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"steppenwolf armor works" Discussed on Nerd On! The Podcast

"Wow yeah that's comes off the the heels of the re uploading of the snyder trailer. So what about if you to know in dc fandome drop. The snyder cut trailer and people kind of went crazy about it. Right and Look at this Anyways it was secret cool. Yeah so leonard. Cohen's song was the featured song of the trailer and because of either not from snyder himself from a not cross tea or not dot i The copyright didn't go all the way through so they had to pull the video down and then so they re uploaded and he said oh. Just give it to me. I'll put in some new footage. And then i'll make a black and white version which also spawned its own sense of controversy amongst small minded people twitter and but also a breakdown corey. You know what. I'm talking about pursley all black and white doesn't make it look cool like oh yeah. It's not that that's the small minded thing it's like. No one was saying this shit when fucking blowing with the black and white version because they're fucking stupid chills anyways. I literally wanna see these things like people were like you and i will be. We're putting black and white filters of end game and be like. Oh i'm doing the same things like no. This is not color grading like you just made look muddy for those listening. You don't know talking about when they do a black and white version of a film they don't just gets a slap color out or slap a filter on it. You literally have to remix the entire film for black and white so way certain colors. The lens certain way darks shadows work that you can't you can't just take the color out now and white films. So with logan like he was he was referencing. Their james mangold actually had to re master the entire film for a black and white cut. So that's what that's about so you slap a filter on endgame and be like look at justice like all the dummies brains But so this also comes with full not understanding what they're looking at. No they're trying to make calls. They're trying to say this anyway. So a breakdown hugs. Caesar came out in color now. there's a color version online but then this is also came up the heels of him releasing on social media of his choice. Vero which has its own problems he did a breakdown of like. Hey these are the new sequences and stuff like that look. The internet is laced with issues. And i don't have enough time to talk about Will mention it and You know talked about a couple of certain things particularly like l. steppenwolf armor works. And how it's a more of an organic spike and all that stuff But yeah it's There's much more confirmed idea of like. This will tie in a lot of things that we saw in beverage sermon in terms of like how the joker and death stroke and all them play out in a quote unquote future sequence okay. What does that mean tom. And his ideas and thoughts of where it goes in terms of like a series and or his own universe and this also got a kind of like echoed amongst the the dc higher ups were everything of their website or the social media's all included as acts snyder character on the page the batman page on stuff. So it's like the high embrace of the multi versus at play so I think it's really cool to see the collaboration but also the Reversal of the support of the anti support. I guess one brothers pictures had for exeter and now with warnermedia and atrial max and everything eighteen t coming in..

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