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"samuel munson munson" Discussed on Motorsport Radio

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"samuel munson munson" Discussed on Motorsport Radio

"Seven of the two thousand eighteen Colfax basing British many by championships, the official partner Savy's to the BS be and on the votes, tomato GP's, and they certainly the forty rookies the first class where we will see some of the next generation of silent coming foam. The marshalls now moving away from the sites of the grits, vice starts is imminent. They look up to wolves, then it's not like country where it's been a long hold for the last couple of days on, and then they go off pretty quickly. A good start. Birthright is on the front with a grades, but it as I by signing, fight going into turns one and see for the first time the need really being being contested between. And all only horn, they both may clean starts, but Henry McCartney and some uments in yesterday's race winner. Trying to get one really stuck into Nomex through three, four, five and six is a long complex of corners to really flick the bikes over but into the hairpin for the first time of what's will be vase. So far as lead is making a good size of all your coming on to a rail attack, though one writer running over the girls, opiate, very briefly Ruben dry leading. They saw then move in brea your race. Either only honed his on the massive pressure already. Some you'll months and already going past him. That's on the strike towards turn on the left hand void flicked right background towards the starts and finish line. But you'll race leader at the moment. It's he's Ruben brain Aruban. They very good rice yesterday was in second place. Now only missed out on the race win that Samuel Munson, but Samuel months. Now in second place ahead of all Horner as. Go up towards turn three hundred McCartney Jordan alongside Ali hall on the bright. So only hone is able to hold it. They flick right over the top of the circuit. Now before dropping back down Ruben Bray under massive attack from Samuel Munson. Munson able to make it work this time through the tight right-handed happen at turn six. They almost make contact in fats going returns phone, five transition from left to right, very clay stuff, but tween the number twelve and the number seventy two much like yesterday's racing. One and a half, lap sweaty, complaints it and only hornet gain this time foam Henry mckearney trying to go around the outside into the the left on Honda chicane nine before coming into the final corner couldn't quite make steak good straight line speed, but doesn't seem to have the breaking ability at the moment knows detail, Ruben, pray Samuel months and just one tenth of a second over the line. They come through turn to their side by side Samuel Munson. Invite his white Tyneside had some very good straight line speed in the early posits race, maybe not pushing it quite so hard into turn..

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