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"technetium ryan" Discussed on Techmeme Ride Home

"Technetium Ryan. Home for Tuesday may fifth twenty twenty. I'm Brian McCullough today the UK has played by Google and apple's rules and it seems like they're contact. Tracing APP is failing because of that and yet are Google and apple making decisions above their station. Uber might be bailing out. Lime Microsoft is reconsidering its Windows X. Strategy and sensor tower is the interesting rays of the day. Here's what you missed today in the world of Tech Apple has announced ww DC dates which it does every year is news every year. Just not always the biggest news every year. This year is different. Of course though so details around this are sort of interesting. Ww DC will kick off June twenty. Second it will be virtual. You will be able to participate and follow along inside the apple developer APP as well as on the EPA website and it will be free for anyone quoting nine to five Mac. Apple doesn't share specifics. About how exactly the virtual ww DC will work beyond accessing it through its developer APP and website. Fortunately the company still has a month and a half to figure out the logistics of converting everything to a digital format while preserving key elements of the WW DC experience an quote so to sum up virtual free for anyone which I should underline anyone. It's worth mentioning that. This means you can participate to Larry's no cap on developers and it's going to happen a bit later in June than usual. But that's no big deal now. The only thing left be seen how they will actually do things like demos while still social distancing onstage because you know demos are Demos. They sometimes require some real.

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