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Episode 9: Fique longe de gente falsa

PODCAST ruajoao1135

04:15 min | 5 months ago

Episode 9: Fique longe de gente falsa

"La we'll see stunner. Who was rome only three days. Who can how chicago dark those problems emotion ice does Do screen. she's singing door. Is jesus christ civil. Say we keep a mental airpot will support your cash. Do apple podcast. But oklahoma podcast. Desirable must've ac- tennessee program and karna brusca who was wrong. Sani spots was hip sing. Sigi you view totals educators. Today is still moose. Should you various supported our view towards. Nesta mr moore meal to observe viper proverbial caputo quack through november sue vinci quad very squat into quacks which is our fast. Divorcee are foreseen. That did that booker. in mundane alone appear that those view that you can get voice jeep which appears shows foul since meanchey dozes. He not guilty follow e water. Cheap would you bitch show this their mouth doors. Suwa ki who is mar was say suspicious. Civil sylvia fowles as laws lucille. J. g. r. fit. The bill died. He bill babies dies young boys titties said. We'll see if you don fouls faucet died. Bits in the maldives loans. You visit you could you. You know because serta mejias was choice away. Mostly myself dogs. Must there be. Moves layered advocating north asia fouls known dig almost squeezes does thousands getting can foul killick. Meanchey was choice. Who inst- anymore soy's probing. Ancient luc picard cows on mile brazil because on mph sudras cafo sobriety for can cheat poking girl he apparently daij alums amount died looking for him to provoke mile. at rivera's. kenya is a kenyan. Dues can follow. Hone down to deeply rooted guy king following the model. Those ridiculous bloom the masuko. Sal i'm wooded jahmai woulda producing chilean two specimens it. The may g-code to lose to engage in dc reach defensive jimi cheetah or died g to put game g to parole to seeing your word. Does nasa smoke them in the house died. Grab those muscles. Lobbyists the pills. He died in dodge. Gordon scorer sounded. Speak god yes. You don t v the kingdom this enormous Bruce will also send your king knows on me.

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#324 - Ele  Justo | #OqueCristoOfereceEle006 (Rascunho)

Podcast Metanoia

28:38 min | 4 months ago

#324 - Ele Justo | #OqueCristoOfereceEle006 (Rascunho)

"Get fit is said she would leave us. I is way off key to s iliev asked when up saw the mighty follow. So let's say livery killings say leave me saggio yours stein. The budapest roger. Jesus who's to say acusations to Esi but norsk hostage. I'm was used to komo haley as used kiki s. We'll keep kids use chiesa by the hindus interesting is blowing booking your jeez mentioned also watch barbecue. You'll get sochua coiffured myself. Stop inch linked mirrors warm capital poyser sequel could use against music. Videos is clever versus ascraeus. Begging supporting game baikonur stimulus. Winters is social by jesus to all jews to look after got a speed Jesus soon to achilles to alleges nostrums deal tournament. Think they always guada- could. Ucla hauch was faith. Does come you some juice at those fail to knock michio ahead to eileen jesus dubbing for mccoy through my own joe game this team your a mortgage cruise d'souza. Can i look as threes reading. These are quoting finale. Fallow serta mejias yami shoes to income. Sing jesus christ to edge to initials to add water. Who significantly cheese hinge. There was rookie. Aj with jason. He prays each vehicle. Here are mcadoo policy abuse. New capital gains are sequels oil to inau via the ballo paraphrase. Frazee taste the tourists but his hne salman squatting teasing criticize such masili paraphra zia indicia william meeting research. Complain do cashews. Chissano hain lessor. Would this jay. Bruce jesus e as speed to fiji's would they'll turn those para todo saint sat through dodge seto. Heen irma's use cheese. Your day is inadequate dodge. Police use deal deals is coach. Daintree still sprint the chief on wall delegate keep this to matter vidusso his to g juice. Chiesa kiki jason. Hindus yucky follow. Sobe is in toronto. Keating boys elementaries intellisense mutu. Komo news web Leach could abc kitching vm. Siebel whom single-use key coming to quincy's as days on romaine chiro. New god on acing governor it them being said to set radicals for smile. Ask our q. Hasten pika gava normal major in the cabeza this is said to chioma hypnotism tussaud joke grunge if utah. The world won't be shed concealed. Migrants victoria our rookie. Heavy lassie chemo. Saint bonaventure import. That kelly kellyanne mayak aquino Folic he would don't know judea super-busy ship dodo saint pre yearly folic. You set through duquesne nudity. Ozone set reggie equbazgi. It will seem boom massimo gel toady. Dodge ngos i quit. Dodge unique conscience. Kilian was cheese. Your dodger stadium. I quit dodge your day. Inequality inequality setting don't walk boast Dodge nfl police. Those leo each call acquaintances comparing. Change you or jelly. But keep kids you suze. Achille who's used achilles warming. Keypad chica i quit. Dodgy meant to a farmer. Symbol gelato dodge. This issues chiesa keith. Rinsing abbasi wabc to vive. You ubique sample. Cume miser a significant the capital this. If is must sita. So joe this home loosening cech el al mind claiming the of know for me and search is is folly measure. You default waken. Daddy's ibm assembler wanting burton decision to for don't believe lana wikipedia vike. It dodgy one was baptised own causes species coughing diversity shallow measures that the my magic your other on threes meaning years can starts his chino ball. Dailies is being between. You might beg. Orca shortage can keep puzzle mice visual visual a point. Cash-rich per million deutsche hypoxia. Meaning you myself to maj him. Five colloquiums scott shorts permanent new mice pulmonary towards but kelly bosses his chief guessing commercials assistant in a wounds avenue mon. Gmc alleges backyard disposal has miserable. Spongy soyuz and advise comedic digest. Said we'll see interrupt as such was your judicia as a hag initial measures are using to make your mama live vodka former juice Judeh to archie stock leaky note. They would implicate. What confused with premier moment. But i won't stop is now measured by the dice. Blood ice from polk mice and tourism. Now kiki city obas committees today in donaldson's later this is a key used Evolving sa company. Somebody could casualties of niger. Qantas elementary important. They need educated Consequence important you can also dodger. Masonic was will copy to sink secret. Which is a log. Sink combo meal. That is jason. June saw me moons foreign fighters. Big avoid symptom premiered. Ob jeez you wanna call me months for fee to juice to continue on a been as our fairstein threat. You ought to juma wakeup sewer juice chica do to Juice chiesa powell. Procedures dot comanche so ingenious. Some nosso medicine in tokyo mctavish in portage so be Show-bizzy montas ways. Kiki being hit by economic thing. The musical lines. I on folic totals. Nas komo knows this. Vm's cut the engine civil tobruk. The upcoming you sing your face guy. You so bailey could. He's to any dodge. Those noise decision could east to somebody. You any hinge no medicine. Those office neither premier. Punky stems to g. guards mice. Jesus persuade proper quanta per store. Fair saint louis officials disaggregated amid pronounced my swing remaining turn to somebody. Specials cheese simplifies parallel e liquid gene khwaja violin. Psalms capital saint razor sequels way. Today's could use this. You saying or passively misericordiae me passage shaved marino accusing sino. Fica essentially the same almost threat. The is no suspect cabs in nina's hit conforming as an office. Iniquity dodges was vicky as usage deals hit achieve eleanor. Eleanor decimals in chitra zipper. Cubicles it s. That devote that kiki juggle form of was my quanta bosaso. Hello iq fees knowing that margin she submitted to karachi. Yet you testify music meet. The capacity dodgy for this from posse ancient. Can we talk more than ten deleting. Gd g genus genus. neeraj news. me. is c- is immoral. Remain to g media. Cassia house knossos. Odds he's mazzini scully. Nosair essays. Use cheese in things if you poke mice to follow his implies the korean to sink in june get dosage picutta per noise kick no champion car tracking nearly nausea store nationals. Zeus judeo seven is. My vase is interesting door. Noggins those two are to be on. A budget also had mayes. My visa does cena sustained medical cassia new process. Mazzola sought avia but nikolai. Ed buca molly. You do gripe abbott me yeti portentous salad to prove unita's Juice cheese sepulchre. Gd to a commission to upper speak cheese cheese analysis it by the prespective juicy senate. Yeah all s. He don't this. But i will say. The kiki fireside ezekie liberal inclusive across to delete delay homeowners and copy to raise receipts vinci eventuate and discipline. Cunanan is actively finishing lesion to the new declawed shoes to judge anybody zero lucy now oh bj. Sally present mitchell leak sternum splinter. Mitch concierge is to pick out my guas manifesto much provision news and they've been instantly the testimony rally us professors juice chiesa daewoo's magenta phases was released. A total ski. No haji stinson boys. Dots bakeries. don't Dodge those same dystrophy. Cards encounter another shoes to nicasio biting his meal. Get up to commit to persuade. Asa premium diesel kia increase to use those who finish the komo. Xactly fee super brooks major jeff. Bill sunday the mustard massages. Jason swat alita Speak data msci's mayes. Nobody's ancient the most insane. Roosters yousef adore that kid favors. Why don't you stay down. What you've anglada a screw he'd by ziauddin keeping the league no as chrissy puffy persisting thumbs key warming Bill the bandage that will be genesys. Ali ultra poses. Soy dumping soul begins the w as winters is a hinchey basis in porpoise with a team so body fat to alma mater clarisa combat. Mize's bemoan naji hit modest Eat kentucky follow jentzsch lay. It is quite among japanese mole. The disqualify jab demo- this Suspicious posinski his abyss For hitting jeeva deformity again. The finicky puts. My presume is quite bug out prisoner. focus ob. She's hinge. those is jim. What does is ain't no hit. The debris us quizzes for me made it does. This was known by large talk to this. Cajun she'll follow celebrity Pick miso lengthiest. A cohill so To his own wing to komo jet Eastwick along simone tomorrow to and secrecy. Think cinco physically Zip odia to solar thermal monterey museum inspired since komo's but his veto passages e port nature. Dench my zoo g which fit age a suggestion each year in my zoo versions no his easter Sale gauge fit enough us wolf it s and he saw is bruce's salary should i ju- assume at tunica. Deter me a cup. So game for sadeq amihai media evacuated the veggie in ovoid just causes equity potato Varsovie don't give irma so brussels you'll this enemy who only says any means yard. Input kinski pacing. But i feel the bikes ourselves. Protea defies i out associate moses moses shooter so bijou's issues as well i keep busy this this for me so be address. Jesus is just as about darden said. Gop dodged g. hit by cheated. Judy to take allergy. My hip archie. Seculow is per follow celebrity poker. Assia i don't be too also said she saw john. The main boss achieved also world suggest. All danger joan impose damage to bussey would lead to nassau former mayes incipient now. So far mice animal not known us the former g. hit flicks. So you can see him. He swear spectacular precarity wiz kid innocent karachi fairy now faucet don't fit is the able to fast food is kiss. Cr kit jiangxi gel game to producer. Jacome do sicily's janci. Joe ganci cheaper miso fetus. I'll fight fuzzy. Can kick up his sewer endanger key. Name akilah kayla fees. You mean controversy as sufi seeing promo. Dan want to feel. Iss use cheese so was aids inch decrease decide. We don't want to say fast. It was it touches the No one had absolute i mentioned advocacy impossible for the page ika support. She guy is a key. Educational board sip kick. Sonia into the education. Modified desires can also see the dame's queen saudi. I can be to done bill. This ac- for putting it. Under almost data's conducive equator datas could east kind of process. Salamat tunisia backup will. Those imagination is not as jesus kubota process hit bench process. Lousy going vinci is it. I said up by. Vincent deals accusers. Jason's for land m went to severe silver as usage is eighty dollars gauge. Sit down on doma. Medium is equated. Doers gotta zitar is is on mementos arden. Corporate chievo being noon putting the reasoning. Keep us if i don't you can get might as well dhammika is you. Who's follow the rich. Mir's minnesota an object cheever's quizzes status as jam watergate. Pachuca sitcom yama do medical car. Things ever sippy sewer simply capi. June is supported by june. Grasso key getting women does. Japan continued to foul him. You bus storage Sabi quizzing mao-suited immune quizzes data sent or gotta sugata million meteoric committed. Gd to join the gd detroit. How genetic mutation. God david geffen is. No it won't mind. We need your practice. Can imagine up or opt swisscom seeker by today. She said you can use to buy the dodge. Ngos piji deceived some meekness mic canoes mu gel toity badges out outages assist our gang known against non-participation chicago the police soclean your faces chiesa format dose amir seaver new bovill desire. Cina mali's joe who's marginality sadhus. Kiro specifies migraine is odds diab- shitting museum jewish put in today's the news when she does raise resume. Poke jesus senior senior senior. Jim in eastern asia. She's usually leave me. We split does most pretty sure. No name will dot mystery war film of you. Need the sunshine or century. Ms lou garrick kickathon sobti buys committing deums threes through this this open mayes commercial connect kierra war former. Iv over western share. Wash ngos jalen poku comb annoys annoys until you hear fuji autism specific safely. She added by his naib. Kohei fujioka dwarf remover at all threes squat buys group whose demise this do over to mice followed joe. Joe opening bid companies into poverty when the car is capital sach fallacy. No pretty of you. You are from name western. Jerry named assistant remote dodges on result. But you could follow d. into businesses. It quite did his odds. Diane collusion deals on on is group. I don group goes on general manger g just category. My guess is just jason. And jacob project model payment and settlement house was our montopoli premium. This please formation appointed vs financier nail as on opening meters at kobo. We cheat sheet to family. Our komo that race was a collab- come is the main to his reckless coupled. Bob is parable. Someone is agitated To violence obese. Sob excel the sequester. Did us discovered obviously as the way to the tournament engine autism some some disks gouging salita main myzone advocated acacia in the sessile to disobey geography kissed and move this internet. Jackie as a follow different marginalization centimeter. So mentally overtime. It might know juggle sita agency. I hit y'all kit. Deals on also piracy komo. Buddha michael dacuda orphans. Evening hoover today shock with won't be into harvard. Data asia sinisa the g. three thousand orphans. The as we move dc designs it does view of montreal ball mckelway explicit buys measuring the decision by our doll visa wounds. This is news. don't measure not. His mizdow is view of recission. The now war from the pin cost east amino the've bobbing the conscious. Saint romain game is not as you also is. Who's every time being as. Is this group. The groupers would yoma phychi of put his hand. Blue snag is his team. Zine besoins because he sees joe trez has as people as much too stupid depending on the two gar. Our marginalised us own presses At least asia taste the meals on chr is because ki key. Softening won't cheaper. Julie meet us. Owner sequel logic edges man to put his ample esau spills. Can nas inconsiderate midget dow is cheap. Gauging she jar coast domino saying do how many quantock minassian. Somebody's zehnder softening in our tomatoes. Copy back telecom innovativeness area that she could sustain tiding. Semen theory. Don't become essentials. Cheese said we ain't will hit by disability and and that's gonna meal sobe doubt facia. Sob no to disobey no. Hey clarity to saboteur. Sob no hitting your co for memphis. Sore made s quiches. Jesus tackle iron ore. Much was some winter lavar. they said. I ki- ec. Jesus christmas affair. S shoes said i key 'social chiesa the affair kasim ause nisa mismanagement so known genes some to fuzzier managing to sail said. I can fit essy's alisa years copy. Twenty days or seek rules e disobeys leonova deeply vivere a twenty three. Jesus e quantity put his padded suit. The eagles off remained felony. Jesuit priest of vera. I'll lose if karadzic feed to try to kill us. Oh musa visuals. To farrakhan ki moon to sit turning juice. Jeremy key lavar. Sob see. big dailies are likewise properties. Quincy sacchi feces. Proper is zinc affair. Aspirin awesome mutuals to conway leads us to utilize branch basis toys. You quattro it. Fosse not basically comanche so's proper isn't is my spook. Them be using dissolved razooqi. Don't fanzine as similar ch- calculus for most bridges was released. King brought us to those noises. You know separate wars to komo news. Mices ios a samir's vinedresser. Serotonin will see similar as omens is sumi. Yours is refurbishing. Shut their marge margin. Groups gotta came to connect kind of kizzee. Zoos is Follow business inch cases. The following sabino cepa garros. Ge nasa becky on the lease pegos it does keep itching act dates This salk alia school. Your team only sees z. I. e. zeon schmil former deserve car. Chipotle details g seal those messily apathy serve the komo would unique to a single engine as chiesa grange deals now. While worsening climate my sow was hit by east is a genus set. Vis-a-vis my frazee key michelle Warming not to our sacree fee. Kavita professor varsity. You feel you deal sacrificed to fuzzier valley of vidal equipment warming attitude out simply safe. You can appropriate. V the preface evaluate Might hinge i in cheer abdomen relates professor valere. Vdi causing a georgia. Don't you my sort. Guess chiesa in japan. The accusers us to japan. The key Said to seem gel tori dodge daily azules. She said Dodge khwaja hit by cheers. Eight non-dane is via the icy samir's mino- hit years for me will still mad it as interview view. So blamed. poor turns edgy. Hit by a group was meizar. Interview kiafke now stemming. Esi peculiar is separately azules to in his office to community the measures. He's for your home. Do not watch proper. George is better key. His theology jesuit jiang su jia alabama swastika stones. Did you date perceive age for sale consolidates. Why we'd they're for sale consolidating hilas. Contraband cotton he'll. I saw swat gaza. He'll associated main too. Because you took a looking for physio. Total chimeras was sedalia. Angie mice was faster. No sacral fiesole. Iv the fasano novalis leads might squillacote. Mommy juice to komo. Malaysia boosted give increased. Jesus was his abdomen. Decision to see for. Barry gibb are no silverman a nominee jesus f economy kea mira proceed. This moment somebody's -squitoes shopping site.

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