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"ricky kin" Discussed on The mindbodygreen Podcast

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"ricky kin" Discussed on The mindbodygreen Podcast

"That I will make for myself today. That simple the do you take in Tori at the end of every day since like hold yourself accountable and can but to me. Sometimes that's like more of a to do list. Thang is two. Oh now. I've gotTA DO my gratitude list. And now I've got to. Yeah and then it's like oh I didn't do it yet The energy of that inertia to me. I just want people to be kind and gentle with themselves and show up for yourself because if you don't then you're going to go out into the world with that energy and hope and expect for other people to show up for you and you're GonNa get disappointed so my last question. We were talking about this before you came on but you travel the world you work with all sorts of people individuals groups like. What's The craziest story? You've heard or seen witnessed firsthand. What the power of Rakia can really all my God? This one's crazy I went to a I went to Marianne Williamson Talk That's crazy right there for some people listening before she was running for president. This was years ago. This is probably two years ago so just to be clear. It was two years ago and I was so excited I was going with my friend and as we were walking in she. My friends see somebody. She recognizes they say. Hello in the women's kind of like hobbling and she has a Santa Lan with something wrapped your underfoot and she goes. Oh I'm so she's like I had to come tonight but I I was getting out of a car. Had the most freak accident today. I sprained my ankle. Her Inglewood swollen and I felt this energy comes through me and I we just met and I asked her if I could make her ankle. Were standing outside the theater. And she's like Oh my God yes please. So Rakyat her ankle for probably less than three minutes. We go in. We HAVE THE EVENT. We all leave sake by the next day. My friend texted me and shared a text from her friend. Said who was that woman. Because I woke up this morning and I am completely able to walk. My swelling is gone and I know I had a sprain gone. I don't know what happened. She was so weird out about it. and then there's a little silly ones where the other day. I did a workshop and a girl. It was like three thirty PM. She had a hangover and she said she cried every thirty. Pm exactly maybe. She needs more than the rookie has young and she had a full workday and she said she had tried everything that day. That quote unquote cures hangovers. And I had done ricky workshop. And she's like my hangover is completely gone so I'd never had tried Rakia and now I am an absolute believer while yeah professional sports teams ever reach out. It's funny I've worked with. I'm trying to think of I've worked with athletes before You know they're so. Athletes are so sort of trained in the the matter now So I would love to work with Roy so some of them will try anything to like especially when they have an injury. It's like I'll do anything absolutely and look it goes with everybody. I mean I think there's so much in be Rakia so much more beyond the physical too. I mean ricky kin has I've watched it clear Traumas FOR PEOPLE. I have watched it Especially coupled with the F. T. emotional freedom technique tapping And just overall like micro shifts in practice. I've watched people shift from like a horrible divorce and bankrupt to an amazing love and abundant. You know just. I've seen the abundance in the shifts for people in many ways I've helped not I don't mean to say me but I've I've worked with people who've had a newborn baby and they've had an insane fever and I've sent distance Ricky and the next day the babies out of the hospital you know. So it's just I think part of its intention and prayer. And it's the ricky itself but to me. Every one of us has this ability inside. And it's not something that anyone Needs to feel that there is a barrier of entry to so really last question. I mean at this time. How do we taught how to? How can we all tap into that? We all feel like how do how do we happen? I think I it's a choice. You have to be willing to choose to be open to this. The you know there's there's a willingness because as as you've I'm sure seeing and I know that you like energy work as well and have had your own experiences with it if you weren't open to it and you didn't believe that it would be supportive of you. How much do you think it was actually going to help you right? So it's like anything in life. If you don't think that it's something is possible than it's not going to be awesome so to me. It's it's a mind set it's really a willingness and I grew up Catholic and there's a lot of people that reach out to me asking me about how to balance being religious and having some sort of like a traditional connection to faith and also rocky and practices like Yoga and different things and To me I I have all of it incorporated and it just feels beautiful to me in. It feels abundant feels very connected to be mutually exclusive. Yeah not at all and I think the same thing with doing this on yourself. Ricky might not be the thing for you. It could be a positive meditation and could be acupuncture. It could be a really amazing Kunda. Lena Yoga class it could. There's so many different. Avenues could be walks in nature. There's so many different ways at each of us can tap into this the source energy. It's just about knowing yourself figuring out which one feels right for you. Which one feels like? It's going to be the most supportive for where you are right now. Amen thank you Jason..

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