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"rich silverstein" Discussed on Bag of Lies

"Yeah right right right okay. Well i guess it's okay to live this young. I guess within reason but see. That's what i episode is about today. What lies across the boundaries when it comes to like lying or embellishing your resume or your background or your story to get a job outright. Lying definitely is not something that i i would hope. People do paul touring. I don't know if you do to know what cheering trains is very common. It's kind of like an active form of deception. That is taking kind of like a half truths and then turning into Into a full truce so in advertising for example it's quite common to someone said it worked on a campaign they'll make it act as if it was their campaign. Which is you know. They technically worked on it. But how much did they do on. It is the is where the deception comes in. So i think people like to take credit for things that they worked on is just whether or not they actually kind of. Were like really doing it at that makes that makes sense. We found a stat. Apparently eighty-one percent of people are lying on their resumes slash in the interview process. Do you think that lying during recruiting is as communist. That like in your experience. Yeah yeah. I think so. I mean there's a lot of places fort- deceptions. there's a lot you know from from. Gpa's as you just mentioned to colleges to You know how long you're added job why you left the job. What your role was at the job. So there's a lot of places in there where it where like people can embellish a little bit and you know full on lying like you know. It's very rare that i'll catch someone in like eight just like you know. They said they went to school that they didn't go to like something that bolt. But you could definitely catch someone saying i went to harvard. And you're like oh great. You know like. Tell me about your graduation. And they're like well. Actually i was only there for a year. You know like fat people. People people definitely put stuff on there to lead you to believe things And then when you talk about a lot of times kind of walk it back a little bit. Have you ever caught anyone in like a really wild like lied during the interview process. Do you have any good stories for us. I'm gonna. I'm gonna tell you a story that i loved it. I haven't told many people and it's it's really a store. It's the story of deception. Which i i don't know what what you're with. The definitions of lies are but i. I see deception and so i'm going to protect some identities here because this is a pretty epic story. I wanna make sure that you know that. No one ever sniffs out who this is. So so it's it was a team. This is about fifteen years ago by the way it's really long time ago. So that's why. I feel comfortable talking about it. Probably about fifteen years ago. They're not from the united states and the flight here was a ten hour. So they're faraway. They're they were creative director team at the time and so they were interviewing normally the interview process. What happens is people come in. We all do our own investigation a needing everything and then the candidates leave and then we talk behind their backs. You know we. We talk behind their backs. We make a decision we will do. We like him to do. Not why do we can you know we we. We talk about this example. This team has just met with rich. Silverstein and rich silverstein who runs our company is instantly in love with them and and says we're going to hire you. You're hired It's six pm at the end of the day and he's like come back tomorrow morning before your flight home it will have all the details figured out. So so these guys are stokes..

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