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"rikki tikki tembo" Discussed on Rover's Morning Glory

Rover's Morning Glory

05:41 min | 3 weeks ago

"rikki tikki tembo" Discussed on Rover's Morning Glory

"Not. That's a that's. Just you know I was just. I just saw an article. That Pancake House. They used to be a chain. They used to be all over. I don't know if they were here, but Sambo's. Do you remember that no? Chain. They're based in California and the name of the pancake. House, which started like forty years ago. was. I think one of the guys names was Sam, and the other was both, so they put it together, and they called their their their pancake. House Sambo's. But a lot of people over the years of wanted them to change the name because they say that it's racist. Finally they came and they changed the name last week. But it was from. From the book little, Black Sambo. Does anyone remember that book as I read that book when I was a little kid now I vaguely vaguely vaguely remember it. It was like a little black kid. If I remember correctly, maybe I'm getting this wrong and he would run around so fast that he turned into butter. On it. What's the name of Little Black Sambo? Heard of this, but I've never read. has anyone heard of this little black sambo? Rhyme is. Is it a rhyming book? No I well I. Actually I don't know I don't know if it rhymed or not, but but yikes that book the cover. The cover. popped. Look at that. God it's terrible, but this in when I was a little kid. This was like this book was like given to us. When I was in kindergarten or something now granted. I was in kindergarten in Indiana. The probably not real progressive. But. I'm pretty sure that little black sambo runs around in a circle and turns into butter I was thinking of Tikki. TIKKI Tembo, which is different thing what's that? Another racist book. No, I remember I was thinking. Tambo Sambo Timbo is TIKKI TIKKI Tembo, Seremban. Chari Bari Rucci Pimm pair Bimbo. You've never heard that never heard that now. Miss that one was big or on my house I was thinking, too. We were talking about the Disney movies earlier I. Think they're going to do anything with Dumbo. Because I'm pretty sure they have that. One ride at Disney were yet bright in the DUMBO and they go up in the air with wrong with it. It's wrong with Dumbo while they say that. A Lotta because the crows in that movie are racist. Oh Larry Remade Dumbo. Without them. Who I don't know who saw that, but. I haven't seen dumbo maybe when I. Kind of like crows I think almost in black face. I think right. Yeah and I. Think they're way like they wear like the new. Orleans style garb with like the the hat what he's not. I I don't know what they're called. You've never seen those crows before I. Don't know you talking about the bird. These also about these crows, there's there's several of them. Is it a bird? person dressed up and no yeah. It's like a group of birds like a flock of birds. They sit in a tree or something, and they're no. No, yeah, no. Yeah no yeah. Find It. Tiny says you are correct on the Sambo Story. Although here's someone else says I think it was the tiger that ran around. The kid was in the tree. Something there was something that ran around a tree in a circle and turned into butter. I thought it was the kid. Maybe it was the tiger I don't know. Okay Sambo's south Indian, boy, who lives with his father and mother, named Black Jumbo and Black Mumbo respectively while out walking sambo encounters, four Hungry Tigers, and surrenders his colorful new clothes, shoes and umbrella, so they will eat him. The Tigers are vain, and each thinks that he's better dressed than the others. They have a massive argument and chase each other around a tree until they are reduced to a pool of gay or clarified butter, Sambo then recovers his clothes and collects the gay which is mother uses to make pancakes. Or is it? Gabe butter. Might be but. was, Your boyfriend's lube each other on Saturday. Hammy, the gay butter, big Tub of it. Okay. chose the Tigers turn the butter. Okay, eat them the butter. The good story RIKKI TIKKI Tembo Story about why Chinese nerves are so short today because the boy fell in the well, and they had to go say. His whole name which is Tikki, tikki Tembo Nossa. Rambo civil you know the whole thing. They took too long to rescue. That's why a yes, that's okay. All right I've gotta take a break. Eight six six year over eight, six, six, nine, six, seven, six, three, seven. We'll be right back. Hang on heart radio station. You can ask your smart device to play Rover's morning glory on Iheart radio. This is Ms. The only radio show that makes you wanNA take a shower after listening to it holding shower warriors. Completely covered. Welcome back to. Rover's morning glory..

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"rikki tikki tembo" Discussed on Layers of Learning Podcast

Layers of Learning Podcast

11:18 min | 5 months ago

"rikki tikki tembo" Discussed on Layers of Learning Podcast

"And my kids have these little buzzers buzzing and then they answer the question they get house points for it. We've got little jars with house points joints. My Big Book of knowledge is just basically blank card stock. That's three hole punched and then has the big ring in it and then as we learn things we just jot them down. It's also not super preplanned. No and sometimes people ask me. Oh do you have. Do you have questions for every single unit. I don't always sometimes. Sometimes we really enjoyed a unit. But we didn't really add anything that made it to the big pretty often. It involves most of the subjects but especially like art. We don't necessarily add a lot of art concepts to our big book of knowledge. It's a very loose game but it's just a fun way to review what we're always doing so we always always do that on Fridays. Look forward to it. That's a great thing to add into morning time So memorization for sure. And there's all kinds of things you can memorize that you could do in morning time so nope some people. Memory scriptures or poems quotes things like the order of the planets or the multiplication tables. Those could be memorization. Things and those are all things that it doesn't matter. What age is your kids are they can all just practice memory work and you can make it really fun to to do it? I actually taught my kids last week. We were doing head shoulders knees and toes and other languages so they were memorizing Tech Day. Palsy new on all of the different rent like a few different languages and they love that. They're like we WANNA do that every morning. If we actually did it every morning it would get boring. So it's just something that you know. We just throw things is in. That are fun and layers of learning has memorization station sidebars. So those are ideas of things that you could put into your morning time memorization instead of doing it during layers. Here's of learning time. You could move that to morning time. Yeah and if you're like me and you want to keep a basket for your morning plans. All that it takes is just writing down. That thing that you're working on memorizing on a piece of paper you can type it and print it or you can just grab a sharpie and write it down and then you stick it in a folder and and then it's right there for you. The memory work has therefore you don't have to dig through the layers of learning books and everything once you've done it you just remember it and if your kids do it every couple of months. Even they'll remember those memorization station things forever. Yeah it just gets in your mind recently. One of our memorizing things that we were doing during morning time was the countries of South America. We've been learning about South America and I wanted them to know where all the countries were a map so they had to not only know the countries but you know where where they belonged on the map and so I actually wrote up on her. I used a wet erase marker and I wrote on her sliding door are glass door so I drew freehand drew the map of South America on glass door and then they had to name them as I pointed to the different countries. So you were in different order. And they'd have to say yeah and when I started out by putting the first letter of each country in in its spot on the map so there's a clue A. B. for Brazil and and so they had to they started with that and then erased them and they were able to still do it. So you are racist like one by one you a race to country and then they like race the B. Yeah and then soon they can do it and they could they they know them all no so to them. It's a game it's fun see. We learned the song to the South American countries when we did it. There's a song long you can. It's on Youtube. If I found a song and we played it didn't resonate with the boys depends on your kid. Depends on your kid. I actually learned that song in Spanish Ernest class in junior high. And I know I still knew it. Yeah that's how I know the South American countries because I learned the song so you know it doesn't matter how you learn it as long as you repeat it often enough enough that it stays in that brain and morning time is really great for things like that you just want to review. Yeah you can do. Things like memorizing passages from plays like Shakespeare my kids their first introduction to Shakespeare was actually memorizing part of Soliloquy from from Hamlet. Kate that it was the first thing that they did and they got so into it. They absolutely love Shakespeare now because they memorized that passage. They're very into. I think Garrett can still say the whole thing really good I don't think I can. Let's not test me well. That's one of the Nice things about morning time. It doesn't feel like you're taking a test or there's not a lot of pressure involved in this part of your home school day so kids can really just enjoy it and they actually learn a lot. We go over a lot of things and talk about a lot of things but not in any sort of this. Is the curriculum type of way. It's just it's very casual casually learning about things as a family which is fun and you can just bring in whatever you as the parent teacher are feeling like your kids could use right then whether it's all we need a little bit of light hearted herded fund. So we're GONNA do some silly poetry or maybe you need to memorize things right now or maybe you really need to work on character development and so times tables table on my Gosh Josh. That takes a decent amount of out of out of morning time to master those times tables. Another thing I love to do with my kids. Altogether is reading being allowed. We we almost always have a novel going if we don't is because we've taken a short break and we'll get one going again soon so I read it aloud to my kids now. I don't always do it during morning time because I have like. I'll do it during lunch or I always have one book that all all of my kids including my college kids will come and listen to in the evening and so that one. We don't do in in time because they would miss it. Yeah we usually read are read aloud around lunchtime to. That's just kind of our family thing we've just always done but often I will grab a book that I read aloud to them during morning time. That's just like a picture book or something sometimes something that we picked up from the library. Sometimes it's one of the things that we're learning about in our are layers of learning topics. It's just an interesting thing but it's usually a little bit more lighthearted fun Book Sharing Fun Book. Yeah like I remember the first time I m I read my kids rikki tikki Tembo no so Rambo. Have you ever read that book. I don't think how it's such a huge book. It's it's this story about this boy who has such a long name that when he falls down the well his brother's trying to tell their mom rikki tikki Tembo no so Rambo Chari by route she pinball Oh has fallen down the well wow that was good he has to say it so many times in his name is so long that it's hard to tell that this tragedy tragedy has happened and so anyway it goes into this whole story and talking about why the Chinese name one syllable names. Oh that's why it's just a cute fund story but I remember the first time I read that to my kids. It was during morning time and by the end of the story. They're all reciting it with me. RIKKI TIKKI Tembo no Seremban. Everybody was repeating chant and the bear wants more when you read that book by the end of the book. Everybody's is saying saying it so we just do fun stories like that and that's that's a good morning time thing so something that we're doing that I just started is current events and they can be interest. I don't have any really small children. I wouldn't do this with you know six year. Old Seven year olds. I would only do it with middle grades UP PROBABLY BUT WE'RE WATCHING CHING CNN ten everyday. It's it's really good. It's a news to ten minute news thing and it's geared towards kids so they don't put things on there that are graphic thinker terribly disturbing but they put some real news events on there so this is online not like TV. Yes online so just search for C. N. N.. Ten Okay and and you can find it. The other day they had a story about how Turkey is invading Syria so they do have some real news things on there but then they'll also talk about. I don't know some something about legos or it's geared to kids but it's not they still do have real news things so it's a chance for you to talk to your kids about what's going on high interest. Yeah and they keep it heard it in funny. Kind of the the the newscaster at the end. He always does all all these puns. And I'm just sitting there kind of like I just died a little bit inside because that was bad jokes. Dad The kids like it. It's it's Q.. Oh that's a good idea for holidays. We often will do a little special something for the holiday. Like I might tell my kids where the holiday came from or we. He might read a book or do a song or a poem or something that has to do with the holiday that were on so. That's one of the fun things a really good idea. 'cause I'm always kind of trying to figure out how to fit. Holidays is in to our home school and I don't Wanna spend an entire day. Do you remember when you were in school and the whole day would be kind of a party day. Yeah and the math would be halloween. Wean themed in the. You'd have this party and it kind of ruined the whole day. I mean it from the teacher from my from the perspective of the child it was fun but it's kind of a wasted today and I don't really have time in my life to spend wasted days on homeschool and honestly with just your family. It's not like you're GONNA go okay. Let's have an assembly with a costume assume parade and I mean you might do a few things like maybe a Halloween art project or something. But you're not actually going to spend the whole day or if you do that required a lot of planning. Yeah that's it's a lot of work but you can just throw in a few things in morning time and then yeah. They can color a picture in morning time. And it's not a waste because it was morning earning time you can throw whatever you want in there. Yeah it's really flexible. I also like to character training with my kids during morning time. Sometimes yeah and that could be. It depends pinched depending on your philosophy could be Gospel or scripture type. Things a lot of people like to have their children memorize scriptures. Or they'll put they'll just read them together. I also really liked the book virtues. It has. It's just a collection of stories that all teach some kind of a moral lesson but it's not religious adjust per se it's just virtues and then I really love this book too. It's called philosophy for kids. It's by David a white and he's a PhD. He's a philosopher sopher and he wrote this book for kids and what you do is as the parent you read it and has these questions to ask kids and it gets them into the deep stuff and you could just take this and ask one question and have a family discussion. I really fun. Yeah along with the Children's book of virtues that same series has others to we have one. That's the Children's book of Heroes. was that we really like so. That's actually over in my morning basket right now but anything that you want to put in you just have it ready and you can grab it out without planning and spur of the moment. Have a little delightful morning time. I think character training. That's a really really good thing to throw in your kids. Kids don't want to be lectured to constantly about that stuff but you do want to teach them those things in really thoughtful ways and sometimes sometimes I think we.

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"rikki tikki tembo" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

Rob Has a Podcast

03:00 min | 1 year ago

"rikki tikki tembo" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

"If they read the letter yet because I think that that's what people it's been talking with other characters as well. Because this really felt like a lot of people sort of reckoning back to what they wrote when they came in and saying, okay, I might not have gotten a million dollars might not have even given myself twenty dollars out of this experience. But you know, what this is sort of what I've emotionally reconciled and I don't need to win the game. I learned so much about myself. We saw that with people like Julia with Chris with Eric as well with David. Speaking of weddings, David might do something interesting with his girlfriend Lee considering says he wants to treat his relationship more maturely. So that makes me feel like that leaves other people sort of within Lipsius at the end of their story that complete. Whether it's an out the door in the finale or not and so who's left from that. So we have what we have war dog. We have Kelly went word, Ron Ron. And we have a Rura obviously coming back. I'm going to put my pin on Miskelly Wentworth. I think she's coming back Niki sneaky sneaky, stinky. It is. Yes, come back and win. I don't think. So. But I believe that. I don't know it just feels so weird that so much time was disproportionately focused on these returnees to have none of them in the finale would be absolutely bonkers. Granted this is an absolutely bunker season. But I just feel like it would hew closer to the themes of this season to have Kelly on there. Even if it's a short flash in the pan thing, you know, she knows about Lawrence idol, she can work with her for it. Maybe a lead to her just going right back out the door and into the jury, but I feel like spoke about. Of all the returnees. I think she also has the biggest unfinished potential. She was one who got blindsided with an idol in her pocket. So that's going to be my big bold prediction here. I think we see Kelly microwave back into the game. And I think we see a final three of Lauren, Julie and Rikki Tikki Tembo no-show Rambo char Pucci pip Perry Pombo as our winner of survivor edge of extinction. Okay. There you go. All right, Mike well done. I really appreciate you making so much time for us today. And they got a lot going on with the new baby. I mean, the pleasure was all mine. Rob I absolutely love to take a little detours from parenthood has been crazy so far, and it has been wonderful and so- eventful even in the week that has passed like not even imagine what is to come. But I will always relatives time to come on and talk with you. We're really writing audio letters to each other in real time. To a bunch of people who are BCC too. So I want to thank you for being my perennial pen pal for so many. Yes, hope everybody enjoyed all of our audio letters, of course, Mike Flood. Well, hopefully Aurora doesn't think they're too jumbled up that you'll hate them..

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