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"rea  back system" Discussed on Future Thinkers Podcast

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"rea back system" Discussed on Future Thinkers Podcast

"In. We have been working together for a while. He 'cause I imported that story about what she was saying and I was mad at the story. He you know he let some energy. That was like a little difficult. The woman did have some kind of emotional energy and he made a big story The story was like I gave her. I gave her more space than he fought I should have because she was kind of. I knew what she was kind of saying was new agey so he had the story that I was being a favourite to him. Knocked her out what he was fighting with. Nothing in the wrong. He was fighting with the story. That was imported. See his body got him comfortable. And what the mind does is. It serves Reasons for why you might become so all right. It's evolved to say you know is it? This is at and a Lotta Times. Those reasons are just these stories so in storied and so then he started fighting with the with the story instead of just paying attention to what the body was doing and processing that so when I say affects is they're just like everything else they come and they go and they take time they take right there like the like the breast in the heartbeat and if he had stayed at that level it would have just been a rhythm in the space but he jumped the miners up a story. He didn't notice he got into the story really fast. And then then you have more than just the affect. You have kind of a vicious cycle between the story that then then then then turns up the Unpleasant tree in the body so that Stab we we tried to We tried to Do exercises in my course to try to get closer to the Tago when the when the feeling in your body toggles into a story so you get better at better noticing just before that happens you can deal with it at its origin and that's an exercise that people get very very good at a done it and then some people be like. Wow there's proto thoughts I can tell even before it's thought the quality of the The sensation starts to get a little like a little bit like indigestion in. I know that that's GonNa turn into our thoughts so I swallow it then at this really you know you can get really good at this and so you see everything. I'm talking about deconstruct the EGO. But none of the practices talk about the EGO. They just say this is what happens. Can we noticed that you know these are the conditions under which the structures are dissolved? Come you know one thing. I'm noticing a lot in group practices and it happened quite a bit earlier on last year. And we've we've kind of accepted the conversation from that point and I don't think we've really brought it up but there's this question of of when am I done processing my trauma and especially in that group setting like when is it time to put that to bed if that's even necessary and then go out there in the world and do something so this is a really good question and it So get us. Some of the language from rea- Back System. You know she says that there's there's socal of presence where you're learning how to be present with each other to not have so many triggers not have your ego involved not you know all these biases and all these these inadequate ways of discourse conversation. That's a circle of presence. How can we just be five people in a room and start from square one? You know there is no square one. We all have all this baggage and all these reforms ideas all his condition but basically she calls it. The Circle of presence in. We can argue. There is some argument That this is actually a skill at were reclaiming from our past that. We actually used to know how to do this. It's hypothetical.

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