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"pune huhne" Discussed on Optimism Vaccine

"The soundtrack space like shitty midi casio keyboard kind of tones over the whole thing which makes no sense. Considering how insanely intense in that film is and we learned part of the inset the the intensity of that film cuts things are missing. So everything just seemed like ratchet from zero to a hundred's instantly at just like a playing like a crappy keyboard over talk so they they fix that here you that alone. I think makes slinger a better film. Honestly every all the other side I would agree. I would agree. I think a lot about slingers is better. I mean there are things that are. Don't work still. i mean issues. A lot of pune huhne's Weaknesses as well. I would say he has a great fondness for voiceover for certain and some of which is detrimental to a movie. That's trying to be a little slower more subtle at times. I i don't need vincent clients character. Dave of narration of what are your reason for living. This is the bank characters motivation. Ha funny because the one thing we do lose the dialogue is move later into the phil. But one of the passing of cyborg. Is i think the opening voiceover clients character about how the world has fallen into disrepair. And he's like under looking for cure. And you expect you would expect the voice over to say that's good and instead we realized the villain told me he's like why i like the pay you know like suffering and this is great. You know kind of immediate introduction to the phil that's gone in this that dialogue moved into an actual conversation clients adding with i get the guy who's trying to rescue rescue the upon a cyborg who is still mostly just a macguffin in this fill. She barely as you're going to lose the little impact. But i guess it makes.

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