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"susan susan atkins" Discussed on Mother, May I Sleep With Podcast?

Mother, May I Sleep With Podcast?

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"susan susan atkins" Discussed on Mother, May I Sleep With Podcast?

"Like, oh, no. Like, first of all, I would never know. I'm anyway, by pointing all of this is to say that like I have. Kinda grown up say good Delic's. Now. Right leave. I was twenty four twenty five living alone in LA like on my own for four years, totally broke. If I started doing psychedelics at that point who knows who I would have been as a person. Now like, I'll do mushrooms like once every three months or something max usually at a concert, sometimes alone. But like, then I'll go a year without doing it. But the DOE part is it's like it's a valuable experience if I was living in that. If you do mushrooms like our viewer doing LSD will ten Casey's Allah. I've never done like acid like dot freaks me. The fuck out probably having I've done often not in. Oh, my God, not since college. But yeah, it makes your brain just like they need to re good acid for sure I guess people. Just call it like some really good aphid out there like the real pure stuff. Yeah. I have like friends that are like they literally go to chemists for it. Like, they get the purest shit. I really like why adver Belay my God. I have no. No desire to do Oeste. Well, like, I'm pretty comfortable throwing up lake. It's just like that's my body's natural response during like nervousness, lay your cat like. Yeah. If I'm if why do you like Putu just wags puke like? Wags cat sized. Yeah. His first friends were cats. So cute. I love her. This is go. Wait a minute. So I'm just saying that like I argue see yes, don't take any drugs fennel wags, his great. I'm like, yes. I'm not gonna kill anyone. I would probably hurt myself before I would ever heard anyone else. But this brings me back to my original Jodi areas asked point, which is like when crazy fucks with crazy, or when sane fucks crazy when crazy is acknowledged in the game. You gotta walk away unless you are also crazy cry. Yeah. 'cause crazies like you can breathe it. But then at a certain point, then once you've been like, I don't know like I think these girls are victims of Charles Manson to I definitely think they're victims. It's sad. There's still crazy, and it's kind of sad because there's not seventy five people in prison at this point to make a point I've leave as if like, you know, it's so crazy that people don't realize how tender things are how how things could change in a second for people are like, oh that never would have happened to me. It's like go. Fuck yourself. Right. Like, it could have so easily happen to you. It's kind of like these people like people have in my space. They had nothing. They had no computer go back to your childhood of the most dating gets worried about anything. You know, what I was thinking about when I was watching. To like God what kind of STD's win around? Did they get their medical care for that? Yeah. Yeah. And like, it's incredible. Because this was like free love and so in the states like in the world at this point, this is pre aids. Yeah. But they're probably all passing gonorrhea sore shore. I will say media one very attractive thing of this time period to me is to live pre aids. Because like I've never not known about ease me like I think when I was like four I found out about it. Because like it would be like start showing up like life goes on right? It's like my mom Philadelphia. Which like I interpreted completely wrong. Yes. When I was seven BTW crazy. But I will say the wack is thing in this entire movie is Linda's last like big line, which is sometimes the only thing that makes sense is no sense. That's like a tumbler. That's like the plague words of wisdom. Not. Yeah. It was it's like a note. Like, it's like definitely note that was given that was like we need a final line from Linda that like derives home like what hype? That's not bad. But yeah, just this movie like it deserved more than that. I feel that line Bill like we'll you. Voice overs were so much better. That was heard her testimony. That makes sense. Yeah. Like. I've definitely I definitely I wonder where they got some of the other VO's for her. They like took those from. Well. Yeah. I I guess also one other thing that I never think about enough with like VO's and movie is that you can change them up until loss minute lay. That's so cool like nuts like another thing. Because those were good. So her testimony. Do you think that actual knowing that like, I think that she was no, I don't think that's actual testimony. I think basically they. The people who made the movie needed. And with her saying some being redeemed her act, which was irredeemable. So it makes. Yeah. The only make sense something like whatever very good movie for her. I mean, this is a great. So we find out Lyndyk sabia was granted full immunity in exchange for testimony. She in Tanya live under assumed names in the Pacific northwest die for that. Susan Susan Atkins died from a brain sorry. Who's an kipnes died from brain cancer in prison in two thousand nine Leslie van Hooton, Patricia Krenwinkel, Bobby Bosa lay Bobby both lay Bobby Beausoleil is that his last name that's fucking hot both alleged. Yeah. What are as doing? Now. Bobby imprint and write about boy tech, Tex Watson and Charles Manson remain in prison. Serving life sentences and truly has died tweeted those like when he died I actually was like wind. Charleston's and died. I was like oh my God. Like, I never thought it would happen in my lifetime. Like the way that I don't think like I can't really think about Oprah dying in my time. Oh, yeah. That's tough. You know, like I'm like, oh, well, never like like of accepted. I can't accept it. But like, I know I'm probably not dying in the next eight years. Hopefully. Bowl. Like, I could die before Oprah when Charles Manson died like when I was their age in this like sixteen to twenty twenty to know once when I was sixteen. No, I thought it would be like none. But like when I was like twenty two twenty three twenty four out here by myself. I could not imagine myself living past like forty five not even because like I hide reasons that I was like actively going to die. I just it just wasn't in your wheelhouse. Yeah. I'm like, I'll probably be like twenty seven club go probably fucking drop dead at thirty. Like, I don't know. Like, I just couldn't imagine what it would ever look like. Yeah. That's so interesting. It's it is weird to think about your own mortality. I was sought. It'd be really old so ninety three. Yeah. Like when I see these girls like fucking blowing through their youth lake that unlike yet it lay Leslie Van Houten still looks good. She looks pretty and when I saw an interview with her which you can YouTube that shut. I mean, she is so repentant, and it is so sad that she got mixed up with a rough group of people and it had go down this way. They're very everyone's very fucking believable. Like, you've there's not one of them that you're like I felt like maybe I felt that. But now, we know like everything was fed to me through like a current affair like during their. Yeah. They're like this person is bad. Because meanwhile. Like empathy for almost anyone except for Charlie Manson. I don't have empathy for him. He warned up on Ted Bundy God, I mean, I am. I do I'm excited for that saga from movie. I didn't know anything about him really before a little bit of that just been doing all these like HSEN documentaries on that. And the Golden State cooler and they're good. They're good. They're really good. So wait sues. Can I ask you a quest? Or what is your favorite movie of all time? Best start to finish. Like, well, made you love it holes at something in new speaks your soul. Don't over think. Like, I'm not gonna over think it put a movie that really spoke to my soul, and it's gonna sound really fucked up when I tell you. But it's because I think we're talking about murders stuff. Don't even worry Natural Born Killers. It's such a. It's such a story about media. And and it was so ahead of its time. Like now, you watch it. You're like, yeah. I get it in the way, they use the colors and stuff in that movie. It's cool. It's I mean, it's fucked up, but it's a cool movies Ivan is like my top three dot movie and signs of lambs. I'm like, I actually. Yeah. I thought I hated like horror like no bring me to thriller, like put me at speed one every single day in the theater that would be my groundhog's day to die for if I could go to cease speed for the first time every day for the rest of my life. Never try and lift that Kerr's I like hamlet to for comedy hamlets hamlet to seen hamlet too. But I'm like, are you? I was like, oh, you got a DVD player. It's a comedy starring sif who pig. Starring Steve Coogan. It's not like a it's only children's cartoon parody of hamlet. No like certain no, it's about like high school kids putting on. Oh, wait a minute way. Call hamlet to actually, you know, what you knows I smoked so much pot in that in that era of my life. I think we all did. Good movie, I'm fucking seeing that in lake year. I was like a very good movie. That's that would be like I could watch that over and over. And we're talking about movies. You wanna watch over and over again, right? No. That's a good one. Actually, I'm gonna watch that tuna. You're going to love it. I am very said for this. Okay. We're gonna go one to five on each one one is like the most like nuts Warren Keller's and five is like the most like the most lifetime you lifetime movie ever. Okay. I don't know how well this will score except I know it's not a lot like Natural Born Killers. So like a real movie like a fucking like Lee Daniels about ler. Something's starring Juno. Temple pull up your bingo boards. Everyone.

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