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"rosie renault" Discussed on Joey's Totally Tech

"Is but yeah yeah. A lot of these people are just trying to survive. It's their bosses. That are really the true criminals in my opinion so You have a couple of different types of scam baiters. There's the written communication. I've actually done a little bit of this as well but then share it with a one but a scam baiters while answer scam emails using Throwaway email accounts You don't see this done so much on twitter youtube but There have been some people at ted talks talking about this. A bit so If you know if anyone wants to check it out you should easily be able to find it on youtube. So and i mentioned this in the past but like august scam emails all the time to semi regular email. Box my stand folder. He'll say hey. Palace from net flicks. It's you know citibank or whatever right and they like here if you click on this link and something's wrong with your account information By time is like you know with most modern you know email servers It just give you like a the nickname doesn't give you the actual email address. So you're my email. You wanna say thome garrett eighty-five dot com and they'll say antonio garra so these scammers they choose a nickname. That's pay pal apple. Whatever but if you click on the actual nickname. We'll show does a series of random letters and numbers at g. Mail dot com. I guarantee you the fraud department at citibank does not use a g mail account. Don't exactly and a lot of those are phishing scams to and sadly i don't know if anyone's ever going to apply if you replied to ally those special scams i could be wrong. I haven't tried that when it comes to. Actually don't you remember police ago. I got hit with the phishing scam on facebook like eight. Yes so we're paying to a while. Just got message from them and i clicked on it like walking facebook and they have my info. I knew i got fifty messages. That they like. Hey you got hacked. The i got it thanks. Yeah yeah i suppose. That's kind of like a phishing scam in warm all in one. So it's like you can't easily get to the original creator of that. You know just going around you know. And fortunately i i have my own personal policy not to click on a video unless i someone can tell me what it's all about you know why mash no because at some guy. I knew from high school. That i haven't i never talked to on post comex occasionally here and there on his post you know. We're not like friends. Or i mean we were friends in high school but like i said i haven't seen that he would like twenty years so right. Well i mean i've done the same thing. I'm a tech savvy guy. But i received an email From a client. One time and i was kind of hoping than expected. Some new work from this person you know and as like some sort of documents or whatever for project i open it and apparently it was some type of a worm or something and suddenly emails all the people on my contact list on g mail and yet just went around like crazy and so i had to email everyone of my contact list and tell them what was going on not to open that if they had not yet and You know just apologize. Even a tech savvy guy like me could be folded to doing some things you know. I mean you let your guard down. Sometimes it happens to the best of us. Yeah exactly and you unleash eating you know. Give your social security number two. You know some some bozo than celia identity right yeah So y- the ones that are. We mainly want to talk about those as far scam baiters though more audio visual so we're talking about twitch and youtube Really popular one kit boga. He is a vocal transformer think. He is a role in v. T. three if i remember correctly there's also the role v t four And he changes his voice Like one of his popular characters as a grandma named edna and Zero call up all these scammers and You know just show go off gadgets. Gamers they loved on the elderly and shall go off on these tangents and stuff and then Like one of the gift cards scams are examples. They'll be like fake gift cards and stuff and Shall start redeeming them. Where ever like. Let's say google play gift cards. She'll star redeeming among google. Play herself the scammer freaks out. You know it's amazing so Kit boga maybe the most well known twitch and youtube scam. Baiter others include realty media. Rl rosie renault poison and scammer payback. Children media sometimes has collaborations with other barriers as well We've seen kit boga an l. Rosie make appearances entre g media. Yeah i've seen it. I don't know if you have seen it yet. But you know but eh It's really cool. I have not really watched the one with kept boga yet by seen actually I was introduced to our l. Rosie through a trilogy media Video and she does the one of the things she'll do as sound like amazon alexa. Sometimes talking to the and it's pretty freaking awesome. I love it you know. Yeah and that's what. I like about game being though it's like it's kind of like a prank call Bud dupree call causing harm to a person you're causing someone who's meaning to harm someone else harb you know You know who else Used to do a little bit of what we know scam baiting now but back then he just could set it a prank call He's attack youtuber at theo joe he s sure yeah. He is make joke videos. But you're not believe how many People actually believed his jokes like to get free wi fi or the one that he really went over. The edge with was how to get Paid for doing nothing and you had to write a letter to the president. Which at that time was president. Obama say i exist therefore I deserve to get paid however much money. I can't remember now. you'd have to look it up. I might share the video as the point behind universal income right. Yeah exactly well nigh exactly 'cause a universal basic income as a.

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