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"tequila langton" Discussed on Fusion Patrol

"Yeah. No. I see your point. I do see your point. And if it's not her husband, what she did made absolute perfect sense. If it is or husband, I'm gonna go fifty fifty some people would some people wouldn't she does. More than fifty people would would actually say James, what's he doing something? I mean, I'm not necessarily saying she leaps into his form brace. But I think perhaps opening up some channel of dialogue before opting armed conflict built any. And there's another question was he gonna kill her was her way? She's just gonna blow them away. Well, he does kill the dot. I mean, he he does demonstrates the dog has just left it his throat. Yeah. Yeah. I I. Yeah. It's it's this is tough to evaluate. How you would behave a supernatural situation. If I saw somebody running at me with fangs dripping blood just killed somebody. I would probably try to give them both barrels. No matter who it was. But yeah, it's it's a tough one. The question is if the dog hadn't been there was he trying to scare her away. Would he have tried to communicate with her? He sorta did in the tunnels, right? When when he came across the. Couldn't speak, but he was clearly trying to say something to her. And and and then apparently left her we didn't actually see the result of that. He just left her. When it wasn't. It wasn't brilliantly executed, and it did make me wonder whether what he was trying to say, hey, kills Nick my ring or something which turned out to be the case, but the intention wasn't communicated especially clear between the scene itself. And I will I will say, yes. Your your point stance? He there is there is clearly within the story some residual recognition from James court of of Vallon, and therefore to come back to the question could have been after Marcham particular, well, maybe low why wouldn't he have just gone straight in the motel rather than wait. Wait and killer at the mansion killer at the mansion. Not even wait for someone to ten up matching just go to the motel or any other nearby building containing people with blood and empty one of them out. So that he could carry on with his modeling activities. It would've made more sense if the girl Millie had some connection to him. Yes, right. Killed Langdon connection. Killed Madame Shaquille. Had a connection killed the sister-in-law had a connection in Liker Milly seems to be a random a random target. Yes. But even tequila Langton yet wet looking connection. Right. They were killed because they're so it's not like he's looking for someone to kill at that point. Really only Millie the actually goes up looking to kill and Marsha right? Really needed. He needed the blood to start his clay. So he's got to find a body. And the implication here is at this place is pretty darn remote. Both the mansion and the I think even says a. Couple of times. How far even from the town. The mansion is so heck heck Vlada good money there in art for an artist who's presumably bought the house when he wasn't dead yet. I thought you had to be a dead artist before you got rich from from that stuff. But apparently not. Yeah. So, but yeah. So was he waiting for me to see him for tear or not Millie the sister Masha Moshe, I just Marcia Marcia, Marcia, I have no idea because the whole thing going out going off to have makes no sense. So dot point the question of whether he was why he was waiting outside the window rather, just rushing straight. So at his family Mina point seems to me I just feel kinda like that. Maybe also he would have just worked a little longer and finish the is on the previous night because it was only about what ten seconds worked to finish. The is there. Sunrises the sunrises. Could have been. I was just thinking, you know, the artists not wanting to spoil spoil the kind of resistance because there. Yeah. I do have to conduct the ceremony to with me grunting at him and bras delaying and whatnot. So. Anyway. All right. Let's see have. I got anything specific..

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