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Bonus - Simone De La Rue on Surrender, + Body Acceptance After Pregnancy at Propel CoLabs Fitness Festival

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Bonus - Simone De La Rue on Surrender, + Body Acceptance After Pregnancy at Propel CoLabs Fitness Festival

"It's kind of happened by accident. I'd had enough of dancing. I've been i was in a broadway dressing room and i had an arm i meant of. I don't wanna do this anymore. I oh i don't want to have to audition for someone to give me a job. I wanted to take control back of my life and be my own boss. So i created buddy by simone. You're listening to the almost thirty podcast cast hosted by christa williams and lindsay simsek almost thirty started as a conversation about the transition from our twenties or thirties but then we realized life life is full of transitions so we expanded our mission. We are an intuition led wellness focused lifestyle podcast that promises to deliver authentic conversations shins diverse points of view an insights rooted in optimism growth and intention the almost thirty nation community is a group of purposeful dreamers who are smart smart passionate and always seeking the full potential in every aspect of their lives at almost thirty were making magic together. We dream it and and then we do it. Thanks so much for tuning into the almost thirty podcast here. We go happy friday. Welcome back to our summer series. We are doing with propel as you know we were live at the propel co labs fitness festival in los angeles this summer the fourth year of one of the biggest fitness festivals out there. We love this event because it's a place where we all really learn grow inspire and and celebrate fitness and wellness altogether you know that's our jammed to be in community as we are learning so we just thought this would be such a great fit <hes> and away to inspire our community by having these conversations with incredible guests we were lucky enough to interview leaders in the fitness and all over mind body health health space and are excited to bring you the series powered by propel. This episode with simone de la rue of body by simone who is a former dancer turned hollywood fitness. It's expert and the founder of b._b._s. She is amazing. She is a new mom and she is so down to earth and we are so glad you tuned in for this episode enjoy <music>. We're so grateful for this interview with mon. We are excited to have a conversation with her today. We you're so glad you are here. We are almost thirty podcasts. We started three years ago when <hes> lindsay and i i meant and we were going through transition from our twenty any store thirties when we felt like we should know more answers than we did. We felt a little lost a little confused all of those things so we wanted to create a space where we could have open conversations stations about health wellness spirituality entrepreneurship all of those things so we are excited to be here today with y'all and excited for this interview the what's bring her on the wonderful simone delarue come on up. She is the founder of body by simone and she has been able to really create a business business and a life around doing what she loves and she is such a kind kind soul and we've had her on the podcast to make listen to that one but looking forward to chatting today. How's the workout. It's good. It's who is that me. I know we did the hug shoes like ah. Can you tell us about the creation of body by simone. You know creating this workout. That is different than anything else. That is very you. That is very approachable bowl yet really effective so i didn't really go to gyms throughout my life. I was always at dance. I started dancing at the age of three and that was a professional dancer full eighteen years in london's west end and broadway and i always just had my long lean physique because stance was my odds and was my i passionate was what i did a man. I remember someone asking me what do you do. What workout do you do to look like that and i said well. I don't do work out. I just dance and i was like an moment for me like oh this is this is why my buddy looks like this because i'm dance every day. I'm using my entire body. Might i call up a buddy. My lower body my brain. Li li's are to learn choreography and and i will why not open something that can teach other people to dance and not be intimidated by the word dance so it's kind of happened by accident. I'd had enough of dancing. I'd been i was in the broadway way dressing room and i had an aha moment of i don't wanna do this anymore. I don't want to have to audition for someone to give me a job. I wanted to take control back of my life and be my own boss so i created buddy by simone and <hes> i remember sitting in the dressing room and i was looking through this magazine and it had edge hair by so and so and make up by so and so and i thought soon. I wonder who trained them. That would be a cool name for business wide. I call let body by simone so that's how the name buddy by simone started. It was literally a transition from dance into fitness. When you dance you have to learn in all forms of health and wellness. Yoga pilates strength work so it was combining all of my favorite things into one workout and i'm a little bit a._d._d. A._d._d. and i get really bored so the thought of like standing on a treadmill for twenty minutes was i. Oh my god that is torture so i wanted you know. Let's what's a fun way of doing cardio and it's by dance so that's basically how it was created. I go all my favorite bits and pieces of movement and dance and fitness. Put it all together and created a body by someone in a nutshell. That was a lot and wasn't it. I found dance to be so healing and i don't know i was the dancer in a past life but not here extent and i think just as a kid like we love to just kind of dance around and flop around it feels so good and revisiting that as an an adult has been so so healing so i i'm curious about what you've realized are the healing aspects of dance chance of moving your body and my way of actually being in your body i think as i said before you know women we can be quite judgmental an for me. One of the main things that i still in my staf and all of my studios is a beautiful loving energy and inclusive energy an ego. Free environment says like leave your ego at the door. We have celebrities next to everyday people. We all sweat the same and we're all there for the same purpose. They're just trying to be the best versions of ourselves so it's really important to me aged to create a toxic free environment and a loving environment you know like if you hear the word dance dance cardio like oh god i can't do that. I've got two left fate and i wanted to create create something that you didn't have to feel intimidated by you. Just wanted to come in and have a good time when you dance. It's a it's an odd form. Isn't it so it's like it's sacha freeing failing at such a creative failing. You're not necessarily going one to one to one on a bike. You're letting your whole buddy. Move sets a spiritual creative process as well as of getting a kick ass workout and there's so many brands out there so many fitness you you know experiences that we can all do and we're so lucky that we can do them but you have stood out and what do you think has helped in your brand success. Yeah i think now now when i first started eight years ago there only few people doing dance cardio and now every corner in new york somebody's doing dense ear and the same thing here in l. a. and at the the end of the day exercises exercise. I always say this like one of my favorite courts. A bicep curl is a bicep. Co you know you can you can get a kick ass workout with me. You can go with gun. You can go with luke. You can go with any of the other holly incredible trainers here. You're always gonna get an incredible workout but for me. What i'm selling is the failing. I wanna sell the the feeling the joyous failing and so i think and i hope that the reason that we've continued to be successful still eight years on one is the spirit you know an inclusive energy that you when you come into the room and then it's just the adrenaline and the feeling when you leave is so incredible folks that you wanna come back for more but i hope it's just as i'm nice. I think that's like ellen says it will be kind to one another. You know it's that simple. We've we've been talking about identity a lot over the last day or so with all of our guests and i'm just curious you know identifying as a dancer as a performer warmer and then identifying as a founder business owner. What was the turning point and are you you able to identify as other things as well. Sometimes it's hard because we attach ourselves to those bigger titles yet so i just love to dig in their sway sway. Think what's interesting. When i was a dance of you know that was my life. I lived and breathed and slept. I remember i got my first pair of point shoes. I slept next to them because i was so excited added to get my first pair point. She's i'm but you would say i'm edessa. I'm dan so what do you do. I'm a dancer. You know and it's like ben. I stopped saying that because then i was doing this fitness thing and at that point no one had really heard of body by simone and <hes> oh yeah. Are you doing that. Okay okay so we really just have to believe even yourself by. What's the title they have to not feel like we have to say who we are. What we do. Don't use your cell phone what you do but for me being on stage. It's very egocentric. 'cause nets like look at me everybody. I'm fabulous but when you're a trainer when move into fitness you're actually helping other people oh so the ego goes out the door and it becomes about a service. I'm giving an active service to try and help you will be the best versions of yourselves and i actually found that turning point for me. Was oh my god. This is so much more fulfilling so much more rewarding 'cause i'm helping you guys be the best that you can be the and it's not just about me but he fake eyelashes enduring five six seven eight at the front of the the broadway show yeah so yeah that was definitely a turning point for me but it was just like leave your ego at the door and <hes> help other people if that was a shift for us even with the podcast because it seems golick because it's our show but it's really about the messages that are i guess share with our audience and my ability to just translate that for them so i completely no and that's helped in longevity with your brand and i'm sure you know with ours as well. Another title that you have is mother got the baby in the back. He's that that we got a bunch of ace and then a stroller huh uh-huh what is that ben mike balancing motherhood and transitioning. You know your life. It's <hes> it's been incredible. I'm forty four and when i fell pregnant i was forty forty three and the doctors said to me that i was having a geriatric pregnancy which i didn't know if any of you out of had babies which i thought was hysterical because i'm forty four not one hundred and four for assad but you know i'd been trying for two years to get pregnant and i thought okay. Maybe this is not for me like my studios goes my staff for oh my babies so maybe that was my calling was just to be a mother for all of my stuff but <hes> i found out i was pregnant of overjoyed joy and then i was so nervous the first trimester do want to exercise too much exercise too little bit so so cautious and he's at the back of the room he's three and a half months old and he's the love of my life and i never thought that it was possible to love a human so much but it's actually given me me the more drive and more ambition she be successful because i want to show him especially as a woman right thank goodness on the on the boss right now but i can have him in the green room and i can breastfeed there but the so many situations where they allow you to do that and that's another one of my messages that i want to to help women is that we need to the open up the conversation and we need to know that it's okay that you can be a working. Mum like i don't have help. I didn't have a nanny just he comes everywhere with me and that's just how it is and we have to be. We have to create environments where that's okay but i want him to see that. You have to work hard for what you do and so it's it's really encouraged me to be better and and work harder and yet and take tagging along for the journey but it is a wonderful love but it's crazy because you know my body that's this is my tool like this is what i've always shown his my body by simone and when you get pregnant you get cellulite and you boobs full down in the milk comes out and then the baby becomes out and you get cut in half and then you know it's it's like there's nothing glamorous about that either and i also want to open the conversation about that of loving and accepting accepting your body like i did a post instagram when it was like a couple of weeks officer had given birth and i've let everything out 'cause. I wanted everybody to see because a lot of people put on instagram. That aren't show anything you know for like six months though destroyed from here up and then they'll be at the gym with a six pack and you you've just had a baby and and that stopped fair because you're setting the wrong message to women that all of a sudden this is how you look because you don't no matter how hard you work so. I think it's really important. The message is the exception body in love. It takes nine months to put on the way it'll take nine months to take it off and it's a process. My buddy probably weren't look the same as what it did before pregnancy but that's okay because i have him so efforts beautiful man yeah yeah i love to know what has been <hes> the vital to being present as possible for him in your post postpartum healing you know physically emotionally just assed being in your new new normal <hes> you know. I think you know some women have a really really hard time and it's and we don't talk about it. Necessarily necessarily thankfully people are talking about more postpartum and just other struggles but i'd love to know like what has been really valuable ineffective for you to to be as president as possible yeah. I think you know i go back to as women were so homer no right. He like be like this and throughout the pregnancy. I was the happiest i've ever been my my husband is like we've gotta get you pregnant. Moral high was just cool and loving life since having him yelm sleep-deprived deprived. I had a c. section. I didn't plan that so you can't get out of bed for like a week you can you can barely walk. He can barely lift your child like it is such a struggle and i found my emotions definitely going like this since we have to control that so for me. X. brings me back to exercise. It's like even if it's just ten minutes just finding that time for yourself is so important as far as i okay. This is my time. It's my meditation. It's my mantra. It's my i ten minutes my hour of doing something just for myself. That's my exercise like can go on and on about it. If only we could bottle that failing those endorphins that you get your exercise is we'd be rich because that that that that those endorphins are just incredible so when you going in a more you're having any kind of depression or you do have the blues. He's like you absolutely have the blues. I think i'm a pretty positive person that there was some days where i i don't think i can do this. You know exercise for me was my go-to because the psych okay i'm back in my body like this is may i know this and it made me feel good and you've also trained other celebrity mama's chrissy teigen natalie portman jennifer garner but would you say some of the lessons that you know they're doing as moms has taught you yeah i. I actually asked them. I i asked jen basically every morning. He's not sleeping. Is this normal like what should i be doing. I think communication is the cave of women. You know you have to ask ask ask for help. Don't be afraid to ask for help but it's it's a process. I think life is a precious. None of us really know what we're doing. Do we just kind of make it up and you're like okay. That didn't work so so. I went to that next time but i think yeah just just finding the balance but it's important to do something for yourself. <hes> so that you are a good role model but they are going to be center interview tension and they are going to be universe for quite some time and that's okay. That's beautiful as like your life ships a little bit but i can still have my career as well and i think it's a hot conversation. Now <hes> recovery just finding that time to slow down is just as good for your body body as movement is so how would you recommend people if they are doing you know cardio a handful of times a week or three times a week <hes> <hes> and they feel perhaps. They just need to keep moving. You know almost as a not a distraction but sometimes i feel like i i should just do it. You know the workout feels good after you do it but i do think we forget how valuable russ can be so what would you recommend. Absolutely i always say one day rest and usually it's. It's a sunday but we're making exceptions today. But a day of rest like you need to reset reset the mind reset the hot reset the spirit and reset set the body <hes>. I know you know i've worked on revenge body. We've done three seasons now. Everybody's their goal is weight loss and they think of gotta keep going. You know seven days a week. No you on your journey. You have to have a day off. You have to allow your buddy time to heal and repair in the muscles to repair payer <hes> and just be still. It's so important like eating. I think our thank goodness worth so much more open minded about meditation about yoga <hes> <hes> about positive affirmations <hes> you know and it's not you not selfish. If you take day yourself and as women we put ourselves selves lost. We put everybody else before us at children family ad job and we don't put ourselves first and it's okay to put yourself first and it's okay to say i need needed day of rest and whatever that is view but yes sleep sleep. I can't go on enough about sleep. As a sleep deprived mom <hes> i missed sleep but sleep is when you can heal and repair so if he can take the time to do it get as much sleep as you can on revenge body yet what are some of the key themes names that you notice with a lot of the people that are on the show <hes>. I don't know if any of them in the audience right now but we had some in the class duran was with this <hes>. You know it's fascinating to me. I'm so glad that there is the show because it is a platform for us to share knowledge in in wealth. You know we are very lucky to be able to be here today to to experience this but so many people one don't have the funds one don't have the knowledge age don't have the tools and don't understand so the show is really wonderful because it allows people to to learn the tools. I think what's fascinating is shorts of weight eight lush show but it really is about the emotional journey that everybody is going on. We all in our life have some experience of loss or trauma you. He knew there's a reason why we've got to the place that we have and so a lot of it for me is therapy. It's not really about a a weight loss show. It's really about being a therapist getting to the route of that trauma and finding out what that is finding that love and self acceptance and then really just being happy with who you are. That's that's really the core of what it is and that's why i enjoy doing the show because it really does help transform people from the inside out. I called my best friend in his husband the other day okay and they were crying. I was like what is wrong. They're like we're watching simone on their your biggest fans so i i do want to talk about emotional body and you know how how you treated your own emotional body and just how important that connection connection is with another to heal and how that's related to the physical transformation to yeah it is old connected mind body and spirit. It's the holistic approach but often. We don't know that we don't even think about that but it's like something as simple as smiling at someone and they smile back at you and immediately feel good right so it's like coming into that workouts just even looking at yourself in the mirror and smiling at yourself breath. It gets so hot. I don't know if any of you guys goes do that but looking at yourself in the mirror have a positive thought rather than the negative rather than oh. God look like this look my eyes look you know or i look at my teeth. Oh my bud or you know change that thought process and say something something positive like a little beautiful today the toshiya south high beautifully ready for the day they beep you have a positive thor and you'll be surprised that then that puts you in a good mood and then you're gonna come out the rest of the world and you're gonna present beautiful positive energy to them and it's going to put them in a good mood. Olivet is is a bad is about emotion. Life is about emotion you know as an and the beauty about coming back to the very start of the questions about dance and creativity and expression that's all about you know feeling positive and enlightened and so it's it is exercise. Everything weight loss says oh connected to you and how you see yourself. Yeah you can be whatever size you wanna be who cares what size you are but just own it and embrace set and love yourself and that sounds simple and easy but it's the one of the hardest things to do once he can do that winning what would be a first step for someone that wanted to love themselves more and and change that talk. I guess the mirror what i chimera minutes is dislike act tonight before you go go to bed and he'd taking your makeup buffy wash face actually look at yourself like not down or somewhere else so you phone or scrolling that we've become. I'm this nation that just swipe squalls skull like like you know everything's instant gratification and i didn't know about you guys but it makes me feel shit when i look could instagram sometimes because everyone's portraying this. I'm fabulous. Look in my life and you know then. Not you know that's just that instagram picture that they've put on right so don't don't compare yourself to other people look at yourself in the mirror. Look truly look at yourself and say something positive and and believe it and i think that's your first mantra right. I'm a vision of health and beauty. My mom taught me that when i was like five years old and as my mantra since i was a little girl mma vision of health and beauty eighty so i say it to my son every night before he goes to bed but just trying to change the whole process. Pick a mantra say something positive. You've done compare yourself. My mantra is i am infinite love. That's my the thing that i like it speaking of social media. I just think it's it's so hard to just manage expectations manage your own perspective on the world and in and on yourself so you know you've you've been you've been doing it all really you've been on t._v. You have your studios rose. You have the app also incredible. It's just you're out there. You're out there and so so visible and and i'm sure it could feel vulnerable at times. So what have you learned. And what boundaries have you created around social media. I joke but i think it's like we should have a license to be on social media but i really take it seriously. I understand that i've been blessed to have a platform to speak to women and so i don't take that lightly an i try and be very responsible all about what i post. I think it's really important that you know. I have a responsibility parts real. I too have reeled talk and not just post something glamorous us you know or put filters on it or try and pretend to be something that i'm not and i know i get frustrated. When i see you know influences winces and now everybody's influence a like someone's got a six pack and they're an influence sir and they'd telling you had to do an exercise but they've never trained and they have uh-huh qualifications and it's it's it's frustrating because like one you probably injure the sun because they're going to follow these exercises and to it's like just stay in your lane and be you and and stop i. I didn't know it gets me a little bit frustrated. So i try and use my platform in a really positive resited way <hes> and of course sometimes someone writes something negative but i just delete it or block or on follow and move on you know it's like i don't partake in in the madness as you know that person's just seeing behind a computer writing something and they probably very unhappy in their lives but i think we can use social media in a positive light to promote wellness and health and and and try and stay away from the negatively if you can. It's hard. I know but try in just follow positive people. What would you say to someone who's nervous about doing a dance class either i i. I didn't know i mean if you see me <hes> teach she class or if he know me i just make a fool of myself and i don't care like i try and disarm the situation and just try and be <hes> i dunno funding funding crazy and i think that seem points thing is as long as you're not standing on someone smashing them in the face next year. You can be creative and do whatever you you want go. You know be joyous as you want but don't be afraid to do it like sometimes people come in and they're like the hottest thing is just getting in the room and once you're in the room and you've completed the cost like oh that wasn't too bad and you come back again so my thing i would say every body the first time they come to any of my shears. Oh try <hes> the app for the first time you know. Just try and do five minutes. Just stay in the room. Try and do it and the next day you do it. You're going to be even better. We were talking briefly before we got up here and you mentioned that having your son just put a lot of things into perspective at love to know what those things are yeah. I we know as being very ambitious. He knew sometimes. My mom said to me about a year gorgeous like semi. When is this all going to stop. You know just like you building another studio a new building the app panera adding live classes. Do the app and you doing too many things that one person can't do and i might well. It's never gonna stop. 'cause i always i'm so passionate about health some wellness. I'm passionate about helping people. I'm passionate about spreading the love of dance and love of self but i think since having oscar you know now. I'm like okay. It's finding the balance <hes> but but family comes first you know my work will be there. Ed and i have created a most incredible team. A couple of them are in the audience now katy and katina and jillian and vicky and hedgerow and joachim ahir <hes> that you have to surrender now and allow <hes> is that the app that some epa music yeah l. Let's put that sounds like the apps. Actually we have to do is download it from and it's good buddy by simone and you get a fourteen day free trial. I'm not using this as a place for commercial but i am you should honestly get. It's the it's the greatest thing i think is the best about better nutrition to lavelli leveque cou. You ladies are actually introduce me to you. Ladies is incredible. She does all the meal plans and the recipes and it serves so you've got. That's never been done before an app. We've got the fitness and the <hes> recipes and health and nutrition as well but as the saying if you only wanna do ten minutes so you to stay scared to dance. It's good to be able to do it in your heart and put ten minutes of dance have a little practice and when you feel good and you've mastered that they need to come to class and you'd be like up the the front. I know this one but i've lost my train of thought oh yeah so just creating a wonderful team that can help and support learning to surrender and learning that you know everyone else. Ask has got your back and <hes> i don't have to do it on my own anymore. You know and allowing other people to share the message and spread the word as well. I think that was that's a big thing <hes> as a woman you know you you like. I've gotta do this. Gotta prove myself but you know other people people that help you and that's that's the beauty of it. You gotta surrender enderle. Allow them to help you. I was beautiful. What's your favorite part of your self care routine. I know it may have changed with the babe probably sleep deep but i'm not getting that at the moment but i just can't share enough how important sleep is is inborn time view muscles to heal and repair your brain into be still v._m. Your mind stole the thoughts but probably that yeah meditating when even now i don't do the twenty my mid twenty minutes meditation because they don't have time so it's like five minutes grabber where i can but also just excise excise even if it means going for a walk outside just carvings and time for yourself uniform last question for me just curious you know it's important that we fuel our bodies for these intense workout so honey what has been your tried and true <hes> nutrition as to your every day yeah i mean people. Ask me all the time. What do you eat. Do you wait. What do you eat and we're so we're gonna ask what you eat. The thing is we're all different right and so you can't compare your meal plan to my put meal. Oh ban you know i when when i'm training properly the girls will know we workout for five six hours a day which is madness so we have to eat so much much more than the normal person you know. I eat a lot of protein. I know and i know jails vegan people here that don't wanna eat meat. That's fine right. Don't compare don't wants i this. This is the certain way that have to do it. You have to do what's best for you full. May i need to eight inner three meals a day in two sacks. I need to eat heavy protein to few my muscles to hate help. Rebuild them and leedle drink a lot of fluid and then david. We know we're drinking propel today. Everybody drinking lots of propel water. <hes> you know trying to eliminate the sugar but i'm a woman and i love sugar and i really chocolate biscuits for breakfast. It happens but i think just you. We're all intelligent. It's just about you know eating. Well eating real food eating whole food eating organic when you can my biggest thing is you you pick up something from the supermarket bucket and you don't know what that is on that label and you can't pronounce that word dr needed yeah like be like a caveman cavewoman eat real food wherever if whenever you can fruit and vegetables you know grains proteins chicken fish meat where it was smart intelligent right. Don't stop yourselves is no. There's such thing as a diet when you actually stop yourself. Slow down your metabolism then. You're gonna crave something. If in this like a kid tele kid they can't do something. What are are they gonna. Do they gonna do it. Tell you self oh. I can't eat that ice cream. You're going to binge and then you're gonna eat the whole tub so it's just really mindset but yeah just eat well folow kelly leveque email plans. Get the app because there's great recipes in their fair so great yeah listening to your body and that's great advice. Thank you so much sir. Thank you thank please if you haven't tried a body by among class we highly recommend it's just so good to be in your body and follow out body by hi simone and your personal instagram is he's at body by smile. Okay buddy all right guys. We'll see you later have a wonderful day guys having me ladies thank you so much for tuning in to the almost thirty podcast live at propel co labs this summer m._r. in l._a. We will see you on the next one you can connect with us at almost thirty podcast dot com and almost podcast on instagram <music>.

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Jean-Paul Sartre born - June 21, 1905

This Day in History Class

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Jean-Paul Sartre born - June 21, 1905

"In the past few months, the notion of home is no longer just the place we drop into at the end of the day especially when our homes have become our workplace, school and full service restaurant well. Here's something good. For today. We spoke to Borgen. Pressure. Scientific Communications manager at PNG about cleaning can foster a sense of calm and control. You can start with an easier way to clean thanks to Don power-wash display, so you can spend less time scrubbing and soaking dishes, and you can get back to the things you love. Visit Dawn dish dot com made by women, is a new show brought to you by the Seneca Women podcast network an iheartradio. We bring you inspiring stories in shared learnings to help you successfully navigate today's environment benefit from the experiences of legendary entrepreneurs as well as everyday women in business who found success their own way. Considerate your real world NBA design for the new now I'm Kim as a rally, and you can listen to made by women on the iheartradio, APP apple podcasts, or wherever you listen to your favorite shows this day in history, class is a production of iheartradio. Hello y'all its eaves and welcome to this day in History Class A podcast that flips through the book of history and ribs out a page every single day. Today June, twenty, first twenty twenty. the day was June twenty-first Nineteen Zero Five? French philosopher and writer Jean Paul Sartre. Tra was born. He was a major figure in twentieth century, French philosophy in one of the most well known intellectuals in the country. Star Trek studied psychology sociology in the history of philosophy in Paris while he was at a coal normal, he formed a relationship with Simone Debevoise who would also go on to become a noted philosopher and writer. He spent some time in the French army during. World War Two and was even taken as a prisoner of war, but he was soon released and returned to Paris. Starter read Edmund Hustle and Martin Heidegger, studying there phenomena logical philosophy. phenomenology is the philosophical study of the structures of consciousness as experienced from the first person point of view. SAR took part in the resistance movement and wrote for underground newspapers, but in nineteen forty-three he wrote the first major philosophical work of his career, being and nothingness, an essay on phenomena logical oncology. In the Book Sarda deals with topics like consciousness free will and perception. The book gained popularity after the war and garnered recognition. There's been debate over Simone Dubov. Woz, influence on the book and later developments in starches thought. After the war Sarcho also published novels and articles on literature and politics before star, Tra had not been deeply interested or involved in politics, but he eventually became more politicized, speaking out on issues like Francis Presence in Southeast Asia. Over, the course of his career, he also co founded the journal later modernes, and he wrote plays, biographies and an autobiography he also served as a philosophy professor in universities, and he developed a role as a public intellectual. That said he began to resent his inevitable acceptance by the bourgeoisie. He often questioned his previously held attitudes and engaged in debate with his earlier works. Sartorial embraced communism, but he was never a member of the French Communist Party. He also made clear his opposition to Western capitalism and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization a military alliance between North American and European countries. Sorry continued to write throughout his entire life, building a body of work impossible to condense in any meaningful way. But one of the works important to him was the nineteen sixty book critique of dialectical. In which he expounds on ideas of existentialist Marxism. It wasn't a popular work though. In one thousand, nine, hundred, eighty four star trump was awarded the Nobel prize in literature, but he refused to accept it. He said that he declined to accept official distinctions and did not want to be institutionalized. He also said that he was concerned. Award limit the impact of his writing. In one thousand, nine, hundred eighty four interview searcher set the following I discovered abruptly that Alien Nation Exploitation of man by man undernourishment relegated to the background metaphysical evil, which is luxury. Later in life searcher participated in demonstrations and marches, and he was vocal about topics like housing and the Vietnam War. Sartor died in nineteen eighty after his death, his daughter authorized the publication of several collections of his letters like those. He wrote a Simone de la. Archer is remembered as one of the foremost intellectual figures of the twentieth century. I'm Eve Jeffcoat, and hopefully you know a little more about history today than you did yesterday. and. If you have any comments or suggestions, you can send them to us at this day at iheartmedia dot com, you can also hit us up on social media. We're at T D I H C podcast. Thanks so much for listening to the show and we'll see you tomorrow. For more podcasts from I heart radio, visit the iheartradio, APP apple podcasts, or wherever you listen to your favorite shows in the past few months, the notion of home is no longer just the police drop into at the end of the day, especially when our homes have become our workplace, school and full service restaurant well. Here's something good. For Today we spoke to Morgan Bashir scientific communications manager at PNG about cleaning can foster a sense of calm and control. You can start with an easier way to clean. Thanks to Don power-wash display, so you can spend less time scrubbing and soaking dishes, and you can get back to the things you love. VISIT DISH DOT com. Hi, guys, Katie lowes here, actress, mom and host of the parenting podcast. Katie's Crip a show that helps women navigate colossal changes that come with motherhood. You'll hear from resilient Mama's knowledgeable experts and me asking a whole lot of questions, it's real talk that offers real perspective on what it's really like to be a parent, so join me new episodes published every other Thursday listened to Katie's on the iheartradio, APP or on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Eu Tava L #110 - MEMRIAS DE UMA TROUXA (com Aghata Moreira)

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Eu Tava L #110 - MEMRIAS DE UMA TROUXA (com Aghata Moreira)

"He's a guest starred as the DOT com. I started in this period. You quite a bit of a Brooklyn Stories. I leaned soldier. Who La la La Stealing programmers to Ski Shepherd? Certain publications drivers tonight must quizzes. Ain't schoolwork Okaz gotTA support of new. Content started Gyro Moss. La Wasn't speedway. Started the persona touch quieting towards the star super. They're seeking Ghazi. Kozel CASTLE VILLAS STARS. Note of our kidneys thesis for the side of the guys who mice going through this period following my school to open in downstairs. Usually a calendar should towards cards. New Fiji metabolize. You Still Need Scott. Boras support store not on snapchat reveals the Peak Bay internal site your cover pontoise by Ashini rencontre towards the former barrister initiative project cash but I shall be Egypt. Lhasa was a report their education. Simone de la Union that they assess on those schools you get asset based on the same percentage case. You Bake Not Pretty Minnesota Berga eventually. Be Sergio devote not amount. Stolen our big but Catra. Where's the recovery hit or not so I kinda theater the Pitch Bay Geophysical Guild which you you. Big Man's budget was Xijin Europe Russell. Mark Walters Greenwich Village at the end of soccer tear. It was designed Bergemann. Smy artists simple cubic. Be Very smooth. Soul to Super cash-back Halloween. This sketch baking. The cell did us not to say bitch. Come into Lynnwood customers. Cash-back nist you put his implant bullet. It has said percent decision you. Did you vaulter Nike Ligaments? Aucklander general strategy or parameter Uber Participated civic issue back in the Anthony. Julius Barakesh Beck lifestyle. Do pick pay vet those echoing Winters is his Jews are pajamas. Seeing SCIATICA grandeur the woman's Nipple Passage Speak Bugah minced Nassau Qasem Sola would record cutting Prada. Sob are lewd. If Eliakim the Pledge Pasadena Lewis Coosa jit-get asa but I was sixteen swatting. Dna are ludicrous. Acquiring Dinner Dobbs on Kusa juicy such A to Z Gigolo. This moment I saw at their Jude Law Dzhabrailov Book Damn into Intimacy Bay by Guadiana. Dad's Yup revealed the prophecy. I'll switch. It did several good style would get them based survey Komo Monster Garage that quality dodge. Who's Latina Voice of course? Hvac Bisho now dow dodger to school. Kowloon affairs being leaked Gal. Lupone KOMO's Barbara Muscle by -UILT Avella but the SEC forum a complex diluted skills affair s e consent as you going to school DC link dot allow lewd upon. Komo's Bay Bob Ramon biota. Who's GonNa see has gone to the point? Similar to key is okay. I gotta see your rookie start. Typical tally to watch. That could scuba soccer. When she grew keeping Margaret. Kathy's is I thought h thank. You quit Docomo Kiss Crab Brigade Ganal had van Contra threes in wanting to now include. I think tomorrow ripples time they participated alafaya tracy process gets bogged sniggers Portuguese. You put in the amount of same percentage tainton new DVD tariff Zuccaro. Keep known tabby to do my face. No meantime geologist seeking you mark for your demise. Casual casual elephant. Who has put us in the human gene wilder Jill Jaffe mandates informational eight also. Don't cash own I Miss Burke House Donald Trump. I don't know possibly either of Angel Moines does score is to reverse policy Utah Coming Sala which also give me not fast and a major data Aga- clubs visit to the Consumer Cali- Silica Canoe sees me as little as automation Improv Killick Okada. Police say you might as well. He's following book. Subsidies possible was he kika dude since you your compromising Cuando Ciano so bizarre super cuisine year singer prepare our warmest. Saint Rita Muslim wintered Sala. This could make trust the memory as Gucci Wind. Fuzzy your door missile. Don T Y Tu. Jacome Bri- you prepare out the empathy. Mickey Fiscal Comparable Fussy are Kabul former. Muscle is also misses the poyser per se with eating me because they can swing your Vitucci. Thunder Quincy got to bowl applicable. Montage G POSSIBLE BUSY IS I. Ain't you accord NATO. Which of course looking at style. You'll visine Rockin Nail Daylight Forni phase on Baligian Procedure Accord Day miso awkward. They may swing a co two. I O coronate helmet whom we decided in part daily. Fellas put radio for thanks. This is just got into Asia Asia which goes decide. Uvs Comment on Inter Agency Ski Elbow. Gu Jun today. Juice IN NOV nod won't as conseillers kid. You might end up. Banking soul may pick up the balls no digital out own mantra fierce notice to now. I Know Phase. Jeanine don't Jamal Pedestrian Jabballah descend order or visit me. I side and I grew up with any burst pattern. Quitting Dana Ya. Lfa's Bala just say Nord Oprah May IOT is huge dust me agora shorter on the KAKAPO. It's Kubrick is believe it or not Jacob all Muskie fastball. Pull here Leong Group. Would you technical issue some prophets because we're GONNA take him to fail in his letter of his own nettles dodds versatile Mogae Ogden each of quiz? This elect follow a fossil-fuel so each this bulletin call the museum. This moment. Some out of heels It was a big who will views says goodbye. They've faced I forget which has got a pace car. Said I go passage Buhler Gordon. Oh happy no have no happy days. Now you're happy applic-. It came by fazei backup Isola Ta Salami Passer Ki Ki. Skin stubby vein bristled almost cybele cash up again as Impreza table. Cassie protege thad fees comparable Yuji Notional Bolger Coop. Which would you watch and begin Julia in issue of? I didn't say you compared DAPA that Guy Picnic Yankee. Gaza me if Kim with those who pick up don't don't live up in the middle value. You might actually key Pharma. It telling dodger up with some of the major oil ms going to mill got you must've Luzinski's follow who geek him. Vigil Prakash's in no sock of according to unanimous in our lab could implement to ensure justice was would you say Issue Communiques Daca? She saw that so just because it's so ball came we'll do I co- tiffy. Mayes Zuma must have fed into shape how to guides to footprints you tonight if we pray to Dubai Abu Dhabi claim is pitting Bain fittings. She did to champion. The kilo acquitted American swimming coaches directly. And SOC- Quincy Rachel task applicable via g dizzying without quizzes. Ski Involve You. I start Egypt's you've to the cost of Kyriakos Matoco. Cto I schema gaining us. Sheila's inch owns the Boesel Oklahoma short. I Jim also reduce injuries. Sub limerick knocking test said of his trial G to your came into fascinated nypd or Kujo international community education. Ever Seen Gio call on regime coverage for money. Talk Rich Kid. Boy Says Al's Jim is your to maybe follow the does start to view the rows of shooter hit Sociale for some Grocery Denison Educate Q. Double Inversion Emma's MC Donald's going to start. Can we start? Get on a bus. Do is share to is amazing. Motamed does seem to be a special team is a Paciencia. Just is she going to story. You know a log the bills I mean I we saw shades. Competition will mill Quadri some memoirs Dumont. Rocha Deo shaved. Scores may came song. Oughta author quizzes. Twinstar Komo publicity. Georgia Mayes told Munoz. Feis a scene to dodge the pixel data colleagues miserable as interim coma. Scientists LA FOGEL. Mccoy's you've Liza Dangerous. Those Groupings G via cyberspace. Cy who you actually sweet sad but it's contrary Jaba Maki came on a few if you're on which would. Up are the young lawyers who keep being to say tonight. Put Snow Ice relativization. I become county the package gas cores. Sabi to Chino do shazier. This woman got. You've got to Tillerson that. I wish to go start as g on another soccer as the adjustment for Ed Jim Mendoza. Tayo ovacara mirrors following throws ill fast with Brian. Myers G. Who SAYS? He's a diehard prey. Oh Passover going aircrew. Ilto FAS AIN'T GONNA may as not Jingo regime talk. I'm at your authorized to know me. Pelia PRE K. Winkle her whole life as kilkare fuzzy SABIC Yummy amiga novella shocking. Carolina's YIP's you'LL I. Oh my because you can sail to see your mind you quite a few days and as you ballet or save it up you do it and if you don't you buy echo those energy fast bowler thrilla being Lyngdoh question. Hold that you be you. Don't be almost cobble. You don't Zuccaro anongos vein. Pay Attention all right L. O. U. ON CEO Mortal Cli- Moose Nichols again. Alioune touchtone don't K. H. Make sure those with kudos surveys poets. No no say Google at Google Code. If can we do to? Nobody also looking ill he is. He is more main meal kind or or they tack out do not Vr Dhabi. I do vein. Minicab Brasileira include. Zv luggage he had done. Gps to look participate. Ascii high start isn't it pushes To Injury Mosimane. We'll see we'll welcome is is keep them is C. Towers Ikano bottle Cabeza. Notre Dame is ENA. I'm order CY. Ilana cintoss Eddie. Ill stopping the story. Get this limited. Mal Go remained. Jilin Qazi Analogy season killer in the Vita darker. Hatefully Foia Colloquial seen on congenial. Tone say chill. V Mute Deals Sake to pass averaging rookie jungle Africa. Don't Count Ilya Protocol to live on on passing in to pay you. Walk through same per se to say now the Saab Indian Day Jillette Evita he always Yugoslavian. It's called Ky-ko Sabio Levitan. Sonko said gave me a do specify an abuse scheme of things we we don't know alternate saw. Cuma mega follow follow prouty Holly Jolly Data Vein Mildew Nisa GM professor of how to on this on this. Yeah eighteen gave because Bain today story Yellow Mundo is offering to levy ta Sake Mayo isolate Jolla not gonNA comb bringing couldn't go forth yet Al Khor. I offer Leonardo Da Alpha by two super cute boy hogwarts GOING YOU BRUCE. I Love I. Oh no pie too. I thought that's one of this toy he knew each passing laws on though say to all those detained unadjusted MIRA being following a key. Escorted you levitan quiz. I did they scholar. Legarda Als- also is at age. If it is I ask for America Chin Weekday Contractor dumars view apart memoir today. Elizabeth supposed to give us to infant you. Accuracy knock adjudicate lives done. Ain't email you. Did you date own Sabio via Lena? Range Murmell if you talk. I don't WanNa gossage efficiency fuzzy or coin. Thank Luna's I follow most movies Achilles Dodge. Go to blend it. They'll vote complex. Those who look you can start on witness Connecticut if government do we stay on task will Karak. Don't throw on the agency simply improve mayes. Kick your washing Cleveland. Don't say the Pushkin Do. I'll give rookie few KALKI boggling Bobowski. But it's just good. Nellie throw he added meal housing. Where do we stand eight emmy? You're seeing the preach. Pella Gal says how bale portrays US coys Kabakov. Utility domain is e Chicago negotia. Coakley now knows. Can we tell? All energy cannot courage hocine socketed. You don't WanNa pull came with Muslim with him. Is Inconceivable and mice call create an APP Gaetana. Ninety nine hundred is too. Ill Blue Name your saint pretty for each a hiccup at US own saying e e hippo. Fail Goumas Hummus. This cover each Ramona's provice alternates. academic Bloomington Disease Food Cube to pass a progressive policy. But I mean he not thinks to gateway in thread. Fair is MS INSTAL. Suck number seven. We'll find out to probably care. Throwaway SATCHMO IS LUCA fighter base. I matvey the mice. After a broader thought MICE NO MODESTO ECOLOGY PESTLE GNAEGY. Jacome toddler CAN S. I kinda thought Dorna Yokum Fedora Olympics new parts of Morocco Interior EDIS pilot. I just can't say. E NYPD better health report a TIME ASSUME RUSSIA INDICATOR SAID. I research to kill up. How Great Yeah I. E No lame grew out of the mare. Mona say style modernism policy last week. Mel Pine Kaz Kasuga pooja hometown door. Abs UVA is two thirds of your topic personae poverty is to say we have understood Nava Bolt Ooh ill international in SAP UTOPIA SAVA international photography. Kinkle made PA. I'm Alex Smith faults along to post put her F- gold you to go is with my exciting. I mean tide. Is My coaching my entire toys. Shelhah copy album's coming. Todd is avenue saw limited use got so Maggio New Yorker own. Chia go to ask you for the Lago Oviedo Sibeka's position which Elizaveta civilization descend Muslim. No no I de Arte Post Thomas because this year alone to logger for the luggage bus. You sort of feet tall. Educating row pipe-opener me philosophy a domicile edible on ipods compact. Mccoy's I also Gloria. This is useful a flat-out bone in today's new. Aero socking each other to our boy in that case paranormal pie will depart on vision. Dacia into waging ovary dot com. Got Killed in your article viewpoint on Fisher and puts reality our north finanical toddler. I probably is halfway. But he knew we sticky into suck. He's seen G Silao. Kid does middle paying children multifold. Elliot's touching I if I'm okay show but they do the Joe fees if he is that part allowed to shoot inside where Moscow Masasi in Gaza in at by Lozo. Poor suit up. She had to go because this voice ABC's unveiled to visit the Nessa. Mas NASA EPICA overnight difficulty in Iceland coincidentally does ways you suppose impose Puji soldats missiles but at the moment Lhasa Post Road. Usua- is also made to look contadora. Cover may change Pat Barton leedle guard. I hope eight fifty apart in Quantum Tabiti Ella. Fica people aware the whole society which book piracy and apart say speaker. Jose Gimme is Cold Day. Eight through the whole participle. Siemian Yakuza given did eighteen or door frames but apart airport at the bay eight but also drives the part of Sii vote apart apart. Amy Is we'll pass. Our Ella would act but I to do between the Tommasi. Sausages Tafoya is only apart by sage over pre K. Merrily use alien for dealing with your Mayo Know Saiki Donovan Jaylen. Oh Saint all their program is my shot which three Las Vegas is the El Apart Basin. She allocates really cat rise. Ucla Maeve we adore you know Lasso misconduct support so bill advertised apart dizziness dodge. You always PUSZTA Suzie Q. Works is called EPA allow. This yoga was vehicle supposed to be lucky. I say this is his Besigye Delap. Gorski Essay. Isleta MONOP- Archie. The image tried noble. Abry a simple king apart. He Cycle Hannah. Say View Celena view as you lies. A with CASSANDRA. The neighbor took Dale scared. They were scared. Yes I did do that. Gaza might come with. Emc Sue Damascus Giogio into the coma. Dvd I shall follow booking dish because the familiar. No My dad's nermin away memo came as vocal toddler Komis. Al It's quite daily Taran core north. Yeah you you God. I post on my fall to me north. You'll have a daughter. My Daughter Messiah Have Aquariums Not Balking till I pol. Modern ON-BOARD PAT rice. Merely post to southfork came to know mail photo log in CAPPELLA DELLA DOWN A- goals four. Yukos again for the lawyer or shaky he la V. Manami Ching Call Mostly Geena Jacob Pad Nelson said. She had the rookie our fault of Kavanagh. Mayo I call. Luna June address assaulted and she goes in Colorado to rely on subtle arguable. Sissie Ya e putting UK templestowe the poodle which Muslim Click per view. Was coach. Kayak order stems so the the the star so my in Komo the procedural that they started in caravan to Yogyakarta familiar with Ross. Perot's fishing are so lucas as Mazda Rows Yakuza. Tacoma your bike it and I will draw. Capacities approval May mielke locally photojournalism awards multiple choice. Ain't going your mind scattered. When you get Brecca's elise chains international gooding Adele nonstop. Do the movies Katya kissing US log. Mice MODERN UP. I gave up. I go that'd be the pill and do not praise. Also Ramona is value. You're asking some very peculiar news. Mermoz minority massage key Q. Vividly this is what I love to play TV to start your new loosen manage to my storage threaten your due to three as far as close as attain got away. Komo Vida got caveat so in alternate police irritate Nita. Novo devastated La. Those McKee's those needs this taste. Tovey store out the mice new tonight until I Paul Anka was obvious. Zone pool in prisons Ziad Gala Tovia selector Assad shoulders Podesta's Jiwa Kella. Nikola Bang. Bang is in order food. Ski Kissel my Zaida Not touchable Musica internacional producing dominant your feet to the moon. Easter iffy. Saiki being I when I go into does most because the Alatau easy lane in Hebron Passu Yoyo Violeta offers show dodge know Adema. Now's is that almost dies. La La la Amazon Your Day a Hebron. Kuma now's Manaus Galil you ain't up buddy pain nausea magazine sale on interest Vogler base. I maintain different shaggy. My now's IOT Wa wa Vio- stained poses slowing Bilan. I have a lot. That is mainland. Golly naked are you. Jamal tires sketches. Nice Nice I wish I o montage with Sunday. We should be able to prepare our brain science research aboard. Turn into bark. Leyla preferential of you Elvia daily character could Gifford CEO. Ideally now see also not going really does and I don't think Komano Station Chievo Cabello in whole lot to bang armada seem. Bamboo need to be very merely tossing. Take all nausea. Nothing sells y'all saw in eastern passage needs a lot rise. Pg Do Lago her comfort day. Coma BUFFALO'S ON IRA you're in. The valley. Mildew is currently looking into their fleet north of Boston to eat a little. But I need to go. I think fees sickled daughter Lin- it was opus archetypally on annoying. Barak of Yo. Wjm You follow us. I think we need a ton of loans. Italian you'll know Servia bricky Cuomo purchased rise of Yo I if you do have raced pirates. Yeah you said his rain. She is now tied his peg on parts of up to is to say we may very neat and compact if ice keyhole on a drenched divall. Davis Serious Issue Board. Donald EATER. I got researcher. Bar Do a MoD. I apologize in Japan. Chamois they get enough loopholes. Swami Good Shimon Your Free Lasik gala at Isla at older taty. No deke coquette Capriccio particularly marcation. Patrick you could be a miserable illness. Say they say Ladonna Mice Parrella pretty poison come is the a listing my bank phone and I call my own Z. Pak Gali that French. Briquet obey my spirit's digital SAKE NOKIA. Tina need to have our colleague North. Spit on the plane. Away you Elio Papa Pyro Development. Couple fate too much to do. I need and also Grossman John. Ostrom fought Komo's poised to defeat to coca cola. Our basically come top radio contain acquis. Shove is version idea. Up to force for New York City down by school studies are the today show that they surely so great folks goons my son Mood. I L Olympic music poverty but as the scene. Also talk based to get going this. They'll forget plays off Cape Cod on illu Kumail owners. You'll follow California's Panofsky. Scott Neko Komo sage. We're GONNA fighting to the East Coast and Saint April Yukio disease if we catching the geologist dies. Don't you because Kibera the CONSOL Allison Dunlop new? Sehgal daddy how come allegations stopping me with Voi- it causes a door Accuser Anita Wong -bility Jesus CALICO massage school geography new deliver the VISCO almost Masuma Muslim considered sabers eight. I need US mid school. Cat Buju is got would you? Might we do winter ago. Visas threes atop was the key starters. You going Jim Jetties Veal Bobo. Ovanessian Brow less cadre is into contact compassion as notional goes as GOSSAGE DOT COM PUZZLE. Because you're on your demise. But he got causes. Your bag is he might Ziegfield say to me. Look it up but I mean I also ruling by Carnival Cutback ucar focusing in on say etc Earning taking it. My don't say daily you probably way. Singapore Kelly's couple Gina G. Shogun globeop kindle Tasinari. Philosophy doesn't have an aquatic la La Value. Free last serve you quote through your it. Based on age bracket to me I feel I won't taper Aquatic totally have I glazed causing told Suchod says operations guy who saw responded as people Doma winter. Assad a lot of those scenarios say our usual as Casey Four. You see no foul. No killing eight Dell. I see you are ru daily by July. Buried those so-social rule he energy me. I know that you better going. Yates nothing to know I can say. Yes not enough alleged ties. Cincotta do during mean Wallet Always Coverage Obstacle Gentleman fees episode. The peace album pokes bit my snow breaking for delays Margie. It will rely your hustle. Nazi war which say are Usua- who Muslim familiarity today show which Comiskey ornamental quad muscle. I fit gotta movable with regard don't potato temporary protocol dogmas that regime change is psychological to say shows the commodity old Eileen do for the logging do or coochie snapshots set. Tweeted is toys and more tillerson. Disease is that a main. Boardroom is brass batard pledged to his duties. Coleman would you please visit yes is with severe tacky? Spoke Diego Star. Do Studies Davidge multiple modern about the racial molecules? Spare reminds us as you started with. No faster quizzes by this is going to bail out the East Bertam. Inclusively Fica Fiji Bro. View all through the ages aileen distribute stems mice quasi. So I sent to. Death into northern will save the mice. Muthu your Saint Presides? Public Fiji Seem Brooklyn confidential. A guys you start as two guys with ZINC. Ocare are listening to the bigger. Our views. Donohoe dozen Fiji viewers legitimising. Ted Asks You if illness according to in now migita the placebo. And I'm usually getting cosmetic that civility over in the start as low score without the pig on the book the hell does not grow in today's ethical Kellner Moscow Geldof's iota moments because it does not fair Komis note of Libya tells you via. I recall Dodd since the Luda to link Agenda Item Bausch and I put the sound that pod lab Bud Lab. Bontoc on bond there.

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Escocia Mgica 401  Agua y costas

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Escocia Mgica 401 Agua y costas

"Does tend Oh hey Scott Makika go Mario Corsi the CALEDONIAN TOURS IMBROGLIO BRAULIO BE OKITA PUNTA COM it coffee America Behram but Samantha steelers and Prodi you get those empties what them but others America and it's done without them. INC WAS UNIS the magazine for Matthew on the Muslim goals might be your source this thing by Musi sturdiest Fantasma Phenomenon Melissa Murphy Does Athena in Jazz Mask. That is theros gala nuking Alanya those we rented. I think it's an unusual delays for locates your spidey think in paramus in this what input up or Donovan does come on your furnace. Get bored race. Incontinence Kofi diffident there is the dimmer gives better thing seacombe coming thermostat. Is that what that Emperor Bush Bush no centers Ricardo's gave me grow. It's the Komo Latin put under uh-huh money. They got it on your door with Goma famous north of Atlanta is the last Costa's was it almost always is at the inaugural. PK ebay easy more spicer. You'll never seen Kim we had Basel. Nobody most will be there so it gets pushed. Oh Damn Book with me that I I got on an even buddy that does Gabon shoes cost does that was and maintain fifty Wali's Gomez Cotija traditional fifty one in prostrate yield grateful festival gets. You need our other fights. Racing contrarian is about opposed to the address moutons furious. Let's see your spirit and restore seeing this Barabbas but goners those days Kristie uh-huh Boston she'll be less generous in Aberdeen it'd be thrown me north been disease as Rusty de go strategy analysis professors colmer Yeltsin but a nominee savelli fan posted. ESPN Hornell and it's the guzzle painting is there magnificant festival the play thome mementos only 'cause in Montevideo shows oscilloscope oscilloscope destroy both I e came at your local there in the end up both days co's Masika at this Aena Camilla data ebay Riva biathlon but Ricco Patrimonial Terrell Dilara here it was worst though Graf at those yellow diversion Kissimmee win in Israel Festival Garryowen millis resident this must deputy says mill personas said are Vita and post in this first encountered as competitive units devoted about Kelly's nipple race Astros phillies means has begun to participate in unlock your normal well Augusta Gold Deandre latimore detours UNITA's bought a dog about Komo spit on the DVD bushel faure's remarkable sutras in Ghana's the lesson battlefield news dying biscottis school or Yourself Jeremy's servers. You're totally goes. Alimentos does dial Macedo born festival the cause Tara I'll go start delivers Kameda up me and that is the fruit is de la believe yourself baby Glenda Connoisseur mosfet office depot there are motors of DVD's the most resource about Ari dishonors. You start this up on noon. Infrastructures Breath y'all in Australian about this young days in this yesterday as the size those King Ingredients Hito blow elbow. That'll allow more. She cut it was supposed to allow it. We use career Unisys UNISOM Golic as much as the Parisi about Casa Comoro this Dr Martin. If you guys indycar racing contrary great I even guessed the on your CEO Nick on the we're not fifty fifty on the fantastic about either deep blue Tories Evil Nipple reason Gandara and one has the most of UNISOM Bebo it it was tough unison reputable stance over Stephen Donate over deliver says compares Yup and then mutual and defense is and toddlers either so splitters people superstore Sarah nothing barrows defied regatta. It's running at that and we left on the most prestigious classical survive life. Nobody theon must be an shortly glacial light in the Mid Range starring Sally Tho- Paul Timothy Musso not and Dallas and it's the actual friend finally is Daniel gave me appropriate or lacking data doc Hata Comores Thea is the annual does not the Monica and on his coffee because air wash they finally got that in the Louvre quadrant befitting Hania love me rain coming thunder showers in door but here's what is already of the gland mammary does this ritual immune door and finally Komo Cindy but until they were in fear alertus and any other last year of the five dollars they'll see in they go Beijing nor bullish per in another those values that case Daniel get an Istanbul needles partner Matica Camman. Don't throw in Impo Ruta de las posters Kameda innovator Hondo on elementary she cali festival known as Madam user CD. When does this glossy get those festival is on a few Monica immovable data but gone affair Martha mazafa color or Duda gastronome Lia by soccer's this go via it gives them but of those fifty we did spicer his companion in all we done this as he came nowadays as data is seen as lower f half Yoda gives by CPA summer's on north dossier filmed inventories this amass my goal for Mas McCall uncovered darrow's coface can pinpoint? Is it a Lotto Kilmarnock Daniels than the more than me inter-squad. Both of those were the people that are with US compelling anybody yes Cologne Theban newnham money Raila in Larry Right. That's how it's meant. The film allotted by lots of people from this is the those Larrocha demilitarized endorses inter. Get the NEOM Zimbabwe in an agenda Rico commentary the model James Johnstone comments companion but at the lab beefy glitter within the public mcmillian steady would Joel knows these seniors the mckellen deal mcmillian Alaska Joe Miller Jacinto Strain Dino step the silent cape a thon bog. Well Mike Malam Ben Meteo Games. Don't get a deal for like three Yo honorably missiles Martinez by and GUS KOMALA THEY MAK million in an esteem show they may not enter moment they say Shapur Syrup poor economic essential Bush replica winter our audio increase this mental coffees wing the theory that can win in multiple for their most blessed nausea India was he in academia understand fume glenis iskoe faces Laura Glen Significant August first and then do you Glenn is possibly alleged together Glenna simply me. I'm proportionately proportion sentimental. They didn't come on board US and then via Astros members when done call call national with economically that born through the Lord Lyon Theon in current board lovely rather lion king of Adams will know the loss of and this is this the Scorpion Grandba- Larry Hula beyond the right. I'll catch professor issue Cisco those they are Muss us our Glenis when dot com patronage propiosed data but I lost bass Don t the bill and get the Komo pattern or Nassetti the linear Oregon Lacy medicals Gig one dollars a growth them for manifest benefit though the day the music is did the HITO commodity breath. It's dipa Donaldson Jarido Borlaug outlaws Mu Browse the Glenn Allison your skills or find us waters but yeah but in the stabbed British caffyn location clan dot com one or shady Glen Campbell Grand Gumbel is coming off clements Muslim the body Dennis Highlands Societas Estaban Yvonne Nugget Classic Compete. NL Conde Moustache it should start them as musk commented. They gonNA feel Gomel Black. Wet Negra could add up with Emile. Don't know windy finco but I incommunicado they'll Rondo another era saulters ICAN Astro Mir on L. pepple Bolivia amidst bordered handed. I'll wait and it'll be mirror. Human don't last year south does in an equal Jim Shaw by the Astros attacked them Donald Statins Gumbel se by sun in the town that watch Ali welcome would chose that donors they gladys it. Dan Fulfill Thilo go yesterday new show at twelve for about yesterday Tara's militarize anthem La Commonwealth if they thirty are dealers Black Watch Leeann winter is able these magnificant sale Derek Otherwise Yours D'Amato the Black Watch castle and it's the cash flow more sale in a gay bar they on Dodi stay story. Ah It be better Tambien Tuncay Okay belief on all of twenty four minutes could fan and so it's those military's is thin the blood what's castle a Museum Syndrome birth policy precise nor do days sedaris take astill combat deployment for sale was happening in the nation Moti Simone de la call dude dude is gopher Sir Epo Superstore FAMOSOS that watch it gives up. If you don't understand uh-huh Megani maddow's helping young the if you're not you're done what was it fueled Immuno Shimane insult our over Galliani Eliane boondoggle economics CODA by some unrest as if you're at risk offends us or you're stable or narrative fit that is much more stable core iskoe fees going out the Haney about that ties with this kind the race Solos again this data they call letters familiarly throws the fink Quinta Grandma's the Bangor Grope Andrea though not culture nature but can also base in general are in the gutters should always sooner marina there won't ask Margaret Diminish the racial opinion but a fatal as Aetna's not the moment if England Amelie throws not quarterly data Hino Ibo show borstal race. He's GonNa Colorado Most Colorado in what opportunities the raigmore sisters thank and Gillian Pasta Pasta read those laws consolidated either was being that immoral sell Corvee O'Connor Joulwan that in La Timana yelp and grow grow under that was cooking demos call in order no not entering those donors as me either whereas lawyer honeymoon and they will but it but I'm also going to signal bullet ebony famous everyday most Lynetta most lobbying Yalta Heaney Italy Guatemala though Elorza anonymous it is boys but that does golden lab at that Indira's Venus blackadder Moshus doesn't either pushed leverage cut him either. GotTa go do not on either Jessica's last Ramosch what in those getting this was it than let me not afraid Lebedeva Moscow bureau data. I'm not delve yourself. It does that mean that cares about if he does your host Oklahoma socket ammiano soon email I added about Galleon Dot Com econ not doc plays repair started doctors say rank under diploma this at the Buddha by most of your nearest zip up then they'll take me man was moot you identify telephone other birth than this Winter Mucyo. They're this they're black Watts Casella Museum and as the guys who said that the North Pole of quotas restaurant owners take coronor are real dead though theat those either finkel annoy media is it go out Okamoto indicator and Beth and if there's tales Kamalia Mobley and we professional E. Kentucky and more show Jago shook me daily fuchsia North Policy McDonald's decadence Andrea Roche elaborate ethic wind done gone we will not be knows the Manziel he never nor they say that were say using meas Moore's l. our Anshu property neighbor to the communities that comprise it does localize is Sean Kelly death as awesome what are saying Gunther Arsalan Danta Schuster feel go muscle committee that seat in each opportune enough. Not they send a often. I didn't it gene. We're goes again if your email then we will a prosecutor also happening overseas you know studied. Fema Mehlis Info Galleon Door Boondoggle as you get a deputy mayor parameters what imbera study fiend and that Alaska Fears Paul was Companion Import Adama's coffee America in today's Cossiga. There must be at reiver's this data base cases coffee in this paramus monarch. Give you could use him this Mr for our newsletter seminal

Astros America Kameda Alaska Sean Kelly paramus Donovan Melissa Murphy Glenn Allison Andrea Roche Kofi Monica PUNTA COM Gabon Daniel INC Basel Emperor Bush Bush Barabbas Matthew
Haciendo cola en el sper

Espa?ol con Juan

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Haciendo cola en el sper

"The S S and s panel Barra up in their Espanol cdn as Romeo or intermediate. Alto Spaniel Northrop of customer whether you are. I'm a horror to compliance e opera and their decay Boca en context. They WANNA format not dial as could chander was common tariffs. Lsd were titas historians the one L. professor of their Spaniel Mass wop Internet whereas lateral fee on the web. One thousand on one reasons to learn Spanish Go on a story in cuss up. But undermanned Pasolini is to is to stick as tight as Chandler as the luxury Margarita. Luckily my and they always case it's not Blah Blah fifty penalty media today is to Donald which is somewhat Sheila. Thank you look at the moment. Mon the Ray Marjiana's Pather rattlers. Alaska is. We're not GONNA get. And they are the main pnn median agreement but a fito challenge bonus but a Federal Charm. Michael Abroad Charleston. A Borough Charter Fair. No Borough Charter Immune. May I may I. May I wrote Chicanos boat-owners? Luckily I've been lucky. Eagle luckily nobody goes from being so you Monifa so you Manasseh about me to turn a C moving so Umana hasn't and they own manifesto models get more Then we can also Oculus norgay. It's not persona again. Always Talkin Colas Manel. Know you'll see you'll see people call me know. Say after of Mana so you Manasseh. We'll have a chemistry but missed a v Natal Telefonos BINGO NAMO SHEILA GAFA for Kathy. Lee Gifford nobody WANNA see love Gafa Nobel trust and Burro cake expert. Theon Bonnie novell trust in on Boutros Boutros gotten can get another persona boroughs Montas Burro Nowak enough interest personas and see mother. Mburu no ninety Mile Burro BURRITO IMMACULATA trespass on US see no last as Norway's Nah. Nah It doesn't say starts BRASILIA'S WE. We know rest Bloomberg Mobile Dot Mil Jiawei Staff Milas. Pungo seminal them. Cheaper came what a stomach controllers Royal Damian northbrook obeys can also Boya Latte Japan contest. This unit known knows Boyega. Sal wanted to leave Darla. Chop Chop is Komo Android APPS. Also Donald Roll your mom. Don't do them. I see the in all of dollars per la La la own. Deal deal me. I will relocate the Appalachian Myth Motomachi Football Program. But you're the one who gets implementable chopper called Little Domingo. The fellow email Chop D'Amato potato bowl football which may go no go alone Royal Dutch apartment shop on Football Buffalo E off we are no Jubal Mitchell again. Kosovo Castle Dana. These Solos Birthing Quando Quando supermarket LHASA LIKE OPRAH. Yesterday it's time and boy. Nfl proper which locate approach bodycare bigger. May We may. We have but we have lost battles meadow. Somebody you know call. Sabathia threw me extremely Dando Gate then goto relevant. Y'All y'all okay until the Middle Eastern Ptolemy. Ferrall DO CHILD. Gotha ago and fink. It's lonely three hour so as long ago it's going to be. Qb INSANE YOU EMEKA. Fion- lot of water go go. They said well the moment stupid cameras. Genus can come then go through. The job is like our external based on race to this time is moving it. Important Confidante Union Pohang Boorda logo sterile so easily money. So you don't they go listen when somebody just being Bamako In the content on Oprah Cagey about on how to answer in Gaza momentum mystery mystery Odongo Sabathia name. Is John About here? She was until the essence custody or your Garcia but Amir's fierce diced tomatoes. Lupul miracle on your customer Fiesta. Pork ARTURO ARE TWO ONE S. Thomas tools are tourists are in Gaza. Lebanon Case Tahseen Don Kim's Boob when his team I feel so fantastic I I think people free to winnow system. We had somebody in early goal. Either studying cousins around but the only can wear medical or discussing COFFEE FIESTA. Casino after our ristorante better is GONNA be threat of meow Now whether we don't say or not say on Pogo gave the precinct without the Oakland Tommy. Now another task general the abuse that Rockies a minister Gordon Kid Kills Delilah Gingrich. When he okay yeah. I can hear them win some of the end just simple the first group it also import castle if got my stomach the Pity me I started with a simple booklets. Tony'll come on come why Katie like I I like pedroia persona I can. Just open it okay. Gordon August fooding Yogi known its footing. Nasi go rhino. A local mall to him on the simple in Gaza was heavy and dietrich is with us when we get Gospel. A lot of bustle rack started media while I get an offset Kassian. I came onto marijuana these towns on the West Portal Guy Eskimo Battalion. He devasted K. K. Have this Yeh Dennis Gift Cards sold on a global your way Black Guy Walking Away. Not who you think. Wine prosciutto the biggest equal status Yaffe Theon doodle fee stump stump with reached. No nothing so. Yes always stop us on. New Logos has to realize that S. cannot deal with North Korea goes to morale Arthur. Vcr media. Are you on on food? Gun Won't say say we're not going to begin. You came in then Bendel Lecce. I left part of this You know Almost see when when I wanted to pick Anita bear. We wanted to Chica cabin. Then he give an independent Leche when the Leche. If Reallocate Chulanon somebody people LASCA NOVEMBER. And the end up. Alaska's is one to this but a lot of course but others in fact that the end morgantown offender or something you know me Makino. Also them Yarmuth says touchy but definitely did Ryan Reynolds won't be in the Montale Madonna we we. We won't be his best move. Boss Rally story laughing for Lewis to the Iran calm on also throws come to our setlow run. The event of the bustling all around this momentous story goes there. They'll pass the COACHELLA. Our this fear has been amiel up. Estee luxury villa again again in an album. The luxury pests. But you'll notice bunnies fluke kick it okay for me. I'm we were principal there. Seagull ain't grill. Came Yoenis the move getting stealthily. Those Eh Aguirre north of hon percent of it until Gladys Rela Ninety new gladys. I'm a little bit also but I don't know Sally Bonilla's throw a hung sti- stunned. I feel no Buchwa. Don Does Burkett Apostle not CHICA PERSONA CHICA Korean Liangalo. Oliver and I'll say I saw a me Oh Boy Pogo neum come here for the last Mughal. Like I was GONNA say Blah Blah Blah Blah when I got up because I'm wanting to some both we will need to scale a lip whether the to the Wa and I was so what part could see a stubby annoys Tom. I know Lhasa would Morgan. Worcester out no pedal lemesurier and has some great seal those. I'm Kim molest than Kim. Alessandro Mental I opponent and put it in my house and they don't they ma austere whenever the mouse model more macabre. There no okay not Chica holding up whereas Kita Steve Amal Ghana minister. You know you're so critical is more they don't you're Indian K. Lots more harassed Answer Freedom which which are these few only well you get a Lotta C. K. Story that she kept us all Korean leader. you'll ever see that what's control The the not a hostile he. We're not GONNA sit there. Corta e glorious also were low typical typical typical UNEMP- Othello Agassi. Like we totally now. Now that Speciale but for Kathy National Polka molesting don't in the end though I don't know. Nbn Guest Stella no okay because he will be in the specialist. I feel about how Moore Komo come in part of the same. Anna's give out about it. Oh well we I say we also get a new book. He only saw the down over. Preliminaries Kimmy parish militaristic K. I Call I call up on the CUANDO Super Medicaid. Okay okay. Ham guest then registered our own wound rattle may Makino GABBARA WANNA call out of service on the I? Guess I'm Sarah Lit up. The Lava Dove Metros and Bob. I said to laugh. I don't have in. May One thousand PRONTO BY EAR UP IN MINNESOTA POLKA as she. She was spoiled. You don't get to do with Umbro seeking weight loss or two million barrels Komo Komo style into lobbying. Duda love to eight Super Mercado. Kim Miller you other feet I say when I say may cater not Super Mukalla it. I do all three to eleven Dudayev MOCO I I I mean I do for La Fit. I don't figure we'll deal and seema. A choice is nothing nothing mafia. So don't ask don't they do on? The EIB asked the same mobile to leave. The I mean how how people laughing we will have the mental Damiano think when Tanya Lerman O la Borsa but also deal and I- I comply Of course I know we're not being is European solidarity your stuff to the La Dolorosa in Gaza symbolic Simone de la. Serra had iguanas Gomorrah boss and they started without the pig Zima. Mussina were asking me about a thin based on tunnel is to speak are still unknown. Attica is arrested you pour la feedback feeder more by you but if you own. I'm auto. I mosque this popular. Gable Dealer Call Dot Com. And do you do you? But I don't want you know the mobile mobile and fifty tecom basically a harness complex basically or Ouaga but I'm a bit of overlap overlap. Here they appeal get kicked children. Get on A comprehensive but often has the other being bought up here but I also but I feel and feed. That kept you tell the story. It's too infallible. Mom can make an see if we integrate signnow. Okay respite demand. I won't May Maccagnan mooner views of contrast coming. You know as Twin Theatre Hon. I'm I'm all that and then they can dig a GEICO's through feels no nothing relations theory the phone number. I handed K. C. Guitar One Hundred. Sixty Gabby and that is. Why don't you get? Nobody gone we necessity normally important. It sounds you could have hunter in piano and Donna Donna for ESPN on Pogo. You're you're not in the Western since I'm GONNA say it'd be Damian Island K. One hundred in Gaza Saudi Felt embarrassed I'm in Montana. Dali again and barricades thumper Indo are you looking for newness tuttle cocoon yelp for kit. Kahane's I get to our till the eleventh on your skin. I go fast your your son another tweet tweet if three in foul followed kick kick harness and kick harness DNA Condo Cuando Alina Mile on dog enough Alabama ship. Whether if you kick honesty GEICO honesty these innocent and okay harnessed DNA. Noggin Kathy. I'll go movie and we end and okay harnessed gossip about whether we don't go. Come on the law cafe album. We model honesty and his kick or harness. Those have been there because league. And there's so many you want to know my flash gun via as I said I'll capacity when I got off the end of the Komo legal context of important context Bristol important. They are in their in context on channel of devotion to assume their ten Guinness Gas in Basel. Ever know personality path. We'RE GONNA Kosice trillion dollar stupid medical. Komo go through solid rock boy and I still Ugandan medical all Ya Lameta. Mia Lo que me. I have not called up. I am not off of me. I Color Persona is Tony's tough. There you go there Quadra Income Address. Not say goodbye from win under cares. Royal went way after a game for not going and automate side of the river but not made on the podcast in front. Espn and you'll almost other people. E OUTTA on podcast no means Spero city either. But oh well. Let's see how the Kim Bus I love. Alabama is Tesla whether these Tanya went on both give the ADA I spit out. I'll I'll give you know Mr relented. La La la La Vision of the world and we get them all around north memos. Not known as Obama's Proxima Again Astor Gillespie Silvio. Ut mauve grass yes poorest Kuchar Astel phenolics Gareth Layer lladros creeps zeon this typical you all be salyers harassed in Worcester v C Don Western packing on one thousand online resource to learn Spanish Eddie in contrast MBA feels immature. Who's butter up and there? There's a frontal

Tahseen Don Kim Gaza Komo Alaska SHEILA GAFA Donald Roll GEICO Odongo Sabathia Worcester La la ESPN Tony Kathy Alabama Tanya Lerman Manasseh Barra Ray Marjiana Michael Abroad Charleston Federal Charm
Radar Metal Mantra #006 - Stlker, Aun, Yaotl Mictlan & Draconian

Metal Mantra Podcast

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Radar Metal Mantra #006 - Stlker, Aun, Yaotl Mictlan & Draconian

"Lies Away to sell the silk podcast. So boldly, headmaster. L. Michelle was broadcast all without S. I get out. Those skills to this i. so comment that also cite midtown one but a photo phone. So the soy's mythology decision, we're to be vinas Oh hot data metal. One thousand says minimum the nineties. The. Side Lucilla bizarre got argue seminal. Today so Mickey, somebody WHO's a godless do mattel man to that keep. Me Tell us good edges, oveaseas, they'll coming and. E dubbing, those sevens Monica, my birthday Jannati don't. Tim. Thank You Georgia. Do More alive. Meka. Close over. His. Co... Efforts and essential perspective SIP. Sit, and put your cash A. Wing to enter the central podcast. Shaky. Vehicle the Ad Mathoma tell Savino the key rheumatism of veto is Qatar who've? The spotify. Year podcast she vinnie. Any gesture. Single Scotus by the better. Laboratory to perform so. This is what we talk being able to say oversaw doors WHO's looking looking for A. Deal. To a dozen semi analogy moves is UVA. Klay. while. Sitting she could have. Put the. Of Being Wounded is for the Dow Keefer Moodley Galloway. This is I mean we're blessed with trashy Matt also Parisian might cry because of this because he died about a bipartisan. Berisha might crime. He. Spoke, for instance, don't. boggled. By Saddam, is. Via. The General. Swallowed. Up His England, south. Go on Jay stub being that's. The way. I cut. I cut okay. Yeah caught. Keyed. So I was venue Nice Thank Me Dallas dumping. Able. To including down from glue BA gotTA. Cookie Mayes. WHO Kitty, she's used to talk advice bachelor. You know. tweeted, he tells the positive thing Tara. Scoreboard at ninety five, lob? Somebody. To See sue us. you. For. Jurist follow football. follows. The. Seventy two schools Lamar to the litters on the mat-su to Shumur lots of bacteria. Phase of my. What is Qatar Mitte multiple to be a to be Buna. Itself in addition of win, that match was still more than army. Lot of me job. is a bizarre table make. Not. Going through our invited us. To. Do. Our off via zillow. Stay take on this mental he knew. PODCAST podcasts she but as it ended up all those. Was the simone. De. La last night. But was brought up. WHO coming dot is to be hit putting them lose lung summing twos deficit money. London's meeting AMIGA. So you got etiquette. Cuisine. Don't confess minor etiquette shitty. In Rhode you heavy math on is the say. For the FIBA miasma similar, well, the Gobert south but they'll pop coming Paris ballet. That interest. But some book you might. Go that fits into inclusion. Which? He'll. Bookie my square. Muzzle. To Quiz you sugar sugar lock your bones versus northbound on vacation. Say. Talk, about poor. Famous Mugniyah. Key. Because intricacies preceded ideals squeezes. My. Cruzi honest I. Handle Nick refunding were through did only you foggy cousy e? Cute Dog. Let's say. He compatible name. Though I say I just you. Know. PRESCRIP- Hinchey. For this is. My Day Emas. Through. Of. With Boy Closer Zsa. Says that interested Monica Varroa? Don't unassuming NASA site. ooh Marceta by. Coming. Close you know but I can't lame they, he'll know. In don't. Do Live. He's And the kind of thirty thousand today I bought a values but is assumed to lie lane edgy now for Credit Union a professor at Queens spending. Your cellphone she gains. Yukio. Fuzzy in this suggested you kind of For Benegal. Denis with. Musical. ICON kind of the. Any. Sold. No Vo Coke style, but I said. Hey. You know who? Stolen on second vase loan. Withdraw Morning. Yeah you maimonides 'cause Desi, jingles G Solo. Egg Fabricate His. have. Methods, state-by-state saw the bell. For Salma Been. Cut Ada say Western saw nonglossy saw the Is, less than we to know. Father because so learn though hoyt is seen. As being beacuse. Mindy. Own. Essay free as going of the Marcello Marcello by hits nothing H. Steam is a wuss combing. Mama. Nicaragua Kazman. Come on. Monday. June that she black black how that should that call WWe Blackie. Inch Komo. ooh Let's. Say. Turn. I off guava. Got Coil Base Gupta KNOSSOS. Seville. He. Cites Rule Fabu crucified singing poop at this stage either body things. Mobile APP Prima environmental main through cemented one. Views Years Right Zan. Faith. Beth's off turn into. Scum was commit are hit but his discipline summing one, but also making some won't. Are On full of signage. She mobile no potential death. Putting photos for the soul I shook. June this year. Percentage do Shen but sticking with that. Value You Jim the. Only this is helmet major watch mobile kept his I didn't know. Poverty. Ballet Lisa G ADIA concert to stop seemed door and would ask. God as key album. Helmet you ned marketing to. Shoot will of what he's got an asthma thing. So. Album. Want big other major. Violence Group has too. Might you don. Matured Bowl on much fit into your key to guide you might not. It's how Does. He say, dead his ears I in a city essentially as interest capacities zinc the. Way. That you montgomery from US allies nature. Winter. So The DOLE WANTS TO GO UP A. On active I, Let. Videoing if he could says they. Go kind of off your main, still being an idol that has mentally. Our main to. Cut on so. Keep boots volume with them being normally Schiller's decline how they doesn't appenweyer that she met on. chiloe. Logic Kara. miasma album Simpson oh speed available. mccomb. He'll. But we've Buckingham usually go. Die. Mills woody to you start a former this year. Giant throw premise play issues yet is eight, the man who must musikis. You lean brought down Poku earn key. Ma and saw. While Folkard you fit ancient. India. Blackie trashy meth on. My Limbo seen thank you so much difficult to the recognize WanNa. Name but I won't soul now she's facing Scotus. Seidel in this although I don't feel power. Key. He knew about it the main vice by Salvador and he. Was your. They say he kind of Ood funke's Atia dental parts at UCLA and Aligarh Commissioner Mr Your Mental. Female. Chief. Junior in Asia net quizzing base three me. But I. Can put the deputy guy. Might as well, Scott. Don't sit domains three Jeff. By. GUYS JOE TO. Move. Far, cheese not shuttered his Asia Huta. Quiet Office could talk survivor study my. Sight you none no Hadi. CEO said money man. Dare? The SOFA. Those check your worth through. been is a I still hype Joe WHO's listening to This is thought soccer seven. Keto viewed as. bessie math starting to do math Kilford. I've got to. Cut. Up A. Sharp did you pronounce avert cute on President Desi mental mental car plug plugging mantha `leggies. Mizo phone age. Goes. into. The CHABAD ethanol say cut. Regardless is you. You've been you'RE GONNA Super K page Profane. Which? Is there she. Just wanted you gotTa Kiosk. Glue them in his do the ocean. Rush. These include what does this? Do. Your. Washington yeah we'll solve quests pick. A now reggie mantle. Yes I say Monday cutting poking, pronounce cutting through an automobile goes. Coming as his faith until. You. Vote. Book is for kills. Army surgeon using film this complicates the Domenico West. We'll. Seeking to mail follicle at homeland. Living. Someone acquitted. And equipped you. Got US annotation is. No buddy seeming to purchase a semi Asada. PIPPA. Me Off see. Foster parents his as. Youth abolishing from our contrary to. Maestro compaqs. Also I don't cafe or three an analog said I'm Kevin. Because do. You. Think. Through the. Engine or something just got us from his home food does. It has. Create, C. o Mar Spree and West. Where are you? Coming Seema going through. Tonight. I'm, PAT mcquaid Yankee. Skew named participate. Jason got a letter but he? was unanimous Sunday through telegenic cheap travel dos today have you seen as well but? The. Means that you can stop. Feeling remains can stomach with. One Chievo CONNEC. Dole. Cheap Gretchen. Malikova my old shit ain't. Don't think gene. Serve any are fitting Zaideh's by the veterans. Because stone. Rush Casino. Sequel but I'm waiting to know but I think. That a lot of the Miller firm. Can't you send you digest? The KOSPI's no will ball puppy dog were. Within A. Newly. Thing for disease. To. No. Authentication should. If, you don't meet the local key some. Denies. Some digit I continue. To keep specifically to produce. Confess symptoms of. Saba did you may has is deficient. Gist may already had a male article project. died you will Mecca president trump. Don't cut his each way. Decision she said, Biggie Chippenham through video for the. Through the now. That the Senate on full food away thirty. Five you might feel agencies. In you. Participate Lamp I came my thing lamp came I cut it is getting my man is less than thin came on. Yeah usually thirty tomato Buna self-funded for Leno do much. TV. Specifically the Basaltic Oh Yoon tension there's. Your cash allowed expansion. But as Scott. Oakland sick local guy. Yes Cucuta software. So the winton ago for breaking the gender must feel more specific Cadila faceoff. My bundler is fish. Neck ahead of the Guy He. Does the daily Mitchell ago Mazi zone the dispensary complaints with some friends? Hey. I did. in Tokyo, he'll prescriptive advocate at. The medicine via unanimous Oh my. G also marathons younger. So my refund you. May Know Key. Maratha known say Jimmy Daca hit. Y-. Even Fujita is a he? May. Go, the mice. After that 'cause whenever there's really. Designed to into my. The seacat Okocha. Collini loves. have. Cited you your female hover the agency can't get a desktop. Devices. Stench parts of quasi inch. As municipal super guys. Beans. About ceasefire. Llano cash. DEUTSCHE INCH CAN'T GET A. Free. Bottle. GOT that associate Monaco mainstream simone mice. Brexit pump of. The about doing us up semi no. He does have a diversity they kick systems, Inquisivi our group on it. So you. Know I knew this is stupid just if I lose eight lucid frequent book. MISO could we say? Him Of. Ostade who stood SACO wet on? Bass Saint Vinnie gave Faldo in. Sochi, who's manager Bundy so my language that through. Makiko. cuteness thing that I. It. Is thing welcome. Shaima did room. Saturday's need this to. Some abundant Jackie triple. Seem as. Main Doukas McKinnon South moved to produce. I'm not Neil. He. Steve. Coffee meanwhile Commerce Nino. May, for guests in June to sink dove. Leave. Winter Salvo School. Levies GS's. Know Acai to know I. Want to live a saint, the scene also visually over would've? Thinks concise y'all aggressively met SOB the. Does chipotle Alana. Conscious, effort were sewn. Something triple stop the days in the. Desert Communities Book Mayes could he does include replace Gupta. Tag Academy to. Gloss to others folk mighty spitting main parties. Myers volatile but his infant Dole. View the put US grazes next angel damages meanwhile coquette you bundle. My. You feces but his ankle. ooh Mars Volta Walmart. Leading up to. A shoulder this well. As Thousand he's our usual. Lean them. Yeah, capacity. Did you do all. The secrets teaming to the students. With oversized saved the main. Who? Block? Cucuta theft. His has. Speed data mantra not that I'll mentioned Desire Rica confected as as as the Buna forget. They. The Instruments Intimidate. Don't Let. in our. Community. Educate by CPA keeps sequentially brand long ago. Zana's Asia don't price per car was a stress engineer soy in the sky. These just begin to were physics quench who system is my vase think focused shaky. You'll think surtees extremely Erica scooped methods to the he. Money Wisely Mundi our new very south not genital thing for the United Issey active plus. character. Democracy film doesn't unify coming out. That is a key for sufferers. Chiba is inching on. Thank you end up with our name, symphonies. Cheetahs don't make them about Buffalo. Sablan AKIVA. Quality. Lonzo. Munoz's snuggled into the main Hoberman. Head on facebook the main fritzy funneling down to civil key another another phone. Phone bed. Sheets New Orleans in Seattle Misao. Depres from somebody don't go lettuce acquitting one but. So. You gotTa Muslim. Putting in. beaver blockage going Scott, these eight saying that don't. View the constant mental myrtle. LAWSUIT OVER SNAP OR VINCI COMENIUS. S and also spades looking come together to. Go Shim is but. Your remember trivial walkers combing. Your. Up Somebody can say now then you. Let's see my. In laws means TDA. Smile Your Q. Block. Today now realizing machinists you just don't block hiccups macbook Pederson badminton about how To. Live by she got a couple of things. I thought missy porn to. Buy. Awesome mean to disassemble. Mean to. Say. Defending. The top he's soberly who's on something similar species mccomb Sinoe now I it just come alongside you. So Join Sinoe Oval side of so Joran Accede Okabe, progressive, death metal, and these and these. Church. But. You see my as S C Myers as the into this enormous CADA ethic nobody stay. V Two Semis. It's got us. Deciding Zenonas. Any Cedar Local Demane Cornelissen that you saw join sue US debut she's means the Atlas Cal Struck. Schedule, Yukata provincial Tomatino. Him and not just tax. It's a similar. Thing stock. Maintenance. In The Rustlers Divine Dunedin being the rustlers divine economically algae clock linked. T spoke up on me way because you meal. BG. Budget, supersonic Lucia your to the went through taxation. Cup of me who say my own that the navien element bigs well, beings let me would you. Beer is still records almost pure steel records about power metal. Sacramento California. And pick. Quiz. Call Mu City to goal let's see. Named don't. Jeff with somebody's. A website said. Return to hammers more do them mile, subtlety, Juanita dipping you gobble the heavy metal. This doesn't make it. S A boom the for. mentioned. Lose me away clean vocals above the key throyugh with troy it Tina my bunder. King Diamond Covert Kingdom tribute. Vegetables. Zay. Is Really Cool 'cause. We'd you hope Patino. Do proper diamonds but look at this. Guy. Million dollar seeing him abundant key by the super peninsula coming. Weekly Kiss they who are. Downtown Wilson. All to this stage. m monthly can. So put the levels of minorities displaying to heavy metal. Gel So Whitford can diamond ally would dare donaldson album. Ladda produced album. dookie. On my not. To this, not in vain by the math Tony dime on keenum it. Don't have to set up. Sweet hollows we as the manager of the seven, Gables. Guadalupe returned to the Hammers Moorer Judaism evening kinetic. IDEA. Requiem. A C. Four Vicodin for to that particular. Mobutu can destined. SPINOFF spinoff duped. Black magic terror do doll Cara black magic terror do Stalker Kata. And Public Record Scott Stock on speed you metal. 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So the booth Dubuche Air Wow will hold is he because we've got those five you get fed him daughter from his new easily set up in. As. He's learned is a yes she. Edna uses London. Put Up. These spirits? Gravity. had Guevara. Rather. They'll have guar. Spinal Ghani. stage. This is Tina. Bullish body, I've gotTA. Ya ought to victims. Or Chew Bickham mixed on what you make plan. For. Halloween. Or Chew. Victim. mcdon-. G Black. Metal Folk Metal Michika Killa Kaoh. Tana My. G? Folk metal. Good meal. Kaoh. Puts It. came up out of the do. Don't don't. Being. Ousted. Percents. STOOD UP MUSCLE IS The feeder. Seeds I e Komu. To on seventy two song decibel. Jimmy. Retargeting Youtube. As as as as a mouse. So why don't you just? Don't say November as key stuff follow. All. You gotTA jeopardy. WITHIN HIS AIRPLANES With. People that. Our big thing scientific. Much five air got. The Poise? As. SCOTUS SCUBA. Who had its couteau? You ought to be blood USA new. We'll Halloween. To scooter who Yalta McClellan. I said. To plunder was a slow out limit plump. Voice See. By his in several to just. was. was. discarded. This Airplanes Hispanic. How wanted out Everything. Dad United States of no key. Do you vote data hammered the main thing third youtube evil bad come with. Miklaszewski the. Trash Manteaux Bay area. Today say's loose loose? Loose. Threads Sean Nice do trash bay area. The before is coming. Up here are some of the Daij as mobile Scott United States of. States. States. Goes was a photo pusey freund if he's. Got To teach us. The main temples, a stranger overdue his car dust for the IMF theory records. Keep progressive metal is highly. Get Mad. Nelson DADS can stop. Someone from woods? Mice. Israelis. Not Simpkin she can. Well. Scott put. Someone. Sick Toby Keith always know. Mice is a little strangers through Carter I. Is, under a godless Vail Eldora. Wreck so you think so you think foulon. Pain. Follow. Get Doing Dafur Matto G SAPPHO NASU Sims. Metal. 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One of the Faucet, Levin, wants to go Tim. must've come circle so of deaf stark on low-skilled. Sending a records. Detrimental feeling these some. Didn't knock Ya. Ma. that. Killers. in. Vain. Levin things for the Saudis. The Philosophies The wool side you so keep. Is Duke devastated regional settled psycho of revenge. Those meet just wouldn't be. Studying. Don't come both those little. Boys almost put them in Donald Studies that Tim was missed breath of ancient forests the do Sadler. Seville purity through fire. Saturday but Metro Greg. Don't put aggressive and quizzes receivers, Matt? Scott. Those me. Cinco. By Goethe misty breath of ancient. Soviet you who Tony, Hill worship. Worship. Bingo Ring Laser. Schimmel associated. The Golden golden-age of black magic igniter. Sleeping. Really. Whenever they metal on metal records ENA. you can either heavy power metal Americans. G. Austin taxes. This view. Don't these they start they would. Insurance Oh leases me today. Today's thing today squats suddenly. Wanting. To go to a golden age of magic. Haunted by rock hadlow heavy power metal thick certainly. Money with. The DOC says there's a follow Flash skysurfer portage? Your Clinic. Is, I think that being Is violating. Steadily. Kaoh. Cities. Stocker. Lagos. KNAUSS how did it typically was illegal same. Quizzes. Mobley Semester. Galway. To Register when especially just sort of praises g underdogs. Lavish. Nelson. Charleston. You. Of without today don't they should you combing dad is Explicit mice by the previous. April touchable someone secret. Is. Humid Tokenism. Umbrellas you talk. To your mom mom. died you might as can spag Hamad with almost. All. Do have math always wonder by the Susan WHATSAPP supplement up yet. My question is this you've got to go to school and what's and. He. Told me into that ball to comb through. Don't be. Late to sell the bought Gas Dad Silvio movable headman who. Is The L. Michelle wounded but guests on it s I get. Up at his the south. Bend Moses.

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#26 Entranement : Les cls de la russite - Live from Ethiopia

Dans La T�te D'un Coureur

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#26 Entranement : Les cls de la russite - Live from Ethiopia

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Don't care in for the oral stickler Brunner the list in the hoops. Your new director for Moscow police on the alley. Gabe citizen is poor to participate. I can pattern news editor at great issue. Opinion Quickly Tucson sample and up like your Daddy. Suburb is more of a message. On ours is is awfully beach. The link on this particular Janjia physically apathetic. You divide album. It does predictable. Yom Kippur Music Me. Patchy too spicy fried. I don't if you demilio rolly. Polly Dot e Type Asteroid Don Speak Lou plummet. A coup ferry. Don't speak across the Sierra Chica but offered to push critise MONTEILH loop Ronald Kenmore. Stanhood could probably loach's wittily coiffier qualifier Modifier SITCOM TULSA DECREASE IN. Today's on radio me for several hours. Could you make more? Don't kill pobox you kill them. Bless holy About what our Eliza Circus Cute on emotion dilemma. No don't don't keep to permit to be a risky coup. Choose Affair Between Choose Policy Koo Koo Voice. Okay calm you poor. Quasi static does impassioned loophole. Montano don't do shoddy is cheaper new Jack. Rather point of view a technique Komo ponder bacchus twitter if guess digital von came on the PRECIP. I need help said plenty of Kucher street shut our goes from this particular year supplement artem at Um neon beneath that form Timothy multiply function through. Could you to meet her to Paul knows PARLAMENTO city in Topeka or simone and many L. Do know if Talk to you too. It is really more. A vaguely killed too cozy professional familial via social sits on this timmy. Vermont many places to start menu objective. If you don't Pew Pew Haley Specific Capacity Attorneys objective fizzy in NAPATA. Sukh Shari Iliescu. Spotty so shelly familiar or they say I think more on this compare about a promise. Meet GRANDMA KISCO loud don't Dasu Blah spawn point passenger donald media. Does your does dubose Sutan on your on. Your sample hotel was on sank. Swiss on the details maximum. 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Simone de la Vina Deduce Summit to how John Count to a victory is deterrent. I going to get somewhere too far. We invent invent sunk by example. That don't have as possible for a sort of documents. Ilta vice show a cellular Roy Moore whatever your prices with going to the point. Matchstick bummer Duke. Were key out long repeated camp. And you don't get to those cities you're gone. 'twas teeter Maget do security is because you don't see superseded Mississippi of similar if you you put food on Saturday nimit on the poor on example to get me nude I on concrete your modern media on what you want to Putin. Sure your cubeys. Did you cover your specifics? Lusa me volume luma. Hatton to dispose symmetry. This'll Bucko IDIOPATHIC DIPA universally hated how they used. Liquid Steadier Capone Memphis is opponent of what at the ECONOM- select semester within the algae political appeal? In what you did it. Also levite economic kooks secrecy to convey sort of what your Paula Nian customers you pool and then vetus skewered dmed. Melania Tall Edmund Your produce one the pact autumn due to fatigue who who are homeless on a piece. Whoa for on this tweet. Pasquarelli FIERCER UP. If I see more positive Alabama's missing is good is go padukone and multiple new paramedics due to ever to progress. If you want to know seventy pounds we shall. We cannot finish if you're meeting from dupage assault or digital to your own factor. The foremost on a de-elevates just makes money put itunes automatically assume. Cudi screw Tabula mcgrew Bill. Moyer me when I saw the two genetic ekapat Monte do produce the kinds of can cover perfect shows. Danila may Constitute Review Newtonmore. Land is known yours illegitimate kid who is your lawsuit improve your Lupita they will be the for about two weeks resute review to Lula. Vp KUJIC Mammo to attach without funky. 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Who HAVE I would have video onto the motel more discipline policy like to post the totality passer SEC- Former Isis control? Vindicator opponent. The BASSETT. I'm a sick I'm presuming it. Literally More Secunda ventured SANITA is psyche. Who she she is that it would allow law gains by SYCOPHANT LOSS. Concentrate loose commercialism. Soto city has sought an apple esque do difficulty off so need you fit this. You active honor society. If apob she could only gloomy issue you. I do appreciate Kelly to layoffs to the heart the continuum to don't fare a cough Syrup which we won't heal preferably Madonna grew see vic new possibility personnel. Lepuc Sir Nike. Letaba your of idea to normal to sustain Muhtar Siddiqui. Komo's Maciel newest coupon amount. So I can hold you madam scoop of its yet to move in your knee or to get these people fear by Meldons. Demisch presumes the device. You knew this was the DVD's Polka body seeped technique dot com of your talk. 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Tv's with development tests. Maximum Hobie you'll have to ask for more policies ought to do Santo city more ill when he is it only specific. We could your news. Donizetti your kids how they don't cover it. Component the volume. Don't know that I might have a solution math when we got on the Moscow someplace. You're saying that pullout poster and don't put him on there. Could you just Mossy? Patani accurate could also could Aconcagua Sonya liberal of get dizzy. The shore Sephora Kona provided how it is now which is you know not basically seek more loot Hawaii. The your pocket. Likud's costs before these Pinto from dilemma. Menu Sale. Different from creative. If damore development for Seducing Tony Deke lamarcus who Sumitomo Nevada pray Susie. She only Planning Committee fixable resort. That you've had these beautiful Kiki so I see to video. Don't learn you. Can on their adopted are more able to defend by fear. Let's his own CIDER Gio Milwaukee civilian not synonymous sample. 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Could've at all don't allow accountable for their say she cares. More people are only went on National Pasuk. Kenya security won't leave me. Let me you know the acute Yariel Proper Zip. Amal do not exist because of the Alicia entire football you donate pizza pasta. Cnn failed you will but on event starts to lose Nacional box. Scientists Talk Jonquet party quirks survivor. She mentioned on this. You appear that you took over posse covers walk music. I'm a pilot for an Australian batsman or do not Savoie CR tossed Villela muskie foucault. Of course I do here Sampras. Check the facet tested. What is precision? Cg jeckyll conceived US CEO Seduxen Kuchel so supplement comes Audio on your Niche Appeal knows sitter sitting at the dunkin' patch. Data's ACLU demille Samat Is Russia they always? Do you consider Panizzi. More up on the sticker. You Call Eighty Mickey Josh. I'm all better. This is your new. She said that may on Serbian Turkeys. Could John Pauses. If there is something United Yemen these Zeki dumped on this show more diplomacy porsche motor research a death on gossip. La FORMS AND PASTA A meat footage. Ibn Coupon Poku. Liz At Vaughn. Fail the discharge. Lucas Duda Duda Ilyas suppler compound lousy. Lost Pugh won't on T to prove Latin city. Succesion don't layer a febrile constitution milan-st. Parliament said you're Kapoor twiggy measure his own buffet decision in buffet. Their Pluto looks continue said buffets him. One volative chewed policy to favor. Don't do I ask. Danila Lucre Ila. Do many of this. Tashaun kid you hiked a techie depot Montilla. Db Sonya that. I wanted to do please please. Kiki haunt the fossil obscenity. Moti on occasion. Spotty Poly Group. That does your matter keystone dam. Kill you she don't care these untied more. On altitude the discharge on altitude Sekou Fuss has had difficulty Lukoil purdue. Please don't please do group below the key to peace on please toss. Dr Duke's vision don't Info on on that vote on who's Pesky Ceuta these whisper. Dick on Appalachian was legal or now shoot showers hostile decision classy to benefit because that possibly particular ski con Don. Do you knew the answer key about when you let me if I Pamela that you don't hole at the center city positive won't get if you get your to. These is a member of the new fast data to reach the market. Still Akilah Seventy Five Astronomical Tower of nationality. Idiom more fought to to get Cruz here as Cisco nerves more from buffer Simatovic lewd ski for these shows up on Clenwar to secure focuses. That does hume sir. I must demo. Don't do lemieux. Tps Humor do group blue. Who's not D'Amato quit if we still will skip party to invest on cady seconds rule by by system to oppress amid lucrative. Don't do nurse situation distress ADA fatigue. A- Santos don't pop don't comment on attitude before hail more adaptation oath of Near Eastern Eurasia. Deselms do a whole patio. 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I can't do so well do Sava Keno met Bachmann on Nucor concert for about because you know put heaps of Saudi disowns you. Could you could be out to thirty dollars election. Showed you cool to get what I said. That issue nearly source of a Dog Moti volume neighborhood. Elmo Moti Kennedy has not also vote until positio Talita constituted or don't view leconte medic. Moti Shuki for a volley do not bite who? Posey little functional Somprasong two thousand more ECO school the component kissel antisocial on. Pogo bus on Katie. We won't pose Conti see antisocial. Cyclically of it will be good to John Teela will do doomed to failure for. Don't know Sophomore Betsy to talk about this autism Keith. Gerard Israeli wanted. His diploma is to oppose the vast autonomous guaranteed amid cement. The jonky year do you get shot? But I don't think they are. Some people saying his position not escaped. Nazi over progress. It System Cassese Bruce to you bruce. Johnny go out go to our rapporteur joppy for Roy. Familiar Masculine Sivarasa. Guess which opinions on. Yeah I'll I'll certainly which on the Jabali Gigante partisan do confer Tunisia journalist Cooper. I can tell you said you told you told me. Tell you a gilmore as good shocking key to Keith. Cobb swallow swallow shock Shark Wallace. You want more Iraq new for us. Forces for Twenty Dominion Hassan. Don't voting quantity dementia poesies said? Twelve Bucks County Bucks the Papa Cylinders Man. A these more perfect sauce. I continue. Shoes were destroyed. Policy May on more capacity or sutter nevil or fit if skin to face. Oh this actually do PRU on not Anton City Alumina VI- one title don't memorial and saw the platform. Keep our shock and Keiko. Please note Fed forms base may substitute quite limited resources for the outlet proficient Do Don't show this election cycle disarmament marksman loss due multi-ethnicity volume participant portal. Luke Kuhn Motel canoe some proof comb up on the motors. Progressive Equatorial do in Ki. Skin Heart General Motors performers. Sit on the Pacific North Sutton the either just as Luke Maye Peru's city dossiers on me. Just giving certainly need a toast of welfare told you totally different database Montenegro. Truly don't over listen. Don't Lily. Montclair oaten secure Savoia secrity visual of some co acquitted. His senior canoes were limo based on first of all tantalizes or not. I do not objective snow Japan on DVD me show Six because see pastoral Physique Ukwa pitchy Tofino multiple duke new to leave or you do assure of course happy on the fiscal stacey special. I'm Vanity Agenda Komo Security Duke. Were WE DO 'cause Kim? Oh is could you kiss don lap? Preposterous Jeannine Hall Epilepsy. Apart on Szymanski digits necessarily Papago Physique of horse. Friday Cabal Nippon is on Com either for a dunk touches. 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Mon Carnet - 200904

Mon Carnet, l'actu numrique

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Mon Carnet - 200904

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Play casulties up to Arco but the iphone Alexi she or safe to fill Sapele abuser Sierra. So knowing you to do said, compare my mobile is so tender e compagnie bus it finally left she will address Wazzan says Pasta producer practive our on Zeka lefty Shahjahan iphone ipod up the near. Soissons as for sound match. Simply Mata source as gas come tender method be sufficient open. The APP welcome in Apple Watch viewpoint we above. The soissons apple the match Il Belt County for Sunday Montage the airports I was. Celebrities Talbot Financial Aid. Allow would've into giant in a few as was a Panay I'm Weixin swatter Samsung Superman. I'm. Kyung my police swipe, the business fossil me see was it can fund America Google Sony Away who've Lisa littered and collect your Shahjahan field until if under Google demurely matched at this. Point. So Neo Bowden Bachelor kept Pasta. If an apple war, we always read event Sunday matchup, but does. Me Lapierre said if you. Don't Barry Allah thousands of. The sweat sound get ospel Sunday match. It's should ferry. They favor. Council Shaka. Since he llanelli's retard sank up meal swiping match service appliques Yonder. Experience Sitcom pair my mobile APP victory, the foolproof he'll eat antic assert Selah Telephone Alexis walk at Peres says solely photo gone croissants that it should cut all mcnally sexy cyclic thumbs said Demi. Constantly Padre. Apple. So no Lonzo Arthur sank out soissons for Sunday found e, but in Ashoka Selma. As Israel Sundays on to our. Moya tells you what would you the clinic solely photo filthy Meena. Thanks. I guess in the Trinity. Downloading. LIZZY car loans but gas soon, Copepod chartwell got new concepts him. A mechanic Wykeham. No probably per. POMMERY SOCIAL IT Steve. Courtney. McDonald's your podcast and his account had spent MCI apple podcast is. On the losses. So Sebastian don't care community the Dooley's. GWEN VIC ADDICT WHEN I Say the Zahed. Sahan. My has sonic TWAS. Eighty year can abolish off on. This is Neil down any justice you. Invent. You'll know it wasn't powder shack yard the delivery key lease up to shoot a fair about the new. Are Small. League. Executive. Are Other. Disney formats Yang on the Palais de la Baghdad Enosis Young fall yet by much positives that up on benders five dollars. Historic. Skip Button. Does set the ballot Dula. See that complement. Ascot. Watch effeminate ECOLAB I. TOWN MAGAZINE IS A. Web Style coup real. He added D. like electricity damone dizzy awning exit. Maller. Let's say council Majali they may laying it beulah ballot is a combat ballot John Donne of of the project on so-called Sandler does not athlete just dreaming or the arginine I'll. Don't care lap ballot disallows. Assist Bennett shocked a coupon governor Abella Lula's account maxine coup that young. Children PODCAST US fire but about. Myths. GASA, Simone De, La Ballots, JOE's. Show Mike at SA. Bunny New Electric Vienna Patrick sent. Go. Balladur. Sydney sets Makubela podcast me Miami is buster but Castro Quebec. Papa skirt. Bar Day four let Hustlers Shelf Housing Chevron Anglophone Fund mouth passage. Dementia right now. Maccabi now as. It good. Live four letter susceptible Google Doc- NFL let Doma Daikyo Dickov Ski The guesting. Fund. We're back to our lemon. Pepper schedule. Back to Alamo Vika shoplift steeple her body ordinary shows, spouses see okay. Becker Trick Spouse adult court in Atlantic and we never give them any new deeds demand may we see a spouse died? But guesting Kia heaver Lesser Lancy let diety. Is it the Albany they needed has quaid cal fire on any of these accused. modifier don't care about this. Simone, I'm yeah. Mets you laugh at. The. Mula. Is For those dinner? Is If. Less, men Jerusalem was quoted Seattle Uncle Pat Honda Canada opinion sitting Lee about Alexa what's up on me? Mafia mafia. Amazon shots. At. Canada Post Op. Sit Down at palm yet for. Ralph. How she is a place oaks down here, Sydney. Cylinder, epidemic on Governance. Lay back the me. You done accent. It's it's. Ms One killer don't you love also let down here in Nevada young kids look at US Olympic wrestling suddenly what? They don't see. You invest young the bone equal caputo. Supports our tied leader Snia kill. Echo or two of them are Padilla. Levy hickeys on our don't awaken back year. The the possibilities are fair. stashower. COMMUNICA Vika Miami Auger show hoots got. You'll see a also. Give her awesome all of one care more investor. Haji. The the Chianti perv benefited. So popular when Monday? Schiavo rufete on Monday moves on mount low all. The as good. These unwise exotic sound of Atlanta Gas Y'all your telephone downfall prof elements Afghans young continues that bomb can you? Never. More. The Diploma Quanta lease Telephone. Don. Yawkey Hanta cured seven more down presumably tease. A to Marsha supplement don't want. To Dictum Odio Valerie. 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Sasha make not again book doesn't you? Little Joke House. Exclusive passionate. Linski. The one visa. EJACULATION EASER NIEBAUM demands on cuties at examp-. Wallich. Renate Mama? The Joulwan might be the ocean. Equal show leprosy did Subashi bow the. Knee Oil Juve's Ram at. The Not. daleks. Christopher who economic Hello Brooklyn Developing Experience some of the community capstone. Abiam am key key on Lepas as he was Avia. An EPA. Hey I think Alexa WE'LL REDESIGN WHO Can you K- 'cause that's about would you are they daughter doesn't your could set setup a high. A particular more Sunday on message any. Katie Markelle seizure sticker continue our added lupis experience for Some of the mayor Esto Va.. Deserve One Hundred Mia. Hamm Axel it's on the year. End Atonement Vendome allow alcohol her technology for her million selling needs like listener. About me it's about. Massimo Very. Similarly But as many analysis, I've out onto views the loaded. Okay. Back key Dr Lamb as. And such book Sri Lanka's object the balance to me Padre Miller said four pounder illu Mike Mirrors sees. That's not the Moi Chiaki didn't WanNA. Born apopka Ciller Padrino be sworn in your state of ozone I called set flag Zach Elfi e Nevada tarry PG. Smart Mirror. The Milwaukee, say in day the couples as all. Gather. Devoted A MILWAUKEE Gosh an envy ZIP gone undeveloped make on up at Sunday under vulnerable while next on screen. Action on. Religion of near after. Wall vomit to the. To delays music while this. beyond be. The double lasts. were. of La La La Kelly. Latakia. Army Law. Look military. Found any. Awad. Technology democatic. Scale, ridiculous yards from Arthur modern don't your. While Me Walk Ons fountains found foam. Allowed y'all. Of digital a look Clemmie lights, the Middle Yup you seen people have anything airport Standard Bank of. small densest of cupcake shows good wine that dime Munis. Ludo Cotillard comment walls on. Rain though Liz eldest all religion on. Yonge. 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Gazeta supercup son on demand. Absolutely. Love wave will all rangel new come off them up Blackhawk? Lico leakers hauling. Is focused in Nick Exalted. Mirror should. Not. Yamile Kenmore MISSOULA DOT. Each Lantana. Novi Tokyo example Allegra mask. You'll see to combat could Max of the Apple at the Pierre live dilemma. A? Quantum buzzing Ovechkin Mac Ilana on a public demo will use able could misjudge Not, quote a bowling alley fitness consider this Deduction Small Amazon on maximum. Deborah's loveday. plants did your take on this acid on? The. Activists Religion Music Than Relax G. Aslo shock I missed music out of the whole. itchy folks. Up. Don't. Have to answer you pay. For Two. Or debut on levay Miana on offended test of Leona of. Is this the this on. A day a public matic vehicle MMC on Dick Without Physic- for devante. Said WIFI GonNa Sunday Mimosa, stamper canton Outta. make She's owned at also visibly exhausted is dead wood is undisposed. It's clear on a vessel. Him. One In. Naked question dishes at guest kids. Me a along bat digital say Cleo Lakonia case Jonky for socks Vol sequel on Africa Komo Ritchie segment is on Capitol Compounds Elephants do not on. On. Alexa defeat on all the time on. Let me walk. We'll get modest cheesy. So I'm off thicket. Savannah Georgia tablet on through. Out Multiple this admitted. An ultra dirt's. Bush Defeated the metronome meanwhile around Korea screen fucking nut by me each Mustang GTG. Executive all the Mama enter lived on our the lies that. She was on psycho Impact Zahn. Good up into adult May, show and outsmart defeated creating wild alanine Komo. Put us all of on magazine only on A. zone of on boarding hundred. Still Sisu homedepot abyss by a deputy does Jeannie ZSA ZSA for a Our next creativity and A of The A. On. Come at long games on push. Danielle a salad ball victim of all were Casio Mobile at law of community volcano a Gouda on removed a Facilitated on of imagine at all done selected lure on. shows Mister Complexity KISA FE GAELIC DESPOTIC It gives the market singles. Every night from just fled like a steal as many as. An invitation. Okay. Back Keanu Palais genucel Illu the John Come in Vancouver? Styles of Gary A. Smart Mirror indeed coins dumpster. Commemorate. Joel Berry can look at. The moment under the seek explores the positive on coal, but it won't be other I see attic shows all of the. May only to come can also see a the memo could not. We'll talk a plays on Instruction Loan Sal Brandon. Saddam bit executable however. Zach NF e sweat by could Aznavour meawhile. Zada. nope, the maximum zoning. Sorry. Cement looks at White Auto Dhammika Porno presenting not the claims to saw opponent a twitter simak Gal, a volatile nick. Survey to me, the founders fueled their real ventured not have answered on Dementia University on my Cockney. physio the Mikovic, GOP. Eric every more by gets the A. Common Bunt at. Cedar. harasha venture. Uva Man he the met at Coffee Uh Mayonnaise, scerzusky Monaco by off certain facet three points you don't care. thick skin daytime estimated allergic. To Scorsese fire deliveries. Safely Cosima Election Neolithic Inge Jesse on. Don't don't remain diverge. Nas It's not south because you're still survey Kisco numeric grew fact it's. Woman back then proctor. The only guns I if it sounded technologies medically muscular on usually hase go for BA misery. All they compulsive. Komo. Monday kids solely. Honors. Choir Akande. Bundy's Yongsan boss. Plastic. Surgeon Xiang. Mates up I'm also looking to see thou- Zee. Cine poker cobbling the developers the. The new CFO compound et toute. La. goes if it's initials. See five point. Is Getting you make the news as they are far more. Than they. Do. F come on. On the spot, but they've stopped breezy sticks smell seat system volume was. On. Sunday shows. So Epo you want on. THEIR COATS INITIALS DO ECHOES IN. The attic more they acne gets if. The. Dance, the kids we. Then expanded his also Ciaran that on the way on. Twitter come on crossfire. Masoom could through won't use is all social best. Saturday, these assures bounce. On the ecological makers concealed seven polity me. Undeserved can guess you. is on Israel. Forgot Call Bancaire. Key I'm. Tom This Jesse. Bossy put these may folks you're welcome Sir Bounce e four of Candy Fassulo. A lead level, he deli like shows the WHO's we are the constantly gets eve. Food up or down the skill, the the these pollen deterioration planet. Miss It. If see he's bonding founded this Nova. Get the come out. To See Posey, the tacky essay published aime-la. Challenge conor come on not as China Index in such demand develop do review the old act gas y'all a unless young's the new hoops gorge Claim to verify Saunder, Developed Zealand Walsh showers micro stay the should. Progressive. Begin on. I Jimmy Mich-. Spoke like mayor. Lately Shawn's Monaco Bottom Neil. His on measure the on the Mohamed. is any are. To, illegally soups the the Banney bombeck Sunday, the electrons these soldiers shows fail lately lizards, Fiscal Matthew wins the L. that there's. Pita was the manufacturers don't week amid views Bor fi mocal bus. So much. May Be Barney back that's again simple leads we learn the vape Gaza, it's full psyche or. Longer on the on that? That's how all the known the unknown the. Vaccine yeary event soon. Avid Communist. Accent in ballet the shown Gaza if that's Lucille Facet seven coupon wrestle serious public they gave me station books Oh there's. The these. Zip Akhter Assumption Maseela demanded. The Bali shove not agrees surkey. So `nineties, Agnes's. Corruptors Nexia. Llamas royalty, you get what you measure. That we took a half impune presumably monty fall so you didn't see it. Platform. Sometime they may have asked for reserve. X.. Kids it can only meet me shows good spoon ms you at eight. Pep. Falmouth. Posey. Soi at APEC settled in the background. Key polluted after Hamas tabulates. Harmful, this money gets taken on full NAVIS. SMA can so cities in Missoula, nausea e haven you. It'll modell Yvonne Wrong Leifer, sunol, not Zane this it don't it don't kiss five six, our mid Casio pool sit do not appraise a pull you. It gets Fatty Inglewood's with shots via wall moisture Legia will waive loggers. Or more of, have have. Company, probably, tablets or cameras secured you. For the platform. Psych Morality Mickey you store your impact now. A. Xerox. Tactic I kid you probably know doing. So. Can done park these may come out. Capris s get your poke at Don Gazsa sociale above. The Cobaine they die on on your ban. Spin Up. All the obligatory Fifth Policy Lambinon has. Put The Simple Kussin invasive front that stick journ com dweller idea that means a concentrator Combo. Schedule Spartak here. This is entrepreneurial this year Fiqh. So. But they're down Domin- Jessica on. Bass rush way rookie make Pfizer sparkle before the. Of. The virus as. Looked Sundays on. vk humane able to pull up. Saito Kyrie Rebecca. Chase we'll take indep all google keep wanted to lead the PK. Gusman. Ballboy board rule is told the more county lesson put it to route posilac his said well her. Posse the future. S. With the LAPOMA Sukey. Key fit to live in multi state in. On. What does it colleagues of yours in kissed? And Kiss Jonky Mentor Pencil I kill. Basha. Book evolving heavy sisk Spicer acquitted. SHERP pauline these up stow it precedes the Mosul Redo the Google the Pill vis-a-vis Dongozi deter. The do so bt Dita. Fortnight Kia. NEW And the visually presumably pure. peaky. Per Mole does new quoted early. Shortage. Equality. The platform that bleakest. PISCOPO dwell she. Bureau shock with the Pasta. Purdue taught cents total team taught into who he rest she burn Avante. Vasilo has a credible deputies shrunk videsh. Who? Louis? Prosecute. Hamas Yom lack of. Debris. Still again, we're alters used to more. Detail decision do. Lee Do go sector. Location, that. Consumer Google episode. She. The immoral delicate emmy. BIA officially, part of her appeals halted only chief really detective Warwick, cyncial venue me. In all kid Vanu Vinyl. Potential received. The film shimmied past February coordinators nettles from the let Nepal. Interested in February they mold. Turned the key propose platforms or Actually, Musique Louis the Fim April capellas where's your video poker deputy? Prime bill perfectly. See require a Sugano Halted in capitalism this your. Portal to pull her gammel veneer in this was not. To Amir coffey is. Priscilla Leprechaun. BOOTHIA. To Hamas Zona, he don't also till the Ted. AP Backups Zipper. Yard issues. Kiki's middle plans walk communist country. pood-. Say Till Kale Don don't don't. Hope it appears aquatic Petrosky van northernmost fever. Told also, when you Dan silly families tax gaffer infamous tax. Kosei. DMED Hopley Salim. With a year the. Coin Shop. Actor. Gomer any, measures to monitor. The Keys were buying on busy along they. Won't let up. On the Web, want to declare your. Exam. Victim. TOLD THE PIGUET TO CATABOLA Visit visitors many lob ilise less your of a guild checkout sleepy. Faucet. Constituent continent book row leagues assist the Janka presume exit door met hopeless he petit model. Beyond that he knows tip of Revere Silky. Made Dude. This. News on that kitchen. CDC is your co two said feminist tax gaffer items on plus Zeus to. I don't sleep who were. Really Appeal. Fair Apple Daniel Moi. Laugh repulsed. Thanks. Dog. Maltese to more Lee. Leap E. The only. If truth was the default platform for provide beyond. Good Operates. What Guess John Batchelor? A secure. Apollo's who did wonder tutor possibly a school on continuing as we will share us we. School Coney, Seagull Seagull Offi timely sedan, Exhaust Nama pathetically made the would imagining the. Show. To dwell beyond that a celebrity to text either by be. Your by Berhad which is that a financial. Made POW Taylor spags lumped visit origin. Do Netflix does review rodeos pertain to let stalled? Do the shepherd? When I guess your thoughts here going she was able to get his. Just, arrived the result owner Takeo. Faucet. Constantly altogether. Moot. Point of view. Devout. EST multisector will showed us we said of Janda present. On the pristine. Made were. Some. Pretty. Continue Rare PM is. Reduced. Veteran. Miss cure yet supposedly his solo Libyan phone system on the the to secede. presumptious to depend on the. Budget the someone is editor Luigi Sell Porridge generally both unproductive. But should we sweat? Tiber noontime. So Hey. To me the. To Cipa. The also in America, we are the shoes Geoffrey Fini Laibach downstairs London set. Up at? The. Mandola East. Kasai at fee portion in Asia on going for the Dooney. Sittwe don't bow loci systematic donate the men don't Su e something. The yet Andy's foster as both from. You knew me he's soon p via suppo with if he plays on demand. Nasty to more than the Avellino. expand. southend the numbers buys venison add. A fund formerly cut. Who Different Mandala each Sunday is it hopefully soon so as you as Mobile invade of That is something. Fussy. delectable knee born awesome. Is that Screen on of your vaguely Malta popey asking awful Soma. Fat. Betty fiannce or do. They need book something. Is Said Gandhi them all so so then you point job owned. Bruce. Cassidy Opel's through Celestin Nothing Shula I found that while they won't played. UP TRUMP GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS END Kelly. something is so to ferry. Is Slap asked Pella Gaza echoed by Mount will deep technology pool enough. Hope he if trump visit the end wrestling. Is Up Widow Award allopathic soon, don't announce the knocker Gruden Massieu level believe at the famous. Johnnie. tizzy to hide. It did me Jack Melody Saddam Mondays Guess Who Approves Gov. fishy. Newson luebbe actor. Off Honda's platform easy she said exists. Lab something come up Hilo Platform expect on fixing need on big MACs longer. Is Ferry though. I Lo- newsradio. digs easy lepuc assume happy deported Westwood Song gives you L. OBE Is again eastern he's he's APP. On Google Nas at a Gal they then is allegiance defending coffee acidity he. appleseed reporting also please don't communicate Under the Wind Besson Dixie Jake good says lead if you don't knock this issue end. SUPPO-. Yeah punking abusive, Boa. It's fundamentally seniors at be beautifully Linkedin. Receipt. Politic Sunday deplete the Vienne that had. Leonova. Pujol's notary. Lizama. Smog limit seeing onto through the busy so that this year. In into petit up as to eke wetland On signed amid some on the Lou the victims throughout. Boo Likud vehicle sauce it they pre look at. The meanest jet fitzgibbon. Oblique on no Alexei will donate. Donate to the don't meaning the WHO See. Let The let the Knicks donate those. Shanna something Sambre family nudity. Of what the accuracy that Google announced the naked that Is used to teach a alternator alarm. something look at the net frost and Sullivan. Is seem out the SUMP pump captain sank media, Bella Bella Mash milliard something new meeting deceit invent. Swing owes the sauce on. Couple of the Mideast. It donate out a sector mini Gallon Morgan, the with volume mitty be about this cycle. Don. Tina Amina though. Own. Got As wide by money. Meizhou Council put ice off how swap order we know. Some end to new bowel Adela cash as. More SNIFFY BUCO DONALD ELECTROMAGNETIC cities. Sean example. Just. A map they punk is seen on his. Asia Pacific. Issues could develop in Gangi coup. We'll debate you need a meal basketball come to model where yet your others you please don't come on up getting. Facet arrest moment or zip over it at me. Mobile families six did not although sue components Menderes meant was come set up basically show Circus Journey Causey. Look Mousy Mississippi it's snow bounded so. It's no all weather Kansas you don't care. Does things casual the mall specifically? You mean the Yankee more mushroom. Siswanto to sweat. Genre poku excessive. That's your ye Abbas you shoulder bag that Osama as you d- The bustle no main subversion, missy dunes, pizzazz Gal, the the the DNC Pajama E.. Z. This week coming laptop if. Managed it's it's Niimi Eagle. 'CAUSE YEP als. Kelly EPA. You're. Versus A ye E- pocket aunt. Uncle. Dearly the US dove they doubt Bhaskar West the justice, the fondest Zia on what? How? Shush Keyboard Or. Over would puts people will come out. These sicker come on. May only in could. Not See. Nazi secret these Chunky Form Yet Moya may buttered that you don't see this about this Wabi questioned by pure white ball bottle to. Tony. Didn't even go as. She. As matter of panoply the. Password simple. So told us and Pasha. As. Profound puts twelve. They all. To our Shit Governor Kitty. Housekeeper more. These are newly procure Cuneo could new. Competence loss of well developed more. Share citizens who saw with Laudner Donald Fisher Naylor you seek to Don Rita for district did y'all pollen keyhole six. said the poem passenger more the organizational? Muscle and then the. Lady Twenty problem. With the bureau. Lipponen. It Pasha per one year a I saw the door. Please alloy. To wrong all year than she said Moore bottle, Aviram coin isn't allergy. Acre. Kamal L. is obviously. leisurely loggins ashore to different. You know push. Understand. Poor sector or keep at germ complex yuckier. The is considered. A yearbook doesn't do from Kennedy, she to these Mata Short Institute Express your ear or Pervo India, Ashra creative officer. I would develop more register music that they you're. On a young. Our frame was the. Way Meanwhile. Last August Designer. Executive also said democrative fatal consists as a coup. Dosages were little Utah Booze long over. E clear upon on this meanwhile, they were acacia reprieve contender per. detailer? Taylor. Else fit over of our best seller, the Tokyo certain key. Ki Why Japan to design US bit was the developer key. Awesome. It highlighted as of. Q.. ZSA literally every time it. On and talk to developed more. Mobile in Anisette. CASINOS MORE ABDOMINAL ECHO would lesser. Ivoclar. Small. The disability Minana dissociated periodically then what we end. Yen Complexity Knelt Astronomical Gaza. You. Know Tunnel Is it complexity lush? In music. In Asia cure collective before asset Abdul Schwanke panel a Sassafras Bauer Sherman Stupa ensure to. See accepting with them all consider. Unit will quit SECU secure. and. Thermal. Civil Pincushions. Poor always. poor possible for. A porno offers, all, show, Hamas, you're? Not. Property. Is. Silly because you know. Content you know to to D'Amato show schools. Declare. Your phone on the offically keep your. Dr Domenico. U. S., you're happy. It's many I agree adequately the. Deposit atrocity could retail. Poor. Law. Office upon the Associate Moldova similar to. It permit hopeless incur-, increase yield or Kushner cuisine couture say on all sambre would partake Santa some do quiles you ready for us young. Is Kentucky Clear Highly Killed Manifesto Continue. To. Know the Stilo Yo- you pretty of to so coming to the. Surrounding for. Bossa manifested quayle's. Jiri Gas don't let it on the Nicole on assisted. Won't before you the mock yourself to Mugniyah How Zim was, here's somebody who is younger so. We. See Effective. In. The first year Kiki shop shopkeers than as. A cover. You don't get couteau is exquisite Weirdo species gender falsehoods yet here. Because all of your purely. Associates is Christie for for fully take compatible. Secure your so many fifty for is at South New Salsa verity of new member limits are dogma. Foremost knuckle partial to discuss the do some religious benefits kid up audio. On in all Donna Tantrums under? Fruit. In tips who? For the near push veto guessing key full. Dark the Tutina Miki. Swamp well manual for. What is put is this decision puts Rossi's sure. Details on. Skis Pulse Ila. So gap la of veterans on the potty search your the cost conditions. It. Was Our legislative invitees in. Third with Kussin she doesn't. More Melrose. Review Vol. Or play do Sutton Sergey skier. Keep, it back offcials with that power. But they're all see a little she depressing passenger debuted Nas Michio. Considered at. Risk. Ticket. At a leading to the Saito show police cruiser covered Rodman Magnon predictive risky. Poem more video q our offered said I also. Saw of cure of. So of Canonic Avenue but at Barrow mcwhinney sauce on diversity to our show. This T- meek, you could Josh. Each each in audio? I'm all. For the corporatist ovum together shut with. Your naked. Mole frameworks are no matter. I. Saw don't usually say on copy on copy Marina Air, Chapelle Nydia these organisms, the this was shitty. Kyaw Issy year. FEC Wow killed. On CETANE social. You're just you're. You're just giving data agenda is. Same. Sin Leisure did a moment. Make making me needed. Took it. All is coming. You don't Beg Lords. Delete because Atlantic visually more morsel team show pass kiss whose importance to supplement. Synopsis. Lamont. See it of new x time optimum vulnerable number. Of New to appease. Clearly. that. Does Not Fall but community Jackson's kitty but for more. Coca Kuzan. Sammy. Sit of new knowledge of new. Man mentioned shop more in more don't please savvy with I'm all the the former shore she doesn't cover. You saw on. A set Ron. Defer the. The high quasi articulate were cheap. Copies is it book or Professor Kovac? Please continue denotes would be show this up. You took your sleep. On experiments. On me vice uncle predeceased DEB's here. Again, you an appellate court ud idea. It'll show. Either up off our Polo Sandoval. was accorded. Or quit for either for DOC who've poignant butcher, we could save a frog. With their equities Patisserie Rocky for. Culture. Could car this year I can keep our senior. Evade hopwood issue contrary backward. If amid hopless Sir tell us on our order. Part of the. Reform Alpha is forget Yakutsk I really couvert talk with really in case you give on the coup visitors you. Demo lost the. Jim Quirky Gang. Don't. Lateral Lamotta behavioral university. Mr More. Dot Insurance Convoke Azabu. Former. Laments Dip Out it. An formal nick naked COPA. Secure. Mickey's. Six Eighty Diclemente stay. Keep the AQHA. 'cause you don't work uterus sick. Safety. Poor. Chief nausea task a shotgun up come on critics. All allegedly kate over new. Delhi such short. Of New. The satish issue before pope yet. Guess. Say others not administer. say. Secure. Water. To control on the desired use of autologous communist this digital invest, Siri Pusey certification I eat this really memo is I'm over stock rancher this. NATO. Documents for curiosity Lhasa, politician M. Staying. In Co fails done this Netanyahu management infests. Kick you. Out of our topic Don. Usually I with you should manifest. We saw Jeremy. Any awesome about uniform cost who saw some city. At City Council. Sepulveda's you saw console because got twist curious could spot mosquito separate allow she Appears only out Mitch what to join his comments shooting, gashed it they. Were guest. Music Yup Ligaments And he wasn't thinking it'd be was quite gone against us you. The only he Ronnie. Johnsen Marketing Dekom. Ramon will. Position I should sell about the saw. An episode, the nausea please could yeah on the cash rescue. Lipa. Else. Did the panels twenty. Panels last each. Tied to hyper festival type open might Taipei Clinton. Survey is partial is about creek little show. Though Lee swell swelled acquire a push unique among the Baltimore acres has Yossi. Snow. Shovel Department Whitey, which she remedy part of our marketing to. Itsel Slack Eulogy Tinseltown Nipah Bus Katuni. Katuni Kamal deductibles busy she. Allegedly swirly. Sequoia. I used to wear candidate. Taylor as you may, or supplement is on course it fell could. Ratio get usually. Only. volcan. OPPO on your whoever provocative body Evan prevail a CFO Shia a come semi you serious leisure did it don't also worse? It new technique new reservoir junior near reservoir dominated SOTOLONGO ARKANSAS USA say. Yankee for sexuality. overhead. You told the Taino predictive for. Per provocatively shop wall supposedly on your Coosa, me explain. Denise. Book who? SETTLEMENTS AT DISSOLVED NASA'S PERSPECTIVES maxine was mix Yemi Collab- auto, the Warranty Lanka said someone. Has Looks at what Barry Stephanie Cole. Appel Rooney's zip up in Motel divorcee will pass. By precise mechanism. Bernice was you. He said, what is it Melissa move real far pass our policies you under. Arrest podcast mock cabinet on a more Alabama's point guard walk about a blogger counterpoint com maxine avoided also told, US, meant boy newly cabinet of Wa. But it will be. A. Good Year. MINNITI, Wickham.

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