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ELVIS PRESLEY: Death in Graceland

Death by Misadventure: True Paranormal Mystery

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ELVIS PRESLEY: Death in Graceland

"Our episodes deal with serious and often distressing incidents. I may not be suitable for children if he struggled with addiction phil depressed or suicidal thoughts and when you need support please contact you crisis center or reach out to a friend to ask for help the offering of monday august the fifteenth over presently woke at four p._m. And spend the evening playing with his daughter lisa marie and watching tv later that night he would leave graceland eleven pm to visit his dentist and put return learn home a couple of hours later. I hope thirty a._m. Before going to sleep on six i am i was. We'll take a handful of painkillers prescribed by his doctor. It included a lethal cocktail mix of sleeping pills at an assortment of other depressants later that morning at nine thirty a. m. still unable to sleep. Elvis would take several more pills and head to the bathroom carrying frank adams book the scientific search for the face of jesus just a few hours later ginge oldenburg discover elvis unconscious on the bathroom floor in a pool of from it sadly at three thirty pm elvis presley would be pronounced dead at the age of forty not to baptist medical center in memphis join us on a supernatural journey as we take you on a tour of the king of rock and roll music history. We tell the story of elvis final days in memphis explore the mystical facts and investigate his back stage exit to the afterlife this this is death by misadventure <music>. Mark <music> elvis aaron presley was born diverted and gladys presley in a two who room house in mississippi on january eighth nineteen thirty five under the zodiac sign of capricorn his twin brother jesse was stillborn leaving elvis to grow up as an only child raised by loving working class parents elvis family had little money and they move from place to place place frequently his father vernon worked a series of odd jobs and in one thousand nine hundred thirty eight was sentenced to three years in prison for forging a four dollar check and spent less than a year behind bars. Elvis was devoted to his parents especially his mother gladys and was raised to have a strong faith. Anything god he attended the first assembly of god church with his parents were gospel music became an important influence for him and he was baptized when he was nine years old old his roots deep in the pentecostal faith. Speaking in tongues was not uncommon elvis loved attending church and would often run down the aisle l. during service so that he could stand directly in front of the choir singing along imitating their movements elvis's highly protective mother gladys who never let him out of her sight decided to buy him something special for his eleventh birthday she took him to the hardware store and bought a gift that would change the course of rock and roll history a six dollars ninety five cents guitar afterward elvis received no formal music training but he had an innate natural talent to sing and play the guitar. The presley's moved to memphis in nineteen forty eight. When elvis turned thirteen as a teenager he was uninterested in school aw and was considered an outsider instead he completely focused on playing guitar and listening to a huge variety of records ranging from country country bluegrass blues and gospel to mainstream pop and even opera he also started to sport a distinctive look with sideburns and styled l. hair. This image would later become an elvis trademark. Elvis had his first taste of musical success a few years later when he won a talent show show at his high school in memphis. He graduated in nineteen fifty three becoming the first member of his immediate family to earn a high school diploma. After graduation he worked at a machinist shop and drove a truck before launching his music career in august nineteen fifty. Three elvis went to visit sun records. He wanted to pay for a few minutes of studio time to record a two sided disc my happiness and that's when your heartaches begin it was a gift for his mother but also he hoped he would get noticed an offer to record deal however it didn't come to anything not long after he failed an audition for a local vocal quartet the song fellows us he told his father they said i couldn't sing in january nineteen. Fifty four presley cut another record at son. I'll never stand in your way and it wouldn't be the same without you but again. Nothing came of it a few months later. In april his friend ronnie smith after playing a few local gigs with him suggested he contact eddie bond leader of smith's professional ban which had an opening for a vocalist bon rejected them after a tryout advising elvis to stick to truck driving because you're never gonna make it a singer however later on in the year the sun boss sam phillips invited elvis to come in for another recording session initially it was unpromising scene but towards the end of the allotted time elvis took out his guitar and launched into a nineteen forty-six blues number. That's all right. Phillips quickly cle- began taping this was exactly the sound he had been looking for. He believed that elvis had a unique voice and talent that teens would love three eight days later. Popular memphis deejay dewey phillips played. That's all right on his red. Hot and blue show listeners began phoning in eager to find find out who the singer was the song was so popular they played the record repeatedly for the remainder of the show and even interviewed elvis on air afterward. Sam philip had elvis recorded bluegrass number blue moon of kentucky again in a distinctive style and employing jury rigged echo effect that he dubbed slap back a single was pressed with that's all right on the a side and blue moon of kentucky on the reverse elvis would play his first. I gig on july seventeenth at the bon air club sporting his child size guitar at the end of the month he appeared with his band at the overton park shell aw was slim whitman headlining a combination of a strong response to rhythm and nervousness at playing before a large crowd led elvis to shake his legs success. He performed his wide cut pants emphasized as movements causing young women in the audience to start screaming next elvis this would make his first tv appearance on louisiana hayride in november nineteen fifty four by early nineteen fifty-five presley's regular hayride appearances constant touring and well received second releases made him a regional star from tennessee to west texas elvis's new found fame. Wjm captured the attention of colonel. Tom parker who was considered the best promoter in the music business. Having successfully managed top country star eddie arnold parker was working with a new number one country singer hank snow and booked elvis on snow's february tour elvis's sound would become known as rockabilly a billy and would be billed as the king of western bop the hillbilly cat and the memphis flash soon several record companies were interested and giving elvis a record deal after three major labels made offers of up to twenty five thousand dollars. Colonel parker struck a deal with r._c._a. Records to acquire elvis's sun contract for a sum of forty thousand dollars however elvis at twenty was still a minor so his father signed the record contract contract for him under colonel parker's guidance elvis shot to stardom his first single for r._c._a. Heartbreak hotel released in nineteen fifty-six six became his first number one hit song and sold more than one million copies his debut album elvis presley topped billboard's pop album chart and he even made his first big screen debut in love me tender by early summer colonel parker cut a deal for elvis to make three appearances this on the ed sullivan show for a fee of fifty thousand dollars although sullivan previously had said he wouldn't book the singer on his family oriented atv variety show he relented after competitor. Steve allen featured elvis on a show in july nineteen fifty six and beat sullivan in the ratings when elvis appeared on his show on september ninth nineteen fifty six sixty million people more than eighty percent of the t._v. Viewing audience tuned tuned in after elvis made his second sullivan appearance in october crowds in nashville in saint louis were outraged by his sexy performance and protested did that rock and roll music would corrupt america's teams after every new t._v. Appearance the fans response at elvis's live shows became increasingly fevered he would start the show with you ain't nothing but a hound dog and the fans would start screaming by the end of each show he would nearly cause a riot every single time but elvis's new found fame was a double edged sword and he was not accustomed to intense energy focused on him by his new fan following. When he came off stage the singer would sometimes faint or his nose would bleed after a show because his body was so overwhelmed by the enthusiastic dick reception as his career took off. Elvis still remained close with this mother calling her every night. They were so close that they even had a psychic connection knowing what was going on with the other without even communicating one time. Elvis called his mother after his tour bus caught fire. She immediately picked up the phone asking what happened when he asked her what she meant. She said the fire fire. I dreamed of you in fire. Elvis year would end with a front page story in the wall street journal reporting that his concert merchandise brought in over twenty two million dollars on top of his record sales and billboards declaration that he had placed more songs in the top one hundred than any other artist in his first full year at r._c._a. One of the music industry's largest record labels elvis had accounted for over fifty percent of the music sales elvis who is now flush with cash which shell out one hundred and two thousand dollars to buy his first house graceland a memphis mansion on nearly fourteen makers. The stately home was built in nineteen thirty nine by dr thomas moore and his wife ruth on land that was once part of a five hundred acre farm dubbed graceland in honor of the original owner's daughter. He bought the estate in hopes. It would make his mom happy to elvis. Graceland graceland was the culmination of his dreams a public showcase of just how far he'd calm and how blessed his life was but unfortunately for his mom gladys it became a place of illness isolation and depression elvis would make his final appearance on ed sullivan in january nineteen fifty seven then and this time network censors demanded he be filmed from the waist up two days later fate would step in and the memphis draft board announced that elvis this would be classified one a would probably be drafted sometime that year on march twenty fourth nineteen fifty eight elvis was drafted into the u._s. military but received a short deferment so he could wrap up production on his film king creole however when elvis finally left for the army life would take a deadly emotional turn for his mother mother gladys when she learned her son would be posted to germany. She wasn't well enough to travel and she feared he might be hurt. In the war by at this point her health was deteriorating and elvis tried his best to keep his mother comfortable when he was posted in texas for army training. He rented a home for his family family nearby so they could visit him but by august nineteen fifty-eight gladys was back in memphis in the hospital and near death elvis would be granted added emergency leave to visit his mom one last time and say goodbye on august fourteenth nineteen fifty-eight gladys would pass away at age forty six of acute hepatitis and severe liver damage <music> devastated by the loss of his mother. Elvis was shipped out for assignment to the third armored division in friedberg west germany where he served as the jeep driver while in germany he lived off base with his father and grandmother it was also during this time elvis would meet fourteen year old priscilla boy boy you whose father was an officer in the air force and was hanging around the eagles club when she was spotted by curry grant the club's assistant manager she wanted to meet elvis and curry was happy to set that up after meeting the beautiful teenager elvis invited to a party but her parents initially he said no elvis was infatuated with priscilla was determined to winter parents over so he showed up at their home in full uniform to ask if he could escort her to the party alvis arrived decked out in white gloves hat everything and wanted to impress her parents he immediately one priscilla's parents over and they talked for an hour and a half despite the age difference the two had an undeniable connection and they both were smitten mm-hmm elvis born under the zodiac sign of capricorn loved the idea of being her knight in shining armor and protector priscilla a gemini and although so young she was flirty and fun to be with they both had sun trying neptune and they shared a romantic view of life and of each other he was of of course her idol but there were dark karmic aspects to the relationship as well elvis had a more traditional view romantic relationships priscilla had a fiery are- aspect to her personality and an independent streak this difficult aspect would later lead to clashes between the two but for now they were in love elvis was discharged from the military and return home in nineteen sixty but he kept in contact by phone with priscilla and three years later her while still in high school. She moved to graceland <music> for priscilla. Following elvis's footsteps was easy in the beginning but her new life with her famous sweetheart wasn't always so blissful life was is lonely for the young teenager and his manager colonel parker didn't really want elvis to have a steady girlfriend he wanted his fans to think he was still available and it hurt and upset priscilla but after seven years of courtship elvis proposed to priscilla right before she turned twenty one the couple married on on may first nineteen sixty seven surrounded by friends and family and the wedding took place at the aladdin hotel in las vegas making it the wedding event of the year on the outside the appeared to be a fairytale couple about to embark on their happily ever after however behind closed doors. Priscilla was often often left alone while elvis company with other women priscilla quickly became pregnant and on february first nineteen sixty eight the couple welcome their only daughter lisa marie an aquarius priscilla would later tell family how elvis was a nervous wreck when she went into labor and even drove them to the wrong. Hospital elvis was an amazing father and he absolutely adored his little girl a typical capricorn father stern but fair and always supportive she was the apple of zai and he felt blessed to be her dad. However priscilla was another story and the king continued to struggle duggal to stay committed to his marriage and his wife from nineteen sixty seven to nineteen seventy-three priscilla desperate to keep her husband's affection mm width through great lengths to maintain what she called a mystique in the marriage. She would never let elvis see her without makeup or while she was getting ready. She even tried to turn a blind eye to his many affairs. Although elvis was the love of her life after six years of marriage she became restless and tired of living his rock and roll lifestyle at the age of twenty seven she decided to split from elvis for this very reason she was restless and wanted to find out what the world had to offer the couple separated on february twenty third nineteen seventy two and filed for legal separation on july twenty six <music> despite the pending divorce the two decided to remain good friends for the sake of their daughter daughter lisa marie six months after priscilla left elvis began dating beauty queen linda thompson who was virgin just like priscilla when they met linda thompson also a gemini shared elvis's religious beliefs and passion for gospel music she had vibrant personality and knew how to lift his spirits when he was feeling blue elvis who hated being alone had linda moved into graceland in august nineteen seventy-two even before his divorce was final. Oh linda remained loyal girlfriend for over four and a half years. Eventually the relationship fell apart just like his marriage to priscilla due to elvis constant drug use an infidelities. Linda would later state in an interview. There were times when he was very very difficult. There was a lot of heartache aac and he exhibited a lot of self destructive behavior which was very difficult for me. You know watching someone. I love so much destroy himself in november nineteen seventy six. Linda left elvis and one month later he began dating ginger alden a stunning actress and model who looked very similar similar to priscilla together. They had an incredible sexual chemistry with venus conduct marzan libra and appeared to be emotionally compatible however their romance would be short-lived when several months later elvis is life would take a deadly turn <music> <music> elvis health issues worsened as he became depressed after divorcing forced priscilla in nineteen seventy three still his ex wife continue to be a big part of his life and the two state friendly even after the divorce whenever elvis was having a bad day or was down priscilla would always take his calls and she would immediately lift his spirits. Every time they spoke by early nineteen seventy seven elvis had become a virtual recluse at graceland and would take solace in the spiritual books given to him by his good friend larry geller he was on a quest to find answers to the meaning of life and was haunted by the fact that his surviving twin jesse was stillborn one day eh he opened up to larry and shared a dream he had about his brother. He said you won't believe the dream. I just had man it was so real oh. I can't remember dreaming about my brother jesse. Since i was a little kid there we were together on stage. It seemed like thousands of people were in the audience audience and they were screaming at us. It was wild. We were just like wearing identical white jumpsuits and we were both playing matching guitar slung around around our shoulders. There were two blue spotlights when shining on him one on me and i kept looking at him and man he was spitting image of me. I'll tell you something else. He had a way better than me. <music> ellis was a profoundly religious man always searching for answers while remaining curious about other mystical rooms he even believe strongly numerology college and the science of numbers elvis had the life passed number nine vibration and he was a natural light worker who symbolizes faith and spiritual enlightenment and he was someone who was kind and understanding and represented universal love of humanity and patients his friend and spiritual ritual advisor larry geller would say from the moment we first met. I knew elvis had a spiritual quality. I had never seen so much power in one person and the effect he had on people was tremendous. He could silence an entire room. Full of people just by walking in it wasn't just his fame that caused that it was his horror of power however later in his life when elvis began his fall from grace he no longer had real control over his life or circumstances mm stances the singer was surrounded by those who claim to love him but would use them for money and tried to drain him of his power. These circumstances would soon play deadly wrong in the tragic days at leyte ahead for singer that august a couple of weeks before his tour this call stepmother sobbing and with teller. I'm in terrible pain. It was a cry for help not presley who was married to his father. Vernon from nineteen sixty at the height of elvis is starting until nineteen seventy four when they divorced had remained close close to the king and was genuinely concerned. She asked him what was wrong and he wanted to know why she didn't visit graceland anymore. He was sad and lonely and he made promise you would see your on his next tour. After their troubling conversation de warned her ex husband vernon that she felt something terrible terrible was going to happen to one of her boys or elvis. She had an intense feeling that tragedy was looming just around the corner and she was right on the afternoon of monday. August fifteenth elvis woke at four p._m. And spent the evening playing with his daughter lisa marie and watching tv later that evening he would leave graceland around eleven pm to visit his dentist he would later return to graceland in the early morning hours of august sixteen and he would take care of last minute details. He was scheduled to fly to portland portland maine that night and do a show there on the seventeenth at two thirty a._m. Elvis called his doctor task for painkillers. Supposedly for the tooth pain mm-hmm ricky stanley elvis's stepbrother would pick up the pills from an all night pharmacy at baptist memorial hospital and give them to the singer to take elvis would retire to master suite at graceland around seven a._m. To rest for his upcoming flight and take another pack of pills before going to sleep however around eight a._m. Still unable to sleep. Elvis had his aunt delta may biggs bring a third packet of pills to take a couple of hours later elvis would head to the bathroom carrying the book frank adams the scientific search for the face of jesus while on his way ginger would warn don't fall asleep in there. Okay i won't would be elvis's last words ginger. It would later wake up at one thirty in the afternoon but elvis wasn't in bed. She called her mother who asked how elvis was but ginger injure had no idea she then got dressed and walked over to elvis's bathroom door to check on. She knocks softly called out elvis's name and she got no answer so she pushed open the door and discovered elvis lying on the floor in his goal pajama bottoms around the bottom of his feet. His face buried in a pool of armand on the thick shag carpet in shock. She called downstairs asking asking for help thinking he had fallen over and hit his head. I'll strada would call the paramedics and elvis was then rushed to the baptist memorial hospital and after attempts to revive him failed elvis the king of rock and rule would be pronounced dead at three thirty pm on august sixteenth nineteen seventy seven <music> <music> after elvis died side priscilla found out the heart breaking news from his road manager. She was with her sister at an appointment when her father called stating joe was desperately trying to get a hold of her her immediately she had thought something had happened to lisa marie who was scheduled to come home that day to get ready for school. She ran every red light to get home as as soon as possible and when she pulled into her driveway she could hear the telephone ringing and ran to answer it. After joe gave her the devastating news she collapsed trying to contemplate how and why elvis was dead and how she and her daughter lisa marie would carry on without him. She felt felt like she had lost everything. Elvis was her mentor her confidante and now he was gone a few hours later priscilla would board a private jet to memphis tests to make funeral plans for her daughter's father and the man she loves so much elvis was embalmed at the memphis funeral home and returned to graceland on august seventeenth nineteen seventy seven were a public viewing of the casket ordered ordered by elvis's father vernon was set up in the four year thousands of fans converged on memphis in the days following his death so many that president carter carter ordered three hundred national guard troops to the area to maintain order. All the city buildings in memphis immediately lowered their flags to half staff. Elvis's funeral was held on august eighteenth and it was a small memorial service attended by his family and friends including co star and margaret james brown and actor george hamilton the service was held in gracelands living room and it lasted for two hours would dale church of christ as pastor c._w. Bradley led the sermon other elvis tour members and bandmates j d sumner and the stamps the statesman's and kathy west moorland perform some of elvis's favourite hymns including heavenly father elvis was buried wearing a white suit and blue shirt and the final burial service service began with a long procession down the street that bore his name a white hearse holding his casket in seventeen white limousines drove to forest hill cemetery cemetery an estimated eighty thousand people lined the streets to wave goodbye and pay their final respects to the singer. They love so much. A small all service was then held in the mausoleum followed by loving words from family and friends elvis's father vernon was the last to pay his respects kissing the coffin and repeating daddy will be with you soon later that day elvis body was laid to rest next to his dear mother gladys us in late august of the same year. A thief attempted to steal the body of elvis as a result both elvis and his mother's remains were relocated to the meditation garden at graceland on october second nineteen seventy seven uh elvis presley's death profoundly affected the music industry and broke the hearts of millions of fans around the world in the days following his funeral. A small group of skeptics claimed that elvis might not have died after all fuelling many conspiracy theories and the belief that perhaps he may have faked his own death over the last forty two years. Many haunting tales of elvis have been told including many people insisting sting they've spotted elvis out and about in nineteen eighty nine three elvis enthusiasts would create the elvis sightings society to monitor these apparent incidents. Some people even claimed he appeared as an extra in the nineteen ninety blockbuster home alone. One of the biggest theories on why elvis may have faked his own death was to escape the mafia gail brewer giorgio the the author of the nineteen eighty-eight bestselling book is elvis alive recalled in an interview with time magazine how she poured through thousands of f._b._i. Documents documents to come to the conclusion that elvis was an american hero who had gone into the witness protection program besides believed sidings ridings skeptics also point to what the insist are slip-ups from elvis is family in media interviews and an apparent name misspelling on the king's kings tombstone as proof of cover up however waste that many of the presley sightings is either wishful thinking on the fans part. Perhaps an elvis impersonator considering google claims there are over eighty five thousand around the world or perhaps there is an even and more compelling mystical explanation dr raymond moody a philosopher psychologist and bestselling author of the book life after life is a leading expert on the afterlife life and researcher on near death experiences in an interview with jeffrey mitch love dr moodie shared his personal conclusions about his research into near death experiences and after interviewing over a thousand people who had had these amazing experiences. He has no doubt that there is a life after death. In july nineteen eighty-nine dr moody released a book titled elvis afterlife in the book he explores elvis's cult-like following and the reasons for fans alleged premonition dreams of his death and psychic experiences is that followed it some of the dream cited in his book concern an imaginary last concert of elvis and which he announces his death or in which the dreamers dreamer solomon his coffin fans tale of operations among those quoted or a clinical psychologist a farmer a truck driver and even a policeman such experiences suggests dr moodie often reflect an unconscious emotional need or unresolved conflict and may have a religious impact on the dreamer. Some of these stories are fantastic like the woman who was convinced. Her son is elvis. Presley reincarnated needed while others. There's an eerie ring of truth like the no nonsense cop who found his son after elvis appeared to him in a dream other amazing stories in the book include. There's an elvis jacket that moves his records that melt and even memorabilia that fall to to the floor dr moody writes about people who had premonitions that elvis would die just hours before his death <music> in a nineteen eighty-seven interview with mccall magazine dr moodie tells the incredible story of georgia cop herald welsh and how the spirit of elvis helped him find his runaway son. The cop believed his son had ran away to los dangerous and just before he left to find him. Welsh had a dream where elvis tells him his son is in a rooming house. Then shows him exactly exactly where it is in los angeles. There was a short street with drug store on the corner and a short order diner across from elvis. Elvis kept trying to point out things to me so i would recognize them. Welsh tells dr moody about the dream welsh left for los angeles and began searching the streets in an area populated by runaways on march ninth. He was driving down a street and noticed a drugstore and hamburger stand dan across from it exactly where elvis had pointed out in his dream. Welsh walked up to the three old houses that were also in his dream and knocked on the the door much to his surprise. The old woman who answered told him his son was there once united welsh says his son a big elvis fan told him he twice dream that elvis told him his father would come find him and take him home. Even dr moodie was baffled appaled by welch's story stating his story was very impressive to me. He just wasn't the kind of guy who would have had an experience like that. If it wasn't untrue dr moodie anna's interview says most of the psychic tales particularly those of elvis visions are similar to those experienced by many many people who have lost a loved one. We would like to think of elvis as an angel watching over us and helping fans in their time of need <music> for elvis's daughter lisa marie it has. It's not been an easy road since her father passed away in a recent closer weekly interview lisa conveyed the fact that her childhood was actually a pretty only one she would often spend time in a room listening to music rather than playing with friends on top of that and most of the photos that were taken over at the time. She simply doesn't look very happy. I was very deep is a kid. She says i had a lot of questions about life was exposed supposed to death very early. I wasn't really a kid that was interested in being materialistic or a celebrity. I was very sorta spiritual at a young age age wanting to know deep dark questions about life very early on even more tragic wish she was only nine years old old when her father died for the next several years both she and priscilla which struggle through the pain lisa marie becoming both introverted and rebellious at the same time on the financial front. Things were pretty rough as well. It seems that when elvis died his will called for his entire estate to the go-to lisa marie when she turned twenty five in the meantime elvis's father vernon presley would manage the estate but after he he passed away in nineteen seventy nine priscilla as lisa's legal guardian began co managing the trust with the national bank of commerce in memphis what they discovered is that the estate was in dire straits and it would be bankrupt in a number of years. It seems that colonel parker who was still deal handling elvis's business affairs was making deals that benefited him far more than it did the estate this resulted in a legal struggle that was settled settled out of court involving payment of two million dollars to the kernel as well as a termination of his involvement in elvis's concerns fortunately lisa marie financial future was saved by her mother who turned out to be very astute in business and saved elvis's fortune by turning graceland into a tourist attraction priscilla. Turn the pending bankruptcy into a one hundred million dollar success story by the time lisa. Marie received her inheritance however financially. She may have had a happy ending but her personal life has been much more troubled following the death of her father lisa. Marie began experimenting with drugs and alcohol at the age of fourteen and dropped out of junior high school. She continued taking drugs for the next three years when her mom a practicing member of scientology saintly marie to the organization's celebrity center rehab facility as well as the apple school in the early years of her time. I was scientology lisa. Marie met musician danny q. and they fell in love. The couple married on october third nineteen eighty-eight. The following year sure she gave birth in nineteen eighty nine to their daughter danielle riley a gem i and in nineteen ninety-two son benjamin storm a libra however however the marriage would be short lived and the couple split six years later like many celebrities lisa marie love life was complicated needed and her choices in love even included her dating and marrying michael jackson in an interview she would later claim that her marriage to the king of pop was israel. Even though many thought it was a publicity stunt the two star crossed lovers found comfort in each other's arms but eventually split after being married carried only two years in nineteen ninety nine. She was briefly engaged to rocker john asaka but that was broken off after she. She met actor nicholas cage at a party. The two of them got married on august tenth. Two thousand to just three months later cage filed for divorce which became finalized in two thousand four lisa explain we had similar backgrounds similar histories in terms of our families being what they were an immediate connection. We were kindred spirits rebellious and just different from other people. I think we just connected on that that front. We were together two years before we got married so it was one of those things when we already had a certain pattern going it was a bit wild and stormy so the hope was marriage would make that more stable make each other feel more secure and it didn't when you get married based on something like that. It's either going to embellish relish the problem or it's going to handle it. In this case it amplified it lisa marie would marry for a fourth time on january twenty second in two thousand six to michael lockwood her guitarist music producer and director two years later she would give birth to fraternal twin join girls in two thousand eight harper vivienne an and finley aaron love however sadly lisa marie has followed in her father's father's famous footsteps and has weathered her own battle with addiction in two thousand fifteen. Her husband claimed lisa marie drug. Use was getting out of control. Aw lisa marie would check herself into rehab and leave her mother priscilla in charge of her twins on june thirteenth twenty sixteen lisa lisa marie would file for divorce from michael lockwood after ten years of marriage currently she is now sober and his left scientology for priscilla presley who's never remarried the memory of her ex-husband elvis elvis and the father of her child lives on she recently said in an interview that revisiting his old records can produce mixed emotions but she's most most comfortable when working on projects. She knows he would like and she feels. She's being guided by his spirit on a daily basis. She says when i go to graceland i can walk in the door and see elvis walking down the stairs. I can hear his laughter. I can hear the music playing the music room. It's a very surreal feeling rolling but it's not scary. It's beautiful <music> <music> <music> even after his death. I was presley stock into needs to shine bright. He's an icon of sex stardom and rock and roll but doc beneath the hollywood fame brita sensitive so who'd read the bible every day onto deeply curious about life's mysteries six months before elvis passed away the singer would have a conversation with a spiritual advisor larry geller and would tell him larry my life's on the line and i know it. I've been in hiding from the true for too long. There are too many people around me that i've outgrown elvis told his dear friend he wanted to go on a one year hawaiian retreat and stop taking pills else read meditate and get healthy. The same wanted to new life and to continue exploring his spiritual truth. If you days before elvis died larry would stop by the store bodey tree to buy three books for the singer and give them to him the day before he died. One of the books was the scientific search for the face of jesus by frank adams and it will be the last words elvis would read before he passed away in the end over is believed thank god wanted him to uses light to uplift people and that he did he struck a chord in all of our hearts that continues to play to this day through his words <music> <music> <music> death by misadventure was produced by cosmic media and written by me j._c. Nova are supernatural team of co hosts includes the talented eduardo fahey in london. Tom drei <unk> our master numerology and paranormal investigator in l._a. Paul robinson match i and musician in marin and myself. I'm a psychic astrologer and paranormal investigator in los angeles and san francisco. This episode was recorded at robins sound studios marin california and also at union union recording studio in west hollywood california kudos to sound engineers paul robinson and no shanklin a special thanks to audio producer sir christopher laying in tucson who brings each episode to life and paulina from upper planet in london. She's responsible for the super bowl design official website. She's also the designer for one of our favorite true. Crime podcast case file. Please like and follow us on facebook at w._w._w. Dot facebook dot com slash death by misadventure podcast. Each episode is available for download direct via our website website at death by misadventure dot c._o. Dot u._k. And also at i tunes google play cass box spotify pod bean tune in radio public and stitcher last but not least our podcast hosted by lipson. I'm tracy nova and this has been death by misadventure. Thanks for listening <music>.

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