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"robbie todd" Discussed on Who? Weekly

"Right. Is it probably about starting but we've there are reports of different bachelor people that lindsey has been seen with our dated actually very publicly so bachelor people knew who it could be but it wasn't actually converted and didn't want to and i was like oh name names honey and he said we have tried. This is a quote from todd grizzly. We have tried to keep lindsey's extramarital relationships this dragging right we have tried to keep lindsey's extramarital relationships with breath robbie hayes and josh murray private for her sake. Since august of twenty sixteen not only that sentence is a work of shitty parenting art because he reveals so many shady things about authors in one that was extramarital. It was never public that it's these two you piece of shit bachelor guys by the way these are like the two worst bachelor guys seem like released. Bobby hayes is the one that's on every single reality show that he can get on and josh murray is fucked opt over what surveys so i was you're hitting. Josh and i did want to tell you that. I think you're amazing. I think grade and as a friend. I guess you were my concerned because i didn't read the book. I have a general idea what it says about josh <hes> i hope handy make all that up because what she said was some pretty nasty stuff and i guess my thought when i heard about it was i hope to god it's completely false and completely fictional. I don't know if he's a good guy bad guy. I don't know it was written was true false but asked the question. Anyways key says that the sex tape with robbie todd does any jason again although our hearts are broken lindsey is our daughter and we will always love her but also like he says sadly for reasons we can only guess at she ran to the sheriff's office to accuse her brother irv buying a sex tape of her and robbie. How did he know it was robbie. This is like one of those things where you're like caught in your own like live a very simple. It's like how teach you know. The car was gray. Eh done dente. I was looking at the end of my best friends wedding when she's at the table and rupert everett is on the phone. He's like you look at you and your lavender. You're probably sitting sitting there with your lavender dress with your fingers and she goes. I didn't tell you my dress lavender. I can just picture this sitting at a table and you'll lavender gown swept up. I've been touched your kate purdy drumming your fingernails on the white linen tablecloth when you do when you really feeding down. I've seen looking at those nails. Thinking gosh stopped in on my evil plotting to have that manicure. It's too late now. George i didn't tell you my dress was lavender. I'll keep your charming version. Oh it's like a whodunit version where it's like you find out that like the butler did it because he's like. How did you know like he went to harvard and it's like you know so jason releases a statement to and chases statement is also crazy. It just like these people are psychotic. I love i love my sister and i don't understand why she's doing this to our family not only in my heartbroken over these false allegations by my sister and they are they are totally false but sore my parents and the rest of our family tasing and why would lindsey christly lie about her brother buying a sex tape of her that is first of all revealing that there is a sex tape of you which just very bad because then people are gonna try and find it also that you hooked up with these trash bachelor guys very bad in ear like in this fight with your fucked up family. There's no voted for her to want to do this. She doesn't need to do this. You know who else it need to do it. Josh murray so everyone i know reach out to robbie and josh and they were like can you give us a statement and robbie was like hell fuck and no..

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