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The Always-Controversial Re-Districting Process

KFAB's Morning News with Gary Sadlemyer

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The Always-Controversial Re-Districting Process

"Right now i want to get a little more info on something that happens every ten years in the starting to happen now in the legislature. And that's a redistricting. Every time there is a census and of course. The numbers were delayed this year because of the virus and the committee legislative committee. I his first meeting yesterday. And they'll they'll go around and around and they'll prepare their recommendations for the full legislature. And i wanted to get the perspective of someone who really knows how this goes. Who's not involved this time. As former state senator scott lawton baumhauer scott good morning. I appreciate your comment on. Thanks for having the jim said Earlier the luck of the republicans have five hundred committee. The democrats have for the republicans are going to get their way as a just that simple. How does this work well. Anything that they would advance to. The floor would have to a filibuster on the floor so it it really doesn't work that way That cleanly and the allegations that that was the most partisan thing that's ever done you know that that's kind of over hyped. A little bit Back in two thousand eleven. I think all of these statewide maps for state board of education supreme court public service they all passed unanimously and the legislative win only had nine no votes. The only one that was controversial really was the one for the congressional district. That's the big one. Isn't it the congressional districts. And i've heard this talk about splitting douglas county. What do you think is likely well. I've heard talk of that too. And i that would probably be a hard sell. It's you try to preserve the core of an existing district and the people have always argued that douglas county is basically the core. I mean they're they're proposals to do that. And i've pointed out before that we've acted like we just have to keep douglas county hole and we can always chop up sarpi county however we want and that really isn't fair to the people in therapy cities entirety but that's been the approach over the years they've done right and it's interesting Because i have to remind myself. Every time i when i think You know don bacon for example or the second district covers sarpi kinda recover some of it. But you've got the first district up up in there. I guess what. I'm wondering scott. Do you think it's likely that they're going to be some Some people in the metro area now who regardless without having anything to do with an election are going to all of a sudden bi constituents for jeff gordon berry instead of dan bacon. Do you think that's likely they'll definitely be some changes. Because there's tens of thousands of too many people in the second congressional district. And those have to be equalized somehow You know there are many things that could be done. I guess Historically washington county was part of the second district. Maybe maybe four calhoun blair could be added. As they're part of the metropolitan area and the sarpi county portion substantially shrunk into bring it on and balance. I mean there's there are ways to do it certainly is there Is there generally a an aversion among senators to make weird looking congressional districts in other words. We're going to take a little sliver up here. That really doesn't have anything to do. Geographically with the rest of the district is that there certainly has been historically nebraska. You can look at our maps. Every anytime that passes someone doesn't like say gerrymandering but if you look at. Our congressional districts are legislative districts largely. They are ridiculously clean. And you'll compact and contiguous and drawn with a certain logic to them. They don't look like they've been gerrymandered. Compared to other districts and other places that are just outrageous. I want to get back to this before we were. We're talking with scotland and bob former state senator. He's been through this process. But you said this is not as Partisan as as we might think. How do we guard. How do you guard against that when when you're doing the work And and you've got some folks In the state who have a lot of influence Who are very partisan and some folks even on a committee who are very parson. How do you. How do people avoid that. That kind of a fight honestly. There's a a nod to reality that whatever you come up with has to pass the full body and survivor filibuster so while they're certainly partisanship concerns. You know if you're worried about that kind of thing It also has to bow to the reality of the numbers and the legislature so I just. I don't see that as being that big of a struggle. I hope you're right. So what are you up. Do these days we you were relatively prominent in the in the legislature. Scott what's What keeps you busy these days still practicing lawn and doing a little bit of lobbying out lincoln so i i keep involved. I guess keep my on it so very good. I appreciate the time this morning. Thanks for joining us. You bet scott's former state senator here on. Kabc's morning news.

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177: Is Patrick Reed a Cheater? Did Brady Tkachuk Cross the Line?  Redblacks Hire a New Coach

The Steve Warne Project - Sports

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177: Is Patrick Reed a Cheater? Did Brady Tkachuk Cross the Line? Redblacks Hire a New Coach

"Contact sports at whatever and everybody welcome to our show devoted his sports and whatever and if it matters to Ottawa Sports Fan. It's happening here totally unfiltered my. Name's Steve along with. Jim Jerome one of the rare daily. PODCASTS you'll find out there and we thank three legendary local businesses to work and live in your community Jim Kaye Ford rb rb computing and all Insurance Ontario or website is Steve W project DOT com today on the show as some crown royal here trying to fend off a cold James and got a new head coach for the Ottawa. Red Blacks Paul Lapa leases your man Jane slater from the NFL network catches her boyfriend cheating. I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time time but now now that we can look back in hindsight how she found out his absolutely hilarious Golfer. Patrick Reid is a big fat cheater and down and a whole lot. More coming up on the show. How is the weekend James? So you're drinking on the job. Now Steve Yes just advocate going in. Sometimes I love it. It baby one in three colds that I get. I can avert by Sipadan Crown Royal. Nice all the PODCASTS. I'm doing the all. They're all introduced reduce. Now buy booze. Your St you're now our editor for people don't know it for the for the suspend ables WANNA do for us every week and of course his his deal now cracking these white claws and this new new drinks that so they're not beer. You're not booze it's too hard. Seltzer Seltzer I. Think all these all these new types of drinks and they're just they're just the rage Steve there the rea- I think it came out of this putting red bolt member when red bull came along. Everyone's jail kids are drinking red bull and you know jacking attacking their body temperature by about ten degrees. How do you do red bull and boost together like you're just going to get hammered and then you won't be able to pass out of the year so much I guess I guess anyway away Sunday Sunday? Funday Steve when we record this or Monday funday or or Sunday each shit and die because I lost another couple games. Well that's not very catchy is auto. That doesn't work. I'm so you know I. The only reason I bet on and football games and Sunday I don't bet on all but there's always a couple of games you know on TV. Of course. Yes and if I'm sitting around and I got I got a little action. Steve might be a problem. Okay might be a problem but some as well you have to have money to watch a game to know if you have a gambling problem and I go. Yeah I hi to the fuck wants to watch a football game unless they got fifty shekels on it or something stevie and this is the lesser of the evils for you. So it's not so bad. Yeah yeah the problem. Is Steve Being on a podcast like yours which is driven by sports which makes the world go around that I would miss plays if you said why how the Sunday night hours on for example Jimmy did you. Did you see that unbelievable record setting run back on a guy. If I don't have money on that team Steve. I would not see that play although my eyes would be the TV. I wouldn't even know what to record if they're if they run something back against white team. No I I never thought because they missed. The budget tackles or something so anyway. I was watching the Patriots chiefs game and that was striking me as a looks like potential. AFC championship preview stuff. And it felt like I don't know I felt like I was almost Jimmy watching the passing of a torch. Patrick Mahomes with the chiefs and you got of course I. Tom Brady the great one. He of course nearing the end and I really thought mahomes badly outplayed. Tom Brady in that ballgame and It's smell maybe. We're starting to see the beginning of the end because the Patriots have looked like mere mortals. The last couple of weeks while the worst you can ever make over the last. Several years is first of all betting against New England period. Right and the worst is betting against them at home. Okay no one ever does that anyway. Anyway they lose today at home and I looked at it I was going. Maybe maybe it'll take New England here. Maybe Kansas so I bet the over anyway and I lose the over but a couple of things what is yes. Brady right is starting to show some signs and low. Soon as I said that he ran for frigging twenty yards. Never see Tom. Brady run the other thing though. Steve that game is there were there. Were two missed calls that went against New England and are not seen by the refs one was There are the guys running They think steps to bounce at the three yard line which he doesn't any he scores a touchdown they say it was out of bounds in New England does not score on that play and there are a couple of interference calls. That were very blatant that they miss but anyway the the story is I think they're just not the sure thing and more and this is me saying this when well. They're tending to three this year but bill belichick. If you watched him on the sideline he looked like a different guy like again. I'm only basing this on watching the first half and then I saw the highlights after that says prepping for the show show but in the first half as things are unraveling. He doesn't look like you know the Jedi master. Just sort of standing there stoically like everything is unfolding as it should in his universe exactly as he had planned now he was on the sideline barking about calls. That's bullshit and he goes. He's going over and actually having long conversations with defensive backs and he's down on his knee talk and music. Who is this? I don't even recognize this bill belichick. He looked like a guy that maybe was feeling kind of slipping. Yeah I mean even five six seven years ago Steve. When New England was winning people are like Oh my God? This is an incredible run a dynasty. Remember that long ago people were talking about. This is not how they're doing and the and might be near for Tom Brady very soon. That was five years ago. And he's still right. That's right. Yeah Yeah you might as well quit. While he's ahead here has won multiple Super Bowl Shit like that. Don't get that's five years ago. Wait in their ten ten and three the loss this weekend you know so it's GonNa be it's GonNa be like like a car accident and I think Steve You know that if these two I I would. I don't know how much they WANNA do. Obviously their passion to win is next to none okay. All you gotTa do if you think Tom Brady's not into it. Then then you're dead ass wrong if you watch when he completes passes when he did that run and he's like fired up. Bill Pellet Chuck I. I've seen him give it the fist pump and shit like that. So they're even into it more so they're on this on this mission but but it's going to be a car accident it's going. It'd be a car accident. I think with these guys that people are going to watch to see them go downhill and there's for sure there's no longer longer there's no GM on that team or upper management. That is going to make that decision right. It's going to be those two. You know what I mean you can be like. They're never going to call Tom Tom. We have some bad news. You know it's not going to beat them it's going to be. It's going to be Brady call. Well I don't know I I I don't know if that's the case or not because the guy is a free agent at the end of the year and I think it's coming any even Tom. Brady's Dad said this I think it comes down to what bill wants. And and Nobody's getting a good read off bill. No one ever does. And so if he decides at the end of the year of things continue to go sideways. This thing isn't a plummet. I'd like you said this. This is still a team to the playoffs and still a team with a very good record but if the wheels come off for Tom Brady this year then well maybe a decision is to be made in in here somewhere I don't know who the heir-apparent is right now. I don't think bill belichick. Despite his genius is set this team very much for success as far as a backup quarterback goes. I think the average fan could even tell you Tom. Brady's backup quarterbacks are and they are. In fact jared jared stood him and cody Kessler Kessler instead dental. Yeah sure yeah. They're great walking anyway. They're off to canton soon. They'll be off to the hall of fame but I don't think they've I don't think they've really set themselves up for success success after Brady at least not ready to and So it'll be interesting to see. Exactly what Belichick does but he does have the option to walk away because Brady is now a free agent. Yeah you know what you might see which would be really cool. What's they both? Go at the same time to the same team who Bella Chuck and Brady are done in New England and and they they go to some other team. That'd be fucking wicked. It strikes me that bill belichick though is more tied to the Patriots. Think he's he sees that as his team now. I I don't I would. I would think Tom Brady has a better chance of playing for another football team than bill. Belichick does I think Bill Belichick when he and the Patriots Part Company. Pretty however that happens. I think he's in retirement. Tom Brady on the other hand when they part company radio in the PATS I I think there's a chance at least that he tries one one more one more. NFL stop before he calls it a career. Yeah but we'll see well. It's hard for guys equipment like everyone. It's easier for people to say. Come on man you gotta go out when you're on top and all this stuff and and I've talked about before with pro athletes who play at a high level and for a long time. Nine people say it's unbelievably keeps doing this. There's no upside these one super bowl and all this stuff for he's Won Stanley Cups or NBA titles. But if you talk to these guys and you you catch them out of sort of vulnerable time they're like I can't see myself doing anything else. I'm scared I'm scared. Oh you don't like to hear a lot of people in retirement steve who work really hard their whole life at maybe there are owner of a company or or or not or whatever and they work somewhere and they've got tons of retirement. They got their pension all in line and they go man. You're fifty eight years old my age sixty. You got your solid for life here. You're all set up. Why don't you quit and enjoy the rest of your life? which which for a guy like me would take me about a split second to say you're absolutely right but but but tons of people tons and tons of people go? I can't man. I don't I don't want to be on busy. Well that's why they're that's why these guys are so great. These guys are so great because these guys are so great because of their compete level right and they just can't put that away the way you and I can. We have you know throughout our lives. We've competed in this or that at a very modest level. That's that's not that hard to walk away from if somebody's offering you all these riches which is but the guys who are at their the best of the best in the world they got there because of almost an unreasonable level of compete. And that's not easy to just tuck away and say goodbye to that. I think Tiger Woods you know it was everyone goes. Well the guys all this you keep getting e keep getting injured tiger. Are You keep getting having these operations and back operations all that stuff like the concussion thing right wherever you keep getting these things it's going to. It's going to wreck your retirement. You keep ripping out attacker trying to hit three fifty with these other guys. You're you'RE GONNA record. Back is a top five today right stuff five. He's dropped by this weekend. He won the master's this week. Anyone another tournament this year at forty and change so anyway. It's not all well it looks to be when he's when someone paper goes. Oh my God hanging them up. Yep well let's start with our story of the weekend because they and I know it's well ought to be talking Gulf on December eighth but you and I both are very big goal fans obviously and something happened on Friday. That was just crazy and we'll get into that in just a second But I did want to mention why played New Order's blue Monday at the gates as our intro cake. And I'm going to geek out a little bit. You probably have lots of Ammo to mock me with. But I'm still doing it so. The song is one of my favorites from the nineteen eighties. I used to deejay show on Q.. One no one radio called dance tracks. That was quite popular in the day and that song was always requested. And it's one of my favorites but two of my absolute Hollywood crushes are Charlotte's therein and Gal Gadoe and they both now use this song in their recent movie trailers Charlotte's therein for Atomic Blonde. where she's out there absolutely kicking ass? And then today Gal Gadot will he'll be kicking ass in wonder woman nineteen eighty-four that trailer came out today. Also Oh using that song and I said to myself well it is Mondays. We record this so I'm going to play a little blue Monday nice. That's nice all right Iraq. So let me here. Let's say supertramp that did the song dream. Nothing but a dream. Uh Yes that's correct. Okay so let me hear you do a intro of of supertramp Steve as a DJ your Dj. And we'll give you out here that you're going into the news at the top of the hour. No I won't do that. Fuck off come on no because that I if I have a producer who's got a board over there and he's able to do it in real life time it'll be great but you're GONNA add thirty minutes to my evening making me find this music. Slip it into things work all the volume and the the levels and you're just going to be sitting there giggling at the again mocking me. There's no upside to that for me. No I wanNA hear your your idol seventies and eighties eighties or nineties. Dj thing that is sort of like all right. Thanks for being with US everyone this morning. It's minus ten partly cloudy. Careful traffic is a little jammed up from the Queensway. We're GONNA ride into the news with super trend. Here's dreamer there. You don't need me to do it. Now that's fantastic. That's exactly how I would handle it. Fuck was good the way I did. Oh my God. It was unbelievable achievable stupid Crown Royal. I'm just saying okay. Let's get out of the golf. Because that is our computing web poll today and lots of people blur reviewing that video as we speak and participating in our web poll which you can do on a daily basis Sunday through Thursdays at my twitter account at Tsn Tsn. Steve Patrick Reid finished two strokes behind the winner. Henrik Stenson so the two stroke penalty that we're about to talk about I would say that cost him dearly. I read said he did not intend to break the rules with what he was up to in the sand on Friday at Tiger Woods Tournament. Don't do you believe what he had to say that he didn't intend to break the rules. Well here's the story. You know first of all Patrick you. It was like you were in kindergarten. Okay building a castle in the Sandbox Patrick the interesting thing he did break. The rule occurred when he saw it so the rule the type of sand sand area. He was in. It's not like a normal greenside bunker where you're not allowed to ground your club. You can't count on the grass. Of course okay you can. You can put put your club on the grass behind the ball before you can't do that in a bunker but there are areas on a golf course that they call waste areas and they look like sand traps but they will make separate rule saying you're allowed to ground your club in these areas so which he was allowed to do so what he does is places club behind the ball and then he and he sort of takes it away like he's doing a little practice swing okay and move sand and if you saw that you go up gyp it puts down again and doesn't a third time and maybe four times to me. Steve it was blatant cheating. There's often rules in golf that you don't know you did it. Did you know that that the ball move just before you to pot. There's that sort of stuff because the wintered chair caused it to move or something like that. There's there's other shit there's other stuff that that you need legal dropping stuff and it's innocent shit but it's a rural break and they stand by the rule in my mind here this guy. Not only did he break a rule but I think it was a cheating by design and my issue now is You know in in hockey or football or something like that Steve. If you if you cross check a guy into the boards ads and shit like that right. You'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA get really penalized for it right. You're going to get kicked out of the game. You might get a suspension or at least five minute major. Something like that right. It gets really blatant. We're all familiar with you. Know Ten game. Suspensions fifty game suspensions at worst over the years put twenty plus Games in football. There's been guys who've been kicked out for the season. I think this guy should be suspended at the very least D.. Queued just a two stroke penalty after. What's obviously obviously an not? Just that there's video that's coming out now on social media from this very same tournament for years ago where where he does exactly the same thing it come on. Yeah it's the difficulty in Gulf Steve. Different than is there are no referee's okay there's only happens after the fact when you're out there and you're playing your referee yourself. That's that's the one totally unique thing about the game of golf is it's an honor system. And and you in the end. Steve You have to agree agree with the call. It's a weird thing that if they say. Hey you grounded your club there. Okay if he says No. I didn't and I'm not taking a penalty that stands that stands. Now if he said that here it would be ludicrous when they show them video evidence right. It's Sorta like here's what you did. Do you mind having a look at this and do you agree with us that that was a penalty. And in this case you'd be you'd be nuts if you said no. I'm not taking a penalty so there's sort of that strange thing in golf that you have to call yourself on some of these penalty and it shouldn't be that big a surprise like you say like this cameras everywhere I know. There's not referees or officials to see every little thing you do but we know the cameras will and and we know that someone's going to pick up on it somewhere and I don't know that's the only thing that I can find defensible about this. When read said he didn't do would to to intentionally break the rules in that? Surely God you. We know that the cameras are going to catch you doing this so i. That's the part of it. That's That I struggled a little bit with like what. Why did he think he could get away with something like that with the cameras everywhere? Well here's the other thing is is they'll say well no he didn't see it right. He's looking down at the club facing when he brings it back in this this little takeaway. This little pre shot routine drags a back seat from behind the club. You can see the Sant right so that might be okay. Hey once okay so I think he's intentionally trying to improve his life. He's trying to get rid of the stand behind the ball so we have a cleaner strike at the ball. Once would be fine. But here's the deal Steve so when you do it once this is the problem I have with his excuse saying I didn't know at three times in a row. Maybe maybe it was was for. He knows the rule. Okay claims he doesn't he didn't see the SAN coming away. So here's what you're doing them. Patrick the first one you take back it removes some sand if you hold your club in the same position again and you remove it back. It won't hit that's anymore which would be fine but God you put put your club down again and more sand gets removed. That means you're holding your club a little lower this time and then that gets removed and then you do it a third time. It means you're to me. You're changing the height of your ball off the sand intentionally. You're moving to download a little a little nanometer. Each time you know Oh and I thought it was a blatant blatant break. The rules and that it should be more than two shot penalty. Yeah I looked like shaving giving it down like okay. This fucking cheese grater here you know. Yeah and and it's obvious that this mound of sand is going to interrupt the ball on swing. And the more he can shave off the better his shots going to going to be. And let's keep some perspective on this for for those who hate golf and hate people talking about golf. This is one of the best golfers alive. This guy win the masters a couple of years ago. He's an outstanding Golfer but going back to his college days he was not well liked. People have accused him of things in the past fast and for this to come up now is just more fuel to the fire. More AMMO for people who don't like Patrick Reed and it's really hard to defend. End What he did. There obviously is not a crime. He didn't go out and stab anybody. But in terms of the likeability factor of Patrick read it It took another hit today. Yup where where where even if you're a non golfer where this becomes very interesting in golf is he. He's GonNa come away from this thing known as a cheater I think and not just well. The guy didn't know what he was doing and he made a mistake and he. I think other golfers now. He's not very well liked anyway. His his his wife apparently is very heavy handed with him. Very she's she's the one who wears the pants and didn't allow him to see his own family. There's that whole story about this guy that's completely completely weird. He didn't let his family into the masters the year he won. He didn't like it. And that's all personal stuff so that's different but once you do this golf Steve Once you do this engulf your tagged with that for the rest of your life it's followed Vj Singh a little right and we never actually saw video of that. Most people haven't seen video of whatever it was that he did. But I. I know that that has stuck to him throughout most of his career. A moment where I think it was just signing an incorrect scorecard intentionally I think was the accusation. Something like data. I don't even know whether it's true but I do know it's followed him and we didn't have HD video of that occurrence here we obviously do. Let's get to what the good listener has to say on this particular thing Joshua writes. Wait what you're not gonNA talk about. The Brady could chuck fine. I demand a new poll question. Yes I knew going with the golf question on December eighth as we record. This would not go over well. Sunday people Gary Rights not sure how mainstream Gulf media is not flat out calling a spade a spade. If you don't call the penalty on yourself and he didn't he's absolutely cheating. Hashtag Cheetah big wreck rights. That is not even close to accidental his wedge. Look like a dozer pulling that sand back and never really understand where the can't ground. The club in the sand rule came from but rules are rules. Like Jim said though that's a waste bunker so technically quickly you can ground your club and a couple more here before we wrap it up. Frank Leclair come on these guys know the rules to a T.. He knew exactly what he was doing. He was just hoping he wouldn't get caught by the cameras and Jeffrey Koran writes he should have been de queued for cheating is an Avid Golfer. There's nothing worse than seeing this garbage from a tour player. It really hurts. The love of a sport grounded in honor and self officiating. So that's some of the feedback. We got from the good listener today. James Yep he you know you bring up. Vj Singh Right which people. They're not sure what the incident was. I'm not sure whether you have that right or wrong. Scorecard Nadia was but but the the fact of the matter is he still known as that when people don't even know the story and I believe where he got that handle was on the Asian tour That's how long ago that was that. Apparently he cheated and people still this day thirty years later. Talk about just like you. Did he brought it up. Vj Singh cheater he. I don't know what I would do to to to to sort of fix that. I couldn't think of anything worse. Steve Anything Worse Than Playing Golf Competing in a sport with your fraternity of other athletes and having a walking that locker room right now and all them sort of going. Hey a scooter. We saw we saw the video. I'd love to help you out here but three or four times in a row fucking cheater. Yeah I think there's probably a couple of guys like Bill Peters for example probably his his hand in the air right now I can think of something worse in sports to be known for right now. Yeah Yeah I don't know I think the guy should make another statement and almost say you. No I got to apologize. I saw the San Moving and I kept doing it and for some reason I lost my mind thinking that that was okay to do and I and of course it's not of course it's not and I don't know some discomfort but it's not GonNa help that guy at all of all guys who you know or even even when tiger everyone hated him you know he was kind of mean he you know the fans just like Oh my God when he went through the one hundred women You you know the ten. It's ten years ago. Now that that happened to tiger even he came along after an started smiling and endearing himself to fans a little more and more and more you know he. He made this effort at least to do it. I don't know what this guy because people do not like this guy fans don't and golfers don't sponsors do because he's he's good okay so good poll question today and a great sponsor James Absolutely Steve. The poll is brought to you by our become the pool. All excited. We gotta do an outtake. Show Steve you've got to do an update show. That's the the pool is brought to you by RB computing from computers to business networks and everything in between rb computing solves tech related issues in record time now for the holidays checkout the AMD reisen nine thirty nine fifty x while the world's most powerful sixteen core desktop processors now at rb Computing Beauty 235-minute place suite one zero six in bells corners. As we record this James Ascends are getting ready for the Boston Bruins to visit on Monday night. That being December the ninth and they'll have the hands for less time. They got together with a better team but Boston ended up. I think the final score at being to one but the sentence give a good account of themselves but oh my God is Boston. Good this year. Did you know right now that On December ninth. They already have eight. Thirteen point lead on the entire Atlantic. Division they may have mathematically eliminated everybody in the Atlantic division from first place contention by Christmas. It's been unreal four losses right four losses. Yup It's basically twenty four and six as their record through thirty games. Yeah it's sort of weird you know they they've been. I don't WanNA say slipping under the radar because I'm not a big Boston Fan. But everyone's sorta seems to be talking can about you know if you're a west here. Of course the oilers struggling or are they going to cost free with with with the great point production they have with dry sidling and connor honor setting records top five scoring even better. You know look at it. Those guys Dallas went on this terrific run. Everyone's talking about them. Rick Talk. It is a front runner for coach of the already Arizona's advert and. I'm never heard Boston too much. Only fucker these guys. Yeah both Boston in Saint Louis. They were the Stanley Cup finalists. And there's always that talk every year that If one of the teams that was in the final they have a tough start to the next year. All it was a short summer it was just a short summer and now they're tired. What you just had two months off? I don't care if a short summary you're out in April you you should be physically back in it but a lot of people really. I believe in that well you know what to the best teams and all the NHL Right now if you look at the overall standings they're both in the top five the Boston bruins and you're defending Stanley Cup. Champion Saint Louis Blues. Although somebody might argue that in the first half of the year last year the Blues Pretty Much took a lot of time off because they were dead last January third last year here so the Senate will be taken on the bruins tonight and Of course over the weekend the sensor gone the flyers and again the sense played really. Well the three comebacks in that game before eventually falling four. The three and the play that he's talking about at the end of that game is from young. Brady could chuck he's now been fined the maximum allowable under the CBA for cross-checking Philadelphia's Philadelphia's Scott Lawton and when you think maximum allowable finding must be thinking. Oh my God should we start some sort of a a gofundme fund me campaign for Brady Kachuck for this massive finding must have to pay no. It's two thousand four hundred eighty six dollars and fifty six cents. I think you'll be. That's the that's the leak fine maximum allowable stupid. Exactly I'll tell you what some better talk to that kid. You know so after that. I don't mind I get. I get that scene where you know you're getting drilled. You're going to lose the game and the coaches someone go out there and rough someone op do something you know. We can't roll over here and the reason I do that of course. It's because you're going to meet that team somewhere else down the road right another place so let's not. Let's not put our tails between our legs here. So all. That's fine and Dandy any sort of hits that guy and the guy goes down. He goes down on the ice. He's got his hands his face in his hands down on the ice and he's crawled up in a little ball like a baby. That guy goes into cross-check fucking brutal. He didn't catch him right he he didn't he didn't really connect it's like. What is that all about kit? No there will 'cause I've I've seen some of the flyer fans have been going at it like trying to compare it to that big cross. Check that put Viktor Arvidsson out four to six weeks from bortles. Oh like this is not the same at all and that Brady Chuck through his stick away before he kind of have jumped on Lawton by the way was being an absolute jackass donkey through that whole game chirping at the sands bench as though he was some big fighter or some big score for Scott Lawton forgets that he is an absolute rank and file and probably should keep his shot. Well you sound like a Senator Fan for sure on this you you know he lets right. He didn't he didn't snap and go hulk on the Guy Right. You could see that sort of in the middle that there was no no turning back and he's probably going to wipe this guy down. I can't fucking attack a guy but he did sort of proceed that way and it was like no pal. No no no no you. You do not want to be known as that guy ended up getting a penalty and I think it was one of those deals where he says. Hey I've got a two minute minor and I think that's we can make some kind of a comparison into the Board Association. I think in both cases the player said well get into anyway. I might as well get my money's worth here and The difference is that what what could chuck did wasn't anywhere near what were two-zone did where he took a full force of his body and did a pile drive cross check on the guy whereas has could chuck through his stick away before jumping on the guy and and wanting to get even for Lawton's game because he was a mouthpiece he added kind of cheap hit on Pasuq earlier in the game so decided to take care of business and this is what sends Head Coach D. J. Smith had to say about young Brady could chuck after that performance while well for a twenty year. Old Kid You know to play with that kind of jam and on this trip. I think he really started to take some leadership role in that department where you know regardless airless of the night. He plays hard and I thought he dragged into the bottle. Tonight when some guys we're a little flat I thought he was great. So there it is he has that's Dj Smith and obviously really completely has the second year pros back on that one. Yeah and and you know what I gotTa give it to Dj Smith that's pretty good. You know because he he does have the excuse. Excuse for sure to say we don't need that kind of Shit on our team was a bad play. It was a selfish move and no one would think twice about. Dj doing that. You know it's not like you're you're you're not sticking up for your players when you do say that right it's a little the different. It's a little different if I don't know where the guy got the mixer and he got the shit kicked out of them that the coach comes on ago. Yeah I shouldn't have done that you know he's got you know it was like wait a minute you got to back it up here. He went and got his fucking clock rocked so anyway he said I like the guy. Obviously he is no matter. What he's he's GonNa Advocate for the players all the time? Obviously what Brady Chick did was. Maybe not very well timed. It's a it's a very close hockey game But decided to take take care business and remind me Paul McLean in the playoffs when the sends were taken on the Rangers and You had Brian Boyle who was being a jerk and and And basically giving these little rabbit punches to Eric Carlson and Basically Matt Carpenter went out and absolutely fed. This guy and get kicked out of the game and some coaches might say that's inexcusable. You can't do that and Paul Mcclain. Very matter of fact that goes I loved it it was great and maybe that maybe that's a former players mentality talapity because in both cases Paul mcclay add outstanding. NHL Playing career and DJ. Smith was a player for a long time as well not along. H L career but along pro-career. So maybe that's a player's mentality. All right more to come here on the show. I I want to thank our great sponsors like Jim K.. For don't sit out the season Jim K.. For thinks she should get out there and enjoy all of it with a twenty nineteen four. They're loaded with driving technology style and comfort everything you need to tackle. Every seasonal adventure asked about great rebates on select new twenty nineteen eighteen f. One Fifty Edge Escape Ekos Board ranger models during the Ford Year. End Event at Jim K.. Ford you'll drive in Orleans or a gym Kaye Ford Dot Com. He could shop around for insurance on your own. You could call the big companies and wait on hold forever or you could text the team at all Insurance Ontario. I love being able to tax than and having someone respond right away. It just easier. And Josh and jared great guy is big supporters of Ottawa sports and shop the market for you and hook you up with the best rates. Every every time visit all ends dossier Texan at six one. Three eight six zero six zero zero eight all insurance Ontario. Your Modern Boutique. Broker give back to the football front James and This in the NFL the Ottawa. Red Blacks have replaced. Rick Campbell. The only head coach. They've ever known Campbell now. The head coach to the BBC Lions apparently leaving the club in. I guess you could say not being on the same page as the general manager. Marcel Yard his yard and went out this weekend and officially really made it About done deal that he hired Paul Lapa lease the Winnipeg blue bombers offensive coordinator who just won't himself Grey Cup ring so that looks like a pretty decent higher to me and a couple other things about it in that first of all lap police really impressed me at various times in the Grey Cup game. They kept shooting up to the press box and there was a shot of him after some big play and they're giving them credit for that so I came away from the Great Coppa game that I didn't really care that much about feeling very impressed with the man and the other part is is that this is not the first time auto has gone down. That road in two thousand thirteen laps was interviewed by the red blacks very very extensively so he was pretty close to being the first read blacks head coach. Everett Campbell obviously got that job but Marcel Jardin as an opportunity here to go back to his plan B. and see how that goes now. Yeah there's a good move Yup Yup. I think it's smart. They jumped on it before someone else did. That's what I think. Yup and there are openings out there. There's no question about that Couple of other things. I want to touch on the the number. One thing trending as we record. This is Miss Universe Twenty nineteen. I'm thinking to myself. Well Wha- how are we still doing that is that is that still exist as a Feng. Why exactly do we still have beauty pageants at the end of the day? Do you think James Well. Judge Ma Eve is the reason is if you have a really hot body and absolutely nothing to say you gotTA enter this contest. Okay can you say that. Like just think back to South Carolina. She had some things to say. Didn't she recent I suppose have shown a fifth of Americans can't locate the US on a world map. Why do you think this is? I personally believe that. US Americans are unable to do so because some people out there in our nation don't have and I believe that our education like such South Africa and Iraq everywhere like such as and I believe that they it should our education over here in the. US should help the US. A- should help South Africa and should help Iraq and the Asian countries so we will be able to build up our future. Thank you very much South Carolina. I'm surprised they still have the Steve This Day and age the Miss Universe Right Don't kid yourself don't kid yourself. You gotta be very good looking to go on the thing. Okay okay so yeah. I'm always a little a bit about about the the women saying you know about what's the expression Steve. We're more than just our body or don't glorify our bodies or whatever objectified Activi- objectify Steve. Exactly right well well. There's a huge huge international. God Test Miss Philippines. One the thing for those who are who are keeping score at home. So did you gamble on that to James. What's that get the one that did you take Miss Philippines? No I was GonNa Take Fiji and UH I saw it. I didn't I should have gone with Philippines for sure but Steve really the only reason we watch you just play the clip. Really the only reason people tune in sit down and go. This'll be fucking great. Watch tell these people are going to just totally embarrass themselves. The poor people. Yes okay here comes here comes. Here's the question everyone pipe down. It's like turning up grapes in the old days. What did she say it's awful? It's awful for maybe Steve Harvey's they're giving it the wrong winner's name. I'm I'm so sorry. Yeah ripped the crowd off your head and give it to this girl. I'm sorry sorry I destroyed your life. I apologize so bad. Yeah you couldn't. You couldn't mixup eighth and seventh in place Steve. The runner up that guy. Okay when we come back in the show going to finish up today with with the story about The reporter from the NFL network. Jane slater caught her boyfriend cheating. It's actually a hilarious story so we'll get into that in just a second I gotta Get Your S. WBZ HEADS UP. Monday December ninth. Sports Schedule Sends Hosting Boston tonight as mentioned NFL. Monday night of the giants are in Philadelphia. That sounds good but neither teams playing pretty well this year heads up weather. I four December the ninth cloudy today and a forty percent chance of showers in the city of Ottawa and temperature rising to plus four is an extra days. weatherwise looks like we could get green Christmas at this rate still. It's time for the cold stuff to roll back in though best. Today's heads up for all Insurance Ontario. Do you have insurance guy if you don't you I should. I'm not talking about the big insurance company. I'm talking about a local team. That won't keep you on. Hold for hours. That's all insurance Ontario real people. Great rates solid advice visit all ends dot Sierra Tech six one three eight six zero six zero zero eight all insurance Ontario. Your modern boutique broker the Ford year end event is on Jim Kaye. Afford right now. Don't miss out on the twenty nine teens that are loaded with driving technology style and comfort everything you need to tackle every seasonal adventure ask about great rebates on select new twenty nine hundred f one fifty edge escape Eko sport and ranger models during the Ford year end event at Jim K.. Ford you vill Driving Orleans earnings or Jim K. Ford Dot Com. And it's time to sell your house. We get the guy for you longtime listener to the show epic emailer. It's real estate. Glenn cannot recommend him Munaf Glenn Walton Real Estate Team when you lift your home with Glenn. He sets aside of budget toward things. Your home may need to get ready to hit the market things like staging decluttering painting cleaning professional photography. All at no cost to you. Such a great guy to deal with contact lend today at Glen Walton Dot Com. Sold a little tag Steve on a on a real estate at are we off houses. Well do salt just telling you all right. That's the only thing you need to know about Glen and you love them and all that Shit Glen. You're selling houses. Okay that's what counts. Okay all right counts pal fair enough Jane Slater later from the. NFL Network has caught. Her boyfriend. Cheating happened a number of years ago. She just tweeted this out. It came up in conversation on social media where people were talking about The most unusual ways you find your partner cheating and I'm sure this wasn't funny at the time but how Jane's later found out that her boyfriend cheating is absolutely early hilarious. I guess they decided that the shooter boyfriend would get fit bits and they sink them up together. So this this was a door -able and of course it was helping each other stay On track and losing weight together and getting fit together and all that however now that she's got all the fitbit results from her boyfriend it became Kind of unfunny at four in the morning when suddenly his fitbit was going out of control with their with his heart rate. Going basically to the Max What could you do it for in in the morning? Right right so fun. Yeah tilt okay. We don't condone this sort of activity. Steve but if you're going to do it the poor prick who would have ever thought I got a crush my fit bit. Ah It's what's going to happen Steve. So further I WANNA know I wanNA know so they they sink fitbit's bad idea. Okay for this guy. This guy bad idea can can tell you where you are to Steve Liza Lisa. GPS location and all that stuff. I would think so you know if this is either GONNA Steve. Here's the problem with a lot of this right now okay. Some other guys team is listening to this story going. Jesus Yeah I did that better right and there and if the woman. Here's it saying. Hey Galardo let me let me look at your fit bit right in your balls go up to your throat Galardo. Oh No I just let it just said curiosity let me see. How much work that you're doing? You know what's this at four in the morning. Well fuck honey. I put up a new fence while you were sleeping. Okay reshingled the roof bape type. Just go up there and have a look you know I was yeah. I couldn't sleep so I got up and did a one hundred fifty push ups for forty five minutes. That's what I was doll. No no either sales of FITBIT Steve. We're going to go way up. Okay way up that someone's going to say this is good. I can keep or they're gonNA go way aide out peop- people are going to be. There might be a million of them on sale online right now. Today aches in discussing this story. I'm thinking of another one that occurred and it may be an urban myth or whatever but I think one of the local rags picked up on it and it was a tale of a guy who think is a call him a prominent Ottawa businessman. Who is away from home? He's in the hotel he's on the phone with his wife. Say I love you honey and your will be a probably be home tomorrow. It'll be great and K. K.. Talk to you later. Love you buy and then hangs up the phone and puts it on the nightstand. But but you know how your iphone goes. Sometimes you'll hit hit a button and it doesn't do anything and you have to hit it again. That may have occurred here because he didn't technically hang up the phone now. It's still active. And he thinks he's good to go and he's got someone in the bed with him and all the noises that would ensue over the next thirty minutes minutes were now heard by the wife that he had just sort of at least verbally tucked in. Not good job honey. What was that that was me? That was really yelling at the Valet. Honey telling him to give me my car going give it to me give it to me. I want my car my car. Oh yuck I remember. There used to be a magazine their culture frank was that thing. I don't know if it's around or not. But they yeah. That was out as I was alluding to that one. Yeah as soon mm someone says my name ended up in that frigging paper. One time someone said to you. Hey I saw an article about Frank magazine careers over okay. Good night if I'm GonNa see you guys later go where are you going to Bangladesh. Okay Goodbye I'm gone frank. Frank was that you didn't want to be in Frank. No not at all. No no you didn't want to Steve and we can go out on this if you want. This reminds me of my one of my favorite aver jokes so the there in the living room.

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335: The 2019-20 NHL Season Begins Another Pre-Season; Great Shootout/Breakaway Moves

The Steve Warne Project - Sports

31:14 min | 1 year ago

335: The 2019-20 NHL Season Begins Another Pre-Season; Great Shootout/Breakaway Moves

"The S WPA. In part by all Insurance Ontario and the new Ford Bronco Gym K Ford If. You're a loyal listener. You've probably heard me on this podcast before I'm Gerard All Insurance Ontario I'm also a big fan of the show. If you are to, we'll probably get along one great insurance rates. Then I'm your guy, call or text me. Eight zero, one, two, six, five, nine or checkout dot, ca all insurance Ontario your modern boutique broker? Introducing the return of a legend at Jim Kaye Ford. The all new Bronco the two door four door Bronco Sport Bill to get you those places. You only see in nature documentaries. Reserve, Yours, now at four dossier. Just choose your. Bronco Philo your dealership choice. We'd love it. If you select Jim Kaye, Ford then in the spring of twenty twenty one. The broncos big into ride. Meet the future of offer owning. Reserve Your Bronco today at four dossier. The S, w. p. podcast, sports and whatever. I welcome to the w where we of course. revel gloriously entails of sports in whatever. Second NHL Preseason of the twenty nine nineteen twenty twenty NHL season now. Underway we all love bubble hockey while we're smashed at the at the pump, but this is a little different, but we're underway again with exhibition action and unlike most exhibition seasons James. It's going to be over very soon. It's only like a throne day deal, but anyway we're here and happy to be so things. Well what you're listening to for the things. Are you baking frigging hot here? Hockey's back hockey is back. I guess they're going to pull it off. So I got underway of the exhibition schedule. First game was. If you're scoring at home, Connor Sherri God first NHL goal in about four and a half months. Ended up though it was all for naught, because it was the flyers being the penguins three two in overtime, very cheeky goal by Scott, Lawton Brady could chuck I. Think wants to beat his face in based on past Games, but nice tricky, little goal in not one of those sort of. Backward toe drags for just a second like a back Antonio drag and then you basically ladle it up in the air over the goalie's shoulder. Oh, pissing the goalie off like Oh yeah. Oh, yeah. That's what you become hated for life by that goalie. No it's it's. It's a life altering moment for for the for the goalie. You fucker you. Try that on me again. YOU LITTLE PRICK! My favorites of all time was the one that It was Kucherov Tampa sounds like a favorite. The way you got. It nailed there. Was The all star Game. The all, Star, Game I. Think Maybe. can't remember exactly, but he's on a breakaway and he basically makes a bunch of. With his stick blade, but And doesn't actually hit the park. Just lets the puck keep on going Oh. Yes, right through the goalies pads like that was one of the most clever goals I've ever seen in slow Mo. Yeah, it's like and that I it does not fake snapshot or some to in the meantime the pucks drifting through I remember seeing that brilliant. Absolutely brilliant move. Yeah, And my favorite is probably all time still, and I think a lot of hockey. Fans would back me up on it. Pablo Dat Suk and this he just seemed to, I don't know. Defy physics to sort of this. This weird backhanded toe drags slide to his right almost like he's I don't know like he's left his body to sort of shifts to the right inexplicably like his skates shouldn't be able to do that. And just the goalie is stymied is no idea how to handle it. Such such an unbelievable Dat Suk. If you've never seen one, I think most hockey fans have, but if you've never seen the debt soup move, you gotTA. Make that your Internet. Homework, right this second Senate a pause the podcast right now. Send me that thing gotta look. You know we connor here of course in Edmonton and. I think it was last year. There's nothing like there's nothing like what do they call break in guys ankles I. Think it's basketball term when you bring a guy's ankle. He just collapses right because you've you faked Omotoso bet and conor did that last year, and you're on a first name basis with him by the way Nice. Of course I am seavy. Kanzi, Come. No Not Kanzi. Cook I told you I ran into him in town one day. If forget, how young is and he was, he was with his buddies. I was I was. I had to go to a place of business somewhere in I was dropping into. Find out where this place was, and it was one of these one of these mazes that you get these rooms that you get you get locked in or I don't know you gotta try and get out or Am I making any sense here. One of the escape room the escape room. That's what I was. and. I was waiting to talk to the guy behind the desk, and there were these four guys there. You know being being kids, not punks, but but kids and is rolling. My eyes are like dude. This will be great. This'll be fucking, awesome man. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, this'll be so good. And it was connor mcdavid and his three buddies right. I thought it was. Kids in grade nine. Was He really talking like Jessica Cooley from Fast Times at Ridgemont high in the early. He wasn't, but his buddy wants. Well, that's how they talk. Generally anyway the move he made last year it swept the world when I saw it in when I first saw it I went. Is that really that good. And then when they showed in slow Mo, he was, he was just he took a pass at the blue lining was alone, and there was only one defense in back and. It was just I. Don't know he went around. The other guy ended up dating shoulders trying to get back into the player. It was crazy. That was against the Toronto Maple leafs, so I especially loved it and it was their. Their apparent best defenceman in Morgan Riley and it was one of those deals. He comes over the Blue Line and it looks like he's going to SORTA lazily. Move toward the middle of the ice and all of a sudden it was like. Something you'd see in a cartoon like wish. The road runner breaks. It breaks it. Outside and Morgan rallies no idea what just occurred I would think Steve One of the toughest. Times you had this week. We did these suspenders podcast. With Russ and Of course you produce it, you listen you edit it. When I asked Ross. Ross what team would you like more than any other team to win the Stanley Cup? And he said the Toronto Maple leafs without missing a beat without missing a beat, and I almost wanted to bring in so well. Let's get stevie. I just come in and remake debut on the show and I'd be like he son of a B.. Now, you gotTa, cut some slack when? He played years there, so it's It's a little different when you actually wore the NHL uniform I mean I I lo- The leafs with every fiber of my being however had I played. You know what whatever rusted five or six years with the club. I don't think I'd Lo- them obviously. Do, you know what? Steve. When I posed that question. Okay, so you can't pick your. You can't pick your favorite team when I would know okay, so you're a sense guy, I'm oiler guy. So when asked you know who would would which team would you like to win? The Stanley Cup more than any other team, but you can't pick your pick sends that I can't pick oilers right. Do you. Know who I would love to see when the Stanley Cup. Fuck I don't even know if they're in it. Maybe they're not this year, but. I would love to see Vancouver one day when the Stanley Cup They're very much in it. Oh, they are okay. I, would I don't know why? Obvious maybe some Canadian tie in there their Canadian Steve Right connects. Vancouver Anchorage stealing candidate. They're very steep. They're very close to the south. Oh, that is true. GonNa have to look out for the crack and actually GonNa get snared by them. Yeah, they're going to end up their face I. They're not sure you know. They're GONNA fall down. Hub. Would you so I I would? That's like Chicago. Is My team growing up? My parents knew Jimmy Papin there talked about that before so and I. Met pit Martin. Stan Mikita few other guys you know Bobby Hall of course I I've met over the years so I know Boston. Not My my brother will love Boston I would love I would and I. Don't give a shit about these expansion teams that I. AM or more recent ones. Anyway you know Vegas I I got no interest whether they win. The Cup or not doesn't doesn't matter to me. Even, older expansion team San Jose Anaheim don't care Florida, Vancouver Man. I would that would be. I, would you don't hate that idea that they've never won? A Stanley Cup and they've been around almost as long as the Toronto Maple he's. as long as the Toronto Maple leafs. Have not the drought is almost as long I should say. Just try that old thing again. On the Vancouver canucks I like that idea as well because they've been around almost as long as the leafs Stanley Cup drought, they came into the League in Nineteen, seventy with the Buffalo Sabres, and there's never been anything in particular to dislike about them have gotten close a couple of times nineteen eighty-one. They lose to the islanders. There are badly outclassed there, and they came also close against the New York Rangers in Nineteen Ninety four and. And lost in game, seven the Boston Bruins twenty eleven, so three opportunities could not get it done. Yeah, I. I don't mind that pick. Who would I select if I could choose one team right now? who would I choose if I could pick anybody? Maybe I'll stick with the Canadian team as well and go with the Winnipeg jets. Sure sure yeah, wouldn't it be awesome going to be great one of those Canadian teams when? You bring up something Steve if I can for a second to take a left. Turn all right. When when I was making a joke about their Canadian team are. Right the Vancouver canucks share. So I've got I've got to tell you about this. Situation I was in one time. And you can think about this of the dumbest things you've ever heard. In, person from someone. And and how you got to kind of regroup, because you can't believe what you just heard, okay so. Super Bowl. Sunday okay I'm out of Party. Menton and This is right at the time Steve. When the when the everyone was tuning in for the commercials when they hit the million dollar mark member. How crazy that was! Always. That's still happening right now. I understand that, but this is. How many years ago was when it first came on that there were saying Oh. My God. These companies are producing commercials just for the Super Bowl right now is this sort of staggering day? Of course, it's every every day now right? Then Shit that they do so We're standing around talking in this girl is there. So Steve I get double whammy D- with the most. Just! You gotta be kidding me okay. You've got to be kidding me. Did I just look out of the side of my Mouth Gore? Did she say what I think? She said, so the first one is. The commercial comes on Steve Wright. For in the Super Bowl Coke okay. Let's say Coca Cola and go there. It is apparently. Like a million dollar AD. Right and there's this girl sends. What do you mean? And I said yachts that commercial cost a million bucks. And she goes well who's paying that. Right. Okay so I've heard. Well in this case. Coca Cola would be. Oh really. I said Yeah. What did you think right and she goes well? I just thought that coke is such a huge company that that the Super Bowl would just would would would pay them to have them advertise on their show. Stevie Stevie okay. Real Life Stevie. Same Girl Steve same girl an hour later. Okay, she's got a friend. She's talking about friends a model and she saying I got this friend is a much is great. She's moving to La from Edmonton and. He asked me she's gotTa. Do Portfolio Steve Head shots and all that you've probably done that shit in your life. And she goes, so. She asked me to find her. Photographer to do her portfolio. I'M GONNA. All great she goes. Yes, I have a friend who lives in Miami. Right and I'm going. Well. Is She going to l.? A., And she goes. Yeah, yes, so I got the guy from Miami going to do the photo shoot for. I said. Well, might, Miami isn't. ANYWHERE NEAR LA? As a matter of fact, they're probably geographically to furthest apart. Major. In the states. And she goes. You mean Miami's not near. Los Angeles. I said no and she goes. Oh I just. Well, they're both worm. Stevie. You can't write pell. You cannot write. It reminds me of one of my alternative Chris Cuthbert. Of course right a household name right in sports and I think he's moved over now. Was He CBC and got the Tsn or vice versa you went. He's been a tsn. He was a CBC initially moved tsn probably I don't know fifteen years ago and now he's gone back to sports net there. Go Great Guy, great guy. He's he. He had a long career here. In Evanston one of the first guys I met when I moved out here in the mid eighties and Bobby Orr was Paul coffey was gonna Break Bobby, ours record it was the watch was on and. So as an April fool's joke. Cuthbert told Gordie Miller who was from CBC here, working at the time Gord Miller famous guard Miller for DSM. That that. They're having a big press conference. Okay that that Bobby. Orr is in town. Chris Cuthbert phoned Gordy and so are you going to the press conference guard never heard by. Bob Your. There's only a few select media Geisen and you're on the list and so. I was working at Molson and we help all those press conferences. Those types of things anything to do with hockey New Orleans. We're up. At the bree had a beautiful room that was that for receptions, and so country gets a hold of me. And or excuse me, excuse me. Gord was doing this to Chris Cuthbert the other way around. Gordon told Chris that Bob. Your was in town. It was a it was going to be an April fool's Miller phones me says. Can you set it up and Chris GonNA show up, and none of us are going to be there and the Joe Beyond Him. Fuck, no problem I'll do that so cutthroats shows up. Hey, whereas Bobby's, there's no one there at all, and then I get up behind the MIC as I'm setting it up. Go Chris April fools from Gordy Miller okay. not bad Stephen Little lame. You know so, but not bad. No, so Chris says. I'm going to get Gordie next April fools. And they both worked at CBC Gordon Miller had applied for a job with ESPN in Philadelphia Okay I believe. But I know his name out there to try and work for one of the big American networks and. So sure enough for being light goes off. He leaves a message. For Gordon Miller. Telling. Telling them. ESPN just phone gourd. He walked into the newsroom at CVC. ESPN phoned. And you got the GIG. You've got this okay now. How, how guy would fall for that? Stevie like you go well? Why? Why would they tell you that right? They would say give us a call. Leave a message. Gordon was so wrapped up in it and Cuthbert says it immediately started going sideways. Okay so. and. He can't catch Gord fast enough as he goes. You got the GIG AT ESPN and all the guys are in on a way to go, gordy. You deserve it. That's great and. Gordian immediately. I right and. Turns around and walks into the boss's office Steve With the with the. Company van keys okay You know those convinced. They drove around with the bat orange logo and stuff and throws them at the Guy Steve Okay his boss, and says I'm fucking Outta here, baby, you know. I. I quit you know. And as Chris says it just was I couldn't get there quick enough. I like literally I was trying to get there and I couldn't. In time it was just. Imagine after he comes out, goes just kidding art. After he showed his true colors. We felt about the boss. You gotta think he's got a pretty patient boss. Was The boss in on the GAG initially I? I don't know I. I I don't know I don't know but. That one I I I almost break out in hives when I tell the story God I thought fucked. That could have been me big. Lippi Prick that I. Am you know? If? He did that to me. Jimmy global wants to. Drag your job and shove it. Into, Richard or something at the time. I'm Outta here big fella. Kidding Jim. That's great anyway. I never heard that. That's great story. Isn't that great? That's wonderful wonderful story and I love Gordon Gory this. You know you're telling that story. No, he wouldn't I don't. Know. He's kind of didn't want anyone to know Steve but. Oh, I won't tell anyone anyway I hope I didn't embellish it too much, but I don't think I did fantastic. I assume time on on the show. We got lots to get to over the course of the programs to stick around more coming up after this. Hi, I'm Josh President of all. 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And if you're thinking of buying or selling a home in the Ottawa area, then we urge you to give Glenn. Walter Nicole the Glenn. Walton real estate. Team will help you get the best price help you close the deal. He's seen everything. realestate can throw at you. You should call them right now. Six, one, three, seven, nine, nine, six, three, zero, eight, or check out Glenn Walton Dot Com. Okay. We gotTA my. My sleeve here. So, are you down with hockey or your pumped weighed in on? leafs were recording this right now on the twenty eighth of July so the game's not for another hour. As we record this, but you know had philly in Pittsburgh They were taking a getting the exhibition season going I. Don't know you are getting a little sight. And we're going to have I. Think might be Monday schedule to double. Check it where there could be six games in a single day. Most Games is always going to be four or five and. I don't know, are you? into at this point you want it. I'll tell you what I've been thinking about. No no I haven't been I I'm starting to get revved up now right that the players here to be honest. Right I'm just kind of forgot about it I I'm the guy the. Guy Looking at single and it's going to be a flop. There's no way they're going to pull it off, so I haven't really got my head around, but now now I am okay, so it's going to happen. And I'm other guy, and they're in the playoffs, and and so's Winnipeg so's Vancouver. TORONTO. Montreal's in there right so auto are the the the only guys out of it right? There are only seven teams that are not in it. Right and auto is one of those who Canadian team, so no I'm into it I'm into it. What I. What I started thinking about Steve. was and I don't know why think this, but I don't think. You know playoff hockey You know the the broadcasters of the fans. The players would tell you. It's a totally different deal. Okay, you know the players sometimes don't admit that because because you know when you see a playoff game, typically Steve. You come wing, fuck. How come every game can't be like that? Yeah, right the energy, the you know the hitting the roughness, the fight for your life stuff, right? It's it's just the way it is in sports. I don't think we're going to have that Steve. I don't think it's going to be this. This balls to the wall. Fight. I don't know why. I think some of it is you know it's like this is the asterix year. You. Know I don't want to see I, don't. Know was played a bunch of hockey. We've been off for four months. That really steve throws up the big red flag about vulnerability to get injured. You know that you're you're not in game shape and I wonder. In are they going to dial it back? A bit is going to be a softer playoff than we've ever seen before. And for some reason I think it is. For some reason. I think it is, does any of that makes sense I often. Ask you that after. I think they'll be ferocious competition honestly but I. Don't think I. It will be different, because basically they have to go zero to sixty here. They had a four and a half month vacation or say that they're all working out trying to stay in shape, but they're getting back and they're kind of in that. Get to know your face again. That's sort of mode of like haven't seen in a while. What's going on Blah Blah Blah four and a half months since we're all together, and our back is a team, and I think it's going to be a foreign feeling to immediately be in an elimination series like this starting on Saturday. I think it's going to be odd I. Think it's GonNa Change the dynamic, a little, but I think that by the time. You know it might take a period or two before they realize it, but it'll be suddenly that competitive fire. Every single guy makes the NHL at least in part, because they're way more competitive than most people and I think that will kick in. It might take a little while but I think it's going to be uber competitive and but different. It'll have a different vibe. For many reasons but I think it will be absolutely just fine, yeah. I think it will rev up. Yeah, maybe I just mean the first round you know. I was watching a few baseball games. Right and they're brutal. Toyah. Like everyone's making fucking mistakes. pitchers aren't sharp. They're missing place you know. When when I saw Vladi the other day that he should have let a ball. Go you know and they? They ended up losing the game because of this, he's playing first base and. The you know the second Baseman or they've done the they've got the shipments, but the second base was way over behind first base. It's a big shift, and sure enough. The batter hits it towards. That guy and Vladi should have gone to first base to get the throat right. You should let the shortstop or second baseman. It was ever behind, and did he tried to get it himself while the fucking picture who didn't know that and and the throw was late. The Guy was safety ended up losing the game. There's a bunch of that shit going on in baseball night, so I wonder I wonder if hockey. It's going to be the same for awhile man. Met. Really I'll have to I'm a wait and see Guy Stevie US You have an answer for everything. You asked me, but I'm not sure yeah. It'll the proof will be in. When you sit down and you know it's thirty three degrees outside, and you're just starting to watch the Stanley Cup playoffs. That's that's a different kind of head space that no hockey fan in this country has ever been before unless they're going to some tropical vacation for the start of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Well, not not really not really you know. The the final round of the playoffs is into June almost and might even be into June. No I'm talking about the start of it. Right usually it's made hero. But this is starting to play offs. It's not the start of the season. Everyone's everyone's experience heat during the playoffs. Steve. That's no excuse. No, I'm just saying it's it's just starting, and it's already Jillian degrees, and normally it starts in the second second week of April, so it's Kinda and we always here by the end of the play offs as I go my God. And Making me watch an afternoon game I'd say June and say I'm still watching H.. L. Hockey like why is still going right? It's just weird and the absolutely hottest part of the summer August I. It's just beginning. I'm so there'll be. Some rust might be a bit of rust on the Great Mike. We're as well as he finally gets to tee off on the PGA tour. The champion's tour. And so he makes his debut in the fifty and over circuit. As he takes part in the allied challenge in Grand Blanc Michigan and a new chapter for one of Canada's most successful players. And I gotta think even though Mike, we're has been a non factor for most of a decade now. You're now one of the youngest guys out there, and you're also playing courses since it's basically the seniors tour. That are way short of the PGA well I'll tell you what's good about golf. For both a fan and a player and no other sport has been able to do this Steve Nobody no other sport that I know of. Has Been Able to capture. A senior. League. Okay right! Golf Golf is like well entrenchment. The senior tour has been around. It's alive and well. It's making a Zillion fucking dollars. It's got an unbelievable fields all the especially. If you're my age because I grew up with all those guys so when they first tried, it was like okay. This isn't going to work a bunch of washed up. PG guys right, but but the two or somehow whoever whatever commissioner was around that time to start it and believe in it. It's A. It's a great thing. I watched senior golf all the time all the time I watch it. Well the help, there's no there's no cardio and strength at least not compared to say team sports for example Right, Oh, you are you single? No I'm not saying that that's Russia's thing. But there's not I mean there is there's some level of cardio and this some level of strength involved, but not nearly compared to say playing in the NHL. Lose your speed. He can't play anymore, so I don't really watch any major team sports old timers for example well. This is old timers sports, but there's so little difference between the way. A guy is at fifty five years of age, and there's an astrologer that goes with it. He still hits the ball pretty well still looks the same when you watch them on TV. There's not really. Really a lot of difference between the PGA Tour and the PGA champion's tour right? The other reason is the players bought into it. Okay? The players bought in, so they're like okay. You're going to do this. Okay for sure well now it's highly competitive, right? They talk about majors in the senior tour. They talk about and they're right into it right. It means a lot to them. I've seen a lot of guys. Win Win tournaments on the senior tour and they're brought to brought to tears. Yeah from it, so you got the players barring it. Senior, hockey, thing or a? Masters tennis and all that Shit Right. The the players like okay. Fuck I'm embarrassed to do I'll come out. On a slow I'm out of shape on. Balding say well golf. You can be all those things where your ball cap. He's still. He's still at the part. You say you're still playing golf. It's still interesting for golf fans. Anyway, good for Mike. We're man. Loving it loving it that he's that he's there hope I hope he can play. Can Place had said injury problems and stuff like that and. he's been a longtime waiting to get into this thing, so yeah luck to him for sure a lot of people point to that Canadian open hug that he got something well. What's really messed him up? In the last decade was an iron shot where he hit a tree root, and it really mucked up his arm and his elbow area. I think it was and. And it also took took away. Any ability had off the tee like his driver was garbage at any to the point where he's getting embarrassed. And now he's got his health back. He's on a new tour kind of a new lease on his life and Yeah, go and make a little noise. Who knows with that with that and his by the way speaking of that? His longtime caddy for many years was Brennan Little He's from London Ontario Lives in Dallas now. And, he was on the bag. When Mike Weir won the masters, he was on the bag for many victories that Mike wear had. So talk about cool careers. So he leaves Mike we're Mike Given the break off goals. And now he's with Gary Woodland. Who won the US Open right last year and his lighting it up and if you watch Gary Woodland Hills you know if you see him up leaderboard Brendan Little's right there behind him so. Good good on them both. Brennan Little Story, so I wanted acknowledged how mature I was when you use the phrase. Being on the bag because every time I hear it. I WanNa make some kind of a crack about it. I don't know if that's a good thing. Oh or a bad thing. Some guys gobbled up a guys. Mouth No. I was thinking more about like standing on the bag like. You went right to the oral sex card. I wasn't thinking that at all shocker. Oh. Good night everybody we'll see.

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Ep36: Retchless & Jonathan-less

Rocks Across the Pond

1:11:03 hr | 2 years ago

Ep36: Retchless & Jonathan-less

"Yeah Hey everybody welcome to rocks we essentially try to figure out a couple of spills to back to back in Canada so they come for a week and due to spills here with that they're playing down in England later this year Jonathan Right now is in Ontario with his new team playing in a couple of spills into playing playing down in England with Jonathan of all people so funny story I was a member of the Royal Canadian Curling Club in Toronto and another Jonathan Haber Kroft he is not here it's it's me me without Jonathan probably for the first time since we've done this podcast but hey are you able to play last year I couldn't I had a team here on -Tario but then this year when our team our team broke up a three we do have someone here if we can't have Jonathan I guess we can have his skip so Jonathan has a new team that he's playing there a few years back Lisa Farnell you may of her she's been on the show she has awesome I missed that episode but I'll have to go back and listen she was Canada most of your entire life I assume right that's the that's right that's right yep so how how did you get get wrangled in Jonathan is not here because he and the rest of his team decided to rent a cabin in the middle of the woods and do some team bonding none of which Klis from Toronto Ontario Rob Thank you for joining us nice to be here yeah I got out of that part because I had to work I had to work this week so there verano so how did how did the head of the off season plan come together on how to attack this season before before playing town lots of logistics we it was the plan from them from then obviously there's a little bit of logistics to work out with I guess what three of them being in England in the new being in I want to know about nor do we want to talk about on the podcast but we will bring along Jonathan Skip who somehow got out of having to go to the cabin in the Woods Rob Ritchie the crickets great time of year to be to be in the woods in Canada So how did so you are you've lived in about her plan to move to England and to play to play in England and I mentioned to sort of off the cuff sort of randomly that I had a citizenship there because my dad was born in northern England so it just came up I believe FM drink one day it came up in conversation and then Greg called me out of the blue last year and sort of said days later Greg called out of the blue saying hey what about this year and I was able to say that the timing is awesome let's give it a shot are so what would keep the flying to a minimum and then we got the K. W. Fall classic out of the way last week such a good good try for us we are two and three for the weekend one game here in and then a spiel or two in an sort of the Europe area followed by play down so we were GONNA do sorta keep one one or two trips for the group there are enjoying a cab four in Perth I think it is I have no idea where that is somewhere between here in Ottawa Ottawa I can only Eddie what on earth are they doing this week just in the woods by themselves or the you wanting a case of beer is probably involves some good food I'm sure and Ottawa and you curled with any of these guys before so the meeting was this or was this just a complete leap of faith final see how this goes kind of thing who's playing third on the team last year he was skipping the team agreed to come over for a for a Bonfield the last minute in March last year as we came to the royals men's could've gone differently for us to have made the playoffs as a first showing for us I think we're really happy with that in the next week we're playing at the Moosehead fall classic in and we had a great run we lost their first game but rattled off four straight after that to win the beside so it was really really good good I first pairing and so after that we we so the beginning of his leap of faith I expressed interest but then we sort of said hey how can we do a trial run to this in Greg done we talked about that weekend we talked about goals we talked about the future talked about English curling biros eight euros all all the fun stuff I'll legit played front hit in front end for him in there there's obvious reasons why it's because I'm not good at curling so what what's it like skipping Jonathan it's funny you know we sit here but it's a great great group guys and I'm looking forward to it I have not had I've never skipped Jonathan I've always played third so what's the reaction did you guys showed up to the K. W. Classic and instead of you being with US team representing Ontario all of a sudden you were representing England what was the what was the reaction I imagine you've played in that field before as a team that was playing out of Ontario glad it even for my curiosity what's it like skipping Jonathan will the professor appeal is actually a perfect moniker he can throw them pretty well I think I'd have to argue with his ability to be receptive and and take suggestions on on strategy maybe it's my bedside manner rehired and he made a lot of rock move you know he's really really takes feedback he's very receptive play together for five games but MHM and it and it's and you know the rest is history we're we're giving it a shot now I met John for the first time this past weekend and James lead have done however many episodes were it's just Jonathan I talking back and forth and we kind of just have to take Jonathan's word for it on how good of a curler he is and what he's like on the ice but I guess so far so good good delivery good solid delivery of the stick so that's always it's always what you're looking for his escape some read off I don't know playing third from him quiet so far I I think it's possible some people are talking cut behind the scenes but directly to face it's been it's been fairly positive and fairly of step away from that and choose to go this completely other route so I think in Ontario tears really hard struggle every year what was were you guys being looked at like you had three heads or what was the reaction there I think there are a few people were like Oh my God that's amazing great opportunity decided one year we're GONNA do this we're going to go all in and damned if they didn't qualify for a couple of slams in then sweep through Ontario Tom and Ian who's not here this this for this trip but he's involved as well he's our lead as well as we're we're going to do is sort of an alternation leader lead second we haven't quite figured out that yet go go for it there are some of the people who kind of just shrug their shoulders whatever you know I don't know it's been it's been quite um we're really focused on on winning England and really focused on developing as a team and doing well at the rose if we can win England you know walking since then I mean you've play you've played in Ontario play down so what was what was what was your mindset what was the I mean you've in the end I I just had a second kid he's five months now and I have a two and a half year old and curling every weekends you know the sort of the stuff you need really sort of the goals are are not not as time consuming they're still require the same level of of commitment they require the same level of practice but I think a lot of curlers feel that there are the folks who are able to give their whole lives to it and I just haven't been one of them so you know that I think that was part of the decision right we we actually curling for this team we're actually gonNA be playing slightly less as for competitively speaking were not really chasing the points coaching level of practice level of funding is not something that I've ever been lucky enough to get or to to have an I go back to that focus and the last two years have been awesome I really love the team I was playing on a great group of guys and we we stayed together for the three the four of us oh I don't want to say that Scott MacDonald came out of nowhere he didn't but you had a team that maybe wasn't as well known obviously as a lot of other teams in Ontario that it's not the slog that that competitive curling in Ontario can be was there a was there a thought in your mind too you know maybe go for it because I don't you've been kind of their to wear your your you know your your tournament away from playing for the brier like what what was it like to the split focus between career and and curling certainly at Korean curling in life So we could have done that I think the team I had last year is probably the yeah fairly supportive because because as we said on the show before it's not like you're some nobody you've as you infamously have pointed out several times since we've been stay together for two years three of the forms have been together for three that's a pretty good run and you know we really we really loved curling together but we had different different goals on various teams throughout the last ten years multiple times and each time one year you have you have a great year doing severe mainly have that life curling career balance who maybe aren't able to get out there and playing every week if we you to go after points to potentially qualify for slams and all that stuff is just not something I could do at any at this point in my life and I have been trying to do that for out west and you just don't qualify in any of them and it's like I mean that happened that happened to me twice with three hundred teams and it's it's hard right and it's the level of so every year the goal for each team that I've been a part of the last ten years has been let's make the Ontario tank that's been the goal and is those people than the sports endanger you have to have those people who were that that you know middle class of curler that's the more competitive club curler like what what motivation do you downs and make the brier not not not out of nowhere but there were definitely not favored going into that week so after seeing what they did was ever baby I dunno was there was ever something inside of you that may be said you know maybe maybe that can be us if we completely go for like they did a man like I've we've made that decision he's been Utah he talks about this all the time you know but the good news is we still have the play downs for the brier the dream is still alive you could go and rattled while with limited success so we've we've been close but I think that that that effort that next level of effort that I've just never been able to put in because of career in life best team that had the best chance to succeed at that had we really given it are all but given given my situation with just couldn't do it it's the people like yourself that were in danger of losing and pearling because of the hyper focus on the Olympics it's those people who Jimmy Yeah so you you said before that there's probably a lot of curlers like you in Jonathan and I have said this so many times that I'm sure people are tired of hearing it it's off a good round robin score or record and and win the playoffs and make it to the bar any team can do that still have to have a good week so as long as you've set ourselves up for that really focusing on on the balance of let's go let's go into some spills we you know we can win go into some spills we know we can qualify and let's let's do one or two a has there been a decline in until people entering play downs and stuff like that absolutely I just rambled off their into a different trajectory using being in an unreal like that it's incredible last year the the past two years it's been you know the best weeks of my life terms of curling oh now you enter to catch two sets of cash bills six hundred dollar entries to qualify and I think that's scaring some people off but on the flip side it's making sure that Alan Ge- so there's a they're adding other things other events that will that are trying to fill that void but it doesn't it doesn't mean that or doesn't that's GonNa be hard and I think teams that are in that are there were in my situation who really can't do that next level dedication or maybe so that you know that's interesting right if you made the Canada Cup that thing that determined to went to the world every year that would it it makes it makes us when you know when you kind of maybe in the back of your mind know that you're not going to be that slam level team like what motive what motivates you to keep out there and doing or is it is simple as adding more spills or is it more complicated than that I think it's more complicated I think the COLETTA regret I'll ever forget so have you noticed a decline in the kind of teams like the ones you were on like is there on -Tario maybe during the trip somewhere and you think you're we're going to break through and you do the next year you enter all the hard ones or the OAKVILLE ones in the cells and that you travel for maybe roots of curling part of the they've they've added the the travelers which is the club Curling Championship There's a couple of other ones in Ontario now at the site called the clubs that you know the the the people who are playing serious so you've got these these competing interests I don't know I think the GR- and they're introducing the the grass Ontario too and in specifically in Toronto because we see the headlines of clubs closing most most of them attached to two they just strung it together and did did when it took anybody can do that still got some other teams like that that come up like Brenton Bernard watchers teams another good example. I mean there's there's been a couple of different schools of thought I mean some people have talked about making the candidate Cup the place where elite curlers go and bringing the brier back to the grass roots I don't think we're going there I think you want to set themselves future year but aren't there yet it's about that balance and it's about that goal of making the Ontario tankred is it feels like the brier baby make your class of curler not feel like it's getting farther away is there anything that can be done to strengthen that that middle class of I realize your question was was about was about this sort of this sort of tier of curling disappearing it's true I mean if you look back in the last ten years consistently the number of teams and alive I think the team should should still do it you know but I the formats of our which are what's making tricky now I think the we've moved to these cash spills oh McDonald's last year in in in the year they turned their entire world upside down yeah they'd they'd invested over the years all of those players had played around the tour for many years on they just just by investing the time doing some travelling they have a slightly easier road to the bar but it's it's still they they're still having good success and good record I do WanNa talk about curling in single one of our leagues is full and it has been that way for the last six years we have no more room for growth we we've tried some things to squeeze they they kind of came out of nowhere onto the world curling tour and have had great success some eastern teams are having some success to just by it's everyone's still wants to go to the brier that's still the dream right it's just getting farther away for people like his is there well is there anything that you think can be done Scarborough Weston you know there are a little bit out a little bit far out versus the royals which is right around the Streetcar Line Queen Broadview in the middle of the city off clubs but I mean I I think it's concerning when people see you know if clubs in Toronto reclosing Yo what's going on is it is it something that I mean because you're I actually think it is the golf courses the goal it's there's tension has always been a tension between the curlers gophers is at a crossroads there or is it just something as simple as the golf courses have decided to go in a different direction and don't WanNa don't WanNa worry about the curling anymore really awesome sadly the the the the record of the week didn't for those two years wasn't great but you know the experience something that can never you know never pass up or never hi park is another one that's very successful almost purely curling club has tennis in the summer and other things but but it's a great curling club and very vibrant and very successful so the ones home put it that way I don't think it's I don't think many people have exited spent how how do we keep maybe the grassroots level from getting squeezed out there you know more third shift in the various nights we've added a Sunday night learn to curl league we've added a Monday after or in the evening at five o'clock mixed doubles league to try to squeeze some more teams in in those there's so is it is it a situation where curling maybe I don't Wanna I don't WanNa say you endanger but as a case where curling maybe that had a great success so the way I see it curling is alive and well I think I think we need more of the of the like the in two different memberships that are that are at odds so I that's kind of the story for the the recent ones have closed that said at the rotating curling club are every that are doing really well aren't aren't anywhere near closing down other ones like farther out like look at your curling club up in newmarket growing and successful deals and that the Ki- Kinda kills the whole play down kills the dream I couldn't I couldn't dream of going to the world's representing Canada as grassroots curler you still kind of there you saw I know a lot of the scarborough Gulf folks went to all the which is another other country club it's I mean I'm not sure what happened to the folks at West I'm with as as clubs are getting fuller like that yeah that's a real problem with the royals for sure I look at our men's league on on Thursd Thursday nights with those people try having to having to change clubs absolutely I think some clubs has actually benefited some maybe we're underutilized it's there's been zero turnover off last three seasons as we're twenty eight teams and all twenty eight came back so a new team on the waiting list couldn't get in and to remain have average lower than other other places which is interesting though I mean it's a nice have a lot of fun there the play downs have been decreasing every single year on both the men's and women's side you know there's Mike -Fornia in Quebec has famous blow Ya that he writes in his absolutely and I think this this learned to girly curly talking about on Sunday nights really successful a lot of people sign up into that one wanted to get into was was family and we we talked about before we started you mentioned you're not playing down in Ontario for regular men's but your plan join the men's league you're just moving into the city that's that's where it's hard competitive curling is difficult to find to find ice in this competitive leagues I mean it's a good time slot to you Sunday night nine o'clock actually good time for a lot of people and you know our we've got got some turnover on on our Monday leagues and our Friday mix leaks but it also means it's hard to get in right so you're moving into the city how Scott six sheets of ice everything's full it could it could easily survive an easily succeed with eight maybe even ten the only way to really join those leagues has to be a single person joining a team where someone left because people can hold their spots with three returning players so yeah it's a real problem he said though you know if you're not careful and you don't also make time for that for that next generation than that problem may rear its head twenty years from now we're GonNa get the best ice time slot so how do you how do you encourage club growth and encourage the next generation of curlers if they're having to fight for ice time is the pond it's a curling podcast my name is Ryan McGee coming to you from Richmond Virginia and not coming to you from Southampton England Canada's sort of at the players really want to win the brier all of them at every level so it and we end the brier is still undetermined goes who goes to the world championships for Canada so there's there's a lot of really good success stories sadly hearing about the ones that are closing down nobody wants to hear about there being fewer sheets of ice in the province or so so what does that do for for clubs her as those clubs get full as more people are moving to those clubs you know the the people who have been there for for longer it seems like with established clubs they're the ones fully there were room so it's good to know that the demise of curling in Toronto in Toronto is is greatly exaggerated but but yeah like like especially in areas. I mean if you look at the where the royals is located it's an area where a lot of young urban professionals moving into the city for work it's Ah you're able to get in in those leagues It's if you're if you're a competitive junior cert of twenty two year old male curler and I met her you know I I'd stare over in the distance at this beautiful woman on the other sheet curling in various competitive spills and we always joked it you know that really the last knowing that we never got into your curling history and I know that you're pressed for time one of the one of the things that I very young club for that reason generally as people get older they moved to the suburbs with to have our or they retired suburbs So the royals ten down in mixed doubles with your wife what is it what is it like playing mixed doubles win with your wife is there what are the positives and negatives said the cl- kind of club where people can rent the ice and you know walk to the curling club all of the golf courses are talking about you had to drive to and they were in the suburbs right win or were they were they joined it's interesting you know I think there's they've compressed into other clubs that weren't full so you know it's been they found as you know the the the ones that you were talking about in the suburbs of close this curlers have to go somewhere is that kind of knows their squeeze now at some some of the other clubs the two that so many many of your listeners probably know Ashley Way She's curled on the tour on the women's tour for many years and I actually that's actually where they're really different set different pools of people drawing golfers aren't becoming curlers in the current golfers or t it's like two separate clubs a lot of the time maybe some overlap but so there that she was from she day and I'm from Sheet F- 'cause we always stared across it makes a lot of people sick when we talk about that and until look when we started curling together it was it was really great 'cause we we both had a lot of experience that we bring to the game and you know she actually curls internationally as well she she used to live in Germany in the early two thousands and she played with the German German team and juniors and actually went to the world's in two thousand one so it was we she she has she was actually encourage me to do singles curling thing because she said she did how that works anything specific that you suggest pack well I mentioned the phone just in case the always toys and so there's and there's a whole bunch of the club with around the same age as as our kids so I expect a junior program to be developed royals have one currently but I expect one of those the big white curling sheets and it's very stimulating visually so we found curling club quite an easy place for for our sub one year old to hang out interviews and then go out on the ice I actually think this could succeed could be TSN's biggest hit you heard it here first folks we we find that and so it's good to have and we have multiple kids now actually highly nickel has just had a young young one sorry Duncan just had a young and now that I have a toddler it's a bit crazy it's a bit hard he runs around and makes trouble and bolts out the door and you have to always be watching onto spills with the kids what's that like how do I need to prepare for when I eventually do that what you need tips and tricks that you can suggest for you know we have moments where we struggle we have moments where we where we love every minute of it and at the end of the day we still want to curl with each other so it's really great many many other couples out on the ice so it's it's just like hilarious should be the reality TV episode you know where you go back to the mansion and film the sort of in between games have we really don't want to just throw device in front of him but sometimes that works with two I have no idea what we're GonNa do I'll let you know last curling season we'd have a second season we've done it with one and with one it's actually quite easy up until their mobile like they actually love the for spilling while having young children so I haven't actually brought both kids to the curling club yet so since currencies just started with our second kid we didn't have one and in terms of our competitive nature and I think it makes us stronger as a couple in you have you have two younger kids including one your your youngest is actually always no no is a two year old and a half year old's favorite word yet yeah again I want to be cognizant of your time great group of guys from across the pond and and it's been you know this weekend was great and I'm looking forward to next one at up in Ottawa they're gonNA so that's why we play it we'll have to play it because it's you know it's good it's good for us in terms of the the intellectual aspects of it I'm really great format to for for shooters right you're going out there and you're shoot you're throwing five skips skips rocks in a row they've all got to be perfect so the pressures the hoping to represent England playing down in England early next year and on curling overall in Ottawa thanks for joining us and Good Luck recipes thank you so much okay we're back and we are still without Jonathan but as we have a box of of like of slyke animals like the dinosaurs in the farm animals always bring those Hawaiian them all up and play with them for for that he developed the next few years as our kids grow up all right yeah I heard basically everything I'm told is they're easy to deal with until they have an opinion absolutely right now the opinion is currently playing as we talk in the World Mixed Curling Championship but we have the next best thing we have a member we did the first wins good ones there were solid and they were against good teams as well but then you know we sort of sort of petered out a little bit our sex kills half a curling game and that just running around be okay how being a curling club where you know people are okay with kids running around at the royals it's usually it's event in were previewing really three days into the competition but say lovey So you may remember him from our episode the next few minutes Felix Price Felix thank you so much for taking time out to join us no problem always welcome always wanna come back onto the podcast make fun of Jonathan of course of the junior team that Jonathan coaches who is here to talk about the world mixed doesn't really it's not really fair to have Jonathan preview his own and then we got a bunch of young Scot Yeah you ran into a couple of good teams with the after after the first two wins a just a month older than than our first ours is four and a half months yours is five and a half months what have any times have you traveled in the other players on the English World Mixed Team it is obviously Jonathan who we know for good reason as you heard rob talk about in that interview they were getting ready for their second spiel in as many weeks they wound up going Spiel in Riga in January so that'll be my first trip across the pond and then in February for the for the Englishman because it came back to bite Jonathan's team in probably cost them a few bucks so we still don't have Jonathan the reason for that he is one into in that Spiel and did not qualify for playoffs based on their draw shot challenge kids practice your DMC England isn't nearly as small as we all thought it was not because a lot of people who play for England I Jonathan who is playing second do you know anything about the the other players and then we'll talk about what England is currently doing 'cause they're they're currently playing the competitions going on as we on etiquette if you didn't take please go back and listen regard to having back to talk about Jonathan and he's not here so make fun of him for it yeah that's always a good a good sign and then so so this weekend going up to Ottawa in your head winner you heading to Europe so we're going to do England is in a pool with Austria Belgium Finland France Korea Russia and Switzerland they have residency among English players actually play in Scottish competition live in Scotland I did not know this uh-huh there moments where you're yelling at each other and swearing at each other and the next minute you're kissing on the ice and hugging on the ice and it's you're not the only ones doing it like the asked him how that happened and and look at what the seal in the night so if they had one that I think they win the whole spiel but the every every team we lost preview it England is currently to know they're about to not be to anno- because as Felix and I are talking they are on the business end is there anything else that you want to talk to before we talk about before we get out of here now just really I'm looking forward to a to a a laid back season with a they beatdown at the hands of Switzerland so give us a villa can you give us a little bit of background on these other players that are that are playing with Jonathan I wish in order to make the playoffs would coming into this what would you have said would have been the over under for number of wins for England at that yeah the way Jonathan Talks about the very good team very confident so yeah I three wins they have difficult games oversee Russia and career especially I think that off I think the swing game the swing game is that Finland break they still got play Russia Finland and Korea so a tough row to Hoe game out with ones they have left I mean they could pull an upset against Russia or or career but spent my wisdom as absolutely and we're we're glad to have you here so I don't know anything about we've I've honestly never met these people before which I know isn't brilliant fellow English but I mean I guess curling and eighty beaten Austria and arch-rivals France they're currently losing Switzerland in her probably GonNa wind up losing that when they're down four to one at the fourth in Cels all right fantastic I rob thank you so much for joining us and giving us giving us some background on this on this team that you have so you won your first to second one we thought we were going to win the whole thing you know that honeymoon phase we've we've only played two games together we won both it's quite quite young and obviously I've got the next big thing in coaching Coming up with them world mixed Felix how many think they were GonNa get yeah I think minimum three are and we're challenged I think the the Ross white team from Scotland as a really bright future ahead of them we actually had the prediction they were GonNa win the whole thing they came up just doc and found out the judge made a mixed team without me Oh no I have weasel my way I'm now the coach in game if they beat Finland than I think they can finish I think they can finish four three in possibly possibly I don't know maybe get into playoffs assuming Jonathan so I could but I've literally met none of them how is that possible they'll they'll plan Scotland I presume yeah are you guys GonNa try to play in the men's play down to or are you just GonNa stick to a junior schedule we've talked about playing in in the talk did you play down to try did you play down to try and get into this tournament I know that you play obviously you do the you have the junior team but joe did you have a mix so Jonathan went on to to play with them so I don't think I see so Jonathan's team it's world mix is going on right now there's forty teams air including England now that now that mixed doubles I believe is going to A. B. Pool I believe it's the only direct entry tournament left in from having talked to him outside of this podcast that he is scared of you guys he talks about Phil but never put into put into action And then I went I went off to America this summer for a month and then I came has gotten better at dse since his disaster at the last at the last Spiel Yeah Yeah I think Finland that's going to be the most in that it means they're scared of you man this Jonathan's team saying this stuff you know I can tell you one example of that with Spain last year winning silver pretty crazy much Spanish curling has grown here recently I mean that's silver medal last actually we played his team two days ago without him in it and they Beatles exhaustion what does that mean and this competition that you know are up and coming countries in in the WC on I think the number it's not Addition by subtraction they're exactly so I kind of I don't like this world the world mixed and to be honest we keep being told by people out club idea bought Twenty one so you got the rest of your Geico increase that you were on that to to play down to this we had a me and my skip John we had talked about it due men's so we want to focus on juniors to be on this more than the men's competition it sounds like they're scared of you if they're telling if they're feeding in this spring it shouldn't be that difficult for Lieutenant along yeah yeah it's a good team that we've got going on short a very severe weird line score on that one too they they were tied with the hammer playing seven blank blank and then stealing they'd like the with the hammer how that happened but we played them the lost years well base managed to win knocking them out and putting us into the INSTA- cool finals in all of the all of the CF so if you're going to grow the idea I think in a way to grow grow the sport there's a lot of countries in that in the Jonathan plays at the one on the farm one Jonathan plays so the phone Fenton's rink in Sussex We you are in the loosest sense of on coach of that team so you saw you're going to try to try to dethrone Jonathan quite a few times they've sort of our Achilles heel whenever we played them we it would come down to an extra end one show we lose marched you talks a big game and I know how to get in Y'all's heads when you play in league he is he is frightened of yeah aim is still what I enjoy watching most but having to having to have two strong men's players in too strong women's players Canadian Juniors representing Manitoba before with Jt Ryan now curls with Jt Ryan on tour Scotland Luke Carson to me I think is is is more interesting than than the than the double side definitely I think it's interesting to see two different styles of play coming together as well it keeps watching the curling games in listing on I think it gives more room for an upset or an underdog team to come through and do well at just like Spain last year so looking so good like this weekend so yeah played played last week went to in five and I saw I saw you won your I q sorry two and three they've got a that skip his name's Gomez and he is a very talented player is skipping that team his men's Tis Mints Team just got done playing in curling night America I believe is that a junior team as he is he on the aged outdoorsy Nick format where you're still playing for supplying four person curling which is I'm still getting into mixed doubles I'm not quite there yet the foreperson at worlds and I believe he if he has the record for most world's participated in as well so Kind of a recently I think I well actually it may not be recently I think it was like three years ago he was one of the main one of the better junior players yeah like all Scottish teams for probably the most well known curler in this tournament is Germany's Andy Capp. He's only won five medals Dan as mixed doubles specialist in Switzerland they are heading up the mixed team Team USA they are skipped by hundred Clawson who in the US and now is I think he's played the last couple years with todd bird at US nationals but very very solid player sure this is just great radio Germany's one in one all right there one they are in a still young he only aged out lost yeah and I think he's GonNa Play Big Paul in Spain sort of coming years and curling he he they are insane pool as Canada's that's that's a that's a tough one for them tough draw them Switzerland who is currently a pounding Jonathan's team to curlers that you're going to recognize their Martin Reassess Ginny Paret they obviously have had tons of success there had to have been was that a surprise to you or 'cause you've probably played against the Spain junior teams right yeah we've we've played against Spain Presenting Team USA Italy they have Denise Penny and she is played at women's roles before with Diana Gaspari Russia another ended a country is because you know there's a lot of countries where you know they're they're strong on the women's side or they're strong on the men's side but with mixed you know it's it's a very how all live near Scotland in Scotland and have maybe a parent who's English will they've lived long enough to get I'm interested to see how Germany does with with Andy Capp as skip let's see where are the see where they're at right now Germany is her mixed doubles Another group of mixed doubles specialist that are heading up the mid four person mixed team in Alexander Ehrman and Bartok Czajkowski is his men's team I believe represented Poland last year. Zero's Australia Mr Ozzie curling humility still out there upsetting folks as team Australia Turkey Dill set yielders is I think she owners said I think any of them have actually been to the rink before the one down in the when the went down in the south of England or are you talking about the one in which one the wind impressed into the one yeah we have a remember very well I fiske fists skip Any good good kyle is back yes he's been around he's originally formed -Tario he played in the ninety two Olympics humiliation still in Moscow Leiva that's a tough that's a tough her Spain's Sergio is back after winning silver last year blend hi Scott Lawton Scottish competitions and practices in Switzerland and stuff like that so yeah Arkansas he's still a junior I think he still junior we have we've seen competitions lost you but he played against Kong Venezuela I saw I saw on twitter he got to meet Jonathan I think at the opening ceremony for this thing so that's kind of a rundown of Nigeria and they have the really awesome brooms Zillah t shirts that I have not seen for sale and if I will I will pay a steep price for is the only woman throwing this event I'm not sure but I know he recently I think she recently aged out of juniors as well today had Turkey is when they when they meddled lost ear into this competition is Kinda I mean it kind of shows how will his group is back Nigeria was the only African nation at last year's mixed doubles starting to get the ground you know get current started for brooms Zillah t shirt if anyone is able to snag one and then finally From team Hong Kong Jason Chang I know he's a listener so good luck to look it's kind of a rundown of who you might recognize among the names at this event forty teams five groups of eight teams each every time we got it too well base that are already very well as as a team Nigeria to Johnny Col- in looking at the roster's there's some look at the roster some curlers that people are going to recognize Canada there skip is Colin Kerr's he's played in the station mosque lava they are heading up that Russian team that Jonathan later have minutes a tough draw for Jonathan having to play Paret in Rio and then airman and she loves it so in doubles though it's interesting I actually think they should film mixed doubles it should be a reality TV show not or is it just typical American like sitting here assuming that everyone in England has been to Ireland Not English people received the point candidates to anno- so a lot of the teams that you expect to be doing well are doing well so be interesting to see interesting to see if anyone Spain Spain Hungary both to know in their group the USA is wanted one It'd be interesting to see if someone like Spain can just about everyone's played two games already some surprising results Ireland's three you know now you I know nothing about Irish curling lasting McGee so I imagine if you go deep into the rule book who knows I might be eligible to play for them what can you tell us about Irish curling Felix come out of nowhere and make a run and get it in get a medal for for those up and coming countries and who knows maybe it'll be Jonathan it probably won't be Jonathan is three zero Russia's England is about to be two in one so let's see check Republican Norway or to know and Washington like English curling I mean that's nothing never played against teams I've never been to Ireland go to Ireland because it's just more rainy so why would you wanNA WE WANNA east into Europe into light like a surprising junior women's team win dill said Liz was was skipping them I think you've you've probably seen them before right yeah yes I you've never been to Ireland Note Toco should they should I be such should I say should I be surprised by that metaphor going West will rain but the yeah Ireland's Ireland's three no Korea's career for a fact that Jonathan is kinda super geeked about this whole thing I know that one of his dreams was always to play in a WC F- event like this it'd probably wanting for being realistic so he's really kind of played it off on the podcast but I know the junior team this year I know Jonathan he's he's got the new men's team that he's trying to to to improve before they at that people have heard of do you know what drives yet for that one we have our drool by think out skit Jones the only person who's actually looked at it the working with you guys as well or is yard are you guys playing second fiddle to the mixed championship I think definitely wanted to focus on the mixed subgroup shop alive by sending US drills to do and making sure that we record every single practice session will happens great coaching where Great Coaching I. We don't want to see him for a while but he is he's keeping onto a spill in Latvia in just over a week it's it's Shell First Adult Spiel as a team okay which should be good fun I think the R that challenger Spiel yes the challenges bill of Nice and they have Tom you'll have your wearing England tapas if as coach written on the back when when he got this he was he was pretty happy a good arena ice which we should be a change for us but we like it I know every now and then there's some teams in there in that term it's it's it's it's a good tournament is a big fair enough and he Into coding as it were is that a is that a triple knock or do you have a Pool happened and we had a big big toll practice session and he does he sends us drills do basically said his everything you need I'll see you in a month before they have to play and play down over they've got some pretty tough competition for for the English play down at the end of the year is even able to work in listen intimidating dude on the ice or what yeah really he's he's pretty ripped toll the down and then I think when when it gets closer to the the Willoughby's the which is in December he'll he'll turn up and drugs aside we'll we'll happy that you get supplying wc Van I think I made like two years ago all the we've played before the Willoughby's he's a scary guy leave it alone has that like intimidate the other night Ryan I really wish was gonna be funny is kind of play it off with you guys or can you tell these pretty excited for this thing we as a team we we can tell you is pretty excited and obviously they just shared with you guys but Yeah I just don't think that we will we this is in the summer so we won't particularly and so we are there I sat proud of him phenomena which faranoff he managed to see us right at the beginning of the season yeah exactly he's he's Soros on the day the wrinkles your take would be like three hundred zero what could you buy with three hundred zero if you guys win this thing maybe we employ that a coach waist scary connick guy so yeah I need very good color obviously but so it looks like if you win you take home three a five hour train journey to get the but the advantage is obviously the open all year round so we we can get some training that the one thing I did see the world curling federation their website had a big feature on that new curling club in Preston and it looks I mean the pay to get back to England Yeah Johnny Carson flights booking on with banking on winning this sink yeah to bias tune who is currently playing in the mix right now team Denmark oh nice purse so the winter's GonNa get probably like a thousand euros something like that maybe fifteen hundred yeah probably take will be like and I'm sitting here on curling zone it's GonNa be hilarious if I like find it before you do or before you even know let's see now trailing zone night world world curling thing looks amazing I see it on twitter all the time do guys practiser lottery are you mainly down at the farm mainly donate the foam it's about team Lost yes they're in our pool and then I see in Group C that does Choon which is ahead under ice graphic stone meets the under ice graphic gross all right so I've seen like twelve different names for it I've heard Jonathan calls it the Preston Curling Club I've Seen Flower Bowl I've seen Barton grange like what on the other end it's definitely run for commercial purpose over trailing I think they'd find it difficult to host the in Europe Oh yeah I mean you're you may be a bit take your take would be or no that's the total paint job or I'm sure that it's in in ice graphic the weird nice graphic that's the length of the sheet is tough it is it tough to play on that is it tough to get a good practice session in there because it's got all these things to make it kind of trendy or is ice ice the this is kind of what you'd expect ready from a cutting club The lights can make quite difficult to see especially the skips Brunette the name of the garden centers right next to it so I file I think Jonathan's taken the wrong angle what for curling like I think that's probably one of the ways that you're gonna be able to get some clubs here in the US that are home petition that just because of added factor that the you know the ice is different don't really have a hotline they said just have arena clubs or looking for their own dedicated curling facility it sounds like this is probably going to have to be the way to go in that that what do you think of the tree data put in a good shift trying to gas shed for the world's base are you guys doing any feels to get ready for that yes running club does it brings cutting to completely new audience so you know it's for example Fenton's rank it's it's on a farm Andy Curling Club as the as as what could potentially be the next big thing in curling I think what the Trendy Tori I've got into a website does not have it up oh you found it yeah it's it's groups and then it's talked to from the group's going the job took a job that during the summer nice uh so he's he's actually hasn't really had an off season you're not going to be dedicated curling rink this place has all these new features new lighting cool lice. Yeah but I I wanted to that when you say it in real life it is a radius of cool looking place and it definitely brings in tourists it doesn't even have the country's we've got right now

Jonathan Ontario Royal Canadian Curling Club Canada Jonathan Right Spain Jonathan Haber Kroft England Germany team Team USA Switzerland US Toronto Australia Scotland Team USA Italy Zero England Diana Gaspari Dan
Trade Deadline Recap, Lactose, and Jester Jim Benning

The Clapper Report

1:27:57 hr | 6 months ago

Trade Deadline Recap, Lactose, and Jester Jim Benning

"Weaving clause for the islanders. I wanna go to boston. Hall becoming out this episode proportional. He's buying a fat stack. Goes out again. We'll be worth it. Welcome back wow back to another episode of the clap report while we have such sloppy intro this week but hey we're We have a lot going on. The trade deadline has now passed. A lot of movement has happened Some rumors about our main man taylor hall here and his move to boston so We'll definitely discuss that Yeah so we have a lot to go at. We have some news to cover. We have some waiver claim. Some signings so this episodes got a little bit of everything. So just a man. I feel buddy. I'm feeling amazing. Those beautiful intro i. It's funny the only thing that this episode doesn't have as elliot friedman which we are not elliott freeman. No we we are not yet. So if you're expecting freeman go lakers just two itty drinking beer. I'm okay. I'm chilling on cited for this episode. We got a lot of stuff to cover What about yourself good. Good good Tomorrow marks fourteen days since my last shot of the five vaccine so I'm gonna be technically what ninety seven percent clear kovin right. I think i think it's something like that. Ninety two ninety nine ninety ninety seven percent. so i'm thinking that's what it is so I i think i'm pretty good right now. I'm feeling pretty excited You know. I know we could a little bit into clear what i'm out in public. You know obviously still have the mask and everything like that but Gonna feel good to go out. You know yes definitely. I mean once my semester ends we could go to the driving range or something but right now. My weekends are filled with a academia. I know the crew out to To the driving range this weekend. But i was swiftly dubbed by literally everybody that all you guys suck yeah man feeling good feeling great I'm actually kind of excited about the beer talk. So what what do you have will let you go first. So i got sin. I'm a barrier fan. Boy i got The strongest jim shape. I don't know if i've had it on here before. But it's mag good. Excuse me it's a new person new england. Ip a ten point three percent but the dangerous doesn't taste like ten point three percent. It tastes like it's like seven. It's so easy to drink. Br has that lactose. I think i was talking about that one day. As lactose in it You were mentioning that last week. Believe it has lactose in. But it's it's mad. good matty's drink barrier. you can't go wrong barrier. Yeah no that sounds pretty fire. Sounds like you're taking a math test drinking beer. But hey it's fine one thing. No you were talking about lactose last episode. Anybody whose lactose intolerant. I'm sorry you're not really going to be able to drink beers. We've recommended does but it definitely influenced my decision this week in grabbing juicy pebbles you wanna tell us about uc pebbles. Yeah i do. Because i didn't even realize after time picking this up which i have a whole like gripe with this beer knocking ally. It has milk sugar. So i figured lactose you were talking about. But it also has lime zest. And so i don't really know where the times says comes into play with fruity pebbles but I dunno it's not terrible. It's not the best beer. I've had It's kind of okay. The one thing that got me pissed though is that the four pack was twenty four dollars who was ab on it. We're looking at six percent really. It's four packer yay four-pack twenty dollars. This what our usual place. Yeah yeah yes. So i like. I was digging in my wallet. 'cause i had like you know just under twenty dollars cash there so i'll just pay cash and he's like oh yeah twenty four dollars long way what usually it goes up by the ab. Yeah i don't know but it was already pretty crazy priced. I'd like to think. I mean because i mean to be fair like four pack of these i think is like twenty four. Somebody's happen beer but ten point three percent. Well no i'm saying for this like oh for those. Yeah it's like going out price. I that that's exactly what i was thinking. The rationale you gotta use you know. So i felt pretty some pretty rob from that you know. Of course they don't have any like prices on it or anything like that. So whatever is what it is. It's not terrible. It's not the best like i said. But that's the only thing i liked about the place that's more towards me A william floyd it's like They have like prices on the beer. But so at least she'd know getting roped into you before you walk up there. Yeah but you know. I still like our place better. Yeah no. it's definitely cool. But i like i. There was like kids running around there today. And you're there we. I went a little earlier. Probably around like say maybe a little better than that. Are you serious. Yeah it was right after the gym on my way home bro. I was literally in their duty message. Just missing i was in there like five fifty really and it might have been even before six because i left for the gym. Like four thirty. I was probably out of the gym. I didn't really time and it was probably a little after five that i left a gym so realistically probably like five. Thirty thousand there So yeah we were right next to each other. We could at a rare sighting in person. Meet up we should record there then in the parking lot. Honestly stick one. Mike and near car while making the my car the headphones on any frigging glitches with the Lag a relaxed my hand. Cpu myself yeah. I don't know what that was about. Yeah especially with chrome actually It eats up a lot of your cpu So case on chromebook to know looking at a lot of computing power there so it's definitely Bringing it to its whitson there but I have a fairly good computer. I'd like to say like a very good. Cpu and you know really high end graphics and stuff like that but having multiple chrome tabs open. It's insane what you can see what it does your sleep you if you look at like the task manager like if you look right now like google chrome is probably eating up like ninety percent of your cpu right now. Sounds intense man. Yeah it's annoy Anyway anyway we're getting sidetracked by kids running around mayor shops and talking about computing powers but lactose and lactose intolerant. People not listening to us anymore because we only recommend a milk beers. You're hardcore song of the week. Man what do you got. What do you got. I got a back from the dead. No not back from the back from of wove back from what's the word mentioning them Maybe once towards the beginning of the show Mind force sick band sick banned Soft their first. Cpi thank called. They won't war solid absolutely solid Talking about how politicians suck and just yelling about it and saw some. Yeah mine force anytime any song any place is a banger so we can source chopping lords. Dude it's insane and You know they definitely got a A message to tell you no one hundred percent. I went with a band at a. I don't really listen to too much Actually funny enough. They did a split with variables to spend They haven't really made too much music like at all. They had that split. And i think like one or two other like little pieces in twenty seven. I think it was called vicious embrace In a song as impure harvest so this is like one of their few songs and It's weird because today. I actually looked them up on instagram. Trust see like where they were at and everything like that kind of a sif daywear making your music if they were done or whatnot and their last their last up post was like new year's twenty nineteen or like new music coming in two thousand twenty so Guests that didn't really work out for them but I mean the songs pretty good. I really enjoyed it. It's kinda got that variables kind of sound. But i guess you could say a little heavier. Which i know is kinda crazy to say with variables. But the yeah. It's a little like i don't. I don't know where to say here. But it's a little like feels deeper. If that makes any sense it doesn't make sense but to me it does So definitely go to chance if you are a listener aerial. Think you'll understand what i mean Yes all our listeners. On all of our various man which part of me wants to know if anybody actually listens to the hardcore songs be pick but you know what fuck you if you don't honestly and if you do sense to dm send us a message. Let us know that you are what chirac in with you know you know but We have a lot ocoee to cover today and As you guys must know by this point The deadlines passed so tunnel. Traits have happened a lot of new faces in new places and lots of breakdown so we have a. We have some things to go through. We're going to take a look at Nbc sports actually have a tray. Checker that we're just going to take a look at it and kinda give our remarks on trades that stand out to us basically You wanna go with the first trade that sticks out to you. Yeah i mean the first one that Really caught my eye. Was the blue jackets. Making a three way trade with the wings and the lightning basically the wings just received the fourth round. Pick that way they can retain salary for david. Savard going to the lightning That's really crazy. Man like the idea of like the three trees and it literally only being there just to retain salary like. Isn't that insane. Well i mean. That's the thing. And i feel like that's why cap spaces such like a sought after thing not only to sign free agents but to receive compensation for retaining salary you know you could weaponize cast space pretty a pretty handsomely will and both the red wings and the sharks. I believe the sharks did as well Weaponized that you know in got a couple of deep picks out of it. Hopefully i can help them. In the The expansion draft. You know Again just utilizing your at its asset management. You know and mortems do that. Yeah i mean it's definitely a smart move for the wings to acquire another pick. We'll talk a little bit more about the wings later on but their draft pick situation does look pretty intense so Definitely some room to upgrade their with the pre deep team What the lightning acquiring david. Savard i mean. I guess if you had any any question with this team i guess you can make it defensively even then. I don't even think you're you're questioning too hard But i think this acquisition of david savard. He's easily gonna fin so that top four for them and just a great move for them like the cup. Favorites just became more of a favourite with this move in my opinion so Just insane in saying that this team keep getting away with things like this But they did turn around a first round. Pick and a third round pick so Kind of a steep price but definitely a great return and to further solidify their spot favorite in my opinion thing with the lightning. It's like you know. We know that their first round pick is going to be deep right. We know it's going to be like twenty eighth to thirty second you know. Oh yeah so. You know i dunno. It's basically a second. But you know. But i mean this year straffed though i mean who knows 'cause complete crap shoot because a lot of prospects played. That's that's what i was gonna say to is like also giving away a first round. Pick this season. Specially late in the draft like tampa's pick will be i feel like it loses even more value considering the This season that the prospects have had you know you're losing a year development for a lot of these players and especially late in the early second. You're looking at players that need a couple of years to develop possibly you know so. It definitely lost a lot of alley that way in my opinion. And i'm sure a couple of other guys so Yeah i don't think it was. That bad i don't think it was that bad of a payout and bigger pretty good return. I would say yeah So a tree. That six for me is Brennan menteur to the florida panthers for the buffalo sabres. Sorry buffalo sabres brennan monster. We're going to florida for round. Pick this year You know. Aaron act bug went on i r and yet you know they need somebody in the back end top. Four brennaman tour is that you know I should pick them up from a fantasy team. Because i expected And pb one and everything he wasn't but you know you settle into a new system. Things look a little bit different right. I mean you know. It's a is a good fit for the panthers. I think To have back there again. 'cause excellence gone even the playoffs you know so to solidify their Death for the playoffs. I think it's a good move for them. Especially the low cost of a third round pick. Yeah i mean a third round pick You know we're going to be talking about the buffalo a lot A common theme. I think we could say now. Is that a. They didn't get a lot in return for some of these guys. And i would say brandon menteur. I feel like you should be able to field more than a third round. Pick for I could be wrong in that assessment. But i i definitely think that florida really needed to bolster up and this was. This was great. It was a good price for the modestly. Yeah next Another team that. That is a quite favored in the quest for a cup. This year is the colorado avalanche day They make a trade with san jose For a fifth round pick and great pattern when that to familiarize but they receive in return. Devin dube nick so great. Great well i would say he's a he's a very solid back. Oh you know what. I mean he definitely could be like a like a french starter for them and He's just going to be a guy that they're not really have to worry about him being in net and it's definitely something that they're going to need though considering what's going on with their goalie situation i was about to say you know you have frank who's going out for for the entirety of the season now and Grew our who actually just hit the covid list. So i don't know what the situation is with him but Who knows how long that's going to be with him being out But you know hopefully rests up and he gets back out there pretty soon. Words false whatever. The case is but Yeah i mean group. Our and do nick. You're not really Too worried about the net. You know while. I was gonna say i mean group Gruber sorry we'll group are yeah. I mean Apparently i think he did actually test positive for cova nicola protocol so i mean who knows the lingering effects i mean we'll touch on the slater but apparently not looking too good So hopefully he's asymptomatic and come back fine but designate the season. I mean you know. He hasn't had the best stats right. I mean he's only as four wins in eighteen games over three goals against and Just under nine hundred save percentage. So i mean hopefully with the colorado team good defense in front of sex assault. Oh yeah definitely Can rebound good voice crack and But you know. I mean i wait and see with him So yeah that's how i got to say about that. The thing. I don't know. I mean we we pretty much hit everything I i hope to see him. Rebound i mean i. I like the avalanche team I like Who's who's their gm. Right now i keep hearing hakka his name i forgot i'm gonna be real. I don't know his name. Oh no i know it hold up. I feel terrible that i draw joe sakic. Oh really oh yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. He's making move after. Move for this team and i feel like this is another one of those great moves. He does so We'll have to want to see how they're how they're net plays out for the rest of the season and into the playoffs. yeah so the next year. That i wanna talk by a huge one Toronto maple leafs acquired nick felino and stefan nelson The blue jackets receive first and fourth and the sharks receiver fourth as well to retain salary nichelino got first. And then i crazy. Yeah i mean just sixteen points this season and not really Not really having all too well season and even in seasons prior i mean he. He only had thirty one points last year. Thirty five year before He's not like grabbing you. A ton of points Interesting as to where he fits in on this team but feeling i that's insane dom lissue shishen and of the athletic He released an article called widened. Lena costs more than taylor halted. Until trade deadline and based on is like analyzing the importance of fit versus value. And you know. I'm the two maple leafs felino perfect player for them. You know bottom six winger for them on their stack team who can provide a lot of depth scoring of their line story winner scoring wear Provides a veteran leadership this The young core adding onto their already veteran present team You know they're flushing out of deep team that's what they are You know so. Yeah i mean they didn't i yeah. I don't know it's still startling to me that he got i but i don't know i mean he's going to step onto this team and he's probably like you mentioned like a good like presence guy. I think he was their captain right. If i'm not mistaken so He's definitely he's going to be like a good presence for the team. And you know this. Leafs team. I i know. They're definitely trying to make that pushing. It's probably going to be a high pick so like we mentioned earlier so probably doesn't carry that much of value so overall this is a a pretty big win for the for the leafs side. Say yeah with that. My voice is going. I think my by My voice from earlier messed up my throat omega but sticking with the leafs man day they make another trade with the The calgary flames. I mean flames. And they they acquire goaltender david rich for a third round. Pick and calgary retains fifty percent of their salary. Yeah good trade. For maple -specially with anderson out for the time being that fuck you anderson but especially with fifty percent of the salary and too good to good pickup. Yeah i mean it's great. Pickup juice jack. Campbell has been absolutely insane. This season Has he lost yet or is it still like eleven or twelve hundred whatever it was. Thank you still undefeated. David retrace pint him so I don't think they're really gonna be too worried about the net Just like the other trade with the avalanche And you know they they already made other moves to so they definitely bolstered themselves up for the playoffs. Let's see if they can get past the first round. yeah Nash trade is bringing cockburn when the islanders for twenty twenty two seventh round pick Basically like free pickup Islanders get a good depth defensemen for them. Yeah who hosted the stanley cup. Just last year so He was a great debt. Piece for You know their defensive core last season Expect him to have a pretty good presence for you know. This islanders team need beefy steps into the lineup Hopefully he steps into the lineup over. Mayfield i'll rant and rave about him a little bit later like i normally do. But it's just gotten worse. Hopefully coburn comes in over him. But we'll have to wait and see on that but I i like without pick. You're not losing much next up. Pretty big move Jeff carter leaves the kings and he comes to the east division any will doesn't sign but he's traded to the pittsburgh penguins Looks like it was a bunch of picks it was a third round pick fourth round pick and a bunch of stipulations there But wow what a what. A crazy shakeup. Yeah i mean who knows. Maybe he can help penguins. They're scoring depth and honestly it's not like a huge price especially because it takes are conditional and the conditions on those takes. I don't know what the third becomes the second if the penguins regional finals. They're not gonna do. Yeah i mean. Jeff carter is going to step into their top six. That's i don't wanna say struggling. But you know you have sidney crosby and that's about i don't wanna say that's it but you know he's carrying that top line for them and you have a guy like malcolm who's been out the entirety of the season with about being out So you know you definitely needed some depth there. You need a guy to come in and help you know. Let's say you get malcolm back towards the playoffs than you can either shift him over to a wing carter over to a wing or whatnot or move down to third line. Help out your bottom six whenever cases. Jeff carter i feel like they can move up and down the lineup. And it's just great move in a very cheap price for might say yes definitely speaking of cheap prices. Let's talk about the the boston. Bruins acquiring taylor whole incurs lazar for anders bjork and a second round pick next year. Whoa i mean holy shit i listen i did not think i mean i i said last week i thought taylor hall is going to get. I fucking nuts. Yeah i mean. I as i mentioned earlier With my little rant about taylor hall seems he was pretty picky with who he wanted to go to because he had a no movement clause that he can choose when to waive it for what team. So maybe that had a lot to do with the pick and how You know how it all played out. Because you know maybe he wasn't budging teams don't really know the legitimacy behind that rumor guys speaking about it you know so it could all just be talk but it would make a little bit more sense if that was the case i mean still just can't believe how god man what a so annoying lick. That feels like nothing. Oh no it is nothing. And he's going to the boston bruins and he's already scored two goals for them after scoring just two goals in the entire season. Yeah like unless. Anders bjork can turn into decent second-line winger which i mean he still has potential. He's only twenty four. You know. But i don't know i don't think he'll do it. But you know. I mean who knows right. Who knows the second round pick could become something but Curtis curtis are like. I don't know it's not it's not a it's really really sucks that like i get it like new no movement clauses and stuff like that. I totally understand like whites and the league in contracts that gives the player a little bit of a right. I guess you'd say so. It's probably good for them but it just sucks when shit like that happens where they have such an influence on the team because he really screw them out of pick. Let's be real. If that's really the case yeah 'cause 'cause if your boss and you're like well he's not going to go anywhere else you're not going to not trade him you know like you definitely want to get something otherwise. He's walking at the end of the season for absolutely nothing. Yeah and i mean you know. It's funny because taylor hall was saying how he would love to sign like an extension deal like a long term deal with the team. That trades Trace for him. So much seem taylor halls bruin. Yeah and he. He also said that he wanted to sign with them in the offseason. They couldn't make the money work so it literally played out the way that boston would like and And hall would like you know so i. It's just it's crazy. How stuff like that happens. It's crazy shit but Whatever i'm not going to dwell on it too much but Your boys they're making trade in this neck. Do you wanna waiter. You want to cover him. Now we'll the other trades. I don't really have a problem with I mean we rip the band aid off now. Yeah all right. So i'll go with the smaller traits first. Geordie band the winnipeg jets for a six round pick. That's perfect. I no issues at that. A good traits. What bending should be doing Trading up you have as for what bin cast faced which. I know he won't do but you know so thought but every ounce yet Next one is the sent a fourth round. Pick this year to the blackhawks in exchange for madison bowie and a fifth round pick. This is to basically for defenseman to have enough games played for expansion expansion draft and to replace george event as the depth defense minister the younger advancement could suspend lineup. I'm an extra body out again. I have no problems with this He's a good a good seventh defenceman. Maybe six he's fine problem with mattis bowie and especially just for fourth and fifth swap. Whatever tree that. I have a problem with it. Which blew up blew up. Twitter blew odd man all the cost. Podcast i listen to is the vancouver canucks send adam gov that patient zero to the chicago blackhawks in exchange for matthew highmore. Look up high. I i had no idea who has guys just two points. Twenty four games. This season absolutely bonkers granite going. That's not having a good season by any means and so i was saying you before before we started recording. You know i'm not mad. They traded adam. Got i see. Adam gotta or i saw adam on this team as expendable you know i mean. They wanted him be third line center. He's not really a third line center. He's more they were trying on the wing. I mean it is what it is but they weren't playing him with good players playing him brandon. Sutter going to do anything for him. You know so for me. It's like i'm not mad. They traded him but you got to maximize the return that you're gonna get them instead of getting an nhl screener. I mean granted. I don't know anything about matthew. High more a hobie prisoner raw hook if he can come into team is like a great fourth fine guy who high energy penalty kill. That's cool me. I'm fine with that but like why why why. I'm sorry. why couldn't even pick i. I don't understand is not is not a trade. That i like. I'm still pretty pissed about it. In fact expand pretty pissed They raised over two thousand dollars for a fire. Bending banner on an airplane over vancouver law it that that helped with getting snow out of long island we had a billboard setup saying fire darts. Now so that's how it all started. We got lou lamoriello. Barry trotz and the rest was history from there. So hey that's a good start. Your owners isn't as much as shit has awkward alenia so our owners have a have stepped up especially john. Les decky coming into the into the team as well but No i mean i i agree. I don't like the tray. I had no clue. Highmore was to and even taking a look at like his His ahl point anson his miserable nhl stints. Now he's really really nobody really funny. You know what's really funny about over the pisses me off. Even more when benning was set benning was during the press conference like the day of and he goes. Ooh your toe. He played in his junior career from his junior career was five years ago. Are you kidding me. You're you're you're trading fiscal because of his junior career five years ago. Are you fucking kidding. Me man got a fucking grip. What are you doing dude like what are you doing. I'm sorry how. In god's name can you make dumb ashtray. Like this and still have a job. I don't get it. i get it. You know you try to. I guess the degree that like you try to get anything you can from faulkner. I'd even think of fifth round pick at this point like it's better than this guy like a less. He comes in a while. Yeah that's mentioning to you record. It was like you know what was the return that they could possibly goth firm if they didn't treat him at the deadline. Absolutely nothing the. You're obviously going to have ca- problems trying to sign a lot of your free agents going into this offseason. So i don't know i mean i would have liked to see a pick to see my thing is my thing is there wouldn't be the my thing is why would you re signed up here. So i'm going back to. Yeah why would you respond pearson and not trade him at the deadline before he got injured. Right and then fucking resigned. God i two under two million like. It's not hard you would save two million dollars cap space doing that. Biology for ten right there. That's another two million right there. An extra four million on the cat that you could use the bolster. Your deep are. It's a frustrating feisty. I am getting face drink. Caf- this thing man. i'm already. I'm moving on from that connects us. I guess we'll just go over a couple of them pretty quick so that way we don't don't take the whole time in this Probably won't say as much as i want about guys but anyway really quick. I'll just cover a couple of them. dmitri kulikov goes to the devils For a right. Did i thought he won. Second here no. He did go okay. Sorry i don't know why strip out right there. He goes to the devils for a fourth round. Pick really too sure. Give me one second. Try to bring up the stats okay. No i wasn't tripping. He went to the oilers stages. Did it backwards on all the other ones. That's so weird. All right so kulikov realize i wasn't tripping. I knew he was a devil anyway. Goes there for like nothing Next got carl soderberg I think he was on the avalanche prior to this. But he just got back from the blackhawks So avalanche again making yet another move They get two guys in josh dickinson and writer. Allston not too familiar with them. Probably just to prospects. If i imagine a trade that i think is really gonna help out the panthers They got sam bennett For a twenty two twenty two second round pick and email heenan which probably another Draft prospect well. I don't know i can't speak anymore. The next to got eric gustafson going to the canadians for eight. Twenty twenty two seventh round pick. Sorry i don't know why struggled so hard on that one but I guess the last trade that. I really want to mention and if you have another one that you wanted go for go for it is going to be the the red wings in the capital's man. What a trade. What a trade man. Yeah it's not. I mean we were talking about it again before we were recording I think it would be a good trade for both sides. Accept that first round pick. I mean i know it's going to be a leap first round pick for the capitals but man i. I don't know. I think it was added value. I think they could have just gone. Richard panik upon jake of rana and a second. Well yeah well really quickly just to get out there. The capitals acquire. Anthony mantha from the red wings for richard panik. Checa brana a twenty twenty one first round pick and at twenty twenty two second round pick. Yeah quite the price tag quite the price tag. I mean i don't know. I think i think this season like today. I think the capitals win with mantha coming mathur coming in. I mean he's a pretty strong guy you know. He played on the red wings. So now he's coming To the capitals. he's definitely gonna be playing a lot better But long term i mean. You're losing out a hunt jacob ron. I think he's going to be pretty good. I'm the next couple of years is going to be a pretty efficient scorer. Who's a first round pick and twenty and a second round. Pick so richard panik to i. I'm not really too familiar with how. His outlook is for the future. He's a little bit older. i think. I think he's got twenty nine or thirty or something. He's actually thirty so be as bottom six. I think that he's playing third-line minutes. I think four or five minutes. So no he's plant their lineman. It's you know know. But jacob rana is a good piece is really. He's you know he's young and you might say i mean so's anthony mantha. I do like his contract. He's got three more years after this one for five point seven million the cap. It's not bad at all But you know i digress. It's it'll be interesting to see how the How they continue with this i i. I wasn't expecting such a sister price. I feel like it got better as the days. When long i was able to kinda like sit down and look at it and think that method is actually probably really going to help out this team right now but I just don't know man. I mean he's got three points in two games so yeah so he's definitely he's definitely on the right role but that about concludes it. I think for me at least on the deadline. Trains anything else. You want to mention. Nope i'm good. We spent a good amount of time on that so definitely lot to break down. I was actually thinking about doing a emergency episode of coventry. I know if. I didn't have school than yeah. I would've no. There's so much happening. I talked a lot that happened. I know some people kind of boring. But i'm anthony tree. Made it worth it. Yeah yeah that definitely solidified it being an interesting one In the mix of it all a couple of waiver claims happened Two defencemen were claimed The first are the senators. They claim victim from the haves Another canadian team picking up a canadian guy or canadian teams defenseman. So i don't think there's too much weight there if at all and the stars claim sami vatanen from the devil. So i don't think there's going to be a quarantine period for him as well just to really good depth defensemen. I mean they're going to help fill out their bottom bottom pair probably Probably eat some time for them and Just just good depth pieces with both these team. What are you think. yeah. I agree that One hundred percent. I actually think it's really funny. Because victor mattaya actually drove his car from ottawa. No i'm sorry from montreal to ottawa. Play that game like that. same day. those really funny no quarantine needed either See i mean they're good bottom bonn apparent events and like you said audible these teams. I mean it's not bad not bad but hey man we got a couple of signings as well that made it into the The newsies past couple of days. I know one of them. In range enraged. Do one of them got you quite upset when i when i mentioned the scott lawton signing for five years at three million I think you are a little jealous of the signing. Oh god yeah. I forgot about that to rehash moons year but i don't know scott long again signed with philly for five years at three million a year Quite a longer contract. I think especially for that these But three million. I mean that's not bad at all You know if it really pans out the way it should it it would look like a great deal for them but You know five years is a pretty long time for a guy to stay healthy and productive. So we'll have to wait and see how pans out for them. Yeah i mean yeah no. One hundred percent hit the nail on the head scout lawns. A good piece on their team and exactly see him being like their liner going forward. Yeah yeah definitely Another signing was adam lowry essentially the same. As that contract five years but three point two five t pearson awesome same same as contra two standard pearson again. I think he's just another debt piece. Maybe this is the price for them. Now you know five years three million you know. This is the price of a middle six type guy but He actually does have twenty points though thus far through forty four game so he's been pretty productive for the jets team and they're pretty high flying team this year. At least offensively. adam larry. I like him a lot. I wish the cox could sign him. yeah good. Essentially think it's worth in the long run for offer him. Yeah him and the jets man i. They're they're pretty interesting team right now. should look to make a push complain time i would say definitely capitals day. Come matt with a pretty good. Signing i would say They signed connor sheree for two years. One point five each so the already. Low-cost i'd say for yet again another death guy but Great great contract. Yeah one point. Five for connor sherry You know that's really cheap. It's been playing really well and team. I feel like he can gel anywhere and It's good deal over power. Play time for them to so Definitely definitely a cheap price for a guy and possibly could probably act as some type of bridge you know. Maybe he plays a little bit better for them and can look for a little bit of a payday later down the road but a good signing good sighting. Yeah you know it's funny. These are all good signings. And there's jim benning giving tanner pearson a fucking let me stop anyway So some news around the league. We got a matthews also. Matthews is day to day You know hopefully not too long. Because i i like washington play a lot. Yeah i mean what a what a crazy season for him dude. And it sucks. I think he's already missed like four or five games and now he's missing a couple more. Just imagine if you're healthy the entire season yeah yemen. I dunno i. This is washing him. Play is crazy. I know that's a very generic thing to say but it's like you know dominates play. You know the way that he just shoot the puck his big body on like the plays. You know he's able to push people off the buck Do i mean the. The team of him and minor is absolutely insane. it's just ridiculous and He's definitely a big loss for the team but thankfully shouldn't be too long You know says the team. They said that it like day to day like just pretty much giving him some rest going into A couple of tough match ups against the jets. Some people saying that he's afraid to play them the jury's out on that one but hopefully be back soon in scoring some more goals breaking some more not even records but you know surprisingly great season for him hopefully. He doesn't play against connects when they come back if they come back now but Another injury this time with my favorite cap avoiders tampa bay lightning Steven stamkos or glasgow's is injured yet again and placed on the long term injured reserve yet again Same day this happens Their best friend nikita kucherov is now skating and a non contactors -i Interesting timeline. they're right what would you say. Yeah i mean mattis nuts. I mean you know i doubt it. I think it's just correlation. It has to be but it's it is interesting. You know I don't know it's weird. I i was really debating putting kucherov in my lineup. Adding it's my ira spot But apparently jon cooper says he's not going to play until playoffs and they're sticking to that the story they're sticking to it so yeah i mean it would be interesting to see kutuzov come in at least for like the last couple of games just to get them up to speed you know. Get them playing in some. You know real hockey games But you know hey you wait for the playoffs. If i'm sure a guy like kucherov doesn't need too much. Motivating it too much too much skating to get back into a playoff form but but stamkos and the way they're addressing is saying that it's like anywhere from ten to twenty four days so stamkos as it stands now could be back in the lineup for the playoffs as well so I don't think Tampa bay is really wincing at the fact that stamkos is out right now. Probably just giving him some rest. I wonder who the hell they're fucking doctors are because Interesting yeah you know. I'm actually hovering over the ad button. Right now yeah. I mean and that's a gamble because the team is saying that he's not gonna play so the likelihood of him is probably pretty low. But i mean if i'm their manager of trump kucherov i would want to play a couple of games against the speed right. I mean i only have two ads right now. And i have an irr spot. I mean hell if you can add them especially this late into it and you're easily gonna win this week. Just adam. Put them to your ira. If it happens it happens. You know. But i mean even with the position of savard. I mean this team going into the playoffs. Like i feel like they're going to be unstoppable kucherov instead coast man. 'cause you know it's two best players. Oh yeah of their players but even without them right. Now i mean. They're they're looking great. Obviously those are slump in right now. I mean they're not playing. You know the best of their abilities right now. But i'm just saying i'm paper or looking good. They got great goaltending. They're gonna look really good. Come playoff time. Like they're gonna kick it into higher gear that we know they have a scroll down i see what's next yeah What a fucking shit show so the vancouver canucks Covid wamu so i. I don't even know where to start with this whole situation. Man that's the thing. So the knox were supposed to play tonight on friday against edmonton oilers All all the players are come off. Protocol now But jt miller spoke out the other night and basically it was like yo. The league is rushing into this. Like we're not prepared like some teams are still struggling walking upstairs. They can't breathe like they got breath. and you know it's it's not right So and plus to play nineteen games and thirty one days like how fully healthy team that dealing with the virus like this. I mean it'd be hard to expect them to play that many games exactly. I mean like there's even talks to some players not even being able to come back this season at all because their symptoms. You know what i mean. Look at marco rossi draft pick from this past year. He got code and he had like a little heart condition. You know from it so it's scary stuff you know these are these are professional. Athletes are still like on well from this virus. You know so. I mean i feel like the should Especially a lot of hockey fans and a lot of comment sections of posts. Especially about the conducts. You're seeing a lot of guys doing though so they got the flu comment. So hopefully you know the players speaking out about how bad this is affecting how a national sports leagues having to delay games yet again is kind of a wake up call to them realizing oh shit. Maybe this is actually serious. Probably not because the way these idiots brains work but I mean it's insane. And i feel really bad for the team and the families like i saw a quote from bo. Horvat was talking about how he feels like tremendously bad that his family got it because of him like he feels like a sense of guilt for it's just overall a very sad situation and you feel for the families and the and the players in baldness and It's insane what the nhl is expecting them to do. And i'm glad that they got called out for it. And i'm glad that they kind of realized wilson things to add onto that one. bohora The captain was asked about You know all about people saying how it's just the flu and He was quoted as saying. It's not dot the you know it's not something you wanna get. His wife also could try to. I'm not sure about his little baby. Who's under a year old. I know pregnant wives of contracted it which is really scary. That's one thing another thing that is that you know it's funny that had to take. Jt miller to say something and both the gm and the owner did not say anything nhl about it and it makes me wonder it's like they even care. They're just worried about making money. You know why are they not speaking up for the for their players you know they they want to act all buddy buddy with Apparently so There's a shit stor in the market Or you know he's known as this shit stir in the media the market Not gonna say his name but But basically he saying how Aqua leany wants to be like all buddy buddy with all the players and wants to be really close with them and like ha like joking joking with them but you know it's funny when all that comes out about like their health and everything. He's nowhere to be found. Yeah i mean time for you to actually be there for them and you know you get a fucking care of team why are you. Why are you the owner of this team. If you don't care my thing is like man benning collini gotta go. I hate them. I hate their guts. Bingo an interesting Tied there in vancouver. I feel like the fans are all against them. And i wonder how the team's gonna react to this like are they gonna react to the silence of their owners or is it like a you know. I don't know. I feel like i'd be a little upset. Yeah and then so back to like the schedule and everything. The games got postponed. The league listened jt miller l. And so they're gonna start playing now on sunday which gives you a more ambiguity to the future their schedule. But you know we'll cross that bridge when we get there. I guess and live day to day just like jim. Benning does well. I saw that. Their taylor seasons now gonna end may nineteenth sawyer which is during the playoffs. Right yes so. Are they delaying game. Are they delaying the north's playoff until the nineteenth but then what about the other teams like. I have absolutely no idea. It's it's a cluster. Fuck just don't want because play games. I agree. I think i think play over the auditor for seating probably. Yeah i don't really. I haven't really looked at the match. Ups like who were they playing. Are they playing playoff teams. Or you guys yeah. Well they're playing. They're playing attend. They're planning toronto. You know so. I don't know but games that probably do need to get played especially for seeing those. Yeah have an audience calgary ottawa. Yeah like those games scratch. Like what do we got here. We have against calgary two three four. Hence calgary then for a games that you can cut from the The schedule you know. Those are clear and make it make it eleven games in twenty nine days. I mean there's a lot that can be done The last thing that i mentioned about this situation with the canucks is that What's called you know. This gives the fringe player. A chance to play in showcase what they're made of and hopefully give them some experience so maybe potentially play next season. Which pretty good prospects like colon and jack rathbone even mikey di pietro So hopefully it gives them a chance and even the players who played a couple of games. Jalen sheffield levy. Hopefully it gives them a chance pissing games this season so yeah i mean there is a bright side to it. It could be that you get to see some of the prospects come in and play a couple of games. Yeah well Next dispe pisses me off. The stars finally decided to announce that they've shut down. Ben bishop and alexander radulov for the entirety of the season. Now they like radulov played. What eleven games all season. He was injured for the beginning. Came back or no. He was helping to beginning got injured. Came back for a couple of games then got injured again. And oh yeah you know week to week. Day to day he'll be back leave back and i shut him down for the rest of the season so apparently he needed surgery though. I think both of them need surgeries. So we'll probably get it done now so that way they can come back in time for next season but I don't know. I i hate the like how much they hide. Players being hurt in like not really coming out with what the real situation is you know. Oh believe me. I hear that like i get it like it's a business and you know maybe certain things you don't want out because you're trying to move this guy or whatnot or but like i get it. Also that like fantasy hockey isn't really a big deal to these guys owners like that even basis aren't big like like. Yeah like iota like your fans. Like what the hell's going on with my favorite team that i devote time and to jerseys and tickets and like i wanna know you know i don't get it. Yeah also add into that jack. Michael got shut down for the season with a herniated disk in his neck that he's require surgery for sucks. It sounds so painful man. Yeah i mean. I have shoulder issues so it sometimes affects my neck. But i don't have like a direct neck problem thankfully but like just a little that i get from that literally makes me wanna die some time so i can only imagine the pain that is going through right. I mean he definitely has to have back issues carrying the sabres were how many years he's been carrying them. I do spend through the wringer and i. I guess it begs the question of like. Is this the last time that we're gonna see eichel in abors uniform. I don't think so. Honestly i think he's going to be stuck there. I hope on his contract. I mean it depends on how many years because maybe he can be moved when the cap goes up and like three years. Well i know teams were in the conversation for acquiring him but it has a hefty contract. You're talking ten million and this is his third year of eight year contract. So you're talking four by ten. You know you're you're trying to sell. So and we know his no move clause in twenty twenty two to the end of his contract. So i'm sure jack eichel will just about wave it for anybody. At this point it you know no movement clauses depending on who. The player is probably doesn't really mean much. But i don't know does give a hefty contract to move so we'll have to see. I don't know i for his sake. I hope he gets another team. Honestly yeah or at least the sabres kenya. Now do something good team around him for once. But i don't know about you know unless gracie two point. Oh yeah we'll have to wait and see one thing that Made a made some news during the trade deadline was at a twenty angelo. Was the topic of a couple of phone calls for the rangers. Surprisingly team in question is the haves the canadian stay. Were talking to the ranger for them to release him so they can go and pick him up now. I don't know about you. But i know about me and i would say that. I don't want him on my team. I don't want them anywhere near the islanders Just because of you know. I personally don't like his views and what he says publicly. I mean i'm sure that some teams might be willing to look past that surprise. You know the rangers were willing to up until he decided to get into an altercation with his teammates But i don't think you want that in your locker room. You know as far as that goes fighting with your teammates like that Interesting it's interesting and it's also begs the question with the rangers to. It's like all right if you're willing to drop then so that way. They can pick them up. Like why didn't you do know yeah. I mean it's interesting. You know because like here. You have clearly very talented offensive. Defenseman ainhoa team is might not have an issue enquiring at least but you really have to look at it from a business standpoint you know and say oh well. Is this gonna tear apart my locker room you know. Is you know which he has on basically every team that he's been a part of even stomach from juniors calling racial slurs and everything alec is earliest fifteen mess of stuff man. It's like that's not somebody that you want on your team. You know that's regardless. Amin mean you know granted. I'm sure a lot more players in the nhl have the same views that he has a one hundred percent like. Yeah i mean just with it. Yeah but i mean. Just look at the demographics of the sport you know and i mean. I'm sure that you can imagine that but but it's like it's cancerous locker room presence you know. Yeah exactly it's like. That's the part that i feel like a lot of teams get caught up within the having briefly. So if you're gonna after teammates like man what the hell's wrong with you. I don't know if that's not somebody that wanted team. You're right but that's why that's why i'm confused with the rangers. And why they're holding onto him. i mean obviously. They thought that maybe they could trade him. It didn't happen. You couldn't make it happen. And now you're talking about releasing him so that way another team can get them so why not. Just release them. anyway. I mean. I don't know it probably has something to do with mutual contract termination agreements or something like that but on stocked up. Yeah i guess that's true. I don't really know too much about that but I guess moving on A a rookie. Who's been pretty favored by. The crowd is a call coalfield. He'd actually just got recalled to taxi squad so it looks like we might get a look at him to break into the lineup. The canadian shortly here which is pretty cool he's exciting. I like washing him play. I want like washington. Play is highlights and the ncwa. Because he can do something. Do he's been like that. He's in even in the h. l. e. s. three goals and just to gain so he's been lighting it up everywhere so it should be exciting him coming into the league and i don't really think he'd probably be a mainstay on the team at least right now but it'd be interesting even seeing him you know maybe fit into their bottom line there. I mean yeah. I wouldn't even say maybe the third line you know trying was more offensive. You know i mean. I don't know it'll be interesting but you can't expect a huge Impaired from him. Look at zekra's. Yeah i know i. That's one thing you know. I'll i'll wait till we talk about fantasy before. I start talking about rookies in their In their rookie season as far as scoring in production goes 'cause i took a couple of gambles and failed miserably. And i'm sure caulfield will probably be the same situation especially this late in the season. But yeah i mean. Everyone's adding him right now. Everyone's adding him. And you know. I kind of bit into that too with ziegler s and. I think there was another rookie. I forgot who that i. I tried to gamble on thinking that you know maybe they might be A bit of a point producer but rookie seemed to do nothing this year except krill. Coppers off and jason robertson to online team is pretty fucking all right. Well anyway anywhere shirking anyway. Sorry sorry anyway dude. Have you gone a chance to see the hit from michael mccarron on Yanni gourde yup fucking. Yeah i just sent it to again just in case you didn't but I'm watching it right now. This is frame by frame. The same exact hit that mcdavid got his little little penny fine on. This is funny. How much bigger. Michael mackerras too. Yeah yeah like like. That's literally the same exact hit. And i don't know i don't get it. You know mcdavid gets his Fifty thousand dollar fine. That's literally nothing for him. And this guy gets suspended for two games. Like where's the cincy there is. No consistency is the wheel justice and honestly just for the argument sakes real quick. I want to do a little bit of research. I should have done before so my thing. It's like if you wanna avoid Hits to the head. So why don't you treat everybody the same you know it's like greenwich mcdavid mentor not imac. Jesus whatever it's like does matter still hit in the head. okay tom. My research has done Mccarron receives a two game suspension in part because he has a no history of suspension or fines so this is a guy who has absolutely no history of anything bad and he gets two game suspension off the bat. Meanwhile mcdavid has already been suspended. So if you're talking about repeat offenders you know oh well. Maybe that's why he deserved it. No no so the consistency. It's not there anywhere. Godman will there never has been. It's ridiculous it's not gonna change. It's still. I don't want say an old boys club but it's definitely a superstars game you know. Oh well yeah. I mean you know. Starboy makes a nice head on on a good season. That he's having of course you're not gonna suspend him. Could i mean who mcdavid drives ticket. Sales mccarron doesn't i don't even know who the hell is ever heard of him until a suspension not gonna lie. Yeah but it just it just enraged me pretty hard when i saw that clip it's understandable But unfortunately we're now going to do our fantasy update of the episode and it was official. What sunday's drawing You beat me last week and Which is actually really funny. 'cause you were ahead for almost the whole week on saturday like always. Yeah then kevin fiallos out than you have had a couple of other guys that went out middle of the week. I forgot who at this point. It's been a little bit but Yeah i just got completely screwed over with fantasy with injuries and such Because the reason. I say that that i lost them is that i'm now knocked out of contention for the playoffs. Altogether and of course. I'm going to finally win this week. I'm literally just one like one or two games shy of making the playoffs. I get sucked. Yeah i mean literally. Every time. I need to lose as losing or now you fell into that group where it's like. Yeah you know. You're like just sadeq intention. Yeah no. I'm just out of contention and honestly i feel like you know. I have mcdavid on my team. I had a pretty good team. I just got injury bugged. And you know i was making. I was making changes. Because people weren't producing and i was dropping people than than they started producing the people. S picking up with a little too late on picking them up. You know so. It's just a wasn't my year although my first year doing it and i had a really fun time With it and like doing all the research and just learning about who you want to pick up and everything like that so You know next year. I think that we should do keeper league so we keep going but we need to get more people that like. We like no allies. Keep up with them. I mean we need to get julian into you know. I was actually wondering about the really what happened. Obviously what you have like eight or ten teams. Let's say right and then like what happens when one of the guys doesn't play anymore. Can you like try and get another guy to fill his spot or is it like that teams. Just a dead team. A modest scher. Yeah because it's like how many of these keeper leagues at players stopped playing and then teams was wasted. Spa like what. Yeah i honestly have no idea so. We'll have to do some research on it. But i was definitely a little interested it when i was seeing all the pics going everywhere. What the hell. Our people haven't draft pick so definitely definitely want to take a look at it was something like that. Yeah this week. I'm damon's out. i'm in the playoffs. and versing. Somebody who doesn't even play bottom to intend on one of his one wins. Shanna is shot tomorrow. And i'm barely winning baum winning my thirty points now but you know it's like he doesn't change his lineups at all so i don't know why he's my kryptonite But as he has heard. I picked up kucherov. Just now also picked up taylor hall. I didn't play him as his first and second game Which i showed her because he got a goal. The other night I was the brennan. Menteur see what he could do New team and be out in that. It looks like it might be verse in dr dust next week and His team is kinda spooky. Spooky kinda spooky. He's got the regular season surprise so we actually see what's he got right now. He's he's he would just barely beating me right now. we'll be actually see. You wanna see what. I did against him Coach next right Say do they do be certain next week though. Yeah where is where is able to make spanked me. He spanked me. Yes you are interesting. I thought once the playoffs started. You weren't able to make any like pickups or stuff like that. oh actually i'm not. I'm not sure. I mean. I hope so. 'cause i'm kinda scared them kind of skiied. Yeah i mean it makes sense especially with fantasy because of like injuries and stuff like that like you know somebody gets screwed over with the have they get screwed over the entire playoffs that would suck but who knows damn i. I really got a drop of at them less. I was thinking. I was like you wanna make another picked like right before it starts. I'm definitely. I'm definitely going to. Because i only have three of four ads this week but but i just don't know who i would pick up. I'll probably try and get another goaltender. How many goaltenders ever now. I have four so you already at the the limit i would say for goaltending. Yeah have taken. Chris dreitzer during this corp. Mackenzie blackwood blackwoods sucking though. Yeah i mean. He's playing on a shell of a team right now. I mean doing so fucking goodman coming back is he like don. I think he's done for the season or at least the fantasy season. That's why he's minus twenty one percent right now rough rough but anyway. That's my fantasy up. The i mean we can update you guys on where i am next week Yeah i'm disappointed that i'm not going to be in there but will you'll be in the constellation finals which is still you know ranking so you'll be versing somebody really yeah it still goes on and then it just determines your final ranking interesting. I was just going to delete the app after this week. No no no to that. Oh so now now. I want to make some moves. I i literally didn't pick up anybody all fucking week because i literally thought that was thought it was done. Oh yeah you can play and you can finish up to seventh. Which is just out of playoff contention and it goes here. Rankings like in total for your fantasy. Yeah now zacks news. That is some fucking news man. I'm kinda pissed now because there was a lot of people that i like just didn't want to pick up because figured i'd be wasting. That player can pick up each. Could trough honestly bro. I guess our fantasy right Yeah Shore show the islanders real quick. 'cause i've been washing his gain the entire time that we've been recording and Bro jeremy swaim in the fucking rookie goaltender. Five games in the fucking league is a brick fucking wall dude. Dude is nuts absolutely insane. Twenty four saves tonight so he got me fourteen point four points or now guaranteed with this win. I think it's going to be what like twenty points at that point about the dude. He's been insane for me And he's been insane against us island or team that is struggling struggling struggling. Heart so Now i've transitioned away from fantasy now fully focused on the islanders. Some too tough breaks one. I'd say i really don't care about josh bailey. Day-to-day he's out as was clutterbuck. He's out of tonight's game against the bruins Josh bailey god. He's out of the lineup. I mean it sucks said. He's hurt but Do hate him. he's slumping so bad. he's so bad. So i'm glad he's kind of out Sucks that status. An injury But that means leo and michael carr and Mdc your garbage. i don't know why bellows didn't take your spot Nbc had the puck in close on a breakaway shot rain to his shoulder. Like literally the Swimming didn't even have to move. He literally shot it right into swaim in on a breakaway Nbc your trash This team this game so far. I'll guess we'll talk about this game. I considering It's the one that's fresh on my brain They came out pretty hot If any of you guys watch the last game against the bruins they They came out pretty. Flat took a penalty in the i literally which behind the eight ball. The entire game couldn't get anything going. I think the first period they were outshot. Twenty three to seven. So you're you're getting outshot. Twenty seven in one period. It's it's not a good look at all But definitely came out better Just to be absolutely steamrolled by a goal with two point five seconds left in the first period by the bruins and then a goal quickly like thirty seconds into the second period so down to all pretty much to a from the second third period. Couldn't get anything going. Look really bad five high opportunity chances that you just can't capitalize on because wait a is the second coming of jesus so that sucked I kinda talked about the last game team absolutely sucked nothing else. You could say They were able to squeak an overtime win against the rangers where they honestly didn't look that good in that came either but was able to secure the win Zajac and pulmonary both have scored goals now They look pretty good. They look like they fit with the team. Which is nice Zajac has been getting more ice time than palmeri which is a little confusing to me Zajac spent playing on top line with an early although it has been working out Barzal setup zajac really nicely bruins game for school Kind of working for them. But just definitely interesting but pal murray is looking pretty good with walsham impact Patch so that's not bad I mean i know. It's like some late games in the season for a team. That's pretty much already in the playoffs. I guess it's safe to say down in a playoff spot definitely so i'm not all too worried. You know what. I mean i would. I love to see them when these games of course am i nervous. Of course. I'm going to try not to overreact. I'm gonna try and let the team have their slump right now. Let them you know he'll up a couple of their players who've been hurt. Wallstrom took arrests for a couple of days because he was hurt. So he's maybe not playing a hundred percent clutterbuck bailey. Who's hurt and you have palmeiras agency trying to adjust to a new team. You know you have a lot of moving parts going on right now. And it's like they worked really hard all season long and you know giving them a little bit of a break right now but i hope they figure it out. Come compla- off time. Yeah i mean it's all you can hope i mean. Yeah they are something right now. Maybe it's a fatigue with all the games they play but Been playing a lot lately that to play. They're boring style again. No which. I'm sure we'll get back to and i'm sure once i playoff come. Still click into a higher gear. They have to they have to man and you know they have to get rid of mayfield. Dudek is sucks bad. Literally the goal tonight the first goal in the for actually no. I think it was on the hall goal in the second period. He was the like a messed up. Like they lost the puck in their own end but mayfield was back he was able to defend it and and they just pass it right through his legs. Set up a nice one timer. I mayfield you're just terrible. Your terrible defensively. You can't move the puck out cleanly ice. The puck every game like he just I hate mayfield with a burning passion. I feel like you hate quite a few players. I hate me field. And i hate bailey like there because there are just two people who just sit on the team and just sit on their lines and do absolutely nothing and get away with it while you just mentioned about the whole bottom sex like they just stand there. They just standard. They do nothing. they're ghosts. They make mistakes more than they make anything. Good happen. and then they bench good players. They bench bellows they bench. Walsham like wh why bench bailey four-day. Cfe acts up. you know. See if he asks right then. I don't know i just they. They obviously give breaks their veterans. Which i understand and bailey's played a lot against islander so he probably demands obviously more respect and a guy like bellows walsham. Do i understand but It's getting to a point where it's it's just not working out. You know you gotta you gotta give somebody else a chance in that spot you know. He's he's in your top six wing and he's doing nothing you know. Yeah and don't get me. Started about. Mayfield dude i got yourself started like. I'm just watching him right now. He just i put in fucking brennan. Coburn bro. put me in their manson may feel down to the fucking taxi squad. I'd never want to see him again. Send mayfield the taxi squad. Brilliant the only. The only thing that. I will say about mayfield. The only reason why. I think he's like worth keeping on. The team is his contract. Dude makes a one point four million. And i think he's signed for another couple of years. Yeah for two more years so he's very very cheap. That's like literally the only thing. Good i can say about him is that they don't waste too much money on his zero production. So anyway that's about it for the islanders today and all our listeners are lucky. 'cause i got a lot of stuff but the oxo. Yeah you to. You got to air out a fever. Frustrations i got pissed off. I don't get pissed off like that ever on this. But i was. I was fuming. So there's a couple of things that i want to mention about the cost four. We wrap things up. Least pettersen might not be back. This season Jim banning a press conference today said he's going to rehab specialist this week but You know he's not lifting probable for the return and who knows if he'll return at all and he didn't say like whether at all this season rattle his career in that kinda frighten me a lot Because you know for all we know he could have some fucking amputation. That happened because we don't know what happened with him. Yeah i yeah man. Like he was originally day to day. And then it's month-to-month basically you know it's like a according to insiders. It's his wrist. That was injured. And they were saying that that explains why he was off with his shots hitting posts and everything up for his injury. Who's playing while he was injured. I mean look. At matthew's he has a wrist injury all year. Yeah well he was hitting a lot of posts to. I think it was him and pederson. That were the top posts hitters in the league and so it s a thing which is really frustrating and goes hand in hand with what you were same way earlier on an episode about how The teams are being so secretive about injuries manages fucking. Tell me tell me what's wrong. I wanna know is wrong. I believe pd. 'cause he's chilling in his penthouse apartment riding scooters around vancouver. So like what's up. Man what will happen. You don't wanna play the season like you. Just say that anyway. I mean you've seen him on an everyday like he's posted. His new fits everything like. Oh it's just it's crazy to be friends with him. He's such a zone so that's say nothing beats his streamer. He goes suck it bitch picture him washroom in like all of them can streaming warzone together. That'd be so sick. God was streaming whereas onto. But we're like that's where i feel like you know somebody like i. Obviously i don't think the nhl is going to get behind it but like let's say like tsn or espn who just signed that deal with Who signed that deal with The nhl should get all these players to sit down and have like a war zone tournament or something like that. You know 'cause a lot of these young players play it. I know that. For a fact. I can name like five or six right now and i'm sure there's plenty more that play video games but it would just give you more of like a feel for the players and like it'll be interesting to see like that other side of them you know. Yeah that's the thing. I mean it's like i feel like a lot of people get caught up in the spectacle professional hockey players. But it's like these are so people at the end of the day and it's like we're the same age as somebody you guys like men like. I don't know. I've loved video since i was probably like le'veon's for a long time but like you know it's like i'm sure they've felt the same despite them like professionally training with hockey since they were younger. I'm sure that you know. They saw their friends playing video games. You know so. It's just interesting to see like other like twenty. Three twenty. two year olds playing video games like that. It's definitely like as far off as you think we are from them you know. Obviously they live a different lifestyle than us. You know their training to be highest the highest professional athletes. And but they still have the same. You know Getaways we do you know like they. They still do the same stuff that we do. And it's kinda cool. And i feel like it shows you a different side of them and it's really fun like i was super excited when saranac was streaming us playing with walsh room and bellows the guy. So it was. It was definitely cool to see you know and i. I wonder if you know maybe somebody can get no. Maybe the clap report will do it. Maybe maybe we'll reach out to all these guys and we'll set up an nhl tournament for warzone brilliant idea. I think that's great. Yeah i was going to say it's like you know everybody has Lake everybody has their profession that they're chasing right and it's just so happens that these guys are professional hockey players. You know at the end of the day. It's jobs a job but anyway any back. So you know. I was just thinking because jim benning contract expires and season. But it's like you know he's making all these moves that are you know he's making these moves signing hair pearson to me that indicates that will most likely be here next season. Which imagine this. Roger serena bright vancouver canucks stadium. The fans in the stands next season right and you team gets on ice allies pettersen quinn hughes were at the katz in right everybody top six and then they have a ship bottom sex right. They play like shit. They play terribly there against the cap. They can't make any moves. Tang games in the season blue you hear from the sands you see a jersey thrown on the ice halfway through the third period of game against the calgary flames were jacob marcham. Looks like he's gonna get shut out right. you hear the chance you're burdening boom how signs lawns. Yeah how long can this keep going with aca. Leney when will he fired jim. Benny 'cause i guarantee fucking into you if their fans in the sands this season bending will be gone i guarantee you i would. I would hundred dollars on that. And i don't have one hundred dollars to bet. I would bet a hundred dollars on that that to me is the most interesting bit right there. Because if their fans in the stands next season regardless of whether or not fifty percent twenty five percent whatever. they're going to ten people in the stands. You're getting what you just said man. Like and i fucking love the cox. I love the cost i would be doing. I would be doing through the players. Beats i'd be i'd be screaming fire banning. I could scream. I would scream fire benny anyway. That's my little rant. I know we're getting kylie and we got to wrap things up. But you know. Ashley fire benny. You'll see you'll see us posted about it on the clapper report where you can find us on instagram. At the clapper. Report t. h. e. c. l. a. p. p. e. r. r. e. p. o. Rt yemen go. Follow us there. We've been a little more active than usual. And i plan to keep it that way Especially as things start to get interesting towards the getting closer to the playoffs. You know Definitely some more Story lines to discuss. So we'll definitely be keeping you updated there so Yeah interact with us there and You can also find us on. Twitter clap report and facebook at the clapper report. What great episode. Lots talk about matt. That font is a long one. If you've made it this far which. I doubt any of you have but if you have we appreciate you and again we are not elliott friedman. We are not elliott freeman. so i hope that Hope he didn't upset too. Many of you guys this week. Oh i hope we did. Especially if you're jim benning. And francesca collini. Listening right. now. I hope you guys are listening right now. Jim benny you're gone. You're done. i hate you. Well you're probably cool person. But as a general manager. I hate you could buy says a clip and i'm sending it to the.

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Kelly Slater  The Surfing Legend on Routine, Rickson Gracie, Favorite Books, and Overcoming Setbacks  (#461)

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1:18:38 hr | 1 year ago

Kelly Slater The Surfing Legend on Routine, Rickson Gracie, Favorite Books, and Overcoming Setbacks (#461)

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They've created Tim's Club just go to drink element dot com slash tim select subscribe, and save and use Promo Code Tim's. Club. To get the thirty Khow box of element for only thirty six dollars. This'll be valid for the lifetime of the subscription and you can pause at any time. So again, check it out. It's drink l., M. N. T. dot com slash. Tim. For this exclusive offer using Promo Code Tim's Club one more time drink L. M. N., T. Element. So drink element, dot com slash Tim, and Promo Code Tim's Club check it out. Hello Boys and girls, ladies and germs. This is Tim ferriss welcome to another of the Tim Ferriss show and my guest today I'll keep this intro short Kelly slater many people know that name Kelly is widely considered the greatest surfer of all time. He holds nearly every major record and the sport including eleven, world titles and fifty five career victories. He also has the amazing distinction. Of being both the youngest end oldest world champion in men's history, his most dominant days were in the mid nineties when he won five street tunnels between nine, hundred, ninety, three and nineteen, ninety eight after topping Mark Richards previous record four straight titles. Kelly. Tried his hand retirement in one, thousand, nine, hundred, nine, he failed. He then rejoined the tour fulltime in two, thousand and two. spos- Sensiti had many many good years left and over the following five years faced his toughest rival in Hawaii's Andy. Irons. Who got the better of him for three straight years their heated battles became the most compelling in the sports history propelling it to new heights. Kelly finally reclaimed the title in two, thousand five and repeated into. That's thousand six, and of course, went on to gather many more titles, slater. That is Kelly. Slater of course, will also be remembered for the amazing. Wave poll technology that he and his team of engineers at Kelly slater wave co brought to life in two thousand fifteen. The technology has the potential to reshape the serving landscape for generations and you have to see video to really quite grasp and rock what that means but I encourage you to do so you can find him online at Kelly slater dot com and on instagram and facebook at Kelly slater, and without further ado please enjoy this wide ranging conversation with Kelly Slater Kelly. Welcome to the show. Hey, thanks to him. I appreciate you making the time and speaking of time I want to just sort of set the table for people. So you and I are on opposite sides of the planet in a sense and I wanted to start with something that came up when we were texting because I know in scheduling this I am in. Texas you're currently in Australia, and so the choice was do crack Don your time or really late at night and we ended up doing late at night acids late your time and you texted about taking a two hour bath I actually do take a lot of bads just because it's kind of an easy way to just let your body detox not water I did. For about last two months I haven't been working out or really surfing very much. So this past week I started working out again and kind of built up a lot of the lactic acid, the muscles. With a friend of mine who's like a brother? Tom, Carroll, who was Two. Time World Champ back in the early eighties fellow surfer lives right up the street here from where I'm Stan and we spent a lot of time together years surfin in training together. But did a workout, the other day and I've been surfing last couple of days yesterday pretty hard and the day before that So you know there's muscles are just getting Kinda worked again that I don't usually sit in the let lethargic side of me build up too much. Especially this time of year I'm surfing almost every day. Usually let's talk about we touched on the baths for second. And we can't believe everything we read on the Internet but I did see for looking at. Morning routines did see that in an interview with huckleberry? It seems that you start a lot of your mornings with a glass of warm water with Lemon. Is that true? Or is that true? It is. Yeah just just to. Just get a little warmth going in the body loosen up. At obviously. Lemons. Really good for you alkalis even with acids alkalis in the body in Scott Lawton minerals and vitamins and earned. Just, a nice clean way to kind of wake your system up and to me, it feels better than putting something heavy in my body. Do you drink coffee I do a little bit. But I'm I'm a hundred percent not like a coffee addict I don't know really what good coffee is I kind of like the smell of coffee more than I like the taste of it. Has that always been the case with coffee or was. Know. I've never been a coffee drinker. I intentionally have really kind of stayed away from coffee. I, feel like I drink at a little bit now. Just, to be ready for it but. This one time I went to. visit reason I really don't drink coffee into France. and. We spend SORTA two months prior to going to France to compete. On West Coast time and time, and those are the events prior to going over to Europe. We get to Europe and we compete within like dare to getting there and it's nine hour time difference going east to NASA. Hardest thing when you fly east you just I don't care if it's from west coast to east coast I just the even three hours it's tough to get back on track. But when I fly over to Europe, it's really hard for me takes me almost a month of into like a morning routine. And I was going for a world title in the early two thousands of there and I drink coffee morning to wake up and I got the jitter. So bad I fell off on every wave of guy caught in this heat. It was a really crucial heat for me to try and win and If I win that he was pretty much a shoo in for the world title at Urine. I did everything possible lose that heat in somehow one it but it was good I drink a big coffee in the morning he didn't have any food. So it really kind of scared me away from coffee. Now. This might be in please correct me from wrong but I asked you for an I. Appreciate you contributing to my last book travel mentors and the question was how a failure or apparent failure set you up for success do you have a favorite failure of yours and you mentioned I narrowly lost a world title in surfing two thousand three after basically having a locked it up. The month prior and then he went on to talk about how it felt terrible. But Trivia to clear up a lot of things was that the same competition or a different competition knows different competition could you speak to that that loss two, thousand three since we're on it just how that came to be and what it driven to do afterwards, he had to bring that up on him. Just the humanize the immortal superhuman Kelly slater. Figure Worcester No. I'm kidding actually I I do look back at that as I mean obviously there's no world title it is sitting in your hands that slips through that. You're not upset about on some level, but if I could go back and change anything I really. Don't think I would. It was a real, very clear. Indication of where things were going wrong for me and also. To sorta charge the battery backup, make me dig deeper and competitively speaking and Skillset speaking with my surfing at motivation all these things it was just kind of a reset for me rebooting the software, my brain in lots of ways, and those are tough lessons I lost that world title Andy Irons. When I was in a relationship that was just wrong. I literally didn't sleep the night before that competition in a fight with my then girlfriend literally the whole night he was fighting with my mom, it was just a night. CLO- CEREBRAL I didn't even wake up the next morning, I didn't sleep. Maybe I got thirty minutes forty minutes asleep at night I walked out of my house the next morning walk behind the House and I saw two friends of mine in. Believe my little brother are too and I just just started bawling just broke down everything felt wrong and I. You know I knew in my heart I was GONNA lose a World Day. And if if you're in the right frame of mind I think as a competitor. If you lose it hurts, but you know it's not life it's just a loss but that was deeper 'cause I. Ahead, all these other things it was, it was such a clear indicator that. I was off in a lot of different areas and I had some work to do and those things are painful sometimes and. You know it was one of those days. Did you find that that loss? Took you a while to climb out of or was it waking up the morning after an immediately deciding on changes that you were GONNA make? Could you just preps? Describe what the days are weeks were like following that? It definitely wasn't the next day. It was I was the next year maybe about he took me about a year. To. Get my act together and straighten a lot of things out I. Remember going into the next year my father died no to and then I'm pretty sure it was his birthday the following year that lost the world title actually on his birthday was still a little bit down in the dumps about that in the loss hurt so bad that I kinda just winning Michelle? For most of the next year competitively speaking and at the start of two thousand five. I remember we went to our opening sort of the end of the year beginning of the year banquet where they crowned the world title officially but they also start the year and I remember walking out of their At that point Andy Irons had one, two, thousand, two, three, and four. And I remember walking out as we're leaving and I saw Joe. Parkinson who was. Also, a world title contender. and. I said to I said WHO's going to be this year mu one of us gotta take this guy out. Remember in that moment just feeling like I'm ready. You know I'm not scared to lose and I really felt like I could be jewel and would be Joel and I felt very confident that with no fear and just going out and feeling that I could that would be andy. So that year was a huge turnaround and Andy and I had a Lotta head-to-heads. The rivalry really peaked that year. You know like he won a contest in Japan and then I WANNA contest in. South Africa He won a contest and I want some we're going back and forth. I was thriving ended I. Just it was exciting me. You know I just thought my head. You know I've already lost this guy before it's not gonNA. Hurt any worse this time. So I might as well put everything into it I can I just took a totally different head space two, thousand four when I just kind of shied away from the whole think. And then it just all it all just fell in my lap it all just everything just kind of lined right up and it was almost unbelievable. It felt like the Matrix kind of thing where you just see it playing out even if you make a mistake plays on your favorite somehow and that whole year the whole year went that way for me. What did your self talk or prep look like that particular year when you're seeing the matrix unfolding, saying some more important competitions how did it differ from years before? If at all I don't think it differed. This early I think it got back into group. You I think I felt out of that confident place. Out of that, you know when you're getting a flow and you get in his own, you don't question it, and if you start to question that you kind of. You know you start to fall out of it, but then you get to a place where you really you know I, feel like if you really mastering that feeling in that place for yourself that you can kind of step back and watch it also and even get stronger you you kind of embolden yourself into that. So I felt like my surfing Missouri my competing was there I felt unstoppable and I built on that confidence in I. Never questioned it. You know I knew it wasn't gonNA be easy to be Andy 'cause I really did have this light dark good evil kind of love hate. All that kind of rivalry between us and you know we're very different kinds of people but we also identified with each other a lot and he grew up watching me and saying I was Kinda like his inspiration and then when he became my rival, he said he hated me to die you know so it was like. It felt real personal like he just he had made no bones about it. He was like the first person I ever competed with it. I felt was really on that level and just said I'm you know he? He just goes I wanNA just smash all his dreams he in interviews and stuff and intense you've gotta step up to that and You know step away. Yeah. It was the first time I ever felt. That way in my face before and In, the end it was, it was really good for me but it was it was tough the time if we look at two thousand and three, if you're willing to go into one of the things that popped up because I, I think that the winds and we're GonNa talk about obviously a lot of the successes people are aware of a lot of the successes but how you have. Maintained and hone your skills with such longevity I. Think is one of the more impressive things, and so I, I like to talk about the bumps along the way in two thousand and three coming back to that you mentioned your dad died in Oh to as reading outside magazine interview and I'll just read this and then I'd love to hear you speak to what it means but losing his father paved the way for what slater described as an expanded awareness. Then while taking early season break in two thousand and three between events in. Australia has adopted second home. A close friend challenged him to lead his family's emotional recovery not be victimized by it in the words are penetrating slater with his friends encouragement enrolled in a series of local therapeutic workshops that helped him identify troublesome behavior patterns, emotional sand traps. Now, there's a little bit of context we need to fill in here, but could you speak to? I guess a bit of your childhood for those who don't have any context and then what happened in two thousand three if what I read is any way to lead into. My childhood I think. As for most kids, it feels normal. You know like what you know seems like normal thing but looking back now, my my dad was drinking a lot my mom it really made her crazy and You know when you have alcoholism or gambling or whatever you have in your family if you have, you know some kind of big issue in your family. Everyone else kind of falls in line you know like some people are enablers. Some people are mediators. Some people are you know become aggressive? Some become you know the you react to different ways and and it kind of creates this sort of maze puzzle it all sort of make sense in that in that environment but there's a lot of unhealthy survival skills and that kind of. Right. But there are other families that were worse off than mine that were friends of mine you know who? So it didn't seem that outlandish or anything but my mom probably harborne us from a lot of stuff and we didn't know maybe you know some of the things that were happening like kids shouldn't. But you know a lot of my feelings are a lot of my memories are pretty good. You know I I don't feel like I grew up in like any kind of physical abuse situation. Like some people have or whatever but getting all my also didn't learn a lot of skills that helped me evolve and mature emotionally at a young age. So I was at times really shy when I was younger and my teenage years for me I was a strange mix who fund I knew I had talent. So like you know surf wise was kind of place for me to show that. But at the same time with people or with media, that kind of thing I was really Kinda shy. To the point where I didn't like to take pictures in front of people could embarrass me of. You know I didn't like signing autographs and. Because I. I just felt silly. Actually remember my first autograph when I was ten years old. And how'd that go my mom worked at? This little cafe on the beach that we grew up surfing in front of called the Islander Hut and the owner's wife. I won this contest East Coast Championships and when I got home she was like Oh. My Gosh. You're going to be famous surf one day even be a professional or whatever. You won this big competition you need to sign some for me and I was so embarrassed took me like a half an hour to sign this piece paper I didn't know what to do I didn't know how to sign an autograph. And like I remember like fifteen twenty minutes later she's like got that autograph from yet and I was like I don't even know what that means you. Fast forwarding to. The context of taking. There's a book I read as a kid was adult children of alcoholics or something like that. and. I read that probably when I was like my early twenties and experiencing a lot of Going through a break up. And? As. You do get really emotional breakups in experiencing a lot of things you who you want to. You want to evolve you WANNA learn. And grow quickly in this situation. So you can be saved the relationship or you know not blow it by making stupid mistakes it should be natural ticket, right? So. That started identifying all their some weird stuff going on in my family. There's some really. Unhealthy. Dynamics around money and around. Communication although sort of thanks and as I got. Older because I did real well, you know I. Started winning world titles. Making money and you know in some ways, a lot of the family pressure or focus was around me and I think if someone stands out doing something extraordinary in a family that's kind of natural. So my my Godson, he's thirteen. To God's. One of 'em's thirteen, and he's a really good surfer in his dad's one of my oldest best friends and. I heard him saying the other day an interview he said You know the thing about when you have a kid, he has two kids and you said something about when you have a kid who's doing really well at something it takes so much time up for the rest of the family. and. So much of the focus of the family might be around that one person as opposed to equally amongst everybody and it made me just in this past week since I heard has made me think about that a lot because I have an older brother Sean I think as we've gotten teenagers I was probably Kinda funny for him that you know I started doing so well, and he didn't keep on that same trajectory when we were. You know I think it was tough for him. I know it was tough for him. He recently said something to me to the effect that He. Wished he wasn't a pro surfer. You know he wished he had done something else at that time, which was really sad for me to hear you know because. We grew up just loving surfing so much. It created a life for us. It created all travel friendships and and all these memories on the round, the world work, and you know it just became everything. And as as a lot of the pressure. was on me. You know I bought a house when I was seventeen I was paying for a lot of things you know for everybody in that kind of thing. So there's a certain control that happens for. Someone in that position. And It needs to be handled care and it needs my need some help and we didn't have that Helfer understanding and and so all of us I think suffered through that time. So you know in two thousand three if going gonNA fast today Dan. When my friend said to me, my friend Trevor You said, maybe you're the one who needs to sort of. Handle this because you're aware of all the problems that are going on your family and you know there's there's things you can see about. Your mom struggle you could help and you're and. Blah, blah, things with your daughter and really kind of resented that because in some ways I took on a fatherly role in my family but I was the middle. Child. and. I think I kind of long to be put back in that place of like on the Middle Child I'm not the oldest. You're my mom you're my older brother. You're my dad. I'm I'm probably getting ahead of myself here because. Some of these conversations haven't. Fully, aired out but. You know there's just a dynamic that happens and I'm I'm not placing blame on anyone for those but. you know just trying to kind of objectively look and understand because I'm still growing through this stuff and you know wanting to understand it from from all perspectives. I did become like a mediator in my family I was scared for my parents to break up as a kid and I just imagine in my head I, I think I lived in this dream land where everyone got along and it was a movie in news. Happy ending and You know it's not always the case you know the happy ending comes when all the lessons are learned usually. So. When I was confronted with the fact that need to be the person to kind of help men a lot of these issues in the family I resented that because I was longing someone else to do wouldn't have to do the work I wouldn't have to. Come up with answers and it's easier if it's not you. Why why did why did Trevor say that to you? What was it about that? Point in time or the the surrounding conversation or background that led him to say that too. Well, trevor you know he was one of my best friends are you know still is on a deep level, but we don't spend a lot of time together these days we've been kind of different directions, but trevor was like a six time. ironman champion in Australia and He'd been through a lot of the sort of emotional and and financial and stardom if you will pitfalls that can happen. You know he owned his own level. He'd he'd had a lot of stuff happened to him and he was able to. Get. Through it he no. He had. A I wouldn't say anything that he hasn't stated publicly whatever but you know he he went through divorcing. Money problems all sorts of things, and he was able to eventually work it out and he got married again. Is Current wife and his ex wife or best of friends all the kids get along like. He really has a happy healthy situation. Coming out of some. Some things that were not so pretty at the time I think he saw that with me you know he just he saw that I was learning quickly. We're doing these courses together and he was helped a lot and. I was able to talk about things that I couldn't talk about with anyone else before my life. So I think it wasn't so much a challenge to me as it was. Hey, I see something. Special here that can make you feel good and. I think he can fix these things up and make every other aspect, your life better and. More, coherent in and happy. So it was kind of one of those things what what type of courses were they were there any particular things that you found helpful or that stuck with you? They were well there. There were sort of like personal exercise courses maybe metaphysical if you will. I don't know just what you you spend a lot of time with other people and do these processes of being the listener or being the person who has problems or overseeing those things and doing these exercise, and then just talking about your feelings just like simple stuff like really simple stuff in of course, they can ask you to not really talk about it too much outside of it, but we would just do these exercises. And then afterward, you talk about how you feel in you relate those feelings to the rest of your life and the way the EU as a person approach inexperience life. So you kind of look at all your filters in it's just an experiential exercise and I started realizing that even the simplest things that you do every day the way you wake up and think about them and approached them how you approach life and so everything's kind of a metaphor of another thing. Yeah. The the sort of filters in stories that we might not. Aware of invention metaphysics and we don't have to get super metaphysical here but I think metaphor and we'll just quantum physical. We'll just get quantum musical here for twenty minutes ever pulled onto your plan is. There to books that that you mentioned in in try mentors I'd be curious. To know when either or both of them came into your life just in terms of influence in shaping your thinking the first is actually the second one you mentioned. But the Prophet by Khalil Jubran, which also have a beautiful little buck. Great but. Why don't we start there and then we'll get to the second one. But how did that into your life? Got It. So Weird, he's brought that up one of my best friend's name. Khalil. And I met him. Eight years ago. Seven or eight years ago. And he just becomes such a big part of my life and He's an extra addict who was nearly dead homeless any less. Ain't got himself together now. More or less a health food addict. Owns, a bunch of smoothie stores in La called Sunlight organics. Like this guy's a success story in his life. You know but the book and I've never known a Khalil before but I just flashed on that because my mom gave me that book the Prophet and I. Think I want to say it was in my early twenties maybe late teens early twenties and she gave me this book and I don't know how she knew about it was I don't know just seemed like an extraordinary book to me. It became like my Bible because I felt like I could read a little piece of it and it would hold me over for a month you know maybe one or two pages totally. The give them like just opened some aspect life that you're questioning or whatever and you read. All the great things are simple things in that book. Really. Kind of. Cliff, notes to life in simple way. But. I just felt it really was really inspiring book. And it didn't take a lot of effort to get something from it yet it's a very This book found me in a very tumultuous period of my life and I ended up reading like you mentioned one or two very short chapters. Two pages produce each day and it it had the effect of taking what could seem like it overwhelmingly complex world and distilling it down to something simple that you could reflect on and use certain next few days. The second book I'll bring it up is one of the longer title and that is the Tau of health sex and longevity by Daniel you are. Could you speak to this book and same idea how it came into your life and what you take from? What are some of the takeaways or impacts in Your Life Yeah. I started reading that book in early two thousands may two, thousand, three, four, five somewhere in there. And I. I just on a lot of the. Well. If I were to rewind a little bit in the late nineties. I started to learn a lot about the GRACIE's Jujitsu. I didn't start practicing but I was reading a lot about them and reading about Hicks who I later became friends with in daily talk about a diet of food combining diet where you don't make proteins and carbs together meals. And you don't mix fruits with either and you could have Greens with sort of anything. that's essentially what food combining is I. I had read a book in the Mid Ninety around ninety six or ninety seven called fit for life, which was kind of the same thing and I think I'd been inspired by the Gracie's to read that and then I. Don't remember who gave me. The Dow of Health Sex Javadi I started reading that got really really into the the Diet aspect of getting into the food combining thing started following kind of religiously I think I read it in ninety eight originally, and I kept I I sort of kept it with me for about ten years is what it was. And Ninety eight I was traveling with Shane. Dorian. That's whose son is my Godson and Shane around the tour together that year and. became kind of like our the chef for both of us. You told me just tell me what to eat because he knows super into diet. And so we got really into diets Numb I. Felt like he was helping me be a guinea pig to see if this thing work and I found myself sleeping like six hours a night and feel like I was told arrested. Body just felt much more relaxed and energetic. And You know there's other things in the book that were helpful to there's a lot of breathing techniques. That I tried to incorporate myself didn't do him practicing with anyone else in it gets into. All sorts of things around you know obviously tyler sexuality to. So it it. To but like they just using everything in your life in a healthy way and I, Dunno is one of those books I just. I had to travel with for years and just always keep it. It was like just in case I need to read something I'll have it with me. You know it was always in the bottom of my bag for a long time and I fi- recommended that book literally disappointed tens of thousands of people maybe thousands or millions even after distantly millions for sure. Just a quick thanks to one of our sponsors and we'll be right back to the show. This update brought to you by dry farm wines. I'm a wine drinker I. Love It love a few glasses over meals with friends that said, I hate hangovers kills me often for multiple days right now, all of the wine and my house is from dry farm wines. Also for my last two book launch parties, all the wind has been from dry farm wines. Why is that because in my personal experience? 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Choke, which was about I believe his initial competition in pride the early early iterations of pride and watching his yoga practices has abdominal work, his breathing cold exposure, etc. How would you say the two of you are most similar or different what similarities and differences do you see? It's so funny because you remember years ago everyone was doing that ice bucket challenge pour some cold water on your head, and that's like a big thing. I remember back watching choke and that was before a new Hickson watching him go into like basically if ice cold temperature water in Japan and training these fights just getting his mind strong and physically mentally emotionally totally prepared for war and his breathing techniques Out of this world, you know like. Wim Hof, the guy who is famous for his breeding stuff but Hickson doing that you know twenty five years ago or more. and. You know I had heard that Hickson. Could move every muscle in his body independent of any other muscle yet such control and look for people don't know Jujitsu. Gray Caesar. Learning Jujitsu. By the time they're two years old in that family. You kids wrestle all boys wrestle but there were wrestling at a young age tiny kids with technique in learning the skills and learning how not to hurt each other. And so it was as natural as breathing or anything for them in I. Always. Had Real admiration from afar for Hickson, before meeting we've became friends I am not quite sure the first time I met Kim amendment ringtone. Surfing I. Think it was early two thousands or late nineties. Minimum in the car park and then fears later a couple years later I got invited over his house to go to a private. Session with him and taught me and my friend Travis and Jujitsu, and then I kind of thing he gave me a few. One, on one sessions and. I sorta sponsored Infra surfboards we pay for surfboards and Like an informal. You know you scratch my back. I, scratch yours but I always had the generation for him and I was just really you know happy to know him and get to pick his brain sometimes but. In about two, thousand eight. is about two, thousand, eight I saw I. saw him one day came to the surfboard factory where I was. Sponsored by we're up in Santa Barbara and he knows he's like you know man I think you should stop now until you should you should quit. I said why and he goes no, you're gonNA give all these young guys a chance to beat you and you're you're not going to be a sharp. You'RE GONNA you're, GONNA lose your desire you're going to get complacent you know and then guys shouldn't be. You're GonNa beat you and when you look back, you're going to be upset about it and about. Three years later I saw him and I had one two or three more world titles in that time business in you know if I listen to you, I wouldn't have this many you know. If I listen to you only have eight and now I got eleven in and he's like Oh man you're right you're right. There is always that question for athletes like when you stop. And what's the right time and you go out at the peak or shortly after it and you know it's a weird thing because depends on your purpose. You know it depends on what message are sending net message can change to and I feel like mine has but that message that doesn't have to be so senator under ego. That can be an evolution. and. People who say like guys people need to go out on top why so I mean yeah that's great too but. Obviously if you're at the top of your game, you're still. You're still beating people. You're still beating everyone and passing the torch sometimes. You know somebody's got to take you out. and. You know that can be. A respectable and respectful way to and. I've always kind of welcomed that in my later years here on tour of sort of welcomed like. I I. WANNA see level. Be What my mind imagine when I was fifteen twenty years old not somewhere behind me. I wanted to just keep going and and I want to be part of that evolution to push that and you know at forty eight years old I know nobody takes me lately in a heat when they compete against me. And you know that's I think that's an honor in itself another day still you know guys world are still. Worried when they get heat with me and I'm I'm not dumb. No I know where my level is. You know there's certain times I'm I can be the best guy and there's other times where I got to work on it. Or you know or I'm not right there. But if you're enjoying it and you love it and issue passion and it, it is surfing's a different thing. You know kind of like. What would I compared to strangely enough golf. They're both sports can do till. You're old you know you can do way up in late into your life you're not gonna be doing football baseball. Basketball so much you know not hardcore anyways I'm GonNa ask you about the evolution of serving in in a moment, but I want to come back to Hickson just just for another minute and that is what we're. We're some of the things you learn from Hickson or the most impressed you mentioned picking his brain about things. Is there anything that you picked up from him or that really astonished you about him you mentioned that individual muscle control and I had ruined the abdominal exercises which kind of makes it sound like brunches. But what I'm talking about is what you saw and you probably remember this choke race he's in this freezing cold rivers snow everywhere and he's also. Moving. Independently as he breathes his abdomen where it looks like his guts are just moving in every possible direction like an octopus under skin it's one of the strangest things I've ever seen. Your, what are some of the things that you picked up from? Hickson if anything took note of funny enough probably one of the simplest things is the first thing that turns to mind and. That is efficiency. When he anytime, he's given me. Jitsu lesson, he's a few privates in any did the same thing for my little brother one day with me. And it was all about. Efficiency of movement. You know he said look. You know I can find a guy I'm like one seventy or whatever 175. Like I can fly a guy who's two hundred and fifty pounds and I'm stronger than him. Not because I have more strength. But because I understand leverage understand how the body moves and efficiency of trapping someone's joint and using leverage instead of just energy. Instead of just wasting my energy and using strikes, I'm using superior method and technique. One thing I really have always respect about Hicks in his how disciplined he was especially like seeing that that footage. Knowing that the level he got to with his breathing and his stomach muscle movements and is mastery of Jujitsu and his arts. The amount of time. It took to get there and he obviously had something special. You know he had a certain way to look at it that no one else did. And that's why he was the greatest. So it's taking all the best techniques, all aspects you know from diet to breeding Understanding his body understanding opponents and what they're good and bad at and using all that. It becomes an equation that you know when you get to the highest levels, you don't think of the equation it just you understand the you know the answer. And So you and you just trust I use it and so. In the simplicity, there's a mastery. And I think that's what I've picked up from the Times I've spent her on Hickson I. Promise I would come back to the evolution of surfing where do you think the evolution of surfing might be going? Is there anything that would be inconceivable for most people today to imagine that you think? Is coming down the Pike where where do you think things are going? I've said there are few people in last years last five or ten years that I would hate to be a young surf right now. Because The. Levels you gotta go to whether it's going to be just competing like just small wave performance and technique. or it's going to if you're going to be a big wave guy like stuff guys are doing now is so crazy. That young kids who have any fear of big waves right now must be just like. Having no understanding what they can do to get to that level. Guys Are Surfin regularly surfing sixty seventy eighty foot waves. And You know you need to do a lot of preparing for that ahead of time. A lot of a lot of putting yourself in a safe not unsafe unfamiliar territory you know who? Work? Underwater work breathing. Breath holds water safety classes. Big. They they have these classes called a big wave rescue. There's an acronym, for B., W. R. AG. Anyway it's all about big waves and practicing and practicing the water safety. So there's these courses they're. They're really good for young guys to go to actually it'd be good for they could translate anybody even people that don't surf you know but they're they're kind of built specifically for like being able to. Become big gnarly situations and also go save people in the middle of the surf. And I'll link to that in the show notes for folks all aspects of water safety and it's really like a passion play by the surfers who do it you know everyone's kind of looking out for each other and I've had a number of friends. Drowned not making or had a number of friends around be saved. and. A lot of those misses who saved were because all these of techniques everyone's been learning from. Divers and lifeguards, and all sorts of water safety people. In fact, there's one friend of mine who drown and was saved and then. About a couple years later, he actually did CPR on another friend of ours who drowned and save him. So there's a real tight fraternity community in in the surf world especially in the big wave world and you guys are looking out for each other because they know it's it's a life and death thing all the time, and if you if you look at the the evolution, just size wise performance wise technique. Wise over the last say five to ten years I mean as it seems to be mirrored in many other places like MMA, there's this almost exponential curve that seems to be. Persisting and I'd be curious to know what you think things might look like in say five years time and and you've been part of course of innovating with technology right the calculator wave company producing the longest manmade high performance, open barrel, way I, remember the issue videos, making the circles and just blowing people's minds. What do you think the state of the art training will look like for people who do want to hone their skill given how intimidating it can be now if they want to compete as an example, what what do you think it might look like five years from now. Wonder United, this last five years is really. Fast evolution in wave pool technology ways, manmade ways, technologies. I think might I don't know if in a speed up or slow down right now I feel likes going to slow down a little bit because we there's a number of different technologies. Now, it's about perfecting just innovating on what is already there and then having surfers ride. And give feedback to what else they would like to see. But there's quite a lot of good waves being made by machines at this time. I WANNA say three distinct different technologies with different kinds of ways five years from now I just expect there will be more of these made. You know there's probably six or eight around the world that have become a destination for people to go ride. There's one in. Abu Dhabi or Dubai there's there was two in Texas one but I think the other one's going to be rebuilt is one going in at least one going to Florida if not to. there's one in England is wanting us done in Melbourne Australia and I think another being built on the Gold Coast right now and then potentially we're building one on the sunshine coast as well. So five years no, I don't think there's going to be a time where. Surfers. Are. Completely, stumped for waves, you always gonNA have somewhere within your access. You can go get wave on any given day the way for did they have in Australia right now as down in Melbourne? And I was talking to a friend recently he goes all. Yeah. Like a bunch of my buddies have. Gotten a flight from Byron Bay. Flown all the way to Melbourne in the morning. Surf. Two. Sessions at the pool and get home by dark or get home like just curly dinner. And that's a two hour flight each way and he said they're happy to do again next month or two months or whatever. So these things are becoming destinations for people and it's it's just like a supplement surfing. Vitamins would be to your diet. It's. Just another way to get get your fix of. Getting in the water and Getting something done. But now you see people advancing evolving their surfing a lot quicker and that's going to be the case that's going to be a thing like my Godson Jackson approach you just keep talking about him but he's thirteen and he's one of the best areolas is his agent world if not the best at his age in the world right now and he's really only surfing about four years and. I've grown men all the time just going Oh my God how Jackson he's unbelievable people watch his edits in thinks he's doing but he spent a lot of time in in these different ways pools already practicing errors over and over again and Shane was saying how you'd like man the first time we went crazy Jackson's evolution over the course of two days or three days. And how much better he got that amount of time because. There's a real crossover now between skate and surf. So you see all the guys who are really airs. I would say ninety percent of many ways or good skaters. And So the the understand the rotations, the grabs, and that kind of thing when we were kids, we didn't really have access to skate parks and wraps and stuff. And now there's a skate park in every city. Almost all these guys have a bunch of friends who are great skaters are pro skaters or In their family you know it's a great skater so There's a real solid crossover there. It's just more access more time on the Mat. You know it also seems like with the wave pools at least I recall a friend of Mine, joking that surfing he's very good surface said surfing should really be called paddling because you're spending a lot of your time paddling and it would just with the wave pool I feel free to chime in. With a wave seems like you get a density of repetitions. Surfing that is is difficult or impossible to replicate elsewhere just in terms of number of reps per hour in that sense I heard you made it sound how would you? Respond No totally I mean because in the ocean you might search. All My years I've thought about certain waves it. Look good for a certain maneuver and I might go and serve that wave once every few years and it might have that section I'm looking for only. Once every couple of times I. go there and might get that wave. You know even less frequent than that co-. The point is that the sections we need with the right speed and size, and all that thing to do certain maneuvers is so rare to find an ocean. And now we can start to design those into man made waves. So that, if you ever have that situation, the ocean, it's not unfamiliar it's you can master that before you ever take it to the ocean. So then you go out in the ocean going to competition or whatever, and you got something in your in your back pocket and nobody else has or. You're not unfamiliar with if you were say twenty years old and had the level of surfing that you had when you were twenty. What if that were today would advice? Might you give yourself about the learning process doesn't have to relate to technology but is there any advice you'd give your twenty year old self about? Honing. The craft improving the learning process. Gosh I mean. I. Would probably just say. A Lot. Gays get on escape go get on a skateboard 'cause you can go carve and you can do airs and Those are the two things you need in surfing you need. You need to really understand and differentiate the two you know you're either in surfing your that most guys are either power surfer or an air. You know maneuver trick surfer and it's almost rare to see somebody who's really great at both. We're starting to get more and more like you John John Florence, and nurse. Gabriel Medina. There's Jordy Smith and there's quite a few guys now. But when I was on tour and when I got on tour when I got on towards, there's nobody. And as on tour very few over the years that were good at all those different aspects, I, mean, my mind almost draws a blank until just this modern era now who have been able to understand there's a real difference in the approach of doing knows maneuvers the Base Power Surfing where you just carving up and the air stuff where you kind of have to be more horizontal and lateral and stay overboard mushy doing grabs and then you know when you start to grabbing rotations and in inverting stuff. Than the everything goes to a different level, you have to be schooled in some other. skillset like skating or Jim Jim work if you if you were to go work with a gymnast specifically with gymnasts who understands flips and rotate spinning and that kind of stuff and landing back on your feet. If you're really GONNA dive into it, all you've can't discount your diet. You can't discount body work you can't discount doing yoga pilates es extinct supple getting some extra strength in bone density, but not getting too big from using weights. So there's always this kind of balance for. Surfing you don't want to be giant strong dude, but you don't want to be little weakling either you just Kinda need this nice balance and blend between all those things you mentioned bodywork. This seems to be an important component of I suppose physical practice for you or regeneration there a million in one different types of body work. How do you use bodywork? What are the types that you have ended up focusing on for yourself? If any I've gone through most everyone you can imagine from. She ought to time. This is Swedish Deep Tissue Inc.. I mean all sorts of different you'd have tried everything all the chiropractics and Osteo casts and all that kind of stuff. But in general I do need a little bit of adjusting some chiropractics. 'cause I have scoliosis a pretty big curved my back. And from that, my muscles get really imbalanced. So I, kind of need blend. My neck and my lower back, go out. So I need to get adjusted kind of put that back sometimes throw ridout sounds painful. It's it's different than breaking arranged more annoying. You could still serve through the in, but it her the way I usually do it it Kinda pincher something my neck. So I can't turn to the left I feel like zoo lander. Can't turn left. I really liked time massage because it's deep. It's almost like lazy. Man's Yoga. In a way. You know I've been disciplined for many years I've been I spent over thirty years being pretty disciplined with my body and. What I put into it and and You know all that kind of stuff and but. In. Doing that I'm never obsessive about any one thing I'll go through like binge periods where I'm really obsessive about my diet but I don't love to work out. So I I like to kind of consistently gets some bodywork like to surf enough. Her, surfing's fun. You know I just love to surf. So it keeps me fit and if I surf enough I'm at a level that's pretty good for my cardio. And for my strength, but I generally always need a little bit of extra. You know I I should spend more time stretching especially my hips in my hamstrings. If you can picture a surfer paddling, we got our art, our act arch the whole time. So I can actually been backwards amazing. I can put my feet on my head and neck kind of thing. But bending forward, I'm stiffer because I spend my whole life with my shoulders back in my back arched you know blend for me if I feel like something out my back goes out or something I gotta get adjusted. Let it relax. Gets anti-inflammatories once in a while because distress around contest if your body's Outta whack is annoying to and Yeah. Just get the get the body work at those muscles workout theater imbalance. You know if you're a little too tight, they're two week they're the ones that are built up too much. You got to kind of stretch out and just for folks who don't know Thomas is I'll do my best to do a quick description and then please add anything that we're missing but he described as lazy man's Yoga. It's a a lot of it is done on a mat. People will often stretch you this the one form of massage explored quite a bit. And US pressure right. The feet lots of. Might use blood or Gobs lots of walking on you and also traction I mean depending on the style. So it's it's a really comprehensive system. I've I've also found time massage extremely. Helpful how often do you get? How often do you have body worked on? Well, I'd like to get something done every week. Good. Couple Times a week if I'm in one place and I got somebody to work with I'll go two or three times a week sometimes, and then I might not go for a month once in awhile if I'm competing no, I like to try to get some released once a week to week. and. But at the contents. Jump In. If a Meta contest, we usually have massage therapists they're. So each day I'll get a little bit of something during confiscates just a few more questions Kelly, I know it's It's late. What time is it over there at the moment Scott to be on the late side on. I don't know. Thirty. God One thirty eight. Hey, we're. We're partying and This is another surprise in the Kelly story is your history as as a night owl, which is pretty astonishing. least was unexpected for me but it just a few questions for you. This is one on behalf of a friend of mine who is if you haven't ever met him I'd I actually love for you to meet at some point, but his name is Josh wait skin I don't think he'd mind being named. The basis for searching for Bobby Fischer. So he was considered a chess prodigy as a kid he hates that word prodigy but nonetheless, very, very, very successful chess player and then was a world champion and Taichi push hands the first black belt under Marcello Garcia who's sort of the Michael Jerome of grappling. She's one of my all time favorites see US Josh Co founded a school with him in New York, and now he is spending his time on the water and this is his new passion and. Fascinated by all water sports. and. I'd love to and this is this is a question that he posed. Ask You about foiling what is your opinion of foiling or e foiling as a supplement or? Adjunct to surfing or otherwise that's my add on. But really what he was wondering is does it connect or not connect to surfing in your mind? Well, the best guys in the world is surfers. So he atkin axe when I was a little kid. There used to be this sort of slogan cocobeach this wave world small wave capital of the world. For whatever reason there was like you know big emphasis of surfing in cocoa beach and it was probably a slogan from Ron Jon Surf Shop or something, but somehow became known as like a small wave capital. And then. In, last twenty, thirty years. Cocobeach. Is Not on the surfing radar at all. No one comes to Coco Beach to go surfing from anywhere else in the world they do from Orlando and they might from down South Florida but they don't. It's not like a destination for people from other places in the world you're going to go to. Hawaii or Indo or the heat ear. France for that matter. Portugal from. But with the foiling thing. So you know for people don't know foiling just. Google or you can go on Youtube. surfboard on a hydrofoil. So you don't have the resistance of the board on the water. Yeah, you're writing under the water and you're writing like it's it's it's probably the closest thing you can imagine to flying but being in the water, just think of all the America's cup boats. Now, the ones that liftoff or those ferries super high speed varies live right on a foil and all the energy all the wait lists above the water. So there's just so little resistance in the bigger foil, the more the more lift you have said the fastest going the less foil size you need I can't really speak to complete Kuker Novice I've done it like three times I've done the foil once and I think falls a little goofy. Throw it out there I. Think it's really good for learning. It's kind of training wheels for for foiling. In my eyes. You do it to Kinda get the feel of being lifting up off the water and not having not relying on your board edges and stuff to create the turns in its foiling a little counterintuitive intuitive. When we serve when you've made into a rail into a turn, your pushing all your energy weight down into that rail and you're getting a lift back from that rail. When you foil when you push a one side wherever you put your force, it lifts back against you in a way that Kinda throws the board the opposite where you think it might. So If I if I'm surfing in my right rail down in the water that rail goes down, of course, I'm getting a push back against it but. In foiling when you lean to the right if you're if you're lean to the right input, your energy down to the rate, the foil kicks the board back up against you and you kind of fold in half. So when you when you lean right, you almost got to put equal amount of pressure on the left at the same time I it's hard to try to explain because I, am such a novice. So there's a little bit of counter intuitive. If you're riding a bike and you're turning right. You. Have to turn the steering wheel. Left a little bit to go. Right? It's it's the weirdest sensation but. It's still cool looking like amount of speed you get and what are saying about Florida being like Coco Beach being the smallest capital of the world I'm just starting to think that. Florida might be a good destination again for people that want to go forward because we have these really shallow offshore shoals off of Cape Canaveral of. NASA. Space interests. And my friends beginning like mile long rides out there. You can just catch these open ocean swells and they don't break and you. You can go so fast back and forth on this things and so cool looking. It's completely silent. And just no way can. I don't know it looks like nothing else in the world I KINDA WANNA get into it but I'm scared once I do is GonNa Mess, my surfing up so. A WAITING I was I was telling you I was working with Tom Carroll, the other day and Tom Foils almost every morning when he says Soon as I'm done for me, I gotta get back on a surfboard. So I don't forget that feeling you're also my surfing goes downhill. It is it is a a beautiful and eerie visual to see foiling if people haven't seen it, we'll put some links in the show notes, but it's very. It's unlike anything you've ever seen particularly if you're not familiar with with water sports at all just looks it's kind of hard at first within the first few seconds to even compute what is happening. Not Wave. Somebody on a tiny little wave and they're going twenty miles an hour. Yes it's. Just flying. It's really wild. Just. A few more questions than normal break here. Are there any any really great moments in the water that come to mind that we're not captured on camera? Any obviously, there's all of the practice and lots of sessions on the water but does anything come to mind not that you regret that it wasn't captured on camera but a standout moment for you that Has has just been kind of locked in the number of your memory. I went on a trip down the Central America one time. There's this really great way that was happening years ago. Funny enough strangely enough it got ruined by the. Two thousand eleven soon, Nami, which was a huge win hit there but it was really powerful and small change this break in particular that we surfing. But we went down there and I brought my friend to shoot like thousand frames that second on Phantom camera like the best footage you could ever get time and we shot the best I've ever seen at this place. Like Day, you get very few times in your life, maybe the best certified or head and he filmed the whole thing and. We flew from there to. Tahiti. Tahitian and I say on let me know what I can see that footage and like the next day call them I said, have you looked at it yet? He's like there might be a problem with it or something but I'll let you know lay down like what do you mean? He's like I don't know I like. Trying to go through the hard drives and stuff. So I go down I go and see him the next day and I said what's going on in goes there's no footage I go. What do you mean? There's no footage like some waves or like he goes no, there's there's no footage at all. What do you mean? He goes through just football like he goes I think when we were going out on the jet ski came loose from the hard drive to the camera, and it just never even got one frame of footage. Hall. So we don't have any footage at all of that whole day. I was equally like upset and thought it was funny. I actually. In a way I I. Kinda I'm Kinda Glad it didn't happen because. This was this place was so magical and I felt cheap filming it and showing it to the world. And And and its renowned for people like drop in their cameras that have filmed good sessions. There's kind of this mystique around this place and like a whole bunch of people, my friends that have been filmed and stuff like my friends that live down there. And they dropped cameras in the water after a whole day of filming and like. Somehow some of the the footage like all these things have happened so like. The footage is place has never really gotten out and. And and their site than the soon Nami hit and and ruin the sandbar that had built up for you know who knows how long decades? And So. It's kind of funny. It's sort of hit itself and. Although I wanted to see that footage we didn't have. The Bermuda Triangle, and then the beach was like enough of these people their cameras let's change the landscape. Happen. It's amazing. Kelly last question what are you most looking forward to? In terms of of goals for yourself doesn't have to be really disturbing surfing. The really could be, of course a over the next handful of years. Obviously. This period of time with the covert thing has been I hope it's been a time of reflection for everybody I think it's time for all of us to sit back and think about our health thing about what's important put some money away. You know I think about all the people who lost their jobs and who live on credit and who don't save a rainy day and you know people earn forward situations. Adad. That don't have a roof over their head I think it's it's one of those times you really think about kind of everything that's important in your life and tracing. Youtube feed I would say half the stuff that I watch is converting vans to a home. I have this sort of after all these years of like. Wanting to you know make money from when I was a kid. So I could buy a house to the bank homes in different parts of the world in. Sort of looking forward to either living on a boat one day or or living in a van that I can just live anywhere. Making it Kinda simple only probably they have too many surfers in too many golf clubs. Have a caravan you could have the first van, be the home and then. Well and you know too many countries I like to be in so but Yeah I. I. Think just Taking some time after on this whirlwind for thirty plus years I mean nearly nearly thirty years on tour but. You know another ten years on top of that chasing waves from one young kid. To just scaling it back to. You know who I like to surf with and where. What else I want to include in my life or or take out of it. Just. Looking forward to enjoying the next forty years of life and and fifty years, eight years, I don't know how long can we live at that point? TVD. Looking. Looking. Forward. To. That And You know more more I think more personal. Growth. New Surfing has become real crowded, and you almost have to become spiritual to enjoy it sometimes 'cause there's so many people in the water. So you know learning to to enjoy enjoy what I have and to be able to share it. Kid. That I surf with yesterday wrote me a message, the down line and he said, Hey, I, really want to. be a pro surfer a really want to. Get as good as they can and try to be a pro and make a career. He's like any advice and he's like, sorry, bugging year. And I was like, no like. It's it's sort of it's probably strange how much I enjoy sharing. All this stuff that I've learned with the younger guys if they want to ask me, you know I think maybe some times people are intimidated to ask me or don't think I'll want to talk about it or something but. I'm really happy to. Share any of those things I can with younger who are hungry for it and Thought it was cool and he kind of had the balls to say, Hey. Can you help me out here Gave a nice long run down. Do all these things go all these places like don't fake it put your heart into it and give it your best try and if it works out. Great you know there's a long road ahead to get to that point. You know, I don't totally know how good the kid this particular kid is I saw a couple of clips of them and. You know in all honesty, there's some work to do there but you know somebody who has the desire and and is willing to say what I WANNA do. All the best to those people you know. Sounds like somebody that's willing to to work to be humble and when you're humble. You're teachable. You know you're you're able to learn. It's like you know even. Someone of my physician, who's you know I've worn a lot of contests and all that stuff and I still love times I needed to sit back can be willing to learn and be humble and not take. I. Know something or no better than somebody and. A Lotta Times. They say teaching is the best way to learn because you know. Going back to that theme, we started with early on with two thousand three when lost that world title when you when you teach you mess up, you know and and you learn something from that. You'll learn. Better and better how to understand and comprehend something in be able to share it with somebody not from a place of righteousness. But of a place of like you've lived. We'll try to track down the comment and the where to go and what to do to put it in the show notes. Kelly this is this has been great. I look forward to watching the next fifty, sixty, eighty, one, hundred, fifty years depending on where we're more medicine Texas. And really appreciate you taking the time. You have lots of demands on your time. So I appreciate you carving out a bit of it for this conversation. Thanks for tuning and everybody and the show notes links to everything at teamed up log four such podcast, and until next time don't be righteous be open minded. If you think you're really understands something try to go teach at somebody who's an up and comer. Hey guys, this is tim again, just a few more things before you take off number one, this is five bullet Friday. Do you want to get a short email from me? Would you enjoy getting short email from me? Every Friday that provides a little more soul of fun before the weekend and five Fridays a short email share. 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