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OPEC Oil Production Hits 20-Year Low Amid Cuts

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OPEC Oil Production Hits 20-Year Low Amid Cuts

"You're listening to the news at this hour. An Africa Business Radio. A survey Bayreuth is found that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries saw. It's all outputs. Hit the lowest in two decades in June Saudi Arabian Golf. Are members made larger conce, the group compliance with the supply reduction pats rose above one hundred percents despite incomplete adherence by Iraq Jerry. The Thirteen member OPEC com, twenty two point six two million barrels per day, an average in June. The survey found down one point nine two million barrels per day from as revised PGA. OPEC, and its allies in April agreed to a record outputs count to offset slum in demand caused by the coronavirus crisis, an easing of lockdowns and lower supply have helped prices climate, forty dollars from April, twenty one year low of below sixteen dollars a barrel. and. That was the news at this time. In Africa Business Radio, he can continue to in life online at stop you W. W Africa Business Radio? Dot Com or I'm APP. Thank you for listening.

OPEC Africa June Saudi Arabian Golf Bayreuth Iraq Jerry nine two million barrels six two million barrels sixteen dollars twenty one year forty dollars two decades