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"sandra saint victor" Discussed on Toure Show

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"sandra saint victor" Discussed on Toure Show

"You made one of the great songs of nineties are and be geto heaven. Take me to the recording of that song. First of all we had delivered the album before we wrote that song assigned Atlantic and we got it to them. They want another song so I know we didn't have much time to come up with this joint so we start win a car and we're just thinking this is the musicians talking is one nursery rhymes nature as Danny thing. Dan Seventeen teeth teen teen. I'm doing that and then in the beginning is a nursery rhyme. Come on thing about the melody melody no no baby Sondra Saint. Victor is the lead singer singer of the family stand and the woman behind the seminal nineties. Classic Ghetto Heaven. She's a legendary singer and songwriter. Who knows everything about singing? I mean like sagging so if you really WANNA learn what singing is all about. You don't came to the right place. It's the legend and Sandra Saint Victor onto a ratio. GETO heaven. I can hear it in my head even though I haven't actually heard it in the world because it's like Bam in their take me I to the recording of that song like what is that. I assume it's at night where when what was it like. Did you have any idea that you had something or did it. Sort of happened happened in the mix. Okay both because first of all we we're diff- delivered the album. Before we wrote that song we deliver the album I they were signed to Atlantic Merlin Bob Sylvia Rhone Sylvia Room. Okay so A Merlin was basically direct do so we brought him album he hinting Soobee. Listen into the Merlin. Sat Down with what we loved out. Great but no hits but we need we need a hit it. I hear that a lot of turning record and then we need one more and the last song is that's right. I heard it too but I don't know what other artists experiences Arnez. Ns situation but I know what ours was ours was we felt like we were soul like funk rock group and especially when delivered missile we had developed And so we on the car in the car on the way back after that meeting. And you know we're a little salty not you know or you're upset that they use you just delivered your babies and somebody said you know those are cute but got another one. You know what I mean. This is uh okay. We got another baby. Go make a baby like that's what it is. It's GonNa make a baby you know he's wanted to go in the studio and do it. Basically what you're telling us to do to go in the studio studio and do it so now all right so on the way back we're thinking about that Is there is there a deadline. Is it like you have a week. You have a month. I don't remember a specific deadline but I know it was quickly and no we had to get it to them because of the way we deliver that album. We were already at looking at the timeframe for her win. Limited time frame to put the record out. This'll what we're supposed to get down to the out the album completed to them and we got to one another song so I no. We didn't have much time to come up with this joint. This is probably a couple of days if I mean maybe it was the next. I'm really was quite. It was very fast so we start win a car and we're just thinking You know they just want this musicians. Talking Pitches one nursery rhymes thing to entertain teeth. Dan Danny tainted and I'm doing that and then and Beginning as a nursery rhyme. Come on I think about the Melody Melody come on so we get back. You know pizza so pizza gets on a piano. The Anna we actually went in several songs jokes and this is what I'm so he started out doing nat and he started. You started Playing is no Allama baby bad because he thinks that's a nursery. Rhyme lear. Baby loves me I can get to that gets a baby but loves me is like no limit. was that'll be the next line. I'm going to say it again right. No no no no my baby baby. Love Me Pecan go. You know. He's so he brings in what what we did honestly in that session And this is this the session of the piano vocal. I write We brought ourselves into what began as just a something to placate ak to label record label. Because we didn't really believe that was a hit. We thought we got his. They just don't hear it okay. There's this bangers on there you just gotTa let the People here But okay fine. We'll give out. which so we try to do that but family is a creative in in that in that creative spaces races? It's really difficult not to to to to put yourself in real self in there You know where it's coming from but you got you will. Oh put your real self in there. Do you think you are not so we started. Of course it turned into like socially conscious Sort of a celebrating. I ghetto you know celebrating us as being who we are where we're from and And in an insane that the divinity and that you know and it because of the fact is been song ended up being three vignettes of stories stike particular stories in the hood. But there's you know there's all this other stuff that we we always Will we talked about we know. And based on How how we as black folk had all of the dashboard? We've had to to just we bill from sand we built from the earth. I mean whatever you hand us we make it work and You know that red dirt is in our blood you know. So they don't mean dirt don't mean Nuton mm-hmm you know what I mean. So we we find a way to thrive and we find that Heaven is is being your true self you know decide aside divinity no matter where you come from that divinity is is is being your true self and that's what that song is about that's was was was was brilliant about that as a whole nother piece of it but when common did that song later comment Covered it with de Ngelo and macy Gray and when he said Fine Heaven Yourself and got I'm not gonNA cut he got find heaven yourself and go find having yourself and got you just there there. He felt that. So you come up with that initial nursery rhyme bit right and then what did we go to. Because Jeff Re Jeffrey Smith the other third member he was you know. He's taking like the beat Master Studio Guy so you know Jeff Peters the piano guy. I'm like the vocal arrangement. And you know leered Pitas you know so we call Peter Division Air. You know We get to the studio and I've never met this in a conversation I but but it's all the baseline because beat Jeff had a be going forward And I was a really cool de fan back then so he had a song called Wow West but the don't right right so I love what I want the baseline to remind me awhile but.

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