyzed thirty six international mobile and web based symptom checkers. These are like the online Medical troubleshoot that you can you can go online. You can put your symptoms then and it'll spit back what you might have. Well it turns out they produced the correct diagnoses on the first result. Thirty six percent of the time. You were the chances of having a correct diagnosis in the top. Three however jumped up to fifty percent fifty so you. That's almost chance almost. Yeah so this is This is one way in which I guess. Technology is not going to revolutionize healthcare just yet this is published. If you're interested. This is researched by the Edith Cowan University. Which is published in the Medical Journal of Australia today? And so yeah. They're cautioning which is by the way a country that has universal health. Care so I think they were just mocking us. Imagine they I mean they can just go see their doctor any time. I don't remember. Maybe they were trying to encourage people that felt like. I won't leave the house. I'll just do it from home. Don't do it from home famously famously. This I did this in a book version. There was like one of those home medical book. Things that had one of these like troubleshooter like things. This that and I looked when I was eleven years old. I declared my mother that I had yellow fever. I was pretty sure because I have all the symptoms. Have a fever feel nauseous and a little bit dizzy. Yep GOTTA BE IT I. All the children of the seventies how many households grew up with where there is no doctor in the house it was. It was just a common book. Oh so many illustrations and diseases. A as always fascinated by the illustrations of all the the measles. Mumps I remember those very vividly in those books growing up it was quite the time. Of course we also had a specis and everything else to expose to. But you know it's all good when I was a kid. Life was so much freer fun. You know what we come to the end of the show. He have done all the stories this time next week. Hopefully there will be American astronauts in space. Thanks to a launch between NASA and SPACEX. Apparently the next week human space blight from American soil may happen again for the first time since two thousand eleven we will see. Hopefully we'll we will have good news from SPACEX and NASA next week so. I hope that you'll be looking forward to that with us. Thank you for listening to the show. I hope that you enjoyed it and if you did. I hope that you'll share with a friend. Shout outs to vodka or is help with social media and for show notes. Gaurd for manning the chat room identity for for recording the show. And I'd like to thank the burroughs wellcome fund and our patriots sponsors for their generous support. Thank you to Paul Disney Andrew. Swanson Stu pollock at Dire Ken Hayes Craig in Tony. Steel Alex Wilson Steve Joshua Theories Philip. Shane Ed loves science. Mark Missouri's Richard Porter Sky Luke Bryan Condron Richard. Eric Nap Bill Cages and Robert Matthew. When Jack Bob Calder Dave neighbor EA Kevin Paris Jan Matt Sutter? Aaron Luthan flying out. 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Guys appreciate it was really wonderful to get to talk with you about the octopus. His Garden in the he had to go there once. I'm sorry next week's show. We will be back Wednesday eight. Pm Pacific Time. Broadcasting live from our Youtube and facebook genitals an from twists dot org slash or. Backslash isn't a forward. Sasha backslash just say twists dot org and hit the light. But that's right. Hey Do you maybe listen to as a podcast just search for this week in science wherever podcast found? If you enjoy the show maybe get a few of your friends to listen to for more information on anything you've heard here today. Show notes and links to stories. We'll be available on our website. Www dot dot org and you can sign up for our newsletter. That's right also. You can contact us directly email cure sinecure senate this weekend science dot. Com just in it twist unit gmail.com or Blair at Blair bass at twist dot Org. Just be sure to put twist he w I s in the subject line or your email. It's going to get sunk to the bottom ray powered by bone worms. Yes exactly you can also hit us up on the twitter where we are through science at Dr Kiki Jackson Fly. That's me and Ed Blair's Menagerie. We love your feedback. If a topic you would like us to cover or address the suggestion for an interview a Haiku. The comes through the night. Please let us know. We'll be back here next week and we hope you'll join us again for more great science news and if you've learned anything from the show remember it's all in your head science this week in science at the end of the world so I'm setting up shop. Got My banner unfurled it says the signing in. I'M GONNA sell my advice. Them out of south robots sample the wave of my hand and is comedy a what. I say you scientific for all that. It's worth broadcast my opinion of a sweet science this week in science this week in science science this week in science science this week and and I've got one disclaimer and it shouldn't she news that what I say may not represent your views but I've done calculations and I've got a plan if you listen to the science. You may just understand. Try to threaten be distracted a sweet so everybody listen to everything we say. If you use methods data roll the died we may read the world Taco plasma sweet and science on the science this week in science. I am this week and science this week. In science laundry list of items I want to address from stopping little too judging Loch Ness. I'm trying to promote more rational and upside to answer. Any question got changes. I see all set up shop our this week and sciences comedy listened to what we say. You learn anything from the word that we said. Remember Miss Sweet Science this week in science this week inside. Is this week in science since week inside this week in science science and science this week in science this science this week inside.

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APG 417  Petticoats and Parachutes

Airline Pilot Guy - Aviation Podcast

2:59:28 hr | 1 year ago

APG 417 Petticoats and Parachutes

"Pilot Guy Show view from all side of the door. An airline pilot guy episode. Four hundred seventeen nine planning hello. You're listening to the airline pilot guy. Show the view from our side of the cockpit door with your host captain. Jeff Broadcasting Live from Studio fifteen at the Marriott Marquis in Houston. They show is reported on Saint Patrick's Day March. Seventeen twenty twenty Lila. Today's episode the airline industry absorbing the impact of the corona virus learning more about a five year old airliner crashing. Kenyan more news your feedback and in today's plain tales. Pluck of the Irish. So get all settled in trae tables and CPAC in the ride and lot positions. Lacrosse devices powered on. I'm Radio Roger and flight. Four one seven is ready for pushback. Thank you Radio Roger. He is an Emmy Award winning. Tv and radio reporters At the number one all news station in the nation ten ten wins and welcome to the airline pilot and aviation podcast covering the latest in aviation news and answering your feedback. I'm captain jaw former. Us Air Force pilot currently a captain for a major legacy airline based in Atlanta G. A which I like to call acme aligns and here to help me with all of this from her lakeside. Home in the Carolinas doctor. Skydiver Marathon runner strength junkie and IPA CONNOISSEUR and partial multi engine instrument rated pilot. Dr Staff Take Captain Jeff. Happy Saint Patrick's Day happy Saint Patrick's Day was well. This is the shirt is green. I don't know if that comes through very long this particular video but the does one screen looks more green than my blue shirt and also up. Wait a minute joining us from now. Hang on Captain Nick. Let's see if we're getting something from from captain. Nick Hang On. I think we have some audio tape on what nothing says. He's not dead yet. Okay yeah unfortunately captain. Nick is not going to be with us today because he is feeling unwell it but he does want us to know that he is not dead yet so we hope you feel better captain. Nick but we will be hearing from him in his awful awful. That's awesome plain tales. Gosh all right. I knew I shouldn't try something new. He's not here yet either. Let's Go down to this. We need still need to get some new music for you. Rick I mean. Yeah Miami Rick Let's see from the magic city. World Traveler Airline Mechanic Breitling Cognoscenti Fitness Hound and international air freight captain. It's Miami Rick done wrong with that so I like now. We gotta have something more cool. What's going on everybody? How's that same patties to treat and y'all well it's not quite like every Saint Patrick's day that you have when you're like with other people. I tell you what one time I had. I spent Saint Patrick's Day in Kuwait City Kuwait so You know this is a little better. Imagine so you not not a lot of beer drinking. They're not a lot of beer drinking going on. I did have a bottle of barriers. That was green. So you had to make do with what you had but Yeah I happen to be back looking for looking forward to get one. Yeah me too. I'm glad that I'm here with all of you to bear later. And it won't be the same Patrick's ever so what did say worst-ever just a little bit different different. You're too well. Hey wait wait wait now. Let's see now. We can play. Dana's intro music from the northwest Atlanta suburbs barbecue master motorcycle rider. Pleasure boat skipper underwater photographer and captain for a major. Us legacy carrier. It's Captain Dana. Everybody I made it. Yes you did. Mike Point seven nine five the whole way back with sixty seven year when push five hundred twenty one nine commands and our. That's kind of Nice to the show. Yeah we We decided to start without you because Steph has to take a very important call at five o'clock and right now it's about four thirty five so we thought we would get this news thing started. And then she'll leave Ulsan then she'll come back hopefully after after. It's finished but we knew you were getting close to being home. So thank you for the Herculean effort. Dana in well at least in having blue lights behind me following me to my house has good definitely exams on into the neighborhood on two wheels. However the four on your motorcycle. Oh no what if they put like a bumper sticker or a sign on the back of your car. That's a coruna virus courier. Maybe they wouldn't bother. You probably not. Yeah all right. Well put lime that. I have lime disease l. y. m. e. with the you know a green sign to go along with my corona virus. Then I would definitely be left alone. Yeah grown alarm disease okay. I like it already. Cinco de Maya. Yes which is not too far into the future is it. Okay let's Go ahead and knock out some news items standby on you mm-hmm. The first item is from a crash. That occurred about. I don't know almost five six years ago Although the accident occurred in twenty fourteen the inquiries only signed off at the end of November last year and published by the Transport Ministry in January. And of course we know that They take their time when it comes to accident. Investigations this is the Fokker. Fifty crash in. This article is from Flight Global Kenyon investigators had have disclosed that the crew of the fucker fifty continued to take off roll despite multiple alerts. Apparently warning of a serious engine problem before the aircraft crashed some fifty seconds after becoming airborne the inquiry into the incident involving skyward international aviation turboprop departing Nairobi's main international airport. Found that twenty seven high level triple time alerts had sounded as the aircraft rolled along. Run my six for takeoff or alerts had commenced as early as eight seconds. After takeoff was initiated while the aircraft was well below the MON- decision speed. The crew did not act to to abort the takeoff all not good flight. Data recorder information indicates the left hand. Pratt and Whitney Canada. Pw One Twenty. Five engine was exhibiting problems with the increasing torque but declining propeller speed compared with the right hand engine on its ground role for takeoff. The aircraft seemed to take more runway than anticipated before attaining the takeoff speed. Kenyan Air Accident Investigation Department states in kidding that the role lasted over ninety seconds. There have lifted from the Higher Elevation Airport at about one hundred knots but barely climbing the increase US reaching no more than fifty feet above ground after about twenty seconds while continuing continually deviating to the left of the extended centerline accents. Obviously the left engines not performing the way it should have more power on the right side. So it's making it. Kinda there to the left of the extended centerline It subsequently collided with building. Twenty one hundred meters north northeast of the runway end. None of the four occupants to pilots and engineer and a loadmaster survived. It goes on talking about this three chime alert which trying to recall. Exactly what kind of airplane this was dear. Deanza remember was a tr or was it a m the house of what it is right. Missile that says right there on the headlines. Read it like an ad for a second. That's why said Prop because had remind myself. Falko one hundred is a turbojet was fifty is a turboprop. Yeah that's probably one of the reasons and the other is because I thought that was the name of the airline. Now I'm just kidding. Yeah so yeah. I've never flown this airliner before obviously never actually flown turbo prop but So this three time alert apparently is a big deal it would be maybe equivalent for the airplanes that we fly that you know you get an engine fire warning or some kind of a very important high level in a warning and you just keep going down the runway and not a boarding the takeoff which is just. I don't know it's it's interesting as you say because as it says here that the first The first indication of trouble was eight seconds. In and a lot of these airplanes. As you progress in your take-up run a lot of cautions in the warnings are inhibited as you get closer and closer to rotation speed so as to not caused you to abort the takeoff necessarily or put you in a position where abort take-off might actually be more dangerous and continuing the takeoff obviously up to up to v. Want speak. Which is your go. No go speed based on your way so if you have an indication of trouble that early on obviously you want to try to abort because obviously one it'd be a low speed aboard easier on the brakes. I have flown many times in and out of Nairobi. I'd as the article says here it's a it's a high altitude airport. Obviously the runway is very very long but at that really the fact the airport is you know it's a high airport. High density altitude. Airport means that the required thrust to get the aircraft safely off. The ground is higher ups and Also the fact that particularly for turboprop reports I've never flown turboprops these turboprop airplanes have a very very critical speed well to actual Speech one is called the b. m. c. g. your minimum control speed on the ground and your be. Mca which is the same for in the air and you cannot. You cannot maintain a proper flight path is straight flightpath if you are below that. Vmc because he just don't have enough rudder authority to Have you know? Have the rudder have enough. Aerodynamic Authority to keep going straight down the down your your departure track there so. I see that As you're reading their CAP JEFF THE AIRPLANE DVD to the left So as I was sent eight seconds that early into the into the takeoff Ron. Just abort take-off mail the hell you thinking you know. Unfortunately we don't know we don't have any indication as to why they would have continued doing that. These weren't At least the captain wasn't inexperienced. Six thousand eight hundred hours in command falker fifties. So that's exactly what the problem was. Airplanes along is deaf it. It's kind of like I was going to go there. Know I'm not GonNa go and still some say. Yeah I was GONNA say after so long. Come tone deaf to certain things. Yeah yeah this is interesting paragraph right below. The one that you were talking about is Experienced stuff analysis of recordings from the previous positioning flight by the aircraft showed a three-time alert had occurred and that the crew spent time trying to diagnose the problem despite the evidence from the cockpit voice recorder the monitoring pilot for the flight denied knowledge of any anomalies says the inquiry Interesting just kind of like good work fine before so what what could possibly go wrong attitude to have. No all right. Well obviously the lesson learned here. Is that if the airplane warning systems are trying to warn you of something that is very important than you should probably pay attention to it. And as I was saying these these These a warning and caution inhibits as I said. Come into play the closer you get the rotation speed and usually depending on the manufacturer the They'll be inhibited. Up until either. Four hundred feet or twenty seconds after takeoff. So that's when the wars comeback in so that in that in in the interim while you are on that very critical portion of the take off. Run while you're rotating and flying away from terrain. Initially you need to have all your you know. Just just basically focus on on the flying itself and if you do have an engine failure the airplane is Gonna. Y'All but you're going to be above the speed. You need to one clear obstacles and to maintain your tracks out damn good point. Oh I'm looking at the chat room here and apparently one of my long lost relatives is there on the facebook live feed. His name is Soren or Pskov at the run or or or Pskov. Nielsen spelled. Exactly like my last name is. Thanks for great podcasts regards from Nielsen and the Danish Flag Nice. Ooh I wish I could say something in Danish to to build you a a fond farewell. But I don't know any Danish all a barely know English so thanks thanks. Thanks for hanging out for a little bit. Sending some audio feedback gun. We'll degration area go. If he's still there yeah do that. Song Okay The Turkish of flight that crashed but sometime last year was the accident and of last year. Yeah I remember the video of just very ad Rick. Did you have a chance to see this thing? It was it was brutal to see the thing. Go right off the end of the runway and that it just basically disappears and goes down. This deep ravine broke into three separate pieces Now I you guys are going to have to help me with us because I'm having a lot of trouble understanding there's report and I think part of it is because it's probably transcribed from Turkish into English But starts off by saying this is from Reuters The Dutch co-pilot of Pegasus Air Lines plane skidded off the runway killing three passengers. At Istanbul's sobion Gokhan Soviet Gokhan Airport last month did not understand guidance in Turkish and failed to break in time according to a report seen by Reuters the Pegasus plane flying in from the western city of Izmir sped off. The end of the runway broke into three pieces after a drop of thirty meters. That's like one hundred feet state media later said that the flight's captain was arrested. Who according to a preliminary report seen by Reuters and Thursday? The control tower initially told the pilot to hold off from landing due to harsh weather. You'll recall there was a very severe thunderstorm. Making US way over the field at about the time that were being vectored for the approach and they'd just waited a little bit longer. I think that the storm would have been well clear of the airport early that the winds had changed like one hundred and eighty degrees. If I remember They set up for the prevailing winds when they were first approaching the airport. And then yet when that thing went through everything basically shifted a hundred and eighty degrees And pretty strong tailwind that they were trying to land with eighteen not crosswind and then at fifteen nautical and component which in a lot of cases. It's some airplanes. It's above tailwind tell went Limitations which is usually ten knots. Plays a seven forty seven. You can have up to fifteen not talent but most. Europeans only ten still went. And that's something that you I. At least I try to incorporate that into my scan when I come when very very short final because he like you were saying just now you might be flying the approach with ahead with component the entire time but you come over the numbers at two that turns into a tailwind and that severely severely diminishes your land performance because now you have a higher grass. Beat you're floating. You're in ground effect and your landing analysis you're landing assessment numbers basically arches out worth anything anymore. Because you're not you're not crossing the runway threshold fifty feet. You'RE NOT TOUCHING DOWN. In the in the touchdown zone so everything. It's valid Okay so again. It says that the the Dutch co-pilot did not understand the Turkish gardens. Now correct me. If I'm wrong here I think that the captain was Turkish and he probably understood the language and he was the captain. I don't know why they're spending so much time focusing on the co-pilot right because the captain is the one that has the authority on the flight deck. Whether or not you fly an approach or not so. I don't know what you're saying. The confusion with this particular article. I guess I just wonder if the news organization has just picked up on that part of it and that's why they've highlighted it in the the story Well maybe maybe what it is is because if the captain is Turkish. He's not as free to speak is the Non Turkish For software might be the case that monkey anyway so continue to read a little bit more of this article is they're commenting on the report quote. When the speed indicator showed fifty-seven not speedbreaks thrust. Reversers were turned off and manual breaking was turned back on a premium. Manual breaking was turned back. I think what they mean to say. As they were the they stopped using thrust reverser they stowed the thrust reversers and speed brakes and were using manual breaking instead of an automaker automated breaking The deceleration was the first manual breaking Let's see them. The first manual break was used at ground speed of eighty four nights and that was not enough therefore the plane ran off the runway speed of sixty dollars. I said I don't again. I think a lot of this has to do with the transcription from which you. I think something else that might that might plan here is so this is the new the new airport at an Istanbul which I've which I haven't been to yet but I flew out of in and out of the oldest and Blair Port. Many many times and the runway they would use for landings was wasn't exactly a very long runway so the so especially when conditions were a little little Marginal it was a bit of a of a snug snug fit going in there especially at at the higher landing weights These this new airport obviously in a brand new airport brand new patch of land so they could just basically sprawl as long as they want to make the run list launch. They want so maybe that that Obviously speculating here. So The pilot the captain being Turkish. The fact that US you know used to fly the oldest airport now. He's got this very very long. Runway may be that that let into a little bit more Complacency as far as as far as You know dropping. What your standards should be for stabilize bridge Criteria which are really you know. Send Stone when you when you think about it. As far as airlines are concerned and by stabilized approach. I mean on Glide Path Oss engines pulled up fully configured for landing with your landing flaps. Setting with all your checklist complete and usually the final gate for that is thousand feet about feeling. Ovation used to be five hundred feet for visuals and a and a thousand feet for instrument purchases. Now I think the airlines all just every airline that that I know of Even even in South America now use a thousand feet above field elevation as there's tablist purchase criteria. And when you when you what what I went from here is this. Does article really done? Make a lot of sense to me. And I went over to the F. Herald and and read through what Simon had to say about it and he put in there the Some of the The s-mode data that was transmitted from the airplane A lot of the ground speeds the The altitude at which the threshold was crossed. The fact that the runway was contaminated and I with one thousand nine across from fifty not tell them and I am from what I've heard even even even Cap'n jazz not you but but the other Jeff is saying that the in the seven thirty seven the eight hundred. They don't particularly have very good breaks. The brakes are a little iffy on this. I mean not that they're dangerous or anything but but the amount of break in power. It's not it's not really What should be for for any other Airplane but but it's probably better than the man dog hates to bring us back up. To fifty percent here is actually not the new airport. This is just a secondary airport. Is it okay okay? That's excellent Koranic. Because I don't remember at remember this this this airport here also. I'm not sure how long this runway was. But they did have to end at a certain point because It you know that went down very steep ride this team because her some kind of a roadway perimeter roadway that goes around like a major highway or boulevard down there so Yeah and then This this I don't recall hearing about until reading this When we were talking about this accident before the report also said that audio recordings from the flight showed that the pilots panicked over possible damage after the plane was struck by lightning. Some six minutes before landing so sounds like things were a little Crazy in the different member something similar to that but I thought that was a different incident. I can't remember anyway. I don't even confusing them. All right do you have to go steph? Yeah I'M GONNA probably step out now and I will rejoin you after my meeting has concluded and then you can give us a An update on. What's been going on with you when you come back. I will do it okay. All right okay Let's continue We talked about this a couple of episodes of believe ago when we heard that the TSA was shutting down. We all thought what the Transports Transportation Security Administration is shutting down Trans States Airlines a regional airline based in Saint Louis. They were going to be shutting the doors and turning off all the lights at the end of this year. Bet because of this chronic virus outbreak. They are dead they are Ending up Their operations by the end of this month March thirty first twenty twenty. So that's kind of sad that's just a little update on that and a thoughts and prayers. Go out to all of those who are involved with this company and hopefully you'll be able to recover and do something great into the future so. I wanted to quickly terrible. It is and I guess they've been suffering for quite some time right Dana Yes they've they've been suffering for a long time so they've continued to decline a less years and then finally how it some good news before we kind of go back into bad news. Good News Item D. College Cross Country Team buys a plane ticket to GET LUNCH FROM AN AIRPORT. Chick Fillet and This was sent sent in by Chris. Cheap would in northern Alabama. We sometimes call him the Guru Let's see this story from Albany New York a group of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Rpi RPI students decided to get creative after wanting food from chick-fil-a Vincent between Oh a senior at RPI as the captain of the Cross Country Track and field teams. He and his teammates had a week off from competitions. Prompting the idea of getting a getting chick-fil-a for a team lunch the only problem the closest chick-fil-a restaurant is about an hour and a half away outside of one located inside the Albany International Airport between. Oh did not think it was worth the three hour round trip drive. Just gather up some GRUB for a team lunch instead. He and his teammates figured that they had enough interest from all the guys on the team. They collectively purchase a single plane ticket. Use It to get through airport security and get everyone's orders so that is exactly what they did. Katrina ended up purchasing a one way airline ticket to Fort Lauderdale for ninety dollars since it was the cheapest flight. He and his teammates could find the cost per person for the airline ticket was about five and a half dollars then proceeded to make his way through. Tsa Security Purchase viewed food for eighteen guys including himself with no intent to actually board the flight after it was all said and done between. Oh victoriously walked out of the airport food in hand which included fifteen chick-fil-a sandwiches fifteen large fries. One hundred fifty six nuggets a bag of cookies and a just one Dang Cookies and lemonade. The total cost of the food order came out to be two hundred twenty seven dollars and twenty eight cents. And so that's the the the feel good story of the day on episode four seventeen. My only question is is that actually legal I mean is that it seems like that. Would there are some kind of a rule against doing something like that? If you really don't intend to fly but maybe there isn't maybe we'll how do they know that your plans didn't change while you were? I know after you cross you know what else there so. Yeah I mean I'd -bility look think about Dr Stephan when she's done many times well we don't Wanna get her in trouble. Don't get in trouble but you're not. You're not getting in trouble for doing that. Yeah let's go very good point. Rick planes change all right. Well that's all we have. We purposely didn't load the news folder. for this show because we wanted to make sure that we'd have time to talk about what's happening. In the world of aviation especially March Seventeenth of the year twenty twenty and the corona virus is really impacting the entire world. It's one of those big worldwide events that you don't get too many times in history but we're living through it right now and So we thought we'd take some time to not only talk about What we've been doing between shows but At the end of this we'll go ahead and start talking a little bit about the Corona Virus Cove in Nineteen Corona Virus Twenty nineteen and and now twenty twenty as well and how it's Affecting all of us as far as our jobs are concerned and Our our lives personally so With that Dana I think that You had a trip and you had a meet up and it's probably the trip that you just came home from Or is that a previous trip as previous strip. Okay previous trip. I think so. No actually it was Sunday so what you know that was this. This you know today was a very long day. It was up at three three this morning. yeah three three point some kind of actually flaking out right now. I'm Kinda tired as a very long day. Three Very Long Lakes Yahoo with some pretty gnarly whether so now Where are you? Where were you today? flew out of Hartford Bradley Windsor Locks or Springfield. I'll for those a just a related to that one airport and this morning showed up in the. It was stolen out snow. I wasn't I was not expecting snow so showed up and actually in a very good mood ready for my last day of working snowball from there. My friend no pun intended but yeah it got thick and thick No fuel at seven minutes prior departure time. They just had a feeling at that. Point took a delay for that. Then now they're trying to pull the jet way off. The airplane jetway wouldn't work so finally by the time we push back and get everything done and then the ice Then we call for a taxi. You've got a fifteen minute Flow control time into Atlanta. Not Bad for not not not bad but not usually that way at six o'clock in the morning yeah so Well here in Atlanta was not great exactly so then find down to Atlanta one hundred. Not Headwind do hours and Sixteen at two hours and sixteen minutes with twenty three people on the airplane. Yeah So then on the way down to Atlanta in the weather is credit Atlanta had to do a cat three auto land you know could have done gotten with cat too but when we checked into his twelve hundred you're right Owned by the way coming from the northeast we went to the most southern Monterey at the airport so ended up at runway. One zero shouldn't the auto land in. Yeah it was bit challenging Dana. Heart don't mean to interrupt you here but think about it. I just realized this today that I when we're doing those low viz approach procedures. I'm thinking now that I would prefer to be on that runway. Because you don't have anybody crossing that runway and moving that localized signal around like you have when you're landing on. Nine writer a laughed. I know it's a little bit longer to taxi in especially in low viz procedures. Because they're they try to slow everything down as much as they can to be as safe as they can. But I landed on one zero this morning as well and anyway. I just thought I'd throw that out there and that's that's very true and it's a very good point. I mean you don't have that traffic in. It makes it a lot more stable especially for aircraft coming down coming down the Pike So yeah it was. It was a challenging day And then up to which time back so I had three extensively long legs and in perspective in in respect of what we do. Rick Rick is listening to US talking about to our two and a half hour legs as extremely long. And that's like what's the shortest ever to look at three three hours for me as usually just like the first shift of worship changes. I'll tra- long-haul when we kind of lights to pass you know that's a three hour flight man that's beyond my range. Yeah and that's what it is. I mean the the mad dog is not exactly you know ergonomics friendly when it comes to sit in for that long and take two pieces of metal put them in a ninety degree aimed to make it a little bit adjustable with limited bit of cushioning on it and that gives you an idea what we what we said. Yeah it's it's it's a seat pants. It's insane and I'm I'm a little a little spoiled here because I've I've got you know the equivalent of a of a small apartment. You know with bedrooms included up there with a lazy boy that you're sitting with with the lazy boy. And and even the triple seven. The freighter was nice. It's no seven four. There's really nothing as comfortable as some forty seven. The freighter That that triple seven was was was nice and comfy as well but I mean I can't imagine what you guys have to go through sitting in there for three hours plus so I don't completely understand Kevin Dana. Hey Rick is first time. We're actually meeting. I Smith really way off the screen. Can I show you that? I'm your number one friend. Are You Dana to Miami? A up there in the right way. Yeah I'm elise is right over. I'm saying hi. How are you to meet you? I've actually watched him. Last couple of shows has been great to kind of get acquainted that way and see all your technical proficiencies and how really really good you are at that so it's nice to have you back so yeah anyway so it was a long day today. Seems like such a long time ago. But let me tell you what That meet up in. Syracuse. That very short me up. I was one of one one. Unbelievable meet up. We had a great time. Great Conversation and you know. D- essentially the. I can't remember Cynthia you did I did. I haven't I'm I guess I'm just I guess I'm just that tight today. Yeah So I apologize to my friend in Syracuse because you hadn't played the Audio Jeff because that will just allow us to have introduced that way all right here we go hello epg community. This is Captain Dana reporting live from the campus of Syracuse University. Here in upstate. New York Beautiful Day here No clouds and sky to both thirty four degrees Fahrenheit and Just an absolutely beautiful morning and I had the distinct pleasure of being escorted to breakfast by the local college professor. You would know him Estefan and he is just a been a gracious host this morning. We've had a wonderful time talking catching out Talking about aviation Nobody here at this podcast lakes aviation do we have five. Then what about are fifty percent out? We'll get to keep that above fifty percents so we're lying about that we're talking about. How Much Stefan enjoys Flying in talking about all the recent experiences so anyways After a very nice breakfast of That we enjoy together I want to take this opportunity. Give Stefan the microphone. Say Hello In. Say a very warm. Welcome to the EP community so he goes Stefan all right hello a PT crew. It's a real pleasure to meet up with Dana. This morning we had a great breakfast that funk offals here in Syracuse downtown beautiful letter we had chat about the interesting times. We live in Looking outside I think we both feel like we. WanNa go flying right now. yeah -ironically. We both are. We both are in need both. GonNa head out to the airport. Originally it was actually on the flight but Guess what because of the times we live in ACTA cancelled that flight so Just being a TA airplane this afternoon but yeah it's beautiful day. Don't forget to fly even in this beautiful In this funny times we live in and Cheers to Y'all thank you Stefan. That was Fantastic fantastic day of of chatting and getting to know each other I look forward to hopefully in the future when I have a little bit longer of a layover appearance. Syracuse of taking on that one philosopher of of taking a flight with you just Just looking forward to that happening. And hoping that I get a syracuse sleep over yet again in the near future with a little bit more time on now I will now look for that thirty hours over and Syracuse on purpose anyways On that Note Jeff. I'M GONNA send it back to you in the studio. Abc Community Great to talk to you and have a great day was that show on ABC The goldbergs and the atoms of the guy. That's kind of the star of the show. His brother has some kind of a like a gang of friends and they called. Jp J. P. T. I probably shouldn't have mentioned it because I can't think of exactly what the but his three letters say. They like yell at every time they are together so I thought every time I hear them do that I always think. Ap I'll have to. I'll have to get a little clip of the show and then I'll it'll make it probably more understandable next time I yell out a PG like that. So I'm going to definitely cut this out of the show lead story about killing yourself. I no no. I'm not even making myself sense to myself right now so AP anyway well that's Great. It's a met up with Stephon a couple of times. And he is the he's part of the Syracuse Flying Club. And he's also I I don't know if he's a double I but he's a C. I. So he does a does a lot of instruction there at the Syracuse Airport in amazing. Absolutely amazing. Gentlemen he's really Super Smart. He's a professor of says it and he's like not like a just an instructor. Kinda guy he's like in research. Yeah they're doing research on on finding The the wavelength between black holes colliding or something. Gravity waves and stemming gravity waves. Tell us well well above my limited vocabulary and understanding but he did a fantastic job of explaining what he does in. I honestly hope that I get another syracuse layover other. Obviously having to hopefully go fly with him but I would like to go and sit in his class when he's teaching because he's a very articulate Fm Talking about you. You're very articulate man in any no no you just enhanced them sexy mustache. Slummy inside anyways. That's not politically correct. I'm sorry anyways what I mean. What a great breakfast. What a great I mean. Just whatever I just can't wait to go up there and So the trip ended Here at this afternoon and I rushed home onto wheels. Come across every corner trying to get back. You glad you didn't break too many laws and that the local constables didn't pull you over and throw you in jail well if they did Well at some Captain Jeff to the rescue job is really Nice Moustache and say I'm a console to how are you think he wants to raise now? I think I'm just hilarious. I am Paul said on the in in the chatroom once you go change his shirt and because I am still wearing my stripes at least in make yourself a bourbon. If I had one bourbon right now I think probably pass computer. Hey I just wanted to mention quickly I've had a couple of meet ups up in the Syracuse area as well and stepping has always been I think it all of them but Tom Catalina. One of our Coffee Fund Qadri members is also up. There he's a small business owner and So Tom we'll have to make plans to meet up again. Met Up with him a couple of times as well so and it just it just goes to show how important it is to go ahead and look at the schedules in you. Never know when we're going to being area. It would have been great to meet Tom Morning as well. Yeah you'd love strict all right anything else any plans for the rest of the week. Well you know today you know everybody's talking about the week this virus that's going around when I'm not gonNA mention name of anymore. I'm sure we will but right now. It's just this far greater news very depressing news in my world. I don't care about any viruses. Anything else going around the world today is terrible day. Oh I'm sorry yes okay. We're not GONNA this. This is not a sports talk show but Tom Brady is leaving the Patriots Elza. The rest of the nation is in ecstatic joy in loving it. Because Tom Brady is no longer part of the Patriots so now the rest of the League has a chance wherever you go. We're going to be that team to right. I have a funny feeling this guy right here and appointing the wrong way. It's going to be excited because I have a sneaking suspicion this is just a guess on my part. Please go to Miami are Arizona about that but I can't I dunno might. They need something to happen. Down here. P- gets Good Lord it's meant to so for those of you who don't follow American football. Tom Brady is the star you know. And he's been. He was with the Patriots for twenty years. I somebody told me that today and I went what I knew he'd been there for a while but twenty years. That's amazing. And he is like one of the best ever quarterbacks in the national football league so Yeah anyway so bad day for me in a now. Patty Saint Patrick's Day for rest of my life is ruined. Oh sorry I did see the Patriots. Sixty seven airplane Yesterday Union Providence. Yep I turn around on the trip on Monday morning. I think they just sell the place now. Probably no reason to have the Senate to one for Tom and no. It's not true. What do I know? I think there's only one anyway. Well thanks Dana. Always wanted to be you know. I want always wanted to have the opportunity to become a pilot in fi one of those airplanes. Now the hell with it. I don't I don't need. Can you don't care well? I'm sure it's not as bad as you think it is. Dan. I'm I'm his playing off of it. Yeah well when I do change comeback. I may have surprise. Rick what's been up man? You're still in stone training. Still Training So at this is the seventeenth of March have been here since February. The four. It's so Yeah it's been a little while no onto now So I was saying earlier Hoping to get this done by the twenty eighth so I have a a a Checker on the twenty eighth and then after that Abbott. A couple more simulator sessions for for Low visibility operations low visibility approaches Upset Recovery Training and knockout couple of landings at at maximum crosswind component. You know both sides get that out of the way and then you do a couple of days of It's called the UT qualification training just couple of Of a classroom days and there and If everything hold up the way it's seems to be holding up I'll be completely done by April. The fourth just short of my thirty ninth birthday. Yeah so we're hoping that we're going to have everything ready by then Because as I was saying earlier it would it would. It would be really bad if they if they put a halt to the to the training. Although as they've been really good about you know keeping people healthy the Boeing training centers run like clockwork. They're you know they're they're keeping the simulators spotless better. There're they're wiping everything down with LYSOL. And aetna no disinfectant in between a flight sessions Everyone seems to be you know. L. Thirty inches practice common sense. It should be all right I think and I hope this whole thing will just kind of fizzle out in the next couple of weeks And I believe I'll be the case but yeah it's been in school as far as going back to flying after I'm done on the fourth. I'm hoping that I'll I'll I'll hit the line there for operating experience initial operating experience inside a two weeks. So I'm hoping to have everything done if not to by late. April early May sometime be completely checked out in on the line so now. Do you know where you're going to be based you? I'll be I'm cincinnati-based okay. So cincinnati-based the some sexy Sabah's got three basis. One is New York. Which does the bulk of the of the Air Mobility Command While the military flying that we do a Cincinnati is The bigger of the three basis. And that's mostly Dhl flying so a lot of DHL flying out of their both domestically and internationally and then the the last Base is Antero California. And all of that is mostly Amazon's line Mostly mostly domestic but some internationalists well and out to Hawaii so yeah Cincinnati for now. That's the that's junior base of out of the three so interior is probably more more senior. No actually the the the most senior base is New York. Now York Yeah because that that AMC flying Takes to You know all all our bases all our military bases in Europe at least and And down to Diego Garcia as well then. That airport used to go two years ago. So that that's that's that's the that's the coveted flying. I guess I mean from from from my point of view. I've I'm just happy to be doing domestic stuff. I'm you know not be Away from loved ones as much anymore and I'm happy to talk to stay inside of three hour time zone window there. It's GonNa be a lot easier on on my body because I tell you this around the world stuff really does take a toll on you so when you say loved ones. You're talking about US right. Yes okay. That's good we love you too okay. Well good well I know that training will go well for you and look forward to hearing about your l q t and all the all the rest to come. That's not cool Let's see Just a quick mentioned. Let for me not going on As you know. I'm very busy and activities of Music Ministry activities of my at My Parish Church between Lascaux and today The weekend was mostly consumed with that kind of thing. And although our Our our parish and our archdiocese in Atlanta and I guess all around the country in the world has been pretty heavily affected by this virus outbreak and trying to contain it and not transfer to other folks as best we can and so Things have been really kind of slowing down in that respect at at the parish church and I just got an email today. That said that Basically masses for the follow next weekend and the following weekend for the time being probably going to be extended beyond that are cancelled completely so no masses in the archdiocese of Atlanta for at least two weeks or more so At least I'll have some time off on the weekends to spend on editing the AP Green slips and possibly green sucks. Yeah so yeah and again as is our kind of were kind of circling around it a little bit. But we're GONNA talk a little bit more directly about the covert nineteen after we finish this little Getting to know us Segment but DIS- wanted to mention Some big news and the Apogee Community Captain Craig. His birthday is Thursday of this week. Two days from now march nineteenth and First officer Myla's birthday is on Friday March twentieth. So gay happy birthday to you guys Shall we do a round Robin Birthday celebration? Let's see all started off. Happy Birthday to you bump it up to you. Happy Birthday dear Craig and Myla happy birthday to you and many Mama. Trust me is a lot better like that and then all of us tried to sing all at the same time but because of this latency thing it just turns out to be a horrible mess and I said that whole idea. Yeah you did. That worked out all my fault. Yes it was your great me so Anyway so happy birthday Captain Craig and First Officer. Myla a big part of our ABC community and Speaking of our ABC community. I just mentioned on the last episode of the West Coast. Ap Jeers. I started a facebook group and they just announced their first meet up. And guess what I think. Only a couple of days after setting the date. They decided that we have to cancel it. Because of the corona virus thing and social distancing and such What are the a members of the West Coast? Ab Jeers Her name is Connie and I was talking to her on the phone and I just happened to be recording our conversation. I asked Connie What she was going to be doing with this whole social distancing thing distancing thing in staying at home and Sane Bread and desert just get on fat and let's see does not Kami. Are you guys there? Yeah okay. Did you understand any of that? No Okay I'm sorry my first officer today on the on the Van Showed me this It was from some news network and they had a lady. I'm sure where this was in the country but I'm assuming somewhere in the south and this lady was talking about what she was going to be doing. She's she's makes him soups and she's going to just a lot of bread and and desserts and just get fat and fancy. Sorry Tommy I. I didn't mean to use your name in vain. I did not talk to her on the phone. That was not Connie but I thought it was. I thought it'd be funny to tie it in with the West Coast. Ap Jeers apparently that. I like to thank you for okay. Let's see how we doing. I guess STEPH PROBABLY STILL ON HER CONFERENCE CALL. Yep She is okay. So let's do this. Let's do the coffee fund segment Johnny. How much back love coffee? I love tea. I love the PG community coffee and tea and the Java and me Aqap Polka Polka because Oh yeah the coffee fund is your way dear listener viewer to participate in our show supported into financial way if you have the financial resources to do that as we always say if you're taking flying lessons or you need to spend that money on toilet paper and other goods that are being cleared out of the shelves of Grocery Stores in your community. Well don't send us any money but if you have some extra anyone to support the show please do consider joining the Coffee Fund cadre and you can do that by heading over to airline pilot. God Dot Com slash coffee since the LAST EPISODE COUPLE. Different ways to do this the first the key the coffee classic method we have contributions from Stephan bomber. We've just had talked about the meet up that Dana and stuff and had in Syracuse and Randy Ward and stuff. And you know you don't have to contribute to the coffee fund to be able to do meet ups with us. You don't really have to do that but we do appreciate it so if you want to do that as well check it out on airline pilot. Dot Com slash coffee. We also have another way to do. It's called patriotic and become a patron of the show. No neck no new activity in that respect. But it's a great way to support the show so check it out again. Airline pilot Guy Dot com slash coffee. Govern MESSAGE AREN'T GONNA start the feedback segment and first three items that we have in the feedback. Folder guys are items that kind of deal with the the Co Co vid nineteen the corona virus. And I'm trying to pull up the. I'm in the wrong folder. That's why okay. Sorry that's why I'm confused. I item is from Dave and He's sent this little cartoon comic. Strip kind of a funny. I guess if you WANNA call it that and I think it's pretty funny actually He Says Jeff. Thought this was pretty funny best to you and the crew cheers listener. Dave and Oh I think I have A way of showing everybody on the stream the video stream this this cartoon ago it so at the top shows a in the inside of an airplane and people that have kind of different expressions Some shocked some Fearful Etcetera Because they're hearing the pilot making. Pa This is your pilot speaking. I'm working from home today. Yeah that's something probably WanNa hear when you're on the airplane in the air. So thank you Dave for sending that in always good to have humor in these kind of tough times Certainly Moshe from Israel sending some audio feedback. So I'm going to play that next onto higher. Pg crew. It's Moshe from Israel here. Today was an incredibly sad and difficult day for me but listening to a PG really cheered me up so let me just fill you in on. What's been happening over here on an errand of the world? I work in flight operations at Acme Israel which has taken an absolutely tremendous blow by the whole Kovic Nineteen Corona virus crisis. A couple of weeks ago. Israeli government required that all passengers arriving from any country. Now have to go into fourteen days of quarantined upon arrival so basically our entire operation ground to a halt and what started out a little while ago as suspension of flights to Beijing has quickly cascaded into a system wide shutdown and now we only have about five flights a day. Basically just an essential lifeline. Keep running into and out of the country anyway. As a result of all this acme Israel furloughed about eighty percent of its employees. That's around five thousand of my colleagues and that just happened today. I'm actually one of the lucky ones who were staying on at least for now. I think my current duties and responsibilities mostly consisted this point of turning off the light from the last one to leave the airline yesterday. One of my co workers forwarded me a meam And I think it was spot on. Let me just share that with you. It's a it's like this WanNa know how it feels being airline employees during the Corona Virus. Pandemic remember when the titanic was thinking and the band continued to play. That's us that's really exactly how it feels anyway after such a horrible Dan the office on my way home. I was listening to APGA EPISODE. Four one four five and during that episode with Miami Rick. He announced that he'll be back on the show. And it made me so happy to hear. That really really made my day. So I WANNA thank Miami Rick and Captain Jeff in the A P G crew for for being blind lie side during this difficult time really hope that acme Israel as well as the entire a PG pulls through this crisis and the look forward to sharing good times ahead. Thank you very much So Nice to send an audio feedback and I'm glad that we in some way help people feel better about what's going on in this world. Enda we plan on being here for as long as it takes to provide entertainment and information to all of you other absolutely and and I'm an I'm truly thankful and humbled by your by your kind words. I truly am and I mean these these tough. These are tough times for everyone But we will pull through. We'll we'll come out the other side stronger and Things things will come. We'll go back to normalcy here before before before long I can. I can promise you that I'm confident of it as well. I think most of us are which is good and then continuing with this next one item three from Jonathan. He says dear Captain Jefferson Captain Dana. I'm an acme frequent flyer who has not who is not flying these days. And I'm totally bummed out about it but it's for the best of all of us that said I want you and all of the ABC community. Working for the airlines to know that. I'm thinking about you hoping for the best and looking forward to the day when I can spend my dollars. Patronizing Your Airlines and enjoying my time in the skies. I'm hoping that they comes very soon. I'm so glad we're all still able to talk aviation on this podcast. Even if very few of US will be flying. Jonathan in Minneapolis. Thank you we got a lot of those kind of emails from a lot of you in the community expressing your concern for us and You know but we're we're going to keep a good attitude here with us and we're GONNA continue to talk aviation and have some fun and Trying to entertain you other posted on on the company website. Something to this effect that right right now. We're going through. A turbine time that we have to have the seatbelts sign on but in the very near future. That seatbelt sound turned back off. You know. That's that's kind of the way I'm taking this and and certainly you know Jonathan in the recipe community. I'm at I'm at the highest risk here For some affect me but not nearly the risks of the other people like Moshe and other people throughout the entire industry. That are really facing some pretty dire str- circumstances I my hats off to all those people that are that are suffering. And you know I see you know. The sad faces even You know at that hotel last night that they came in that morning laid off Both records of the workforce and then The hotel in the restaurants around the hotel and they're all being closed now so it the second-biggest workforce in the United States of America which is a restaurant workers next federal workers You know they're all Being heavily yet and they tend to be the most Most dependent on on a day to day tips in working very hard. So you know it's only our evaluation community that's being affected as all the other folks out there to get. My friend. Owns a restaurant and he's like come out and so I have a mortgage so the pair get the restaurant. Get all this food. Please please support your restaurant. So you know that's that's my message to our communities that yeah we jeff and I and in others in this in this community are going to suffer. But they're far far worse off people out there in in you know. Try to think of those people and support them fee. Can't up for instance here at the hotel saying this is the second night now. inbetween we. We flew to Atlanta and back. And we're back here at the beautiful Marriott Marquis Hotel in downtown Houston So last night I was with my first officer in the bar. That's connected to the part of the hotel Last night and we were like one of only a handful of people that were there And they said that they were thinking that The Mayor of Houston was GonNa shut down all the restaurants and places where people gather in the in town and sure enough in the middle of the night when sleeping. I got the little notice that slipped under my door saying that The that actually has occurred now and so I knew that when I was gonNA come back here that there was not going to be a place for us to go eat that we were going to have to order room service. I went down but you know they have a couple of options. You can order room service they could deliver it to your ram or you can just stand downstairs and you know by the Front Desk. And then they can cook it in their kitchen and then hand it to you and they're finished and I said So we do this. I could stand down here for a few minutes waiting for. Save a couple of bucks but have them delivered to my room. Because I know that the person that's delivering it is going to be expecting a tip and at least I can help this. One Person Out. You know in small way Then instead of trying to save you know five or ten bucks of not having somebody delivered to my room. So that's the kind of thing that we can do. I mean it's not a big thing but think it all adds up so try to support the people out there that are you know not making big bucks to begin with and You know think about ordering stuff for and supporting your local community in regard to these types of things. Yeah I mean like last night with the the The weight waitress I gave her a super tap gave her a very large tip. knowing that it's going to be her last table not last evening. She's GonNa be working for probably months of more So at at embraced bank giving tip rows. Certainly we're compensated very well and and we should be. You know kind of helping other people that aren't compensated so well I think it's my. I think we all agree with them. at the same. I'm I'm in the saving because I don't know what's going to happen with me. So we got discussion right now. You know that some of these companies like ours and other airlines are are are formulating programs for early retirement and that kind of thing and people have been asking. Well are you gonNA take you know one of those programs and I'm thinking well you know that would have been attractive thing for me however I looked at my 401k and saw that It's lost you know A good chunk of its value. And I'm thinking I don't not sure I'm ready to go right right now But it depends. Maybe if the retirement program that they offer as you know is is reasonable. I might just you know kind of step out of the way and let other people have a have a chance of making a good career of it and bringing on some of those people. I think we just saw somebody in our chat room in fact Paul says that Acme cancelled his in Dot Class. So apparently He was just about to start training at At Acme and now it's going to be put off but I can assure you Paul that If you've gotten this far You're you're GONNA be okay. I mean this is going to pass. We've mentioned that several times already on the show and we will continue to do so. This is a this is a major speed bump that right now that we're experiencing but once that speed bump is over and everything starts recovering. I think we're GONNA see amazingly good growth financially and and job growth and everything else so. I think that we're GONNA be okay. It's just making it through this tough period that's going to be the key and keeping a positive attitude about the stuff and trying to keep your humor as best you can. I still don't get the toilet paper photo. I said you can't get it because everybody else did already. Yeah that's true. I can't remember who sent me. Oh here it is. remember the The movie outbreak. I they have a picture. Dustin Hoffman. He can't really see it here but I'll explain it. A Dustin Hoffman leading in the yellow suits complete. You know completely covered up with basement. Ask and everything and so the walking Ryan says they're all dead yet but did you notice how clean their blank were referring to. Yes so as to get that but So you know it's it's I don't know I'm really perplexed and I've been very interactive with my passengers walking back and talking to a made sake. No thank you fine with us. Spread viruses much as spending as much as I can because I'm coughing. I've been only been coughing since the first week in January it. I've been back and forth my dog so you've had it for quite some time and I fully recovered but I've been going on the whole time so just as I said earlier. Just you know practice. Common Sense just Wash your hands. Spe- bbb mindful of your interaction. You know don't don't go touching handrails and you know doorknobs. You don't need to you know what just to stay healthy and and this and you know seen enough this whole thing. I from what I eat from what I'm reading and what I'm seeing here. The the steps that that have been taken To kind of curve this whole situation are starting to take some effect and I hope that you know inside of three weeks to a month. This whole thing will be a thing of the past now after that happens. You know things are Gonna. Things are bound to come back to normal. I mean it's like like Dana was saying obviously we're going through a bit of turbulence Chubby Patch. Avair here so what what what what. What do you do when you go? Through turbulent air you know you slow down turned see both lines on and you know just wait it out till it till thanks smooth out again and then once once you get to the other side you go back to normal speed Drancy besides talk too often. Then you know. Return to normalcy and that's That's what that's what I see happening here before the before the the not too distant future. Yeah the the scary part. Rick though is is that all of this turbulence it's causing a lot of Ripple effects throughout the entire world no absolutely in only I fear for those companies in those folks that are not in a an excellent position to be able to survive in. You know they're friends of this podcast all absolutely that. May you know directly be affected. We Are we're we're we're concerned about absolutely absolutely RHIANNA. You know the the the fear that I have those that now that the Pandora's box has been opened how easy it is for this to be another a continuing trend. Going forward with the media. Let's social media Attributes that can easily overreact almost anything or maybe it'll have the opposite effect and people will learn a lesson from this. I hope you're right. Hope I can tell you what I mean I. I don't really even look at facebook anymore at all. I can't be bothered with it. Yeah ONS sometimes. Things can kind of get a little out of control when people are feeding each other and I mean it's important for the social media does have a role that I think Sometimes It just gets a little out of control and and I guess the best thing to do is do what you're doing. Dan and I've done the same thing just back away from it and so you know. I don't I don't need to be a part of that and You know let's just move on and try to to put a positive face on everything as much as you can. I was just thinking about the social distancing thing the work environment that I work in many of us out there. Flying Airline airliners for a living especially in the airplane like the mad dog deny what how far apart are we when we're sitting in the cockpit. Maybe it's like three feet not sixty only three feet so I only take. Ali Take half the breaths. I normally do an excel. No I'm just kidding. We were just like okay. We're I hope that you don't have anything and Hope that I don't have anything and spreading into each other. Well which is its power. The bigger bigger conversation. I mean I for up until this whole thing happened I loved it happen because I can. I can assure you. I've gone to the restroom in the Atlanta airport in also crew launched only to witness people using the facilities and never going to wash their hands. After you're done now you know me. I'm the complete opposite because I put the baggy on the on the remote control in the hotel room You know so I'm I'm actually not a Germaphobe because it doesn't me out but I am a care to be particularly clean so I was washing hands and it's always been the case so actually there's a very big positive side to this and I think and I hope that people continue to really I mean now you know it at the airport was always you know if it was busy in the bathroom always aligned to get to the the the urinal toilet right in line to go wash hints. What what's that same now? It's always a line. Go Wash hands so I'm only hoping that that people really will will change their ways. Sadly I mean I thought the same thing for nine eleven people like you go. If you're if you have somebody pay then you Gotta. Churches were packed. I mean everybody. You couldn't find a place to sit down and I think. Wow this is really changed in the world and then it didn't take long before everybody got back to the way they were before so. I'm trying to be hopeful policy like that. I like hopeless. Cause I'm very hopeful person as well. The people that know me know what I'm talking about so well you know what I think. That's enough at least for this episode talking about Covert Nineteen and Howard spent McDonnell We had my doctor came out and me. We're be our director is directing us to move on to new subjects. So that's we're GONNA do. Looks like stuff is still busy with her. Call so we're GONNA move onto Item number four in the feedback folder. And this is from Greg. And he says hey crew. I know that you guys and Gal talk about. Crm frequently thought. This was an interesting article and this is from ABC DOT com and again. That's Peterson from the big ass. Fan Company From Abbott in an effort to mitigate incidents of unprofessional pilot behavior and reduce pilot errors that can lead to a catastrophic catastrophic event the FAA Monday published changes to training requirements for airline pilots. It emphasizes training and testing in the leadership aspects of the flight deck and sets formal goals for mentorship of new flight crews. This action requires air carriers to provide new hire pilots with an opportunity to observe flight operations and become familiar with procedures before serving as a flight crew member and operations to revise the upgrade curriculum and provide leadership in command and mentoring training for all pilots. Command the changes become effective on April twenty seventh of this year with compliance required over the next two or three years the FAA says that while the cost of compliance will be ninety million over the next ten years. The airlines will see a cost savings of ninety five point five million on the basis of increased safety according to the FAA. A problem still exists in the aviation industry with some pilots acting unprofessionally and not adhering to standard operating procedures including the sterile flightdeck rule the NTSB has continued to cite inadequate leadership on the flight. Deck pilots unprofessional behavior and pilots failure to comply with the sterile flightdeck rule as factors in multiple accidents and incidents including Pinnacle Airlines flight. Thirty seven O one and Colgan. Air Flight Thirty four O seven now the two thousand and four pinnacle crash involved a North West Northwest Airlink. Regional jet was a was it a RJ. Two Hundred Dana Get Susan Collins They suffered dual engine flameouts after a pilot induced aerodynamic stall and we're unable to be restarted. Both pilots were killed There were no passengers on board. I think it was a ferry or repositioning flight is a repositioning flight and they took the pimps be on its way to. Let's see what happens when we do this. You know this thing that we're not supposed to do exactly. Yeah I WANNA say anything you want me. Just go ahead all right. This is really aimed at a certain level of maturity people. If you think about the regionals all right much younger than that and I can speak to this. Because when I was younger I was far less mature so had a tendency probably in this would be great for regionals in in New Newport new captains to go through but I don't see this being very relevant for the most part at a one twenty-one major carey I really don't and we do this anyway at at Acme do And in in in I've had this I've said this many times over the years they've been on the show is that I have learned from my predecessors now of course now I'm a captain but I've learned from the captains I have flown with. Were excellent in the ones that okay. I would never do that. I've learned to. Yeah yeah you I would never do that. no that's not true. Jeff is is a fantastic role model But I've modeled myself from those people that I've flown with before that if the maturity level in that we have for the most part. Can't you can't say everybody at every carrier at every every job that you ever been involved with always have been the same professional and so forth there? Are you know you get your own apples? But those awed apples need to be be weeded out. You know everybody did is a term. I just don't want to see on the radio so I'M GONNA skip it But I was going to say everybody poos in the one person who is and everybody wears a diaper and that is especially at the major or the at least the more mature level above the age group of you know Mid Twenty S. I tend to be a far more mature level of of aviator wreck down in the the truth here. Is that as you say. Dana when something someone kinda screwed the Pooch then we all have to. We'LL END UP PAYING FOR IT And it's I I feel like it's yeah I agree with you as well and when when you talk about And it's funny because actually I did this up until you know. Not Too long ago. And before the first time upgraded You keep a list of the things that you want to emulate. You know the the good thing is you want to incorporate into your you know a bag of tricks and the things that you would never do and think to yourself now. How in the hackers? His first name is sitting there. You know I it. Lists is usually a lot longer than the first less. Yes I mean a lot of times. I'm going to really and these are. These are these are judgment calls shouldn't even be an issue. You know this is just common sense stuff and these are people sometimes and I. I also find that a lot of times the really really senior captains are the more I guess. Lax when it comes to Standard operating procedures. And for. I mean I I I know that a lot of people know what S. O. P.'s are but you know for those that don't a set. Standard operating procedures are are basically the way the aircraft is operated. Because you have a pool of sometimes you know two three four five thousand pilots that have never met each other probably never flown together. And the only way to make sure that they are both on the same page as far as operating aircraft safely by following the same set of guidelines. And and really that that the only thing that keeps that ball in play in the in the cord Along that the proper lane is adherence to those. Sap's once you start drifting away from that and kind of you know doing it your own way it the the the the flight. Just kinda breaks Dana's so it does the safety factor in it so so but I tell you I mean a lot of times. These these older captains are are are the Shut up you. Youngster older captains Jeff. I WANNA I WANNA I WANNA ask this question of Dr Steph in for for those who are listening only i. I was away for about an hour there on a work phone call. I'm which will not talk about the moments not really sure what we're talking about. Go with your question. I will do what I can to work with your question data. We're talking about Esso peas and professionalism in the desire the FAA to try to mitigate unprofessionalism through training. I get that You know we had asked me have a higher level of professional training. So what about the doctors world? I mean how do you? How do you maintain standards? How do you I mean you you always hear the the the adage you know? This doctor has really good bedside manners in professional. I think he gets the guy that you know the lady that just kind of off the cuff right. You know. It's it's in that sense. I talk a lot about how aviation and medicine have parallels and a lot of places in that sense. There are a lot of differences as well because There's a lot of medicine that still an art as well. So you can take for instance. I work with a lot of surgeons. You can take to surgeons will do spine related things and you're gonNA find it. They have a different approach to the same patient. Every single time It doesn't mean that one of them is necessarily right or wrong. You'll find that one is just very like you said it's kind of this genetic y you can't put your finger on it this. This surgeon is excellent with their bedside manner and the other one is just like he can't stand talking to the to the guy or Gal And that's just an individual thing and it's far less standard is I would say I think a lot of folks no matter what industry you're in Have maybe more recently than others? You know everything that you do is a customer service thing so even if you're only interacting with your colleagues you know you still on some sense. Some level have to be professional with them. You have to be willing to listen to Not opposing viewpoints per se. But if someone's got a question of concern they're bringing something for safety reason. You Wanna be able to not be either intimidating. You need to let that person say what they're going to say about it. If it's a safety issue you need to be able to be able to consider where they're coming from so there's a lot that goes into professionalism and we've we've touched on that before Actually quite a bit but right. It's always comes down to the individual and you can try and standardize things as much as possible which makes perfect sense Just like Rick was saying for if you're flying with someone who you've never flown with before you're never gonna see them again and things must on average happened the same way every single time you want to know what to expect from the other person you want to know what to expect from their in their Jabril and that happens in our Hartfield to in medicine to some extent but so is it after fourteen. Is it fair to say that? Their standard operating procedures in hospitals. When you said mentioned surgeons right that when a surgeon goes into an operating room nurses set up in a certain way. Generally speaking do something. That's along the lines of individual preferences but those things are all written down and it's known in advance so when surgeon a walks into the room preference card is pulled. You know what equipment they're going to be using you know what they're What they're going to be looking for in general a same thing for me. Everyone knows what medications I use. They know what volumes we use them in. It's never I tried to do everything the same way as much as possible from an operational standpoint in terms of how I involve other staff that have to work with me. Even though I know there's always going to be variations. I actually need to do for an individual patient and I guess you could apply that to apply that to flights as well originally. Everything's going to work the same way amongst the staff. There's always GonNa be individual variables with a particular flight and you. You know you have ways to work with exactly my point part of this Rule OUR ACTIONS. What is it Again the The name of this thing Published CHANGES TO TRAINING REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL AIRLINE PILOTS. Is the something that acme has been doing for quite a number of years and I think it's a great thing They want pilots. That are new to a given carrier to complete operations familiarization or. Oh F. They use the abbreviation before beginning operating experience. Serving as pilot in part one twenty-one operations for the air carrier they FAA proposed that the operations familiarization must include at least two operating cycles during part one. Twenty-one operations conducted by the air carrier while the newly hired pilot occupies the flight deck observer seat and uses a headset to listen to the communications between the required flight. Crew members and air. Traffic Control So this is something as I said we And I wasn't when I was reading this I'm thinking well. I know he used to do that. I'm not sure if we still do. But we do in fact shortly after I read this In Omaha was getting off. The airplane noticed This crew wedding to take the jet back to Atlanta and There was a gathering. Say Meet the meet this new guy. He's on his observing Observers something rather forget what we call it at acme that He was Gonna. He was riding with that crew for that entire rotation and so he was getting to see the real world of lying. Not just the you know. The theoretical world of Part one twenty-one operations and and actually going with them to the hotel for a layover and so it was good stuff and. I'm glad that we still do that. And I'm thinking most of the stuff like you know. Go into the captains in command School that we go through Dana. I mean that stuff that we've been doing it acme for quite a number of years and I guess I just assumed everybody else was doing it as well apparently not now and that's exactly my point. Is that the level of maturity at at at our at our company when I say matured aiming the maturity of the company itself and the way that we conduct business. is is is you know certainly in excess of what the FAA is recommending. It's the airlines that you know you have the new guys and girls coming off of being flight. Instructors that have never seen one twenty one and you know to a certain extent you know military guys coming and girls. I should say guys and girls That are coming to one. Twenty one coming straight out of the military to you know fly mainline. A big big jets. You know they. They definitely need this because they do not use to what it's like to fly passenger aircraft round deal with our aviation system in in in etc etc. So we've been doing it forever and it's a fantastic. It's it's a fantastic. We'll have to say that That's pretty much true regarding the military but I came from the world of Finding the C. One forty ones. That was basically what I was doing was airline flying in the military. And in fact I would say that the air force at that time in the eighties was ahead of Acme Airlines in the eighties as far as crew resource management and because there are still a lot of Captains in those days in the Eighties. That were the king. And you don't do anything unless I tell you to do it. You know what I'm talking about right wreck where I am you know you. Maybe you do as well. Dana that It was the structure the organizational structure of you. You can it that way In the cockpit was a definitely skewed to the captain being king. And you know I. I don't want to hear anything out of you unless I ask you kind of environment and I thought wow that's Kinda born to me because in the US Air Force. I was already in an environment where everybody on the crew had a say in not necessarily the the final say but at least they had a responsibility to pipe up one. Something didn't look right and they you know their suggestions were taken seriously. And a good aircraft commander would take everybody's input and then make the final decision. And that's the way really. It is now so I I was Kinda surprised when I came to act thirty one years ago that it was definitely moving in that direction at that point when things are getting much much better now in the last twenty twenty five years has been you know very very good as far as standard operating procedures and going from one cockpit to another another one crew member to another crew member. You feel like you're on the same page in everybody's doing it just the way everybody so much much safer. I think. Absolutely all right So thank you greg for making us aware of that again. If you want to read more about that that new thing training requirement. You can check it out in the show notes staff. You were gone when we were doing our getting to know US segment so I know that you have been up to quite a bit since the last episode. Now you've been traveling a bit anyway. So why don't you tell us about that? Yeah well I mean I actually did join to join you guys on Saturday Plus records so you talk about what you're doing. I was traveling at that point. I was not planning on joining you on Saturday because the whole reason for going to New York in the first place was to do a lot of running Related things and almost none of those things happened Because of the current situation in world with Krona Virus But the travel itself was actually very normal. I should say flights weren't particularly empty. Airports weren't particularly empty. I feel like people were actually doing a very good job though of trying to at least maintain reasonable distances from one another not really crowd or stand to close in lines or in groups. It was a beautiful weekend in New York City. I'm glad I went up. Had A chance to Very very small kind of one on one. Get together with friends that I run with. We put a bunch of miles like twenty seven miles of running along the Hudson River and and in central park so we had a good time and I mean mostly it was just just chatting in kind of sharing frustrations from all different industries and hobbies and backgrounds and whatnot and it was just nice to be able to kind of exercise invent at the same time. You get all your frustrations out at once. So that was. That was really nice. Good meal before they really close down all the restaurants in New York City and and Jersey area there and then Yeah came home on Sunday night and worked on Monday. We were kind of unsure what the work situation was gonNA look like here on like the. Our situation is a little bit different from going out. The airlines in that Over my standpoint in and I just got off a very long phone call about what are our plans are going to be in trying to put things in place because this is something so different that we really don't have good contingency plans for a problem like this as trying to figure out. Who Do we see who needs to be seen what needs to be done? Where the priorities? How you conserve resources. You know every time I go in to do a procedure. I'm using some personal protective equipment. So gloves masks things like that. You want to make sure that you have those things available and you're not causing a burden on the system by doing things that are unnecessary So yesterday was very normal on probably saw seventy five percent of my usual clinic schedule at work. Today was pretty light procedures and as of tomorrow. We're not going to be doing any elective procedures for the next two and a half weeks so that's pretty much everything that I do with. A few exceptions were really being tested. This is where you use your common sense. You have to go through. You have to really take a look at the patients you do know you have to take a look at People who might be new patients but have something that sounds serious enough to warrant to be seen in person versus on the phone or via video and we actually do have all that available as technology resources these days. So we can. We can really do a lot to keep things kind of running or at least postpone things as much as practical Until this situation resolves so it's GonNa be an interesting couple of weeks. I don't think I'm going to be sitting around doing doing nothing. Fortunately and I think fortunately for our staff and whatnot. We're going to still be very busy in terms of feeling phone calls and trying to make sure that our patients needs are met stumps are going to try and go find this week. I don't know if that's going to happen either. Now with all this other stuff going on keep trying to get back in. It's like did you have a chance to see any. Ap Jeers and New York. I did yes and actually you know what I have audio and I'm terrible because I didn't send it to you. I've been busy sorry Tanya Also not we can edit it in after a few if you want or don't show yeah. I did so Saturday one of the things we had planned to do. No Sunday one of the things we plan to do after the race. That was supposed to happen. we're going to have a MPG. Get up get together with Tanya And her significant other Philip at their beautiful apartments which is overlook Central Park. So very nice of them to to host that We were planning to have several other. Ap G. Community members there and it ended up just being myself Tanya and Philip For for good reasons. Everyone is trying to do their best. Part to maintain social distancing So and even inquisitive in their place so it looks like you guys were social distance. Oh Yeah We. We took a picture. She put in We were definitely sitting in far corners of the room so we didn't have to share germs or anything but we saw the good time we still You know the conversation was kind of dominated by current events. I would say but A nice to get together and and kind of share some of those frustrations and and have shared some jokes and smiles and good beer and little bit of Aviation. Talk to you awesome okay. Great Tania's in the Chat Room. She says so. Cute so cool you get together any no. I'm sorry it's all good. We still had a great time. I was reading the wrong McConnell. Yeah all right Let's see. Shall we continue with the feedback? Let's do it. We're all right this in from first officer Alex. He sent some audio feedback. We always love your audio feedback. So here we go to cups in Jeffrey Craig. I'm a longtime listener first-time email. So this is a short email just to give you an intrusion myself and thank you for the part you have played in the journey to where I am today. My Name Is Alex. And I like many others. In your community totally fixated with flying. I started listening to a podcast. Sixteen was always young boy at school waiting for the earliest opportunity to take to the skies. I would listen. Show podcast every opportunity. Is it motivates me long days and some of the chatter in stores. You guys spoke about really helped me to interviews and get my head in the game so to work for credit dedicate towards when I was seventeen applied to an integrated flight school and was amazed when the interview for me. Flying was awesome and I saw any being slept flee. I was over the moon to be given an opportunity day. Full of assessments in interviews about weeks novas weight later I was given an email. Sad been accepted the day before. My eighteenth birthday for me didn't feel real. The thought of being able to fully dedicate the next two years of my life towards the career. I love in the world to me and it seemed to feel just as good a starting the job at the end the first age my flight training sauteed with six months Graham school which had to complete a fourteen dreaded Yasser ATP albums let me tell you. I just finished two years of age levels which the UK school final exams and expansion steady progression into this phase of education. Boy was I wrong. I'd never worked so hard all my life and everyday distant them the subjects is. I'm sure you're all aware covert Larry's of flying so one hour learning about one hour for the next you learning about the workings of the way. I have an even greater respect. For as long run careers and professions and then drop to resolve education and later life. Armagh self an eighteen year over Dhamma first day next chop to my left who was in his late forties. I think we're both intimidate is each other listening to podcasts. As well as really good fun to into downtown remember specific playing tells episode in which Captain Nick told us a story about the black hole effect. A psychological era affects pilots flying over the sea or areas of clear land where they constructed see the horizon. It especially interesting seeing. It's been a learning about berry phenomenon. Six months later and after one miserable winter I had to complete complete the exam and it was time for the flying for this or shipped across the pond to flying in Phoenix Arizona. This was a lot more fun than the theory for me. The Pal English boy. I love the opportunity to be in the sun and the opportunities work around the fleet of around thirty aircraft and loans for less base mazing scenery. We world class instructors after eight minutes in Phoenix. My commercial pilot's license headed back to the South Korean. Uk To work management meeting those year ensure that means it was welcoming of crafting cloud an instrument only flying conditions. This was something extremely new to me as Phoenix resolve visual flight. Rules and I didn't see cloudy. And furthermore the aspects in UK is complicated in dens of America so it was a very strange transition after five months of really difficult procedural flowing. I was funny done are. He's out either end of the National Party sizes and all it took was fourteen exams and to flying's this is well informed but now to talk let me fly. Those big metal birds applied for a couple of battle lines. But unfortunately I had no look. Abe went abroad to Turkey. Detroit one ally was in successful and one day. I Love Jane. Forever are offered the job as an apprentice. At one of your top local stallone's the apprentice won't vote two months going through forty different business. Departments followed by four months is coming through in six months working in that flight. Ops It was amazing to see how modern day alone. What's in the first day I was on the lunch pointing engineers? And we're seeing sort of checks. The engineers do on all the aircraft. The next day we were in Nicole's selling holidays people's Really was different given a newfound respect for the cabin crew as well. I didn't go into cabin. Crew is a super name. Rick Remember when fully operational member of a team and it really shows just how much they work which is really care. I think for a pilot to see what goes on between four inch. Bulletproof door behind this leads me to our today. So just finished. Ring and the Boeing Seven. Three seven and. I'm scheduled for early next month. I'll be doing my first flight two days before my twenty second birthday so it really means a lot. I just wanted to thank you guys for the day. You play an important role from many of his an aviation and you sir. Inspired me to take the credit. I'll have today. I look forward to keep your today with my hopefully long aviation career older very best first officer. Alex. yeah congratulations for making it. This far these was only twenty two. My God man. That is so great. Thank you Alex. Yes very much. So and you know what? He had some bumps in the road and he didn't give up and that's We hear that story a lot actually. So that's a good advice for people out there who are wanting to do this career field and he said also. If there's any way I can help with anyone you might know looking to start a career in aviation and looking for some advice please. Don't hesitate to have them contact him. So Great. Alex Grease Grease Grease G. R. Y. S. Not sure how to pronounce that. But thank you recall. It was interesting that Pale English boy and Phoenix loved a sudden. Imagine all right I look it looks like I skipped one of the items I did not. I didn't mean to item number five in our Feedback this is from Tim. Needham He lives Not Too far from Captain Nick again. Who if you're just joining us wasn't able to make us Make the show today because he is feeling a little unwell He's not sure if he has the corona virus or if it's just a different strain of flu or something that he is not feeling good enough to be with us here today so We will however you're his voice when we play this week's installment of the pintails but Tim writes dear. Abc crew greetings from Hampshire somewhere. Where near Captain Nick? I guess as a new listener to your excellent podcast. I would like to know how you all met. I know. Jeff and Dana Work for acme. But how did Nick and Dr Steph become involved? I apologize if you discuss this in earlier. Podcasts but a refresher for new listeners would be appreciated kind regards Tim all right so we'll try to do this as quickly as we can So I started a podcast called Catholic pilot back in September of two thousand nine Unbeliev-. I was on a layover in Memphis when I did my first show and I did the Catholic pilot podcast for about a year and a half Realizing almost immediately in that People listening to the show really wanted to hear about the aviation stuff so I decided about a year and a half into rebrand the show to what it is now airline pilot guy and I continue to do the show Solo For many many years I guess until about a about a total of close to six years. I did it by myself now. A little One off that. We did in with Dana in twenty thirteen. I believe it was very close to either on Halloween or very close to that timeframe Dan join me for a show and then Continue to do the show. Solo until Twenty fifteen when In January of that year I was on a layover in Charlotte and I asked Dr Staff. If she wanted to join me in record the show again it was just going to answer with no now. Remember that your. We'll have beer. Okay Yeah but we. We have met a couple times before that because he had written and saying. Hey Jeff you know you talk about beer and stuff in North Carolina. Beer is just amazing. And I want to show you what we have to offer. And so two or three times before we before Steph joined for the show. We added in person a number of times. Yeah so it wasn't like a first time thing but again I was at that point I was not in the mindset of Oh we should do kind of panel kind of a show. They were just kind of I'm here a long layover and I don't know what your work schedule's like but I knew that she did work not too far from the hotel. I was staying in on that particular layover. I think I was on call that night. I think we had to interrupt the show at one point. I could take a phone call favorite anyway so that was like January. Twenty third I believe and then couple About two months later in March of two thousand fifteen same kind of thing yes steph always and say I think this is like almost exactly rix five year anniversary of his first appearance on the show. Yeah it's pretty darn close isn't really yeah a couple of days. Wow give or take. Yeah I think I think you're right up so same sort of thing Rick had been sending in a little audio bits of audio feedback now and then and I think the worst yeah anti-dumping he had become. He had sent enough feedback in that everybody he was kind of a already a character on the. Ap G So but he wasn't a permanent host of the of the show because I was the permanent host of the show and I was really the only hope that the same sort of thing that we staff. I I was in the Miami area. We were doing meet absence stuff like that. So I've met in Rick in person several times and I said him and be there for another really long layover in Miami and he said you know we. We had already planned to meet up. I think for that afternoon and he said I'm not working today. And so you know I can pick you up from the hotel and take. I think we're are made up out near the Miami International Airport and So I wasn't sure exactly how we'RE GONNA get out there. And he said I can pick you up and drive out there and and We're going to be up with Nick Kosta free. It was like a little dive Bar On the north side of the airport. Forget what the name of the places Turns out the I think it was. Just you recommend Nikki. Kosta and myself. I don't I don't think it was a big meet up anyway so I said well as long as you're GONNA be. You're not doing anything and you're going to pick me up anyway Are you interested in doing You know a show at me and he said sure so That was again Around this time in March about five years ago and then so after that a good By the way great audience Ah Support in feedback in positive But I'm looking for people. Were really excited. When had other people in the show just to show you that they were just tired of hearing me talk on and on and on just by myself and it's ruin their sleep in the meantime that's true needs to be very easy to go to sleep with just my boys but now you're hearing all these other voices and it? Kinda WAKES UP STARTLED. You a little bit of thing but So bed with Dana's appearance with steph appearance Rick's appearance and so I don't remember it's kind of fuzzy after all that but at the same time I was doing another show for A Catholic podcasting network. That's how I got into podcasting and started the Catholic pilot show stuff But it was called Catholic weekend. A panel show. I was familiar with doing this kind of thing that we're doing now and I thought to myself A lot of positive feedback. I'm already doing a show very similar to this But not an aviation show one not do it for the aviation the AIRLINE PILOT. Gotcha and so I really didn't expect You Know Rick End Staff to say Oh yeah we'd be you know we'd be happy to join you as often as possible on a regular basis. Not Because I've just kind of threw that out there. I said I don't know if you guys are willing to commit to something like this. But would you be interested in? They were both. Yeah sure that sounds good so we started doing the show just the three of us for the rest of the year. Rest of Twenty Fifteen. I guess and Like fifty something episodes. I think or not well. He F- fewer than that. But then someone was in the summertime. This guy named Captain Nick Cullum. Self the old curmudgeon started Started sending us in stuff all very positive he loved the Yanks I'm being very and Rick's love of Boeing. Yes at Rick's love of Boeing. That was all else. Yeah Airbus Guy. Flying we can say now he flies for or used to fly for Virgin Atlantic and so he started doing the same thing that that rick was doing and setting an audio back and he was becoming a character on the show and We had a special episode in January of Twenty Sixteen and Miami. A big surprise party. Just check it. Check out Episode two hundred. And then you'll see me after many many beers Get a little weepy at the end of it. Not My best moment but While we were down there there was a big surprise. Next and pilot PIP and Captain Al Plane Safety Podcasts. podcast Came over with next or the three of them came over from the UK To Miami and It was a big surprise. Thing for me and They they all kept it very quiet and it was the first time in my life that I've ever had anybody surprise me like that and we had a great that two or three days. I'm not sure how long it was. It was kind of a blur. We had a lot to drink. During that time he drinks a few drinks. Yeah a couple of very immoderation freshman says and so while we while we were all there. I took a staff and rick aside and said what would you think about? You know inviting Nick to be a host on the show as well and they both they didn't hesitate about said No. Are you kidding me or to ruin the show? Now they they take note. That's when they said when you were considering me So yeah so. I took nick aside while we were there in January and in Miami of Twenty Sixteen and I asked if he would be interested in joining us as a permanent host and he said I'd be honored. I'm so he became part of our permanent Group of CO hosts and Let's see fast forward to a out about the same time of year about October of two thousand sixteen and I hear somebody yelling at me and the Atlanta Airport In the Beasts fine food court area and It was Dana. Any in he said. Hey Jeff what's our capital Jeff? I can't remember exactly what he said. But you said you were flying together. He said my name is Dana. Your because Dana had called himself Tony when we did the episode ninety thing and I said I remember your name and so he said you know we're flying next week and I said Yeah I saw that and I said what remember who was. Okay well no chance you remember. July was well. I know we'll we'll we'll just agree to not agree disagree but Anyway you said Yeah. We're because I knew that because I'd seen that you were flying the trip with me the following week so I said you know we're flying together next week and I said Yeah I saw that We have a long layover in Orlando said. In fact I'm no you said. Are you still doing that? Podcast thing and said Yeah and That was three years before the Dan had done the show with me. As I said in fact I'm planning on doing the show from our long layover in Orlando and I said why are you interested in being on again and we can do a you know a captain? Tony kind of a REDO and use religious? Do our ex and and he said yeah. That'd be fun so I made sure I had a couple of microphones with me on that. And then We did the show from the hotel studio and along with everybody else In October almost exactly three years after the time that we first on the show together data and then just not too long after that probably A month or two after that. You're doing Off and on doing some shows with US mostly on occasion not and then we invited Dana to the part of the crew. I believe it was before the end of two thousand sixteen law. Actually we had to after the show in Orlando. We had A few drinks and then once you a little bit Tipsy take you may think about being on the show. I'm like yeah okay so that that sounds exactly like what I was sounded like. I'm sure no but you I mean I I'm terrible mimicking. Anybody but you you. You'd had a few beers point and you get so what you're saying is my judgment was definitely skewed. Yes anyway so. I can't let it go and they reach back to me and I was like. Oh okay I guess he was serious and then Yeah so you want to check with the crew members. That's how we became one big happy family and then and then now who's back. I'm I should mention that it that same year. Two Thousand Sixteen around. I don't know from May June. I Dunno somewhere mid mid year As when Rick had a change of the airline and ended up. Have Flying Being based in Anchorage and flying in on the other side of the world literally on the other side of the world so it was getting more more and more difficult for him to be able to join us on the show so he kind of took a little sabbatical and And that was In two thousand sixteen so about almost four years ago or just under four years ago is when when he stopped and then he's back such big news now so now you're up-to-date that's how we all met each other it basically through the only the only difference. I guess would be that Dana. I knew each other or met each other because of our job we work for the same airline and he was the first officer and I was a captain on the on the map. So there you go tim who who wrote us. This feedback is in the chat room and he says basically you get them drunk in talk them into apparently it sounds like better counselors seems to be the the theme of the thread that runs through all. This is a vote. We don't get this you you hear. They don't drink mohair lapses of judgement. They're they're they're Tito. Yeah that's actually probably pretty sure if I stopped drinking then maybe I wouldn't make these mistakes. Actually if I recalled in Orlando didn't I go to the local Public's liquor store in they had that. Super Big Bottle Eagle Rare. Yeah which they don't have locally the only seven fifty milliliter the one point seven five. I bought the whole down thing and it was sitting on the counter sipping on that that night Yeah you're sipping on that. Okay all right so there you go jump. Hopefully I know there's some blanks in there that we You know because I blank out a lot. Apparently I have to go back and just they live that whole couple year. Timespan lot happened in in that. Two Thousand Fifteen twenty sixteen timespan and then we've been kind of basically on cruise control ever since then so there we go. That's so I think that This about the time the shower we like to do The installment of the old pilots plain tales. And even though nick is not with US LIVE. We still have this wonderful recording here. So we're going to go ahead and play the pluck of the Irish Rigaud. The violence plane town plucked of the IRA the Feast of some Patrick Today. More often known by revelers party guys. An opportunity to wear out -rageous green costumes hang consume copious quantities of Guinness in reality Patrick Walls of fifth century or Non British Christian missionary and Bishop in line at the age of sixteen. He was kidnapped by Irish raiders. And take it as a slave to Gaelic highland where he was false to work as a shepherd he found gone gone told him to free island and the ship would be waiting for him which indeed took him home to become a priest he returned to. Scott has it was nine th and to converse the Pagan Irish to Christianity is efforts to get rid of the druids became an allegory in which he drove all the snakes out of Ireland on some Patrick's Day Lenton restrictions are lifted for the day to allow much eating and drinking which comes from the custom of drowning the shamrock by pouring whiskey over a SHAMROCK LEAF. Which is then drunk because a toast in this tale of Irish celebration told on the seventeenth of March. I won't be Dawning Tacky. Irish costume and promoting a leprechaun riddled stereotype mutt honoring islands contribution to aviation. Perhaps best known is when island. Both metaphorically and geographically became the center of Global Aviation Islanders. The closest part of Europe to North America. So it's not surprising that the first attempts to cross the Atlantic by air would end on the Emerald on the morning of the fifteenth of June nineteen nineteen out of the mist of Vikas V. me a the Englishman John Alcock in the Scotsman off the Brown had been add on for sixteen hours in the most trying of conditions and they will undoubtedly delighted to see what looked like flat. Pasture land beneath them. Unfortunately they had chosen around stoned bog near Clifton in county galway as a landing strip and when their undercarriage sank into the ground the Vinnie came to a grinding halt as it nosed over. Luckily neither emon were injured but the vitamin needed some work before it was fit to take its place in the Science Museum of London. This event though wasn't the first significant aviation story to come out of island for that. We must look to Henry Ferguson. The famous tractor manufacturer. I wish I could tell you that. He invented the first flying manure spread bond whilst dot Com. I can certainly tell you about his other accomplishments. Henry George Ferguson was born in eighteen. Eighty four in draw county down. He worked hard on the family farm but didn't get on with his strict father so took off to work in his brother's garage in Belfast. He was here that he got his nickname as the mad mechanic fascinated by flight. He was determined to build and fly his own aircraft. The Ferguson monoplane. He knew of the daytime the row who founded. Afro and his success is the first British Jack. Crow builder who fluids machine triplane from Brooklyn's near Weighbridge and he set out to be the first to fly in island. He convinced his brother that they should use the bell foster workshops to build the machine and after visiting many shows they started piecing together. A design partly cribbed from information found in the flight magazine. Won't they came up with? Looked a little like the blurry monoplane powered by thirty five holes J. P. engine off too many changes and improvements. They towed the finish machine behind a car. Through the streets of Belfast and up to Hillsborough Park to make their first attempt at first they with wanted by propeller trouble and worked on the machine through the day but then bad weather grounded them and it wasn't until a week later on the last day of Nineteen Ninety nine that it all came together. Harry find out the engine on the road his machine down an incline and into the to become the first Irishman to build and fly his own machine. A reporter from the Belfast Telegraph described the scene. The roar of the eight cylinders was like sound getting going and action. The machine was set against the wind at all force being developed. The splendid pool of the new propeller swept the big airplane. Along as Mr Ferguson Advanced Lever presently at the Movement to the pedal the airplane rose into the air at a height from nine to twelve feet amidst the heavy cheers the onlookers. The poison. The machine was perfect. Mr Ferguson may splendor fleiss of one hundred thirty yards although fierce goes to win made machine twice. The navigator steadied her by bringing her head to wind. Twas the most successful initial Fleiss that has ever been attempted upon an airplane during June nineteen? Ten Ferguson made a flight of two and a half miles flying at any a few feet. Obama Gilligan Strand. I Love Foil County. Dairy and further successful flights were made Newcastle County. Down sadly a year. After first flight it was damaged during a lending. But Ferguson took the opportunity to rebuild it in a modified form with the wingspan and the fuselage's being shortened and fabric was used. Cover the entire fuselage with this machine. Ferguson made several excellent flights in nineteen eleven before coming degree on soft mud bank undeterred. Once again the monoplane was restructured. This time with a news wheel replacing the skid giving it a tricycle undercarriage this third version was also an excellent flyer was flying regularly at mcgettigan. The stand in nineteen twelve by Ferguson. And also by the famed aviator. Og Lie word. It was reported that he became very adept at controlling his machine. Once or twice having encountered very gusty weather he took those within including a lady passenger with him. Prior to the Leopard's town ash show which entitled him to the record of having achieved the very first passenger flight in island but that was all after three years of intense effort in making an flying aircraft the inventor of fell out with his brother and he changed our action into automotive an agricultural machinery which would actually make him more famous so famous that some of his inventions are now in the London Science Museum. His skill as an inventor mechanic led to the development of what is now the modern tractor. The first time traffic adjustable plow the three point hitch and four wheel drive system utilizing an open center differential Ghia which has been used in Formula One racing cars landrovers and the Range Rover Almonds Aviation Heroes. Went all men though. Lilian Bland was brought up in England to well-to-do Anglo Irish family. Mind the turn of the century. She was working as a sports journalist. Impress photographer for various London newspapers. She was well nine for her unconventional lifestyle. Disregarding the social norms of the period by smoking wearing trousers hunting shooting and fishing after being widowed from childless marriage she took to fight a graphing see buds on the remote islands of Scotland which nutter interest in flying. She lived with her father type. Carlin House Sung Lee Road West. Just north of bell foster nine land like Ferguson. She had studied Blair Rosemont aflame wage in spotted a takeout flying by building her own machine which she named may fly adding her own modifications to the design. The May I had similar wings to Blur. Monoplane body was to be a biplane controlled by cannot and look similar to the right flying barring uncle's workshop. She I build a model with a six foot. Wingspan to prove our ideas would work. And then sent to create a full size machine built from spruce bamboo in canvas. It was finished in early. Nineteen ten only a few months after Ferguson's cross the flu and had a twenty foot wingspan and weigh two hundred pounds. After months of test glides on the fitting of a Navy road twenty horsepower. Two stroke engine. She was eager to fly machine. There were many doubts expressed about Tara ability to control creation which is why she chose. The name may fly with deliberate irony. The first attempts were halted by excessive vibration from the engine but by August nineteen ten. She was ready to try. Hoffa's Flying Lillian skillfully. Were to the bicycle handlebar which was connected to the flying controls and state aloft for a quarter of a mile in doing so. She became the first woman to fly an aircraft in island and the first woman in the United Kingdom possibly in the world to design build and then pilot own heavier the nath flying machine after her first successful flight in rentals town. She continued experimenting with further flights but she if short duration and then offered the biplane up for sale to fund further development next machine flew regularly up to thirty feet into the air but Harak where OV- increasing concern to have Father Lillian. Hustle realized that the May fly was underpowered. But the lightweight aircraft couldn't handle the more powerful and heavier engine and her father had offered to buy her car if she would give aviation having made the point. That aeronautics were not purely a male preserve. She accepted the bribe. The aircraft engine was sold and the F. frame given to boys club for use as a Kaleida. Lillian wasn't the lady to fly an island though. And one of the most famous aviators in the world during the Mid Twenties was Sofi Catherine Theresa May ps Evans from knocker dairy in County Limerick. The young SOFI endured a troubled upbringing when how father murdered her mother was declared insane. She was brought up by two maiden ONS but received an excellent education enjoying playing sport hockey and tennis and displaying flat for the sciences. She graduated from the Royal College of Science Ryland with a top class degree and then during the first World War became a dispatch rider base in England and then an ambulance driver in France however interest in sports continued when she said a woman's British javelin record and a world high jump record albeit a dispute. One she was a delegate on the International Olympic Committee and represented the United Kingdom in various events in the May nineteen twenty. Five Sofi flew to Prague to address a conference of the Olympic Congress. It was the first time ever Internet craft and she became intoxicated with the whole concept of flight by August. She had become one of the first members of the London. Light Aeroplane Club taking have first solo flight in October and obtaining a private pilot's license the following month. I'm reminded of another high achiever that I know when I mentioned that she was also parachutist being the first woman to parachute from an aircraft landing in the middle of a football match although she could compete in races at the frequently held shows across the country often beating the men as Woman. She was not allowed to take passengers or otherwise zone living from her skill at the time women pilots would deem to be inferior to their male counterparts purely on the basis of the