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"smoke abatement society" Discussed on HISTORY This Week


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"smoke abatement society" Discussed on HISTORY This Week

"It's thanksgiving day in new york city and an awkward top-heavy superman balloon is floating down broadway. He's first up in the annual macy's day parade. There are a million people watching the streets moms and hats and mittens kids and checkered coats. There are marching bands ballerinas people waving palm in front of a castle on the toyland float on the flower float. Is the famous nina simone. She thinks the song blue skies but the skies are not blue in new york city. Today they're great. The clouds look dirty and after they leave the parade ballerinas and the marching band musicians and the pom pom waivers. Something might feel a tickle in their throat there is might be stinging they might even find it hard to breathe because while the macy's day parade is happening in midtown manhattan. The city's air laboratory up in harlem is recording extremely high levels of pollution. New yorkers have dealt with pollution before but nothing like this guy over this thanksgiving weekend the smog will turn deadly time all is said and done close to two hundred people will die the killer smog of nineteen sixty sex forces new yorkers and people all around the country to finally pay attention to the air pollution that they were actually breathing all the time. It's hard to talk about. Smog and smoke and air pollution dangerous without reflecting on humans inability to take chronic threats. Seriously there seems to be something about the modern mind that longs for this kind of conduct vision the big disaster rather than the toll. That your lungs. Your is your body supper each. And every day today the apocalyptic vision comes true. How did new york. City's killer thanksgiving smog. Help usher in a new era of environmental protection for the whole country. And how are we still looking at environmental disasters all wrong one for mom and one firm me. 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Starting at thirty dollars a month so make the smart choice and switched to sling tv. Get the best of cable for the best price. It's easy to switch and save things. Mckay me learn more at sling dot com slash. Podcast that is sling dot com slash podcast. He history fans keep up with all the great shows and documentaries on the history channel by signing up for email updates had to history dot com slash email to get updates right to your inbox i to know about premieres sweepstakes jabbour shows and so much more keep up with her of oak island pawn stars american pickers groundbreaking documentaries and warm sign up today at history dot com slash. Email professor frank. You grew up in germany but in the nineteen nineties. He came briefly to live in the united states and it out to la wonderful hometown and also a notoriously smoggy city. You could are has read all about the worst years of smog in the nineteen fifties couldn't stand at a three quarter in those early fifty s and not have watering is. He told us by the time he was there in the early nineteen nineties. Things were much better. Know watering is but still. He got curious about air pollution. He began to look into the history of smoke. And also it's modern cousin. What is smog. This is a term coined by a londoner smog as a combination of smoke and fog which describes the situation in london every nicely. This is ninety four when the treasurer of the coal smoke abatement society in london england sense of christmas day letter to the times of london and with that coal smoke abatement treasurer makes up this word that we still use today. Coal smoke is a problem at this time in london and in other cities to the world industrializing rapidly factories everywhere and a lot of those factories on coal combustion. So if you are living in a city that is becoming a center of industry it was dirty in a way that is barely speak of on nowadays because the smoke was everywhere in the big cities it intruded into private quarters. It was literally in the air everywhere. You can actually see it from outside. The worst kind of dark cloud over a city and people were very much against it but not so much for health reasons mostly due to the fact that the early twentieth century city was unhealthy on so many fronts. This was ranked as a minor issue. You gotta deal with your sewer problems before you deal with your smoke problems. But still people hated the way. That smoke. Just made everything. So dirty and ugly and gross. It's mostly a problem of cleanliness in by extension a problem for property values. It's not for real estate bellies. That's what people are upset about how this would affect their bottom line. Meanwhile the particulates that they're breathing in our very bad for their lungs. You may have seen an image of the black lungs of a city dweller compared to the nice pink lungs of someone who grew up in the country. That's beginning to happen for the first time but doctors epidemiologists won't be aware of this kind of damage for years over the last three decades. We have learned a great deal about how dangerous find us. Actually as.

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