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"saint louis spirit saint louis" Discussed on Uncontrolled Airspace: General Aviation Podcast

Uncontrolled Airspace: General Aviation Podcast

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"saint louis spirit saint louis" Discussed on Uncontrolled Airspace: General Aviation Podcast

"Somebody's tapping their fingers. Please don't Aviation's most wanted list. I aviation museum curator's most wanted list. Yeah no i. I like this now. I haven't looked closely enough of this to know what it is. So is there an actually a wishlist in this article. This article from This is aaron spaces website. Aaron space meg dot com. And i don't know if this is if this is A reprint of something. That was actually in print magazine but generally is and yeah september this year okay. So aviation's most wanted list the airplanes and artifacts that museum curator's dream of finding It's kind of ironic. That there's a photograph of amelia earhart as the lead picture here well as well. That's a good question. They lead with a picture of her. Of course yes And the last item. I think is of course is indeed Amelie i'll at amelia. So what are some of the things that they are wishing for Well are are kind of as terek off for example When the beatles arrived in the us for the first time They were on a pan-american boeing seven hundred seven. The airplane is not the issue here. What is at issue according to this particular part of the article Is the air stairs that they used that were in all of the photographs of their arrival. And there's a picture that exemple picture of the fab four as it were With the pan am air stairs in the background with with blue globe logo and yada yada and Well no question that would be a really cool artifacts to but i. I'm amazed does anybody think that they could actually identify those particular stairs. They just want an example of the model. That's a good question Is there a record of what serial number air stare was being used that we see matters. But okay all right well apparent. Apparently it was a vehicle. Not just the stairs right okay. It was like a pig pickup truck with the stairs mounted in the back. That kind of thing. Yeah okay what what happened to the vehicle is is is what this curator's and i think you've made a good point there. There will be a record of which one was being used that weaker that at that location and whatnot. So okay what else do. I'm just kind of scrolling through the list or anything else jump out at you. One little bombers here as picture. Well some of them did ditch. I think it might be at the bottom of the ocean now which doesn't bode well for longevity preservation. But that's at least from my reading of the article. And i didn't read it in detail but that's that's one one item. They want artifacts they like to have one kind of curious The the rod bing ston a curator at the pearl harbor aviation museum in hawaii and they looked at curator's and museum researchers and whatnot from over a wide range all over the world of aviation museums But i want one item this gentleman Talks about is the pedo tube. From the north american f one hundred super sabre the pedo tubes like three feet more more long jutting out from under the nose the jet intake of of this fighter and said it's very distinctive pedo. Tube says one would think that pedo tubes in reasonable condition it would be more or less available. Does the one the jet they have on display apparently does not have the accurate proper pedo tube and apparently they're just none of them around. You know it's one of these unobtainable things now. Of course we're talking. Something that was built in the originally designed probably in the fifties And long since out of service. But you'd still think there'd be a an An part number somewhere in a box that would be a particular item so who knows but a lot of little stuff like that another one. We lindbergh landed Spirit of st. Louis in paris the airplane and he were both mobbed by by parisians and a lot of people apparently Cut pieces of fabric off of the airplane. The airplane was rendered on airworthy in in this episode It was later repaired of course One of the pieces of fabric was from the rudder and it was the ryan aircraft company's logo which is a winged are and it's on the right side of the rudder that particular piece of fabric was was sliced off it was it was gone missing. The left side of the writer had the same logo on it and still exists On the spirit of st. louis that's hanging in the in the gallery apparently But somewhere in paris is that missing arm. Okay somewhere somewhere in paris kind of start to a long story at a bar one night right. I was just watching documentary. A this is not about aviation. But this is about the reality of you can find. These things I was watching a documentary about the video game. History video games The day and they were interviewing the developer of one particular legendary video game from the really early days of personal computers like the commodore days. And things like that and this this guy had had created a video game which at the time was was very popular and very well known And but it kinda faded as the hardware changed and then bye-bye bad coincidence. He lost all of his data files from the development of the game. this is a personal independent game developer. Just one guy and in a move from one home to another couple of boxes of stuff went missing and he lost his his running. Copy his source. Code is not lost everything. Okay and now whatever. It's at the time as documentary. It was like you know twenty years later and he was just talking about having lost when the documentary. I went on the air. The word went out to a couple of game history history of gaming forums and so forth all right and and although they didn't find his source go and that stuff all right At that point no one even had a copy of the game let alone anything else And people step forward and one person in particular step towards that. I've got a copy of that game. I've got it right here. i'd be glad to give it to you and they've since since found it and made duplicates and they're actually running it on an emulator on the internet now so that you can play this legislative. Yeah so the ryan logo from the from the saint louis spirit saint louis could could. Well turn up and it's a. They said that problem at the white house. I remember hearing stir reading stories about Visitors touring the white house. Used to be notorious for for discreetly cutting pieces of the curtains and stealing them at. This goes back to like the the age of abraham lincoln kind of that period of history When apparently coming and going in the white house was a much easier thing much more casual thing and apparently it was just notorious that the curtain they were constantly having replaced. The curtains or the curtains were constantly looking tattered. Because people were they'd clip it. Still hold curtains. Apparently but they'd also it was very very common for people to take bring a knife out of their pocket and cut off a piece of the curtain or a piece of carpet. Or you know things like that. Can you imagine getting into the white house with a knife in your pocket today. I know exactly exactly so david your awful caught. Do you have any of these things in your garage. No i've got a couple of beatles albums from but like this. I was looking at that picture. And i was thinking the picture of the beatles going scrolling back to it here so the air stairs is in the background. And that's what they're asking about. The the little pan am travel bags that they're holding. Their hands are pretty damned adorable. And i'm just thinking and that's the kind of thing you might actually still be. You know aren't could probably get those on ebay well but i'm talking about that one. The one that one that that george harrison is hold. That's that's wait a minute. Let me see if i can recognize them. I believe that's john lennon john lennon on the left with the pan am bag. Yes that's who george harrison to the right next to the For what they they bring bag looks like that does that. Also say it's harder to read but anyways every now and then you know a piece of of personal property like this will appear from a celebrity. You know because it's been in their closet for our somebody's closet for you know and it'll get donated so The pan am bag that that would be a bit of history right there right. I see what that is. What harrison's holding what is he holding back at the time..

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