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The Morning Ritual with Garret Lewis - 08/18/20 Full Show

The Morning Ritual with Garret Lewis

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The Morning Ritual with Garret Lewis - 08/18/20 Full Show

"Pro Pay Taxi. Plug. In that tank, we deliver propane straight to you extend your. Went through. That's. Pain, TAXI PENTAX DOT COM. Let's cook in this weekend. If rilling is your plan, then make it easy on yourself. Go to propane taxi dot com enter Promo Code bbq ten for ten dollars I. Barbecue Tank Exchange delivered to your door. It's that easy with propane taxi so you can focus on family friends and fun. Of those comfortable how young? Yes Sir Hello. What's up? It's Monday we've made it. So. Glad that you're here with me, it is your morning ritual. Garrett Lewis S. T. A. M. Seventy Tucson's most stimulating talk. Oh do I have some great things for you? All right. Three things I think you need to know, of course, brought to you by struggle plumbing installer. Number. One Pima County finished the week. Six point nine nine percent Kovic positivity rate. Hey how about them apples right seven, point three, six the week before. So we are very close, very, very, very close by the way our covert like illness. Going to hospitals Muslims down to one point seven percent from three five. This is fantastic twelve hundred eight down to twenty eight. Kobe. Patients in Arizona hospitals. Twelve hundred eight it was thirty, five, hundred seventeen a month ago will july thirteen to be exact. So it's what's about sixty, six percent down. Just about just just under sixty six percent. This is fantastic. Second thing that I think you need to know. Is that a Santan. Valley School district. Is having eighteen. Out Today, they don't WanNA teach the kids. They ain't enough training their COPA they're calling out because it's the J O Combs School district. And all. County. Teach the kids in class and they don't want to teach them virtually. We. Didn't get enough training. This is just terrible. It's just not safe this. Oh. Okay. Great. Excellent. So they have, they're having literally a sickout today these Pew, we pay their salaries and they just don't. WanNa. Work. And by the way Queen Creek, they have twelve schools in their district from what I counted and eight teachers quit and the media is like Oh. My God how are they going to get but they'll be just fine. Third thing I, think you need to know Oh, even the crooked polls are making Democrats nervous back in early June is CNN poll Biden had a fourteen point lead. Just came out it's now down to four points. Oh No. Yeah. Four points, right. And on top of that. In. This fifteen swing states in Arizona's one of them. It is just a one point lead. For Sleepy Joe Biden, but there's so many more things by the way that are in this. A great trump has overtaken the thirty five to sixty four demo which votes the most. All this stuff. So we'll get into everything three things. I think you need to know by the way seven, zero, five this morning, we're going to have our. Our data analyst Guru that concentrates on Arizona at hold the number two LLC I know I gotTa give it right which we should give them a fake name. There's GonNa, put his name and I totally understand who's told the put like a fake name. Call Him John or something Chauncey and now what do you think? You. Wish we go chauncey. Gue-. Messed up like a funny name why not I don't know if it's going to and you know he's GonNa be as already owns. Okay. Now. Sean. His name is not Jonty. CIANCI. Come Jerry Jerry Seinfeld. Jerry's. Fu Sealy Jerry should we do they ever the The Pasta Jerry. Kramer Anyway. So look there's there's there's obviously a lot going on here and the numbers are truly staggering. So Friday afternoon, a friend of mine who still sends her children to the school district, which I looked apparently, there's still time to enroll in charter schools that are going to have butts in seats like I'm excited, my son is going to be sitting in a classroom today. And this is not rubbing I'm just like this is crazy five months since he sat in a classroom last time he sat in the classroom I wanNA say March sixteenth was a Monday when schools were closed. So Fifty March thirteenth. So it's been a little over five months and four days. It's been over one hundred fifty days since my son has sat in a classroom and he is going to do this today. Which I think is just tremendous. It's awesome. Thank goodness I wanted to happen. So he gets to sit in a classroom today. and. Other. Other parents are mad because I mean you have all those school districts. Every right will add a nowhere Friday afternoon. It was a Friday afternoon news dump. amphorae schools put out an email from their their superintendent who I asked him I got a bunch of people that I know that emailed the superintendent of Schools Todd Jaeger. and. He comes out of nowhere and says so at the direction of Pima County Health Department which again I wish they'd actually answer the questions these these these frigging people depending on we are going to close schools until probably after fall break. So that's what mid October Two months two more months just about. Coming up with this stuff now, this is where it gets weird from the state if you go to the. Department website it actually shows that you're supposed to have less than set their recommendations are less than seven percent positivity rate in accounting. But then if you go to the actual school recommended with their both school recommendations, it says like less than five is the minimal risk less than ten is the moderate risk, and again, these are not even written in stone. They are just recommendations for God's sake I mean Louima county with six nine, nine this week we'd seven three last week it's headed in the right direction. And by the way it. That is if you look at the the day to day when then of course, the they do the actual weeks behind the school stuff right the school things the school part of the department health website you go to as E. D. H. dot com on a bore you with this, but it is what it is and you scroll down to schools universities. And you go down and he got to click on the map and you click on pima county right. We are down is another big deal. They just released a yesterday because it's two weeks behind because for some reason, they want to go two weeks blind. August second. which was really the data for August. Second in pima. County we are down to seventy five cases per one hundred, thousand people way load in the hundred thou- The this he got to be less than one hundred cases per one hundred thousand people for two straight weeks. So weird seventy five and honestly it should be two straight weeks. See You got screwed Pima County and for some reason, the media reported themselves cable you had a story on August fits the last week of July there were I believe seven hundred inmates that tested positive for seven hundred or they're waiting on more than they said, five hundred seventeen definitely tested positive. These are people in jail and Pima County people in a prison. If you look at the Arizona Department of Health website and look at confirmed cases by the day for Pima County and not to get. Wonky here. But they if you look at that, right, it shows US major declined going on a pima county major decline starting on July first and go down then all of a sudden randomly on July thirtieth. It spikes up to six hundred, one, day six, hundred, five everything around it is blow two, hundred and dropping more. And at one day is from all the prisoners why it's not fair that Pima County and the health department is crooked. The health department is you're gonNa tell me the whole community has to suffer because five hundred seventeen inmates at a at a pima county prison tested positive for the virus. And because of that Pima County didn't officially hit the benchmark, they were to hit that one They were very close to two weeks below seven percent. And they are again, they hit the third one, which is two consecutive weeks with hospital visits for Kobe illness below ten percent there were three five on July twenty six now down to one seven on August second. So we really unreal re- in reality, pima county hit all this stuff. And even the media's not asking the dopes at the crooked they're just crooked at the Pima County Health Department saying, why are you making the whole county suffer because a prison had spread? Right. You're making businesses suffer you're making you're making kids suffer because of this. Traditionis. And nothing from the media. Again, there was actually a story rank. We play this sound bite if you don't mind. Number forty, five, Melissa Egan did a story I think it was a Friday or Saturday as if Saturday anyway where she actually points out, he actually did the right number the percent positively testing recheck said the right one for Pima County which I guess the media starting to catch on Your. Welcome. Instead, of looking at the summary, they're looking at the actual real number you're welcome. And but but she her own again, her own TV station on August fifth did a story more than. It I'll read the exact headline to you more than seven hundred Tucson inmates have tested positive for covid nineteen. And it says five hundred, seventeen of those are housed at the stone unit. Or Wet Stone Unit? So that's five hundred hundred, but it's over set the headline more than seven hundred inmates have tested positive on invasive tested positive for cope in nineteen that was a story down in August fifth. And he had that major spike of six, hundred five and one day it was reported. And yet pima county gets to suffer. No questioning from the media. No explanation from Pima County. Board of Supervisors at talk to the the the the Pima County crooked has people anyway I want you to hear Melissa Egan. This is Is. Number forty five listen to what she said her own report. The first is a decline in cases or less than one hundred cases per one hundred, thousand people for two consecutive weeks, and you can see the county did have a decline here but it jumped up again and I want to note that these numbers are on a twelve day reporting lag. So officials can get an accurate look at disease data especially when there are situations like this, going on in a county. There you go. She could said, Hey, look at this major spike in this wondering nope. Nothing from her that way. So anyway, again, Todd Jaeger the Jaeger. He said because of all this. A after a thorough review of essential public health measures the pima county health department has provided an unequivocal recommendation that schools not reopened this time. In fact, they projected covid nineteen conditions. The county will likely not permitted opening of schools for another six to seven weeks. That's what the the the crooked one runs it Dr Theresa Colonists, which she said do that place is awful. You should this again bombard the Pima County Health Department and the P. Mechanic Communications Guy Mark B Evans who's listening right now you should just bombard them with all kinds of. Complaints and they're crookedness and it's an effect. They won't answer if I'm giving up bad information, they should put me in my place I go ahead. If. I'm wrong about this. I'm wrong anyway. So that's the latest that's going on. There are businesses by the way. Let you know by this company they're actually some some that are opening today. They're trying to keep it quiet the state for some reason, but it's it's happening and we'll get into more details about everything because because there's a lot of bad stuff this state students weird. if you're on twitter at hold the number two LLC, he put up charge yesterday I mean showing how they just added over eight thousand cases yesterday and then took away like fifteen hundred cases two weeks ago, and then added cases going back to the end of July that actually lower the positivity right down to the twos three percentile, which is I mean that's That's well below seven. So there's no accurate information you could actually you know trust it anyway it it's they're a mess. They're a mess. We should go on with life as we know it all that coming up do not go anywhere Oh and I got great polling somebody. This is six forty grade polling stuff. do you apparently Info Americans all right. You know it's GonNa, influence a lot of people college football. To be played or not to be played. Wait till. You hear that's a six forty. It is incredible. It's all coming up. Don't go anywhere. It is your morning ritual with me Garrett Lewis T am seven, ninety, two sons most. I yes. What's going on Gary Lewis with you? Choose. Your morning ritual and I thank you so much for being here. beautiful rain yesterday I don't know if we had rain where you live because I have no idea where you are but I had rain where I was and it was glorious. You didn't get any rain Ryan sucks for you. Supposed to be really hot though again, today eighty outside felt nice. Okay. At the early this morning. But one, hundred, nine. Hundred nine Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. You. Don't I love you. I love sending a screen shots of the the temperature. To my friends back on long. Island. Going to be a warm one today eleven. It says the my iphone eight, hundred nine and they're like what the hell am I I know I get. It looks like we could get some thunderstorms Thursday Friday Saturday. So that's that's where you are. All right. So the scare queen herself from ABC Fifteen. Nicole Greg had a story and again it's like being kept quiet where all of a sudden because do those ridiculously insane benchmarks or guidelines or whatever mandates for businesses to reopen whether it's gyms everything else do there there were ninety five bars that serve food that filed to submitted forms or proposal reopen ninety five bars, eighty-nine gyms and five movie theaters. For businesses were denied to gyms up in the valley been approved to reopen. GotTa wear masks. Do you want to do that I? Would I don't want to work out in a mask? ME I. Guess It'd be a have to work out but I I ain't gonNA. Have renewed. You have to I don't like it. That's the problem I have and I. You know I'm a little freaked out by that. And by the way, I don't think people are GonNa just like pull them down below their nosing the gyms are GonNa care at that point? Is the do you think there's going to be like police sent right? Do. You think police are going to be sent or somebody is going to be sent to health department just standard the gyms and stare at people like how are we gonNA have? This is GonNa be like the government. That that's just crazy. You know just to that point. there was a piece I think I put up Friday afternoon maybe maybe it was Friday. I saw in Bloomberg opinion. Kovic spread can only be explained by who is being back. Seeing disease moral terms seems to be the American way but scientists a lot of questions. Okay. meaning that just because there's a spread in the virus, doesn't mean people are being quote bad about what is bad me not wearing a mask. Is that what it means. So. In this in this story they talked to an independent data scientists. and. His name is you Yang Goo among making that up. First. Thing you young, why are you? Why G last name Gu Isn't this Bloomberg Story. he said the issue with data is one can manipulate it to show anything you want if you have an agenda and we know that already. Picking is easy. Prediction is harder. And he's getting some attention for the fact that models he's been creating since April actually forecast what's happened with the spread of the virus in America and he went to twitter. Urging public health officials to apply scientific thinking. Anyway, he wanted to get rid of this Dad Louisiana. Cases were rising earlier in the summer and seem to level off after various counties issued mask mandates you like Oh great. Here we go. He though broke down the data county by county and he said it showed a different story. Mask mandates varied in their timing but places at. Them. saw the so but place that implemented mass mandates late saw no more cases or deaths than those that did so early. So the. said at the very end like what doocy was doing? Hey, no. No mask they saw again, no difference in the amount of cases, deaths than the ones that right away you must wear a mask. And he said quote I don't think there's currently enough evidence to support the fact that recent policy interventions mass mandates. Bar Closures were the main drivers behind the reason decrease in cases. So I I, have it on my facebook twitter and parlor all their screen shots, the link you can see for yourself. A few scientists are examining the possibility previously hard areas and are being affected by a build up of immunity. and. There was a new study out. Who's actually a whole bunch of studies showing that there is a stronger longer lasting immunity now from the virus and then scientists I anticipated and they're still looking at it but I mean, it's it's there. It's there. So that's that's the latest I'll get you the latest by the way on again these these school situation Oh, we have we have so much to get to. So you know what? I'll even play for you. What Francisco, Garcia the number two at Pima County Health Department Who Refuses to come on this show what he said about it and then, and then with with these these school closures, there was an actual an op Ed in the New York Times where pediatrician rooted. Saying get back to school. I'll explain coming up. Don't go anywhere would on Kennedy. Just so you know you can listen at home by telling Alexa, play? T. on iheartradio. In, joy the stimulation. Gary Lewis with you here. Thank you so much for hanging out. Can S. T. am seven hundred John's most stimulating talk State Superintendent of Schools Kathy Hoff, and continues the scare fest and again where are the Republicans like I is it I don't WanNa make people feel bad but it's like what is going on here I still see nothing you see anything and you get to say I shouldn't say anything I, can't I can't call them out. We're the Republicans to Counter Governor Ducey to counter a Kathy Hoffman saying returning to in person learning is toxic and it puts staff and teachers lives at risk. That's what she said. But staff and teachers lives Edris. Sodas getting in the car driving to work every day. Isn't it? I mean. She's out there. She's a mouthpiece for the union. She's not talking about the damage it's happening to the kids. Let's go to number forty, six, Dr Francisco Garcia Pima County Health Department number two another crooked guy. They're all crooked. Just what it is when you're not willing to talk give up information you're lying about it and it's pro. Plug in that tank, we deliver propane straight to you extend your aunties does through that's. Pay Taxi. Taxi Dot Com let's cook in this weekend. Grilling is your plan then make it easy on yourself go to propane taxi dot com enter Promo. Code. bbq Ten for ten dollars I barbecue tank exchange delivered to your door that easy with propane taxi. So you can focus on family friends and fun because I don't want to be stuck wearing my old outdated glasses because I want to wake up and just be able to see because enough is enough at the eye center we've heard. It all all the reasons why it's time for lacing over the past thirty years the eye center is helped tens of thousands of people realize the freedom lacing provides now is the time releasing twenty percents off for a limited time with one of northern Virginia's leading surgeons plus get an additional eight hundred dollars off when you schedule within thirty days, register for your savings and schedule your free consultation. Now at the Ice Center, Dot Com some restrictions apply they are they're literally lying about it. I want you to hear they're being dishonest especially with the spike that we had because the inmates seven hundred inmates tested positive for forty six years. He's Dr Garcia. We are still not out of the woods. If this is a keep saying if this is a marathon were we were at about the halfway point that still means that it's a long way to go pima counties. Epidemiologic data seems to indicate that we're getting better little by little. Little by little. Okay. One point seven percent covert like illness at hospitals right. One down to one point seven down the twelve hundred eight Kobe patients in the whole state six, point nine, nine, covert positive percent. Seventy five cases per one, hundred, thousand, I mean, we are crushing it it is going away. It's a cold it is going. And this guys out there still trying to scare the hell out of people. It's really disgusting. What's going on I mean it's bad and then he's stupid teachers. Are just not wanting to work me public school they're cutting their own throats and you know there are GonNa be cases where kids get it. There's a case of the school and it's not the end of the world people get the flu they get this it's going to happen and again it's cases cases cases at seven, zero five and we have our our data analyst. Guru. On with US I mean he pointed out that we are basically and he'll explain it and I have it for you to look at his grabs that he makes the baseline goes back to May twenty sixth, and we are basically just about where the baseline was when it comes to covert like illness hospital patients, all that stuff. It's dropped that Ba. So we'll get into that. Now coming up in about five minutes the President wants college football to be played Joe Biden does not Joe Biden. Wants everyone to wear masks the next three months inside outside the bed you name it right Guess what America Guess, what swing. Voters think about college football, how it's going to help the president it's incredible stuff from a pollster who got who one of that. I think one of the you guys one of the only ones maybe or two guys that got to write that he said trump's GonNa win Michigan Pennsylvania. Way To hear his breakdown on this. I. Gary Lewis with you. Here it is. Your morning ritual Kfi. Am Seven, ninety Tucson's. Most. Stimulating talk. So here's the situation. Here's here's the situation. There are three things I. Think you need to know, but I'm debating. Ryan, you think we should the confirmation we just got us. We wait on that for tomorrow. Maybe way just a little bit I think. So need to meet my. Okay. Okay. Okay So. Thank you. You're welcome. We might have we might have a a pretty big person on the show tomorrow as the President does his trip to Yuma. He's going to be in Yuma. Doesn't. He realize nobody wants to go to a especially now anyway. Yeah I mean. TOT Like I'd rather hang out here. I never sweat nor sweats. Three things I think you need to know number one a that we're going to have again, our data on seven Oh five. But for the week last week pima county finish that just a six point nine, nine, hundred, seven, right six, point nine, nine, percent, Kobe positive testing rate. And there's all kinds of. Tests dumped on at the last minute taken away from the weeks before added to the weeks before that, there's all kinds of crazy stuff we'll get to all. That are cases hundred thousand people dropped the seventy five, and if the pima county health department wasn't so damn corrupt and they would take away the seven hundred inmates that tested positive for the. Virus the week of July twenty six we'd have two straight weeks below a hundred cases. One hundred people for one hundred thousand cases which had another benchmark, and we did a third one because our Kobe like illness era in pima county drop from three five to one point seven percent. That's like illness rate at a hospital. So I mean, that's that's remarkable. Remarkable. Second thing I think you need to know. Is. That there is a sick out today at a Santan is inten valley school. It's up in Pinellas County. I believe. It is j o Combs School district. One, hundred eight teachers calling out sick even the ones that we're gonNA teach virtually online because they claim it's not safe. They are not ready not enough training give me a break give me but that's what they're doing these slugs. I don't call them teachers like there are the teachers that WanNa teach are actually good teachers these ones I don't want to disrespect the actual good teachers by calling these people, teachers, these are slugs, and by the way Queen Creek the media made a big deal. They have twelve schools and say they've had eight teachers resign eight. In twelve th they're going to be just fine. Oh, they're all quitting. Third thing. I. Think you need to know CNN poll. Shows Biden's lead has shrunk to fifty to forty six back. In early June, who was a fourteen point lead trump's gained ten. In battleground states fifteen of them including Arizona Biden holds one point lead forty, nine, forty, eight. By eight percent of voters that. And now it's down to four. There's all kinds of great things in that three things I think you need to know by the way and I think to get to this and I don't WanNa leave you out of it because you're listening early with me and and how long have you should stick with me all morning but I understand there there's things like work and other stuff, right? A pediatrician really quick. They wrote an op Ed in the New York Times. We'll get to the polling stuff in just a second pediatrician wrote kids aren't big cove in nineteen spreaders really New York Times and she writes we've known for months that the Corona virus does not act like normal cold viruses that we often catch from children. The virus behaves the. Of what we're used to children do not seem to get sick with covert as frequently as adults. and. Yet. Teachers are doing sick outs in Arizona sick outs. Pima County Schools are closed amphorae, their their skin, get a superintendent what a sell out that guy is. Todd. Jig. It's white. You know what? Were I think it was. was, a jail combs who might have been Queen Creek one of them where the school board overrode the Superintendent Superintendent wanted cancel in person learning the school board said, nope you're doing it. It was one of those two. That's what happens when you have a good school board. That's why I need good people on the school board. That's it. So anyway, let's let's continue. there was a interesting piece on CNN. This guy I don't know if you've ever heard of this, it's. It's a polling company that actually again got it right in two thousand sixteen and they do polling a bit differently. It's not like the suppression polls that you see from Fox and CNN and this and that and Blah Blah Blah Blah right Robert Kelly. Is With Travel Gar Travel or polling. And he got he got right in two thousand sixteen that trump was gonNA win Michigan. Ohio and Pennsylvania people like you crazy crazy. And by the way he says right now. That trump is going to win Michigan again. Right now I mean who knows things could change right? Things could change. But he said I could look into those undecideds those third party and tell you I believe those people will vote for trump. We had him down by one trump win Michigan as of the last poll we did. He said there's been a wave pattern recent polling training for trump. they were trending away now they're turning towards him again. He says, the virus went on trump's slade than George Floyd was killed in trump slid further but then the riots occurred statues torn down left this call for defunding police. Trump standing started to improve especially after the fourth of July of entity ad. He said, that was the first time. This polar Robert Haley said, that was the first time I would have told you. He could have broken three hundred electoral votes. He said that's why the media shifted its focus from protests back to coronavirus. So. He also said. It's difficult to pull recent elections because of these social desirability status. That's when an interviewee wanting a pulse. They're like the answer they're giving instead of giving a true answer. And he said we've seen a disproportionate amount of Republicans unwilling to participate in polls and you have to work really hard to get a Republican to answer. And I know people that are taken polls that say Biden is going to win because they WANNA make sure people show up to vote for trump. So. There's that. Then he had some very interesting things to say to on CNN. Let's go with the College Football Angle I. Okay. number forty, three. You said in Michigan Sixty five percent of swing voters want football to be played. In Wisconsin, fifty, five, percent forty it's going to impact the election forty-three. Listen to this. Here we go. We see the effect much more in Michigan then Wisconsin but we see a large majority in Michigan over sixty five percent who of those that are undecided or unenthusiastic. But their candidate, sixty, five percent or on the side of playing football, and in Wisconsin it, it's a little bit below that has fifty five but it's a significant percentage of those people that are have swing one way or the other and both state. We show the number close enough that whoever wins those swings is going to be the winner of those state. How about that? So. Again, we'll those voters because trump saying I want college football and Joe Biden saying no everything should be shut down and you wear a mask twenty four hours a day inside outside you name it. figure out with a mask. Sphere it up. You know he's probably pro mask that three chick Katie Hill spry likes the mask. Anyway. Just, an observation. So even more forty four. Just to show you again will the undecided voters that one college football played. Really vote for trump forty, four listen. Here we go. When you break them down to the fact that president trump walls to play football to make you more likely to vote for the numbers are higher than the it makes them more likely than less likely. There are so many things that people don't realize that are going to sway people, and by the way it's a bigger thing than that. It's It's about living life again in freedom and having the choice it listening to your costs, Bobo player you don't WanNa play, stay the home. It's about freedom you know and trump the fascist dictator and tired which wants to believe they keep telling us once you have the choice. The other say no I think it's wrong. So you can't do it. That's not American forty-one. He talks about that the growing group of voters when it comes to the virus, a growing group said, there's the people that want to you know they think it's all you're going to hear it listen. Well, he's I think there's a whole thing forty-one. Here we go. Listen. How people perceive the krona virus is kind of defining their politics. I mean, if you believe that you believe it's a hoax or you think it's overblown here on the trump corner, and if you believe that everything is shut down to you leave, you won't leave your home until there's a vaccine year in the Biden Corner. But if you're in the middle when you`re And this growing group that says, Hey, we're gonNA do what we can to be safe to protect our families but we're gonNA live our life with that group is growing and how that group moves and how they perceive the candidates absolutely is going to determine how they vote in college football is on the front line of that. There it is freedom. You know it's a big deal people literally vote that way. I know somebody that voted for Obama because he wanted to He does something with college basketball and the tournament Nebraska and stuff like that Magoo series right now. I don't care about anything else. Okay. I mean it's it's crazy to me, but people do think like that. They think like that one more on this and one more because again. Robert. Haley. He is founder and CEO of this polling group traffic our T. R. A.. F. A. L. G. A. R. Travel Gar Anyway. number forty two. This is another big one on how voters are looking at the candidates listen. We're watching this this divide grow, and there's there's this you know this American perception. And I see it growing almost every week is that. We're going to. Not fear the virus we're going to fight the virus, and so it's it's this movement toward we're GonNa try to live and those that don't want people to live and to start to to move back to normal life are going to be seen in the way of that and I think that if he's not careful, he can be drawn in that box. Yup Biden be drawn in that box and he's seeing it. We're seeing a grow people are saying, okay. Enough is enough like we see what's going on and there's some people that just don't see what's going on and I get it but they're enough is enough. So I thought that was very interesting 705. We'll have more on this this the the victories numbers here and what they mean and how hospitals I mean. They are doing just fine what all of its shows and how the State is dumping all kinds of random tests here and there and everywhere it's just fascinating stuff. You're not going to get anywhere else even though other media starting to pick up on it. Thanks to the interview I did with this at whole to LLC Guy the data analyst Guru with that whole group, they have a website now called a rash it was rational Rational ground. Dot Com. You check that out the the latest hoax now it's funny. The Democrats are trying to say president trump is trying to steal the election with the by not wanting to fund the post office even though post office came out and said, even if we don't get this money, we'll be just fine with putting out not a probably put up with no problem delivering ballots no problem But Nancy Pelosi's lie right off the bat along with Obama's is remarkable. Guess what they say people are going to miss out if they don't get this funding. I Gary Lewis with you here on Ken S. T. am seven hundred songs most stimulating talk and update about ten minutes on the the entire situation with the Kobe numbers. They are fantastic and Pima County and Arizona, and yet the school district Superintendent Todd. Jaeger. Says No school no school for you. Awful because crooked pima county health department, and giving them advice they're all in on it together they stink really quick the latest scam. This is how Deborah Desperate the Democrats are there out there claiming that if trump doesn't sign nancy, Pelosi's bill to give billions of dollars to the post office boats will not be counted. Literally, votes will not be counted right. And you know what? The one of the funniest things is. Is that. The Postal Office Union the Post Workers Union came out said, even if we don't even if we don't get this, we're still we have no problem delivering the mail. We've no problem and they wanted to help deceptive. This is in the letter that Nancy Pelosi sent into made was public by the way she's members of the House back to vote on this the first sentence of her letter she literally writes. Dear Democratic colleague. The Postal Service is a pillar of democracy. Providing critical services, delivering prescriptions, social security checks. Really. Let me take you back just just a little bit to two thousand, Ten, twenty, ten, right. June eleventh twenty ten, the check is not in the Mail Obama Administration to start direct deposit no more paper checks government to save one hundred, twenty, million dollars a year. So she's you're not gonNA get your Social Security Check Obama stop sending them ten years ago. Ten years ago by the Obama. tweeted out last week that that's also gonNA. You'RE NOT GONNA get Social Security checks you stop doing he sent a tweet. A few days ago. That's how deceptive they are. Alright. Latest numbers latest numbers. On the Chinese virus from our data guru, it's in criminal. S T. Train Wealth Studio your local fiduciary trajan wealth dot com. This is. Am Seven. Kostov bill the most comfortable. Say that we got the. We got. New Quotas on the. China make the radio. Hanadova. Yes. So what is going on gear? Lewis with you here it is your morning ritual. Happy Monday. Kenneth Am seventy two sons most stimulating talk three things that I think you need to know brought to you by strong bill plumbing air and is solar. The good old number one is that Pima. County for the week at six point nine, nine percent Kovic positively hey, that's under seven the week before it was what was seven three very close. We actually fell under one hundred, seventy, five cases per one hundred, thousand people for the week of The last week reporter, which is August second the week before that, it was really high because there were seven hundred inmates that tested positive for the virus. We didn't have that would be a hundred. I believe that's according to our data guru. So things are GONNA and we're at one point seven percent Kovac illness at our hospital three and changed a one point seven. So we are crushing it here even though an fight is out of the cancel school till after fall break, which is. About. Two months from now. Craziness absolute. Craziness. Second thing I think you needed to know is that Arizona schools one of them particular J O combs they're having a sickout today. A sickout. Every teacher over one hundred teachers calling out sick. To that school district in Pinal County. Because they don't, it doesn't feel safe training for the for the for the online learning and Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. This is what they're doing. This is what they're doing. It's crazy. Absolutely crazy third thing. By the way Queen Creek I mean I'm seeing other. I only saw story that said eight teachers. Eight teachers. quit in Queens is what I saw and then media are stories of dozens of teacher. I saw eight in a in a story that I saw, they were twelve schools. They're going to be just fine third thing that I think you need to know. Is. President trump even in the crooked CNN, Pole is getting very, very, very close, very, very, very close to Joe Biden who was a fourteen point lead for Biden, a fourteen point lead. And now it's down to four is a fourteen point lead into CNN poll in early. June now, it's down to four and the president. Actually he's only down by one of the fifteen swing states including Arizona things. Listen. I again, I could be wrong. But. My Gut tells me my twenty four years ago we're going to be just fine. Only if other Republicans of the same killer instinct and attitude in messages, the president three things I think you need to know. Now joining us to go over all these great great numbers and explain it because some of the numbers are weird and strange and everything else. is our data analyst, Guru himself. He's on twitter They have a website and all these guys and women everybody else in this group have a website rational ground dot com. He's on twitter at hold the number two LLC and he's our data when he joins me now, what's going on man how you doing this morning? Hey, good morning Gary good to talk to you again. Same here same here. So we had some excellent news. Pima County. We had excellent news. We were six point nine percent covid testing positivity rate in the last week or at seven three the week before that, we're supposed to be at seven or below. Any of these guidelines, they're not like this is that what it has to these guidelines. We also, and I want you to talk about this we and I want your take on this as a data guy. We're down to seventy five cases per one hundred, thousand for covert as of August second the week before is one, hundred, forty, eight. But one of the things that we talked about I want you to explain it is the fact that Ed. Tucson prison a story from Ko L. do one of our TV stations here, and it was August fifth more than seven hundred Tucson inmates tested positive for covid nineteen, and that was that was the week of July twenty six and we'd such a high rate. One hundred thousand right is that what you are seeing as well. Yes exactly and when looking closely at the data because thankfully Aba Chats provides us the the number of cases per day based on when the specimen was collected. So that's when the test occurred. So we know it's not like Oh, it just don't happen yesterday, but we know the data those occurred. When I go look at that data, you can clearly see wear that seven hundred or so cases were added. Now we're we're assuming that that's from the prison testing, but when it's such a huge outlier. In specifically and Pima County and specifically on the days just before that article. I it's pretty clear. That's what's causing it. And again, I mean in your donation. And I don't WanNa, put you out there. But do you think that the county health department should actually maybe take that off or have a caveat or something because that week where we had that extra seven hundred inmates test positive our we jumped here in pima county we jumped big time. From a hundred I believe I'm looking at a hundred meters go back just switched on me it was it. Yeah. One hundred seven cases per one hundred, thousand in July July nineteenth. Then the week July twenty six jumps up to one, hundred, thirty, eight, hundred, thousand and then August second drops under seventy five, hundred, thousand that's a pretty big jump up right there. Do you think pima county should strike that or or talk about her explain it? Oh absolutely I mean this is this should not even be controversial like this is what I would expect first of all ADA chess to be on top of because it's clear that if there is a large amount of testing done and all the prisons. Then you're gonNA find more positives and those are not reflective of the community spread. Right? It doesn't mean they didn't get sick or didn't get infected. Sure. It's great to know you need to know so they can take action to protect them and to keep them safe. But what does that have to do with schools opening or gyms opening or restaurants opening? It has nothing to do with that. So then first aid h s should make it very clear I. I personally think they should just keep those separate. Yeah it's okay to. Aggregate them in terms of showing the whole state picture but in terms of doing the benchmarks for counties that shouldn't be mixed in and if eighty HFS doesn't do that or make it clear. Then absolutely the Pima County Health Department or whoever's responsible at the county level for informing the citizens should be saying, hey, hey, hey, we had seven hundred cases that were added across these dates and win accounting for those and removing them from the total. Here's our numbers, and by the way I'll go ahead and tell you what I find. Garrett is it's not just on July thirtieth at all those cases were added, but some of those cases go as far back as July Twenty third and twenty four witch. If you look at the dashboard that would count for the prior week, you know the one, oh seven. And when I do the math and just try to. Properly take out those seven hundred or so cases assuming there from the prison, it actually puts you at one hundred per one hundred k for the week of Seven nineteen and then put you at ninety five, hundred k. for the week of seven, twenty six. Basically, it gives you a you know a straight downward slope from the prior leaks and you'd already below one hundred per one hundred k. even if you don't count the one for seven nineteen, that's exactly one. Hundred One, hundred, twenty, two or something like that. Fine. If that's close seven twenty six as far as low as ninety five and it may be lower than that because I'm being conservative with my math but if just did it for, you wouldn't have to worry about it. But if they don't, then pima health would do it for you to take care of the county citizens. It would be amazing because then everyone can make much better decisions relative to the benchmarks. Businesses could be opened maybe gyms schools could be open because we just had our. School district say they're shutting down through About two more months until fall break is over here, which is in October just just based on this and then let's talk about there's some by the way. Again, this is our data grew on twitter at hold the number two. LLC, follow him. You'll get great. So that's that's why I came up with this guy, he's unbelievable I'm looking at Yester-. Other the charge you put up yesterday you said on August nine, they added eight, thousand, three, hundred, forty, five new tests but then. The Week of August second. They took off five, hundred, fifty six and the week of July twenty six. They took a thousand fifteen, which means those must be duplicates I'm assuming rights. So that's our guests and if I may I will not only answer that question but they even further into what happened yesterday is that good. Of course. All right. I'll jump right into it so. We assume or I I should say, I, assume and I think there's plenty of others out there that assume the same. That, when we see the daily updates from Aba chess, even though the public will see, oh, eight hundred cases were added and sixteen thousand tests for added. All that means is that from the day before. Out that's the delta. That's the difference in the numbers that Ada chess has now reported but not mean that those occurred in the last twenty four hours in fact. There's changes that go back as far as March eight, and so I always wonder what are those changes. Let me go look like Oh and I tracked all the data from the day before and look at every week. And it's pretty crazy because most updates just add. To this week and the week prior so you know the most recent ten to fourteen days. But what we saw yesterday was we have big batch was added last week eight thousand, which by the way, the eight thousand that were added last week. Only had five hundred positives and they were a five point nine, nine percent other timmy for the state you know statewide that's not just team at a statewide, which is really good right? It's going down going down going down. But then the three weeks before that. They removed seventeen hundred tests and I don't know why I mean that's such a such recent day and it's so many that mean they were duplicating. If they were that means they were duplicating a lot of test and by implication we mean, let's say go to the hospital and you get tested right away and you test positive and then you're there and observations for three or four days you have symptoms and they test you again. Okay you're positive but then you get better and your symptoms go away but before they discharge you they touch again. Well, you're not sick. Anymore but you test positive well, that concern has been that that's three positive tests and three cases but then Dr Chris said now we'd be duplicate those and we worked very hard to do it. I. Believe her I believe that they do but it's just a manifestation of do we see the deep locations weeks and months later after the fact when it no longer really matters in the news cycle, right? Because it mattered back in May and June when those were all really high positivist rates. But now we're removing them then is that why we don't know exactly we would need. To explain. But otherwise, what we do know is there were sixteen thousand quote unquote new tests yesterday but almost two thousand were removed. And half of the test that were added were from the dates of May. Seventeen. Through July fifth now think about that. That's what as much as three months ago two to three months ago or six twelve weeks ago. and. But those tests that were added had a combined positivity ratio of four percent or less. But but people don't know this. They don't understand or realize realizing it's not announced and media probably could figure this out. This is not just right there on the front page of the summering mean to give some graves to the media out there including yourself, care you need. We we myself and others have to dig into the data very early like even make sense of it. Because if you just show the daily summary Numbers, you're not really informative troublesome. Kennedy. Numbers for sure it it really is and I'm going to get your take. You know how can we trust it I mean I guess we have to, but I want to talk about that because again they took like you said, seventeenth the past three weeks they just took seventeen hundred s off the board up. These are must have been duplicates, and then like you said, may thirty first and you WANNA twenty four, th, they added somewhere in the neighborhood of forty, five, hundred, five, thousand tests. And again, they were low positive testing rates which goes against all these calls for lockdowns I wanNA get your take on all this and what it means and I want to go over that and want to talk about also because people you know you're not you're doing this out of the goodness of your heart as you should, and you don't WanNa get paid but. There's ways people can can support things that you like I want to get it. It's it's all charitable I WANNA get into that as well. But these numbers are incredible. Don't go anywhere. He's on twitter at hold the number two LLC you need follow my just re tweeted that Short we're talking about you could follow along for yourself and the whole rest of the media should as well we'll. We'll more about the media getting his stuff to more coming up don't Golkar with Don Kennedy. Yes we're always continuing it is your morning ritual meager. Lewis on Kansas St am seven hundred. stimulating. The numbers are looking pretty pretty pretty good here. In Arizona and Pima County about the Chinese virus and yet again. They are trying to keep things shut down for Abba which is not good. We have our numbers guru for the the Cova situation. He's on twitter at hold the number two LLC and the the website, and it's rational ground dot com right? That's the website you guys have. Yoga, that's it. You got it rational dot com. Perfect. Okay. So just looking at numbers on the radio were tough. I re tweeted. Your charts of your on twitter follow. Gary. Lewis and you'll see it or just go to add hold to LLC. The chart that you have, which is truly remarkable. It shows I mean, and the reason this really gets my attention is because the governor here? Said we're going to close everything down. Because things are looking good and and as we were talking about yesterday, politicians just can't do any. They can't just sit back and do nothing say it's GonNa. It's GonNa be just fine because they get attacked can't take the pressure. So I'm looking on May twenty four this came out yesterday your chart they the state added four hundred, twenty new tests on May twenty fourth, they added Fifteen, hundred, twelve on May thirty. First, they added eleven hundred, sixty, three back on June seventh twenty, one, hundred, thirty, nine back on June fourteenth and hundred thirty back on June twenty-first. So that's that's a lot of tests that's close to five thousand tests if. If my math is, oh, actually it's over five thousand tests. That's close to six thousand tests, and here's the thing for each of those weeks. Starting may twenty four, th the positivity rate was five point two, four, two, point three, eight, two, point three to three point four one, four point one one. So if you go back and then the governor's shut everything down around June twenty eighth June twenty-ninth around there. And he shut it all down despite the fact that people were testing at such a low positive rate for the for the Chinese virus. I. Mean Again, you're your data got, does that make sense to you? Or Gary. I do have to make sure it's clear that these percentages are only for the tests that were added yesterday not all the tests that occurred those weeks. Higher percentages back then. So you know not saying there were there was nothing going on definitely was going on, but these were not included at that time now that they're being included they lower the overall percentage and they indicate that there were a lot of people that work testing low rate but we don't know from where where were they from what lab hospital what county, right? So it's just data that we didn't have at the time we have it now, but it's long after the fact when it doesn't help us at all. So this, but this lowers them and it could lower to arrangement. We didn't have to freak out and just hammer businesses and everything else which took place decisions are being made based on data. We're not even getting the full data I mean. Are Other states this far officer I mean, should we even expect better resistance such a weird situation at we're just going to have data thrown at us all the time. I'll put it this way. There are a lot of states having a lot of problems. Very similar to this because they were not equipped for this. And they're used to providing the data over months and years that then get studied and shown at the CDC not shown to you me every mother father and parents and. Official every day. So I am trying to provide some grace, but that doesn't mean we can't expect more and even if the data it's weird or strange or difficult to come by I think we need better explanations of what it means. This when you see this type of distribution of testing cases, positives and negatives all the way back to March I. Think it's the responsibility of Ada tough to say exactly why because then we can understand it better and put it in context, and if for some reason, they don't know why well, then we obviously have a much bigger issue that needs to be addressed. But without them telling us, we all have to make assumptions we all have to wonder we all have to doubt. So that's where I think the improvement is needed. They can improve the systems like that can be done, but they also need to improve the communication of what's happening here because the daily summary is not sufficient. No and I'm encouraging all media that listen. To contact you and they can contact you on twitter. Neil explain it to them the same leave explain it to me like I talked to you yesterday for couple hours because you had a short and you wrote you wrote about the look how close the covid nineteen patient and covid nineteen ICU are to overtaking the regular census and I'm looking at this and I'm like well, what what exactly does that mean and you kind of explained it and use it basically, the baseline was at zero on May twenty sixth and he told me to follow the lines and They never really the covert and for you told me the COVID nineteen patient and covert nineteen patient. That's an ICU never got really super high. They were always another getting back down to where it was almost like may twenty sixth, right? Right yeah, I and I hope that people are able to look at the chart because I know you just tweeted it or showed it for anyone that happens to be following along while listening or if you've listened later and try to follow along this line chart that I have with a bunch of colors blue green orange yellow, and at first glance, it probably is very confusing but when I explain it hopefully, it makes a lot of sense. So when I say that the Chart starts at a baseline of zero. What I mean is whatever the numbers were on May Twenty six, which by the way it was right before all the numbers made an upturn like before the covert numbers turned up around me twenty six on things that are sort of flattened line I consider that the baseline that's the starting point. But because all these metrics are a different scale, there's no really there's no real way to show them on the same chart. So what I did. was I based on percentage of? That's what is the percentage increase from May twenty, six over time and as you watch, what you see is the cases which is blue shot into the stratosphere, but we don't know how much of that was people testing twice how much of that was testing everyone that comes into a hostile or testing everyone in the nursing home every week right? We don't know where all those cases came from or why or how we just know there are a lot of and it caused a lot of. I don't WanNa. Say Panic but a lot of fear a lot of concern obviously. But then also the hospitalizations for Cova started shooting up but as you notice here in the orange, line. They only went up about a quarter of the size of the cases. and. Then if you look at even lower at the grey and purple lines, that's just the regular hospital that usage. Those went up a little and then stayed flat for the last eight nine weeks while the other way up and then went way back down and there was I'm not saying there was no impact to the hospitals are definitely was it was it was a mad house. But they didn't get overrun or overwhelmed the point. They didn't have any beds, and as you can see here, just from the data, it's very flat and even now when they're coming down if you look at the downside of the orange and yellow curves. Look how low they are. They're almost all the way down to the regular baseline. Of the standard bed usage, the grey and purple lines and they're crossing over, they're basically going beneath. The regular bed usage for inpatient and I see you. So I it's kind of odd that Kobe could shoot up that much in the hospitals and then shoot back down. But the overall hospital capacity doesn't change the the percent usage doesn't change. And frankly I don't think they're going to go down a few them hospitals because eighty percent or so good. I mean that's how hospitals make money. That's how they got to keep the bed used in filled and keep people employed right. So they're not furloughing staff I. Mean there was an article banner about banner back in April the same they were losing four hundred to five, hundred, million a month because electives weren't allowed well, now you know electives are allowed and the hospitals are good at. moving patients in an outright as Kobe patients going out there like Oh let's get your other patients in that have been meeting to get things done and anyway. So as of yesterday or as of this weekend. The that inpatient and it you have dropped essentially all the way back down to baseline for where we were back when reopening occurred and know the lockdowns. Left off. That's incredible and if you could just running short on time I, WanNa talk to the charity aspect. But so what does that mean to you? Okay like do you think that we are burning out of this? If you don't want to say anything don't say anything. But when you look at that, all these, all this data as a stats guy, what is what do you think that means? So and this is my opinion not don't take it as a scientific evidence or from a an epidemiologist or anything of that nature. But we are seeing that same pattern playout worldwide and in states like other hot states like Florida and Texas. It seems it's the same pattern it shoots up like a comes down like a bell curve and. In my other charts, I showed that the point at which Arizona hit its peak. was a few weeks after the serology positively started shooting up. which meant there were more people in the community that had it Sarah prevalence that's the prevalence of people that have it in their blood right have exposure to morbid and when that starts to go up, there's less people that can get it and it and it creates people use the term heard immunity I try to use hurt resistance kept sound like everybody has it but enough people have it along with cross reactive immunity and adaptive immunity. From people that have strong immunities means so young and healthy that it gets to the point where there's not as many people that can't get infected in those that were most susceptible. Mostly gotten it doesn't mean no one will get infected doesn't mean it goes away forever. But this is the type of pattern see where it dies off and becomes sort of a low background noise. I. Think that's what would continue But again, that's that's my opinion and that's after watching a lot of other states and countries and I. Think Arizona's in a in a really good spot to start considering you know living life again. And just just and I appreciate all this stuff at whole the number two LLC. Is your twitter handle have a website because people are now contacting you ask you to do stop things and You know this is something you're doing just because you think it's the right thing to do. This is this is kind of what you do. Also I WANNA get into too much of it. And people are asking how they they're so appreciative of what you're doing, they want know what they can do to. Thank you. You know you're basically saying, let's let's do some charity stuff and I told you about you know a charity here in Tucson. That is close to your big on equine therapy and there's a place called trek tr trick Tucson. Dot Org they're a great local charity. They used horses an animals to help. Kids and other people get help that they need families that help that they need. In stressful situations and rehabbing that aspect Do you. WanNa. Talk about that, and and that's if you want people to help and they want to say thank you. That's that's something support. I'd love to appreciate that Garrett and and I want everybody to know that the whole to business which I have is got two main purposes. One is to to build assets or build about you in the community for myself and brothers, but then the second part of our motto is share. So the whole point is to build as much as we can whether that be investments or assets or just. Knowledge in the community so that we can take their proceeds and the results of that effort and shared as much as we can with those who need it the most and my particular passions are around helping veterans and first responders, but also underprivileged children, and then also how homeless and just underprivileged people in general. So that was the topic that I care the most about, and then because of some personal reasons I particularly unfond AVEC line therapy, which I think is an amazing thing and if no one has seen the movie Mustang, it's a little bit of a tough movie being in a prison I would recommend it and you'll see what I'm talking about. But There are organizations out there that do this or they use animals or horses in many cases to help teach people know communists in patients and connection with a sizable animal well, track by the way it's tr Ak just to get that right is in Tucson, and that stands for therapeutic ranch for animals and kids. So this one is amazing because I do A. Lot of on therapy support for veterans and sponsors, but to have it also for kids and in Tucson what an amazing organization this is so you can either go straight to the site of track Tucson dot org but also if anyone ever wants to support me or thank us at hold to for what we do, we don't accept any donations directly or any fees or. Payment but we have on our website, which is hold to LLC DOT COM. We have a section where there's a couple of charities we're going to adding more over time, but there's a couple that are important to me where you can donate directly and so it doesn't go through whole to does not come to us to go straight to the organizations and if anyone. Ever wants to provide thanks, and anyway, that would be the best way to do it and we appreciate you I thought it would be awesome to add a local Arizona. Organization that's why we have track Tucson on there and I do appreciate you making me aware of them because I think it's an amazing mission and that is directly in line with our mission. So appreciate that. Again, we appreciate everything that you do and you're opening the eyes of everyone and again the media around Arizona, they're all kind of catching on now aren't well not all of them but a good amount of contacting you and catching on. To the had they reporting it incorrectly and you kind of got them to the correct way reporting if you WanNa talk about it. Yeah. Actually, we had some great success. There was a complete shift last week and reporting correct positively, which is what you and I talked about on the first radio show a week ago and it has made a huge change. I've seen Fox ten and family on PBS I've seen well tumbled do a whole block post about it. You know it's like everybody's on it now and they see what it is and frankly what's ironic is. I think a lot of people were vilifying or questioning the governor and Dr Chris for saying the lower number but they were right the whole time. So they were right but nobody understood why they were right or where to find it. Now, we've thought everybody where to find it by by it's right by Johns Hopkins is Wrong in Housing Johns Hopkins doesn't know why they're wrong. They're just showing the data that's on the daily summary But now. that. We've gotten that straightened out. That's not really the issue. Now, we can move on to the bigger issues and took us on the bench marks but yeah, it's a it's a sea change and that was wonderful to see and appreciate that now eighty Arizona media was willing to accept the fact that maybe that was wrong and that we need to report it right and I. Think there's more changes that need to be made though there's A lot more media could be pointing out that it's positive. There's also some questions they can be asking that need to be asked and answered by both the Governor and Ada chess like it's not all one sided here and I'm not here to make media look in order to make the government look bad and or anyone like that. I just want to help inform everyone. So they can make good decisions and we can get through that stuff. So. Far May regardless. Negative progress listen I will get you again we really late, but we needed to get it all out there and I really appreciate everything you're doing I'll be in touch with you add hold or the number two LLC on twitter. Thank you so much for all the analysis. Have a great day. bye-bye. All take care we'll continue podcasts. Gary Lewis with you here it is your morning ritual on campus. T am seven, hundred John's most stimulating talk. Thank you for hanging out with me. I appreciate that. I know this is going to be sure the last one was long. It's still the same amount of time It was just a lot of really good information, and again you heard all that and you heard how good it is I mean, there's always listen I it's cold people are going to get sick doesn't mean they're going to die by the way these yet they still get close down schools right by closed down the schools I mean, it's like it was baked in the cake. think about this, right the the story that came out August fifth and it was based on data last week of July that seven hundred inmates in Tucson. Pima County. We're the tested positive for this Chinese virus. How many? How many of them ended up in hospital? How many of dying? Right always see. Our. Numbers going down and going down big time. We'll get an update in the next hour we are down to in the state of Arizona. I mean just think about this. We are down to twelve, hundred, eight as of yesterday twelve, hundred eight. Chinese. Virus Win Com Kobe covid patients in the hospital. There's just twelve hundred, eight, the whole state. There were thirty five, hundred seventeen at the peak July thirteenth just over a month ago. So we're down about sixty six percent. That is absolutely phenomenal right? Phenomenal. And yet. This is what we this is what we're dealing with right and people have had enough man they've handed. I'll give you a crazy story. Crazy story, right I saw this yesterday seventeen year old is from the hill seventeen year old chilies hostess at Act by diners for enforcing social distancing. Honestly I blame. I blame the local authorities. This isn't Louisiana by the way. I blame business is but before I even playing businesses I. Blame the local cities and towns and counties for making seventeen year olds be social distance police like why are you putting people in that position while employers employers feel like they have to put their employees in that position because they're afraid that the local government is going to attack them and ruin their business. It's not their job especially how many of these local sheriffs and police aren't going to force it? Because it's just insane already. Kelsey. Wallace seventeen years old. Said, she was attacked Sunday after shoulder a group of thirteen people. They could not sit at a single table. She said quote, my general manager tells us. We're not supposed to sit at a table over six because of the corona virus. They had thirteen. She said the diners became upset and attacked her before she could reach your manager because she pushed me and when she pushed me, all I knew was to push back and that's when her her and her daughters they all came. They're all grown women I'm seventeen, twenty, thirty, forty, I'm standing there beating on me. They're his seventeen year old girl and you know that's white nobody knows maybe these people just said I'm over this I'm sick of it style. It could have been the ten time that day then time that week they were told you can't do this and their sick I wanna live my life. So that's the latest I have much much more to get to by the way. Including well. Just. Some incredible stories. About. How people are leaving they are leaving in droves from very popular cities. They're getting the hell out. You don't think that's going to affect the election. Oh, it is. Don't go anywhere morning ritual, Louis. T aim seven hundred. or on video from home. With you here on campus t am seven, ninety Tucson's most stimulating talk. Your chance at a grand in your hand is just minutes away. Tomorrow by the way, it's seven Oh five. We're going to have Don Jr. on talking about his DAD COMING ARIZONA'S WE'RE GONNA. Don. Jr. On tomorrow morning seven five. You don't WanNa miss that. Okay. We'll get to the these stories about people leaving these big beautiful cities. They were big beautiful cities and other just hell holes and then we got to get to also again, these teachers, what do you think about these teachers and you want to sound off on them these dirtbag teachers and not there shouldn't even call them teachers, dirtbags I don't want insult teachers. They're calling for sick outs here in Arizona it's all coming. Home. From the region well studio, your local fiduciary trajan wealth dot com this. Am Seven, hundred and. Build the those comfortable how Are They Yes yes we continue. Hi, it's Gary Lewis. It's your morning ritual. Thank you for making it. That way on can am seven hundred Soussan most stimulating talk three things I think you need to know brought to you by strong bill plumbing Aaron Solar, the number one. Is that I mean we are doing really well here, Pima County finished last week at a six point nine, nine percent covid positivity rate under the seven the week before you at seven three. So we're very close will probably be under seven this week and then will hit it They did screw US though because the seven hundred inmates tested positive last week July. The August and their two weeks behind on this. But August seconds the latest data we have for the you know hundred K., we need on one hundred cases per one hundred, thousand people in each county and we this August, I get. Seventy, five, hundred, thousand we crushed that the week before though is like one hundred, thirty eight because you had seven hundred inmates test positive and pima county for the virus and the nobody's calling on the Department of Health. eared. Pima. County. To change that or just you know maybe you shouldn't be know make businesses in gyms and school suffer for that. Now, they're going to let that one go because they want it to be that way. Honestly, where's anybody in the media sync? Why are you? Why are you counting this? The general population of the community. the Kobe like illnesses down to one point seven percent gotta be under ten one point seven week before that was three, five I believe. We, are doing great here in Pima County, a three, twenty, six, one, seven, August second. In that great. One. Seven. It's phenomenal. Absolutely, phenomenal. So we we are crushing it twelve, hundred eight. People with the virus Cova nineteen patients in hospitals in Arizona twelve hundred eight in the whole state of seven plus million people. It was thirty five hundred over a month ago. We're crushed and yet they wanna think amp closes schools for the next six seven weeks. Crazy. Second thing I think you need to know. Is that there has been a sickout jail comb school district and all county hundred eight teacher said coming in not even teaching virtually online they hate our kids so much. They just don't WanNa do it. Again from what I read and it could be more but the story I read said, eight teachers quit Queen Creek, they've twelve schools. All right. We'll replace those eight teachers who wants to work. With. Allies entitled Punks they are we have thirty million people twenty million people unemployed in these idiots don't want to go work. There too dumb to understand science or whatever it is I think you need to know. back in early June CNN Paul had Biden up fourteen. Another one just came out. He's only four. He's only up one in the fifteen swing states including Arizona. Have more on that coming up this is great. Three things I. Think you need to know matter of fact, I got an email real quick before I talk about the hot spots guy that emails solid emails solid takes sent me an email twelve hundred people in hospitals seven point, two, million people and schools. Bars. Water parks are closed. Grocery stores got to wear a mask cancer with the Group A restaurant, which are fifty percent closed. Any rights I was in new. Mexico. Yesterday mandatory mask everywhere unless you're eating, I saw several people carrying apples. GotTa love the Ingenuity of the American people canton I look I'm eating this apple right here in my hand. GotTa wear mass all the time in New Mexico. I listen I got I got a bag of chips in my hand I'm going to eat it. They're selfish. Shell cashier. So we have that man we got to the teachers but I I mean there's there are some glorious stories because people are starting to you want to say people are going to get it in his why again I think that trump is gonNA. Roll. Biden and we have Don Jr. on tomorrow morning at seven. Oh Five. So. Why do I think we're GONNA roll. Well I'm glad you asked. Story PJ media. About people in Hollywood Hollywood lives right these elitists guess what they're doing they're leaving. They're leaving they can't it? Can't get. Out. More. quickly. Here's a sears, some parts of the story. A makeshift tent city made up of Flack flack flapping tarps and cardboard boxes around the gym and all sides. It's Arnold Schwarzenegger's Jim Actually Junkies and the homeless. This isn't Hollywood junkies and the homeless many of whom are clearly mentally ill walk the palm lined streets like zombies. All just three blocks from multimillion dollar homes overlooking the Pacific stolen bicycles are piled high on pavements littered with broken syringes. TV Bolton's are filled with horror stories from across the city of women being attacked during their morning, jog or residents returning home to find strangers defecating. In their front gardens, this is in Hollywood. Today Los Angeles is a city on the brink for sale signs are seemingly dotted on every suburban st as the middle classes particularly those with families flee for the safer spur. Many, choosing to leave Los Angeles altogether. British-born Danny O'Brien runs wofford moving and storage, and there's a mass exodus from Hollywood. Mass Exodus by the way, this guy that owns this Danny O'Brien, british-born guy runs wofford moving storage. He's also leaving he's going to Tennessee. He said liberal politics has destroyed this city. The homeless in cabinets are legal and there's nothing the police can do white affluent middle-class Fokker getting out people don't feel safe anymore. Member Lou Ferrigno, the Hulk. He's getting out. He's leaving. His wife. Is a story about he and his wife, his wife Carlos at one morning around seven am opened the curtains and our beautiful Santa Monica home and looking up at me from our driveway were three gang members tattoos on our faces. Sitting on our retaining wall they were calling the and being vulgar I motioned I was gonNA call the police and they just laughed looking their tongues and showing me their guns. Lou Ferigno Vince and we put the house up for sale for forty wonderful years and move north. We feel lucky to have made it out. Now we're in a for wearing a wonderful place in very happy. Can't do anything a liberal California. Right Liberal. California. It's not the only place. About New York City Oh, there's parts that are sitting empty people are getting out. Is a story I saw Fox business. New. York City faces ECK Business, exodus officials unclear as to full extent of losses. Some businesses have seen as much as an eighty five percent reduction revenue they're getting out. More than four hundred, twenty companies have already filed for bankruptcy protection at twenty twenty. In New York. City they're getting crushed. crushed. I don't go to all the details. Do I I mean you get it right? Well. There's a place called Bryant Park Brooklyn Cafe reduce their size. Right they've been forced. They were thousand seat indoor capacity to only patio service. They were making twelve grand a day and it's dropped to a fraction of that. You Imagine. And the Michael Weinstein the chief executive of Arc Restaurants, the parent company for this Bryant Park Ruin. Cafe said, there's no reason to do business in New York. I can do this team volume in Florida and the square feet is I would New York with expenses being much less. Boy. There's other businesses just getting out of New York honored percent on a percent. A chief operating officer for Veggie Grill J Gentile said, we have two and a half hours lunch and two and a half hours at dinner to make our money. We're still paying very high rent. It's unsustainable. Do they're gone? They are gone they're leaving they're gone and I don't blame them. I see macy's in Chicago is thinking about leaving because they've been looted twice a week. On their phenomenal was a miracle Mile. I think it is. looted. Twice in a week and I'm like, what are we doing here? Is it worth it? There's no protection. Is a worth it hell no, it's not worth it. GotTa get out. GotTa get out. Because nobody wants to be in those areas like Portland eighty-one straight nights. Did you see this video going viral by the way? Some guy crashed his truck I don't know if he was trying the ANTIFA nuts claim he was trying to run them over I have not seen the official story, but somehow his truck ended up on the side of the sidewalk. They, the the ANTIFA goons dragged this guy out of his car punched him a few times said his truck on fire and then we'll he's sitting there. Somebody comes up behind kicks him they. He's sitting on the putting guy runs up and kicks a Nike to the side of the head knocks the guy flat out unconscious. STRA PORTLAND STREETS PORTLAND. Why would you ever want to go to these places? There were over sixty, nine, one, one calls unanswered. To Portland. Police. And by the way, Portland police were nowhere to be found while this guy got the crap out him by the mob like I don't why would you even drive down there and it doesn't I'm not excusing it like these these thugs videos all over the Internet and the guy who kicked him in the head. He's clearly shown by the way he was wearing security shirt as if he's actual security. And you want more on that by the way. You they're doing out there in Portland. They're throwing. Chunks of concrete at the police. Chunks but police recovered a nine and a half pound chunk of concrete that somebody through it, a cop as he drove a truck. Nine and a half pounds they're throwing frozen eggs, frozen water bottles, shining lasers in there is. This is going to greatly affect. What happens in this election? People people want this? There are some crazies that will they're just literally crazy. But. They don't want this. And the access if it's like, okay and their officials that claim it's it's it's okay. These people are out there and they're just they're mad about George. Floyd. Still they had nothing to do with George Floyd these people hate cops and are called. They're anarchists, they're domestic terrorists. Officers reported having rocks, frozen eggs, glass bottles, and frozen water bottles thrown at them. We, want to be a police officer there. While apparently Portland's Mayor Ted. Wheelers. tweeting about the NBA. And criticizing trump for not sending more money in. While people are literally. Destroying property trying to maim and kill the police officers emmy. People see what's happened is there's a reckoning coming. There is a reckoning coming. And speaking of reckoning, and I have more of these crazy stories by the way of of of how these people are acting in what they are doing. We got to get to the teachers here in this state. Well, actually before even go there I just told you about this is a good time to play this real good right forty eight really quick really quick forty eight. I'm I'm running behind on time but forty eight. This is one of the one of the squad Democrat congresswoman ianna Presley on MSNBC and a show that nobody watches he didn't see and you didn't hear forty-eight. Calling for more domestic terrorism in the streets there's a member of that's been elected to. Congress. Listen to this. You know this is as much about public outcry an organizing and mobilizing applying pressure so that this gop led Senate and that these governors that continue to carry water for this administration putting the American. Peoples in harm's way. Turning a deaf ear to the needs of our families and our communities hold him accountable. While make the phone calls in the email show show up, there needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there is unrest in our lives and unfortunately, there you go round. Warren last. Yego and by the I mean they calling for more violence is the Democrat. Party. And by the way president trump's brother died and these classy people started the hashtag wrong trump MS presidents but given no respect zero zip zilch no respect and he's the one guy that actually wanted to work with both sides. Common sense stuff. Wrong trump. Classy. we'll get to the teachers coming up because it's a big deal the calling for sick out here in Arizona don't go anywhere. Gary Lewis with you here. Hi Kansas am seventy Tucson's more stimulating talk like one, hundred, nine every day. For the first few days then like one, hundred, eight include amply. We have a chance of thunderstorms. Thursday. Friday Saturday Sunday something like that as of now can always change Don Jr. on the show tomorrow seven five. run I was just talking real quick as we're getting destroying these people. I don't want to call them teachers either just dirt balls and honestly teachers should be calling out these fake teachers but we had a great interview with our data analyst Guru. Dot Com and a little bit. And all of this breaking news trump grandchildren going back to class. How many people hope they get something by the way because they're sick. So Ryan's like you know you're green information From this guy, you know our guy hold to llc he's part of the whole rational ground, dot com, all these guys on twitter ava website. Now, putting out great information and right you. You said what you want people that actually now we put out this information. There are people that can actually make an impact. With it as well and nobody's doing actual stats actual hard numbers. There's no fuzzy math here and the people who are in control of things who actually look at these numbers and supposedly know how to interpret them. Don't actually do anything with the information and it's very frustrating that you give it out and neither a come and say, no, you're wrong. Garrett. Here's why ABC. Or Hey, you're right. Let's move this timetable and get the kids because everything is for the kids in an election year back in the school but not not this time no not about the kid exactly about teacher no. Well, here's the thing I hate I don't want to beat a dead horse. All right, and honestly there are there are Republican lawmakers in this state that. Right now listening to like I don't know why you're picking on us like we support everything you're saying, but what are you doing support writing a letter in a tweet writing illiterates doesn't do it. You know you know now that you have all this information, you can get a hold of this guy to he is dying to talk to every member regardless of your party. Here, in Arizona every elected person. So they set it straight. So he can say look, this is what I see. This is what the real numbers are and a lot of policies that don't make sense and you take this and you could get up there a bunch of Republicans and call a press conference and put pressure on. Ducie. But you just won't do it. You just wanted to get businesses opening at school, but he just won't do it. You just won't do it that that's where it's frustrating and what's so hard about calling skype. Be Think it's GonNa make you like a Kuker or something. This guy is an is an actual guy who does stats he does this for a living yes. Yes. So just talked to him and go okay you're gonNA tell you don't understand the information he is giving and you don't WanNa look dumb which again I I didn't and then you have to ask questions and they Don't even want to get it. You know the gale Griffin's and the and the FINCHEM and the bread Roberts the Vince Leeches only do the local people. You could do every single Republican lawmaker here in this area Zona, why are they running with this guy? It's it's there. Let me tell you more Phoenix Meteor doing it is actually going to be I probably shouldn't say it but there's GonNa be some national stuff. there's there's going to be a lot coming out and you know what? In the Republican and that bothers me that it was a Democrat trust me he was a Democrat governor these same Republicans would be taken it. They'd be calling me they'd be taken this info and they'd be running with it to the media and everywhere. What's the website again? rational ground row row. It's all the new stories rational dot com follow him on twitter at hold the number two LLC and now we have a sick at like in the you know Republicans if you could be I I'm old enough to remember what happened two years ago right when the Red Fred thing happened Republican lawmakers were calling out these teachers that left their jobs to go strike for demanding more money and more this and more that right Republicans are saying you are leaving our kids behind you can't do this. You have a job to do you're obligated. Why are they not saying it now? Right. There are teachers that just don't WanNa work. Again, you have an entire school district where every teacher called out sick jail comb school district up in Pinal, county. They called out sick. Hundred eight of them even the ones that we're supposed to virtually they called out sick. These slugs then not even teachers they're slugs other teachers should be ripping them. The literally th that's it. They said, we're we are having a sickout these. These are the you know. I go to the grocery store. Is a great guy my groceries there's probably seventy years old right he's at the Deli counter nicest guy. Every time I go to the grocery store he's they're working. He doesn't miss a day. Have you missed as? He hasn't missed a day. And teachers. These these fake teachers at J O Combs I'm scared on this I'm that I'm you understand 'em scared. Really. Dr Gregory Wyman sneeze the Superintendent jail combs run a letter due to these insufficient staffing levels. Schools will not be able to reopen on Monday. Today is planned is supposed to have butts in seats. This means that all classes including virtual learning will be canceled at this time we do not know the duration of the staff absences and cannot cannot yet confirm went in person instruction may resume. Yeah. It says here on the ABC fifteen scarce stations story teachers are expected to simultaneously instruct students in the classroom and those at home via livestream. One teacher believes they were not adequately prepared to cater to both types of learners see just gonNA quit. She's GonNa Stick. Out. One teacher said quote my co workers do not feel safe metrics being met is a big deal. Really. I don't think it is. The district school board voted against the Superintendent's recommendation to move in Person Education October good for them Nope, we're GONNA, start it Monday. They also shot down emotion to forgive a thousand dollar penalty for teachers and twenty five hundred dollars for administrative staff that decided to break their contract you to covert nineteen everybody else has to work everybody else. Why do they think they are so special We will continue to not go anywhere it is. Kansas on Kennedy. H. Yes Louis with you can t aim seven, ninety, two sons. Most stimulating talk. I mean, these teachers are real again they're not. They're not even teachers they are not even teachers. How many people are out of work right now maybe we should place these teachers, the people that are out of work. They probably do a better job. They'd have to do a better job again, there was a pediatrician that piece in the New York Times. Were not bed. and Said Yeah. Kids aren't super spreaders. We know this we know the science behind it like it's it's right there. And when Kathy Hoffman our superintendent of schools in the State of Arizona is now saying that it's in person learning returning impersonal earning she said is toxic and it puts staff and teachers lives at risk. What about the kids? What about their livelihoods? Every country in the world is putting kids right back to school every single one right every single one. And yet, we're not because these these fake teachers and that's what they are. They are fake teachers they don't care about the kids they. Do it for the kids know you not. You went on strike a couple of years ago. Now, you're being a bunch of WUSSES. Now, what are you GonNa do when the flu hits and again what about the numbers that are happening? What about the fact that we're driving down everything virus is literally going away people are going to get a cold and that's going to be it. What are the professionalize you to do this? And they're literally turning their backs on our kids they never by the way never. Will ever to stand on when they're like listen. We're going on strike for the kids we need to do better for the kids. We need more funding for the never about it like they have just ruined any credibility they had with people and they ruined with me a long time ago. These fake teachers. What happens next time they ask you for more money and they ask for more stuff. What do you? What do you think the reaction's going to be This is what we have to to deal with an entire sickout yet adhere here. Again, I'm just lucky that. We ain't Mike Ed Public School, and he is. He's going back right now his but is in a seat in the classroom and it's been five months and it's exactly what he need to know what his teacher and at his school those teachers they want this to happen. I'd get in a public school Herman, the wallet they are killing their own jobs. All coming up. Don't go anywhere. I have so much more to get you including the latest from the post office and guess what Obama said apparently about Biden. Do this guy's a disaster O. and you know when come back first thing trump. Trump on fire this morning he's a lot of things but I've won one particular that WanNa play when he talked about debating Joe. Biden it's coming up don't go anywhere. Can T. am seven, ninety, two sons most stimulating talk Now Grand. Canyon janitorial supply. I love this store Ryan My love aboard than me and I'm friends with a guy. Grand Canyon Janitorial Supplies speedway near Algernon Ryan I mean, what is true? Are you laughing? Ryan goes there I have my lemon D I have the best I've all kinds of stuff right? All kinds of I have his version of windex version of of a Lysol spray it all works better lasts longer. Is Stronger and is cheaper. I mean that that's what it comes down to one hundred percent, right? Yes. And and Ryan loves the fact that he actually was able to to use. Grand Canyon janitorial supplies version of easy off it stronger just fine and can you give you Wanna get everything off your grill and make it look brand new again it e this you sprayed on eats all the carbon and he stuck on food particles very minimal wiping is necessary and Ryan did at the cast iron worked well, isn't it exactly and like you said it's wiping it's not scrubbing or scraping you're literally wiped the stuff off the applied it. It's awesome Yep Yep I'm telling you it's there I mean, he has his own it's called Willis window cleaner. Again when you go paper windex is what he told. Me Look at the ingredients you're paying basically for just about ninety nine percent water. You're not getting out with his you get more stuff that actually cleans your windows and your mirrors. No. Ammonia safe for all the windows the mirrors the chrome you name it. That's how good is he has so many great products your business or home speedway near Alvarado and go to see other products Grand Canyon Planet Easy Dot Com. Hi Gary Lewis with you. Kfi Am seven, hundred, two most stimulating talk. Tree things I think you need to know number one. We have an update now. We're now down to eleven hundred, eighty, two vid patients in Arizona hospitals eleven under eighty two, we were thirty, five, seventeen a month ago on July thirteen down to eleven hundred, eighty two. Also pima. County. Six point nine, nine percent positivity rate as of a for all of last week that's a done deal hospital covert like illness down one point seven percent is supposed to be under ten. We got that seventy, five cases per one hundred thousand were at that level and Pima County. It's just the week before it spiked up because the seven hundred inmates in in Tucson test positive for the virus and the department health isn't doing anything to say, we shouldn't count that in the stats for the general public. So things are going well, yet anti canceled school for the next six or seven weeks Tila after fall break. Second thing I think you need to know. So O. Just talking about J O combs squid a school district in Pinal County. every one of the teachers apparently, it's what it says here I mean I thought it was everyone over one hundred hundred ninety dollars. Yes. Now at one, hundred, nine teachers and staff requested not to work on Monday the superintendent said, can we please not have impersonal learning the scores had no, we're having it. They overrode him. Good School Board. And now teachers are calling out sick it's too dangerous and is then so I don't know how many going to show up but apparently, it says also students at the high school combs high school are going to stage a march. In support of teachers that did not call out sick at ten am this morning. Third Thing I. Think you need to know the latest CNN. Poll shows trump crushing getting close. Let's put it this way by net a fourteen point lead in early June in the CNN pronounced down to four and in the fifteen swing states including Arizona Biden's only up by one. I'll get into more details in this we have we have more time in a show Don Jr. tomorrow morning seven five you don't miss it three things I think you need to know so I told you about that students are going to support the teachers wanted to make sure I brought that one up to how about this though again, just to jump back, we'll get to the trump stuff, but just to jump back eleven. We're now down to below twelve hundred people in the state of seven point two million that are in hospitals because of the Chinese virus. At Cambridge is not talking about how it's emptying out the hospitals. Now emptying out from Covid, we have no beds whereas Regina on that where is Regina wise the median I asking Regina what's your take on what's going on right now nothing. Nothing for the Regina. I want to play for you a little bit of. The president this morning speaking on Fox and friends about debates. Epoch trump ready for this. Here we go. We you know Jill like we can see that Joe doesn't WanNA debate but here's here's the story. Joe Makes it through the debate I think you're an hour and a half and I said only standing you have to stand. But if joe makes it through the debate. The News that I do people you see the three of you. Appreciate your call it straight but. The news will say it was the greatest performance in the history of debating. He was brilliant. He was unbelievable job by Orleans to do is if he can make it off the stage at walk back unassisted, they will say was the single greatest debate performance in history you know that and so do i. I'm not done either pause there. Just laugh. Defied. If, he just makes it off stage. Greatest debate performance ever. Hey. Joe. Hey, Joe. Joe You're here with me Don. The president. Joe. I mean. Can you imagine? I mean, I know you can. Just epic stuff from the presence mom I mean he had. Yeah. There you go. He had. He had a press conference on Saturday and and he was just he chewed even aware. Joe. Is and I love what he's. It's true. This is what the W if you're a Democrat that's what you have to choose from. Joe Biden who lost his mind and Kamala Kamala? Harris who nobody likes I mean she she literally dropped out before there were any real votes on candidates. That's how much the Democrats rejected her, and then she called America racist for not being ready for a black female president and only Democrats that of course choose so. And that great great one, right that's where we're GONNA pick. Why would they go back there? That's the big question like you know she's not. Great at all, why would you go back to her and because she's a black female maybe other maybe nobody else wanted to join him who were thinking choices right? He box himself in that said he had to be a black female apparently, he did want the White Gretchen whitmer and she said, no, please choose a black woman. So she wanted no part of you such a loser right? I mean who? Who are the other ones you have Stacey Abrams she's crazy. You have this other one. Kisha Night Kisha. Land Bottoms Kisha. What do we get bottom? Yeah. The Atlanta Mayor Again Biden bottoms really you know she's screwing up Atlanta and then have the other one val demings a former congressman in Florida that nobody knows. And she was a A. Police chief. So you know they hate the police, a Democrat Party can't have that who else is and then and then with Karen Bass? She is a Commie that Congressman California that praised Castro for years. I mean, this is their this is solid very, very listen bear a disaster, the Democrats, the whole Party disaster, an immediate just trying to make it seem like they're not, but they totally are totally are. Okay. So if you're a democratic Democrat voter and supported the party is how how do you like keep in the party like saying, I don't I don't understand how you're like, oh, this is cool. This is fine. Like because the trump election derangement syndrome have is so If the GOP. Or. The Republicans whatever we're doing the same same kind of thing and on the same path, I would be like what is going on here like who exactly like this is terrible. This is all we have I mean, and I was kind of that way when it was Antora, Newt and Romney in twenty twelve. Get this. You want even better story comes out from politico on Friday. And it says here, quote one. Democrat who spoke to Obama recalled the former president warning. Don't underestimate. Joe's ability. To F- things up. Don't listen don't Obama Hymns and this is lefty political reporting. This donors don't underestimate Joe's ability to F- things up and then little reported speaking of his own waning understanding of today's Democrat electorate especially in Iowa Obama told one twenty, twenty candidate quote and he no really doesn't have it Joe Biden. Well then. Well then, and this is the guy Really think is again that the Democrats really they're trying so hard to make an out for trump to steal it because again it was it was all this as he's not gonNA, leave it now it's going to be well the only reason trump won is because he agent he he didn't fund the Postal Service and. There are a bunch of votes that were encountered et that's that's what they're gonNA say and again be postal service I'll do all this nine, zero five, the postal service unit came out and said, we don't need the money in the Heroes Act. We'll be just fine putting the ballots in like there's no machines that count ballots that are going to be dropped out. They'd. It's fine. They're upset that the new postmaster general's GonNa take away some blue mailboxes which by the way, Obama got rid of a whole bunch also. Nobody's using them again, like twenty pieces of mail a day they said twenty five. It's not people don't use that stuff like that, Solloway It's a waste. They lose so much money that we have to pay for. Much money have you seen the the ballot boxes now that they're talking about putting out there people can come by rabbi ballots into these boxes randomly around town. It was on the. Yeah find a story from Oh. My Gosh. Yeah. There you go. Now that's why they're there. They're trying to do everything they can cheat because they have no chance of winning and they know that no chance at winning. Okay. Zero Zip Zilch okay. listen. I have more, we'll get to the the poll numbers are just. They're looking really good for trump I. mean if you want to believe in the polls, but it is an even when he's looking goodness. Garbage bowl you know things are on the way up and they've always been that way. They can't hide it anymore. Okay. We'll get to that and then eats honestly comical what they're trying to do about the post post office people care about the frigging post office. It's Taylor Swift said it wow. Okay. There you go. Exactly well, and they again Pelosi's first sentence in a letter saying house members come on back. She said that trump know trump doesn't give us the money it'll. It'll delay social security checks from going out. Yet Obama back in two thousand eleven said we're no longer. GonNa Mail. So security checks, we're going to save I think it was one, hundred, twenty, nine, hundred, twenty, billion, it was it was a some obscene number hang on where's that St I have the story he got rid of mailing out the checks. And Save One hundred twenty million a year June eleven twenty ten ABC News. Obama Administration to start direct deposit checks is not in the mail. So it's all coming up do not go anywhere as t am seven, hundred to sleep. Dot Com. I Yes let's continue Gary Lewis with you. Right on can t am seven ninety Tucson's most stimulating talk So. This the latest hoax, it's just entertaining. I didn't WanNA talk about it. But then when I saw how desperate the Democrats are in the things they said about the, do you think the post office is going to really make that much of a difference? Right Do you really think that Nancy Pelosi Barack, Obama lying about the post office you where do you Obama said I have a flashback Obama? Back beating of his presidency talked how bad the post offices and always you can't count on him and stuff like that But they WANNA blame trump for this we have that the latest poll numbers which are absolutely phenomenal and then apparently classic comedy. When you watch at an HBO is now you get a warning before it I'll get to all that coming up on Qena state are you a survivor of sexual abuse? While in the boy scouts you may be entitled to compensation no matter how long ago the abuse happened but your time to file a claim is limited call eight, hundred, six, nine, four, forty, four, sixty, nine, that's eight, hundred, six, nine, four, forty, four, sixty, nine for more information as a result of thousands of victims filing sexual abuse claims the boy scouts have filed for bankruptcy protection and the bankruptcy court has set November sixteenth two. Thousand Twenty as the deadline for abuse survivors to file a claim as a result of this bankruptcy, a victim's compensation fund is being setup than maybe worth over one point five, billion dollars. If you are survivor of sexual abuse while in the boy scouts, you may be entitled to Compensation Call Eight hundred, six, nine, four, forty, four, sixty, nine, that's eight, hundred, six, nine, four, forty, four, sixty, nine, and talked to one of the Compassionate counselors for more information and to see if you may qualify your call is completely confidential call eight, hundred, six, nine, four, forty, four, sixty, nine today sponsored by Sheldon Law Group. The most comfortable. Of Yo. Oh. Am Seven Ninety Tucson's most stimulating talk. Thank you for being here. We're GONNA HAVE DON Jr.. Tomorrow morning seven zero five right here on KABC you don't WanNa miss that. Last when I say Don Jr. you know what I'm talking about right I mean it's just Don Jr. Don Juniors are there that. I. Would have on the show. Three things I think you need to know brought to you by plumbing Aaron Solar have I mentioned that the islanders up three zero in the Washington capitals and that Commie Alex Ovechkin. Mentioned that. They're up three nothing one game away from sweep. Rangers. Approaching the I t the New York Rangers Anyway three things I. Think you need to know. You by Straw bill plumbing air number one. Yes. Yes it is. Yes it is I. Don't think it's necessary. Yes, it is. Number One. Pima. County finished the week at six point nine, nine percent Cova positively rates supposed to be under seven. got that. the latest Info about the schools we're down to seventy five cases per one hundred, thousand that was going back to August second by the way next, Sunday we'll get the latest and it'll be two weeks in a row of below that and we'll hit that benchmark. We shoulda hit it before but we're getting screwed here in Pima County because at last week they had was a The Week of July twenty, six, seven, hundred something inmates in Tucson prison tested positive for the virus. So that jacked it up over a hundred per one, hundred thousand and you take that away. It's like ninety, eight or one. Hundred one, hundred, point two, we would of nailed it. We'd have been done. We'd had both those benchmarks gone are covert like illness at hospitals down to one point, seven percents below ten. There you go and I guess at seven point, three percent Positive rate and then six point nine nine. So we're so close for everything and Pima County yet anti canceled schools for the next six to seven weeks. Second. We have the interview up with our Great Data Guru. We had it two hours ago. IT'LL BE UP CANISTER DOT COM and on my facebook page and twitter everything in about a half an hour second thing I think you need to know. Is that teachers hundred nine teachers and staff called in sick today for first day of school learning they had it at j o combs. Unified. School Pinot County. They don't how long these teachers are going to call out sick. This is messed up. They are students want to have a stage walkout in show of support for the teachers that did. Go to work today. I think it's awesome. Not. Really. Walkout like March like hey, we support you. Thank you. That's what we have and the Super, ten schools Kathy Hoffman said it's toxic to bring people back into schools. It's toxic. Toxic. From walking talking. Union Rep Right. there. Who these teachers think they are getting no Republicans criticizing these teachers that I see publicly maybe privately maybe tweet where is there any more can anything happen? Third thing I think you need to know trump's numbers are absolutely phenomenal. Phenomenal CNN poll he was down fourteen early June to Biden's now within four. Down only one of the swing states fifteen of including. Arizona. We'll have more on that coming up three things. I think you need to know how l. let's just do that. Shall We? So the CNN poll again down fifty to forty six he was down fourteen early. June. Two months ago. Now it's down to four. And this isn't the in this is still a shady CNN poll by the way. Ten points swing. How about that? Have, you had the sting people are making a big deal at the DNC on board can get. Michelle Obama's the featured speaker. Today but you know what I love trump trump gets it unlike other politicians and granted a lot of politicians and not likeable right? Well he's the most hated if you love trump, you love trump. You know trump's not waiting the last day he's going to be doing stuff every day all four days of the RNC with smart isn't it actually hack nobody else started like if you have like the king-maker, right you have the guy, you have the the star this show why would you wanNA keep them away for for four days makes no sense doesn't mean the whole point is to get the president reelected. Every other president whether it either party they they wait until the last day to do something. Doesn't it make sense to get him out there as much as he can, and he's The star. The guy gets it. You get it. By the way this poll was taken while the announcement of Camel Harris was actually happening. The poll was taken from August twelfth to the fifteenth. They really don't like camel do they. President has boosted his backing from conservatives. This is the right up from. CNN. CNN's polling director Jennifer Agiza. wrote for the trump has showed up a lot of key demographics ready for this one. President. Is boosted his backing among conservatives from seventy six to eighty five percent. ooh. The movement of the poll among voters nationwide since June is concentrated among men, they split about evenly in June but now fifty six percent back trump in just forty percent back. Biden. Oh baby you're real man you don't back Joe Biden. Those between the age of thirty five and sixty four they tilt toward trump now but they were biding leaning back in June. Independence, in June Biden other fifty to forty one lead. Now, it's just forty, six, forty, five, Biden Oh man. When it comes to partisans, eight percent of Republicans are Republican leaning independence in June said, they backed Biden now it's down to four points. Oh, man. How about them apples. So it's looking all right right I mean it's not looking bad. The trump's seems to be How do I say catching on? Now that. Now people are paying attention a little bit nobody really cared nobody was really going on what is getting into it. Now, they're starting to get into it. Right, now now they're starting to get into it. Okay. I have a Biden for you. He's in his basement. Biden doesn't know abidance saying I'm just letting you know right now he's talking to ready for this. Cardi B.. Doing a youtube interview with Cardi B.. is in Cardi B. The one that claims that she when she worked as a stripper, an escort, she drugs guys in rob them. Isn't she the one that did that Cardi. B.. While it back. Unbelievable. So Cardi B. Well is the hang on this. This is just something for your Cardi B. Joe Biden listen to this. This is very short you know what I'm saying I. Got Four kids five grandkids come on five I'm an expert. You heard five grandkids. He actually has seven. Seven. Apparently. He doesn't like those two kids very much. Those two grandkids, Joe Biden Joe Biden now they're doing a hardening interview with Cardi B.. I'm an expert I got four kids. I got five grandkids actually joe you up seven grandkids do not remember the other two grant guide you forget your grandkids. Joe Joe doesn't know he is the said Yeah you know where he is Republican. Maybe, they're Republican and those other two Biden grandkids are supporting trump as out. I don't count them you nothing. You're not getting any of this Chinese money that I earned. You're not getting any of that no, no, no, no, no, no no no chance. Do this. It's so good. It's still good. and then people WANNA get excited for the Democratic National Convention you kidding me right now. No thank you. I. Have I have much much more for you, and again I got I have to get to. I have to get to the post office stuff into greater detail. Okay. It's very important. I also to get into HBO warning about a Classic Comedy which I have to admit I. never found it really that funny to begin I couldn't get through it but people think it's hilarious. There's no a warning label when you tune into HBO to watch this, they give you a warning to make sure you don't become racist by watching this comedy sweat you can't make this stuff up. It's all coming up do not go anywhere morning ritual Gary Lewis Can S. T. am seven, ninety Tucson's Mo.. I could use some of that high class brass monkey right about now. I really could Gary Lewis with you can T am seven, ninety, Tucson's. Most. Stimulating talk. Do you think anybody else's GonNa actually call the Pima County Health Department for You know just just letting seven hundred inmates way. The Kovic numbers in Pima counties anybody else gonNA. Do that anybody else probably not right probably not. So, just when you're like, what's the next thing they're going to do the next hoax that could possibly happen The Post Office as anybody and my wife's like what is going on with this post office something Mike don't you don't even WanNa know like you don't even. You. Don't WANNA know the post office loses so. So much money right and who uses a post office. Any more people are ordering things online, right and if the go mail stuff, they can put in their mailbox and put the flag up and. Apparently, nobody's really using the post office like they like they used to. Yet. And by the mailbox, it loses I mean Jeez, the post loses so much money right need a big bailout and Apparently, good old Nancy is calling the house members back and saying we are going to vote for the Heroes Cares Act whatever it is this latest round of stimulus. Okay. Latest round of stimulus and we're calling them back because if we don't do this, we're GONNA HAVE BIG PROBLEMS We're going to have huge huge problems is what she said. I off by the way, let me before I, tell you the problems that she promised you. Let. Me Just tell you. Let me just tell you is bad. Okay. So let me just tell you. The post office themselves are like we don't have a problem here. Okay it says be National Association of Letter Carriers American, postal, Workers Union. You're ready for this. They say unequivocally no matter how much the administration tried to undermine the trust and the BOESEL system. The system remains fully capable of delivering every single ballot cast by mail and a secure and timely manner. Oh no kidding. Indeed the National Association of letter carriers assures even if every single vote in the November twenty, twenty election were cast by mail the postal service would have no problem delivering the ballots whether or not Congress provides the funding included in the Heroes Act. So. What more do you want? This is a crisis. Trump is going to use this to win trump is okay. So here's some more lies and I'm just telling you these straight up because you need to know. So Nancy wreck letter to the House members and it's out there for for the public and the media to us, and she writes democratic deal colleague. The Postal Service is a pillar of our democracy and provides critical services delivering prescriptions, social security checks. So what she writes, they delivered they delivered if you don't get this. If you don't come back for this people are not going to get their social security money because a panic, right? She's lying through her teeth. So Democrats, she's lying through her teeth that Steiner her mouth. The Democrats got rid of that ten years ago. ABC News, June eleven twenty one, the check is not in the mail. Obama. To start. Direct deposit. On Monday the Obama Administration will announce that all payments from the government will now be made to consumers electronically ABC News has learned. Oh the. Americans receiving payments for social security, unemployment, insurance veterans, all this stuff, right They're going to have it automatically deposited their personal bank accounts. Why the shift to direct deposits? Two reasons one, it'll be easier and faster for consumers to get paid in to it will save taxpayers money an estimated three, hundred, three, million dollars over the first five years and about one hundred, twenty, million each year after that. So she's threatening if trump doesn't come to the table Republicans will come to the table, our your your social security checks not being delivered is a total lie. It is a total lie. Obama did that. In June. Of Twenty ten gets even better. Gets even better. Here's a story from Friday three, twenty PM. A quote Obama's trump trying to kneecap postal service to win election. Again, that's because that's what he has to do. Right. So Obama himself. Directed okay. No more checks being mailed out direct deposit only. Direct. Deposit. Only. Funny Obama's tweets out Friday morning. If, you're in a statehood Obama tweeted if you're an estate have the option vote early do that now right he's he's given the warning he's given the warning everyone depends on the United States postal service seniors for their social security. Does he not know. That he himself. Changed it to where So security is now automatically directly deposited into an account. So the guy that actually made that change to save taxpayers one, hundred, twenty, million a year. Now says that seniors count on the postal service for social security. And again the postal service itself said. Even if we don't get this extra money, we will hand even if everybody does a mail in ballot every vote, we will deliver it not a problem. How much more do you need? The? Right. How much more do you need? The. It's crazy. You WanNa comment you feel free eight, eight, zero. Eight zero, five, six, seven, eight. So that's that's Oh by the way. Let's play one more riots by by a quick sound bite. This is this is going back number forty seven. This is Obama back in two thousand nine when he's trying to convince people, this is August eleventh two, thousand nine he was trying to get obamacare done. And he's tall he's comparing the postal service. and healthcare to private the private industry and everything. I just just listened. Here we go. Here we go. Listen. Then I think private insurance should be able to compete they do it all the time. I'M A. If you think about. If you think about it. You know ups and Fedex are just fine. Right, the now they are I made it's the post office is always having problems. Yup. Yup. There you go. I. Just find this stuff and it's there and then people that don't. WanNa believe that WanNa think that trump is ruining everything because he's going to get rid of Where he's GonNa make the post office. Great again don't you love that? He is getting rid of boxes those blue boxes he doesn't want people to vote there. Okay. Right. That's 'cause they can't go to their home and put it in a real box with a flag up. That's too much. They could skip that and go drive somewhere. Oh, by the way. That's not very grind away. Go Out in September of Twenty sixteen guests who was president isn't Obama The US Postal Service Inspector General, noted quote nationally, the number of collection boxes declined by more than twelve thousand in the past five years that was under Obama. So during the Obama Administration they removed twelve thousand. Blue Mailboxes. So. Why are they making trump's GonNa get rid of those blue mailboxes to that's what he's doing oh. Yeah. Why they do by the way? Nobody really uses him. As. Part of its effort to keep its collection infrastructure proportionate to customers needs at a reasonable cost. The Postal Service has eliminated underused collection boxes that on average receive fewer than twenty five pieces a day. The. Mailbox have been removed for lack of use and installed growth areas. Spokesperson told the Hill. The. Biggest scandal ever. I debunked it for you. What about what six minutes? It's not that hard to do. Crooked media crooked crooked media watch the local media do stories about how it's going to be harder to vote by mail now. One hundred percent guarantee it will continue don't go anywhere morning ritual Gary Lewis. Am Seven, ninety, two cents most. Yes. Hi. Gary Lewis with you can't S.. T. AM seven hundred. Tucson's most stimulating talk. Really quick. Let's jump to James James Welcome to can s yellow. How you doing brother. Good, what's happening man? I love the show every day but a little sport celebrity here has never been a hockey team to go to five straight Stanley Cup Finals And winning four, and that's the New York islanders baby. That's true. That's true. Waiting for the big. Forty to fifty, the islanders went to five straight when he four. So you keep it up with the is that's my king too. But everybody talked about the buffalo bills go to four straight super bowl winning none we went to Mercer Straight Stanley Cups winning for love you brother losers. Hey, do you not done I? Know this? I'm the ultimate islanders. Fan. Did he hang up as too bad. He's giving me history on my own team. Nineteen consecutive playoff series wins will never be matched again in any sports league ever. Be Trade by John Taveras. Yeah had to go there. He's who by the way had a season ended because his team sucks in Toronto right behind the behind the. Ranger. Angry. You know when we make it to the Stanley Cup for Higgs who made the Stanley Cup finals, we're going to have to get a bunch of islanders because there are a decent amount islanders, fans I actually know a guy does radio back in new. York. Don't know person but I've heard him and he talked about how there's actually a contingent Tucson of islanders fans. Actually there's like an islanders meet up to go watch islanders games. And the good thing is you could probably get one table at a restaurant because they'd be less than ten of us. Because we're winners anyway I have so much. Yes. We're winners don't be jealous. Don't. Be Jealous Jealous Envious. And where are, where are the capitols fans? We're are they they are nowhere to be found. Nowhere to be found. I have more Oh do I have more weight into the Hbo Story Do you know what would you know a movie? It is that they now actually have like a warning before it. So if you watch it, you don't become a racist. I'll tell you about it coming up. Don't go on ears DOT COM. Gary, Lewis with you here thanks for making it. Your morning ritual Canas t am seven ninety. Tucson's most stimulating talk three things I think you need to know number one. We are now down to below twelve hundred. Kovic. Patients in Arizona hospitals we're at eleven hundred, eighty two. As the update from this morning Pima. County. Itself again down to six point nine, nine percent for last week for the Kobe positive rates below seven week before we only seven three. That, the the amount of cases hundred, thousand, we seventy five the last week that they gave up there yesterday was was August second for schools seventy, five cases per hundred thousand people the week before one, hundred, thirty, eight because they were. They were seven hundred inmates at tested positive last week in July and impacted the numbers and the health departments not doing anything about it. Neither is the state's ridiculous. like illness in hospitals down to one point, seven percent that's it that goes in there. Supposed to be below ten, we are crushing it in everything and yet people are freaking out as if the end of the world is coming and amfar schools canceled all in person classes through fall break, which is like seven weeks now winning October. It's crazy two months two months. It ever going to open. Is it ever going to open. second thing I think you need to know. they're hundred thousand teachers and staff have called in sick to j o combs, Schools School district, and all county. It's too hard to dangerous to this. Do that. Okay. There's the school board overrode the superintendents that were starting. In Person August seventeenth, they just don't WanNa work these teachers think they are. What makes them better than everybody else and again, the science says, kids aren't spreaders of this. There was another op-ed in the New York Times by a pediatrician in the new. York. Times that said that. Science. It's all about the kids, right Third. Thing I think you need to know president trump was down fourteen points and a garbage CNN poll back in early June two by now the same garbage police only down four points and he's only down one when it comes to. Swing states including Arizona. Any assuring up key demographics he's winning among men now fifty six to forty over Biden amidst phenomenal and let me tell you. Yes mothers the suburban MOMS they're gonNA totally vote for Biden who calls ANTIFA sure. That's going to happen three things I. Think you need to know. So from the the insane situation. And Ryan's GonNa Make Fun of me now. And we've talked about this on the air. I tried really hard. Maybe I should try harder to watch blazing saddles I just don't find it. I didn't find it and I like Mel. Brooks. Didn't find it. Funny. I know you've found funny right I love it. Maybe. I should watch it again with more maybe I was just tired I don't know. Would you ready for this? The Hollywood reporter writes. That HBO Max. Has Blazing Saddles streaming on it right. So if you go you have HBO Max whatever that is HBO combining the things you put on I island watch blazing saddles well, before the movie starts there's an introduction and automatically place. and. It's apparently A I guess. Jacqueline. Stewart. She is a host for Turner Classic Movies and University of Chicago Cinema and Media Studies. She's a professor, Jacqueline Stewart? And she does the intro blazing saddles see also to the intro for gone with the wind. It has more than three minutes ready for this. It's more than three minutes long. She in her intro puts the bigotry and racist language. In blazing saddles into context, she says, quote has the story line implies the issue of Racist Front and Center in Blazing Saddles and the racist language and attitudes pervade the film. But those attitudes are espoused by characters were portrayed here as explicitly small-minded ignorant bigots the real and much more enlightened perspective is provided by the main characters played. CLEVELAND. Little and gene wilder. She gives a frigging warning label a warning label. that. When you watch this don't think it's true. Okay. They're only characters don't be a racist like them. It's not good and I'm thinking they gonNa Start doing that with every movie. Like are vampires. Not. Real. We're. Rules. Is it not real when some Hollywood guy does eight somersaults shoots everybody directly between the eyes with his gun is that not really happened? That's the Bali. Are They GonNA explain every movie? Yeah well, they. They literally they literally want to. Explain what every movie means. Because we're too stupid to know it. And they're. Make sure you don't get racist by watching it. Now again, I've seen a little bit of it and considering that I know Mel Brooks and I know what a movie is. They literally made fun. Of Racism. That's what was that what it was about again I did you saw it right? Didn't they pretty much just Laugh at. Racism and point on how stupid it was by the characters being who they were. That's that's what it is. Right. I guess I just watched it. Yeah. It was a it was a good movie entertaining money but the people that are racist. Well there, there's that you know, and then of course, there's this one. White women at. The which I you know when I was asked that, right? That's that's where I always asked. Oh? So I I I just I just WANNA. Know again I mean they anybody that was racist look like an idiot that movie they laugh at it. That was all point of it right? And now they have to have that in. So again, so are they going to have to my favorite comedian? Sebastian MANISCALCO are they gonNA have to actually do disclaimers before you watch his comedy shows This this is how stupid. This is dumb. HBO and the People I mean. You, you don't get more insane than that, and they just insult our intelligence by doing this stuff, right? That's what they do. What they're doing. Point, you pay for that channel and you have to select that movie. You know what you're getting yourself into and if you don't because lot it. Yes. Point though that's the point though is that there were HBO is afraid. That people are going to say. You are promoting racism by showing this movie and they're going to say, no, no, we curbed it. We told people before it started. That's not really a wise thing to do like we're to still like it's a comedy. You're laughing at jokes and they're just afraid of the canceled culture crowd and the snowflake crowd that everything is taken seriously. You, know. So the same people that that are demanding this happen HBO is getting out in front because they want to deal with these idiots. But they're the ones that say you know you can't call the handicaps body more. What do you call it and it's the it's the same person with disability too many words. Well, whatever. But that's what they you know it. It hurts feelings Mike. We what we're just like, oh, I got one for you. Buddy of mine sent me a screen shot. He's got a friend his lives in. North Carolina. Meant to bring this up to. This is what this canceled culture is is doing now. And he writes me a text over the weekend with screen shot. He Goes Buddy of mine North Carolina. Just got this in his mailbox. Apparently his friend lives in North Carolina. In. What is? The wakefield plantation neighborhood. Right, yeah. And he gets thing in his mailbox. Let's take the plantation out of Wakefield. Let me remind you. It wasn't ever actually a plantation. It just makes its plantation of the beautiful trees and grass onto. Gorgeous right? Yeah. Beautiful stuff beautiful stuff. Well, they wanted out of their why? They write to most in the marginalized. African. American community. Brings to mind old south slavery and oppression. This is not who we are. The Land Wakefield was built on was never a plantation. There are no historic ties, this area to this area that would make that word necessary. So these people are so insane that on land that was never actually a real plantation, they don't WanNa call it the Wakefield plantation anymore because some people will think it was a plantation or they're just saying we call it this and therefore it's going to hurt people's feelings that are white or black because they think it's a real plantation. I'm not our objective. This is call to all Wakefield residents to come together as a community assured neighbors that everyone is welcome. Are. They not taking away a hurtful triggering word is just a small step toward that goal. They want to replace the word. Plantation is the Wakefield Plantation Homeowners, association, and they want to replace the word plantation with. Just taking it out. Just. They just call it. The wakefield homeowners. Association, I guess. Well. You know what we be up I mean sensitive to this maybe take the word old out of old blow because young people have here as well. Not just the old people who live and. Want to become called old. Just, like like golf, they used to call the senior tour. That was offensive. Now it's called the champion's tour as kind of even though some of them never but but you know what? What if they've never want to champion then they're lying there's some golfers number actually won anything when they're on the PGA tour. It's the champion store can't say senior because that's just that them feel bad and stuff and I'm like wait. Wait what? True, when is that going to be a high school then? I don't senior astronaut software, junior seniors I know look member. We did the story about how that Canadian CEO said, don't call me chief anymore defensive. Come on. This is this is crazy. But this is what he's got to stand up to these idiots. That's all you have to a stand up to them. I got I have another one I have to get to Disney Disney. Is If you listen to show while you know that I hate, Disney ESPN DISNEY ABC the commies never wanted to kids at Disneyland and I won't. They'll be just fine I never went to Disneyland I turned out OK okay. Story I saw, Breitbart, Disney channel's the owl house features Disney's first bisexual lead character. Is it necessary. It's it's just. To Indoctrinate. If I'm against it doesn't mean. I. Hate Bisexual from against it but I don't think kids need to watch this our house on the Disney Channel Yeah the Al House. Oh wwl, and apparently it is a supernatural animated series about a fourteen year old Dominican American girl. Who goes on Magical Adventures and becomes a witch right? So a reason episode again, this is a fourteen year old a reason episode revealed her sexuality when she dances with another female character. During a prom sequence. Dana Terrace said she wanted to create a character who reflected her own sexuality. I'm by I WANNA ride a bike character. dammit. Putting agenda into your that's good eggs into the Disney channel cartoon aimed at aimed at teenagers. Nobody cares about you. That's why listen I. I will put my agenda in a little bit of the islanders not much. But I know what you WANNA. Hear I know you WanNa talk about. The Owl House. Yeah. That's what they're doing. She said representation matters always fight to make what you want to see as our house continues to explore things that are more important to me and my crew looking forward to the next chapter. So, if you put out a show that's nothing let's say but but. To use a phrase out there white people. Is that racism because it's what you WanNa see what you WANNA do. That make you racist. White women at. Fill up. I don't. Gosh. Get back to being fun and we just people and that's why you know we used to just tell these people just shut up right and now for some reason because they right on twitter and the right you know again I don't understand businesses you should just ignore them like ignore them and they go away I'm a little bit by we have more coming up don't go anywhere Don Jr. tomorrow morning seventy five I'm back in visor. Our. Gary Lewis with you here on. Am Seven, seventy, two sons most stimulating talk. You WanNa hear how insane some of this stuff is. I know you want to. Stories story over the weekend at an orange. County California Grocery store. There were people walking around without masks. So the store manager got everybody out, left them in their locked, the doors locked them inside and called police. And these people in Commie, California and Costa Mesa. arrested. For, not wearing a mask while inside. This is where we are now. Here's a heatwave going on there arrested for not wearing a mask while inside and they locked him in there. Will they do that for legal who that just be? Nice. All right going to have the interview with our data guy became a common minutes Don Jr. tomorrow morning seven, Zero Five on his dad coming to Arizona rush wherever you get your podcast. From the. Studio, your local fiduciary trajan wealth dot com this is. A, and seven nine.

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