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"schefter brockman" Discussed on The Rich Eisen Show

The Rich Eisen Show

07:37 min | 3 months ago

"schefter brockman" Discussed on The Rich Eisen Show

"Stern that we are here in our Los Angeles Studio and we welcome you to this program. Good to see you over there. Christopher happening And Happy Birthday Mike. Del tufo Yes sir. Mike Celebrating Four Annual Fiftieth Birthday. Today it actually is the Fourth Annual Fiftieth Birthday fifty four. What's what's the situation supposed hygroscopic. Rich Rich Rich. I'm sorry I'm it's okay. You've been locked up locked up on a condo in really locked up so it's like I've been watching movies left and right which has been what you've been watching like. I'm going crazy like I got shawshank which I've never watched waiting. I've started never seen Shawshank redemption. I got a lot of movies on deck. What no I never Chris. We've been I know I it's a worm of we talked about it ever. I got. Movies ravages three weeks. I know and it's like I feel bad because I can't relate. I got him as I'm doing all the wormhole movies. I okay now which I loved. I'd never ever seen who only through I never watched. I'm talking about fully through bits and pieces occasionally of the never liked backing so we gotta get you goonies for rich now. We're not now we're talking to say welcome to this show We are our first full day in the new league year in the NFL. And everybody from what? I'm hearing Tom Brady's GONNA sign today. He's going to get that physical and New York City apparently he and a box of greed. That there's a doctor in New York City that it's cool with the box. Cool Tom the that. That the physical the Tom's GonNa get is fine for the For the bucks to go ahead. And Have Tom put his. Tb twelve on a contract with TB and make this thing official. Wow apparently that's happening today. Still can't but we'll see hold on. Here's what I should do. I should say This Plans to expect back. Did I need to infuse this language? Jeff Darlington he's been all over the Tom Brady Story Since jump is going to be our first guest in about Sixteen minutes time right here to have the conversation and Pat. Mcafee will be here and I'll say this normally I send out a text to friends and Who are on the show and say hey just a friendly reminder. I'm calling you and I'm like an calling it. One twenty eastern time. He wrote back boss man. Aj Hawkins will both be on the phone. We talk to each other. Is that right right? Sweet I mean as long as we can hear them and understand them both absolutely. It looks like we're it. Looks like we got two for the price of one coming up so long story. Short is Mcafee is going to be joining us with Jay Hawk and And I will confirm that with pat in our first commercial break and then Willie mcginest and our three our a walk off the NFL network said yesterday after another three hours of free agency frenzy. And I walk into honestly. I've been in there now three straight days. Yeah I may you know you're you're not supposed to be in a room with more than ten people I may have interacted with fewer than ten humans. I mean they had it all up. I walked into. They have it all worked out the entrance. No no yeah actually. It's really odd. I've been walking in the same entrance for sixteen years and they stopped me and he told me to go. Two blocks around was Kevin. Don't don't Spike Lee. Here man died street. Now Chris That was a good one. No I went into the same entrance and then I get ready. Go into It's the room that was built for Dion Sanders to do his twenty first in prime show or The game prime show that he's he. You know if you ball you get a call from him and it's just me in the room and they shut the door and I walked in the room and it was as if I was taking a headfirst dive into a bottle of bleach. I mean it just the whole thing had been totally disinfected makes I leave and I see in the in the Green Room When him against unlike hey willy you free tomorrow yes done so the. Look Willie was the first guy along with I. Guess bledsoe right. It was him and bledsoe defense and offense that started the whole thing off in New England that led to eventually check coming that led to Brady in twenty years. That has now. I mean this is it. This is now over a whole brave new world in New England and William Lee joining us an hour number. Three's keeping our eye on everything Two items in the NFL world of note here one. It looks like Todd. Gurley might be on to move here now. Mike Silver mentioned this on. Nfl Network on Monday. That Gurley was on the trading block and I would love to know which team that would be. You know which team would be if I if I if I if I was todd. Gurley and if I was this team the box I would say the Tampa Bay bucks would be and if on the box and I have this to three year window at Tom. Brady and I've got Ronald Jones also to make sure that girl he doesn't have to be the bell cow and I got Ronald Jones and Got Todd. Gurley and I've got Tom Brady. And I've got Mike Evans and got Chris Godwin my God. I'm going to work right. So if girly can't be the bell cow and can't go all sixteen games can't go more than I guess. Twelve Games if that's it. Ronald Jones was becoming quite the back to. That's a hell of a one two punch. Ronald Jones had a thousand yards. Total offense and six touchdowns last. Oj Howard is the is the guy there to just draft some offensive line. Help Gore. Yeah you can get a great offensive lineman right in the middle of the draft fourteen. He's got to take on. Todd's big huge cronk contract and and but but you've got your window right now. He got Tom Brady till doesn't play anymore. And Bruce Arians you got this whole setup when you do that if you're Tampa one one thousand percent also. Todd Gurley two years younger than Ronald Jones. We think about grow is having all these issues injury. Wisey does still younger than who they have now. Oh my word now. I'm just throwing that I'm really. I'm just throwing that out there. I don't know if Tampa's even in the market or wants to do or has the ability to do it or not. Adam schefters twitter this morning. Then that is what Adam Schefter said. They're going to do it as Kellyanne. Oh schefter Brockman just reading Avenue Brockman reading Kellyanne. Oh God bless. Him is destroying the video. The Guy was Who put his bare butt up against a hundred and he called it a summer all madden. That literally made me laugh out loud. Adam Schefter tweeting out this morning since word surfaced at Brady is expected to land in Tampa. Yes an unexpected high number of players have reached out to the buccaneers to let them know they want join. Please take me. The New England quarterback Brahma Valley's take me. Please take me I mean yeah. Yeah Pied Piper Super Team. You started the super team Bro. Right.

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