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"serena brewery" Discussed on Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast

Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast

07:51 min | 4 months ago

"serena brewery" Discussed on Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast

"Coming from jeddah home of cheddar cheese the most famous jesus oil funky although they didn't make it in this week p it's good. We will when best pitcher as well. When the what was that about eighty five there was a brewery and was a brewery base. It was world famous and every single one of my school trips. Wants to go this just in the same town. I stole a whole barrel of bear from that. When i was about. Seventeen means friends broke into the brewery installing whole barrel of beer and I'll put my back. I was the tallest and we ran across the group. The brewery security guards tokes buddies to escape. Kennedy stood my full of episode. 'cause we got home realize we didn't have an equipment. It's great really great. You still come serena brewery as well guess what. They're what they're they're pick their pitchers called. I can't think very funny decided that gorge best courses go by george george passed case stuff takes a long time together. Very very tragically. So i'm gonna go to an emergency question because we've already there's some an antipathy between us over the gloucestershire shropshire. That's how little respect is just a place as i am shropshire shropshire. It's not appropriate real. That's like in. The shop might come from when instruct share. You're going down next. Only works if i give a shit which i do i do. I love to beautiful county stones so picturesque stopper stones cypress stipe stones. Not true beauty in shropshire lovely and church threatened as a fault interest on a plate. Fault in the beautiful countryside could fall into the any moment now. Although my mother is such an obsession with extreme weather she thinks it's not only talks by extreme if you add to choose between having a ticked dispense talcum powder an infant amount. Though i mean it won't be infinitely on well. Never we've never run out. But i'm not saying that. There's an infinite amount talcum powder that would be insane with need some kind of vortex inside. Yeah but but for maini from your perspective or a finger. That could chapels re time which of those. That's a bad only my fingers through tap your finger but you can decide where it's going and you'll be able to just look through the whole and see what he's doing and you can. You can poke someone on. There is a limited amount of stuff you could do. So i can say what my be going to walks finger then tell see what we this guy folks guy disembodied drink too. I saw this awful thing. So this awful thing on the internet. When i was supposed to be writing recently guy fawkes signature when he was caught and then his signature seen this signature after he was tortured just before he was killed and the signatures. Because he's in such pain so after his. I will be able to read through go. Oh sorry about this. But he also he jumped off the scaffold and commit suicide thus avoiding a fine line between suicide you think it was the suicides. Generally a choice himself going to kill myself hanging folks angus annoying. Scroll by now step up. It's annoying god. We wasted our time putting that rope scuffled here. Also being hundred and quartered. Yeah it was going to be true. I think he was on causes. Someone saying i'm pretty sure. Your pointed of the bombings. Jewish about this folks is traveled through funds. A have any jump without the jump took the scaffold and killed himself before he wasn't getting the rope. He jumped high enough to break his neck. And i know can you be. You're just say no. If he jumped off wouldn't die. That's not what happened. He jumped off that in their own killed himself. Now it no. He didn't hurt now. Consciousness in both of you. What he did was he jumped so high he did. He took a really big jump. As a result the rope snapped. Taste the other thing. If my finger put through court his foot and oregon you show s you grow. You definitely do painters. Also when guy fawkes is called a simple he was caught by the pattern stuff and they said what's your name and he said his john johnson johnson. And that's why they pay this off the you just said in gum but like to be with my name's john johnson off. We don't accept to go back and you do. I probably just give them a little tickle into the team. I think people were those beards. Give him that go. Hi have you seen this lampton No you can go and sit museum. Supposedly flemington's amazing stuff it's supposedly. It's not just history. I haven't seen it. It was one of the most of that was the same as shakespeare's restless world or something exhibition and there was the i if someone who had there taken out was in the been set in some kind.

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