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"Following. This is true. Good at eliminates. But still need of just. Never seem to go to Penn.. I don't want you to who you hope. Ho-. No, it's not a good look as himself Sean. So it. Oh. Bird Garden. ME.

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"Wonder what IWO has in store this week so I follow plan and I got to Leeds man see see I told you see so you can do it. It's a really great system right guys. What's going on well? He's got this amazing pickup system that he sold me and I've always wanted a mistress. I'm sorry how long has always like what since like ninety two. Maybe when were you married two thousand so you you wanted a mistress eight years before you were married. He know me know. I like to be prepared for stuff. Yeah exactly so. Tell me about your leads. So I swiped right on everybody. Oh you you swiped right on every single one. Is that what I said. Yeah when when when I open the APP now it just shows me a picture where the sidewalk ends. There's just okay and you got two people who responded what you say to those people. Well well the first one. I used your patented pickup on book. He he's yeah. I'm still waiting for her to send a message back. Okay and the other one said me a message and that's what I was packing. Excellent did you send back a picture. Actually I totally did I send a photo of my favorite sword ione. It's a replica. From the walls collection. Real nice cost cost them handling. We discussed her heart in grave played. It says it says. Draw me not an anger. It's Wayne I'm sorry did. Did she send anything back. Nothing nothing yet. I've been fourteen days. Listen I'm telling you what I sold you. So far is great and all but this other system called pickup puns to. That's where it's at pretty soon. You'll have a mistress and that mistress will recruit other mistresses. You see what I'm saying. It's totally worth the thousand dollars. It's a whole. Aw like like that. Sounds geometric shape no no sold. That's that sounds amazing. It's something awesome. You gotta be swimming in it heats. I I should just pay when and condoms right you know. Yeah yeah no check will be fine though. Just like regular money Hello hello and welcome the citation needed. The podcast where we choose a subject read a single article about it on Wikipedia and pretend we're experts because this is the Internet and that's how it works now Oh me lie and I'll be bilking you of your ignorance today but I'll need a rag tag crew to pull off this con- I up three men who have officially been banned from corporate retreats. Tom Tom and he okay. I'm just saying it's not an open bar. If you can't order drinks a handle at a time bullshit restrict get super judgy when you insist on trust falling naked. It's like what the Fuck I trust fall with my soccer team in high school. And they dropped coaches like. So what did you learn Yup. The the coach was he said this whole thing also joining us tonight. A guy who never had to worry about the invitation in the first place right but yeah but a lack invitation never stopped me from declining formerly before now before we begin tonight. I'd like to take a chance to thank our patrons if it weren't for your generosity acidy. We be forced to fake a large charity. Drive once a year to bolster. Our income isn't fake websites. That's not if you'd like to learn how to join in their ranks around to the end of the show and tell us what person place thing concept phenomenon or event will we be talking about today. Mattis needs which is Korea. Go ahead sorry. Oh Jesus Christ. Today we're going to be talking about multi level marketing guru and founder of holiday. Magic William Penn.. Patrick Tom Okay. I'm just going to say it wasn't allies idea to go back to back with con artist episodes during Barry. I know he's the one making the JOE was U. It wasn't a thank you situation. Either and Tom Still rate from the center. Your Vision Board to share your dreamed. Well it checked in my down line has some downtime. So let's do this fucking thing all right all right so tell us Tom. What was holiday magic alright? In holiday magic was the name of one of the most infamous multilevel marketing scams ever perpetrated on the American people. And well I think we can. All unequivocally agree that multi altay level marketing is really just a bullshit way of describing a pyramid scheme which is itself just a different bullshit shorthand way to say a business model that most closely closely resembles an oral. Boris the pace does the kiss of holiday magic and its founder William Penn.. Patrick may just be one of the most Americans Eric Stories of all time. Good American but still quintessentially American. There's a good American business. Mrs Model that closely resembles an aura. Boris so you have to have your hat up your own ass to think it's worthwhile yeah. It's a job creator. It is but mostly rim jobs. Yes Oh from yourself jobs you gotta get a Lotta ribs out to me it worth so. This shit is amazing harvey magical started the nineteen sixties. Look into the house. There's a thin Ron Jeremy Licking his own house like a cat. ooh I love that movie holiday magic. We'll start in the nineteen sixties by William Penn Patrick and like most great businesses. It has an origin story that is complete complete and total bullshit. The Legend of William Penn.. Patrick is this. After several failed business attempts and door to door sales failures William was at something of a low point. He had gone bankrupt. He was failing in the sales racket. He was in fact so desperate. He tried to teach junior high school. Wow Sucking Dick behind a dumpster for meth poet out his headphones and going okay could be worse. Thinks Sir quick note to that guy. This is a weird podcast. Listen to podcasts. Judge the the way that guy. Is Betsy Devos Alright. So as it turns out teaching is hard and it doesn't pay well and William had a keen noz for business which is why one fateful day while walking down the street in San Rafael California Williams smelled a smell so intoxicating so enticing that he we immediately turned into a cartoon dog and was pulled. Nee compelled Nayef maybe floated through the air by the wafting odors of fruity soapy. lotions Russian's until he arrived at some fucking guys garage which he just walks in walks like. Is this the Asian massage garage. I heard a lot lot about got to admit though that is a pretty good business model because like if you know crabtree and Evelyn were inside an unmarked van. I could've been abducted so many smells delicious. Jonky candle CINNA. Bon a guy with Bacon fucking whatever. Whatever I it gets in this garage you discover the guy who owned the garage ulcers happen to own UMP teen boxes and boxes of unsold inventory of things like mint ice honey almond facial scrub and strawberry frappe cleanser? which is where the smell was coming from and was also the only time? Hey what's that smell coming from. The garage wasn't answered with the eventual. Use of crime scene tape. Okay to be fair. This story also ends in a crime scene through all right. So obviously William does what anyone who smells a nice smell would do. He looks these boxes of unsold beauty products and immediately coughs up sixteen thousand five hundred dollars which in today's money is a hundred and thirty. Five thousand dollars buys all this random guys. Random boxes of scented lotions. Because I guess when you're so broke you have to resort to teaching junior high school. You also obviously still have the equivalent of six figure investment capital budget on hand. At all times I don't know naturally. Naturally he needs now to start a company to sell all the stuff he bought from the guy who couldn't sell all of this stuff so he starts a company with the not at all stupid name holiday. They magic magic. This whole story sounds like it was made up of mad. libs no okay guys. We need a made up story for our scams cams origin. Someone jobs any job okay. Middle School teacher. Good good relatable. Okay now I need a place a grudge like a mechanic. cannock know where you pull your car up. Oh I love it. Very DOT COM boom saleable item. That nobody needs anyone lotion in soil. A paper. Think we're going to go with lotions. Okay so my thing that makes people happy holidays holidays. Yes and and how is this company going to make money Magic Bingo all right. So by now William Penn Patrick has has boxes and boxes of Stink Lotion and a company with a bizarre name so naturally he needs only one other thing right. He needs to release a vinyl record. Word of course by holiday magic records and called happiness and success through principle which really doesn't doesn't doesn't mean anything at all but which nonetheless would not slow him down or dissuade him from his message and his messages are fucking delightful convoluted gibberish are set to really really bad music. So here's a little nugget of wisdom for you guys. Go ahead and and digest all this for you have to read this. In a Jordan Peterson waist. Or like a kermit the frog all right. So here's the quote he says. This leads me to the point of the principle which I have discovered as a foundation of security and happiness which is success. My first inclination is to do as most men do that is to confuse the issue. Hubei a lengthy analysis the several specific issues available volume of one million pages could be written on the general subject with a discussion of how many angels can stand on the head of a pin. Wow I could really use a corkscrew but only having a good salesman other extreme some of the Earth get here you know what I was just another thought my life. It isn't herbal enough to the my life could be more herbal since since I do not wish to enhance my ego and since my purpose is to sincerely share with everyone those things I have discovered to be true. I will only give you the principal knowing that. When you understand the principle you'll then apply it to the many available issues before you? That's pretty clear. Right guys clear right okay. Question probably was the transition of that. I know thing boy. Do I know a thing I know which is a thing. Ready here comes the thing. Yes yes he just spent ninety three words saying but I don't want to be verbose exactly exactly. So what were some of these principles that required such a lengthy introduction. Well here here's don't wear t shirts for it so you know. Here's the quote. There's absolutely nothing wrong. With being wealthy wealth comes from giving something of value to other persons willing to pay for the value the the estate taxes great absolutely should be higher sean up heath perfect tax. Each man in a free society is rewarded by his fellows in accordance with his contributions attribute. Should you desire. Well find a better way of giving what you have to offer to more people. The more people you can help the more people will pay you for the help the principal to lift your bootstraps with your legs. Not your back. Yeah all right so I know what you're thinking right like Tom. Hey that doesn't mean anything. Why did you just read that? Like that's just a bullshit bootstrap meet those spoken out loud to justify what some people have stuff and other people have less stuff and to that I would say yeah okay but that fucking guy went from being a broke junior high school teacher who bought one hundred thousand dollars worth of garage sale Lotion Shen to being a millionaire in like a few short scam filled years so like maybe were not the ones who are all smart court or and there certainly some irony. Here we're principled right or or maybe just the three of us are principled and two of us aren't despite ones here in two in three. Noah's talking about I mean we do you all right anyway telling people in the stupid ones right typically too principled stupid and Lazy We. Can I be all three of those I know right in your fucking bootstraps Tom. Thank you. I'm saving these deserved in any way telling everyone how when you sell something they pay you for it. That's not the whole enchilada would be. That would be stupid So here's another pearl of wisdom for you. He says quote today. I'm earning more money each week. The ninety percent of the American people earn in a year soon my earnings things per day. We'll be likewise. This money will continue as long as I desire to but money alone is shallow thing and should not be a man sole purpose soon. Many leather bound books. I don't think so basically like I have a lot of money and I'm getting more all all the time and that's great for me but I'm not arrogant about it at all. I promise but I could also fuck your wife if I want. My Dick is enormous. It smells of rich. Mahogany agony. My penis done this. If you're making that much money it's only shallow because you aren't stacking at correctly I've seen ducktail diving. I've been hampered scrooge mcduck Mahogany shaped like a corkscrew that's cool duckpin appease shaped like a corkscrew. Yeah especially when you cut it with the SHEARS IN UTAH. Also one of his most quoted quotable also in a long list of well. Cordoba's was this. He says those who condemn wealth are those who have none and see no chance of getting it on Iran. Ran this quote by a couple of families on the west side of Chicago and also Bernie Sanders. They all disagreed Also workshop this one in Breckenridge and the Hamptons and and strange. They got wildly different responses. Right Yeah People WanNa tax the wealthier money insult whoa okay but that actually that statement is largely true because almost everyone has no wealth or chance of getting. It doesn't take a lot of Hawk cassidy cities that White City. And what's amazing is there's no underlying under for from spellcheck so I wasn't the first to it. Yes check spell check privilege. How rich white privilege bullshit as it to assume that that represents a flaw in the poor I so obviously William loved loved wealth and who can blame right? I mean when you have wealth. It's hard not to love that. But William wasn't content just extolling the virtues of him having stuff I don't know oh he wasn't simple like that. No William also made sure that anyone listening to his sweet sweet record. Knew that if you're going to love well you also had to hate poor the people because I guess it's no fun having more than other people if you can't hate on the ones that are struggling holiday magic guy. Yeah here's here's a quote. Next time you feel the need to carve something mean into the forehead of a poor person. So I'm listening quote. There are many parasites who you give nothing of value to an economy or society and yet demand to be Fed said the guy who sells garage lotion funds Like a young Paul Ryan laid it on his back in his room on his bed. Listening to this record the way we all did you you do this mixing up ground adderall. fucking homeless tears. On the album's look making libertarian. Crap so libertarian. Crack is the only thing that William Penn Patrick stumbled onto. It wasn't knew what he was doing. was just repackaging. Some messages from guys like Dale Carnegie and putting a sort of mean-spirited Proto neoconservative uh-huh conservative quasi religious spin on all this but for employees of holiday. Magic William then created the leadership dynamics institute which employs Hoy's of holiday magic were required to attend and since employees required to go to this in order to move up the chain at holiday. Magic naturally took his idea of the leadership dynamics institute and he created another company called leadership dynamics which then became its own multilevel marketing company seeded with the employees noise of holiday magic itself an Mlm it just. Wow okay way ahead of you Tom I just bought. Leadership Dynamics dynamics excuse me but this makes because as long as the subsidiary. MLM spawns at least three subsidiaries in each of them spawns at least three subsidiaries careers. And then we pay off stormy Daniels and nobody will know it was us. Starting at least as a leadership dynamics hammocks was this fucking weekend thing that the employee of holiday magic attended to get ahead and so far all this just sounds like a mean guy with a lot of lotion bilking people but this is where the story. Don't worry we'll begin to get very fucking weird all right well speaking lotion and being weird I need a break for a little thing. We like to call apropos. Report of nothing. That's not what bilking means. He's going to build well. Gee Mr Patrick thank you so much for higher in May holds your kid here at all. Magic we thrive on young people. Can I throw some quotes from our new business. Dynamics record at you I love that record. Please do there are many men in the United States for whom their ambition is not met by their surroundings. These men should be brought to a place where their surroundings or met only only by their ambition. Who that's so true I write about this? Product is not an item to be sold but a sale to be made into a product. Oh now I'm right in that one down when man's drive to beans hammock umbrella share far kittens. Sorry I don't I don't feel well some I love it. That's good what go umbrella chair far kit and believe me I get it now. My chest is tight toes. Toast host needle needle lead that. Gosh that's good. Did they call in toes. This is so good I got it from. Hey podcast listener. Do you love when we say mean things. Of course you do. That's why you're listening. Well as you may already know where currently right smack in the middle of are you yearly roast with a purpose vulgarity for charity. So if you'd like to give the same treatment that we've given to a surprising number of radiation victims to someone else head over a modest needs. He's Dot Org. Donate at least fifty dollars and send the receipt along with who you'd like us to roast vulgarity for charity that's the word not the number at g mail dot com want longtemps to compose an ode to how much he hates your ex-girlfriend vulgarity for charity. At gmail.com want cease to roast your rain gutters vulgarity for charity already at gmail.com and this year a private donor is matching our first one hundred thousand dollars of donations. So give till it hurts. Who Ever can you tell us to hurt Bulgaria for charity once a year? We do it for good and we're back when we left off. Someone was getting rich off others gullibility because this is America and our national wait them should be the sound of losing video slots what is next time not even a little wrong all right. So here's the thing. People pay a thousand dollars to attend leadership dynamics which is a lot of money now but was like more your money then move overseas so we have a new detail king town. Yeah did the just the math works anyway. This thing turned out to be the action park of corporate weekend leadership retreats. They held these things. And some scuzzy hotel in the bay area in the sixties and I've been to a fair number of corporate retreats it could be kind of a bummer to stay some place subpar for a working weekend but I can honestly say that every day of my working life has been better than this weekend. I'm going to describe. Take it at the same time at some point. nope but I have been a janitor. I've been a fast food worker and I've even been a podcast. Yeah that's the same thing Tom to be honest. I was so certain that sentence was going to end with and I've been to a fair number of hotels in the bay area the NBA. I'm glad I read it all the way through though. Thank you for not doing that. Actually so what made the so bad. What were were there bs at the ropes? Course maybe somebody not paying attention during the trustfall perhaps that one fucking guy man cries about his feelings and treats a bullshit corporate retrea like a free fucking session a group therapy that guy right. Somehow this was this was all much much worse. Attendees to leadership dynamics. Were fucking crucify. Wait what like yes. They were actually literally crucified. They were Strung up on crosses your crucified work work in a hotel and then they were left hanging bear for hours at a time and then some of them were forced into coffins which were shot overnight real actual coffins more on the coffins. Put a pin in that you can take one from one of the crucified. Everyone still better than some jobs. You could be the server that has to keep bringing Eli progressively warmer glasses. It's amazing please as we've been closed for three hours this degrees warmer. Oh my God I know I'm GonNA come in here tomato juice for those two. It doesn't then they have cooking. I love this. They had something that they called group. Bullying like this D- ah if you've seen handmaid's tale which is spectacularly slow moving and ultimately boring but wildly popular TV show about our near-certain hellish token future president. Right now there's actually a scene in that show that looks very literally like this leadership retreat at this retreat. Somebody in the group would be forced to admit to something embarrassing and then the whole group would humiliate and yell at that person in like you know to make them. I'm better leaders somehow. I don't want to Brag but I could've taken down this entire business auto by going I. Yeah that's it's a terrible idea for a leadership conference you save verbal abuse for where it belongs. Charity drives all right. So here's an example of the group bullying that took place. Some guy at one of these retreats was in holiday magic. As was this guy's mom so this guy's mom. Naturally I told the leaders of the retreat that her son had witnessed her having sex with a woman. Winners Son was young child and our son was traumatized by the events also. Also mom told the organizers that this guy was molested by his dad as a child so naturally the leadership dynamics people weaponized this information and made this poor fucker publicly admit all of this while they shamed and bullied him in front of everyone. Now he just do that in Congress until they resign We stop watching any hall in protest. Even though I know other people were forced to strip naked in front one of everyone while participants mocked their bodies one account has a man being forced to give a Dildo head lot in front of the female participants. When Amazingly William didn't deny any of this when he was sued saying of the four sex addicts with the fucking fake dogs? He said quote well. To put it bluntly there are a lot out of men who come to class that have forgotten how to use their. But that's not it though right like the white way to use it as an rip it off and filleted in front of your female power lookout gay. I'm not look at this look. I'm not usually everything at this event. Sounds like Mike Pence joining. I did you tell them. Excuses my storing when he was asked about reports sports students being beaten during these conferences Williams admitted to being fairly common. It hit the students but then he rationalized this shit by saying and I quote I. I slept my children from time to time. That serves a useful function William Penn.. Patrick can't listen to our podcast. Honestly honestly at this point. There's nothing better to do than to quote from the actual depositions. I found these from a New York Times article from nineteen seventy-three. These are the best things I've ever red in the history of ever when he was questioned under oath about this. Mr Patrick said no one was nailed to a cross. They were time he said Gee died for our synergy. Are you actually know ally you guys mind taking these as I feel like you've had this conversation almost word for word you guys might have a little. That's that's fair. Yeah okay. How was the individual tied to the Cross? How would you normally tie somebody to across? WHO's in who's the ASS typically? I don't get the IT. Mr Patrick was asked if anyone suffering from claustrophobia was ever forced into one of the coffins and he replied. Well let me say this. If they did they got over it. Just like Jesus got over his cross phobia cross just amazing. Ah Thank you just WANNA take another another quote from the deposition guys. Oh sure sure is the coffin. A pine box or was it. No we had a modern coffin. A modern coffin. Yes with a pillow inside and pad. Yes it's very nice. You would like it the threatening that sounds even with Eli saying. That's all wrapped our question if you put a glass of Red Wine on the pad and jump semester. Patrick was asked at another point about people being injured in the classes and he replied quote. I don't think those things are damaging little painful but a man learns from his pain. No we don't getting circumcision. Does it make you stop playing with the plan with during the circumcisions. Have no idea how William would define in a little painful but one student from leadership dynamics court as saying I was black and blue from head to toe. My cheek bone was sticking out over. An eighth of an inch inch dizzy. Spelt continuous pain in the chest and in the stomach and ribs and my risks were infected. Continuous nightmares. I had slate. Whip marks on the back back. Not sure if he forgot his fucking safe word before heading into Jesuit Neva Bay conference room to but almost certainly his fault. But how does this help help you sell lotion. Like maybe Lotions for whip scars actually or maybe like pleased by this lotion into the master will whip me again. I WANNA buy more lotion to keep students from leaving. They were repair it up. And then encouraged to spy on one another. If either one of the pair didn't do was they were told or didn't report suspicious activity to leadership they would both be thrown out a little remember handmaid's tale. It's the same thing and if if you didn't make it through leadership dynamics your career at holiday magic was going. Nowhere are but like all good things. Even this had to come to an end around Nineteen seventy-four holiday magic the original fruity scented garage. Lube Lube Distribution. I but not least it came to the attention of the Federal Trade Commission Shen and the complaint alleged that pyramid schemes are bullshit and this was one basically. So can someone please fucking do something about this right to which the FTC said guys is worse. We're six years pre Reagan. You Bet your ass. Weekend and leadership dynamics was being sued on all sides by people who didn't like being crucified I to molested Catholics. Then and holiday magic was under federal investigation for being being total bullshit. William Patrick was very very rich at this point. He was so rich in fact that one of his hobbies was to fly airplanes that he should not have been able to buy and was not licensed to fly somewhere. What's he manages to get his hands? I love this so much. He manages just to buy a P fifty one D Mustang. This is a long range fighter plane and bomber. It was used in combat as late as the Korean in war. This is not something you buy. It's not at all clear how he was able to buy this military chests setting. That's that's why Second Amendment a well organized air force militia the age of only forty three in one thousand nine hundred seventy three embroiled royal scandal William stalled and crashed his p fifty one d Mustang killing both himself and his friend Christian George Haggard. Who who is the director of holiday magic of Helsinki Finland okay new rule? Tom Isn't allowed to anymore of his Heroes Bean. Hey Tom Um your garage door has a. I'm going to describe it as a stealth bomber shaped hole in it. Smells weirdly a lotion in their Lotion I'll think Santa my personal affairs -rageous outrageous all of you so a year after William's death in nineteen seventy four Congress held held hearings about pyramid schemes which everyone had to take a moment and define basically as business where the bottom feeds the top. The customer is the employee and there's effectively no bonafide identify consumers buying a substantial amount of any of the products. This we all collectively decided was at least on paper bad so the United States. It's a representatives cited holiday magic as an example of consumer fraud pyramid schemes are now very much illegal and holiday. Magic is cited now in law schools. All over the country as one of the primary examples of the most egregious and fraudulent pyramid schemes in America of course now we call pyramid schemes multi level marketing or the newer Shinier version network marketing. Tom tetrahedral integration. Please and then maybe sometimes we we appoint as education secretary wholly unqualified women whose family fortune was and is made exactly this way and then yes have a president or scenario soldiers is the other way that's up and then we definitely have a president. It is a guy who owned the trump network which is a MLM that's sold vitamins and other bullshit. But I guess yeah. I guess we solved the problem. pro- problem unsolved guys. It's over Nice and summarize what you learned in one sentence. What would it be? I think it is not sure really well. I think it's If one pyramid is good to pyramids are more good one diamond. and Are you ready for the quiz. I I am. Let's do this thing all right Tom. What's the worst thing to get at the Asian massage garage? The premise waxing the rim see engine had lucy transmission Well okay the the turtle waxing. That's I don't know why you would put that in the list of the worst things to get. Okay did you EH. Obviously nobody wants failed transmission. So that's we're GONNA go now. Everybody wants there are times when you wanted to exhibition karate. Rear End When you give it the D that's what happens so I got one for your time? What what is an actual genuine reason? That Noah was once kicked out of a corporate team building between the above. Before even. Okay I'll give you a hint. It's not hey insisting that lighting the cross joint is a team building exercise one I gotTa uh-huh jumping into group bullying without believable. See saying very convincingly Oh God not yet in the middle or D.. Crucifying people now. We just wanted to be we d like I just I just wanted to be. I wanted bad enough. That that's true. Let me check with Andrew no you. That's not allowed to want all right all right Tom. I got one more for you. We need to know what it was. It was like Oh happy. Scared to shit out of this forty two year old overweight woman it was so Larry Right last one one for you Tom. Which of the following is the best slogan or holiday Magic Dot Com is a it puts the lotion in the basket and it proceeds seeds to check out on? That is the only option. It's you don't need any it. It is a with the caveat that if you enter glory at checkout with the right all right well you fooled Tom. I so you are this English winter right. He's put the lotion the basket. It's you next game on on all right well for Tom. Heath Noah NC. So I'm Eli Bosnich. They can you for hanging out with us today. We'll be back next week. Then he will be an expert on something else between now and then then you can apply for a job at Tom's company magical holidays you can with at celebratory enchantment or you can date heath this show going one at page dot com slash citation pond or leave us a five star review anywhere you can and if you'd like to get in touch with US check out past episodes so it's connect with us on social media or check the show notes. Be sure to check out citation pod DOT COM and remember if it takes money to make money. It won't the.

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How Penn State Is Cutting Greenhouse Emissions In Half  And Saving Money

Environment: NPR

05:34 min | 11 months ago

How Penn State Is Cutting Greenhouse Emissions In Half And Saving Money

"This message comes from NPR sponsor xfinity. Some things are slow like a snail races. Other things are fast like Xfinity X. by get get fast speeds even when everyone is online working to make WIFI simple easy awesome more at xfinity dot com restrictions apply. How can a community grow in population while cutting carbon emissions? That is the challenge facing the whole planet in the fight against climate change. NPR's NPR's Dan Charles reports on how Penn State University is doing that from the top of beaver Stadium One of the very biggest stadiums in the entire world. You can see just part of Penn State's vast and beautiful campus. You picked a spectacular day. Come visit. Didn't you rob. Cooper is the university's director of Engineering and energy. We've got six hundred major buildings here over twenty two million square feet parking lots with thousands of cars a couple of gas burning steam plants for for heating. We have our own water system wells. We have our own wastewater plant. Basically it's a city with sixty thousand people when students are on campus a lot more when there's walking and like most American cities it runs largely on fossil fuels releasing hundreds of thousands of tons of greenhouse gases every year from those steam plants from from power stations far away that supply electricity from the cars that people drive to campus from aircraft that faculty take to conferences. Penn state has added up all those emissions over the past twenty years and it makes kind of an amazing Graf twenty years ago the line was going up up up the university was growing more people more buildings burning more coal and gas just like the rest of America and then you get to two thousand four and the lines suddenly changes direction. It starts falling like it's rolling down a mountain and it's been falling ever since even though the university still growing yeah. We've been pretty successful over the last fifteen years. I wanted to know how it happened so I went to see Professor Chris. You'll I'm in the department of Biology and my guest passion is with ecology. In the mid nineteen ninety s you'll help organize a small mall environmental movement on campus. There were students calculating greenhouse emissions from specific buildings looking at technical alternatives. When we unveiled these different reports we would meet eat on the steps of old main. Which is you know? It's like this big center. The university and lots of people showed up you know the press was there. They put the university under pressure and as it happened these activists had some allies deep inside the university administration building engineers maintenance guys led by a former navy officer named Ford striker who was in charge of buildings and construction. We've seen a lot of evidence that global warming was a real thing and we you know we were concerned about it. Striker pulled off a classic bureaucratic move. He convinced the university president to declare environmental stewardship and official priority. The pressure from students probably helped this. This gave him leverage inside the administration. He got the university to set up a fund to pay for upgrades that cut greenhouse emissions. It took a while to get the budget guys in You know in a finance guys to agree but you know we're like they. They had to be convinced that it was money. That could be paid back. Oh Yeah Heck Yeah I mean we had to demonstrate mm straight to we're actually saving money and this is what turned around that graph of greenhouse emissions a whole bunch of projects that cut the university's demand for energy and they typically really paid for themselves within ten years through Lower Energy Bills Rob Cooper who worked for striker says some what they did was really basic like fine tuning heating and air conditioning questioning systems and you'd be surprised what you find when you try to tune up buildings. HVAC system. It's one of the shortest paybacks consistently three to five years on on every building that we go into in the central heating plant. They switched the fuel from coal to natural gas. They installed new energy saving motors and windows this here. The university signed a deal to buy electricity from a new five hundred acre solar farm. Here's Andrew Gut Berlet Penn State's manager of Engineering Services. Every time we looked at added before the economics weren't there we could not get solar power or any renewable energy for less than we were buying it off the grid until now now penn state's greenhouse emissions now are down by a third compared to the peak in two thousand four in a few years with solar power rolling in they should be down almost fifty percent which which seems really hopeful because in principle any city could do this. The country could in essence. We are demonstrating that this can be done to notes of caution though I I ben States not irregular city with thousands of homeowners making their own decisions it owns all the buildings and heating plans. It can make decisions that take ten years to pay off and the second caution is cutting emissions in half is good but it's not enough not if you're really trying to stop global warming so penn state has a much more ambitious. Just go an eighty percent reduction by twenty fifty. Some people on campus are pushing for one hundred percent so I ask shelley mccaig the person at Penn State. WHO's in charge of measuring those emissions. Are you going to make that goal. You're asking me we we need to. I mean do. We have a concrete plan to get there. We we do not and there is the country doesn't either but they are studying lots of possibilities figuring out how much each one would cost what it would accomplish so far. They are on track to reach their goal. Dan Charles N._p._R. News.

Penn State University Penn State NPR Rob Cooper beaver Stadium Dan Charles Dan Charles N._p._R Professor Chris department of Biology director of Engineering
Penn Badgley

Life is Short with Justin Long

1:45:04 hr | 7 months ago

Penn Badgley

"Yeah I've always tried to avoid rumors or online gossip stuff like that but it was recently. They called to my attention that there was a story or a piece of gossip about me that said I was gay. I think the quote was hot and heavy with with another man. We shared a house together and it turns out that my love her in the story was Christian my brother. Who's your blood her our beloved blubber? How did you feel about that news? A I mean it was funny. Can I ask you something. Where were you a little flattered? Go with the handsome guy. That's off my radar. It is that you you would. It would be flattering to be linked with you. That wouldn't be offensive to me. I I wasn't in any way offensive and it certainly wasn't offensive. The suggestion that I might be gay Roy that fathers get well. Let's let's clear the the record for everybody just an iron not right homosexual relationship that we could take us this platform to establish to debunk that rumor. It's been debunked the could be dream life. Good injury who ship. You're listening to life. Is Short of your non incestuous host just long dreamed Sweetheart Dude Dude and with me it is my non glover is my lover my non love her. My brother Christian. God what an introduction. I the thing about a story like that is is in whoever wrote it. Now there's so many outlets and platforms for gossip to be spread that it's I would say it's impossible to keep track I've had other things Said about me much worse thing horse. Yeah that's not a bad thing. The most embarrassing thing apart about the gossip like that rumer like that is if we were to be lovers. Wait why all of a sudden is does this guy your the way you said that looked into my eyes induce. That just said I would be happy to be. I know but there's something about that I contact you if we were to be lovers I I made a real in touch me a different way. It got a little real real well. If we were all look away from you as I say this if we were to be lovers it would be very the most embarrassing part of that story I think would be that It would be very arrogant of me because we look so much alike. You know it would be it would suggests that I was very attracted to myself busy. Narcissistic of you engage in a sexual relationship with your brother. Ah Yeah in fact. Sometimes I see gay couples and I think I think that of them because they are sometimes look quite a bit of like you know. Neil Patrick Harrison. David Bertka have very similar. Luke you both have to do better. Here's Dave Evans. Yeah they do and yet I know the both they. They're so distinct to me but if I just saw them walking by I would maybe think Oh bay like their own type well also. It's a very general thing. They're both in shape and have kind of similar hairstyle. So that's what I really mean that. They're I mean like you know when I really notice it is when I see muscular bears. Do you know what I mean like. Other muscular bears often very often not all the time. Yeah like like Men In who have have you know who are very strong tight shirts like huge and they have beards that are very quaffed You know what I mean. I sure do and I've spent some time Chelsea. Yeah Oh my God yeah sure Chelsea boys and they often have very large dogs. Like Pit Bulls yes. I know we're stereotyping by now. This stereotype the stereotype exist for a reason. And it's not a bad serrano. I like PIPPA. Remember that guy the Christian. I used to spend time outside speaking of Chelsea at at this coffee shop. Joe's on twenty Third Street. We would people watch there. It was really fun but there was a regular who would Regular large muscular man. who had that dog? That a pit bull. It was a very ferocious feral looking pit bull but it was a sweet dog and it was. It was a really heavy panter but it had an enormous stick. Yeah I remember. I'd forgotten about that. Your eyebrows started up. Yeah it was hugh remember that it was just a suggested that its owner was similarly endowed. Why are we talking about pit bull? Mix Well just today Cesar Milan. uh-huh just hypothetically who would be a guest that would follow a pit bull Dick Story. Ron Jeremy Pitt bull himself and talking about gossip or yeah well our guest. Today is starved for a long time on the hit show gossip girl are yesterday's pen Badgley. That may have made many of our listeners. All of a sudden thirsty pen. Badgley is very famous for being on gossip girl but I would say he's significantly more famous now for being a world renowned Thir- strapped yes which is a term that Justin and I both learned very very recently like within the last two weeks. Yeah so I've been over using it I've been I can't stop using well you'll hear how much use it on the actual interview. It is such a fun term. Such a fun thing to say. Yeah but don't you think it's going to be outdated in like a couple of weeks. That's why we should hurry this episode. He is a thirst trap. So thirst trap means for those of you who were like us a week and a half ago and don't know the term through strap it means. It means that someone's very attractive so attractive that you are you thirst for them right. Yes they use. If you're thirsty grab that means that people well are thirsty for you. Yeah they end like but I think thirsty just means tourney right. Basically so the your insatiable you you can't be sated And and surveys on the show now called you very popular show on Netflix It's it's second season is out now and it is is extremely extremely popular but a big part of it. He so he pen plays this stalker. Character and people are arsenault drawn despite his evil Orient Behaviour. They're very drawn to him despite that. Yeah it's interesting I for him. Despite which is my understanding it they do. Yeah you're well we talk about it but One of those people who thirst for the multitudes of thirsty fans is your girlfriend's shaggy thirst for him. Well what I would say. Is this so there have been in two seasons of the show and my girlfriend liked the first season a lot. She hasn't yet seen the second season. And it's been out for a few you weeks so I would say as far as thirsty fans go. She is not that thirsty. She's like she's like an early early summer summer day. And you take a walk around the block and you come back and you're a little your little part. You need a half a glass glass of water but there are so many more fans hands out there who are like just run a marathon yeah and are like desperately need they need a main line of electrolytes into their veins thankfully police. She's not that thirsty and I think it's also fair to say that she's a little thirsty for me. Some of you may have quenched her thirst for for others others for for everyone. Yeah because when she became very when she had been very thirsty so parched originally for Penn.. That was kind of before for you. Guys started quenching one another. Susan is she quenches Your Eyes or thirst. Now she's like I liked the for season and yeah he's a handsome guy but but but why not thirsty but why trap. Why do they thirst trap? Because you're stuck because because he is so thirsty inducing that when you you layer is on Or your ears on him. You are sucked into this void and thirst you. You can't thirst for non essential will liquids like you. Thirst for an essential would like water. I mean that's what you thirst for like you need you need. You need a hand Badgley survive. You need to gaze as opposed to have him gaze upon you ideally and even if it made me slaley insecure when she said that I also like totally get it. He's very handsome. He's very Thurston juicing. So you've known for a long time. Yeah Pen and I. I'm trying to remember how I guess. Through maybe Blake. He dated Blake lively. WHO's a friend of mine and for for why we hung out in similar circles and so we always had a lot of fun hanging out with him and I hadn't seen him in a long time and that's again we've repeating myself? Sub Show is really really nice aspect of the show. You hadn't seen him since he had become Thir- strapper somewhat thirst inducing at the time but no that's the thing about Penn.. He had been. He had been teen idol lease for a long time and always seem like the type of guy who rejected. Did it not like in a do she bragging but it was just very didn't seem like that guy was very introspective and kind of shy anything. Well let's get into it okay here. Here's our thirst quenching. Hopefully wow. That's arrogant why he was going to quit and and I hope hopefully this quenches a little bit of your thirst for ten Badgley coming up next. I doubt it because you can't see him. You know because it's impossible impossible to not be thirsty for him. Wow we'll be quenched. Go Save it say boy. I'm okay here it is just talk with the very thirst inducing. and Ah there's a sweetheart to do Um You know one of the things I like about doing a podcast as you get to just be real real real well real. Oh but every once in a while you get to read an ad for the real real. What's the real real? It's the leading reseller of authenticated luxury consignment from top designers. Like your favorite Louis Louis Vuitton Gucci. Your favorite cartier and hundreds more at up to ninety percent off retail. Why that is cool? Here's what you do you shop shop and you can sign women's and men's luxury fashion industry. Where as well as fine jewelry watches are new arrivals coming daily in every item undergoes the real unreels meticulous authentication process? I imagine a guy with one of those little jewelry I glass. Yeah when I was I don't know the real real employs over one hundred brand's specialists go online. Download the APP or you can visit one of their stores so her West Hollywood of course or their newest location at eight seventy Madison Avenue. New York Argh who fancy adds a real real add as a real real address consigners Contri- out the real real white glove service for Free in-home pickup today today by one on the site and I can only tell you one thing I did find which I can't stop thinking about. It's a pair of aviator sunglasses. Oh by John Maher vetoes. How'd you know you can't can't stop talking about it? Shop in store online or download the APP and get twenty percent off select items with the Promo Code Real. That's the real real dot COM Promo Code Real for twenty percent off select items for meat again and I feel like I remember this about you. Do you talk to people who don't have to recognize a lot. You must get it a lot. I mean you must i. I know it's not interesting to talk about. And it's not relatable to talk about this kind of stuff but I'm I'm always curious about it because you are a very I would say you're very normal. What is normal but rather we are going right yes it is okay then? I'm eating an almond but for the viewer. Yeah we don't we don't. I should've said that was not cameras. So feel free to put your clothes back on if you wish Russia no. It doesn't apologize for the almonds. I'm just having I I need something. He's he's hungry not thirsty wing wing which I wanna get into a term. I just heard I just learned. It's I heard it like a year ago I think. But you're on the forefront of the revolution in what context. Did you hear it. You did you start hearing people talk saint using. I don't know man. I think Wendi things entered the lexicon I know for instance hype Word Hype. Yeah I felt like that was being used the same way. It is now in the early nineties. I wasn't aware of it but I'm just saying I'm pretty sure it was. I mean I was a child but that's stuck around the other interesting thing is. When did they enter but also when did they leave the Term Bay? Yeah that's that's not really I haven't heard not that I have my finger on the pulse of how the fact that I hadn't I was shamed for not not knowing what thirsty was and that strikes me as something that may be gone soon is a real thirst trap here in the studio but but so pen was right around the corner. Funny I had. I had a very you moment. That's a hard shoulder reference. It is because it's such common Pronoun Jokes are they can be good. I say you the person the Star of you as I was entering this building and I I just saw the first episode because I was like. Oh I haven't a senior and I. I'm really into doing homework and I wanNA watch your work. I've always enjoyed your work on that basis alone. I thought I would enjoy it but I got. I see why it's so like to catch a train out here. I was like I want to. I'd be interested if you by the way no pressure whatsoever myself south watching it. Yeah I don't know that you can feel nothing when you watch you. GotTa you're you're GonNa feel oh absolutely going to feel one way about it and I just keep going or not well because it's such an interesting premise. I love the idea and the fact that you're playing it as this like very likable very charismatic. Into somebody who does. It's really nice things you have the story line with kid with pock. Oh and I think also the early first season By the way we should let people know they're probably spoilers all around I. Yeah I know I'm just contextualized. I'm you must know some of you know how it ends. No don't please don't tell me I won't aren't we. Should talk about about half see. It's going to be hard. I do want to talk about the second season because it's the second season just started and that's kind of why it's one of the reasons why you're here. I WanNa read something you said about your character on the show that was I thought so interesting. You said it says something about how much we're willing to be patient and forgive someone who inhabits a body that looks something like mine the color of my skin my gender these sorts of things these sorts of privileges and now having seen it that makes total sense. And I know your character who is very attractive to a lot of girls. My my brother's girlfriend among them Maggie. She's very thirsty for you. She's she you have yet to quench your there. A lot of. That's a great a point. Yeah who's quenching thirst. And can you use that. If you end up meeting a fan. WHO's thirsty longer thirsty? I want to see now like the the the the movement of those who are sated now for you even the even on a syllable sounds so not cool. I totally sated now by Penn.. It's interesting 'cause like I said your character does do these horrible things and okay spoiler alert you in the first steps you kill you. You severely beat somebody pretty clear. I'm going to kill him but I don't until the second episode. Great sorry you only saw the first year but you know where it's like. Yeah you know I know Lou. He's he's really talented in this. He's very good. I mean honestly. That's a hard roll to not make the like. I actually think that he helped to establish a foundation where the entire concept is elevated evaded and. I'm pretty sure the creators understand this this to Sarah Greg creators of the show. I feel like why they cast him is because we needed somebody in that particular role to not let the thing feel too much like it shares. I mean because it shares. DNA with shows like gossip girl. Obviously I mean you know he Will Your DNA's totally president right. And just I think the way it's conceived the sort of I mean you know increasingly I mean I personally watch even the most prestigious television vision. I'm like this is the soap opera. The construct is still yeah as much superficial changes. There's not actually that much still the formula whereas like you really don't I mean it's so so inventive and I'm glad you feel that way so good but it's still an this isn't even like any any this isn't at all discredits it messes with it. Does it takes the formula and actually leans into it to make you really think about the formula which is Meta I like I do too and you even reference formulas and that I. It's IT'S A weirdly self referential show I even made a joke recently with With Sarah Gamble the CO creator that by the third or fourth season will be making gossip girl jokes. Because it's I mean I don't think it'll be better but it does have some of that self referential pop up culture references and similar to even Dawson's Creek which Greg Berlanti did back in the day. I know I think he might have worked on dozens freak but the first first one that he is that I'm aware of Everwood. Oh okay yes but but it doesn't dialogue. That is very sometimes really tough for an actor to navigate because it's very wordy and it's often and I don't mean this as an insult because I do love it's not always how people speak what's exposition very very expert. You're you're having to explain totally things but but we're what works. I think so well with this. Is that that exposition is all on voice over. Yeah Yeah it's amazing it's all it's like where where I would ordinarily be having to explain my my thinking and actions. It's just all there in the voice over dude. Most days I go to work. I actually have very few lines that you hear that narration. You must know the narration beforehand. Obviously in the script normally record the voice is over before before we shot anything But that doesn't necessarily mean that I always remember exactly what I'm how I'm saying. Dude a lot of different ways. What's amazing kind of like you feel here? Probably in some way I go in there. There's no one directing me and I just do a couple episodes. It'll it'll be like a two or three hour session. I'll do as many episodes as I can do. A bunch of takes of every line just the way that I'm feeling it. And then they they cull through it and they somebody's sitting there taking notes editor and she's obviously kind of like she's definitely a creative partner in the process. Well Yeah but the directors are never there executive producer. This was over there. It's only ever this one person. Her name is Stephanie Johnson and an engineer and Frankly Stephanie is there is my sounding board and again she is a definitely a creative partner during this but for the most part no one says anything I just keep going keep going and then and then every now and then I'll ask like like I'm going for something. Can you hear like yeah. I think it's and then I'm sure after a few episodes you probably get sent. You probably have a very clear sense of what they're using them is. Yeah it's it strikes me just after hearing one that a lot of that narration. An takes they're using are probably in there very often chigney oil. I mean that's your delivery is very. It's all natural but it's none of it you you don't tip your hand at all. It's not like Patrick. Bateman right. Of course that does change actually. That's where like by the sixth episode. For instance there's one that episode. He's concussed and medicated. And almost the entire thing I'm silent once so in that episode. I follow. Follow my girlfriend now at this point. He's with her. Do you watch it is. She's so good. Elizabeth Lil great right so that episode became so extreme and in order to walk that line of extremity with Grayson nuance. I think that's where I personally suddenly started to develop the brand of Joe really because you're right in the beginning it is actually quite genial in a way where it is yeah. There are times where I picked up. There are other times where I really drop into this place very like extremely. It's it's different berry white and did Ya. Yeah he makes a lot of people thirsty wet so I appreciate the fact that it started because it really sucks people in your this very early like likable guy. Who's going through these? WHO's treating people with kindness in like seems to have compassion and a lot of ways? He's a great guy. Yeah I think he's never as likable is. He is in the first two episodes of the first season But you can understand why he falls into this. The only thing that was difficult to really embrace the murder well the murder you. You haven't gotten there. I know bracket I found myself really liking you and then shit happens The second season now the first episode is they're all out there. I mean that's Netflix. That's right so so this show at at what point was it like a hit because I remember all of a sudden. Just hearing about it Were you prepared for that at all. I know it started on lifetime. I I was told beforehand that there were people at Netflix. who were pretty confident? They could let the Showbiz hit You know if you think about. It's not making this show it hit. Netflix is the one in ways that they are such a They're not a leader there. They were a disruptor but now they seem to what they probably have dialed in more than any other streaming service is like the algorithms serves voters. Free how Dr You know. Yeah and what's so they so they apparently already had the data where they were like. Oh no this show is going to be hit like we like like we just. It's just not even a it's not a mystery or an art to us. It's a science. It's the table yeah exactly. It's math with gossip girl on Netflix. It was so they must've must've seemed from that that there's still a real right. They understand something about our psychology. I noticed that a few times. I follow Layton on instagram. And this I feel instagram's a new thing for both of us you got well. I got on it to support my band like five years ago. Yeah I remember talking about this at one hundred. It's surprised me that you I had one yet literally only got it for my band and to me. It was a few months before we refer to as black lives matter. There's there's a lot of ways you could try to find that movement. In that moment that time I was really moved by. What seemed like suddenly this this this way for all people actually actually to participate in this conversation totally and it and it seemed like a lot of young people and obviously a lot of exciting? There are a lot of black people. And so I I actually as a person who I don't know just always felt like the elephant in the room in media is just the inherent racism of everything you know and so to be honest. I loved that that strange synergy of that moment. Where I widen valuable and I and I was actually quite outspoken? Probably far too much because I found myself being invested in exhausted in a way that wasn't healthy but I I didn't know what else to do in that moment in time. My timeline happens to be you from a place that designates black twitter I mean you know it is referred to as that and it's like you know. What do you mean twitter? Have you not heard that. No no no I figured out thirsty. No I mean and so I don't even You know I mean maybe it's not my place to say but I don't think you should even feel uncomfortable about. It is very much so the so what's interesting is that the African American community is is disproportionately I wouldn't WanNa say over represented but the representation on social social media is proportionately larger for the African American community than any other. As far as I'm aware and and and you know it's pretty safe to say that we recognize Nice. How that community is the driver of culture in America and therefore thereby the world more or less like music look at just just a lot of things so so? My timeline is populated mostly by figures who were brilliantly speaking to the matters at hand at the time so a lot of of people who who are black. Yeah who are. LGBTQ A. Plus all these these identifying factors so twitter was the first time I feel like as an adult it was kind of like the progression of the daily show because I was a teenager during the during the the sort of is like peak golden age and the new show during the Bush Years John Stewart And I shouldn't call it the golden years but it had an entirely new life now right right I mean it is like a different show and John Stewart establish something that didn't exist before and so I grew up with that as a teenager and then and then it was the first first time I think two thousand fourteen when that was happening was the first time that as an adult I felt like. There's there's a legitimate resource here like I don't I don't go to news for truth. The right so it's winter actually really was that from social media really was that I really really did love engaging with it in that way you die and that was in two thousand fourteen when and that was after way after gossip girl away after yeah I mean it ended in two thousand twelve. Wow that's how you were using it as a tool to reach the masses and like a social tool yeah and today like remote good things sure are and I will admit that that is always like there's so much danger inherent in that as that which I'm sure you relate as a public figure you know to stage do. Do we really believe that public figures. Who have their as? You're saying the pulse on where I know I've been. I've really tried to be more conscientious. She anxious as much as have. I and I've noticed that your like a quick search on your instagram today is you have seemed to have harnessed this. This social whatever social concerns that you had in two thousand fourteen. They seem to have been harnessed into very specific immigration policy Somehow that has that that is the way it is currently manifesto. Yeah true and that is you know what's amazing about that. That is the result of a friendship with the person. Who does this work? That's who you keep you referenced. Rent some videos and the reason I keep doing that is because I am no authority and it's sort of like not even from my own personal benefit but just to be transparent about this source. It's it's to me. There's safety in that because if we am never I'm never going to be any kind of authority in the matter. I'm just trying to learn and then like kind of a portal quarter to for other amplifying a really important thing and I think that's so admirable next year. I also did something admirable. Recently I went. There's that group called. This is about humanity which I think you not I've not heard would really A link up with them but they they take trips across the border and they bring bring supplies. You know. We did one right before Christmas. We toys and stuff to these kids. Who are stuck in these They're stuck in this limbo state at the border but they are having a hard time. That's actually the danger. I mean because like migrants are uniquely vulnerable. Actually because the the situation has been created. And you know I'll I'll try. I'll try and step very carefully carefully as I choose words and we're neither of US are no neither of US thirty but if there's anything valuable here let's try. Yeah so and it's true first and foremost that there's no country in the world that can actually just accept all people for any and all reasons seeking asylum perfectly perfect legal process. And that is what has been so misconstrued whenever whenever I've said maybe before trying to attempt to because also in these conversations precision some thinking of unity. Yeah sure you don't want to buy. I mean you don't divide that now that that's what we try on the show to avoid it at all costs. I mean in this case though it strikes me that when I took this trip with this is about humanity the Republicans there were conservative. There a lot of people on all sides of the what we call the. I'll yeah I mean it. It struck me that this should this is a human. It is human issue. I don't I don't understand how it got who flooded with Right versus left dude. I mean because increasingly what else is there. What other contact we I mean the? What's really unfortunate is that we don't even understand and how to affect change outside of the realm of politics is inherently divisive? Well and that's come to find out a lot of these judges who aren't allowing these cases simple cases to be processed which I think it's how Paso Paso Ninety nine percent of cases gets wilder dismissed by the judge won't even They can't even present their cases in in a fair way. So that's when it becomes like okay. Well there's clearly institutional racism. I mean no doubt but it's but it is complicated it's complex I was in one of these courtrooms actually for a hearing was able to go to a different a couple of different spaces and it doesn't look like a white person. Denying a brown person actually eighty percent of the of the he like administrative staff in these kinds of these like detention centers. Or these were these. Were like yeah you know I mean like they they they. They can all speak the same language in Spanish button. But they're but they're speaking in English because it's a it's an American court. Meanwhile there's a translator who is often not fully equipped for I mean. There's there's no no doubt that it is. I mean here's a term that that that we sort of coined together down there when we were witnessing this and there were other people who were very informed. Were telling us is their best understanding of the processes that and forgive me if this sounds in some ways flippant but we we. We were thinking that it seems to be in terms of WHO's cases is denied. WHO's detained? Who is maybe you know forced to remain in Mexico where they are subject to kidnapping? WHO's you know? There's there's a number of ways that this can go Over people but it seems to be racist persecution form of duck duck goose like there's no clear rhyme or reason to and beyond that I don't know the I don't know that it's helpful helpful to say anything here that you're I mean you're still using the shoot you have a huge platform You had mentioned gossip girl That it was on Netflix. Had It'd probably done so well that that's one of the components of the. That's probably what Netflix looked at. You Know Yeah Yeah but I noticed that sometimes on Leighton Miester somebody I follow and I noticed sometimes Ossie like a comment and it's you know she'll post something out to see. The comments are all off Casa. Blair you know I mean really. It's it's it's it seems as though the fans are completely unfazed by any other thing you know but but that's also social media social media and it's Netflix and the fact that they can access excessive anytime they want. What then does that do to your day to day? Like what does that do to U. Penn in the world like how how many EH vista rates my fence around. WHO's filming you? I mean I have to say that it is a yeah. It's a a unique experience. Especially right right now right right now I bet for Ed with you these podcasts but like you know the show the the second season has just come out. Yeah sounds like you know this about me. I've always been introspective reflective. I know that's like a dushi sound. I don't WanNa put you make you say something like that but I can confirm that like that's who you. That's yeah I mean just an hour and due to a fault because like I in the past have been I mean understanding understanding. This is a safe. Space is really nice because in the past if somebody asks me a question I'm GonNa try to think about it an answer it I try to be you honest and and forthcoming and transparent because maybe that is some inherent respect for like the shared humanity between two people having the conversation but the problem with most interviews that they're not actually conversation. They're actually both to people doing a job right. The person who's interviewing you actually most of the time doesn't really want to be there. It's more like a dance. Yeah right and so to find an eighth grade dance. It's exactly I mean. That's that's a perfect metaphor. For what have you gotten into trouble. Have you said things that like you say something in the moment and they are out of context quoted. You from like this is something. I saw like instagram popular page. which I don't know what that says about it but I just thought it was so interesting in the it it? This is an example of like how it can be now. It's like a touchstone for a conversation we can have about this but has there been the opposite of that has to have there been quotes of yours years that I mean. Yeah they'd like taken out of context and one of the first interviews. I ever did after getting gossip girl some the person. I don't remember what it was four but the person asked me about the narration. And to be honest. If you're asking something about the way this show is conceived. You shouldn't be asking the active. Exactly yeah that should be talking to the writers. But but frankly you're only I'm interested in soundbites from quasi famous people so you know so so I'm quasi but isn't always pseudo I know. Does this person asked me something about the narration. And frankly me I'm I'm not a viewer of gossip girl. I'm an actor on it and it's just not the kind of show it ever watch nothing wrong with that. You know I I can value. It'd be right well you can but the thing I have said that before and I think I think I knew that I remember you telling me that you didn't really watch the show and you know when you've done over one hundred the episodes yeah then it becomes like okay. Yeah I did say in this interview. I I didn't understand I think then particularly I really didn't understand why the concept would be your could Successful because it's a I'm not a writer. I'm not the reader I'm not. That's not the way my brain was working in the time. Probably not even now and so I said something like yeah I mean you know the voice over over to me like I don't really get it. Maybe in time the voice over will sort of phase out because to me. It doesn't seem so essential now that's actually objectively stupid. Because is it is a pillar of the show and a key element of it all right. So behold like a twenty year old is maybe we not going to have the best understanding of the cultural phenomenon their heart of life so like I was asked that question Said something where I was demonstrating eating my incapacity to like understand the the the device and I was like. Yeah maybe it will. Maybe it won't like I. It's my least favorite part about the show. It's just it's just takes up all this space and time and so then. The headline boy was why Penn.. Badgley hate Scott's surprise. It's also like the tone of that. It's like just one thing to say like yeah. It's not really my favorite part of the show and then you can read it as it's not my favorite part of this show. I chose like very rarely. Does an interview happened the way this one did where it's born from a friendship and you're asked otherwise the way that headlines are written articles written it. It's as though the the person who's being interviewed has asked for the soapbox minute declaring that why actors are with more and more frequencies sang really dumb things where there's too much of it out there and that's why you have to be. You have almost scrutinize yourself before I know one of the first interviews I did was for this I am told told the story was for jeepers. creepers this horror movie this. I've never heard of papers and I don't want to assume they would be under fifteen years old. I think actually this point probably like twenty five hundred may have not heard of it but above two thousand five hundred or everybody's heard of the older Hebrews come on but you know it's hard to have a conceptual that is an iconic. It is isn't it I would say it's maybe approaching icon level. It's on all the time that is there still. It's on Halloween time. They played all the time. I was doing an interview for a and I guess part of the reason why it's hard for me to conceive of it that way because when we did it. I never had any expectations for this low budget. At the time it was like they were making all these post-modern it was scream. It was like Oh that's right. Now is the late nineties early. Two thousand so old fashioned tale brother a monster movie. I never we never anyway. What were your what were your now that you know You were part of this show that AH WHO's formula did worth work and work like you know work to the point where people are still consuming it. Yeah there's a second wave no yeah of a another generation now when you read a script like you or when you think about you as a as a show that's going to be like how. How does that inform a decision to do a show like that? How does inform your expectations for show like that also? Is this something you WanNa do again like. That was a total consideration. Another thing I've been public about is the fact that both with Gaza. Kurland you I I initially said No. Oh yeah that's right with gossip girl. It was far more resolute. I mean I actually to be honest. Didn't even finish the pilot script only because we'll gossip or your girl said women no. I'm sorry that was a correction. I massage it's just a clarification as though their possessions This is the kind of dream sweetheart do you no matter what your resolution or goal is the serial. Find the perfect perfect audiobook at audible to motivate and inspire you to help motivate and inspire. You ought to issue a challenge. You know what it sounds like. A good will hunting hunting when Stellan skarsgard is like I issue a challenge to Remember that when he did not think to do that. Reference today really a challenge to current and new members finished three audiobooks by March third. Didn't get a twenty dollar. 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Even though it's great that is cool. Start listening with a thirty day audible trial. Choose one audiobook audiobook and to audible originals. Absolutely free visit audible dot com slash long or text long two five zero zero five zero zero zero that's audible dot com slash long or text. Long two five zero zero five zero you own regret it both happen because relationships which is Kinda Nice gossip girl co-creator Stephanie. Savage reached out to me and said she even prefaced the entire offer with. I actually think that you will feel that you've already done this. And your days of playing like the awkward sensitive guy or woman but go ahead and take a look at this and how can you knew her from having worked with. Yeah when I was seventeen. Seventeen on a show called the mountain the mountain. Yeah where I was very much like the floppy-haired sensitive awkward kids like like the boy next door Raza crush on the main girl own in the recurring role. became nothing in those parts. My bread and butter and and And so you know what nearly three years later. She asked me to be a part of gossiper overseas. Asked me to read the script started it and I thought you know given the way she preface it. I thought I think you're right like I was like this is just not you know. It's just it's just not where I messed. I want him to sit in. But thank you for considering me and that was because it was too similar to what you had just done. Yeah I think so. I mean dude. I've been doing television at that point for eight years. Oh like working not even talking. We're talking working regular. How old were you when you started working regularly? I was twelve. I was nine when I was dishing. Doing voice over stuff in Baltimore you grew up in Baltimore. I was born in Baltimore but I was raised in Virginia in Washington State. So to get agenda down an Washington you went back with your parents after your parents divorced. They were not yet divorced but it was coming and that's why we moved. Could you get your facts discussing twelve and a half so you went from Virginia to Washington with those. Yeah so I was when I moved to Virginia. Oh God oh uh-huh Toronto back. Wow very independent very Jesus okay. So you're Virginia and then and then and and then I got into like some little school plays. They're very very marginally and then and then we actually played Charlotte Charlotte's web. My mom I really my mom made the we all. It was an all boys school. Yeah Definitely Romeo Jomie. Yeah I went to a mostly predominantly female college which one at Vasser Vasser and so a lot out of the plays they would do gender river so there was a Catholic. School was dad's Piscopo Alien. Was that even no win it. Denigrate anybody like denomination afraid. I literally I literally don't know what that mean funny. So there's no there was no religious aspect to do it There surely was I mean. They're probably patriotism. I mean look. I crossed the James River every day. And like the person I carpooled school with was He and his father. Were like you know confederate re-enactors Nokia. Allow a lot of a lot of. Yeah I mean you know. A lot of people people who had confederate flags and their windows. Yeah Yeah I mean that was It's strange to think of a place so close to DC as being a hotbed of confederacy action. But like you get into. I think well first of all Virginia is its own Robert e Lee country right Also I do think and click outside of any major city West Ichiro St- my God New York State is West. Whatever it is I mean you actually you get in the rural areas? Now have the conservative. What feels often like the conservative south? So you grew. Was Your neighborhood that you grew up in review grew up in a more rural set. I grew no. I was a little bit more like a suburban kind of. It's funny not thought about these places. Oh really you know long time really very particular. 'cause that was that was My parents It had a business together so for the first like seven years of my life lived in a way where it was like a very nice house and like you know We were we were upper middle class. What was the business They built homes in that business. That business did not succeed and it fell apart and and that was why we we moved. Yeah that's why you went to Washington. Yeah and so from there. We went so I went from from a very. I almost idyllic lick what you what you think of when you think of lex suburban American childhood for a for a for a little white boy is like very much that and you know we elect. They were like there was like a like a perfectly sized forest right next to the house. I would call the magic forest that I would run build. We built three houses tree houses. Yeah Norman lived down the street and there was a little island. We that we could take this boat to like I mean it was just I mean. I don't even know if if that makes any sense. Maybe that's not true but it's the way I know we had a thing. Yeah so then when my parents Business went under We we had to pick up and go quite far so the idea the idea was the idea was that we had to start over. It was yeah I mean it was a real it was a real moment of really good elapse for the family Which is fine? I mean some families really would like pick up to be honest I did not not but that's okay because I'm very close with my parents now. you weren't for a while. Well I think I think we always find the universal in this specific so yes so explain. Yeah the truth is no. I don't think any child becomes an actor. GOES TO LA leaves behind kind of their family if not more Leaves behind their life without it being necessary escape probably for the mother and and the child probably the mother of that so we left Virginia. That was the beginning of a certain kind of collapsed. Truth be told. Obviously my parents didn't never recover from so So it was. Are they close now. I'm not close in the sense that they were either cordial. And they're both like very funny. SMART personable people so they can actually actually enjoy one another boon When I moved to Washington we really kind of lived in the middle of nowhere? Wow an area that may well now be developed but it was It was like back. We had just to tire tracks up the mountain to our like cabin. Thank God yeah so. I wasn't enrolled in school so actually for the first year I was in Washington and I was not in a school and and as a result I was doing theater off fifty miles away. Fifty five zero five zero. How'd you get there? Uh My mom would drive me and and it was. It was well the you know at this point I was like eight nine. Oh my God so okay to even get more detail. I did go to a school for a month. That was called Cougar Mountain Academy that actually had like sixteen cougars in. Yes okay in a in a large like zoo like thing how I should have waited for the sense I think it was like K.. Through eight it might have even been K.. Through twelve probably K.. Through eight and there were like sixty people in the entire entire school. I actually one point got their God. Bless the school i. I don't know it. Infrastructure in place is is different from the people running it right. Yeah so they just weren't equipped to deal with all different kinds of students. I think and I think my reading and writing was advanced by their measure. Yeah so I. I ended up in a grade. Where no one else Dan? I can remember the wrestler Cougar. Why did they have so many cougars? Because it was called Cougar Mountain. Well yeah call it something else. College on a mountain called coup grow. Oh and there were a lot of cougars around taught him. I don't know man. They had been wild in the cage. Them I I mean it's some point Probably not wild cougars. So then you left that school because it was just like there was no. You had no peers literally had literally no peers. I think my mom also like you know what kind of So so then we home schooled. which was actually we did not do any schooling at all and I just started going the bit edification? I remember like we did a lot of math fractions on the glass table so my dad would work a lot. In fact at this point he liked went to Japan for some time on on our contracting job. So what type of contract Like builder develop all right right So so I remember doing a lot of math fractions on the glass table round glass table in our in our wedding was the writing implement a dry race race. I do remember or that eating a lot of salmon state big for its Sam's walking outside with my new dog at that point because my cat died three days after we got there which was just devastated. God you take you take this little kid out of like a very idyllic setting remove a lot of features. I actually got very depressed than fat that I was. I was legitimately overweight. No that yeah and which probably gave me sensitivities that are valuable now absolute. I thrived on stage because I was very awkward. Gordon insecure and all this stuff you now. I've been talking about this a lot. The idea being feeling safe on stage it is weird but I do the more. The older I get in the more unsafe I that I often feel in this world that sometimes the more I look to working in the time between action and cut and being on stage as kind of a safe haven through the time between action cut is like is a really special time talking about safe like yeah you can do. There's a freedom to you know what you're supposed to say and do really roughly. I mean like somebody dresses you you have to do is be present. Can't even do that. Oh my God I know I know. Oh but it's interesting. Because I I think the last time I saw you and we had like a meaningful conversation was right after you did the Jeff Buckley movie. Oh yeah and I don't know if you remember this but you were like take. It sounded like you were leaning into not acting anymore like you were true. Yeah Yeah you were like I've and I remember thinking like but you've had success. Don't you enjoy IT I. It seemed like at that time. Anyway you know enjoying it as much as you felt like you should be well you know what it was I think no. I think that's probably definitely a part of what I was experiencing because first evolve. Jeff Buckley role and movies called greetings from Tim. Buckley which is about Jeff but how he was essentially eulogizing his father. Tim Buckley in this tribute should be concert which was his first time in New York City. Anybody who does know Jeff Buckley. It's a I mean. Just factually. What how he came to be a really interesting story and he's father died at an early age to yeah? They're eerily similar of their respective generations eerily similar talents incredible talents. Even though it actually manifesting quite different ways like jeff was incredible will because he was a little bit like a perfect interpreter. He did something that very few people have the capacity to do because he was also extremely disciplined honed. The craft of his guitar playing to a point that with just him a telecaster which is a very ball kind of electric guitar. It's it reveals the imperfections in you're playing and and he with a clean tone just a little bit river his voice in the and the and the guitar he could do things that to be honest I mean he's I'm not saying he's the greatest artists in the world. Greatest musician ever even. He's not even the person who inspires me most but he is a unique. You really unique talent in that he was he was a little bit. Like the Robin Williams of music. His mind seemed to seem to just race and anybody else's in the room He would have the ability to Thread Together These Pitch Perfect Mimic in interpretations translations covers of like many different kinds of genres. Get very specific with it. Play it any number of times in any different keys and style and just read the room in the moment elements law and just basically like improvisational. Yeah I mean I think the true scale of an artist like that genius whether they whether they are a comedian musician or whatever her I think it's like the ability to improvise which is standing in the foundation of years of discipline so limits. Absolutely are you allowed to do do that in a movie like that. I mean are you allowed to improvise. Are you allowed to improvise on you. Seems very scripted. Improvisation but like in that move there was one scene. That was not literally improvised in that we didn't know what was going to happen but I did have to do This like like here's what it said in the stage direction at the end of this scene. Where he's he's he's in a record store and the person who's the object of his affection action Who is really like taken within? The moment played by imaging fruits. I feel like you must yeah. Middle Name is gay. It's actually she says I love. You know she's yeah she's as for in my phone she's in. My phone is probably loves to shout out today. CAPEX You're listening. You better be listening. so In this scene Jeff let's call him 'cause you know things like this. Apparently did happen with he was he was such a in like an egg matic electric kind of figure. They're at a record store there she's just sort of holding up titles to him and he spontaneously imitates them and then and then and then while also using it to be like a conversation piece of having this kind of monologue type thing and then and then it culminates with her. Bring up a led Zeppelin record and then and then what it says corrections that he does a sixty second. Sonic compression impression of the entirety of led Zeppelin three. That's what it says ejections. That's all it says so it right and then it says he collapses on the floor. The here's the funny thing. I think the reason. I got the movies because I did that in the audition and apparently from what I understand. Nobody else did that. They literally. We're like from what I mean. The only reason at Workman is because I. There is a year where I listened to Jeff. Buckley and led Zeppelin like religiously disallowed and I knew both his style and that particular record not any other leads up. Remember really I knew it very well. Oh it's it's literally hand so I couldn't even rehearse it I was like well. I think I know what that is because I've been listening to Jeff Buckley's live record. He jumped around. I just knew I I was like. There's no way that you could really even see the only other the only way to rehearse that is to have a lot of time which we didn't have. The budget was super small. I didn't have before addition so so it was just like you know what this is the one. This is some insight that I feel like I have into this particular guy into the if I were to ask to be asked to audition for the Rafi bio-pic tomorrow I would just no it was. How so can you give me? Just a a can't really a taste of what that sound side. I think I think it'd be too. I mean in such different then go. Let's go well. Here's the other thing to do is like trying to play. Some Jeff is something that I don't even know that I would have the balls to do now our like like I was twenty four years old. It was a perfect combination of of innocent ambition. And and and can't liner inch hubris fitting. Just like I can do this and I did a good enough job just jeff himself. There's a chasm between his capacity city in mind but I did Stay good enough job that you know people who are close to him which leads me the most meaningful are. They say. They're the ones who seem to feel like I didn't didn't completely fuck it up. That's going to say I didn't do a good. No that's great to hear it. Yeah I mean that's all that matters dream sweet. They do a bed. Bath and Beyond and helps couples register for everything from essentials to experiences and everything in between helpful tools and amazing perks. Make it simple seamless and rewarding. They've huge assortment of products eggs and re registry must have what must you have. 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Yeah but then but then it gets a point we have to we have to work and then some and yeah wife is really tired of it Harley. Did you meet your wife with the bearded with them. We're definitely without okay so from her perspective. Why didn't sign up as a nice change of pace or whatever but also I can't imagine having the kiss somebody with a beard growing? I gotta be me me either. Frankly harold she's like okay so you'll get recognized more deal with it. What about this other pointing? I'm pointing to the Buddha. Yep there's a wooden Buddha in the corner of this room we should describe this a little bit. It's a studio we record in different studios. But this one happens to be called it's called Argo studios and so that's not even yours no about what's the significance of the Buddha. Well that's a good question. I mean the statue. Calm down you strike me as you could potentially be a Buddhist export for some bit. I Bet Yeah I remember. I did some chanting with a friend WHO's Buddhist a couple of different friends were Buddhist Yeah I I mean I you know. I've done a lot of investigation of the different kind of like yeah disciplines or faves or this you know this kind of thing we have you landed someone absolutely. Yeah so I'm Behi- which is have you heard of the. Yeah Yeah yes. It's Jewish right. Well well I I shouldn't say no so so definitively just so it is an independent world religion. Okay the fundamental animating principle around which the teachings pivot is the the consciousness of the oneness of humanity similar to Buddhist elements and people tend to think of that as Buddhist now now called what. Hi Yes uh. who turned you onto this? That's fine that's your only. You're only making a joke of spiritual. Ah I mean well that is a story that would be funny. I could tell you the story I mean I don't WanNa go onto. I thought you meant when if you were to leave. It was in twenty eleven that I met the first person who I I knew was a Behi- could've been meeting them all my life and not known because it's a small world wide community but as far ars understand it it is the second or maybe now most like widespread and diverse independent world religion in the world because really the fundamental animating principle boys the oneness of humanity and to get a little more specific. Is that these What we call in the behind? Faith manifestations of dare I say God you know it's a big word so there is no it's not it's monotheistic saying that there is essential. We won reality that transcends our ability to conceive ever understand you know th I mean we call it God but that's already so vastly limiting but it's not humanized in a guy well leeway. It's conscious in that our consciousness stems so so you know I mean One of the principals also the fundamental Harmony of science and religion that there are two aspects of reality both of which we need to know the most so you know but where they are in opposition to one another. It means we've understood one or both of them and they have to coexist. I mean they have to actually because religion without science is superstition precision and science without religion. or or maybe I should say in this case Forgive Universal appeal like religion without without a sense of spiritual reality becomes abject materialism realism and we do see that you know what I mean the way that anyway How do you where do you see that? Mostly I mean I. Yeah we see it on the news and stuff and you know what I would say is I think we see that there is no system of of governance. That has not been abused because I think any system is going to inherently have flaws human-made. Right yeah and the only thing that will keep the people who are in power from abusing it is ultimately the purpose they see to life. I mean if you think about it really like it is only the value. Oh you you see in the way you conduct yourself on life it being short Something we'd like to talk about right. I mean another reason we called it. That was because we do like to turn forty. My my version of a midlife crisis wasn't to all of a sudden. Be that much more aware of how I'm using my time. My Limited John. You know you get a sense of. What's I had a mid gossip girl crisis? Yeah I mean really in the in the in the middle hiatus of the entire thing. That's that's when I actually if met behind but I did not at all. I wasn't interested in an investigator for some time. I missed the getting many other things you put it behind you for a little while I hear So then when did you rediscover it. When did you kind of about two thousand fifteen is when I actually like realized that I was a high I think is a great way I put it? I'm sorry why did that happen. How did it happen? Yeah that's a good question So this general idea of the one that's if humanity sanity and I think everybody can get down with that mostly except for like well. Yeah fundamentalists but even then I think. The it's really only people at the margins of society seem to seem to. You WanNa go to the MAT and say no. We're really different. I mean most people I think generally have this sense of of this growing interconnectedness of the human family right like were table. It doesn't mean that it's reflected in our world leadership reflected in politics but I think people at the people at the grassroots people most people it could be that we've momentarily thoroughly regressed but but there has been a growing awareness over the last century. Or so right. I just hope this what we were talking about earlier. This sense of tribalism is not leading US away from that. Well it very well it seems like it is but but so. Here's the thing a Behi- perspective which I offer an authoritative way but just my understanding of what I've gleaned from I writings And how you can turn on by it. Yeah exactly and I should also say that there is no there is no individual who is can have or does have spiritual authority already. There's no clergy higher. Now there's now there is administrative. There are administrative bodies on which serve as a way to learn from the community building activities that are happening worldwide on the ground. So actually there's there's a very significant administrative dimension to the entire thing To by faith which is the way that the individual I in their mystical experience of being a human being on earth right that very personal intimate commit thing that when you close. Your eyes doesn't matter what you do or don't believe in that's reality right so you kind of the way that the individual invests in the greater picture is. Is this two fold moral purpose. which is that you know through investment in your community by means of Service you know and this is not to say behind community this is just say the worldwide community say like we live where your friends and family and in your case it's using your. I mean you version that when you pass also do versions of that on Instagram is. It is interesting how that all intersex dovetails in which. I don't understand tyler myself. But the point is is that the individuals vigils fed by service to others discover your own individual capacity by also like some of selfless and that they share that with I think a lot of of different data eighth in the world and so that is also the essential message Do unto others the well. It's it's not that too but also that the core Tahal allows messages that. Actually these messengers or manifestations Like the Buddha Jesus Muhammad no Krishna et Cetera et CETERA. It's an attorney live. It's a it's an eternal line in the past and the future and these messengers are always coming many of whose names we've lost to recorded history. Three are there so there are pro. I don't know what the word the the sole twin manifestations of the Behi- dispensation I guess you could say are are are the Bob. which in Arabic means the gate and he was the one who heralded the coming of Who is the manifestation of the Behi- of the Baha'i faith however the Bob is really interesting relationship to that because the Bob arose in in mid eighteen hundreds persia? And so there's a person I mean. He's a real people royal recorded history. It's like it's it's really interesting. Yeah Yeah So. So what led me to Yeah I could go on about. This is the last one. Take me behind the scenes of yeah. It's not the last one I have any for the next the what led me to kind of recognize denies that I Worked for you yeah. is is is the way is the context for humanity's evolution Russian both physically and spiritually on earth You know and that it does not deny any kind of science you know it sounds like it embraces completely. Embrace it because it's reality the reality but physical reality is is distinguished from spiritual reality. Here's here's where I think people including myself because again. I don't want to say that I fully fully understand anything as far as you understand it as like peace right now right now as far as I understand spiritual reality is that we are in such such a materialistic age that we seem to even think that material things are spiritual for instance when we talk about energy you know understanding that actually you know. The Physical Universe is composed rosed of so inconceivable number of atoms vibrating. In all of this stuff that is and then when people talk about these. These sort of holistic eastern medicines like whether it goes from acupuncture to ray key to clairvoyance to me. This is not spirituality. This is this is still like the Finan of the of the natural physical world I'm not actually saying anything conclusive tentative about about clairvoyance. I'm not going to weigh in on that. But but but is the metaphysical elements to me. Spirits true spirituality is the stuff that is wholly apart from that. It's like forgiveness. Yes it's that which is which is uniquely human. You know it is the the stuff of love that we actually all tell stories about and still don't understand because it's an infinite way the fabric of so many really. I mean I think all the other thing that I I would like to say because it's really interesting and for anybody who's listening is interesting. Maybe hopefully to is that. If there's The oneness of humanity there's what that stems from is the oneness this of the religions the fact that they have all common a different place in a different time to progressively reveal the next say chapter of of of the same book and that actually where we believe there are differences is where we are human and limited understanding and understandably mistaken taken. So how would they interpret the existence of a Prophet Muhammad or jelly fully embrace muhammed. Jesus as who they say they okay. Okay so so wh- UNITARIAN light is a little bit except except except the only difference might be aside from a lot of other clarifications is that maybe a lot of UNITARIANS aren't aware of the Baha'i faith whereas yeah basically all behind her aware of the other world religions also. It's so new. What would it be hist say about? Jesus being being the son of this Sanga I would say we accept the Bible as essentially valid spiritual record that served its purpose for its place in time and that actually a lot of the the difficulty that it seems like the modern world has with religion. In general Is that we are taking very old laws and systems and trying to apply it to a world that does not seem consonant with with not being up to. It's not evolving with the time right and so evatt is the purpose of the by the evolution of true religion. And and this is which is to say it's not it's not at all meant to dismantle any other not remotely it's it's to it's to fulfill Phil and unite and actually reveal what has always been true about all of them and let's let go of the things that are not superstitious. He kind of more like not not so much religion unto itself but a Lens through which clarifying other religions that is true while also being a fully independent world religion because There are new. Do things that law has revealed which are frankly. I mean the reason I'm Behi- is because of those things it's not just because of how it clarifies the past because great. Yeah the past needs clarification. But we we need to act and do and understand more right. I mean like at the time is now and frankly there are things written that I mean no one has yet it could. It could ever really master this body of writings. It's vast one hundred volumes which he wrote in a very short period of time Baha Baha Law so in Arabic Rebecca Glory of God and that was a man his name his name is Hussein. Ali Oh okay yeah and it came about in India in Persia and any lived most of of his life in exile in prison as a result of the sort of the way that these teachings brought about I mean for instance the equality of men and women is a fundamental principle. One of the original behind is was was a woman named Tara She unveiled herself over. One hundred men as a declaration of you know this principle and she was like tens of thousands of Bahamas in Persian and Ottoman Empire's Executed wound for her beliefs. But the last thing she said you may kill me as soon as you like but would you will never stop the emancipation of women. Talk is the namesake of the of the organization that I have done this this immigration. That's where you see. Oh yeah the relationship. The reason I have a friendship with founder of that organization's because she also was behind. Okay Yeah and we met actually at her sister in laws Memorial Service How Berry how do they generally interested? Yeah so So far as I understand the ordinances it's like You know within hours travel distance of where the where the body die where the life and In a wooden box. No no one bombing for the sake of Decomposition natural decomposition. It's interesting 'cause you know another Persian religion Zoroastrian Astor's another other profit. We totally record. I mean we recognized every major world religion the and and by the way so many others that we wouldn't call a religion but like spiritual truths remain and new. You know like are seen in their cultures essentially every culture. It's my understanding from the Baha'i writings that every culture has flourished as a result of the teachings of a given as we say again manifestation we call them divine educators physicians. What have you you know am a how did the more modern like even mormonism mormonism probably came about this around the same time you know? What's interesting is that in eighteen forty four which was the year the face is originated was the year that was recognized actually Jewish Christian and Muslim clerics and scholars alike as the year? They were waiting waiting for the return of their chosen. One no kidding actually so along comes the bub. No one really more or less you know. The world ignores his message also his name name is Bob so it's Ab okay. I'm not an all offended at far too small to be you're like Elaine. What are you talking about small name? It's just a bob talking but it's also around the same time origin of species was written in so eight hundred. Five I think is when he takes the voyage of the Beagle and all that. But the point is like there was a seismic Huge Science Dude. You know what's funny is that is that leading up to eighteen. Eighteen forty four actually the. US Patent Office was considering closing because they believe they had discovered everything no let alone so may may twenty thirty forty. I four was the night of the Bob declared his station to one other person who is pursued. One other person who was pursuing spiritual actual truth is name was Mel Hussain. He was a young religious student. They were both like he was mother. Hussein was twenty four the Bob Twenty five it all began. I think what's Nice is that is that the the beginning inning of this of this religion began with a single meaningful. Conversation is all that is more or less at the beginning of all action is a conversation maybe religion will spring from this. Would you want to call it. I don't know the rest of this episode was just workshop names for our new. That's interesting and it's really interesting about eighteen forty four. Yeah but what I wanted to say. Is that the night after In America First Telegraph was sent. Oh my God and and the message of all messages was what Hath God wrought. It has message. Wow that's guide that's just fascinates you consider all the things that were invented after oh goodness man vibrator vibrator that flabby. Yeah I mean I could just check okay. We got to hurry up shoot. I didn't know that Penn.. That's that's really fascinating it's you know. Do you have a specific idea of the afterlife. Well nobody could possibly have specific idea. There are certain qualities that they're important to recognize in this life like for instance that that the life of the soul's eternal okay it's more specific and a lot of people. Yeah it's also inconceivable right which is the nature of this life the same way that this world is inconceivable to the child in the womb while the child is developing the capacity to be in this world but but has no has no used for the expression of his is his ears his lungs is I mean the child needs nothing. What is being grown in the womb? True life true spirituality reality seems to be the stuff that is immaterial that we are so we are developing the capacity in this boom world For the next and these these these spiritual attributes are like I said before things like forgiveness justice mercy truth you know determination or what have you. The good ones the infinite the virtues. We're so limited right now in this materialistic age that it's hard to even think of these kinds of virtue consumed by materialism and limited by language. You too that's a profound Okay Shit ship how'd you. How'd you get the name dancing around the elephant when you get out of here is actually how now? Yeah so the. The pen pen was. I lived in Virginia. Yeah for time we you were like an affluent upper middle class. Well there was a there was a country club. My Dad was gripping repent tennis ball all the time and my mom's at the time of conception yes they never really got along through this. What are your siblings? I have a half sister half-sister what is does she have a different name Dunlop. No no no her name is Jenny. Jenny Wow so that's how I in your your mom went along with the pen. Yes she went along with. That was that was probably one of the few things that could ever agree joke. They like to try to make. And you're not very funny to me not one bit so I have to live with it every day. what is your most commonly used Emoji. Would you say and often it. I used to be the I think it was everybody's when it first came out that newish one that is like the half Smiley. It's really it's really really wasn't it's like it's got the half curl smile here and the rest of it's a frown. It just looks like it's been hit by the train. It could be like a hangover phase. It is it's like and I feel like it's it's to me it's like it's just being alive now is quite an anxious time for people to me like what it does is it says like I make it they work doing my best ogling juggling it all incentive joy in the heart through it yeah. I like that. I've been using that one if you I've also been using using this one a lot with the full teeth revealed. I use that a lot like all right all right if you could be a professional athlete. What sport did you play? Soccer now. Unquestionably if you could have one snack food. You're handling an apple apple. If you know what I I. Love Love Persimmons but but they are often not great so when they are perfect perfect perfect persimmon. I feel that way a little bit about Papaya. Once I had when I was in in Central America I had with the when you have fresh fruit of any kind of Asian pears. I love What's the other one mango is? It's crazy but it's very hard to trying to think of something else. I've had that experience with blueberries wild blueberries. It's hard to go back now egg. Do Grapes grow. Have you ever had like a like a good grade right off the tastes they taste like the the real version of the great flavor. You know as a kid so fragrant past the diamond I remember like I sometimes fake being so I could get DIMETAPP Do you smoke. No no nothing to you ever. I went to a very early. Oh Oh yeah very very early I came to La Man. I was exposed to smoke years ago. Probably anxious after I I mean I started but at twelve which then for anybody. By the time I was seventeen I basically was obviously I was never much of a consumer. If you had to live somewhere else where would it be. You know. I think it's a matter of how you live. Not where you live but where you live. It's a very high answer I know I know I do love mountains. I love him more than beaches. More than DOC. I love like foresty mountains. Mountainous store maybe even back where you grew up. I mean somewhere in in Washington and Oregon. Yeah I do love Washington. Yeah if if I could do everything that I do and being in the northwest except I gotta say it is very rainy. uh-huh I mean no places perfect. What's your favorite movie of all time? I'm not a good actor for this kind of question when I when I had a shame for asking Alec Baldwin this they can answer. That's unfair to actually mimic voice. That way he he he talks and so many other ways I know. But that's a pretty consistent. MAZING mazing Gabby started Yeah I don't think they're racist computers if you have dinner with three people dead or alive whom you've never met whom I've never met also difficult. Lightning Love de Ngelo WHO's a an incredible position? He's he's he's the artist who's influenced me most I don't know what that means. I WanNa have dinner with him though. I don't I don't WanNa Week gushy. Being a person who has been you know objectified some degree all this stuff I I don't I don't mostly by my brother's girlfriend mostly you by Matty's remember only mega thirstier sandwich. I feel like in fact it's really important to value the thing that people make as opposed to look. I mean we see more and more icons falling because of their because of their imperfect behaviors or or much worse than than talking. Oh Martin Short. Oh come on in character as going. Yeah Hey I would. I would do that. It'd be great do that. Maybe you could do glick and Marcus your deal do it. I don't think so I can't believe I have ever forgotten about. I mean Jimmy Glucose sort of one of the most incredible promises ever of of of any modern recorded. You know. Yeah come on. Yeah who's your favorite muppet. I don't know them that well is Gonzo on you. Sure okay. Yeah if you have one superpower what would it be to be able to speak speak every in any language like a native. Oh yeah thought about that. Oh that'd be cool. I've never heard that one as a that'd be great if you could when age for the rest of your life physically. What would it be physically? Yeah I mean twenty four is Kinda though. Yeah I really wanted to look and seem and be older than I do appreciate age. I don't WanNa go backwards at all. I'm I'm down with age. I like it but for you to say you're what thirty three three three. Yeah but but I but I have to say that in terms of like you know now if I want to play sports if I WANNA I wanNA basically do anything when my physical body like. Yeah Yeah but that says nothing about wisdom that says nothing about intelligent. That's why it's a purely superficial official question is if you could be reincarnated as non human animal. What would it be a great tiger? Oh Wow it's it's simple but I mean have you seen that video of the tiger coming and out of the pool have you seen. No no really. It's crazy is I mean I feel like maybe we should pause and just after this. I'm I'M GONNA look at Jiminy glick videos. And it's it's crazy Beatles or the Rolling Stones Beatles not even compared is absurd. Okay Yeah but over style man what would you want do you think about. Then in terms of the Baha'i faith in the afterlife are they do they memorialize lives in a way like do they do. Do you get what you have a plot where you're buried. I guess I will. I mean that is something that is like there's there's a lot of practical implications for all those kinds of ordinances and teaching stuff but mostly what I think about in terms of the afterlife is like like I mean just the humility to know like look reality is reality and there is no religion ever that will be the absolute reflection of it. It's progressive it's it's relative so therefore I'm just all about like I just want to live this life with with whatever qualities I can get out so so what was. What was this about a funeral funeral? Yeah I don't know what it is you imagine being remembered or your lay down and think about things like that to me. Okay so this might. That sounds really like a load of crap and and just completely preposterous. But it's my understanding in terms of the life of the soul that life truly begins in vis death. You know that sounds like well bro. How do you even live this life than with any kind of passion? It's like it's like here's how I would care to be remembered Through not just for me if there's anything in this life that I developed a capacity for if it's like if it's maybe patients or maybe like you know truth seeking if it's if it's something When I'm gone because this is what I think we also? This is what I do. I mean asking these soils who've passed on for help wouldn't it be cool to talk to Jeff Buckley and how he feels about dude. I you know that was the beginning of my spiritual search because I felt like I was in communion with a ghost it was not a literal ghost but I mean I I had had some dreams and some experiences that were left an indelible mark on I bet I bet gossip girls for a long time a huge year life. Are you close with those. People are the creators leaders and the close in that we shared this definitive incredible experience. We don't I mean like when you go to. I didn't go to college but like you know. I imagine asking people who were roommates in college. A great friends in college. Go on if I ran into any of them not for our. Yeah yeah that's how I feel right now and we have to stop. Yeah I I wish we could talk for hours not that I was on gossip girl but we were two girls who used to gossip. We still are now. We are now Thanks Joe this is So that what happened getting worse what did you think your thirst quenched or You know I didn't think it was possible trouble thirsty. See why somebody might think we're gay together. I didn't think that not even climbing the thing. Someone could be a trap just from listening to them but he even sounds Thurston using you know this very confident. Yes very he. He said at one point he was like when I was younger. I tried to look and sound older and that makes sense to me. You always have this worried over. Sober sound he he he did. It doesn't sound like a night like Galahad like you like Lancelot take your big. He's like your favorite night eight of the roundtable. He dominates the roundtable. He's like his mode. Primary mode of transportation is like a white steed. Ah I like how you started. By saying you go you're on the forefront of the thirsty revolution the Sierra pollution. I was proud of that but I will say. I'll you know thirst aside. He is very thoughtful. Introspective smart a person that I met him a couple times. I haven't seen him in years but I remember thinking that when we met him that night you reference when it just done that Jeff Buckley movie. Yeah he was that night I remember it. He was like he was talking as if he was about to hang up right. I remember to kind of over. Take time to To music and thank God. He didn't because think about all the thirst out there. That hasn't been Well there wouldn't wouldn't exist. That's true having given up acting people so many more sated people. You guys talked a lot about you. But I realized that it's impossible to have avocado like a real conversation about a show that you've only seen episode of. I know because you kept referencing the show in general as based on the pilot. I know you like. Oh you're such a great you know. He's changes Spurs. He's like yeah but it was just a setup. You're a series episode. You'll see that I do these crazy things we probably should have seen. I only sewn up. So that's a lot to expect to watch a whole season. I know but now I I wanna see it because does your Thursday here. Yeah it was. It's really good. I highly recommend it. And you're right it is Donaldson's creek adjacent thought. But it's that how'd you say the flowery kind of unreal. Listrik overly wordy dialogue fun still fun. It is and and especially in the hands of capable actors. That's why like Gilmore girls worked because Lauren Graham was in Alexa Split. There were like the able to make those diet than right right I didn't just make dialogue work now. I run a Goof You guys talked about immigration. And how how you're both invested in that issue and you say that it shouldn't be a partisan issue and I think I agree. It shouldn't be but the problem is I think when to new privileged why no males are talking about an issue like that. I know I think people have instinctive reaction to roll arrive like like what you know like you don't suffer your order. You're not affected by more people. You know potentially taking a job that I would you know I do you and and you're right. I mean it's very like really a thing that to privilege why people shouldn't be however I think having said that I think that having compassion for any living person or or creature should have no like someone socioeconomic ecconomic status or ethnicity or whatever should have no bearing on one's ability to be compassionate for anybody. So yeah I think when when people in your position -sition start trying to come up with solution for a problem. Like advantage becomes problematic. What are you not true? You'd alrighty solutions you're an actor turn right but I think it's totally fine and it should be in a political issue to say that people suffering period you should have compassion for people like that. How you solve the issue immigration then then it becomes political I but the environment to like saying that we want the planet to be healthy and we want people to be treated humanely? Those two issues should be completely a political and I think they often aren't. I also think to your point. I mean I've watched Fox News before it's not like I'm unaware of the other Another perspective more conservative perspective. And I would say I don't think Tucker Carlson is I think he's very rational and I wouldn't say he's compassionate. I've heard him talk about immigration. It's but I think what they often failed to show on on something something like Fox News or more partisan news source is the The reality of who immigration these immigration disastrous immigration policies are affecting. And that's what's that the key often women and children who are fleeing violence and that's what was important in special to me about a group like this is about Humanity Hannity and is that we we were able to bear witness to something like that an amplify these very human struggles and stories and you lose sight of that because it has become such a partisan issue and in order to push their agenda US propaganda in the case of the right I. It's it's that all of these people like murderers on both sides there's profit of course of course of course These strikes me as someone who genuinely I mean who knows I for sure but he really does strike me as someone who genuinely believes in the cause is that he gets behind whereas I do think a lot of actors and entertainers people in show business. I don't get that feeling from a lot of people like to trumpet. Certain causes and it makes them feel cool. Ulster's their follower. Yeah he really. He seems if you if you do a quick search through his instagram you see that he seems genuinely passionate about yes sauces and I and convicted about what he I believe. I agree and I think it also requires a certain way of looking at social media giving it less value to the point where he didn't have an instagram up until recently and we even talk about that like. I was surprised that he got any said he did so really to to promote agendas like like the one he he talks about immigration issue. And there's so many thirsty Z.. People who are of course thankful I'm one of them. He had a very interesting childhood growing up in Virginia. Right yeah then moving to Washington but having such such disparate the environment is for environment being like this idyllic kind of wonder years early childhood moving to the boonies in state and I thought that him gaining. Wait and feeling alienated It makes sense to me that he went through that because often kids who are overweight deal with a lot of insecurity a seal and turn inward inward after develop other things other quantities and it makes sense that he has grown up to be very handsome guy. Yeah also very sensitive introspective totally and felt he talked about feeling safe in the in the theater. And but you look at a guy like that now and you're like that guy never had a problem had insecurities bullshit. I call bullshit but if he was an overweight kid he did and that's why he's able to play characters effectively effectively like that. Who are more sensitive jobs? Which makes you think it's not just his face? That makes him so thirst inducing. I don't think he induced that much thirst. He made people so that thirsty if it were just for his face he's he's a very like soulful introspective thoughtful actor. It makes me think though like. Oh that guy's an anomaly. A because he looks a certain way again like one of many examples that come up on this show why we shouldn't judge a book covering and until you really get to know somebody shouldn't you don't know you spent. He talks about his religion which I found very interesting. I didn't really know anything about the behind religion. I just wish you come up with some behind ponds. I know shooting for a high. Would I have done a funny and you kept apologizing. You're like psychiatry dude. It's okay and then you like thirty seconds later. You do another one you like. I'm sorry I can't help Punter Edison. I know yeah I know that's offensive to people with Tourette's but I it was that I could. I couldn't help it I hopefully. There's another way of saying that it's also funny Pun Diarrhea Pun diarrhea. Yeah I do like. How bad is that offensive to be with your Bowel Syndrome? Ibs Yeah thank. You are one of them. Oh Yeah I bs. Yeah I'm I'm not one of them. Thankfully well you gotTa let him offensive. Tell you if I had. I would know as we lived together since we're lovers but I do like that about about the Baha'i faith that it evolves yeah I went through a period where I was going to a unitarian service in New York and I think that's why I had that in my high enjoyed it so much watch and and partly because it it was so inclusive. And how long did you do that for you. Know you grow Catholic and the readings. The first reading is from the Old Testament. The second reading is from the New Testament then the Gospel but letter of Paul to the crew syndrome. But in this UNITARIAN church I went to there'd be like take a Joni Mitchell Song read and then Robert Frost poem read and then test passenger passage and then a passage from the Karan. I and so it was really cool. It was it felt very inclusive and more more philosophy religion. That is cool. I was really drawn to. That's really that is a big hang up at a lot of people have about religion general thing you know that it doesn't evolve with the times and it's cool that this seems to do that reading from the letter of Joni Mitchell to the Mamas and puppy and finally I would say that I don't I don't think I could conceive of anything. That's more Thurston. Do Sane than him eating perfect persimmon persimmon juice tripping shod glistening post a video on instagram of him eating a perfect persimmon. You would have to alert the instinct like face. Whoever runs Internet before he does that just to make sure that their site might get shot? Let's read a letter okay. this is a letter from dawn. 'em subject we called him fits and other thoughts and these are just a few bullet point thoughts that she's written up favorite episode ever and I've listened since episode one socal. Don't you dare mock quote. You're the exception exception. You probably have a house or at least a nice pair of pants because you're the exception. whoa yeah I just added a clause in my will to play the portion of genie? Any reading invite a physicist tear funeral at my actual funeral. That's cool yeah. I would do that too. I want that done. I cannot think about your combined yards Fred. They're single angle second. But I'm very happy for you fair enough. The fact that I immediately knew your Hubbard's house upon just reading the details of the episode fills to me with pride. Oh Wow she must be a pot pump pump Moose Griffin do a dumpling balloon. But the fact that I also knew Jennifer is made me scream. Yes in my car. I used to date Chris Fitzgerald. Forbidden College the Nicest Guy on the the planet the voice like heaven. He used to sing me to sleep. winky face EMOJI. WHO's Christmas g-o-v guy wicked? Oh Yeah or Mike I talk about that and that's right. Chris is a really nice guy. Yeah Oh that's funny. Chris of course fits Fizi. They come Fizi. A misguided ex-boyfriend not Chris Fitzgerald once bought me. A dog named him named beauregard because he was always. He's always been my favorite muppet. I Love Oregon too. I realize does your mentions of him or not in this episode. But I've already got this whole list going. Well the thing about life being short as you just have to wake up every single day and say what gets added to the life resume today. The podcast is sincerely amazing. Each episode contains a little vulnerability of every single person and it's incredibly encouraging. But seriously any reduction of my any reduction of my visualizing your balls would be helpful. Well this is not helping that. Are they just so pale. Do they tan balls. EXO exelon exelon. It's really funny. I don't know where to be and she doesn't want us talking about our balls anymore so I don't want well I will say in our defense. It's not our choice to talk about it. We listen to where is the sponsor and it's very difficult to talk about that underwear without mentioning. What's so special about that underwear? which is it? Yeah that's ex- your boss. The underwear specializes in balls and and keeping them comfy and It's we don't just start talking about our balls and now we're talking about our balls because she brought up our balls so kind of her faults or fault but then she says are they just so pale now. She says she doesn't want us to talk about her. Ballsy more than asking questions about it. You know what I'm not going to answer. I'm not going to address whether or not my balls were Pale or if they do ten balls I'm sure they do tan balls and I'm sure if you up also Tan. Why wouldn't they may be awfully? I don't think about it and she offered to get a sunburn on your dog. You're thinking about it even more now. I knew the bleach assholes. Well aw thanks dawn and everyone else. WHO's writing in If you also want to tell us that you don't want to hear about balls feel free to email. Life is short at wondering dot Com. And seriously. Thank you everybody for listening in. Thank you The the thirst inducing patch. And then if you're listening I hope we didn't objectify you too much but sorry you're you're it's not our fault now we're just pointing out the obvious. It's kind of. It's God's fault but also he. It was it was very kind of come and do it. And and He was early. Did I tell you this part. No early an item moment where I saw him waiting in a coffee shop next door are as I was walking up and it reminded me so much of what little I know of the show you. Because they're often shots of him looking at this girl from across the street or you know he's Kinda start here and I had a real you moment like looking at him. Yeah wow he's Thurston do so and punctual. He's taken he's pinned Schule Schule. Sorry so that's the show. Thanks for listening. I could be a dream life. Good being do due short is hosted by me Justin Long. It's produced by Christian. Long thirst inducing in his own right and Meghan Monaco you the Producers Michelle Mitch Lands. Audio engineer is Sergio. In Rica's executive producers are the very thirsty marshal. I show Louis and her non Lopez for under state. Thirsty friends do shot. Yeah how many times a day would you say you think about him. Criticize you say why sweating you're sick and what's your option record.

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Moment of the Day (5/15/20)

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Moment of the Day (5/15/20)

"The moment of the days and odd one. It's a weird one because it does around very weird. Everybody's really very odd bathroom habits. When on the on the ball? I don't take my pants completely off. Every time I go but I do you know I try to get a wide base man you have to do and then Bob Dwyer doesn't understand because we've we've had many bathroom talks back in the office. He doesn't understand when people pull their pants all the way down to the floor because then it's touching the dirty floor like he pulls his pants down. I think just to the thigh. That's I'm sure that apply to me here on the but he doesn't with the with the dirty floor does he does have a point with the dirty floor. I mean in a public restroom. I totally understand. Yeah but if you're a home you shouldn't be doing I a serious question now because this has happened to you before in Tampa as we've discussed when haven't been able to get to where you need to go. Let's say you're at Penn station. Oh train there. You go guys moment of the day. Enjoy a nice warm sunny weekend. You Too Jerry. Enjoy your weekend.

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Sean Penn

"Welcome to the podcast number ten twenty one. Hey New York. I'm going to be a caroline's on Broadway October three four five Sa- go to Caroline's dot com for tickets and he he would you know that the same weekend as near Comecon so go to comecon stuff during the day and then come under the show at night. I'll sign a pop if you have one even if it's not mine I also in anyone's pop. I don't care I'll do it so bring it. Come say hi and hope to see you. There Caroline's dot com again and now let's talk about you. The Community On the Twenty Community Court Board Events Dot com like Stephanie Jessup who writes for Your Geeky board gaming listeners I run a youtube channel called Dibs on blue or I do board game tutorials and play throughs in American sign language but the videos are also voiced for hearing being people board gaming is becoming more accessible to all types of gamers. I'd love to get the word out and dibs on blue. Is there so more people can benefit from the channel and get into board gaming excellent work. Stephanie Jessop also Diva Carpenter Rights. You're always encouraging folks to do a thing so I did a thing done. A talk show where we talked to children's author so kids can see and hear from people right there books. It's called the van show. It's on Youtube and done through Austin Public Library okay so there's never a fee kids get to see that offers a real people and be inspired to write their own stories also fantastic work demo carpenter and they did. I think what you can do is email events ide- ten dot com just to let us know what you do and hopefully we can get the word out for you this episode of Sean Penn.. WHO's promoting the book doc Bob Honey Singh's. Jimmy cracked corn. We got to go to his house in Malibu and sat down with him and he was really kind and gracious and we don't really really wonderful chat and he has the sweetest dog in the world kind of like a maybe a golden lab but it just hung now with us the whole time and got snuggles and hugs and I just I just have to say. I hope it's not weird that I made just need to go from time to time. Just knock on Sean Penn's door. It'd be like can I just come in and dog and I want to get in the way hug. Your dog and I'm leaving. Just GonNa drive back into the city. Just maybe once a month from time to time so here's the attentive podcast number ten twenty one with Mr Sean Penn initiating the Coffee v seeps into the bloodstream slowly bringing back to life. How long has this particular press astur been well. I think I think this is the tenth day of Yeah. Yes nothing too extreme but a lot of bouncing around around Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah and you said the travel to yeah yeah. It does not ever get easier no matter how many times you do what you think you're going to get used to it and then no you don't because I don't think we were really meant as creatures to be dragged around the skies up and in particular you know there you due at some point become aware it is your thoughts that are being focused on in the discussion and that you know the threat of embarrassment races yeah but it also seems like at a certain point. Do you just let all that go and you go yeah well. I guess it's going to be whatever it's going to be. I mean do you not stress about that stuff anymore. I do stress about it and then I do say just that that to myself and move on take the step forward so I'm ready to go try and I know but it is it is it is interesting that there's so much around the creative process just all the commerce hummer stuff around the creative process that I think I'm sure in a from a romantic point of you really nice you could just make stuff in the net have to worry about any of the promotion or any kind of this or any kind of ad or any kind of busy stuff and then you find that it gets in the way or can you keep it separate now. I you know it's first of all in my case. It's the only I've had the particular luxury of being able to have access to huckster huckster in this this book in ways that a lot of first or second time authors would not have so I count my blessing on an A- and I've enjoyed it to some degree. what what what is much I find it much easier to talk to people about the book once they've read it right the idea of talking about it in a way that might lead them to read. It takes a little more of a valuable energy yeah because it's it's you can't really you can't really explain it in words. You just have to experience it. It is a book you just have to experience because I even saw you on. Kimmel and you're like well yeah. It's Kinda you sort of explained in broad strokes but it's sort of it's difficult especially in five minutes to save. This is what the book is about. He it is think Kim me over to the the dancing about architecture idea I think they can be because you've got especially in the kind of in writing that these books are there's. There's there's a musicality to the to the humor of and without that musicality Keleti I think that you're just being blasted by alliterate action right and colluded ludicrous language so it's a hard to set the tone of that rhythm in discussion about the book yeah but it's also like I mean you have amazing paintings in your house. Explain a painting sort of like well. I don't know I guess I just have to see the have to experience the painting right and I think that's but we'd I'd like to think is the fair ask of the speaker to the listener on something and at the end of the book in the acknowledgements. It's the last paragraph was really really funny because you you know you think a bunch of people sincerely and then there's basically to all the people who criticize the first book. Thank you for criticizing the first book because it inspired me to write the second book yeah I think there is that your I joke but somehow I think it is about chewed by I hope would have been the Pulitzer Prize in reaction to the first one but in but in a very close second position that is is to have raised the ire of those who would be unwilling to give it a real thought and a real read because I think it obviously I wouldn't put the book out if I didn't like it feel that communicated something that was important to me to express yeah and so stand by it and sometimes it it's value becomes clearer to oneself as it gets emotional responses onto the day negative or positive and when your what is your writing process for for a book like this because it is such a specific tone at such a specific voice this the narrator has a specific way of expressing the ideas in the book and so do you do you are you typewriter that do get struck by inspiration and you go. I'm GonNa all right from nine to five today and whatever comes out comes out and this is part of the process well typically. It takes me about thirty days fifteen hour days of writing to to get out. What's what seems to be burning in me to get out the the what comes of that is not something that I think I could fairly early. Ask people to go with by osmosis and I need to clarify it on that takes about a year of work following but I saw that I have down the code that I know of what I'm trying to write that that's about fifteen as of thirty days about fifteen in our days and they go by very quickly. I make notes Longhand. I make notes on my phone. in the in the late hours of night before I go to sleep. I get up very early `bout five. I'll continue those notes until nine o'clock when I have an assistant come in who unlike me can had the laptop computer at that point. I can take those bullet points I put together sections of mine or a description and then I start pacing the room usually the cigarette and and letting it Kinda come out by dictation and the next thing I know it's nine o'clock at night and it's time let that person go and time for me to start back with Longhand in preparation for the next day and does it feel the same as other things you've done on acting and directing. Does it feel like does the product sort of feel like this is just a different expression of the same kind of artistic by D. R. Muscle or does it. Is it a whole all different layers of judgment layers of it within yourself. Does it feel different. It does feel different. It is very much the same though without any of and the balls in chain of what it is to be a collaborator on what it is to work in a medium where every decision costs money a- As a writer you you you know I often talk about in screenplay writing the moment that you write a thousand soldiers appear over the rise you're not in the indie world anymore right and it it is a bloodletting enterprise to go into the financing of films that you care about over a period period forty years and I think at some point you start becoming kind of a practical self-censor in the way that you write and and and and and to what degree you let your imaginings go and is writing a novel it doesn't cost any more for the for the author or for the reader later to have a more have completely free set of imagining yeah to describe so so I found it much more fulfilling in that sense I think I was you know the there's the line does not play well with others and I I got to the point creatively where it was getting becoming a louder call of duty to recognize that I was no longer playing well with others and it was time to do something creative. That was entirely my own yeah but not everyone would have the sense to do that. They were just I mean. Do you feel like you have a pretty good perspective on yourself in that way in a pretty good point of view I think I've always tried to do as much as focusing on where I wanna go with things creatively hours. I think it's important to know the limitations with them. What your your currently saddled yes you can stretch those and move those forward to aid little degree each time out but in in knowing those limitations imitations the there is also the level tolerance you that diminishes for the act of self self censorship and I think when when the steam got hot enough and that Kendall taking off the top and letting the steam out was was that you bob hunting books yeah well it sounds like a healthy way to deal with that you know like like using it to using art as a way to express that and to get it out as opposed to you know. I mean I think a lot of people in the business. Just probably just crazy you know like it. It's it's a maddening especially the only thing I heard about it. I thought it was interesting. Really I just got rid of email. Your I imagine distance from the Malay Melee in the noise of our you know media obsessed culture have you it was that a true statement of you pretty much just disengaged aged from all that. I'm in a very active state of of of disengagement from from that. I think that I've I've gotten to a point where because I feel the pressures of Yvonne on most Basic Way someone sends me a message on email L. or by text. I Wanna be able to answer them but if in a busy life you say well. I'm going to get back to that person. Jason once I speak to so and so about what it is they're helps me give the first person the answer and then another set of those arrives from another angle of your life and you're at dinner and now another one and by by the next day he there are twelve people you are you've ignored essentially in in the experience at the other end and an and now you're dealing with more current things and they build up and they build up and I just thought well. Here's an the easy one no if you if the machine is not the machine isn't there then there's no way that you can learn from it right yeah. I mean it seems like when I don't know if you were like this when you're younger but when when we're young it's like oh we want to build do bigger we do more we do bigger and and then. I feel like the older I get the more I understand the people who are like get rid of all your possessions get rid of everything disconnect because it's just all they're all just kind of chains. You know like all of those changes the simplification that simplifying it was crazy. No it's just healthy because you can't be saddled with all with more and more and more and more forever yeah. It's hard to to live and capital V. E. If you're spending all of your time cure rating a daily growing a massive data and and material I ha I did have an experience experience long before what had cell phones idea was back mobile phones had already given up but we're I had a house with everything my every possession I never had from photographs going back to my childhood all the way forward to paintings and so so on furniture that I had built in this house and one of these Malibu fires came and took it away in a very absolutely very complete a AH action of fire and there was nothing of it left and there was this incredibly liberating of feeling there and I moved into twenty eight foot trailer where essentially anything I did own I could reach. I knew where it was every day. The inventory Tori of my possessions was both spare and accessible and I found that a very productive atmosphere atmosphere to be live and working yeah because I think it's we talk about it a lot on the especially on the podcast because I'm fascinated by the the idea that that we are fed this idea that or we learn it somehow that more is better more more more more more more and but it's an unfilmable like where there's a whole that we can only fix going inward instead of grabbing externally to fulfil fulfill and it just list the constant filling just leads to more distress because it never works never works yeah. It's it becomes it is all consuming and you do therefore detached from people in other living things the the more deeply engaged and with Malibu to just sort of driving going through. I mean you can see it's the seemingly random nature of like this house intact. Nothing left on that lot the rebuilding here really I mean it even just out here sort of feels like you're kind of I mean I know that. Most parts of the country have a semblance of a natural disaster to contend with but the fires seem particularly insidious because there really is once they're going. There's not that much you can do and do you. I I've noticed some for tale signs around here and I wonder like are people like fuck this I can't I just can't handle the stress of anymore. Well I think some of it is that some of it is also people whose insurance was not complete people who had these properties through their families and had them for many years in the property value exponentially grew the the ability to maintain living here once you know with having to building a house and so on the somebody costs being paid by the builder and and not insurance there are people that just had made the decision go. I mean it's Mel was particularly interesting community because you do have these mega mansions but then you also have these really amazing like someone just dropped trailer in like nineteen sixty two on a plot of land and they have an incredible view and that's that's that yeah no it and this area. Malibu I think right there are even post this last fire with all the houses that were lost to think we're about three hundred we we still our two three times the amount of structures including homes and businesses of what this area was when I grew up here so yeah it was an you still still have so many of people. A lot of people who live out here bought dare homes for about thirty eight thousand dollars in the mid sixties. Wow I mean from what I gather about you to that. You're not afraid of natural disasters because you a ah the charity work you do is is incredible that these areas that are hit by some type of natural disaster an earthquake hurricane. Whatever ever it is your usually one of the first response teams to go down there and bring aid to people and it seems like you've been doing that for quite a long long time well. I wouldn't say that doesn't reflect a fear of them. I I've I've a great fear of the increasing vulnerability. Everybody everybody everywhere has you know what we've seen. In the United States. There's the highly vulnerable hurricane belt in the south the east and in in the Gulf and and and in the Mediterranean that we're we're seeing these size rising storms and so on but it it does occur to me driving even the coast to California recently how dry everything is and and the it leaves us vulnerable vulnerable increasingly vulnerable. What's happened with climate? What's happened with the use of water. and I think that you know we should be all very aware that these are very real stepping stones to of further disaster yeah but it's also not just I mean it's great that when there's a disaster people do rally they donate money but there's also the distribution like someone's gotta handle the distribution of that money money but your charity like actually going down and helping to create infrastructure that gets local people together to provide foods to provide shelters just to make sure it's sort of you know teaching a man to fish philosophy the right and an what had been known as JP HR Charro the Haitian Relief Organization we turned into the community organized relief effort core and it is I do know that many of the organizations that people contribute to are not themselves implementers that they are a kind of bank that then one is trusting to find those grassroots organizations to to support we do both because we have implementation teams on the ground but we typically now when we go into an area. That's been hit by any kind of a natural disaster. First thing we do is seek out partnerships who are local to the area because it and that's what happened you know effortlessly in Haiti because as we were starting to take actions in Haiti we gained trusted rest of local Haitians who came and and volunteered to work with us and so in many ways the organization was the architecture of it was designed by people who who understood the place you know typographically and culturally and would give us the ability to to be I think more effective and so we then have since expanded to work in the in the hurricane belt and in we have people in the Bahamas now for example and working with local and other frequent partner organizations who say addresses World Central Kitchen for example we we we have become used to the idea that when we land they will they will have landed either just before or just after us and so we We March is one and what's something that you think people don't what's something that you would like people to understand about these situations that you would only know if you had been down there and experienced it firsthand well while there is a great responsibility disability of any strong state to to participate to take the lead on especially the sovereign governments of uh of places outside the US to take the lead on coordination of the efforts of a of any of those of us that are working in the area. What is is also true is that we can't expect governments to respond in the in the level that we think that they should we are these are very very chaotic events and and each one has its own personality and there is a lot of room for civilians to help the places in the world that have the the best response. I am Cuba for example they they live in sectors of community where a chain of reporting is pre established and the jobs and and a skill sets are have already been learned in in responding to these kinds of infant particularly area hurricanes. Everyone knows what to do. So in the case where we will see tens hundreds even thousands killed or injured in the United States not many years ago. Cuba was hit by three dramatic Kurt hurricanes within the course of a couple of weeks and they lost a total Louis to people then you know we are in a time and I think the natural disaster in some ways a metaphor for the other ways is that we have to become an active one another another area that that applies is in participating in the electoral system right and not not only in the system but holding the feet to the fire on policies that are promised her possible with with whatever candidate we support and whoever the country so let's I mean I can't I kind of wonder I saw an interview with you from a couple of years ago and the prisoner Virginia was I a book. I know that their intention was to be like Oh. Wow I just your I love your acting and would not let up on your like yeah. Just isn't really for me anymore really because you re and you're like you know just you didn't know how. I don't know how to express to you enough that it just isn't and I was kind of wondering when when you go first hand in you see devastated communities you see humanity you know these communities just decimated. It'd does that do something to you. Go you know what I'm just not sure. The entertainment business is really all that important anymore. I think as with you know you are inevitably going to face a lot of heartbreak and failure in in working to rebuild one one person's life much less an entire community or country ban by you. I don't mean alone. We have a lot of people a lot of people you find in a lot of kindred spirits in these in these places and and as you suggested Peop- people human beings tend to bond in a in a more a spontaneous way when the when the damages images tangible when the threat is tangible but I think it is the experience of the successes when you are able to to take action and and help someone or help a group of people the kids in your bones. It's it's it's something that I think would would would should inform decision of of the country and the culture and perhaps one more that we're going towards of mandatory. Tori Service be that in forestry or the military or taking care of the elderly or whatever it is it can be on a very localised basis but I think that young when young people have an experience of of having made a difference that they matter that sticks with them it's a formative experience f. and foundationally then moving on through life. You have people who are prone to service and prone due to the the optimism that what they do can mean something yeah and that came in the only and most significantly very late in in my life and I I I think that I I would certainly have counted myself a beneficiary of mandatory service head. I had I had a cast on me. Well how I mean. How have how do you feel like you've changed since you were younger? What types of things did you want when you were younger. Did you just WanNa act like Oh. This fame thing seems okay. I mean obviously was part of it. It was a much different time but what was what was it that you set out to do initially was just to work while keeping in mind it was. I was coming out of a movie fandom and theater fandom that we still talk about about today is a kind of touched era to be a participant in the kind of films that seemingly we're going to be made when one jumped in and when I came in and out of theater and I look back now I live frustration because it felt that the era had just come to its end and and the studio principle that is echoing more today where if you put a few thoughts into film you kind of broke the law head already begun to take over so but I I think that I started a career with a lot of dreams attached to what had had had recently been they're frame for whatever that career might be and those opportunities to be creative type as an actor and I found it almost always frustrating I was able then after about ten years of doing that to evolve into directing in film where I was wearing now. I was in command of the three thoughts or more then I put into the film and also that those thoughts somehow lined up with what it was that I was thinking about. If I was driving alone in a car at that moment that you can you can select the current what what's interesting to me right now. which was a shot in the dark when you're inactive for Higher Syrup? I don't know what kind of material you're going to lock into severe life but that more time goes by and yes something like eighty comes up. It's a you know. I think you have to ask yourself. Am I'd using my time best buy dressing and someone else's clothes does in the morning and and going out away from my home for months at a time to make a movie or can I use my time better better at the same time by reaching out to those who wouldn't have time or access to go see a movie right they're a busy staying alive or scrapping together what little money they they can to get their children education well yeah because has everything especially the the business really conditions everyone to sort of feel like and are not to blame the business as obsession being but just the idea that like like Oh. This is so important what we're doing so important you know and then and we take it really seriously and then you know hopefully at some point. We do have experiences where we're like. Oh yeah this isn't this is just are weird bubble and it's unlike the ninety nine percent of the rest of the world and so how do we not how do we remind ourselves or what are good ways that we remind ourselves. Is it just the idea of like whatever you gotTa fucking do on a Sunday. Just go volunteer somewhere somewhere. Just go get in front of people do something don't tweet about it. Just go do it to do it and connect with other people. I couldn't have said it better okay. What are some ways that you I don't know like what are some ways that people can get involved either with core core or with you know with local charities. I mean what what advice would you give to people who want to be more involved but don't know what to do. I think it's I think it's valuable to consider especially. If one is making a you know a proactive decision to say I'M GONNA get up tomorrow morning and ends up being a contributor ways. I haven't to to someone or something you know. It may be that for one person they will be more productive reductive and their their energy for that will sustain better when they attach an attractive adventure to I without it being necessarily that I've found that m when I've talked about Haiti I always have to consider that had it been an earthquake in east Africa. I would unlikely have gotten involved on level. I didn't Haiti simply because if I'm in Haiti and something thing happens with a family member or friend back here the thing that you might presence or support well. It's a quick flight to Miami and then boom. I'm back in Los Angeles geographically. They sound I think so you know pick an area that you can reach. That might be right in your neighborhood there. Are you know I know that even on this street street there are several elderly couples I think you know as a sixteen year old can knock on those doors and say hey are you. Can I go get you some groceries talent. There's a weird kid at the door yeah well yeah. You know that's part that is part of any emergent emergency relief sure sure you you have a lot of coaxing to I had that experience in in during the Post Katrina where we had many to our conversations standing in an inflatable boat where somebody had been on roof for days with little water watching helicopter zip around and did bodies cruise by and when you add add to coax them and get their trust to get them in that boat to bring him the dry land and in many cases these were people especially in that those neighborhoods neighborhoods that we were working in there was incredibly high rated diabetes these people who'd been away from their insulin for a long time and those are the problems don't have to be as dramatic because that I think that you know finding your Lane finding something that you will start and then continue and learn better and better how to do it something that interests interest you so one when people talk to me about Haiti before ask them for money to support organization if they have the liberty to do it if if they can afford to do it. I'm always quick to say you know. Let me show you the country and you look around chillier what we're doing show you what other organizations who do show you what the grassroots groups are doing and see if something turns you on enough where you're going to really jump in the whole body and do you think that our our constant quest through life as we get older is the disbanding and disillusion of disillusion of our ego to sort of get out of the way so that we can be up because ego. I feel like it kind of attracts us to sort of focus on ourselves and and I feel like there's a constant because it does feel good. You know feel want you to feel good. How do you use smack that out of the way while this this is this I think if you know being realistic is where certain personalities band in the direction of of further self rewarding events and their lives some grow grow intolerant of those that are ego based and and then their imagination starts to function properly others recognize a time in their life where remember I was writing the first movie. I directed I was riding. There is a low one of the characters has a line in the movie which is somebody was boring me. I think it was me and I can in speaking for myself in January of two thousand and ten Dan when I turned on the TV just over there in the other room and I saw that the Haiti earthquake and the amputations that were being done without any intravenous venus pain medications on children and others I was very much is a person who thought he was invested in his world. that a person who was saying somebody's boring. I think it's me and what was born. Me was to go to dinners and talk about it to write a check to an organization say okay. That's it. I'm helping I'm done and so I decided to break the boredom and go to Haiti and it was one of the most valuable own lessons I ever had. The idea was to go there for just a couple of short waist distributing pain medication to the clinics and hospitals doing trauma work but once there this is something I have traveled quite a bit around the world and what is what you find very commonly related to the country of Haiti is whether you're talking to people who have a long history is conflict journalists travelling the world or or or any any invested travel in Third World countries who are up against the climate issues in a much more existential way than we are yet and up against the significant significant issue of poverty and you've the one after another of these people journalists aid workers and so on they'd all say there's something about Haiti and that's in the people there and so it was it became uh you know among the more healthy addictions that I've ever had well. That's really nice. 'cause I saw I the only thing I saw you say on Kimmel and it just felt like an aside like bet that that wonder if that's true you said I get I get uncomfortable outside of room for people who are my friends in in front of in front of other people that is that true or you're just kind of being self deprecating no. It's it's really true and again. It's something about recognizing your limitation. I made efforts efforts. I've gone in many many many still do go outside that comfort zones socially and I always pay a tax for art. I've never been able to find a way to make it fulfilling and my biorhythms get set off. I am the limitation of what I when I am when I have something to offer in a social circumstance because I am a social creature but it is within the limitation of a small group in a comfortable place that I know well yeah and where I can reach my own refrigerator poor my own vodka use my own phone or turn it off right well but also I mean you're also in this rare position of having been known for a few decades and it's also like how do you know who to trust. You know like you you. When you're you're young you just Kinda. Surround yourself with whoever you like everyone hey we're all hanging out and then you get you get burned. You get burned and you get burned. You're like fuck. I don't want to be someone who doesn't trust people but I you've got to sort of pick and choose where your energies go yeah well. I think like anybody I would. I would guess that if if you meditate on the idea of who that is a genuine friend or family member have I neglected lately and very quickly the reason for that neglect is that you've opened the door to too many distractions you've taken on too many obligations it is a it is a a one of the aspects of people pleasing that a lot of us can fall into or something that you know blades to kind of a temporary stimulation of of of of of of somebody that you've let in into your life that really isn't going to fulfill anything and I think that you can make you can take a day and go through the contacts in your phone delete those who you really don't need to talk does that. Dan Right and then change Angel Number and notify the remaining group in your phone that they are the only ones that have been pleased if that's to go if it's to go to others let it come come from me and inevitably you will fall back and you will ris extend re overextend but at least you are intermittently intermittently pershing that which is going to make you feel like you're not living your life while you're living it you we can make our minds and our obligations so so so busy we can be pursuing so much stimulation that we find ourselves numb and neglectful. Is that just because you think I think we're trying to fill emptiness or because we need to be distracted or because were looking for validation. What do you think that is what right now. I think a lot of it is addiction to technology. The technology allows us to imagine we are communicating with people in ways far less connected connected than than we we actually need as human beings to to to as I said feel our lives it is a kind of in fact simile of life. that probably started with the fax machine where we thought we were communicating. Mm unicating things often one or the other things that you can contest the water on on this philosophy happened in Haiti where I would go to dude would be something of a very urgent character that one would suggest needs to get done and I I would go back to the person I had tasked for that and I say well what happened and the answer more often than not was I e mailed so and so I'm waiting to hear back a while and there's an in those cases sometimes while you were waiting the person you were emailing emailing on behalf of died. She and we're you know you gotTa go past that you get a call them. You gotTa go find them knock on their door knocking their head and get the medication that they're holding somewhere whatever it is I think we've just become to happy with feeding data into the availability of of the person that were transmitting it to and feeling that that says we've done our job right socially or or an emergency yeah. I mean it. I'm old enough to remember when you had to call people and if they weren't home you maybe left a message with their parents in and then you'd really just have to go see them but but the availability the allure of like. Oh you don't have to leave your house. You have all the have an entire fucking movie studio in your television you have every to form of communication the sum total of human knowledge in something the size of a coaster why would you why would you ever need to leave your house. Why would you even need to call a friend. You can just look porn who I'm friends with poor now well yes but it's funny you brought up about you know maybe abused. Leave a message with the parents. It is true that you know in the last twenty five years as kids started not too intense we normalize kids using using these tools of social media on their cell phones on their laptops that there became a you know. I watched it with my own kids growing up yup that that filter that that I lived under the one where my parents had a sense of the people I was kidding hanging out with the I I. I talked to a kid named Joey today who was looking for you who's Joey. He sounds like he uses opiates uh-huh but instead joey who sounds like he's using opiates and your child off to the races using opiates and it goes under the radar of the parents yeah. I mean the blue dot on their phone. Even if even if you have your kid on find my friends it's like the blue doesn't say that there's opiates involved. It just says where they are. Dr Maybe unless they left their phone somewhere. I mean did you because you got famous pretty young and you still manage to get it through it and did it feel instantly like Oh. This is a weird thing and I need to distance myself from this as much as possible this being known this you know yet it came up on me and two big jumps of a surprise because for one thing at at the time that I started working about nineteen seventy eight and by started working at that point in the in local theaters a ninety nine seat theater theaters around Los Angeles and then later in New York there were no actors. They're not doing any films with the lead of which was a a teenager or a young person in their early twenties. I don't think that there had been a real strong march those films or those opportunities since the death of James Dean and we got where are kind of next generation heroes were closer to thirty. I mean you think back to there's somebody like Nick Nolte who didn't have as big success to lose thirty nine years old right playing a teenager rich man poor man so you one God got into into the theater with the romantic hope that you might spend twenty thirty years in a small all ad hoc makeup room putting you know looking down at your boots and putting on stage makeup and going out and performing a play with your your own name not being known for many years to come on opportunities that we're GonNa pay you and give you a career. It wasn't part of the thinking you may be very confident that you were going to have the career is is that your dreams designed but it was gonna take a long time and you had no. You had nothing like entertainment entertainment television on. There wasn't the focus on the back on the back story of actors. There is still some mystery which I'm I I like you know. I liked not knowing too much about what I was going to see her. How much money at made at the box office value things in this way incrementally mentally all those things changed and the the kind of disease of celebrity over form over acting over even the celebrity and politics all of these things and it became very normalized to where today we're at a place is where I think exhibitionism is kind of. It's you could you could put the word exhibition as and where Oliver Stone early put in the word greed the greed is good. exhibition is absolutely and I find myself increasingly alienated by all of that if I ever have have to take another selfie with with somebody I will lose another year of the life of life wounding enterprise enterprise and so in the in the Bob honey books that which so much of it is driven by that because I wanted to create a character actor who was immune to normalization and conditioning that his moral code complicated though it may be to some was clear and that there was no there was he lived the uncommon thought on the uncommon matter and if not the uncommon thought aww uncommon clarity of purpose and and also was not without that main purpose being to find love the basic simple and most connected human our relationship and so that allowed for the kind of ludicrous farce of the kind of comedy of of of the pieces that really feel more like real life today than than things that are written as though we have not normalized it would that the world world isn't best bad backs. Bass ackward well yeah because I mean obviously I know throughout the you know the Golden Age of Film You no there were tabloid columns. That was like head. Harper writes about the stars or whatever but you're right. It really was like late seventies early eighties. It's all of a sudden there was this like tabloid culture like a whole fucking culture of it and I know it's again. It's always existed in some form whether it was you know play reviewers or whatever but it really really with the kind of the explosion of media the media in cable came along that all the sudden the demand demand for you need to fill programming. We need to fill shit so it's just far fucking talking about all this stuff yeah and maybe more insidious than the discussions. Sion's about celebrity and those things related to fame and the entertainment business is our our what was our news cycle and when we went into the twenty four twenty four hour news cycle it would it what I find interesting is that we hear a less stories more often and that most of what we see in the mainstream media and this includes that which is reported by some very talented and and well intended journalists we see a repetitive speculation that is in itself entertainment we don't have those and in many many ways there is too much information coming coming at US and again even in terms of the emergency within our own lives which I think is omnipresent but we were talking about before too much coming. At how do we choose to be to have purpose You can't do it. All that people like to talk about you know I can walk all can chew gum at the same time. Won't you know for all of those boasts in our Congress. They just can't right so you. I remember the the late president of of Haiti who who was president to time the earthquake very wise very practiced politician people were very frustrated him this is Rene Preval that he wasn't taking the lead in the way that they thought that he should well the GDP had had an incremental rise in Haiti leading up to the earthquake. like none that had ever seen there was a very slow and the progressive build that was happening in all sectors the Haitian economy and quality of life was was his building he had also been through the broken promises and the dictatorships of the past and country and he was somebody who felt very very deeply that the Haitian people believed when they saw the actions that words were irrelevant and he didn't take the conventional position of stepping out forward or being Rudy Giuliani and New York City post nine eleven and people were very frustrated about it. They were also frustrated frustrated about it because he he couldn't make any promises because all that money that came in to help Haiti none of it was under his control so there was no he was not in a position to make promises without the calculator next to the next to the promise and I think it would hit the recommendation he made his predecessor was after his experiences. Being president a couple of terms uh-huh also had been prime minister under Aristide. He said pick eight things for the five year term that they have in Haiti. Pick eighth things that you're gonNA spend all your time on get those done and I watched the next five-year term and I watched good people bowl tried to take it all on and it didn't work it didn't it didn't work and it was actually set back in so many ways I think we need to be individuals or public. Servants surgical. What what can I get done. That's GonNa make tomorrow tomorrow not hero triumphantly better but a little bit better but that's that focus is so difficult to achieve when what you said previously to is that we're so oh it's the united the twenty four new cycle the twenty four hour everything cycle and we can't process this information and so this is this machine powers itself. It's like I'm overloaded. I need to distract myself. I'm going to distract myself with the machine. The machine creates more. I need more fucking. Never ends your AH constant demand is not fertile ground for the imagination whether it be in creative arts or in emergency relief or or certainly certainly not in governance and how do you know whether it's you know your book or directing or when you are acting like what do you what do you define in. Your head is success. How do you how do you say like okay. I I I was successful at this thing. What are what are some of the ways that you know that any I I had several readers of the books people I knew and people I haven't known as I've toured around talked about it and people started to read them. who get ah good giggle in an area. That's been painful to them. it's it's kind of current operating room humor so I think that if it has a contribution it's to articulate some of you know our our deeper challenges in a way that we can get a little bit of oxygen to know we're not alone and thinking those thoughts and it won't be everybody not everybody will read my book and connect with it it in that way but just finding that some do has made very encouraged well. That's good but don't you think also that there are ways. Are there internal ways for you do that. You know you've done something the way that you wanted that you that doesn't really necessarily rely on you know whether or not someone connects with something or how well it does or how this or that. How do you know personally. Sean like okay this is I did what I wanted to do this. I've checked all those internal boxes. There's there's a great line in literature which I quoted adapt the script for Jon Krakauer into the wild which was happiness only real win shared and I think again I go back to where I know where I feel. I've done something tangible that I'm proud of. It's when when as focus it on the books it's again. I'll say it's win. The book connects with somebody and not that it's going to connect with everybody the he. I write part of what makes me Giggle while I'm writing is the IR I will raise of those who won't connect with it. Kinda trolling people it in a sense you know I joke but I think it's really Lee true because the first book got leveled in criticism by what are called literary critics today in most cases I got the the amusement of being able to read reviews that told me these people had never actually read the book that It was me they were reviewing or their perception exception of me right and the you know the how dare he write a novel right up group that who I really think could be a bit more cheerful but they're not and yet to have great writers who I had only ever known through through their work embraced the book and not only embrace it be able to talk about it in ways that let me know that I had done what I intended to do away. I'd intended to do it and that it's that it's that it's available to those for whom it's a bit of medicine remember the director. Lawrence Kasdan housed misspeaking at the AFC years ago and he said he you know he says money's great. you know gives you a lot of freedom to do things. You can give some to people that need. I need help you can travel it affords one a lot of freedoms but if you're in the movie business just to make money. I'm against Ya uh-huh. He says you know what we do. it has the possibility of being big medicine and that doesn't necessarily mean that we're going to be the Mormon cuddly with the stories that we tell. We may be trying to provoke things. We don't want to look at but in the end if you do job well for those us who need that medicine you might be only one making it and I. I think that you know we we owed that. We owe that opportunity. At least that much thought tha that that I somebody this is GonNa be useful right right but then how did you between acting and directing and screenwriting and now novel writing. was there anything that was so much more of who felt like you were that it's you know no that some of that what you were talking about being level by critics. Did it sting a little more because you're like you know when I'm acting. I'm playing someone else's character but this is really like this really came out of me the and that stings. I may be in a unique position this way I had been I think if you cross referenced the bad press I I got you know and I also had my share of encouraging reviews and embraces and actor or filmmaker through the years. That's another side of it but if you just took a negative I would say that I would have. It's in some years I would hold a record it over Hitler in terms of of of of haters on in the press you do adapt and you do start to find out you know you're not just prone to believe the worst of what said sure sometimes it's instructive directive there is a thing called constructive criticism and I think either as long as you live your life and you face some of the necessary humiliations in in your life be it personal or professional that there's at least a part of your humility that grows and as it does it affords you a a new seat at the table one where all reactions be they good or bad are valuable and add to the cheer of Your Day. I mean it. You know if I can make somebody that angry. I angry then I then I can then I have also created a counterpart to that anger and so I do one of my jokes was you know on the first book was well. Let's say my first choice of a reaction to the book at large would have been the Pulitzer prize is but a very close second would have been the kind of Venal hand and green-eyed attacks that that came my way why because they were mixed with these extraordinary commonality of of thought and feeling sense of vote literature with writers and others who did appreciate it it wasn't just one side of the experience and I found it kind of like a you know you go on a roller coaster as you as you go click. Click Click Click Click to its highest point and you can see how vertical that falls gonNA and if that fall is the the bad criticism yeah by the time you get down to the bottom and now you're racing backup another another that was it may well have been the most thrilling moments. It's part of the roller coaster ride of it. Did you ever just really quickly and was there ever a role where you thought like. It's like you know obviously coming out of something like fast times. Re like fuck this. This character is is really connecting with people am I. GonNa is this going to be our people. Just going to see me as this forever. I mean like how do you because you navigated beautifully and what were their roles like like that along the way we are like. I don't want to become too much of one thing because I still want to disappear into other roles and do other things. was that ever thought funny where we get get our our instructions. I had seen before. I started working as an actor. I had seen a comedy called the Gumbel Rally of course yeah and the Italian driver gets in the car with the other driver and they've just they're just meeting and they're going to be raised a racing team together and the other driver looks at the Italian driver reaching out to the rear view mirror and tugging it off and throwing it behind the car as he sped off and with the line the first rule of Italian driving what's behind this does not matter and I think that I've approached my I have looked looked for a through line so I didn't dictate for example that that fast times at Ridgemont high and the character I played in that would be the first which you know major impression that I might make with what would be. I hoped a long career but it would influence what the next part of my my story was it would be. I'm GONNA THIS IS GONNA be one. It's many movies over years but it's one in in terms of finding that hat which is going to be my expression and so depending upon the things that were not in my control always. I could choose not to do something when I could afford to but you're adapting and sang using I need to find a compliment to that that somehow is connective tissue and so I would take the memoir that I am loath to ever write for me. Explain how all of these roles connected sure but there was a proactive effort to kind of connect them and that's a little bit different way of going about. I want to do different things right more for a little more designed to it to the degree as I say to the degree that I could control that or or at least say okay if I if this is what I'm doing. It doesn't fall into the straight line of the story I wanNA tell throughout my life and cinema then I'm GonNa start observing the patterns and still give sense in a common thread sense to all of it and that's how I've always looked at it so if if fast times at Ridgemont high is the first hundred yards of the road on paving Dan yes I if you looked at the road as it goes on you'll see a Lotta bends and twirls but you won't see someone who's bends and twirls looked back in any other way then to say Where am I trying to go and what's the best turn I can take given where the road that I was given a start yeah. Dow was we're kind of winding this down first of all thank you again for having me in your house very well. Which is beautiful in your art? Work is incredible. What are you what do you is there something in particular that you're joyful about like what what's kind of your piece like what's your joy. What makes you happy and excited right. Now I start with while we were in this conversation and because you were generous enough to come out to the to the house I saw a car pull up outside outside and my twenty six year old son who actually graces the cover of my new book photograph of him when he was about five C. He'll he'll be joining me this afternoon and seen him for a few days. that makes me happy and makes me hopeful about out. Thanks is more than ever. I've I think I've said this like most people who have a public forums. Speak on any social needs say you know this this. ID believing in the youth culture but we've really had evidence that there is a a new brain a new resilience and a new kind of passion when we look at people and I I I you know one the immediately go to on this is the young lady in that survived the Parkland shootings Emma Gonzalez and I it will put themselves in the in the block walls echoing block walls of a public school complemented by the report of long barrel automatic weapons sounds and images of their young friends who will not be able to pursue a life because they're inside there on the floor uh-huh from having been at the other end of that weapon that kind of incredible horror and to be a teenager and to the very next day be able to to go on camera and be so articulate and so sharing of the experience and the call for Change Wjr in that case related to a gun specifically assault weapons you're seeing people who are now no longer longer just activists they are in it is my view that they will succeed in changing things and I haven't seen that in that way in my lifetime I remember in the sixties 'cause I was paying attention as a very young man sixties early seventies the- there there was something inherently off the antiwar movement because so much of it was represented in the media by hippies doing a lot of drugs and that put off a lot the country these and that you know allowed for until Watergate the continuation of Nixon and Kissinger and and the kind of you know humanly criminal behavior of leadership well but he but now today despite will leadership we have I think the most powerful people are these young people and I I get a lot of hope and excitement out of where they're gonNA take us if we listen to yeah and I actually do think as much as a a as much as I sometimes about social media which I am hypocritically apart of but I do believe that it encourages young people to to express themselves in a way that before I think maybe when we were growing up. It was like your kids shut up. You know you don't know nothing your kids you know and now how kids are encouraged to express themselves in to connect and to try to reach out so I do believe that there are some hopefully positive things about that as well. Y- in the listen the the technology that offers something positive. It's the using of it that that yeah can't have nice things Sean. We can't have nice things ending. This is why Edward R Murrow left television. It wasn't it wasn't the possibility of television it was the use the the way that it was being used yeah but lastly speaking of Nice things I want to compliment you on your neo risk toilet. I have one too and it is. It is a nice piece of technology to have. Ah I find more peace in that room anywhere implant the seat warms. It's got a day feature says hello to you in the morning. Opens up your presence. If you ever like fuck this. I'm going to move back into a trailer but I'm just GONNA need the neo rest toilet in the trailer. You know you've got ah you've got if you've got one of those toilets and in electric airplane that has no carbon footprint then you can give me a tent for the rest of it. Those are the two these things are being able to travel freely without a polluted Fr- footprint and being able to go to that damn toilet and then you can clearly say found God well. The book is Bob Honey Six. Jimmy cracked corn. Thank you again and it was an absolute pleasure. Thank you all right. Thanks so much the end it's time for word salad wrap that was the retentive podcast number ten twenty one with Sean Penn and there was a lot of really great talk in there about charity work and not just not just like you know the idea of and throw some money and then go back to your life but like really being involved and really doing stuff for other people and I think in as much as we can get inundated with our daily lives in our own survival in our own goals in our own dreams that it's really easy. Sometimes I think it'd be easy to I forget to be a part of something bigger than us. Something that doesn't directly affect us and I know a lot of you do this kind of thing but I just wonder that if you're feeling lost lost feeling like you don't have a direction or if you're feeling empty or if you're feeling not fulfilled even if you're doing a lot of the things that you think you told yourself you wanted to do then you know maybe maybe just today if you can't if not no worries tomorrow the next day or when you can just go do something for someone someone else you know just show up some place and help people with something just for them do it for them and then don't really tell anyone about it. Just have it be a little gift for you because I do think that being connected to a greater thing and getting outside of our own heads getting getting outside of our own world's is the best way to connect with humanity and the universe you know and I think maybe it could provide you with the secondary benefits of feeling I mean obviously you do it for other people but the secondary benefits they you do feel more connected. You do feel like you're contributing. Do feel like you're a part of something and maybe it might help you know connect you in ways and fulfill fulfil you in ways that just pursuing your own stuff isn't again. I'm not saying that it's bad to pursue your own stuff. We all pursue our own stuff. It's okay to pursue your own and stuff but you know it's just like that. that song by the band yes you know they have that line. Don't surround yourself with yourself and now I need to go rehearse to try to get my voice up to par with the band yes so I'm going to go do that for thirty years and then come back to you on that on that musical line which which I could have just spoken but but again it's the idea of not surrounding yourself with yourself that can be a very empty pursuit kind of called a sack and emotional cul de sac if you will because we we do need to be connected with people and and our ever growing digital lives only really even though it feels like we're connected other people that can create you know send us for surrounding stuff with ourselves and our own opinions and our own ideas in on our own recommended. Algorithm ICK search engine results and stuff and we we so even though we think we're connecting people really just becoming more isolated so anyway you know if you can only do something online fine but if you can connect with people in the real world and keep people then I would like to I would like to submit for your approval that that might be something that would be helpful to you and and so I I send you often too the day with idea. Even if it's just five minutes you know at the end of your day or whatever at the beginning of your day just go do something for someone else and and then you're GonNa want that miracle. Have I feel like I've some almonds Bill Murray from Scrooge D- at the end but anyway that's kind of the idea and then another another quote that I read that my friend and trainer here for many years. who was Tom J. dealers on instagram posted and he has a podcast called the pro you podcast? I've done it before album. I'm sure I'll do it again. he's just a great motivational guy in a in a real sweetheart and he posted this on his instagram and it's a it says the Dalai Alibaba when asked what surprised him most about humanity answered man because he sacrifices his health in order to make money then he sacrifices this is money to recuperate his health and then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present the result being that he does not live in the present or the future he lives as if if he never is going to die and then dies having never really lived. Oh Damn yeah that wouldn't that wouldn't hit that. Wouldn't that wouldn't dropped hard a truth bomb because it's true you know you pursue all these things and you sacrifice your health because you you you just push everything else out of the way in pursuit of this goal and then when you have that goal then you tried to get your health back what have I done why not and then you're stressing about future stuff. When you're living in the present I know we say it all the time on the podcast going back since the beginning enjoy your burrito enjoy the present but but it is really important to stop even if just just for your health your physical health and your mental health to live in the present and not always be tormented by the past or anxious and stressed asked about the future steal those moments when you can too just live in the present and the more you can do it. The more you can make it a habit the more comfortable it will become 'cause we create eight these patterns and habits for ourselves. Get comfortable even if they're not fully healthy for us and you know and then you can actually live in the president and enjoy today so even at the end of this podcast. Just stop take a deep breath notice. What's around you. Even if you're kind of saying out loud the things that are around you. You know you've you've hopefully you put your car in park. If you're in your car you know you're sitting in your car you go. There's a green tree out there. There's a gray lamppost right there. There's a you know a a terrier walking by a mailbox. Just notice things in your present. Take a breath and just let everything else go all of your future after all of the past worries and stresses and anxieties and just and just kind of be in the present even if it's just for a minute just do that and then continue on with your day and I hope these are helpful in any way if not that I'm just rambling to myself in the to go here we go. Thanks again in for listening. I appreciate you and I will see you and your ears real soon. If you'RE GONNA be a New York October third four three or four th and fifth. I'll be caroline's. They're it'll be at the urban improv later in November so that's that checkout. ID TINTIN DOT COM have a wonderful day evening morning middle of the night. Whenever all right ticker gaining complete enjoy ovary.

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REShow: Penn Jillette. Hour 3 (08-30-19)

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REShow: Penn Jillette. Hour 3 (08-30-19)

"Thank you for listening to this podcast. One sports net production available on apple podcast and podcast one okay. This is a thirty second commercial. Jill and i'm going to throw a lot of numbers at you but please stay with me and just fifteen minutes. You could save fifteen percent or more on car insurance. This company's been offering great rates in great service risk for over seventy five years in anytime you need help you can speak to one of their trained specialist twenty four seven. The company is geico. Go to geico dot com today. Sorry for all the numbers and in five four three two one amount of time. Your home is important. That's why gyco helps make it easy to save on condo insurance because home is more than just a place home is where you took minimalism too far because there's only one chair in your entire condo in your only entertainment. 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Your online sportsbook experts hour number. Three of the rich eisen. Show is on the air nice chat with penn jillette back there and in our green room but a fan of penn and teller for a very very very long time oh yeah longest running headlining act in las vegas history penn and teller the real. That's where the world series series of poker took place right. That's right yeah got to tell you. I miss that world series of poker. I miss it. I miss just sitting around. Watching poker is what's awesome crazy right <hes>. We've had a great show so far. Aaron rodgers called an hour number one pro football hall of famer. Tony dungy our number two. I gave you my <hes>. Choices is for <hes> division winners in the upcoming season. It starts in six days. Bro were less than a week away for aaron rodgers and the packers taking on the bears <hes>. I'm tony dungee will be there on n._b._c. Thursday night football that night can't wait and <hes> so <hes> he joined us and then my division winners all just give it to you one more time. Patriots ravens colts chiefs eagles vikings. I reserve the right to see what the green bay packers look like. I mean but i'm t- took him. I took them took the vikings but i want people to understand that i'm you know i'm. I'm not discounting like week seven. You're just going to be like well. I'm taking the backers. I code god. I mean it's called a midseason mullin right saints and rams and my m._v._p.'s patrick mahomes my super bowl. <hes> prediction will be forthcoming tuesday show and also the one team that made it last year. That's out and preparing for tuesday's n._f._l. Game day morning season preview kickoff show i. I got two days next tuesday this show in that show on thursday this show in the kickoff. Then sunday comes rock and roll baby. I know i'm gonna you know i'm going to turn off the lights and sleep in on sunday. Daddy sleeping in kiddos work. It doesn't it doesn't can you lock the door or or like i could but you know you. Don't lock the door on your child. I mean you're you're trying to sleep. You got a big week. They got. They got to know the only reason they have. This house is because so you know you need if you can't rest then you know. They can't live in that nice house. No first of all they have their house because of me and my wife were team. I understand you right and susie has been part of the equation for quite some time and and we're a team. The can't look a child that says i just had a bad dream in the face and say daddy get over it. Get over. There will be bad dreams. That's he's got. He's got to get ready for uncle mooch to give his coaches matsch's minute. I think they'll understand tough. Sinus dan the half. Thanks mike eight four four two zero four rich number dial. I'd like to take some phone calls before we get to penn jillette so let's get your news update right right off the quake giddy up right here and brought to you by our friends at honda brockman with a special live report then with the news brought to you by the honda odysseys back to school time so happen that odyssey take your kids to school and of course if you're taking anybody your whole family somewhere for labor day weekend. I'm telling you what the honda odyssey is a a perfect vehicle. Go check it out at your local honda dealer today. What do you got over there. Chris rich. They're three certainties in life. Death taxes fits magic doc ryan fitzpatrick starting quarterback for the miami dolphins announced last night. He goes brian for as onboard. We know the team traded a second round. Pick for josh rosen in the off-season a bribe for some sound here on josh rosen and how he's doing right now multiple times i think he's improved greatly over the of course a training camp. This is a young kid who <hes> works extremely hard. It's important to him. He's talented but playing quarterback in this league. There's there's it takes them times he. He's a new offense and i think he'll get i do. I really do <hes>. That's a conversation we had. I think you'll get there at some point when i don't know and a lot of that's up to him. He knows that wow unbelievable. Hey josh here's what's going to happen when you when you <hes> when you decide side you're not going back to u._c._l._a. Here's what will happen is. Everybody's gonna try and pick apart your college career. You got your ass hannity all the time <hes> but we're gonna we're gonna figure it out out <hes> eventually <hes> but the eventually will not happen in the first two years of your career you'll get shot in arizona which is going to draft you <hes> and and then you're going to get one and done there and then traded on draft night because calories combination and you're gonna get drafted. You're going to be traded to the miami dolphins <hes> and and the person who's gonna have your career in his hands is a first time ever head coach from the belshazzar tree. Which is we all know. It's just been one more situation after another of the coach not being able to replicate the patriots success in that spot. That's the riptide. They'll be caught in. Oh yeah and then <hes> the two guys are going to get your job are or kyle. Amari who's in oklahoma right now and ryan fitzpatrick who's currently right now on the box backing up jameis winston but he's gonna get a shot there because he gets a shot everywhere any quarterback that thinks they have a shot to start or they think it's their job or it is their job and sees ryan fitzpatrick walk into the locker room. You need to get ready demand madam trade. It's his record eighth different team. He'll be starting an n._f._l. Game for eight check this. I believe was from buffalo which is is i believe four starting teams ago for him because this'll be the dolphins then there was the bucks then there was the jets and before that was the pills order. Was it the texans before after the. I can't keep it straight any okay so the bills were five teams teams ago after buffalo hello in two thousand twelve twelve. It's just six years ago. He started nine games for tennessee. In two thousand thirteen cranny started twelve games for houston in in two thousand fourteen and then the jets hired him to be the backup to gino smith and he got the gig because gino smith got cold cocked by a teammate broke his jaw went ten and six for the jets and twenty twenty fifteen started eleven games in two thousand sixteen for the jets and in the last two seasons in tampa started ten games that said week to new home for the dolphins <hes> the home for the patriots and you know that's the bermuda triangle for the patriots. Are you concerned about that week to here. Comes fits magic. I mean i know he's going to throw four picks is just whether or not if he throws four touchdowns all right. There's there's not a window. He doesn't think he can throw it into. He's the best. It really is remarkable. God bless awesome congratulations yeah and rosen. He's going to get like could you imagine the defensive coordinator for the patriots last year. His first ever gig is the one to look him in the eye after after all those years of what he's done and he'd look in the eyes. I think you're going to get there what he must be thinking right now. I hope florus is the right guy for the dolphins vince traded a two. You traded to see what you've got. See what you know what you're going to get with ryan fitzpatrick which is potentially potentially four picks four touchdowns or four hundred yards right. I know no in between and if the idea is maybe it's not rosen and you want to get into the tool game fitzpatrick's not the answer nor is trading rose in the dolphins dolphins news a lot of trade rumors going down there the texans reportedly of dangled the first round pick and davey clowney for laremy tunsil dolphins have asked for more keep an eye on that you hear the report that they would be a revolt revolt and traded tunsil for for cloudy at us from bear jackson at the mind so so yeah. Let's see let's try and evaluate. Josh rosen at some point and trade the best protection. We'd have for them. The only way you can evaluate a quarterback is to get in the protection and the weapons which is what mayor doing with car right now. You're talking about quarterback with pressure on him. Cars got the pressure yeah 'cause gruden in may may makes a fresh set of eyes and gruden as we all know can fault you know fall out of love with quarterback real fast knock on wood. What if you're with me but at least they're going to be able to evaluate him. They got him a protection upfront and got him one of the greatest weapons in the game if his heads in the game game on his helmet god would if you're with me season's gonna be awesome man okay. Karl lloyd been talking about her a lot this week. She was on dan patrick show this morning dan astor if she was actually considering trying out for the n._f._l. I think the more and more i think about it. It would be pretty amazing anything number one to be the first female to kick in the n._f._l. To break that barrier and maybe pave the way for some other employer mel cookers then i love a challenge. I know whatever challenge comes my way. I don't shy away from i actually grace it and with the right training and break technique get posssibility and i'm not naive to know that there's some big men that play football you know and obviously i wasn't trying out for the n._f._l. When i was kicking this field goal so i took multiple the steps because i was just having fun with it so i'd like to get out there. I'd like to actually really try to get to step down so i can do that. Then there is a great possibility go carli lloyd do it do it do it. I don't remember a single kicker. That didn't get a job in the n._f._l. Because of his inability to to tackle or his size would be too dangerous to put him out there in front of people who are bigger and faster so don't gimme that with carli lloyd and more amazing that more nancy to tweet out of video offering his assistance he then called into dan while this interview is going on on and i was asked by dan tackling is an important skill for kick say they called me the matador for a reason guys uh-huh anybody so. I don't think that's a real concern for carly. I think we have ten other guys in front of us for reason and your job is to put the ball through the uprights and so oh whatever you if you want to run to the sideline right up your kick. I don't have a problem with a horse. That's you know i know everyone's laughing thing but that's fact that's an odd one hundred percent factor the f. for shall be amazing that would just be so amazing and who better to give it a try then carly charlie lord. I know she's thirty seven. You gotta talk about age. We're talking about an athlete true but let her do it. Why not i mean and if i'm an n._f._l. Team do it. What are we have to lose. I want to do it now they n._f._l. N._f._l. Teams change kickers like n._h._l. Teams changed coaches truly truly like let's just keep going turn out how many times it kicker gets cut two seconds flat so carli lloyd tries you try. Let's see what you got. How do you know how many people would try out. You know when people would get outta here and then we'll move on n._f._l. Teams we all know do think of the bottom line you hire carli lloyd to be your kicker number one fans in the seats. I would go see how who who would pay who would pay money to see somebody kick in the n._f._l. Nobody but if you have carli lloyd out there the answer's yes new fan base to how many lloyd jerseys would be purchased overnight. I get one for my daughter on the spot on the spa. Certainly if a certain team that doesn't have a good quality kicker it seems right now from the new york metropolitan area area where she grew up hired. Karl lloyd to be the jets kicker. Ah damn straight. Let's go great idea. I'm so fired up about this and i just love it. When dan talks kicking cooking squad goals last bit of contract news thomas dmitrov said last night during the falcons preseason game teams very close to a new contract with julio jones yeah that'll happen willy and kansas city. Let's take your call before <hes> penn. Jillette comes out here. What's up willie. Hey thanks for taking the call rich william k._c. In honor of wolverine willie so hello my michigan brother okay for the victors and go blue anything you can do by away to stop national broadcasters for from referring to michigan as big blue during a michigan football baseball or basketball game greatly appreciated. That's that's the nobody goes big blue now. Big lewis are the giants. That's the giants you know i._b._m. Does big blue okay very good. I was i wasn't in the ross business. School also another as a bears plant bears fan growing up in chicago now living in kansas city. I have some perspective there but i did sit through the aaron. Rodgers interview interview in really was hoping you would encourage him to drive dan. Dan patrick's car without a seat belt but <hes> you failed in that regard so now i thought actually watching the entire season. You know what really just don't know how you know. I never <noise>. You know what we don't do here is we don't usually talk about players. Personal lives here so oh having fifteen minutes real estate. It wasn't going to bring up. <hes> you know his personal life. I don't know how him why he broke up with. Olivia munn is also off the table questions about that. After the jimmy kimmel i think how can we can we can put that in. Thanks for the call willie that we could put that in the same <hes> same same bucket and dump that bucket on the eight. That's a that's a different passion bucket. It just continue the squad. Goals here are eight four four two zero four rich number dial down hold because our three will take your calls before we hit the <hes> the labor day weekend and if i'm not mistaken. Do you have college football sneaky good game. You gotta do a sneaker money. I'm gonna i'm gonna threats and picks tweak one college football this weekend. Let's try it out. Okay a little bit of the a little bit of the making money for people won't be screaming turning something into nothing into something exactly a little bit of ledger domain. Do you know what that means configured. Ask ask the guardia right with what's ledger domain. It's another word for magic. Oh thank you pen or sleight active handy handy. What do you do you. Can you do a trick with that with the baseball bat. You don't wanna see gladys year panja. Let us here. We're excited about that six season of penn and teller foolish airing mondays on the c._w. We'll talk about that and so much more with penn jillette live live on the rich eisen show set in a second yahu is officially released their week one daily fantasy football contests that means that i need to study. They have a million million dollar contest for week while we're no management fee and one hundred thousand dollars to first place. Many more money goes back to you the players there's ten entry max. 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We have utah at b._y._u. With utah favored by five and then on saturday afternoon noon oregon at auburn with auburn favored by three that should be a great game visit bet online dot o._r._g. And signed up for your free account that ben online dot a._g. Your online sportsbook experts you know you're the longest running headlining act in las vegas history when you headline it a theater named after your team and at at the penn and teller theater at the rio hotel las vegas nevada the comedy magic duo penn and teller work their craft six season of penn and teller fool us airing monday at eight eighty stern seven central on the c._w. Good to see you pendulum. How big fan of yours for quite some time. How did you get started in this. You know i really didn't i. I mean i started out as a juggler and <hes> teller was the one that pulled me. In the magic. I <hes> i did not like the idea of lying <hes> as an entertainment and tell there was the one who told me you could tell bigger truths and you could be honest about your lying and that was really a profound thing from my gosh <hes> walk me through that <hes> mental title jujitsu about magic as you're making a deal with the audience that you are going to trick them and you're going to discuss how we ascertained detained. What's true and that's a pretty interesting intellectual thing right. You get to play in an area that is very unpleasant unless it's out in the open and that's very kind of sweet and fun. How did you meet teller both in phnom together. I was a pilot he was. Would that be good if that were true rain. If that were true <hes> sure he's actually not. I was just a little bit too young for phnom. Go so <hes> <hes> we didn't nothing to do with the at phnom was actually telling went to college with a guy who sold stereo come on. We should've stuck with the phnom store by the way i like that one so okay is that a true story teller eller <hes> taylor went to amherst college which is in western massachusetts right and i am from a town near there okay greenfield and a <hes> someone who graduated members college working to stereo store in my town and i went in with all the money i'd saved up to finally by a good stereo and we got talking and we're talking about art comedy and ideas like that and he finally introduced me to tell her with that time was a high school latin teacher in trenton new jersey. You know i forgot what level of dante's hell latin teacher in new jersey is but it's close to the centre. It's time to hell latin latin in new jersey. That's that's amazing okay so was. When did you guys. I perform then. When was you know. I i got got out of high school. On a plea bargain i didn't really graduate and then i went to ringling brothers barnum bailey greatest show on earth clown college and then because does <hes> bob dylan lied to me and i thought that the hip thing to do is to hitchhike and hop trains. He didn't actually do this. I did and then after a couple of years. I convinced teller actually quit his tenure job as a latin teacher in team up with a nineteen year old to do a magic show and that's what we did and that's that was forty four years forty actually forty four years ago i think a week and a half ago so forty four years we can have pets how long penn and taylor been at it and pendulum. Yes sure did when did okay. Was it always settled. That teller wouldn't talk that predates me. When i first met teller he was already an accomplished magician was kind of a child prodigy yes and <hes> he was already not speaking so he brought me on them to do the talking. At first i was a juggler and then i learned a <hes> a little bit of magic over forty five. I imagine you have something so he's never has he ever talked walked on. He always talks a little onstage. You know when we do fu lesson stuff once in a while who throw in a video or once in a while is say something and we do this thing we try to trust the audience as much as we can and assume that they are at least as smart as we are which you've always been accurate on but when the audience comes out of the show but this is unusual for vegas we meet everybody who wants to meet us after the show most other vegas shows you pay another couple of hundred bucks to meet the entertainers we just meet everybody in the audience he and tell her talks to them and what i love about how much you can trust the audience. Is people have a conversation. Tell nicb over to be in say. I love the way your partner partner never speaks because it's it's okay. We can all do a make believe together. We don't have to lie the people tell the very articulate as i said a latin teacher right but is chosen goes into see if it's more interesting to be able to distort reality without speaking and <hes> anybody from the sports world that you might have met at yes. It's after well after the show and also back to the green room just a little while ago and mike tyson was sleeping on her couch. Are you sure this was a scene from hangover. Actually they're sleeping on the couch by buddy. Ratto larry sloman wrote the big big tyson book with them and they got to be friends and we got to normal little bit me hangs out in your green room just throw back there because he was meeting with rats when doing some i guess i should say larry sloman but we all call them <hes> <hes> he was doing some work with them and clean up something and he just <hes> ended up dotes off. It was a little late late toward the end of the show. I go back. There's tyson so. I just think it probably not good to wake up offer. It'd be you don't wanna casey's a little startled no reason for me but i i'd never never seen a boxing match. Never seen anything vinnie vegas and all the years. You've been involved never and <hes> but i knew i knew mike tyson and i also <hes> bill. Russell has come to our show a lot. No can't we get get along wonderfully and people have told me get along so well because i don't talk about basketball. That's probably true you know penn. He's only a little taller than me. Mesa type stuff and because his daughter is <hes> is is a lawyer and <hes> free speech stuff. I know her from that's why i met her father from that so a lot of sports guys come by and they're so kind to me because when i say oops i i don't know a lot about sports. They often seem happy happy about that. They probably want to just get immersed. In what's your into. I think i've always a little embarrassed just about that but there are always so kind to me pendulum here on the rich eisen show penn and teller foolish on <hes> the c._w. We'll talk about that in a second. I do wanna get into vegas. So what was the first night you played in vegas. Give me the first one i guess it was in the nineties and <hes> it was pretty nutty because we were considered to new york. <hes> forgive me for saying this but to intellectual for vegas <hes> they thought it was foolish to book their and then our first night in vegas biggest at the bally's showroom celebrity real sold out sold out very well was first casino and also what's great about this this is we have the record for the most tickets sold in the same room sinatra plate and the reason is does not had friends that we didn't so we sold every ticket away. That's amazing. That's not how you beats and not having fred's. That's the way you get over the top so you were headlining right from the gecko or did you open for somebody headlined right from the get go in in in in vegas and atlantic city we we at one point open for the temptations but what was that like it was wonderful wonderful and we also got to do a show and this was such a thrill with b._b. King who who is in my opinion pathologically nice he is the nicest human being i've ever met in my life and being back stage with b._b. King and seeing lucille and seeing seeing all his guitar of course the most wonderful thing in the world it has to be so who else who else was in vegas when you were there headlining. Who's obviously wayne newton this mr tom. I know wayne since we got there. I don't think you're allowed individuals. You know being vetted by way <hes> and yet yeah. Do you know all the <hes> we were. We were there early enough in the nineties right that to play the same room when dean martin was still playing there and <hes> you know rodney dangerfield hold on. I remember coming back stage watson. I said mike mike tyson in our green room. I came back once and <hes> and rodney dangerfield was in a robe obe. Intel's drifts a rope and i said to tell her. I didn't know you knew rodney dangerfield to tell her said i don't the he'd come down to <hes> to gamble his in his bathrobe and why not and he had a <hes> a young woman with him who wanted to meet penn and teller and he said no problem and brought them back it to tell dressing row because all the security guards its rodney dangerfield. We were thrilled but it was an answer. I did not expect tell off and then he was in the dressing room and tell her and i visited with him a little bit. Yeah yeah met the woman who wanted to meet us and then we got changed. We went home and there was rodney. An intelligence dress aruba it is bathrooms bathrobe. Yeah he would come down and gamble in his bathrobe bathrobe because he's rodney dangerfield. Who's going to push our clothes on right. I didn't want it to put clothes story. Terry harry reid was a terry cloth robe. It was one of the hotel room. I'll tell the high quality rope there. I'm sure i'm sure the egyptian cotton thread count on his on his probably probably amazing for a sheets and probably when he takes it home with them. They don't even mind of course not it doesn't show up on the bill. Kind doesn't show up on the bill at all along with what videos you watch. Don't show up and just go very well. There are no titles. Apparently there are no title but there's prices. I never understood strange and i wouldn't think injury cost thirty five dollars the pendulum of penn and teller right here on the rich eisen show so the rio is. It's got to be cool to go. Oh into a spot and there's your name on the time. Also my picture is three hundred feet high on inside your writer in your contacts and i love when people are interviewing me and say what it feel like to see your picture up. There and i said well we had meetings about it and i posed for the picture. What's what's a surprise this. I love this image that you'd be driving to work and all of a sudden well. They put my picture. How did that happen but i would like to point out that my picture is wicked bigger than then donnie and marie together david copperfield or donnie marine david copperfield together. I'm three hundred feet tall and you can. If you like as book a the room that has a very strategically placed window on my picture the case you wanna you just wanna go there and see i could tell you the room number lookout away from private parts of that night their service that service right there <hes>. Do you have a favorite trick or you know you kind of. Tell her and i have this wonderful luxury. We have five hours material. That's that's current okay and and we're also writing new stuff but you have to change our show a lot and you have to have the discipline to <hes> to always i think the bitch you're doing it. That second is the best. It's just not fair to the audience to to be looking forward to something else. That being said the best trick <hes> quad trick we've ever done i think is the bullet catch rather well known foreign and <hes> my favorite things a thing. We're an audience member turns taylor because it doesn't really have an antecedent i mean most every trick and magic you look back and say well so and so did a version of that right nineteen thirty eight and so and so did this turn turn of the last century. There was someone in france it was doing that. Trick is kinda sort of ours. You get someone up from the audience and they turned into teller. It's it's rather startling. It was a hard trip so for those who might not have seen it. They literally turn into. I was telling yes but it's a <hes> it's it's a very big surprise because someone else audience and <hes> there is a switch that happens with the audience is unaware of it and <hes> we really got lucky. You know a lot of times you think of a trick when you actually get to <hes> putting it on stage. It's less good this is. I think one of the four or five tricks that ended ended up better on stage that it wasn't our heads so i get real excited. We started doing that. And of course you know <hes> now you're able to bring your brand of magic and humor summer to <hes> the c._w. Audience to a larger audience just obviously people coming to see you now. They can sit there and have you come to their house. Six season of penn and teller fool us. What do you like about this about this is i do not like art competition shows. I don't like people a adjudging how well someone sings. You know unless you can show me a talent show on t._v. Where bob dylan son raw tiny tim win nysc ascraeus. I'm skeptical yes but our show it what we are competing on if one of us that is very very constrained. It's just did you fool us. Not as you're good not to the audience love you not. Did you fool anyone else but just did you happen to fool us and it makes it very very polite. Gentle persons game <hes> and it comes from what really happened you know the the capital of magic in the world is las awesome bagels and most magicians end up visiting there and then they end up backstage at our show very often and we've noticed that when they're in the green room backstage stage when tyson isn't there would want to wake them up and <hes> they'll often say hey did you see this and they'll pull out a trick and do it for us and then there's this wonderful the moment afterwards where everybody in the room just does whether we know that trick dot you know larry teller says oh yeah it's a nice version of that or whether other telecoms what war <hes> and that moment is kind of nice and sweet and pleasant. We decided to move that onto t._v. And also teaches teaches people that the the camera people are not on the side of the magician. I mean there's no camera tricks. They're sitting there. They do it once. We follow all the rules. We never know who's is coming on and what they're gonna do and we get just one time through the trick. Do we happen to know how that trick is done and we first putting together. The producers are going well do they write down how much done and then you write it down. Someone compares. I don't know it'll all done with i contact we all know right and everybody's everybody's very polite and nice very sweet and the people who have been most successful careers afterwards are often the people that didn't full us while the people who do full you get to be your advocate. Has that happened in the hell happened in the six years. I know how much sports guys love status yes so about twelve twelve twelve percent of the people who are on foolish okay <hes> you know they're. They're really good. Magicians and i would say ninety percent of them are righteous fools. It's ten ten percent. Are we were looking away at the wrong time or they did it. One way we knew another or something like that. It gets a little bit iffy but boy you'd get into magic not because you like to fool people but because you love being fooled and then you keep chasing that first high 'cause the more you know the lesher fooled and we're in this wonderful position where <hes> having been in magic for our entire adult lives. We still have people come on fullest. Although i'll tell you <hes> we are scouring the world now. The producers said well next year next season. Don't expect anyone to speak english because we've gone through. Oh a lot of the american. I've enjoyed again you and tell her together for for for a long time appreciative of you coming on this show array anytime thank you a penn and teller fool us airing mondays at eight eastern seven central on the c._w. Could street next day free only on the c._w. App pendulum angela here on the rich eisen show. Thanks for coming on really appreciate that. <hes> we'll wrap up the show with <hes> we'll. We'll turn nothing into to something. The one hundred percent of the shows righteous fools right over there. You still very much. I'll throw myself into that. Two hundred percent chris brockman making some gambling maneuvers maneuvers for for you on your college football weekend before you head into labor day. That's next on the rich eisen show. Hey listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all of my great sponsors and all of you great listeners for supporting. This podcast certainly couldn't do this. Show without either of you. When i wanted to remind you that you can support my sponsors by going to my show page at podcast one in dot com clicking on the support this podcast button and there you'll see all of my wonderful sponsors that help make this possible so thank you for downloading subscribing and of course supporting now back to the show stay tuned for sixty seconds of a._b._c. news headlines right after this podcast. 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It's organ at auburn auburn favored by three. That should be a great game but bet online dot a._g. And sat up for your free account that better line dot a._g. Orelon sportsbook okay experts fun show how about that stuff that was great with pendulum rodney dangerfield any role coming down because that so he wants to gamble and his lady friend wanted to meet penn and teller come on. I think we need to try that. Move my zach and kentucky. Let's see can just a quick phone. Call here before we close up shop for labor labor day. What's going on zach. Hey rich. The paper is in how you doing today. What's going on. Well man. I i wanted to say that <hes> <hes> watch the game that you call it last year the london game with the jaguars which was a complete blow out but you merge michael and kurt on the best called game. I think i've ever seen thank you zac appreciate that for real. You need to do more well. We got two of them. Fall not exactly a might be telling tales out of school but that's the plan couple of to the game goes. It's gonna be entertaining because <hes> you're going to be calling it. I really pretty well well. Here's here's the thing of course we've heard a lot about players and <hes> fans wanting to get ready to pre season and i think that's that's a good idea to make it twenty games and <hes> but keep the roster expanded just as we already do and maybe even into a couple couple extra games so that there can be an expanded roster coaches can still try out players before they have to cut up while i appreciate the call zaken. Thank you for what you said. <hes> <hes> about the london games look i. I'm not up for expanding the regular season one single bit and i'm already hearing that the pla- the owners want to expand the playoffs. I'm not up for that either. I don't wanna see the race for the seventh and final playoff spot between two six eight teams. It's just that's not my. I'm not interested in it it but they want you know you wanna keep expanding the pie and expanding the revenue stream one way to do it is add a couple of a playoff games because the the networks would be into would you be able to charge more money for it would shove the <hes> it would. I imagined shoving extra weaken in for games. I'm just thinking off the top my head. Maybe maybe not there'd be one by week. One team gets a bye week. The second seeded team would take two hundred two verses seven three versus six four versus five. I just don't know how that makes it better. I don't think it does. I think it's perfect. I think at the off season is just long enough for us to really miss it. Absence makes the heart grow fonder september all the way through to february. Don't touch it hope. Not you know don't touch gotcha. Are you ready to make some people some money chris brockman. I'm going to try all right. Let's go first sneaky good game with it right. Now your own oh like every n._f._l. Team right now. You are no hit it. Mike del tufo chris brockman with sneaky good games contests likely sobriety or their heretofore undisclosed competitive and i want to thank for a fifth straight year. <hes> tom brokaw lending his gravitas to the introduction reduction to sneaky good games chris thankful okay. We're going three college games huge college weekend. Let's start tonight wisconsin at south florida. I like the badgers nineteen one thousand three badgers minus ten and a half years u._s._f. Had one of the worst defensive units last year one hundred twenty third ranked rush defense. They gave up almost two hundred and fifty yards a game and if you know anything about wisconsin they have the best running back in college football jonathan taylor almost twenty two hundred hundred yards sixteen touchdowns last year third year it wisconsin. He's gonna have a monster game. I like the badgers big tonight on else. You got next up saturday tonight. Louisiana tech at texas ranked number ten. I like over fifty five points. It's getting seventy percent of the money right now. Sam ellen jurors a monster quarterback for texas. He's going to be a sophomore now. He's starting darkhorse. Heisman candidate wake a lot of points in this one texas has had some early season disappointments appointments in the last couple of years and do not see that tonight and everybody's wondering why you would call etlinger a <hes> a darkhorse heisman candidate is just anybody not named tool or lawrence right. You can get a dark horse for the heisman. Trophy can get a good number on sam right now. Okay lastly. I want to be a bit a homer moore on this one twenty second ranked syracuse minus eighteen and a half at liberty liberties than just its second year playing at the f. b. s. level. It played two games games last year against power. Five opponents lost by an average of thirty. Seven points. Syracuse was seventeenth in total offense last season eleventh in scoring boring year four for dino babies. We are going to have a monster season and a monster start to the year syracuse minus eighteen so two days ago the jobs that he could games two days ago. I turn you on like you're not gambling on these college games. Are you and you said something like if the day ends in y you do and then you told me that the way because i i said how can you figure out what eighteen nineteen twenty year olds with no training camp no freeze no not while training camp but you know what i'm saying like. How can you tell kids would play just fresh out of the box. You said don't go spread read go over under and in two three sneaky good games you went with the spread the number l. me you go with your gut. Yeah i got the same way i looked at what marries thomas looked like last night and i'm like you know what tom brady is. Gonna make marius thomas who is healthy have a renaissance season season. I would trust the brady to marry his thomas connection more than the data to michael gallup connection because at least brady's got a running game brady's brady and also josh mcdaniels is the guy who drafted marius thomas into the league and you're like the largest fire on that and you're uh no no no what i'm saying is it is educated. Guess along with a gut feeling your gut feelings. I just think mike golic and have a great season. He was going to be huge. He's this is the number one option for the cowboys while amari cooper is banged up okay and then when zeke is still chilling out with the way that means the cowboys jay okay all right. We'll see good. Show good show up. What are you doing for the for your weekend. A lot of college football viewing this weekend going to play a little golf as well and mostly just relaxed for week one by the way i gotta i gotta i gotta tell you right here. <hes> i just got <hes> a release from the state of california from the governor's office gavin newsom okay okay reason why i'm mentioning this is there's many people that the governor name to certain positions as an appointee an official appointee of the governor of the state of california a new member of the los angeles coliseum commission suzy shuster. Oh what does i mean. I'll let you know what it means is that you know the the l._a. Coliseum has got a commission that helps run it and make decisions. That's this day and age where there's more more facilities abilities around here bottom line. Is you want something at the coliseum. You know go to say oh were men now world cup tickets excuse me let's just crawl before we they don't ask for. I love to sues and it's on day that my daughter search six birthday going into the labor day weekend last week. We made it yeah well. We're we're on tuesday's. The official football's chris carter hall of famer is going to be our first guest of back to n._f._l. Week cannot wait and my keller will fill in for us on monday. Enjoy labor day we can bridge. You got to move on. If you got to move on hi this is gillian with court junkie a true crime podcast that covers court cases and criminal trials using audio clips and interviews. I'm excited to announce that i have formed a partnership with the law and crime network and that court junkie will now be releasing episodes every week some episodes episodes include the case of a man who admitted to dismembering his father's body but who swears at trial that he didn't kill him and the case of a woman who is charged with murder after she pushed her husband and causing him to fall out of a high rise building court junkie is available on apple podcasts and podcast one dot com. Your home is important. That's why geico helps make it easy to save on condo insurance because home is more than just a place home is where you took minimalism too far because there's only one chair in your entire condo in your only entertainment is one card not even a deck of cards but a single card and all your guests have to share one plate and one fork but you're convinced that less stuff means more freedom. The geico geico insurance agency could help protect the overly minimalist broom closet you call home call geico and see how easy it is to switch and save on condo insurance steve austin college football has officially arrived. There's a big match ups this week to get the season underway one place. Has you covered. Get you right in on all the action but online dot a._g. San up today for a free account and claim your fifty percent. Welcome bonus starting thursday night. It's u._c._l._a. At cincinnati was cincinnati favored by three and a battle between state rivals. We have utah at b._y._u. Utah favored by five and then on saturday afternoon. It's organ at auburn with auburn favored by three. That should be a great game but but online dot a._g. And signed up for your free account that bet online dot a._g. Orelon sportsbook experts.

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The Anti-Resume: Redefining Success

Art of Failure

23:12 min | 1 year ago

The Anti-Resume: Redefining Success

"Yeah. Hey, everybody to art of failure. I'm your host Steve Friedman. Thanks for tuning in. Yes. This is art of failure the podcast that explores what it means to fail as a human person. We all try so hard not to fail on a daily basis. And we also forget on a daily basis that failure is part of life, and that we can use failure as a catalyst for growth and movement towards bigger and better things. Failure resume in the past three years, the New York Times Harper business review, the Washington Post Inc. Business insider and mental floss all written about the concept of a failure resume. What is it twice, it helpful? Well, we'll tell you. But first, let me introduce today's guests who created their own version of a failure resume so fee and Libya O'Dwyer both students at the university of Pennsylvania. Obviously, it's an Ivy league school and the pressure to succeed. There is a mess. So FIA and Libya are doing something to change that pressure to succeed. They are co leaders of the anti resume project. Their mission statement reads the goal of the project is to quote, promote a message that we are more than our resume, our GPA our, internship or our job and to celebrate the small but important things that aren't normally tied to success, and quote, and even to put our failures on our resumes. You know, I think kids of all ages. Learn a lot from these guys to quote, the who the kids are. All right. Let's start with the Livia. What's it like being a student at university of Pennsylvania? Yeah. It's funny because this weekend is actually are accepted students weekend. So today, we've been seeing all the prospective students walking around actually feels very recent since we in footsteps, so it's crazy how time flies perfect early spring day where exactly kid so full of hope and anything about failure yet. Yes. Yeah. Definitely. So they're seeing the best of Penn Olivia. Use said at Penn people are so successful in high school. I want to hear about you guys in high school, and how successful you were. But they're not used to experiencing failure or bouncing back from failures. Is that true for both you so feel start with you? Yeah. I came depend kind of was like at the top of my class in high school. And then once I got to Penn academics just were much harder than they were in high school. It's. Very easy to get overwhelmed as a freshman and think everyone else years so much more successful than me. I'm not used to this, and it can be honestly can be a little bit debilitating. Someone who's been conventionally successful throughout their high school years. Yeah. High school like for you, the success of high school for you. I had a really great high school experience. I wouldn't say I was successful in everything I did. But I think I saw myself as someone who typically succeeded and did well in these different things, and that was kind of a way that I defined myself. And I think I didn't realize that until I came to Penn. And some of those things that I'd always believed about myself started to change in the context of being upenn. And I realized I can't be defining myself as someone who succeeds or does well because if that's taken away from me that shouldn't change the way of you myself. Because when does that end like all of us, you know, let me get this one more thing if I get that thing that's going to make me happy. If I get that success. That'll make me happy. That's awesome. That you guys are are doing this failure project. What is the stigma? Is there a stigma towards failure at Penn? Is it set up? Does it set you up for failure? Let's start with is there a stigma towards failure at ten. So there's something here at Penn called Penn Fay's. So this term basically means you're putting up the front all the time in your daily life. Trying to portray yourself as really successful early. Perfect maintaining this image while underneath there could be all kinds of turmoil or emotional conflict going on struggles. Because there is this stigma against being vulnerable admitting that I applied for this club or applied for this job, and I failed, and I think that also can create toxic environment, which we're. Trying to combat with the project. All right. So let's let's dive into this Alevi when you just start with the anti resume project. That's why we're talking to these young women, which is part of the student group, which is called the signal right student group. So talk about the signal and then talk about how this thing started. How it's spreading. And how you guys got involved, and then I'll shut up for about two hours. And then I'll come back. Yes. So the signal so I joined the signal fall of my freshman year. It was very new at that point. So the signals founded about six months earlier, but it was founded by a group of juniors and seniors who saw this culture at Penn of people pursuing only certain career paths or thinking that they had to go into certain industries or get jobs at certain companies because that's what everyone else is doing. And that's what was considered the right path in the most prestigious, and they really wanted to encourage students to pursue their actual passions. And not be afraid to explore other things they might be interested in and so they created this publication that was centered around hoping students explore nontraditional career paths. And the motto of the signal originally is an was lived liberally. And so yes, and I think there's just a lot that fits in under that, and it was made up of. Group of really creative passionate people. So it's kind of gone in a lot of different directions. But this project was proposed originally last spring by key who's one of our co founders, and he just had this idea of instead of resumes. Why don't we show people's anti resumes? So this false iffy. Nice started as co leads of this project, and it really started to get off the grounds. Then was that me get off the ground? Tell me about tell me about how it's caught fire there at Penn. So after we launched the actual website. We publicized it on Facebook. And there are a lot of people that actually reached out to me personally after reading through some of the content we had on the anti resume website. That said, oh, I love this idea. And this is like so encouraging for me, especially during this time which was recruiting season. I guess just really helped encourage them to keep moving forward by seeing that the alumni on our web. Site had also faced so many struggles and failures, and I think a lot of people just really resonate with the message of the terrorism project, and I think that's where a lot of the attention is going now pick one or two people that have gone on to work or not work or live after graduating the last couple of years, and what they're how in touch you are with them about this failure project now that they're sort of launched quote, unquote. Yes. So actually, the first person who fills out this anti resume for us was Laura gal, and she was one of the founders of the signal and just graduated last spring job rejections. Yes, that's very one. So she was a huge part of starting this anti resume project last spring, actually and was part of the team that was sort of forming the idea of in shaping it so sh-, I think she was the one who first came up with the idea of making it into the Lincoln profile specifically and just as an example, she was trying to reflect on what her anti resume would look like and for me as a freshman. I had always looked up to her so much. She was kind of my mentor throughout my freshman year. And I just saw her as this hugely successful independent creative person who's going on to work at Twitter next year. And I mean, we were close friends, but I also had never really asked her about her failures. I kind of just asked her about, you know, the things I'd heard about that she'd done like starting her company and creating her own sticker designed business and all these amazing things that she'd done and so when I read her anti reds may and saw all the job rejections. And I saw the. Up. She didn't get into and you know, sleeping through final round interviews and sleeping through math. And Chinese finals? First of all, I think it just gave me a lot of hope that she's a very normal student and has been through so many failures. And ultimately she landed her dream job in his doing amazing things that she loves now. And I don't think she would have gotten there had she not experienced these failures and had she not put herself out there and taking risks that allowed her to push boundaries. You mentioned the word normal. This is such a part of life having fire trucks in the background podcast. This is how how how it works. It's the real world, and we have ups and downs and people don't like to talk about their failures. I think that people are talking more and more about failure. I think in in two thousand just recently the times Inc magazine business insider, mental loss, these are different publications that have talked about failure. Why do you guys think it's such a popular thing? Right. You're on the artificial yer. What do you think happening other than well, I'll ask what he thinks happening with failure? That people are talking about more. It's such a healthy thing. I think in recent years, and especially on Penn's campus, there's been a huge push for people to talk more about mental health and wellness, and I think a huge part of this requires opening up and being vulnerable and being willing to tell people. Maybe you're not doing okay. And maybe there's more to it and just reaching out and being there for people in really supporting them. And so I think part of the reason than till health is such a big problem, particularly at Penn is because people put a lot of pressure on themselves and have their whole lives to do. Really? Well. And so I'd knitting that they're not perfect can be really hard and huge strain. And so I think people have seen this, and they've recognized that maybe in order to work towards making mental health west of a huge problem on campus that we need to be open with each other. And we need to start this conversation and be more transparent about the fact that it's okay, not to be perfect, and that we're all in this together. And we're all going through these obstacles in struggling with things. And you know, you never really know what someone's going through. And so just to be aware of that. And I think the more people open up the more this idea kind of spreads. And so I think. Failures just a huge part of what's going on with people, and what goes into their stories, and what makes them who they are. Let's take a moment here to pause and give a shout out to our sponsors. Hey special. Thanks to today's sponsor, Freddie, and peppers pizza. Located on the east side of Amsterdam avenue between seventy three and seventy four here in New York City on the Upper West side, they've got everything. Garlic nuts pasta. They were just rated eight point one from Dave Portnoy from barstool sports. It's awesome pizza. And of course, my favorite thing about this place. They got a big freaking large jug of hand sanitizer right on the counter. So you get in there. You sanitize your hand. You get your slice you get out. It's awesome. Welcome back to art of failure. I am your host e Friedman. Let's get back to discussing failure. How does that pressure manifest itself with young students trying to cope, what are you? What are you seeing? A lot of people don't sleep a lot. I think that's lack of sleep a huge apparent one. And I also think that kind of leads to this culture of I wouldn't say people being proud of it. But I do think there's this weird thing at Penn where people almost compete to to be like I got one hour of sleep last night. And I've eaten one meal in the last three days and taking eight classes and have two jobs and just almost competing with how busy they are such a healthy thing that you're both doing that. Obviously the project aims to stigmatize failure. And you're also encouraging students to step up and take risks to be vulnerable to talk about their failures. How do you both to find yourselves now since you you're obviously not on the other side in you're not launched into the world. You're still struggling through this and talking about your struggles. How has this changed you both? This is very NPR. If your houses changed you Libya. Yes. So I think obviously because of this project I've been reflecting on my failures a lot in the things I've done in the things I haven't done, and I feel like the biggest regrets. I have are the things that I doubted myself too much or I was too frayed to fail to even try. I think there's been jobs. I haven't applied for and things I haven't gotten involved in because I saw it. And I saw how competitive it wasn't immediately. I was like, oh, I'm not qualified for that. Or there's so many more qualified people to do that. And I couldn't do that. And I think just reading through these really successful people's anti resumes in hearing their stories has kind of made me realize the people who stay safe and stay within their comfort zone are not the people who are the most successful. And if someone only has one or two job projections on their list, maybe they didn't stretch themselves, and maybe they could have put themselves more out there. And who knows what happened? If they did. And you Laura has thirty three job rejections, and she's one of the most qualified and talented people. I know, and I think she has that many job rejections because she put herself out there and wasn't afraid to take a leap of faith and try different things. And so I think for one it's kind of just made me less afraid and on the flip side. I think it's encouraged me to be a lot more kind to myself when I do fail when I do make mistakes, you know, like, we emphasize the failures on the anti resumes. But then we also have the side that's called on the bright side, and that centered around focusing on the less celebrated successes or the experiences you've had that would never show up on a resume. But that have been really really formative in terms of, you know, making you the person you are. And so I think it's just doing this project and hearing from people has made me realize that there's so much. I have done so much about me that I am proud of and. That I should focus less on the failures more on what's really important in the end. All right. Be honest with me both of you. What am I chance is? If if let's say, I know to really awesome women that are part of the signal club that I could become an honorary member. Like, what do I do number of the signal club? That's what I wanna do. And I if I fail. I'm okay with that. As you. All about the by the way. Listen, we've had a couple of guests on this project to pop into my head. Adam tack recovers the supreme court for the New York Times. He's an awesome awesome writer did not get into yell ended up going to Columbia. That was a failure for him that he talked about he turned out. Okay, strauss. Zelic who is the current chairman of the board of CBS and also the CEO of take to entertainment among other things did not get into Harvard crestfallen went to Wesland and his crushing life as we know. Just like, you guys are I wanted to ask it just popped into my head is whole thing this whole scandal that happened a couple of weeks ago about the admissions and the SAT scores and putting people's faces on other people's these that rowing does that come up a lot. Or what how how is that thought of since you guys are Ivy league school? What was the discourse going on? Around around that. I think when you see it in the news at seems very outrageous and far fetched. But I think the reality is that today the application process in the emissions process is so intense and kind of competitive, and there's so much pressure. Put on high school students now that they put on themselves to get into these schools that it's not that unbelievable that something like that could happen in the kind of culture that we have today around admissions. Quickly to circle back to your parents. And what their thoughts about this is for both of you wanted to time. Yeah. Yeah. My parents have actually been incredibly supportive of all my involvement in the signal on this project in particular. I think growing up they always had high standards for me. But I felt like I was really the one putting the pressure on myself in terms of academics. And so I think me coming to college their biggest concern for me was just that. I was happy that I was healthy. And then I was working hard, and, you know, making the most opportunities, and so I think they've seen how I've put a lot of pressure on myself. And they're they're glad that I'm kind of taking a step back and looking at the big picture, and it's been really cool to be able to talk to them about this. Yeah. So for me, I actually have not told my parents about the project, but growing up I I put a lot of pressure on myself and my. Parents put some pressure on me. But most of it was I just didn't want to fail. I was like always the smart kid in class. And I think that this project has changed my relationship with my parents a little bit even though they don't know about it. Just because I've been I've been doing more at Penn that I probably wouldn't have done in high school before. And they can kind of see that in. How I struggle is some of my classes because I'm taking classes that I don't think I would actually like, I guess classes that aren't necessarily my strong suit. And I think knowing like when I'm going through these stressful situations and taking these stressful classes, they see that I'm probably failing more than I usually do. But I think that it doesn't seem like it's as debilitating as they may have expected. I think that they're not as worried about me doing these things and are more encouraging of me to push myself out of my comfort zone and do these things. I wouldn't normally do. The greatest idea you can introduce them. Entire concept by sending them this podcast is take a listen to this Mamata. Till the end stay on. Here's a quote from a non academic person. Well, a slightly I can have a person but more of an art artful person Truman Capote, and the quote is failure is the condiment that gives success. It's flavor. Cute little wink, wink, on the on the failure sort of thing. So you talked a little bit about this about expanding it the project. What does that mean where where are you going with this since people are sort of taking to it now? Yeah. So I guess to provide context when we first launched the website there were four anti resumes on the website. And these were Penn alumni so had already graduated, but we're probably like maybe two or three years into the workforce. And now we actually today we just published. Ten more anti resumes in these are interest in maze of graduating seniors so people on campus that that a lot of people may recognize look up to. And so we're doing we're going to collect probably more senior anti resumes, but we're also looking to collect and terrorism as from students of all different years, and possibly also people that are much older and were experienced in in the workforce such as professors or people that have graduated from Penn like maybe five or ten years ago and really look into what failures they've experienced throughout their careers. Anything else? You guys want to cover before we finish up here because of an awesome. I guess the last thing we're also going to do an event what is happening that's gonna be April eighteenth where we're going to have seniors. Come and they're going to talk about their failures just in person, and basically is going to be like a face to face anti resume. So we're inviting about like four to six. Speakers to just talk about the challenges they faced at Penn. And we hope to also have an open mic where people can share the failures that they faced and hopefully, it will just create an environment. People are able to really share the struggles that they're going through. We're hoping to move the project offline as well, so that people can really see the actual people that are behind the terrorism me, listen, so great to have you both and really talk from the heart about, but it means to fail and what it means to succeed and use failure as a catalyst, which you both are certainly doing so Libyan. Thank you so much back to class. Go back to that Penn face, but not too much. Then face, right? That's what it's called. Yeah. And and thank you and enjoy enjoy the spring. Thank you. Thank you so much for having us. It's been great to talk to you about this into reflect more on it. Hey, thanks so much for listening to art of failure. I hope you'll join us again special. Thanks to cale fuss. -ment Sally Sanborn Noah Samborn Friedman Musi Friedman, my agents at C S, D, Anita Billy done and Sam John mcgeown, maranda shaver Joanna Pinto. My mom sunny sisters March Michelle who witnessed many early failures. Thanks, Barry Friedman, so much for our music and special. Thanks to everyone out there who has experienced failure. I keeps moving forward. That's what we need to do. Let's remember that Winston Churchill defines success as the ability to move from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm staying through Ciaston, keep moving and I'll see next time. Thanks for listening.

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02/12: Penn State is red hot and chasing the best season in school history; listener mailbag!

CBS Sports Eye On College Basketball Podcast

43:33 min | 6 months ago

02/12: Penn State is red hot and chasing the best season in school history; listener mailbag!

"Okay this time but hope you enjoyed that. Insurance Sunday's episode received a lot of feedback and it was appreciated. I had a lot of fun making it. You obviously was. He had a lot of fun listening to it to those of you who have requested the individual file There is a youtube link provided by one. Kyle Boone out there on the tweet machine but real quick by by the way if you are not already you know perish and I in addition to the podcast three times a week. Of course we are on. CBS Sports HQ Talking College hoops daily at this point in the season. We're heading towards March and you can watch on your phone computer tablet if you have cut the cable cord and You Watch on your smart TV via Roku Kuu Apple. TV fire stick any kind of device. CBS SPORTS APP CBS sports. H you run in the mornings afternoons nights. After Games I'm in studios goes on the weekend and our presence will continue to be even more so if you enjoy the pod just a heads up here sport coverage across the board on. CBS Sports HQ. But we're on their they are Chattan hoops frequently teams. All kinds of conferences bracket stuff seed. Stuff you name it were there so be sure to check it out and enjoy today's episode Hey there it's scary perish. It's Wednesday tip-off Twelve two thousand twenty. Welcome back to the. CBS Sports Eye on college basketball. podcast where we sometimes discuss Campbell fighting leaky Black Matt. Norlander is here with me and I. I WANNA start with the hottest power conference team in the country. And I'm not even sure if that's technically true. But I also don't care because Penn State is red hot and rolling beat purdue Tuesday night eighty eighty eight seventy six inside mackey arena so penn state is on a seven game winning streak the longest big Tim winning streak in school history. Nittany lions lines are now nine thousand nine hundred five overall nine four in the big ten alone in second the league standings I had a Kentucky Fan. Tweet me a few days ago. They tweet me all the time but this one it was just a few days ago and he said come on parish. Do you really think Penn State is better than Kentucky. Because I've had penn state ranked ahead of Kentucky in the top twenty five of one for a while and and my answer if if my ranking didn't suggest it ended up my answer is yes I think Kentucky is good but I think Penn State is better than the computers do as well norlander what. What is Pat Chambers? Have to do to get a lead item in the court report. You're not respecting this man enough. Is that right have you. Have you written anything about Pat Chambers other than maybe maybe a little top twenty five in one yet. I don't write anything other than the top twenty five. Exactly if you WANNA help out in shipping on the court report and write a patch numbers right him. I'd that'd be more than happy to let you do that and Co by attacking that up for next week GP. We are lucky that I am still able to do this. podcast three times a week with how little I sleep in. How overwhelmed I am? I WANNA kill myself right now. This is an amazing start. PODCAST shouts to the court report. We'll get some of that in just a minute here. Penn state is absolutely Liane fire. Did get a dedicated segment and I made sure it got a dedicated segment on Tuesday nights. CBS Sports HQ overnight there because the nittany lions which were the only team that I really gripe with not being in the top. Sixteen in Saturday's reveal now obviously Firmly in that mix eighteenth and the net nine hundred five overall raw got two seven quad wins with the victory last night five hundred hundred quad to and then a relatively low number of quad quad four games just seven total in general. Just a refresher here on Penn State for those because listen you and I both know that because Penn state almost never makes the tournament. It's just not the kind of program that people unless you're a Penn.. Wednesday fan are looking at the big ten. You're not in touch with them. But this is turning into a pretty pretty cool story here are their rankings right now in. KPI and these are the metrics that the committee will look Gasol Right now fifteenth and KPI eighth in strength of record which is completely resume based metric does not predict how good you are. It's just who you played how you've done against that schedule schedule. Number eight for Penn state eighteen in the net as I said. And then the predictive. BPI's got it at fourteen. Ken Palm Eleven and then Saccharin up to nine credit to Pat Chambers in Penn State for getting to this point in doing it despite you know Lamar Stevens has been good but he has not. I've been ridiculous. He's only shooting twenty eight percent from three point range. He's not a natural three point shooter. But there've been myron Jones been very very solid solid. I always loved the fact that Penn State has a dude named miles dredd on it. which sounds like some sort of video game? But I think he's been a really really really solid player at all and yes for the past. Four weeks penn state as hot as almost any power conference team in America and really a top five team. Overall they've been stricken with wins four on the road and seven in the big ten there now nine and four in the League when we talk about them on Sundays podcasts or more specifically we talked about the bracket reveal. I told you that the Sixteen Teams Incidentally Tournament Section Committee highlighted fifteen of them. Were in my top twenty five and one on Saturday morning. The only one that wasn't was they had Michigan State and I had pin state and I thought that should have not been that way then and even more so now. Although Michigan State did a Nice Win at Illinois on Tuesday night imbalanced back into the top twenty five and one on Wednesday morning. Keep in mind you. You know that what happened. Tuesday night at purdue was on a surface level just a a win over an unranked purdue teen gene because most people when they think of rankings they think of the people but purdue is like really good in the computers. Top Twenty at Kim Palm. Tom And this is a purdue team. By the way that smashed Michigan state by a million last last month right. They had beaten Wisconsin in that building by Nineteen had beaten Iowa in that building by thirty six. The thirty six I guess and so to go into purdue inside Macarena and get a double digit win is pretty remarkable. And it's the first time. Pin State is one at purdue since two thousand six which means by Extension First Time Pat Chambers has ever won at purdue and purdue he's now won four straight road games at purdue at Michigan State at Nebr- Nebraska. That's Pinnacle Bank. Now we go. Oh shops throw brask so flat that I don't care continue and then at Michigan so when I if I tell you you're going to be able to go beat Michigan. Does she get on the road. Michigan State on the road purdue on the road and win and then just throw in another one at Pinnacle Bank. Forget about it. That's four straight big. Ten Road Win for Pin State. Go ahead norlander Trivia. Tommy let me give you the question Wiz. The last time Penn State won four straight big ten road games. I'll say two thousand five no you're supposed to tributary. You'RE GONNA ask me that question. You just okay you just present the question. Why hold on hold on? Why am asking you the question that you already know the answer to? Why don't you just ask distribute time me? And then that's my guess. Five is oh five correct. I know it's not correct pairs. Here's a Trivia Trivia. Maybe a time trivia time. Okay let's go. When was the first edition of trivial pursuit? Put into now. Okay Penn the states. Last time the nittany lions won four consecutive games in big ten play on the road norlander. It's never never happened before this time. Well that's a record. Four straight big ten road wins for the Penn.. State nittany lions. Wow Yeah this is a hell of a season. How about this according to tour vic right now here are the seat projections? Obviously Baylor Gonzaga Sanity to stay in Kansas on on projection for one seats. And then it's Duke Seton Hall Maryland Michigan State. Somehow I don't know about that. As twos then. Louisville the best three in Penn state the second best three right now that's projected way. Things are expected to go and barring some just bad losses. And here's why why you've gotta be excited. If you're a Penn State Fan and I'm actually using the phrase. Here's why you gotta be excited if you're a Penn State Fan on college basketball podcast. Because last night's game against purdue knowing the opponent knowing produced tendencies at home that building school history. All of that. If you're a Penn Penn state and that's being honest with yourself you probably like hoping keep a competitive but I kind of think we're going to lose by seven to ten points. That's not what happened. Dominantly you continue to win in such a strong fashion so you you should have adjusted expectations. Here yeah a couple more losses are GONNA come. That's inevitable but I don't see I think Penn state at worst is going to be a five seat and if it's a five five see that's going to match its best seed in school history trivia time. Do you know the year that Penn State got a five five seed in the NC Double A. Tournament. That's the best thing that was nineteen eighty. Nine wasn't though I don't have any idea I gotcha. Good nineteen ninety six was the highest seed ever for Penn State and it lost in that tournament as a five seed to true the twelve year. So you can match you can match that you can best it. And that's an exciting thing. It doesn't feel like every single season. We have a a power conference school that we can say. In the context of that season that school's having its best season ever. But that could happen here. Arkansas by the way was was toss that beat Penn state in the ninety six first round when the lines were five seed. That's GONNA be the worst case scenario. Given how many teams Penn State's GonNa play you. They'd have to lose more games than win the rest of the regular season in order for that to come into play. And that's just simply not going to happen. I hope they're going to see that is my prediction on February. Twenty Two thousand twenty. And if you go to Kim Palm Right now and you look at the big ten projections. Penn state is projected to be a big ten champion. The regular season title with Maryland. TERRAPINS shots two miles. dredd shouts two miles dredd. Shasta Lamar Stephen. Shut the pet chambers numbers because let's pick ten in the preseason big tent pole and this has pets nights season at Penn state and he's never made the instability tournament he won the nit back in two thousand eighteen so they were by definition like on the bubble there. What nine hundred ninety nine lead? But he's never made the instantly tournament so when I had to write about coaches on the hot seat in the preseason back in October you know a a power conference coach who has gone eight straight years without making the tournament and is now entering his ninth season. That'd be picked in his league. That guy regardless of the details is going to end up on one of these lists so I was right about Penn State Pat Chambers and. Here's what I wrote quote. I'm skeptical. Anybody could do much better than PAT. Chambers is done at Penn state which is one of the toughest jobs in power conference basketball but how many power converts coach's could miss the instantly tournament in nine straight years and return for a tent. That's what chambers will be up against. If he does it March nittany lions into the big dance this season in a perfect perfect world. He'll get there and made his administration's decision to bring them back easy one because my guess is that Penn State's next coach probably won't be as successful as its current coach each and when I wrote it obviously it seems sensible otherwise I would have changed it even looking back on it a few months later. It seems like a sensible assessment like my bottom bottom line was basically a hard job and pets made it respectable and I don't know if they could find a coach who could keep it this respectable but at some some point your administration and your fan base which puts pressure on your ministration. They want you to break through and make the tournament and so if he doesn't make it in year nine is he going to really get a year ten and update on February twelve. Two Thousand Twenty. All of that is in the rear view mirror now. He's going to make it. He's going to get a contract extension and this does not mean because I know somebody will use this example as an as a as evidence that well if you just give coaches time now. This is not proof that what happens when you just give coaches time. If you give a bad coach ten years you'll just be bad for ten years. You know. All coaches don't quote deserve time coaches don't deserve anything except the money guaranteed on the contract. But when you've got a good coach and that was my larger point like I think pets done a good job. I know he hasn't broken through but I think he's done a good job. When you've got a good coach then maybe baby you can benefit from giving him time? Don't give back coach time. You'll just be bad but if you give a guy you believe in and I believed in Pat. I believed in Patas Penn.. State's if you give that guy time then maybe just maybe you'll be paid off in Penn State it's fan base and that administration is getting paid off right now pin state. You ready for. This is one of the best college basketball teams in the country. You're on fire right now. You're loving this your love and the nittany lions to the final four four. I my final four. Right now San Diego State Dayton Penn state and rutgers rutgers. It's what I wanted to be. Wanted to be something like that. I love this season. I know that we're losing casual sports fans. I got it like whatever the I love this season. And it's not it's not just a season in which we've got some unusual teams operating at the top of the sport. You're like Baylor San Diego State Dayton Penn state. It's the season in which we've got unusual teams operating at the top of the sport and Dan. It's not crazy to think they could go to a final four winner national championship. Because we've talked about before you're not going to run into Duke with five. First round draft picks you're not going to run into Kentucky Talkie with two of the top three picks in the draft like those type of Big Brand Basketball Teams with Zion and RJ and trae Joan to carry. The team doesn't exist season. There are very good teams. Very good blueblood that are very good teams Kansas Kentucky. I think both fall under that umbrella but in a different year you might think a team like Penn state would eventually get overwhelmed. A team like San Diego State would eventually get overwhelmed from a talent perspective. I don't think any of these teams that are unusual candidate for final four national championship. I don't think they're gonNA get overwhelmed by somebody else. which by definition at least I think makes them legitimate MITT options for anything to seize it which is a pretty fun thing to watch yes and we are getting what I think was inevitable but we are getting a nice fundraise in the big ten here? Even if Maryland only is the only team Maryland is the only team out of the big ten. That has a chance at a one seat. And it's going to be hard pressed to do that. It's going to have to continue to win and then have teams above. It obviously have to lose but still right now. Maryland is after getting a scare against Nebraska. And it wasn't at Nebraska. Of course. Yes it was at Maryland scaring a two point win for the turps on Tuesday night. Jalen Smith with another tremendous game. He is creeping up up into potential. First team all American status. That's another under disgust plotline. I think that is involved in the past three weeks here in college. Basketball but point is Maryland at ten three Michigan State and At nine and five and between those two teams Penn state which wasn't projected to be there and then also in the five loss column. You've got Iowa Illinois in rutgers we're not GonNa hit on Illinois and this pod for those that are probably wondering because that wound up being a big thing. We don't know what the status with iota. Sumo is so when we know more I assume on Friday. We'll get to that. But that was a great win from Michigan State a really compelling intense game and the way it ended was heartbreaking for Illinois Fans Probably Gruesome Free Illinois Fan just to see I oh carried off the court but but between all of those teams ruckers included. You've got a really Nice sixteen race developing and if things break the right way to help the big ten is so you'll have those teams maybe can get to the two line Penn state on the three of the four Michigan State on the three or four Iowa on the four of the five Illinois on the four of the five who knows rutgers on the five or six and chances of dipping into the second week in the sweet sixteen you told me over under four and a half big ten teams in the sweet sixteen. I'd go under but I'd go under definitely at four. I think that twenty five percent of that second weekend is going to be occupied by by the big ten conference because of how many teams are going to be in and how many teams we're going to have a fairly solid seats. We played overreaction or reality Late Tuesday night on inside college basketball. That's where our brilliant producer amy settlements Ahmanson comes up with a statement and we have to say amy. That's an overreaction. Or we have to say amy that's a that's a reality. I think that's a real thing that's going to happen. One of the statements was this the big ten we'll we'll have twelve teams in the incidentally tournament. norlander over the action overreaction. I said overreacts. Come on. NOT GETTING THEIR MINNESOTA's not getting to the tournament. That's not gonNA GONNA happen. Minnesota Twelve and eleven right. Now I'd say eleven too many. I think the big time will stanton. I just think the way that it's going to break. That's that's what will end up with. We'll end up ten and the ten the eleven team that doesn't get in you know there's probably going to be some great case for it but then we're going on this podcast and say listen. We know the big ten's great but you you can't if you're with this record Yada Yada Yada so eleven would tie the all time mark but I- mark me down for ten out of the G. I said it would be ten or eleven so you and I. We're on the same page there. Let's move on another interesting result from Tuesday night. Wake forest seventy four North Carolina fifty seven. It's a Seems to suggest that Cole Anthony is not going to save North Carolina season and it's a reminder about just how much of a factor the class of two thousand nineteen is making on this two thousand Nineteen Two Thousand Twenty College basketball season. We're going to get into that next. I check this this up asked profanities so scary Chaman you watch it on. CBS Sport because each week you can watch some of the top games available for free on CBS sports dot com or in the CBS. Sports Mobile APP this weekend. We got a couple of ones I on Saturday at one. PM Eastern it's Texas Tech. Ah Oklahoma state this is the type of crispier really needs to avoid if you've got to get back to the NCAA tournament and then on Sunday at one PM. Eastern it's Indiana at Michigan that's a big ten showdown between two likely. NCAA tournament teams again. You can watch both games on. CBS sports cough or in the CBS sports mobile APP. And don't forget free and I don't mean it's a free preview of fancy sports package. It's completely free for everybody. So check out Texas Tech Oklahoma State and Indiana Michigan again this weekend at CBS sport dot com or in the CBS sports mobile APP. So it's a little bit off the radar because it was just unranked eighteen against unranked team. But it's still notable because North Carolina played another game first game since losing that heartbreaker the duke over the weekend and they got smashed by wake forest. Orest seventy four fifty seven so the tar heels are now oh and four. Since Coal Anthony's return he was five and nineteen from the field against wake. Missed all all six of the three pointers that he attempted and now North Carolina is ten and fourteen overawe three and ten in the ACC. We don't need to spend any time on what it means for North Carolina. It doesn't mean anything for North Carolina other than it's just more proof that they're not good and they're not going to be good and they're not gonNA make a run even with coal anthony back the more interesting wresting thing I think is that I went through the class of two thousand nineteen final rankings. Four Twenty seven sports in terms of player. Rankings I I haven't I didn't have time to look it up. I can't imagine we've ever seen anything anything like this. Were the best high school years from from last year are having this little of an impact on the sport in enroll this season. Let me run you through it real quick make you throw up the number one player in the anthony kind of you are. We're GONNA YOU'RE GONNA vomit dead-leg you're going to bomb it when you hear this number one player that class Anthony Edwards at Georgia probably go into the number two player in the class. James Wiseman he quit. QUIT THE MEMPHIS team. The week before Christmas number three player in the Country Coal Anthony. His team is tied for last in the ACC four player in the country Isaiah Stuart. His team is dead last in the PAC twelve the number five player in the in the class RJ Hampton he played professionally in New Zealand. The six best player in the class Vernon Carrie. He's on a possible number. One seed earned Kerry number seven ranked player in the class. Scottie Lewis probably on eighteen number eight nickel nickel manion safely in the tournament. I think number nine precious a chula because his teammate quit on him and his all coaches and all the memphis players the week before Christmas. He's he's probably going to be on in. It team it team Memphis. I would say probably on the lead there all right all right I would say maybe I would say probably so. You're saying I'm saying maybe I'm saying I'm saying maybe memphis goes to the MIT. I'm not saying that this is probably going to the nit. I'm not. I'm not going that far. You think they might not even make the it we know no. I'm saying they I would say if you're saying we'll we'll meant this. Make the incidentally tournament maybe or probably not I will side on maybe more than probably not. I was surprised is that you didn't put Memphis in the maybe column there. I would say probably not. I mean they were on the bubble with DJ Jeffries now. Dj Jeffries is probably out for the season. I don't know how you're going to improve yourself self without Dj Jeffries. If you're bubble team with him you're probably not going to be as good without him and the point. I tried to make to the Memphis fans that are flipping epping out over the way. The season as it's unfolded is go. Give me an example of a team that lost two of its top. Three players midseason before February. I stayed good like they don't exist I I'm not going to go through it here. You can go pull the radio PODCAST. If you want but Like Kansas last season lost two of its best three players not before February first but eventually did it with doke coke and legit vic and they went with with you win healthy. Kansas was literally undefeated and ranked number one in the country. Then they lost eventually lost two of their top three players players. They went six and four in their final. Ten Games lost by double digits in the second round of the tournament. You cannot hold it together when you lose two of your top three players. Hey by the way another example this Arkansas aw role in then Isaiah. Joe Suffers injury hey joe best. NBA Prospect out. Now guess what they've done since he's been how they've been losing on boss three games. Oh in three without Isaiah Joe. You can't recover from this stuff. So that's why I would memphis on the probably not making the tournament. They're not in now. They're going to have to play the rest of the season without two of their top three players that they started with. That's just not a recipe for Success Tint player in the class tyreek Maxi on a good team at Kentucky. Okay that's fine eleventh best player in the class. Khalil Whitney Quiz Team mid season at Kentucky Twelfth Best Player in the class trae man probably going to Florida thirteenth best player in the country in that class of two thousand nineteen jade mcdaniels dead last at Washington in the PAC twelve. Yuck Yuck I'm getting a little bit an up check feeling right now all I told you also so a couple of notes on this coincidentally enough. Ah We did the core the core for And also did frosh watch this week and made mention of this. You know the top ten freshmen in America and a lot of the guys you mentioned there have overlap with with the top players obviously in the in the previous class. That's that's sometimes how this goes but what we're also seeing is that these freshmen don't have. They don't have the ability to lift their teams up the way that that might have been expected. Zeke nausea is is is number two carries number one. I'll get to this in a second. You mentioned Stewart Anita Ikano USA. Mike Mike it there But his team's slumping escalate trace Jackson Davis Indiana's been bumpy as Lee Kofi Coburn. He's always been good. He's been slumping a little bit. Landers Nali as the Ninth Best Freshman in College Basketball Virginia Tech Nowhere near the incidentally tournament so this has been an issue that's been ongoing to down class and the guys that are even at the top of it that are performing top. Five top ten freshman you know more than half of them are on teams either not making the instantly tournament or they've lost two three Games in Rio four out of their past five now. Carey is the exception exception to that and Wednesdays Court report. I've got a couple of items one I've got I've got a good little Split video with the Flying Mascot Dunk thing. It's a it's a cool cool side story. Check that out. I also got something. Northern Iowa twenty one and three and most under-discussed really really good major. The season their top thirty five and Ken Palm spoke with Ben Jacobson. He talked with Toronto Raptors coach. Nick nursing that has actually helped their season. You can read both of that stuff but it leads with Vernon Carey junior to me is interesting in this respect. GP Do Duke has definitively the best freshman in America. It's not close. It's carry one. I would say it's nausea to maybe is as sewer too but it's a close race there but Kerry to me is very far out ahead of the pack and yet he is not the talk of that teen talk of that conference one of the most discussed players in college basketball. Ask of all. He's just not he's his number actually compare extremely well to everyone. That was a duke big dating back to local for with the exception of Williamson who of course outshines. Everyone now trae Jones and Mike Francesa said this week that in part it's because that he's playing a year after John and maybe that's the case but I found it actually a bit interesting thing that Kerry who is on a per forty minute basis as good or better than everyone accepts I on and maybe Bagley isn't receiving more accolades now. He's fourth in the Ken Player of the Year Algorithm. I'm not convinced though. If we ended the season today he'd be a first team all American. I would put him there i. I wouldn't have him as the player of the year right now. Because I think trae Jones's recent performances have certainly made an impact on that but from the start of season. Two now to me Carey has been the best is player on Duke's roster and he is the one guy as you run down all those players to me. That's the combination of was really good as a prospect Not the best in his class but I obviously highly thought of and has continued to be a extremely important and productive on irrelevant team. I'm just surprised. He has not received more the bus to this point. Maybe that changes as we get into March but to now I actually think he's under hyped under-discussed. I think the reason is because he's not thought about as a top tint traffic as a lottery. Pick discussing the court report. Yeah I get into that too. Yeah continue You know like ob top and getting a lot of attention right and so you go okay. Why what a great team be? He's projected lottery pick and see it's just one dunk after another after another after another. He's great for highlights like I did date nights last and I don't incite college basketball. You know what are were an ob top and dunk and OBI topping corner three and an ob topping dunk and Dayton winds again. Jalen crutcher man. What's what's the guy gotta do gotTa dunk or hit a corner? Three or changes named OBI OBI crusher he needs to be. Ob crutcher so imagine. By by the way Jacob top or Jake Thompson like how would you be brother got named Ob. And then you've got named Jacob. I'd be like mom. You named Dia so I think they're both they're both biblical names. So that's that's sad. I would rather be open. I wouldn't you yes I'd rather be Oba. Yes a hundred percent rather be over dia. You put two names on a table. Tell me I can only have one. I'm picking every time without a doubt. Yeah and you got dunked on by the way Oh be dunked on his younger bro. That also happened. Walk the shot. Yeah just just. That's awesome by the way I love. It seems like such a nice kid like he's not gonNA maybe I hope he's really giving it to them like overtaxed over the phone when they see each other next but I think that stuff is awesome man. Good brotherly rivalry. Ob Jacobs mom was in the crowd on Tuesday night. Because this was Dayton against a Rhode Island for people who don't know OBIS- younger brother plays at Rhode Island and he's not obi top and but he is like six seven freshman averaging twenty minutes per game for likely in simply tournament game like that's not nothing so we were in studio and and their mother was in the crowd and she had one of those half Dayton half Rhode Island shirts split down the middle and somebody was was like who do you think she's rooting for is like I was her. I'd be rooting for the lottery pig. I'd be rooting battery. Pick so obi back the Vernon Carey I think some of it really is. He's not considered this amazing NBA prospect. And whatever it's right or wrong and I think you could reasonably argue. It's wrong in college basketball. We tend to focus most on the great players who are also great. Prospects prospects Vernon Carey is probably a great player. WHO's a good prospect and that that hurts him a little bit but if you're looking for freshmen who have actually had an impact? Uh on a on a on a winning team he probably number one on that list. I agree all right. You got some. You've got some cues for us. You got a good listener mailbag. We wanted to up some questions on our usual Wednesday episode. I don't know if it's good but I got it. I will take whatever we got here. Go get good because you have no choice question number one and we get these questions. Mostly from apple podcasts review over there leave a five star review type. Whatever you want to type but if you also want to ask a question you could ask a question? I'll go through them. And if interest me on some level I'll pull it over here to the file that where I keep all my notes and then if I get bored with those I'll look on twitter but either way I got three questions we do them. Every mid week. podcast questionable one comes from somebody who identifies as bracket Hollis three and they'd ask a very simple question. Why are you not talking about Marcus? Our give this man some love. Shasta Devender Shostak Abu. That's incorrect. We've talked about Marcus Howard on the podcast multiple times including last Friday. I want to say now. I know that you spoke on inside college basketball on Tuesday night about Marcus Howard and and your stance is right now. Here on February twelfth in advance of Marquette's game against Villanova. Marcus our national player of the year right now trivia every time Greg. Let's go okay. Marcus Howard you might know this. You might know this might heard you might have heard this. I've done a lot of markets Howard would research over the past twenty four so I think you might. You might know this one. Marcus Howard is currently third among all big east players in Intra League scoring scoring most points in biggies competition. He needs twenty two points in Ville Against Villanova on Wednesday night to become number one. All time a biggie scoring what to players to see trail he very clearly trails all time points in the Big East Yup do. Do you want to give you a hint. Both players played at schools. That are no longer members of the conference. Well that's that's a damn shame I didn't think you can get one. The thinking is gettable. If I lead you down the right path number one. He was a very good player. I just don't know if he would be someone that would immediately spring to mind as the all time leader and biggies points. Okay here's going with I K Lawrence moten. Wow being number one you did you pull that hold on. I'll tell you exactly what I did and you can if you want want. Here's what I do take list. You said you said school no longer. In the Big East I thought of Syracuse. And then I Google Syracuse. All Time Leading Score Gordon Lawrence from us a half sheet. Okay no more research. What's the other guy? And if you take one or two guesses and I'll give it up to you. The other guy is going to be and it's not the Yukon player just to be clear that's what I was about to be going there but it's not a Yukon player. The other guy. I'm going to say it's it's Mustafa Mustafa Heron. He's currently in the Big East and now no longer playing done for the season but his name popped into my head so I just wanted to save. Mustafa Heron Troy Bell at Boston. College troy bail. That's a former grizzlies. Drafting yeah well. You didn't know that he's number. Two and biggie scoring Marcus our. It's going to pass them on Wednesday night so there we go but anyway away. We don't know he's not number two in grizzlies all time. He's definitely not by the way. This was a marcus our question. We've talked about Lawrence Mona Bell us. We we don't talk about Marcus. Howard in fact I did a three minute thirty second video? It's on facebook watch proclaiming norlander. Said Marcus Howard. Is the national player. The one of the things I explained this I didn't seriously considering for in the preseason because what history shows us is you've got to be on the top twenty five team to a national player of the year. I don't care how good you are if you're not on a top up twenty five team. You'RE NOT GONNA win it. I think Mark Marquette will be a top twenty five team. They lost to top three scores to transfer. And it happened at a time in the calendar. Where you can't find find comparable replacements so I thought market would be fine? I thought Marcus Howard would be amazing but not. I didn't think the team would be good enough for him to to to win that award. Will they want six of their past seven. They're in the top twenty five. Eight people coaches both top. Twenty five and one top twenty five Kim Bob Marcus Howard's on top twenty five team but if he's on the top twenty five team lead the country and scoring twenty seven point four points. He should be the national player of the year. He's making thirty nine point. Four percent of the ten point three three pointers he attempts per game which is just incredible to shoot threes like heart difficult threes and make nearly forty percent of and he takes when he's on the court forty-two percent market shots which ranks number nationally. So listen nobody. Nobody's doing more at least so the offensive in for a nationally relevant college basketball team than Marcus Howard. If the season ended today I would hundred percent making my national player of the year. which which means he's going to go? Four of twenty seven against Villanova on Wednesday night. I know how this stuff works. That is a very quality now. That's that's the game that I think I have the most entry on solid solid Winston. I can't say West Virginia's right behind it but five biggies teams are currently ranked in the AP top twenty five. It's the first first time since the League reformed at ten teams that we've had five in the AP top twenty five last time was back in twenty thirteen. All five of those teams are playing on Wednesday night including Creighton. Eight net Seton Hall. It's actually a fairly solid Wednesday night's sleep rutgers at Ohio state. You know all that good stuff but market at Villanova can Howard go off on the road against the wildcats. Oh cats who need the win. Keep an eye on that. Don't say we don't talk about Marcus Howard because we do and if you want to see that video that did onset here in New York of our facebook watch you can find it on the twitter question number two from somebody who identifies as scared twenty four and. He says he's excited about the upcoming thirty. For Thirty on Pinnacle Bank thank arena and wants to know if we can do some politic behind closed doors to get a North Carolina at Nebraska. CBI matchup in the postseason. And if we got it done who would you pick. He says Kim Palm Carly Projects North Carolina as a one point favorite odd inside pinnacle big arena. I need to know if you think. That line is disrespectful respectful so I can pick the opposite side. I I do think that's disrespectful to work. Okay so I got Carolina by fifteen got Nebraska being competitive petted. Right now they just. They just played Maryland to a one possession game and that was at Maryland. So you take that game. Put It in Pinnacle Bank. What do you think that looks like? I think Maryland wins by twenty six. Are you out of your mind. Freddie Hoiberg Inside Pinnacle Bank are you have you. Have you lost your mind. Have you looked at the record. I don't look at records I think that's I think that's all you do. I think you spend thirty seven to seventy four minutes. It's daily looking at records and right now. This year we got Nebraska opened up at season back to back home losses. Home Austin North Dakota home loss to rutgers home loss to Indiana in a home loss to penn state home loss to Michigan next. Step Wisconsin Saturday going to be a home loss for Freddie Hoiberg Nebraska Carolina Pinnacle Bank in the. CBI is something that I I don't even think the CBI would take this season. But I tell you what I'd love to see it I would I would take Nebraska. I'd take the brass and the point you give Me Nebraska Inside Pinnacle Bank as an underdog against a team that never wins. I'm taking out take Oscars question number. Three comes from there was somebody named Bryan. Should look it up just to make sure I get now just roll with Bryan Bryan Brad. I don't care what Brady who cares. It's Brian could. He says rage against the machine. Run the jewels or play a Madison Square Garden on eight. Ten and eight eleven. This is You something you pointed out on twitter and then Brian if his name as he jumps on twitter and he has. Is this the ticket that settles the final. Foreign one. Bet is the loser of the final four in one going to have to buy rage. Rt Jay tickets to Madison Square Garden. What you think I like this but how about this so ah for me that works first of all? I'm seeing one of the shows no matter what the on sale is on Thursday and if ticketmaster ticketmaster and that's a dreadful experience and I don't get it then and I'm willing to pay like five hundred dollars to go see that show because I had a chance to see rage against between two decades ago didn't happen have to make this happen now. Plus love run the jewels podcast nugget. GPA and I have actually seen run the jewels together. So I am going to be going to one of those shows no matter what no matter when no matter how but I need we know if you want this show to be the thing. That's fine but have you look at the dates. And what's the closest venue that rage and run the jewels play respective perspective to where you live Saint Louis. How close is that Ford half hours? That's good I well. That's the thing you you. Oh you northeasterners. Don't understand everything like ninety minutes away from you guys like you can foul. Everything's five hours away. It's not good then a uh all right. Well how about this. I'm willing so we have. We have not settled. This is this is not the final four and one is not the concert but the bet was and and I know we have a couple listeners. Who documented this? I have it somewhere in my file. The ticket bet wasn't preseason. We went over under on win totals and whoever got closest overall has to buy the other the concert tickets. So that's what the bad is on. I will say that if I win. Yes the rage tickets are what What you're going to get me so I? Yeah I have seen Reagan's machine of course you have nineteen ninety seven at Liberty Bowmore stadium opening up for you to wow okay at like. Did you go for you too or did you go for raged even remember why you went. I went because I was a fan of both but it was a weird place to see rage because it's a football stadium there on youtube stage and they look just look tiny on the side like somehow somehow Bano somehow you to is able to fill up that stage and it looks they just fill it up and but you rage and put him on the exact same stage and they just they look tiny and then there's Zakharov just a rate show but in front of fifty five thousand people who were there to see you you too so it was a weird place to see them but we enjoyed it was a good time rages is good stuff man like say what you will about Zac. Schroeck on in the in the awesome way back when there's actually a very funny tweet that was sent out some years ago. That goes viral. And it's I don't remember the wording of it exactly but it's something along the lines of rage against the machine when you're fourteen eighteen you listen it for one reason then rage against machine when you're twenty four you don't think it's great at all and then rage against the machine like your late thirties. You're like no this actually all makes a whole ton of sense. Love me Some some rage evil empire is my favorite album of theirs But really this good good good stuff. I'm super for that and And for run the jewels. So yeah we can we. We can rest the The preseason over-under on that and then if you can't get to that S- you gotta find out what show you want that to be But we'll wait and see on. Who Wins that talk about three weeks or so? I don't even remember who what I'll dig it out with about a week to go in the season so looking ahead. I'll be back in studio tonight. CBS Sports Network got a doubleheader doubleheader on tap six thirty eastern Xavier at number Nineteen Butler and then eight thirty eastern providence at Saint John's so that's a big East doubleheader on CBS. Sports Network. And then I'll get a studio around two and then wake up around six and fly home in hate myself call. Yeah you'll be calm like a bomb. My man calm like a bomb. Chester Deva Daddy Shasta Chester South Carolina Fatigue. Legend Chester Larne. Now please go scribe to the I own college basketball. podcast do it over at Apple podcasts. While you're there leave a review five stars leave a nice comment and we will talk to get on Friday. That's what we'll get ready for the weekend until then take care in itself. This is Gary Chemin you watch it on. CBS sports because each week you can watch the game available for free on CBS. Sports DOT DOT COM four in the CBS mobile APP this weekend. We've got a couple of good ones. I on Saturday at one. PM Eastern it's Texas Tech and Oklahoma state. This is the type of loss. crispier really really needs to avoid. If you're going to get the raiders back to the NCAA tournament and then on Sunday at one PM Eastern Indiana at Michigan that's big ten showdown between two likely in. Cw Tournament Tournament teams again. You can watch on. CBS SPORTS DOT COM or in the CBS sports mobile APP. And don't forget free and I don't mean it's a free preview buys fancy A._N._C.. Sports package is completely free for everybody so up checkout Texas Tech Oklahoma State and Indiana Michigan this weekend at C._B._S.. Sports DOT COM or in the C._B._S.. Sports Mobile APP.

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Equine Forum - June 1st 2019

The Horse Racing Radio Network Podcast

1:59:15 hr | 1 year ago

Equine Forum - June 1st 2019

"From the rail to your radio. This is the horse racing radio network. But. Sixty. Cut by tonight. I like turn to whatever site tone. But nothing's in his way. Well, break bricks and mortar pumps with March to the art nonetheless posing with two and a half lengths to make up at six days ago. It's curb on in front, quite bricks and mortar finding stride late in the game and bricks and mortars up in time for Jimmy Johns, Lexington studios. Welcome to the equine forum presented by Woodbine entertainment glee. Aura, Channing hill, the site of Sarah Guinea, upper who Dixon toward the rail. These two Lydia poster the others burqa due to these two Sarah, Getty prison, who's holding off the challenge as they come down to the line serum goody, impress, take, Kentucky oaks, and being also edging away from gift box. He's coming into his own, and beano Russel at age four goes on to win the Gold Cup at San I need a now. Here's. Anthony stabile and Britney address. Good morning, everyone. And welcome to the equine forum, presented by Woodbine entertainment on the big a Anthony steel where Hollywood casino Penn national getting ready for the six annual pen mile tonight here in Granville Pennsylvania joined by Britney actress fill in for the baron like PANA pop the pick for Jude fell jewel join us later on over the cross country. Pick five but Britain here to bring you our coverage of the six annual pen mile comes up. Tonight at six o'clock. Eight stakes on the card here at Penn on a beautiful sun-drenched morning right in the shadow of the Blue Mountains here in Pennsylvania, Morin Brett can lining. Anthony, it is so beautiful here. I wish that everybody could see what we're seeing right now is unbelievable here this morning temperatures right around sixty degrees. Son is out and all. Scoring plenty horses out on the retract travelers to be in great shape, turf course. Looks great. And they'll be eight stakes races. Tonight, Britney woulda fun card. And you haven't been here for a pen mile yet. But you'll see just how raucous is the wrong word a real lively crowd here tonight. It's a lot of fun. Right. We're right on the finish line becoming propen mild tonight, come by and say Hello. Literally, sitting thirty yards. From the, the wire, hairpin national, we've kinda got the best spot best better than this right now. It's I'm excited for everybody to get year right now. It's quiet training hours. But I see picking up pretty shortly. Yeah. They have their breakfast program begins at nine o'clock. So again, if you're in the area, come on out, get an early glimpse of Brittany, and the beast, here, my piece of the Beaumont t-shirt this morning. We one week away from the one hundred and fifty first test of the champion just a great time of year. Right, return account. Today to June first Jim, where at the first five months ago, we were just act. I just backward up. Yeah, I have no idea June. I it's amazing. How about this place? This place is just spectacular this morning. I love it. The only time I ever have been here. I think I was twelve. My dad was running a horse here, and it was at nighttime. So I didn't even appreciate the mountains and everything. Absolutely stunning special. I posted liberty bring that up. It's usually not racing here at Penn. And today, it's not to forty five I post twelve races on the card. Eight of them stakes raises a program that's really grown since since the inaugural running. Back in two thousand fourteen so yeah, they've done a great job. We'll have a bunch of guests. It'll be all about Penn mile day into night here on the equal form this morning. Jeremiah angle hearts, gonna kick the show off at about ten fifteen. He's gonna talk forty under last year's pilgrim, winter hill. He'll be done in Jeremiah's forces entered for the night. Jeremiah, of course, finger lakes product, the finger lake. So he knows what it's like to come out to the smaller venues, not, you know, not just a name, but in size, I mean, feel like it kind of right on top of everything here coming from Belmont. Depend nationals. A little bit of a lanes of games, ear, three Strack Jeremiah will join us. Kerr McLaughlin, a threat of blue figures to be the favorite tonight in the Penn mile also has Allah site. You'll we've I said that, right? And that's the best pronunciation, I have no idea that she would be happy with that, that appreciation. He has also he'll of blue in the penalty in the pen mile respectively journal joins a little later on. Good friend, Eric Johnston, or Johnston. We couldn't get this out of exempting Johnston every hour. Join us talk about the entire program. How it has grown here over the sinc- inception back in twenty fourteen hour. Join us later on Jerry pack. I'll take our you'll visit association ready or national, Jerry. Stop by as we'll Todd Stoller. He is the executive director of the Pennsylvania HP, and we'll talk top on the later on the show. The pontiff it for Jud felt will wrap it up over that cross-country pick five is across country pick five today starts in the benign Rijn you know, we're, we're in the midst of three year old season. Obviously, getting ready to wrap up the triple crown next week, and then we'll turn the page and start looking towards the mid summer derby Travers, and eventually these three year olds with the older. But, and while the three year olds on the dirt of been a little, they've been questionable say the least by fans and media members of like three year olds on turf have their day in the sun today, the nine rigid Valmont the pen, mile, of course, here at Penn, national and the tail of the cat down a mama parks was about two dozen three. On the turf. Run today in two of those races across country, pick five will start with the pine ridge. It will end with the pen mile here tonight and Jude ni- who went over them on the weekends. Stakes preview last night. Judo come by the we'll get him on the horn and talk a little more pick. Five today, I can't my pick son in regular pension papers, ready will later on in the show with that. But today it's, it's really all about all about this place. And you know, it's amazing the. Slots came in the latter half of the first decade of the two thousand really revitalized, the place and, you know, the money's nice to have. But if you don't have people that can take the product forward. Money means nothing and they were able to do a really good job here at Penn turf. Course. Looks absolutely pristine really does. We got a lot of rain in the northeast and Pennsylvania up through the northeast seven inches of rain. New York City in the month of may shout. I beat them normally we got like three and a half. April showers. Bring may flowers, April showers bring maim on soon. Yeah, it was it was wacky, and it was wild, but it's June. It's a glorious first day of June. Brittany, and we said we here for the Penn mile tonight at six PM, eastern time, go over to fight nation, Sirius XM one fifty six, of course, you can stream it live on your home for all the biggest events, horse racing radio dot net will have four stakes the Susquehanna Pennsylvania governor's Cup, the pen oaks, and the great to have million dollar six running of the pen, mile that all comes your way tonight at six o'clock. You stoked for your print mile night? I'm really stoked actually like just being here right now. And the horses are like this is just the best spot. I, I didn't realize how much I was missing out by not coming to Penn mile dependent before Joe's just under a thousand horses here at Penn national. But you can really tell the difference. Right. What you're out every morning. Galloping horses for news. Assistant trainer to husband rob, and she gets on a lot of horses. I host breakfast at Belmont, Brexit developments going on right now. If you're in the New York area and you see the difference. Right. This is such a relaxed feel it's like all lots of people are on two year olds right now riding around the track teaching their, their two year olds. And everybody is so relaxed very nice very nice different different from Belmont, Pomo hustle, and bustle, hustle, and bustle in New York. This is his nice great places for horses though out of your pen. Yeah. You tell you got a lot of room, right? Everybody's nobody's Dionne top each other and mean. Obviously, it's just a different the whole it's just the different. It's it has played in a different way. Now it's nice. You'll love it here. I really do all things that you got here. I'm really really happier. It's nice. It's I'm mean part of it's that it's so sunshiny out. And we are right trackside but yeah, so nice we met Eric. It's the first time I met Eric before he's so kind and helpful. So nice to meet good people and see a nice race track. Well run, we'll talk to our later about the exact weather's programs. Other just. He was over here before started his career here. Penn national thirty five years ago. So Eric's business a long time. We'll talk to a little later on, but got a poll question for you this morning as we always do here on the form, and it's very simple HR nation, who's gonna win tonight grade to half million dollar pen mile. Will it be care mclauchlans a thread of blue? Will it be Jeremiah Ingle hearts forty under? What will it be? Somebody else. Let us know on Twitter at H, R N, three options are a threat of blue forty under or someone else let us know who to someone else is, when you vote other in the comments, and we will read them on air this morning. Let's take I break when we come back to England trailer forty under will join us, he's on the road. He's on his way, depend national. We'll talk to him when we come back, it was into the equine forum on H Aren presented by Woodbine entertainment Woodbine is now racing. Four days a week, every Wednesday night Friday, Saturday and Sunday and racing his back on the turf as the EP Taylor turf force home to the longest stretch in North America is now available along with the new seven for a long, enter for set to open June premium racing days this month include the great to not cut, June, first, the Woodbine oaks in queens played trial June eighth. Queen's plate festival June twenty eighth and twenty ninth visit would find dot com today. When it's time to paint the fences and barns. Thank farm paint at farm. Thank you. Get the industry's best coatings and paints factory direct at low low prices farm paint. Is your source for quality, paints, roof coating, dustless arena, fundings, and more. You can purchase online or drop into a farm paint store near you with motivations in heart of bluegrass country at seven hundred Phillips line and Lexington. Kentucky, Columbus, Ohio and Sandusky Ohio, by factory direct, and save at farm, paint dot com. That's far paint dot com. Hello. I'm Michael blow, and founder of old friends Serb every time at five one of our highest priorities these living legends safety. That's why the fence we trust most at old friends is the V mesh keepsake from red brand keepsake features of mesh weaved prevent hoops and getting caught and the mesh design flexes on impact. Learn more about the quality safety and long lasting value of keepsake de mesh horse, Spence by visiting red brand dot com. Broken bow continues to deliver rock-solid results. The top ten son of unbridled has hired nearly one hundred fifty black type stakes horses seventy five black type stakes winners and over seventy one million dollars in earnings among those sired by broken vow last season. We're talk let MARTINI winner the grey to fairgrounds oaks and life. In shambles winner of the great three fall, high weight sire of eclipse champion champagne room broken vow his sired additional grade one winners on pride bell Rosalyn, sassy, image and cotton, blossom, broken, vow standing at pin oaks, studt. Learn the business of horses in the world's only accredited equine business program, the university of Louisville equine business program, the university of Louisville has a legacy of excellence for more than twenty five years of equine business education classes are taught by industry experts in state of the art facilities located in the heartland of America's equine industry. The university of Louisville equine business program when it comes to horses, we mean business. For more information visit business dot Louisville dot EDU slash equine spendthrift farm introduces its newest breeding program for two thousand nineteen the safe bet program free to a fourth year. Stallion and watch his first crop of two year olds have measurable success on the racetrack in two thousand nineteen or you won't the stud fee when your foal is born to learn more about the safe bet program. Visit spendthrift farm dot com slash Safet. Or call the farm today, that spendthrift farm dot com slash Safet spendthrift. The breeders farm. I am rich and I love listening to horse racing radio network tonight. Barbados. You're listening to the equine forum presented by Woodbine entertainment, spirit animals, still about seven lengths behind starting to put in a mile bit as they come to the top of the stretch. I'm like hot Brown off the ternan fronts, social paranoia to behind it. And then it's forty under an upper on the far outside coming into the final furlong some like it hot Browns, still, there, forty under now ranges up alongside and many Franko and forty under have taken the lead in late stretch, and forty undertakes pilgrim sound like hot problem was second best, social paranoia was third and operate was four. The voice of the triple crown Breeders Cup in New York Racing Association. Larry Combes on the call of last year's pilgrim forty under. Was a women. You're in for the Breeders Cup juvenile turf. And his trainer. Jeremiah Engelhardt is up next year. Welcome back to the coin form, presented by Woodbine payment Brittany in the beasts live. I love it from Penn national spent on a beauty and the beach. Exactly Britney in the beast. Here on the equine filling in for Mike and juden nice enough. The joins us now on his ride down to Hollywood casino Penn national racist for Penn mile night. He has forty under back for the coach Bill. Parcells Jeremiah Engelhardt, Jeremiah Anthony and Britney on the forum vectors from climb this morning. I are you doing guys? Doing good. How how's the trip so far just getting on the road? Now we're gonna make a pit stop at mom at first and then head down to Penn. Wow. So is this a finger lakes? Monmouth pen, try. This is Saratoga springs, vomits Penn try factor. Wow. That might be more impressive could you still gotta get you still gotta get west? Sure. Not your first rodeo. No, no. I haven't spent hold out of time a mom. But I've spent some long cold winters at Penn national. Question. How many streams do you have? Yeah. I, I have a string and Saratoga Almonte, laurel, and finger lakes. Wow. Wow. Busy busy. Almost as many strings as kids. Almost. Yeah, we definitely don't wanna hit that'd be a little too much. Forty under he came on scene in a big way last year. Jeremiah, he impressive winner when he took his maiden and then it was enough. You, you had seen enough after the maiden win his first time on the run right into the pilgrim talk about him. Talk about a season last year. And how he's come into come into this year after the second in the Woodhaven last time. It was voice when we started with him. I actually thought he'd run very well as first time he was working, you know, he was working well in the morning, trying to disappoint in that first start on the dirt. But then we worked on the turf, even Manny Manny. And I think it was Maggie to Maggie might have said something that he might be a little surfie. And so we ran on the turf in it. You know maiden race. Saratoga ran will really well and sometimes as young horses. You gotta take advantage of, you know, your attitude. These are you know, back in the steak and, and he ran just, you know, even better in the pilgrim and felt really well about, you know the way he was training in the Breeders Cup. But I just kind of made a mistake and changed our game plan last minute and probably had a little too close to the pace. Yeah. Then. As a lot of people like do game some time off in the winter. You brought them back this year. Second last time out he's had to he's at one race on firm ground three races on yielding ground. Now this course looks to be in grave condition. You'll be very happy when you get here today courses in grave condition. He was a good second last. I'm out. Give you notice a lot of difference from two to three after that five and a half month break. You know, he filled out a little bit, you know, he was real leggy as two year old or now he's, you know, he's got a little bit more substance to them. But you know, he's still seems like the you know horse that we had last year. And, you know, a lot of times they change from two to three some sometimes for the better sometimes for the worst. But the way he's been training kind of gives me the feeling. Like, you know, he's you know, he's back at the same, you know, same levels where where he was when he left. The, the return on the Woodhaven he reverted to his old tactics was taking off the pace Clinton maroon who turned into a nice little horse for Todd Pletcher. He'll be Belmont. Nine Reggie kinda just walked the dog on the front, and we happy with return. Yeah. I you know, he just circumstances didn't allow really to, to get out there like I wanted. But. You know, he got kind of bogged down on the fence and, you know, just we, you know, Todd for us, I think was is going to be a really nice horse later on. He's a really nice worse now. But I still think there's probably even better things to come from him as a season progresses. You know, he just outsprinted us we're able to separate ourselves from the third place horse a little bit. So I was happy with that race off the bench. You know, I really wanted to win. I thought he was training like you know, we, we should win, but you know that's that's horse racing. Sometimes, you know, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose most of the time you lose, but, you know, he was I was pretty happy with that race. For work since looks like you've kind of put the pedal to the metal now has this pen mile always been the plan. No. I, I was actually thinking Conine ridge. At first, but then, you know, I kinda got look at the race and. Yeah, I talked to, you know, Todd a little bit where he was kinda leaning with his horse. And I think he was thinking, hang Conine ridge. I, I not that I've wanted to stay away from them, by the start of a be, you know, let's, let's run on the mile at at Penn national might be a little better day. Now, you look at the way the race sets up, you know here in his horses, obviously a really nice horse. And, you know, hopefully there's enough pace where we can, you know try to catch them late. In many Frankel, ride, one this last year with hawkish. So he's looking to become the first two-time winner of the pen, now you're used to the. To celebrating the smaller tracks, right in just a name, but in facility, your finger lakes, finger lakes, grown four on the card tonight really supporting the night Dave built here at Penn national. Yeah. I like what they would they've done with the staff, followed it for the last few years and having a string at at laurel kind of in the mid Atlantic region. You know, sometimes the Trachsel, you know, run have races that kind of work with one another and a couple of my horses air seem to, to fit that, you know, the schedule so, you know, I thought timing wise, it worked out, good for a few horses, and having the PA bread steak for put the glass down might have been a little bit easier than trying to one Exxon dominant Belmont day against older. So, you know this all thought timing was was the main part of the, you know, why wanted to run Morse's there. I'm really excited about your three horses on the undercard, especially homerun maker. I remember last year when Robin working for Robert de Niro, he ran against you're killing me. And I've really liked that worse ever since been watching him hook some tough horses. But I feel like this is a good spot for him. I hope so this last race kinda surprised me a little bit. I, I know he lost, I lost a fund shoe and that race was probably hindered him a little, but he he's always forced to always shows up and I wasn't so disappointed with the General George to seven eighths. And I thought this was six furlongs fully gets, you know, a good pace to run at today and Ray able to sit an ice trip in close, like he like he like he's done before. Yeah, for sure I saw that. You're bringing Vargas here. I didn't realize you guys were thirty four percent together. That's pretty amazing. Yeah. We, we've cooked pretty well you know, I think Giorgis as young upcoming writer. That's got a lot of talent. You know, he's really good to Decatur in, and I just, you know, he, he really responsible with the horses and he gets along well with them and, you know, he's going to be one of those writers, and you'll see the at an elite level here. Probably pretty soon. Talking trainer Jeremiah hot. He has forty under in the great to Penn mild tonight here at Hollywood Sinoe Penn national race course four horses and all on the twelve race card. What's it like training for Bill Parcells? My. Most of the time I feel like one of his players I could imagine some of those practices were like I know I'm in trouble because me by my last name, you know, one of these days, I was talking because he does he do that. Oh, yeah. Yeah. He. He doesn't have is his whistle with them in the mornings. But you know given the opportunity probably would. He's actually I mean he's been really, really good. You know, we've kinda clicked. You know ever since ever from this, you know, from the start a couple years ago, and he's putting he's, you know, he's putting all of his chips into this the table. He's all in, you want some wants nice horses. And you know this is this game is is where he gets his competition. So and you know excitement in, in last year's win with with forty in, in Saratoga and being with them. There was really exciting and hopefully there's more to come. I, I did. I was talking to grandson yesterday. And I'm I said, you know, it'd be a good idea one of these days if we want a big race or if I dump the Gatorade on them, I think that would be a good. Like, you know, thing to do. I thought to try to hide a bucket of Gatorade somewhere. Maybe just the twenty ounce bottle. No, I know. I gotta get this the yellow security code on, like Harry, Carson did and go like you know sneak behind like maybe section feet. Thirty one make it a little zigzag behind L gold and, and Lou from Novi. And then, you know surprise them with the with the full bucket shot. What you put way too much audited, as my friend. Well you don't I mean at you gotta be a giants fan now or jets probably jets not amount. Really a football guy. But I if had if you put a gun to my head I'd do for the giants. I guess I guess there's not much else to do on the drive from Saratoga. Mom at the Penn nationally. Got these. A lot of stuff that goes to my mind time. Do you have a cooler, ready? Pretend he's not making a trip to Penn tonight, his, his daughter is. So I'm going to be I don't know if the first time I meet her by dumping, the Gatorade on her. That would be a good idea. I might have to wait till the second time second time out. Maybe probably by the right. They're probably we'll get a safe there. Toga. Yeah. That's probably the safest I don't nobody cares. What happens in Saratoga? Yeah. I want to stay away from for two days afterwards. But I think it'd be a good idea. I bet you, if you did it after the Travers, I don't think he'd mind, too much. Definitely I wanna do later, then, like the first couple of races. Maybe. Ready to walk out? Listen, maybe the maybe the maybe the hall of fame or the or the second leg of the turf trinity, if he gets if the forty takes you there. Say thanks. Beg sometime this one of a man get here safe. For Jeremiah, he has forty under the pen, mile tonight, three others on the undercard. We'll see. But I have great Dane feel later. All right. Jeremiah Engelhardt like all of our guests will receive from power from race the race embrace your passion over and embraced the race dot com, and we'll see if forty under can add to the finger lakes legend, that is Jeremiah Ingle, speaking of legends time now for the Lexus legends of the turf, brought to you by the Lexus store of Lexington. This lady had a wealth of character, a marvelous vibrant personality, and she was indeed an inspiration to others. She was a lady through and through and the roaring, nineteen twenties while still under twenty she entered the world of racing as the owner of a steeplechaser a racing stable, Brooke meet came into existence if you years later, she was adverse the positi and feel great delight in needling and openly deflecting, an obvious inflated, ego, earn factious sense of humor provided her the tool for doing so. Actually evident in times of stress, perhaps equally as synonymous with Brooke meet stable ended success, where the names of precedent, Elliott Burch who trained her horses Preston began training for Our Lady of the moment in nineteen forty four and on October twenty first of that year, he saddle her dear me for her in the Maryland handicap at laurel. Dear me whip the redoubtable twilight tear by seven links that affair. And that was birches, first of a long, long list of sakes winners, he saddled for Brooke made Birch was very patient with young horses, and he and are subject, probably received more. Thrills from a horse named sailor than any other racing in her colors that was in the decade of the fifties, while others racing her colors included sore denser, bullet flowers and oligarchy her superb flower bowl won the Delaware handicap in nineteen fifty six, and on may second nineteen fifty nine sword dancer, won the derby for her while on the very same day. Big effort won the better roses, the old jamais. Racetrack on Long Island in nineteen thirty four. Our Lady of the day, as it were became the very first woman and American turf history to lead. The winning owners list are Bola. Flowers was voted Philly champion of nineteen sixty and sixty one and sword. Denser was voted horse of the year in nineteen Fifty-nine, this marvellous lady dearly loved the thoroughbreds and the mung, the many greats carrying her soaks to the winter circle, she considered her best to have been cavalcade sailor sore denser, and bolo flowers. But she had a very soft spot for others, including ho, capi, son, glow and high quest in nineteen thirty four and sixteen years later in nineteen fifty Brooke Mead was the leading money winning stable in America from nineteen twenty five until her demise in nineteen sixty two her horses, one, one thousand one hundred and forty four races as previously indicated trademark was a love four and the ability to just with her trainers. The virtues before. Big races. She would often break the tension in the paddock by saying, for example, quote, do you think I should put on the blinkers today or quote? Now. You haven't put that satellite right on her Jackie would appear. She could be heard to say, quote now Preston you step bec. I'm going to give the art on how to ride this horse today with a twinkle arrive course and she would go on very solemn. We say quote you just go on out and win this race today. If it was money, she would be quite apt to say. Now, don't you dare get my colors dirty today. Yes. This grand lady, and that she was an every sense of the word through, and through hell to the sporting ideals with the best characterize racing to it's very best both in victory and defeat. The mistress Brooke meet stable and the subject of this piece is available dodge Sloane. Lexus wants driven. There's no going back through inspired design relentless innovation and uninhibited performance, Lexus continues, their pursuit to perfection with not only precisely engineered automobiles but powerful profound and passionate experiences that move you like never before. Hey, everyone might penna here. 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The sixth running of the great to Penn mile for Saturday, June first Hollywood casino attend national featuring some of the best three year old tur- forces in the country, a day that features four match races. In addition to the Penn Lyle. Pennells plus they'll be free all snakes pick. Fours put a fifteen percent takeout with a special. I post of two forty five pm eastern guilt wanted this, this exciting day at Hollywood casino Penn national, it's the great to half million dollar pen mile Saturday, June first at Hollywood casino at Penn national our. Passion. Forment. Charrette Conti, a Bernstein out of a Sunday. Silence. Mayor with five time champion ES as his third damn carrot Conti recorded three great one victories, while earning more than one point nine million dollars. Upper coaches, juvenile CARA Conti recorded a great one win at two before taking the prestigious French two thousand Guineas at three follow by any lecturing stretch. Run in the Breeders Cup mile to defeat older horses with a final time of one thirty two and four fist first crop yearly by CARA Coty sold for up to two hundred twenty thousand dollars and his first two year olds impressed at the obese Mark sale, the Philly breezing in Dinan, four-fifths, seconds and selling for three hundred sixty five thousand dollars to breathe easy LLC CARA Conti standing at gains way, power passion performance. You know, I'm talking about gains way far. My name is a would has gone on lease into also rising radio network. You're listening to the equine forum presented by Woodbine entertainment quarter of a mile to go threat of blue his ears up is not moved to the narrow laid king Takhar battles on second. Casa create thread on me outside three quarters one twelve and one there's an eighth of my left to go Louis science, ask the threat of blue to kick on, but Tasse creed is moving to him on the outside, louder than bonds, fared, a threat of blowing Kasa creed, a threat of blue response, and turns them away to win the Palm Beach from Catholic, creed second, then latter than bonds that I g is back in one forty one and four. Pete, I l o on the call of the Palm Beach a threat of blue figures. One of the favorites here at Hollywood scene. Penn national tonight for the great to half million dollar pen mile welcome back to the in equine forum here on. H. R. R N. Join us now the Reicher of racing operations here at Hollywood casino at Penn national race horse in the man who has done a fantastic job at growing Penn mile night on what is entire teen here Penn, national Eric Johnson joins us more buck. How are you, sir? Always a pleasure to be here with y'all. Guess why one of my favorite? Parts of the year. We'll good. Yeah. See you. We deliver your great weather. A great view a great seat for the racist. Great seeker morning trading. Where else you gonna get you brought up the weather chance some thunderstorms later on later on. Yeah. That we're not gonna worry about those, they're going to be well after the mile run. So we're all good fine. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. We start with this every year. I always. This turf course. And I mean since it looks. Unbelievable. Well, we baby, you know with the pen, mile this time of year, we don't take any chances with the we've had two races across the course when we started out with the, the first one on Preakness day, the rail was all the way out, and we stayed there moved back in on Monday, so that we'd be ready for today. The inside is pristine has been run on at all the sheer. It's we've had some heavy thunderstorms earlier in the week, we had some great drying yesterday that'll continue through today, so we should be on a good courses afternoon. Maybe even pushing it a little bit toward firm, but we'll see what we get the post time. Yeah, it really is a beautiful warning hit his son high in the sky. So it'll bake out some of them wishes we will talking with Britney early. We got like seven inches of rain in New York City. Most of it comes through here I. Yeah. And all it. It's been rough last couple of weeks around here rough year, since Sara toga lab. I mean, we got Sarah total and it hasn't stopped raining. Yeah, you'd look at last year's our schedule on the turf. We actually lost five. Weeks in a row on the turf because just constant rain. No harassment five week no turf for five weeks from last week in July all the way through August. We finally got back on for about three races in September, and that was it. We had less than fifty races on turf last year. Just brutal fifty racist for the whole less than fifty for the whole season, usually, we try and run about one hundred twenty that's what we can handle our so. And you can imagine what that does the field size and handle and everything card, something take it off. Obviously, they fall apart. And then it's just might and you know that's the only thing that's out of control right? While I mean, there's other things, but that the weather there's nothing we do about the weather. Yeah. Exactly. And, you know, you got people bringing horses in for the summer that are hoping to run on the turf, and they're not getting his opportunities, obviously, they have to think twice about where they spend their next summer and where they're at. So it certainly affects how horses come to the track. And typically if somebody ships in from out of town with turf wars, they're going to bring an extra horse with them for one of the dirt races. And you know you lose that opportunity as well. You guys have done an amazing. Job. Building this day in tonight's special post again today to forty five normally we kick things off your at seven o'clock at Penn national six o'clock on nights as well. But to forty five post twelve racecar memoir, I came out here. I know believe we've been here for every Penn mile. When I started coming out here for for the two thousand sixteen version for catch glimpse and. Refer steaks on the card, right? Eight six tonight and there's the this is the biggest ten mile card stakes wise, we've had right? This is we had seven last year this year, the involvement of the match series moved onto the day. We worked with the Pennsylvania breeders. We relocated a couple of their races. So we have those on the car today and a couple of next week, but the Mets series brought a couple extra racists to us. And then the three traditional races the governor's Cup the oaks and the pen mile. Those have been mainstays since day one. So we're just going to be a big day. Pennsylvania governor's Cup just five. But I tell you what, that's a nice matchup tonight and got your sensation. Hey, he's a different horse in Pennsylvania state of Pennsylvania. Yeah, see is. And, you know, he's, he's nine years old now, and doesn't look like he's planning on stopping anytime soon. Just keeps on one thing he wouldn't mind if a couple of cloud cover that sun for a little while. And he got a little guy will cut neck ground tonight is a beast on that on that on that ground. Yeah. Yeah. He's definitely be the morning, favorite Jorge Navarro and his team, they'll becoming in there somewhere close. But I think, you know, even though it's only five it's going to be competitive, and there might be an opportunity. I don't know if that's a race that I would single you know, it's small enough field that you may wanna use it in one of the fifteen percent takeout. Pick fours has an all it, it helped for a bomber to come into the drive your price up talk about the talk about the wagering tonight. Yeah, we start off. We got four three all state pick four so you start to fourth through the seventh with a pick for fifteen percent. Cout them come back with match pick for again, fifteenpercent takeout that six through nine and then the, the ten mile pick for which is raises eight through eleven with the anger by the pen mile, again fifteen percent takeout on all of them. We have a mandatory payoff on the second. Unfortunately, the pools aren't huge or the carryovers aren't you'd but mandatory Pat on the super high five on the second and the pen, pick six on raises three through eight. And then on top of all, that if that's not enough for your also part of the, the cross country pick five with Belmont today in the nine ridge, you'll get that, that necess- Kohana the governor's Cup the oaks, and independ- mile in the five at a fire away into the pick for the love to hear on ready to roll at late pick four year that cross country pick five Felton, join us later on. We covered on the weekends view last night. We're gonna talk about it later on in this program today. Yeah. I mean just an amazing job, you guys have really, we talked to Brittany, top of the show. The money from the slots, and from the casino has obviously helped, but, you know, you can put the money in some people's hands, and they'll just sit on it, and they'll take it for granted. You guys, you know, you of course, buddy are in the who. The calls a lot of shots. You guys have taken the money and you have built an amazing product, an amazing night of racing here. Really? I mean it's just a fantastic. Fantastic nine of raising a bit firm believer, you know, sometimes we get into some beefs with the horsemen horse. Fortunately, we have a really good group here enforcement, and they understand, you know, you need to have that marquee race, you need to have that marquee that put you on the map, it gets people looking at during simulcast days like this, they just drive the business for the rest of the year. And we started that used to be a time where we ran one St. every weekend. And then, you know after while you realize that you're putting a lot of energy into stuff, that's just become an another racer fifty thousand dollar steak is not driving the bus anymore. So we've created big days, you see this train tracks around the country anymore. It's counting the norm. And it's really working with games gone. Yeah. Absolutely. And you guys with a great job at, you know, following Sutin just jumping on. With everything that's gone on this year. I think it's now more than ever. We need. It's obviously a business what we need to protect a game. And we need to kind of do it together. And you guys have certainly, you know, you've even brace that here. Absolutely. We've always been safety conscious. I mean you read some of the stuff in the media net in Pennsylvania. Gets a little bit of a bad rap on some of those blogs out there. We're not gonna mention names, but now we've always been very safety conscious. We've had pre-race exams long before most people. We have a hell of a review process for every catastrophic injury that happens here. We have one of the lowest catastrophic injury rates on the in the industry. So we're very happy that our courses are very safe. But as everybody knows from time to time stuff does happen. But we do everything we can possibly to prevent that talk with our Johnston. The director of racing operations here at Hollywood casino Penn national race scores. All right. Got Chad Brown here with regal glory for the pennock. She figures to be a pretty big favorite tonight. Yes. She's looking like she's going to be very dominant in there. Got a couple of hours of I think there's a couple of outsiders that may do something impress, you JiJi is in there for air McClellan. She's day in the OT stay in any. Okay. And oddly, your is Saint Louis, you know, he he put that little Philly in there. She's got some steaks experience. I think she's great to place late early under her career south bell. Right. She came up for the demos. Positive spirits positive sphere. Yet everybody kind of chuckled at him when he ran around the country with discreet lover. And, you know, you want a couple of grade once and proved that the Horseheads capability, so we're really excited to have them in there. They can be interesting part of the plate. They going to be able to get over top one glorious. It's going to be we'll know better tonight, strong. Renewal of the pen mile as well. This is probably the best Penn mile since the, the twenty sixteen and depending on where these horses go from here in may come out as being the best of it really excited about a threat of blue being in their Kasa, creed. There's about six orces knew that have a legitimate shot of winning and the other two or three we're going to say that they may surprise us. There's, there's a reason they're here they paid their money. They have faith in her horse, obviously, or you wouldn't be here. So it's going to be a great race. The black Adams coming up. He ran. He ran, well, a couple of conduct mistakes. Yeah, blackout them. And I meet the find out if that's named after Jay z or Metallica. I haven't able to find this out yet. Let's try to get on that today. Okay. What will put a bunch Nate PB out on that. See what we could find out. Are my on right before you came on? He's excited forty under. Obviously you mentioned the threat of blue was a wind machine. Then a golfing this year backing up to the mile should really suit him. Well, we just got caught there in the final couple of jumps his last start. So. Kasa creed comes in for Bill Motte the yeah. Like France owns a piece, am. Oh, yeah. Yeah. J. J H racing is Mike francesa, good. Good. Good. One thing about Bill Motte and watch this, you know, through my career which his career spans longer in the industry. The mine does, but I've watched him and he doesn't come because he has nothing better to do. He and Steve s few center, two guys that, you know, they show up. They got a chance to his good as the food isn't skyboxes not sky box now that amazing final cut, maybe but not this guy come from sky, sky, actually, like a price in tonight, and I like the woman ends. Luminance I think things are setting up in the right direction for that horse. Steve thought enough of them to try them in a great one last fall took some time off. He comes back wins that allowance race pretty easily over at Churchill and derby day. Yeah, I agree hundred percent with the keys. He's here for business in order, I come for the cheese steak third, the racing second. But I'll tell you which is my favorite part coming out here, and that is the crowd you guys will have out here tonight. They will be stack deep out here on the apron. They'll be inside. They'll be outside. They'll be all they make they make a lot of noise. And what it's just so good to come out to a racetrack and see everybody. And again with with the grandstand, we're not used. I'm not used to these. I'm used to, you know, bell on parks, three eight hundred miles. It's along. Yeah. So you, you come here, and it's just it's it's a great. It's a family feel and this crowd year in your out does not this point. That's exactly right in the family. Feel is really important to us. You know, we wanna make it and all all family event. We want the kids to come out and see the show of them. Yeah. And this is not a day that we drive toward the kids. We have a lot of lot of other things going on like next week. We'll have camels ostrich in here love to have the kids coming out for that. We got a little food truck festival coming up. We got a celebration for Father's Day. We're, we're taking a step back in time. We're going to run the last four Sundays in the month. You we haven't run Sunday's nineties. So we're going back to some Sunday afternoon race in our patrons told us that, hey, why can't we try this again? So we're gonna give it a shot and see what happens and hope it works out. You know, in if these four Sundays, worked at the way we're hoping it will drive what we do next year. Is it every Sunday June last four. So the ninth sixteenth twenty guard not tomorrow, but after Efremov the rest of the Sunday's tomorrow, day to catch your breath that as a lot of arc in a lot of preparation going into it, and you'll see that I'll call me that you have for last couple years. My fourth in a row hope. If the next forty four I wouldn't count. And I don't know. I don't know if I'm making eighty six I don't think it's faith, but you guys really Eric great job. Thank you for everything. You do here on the network as well. And trying to take a step back tomorrow. Trying to enjoy tonight. You guys have really built something special here at Penn try and take a little step back and enjoy a little bit tonight. We're gonna together and building something special is, is really the key till, you know, in the first couple of years, it was begging to get guys to commend. We got really lucky. We had some Tommy trainers. But you look at the trainers that are represented here today. It's I think there's five hall of famers. There's probably eight Kentucky Derby winning trainers on this card. That's crazy. Thurs thirty five triple crown winters. I don't know how many how many Breeders Cup winners on the car, but I mean it's just a who's who of the training world from the east coast to the mid west so really excited about that. I post to forty five tonight. Thanks, are my pleasure. I just have one question remaining. Sure where do I get one of these limited vision, t shirts that you wear at might be of the Belmont T shirt on this morning because, you know, after the Preakness, Zola Beaumont, I turned into the beast, this is the only one that exists, which is kinda give it a way because I've won it like three times since the Preakness. So I do wash it. Okay. Only one that exists, man. What's been a pleasure? Thank you for having me on and appreciate you being here. Thank you for having us. Eric johnston. Rick raising operations from Hollywood casino. National break. When we come back, it's time for the Stuart Morris industry star of the week equine form on the horse racing radio network. Your home food triple crown Kentucky Derby winner, or on the track his runners scored on both dirt and turf, including multiple stakes winner autumn warrior, and Sipa, Ken harbor winner of the gray ones then away stakes Saratoga on the track or continues to add winners. And in the sales ring, his two euros have sold up to two hundred fifty thousand dollars in twenty nine t classic winner, classic pedigree or stemming at Clayton talking. Springtime tips and fun facts from Paul, Kristen index ter- at total wine and more. Did you know there were over one million bubbles in a glass of champagne brunch line is made in virtually every country in the world? And I'm ready to give you a tour to find the right one ham. Sweet and salty richness pairs perfectly with juicy Pinot Noir. Now till locations in Lexington. Visit our new store in Hamburg of sir. Barton wing shop online at total wine dot com. Selection is ridiculous. Cheers. Author nation was the co second leading second crop. Kentucky sire with five black type stakes winners, nine black type horses, and well over two point five million dollars in earnings alternation counted great three super derby winner, libation and Gulfstream stakes winner alter moon as tops from his first crop of runners already this year. Alternation has the brilliant filly steering Getty empress, easy winner of the great, Rachel. Alexandra stakes at the fairgrounds by distorted humor millionaire greatest stakes winner alternation stands at pin oak stud. Woodford feet where tradition merges with technology, family owned since nineteen forty and providing exceptional customer service would feet specializes in the highest quality feed. He's the only the finest ingredients to ensure optimal nutrition for your horses. In addition, Woodford feet can help with all your farm needs including field seed fertilizer, and we control to whether your horses spreading around the race track, or has a full buyer side, kind on Woodford fee to provide the quality nutrition necessary to perform at the highest level, which would feed for sales. Kentucky. It's time now to shine the spotlight on the Darlie taking the reins performer of the week on sixteenth, Picco Citron trying to finish the job airstrike bearing down. It says prin or airstrike airstrikes getting John and strike. The final Trump airstrike. The four year old son of Darley stallion street sense, took the great to triple bend at Santa Anita, this past Saturday, earning eight ninety four Beyer speed figure and a spot in the limelight as this week's Darlie taking the rain performer of the week. Darley's stallion street cents, the first worst in both the Breeders Cup, juvenile and Kentucky Derby. Airstrike became street. Senses Bith greatest aches, winter in two thousand nineteen only tap it, and kirwin can top that number learn more about street sets and all the Darlie stallions by visiting Darlie America dot com. I am Kayla's draw and you're listening. The horse racing radio network. You're listening to the equine forum presented by Woodbine entertainment coming to the top of the stretch, mind control, nitrous, and mutual turned for home across the track in the hopeful. It is mind control Mutuel enough outside nitrous in between those two somebody his fourth three of them, stoke going at it might controlled nitrous and macho, they continue to rates across the track mind control, as clinging to the lead Mutuel, on the outside its second best to mind control and the bowl. And then came nitrous and somebody. Lawrence calm is on the call again hopeful winner mind control getting ready for next Saturday's. What he Stephen, you'll hear it here on the horse racing radio network as part of our Belmont, Stakes undercard Steve rabasca gonna return to the next Saturday with sitting next to Steve up high atop the finish line at beautiful Belmont, Park, two to five pm for that undercard coverage next week here on the horse racing radio network trainer Greg Sacco. Has mine control getting ready for that. What he Stephen? And he is this week's industry star of the week, presented by Stewart, Martha Stewart Mars view. Teak full-service, bloodstock operation and like to thank the owners clients and team. Their success is because of you with multiple steak sources over the past three years, including Henley's joy. He's running today in the pine ridge, our brain trust. And Malagasy Stewart Morris is your source for success at the highest levels. Visit the Stewart Morris consignment at all major sales and earlier this week Greg Sacco was our guests on trainer talk. Presented by phase dip in. And now he is today's industry star of the week presented by Stuart Morris. His Greg, Greg win. Did you first walk into the paddock and look around and see all of the other great trainers that were saddling their horses in and thanked yourself? Yeah. You know what? This is pretty cool. I made it up belong here. I guess, you know, ever you know, something that, you know, you know, curling between you know, you the perspective, heavy you need the stock. It's not makes you look good and bad. You know. And so, you know, I was that, you know, might my dad's delayed somehow close and, you know, a love of horses in how we bought up and now that the work ethic, everything was there. But, you know, you have earned it you have to respect of your peers and everything, and I, you know, I know ways back that I've always, you know, you know, earned the respect the peers, and, you know, the way we run our Cedro in Vlad horses looking everything. And so I've always got that belonged in, you know, at this level, you know, stop the prove yourself and like last year in the hope it was one thing, but then develop into, it's real then and you wanna do in one accomplish. And so, you know, very proud of the Mike O in my staff is prepared them and under my guidance, but you need to staff. And of course, the horse develop, so I've never had a losing that. Wave a magic wand if it's trainer yes it's trainer. But, you know, you need the staff need the horse. And so, you know, as long as backing for us, I think that I'll be continued to grow as a trainer and, and the foreign prosper, and, you know, we can compete at these high of races, which, you know, you dream about as a kid, I'm fifty three. I've been doing, you know training to a whole life, but, you know, relatively not, you know past my prime. I think that, you know, those I, I enjoy this level and I've always wanted to race at this level. So it's something that is coming to fruition, and, and I'm certainly not taking it lightly. Will you come a long way since political pocket at Garden State? Art, I haven't heard that name along. I haven't heard that name at thirty years. What do you remember about that about that? Yeah. I think I you know, most of my uncles are in that picture because I think we thought he would win, you know, that's having a picture and a long time. But I my almost the whole family showed up for that race Garden State. Yeah. No, no, it's, it's many moons ago. Actually, never forget, my, I think to Rocco wrote them. But now come a long way. And, and hopefully you know, we continue on this path the let me throw another name at you that and tell me about this day horse by name of never my love. Never my love my first stakes at laurel. She'd it first racist. That's filler that we bought my bought with that club foot with my brother and we pay fifty five hundred something for the card state sale by wing t pretty chestnut. Selley. Krista? Karla. Reuter. Cold December day laurel, but it was a it was a good. It was a good good race. And never forget that silly now that, that picture. Is training over early on a break. Other welcome back. Yeah. That was Greg Sacco going down memory lane. He's got mind control printing Saturday in the pointed to the Woody Stevens part of that loaded undercard finally great one after a bunch of years is great, too. The mazing undercard plan for next week before the one hundred of the first half of champion enemy. Awesome. And I'm so excited to see mine control back. We over the winner. Greg Sacco was stable to Belmont. And he was right. Right across from our barn. Man, nothing. Nice worst, completely look collapse. Great great horse. I think the Woody savings will be great Buffy really willing golfing finished second who's in the teeth of the pace he was on the road hot of the racetrack. They didn't decide to go on with them. They fought the derby fever. They caught him back on the Bayshore keeping them on the path, a lot of good races out there for, for the three year olds sprinters including the Woody Stevens. Of course, the Allen jerkins up at Saratoga on Travers on undercard card. So they're content with being on the cards and winning races opposed to run in the big ones in the not getting the money. Listen, a great ones. Agreed one. I feel like this has a great summer, have no question about it. No question about it. That's all next. Week. Again check was racing. Radio dot net four the satellite information for Belmont Stakes day two thousand eighteen. All right. Great first hour in the books, when we come back here McLaughlin, Jerry, host of others. We're back with our number two right after we falls, ten seconds for station identification. This is the horse racing radio network. Radio. This is horse racing radio network taking the lead you lay runs after her cookie dough stirred point of under and you'll alley down to the wire point honor, put up like I'd Susan. Enter pot writing hobby Castawano? There's about the go below keeps on Boeing river Boyne on the inside catapult for up five zero, but Pat, something left for the final sixteenth, that it's going to be coast-to-coast in the shoemaker mile from our Jimmy Johns of Lexington studios. Welcome to the equine forum, presented by Woodbine entertainment. Mr. written, Sipa, Tebbit, neck, and neck super tablet, mister Ricks. They hit the wire between the two potential instruments and a heads up. The signs villa in the eclipse, trying to hold on here comes channel makers other outside on side. Magic wand in glory closing into channel bigger strikes. Shadow maker. Lord now. Here's Anthony stabile and Britney actress. Welcome back to our number two of the equine form, presented by would bind and pertain -ment on the big a Anthony veal joined by Britney actress, where live at Hollywood casino. Penn national race course filling in for the baron like pen, and the of the pick for Jude fell judo come onto route the show, talk a little cross country pick five all about three to five hundred thousand dollars. Sixth running of the pen mile tonight here at Penn national on an absolutely glorious morning. Still have some forces training. Brittany already seen close to a hundred on this track this morning. And it's just a glorious morning here. Right in the shadows of blue mountain Sweden side blackout, the blackout training this morning jog. Get to the bottom of that cheesy or Metallica. I hope I hope Metallica. I do too. But I would think that, you know, Jay Z's little more the blackout for Jay z little more contemporary, I would think that would be the place. We have a poll for you up this morning trainer. Jeremiah Engelhardt has already joined us. He talked about his forty under who's in that Penn Lyle tonight. Right now. We are joined by care McLaughlin. His a threat of Lou is in the pen mild night. He has Alyssa, he'll in the pennock says, well, Karen, Anthony and Brittany here on the wind forum. Thanks for some time this morning. Karen you there. Yeah. Various Warren, Colonel. Morning. Where are you emanating from this morning? You at Saratoga down Belmont on that bowel Mont. All right. You coming out tonight, or you're gonna be watching it from home. Clocking one at the main track and then flipping over the train attracting work and several at nine thirty to ten. All right. You making your way out the Penn national familiar, you're going to be saying back in Long Island. Dell lease going to go that way in a little while. I'll watch on TV. All right. Tell Joe to stop by. We're right on the finish line if he wants to swing by a couple of runners for McLaughlin, stables today, we got the Philly Alessio am I saying that correctly? What's that? Our salem. I saying that properly. Yeah. How are you say it? It's okay with me. I can't. At least you're honest, we'll go with all the sale in a threat of Lou Karen this horse. He's really something on the turf. He's been good on earth service broke his maiden on the dirt, and you guys tried them on the turf before he broke his maiden broke his main in off the turf and then some winter down Ecofin with him. Three starts from part on locked e into to race in New York to second current. And then kind of trouble trip in his next start. So Florida worked out well to win. Three in a row down there. It just worked out. Great. And then second Churchill was a nice, right? Yeah. That was a big. He's, he's a versatile sort to he's one on the lead. He's gone fast. He's gone. Kinda slow. He's come from off the pace, as an easy horse to train because of his tactical speed, and how, and how how versatile is yes. He's a pleasure to train does everything. Right. And we train them normal and run every month. We had to give them a little bit of time from early March to early may, we gave them sixty days into his last race. And now we're back on thirty days, but he's doing great. And we've got to cut back to a mile would work out well. Haven't done much on paper anyway, just that one threes between the, the American turf and. And this Penn mile tonight. He cuts back to the Mark after a couple of miles sixteenth races. You think the miles is best distance? It's hard to say I don't know but it's a should work out. Welker is not that much pace, he doesn't have to be on the lead. But if he is on the Lee worked out. Well, it's hard to say he probably get him on a quarter if he's left alone on an uncontested -ly, though, you never know a little bit pace tonight. And we'll be it's hard to know what is best it since is. But he's doing very well. Really seemed to get along with Louis Sayas as well since Louise gotten aboard. He's done very little wrong in that race last time in the American turf, e even in defeat them might have been ratio. Louis is, is Tim berry. Well, and we're happy to have him go over there. He's, you know second on the one time. So he fits the horse very well. I know in that American turf was that actually affirmed her? Of course, I may fourth. I feel like there is some rain. Sorry, I wonder if here's a question. Sorry about that when he was in the American turf last time out was, was actually affirmed her, of course, because I feel like there was quite a bit of rain, and I think he might like this course a lot better today. It's very nice. You know, it was not farm, definitely had given the ground and these seems to handle farm, saw yielding all the above. So you're pretty neat horse as far as that goes. Cool. Yeah. You talk about how well, Louis fix them. Do you give them any instructions, caring Jogi mini instructions, and we'll just let them break at it and see how it unfolds early on tonight tonight, we won't have a lot of hopefully we're break. Well, where there somebody goes to clear us, then we'll lay second or third, but hopefully where they're on or near the Lee. We talking earlier about how you got the three options with the three year olds on the turf today. Could go to run at Monmouth in the cat. Obviously, the pine ridge is a mile and an eighth at Donlon the mild here. What, what brought you guys out here with a threat of blue? It worked out, well, timing wise. You know, it's back in a month, and it's important race five hundred thousand dollars and it's a mile and, and we just dot that we, we fit very well this race. And had we waited to run back in two nine rich with might catch some more tougher horses. So it just worked out, well. Yeah. He seems to be doing doing really, really well like you said, plenty of speed he has plenty of speed, but he can come from come from off his well race earlier on the card. I'll yield comes in for Shad. Well, she broke her maiden down at Gulfstream Park while yet us insatiable start to the year, especially down go free last time out she tried the mile and three sixteenths I start against what was that just a little out of scope. You think maybe but, you know, hard to say, but this was a great opportunity since we're already going to get some nice black type. And so we thought let's put them both in on the van and get them over there. So she's a nice Philly. Looks like CAD Brown. It'd be very tough. But we'd be happy. We hit the board. We'll try and win, but we take second third. Fia allot like a threat of blue. She has some speed. She can be tactical, you reach out for Julian Peru. If I'm not mistaken. This is the first choice you put Julian on in a in about a year and a half or two years or so. Yeah. We don't get that much. We like Julian and it's tough to get to him sometimes, but we're happy to have him. And he was there night until where we're we've had some luck with them in the past. Looks like the kind of Philly that would that he fit as well. You know, having that tackle speed one of the best set of hands in the business. And like you said, trying to get that black type so so important with these with these Phillies. She'll be close. That doesn't have to be on the lead, and she should be close will leave it up to him to see how the break does and how to race on poles, but we try and get the best of available jockeys, and they can make the call at after the break. Topple trainer here McLaughlin, the has all wheel in the penalties and a threat of Lou figure scoff the favorite in the great to five hundred thousand dollar pen mile. Now, Karen, of course, everybody was really excited about Haikal going into the derby trail. What's he up to now? Well, he went home Friday quantity. And once he wasn't found enough to run. He went home to be checked out, and they checked out perfect at Rune riddle. But since he was home. They decide to give thirty days to forty five days at the farm, and hopefully he'll be back pretty soon. And no surgery, just he had some beat issues and there better now. And he got some time off. So we're looking forward to getting back pretty soon. It'll be really nice to have a nice fresh horse for the summer. Yes. For the fall of the year. Yes, it will be he's a really neat horse. I'm not sure what will point him for. But we'll be happy when he shows up. Carrying a week out from the one hundred fifty first Belmont Stakes. Of course, back in two thousand six jazz. We'll give you your first win earned classic talk about jazz a little bit thirteen years ago. Can you believe that? A little scary that goes time goes by. He finished fourth in the Kentucky Derby, and we skipped the Preakness, and I remember working in three weeks after the derby, and then missing his ex work. And because the track was perfect that we decided not to work in, and everybody thought we couldn't win by not working, but it worked out, great and for an Endo HARA road him. And when he broke from the gate, I think he he lost his Stirrup momentarily. Right front of us, there was a mile and a half, and then he ran down the backside. He made a big move around turn move right up to leaders, I think was bluegrass casts and went by, and it was just a huge win. Great great to win. An American classic and nasal. Yeah. One hundred stakes one fifty one next week. We're talking with trying to care McLaughlin, that was twenty two thousand six this year is going to try and win the Penn oaks Alyssa, he'll and the pen mile with a threat of blue Kenneth actor some time this one, will you get over to the train and track. We'll talk to you thank. Thank you. Appreciate all your little work hard with our industry. Max here. Thanks as always trying to carry McLaughlin. He's not too many. There's nobody better, maybe some as good. Nobody better better person trainer than here McLaughlin, so nice so good with his horses. So approachable. He's great person. You got a great feature if I do say so myself. Feature a great feature lined up on him in Rajiv Mirage for. From Belmont Stakes broadcast fraud. Kentucky Derby broadcast, unfortunately comes down with the foot abscess and south. Yeah. I okay on one wouldn't win when Haikal came out, it allowed me throw my fifth pick and to all the main plays that was country house. There you go. You one big time I o I o the kernel of Piccolo Busa feast that. I'll be collecting my Piccolo Busse lefay from Kentucky Derby from Steve Dudin this Wednesday night, because he told me Bob Baffert win the derby. And I told him he was not going to in the back on January twenty fourth call. Written down have all my fan wages down this actress. They try to skate on you. You can't let them be skating on. You remember that always remember that? All right. Like all guests McLaughlin will be getting some power from embraced the race embrace your passion for worse racing over it embraced race dot com. I guess we've got to send Ericsson stuff to figure it out, and I'm not saying that because he's all over my shoulder Dr Jerry, Dr Jonathan a little bit after the break before we go to break, though. It's time now for the Lord's news update and a look at the top headlines from blood horse dot com. War of wills Belmont. Prep work won't include a breeze. Knowing the recent racing history of war of wealth, and the mile and a half classic that awaits Trina Marquez is more than comfortable just having his grade one Preakness stakes when a Gallup in preparation for the great one to eight Belmont Stakes. Presented by naira bench Warhol's. Expect me to lone horse starting all three of this year's five six. He placed seventh in the grade one Kentucky Derby presents why would reserve Churchill down for students terms? He was fouled in the far turn by maximum security, then scored a clear victory in the Preakness hat. Kemoko race forces guy bombers, Laura will looks to become the first source since a fleet Alex in two thousand five to win the Preakness dominant coming up short in derby. Cassie certainly is concerned about the fitness after his three old competed completed the mount according derby and won the mile and three sixteenths creek nece in fact, son of war of front has not reasons. Earning among seventy nine workers, April twenty-seventh Churchill when he completed half. While in one forty in, in forty seven and three. I didn't read them between the derby, the frequence as some do. And we have an extra week this time, but I kind of look at the positives and the negatives. And here's a horse that, if he's not fit my now he'll never be fit. Cassie said, if he gets beaten a Belmont, it's not going to be from lack of fitness, I promise you that. That wraps up this warnings edition of being blood horse news update, are you using the blood Orson, whether these global stallions at has a wealth of, continuously updated information over eight hundred signs including racing starts for their foles upcoming entries. And results, the app is free and worked with both phones and tablets now will be today, or go to global stallions apt dot com to learn more. The only one sprinting that will run all three triple crown races this year. We picked up another star for the Belmont Stakes for the test of a champion next week in bourbon war yesterday. Mike Smith will ride war will come in Tyler Gaffney Leon will be the only ones run all three legs of the triple crown. I'm pretty excited. I'm I'm really excited to see him in person. Abell monto. I don't know if he's he's either already vickings coming in the might become tomorrow. Yeah, not certain. It'd be pretty cool if he could do if he could take the Belmont to I think it's an interesting approach the marks taking breezy in between, but he has a point. He's he's fit. He's raised it will be interesting, if he wins the Belmont Stakes the amount of what if from the derby, derby for sure. For sure. Very interesting. Very, very interesting. Only time will tell I for one thing. Things might have been different amazing. It'd be amazing to have to, you know, because we've seen so many near misses and so many horses win the Preakness and the Dom on after, you know, a misstep in the derby, you know, and the point given just was ranked that day. And, you know, a fleet Alex, maybe the best trip in the derby, and we've, there's been countless risen star, of course, started before you will porn, but yeah. Just so many. And now none ever had this. None other were involved in inquiry that took down the winner. Say that peck picture that was all over the internet was pretty questionable. So I it was different. I don't know. We'll find out in one week and your home for all the reasons big events right here. We'll have you covered from two to seven thirty. Wow. Leave on the five on coverage from five seven thirty coverage presented in conjunction with Westwood One and NBC sports. All right. We will take a break when we come back Dr Jerry pack. Join us sociation vet here at Penn national. 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Oh, Ponti is higher of eclipse champion on Canadian classic winners deadly digs and stakes winners this technicality. And America's hail, Justin up is represented by exciting stakes winning filly safe to say and stakes place runners, just a holic flushing Justin and upset. Ruing proton Icho, GIO Ponti and Justin Phillip standing at Casselton lions. Steve autumn in the official bugler Churchill Downs, and the Kentucky Derby, and you're listening to the horse racing Radio Net. You're listening to the equine forum presented by Woodbine entertainment. Here's hawkish making a bowl bid the far outside. He's bankable as draft back next Colt Mississippi and way early as they turn for the wire in comfort Murad here comes hawkish the outside these three paddle in the final furlong that hawkish takes over Merav back the second and covered as weakened Colt Mississippi coming on. But it is hawkish and Manny Franko to score convincingly in the pen mile might have been way early getting second. He's in the photo with Colt Mississippi. Murad checked-in fourth. Welcome back hawkish took the twenty eight team renewal of the Han mile. Me. Many Frankl's tried to go back to back. He writes forty under tonight. Welcome back to. Hollywood casino, Penn national race course on an absolutely brilliant, Saturday morning to forty five I post, if you coming out to Penn national. Today normally I would say tonight, but you got to forty five I post will go on the air at six o'clock here on the network, Sirius XM one fifty six fight nation. Live coverage of the Susquehanna. Pennsylvania governor's Cup the pen oaks, and that grade to half million dollar pen mile nice enough. Join us now for our annual visit thought Jerry pack, the association vet here at Penn national vintage off to Todd Maas dollars a little bit, the executive director of the Pennsylvania VA. Hi, doc. Good morning. Sarah, welcome to pin national. Thank you Britney. Great morning. Fantastic. Morning always good to see you sunrises sunrise breakfast programmes already underway. He s are it is they will walk succeeds interesting things over there. When I came in this morning, doesn't impair legs that I'd, I sucked it out when I was in veterinary college for education of my clients. So they've been a real big hit here at our Sunday morning. Sunrise, yet, you know, I host a breakfast program at Belmont, and we don't have we don't have likes. We don't have likes after that in the steel that idea from you. How's it been up here has everything going, right? Very good. We've had last couple years been pretty tough with all our rain, turf course numbers are down as far as our about that earlier. Yeah. Fifty less than fifty races down from hundred twenty last year. Normally we run about twelve hundred stars year on our turf. I think last year we started five hundred forty horses while. While that's tough. That's tough your side of the ball. Side of the balls of news, a lot this year. We're under a real scrutiny, you know, we've got a lot of armchair, people out there quarterbacks in football here I guess we call them owners trainers. And veterinarians that don't understand this game. They don't understand what we try what we do to prevent all this bad, publicity that we've been getting. Yeah. I'll tell you what you guys really do a guide to fantastic job appear. How's it affected? How's it affected? You guide. How's it affected? You, you know, I take it personal. When I get abused for some of the decisions, and I have to make you know, I don't have thirty minutes examine a horse starting gate. Tis to say whether he's gonna run or not. That's kind of a snap decision. It's based on experience. I have a great jockey colony here. They know that if they bring a horse to me and say, doc, it's not right. Whether I can see something wrong with him. We're not gonna take the chance. I'm not gonna put that jock nor that horse in jeopardy. I'm not sending him back for rider change. He's out he'll lived run. Another day. And whatever going on to you, do you pull the trigger on that a little sooner now. No. You know, I have always considered the horse on that particular day. I don't want the back history. There are some signs that will tell me maybe something up. But I might get decision based on what I see in what that jock stone me only been doing this. I've been in this profession for longer than you are old. I've been here pin national about twenty five years. I worked as a private practitioner for number years. I worked for the commission for about fourteen years. And I've been with pin about ten. So your life. I'm a lifer. You know, I left a commission and took the job with pin national. I thought there were some things panache would allow me to do that. I thought were very important. One of the first things we did in twenty ten was, we started a review process, and by that, I mean anytime we have a catastrophic injury during racing during training. All our horses go in for autopsies or crops. He's we've been we have a database. It goes back to nineteen ninety seven over twenty year show in twenty ten with pins, backing we started the review process. So now with our injuries after we get the crops report back, we'll go through the medical records on the horse will watch the replay the race and we call trainer in and we wanna know what that trainer new did that trainer miss something. Was it just one of those things where we? We had a catastrophic injury. The program has been phenomenal. If you see, now it is almost standard operating procedures across the United States at all race tracks the trainers like it. They like to know what was going on. You know, it lets them know that pin national were concerned about what happens on our restrict. We want them to know that they're not going to walk away with an injury and say, well, unfortunately, took a bad step. So it's been a tremendous program. We feel it. It's been very beneficial over about the last five or six years, all-race tracks has been reporting their catastrophic injuries to national database and back when we first started it, we were looking at a rate of about one point eight catastrophic injuries per thousand starts the past year that rate was down to one point four thousand we have made some drastic steps in the right direction to try to prevent catastrophic injuries all-sports injuries, occur racing's, no different. Unfortunately, we're dealing with a thousand twelve hundred pound animal that you can't say you're going to lay down on that bed for six months to you hill. And there are injuries that we can repair. There are injuries at certainly are to the extent that there is no hope of repairing those horses. It's unfortunate. We've all loved to get that number down zero. But it's we don't live in that you Tope. In world. So we do we can. Right. Absolutely. You know on these horses. Tell us when they don't wanna do things you see horse. It's been loading in a starting gate with no problem. And all of a sudden, he don't wanna load r he's bad in the paddock in and they're telling us if we're Dismore noth- to listen to them, that there's something going on that we need to address. Talking with Jerry packed association vet here at Penn national what's it been like for you before we let Todd jump in for a few minutes? What's it been like for you to be a part of this night? Now day and night starts out with three states right in the one now, eight stakes tonight, one of the richest cards in history of Penn. National race was what's it been like as you, you know, you do a lot here? You guys gotta be real proud of the night and day in the night, you guys created Email where we are from when I started here, ninety five is phenomenal. Pin, national support racing contrary to let you might hear pit national supports racing. They support everything, you know anything that I feel we need to do from the health and welfare of our horses. They're right on top of it. Not only here but it all racetracks. If, if we said, a, a some kind of policy here pin national, it's Dopp kit at all our other racetracks around the nation. So. They absolutely support this racing industry. Dr do a great job. I love seeing you, walk does like because, you know, one of my favorite gigs is hosting the breakfast. It's all about getting the fans to come out and into learn more about our great sport. And we appreciate you doing. That was really nice to see this morning. I appreciate you all here. I know when I see here it's a great day racing. Always a great day racing at Penn national. But this is our best day of the year day, rations great. They are. The way it works talked to Jerry pack the association vet. Thanks todd. Won't you come on in for a few minutes pod? Maas dollar the executive director of the Pennsylvania, h BPA. Morning, sir. Good morning. How are you? I'm doing well. How are you? Never better best day in my life. How great is this day, absolutely have, I was telling somebody at breakfast worn on the feet, hit the ground three quarters at our battles over? When you get up to over fifty I guess that's the way it is. But. Spy sweeper for yourself. Left to go glorious morning. Great day and night racing. Coming ahead. What's going on? How's everything up here? Hi, everything's a lot better than people. Wanna say it is, you know, you just had a conversation with Jerry pack about horse safety, and as aboard the Pennsylvania HP board of directors, we've created initiatives. We've we are one of the first to go to the third party. Ministration lasix. We also our sister track press cow downs who are board actually overseas, also and not many people knew this. But at the pet service up there. The association has horseman association. We actually paid three point two million dollars. We paid for half the expense of track that we had no equity ownership in. But that's how much safety is, is on the forefront for the board of directors. And I commend the board of directors for having foresight, and be willing to put their money where their mouth is. And you know, press cow speaks for itself as far as safety record. You look at safety record there, it's third, you know, unfortunately, or fortunately, catastrophic breakdowns happen to Nath lettuce event, but at Prescott were third of the national average, which is, which is phenomenal. And I think it speaks volumes of the surface that Michael Dickinson created. And I guess, at the moment he's up at dependent ten because he keeps making keeps making improvements. But Madonna, Houston reinventing, it yeah, absolutely. But. So the board of directors have been supportive in, in all initiatives in we'll continue to, to put horse safety at the forefront to mazing when you look around this places, and then I remember when I was a kid we drove past here on Hershey Park when I was younger and. Come up here now, I remember my first trip here about eleven years ago with my girlfriend and niece and nephew. Hershey sedating to do around here nine, the case like gambling, as a good chuckle. I said, Yang goes great bar food and good gambling about ten miles north came up and man, even from ten eleven years ago, it's grown and I mean this day and night racing is just really second to none. Well, we, we, we try to we don't everything we can to create this marquee day the match series. We've been involved with the match series about that parmi talk about that. Sure last year we reinvigorated the match series. All the executive PPA's race tracks t h we sat down and we decided we wanted to recreate the match series last year was the first year, the one major change. We made this year was previously, there would be racist at different racetracks on different weekends. And we made the decision it would benefit if we put all all four races of the series at each race track so that horseman could ship, three four five horses, and participate in all the races at one time. And this being the second match series event of the year we think it's, it's paid dividends. I was a little disappointed with the entries in the governor's Cup a little bit with only five horses. Five eighths on the grass. But overall, it's been a success. And I think it'll, it'll that will continue to it. It's nice for horsemen to be able to throw moldable horses on van to compete in the series in the kind of money and again our board they ponies money comes from the horsemen associations. We all agree to put up a substantial sum of money to create that bonus and to create that excitement for the match, which is really, really makes the match series go or the bonuses. So, you know, all the all the horsemen groups have made those contributions, and I commend all the all those groups in the mid Atlantic for having vision to, to create something that I think can be special for a long time magin that everybody getting together and driving towards one goal. When we seem to be able to do it on the horsemen side on the racetrack. Operators side with all the tips that go on between, you know, the gorillas in the room that Churchill's, stran-. And I don't like to get involved in it too much, unless we're forced to. But as horsemen I think we're on the same page on a lot of issues. And this was certainly one of them we just wanna play. Right. Kind of like that. Just wanna play. We wanna play him. We wanted to be fair, and we want it to be safe. Well. Good looking out as we say in the street, appreciate it. Good looking out. Great job, let you get going. We'll get to a break in what about Penn mile. You wanted you got one for me. What do we like? Oh, let's we could use all the opinions around here that ends the y'all stakes one of the all stakes fours and into cross country. Pick five I'm looking for. I like a little bit. Yeah. I think it's a I think it's a very competitive field. Especially when you when you look at the weight the weights, I think threat of blue, obviously, you talked to Karen earlier. I think he's definitely the horse to beat the same time. I think he's a little vulnerable got away with some slow fractions and the American turf the horse beat him. I felt going into that race. I felt was one of the best horses in the country. You watch vegetal one hundred percent. I mean, the races second race at Tampa. I still don't know how he got along with that race race. Again. They were both might be the worst winning rod in the history of the world. They were both pretty amazing. So he got beat by decent buddy else. Everything goes on way, torset interests me a little bit at a big numbers, the blackout will be to. I think he was. He was sitting a trip down on the end sign when he tried to make his move in that particular race he went down to the rail, and I don't think the rail actually third graph gave it a dead rail rating. And I don't know why on that particular horse. He doesn't have a dead rail rating, but that horse tried to make. Move up the inside the last eighth of a mile and looked like he was running in quick, sane aren't many guys. Right. A bit Kendrick right now. It's gonna be interesting. It's gonna be a great race. We got a, a great great weather day in the mid Atlantic seems like it's under stormed every night for didn't last night, but five six days in a row and I think we're going to avoid that and we're going to have a great day. And hopefully I'll come home safe. It'll be a great day recent here. Hopefully this weather stays, the course that we got right now Stoller the executive director of the Pennsylvania, HP ventures. Silence morning. Thanks for your time. All right. We'll take that break win come back, pontiff pick four jute fell, he's going to expand his arises. We're gonna come pick five. She'll talk a little cross country, five only return, this equine forum on the horse racing radio network home for the triple crown. Adena springs. Stallions Muccio macho ban is cyber in the making a precocious juvenile plastic three year old and dominant older horse Lucho macho man wins the one hundred and twenty six Bergman dazzling time new Joe macho man Wednesday star. Macho man, I prop includes great one place, three year old. Puccio. Gustavo Mu-chou Gustavo impressive in victory. Bruises home by five easy, and talented, three year old filly Muccio unusual. And this is going to be an authoritative score for Mu-chou unusual the way, the Calcutta, a top five second prop sire in two thousand nineteen Mutuel macho man, standing at Dina springs is Dina, stallions dot com. The sixth running of the great to Penn mile for Saturday, June first Hollywood casino at Penn, national featuring some of the best year old turf forces in the country, a day that features four match series races. In addition, depend mile and Pennells plus they'll be three all snakes pick fours, but a fifteen percent takeout with a special I post of two forty five pm eastern. Do what wanna miss exciting day at Hollywood casino at ten national, it's the great to half million dollar pen mile Saturday, June first at Hollywood casino at Penn national, the national HP is the coalition of over thirty individual affiliates in the United States, and Canada comprised of thousands of thoroughbred owners, trainers, and breeders committed to the positive future of thoroughbred racing while working to increase its popularity at uphold the highest standards of welfare, and integrity. Stop by the visit CEO Eric Hamma back at the national HP headquarters in Lexington Kentucky and see what the HP is doing. You. Fans. Come join us for great racing and good times this weekend at Santa Anita on Saturday. We've got the great three honeymoon for three year old Phillies and the great to Santamaria stakes for fillies and mares infield general admission and parking your free each weekend. So bring the family and interview gate, six off of Colorado place. Visit Santa Anita dot com for more information I post time this weekend is a one o'clock CNN Nita racing and great value in a world class setting. Broken bow continues to deliver rock solid results. The top ten son of bridled has hired nearly one hundred fifty black type stakes horses seventy five black type stakes winners and over seventy one million dollars in earnings among those sired by broken vowel last season. We're chocolate MARTINI winner. The grade to fairgrounds oaks and life. In shambles winner of the great three fall, high weight sire of eclipse champion champagne room broken vow his sired additional grade, one winners, unbridled Belle, Rosalyn, sassy, image and cotton, blossom, broken vow standing at Pinot study. This is Chris McCarron and you're listening to the best horse racing show on the radio on horse racing radio network. You're listening to the equine forum presented by Woodbine, entertainment there into stretch. Clinton rules, Ryan. Oh, hold on here is five star. General is taken second on the outside. The click role has now kicked away five star. General dull middle under his tone further sign. It has moved up into second empire wars, taking third, and five star general effects port is Clint maroon takes the Woodhaven, pulling under the wire by four and a half link. Sober forty under and it was pirate of war, and five star general. Back. To the equine form, presented by Woodbine entertainment here on the worse racing radio network. The big a the beast, that's me for the actress, that's her. Fill in for Mike panel. And our next guest rely that Hollywood casino at ten national, he is not Judas down in Kentucky. It's nice weather there, too, 'cause it's pretty perfect here. Dude. How's the weather down there? Welcome to the program. Thank it's a beautiful day in the blue grass that sun is shining. Hopefully it stays that way the rest of the day. All right. Well, you and I have been talking about this cross country pick five mostly me. I'm really excited about this thing tonight. Started. That benign ridge. We gave out ticket last night on the weekends takes preview, presented by naira bats. We are going to talk about a few at a racist today. I know you're excite you loved her phrasing more than anything. And it's, it's. Al- stakes pick five on the turf. You gotta be pumped for that. Yeah, it's pretty cool. Happy that the great are on the graph. How's the weather up there? The course going firm or what we looking at our was talking about good to firm. You know, I would you and I've talked about this, too, probably good firm. I refused. I think I'm ready to, to start really raging machine coming up on my own turf rating system. I think it's good firm today. Well, that's good. That'll bicker bicker ticket as small as we could possibly make it. Yes. Exactly. Are let's off with the prime richer. You like Belmont. Well, Clinton Rune has best her figure coming out of his last rate, twenty points higher than par for the level. So he looks like a formidable foe seismic Wade had a terrible trip last time. He's come to wive horsey, six to one in the morning line. I would imagine, he's going to be half that or even less I wouldn't be shot. He went favored, the way people been talking about them. So those are the two that I that I like best, I think you proposition and social paranoid you both have a chance. They're going to have to improve the figuring run down Clinton. Opinion this actress. I am really excited to see seismic wave. I hope he's not the favorite one. The gates open and close it. It'd be nice to get a little better than even money has a price that I don't know, even money but he'll be he'll be three to one. Like Jude said he's not one to one that's not six nine. That's happening. All right. Let's attention to right. Here ten national, we'll go on the air at six o'clock. We'll have all four of these steaks. We're gonna talk about Sirius XM one fifty six Susquehanna for the older fillies in. There's. Which Alantheia pontiff. Well, I think this is the toughest race of the sequence is pretty wide open. I thought Dinah tale had a chance smoking patio Lassie that she might might have a chance. I'll take the cake. And, and she goes to chain of ghost is my top pick had some trouble last time, I think she's, she's got some races on her chart that would win this if she has clear trip, she's outside. I don't think that's going to bother heck of a lot but I'm spreading. Secret secret message in Rauma native. That's tough row to hold who the first time he tried to care for. Isn't it? Put her in there. Nice. I think she's going like to little putter into the deep end of a pool any real. Yeah. We had we had, Eric can we had Todd moss. Dollar on a little disappointed by the fact of Pennsylvania governor's Cup only has five but no matter is the two inside orces Pearson. Sation and completed pass their plenty of pure sensation. Eight years old now, multiple graded stakes winner. You know, I don't know what's going to happen to Penn. But he's a different horse in, in, in the state of Pennsylvania is one of the turf monster times. He's won the parks dash. He loves the he loves the air here out in Pennsylvania, yet brotherly love. He he's a he's a very good horse and me over a million and a half. So we have to respect him. He he he has. He's over class wise, say, but completed taxes, solid. He's been running great since last year. Actually from twenty eighteen on. He's just been a machine. So I think you gotta use them both. Yet Bel Air, on the side of coffee, and then kick yourself, cutting your ticket at half and not getting alive. Right. I don't think I I'm I don't think I news anybody else. He doesn't need to complete a pass. Nice worse. Station you have to him to Bob own will be today as well. We'll be here today. All right. Two big ones, pennock spend mile penalty remarkable soul, obviously gonna come out. We'll be on the turf year. They've only runs you'd say, no. They've only won two races. Over this course so far in the rails came all the way out. They put them back. So the inside, of course, has not been touched yet. We'll have some races on the turf this afternoon to the evening. Obviously, Chad Brown's gonna be six to five morning line probably going to be less than that regal glory. And you know, we always thought about the triple advantage. She might be quiet on the buyer scale. She's like a quadruple advantage. Is he really? Yeah, all of a sudden, you'll ran a seventy five and she hoarse number was seventy five. So she's a Padres advantage on the on the buyer scout. Well, that is very talented Phillies, she's done. Little wrong to wins t seconds and four starts. You gotta like her. She's got a nifty pedigree by animal kingdom out of a more than reading there. You know you not love with the price. But you know what do you expect? When you have a horse with that kind of record. I thought ala feel care McLachlan's Philly had a shot, her main breaker was pretty nice on the crafts. It's came back and Rian third in a in a good allowance race at Keeneland, and then I Khana is a horse kind of interests me. She's another one. She broke her main. First time out came back up eating knows Arnaud, Delacour, doesn't great jobs. He cities Philly out of the rich mayor. She had a best of the morning blow out at fair hill. So I'm gonna include her us to five six and seven. All right. Brett is this the signal is this Britney actress single vase. Is that regal Laurie? Probably yeah. Yeah. I mean, if you're going to try something I'd throw I'd actually throw your is worse in there because he's always there. He's always picking up a track somewhere. Trainor your is Saint Louis count on about this yesterday. Dude, I Horsman we saw this morning. He was in the hotel writing as well. And your eye has to be used in any kind of. In the in the penalty. The big one the pen mile to half million on the line. Good bunch in here. Karen, Jeremiah were on earlier. They both seem pretty confident in their colts. Like the way they're coming into the race. Who do you like in the pen mile? Well, you know, I think the race goes through threat of Balu Neath arguably that, that most accomplished horsing year got a lot of town. I know it's been high on his whole life, basically the horses whole life. But anyway, he's good horse. Forty under is also a very nice horse. I think he's a must use, but I like real news, you'll do great last time. It was the first time around turns rain into English be who I loved on the day. He had the highest number in the field. And this, this Heus roommate he Haber hard, re really good racing in. I understand from the barn that came out of the race fantastic. That's why they're running back in two weeks. They're having a hard time hold them on the ground. And he's just. At the top of his game. So they figured why not he get. He's a big strong. It looking horse, you'll like him when you see him and I'm gonna I'm gonna put him on top. I know you respect britney's opinion. You'll be happy to know when you said, real news, she, she was very giddy and happily, nodding up and down in approval. I like. I think you're, you're making a decision there two weeks while the Jude. I think that's you know me. I don't mind renting the back, I hate I hate training, I like I like horses run regularly and don't spend, you know, forty days in training that's to the detriment of the horse really. I don't mind running them back, quick, if they're good and sharpen L, stall, the sources in tastic. So why not run run on their hot? You can give them a rest anytime, you know, town, the country form that owns the horse, they spend a lot of time, but bringing horses back to the farm for like a month. Little turn out or something freshening. It's not a not a big deal to run back into our hearken back to my kids mom, who used to run seven miles a day, three hundred sixty five days a year, didn't bother her anything until she was about fifty eight. I think real news can handle it. That's twenty four hundred miles a year more than I run. Yeah. More than most people right now used to have trainer. Friends of mine, say they were driving down the oh, my God, I was driving down the road and your wife passed me. That she seven out every day. So, yeah. I think horse back in two inches of deal. I'm so exhausted thinking about it. We gotta let you go. I gotta get to a break, I need to decompress for a few minutes. Thanks year. We'll talk to you. All right. All right. For the one and only Jude fell take one more break when we come back. Brittany our wrap up this vision of equine forum on HR, and presented by Woodbine entertainment. Record prize money for horsemen and great basing highlight the one hundred forty six bring meet at Churchill Downs Churchill. We'll be offering more than thirty million dollars in total purses an increase of nearly eight million dollars over two thousand eighteen million dollars stakes purses and eighteen billion dollars in overnight, races, they'd races during the spring, meet will be worth eighty five thousand dollars up from fifty three thousand dollars last year and allow its persons will range from eighty seven thousand good ninety four thousand record prize money and Griffing. This ring at Churchill Downs springtime tips and fun facts. From Paul, Kristen index ter- at total wine and more. Did you know there over one million bubbles glass of champagne brunch line is made in virtually every country in the world? And I'm ready to give you a tour to find the right one ham. Sweet and salty richness pairs perfectly with juicy peanut. Dr now till locations in Lexington. Visit our new store in Hamburg of sir. Barton wink, shop online at total wine dot com. Selection is ridiculous. Cheers. Airdrie studs summer front is poised to skyrocket to national sire prominence with his first prop of two year olds in two thousand nineteen a multiple stakes winner at to this talented son of warfront when onto winner place in twelve greatest steaks with lifetime earnings of more than one million dollars with an explosive turn of foot summer front routinely recorded times mile and thirty three in some of the best rate, one mile races in the country and possesses everything it takes to be an important sire for years to come Airdrie studs, summer front. Think about it when it comes to buy tractors, mowers and former equipment, look no further than locally owned central -ment on red mile road in Lexington third generation family business central heaven servicing. Equine industry for more than forty six years, working closely with the NTR a to ensure their equine clients. Get the best pricing on their new John Deere purchases at central you'll find top brands like X, Mark coup Bota, still, John Deere, and woods stop in today, an experienced. Family owned atmosphere or visit central acquit, -ment dot com. Power. Passion. By Netco performance. Jerry Conti a son of Bernstein out of a Sunday. Silence. Mayor with five-time champion ES as his third damn carrot Conti recorded, three great one victories, while earning more than one point nine million dollars up for coaches juvenile CARA. Conti recorded a great one win at to the we're taking the prestigious French two thousand Guineas at three fellow by any electrifying stretch. Run in the Breeders Cup mile to defeat older horses with a final time of one thirty two and four fist first crop yearly. Vicary Conti soul for up to two hundred twenty thousand dollars. And is I two year olds impressed at the OB as Mark sale, the Philly breezing in Dinan, four-fifths, seconds and selling for three hundred sixty five thousand dollars to breathe easy LLC CARA Conti standing at gains way, power passion performance. You know, I'm talking about gains way far. Hi, this is one of those how you and I listened to the horse racing radio network. You're listening to the equine forum presented by Woodbine entertainment. Exactly. Welcome back. Fourth. We are live. New color from. National hollywood. You know, at ten national. Brittany actress the big a. Wrapping up, really fun Moines. Don't forget, you can catch us tonight at six PM Sirius XM fight nation. One fifty six six to eight PM Susquehanna Pennsylvania governor's Cup. Penn mile penalty and the great half million dollar pen mile run for the sixth time. What a fun morning how Brett it really is training. I'm still so excited to be here. This is a nice place. These looking at real estate as we speak cheaper than Long Island. Everything's cheap at the farm for the cost of a one bedroom apartment, exactly. Won't thanks to guess germ. I angle hot. Care mclaughlin. Dr Jerry pack. Moss. Dollar my men, Eric Johnston rate hospitality here at Hollywood casino. At Penn national race. Course we will be back just about eight hours from now, for the biggest night of the year here at Penn national lots of great action today. We can stakes preview podcasts available over at force racing. Radio dot net for Britney actress on the game. And he's still talk to you at six tonight. HR a nation.

Jeremiah Penn Hollywood Penn Penn national Pennsylvania finger lake Belmont Brittany Lexington Eric Johnston Britney Saratoga Eric Kentucky Lexus Kentucky Woodbine entertainment Jeremiah Engelhardt Philly
TKC 598 Joanna Penn

The Kindle Chronicles

49:23 min | 7 months ago

TKC 598 Joanna Penn

"Today is generally seventeenth. I'm coming to you from Cambridge Massachusetts. Welcome to the kindle chronicles if you are new. This is a show about Amazon kindle authors technology. And if you're a longtime listener you might have listened to about five hundred ninety seven shows before this one because we're at five hundred ninety eight my guest. This week was recommended as Some of my best ideas for guests have been by. I Listener this was Tony. Clark me just five days ago and she said you've never interviewed Joanna pen have you. She's a lively engaging gauging speaker and enthusiastic Kennel Amazon supporter. And one of the Great Self Publishing Success Story. She has an extremely lucrative business with numerous books to her credit both fiction and and nonfiction and in my humble opinion you and she are the two best podcasters on the planet. Well I couldn't ignore a recommendation like that so I reached out to Joanna and although she is very busy with her successful business and she's also a writer and a podcast and runs the creative eight of Penn website. which is a terrific resource? Writers It I it didn't look like I was going to be able to schedule something this week. But she was eager to get together. uh-huh we'd both been aware of each other's work for the last ten years and It was fun to finally have a chance to sit down and have a conversation by escape. Couple of days ago. Oh reached her at her home in bath in the UK and had a chance to just talk about all kinds of things. I really enjoyed it and as has you'll hear my conversation with Joanna had some similarities to last week's a chat with Catherine St the author of eighty some the things they each seem to be nudging me to new ideas of what my own personal path might look like and that it may mean that I'm getting getting particularly inspiring guests of late or that I'm I'm bright for some kind of a A new trajectory kind of exciting getting kind of scary at the same time. Joanna writes thrillers as J. F. Pen and nonfiction for writers as Joanna Pen and and as I said her website to create a pen dot com is an excellent resource. It was voted in the top one hundred for writers by Writer's Digest and her thirty plus books have sold more than a half a million copies in eighty four countries in five languages She her podcast asked is kind of contemporaneous with mine in terms of when she started she. Her first episodes March fifteenth. Two Thousand Nine Mine was July twenty six the previous year here and the Lexin forms that means that The Kennel Chronicle showed up two hundred thirty three days before the creative pen podcast but Her in her show has some similarities. Mine each episode has a guest and she talks about Topics of interest and has evolved evolved In the ten years. She's been Doing the podcasts shows up every Monday and mine shows up every Friday. So if you're not familiar familiar with her show It could be a nice one to punch you. Listen to the kindle chronicles on Friday and then I would. I would recommend adding the creative pen on Monday with that. Let's get to the interview. I began by asking what led to Joanna's China's writing of her latest book for Authors which is titled Audio for Authors. And it's available for preorder and will be released in March like you. I mean I think podcasting also since two thousand nine you were like a year for me and so I've been listening listening to podcasts. And doing audio for that long. And obviously podcasting took off in two thousand. Fifteen is you know really went mainstream but then I went to put Kaufman last year in two thousand nineteen and it seemed that podcasting has also gone mainstream for business but they also report say the money money in ads and things but also they were Sort of talking about the more creative side about podcast fiction action. There were loads of wonderful. PODCAST fiction people there and I had started listening to forecast fiction again a decade ago. But it seems like it's gone so mainstream also they announced. I'm sure you've seen the reports fifty percent of US listeners. Over twelve people over twelve have now listened to a podcast. Google has started indexing podcast episodes. Tate's so what happened in two thousand nineteen was this kind of tipping point four pod costing then with audio books again. We've seen audio books or the fastest growing segment in publishing. I've certainly seen my own revenue from audiobooks. Continue to go up every month and last year I also had voice catching did he my own narration for my own book so I do my nonfiction. I've done some of my short stories and I also getting more questions and this is the thing is as you know as other people get into it they start asking questions so whereas it used to be the authors would ask me about book marketing or how to self published book or whatever now they were asking how do we start a podcast. How do I record my audio books? So what happened. Was this kind of tipping infamy in two thousand nineteen where I realized that I actually know quite a lot about this having been doing it for so long so why not and I was answering the same questions over and over again so I started writing the book and I found to my surprise it was actually quite a big book and then also I've been getting well into a I artificial intelligence and the voice technology side I didn't know if you've been doing this. But descript gripped DOT COM. I'm in their beat up. So we have a voice descrip- DOT COM IS A. They bought library. She's Voice Synthesis Company and they also do a on a transcription and editing of podcasts. So you I I'm in that Beata so I actually have a voice double and the development There's there's an got some samples the creative pen dot com forward slash voice double. If people interested say what they do is they read in your voice and create a synthesis of your voice. So you can just like you. Yes yes it does. It sounds scary like me. But of course the more data they have the the better the voice in I'm show you heard and the listeners have heard about d.c fates yes so again twenty nine thousand nine deep fake technology kind of hit this tipping point again so I was like right. I need to get in on this I need to license my voice For other people to use in whatever they're gonNA use it so I just became more and more interested in the An AI licensing ai copyright how are we going to do audio rights in the future for example say people are listening is your voice which they listen to regularly so they know your voice. What if somebody wants to listen to an audio book with you reading into them? Instead of Samuel L. Jackson for example or maybe they like my voice maybe they want a new Britain middle aged female. They'll say why can't they just click a button on their audio book out and change the voice because so many audiobooks narrated in the same voice the same. I'm kind of American male voice. What I want a different voice so I think we're on the cusp of an explosion in audio creativity Audio Lights licensing all kinds of interesting things for creators. I guess that's a bit of a long answer. But they were an exciting moment in audio history. You mentioned podcast fiction I. I'm not really sure I know what that is. These are people who are putting up podcast and they sound like short stories or novels or what that this is a great question because it's everything it's all kinds of things essentially instead of a story being sold as a book it might be a book look out in chapters but each chapter is podcast episode. It might be something like welcome to Night Vale. which is a a small town radio station? Where all the conspiracy theories tappan and the podcast episode? Is You know people like us talking about what's going on in the town but it's made off there's full cost productions with lots of lots of different voices but the point is this people writing directly for audio like the have been BBC dramas and radio dramas for aw many many years now people fighting for podcasts storytelling. So it's it's almost a sovereign nations in audience. It really up puts the author in a different place. I've been a digital book world a couple of times. I think he will do the new one with Bradley and all he's such an evangelist for you. No this is the age of voice and and I think he's right but I have to say that as a more literary person there's something sacred about the words on on the paper and and that's what really writing is and that's what an author does and though I've had all kinds of satisfaction in my podcast Aston and now I'm doing a flash briefing for LEXIN. Different things the voice but did you ever wrestle with In Your own roots or kind of in in the literary Tradition is it a challenge to broaden. Our view of what literature is and what serious this writing is so that some of it is actually voiced. I and it's never actually on the page. Well there's so many ounces. I love this topic so I first of all when he say serious writing and I know you've got an MFA in poetry. Write poetry is meant to be performed. It really is is meant to be sprayed and if you think I think the earliest literature is meant to be spoken most people would not let literate So that's one problem. We always had an oral history. So we're moving moving into this back into this oral culture so that that's one thing I think you can have serious orange. Oh yes this. The second point would be or even performance poets now. I actually consume a lot more poetry by audio because I can listen to performance poets on my own time and not wait until they do one evening sometime. That's amazing and poet. Poetry's having huge Renaissance Ingram spock sells a ton of print on demand Poetry bugs now which is Great. So that's one thing second thing Audio audio and voice work is often written. I I mean how off I mean you and I are having a ex-team extemporaneous conversation but you sent me questions. And I thought about these questions and I've written some nights and so when when I read an audio book or when a acted as a part in a podcast fiction they are reading reading from written word so if you have a stage play written word is then performed so an. I have screenplays that I'm going to turn into voice Sort of more owed drama because more of a market for audio drama and it so much cheaper to produce so that's another thing it all starts with the written word and and it might end up invoice. Or even you and I talking. We could turn this into a transcript so we could turn audio into text. I believe that where we're going is as a ubiquitous audio world. Wherever thing in text will also be an audio and everything audio will also be in text because of a I will be able to do it much cheaper but the other thing is I found that writing with audio in mind has made my writing better so even if you think about dialogue if if you write dialogue and a novel it can be stilted if you only type it but if you if you speak it you re will realise immediately that it's got some issues? He's now of course. We don't lead dialogue as we might listen to dialogue. It's incredible how much more sensitive you are to sound. Say Say Repeated sounds look a sound different repeated would say the would you. Why are you an interview Bu- but beginning end with the different woods so on a page you might not notice them but when you hear them they sound similar they touch the same audio note? The same with the woods said everyone says when you want to novel you should use said you know lend said Yeah. Jerry said a not use the words but in an audience version. That just sounds terrible. It disappears when he read it but when he listened to it sounds terrible say the author has to be more creative not not to use you that different words but to US action for example instead of just dialogue tags all the time so I think that lighting for voice can challenge you creatively and make accused think about writing in a different way and then finally. I just have to say if you're not doing this. You are missing out on a massive market. AH WELL AND THAT GETS I. Think you say The description of of your new book. You're talking about the the next shift in reader behavior and the what you're saying Certainly would point towards the fact that the people that were writing for their behaviors changing. They're expecting new ways to encounter stories. And but can you say a little bit more about that. What's the reader behavior that you're seeing expecting to define the future? Yeah I know I'm one person but I'm a hell of a book where I am. One of those leaders You know probably like you you know. I buy three to five books a week or a buy more books that I didn't get to read. Yeah well I I am listening constantly to content so I walk a lot. We don't have a car. Say when I'm walking I'm listening to a podcast or an audio book and this will freak awesome people listed on one point five speed because Normal speed is too slow so it's not people say oh but I can read much faster than I can listen and but I have a friend who's blind and the speed that he listens at is incredible. It's just another input into our incredible brains right so what I've seen in my own behavior. I was nine thousand nine percent kindle reader and now I only read fiction on my kindle and I listen to Whoa fiction audio books and I buy I will buy hardback audio Asahi held by nonfiction to go alongside the audio but now this behavior always interesting for publishes because I'm spending more money public now. I'm buying an audio addition. I'm buying a hardback because I want to keep that on my show all full fiction. I am just still on my kindle. I'm one hundred percent a fiction on my kindle which I have been for nearly a decade so but my behavior there and I do listen to some fiction on kindle but it's often have you read world was e by Max Brooks No. Okay well the film with Brad Pitt is is a mainstream version but the book was E is an incredible book it is literary Hora. Why would literary horror But it's witten. Every single. Chapter is written from a different point of view. It's an oral history of the Zombie War. Basically and what they've done with the audio book is every chapter is Red boy different the voice and it makes it an incredibly different experience as an audio book. So I've read that on kindle and audio book say so this is a huge shift in behavior bright. I'm buying in multiple editions. I'm listening to nonfiction instead of buying the book. So they might. My purchasing has shifted. I'm on a subscription service. Say people who are either one audible or storytellers. The massive one. That's it's outside of audible. Then we've got markets I think Sweden Norway is only a first so the number of audiobook sold is greater than the book. Sold sold The same in the UK the The Independent said that audiobooks with AJ E book sales in the U K next year You know ooh that might be because we've seen Ku kindle unlimited ben not registering sales in a borough sales. But what we're seeing is a shift in behavior via to. How do I read more as an avid reader? But how do I fit that into my life when I'm cooking. I'm doing that and interestingly my husband is behaves completely -pletely differently. He only listened to fiction on audio book and he buys those massive forty hour fantasy series and he will buy every single one of them so by like ten even Ericsson forty hours and he'll spend the next two months listening to that at every moment around the house is he reading. non-fiction on kindle. Or papers just a reverse of what you're doing. He reads nonfiction on kindle and say papers while we buy a lot of books. We're Amazon prime. You know we we spend a lot of money on books in different formats. But it's notable that we both spend a lot of time lessening now to audiobooks it sounds like a preference of non-fiction paper versus audio and fiction paper versus audio. You and your husband have just are just the reverse of each each other and do you think that your brains are wired differently. Or what might account for one person feeling more comfortable reading their fiction with there is on a kindle or or a page and listening to the nonfiction content whereas another person it might be just reverse what. Why are people making making those choices as to how they consume one type of writing versus the other? I think it's about your intent and this is another important thing about the voice voice I world which Bradley Talks About Voice Search for example searching ten that is important to my intent generally listening to nonfiction is education. I'm I'm just learning junkie. Always always trying to learn something new. And that's why. Listen to podcasts as well so if I hear a podcast someone interesting I I want book. I will generally go check if there's an audio book and put it on my wishlist just in the APP. So if they're going to miss out on an immediate potentially immediate CEO radio Where's my husband? I think listens for relaxation so you you know if when we go to bed. I'll be reading on my kindle and he'll be listening to fancy I see so it's almost it's almost lovely different behavior based on the intent of the of the user and I think that's what we're seeing I I've said to many people you know nonfiction an I'm I am. I don't mind if a nonfiction book is three hours. But he went by one. Unless it's thirty forty hours because you get doc credit you know inaudible so a thirty forty hour book is incredible value for one credit was. I'm like well I didn't care because I just want that information. Even if just one chapter or something in that book but the other thing I was gonna say to you. Interestingly is my husband Muluzi shop on something like book Bub. So you book. Bob Sends out the email blasts and they might be nine thousand nine hundred and e book deal on a Steven Erikson for example. Say He will buy the Book and get the Audio Book for the cheaper price. So what's interesting is people have an idea at two I e books in order to get cheaper audiobooks. And there's a thing would Amazon matchmaker touch makers if people can go into their Amazon. Pretty Far Look Amazon matchmaker and it will tell you what audio books you can get to match. The books already have and you can get the lower price on the audio book and it wouldn't count as one of your credits that you've been earning month-by-month exactly or you might wait for a special deal so because audible you can't set the prices publisher. It sets it automatically if the book price changes it may be the audible. Price will change so I might be able to get an book nine thousand nine cents and then I might be able to get the audio book for two nine thousand nine. So I've spent three ninety nine on audiobook instead of a ninety nine credit for example so this is the interesting lasting change in behavior. Who would have thought that we would be behaving? So this audio market. I want people to think of as it's not exclusive. It's not I listen to audio books so I don't read books or paperback on Ebay. I do all of it. Well the other thing Is a look forward to talking with you. We we do sort of overlap. You've been at this about a decade and in that period. You're you've had your you've been writing your own work your your fiction and then you're nonfiction but you you've really been helping authors take advantage of this new revolution and Self Publishing Shing. That Amazon kicked off with Kindle Katie P and if you think back over the past decade and the opportunities for writers Peter's to get into self publishing versus where we are now Other a couple of changes in the kinds of help you give authors is to navigate this world versus ten years ago when it was starting or surprises. That you've seen actually sort of lived as US followed the space for the purpose of helping other people what what are the the milestones of the landmarks that you see when you look back over that that decade Well I should say when I started the creative pen dot com. I was just sharing my journey. I'd been ripped off by some scamming publishers and I was was I wanted to share my lessons. Learnt so the other people wouldn't get caught and it's turned into something unexpected as I'm sure kindle Conroy's house you know you start out with just wanting to help people and then it turns into a business but what I've seen. I think well the first thing is that when I first started self publishing was there was. That's the stigma. Some people think that still is I think these people have not realized what's going on and I feel like now where Paul of the maker Movement which is much broader order than writing. It's in everything it's in robots if it's an indie film. It's an indie music. It's you know being indie being creative. Independent independent is actually a trendy thing. It's like we've gone from being the variety being what people want to be they want to be independent. And so that's a really interesting shift. And that has led to pride. You know being proud indie. That was a time. I'm sure you remember. It was like five six years ago when it was traditional publishing versus southbound machine. You know who's GonNa win and he's like no that's not the way it works and there's a lot now most within these hybrids say you know. I have book deals in different languages and lots of different things that we do that involve other publishers. Also the level the professionalism so again when I started I did my uncovers and Tito you pay your mom's Hugh Howey famously. His Mum edited his book and edited will. And we'll look what happened to that we've gone from the amateur movement with some very good writers for sure but now to be successful full in India you have to have incredible covers. You have to have top level editing. You have to. Do you know your marketing. You have to be better than traditional publishing and luckily because we can move so much foster that is possible. So that's definitely changed. I think at the beginning of course. Mark Coco wheats Mash. Words was originally the only person who included international office so Amazon was not open to international authors office. At the beginning I think it was twenty two thousand nine. They opened up independently to outside of the US. He was not open to international. Yes Oh yeah so originally it was only US authors could publish and of course even now things like ac X.. Audible audiobooks rainy. Open two four countries trees So still you can't publish Amazon. As a citizen of any country so smash words then dove to digital published. Drive what we've had and then Kobo writing life. We've had a number of companies come in and say hey. This isn't just about America. I think that's another really important shift if you obviously America is still the biggest market. But it's not going to be in the next couple of years and that is what I've always built my business on. Obviously I'm British. I lived in Australia. My family's Canadian Nigerian Hungarian New Zealander say we're very international. International and my wife has always been how do we do this as non. US Authors. How do we make money from selling books to Americans but also how do we work in our own markets but also in other global markets? So I think that's important also. Ku can limited or and Katie. Select from. The publishing side has become a game changer. For many people some people have made huge amounts of money of the people Have not and that. What's interesting is that has become? The biggest split in the independent author movement is between White and exclusive to Amazon. And and of course you can have. It's per book so you didn't have to do all or nothing. It's public and then the the final thing is the rise of paid advertising so it used to be eh. You could publish a book on Amazon and you would sell some copies because They had organic reach. But now you pretty much. It's pay to play and has been since didn't sort of end of two thousand eighteen in order to for people to find you in the Amazon store you have to be paid advertising. But what Amazon has done is open pinup advertising to independent authors. Say we now have six countries on our Appetizing Dashboard within Katie pay. So that's another huge change change. That has gone hand in hand with the need for professionalism so a pay to play. I'm not aware of that development. I have always thought that compared with physical bookstore where publishers could pay to have their books show up on the Front Tables and that always struck me he is. I don't really like that so much. I like the idea that I walk into a bookstore. In whoever's smart running that bookstores choosing the best books that they think I'll like not too which publisher paid them to put them. There and I always thought Amazon was different that they were putting the books in front of me. They'd most thought I would like to to read based on my purchasing behavior. Whatever but are you saying that now Amazon is becoming more like that traditional bookstore model? Where what I'm seeing is affected by WHO has paid for ads to put things in front of me? So I know you have a thing saying that your shareholder right Obama's Asimov Simone and what we have what you have to think. As a shareholder is the Amazon money. Forget the books room in Amazon makes money and they are going up against Google and facebook to be number one in advertising revenue so if you think about advertising revenue as a different business model cheese selling selling stuff and taking a percentage of stuff so you think about it from Amazon's perspective if we can get if we can first of all take thirty percent from an author for revenue per book. Look but we can fail also spend some of the other seventy percent on advertising. Why wouldn't we do that? Or why wouldn't we get everyone who tries to sell stuff on Amazon to also pay and what's so from the Amazon perspective. You can absolutely see what they're doing and the fact that Google facebook also have massive advertising revenue. So that's an if you. I know you do a lot of research. If you research that you'll see Amazon is the I think the fastest growing advertising platform so then coming onto the books I totally agree with me and my experience as a user has completely fallen off a cliff since Amazon have made this change but if you go into Amazon and type in that let's say how to market a book which is one of my book titles and you will probably get other books before mine the sponsored ads for those keywords. Say whatever whatever you type into Amazon people listening have a look at the sponsored products and then on a book page underneath that used to be and there still is sometimes because they d split testing it will be people who bought this also bought or and or it will say sponsored products. Say what's happened. In a lot of cases is is sponsored products have replaced the also boards. And this was. This was this change happened in set around September twenty eighteen and then it became people's incomes income fell off a cliff like fifty percent income. Drop over the months that happen and so it was like. Oh what's happened Oh right. We need to buy ads. So that's that is the change that has happened quite recently and what I think is traditional publishes might not have realized this yet and this is going to have a big impact told me about come on as a customer what I've seen those sponsored stuff in its in all categories in my my habit when I use is Amazon is I just skipped the sponsored stuff. I figured these are people that are putting their stuff in front of me by paying for it but is it still true that if I skip the sponsored stuff and I go oughta just whatever search results I've been looking for that still sort of pure developed by the Algorithm. Well you will will. This is the thing they you know. They changed the stuff all the time so I would just be be a bit more aware of what's there and see how much paid product is and you'll often see on the right hand side. There'll be a paid answer in the middle. There might be a pay dance Bush. Then there's a whole list of them underneath and then there might be some organic stuff or they might not be so this is this is a big change in book marketing. But you've got to think that facebook made this change three or four years ago. You used to have organic weekdays on facebook. And then you didn't Google do Algorithm changes through this is. This is business. I know you've Go Harvard Business School. You went to say you understand business. Yeah well that's interesting. So what were we were we. We have this encroaching of the sponsored stuff is going to take up more more or space. I would hope there's always going to be a chance for a smart shopper. Like me to just still find the organic stuff. But you're saying wants to on some books there there wouldn't uneven wants some search results might not even be any organic results. You'll you'll have to say I mean obviously changes all the time. Well I would say is my search. Behavior has changed in that. I am looking for this is why my perhaps my nonfiction book buying is now based on podcasts. So I will listen. I listen to say many podcasts. And I hear we'll hear an interesting person and I will check out their book. So you get most of my recommendations for nonfiction three podcasts and fiction fiction I don't even I don't even know probably awards. I look a lot of awards I go. I go to a lot of conferences stuff like back a social media but my are used only Sean that kindle front page within the categories and now I find myself not doing that at all and in fact I have found myself going into bookstores to see what they have curated so to positive for the publishing industry. Yes yes I think. Things are definitely changing. Your you're telling me something I need to learn more about. That's really fascinating. I'll tell you something that's also interesting. I know we're not going to talk. Politics export one of the political things that might happen in the. US Is the discussion of if you own the store. You can't play in the store which some candidates are talking about outs and also the incumbent candidate also doesn't have great love for Amazon as we know so? There is a potential that the advertising side. I mean if you think about it if if you own the store how can you also own advertising and the products and everything so there may be some kind of break up or break up of business muddles at some point so I think that might be one of the big things we see in the next decade is how will these businesses be controlled by government or oh breaking up by government in order to get rid of what some people have big words for not monopoly one of these other words. I think that's true. The regulation of big tech is it is certain because well anyway I don't WanNa get. I just came from a political event so I have to get my but I wanted. I need to mention it because that could have been on the next decade died. I think that's something which crosses left right lines on candidates to it's just something that's different was it needs to be addressed Well you mentioned the word awards and and one of the things that I was most interested when I was getting familiar with your work. As you're you're you're you're you're honest statement that you aspire to win a major literary award and you've got a nice trope were you. You say you are a An award nominated take author because you you did get nominated what. What was that award that you dominated for? It was the international. Fila Writers. Say the which is you know. The top Thriller Writing Organization Best Book original for my Thriller Destroyer of worlds and W is open to independent authors authors. You have sold a certain number of copy so I went through the hoops to join the organization and so I was. I was really happy with that. And my fellow hybrid author James Scott Bell. I'm sure you Jim No Oh Jane Scott Bell He. He writes legal thrillers. But he's also right to look for writer's Digest in a lot of craft of courses. But Yeah Jim one and I was thrilled for him. Obviously but I think it's important for me because I know like I'm a business person. I know how to make money at this game and I run a very successful business bought. I would like to stand alongside my peers in the craft area and I know you can have a successful writing life all your life without winning and award many Authors D. and you can't guarantee you're going to win an award. That's the thing but I feel I. I think also as an independent author you judge your achievement by how much money you make for example your reader reviews or how many many people on your email list or how events you speak at all what podcast get asked on but you don't get the traditional additional recognition that traditionally published authors may get even if they've sold a tiny percentage of the book sales the indies. He's have done and of course Raymond's voices for example of come up against this for many years you know. Sold hundreds of millions of books and then somebody so two hundred copies and wins and award because traditionally published in a literary genre. So yeah these are some of the reasons. It's important to me but at the end of the day wanting to win. A price to me is becoming the type of writer he can win is I may do it. I'm forty five so let's give me forty five years to get to that goal and I'll be a hell of a writer by good aspirations. perations motivating it strikes me that because is it true that Like the major literary prizes with the Booker or the national book. All of these. Can you win any of those awards. If you're an indie writer. No you can't even end to most awards. What's the the reason I W and things like Sieff were the science fiction writers the fiction area so horror writers association? I'm also a member of they now are open to independent authors and also there awards you didn't have to pay to enter the truth about love literary awards of Courses You have to pay to enter or at least least agree that you will pay the booker for example if you are shortlisted You have you agree to pay five thousand pounds as Paul of Mark. I think if you win you have to pay ten thousand pounds So there are different levels of acceptance in the industry. The Alliance of Independent Office has an open up to indies campaign which is trying to get more awards to open up to independence and I can understand both sides. It's but the reality is that a lot of literary authors do very well self publishing and also right some fantastic books say. There shouldn't be any reason that these things are not light pen that you seems like you know. The traditional publishers successfully marginalized self published authors by by calling it was vanity press. It seems like the the last lever The Big Five have is this prestige aspect aspect to the to the extent they control access to the awards. And all of that They may lose in the battle for readers and everything else. But it's it I guess kind of Air Tate's me to see that the the only remaining grasp they have have on the throat of readers and writers is is the ability to say. No you're good in that one isn't good but also it's funny because as you said prestige another word might be vanity so now depressed now okay. Let's start a movement in that direction. I should say funny and I mean I I feel it hence the award thing is yes I can. I can run a successful business but if I go to literary event in the UK. If I don't have random house or penguin or whatever you I I'm like Oh no oh a very interesting. As an of course writers riddled with self doubts. And this is a constant pressure for people. Let something Well as usual. I prepared many more questions. We have time to the one thing that I would like to serve and with. Your story is striking because at the age of thirty two you ask yourself what are you doing with your life. Your your your had a successful career in financial area and you made this change very well timed because there are so many new opportunities in book publishing and You you mentioned your forty five. Now it's been more than ten years since that sort of Portal in your life to something very new and I'm sixty nine. I've been doing the PODCAST for ten years every once in a while I I hated to see you say at one point. I wonder if I should. I should stop doing this. PODCAST because every once in a while that thought comes to my head. Ed and I'll be a week like this week when I don't have guessed lined up in its Wednesday and a so. It's a when something's been this satisfying and successful foil to actually let go of it And and actually I blame you for being haunted by a potential new portal. I've got a lot of Larry. Why couldn't I write a novel and I started taking your course I start doing the first things and all these great questions and I told my wife has time? I think I might want to write a novel. And it's like ridiculous idea. I mean it first of all I not going to get to live forty five more years like you will to get good enough to to have a novel but this is a long way of saying Are you feeling are you crying. Hang it all during these days with all that you have on your plate and is there anything. Beckoning you forward in a way. That could possibly mirror what you did More within a decade ago. Well first of all you should write because everyone has given them and you you will have an issue you because of your MFA and because of your literary background that is the biggest thing that stops people writing. That's me for a long time until Dan Brown came along. And that was like hell. You can just Roy book like that but yes on the thinking I think I mean yeah law about should I carry on especially you know the podcast is you say is like do a some weeks. It's like oh my goodness but Patrie on is a big thing. I didn't do you have Apache on. If don't know it's where people can support a podcast so any other creative and people join my pantry on every single day and they want the podcast to carry on have to pay for it but they throw in a couple of dollars as a month some people throwing fifty bucks a month just because they want me to carry on and so I'm like okay. I'm still serving a purpose. And we all love to serve a purpose purpose right. That's part of why we live to help other people so it is a purpose for me and I have a community who is still learning and I'm still learning and I have become a lot on on the show like I would just talk about what I'm interested in and you know you do ask the questions that I want to know. I'm not always thinking about the audience So I don't see an end yet for the creative pen. There's still a lot more. I've just done a survey so I'm going to go through that survey and that will give me lots more. What how can I serve people But then also I started books and travel which is the books and travel podcast because my biggest loves our books reading writing being an also travel so I'm interviewing people about the places that inspire their work which also will help market my infection? which is all based on my travels and also makes tax-deductible travel so I and in that area I mean I think I'm going to write more under J. F. Penn which is my my fiction so I've written eighteen novels? I mean but I'm gonNA write travel memoir GonNa Right. I've got this idea for the shadow book which is about the shadow side of our personalities. Where we right from the darkness and that comes through in fiction nonfiction or poetry and I will also do retreats and do actual true travel tours for example I live in Barth in the southwest of England which quite famous and you assume I'm thinking about ways of using my creative the of energy to do more projects that fulfill of sides of me rather than just chucking Olen what would a retreat for authors? Or what what's your vision of the retreats. Yeah well I think it would be caught. You know I've done a lot of treats the as a speaker I'm a professional speakers for example vice spoke in Bali a yoga retreat so we did yoga in the morning in the jungle and then I took taught in the afternoon. And I'm actually starting to do more of those being austismspeaks vase which multiday experiences as opposed to. Just go do a keynote leave which I think people getting tired of in many ways you know so you and I do a lot of walking on the canal system so it might become not some writing with some hiking have a look around bath do but a tourism awesome. So I don't know yet but when you ask about the next shift soy I bought the URL books and travels towards and also see see. I can do that all over the world right. I come to America and do like a toll that touches on books and things have been written so I will always involve books inviting but then the navy or even in alternate the augmented reality zone. I might record things you could wear. You could walk next to you as you walk along South Bank in London in an Iq give you a tour. But I am an augmented reality. I'm thinking about all that kind of thing in in the future but certainly more experiences We haven't even touched on. Hey I really but I think that a lot of stuff is going to be impacted by but will not be is the one on one personality staff. The the experiences that people crave in a digital world and voice say that's another reason circling back voice. I'm making sure I have a voice brand out there so yeah I definitely but by the time I get to do all this. You'd better start no all right so I may have to come on a retreat to to get the the juice to start the novel. I should've never brought that up. Well this has been delightful. I have been speaking with Joanna. Penn and founder of the creative pen dot com her next book audio for authors is available for preorder from Curl up press release on March six. Twenty twenty thanks very much Joanna. Having a great fun you heard me mention a course from Joanna that had prompted my idea of writing a novel it turns out that what I am signed up for is not one of her actual full writing courses which does include one titled how to write a novel from idea to book and it costs two hundred ninety seven dollars or fifty dollars per month for six months? It's a self paced course. I and I may well well try it for now. I am learning a lot from free offering which she calls the author two point. Oh blueprint and it was updated this month and it includes an eighty five page. PDF guide and a series of emails and videos. That will arrive over the coming weeks along with an email newsletter. Her of Industry News and tips. It's a lot of content Very well done and it's free just for the signing up and I'll have a link to where where you could sign up to that At the show notes page the chronicles dot com as a follow to last week's conversation with Catherine St. I stop up by her apartment today when I was out having lunch with dad and I helped her to learn how to do highlights on her kindle and then to send them by email so that she could print them out and she she thought that was pretty cool that this is something that she might be able to use for the book group that she's in the retirement community where they live and she also said that she had a lost her calendar which is on paper and I said Kashi really ought to get into a digital format on your iphone and we talked about lots of other things as well I. I really enjoyed having a chance to just get together with or without a microphone and I. I have a feeling that when I'm out visiting my dad I'm frequently going to be able to stop by and help Catherine with some of digital life and and just learn a little bit more about her enthusiastic embrace of the eighties which I found very compelling and and really motivating just really fun so so this is great couple of weeks for me in terms of the quality of the conversations. I've had I have an idea for next week. which I haven't quite nailed down down yet but it turns out that the staple's store which is based here in Boston and it's an office product store that's undergoing a dramatic transformation into a kind of a shared working space and podcast studios that they plan to put in all of their stores eventually. Eventually the one. That's right near us. Here in Cambridge is quite impressive. It's got four. High Quality Road microphones and it's going to be available for people to record it shows in. I hope I'm going to be able to speak with a stacey of the woman. I met at a reception last night. Who has has been in charge of this new business four staples and the ideas that will be in the staples studio? You'll get to hear the quality of the recording and we'll find find out from her. Why this Significant office product story thinks that podcasting is is such a good growth market that it really fits and with their New Vision for their entire chain of stores. So she's very busy because of this rollout and might not actually be able to get on the counter next week but it or we're going to give it a try. That's it for the kindle chronicles. Thanks for joining me. Hope you have a great week and happy reading.

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Episode 89: Charlie Reisinger

Hallway Chats

35:08 min | 1 year ago

Episode 89: Charlie Reisinger

"This is hallway chats where we meet people who use WordPress. We asked questions and our guest. Sure their stories they deals and perspectives. And now the conversation begins this is pursued eighty nine welcome to hallway chats, I'm character. As and I'm Linda mercy today, we're joined by Charlie rising. Her Charlie serves as the director of technology for Penn manor school district in Lancaster county. Pennsylvania is first book the open schoolhouse chronicles more than fifteen years of open source learning programs at Penn manor. Welcome charlie. Hi there. Hi, charlie. It's nice to meet you and have you unholy chats. And I'm really excited to hear about what you're doing sounds cool. Can you tell us more about yourself? Absolutely. Will. Thank you again for spending some time with me to afternoon. My day job is the director of technology for Penn. Manor school district were located in beautiful Lancaster county, Pennsylvania and my role. Here is part of the senior leadership team is to oversee our technology operations and our instructional technology programs. My work takes me from the server room to the classroom in just about everywhere in between unfortunate to be in a position where I can oversee programs and policies, but also have the time and in many ways, the autonomy to work with students end are actually I should say. With our superstar terrific teachers. What's your background? How did you get started in technology? Sure. Sure. So I came to this position in I guess, a accuser way, I am not a technologist or a program, or by training might undergraduate degree is in psychology. And I also had a philosophy minor. A now my master's degree is instructional design and technology that. The study of the intersection between pedagogy and technology. But I certainly did not think when I was in college that that I would be heading of technology program. But I guess by a series of strange herbs ended up here in. That's awesome. Charlie you shared that. You have a. An undergrad in psych, and and philosophy in a graduate degree in instructional, design and technology. And I wonder if you came to your job, did you get into working with the school district as a technologist or and then discover your love of teaching in the kind of the intersection -ality of that. Or how did that come about? Somewhat. It was both when I started school district. It was in nineteen ninety eight and I was hired as building technician. So the sole focus of my job was to provide desktop in network support for our students. Teachers, however, the before I arrived here, I was the IT director for a small two year school that is that is now part of the art institute's the name that goes Bradley academy for the visual arts in your Pennsylvania. And there had a role that was deeply embedded into both technology management, but also working side by side with students teachers, but I think, you know, even stepping way back I've always been interested in education. You know, I think that's a big part of the reason why I got into psychology because those two disciplines are so deeply intertwined I've always been interested in technology from its communications day. Employment in obviously all things network in code. You know in programs in process, but I think what what really got me interested in a true technology routes was probably just like many people. It was in the early nineties when this new internet thing came about. And I saw that as a communications medium for people to connect and share ideas, and in at its foundation to learn so I guess from going with this is that, you know, for me technology education learning, it's all always been intertwined, and I think some of that was also driven by the fact that I believe on the product of a series of outstanding teachers that just instill levels learning in me. So as new tech later in life as as I found new technologies new capabilities. It just seemed like a natural big ball of connectedness. Where does WordPress into this word is were press should start with our WordPress story? We began using WordPress. Heared commander in. Approximately two thousand seven two thousand eight I began looking for simplistic tools for teachers to create websites again, I suspect that is not very atypical. That's probably how many people I arrived at a tool such as WordPress. So we began using it internally in select sites for select building with pages. I brought up our head manner technology site on WordPress initially, we discovered it to be ridiculously easy to use. It took all of the heavy lifting away from our teachers and caught on Mike out fire. So within a couple years, we started expanding in many of our classroom. Teachers began using WordPress we expanded to our school websites, all using WordPress. And by about twenty ten we had brought up all of our school buildings, and the vast majority of teacher webpages, so it WordPress sites trying. Think back of that time. I think that was still win WordPress. Multi site was split out as a separate project kind of a little bit fuzzy on the dates to win that happened. But we actually started WordPress multi site. I'm sorry. We're press MU before it became multisided later in the projects merged, which is now we went in that direction. That's really that's really. That's neat. That's gone old school, a truly I wanna touch on one other thing that. That that you, and I have talked about before we've known each other's a few years now through the open source communities in around our corner of Pennsylvania, and one of the things that's always struck me about about Penn manor under your leadership. And I know you're just lead the IT section, but is the way that you engage the school district engages with the students via technology, and that's very very different than the way. My local school district doesn't here where where my children go to school. And I wonder if you can talk a little bit about that. And. Why you your school district made the decision to go where at house what it's actually doing? What if some of the the benefits you're finding by going the way, you are if you would sure we are not your typical district in terms of our technology programs should probably provide some context. Gets the place to start is that we from from technology. A software standpoint we believe we believe in open source principles. And we believe that there's open source principles should extend to our students technology devices. We are one of the few districts, I believe in the country that are using Lennox laptops, with our students. We have a one to one technology program in grades four through twelve or Keetch. One of our students receives a laptop renting running Lennox and open source software exclusively and we push that even further students have those, laptops. But another thing that we do differently is we allow our students to have root level access to those, laptops. And that differs from most districts across the country that will take devices in lock them down. And restrict what students can do with that device, but our philosophy here. Not only in my depart. -ment, but across the leadership in our in our principles is that we wanna give students the opportunity to be able to incur in explorer to lift the hood of those devices, and and discover computing, and we found the best way to do that is to lift many of the restrictions that you would typically find school laptop allow students to directly in Iraq, ticker in experiment with their school of devices. Trump Jackson and talk a little bit about root access clarify that that really just means that the students can do whatever they want. So they wanna add programs can add programs to wanna delete programs that can delete programs if they want to install a on extension on Firefox chrome that can do that. Although I don't know that those on lenox necessarily, but they have complete control. So it's not for example, standard school drastic for you says you can use these programs in these ways and can only communicate via the system. They can really do whatever they want with it. Yeah. That's that's exa-. Correct. Now, there are obviously we have policies around responsible use of technology. That's not to say that that we don't provide enforce web filtering in for sites that students obviously should not heat visiting of. So all those rules policies apply. You know, security password management, not stealing someone else's I, but, but as you said, you know, the the core really the core of our programs that students have incredible levels of autonomy on their devices with root access their local their local admits. So if they wanna program, they can install it. They have full access to the fan line. If they want to run a local lamp, stack run WordPress. They could do that on their shades. So our philosophy has been to give students as much controlling agency over the vices. And again, as as you noted, that's that's very dissimilar for most districts that that highly restrict what what students can do on their device in that just doesn't fit our model. Vindication. An openly. That staff Nateing defined a lot of kids. Take advantage of that. Do you have a disproportionately high number of of kids coming out coding and things like that? Because they have that access. See that's an interesting question. Because you you would hope we would hope that more and more students would take advantage of it. In some ways, it's a little depressing. What we're finding is that very few students understand the power that they have in their hands in that's in spite of us trying to help educate them about what they can do to keep of they begin a sort of running cereal in. I think as technology is becoming more simplified. It's it's moving students further and further away from the raw materials of a computer and computer, and they just don't understand that they have again, the autonomy of the agency the the ability to go in and play with the dials in some of that I think is is in our tablets and our cellphones. We're removed all the interfaces so abstracted from the, you know, the the undergirds the computer, you know, the raw programs the raw operating system, console games, PC games, or or technology tools are becoming very app specific. And I think we're losing something in that. And that is the ability to to get lift the hood to go deeper. Understand in computers and operating systems in code in a sensually all those powerful forces that are making decisions on on our behalf, nor students behalf. That doesn't surprise me. We've spoken to a number of people on this show who are of the little bit older generation may be in their thirties and forties who tell stories of being in middle and high school in taking apart computers and putting them back together. Doing lots of stuff that I know for myself having children who are recently finishing school that that was never anything that was popular to do. Or I didn't know any kids who do that. And I think what you're describing in terms of the way that technology's used now is is taking people from that. How many students are in your school district? We have about fifty four hundred students that's K through twelve. Our position is we have seven elementary schools two middle schools in one when high school facility. Yeah. That's pretty small district. Relative. Yeah. It's interesting for Pennsylvania were large because there's a number of school districts that are under two thousand students, but relative relative speaking, relatively speaking. You know, she look out across Pennsylvania. We realize we obviously don't compare to a school district of Philadelphia or Harrisburg school district or or the others. Are you involved in the local WordPress community or do you have your students get involved in junior? Any of them are I know Lancaster, does have a vibrant community absolutely been involved in the Lancaster repress community for number of years. I've I've helped did involve Campbell. Lancaster? I've spoken or Cape. Lancaster? I love the local. It's just a terrific local canoe that we have I try to get out, you know, to the Philadelphia region as much as possible. You know? So obviously, I tried to speak. You know, I try to support it is as best I can give him my schedule. But I think the second question's more interesting. You know, how can we get were students involved? And that's that's just proven to be difficult. Our students have been involved for the past decade or so as content creators, but but moving them beyond. Using WordPress at Penn manor to maintain our high school newspaper or maintain a classroom sites or maintain a site for our one to one help desk or student help desk. That's just alluded us some of that are the restrictions of of time where we can get fit into the curriculum. And some of it is just the development where the time effort takes to bring students up to speed really to be able to understand more complicated application like WordPress. We keep working at it. Yeah. It's it's it's a challenge of different aspects to get in there, Charlie. I wanna I wanna ask you one of our questions that we like to ask our guests in its success. I wonder if I you can share with us your definition of success. Whether that's arsenal definition up. Professional definition any mix of mix it too. But a personal level success for me is it's pretty simple. I have a terrific wife and daughter, and I that is success. You know, so I'm very fortunate my personal life. On a professional level. I feel successful. When I know that I've helped students reach their potential, and I think a big part of that is helping students discover both with their capable of. And also what they may fall in love with. I think a large part of our jobs educators is is not just simply around curriculum and content. But it's it's around introducing students ideas, you know, pointing them in new directions. You know, I think I've been successful as I said before it's because along the way I've had amazing teachers that saw may have been injured wrist, and they just fed that interest or gave me the space to explore the space to learn. So now is the dolts in working in students and teachers as well, I try to create those environments for for for our kids and introduce them just to to new things new ideas that to me is six. Yes, I can act as a learning in a knowledge mentor. I'm happy guy. Gac can imagine that to to see the. The eyes of child light up when they get it or they start to imagine. While if if a is true and be true. I just learned see oh my gosh. What about the in at? That's that's I must be really rewarding really rewarding. And I love the simplicity of your your personal definition. I have a wonderful wife daughter success. I love excess. Yes for right? You know, we have partners and in gray kids. Yeah. I mean, it's fantastic. I want I want to ask you if you can share with us, you might need a minute to think I'll try to stretch this question out. You talked about success as helping child student reached their potential or see their potential understand it. And I wonder if you have an example or two of child who just absolutely blew your mind. When maybe you open the door half, an inch so to speak or whatever that analogy is an child one somewhere that you just wow. Wow. How something like that? Absolutely. I'm gonna probably rattle off a couple examples. We recently had a student who is working as part of our window when help desk that was at a conference a little bit over a year ago. It was the central Pennsylvania open source conference. He heard a talk on software defined radio. So essentially, capturing radio waves over the air in processing them, and he was so inspired by one of the speakers that as he was working with the help desk. That's the project. He wanted to work on. As part of a win win help desk course, it's really like a work study at our high school. So I I gave the space to run Judah costal edge to is the day to day student mentor at the help desk game the space Doron gave him some materials, and he was so interested in this in so dead set on capturing satellites is they were passing over the earth that he created this little satellite capture rig that he threw into a backpack, and he was in the evenings. When he was on his work breaks. He was running outside trying to capture through satellite passes. He was looking for the Noah weather satellites, so he was so consumed to end this is just what he wanted to do. He got close. He doesn't get a really clean satellite pass of that was that was just terrific to to see him run. And just to see him fall in love with this whole concept of you know, pulling radio waves down over the air at being able to capture them. So it's it's projects like that. We had. Students recently that we're working with the with Ross that's the robot operating system, and they were working on challenged them to create a self driving car with the little robot called the turtle bought and that was a terrifically complicated project. But watching those students just stick with that and work with added persevere and just completely struggle with with an credibly complicated. Open source set of software to make that work of another great example of how much time we have recently at another student. I love this one. This was a student that that joined our course who have never touched lender before a blender is three D modeling program of opus three modeling program, again terrifically complicated. She never thought that she would be able to make anything work in a nationwide by this program at the end of the course, she had a working model that she was just beaming with excitement. So there's just so many examples one other one we are still far who if I may if I went to please, do, you know, a student who her passion is role playing games, and she created essentially her own role twenty if you're not familiar with that role. Twenty is an online tool for managing roleplaying gates, and she was just so fascinated by a creating her own system that she built her own coal room, code and and released it open source on Git hub for others distort using. And I knew that she was she was deeply involved the project that she was completely consumed because she was she was responding to questions via get have over the summer. How many students do that are working on their school projects in the middle? That's amazing. So we should have a whole separate podcast on student examples, but I'll leave it with just four. Really cool. What on the not not to be like a Downer? But what what's the biggest challenge that you face? Yeah. I think challenges or challenges are the same as most every school. It's finding a balance between our resources our time. And with the state says what our curriculum demands that we do, you know? And that's and that's it is challenging right because we wanna make sure that we that we provide a well rounded education for our students. But how do you balance getting all of the requirements in? But at the same time giving our students that space to to play in run and explored. We just we all in education find that very challenging, you know, we we tend to be a mile wide with our curriculum. But unfortunately, only itchy. You know, we keep jamming more and more information, you know, into into our curriculum and. It gets tough with you just know that students would run with these projects and spend a day or two or three doing nothing, but coding or exploring the robot in so how do you how do you balance? That's that's truly the challenge. I can imagine that for teachers where this child wants to go deep this subject. Whether it's a math or a history in its. Yeah. That's great. But by Tuesday were onto the next job because we've got a cover the next battle of the Knicks war, neck Nommik of focus. Teaching for the test. What do you do because everything's important? You know, it's not like math is important. It's it's sciences, obviously important. So is as we jam or more to the curricula bec- it's harder and harder to make decisions about what is the most important. Oh, and by the way, we wanna provide students space and time to work on personally meaningful projects. It's tough. Are they kids stressed out? More than they used to be as a result the gap -solutely. Yeah. Absolutely. You know, I'm just not going to guesstimate on on the ages of the folks in this in this call at the moment, but you know, I will go I in in sort of date myself, I'm in my mid forties. And you know, for those of us in this general age range, I think many of us would discover the education is a very very different place. From what it was when when we were younger in. I think there are many many more stressors on kids back without a doubt. There are many more stressors on kids. Not only a a complicated wide curriculum. But just societies complicated. Yeah. In it. It stresses kids. Question about the I think we often think that they have it easier because there is all the stick -nology right at their fingertips. But. That may be in some ways it may make some things easier. But the mental stress of having social media all the time. And and all those things I glean they underestimate that there's a lot written about it. But it is I know. Well, that's huge. And that's another. That's another problem. We didn't have to contend with. We were kids right now. Our lives are publicly broadcast all the time. You know? I can't I can't imagine mean speaking for myself own. I can't imagine if some of the silly things that I did is a kid were potentially on public display and unfulfilling. I did anything that bad. But I mean, but who everything in out of context? Yeah. That's that's a whole level of pressure that those of us that are growing up today. Just just don't understand. Yeah. I would not want to be growing up today for that reason. It's hard. Absolutely. And I think when we were growing up not everybody went to college. Now, the have no idea the percentage wise, but so much such a greater percentage of high school graduates, go to college I can only imagine that that upset competition for those faces. But let me let me let me change gears a little bit back towards toward process. I can and Charlie I'm gonna ask you a big question and into just pick your brain just a little bit is is what is what kind of WordPress community due to engage the students in a way that that you are struggling you've mentioned, you know, that you struggle to get them to do content or get involved with that because it's a more involved system, at least on a wider level. And you said that not a lot of the students are engaged with their local word press community. And okay. Some of us just going to be the neighboring schedules in high school verses working adults. But what are your thoughts on? Yeah. That's a that's a challenge. Should probably back up and talk a little bit about tell school districts operating just websites general early on mentioned we do things differently here. A WordPress doesn't it? Feature in public schools. The reason for that. I think it's two fold public schools at at the at the executive let me let me back up. I'll start here public schools often have no idea that WordPress even exists. I think that's really the root of the problem. Schools tend to make decisions based on what everyone else is doing. And most of the policymakers decision makers don't understand open source software in general, you know, an open development communities, let alone individual application issuance platforms like WordPress. So just just circling just if you went to get at the at the root cause of that education and awareness is the place to start teachers just they they don't know WordPress. You know, even even some of our teachers today, even though we explain well remembered press cite and all that they just know they go to make a webpage. So I think getting and we try to do that nor work to to talk. A lot about open source software. General obviously WordPress another tools just just to educate other school district ministers in superintendents boards. So I think that's really the place to start. Because once the district is education in teachers can make more informed decisions about the tools that they're using. So I think that's probably that's probably the answer. But it's also the largest challenge. John critics or can be a challenge to get the attention in hold it in comeback to it often enough. Yeah. And inacceptable of you know, if you put yourself in the position of unfortunate here, we have we have a very open collaborative leadership team are superintendent assistant superintendent. So we I believe we're very open to ideas. But not every district is like that most most boards and most superintendents most IT directors in the leadership team is going to be looking at with other schools or buying in often. They're buying prepackaged off the shelf web toolkits because it checks the box. Okay. What we know we need to have a website, right? Let's outsource that to a company that quote unquote, specializes in school websites likely that is their own whatever, you know, custom software package, and again, they check the box. That's off the list. You know? Yeah. I see that a lot and that. Well, that's a whole nother podcast right there. And I have a teacher, and I hear all the time complaints about the different things. I think some of their stuff is WordPress and all the different kinds of blackboard canvas all these different things at the schools tryout. They have learned something new very frequently. So I think it's it's a challenge. You can't please everybody people learn different way. So for us just to kind of. Pull it back to two very specifically. I can give you an example for schools to purchase a web platform for their students for their school buildings for their district. You could be looking at school of our size easily twenty thousand dollars a year. I mean, there's no question in that would obviously be whatever hosted packages out there. You a we've been on WordPress now for well over ten years. So I look at that is every year, we're saving approximately twenty thousand dollars and those cost savings for us. Have stacked immensely every time that I choose an open source offer package in it fits our needs. Whether it be WordPress removal or many of the other tools that we run here. I look at those cost savings as a way to just to defend our teachers, right? You know, so twenty thousand dollars a huge chunk of a teacher salary. You know? So I look at it, obviously were represses terrific platform. You know, all that without question of. But at the same time, you know for schools would press his tremendous gift both in its in its flexibility in its capability, but also as a massive cost savings. You know for for public education. Jab -solutely, Charlie we've got a couple of minutes left here. I wanna ask you about advice and the focus of the question is really advice that you've received the best advice that you've received a read or found and successfully implemented in your life. Actually wanna tell the story. Because the advice that I received that is most it was not someone taking me aside in saying, hey, Charlie try this. Or did you think about this or don't do that? Or you should do this. I think my best advice came in the form of opportunity that in elementary teacher provided me when I was when I was very young. So my first my first subject that I ever fell in love with was strana me, and I'm still big astronomy buff. But when I was in elementary school. I was absolutely convinced. I was going to go to Cornell University. I was gonna study astrophysics that was what I was. And I had a teacher in elementary school. Her name's peg McCain who saw my love and saw me talking about this and saw that I was reading up on strana me. I just I just couldn't get enough of it and talked about it during science. She saw that I had this interest. And she gave me the opportunity to present a miniature lecture on the solar system to fellow students in the fellow students. I'm sorry. Fellow sixth grade students that was life altering for me. You know end in. I didn't really maybe I got it Ben as as element student but later in life, I realized how profound. And that was because she gave me the space in the time and. I don't she just believed that hey, we have a kid who's really interested. Let's not let's let's remove the barriers from him talking about this. So I think it was just it was it wasn't vice so much as hey, I trust you what you have to say is import. You have a voice you have an interest and just go for it. And there I was standing up in front of a hundred kids talking about the solar system. What a great story. I love hearing stories about teachers like that. And the ones that we remember years later when I think about my friends who are teachers, I always think what a great gift they will have one day when they're old and retired. And they think about how many children's lives they had an impact on secrete rewarding thing it really is. You know, I don't know that we so much. Remember, what people say to us as as we do how they make us feel and that's what I really remember. It wasn't what she said so much as just the feeling of empowerment that. I had. Yeah. In for three young kid. You know, that's that's let's world altering you know, that what you have to say is important you can do this. And just go for it wasn't any specific line or phrase us. We're gonna lie you get up in front of your peers and give a lecture astronomy. Like who does that, you know? Well, this teacher had the courage to do it. And it just absolutely never forget that. I loved that line. That isn't matter. You don't remember so much? The words people said that having make you feel but a great way to wrap up the show today 'cause we are out of time. But I really love that in glad we're taking that away as our final thought. Thank you so much for joining us today, Charlie and sharing your story. And all that you're doing in your school district where can people find you online? On twitter. I am Charlie three. You can also find the Penn manor technology website at technology dot and manner dot net. And if you are interested in all things open in schools, you can check out my website, the open schoolhouse, and I did write a book about that. So again, if you're interested in schools technology, that's a I hope that would prove to be a useful resource. Excellent. Thank you so much. Thanks, charlie. What would a great time to spend with you through times after noon. Appreciate thank you again. Bye. Bye. Thanks for listening to the show. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. If you like what we're doing here meeting new people in our WordPress community, we invite you to tell others about it where I tunes and it Holly, chats dot com. Better yet. Ask you WordPress? Friends and colleagues to join us on the show, courage them to complete the beyond the show form on our site to tell us about themselves.

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Ep41: Surveying Curlings Growth with Bobby Torres

Rocks Across the Pond

51:57 min | 8 months ago

Ep41: Surveying Curlings Growth with Bobby Torres

"Yeah Yeah Hey everybody. Welcome to rocks across the pond wind. It's accruing podcast. Mine is Ryan McGee. And I'm coming to you from Richmond Virginia and me as always from Southampton England. Our professor appeal. Dr Jonathan have across Jonathan. How are you today very very sad ryan? Why's that because we lost the beer? You Bet with game loose stones. We did now. I have to drink in Ashfield original bidder. I bought a four pack a For a pound for a pound. What what is that in real money a dollar thirty all right when the open it now? I have the simpler times pills. Ner from trader Joe's which was like three fifty fifty for a six pack here in the US which If you go to if you go to our twitter which is just curling podcast. You can see me drinking it live From last night But yeah so we're going to settle up with the with the game of stones guys since they are better at picking the European championships than we are are so at cheers Jonathan Cheers. I WanNa know what I'm having this at room temperature since bidder. So you're supposed to drink that warm so we'll see ars pills nurse so it doesn't matter yeah all right cool cheers. Yeah it sounds like years a lot worse than mine mine. The good have done a lot worse. It's not good subtle note. Subtle notes of High Biscottis with the with that beer. Jonathan there's no you know hibiscus now. It's actually quite a watery for for bidder is very bad and doesn't it doesn't have much taste taste brown. I would say In that's beautiful hayride all right well In addition to a horrible beer we do have Actually really awesome guest today We are joined today by Bobby Torres. He is with with the Penn State Curling Club in State College Pennsylvania and he as a part of As part of of one of his classes there at Penn state produced a really interesting survey on the growth of curling and he's here to To talk about it. Talk about it here with us today. Bobby thank you so much for for coming on the show. Thanks yeah so the I guess. Just tell us Obviously you're a you're a student at Penn.. State's you're you're fairly young How how are you curling? And how did how did you get into the sport So I'm a senior here. Penn state I actually got into curling amazingly enough. I started in my sophomore year here when I started the club. Here So I'm only about two years into curling Feels like a lot longer based on what we've done here at Penn state but Just like everybody else here and our club where are all very very new to the sport and it's kind of exciting because we bring a different perspective to the sport waterways. How did you guys get the club going there at Penn state did I imagine it's at one of the Nice rinks that the PA- Goule is built for you? He asked As much we love to be on the Varsity rink upstairs We are in the community rink in the downstairs. Part of our Serena We started in back in March of twenty eighteen That'll be those. It was right around Olympic time on those kind of part of that you know Olympic fever coming around we started We were basic paper club. up until last fall We put out a survey we put survey but a Busy requests for hey wants to join a career. Penn state expecting a few people to jump on sits something new to do. We ended up breaking up. Almost hundred members right away Very few I'd curling experience a few very very experienced curlers quite the quite the range Last fall we were lucky enough to Received some help from basically pent long-term Penza community members up near on Cape Cod They were very generous enough to drive down stones bar for few weeks With that we ran. If you learn to girls We raise money off those Linda Curls Last spring we started our first league's Now we're sitting with a travel program whereabouts launch basically a variant of a high performance program. Here and our leagues are approaching. Well over a hundred members so it's it's gone crazy fast. That's incredible audibles. At all Penn state students or is that students and the community so our club on the coin club. Penn state is all Penn State Students However last spring and I kinda catchy idea that we needed to find a way to use our equipment more wisely especially over the summer Because obviously we're not there to be using it So I kind of looked in the community for people would be willing to and we actually just launched the Nitty Valley Curling Club which is basically our sister community. The club which caters do The steak house community members so they have opportunities to curl Luckily they are already successful in their second seasons. In when you when you guys were getting your start. Meanwhile you basically just learning on the fly you have anyone who had experienced starting a curling erling club helping you guys out or was it kind of just this group of Penn state students figuring it out as she went along a very very strong. Mix of both I was lucky enough that we found One or two very experienced curlers Europe and students here Penn State that are now Out in the circus and sells else WHO help us from the curling ends? However the organizational stuff and all that we did reach out to several Members of the community was with Grenache Rowing Club or USA. Curling Everybody there it was super helpful to us but in the end of the day it kind of was will call it trial and error because Unfortunately at our star Penn state didn't give us any funding writing. Help us out. So we KINDA had to Learn learn by trial by fire and thankfully I think a lot of the decisions that we made up front Although they were kind of different than how some more north or South Franken's might have worked Eventually works it's much better for us in the long run at netware continuously growing. We've seen extreme growth awardee expecting this spring to sell our leagues once again. Are you guys involved with college curling. USA Yet Yes so we actually just started last month with our our travel program. It's it's been a little rough at first because we are of currently of our about hundred Active curlers We actually have zero curlers at curled before Penn state so we don't have an established Experienced group that really does there in addition we always on arena ice. which as you know transfer managed at am Spiel with guys? Pr Practicing on dedicated. Ice every week is a huge huge difference But we are going to be sending almost ten events this year And we actually about to launch a program to help train train our members to be allot better and to win events and hopefully be a model for growth of college curling and hopefully you know. NCAA curling future. I can tell you I was there. win Jonathan helped start the University of Oklahoma Curling club and it was the same deal. They were on hockey ice. no-one who had curled before before curling in in in Oklahoma City before and that team grew very quickly and was able to qualify for nationals. Very quickly Obviously you know competing against the the better teams in college curling USA is a little bit of a challenge for them but they were able to get very very good very quickly. And I imagine you guys can do the same. Yeah it's definitely one of art struggles. Is that since we have so many members that want to travel Getting Attic people. You know wraps getting them used to these competitions is a huge factor in having MP successful so one of our issues now that you know we we actually have to cut down on the people that travel because unfortunately relent every member travel once. You know we're never going to build up experience on single teams or a single scallops So it's it's it's an ongoing process and I could save the Oklahoma Club. Did shut us out at himself to expel suck. How well they if if if Jeff Jeff is still the skip keys pretty good they pretty darn good we We finally got our bearings towards the end of that That spiel but it happened that the last game that both Penn state teams played against each other. So that didn't didn't really Help out see where we were at developing spiel. So hopefully hopefully the next few weeks nerve next few steelheads. We're going to see some better success than our training program that we're launching actually tomorrow will be starting to pay off. What are you doing your training program? Did you have a coach or is it just weekly practice sessions. So one of our issues is that that with our limited ice time and are large leagues are ice space devoted to just leagues So what we've done is we've kind of reorder straighted. How're league system? Some works to allow for more practise. Availability tweak And we're allowing a select. I think we're we're trying to get between sixteen and thirty two members of this training training program where they'll we've been working with canvas recreation also to have weekly dedicated practice time in addition to actual physical training and conditioning conditioning with a campus recreation coach To really simulate a you know through Varsity Sport and hopefully get a leg up in the future and hopefully Bring home a national title years. How much supporter you getting from the rink and in how how? How would you rate The ice compared to compared to other arena clubs hum so the rank is super. Supportive of US are actually. Were hoping to zoo. Knock on wood put Houses in the ice This spring which the awesome for graduate. But you know I'll get over that But they're super sportiva bad ends Unfortunately is time has not great but in a division one instable a arena with televised sports. Each week it's tough From that Self Matt and they are very supportive but is always so much. We get From the Lincoln sells As for the ice it is. It's for RENA CLUBS ARE I've traveled Kareem clubs to work with them. They do. I'll say our ice is far better than most clubs dealing with you guys should put into host to host arena nationals. I know Notre Dame Notre Dame did the same thing in the hosted. I think it was two years ago. 'cause they'd did they was kind of the same deal with them. They know they donors gave them a very very nice facility and they needed something to put in it in the summertime more time which arena nationals Fit that so they bid and in one so they they hosted a couple years ago So you had a bunch. combustive arena curlers. Going to South Bend. which I don't think going to state college is necessarily any more out of the way than than South Bend this? Yeah I've actually AM I. I've actually traveled with our own hockey team to south. Bend up seeing their seeing their Their houses in the ice downstairs which pay me a little bit but we've we've discussed what the arena hosting something future. Never vary open to it again. Unfortunately our arena is probably one of the most jammed packed schedules. Does your ever find Arena does because it's a huge obviously state college likes their sports to appoint So the amount of leagues they have both Youth Adult Hockey Leagues Student Hockey Leagues. There's blackout periods now with the big ten in the US. Aa where when we have hockey games and they rang. They have to shutdown for X.. C'mon hours on either end for safety reasons So hopefully the next few years. We're going to work out them. And hopefully We're actually going to be hosting a big exhibition game game this spring for just us Kind of making some adjustments to how play the game make it really exciting for the fans and all that and so hopefully next few two years. We're talking about doing on the Varsity side. You know seeing seeing what we can do we can make it. Seeing a fund can happen that rank so I got a question does Cillizza shot on. Twitter are kind of vibe Orlin curling viral. I'll say somebody's game winning winning shot which may look easy for club is having thrown on arena ice. There's no such thing as an easy shock nervy nice so martyring were you involved in either. You know you know the story behind it so I was involved. Fortunately fortunately I was the other skip. That was actually our vice. President was the other skip and it was our basically our divisional championship. It had been amazingly back and forth amy entire time We had a really really good crowd on and on. I know some of the shots showed some of them. Don't we have a lot of kids in the stands making a lot of noise. Those it was really fun The the end before it I hit basically a very similar miracle shock other action. Keep US alive and we thought game is over because we thought there was not enough girl in the ice that last few feet the fact that's don't curls like two feet over. I still don't get how that happened. But it was a beautiful shot we gave gave them solid credit for that. We've we've deemed as ARA remember back in These have against Aa Football Games which hopefully come back but the terminal. You've complete instant classic media. After that was the point you lose weight system yeah in classic propensity curling and probably probably will be for a very long time. It was fun. Seeing the students in the stands to own you They had a lot of their friends would make the trip. Because it's about from where Oh you is to wear. The curling rink is it was about forty minute drive and they had a bunch of their friends would make the forty minute drive. Just sit there in a very cold Hockey rink and watch their friends. Friends play on really bad curling ice. So that's that was good to see too. Yep and that that actually that match took place a little before midnight Sunday night Cassara. We had a great turnout. Those also we ran a fundraiser for We have our little student section. That is developed this mess. They call themselves. Stone They ran a big fundraiser around. One of their friends adjusting diagnosed with non Hodgkin's lymphoma and The rate thousand dollars through that match which was really cool so you are not what happened so I guess give us a background and we will will link to it On everything we have so people can see what we're talking about you know is kind of a research project. Can you give us the background on on the survey and how it came about. I'm sure so. Basically I'm primarily business student at Penn state We have to take a class where it's basically do with Research Presenting Research Finding Hi solution to a problem My group didn't really have any ideas. I was like. Listen I'm obviously very involved with curling. Here I started to clubs here now hopefully GonNa start a third third near future. I think this would be really cool to do We kind of went with it at first. We didn't know what type of reaction we'd get from the community that being said the crown community so they're helpful and we found that out even more or less than anything. We put that survey out to facebook pages into to a few Club presidents that I talked to in the past and within days we had hundreds responses not enough time in the day to get there every single one of them at first but exploded We submitted the projects for our class. Back in April last semester At that point I kind Hannah told everybody out get out the results in a better format curling curling because obviously the current Doesn't want to have the Penn state English to two D class. Asa Stuff yummy in the project so after I finished my internship over the summer and I had actual free time my hands I reformatted everything got it out and hopefully hopefully it's been helpful. Some people's haven't been helpful to US substrate goal. There were out this way. Yeah it's you know I went through it and it talked about a lot of things that we've talked about before here on the Here on this podcast and put some numbers along along with it Who who all did you guys reach out? Basically what were what was the response back you have you have a mix of Canadian and us in even One point one percent it says was from Listed as other country but Looks looks like you got two hundred and eighty four responses Sixty one percent From here in the. US thirty seven percent from Canada. And then just a handful From from elsewhere. How I mean? Were you expecting to get as many responses as you did especially from Canada not at all that so that two hundred eighty four that we list actually there was more Thing was a little over three hundred forty. Two two data data issues had to throw some out as as would be expected with something of this scale The responses we want put together figure. How many clubs? They came from which quickly turned impossible because people a lot of clubs have similar. Names people misspell on their phones. Doing these surveys. So expect it was around one hundred fifty clubs we heard from okay. That was our estimate. We tried to put together a map but then after three hours that we account gave up. But we had no idea be from this is many people This quality of data. And it's kind of tough to explain what this mutation but those last few slides haven't there have just qualitative data. We had put Questions in their thinking that a few people answer them. That was a mistake We probably had if you put it on standard book paper probably about one hundred pages of qualitative responses. Mrs Hotel to go through. The quantitative data is very easy to go through obviously throat. An Excel off. Lucky my background. I'm pretty quick with excel that so that's very easy stuff to go through. But the paragraph on paragraph paragraphs of ranting suggestions it definitely took quite a while to digest. curlers are very passionate about curling in As we as we have we have found out. Just doing this podcast for the last year and a half. was there something in particular that you you were looking for in is that what in did you. Did you get the results that you you think you were that. You thought you were going to get going into it so I tried to a pretty open minded going into it. I didn't WanNa you know have any biases questions right. Thank that One thing I kind of expected and we did see was the struggle between now the traditions of the game You know the traditions of you know the country club style clubs that exist versus this is what people want to see grow with modern sports life We compared a lot my background and golf and I work with TJ. And things. Like that. And I had a big comparison to that where I've worked with clubs at hats evolve Do a much more. Modern member base Younger member base. And we did see a lot of that pop hop up and that was really cool. We've were actually using that NAR club Or actually making some edits to how were having exhibition games next semester. and kind of seeing seeing how it works in seeing how the curling world reacts and seeing how we could actually change the sport to make it more fun for everybody and help grow faster and make it a stronger business us too. There are a few things that kind of that at that I found very interesting in the the first one which is very early on in the powerpoint our point that will of course linked to was there was a big difference between how much people in the United States thought that learned learn to curl should cost versus how much people in Canada thought a learn to curl should cost even if you even if you take into account Canadians Indians. Who may be thought that it was that it was in Canadian dollars instead of US dollars yeah So that was actually miss after after we sent out. I kind of realized now like this is Bob from Canada. I should fix that but Wanting that pop to us after the fact was that Canadian clubs versus American clubs do some types of different idea what lender call is American clubs. Typically it's your you know wants to our open house style learned to crawl. You know I've I. I've heard the term chucker rock thrown around a few times. Get your friends to grant side thing Versus in Canada has learned to curl longer programs where you might have have a few days part of the learning to crawl so I think that does skew. It a little bit However I think overall it kind of reflects in the United Eight states people starting it? It's more of a novelty versus in Canada. Starting it's more of a More traditional activity being part of so. There's definitely only a kind of shows how sport is differently. Perceived both countries so it. In your opinion we're getting into opinion versus just the the numbers on on paper In your opinion like is there a right way or a wrong way should the US goodwill model where you're getting people to commit to you. Oh a few days worth of classes where you're really getting immersed into curling or is a point where you know. Maybe the Canadians need to look at a model where you're getting people to come. Manon just get that a a two hour taste of curling that maybe they maybe they get hooked and then join you know a beginner league or something like that so with Between this and our experience your Penn state I'm a fan of the you know. Short Open House style just because as also Leshan through this one of the biggest uses time commitments specially with younger people on the millennial generation where a longtime commitment. A few days is Kinda rough on people So you know one night for two hours. That's you know it's easy to do it simple In addition and we did ask in this survey as well. What what is your attention from? Lambda calls And doubt those numbers actually came out a little lower-than-expected because at least in our experiences here here we have approached route ninety percent retention. Wow let's could be good. I'd say Oklahoma last more than once said he. I'd say we got fifteen or twenty percent out of the car. We are pretty happy. Yeah and that. That's a lot at around that type of Rains I think for us it's just we've really focused on that quick. Have Fun tight night As you said like you know get that taste that hook versus other programs uh-huh no they spend a lot more time and learn to code getting into the Nitty Gritty. We've focused on just getting out getting as we call. We call the Toronto. We call it the INSTA- pick Instant ignites excessive college kids and we've had extreme retention from those nights even the kids that come out not expecting to come back. They end up. You know showing up to us as we're cleaning up and say hey we'll have timoleague fees so so it's it's definitely an issue of models and it's also issue of your demographic looking for I think with the older demographics you might be better off with a longer structure versus with us. We have eighteen to twenty two year olds where they wanted to do for few hours. That's GonNa make their decision. They're not going to want to sign up for a three week. Two nights a week type program. That was one of the things we actually added to. Our learned to curls last year was basically weekly in Instagram Wall. We got you know we got A. We got a background that people could pose in front of and the we've worked into the learn to curl. Was You know these are basically your stations than your last station. Is The instagram wall That way the people who just WanNa get their photos that they can show off all their friends that they went and tried curling that they're not in the way of the people who are actually trying to learn the curls that we would set we would tell them. There's going to be time at the end to get your picture taken and dad. That actually helped make things a lot smoother when we were running into curls so in the instagram wall is that like some stones and a broom and a station specifically civically or I know it was a backdrop with our logo and website pasted all over it marketing executive Jonathan We actually tell our guys during our typical safety split before we send people out. We give your typical. You don't try not to Obviously try not to fall if you do. Avoid hitting your head. You know your typical your typical discussion. We always add up at the end But make sure your first time throwing a rock on. Your friend is taking a video because if you do fall please make sure it is post all the Internet In you can probably give us some insight into that. You know I think a lot of Looked like a lot of the survey responses. You've got a came. I'm from people saying you know we need to market to the younger demographic It seems like in in in. It's not the case all over because in the arena clubs jobs in the US. I think skew a lot younger because the oh you're having to start from scratch whereas places clubs that are in established curling markets Pickett's. I'd imagine the average age. Those clubs are a lot older. It looks like the responses you got were you know. We got a got a reach the younger demographic because you know losing curlers at the tail end we're not adding younger curlers who are going to be club members for you know twenty twenty thirty years so I guess the question is how do you market get curling to to your age group. Because I'm in your about your about fourteen years younger than I am and I'm in a very interesting point of my career and marketing when I first got in everyone was asking. How do we We market to your demographic. How do we market to your generation will? No one asks me that anymore because we aren't the new generation into the marketplace and my generation doesn't have enough money to be be able to afford the high end stuff either so no one really cares what I think anymore. Were asking your generation. How do we reach you? How do we market curling to you? Yeah Yeah I mean it's We've found successful. We've found other calls program Cecil obviously the 'CAUSE programs You know the generation college right now is the next generation that needs to be touched option. Obviously as much social media seems vedic cliche but all it is huge to us We do spend some money on facebook ads and things that we've found things like flyers. We've we've seen other clubs posted flyers around their towns about upcoming into chrome eight Blake signs out people unfortunately unfortunately especially in our generation. Don't really react to that very often. or in that other cases we've seen club suggest Oh we know by TV spot for our. You know upcoming open house and Olympic year which sounds great But unfortunately as many many BUSCA test we don't watch television anymore mark less. It's the sports going on. So that's kind of social media. Soap warns us in addition to that. It's doing things like as he's like instagram. Like asked of its huge because almost every single person that comes out there I learned to crawl is going to post a picture on instagram. That kinda puzzling snapchat So we're actually developing a snack. Pills are for our next. Semesters Linda curls with all of mission how to join where putting in some sort of instagram Very similar to what you're talking about but really kind of hurting people opposed with our Hashtag with our tags to get people driven over and on top of that and it comes down to what will help marketing to the sport overall is has just exposure as again as Cliche as it is we announce small arena clubs like US popping up It's huge because now I I say we've grown to a point in some of our stuff has gone viral in our community and people know about us that almost everybody stay. College knows curling is here and that is that alone. Own is huge where some more developed clubs will be a lot quieter. They're much more himselves you know. They have their established members. And they don't really WanNa let in you know a lot of new members this Versus where very out. We're very out there. We get as many shirts on people as we possibly can. We solve many hats on people's possibly can And Make Fun and that's how it's exploded so while you're in college. I know part of your results. Canadians were less satisfied with the growth of the sport than Americans were in in their country. Do even like within the US. Steve Even have it obviously. It's not in your report but you have it broken down. I'm by traditional curling state versus nontraditional curling state whether curlers in places like Massachusetts Minnesota Wisconsin. If they're less satisfied with the growth of the sport in places like California California North Carolina The day stay up incoming states in terms of curling so what we did so we didn't quantify this qualitative data. We did kind of take a peek at people that Said said that you know I have a twenty experiencing carling versus people that said I just don't occur last year And that kind of was really good really like a proxy for that type of idea of the more established communities and we found that surprisingly the older workers all seem to share some of the same ideas and Saint Concerns We had club presidents writing on our on data. How you know? I'm an established club but I feel for new members were not very welcoming. We're not very. We're not really pushing for new members partially 'cause we don't as much as we want increased numbers. You know making more canonical for everybody. You know we have our social cloud. We don't really want to allow many new people into And use the people that you'd expect to be pushing that they are actually the ones are concerned learned about it and the younger guys. The same things A lot of them you know wrote you know. When I joined my club I felt kind of outsider? I felt kind of you know. They pushed just for new members. But once I got there you know they did. You know it came down to you know broom stacking like it's to put it ain't it's not exactly like it it but some of the responses sounded kind of like you know your old high school lunchrooms I- idea where you have your established groups and everything and the new guys are there but you know it's tough to break eh much as that's a social norm and you should expect that It definitely seemed to be a big theme and it's very similar to the golf world where you have that same thing. Ian Clubs have had to kind of evolved to be much more inclusive new members. Help grow them no longer. Yeah I'd say that's pretty universal. Having having moved around a lot it it normally takes takes me about three years to to get integrated into a new curling club. Enough UNCURLING Most of my life saw and I know the game You know I know the traditions all of that. But if you're just a new person off the the curling clubs got a pretty dense kind of clear going on and it's not really like not wanting new people or not wanting someone who's an outsider. It's more just the people are con- you know there's a lot of clubs. People plan the same team for twenty years. Tuesday night men's team and they're there to hang with their Tuesday men's team they've been together for twenty years and it's not like they don't want new people but it's you know there's just not space to bring another person and so it's really tough to sometimes break those leaks up absolutely. It's it's I said it's very natural human tendency and you know these are clubs at some people in Curling fifty years the same clubs. Obviously when a seventeen year old kid shows up at the club the not likely to invite them to be the lead day. It's definitely something that it can be. Where it's I think if people are aware of it It'll be you know. Just being aware of the the issue is a huge improvement We also Kinda saw nothing hyped on within. The results was the adherence to traditional norms of the sport herself. And that's something that as I said like that was one of those things that we expected to see We're low surprised at how much how many people brought up It's something that we're kind of experimenting with in our club on nets you know changing certain rules. Changing how etiquette of the game works with in our club in seeing how that you know makes people more excited to be here so far the changes we've made have been extremely helpful since We're expecting acting to run a large Matt in the future where we're kind of making some edge the game to make it more spectator friendly Bit Much more fun for the participants to be you know or that type of environment which is different than typical traditional curling environment. And you know seeing seeing how those works. Maybe they're not. You know maybe it's not you know good ideas for all styles clubs us but for some younger clubs you know it makes it fun that makes it you know youthful it. Gets people excited so so. So what are some of traditions that it You think have these negative attributes for the club on same negative attributes per se It's just a lot of it comes down to people embracing the game At at the game so for example recently we've actually been encouraging our our student quote Unquote Students Action To pick a team and I have and treat it almost a football game which sound weird out of context But what they ended up doing. Is You know they will be loud. They'll make just like during a college football game the making noise while the other team is not offense. They'll they'll do the same thing for us and as much as it sounds crazy. It's like Oh no you can't take you now. You can't hear you can't it. It's worked and what we've found is the other teams very quickly you know figure out while whoever throws you know you have to be following up and you need to be very vocal. Very communication. The crowd gets really into it we. I've found unfortunately on the receiving end of it especially for that game actually the environment. It makes it so fun for -ticipant than we had a blast. Because you a funnel that energy and I'll say when I threw my miracle saw shutting up you know hundred kids screaming and screaming my year very entertaining things like that things like the game clock which is something that we're going to be expanded a little more next semester. Obviously there's been a lot of you know issues with that in the past and the controlling world of you know how do we change the game clock how do we how do we make it. So it speeds up the game without ruining the game and ruining the you know the strategy strategy and allowing players that type strategy time and one of the things we're looking at is kind of a little more out of the box idea is making the game clock and by hand hand And allowing more timeouts obviously but kind of forcing it speed up forcing. Suzy made faster but at the same time allowing how in the crowd that's in our arena to have an impact on the game. Just like football where you have a play clock kind of merging some those ideas while allowing the strategy games remain constant constant allowing the crowds. Get into it you know we have. Hopefully we'll have several hundred tolls thousands students of that match a No. There can be kids that want to join curling wire. So that's us how we how we grow our club and hopefully sport. It's pretty funny. Because even the highest levels. There's there's debates about whether or not fans should be booing or cheering at world's end a you know slams and events like that so it's Kinda interesting that you're actively encouraging that behavior with the crowds at your event. Yeah it's definitely that's thousands of the things that we had asked some of our more strings. Curling community members of. How would you react to this if you know? You're in a match or your favorite teen assays in world match and the crowd is making noise. Like you're on offense on fourth and fourth in one line an F. A.. Lot of people were like. That's weird like you know as non the Snot on the game the sport but after we Kinda talked moily all right you know. That's it's interesting. It's not not that might work nine hour. But it's it's worth experimenting left and that's kind of what we see our role here. Penn State is where curry. You've fallen vary development organization so we can make that we. Could you know experiment with these things. we're actually going to be having a few large home matches against them arrival schools this spring. Hopefully we experiment with them. Sally work you know. See how the current community graphs. Then we you know we don't know yet and it's it's exciting exciting that to us. That's really cool because we can kind of be the springboard to see how these things work. It's kind of like AAA baseball. Making edits to the rule before they go majors at the air. It's funny so when I was starting. We start when we're starting the Oklahoma. Curling Club Teaching the advocate was kind of tricky. I remember one night you remember. The broom soccer's Ryan. Yes I is that I think that's not might be for the first club championship kind of characters actors. They showed up in like we Jn region kind of pants and all that allows different team. But Yeah I do so they would. They would do as playing alarm is like their second or third game and had a shot for the game and they started like waving from the other. End Trying to distract you would for free throw and I'd go down explain. Lean after the shot that you don't do that they're like are you just saying that because you missed the didn't believe that that was the actual etiquette of the game because they came from a football all basketball world where you know you are supposed to distract the other player whereas curling. It's really frowned on. So That's interesting you're actually encouraging a little bit of that now it's definitely seen however Iraq's it's going to be huge. We've actually etiquette wise. We we know very well. The issues of etiquette of US sending sending travel teams out that have never played. Dedicated is never been in a real club. It's been a week. We have to keep having his education sessions at the present analogy. Listen we we allow. Wow this at our club. Do not have you that that nobody travel again So it's it's a push-and-pull it's GonNa be interesting. See how it works works and hopefully our goal is at if it works out we can start to host bigger matches Europe Penn State. And if and if that's everybody is going to work anywhere somewhere we might not even be on like a world's tight. It's not going to work in maybe Olympic style curling. It's if college throwing to grow and develop actual varsity programs. That type of crowd engagement is what gets people buy tickets. Show up I I've had experienced running. Actually our students for hockey team here and we know very well. People don't come out to watch the game as much as they come out to be a part of the game they come out to be. You don't have a great time. You know go tailgate before hands and have a great time in you know if we you can get people here to Pula tailgate curling match. It sounds crazy but we have enough students that are interested in doing it and in all see how it works out and hopefully we'll see things on facebook the best way better than the next few months of how that works out so obviously that works for a club that is mostly made up of younger people. But if you have if you have a club that is you know in established club in a traditional curling market in. You're trying to bring in younger people people. What are some of the things that they can do? That you know can can make saying you know can make it in environment where younger people want to be part of the club in WanNa continue. Can you curling but still maintain you know some of the traditions of the club. How can you make things more welcoming for for the younger generation? Is it as simple. Simple as say you know being more willing to give preferential is time to some of the younger curlers. I think that's one of the. That's the feedback we got. We did a big show about the state of curling in Saskatchewan in one in some of the feedback we got is one of the reasons they're died that curling his dying in Saskatchewan is they refused to give They they only give the worst ice time to the the new curlers. Is it just as simple as that. Or there's some other things that that can be done wanted to make the younger make the younger crowd more feel more welcome at a traditional curling club. Absolutely that that was actually one of the things that popped up in our the data Also was the you know gain the worst ice time for learn to curl leagues or the beginner. Developmental Leagues Another thing that kind of popped up was how much it cost. Obviously and that's that's anything any worse can be causes and she'll but one of the things that we kind of theorized and that we've developed at our club is you know traditionally have teams of four in a lot of leagues at these clouds. You have you know you could have alternates. You can have some drop INS That may allow the League function. Listen we actually have our team set up five which it raised a lot of eyebrows at first but what allows us to do for especially younger people who have a lot busier schedules? In some cases all cases some cases a lot of our guys working two jobs outside of class so would allows us to do is charge less to be a part of our leagues and then if one member can't show up that night you know you could adjust your roster and you're fine and your team stay consistent Things like that are huge versus traditionally. You have your you know league. Your Club League matches your Tuesday night. Eight teams of four And and having strict strict rules and having strict number of allowances having to be more expensive just to cover the ice time. Cover the club club expenses that can play a factor. It's not to say every club should look at options like that but it's that willingness to kind of look outside the box walks and looking at how you know. How could we make some small changes like that? Like having five people officially on a team having basically having an alternate Or even the allow player we allow teams play. Five members sometimes We we have set rotation that we force them to follow when they do so It you you know. It's these little things that a lot of people raise a lot of eyebrows. I think we actually those videos that went viral. We saw few people comment. Like why is there five people on the swift purple on And the reason is will we're able to cut down on costs for the League members by twenty percent because we allowed five members and when our members have an extra work shifts at night or something POPs up in the can't be there you know. They don't feel pressured to be at every single match but their league. Their team mm-hmm is fully paid off the League is solvent. And everybody's having a good time so so do people to rotate injuring the game. If the if all five show up her are so what we do is we have. Obviously one person's sits on each On each throw we actually in some of our leagues as we actually only pay six six stone ends just because of stone limitations and the people we have We basically force you know the skip throws last accused Jones. Everybody else does one stone and F you stone you sit out the next rock yeah So it's Kinda strange in some respects and again like it'll it'll it'll raise eyebrows with traditional curlers but for our cases young curlers. They don't care at one throw you know. They're they're still having a great time if anything thank you know. They're near the game. They're a little winded after their last US weep when their team member barely through the stone Hard enough to outline so it allows to have a good time pay less And be there and be a part of that. were running low on time here. I guess what would be. What was the the biggest takeaway that you had from? From from the survey you did won't besides for the fact that curlers very generous with their time writing uh-huh qualitative responses The biggest thing that popped up for us was that it's everybody in the game. Wanted to grow more. Everybody understands ends. There is room to grow and everybody understands there you know is things that can be changed and it seems to be. Everybody understands certain. Thanks should be changed whether it be adding more programs for watching kids during club matches whether it be having better is time for beginners Zyuganov talked about And it seems a lot of people kinda raise. The question of people know these things need to happen but a lot of club leadership doesn't necessarily want to do them it's not in the top of their priority list So to me that was kind of the most striking and the most important is that you know it's not that these things can't be done. It's off that sport can't be grown with even minor tweaks weeks just like changing is time. It's that you know somebody asked me willing to step up. Say you know. Let's do this and you kind of risk. Their skin on the results of how it works out for the club. And that's a problem in every single industry and every single sport and every single thing you'll ever do And it's definitely alive and well in curling and and you know hopefully some little things that can be changed our changed and you know these clubs can grow bigger better faster start spawning off new gloves building. More dedicated aided ice and make the sport just as well known. United States isn't Canada around the world. So I guess what's What's next for you? And what's next the Penn State Club. Or you'RE GONNA try to keep curling even after you leave Penn State. So I'm actually moving to Manhattan in June and Manhattan unfortunately as a lack of curling clubs however I do have in the back of my mind and I talked to a few people regarding You know helping start that in Manhattan and hopefully you know that could be part of my future As for the Penn State Club were continually growing and with the advent events. You know putting housing the ice aiding and set up time saving on setup costs with the advent of our high performance. You know are you know quote Unquote high-performance program. Hopefully really we can be kind of a Spark to help start other programs. We've already talked several other colleges that Kind of get forwarded along to us when looking to start programs just because of how new we are and how much we've grown so fast and hopefully it can be a spark the you know you're enough future to have the game grow enough on a house level to develop some sort of actual NC double a structure for Forecast Crawling where where can people follow. Follow you and where can they follow Penn state curling best I follow us is on our facebook page Rowing Club at Penn State Sop Curling Club because of a Penn state murals But that's basically post everything whether it be our Spills on whether it be results in our league so there'd be funny funny videos of people doing funny stuff for great videos. A great shots It's basically the best place we're also on twitter under the same name Penn state and in scramble that same in Croatia Penn State. That's basically the best way to keep up with us and hopefully see some really cool things coming out in the next few months all right. Do you have anything else. You want to add before before we get out here not really. I'd like to say as long as they don't develop program If a house eight rebels choline program will be that at least at Michigan Michigan. Too Right. Yeah but you know we feel bad for them. They've had a rough week SELA. It is their their website where people can go and see the see the results of of the survey or is is it basically GonNa just be US putting out the the link on the link is out. Unfortunately it's kind of post. It's part of our club website. Who's actually posted on? But the club site isn't A believe the homepage aren't live. Fortunately that something that our our directors are now working on again The next few weeks play our website will be posted on our facebook page. And all that and it'll be a page on their however until the end it is kind of floating around as a wickes link on various facebook page. If you put it out on it should be live in that. Looks Pages to in Alabama. I will make sure we'll make sure everyone has access to that link. Bobby thanks so much for your time. in for all that you've done and for curling we appreciate you coming on the show and we appreciate you being such an ardent supporter. The sport it's good to have you on our side. Thanks to give thank you for listening to rucks across the pond a curling podcast. You can find oliver previous episodes and blog posts at rocks across the Pond Dot Com. Please remember to subscribe on Apple Podcast. Google podcast stitcher tune in or your favorite podcast APP and leave review if you enjoyed glistening the greatest compliment we can receive is when you tell a friend about us that helps grow in helps us share our love of this great game. If you have a comment or question or you just want to talk about about curling you can email us at rucks across the pond at gmail.com or find us on twitter at curling podcast. We are also on facebook. Instagram at rocks across is the pond. Thank you again and we will talk you Lille soon.

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Thursday, May 7: ICU nurse Lauren Leander and Sean Penn

The View

39:03 min | 3 months ago

Thursday, May 7: ICU nurse Lauren Leander and Sean Penn

"Literati is the number one subscription book club for kids. Then makes it easy to find unique and interesting books? They'll love each literati. Box contains five books original art and a personalized note to your child. Only keep your favorites and send back the rest for free go to literati dot com slash view for twenty five percent off your first two orders. That's literati dot com slash view. Subscribe now to our podcast to get hot topics delivered every afternoon. And while you're at it rate us in Labor review brand new views darts live right. Now press charges. When the White House's Latest Press Secretary Kelly mcenaney is put on the spot by reporters about her past. Comments zipped president will always put America. First we will not see diseases like the corona virus. Come here. Did she make a lot of news outlets take a second look at the way they covered this early on? I guess I turn the question back on the media and similar questions and one of the ICU nurses who stood up to raging. Stay at home. Demonstrators in powerful silent. Protest is speaking out about why she says they're dead wrong about the danger plus oscar-winner and activist Sean Penn shares. How he's taking matters into his own hands to get more Americans tested and what he says. The president can learn from it. Here come top picks with Whoopie Joy. Behar Sunny hoste. Nd and Megan McCain. Now let's get things started well. Welcome to the view. You know anything can happen. We're all at our homes even though it looks like we're in one place you know we're not all kinds of things are gone on so yesterday. The latest White House Press Secretary. Kaley mcenaney was asked about earlier comments. She made about how the administration will handle this crisis and she turned the question back on to Rome. Take a look at the clip. If this president will always put America first he will always protect American citizens. We will not see diseases like the corona virus. Come here well first. Let me note. I was asked to question On Fox business about presents travel restriction. I guess I would turn the question back on the media and ask similar questions does. Vox want to take back that. They proclaimed that the corona virus would not be deadly pandemic in the Washington. Post where they like to take back that the government should not respond aggressively to the krona virus. I'll leave you with those questions and maybe you'll have some answers and a few days everyone. Just you're you're you're questions you sector. Well apparently she's new on the job on eight. How how did how did she do here? Well you know. I think it's a step in the right direction that we're actually having. These are press conferences with the press secretary. So at least she's doing them. She's being less hostile than Sarah Sanders and less comical. I guess than Sean Spicer. But she said during her first press conference won't be that she would never lie. She's already broken that promise. She broke that promise during the first you know her first press briefing but I think what was most striking to me is that she said that it was nonsensical to think everyone should get a corona virus test that was shocking to me because CNN has just confirmed. I'm not sure of. Abc has with CNN has just confirmed a valet of trump's just tested positive for the corona virus. And so it's obviously important enough for everyone in the White House and surrounding the president to be tested for the corona virus. But it's not important to the press secretary into the administration for Americans to be tested for the corona virus. And so that tells me that she is just spinning lies to the American people rather than being honest with the American people and she never answered that question by the way that was posed to her. She never answered the question so she is just lying to the American people like everyone else and she's also said that the White House is leaving it up to states to figure out the tests and Megan. You assist field to you like it's a little bit of a mixed message here. Yeah there's been a mixed message coming out of not just the White House but I think medical experts. Since the beginning of this. I can remember being on our show and being told this was just like the flu. It was safe to travel and to give my medical masks away now. I'm being told I can't go outside without one. Obviously we know it's far more contagious than the flow. And I think in regards to Kaley mcenaney. She was hired for this job because she's very good at spinning propaganda and she was good at spinning propaganda before she got hired for this job. Which I guess you could make the argument that that's the role of any secretary but I think it's probably a little more agree just with this particular president. Some of the questions. I would like to be answered in. Whenever they do another press conferences. There has been a thousand percent increase in government. Suicide hotline calls. Think about that a thousand percent increase. We have the worst unemployment numbers that just came out today. In the last two months they are higher and far worse than before the Great Depression the worst retail sales on record worst decline the gross domestic product and a decade one in five. American workers have fired for unadvisable unemployment. If we don't start getting a plan to get testing to somehow pull ourselves out of this and get America back to work. This is going to be far more agreed than any crisis. Any of us have seen in all of our lifetimes that is going to make things that look like happened. In a science fiction movie a fantasy we are not going to have to come back from unless the White House gets on top of this echo. What sunny is saying if the tests are important why of all of the White House and allegedly most of the press corps getting these testings before they're in front of the president because I would like to go back to work as I know the rest of you would and I would be comfortable doing that. If we all were had the capacity to get tested right she also said this had this to say when she was asked about the importance of getting. Americans tested clip. Let's dismiss a myth about test right now. If we tested every single American in this country at this moment We have to retest them an hour later and then an hour later after that because at any moment you could theoretically contract this virus so the notion that everyone needs to be tested is just simply nonsensical. The people who need to be tested are vulnerable populations joy. Yes okay first of all. Let's just start with the original. The original thing which was that she never really answered the question Which was did you would like. Would you like to take it back? That no corona virus was going to be coming to the United States. Under trump's she never answered the question. She just walked off sort of embarrassed. I think so. Let's start there. Also the thing about testing i. I'm having so much trouble understanding where they're coming from. Is she willing to send her kids to camp? For example without everyone being tested at the camp including the counselors the children she willing to send their children to school before they test. Everybody this is. She keeps saying to be tested every hour. Well excuse me Miss McIntosh wearing professionally applied makeup So drawing were you willing to have someone. Apply it without there being tested that. That's another question. I have miss mcenaney one more. Little point is that a country like Iceland has been testing seven times at the rate that the United States has. That's a disgrace. That's just a disgrace for this country. It's retested vaccination. That's the key. Go ahead. Sorry that's all right I would. We'll go and we'll we'll be right back later. Hunted down the outrage over the shooting death of unarmed Black Jogger. Ahmad Armory in broad daylight. That was caught on video still ahead. We're honoring national nurses week with the ICU nurse. Who gave a wake up? Call to stay at home. Protesters without saying a word. Plus Oscar winner and activists John Pan shares. How he's getting Americans the corona virus tests where the. Us government isn't a welcome back. You know I think I'm getting a little tired of of these people deciding who. It's okay to have a test whether I should have test weather. I deserve to have test. You remember in two thousand nine. When basically the Republicans would touting Obama's Obamacare as being a death panels and they were very concerned about how we treated our elderly and how he treated Americans to make sure that that was no longer the case. I guess now is okay. That man who dies now. It's okay with everybody I just. I'm just tired of people telling me I don't need test. You don't know what I need. Stop doing that. And there's all kinds of craziness I don't know what's happening in the world but a video emerged out of Georgia of an unarmed black jogger. Aubrey being shot and killed after being chased down by a former police detective and his son. Now since the video has surfaced the district attorney announced the following a full review of the evidence that the case should be presented to a grand jury. How do you not look at this and say what the Hell now you can run? You can't run. What is this sunny? What has happened? This happened at the end of February. Why is just getting to the grand jury now sunny? I don't know I don't know this was so shocking to me and I took it so personally because as you know my my son is attract star right and so he jogs around our neighborhood all the time. And it's something that I worry about all the time now black. While jogging appears to be licensed to conduct a modern day lynching it was. It was just sort of shocking to me that you would need a grand jury. There hasn't been an arrest in this case and the excuse has been that all the district attorneys are resigning from these cases this particular case because they know the folks that are involved one used to work for the DA's office one person is a former police officer. And I'm just I'm so outraged because there is footage this time right. There is a video and the other. Excuse that they're giving us that. This was a citizens arrest. If they thought this person was just merely jogging could have been a possible burglar at. I think you know that. When you have vigilantes in this sense there is no need for a grand jury. Hearing I mean you can indict anyone. You know how they say you can indict a ham sandwich and my career. I never didn't get and an indictment. You always get an indictment. This calls for justice. I mean even Joe Biden tweeted out this calls for justice. The President President Trump has been silent about it yet. He can tweet about everything else. He can tweet about fake news he can tweet about about late night talk show host but he can't offer his thoughts on this. This is despicable despicable. When does it? Stop Joy? Joe. Would you think when you saw the video I thought to myself? Oh so now you're allowed to form an armed posse and go after people who you think might have committed a crime. Whatever happened to call the police? If you think somebody has committed a crime and then they said well. He looked like the guy who committed the crime a really. I wonder if the fact that he was black has anything to do with that. I think these stand your ground laws on not great. Yeah yeah go ahead. Megan you think this'll be a wakeup call. Many examples of many cases. That should have been wakeup calls in the past the videos. Very hard to watch. Because there's no gray in this it's a man that's being. In my opinion a modern day lynching he being stalked and hunted like handle because of as sunny said modern days citizens arrest. I didn't know a citizens arrest with something that existed. I don't think it's real. We as citizens should not be any kind of place to be arresting. Let alone shooting people look. I don't know what I am not a lawyer. I think this seems pretty cut and dry. There's huge outrage cost. The country by bipartisan across everything I have read and seen and I am just honestly praying for the victim's family and friends and I'm praying for this country because there's clearly a deep systemic cultural problem when there are two men that think that they can get in their truck and shoot and kill a jogger because he looks like someone that could have possibly broken into some houses. So I don't know what the answer to this but it does seem like it's getting worse and more grievous and at this point you just all pray for justice and I know here at ABC view. We will be staying on this and talking about it until it happens. Yes and I would. I would also like to put out there that I think that the guy. That's running the country to say something pretty soon about this because I tell you if two black man had been in a truck and watched a white guy go by and just got out and shot him. We'd hear no end to what when an outrage it was. We'd hear that from the top so I am saying now here from from my space you need to say something. Sir You need to send and you need to say it pretty soon. Because you're telling us you. None of us really need to get a test. Why does everybody needs get is starting to feel like you really don't have any respect for the American people at all and I'm saying just right now. I don't think you have any respect for the American people. We'll be right back agree. Charta my happened in our life. Things invoking gives us running. Where renew fifty percent off? Are Machine Washable. Ed writable is made of recycled plastic. Bottles you want your forehead in vegetables truly. Thank you welcome back. You Know Adele the Fabulous Adele Rolling in the deep Adele. Well she posted a photo thanking people for their birthday wishes and sent a special message of gratitude to first responders on the front lines and all anybody can talk about is how thin she looks. How skinny she is. Is that really? What should be focusing on? Do you have a thought about this? Megan Look I love Adele. I think we all love Adele and her weight loss journey has been something. That's been very well documented in the media and I think as someone myself who you know. My weight is always fluctuating. Up and down. And there's something about the reaction to adults. Wait sort of validates the fact that you have to be thin to be valued in the world and it sort of confirms all the fears that women like me habit. Only I would lose thirty something pounds. Then maybe the media will love me more. It doesn't matter that she's an Oscar winner. Grammy winner sold know record breaking numbers record-breaking albums and I was thinking about this topic earlier and I was talking to my sister in law and I was saying that one of the weird part about being pregnant during the pandemic as the world doesn't get to see my body changing because clearly you guys only seeing me from the waist up and one of my biggest fears coming back to the show when we inevitably hope to come back to the show is what the media's reaction will be to the weight gain being pregnant and then if I don't lose it fast enough. My biggest fear right now has nothing to do with politics with the election with the things I'm saying with the reactions my political commentary. It's the media's reaction to the ultimate way my body's going to look after having a baby and I think that should really say something about where we're at culturally and I had a really hard time. Some of this commentary about Adele yesterday because it just confirmed my worst fear is that if I don't lose thirty pounds immediately that the backlash is going to be pretty vicious as it has been for my entire career so I wish you the best. I hope she's healthy and happy but I don't love the media's reaction to this joy was say about the culture and twenty twenty two since then. I don't think this is nothing. This is nothing new whoopie. I mean this has been looks as As has been with us a sense probably Adam and eve you know and I was thinking you know. It's a woman's thing mostly isn't it? It seems to be women that they go after. Mostly I mean no matter. How talented or brilliant. Nobody's more more talented than Adele. I mean you and I remember Barbra streisand. That girl sang like the angels and all they talked about was her nose and her eyes and how she looked. I mean they tortured that girl for fifty years. And nobody said ANYTHING ABOUT FRANK. Sinatra's to pay if you recall and he was also brilliantly talented of course but it was not about looks. It's only an it's who joined the two other women and it really has to stop it. It's quite tedious. Frankly I'm sick of the whole thing it's tedious so sunny. You have a quick thing or did you say something already know. I just feel as it's just it's time for it to be over. I Love Adele and I thought she looked great before. I think it is such a drastic change that I think everyone is notice it. But she's so beautiful and so talented. It's a shame that she scrutinized so much. Yeah I would just caution. Everybody look in the mirror before you say a word about anybody else. We'll be right back national nurses week and we're talking to an ICU. Nurse on the front lines who confronted stay at home protesters with a wakeup call. That she says will save American lives with libraries schools and bookstores. Shut down. How do you keep your kids? Learning and growing books from Literati. The number one book club for Kids. Literati is a subscription book club. That makes it easy to find. Unique and interesting books for your kids by delivering great stories straight to your doorstep. Literati knows that your need for uplifting educational materials in the coming weeks will be critical. Reading books. Together will help create a time of adventure and bonding for your family. And has real educational benefits kids who read books have better vocabularies and longer attention spans. Each literati box contains five based on a theme and contains exclusive original art and a personalized. Not Your Child. Only keep your favorites and send back the rest for free for a limited time. Go TO LITERATI DOT COM slash view for twenty five percent off your first two orders. This is their best offer available anywhere to get it. You have to go to literati dot com slash view for twenty five percent off your first two orders literati dot com slash view and welcome back. It is national nurses week and they continue to step up and in and out of hospitals to keep us all safe right now and sometimes that means saving us from ourselves. Icu Nurse Lauren. Leander made headlines for confronting stay at home demonstrators in a powerful silent protest and she joins us now from Phoenix Arizona. Hey Lauren thank you for comment and hanging with us. You know this protest the protesting of Arizona. Stay at home. Policy was planned at the State House in Phoenix a few weeks ago. And on your day off you decided to go because you felt you needed to be there. Tell us why it was important. Yeah you know I think as nurses. We were just wanting to do what we do. Best which is to advocate to be an advocate for number one. Our patients Being an ICE universe. That's solely caring for Kobe critically. Ill humans right now We wanted to advocate for the people who are suffering right now and like I've said before the vulnerable populations who continue to need our support as their fight with this virus is really only just beginning and I think also just you know we wanted to be there as voice for healthcare workers and we wanted to be heard and seen louder than a lot of the misinformation fear that is sort of been sweeping the nation with this movement to open to sooner in a way that is Dangerous to to the public and so a lot of healthcare workers are our lives are on hold and even as people slowly ease into going back to normal. You know we we are not. We are still self isolating. Haven't seen our family in months and so just trying to bring the reality of other side of this virus to those protesters. You are a hero to us. I want you to know that and you are hero to millions of people. You started the protest in silence about you said that the protesters were yelling. Things you want and saying other stuff and the other nurses what what were they saying. Exactly tell us yeah we. There are a lot of different things. I think came up with these protesters. We could tell from very early on that. You know just seeing us they had made did not hesitate to walk right up to us to even stand within one or two feet of us and tell us exactly what they thought you know. These people were were heated and angry rightfully so you know we were never there to discredit their struggles. And and what they're going through at all but you know people were also not peaceful about it. There were people that were walking by and coughing on US and coughing the quote unquote fake virus on us One of the big themes is that they thought we were paid actors that we were planted there by a hospital or by the government and that we were told not to speak to stand there and costume and also people trying to bait us away from the protests and saying. Oh Hey somebody needs help over there. If you're real nurse you'll you'll go help them And a few of US left to go check out the situation and someone was sitting under a tree laughing at us. No people were openly carrying firearms. They were large strongmen fully masked carrying assault rifles. That were walking past us and taking photos with us so There is a lot going on for sure. There's a lot you're seeing the effects of covert nineteen close every single day. What do you want these protesters to to know to understand? Gosh you know a lot. I think that that number one. I really want them to understand that. Even though they see healthcare workers hours being cut non essential healthcare workers hours being cut open beds in hospitals or surgery centers. That are closed down. That is just a small window of what's going on in the hospital so for somebody like me who has volunteered to work on a covert unit along with my co workers. Every day we are living in this chaos within the quiet in this hospital and so for us. Our lives are very different And I think that we love for them to know just that verses are scared to watch their state's open up. We are dealing with very sick unstable patients. Unlike anything we've seen before and our lives are still going to be on hold and so we just want to know that we have the support of our state and our country as we move forward and an opening up and that wearing masks and social distancing and handwashing that is really just a way to continue to fight with us as we try to find a new normal within all of this and finally. I hope that they know that no matter. What their stances on this virus no matter what their political beliefs are if they showed up in our ICU. Tomorrow we would welcome them with arms and we would care for them like anybody else high so. I just want to play devil's advocate a little bit. Arizona's reopening this week barbers salons restaurants gyms this week. Arizona reported on one day that there were zero deaths. The lockdown was supposed to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed. It's done that with twenty percent of ICU's on us. Sixty five percent of the our beds unused and seventy percent of ventilators are available so we are going to have a vaccine for at least a year. We're talking about that earlier in the show is your recommendation to Governor Ducey and all Arizonans that we should remain in lockdown until. There's a vaccine in a year. Oh no not at all I mean. I don't think that would be possible for us. I just hope that they are able to still fight this virus with us in other ways as like. I said we find new normal. We've seen grocery stores really reinvent themselves in keeping US clean and safe and wearing masks and still still using social distancing as much as possible think there are a lot of ways that people can still fight this virus with us. I think those statistics unfortunately just highlight sort of the empty space. And what's not being used? But that's not the whole picture you know when if you were able to step on these. Kobe units you would see how labor intensive these very sick individuals are. It's unlike anything we've ever seen there on upwards of Eight to twelve months at a time we need entire T. We need a team of seven people to prone them to flip them on their stomach every two to four hours so that they can breathe better. You know they're medically paralyzed that. They are forced to breathe with a ventilator. A lot of them are on continuous dialysis and ECM machines. They're the sickest patients that I've ever cared for in my life and so what's scary to us. Is that as we begin to open up? We're going to be caring for our sort of normal patients. You know car accidents and other illnesses things like that. But we're still going to be operating critical care. Units WITH COVA patients in them on top of our already are the chaos that we already do with on a normal basis so we just hope that people continue to stand by our side and whatever way if they can well lawn we will thanks to learn leander. Thank you for everything you do. Please thank your co workers for us as well. We'll be right back with corona virus tests in such short supply. How his Oscar winner and activist? Sean Penn been able to set up testing centers in four states. And what can the White House learn from it? He's live on the view. We are really strong women. People need to hear what women have to say. And that's how we will back you what we will stand with you. Anybody who's anybody who wants to make it to the next level in politics has to come on this show talking about the issues. Everyone is talking about it home. It is up to all the US to continue the conversation. The audio I'll see you on the view. Say You on the bureau. That's enough welcome back to time winner. Sean. Penn has provided vital assistance around the world to communities hit hard by natural disasters with his nonprofit organization. Core community organized relief effort. He joins us now to tell us how he's been able to provide lifesaving help doing this insane. Pandemic when you know who in the White House doesn't seem to be able to do that. Please welcome Sean. Pat Go ahead. Sunny twenty ten after an earthquake. Just decimated Haiti. You jumped into help by forming core. It's a nonprofit that assists people in countries after natural disasters and I'm just so thankful for that work as somebody who has seen government response to crises firsthand. How do you think this administration? Sean has been helping and handling cove it. And what worries you the most federal level? I think one thing. That's certainly should be much. More robust is in the defense production. Act manufacturing of the P. P. And Kids I. I believe that if we had that on the kind of level of with which that act was used in the past For War efforts that there'd be no question but that we could test in in fact get multiple tests over a series of weeks to every American. There's no question. We have a model that we've been able to push out and with that you're using a combination of local governance and community organizations or NGOs. It would work on a small municipality level as it would in a big city or or in rural areas so. I think the thing that concerns me the most is that in some ways almost too much information out there. We're trying to we do the most in Los Angeles and then Atlanta DETROIT NEW ORLEANS. Will we have? We're we're doing our work now. Also in the novel nations where we combine forces with Boko government governance in some cases just adding a supplement in other cases it being principal implemented and we test thousands and thousands every day and this is just one organization but that that kind of model a replicated is not a difficult task. It's really about Supply Sean. I agree with what you said. So but you say that we're in an active shooter scenario right now. What do you mean by that? Explain it well I. I don't think we need that. Attach of face of personality or what. Somebody was sending on their social media to be able to identify an active shooter. Inactive is anything that is continuing to to kill people on our brothers and sisters and fathers authors of sons. This is This virus is the active shooter. And if we were at I think that if we could wrap our head around in that way and understand that it's principally putting in the radical people of color. Elderly people indigenous people but in randomly selecting all of us that we need to huddle around and and make very clear decisions on how to approach this thing. It's not I get concerned though I know of course is a necessity for people to be able to make a living. I give very concerned when the attitude is without caution or without respect for those dead die. The hospital workers In the science of of this this is a continuing problem and it seems that. There's just too much distraction showing you. You've said we've said for weeks and hot topics that has shrunk. Testing plan is the only way to move forward and reopened the country's safely but yesterday the new White House Press Secretary Kaley mcenaney said it's just simply nonsensical for every person in the US to be tested for Corona virus. Do you agree with that? I I think the problem is that he blur speaking without any knowledge of what they're speaking of this. This testing should be thought of again in a very very basic way this in this kind of active shooter way of looking at it This this is a weapon that can get into any neighborhood. Get into any school getting into any as we know. Retirement home elderly care home and and even out the streets and in the market so of course we have to test. If if the idea is that human life cares matters and those kinds of comments. I future are Normalize a disconnect between Who we are and how who want to be as a country and its people national news setting up and managing drive-thru Corona testing sites for people who want to be tested in California Georgia Louisiana and Michigan. Why did you decide to take this on? I mean it's not like you're not saving a whole bunch of places you do extraordinary work but why those in particular what happened was we in California. We found that we have been a governor. Some in America said along the Los Angeles Fire Department there was extraordinary leadership on this on this issue and they had already principally designed and begun these programs. What happened is we wanted to restart it by relieving the firefighters that were taken up doing his job. You have twenty firefighters Site those would be twenty firefighters per site. Were not able to respond to the needs of the community. In the city at large we were able to train our people up. Replace them on the test sites and let them get back to to those duties Out Experience we saw that. This was a replicable thing. We would start by kidding ourselves so we began to move the project under the with the governor throughout the state and then ultimately start moving testing programs in collaboration with local governance places that you talked about and as we move forward now in Navajo nation which is getting hit particularly hard. The other thing is that we family enormous support That we could focus on Where there was gaps. Perhaps in some federal issues we had companies. There's a company in California birdwell where they started turning their board shortened. Surf Wear Company into the making a masks. I think we've heard other stories like that And now they run a very high quality safe operation and I and I think we can combine these efforts on we can stay very mission focused on. What is there to to be done and I think that if communities do take this on even the best best of government situations Gumma cannot do it all and this really has to be a community of citizens. So that's what we're hoping the model with our programs court. Well thanks to you. Sean Penn for so many things for so many countries who are better off now. Because you you you were there to help and for coming onto the view. I think this is your first time and I hope you'll come back to us for more information on core. Go to our website. And we'll show you where to look for everything we'll be right back. Thanks Sean Tomorrow. Senator Cory Booker on what he says. Majority Leader Mitch. Mcconnell's getting wrong about the pandemic response. And how he thinks. Joe Biden handled the sexual harassment allegations against him Dylan. Mcdermott talks about starring in your next binge-watch series that puts a whole new spin on Hollywood. And we've got an early mother's Day surprise for working moms on the frontline of the pandemic at one of the hardest hit hospitals in America. Well that was it for today. We want everybody to have a great day. Take a little time to enjoy the view. And don't get wash your hands. Watch the hand. The country is locked down. Battling Corona virus. How right now? The curve gloves in my pocket which. I'm not sure how effective they'll be going to wear them anyway. We WanNA help and give you the latest information. I'm Aaron Katersky host of Covert Nineteen. What you need to know a podcast from ABC News? But we're going to need to do is widespread testing to see who's susceptible who's infected and. Who's recovered each weekday? We call on doctors from around the country in our own medical experts to respond directly to. What's on your mind about this virus? Coverted nineteen what you need to know a new series weekday afternoons on your favorite podcast APP.

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College Football Week 5 Recap

"Welcome to the solid verbal. For me, I'm a man. I'm forty. I've heard so many players. They why wanna be happy. You want to be happy for day stake. That won't down and tie. Hey, everybody and welcome back to the solid verbal. Of course, this is Dan voice because this is Dan speaking tie was attending too much more important things yesterday. So he was unable to watch games. He was spending time with his family. Yesterday was of course his father in law's funeral. So he was celebrating a great life and a great man. So and he really does appreciate all of your support. So there's no easy way to transition, but we're very grateful that our pal, Andy Staples, once again, able to join us to talk week five, Andy, how's life? How's it going? It's good. It's good. I'm I'm old. And but it didn't feel any different watching football a forty year old. So good. I was gonna really lean into the thirty five. It's a big one you can run for president. I've already passed one election where I could run and I just forgot. I didn't get enough signatures on the ballot. Fair enough. So you're able to watch games yesterday was yesterday your actual fortieth? Yes. It was ninety three AM yesterday. So you celebrated with vomiting. This true way to term forty when a little too hard on Friday night now. Now, yesterday was was very relaxing. I just watched a lot of football all day and is one of those things where because I've worked, I always work on my birthday and and usually Madda game, we celebrate some other day. The only reason why didn't do it. This is I knew state Penn State was the big, the big game that I would need to be at if I was going to a game night games and say, college are so hard to get to get. They take so long. You don't get back to your hotel room to like six AM the next day. And so I was like, you know what? I don't think they'll mind if I just watched that one on TV and no, honestly, I feel like I, I like those weekends where I can just sit and watch because I see so much more. You know, there's so many games that you like if I was at Penn State Ohio State, I wouldn't have seen a second of Notre Dame Stanford. Which I thought was was pretty valuable to watch because I have a very different opinion about Notre Dame now that I had a week ago that that's a big deal and then also got to watch some Kentucky, South Carolina. Some Helen's you'll miss stuff. I just wouldn't have been able to see fair enough before we go on, let's do something we do every week to start. This recap show and hit you with the rivers are made from the carcasses of dead trees. You had no chance Stanford. Hey, guys from Nashville, Tennessee. Hi, this is Patrick from lovely, Hayward, California. This is red from Texas. Hi, this is Trevor Ariza hey, this is Jack in Indiana. Watching my Stanford cardinal getting told a very, very fortunate story when annoying, but very good buck. My only consolation is a Stanford stance night is the cardinal will not face defense as good as Notre Dame's the rest of this year. Can you draw that big TV humi weady hounding. Jerry Tillery is Brian Kelly secretly visa at head coaching. My heart goes out to Penn State fans everywhere. You clearly looked like the better team on the field for portion of the night, and I cannot believe the call that they made to run that play and game like that to the bucks. And I don't even know what to say. Why would again this is team that looks good enough today to make the playoffs and they blew it against the buckeyes for the second straight year. This is a bummer. Say five tall is probably the worst play calling that I've seen since the l. decided not to off marshawn Lynch. I was worried they would lose, but then Penn State started throwing lateral to their backup. Quarterback should've known. Michigan comes back from seventeen down and beats northwestern. You know that called for fall only lasted thirty minutes reflectively three in one right now, Brian back. You can blame dad, Bo Sweeney cover, Lawrence, get knocked out. Great job, managing the quarterback situation, sweetie, nice job calling on behalf of my friend, Kelly. Just wondering if it's possible on France. Hey, hey, hey, hoagies beat the fighting cut. Chris today is the university of Texas four and one b k. state. I don't know how would be case they because they always be Texas at Oklahoma, your net, it was ugly, but, hey, you don't go into Bill Snyder, family fund steak and shake house or whatever, and expect a cakewalk. I need that Tennessee dramatic drive chart reading. I really thought was Tennessee was going to be able to keep a close there for a while. Then I realized that the crock pot got left on dog Lord of football, new coach, and yet still winning the same old. God, it's so foreign away. I feel pretty confident that fifty. State is not ten to fourteen points. Okay. So as Allman. Okay. What does Auburn. Who is Auburn? Sorry view. I you this version. You dad likes to Verita all teams names Cougars. Interesting. And the state, and it's lot more fun only blocked punt and having our own blocks, lots more fun and calling tell you that I will be bathing and since chilly tonight as the Bearcats of five. And I just want Dan to acknowledge that disrespect that he had for the Brown bears and acknowledged of feeding that they put on the Hoyas away from multi sport field. I just gotta say Notre Dame fan. I'm looking at the way things are going, and I think this is the time where you get up to mystic and you start yelling, we want Bama and then just see it all come crumbling down and I'm, I'm ready to go through that. Damn, I love it. I understand the emotions. I can't. I can't criticize anybody for digging deep needing to talk to somebody calling into the river blind. Always appreciate it and love all of that spice. I suppose let's start with what you were just discussing before we went to the reverse, and that's that Ohio State Penn State game, and it really marries nicely with you talking about perhaps questionable decisions of your own in your drinking life and finishing out the Penn State offense of run for the win with a perhaps questionable decision are awfully virtual opinion. You may. Okay. So my initial response to that play call was the same as everybody else. That's the best thing he'd come up with every two timeouts. But I thought about what the second half it looked like offense for Penn State and you know what? I don't necessarily disagree with the call because that just straight read option had worked, especially with trace McSorley keeping. And I saw a lot of people on Twitter saying, oh, you gotta have trace McSorley with the ball in his hands. Guys is read option. He has the option to keep the ball. He chose to let. The back, take it, which if you watch the play, it was the right choice. Ohio State defended perfect. They had not defended it perfectly all night. So again, I don't have as big of a problem because if they run that play ten times, five of them trace McSorley squirts out of there and gained fifteen yards. But they had the quarterback keep played perfectly Penn State just in block it very well. Yes. So if you didn't see the play, I imagine by now you probably have what Penn State driving to win. The game has a big fourth and five after uneven game by both teams offensively both going through spurts of success and slowing down on offense, but Penn State moving the ball on that huge, fourth and five after a couple of timeouts to sort of see what state is showing they decide to give the ball are traits McSorley gives the ball to mile Sanders in spot. And you know after four quarters of really the running game being entirely trace McSorley he runs for one hundred seventy five yards. And if you go back and watch the play and this is to Andy's point. What state is showing and what Penn State players and coaches talked about after the game is the fact that one this play has worked in the past with what good teams have shown like what, how state showed Ohio State did a great job looping around to cover that crease last second before the snap so well, and and I don't think that was a case of they knew that was coming right think that was that's Greg Xianglin shoe. That was glad I had that call in because I didn't know what was going to happen, but they had chase young doing a stunt, and it just so happened that the right guard didn't pick him up and he's right there to blow up that play. Because honestly, if if he's not doing that stunt, if they're just coming straight ahead that play probably gets blocked and Sanders has a really good chance of getting that I down. Yes. And it's also a spot in which if you give it to trace McSorley, yes, you have the opportunity to have him make a play with his arm or his leg. Eggs. But fourth and five is a dicey position, and you know, they had it against Appalachia state, and there was a deal where they had some soft coverage. Ohio State was playing soft wonder Seaver. Then pressing up on the other guys. The Appalachian state play McSorley recognize where the soft part of the coverages and it was, I'm blanking on his name, but the guy, the guy who played high school ball with McSorley, right? So they don't even need to talk. They just kind of look at each other and he knows the settle down soft spot and but that was a fourth in three. This was a fourth and five. So again, I'm not gonna kill the play call on that. If we wanna talk about Bobby Patrizia throwing the ball up three with ninety seconds left. That's a different story, but I'm not killing this Blake on particular because again, if they hadn't had the stun on, if whoever and I forget which Ohio State defender broke through and was, was there right on top McSorley because he's the one. Who made that play? Right? Even more than chase young did because if McSorley can keep than it's it's over. He's out the back door and he's going to get the first down and probably a lot more. So I just think that was a couple of good individual efforts by Ohio State and not the worst play call in the world. Sorry. No. And also we should, you know, big picture games don't come down to one single play, and if Penn State makes three open field tackles in later on in the game were probably not having this conversation at all. And also, if if that spot is. Is not done the way it's done right on the one Ohio State touchdown drive. Correct because it sure looked like he didn't make it, and I'm a person who thinks JT made it in the Michigan game. He got over that line and the Michigan game, right. It didn't look like he got over. The didn't look like they, they got that first down in this particular didn't fully. I wasn't confident in that spot either. But big picture trace McSorley was incredible doing just about everything for Penn State. Chase Yang was maybe even better with what he was tasked with doing for Ohio State on defense in Nick boasts stead. Just interrupting everything that that knocked down. I forget it was third or fourth down. Oh, was touchdown? Yes. Did you see the replay of urban Meyer watching it because he seeing the receiver or the it was the back slipping out into the into the flat. He's seeing that happen and going. Oh, no. Oh, no, they've got us. They've got us. Yes. And then chase young jumps up in bats. PAT's doubt and admires like shoe, whoa, close to see him both recognize in the moment and make the play is that's next level. That's your difference between a five star and four star essentially. Well, and chase. Young, I think is one of those people that draft picks are looking at is top five type pick in the in the two thousand twenty draft right? Clear why the f. lettuces and the awareness, the motor, everything appears to be there, and we can talk about Penn State Ohio State for a long, long time. But the fact of the matter is Ohio State adjusted really well and offense going to screens. Penn State made some enormous plays and got some enormous stops. And the game did come down to that final drive because of a number of factors. But Elias state going into Happy Valley into that environment with a quarterback who has never ever gone into a difficult road spot. And even though Dwayne Haskins did not have anywhere near his best game. Impressive win for Ohio. A really great second-half Ryan day. Yes, because yes, they evaluated what wasn't working and they fixed it. They realized, okay, we've got a quarterback who's getting rattled who is struggling to complete, passes down the field. So let's get him some stuff. He he can build some confidence, easy completions to really good athletes in space, and they're gonna make stuff happen. And that's what they so they stopped trying to to hit home runs, and they started taking singles and doubles. Yep. And all of a sudden they're moving the ball down the field and their tempo started killing Penn State. So very good job. I Ryan day recognizing that and putting his quarterback in a position to succeed. Yeah, singles with errors turned into triples, and that's what happened for Ohio State. So incredible win for Ohio State and. Penn State? I think we think a lot of looks like they could be in for a little bit of a letdown, but if trace McSorley is performing the way he did, they should be fine. Let's go to another quarterback who I don't know if anybody was really expecting to be what he is at the moment. Ian book comes more than just through. He is legitimately good against a good Stanford team spreading the ball around. Notre Dame is very good on the ground. Stanford offensively the ability to just throw the ball to these giant pass catchers and hope for the best didn't work enough. Bryce love had one run, and that was essentially it for Stanford on the ground. The Stanford offense is just it's not where it's been these past few years and the credit there has to go to what Notre Dame was able to do on defense. Yeah, and I think the world is learning about Jerry Tillery. That guy's incredible. He was really good last year too, but it's just, it was interesting. I remember last year when I went to two. Preview. I went to Athens the Monday before Georgia went to Notre Dame, and I remember one of the Georgia coaches telling me he said he said, it's amazing because we looked at all their film in the off season, and then we looked at the film of their first game. None of the same defensive lineman or playing like a whole bunch of guys had just beaten guys out at Notre Dame, right? And this generation of Notre Dame front. Seven guys is really good, and they sort of found their way last year and now they are at the strength of that team, yes. And on all three levels, whatever it is, if it's drew tranquil in the linebacking core, that secondary did a very good job. All things considered against the Stanford receiving core. And in book just made plays. He looked comfortable. He looked prepared. He looked confident, especially in the red zone. Dexter Williams comes out, comes back on his first carry takes to the house touchtone ridiculous and again, looping back. Good for Jerry Tillery for. Being known for making big plays instead of stopping USC players, which is yes. Prior to this year, probably the land wedding we knew him for. Yeah. Well, the and book thing's amazing because it it is. It kind of goes back to the conversation. We were having about Dwayne Haskins in the second half. Sometimes just staying on schedule is the most important thing. Oh, my gosh. Yes. And Notre Dame stays on schedule with the in book. Now Brandon wimbush can give you some amazing things, but then you also have negative plays in completions book. Just keeps them going, keeps the trains moving on time and sometimes that that's all you need when you have a really good defense and you have good good receivers, a good tight end and backs that can carry the ball. You don't need somebody to be superman. No need somebody to keep the thing moving. And that's certainly what he does. Does and look. The Notre Dame thing is fascinating to me because they're scheduled before the season. We were like, wow, it's rugged. Yeah. Now it doesn't look so daunting. This trip to Blacksburg this week. Maybe the best chance anybody has to beat them the rest of the year. Yeah. With how USC look last night. With, I mean, wake didn't do themselves. I mean, they already beat wake, but pit is Florida. State doesn't look. Good Syracuse does look pretty good. That's. Yeah, yeah. So I just, yeah, Notre Dame be wearing hideous uniforms and probably should lose just for wearing those uniforms. Correct. That said they'll probably win that game. I would've so, yeah. So this is interesting because in two thousand fifteen, we talked about Notre Dame's potential playoff contender. Last year. We talked about it up until the Miami game. I think they're going to be one. We're talking about into the last week of the season into the game. If they go twelve, obviously there in eleven and one is going to be a massive debate, but I keep waiting for this because you know, I always talk about the first year that to teams get in. That's when that's when these conferences really gonna start having discussions about what? Why did we start a system that there's five of us and four spots? The first time Notre Dame gets in, they're going to go nuts. And I, I would especially love if the first time Notre Dame got in a league teams and at the same time. And I, I think the SEC in the big ten both have that capability this year. So that would be my. Is just perfect chaos. Storm is Notre Dame gets in two big ten or two teams get in just watch those people freak out. If yeah, if Notre Dame goes even they're eleven and one, if they're twelve and older and if they're eleven and one that will include a Michigan win, like relatively comfortable, Michigan win, very comfortable. Stanford win, probably comfortable, Virginia Tech and USC winds on the road. It's hard for probably either a pack, twelve or big twelve champion at this point to compare. So somebody goes through the big, twelve undefeated I think I think that will be respected. Yes, this year because I feel like they got some pretty good teams this year. You look at tex- Texas looks like a legitimate team. Now, Oklahoma is is what it's always been and West. Virginia looks very good. So it does feel like there's there's a little more quality in the big twelve right now. In conclusion in book, sometimes the best ability. Is dependability pillow. Can I put that on a pill? Stitch it on a pillow. Actually, it's a that is a success. Sary's poster was it's got the ball legal flying over a river. Sometimes the best ability is depend too. Yeah, that's paraphrasing our pal Bengal also at sl saying sometimes the best ability is availability. That's my version of it. That's. That's actually my my mantra. That's my professional mantra. Yeah. I mean, it's all paraphrasing the John wooded ninety percent of life is showing up, but it's true. It was very it staying on schedule. Let's move to another quarterback situation that is not nearly as happy right now, but I think long term will be Trevor. Lawrence takes shot against Syracuse in the first half Clemson, not looking particularly good with Trevor Lawrence in there. Just looking sort of sluggish on offense and Syracuse move the ball pretty well. Got a couple of turnovers in there for the Tigers Trevor Lawrence leaves chase, Bryce comes in an unproven not necessarily heralded quarterback Syracuse though with the lead for most of this game, ultimately gives way to Clemson and Travis ATN onto Renfro makes a couple of big plays Clemson survives after a pretty tumultuous week where the Kelly Bryant, I believe he will still be transferring from Clemson. Yeah, I don't think he was going to. It's funny because everybody at halftime. Can they call Kelly? I had a had actual college college football people who work in college football going, you know, they can't do that right. Yes, to be on the dress roster that like, oh, well, you're killing it because I wanted to WWE insurance back God. That's Kelly Bryant music? No, out a motorcycle on a parish. Yeah, exactly. So Daboh and Nick Sabin figured out something that I think probably some of the other top shelf top echelon coaches need to need to kind of figure out is you need that three star quarterback that you sign with the five star guys because he's not going to transfer. He's going in there thinking, I'm not considered as good as these guys. So if I don't win starting job right away, that's fine because that's the way it was supposed to be. That's chased. Bryce. Also Mack Jones in Alabama, had Jalen hurts decided to do something, then he would have been the backup to talk of law. Yep. And you notice Jones got in yesterday through ninety four yard touchdown did, but. But that's the thing that that Daboh Nick Sabin got right that you know, look at some of these other coaches. They haven't quite figured out. Just try to get, you know, the four and five stars, and then they all leave. And then you've got nothing. Well. Chase Bryce was was very important yesterday because magic, imagine if they'd only had four stars because all the four and five stars have left other than Trevor Lawrence, they lost what four. In the past six, eight months, Kelly, Bryant was that three star, but once he became the starter for a year you can. You can kind of Atta star to right, but but yeah, you gotta have that guy who isn't expecting to be the starter you're in book for example. Exactly. Exactly. Ian book was a guy that Notre Dame came in on kind of late and you know, he just they, they're willing to wait it out and they're not afraid of competition because why would they sign their if they were, you know, they may be signing there for other reasons or they may have this belief in themselves that they are better than people think they are. And here's this chance to prove it and chase Bryce on fourth and six yesterday he proved it that. Was unbe an unbelievable throat. Because if you think about the situation that they were in Syracuse shows that they're bringing six on that play. So if you're a redshirt freshman playing in your first real action, you know he'd gotten into mop up duty, but first real teeth of the game action. Fourth down your team will lose your national title hopes may go down the toilet. If you don't make this play and looks like they're bringing six. And then all of a sudden they only bring three and they drop eight. Typically, a young quarterback will throw it interception in that situation. He looked off the safety and dropped it right in the bucket perfectly. That was a veteran play by guy who wasn't supposed to be playing and as one of those things why that's why we watch to see stuff like that. 'cause 'cause that was pretty amazing. And you have you just have to feel. Good for the kid because here's a guy who was not one of those five star guys was not. I'm going to be the, he signed with Clemson because he wanted to go play for a really good team. Any new there was a chance he may never get in even if only how life works. Even if state Penn State doesn't come down to a specific moment. You knew watching this game of eventually chase, Bryce is going to have to make a play with his arm that she was going to force him to make a big throw at a big moment. So there was that that feeling leading up to whenever that was going to happen, if Clemson has a chance they need to complete a significant pass. Yeah. Now, here's my my issue with Clemson period. Forget who's playing quarterback. The rest of the roster should be so good that they should be dominating most of the teams other schedule, right? And it concerns me that they can't seem to always do that like. As good as they've been over the years, they've never evolved into the killing machine in Alabama's. It is. It's something that you would have figured at this point with as many top three classes with it being the best school to develop receivers, they've developed pretty good running. Backs. The line has rate de Lima. Great, great. D. lineman that you'd figure that eventually they'd force enough three and outs and essentially do it. Ohio State did in the second half last night. Just just give it to t Hagans just give it to Martavis Bryant. Just give it to whoever and let them make a play, but you get those firm in games. You get the Syracuse games. You get do enough to win, but not enough to separate which it can't be all that exciting, but the fan base has national championship, but still it has to be frustrating. Oh, yeah. And the thing is you love the national championship, but they are a team that talent wise. They're one of the few that can actually compete with Alabama. Yes. So you wanna see that you want to see them do that. And. Here's the other thing with Clemson that is no fault of their own, but something they must deal with the ACC is is not good this year, and so they may have to go undefeated. They may not. They may not be able to afford to have that weird random loss that they seem to have. And so they just may have to keep keep winning these things and they should be able to buzzsaw some of these teams and they're not always doing that, like, Alabama, it's going to be shocking if somebody's within two touchdowns in them, Clemson. I'm not shocked if anybody other scheduled plays minutae game. Yeah, they have NC state and a couple of weeks at home. They go to BC which looks to have more life than usual, especially on offense. South Carolina looks like the ultimate South Carolina team this year. They're aggressively above average, if that's and Florida state's on the road, and Florida state showed some life yesterday in the second half. Thanks to Louisville. I don't think they're going to get that life treat over that one. Yes. Short of that NC state game. There's no team on this schedule, especially after how Duke looked against Virginia Tech yesterday that should be able from talent and coaching combination perspective to hang with Clemson, I don't think, but it depends on Trevor. Lawrence has health though as well. I think so. And look, they can. They can work this with chase Bryce. Now they got to be careful. I noticed that they were running chase, Bryce, plenty yesterday. So it may be that it's a certain point they have to be one hundred running the triple option because that's their. That's their next option right now. But. How would it be though? If let's say Lawrence isn't back yet, Bryce get sting up for a game and Tra and Renfro has to come in and win the game at quarterback on believable. I think that would be probably the most fitting thing that could happen his senior year. Yeah, it's the ultimate Daboh story to the guy who's been for ten thousand years. All right. We've spent a lot of time talking about three games when they were like fifty quickly, West Virginia, Texas Tech dot super out of hand. And then Texas Tech's defense fully shutdown west Virginia's offense in the second half. But it wasn't quite enough because starting quarterback Alan Bowman gets hurt. Jet Duffy is a complete wildcard as you'd expect from somebody jet Duffy. And I just I wanna see jet Duffy running that offense except they include more like just half of it is read option, yes, in half of it as air raid like that. That's all I wanna see. The read, write. I want them to run Oklahoma's offense is what I want with jet Duffy. Yeah, come here for that. They're very few coaches that could probably shift to something like that on the fly. I feel like cliff Kingsbury probably could. Yeah, I think so too. So I'm here for that if they want to do it. Yes, West Virginia is aggressively all over the place. The only points they score in the second half as Texas Tech. Climbs back into this game was a pick six to sort of seal things. They have an amazing first quarter and then are ultimately very ordinary on both sides of the ball after that is that is that cause for concern with the West Virginia team who has pretty high upside because of Wilbur, I don't think it's caused concern. I, I still think they're learning how to have a win like this. They've never really been in this position before, so now they're going to get a month kind of work the kinks out before the November from hell starts. Yes and it is. It is awful, like their November is brutal, so they need to. To win all these games and win them big because stay healthy role and then get an ember. And that's when you kind of figure out what you are because you're going to need to go probably three and one in November. If you wanna play for the big twelve title. So that is the schedule. It's as bad as the end of it is they now have a chance to whatever issues they've found in the first month should be able to work them out these next few weeks. The other games between ranked teams were Oregon Cal, and I can tell you that there are more positive to take away from this Oregon win over Cal tame with, I think a pretty good defense, but there are still some concern, some sloppiness and playcalling concerns on offense and second-half organ wins the turnover battle five to one and the offense scores twenty eight. And this is a game late, winning the turnover, battle five to one. And I think a lot of that goes to Cal for calling a good game without really a passing quarterback, but or. Going good position just basically because they bounce back and get into the by week after that Stanford loss with with more positively than not listen. I don't think Oregon should be worried about anything. Okay. I realized they're frustrated about the way the Sanford game ended, and they should be a horrible way to lose a game, but they are in really good position because they're kind of a year early. And I realize the issue now is Herbert gonna stay or go because of all the guys who look like first round quarterbacks next year, he has the most incentive to actually stay another year. So it would be nice if he for them if he would because I think they'll be ready for all this next year. But if this is gonna be the last year they get with him, they can still make the most of it because they got an open date this week if they go to Washington and win or gene. I'm sorry. Yeah, they Washington awesome if they beat Washington, Washington, beats, Stanford. Sure. So you can get into that. Three way tie deal. And then then it just comes down how you play against everybody else. I think they should feel pretty good about that. Yeah, absolutely. Herbert was dropping dimes the defense from where they were a couple years ago. It's hard to be unhappy with much. They're turning Cal over like they did. The offensive line looks totally new and rebuilt s-. And you mentioned Washington, that was the other game between ranked teams. They just completely destroyed BYU their opportunistic with turnovers. Jake Browning looks officiant and accurate like we expected him to at the beginning of the year, and this defense is so by and far clear best defense. Essentially, I guess west of the SEC that it's not really worth delving too far into their just that excellent. They are, but I do wonder how they're going to look when they play organ. I don't think they've seen anything goes organ. Including Auburn in that, you know, you look at Auburn. What they've been since that Washington game. They got some problems ofensive -ly. So I'm not sure Washington has been tested like the way they're going to be tested when they play organ indirectly doesn't reflect super well on Wisconsin. I guess last night with BYU BYU it certainly doesn't was not. I mean, just as soon as they had a little momentum, they would turn the ball over. They gave Washington short fields. They played like a totally overmatched team that they're probably something like a seven and five team that just had a had a very nice day against Wisconsin can't take that away from them. LSU demolishes ole miss. I don't know much about what to take away from this game beyond ole miss defense, still terrible and LSU did what we believe a good team should do against this whole misty ole miss is defense is the best confidence boost for an offense that needs one. Yes, when they are medicine for for an offense that just needs a little bit of confidence. And that's what. LSU needs going into this meat, grinder. They're about to go into because there at Florida, Georgia comes to see them and then although Mississippi State hasn't looked good, that's not the team. You wanna see on the back end of at Florida and Georgia? No. They are. They needed this and they're gonna go play Florida team in Gainesville that Florida is going to be a lot more confident after these last two wins and should be. Florida's defenses looked really good. The last two weeks and LSU's offense is going to be tested and they're going to have to. They're going to have to perform because while I don't think Florida's going to score a ton of points, they're not gonna give up very many either. So Joe boroughs going to need to be opportunistic and crazy legs. Borough is almost one hundred yards on the ground. I, I think I think they have a pretty good offense. They tend to be very conservative will see with their offense of lying. Can they can they? Because I think what what will happen against Florida is they'll just kind of push on each other and push on each other. And eventually somebody's gonna break through. It'd be very similar to that Mississippi State Kentucky game a couple of weeks ago where for a half, it was just back. Fourth back for push push, push, push push, and then eventually the dam breaks. And I think the dam will break on on LSU will be the one doing the breaking, but it's gonna take a while and they they can't make mistakes in the meantime, because as for showed against Tennessee, it can capitalize on your on your mistakes. Yes, or it can keep teams close when you keep making your own mistakes as Arte and Mississippi State sort of exactly. Florida does a decent enough job on offense, but not scoring flea bay. Franks was finally hit some receivers with some some nice looks and rhythm, but that's about all the positive you can take away. They get the one touchdown on a double pass, Mississippi State taking three giant steps back from where we thought they were going to be after that Kansas state win and Florida doing really I learned more about frozen custard by the way leading up to this game than I ever thought I would. And by Dan Mullins order heroes elder. Yes, Dan, Mullins order pretty good all things considered with all the options on the table at bops and starkville pretty good order. Can I offer another potentially controversial opinion? I'm ready. Nick FitzGerald may not be very good passer. Oh, I think that's. I think that's like SEC cannon point. This point. To the point where maybe Kitone Thompsons the better option. Yeah, Mississippi state's offense. Look severely limited and maybe that's more credit to what Dan Mullen was able to extract from him because he because he knows what Mullin was able to expect. Here's the thing Moorhead is good with, you know, has been good with multiple quarterbacks. I realize nobody knows what he did it for them, but he did. He was really good with quarterbacks at Fordham you, but I'm just surprised because I figured he would just because Fitzgerald's running Bill obviously his his strong suit, and you're supposed to be so afraid of what he's gonna do running the ball that you leave receivers running wide open, right? And it just hasn't happened that way. And I wonder kion Thompson had the entire spring because Cheryl was recovering from the injury. Perhaps the offense might run better with the guy who actually knows it a little better because he's had more time in it. I don't know. I figured we would see more of what Mississippi State looked like last year against LSU that they were less talented than a lot of the teams. Lot of the better teams that they were going to face, but there were going to be those opportunities for Nick FitzGerald to pop a couple of our hero passes deep. Here's the thing about that that Mississippi State LSU game, which is truly a lot of what we base, what we think about misbehaving on. Yeah, and keeping a close against Alabama LSU in that game, if you were, I had been there. They would have put us in on the decline. Yeah, that's out. Then they were dealing that game. Arden key. Just come back. He was way overweight out of shape they, they, they were going to get destroyed that game. And we're basing a lot of what we think about Mississippi State on that game. And you're right the game. They played in Alabama. Close. That was the one where Alabama had been at the game. We played linebacker for alabam. Correct? Yeah, that's working in like Dylan, Moses true freshman, yes, correct. So I mean that that's. Unfortunately, we may have picked the wrong sample size. There is there are games like last year's game against Georgia for Mississippi State that you saw them against an elite team that was at the height of its power, and it didn't go so well. So maybe we just overestimated what they are. Let's let's keep underestimating Kentucky though, because, oh, the pick and against Kentucky. They are the clear number two team in the SEC east. The schedule shapes up after beating South Carolina, which I would still consider to be a pretty major hurdle in the SEC four team like Kentucky, looking to continue making a leap Kentucky slows down in the second half, but that's not scoring is not well how Kentucky wins, what are Kentucky's losses the rest of the year. So they have. They have three lose -able games is Georgia, maybe Missouri, right? And well, if TEC say, looks like they did yesterday probably not saying, but that games on the road Kyle field. Tough place ago. So I think worst case scenario we're talking nine in three, yes, which was an increase case scenario. We're talking eleven and one medium case scenario. We're talking ten and two. You know what that means. That means a full peachable. Oh my gosh. Gary stoke at the peaceful is doing cartwheels right now because that stadium we sold out and solid blue. I can also see an extension for Mark stoops that is regretted in like four hundred forty six days. Yes, exactly. Exactly. But they're going to have to 'cause he's going to be. He's going to be one of the hot names. Yeah, absolutely. It really isn't credible. Benny smell. I mean by his standards doesn't have an enormous game, but Kentucky does enough defensively, they completely shut down South Carolina and especially up front, Josh Allen is an all SEC defensive player factor. Now. I think he's defense is the one is not getting the credit because you know, we love Benny Snell because he photo shops, trash talk, right? He's just a joy to watch and we love their offensive line. They have a guy named punchy guy named bungee and then Terry Wilson's fun to watch, but their defense. I mean, that's what shut down Florida. That's what shut down. State and that's down South Carolina. They weren't playing now South Carolina. They did. They scored twenty four points in the first half the Mississippi State. They needed that defense to keep him in them in the game. So I just, you know, I'm so impressed by how far this team is come. And again, we look down that schedule where losses and the way they're constructed. If there's a team in the east that can even challenge Georgia, they're it because they, they don't mind going toe to toe with you. They don't mind playing a very tough game in the trenches that does not bother them. So that actually could be a fun game winning without good quarterback play is one of those secret sauces where, oh, your quarterback has a bad game, doesn't matter. We're used to winning without meeting that. So there's something special about that. Georgia eventually runs away from Tennessee, though. I think there if we're going to complement Tennessee going through a pretty rough stretch right now, upfront against Georgia's run game. I thought there was a good amount of energy and buying and they forced Jake from to beat them yet. Tennessee was not as bad as we saw in the Florida game, which you know. Of course, they weren't going to be. You can't be as bad as six turnovers. So I think maybe it's not as dire, although the them getting called for the same illegal formation on a punt three times was truly magical. Yes, truly magical. They show there. Like the last one Gary says, like, maybe they got it wrong, and they show the replays. They had five guys in the backfield. I do wonder. Where where that's headed, but I'm glad to see that they were not as bad as it gets Florida. And so maybe it's not an eight season the SEC upcoming? Yes, I think that's a fair question. At least Texan does not look very good against what looks to be. Probably the worst SEC west team in Arkansas. On a neutral sites. The game is probably going to be best remembered for JIMBO Fisher grabbing and shoving a face mask at the end of the game, which seemed excessive. I mean that that stuff doesn't fly anymore. No, and a bunch of players are tweeting out that like, come on, what are you doing? This does well, and here's my thing. You can yell at somebody all you want. Keep your hands off. Yeah, because once you put your hands on them, they have permission to put their hands on you and JIMBO Fisher's going to do that to the wrong guy and find out he's really small. Yes, it's true, but I guess good for say an for winning when not looking all that good. Arkansas does a good job against kellyn Monde. Auburn is putting Albert his foreign one with a, we know that there's a facade of a good team. We have no idea what's holding up this foreign one after they struggle again on offense against southern miss. So they were shuffling their offense of line. Again, they had some injuries on the offense of line again. And here's the thing they're play Mississippi State and it's two teams that are not what they hope to be. But the thing is if Auburn can get through the hat, they're still five in one wrecked. They're still in better shape than than you'd think. And all that other stuff can maybe get worked out as guys get healthy. But I don't know. I mean, eventually Mississippi state's got a breakthrough to, and this is a game where Auburn with think will struggle to run the ball because of Mississippi state's front. I southern miss held Auburn to like two point seven yards a carry. So logically you'd think Mississippi State will be able to do at least that and if you, if that's the case in Jarrett's cinema better, have a great game. Yeah, and they're really starting to feel not having those two receivers. I think they were counting on who look like they're going to be red shirty now, even with some conversation about them coming back from eight year. All right quickly. Before we go on today's episode is presented by audible originals which are exclusive audio titles created by, let's say, celebrated storytellers from worlds as diverse as you know. Feeder, journalism, literature, food, whatever. There's a ton every month. Audible members get one credit for any audio book plus to audible originals from a changing selection all the time. You just can't get anywhere else. And you also get access to audio fitness and health workouts created exclusively for audible come on, get jacked, get yoked, getting great shape. Audible has the largest selection of audio books on the planet which will let you fill your affiliate fall with more stories. Like I actually listened to hit makers which was great by Derek Thompson. 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Yeah, that's the two and a half quarters thing because then you force the defense to be on the field a ton. Yeah. And that's and that's the difference between this Alabama team and other Alabama teams in the past, you weren't having to keep up on the scoreboard. If you're if you're like in the ten, nothing game a couple years ago, you know l. issues defense is playing playing. It's heart out and offenses during the game still within reach. One mistake might turn the thing. This. Time Alabama's gonna be up two touchdowns and that mistake doesn't mean as much gonna learn a whole lot about this LSU offense when that game happens. And the good thing is, I guess they both have a by. So LSU will have no preparation excuse 'cause they should be ready to go, no. And then they're going to be pretty banged up after this stretch, but they will. They will get the by. So. All right. Let's go to the big ten as we spent a lot of time on the these ranked games, Michigan needs every second to crawl and scratch back to beat northwestern on the road, which is both telling the old adage of like, how good is your bad because Michigan's offense was not great against northwestern, but also Michigan with this defense should be better than average teams by fourteen to twenty two points. Yes. And I would say that shape Patterson is probably the reason they pull that out because there were some place he made with his legs just kept kept the chains moving where Dr. Stop before. So that's good. Unfortunately, when they play Penn State and when they play state and maybe when they play Michigan state, those aren't first downs you saw trace McSorley. There was a play where what's the the linebacker who used to be a safety for Ohio State runs him down from behind, right, okay, shape. Patterson gets tackled that situation too. If you can do that to trace McSorley do that shape Patterson. So they've got to figure out a way to to put teams away like that because if they can't, they're not going to be dealing. They're not going to be in the game with a Penn State or with an Ohio State. Michigan. Michigan has an eleven in one defense with eight and four offense. Yeah, because you're okay. Koran Higdon is not having that game against their better opponent. No, and that's been their problem is they'll have those games where they run the ball against inferior opponents and everything looks okay. And then they get, you know, get to a good team and they. Cannot run the ball and everything else breaks down. So I hope you know, maybe maybe they build on this game though, in terms of blocking playcalling and everything and figure out a way to run against those teams. That's the part I worry about because when they needed to run a lot of the running, they got was shape Patterson scrambling around that won't work against Ohio State because they're too fast. So I worry about Michigan I was. I was sort of on the in the mode of they're fine. They just lost a really good Notre Dame team. It's going to be okay. And then in that game yesterday, kind of put me back in the mode of, I just don't know if their offensive -ly on the level of the better teams in the big ten. Are you familiar with escape rooms? No. Okay. So in a scape room is sort of like a group outing for like corporations and stuff, and you basically are locked in a room with a team of like. Four or five of your friends or co-workers or something like that, and you have to solve a bunch of puzzles to get out of to escape the room in like an hour. And so it's about teamwork and it's about creativity, and it's about focusing and when you solve all the puzzles, you get to leave the room. Sometimes it's like you're trying to detonate a bomb. It's just a fun activity that people do. And I feel like if you put this Michigan staff in an escape room to be creative and solve puzzles in an hour, they would just try to throw equipment through the door. That is where they're at, like the problem solving and creativity is so far behind other teams with this talent level. Probably a good example was you saw Ryan day solve a problem for Ohio State last night? Correct. And, yeah, you didn't really see any problems for Michigan. They just kept doing the same things and. It worked out for them yesterday, not sure it would keep working out down the road elsewhere. Nebraska loses again, there's not much to take away from this game other than it's still going to take a lot of time. Scott frost is getting a little more impatient. It seems and Purdue isn't particularly good. They score forty two on this pretty woeful. Nebraska defense. Yeah. I mean, produce move the ball against everybody. So yeah, you had to expect that was going to happen the, but yeah, I, I don't know what you do if you're Nebraska, is that schedule? I'm not sure there's winnable game until Minnesota on October twentieth. Yeah, and Minnesota's fine. They're fine. And it's not. It's not a, it's not a slam dunk win either. It's no, you're going to fight for it and then you're gonna get killed at Ohio State. You better have Illinois late, I believe, yeah, you better be annoyed, but then so, I mean, this could be like a two win season. Yes. Boston chip Kelly who, obviously. Joined at the hip. They might win a combine to the over unders two and a half combined winds, probably which is pretty crazy. Indiana beats Rutgers which Indiana foreign one goal is bowl eligibility for Indiana, and they look like they're on on pace to do that. Michigan state's that Michigan state Michigan game. I don't know what the over under his. I don't know that somebody's scoring a point and regulation, Michigan state comfortably ahead of central Michigan before the chip was comeback. Late Michigan state, the offense is not there. It's just it's a below average offense and a team. That's that's wasting a very good side of the ball with this Spartan defense. Yeah. And you wonder if it'll click income around or if this is just what it is I'm leaning toward, this is what it is. I think at this point it is what it is. Let's go back to offense because as Mak Brown, Qasem collar, Murray. As a wonderful day, he's cheat code. He is unlike. When things aren't there. He throws something there and it's it's super fun to watch. It's kind of sad. We only get one year of him, but he does make the clear correct decision to go play baseball because the correct life decision is always taking baseball money, fifteen million dollars a year guaranteed to play center field, which is what he'll be making in about five or six years. Is the way to go. Yeah, Baylor for all that it's worth their, improving the clear formula to beat Oklahoma is sort of what if you don't have the talent is to do something along the lines army tried doing Baylor, throws the ball sixty times probably not going to work to score Oklahoma's built to beat big twelve teams. Yes. So if you play like a big twelve team here, you're in trouble. Here's the thing. Texas doesn't play like those teams. That's correct. That's worse, right? But even okay. So over the past five years, when Texas has been the clearly inferior program is still one two of them and then play close the other three. So this game was probably going to be close whether Texas good or not. Just turns out texts might be good, so I don't know what that means necessarily, but I'm excited to watch it because I think I think Texas offense will look a little bit more capable against Oklahoma's defense. And this will be the big. Hist test of Oklahoma's offense so far because no one's actually stopped Oklahoma's offense army kept it off the field, but army's defense didn't stop them when they had the ball. They prevented big place. I think that's what it is when Oklahoma does have the ball, make them earn it downfield. Yeah, and I think that's what Texas will do. I mean, the question is, can Texas make Kyla Murray make mistakes because we haven't seen a make many mistakes yet. Correct. So Texas themselves on offense, mistakes against Kansas state, big shut out in the second half, but they they step up and prevent probably a very Texas loss from happening to Kansas state as the Wildcats comeback and make it a game late. But Texas still a little bit sloppy and places seminar makes a Cup, Sam etlinger, excuse me, makes a couple of big enough throws, but this was a relatively flat day for Texas. But you know, when you win and you're relatively flat ahead of a huge rivalry game, it's not the worst thing. Well, that I think that is the sign. Of progress is that? Yes, absolutely. Been a loss for Texas before they get to come away with a win, so they are. They are making progress. I'm not going to say Texas back and even if they beat Oklahoma and probably gonna say Texas back, but they are looking like a team that could compete in the big twelve, which is not something I would have said about any of the Texas teams of the past three or four years. I believe twelve, no ten offense of points because they have a a punt return touchdown and safety. So ten offense points against Kansas state. I'm not going to sound the alarm, but gonna need more than ten again. So you that. And I think they're going to get more than ten so you? Yes, I would assume so. I think they will be prepared. Tom Herman has shown himself to be at the very least a good big game coach and be last week who hate TCU is now on a one game winning streak against wha state. They pull this game out. Late TCU is probab-. Ably pretty good, but not where they've been these past three or four years. Right. And you saw Ohio state's offense like them up, but that is going to do that a lot of people. Yep. The Texas thing was interesting to me though, because the way Texas beat them was not what you've expected from Texas and no yesterday TCU was state looked like what game Gary Patterson would enjoy. You know, seventeen thirteen. So maybe the defenses. Okay. The defense is fine. I just I don't. I don't know that Sean Robinson is confident downfield even with, you know, he's got to good running backs. He's got three good receivers this, this felt like it would have been thirty one fourteen game with Trevan boykin. Oh, it definitely would've definitely would've so, but Robinson's a first year starting quarterback. Yeah, and we'll see. I mean, you know, in in a bad position because they've already lost Texas. They still to play Oklahoma. They just this might not be there year where they're competitive in the big twelve. All right. Let's go out west Friday night Colorado. Even though it's close at halftime runs away from UCLA. Stephen Montanez looks like he's one of the best three or four quarterbacks in the conference if not higher. And they have maybe one of the best five or six receivers in the country and LA, viscous Chenault heart, tell with who Colorado has played this far Nebraska and UCLA probably not the best measuring sticks. Yeah. We were talking about this on the radio last week and we had Mike MacIntyre on, and he said, he's like, we don't really know what we are yet because we just we have not had that that kind of test yet. And I think the problem is they still haven't crime. UCLA is not good. UCLA is going to be bad all year, and she's not going to tell you very much, but the good news for Colorado is the test do begin soon. So you get a visit from her this week and you know that that will test that offense because I think I think Zona say, defensively, they got some dudes. I love Renault Ren in the middle of that defense. He can blow up some stuff and makes makes you running game very difficult to to operate with him around. And then obviously Colorado's defense, we'll have to deal in the kill. Harry, the Nikial. Harry Lewis cushion matchup that now playing on the field of same time. But that's two of the best receivers in the country going at it. The Pac twelve has right now they've developed between JJ Sega, Whiteside, viscous Chenault, mceal Harry, Aaron. Fuller at Washington has been a quiet revelation and Dylan Mitchell at Oregon. They're putting together a nice class of receivers, this absolutely in guessing guys throwing the ball to. Yes. That makes a big difference like Montanez and Manny Wilkins. We weren't talking about as being great quarterbacks come into the season, but they get the job done. Yes, they are above average quarterbacks, which is not always coming in college football, let's stay live in Gainesville, Florida. Did I mention you did mention that? So UCLA right now, there were no real expectations going into season, but they sit enforce Cincinnati is better than we thought they'd be. They've played good to decent team, so it's not fully say UCLA is blowing it against bad teams. They have the Arizona schools Arizona's worse than Arizona state's. Utah's offense is still not all that good, but they have really good defense UCLA wears. The wind is now becoming a question, and I don't know where it is. May maybe it's Zona. But. Well, listen, USC will play down to you. That's like, that's true. That's true. But I mean, I can't see them beating organ not can't see them beating Utah. Cal looks like the type of team now, Justin Wilcox is like Mr. maddening, consistency. So even though they don't have the quarterback, they want right now for for what they'd like to do, they're still going to be a consistent, good defensive team that doesn't do per well coached. Yeah, exactly. So I don't like their chances against them either. Obviously, I don't like their chances Washington. Yeah. The Zona game on the twentieth is probably the. The most winnable game there because this could be home, man, this could be ugly. I hadn't looked all the way down the schedule at how bad it could be. But fair point by. By the folks that be nation after they lost Morgan Moriarty wrote about how chips probably gonna have more losses this year than he had in the entirety of his ten years at Oregon head coach chip, Kelly, believe if you look back to the NFL time, he's to eighteen in his last twenty, something crazy like that. So I, I think UCLA will be okay, but as there's nothing that tells me one hundred percent UCLA is going to become a nine win team with him. I just right now I can't say that, but we'll say he's got. He's got to change the culture there. The people forget when he took over at Oregon was like a lot of things going pretty good. Oh, it was white. Yeah. So this is this a little bit different? This is an overhaul. Yes, Washington state, Utah gets very weird at the end, Washington state comes back, pulls it out with a long touchdown, Utah in position to win this game, but keeps shooting themselves in the foot with penalties, and ultimately can't would have been a pretty great win for Utah to go to Washington state, but was who goes to foreign one and Gardner Minhsiu and his moustache are totally good. Yeah, I don't think they're great, but they're pretty good. No, they are pretty good. They probably should've won at USC and it's this is a team I think is probably gonna win it being this team that is formidable in the Pac twelve north that now that three way tie we talked about earlier, let's say organ beats, Washington and Washington beats Stanford Washington state. Maybe the team that breaks three way, tie that sends somebody to the. Championship game because they be somebody that they're not supposed to be. Oh, yeah, or I think Oregon goes to Washington state. I don't know where the other matchups are, but. In the styles, make fights side of things. Washington seems to be the safest here, like I never worry about Washington. The apple Cup does everything they can to try and get this to as a win. And ultimately, Arizona is just Arezzo, can't quite pull it out. Some weird coaching at the end of this game as Arizona decides not to just kick a field goal and give themselves as much time as possible to to tie this game, but is I don't know how to describe this USC team other than their superbeet up and not good in the secondary, and they are crazy, undisciplined and basically seventy three percent of what they should be. I think that's probably pretty accurate. From a roster standpoint, they're fine, but they don't get enough out of the roster, I think seventy three percent of what they should be exactly the way to put it because they just don't. They don't maximize their talent at all. And it shows when they play really well coached teams by the way they're about to play one. Yeah. So that's, that's the part that I 'cause I look at this. I don't know what you US's. They can win most of the rest of the games on their schedule, but they're gonna drop one or two that they're not supposed to just because they're not disciplined enough. This was after the Texas game, the essentially the most ideal schedule for USC maybe outside of having to go to Salt Lake City. But that game is not surrounded by tough games. They miss believe in Washington and Oregon from the north, and they get Notre Dame at home to finish the year. You know, UCLA is always going to be an l. a. obviously, but they get a pretty good Cal team at home. This is it's shaping up to be. I don't know a nine and three team that looks aggressively seven and five, right, right. Well, and here's the thing, let's say they must their way through Pac twelve schedule reality will slap them in the face when Notre Dame shows up. Yep, that that's, that's the one thing you put in the Bank at this point because. Notre Dame and especially if USC is banged up at that point, which they're open date is this week. So it's a finishing kick from here on and how healthy will they be by the time. Notre Dame shows up because remember last year when they played Notre Dame, they were completely depleted and got an eyelid. So Notre Dame maybe playing for playoff berth that point. So I, I'll be, I'll be very interested watch that Colorado game when they come back off their open date because Colorado's a pretty well coached team. We'll see where they're at. Because again, we we've talked about, we don't really know what they are yet. We'll have probably a little better idea the players on state, but it could be that could be a fun one. So outside of AirAsia state just destroying Oregon state Benjamin with, I think three hundred plus yards on the ground which is good. But it's, you know, within the context of Oregon state got to go to look at it like that, but airs state looks pretty good. And that's, I think a lot more than people expected with her. Retire? Yeah, I underestimated Herm quite a bit and I feel bad about that, but the guy knows what he's doing. I mean, he's he's made them as good or better than with Todd Graham and that was the goal. So I think I'm interested to see what what they do from here, because what do you got hired? I was like, you know, the one thing I think he'd be really, really good at just naturally recruiting. Right. So what if they're pretty good now and he's able to bring in some really good players. Thank you really interesting down the road, their schedules about to get dicey. They go to Colorado Stanford after by week they go to USC. They host Utah. They have that UCLA week off, right. Then they go to and then they go to odds. And so we are going to learn a lot more about ASU in the coming four to six. Here's the thing now they were what? Seven and five last year I believe. So, yeah, if they're seven and five again this year, is that okay or not worth paying rid of Todd Graham? I think it depends who the seven are and who the five are. Probably I mean, eighteen anything over that. I think you feel like, oh, yeah, that's a win. Because like I said, I think her greatest natural talent. We may not even gotten a chance to see it because that's the recruiting piece of it. So I think they can get better from here real quick. Today's show is also brought to you by the athlete. We've talked about the ethnic a ton, and I gotta tell you it's for good reason. They just. Do great work. The roster of writers is incredible. The angles they find with college football or incredible. We just talked about the behind the program series where they looked at the different smaller but super integral elements of huge college football programs, their creative, they're consistent. It's clean their no videos. There are no ads popping up, interrupting the experience. It's just they want you to read the content. They wanna make it easy. They've got a great app to filter who you wanna read what you want to read and move on. Doesn't matter the sport they've got you covered. The NBA season is starting. They've got incredible Rosser NBA writers, but nothing compares to the college football staff that they have going on that will just make your enjoyment of the sport heightened. So we have a discount with them to ninety nine a month. It's nothing the dot com slash solid verbal for that forty percent off two ninety nine a month deal. It's not gonna last forever. So if you've been on the fence pas, the show go grab it and move on with your life and appreciate what reading college football content should be. All right. Let's go to the ACC Miami. Thanks to, I believe six, five, six over from North Carolina. I feel bad, but man, North Carolina, like I don't have the music queued up, but like you review their Dr chart and its field goal. Fumble touchdown, touchdown, interception touchdown puns, interception fumble, punt missed field goal. Interception touchdown downs, fumble. It's North Carolina's not trending in a direction. I think they can pull themselves out of, you know what? Good for Miami New starting quarterback, taking advantage of mistakes and in an ACC with no depth, no middle class. And a lot of team swirling around the below average, Mark, Miami being pretty good, might be within the context of the ACC. Excellent. I was just say that that might get them to the ACC champion like it should be able to beat Florida state this week. All. Oh, I think Florida state had a win the kind of wind that helps you. Gain a lot of confidence yesterday. So maybe maybe they see a different Florida state team, but Miami should just be able to to run over them because five, I'm guessing to state still won't be able to block Miami. But yeah, I mean they got, I think I think they have the red bandanna game Boston College thing. Miami has to play that game. So that's gonna be a tough one. They're gonna be fired up at BC for that one. But you know, you look the triple lane stadium in November is probably the coastal championship game right there. Yeah. Okay. That's fine. I mean, just ignore the rest of the rest of the process to get to that point. But yes. Well, that's the thing. I don't know that there is much of rental. I'm saying the rest of the random AC that is going to have to transpire. We'll see if NC state can keep it us up. They have a pretty nice what I would say. We don't fully know what Virginia is, but Virginia's been playing decent ball. NC state wins that by a couple touchdowns wake and Greg door ch- he's there, highlight they score. Fifty six against rice. I think you're right about Florida state and confidence. Andre Francois looked like he finally got into a rhythm. Granted, you can get into a rhythm against this Louisville defense, right? And that's the thing this win like that game should have been close right as bad as Lula's that Florida state needed that to get out of it is pretty depressing for Florida state, but they still had the amazing comeback from, I think in ninety eight point, nine percent win probability for Louisville with ninety seconds to go. Maybe that springboards them into something I don't know because they're still talent on Florida state's team. The problem is they're still so to pleaded on the office of line that it almost doesn't matter what skill position talent they have ceiling, his solo because of that line, it just is a reality Boston College in the Steve adagio bowl wins by ten eighty points between Boston College and temple would have seemed very strange to say that three and a half years ago just like drew it up. Just like we ju- it up for genius tech with backup. Bryan Willis actually does a very good job against a Duke team that has been strong on defense. Daniel Jones comes back, but it doesn't make a huge difference for Geotech tech winning by seventeen and maybe just that moment to get refocused. Yeah, and it was one of those. They could have gone one of two directions after that ODU loss, and they chose to go the positive direction. And I think that's good for them because you know going into this week, they are probably the the last best hope of anybody beating Notre Dame. And if they play the way they did last night, they they can beat Notre Dame. Yeah, potentially a letdown spot for Notre Dame after an impressive Sanford win. Pit is not good, and it is strange to say that they're especially not good on defense, and I know that they've played UCF and Penn State. Two of the probably best eleven offenses in the country, but they are the worst right now. ACC defense and sort of surprising given patent art. I know this is his, I wanna say, fourth year he's had time to recruit and build his system. It's not there. It's not working and when you lose North Carolina and that's a big red flag and then UCF could've named score. So I, I don't know what happens to pit going forward. Now, there's probably one more just wait. They won that game in there because they seem to have one of those every year. But this is not. This is not what they signed up for more importantly and more relevant. UCF is once again, slaughtering teams and they have one of the best. I don't know six or seven quarterbacks in the country and McKenzie. Milton and Memphis looks worse after yesterday. Shout out to lane good for the green wave and Willie Fritz, but they go to USF Cincinnati appears to be improved, especially on defense. But when you look at where UCF is right now, there's nothing obvious loss wise and you get deeper and deeper into October, November playoff rankings. Start coming out. UCF national champion laugh. Last year, it's harder to ignore UCF this year than it was last year, although getting they will eventually be ignored. Yeah, they haven't played anybody. They have not miss. They weren't gonna play anybody like, what? What? What did he win against North Carolina mean not much, so it's it's sort of on them for not not scheduling anybody better. But you know, when you look at North Carolina when they scheduled them, probably look pretty good pit. Probably pretty good. So I don't know. I and I think they're now into the into the situation where teams aren't gonna wanna play him at all because you're not gonna pay them to come beat you and also Danny white. Their eighty doesn't want to do any paycheck game. So it's it's a strange situation that you find it self in. I do think there's more depth in the American this year. East Carolina has been playing. That's true better. I still don't think they beat UCF. Even though that game is in Greenville navy's, always a wild card since he is the one we. Against the spread picking contest on my radio show, and I've learned so we have, we have six games that me and my co host, Jason Warwick's picked together. And then each each host is allowed to pick two bonus games. So I've had since he has bonus game three times on three and picking cincy. And so I will be writing the Bearcats the rest of the year. Either them or whoever plays you. I was going to say the rule is just take you concept Ponant. The rule is what I like since he was a seventeen and a half favourite against Yukon, and I did the math on yukons average margin of defeat. Forty like, okay, I feel I feel fairly fairly confident this one they can they can make do. There's a pretty good just idea of depth right now with the group of five teams, Boise state, look, strong against Wyoming. Fresno state looks very strong. Given that it's a pretty talented Toledo. Team army lays waste to buffalo who idea people were pretty well. Buffalo was seven and a half point favorite in that game. Yeah, there is. There's a lot to like about what apps state has been looking like, especially, you know that Penn State game does not reflect poorly on Penn State nearly as much as we probably thought it would having watched app state place since there are. There are some and then you have UCF USF cincy and the American. There's some, there's some talent, and there's some some intrigue with with the group of five teams in Hawaii. Hawaii is gonna be a baby. Hawaii goes five OT's against San Jose State and listen who is defense is not good, but they're going to be a tough out in the mountain west. Absolutely, absolutely. So I think it'd be a fun, fun race now. I don't know that anybody comes out of any of this thing undefeated because Boise state's already got a loss. And I think like I said, I think the Americans deep enough that that UCF or USF takes a loss before they play each other, and then they gotta play each other. Obviously. So I do think there's gonna be some some judgment call there for the committee on who gets into that group. New year, six bowl spot for the group of five. But I think when it all shakes out, it will be whoever the American champ is. Yeah, that's probably right with Boise state's demonstrable Mosley, bad loss against Oklahoma state who we've probably downgraded a little bit quickly. I mean, that's that's every if there's any more action that you wanna talk about feel free. But I didn't pick the patriot league games this year or this week. So I'm I'm out on that. I believe Colgate shutout, Bill and Mary. So Colgate just get about that tribe. Yeah. Sorry about that. Get on board with Colgate right now. They're going to make the playoffs, and that's that's fun quickly. Some dudes, I don't have the music, but is it ju-. Qui- polite to Florida? Yep. He's all over the place for the Gators in their win. Travis carries everything for Clemson collar. Murray makes every play in the world k. Jay hamblur. I mean. There's a lot of people in that Ohio State Penn State game who you could call a dude, but the way he pulled away from a very fast Ohio State secondary is not something a lot of people can do. Greg Dortch. We mentioned chase would've had a nice day for Michigan thrill Taylor for Tennessee, very active against team cost that created a touchdown for shockingly enough corrects Riley Neal. The combination of I mean miles boykin is a huge game, but I think Jerry Tillery is the dude from that Notre Dame Stanford game, and then he's worth mentioning once again, chase young for states. Absolutely. He was fantastic. That's it. That's your show. Andy. Thank you very much. Please drink fluids after destroying your body a couple days ago I have been. I've been hooked in. I have been drinking as much waters humanly possible. I feel like I'm back to normal already. I feel like I'm ready ready to take on the week. Do you have a hangover? I don't even know that you were hung over. Maybe you just puked. I was fine terribly hung over yesterday. What's what is your go-to? Hangover strategy have a relative who has access to IV bags. So basically either have that or beyond a major league baseball team because that is also how it works there. Exactly. Thank you very much for your time. Of course, every week we are here, ties should be back on Wednesday to preview all of week. Six. I don't have the slate in front of us. Imagine it's pretty good. I can go to sleep at a normal time because Oregon is often up playing ten thirty game. I stayed up way too late. Watching that solid for Jimoh dot com. Follow us on Twitter on Facebook, everything. The pick them pool is happening solvable dot com. You can find it there. Thank you very much listening. Andy, thank you very much for your time. So you soon piece.

Penn State Ohio State Notre Dame Florida Michigan Alabama Mississippi State LSU Stanford Tennessee SEC Penn State Ohio State Georgia Chase Bryce Syracuse Trevor Lawrence South Carolina football Kentucky Dan
Penn Jillette on Magic, Losing 100+ Pounds, and Weaponizing Kindness (#405)

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Penn Jillette on Magic, Losing 100+ Pounds, and Weaponizing Kindness (#405)

"Optimal altitude I can run flat out and start shaking question now. It organism living tissue of metal skeleton. Oh in this episode is brought to you by brave the next generation web browser I love brave. And if you haven't heard about it here is skinny. Brave was built by team of privacy. Focused performance oriented pioneers of the Web. And I do mean. Pioneers brave was co who founded by Brendan Ike H in Brian. Bondi Brendan was previously. The CO founder of Mozilla Firefox. It's and the creator of Java script. Brave now has more than ten million monthly active users. And I'm one of them. Why why would I use brave? Because brave gives you unmatched speed security and privacy. And when I say unmatched etched I mean the difference is hard to believe. And here's why every time you download pitch when you go to any webpage not just downloading the text and images. You're also downloading web junk. This includes trackers and scripts that run in the background slowing. 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And if you want more on that list to my episode with Tristan Harris Brave is a way to protect yourself itself and remove the surveillance. Economy brave also includes options which I use quite often as private window with tore for those seeking advanced privacy and safety. This browser feels intuitive. It's super easy to use. You can import your bookmarks with one. Click in all. Your favorite chrome extensions are also available with brave. And it doesn't doesn't have to be either or you can use multiple browsers for different things now. Listeners of this show the Tim Ferriss show can easily upgrade their browser for free. And all you have to do is go to brave dot com forward slash tim. That's brave dot com slash. Tim I use brave all the time and I strongly suggest that you at least tested out so go to brave dot com forward slash. Tim and give it a shot. This episode is brought to you by linked in jobs. It's a New Year twenty. Twenty time for clarity a time. 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Your Job Post is seen by the people you want to hire people with the skills qualifications and interests that will help you and your business grow so find the right person for your business this today with Lincoln jobs you can pay what you want and get the first fifty dollars off. Just visit Lincoln Dot com slash. Tim Again. THAT'S LINCOLN DOT com slash Tim to get fifty dollars off of your first job. Post terms and conditions apply boys and girls. This is Tim Ferriss and welcome to another episode of the Tim. Ferriss show where it is. My job to deconstruct world class performers people who are exceptionally good at whatever they do whether that that is in the realm of business the world of finance or the military or art or magic or truth saying or skepticism. And we check a bunch of boxes for my guest today. Who is Penn.? Jillette Penn Jillette. I've wanted to have pen on this. PODCAST CAST for many years. Now Penn Jillette J. I L. L. E. T. T. E. is a cultural phenomenon as a solo personality and as half of the world famous Emmy award-winning Magic. Duo and Las Vegas Headliners Penn and teller. I've been watching and enjoying Penn and teller for most of my life together since nineteen seventy five Penn and teller's live show spent years on Broadway and is now the longest running headliner show in Las Vegas where it plays nightly at the Rio all Suite Hotel John Casino. The pair has been awarded Las Vegas Magicians of the year and amazing eight times. As part of Penn and teller piece appeared on hundreds of shows we could spend five five minutes listing them but just a few from the simpsons to friends and billions. He recently co wrote an episode of the Emmy winning Netflix series. Black Mirror whereas wall one of my favorite series he co hosted the controversial Showtime Series Penn and Teller Bullshit exclamation point. which was nominated for thirteen? Emmy Awards won him a writers Guild Award and was the longest running show in the history of the network he currently co hosts the CW network hit competition series Penn and teller. Fool US which she was nominated for a two thousand seventeen critics choice award pens latest Book The New York Times Bestseller presto takes an insightful and very humorous look at his recent weight loss journey which we dig into in great depth in our conversation he lost more than one hundred pounds in record time and his previous book. God No signs you might be an atheist and other other magic tales spent six weeks on the New York Times best sellers list his weekly podcast which I recommend checking out. It's a lot of fun Penn's Sunday school. Was the number one downloaded downloaded. PODCAST ON APPLE PODCASTS. During its debut week and was named best new comedy podcast by Apple podcasts on the big screen. This guy's everywhere he does everything. Penn then produced the critically lauded two thousand five documentary the aristocrats which features more than one hundred of the biggest names in comedy telling their versions of the dirtiest joke in history. He then produced Tim's Vermeer which is one of my favourite documentaries and we spent some time on this which follows the journey of an eccentric inventor determined to solve one of the art world's world's oldest mysteries and if tim that's the eccentric inventor who happens to be based I believe here in Texas is listening. Please let me now would would love to have you on the show. The Sony pictures classics release of Tim's Vermeer was nominated for a BAFTA and was shortlisted. For the two thousand Fourteen Oscars he most recently completed the documentary the gamblers ballad profiling magic legend. Johnny Thompson Penn and teller have their very own star on Hollywood walk of fame and triumphantly returned to Broadway recently. Recently with Penn and teller on Broadway which was the highest grossing non musical for the entirety of its run. You can find pen on twitter if you want to say. Hello at Penn.. Gillette let P. E. N. N. J. I L. E. T.. You can find a Penn's Sunday school at Penn Sunday school dot Com and you can find on links to all of these things and everything we talk about at Tim Dot blog forward slash Penn P. E. N. N.. So all of that said without without further ado please enjoy this very wide ranging conversation with none other than Penn Jillette Penn.. Welcome to the show very nice to be here. We have a lot of mutual friends will be pleasant. Finally kind to sort of meet you ish I. That's right. I feel like we've been and sort of circling like electrons never quite intersecting with this ven diagram with a lot of overlap. And I WANNA give thank you to Brian. Koppelman Applemans for making the intro at Brian. For those who don't know is one of my more compulsively productive friends co Creator creator of the hit show billions also part of the writing pair. The dynamic duo behind the illusionist rounders many many other films uh-huh. How did you get to know Brian Keys? I don't know That's somehow lost the fog of time. I know that he had seen our show would really really liked it. And I don't know exactly how our paths crossed I. It's funny because I consider. Consider him a friend and we spent quite a bit of time together. I don't really know how it started. I'm sure somebody does. Maybe he does. Maybe his wife does or maybe that information information is lost for all time. And I don't think humanities much worse for why are the two of you friends would what what are the bonds interests eccentricities. Anything that have helped you guys to be friends. I can imagine what they might be or some of them but but why the two of you guys have become friends. Many many if those Many of those questions are answered with one word. And that is Dylan an interest in in in Bob Dylan and that kind kind of writing have brought me to everybody from you. Know Solvent Rushdie and Christopher Hitchens to Brian Koppelman We talk a lot about Dylan. I think we oh I do I do where we met. It was Some sort of party for one of those ocean numbers. There's Ocean's eleven twelve thirty one right here in here in Vegas and we were up at some big Fancy Party and you didn't want to be at and He came over started chatting with me. We started arguing rather aggressively civilly about religion and I'm happy to say that I He came around to Much closer to my point of view you over the years. But we talked about Dylan and we talked about God. Those two ideas almost interchangeable to emmy thinking versus. There is a Bob Dylan. I think we'll definitely circle back to that. I want to bring up someone who's become really of great interest to me only in the last few years which is somewhat embarrassing to admit and it came. vis-a-vis documentary argumenty called an honest liar. In that's James Randi for people who don't know who James Randi is. Could you describe who he is. But also how you came to be influenced by KANTER and Randy is Is is is so much to me that it's There's almost hard to give a capsule bio I mean personally. Randy is Maybe the most important person outside of my family in my entire life. I just was with him a couple of days ago For about an hour which is about all he's Really has the energy for now but I was Mental lissome fake mind. Reading changed my life rather profoundly. I am a hack horrible Medalist analyst named Crespin was on some TV talk show when I was a child when I was about twelve and it couldn't have been the Johnny Carson. Johnny Carson didn't allowed him on And once again I don't trust my memory. I I keep an elaborate journal so I that's one one way to teach yourself that you don't remember things properly But he had done a magic trick on a television show that he passed off his science thinks he passed off the s p. This and I'm not from a wealthy family. My my father was a jail guard but I was very very good in the sciences. He's a very good school and so they bought me this Esp Kit to study the science that I'd seen on television television and I spent a lot of time by parents running these ESPN experiments doing all of this. And then because I was juggling at the time I I would go to the library and his everybody. WHO's familiar with the Dewey? Decimal System knows magic juggling a very very close together under the arts. Nobody cares about right. There were some arts. That aren't really aren't and and I happened upon a book by done. Injure medalist in the thirties and forties. I guess and they are in it. It was a trick very similar to the one that crooked done and I realized that I've been scammed and I was appalled that a scientist INTAS would lie to children and my grades went from Straight as to flunking in everything. I hated science. I hated magic I was very very alienated. I went to rock and roll and it wasn't until I was eighteen and Taylor and randy with a short period of time That I realized that it was it was possible to be moral ORL- and be scientists and be moral and be a magician ladder being harder of course and teller and I started the conversation about how magic could be intellectual and magic could be polite and magic respectful. Imagine could be moral all things that it wasn't in my experience and then Randy wrote a book. Flimflam that. I read before that I think once again I'm enough half of a skeptic and I'm aware enough of the science around this that I do know that when I'm telling you here is emotionally correct but probably probably not actually accurate because that long ago and that emotional You can fight things that every time you tell the story you change it so I'm aware of that. I'm aware that I don't know so. I want to make clear to you that I'm telling you a poetic and emotional truth And Randy was so open and so giving and showed me I mean my entire career path. I mean I could not have done done magic. If not for Randy I could not have been a kind skeptic without randy I would not have the balls I have without reading and He became a guiding light from when and I bet him When I was eighteen seventy three until You know this second I have document a bio of randy. I've talked about myself personally. James Randi was a An escape artist A mental And then realized that he was hurting people with his lies is claims of mind. Reading had he became a crusader to let people know that parapsychology and the paranormal were. Were as far as we've discovered so far non-existent he He's one of the few people that has changed their career path That much I mean the other one of course was Houdini. And the other one who will come back to over over his Bob Dylan but He was able cool to change his career from magician to skeptic and Randy's also an autodial Dak He did not go to college. which is something else I shared with him? And therefore was not taken seriously at first by scientists and has since then Made it very clear that when scientists are testing people who claim powers the hind indeed a magician on their team because scientists are are not used to being allied to. There's an awful lot of study of scientists Being aware that they lied to themselves. I mean and waves and all this other stuff that's come up and there's a lot of things put in place in the scientific method to guard against that but there isn't a lot in the scientific method to guard against people people lying to you. I mean the test tubes. Don't change themselves off from one place to another overnight You know a radio telescopes. Don't don't give false information that that you know that that is that is malicious And Randy has been there and I think is a huge amounts for science it letting people know that that people who claims I could power's probably don't have an one in one scene or segment of an honest liar which highly recommend to people. It's also very Meta. I want to give away some of the biography of his. That makes it such an interesting twist in the movie but he demonstrates how at times conscious but but oftentimes sub-conscious self-deception can be in the sense that or confirmation bias. I recall this segment in the film where he trains Frayn's two young men who later go on to perform as mental assists and so on to deceive researchers who are studying phenomena phenomena under the umbrella of parapsychology or ESP and he then gives a list effectively a checklist to the researchers to hugh defend against the types of deceit that could throw their studies or results sideways and they do not follow them. It's really a fascinating study of of human nature in a way and I'm I'm curious how you would suggest people. If there are any approaches approaches tools heuristic. Whatever comes to mind that people can use to become less gullible or more skeptical and Less susceptible to deceit. Well first thing one needs to do is to worked very hard to be skeptical without being cynical of the of the Seven billion people on the planet if if we rounded off about seven billion or good I do not believe in God. I also do not believe in the existence of evil I believe there's very little bad in the world there's a lot of the stakes but not people maliciously trying to do bad things. So your chances of of coming across someone who is actually scamming. You are fairly low My rule of thumb is if if you pick someone. You're really safe if they pick you. You have to be careful if I drive in front a starbucks with my brand new tesla and I run into the starbucks and I say listen my my wife is is is is is is about to give birth. We have to go to the hospital. She's an Uber. Here's the keys to my Tesla. Here's my phone number please. Can you park it somewhere and then give me a call later. Tell me where thank you and I run out and I just throw those keys in the air and someone grabs them by Tesla's slurs really safe really really safe. If someone comes up to me and says can I help you. I have to be very very wary. that's because they have selected themselves. You you want to if random selects or you select. You're doing okay if someone selects you you have to be a little. Uh a little cautious. So if somebody comes to you and says I if you go to somebody and say I wanNA talk to you about my problems I WANNA be friends with you I WanNa pour my heart out. Chances are pretty good of whoever you talk. There's going to be okay. Hey if someone comes to you and says I can help you with your problems. Your your your your spidey sense. Should Tangle I I mean that is a very different way of looking at it. Then I've heard other people say but I I think is fairly useful That being said said all the stuff that That you know the the generation before mine was kind of taught like. Don't try gotta get something for nothing. which is also known as the second law thermodynamics Don't try to get something for nothing if something seems too good to be true. It is and I destroyed Mary. Claims require story evidence I don't need need a lot of evidence that the starbucks around the corner is GonNa be there tomorrow I need a lot of evidence for perpetual motion. Listen and That those kinds of things work pretty well The the other thing is if you if you desperately want to believe something if something feels you with joy sadly You have to be a little careful of that. I mean I remember when There are all sorts of stories about l Ron Hubbard Having pitched his exact scientology is a science fiction novel in the year before. And you hear that story is a skeptic new go oh bang boom And you gotta be very careful of those things. You know People that I know who are were very very anti-trump very distressed about that. Were thrilled to pieces that he hired prostitutes to Piss all all over. They love that story and immediately all their skepticism went away as to where that came from and also the fact that trump is not hip enough to do anything slightly kinky starts. I'd be I would. I would dig him so much more. If that story had a chance the then again it's very hard for me to imagine digging them less but Those are kind of my rules. I I haven't given them With with the kind of bullet points clicked Peyton. What would like to see them? But those those are honestly the kinds of things I think about what would I'm assessing whether something is real or not thank you. You mentioned journaling earlier. And I know that Brian for instance Koppelman who came up earlier does a lot of journaling and he has a very specific approach to journal and he tends to use a format bat called morning pages which was popularized by Julia Cameron. This sort of what he might call her what she might call spiritual windshield wipers. Wave sort of capturing stream of consciousness but then you have all manner of different types of journaling. Reid Hoffman of linked linked in or Josh. Wait skin the person associated with searching for Bobby Fischer. They all have different approaches. How do you journal? How do you use journaling? Well you know it was very funny. When I was thirty years old old I regretted deeply not keeping a journal and I can't read my own writing and My typing is very very fast. But I'm very bothered by any sort of a steak at all and I go back and retype it terrible. My Mom was typing teacher retirement type so I've been typing since I was twelve So there was no way That worked for me for me to record things before computers When I was thirty years old We became a very successful off Broadway and tell her and I had a very strong rule that we did not celebrate Successes 'cause we'd seen friends get a record contract and they're by a car and that seem incredibly stupid so intolerant. I had big things happen. We would you know celebrate with coffee and donuts and that was the end. You know but I ahead promise myself that if we got a good review of the New York Times which in one thousand nine hundred five I meant something. It doesn't now but it did mean something in that. And that are ron off. Broadway is going to continue that I would buy myself a computer and and a Bass Guitar and A Good Bass Guitar and that happened when I bought myself a My first computer and I I I sat down at the computer. The very first things I wrote Were published a short stories. I mean I went from not writing to writing constantly and and then it's very funny to think of this but at thirty years old I thought man I haven't kept a journal. There was all this street performing in when I was homeless. Living on the streets and all of that satellite. I haven't recorded. Nothing's going to happen from here on but I guess just for the hell of it. I'll start getting a good German. You know and that was as you know thirty four years ago and I guess it's not literally true that I haven't missed a day. There may have been a day. That was I was was unconscious. But he's certainly fewer than five days. I've missed in thirty four days and I do not have a Any sort of particular system I write the date the time where I am And then I usually right. I got up I then record the previous twenty four hours. I take notes on every conversation. I've had I I I write a book report on every book I've read. I write a movie report every movie I watched I write An art report and every museum or artistic thing I've experienced and as I said dotes in every conversation I don't know how much it is. Probably five hundred to a thousand words a day. I should know much it is uh-huh and then and I believe this is the part that may be the most useful. Obviously not when I started but since then every morning i read twenty years ago ten years ago and one year ago now those numbers for how long ago have of course changed aged five But I find that maybe the bore useful the most useful part of by journaling. Because 'cause I time travel so every morning it's mostly morning I I talked to myself twenty years ago. I talked to myself ten years ago and I talked myself last year and I read that entry and I will tell you backward I was dating if you were a a sexual partner of mine and you happen to have the exact same argument one year ago that you had that day I could tell you right now. It was over because if I look back and see the same problem twenty ten or one year ago attention must be paid. UH-HUH I like to see different problems. pop so that is pretty much by journaling and I usually also do who Something I found. That's kind of Nice in that I will pull parts out of a journal and send him to the people that are important. I mean my friend. Lawrence O'Donnell who has a show on MSNBC What an closest friends? He insists that I am the only record that he's he's been on this planet. It's because I sent him my conversations with him for twenty years ago ten years ago last year and I he said the email and he says you know there is no evidence whatsoever that this happened except Your Journal. I remembered nothing of it but what I do that and also just recently which. I think this is a crazy thing just this month I started adding pictures and I don't know why it was just this this month but I just I just started to and I don't know how that's GonNa feel but it seems good and what I did My A fourteen day fast. I I also did a a a a video journal. Every redick's I was interested in. Hollywood look I would feel and how my voice would sound but that's my journaling and Since I started Doing that which I I did. Not Follow anyone's pattern on that You know I was just trying to be a sixteen year old girl with the diary You know that's all I was trying to do But since then I've found that there are many psychologists and therapists therapists. They use that reading the past thing. as a as a way of focusing one's thoughts but I didn't know about it when I started I was following anybody's but he's rules on that and would you say that the are the main benefits that you feel. It is a habit that you've developed over time. You may just to have the momentum of that habit but are can you discern the benefits that you get from doing this on a daily basis is it a is. Is it a matter of pershing thing. So that you've feel that they're safely captured somewhere. Is it the benefit you get from the revisiting yourself at these various snapshots at the time. What you get from putting the time that you do into journaling? It's hard to say It's a small amount of time in the whole process with reading. The past and writing is probably twenty to thirty minutes I am Very ritualistic very habitual and We you know hello everybody that thinks about habits which I believe is everybody knows that. The upside the downside of being ritual are are pretty well documented But it's very hard for me to get out of a groove. Wants a minute and very hard for me to get into a group before him and add but I find the purging is very very important. I find that I run things and of course this is you understand. This is circular. Because because I know I'm going to write a journal I run in my head what I'm going to write to the Journal so We don't have the the control group of if I didn't keep a journal if I would I do this but that being said I I find it very easy once I've typed out what happened the day before to completely forget it. It just goes away the day before just goes away from me and I also as I go through my day I act upon what happened the past twenty four hours right so I make notes for my podcast. I'm GonNa talk about Sunday school all that goes over here and I say oh. Yeah we're supposed to read an email the teller about this. Oh yeah that bit sucked last night. I have to talk to so and so about the prop and Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah my car I have I have to talk to somebody about that. You know it becomes a to do list before the list happens. You know what I mean I as I some going I go. Oh Yeah what was it. What happened to the show last night? Oh yeah there's this this and this and then some of those things many of those things I don't write down but the Bob The going through the the past twenty four hours Gives me the focus that reminds me of things I have have to do. And then those get put their proper files and dealt with their proper emails. Probably if I just sat down for twenty minutes every morning and thought about out the day before and what I had to do it would accomplish the same thing but without the Without being unstuck in time I'm very very we're interested in time travel and how we can do that emotionally self when I was ringling. Lee Brothers when I was hitchhiking when I was off Broadway I will take a moment and there aren't many of them. There aren't many of them. I mean I've I've talked about ten five or ten. I'm not talking about monthly or yearly. I will just sit in a place and try to really be there and really burn it in so I commend. Go back to it so I can go back to a side of a highway. Nebraska Aska In nineteen seventy four the the pebbles and everything around me I was looking down at and buy sneakers and everything I can go back very very very very bad visual memory To the point of being studied by people I can't imagine anything visually usually so that's a very hard thing for me to do. Other people can visit stuff in their memories. Visually easily but for me it's very difficult I of a conceptual and verbal memory and not visual memory at all I cannot rotate objects space sir. I cannot recreate Any Room I've been in. I cannot do anything. That's very important thing and my journal is actually better in the video to me. Because I don't react very much visual so My Journal is really what I was thinking about and how the world world seemed to be emotionally. It's my it's my narrative So the fact that it's not an accurate recording is actually a plus But it allows me to move emotionally through my life. A teller has said in interviews. I've overheard him and the defining thing about me is how obsessed I am with the fact that time flies. That time is going away I think about that all the time. Add so that sense of that's what twenty twenty years ago was is incredibly important to my personality and who I am But all of that being said It may be a justification after the fact the truth may be that it's just a habit. I WANNA come back to the week visual memory because I I suspect that a lot of people like me are surprised upon hearing that since one might assume given the many aspects of your profession that you would have an incredibly strong visual memory is is how has having a week visual memory made. Did you good or better at what you do over. You just develop compensating mechanisms to make up for it. Maybe that's part of the answer I don't know but has it helped you in any way to have a week. Visual by compensation is teller Teller has a phenomenal visual memory. and If you watch which teller. I work You can very clearly see that. I'm doing a radio show Aw every bit that I write I bring the teller as me. Doing voice over from offstage While stuff happens on stage and that that he moves me onto the stage movie as part of the action I You know we tend to oversimplify I you know. I have to make clear to people. It's not that I don't have visual memory. It's that I have a very bad one And it's is not my Go-to When I was hitchhiking and homeless I enrolled myself in the University of Chicago Psychological testing I pass myself off as a student to get five dollars an hour to do all these tests. It's and they discovered during that that I was the furthest they'd seen in this particular study these particular people I've never been able to go back and find the other because of course I was under my name High had the widest spread of intelligence that ever seen my Iq. is so low visually that I would be in a halfway house if the rest of my Iq. was that way. I have have a very very good conceptual memory If I have ideas I can hold onto them. I have a pretty good Audio memory you are not in terms of texture but in terms once again of concepts I can memorize a script Very quickly But if you give me I mean I I can tell you how bad it isn't a don't be fooled by this thinking. I don't have a face face recognition because I do have face. Recognition is just not good but I prepare myself for WHO. I'm going to see so if I've met someone for five five times There's no chance of recognizing the when I see them Almost a chance. I have to say well you know I. I met him and I'm going to see it science party and I know that this is what he looks like. Now describe you to myself at that. I'm ready to see you as as though trump and told me about you But I was doing a show in Boston and I should say parenthetically that. I'm a Mama's boy I was very close to my mom and very close to my dad is well very close to my parents and after the show a teller and I have always met every person in the audience who wants to meet us So there's people that come up and take pictures and sign autographs and so under just talked to us and that's often you. You know an hour or an hour and a half after an hour and a half show And I'm not looking closely at people but my mom Tom. I didn't know she was going to be at the show. And she came up and asked for an autograph and I signed it for her. Wow how at which point she said your mother for edible. Now I can imagine my mom but but it takes takes work therefore if you come to my house. There's an incredible amount of art and I look at pictures all the time and I try very hard to to throw myself individuals stuff to To compensate these studies never they thought I was lying because they would show be. Can you picture a picture of of a of a scene or a person and then they would show me another five pictures one of which was that person or seen other actual and asked me which one I'd seen and no idea and they would give me a grid of patterns you know and they would say recreate this grid and I could do it instantly. So what they were studying was how I was using conceptual actual memory to compensate visual memory. But I mean it's very very funny because we'll be sitting With a builder for something something doing in the show and they will sketch something and say well. This is the overhead view if you just rotate it like this. You'll see from the front and you know the crew and tell her we'll look at me and just go look back at the person. Go upenn can't do that. So you have to draw it from the other angle for him. I have a long list of things. I'm keeping not just for people listening her like Ferris. I can't believe you let that go by is and didn't grab it so I i WanNa talk about. We're going to talk about the fasting. I am GonNa ask you about the homelessness but before we get there her. I want to ask you about dreaming. If you have dream recall what what does the content of your dreams look or feel like well here we have the problem problem of You know seedling. Across the ships in a storm you know we. We don't know what it's like. You know our theory array of mind We don't what's like to be someone else so it takes a very long time to realize you know I'm I'm very good friends with renee French. WHO's a wonderful artist who can draw Everybody in her kindergarten class from memory right She can sketch anything she saved and We sit around Rene and I and study each other like she will say to me. Does your prop person that you see every day. Does he wear glasses And the truth of the matter is if we haven't talked about glasses I don't know Then I'll say to her you. I know you've you know you've heard I am the Walrus a thousand times in your life. What's the third verse? And she'll say I know no lyrics. I am the Walrus except I of the Walrus. It's my tire dollars of the lyrics of that and we'll talk about You know she's she's she's very Very good at math and she'll talk about how she ABC's numbers as colors spaces that can manipulate them. And I have no idea what she's talking about so this is all coming around to the dreams. UH-HUH I experienced my dreams the way experienced my life. I actually dreamed that very surreal way that I was I was talking to you. You and It was weird interview situation and I can tell you what that felt like and I could and tell you that I knew where people were standing and so on but I cannot even if I could draw well. I could not sketch a picture picture of that. It's it's all As though it were elaborately described to me You know when you talk talk about I do meditation. And when in the Sam Harris Meditation he talks about bringing someone's face to mind The struggle that is is amazing when people talk about a horrific images they've seen and they flash back on them. I don't really know what what that means that what I said. I don't know what that means. You know it's just that I am trapped like you are inside of myself so You know I know that my memories involve me in the third person like most people's do Our manager Glenn All his memories are don't have him in it. He sees his hands he sees it was in front of him which I know is very unusual but I when I'm able to conjure up a visual memory. See it from a point of view that I never saw that I see it I see myself I self picture my still so And I know that's most people see themselves in it. I just don't see it. I don't see a clearly. There's also the thing is I've been partners with teller forty four years so Things that I might have developed anything tellers really good at. I am not good at. It's just atrophied and challenged are good actors. It's also interesting so as we as we become. Oh more symbiotic you know. We've we've So the thing is we don't know I would have chosen to be a magician if not for teller. So it's that's that's a that's a silly thing but I don't know if I would have developed any sort of visually skills a better if I did. They have a partner to be so good at it. You know I don't i. Don't pay any attention to lighting. I pay no attention to set. I pay no attention to anything. Now if I were doing solo show some of that would be required. You know I would probably guess what I'd have someone else that I trusted that will do some of that but It once again. We don't have a control group. I have to scratch the itch on the homelessness wire. Were you homeless and for how well it was for choice homeless. There's really isn't a word for it. Now because homeless has become synonymous miss with With mentally ill or poverty stricken but when I was eighteen I was obsessed as I. I am now with Bob Dylan and Bob Dylan had left home eject jump hop trains. worked at a carnival and had traveled all over the country Turns out none of that was true but I believed it. So all the stuff that Bob Dylan says is he did. I actually did including hopping drains. Now what I said was homeless. I called my my mother and father every day to tell them I was. Okay that is not what you picture for homeless person. I at all times had one hundred dollars sowed into my backpack also not true beetle for homeless people I've never had a sip of alcohol or any recreational drug in my life Very unusual I especially homeless youth. I had a passport with me. And a notarized note from my parents But I did not have a place to live and I did not have a job and I- hitchhiked and hop trains all all the time. How did my parents allow this? I have no idea the capacity they had for love and support and freedom is beyond on by understanding By mom drop me off at the rotary as you can tell him from Massachusetts the rotary Near our whole hole and I got on route ninety one and I hit shocked and during that time I would stop and stay with friends I would stop at colleges and Find a sex partner that I could stay with and take classes audit classes walk into maybe difference I was I was nineteen. I had hair down the middle of my back. I was indistinguishable from a college student. So I could go and you know. Go to whatever college I wanted to sit in on classes I juggle. I would tell jokes. I would pass the hat I would make money I was. I was thin You know I didn't need to eat that often There was nothing to spend money on. hitchhiking was. I still don't understand why it's not more common nowadays since the world is safer but I think that because of Information we we think the world is more dangerous. But it's you know it's it's certainly an order of magnitude safer by any measure than it was when I was hitchhiking and it was very very we say for them checking countries are really safe. Place I don't have any fear of it and I hitchhiked probably I dunno oh five times across the country With wise you know four or five times lengthwise up through Canada uh-huh and then during that time I also are pregnant. Brothers Barnum Bailey. Greatest Show on Earth Cloud College I was street performing occasionally work at a fair or carnival and then finally when I When I teamed up with teller You know I started uh living in an apartment but it was. It was a gradual thing and I was very happy that way. The other thing is that very shortly i. I became a successful street performer. So by the time I was the end of my homeless period I was making several grand a week street performing. That was all in cash so it was. I was a very wealthy homeless. uh-huh what constituted your street performance. At the time I would do a crowd gathered teller still claims that the greatest thing I've ever written it was my street act Thanks I haven't I haven't hit that I. In my life I would gather crowd using techniques. That are still used that I created how would gather a crowd of I mean three or four hundred. Maybe five hundred people and I would The crowd gathering during itself would take about five minutes the Collection of money. We'd take about five minutes and I would do five minutes between between about fifteen minutes only five minutes of which were the show the rest was. I guess you would call Meta and I Juggle and I would juggle Duggal balls and our juggle knives and I was a At that time. Very Good Juggler by absolute peak of where I was juggling when I was practicing eight hours a day. Six days a week with Mike Motion Macarthur Arthur grant genius juggler. We were practising all the time at our absolute best and we were among the best in the world we would not even considered Bush league nowadays It's just amazing. A one of the things that as far as I know nobody predicted is that the Internet would make juggling better. You know it's amazing I being really a A thirteen year old. WHO's been juggling? Three years would now be better than I was at my best buy peak if I could pry a little bit on the techniques that you created for gathering groups the people could you give one example if one ingredient of yeah I would walk over to three or four where people and say hi. I'm GONNA be doing a juggling show here in a few minutes and it'll be stupid without a crowd so I need to get a crap here and I need. Did you to help me get a crowd so what we're GonNa do is I'm going to do nothing. And then you people cheer and applaud little bitty there's only four or five of you and then other people around we'll see you and they'll think something's happening and they'll come over here and of course nothing will be happening and you can turn around and laugh at them I so this is just going to be kind of a joke will play so I would do that. And I would do aggressively nothing. How would you stand there? No jokes nothing that were to that and by that time first time around I'd be working like a head house square in silly or I would only work places where it was illegal legal. I refuse to sign up anywhere And that would get me to a couple dozen people then I would do a much bigger version that same thing. We're going to see if we can get hundred fifty people over here Within the next minute and then I would go to full out screaming. Maybe he's someone's been hurt. Get over here. You don't WanNa miss it. There's a big thing happening and then you would have about one hundred people laughing at at about one hundred people that were running now running towards me and then we would get all of those people in and I would do that once more until until the original people that started where now enormous crowd which they filed super naturally funny. It was just so bad so goofy. Perfect and then I would end my show by saying you people in the very back row. you didn't get to see any of the show. I don't expect any money from you at all. That would be foolish for you to give me money when you haven't seen the show what I do. Expect you to do is hold hands and let nobody nobody out who has not given because people are now my theater that I had a lot a lot of stuff that that went there and I also had all sorts of rules so I followed I would not look in any way. Needy the best dressed. I've ever been most expensively was when I was doing straight performing I wore a three thousand dollar. Watch My idea was that People should be ashamed to be less than a twenty and I am also you're talking to me in the morning you hear me clearing my throat and coughing Working outdoors with I know training for five hundred people in screaming Covered my My Larynx with scar tissue and made it so that for years I was you know. Coughing up blood and drinking chloraseptic For an anesthetic on my on my throat and the sound of my voice now is the sound that you get from from doing years of St performing and and blowing it out every day. Because you know if you're going to be out outdoors in the wind and you get five hundred people listening to to you to be heard in the back takes every single thing you have. I mean Fifty minutes show was completely exhausting. To was it sounds like even though you say it was five minutes performing and really the gathering at asking for money all performance absolutely. There's no doubt about that. I didn't I didn't mean to misrepresent that. Yes it was a fifteen minute show. There was no doubt about it and every single person was aware of that No one thought like all the juggling is over. I guess there's no fun coming. Everybody knew that the collection of bunny was going to be more funding funding juggling. Everybody knew that I mean it was it did not take it did not take you be sort of insight to go. Oh what this guy's doing is he's doing a show about St Joe's this genus. Did you. Did you take anything from that. Period of you've fag. abondoning aside from the development of the street performing that then led to things that came later. Were there other realizations or anything else else. That came from that period that informed your life in a significant way. Yeah I mean everything I got to A be phenomenally trusting I believe that atheism and libertarianism come from pathological optimism which I have I found myself. You know at At two in the morning The rest stops were could easily be beaten to death I found myself in inner city places and I even even and I mean this is saying exactly the opposite of what I should be saying but I don't know how it fits in. I you know guns pulled on me knives pulled on me and I was in the the worst kind of situation and it was okay and I came out of that. Very trusting of people I also so came out of it being incredibly good at de escalating hostility. very very odd thing happened to me where I did two tours of duty on celebrity apprentice and I I was on there with people who were volatile and There was one time After it aired you know there's there's that big lag and television So it was like six months after it happened and I don't ever watch myself on TV. So I had seen the show but we got a call from an FBI guy at at our office and the FBI guy wanted to talk to me and of course the first reaction you should have on the FBI gal calls you is to lawyer up and Our manager said what do you why do you WanNa talk to Pan. And their shirt him. It was nothing Nothing criminal which the FBI does even what it is something criminal. We were still little wary. But the guy you got my email address and wrote to me and said that He had watched an altercation between me and Lou Frig no on celebrity apprentice us on the television show on TV and that Lou Ferigno was was becoming very aggressive to me and the the Guy Quantico said It's really interesting that you followed all that we teach our FBI guys on on how to diffuse the situation Your eye contact your body. Language your calmness Without backing backing down he had a whole list of things he said you do every one of them in order and You diffuse the situation completely. And he said we want to know where you studied it and I said why I I lived hitchhiking for quite a while and you'd find yourself in you know in a in a biker bar with long hair and wear an eye makeup and you'd find yourself with somebody that did like that and I said I've never hit anybody in anger anger in my life ever. I completely a pacifist. I've completely non violent and I have been around very violent people and and I never wanted them to go a step further at. He said you know what you come. Would you come speak it Guanaco about if you know you asshole. I'm a magician you fool. I don't know anything you go and study this and teach each clean. Cut People with guns to do it but I I think being cleaned cuppers gun mixes harder to do actually but no. But I'm so flattered. It's it's so amazing so I think that I carry that through life I have done Some very transgressive. You've performing and I don't get beat up much. Let's let's listen to that. This is a very valuable skill. Could you give an an example of how you de escalated situation. And what the steps or strategies were used could be with Lou could be with anyone but just an example. Oh how you de escalated a situation. Well I don't really be because I did learn it because I I developed at trial and error. I don't really have a checklist I go through but I can tell you one story. I was in Somewhere like Nebraska and This was early on hitch-hiking eighteen maybe and and Did Not have a lot of money at that point and I did have very long hair in very eccentric clothes. And I I mean I was a Hippie hippy and it was it was seventy three and history hasn't shown it but the sixties actually happened in the early seventies you know Sixty eight There wasn't until seventies that the hippie movement hit the rural areas really and they were still still a lot of fear and aggression towards people with long hair even as late as seventy three and I was in a diner and I was flirting with the waitress and it was the Sorry server it was the middle of the night and and A little counter little tiny diner and I had ordered a milkshake and a piece of Pie. which was my entire Diet Ryan for weeks then and that was all the money I happen to have at that? Point was to buy milk shaken and a piece of Pie and leave a tip which I always did because I was a street street performer. And so I put my whatever that was three dollars. Dowd for that You know you gotta figure what inflation's about at zero go to. It's it's about thirty dollars nowadays I bought my bill shake my head. Were those really good ones. It's in the CAM. And the whole thing. When it used to be a France the the best yep and Two guys driving a truck to separate trucks came in and they were not in the mood to see a hippie and they were Also you know that was also tied hide in that time with Sexual preference you know. They're they're going to call me. Things like Homosexual slurs and so on and they're going to confuse the the politics and the sexuality and So they're they're they're getting very very aggressive and they're also showing off in in front of the server who was attractive And they're coming in towards me and They're very very clearly Going going to hipping it's escalated very very quickly and So I said wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute. Wedges interest and I picked up by milkshake the glass in one hand and the metal container in the other and I I poured them over my head in front of him just picked him up and poured cold sticky milkshake over my head and then said I'm going to use another slur here. Please forgive me. They then said he's just retarded. They weren't GonNa hit somebody who is covered milkshake. It wasn't going to make them appear Macho So they actually just grabbed their coffee to go and gotten their their truck and left and the server was rather impressed And I said Yeah I I. I did diffuse the situation but dob covered in milk shake and then I had a goal in to the restaurant but this little diner later and try to clean my clothes and my hair and everything of milkshake in a dirty sink And then he came back out and she was very very kind. The Guy who was a short order cook in the back came out and they gave me another piece of Pie and another milkshake on the house. uh-huh and I remember smelling the milkshake in my hair for about forty eight hours. But that is a clear case of how you can stop someone from hitting you. Now you have to you know have no ego involved in this at all. You can't say I WANNA prove watchlist. Actually that's not true. I feel in telling the story in my narrative I proved. I was a genius but to them. I didn't prove that right. Wow I I want to talk about could defuse. The situation is very simply to give the other side everything they want. I mean right yet yes. I'm a dirty filthy hippie. I'm an awful person I. I'm this Matt if you don't have if you don't fall into the macho trap of I have to prove something to a stranger injure about my might my intellect my morality or my sexuality. If those just go away aren't important you have diffused what seventy percent of those situations and if you're not drinking you've fused one hundred percent of them. Yeah you're yeah you probably know if you go to any trauma unit and ask them. What percentage of people in here have alcohol or drugs part of their problem? They will tell you one hundred percent if you move sober through the world you have this huge advantage. That's right. I mean just remarkable advantage because you can make kind of rational decisions and you don't have certain certain parts of your thinking reduced i. I've read about your abstinence from alcohol and drugs and so on and the the you can't believe everything on the Internet of course but the the line that popped out at me he may be true. Maybe not is that you feel you have an addictive personality and therefore you didn't do these things. Has that always been the case. And how did you. If that's true how did you come to that conclusion to begin with well. I have five or six narratives for the not drinking and not doing drugs That are you know. I don't have access to why I really do stuff anymore than anyone else does. I do know that I come from a long line of teetotalers and if you look at any sort of data parents not doing drugs and not drinking is the biggest indicator of Offspring not doing drugs and drinking making now a lot of that's tied in with a certain sort of cults and so on fundamentalists things So that that date is confused but the fact that my mom and dad never mentioned drugs or alcohol that it was never in the house. They were told me not to do it. It just did not exist in my world I remember talking to WHO My Buddy Christopher Hitchens who drank a lot and we had. There's a lot of discussion over that being friends' one of whom drank heavily and what not at all and one time I said to him And it seemed pretty heavy. I said when you think of someone drinking who do you picture. And he said Winston Churchill and I said Oh that's interesting he said who do you picture. I said Ronnie Johny pro-junta and Christopher Hitchens who knew everything went crazy trying to figure out trying to remember who Ronnie Pronto was. I said Yo you don't know them. He wrapped his car around a tree. When I was in high school so the first people I saw drink the first people I saw drink? We're twelve year olds. Thirteen year olds vomiting on themselves themselves. The first people other people saw drink were adults interacting in the same way I think that's part of it. the other part of it is. I've always wanted to be smarter than I am. What I saw people doing drugs and alcohol? They didn't seem like they were smarter than they were They seem stupider stupider. I now know that you you can make the argument. Joe Rogan could make the argument and Sam Harris make the argument. There was certain psychedelics. That may not be true. But let's let's let's not go there this answer And then The other thing was I was obsessed all I wanted when I was in junior in your high school was to be Jewish gay and live in New York City but I was a big dom farm. Boy I wanted to be. I wanted to be five seven five eight. I wanted to have enormous. Norman knows I want an and I wanted to talk with the Lisp and I wanted to live in the village. That's all I wanted. And I loved Lenny Bruce and then Lenny Bruce was dead before I knew about I only knew the records and my understanding. The ending of him was the drugs. killed him I loved Hendricks and drugs killed him and I wanted to pursue a life breath in the arts which I never met anybody in the arts in my little town never met one person in the arts but I wanted to do that and I felt that people with my personality seemed and this up. I realized it's incredibly pretentious presumptuous. Forgive forgive me but myself image was such that I tried to find parts of my heart. That overlap Lenny Bruce. I'm not saying now that I'm at that talented talented a level but as a child I wanted to be that and I thought boy if I want to be that that sure kills a lot of people people that have this personality type and I also knew that I did not respect moderation in anyway I wanted to be all or nothing nothing on everything and I just thought if I had one sip of alcohol I would be main lining heroin within a week. Uh I really felt that so. Let's you've a lot of proof points for the intensity at least that dislike of moderation right. I mean this is not unfounded unfounded. I drop but I have to ask because people are GonNa WanNa hear about and I want to hear about it. Discussed Segue from the dislike of moderation. Let's talk about your weight. Loss Exceptionally hard core. I believe correct me if I'm wrong that this this really sort of Had rocket fuel port on it late. Two thousand fourteen something like that but how how much just just as a starting point. How much weight did you lose over? What period of time if you want the real metrics I lost I'd average of point nine pounds a day. Four Four months That's the average point nine which is pretty amazing. If you look at the the whole thing you know we. We tend not to weigh ourselves. That the heaviest. So I don't really have the metric but I know that I have an actual data eight a point at like three thirty five. You know Three forty it. Oh I have that actual data point I probably was higher than that. I probably maybe ten maybe fifteen pounds higher than that at my lowest which was on by birthday You Know Kray RECR- Nice in your book about This is all ray or craze. I call them This is is all and in what I believe is is difficult Mathematics as landing a man on the moon. He was able to predict my wait. Four months to dance to within two tenths of pound. Credible yes yes But he also says that in his experience I the only one that is followed food every rule without one deviation point for the whole time okay so let's pause for one second because I wanted to give people context on ray so cray red added realizes golden that Ray Cronies C. R. O. S. E. FORMER NASA scientist. I met a longtime ago. Something like two thousand seven two thousand eight at at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View California and I wanted to talk to him because a mutual friend had described experimentation tation. He had done using cold exposure to accelerate fat loss and you mentioned thermodynamics. Earlier Ray knows a lot about thermodynamics And and he then became the profile for chapter in the four hour body about using cold exposure to accelerate fat loss and body recomposition opposition. What we're but his his thinking in his approaches have developed over time and he's at a lot more to the toolkit? What were some of the rules that that he had you follow? Well both ray an I. R. A. Atheists and skeptics and we did a really interesting thing Cray said you know We know that there are things that work in joining joining a cult and we also know that we can access things that we know are wrong to modify behaviors. So he he said you are going to decide to join my cult for this amount of time and you're going to follow cult rules and we both know their bullshit but we're doing them just for fun he said. You're not GonNa talk to anybody about what you're doing. You are going to cut off your your family and friends from this You are going to do whatever I say absolutely and without question and you are going to deal with me as as though I had complete power now you and I know Penn that at least half of what I think about this is wrong. We just don't know what have we. We don't know what parts go along with and you're going to use all that cul stuff. Here's what you're GONNA do. I two weeks reading nothing but potatoes and and that is going to knock you out of your social leading and that is going to let you feel what hunger feels like. And that's like you see what the advertising looks like. That will take the blinders away and then we're going to add in food. This is what you will eat every day up until here and You're allowed none of this. Is this this this or this And I guess you WanNa hear what that is. I do potatoes for two weeks. Then we added in Some beans chilly and sa- bryce and Vegetables and Salads and it was four months before I had a taste raced of fruit or nuts and He also allowed me to not think that this was going to be forever. You Know Oh you'll have to take again. You'll have steak you'll have all that but for right now. He's going to do this and he also. I can't stress how important this is and I think you've discovered this. Allot it in your work as well but every time I tried to lose weight before art every fucking doctor every article the New York Times had all we said This is an easy way to weight loss. This is the easy way to weight loss. Yeah and it was like as Brando says an apocalypse like a diamond bullet my forehead. What simple exchange with array and I said to a swipe I can lose like forty pounds easily? She wouldn't know it's GonNa be really really hard. It's and I went. Oh no one ever said that to me before. No yeah they'd always said you're GONNA cut down your portions nations a little bit. You'll have a small bit of dessert and you'll lose a pound a week over the next hundred and fifty years you know worked nice slow it easy. You won't even notice Pam you won't even notice and and he said Oh it's GonNa be really hard and I realized in that instant instit- that nobody brags about walking up a grassy slope. They Brag about climbing Everest. You know I I have never ever wanted to do anything easy in my life. Why with by health was decided? If that was the thing that had to be easy and and I realized that I not only do I not respect moderation. I don't respect people who have bought you know I want. You know I mean WanNa aww quote here. I want the people that the madman who burst into flames. That's why WanNa you know who I WANNA love. Yeah and and so You know he had me do contrast showers. You know hot to cold back and forth he had me He had me eat potatoes whenever I wanted but then went down to very strict much time and there were things that I think we're probably borderline irresponsible. We cut down my calorie intake enough that I was lightheaded Probably too much of the time but It was okay it ended up all right and What we really do? Do you can always do the arithmetic. Cray rate doesn't care at all about calories and I don't count calories and I don't care at all but you want to do the arithmetic. You can say what point nine nine pounds a day in terms of calories. Are you know so we can probably say. I was eating four to five thousand calories a day and we we cut back to probably six hundred. You know we're talking about very very But here's the thing that I I'm most embarrassed about and also kind of like you off. Ann Arbor embarrassed things. Most proud of having learned Being an atheist theus I did not believe in mind body duality. I did not believe there was a spirit I believe that I was in my body and that all by thinking at all might love and all my awareness and all by consciousness although none of nobody knows where consciousness is but all of that did have an organic manic A place I I believe that completely or so I thought when I started losing the way and my mood dude started changing. I mean they were psychological changes in me. I became a gentler kinder. And let's underline your line this and put it in all caps happier and this is from someone who was not depressed. who was very very happy? Who didn't have any problems that was in violent? It wasn't any of that but still wherever you are you can go further and I realized that I did. Not I believe the organic view of humanity. completely I had this sense that there was a monkey lous Driving myself behind my eyeballs. That was kind of my spirit. That didn't care that was functioning in the fat body And as I started to lose that weight I went. Oh Yeah I get it. I being in a certain sense. I'm thinking and feeling with my whole body. It's not just this lump of brain inside my head and that was a notable thing to realize. How wrong I eh? You know there was. There was a weird thing I wanted to vomit comet also because craving brag about knowing to thousands I the nineties So I went from weightless to double my weight in approximately thirty second intervals. Like twenty six or something and I did a lot of parabolas. I did because I was I was under the legal flight flight and it was. It was all very illegal and we were. We did like you know forty parabolas so I was weightless for a long time and I was heavy for walk. I was heavy at that time was fat than to and I went to twice my way and when I remembered remembered later was that when I went to twice my way my mood changed. It's incredible. How you can you can learn? What weight loss will do to you emotionally by going in the vomit comet going from as I was going from zero to six hundred pounce ons back and forth at one minute intervals and it's amazing? How when you're heavier you get sadder the I don't know if this directly maps onto with that this may be more poetic than scientific? I don't WanNa make claims understand but I as I lost weight I lost weight loss concerts. Things were lighter. Things were easier I didn't have to think about wanting to play with my children and all I should do this I just did it and who's really. It was really remarkable. Remarkable changes in my life. You know And I've also you know since then I. I've done it two week. Fast I I have to underline medically supervised And 'cause I don't want it but I think they can just do that. It's not safe and Three days you save over three days be careful and I've also gained weight since then and I'm now now going down again but I have made the magic moments. Two Years Everybody Eddie. Gains back their weight in two years. And if you don't gain back the weight in two years you are in this. Very small percentage it's set different sunny say different amounts to five. Hi percent people keep it off after two years and what gray race discovering which someone of your built does get to discover this But the faster you lose weight or likely or to keep it off which is contrary to everything that we believed five years ago. You know so It's worked well for me. And you mentioned the extended fast the fourteen day fast. You've you've also found a place for As as we mentioned before recording people in Silicon Valley and elsewhere would call intermittent fasting. But it sounds like your current default when you are behaving is roughly twenty three hours of fasting hours per day. I will tell you that if you were to sit down With me during that one hour of feeding you would be appalled the actual value of food that I eat is for nominal I mean I eat a salad the size of your head. You know a gigantic salad. I eat probably six servings things of brown rice or some whole grain of feral. Those things I try to eat less brown rice. It's less healthy. It's my favorite food in the world. Yeah you know Chili Bean stew you know maybe even some fat stuff like Guacamole My wife is incredible Vegan. Cook and follow. I follow the firm and thing absolutely credibly low salt credibly low oil really very little processed and then the amount of fruit that I have for dessert. Is You know those containers painter's blueberries like five of those at like two cups pomegranates. Cheese on top of those. I mean a gigantic bowl would not fit any bowl. You have has to be like an industrial bowl. That I'm eating Outta live mixing ball like Michael Jordan eating banana pudding you know. It's it's that about food and the usually a few squares of incredibly dark ninety percent chocolate and that is really an hour of eating. You know My children join me for supper about fifteen eighteen minutes. Leave before half hours. I still have a half hour to go. And it's one of the reasons I can't eat at restaurants I can't get the volume of food. We're really talking about the equivalent. I mean to put this in terms that are kind of easy to visualize. I probably eat the equivalent of like eight baked potatoes. You know. It's a huge about but then again if you're looking caloric content or fat content or any of that it's really law ED. What my body's trying to do is to desperately get? Let's you know whatever I need a day. You know. Whatever that is fifteen to two thousand calories trying to get that out of Incredibly a not Dutra. You do trian rich but not calorie rich food and also I'm. I'm very fortunate I mean I. We give a lot of credit to Cray Ray but also oh my wife who's been You know not eating mammals for years and years and as Takes cooking very seriously and really enjoyed. Join the firm and challenge I eat really different food every single night. And it's always gourmet quality and you know Dr Clapper is had supper with me and And Craze at supper many times of me and they're just blown away they just go. You know with this kind of food delivered you every night. Anyone I can do this. There's nothing required. It's just incredibly incredibly good food. That's that's labor intensive and and when I go on the road and I go down to just eating you know. You know ten containers of watermelon and add add and rice And beans stuff plane. It's it's fine but then again that's that's rare for me and then you know there is all. I really want to eat aid which is peanut butter. If I had my way I would eat nothing but painted butter All Day all night all the time. The other thing that blew my mind joined in. Either you read these books on habit and I read this book One Bite or first bite. I think really great book and this woman set out to find what scientists believe. That food desires were innate and what scientists believed that food desires Zaire's were learned cultural individual. And she could find Eddie scientists that believed it was eight. It is incredible how I thought that foods that I absolutely loved are now repulsive to me just because they're out of habit you know Things I mean my favorite foods I now look at it and go even uncomfortable. Watching other people eat them and my new comfort foods have just changed changed. You know there's a lot of stuff we don't know anything about this but you know your microbiome home changes over three or four months There's certainly early feedback to the brain for the microbiome we know that although it's in its infancy and all of that stuff you know when you read those scientific articles all of that stuff enough completely maps over my firsthand experience. Please don't allow be the declaim stuff I don't know I like very much to talk about. How the microbiome? My own changed my personality and all of that but I can't prove that I have no evidence so don't let me go there but What I feel about is that by diet has changed profoundly profoundly but it was at the time I started? Meditating and other stuff changed my life so we don't. We don't have that control. We'd ever have a control in their own lives. Yeah one of the big challenges of a multifactorial life outside of the laboratory. It's it's tough and I. I really congratulate gradually you on on the way not just the weight loss but also inspiring people to pursue better health as an example of what can be done it. I know that a lot of people have lost a lot of weight after seeing you. So publicly Take better control of your health health south. It's it's it's really remarkable edified I also want to say and this is the part that You might quibble with and I'd be interested cray also allowed no exercise whatsoever. During the time I was losing weight. He he believes that weight. Loss and bodybuilding. Fight each other. And that you should not be doing great exertion you should be sitting. You should be doing very little when you doing weight. Loss and people have misunderstood that as you know pens barack just e potatoes and don't exercise diet which which You know very well but I want to say it is very contrary to what I did. I eat a full rounded full meals for two weeks. I did potatoes. He does as a stunt to teach myself things about food. It was not done as a healthy diet. It's not done for a lifetime. Lifetime it's done for two weeks at the not exercising Was Not done for lifetime. It was done for that time while I want to take a lot of weight off and the exercise starts back in so let me let me respond to that because Rain I meet either on a lot of things and I don't think there's as far away as as one might suspect The I do think that exercise can act as a lead domino that then causes is just through cognitive dissonance. Better behavior when it comes to Diet but ray is right. I think and I don't speak for him but I can only speak to my position Russian and that is you cannot out work your mouth and yes. There is one of the common consequence exactly. You can't outrun your mouth. Yeah I'm just I'm not even necessarily quoting I but it's it's very common mistake that when you take someone who I was accustomed to overeating who then layers on exercise. That is not necessarily building muscle mass but gives the creates the illusion region of great energy. Expenditure say certain types of cardiovascular exercise that they compensate by rewarding themselves with ten sometimes. The number of calories burned in that given session. So I do think there's a place for resistance training. I don't think it has to be frequent but that in in the beginning it is really important to make the primary focus dietary so people understand that you if you want to change change the musculature that is attached to your skeletal system you do that by lifting weights. If you want to really really lose body fat for body recomposition. It is ninety percent plus Diet. And you you have to prove that to yourself in a very effective way of doing that is taking taking exercise off the table for a short period of time in which span you can prove to yourself quite easily that you you lose pounds in the kitchen not primarily in the gym so I I do. I do agree with him. I think in principal on that. What you you just said is right in line? I think that there were certainly away. the other thing is that that I that I should say that I stopped the exercise. But I didn't stop doing the show and Ray Strapped on. What are those calorie counters? That goes takes all your breath that everything and and had me do five minutes of our show at full volume and Full Energy and was astonished by the amount of calories. I was burning so he said you know you're kind of doing a run every night so my no exercise thing is Kinda sort of bullshit great great points so you have to remember that although I tell you I was sitting during that time I was going out on stage and jumping and running and yelling for ninety minutes every night. And that's even even at a lighter. Version of Penn.. That's still quite a bit of mass to ramming a lot of meat. You're moving a lot of. Let's let's talk about. This is a bit of a left turn. But that's okay. I'd like to talk about one of my favorite physicists. And I certainly never had a chance to meet him. It sounds like you did. And that is Richard Feinman Feinman. I've been fascinated by Feinman for decades and actually recently ended up buying a set of encyclopedias. That that he kept in his office. Wow but never had a chance to have any interactions and I was hoping you could Describe Your Interactions Interactions with Richard. Or and anything that you might have taken from those those encounters with him yeah I met a very very long time ago. It's funny because there was a show on television called numbers It was actually spelled three years. You know is that three in there and the premise was a mathematician who solves crimes and they had a scientist you. Who was the consultant for the television show and I came on playing myself and One of the scriptwriters written in aligned from me right talked about being friends with Richard Feynman and the scientists who is consultant on the show flagged it and said. I don't think do you WanNa do this line because there is really. It's a real stretch of the imagination to believe the pendulum could could have known. Richard Feynman it and I said well I did and he went out. I said well I did. So it's a stretch of the imagination. But not for me. It's it's a memory so they let that line go I I think red was. Surely you're joking as soon as it came out and I was a big Fan of Richard Firemen and we were doing a show At a loss palmos The the early stage companies called now in Hollywood about a five hundred seat theater and we had done this list in our program of people. We'd like to see the show. It was a funny kind of idea. We have a list of like fifty names that included Samuel Beckett and Jorge Romero and Richard Fine men and Debbie Harry Lou Reed. Were on this list of people. It just said people we'd like to have have cer show that was it and finally was on the list and Crispin Glover was on the list and firemen came to the show and we ended the show at that time with my favorite monologue. I I've ever written to my favorite to do which is the thing we call Tannin headed one which is what the Carnival sideshows actually called among the carnival. People is headed one ride. Describe the physics of fire eating the biology of fire fire reading. I teach fire eating than performance and during that time I talk about how we think that skeptics are against the mystery whereas its religious people are against the mystery. Religious people see a mystery and they want to have an answer. This is how things happened so so do it much better at the real model on it into it. This and scientists are willing to say I don't know and that's embracing the mystery And and Lo and behold Richard Feynman be after one of the shows and said I said something that model log that He had never been able to say that clearly and that he had brought his wife and hid CETERA afterwards. See that's what I you mean. And she'd understood something that she hadn't understood before we should. I A mind blowing thing to have said to somebody you know I I that was pretty pretty much fell apart And then over the next round of the show. He came back to the show several times and at one point he brought five count them five Nobel laureates with him to see a show it We may have had the highest concentration of Nobel laureates outside of Stockholm at the Elliott Company. And became friends. I think would be would be exaggerating but I had his home phone number and we went out to dinner a few times and I met Mary and talk with him to show you the clash Asha of cultures. Murray Gell Mann once said to me. I've heard there's a television program on late at night hosted by by David Letterman. That might be a good move for your career for you. Go on uh-huh never seen it. Never David Letterman Fan. Yeah exactly and so the story. Rei Tell that makes science friends of Mine Bang Their head against the wall is I would pick up five minutes books on physics physics and I would realize that I because I got out of high school and a plea bargain and didn't really graduate. I didn't know the Algebra for you. Know he would explain something and I get it so I would call up I would say. Hey Richard I'm reading your book here this whole Paragraph Year. I I get trouble with it and he would say well. That's just your high school Algebra pen. I I didn't have high disco Algebra. He would say okay. Get a piece of paper Pencil. And let's go through high school so credible along with you on the phone with them for like an hour and a half where he'd be going so you cancel out the that side of the equal aside. You cancel it out over there and they have a recipe tech. Was Teaching Me Arithmetic. I'd get through his book and I call them up and say I've got a few questions about vectors. Go okay shoot a bit. And then perhaps the funniest was teller. And I wanted to do do a bit on Letterman with liquid air. We wanted liquid nitrogen you know and the gag was we're going to drop things in and freeze them and smash them and then Tellers Hand Dan was going to go in and smashes hand then we drop about in then show. The mouse was okay. The mouse would jump in and that was the gag so we needed to have a a lot of liquid nitrogen and we need to play around with it and at that time I mean it's amazing. How stupid I was of the eighties? I didn't know what would you do. Look connection or where to get it. So tell her said we gotta find a physicist to get on board to help us with this liquid nitrogen thing and I said well I'll alcohol Feinman so I I called Richard they said listen man. WE WANNA do this bit on Letterman We WanNA do liquid nitrogen. We WanNa do it. Liquid air show and he went off flock. I I haven't dealt with any like real physics fifty fifty years. I I don't know I I don't know I don't know I don't know what to do in five missile. Let me get on it. You know and like an hour later Professor Colby from a Community College in Brooklyn you have you said the I speak to Penn Gillette please I said yeah this is Penn he said I know. This is a gag. I know this is a practical joke. But someone claiming to be Richard Feinman called me and asked me if I would call Penn of petted teller to setup liquid air show on Letterman. I know I'm the brunt of the joke I just don't know what the joke is. Who is this and and who called me? I said well this is Penn and it was Richard Fine Nicole called you and I get a call from Richard Feynman I said yes he said where to get my number I said maybe there's like a directory. Physicists I don't know he said I teach at a community muted college so we got together with that guy and we worked with him for three weeks and the liquid air show on on Letterman which is a bit that went very well and The guy brought a ton of liquid night January said you know. Tell us the stuff you do when it's not in front of school. Classes is the stuff that's a little bit too dangerous and a little bit too crazy and let's play with it. So we played with liquid nitrogen and even liquid oxygen. All sorts of stuff for weeks did a bit on the show. Show that That went very well but when I try to tell science friends of mine that to get liquid nitrogen I call Richard Feynman they just go. We knew you were an asshole but yeah all right and then I called Picasso. Ask him where I could buy some number two pencils right exactly exactly exactly exactly and you mentioned a book. I just want to underscore for people because it's such a fun read. Surely you're joking. Mr Feinman Feinman F. E. Y.. And an is a fantastic read for people who want to understand why I get so giddy talking about Richard Feynman. Why it'd be so interested in him not just as a physicist but also as a teacher right I mean? He's such an incredible teacher but more and more important than either of those two is he was A. He was a person that you want to you. You want to be. I mean Bob Dylan sings to live outside the law. You must be honest. and Richard Feynman at found a way to live outside the law that was phenomenal. He would not fall into any cliche whatsoever. You know my friend Tim Jensen who was how I know. Ray Crowe Nice. We did a movie about him. Called a premier spectacular movie by the way Tim and thank you. Tim said to me that when he's meeting somebody if he learns to things about them and can guess the third. He's really uninterested like he finds out that they're Vegan and they liked the grateful dead and many finds out there against nuclear clear power. He says I'm kind of done. I kind of know that kind of person and it's really interesting to look at oneself and say if someone has to Cliche data points on me. Can they guessed the third. Be Absolutely right and Feinman was the perfect example of that you know you. You could say Nobel Prize winner. You know professor drucker. He wasn't like a guy listened to opera. You know what I mean. He was a drummer he was a you know South American style music drummer. He was The way spoke we carried himself. You could not guess what the other thing was going to be. And it's it's it's one of the ways probably unfairly. Then you can decide how close you WANNA be to. Somebody is just if they can tell you something really early on that surprises you you know as we build as we build our theory of other minds we get these points and then we guessed the other points. And if you can't do that that's someone you WanNa Fall in love with definitely and and you've I was planning joining. This is actually. The next point was related to Tim's Vermeer that I wanted to bring up because it relates to to find also in another respect and that is ensure earlier joking Mr final may have been one of his later works. Richard talks about learning to paint and having a debate with his painter. Friend about who can and better appreciate the flower right. The person who only sees the EXTRINSIC beauty of observation or the person who has a better understanding extending the mechanisms underlying biology the botany underlying the flower itself and Richard would argue for the latter having additional layers of appreciation for or this thing there that painting and one of the aspects of your work and your work with teller that I so appreciate is is not just the beauty of the the trick or the gag but also the beauty of what comes behind it and Ah I'd love to hear because you have an infinite number of projects you could choose from. How did you choose to put the time into? Tim's Vermeer. It is one of my favorite documentaries last last many years and I highly recommend everybody check it out but maybe you could you could I'd love to hear you explain how you decided to pursue. That had because I I couldn't I couldn't find another way I didn't want to. I did not have the time and it was not on my agenda done but I had young children very young children and I realized that I had not had a conversation with an adult. That was not a side of my family that was not being paid for in a a year. That really distressed. So I I called up. Tim Had I thought it was a social. He remembers urgency comb. And I said Shit I gotTa talk to someone and he said okay. I'll fly sea flew into Vegas and at that time. We're both eating meat. which we don't do now? We went to Texas do Brasil and sat down. Tim Tell me something. I can't possibly make money on. I can't possibly use my show and I don't know and he said how much you know about her and I said first two paragraphs of wikipedia out and then Tim sat there and then he pulled out audio visual aids that time. You didn't do that with cell. Phone is easily. He had an actual a video camera with them with the little screen on it and he showed these as early experiments with premier and. I should go tim. You have fucked up royally because This is something that's evolved my business. This should be a documentary and Tim said No. Nobody cares about this at all. I said No. No the world will care about this team so nobody cares about this. This is one scientific paper. No one cares. I don't know this is this is a movie and then I said let's find you someone so I talked to a lot of producers and a lot of directors tim and I flew to L. A. B. Flew to New York actually I was him hindrance because people thought that his extraordinary claim was a gag because I was with him. You know I was doing some sort right. This is some sort of hidden camera. Gag But you know. BBC was a little interested. And I had a couple of good directors at our little interested and then I sucked him into my horrible show-business world in eating in meetings with people that go nowhere which I'm sure you're very familiar. F You as as Jesse Dylan says every meeting in Hollywood is a month of your life and finally I was. We'd finished like four meetings in New York. We were at some coffee place and I said Tim you know Tim Fuck it. Just I don't want to deal with these people anymore. Forget about it. Let's do it and he said what do you mean. Let's put the money up. Make the Goddamn and I said because I would rather spend the money than take any more of these meetings with dip shits. I can't do and tip. Said Him said okay. Let's go and he said you going to direct it is. I'm not gonNA direct that I can't direct I can't visualize and all produce hip tip. I'll put it all together and Tim said Okay and he said I can do the tech on it and I'll just buy the cameras. I said. Okay good and I said let's find a director and I I mean this is this is embarrassing but of course teller very frank with each other shelter was my fifth choice to direct. It finally went through a few people did like him. It seemed right. They didn't get it. They didn't have time and finally telling you nothing about any of this. We approached Taylor Tim night together and said WHO's doing this crazy thing. We think it should be a movie. What do you think it'll be started on this as you know? Five Year Journey of Tim Painting the Premier which she tells everybody over and over again he would have never finished if not for the booth. He says the moment his blood ran cold was when he said to tell her you. You know I I may not be able to finish this and then the then. There's no movie until it where they'll be a movie. They said it was the most complete terror he's ever felt. I really tried very hard. My plan on Tim's Ramir was after through that night to hand it off to accompany the producer and director. And just stay on the side chair and I just I just couldn't and find someone that was easy enough to do that. And you know tell US plan was for this to be a ten project. You'd have to worry about that. He got sucked into and now now I have to have to change spin. I did not want to do I and credibly proud and happy that I did do. I don't want to add that I the leave without adding that that'd be just ingenuous. Yep and and please please correct me if I get any of this wrong but just to pun intended. Paint a little bit of the picture for people who aren't familiar with the film. So Tim's Vermeer tracks your friend. Tim Johnson who's a very good engineer. Also adventure ventre general tinkerer of high intellect Who became interested in Yohannes Vermeer? Who is this period painter who achieved photo realistic effects in his paintings? That defied belief and follows follows. Tim's attempt to determine how he made those paintings and to replicate one himself. Is that a fair description. Yes yes very much Serbia and it's it is a really fantastic portrait also pun. Intended of not just tim but also so obsession and so many things. That that that tickled my fancy. I saw it in the theater. subbed update supposed to quite a few years ago. Now and just just loved it. So I know we've we've had a pretty long conversation this far so I don't WanNa take up Too much more of your time but this has been so much fun so glad that we finally got to and I have I have a a whole slew of other things. I'd love to ask you so maybe another time but I but a but I'd like to ask just a few quick closing questions and these are these are questions I ask pretty often. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they don't but the question is one of what you would put on a billboard. This is metaphorically speaking. If you could put anything on a billboard noncommercial could be a question quote statement image anything to get something out to billions of people that saying is there anything that That comes to mind that you'd put on such Jesus Hata swimmer's body. Can you explain why that's what you would use sub reason. I actually looked into pricing to to put that billboard up It makes me laugh so much. It seems like the perfect absurdist thing seems to have a great great deal of poetic depth to me so not you probably asked this question people hypothetically but I actually within the past six months have looked the prices for a billboard vaguely that simply says Jesus how to swimmer's body. How did this occur? It just struck me. It seems to be just pure pure poetic view of love of life at eight. That's enough that's enough. I is there any any any parting. Comments Suggestions gestion anything. You'd like to say before we wrap up. I'll link to everything we've talked about in the show notes for people tim blog Ford Slash podcasts. Certainly the bill to find and do you on On twitter I do Co. Pen Sunday school every Sunday where I talk like this You know I don't know In the age of trump I one of the worst things you know they say and I I hate to follow you. Know Godwin's law here but they say one of the worst things about Hitler was. He turned his enemies into him and I don't trump very well and one of the worst things trump is done and the one that I was farthest predicting was what he's done to the other side the people that really really he disliked trump for. I will add very good reasons. I have become so unkind and so angry. And you have stuff like If you're a trump voter I don't WanNa talk to you. If you're trump voter I was told by a what's his name. Frank The the the big nick pollster that they had had the largest number of Thanksgiving dinners canceled because relatives did not WanNa talk to each other because of the trump thing. I've been trying trying to do this thing. which is impossible by the way? If I'm successful I will simply go mad but I've been trying. This thought experiment of trying not to use the words us in them. I've tried to say the sentence those of us who voted for trump which is a very difficult sentence is to say but if you say it it's it's very profound because it is those of us who voted for trump. It's not them them who voted for trump. It's US and I also been trying very hard to think that my only the only team name I can belong to. I have two choices. I could be pen or I could be one of seven billion and seven billion is being conservative. It actually like to do a hundred eight billion for everybody that's ever lived and I might WanNa start adding primates and other mammals into there. But I don't WanNa see see teams anymore. I don't WanNa see us in them and I think the biggest challenge we face even with climate change On the Table One of the biggest challenges we face is staying kind with profound disagreement and and staying kind when a mechanism has been set up to make money power out of hate and I want to believe all the cliches ace about Love and kindness triumphing and right now politically. That's not the case They have found a way to weaponize hate in the social media. That we offer is gonNA lead to Utopia and That's heartbreaking to me but I still can't believe it and I still kind of believe the mathematics that if you want to change the world you are better off off with nonviolence if you don't even care if you even put violence on the table nonviolent revolutions have been more successful more often often than violent ones and Martin Luther King Mandela and Gandhi were not as Obama portrayed them kind kind of silly wide wild people that kind of happened to work for them but it can't work all the time that might not be true they might Actually be the scientists among us who had done proper social change in a way that is not morally right but it's also the the most efficient and my obsession right now is to try to find a way to To use it insane phrase weaponized kindness sinus and to be able to see ourselves as not teams and I mean teams in every fucking way whether teams is atheist theorist or the team is Democrat. Where teams is sports fans where they're teams is love byles Davis and Hate Kenny G.? Whether teams czar anything. I know it's impossible but God damn we gotta work on that and we got bigger problems. Coming up yeah agreed. That is an excellent way to close. Thank you so much pen and yet to be continued. I hope we have a chance to eat a Bushel of blueberries together and continued. Continue the conversation real fast. You Ain't getting any sounds like a plan. Thanks so much. Hey guys this is tim against a few more things before you take off number one. This is five bullet Friday. Do you want to get a short email for me. Would you enjoy getting a short email every Friday. That provides a little more sort of fun before the weekend and five Fridays. Every short email where I share the coolest things I found that had been pondering over the week. That could include favorite new albums that I've discovered it could include gizmos and gadgets and all sorts of Weird Shit that that somehow dug up in the world of the Esoteric as I do. It could include favorite articles that I've read and that I've shared with my close friends for instance and it's very short. It's just a little tiny bite of goodness before you head off for the weekend so if you want to receive that check check it out. Just go to four hour. WORKWEEK DOT COM. That's four hour workweek dot com all spelled out. And just drop in your email. You'll get the very next one and if you sign up I in. This episode is brought to you by Lincoln jobs. It's a new year. Twenty twenty time clarity. At time. When lots of folks are thinking about personal professional growth and in many cases the growth of their own businesses big goals necessitating good? Planning and good hires. If that's you Lincoln can help you find the right people who can set you up for a strong year. Lincoln jobs screens candidates with hard and soft skills. You're looking for you can hire the right person quickly. How is it? The person's hired every second with Lincoln. And why is it. The company's at rated Lincoln jobs the number one platform for delivering quality tires collaboration creativity vivid adaptability linked in simply has more and better data. They can look beyond pure word skills and put your job post in front of qualified candidates who match. It's your business requirements perfectly. That's how went in. Make sure that your job post is seen by the people you want to hire people the skills vacations and interests that will help you. You and your business grow so find the right person for your business. Today with Lincoln jobs you can pay what you want and get the first fifty dollars off. Just visit Lincoln dot com slash Tim again. THAT'S LINCOLN DOT com slash Tim to get fifty dollars off of your first job. Post terms and conditions. Apply this episode. 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There is a way to have the best experience what can offer and that is by using. Brave brave is up to six times faster than other browsers and it's truly incredible. How much faster everything is? I have used brave for instance to get on airplane Wi fi when other browsers crashed. I have used it to watch youtube videos. When it's just suspended in loading forever on on other browsers it's not subtle little? There's a huge difference other browsers act like a vacuum cleaner for your data. So this is on the security privacy side using profiled and track across the web so what you might ask well data collected about us to manipulate both your decisions and countrywide decisions like elections and if the one that listening to my episode with Tristan Harris Brave is a way to protect yourself and remove the surveillance. Economy Breath also includes options which I use. I use quite often such as private window with tore for those seeking advanced privacy and safety. This browser feels intuitive. It's super easy to use. You can import your bookmarks with one. Click and all. Your favorite chrome extensions are also available with brave and it doesn't have to be either or you can use multiple browsers for different things now. Listeners listeners of this show the Tim Ferriss show can easily upgrade their browser for free. And all you have to do is go to brave dot com forward slash tim. That's brave. BRAVE DOT com slash. Tim I use brave all the time and I strongly suggest that you at least test it out so go to breathe dot com for slash. Tim and give it a shot doc.

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Oh that's what he's got. He's yeah we didn't say very much interesting before starting no starting and then you just said shop fuck said hold that thought this concept of things getting better and we were talking about war war because he's a world war two helmet that shane against the machine is the gentleman's name he's made me another sculpture and he started making sculptures churn out of world war two helmets with a lamp underneath it and an actual real world war two pain as well and you were saying was a terrible idea yeah that is going away. You think really yeah real really fast and you you mentioned pinker and that's you know everything i will say is redone into pinker. I mean that <hes> a better angels of our nature is one of i think the most subversive books of our time you know people are there's such a <hes>. It's a fetish to suffer. It's a fetish to say how bad things are people getting really off on it and when you start saying you know after you say one death by violets this is too many and we gotta clean up the environment and then say all that stuff and it's all true but you can also take a breath and say things are getting better. Yeah i think we we need to recognize that and the problem is there is there is violence. There is horrible things. There are horrible things in the world they still exist and now they're magnified because of the fact that we have this ability to look at it on your phone anytime you want your computer. It's the same thing it's the same thing i think. Calories and information are identical. You know oh four million's billion years the biggest problem every living thing had was too few calories and then for what maybe seventy five years a very small percentage of the animals in the world had this problem of too many calories and there's nothing thing that prepares anybody for that we now have more information in one issue of the new york times then <hes> a seventeenth seventeenth century peasant would have had in their entire life so we have this glut of information that we're dealing with about as well as we dealt with calories. I talked about at this quite often but the way i described his diet and that most people have a poor diet and then most people's diet is not nutritious where and if you have a poor diet that's not nutritious. Your body becomes unhealthy well. If you have a poor mental diet and i've discussed many people. Do we talk about this with like three or four people who've been talking about this taking in information should almost think give it as a mental diet because if you take in bad information all the time native information and i will speak for myself but i don't think i'm in any way alone. I often forget get where i read stuff mealy careful to not really too much garbage yeah or it just pops up in my head is oh that's real right now so i try to go with new sources that are think are pretty reliable even if i disagreed with them not gonna try to read the times because i know there's a level to how how much they're gonna lie. We know we know where the parameters of they're lying. You know where they do the spin and if you just just pop around the web at random. You can't tell what what kind of information you're getting but i also wanna add to this. It's exactly the way i feel about drugs. You know as much as i want to say say. This is not right for me. Information has to be out there and all information absolutely no gatekeepers. No i completely agree and i think that we're coming very close to a time where technology allows us to understand what's true and what's not true. We're not there yet but i think we're we're really close to being able to have some sort of an ability to read minds to decipher information like really clearly the problem with reading mines <hes> if we could do it and to to ascertain truth is truth is very different from what someone believes. Yes you know if you had a perfect lie detector. It would not help you with criminality at all because you know people that think they're innocent may very well think they're innocent even if they are not sure yeah. That's a really good point and you know another really good point as memory is very fallible. Oh oh yeah see i get a lot. I got a lot of shit for this and i talked about it a little bit on on my podcast but i was in the room with trump a lot. You know i i did two talk to tours of duty. Tell me about that. Was that like there's always supposed to do that. Show and i passed on it. I was like i don't wanna live in new york for three months or whatever it was just seem like a hug. It's wise either way. It was a it was a primetime television show so it's all tickets and that is our job. <hes> and that's what we do and i went on with one idea in my head. You know any duke poker player she had been on the year before and i said <hes>. Why am my going on. I mean i'm not gonna sell tickets and that's that's just a done deal but why am i going on. What's my wheel goal and she said go on and show that atheists can be kind. That'll be your only goal for the whole show because they're going to jump on you for being atheist. They'll jump over you for that and just show that you're the one that gets mad the least so the one that you're you're the nicest guy on there and you're the hardcore atheist and i went okay. That's a good goal but then you sit in the room but i i don't know how well you know the president united states. I don't want to know him at all <hes> but you spend about two or three hours hours every other day sitting in a room across the table like this with a table. You can't put your hands on why can't put your hands because it might mar it in a handprint imprint. They literally tell you don't put your hands on the table and you have to sit up straight in the camera if you're like the team captain which by the way they hated if you call them team captain like to have it you know some sort of business jargon and you're in you're in a set and that's the thing that everybody else on the show would say we're going into the boardroom now when i'd say no. We're going onto the boardroom set so it wasn't a real boardroom. No of course not none of it is sound stage. It was it was in the trump towers but they taken overflowing m._b._c. got sitting puts up this shit and then camera that your hero camera that's over your shoulder that shooting trump so you can't lean into the camera and they wanna little peace. Usa can't lean out of the camera so that you've got about two hours where you sit up straight and you can't move side to side and you can't put your hands at the table and you listen to someone speak for two hours that they're gonna try to edit out to get three minutes. That's where he sounds. Okay okay. What does he have to say for two hours he would talk. I mean things obviously have changed but he would talk about wrote. I was reading this blog on the internet that said i didn't sell my property for enough and i bought it for three million dollars when i sold it for four million. Isn't that a profit. Isn't that a prophet. What do you think is that a prophet. He that would be a million dollars profit well. They said i sold it for two less. They a little okay who was this. Is somebody on the internet okay so you know he'd be arguing. In front of us with perhaps apps a eighteen year old guy on the internet who thought tunnel trump should have been more for real estate deal and this is something you really concentrates on. He seems to still to this day obsessed with what anybody says about him anytime so odd and i thought and i want to say this very clearly <hes>. I thought he was wonderful job. You know if you had someone who was actually a business person on that show it would be the worst show in the world because bill gates would make proper decisions and be no surprises you want someone capricious and crazy with no filter. That's what you want and that's what we got so he's makes arbitrary decisions. You try you know the human brain tries desperately to make those make sense and that ends up being some kind of it entertainment and <hes> so i actually actually donald trump junior said to me in all the people have had on the show. You seem like the only person person who's ever liked my father. You said you actually seem to like them and i said you know i have a fascination and to respect respect and affection for people who are able to get out of their filters and i said some people do that with pure genius. I like bob dylan. Some people do bravery like lenny bruce. Some people do it with drugs. You know neil young. Perhaps <hes> jimi hendrix. Perhaps and most people do it with a mixture of stuff but i said <hes> thelonious monk said the genius is the one who is most like himself self and i said with some sort of mental problems coupled with greed read and a lack of compassion. Your father has somehow found a way to throw off the filters and i will listen to tiny tim talk on tape for hours because i like that little bit of asperger's and all that other stuff bar. I'm assuming i'm not qualified but i'm saying it's awesome. I can hear him talk forever. I can listen to lenny bruce. You know how wilner has those hundreds of hours of him just ranting under his tape i think i don't like people on on drugs that much but point i do and i listened to <hes> lenny bruce talk forever and <hes> donald trump had the dark side of that that it was almost like when i was hitchhiking around the country and homeless and shit and you'd end up at a biker place and you know some clubhouse and some guys just holding court short renting i've always been interested in the people who are out on the margins you know and what what donald junior took as affection i i guess was a bit of action but it's also that if you have thrown off some filters i'll listen to you talk and so that was that was very very strange and then <hes> i really did spend a lot of time kind of sticking up for donald donald trump saying yeah there's interesting stuff there and yeah he's crazy and he's venal and he's empty. <hes> you know really weird weird stuff that you've never seen before. You have never seen someone who has never laughed sincerely and never made a joke never left sincerely no he. He will laugh in a bully way. You look kinda. Fat joe really yeah. He'll do that but it won't laugh at himself. Oh no and also but never we're a even a joke says things on twitter. Did you see the thing he did on twitter. The other day. We put a picture of trump tower in greenland and he said i promise not to do this. Yeah yeah i mean i left that was funny giant trump tower in the middle of greenland. I never saw it. I mean i saw that but we ever saw him personally. I never saw i the house will never saw him showing the enjoyment or understanding of music and those two things are two things that i connect with people very much on i do too but one of my best friends doug stanhope does not like oh yeah yeah i know take fucking hate music and tellers father really always foster did like music i mean i don't aggressively did like yeah. I don't know what that is but i do know that i don't. I don't believe that we see things the same way like. I don't think we taste things the same way which is why some people enjoy certain kinds of food. Some people hate those exact same foods. Some people music sounds different in terms of like what what their emotional and psychological makeup is and what it does to them. Some people don't want to have none of it and that stand up when i lost all that weight loss loss over one hundred pounds who adulation i read a lot and also more importantly for years and kept it off but <hes> when i was reading about taste i i read this book and i know it's awful that i can't bring up the name but <hes> woman wrote this wonderful book about preferences and food and she it was trying to set up a dichotomy. Let's talk to those people who think there's a natural taste and desire and food and those that think it's all environment and what you memory memory and so on and you just can't find scientists on the other side. All of our food preferences are habit and there's nothing else habit. It just happened. Is that proven. How can they prove that seems to be <hes> lots of studies <hes> with young children <hes> lots of studies with people who they control their well. How do you how do you make how does it make sense when you have two kids that have relatively different tastes and i grew up in the same household and they have essentially very similar food experiences yeah well. I don't know how they tease out that but daughter one daughter who loves spicy food and she's young she's nine and i love spicy food and i mean this fucking kid can eat hala pinos narrow sauce. She'll like i'll say this. One might be a little too hot for your like lemme. Try it and she'll dip her finger and she's like put it on. She'll eat chicken with habanero sauce. She's a little savage. My other one doesn't want have nothing to do with it she did she thinks everything's too hot like a little bit of pepper. She's like well. It's too hot but you know i i found when my when i when i changed my diet so radically that might comfort foods changed. My habits. Habits changed what i liked. Gino a lot of that is because of gut bacteria microbiome fascinating really fascinating stuff and cd back to your brain. You know aw that was the thing that was so so strange because in your emotions yes very much so but when i i became plant based vegan <hes> for health reasons and i wrote in my book i wrote a lot of stuff about. I am an unethical vegan. I'm not doing this or any sort of animal any sort of animal lack of animal cruelty nothing strictly health. That's why i'm doing the plants and a story and this has happened to a lot of friends of mine who changed that add after whatever it takes people are guessing like three months four months of <hes> of no animal products <hes> those little critters eaten shit in your in your guts die that like the meat stuff and they're not giving that feedback loop and i just found a real emotional national change. We're all of a sudden. I went i. I don't want to be part of that of the suffering. Yeah it was really strange how that changed and it really felt to me. <hes> i so want to <hes> i you know hard core atheist as you know and <hes> i don't believe even a mind body separation at all and yet i seem to believe that when i was three hundred and fifty pounds that that <hes> none of that affected my emotion and then i lost all this weight and found there were so many changes in me that seemed seemed to be intellectual and emotional and actually i had a lot of evidence where physical well up on the mind body collaboration should fuck you up because a lot of people make these assumptions that you know you are not your body and a lot of very intelligent people they issue working out and they don't want to exercise and they find it like it's a vanity thing i it seems egotistical they don't they don't like it and so they put it in this category of kind of knucklehead dumb things to do your body in your mind are all in the same house same thing if your house is filled with shit doesn't help so amazing how i mean i completely believe that wasn't lifted that i was like thinking that i was living this okay two thousand year old little monkey lous who's kind of living inside me who's this pure pen and then the body is just the vehicle. It's driving around al help you with that. I think knowing you as long as i've known you. You're an intense thinker and you. Your mind is something you mean mean you cherish your thoughts and you you embrace them and you're very intelligent guy and i think you just probably rejected the idea. There was anything outside of the mind that had any influence on you. We also talked about this. I was also you know. I was the biggest guy ever go through my school so <hes> my the small high school in western massachusetts. You know so i was. I was six seven. They wanted me center of the basketball team. They want all this stuff and those kinds of people in that kind of culture. You know i wanted to listen to music. I wanted to read and i set up this. You guys were physical. I don't like you on a different print team. Yeah you know and my dislike of competitions and teams became a team thing yeah yeah. That's the thing you always get stuck. In off. The the the dislike of teams becomes your team and i'm trying so hard now to think i have two choices one or seven billion and there's no teams between that can either be myself or i can be one of all humanity or i won't even say seven billion. Let's say a hundred billion. The number of people blue lived in history and you know those are the people i can be. It's why i'm trying to not and this is impossible to do by the way i've talked about. How explaining to you how i'm driving myself crazy real information. I'm trying to not think ever of us in them but i'm trying to say those of us who voted for for trump those of us who believe this <hes> which always us because man i'm so fucking sick of teams and even look back and go you know i love the velvet underground. I hated the fucking eagles and that was so fucking team and that was dip related at forced upon you know i wanted to be the kind of guy that went from. You know zappa the velvet underground to <hes> to bob dylan paul okay and the eagles and the doobie brothers not what i listened to. I've just trying to let that go yeah. You wanted to be one of the cool. Kids exactly yeah and whenever you want that you gotta to say the cool kids. That's the hundred and eight billion of lived on this planet yeah. That's a great way to look at things i think i wish people taught them in school. The dangers injures of being involved in teams because we get involved in teams in terms of like playing basketball or whatever but th but teams in terms of like the what what i believe versus what you believe and i think we're experiencing that politically right now with the most polarizing time in my lifetime that i've ever ever worldwide yes worldwide. I mean it's it is not it is not an american banks right and i it's just insane and i also know that's why i said you know i try to go with the velvet underground and the eagles because that's where i can really see where i'm wrong yeah. You know that i'm wrong. How do you deny victim of love. That's okay once jokes. Ask ask loud in the mix. The eagles change people have to recognize it was in the middle of the china sea with joe walsh through through a series of odd coincidences yeah well just just last year. We got this gig paul allen who is one of the great guy right and he things burks us to be on a cruise <hes> to do a show for his friends got like two hundred friends and he's bought this fucking cruise ship. He's rented his fucking doc in cruise-ship thrown off all the chefs and everything bring on his own people and they're going to go from from kobe to shanghai and he wants the entertainment to be jay leno penn and teller and ringo star. Whoa okay. That's what it's going to be on the china's see on a cruise boat for like two hundred people any books and as i said to my friend if the magic dragon i said do you know how much it costs to shutdown penn and teller in vegas and fly us all to fuck can japan to be a cruise ship to do a fucking penn and teller show and then compact if any idea how much that costs and piff said no and i said me me either but must let's be a lot of talk to bandages or something because that must be a shift on money tweet books this whole thing and then paul dis dis so well you know glenn who you met out there the long suffering glenn who are manager he calls up a few days and says really sorry for for your loss and we'll trade in the tickets and get you the money back can we we can probably we book those those weeks. It's not going to cost anything and so sorry sorry when we're still doing it and thank you. We're we're the person that booked his dad. We're still doing this gig giga okay and i said to glen you know now that we can work for dead. People are gonna take off. Doc is that opens up the market right so turns out that his friends you know paul allen's france people like joe walsh billy gibbons winston all these food scientists and all these great people so there i am in the middle of the china sea with with <hes> joe walsh onstage onstage just at three in the morning playing piano for like fifteen people and singing desperado those kinds of things and talking to joe walsh and stuff stuff going now. Why exactly was i on a different team from joe walsh. Exactly was i on the lou reed team sort of the joe. Walsh team was the big lebowski influenced flinch. Maybe maybe it was but it'd be just <hes>. It's just trying to be more and more inclusive is just a really difficult thing to do. Do it is in the music. Is all that stuff. Just everybody everybody you become a prisoner of those thoughts and those those things you espouse. I can start saying fuck. The eagles like you're stuck. You're stuck with fuck the eagles and then when you start to realize that you know when the clash was hitting in the u._s. S. there were people sitting around a boardroom going. How do we get twenty year old assholes to buy this shit right it was all being done and laid out and that's fine right next job and that's great and god bless them but i gotta be aware that they're doing that. Yeah i know when you think about someone sounds sex. Pistols merchandise like sex sex pistols slow. Sorry sexual slob was first of the hard rock and there's a big side the only notes that really counter the ones answer come in wads and that's over the door of a casino that you're walking in and then there's a sid vicious slot machine to go okay okay so this his satires dead. We can no longer do satire. That's over really hard because there's so many people that are serious that are more ridiculous than satire. There's a guy who i don't know his real name but as twitter name is tatyana mcgrath and he plays like the most woke person and all of twitter and i re tweet his stuff or her stuff the pseudonym all the time and people get furious on my car got it is fucking person serious like this is bullshit and i'm like it's a parody and they're like oh okay. I get that close. It's that close to be a real person person but not close. We've already crossed over. Oh yeah absolutely there's no way to tell woke people with the with the woke young. There's and tell you with any what's far-right as well. You don't wanna tell with any of us so never ever ever light satire. I never ever liked parody garrity even when i was reading onion national lampoon how about that. Is that a turnaround fast the four hundred onions too good. The onion did the headline when steve jobs died which said a nation mourns the loss and the last person do what the fuck was doing. I read that's perfect. I saw that post up up here in europe which the lenny bruce without tears. Oh yeah and you know the idea of walking i mean i i looked i was i was whatever whatever i was <hes> tanner. Eleven when lenny bruce died and <hes> but i didn't ever hear him until after he was dead when you're younger than me so he even more so for you but i i did not go to college. I would hitchhike up to the college. It was nearby when i was in high school which was umass us and all that and <hes> because i'm from little dead factory town north of there and i remember seeing <hes> lenny bruce without <music> out tears. They showed that as a film on the college campus wow. I think i'm remembering this right like we know our memories are wrong but i saw the film very early and it was <hes> completely life-changing for me. You know <hes> the idea that stand up comedy. I was going to go from to me was the smothers brothers <hes> to <hes> to somebody actually talking from from their heart in a way that <hes> made people laugh but who cared and of course and then andy kaufman turns that entirely inside out but the idea that data form was created. You know <hes> created here in the u._s. When you went from being a you know <hes> park carcass carcass album brooks's father doing the greek dialect and even throw in amos and andy and all of those people that did jokes and character stuff and and then all of a sudden a guy coming out as himself and talked about his real life was just mind blowing to me and so the idea that instead of doing parody being able to get your laughs stating what you believe and maybe that means people are laughing at you and maybe that's okay. It's it's definitely okay but i don't think there's anything wrong with any way to do it. I think there's nothing wrong with abbott and costello. You know what i mean. It's i was having a talk talk with gilbert. You know give her gosh rate and we were talking. You said you know in in the <hes> in laurel and hardy stan laurel was the brains and then three stooges mo was the brains and in the marx brothers groucho was the brains dab in custody had no brains that total you wanna talk about the stooges big anarchy yeah. The abbott and costello are just completely off the map. Yeah there's really for the time though it was groundbreaking breaking. It's hard for us to wrap our head around as was teaching chung ching chong for the time was groundbreaking. I know has to do with drugs and for me. Yeah me i i was on a different team if i've gone back and that stuff is good and of course but i'm also a liar because i was crazy see for fireside theater and memorizing. Everything and phil proctor still a good friend of mine and that was very much drug base. I think that comedy is like music in that. There's a whole bunch of different ways to do it. You know if you were a big fan of bruce springsteen and you went to see bruce bruce springsteen but run dmc showed up instead. You'd be furious what the fuck is this but obviously people love run dmc. It's a different way to do a thing. It's a different different ways to express and a way to learn yeah no way to learn when you get pushed out of there but it's it's just <hes> <hes> that that the whole idea that you've got to decide i mean my life is so heavily affected by drugs. Even though i had this whole you know i am not going to do any drugs by. Did you have that decision. You know i don't know i don't know that's always in. I've talked about this. Podcast odd cast forever now was it. How old are you now. I'm sixty four years and you have no experience with drugs other medications surgery. Yes listen i have i've had a deep enough injuries that i have experienced getting surgery because you love drugs trey parker <hes> <hes> said that my big flaw was never having been high fix that he did fix that i would infor dental surgery our series dental surgery and they fucked up and the <hes> the dentist told the nurse what he'd given me in terms of painkillers thank killers and she took that as what she was supposed to give me instantly doubled the dose and i was so fucking in high out of my mind die that way and i told my wife through my hayes of not knowing who i was called trae barker vegas and said i want to sit with pat hi. I'm flew in a while. You talked up. Oh my god. How long did it take to get to you know he was. He was planning on being there like he came like a day early so he got he got there like i was still high at trae set. I don't remember anything and traced the next day i was right. You should be high those different kinds of high. There's different kinds of music and you know i was very i was very it was very close to lou reed and a very good friend of mine in lieu said speaking on behalf of the people of earth. Which often do we don't want to see fucking do so. Liu says no traces. Yes what does joe say well. Joe is interesting because i wanted to talk to you about this because 'cause we had a conversation a long time ago about this and you said that i remember this very clearly. I may paraphrase this but you said i think we've learned all there is no i know and i don't need to do it a yes. I said that and i was wrong. Yeah yeah just wrong. I think you should experienced psychedelics. Psychedelics are a totally different things. They don't take you know sam harris short and sam harris is the one who got me meditating which took him years of argue with me and now it's been three or four years that i have not missed a day. Not mr day you you have a problem. Here's wanting problems. You're very intelligent. You're also also very large and very articulate and people like to hear you talk so you just can talk and you can take over you could overrun things and you can make an argument humint people. Just go all right. Step back and that's good if you're trying to win an argument but sometimes it's bad ideas and i remember when i heard that conference exactly right thank you when i had that conversation with members saying i'm going to revisit this someday and one day. I wanna get fucked up on mushrooms. That's what i remember thinking like. It might be a good thing for well. The best thing for you would be something that doesn't take very long. Just so you can expect dmc is the best one because it takes fifteen minutes and it's over and then your body brings brings it back to baseline almost immediately so you literally traveled to another dimension and then you're back and you don't have to worry about any overdosing because it's an endogenous chemical. Your body knows exactly what to do it so one of the quickest chemicals that your body can break down and bring back to baseline in in my defense from the very beginning think of my not doing drugs which is odd odd kind of a baseline there. I always left the the door open for for psychedelics in what i what i dislike. The most was wine with dinner really disliked. The most social will kind of lubrication wine with dinner is a main doing this in past tense. You know that's that's that's right. That's right. I always was and always left open. The possibility of some of the more intense stuff wine with dinner is a delicious drug. It's one of the rare delicious drugs like. I like whiskey but let's is beyond. It tastes like shit. It's weird. You're drinking his toughest. Who like it's got kind of a good flavor but it's like it's harsh can't drink it like it can't fuck with kool. Aid kool aid tastes way better than cheap. He doesn't mix it up. It tastes delicious. It's way better tasting but you know wine. Wine has a delicious taste. You could enjoy here's my prob. One of my many problems will detail more than one but i have no skill at moderation. I'm sixty four years old and i've never been able to do anything with moderation so i think if if you told me we're going to do ask for the rest of our lives every single day. You could make that argument the idea for me. That's hard like i said but i said i meditated. I haven't missed a day. Maybe micros. Maybe we'll give you a little right now. Just a little spray. You do microdosing do it now. I what is think about it a little bit before. All the would be pretty boss box. You get the box right there box right here yeah so <hes> how often i was gonna. I was going to answer that question. I have a zillion answers to i've never done drugs and none of them are of course true oh because we don't have access to that stuff that we really do but my parents and my whole family in bag generations teetotalers so there was never alcohol alcohol in the house ever. I never saw my parents. Take a drink <hes> when it was on t._v. It was a totally different thing. It just didn't happen. They never preached about it. They never said don't drink. They never said don't do drugs. It just never was in the house and that statistically has a huge effect on people and then the first most people i fell madly in love with you know <hes> lenny bruce jimi hendrix <hes> had been in my mind killed by drugs trucks and i kind of said ou people would that have this kind of personality when they get into drugs they sometimes have trouble and i think that maybe being nineteen years old and trying to get into show business. That may be being the sober. One allowed the dumber guy to do a little better you know. Is everybody else. Kinda get outta my way ever fucked locked up some of the time i could get other stuff done and then that starts reinforcing. Let may no longer be valid well there. Are i mean i've never done coke and one of the reasons why i never we did coconut talk many times. My friend growing up cousin used to sell it and i watched his life all park. They were just doing coke all the time and lost a lot of weight and looks like a vampire was very strange. It's hung <music> out in their attic. Apartment is really weird. I remember thinking fuck. Coke is like a guy. I know got bit by a monster and was infected with at something yeah the people the people that i've been on coke not pleasant not good. It's not i don't and i think that's also one of the accusations against trump that he's on some sort of speed which is why he's so inexhaustible you know and also why he has this <hes> inability to be affected by criticism terms of like he doesn't he's. It's no secret shame shame no self reflection and that's something that is a symptom of people that are on speed and the adderall generation that we're living in god damage so many fucking people that are on at all. I mean it's so it's so goddamn common. I was having this conversation the other day and someone was telling me about this guy. They know now who's really brilliant but he won't stop. He's got a._d._h._d. And he you know he just can't stop and he won't stop talking in this. I'm waiting. I'm just waiting this person's talking to me. I'll go while he's on adderall and they go yeah yes. It's a medication. I go look. It's fucking speed that guys on speed okay and you can call it a medication education 'cause you can buy it at the pharmacy but that fucking guys speed all day long every day and there is a giant number of people in this country that are medicaid and that are on speed all the time. That's at great <hes> andy warhol quote which was in the sixties. We thought were getting to know people but we were getting to know drugs. <hes> <hes> you know there's there is definitely there is definitely a personality type that we think is an individual that does seem to have a tie in with fucking adderall mindset mindset. There's a speed mindset and it's a go go. Go get everything done more bigger faster accumulate shit on the fucking man. I'm the fucking man like that mindset. It's dangerous mindset. It's a real weird. One and it's not one that laughs at itself. It's not one that self deprecating. It's all me me me amy me. I'm the shit and that's what you get out of trump. This is an there's a guy who's a journalist who wrote a story about how he knows. The very dwayne read pharmacy in manhattan where trump getting diet pills way back in the day where he's supposed to take it for like six weeks. He took it for years and this guy is saying this is what you're dealing with like. Many people call them the president like this entire. It absolutely could be that. He's on something that all the were talking about now. This whole time is just speed yeah yeah i mean and it gives them the energy to look member when he was running for president and like how the fuck is not tired. I get tired if i tour do stand up stand up. It's an hour twenty minutes of my own routine that i wrote myself. I'm hanging out with friends. I do two shows and i know my woo this motherfucker storing boring flying around and jets over the country just in exhausted just no fucking script just goes on stage in front of everybody just rant and rave about china and the economy and build long on all right. We're going to go to ohio off the jetty in kentucky fried chicken and can flies in ohio who the fuck at seventy has that kind of energy people on speed. I don't know if it's true. I might be wrong. I might be wrong but it seems like it. It seems like all the pieces are in place and there was a psychologists is doing an analysis of all the various psychological traits that people who are on phetamine staff and they compared it to trump and like all of them megalomania all of the various psychological characteristics inability to accept criticism. You know this thinking that everyone's against them this. The this this delusions of grandeur all these different things was there was a guy on a on a was on apprentice who talked about him <hes> him doing these these kind of drugs it was a new story. It was like a was like an intern that we weren't going to <hes> just kind of faded away after that but it's a it's a it's a nutty <hes>. It's nutty thing i'm arnold. Claims donald trump's snorted adderall on the apprentice set okay well. I know tom he's crazy. Uh-huh i love you tom but i don't know maybe did but may tom arnold would say that he snorted trump t- <hes> snorted coke just to piss trump off yeah he would say that just because i'm fucking with them or getting under his skin maybe did that. All i don't know. I don't know it doesn't seem like he. That is the kind kind of thing he would snort. It seemed like he would pretend to medicinal took a pill. I mean it's kind of medicinal. Here's the thing it will allow you to get more things done you. We had a guy in here. Wrote a book on hunter thompson and <hes> one of the things that he's talking about was that he needs atarot right and i i was going into it with him because one of the things that dirty little secret about journalism realism is a tremendous amount of journalists are on adderall tremendous amount like an enormous amount like one of my friends. Who's pretty do. We know how much adderall they're all going into the u._s._a. That's a good question how many adderall prescriptions were made in two thousand eighteen. Let's not <hes> but my friend who's a legit journalist for legit publication said you would be stunned and he goes he goes. It's an enormous percentage already. They just started banging it <music> out. I mean like they did with <hes> with <hes> fenton all the vets to children they just hang out at are all under and what's the other one prozac prozac no the other one they do for i guess for if for attention deficit disorder is another one other than at atarot. Maybe zach adderall. I i know prozac. Prozac was put my neighbors tin on prozac. Fucking horrific seems low <hes> sixteen million adults or prescriptions refilled sixty million and adults had prescriptions filled. That's low which seems low also sixteen million three percent. Yeah that seems is low less than four four percent something like that <hes> yeah that was last year. Twenty twelve is the last so that's a million years ago showing up and maybe that was true for twenty twelve. I think it probably was true for twenty twelve. I think we live in a whole whole new world now and i don't think it's anywhere near four percent or five percent. Whatever the fuck the real numbers. I bet it's about ten. I ten percent of people in this country on overall if i had to guess. I bet it's around thirty million abed. It's around there yeah. I'm not yeah. I wouldn't be shocked. I know a bunch of people around a bunch and some people tell they have to take it. That's what my favorite one is have to take. I don't tell you what happens you die. You just you don't take it. It's fucking speed man. You know like a lot of the people take. They're not healthy otherwise they're not exercising drinking a lot of water not meditating. You're not eating healthy foods like what do you do. You need that like what what happens happens. If you get rid of all that other stuff like cut out the shitty food cut out all the sugar start drinking water no booze. Let's get your exercise in three times the league let me see if you really need that adderall shit. How many vitamins you take you take vitamins. Do you eat healthy. Are you drinking fruit juice and vegetable juice are you what kind of nutrients you taken into your system and you're wondering why you don't have any fucking energy so you just porn jet fuel tank colliding the whole fucking thing on fire but and the other hand is like things get done on when you take speed what we were talking about hitler the other day that <hes> why wouldn't you be. Why wouldn't we be we were talking about. Who is who we're talking about. Was it <hes> with fahim. I don't remember <hes> but we were talking about hitler. There was a time where hitler had comeback from something and he's supposed to meet mussalini and he was physically basically exhausted so his doctor injected with a combination of steroids and liquid cocaine and he just just fucking fill with energies like give me another one and the guys like no ooh. I can't give you fucking give me another one and he gave them another one and then he went to mussalini and ranted at mussalini fuck and talk to them for five hours and mussalini just never got a word in edgewise apparently mussalini his plan was to talk to hitler go. Hey man italy wants to get the fuck out of this would meet up and then just fucking crazy for five hours sweating like a pig because he was on fucking coke coke steroids. These pumped him up with it. Maybe it's it's best to stay away from some drugs. Yes okay but i mean it's. It's amazing. How much productivity gets done because of caffeine gene right. A wood is caffeine. Caffeine is a very mild stimulant in terms of you know compared to admiral or things on but it is a fucking drug and it's a drug. There's goddamn goddamn drugstore on every corner. Everyone's buying it. It's in every gas station. Everyone's fueling up. Y'all fuel up. You know i don't i drink decaffeinated coffee which means i drink five percent of what you drink drink eight cups of coffee and makes a just like the i don't like the taste but i like the social stuff i like having a hot bitter thing in front of me t- i have t- to my idol title nervously i nervously drink habit like you know some people smoke. I like to have seltzer have decaf coffee or decaf. Not something i like seltzer to makes me feel like i'm doing something rather than drinking water. You know like i like sparkling water water with entertainment. I like sparkling water with little lime. Oh i got a drink here or you know what you take decaffeinated espresso and then you pour carbonated water on top of that and then you've got bitter <unk> bubbly. You're drinking a potion. You want that you wanna. Potion oppostion makes you feel like an adult grow kool aid. This is an adult exactly when you're a non drinker of alcohol. You have to work very hard to look like your drink. You like an adult yeah so you've never fucked with alcohol at all no one no nothing nothing i mean. I know i'm talking to someone who pays attention so you can say that there is alcohol vanilla. There's alcohol and things like that so you. You can't say none but i never. I never went to never went to a searched out. It feels good. I never even accidentally no one ever even. Can you know fuck with me on that real well. That's good. That's surprising yeah that is surprising given the circles you travel in imagine. Eventually someone will be like enough is enough get. This guy fucked walked up to be funny. Episode be really funny. Yeah seems like someone would have that would fit in someone's sense of humor. Some great knows. This may be the day water water if you if you really want to say the word we'll open up the box of dum box psychedelics throw yes. I do not that often a couple times. A year like i mean we did mushrooms on a podcast a couple of months ago but that was a small dose but the tank is my friend. I have already have on your size. The year i went to one of these places where you pay x. Amount of money and you go because my buddy auty tim johnson. We did a movie called. Tim's vermeer repainted a premier in his garage and <hes> tim was really into that. I'll do any tim does i just i just loved him and and <hes> so i went and you know whatever you pay a few bucks you go into float in the tank and i was so ready i have this happened so much in my life i get it's so ready for a major change in my life. The first time i wanted to become a vegan i went out with a friend. This was like in nineteen ninety and there was a guy was making fun of brutally ripping the fuck apart for stupid eating. You know that i said listen. I wanna go out with you to a restaurant. Just eat vegetables and i'm not gonna interrupt. Uh i'm not gonna make funnier. You talk to me for three hours about all your peter singer stuff all your ethical vegetarian stuff and you convert me. That's that's all i want you to do. That was the reason i went out. That was the reason i went out with him and i finished up the whole evening i went you know i really respected your point of view until roya understood. It motherfucker talked me out of doing what i wanted to do and so i got ready man with the with <hes> with the <hes> isolation tack this'll be good. He's told me about this. I'm just gonna go there. Sensory deprivation just let my mind wander and i went in there and it was just just salting. I was bumping against walls. Yeah yeah you. It's you need to get used to it. It's like the meditation. Try meditating once. I couldn't concentrate meditate me once is usually yes yeah. It's you often you do the tank all the time i used to have you noticed that now all that often i say i used to have in my house and now i just have it here but it's a very valuable tool and you meditate. I meditate. I like to meditate before shows. I've been doing a lot more lately <hes> but the tank is a great place to meditate as well because it's meditation squared. That's meditation without any external stimulation smoking climbing there and follow. You follow breathing rules and yes you would do. What kind of meditation do you do. You meditate it would have been doing lately is all i do is concentrate on my breath other. Things get in there but i just say breathe in breathe. Breathe out breathe out breathe in breathe out and i just concentrating on long slow rhythmic breaths and i get myself into this weird state and you know this will come in. I gotta fucking low front tire you gotta you gotta get that filled <hes> this is you need this your inspection sticker ticker and the bullshit comes in but i just breathe in breathe that force it out before and after five or ten minutes of this i can get to a nice state where i can just keep doing and keep keep doing it but in the tank it's very accentuated because in the tank i don't have to think about my butt in the seat my hands on the table enough to think about anything else. Just i'm just lying there. You're experiencing when you're talking about bumping into the walls. That's just a technique thing when you when you lie in it right you get into tank first of all. You need a big tank. You're a giant guy <hes> there's there's a lotta those little pods. Those barely big enough for me. You know it's like you. You need a large one and you lie down the tank and then you put your hand on one wall and you hand on the wall and you let the water still because he's going to be a lot of little ripples floating because you're so buoyant there's a thousand pounds epsom salts in there and you're floating and it's easy to just kinda a bounce back and forth so you put your hands there till they steady and then once the ripples can stop then you slowly bring your hands down and then when you slowly bring your hands hands donnie do it really slowly making any ripples and then lay there and then you can be in the exact same position hours and that's that's how it's technique week center so long to ours is what i like doing do an hour. If i'm in a rush in a have a worship it is yeah. I mean it's not a rush if i can't spend any more time than an hour but i have a tape recorder that's voice activated and it's velcro and so i can stick it up inside the thing so if i have an idea which i do sometimes sometimes i have this temptation fuck. I gotta get out of here. I gotta write this down. I can just say say in the tape recorder picked up. There'd been brilliant stuff. You know nothing never used once. You haven't gotten out of the tech that satisfaction his faction keith richards went to sleep really he had this of <hes> of sound activated recorder that he got by the side of the bed and and his guitar and he went to sleep. One night woke up the next morning. They're on the tape recorder. Oh there was some voice activation of the night he played it. It was satisfaction my friend that yet no haven't had that yet. My friend works at a school in connecticut where his kids go. Keith richards kids go and keith richards will org ride on a bike to school the fucking bandanna on and like my friends are holy shit. That's keith richards like he's just kind of hanging around with normal people and he said it freaks you out. When you see like what dot fucking keith richards he just hangs out just like you know he's giant superstar but he drifts into the real l. world and it just freaks people out. It's it's it's it's i mean i only met keith. Richards in groups of people have that were what's really like bicycling into your but still it's so it's so amazing surreal epoch human. Yes the voice recorder things new. That's that's why haven't had any new. It's a new idea that because there's times that i did is solution to this team thing and the and the separation of american giving more polarized. That's going to be solved by joe in the tank at some point. We can count on that now that you've got the recording. We're going to solve it ourselves. I think we're gonna solve it ourselves through through just time i i think we're getting back to pinker. We're talking about pinker earlier that he get so much shit for saying that things are better now than ever. It doesn't dismiss horrific. Ariffin accidents are terrible. It doesn't say that the battle is over. I mean this is one of the things that <hes> i would push in my little microcosm awesome push for so hard in penn and teller <hes> teller and i would have real trouble just crossing the finish line. I would just say to them you note taylor. We've we've done five seasons of bullshit and it went well. Let's go out the two of us have coffee and donuts and let you say wow we did that and then push ahead for the next thing and i would just <hes>. I just think that pinker is like that with me. Pinkers like saying you know human human beings. We're doing okay. We're doing okay. We doesn't really good things now. Let's get back to work. We're most certainly doing better than ever before and i think that's an accumulative thing thing. It's like everything thinks came come and if we don't destroy the environment if those two things to enormous ifs. We're in very good shape shape. They are the flu my mind about pinker in that in that book better angels blew. My mind is <hes>. There's this line. That's it's that that's been obsessing me <hes> with a cracker in teen angst. I don't know what the world may need but i sure as hell no it starts with me and that's a wisdom. I've laughed at all. This shit that i've laughed at that turns out to be true for me. Now just makes me smile and fills me with joy. You know early part of the twentieth century all these authors and artists in all these guys were saying hemingway step. We're going to stop war war by writing about war and writing about how bad it was and we're gonna give empathy for other people will understand this and we're going to really with our art. Make an effort to make humanity better what jack off bullshit. I could you imagine something something more. That's just twiddling your dick than saying that. Oh i'm gonna do i'm gonna right and it's going to change the poetry and then pickers book says wise wise all this stuff get better so fast we think it may be our baby apathy and it turns out that all the stuff duff people were saying about you know we can change we can change how people see yeah warfare and how people see one another and that's what scares here's me so much about <hes> how some people speak of i think it's because i don't understand it. Usually when i'm against something it means i don't understand but when they talk about cultural appropriation cultural appropriation seems to me to be the greatest thing you can possibly do to see the world through the eyes of someone who grew up differently than you even try to do that for even for us to pretend right now to be a you know white nationalist even trying to do that seems like it's a really good thing for us into their head just to try to fantasize what it's like to be for instance a african american transgender man if we try to do that we're writing a piece of art. We try to see ourselves from that point of view. I'm not i'm not herself. See the world from that point of view. That seems like nothing but healthy. It seems like that takes takes you out of your identification well. I think there's a lot of what we're calling cultural appropriation. That is really people trying to tell other people what to do because people enjoy telling people they can't do that anymore and getting angry at those people they enjoy they enjoy pushing buttons people you give them a rock and a window. They wanna throw that rock window window a natural part of being a person and if you see a girl with hoop earrings like bitch take those hearings off those are for latinos or those for this that and the argument is so often not even based historically the earring thing like fuck ben from soumare like that's the oldest known veering from babylon. It's also what <hes> i. I don't know if this is not pinker. This is no <hes> aurora <hes> who who talks about when you're talking about cultural stuff how far back you going. I mean there are no tomatoes in italy brighter sure yeah tomatoes are not indigenous to italy came from china and potatoes aren't from ireland ireland. They don't start there. You know see have to keep going back. There was a great you know paul simon get so much shit for graceland <hes> you know and inta and david byrne get so much shit for stuff and there's this wonderful thing in david byrne's book how music works which is a fabulous book. It doesn't ever address this picking things from other cultures ever but he talks very strongly about the african kinds ends of music and the influences they have from other places in because there is not there is not a culture other than the whole world especially especially not now you might be able to have made the argument two hundred years ago. There were a pattern thing is though the people enjoy cultures so if that is the case case and everything does assimilate and becomes one big gray mass. We're worried that we're gonna lose indian food right. We're we're worried that we're gonna lose. I have certain worry about at all now. I have no worry because i think that me loving son raw even though i'm not african american and me loving lenny bruce even though i'm not urban urban and identifies jewish. I think that loving these kind of cultures should not be based on an accident of birth. The loving thing is one thing that i think the real fear of culture appropriations that people will take on those things as their own. There's a gentleman. I'm trying to remember his name. <hes> he's a famous the mexican chef but he's not mexican but he cooks mexican food. He cooks it in chicago. Walt bayless is that his name something bayless rick bayless rick bayless heat eight. This guy has an undeniable passion for mexican cuisine. I mean he fucking loves it. He has a couple different restaurants. We cook mexican food food and he was getting protested and people were furious at him because they had just decided at one point of this guys had like a thirty fucking year career of being in love with mexican cuisine and being a real historian of mexican cuisine work where it comes from the regions the ingredients like where's the best ingredients whereas the the best places to cook these things how they do it why they did it. This way and i mean speaks with incredible passion about this. There were deciding that he's a white guy and he shouldn't shouldn't be able to do this should be able to sell this shouldn't be able to like do you. Fucking assholes like this is the guy he's helping everyone recognize the beauty of this much-maligned food when you when people think about mexican cuisine he is one of the rare people in western culture that talks about it like it's five star cuisine so many people talk about oh i love street tacos and fucking a big fan of casey has no this guy is talking about the very best mexican cuisine in the world and trying to interpret that and sell l. it to people and trying to turn people on to how good this food is and yet he was taking so much yet when a person that wasn't born in that act the accident of birth to be there falls in love with another culture. I don't see why that isn't more beautiful. Yes that's that's that's. That's what i'm looking for that steve abuse ago yeah. He moved to japan master before he became kind of silly. He was one of the very first guys to ever teach akito in doe joe in japan japan. That wasn't japanese. I think he actually was the first i think it was the first american to ever run a dojo in japan so now okay giving me on psychedelics. Alex is very easy compared to get me to really dig steven seagal. I mean i'm not sure i do although i do appreciate his first movie above the law. I appreciate <hes> <hes> what he likes prepositions. He's a silly fellow silly fella for sure. Many of us are what he he did. Do is is he learned aikido a very very high level like undeniably and he was teaching and in japan he spoke perfect japanese and he was a very rare guy. You know now you know became a hollywood guy in movies and who knows what the fuck else and became enormous physically got fat and it's kind of silly now <music> but at one point in time that guy was legitimate gets. Isn't that always true tweak man. You're going to completely change. The subject is if if i may i want to talk about when you came on my radio show with phil plait about kentucky with the moon landing but what i what i think is fascinating about this about about clubs and stuff is i you know and i know i've i've. I've read here and there that you you've. You've gone back on a lot of that and your conspiracy stuff yeah but that's not what i can explain that to. I don't know what i'm talking about. You know this is the thing i've zero astrophysics <music> education zero. I don't know anything about whether or not it's possible to put people on the moon. I do know fuck. Ary and i do know teams than i do i do. I do understand what people are bullshitting people and i think there's a lot of that with with a lot of stuff a lot of the older stuff in particular there was a lot of manipulation of the images and putting things online that may not have actually really happened because it was press releases and this image of michael collins from like gemini fifteen. That's a very clear image of him. <hes> doing simulation like in a studio with straps and harnesses and then someone from nasa or some. I'm one put that exact same image blacked out the background and used it as a photo of of space and it's not real you know but they sold in israel. There was some over zealous shirt like that that if you're conspiratorially minded you might say once once you start lying. Yes it's fifty one and stuff. We know they lie. Y'all motherfuckers yeah and that's the problem but what is wanted to compliment. You and i just also think this is really interesting. So joe rogan believes this crazy shit. We didn't go to the moon. I know joe rogan or we're on a radio show together but he's a a good guy who did fear factor but he believes this shit. Let's let's have them talk to someone israel so i call phil play do i don't know that well right but he's the bad astronomer and he knows his shit and i say <hes> i really wanted to come on my radio show and just talk to joe rogan about <hes> about the moon landing and <hes> phil says no problem. We'll just go on there. We'll set him straight and i want to warn you. Have your ducks in a row because josiah really good and he goes. We'll jos jos comic right right. I yeah and that's your problem because joe's better at talking. The new show knows when the commercials are coming. Joe knows how to make a joke and joan knows also how to set you up and take you down. I don't know no it'll be no problem. I said understand that he's smart. He's a comic right yeah. Why not an astrophysicist but you understand that he's smart and he's also you are going into his form. We're going to be on radio. This guy has done done a lot of radio. This guy's talked to a lot of people so just have all your facts in line and then we're sitting there because you know you were on the phone and <hes> goodell was on my podcast with me to sitting across from me and we're listening and you come in and you come in humble and charming and sexy and with perfect timing on everything and phil place i go oh mad. Ed joe is wrong. Joe is gonna fucking win and i said i set this up so that so that <hes> it will be a it'd be fair my whole thing of doing this away billboarded it was i'm going to have to guys talk from two points of view. I'm not not supposed to combat that. I don't know if you remember but the whole show heads and i go oh by the way we did live in the moment just tried to do this final authority authority thing and while he he had i said yes and it's just that idea that you can't you know his idea was. There's the science team mm-hmm that's right and then they just goofy comic and trying to get phil plait understand that a goofy comic was not goofy comic and i believe lead that the only thing that the s._a._t.'s truly test is how good you'll be comedian that kind of verbal it was a wonderful thing and listen to it was wonderful to listen to someone who i believe absolutely was one hundred percent wrong just so skilled and so- moral and so thoughtful and so humble. You had everything going for you that i respect accept. It didn't happen to be right well. We don't know oh what happened. We assume that what we see is what happened. We assume that what the scientists tell us was. How was what happened. We assume that what nasa told us was. What happened when you say i know this happened right. You're not always correct. Exactly oftentimes correct. I know kennedy got assassinated in dallas. I've seen the video. I know he asked in taos. I don't know of lee harvey oswald did it. I don't know i assume he was involved. It seems like he was was there. Other people people involved too. I assume there were and one of the reasons why i assume there were the magic bullet the fucking the guy who got hit with ricochet under the overpass. You want you to know that i made the shot with a man liquor kakapo. Yeah it could be mayor. Oh that's horse shit listen. I've talked about that in length and towards that yeah well. There's a lot of things this is a lot of things. There's there's a lot of things that we could. You know go over the kennedy assassination. There's a lot of things i'm not annoys me. Where are we going to are. We going to solve the polarization america or are the minnesota kennedy's assassination or we're gonna solve all of okay. There's wondering what our goals were. The moon landing is conspiracy theories dream of conspiracy theorist dream because it's got everything in place. It's got this incredible technological achievement meant. It's got these three guys look incredibly nervous at the post landing press conference and they'll they'll call sketched out. It's got these guys that don't do interviews afterwards. It's got no one ever lands on the moon again after nineteen seventy-three or whatever it was it's got all these technological achievements but we never get outside of earth's atmosphere fear again. We're always inside of earth orbit. There's so many beautiful things that conspiracy theorists can grasp all go see it's bullshit but it does but it does that mean it didn't happen. There's the van allen radiation belts. There's that we never even sent a chicken into deep space and had to come back alive. There's all these things but it doesn't mean it didn't happen happen and the my problem was and this is you know and people said oh. You know you've sold out your she'll now like no no no. I'm just being honest now. Whereas before i i wasn't being honest with myself and i wasn't being honest about the subject i do not know whether or not people went to the moon. I was pretending that i knew that people didn't go to the moon and i was arguing it. That way i was on a team was on team. It's bullshit. We didn't go to the moon and you really can't do that accurately. It can't be done you can say this is what's interesting. This is what i find curious. This is what's weird. Factors actors on a single technological achievement from nineteen sixty nine. That's not cheaper easier and faster to reproduce except going to the moon. One of the rare things in life still doesn't mean it didn't happen right like all comes razors slippery thing because there's weird shit that happens you. Gotta take that into account. Just no absolutes. There's not one thing you can say well. There is a rule in this role must be followed in here. That rule doesn't work that way. The world is made of weird stuff. I'm also the the the idea there's there's a thing that's changed. There was an article in the times about this and you might have even been mentioned in <hes>. There's a a playful all space of conspiracy theories <hes> that it's taken me a long time to understand my daughter is fourteen and she talks about her father did a show called bullshit and she talks about how she loves conspiracy theories and this is from paul mccartney's dead to we didn't land on the moon to all those things but she sees it which i so hard for me to understand she sees it as not impacting reality politi but as a playful inter intellectual exercise. I don't know what's going on but there's this wonderful article in the times in your mention in there too but there's also another guy who does it who will do this to use a cliche canning better one going going down the rabbit hole of conspiracy stuff playing around with the logic that almost feels like a mathematical thing or a pure philosophical thing or a or up angels dancing on the head of a pin thing and <hes>. There's a quality that you have learned that my daughter has learned indirectly. I think from you <hes> through other people doing this of there is a playful space rediscuss how we <hes> how we share our reality that is happening in the conspiracy theory art form <hes> and the conspiracy theory artform is now seeming to me to be more like rap or rock and roll or just a form a thing where you play around with this kind of thing and i am so literal minded so verbal minded. You know bob dylan's easy for me. The stones are hard zappa's easy twentieth century classical easy but just just funk is hard for me and it's the same kind of thing here. It's really easy for me to say we are doing the the old fashioned scientific inquiry and this is a falsifiable but there is something happening in our thinking. That's really interesting that i had to have my daughter explained to me and the new york times after i already knew you watch you do it well. You've you've always been a champion of science and reason right and conspiracy yeah for the most part fly in the face of science and reason and i it you don't want to be a buffoon notion poetic theory but it's tricky and you don't people don't want to be a fool well. I'm a professional pool. I don't mind being fool and being self deprecating and being more on his part of being a comic. It's fun. The conspiracy conspiracy theory world went south for me when i did a television show did that joe rogan questions. Everything jones spent six seven months doing this show and at at the end of it. I was like okay. I get it. This is a bunch of unflappable white guys. That's what it really is yeah. That's what i decided to had a bit about it. I said you want the one thing you don't find find when you're looking for bigfoot black people you more likely to find bigfoot than you are. Black is looking for bigfoot. It is a bunch of unflappable white dudes out camping and listen isn't what it did. You hear that what is that you know. It's like it's nonsense like you're. You're wrapped up in this idea that there's a mystery and there's a something there's a thing equality but human beings where we want to uncover secret through want to be the person that finds out the truth because then you're miserable shitty fucking life now doesn't matter fucking aliens a real man. They're here and a hough the one of the best feelings we can get probably better than coming. Is that feeling of aw i understand. I've gotten a revelation and we see this all. The time. Detective shows you know sherlock holmes. You know nothing <music> thing to do with police work but there is a feeling that wouldn't it be nice if in this hour are able to figure something out because if you you want understand string theory. You're not going to do it in our ever. Expanding guys understand it even if let's take it easy. You're let's take oh candle flame understand that right <hes> studying that forever and there's there's an area where conspiracy theories are exercising stor sizing the muscles of logic exercising the muscles of skepticism playing around with the with the haiku who of if then if then playing around with <hes> what we feel about the government and other people and stuff i like that and you're playing around with all of that in kind of a semi safe zone and even watching. Can you just do it here where you were you. Were you bang out that stuff. Is this stuff i question what's coming out of that. Poetically <hes> and i thought that's not even talk about whether we went to the moon or not which coming out of your style of inquiry on that kind of thing your style of skepticism is it's just fascinating and beautiful and i see the conspiracy thing as not so much a breaking down which i used to see it as a breaking down of science and reason but i see it as rather a a creation of a new form of poetry. That's weird. I just said my daughter. It just says you know i really liked conspiracy theories and i say to her. You know paul mccartney's still alive but you know she's fourteen and your propen gillette so she's rebelling stand that right apparent. You babe just told me something really important to dirt down the realize here's the thing damon's daughter coming in all soft out and they'll say to her. I invented this. You can't do this. This is not the way you can rebel. You can't rebel against this. You can't do with black hair and eye shadow. You can't do it yeah yeah. We'll kids you know they they find their own way and they they want to express themselves. You know they want to <hes> exert power over their world. But did you see that article. You're mentioning it was it was not to read anything that i mentioned it to. I briefly do oftentimes. I never read anything in my name in it because it's not written for us right and i'll i'll tell you the exact moment that happened to be that was so great <hes> it was in the eighties. We're on broadway and i the cohn brothers were just starting to do movies in and i was really interested in you know and and <hes> i had i had like an hour free which i was doing stern letterman and saturday night live and on broadway. I never had an hour free and i was a magazine magazines like vanity fair. Something who cares fuck what it was and is said what the cohn brothers really liked to work with breath. Okay i never read magazine but a by this alert lavar cohen brothers and up to our office as the brill building you know lorne michaels and sit in my office opened up with the cohn brothers like turn pages. I said if you want to know what the coen brothers you're like. It's like hanging out with penan tower and i went. I i even real close the bags of seed put it aside right and they were going on comparing him. I went. I have no information on this none. There's no way i can access it. In that moment i went a wait a minute when when it says penn jillette in an article or in a book there's no way i can understand that maybe others can right so when it says in the article you know when joe rogan does conspiracy stuff. You can't understand that it's like mike nesbitt said to me the major problem with talking jimi hendrix was he never heard jimi hendrix. You'd never saw jimi hendrix onstage. He couldn't and you know so oh you are. The one person that using joe rogan is an example you know while you know kind of a bro leterrier at kind of a kind of does his bro culture. This is joe. You can't understand that apnea. You have no idea what that means because you're an individual well. It's also people are trying to encapsulate u._p._s. Brief moments seen a video or heard you talk to other people sure and it also you can easily categorize someone and put them in this box and now i've defined that oh i know what that is before just hanging out with penn jillette yeah. It's also part of your job yeah part of your job. One of the things you've created is you've created something in the culture that means is the new york times can say joe rogan and their people reading that no what that means but there's no way joe rogan can note that now you can pretend and you'd be like trump and get mad about it. You know where the rubber hits the road with conspiracy theories right now jeffrey epstein. That's that's where the rubber hits where people that are not conspiratorially minded are like wait what the fuck is going on. What all the cameras were bad. All the guy was on suicide watch. He tried to commit suicide and then like well. Don't do that again and then he did it like if you talk to people that have been locked up. They take away everything man. You've been on suicide. Watch they fucking. Take away everything and you find this. Guy's got a broken neck and he hung himself. How how did he hang himself. Can we see see the video footage of the cameras. Were broke. Think yourself is wicked. Heart is not easy. It's not easy. It's not easy when you're in jail and they as you if you've been to jail no no never been in jail. I was only in jail overnight but that they were on suicide. Watch man. They make it hard for you to kill yourself. Watch you and if you're is that what suicide watch means executive watch. You can't kill yourself again. That's they watch every thirty minutes or so. What the fuck was the psychologist thinking that took this guy off suicide. Watch literally a couple of weeks after he tried to commit suicide. If someone tried to commit suicide speaking as a guys had friends commit suicide there air fucking thinking about it for years man some of them they go back and forth days some of them some of them just do yes some of them just do that but when someone does actively actively try it. They're not gonna just be fine while they're in fucking prison awaiting trial for having sex with kids. It seems like jeffrey epstein's jeans life was going to get really worse from what it was a few months before could be or other people's lives are going to get really worse because jeffrey epstein's now in jail and they're digging deep into was passed and well only flew them twenty six times twenty six times nine a lot of times to fly with a guy. I don't understand what the big deal is. We flew into chet. We've wrote a bus together. He was on the back of my bike. Do you know do you know people that know jeffrey epstein. Yes yeah. I do too and a lot of them. <hes> <hes> it really was that talk to him. Well a little bit. There's many people that feel like he was an agent and that he was trying to compromise people and that's one of the things about this whole lolita island thing is that they would compromise people would compromise people by having a bunch of young girls who are very sexy who were hired to go oh and flirt and maybe even have sex with people and that these people were young. <hes> these girls were like seventeen underage. Perhaps underage some places perhaps not underage other places but in incredibly embarrassing and you know for for the people an agent compromise for home who knows i mean there's a lot of thoughts but it's one of the things about when he got arrested the the was it the prosecutor whoever was cut in the deal literally was quoted as saying. I was told he's above my pay grade yeah in that. He was intelligence as the quote really the thing. Try to fund quote yeah. Try to find that quote yes. The guy said this was when he gave them a lenient sentence many years ago twelve or something. No one seems to know how he got his money. Well the fucking seventy million dollars penthouse that he had a manhattan was is given to him right given to him. Who the fuck give someone a seventy million dollar house. I was kinda hoping you would to me. I don't have one okay but if i have a bunch of give you one. I've gotta run you. Gotta go now seventy million dollar house. You were told wrong. I mean i think the guy <unk> i think they're look i've talked to people many times that work for intelligence agencies and there's a lot of weird shit that they do and one of the things that they do to to compromise people as they get them involved in weird stuff. That could be very bad for them. It comes out and then they have influence of this a person and if you've got a guy with a voracious sexual appetite i mean there's a few those fell out there and you know hey about office now. Looking oh good <laughter> hanging out having a good time with jeffrey and we just flat around. I mean come on. It's it's highly likely one of the guys that i know that knew him was also a freak like sexual freak and i'm like okay. I think i see a pattern here this. It's very likely that that's what was going on. This guy was compromising probably absolutely sex addict himself and i believe all the women had say all the horrible things that he did them and hired them for things and had underage girls do sexual actual things with him. It's probably true probably true. He's probably a fucked up twisted do but many people that are involved even in good things get compromised like there's many people that work for the c._i._a. Eh that were legitimate c. i. a. operatives who wound up selling drugs this. There's a lot of this happens. People go sideways. People get involved in shady activities. That are cops ops. There's cops at wind up doing illegal things they signed on to be a cop to a person who's going to serve and protect and be involved in the community and slowly but surely they get compromised is and they get involved in illegal activity and the next thing you know they're corrupt that happens could happen and then sometimes people's fucking suicide themselves people that <hes> that i know that knew him. It was a they weren't even aware of the cd stuff going on. So of of course that's going to be true too well. He was one hundred percent. He was also a champion of science individual but that's the thing about people they can be really good in some ways in horrible in other ways this idea that people are binary or one or a zero nonsense. There's really good people that do terrible things is really terrible. People that also do good things. You look fucking trump. Just pass something and no one wants to give him credit. He stuff was the kenneth starr he did. He did wonderful wonderful stuff for kidney transplant stuff. I'm sure he pushed through well. I was gonna say that he absorbed all the student loans for disabled veterans <hes> fantastic. I love it. You don't here word about and word of praise but we should absolve student loans for fucking everyone. We're crippling kids were crippling the seventeen eighteen year old kids who sign up for these fucking loans and they get compromised compromised to the point where we have people to this day right now that are getting their social security money their social security money's getting docked because they owe student loans at the end of the fucking road. Do what do you do <hes> and this is a real question. This is not rhetorical. What do you do about the feeling of fairness the people that work their way through college waiting tables. That's a good working really hard and then they <hes> do. We just say their feelings. Which i think is valid which is yeah yeah. You got fucked on. This bullets help someone else out. What compassion here's the gives you know <hes> <hes> <hes> there are people that worked really hard to not have student loans. Yes and there are people that took them. There has to be somebody who took them frivolously purposely percent. I think quite a few and i think it's also we all should pay attention to the human mind development of human mind and the frontal cortex frontal elope does not develop properly until you're twenty five years right so somewhere in that russell mine is for you. It's definitely out seventeen definitely not eighteen months so you're taking on these fucking loans you you can't be trusted with money or your future or thinking about what the fuck you're doing in terms of like taking on a debt we have to in this also ties in <hes> <hes> with with sexual stuff as well. Don't we have to decide when someone's adult and then give them that respect yes we have. I say you're eighteen years old. We can't control what decisions you make yes. When is that year gonna be 'cause. I think twenty five to all i think twenty five or two oldest well but i think what we're saying. Is i mean look. There's a lot of eighteen year old people that make very good moral decisions and we should we should praise that here's the problem with the student alone thing in terms of the the only loans that you never get exonerated from you can get bankruptcy right and you can get exonerated you can you could escape the loans of credit cards the debt of mortgages you could escape a bad business collapsing and owing millions and whatever you can escape that through bankruptcy. You cannot do that with student loans. It's a corrupt system. You take a child who's trying to learn learn a trade or trying to learn a profession and you acquire insane debt. That's gonna track you and cripple you for the rest of your life five and no matter what happens to you owe that money but also you're taking your college is out of the free market to by giving those by giving those loans owns easily yes and by having government help yes also you're also taking away the free market yeah because you know we found out that when you put the free market in place surgery but insurance doesn't cover it it gets wicked sheep and if colleges had to be paid as is people went without easy loans to get and of colleges did not get government money. They might be wicked shaper. I think they really really expensive expensive. I think crazy expensive. I think the real solution is in treating education like a thing. That's gonna make our society better and i and think of it as the same way we think about the fire department same thing about police department that i mean when you read the paper there's always one whole thing about colleges getting too expensive and people can't go and then you turn twenty pages later in the paper and there's an article about how online line learning is going to happen is happening and all this stuff is going to happen. Do you think that that idea of college is going to hold up for another ten years. I think there's an experience that the cold i did but i i went to college in my town. I went to umass boston and i really only went because i didn't wanna be a loser. It was really all it was. I was a doing martial arts and fighting and traveling all over the world or all of the country rather and and thinking about doing stand up at the time as well and then transitioning to doing stand up. Wow was also still taking classes. I was learning nothing. It was a complete waste of time. I was only doing a soggy say yeah taking classes at umass boston of barely paying attention barely barely showing up and it was just a thing that i didn't want to tell people that i wasn't going to college like that was the number one reason why i did it but but that was i had a unique life from the time i was graduating from high school to the thomas started doing standup i was obsessed with martial arts and competing and that's all i wanted to do is make the olympic team for taekwondo. That's that was my goal and that's what i was trying to do. So i wasn't a normal person. I wasn't like i wasn't going to go to ohio and fucking travel over there and take a full course load and not be able to pursue what i wanted. What i wanted to do was also. You've got a window. I it's it's fairly snow. I know that there was no scholarships for taekwondo. Doesn't it didn't exist and the only other option was army. There was a dune klay. Barbara's is really talented. Guy was a fighter who was on the u._s. Team at one point in time i think he was <hes> competing through the army like they subsidized his training raining somehow or another and i was thinking. Maybe i should join the army like those. The only the only other thing that i was thinking about doing but for people i think there's a thing about getting away for your parents getting away away from them getting away from their influence being wild and crazy and be with a bunch of other kids and trying to find yourself and i think that comes from traveling to a place in going to college and i think there's there's there's some benefit in that i have friends that have had great benefit in that sort of transformative experience of being on campus a physical campus in a place that's outside of their hometown down where it gives them this new experience where they get to china reinvent. There's still got about that. Yeah being able to be someone else. I wonder i wonder if all of that that why are we giving that a four year period. Why isn't that our whole lives. It could be the way that's going to change because people aren't having jobs robbed the whole life anymore and by the way the liberal arts education was never supposed to teach people a trade always supposed to make it so that young men men could talk at parties yeah. We're gonna have the same cultural thing we can talk about shakespeare. We can talk about this. We can talk about that but none of this was meant to give people jobs well. It's so rigid right you get out of high school high school torturous affair where you being a square peg they're trying to shove into a round hole then you get out out and then they fly off to wherever the fuck you're gonna go to school and you go there and you're forced with his overbearing workload of school and and then social things you're trying to figure out what's okay and what's not okay now. Where's a safe space and am i. What am i am. I allowed to say this and my allowed to say that and what are the new rules now now for this new generation or are we gonna change the world and then all of a sudden you're out in the world and you realize that fucking money that you spent more that loan that you've got is not getting you a job and you're fucked and you can't get a job and you're also massively in debt and severely depressed and trying to figure out your future on adderall. They said we've set up. We're setting people up for a horrible failure. I am with bernie sanders in that. I think education should be free and i don't think that's a bad thing. I earn it. I think he i have to earn it. How 'bout if education is really cheap like everything else is getting cheaper. These are really chafing cash more more expensive. I think we can pay for it with tax or the individuals could pay for maybe the individual sheep and if it made sense if it made sense if you want to learn something now we i know this very well. If you want to learn anything now you can get it for free on the web. You definitely can't many thing. I mean other than physical things. There's a lot of things that you need to be taught by coach. You know there's a lot of things you can learn online and even the physical things you can get a big chunk of it from online the war i mean let's let's talk about all the matters okay. Let's talk about juggling. I grew up as a juggler when you were doing the taekwondo. I was juggling all the time. That's all all i did and that was my whole life was juggling and what happened was with the internet juggling gut tremendously better because people could watch videos video of things they knew where possible and get better if juggling get better physics certainly can. It seems like you can take a course at any college online fine and if you sincerely wanna learn you know. I don't know if we need to have this. What is what does the term called when the when the amish take their one year of rumpelstiltskin rump spring i'm spring. I don't think we need a nationally tax subsidized from spring every person. I think what it is if you go to college but will you just described. Do it seems like live your fucking life. There isn't this four four-year magic period or two year period and go out and learn the stuff you wanna learn. I mean we both have children and they'll be talking about going go to college and of course my not of course but my wife will push very hard for college and my thinking is anything they want to learn. They can just is learn it by the way this was also true with. Just a libraries in local towns just more true now. It's even an easier now. I can't imagine growing up where my my son can type in lenny bruce and it all just pops up right. I mean that was an amazing. Things are stored in order. It didn't griffin's music store in greenfield massachusetts did not have the carnegie hall concert right there order frank zappa on back of one of his records matches lenny bruce and he's on sergeant pepper. I guess i should learn about him. <hes> <hes> lenny bright that down. That's how i learned about terence mckenna. I learned about terence mckenna from listening to a bill hicks record. I was like who's this mckenna on. What's a heroic dose dose and add add frank zappa one of his records africa which it is. I think it's freak out but it might be absolutely free says on the back do not listen to this song until you've read franz kafka in the penal comedy. I got the record opened it up. It said that i listened to one side got to that song got on my bike road down to the greenfield public library kafka got this written down kafka in the penal colony sat there read it went back. Listen to the record good. My entire education starts with mike ness myth of the monkeys who said listen to zappa listen to hendrix from zappa to lenny bruce from lenny bruce the whole world and i believe that that is available to everybody all the time i mean i don't know as i would say a tax. Players should pay for college. I think i would say do we need college is net fading away. I think there's a real benefit to being in a classroom with a brilliant alien professor yeah yeah i think there is we're also seeing with with ted talks which i know a jive but there is a there's all you know their job. There can be lots of jive ted talks. There's jive ted talk yeah yeah but what i'm saying is i went to one of the first ted conferences and and and here you know all these credible people speaking it was mind blowing and i wasn't college age. I was you know whatever i was forty five or something forty and it was it was amazing spirit jonas salk you know i sat and listened to jonas salk talk. I i in a room with brilliant. People speaking and it's really really great but i think we can. We can deliver that cheaper cheaper and that's the side bernie sanders. I wanna talk about it's not can we give endless amounts of money these fucking people on college campuses. Can we pay them all the money in the world to take our children and give them something to do in between smoking dope. Can we rather just say. Can't we make this experience cheap deep enough so that anybody can experience it. Why don't why why isn't it possible for you for a few bucks to go and be in a room with a brilliant person so i think that would be a thing that would be beneficial to almost anybody at any point in time instead of the rigid structure of like you know this. Is you know you have to get all this work done on by x. Amount of time that's the other thing that happens to kids to. They're taught about having no sleep beating your body up and about cramming and about getting all this work done in a short period of time there were really preparing them for a horrible job and all the shit that does work yeah. You know all that weird that weird kind of hazing easing shit that we do for medical professionals. You're gonna work for me that i could never weren't saying it's for the patient. It were bad for everybody. Yeah you know so my and you just made the argument about the frontal cortex and you're not really ready to twenty five and one of the huge advantages i had in my life was a shitty shitty education horrible education. You know i went to a bad bad bad public school that had an influx of hippies from umass that came in and experiment pair mounted on us so we had no education whatsoever. I graduated from high school in a plea bargain <hes>. I had very good s._a._t.'s so i had scholarships to ever wanted to go but i chose not to 'cause. I misunderstood bob dylan. I didn't know he was lying so i went and hop trains and hitchhiked around the homeless as for a couple of years and i never read moby dick till i was forty five thank you if i'd read moby dick when i was supposed to call the j.j i wouldn't gotten it but i was able to get it at the right age and now it's my favorite books. I was ready for it. You know there's so many things that are on the curriculum that are very very very important. Maybe not that day. I think there's also an issue with people not thinking of education in terms of like that. It's a lifetime sure. It's not something that you graduate from college. Then you're done we really should be educating ourselves throughout life and not just accidentally or incidentally by experiences experiences. We should do it because there's things that we pursue that are interesting. Now is one of the greatest times ever to do that because of audio books you can do it while you're in the cars car. You can do it while you're on the train. Get educated also they're doing this weird connecting thing where i've experimented with this but i'd love to where people take courses online and then find people who are also taking courses online in their communities and then meet it like a fucking starbucks discuss what happened before in the class which is mind blowing that that can happen so you can take one of my huge. Yeah i mean one of the things i wanted to do. Is i want to learn to play jazz on upright bass such got up at forty five and i learned to play upright bebop base passably blake huge accomplishment and now i really wanna learn a language you know so i was looking at olympics. I figured maybe there's a government watch list. I'm not on so i should learn arabic because don't you think that that that ticks all the boxes. That's gonna give me everything if i i just learn arabic so i started looking into how i can learn how i can learn <hes> arabic and <hes> it's amazing the kind kind of network that's developing all over the world to be able to learn anything so my argument with you <hes> on on the on the bernie thing think of paying for college is i think we can get college so fucking cheap. You can go to college your whole life well i. I don't think that's a bad idea you. It's possible to get called that cheap but i don't want professor to be poor. I mean i think one of the real problems we have with public education that people don't want to be a teacher because teachers. Don't don't get paid much sure but there's a there's a way there's i would say that's government intervention. That's doing that. I would say if you govern interventions keeping the salary low. I think so really i really think so because i think that we're not having enough of the of the of the competition and stuff i mean <hes> you would pay good money to be in a room with the steven pinker in and i think locally this was always a problem that i'd never figured out you know when i was in greenfield massachusetts juices town of twenty thousand i would say to all the other <hes> by other high school students. I would say you know if we didn't give var money to the rolling stones and the beatles and dylan and all these other bands we could pull our buddy together and have a really good local band. We could have a great band right here in town you know and i think that if you thought of education that way can't we get in our little area. The really great teachers you can teach stuff might be pretty boss while it would be amazing if we could spread education right through any any method whatever we could do. We get encouraged people people to be more educated but i think that one of the best ways to do it really is just look this a lot of podcasts that are educating people. There's a lot of information that you can smarter but we're getting is. There's more information available now than ever before. I think it's very different than what colleges traditionally college is is a thing where you go and it's a rite of passage. It's like and we don't have those in this world and i think we could do with them. I think we could do with these rights particularly for young on men his case for young women. Obviously i never was one but when you're a young man there's this transition period where you're a boy and then all of a sudden a yeah man yet like what am i surely a lot of a lot of cultures religions have done that our wedding that certificate and getting your diploma holy lee shed. I graduated from fucking university. I'm a man now. I'm a grown up. I have a degree. I may woman. I have a degree. I'm an adult and you're obviously you know <hes>. I'm seeing this. You know it's okay to speak with an accent. It's not okay to here with one <hes>. I'm hearing that from someone who who spent an awful lot of time explaining the myself and others why i didn't go to college. You know you wanted to show you weren't a loser. I didn't have that. I didn't say i went to ringling brothers. Barnum bailey greatest show on earth clown college. You know what i mean. If you wanna big sure don't get respect. That's where or you go. I'd say i talk about it because i want people to really know where my head was out. I don't wanna like glorify. I went without any right right of passage at all right you know and the closest i had to a right of passage was earning my living bullet trust you you were also you were on a different pursuit but your your pursuit was the carney you enjoyed that i mean there was like you have how to lust for it. You know obviously worked out well. They did okay listen. You really have to bail it too because it is to out now. What are you doing just hanging out. No i'm going to go. Do you watch watch this. Show up. Perpetual grace limited no never heard of it okay. What is it <hes>. Did you watch show patriot. Nope okay <hes> shows. I've seen they fiction television. Yes okay not the patriot not mel gibson put a show called. What's it on patriot is on <hes> amazon prime and but they used to be like twenty shows. You knew all this millions. It's impossible so i am going to meet and talk to the guy who created all all of those things. Oh this show grace perpetual grace uh-huh okay and that dude was that dude's name. It's ben kingsley. That's right and then that's jimmy simpson and that guy to the left is jimmy. Simpson guys is great. I never knew who that guy is. He's always awesome. What was he in recently was in something really good. Westworld westworld steve conrad is the guy hi who writes directs produces creates these shows and <hes> i <hes> he happens to be in town and i'm gonna talk to him for my podcast which his pen sunday school go to another studio and talk to him and i'd already set up the time so nice that can't be changed but amazon's doing all these different shows shows. They're getting into the stand up comedy world too crazy. Yeah use your beautiful. There's so much stuff but there's so many places to put that stuff. Yes beautiful and wow what a great. We gotta do this more. We gotta do this. More often. Does the first time we've done it. How's that possible. This podcast is almost ten years old was the first i got crazy and also people yell at me. That's twitter talk to joe rogan. You asshole how fast times going radio show. I didn't have a podcast is more than ten years years ago. Fucking crazy crazy flying. Let's do this once a year. Can we do that. At least let's do it okay. Thank you sir patiently. Thank you bye everybody. Thank you everyone for tuning into the show and thank you to super fat j._r. Listeners can go to super fat dot com slash joe and enter the code joe and you can get fifteen percent off. They're fantastic. Plant based fats. All the power plant based fat energy in your routine gene with portable nut butter packets. You can take anywhere and again you go to super fat dot com slash joe and enter the code joe for fifteen percent off off. Thank you also to cattle and fire bone broth. I fucking love this stuff. We are actually only have one more carton left in the cupboard and i'm going to order more more because i drink the shit out of it. It's fantastic for you. It's delicious and the way they have it in. These vacuum sealed cartons can just sit in your pantry unopened for up to two years. There's all sorts of delicious options and it is so good for you. Bone broth is just you feel it. 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Kellen Mond is Joe Burrow

Championship Drive

50:49 min | 9 months ago

Kellen Mond is Joe Burrow

"No one's been part of more first days of work than car. Heart and in the same way rookies. Earning respect car heart never stops earning. The respect of hardworking working people like you from building rugged dear. That's tougher than any. I are worst day of work to reengineering the classics to outworked the future. Trust your car. Hearts is to keep doing their job long after you begin doing yours since eighteen eighty nine car hurts. Got Your back. Twenty four seven visit car. HEART DOT COM forward slash. CFP College football podcast with Herbie and pollick. Now here's here's your host Kevin the Gandhi well. The traveling man is Back Waco to Athens to Bristol to New York City to Columbus in sixteen ext as David Poet. Back with us here in the college football podcast with Herbie in politics so d. Do you like to travel DP. No I mean who does I think. Listen I don't like to come home and put my kids to bed. And that's the only time I see him when I put them to bed and then leave again so not a huge fan of all the travel but manage this time of year but it is closing time and everybody's excited. The rankings are getting closer and closer. The Championship Games are getting closer. Sern closer and so there's more talk about more substance which is which is a lot of fun but you you sound the the Voices Week Godfather the voices. We may go barry. Mary White I made just call from the middle of this podcast. I'm the last man standing in my house. it's gone through her body and my wife. Yup and I was standing tall guys. I was standing tall and It eventually got to me. So I'm sucking down on a bunch of honey and cough drops in T- what we've got a podcast the tape and it's and it's one hundred percent worth it because we missed you on Wednesday and when we missed you on Wednesday we still made insured carriers spirit because we had reese on the last. podcast Reese Davis and upgrade. Yeah he called you the little brother he never wished for four and I I like that reese is. He's one of the best human beings I've ever met. He's he's my best friend on the road for sure GONNA spend a ton of time with him. And just I mean that Alabama boy that treats everybody with respect and I've never seen him lose one time by the way like literally in all my I years working with them never seen him get upset at somebody or treat anybody disrespectfully. He's just he's a southern southern gentleman through through. He's the best and you know I. I didn't and share this with him but I look up to the guy. There's a lot of anchors that you know you Kinda you as a player I'm sure you modeled yourself after somebody. I one of those guys that I came in the ESPN two thousand six and Research already here for eleven years and he was a guy that I was like. That's the man I want to model my career after so it was great having them on the podcast. So you're doing horrible keeping up door to tear job at least caring shadow here. You know we. We got him into the conversation about the DAD. Bod`ed comment that you made out of. Everybody knew that you did not kill him into changing his diaper. Just happened that way that Yeah Yeah Yeah you could say that all you you can say you could say that all you want rescan recent come on here and say whatever he wants he has has the right to but there's been a big change. The eating habits have shifted. And he's not he's not by far psychotic but they've shifted and it's definitely the in a better direction. So he can. He can give credit to whomever he wants. I'm just glad he did it. I don't care. The DAD was out in full effect and it was not a good look. So I'm glad it's changed in your Mr Guilt trip with everybody on the Game Day crew. According to reese when it comes to guilt trip I just I try to help people. I don't do it in a malicious manner. But you know I I mean you just gotTa realize. Sometimes when we're just sitting there stuffing our face aimlessly. We we do that. I mean we just sit there and do it and doing what are we doing here like. Let's let's put those away. It's the temptation of staring at the table of all the snacks. That's what I know that you should have seen the table Kevin when I got there when I got there there. I don't even know what year I guess eight or nine years ago for College Game Day and I started it was nothing but sweets and chips and just straight trash. I mean it was. I literally told him I was like. Do we have anything remotely healthy. And now it's really evolved in the candy's gone in the trash is gone and it's you know it's baked chips and and it's coffee up there but there's fruit of their every single meal. It's it's we have egg whites in the mornings on Saturdays like it's definitely upgraded menu. We've done a much better job taking care of taking care of ourselves so you guilt trip. Everybody that's what you did like. He's guilt trip all the coordinators production coordinators that bringing the food made them think about. How important is of what you put in your body? That's what I've done. Let's talk about the Game Day experience. At least the last last one in Waco. You're next PAT McAfee. Did you know he was about to dive into the shallow water. Yes I did. What what did you tell him to talk to him like like? Wow did this all play out I I. I don't think pat really cares about much so I don't don't think it matters. No but he knew what was going on. We knew what was going on. We we had. Obviously we talked about it so it was it was it was a crazy moment and he he sold it full belly flop. It was amazing. At what point did you did you side. Say Yo Bro. Just be careful or you're like go ahead that'd be knuckle no no no go ahead and do it. That's that's role is man. He's a pat. Pat is a free spirit and he will do anything I think at any time and you can see. He's just just he's absolutely wack job. It's awesome it's awesome. Personality is is awesome so naive. There's no I don't think it's going to do something. I don't think there's anybody that's GonNa talk him out of it. It's great and no one stands a crowd better right. Oh yeah he's good at it. He gives you guys a lot of wow moments. I also WANNA remind everybody here. If you I have a question you want to hear a on the podcast Herbie or pollock tweet using the Hash Tag. CFP pod. We've got a couple of questions coming your way scenarios which I I'm kind of interested in in some scenarios that you forecast down the road before we get to that bill. Did the committee get it right on Tuesday night. Then I'm GonNa give you the same response. They give you every week. Sure it does. I mean it doesn't matter I like what Rodman said. He said he kept Alabama at at five because they they dominated the game they looked really good. I think it'll be interesting. Monitoring going forward if they feel the same way now with a change of quarterback because now it's official member two week by week thing thing into a plate last week and dominated and so it kind of put Alabama that spot Alabama is the only one really when you look at the top seven teams go. There's not anything they can do to really. WOW HE OREGON UTAH. Six or seven are going to play each other and have a huge opportunity to win a conference championship. Alabama does not Georgia's GonNa play Lsu with chew huge chance to win a conference championship. Ohio states can probably play. They're gonNA play Penn state this week and they're going to play in the big ten championship game opportunities. Everybody has huge huge opportunities in front of them except Alabama. So they're at five right now but it doesn't feel like it's a stable situation for them it doesn't feel like it's just a Georgia loses the AFC championship game. Slide Bam up. I don't think if you think that way I don't think it's I don't think it's correct. You're the type of guy and I could be wrong making this assumption that you you look at. Hey whatever plays out on the field. That's how I determine things I don't do the metrics I don't do. Hey the roster or look at how much talent is there and I bring that up because the head to head conversation where you see penn state two spots ahead of Minnesota after Minnesota you know a week and a half earlier beat them. Are you okay with that absolutely. I'm okay with that. Have no problem with that also. Look at what Penn State's also accomplished throughout their season Penn state also by the away. Beat that Iowa team that just beat Minnesota so I think that has to come into play but I'm also a guy that was at the Michigan Penn State game and saw Mish Penn State. They beat good Michigan team and okay. If Minnesota Played Michigan before the season ended. Would they lose. Possibly I would probably favor Michigan at this point with the way they're playing football so I don't think you can just say they beat them. They should be ahead of them. I think there's a lot of factors that go into it. You're absolutely right. I'm not a stats guy. I I can't stand. FBI and rankings of player rankings and stuff and all this stuff we do that I just try to bite my tongue or don't bite my tongue because I really don't care that much But I think I have no problem with Penn state being ranked above Minnesota. I think it was a competitive game against Minnesota was probably the biggest game of in one hundred years at their school for goodness sakes at their place at home played really well. Penn state still had a chance to come back at the end of the game and and win the ballgame. So I don't think Minnesota's outlook Minnesota and go their way better than Penn state okay when you look at the rankings. The top seven did not change little place scenario coming from one of our listeners. CAIN Lindsey who said Woulda Georgia win in the SEC championship over Lsu. See both the dogs in the Tigers Tigers into the final four. It's hard to predict what else has happened. You know what I'm saying like okay if I if I state beats. It's Penn State Beats Michigan. And then guess what if they're playing Minnesota Championship game in Minnesota Beats Him. And now has a head-to-head Anna Conference Championship Ohio State. I think would be out in that scenario and I think Minnesota would be in Georgia's obviously Georgia obviously would be Dan. But if you look at Lsu there obviously with their body of work at the top. But I think it's going to determine what Ohio state does the rest of the way. Because 'cause Ohio state team that they remember Kevin when the initial rankings came out Ohio state was above Avella above Lsu even with what else you accomplished even with big time winds now. Let's look at Penn State. Look at Ohio State. They have a Penn state game. They haven't Michigan game. They also have a big ten championship game down the road so a lot on a lot of meat on their scheduled to prove how high they should climb if they lost a really close game to penn state or a really close game to Michigan but still went to the the big ten championship game and wiped out Minnesota. I think Ohio state would be in in that scenario so I think there's other things to account for but LSU's in an an interesting spot because if Ohio state if both those teams stay undefeated. Kevin won't be interesting going into the SEC championship game and saying this game might not matter. UH-HUH LSU. This game might not matter it. Might if they lose this game they can still get it in which is crazy to think about with with college football and US talking so much about every game and you know who's ticked off teams like Oregon. Utah that can you know. Even though they win their PAC twelve championship. They can't say anything because then when you look at Lsu scheduled who they beaten they beaten top you know four wins against teams in the top twenty and that they could boast about depending attending worth Texas is each and every single week who has who has the most wins over ranked opponents in the top. Twenty five I would assume that's LSU. And I mean I would wonder how long I want you to guess again. I would wonder how long it would take you because this blew me away. I was way wrong by the way just to be clear. Now look at this. Most Games Games most games. WHO's played the most games against top twenty five teams? Well no that's different from. Who has the most wins? Okay well who's played the most games against the top twenty five teams in the rankings. It feels like that's that's A. That's an auburn answer. Right like Aubert second already played four. Am Am Nope lost. Three teams had two more to come by the way I by the way I I always played five teams in the top. Twenty five okay. Let's size this. Let's isn't that crazy and then I was stage play in Michigan's played four but she's crazy. It's that means means it's Michigan Penn State Wisconsin Minnesota. Now that's a man I would state Yep five hundred twenty five. That's crazy ask man look at you out the stats well. It's just it's crazy. It's crazy because you start you say and I say we both have the same thing we all do it across the country and man. LSU's win against Texas was really awesome. It was a really big win. They did go to their place. And you deserve credit but what is you you know. Texas turned out to be you know. Texas is kind of struggled. and IT'S NOT A. It's not a really good football team. So they were top ten. You know what I'm saying. Yes we all we all point to all these rankings and I just thought that was a very interesting thing when I heard it on. Get up the other Mornin just crazy stat that I would have never guessed in a million years. Okay okay so then like all right. I brought up Oregon. I brought up. Utah the winner of that the PAC twelve and if they have just one loss and they're sitting on the outside and they're the you know and they see Lsu drop for one the four if they were to hypothetically lose a close one to Georgia in the SEC championship. Where does that leave Oklahoma in your mind especially after what you witness than wake over the weekend? Ah I don't see any way shape or form. Oklahoma even gets back in this race matter. What no I mean? Listen Okay if Oregon and Utah both or one of those teams lose before that point and then beats the other one and has to one is champion. Obviously but they both have two losses losses so both Oregon and Utah both have two losses in those scenarios but and then Alabama would probably have to lose again because again the committee didn't respect. Expect the big twelve regardless you know Baylor was searching for respect and they didn't. It's not like a guy a huge jump for beaten Baylor and Baylor kind of sat right whether at all kind of sat right where they're at so I don't know that there's enough in front of them but if you look at Oklahoma I mean aside from You know a bad game game against Kansas State. It was a bad game. They've dominated their opponents. You Know Iowa state they let back in the game and almost lost that one which you gotta pay attention to and then Baylor they if you look at the last three games Kevin the loss to Kansas state the almost lost to Iowa state and then last week to not show up in the first half but come back you. You don't Cook. Could Oklahoma be a team that the last three weeks against Oklahoma state and then play Baylor again and you can you get back to being a dominant that level of team. Can you destroy people. Because as much as you WanNa talk about Alabama and I'm fine with people talking about Alabama compost. They destroyed everybody. They played they absolutely lutely. Didn't leave any doubt when you leave in doubt against Kansas state and getting beaten. You're leaving doubt against Iowa state near leaving doubt against Baylor say like Utah if you're not watching Utah Guys Utah just be the UCLA team that yeah they sucked in the beginning of the season but they Kinda righted the ship and Utah hit them in the face with a fine plan. I mean just boat race them absolutely made him look like stupid silly. That's the kind of stuff that that that Oklahoma is GonNa be going against. They gotTa Look Prettier doing. They gotta be mortar. More dominant doing it you. Oh you played a scenario out to that Would Utah with two losses. That second loss would have to happen in the in the PAC twelve championship because if they stumble in the next two weeks. USC could be representing the South in the PAC. Twelve hundred via disaster. That would be a disaster for the conference. 'cause Oregon then cannot say hey we've got got a quality win at the end of the season we should be bumped up right because now it is interesting that you. USC is in the top twenty five now it. That's interesting period that I don't agree with that. I agree with that either. I don't I don't see I mean that's only that's only to help Oregon GD exactly I mean I don't see how USC if you've watched this year. How they're seven and four is top twenty five team? I don't mm-hmm but I'm sure I'm sure there's a justification I'm sure there's a stat that we can go to figure that out. But you know organ this week against Arizona State and other non game. I mean we're GonNa go through a whole year and then we're going to see what I guess organ at the end of the year. We're GONNA see what they're made of because again two point win Washington state. What was it a a five point win against Four point win against Washington that just they're okay and they're I think they're a pretty good team but it's not like they've dominated stellar competition and by any stretch when they've played the decent teams in the PAC twelve. They've really struggled now. I mean ten point win against cal like you mentioned for ten when it gets Washington. two-point point win against Washington state. I mean they face steamrolled. USC which was which was a positive. But we'll see them on primetime against her team tomorrow night. I Don. ABC and teams looking at home. Her her team's not catching up. Let's not act like a five and five Arizona. Arizona's state team is a damn team. Either I mean they know they're giving up like six hundred thousand points a game. I mean it's been. It's been bad to watch that defense. It's not it's not good. They're going to give up over thirty. They've done the last three games and the forty two. Ucla a couple of weeks ago. Four straight losses to give up thirty five points that Oregon State lose by one point on. It's a brutal loss or harm and the crew at five and five when especially when you start at five and one and you feel like you've turned the corner and j Daniels is done every but he can't play defense and that's that's the issue right now when you look at the Sun devils and that's going to be the issue tomorrow night You you see. There's an issue with a defense and let's talk about the unit of the week that you watched on tape it and it starts in the big ten in. This is not going to be good news. If you're nittany lions what are you watching tape when you see a Penn State's defense right right now so. I've bragged early in the year. A lot on Penn State's defense and rightfully so because I think they're so good of front but we talked about it for weeks and weeks and weeks eighteen. I think the last two weeks you've really seen it exposed against Minnesota and and last week against Indiana which both have pretty good passing tax. They are really aggressive aggressive. They love to play physical. They love to play fast very fast. Physical Group I like that about them Kevin in their last two games. You WanNa be. You'RE GONNA be blown away away with a stat. You're going to be blown away with that. You have not heard from a single person last two games Minnesota Game Minnesota was eleven for eleven on play action against Penn State. Eleven for eleven their safeties come up quick all the time. They come up on all the time they they WANNA fill. They want to be physical. They want to be aggressive massive and they get shredded with play action. Hey Indiana six for six in play action against Penn State. The last two games seventeen for seventeen against it's play a play action against Penn State's defense so now here comes justin fields. JK Dobbins obviously. It's a huge strength. Some of this team to be able to run the football dobbins to be able to run the football fields and to be able to play action off of it. They've got to get this fixed. I don't know how and I don't know how they do it because because you can't you can't change your stripes Kevin and they're not good enough to play man coverage all the time it's just. They're not they're not good enough in the secondary so I don't know what the plan is this week. They better score a lot of points because they're going to give up a ton of points. I think that they need to find a way like a couple of years ago to get a couple of blocks since special teams game a couple of big plays in the kicking game because their defense in the way they play play. Action Pass is a big problem. Yeah and you know you mentioned scoring points. They're struggling to score points. If K J hammer is not healthy and we're still trying to find out the availability of handler and Sean Clifford. It's such an unfortunate origin story that this young man you know has there's three picks against Minnesota and then has to deal with death threats because there's so many idiots out there and you gotta go go into that environment at the shoe. Place will be rocking L.. House states favored by eighteen points in that game and and not only does Shawn Clifford have to deal with that that but on the other side you have chase young who's rested for two weeks and he's ready to just annihilate a quarterback because the last time we saw me at four sacks against Wisconsin -Sconsin so all the things that everything's great. Hey so we're both going to stay. I'm fully aware of that in the picks in a little bit. Can you can. Can you name a unit on Penn State Ohio State. Where there's an advantage for Penn state? No no I would say. Maybe they're defensive line versus so how states offensive line that might be the the one I give to penn state but besides that across the board. It's a pretty big gap between Ohio State as defensive line versus Penn.. State's offense. ooh That's not pretty. And here's the thing you've been you've been so high on that Defensive Front for Penn State so you to give us that alarming stat on play action. How how they are and what they giving up the last two? They can't cover the Kevin exactly back in form. It shows you how good that defense a front has been to hide all the deficiencies on that that second and third level the Oh oh absolutely in the games the previous games. They had done a good job of managing that because why because of pressure. They've done a good job of an. Listen if if you can win if shocker Tony can win if those guys can can get to. The quarterback consistently beat their tackles than than they have a chance. But when you you don't play as good as a pass rusher on the road as you do at home. Home is a huge advantage with the crowd noise and the lack of communication. When you're in another person's stadium you don't don't get that you don't get that advantage of a silent count knowing when the ball's coming a lot of time so who good luck Penn state and we set this whole thing up because you mentioned good luck Penn State can they score and now we're gonNA highlight the due to the weak and he's part of Ohio State's defense and he's not the NFL prospect who who's going to be taken into the top three picks Jason? It's another NFL prospect. WHO's going to be probably taking the top dead? Who's WHO's your the week I'd say he he might be taking the top five G.? I WOULD NOT BE SURPRISED IF MR KHUDA Jeffrey Khuda for Ohio State is picked in the top five. He's he's a long tall corner with freaky. ATHLETICISM can play man coverage I would love more than anything Kevin to watch him versus Okay Jay Cutler. That would be awesome to say. That guy's really good you go cover him. That would make my night. I'll have steak going to have to be more aggressive. You've Clifford as a quarterback that can run and so you're going to have to play man. You're going to have to play quarters you're going to have to play physical you're GonNa have to keep is in in the right spots with the RPO game and Ohio State Steven. It's been one of the most improved defensive units in the country from last year to this year in a Khuda and chase young and these guys are the reason y but a coup can play anywhere on the field And can lockdown wide receivers. Penn state isn't that isn't a team that has a lot of dynamic weapons outside out of Caja Hamblur so Mr Khuda will be taking care of business and he's taking care of business all year long in the draft comes. You're right down the road. He'll be a top eight pick probably at the worst. It's incredible well. It's incredible how well Ohio state not only recruits players with develops players to have the idea of chase young there in the front and then on the third level you have a Khuda and again those two guys are. I mean. They're battling for all the the awards at the end of the year. A Khuda semi finalist for the Jim Thorpe Award for the top defensive defensive back in the nation and then the chuck ign- Eric Award for the most outstanding player in a cude is going to be battling of course chase young and a feeling. Just give chase young award immediately. I I don't know I I agree with you. It should be like that Kevin but I think when you have a suspension that people will take that again. Hold that against him. You think so our one hundred. Yeah I think people will hold that against him when they vote. There's a lot of people that vote on these things that are Old School I'll put it or whatever you prefer and I take. I think it'd be stupid but you know I think people will take their pound of flesh and people look at things in the old school method. They will happen that would that would be terrible all right before we continue our picks. Let's hear from our sponsors allstate. At and T.. 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You just have to look up for more than sixty years. That's the goodyear. Blimp has fueled greatness on the Gridiron by providing aerial coverage of some of the most legendary moments in college football history. When the Goodyear Blimp rises above a stadium it inspires players to reach higher and rise to the challenge of the game's biggest moments? Now it's your turn to go. Further with goodyear discover tires made to rise above the rest. Learn more at goodyear dot com goodyear more driven. Listen last week stunk you wanted to. Why it stunk dunk? Because we went chalk and we were locked in and we made the same picks. I have a feeling we're going to go down the same road here with our picks pollock because some of these games are just. They're not good. They're not good. But we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA figure it out right okay. Let's let's start off with am a an versus Georgia who you got in this one. I tell you what I am. I'm going Georgia and I think you are too but I think am has a chance to make this very competitive additive physical enough on the defensive line I think Kellyn Mons athletic ability playing better the last several games his athletic ability could give Georgia some problems but Georgia's defense has just been so good man so lights out so it's hard to hard to pick against Georgia's defense but I think Georgia at home home. That's a big deal to whether than having to go to college station. I think Georgia at home wins and Jake. It's interesting man if you look at the last couple of Games Kevin. It's it's been a hundred yards passing hundred something yards passing but you know what he continues to you. Know he hasn't done since the South Carolina game hasn't thrown one interception. And that's the difference. He takes care of the football and doesn't make a lot of mistakes and doesn't doesn't put his defense in a bad spot so I don't think he'll put up stupid video game numbers but it'll take care of the football all and Georgia will win the game and isn't that a philosophy of Kirby's to where it's just like hey play well you we're not asking you to do too much here. It feels like like He. Jake lead us. But we're going to also be very smart on how we're going to play offensively we're GONNA take a lot of risks is interesting from Kirby and his philosophy. Yeah and and listen. I think it's I think it's something that works for them because their defense is so good. But I don't think you can beat Lsu that. I think you're going to have to do. I think you're going to have to open up more and and take more chances but you know he's not a kid that has had to throw the ball a ton but you know if he's also just hasn't been really really fishing but the one thing he's done not only not throwing interceptions when they put drives together gather Kevin. He's done a good job of getting in the end zone last week. They didn't put a lot of drives together Auburn but they put they put the ball in the end zone. He he made great plays in the red area to throw the football into a tight window or two and make plays in score. And that's that's the biggest thing is the numbers like one hundred ten yards against Auburn but he had three touchdowns and no interceptions one hundred seventy yards against Missouri into in two. TV's no interceptions. So it's not it's not it's not going to be pretty. It's not gonna be really sexy but we also know that Jake problems going to have to get a lot hotter down the stretch if he wants to beat Lsu and he's going to have to make more plays be efficient smart and then on the other side and they've won four straight but you look at the competition. They've beaten the teams. They have to beat after playing teams like Clemson Auburn Alabama early on in their final two games are Georgia and Lsu. So how stupid is that man. I mean it's ridiculous it's ridiculous. There's there's no team in the Auburn is another team that if you look at them and if they played an organ type schedule up into at this point there's a good chance album we'll be defeated. I mean the schedule but the schedule they play is just absolutely crazy. It's it's unbelievable Kelham on against instead Georgia defense is GonNa be fun to watch. I think he'll make plays I think he'll score some points. Well you know what that does is that that'll help that. Georgia defense get get ready for Joe Borough the following week. I'm not saying I'm just saying that what you said. That's what you're saying uniform after you after you play old Miss Mississippi State. UTSA and South Carolina. Georgia gets the opportunity. Well you know I'm I'm talking about. Am Georgia gets the opportunity now to to you. See in offense to get them prepare. And when you look at Georgia's offense and what they've done they're going to have to find a way where they can match Lsu up and they're coming out that Auburn game that coming off the Missouri game that coming up with Florida game. I think I think they're gonNA three tough games in a row for sure that's a tough gauntlet gauntlet. And what's coming down the road. Now what did you just can't what did you just do. You just held up the SEC. Sign and you know you're going to play in the SEC championship game. You know you have all of that going against you that you and Kirby's word is respect you know he's always like respect. The opponent respect the opponent. And if you don't respect and if they don't play really well though loose and that's that's not a good thing 'cause am seven three the having beaten much but they've also there are only three losses have been against. I mean they're the only team that played Clemson clemson competitive to remember was fourteen. Point game was a good game so wasn't wasn't a beatdown by any stretch but also that was a completely different clubs and team right. I think you and I can agree on that. They they have woken up offensively their last four games. Let's continue here. This is going to be an interesting game because you saw them them live and we just talked about Texas earlier on the podcast but Texas now at Baylor the line is five and a half favoring the bears who you got I'll take Baylor first of all I got. I got to save some of this. Because I'M GONNA WE'RE GONNA talk about this game. I got some really really good stuff to talk talk about with Texas but so I'm trying not to. I'm trying not to just go off right now. Baylor's better. This is like Iowa state last week when I watched I I was state and I and I watched those two teams thought I will state was better now. Iowa state finds a way to lose close games like nobody's business. I mean they're really good but I think Baylor's a better team Baylor's defense can can stay consistent. Their offense again is going to be different but it. Maybe maybe with brewer in all the running ability like you continue to use that and mems hits a few big plays and and But I think Baylor has an opportunity if this was a different situation. If this wasn't Texas coming in off of a big letdown. I think this could be a bad spot for Baylor. But it's Texas coming in Texas. All these kids wanted to go to Texas grew up point high school football and didn't recruit Abreu e brewer whose family played at Texas and he wasn't invited to the party. Marty you know Charlie brewer. So I think I think Baylor will be ready. I think Baylor's offense will play a little bit more consistent especially against Texas defense. That's struggling and I think Baylor won a game You know and also the idea that Baylor's big dreams are still playing in the big twelve championship game so that they've got a lot at stake. Here I gotTa Tell You I was was leaning Texas and you. You've convinced me to go with Baylor. Oh no Texas we need different. I don't know I think going Baylor just because also you're holding back some mm-hmm information about Texas that you're GONNA put on the Game Day Broadcast and you're here on the podcast. You'RE GONNA love is I'm GonNa love it. You're going to love it. I'M GONNA go with Baylor's well and that's that's the metro factor for me so I'm going to Baylor and you've convinced me as well. I think we're GONNA be really boring. Here let's go the uniform game. Ucla a USC is this a slam dunk. Moore's his chip going to surprise us. I like the uniform game. I like that you know. Listen I I think as much as Ucla built back some credence. With a big win over Colorado and Arizona State and Stamford and look that lose to Oregon State before that I think but last week was come down to Earth one it was. It was really really bad. Forty nine to three against Utah. Utah just absolutely destroyed them and dismantled them. I'll take USC. I think slow. This is going to be by the way slowest. I think is going to be top quarterback in college football. I think he's I think he really. He does a great. I think he's really accurate he. He's a loose cannon. If you watch him he's just he's absolutely a loose cannon. He doesn't he doesn't take care of the football and he drives me nuts with aspect and he needs to understand situational football a lot better but when you talk about a guy that knows how to attack defenses and go after them and score and win and put the ball accurately really. I think he's really really good. quarterback play to me the difference for USC and UC. One is the reason why slow. This is like that now. Because he's just a true freshman. I mean he's just inexperienced and the belief that I could do all things right now is that does that play the lack of maintenance. Well maybe but he could easily have been been like that his whole life and trusted himself to make plays and I don't know even even when you're inexperienced you have to have to understand the gratitude of moments in against Oregon and when I'm in the red zone and and I'm running the football and I'm stretching it out trying to go to the end zone when I down that's stupid. That doesn't make any sense trying to fit the ball in tight windows when I need to understand the gratitude of the moment I gotta get points. I can't create turnovers in certain areas. But if you're talking about just spending the ball to somebody accurately. He's really really good at that. It's just in the sticky moments a lot of times. He's trying to do too much and trying to scramble around and do too much and he cost his team so I think you can learn. Learn from that and be more comfortable in those situations but I wouldn't be surprised if he's one of those guys his whole career that's got a little gunslinger. You know. I'm with you I go with you and and our next game. We'll go to the American Navy I. I don't know what happened in South Bend because I was expecting a much better game tighter game and Notre Dame just just say we're going to do whatever we want to expect on thirty eight to three and like the second quarter or something like that. I mean I think everybody Razi crazy nuts and now taking on Smu a navy's favourite in this game and I'll be the first to make the pick their favored by three and a half. I'm going with. SMU On the road really really disagree. Disagree strongly this is good we have we have our our I disagree. I don't I I feel very confident in Navy. I feel very confident navy because last last year they shredded SMU SMU the past couple of weeks. They've given up over fifty the last two games they give up over fifty to. Ecu Okay Ecu's not Lincoln. Dan Rather not there anymore. By the way just in case you not a good defense I just I don't. I don't trust them enough. Would they do well. They attacked the quarterback. And one of the best at getting the quarterbacks and sacks have have you seen navy drawback to pass off so they don't do that what they know and Navy's Navy's defense is one of the most improved unison. Olive College all triple and I don't look at last week. That wasn't a good indicator of it. But because they got shredded by Notre Dame but I think navy Wednesday I wouldn't be surprised. Navy wins this game by more than seven points. Navy had trouble though they had trouble with the past and he in Book Club Poet. And when you see what Notre Dame did that's why I feel really good about US amuse this past attack. Shell get you get you. I understand shales going to drop bombs and make big plays but he's also not going to have the football Mary often so don't miss okay. We'll see it. I'm glad we got some some disagreement in this because we had to disagree with what you change because my point was so articulately made but that's okay now did you. So you don't change your temple. Cincinnati see how much you love the hours. Go ahead bro Bro. I love the owls I they struggle struggle on the road. I don't know if I can make. I can't make this pick on the owls because they they're a completely different team on the road so I fear ear. I fear what's going to happen in Cincinnati. So you're you're not now to be clear how I ride. No I'll ride with my house. I ride with my house. Because that's who I am that's it. was you know so that was so convincing. I mean that was the struggle on the road. They're not gonNA waste our out. I'll I'll I'll ride with them. Did you see you see versus last week by the way Cincinnati is. That was a struggle bus man. That was an absolute struggle bus. It's really hard to figure out where Cincinnati you know honestly like I really like Cincinnati Lot and if you look at their record and what. They've done all season and stuff. They're they're going to be in the the American title game it's GonNa be. I think a great matchup potentially against Memphis and they can play Memphis back to back weeks which which is a fascinating thing to me but I I liked Cincinnati a lot. I like Luke. Luke fickle a lot. But I'm going with double rows clearly disagree. Yes that's why I brought it up. At least we'd have on this agreement but I'll I'll take Michael Warren. Let them let them pound away. I still don't think you see it. UC's by any stretch a balanced team. I mean Ritter's he's a good player but he's not you know they're not they're not the passing. They're not a great passing attack and it's hard to to muscle temperature a bunch of tough cats man. They're just they're always tough and physical. Is it GonNa make you earn it. But I also don't know that you truly trust Rousseau. I don't think he's no. He's Kinda struggle to as well so I'll take you see their physical brand of football and create a few turnovers and winning the football game in Nipper stadium. Beautiful Beautiful Nipper Stadium. I love Russa's arm. I think Russo loves his arm. More Gordon I love his arm that you can throw that ball and enforce it in certain windows that are not there or that are closing faster than you just got to be more consistent smart When throwing the ball all right? Let's go outside of the American and Michigan Indiana and I bring this game because obviously Michigan's a completely different team that that we've seen the last three weeks. Indiana showed me a lot of Penn state on the road. You make to to mistakes. The one on special special teams with that fake punt just caused so much worst Menem and everything right now I really. I like what we've seen from Indiana. I still picking Michigan but I'm bring them up to you so you think it's close then I think it's I think it may be seven to ten point game. I don't know that's close this Games at Indiana Anna Indiana important. No they're very good at home but Indiana's gotten hot and they've played really well. But here's here's the hard thing to judge about Indiana from me. They beat ruckers. They'd be Maryland they beat Nebraska. They beat northwestern. I don't know very many teams in the country. They couldn't beat those teams. I mean seriously. That's not a tough gauntlet. By the way in the Maryland game. They gave up twenty eight points to a team. That was really really sputtering. I think Michigan with their identity. And what they've found. I think Michigan is going to smash that now. Here's the only reason that the only reason that I don't think this could the only the reason I think this could possibly be a game. That might not be a smashing is because is because of the Ohio state game coming up like that's the the only thing I can think of but I just I don't I don't see other any other way. How this game is close? Michigan knows who they are by the way Michigan. Really a good at rushing the passer Michigan really good at coverage. Indiana wants to throw the ball. That's who they're all that's what they are. I just maybe catch the catch them looking ahead to Ohio state but I. I don't think this one will be close. I'd be surprised. Close lines nine and a half. I know I wavered saying between seven the Ted. So that is a shocker. Exactly the more I think about it. I'M GONNA go Michigan covers because I think the win by ten. Clearly you think Michigan is going to be winning by like a couple of touchdown. I just think they're way that is holding up their way better. I mean way better what they are and who they are. And they've beaten way better teams and played more competitively. Indiana played very competitive against Penn state. No doubt but we also talked about cage hammer getting hurt and kind of freaking the offense out and kind of messing him up a little bit but I just I I think Michigan's a lot better. Okay let's go go back to the big twelve. Kansas State Texas Tech Kansas State on the road you got email. You're going to give any reasons why I mean I believe in touch easily. You really sold me. Brome and good. Lord have mercy let jet Duffy. I like them but I like Kansas City. I like the way they play like scholar tops. I like I like the physicality the Kansas State can bring in a game like this WHO's favorite in this game by the way Texas? This is tech by two and a half points. Texas tech is favored in this game. Texas tech by the way in November has been a true. I think they're like seven in twenty seven. I I want to say in November over the last several years like just has been really really really bad in November closing seasons media. The weather changes a lot of times. You you gotta be more physical and run the football and that really hasn't been one of their strengths But I just you know what I'll go Texas Tech. I think Kansas State's lost a little of their luster. The season two two weeks. Yeah they haven't looked they haven't looked great. Texas tech wants to go to a bowl game Texas Tech Jet Duffy last week league by the way against. TCU If you watch the game they. They could've started any worse. I mean just absolutely atrocious. And then they got once they got going everything turned out to be okay and they made it a competitive ball all game except for a couple of turnovers late when they were trying to get the ball back. But I'll take I'll take Duffy and In Texas Tech quarterback play all right. I'm going on the other side with quarterback play because 'cause I like Schuyler Thompson a lot we'll see how that plays out Vegas siding with you on that side and our last game we briefly talked about at Penn State Ohio State. Mike question do you. We're both picking the BUCKEYES. My question to you is the line is eighteen. Do you think Ohio state covers in a game like this eighteen. You said Yeah. And they've they've won every game by at least twenty four this season. I'll tell you what man last the two meetings last three meetings or three meetings ago Penn State beat them. Remember two blocked kicks back to the House. Unbelievable game found the way to rake in found a way to make it happen. How about the two meetings? Since that point by the way Penn State's had lead in the fourth quarter and loss game so penn state it knows whatever the reason penn state plays Ohio state really well and they have the last several years. I just I don't see it this year. Maybe a beat. Maybe we're missing some element of it. And Maybe the defensive line can impose their will and destroy Ohio. State's offense line I just. I don't I don't see it so so. Now we're we're looking at. I think how states really really really good in in all facets in in much better and so I think I think this'll be a good game for for a little wilde but would it be fun to see how actually tested because they won't ever gained by at least twenty four. I would love to see them in some hot moments. WHO's Wisconsin a little bit when it got ten to seven in the second half something similar to that? But I don't I don't I don't think it's going to be super competitive but eighteen points though that's a lot of good low I so do they cover. Because you've given us no answer a lot of Serb with my waffle there No they don't cover. I go the off seven point win and now I think they They went by more than eighteen. points the stat. That really stands out to me when you talk about Ohio State. They've only given up twenty one points twice this season last week was against rutgers. And I don't think you could even do that because the way they were winning. Forty to nothing before they they came up for rare was a dominating performance of whatever happens to the second half who cares and then. Fau at the opener they gave up twenty one points since then and zero ten five seven ten three seven fourteen twenty one like. That's how good this defense is role in a game like this and they win by more than eighteen points. So that'll be the difference between me and you in that in that offense is really struggling. Just their offense struggled so but I mean you you also look at. It hasn't been the host high caliber of offenses. They've played either so it'll be interesting. I think Clifford has improved with his pocket. The presence in Caja Handler is a guy that can make big plays you know. Obviously you got big boy over the middle. How do you say? Eighty seven's name Freberg. It's Pat Fryer moods exactly how you said it. David Friar move. You know you WANNA know why haven't said his name off because Sanchez on our ABC. You show loves him so we set. We set it up every time we have Clifford. Throw throw the ball to friar booth and Sanchez jumps in. Because he wants to to say the tight ends name he loves that Kid. I mean what's not the love about the size. Six five to fifty five n calls a baby gronk and he can run. What a great? He might be a good chance. It'll be a first round pick. I mean he's he's that kind of good. I mean that that's what kind of weapon and you've got Caja Hamblur obviously too. So can those guys make some plays and I will be interesting to watch the buckeyes against RPO's and watch them and get some of the some of the stuff that we've seen him struggle within the past. That'll be fun. Well we're going to end it that way you go suck down some honey and whatever else you got going on there and I'm sure you've got some kind of concoction for your voice your voices your money it. It is and Berry white talk about a pod. Also I'm going to have some tea you joy. The Shenanigans is in Columbus. And we'll catch up next week we're going to have to pods and one with Herbie one with politics as we get ready for the holidays sppreciation buddy be good. Nice get better appreciate pollock for joining us here and For our listeners. Hang in there I apologize once again for My voice as I battled through a little cold and also want to thank our sponsors allstate. At and T.. And Goodyear great work from our producer. Taylor Rush Wink on the other side. If you enjoy this podcast one more all you have to subscribe to the College Football podcast with Herbie and pollock and of course remember subscribe rate and review. Wherever where you get your podcast we appreciate it by the way as we talk about this throughout our podcast? If you have a question you wanna hear on the PODCASTS for Herbie or pollock tweet tweet using the Hashtag pod. The best ones will make the podcast and joy the weekend. We'll talk to you on Monday. At the nineteen fifty-five rosebowl goodyear began providing stunning aerial coverage of college football forever changing the way the game is experienced in recognition of its significant contribution to goodyear blimp is being inducted into the College Football Hall of fame as an honorary member. It's the first non player or coach to ever be inducted goodyear. A year is celebrating. This honor by reminding you to look forward and make sure you're prepared for the road ahead. Discover more at goodyear dot com goodyear more driven.

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Episode #048  Sloppy Fields and Tommys Headache

Menace 2 Society Podcast

44:26 min | 9 months ago

Episode #048 Sloppy Fields and Tommys Headache

"This podcast is brought to you by my bookie attention past President Future mybookie players for this week. Only my book is offering a risk-free bet on the bears. Lions game game simply choose a team against the spread for up to two hundred and fifty dollars if you win congrats. You've got extra holiday spending money if you lose. Congratulations to you as well. Mybookie will give you your money back. It's a no brainer. Because you literally cannot lose. It's no risk all gravy. It doesn't matter whether you're an experienced player or a first time customer mybookie welcomes all to come play so quick waiting around and sign up today. Do you find yourself wanting to sports bet but have a lot of questions. Don't sweat it my bookies patient customer service I can walk you through the process and the best part is if you join now. You'll still have one last shot to take advantage of their incredible sign up. Offer just log into mybookie DOT AG and make make your first deposit with Promo Code Menace and mybookie will match your deposit dollar for dollar to jumpstart your bankroll and that's on top of the risk. Free Bet let me repeat. That's guaranteed indeed deposit match and risk free. Bet For this week only so if you're a true football fan you do not want to let this opportunity pass you by. You simply can't lose. Make sure you do your part to support your team this season hop on the gravy train and get in on the action with my bookie it. is Monday November. Twenty fifth Thanksgiving Week a lot to be thankful info four really fired up about this week in just the weekend and what happened and everything that went on and What a great game between? Ohio state and Penn State is sloppy game but a great game and really want to thank everybody that showed up and turned out for the for the first tailgate. I think it was awesome. I mean the the response I we all got was excellent. And it's definitely it was awesome. I event and it's only going to get better. I'm so excited to do it again. We're going to do for the spring game and we're trying to figure out if we're we're GONNA do it for every home game or select home games next fall De GonNa look at doing some remote tailgates some away games and then we're eventually eventually going to expand into some other other schools. Because I know this is a you know. We have a national listener base. And if we learned one thing Saturday we can put on a decent party but I do want to thank Buckeye Vodka who ran out of Buckeye Vodka. We had to go make a run. So people loved their Buckeye Vodka and then north I- Brewing Company in Rhode Brewery for providing beer and then giant eagle. The food was outstanding giant eagle shade on the canal the wings were ridiculous and then also reverie tavern who made the most ridiculous cheesy potatoes `tatoes and then Nashville hot chicken dip or something like that and then catching daily for the awesome desserts. It was a ridiculous spread. I think the people did a great job trying to keep the food as warm as as possible considering how cold it was and But anyways it was a great great event and really fired up about it and thank you thankful for everyone. The showed up at awesome conversation loved interacting with everyone. And if you didn't didn't catch it makes you come check out the one at the spring game and We're GONNA look into doing maybe one for a bowl game or big ten championship or something anyways just wanted to get that out of the way and really thank everyone for coming and if you missed it come check it out but Let's get to the show right or do you do what everybody else does. Create some shit on the wall and see what sticks Sir what I see where we added citing on forty when my time on earth is gone at my activities activities here are fast I want. They bury the upside down like critics been kissed by. Well go to episode forty eight minutes to sports really fired up about this episode is really all four episodes this week. We have some awesome. Some stuff we're going to break down. Ohio State Penn state in this episode Talk a little bit about that game kind. Of what what I saw when I watched it yesterday and then also in the next couple website ruined. We're GONNA do an entire episode centered around the game the greatest rivalry and all sport and we have some awesome guest coming on for that episode. So make sure you stay stay tuned in and look out for that one. It's going to be one of my favorite episodes. I think we've ever done really excited about it. But let's talk about some of the current events. The most I guess. HILARIOUS current event was Tom Herman. Getting his team Jack Up headbutting. The shit out one of his de tackles or something like that and get I am fired up to take a twenty four to ten gray ass whooping at the courtesy of the Baylor bears. Wow was that embarrassing so funny story worry about that Tom. Herman used to do that. Every before. Every game at Ohio state and I was in the locker room and it was It was his way to kind of put himself at center stage and make a spectacle of himself. Ah had used the headbutts. Korey Lindsey our center and he. He just worked down the line of who we would head butt and it was funny because Mike rebel are in two thousand twelve was like after I saw it. He was like this talking to me in a side conversation he was like. That's some soft shit like you WanNa be a real tough guy like you. Don't position the helmet perfectly and hit the plastic with your head so that it's like it doesn't hurt you. He was like you want to be a real tough guy. You grab the facemask slam face. I just laugh so hard. And then before the Michigan game a AH variable was so amped I mean so jacked and ready for the game. Tom Did his cute little headbutt thing and variable push that you pussy. Here's how you fucking do it and grab grab Corey. Lansley by the face mask and headbutted the shit out of his face mask. I mean his head instantly burst open blood everywhere. If you look go back and look at the pictures. Rachel had abandoned end a bandage on his head. The whole game because he he screwed himself up bad but I just thought it was so funny seeing that charade that Tom Herman did before the game and the watching I'm just get their ass handed to him and it it begs the question like at what point are Texas faithful to get real sick and tired of Tom. Herman I think they are already and Anything that I can do to help push that movement along because he's an absolute clown of a person and he was a good football coach. I don't know what the problem is. I mean he's relying on that. Tim Beck offense or really the the Tom. Herman offensive. Just run the quarterback throws Shitty shitty pass plays and hope for the best and run trick plays every now and then catch them off guard. But it's definitely a bad time to be a Texas Longhorn and I read a funny of funny insider message board deal about a big time. Prominent boosters posters trying to raise the funds because he thinks that he can get urban Meyer to come to Texas and I was like. Oh my God here we go. Florida state Texas USC the Notre Dame they're talking about they might fire. Brian Kelly for Urban Meyer. Meyer might catch five bodies this off season people trying to fire their coach to try to get him and and ultimately I. I don't think it's going to happen and I was asked that at the tailgate. A number of times like do you think urban actually comes back and coach coaches again and and I know on a pre we season I said I think he would. I thought I had some insider info about the job and I do. I think he would have flirted with that job. He would've I thought about taking that job problem being and here's why. I think that he needs that fix. He needs that Adrenalin. He needs that competition. He he's he's he's insane in a good way he's that competitive and I really think that he's getting that fixed right now. You Watch him the pre-game or before for the game when they had fox big noon kickoff had outdoor setup. I mean they're really going after Game Day right now in in and I saw that spark when he was talking about his show being there there and he said the big ten networks here that other shows here and then Fox big noon kickoff. Is We set up right outside the art back. He wouldn't even say their name like there. The rivalry it's like that's it's the new. This is new fix is he goes on the show and he wants to just go after. ESPN and that's what he's doing right now he he is going after. ESPN and I don't think he gets back and coaching. Because I think think he's getting the adrenaline rush right now kicking. ESPN'S ASS and he loves it he loves it. So that's what I see. That's what I see in his future. I don't think he gets into coaching so hopefully flee healthy too. Many coaches don't fired in the pursuit of urban because I think urban is now a TV personality an analyst. He is no longer going to be a football coach. Another weird thing that came up. I don't know if people saw this. But Larry Johnson the D. Line coach state. His son tweeted out. One thing I do hate is my talented then. Gifted father wasting his talents for Ryan. Day without my father. He would be another sharecropper there will come a time where my father knows. He's an Israelite that's bizarre to say. The least I one thing I would tell you is Larry. Johnson is extremely. How's it one of the best coaches in the country? That's such an odd thing to tweet I did. He's a Penn State Grad. Maybe it was mad at his dad helped beat Penn state or something but His father's an Israelite He. If you WANNA follow him he has some bizarre Kazaa tweets sometimes and I think he tries to be like really woke but really interesting to go after his dad. His Dad's career choices. I mean he he props his dad add up says he's talented and gifted. I don't think it's a shot at his dad but I think his dad could leave if he wanted to. I don't think he's wasting his talents for Ryan and I certainly don't. I think Ryan would be another sharecropper not really sure what that means. But I don't think that Larry Johnson is the reason Ryan as having success. I think he's obviously an asset. But the trust me Greg. Madison's a phenomenal defensive line coach. If Larry was not to be there someone else could get chase young to play really well. That's a discount will Larry Larry's the best in the business but but I just thought that was really bizarre one other thing I want to talk about before we get to the house. They Penn state game was just. I was reflecting on Sunday. Just after after watching the game and watching some of those players just Chris Alavi making big plays K J hill making big plays and watching some kids yesterday the NFL. Like Terry McClure made a huge catch on third and five from Dwayne Haskins to set up the game winning field goal for for the redskins and it got me thinking about recruiting and just our our crews worked what it was like to recruit those kids. And what you really look for in recruiting in my experience my experiences you you want want to get players that that love to grind and all those kids I just mentioned they love to grind. I think about my experience with guys like Paris. Campbell Terry maclaurin in Austin Mac. Chris Alavi all very underrated recruits and I loved it because I evaluated them. I saw the talent there and I saw that. These recruiting services were missing missing on them. I mean Austin Mac we we ended up getting bumped in recruiting because he committed to a so early and we really push these services to help get him in the army game and all this other stuff so that does happen case people were wondering but those kids they had that non unranked under ranked or or under recruited did or or underrated. No bullshit attitude of just go to work screw everything else just go to work just grind just work and those kids became look at Terry maclaurin. He's the best rookie receiver in the NFL. And this kid was sitting in urban Meyer's often office. He came to camp. I loved him. Urban didn't watch watch him. We we came into our meeting. I think I mentioned before I told urban I wanted to offer him and he almost fired me. He was like what who that. There's no kid out. There's no receiver out there the complaint Ohio State. What's wrong with you? Anyone after me and I was a coach. I'm telling you this kid is has a chance to be really good. He's raw it's GonNa take some work but he has. He has a chance and he can really run and he's a great kid I can. I mean I got to know him. I could tell he was a hard worker. That's what coaches want. If you recruit if you know a recruit or if you even ever talked to a recruit a high school kid you're just grind just grind love the game be passionate about the game commit to the game. I even think about really highly recruited kids that had that mentality the bosses Garrett Wilson Ray Kwan McMillan jalen homes to Raj Mitchell will be on a great player at Ohio state in the future. Those kids are committed to the grind. They don't believe all the hype and Bullshit. They don't transfer six times in in Flip Schools Twenty Times. It doesn't happen because they get it. They know that recruiting rankings and stars and all that it's cool and on you and you need to enjoy but you need to grind commit because I five stars. I've seen just be average players and they were so talented. Compare that to the three stars that I am not just me. Other coaches have had identified and said man. This kid is a grinder he league. He's got that it factor. He loves football. He's GonNa work and they they end up leaving a first round draft pick a great player. Whatever like J. T. Barrett isn't great example? Very under recruited underrated. One of the better better quarterbacks in the history of Pasta I mean. That's what coaches want. That's what coaches look for grinders. They love the game of football and are going to commit to becoming a great player. Because I don't care who you are. You're not going to be a great player. In this you commit to maximizing yourself and some of these kids. I'm washing their house. And that's how does better than anyone. I think. Ohio State Alabama. They maximize their players. That ain't clemson talented players. I don't think they maximize their players like Ohio state. It does like Alabama. Does I really don't in so I had to get that off my chest a little little recruiting rant to start the day because I think it's so important for people to I know people to hear those kids grind. Michael Thomas was three star. Receiver out of. La Didn't offer any California schools. Ohio state. Before I got there. They signed him and they put him in prep school because they didn't think they thought he was more of a project but he came in and grinded. I mean grinded worked. He worked harder than any player of ever seen. And now you watch him. He's the best receiver in the national. Football League. Just signed a contract for one hundred million dollars. Think about that. Did he went from three star to the best at what he does why because he worked and he committed to maximising himself if I asked him to do something he did more than I asked him to do. In every respect of coaching if I asked him to go hard he went to hard. If I asked I mean it was it's funny because Jeff Ireland was I think he's the player personnel guy for the saints. or he was he said Sean Payton they both were at our office and they said Michael. Thomas goes so hard and walk throughs. They often don't put them in because they get in trouble. It's like a practice. One Time Sean Payton said he went up to simulate press man and Michael. Thomas almost threw him on the ground almost broke his arm. Because he's that intense and I just think about how that applies to all walks of life like if you have a profession if you have a career and you apply that same mentality like I wanNA maximize myself in my profession. I WanNa work harder than anyone else in. The world works at my profession. How successful would you be? That's what I'm trying to do right now. I'm trying to apply it to to business and entrepreneurship. I'm trying to apply that Michael Thomas Mentality to it like I'm going to go so hard at this podcast or this platform or the other businesses that I'm a part of. I'm GonNa go so hard at that that I have to succeed. I can't feel if you if you put that much investment into it all right enough of my rant. I just had a had to talk about that because I just really I mean I'm just watching some of these kids making millions of dollars and it's like that is so earned you don't realize it. They earned that money and they're just realizing their dreams because of the work they put in But anyway let let's. Let's get this Ohio state. Penn state game Go quick break From one of our sponsors I get a message. Let's you know about one of our supporters and then we'll dive into the Penn state game right back after this breaking news this important. 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Ten matchup big big win for the Buckeyes and it really have to really two game season left gotTa beat the team up north in this rivalry game this weekend and then win the big ten and then they're off to play off land but it was oh man was in an awesome game and it was exactly what I thought it would be. I said in the pre show the whole tailgate I was people. Were asking what I thought and it was. My message has always been the same the in that game. If they turn the ball over it would be closer than it should have been. And that's exactly what happened. Three turnovers Kept Penn state in it and then it really shitty third corner quarter three series really a seventeen point run and then also there in a dogfight still win by eleven but it was cold cold. It wasn't too bad it was a little chilly. And they're just the light rain. It wasn't like downpour but it was a light rain and everyone outside. Uh Not our tailgate. We recovered but like the Varsity club and everyone walking down the street. They're just drenched. Even though it was a light rain it was a consistent light rain and so it was. It was rough. It was a rough atmosphere. That is been those atmospheres have been Ohio state in the ass so many times that just if I'm a Buckeye Fan. I'm thankful that it didn't happen again. But here's the stat. You need to know everyone talked about it at the tailgate. Everyone knows my passion it is. I think it's one hundred percent of the year if you win the tackle battle you win the game period point blank game over so here it is Ohio state. Seven missed tackles on the day in the rain. That's excellent. I mean it's harder to bring guys down. People are slippery. Seven tackles that's it. The Penn state thirteen missed tackles its undefeated ladies and gentlemen undefeated Penn.. State missed more tackles than Ohio State State Ohio state wins. I mean I could stop there. I think from now on when I analyze game. I'm just GONNA do missed tackles and then shut the show off. Shut it off. What else matters and you know it was really impressive? I mentioned the pre-game Show Penn State had twice as many jobs are more than twice as many drops into Ohio state. Caja Hamblur had as many drops as Ohio. Ohio State's team as a whole pets only had one drop ball in the entire game in Ohio state only had two and in the rain that three drops a B- between both teams. That's impressive. I mean what a great job. AH BY BRIAN. heartline in the Penn state staff. We're getting there guys ready to catch wet balls granted. Neither team threw the ball a lot. So that probably played into it a little bit but this is an outstanding receiving effort across the board. And here's what this was. This was an eleven point win against a top ten team after coughing up the ball all three times. Ten points off those turnovers and one and the other turnover negating a touchdown as field just a field goal in the end zone. That is a self inflicted seventeen point disadvantage and still a double digit win in reality. This should have been minimally a three touchdown win and I think my analysis before the game was if they don't turn the ball over and if it's if it's nice out this is a twenty one point victory for Ohio state and that's exactly what it was. That's how they played after jumping out to a twenty one hundred lead needle. How state shot themselves in the foot over and over and over and allowed Penn state to crawl back in the game going on a seventeen point? Run in the third quarter just took four minutes four minutes off the game clock in seventeen points on the board just like that it was unbelievable. And here's what's crazy. I've been in games like that. We're we're someone just I mean hits a crazy stride hits momentum you shoot it yourself in the foot a couple of times and all of a sudden you're like shit man we're in a game now and we'll momentum shifts like this. I used to tell my guys all the time. Somebody has to make a play flay not just a play a big play. One of those plays that completely stops their momentum flips the script and gets that train rolling back in your direction. Somebody has to do it. Somebody has to ignite the match to light the fire and I used to challenge. WHO's IT GONNA be? Which one do you want to win the game so bad that you're going to be the one that changes this entire momentum's shift and on Saturday that someone was true? Sophomore Chris Alavi making a ridiculous contested catch catch in the right corner of the end zone. That was the play of the game. You can talk about any other play but that play the late throw by Justin fields to make an open. Open Chris Alavi tested covered crystal ave and for him to climb the ladder. Go Up and make that play. That was the play the game that play shifted back momentum and Got Ohio state back on track. It was everything it was the entire game. One play you WanNa talk about a performance ornaments. Though that Ohio state defense was suffocating. The first half was one of the finest half's of defensive football that I've seen Penn State had ten yards rushing shing and three yards passing at half three yards passing and ten yards rushing. It's ridiculous what this defense did at the end of the game. Under one hundred yards rushing two point seven five yards per rush five sacks thirty five percent on third and fourth down complete dominance imminence John Clifford before you got knocked out of the game in the third quarter. He threw the ball over ten yards twice two times over ten yards. That is defensive. Football right there. He was one for two over ten yards. Everything was short. That is insane. The lowest graded offensive player on Penn.. State was John Clifford thirty three percent. I think that's the lowest I've seen from a starter all year. Let alone the quarterback really bad the point where when Clifford went out of the game. We'll we'll leave us comes in and provided a spark and threw up seventeen points for well. How state was able to handle anything? Get their hands on it. After the Game James James Franklin even said Clifford Coulda went back in the game but they made the decision to keep him on the sideline to try to provide a spark. That's a hell of a risk and a hell of a task to ask for your first time playing significant minutes. Be It on the road against the number two team and the absolute best this defense in the country half on will see what you got. But let's talk about the silver bullet defense the highest graded player on defense and this. This one made me so happy for a kid because this kid is awesome. Awesome kid a talented kid. And he's been through so much injury adversity. The the highest rated player on defense was Justin Hilliard. Now you only played seven snaps on defense seven but he had one of the biggest plays in really the the game aim sealing interception at the end. He graded out ninety five percent on seven snaps. It's not a huge impact but to be in seven snaps great out that high and make that definitive played played. End The game. Just so so happy for Justin Hilliard and then the second highest grade the Comeback Kid back. He's back the Predator chase young ninety percent great out he played dominant man. He played dominant. They could not block him. They had to hold him. I mean tackle him they were just. I mean it got to the point where I felt bad for the line. They weren't throwing flags when he was getting just absolutely molested. Because I guess they just felt like what are you what are you. What do you want? The tackled tackled. Do they can't block that kid. The Best Series on defense that I saw after watching it was after just fields fumble thinking about it up by seven. Penn endstate trotted on the field with a fourteen point run and all the momentum lining up in Ohio states thirty-five sudden change so we talk about critical down to distances sudden and change. That is the critical defense on. Third Down can you get teams off the field in sudden change. Can you blow up. And and and not let a team score after a turnover after a long punt. Return after something like that with that defense did on that drive was just demoralized pen stay. I stopped their momentum on offense right then and there. The defense noted up only allowed eleven yards on eight plays ending the drive on chase young. Jay Sean Cornell's sack. And they had to kick a field goal. It took all momentum that Penn State had all the wind out of their sails gone. It was the most critical defensive series of the season and and they boat up now. We'll say this. I've heard a number of people calling Pete Warner reliability and coverage and. I don't think people realize what he did in this game and I didn't. Ah at the tailgate. I didn't I I watched the game but you know I was in conversation. It was hard to really see what was going on. I saw some replays into here and there so I had to go back and really watched the film yesterday. And and I don't think people realize what Pete Warner was asked to do. The defensive staff locked him up on Pat Fryer move. Who's one of the better tight ends in the country? Country and Penn State's game plan was to try to take advantage of that matchup and that matchup went. Pete Warner's way more than it didn't Pete was in coverage twenty eight snaps targeted. Ten Times only allowed six catches for forty yards. He finished that they would nine tackles and an assist. I think Pete Warner might be the player of the game but he's up there. He played excellent. I mean they flex a tight end out and try to get one on one with with WH- against Pete Warner that was her game plan get this liability and coverage and attack him and it didn't work. That was their entire game plan for Penn State. Get isolation's on Pete Warner an attack him with their tight end. It did not work. Pete was ready and he played exceptional. When you get targeted in a game plan like that you're going to give up a player to but six catches forty eight yards on the entire day twenty-eight snaps and coverage he played really well? I mean granted. He could've played better. He could allow zero or three a year four but I think he played extremely well overall. I think the defense was lights out. I think sometimes when People Watch football games they see like a completed needed passes like a complete failure. And there's someone to blame like Maliki Harrison twenty aches snaps and coverage he was targeted and coverage. Four times for four catches people would say man that's awful. He didn't play well on those four catches penn state got six total yards. That's exceptional that's excellent and look at the secondary play decent Damon Ornette. Had I feel like he he talks. Sometimes it distracts him from being a good player but as zero catches on three targets. It was a great job Okuda lead up at two catches that I remember for minimal yard. I think it was thirty. Two yards total The guy that really played well to me was Jordan Fuller though Jordan Fuller played extremely. Well just managing the middle of the field. He didn't do a lot. I mean they didn't get targeted it in in the past game. He only had two tackles which is really a testament to the front seven. The ball did never get to him but I think he did a great job of just just being the general running the defense. From that post safety position it was excellent The defense align as always played phenomenal. Jay Sean Cornell is a stud and people continue to under appreciate him he was dominant. BB Landers was excellent in the middle. And then obviously chase young was was a freak off the edge and really played well was barren browning bear and Brian. Healy had. Yeah I think what the hit three quarterback pressures he had four or five tackles Even but he was ridiculous. I mean make place in the Backfield I know he lost a shoe on one and did a little crawl afterwards really intimidating. But I think the guy that I've really didn't feel an impact from was tyreek Smith and he he could've played better. They need him to play. Better they need need. They need that other defensive position to be really good to free up chase young otherwise all attention already going to go to him but they need that other defensive even save an position to to take over if people are doubling chipping and doing all this stuff all this attention on the best player in college football. The other side has to get off has to Zach Harrison. I need they need more production out of these other defensive end. I didn't think they played bad but I think they could have done done a better job. Needless to say but the defense was excellent. I mean you give up under hundred yards rushing and get after the quarterback like that and really outside of four minutes they played complete. Dominant it football and the offense really put in bad field position on some of those turnovers. Just really can't do that to your defense but all in all great defensive performance Want to flip it to the other side of the ball Talk about a little bit of Ohio. State's offense Penn State's defense kind of how that went but real quick. We'll take a break and be right back after this this. Are you tired of paying your book every weekend because your lock of the week is as reliable as a Jim Harbaugh game plan. 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