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"richard ogilvie ogilvy" Discussed on Gangland Wire

"You are listening to gangland wire hosted by former kansas city police intelligence unit detective jerry jenkins good evening. All you wear capris out there tonight. We're going to talk about a bribery attempt of a chicago police officer. I recently had somebody one of our fans. Wire-tappers out author asked me if i'd ever been offered a series bribe and i have to say you know kansas city. We didn't really have that tradition of bribery. By the time i came on in nineteen seventy-one now the nineteen fifties they did a up into the sixties and when we got clarence kelly was a former f._b._i. Agent as our chief of police he really rooted out a lot of the commanders inside liden him. They retired when they realized that <hes> <hes> there's. There's a new sheriff in town jail. We say so that that smaller time bribery <hes> did not exist in the bigger time bribery. I don't know we kelly's one that formed intelligence unit were worked at most of the time and so he started off with two incorruptible guys <hes> rake indian ian in jimmy doolan and like a lot of us we were they were country guys. They were from one of us from stockton. The other now jimmy dylan actually was from up by where i come from. I'm in northwest missouri from a rural area and and it was kind of like. I don't know we didn't really have that tradition. We didn't grow up with that. Tradition of people bill being able to bribe policemen so we didn't take bribes. There were some people at dan we we had our sheriff. Criminals are policemen who were criminals all along. They'd get caught every once in a while but mainly. We didn't have now chicago new york. <hes> is a little different story. There's a long tradition. It's institutional corruption corruption that in a lot of little ways they always took clean joey say clean money as opposed to dirty money never take money from narcotics dealers or <hes> somebody like like my guys if they got outside the the realm of what they were supposed to do like hand heart in chicago william had heart was a longtime police <music> officer sergeant captain went all the way up to commander ran a burglary ring and was really connected closely with the outfit but when a rural rural but a suburban policeman was killed by a couple of mob associated <hes> armed robbers two guys that worked with harry aleman and his crew crew why he made tournament and they had to tell where the body they'd buried displacements body and they had to tell where the body was buried so it kinda like work both th- ways guys who were a little too close with with the outfit <hes> who knows some people as like las vegas. Some people say they liked it when the mob ran it and it was safer nicer nice earners more customer service. I don't know <hes> but <hes> everybody everything is what it is and that's the way it was in kansas city <hes> in my experience but in chicago's a little different experience so i wanna talk about when when joya was coming up and how he got caught up in a bribery attempt by one honest policemen who worked for a sheriff richard ogilvie ogilvy was <hes> was a sheriff that took over he actually hired richard kane and had ended up finding fired him shortly after but they had cooked a cook county sheriff for period of time back in the sixties fifties and sixties i believe and and he was basically he was not corrupt utter. Then you know you got to be a politician you gotta you gotta do certain things to get along but taylor did not allow his guys to to take <hes> the smaller time briberies who who knows i mean he he got run for office again and they take money <hes> for their campaign contributions. I mean that that still goes on up to the day in which allows you access but i'm gonna tell you one story that i thought was kind of interesting interesting about this one honest policemen he was a he was <hes> vice unit officer. He might have been sergeant then really say.

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