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"spinks ali" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"The CBS sports minute radio dot com minute whatever it's called now Jim Rome where he said that Dana white's looking to basically get an island and have a vents on this private island so it shows you that all of the different sports are trying he's great easy out of the Rockies ideas doing this Dana white with UFC they all kind of I was a folk who that was okay yes so that you can keep the fight going by just flying people in and out of a private island in I don't know if he's gonna be what I would like that but the island we're lost it took place or Gilligan's island who knows survivor something like that yes right naked and afraid a little boy baby Paul o'neill will join us a little bit later on John sterling to mention Carlos Delgado with three Tony is in Suffolk New York a Tony Tony our Hey good afternoon guys thanks for being on one to make a couple points if I may with the with the strike zone the entire state you know he's like you know whatever ten feet behind the catcher you still have to call he's got to have somebody there to make all that hopefully will play at the plate think on my second point is if you want to go to games in Arizona hi all and I don't know maybe I'm just how can you have thirty teams with at least twenty six baseball players on each team only one state why couldn't he do like are going to Arizona to Arizona maybe do some in southern cal some in like Miami is and sample maybe some of Georgia at least of warm weather I think it depends on how safe they think the states ought I mean I I think that's a big part of it yeah they did they don't want traveling so right if you split up let's say Arizona and Florida and Florida doesn't feel like a realistic place right now without there being hit right let's just say it's safe in Florida the only way you could pull that off and keep some semblance of normalcy as far as the schedule is concerned is having the American League in one state the nationally in another state I know that remains you know one team and I have to have a day off basically every day right but I think by putting everybody in the same location and they do have the infrastructure to pull it off I mean that's the thing it's not as if they can't know you're right it's a lot of people and it's going to be greater than the twenty six man roster it's probably gonna be a forty man roster it's gonna be a big big roster which I'm sure the players association is like they don't like that aspect of it but when you add up the players the umpires the broadcasters broadcast crew the grounds crew those that are running the hotels and probably family members because I assume you're not going to tell Gerrit Cole whose wife is pregnant yeah you're leaving her for four months I mean I don't know if they're able to pull something like that you're gonna have they they you know they are you would think most cities including most of these guys want their families with them yes there is a few to wouldn't have had the most that you would think most of them would you know yes the key words most of them yes yes right but I think that's why Arizona's the thought based on the infrastructure that they have the facilities that they have and in this moment I guess on April seventh it's a state that's savoring you could probably pull something like that off the road but it was a last goes pretty decent I don't think there's too much going on there and you know what's great about Alaska this time of year a lot of sunlight yeah I don't know what it is I don't know what the climate is up there I think it's nice I think maybe not yet in April but I would probably shoot it's probably in the sixties right you would think and then you get daytime baseball all the time all the time which is kind of cool that would be weird three AM in the morning and say what's the time difference of six hours from us what is it Alaska six I honestly don't know what I'd say five or six something like that something something in that yeah Mike is in east Brunswick came I got Mike how are you Hey you guys don't mind well I mean there's a lot of big mosquitoes out there and all that kind of movie they get away with that one no is that true and I also pride you simply don't have the facilities up in Alaska we don't have a major how to reach yeah yeah the anchorage analogues or something like that right now what I would think it is let's say you know they do sorry I'm on a stationary bike but they do get in downtown and multi tasking like I could you fill out all fields no I could not now they get a mall down there and you know you don't change the game but you throw in the aspect of Mike in the players up again you know the thing with the whole my can of the players what is that mean well what's it what is what is that for entertainment purposes I don't want to see diplomacy games okay but the plays being miked up was at me yeah when they did that in spring training Mets finally spring training I mean yeah let it did to me that doesn't do that much to me now because a I think a lot of it's going to be fake the forest right no there might dump right and I assume they're going to want to not play it until after the producers here it but look they they can try things if they pull off a season like this but I think what most baseball fans want is for it to be baseball they wanted to be and feel and smell and look like regular baseball that's why the idea of changing everything does that really appeal to a lot of baseball fans yeah my assumption is you're gonna want it to look as normal as possible because baseball if it's played in its regular form just because it's in a minor league ballpark in Scottsdale it's at chase field with nobody there it's not that different than watching a Tampa Bay rays game at home but it's not going to be normal but if it did there will be nothing normal about this baseball season bro nothing no I know I look but I think the goal would be to strive to go I'd informal at least the game itself being normal but it is nothing about this baseball season that's going to look or feel normal I don't I don't think there's any doubt about that if the Mets so when we have a season you know if if we have a season with the Arizona format and we don't get games at Yankee Stadium or Citi field and a Mets won the World Series will it still be special yeah of course okay but it but it but as far as feeling normal he won't feel normal they won't they just won't no one in the World Series with anyone at all the plane in you know intent be wherever the Sunday Arizona state employees are down in the Tucson where Arizona plays you know university Arizona plays baseball is not going to feel normal the Mets winning a championship anywhere wouldn't feel nor that is zero that is a great point it goes to a good city parade well I we wouldn't even be allowed the parade probably you know what does let me say this about this parade for the Mets or the Yankees because the Yankees are a little bit more likely well venture Lee they won their first in having parade right they're used to it eventually they'll be a parade first we're gonna have a parade for the first responders and all the healthcare workers that I don't the first ticket tape parade that's the first one that's the bigger one right and then have one of our team which the championship even if it's delayed they'll be a parade right right and that's okay you can delay that long as it happens you know even if it's in two thousand and twenty two you gotta have that parade yeah I guess Steve is in bound brook New Jersey Hey Steve how are you what's what's up fellas Hey real quick I'm as big a baseball fan that there is but I think this idea is completely ridiculous but before I go there you go see what ESPN two's broadcasted aren't Joe I think you'll be into it what is it because I didn't show you're an old school boxing fan correct I definitely yes they're showing the original broadcasts at seven o'clock all the foreman eight o'clock Thrilla in Manila wow nine nine thirty Leon Spinks Ali I think are very big homes police in which was a joke by because homes washed up these are three flight before mark Kerr sure was a Larry Olmsted Norton which was one of the great fights of all time there are fifteen round with the maybe the the greatest round in what you're talking about Norton and and home during home this fight I think it was nineteen seventy eight I want a flight that was a great fight yep yeah it was incredible Ron is way up he was still young young man so let me let me let me get the run done so seven o'clock I get the rumble in the jungle right now you tell me eight o'clock yeah the Thrilla in Manila no I don't want to come with Leon Spinks is this is this when Leon Spinks beat alleys at what they're showing up the first party right what telephone CPR about one o'clock ordinary on the PF I was about nine years old I will be all I'm glad you told me as I was not aware of it I will be all over that I got to tell you that I wouldn't be watching that show the best part is the garlic means fifty two okay in early I was a little before my time when are you coming to fight them my dad okay right right so like for example foreman Ali a few bits and pieces on like you but I never thought there I want to fight now I can sit there over here in Washington for the original broadcast it's going to be really exciting I'm really looking forward to it yeah that's all I'm glad you told me that I'm very excited ESPN two starting tonight at seven o'clock I I'm ready to go thank you for telling me that yeah definitely and and certainly guys as much as big of a baseball fan I am I think this is the biggest read most ridiculous idea I've heard just think about this all it takes is this with all the logistics involved in all the money to be spent sending all these teams are the Arizona Senate solat all it takes is for this to start work orders to get everybody out there four warn warrior or one team member or somebody to come down with the virus and we don't and so you will be tested they would not let anybody played it was not tested and and was clean no doubt and testing I'm gonna have to be a common occurrence but question the way I read it initially from Jeff Passan is column is that they would not shut it down because of one failed test they obviously have to quarantine the guy but it wouldn't because the whole thing to crumble act I'm sure Major League Baseball and health officials and the federal government they're gonna have to go over all.

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