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"rooney elvis" Discussed on Interesting If True

"As the therapeutic stink like like yours like erin. Oh my god so the idea as you said on the face of it like the face was full of roses. And if you weren't money having person you could avoid these stink of death by chasing it away with an equally pungent odor david halla van author of why you should store your farts in a jar and other oddball or gross melodies afflictions remedies and cures which by indefinitely buying on amazon yet. Kind of what. Let in two thousand eleven said quote it was believed the plague was caused by deadly in the air so many doctors thought it could in turn be cured by bodily vapors they figured an equally foul vapour like a fart combat the disease so they suggested patients store their farts and ajar this way when the plague appeared in their neighborhood they could open the jar. Inhale the fumes to ward off the bad vapors that came from the disease knitted made sense to them into quote so beyond vishal just being poppycock. Yeah this did not l. baby one and and have to smell it like a week later. Nobody's later than oxygen you. Would you would have to do a handstand jar far but let's still smell like fart. I think we might have to do some science. You have a mason jar and a fart. Steve lives really close by. And i have both well. If you're going to do the science you best get a sample. you won't mistake. You wanna make some french. I what smells like the french surrendered here next week on mythbusters. So there you go. Basically you wouldn't get the plague from the miasma if you deluded the infected air you breathe of something equally oracle so y'all warmed up now shea hike guests so that was your warm up. Your medieval medical spidey senses tingle. Ari'el let's do this all right good time for a bowling old white man to have his say in this medical show. You're looking to receding tell that to ashley. She told me bald yesterday. Oh no this is olds leach book. No no it's a big old notes in the text is right a line of course and it does appear to be written in some kind of elfish. also it's got a bunch of lv stuff in it so where you go. I guess the book takes its name from a random phrase at the end of the second book which reads a bald habit heck liberalism seed quayum consulate Ish blah which according to wikipedia and my amazing linguistic skills translates to bald owns this book which he ordered clyde compile. Well good old. Clyde what languages that is like old anglo-saxon it's actually kind of a compendium. It's like a collection of stuff so it's a bunch of different languages. But they're all like yield a european languages. Okay so it's nothing spoken nowadays. That's why i mean. None of that made any sense or had any sense down. No and it does genuinely look like elvis kind of rooney elvis. I mean even just written out in just written out in typed out. It looks kind of elvis. She it's unfortunately. Of course that is a lie because bald is almost certainly dead in the book now resides at the british library of london. So there you go ball. It should have been bald. Owned at. this book is a white that and put a little carrot in there with a bic pen. i'm sure historians will love as long as your penmanship is good with that. Let's dive into our medical tests are sha- are you ready to be called a doctor by at least some people on the internet yes. That's a qualification. That could get you a government position. In times of your. This is the test of baltimore. Good bonds book is a compendium of medical knowledge and it was translated as part of the same maintain. Manuscript digitization process has inspired our last episode. o shea. If you needed to cure your work you would. Apparently you would apparently crush together. Some beet root and honey then smear the juice all over the patient's head then have the patiently face down in the sunny area until the mixture melts and runs down the person's face. And if that didn't take you should repeat but this time add the additional curative elements of laurel oil and vinegar. What pray tell was bald seeking cure. Oh this makes so you have to wait until you get hot enough to run down your face. You said that right right. So this is how you cure. Giuliani's verbal diarrhea. He might have been practicing that day but it clearly didn't hear anything obviously didn't add laurel oil and vinegar yet mabley naked face down in the dirt that well it will. It will cure some extreme cases of julian azam but now this was designed to cure headaches. Okay so i guess you put it on your head. So it'll cure your head. Even though it sounds like something you'd spread on toast. nothing else. At least you get to lie face down and nobody bothers you which is probably good. If you're having a photosensitive migraine but you also then have ants crawling on you. I would imagine so. That's not ideal this on your wife. Next time she gets a headache. Oh you're not feeling well honey hold on. I'll go get the honey and other stuff in our how is nine percent. Sure you probably have all the ingredients in your house. Probably do bald was a big fan of mixing things with honey he He really fancied that particular route. He had a sweet tooth. He did it. And it was from a fox any wrapped it in the hyde of a fawn. And would press it against you if you had muscle soreness. That's i didn't put any. Oh yeah. Wow yeah that's that's where that to. The headache is caused by a head injury. What then should the doctor apply to his patients head I'm gonna start with honey since he liked that. Yeah and it's a good place to start so honey probably not beet root cause you might confuse that for blood you need to be able to see the blood so You honey and what. Some gross ingredient from yielded times bull urine. Okay well you. That's the wrong part of the bulb. But not by far was going to say the other thing and i didn't want to because i was like we're a pg show right. Yeah it's not. I mean it's bad so initially you would want to muddle the honey with bayton. He leaves which is a cousin of meant effect and rub that jazz. Just right into the open wound and if they're still not better after that in augment their i'll say treatment course by jamming some crests knows crosses the short leafy herb. That's kind of looked similar to bean sprouts. Okay so far neither. These treatments would seem to do anything. But i don't think they do any more harm. Honey has been known to be like anti microbial antibiotic and people have used on wounds. I feel like the addition of maine is gonna make it stink quite a bit as you.

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