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"ray gaskins" Discussed on The Lemar Show

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"ray gaskins" Discussed on The Lemar Show

"I love the way you still got to say. Passionate though the save passion for the live ten healing the live vibe really gets into your dna your but Yeah but you know with the boy george thing or whatever that gave birth to that whole you know me being seen are then being brought onto that so we we kind of the houses. Yeah i'd say yes. So when i was called by ray gaskins to to play with him Who was the saxophone player for. Roy is at that point. I had done my my tall with boy. George confidence is that the company was there. And i think the fact that i was recommended by this particular person. Kind of just he just out of of things you know the main yet life if he says this is the guy then. that's cool. Yeah you know what i mean. I can trust him and and it was literally my first gig was playing with with ray and his first cousin is jocelyn brown. And and kim zell jenner the main so learn all this material. I don't have to learn. i think. I probably at about ten days or two weeks or something like that. Yeah and So this is before. The internet is the nine hundred ninety five or so lucky. A mobile for a brick. I didn't have my phone. I just got my mobile phone by then but Yes i to me up with him and he gave the cds are for right. I shut myself away. Learn those pieces man learners species go see in him. Play with roy is kinda knew. His vibe genera mean knew he would kind of like. Yeah so i was already kind of much influenced by donald nixon. He toward with. And with roy and stuff so so kind of knew the kind of feel. I should come with yet and we did. The gig was knows as hell but through my theater and acting training i was able to focus my nervous energy. And you just knuckle down and nail the gig review and So i played the gig and he he went man gig yours as long as you want it to mean and winger and fru that that gave you know years you know we had years together. Yeah loads don you just call me up. Hey dino man You know we talk and he said yeah you know going to be doing this thing with roy. What am i say. You know what.

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