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Episode 216 | Storytelling: Frozen Ever After

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Episode 216 | Storytelling: Frozen Ever After

"Welcome to detour to never land where you are the author of own Disney. Story. There's a lot of satisfaction in developing ideas into realities. Indie can find magic in your everyday life. If you do what you really want to do. You feel like you're playing how can you write your first chapter today? Greens figure out where we WANNA go. Is How we get there. I met this way. Your hosts, Brendan and Catherine. Welcome back to detour. Today's episode number two, hundred and sixteen. We're back for another storytelling episode we do these every single Wednesday and our goal here is to help you experience the rides and attractions in the Disney parks in a new way help you feel different emotions or catch the different things that you didn't catch last time. So Katherine this one was actually my choice to pick surprisingly it was. So we're talking about frozen ever after in APP cuts. Yes, and I'm not sure how much to go ahead and share but the couple of things that we kinda focused on where of course, just the history of non even just necessarily will kind of the ride but also just the Norway pavilion a whole some of the things that the imagine years did to kind of bring to life and make it. With this word realistic I guess, and then we talk about just frozen itself as a movie in how that Kinda came to be, and then we're gonNA, finish it off by what is the actual story that is being told by frozen after. So we went into this trying not to mention Maelstrom too much. It's very hard. Is basically impossible because if we're really getting an understanding for the ride and kind of where it came from and some of the origins and just the Norway pavilion as a whole I mean Mellstrom is key in all of that. So let's go and jump into it. Of course, we'll share our listeners stories at the end as well and give our Netherlands score, but just some of the facts to lay the groundwork for frozen ever after. So it was announced on September twelfth two, thousand fourteen. Normally, we don't focus on announcement dates. However, I think this one is very interesting because that was less than a year after frozen came out. They knew they had struck gold. Mansion. So if you think about that timeline, what happened frozen released in November of two, thousand and thirteen, it was the thanksgiving release for that year. So their big blockbuster Thanksgiving release from the animation studio. Almost immediately maybe just a couple of months after ANA analyst started meeting in. Norway in the pavilion. Kind of right next to the bathrooms. A weird spot, but they built out a little area for them to meet and. That Saul massive crowds. Unbelievable crowds. Yeah. I, WANNA say in one of the videos we watched it talked about almost three hour lines just to me on Elsa and I feel like that is unheard of. Unless you're like a special event. So frozen mania was a real thing. So they decided to cash in, and so they made the announcement in two thousand fourteen that they would be replacing. Maelstrom with frozen ever after it took them around two years a little bit less than two years to construct it and open it. It opened the on June twenty first of two, thousand sixteen, which in my opinion is pretty quick turnaround I mean and in a lot of we'll talk about today they didn't have to create a branding ride. They just Kinda put frozen on top of nail storms maybe that has a lot to do with it but I, do think it's a pretty impressive turnaround. So. This is also the only current version of resin after after, but it's believed that the new frozen lands in Hong, Kong Tokyo an pairs. We'll have some sort of ride this. Again donors bowl too much but hopefully, a better version. Just maybe a few extra things and again, maybe the version that we have right now is just kind of like a base point and you know they were using something that they already had. So I would have to assume that if they were building something from scratch, it would be an updated version quick aside I know you guys have probably heard. Louis Barking at this point our dog we apologize. He's very excitable right now very vocal. So we apologize a hopefully he won't bar too many times throughout the rest of the episode but some people have said that they like when Louis makes an appearance malaria go louis officially entered the building. All right. So let's talk about the history of the Norway pavilion and of Maelstrom so. First off, Norway was never supposed to happen and that's kind of a little foreshadowing. To The pavilion into this rides story of kind of a theme that we will continue coming back to. So originally Disney wanted to create a Denmark pavilion and they even built a Denmark themed bathroom as a starting point for the project. So I know some of that structure for the bathroom is still there. I think it's kind of incorporated into the bakery. Portion is that your understanding as well or is it where the Norway bathrooms are now? I don't know honestly I have to go back and look because we watched videos and I feel like they very clearly showed the building. But I honestly never walked through epcot like searching, for Denmark architecture or looking at the bathrooms. So I honestly can't give you an answer right now. So when I open in nineteen eighty two, you would walk from Mexico. There's kind of this blank space blank canvas. You could tell something was coming to in the future. There's this one lonely little bathroom building sitting there before you got to China. So. Originally they wanted Denmark to come and that that idea expanded on itself and they wanted this whole scandanavia portion. So they reached out to Sweden. Finland Norway and Denmark to try to build this. Really expansive. Avian Themed Pavilion. Norway was the only one who could come up with the money It. Is Kinda funny I never even thought about the country's actually putting forth their own money to invest in this will will talk about it a little bit later but obviously, the big thing why country would invest in world showcase is to drive tourism and my wording was probably wrong last time so that they couldn't come up with money they chose not to come up with the money they did not. So they're left with Norway the only one but Disney still didn't let that dream die and you can see it in a lot of the early marketing for win the Norway Pavilion opened up in Nineteen eighty-eight they said Norway the gateway to Scandinavia. I wonder why they were against just saying Norway a guy wonder if they were maybe just holding onto hope or if they thought it would be cooler. It was all of those countries kind of put together and not really sure I. do believe that there was a portion of that. It had already leaked that they wanted more than just Norway. So this might have been a little bit of damage control as well. This is a broader discussion that we can have on world showcase at a later date, but you can also think about they had announced that countries like Spain we're coming as well that never came to fruition. So Norway Open as the eleventh world. Showcase country. In sadly, let's the last one. We've got nineteen eighty-eight was the last installment to showcase of course, been rumors upon rumors for years and years about countries like Brazil coming. Nothing has panned out yet yet. So. It opened like I said June third nineteen eighty eight a little less than six years after Epcot Center open. But maelstrom did not open with the rest of the Land Maelstrom saw delays and they pushed it back a month later to July fifth nine, thousand, nine, hundred, Eighty, eight so. Not Too much longer. But if you think about the conception of male sherm or the inception of an attraction in Norway. They always the imaginary always knew that they wanted to include a ride in this specific pavilion. Specifically, they've really wanted a thrill ride as this was going to be the second installment for attractions in world showcase, which was already kind of a controversial topic, but it would be second to El Rio del Tiempo, which we now know as grain fiesta tour. They were. A lot of the early conceptions did have it as a boat ride however, it was not going to be. For lack of a better term, a boring boat ride because then it would essentially be the exact same as el Rio del Tiempo. So I don't know I. Think it's interesting that. Even, a lot of the early marketing. They said that Maelstrom was a thrill ride. Oh Yeah I mean and I think. In a lot of the other things that we've learned about imagineering and ride designed just over the course of doing this storytelling series, they are very intentional in they're always trying to draw people to certain areas and you know they are looking at it from like a whole park standpoint and by putting a thrill ride in the world showcase, they were trying to get some of those people out of the front of the park and into that back area of the park because. At this time period there wasn't a lot for people to do A lot of people didn't really see the hype. They probably weren't spending a lot of their time there. So I think they really hyped up the thrill factor just in. An effort to get people to actually go back there it is crazy to about how that's what they talk about a lot of times in the early days of Epcot. Everybody's been all of their time in future world in the land in the Seas Pavilion. And Nobody really went back into world showcase and now I feel like it is completely the opposite. You can walk for minutes without seeing anybody in future rolled anymore yet and I mean I think that's just because they put so much effort into festivals and making world showcase such an interesting area where you can see so many things in spend so much time I think maybe in the beginning that was lacking. So, of course, the Maelstrom that we got was not the original concept for what it was supposed to be as originally going to be called sea venture. And some of those early concepts were wild they really. Leaned in to norse mythology into trolls and it was quite weird and some of those early concepts, and of course, we mentioned that Norway was a sponsor at this time. They also had corporate sponsors. And so they. Previewed this. The concept art and and for what they wanted to build, and they did not buy it whatsoever. No I mean, and it makes sense if you think about it that they want people to want to go to Norway, they don't just want people to view Norway as like this. You know interesting crazy mythological place like they want to put their best foot forward So it makes sense. So if you think about the Maelstrom. Story for lack of a better term. It might be a good time at this point if you wanted to pause, please come back but pause and go watch appeal V of Maelstrom just. So you're familiar with some of the scenes that took place spare but that discussion between the diplomats in between the corporate sponsors in the imaginary led to kind of this hodgepodge between trolls, norse mythology but also real life scenes from Norway such as polar bears and oil rigs. And Yeah. It's interesting when at reading what some of the imagine years had to say in what they actually came up with they kind of went with what they call a time travel. Things that they could squeeze all of these things into this one ride. So it is very interesting. It's very different but I felt like once we kind of research had a better understanding for what the ride was trying to show. kind of made sense. Kind of. It was still kind of a hodgepodge I will always agree with that but the oil rigs were weird though oil rigs were weird and something that we didn't mention earlier is it was kind of their oil rigs that caused the ride not to open on time because that's where they wanted the thrill they wanted it to be like lightning and. Waves crashing in. Buckets of rain like you're in some kind of. You know storm they had a tesla coil and they were spraying water at you. And somehow they thought that was a good idea I thought maybe we shouldn't make electricity and water. Yeah. So that's where they had some issues too but ultimately. I mean. meltzer is pretty cool ride. There's also some urban legends I I guess there are religions at this point about some of those early concepts when they were doing these soft openings and they had the thrill turned all the way up at the very beginning that they said a reporter fell out of the boat one time on one of these rides and people came off. So from head to toe like worse than Splash Mountain worse than Kali. River. Rapids like they were even giving people punch before they went onto the attraction that you know that leads well into the gift store where you can buy those very, very expensive Norwegian jackets. They were onto something. There were one step ahead of the gift shop game. They need to put it before you ride there. So. As kind of the inception of how Maelstrom came to be it sat in back portion of Norway for over twenty five years before eventually decided to replace it with frozen. And you know obviously, they were following the money at that point that also are killing it in the meet-and-greet side merchandise is a gigantic deal for frozen and so they decided to ultimately pull the plug on it. There are still there still a few nods to Maelstrom that you can find in Fresno never after I it is pretty much besides the very very beginning portion of it. The exact same track as Maelstrom and I, think it's actually the same track just move the loading and unloading zone, right? Yeah. They made it so that you load and unload in the same spot whereas in Maelstrom, you had your own section and they kind of pushed everything back. So the frozen ride the. I guess the story of the ride starts earlier than it did with Maelstrom. And just for. To be technically correct you do load and unload different spots on frozen but they're in the same room they're back to back. Okay. Yes. It's not like that it's all open correct It's not like pirates where it's completely different earns that's l.. Maelstrom was setup. Yes. So. Same track in the queue, you can see woodcarvings in part of Aaron del Valle depicting the polar bear scene for a Maelstrom. I've heard that you can see puffins somewhere to which puffins were part of Maelstrom. I. Haven't seen him. Anybody knows where the puffins. Sorry let me know maybe their next to the polar bear and I've just been fascinated by the polar bear and missed it. Honestly, we haven't spent too much time in the frozen ever after Q. It's been a while honestly because it is one that if you're going to epcot, you would typically grab a fast past what is that? I know now it's not a thing but. I mean you would usually. Last one I thought was pretty cool. It was when you're climbing the waterfall So frozen ever after it's depicting that you're climbing into. Else's Ice Castle in Maelstrom you're climbing a waterfall. and. It used to be that the light was shining through Odinga's I. Yeah. That Odin. From four and I guess from Doors Horses Holiday Brendan. Norse. Mythology pull it for marvel. Definitely. Okay. One hundred. That's how that time line worked out They cut that same light and they just put an ice castle over top of. Which? Say It's cheap. I mean Disney knows how to save money and make money I'll give him at. So. That is kind of the background for how Mellstrom started how it ended. How frozen came to. Be. And there's just a couple of points that I wanNA make based off of the discussion that we've had so far so. As with many rides and we've we've had this discussion time time before is that the ride that got pushed to production and out to the public was not with the imaginary it. and. I think you see a lot of these stories where that happens. that. I don't know of resentment is the right word. But. When they see an opportunity to pull it back. They, take it a lot of times. Well I, I would agree with that because you know these imagine Yars, I can imagine they take a lot of pride in their work in their creativity in that kind of freedom to do. So and I can imagine it's never really a fun process to kind of have to give that up in a way just to fit you know maybe the agenda of someone else that you're working with and it definitely doesn't give them that same kind of ownership that they would have over something that maybe they had complete creative freedom over. I do think it probably made Maelstrom little bit easier to let go. Instead, of the executives and the diplomats from their sponsors and from Norway kind of handcuff them on their creative freedom. So I can't speak for the imaginary us. But if I was in their position, I would feel that way that you're not completely satisfied with how everything played out. Well. There's always that like what if you know? So I also want to point out because I honestly don't WanNa talk about the rest of the episode because it's that horrific. The movie that they made you watch for a period of time they made you watch it after mouse trump just like they make you go into a store and then it became optional after that and then some days they didn't even run it. But the movie that followed Maelstrom. I will go on record and say that was the most board I've ever been in my entire life. I. Honestly don't ever remember watching it. Maybe every time I only road maelstrom maybe the Ri- or the movie wasn't showing after the ride and we just got to skip it but I do not remember that I remember vividly as a child when they would make you watch out in which I know that's quote unquote. There were people that get A. Found a way my family rule followers he stayed. We stayed and we watched and I would go kicking and screaming into writing Maelstrom not because I dislike the ride. Which I kind of did it was scary for me. but because I didn't WanNa Watch the stupid movie at the end. It released in nineteen, eighty eight with the ride and I feel like it was almost immediately outdated. Yeah and I did read some of that in some of the things that I read just that you know at one point as that transition between the Norway pavilion having sponsors and then it turning back over to Disney, you know there was the option for the video to get redone and some people offered to do it for free. But Disney wanted Norway to pay for it and there was a lot of disagreement about who was GONNA pay for this new update in an eventually they just got rid of it. They knew it needed to be updated. We knew it needed to be updated. But it just never got done up. So a couple of other things that were in the works that ultimately led to maelstroms demise were sponsorships pulled out. So long before this, I can't remember what year it was but I think it was before the two thousands. I don't remember it wasn't very long that both Norway and their corporate sponsorships pulled out from funding the pavilion. So latte. Left it all on Disney but it also freed them up where they don't have to watch tourism numbers as much NC correlations between people who visit. And people who go to Norway. And so I think that also freed up, you know maybe some ties that they previously had. and. Then one last question that we can move in its discussion that we probably have to have at some point during this episode. Is. I used to be team intellectual property in gun. I thought the more the Merrier I go to Disney to see. Disney characters. And I feel like learning the story of Maelstrom in the Norway Pavilion has rattled me a bit on that stance. Alamos really reconsidering that. that. I don't know hearing the Prince of Norway speak at the opening. Made. Me Realize how. How much effort and Strides were making were make. Making. Were made to give you a real cultural representation of these countries. And so. I don't know I. Don't know if you're stances chance. either. But just something to think about. Yeah we did have this conversation and you know maybe after we finish sharing everything that we researched, you'll have a better idea and you can kind of make your own decision but I do appreciate more of the time and effort that went into the planning of the Norway. Pavilion in making accurate and you know the research and all of that, I'm always very interested in that same thing with you know animal kingdom and everything that we talked about over there. But I do think still that there is room for both like I don't mind so much having an intellectual property ride but maybe keeping everything else culturally appropriate. If that makes sense because I do think there's room for both and I think you know maybe it's just a good gateway to get kids interested in the different. In the different countries in going back into world showcase and giving them something to look forward to that, they can kinda grow up with I. Think there is room for that but you know even in my research I think Disney does a really good job of even trying to. You know show some of those cultural features, angiographic features of Norway in frozen. So it's not like they just throw something together and completely forget about the history or the background. That's kind of where I think there's still room for both where I get hung up on though. Is If you look at the gift shops. This is about the only one. That is pure Disney Merchandise Disney, licensed plush dolls jammed down your throat. You don't really see that in too many other pavilion gift shops. Met The I don't necessarily agree with that because once you get past the frozen down your throat, they do still have like the troll gift shop where they still sell. They're really expensive jackets and Cologne people love that. Cologne, for some reason really yeah, that's interesting. We'll have to smell it sometime, but they do have a small portion of like Norway authentic merchandise. I don't think it's probably nearly as popular as the frozen merchandise, which is why they put so much of it there, but they still have it. I. Guess my point is Moulana opens up in two days. Do you. Think you're GonNa Find Milan merchant the China Pavilion. Mary small amounts. Exactly. I don't know. It's two different movies though you can't compare Mulan like this to frozen. I don't know that's just where I keep getting hung up. Fairness. Though the next thing that I wanted to talk about was just some of the research that imaginary did for the Norway Pavilion because I do think it's important to kind of set the scene for where the ride is located and again, just to kind of showcase some of the care and attention to detail that these imaginary put in to this space. So first off some notable imagine irs we have just Jeff Burton was the Maelstrom Project Manager. Bob Kurtz will? Kurtz. We'll who was the attraction designer for Maelstrom we're going to do a whole episode of Catherine tries to pronounce names it in the bloopers in the back isn't a long day. I'm still teaching. You know I'll just use that as my crunch. I can't say the kids names either. But. He also came up with the idea of time traveling through the history of Norway. So thank you bob for that. Bright Joe Rhody, who I had to mention as soon as I saw, his name is just lit up he designed the boats as some of his very first concept work as an engineer. So jodie. Had Assay in Maelstrom and then because it's the boats he had to say in frozen. Maybe. The boats is the extent of that stay I don't know exactly but. Drug you as a frozen guy. Necessarily but. With some of the things that we're GONNA. Talk about I think it might be up his alley and that was just bonus points to me. So frozen just went up a couple notches because Joe Rhody touched it and then Jack Fergie's built the model for the ride vehicle ship and sculpted some of the designs for the polar bears and that was the last project that he did before he retired though some big names, how much would you pay for one of those polar bears now? What will we do with that? They were huge. Put It in our bedroom helmet, God. No, that's terrifying. That's like people who have stuffed bears and. You know like things that they shoot like in their house. That's terrifying. I. Want the polar bear from Maelstrom or okay. How about a puffins? Would take. A puff and speed. The Norway Pavilion itself is designed to look like a typical Norwegian village and it actually teaches four different styles of Norwegian architecture. Here we go. It's the sets the doll. These you do this show a stall. Either rest. Bergen style Oslo Style and a loosened sil-. Out A of that. But for different kinds of architecture, and of course, in order to actually study these types of architecture, they made a trip over there. They did their research, they wanted it to be as accurate as possible and other features of the Norway pavilion include the Stave Church which is based on the. Wealth Twelve AB Gol Stave Church which is in Norway, and this is a small little church. I don't know how often people go in there because usually when we're in there, it's completely empty. But that's where you can actually learn more about the norse mythology and you can see the real backgrounds of people like Odin and thor and Loki. Not, the Marvel version, the actual mythological version. Which is pretty interesting and it talks now some others as well. But those are the big names of course, and then it also hosts the accuracy use restaurant which resembles and is named after the ACURA shoes fortress in Oslo. Place me. Do, they have real princesses there. I would doubt it that came later buffet. No definitely not is it a mask relaxations? Getting carried away. But this Kinda also carries over into the research that Disney did for frozen though before we're actually going to get into the story of frozen ever after we have to talk about frozen and frozen is loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tale. The Snow Queen and loosely is the keyword there because here in just a second, I'm going to tell you the story of the Snow Queen and it is vastly different and very, very strange this. was published in eighteen, forty five maybe that has something to do with it but they Disney being day opted to take the sister family approach in telling the story because they needed to better develop the characters and they needed to have a better story line. So instead of just following one person by following on a Elsa and their differences, it kind of made for a better story which I mean I love it. So it is a better story. Are you ready for this Brinton with? The background on the Snow Queen itself. This is the story of two young playmate. So you have a boy named Kai in a girl named Gerda. Satan. Yes and his demons carry around a mirror that shows people that ugliness inside themselves but it gets broken when they attempt to fly up to heaven. Therefore, all of these mirror shards fly around earth and randomly affect people when they hit them and it basically causes them to see only the worst in people. And it causes crazy erotic behavior nude swings crazy things. The one day when Kai in Gert are playing outside one of these mirror pieces lands in KYW's I- tragic and kyw cruel aggressive and the only thing he cares about now is snowflakes. Weird very weird. You only cares about snowflakes I guess because it's knowing and that's what he can see through these mirror pieces that are now in his eyes. kyw Is al in the town just kind of wandering around and he gets taken by the Snow Queen. which kind of alludes to the snow queen being a villain at one point in time, Disney was actually considering making elsa the villain. Fun Fact. So this no queen carries him off on her sleigh and kisses him twice one time to numb him from the snow. Thanks for that Snow Queen and then the second time to make him forget about the people that they're leaving behind Gerda of course is heartbreaking being his friend when the townspeople insists that he probably just died in the nearby river they just assumed they didn't go look for him and Gerda does want to believe the townspeople. So instead, she decides to go out to search for her lost friend and who does she take along with her? A Reindeer Gerda in a reindeer, go out to find Kai and they save him with the power of love. So. Right there. In that last sentence, you can basically see. A big majority of what Disney pulls from the actual Snow Queen. We've got a reindeer and we have love conquers all basically do we have a snowman? I did not read about any snowman. Now marshmallows no no loss. So, miserable original. Those are all original. So you know most of the story line for frozen is original because again it's pulling very very loosely. But that is just in case you're wondering what is the Snow Queen There it is. So basically, after Disney had that understanding of the Snow Queen and kind of develop their characters, they needed to get some realistic inspiration and this is what I love so much about Disney and you know what that means. It means they have to go on trips. They went to some pretty interesting places. Typically, you just think they're going to go to Norway, but they did not just go to Norway. They sent the animators to Wyoming. So that they could become familiar with walking in snow. And they came up with all kinds of very interesting techniques because of it so that they could get. You know if you've ever walked through snow kind of that sinking as you go through those different levels. So I thought that was pretty cool. They sent lighting in art teams to go to an ice hotel in Quebec to see how the light reflects in racks on snow and ice, and then finally they traveled to Norway together inspiration for the look of the film. So that's when they took in a lot of things for the. Geography Ice Mountains Water fjords they incorporated all of those things and if you look at pictures of Norway and compare them to this scenery that UCF frozen I, mean they're spot on and then they also took smaller things like clothing and architectural features and incorporated that into the movie. I hate to be that guy but but then they took everything that learned and didn't put any of it into this ride. But it's on the outside. So went away. You know it's in the pavilions still. Yeah but. If you think about we're about to talk about the scenes frozen ever after. Everything about them. You don't Seaney fjords. You don't see any mountains. You see a bunch of ice and a bunch of screens for backdrops. We're starting to catch a glimpse set maybe how you really feel about this ride. Maybe. Maybe just a little. Let's talk about the story of frozen ever after. So I was actually kind of unfamiliar with this story and you guys may be more familiar with it than I am but the ride commemorates the anniversary of the day that Queen Elsa saved her sister at this point in the story and the time line she's still Princess Ana of Leasing Fresno by now. And through her unselfish act of true love shoes able to save her sister. The story goes that to celebrate Elsa planned on an official summer snow day and has invited all of us in all of Arundel to take part in the celebration. So you enter into earned L. at the beginning of the queue while you walk through the Wandering Oakland Trading Post, and Sauna. Openness in there saying you who in this family in there two with them sometimes yeah. I mean you get different scenes depending on when you walk through. So sometimes, it might be just him other times. It's the family, but there's always a you who So you see, that's the staple of the Q. The rest are just kind of various buildings that are. Scattered throughout Aaron del You then board onto your boat and you encounter Olaf and spend singing. Do you WANNA build a snowman before GRANDPA. Is telling little pebbles, the story rental trolls of on an se I think they're a little pebbles a little trouble pebbles. After You Pass grandpappy. You ascend in else ice pilots where then you find Olaf again and you see. Christoph and since spin singing for the first time in forever. After you pass, they're seeing to gates open where else agreed to you with. Let it go. And once you've reached her, she cast a spell for lack of a better term moves the ice. I. Guess as a better he uses her magical powers and she moves your boat over and pushes you backwards down. Or. Then you. End Your sent by being cornered by marshmallow and the other little marshmallow vets. They have a correct term I don't know one is. and. Then you switch over to go forward again were you go down find the big? Finale of ANA LC, Elsa and OLAF singing in summer. So. Did you know that story beforehand? I did just because I had read about just the right itself before just briefly nothing crazy. But I did know it was an original story. You know they're not just retelling frozen, which is what a lot of dark rides do. So I did appreciate that. Kind of twist on just a typical dark ride that they did a little something different And I mean I guess I knew that really the whole purpose of their ride was just to bring you up to else's ice palace into celebrate. Because they kind of mention if you listen closely in the words, it's not the exact songs. I mean they do change the lyrics a little bit to kind of reflect what happening like I think at the very beginning Olaf says something about how you're celebrating in. That's why you're going up to the Ice Palace. I just think like for both of us. A big theme of attractions that we really really enjoy is that the story starts unfolding. and. You get glimpses into what is happening before you get on the ride vehicle. And I don't necessarily think that happens here. Because Erin del cannot creep out into the Norway pavilion. So that is still keeps its integrity. As a Norway pavilion whatever's left. and. You're not really encountering anything else throughout the queue to give you a glimpse into what's happening. There's one. Sign. One poster right when you walk in yes. That I can picture right now and I don't know what exactly says but it is some kind of declaration about how you are being invited in and on a normal day you know it's if the line is moving faster. If you had a fast pass, you would definitely probably just walked by not read it but I do know there is one piece of signs. In the front like in that front room can area that says something about you know celebrating because of else's selfless act. So I think it is easy to Miss I. Think maybe they could have put more like flyers out or something like it was like a town festival or decree or you're being invited maybe there would be more invitations just to make sure that everybody understood what was going on but that's really the only thing that stands out to me as far as like you said, setting the scene for what's taking place in telling that story. So think the only other time that you really get a glimpse into it on the ride. Is I think Olaf has maybe a line at the very beginning and then grandpappy. Telling the story to the young trolls. Yeah. But. Other than that you sort of have to piece it together yourself I. Think. Yeah once you get past that I seen in especially once you do reach Elsa I mean it's her singing. Let it go which I liked song obviously like the movie but that's what it is. She singing let it go. She pushes you back. You see a lot of projections in snowflakes and then when he reached marshmallow, you know I don't know really how he progresses the story. He gets you back down the mountain in. The. I mean I think that's his purpose. So I always thought that he said, let it go last time you wrote it. You wrote without me you thought he said something different. I. Couldn't understand what he said last time but I bought from memory that he said get out or something like that. He definitely didn't say get out this pastime that I wrote it. So I honestly have no clue what he said I'm almost positive. He says let it go. That's I. Don't know I could not understand him this last time I wrote I love if anybody knows what he says, I would love to know what he said because I could not catch it and it is not get out. So I'll can leave my. I was GONNA tell leave my opinions out of this but I guess we're past that point. Well, we're about to give our Neverland's score at first we gotta hear from our facebook friends. So if you would like next week for us to share your score and your stories from this attraction over to our facebook group at detoured in Ireland podcast community, the linked to that is in our show notes as go join us over there every Monday or Tuesday we post what ride we are doing, and you can share your score for to read on Air so I off is Jake. Who made this scoring system for us has never been on frozen ever after or Maelstrom. While he said, he doesn't remember, Maelstrom There's a chance he got to write it as a kid like we did and it just like when over his head. So. I Know Jake is coming down pretty soon to Disneyworld maybe he'll get on I know for after we'll have to get his. Fresh opinion. Yes. His score for us. So our foreign, Catherine said she gave it a four point, two five I loved Maelstrom and cannot mention resin without talking about it too as far as updating. I'm not sure how they'd updated I guess it's good to point out that I pose some questions people as well. Saying, can you talk about this right without mentioning Maelstrom, do you think it needs to be updated frozen to are the animatronic too creepy for you And do you know what the story is? You'll see some responses to those props here. Make Sense. Erica said okay when I went in two thousand sixteen, it was changing over so we never got to ride the original which is sad we didn't know what it would. We didn't know it would go backwards so that was a surprise but we did think animation looked very odd from most angles and she gave it a five and a half Sean gave it a five. So similar scores at amateur onyx are really impressive never breaks down like Maelstrom, but I would never stand by. Line this attraction that's Bavarian Pretzel Time in Germany March. You know you gotTa keep moving. You GotTa get through world showcase your enough I will say that little bakery Norway though has some really good things. We typically would eat their breakfast when we were the crazy people who would like run back there to ride frozen on vacation they have some really good breakfast back there. You remember the good old days of roped dropping frozen river after people lost their minds. We were literally those people. We've done some pretty shady stuff to get on rides me and Liz running through the parking lot to get a rise boarding pass you in me writing a running back to get in line for frozen. Rewrote drop. Here's a lot of running in Disney. We've never fought a passage. Now now, maybe we just need that that would be far out there for us. We can't run that fast. Stacey said she gave it a six point two five. I'm always at Disney with kids. So that may influence this I love this ride I never went on Maelstrom but I did watch a ride through of it and it looks like it was a little creepy third anyone who love that ride frozen is by far the biggest draw for little kids is the perfect addition to world showcase I. Don't think it needs everything, but it would be fun to see frozen two elements added in eventually. So a lot of things that we talked about as far as kids and Just the right overall. I will say our niece love this run will. She falls into the kid category. Yep Lawrence. Said I give it a four point, seven five. It's fine. But the animatronic projection faces are creepy and basically a sucker for a dark water ride though loved Maelstrom as a kid. So this is a downgrade. And then Ryan said I. Think Ryan was channeling my exact opinions okay. Most of this, he said a solid five based on the chart the animatronic are fine. They just don't photograph well, and they certainly looked better than the general hugs animatronic resistance. That's another discussion for another day. As far as the story, you're going to visit Elza in her eyes castle and then she send you back to Arundel proper. There's also a great little bit with Olaf. You don't always here where he says he doesn't know the words to the song on Christopher singing. Yes. So right when you get into the Ice Palace, there's that little where he's ice skating and he his dialogue is funny you have to listen to avert next. Normal. People can talk about this attraction without mentioning Maelstrom but Disney fans surely can't for what it's worth Maelstrom had less of a story. It was just a showcase of things that corporate sponsors wanted followed by the most boring film presentation and world showcase. Right there. Synopsis of everything. So that's it from facebook. So we thank everybody for submitting their scores and their opinions. I think I agree with everybody? Yeah. All Right Catherine. What is your score? I gave this a six and I do wish I could have rated it a little bit higher but I just don't think all of these things were there I completely agree with you I don't know how I didn't bring it up earlier but I agree with everyone who mentioned the animatronic because I do not like them I. Honestly don't like the whole projection on the faces I'm a sucker for a real animatronic just think they're cooler. You're on a roll of saying animatronic correctly we'll knock on wood. See I think the same style as the one that using seven yours mine I think it works there. For some reason it doesn't work here I almost think. It's I hate to say this. No I hate to say this argue closer to the ones in the frozen ride is that why? Is it look weird like up close. I don't know to me what I always about it is especially on it because she's a little bit Tanner Than Elsa. There is such dark contrast between the light hitting her face and like her jaw line you can see the makeup line. Yes. She didn't blend very well. I know what the word was. Go She need more contour that right she probably has too much Oh too much contour. I. Appreciate. But my top score was honestly just smiling from ear to ear. So the smile factor because it does make me smile I mean how could you not? I think my lowest scores well, they were all kind of in the same category but nostalgia again because it is a new ride and then I'd say. Just like real factor I, just kind of thrilling because there are some drops but in the grand scheme of things. Not Super Thrilling. I gave it. This is probably the biggest discrepancy we've ever had I gave it a four and a half. So our point and a half off from each other. I was pretty much middle the road like may almost everything. The only thing that I scored a pretty high an was fast paced worthiness. That's just just because of how epcot lays out. Well, and it's interesting because we had this conversation before we started to record that this is probably the first and maybe last will see ride that the research actually made us dislike the ride more like typically when we do our research and we get to learn about the stories in the history of the rides, it gives us a better appreciation and you know that's like what we saw for Kali River rapids. But for this ride, we could almost appreciate the effort that went into the Norway pavilion and mouse from more than effort that went into frozen and. Maybe. It's just because we like the history part of it, but not that we don't like the ride but. I do almost wished that we could've kept both. Will that was my point and that's what I put in my notes is that I think it is possible to think these two things at the same time. It was time for Maelstrom to go. And frozen ever after should not be there. I think it should have been replaced something else or Maelstrom show got an update but frozen is worthy something so much more than a boat ride and Epcot. And not even its own boat ride just a re skinning of a previous attraction. An. Oh I see what you're saying. Where do you think this would fit better. There's two places that stand out to me. I think you could make it work in Hollywood studios. Okay. You have a toy story land already broken that barrier that you build immersive lands. In Galaxy's edge as well. So Knockdown Indiana Jones, put it going out that way. Okay I. Don't know how the geography lights albums is probably not much rain there but anyway. I think Hollywood, studios work. But for me if you if you just getting one attraction, that's fine. I. Think Fantasy Land. Would make more sense. HOW WOULD YOU BE? Okay so we kinda mentioned that beginning. There are all of these frozen lands coming to Hong Kong Tokyo and Paris. Would you be okay of storybook circus went away when we got Arundel. Me Personally, yes. Because I'm super jealous of anyone getting a frozen land I think it's just going to be stunning. but. They dumbo back there that would be so hard to do. Well. Yeah you had. You would almost have to reconfigure that and push it back in the train back there. What train. No we haven't had the train is always there I know. A lot of things not the train, but we haven't had in so long. I miss it, I know. I think that would be a good spot for I completely agree with Fantasyland but I don't I don't know how you could get rid of storybook circus. Okay One other problems we can play this game all day. Good but Princess Fairytale Hall. Who Cares about that? Yeah that could go I. Just wonder if it would be big enough that used to house. What was there? Yeah but that was so small in Disneyland is so Smarr I'm just saying. There's there's things in fantasy land that not many people enjoy anymore. And I think frozen would fit into that. Very nicely. I could see that. And I just I think it's cheap to put in an epcot. And I feel like that's harsh terminology. On like. We hate when Disney makes these corporate moves of something that you can see as purely money driven. This one's money driven. It is and I think you know the time line shows us that the I guess kind of money saving things that they did by just overlaying on Maelstrom and even keeping a lot of those same things like you said with is I in that first scene and just putting the castle on top of it I mean there are a lot of things that show us that but Hopefully. Next time you ride maybe you'll catch on some of those things. Maybe you'll find a puffins for us. Next thing to look for big ice by and. I don't know maybe we'll keep doing research and we'll find out more. Yup. Just one last thing i. just feel like the story there's such a deep story that you could tell with Fresno traction and I think they missed it here. Just, from a storytelling us back this week. I agree and disagree, I, think I appreciate that it's a new story. I. Don't maybe think that they executed it as well as they could have I mean because having celebration. For this act this act of selflessness. Love you know whatever you WANNA call it. I think maybe they could have done a little more with it. 'cause aren't even know what other kind of story they could come up with I. Mean it's Disney. So I'm sure they could come up with anything but I appreciate it that it's a new story. I don't necessarily agree that it's done in the best way. So. Hopefully this was helpful. Overly spark. Some good discussion made you think a little bit. Next time you ride it. If there's something that we missed completely, let us know something that would help us get a deeper appreciation for because that is our whole goal here. Next week Catherine what attraction do you want to do? We're headed to Hollywood studios we are. So for next week I choose star tour's. Probably another one that we have to talk about Disneyland and Hollywood studios simultaneously. So we will do our best to catcher that another some deep deep history about how star tours came to be and it was a deal. So we will try to capture that next week on next Wednesday's episode on Monday. We have another interview with you guys with Shannon from second star collective. So we look forward to sharing that with you. Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week and a wonderful weekend, and we will talk to you next Monday. You listening to Detour Neverland make sure. You enjoyed the show between episode. You can find us on instagram at detoured and every land or visit detoured ever learn dot com. We appreciate you letting us be part of your day. So you real soon.

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#28 Frozen Ever After

The Ride Through Pavilion

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#28 Frozen Ever After

"Casts. The goes? From? Digital. Rise Bidding. Welcome. Everybody to a brand new episode of the Ride Through Pavilion, my name's Jeremy I'm Amy I'm Fianna and as always somewhere around here down in his room is Liam he's special needs adult son who loves going to Disney just as much as we do but he's not able to express all of his opinions on microphone so we'll do that for him. Hey. We're glad she joined us. This is the podcast takes you right through detailed no hyper detailed ride through of your favorite Disney attractions. You can experience that magic no matter where you are embroiled boy, do we need to be given that magic now help me out every staring at me like. Over this, Jeremy. Yeah. Let's see. These disneyworld open and it's open to to handful of people well. It's open to everyone you meet certain requirements unfortunately because of Liam. He literally will not tolerate the mask. So number one, let me say Yay Mask Goma's man. unfortunately because they are required to Disneyworld, we've not been able to go in the very long haul. Let three canceled three trips. We've gotten a refund on our. Annual. Pass, because we're just not sure if we should be paying for it and then not going and we had an opportunity to refund it. So that's what we. Re Sad. and. Maybe once we'll get back into it as soon as we're able to in the meantime, we're able to go on these kinda right throughs. Together, and we hope that you can experience a magic along with a so. Tell the folks. What are we doing a right through of today which attraction? Family ever after We're going. Down the icy slopes of Erin Dow in frozen ever after. Frozen ever after a controversial. Ride to be sure. Yes. But. Hey that great but great preview we. And before we do that, we do have a few bits of business to take care of the first one is. Shout out to our sponsor. This finding has today. Well, today's episode is sponsored by Disney World facebook groups do post that constantly ask everyone where they're from what about someone asking you which Disney name they should give their new car. Then a Disneyworld, facebook group just might be for you. Disneyworld facebook groups. Yeah I like that one. I. Think you should say Ernie time the word facebook. Why Maybe, we'll get an extra fifty cents from. facebook right. Like they give they don't give out money they take money. Oh. Okay. What I do never mind Anyway. So do. What? I'm feeling quite. Chilly Oh thirsty, thirsty, or Chili or both. Bit of both but mostly thirsty sounds to me like we need to take a little walk. You Walk on over to the Rights Through Pavilion Refreshment Ports Leagues, they're barely, Gallon Y. Thirsty. If anything your legs are atrophied from just not doing anything for the last seven months. Doing stuff actually we have. We got an update on that in a minute but anyway. Every episode we liked to you know we like to mix up a little cocktail mock tail to celebrate the attraction that we're riding through and today's no exception Today we have a special frozen themed cocktail and it is called. Do you WANNA drink a snowman and I'll tell you what this thing is just simply roughshod. It's rump Chata and fireball whiskey. And then you can for a little if you want as usual up a little bit, you can't slices. Little lump of coal just floated in the activated Carbon No then you can. you can put like sugar and. Cinnamon It's This a little too good. Any Fiona. What's the mock tale? I am drinking offs. Warm Hug which is all. Not, nothing too special is just. London fog, which if you don't know what to London fog is earl grey tea and Mel. Frost up this. Froth, milk We'll splash of vanilla extract and or if you know what beans. Me Mia but Vanilla Syrup. That's even better because Nathan just do pump of that in skip the sugar. That's not skipping the sugar. I mean putting the sugar I always mess up. Speed speed. Hot drinks either I do I like both sweet and hot drinks. Sweet in. Hot. But not like overly sweet like or overly hot. Hey. I mentioned that we had update. 'cause exciting one. Yeah. People are probably thinking a regular listeners are probably where have you guys been? We actually have recently purchased a house and we moved to and. Boy What an ordeal that was so between. Quickly packing and moving, and then slowly unpacking and doing stuff to the house and just getting life. back to normal That's been a nice distraction. Because of Liam's condition, we we really have chosen not to get out of the house very much. We're very fortunate that like we can do church online and my my work I work from online, and so we've been able to kind of stay isolated to a certain extent but it's been nice to have the new house for sure with all the canceled vacations that we talked about and just all the weirdness going on. This has been a very nice move. So we are we are homeowners and it's been a while. So it's it's been. Wow. So anyway, that's that's what's going on with us. Who's going on with you? Sh- I'm starting list. So listener is talking to US I Ruth Tar. Cool. That's great. That's great. Well, good luck with that I. Hope. Or I'm sorry. We need to give it. Oh. Sorry. Listen listen. It gets better. It does get better and in fact, we know it gets better because right now we're about to jump into. The. Frozen Lake Frozen Lake that we call frozen ever. All right, we got some stats as usual. The, before we get into the stats, amy's going to give us the official Disney world. Website. Description of this attraction. Hoist the sales and Aaron deal aboard and anxious Norwegian vessel as you set into the wondrous wintery world of frozen. Excellent thank you. Man. I. Get vessel. WILL YOU BE VESSEL It is of course located in Epcot World Showcase Pavilion in Norway. The Norway Pavilion, it opened on June Twenty First Two Thousand Twenty Sixteen two thousand sixteen all the way to say it. And of course, it replaced the previously. Enjoyed by some especially since it went away, people love it now. But Anyway Mousetrap Yup and then Yeah. Let's see. We know it's a log flu mariah right It's an ancient Norwegian hoisting sales. Vessel. And then the drop is twenty eight feet. Drop, which we'll talk about the length and total of the whole flu is nine, hundred, sixty, four feet two, thousand riders per hour can go through that. the vehicle type, Viking boat of course, and riders per vehicle sixteen rose for and Blah Blah Blah. That's being a little generous for. No sixteen passengers. People on. Do. I. Was Heard See. Yeah. I do not sorry that just tickled. I didn't finish fast, passes available. It is wheelchair accessible however, you must transfer from the wheelchair. Bound to Ren- Oklahoman. You must transfer from share. And also hand-held captioning is available. Yeah Oh. That's fun. Yeah. That is nice sometimes fun times. So We have traveled over. We have traveled over to epcot into Norway getting ready to jump on. But I think this is a perfect place on a perfect time to introduce one of our new. New. New New. This is a very nu NU NU NU NU. New. When I assume Fianna was first born she was really starting to Kinda like is. I I. Okay. Relatively speaking she's seventeen now when she was first born. Within a year or so of her being. She really just became a strong willed child. But she loved teletubbies and so I came across a DVD that I thought might kind of helped her become aware of you know obeying and. and so I looked in and I bought it and I brought it home and I told Amy I'm like look I found this great video, I think she's going to like it. It's called noddy. No No uh-huh. I did enjoy I didn't learn anything from it. Now turns out that Neil was a pudding machine or something vacuum Oh. Okay. Oh my goodness new as pudding machine also, it's teletubby. custard that's right I. Don't know if that's the it's custard though not put. Yeah. So here's our new new new segments on that wasn't it has nothing to vacuum cleaners or teletubbies. No but I'm sure that all of you have heard of the the Hoop de Doo review at at. At at the Disney World Magic Kingdom near off magic kingdom. Well, we have a new segment called Whoop de do reveal. Gentlemen Blind in girls following laxed poetic about our favorite is. Attraction, we want to be your worst review. Your hot you're tired and you've spent a lot of nutty. Something to say so let's get to now. that's right. It's called Whoop de do review. This is where we dig into the world of reviews product reviews, place reviews, and we dig out some of your most interesting reviews in well, but there's a ton out there. So we had to find a way to really narrow it down and we thought well, let's just those one star reviews like we're GonNa tell you how great it is. Yeah. Anybody can go and enjoy, and we can tell you how good is we we want to give a give voice to the people who may may not enjoy it. Not to do it for whatever reason. So. WE'RE GONNA use a couple of sources we can go to Yelp we go to tripadvisor or we can go to Google reviews all all three of today's just happened to come off of Google reviews The this is for the Ri- frozen ever after. Okay. Nancy will call her Nancy's e even though this is public will just so go along with that. Okay. Save we were very disappointed bits and pieces of songs not well choreographed lackluster scenery most I was disgusted by the scene with them the Moose with his tongue frozen to the poll was that supposed to be funny I was angry and disappointed. How will you feel when kids do that and require surgery shame on you one star. Okay well, my any of my experience with tongues being frozen to something was also Christmas story and I don't think anybody required surgery they're just a little hot water Well Shame on you then because I think she's right Oh. Wow. You think she's right. Over one can. We just address this it's not. It's not a moose. Yeah. So. She first of all going into this, she doesn't know much about Disney. FROZEN OF YEAH Yeah Choreographed it's not very well choreographed. Ta. Yeah I don't I'm not sure exactly what she expected or. What she was actually looking for. Oh maybe maybe she was thinking I was going to be like a storytelling. Story Not Yeah and she thought the Moose was real apparently. Let's move onto Nathan Nathan had something to say here. Actress Nathan Nathan has some some real legitimate concerns here. Okay. Pros excellent animatronic. Okay. Well, he at least realize they're not real people. Dan On Line is tortuous ride too short and if you don't know that Elsa and Ana were sisters, you'd be thoroughly confused by the last seen parents. Explain to your kids before you ride. Overall, not worth it. One Star. We. Why are you getting? Be Thoroughly confused I just I don't know together. Are they holding hands or something. Yeah Yeah Out Nathan Summer. I'm not sure there's much that goes on that pulls me into. Any kind of relationship scenario or or otherwise. You kinda sound like you might be a glass is half empty kind of person because I'm going to say I'm GONNA thrown out there for the Ri- The Queue. So Fun. It's so cute and. It is so nice and cool in there. And it's like a wind tunnel if you're standing outside. You still get blasted with air conditioning. Yeah. Can I give a tip? Yeah. Go at night. If you wanted to be lower. Yes. Yeah. That's true. I've I've gone night in the line was only about half. It said like fifteen minutes but I think it took that five. Yeah. Yeah and it's just enough time. Usually a walk if you've never been, it's a pretty cool cue which we'll talk about but it's beautiful. Now here's the tech. Oh, now he or she. He or she or they loaded receive does a pretty much. It's more of a tweet storm kind of style that they have rather than an actual some I'm assuming that this person adding to it. As kind of it's almost like when you're on a plane with somebody trimming their toenails and you like give updates during the flight this is kind of what this. What am so everything that I'm about to read is a new line every time Oh. Wow. Okay. What a mistake to come here? Three xmatch exclamation points. Who is idea to make stupid fast? They just keep coming and keep coming and everybody else is waiting in on the line, which is not moving because of this smart blink in the fast lane. This is not at all Sir that you did. Okay. The Smart Moose in the Fast Lane who said, this is not fair at all. We are waiting on already two hours and we're like halfway and Faslane fifteen minutes and they are gone stupid idiot ideas I will not recommend this waiting. Everything is pretty much. You can assume everything's three exclamation. Okay. I like first come first serve screamed at the top. Not last come in I serve. They Call Lane but I call this the cutoff lane or cut you dead. They just ignore you. This is not fair. It is not worth losing so much time to see something that is not worth seeing for me. This place is a huge mistake. One Star. When like the whole place or just the frozen everything everything everything I don't even want to know what he thought when he got to that last seen. If he didn't know the NFL on. We're sisters he probably lost his mind. Things, but I'm gonNA assume that His family probably all had grey bands. How Disney snob burn. Right there. We do have an. We're people dying. I, don't know. Can you dead cut you dead? And Fast Lane because I want to get in the fast lane. I'm always a fast-lane person I'm playing fast can give another tip. Sure. This is a wonderful ride to pull out your phone play heads up. True. It's really fun people around you even join in some fans and. The line goes a lot faster when you're playing heads up because you have to keep turning around and walking. Yeah that's true. You don't realize how fast the line. One of those things, the way switches back. You're never liked passing the same people didn't figure always just like passing the same people time. So we have an honorable mentioned as we close this out. Okay. and this from Jude. and it says we don't stand. One Star. We don't stand. We don't stand. Oh So I don't know what that means. Like. You have a tip for that field. Interprets out. I. Can Be honest. Like I know the word and I know that it Oh, Stan Stan S. T. A. N.. Yeah. Yeah. Like when you? Okay, I might be in this wrong 'cause I am not really. But I like when you like someone you stand them like Oh we're by their side sticker thin and then if you don't stand someone in year like not with them, right so this person didn't like it kept all the other reasons to themselves. They're not going to be through with it through thick one star one that just says, no. Broken at seven thirty. Again some people just apparently. Live tweets. Anyway. So there you go there. Honestly, do a whole half hour racing on. I know. Now, I will say that that. Most of the one stars obviously were the this. When you read those one-star in to star reviews the the biggest flaw of this. Right, is that it's not. Maelstrom. That's what almost all of them say, Oh, all of the one star just boom just people just saying putting out there. It's not. They like what they don't like what it's not. They don't like what it's not. Plug it in. What. We need to take technical break. My headphones, kind of undid in your coming in and out. There we go that. Good. All right guys. Let's do it. Are you ready to jump in? I'm ready with video queued up. We're trying things a little bit different. We're we're going to kind of walk through this this queue and ride video and just kind of give me notes based off of that because why not actually in real time kind of watch what's going on and let's let's see what we can find. So for course, we are now. We are now in front of the the ride. In the exterior of the show building and we are in I like to think I got this school brand I hopped on yes or free street. The school braid is amazing but you know what was the other one thing at the cinnamon? Yeah there's an almond. Like a friend Japan I dropped ours floor. Didn't they have that? Then they have that Crete. Then they have that kind of creep with the cinnamon margarine. Rule now good. Reminds me of middle of summer. Jeremy's like trying when he's when I was little this. That's the kind of thing I would make up just trying to find some kind of snack I would make like A. Sandwich or something or Tortilla. Yeah. I was A. Child. Okay So. Yeah. Let's check it out. Let us go. That is go lou go. Ha. Guys. This is great. Great. Listening I'm going to say to the people who really are hating on it because it's not monstrum. Really feel like you need to just. Get over it. took. Over it. I didn't what I, what I would like to say about it is. That you know what your kids are GonNa really really love. This right because. I'm not sure. Of a child out there who does not or person actually who can't. Get the earworm of these songs out of their head. Like a negative thing, but they're really sweet little songs and. I love frozen to my gosh, it's just it's okay. Hey, that things change and Progress I. Mean Oh you listen here I get it that it made a place in that it's not really a Norway but wasn't here. So. I assume he's one of you guys. What To be one of you. Yeah got to convert. I was really bitter about it, but then I got over it. But now that's because the great movie ride. Thing happened so now I'm I'm now you're mad about that just that. Made her more mad. I watched frozen to and I love for two so I, appreciate it. All right. All right. So here we go. Here we go. Now, I I think the thing that is most noticeable between this and male Sherman. We'll do a Maelstrom. Extinct. Right. Through. Later but it's you you have that You know what looks like these Norwegian castles and an old buildings and there used to be that cool waterfall off to the left before you went into the the the entry also the exits are sealed up. And they've moved the fast old exits are sealed up. and. They've moved moved the fast pass thing out into the The foyer foyer in the middle of the. Pavilion. So. We're waterfall looking at the waterfall, but if you remember above. It. The end of the ride looked like you were going to back out over it. Here Now. There's a seafaring Philo now now hold on. Let's pause look. Look at the the kind of church window up above that I never noticed that, and I really couldn't tell you if that's how it was before the ride was there or. Me Neither it looks like an old kind of medieval. Really mad at you because I. Just want to say. Good. With the fast fast thing I don't really like it because we have kind of a big wheelchair before we had a smaller wheelchair was fine but. When people are either early to their fast pass or you don't have a fast paced set all backs that up in people. Killing time. Passes they don't get of. Your way it's like, Hey, if I'm standing here, then you can confront him. It's yeah. Yeah, or there's those people that always Mr we've followed not followed we've ended up. At the fast pass check in before with people who almost like they're always saying they're arguing they had a fast pass and the people are in the cast members telling them no, you didn't. Yeah we did and they get so tired of. With. Just let them through I mean I really think that's a method of just getting through if you're willing to be that person don't don't I'm not. No I'm not giving advice I'm just saying I think that's Don't be that person. So, of course, we this hip, we see this nice donal wood carved sign out in front just says frozen ever after. And it's got swirly curly's around. kind of folk Norwegian folk art, kind of thing. I do think I don't know if this is definitely a castle that you're coming into for. Sure. I would say ice mastered deliverer of Arundel. It's. Oh I don't know. There's arch is. Just. Yes. Okay. Let's positive here. Spin and Frist off the yeah. The Moose in the man. look at his tongue hanging out poor guy this must be after got stuck. Had this. Post Office. It's a lot shorter now. How are you going to feel when kids to get surgery? Chopped tongue. Poll to the surgery what's going on? WOULD THAT WOULD BE? But as you're walking through, it's definitely an old Norwegian. European feel there's there's little knick knacks boats and. Hit in your starting to get the sense that maybe you're you're entering into the inner courts of a of a of a bill, keep going the village right because. Because then what you do you, you walk up and you see this kind of proclamation this invitation poster that says it's It's It's not coronation. It's the Ice Festival. Day It's the snub Mer summary. Number so day. An honor of the day that Princess Anna saved her sister. Queen Elsa Oh, diva bubbling through. Unselfish Act of true love I'll see now that's that's so they're already starting to set up that Anna and Elsa our sisters. Okay. Very. Important. Be Not confused. Sisters. Reviewer on this one, she just blew past the posters my. Nation I'll be welcome those Nathan to royal reception inside the ice. Palace. That's nice. There was no food. No, I was. I was smelled it. Explain with. A whole little. What he is. But a shadow box display of like. cobblestone walls banners. Yes, you're definitely this is something I never really stopped to really think about that journey in. Two. Intake intake. Airedale? We just went. To full disclosure in case you think we're having a very heavy burden over here. We've had the positive couple times because we're doing this on a device that we don't use very often. We don't use very often because. It's not. Like Wi fi on it so. Anyway that we've been pausing. So that's all the strange. Noises that I swear about five minutes for you. It was just a strange bursts. Happenings. Five seconds. So we kind of comes through the gates basically all of that was like going through the city and through the like kingdom gates. Yeah. Yeah. So now we're definitely in the walls of Aaron Dale I guess I never really thought about like journeying into to Aaron jail like that. Yeah. It's cute. Your usually in fastlane ruined the fastening. Or the cut-throat. Oh that's right. There's a cobblestone walls in they have snow on. Paper lantern things hand signal puzzles friend no, it doesn't. Toys. And then they also have what's his name. What's his name shop? then. They have oaken shop and knots in the not fast lane that's in the slow lane. But it's cute. We've been through that queue before too and it's It looks like a little cabin. Super Cute OAKEN 'S Tokens and Sauna, which really doesn't belong in the city because it was way out Nelson's but we'll go. But you're still in the outskirts. XML. Because they're in the slow lane. Yes. and. It's it has little recording of him talking and it's really cute. Cute little shudders. Isn't this the one is this is the spot where when you get inside, he's I. Don't I don't WanNa get out ahead of things. That I feel like. This is where he's like inside the freezer or something zooming. No, he's. Always in the Sauna. Free. Storm. Gets stuck his life I don't know I've watched enough sitcoms and cartoons to know that you get stuck in the freezer. If you're an idiot I'll tell you though. There's a there's a there. Can loves his family there's a very Norwegian this is gonNA sound so obvious, right but there's obviously the Norway fishing village as. That used to be here when you when you would offload, which is what this area is anyway. This. Is the old offload area. For Friday L. Schrimm. Boat House kind of looks like it is. Yeah. Yeah. But I love this on Oaken Tokens you have snow on the roof yeah I mean it's it's great and then you have like those nice like Lime Green Trim with the red red. It's yeah it's cute. It really is. What does that say summer? Day Blow Out Oh. I love the pate. Diamonds, and then that also mimics the window panes there they're the diamond or in a shopping malls not scary isn't a freezer GonNa. Problem. He meant to go in the freezer. So and now he's trying snowflake. It's a cute idea. I think this is a great deal. So it's like a little video screen, but it looks like. There's are here him ooh, he sounds like A. Dj. But he's always off that. That's cute. He drew outlined Olaf and he put his face. I we. We haven't stood much in the standby. Aka Slow Lane. It's kitchen well snow. It's just like it's just a cuckoo clock. You with this name. He has a podcast. flew. flew. Board. Him. then. It's a very pointy building. Yeah. There's Pan on the wall. It's always trying to me I always love when when you take something that starts off in the animated world and then you have to bring it. To bring it to life. But I also think that I also think that they have the challenge of. Paying. Somewhat. To some kind of realism of Norway maybe it feels like maybe not though I don't know look they got to make up a bunch of stuff that we've never seen before. A bunch of details and obviously they're going to draw inspiration from Norway just not. Not, the movie because the movie obviously isn't just full of. These. Kind of details that they would need for this. So I feel like You know it smaller. The token as it might be is probably still very much referenced. To Norway and I'd like to not their ship lap. Sure sure chip and Joanna Gaines, probably had something to do with us. That really brings it into real life. Am I right? Yeah. We have ship lap in our house. Yeah does. Does I never think about that though I don't love it but I do like how strangely it was applied to our house. Anyway let's keep watching. Now right here when once you get out of of this oaken tokens that you merge if you're in, you're in the. Fast Lane now because that reviewer but. In the Fast Lane. Your halting their to tap in one more time, and then that's this is basically where you merge with the state by line, and then at that point, you're kind of just queuing up. Main Room you were in. Your back in the courtyard. But now you're you're out in front of the drought in front of the water you can see it off to your left, and then also you can see a kind of boat house where everybody is loading in. There's more sign it's and barrels and barely. lobster trap can yeah at this point, they're not trying to sell. You is hard on the experiences because now you're about to do the big experience. Yeah. So the one thing is, is definitely the old viking boats. Yes. From from Maushire Okay. Tell you. What ask you how many people are in your party and you're gonNa tell them, and then they'll pitcher in the appropriate row. Their. Small Boat I didn't realize this small was. Hail. Safety Spiel. WAS A. Spanish probably banished come around the corner and. It's beautiful. It is. Hanging down here. Positive real quick. It's Like grooming tendrils of Blue Gorgeous. Finey things you see. Oh, offense fan. It's important to note too that you're in big giant rooms and as as much of sometimes they're using some really old spaces to where you know it's just like the blank wall to the left and the actions on the right. That's just not the case here. Well but that is the case with a lot of the rooms but not in this opening room. But in any case, there's a, there's just the audio soave subversive here like you don't feel like you're passing by speakers you don't feel like you're now they do have like maybe. They have were the voices coming from Olaf and so you do hear that but. Just a really good job of just like making the music. Part of this. I'm going to disagree with the reviewer especially in this room who said that the choreography was mad because the choreography on this room is really Towards you yeah, it's nuts. Yeah. This is actually ice skating. Yeah. Yeah. No, he does that late unless later this month he's just walking. issues beautiful. Any other great thing is There so expressive because they actually project their face or faces. Projected from from the inside. Right. I think Olaf is the only one with a moving mouth. Yeah Wow and less I guess you can have to see it spin has a moving mouth until his surgery. His projected. No. Oh, and then there's the Moose in the background skips. And he's like to you time. Yeah. You follow through the whole time. And if you if you kind of keep your head turned as you leave the room, you seem reset back but they even have a blocking. But he looks at. The sweetest we. And then you get to the rock rock roles and it's cooler globally like. Jhelum type things. Yeah. Stills and then. Yeah, we literally saved Moss everywhere. They talk about. Pot. Sisters. Nathan needs to just pay a little more attention. Yeah. The Sun is right in my eyes little less Pearl clutching and a little more paying attention. That's what I say. And there's also a jump scary here this. Is there that little baby troy POPs up like? I'll. So. At this point our climbing. Yeah and this now this, there's a lot of projection here. But what are you going to do? This is an old this is the old track. This is the old F- loom. and. You know it is what it is. So before it was just a dark hallway with Odin I kind of looking at. Here they have like an actual physical. Salah Force. Perspective Ice Castle and there's like shards of. Yeah. Yeah. There's tons of projection on this. Now, it becomes apparent to me your giant snowflake right there. Kind of looks like build a. Journey to the inner. Molecule or whatever a now he's ice skating around again again, I'm going to have to disagree with a choreography thing because this is the second choreographed thing and it's good. Yeah, and I it's fun to listen to him singing. Yeah. So Cute This this is a part where it's. It's obvious that they're in the old. You know like an older style show building because there's not much happening to your to your laughed, but it's still pulling your attention over here. Yeah. You don't WanNa look away from him because he's so cute. And I mean there's not much in an ice castle. If you look, it's not like it should be furnished journey. bioluminescence no. This snowflakes and? It's a piece of ice. He's got his. Tongue stat not a Paul and he doesn't seem too upset about really happy Oh. But Anyway, we have ANA in Christoph is playing a little instrument and almost singing singing. Mix. Oh. The snowflake is a gate. and. Then there's projections like if the ice was. Good Yeah and you see outside this is good. This good animal conic. and. That's so crazy is when I go into from I expect it to be freezing cold. It's not then it's your bachelors. Ron and then you go backwards right if the crescendo. Shares An ice chandelier lying backwards through these hallways. Okay. So see her could we could keep going until you can't see her. I think we figured out something last time. Okay. Pause boom when you come around the corner now you you go around this corner, lose sight of Elsa the animatronic. And there's all the screens on this is Guinness this sounds crazy. But but you watch she start showing up on the screen and the screens just because you can't because she's out of sight now but melt, there is no she is. But it's almost like she's enough rectal. Yes. Almost like you could also reflect. All around prison practice. And then you leave. Stadium missed that comes down. Listen this is a good over essentially an overlay kind of situation it's reimagined wear the. That's part and the music. What's his name? You don't even see Martinsville until you. So here's the point in the old ride where you feel like you're about to go off the waterfall and go out into the Norway pavilion they have that closed off shop front of the boat around. Alice. What is it a reality? Northern line and and and he's Oh He's blows a bunch of smoking. You're facing down a hill and there's a picture opportunity right there. So Right Now, we're on the outside of the castle and there's a puffins. There is a puffins and the pumpkins were in mouse, right? Yeah. Yeah and so then you see the village kind of it's It's pretty much bringing you back into. Where you were were you were were you started yet and winning the Ice Castle. It's simple is really simple I think it gets the job done. The more I look at this I don't feel like. As I went through all those reviews, it made me think well he of course, there are limited to the old building to where you're only seeing one thing on this like it was a common thing to do that you know it didn't always feel a hundred percent immersive especially with these like educational edge you. Edge retainment. Yeah. So these educational. Rides you know they didn't know it was almost like museum like they weren't trying to think about living with the land right? You know I mean. They're just trying to really get the message in their information but this. This now that I look at it, it doesn't really suffer that much only in a few spots from from being an old track that they just reused. Think it suffers even from that though 'cause they they do the story so well yeah. They tell you the whole story. Yeah. And and their surprise elements, and there's there wasn't a picture opportunity in there before. Yeah. Yeah. Affleck. This is a this is a good right if you think about. Think about how people hated COMING TO EPCOT WITH Nemo. Yeah. You know but if you think about like. How that is, Nemo's at least a half to a third or whatever recycled track or whatever. They did a good job of of putting it in their. You know there's there's rides like journey into your imagination with figment that. Is it's it's the third version of it, but still they can do whatever they want in there. Yeah. You know and they. Version. Yeah. By the way Tony Baxter was saying he'd come out of retirement to do that at least. That's what I read. That would be cool. Okay. Here we go. It would be cool Tony Hale to ensure list's let him throw some -buster type stuff in there. See the sisters singing and allow Alah. Okay and now they are holding hands flowers. If you're Nathan, YOU'RE GONNA be harmony should. Okay Online. Do it. I love the I wish. Love it. You. So you pass by now I, see where I see where we're Nathan got confused. Maybe, they're standing under like A. Lucky thing I mean how does this man? I just want to know. How he went three years before going on the ride without nine seen frozen I don't know well, and his kids haven't seen frozen then he reviewed it. Like he doesn't know what's going on and. We can do. We can do that. Okay I took it to be but just pay attention. But the. Projection on these faces is really good. Yeah. These are the. This is a and anyway. So then then you offload and then you kind of go down this long hallway, it puts you into gift shop and kind of puts you over on the other side. Yeah well over yeah. It's it's Kinda over. Yeah. It doesn't. It doesn't put you into the old Does it. It it does I guess if I guess what I'm trying to string of is a string of it just seems shops. Yeah. It just seems like it's a longer walk to get to those gift shops and it is the same gift shops then you're going to. So what's GonNa happen in two you'RE GONNA Get. Off The ride in go through this hallway, then you'll end up in. The first gift shop which few. Goes forward. There's like the frozen stuff like. Toys Ariz stuff, and in the next room, you'll have perfume and it can't more Norwegian. Yeah. The. Giant troll I mean. Put you back out into Norway at that point really oft might sweaters. Ford some sweaters beautiful. Candidate. Bet. So overall. I, am watching this again and like I've not, I'm not sure I've really ever analyzed it this much I I think it's well done it. Even if they built this from the ground up, I would be like come on, you could do a lot better. There's obviously some some bigger like more grandiose things they could do with like this incredible property is incredible property I mean. It's just it's a phenomenon. Let me this movie just was like nothing since you know beauty and the beast or little mermaid like it was that like chain you know. Not. Only life changing not on a personal level but definitely how. Movies are written. Yeah. Like chicks not. Girl, waiting for Voi-. Them getting married at the end of the film it's in I think brought in a new style of a new generation style of of like Broadway style musical Shorter songs not everything has to be you know you do definitely have like into the unknown in frozen to and let it go. Those are the big kind of long. Numbers but otherwise, just shorter numbers that just kind of get the job done they set the mood they're nice songs, but they don't go on and on and on forever. in that style, the characters for the move it along so well. It's it's a good movie. It changed a lot of things and I think it introduced people to a new style of musical comedy. I think it's a good ride I. think that's right I enjoy they did really well, we do. We do have I will say this we do have the advantage of getting a a return time with Liam's guest assistant. Disability Assistant Pass and we've. We've only opportunistically. Gotten in and waited in the standby line because we just knew it was so short right because of the posted wait time. So somebody who like you know when own little? Yeah. I mean and I've known I've known a few people. They're just like, yeah we have to do frozen. There's no in the world. Kids aren't gonNA. Let me you know not do frozen and a lot of that I think just has to do with planning trip planning and like the time that you're going to be over there. Yeah. But the APP is also really good in telling you wait times stuff. Yeah. You just really have to hopefully you know ahead of time to get those fast passes as soon as possible if you're if you've got planner I, think your your vacation planner can help you get those quickly if you're new to it hopefully, you're one of the people who like Noah ahead of time this is when I can get my. Fast Passes Right. You just start trying to get you know the day of they used to run out a lot quicker they don't seem to run out as. Is often is this one of the rides well, more things have opened up there too but is this one of the rides that you can eaten Q.. They don't serve they don't serve, but you can take food in. With you as you? Just have to this is the third on just have to throw it out like right there that last bit. Yeah. I've taken a beer in there before. So this is a good place to stop at the. The little shop where you have the Chris cringle. Yeah. I would say for this ride. I think. Another reason why people dislike it not only because of the mainstream thing but also they think they're going in to a storytelling ride where it's. The movie not like Oh. You'RE GONNA THEY'RE GONNA. Look report. Right so I think. You know lower your expectation. Don't go into super. Like it's just the best of your expectations expectations because really it is. It's a great ride. They did a great job with what they could do with the space and everything and. I think they did a brilliant job. It's a slow dark right essentially just takes place on. You know it's the same thing. It's you could argue, Peter Pan isn't worth it. I mean in terms of time in lying to you know to experience ratio. It's it's hard to argue that it's worth doing anything like that. You know for a for three. Million Twenty second rider with that's great about this is, is like in Toy story mania. It becomes immersive like you are on this trip to the ice. Castle and Olaf is talking to you as guests of Aaron Dell and so I mean it. It's more of an immersive. Experience. Rather than just a entertainment. Experience Yeah Yeah you're involved in the store you're not right look you're not a suspect tater. Yeah. Good. Stuff. All right. Well, cool. Hey, we hope you enjoyed our new segment and You know enjoy kind of our new format of just kind of using you know being guided by video. We'll be a bit cleaner. Next time we'll have. We know not to use that tablet. That's habit is basically a glorified reader in my opinion but. Yeah? Well Anyway, thanks for joining us. Everybody got some other great episodes coming up in fact well, I'm not gonNA say just in case we don't do it in order, but we definitely have a Maelstrom through coming up Than later so be on the lookout for that and Gosh. Until next time I'm Jeremy I'm amy. And on behalf of lean we'll see you next time on rides.

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The Power of Forgiveness - I

Greg Laurie Podcast

27:34 min | 1 year ago

The Power of Forgiveness - I

"The following message from Pastor Greg Laurie is made possible by harvest partners helping people everywhere no god I want to hear from you. Would you consider emailing me? You can reach me at Greg at harvest dot Org. Again, that's Greg at harvest dot org, and you can also make me one of your friends on facebook and draw me a comment. What does it mean to forgive listen to forgive me tape I'm surrendering my right to get even to me. I will not pay that person back what they may indeed deserve. Instead I'm going to put it in the hands of God. It may seem like retribution would be so satisfied but pastor Greg, Laurie says trusting God brings the best satisfaction. So we need to look to that great theologian Taylor Swift. which he gave us this advice shake it off. Forgive. The. When we would hold forgiveness that offense occupies space in our mind. It's as though we've rented brain space to the offender and the rent keeps piling up but sometimes we have to forgive someone who isn't sorry and accept an apology that never came. Today on a new beginning Pastor Greg, Laurie highlights the life of Joseph. It seemed every time he turned around new is stabbing in the back. But. He forgave and forgave again and a spared the lives of himself and his family. I read about study that was done on the topic of forgiveness in it revealed that seventy five percent of those who were surveyed believed that God had forgiven them for pass ends. Of those who are pulled only fifty two percent had forgiven others and quote hey Houston we have a problem. If, we're going to ask God to forgive us the Scripture says we should forgive others why? Because life is filled with hurt and disappointments? Isn't it? We get hurt in life. We have people who heard us and guess what there are people that you have heard as well. So we need to learn how to apologize. We need to learn how to forgive out some of your thinking. Oh. Wait a second greg you don't know what people have done to me. You don't know what I've had to face in life and you know I don't but I'm just telling you. This is what the Bible says and I'm GonNa tell you why you should forgive I'll give you a few reasons but here's number. And the most important reason you should forgive people who have hurt you because, God, commend you to I. Don't think we need any other reasons but there are a few others. Why do I say that because if he's it's four, thirty, two says be kind tenderhearted forgiving one another ask God in Christ has forgiven you then Colossians three thirteen says bear with one another and forgive one another. If anyone has complained against another even as Christ forgave you so also you must do listen to this to fail to forgive can bring your prayer life to a halt. Let me say that again field of forget can bring your prayer live to a screeching halt Jesus says and Mark Levin Twenty When you're praying first forgive anyone you're holding a grudge against so your father in heaven will forgive your sins to bottom line. As I said forgiven people should be forgiving people. So we've been hurt in life and we have a choice we can rehearse what happened or we can release it. Let me say that again, we can rehearse what happened or we can release it. We can go over it again and again and again justifying our anger and our bitterness or we can just release it. So we need to look to theology now and look that great theologian. Taylor Swift. She gave us this advice. Shake it off. Forgive. Let it go didn't Queen Elsa tell us that. Let it go. But what does it mean to forgive listen to this? What does it mean to forgive? It's not condoning or dismissing someone's bad behavior. I think sometimes I feel well, if I forgive them, it's like I condone what they did. For giving us not condoning someone's bad behavior. It's not dismissing it. It's not even necessarily reconciliation because that's not always possible. There might be someone that's done something mean to you you forgive them but they still don't want to be reconciled to you. So I'm not even talking about that. So what do I mean when I say to forgive listen to forgive me I'm surrendering my right to get even. I'm surrendering my right to get even means I will not pay that person back what they may indeed deserve. Instead, I'm going to put it in the hands of God because over in Romans Twelve nineteen, it says never take vengeance into your own hands. Dear friends stand back and let God punish if he will firdous written vengeance is mine I will repay says the Lord. There's different words using the Bible to describe forgiveness seventy five in total the main word that we find in the New Testament. That is translated into the words forgive and forgiveness is one that means to release to release to let go of something to free yourself from something. Another word that is used to describe forgiveness in the Bible is cancelling as in canceling a debt i. mean you have to just keep a short account and this is really true of marriage. Okay. I. Mean if you want a marriage that is happy if you WANNA. Marriage that lasts you better learn how to forgive because you're going to hurt and be hurt in marriage a love the advice of Ruth Graham. The wife of Billy, Graham who said A good marriage or a successful marriage is made up of two good for givers. So we should be willing to forgive other people because it comes down to this. When I forgive someone, I set a prisoner free myself because I can be the prisoner when I fail to forgive I can be the one who's getting hurt more to withhold forgiveness is detrimental not only to the person I'm withholding from but harmful to me as well spiritually as well as physically one study was done among resentful people and it was revealed that they took resentful people twenty five percent more medication than people who practice forgiveness. So if you want to save money at the drugstore for a If you WANNA be happier person forget if you WANNA be a the person forgive most importantly if you want to be an obedient Christian, then you must for give it isn't giving into another person. It's getting free of that person, my friend Craig Rochelle, put it this way. The first to apologize is the bravest the I forgive is the strongest. The I forget is the happiest and I like that. So just put it in your rear view mirror you say, well, why are you talking about forgiveness will because we're part three of the life of Joseph and before us now in the book of Genesis is one of the most. Amazing examples of forgiveness an all of the Bible. The only story that really ECLIPSES IT in my estimation is Christ hanging on the cross father forgive them for they know not what they do here is Joseph of a man who has been so wrong in life extending forgiveness to his brothers the very brothers who abandoned but trade, and for all intents murdered him, this would have been a great moment in the narrative for him to deal in a little bit of payback with one word he could have had them all executed because he comes into a position of great prominence as we'll see, but he didn't do that instead he forgave. Now let's consider the fact that Joseph's life can be divided into three sections. Remember what they are. They are start struggle and success number one they're start that would be birthday seventeen years well refers introduced to the young Joseph. We find a young boy, ten years old. With, a Super Cool Code, his dad made for him and his father favourite him above the other brother sister'd resentment Joseph made matters worse by tattling or ratting now his brothers when they were misbehaving also Joseph had these amazing dreams of other people bowing before him that were in reality from God. But as I said earlier, sometimes it's best to keep your dreams do yourself because brothers just thought he was kind of a braggart a bit spoiled and maybe he was, but he certainly didn't deserve the treatment that they gave. Him because section number two of his life is struggle. They sell their seventeen year old brother to a group of slave trader Sir Twenty pieces of silver probably never thinking they would see him again. Well, he's purchased by a guy named potter. For who is the chief executioner under feral that that he was in charge of all executions and he was in charge of the secret service, the Pharaoh if you will very powerful man, he put Josephine entry level job, just such a hard worker. So full of integrity as the. Bible reminds us because the Lord was with them. He elevated Joseph. So soon, Joseph was running pot vers tire estate. All part of her head to think about was what he was going to eat for lunch will potter for had a wife who could her lustful eyes and Young Joseph to the Bible tells us was very attractive handsome, well built and she started hitting on him day and night and he resisted her advances in finally one day she just got tired of being subtle and grabbed them and yanked him down. On the bed and basically just said have sex with me and he ran out of there as quickly as he could. Then she falsely accuses him of rape, and now we find of sent to prison bringing us to section three of his life success as he sits in prison and the events he goes through to prepare him for what was ahead very important details given to us in Genesis Thirty, nine, twenty, one about Joseph in prison it says the Lord was with Joseh. So now he's now he's in a dungeon. Worse situation imaginable. But in typical Joseph fashion because of his hard work and because the Lord was with, he's running the place. In just a moment pastor. Greg. points out how a couple of fellow prisoners join Joseph in the dungeon they were employees of Pharaoh. There seems to be a ray of hope and Joseph Stark imprisonment. More in a moment. We'll pastor greg, we have something exciting to mention. We just tallied up the numbers in this year just since January we've now seen a hundred thousand professions of faith through harvest minister. which is absolutely incredible. Yes. David. Is Incredible and the way it came about is. Incredible because at the beginning of twenty, twenty We went before everybody in our church, our ministry and said, we have a goal this year some of you may remember this I've seen one hundred, thousand people make a profession of faith. I'll be honest with you. I had some doubts like, are we going to really hit this number but? Why not shoot for? We'll see what the Lord dust well covid nineteen yet. So we went exclusively online with our weekend program that we call harvest at home. It's basically a church service that you watched in your home but each week I've been inviting people to come to Christ and on one particular Sunday we had seven thousand people make a professional faint. So now as we tally the numbers, we've reached the hundred thousand mark we've reached it in an unexpected way. So what that says to me is what we had the right idea but the Lord had a different way of bringing about. So we just say, Hey, to God be the glory let us keep going because we're passing that number. Now listen to this the Bible says, there is joy in heaven over one sinner that comes to repentance and we have seen one hundred, thousand people in just months make this professional bait follow Christ. So we joined the angels and rejoicing. Pastor Greg is presenting a series called World Changers and regaining some important insights today on forgiveness by studying the life of Joseph who at the moment finds himself in Pharaoh's dungeon. Let's continue. Enter the Butler and the baker they worked for the Farrell and they were both sent to prison. You wonder how did that go down to the baker come up with a really over you cook pizza loaf of bread the Butler served it. He said you're both doing the prison, whatever it is, and this case literally the Butler. Did it right? So they're now incarcerated and here's Joseph a walking. Around sort of taking care of people and he sees us to fellow inmates, he knows this one day they're very depressed. He says, Hey, guys or the lung face what's what's wrong and they begin to tell him their troubles now, I love the fact that he was thinking of others above himself. So he's talking with these guys and they both had these dreams. What were your dreams? Okay, well. One. Of says, I had a dream. This is the Butler. Now, he says I had a dream of vine growing up with three branches and then the three branches were clusters of grapes and and so I took the wind from the grain Sunday. Put Him in the King's Cup served him to the king. What does that dreamy? Justice said that's good dream buddy. The Lord is show me that that means you're GONNA get out of here, and before you know it, you're going to be serving wine to the king. Yes. So the bigger Oh, my turn my turn Kim what was your because I had this dream about three baskets of white bread I had him up on my head and in the top basket were special treats for the Pharaoh and so that's my dream. What does that mean chose like? Not. So good. Your dream means that. You're going to be headed and they're gonNA hang you on a tree and birds are going to eat your brain. Sorry to break that to you. But that was the honest interpretation of the dream. You know it's hard. Sometimes, it tell people the truth isn't it? You Know We love to share the Gospel and the good news that God forgives and you can have personal peason Ajoy and all the great attributes of the Christian life. But Birds May say what? If I don't believe in Jesus by bridge? What happens to me? Well, you we have to tell him the other part. There is a final judgment. There is a hell God doesn't want anyone to go there, but you gotTa Tell People the Truth Joseph did that. So now department who's going to get out he says now listen going to do me a favor. I did this for you remember your Buddy Joseph when he get out okay and the Butler said I'll never forget you he never heard from him. and. So now he's just sitting there for two more years he was forgotten in fact, the Bible tells us in Genesis 40-23 the Butler did not remember. Joseph but for you. Do you ever feel that way is Oh, God is forgotten you. Know I've felt that way and around on the water with a bunch of stinking animals for all that time. And he wondered the Lord Forget about us I mean I know he saved us but we've been here a long time in the Bible says but God remembered. Noah. I love that God remembered. No. Jesus said Your father knows about every bird that falls to the ground. Don't you think he cares about you what you're going to eat what you're going to drink what you're gonNa Wear God never forget you sometimes we forget God but he never forgets us and the Lord had not forgotten Joseph. He was just whipping them into shape because what was about to happen to Joseph was going to fulfill his dreams and time people were literally going to be bowing before him, but he wasn't quite ready. So the Lord needed two more years to kind of get some iron in the soul of this formerly. Spoiled young men and tournament of the men of God he needed him to be maybe you feel like you're in a dungeon right now you're in a prison maybe it's a really bad marriage maybe it's. A really tough job maybe it's some kind of an illness or disability you're dealing with, and you feel like what's going to happen to me God is in control of your life and you just watch and so now here is Joseph sitting in prison not knowing how the story is. GonNa end meanwhile, the most powerful men in the face of the earth, the Pharaoh of Egypt has a troubling dream and in his particular dream, he sees seven fat healthy cows in front of the Nile River and then after them came seven scrawny shrivel up cows and seven skinny cows eight seven fat cows fair welcome with voice should not have eaten that addiction pizza last night. What does this mean then falls asleep and he has another game this time it seventy heads of grain strong and healthy growing from a single stock and then seven heads of grain also, but they're sort of scorched and withering and scorched ones eight up the hope that he wants he wakes what does this mean? So he calls in all of the astrologers and the wizards and the experts and advisers you see he had them on. Staff they were on the payroll there were supposed to help them interpret things and give him messages from the gods messages from the stars. But these guys had no answers. They couldn't make sense out of Pharaoh's dreams and then there's a Butler eastern and they're using in Hawaii I remember that Joseph Cards. So he says the Pharaoh I met this guy in prison and he interpreted my dream also the dream of your former Baker and. I believe God's given him this ability to. Get them up here right now. So meanwhile, down in prison since Joseph sears probably going really long beard the come into a cell, you're GonNa go meet the fair today we're GonNa give shave and a haircut. Let's go the next thing he knows season the presence of the Pharaoh Genesis Forty one. By the way was not the longest introduction ever. That was the intro. Verse Fourteen. Pharaoh sent for Joseph at once and he was brought quickly from the Dungeon after a quick shave and the change of clothes he went in an stood in Pharaoh's presence. I had a dream last night farrow told him and none of these men can tell me what it means but I've heard that you can interpret dreams and that's why I have called for you. I Love Joseph's. Response for sixteen it is beyond my power to do this, the Pharaoh's heart probably sunk but then he went on to say, but God would tell you what it means. He'll set you at ease now that took courage and so now the Pharaoh tells him his dream and Joseph says, okay I, got it showed being here's what it means was fat cows get eaten by the skinny. That talking about seven years of plenty in other words you're GONNA do really well in grain reserves and food for seven years but you have seven years the feminine following that. So you better stock up now and get some reserving race. The Feminine comes you'll survive it, and by the way you gotta get a really good person over this to administrate it all the ferro soothsayers, wizards, magicians are saying me me me the fair looks at Joseph Says I want that Guy Right there? Next thing you know Joseph is the second most powerful man in the world it gone from the prison to the palace kid gone from rags to riches. Pastor Greg. Laurie. Guiding US through the amazing story of Joseph. There's a lot more to the story than some technicolor dreamcoat and Pastor Greg will have more has the steady continues here on a new beginning including one more illustration before we leave today. If you weren't able to catch all a pastor Greg's insight today, you can hear what you missed it harvest dot org. Just look for the title the power of forgiveness. You can also listen by way of our harvest mobile APP or call us anytime night or day at one, eight, hundred, eight to one, thirty, three, hundred that's one, eight, hundred, eight, two, one, three, three, zero, zero. And that we're happy to have some special guests joining us in the studio today, a Pastor Greg and I are joined by a passer great Kathy Kathy. Glad you're joining us. It's good to be here at Pastor Greg why don't you introduce our other two guests I'm speaking with our special guest shanty and Jeff Feld Han and they've written a very important book that I want to put in your hand and the title of it is thriving in love and money. There's this statement very early on in the book and I find this very interesting because you would look at this and think Oh this is a book about money and it is in an another way it isn't because This statement is made here. Tooth about everything will be covering when we have conflict around money, it's not about the money. So Sean T. wanted to explain that statement. Yeah. Actually in this research, because this was based on this three, a research project to try to dig out like how do you have a great relationship around money right and for me Jeff, this had been a big deal in our marriage and that's really the one sentence summary of the reason why that is such a big issue in so many marriages is that when you're having tension about money, it's not about the money it turns out it's about how many makes you feel and how it makes your spouse feel. There's there's a host of like expectations and beliefs about how money should work or in. Our worries are all these other feelings that are running under the surface and we don't even know there. But. That's really what's coming out whenever there's those. Tensions or fighting or like me and Jeff we didn't fight about it. We just Kinda. Didn't talk about it's Devoid it to me and we could've we could've titled It if was the book about our life, we could have said coping with money as a thriving. We. Thrive. So folks you're listening to Sean Jeff Feldman and they've written a book thriving on love and money. It's about money. It's about those things that you deal with but it's all about relationships. It's about trust it's about communication. It's about life and this is something that you need to have in your hand and we want to send it to you listen for no charge I will send you. This boat for whatever use end now, I've been encouraged me to be generous in ordering your copy because we'll use those resources to invest in the Kingdom of God, but we will rush you your own copy of thriving and love and money subtitled five game changing insights about your relationship, your money and yourself. That's right. It's such welcome news for any family were money is a point of tension. Take advantage of the five practical principles spelled out and thriving and love and money, and we'll send it to thank you for your donation of any size. We just want you to have this resource and we'll put your donation to work helping more people through a new beginning. Each day you can ride a new beginning box for thousand Riverside California nine, two, five, one four or call us anytime twenty, four, seven at one, eight, hundred, eight to one thirty, three, hundred that's one, eight, hundred, eight, two, one, three, three, zero, zero or go online to harvest dot org. Well next time more from the life of Joseph and Pastor Greg series called World Changers. But before we go a pastor, Greg has one more illustration from today's message the power of forgiveness. It's an interesting thing to me. Here's Joseph. He doesn't deserve to be in prison, and yet he's thinking about others which reminds me of a ten step solution for curing. If you're taking notes, you might want to write these ten things down step number one do something for someone else who is greater needs in you Do something for someone else who has greater needs in new step number two repeat step number one nine more times. I know it's oversimplifying it I understand there's clinical depression. I'm not really addressing that I'm just talking about those times in our life. When we get a little bit down in the dumps, something didn't meet our expectation get a little perspective. You know sometimes you may not be feeling well but you go and make a visit to someone in a hospital and you see wow, there are a whole lot worse off than I am and I have to tell you I bet situations Ri- visited people in hospitals were terminally ill. Was All said and done they ministered to me more than I ministered to them So as I see, others who are suffering maybe a lot more than I am it puts problems in for spent. The preceding message from Greg Laurie was made possible by harvest partners helping people everywhere no god. Sign up for pastor Greg's free daily email devotions at harvest dot org.

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Full Episode: Thursday, February 14, 2019


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Full Episode: Thursday, February 14, 2019

"Are you hiring with indeed you can post job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash Nightline. That's indeed dot com slash Nightline. This is night line tonight. Breaking news on the alleged hate attack involving empire actor Justice Villette police in Chicago questioning to persons of interest. One an extra on the show now investigating what their role may have been and whether the attack happened at all the actor and singer giving us his account in his own words. They called me the called me plus peak performance gaily, the unimaginable, the heart pounding free. So low climb no ropes. No harnesses. No problem the rocking documentary now on for an Oscar and freshly frozen the brand new trailer of frozen to racking records from the team behind the highest grossing animated film. Good evening. Thanks for joining us. We begin tonight with breaking developments in the alleged hate attack on jussie smollet, Chicago police questioning two persons of interest rating their homes overnight investigating whether they played a role or if the attack happened at all the new details streaming in. These two persons of interest caught on surveillance camera now being questioned by Chicago police in connection with the investigation into a possible. Hate crime against actor jussie smollet are could only go off of their words. I mean who? Says impact. This maga- country. Ties a noose around your neck and pours bleach on you. Police now investigating whether the two individuals were involved in the attack or whether the attack happened at all I'm never been some starring Queen. I've never been some media whore. That's not who I am. I don't look for that type of attention. Thank you. That's already is revealing that one of the persons of interest had appeared on Sma, let's hit show empires tonight. ABC's Alex Perez is in Chicago aurthorities are talking to those two people of interest. Investigators able to track them down using cameras transportation records and information provided by jussie smollet himself. Now thority say they've known about them for some time. But we're not able to talk to them until they returned from Nigeria last night. And now authorities carried out a raid at their home taking shoes 'electronic devices and other items that could be key to the investigation. Both of them. Authorities say are. Cooperating? Investigators say today, they once again interview Jesse small et so far no one has been charged tonight. The attorney for the two persons of interest says her clients, no smollet and are four or five by what happened to him and are baffled as to why they are people have interests, adding they are not guilty in his only TV interviews Millette sat down with ABC news. The thirty six year-old describing what he says happened two weeks ago when he says he was violently attacked around two AM near his Chicago apartment. What happened that night? Jessie, as I was crossing the intersection I heard empire. I don't answer to him pyre naming empire. I kept walking. And then I heard empire. So I turned around, and I said it uses say to me and turn around and I see. The attacker masked and. He said this maga- country punches me right in the face a Pisces back. And then we started tussling. There was a second person involved who was kicking me in my back and. Then it just stopped. And. They ran off it felt like minutes, but it probably was like thirty seconds. Honestly, I can't tell you. Honestly, I noticed that rope around my neck, and I started screaming, and I said there's a rope around my neck. They put a rope around within days. Police released that surveillance image of the two persons of interest captured on the same street the actor saying he was sure those were his attackers. I was like, okay. We're getting somewhere. You know what I'm saying? So. Yeah. I don't I don't have any doubt in my mind that that's there. Never did the actor is best known for his breakout role on empire now in its fifth season. You get yourself. He plays Jamal lions the middle son of a musical dynasties. The character likes Colette is an openly gay singer. Tonight's developments only adding to the swirl of questions surrounding the reported attack, including why smollet refused to turn over cell phone. We had to give the phone records, which they didn't originally asked for my phone records. They asked for my phone. They wanted me to give my phone to the tech for three to four hours. I'm sorry. But. I'm not going to do that why? Because I have private pictures and videos and numbers my partners number my family's number my cast mates number. My friends numbers, my private emails, my private songs, by private voice memos. I don't know that's going to be the hand over my phone for an honestly by then. Inaccurate false. Statements had already been put out there denied police confirm records show Sma let was on the phone with his manager at the time. He says the attack happened other speculation involved the fact that there was no video of the attack despite it taking place in an area filled with surveillance cameras. It's like the camera facing north house at my issue. I don't own that camera. Like, I'm not a detective. How would I know that what part do I have to play in which way that the camera is facing? How has it my burden to bear as a high profile openly gay black man smell? Let says this wasn't the first time. He's been targeted. I threatened all the time on Twitter and Instagram DM's and things like that. It's like, but you know, I'm a public figure. I'm very outspoken. Sometimes maybe too outspoken one week before the attack on January twenty second police confirm. A letter was sent to the studio in Chicago where empires filmed full of threatening language and laced with a powdery substance later determined to be crushed Tylenol. It had a stick figure hanging from a tree with a gun pointing towards it. With the words that say, it's small Jesse you will die black and the return address. There was no address, but the return address it in big red caps maga- for now police are working to cover every angle surrounding. What Spolete says happened? I will never be the man that this did not happen to I'm forever changed. And of course, our Alex Perez in Chicago will have the very latest on this case on in the morning. When we come back, a peak performance, the record breaking free solo climber who could be climbing the stage at the Oscars next. When it comes to hiring. You don't have time to waste you need help getting to your shortlist of qualified candidates fast. That's why you need indeed dot com. Get started today at indeed dot com slash Nightline. That's indeed dot com slash Nightline. It's known as free soloing climbing up the sheer face of a mountain without roads or safety gear. Alex hanalei set his sights on Yosemite storied, El capitan, bringing cameras along to film every breath. Now, the movie pulling back the curtain on the tension and inherent danger in that remarkable feat is up for an Academy Award. Here's ABC's TJ homes with another look at the rocky mentally. Three thousand feet in the air. No ropes. No harness no safety net. Just you and the mountain. This is the world of free solo climbing and in this world. One climber is on top Alex huddled. If you're seeking perfection free so long as close as you can get at thirty three years old. He's broken records around the world last year. He set his sights on the impossible El capitan, a three thousand foot vertical granite rock face in Yosemite. National park cap is the most impressive wall on earth. It's thirty two hundred feet of sheer granted. It's the center of the rock climbing universe. Always get interview questions about it all the time. Oh, would you like to do that? Like, yes, for sure his epic journey is the subject of a new National Geographic film free solo. And the people who really know exactly what he's doing are freaked out put that in some better perspective for me, if you can because a lot of people that are going to watching this like no your name that might have heard elk before when you think of vampire state building. You're like it's two and a half times bigger something it's not just that you're talking about sheer size there. But you're you're climbing up almost flat sheet of rock. Yeah. So how far back what we have to go to you finally got to a point where you thought. Okay. This actually might be something. I can do is a kid when I would go camping you're looking at the wall. I mean, it looks immense. You know, it's like unfathomably huge. It took me years to sort of wrap my head around the idea of that being possible by yourself. There was like a moment in two thousand fifteen actually. And I specifically remember the first time that I was climbing on I'll cap where I was like, I could sort of imagine doing this without a rope. Alex Smith, a better part of two years prepping for his free solo ascent practicing the route with ropes every. Detail even every hand and foot hole meticulously planned one wrong move on the climb could mean certain death. And then you drive up off the left foot into the thumb press. That's the worst hold on entire route in some ways. It makes more sense to do the big handed John because your jumped into a good edge. So there's actually something to catch. Evidently, adding to the stress of the climb Alex agree to do it all with cameras rolling. How much of that preparation was also getting used to camera crews on the actual day of the solo. We had all sort of refined. Our our processes to the point it was sort of perfectly done as Alex's moving up the wall, you are literally shooting X to them and tracking him, and as he climbs pass to you you need to then put your camera equipment away clip into your senders and move up the rope into another position. So that you can shoot him again for husband and wife filmmaking duo, Jimmy Chen and Elizabeth CHAI Torelli. This film was a technical challenge and a personal one as evidenced in this new behind the scenes footage doing a few laps on the top part of free writer, and we're just rigging actually scouting some of our locations. And he says it so everyone can our team sat with this risk sat with this commitment and. Have entered into the circle of trust with Alex and ourselves filming Alex is extremely emotional. It's very taxing. It's it's very scary. The Phil pulls back the curtain on the danger and the tension of their endeavor and the inherent danger for everyone involved. Put on this. What looks like part of the wall and a piece about the size of a small backpack launch. And Jim is below me. Dave is below me flew like right here. And then another one win. And then the one win right here. The foremost challenge in everybody's mind was like the risk and the risk of death. When he told us I want a free solo cap. We actually took a step back. We had to answer some very tough questions for our selves. What was the first moral question? You had what's the fact of the filmmaker on the subject, and if it causes him to die or pushes them to do something that he wouldn't normally do because there's a camera rolling. Okay. Everybody knows what to do something goes wrong who should make you call nine one one end up that we will get kicked into gear and tell them what you know. All right. No mistakes tomorrow. How did you deal with that question? Can we live with ourselves? If something happens it comes down to that DEA of like a life while lift provisional climate. I know the mindset we believed in his ability to do it. But we also knew that if we were going to do this. We we also had to execute perfectly. Well, trading Alex, also enlisted the help of friend and fellow professional climber. Tommy Caldwell everybody who has made free soloing a big part of their life dead. Now, I've had you know, thirty or forty friends that have died you describe. Breaking off a handhold and a little slip those things would have resulted in your death. You call it risk and consequence. Yeah. Right. Yeah. You describe it explained that to us. So like two separate brisk and consequence consequence being you know, what actually happened if if falls. So I mean when people say that that free soloing, it's risky. I'm like, well, not all free so long as risky. I mean. So it's super easy. Some of it's as easy as walking on the sidewalk, but it's all very high consequence. So that's what you do you mitigate the risk is best. You can. Because once you're up there, you actually feel pretty confident that. Yeah. Ideally. Yeah. And I think that's part of the appeal of resilience to take something that seems Clinton mentally scary. And to make it feel comfortable and controlled the film also explores whether Alex is simply built differently than the rest of us able to make the impossibly dangerous impossibly normal. Several ex-girlfriends personality disorders and things. Like that is is my brain intact, your brains intact. So an interesting thing do you have no activation in your pillow mingle, actually, just doesn't work or something. You're Niccolo works. It's just that it needs a much higher level of stimulation things that are typically stimulating for most of the rest of us are not really doing for you. I took that to mean that basically overtime desensitized to certain kind of stimulus have been climbing for over twenty years, and it used to be a lot of things in climate used to be quite a bit more scary for me. And then over time, you know, gotten used to it have gone desensitize feel quite comfortable the emotional toll on Alex's, friends and family in the lead up to the climb is at times difficult to watch especially when it comes to his girlfriend. Sanni mccandless is awesome. Pretty much makes life veteran. Everyone. It's really hard for me to grasp why he wants this who something happens. How did you prepare differently? Did you find that? It was a different experience being such a series relationship. This time are I mean, the reason is sort of worked out is because Sanni my girlfriend sort of just told me you don't need to break up with me to climb. She was kind of like you can have both. And in some ways, it was the first time that had really been presented to me. I was like really like can I do that one part that really stands out is when your girlfriend is sitting by herself in the car, and she's in tears like why does he have to do this? I mean, that's hard to watch for sure, you know, it is really hard to do something. If you know that this somebody that you care about deeply is going to be so affected by it. And certainly when I watched the film, and like, oh, I didn't know it was that hard for in the end against all odds. Alex overcomes heartache and injury and accomplishes the impossible, and he does it in less than four hours seats. Watching Alex make his way up L cap achieving something no human ever done before. God. Over. Will you ever give up free soloing? Bob retirement at all. But yeah, if I'd never do anything more grand than okay? I'm like, that's I'll still be honored. Is this the craziest feet? Ever accomplished inclined? I mean, I think yes, I think it's one of the greatest athletic feats. Ever. Really? I mean. Perfection or death. Very unbelievable. Data front-load C for. Yeah. I mean, it was absolutely. Exquisite art. Thanks to TJ homes up next frozen to on fire. Even the trailer is setting records tonight. And finally tonight the frozen were turned the team behind the highest grossing animated film of all time just releasing a white hot trailer the first frozen to trailer getting well over a hundred million views in just twenty four hours with Queen Elsa taking on a brand new challenge water and massive wave the directors hinting. The upcoming adventure will be bigger and more ethic and scales with the original characters and stars. All. Let the adventures begin frozen to set to hit the on November twenty second. And that's not line. If you're ever just chilling. You can catch full Nightline episodes on Hulu Conine America. Are you hiring with? Indeed, you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash Nightline. That's indeed dot com slash Nightline.

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Majority 54 LIVE

Majority 54

1:18:52 hr | 4 months ago

Majority 54 LIVE

"Jason candor and i'm robbie gupta and this is majority fifty four. The podcast helps americans who voted for progress. Convince those who didn't join our majority. We're doing this live welcome. This is so cool. I'm like so full of adrenaline right. Now it's been so many months. Since i did anything like this is great all right back to what i wrote down. We are live in drexel hall at the kansas city irish center. Thank you to kim. It coleman and the fantastic's also this could not would. Not no way it ever would have happened without mackenzie mills and grace lynch of wonder media network so if they could raise their hands real quick. And thank you to all of you for being here with that ravi. Oh by the way this is robbie. Welcome to kansas city. What's going on this week. Well first of all. I just want to say thank you for being so welcoming. It's you know we circled this date on the calendar this year to the day from the first time we recorded this new phase of the podcast. So it's it's amazing to be spending time with you and it kind of marks. I think like a reopening for a lot of us. I can't believe that we're here together. We have actually seen each other in person since we started doing this. Podcast again and i don't have been in a room with this many people either since the beginning of this is this is the first on many levels at but in some less exciting news We've been talking for a little while for the past few months about two things. One is the four. The people act which is comprehensive bill to protect our democracy. And then we've been talking about this thing called the filibuster. Which is this. Arcane rules in the senate that says that you need sixty votes to proceed on any piece of legislation and those two things collided this week and the democrats brought up vote to move forward with the for the people act and it failed because all fifty republicans oppose it now. This was just a vote to proceed on debate about the bill and that failed fifty. Republicans hung tight. Jason what does this mean for the future of this bill in the future of our democracy on its face not awesome but which you have to keep in mind. Is that over the last several weeks like this has been the plan. Forced them to actually filibuster something. I mean. there's been all this. We know they're going to filibuster this notional force them to fillibuster so that it then becomes clear that there are not ten republican votes out there for really anything particularly for voting rights and save democracy and to make sure that folks like joe. Manchin understand that. That's not the case. It's important to remember as we go out and make the argument for this and that's still really important that the very best arguments about this have nothing to do with the filibuster. Like you're not going to convince. I was gonna say conservative aunt but like anybody based on arcane arguments about an arcane thing you're going to convince them by continuing to talk about the merits the legislation would is interesting to me is what happened in the last couple of weeks where joe manchin went through something that i think the rest of us went through like twelve years ago. Which is you know. he's he's coming on. We need to accelerate the process. But you know he's he went through. I don't know if you all saw this. He went through the olive branch phase of the negotiating phase of photo. Id voter suppression where he said. Well here's a compromise piece of legislation and what it was you know it said. Oh well we'll have this kind of checking your id but it will allow for these things to make sure nobody gets disenfranchised. And it's like yeah i remember sitting down with republicans back in the legislature and like eight and nine and thinking. Well you're apparently really concerned about fraud. Maybe we could address it this way without disenfranchising anybody and like they didn't say it but the look on their faces like yeah. We're not. we're not really worried about fraud. We're worried about black people voting. And you had to find that out you had to put him on the spot so my hope is. Is that as joe. Manchin goes through many stages of realization about this that that can be accelerated by understanding that. There are no republican. Vote for this. And so that's the place. So you just got to keep the pressure on and you've got to focus it on making the argument for the legislature. And so that's what we gotta do going forward. Yeah i think. I'd probably speak for a lot of people in this room. Say that we're learning more about joe mansion and curious cinema than we ever wanted but they're very different you know so. We spent so much time talking about mentioned because he's been getting a lot of the attention and he's a tough nut to crack. He comes from a state that's so overwhelmingly republican trump supporting that his politics are just there in their own planet and pressure and threats and all these things don't work on him and we haven't really been spending time on cinema who comes from a state where she needs democrats to turn out for her or she's gonna lose and she's i think a lot of people have been spending because they think that if we got mashed come around but she wrote a piece i think it was in the washington post this week that defended the filibuster and to her credit. She is explain a lot more about her theory about the filibuster that i've heard mansion dues so she said a couple of things that should at least make us think one of those is that she listed out a whole bunch of terrible things that have been prevented because democrats have used the filibuster to prevent those things so that was sort of point number. One point number two is that she said well we could pass this voting rights law and then republicans will turn around and they will not only reverse it. But then they'll punish us bypassing something even more restrictive at the federal level than what we've seen. so jason. Does she have a point. No it's total. We actually don't script we like having outline and we make a point of not knowing what the other person's gonna say no and frankly endlessly irritating to me. She and i until a few months ago friendly friends you know i mean. I'm sure we could still be but like i don't get it. I campaigned for. I don't understand what's happening. She seems like she can be part of our fitness posse though for sure. Yeah yeah maybe that would work. Maybe we could get her into like the text chain about it and yeah. That's a good strategy. We'll do that. We'll get on that after this. That could be boy. We'll save democracy with with pull ups and planks man. We can put it on. My team seems like capable. Well i and i are kicking your ass so you need to help. So we actually dynasty plotting to just fill ravi with barbecue all week because it helps us starving myself for two days. Because i knew this was coming. She came up to me right before this happened. And she's like you know we're going to feed you tomorrow night because we have like these critical check ins that happen every couple of weeks. So i'm ready to grayson no relatable corner and we got it in then we grace anyway. We're talking about something. More importantly somebody who the theory is that as goes mansion. Show eventually and look. I'm still with that theory. Because she somebody who like in a previous life very aggressively protested the iraq war and was somebody who was considered very to the left. Not in any way that. I disagree with so i think that that is right and as far as what she said the idea that oh we can do this now but then what if they just get elected and then they undo it like please if they're not in charge of the ability to get rid of the filibuster and i mean they're going to do that like in a second first of all and then second of all if we don't actually defend democracy from all the horrible things they're doing to try and counteract what the voters actually want then that makes it only more likely that they'll be in a position of power to do that so it makes no sense to me at all totally. I'm wondering what evidence she has that run. The republicans take power. They're not gonna just do what she saying anyway. Like can we be the first people to it at once. The first people to benefit from this and it also affects the election right like when you're restricting the vote to the extent that they are and there's so much attention paid to voter idealize redistricting and all that and for those of you who listeners. The thing that worries me. The most is the subversion of democracy. It's the results. Come in and you have these sycophants in these electoral offices who no matter. It could be a thirty point margin. They're not going to accept the results and so like we don't fix that. That's the game right there. That's the rules. And mcconnell has said you know if you write the rules you win the game. He has said this this is. They're saying outright demonstrated it and he's winning. So i guess the place to leave. This is well. We're up here like complaining about it and venting maybe channeling you. I don't know i just okay. Yes thank you what i would say is. Don't lose sight of the fact that like it's far from over there is there is a battle to be had and that you know that all of us have a role to play in it and nothing. Nothing's over yeah and quickening on that is. Here's where it stands right now. Is that this. Vote to proceed based on what we could figure out. What the senate. It's not completely dead now. Schumer has Merkley has said that they've now given this bill back to mention. Say now you find ten people on the republican side degree to any change jar voting laws to improve them. And so we'll see what happens. There is. there's a huge group of activists. I think it's up to eighty plus groups now who are investing a ton of money and resources and holding a ton of events around the country to continue to press for change. And that's all we can do is either we get something meaningful done or we keep this front of center over the next two years. So it becomes something that motivates people to overcome these hurdles. So that we can gain margins and actually do something about this and with their ravi through this week and misinformation all right. This is a fun one. So governor disentis of florida signed a well. I might as well just giving them in kansas city. Maybe i'll try something tom brady. All right we're on the same page. We're on the same page so governor descent. This they're both florida resonance. Guess now right so he signed a piece of legislation that requires universities to give a survey to staff students and professors that basically surveys on on their ideological views. And it's a little murky about exactly what they want to do this. But they said in some of their statements in and around this bill that they may use this to deny funding or restrict. Funnier cut funding to universities. The are insufficiently ideologically diverse. There's another piece of legislation that he signed alongside this that says that Universities cannot punish and restricts speech that they deem not in keeping with views or offensive. and yada yada yada. Interestingly they signed this a couple of weeks after banning schools from teaching critical race theory so they on the one hand are saying cannot restrict speech. And we're going to survey you to say that you have this ideological diversity in the university level but decatur twelve level. We're going to tell you exactly the kind of speech that we are not going to allow the kind of teaching that. We're not going to allow jason. Do you sense any contradiction here known at all other than i mean. Yeah there's the obvious frustrating hypocrisy of opposing any sort of program that tries to achieve actual diversity like racial diversity for instance verse racism but making sure that there are some people who think that's reverse racism and think the way we do that's diversity like obviously that super frustrating and possibly persuasive with some people you'll talk to but i think it's good to have perspective over where this comes from and what it reminds me a lot of is the preemptive strikes against nonexistent problems that we've seen missouri if i go back thinking when i was in the legislature and actually my buddy john calloway who y'all have heard on the show before did a great threat on twitter about this. The other day he went through some of the similar sort of preemptive strikes of made up issues that we saw when we were down there. I don't know if y'all remember when there was apparently a real problem with all of our laws being converted to sharia law like ten years ago. Do you remember that. Yeah this week. Another buddy of mine pointed out that like you haven't had sharia law practice in our courtroom so clearly. It worked what they did. He was joking so they just decided to tell everybody. Sharia law is gonna be a problem. So we're going to go and we're going to ban that and then they turned around and i think the next thing was. I don't even remember it. Was i had to write it now. It was when they said that the federal government was going to take all of the gitmo prisoners and move them through missourian start putting them in our prisons so we got a ban that too so my point is within the biden administration is taking actions that make it so that six hundred of us can get in this room and not feel like it's going to kill us and people think that's a good thing and the economy is doing. Well then you got to come up with stuff to prevent and to get mad about. Is i think what's going on there right. Yeah and i think. There's like a contradiction between the two things that i talked about right. So if you're if you're on the one hand saying you can't restrict speech that you deem offensive and at the same time serving people so that you can create the kind of balance that you want. That feels like those two things can't get along right either. you want. This unfettered totally libertarian environment. Or you want to dictate the terms of the debate. You can't really have both but this is not about consistency. This is about the fact that governor scientists wants to be president united states and he's auditioning right now to either be the vice president under trump or have the ticket and we should step back and say that he has been very successful at capturing a huge swath of the conservative base. He is one of the few people. If not the only person out there on the right wing side who has both somehow like availed himself to the trumpers and pretty significant amount of the never trumpers a national review types etcetera a little bit of the bulwark types. So he's he's successful so far and so i think we we have to take seriously what he sees here. So if you're being as generous as you could jason like what do you think is political strategy as i know. It's hard to bend your brain to think about republican base politics but he seems to be sensing an opportunity. I actually think it's really similar to what people saw across the state line here several years ago when sam brownback thought that he was going to be president. And but it's different. He's people are laughing at the notion i guess. In retrospect but he was a real thing it was before he became the international ambassador to agricultural in jesus or whatever he became pretty close on that title. You have to admit. I don't know but it was but his calculation was different. It wasn't necessarily the base social issue politics. His calculation was we're going to have the perfect utopian bro business slash no taxes at all environment and there were people in missouri like in the legislature. We're like oh my god. It was actually a lot like the episode of the office with the michael scott paper company. Where he just went out and was like i'm just not going to charge anything but then pretty soon he found out. I can't actually stay in business if i do that. And that's what happened around back but this is different. This is not going to put florida out of business. So i guess using that that metric. It's at least smarter than what. Sam brownback did right. Well i think you know somebody who who maybe can. I can represent the northeast a little bit here. Because i think at least from my experience there are things that happen at universities that puzzle me sometimes. My own university had an incident where like a conservative not. Even a trumpers could tell professor spoke and was shouted down. They wouldn't let him finish. And all that kind of stuff. And i think for those of you who have members of your family who are there like rigidly independent or trump supporters are just like f. the system type of people. I think you don't have to argue fully. That universities are perfect as they are right now and that they're they're bashing of tolerance right because i personally don't believe that that a lot of them are. I think that both universities. I went to have had significant sense of intolerance within the university. But this is not the solution. And i'll give you a. There's so much wrong with bill. But i'll give you one additional reason. Why in the bill. They don't even stipulate that this is going to be anonymous so you're serving young kids and you're not even putting the bill that their views are going to remain anonymous. Just think about how your views changed the course of your university time like i knew people who were pro iraq war the beginning and then we're anti iraq war and pro gay marriage to beginning or anti gay marriage the beginning pro. You know like kids should be allowed to evolve. And they should have a little bit of privac- could start to poke at some of the other elements of this and then obviously another part of this is like this is not coming mature place. It's not like governor disentis and the republican party is currently exists is tolerant of other speech. The most prominent example is liz. Cheney who for daring to call out. Dear leader was kicked out of her position in congress and is persona non grata so this is not a group of people who are tolerant. So you don't have to see the case. That universities are perfect as they are like. There's a lot of work that can be done within the center and within the left to push each other to be more tolerant without handing over the keys to the car to people like governor. The scientists jason. I'm about to head out and go to the airport. So i can fly to kansas city and every time i fly. Even if it's a short distance. I kinda feel a little bit weird afterwards. You now just tired. But i'm gonna take some athletic greens before ahead out and i'm going to take some athletic greens when i land found that that's like my magic potion. We love effort agrees because it is a daily all in one superfood powder. It's your nutritional essential far the easiest and most delicious nutritional habit that you can add your health routine today while avoiding the need to take multiple pills or add complex routines and one tasty scoop of athletic grades contained seventy five vitamins minerals and whole food source. 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They even offer a forever warranty to find your perfect sofa. Check out all forms dot com slash majority fifty four. All form is offering twenty percents off all orders for our listeners at all form dot com slash majority fifty four and with that. We're going to play a game. And for that grace is gonna come up and explain the game but also we have a very special guest to play the game with us. Which is my wife diana. It is by the way diana's birthday week and honestly like i've really underperformed on birthday week. We've had a live show. Lots of stuff to do. And i mean so next week i'm gonna crush it for her birthday week spring and this all right here. Let's play a game all right so for the live show. He wanted to try something a little different. We've been wanting to draft for a while and we thought what better place to do it than here. So each person on stage not counting myself are going to put on their campaign strategist hats and they are going to draft their ideal presidential candidate from the list of fictional characters. They will have a few seconds to defend their decision. I expect very complex well-thought-out. Incredible brief descriptions as to why and we really hadn't seen the full list until now on extended list. They're fine and make it a little hard. Okay all right. So we're going to get started really quickly. I may. I may also dole out points as i see fit i retain the okay. We drew straws earlier and ravi. You have the first choice will. This is really exciting. Because i know jason would pick this first. Kansas city native jason. Today this so i'm going to go with ted lasso and one of the many gifts that majority fifty four is giving you is that it came on before the show came out. And you heard. I just how awesome that show is going to be but i. I have a whiteboard that i put like mantras and one of them is be ted lasso. And he's just such an inspiring optimistic positive person which i think still can work in politics. But he's just unyielding and stubborn in in a way that i think could lead to victory. It's hard to argue against head lasso. Because i feel like we kind of elected ted last so to be president. Yes ted lasso of the field. I mean he's like you're variance biden would take a european soccer team. The distance trying to help ravi win this game. Come look i will argue against other picks. I'm not to this is ridiculous. I have some credibility here. I can't argue last diana europe. Second i'm gonna take kermit. The frog from the muppets. He is lovable. I feel like it's like picking the rock who i think it would be. A formidable presidential candidate like. He has a lot of appeal very sentimental value. Also very inspirational. And you know when in trouble he could go into song a terrible pick. I know i love you very much. But he's a tall does an excellent here. I'm not doing it okay. That's a split point for both diana. Ross robbie all right jason. What's your pick. I'm going to libya pope. Because i'll be honest. I didn't. i didn't make it the distance on that show. I mean that was one that i really. I think i got first. Season has made the distance on that. Yeah right it's not meant and then it just got i like i can't keep track but all i know. Is that every episode. Things got really hairy every time and she got people out of it. So i'm gonna go. I just feel like she should be in charge of things. She's an undeniable powerhouse. Yeah this is a fact right. It's a snake draft so you again also by the way i love ted lesser but like libya. Pope would i mean portes see. This is what i want. Airports we all know where you would have picked if you had the opportunity to go for it. Hundred percent would have picked ted but All right let's it's me again right. I gotta go. i'm going. Dave co vic. Which was from dave. Because you know at the end of that movie. I don't know if y'all remember that movie at the end of that movie. He's running for city council. And i think we all knew he was gonna be president eventually. Like in the sequel or the netflix series. Or whatever it was getting. So i just feel like a natural. The line from that movie like i get people jobs. That's what i do. I think that'd be a solid choice. And it's like picking leslie. Nope i love leslie. No but she's for a reason he would have gone to the city council and been like. This is not for agree. He hasn't even won an election right. You can yeah. He's in politics but he hasn't just giving it. You know like like you weren't gonna pick wesley nope just to suck up to make sure like you listening. This is for the live. Yeah okay i got. I got the audio people around all right. We're definitely putting us in the podcast. Okay sorry i'll cut out that bit about. Make sure we want him to remain a friend of the show. Diana are aggressive. They're i don't know why i'm from new york. I didn't even notice from here. So i immediately apologized. I tell a funny story about that. Just we're here. I once had a girlfriend who met my brother and me at the same time and some of you know my brother because he was on the podcasts and we just had lunch together and then all of a sudden she just started bursting out into tears was going on was like. You're like you're fighting. And i was like. Oh we're just talking. That's that's how. I have a story on the other end of that. Which is that. When i got to college on the east coast. The first few weeks people kept thinking that i was this terrible hothead and they were like kansas trying to fight everybody all the time and what they didn't understand. Was it like where i'm from. If you say some of the stuff that people were saying you're basically like we're going to go fight now and and so people would say seven. I'd go like okay. So we're going outside and they're like dude slow down and so people thought i just wanted to fight in wanna fighters anyway. It's your turn. i'm going to pay captain james kirk. I think he has exceptional leadership potential. He's been to space. People attribute a lot of leadership abilities and There's aliens maybe. I think people watch star trek. Think the movies. Well no in real life. There's this report older. I thought you were saying star trek. There might be like oh. That's a very good aliens in an after the next presidential election. So we want someone who's been out of the biggest issue in the next. I hijacked every podcast over the last three weeks to talk about aliens and now i've done it again. One thousand points for diana okay. All right robby is the snakes to right now. Is that right yes. Oh it's excellent. all right i'm gonna use a little strategy here. Because somebody a pick. But i wanted to take one of yours. 'cause me more satisfaction so i'm gonna go with fossa i and you know this is a little tricky because he. He did underestimate his brother. And he he has some longevity issues but he he invested in his invested in the next generation and he. I think he kind of haunted. The dispute spiritually came back and kept guiding him. So i feel like he's like really strong. I think in case that the republicans really do make good on their promised to continue to violence at lion on our side. So that's that's one and then the second one you have a dead lion. What he's a spirit of align with with good longevity republicans would allow for his name to be on the ballot. We haven't done this sort of the dynasty thing. Really well right you know. The republicans have been better at that. I think we can do it. You're using your entire pickers about setting up simba. Is that what we only caught the back. End of mussa's rain like talking about eight years here. I feel like he. He had eight full years. That was an incredible justification of all right. And then i'm gonna do queen elsa from frozen and this is tricky because she was in isolation for a little while but what i like about her is that she has like incredible power right almost too much and she has learn how to use it. Which if we're being honest every leader has deal with that in some form or another but she had self awareness to keep it check for the good of the people but one chain is on leashes chewing unleash it and she can really do some damage too so i feel so far. Your ticket is ted lassou into cartoon characters. That's a strategy. That's my that's my team. So far we're gonna have to start an offshoot podcast for robbie just recaps children's movies and that kind of same like yeah and then. She used their power school. Principal watched too many children's things for a non parent. I'm playing games this game. That you've created grace and trying not to fall off the chair in front of six hundred people and you're doing a pick king to challah. I feel like it's crazy. Crazy that i m in the andes the black panther. So if there were aliens single-handedly lead our forces to confront them. I'm not sure it's possible to argue with. I have to admit in the case of aliens. I'm i'm not sure about livia. Pope and dave covert. Sure my alien situation here. You wish you had queen out in eleven so much also in the case of another like covid outbreak. I believe that king to chart could like hand. Would they got the technology. Yeah that's a good point. All right now. I got i just i gotta do to okay because of the alien situation. I'm going palpitation. Sometimes you got across the aisle to work together and like i don't know he's got the electric dang coming. I mean that's pretty intimidating and going back to the kirk sort of anyway. So i'm not gonna further nervous about palestinian and pope and co and how they're going to work together. I think they're going to figure it out. Because i don't know if they can figure it out and they're going to need sort of a really motivational almost spiritual leader. I'm going jed bartlett as well new. That'd be a crowd-pleaser ever get elected right now. He's got elected. The second time new hampshire primary though. He's got a good start. You know right back to you hard. Not that much left. I mean. I'm going to go with shrek. I wanted to pick frank underwood season of that show and then you know it got cancelled. So there's shrek. Shrek is a nice wholesome choice and i'm fascinated to hear you to defend trick. Yeah sure as the leader of the free world No matter the challenges that he was up against He always found a way to overcome them with song. It's really like My draft class very musically inclined. I would pick the fantastic also in my in my due to now. We're doing two we're going to. We're going to round out the list here and it's okay great so i i'm optimistic. Type of person in politics came came up with axelrod and that kind of hope and change thing but i have limited options. Now somebody to do sir. See lancaster i and so here's the thing about is that this is about winning an election. I definitely would be worried about what would happen afterwards but we can be rest assured that she's going to do everything possible to win one you know how. Many people watch game of thrones. There's this scene where little finger who's like this less than scrupulous character threatens her in a very subtle way sort of and she has her guard go to put the knife to his throat and then she stops the guard at the very last second just to prove that she has the power to do that kind of person. She is so It makes you want her to be win not to be president. This is only winning. This is about winning elections and so in that spirit. My second is going to be frank underwood. Whose similar character. I'm just saying winning. That's all i'm saying. I'm just talking about winning. I really thought i was going to get stuck in the last names that thank you. Here's the thing. He was basically winning every season. Against all odds. and then. If it wasn't for kevin spacey being creep. He would have continued to win but they had the right. They had to write him out of the story so it took like something outside of the character in order to stop him. So i'm feeling good about our chances if we've got frank underwood on that ticket. Very compelling any. You could just argue. He was technically a democrat. He's successful democrat in both fictional and nonfiction rapid rise. Yeah captain jack sparrow. Because at this point it would just be a really fun campaign to work if you were working on frank underwood like everyday. It'd be like oh my god. We're going to be like if captain jack sparrow. Is your candidate. You'd be like who who knows you know like it's going to be great. Voters want to see you having fun. Yeah i think it would be a great campaign. There's no names left on the list. Grayson name left on the loaders. We're who who nope know she goes you name well. Okay leslie biz last. May i just say she retired. I have qualms she's not last she's my pick and the best argument for progressive values is progress. People can see lesley not getting it done there in piney so okay now now that we have painfully made them go through this whole list. I now need to hear who you think. Has the best slate of candidates so to recap ravi has ted lasso move fossa queen elsa sursee lancaster and frank underwood diana. Her musical slate is kermit. The frog captain. Kirk to challa shrek. And captain jack sparrow have really good about that rounding us out here has olivia pope. David co vic lord bell. Jeff bartlett leslie. No so who thinks ravi has the best laid diana. It is her birthday week now. What about that you doing and should we do. We're down brings your guests. Who's your guest in. The city is saying okay. One more time for ravi list is. This is an appropriate time for me to throw my very limited support behind diana with a be. Well you can you can into your mic. This is against all odds here. Stay strong you don't have to only person on stage creating more kansas city. And that's all. I'm going to say no. It wasn't like an announcement is just really quick. Diana's list time. This is fine. What i'll take anti turn. That ravi has won. The game. I to say i want to say that this is not. This is the first two victories that'll be celebrating in kansas city. Go back to bills are going to be playing and be celebrated together to reality going to get that. I did a bills joke. I did say the right to declare take away points. And that he's minus ten thousand points. Diana wins the game corrigan. Wonders is just the podcast. We all need right now is somehow manages to both validate what you're feeling truly. Stretch your thinking at the same time. The show drops new episodes. Every tuesday morning and there are currently more than forty episodes available covering everything from human nature and racial justice to grief and societal change and love stories guests include heavy hitters and big thinkers like melinda gates and george saunders she also introduces you to incredible stories from people. You've never heard of and now can't stop talking about and while the episodes cover topics that are far from light. They are explored in such an approachable honest way that the door is open for real contemplation and transformation. Oh and laughter. Kelly manages to be both poignant and hilarious at the same time from what it sounds like listeners. Love this show. it's got four point. Nine out of five stars from nine hundred reviewers were saying things. Like i'm so encouraged and challenged by this beautiful podcast. Kelly's wit and wisdom challenged me to think critically and make me laugh. She's insanely relevant and hugely refreshing. So if you're looking for a really fulfilling listen head over to kelly. Corrigan wanders wherever you listen podcasts. That was awesome. All right grace. I believe we're going into a. Portion who she's holding several clipboards. She's boeing questions out of by. This is impressive. All right thank you. Diana okay this question's baxter yarbrough and now we will fill time. I just wanted to take back. What i said about the bills know because in all honesty your team seems to have gotten the vaccination thing right and my team seems to be struggling with it so you win the moral victory so and also the west. But you're right two times. Yeah yeah me too. Y'all's right dead center. So i am a teacher in actually in mitch. Mcconnell and thomas district in northern kentucky in so with that. I have a lot of students that come from not just like conservative backgrounds but are in households that you know just get fed a lot of misinformation in some way or another and so for me. I'm just wanting advice in general on how to talk to me as a teacher and also for anybody else that works with youth. How do you discuss current events in anything of that sort With the young people in our society particularly when they're being they're living in a place where the words that i'm saying the teacher might be combated and put it in the trash said social studies. This is ravi wheelhouse. So step back from the ninth and tenth grade so fourteen old we guys can follow up question just to narrow narrow it down. What is your goal to persuade her. As your goal just to sort of like stop the crate like just kind of have them actually learn what's really happening so it's more so the latter two but also like i think a lot of like the ethical bounds. I have as a teacher not wanting to like overstep by any means and making it where my views are being pushed onto my students by any means perfectly themed question to go with our misinformation. Thanks ravi yeah. I think you're you're already in some ways given a gift in that as a teacher. You know you no matter what. Your views are generally aren't allowed to to to push your students to have any certain kind of politics and in some ways that's helpful and helpful that you teach social studies because all the critical race theory debate aside which we're going to talk about next week there are so many tools at your disposal in our history and there's this book i keep mentioning called these troops from jill lepore but there's so many books like this where you have good foundational texts now that have been coming out over the past ten years some of which are not controversial at the moment that you can use to teach people for example. Jason and i were talking about that. There's evidence that george washington for example. What what do you think you know about. George washington teeth that their wooden things right but the poorer argues. And there's some dispute about this that they were pulled from the mouths of slaves right. So that's a lesson right there is to say you don't have to go all the way and say in that lesson and therefore america is blank. The students can put to into together right. You can say all right. Let's picture this. Let's visualize it. Let's think about what that means and you don't have to add it up for people you can pick those examples to say. We love our country but there are things about this country that that happened a long time ago that are super relevant to the problems that we have today and you can kind of. Let them thread the needle with some really well out. Examples and lessons awesome. Yeah i'm not ending. thank joey. Jones has a question. All right right down here right here. This was actually sent to me by a friend while we're waiting outside. So there is a clip making the rounds on right wing social media of president and biden saying that citizens would need f. fifteens and nuclear weapons to take on the government and she was questioning it and the sense of shouldn't we be afraid about the size of government if this is the case and so i was just wondering how you would respond to questions about the size of government especially related to The second amendment and unrein's what was the thing it was is biden it was in the In the gun control speech about the new restriction or the with with But he said something. That's kind of a joke about how citizens would need at fifteen and nuclear weapons to take on the government. All right okay i see. Yeah i mean basically. He's trying to thank you for your question. He's basically going out that second amendment that we we need these arms because we got to stand up to the government. He's saying like fifteen nuclear weapons so he's just kind of undercutting that argument and then yeah. I think the response that the right takes to that as they say. Well isn't that messed up. you know. And then because they've tried to do this to me when i've made similar comments then they're like. Hey there's some people just come with this over and over. Remember that time that candor is like we should use tanks against our sentencing slowdown. It's not what i said. So i think if you're going to go down the road with people it's important to remember that like at the time that it was written that the second was written like it was muzzle-loaders and it wasn't as if the government had tanks right like i mean the concept of people standing up like it was an actual thing that could happen in fact it had just happened. Which is we're about to celebrate. July fourth happened and so to me. It's like you gotta just pushed aside by saying okay. We live in a really different world now and the reality is is that factually he is correct. Like factually. If you were going to overthrow the american government you would probably need more than what you have right. So i think just get everybody as best you can on the same factual basis and then like around here to be honest. If you're dealing with somebody. Who's like i have guns because i have to stand up to the government and like you know. Perhaps you persuade them but but what you can do around here is you can get real with them and be like work. I understand what you're saying but isn't it really just that you you like guns. That's what i do when people do that. I'm like because i'm pretty versed in guns. I can be like you know. I'll be honest. i like them too. You know. I don't. I don't like the idea of everybody having them. And i don't like the idea of everybody assault weapons and i'm against that stuff but like i'll shoot you know i'll go out and target you like a to me and i'm not saying everybody in here can connect that way but if somebody is persuadable and they're saying that the only reason they're persuadable is under the surface they really just like guns so let's like normal gun conversation instead of a conversation about the government using f. fifteens against him but he's getting at though that i find useful. Maybe not that particular person. But i'm trying to talk to people about the second amendment is that you know it's written was written before jason said all these arms exist and it says a right to bear arms and literally within the definition of arms or nuclear weapons and so i use that as a starting point in conversation of people to say i'm not gonna convince you about the meaning of well regulated militia and the second amendment right even though conservatives used to believe that was limiting even robert bork and richard nixon thought it was limiting and would be way to the left of the republican party today on these issues. But what i do say is somebody who's arguing for the right to bear arms as a pretty laissez faire pieces. The you think. I should have a nuclear weapon. Antifa protesters right should have nuclear weapons. No so then you think that we should be able to restrict the right to bear arms in some way because those are arms so everybody is interpreting this in light of today. And that's the difference between our philosophy on the supreme court and there's that's why finding such a useful example. Because really can you just pull out of your head. In example that can actually help frame. A conversation is usually like the amount of misinformation sanity. You have to have google out and be like all right. You said this. I'm going to write this down. I'll come back to you in a week. That's very pure example because nobody saying thinks that everybody should have nuclear weapons and at that point they open themselves up to the very thing you're doing which is you're calibrating. How many arms it and so that the points not about the constitution is about personal preference. We got four more. I one brooke roberts. Okay so i grew up in rural kansas and i went away to college in the east coast. Where are my friends still are and i. My question is more on the flipside. Instead of trying to convince my mom down in kansas why she should be progressive. Oftentimes my arguments are with my very liberal. Friends friends friends. I'm almost country there. My liberal friends are all very much about like middle america. You're the only good one brooke like. Let's just ignore them. Why waste our time and energy so my question is more. How do you respond to your very liberal friends. Who think this place is not worth our time. You go first because you live here and you. I'll send them background for those of you don't know as i grew up in staten island. Which is like it's like an interestingly representative more of a place like mississippi and it's politics than the rest of new york city. But i lived in nashville. I lived in mississippi. So i think about this a lot. First thing is in some cases. It doesn't matter that much like what my friends in williamsburg for example think of my friends in kansas city. It's relevant every so often but and in some ways it's almost the opposite problem. It's like their phone banking into your neighborhoods and causing trouble So it's a thing that we've tried to channel people's like well intentioned energy into ways that are useful. It's not always easy. I would say even with the new york. City mayor's election. I can just. I'll use this as a metaphor. I had a hard time convincing people in one neighborhood in new york city to understand what was happening and the other like we we had. We have eric adams as mayor. Because of a phenomenon happened within the city which is that williamsburg and park slope and upper west side. Upper east side have this certain bubble. There's certain vehicle not all those people but enough of view of of what the city was and they were shocked when staten island and east new york and bronx voted overwhelmingly for somebody that they couldn't stand in those other neighborhoods and it was our own mini version. Which is like. I think like from a from a first principles perspective. It's like even at the level of trying to channel somewhere energy into understanding people who live in different areas. And you before you even try to do anything about it right. It's just like spend time in those places. Talk to them understand what makes them tick. And don't do it as an anthropological experiment so that you can like go back and tell your friends about it like figure out if there's a way you could genuinely connect because i think like the people. I know who who really had good friends. In the outer boroughs bit surprised about the outcome this week and the people who couldn't imagine a staten island. Were completely shocked. So i think there's two things here. The first is just the math right. The first argument is like well. You wanna win elections nationally. You kinda got to work on convincing some people where i live and helped me do that. That's the first like we kind of all in the same country. The second is what i think is the undercurrent to this question. That's almost bigger than that part of the country being hopeless. I and i were talking about this the other night. There's this thing now. And it's i think a problem within the left where there's this emotional reaction to people particularly if people voted for trump twice anybody who fits that category two people going. There's some sort of moral compromise involved in trying to convince that person that if you campaign to that person than you are in some way giving quarter to racism into fascism and all those things and i get where people are coming from but when i hear that it mostly comes from places that are not this place or if it comes from anywhere in the mid west it comes from like very very blue sort of islands in the mid west and my answer to that is always like okay but we still live around those people right. That's the first thing but that's often not enough because people are like. Yeah but there are a lot of other but yeah you do but you don't have to give quarter to that and my argument is this. It's like if you think about it like politics and you think how you define yourself morley defined on whether or not you associate with people who disagree with that way. Okay i see your point but if you think of it like somebody who wants to win elections you should think about like you're spreading religion because if you are spreading religion and if that religion is liberal politics progressivism if you are going to do it successfully then you got to go and save the hardest souls to save and so i don't think of it and this is what i tell people say i don't think of it like convincing people to agree with us. I think of it convincing people. Who maybe they have a major character. Flaw maybe whatever. I don't know probably they've said horrendous offensive things. I don't think it that way. I think of it as i love that person and they need saving. And that's what i would say to your friends ashton bots also a brief reminder to anyone who has had their question read aloud. Your can get a free t shirt so come see us. How exciting all. Right go ashton. Hi thanks so much ravi. Thank you for introducing me to arena academy do i did the organizer track Just just this go. I just finished. Yeah yeah thank you with that experience. Something that really resonated with me and a question that has continued to be in my mind over the last couple of weeks is i'm i live in missouri living kansas city and we vote for progressive policies. We voted for the expansion of medicaid. We have voted against the right to work but we can't seem to bridge the gap between those progressive policies which the majority of us have gotten on board with and the progressive candidate. That represents that policy. And i feel like if we can't bridge that gap if we can't make that connection that we aren't going to be able to make meaningful progress. So how can we have those conversations to bridge that gap and connect the dots. Sure so. it's a great question and it is a major problem and at the end of the day. It's a bit of a branding issue right. And i don't i'm not trying to minimize it. But how many of you by show of hands Live like in your neighborhood. You think i don't think. I live around any republicans okay. There's not the majority of hands but there's a fair amount of hands up considering that we're in the middle of the country right point is there are bubbles everywhere right and if you're in a rural part of the state there are democrats but they go to jobs. They go to places where they feel. They don't feel safe about like a saying that that's what they are. They may not feel as comfortable putting out that yard. Sign and that kind of thing and so. That's the branding thing comes in. Is that what happens. Is people go like before. They even understand anything about politics if they're at the point where they're thinking about policy and thinking about one party or the other on policy than honestly at this point in america they're like pretty into politics. I mean if we're being real right. Most people have going back to my answer from ago a lot. Most people were at this point and inheriting their politics the way they're usually inheriting their religion right. They were brought up in it. And so what happens. Is they look around and they go. I guess i'm this. Because that's what everybody i know right now. Here's the thing you can be frustrated about that. But i if you goes your eyes and think about this for a second. You'll be able to picture. Also i think of several people in my life who are democrats who would have been if they weren't surrounded by democrats right and that's just what the people around the mar- rural areas so it goes to people like those policies particularly when it's an objectively put question to them and it goes back to the fact that we are in the situation now in a state like missouri and a lot of other states where we have a choice to make. We can fight over. Who's going to be in charge in the cities. Which is the area. They continue to not be able to rest away from us. We can put all our energy into that and we can have arguments about whether or not progressive enough and that kind of thing. And i'm not gonna say only in the sense or we can decide to do both because that's fine. Do all we can recognize that we have to keep making the case everywhere else too if you stop making the case and you stop making people comfortable being a democrat being progressive in places where there may not be as many then it's going to diminish more and more and more and that's why you because the other thing is functionally if you're only fighting for power in the areas that they allow you to continue to have power and look at what's happening in the debate right now in kansas city over police funding right. There's not a single person in the legislature. Who's trying to stop would mayor. Lucas is doing who actually like their majority of their district. Is kansas city. What that is. An example of is the republicans getting so much power that they're like and now we'll tell you what to do and how much power you can have so if we forget to continue to make the case in places that we don't absolutely control then we will lose more and more ground until we don't control the areas we control now so my point is the i guess the answer is it doesn't matter what the odds are. You have to go out. And affirmatively make the case on all of those issues all the time. Even when you're not winning those elections. I think it also depends on what level right so just picking like the easiest to discern which is presidential rate. Why did we you know. Take down romney so effectively for example because he was so perfectly representative of this out of touch kind of stiff elite that wanted to protect his own fortune and couldn't relate to the average person and i think we fooled ourselves when we got trump into thinking that he was similar in the way that people viewed him and i think what we missed was that he was a cultural symbol. More than anything else. Like romney was a cultural caricature like almas. If you're like in a movie trying to cast this person like he was perfect. Yeah whereas trump. I think people they look at the dollars and cents and forget the way he was acting sent a message. I think we were late to figure out how people are interpreting them and obviously there was a segment of people that that had straight up racial interpretations of it and those people were never going to win but there are a lot of people i know who like f you to the system and just so fed up and they feel like the world is. They're losing track of everything that's happening. Everything's happening fast. They feel like there's this party that's happening at the expense of like this. Why the gavin. Newsom breaking his own protocols to hang out in a rust a fancy restaurant is. I'm obsessed with these examples because they may be trivial but the average person sitting at home. It's like i don't care if you cancel everybody's rent gavin newsom. I'm gonna remember you with your slicked back hair. Seen a fancy restaurant. While i can't even go to the park and we as democrats need to remember that like the nfl dotes republicans. They make us eat them like we just cannot screw these things up and so it's not that we just can't make mistakes that we have to we have to tell stories of the republicans are taking these anecdotes and they're a good trial lawyer. They're just closing strong on little things that they make into big things and we are like the big things right getting a little things wrong. We're like we're you know this year. We passed legislation that dramatically improve the lives of poor people in this country. Now are we going to close on an argument in the next election that tells that story effectively more effectively than you know. Some university professor getting shouted down in a room like like. Can we win this argument. You know this is. This is why obama was effective. Is that he was a storyteller. And why some of our candidates do better than others is not because they have good policy or not but they're able to weave together a story that's component american people. Yeah know you've probably heard me say this way too many times but like every single issue is about one thing for things that relate to one thing which is everybody just wants their family to be happy healthy safe in nearby and in places like rome zuri rural anywhere but not even just places like kansas city. All anybody really wants right left center is we're just trying to make it so that our kids don't have to like go somewhere else to get a good job because we just want to be around her family and the child tax credit. All of these things we do. We don't actually have to call it. The child tax credit. We don't actually have. We could just be like. Hey you know by a really good job making it less likely that my kid has to leave and i think that that's a i mean. The thing is in like here. We're all worried like our kids are going to have to go to new york or wherever and in warren's berg they're worried that they're going to have to go to saint louis and it and it just everywhere you that's the case and we gotta speak to that so Thanks for the question. Lead injury grayson. we okay. On time i got one more after this. The last one is also a gift to ravi. Because i didn't let him do. Aren't we relatable corner. Yes all right. So the one after this we'll be called quarantine corner before which is a running battle between mean grace about whether we can keep it in the outline every week. Hi my name's leader gentry. my question was about. how do we help the. I don't wanna like older generation military but more that institutional military come towards the metal And my eyes. I'm thinking like my dad. Who served the military for thirty five years and when you talk to him on on one super liberal when it comes to the voting booth not at all so where do we start so it goods unpack it a little so when you say you talk to your dad one on one super like what kind of stuff is he. Well yeah. i agree with that. Recycling gay rights relative gun control believes that it should be similar to driving a car and outside of that. He doesn't want you to touch his money at all. So you kind of put the question like like sort sorta. How did you convince. The veterans is your dad's friends or most of them republican. He lives in rural missouri. So i would say he knows yes. Okay so i'm take a step back and do the broader part of the question like basically the military community Convincing folks so. I apologize this rift. Some of you have heard before but you gotta start with the fact that it's not that folks are in the military that they are there for conservative right the military if you showed me any workplace where four out of five people there are are men not women and there are disproportionately drawn from the south and the midwest. I would say the majority of people network boys are republicans that's how they were raised and the and so. That's that tends to be. Why right now. Your dad living in rural missouri is sort of evidence to my point right so good news because i get this question a lot. Good news it's not a secret strategy or some silver bullet about convincing the military. It is much simpler than that really. It's about that demographic of people who fit into that and if you look at this last election where at least i don't remember. I didn't look at the exit on this. Or i wasn't interested enough. I guess to look at the exercise because we won but the pulse beforehand showed for the first time in a long time the majority of active duty military. We're actually voting for the democratic candidate. Which is a big big deal. Not because they're military but because that means a demographic that it overwhelmingly comes from those routes that i mentioned decided to turn against those ancestral roots. My point is they are persuadable. And when i talked to folks about it if you want to go with that route what i always say to people. It's like look when we were in the military. We were in a socialist world like we lived in a with three squares a day. Housing paid for and then they say and they're not wrong and they say it with a fair amount of indignant. I was serving my country. And i'm like yeah you were but do you think some of it worked. You know i'm not saying you gotta make an argument for socialism but like some of that was pretty organized right. I worked pretty well. So i start with that and then i just go into a much more emotional argument which is like. Hey look you joined the military because you believe in taking care of other americans and trying to protect them and even if you aren't gonna convince them with this you can at least relate to them by saying like. I just want you to know like i really appreciate that. And that's my politics are about that like i just care about people. Even if i've never met him. Which i think is what you were trying to do in the military so maybe with your dad maybe say like. Hey dad like i know. You don't want anybody to touch your money. And i understand and we have a different idea about taxes and that kind of stuff but you see no dad like mine comes from the fact that there are people that don't even know who i think you know. Maybe they could use a little extra a little hand up and so just like you were doing to try to protect them in the military. Something like that. Yeah to that. I think the frame of service in general like there's so many voters out there that are just begging for purpose like politics is exhausting. it's soul-sapping and to engage in politics. In america today is to inherently. Close yourself off in some ways from other people that is the default and i think in a situation like that i try to think about like. Can we get to a rhetoric. That is the ask not what your country can do for you. Rhetoric that that resonates with with military folks it resonates with people in the medical profession teachers etc. It's harder to get through to people on this before by almost every metric. We're more individualistic. Less communal less trusting. And mrs touche's than we've ever been before but we need to be the party that that asks people to recommit i think those communities and those bonds and i think the delicate dance here and i'm guilty of not getting this right. All the time. Is that in order to do that. We have to be tolerant of the journey as we've talked about it and i think party struggles with this right now. The republican party has given up on it to be clear but like our party. I often hear people using language about people's immutable characteristics and where they are enclosing them off from the conversation or limiting the way that they can participate. Because your ex. you're rural you're y you're black. Whatever like i mean so many rooms where people are described before you even get to know them. And they're put into a certain box about how they're going to participate and people pick up on that. And so like for instance. If you're not for universal healthcare heck if you don't love medicare but you tear about our democracy and you're just angry about the republican version of the democracy and you're like i'm going to prioritize that before anything else and i look forward to the day when when i oppose you again when it's pocketbook issues. But i'm just so scared for our democracy that i'm going to like lock arms with you and support your candidates. I want that person to feel welcome like in our party even if we disagree on ninety percent if it's ten percent and they're willing to come in our direction the least we can be civil with them because they're giving up ninety percent of their agenda. It's not like we're going to bend our agenda to them. It's just about being civil and giving them a seat at the table to be a part of what we are but our democracy needs that because we can't afford to exclude people right now that way. We need every single person. We literally needed every person in this last election when that election this last one yes last. One is great. Cameron breen. I think is that right. Great i'm looking at grace right now. I feel like something. I'm getting settled on a reasonable question. Here you go. i mean it is. it is this is like a long running joke that a friend. I did teach for america. With and i have He lives in williamsburg. And we're always watching all these movies and tv shows and seeing these extravagant places So what he wanted to know was as a former educator and every man such as yourself robbie how how do you live in such a friends esque apartments. And how can you go on all these amazing surf adventures mostly because he wants to know how to do himself but we ended with much love from former educators. And we really appreciate what you do. Honestly we have weekly phone calls. Recapping y'all's podcast. It's fun new york connection for us. It's funny. I've always thought about like of a fire ever to write a book it would be about. There's this book that does this book called. what what i was doing while you were breeding. Has anybody read this book. Yeah so it's about somebody who's a woman who worked i think for tech company or something and kind of made the choices i made. Which is jason. I though very good friends part of the dish stickers that were basically the same age but live very different. Lives right until like sing on travelling at it. But that's that's the thing is like i do okay. I don't do crazy well financially. I'm like i do it. And i don't spend a lot of money because i don't have kids and i don't have stuff so i like prioritize going to the right places. My apartment is being new york long enough to know where the good places are and then striking during a pandemic when you have to go shooting but come to new york. Have you on the roof. It's i love the place and thank you for the question flattered thank you that was awesome before we go to grab and i just want to because it is the anniversary of us doing this rebooting show and bringing it back and with ravi here you know i. If it weren't for. I would not have brought this back so it means a lot to me. I in the months before that. I was kinda wanna do this again. But i'll be honest. I'm not hungry enough to go do it by myself again. And diana did all the work. The first time around like edited the episodes and found the and like we were both like time for that. And then and i were having these conversations on the phone all the time and i was like hey man like if you do a lot of the work like almost all all i was like you know if this was an already. Ravi writes the outlines right and then i just come in and say hey i got. Here's an anecdote. And here's a folksy saying like print and so it's been a really fun year to do this again and with the team from wonder with grace and eighty who's not here and everybody there so just with the first audience we've had i've had in forever and i really ever had. I just want to say thank you to ravi into everybody else. It's been an awesome will do grabbing or which you know. Look we thought about it before and we just said look six hundred of you came out to watch us heavy conversation which is incredible and if six hundred of you can do that then like i hope all of you have an idea as to which local candidates you plan to be working for over the next year plus because if you can come out and listen to us or watch us every conversation. You can definitely do that. So that's the grand for everybody because this is an audio product. I got remind everybody who will listen to this tomorrow morning. That the voice mail you can call in his five zero eight six eight seven five eight nine five zero eight six eight seven two five eight nine. We welcome all questions about robbie's living situation. I'm add jayson candor on instagram and twitter. Ravi is at ravi gupta on twitter and instagram. Our show is at majority fifty four on twitter. Remember we all have a platform. Make sure you use yours today.

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Episode 45:  The "How do we even have a Disney podcast?" Episode

Never Growing Up - The Disney Parks Podcast for Adults

52:26 min | 2 years ago

Episode 45: The "How do we even have a Disney podcast?" Episode

"Workum Back Ladies and Gentlemen Boys and girls to another fun filled episode of growing up a Disney parks podcast for adults today. We're GONNA talk about a lot of things because we didn't report an episode for last week. We had some things. But today we're GonNa talk about the Price of the resistance opening the grand opening of the Riviera resort in win. And I've seen some youtubers like behind the scenes access to that it looks Johnny Through News Cirque du Soleil the bell of the ball bronze which I love the color. We'll get into that if teen years of photo pass. I can't believe it's been fifteen years and I saw frozen tubes what I thought about the on this week's episode of never growing up a busy arts podcast or a doll hanging any dies first of all. My name is Brady McCleary also you guys as Brady Cam on instagram. You're selling in because I might have. I don't say it now. Don't interrupt myself say it now. I'm never going to. Yes but Whitney today and always in forever in has been my wonderful wonderful fellow host. Hi I'm Anne at W. W. Collective. Thanks for joining us. We must guy. Oh my Gosh I missed you. Guys is like everything was happening last week so every day at really. We're talking about today like I don't WanNa say oldness is still very relevant as this is all things is in our some of them are old. Yeah now but it's like everything was happening last week. Like the guy going on on the Progress yourself progress age and I was like. Why can't we were talking about this? You know what's weird. I saw something not similar but like to a point where a parent had intervene or not apparent A CAST member which basically our giant parents where it melting the hell down on the haunted mansion and like he clearly did not want to go. The ride and the mom was forcing him to go on the ride forcing him on the ride and this kid was screaming bloody murder like not even like A. I don't want to go to like literally terrified for his life and then I don't know if it was his aunt or the mom's friend or whatever went on the other other side where you're not supposed to step in the cast members freaked out because that see even when I went to Disneyworld a few years back I met my mom down there. She brought her residents from Ohio down to to Florida to go to Epcot Cirque du Soleil and all that stuff and one of the League one of the ladies bless her heart just to follow the the instructions so instead of getting into one of the clans. We're going on the ride instead of getting into one of the clans. Noah's finding Nemo Yeah Finding Nemo yes so we were getting into it instead of sitting inside the clam clam she sits on the thing in between the two clamps on the Oral so they had like snowden own own in my own manners was so crazy and we ended up getting in and on the right and everything but it was just crazy like imagine. You know it's not like a subway third rail so like crazy crazy stuff but that was all stuff that was happening last week This week talking about the rise of the resistance opening. Everybody keeps telling me to watch the videos. That weren't taking speaking of it in. Watch it on Youtube. Listen up guys. I don't watch movie trailers. Why would I watch a alas rice is that I was gonna add to add as part of our rundown for today? The new Milan The New Milan trailer and I was like Azcarate. 'cause like I don't remember it very well and you wouldn't watch it anyways so it's a pro and I thought okay. I talk about a little bit interrupting guys. We completely off the rails. I mean not completely Brinkley. You're lead here but a lot of people are complaining because there's no singing in like oh that's not than but I'm like okay well. Do you think somebody was really singing when they were defeating the huns. Yeah I probably would have been like. Irl Real situation. There probably wouldn't have been any singing in this case because they're trying to show how much of a bad as he is and not maker Lateness Damsel pouty little teenage singing research in the animated. She wasn't either but she wasn't but I'm just saying in general. She's not a one to throw herself on Iraq and cry Father Won't let her marry humane dispelled by generally. That was that noise. That so you just turn. I heard this. I was like not keep going. I'm just texting going but so anyways I think it's it's it's nice that there's no music I do the songs I love The animated one. But I think it's too early to see how they truly show over being such a frequent. I can't wait I can't wait. It looks so good I know I heard that they had done some and I probably yelling into the Mike Right now. I'm so sorry because I'm trying to clean up the spill while also report inches rewarding the weather. This is not electrocute myself. Oh my God. What if the core got guys? This is a problem. I just texted my husband. I was was like help me. There's a spill. He's like you were talking about how much we love Milan. Not The under stress sometimes will. Yeah because I was GONNA eat leftovers from dinner last night. Knicks like he's like God if you bring your leftovers downstairs you're going to spill it all over the all over the computer here is looking Lagos. Is it on the table. There ever tried to clean it up. I'M GONNA leave this guy's GonNa hear what a mess. I am. Mattias I try to clean it all up it like I spilled it right here to go down okay. Formats halted its spilled onto the bar. Matt's guys update I did I did. I did good. That's what happens on a bar. Matt you spill shed zero through Natalie mom after that drama. I heard they had done but I don't know if someone's drinking see everybody says well. I heard that I thought it adult was down here trying to being able to drink their own. I can dream always calling you out of Milan. It looks cool. Yeah back to rise and there is this. I don't don't watch trailers. I'M NOT GONNA watch the entire riot or something I haven't been on before I've watched. I've only seen a couple of snippets of things which is which is why I'm very confused of the ride. Because is it like a mix of star tours plus like kind of like just a you know like the Navy River journey is just like a floating through of. It's beautifully done. It's just like a boat ride like unlike our Ukraine is that what's going on in residence. DR driving around and then all of a sudden like you have like a couple of minutes or a minute of like virtual reality. I'm very confused. Alan Jara from from what I've seen on like scrolling through instagram. People have a clip that I try to go past quickly. It looks kind of like like a mixture between the great movie ride. Yes that was what I was looking for. Yes thank you. Yeah the great movie ride ride but with like Star tours great movie ride. That's what I've I've kind of been seeing as ours like throwing through social media but that's as fringe or social media. KC Guys are multi-lingual Zion. So yeah so that's my concern because I'm like that's not that exciting to me. It looks amazing. It looks beautiful tweet until May when I go watch the videos to that. I'm like because I would be very upset if I went on. That ride and was disappointed of. Yeah well I mean that's how it makes. It made a noise here. You haven't even been using my at my Yeti this whole time you haven't been then I can. You haven't been this. I've been used using the the microphone. That's why it sounds kind of funky like it's not as good does your Yeti or maybe I okay. I'm so confused. As my Yeti is flashing gets muted. But it's definitely on. I think because no. I don't know what microphone recording L.. Your mass today. I really don't know what I'm using. A train wreck. So yeah so and it seems that they're doing the board in groups groups again like they did before for money balcony and just galaxies agent-general and they look like they're selling out like at seven. AM which kind of frightening. Yeah that's GONNA be tough hopefully in May when it's not gonna be as new when my family. I am their urine for family reunions. So Fun made such a great time. I love April mayor by favorite perfectly tempered. You know late. It's not not too hot. It's not raining every day. Either maze like a great time of year ago honestly. I like it when it's raining because all the people with their children Lead very drawing especially animal. Animal Kingdom Light Minutes raining it just adds to the ambiance. I've had some traumatic events not traumatic. It was just annoying when it was raining. Animal Kingdom shift. It wasn't this was like ten years ago when I had a full Dave rain animal kingdom. We're actually on our honeymoon and it was miserable but again animal kingdom is at ten years ago was not what it is now ono a snow man swell due to keep up with the things that are happening. Let's talk about the Riviera ear resort at first through all the pictures in all the Albans conversations. That you and I have had about it was like okay. It's another deluxe resort like. That's cool but I. My mom sent me a lead to Some Youtube people who got media ashes to go into Toro it had all of the deluxe resorts. This one has to be the most Disney whimsically feeling one like Disney murals and paintings every well okay. That's interesting 'cause I I wasn't sure what you meant by Dudayev Lewis because when I hear Disney whimsical I think of like art about emission. where it's like in in your face but you mean like whimsical like like dreamy? Like you didn't mean it has it has ah when you when you first go in. There's a giant mural and people are calling it the when eighteen year old and he goes from the left side of the of the structure of the the walkway columns and it goes up over your head all the way down to the right side in. It's one of the first one they showed was Peter Your Pan and it had never land made out of mosaics like whole thing is mosaic. And it's Neverland new go up over and it shows them. Flying is on the right side. It's a one new London seat in the other. One is tangled Starts on one side and goes up over for in your life you've got the floating lanterns and it's really beautiful against really beautiful than they go down hallways and it shows Down the halls. They had these really really usually painted Or transfer of some Disney characters. Like Alice in wonderland stuff like that. It's really just and and actually if if you haven't seen it it happened while while we were off course everything it doesn't open till tomorrow so it opens well well when recording the recording. This on Sunday probably will go live until Tuesday because ask travel because her life is insane and Because I was in Vegas last week for work and I got pink eye which was probably expected but knowing me yeah ah knowing everything and just I hate Vegas in general like the fact that I got pink. I just didn't surprise me and I was like yeah. That's about right but yes good morning. America did a A preview of the Rivera resort which is really cool and also. The one thing that I was worried not worried about that I was. I was curious about about Because we talked about it previously on the show when we were talking about the Riviera. What's coming up with Rivera and there's a new restaurant that's going to be? It's almost I would. I'm actually comparing appearing this too. I'm thinking it's like the California Grill of the Epcot resorts because is considered an epcot resort And it's on top of it and you're apparently apparently still views of both Epcot forever fireworks and also Phantasmagoric so it opens the same day And I was actually just looking at it real quick so it looks like they have at the menus real quick. Looks like they have a breakfast menu. Which looks pretty cool? Well let me let me see. What many Oh they have a brunch actually got brunch Lula Brian? I'm not okay weird. I don't but I'll well. This is our New Year's Day so I don't know if it's going to be an ongoing branch but I hope it that would be good. Oh my God this is so good. Look at this has the lobster. I'd be remind this this menu reminds me a lot of reminds me a lot of on nineteen thousand nineteen something Park Nineteen Hundred Park Fair at a great for the king. Salmon me quit. Oh God this looks World Nice. I hope they keep this going because I want to hit that up spears awards dinner which I think this is. I'm very excited about this restaurant. And we've talked about this before top. Alito is the Italian name for Mickey Mouse. They call Mickey Mouse in. LA handcrafted pastas dude. See Do this menu looks real. I am pulled. Yeah I'm so excited other era. I'm POB I hope so. I hope we do so. Here's the thing so I'm trying to think of when the next this time is that we're going to go and I mean obviously we'll go for my birthday at some point which is in April and listen to my previous trip tours of our trip reports from April But I'm hoping I go be for that. One of my friends are thinking about me going in February when my husband's golfing over the hill and ruining his time. Because apparently that's a man's trip okay and the mouse I How's it also I'm I'm kind of having a small thought because I'm a little worried I'm very close to getting renewing my platinum status with Delta and I might have to do a quick mileage run and there's a legit chance I might go maybe like next week I don't know or playing it by ear and playing it by your boys and girls uh-huh there's a legitimate chance if I have to because if this flight today and tomorrow does give me to my status status that I'm going to do it so if anyone wants to hit me up next week potentially I I'm GonNa keep my status dude anyway it opens tomorrow and They are live streaming the opening. Yeah so I'm sure like for replay It's I think it's at nine fifty five. AM They're doing a opening ceremony for it. And it's part of the Epcot to Hollywood studios stopped so it's an easy stop on the skyline but it looks really cool all the police beautiful just based on the drawings. I haven't seen like a review of it I'm pumped it. Looks Awesome plus my street. Name is revere. So I'm I want I WANNA they get. I WANNA get my DVD here but my husband's being poop about it. One Sunday when I moved back to Florida. It's true like I mean if you invested in DVD. Like I actually a lot of co workers that invested in DC early like. I'm talking about in the nineties. Eighty nine in the nineties and like they I mean. Can you imagine getting those prices. And that's being held firm like now that stupid but at the same time I am light. I'm Kinda glad that I'm waiting a little longer. I ah Because you're so busy too late. I think you'll be nicer to have later on in my life doesn't mean like fifty eighty fifty years from now. I'll be seventy that that's great years so that's good. That's why I'M GONNA be ten Atler. Refrain snood anymore so no I'm excited about the BBC thing. I really go my mom and I always on a go but on our down day. In May we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA up over to the to the Riviera and take some ally. Eighty Bureau takes thrilled but continuing more new things. There's a new Cirque du Soleil show. That's coming to Disney called drawn to La and so I mean if you're familiar if did you ever go to The the original. What was that called? Why blanking out the restaurant construct data? What was it called hurting on you Dan? I do teach her sure. Yeah Yeah it was. Weird is a Obviously it's weird but yeah I thought it was. It was fun like yeah there Jamie. I still don't like Cirque du Soleil I don't go to the shows in Vegas. It does not appeal to me in any form or fashion The only what I would consider going to at this point is probably the Beatles one. That's I think it's at the Mirage and Las Vegas is. That sounds pretty cool. multilevel the Beatles but otherwise. I think they're really weird. I don't get it But this one sounds interesting so it's called drawn to life. They've announced the title. They announced the title this week. And they also assists that you could start buying tickets for it So previous start in March of twenty twenty and then the grand opening April seventeenth of twenty twenty And it's supposed to be about it's supposed to follow a young woman. Her name is Julie and she's a daughter of an animator in she she discovers his life and work it also discovers her own self as an artist And it's supposed to be partnered with new Disney animation along with Disney music. Which I find that far more entrant I would be way more into that than the one that was before? Why the hell can I remember what that was called? Well this is pissing me off no you and that's not right. That's the restaurant that's incorrect correct. But anyways. Oh La Nuba Veritas led by uh-huh I don't remove your news weird but I'm glad this is more distant German. Let's the legitimate with Polish anchor. Nineteen years in a free standing theater. Disney springs was side It was contemporary circus performance featuring acrobats NASA story. But and they're always like super abstract like I don't know I mean I'm just into this because it has a Disney theme and then that's I think that's probably what bothered me. The most about the Nuba is that it wasn't like like I didn't understand the purpose of it made me feel like and I think I've had this feeling slightly slightly for a while but I think they've they've really narrowed their their path now with Disney springs but I think they were trying to make it a little vague Assi at some point like disease or Disney. Did you get that feeling. I think they were trying to like teeter on the Vegas of it. And that's why they brought in for. Yeah that's kind of like I can do that about it. But if replaced What was that place place? A mouse works Disney places a giant arcade. Now Yeah our our Disney Quest Li like Disney. Like it's embarrassing today. Just don't don't don't add us. It's it but actually that will be into a casino. I wonder if they thought about it. I mean yeah I mean I taking one and I would definitely go to a second one big at Disney. I'd bet you I bet you. That was a legit thought. 'cause that's generally what an arcane is right. It's a child's Casino Zeno especially is enabling child gamblers and I mean like okay. It would be so doc like you're already. You're already going throwing away a bunch of money because it's been eating drinking and buying souvenirs are going to be around for very long. Yeah But it just having a casino just cut to the chase where you just throw your money house. Don't your money just dump at. Oh my God yeah. Can you imagine a what a Badger are actually. Here's a question and I I think I know the answer. I think. Get to know. But most cruises do have Casinos on them but the Disney cruise line doesn't have casinos. Is that right. Oh my God no. We're the high up of non information today guys. You assuming they don't like I would have heard that does not have either. Yeah 'cause I know there's like adults only restaurants which I wish our goals only restaurants in Disneyworld but at they're on the cruise ships by delete. VW Info. Says if you if you are a word a busy crews neater gambling fix funny. Yeah so tickets start at sixty seven dollars. They are available now. The Circus Soleil website. You can also reach it through the you know the the Walt Disney world website. But I would be more into this one especially because it. It's it's a partnership between Sir Salei Walt Disney animation and Walt Disneyworld. Imagine hearing or Walt Disney imagineering. So I think it's going to be much more. Disney focused night being more into this show than like the previous one. Yeah I think that'd be pretty cool. See how they do that you know like maybe they're gonNA take the same Technology that they put like images onto the castle and such navy there at into the showed. Oh let me see in see like a person interacting with an animated. Figure that if you call me speaking of debuts let's talk about the Bell Ron's talk about it because I've got so so many mixed emotions licensed looking at it over the last week I love the color. I don't like the the design or the I know hardens Obviously we haven't been able to figure that out this little episode. Yes the one where we can't talk about any. We're wildly the thing that bothers me. So so here's the thing I I love that we're doing these collections. I love the Disney's been doing this ever since I think it's been since rose gold. They've started doing like or at least where they've like really debuted them the they've Keller questions in the past but this is like now they really like make it a thing and I see going I love. I love bronze. But here's I the ears. Bother me because the ears like a Brownie. Because they're like a dark brown ear and then they have the light like the bronze bow and I would have loved the bronze ears like I feel like they're not capitalizing on the bronze that much and I do. So here's the thing. Remember you threes years Axa sick colored sort of the actual color using it. That's a good point so so remember how I was like. Oh I love the Spirit Jersey. But then he said they look like they're and I didn't understand what you meant at first when you said they look like they're speckled because of the small sequins. Yeah when I looked at him because the spirit Gers if they were just spare jerseys on their own. They're that dark brown with the light. The bronze e lettering entering it would have been cool. But Yeah I see what you're saying because it looks like someone like speckled it. It's it's these same D. The Brian Rose Goal SOCLEAN's The really small rang late. Just glitterati kind of stuff. I don't like that I like the bigger sequins like the original rose. Gold the millennial the opening get all that stuff the larger sequins and again with the whole like accent color thing like the bags even are all runs the same caramel Brownie Bullshit. Like it's the bill of ball. Bronze not be billet growing like I wish they would have focused more I. I love the color choice. I Love Bronzes Stuff Gold Bronze E. Like if you see my house it's very much my asset xl. I am into it but I just wish they would have done that. But here's one thing I was thinking of. Did they ever replenish the aaronow. Aqua your ears because when I was there in October Erno Aqua blue off the shelves which rightfully so they're beautiful love the ears But I think it's interesting that they went right into another color story because member daylight dragged rose gold to death like that's like a whole year and And I'm glad now that they're making it more of like a color story now and they're moving and probably should since pan tone just released their color of the year which is like a love. It's almost like a civilian blue but like it's a really pretty blue and I'm I'm assuming they're probably going to do something with that too but I just I'm glad that they moved onto another color story. Like they should make them because thousand rose gold remember how they were so hard to find and then all of a sudden they were just like overdone and then they did. The Brian Rose Gold. I'm like guys Milwaukee. So that's the one thing. I am glad that they did move on from the Errand. Aqua I do they bring the ears back so pretty and I would love pears which do would kind of stick with one for not as long as rose gold but longer than some like the lemon thing years it was just your jerseys ears. But they were like only they are very very short time unless they were unless they were figure. Sorry they're fake. I don't know what else they're or not if they're not made my Disney it gets to the big But you know where would you live your truth So yeah I I think it's cool. I probably will not buy these these years in just because of the Dark Brown. I just don't really care for them. So any still on a quest because last time she was there in October couldn't fight appears she wanted. Did it really bothered me. As pretty which is so palm well speaking speaking of aerial living living or I got to talk about the photo. Pass this since we're talking about the AIREDALE. I sell firms. Dan Did you enjoy it and it was good. It was so good I I I was Kinda like now last night. I loved it in the animation guys until you e the animation sequences that went along with the songs were showy sunny beautiful. Everything was so beautiful The only thing is like this songs are as fun enjoyable as As interesting like I know. They're Super Hanks Dan. They're all like only like they were going into this learning through life but I don't know we'll survive in. I can't survive without. Yeah in all of them that way accents like there were any like you know the finally see frozen things do eh. But I'm not saying that the song one of what even the interview known which I guess is being played to hell a lot of parents because against one of the dolls else. My Mom said that my niece has an Elsa to doll in as the button and it just goes into. How much does she said it so loud that like when the kids are upstairs playing their bedroom door close she pushes that button? It sounds like it would be normal formal sitting right next to you. And in winds next year he goes like so incredibly incredibly colonial. That'd be really really annoying. So here's my question because I could not gauge. What the actual can you give us? A non spoiler a summary of what's missing about known wheelers. Summers I really have no idea what the line is. I'm not going to see it in the theaters to see it when it comes Out like Amazon or Disney. It's going to be but I I'm very confused as to what's going on. I don't know if I could non spoiler summary because I didn't watch the trailers so I don't know what the trailer was like. It's just a lot of lake. Elsa tried to dive into this like jump these waves and leg. There's a horse in the water and her mom's there and like like I'm very confused but apparently like I. I don't know what the ending is and I. I'm assuming I think what the ending is but it like I don't know I'm just very confused by the whole thing. I'll just have to watch it when it comes out but there are some new characters like the the little lizard fire what is it. What is he the little morning? He's a GIECO. He's a little higher so I play for those who play Disney magic. Kingdom's the APP on the phone APP. It's I think it's on android Tuesday Iowa. It's so I've been playing that for like three years but so they just did a special event with the new you frozen two characters so there is the fire sprite or a little lizard and there's two new. There's a guy and a girl that were to new people basically okay so I guess. In some up for Jew is they are trying to Find them selves. You know like they're trying to. It's all about growth in in yourself as the person and Figuring out we walk so that's basically all I can really say they're they're giving anything away I don't I don't want anybody though. It's been out for weeks now. So right you're running since I haven't seen it and quite honestly like I really. I'm like sure I'll find out like it's the reason why I think i. I have a feeling I know what the ending is because they change the costumes at the parks. Yes the park at the parks now at the meet and greet at least has right now. They're wearing their new costumes. So Alpha which we wrap up so we're not suing it for anybody. But they're wearing the end costumes also wearing the white dress and then Anas Al God on his wearing like a queens outfit which like everyone keeps all your Queen Elsa our queen on us on like some happen there must have been some exchange in power. Well you're right something does go down and there's a whole wall juice do again this okay so I guess I saw a movie. It was really great. Oh I got before we move on. There was a family in front of you. That was so insufferable. They talk in the hard time going to movies in the first place. Because as I'm I'm so easily distracted light small noises irritate me. I get no anxious In the crowd. So let's keep that the mine. I was a gotTa see at this year. This tiny itty bitty little eater in my little town It's also FLEXI era. It's all assigned seating so when you pay ridiculous debussy so I think this thought away from people while and I literally got their four four minutes before the movie started after the movie started comes. This family is a grandma three kids and then I'm assuming the mother of these children and Jay. We're all they had to sit in a row right in front of me in digital forever to get settled. They were talking in the beginning of the movie as if they were just like. Hey we're not getting snacks Militia sit here okay over there by your brother or sister career. I meet your grandmom as a kid going. You said we can get a child paths. You said You said we get a child snack pack and the mom just waved him over to the grandma grandma. Are you kidding me a stack pat. I WanNa snack pat and the kids were running around the theater and I got up and like I got up in. The mom looked at me and I gestured under light ray. You're fucking kids and so like I got up Towels those really Legis smashed my popcorn kids. Who Want to snap back here back trial but this whole family was like like morbidly obese? All sizes are beautiful. What this person was like shooting in melting into the furniture but so like I got up at Napkins in Cooled down and they were still just like talking and then I want a guy he just just let the phones ring like they didn't even like rummage through the pockets to get hit. The mute button other phones ring has nobody else was bothered. Is this the culture of his talent. What the end so I gotta emily got up again? The lady looks at me and I go down. Go your families suffer and I and I sit in the very front of the theater. I just sit in the front and then so the movie's over. I can still hear her children frequent screaming in the back and movies over. I enjoyed it. It without at least without seeing the distraction of movement and everything so watch the damn movie the lights came up and I guess is this family knew somebody else that was there and I just stared at stared at her. So Mad I it goes to a child's movie if he gets upset when the kids are being wise now. I think I've left out. I blacked out. I don't no no. I thought I was going to die either. Ugly dire difference between I told her that there's a difference between your children being kids in like kind of being a little in restless. But when when you your phones are going off. Your kids are screaming in the theater running around. That's insane I'm it. Just take your out of this world by Jesus God that's terrible. I was so I had to leave. I was is like I hope. I don't see them in the parking lot. 'CAUSE I might try to run them over but they'll total my car. It's got it was. It was a hoping it it almost ruined the movie for me but I really just try sat there and let it go. Won't let this bother you anymore. That's just terrible it. It was absolutely insufferable anyways. That was my rose. An exterior might have. You'll see it again but I don't know how to segment. I'm really bad. Fifteen fifteen years. A photo would've asked first of all my Disneyworld was in two thousand nine. This started in two thousand and four. I Joe like I remember people taking taking pictures. But I don't remember not to the sense of where I think. Photo Pass has significantly increased since since then are they included. There's always been photos. Are they including that. As like the actual I think they're considering at the actual casper because if you read the articles even like Disney parks blog. They're talking about the Castro. The photo guys. Yeah they're celebrating fifteen years which. I didn't realize that it started an apricot. I didn't know that when it was doing research search for that. So that's why they're doing to new special. So here's it's funny. I think it's funny that they're doing to new special photo ops in their thereafter dark photo ops in front of spaceship Earth where they do like so if you actually look on Disney parks blog really like any out any news outlet that shows does this There's like these really cool a black light neon things that go look around and like if you guys have been to epcot it in the past maybe three months you know how much construction is especially a lot of construction in front of spaceship Earth. So I'm like wait. Are they waking this. There's in front of it and then there's another one behind it was designed like I was like how is how is this working But yeah so the. There's two new photo ops but I think between now and January six why is awesome because of the amount of people uh-huh so this is the time of year that you kind of I get it. This is the busiest time of year for Disneyworld. And I'm assuming Disneyland same but It's it's two point where they closed for capacity. That's how busy it is this time of year it was closer to like the actual holidays so like the week this happens. It's literally the week of Christmas new years so that whole time like they will close for capacity several times. And it's that busy but they're doing a special fifteen percent off off plus free shipping until January six. which I think is awesome because I forget how long does pass pictures less? Well actually no. That's not true because well because I thought like if you didn't have that's for annual pass holders but like if you're not like they go away after a period of time you can't order them anymore. Like I know that used to happen when I wasn't an annual pass holder and it was only it was like within like three months or so. So I'm I'm thinking like okay if that is still in effect and you've gone to Disney within the past three months and you have photo pass you can get an additional fifty percent off because fo passing CHEAPO and Plus free shipping until January six. Which I think is a nice little for the holidays I mean suffer? Yeah and I mean breath and there's if you recall they were. There was a point time this year where they were kind of removing a lot of photo pass not moving the locations but automating it which is a little thing. Wonder what I'd say. I wonder what came of that. There's a lot of news about it yes I think. People were just outraged. Outraged I mean I was I was I get look. I worked for an automation company. Like I get automation. But there's something there's something to be said you know for or a person directing your photo at the happiest like you know what I mean like. This is not what I do where it's automated like automation idea where it's safer seaver This is like someone helping you make. Have a magical experience so I thought it was ridiculous that Disney was trying to you know. Share a few bucks off By taking out the human interaction. So we're hoping it's not the case. Nukes I had heard that they like. It wasn't going well. I don't even know when they did like. I just heard that it was going going to happen is in that was it. Yeah and they were in select locations like I know like there was one in the right in main street. USA like right if you walk in and you go to the right. Is it the town hall there. reiniks and there is a lot of automation in their supposedly early so p And their protests quote unquote protests. People were like all over social media. Were just just bitching about it so I I I. I think it's funny that they're celebrating this right now. With all the Turmoil of photo pass but but awesome. especially if you're going as a group group I I'm not like monstrously fond of the quality of the photos like maybe it's kind of a tiger snob and I'd like them to be edited a little bit better. The tiger is not your to everything everything's now and lesbians and everything's the vaguely learn everything Yeah so I I. I love the human interaction of it so I'm glad odd to see that they are celebrating it and not introducing more automation before pesticides. So so because they're celebrating this until January six Disney is is asking. You Share Your Photo Pass memories if you have them on you know your heart if you got the the soft copy on your dry because you could do that. Because I'm an annual pass holder colder up and if you're a NATO Passover you get all the you get unlimited Disney downloads downloads of your photo. Pass picture so I have them and they want you to use the Hashtag. Disney's Disney's photo pass or Disney photo pass. I should say so use Disney. Just a silly. I have a lot of into I remember when they first under the APP They were giving you. It was minus first trip to Disneyland our anniversary slash honeymoon slash is Earth Day trip and we went to Lizard Beach and we came off of the streep downslide ride in this guy. Handed us. This like little keychain here this is your auto pass and relate what. He's like into the pictures scan that in going on in like okay in so we do a whole trip in midway through the trip. They caught smart in started adding the Disney brass water stamps. On because at first it was just the picture and you could just screen shot your phone and boom got picture so I it's definitely come a long ways especially the way of like parts of the Caribbean and mother rides were automatically goes on your on your own frozen do there. Yeah it's really. Yeah I think I think photo pass has been one of the best things that Disney's ever done and talk about a glow of and it's awesome that they're they're celebrating it right now and I will will because you know who loves a photo pass our friend of the show at Disneyland for one that childlike makes take all the photo prospectors and it drives me insane so I have a lot of them I have no I like very few of Nick and I my husband but I have a ton with me. A lot by myself like matinee will go together like twice a year and then the rest of my trips are just me and like my cousins live there. It's all made up. It is really just need to like unless I wanNA million Selby's which I take sure anyway way of it's on the castle in no that some and Fisher grant it is. It's it's made a world of difference. I think think in terms of just keeping each from a memory standpoint for everyone so disneyworld with it is and they do at Disneyland too. I mean all the Disney parts of photo pass so it's it's been one of the best decisions they've ever made so happy fiftieth anniversary. Vote about fifteen years old helmet. God Old we're GonNa have for my goodness yet so stay tendency if I'm going to have to go to Disneyworld next week to keep my status regardless if you keep your senator not just go I should just go out. I'll have to go I self. It's usually go usually go find out your house I wpro. It'll be great. It'll be great. All right yeah guys and we will. We should be back next week unless for some reason I ended up going to Disney the content. It's for the PODCAST. It was somebody telling it. Now Yeah Right. I said it was so funny I was. I was at a dinner with some customers this week. Because that's really all that conferences like meeting with customers taking what's and whatever and I was. It's so funny when I tried to explain to people what I like the podcast and they're like fully fascinated by it. So it's it's it's like it's it's like become a becoming like this piece of conversation that I have customers Zoellick so fascinated that I do this. How do you have time for that? And like I don't on a cast we have like almost slow thousand. Total downloads yeah. What surprises people? Yeah minuit all right speaking of which is to get the shower because I had to go to I get to the airport right now anyways. Sure Eight will. Well you have a safe flight and you know once again. I'm Brady Cam at a pretty. WD ironing apologize. I'm always always here with my wonderful host. Yes I'm Anne at WCW collective active in we are shit. Ruined it there you go. We're doing our best avenue yeah.

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Season 2, Episode 21  Under Appreciated at Disney

On the Road with Mickey

57:47 min | 5 months ago

Season 2, Episode 21 Under Appreciated at Disney

"We found a vote. With mickey gonna have some fun rain or sun. Our trip has just begun so the boats whereabout to store go show and may have you like you'll see we're health will go. Hi everybody. i'm sophie. He's mike and brenda and welcome to on the road. With mickey if you're a returning for another adventure with us welcome back. We are so glad you have returned safely and if this is your first episode with us and your new here welcome. It's so nice to meet you. And i'm going to show you the rains today. First up we have our cheddar from the big cheese which is basically disney news snippets and then after that we have our feature topic which is what we talk about for most of the episode and then after that we have our this day in disney history brought to you by me and after that is our game of. Who's who and that is brought to you by mike. My dad a fair warning. I'm almost never wrong when it comes to this game. I almost always win it. And then after that brenda will be giving us a quote from the big man. Himself walt disney. And it's just going to be amazing. So buckle up keep your hands arms feet and legs inside the car at all times. Make sure you're safe. fasten your seatbelts. That good stuff and we will see you on the road. It's time to get going. Let's go hey everyone. I'm mike she sophie and she's brenda. Hi everyone and that fourth one there. That's grew wave to his grow goo. Good job buddy and we are all on the road. with mickey. this is season two episode. Twenty one for may twenty four th twenty twenty one and our feature topic. This week is under appreciated at disney and our thought process is what attraction ride In attraction kinda go. Same thing Resort desert dining whatever. What is under appreciated at disney. What is something that doesn't get enough love you know. That's the that's the end game here is. What is something that you should be looking out for next time. You're there and that's our feature topic but before we started. We have some cheddar from the big cheese and brenda. I'm gonna let you start us off. Go my goodness well. My cheese is for twenty twenty two actually and it is the. It's regarding the dizzy skyline or it will closed from january twenty third through january. Twenty th two thousand twenty two between epcot international gateway disney's air resort and disney's caribbean beach resort. During this time disney's bus transporta- transportation will be provided for guests to epcot friendship boat services available to epcot hollywood studios disney's boardwalk resort and disney's yacht and beach club resorts originally originally. They were looked like they were closing the whole thing But i think they've adjusted that too. Because you know who knows. Maybe it'll change down the road Several months until this closure happens but they're letting everybody know early 'cause skyline her go and i did have guests changed their trip because they were supposed to be there during that time and they moved their trip up so they would have access to this guy liner. Release it early. Thankfully it's only gonna be for five days but yes when you're at disney. Five to seven days is generally the duration of your trip. So for people. Five days may not seem like a law but it can be someone's entire trip that they're they're in the skyline or won't be open if they ask did they say why is it for maintenance or they didn't say why but i'm presuming. It's just some sort of little small maintenance thing. they're doing. Yeah maybe they're adding new carts onto it but that remains to be seen anyway. Speaking of hollywood studios disney has relocated the areas. Where right ride sharing services. Pick up and drop off from at hollywood studios which is basically saying carpal. That's i call. Rideshare carpool enduring at but equally intriguing is that they have also installed mini vans signs in the same area. And for those of you who have not heard of mini vans. it's not the regular. I n i van it is minnie mouse vans. They are the polka-dotted vehicles that you can hire through the lifts service and it looks like they are returning although we don't know just when yeah i mean marrying i know that's kind of exciting. 'cause they were there and they were so popular and then all of a sudden they just stopped it and and now putting those signs up. That really says that they're bringing them back. And it brings some more relevance to this joke. What's mickey's favorite way to travel minivan. Oh gosh a dead joke. Hey we have some humor. Even if it's horrible humor anyway bad. It was good humor. My jackson worse you know over. I just read that disney has released a new offer for united kingdom residents. The package includes up to nine hundred fifty dollars in disney dining credits for guests staying two weeks at select disney hotels also included. Are fourteen day park tickets for the price of seven day. Tickets for arrival dates in twenty twenty. Two memory maker is also included with those tickets and every booking will receive a two hundred dollar disney gift card if finally if a uk resident books by july seventeenth twenty twenty one in select disney hotels. You'll receive a free celebration gift basket which contains a limited edition fiftieth anniversary commemorative coin exclusive disney merch and treats and a mickey insulated cooler bag. And you know that that's kind of huge because it shows that disney is putting a lot to a promotion to try and get the international guests. Come back to disney And they're thinking that twenty twenty two will be when they're able to do so don't you think so. It sounds like i. I'm like where can i get that promotion for me. I don't know about you daddy. But i'm the uk is starting to look like a really good place to move to my thoughts about this whole deal to myself. Ok just behave. How just behave Okay all right. And then lastly From june seventh to twelfth the magic kingdom's big thunder mountain. railroad will be closing for a short refurbishment. And it's like what you said earlier. Sophie about the skyline or it's only five days but you know that impacts to a my clients for their you know and so it's only five days but it's still impactful for a lot of guests so it's kind of a shame but well it needs to happen for the fifty s i know but still still impacts them anyway. Destroy reminder connect with us through all of our social media. Facebook group youtube channel instagram. Email are phone voicemail. Just check the show notes for all those ways. And that is all the cheddar from the big cheese. I have ladies. do you have any other. I do not know of anything else. Okay well then that leads us to our feature topic underappreciated at disney and the whole thing like i said is We wanna know what's under appreciated. What do you feel is underappreciated. At disney was something that people just skip by. Don't think about don't realize it's there Earn too big a hurry to go see something else. You know what gets overlooked at disney. And i have some And i thought i would start us off said okay yeah great. That sounds good. Okay well i think some of these are things that may not be is underappreciated. Now that we're coming out a covid as they were pre covid and for me one of the case in point is the piano player outside of casey's you know he every now and again you be able to to hear him perform on the player piano. I think it's a player piano And he would play just great tunes and it would just be a great little. The you know it's like it was almost like it was meant to be there and it's so reminiscent of what would happen on a main street in some small town. You know and and i. But i think a lot of times people will just keep going on by or maybe glance at him for a moment and then just keep walking But i always thought it was kind of fun to kind of stop for few minutes and listened to a show. You know so. I feel like the piano player over by casey's was kind of under appreciated. What about you guys. What do you definitely right at. That was severely under appreciated. Because i had no idea that was even there really. Yeah oh wow. I had never stopped to listen to that okay. Well i thought we had our. I thought you were there when we had but i was probably taking pictures so the castle probably like the one behind you. Maybe maybe all right. It's a good one thank you. Who's going next miss brenda. Well my actually my three under appreciated attractions are all attraction. So i didn't go outside of attractions. I tried to the ones that i feel like are under appreciated. And you know tower to me is under appreciated. But i'm not gonna talk about that one. But i wanted to talk about what's walt disney. One man's dream. Because i consistently see people walking on by that and i mean there's just so much notice sal just so much history in there i mean you can hear the man's voice in there you know. They have the recording of wall. Talking about things he overcame. And i mean there's so much there's there's the The oscars that he won for snow. And the seven dwarfs there's all the mockups of the disneyland parks and everything before they were created. It's just so full of history and then there's a movie in the back that they did on his life that's narrated by julie andrews and it's really good and the like a walk through one man's dream takes you know maybe fifteen minutes or so. The movie takes fifteen minutes. But it's just such a big part of everything. And i know that i've often heard that there are children. You know. nowadays. That don't know that walt disney was an actual person. They know disneyworld. But they don't know that walt disney was a person and i just feel like that attraction is just so necessary and i'm so glad it's there and i hope it always stays there. Yeah yeah you know what. You're right We we we being and myself and my mom walk through it because So few went with the fritz is when we went to when they went to ride Slinky dog dash and my mom's not into the rollercoaster. So we're like. Hey let's go check out one mainstream and so we did and but you're right. It's something that i hadn't been in there and so long like probably three or four years that you you kind of forget about it or you think that it's never changing because it's a museum so it never changes but really had things in there. That weren't there last time. And so yeah. I think it totally gets shaded. Because it's so close to the toy story in miami so close to the bigger name attractions. That people are like. Oh we gotta make that line you know. Yeah yeah and i know during not like right now because of it. It's not going on but for a while before. Covid the the meet and greet for star lord and groot. Were in the back of that. So you had to go through it to get to the meet-and-greet for star lord and grew from a galaxy guardians of the galaxy. And so that was another reason to go in there. But it's just it's just a great place. I really appreciate everything in there. So yeah i'd like people to check it out especially you get out. See more kids feed inspirational things. They need to know that people have struggled and they still overcame and they still were successful. When did great. Yeah that's fine number. One on one eighty. Well my number three. Actually i don't think i have any actual rides on my list. This one is an attraction of sorts. But it's more like i wouldn't even call it a show and what it is. It is the epcot pixar film festival. And what you see there. Is you go into the theater. And it will show youth three short films that precede three of the feature length films that pixar has released and the shore films. They are not under appreciated that much but they are under appreciated a bit. You can't find them very easily when you want to go back and watch them like yes they they come on youtube but the quality isn't always that good and they aren't they don't have their own. Dvd release like some of the pixar films. Do they either come with the film and you have to like go through a bunch of hoops with the menu to find them or they're just not there so it's really nice that you can go to this place in disney world and you can sit down in a cool dark room and watch them as if you're watching them on the big screen again and they make the quality they bump it up so you can enjoy it and an even better than you did in the theaters and i just love it so much and it's hidden away. Nobody really finds it. Yeah yeah and that's kinda i. In my opinion that happens a lot with the pavilions. Because you think of when you think of like in imagination pavilion you think of journey into imagination with figment right. And so you think of that attraction and you totally forget that there's this or you remember from when you were there ten years ago and it was captain and you're like who wants to see that and so you so you don't even think about the fact that it's been replaced so yeah you're right so there's just it's it's right there and it's right walked by so it's a good cost. That'd be good one and that kind of leads me to my number two choice and This is over at animal kingdom park. And i guess you would call it an attraction It's more like a pavilion for me. and when i'm referring to is the conservation station and i don't know what do you guys think. Is it under appreciated. I think so. Yes i would agree. So i would agree. I think so. And i think for me anyway in this in this this guy's mind i always think about how my main thought of it is that you go there and you're seeing You know like cast members doing tests on different things you know And so it to me seems kinda kinda. I won't say boring but not not as exciting you know but if you think about it now at least Not just that kind of environment. You've also got the area where you can. They've got like a petting zoo or used to have They've got the the New animation variance where you can do the drawing that the you know used to be over hollywood studios is now over here and And you know The train ride rookies planet. Whites train is kind of cool. And it takes you over in you see where some of the pens are that some of the animals get get housed at at night so it's kind of there's a lot to it and and and it's it's got a lot going on as far as things to see and do you know so so but i think i think people are either like i don't want to wait for the train or we've got these other things to do and and on and on and on and so it kind of loses its luster and in in the course of that people start talking about. How animal kingdom is the half day park when really. There's a lot of things to do that. Could fill up the rest of that time and make it no longer a half day park. Yeah so training is only one way i mean it's now it's needed faces only one way and really get a lot of people on that train so even if the line looks long they get a lot of people on their to be fair. Though one of the reasons why animal kingdom can seem like a half day. Park is because it just gets so hot there. It is in the summertime it is. It's like a greenhouse. Yeah in the in the fall and winter. It's it's better for you. Everyone listening you know. Go to the conservation station because it's indoors an air conditioned so if you're really hot then go over there cool off inside and enjoy and then relax for a little bit and they'd go brave the heat again as you head back to your car or the bus kids love petting zoo. Fun spam me. I really liked it because what you said. They were doing tests on daddy. They were actually hearing for different animals that they have housed there. Because it's almost like an animal hospital as well as an attraction it is literally an animal hospital. It is a recognized animal hospital. Okay yeah and i always found that to be awesome but s when compared with the rest of disney. I can see how someone would consider that more ink. Yeah so anyway. That's my list. That's a good one. That's a good one. I think you brenda. You have my next. Attraction is also an attraction. It is for the first time in forever a frozen sing along celebrations. Oh my. I don't think y'all have seen the frozen show have you. I've seen little clips of it on tiktok when the people up on the stage used to interact with the audience yet there. Was this one video where it was like. They were singing in summer with olaf winters. A good time to stay in and cuddle al-bia and one of the audience members yelled out. Pod cast member just looked at her like yup yes. You disgust me. Well that is commonplace for that show because when the show opens princess ana queen elsa and then to like keep the audience entertained while she goes around to find her. She introduces the official. Aaron del historians have the whole story of frozen wrong hilarious and name play off the audience. So well i mean it is so funny. I love that show and so you know. It's great for kids because they also have like the words to the song lyrics up there when the songs come up but some of the some of the comedy is above kids heads. It's meant for adults it's hilarious. Oh if you have not seen it you really need to see the show and then when it comes around the holiday time like you know around christmas time they changed the show to be holiday thain and it's just as funny and it's real. It's really really good. Plus let's not forget. There's extra magic that happens in that show like things come ceiling from the sides. You know. it's magic. It's really a good a really good show. I recommend it to everyone. I love it. We see it every single time ago. Awesome that's awesome. We've never seen it. And i'll tell you the reason we've never seen it is because me to see like nine times in the theater. Say that but it's not the frozen movie. It's they skew it to to be wrong. They say are hilarious and the piece sang along over in france where it was from the point of view. Sort of kinda. Maybe i guess if you think about you know wicked and you know how a lot of shows are from another perspective. This is just they. They're the historians that have their facts. A little one knows one of them. Has it nick stop so there. They banter back and forth and they're just hilarious. Okay well we're gonna have to go see that now we are. We are and that. But that's why we we haven't seen it. Because i did take them to see it like eight or nine times. Nine ten types the charm. It's a good show. It's a great movie and the attraction is great. Okay so you heard it here first. People brenda gives it two thumbs up. Yes mike did. I haven't seen it but brendan it's your turn all right. Well my number two. And i specifically put a restaurant in this one. But i'm gonna say most of the park that the restaurant is in ever. Since galaxy's edge and mickie's runaway railway came to hollywood studios the rest of the park especially on the left side of the of the chinese theater. The rest of the park has kind of been well. Literally and geographically sidelined mike yuppie except for star tours which is still really popular. Oh i was gonna say tower of terror and rocking roller coaster or seemed to be the ones that are picking up. I haven't seen much of star tours in hollywood studios as of late. I've seen where it is. And i guess i've seen people going in that direction but i have not seen much of it. So what i have to say is underrated. Would have to be the muppet area of hollywood studios. I totally agree with that And the restaurant specifically that i chose was pizza. Was rizzo's pizzeria. Sorry i got tongue tied there. We only yup pizza. Rizzo we only there once. But i have to say if we go when we go back to hollywood studios. If i'm not feeling up for the commissary i want the pizza. Rezzo police oh yeah. That restaurant is amazing. It's spacious. It's like paco's bill. It's it feels that size only. It's bigger because it has another floor on top of it. I think it has like three by the way a few podcast back. We talked about it and we couldn't figure out what was there beforehand. And i figured out that it used to be pizza planet planet from the buzz light year from last year so same sort of obviously same sort of Food choices and whatnot just re themed for muppets with pizza. Rizzo yep so anyway. So thank you for that. That's good. I've been wondering what that was about. But yes i really like them. Up at area of hollywood studios and it's not nearly as appreciated as it should be. It's kind of well in a lot of the muppet movies it talks about. A muppets has kind of fallen from grace and a sense and the movies are generally about the muppets making a comeback and being awesome like they always are and it kind of feels like the muppet area of hollywood studios has done what it's done in the movies which is sad but also it's good that it still there. Yeah plus the line queue for the muppet vision. Three d thing is amazing. And i only just now realized all of the details all of the goofy funny details that they put into that line queue like it took me. Let's see Fifteen something years to finally look up at the post that hold up the shaded area of the lion king and notice that all of the posts and the vents and the lights. They're all muppets. But their furniture in a sense and it's just so funny and wacky and none of them are the same there are no two identical ones. Cute uh-huh yep. You are absolutely right about that sophie. One i agree. So that's nice. Think so down to my number one choice right. Yes yeah. I'm gonna confess right now that my number one choice is something that no one can see anymore. Oh and it falls in the category of you. Don't really miss it until it's gone kinda thing I don't think that applies for our family. But i think it probably does for a lot of families and i am referred actually. Let me now. I'm want to keep going. I am referring to the houses that used to be at Mickey's toontown fair for mickey and minnie mouse in their houses. And how you used to be able to go in and tore them and you could push buttons and it would blow things up and you'd see the oven you'd see the cake rise and fall and then you push a button and you'd hear daisy colin many talk about going to shopping and all different stuff you know and it was just so much it was such just little things you know and the good news is that you can still see their houses in disneyland in the original mickey's toontown You know but those are there tune townhouses. They're not there. Toontown fair houses. So it's a little bit different but you can still go experience that so so they're not completely gone. But i'll tell ya. I really miss not having mickey's toontown fair. There not having their houses. And i just wonder where they are. No no. I don't know so that they work and you know we. We did them. Obviously we did those a lot. When sophie was younger and now if sophie was twenty into town fair was still there. I'll bet you we're not. We're not we might go through them once every few years to stall out by but probably not is not in every trip. Kind of thing you know But you know we last saw them two thousand ten I think was the last time. And with with stephanie. And it was the first time we took stephanie with us to disney and and i think they were getting ready to close them down. When we were there it was close. Maybe maybe it wasn't two thousand ten but It i remember. Yeah i remember thinking when they close to town fair that that the expansion of facing there was no wave going to be any good was ira our guest with the grey stuff. It was delicious. But anyway all that aside i still miss mickey minnie's houses at mickey's to dump fair number. I think i have a picture with nanna couches. it's it's actually meemaw you and meemaw. Oh and yeah. I need to go look at that picture with nanna then because i know i have a picture with nanna or you do have a picture needed. That's at her house in port. Yeah well what do you know. Nana's reminds me of many masses house. A go just goes to show how much i love them both. Yeah yeah so anyway. That's my number one choice. Brenda well mine. Again is an attraction. And i don't feel like this is underrated for the disney fan at all but for people who are not disney fans but are just visitors to walt disneyworld. I definitely feel like this is underrated. And that is the carousel of progress. Yes absolutely caracella. Progress never has a line like it serves especially considering the nostalgia of it and it's just a it's so unique i mean there's nowhere else that has the revolving theater and does like you know families changing from you know all those generations and what technology meant the the new generation. How technology changed things. And it's and of course the song you wanna sing it. Sophie is a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every day. There's a great big beautiful tomorrow and tomorrow is just a dream away. Man has a dream and that the start he follows history with mind and heart and and it becomes a rea- liberty. It's a dream come true for you and me. So there's a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every there's a great big beautiful tomorrow will just awesome mic drop on that. I got a mike phones here. I won't drop it if you haven't been to. The carousel of progress. Asong alone is worth it because it's it is a great big beautiful tomorrow. We just gotta keep plugging along. The carousel of progress is definitely a ride that that should be enjoyed. One of walser originals. Yeah absolutely one. Of walt disney's originals. In his park Worth a visit for sure felt. You're up well minus not nearly as good as yours. Miss brenda or daddies. But this one this one. I'm thinking about those couples that have children. It is very underrated. And it's just the resort shops and also most of disney springs like when someone thinks of disney. They think that it's a place to bring your kids. And if you think that then you are wrong. I'm sorry but it is also fun for adults. It's not just a kids place. And one of the things that is living proof that disney is meant for everyone not just for children is disney springs and the resorts the resorts are amazing and disney springs is just awesome to go to. I love disney springs and especially the cooks of dublin. The cooks of dublin is amazing. And that is certainly not underrated. It does get the attention it deserves. If only it had some more seating but it's still it's great you know and in fact. We were there last weekend. Weren't we sophie. We were so. I'm hoping miss brenda will go. And complete off the set by visiting raglan road. I have to go. Because i'm actually going for dessert on my birthday to raglan going to go there because i was trying to save some money and my husband said oh no bread pudding on your birthday girlfriend. I don't think so june third. I love the coa. I just love the co op store. I wish i had a gift certificate going there by bunch of staff. Yeah there's just a lot about disney spring status underrated. Nobody even thinks about it. And you know what pairing off disney springs saratoga. Sir togas springs as underrated. We have not stayed there at all. And it's on my bucket list. Because i seen it. It's beautiful and i wanna stay there one of these days. It's on your bucket list yup choice. Good choice yes. Only the gara- deli chocolate factory was a little more underrated. You know what brenda in awful last week with the With that ice cream yes you just reported we went to go see about getting one jerry and we we they have a qr code. You scan it and it automatically puts into the queue. We were there were there. Were two hundred sixty three people in front of us and it said it would be like one hundred twenty minutes before we would get like twenty two specific to be exact. I'm like. I'm sorry. I we're not doing it. Looks so good. And i'm swear band would have been really good. I bet it would have been good but my gosh what a weight. So alas l. Well we went to for several hours. Go ahead and get in the queue when you get there do some shopping and then pick up your snack and enjoy that and if you've planned like our listeners now can plan that. It's going to take that long so they can. They'll go ahead and get him the queue and they get there before they start their shopping. That's a great tip. My that's awesome. Brenda off those tips and tricks but to make things feel a little bit better about the garrett deli chocolate factory. we ended up going to goof. He's candy company which had zero minute. Wait and i got one of those blue macaroni that baby. Yoda jealous of me for. They taste like fruit loops. And i've got to share a couple of pictures asked for me find it. I'm sorry i'm sorry let's see here. Gotta do show do. Sophie are to helping you. Look oh okay. We missed out. I gotta find this bother me. Yeah for now. When i got here it. I got to so the first one is sofi so let me share. That and i look absolutely awful. Look good. I think i look awful. So they're start sharing he wears. Yep there's your garage as she looks awesome she does and now let me. And that's pretty cookie. Oh yeah and it's small but it's good so pretty and then we also got one of gregory to make him feel better. Yeah hoops from one to did elevator. Music there. it is. Oh do you like hey. I don't remember that he wants wonder cookie sale. You know what you guys can have your cookies and fine. I'll go make some macaroni once. We're done here. you can have them. I don't need them. So let me see i have does make about seventy i think. Yeah well we're going to wait on that stuff but anyway back back to discussion in feature topic. I have three listener. Responses to what is under appreciated in there is Bambi says that the chanted tiki room is underappreciated. Totally yeah totally under appreciated. My buddy jorges said that. The hoop de doo review and trails end is under appreciated a said especially trails end trails and has d. lissek's food and it's it's it's because it's difficult to get to you know you have to really plan to leave magic kingdom go by boat over there but the food is awesome. I mean it's really really good. Yeah and you know what else And i think they're kinda the same thing or side by side or something. But p and jay's is really good too over four wilderness logic the horse stable over at fort wilderness. I think when we saw it mommy could just for their and meet some of the horses and nobody did it. That's under yeah. Yeah and the hokey do shows great. You can even do like the camp the camp out roasting marshmallows and having this moreover there only like that kind of stuff in the wintertime. 'cause it's hot. I don't like being outside in the heat but you know that's a fun place over there. If you plan just plan to spend some time. Yeah and then. Lastly our friend. Jenny gorski said the carousel progress. She agree you fred. i agree with you. Yup for sure so anyway. Those arranged responses. Yeah i love hearing when people put their input in because it just makes show just come on in you know And so that wraps up our feature topic for this week and that takes us to sofi in this day and disney history for may twenty fourth. So what do you got so all right. Well a lot of the his actually all of the history that i have for today is really rather recent and chosen something else that would have correlated to last week. But i didn't want to just because so in twenty seventeen. That is the most far back that today's history goes six years in the making pandora. The world of avatar is dedicated in disney's animal kingdom at walt disney world ice. Yes the new land featuring writes a restaurant and immersive. Entertainment is based on john. Cameron's two thousand nine movie avatar attractions. Include the knobby river journey and avatar flight of passage to make them feel as if they're flying on the back of banshee. The flying creatures. On the sorry i got mixed up but anyway and it will officially open on saturday may twenty seventh okay and then the next to actually happen happen on the exact same day they happen in two thousand and nineteen th so they are very recent may twenty four th twenty nineteen the original disney princess castle. Sleeping beauty's pink and blue palace at disneyland unveiled a new look on this day. The castle has been blocked off from visitors since january as groups of maintenance crews had been working on giving it a spruce the hassle now features brighter more vibrant pink walls and blew rooftops plus some sparkling gold shingles that looked like pixie dust. The crews also added some artistic tricks to make the castle seem bigger a painting technique was used that involves painting the lower parts of the seventy foot tall castle in darker and warmer hues. Pink paint gradually getting lighter and cooler as goes up to the top and order to blend in with the atmosphere this tricks. The eye ended thinking the object in front of them is larger or taller than is and also on that the live action movie. Aladdin is released in three d at dolby cinema. And i max by walt disney studios motion pictures. It is the live adaptation of the ninety two animated film by the same name. And personally it is my favorite of the live actions. I love that one elliot does. That is her favorite guests. She loves it. She did her birthday party. This year is centered around it and it was so cute. Oh that's awesome awesome. Yeah a lot and has to be my favorite followed by cinderella. Okay oh my gosh. I love that one too Magical yeah yeah alright. So that's all your history for this week. Well that was a good job. So that's history great all right so it's time for stump the so f- here. We go dump the brenda to kim. The with your best shot four at this character. I have three hits and The first one this character is smart fast and capable okay. The second hint is that this character is also pouting jealous and spiteful but lastly this character is caring and protective towards someone else friend. Do you know who it is. I think day to you. So i could be wrong. You know always. I think it's thumper it's not tinkerbell. Tito bell nice job. Yeah oh yes. She's jellison wendy. I could see her. Who yes she was. Good job brenda. I see it's the new cup. That's right very special families that we just cup yeah. I wonder who you know someone to on my screen is your right. Your left my right. She insisted we buy you something. You are so sweet. That's why i love you. Do i have to bits of digital. Did you know in two thousand. Ten tinker bell was honored with a star on the hollywood walk of fame. Not know that the real one not the one that hollywood studios. Wow that's pretty cool. I think cool. And tinker bell has become one of the main mascots for the walt disney company and one of its most popular and iconic characters. She has her own spin off movie series and appears in the opening credits of disney movies. Everyone knows that the first part is kind of cool so for good job. I'm glad goodness brenda thank you. That's awesome so all right. Well that takes us to miss brenda and her. Walt disney quote. Well the quote today is about disneyland. It is we did at disneyland and the knowledge that most of the people. I talked to thought it would be a financial disaster closed and forgotten within the first year. Can you imagine closed and forgotten. Within the first year everybody was wrong. Oh yeah And you know you mentioned earlier. Brenda about how How you think some people don't even realize that while disney was a man the snow the the park and i think part of it is because When you talk about disneyworld people have forgotten that. It's walt disneyworld and not disneyworld and that roy insisted on changing the name from disneyworld to walk owen. His brother died and But people you know in this media agent in you know pixels and how much it costs to to print and stuff like that people just drop the wall and just call it disney world and i think that might be why so many people don't realize that it's the legacy of the man but But anyway yeah. It's just blows the mind and the fact that so many they had they had such a struggle to get funding. They needed just to build disneyland. I thanks stuck to it. i mean. Goodness persevered yeah exactly. That comes back to yet again to the fifty year plan. You know it's so great man. Great legacy never been initial. That's for sure right. Yep so anyway. That wraps us up for this week. We have listener submission of photos from shanty. Shannon and heather and i would love to see some more so people go ahead and post them in our facebook group On the road with mickey group to search it out. Join us talk about disney. We love talking disney and we have a lot of fun in the group. i think. So thank you so much for sharing shannon hollie and heather. Yes thank you so much. And next week i have a couple that i want to run by you guys and see which one you wanna do. Great okay so the first one is what are your top five shows and expands all the disney parks. That you wanna talk about so top five shows the other one is what would be your dream disney job. I can see sophie's wheels turning the last thing is what are some of the nighttime things to see and do at disney. Oh i like all him background so so time idea for this one. What do you. I agree nighttime. That's great ideas. We can give people at night that are so special and besides when it comes to the job that one is very easy to answer. Just put me in the haunted mansion. I don't care what that would be like a five minute show. You're saying yes okay. We'll put that one down a little bit so next week. Everyone are featured topic. Is the nighttime things to see and do at disney fund exactly. I can't wait to tear what y'all come up with. And i'm gonna take notes because i have no idea. He got tons of ideas. I can help you daddy. Okay well everyone. Thank you so much for joining us. We love it in that. Y'all are enjoying our podcast and we love the fact that you watch us on youtube as well. Just remember it. De-subscribe hit the likeliest comments everywhere. You want to leave us questions. Give us a topic ideas eventually. We're going to run out of ideas so we need to know some topic ideas from all of you. Okay and we love talking to you. We will see you next week and we will see you. Buy i law.

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